Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1847 Page 1
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I TH] vat. xtn. no. au/.wuau no. ?kui. Tin: NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Nnrtti-weat corner of Fulton anil Nmuu iti, JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. cmCtXATION?PORTV WIWS*ND. UAILY HERALD?Kvery day, Price 2 ceufi per ropy? I" "J p-r ai.nuni?pe\able in "draiice. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price Oj* cent* [I'r Co v?SI cent* nera'inuin?paytble in advance. >!HI U h Oil BUKOPE? Every ?team Picket day? Pri".' K'i cents per eo:>y?H per a'liitim, inelu-linic iwistaje, m $3 25 exclusive ol p-stave, payable niadvanc*. hub cnpri'i 'Saiid udvrti?einenl* will b? received bv Messrs. (Jail* nam, 18 rue Viviemie Pirin; P L Sitnonds, 18 Cornhill. and John Miller, lh? bunHselle', Lmid u. WNlHL PICTORIAL HER ^D?Published on the 14f nf I unwrv r*f #?nh VMr?ainvlA rnnv ?iin?nM \DV?l<TlSEME vl'S. the H?uai p-ioe??alwvya sajh in ridv*iice Advertiteoient* ih'juid be written io i olaiu. legible manner The proprietor will not be responsible lor error* thai unv occur io them. PKiVTlNO of all kind* executed beautifully and with despatch. All lettari or communications by mail, addaeued to tha proprietor of the efiiblialiment. must be |>ott paid, orthe post >? will l.e ilMineleal frum the tiibteription mooev remitted NOTICE.?On Mid alter SUNDAY, NoUt, 1847, the ateatneri SYLPH huiI ST \TEN ISLANDER will make U.e I'olIowing fipa: i.kavk statk.t im-a^nt At 0. 10,11, 12 o'clock, A. >1.?a, 4, 6 o'clock, P. M. lf.avk nkw yokk, 't 9, 11 o'clock, A. .VI.?1. 3,\f, 5, Gjj[ o'clock, P. M. New York, Oct. 29 1847. o27 I'EOPLE'B I INK STEAMBOATS KOR r ALBANY. Daily, Sunday* Eiceptel? iWSWMnKlBie Through Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M., from the 1'ier between Courtlandt and Liberty itreeta. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Wm H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and Kriday evenings, at t> o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. G. Cruttendeu, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening! at 6 o'clock At Wiv. <>'?lnrlr P \i ,i;?? from the foot of Barclay street. St?amboat 8ANT A. CLAUS. Captain B. Overbagh, will leave on Monday, Wedueiday, Friday and Sunday altirnoons. ' at} o'clock. 8teimboat SOUTH AMERICA, Caft. T.N. HnlM, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons. at 3 o 'dock. The above boat* will at all umes arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Cars for the East or West. Freight lakeu at moderate rates, and nou* taken alter 3 o'elock, P. M. !LT7 All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats o( this line, without a written order from the captains or agents. For niawige or freight, aj.iJy on board the boats, or to P. C SCHULTi?. aithe office on the wh--" o!8rh MORNIN(}~ LINK AT 7 O'CLOCK : ALBANY AND TROY, aud inter i;*>>MnWCaMB mediate Landings. The 8ie iiner TROY is a third larger than any other Day Boat: and in point of speed, safety, aud coinmodiousuess is , actually unsurpassed No steamer ever acquired r.iore universal and enduriug popularity, or retained in greater perfection those substantial excellencies whfeh really deserve public favor. Breakfist and Dinner on board the Boa;. The low pressure steamboat TllOY, Captain A. Oorhani, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay- street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock A.M. Retire. ? ou the opposite dayi. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F.B.Hall, at tlie office on the wharf. sir, rc M,. MORNING LINE A I 7 O'CLOCK, i NFOK ALBANY AND TROY, landing at WiwriMIMfaCaldwells, Weatpoint, Newbury, Hampton, Milton, loughkeeniiie, Park, Kingston, Upper Redhook, Barrytown, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson. Coxsackie, Kinderhoo* and Bnlimore Lauding at Hammond street. Leives New York, Tuetday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. A. M. Breakfast aud Dinner on board the boat. The low pressure Steamboat Nl AOARA, Capt. H. L. Kellogk, will le.ive toe Steamboat 1'ier foot of Barclay itreet. Tuesdays, Thursdays, tsd Saturdays, at seven o'clock, A M.. 'ernrning n? the opposite days. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hal. at the ?mc? on the wharf. si* re UiUVv 7. FOE ? HAHLKSTON.8. C .?The steam(itfV ,h'P NORTHERNh.ll. C?p'. Thomas 8. tf y Budd, w'll leave the pier loo' of Clinton meet. Ti.b.irco Inspection. E R.oaSituithe 30th inst., at < o'alock, I'. M. No Berth "ecuted until raid for. All hills of Inding signed by the e'erk on bond. Spec c will be received until 12 u'cl >ck M. on the day of departure. For Freight or I\i?sme , ui ply to srOFFORD. TILEsTON, St CO. 41 South st. , Patieiifferi by this vewrl are requeued to teort t'iclr ' bavga^ * 011 bond previous to 12 o'clock, Al., on :he day of deputise Consigners by ill s ves?e'_ are particularly requested to attend to the rcctipt of their goods on the auival of each s earner. 3*re FOR MONROVIA. CAPK I* A I. VI AS. ANU ^rJyTllr. WEST..COAST OF, AFRICA ?'I he fast Mmum "K d?i F.Li.un, w imam t<ray, Master, win positively nail on the lirst of November. Kor freight or p liavi'i^ iu>e room bccoiiiiiio I tiious, apply iu 2j It " vv*? rc i:H AS. I). M ATHKWS. Ill 'Varl st. AjiiBv ' O'1 UVtKrUUL.?tiek'ular packet ol the toth November.?The well known fast siiliuR picket 'rStliMri'''I >'KW WO^LH, burthen I3j0 torn, Captain K1.1>r<11 will sail as above, her refill >r d?y. Her nccominoditioiik for c ibiu, second cabin fttd iter nee intseneers are too well known to rcijuire continent. Those iiileniliuK lo embnrk should make immediate application on board, foot of Mtiideu lane, or to JOSEPH McMUHRAY, o2W Iftfrr eornernf Pine and l.ther'v *f? I'OK flKW UllLlHiNS-l'.iiitiV'W hirstl'ack? hip?The pachet ?hip M AYFLO WKH, Capt will nail on Saturday, the SGtli of October, wiiliTTui uil. A few i:\ore second cab'iii and *teerni;e passeuifers can yet be accommodated in the m >?t comfortable, if early application is made on board, loht of fine i- or to M. P. O'HKKN & CO, 1G0 Booth street, corner of Dover, Ott 3t*m ?n'i M We?t it, earner of Hector. AfeVr- KOK S f.W UUL'. AN?? Louisiana aud [Sew WHRjIrVVor* Line r,f Packet*? Very Hedueed Kates?KeguVliti ,jl'iifas' r packet lor 8th November?The new and splendid fas< >? p wkc*t ship AKC'ObK, Cant Iloudlesi, u now loading, nd \v>!l positively nail o? above. her regular day. For ireigUr or piwuje, having aecotnrnod irions uffeqti died for snirndur or comfort, apply on hoard, st Orleans wharf, foot ol W til ?rr?>t, or to K. K. COLLIN H 56 Nnuth st. Positively no freight will be received ou board Sa u day eveni'ig, Vov.t??h. I Agrut in New Orleans, Mr. VVilliim Crseuy, who will promptly f<?rwa?d nil goodtto his iddr***. Tht* packet MrU <*K N K^KK, C^p' Dillinghftin. will succeed the Arcule, aud sail November 18th, her regular day. oH FUR NliW OKLhAN's-()n y rcfol r piekM mRA'1 the 6th November. The lirsf class fiat sailing packet -h p Af> KK1). burthen I,'OA ton*, ('apt. (v. B. Pendleton; will sail us above, her regular day The accommodation; in thin splendid sh>p for rabin, sscond <Mbin, aud stemg- p;i.ift*!ii<fr?, are unsurpassed ?*y any vesurl in port, being r-'orny mid well ventilated. Pe;aoi<a intending to embark nit nld embiace this very f?vorab!e opportuuity. Kor teun?, which will be very mode ate apply on hoard, pier 13 blast ltiver, or to JOoKPH McMU KliAY, oWttrc 60 Hnn'n it*eet, corner ofriat* OLD OH I.L\' K ?A Lb LI NK Oh PAf KKTS LIVERPOOL.?The magnificent fast sailing H ck hall L'ue pack't t>li p MO NTKZUM A , burthru 1 0U" tons, \. B. L??wber. will sail positively on Mondny. the 1st of November, har regular d \y, Kor te?mi of ta'M" * ' ??IM, I nirrmnc lit VIII* lllll BIMI ? | I T IJ *iil picket. ? ???Iy np; |iCHtion kit -uld be mideou boaitl, to t of Beekni in sneer. or to the subscribers I'm av can also Je >ecu>ti from Live pool Tor pers-im to comr li> this packet. whieli sails f, >rn there <>a the 18th Dect mher, or by any of the BUck Ball Line, a iiIiuk twice each month. Dialfs fnyab'e at sixht on the Royal B ink of IrelanJ, and on Messrs l iescott, Urote, Ames it Co.. bsukeri. London. Ap- ! pi? to MOCHtt, BKOTHK.KS Si CO, Jj K Itou street, uem d<or to the Kulton Dank. N II ?1 he oublic are roptctfull . notified, so that they m j lie i;u irdnl txiiuit a deception which might b? practiced on th in. that we are the established and regular appointed Huei.t i bjr the owner*, to advert'*" tn bung out |m?stngers by the BI-cl flail Line of packe s, wlli:h sail from Liverpool on Iht tllwl llthof Mch month; tlntw- li ve no t'ouue"?i n with arty other ptsseuger hsiise in li sc'ty; and tint no business is it. lie for ns here, except what ii done at 35 lultoii st. off 6 in _____ ii'ftlikl ' 1 "* L.I VKKPOOL?New Li*l-8i??lit Paok(V r' of 34th Noveinbei?The new aud splendid fsst mi iMmTsi ail:ni( |>ackc: slop ROSiJUS, Asa Kldm'ge, mmtrr^ i now lovdiug and will sail as above, her regu a' diy. Fo'freight or passage havi< g superior furnished aeconmod itioiis apply on boardat O,leans wharf, f.,?it of Wall street, or tn K. K. COLLINS, 56 South st. The packet hip Snldont, F.dw trd B Cobb, master, will suereed the Mosriui, and sail 26;h December, her rrgular day. <H7 ______________ fOH UL*5tioW TM i.mi- aiU UtftW |8 I) uf r ich month ?The line faat mini; A I British wi Inr M"'."'L""" ?<.? - A. B Mr A! pin w . I nl 15th November. F 11 freight or pa?a?gt. having en-cllent acromntodationt, apj'ly to thr r ii tnin on b >l'tl foot of Hoaevelt at , Liat Kiver. or to WOOUHULLU MIN t I: MM, ?7 South at. The rea?l >r pnrket sh p B ROOKSB Y, <> '0 lona, Cant. Hugh McEweti. will ?u c*etl the IlYN DhFOMO, anil a<iil ou her reii 1 *' diy, III Dec mh^r. ol?M k/'tc I" Oil LI YEMl'oOL? ' he New Line?Kegular Jf fW* Ticket ul 21?t of November?The well known, laat till u p1-cktt ?hip HOTTINOUKR. 100# com, Capt.ii.. iir.Uy. will sail ?a above, her regular d<y. f.,i fre.zh* or paaaags. having ?ple olid large mid corn'or'ahle stare r. Mini anil calii-i, i pply to the Captain on board, at Weit aide of Hurling >lip, or to . WOUUHI L.L ft MINTURN, 07 South atreet Tli- I'm k>- kloi> LIVERPOOL. 13CMi t?ni burthen. I aptain John Ehlrdge, will atteceed the Hottiiiguer, aud sail on her tenn a? iliv, ?ut December. oWw 4as FOR M~AKSKILI<hS-Th? fine ?hip 3AIIA1I St jSHHrb AlHIUA.Cap aiti B. R., will meet with JMUiK?proiiipt despatch For fieighc or pauige, apply to BOYD & HINCKEN, So.9 Tontine Bnildinga, or to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELPS olRrrt 103 Front Hrwl. 'fcfciv TAI'SCtlTT'S EMIGRATION OFFICK, ? UHM South street?Persons wiajiux to ?end for their l 'ikCNlilialriends ill the old country cau mure paaaige on retainable terms, by any of the maguilicer.t thipi [ eumprisinv 'he new Line of Liverpool packets, viz.:? i ONSTITUTION, 1740 tona, Captain John Britton. Qt/KKN OF THE WEST, MOO tona, Cnt-t. P. Woodlionie LIVERPOOL, 123# tona, Captain Julio Elilridke. HOTTINOUER. 1IM tona. Cain. Ira Bnrsley, tailing from Liverpool on the Cth of every mouth Pimiii* can tlao be secured by the St.. George's Line, or the Union Line of Liverpool packets, making iu all a ahip every livs day? Bum tiiat port. For furlher particular apply to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT. jv*? ?* Souih afreet. New York. A ft *- I ONHKi.Nhf.S per F'ench bai'k CAMJLLt. MrxTV "'I' pl'aae tend ilieir permits ou board, at pier 7 SUm?, N. It , or to the oljice of o ? rn BOYD Ik III Vi KF.V, S.< Water ttreef. 4&4T KO* I.ONUO.N?Regular I'aoki t ol the lat Noww^vetnlier?1The new ana magnificent I'aekeHhip iUUkLYuHKTlfVVN, litrthen II'.# tona. W. S >eh"r, ri)a?ter, will tail aa above her regular day. Her accommodationa for cabin, aecond cabin, and steerage passeng' r?, are une liial'ed by any veaael u port, being >ery spacion, and wel. >eiitilateif. Persmm intending to embirk, atioiiId strait tliemaelvea of this very favorable opportunity, by mak ing immediate application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMbRRAY, oii lot rc corner of fine ?ud South itreew. e: ne NF.1 i.VhW VOKK V0LUNTKKR8.? VViuieJ,'o fill the ritiLt uf ihe New V'ci W Regiment now n-rvm* iu M * i-.? under Col. Buru'U M'tfi! '( > .lied rn?u A bounty tit ito acres of land located at 111? op-w> of thf holder, or trea ury scrip lortlOO, beariug lutein! .1 G p< r .-etit, h ill !>e eivi-ti in eagh instance on honorable ?iteharn?- Apply at il-f K-udezvous. corner of Broad and Front street*. o? 7t?r CaNAhV HI K U??A smal I l"i ol choice lonit l>rerd ,'^jfr* Yellow and Myrtle ('unary llirds ju?t arrived from VKi A- twerp, of very line plumage and tone. For aale on hoard ship HiaWapeare, foot of pier i3 K. K. c?8 3t*m UK. DC. WI l i e. KKLLI NUKK'S INHALI/UiOBLI'. LI VI MV.NT. ia now universally admi'ted to J L,f-fc be the bear and cheapest for pvns, aore* atul hrniira of everv nature; it matteri not fron what cause they may have ornainated or of how long ?t:uidinK i' M certain to cure us it i? applied. N 15?;'*Vr most respecrftilly aolicit the Clergy ol every denomination to send us their addrcs, and p-irticuUrly lln-l* V. ho love nnv .n,,, ? .1..;. ............ ... well aftord In jiay for th? remedy It is put up in U'ge bottles and solil ar only 50 ce ils a single boitle. or t l a dcren, at the principal depot, No J30 Pearl street: also, at tlie Harlem Maili?m Oliice. City Hi", ami at the Droygists. Handlers. Stores a "'I Taverns, thr. ti:;hnut the city and country generally. r or very special and eveusive references ol the rrio?t astounding cures upon record see Kellmger's advertisement ill the "Spirit of the Times," published in New Vrkciiy, and can liu seen in every principal town aud city in the United States. No peraou can read th a advertisement without purchasing a bottle, to keep in the home, iu esse of accidents. o!7 rn rc MKIVK. DOLL.AKS KKU'AHU-DUH LO?T.-A laige white Newfoundland dog, with blai k head a black Spot uear hi* tail, a black spot on his rischt side. Hid mull blick spots ou his lore-legs; weighing: about 1( 0 lbs, was lost O" Thursday, the 21*t I'ist, on tlie 6h \vcune, near42d s'rn-t Whoeve will bring him back to Iti'J Water street, will receive the above reward, with his espenses. ?i?7t?r MTOtliT KOrt The, WlNTtR.?A auit of hud* some apartments, consisting of two parlors on first tloor, with thre* bedrooms with clcteta and pantries, aud private uibl'i and attendance. The house is replete with modern improvements,with hot, cold,and shower balhi, uud lighted w ith kils throughout The situ ation is pit ia?lt uud respectable, being but the second block from U road way. east side. Kooma uow reaily for inspection. Euciuire at 537 Houston street. o27 6t*rc M MANSION HOUifc, CH AKLKSTO>,8.<;.?,vTr?i DAVIS bega leave to auii'iuuce to her friends and visiters to Chariestou, that ertensive additions and improvements having been made to her House, during 'lie last summer, she ia now prepared to offer such accommodation* and comforts as she trusts will fullr meet the wishes of those who may favor her establishment with a visit. The improvements consist of an elegant and spacious dining rnnin w?il iiir?H aiwl v?tifilnt??l <m On*?n paitment* for large or am.-ill families. nud single uomi, nil with pinas fronting tlie south, and hot acd cold banis in the establishment. The Mansion Home i* pleasau'ly situated iu the corner of Merlin# and Quern street* and offer* great advantage to I'ami lieaaiid gentlemen of leisure a* well as those engaged iu busiMM Mr?. D. flatters herselfthat her arrangements for the supply of her table (both at hone and occasionally from the north) as well as thea'teution nud general good attendance at the House, will be found such as to give entire ssrisl'artion o2l 21 * re tFOK WALK?Tlie least-and fixtures of that wel'kunwu public h-?use, 470 Pearl street. Itii allowed to be one of ihe beit stands in the city, when properly kept The g on the thud floor neirly pays the tent 'i'iie lease, which has three and a half yeam to run, aud the futures, will be sold ou icasonahle terms. For further particulars inquire on the premises, from 8 to IU A.M., or Iriun G to U P. M. o2? 2fr SowZ THOUiAN0HAND80*UE TKfifUI. aaitabU Kwllor Parks or Streets. The subscribers olfer for sale at ^A^hu f price, viz., .'>0 cents each, 1 (100 Ailantbiis trees. 12 to II feet high, considered by good j at ft* the handsomest lor of tree* ever offered iu this in?rket. Samples at our store Bouquet* ol sweet flowers far bndal and other parties. Nerpolitail violets iu largu i|uautities during the season. DUNLAP Si THOMSON, Seedsmen ai d Floiiits. bl'i Broadway. Wauled, a youug mau to assist iu a green houje. Apply as ubore oS:ittt*rc SI'LI-SDIU KUSKVVOOI) PI ANO jjSgjggffM F OR I K KOIl 8ALK?An e esftnt tJued, IT | f hiphly finished Piano Forte, 6% octives, OoI " III thic stele, just imported from (jerinnnv. warranted to he a mo\t superior instrument ih ton", tourltand lioish is offered for sale a The Pi mo Forte miy be seen at 150 Spring, between Laurens aud Thompson streets. o!9?i?r "" iiriii ! PIANO KOHTh.S l<OH H1KK, ai No.'stM Washington street. Brooklyn, near Myrtle Avr jj' fleiioe?A variety of new and second hand Piano M z I I * Fortes, for sale or hire; also a general assort ment of Music aud Musical instruments. otlt I2r*rc J. WAI.KKR. .. -rvif-.ifT"ii WANTtD-A ~ a sis octave j?!i?nMMnHfiPiann. A youug man going South is desirous F? STjf ^If ?f Jisposing of the same upon reasonable * 1 S I I* terms, 'i lie Piuano may be seen at '62 Canal street. _ o'iS 3tf re Jgv A UAHK i.IIAM: TO JKWKLKKS?The ? rtii nroorwlor of *u old established who is VOA.2C about retiring irora inr. i.??iue?i, r... . ..1. c stock and fixtures, with a good rmi of cuslotne a, at a fair apprrasal, (or cash and approved t aper. Kent moderate. Possession given immediately aimly "n ' ?" Premises to A AJION I KIJK.K. #n Bowerr "HP. UNION LINK OK I'M'KKTS 1' 1 mmI Irom I.I VJWJW1' It POOL ?'I lie spUndd new Packet Ship 1 V ANHAns'lOK. HOOtont burthen, < apt. Kdwards (late of Ihe P ckei Ship Se?), will sai ftom New Vork ou Thursday, N iv. H)i, mil from Liverpool 011 the 10 li of JauiMry neat. This iiiHguilicent Packet has accommodations f r cabin, second cibiu. ?ud steerage pasti ugera. unsurfiasard by any ship sailing from tl.e port of New Vo-k I'eisous about proceeding to Kurope or those wishing to smd rh'ir luends should make eariv application ou boaid foot of Dover si, or (o o29 r W Si J. T. TAMCOTT. M S nth st. t?p- ONLY REGULAR LINK OF PACKETS FOR kRwyNKW OttLKANS.?The lollowicg wrll known, JSMiBtalns siilmg snd .avonte picket shps lnve acrom ? .... (."mil, ni.u i.rc.'KC pass'tigers, and will positively mil at advertised, or )> stage free, viz;? The MEMPA'8, Capt. Bunker. Novrniber 1 \t The WISCONSIN, (new,) Capt. iMumfoid, Novemuer <th Persons wishing to rToccd to New Orleans, will do well to secure passage by either the aliove pacUls, as I hi-\ nre all I rat cla s ships, coirmindrd by ineu experienced m the trade, and will sul punctually on their appoiuted day?. To secure berths, apply oil board, or to 2ljllzjlijiiillillj!lli?2ililtuttt7?!>h7s^tr?" KRKY, c#pt. Be<rue K'?? freight or puwi-e, apply alf tP HOWES, OODKR A\ k CO., ..r to (iB 12c re BOYD h IHNCKKV Broker*. _ PaCK'.TS KoR lUVnK-S'tnnd Line.?The ajryS'VHIiip BALTIMORE, K. Couu, waster, will union HflAfalhe first ol November. HOYD & HIN* K KN. Agents. No. M W . tl ?t. Vastly important to kvuhy man and particularly to to economical persous ? -JOH V I'. SCOTT 91 Nassau street, wishes to ell the al'en ion f gei.denied to hi* superior assortment oT Shuts, Collars (, Ur. , at.d especially to his assortment of I'nder Shirts and Drawers, (they being the leidirg articles to lie I h.) w hich he w rraMs to st-tii i w-.shing without shriuk,rg ; mid at the saine tune they possess a still greater ailvaitage. which is as folI ws : they will be sold at an adv luce i f only .i per rent ahore the li'st cost, ('all and jmge for yourselves, at 91 Nassau street, opposite Herald Ollice. Kstab ished MJj. oZf llt'N ___________ DAOUKK'i EOTVPE I'l. \ I'h a?.Selling olt ;n cost, to close nn invoice, a lot of superior Kieuch plates, H S aud Double Onset. Apply soou, to VICTOR BISHOP o 14 1 If re 12 Ma irirn line . up sr > rs HP HE NATION iL KIRK INSURANCE C OMPANt J. No. 62 Wall street?iniu'aiic.e against Fire and Inland Navigation Risks.? Plus ' ompanv is p'epared to male insurance against loss or d-imge b" fire on dwelling houses, ware houses, buildings in general, goods, wares and merchandise ol every deicriotion. and personal property, aud oil risks of transportation tuid inland navigation DIBKCTOM. ThomaaW.Thorn*, John J derrick, M.urtiti Hoffman, I. Van Bosken k, Henry D Be ich, Robert L. Case , Eugene Bojart, WIn. Van Wvck, John D. Ward, Henry H. Ward, W. C. liedfield, Stfpheu Ilolt, W 11. Jacobs. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. W. (/. KKllOiia, Secretary. N. B ?Tnr capital of this institution i* now full, and with a surplus. Money to loan on bond and mortirage *24 rre NfcW M.Sil AND SALT 8TOKE.?The suhscriher his commenced^ buiioeis^iu the above line, at No. 219 fr nit r'Fi1'. 'r,v tumni'ijr no naiiu, ui) ?lnl fit*, led full ofevery descripti to.vix:?Mackerel salmon mid Shad; p'Ckleil Mill dry codlish always on hand. \nva Scotia inaiaerr I, s.iltiou, and codliih, alewives, smoked lieirili{[ ?tc All fciii'la of fi ie and coarse silt, including Liverpool, Turk's Islaud, aud Sajiua, m lots tu suit purchase*. T. PIIWDY, 2.9 Front street. P S Business transacted between thia city and the British Provinces on reasonable terms. T. P. Nova Scotia mackerel aud salmon landing schooner Joseph Howe, ll.ililai. Korsaleby T. PKANDV, alt Itt'rr I'l Wrp t tf. /I II CI.AKKfc,; TAILUH. lib Wif" X?liam street. opposite the WaihiuK'un atoiea.?I have maJe iny >rraunemeuU for ti e fall bumess ; my i'nrk ofgood* i> ol' the verv heat quality?my prieei I m a< ninM. Overroan I shall keep, handsomely 'rimn ed, price Iroin III to f 16 Very fine onea, ti0. Very fine Kreuch eloih dress coat, to measnrr. S iti. A* my whole time la devoted to my butiut**, iteutlerru n will in ret with ? .erv attention, at. I tl.eir wintt mtnipittil. G. B. CI.AKKE. Oct 18.18(7 rZ"i tfrc POWKL.L. O N THK t. VK ? Just I'aPlishei. a I'opuiar Treatise on the KVK, im Diseases, and their rite, with enpraviuifs. rules for the selenion of spectacle^ tec., 8vo , pries 10 rents. To be had at the anthor j, and o! booksellers Itenernlly. _Dr Powell attends eiclnsively to diseases of the Kye and Kir from !t to 4 o'clock, at his office Ml Broadway, of Warren street. Artificial Kyes of a superior duality rerei.rl v uminrted (14 JOt'f D II^UlAlt OS.?fi lie m uiultcturers rooms. lor plavii K. and .. . ,he *.*.' ?r* IJiAi.u ?treet, entrance fr..m ll!i rultun. Horn , t Feu Piu /, lleyi on the Ut floor, 7 Tallica ou win 2nd. Cloth, tails, e?e, wa?, mid Krancli cue poind, for wile. Mr. J Horn, jao , Oiu Kield ere connected wtn the above eitabliihuiMits. sad invite their friends mid the public. N. B. 'Die two iieuts above named *re very pi piilaria tiicii business?ihrir saloons are worthy of patronage ?Ed. ?2< IQftc SLONINHKV'H CAM I ' I. \TI NO M ACI1 IN C..-I h-ie eilraordiniry and wnoorrMl machine! having been just Complete!, mid the patent in Kugland .ind the United htalei having heen secnrad, they are now offered to the public for kde. They art the moat iceenious invention of iha .tge, ar.d inunt prflve inv 'n.ible to those engaged in m^kii k np |?ig? sum*, sii-h n? nitronomers. as their uccuiacv is bevoud a doubt Kossaleby 8. J. NKI.'bi'ADT k BAKNETT, olA I4t?-c Patentees, 43 Maiden Lea*. D*OXJKUKKOTVrK-VO|f<TI,AKNI)KK'S Apparatus at Heduced Prices.? II <11 n/." Tuheaat $40? quarter sice Tubes a* $3). Alao, Platea, <, < hemicals. Camera and Continu Bi'?ea,at thil lowest market prices. Ord? a accouipanied ?iili lemittancea, will be promptly attended to, by addressing W. kjf LANOBNHEIM, Philadelphia Kicli nige. or LANOKMIlilM k BK' KkKH. W?aj I2t?rc 2.1' Br . dway, N'w Vi rfc (VaKIU UiKS?JAVIKS |RKW s'l Kit. having oj ?i>ed a J new Carnage Repository at 396 Broadway. would re apei tfully invite his old pat ona and fnenda to call and nam ine a e-?mp ete aaaortinenf of firriifn ot4 I4*rc Al'IONAI. bOOK BACHANtiK-We, the nrdeTsigned, hereby appoint Mr, falbot Waits, ol 103 Nassau street, as our agent tor the purchase of all kindaof second hand Books and Prints; all Harper's Novels and cheap pnblications will be liberally paid for in caah. Persous in the country may depend npon runctoal remittance, and the full value, by sending aaabove. By order of Bancke, D'Avoy, and D'AImain, agents to th? National Book Eichaai* Company, 10} Naaaau street. a2tJ0t*rc w ro W YORK SATURDAY M( I ' 1 I A > i) 'V' \ <. ?:? II IP \ u * . . .V 4..-.., -... > ? . .1 Hi* Old .Nuflii < > . I i i n - r ?? njr style of tali auu winter Clothiu* u> ii?f? n.,:, < ; i. lie! ?ud tast# of all CLOAKS?Of Mark vi.l hr..vl l-,?ln. Denver and |ul?t? frotji .. ,. ., . fj 00 to J4 00 OV !'<>?- ^ . H K.I.S ttaiy llw< ol IWerii. i., hn.iVer will piioll, from., ,.. i 03 to W 00 Also, a luge u?'Kiuieiit of liusines* Harks, r ror.k Ko?t?, single sod double breasted. The new sty le of 8H AD < OATK. from .,. ... I 00 m 10 00 PANTAI.OONH, plain and laucy <:a?sim?res, French Doerhins. nod KugVuli tilirU ( a>time rea Satinets, fcr , of eiery style, from 1 M to 6 00 endless variety of black sarin, velvet, merinos, and bouibenne, from I 30 to J 00 Also, a large msoruneut of French, Kiyjlii-h, German and American llroadciot ?, ('isjimvres mil Vesting*, winch will be made up to order to suit the most fastidious. DANIKL P. SMITH. 13 let * m tu2 Knlton it. opposite the Old Dutch ChurchicONITHAND VVIISTFUKK AND CLOTHO WANTfcU?Ladies or gentlemen hiving any -?ni>errinous or cast of) clothiug or fipnitutr to diipo < of. can oliti u a fair rash prica for the stuie. by ifiidin.; lor the kubscriber, at hit eudeuce, or a liue through the por t-ollire will be pane tually attended to M S COHKN, iji Outre meet. La lies can be attended io by Mn. Cohen. N.B ?Job tiooda and t ).d Stock bought to iuv ainjuut. off 12t*rc Mf.fiSKS i AltKi J. \ KK V ALKN, Surgeon Uentists, hiving receutly returned lrom Soutk America, hiiii.more to iheu t'ri- uds and ?he public tliat Aiay m e lo w pteiaued to perlortu all operaiiona apiiertuiuiug to their p'ofe: tiou, ?t their leaiurnrr, No, 113 I'hampers' ?t. nidi I2t* rr Sdkll'li TUtlftMIM.?i<i liarrtrls cpirits lurje?tiue for sale by VVOUDHULL St M.NTUUN, oim in 8-uth sli ret. TO WHOLtSAMC DKALKH# I N PANCY UOOD8. BOOKS, PRINTS, ic.?TKe Advertiser, h?viug recell ed on cousigi uiem mi ii?o. Uncut of Kane y Good*, uiinit's leaving the Mid of this mouth (Octobci) lor Pittsburgh, CiuciuiMtl, Lnuwvi'.le and other Western aud Southern cities. in rlii'udfc ISew Uflenns. Mobile, 4cc. He intends to inniit a ; Urge circuit through all the I'riuppul cities, shonld sufficient i inducements oiler He m. therefore willing to take on consignment any di-scriptiou ofgood* M ouM be wiling 'o uuderrake the ? I< mid collection til' books, novels, urints, 6tc. Letter* addressed to N B A. X, Post Oilice, Philadelphia, (pout paid,) will be attended to o26 I8t*rrc OUDK.N it MOSilY, Wholesale Dealers in Drv tioodf, Groceries, and \1exic:ui <J> od.i, Forwarding and Coin iio? Merchants, mouth Kio Grande 'Consignments ol freight received and forwiirded to all points ou the Rio Grande or iu Mexico. Ageius in New CtrleMU?Messrs.: Ln.lard, Mosm Si Co., 18 and R New Levee iS Ml'rc T'rXAS COMMKiil IaL AOKNCY AT OALVE8VK.8TON ?The undersigned will alteud to the Collectiou of Notes and Accounts in ,he Slate of Texas, eHettiug Bales of Heal Kstate, the Purchase of Produce, Receiving and Forw To lug of Merchandize, and of a General < oinumsion Business. GKORGE BUTLhR.' Rkkkrrncks in Nkw York. Mosei Taylor, Ksq., J, (J Dudley Hi Co., Kdward K.Collius, K.sq., 'Xariant Putnam, Ksq., Aileu U I'aison, James Le Herts St Co., Robert C. Wetinore St Co., Wisuers lit Gale, Haydocli. Corlies It Co., Kdward I). Faile & Co., Wia. C Langley St Co., J V J. K. Trippe, F. S. &i D. Lathron, White & Urintall, . Hon. John W.Kdmouda Waller B. Tow useud fc Co. Add?e?s No. II Pino street. New York. s'll 3<it' in t^LlHK HUGH'S V KN TIL ATI N(i Wl(?8, Scalps, and I Ladies' Dresses, stand pre-eminent above nil others iu the world. An examination will prove this no egotistical boast. Their peculiar light, ventilating and gossamer cliarac . wi, ? II ucmii #na|T-ii miu lliieu 1(1 IMC ncrta r\.ir (1 \ as in* I uatunl Inir jjrows, every hair having the appearance of issuing from the akin; their elasticity, superiority of material | null workmanship their style MnudllM mode of airangemeiit, form snch a combination of improvements, that nil the competentjudges lime pronmuced tliein perfect heads ofhair. Strangers are invited tJ inspect them, whether from curiosity or with iutention to nurchnse. 1'rirei modi-rate. 1 If; Broadwav, directlvop ontethe City Hotel. Kuunnce by the more of Mt. John, hatter. ?|ij jot * in HOICK WINKS. TEAS, ?tc.-N. BLOODUOOD, | y No. 4 I'inp meet.offer* for sale on reasonable ternu? 1000 baukeU(N. IS 1 Vin d lay Champagne, pints uud quarti. ?> do. Ay C'rema t, do quarts. 50 ouarter casus Mun/.amilla & Amontillado., piilt Sherriea, , 2? deinijohua superior table Madeira. 2.') do Pale Otard Bnudy. 10 do Old ('ale Uenuessv do. 2 dozen very old Jamaica Hum. 4 do do Antigua do. I Tj half chests fine Ooloong Tea, very low. ( Also, oilier tine Black and Greeu Teas, in chests, half chests ?<femail Ikhm aliMt*m OK KICK UK Tilfj MKW VOHK (i/vS l.ll.HT COMPANY. Oct. 11 1817?The President and Directors have . tint day de> tared a dividend of four aud one-hall' per cent on the capital stock of this Company. for the si* months ending 1st August last. iMvanlc to the stockholders on and after Mou- 1 day. the 1st November ne*t I The trauater book will be cloned f-om the 1'iih inst to that i date. By orilA C. L. KVKRITT, Secretarynit Utm CiNUlNt llhAivs uiii.-nittu >"ioy. ?<>?.V rneut, an esceaa of care, and dyspepsi'i are the principal causes of p re mar u re baldness; and a more mortifying circninstance than to be deprived of the natural ornament for the head iu youth or in th? piime < I life, can, indeed, hardly be imagined. That preparation, then, is best calculated to bene in the scalp, to stimulate the skin - od nourish the bt?1 Ims that lie imniedinfrly hwifith. 'J'he 'Pennine llear"* Oil, imported by tiit* undersized, liom < aiiada and the N'ortli?vest, is ?u|?enor lor this purpose to any merely artificial preparation in the world. If u pigmy pet/umsj,and if ? h i btMiMHfl) recommended by those who Have thoroughly scudit d the cousii- , tution Hud ihvsiolocry ot the hair Perfumed and prepared for the toilet by HENRY JOHNSON, Chemist, 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers street. Hold also, at 100 Kulton street, and 77 Kast B'ond way. Large hottles 60 cen's; r.mall, it'# cents. I ft/" J'urchaters to be assured of geMnu the Pennine Bait's ] OuTmust purchase only eu?h as Dear the'seal and name of | Henry Jo* uson, 273 Broads a?. New York. mi 31 Kir in Newspaper establishment kok SiL^-a , country newspaper establishment, (including its* subscription list, pr nting mate-ial?, and all the effects of the office, w th its good will,) M offered for sale, for rash, at a bargain. It is au administration paper, an J Ins been established ' a good subscription list, ud im ur^ j tiling and job work piironage steadily on the increase. Any | om within Co Perthes# eaa Inn lirther puueutars by addressing a uo e to M Kzekiel." U. 8. Hotel None need apt ly , unless they ? ave the eish for (nvinent.aiid at least $l,500of thst. New York City. Oct 16# I>47. o!7 ltt?rrc riihlfi KAttHIONH ok THE DA i ?Roman i ogii bw 1 A and rroell CoatS, eitftllt flood Ah,CM he had af reuiarkably low price* from onr fashionable neighbors, 8ANFOKD Brothers,Tailors 1^7 huitou, street, mi ooov t.. the Herald ( oflfts o? 1#f *rh ? RHJCUMATI8M?Chronic and |? flatnvnacory^Dr. Chris * tie's Galvanic Rings, Bands. Belts, &tc.. are a positive i cure for this agonising complaint in all its stages. A few hours ( are suHicieut to cure'eceut cases a id a few days the most sr- f i vere. Ouly agency in New Yoik H2 Broadway. N<? druggist , or drug store has 0' ' h'i?tie\i genuine srt'des. o22 6r*?e f IUS'i' RECEIVED?A rich assortment ol lanev and black [ silk Cravatsaud Scarfs, Itc at J. AO \TK'8, Gentlemen's , Outflttei B >adwai for of Parkplace US'IJKH (iAlUIICNTJV-A large assortment of Silk Meri i no. i^-imiMwoni < onon. ?r, of *very oet?ir?t>ie sryie. at j * AuATfi'8. (if^tkneu1! Outfitter, 2<7 Broadway, cor. of Park oLace. OLOVK8?A snperior article of Kid (Jhives, with welted i uami, not li.ibi?i Co r11?; alto (Jhotsou, IJ ijou, and silk thread ! and woollen (Jloves, in ureal farirty, at J. AOATKV, Ocutlemen's Outfitter, 237 Uroaduav. cor of Park {d ice 8HIRT8?-The subscriber would call the attention of the I public to his style of Shi.u, which nre inatie in a superior manner. Shirt* made to order,and warranted to fit. J AtiATK, < Jentlemen ? Knrau liiitt St. re, 237 Broadway, cor. Park place. I i" re LVVVf'l.\ LOAHIJIM* HOML I.N I ?h. (A.UNr TK Y.?An eiperieuced teacher hts taken for some years a number of children, not ei> eediujr ten, into her larnily at boarders and scholars. Her time is oeroted to the pupils, and no pain* spared to advance them in their studies, and render litem comfortable and happy while under tier care <Jredt attention u paid to their health and moral* The location is very healthy and retired. There are at p.esent a U w cie:. Kor rcfereuces and term* enquire of J. !0. Iletts, No 37 Wall street; or H Hunt, ??q , No. 9 </h \ii?br rn *ue *l MN _ PKHKUMtKV, I oii.M 80Ai*8? Patent rteuicmea Kancy articles, very long, suitable for the country tade, choice Col >Kue?, Kitract* an<l other Pfrfuumiy. for ret?11 ? Koorn it Koaler'a celeibf . *'.l walnut il military k' virg ! soap, i>.e ou1> 'rue article. Dr. Ko >id"h Pect..r:<l Syrup. ( r the 'uuirt. Tunic Cordial for dv.-.enterv and OiKement <?f the | bowels. and his universal pilU for cteausiutf ?l?e SMteui. F or ?ne at No 1 Couitlaudtst eet li'*t stole from Cr<M<lw v. (JF.O il caiOSKK, * 14 late \ Y1 - 'Ml AUI'T'H <il~LUKl> likly+* LMAMv KOU Jfl iNH?Theie letters are ream: .de for durability, and * Hi i i;' ?ey of the Kildtuit m>e<jualled by ?nv other nr!ii.(c in the i ir,?which brilliancy in wmr.uifrd t > stand e*po?nre Io tl.e wetther. T* ey are also jap-inned to any color that miy J bedenirrd. Order* left at Jonet, Beebee It Co.'s, 120 Fulton 1 ttreet, will be it'eudrd fo. I Tiif . irtuer?hip heretofore luhfisthig between Meiuhmdt k Sto?t. was di?aolved ou ths ist Jul? nil r,rr?*f b * P VTKI NFT A fl PT; 1 WAI4U I'ATKVr VVAHlllNUAMl M,KAi>/!?1,NO , POWO^ en article extensively used in KnglMid, and pos*r4? t iceat advent i|je? over soda, or aur other *>1 powder evrr oflered to the poblie. lu advnut < eon?i?t in * if 1 beinir ?.r ?|ier in its use than *?>da; ifreat anting ?n soap i and in the hborof washing; eoi'?e.jneritly proJoniri<K the durability d cb'thet; ira be inir iuvalntble in p-eaervini? and itn proving the color of linen, even where rain or Crotoa w?ter i u? <l, and not in aov derree injirini the hand* of persons n inte f it. It will al?o he found unequalled in icofirirg painted work, clean* ng brail or tin veaaeU, printer's type, paint brtnhei, nr * nny other greasy material*. Hold by nil the principal drug- J" ?i?ta and foeen throughout the Union. Wholeasle Agent, ?(i II. Farifen, 42 Maiden Lane, New York, where teatimo- v main may be.seen '9 12i*rc o MOR HALF OW LKARK.?I.ots No. !lli and l'?0 Madmm \ r inH 10'i tnd 407 Monroe xtrret. heiuff 50 feet front en eich itree t, l>V MO iret in depth ; (Did lot# ari' eligibly a tinted, (lie ground being hitch, ami near the jnuction ol iiraiiJ.'nd Miiiiion atreeH, convenient to th? Williamalinrg'i Kerry. To f |i?rtou? deairoui of erecting bttildinga for minal'artnrirt. i r oilier pnrpo?ef, locations iT rtim kind aeldnm ofl'i-r. e ea<y. Apply to JOHN 8. GILES, 168 Wsllr-ret. ? October . IWT. ?.* Ill' ie. <; mil BARHKLb PURE BHRIT*- II 1"'" tou do Superior ALCOHOL, t WHITE BRANDY. t Aa eicellrut article of Native Orape* for Pifj'rvej, Cor c diali. ttc., at a much lower pric? than the- imported. , Kor axle by JOHN D'HOMfcKGUK, \ 2H Kiont atreet. between Beekman and h niton ?U. 11 ftt fOt* fc UMVF.UKALLV APPROVFD.-TARRANT'S roM o POUND EXTRACT CUBKBS AND COPAIBA.? Sanctioued by popular opinion and the bigli authority of th* UMidiatingiuahed ofthe medical facult /, it offrrato tfieafflirted * remedy whole aurceaa Ii.k in every iufUuite >oppoit?d it* deaerted reputation. linn:,'convenient Mid agreeable hi it* n in, eiperieure ku pfored that if. retmna in every climate ita deairalile and truly valuable nudities. It ia in the form of a paete?ia tnateleia, ar.dd.'ea not impair the digeation. To peraona following the aea, or going IoiiK vnyagea, thia preparation poaaeaaca qualities far t.urinaaing any other? and portable in its form, ipeedy and efficacious in tta operation, aiitcemfiil hoi Ii in the crlieit and wo rat atagea ol the tevereat diaeaaea.w'hilar tlie uatml'y nauaeous raafe anil nnplluaRt odor natural to copnihn, ia w holly avoided ia thia preparation Kor tale wholeaale nud retail, by JAMES TAllRANT, Durgiat, Icc. corner ol Greenwich anil Warren ata. Aim for aale at t Park Row; 110 Broadway: 10 Aator Home; 16 VVilliamat.; IM Broadway. *21 Mt'm MONEY LENT?The highest prices advancep in large and atnall noma on gold and silver watches, diamonds, plate, jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry gooda, Sir. he. JOHN M. DAVIEs" Licensed Pawnbroker, 232 William street, near llnaa*. Persons received in private office by rincuig the hell ou I RK 1 )RNTNO, OCTOBER 30. Interesting War Intelligence. THE DEATH OK t AI'T. K. KIRHY SMITH. [Krom the Syracuse Star ) The following letter, written by M?jor Klrby. a rel?tive of the late Captain Smith, and an officer attached to the staff of the ''oinniander.In-Chief ot the army in Mexico will be read with Interest It ?u addre??ed to Mn. Smith, and reached here on Sunday evening las!.: ? Ttci'urt, Mexico. Sept 13, 1847. The Telegraph will convey to you the wl news of your bereavement beforr this can reach you It only remains for me to Rive you the details of the l%st hours of your gallant husband, my dear friend end lilnsman On the nth inst , the sickness of Lieut. Col [?'. Smith, devolved tlie command of the light battalion on Kirby, and hn led it to the attack at dawn of the *th on the enemy's llr."S at Mollno del K?y, at the foot of (:hapultepcc The conflict w,is the moii bloody nnd obstiuately contested of the whole eerie', trom Palo Alto do*n Our arms triumphed over the fearful odd* of perhaps tlve or sis to one at the point of attack But, at what a price tha battle was wou1 The list of fallen embraces Home of the tnoet shining names anions the band of heroes that compose this army Klrby led his battalion with a gallantry that com mands the admiration of the whole army Me l'ell at Its head in the moment of victory. A musket ball struck him under the left eye, aud pissed out at the left ear He fell ad If dead, among stones, seveiely contusing the rigbPHide of his lave. The wound was not necessarily mortal, for the bail. In its passage, did net touch the brain, aud the effect that followed was, perhaps, in part due to th* contusion from the fall. I bad hiin removed to my ijuarters, but little more thun a mile from the spot where be fell?had his wouuds dressed, and evtry possible care bestowed upon him, but iu vain lie lingered until four o'dl.C.U VHAtfTllilv k*1- * * ' _ j j ?W..?VX, nii.u ui? iiuuauruii spirit took tluht, unit we consigned hie mortal remains to tbu earth lliis morning The He v. Mr. McCarthy, (formerly ol .Oswego.) our mist worthy Chaplain, reading the solemn burial service of the Church, anil many cannon along our lines in front of the city ot' Chapultopec, ad well an from the enemy's batteries. Hounding his requiem. Me leiuaiued iu a state ol' insensibility till the afternoon of thi day be wattj wouuded, when he recognizsd me and throwing his armn around my aeok, exclaimed? My (in uncle Kdmoud " But ho never recovered thu possession of his faculties. 11 In mind dwelt upon the last MMM of hin activity lie said to me: ' I'nele. 1 tried to do it - I tried to do it?1 tried to push ahead, but they almost killed me!'1 The noble fellow did try to push ahead, and sacrificed blit life to hia sense of duty in an exhibition ot daring courage and gallantry unsurpassed on any occasion. He displayed equal gallantry before tU? Itte dt jiont, at Cburubusoo, In the great battle of Mexico, the JOthof August, when he rallied the bUtalion under a dreadful tire at a critical moment, aud where bis conduct was the theme of universal admiration. But though then exposed to a most deadly fire, he was more fortunate than now. for he escaped unhurt. He received his wound early lu the morning of the 8th. !t lriu first dressed by I)r Simons, and he was afterwards carefully attended by Surgeon SaturUe, the Surgeon (ieueral, and several other surgeons aiding him by their counsel Throughout the Uth we all indulged hopes of his recovery, though his efforts to talk were pain I ul. for he could not artioulutc distinctly, and his pet ceptions were not clear. (in the 10th, his sufferings were most Intense, till at evening he fell into a lethargic sleep, lrom which he could not be roused On the morning of the llth he Mas removed on a litter upon the shoulders of men of his sorrowing company to Miscolijuo, a neighboring village lens thin two miles distant. wnere me aspoi ami general hospital are extablislied, to which all the Hick and wounded wen- carried tiy order of tIn- (ienural-in-Chief, iu contemplation of a movement dI the troops from thia place, whiuli, indeed, in under the jjuns of the enemy. The ri inoval did Ht allect hiui Injuriously Dr. Naturlee and myself accompanied him, aud I established liim comfortably (together with L.arkin Smith, who wan also my Inmate. being wounded Id theshaulder.) in the quarters of l.leut Caldwell, of the Marine Corps. 11* suuk to rest at 4 o'clock In the afternoon, without rallying or rousing from his slumber. Kdmund. who was at the advanced post I'iedad?near the city, visited htm at uiy quarters as often an he could, and arrived at Mlscoique a snort time after his decease, where he remained all night and till after the funeral service this morning. Kdmuud, noble generous fellow, is most deeply distressed, and constantly laments, referring t? you and the children, that he himself had not been the victim. Me has borne himself with the most distinguished gallantry in all the battles?Is loved and admired by all but bia ran!; Is too low to bunettt, ps he ought,by his gallantry klrby fairly earned, the voice of the army accorded, and the governmeut must have conferred upon him. had ot l.leut. < oloneT'YoP'd&eVjp,/<K lAjiftth of -VuKimt and these empty honors are buried in his untimely grave. another view oh the 1iatti.k. Kxtract of u letter from un ofilcer to his trieDd :? Citv or Mem o, Sept. 'IT. My d?-ur V. ?I have letters, reports, Uo., all written up lur you. l'or moulhi pant, but no pc.-iaibUlty oi seudiug you a line. I must try and get this slip taken a* a favor, to let you know I am still living Vou will hare heurd id us, uo doubt, but not a word have I heard Irom auy :>nc for months. I brought with me from 1'uebia two 21-pound guns, two H-iuch howitzers, and one KMnch mortar. We found the capital of this country fortlfled at all points, md armed with near 100 cannon and 30,000 tnen Our inarch round the south side of l.ake t'balco, and our battle of the --iOtli of August, and the armistice which lolloweu Willi a view tu peace, brought do peace. I hud do part in the buttle* of the J (Kb of August, by which we inorensed our artillery by 37 pieces, and large luantities of ammunition I had Uaplain Drum's com|itoy and four pix es added to my siege train nud remained at Taouhaya during the iiruiiNtlce. '/hen it huh broken on the ticli, I got ready lor the work. On the rather unfortunate day of the Mth of September, 1 was engaged with two'J4<pou!idurn. Ocneral f>cott, after that, intended to attack the south aide of the city, and novetl troop.' and my train accordingly. On the lith he sent for me to coueult about taking the aetle of Chapultepec. It projected ?o far towards us lS to impede our operations on the went ?lde, and he 'onnd many diiiii-ullie* of ground on the aoutli side. I ilwnys was id favor of taking t hapultepec tirst, and en:oursged the idea All the engineer* were out on the ijutb .ide. lie ordered Uruui aod myself to nuke tile 'euounoiiwiaiice?ordered the troop* up that night?we noved t>ur heavy gun* two miles. conducting the workng parties with the engineer* to the ground Batteries ?er>- built; our guns were put in and opened at sunrise n xt mornir.g We uannrnaded tho place on the I Jth, itid from punrisu till M A M. on the I:ith. It was tben >arried by ilorui, and wermihed thence to the city gatei. uid tonk the batteries there (two of them) before dark then fired a lew '.'4-pound sliot, and threw tire sheila .owurds the centre of the city, Just to lot them know fe were there. We entered the city ou the 14th. I have been m'jat fortunate in keeping my health ? leTtr being hit; and I have been able, with my sleuder neaus. to pcrlorui all required ot me. I have labored .'ery hard, and have le en most ably assisted by my otll em and men, to have all ready that was possible; but nc.k has favored me, eo I believe. Wo have been ,iere th< si- ten da} n I have a grand arsenal at the citadel, and have been lusy repairing damag-s tu our carriage! and arms, and K'Uectui'^ thu captured property. We have taken about seventy pieces in the valley of tlexico. I have on hand now near 'JUO barrels of powder, uid an Immense supply ot ammunition Major I'alcott till, no doubt, write to you; he has sulT.-rcd much from ?Lint fttrmra a Mit;lil wound on the *hln, but l? now |{|f o??r It. Hi received bin wound at thu ntlack on tlOUUO del I'ey <11 the ^lh of Meptember aliender in kith in- tin. hi li ?*?cannot walk at nil I lr?vo i ctitiir on roilu h and ho wheels ulmut H*no, shot hrouith the aim i earl> ju11 well. i'oor Drum ami lien<uiin who wi re nerving with mo. aro kill '<1 I'orter and lla^ntr touched, auJ fuone aud ii'jrcll untourhed- tho ?t? of our mens of (ix liagneT and Stone deserve all :liat uau be uone f; r lh>ni - l.aidley, who is a capital fellow, I hail l') IMW at I'ueMa. If that fllM in attacked, as wo near It Ik. he no doubt will do haudsumely Im VmCnM I hear and receive notlilii Whit ias bccoue ut (iornus, I know not Our carriage! stand well geuer illy Our little mountain howitzers have done luuiouiily. !">?? 100 of Halo's rockets wero fired on the l!llh of lU^ust. anil wmt well. I hare never Lad timo to lire any. My new fu*es have answered perfectly. Now where is tho endot all this? When are we to ?t lack again ever? I believe the war has just began, nid v<ill not termiuato this initiation. I.a, my friends mow I am safe, and really lor twine as big a II^ht. if it vould only end the Wir * * ours, ever MURK UKXI. AN I.KTTKU-S. Tll? following ?re translation* of Mexican letfem cent o un from Tauipioo, where they were obtained from the inrioij, a Mexicau, to whom they were gent by his corespondents In th? Interior They are interesting an leing Mexican accounts of, or coumiuitarle* on events ihioh it must be hard for a Mexican to describe withut passion. The-plague of am in'' alluded to in the iuadaltipu letter is, of course, hanta Anna.?fkilait \lurlA Minn lean, "9(A intt. lil'KJtti.a, Sept id, ld47. ' To ' '?My esteemed friend, there in no doubt of ha triumph gamed by our national troops ovtr the nemy on iho Hih, and that the Utter lout many men ,ud lied, but our < uvalry. unfortunately did not charge i lh.. rr.f I'.. -..I. . i J ? >! Ull'J PIIOUKI nv?> done, and much win left undone \V? liavn r?<-iTt-1 uoi-ri*:>oudtno?) from Mexico to the I Uh ; from li*t tiui'? to date W" have not it nit in had any uonimtinlatiou with lh? capital, H.? it is entirely cut oil; au<l alhougli we might have It, there ih much faar, an<i they ,o not write. Oa thn 12th mi4 13th tho itieu.y attack) J tho caatla r nuail fore of Cbapultepec; they knocked it down, Ming many man, among thi in I) Juan Cano, Koi(ln??r; nil (iituerul liravo Ml a prisoner. along with otheri rho defended tho fortrea* They then took the ??#t? or ?n < oroi". that ol Diiiin, and the one at tho oiiadrl. Ou llio nth, In the afternoon, our troop* left tha city, ud on the morning ol tha 14th the rni uiy enured the -.:ntr? of the oily, took pottraalou of tho palace, which b?y found empty, hoisted thu American llag aud nalut U it with their artillery, 1 hi* irrllaUd tb? people no nucli that, witii hioner poinarda aud clube, lliiy at* ?okrd tb*-ui t? intily. but lu ?uln; for although they uitained tbetigut on the Utb and lAlb, th?y auccuiubd on the Kith, lor It wad u Herniary on account of tha i regularity liemral Hauta Anna took the road to 'uetria witu oyer tfUOO cavalry, to it it "aid, and lleneral lerrera tbat of <4uer*tarn with the infantry Oeneral lanta Anna renounced the Presidency without formaliy, and l.awjwr I'eua y fena baa charge of it a* I'raalleut of tha nuprouie I ourt. VV? yenteidny learned that leneral Hcott bad nut WMI men against Toluca, but I lo not believe tbla, becauae, an ha ban not arranged hia iefancei In Mexico, 1 beliuve it J< e? not euit him to (ill j 17 D A ? Hi MX A 1847. ; member hi* lure**, nor extend hi* line any more, for It would tie endangering ttimtxir I ye*t?rday recalved * letter from a friend In Guadalupe, one league thl* lid* of Mexico, and i send you a copy herewith I nave Kent an Individual to Mexico with thrM courier*, for the Hole purpoee of remaining there dome day*, and bringing me news, it 1* said her* Taylor haa landed in \>ra Cruz with men. Say all you know to your friend (Signed) . ? Kxtraot of a letter (alluded to iu in 111- preceding) ! dated Uirtntu re Hidamio, Sept. iii, 1817. Overwhelmed in nil 1 can say with despair. and liatliud iu team of grief ami horror. Infamy, sham*. Insult at t (to I loss of my pride iu belonging to the magnanimous naI tlnn?I wrlt? this with tear" of indignation KyeryI thing ha* disappeared of that pride Curbed be he? thousand times curied be h? who . Knough for the present. The foreign flag hag been hoisted oyer the pVlace of the Republic since the morning of Tuesday the 14th Sept. On that day. precisely a year before. the plague I of a man. the aad hero, received from hi* foolish compa1 triota the honor )'a triumph he neyvr obtained On I that day, I repeat, at the head of much superior force*, be abandoned the capital, which he should bare defended with hi* be*t blood-or the leaat bad of it?to a patrol of foreigner*, who entered triumphant, shedding the blood of oar people, which completed the exasperation of our lunocent populace; who, with the valor of despair, and with casual weapons, fought during the 1 Ith and the following day. against the Invader,! in a manner which, though fruitless, will always be honorable to the people, and will cover Willi i-hamc what we foolishly call an army. Iu title, thtt r?aulf. -' **-- ?' 1 v..unr.|ur,icn U| lun WllUlf W?? what neither 1 uor any one else will be able to give you an Idea of?thu horror anil disasters that have left and are leaving the hardest hearts tilled with endless seiui .tlons. LUi r i n g the larft elfort of Mexico, many cnutiers 1 were Rent to the " plague of a mail," asking from all the weeping people, a small assistance trom the soldiers. or at least thu arum they were uselessly cairying away; but he waH deaf, ami remained ho, to the ina<l clamors of thousands of men who saw their friends, their fortunes, and all, disappearing Finally, he loft here the day before yesterday, after having dissolved or disbanded what had been an army; and our proud lords promenade and Insult the people with their daily debaucheries. THE HRROKS OF THE WAR. (From the Worcester .Kgis | With heartfelt sorrow do we record the death of Lieut. Julin ? Durban li, of this town. This young and gallant officer belonged to the 8lh regiment of infantry . ' Worth's Own,'' and was engaged with his comrades, in the desperate attack upon the Molino del Key Precisely how hu was wounded, we are not yet advised; but it appears certain that he survived hi* mortil injuries until the subsequent day. I.ieut. liiirliauk was a graduate from West I'oint. and entered the army immediately after his probation at that institution was at an end. lie was stationed for some time in Florida, and accompanied his bruve unaociates when they were ordered to Corpus < brlsti At the tleroely contested battle of I.a I'alma, I.ieut iJurhaslv was wounded in the right aim so as to be etteotually disabled In OOOMh <|uuuue of this casualty he received a f urlough. and was assigned to the recruiting service. His friends were privileged to meet hiui then for the laot time, l ur, in the urgent necessity lor reinforcements to cave the army of (ieneral Scott from repulse, officer* and recruits were hastily summoned from their respective rendezvous and despatched to Vera Cru/. And so. after passic^ throu.h the early perils and hardships of the war. he has lallen in full view of that gorgeous capital which be was not destined to enter lie was one of the many who poured out their lile-blood upon that congenial plain, yet, among them all was none whose fame will be more carefully cherished by the admirers of brave and chivalrous demeauor. ARMY INTRI.LIUENCK. Lieut. Alexander Terry Itodgers. who fell at thestormI ,,f i i. - ?vn- ? ... ?n , niuir muuieg inn cwinpany to VlCtOry. whs the son ol the late < ommodore <i. o dodgers, of the l/nlted states Navy He graduated at the military academy at Wdt Point to l*4>>, and waa promoted to the 4th intantry, which hejolued about the 1st of last | October, but not in time to partake of the perils and glories of tbat gallant regiment at Mouterey Kroui the landing of the army uuder Oen Scott, at SacriOcios, he served under that distinguished general in every IBgagement, from the siege of Vera Cruz to the storming of (Jhapultepeo. Ill* lite was an pure ss his death wan glarioub; ulJ thou<li buef i?i.~ oaieer, liin ui?uiury will long be embalmed in the hearts of all who kuew him, and the wonderful deeds of that chivalrous band of heroes to which he belonged, will endure to tb? end of time ?Mr ir l.ontlvn A 'net, 2&th in*/. rably mentioned in < i*n. Taylor's oftljial report ih tun battle of iluena Vista, for his good conduot, passed through Italeigli. N on Saturday la*t. on his way to Fayrt.teville, to assume the cotnmaud of the arreaal, to which he has rec;'nt>y been appointed. < apt. il II Taylor, of North Carolina, has just returned to his native State from the llelds of his valor, Monterey aud lluepa Vista | Jtien. (Quitman, the Governor of the c-lty of Mexico, is a New Vorker l>y birth He was born in Dutches Couuty. and emigrated to Georgia some twenty years ago, and was a distinguished member ol the bar of that State 11m removed irom Georgia to Alabama, of which State he is now a citizen lie is a very gallant soldier, and mail of great probity.?Hujl nlo Kxpreit, 'litIt innt. The llfth Indiana regiment has been organized bv the unanimous eleoiion of Col. I.ane to the chiel command, ? Allen May aa I ii utenant Colonel, and Myers aa Major. The regiment will leave for VeraCruz, tomorrow orthe d ?y alter ?CincinnatiEnquirtr.-i-'uh {nit. Meut Johnson, whoso death we hare announced hy battle, wai the son of Alf lander Johnson. of Westmoreland. who haa hud thre guns aud two grtudnocs in the nS.?Pittlb*rgh (lazrttr Tiik I'jja J'atih Island li kikrenok.?The argument cil iliis case waa commenced yesurdny in the Supreme Court room, before the Mori John Sarc^eant arbitrator, chotm by both parties. The '[eUHtioa in dispute is, whether the title to the Ten I'atoh Inland, in the Delaware river, was origuinally veeted in tIte State of Delawareor N?w Jercey. The I'nited States claim title under the State of Delaware ; the opposing claimant* derive title under the State of New Jersey. After the submission to the reference. correspondence, Sto., were read. Mr. < layton Maid he would nowshow the tide of the I nlted Staten to the Inland in <in?*tion IIwould produce a deed, the existence of which at any time had been d?nied by the opposing rlaimanti, upon u trial ?f ejectment in New Jersey, and for the want of which the I'nited States lost the eaae upon that trial ? He would produce the original patent fi >ui < hnrles II to the l>uke of York, for the territ ry now comporting the State of New Vork, the Stat-n oi Pennsylvania and Delaware. The hi- <>ry of thia deid is Interes'lo^ Mr. John i oaten was formeily agent lor the I'euu funii Ijr, l>elo(? to Stoke t u^i.-, tolil liy it degeen(Jarit ol it it Utility to go into tin* charter-room -h* would fl ! Mia?? charter* which would iuteitnt tilm M mi A>.< l, and that he wan welcome to Kuch of theia ;ti< tm * Uf '1 tl<* found there IbU deed from < harleg 11 to hi- I rother, the Duke of \ or!<, the orljjliih 1 charter of i'eniifylvanta, a deed of feolTmeut from the Duke of YorU to William l'enn for the town mid Ifort of Newcastle, and u circle of twelve uiileg round the town, and a deed of feoffment from the Duke to IVnri for the country on the Delaware aouth of the circle to I ( ape Ilenlopeii. Th??o he brought to this country, and I upou bl? death they came In pocne-Tlon of Jacob Morrl I l.s<i The deed wan produced, and excited much curlj omly It In dccorated with a portrait of ( barley II. in i the margin, itnd surrounded with How era and vinnetten. I ban u Meal attuohad to lily ribbon*. and D written In the oli court baud, which beam resemblance to Hack letter. It conveys New Caalle and twelve miie? round about it. to the Duke tor leu thouftaud year in coiiaideration of the Duke * yielding and paytou four rubbit aklua annually i n each len?t of Michael the Archangel. The next deed produced wan a deed from the Duke of York to tviiiuiu i eiiii lor me tuwn huh iori 01 rsew (.antle, with the surrounding country, within a oircle or twelve lullex, including the inland* In the Delaware, the river anil tha noil covered by the river Mr < lay ton Mid that the IVa Patch wan within linn circle It l? dated Jlnt of Augunt, Uitti, three day* before the deed of teoirmimt. which will be hereafter mentioned, from fh? Duke to I'-nn for the pam* ciicular tract; tt in forth" l<trn of te thousand ynars, at live ((hiding* rent In the t'>x belonging to .Mr, l Nlorri*, In which the original deed to the Duke of \ ork i wa? deposited, thf counterpart of ihi* (load w?* dlMflver ?d by Mernr* I layton And heyard they were not aware of it* being there, and Mr lUyard found it while Mr < laytou wun rending on* of the deed* to the arbitrator thlti abowH I'onn to ham been In pownnloa not only of the deed, but the oounterpaii The Bait (lfi"l *m a 4*cd of f*i,litr.ent from the Duke ol 1 ork to William, 24th Augu-t, HWJ, lor the name twelve uiil.a circ'.a round the town an ! fort of Sew < antle, Including tha Inland* in the Delaware, t)i? river. and Ilia noil covered by tha rirar, within that circle ; it in iu consideration of au annual rant of lour beaver nklnn Another d??d of feoffment was produced from the Uuka of \ ork to Penn. dated ??u? dty. for tha 'country South of tha twelve mile* circle to l apa " Lopan' thin al?o from the recordt of DeUwara ? A p?p?r wa? produced, giving instruction from tha governrmnt of New V'rrk to tha military commandant of New t'natle. It recited tho Dutch patent,, and In considered valunble because of historical facta contained tu It. which dhow Delaware to have been nettled nearly forty yearn before New Jersey It recite* a deed Irom (<uix jiian, Alogoii |Ui* and Hereijuin, Indian sachems. lor lands upon the *outh rl?er, June ItJ, ittt?, to th.i lion Mr. .Hainuil Norde/,, who la believed to have been a Swede, In consideration of merchandise; niso a treaty I Willi 111" 'fii.rai?.iu?, III i*i*i1? ni iireua. ny WHICH me Hiiutli country, upon tho Delaware, >u ceded to Kng1 land; and h Hubfr<|uint treaty in IH74, by which inn treaty of 10(17 waa ' intlrtned An extract from thellrnt | copy of the lawn cf Delaware wan thnn read, ' printed in ' l7.'>i.hyH Franklin wnd 1). Hill in Market ?lr?t,I'blI Ud-lptna " It oontain* a copy of ilia dentin of < liarlea II, ami tliH Duke of Vork, and the charter of privil.gen { by I'enn to tha oltuenn of I'enniiylrauia and IMaware; tlio tho fecond edition of tha law* containing ropltn of the deed* for the twelve uiilei circle I ha act of the la. glulature of Delaware, granting t'"1 1 Vlt I'atch to the United State*, waa than read, dated May 'tf, 181.1, for I tha purpose ot building a fortlUeatlon upon the itland , And the ooaat nutvey of I'- 10 w?? put lu evidence to | ohow that I'ea I atch ialand in within a circle of twelve niilea from New Caotl* 1 lie record of a unit of ejectment. by Wflioh the I oiled State* recovered the trland and were put In poMeuion, wa* alao read, and * me other technical evidence, aft' r which the hearing of the caae waa postponed until thla morning,?Phil. Ltdrrr, WtMnit. LD. Mm Vwa C?th Tribute orCrailmJe from Ireland. | Krom the \Vaahiu?tou Union. Oct S4 ] ! W'e hare already statad th?t('?pt?ia l>? k*y of th# . nlc.nfrU*'*, presented yesterday to the President ot tbe L ii it ml states an address from the Corporation of Cork. It i* handaomely wrltUn out on a roll of panar and embellished at top on ou? aiIn with the Aw of the I nited States, and on the other with the British flag. Tha Mai of th# corporation attests th? authentiolty of ths signatures The roll l? enolosei in a ?miU. neat mahogany box with the folio vlng Inscription upon a me. talllc plate ? ? , THK roHPOH AT ION TO THE rRRSIDK.VT OF THE ir.MTKr. r*Tr.<t. This eloquent iiddreiw breathes th.- gratltuds anl lha J spirit of the Irish people : ? I To thr Prniihnl of thr Unit* J S'atm ?f Amtricf Sik -We.the Mayor. VMerrnen, and Burtfeesesot'Cork, , in council assembled, desire moat respectfully, In behalf of our fullow-oiiiznoit, to mpr??s oar heartfelt gratitude to you. sir. the head of the I'nited State* government, and through you to her legislature* andalio to bar graat and ranerous people. In ihi* warm and earnest record of our thankfolnMt. it would be out o: place to diaouia theoauae* of our national poverty, restricting tha trraat maaa of tba Irlah people for subsistence to one article of faod, whloh, though valuable In many particulars, is in thaMOOUntrie* the ioweet class of diet, and oousx^usntly subjects the whole of the poorer population to constant risk of scarcity, or even famine, should a partial or genaral failure of that one crop, the potato, occur The Immoderately cold and sunless summer of I045 was followed by a deficient potato harvest: but in lBKi I tne visitation was universal, and its awful consequences are Htill pressing severely on our community. Famine brought disease; ptirtU eaiiiloytntat fir the Industrii oun olsssen was greatly UimiulsUed; publlo employment . was dutielent aud would uot supply three-ttfths of the | people with mou'iy w^gus (.rain, at. an exorbitant price, wan in many places scarce and llfflcult of aoeesi; starvation and ail iu miseries were around us; but the cry of those who ware ready to perish was heard, tf*n acro-K tlie dividing sea. The American nation, with ready sympathy, came to the rescue, unsolicited, siotpt by their own hearts, they gave food to fa^d the hungry, ' to check the famine fever. aud, under tha blessing of a 9 merciful (iod, to restore the sick to health and useful' necs. Sir, we are of one blood with your own Amerloa?brothers Many of the boldest and purest spirits of England, Ireland and Scotland, have made their hoaesln the great Western Republic That lore of liberty which . they carried to your shores is become your nation's charter Of one mind and one heart with America, we gio' ry in her acts of philanthropy: we emulate her iudepeni deuce. May her banner ever float ab >>? the brave and | free. | Sir, the generous aid glrsn by the American public j and Kent on peace-making mission In American ships of i war, has done more to secure oontinued harmony be. tween the countries than any armanent oould effect.? ; Vour people, by doing us good, have recognised the an | cestral relationship which belongs to us; while we, lu < ur cordial gratitude, will over use the remembrance of your noMe benevolence as a talisman of amity. The light of freedom of trade now dawns upon our couutry; the grand law that all men are brethren U about to be made praotical. Vour prompt and liberal free will ottering has been timely plaoed on the altar of fraternity just as the doors of the temple of commerce are about to be thrown widely open. Vor the future, our mutual necessities will recommend to us mutual : forbearance, and mutual benefits exchanged will deve1 lop mutual estimation, until the best Interest* of theae I islands and your free States shall beoome associated, ao i as every dav to draw the people more closely Into a friendship based on mercantile, moral, and benevolent intercourse. Receive, air. our appreciation ct your most valuable generality. As < hrialans and an men, you have dignlI bed your nation. Much triumph* are amon r the proud1 est laurels which can wreathe the brow of the first ofll' eer of a great and gener>.;ii people ! Done in oounoll at Cork, under the city Mai, the J. ih or July, 1847. ANDRK.W V. KOSHfc, Mayor of Cork. . Alt.*. MoCiiithy, Town Clerk. bo?Tot, Oct. US, 1847. Jtjfairt in Volitici in HattacKutttlv. I The democracy of this city and vicinity had a great meeting In Fiaeu!! llall on the evening of the JOth, at 1 which the feeling prevailed. Tot. (Jreene presided, and made a speech on taking the chair. lie ' went over the various *Iuh of the whlgs with a great deal ! of point and terseuess. Mr. Jaw**, whose name figure* ' spolfAraAn #fcM-iJnO?^Vjd oth*r Irish meeting*, also Messrs lltllelt lioulwll and J. y Aitmmt ??? ?v? spoeobes were well rocelvcd. It was the first really enthuf in ?tic itimocrnlic mm tic.? that lias been held lu I'aueull I 11*11 for <everal year*, and left the lmpr**moa on the mind ofthe impur ial spec tutor that our democracy are about to do something worthy of their old faa?.)a_^^ But I should not do my duty, were I not to state some facts of a contrary nature. The customhouse opposition * I to (Jen. Cuxhtng still continues Mr Morton, on haing I waited upon by th? appropriate committee for a contribution towards defrnying the expense* of th* campaign. buttoned up his pockets, which he generally keep* pretty tight, the way into them being, in its narrowness and th* lntrequenry of visiters, very much like th* path to beuven. *s de?i ribed in scripture; and slapping them 1 with energy, declared he would see l ushing defeated first, before he would give a farthing tor any such purpose. Mr Parmenter, who Is well known to be a model of 2t neroeitv?a re/ular whole anted Wln?"? gave tliiv.' dollar*. being tlit* amount of hi* io'-ome for , about thlrty-nix minute* of hi* working time, aa nnl ofttner? hi* nalary and periui lie* l>?ing ?om? $7,000 per annum No c-n*ure it intended to be cut upon til* illustrious peritonei;** named Mr. Morton, doubUaaa, meant to give the lie, practically, to the abeurd whig charge.that govmumi-iit officer* and government money an* u.ieful In aiding lIn- democrat* in our election*?and a tnont ridiouiou* charge it 1*. and ha* *r?r been, under i bin rule. If Mr. t'armvntar wan not 'jwite no pura, hia *in I* no vi-ry Rinall that it should be forgiven him, on the nam- principle that l lie recording angel blotted out with lii* "falling tear,'' the record he had made of I Uncle Tobey'a oath; tin- Intent wan *o good and the ?ia ' so trlrial. lie ehould be excumtd, alao, on the ground I that the girl claimed to be forgiven for having linned the sin of hearing an illi'icitiiuiite child- " it waaauch* 1 little one " ' That wine, ' mid Lard Kelly to Koota. aa hi- poured a reiy few drop* into a very *mall giaaa, "that win<- ii ('onetantia. and it i* forty yearn old " " I mpoaeibl? ' my lord,'' mid the farceur, in hia Inimitable way. 1 " And why imp<>**ible aikrd the attoniahad nobleman " Bacauaa it la to email for It* age," wa* tha elgnifloant reply lti*a pity that Mr. Morton did not contribute hia mite' to the puraa of hi* party, Ilk* Mr. I'armantar. Hud he douc no we uii^ht bar* had a parody on tha ln; terview of th* King* of Brentford with the harald. Inn once laniuUR play ? i Fir it King-" Here, lake life guiuca* to theaa warlike men !" Vcoii'l King?" And here, lire mora, which nrnkc* the *um ju*t ti n !" llrralJ " Wf hlTi; not <<*?n ?o murh tha I.nril knAwa when !'' llut our Collator could not be 10 liberal aa war* the inouaicb < of Li.entferd to their rhlvalric forces. Tb* purity ol eUctioDH will certainly 1><9 preserved under til' Triune. Tho ?liigH preserve their "harmony" tolerably wan, Ix-oauM It in too near election day to periuliof a quarrel. | htlll, there will occasionally be >u outbreak Thejiffm a few iliiyH ago, nave ' the abolition whig paper which Ih published at lloxbury, a regUur dressing down . and the Loutnn Whig Indulges in a (Uarrel or a Nuarl nil times a wuek The " cousdeuoe whig* "symnathfxs" much with the barnburners < ' y <ir .state, and take, ju?t now, a lively and most alle .ionat<- Interest in the movement going 0D at Albany, to get up the Ifarkl1 luer < ' riventloii '1'bry are, In fact. th? l<?mhuroeri of Massacuusetti), ouly they happen to lie wbigs. They would gladly frateruixe with the follower* of John Van 1 Duren, both parties raring a Utile for " the slave and ft I great deal for themselves Kvery politician here takea Ian Interest In your election, ** the result of it will ha looked upon a* being likely to hare a good deal of effaet on th? I're'.ldennal election of pMt The death of Mr Kverett, r ur minister to < lima haa , ex I'I ted a deep regret In the literary and political olrelaa ci this city lie was an admirable scholar, and an honaat man; and. like um t parson* of the kind, he lived poor nod has dl.*d poor Ilia want of success through lift, fornix a striking emit rant to tha good fortune of hla brother, L.dward t verett. now President of Harvard While Mi Kv?*lt had aharge of the N?rlK American Renew, 1 it wm the be*t periodical in the I nited States, and it baa been neit to nothing since he left It ilia paper on the "Old I arti.ii> wai the best political pnbllcatioa that ever appeared on thin sidesif the Atlantic. iniwtllaiiMiiu. About 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, a atuall * till con' talning a chemical preparation . which wae placed upon the top of a stove in the upotbecary store of W M. I'owell, No -i is south Second itreet, exploded wltl a dreadful crash. and the gas generated In It igniting, ti.? Interior ol the store appeared for a moment enveloped in flames The force of the explosion burnt out tha trout door, displacing the door frame and scattering tha gin** In every direction Vortunately, no person waa Injured, though Mr I'owell and his assistant were both in the store, and the former was standing beaida tha atove. The rout, nld of the litore ware only atlghtly duuiaC'l \n iilitrio ' f Arc wa* occaaloned by tb? < *plonton Phlhititlphia Ltitgir mil. \s .Mr Suryer, a young gentleman of high r?cp*ctability, wn? lately ridtnt; at a Tery fait rata to naa a (amain Kr.|uaiutabe<< Id Dearborn county, Indiana, ha came up ugaiont tha telegraph wirea, whtoli cut hi* throat, pro- ^ during alinont mutant death Tha -xlra* had baao lowered f ir the purpoaa of making certain repair* OB tha Una ?Cincinnati Si;-nal. Mad account* of the potato rot In Marylaad itill con* In roiiHf|iii'nce of the damage Joae to the feaaaylvan>a< anal by tha late Irrnhet. the < Jettynburg ooinmU Iou nii-rcbauta are necetnluted to employ a number of wa?ooi lu forwarding merchandise to tba Waat Oaa houae la lu want of loo wagon*. -PhiltilelpMa Kwtmtmg Hatlrtm. (lofrrnor Shunk left Philadelphia on Thursday for llar/l?burg TIWJUK I'APIOK-lfto* l<e?in. No. I While Timoa. fl JOO da Kr?ro do. IM do. VHlow For ?!* by W 'riCIlMt k IHOOM, H

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