Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1847 Page 3
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Fine Cutlery.?Tlie aubucrBUera liavc paid parfieula' attention to thii branch of their tiUMUMi. iud *iav? ou liaud n( i, eaent the Mutt beautiful aud well ailecled ua oriinriit . f pea pocket. dc?k uud f.|?.irtit,|f Kuivea in the city with a Hrxe eari^'V of poll.lied *tee' goudi. Kaxora ground aud set at ?. SaUNOKKS it SON, 177 Broadway, a few doon ^bore Courtlaiidt street. The CUeapeel and Beat pluce In tlie City to : it vour boots, short, or gaiters, la ?t Jones's. 4 Ann street, aear tlie .Muttum. V" ?P cau iret there 11 icood boots for ? 10 ii can ba i uichaseJ el??wh?re l'?r $7. a simiuk. He .ilso sells a first'ate boot at S3 SO, which i* usually ?olil lor Double filed watrr-proof boots at || ;,u. $6 On. and $6 00. Joues haa the true aystetn of doing basiuesi?light eipensea ai d small profit*. All ?oo>'i purchased at 4 Aim street are warranted to S ?e entire satisfaction. Kreiu h Boota._Boota tvhlrh are Boota, retail.K f >r $1 in. ri|a^| to thote aold iu other a ore* for $6 $7; calf bouts SI So. usuallv $i ran be found it Voo-u a Paris Bo<t Kinporium. opposite onr office. Call aoe see him, *?vi|tas(ioii of (In ouio Ult?r> Plu.u. Time. State of Rt??r, J.ouliiaille . Oct. 21. . .0 fe?t oln. Cincinnati Oct 24. . .ft feet, tailing. #w ii a f?t FltU'iniv . ........... Oct. 'JJ. .. .i fee*, falling. , monicy"makkkt, Vrtday, Oct. !1U_0 P. M. The stock market continues very touch uusettled, | prices fluctuate a fraction from day to Jay, and the operations do not show any great activity in tha market. ' All classes ot speculators are auxiouily waiting the arrival of the French steamship Philadelphia, with later intelligence fr?m Europe, and we cannot expect aDy material change in the market until an arrical of some sort from that quarter takes place. At the first board, to-day, Treasury Notes, Kaadiug Bonds, Reading Ilaiiroad, Canton and Norwich, closed at prices current yesterday Indiana 5'i advanced 1 per cent; Harlem, ; and Lorj island; V Reading 1 Mortgage Bond* fell off \ per ueut. At the second board, Pennsylvania 6's advanced percent; Long Island. X; Farmer*'Loan, '-? Norwich ! ind Woroester fell off There were large purchases of { Harlem in the alternoon The demand for sterling exchange has been very a?- I tive to day, but the amount of bills on the market, of ! undoubted character, was so limited that the demand I w?h by no means satisfied. Canada and West India batik bills were offered at nine and nine and a half per cent premium. The market is sbundantly supplied with seeond and third rate bills, but those wishing to remit have not sufficient oonQdenco In them. We quote prime bills on Lpndon at!? a ! >,' per cent premium. On ! Pari', af 'J3>4 a if. ii>? ; Amsterdam, 40,'i a 10>; ; ilam- j burg, 38 n 36; Bremen, 7!Vi a 79}%. 1 bo stocfehoitkiM ot tile New V ork and Harlem Kail- , mail Company, will find in another oolumn the report ol j th* committee appointed to investigate the financial : affairs of the company, and provide ways and mean* to { meet those payments pressing immediately upon the concern. The plan proposed appears feasible. The bun Mutual Insurance Company hare declared a dividend of twenty per cent on the earned premiums of the year ending 4th October, 1817. for which certificates will be issued on the first of January next. Also, a divi dend of six per cent in cash on the scr.p heretofore issuud, payable on the 1st of November next. The Ontario Bank has declared a semi-annual dividend of four per cent, payable on demand. The New hugland Worsted Company have declared a dividend of three per cent. We have repeatedly stated that the advices received from time to time from Europe, have had no other effect upon commercial flashes in this country, than to unsettle the public mind and partially destroy confidence. With one exception, thus far, that has been the only result of the financial difficulties in Kngland, and that exception is the suspension of the house of Prime, Ward & Co. of this city. The failure of that bou.v took place soon after the first news of the suspensions were received from the otbertiide, and was partially the result of heavy losses incurred early in the season. The Ature of the foreign business ot Prime, Ward k Co. was such, that a very large portion of their assets wur in the hand? of parties on ibe other side, and their losses there will absorb nearly the whole of them, leaving liabilities In this country of neatly half a million of dollar*, upon whioh not more than five or ten cants on the dollar can be paid. This, therefore, is a t ad failure; but so far the only one her? growing out of the commercial connection existing between thin country and Lagland. We hive been heavy losers by the failures in Europe?much heavier th*n ever entailed upon the merchant* or manufacturer* of all Europe, by Buapenaion* in this oountry; it appears that wo have been well able to itand it; and the probability is. that few, if any. tuoio failures on this side will grow out of the revulsion on the other. It Is fortunate for us that the crash in England commenced so late in the seasm. It could not have happened, so long as it was to have taken place, ftt a more favorable period. Our exporting season had just about closed when the crash caine; most Of cur exports had been paid for. and payment* made largely in specie, which we have secured, and the outstanding or unliquidated engagements between the two oountrie*, runuing to maturity, had become very inucli reducuit. Then, iigiin, tll<* crisis of the revulsion havlog appeared before auotber commercial season opened shippers in this country have been able to mike safer selections in their agencies,and guard against losses upon the new seasou's business. Ho far as all these things are concerned, circumstances havo been exceedingly favorable. If we lose much of the next year's business, there will be no one to blame but eurselves. We mutt carry on a more direct barter trade than we have heretofore; toe credit system between the two countries must be changed, and we shall soon have the balanoe so largely in our favor, that we shall be better able to regulate the movements of specie than we have been. The finances ot the general government continue, at present, in an easy conuition. It is estimated that the fuuds iu the treasury department will carry on the war until April next, being but three month* short of the time s ipulatt d by Secretary Walker. This shows a mor.-favorable state of tiling* than was general^ an11ciputed. from the anaouuceuiABl tnnt thit uegotiationi for p< uce had been so suddenly broken off that all hope had ileii fur un amicable arrangement of existing difficult! s. It has not boen yet determined upon wbat method will be resorted to to raise more money; but It. is the general impression that another issue of treasury notes, with certain improvement* as to denomination) otc , will be the most feasible and tho least expensive I way of supplying ways and meann. The policy cf the government in the prosecution of | the war, w.ll, without doubt, undergo an immediate re- j volution, and with this change we anticipate a very great reduction in the expenditures. We considor the active part of the war ovw; that is, the lighting part; herealter it will be more of a passive character, in which tlm administration of civil nnd military afalrs combined, will be. the priucip&l feature. No I Ud has yet been determined upon for the future government of Mexico, its much depends upon circumstances. The commander-in-chief of the army cf occupation will, as he pr^greskes in the subjugation of the country, establish governors, garrison towns, and adopt a co:le of laws for the reirulationof civil affairs: he will collect revenue from every available source, for the pur- I pose of making the country support th? government he m&j eptablish in the absence of Its own, and for the purpose of securing that portion of territory our brave soldiers have conquered. ? ongreM convene* in about four weeks, and It in very probable tbat the President will leave it to tbe representative branch''. of the government to mark out the propor piau fur holding pocsertiiou of the whole of Menico, if j neoemaiy, or to l.ring the war to an honorable and ! sp> edj close, and the evacuation of u)l territory but that | ceded to im by treaty. We shall know nothing d-flnite about this matter until after Congress meets, and in tbe meantime, the military operations of Gen. Scott will be governed entirvly by the course pursued by the Mexican government and the Mexican people. The market value of our State stocks, as wo have before mentioned his depreciated very materially, in the face of the Qimnctul difficulties threat-nlng us from the othei "lie but the real value of these pec uri ties is almost daily increasing. Those States owning public works, will receive a much larger income from them this year th in usual, notwithstanding the recent d images l>y frrsbets, and while the revenue from this source is increases so rupidly. the prosperity and wealth of the peo pie of those Hi a en have Increased In a Kreater ratio I Millions upon liiillioiiB of dollars worth of produce have i found an o?tl"t by I)i?n works, which would othirwlw have been consumed or wasted in th? vicinity of its growth, find l he resources of tho country but partially developed, The public works of the Western Htates ' hiv -colt many millions of dollar*. and th> y have hi-reto'ore in Dtai<y iuHtances b?-en a heavy drag upon the t?x i-a\ers of ibo e 8 ales. but they wil; prove ultimate- ; ly ibeir salvation. Upon th>?? woik?, the States rnunt d<*n?'i'd lor revenue to pay the Interest on their public ! debts. and in a few years after they get fairly iot.o operitiou, th?y will, without doubt, prove sufflnleutiy pro- j ductlve to extricate the public finances from tb" depres- I sion they hare labored under so long. The agricultural resources of the Indebted Western i States have been more rapidly d?vel"ped during the post [ yar, In consequence of the ext.eusive demaid and high ( prices ruling for breadstuff*, than ever before ; Mid they have reached a point which would not have been real- ; lied in at least ten years under ordinary circumstances. When we oompare the position of thefie States ten year* ago with that they now occupy, we can hardly form any idea of the position they will occupy ten years hence. Ten years ago the debts of these States were comparatively trilling. Within that period they have involved themselves deeply; become delinquent in their pajinents ; have partially resumed, and am in a fair way of taking rank again among the solvent States of the I nion. Large amounts of our State stocks have recently been sent to this country for sale. We are glad to see ! this ; we can take and keep all they send ; and, in a few yearn, the capitalist! of Europe will be seeking for them as an investment, when they will have to pay a handsome advence on present prices. Kvery State bond lent to this country for a ale will lie of advantage to us, in keeping back remittances made in payment of intareat. We annex our usual table of quotations for the prin oipal State and other stocks used for investment faicica ok Stocks ix thk New Yohk Mikkit Hrdrrin- 1847.. 1847. 1817. I Half. ablr. July 3?. 8fpt. 30. Oct. l't. United Stales ti 1867 ? a ? lOJl.a ? 103 aI03'. " ti 1862 I05t?al05? ? a 101 ? a ? " ? IB* 105 al05^J 104 a ? 102 al02V " 5 1863 91 a ? 9*)4a 97 ? a ? Trea'y Noteiti ? a? 104 nin?^' Ifil alfll^W New Vork, 7 1U48-49 103 nlQl% 102k'al03S 10l)?a ? ti 1850-54-?0 I0C\al06S ? a? ? a ? " ti l?Gl-4i2-67 ? a 107 106 a!06>? 102 al!3 " i>? 1860-61-65 UI3Xal04 103 aJ04 ? a ? 5 1816-7-8-9 100 alOOJi 100 alOOW ? a ? 5 18.*?0?1?3 100 al0">a ? alOOK ? a ? 5 1855-8 100 alOl 101)?a ? 100?4a ? 5 1859-60-1 100 alOl 101 al01? lot alOl)* \% 1819-58 ? a - 97 a 97)2 ? a ? )hic, 6 1850 99 a 9?'? 99 a 99W 90Wa 97 " 6 1856-^0 100 * ? lOOKalOOX 98S?* 98^ ' i 1850-56 ? a? 9< a9l ? a ? " 7 li.% 103J?al03 >4 103X?104 101 alOl Kentucky, 6 101 a ? loo>?al00>? 99% 1100 * 5 8 J a 83 80 a 83 ? a ? Union, 6 1870 47 a 47K 46 a 46M 40 a 4QX Indiana, 5 25 yean 45 a 45>i 43 a 43$ 39 a40 \rkaniat. 6 ? 38 a 39 35 a 38 3 a 85 Alabama, 5 60 a 61 60 a 61 ? a 60 i'euuiyitama,5 ? 79,Va 80 78 a 78X 73J4* 74 Tennessee. 6 100 alOO^ 98 alOO ? a ? V. Vork City7 1857 l08Kal09 108 al09 107 al?7X 7 la? 101 a ? 106 alOB ? a ? 5 1850 96 a 97 9 3 a 94 ? a ? ' 5 1858-70 95 a 95% 91)?* 94 B7 a 87>4 Bkt.'oin'e N. Y full 99 a 991^ 91^8 95 ? a ? " scrip 99'4a 99>4 9l>4a 95>i ~ a ? V. V. Life I us Jk Trust <"o. ? a? 108 alio ? a ? Vavmvn I....hi te Tril?? ?t'i BW 3<.V? "II ItV, VI l)liio I,ill- Ins. & Trust Co. 101 ?IOl5^ ICO alOOK 96 * '*'4 Bank of U. 8. in Penntyl'a. 4>^a 4ji 4*?a 4*i 3}? N Jersey R.R.& Trans. Co 107 a? 103 aim 102 ?I0J YlohawkSt Hud'u Railroad. ? a 75 75 n 76 67 a 68 Utica SlSchenectady Rail'd 123 nUi 116 a I l(i>^ 117 a ? Syracu.eSi Utica Railroad. 121 al25 123 al2l 128 al22 Auburn h Syracuse Railr'd 108 alio 102 alOli 10) sl04 Auburn Ik Rochester K, K. 101 aI0l!? 101 a 102 ? a ? Reading lUilroad, 67 a 67^4 63j4't 61 50** 5} Delaware tt Hudson Canal, ? a? 190 a ? 188 a ? Reading Railroad Bonds: 77l4? 7773 a 73^ 69\*a 69)-t Reading Railro id Mtg Bus, 73^a 73V 70 a 70'4 61^1 65 A comparison of price* current at the clone of the market to-day, with thou* ruling on the 30th of July, ; and the :10th of September, exhibits a decline of several | per cent In nearly every ttock In the Mat. It will be per- j caived that the decline has been pretty steady siaoe 1 July. The universal depredation in quotations for these stocks, which include every description, from the most active fancy to the safest security In the world, hss been the result of the general depression In financial and commercial circles, more than any particular Influence brought to bear upon any particular olass of stocks. The same cause operates upou the whole, although the effect is greater upon the faucles than upon those having more real value, it may seem strange to many how this depreciation oould have occurred, in the face ef an easy money market, when the rate of interest rules below the legal staudard, and the oredit system has experienced no revulsion?when trade generally is based upon sound principles, and apparently the greatest prosperity exists in overy department of business. It will not, however, seeia strange when we take into consideration the fact that confidence, so necessary in all commercial matters, has been destroyed by the events whiuh have recently transpired in Europe; and although thore hasbeen no variatiou of consequence in our credit system generally, there hasbeen a Iocs of individual credit, oalculatcd to restriot mercantile operations and depreciate the market value of all kinds of stock securities. Capitalists are the most timid people in the world?they are the first frightened, and it is with the greatest difficulty they can be lnduoed to let out their funds, for a long time after, even upon the soundest securities. Stock Kxcliange. I (UUUQ Trebs Notes 6s 101 50 E River I in 28W 1UU9 U Stntei Js, '53 ;i Utica fc Scheu 117)* 1000 tttite 7?,'49 103 2j Canton Co 29*i 5009 Perm 5s b9) 73,* 7j Nor it Wore 4u>4 IOOO Ohio 6s.'60 98)? loo do bl5 4i'?* 15000 lil fr uudable t in 39 ? , do 4I'5, 10000 do >60 39 50 do 120 4(t?4 21000 Indiana Bds 40 S'i do 10*4 IsOOO Rd|j ivltf Bd? 64 H 5(10 Lou* Island RR 2R'? 25 shs Dry Dock Bk 45 50 do b30 29 5xtiteBk 31 loo Reeding RR b30 it', 20 Bk Cnin'e, scrip 92>. '00 Harlem Kit h 10 451* 200 Reading KK 54 fs l00 do >3 45>? 225 do Ji)? <2oo do b4ui 47 100 do 54X 511 do 45J, 100 1I0 b30 5<;lZ 50 do b20 45>? 100 farmers' Trust 2ti\ 200 do s30 45 50 do b30 27 400 do 12.n 50 2u0 do bill 27 75 do b2J 4lK .10 Louiiiana Bk 105 100 do 45S Meojiid Board. WHO Tress Notes (,* 101 350 shi Hailem it It 441? ISOO'i I'eun 5t 73>i 100 do \ii, 5li00 ill s60 73'4 800 do bnv 45 15000 Iteadiugs Bds iiJS? 50 do bit 45*4 50 shs Reading Rt< 54'i 100 do 45)* 100 do *15 4?k 300 do inw 45.1? 50 do sl5 54Si 200 L Island RR b 10 29 .50 do 54?? 50 d> 28X 200 do 54J4 50 Farmers' Loft 'JK7 2) Nor & Wore UK 40 " liH) do bill 2' 50 do $10 40 100 do b 10 27 New Stock t0x?'.haii|{e. 21 ilii Canton Co c 10 |n0 ili< ilarleiu UK >10 45 25 do ?16 30 150 do si <3 50 II irtnn Hit c 45'. 150 {trading K K 5l?? 100 do il5 45'? 60 do do 54', 250 do ?'(i 45', 50 do ?'0 5l'a 50 do >3 45', 50 do >30 51 100 do 4iki hi. ?. _*" ? CITVTRADK KKPUHT, N? w York, 3*Tr*n*T Aktksnog*, Oct. 39. The Qour market contined steady, anil for good nc* b/auds Genesee prices clous Arm. A sale of Western wheat wax made at full price*. Genesee was held on terms above the views of millers, and no sales were reported. Sales of corn were made to a fair extent, the market closing in some cases at an advance Meal remained about the same. Uye was firmer, and sales made i at a slight advance. O its were also firmer. Provisions exhibited very little change, and sales were li^ht. Gro- ' ceries remained steady, with moderate sales. Ashki ? 1 nail sales (30 a 35 barrels) pots were made at (c DO, aud 2S barrels ot pearls were made at $d .",0. Bt KtWAX ?Continued dull. BKKAUiTi'i Ft?Hour?Sales of 600 hbls straight brands ' Genes-e were made at $6 OS1^, aud 4ail'0 do were ma le \ at '>00 do. inclnding G.'Wego and <ienesee, sold at ftfldiSi 100 do Oswego roll at f'i 60; aud 400 ' do new strait brands Michigan sold at fii U."^; Southern I continued tirm at'Ml 74, and in light supply. H'hrat ? Sales of4400 bushels of Ohio mixed sold at (1 40. Genesee was heldlat $1 48a$l 40. Corn?Sales of ftOOO butthels high mixed, delivered, were made at 7tJo; 3000 do Western mixed in store, sold at 7">o; 3400 do low mixed soldat7iic delivered; 0000 do yellow, delivered, sold at 77o; 3100 do Western mixed, slightly damaged, sold at 73:1; and IOOO bushels do New Orl>-ans, low mixed, sold at 740. (after 'change) Meat? Sales ot 300 bbls New Jersey were conditionally made at J>;l 40, and 300 do Pennsylvania at f?J 4 1; Western New Vork was worth 41 J. II..' N.U. nf JIIIHl l.,nl..l. I- - ' - ' K? w..? ?. ? <- <"?0 UP I livered liartry wa*' firm, but no lining reported Ouf? ? H?lea Of 1000 buabela were luade at ,'>Oo Rtctiplt down f/ie lludton River, Oft. 2H. Klour. , 0,010 bbla Wheat il^OO buib. Meal 3.M7 ' Corn HflOO " Rye 2,4.0 " Camki.m?Bperrn contiuued tlrin at 33o., anil the Hales within a few day* bar* reached 30oa500 boxea. Con ? We only hear J of a pal,i of 10<) bag* Kio at 7?. Cottom?Amount of Halea to-day lO.h) baled. Tricen r. i rrt droidedly cteadier and rather firm. Km i r ?Sale* of uOo box?* bunch raiain* were made 1 at $2 20. Prune* - Male* of 106 cuee* were in vie by auo- . tiOQ, part at Malftc uod the remainder 3i*.lJc. Kim -Sal-i of tiaSOO quintal* ood were made at $3 fifiV a$ti ti2)io Mackerel?200 bbl* were made, including No I, at >3 24, and No. 2'a at f>?f A?l; No. 3'a were worth <ua *4 12*. IIkmp- Sain* of 100 bale* of American dew rotted were made at $140 a fl>0 per ton, at ti month*; 130 ton* or (tuaaia junk Mold on private term*; and 130 bale* I ltu-mia cra*b were also fold on private term* Manilla wa* worth lJXc per lb Homo?A *ale of 22 a 25 cafe* of Indigo wa* made by auction at 70 a 75 a HOc, on tim* Lead?A sale of 1600 pig* wa* reported at $4 37)f Moi.???!: ?Hale* of loo hhda Mu*oorado were made at 27 a 29n Naval Sto?ki - The market wa* unlet, and dealer* were waiting further advice* by the fortlcoming ateam er, while pricea remained without change On.*?UuBeed?The market had a downward tendency, and moderate aale* of Kngii*h were making at 67o. and of American, city pre**ed, at fioc Sale* of 1000 bbli crude *perm were reported at lOflo. Whale waa in active, while manufactured remained unchangail 100 basket* olive oil aold at $4. Oil Meal -Sale* 50 a tiOtou* Were made at $1 31per 100 lb*. I'movhiomi ? Small *alea of me** pork were making lu lotc, which in the Aggregate amounted to 200 bbla, at $14 !'3?4 a r 1 -> a $14 06'? and 100 do prime do were made at | $|n 7.i Lard- Sale* ef 3)0 bbl* of I trd Were made at \ it1, a 10*40, and 230 keg* prime old aold at ll,'?'o There < ?ae no change in cbeeiie or butter. Beer remained with- ' out change. j.Ill nr uuij lirmnui .>11 llfllCffl al ptv TlilUK pi loep | Sitf n? Haled of 100 b??* ( annry wer?* inadH at $t 7.'), I cloTHr continued aieady at 7li a 7 '?i timothy waa dull. Si. n**-8?1m of 100 hhd* Miidnorado war* mad* on , private terms. ?nd '>0 hhdf I'urto Riconold at 7 eta, and :I0 a 40 boxed Havana brown wer# aold at'i^nt*. The utoi-k of lho latter w*? edi iinatnl at 400 a .<oo boxel, and about 3000 bhd? Munoovadod. T?li.ow?Haled of 10,000 Ibd wer* mad* at 10 fit*. Tnmri o-Male* of 60 balti At. Jago, Cuba, were mad* i < by auction at 17 17 \ oU. I , Wh*li?one?3?le? of 2j00 lbs South S??, were made at 31 ota. Whi?k?:v?Sale* 100 bblf, HUU I'riiou, were mada, to ' arrive tu la days, ?t 32 ota. Wool?The aalea of fleece wara chiefly ooutlned to dealer* The market continued steady at tho adranoo, , and the stock wan light. Since laat report, in the fore part of the week, about 20.000 lba hare been aold. In Jorei(fn, we heard of 200 bales of Odeaaa, on private terms fnkii.Hr.?There was nothing new. and rates remained nominally the same. Tiasai Auction?Per Cincinnati and other late arrivals. Terms, notaa at six months :? Hyson?S3 obesta at :<3.S centa per lb; 62 do withdrawu. , 1 oung Hyson- 112 Ift 10 boiea ISO, 10 half ohneta 61, ! 24 do 4UX, "1 do 3a. 14 do 36. 14ti do 33X, tkf do 33. US do 31, 4/> do 30*. 84 do 30. 73 do 3!?X, 140 do 39, 10 do 8K, 104 do it, 22 do 7X. 4sd do withdrawn. Hyson Skin?10 half oheste 2S, 100 do27*,20 do 2a, 10 do 22X, 341 do 22, 2AM do 2IX, 34 do 21. 134 do withdrawn Twankay?64 half charts 33. 106 do withdrawn. Gunpowder?27 half chests 3ft, 2M do 34>J, 26 131b b*s 33X, 7 '. do 33, 160 0 lb. do 31. 300 13 lb do 26, 121 half cheats withdrawn Impnrial? SO half cheats ;>tt, 7 do 43, 64 13 lb boxaa 39, 19 half 1.1 l imil'llk ini U.l* ohaatl withdrawn. Souchong ?161 half cheat# J4. TBLKORAHHIC. fcVw Oti.uii, Oet. '21.?Cotton?Seles oI . *?? bales w?r# rnuiie without change in prices. The market wan steady Stock on hand about 60.000 bales Hour?The market wan dull at $4 75 for Ohio and Illinois branda, and $t> for St. Louix city mill*. Salea were light. Oata were dull at 37n. There was little grain offering, and aalea of corn and wheat were umall. without change in price* Sugar and molaaaea continued dull, and aalea were chiefly confined to retail aalea. Provleione inactive, and pork Belling in a email way at previoua prices. Sterling exenange a So; aight biila on New \ ork >%al'? diacount; Treasury notea par. Kreighta ateady. Cincinnati, Oct. 29?P. M.?Flour?The market wai dull, and amall aalea were making at $4 50 a f4 74; for City Mills $6 waa asked. There were no aalea of grain of any moment making. Whiskey was Qrm, and sales of ouv uuib were uiaue mi 19^ > lo^fcC. iiugn cuuuubu wu arrive pretty freely, and the market wh Uh firm?sales or 500 head war* made at a figure under previous rate* We quote them at $4 )j a $4 44. Buyers still appeared disinclined to purchase freely at quotation*. The river wax again falling, but sufficient depth of water remained for all boating purpose*. Baltimore, Oct. 39 ? P. M ? Hour?The market for Howard street continued steady, and.fale* of BOO bbls. were made at $6 1 ; wheat was firm at (I 3> for Maryland red, a M 33, at which 3,00'jjbuahels were aold. Corn was Arm at GOo. a 08c. for mixed, and 70c. for Maryland yellow; whiskey was Arm at 30o. a 31c , with moderate sales No change of moment In provisions. Freight* remained the same. Weather tine, cool, aud olear., Oot. -ill?P. M.? Hour?The market was firm at (0 37> a $tl 30 for Oswego and Genesee, while sales war* light. Wheat?Sales of 3000 bushels were made, consisting ot good < ienesee, at $1 15. Barley?Salt-* of 5000 bushels two rowed were made at 85o. Oats -Sales of 3000 bushel* were made at Ho. Corn oontlnued firm Whltkey?No change. Receipt* by oanal during the preoedlug 34 hours were a* follows:? Hour, 10,000 barrels; wheat, 5000 bushels; barley, 10,000 do; oats, 10,000 do. Bi'kkalo, Oot. 39?P. M.?Hour?The market was dull at $5 60 a $5 63X, and sales light. Wheat?Sales of 3000 bushela, inoluding Western mixed, were made at $1 03, and Ohio good, kwith some lot* of this State, at $1 18 Corn was firm, and sales of 10,000 bushels were made, consisting of Western miied, at 56o, with yallow <?oat58c. Whiskey was Arm, while provision* remained about th? same. Receipts during the preceding 34 hours were as follows: ? Hour, 10.600 barrels; wheat, 7000 bushrls; corn, 30,000 do. Heights by canal?To Aluany, Hour 80c; wheat 3 Jo, and corn 19c. Boston, Oct. 39.?Hour?Thejmarket continued tlrm, and sales of 3000 bbls. were made, luoluding Western, with Oswego and Uenetee brands, at $0 76 a $7. Wheat ?No sales reported. Corn?Sales of 10,000 bushels were made, including Western mixed at 80c. and yellow do at 85o. Rye ?Sales of 1000 bushels were made at (1. Oats - Sales of 6000 bushels were made at 64o. Whiskey continued tlrm. Provisions exhibited no material change. Freights?No alteration. [Telegraphio Cor. of Phila. Bulletin ) Fiti <Huar.ii, Ootober 39, 1847.?The river is in tine order, and freigutlng business ia pretty aotlva. Flour is selling dully at (4 68 to f4 75, tha latter being generally the holding price. Tha holders of grain are firm, lu ullned to give the rates asked. hrovislons are very <{alet; recent sales of bacon exhibit an improved feeling, k?| ?o slight that it U unnecessary to alter Ugures. No movement in groceries. Kentucky tobacco coining iu freely and demand aotive. Wool without change. The supply of bah is small. Cotton perfectly stagnant. Our murkets generally are sluggUh, and dealer* anxious for orelgu advices Married. -/.'Ou Tuesday evening, iilith inst., by the Rev. Geo. Benedict, Chulci T. CJouuwim to Kmh.v u , daughter of Simon T Wyokoff, Ksq On Thursday evening, U8th instant, by Rev Lott Jonm, THionoir W. Pun Ktr.y to Mlsl, Camolink M. Cochran, all of this city. Died, Suddenly, yesterday morning. Km >i*, infant daughter of John 11 and Ketuiah Ann Chambers, aged t years. 6 months and 10 days. T.-e friends and relatives are invited to attend her funeral, at No. 13H Walker street, this (Saturday) morning, Oct. 80th, at!' o'clock, without further invitation. ?On the iHth instant, Flokk.-sck M. Kkwik, aged 'j years 4 months aud 7 days, son of Benjamin K. and Sarah Ann McKenzle. i u? relatives anu menus 01 um family are respectful ly invited to attend his funeral, thlt day at 12 o'clock, Mm from No. '2 Charles street. At I'ort Richmond, S I , on Kri Jay the JlUli Instant, after a lingering illness. Cna kl.ottk K , twfi of Wui McKenzie, In the 34ih year of her age. The relative* and frleud* of tha family are requested to attend her funeral, from her lata residence, No. AU7 Greenwich street, this afternoon at 1 o'clock. P M. Her remains will be taken to Oreenwood Cemetery for interment Do Kriday evening,'.Wth in?t*nt, M >??. wife of Bernard Byrne, aged 3? year* The friend! of the family anj those of his brother, John Byrne, at Newark, are respectfully invited to attend thefuneriil. on Sunday at o'clock, P. M , from 31 Cb>tpel street, Brooklyn On Friday morning 'J'.xh instant, Mrj. CiiASkotTt. fc. tunc a. wife of Johu T. Sjhenck, aged f>vt years The trlmds 01 the family and those of her son, Au drew .\I. Shirrs, and of her brother, Rlohard Mount, are respectfully invited to attenJ her iuneral.on Sunday next, at 4 o'clock, from her lite residence No ' <> Stanton Street. On Kriday. thy 29lh instant Ijhm Viktck, a native of Scotland ills friends and acquaintances.also the members of the Thistle Association, are respectfully requested to alteud his funeral,f rem his lata residence corner of i ud street and Broadway, on Sunday afternoon at J o'clock. At S?a on the voyag* from the Bra: is to New Orleans on the Id tustaut, Wm B. Coi/?-:?, Jr, son of V\ tn u < oz/.-ns, of this city, in the 'i9tb year of his age, " . 1 I KTTK.RS PER 8TKAMKR CAMBRIA. I- ROM BOSli J ON 'l'O LI V ?.R1'uOL? Letter B*tf? of the above Sivjmtr will close at KhNYON'S horeigu Letter Otfice, ?l W all street. Journal of Commerce Building, Til IS 10 miuutea to 4 o'clock. \. B ? Letters c?n be pre-pr.iil to soy |>?rt of the world. failures not occur ? TI1H UhMUK. oKI li?r? FUal' UDCiOti New It or*, UlltbM tMk lali?Inr ateamcr l. A.MDHl A will lure B >aioa uu Mituday, the Kt ill Noteniber. Iler mail* will close at tlir olfice ou SituiUlty, thr Hull lust., hi I'. I'. M. I'osta^c uu all letters inusl lie pi' paid to Boston. Letters of lit IT nil ouuce, or tiuder. In e cents, oiid each mlditiou il hill onuce lite cents. n?? in UOBKKT H. MOHRIA, P. M. tV/Ui-.IU.N JtWtUU -HKKAMV. VOUMU *. k.L> icur.ired liy ihe last Krencli aleuoer tlie most *lrgnit collection of Jewelry and Walchca ever for (ale in tnia cunntrv, all of wlucli aremtrktd iit plain figure*, ut th'1 iwest prices. Tliey are also receit mg their imiHirtations of of fancy articles for the holiitava. n.10 1 u?re if'HbNCH, lit KM A.N, orANISH, ITalIaN X A N u K NtiLISlI, taught alter a uew, practical and theoritical sys'etn I'rivate lessons during the day?evening ilasaea euery d ty each hour, from J to 1(1 o'clock. Special teacnera are employed lor each of the altore languages. T?rnw (10 per 'matter. Apply to the Academy of Lau.uaiei, m.l Broadway! K HIl IIAltO, Director of tha Academy. A ichool fur bop*during the day, oM n*nc r|'0 JUBAtUU CII VVh.Its.? We li?rr j<?at receirtd X lume nl [h? newly invauted Tobacco Wall eta. a new nn<l convenient aubiiiiu'e lor the tobacco bo*, made fioui (Hire Kiim-eltatic, by which the tobacco ii kepi perfectly pue a'xl tnoiat; being more compact auil convenient, they are even way preferable to any kiud of boi iu u,e. for laic, ? holt die and retail, by JOHN J BHOWN *c CO. ltt Fulton it Piice JO centa each; eau be ?ent by in ill tt the regular poet ge rater. oM) lt*n | rpo SADDLC, HAHNKM, aNDI'MuNJC MAKtM.i- I A Kor ?>le, the a'otk. lin urea, goodwill, and lea?e olilie old ts tblished noie, No 603 Broadway. 'Die itock compriaea n lull and deairable aiaor'ment of the beat daacri|itiou ol gooda The butiiie ? h?? befii eatablnhed about II yeara, and i? lie iei eU 10 r.e the beat in the upper put of ilie rity. The leaae of the pre iimea i> upon anch favorable ta-mi, lhat the bccnpmt of the tore may lire alinoatreut l ee For further particnlara apply to VV. K. Catterfield, 3M William atreet HANNAH macdon tu>, r>3<) 6ti.a" mBtMTh Adtniina.rnrrn. NO I'iUKi?thurchol ttia I'urilana, on Union 8qura( toruer IS'h atreet, will In opened fir difine service Tomorrow, the 3lat intt. The dedicatory aervicei in the morning at lfl>i o'clock ? Sermon hy the Pa?tor, Mev Dr Cheever In the P. M , at 3X o'clock, a aermon by Rer. Ur. Hprirg. and in the evening *l '.'a o'clock, by Her. Mr. Kuk, ol Uoaton. 'I he Pewi will he aoM on Monday evenin*, Nor I nlfl 11*r BLEACHED SHKKTINCM AND ?HikTiNU?-0i erery at y le and width?all the known branda, both heavy and fine way he Imd at mauulacturera' price* on the aecwl j floor of No J2 Cedar atriet, nen' Pearl atreet Tina i< the fi at and only eicliidve Kaaortment of bleached rood a in thia CUV, | and th? gooda .ire fitruivhed lo country inerchauta to amt then wanta, at the trade price of I tge lota. T. N. UNDEKHU.L & I O., olO 11?r |B, 5b mid 22 I ed r ?tr?f I. fiOLUtJMITH'H "vVHI 1 i.Nil Ai .il>e, vilr.n. .no. rn 'i B ojdway, corner ol He dr ?tre-t, and 2iJ (Jrand itreei j corner o'r oravth. are now ope .during the ''ay and erenins I tor the icception of puptli and viaitera. The American lint ! tute haa awarded il.e fi>at premium live jeari to Olive.' II Unldainith fur the beat apeciinena ot oil hind Penmanship ? j puiranfeei to all (old and youut)t well-lnrmed, fiee and ramd hvnd in ten leaa'ina ol oielkniir each. Cirtu all to be htd at the Acadcmiea n ij'd*1? ,'le Academiea, * ?upc'ior art:c!- of selected ii [,nJ manufacturer*' priMa. Open from 'I A M to 9 u clock, r. M. telly. oJA 3t#r ? ? ~ - 1 . 1 . - ML J J* .J . - ANTHONY J BLEECKER, Anctioneer.-RE.VL ES ' I TATfc, MADISON 8liUARE.-Po.Ui?? M e of <x> I very valuable Lot . iu the mo.t improving pert of die city, ia ! the immediate vicuiity of Mudiaoa ttquare.?, No i i vember Sili, v? ill lie told bp Anthouy J. ihr Mer ' chauta' hichuige, a number of very de?irable Lou, well ?ita- b ated on Milium avenue, SMth, JOlh and 3IM street',and west of I the Fourth avenue, viij I 25 Lou uei Maditioa avenue. 11 " Wih street. ID " 30th street. 9 " list street. j Ternlt lii>rral, and mvie kuowu at llie sale, or ol WM. T. I Wall atreet. oM.M.ii Jiisuil 4.t v s n f BOYS !?Now ia yo?r limn ; yet, mid Udie? and gaiillemeii 'J too, fur llie Aerial Oar* will remain at Nlblo't Garden I but I'W diyi louder. aud >ucli a ride u you get iliarr < aa?( be hid evrv day lor Sd. Open from 10 A M 'o 10 P. M. 1 P. 8 ? At the proprietor hia other butiuest to atteud to, the apparatus wil1 be sold ut :i great banam . 0tt tl*r 1 A BLANKS VII I'H WANTED, who uude'atauda ?bai|>eu- i ing atoue cutters tools Steady employ m??t will be gireu Enquire of Aleiauder Wilton, Jeraey city, stone cutter. oJOIi'r _ , . AKKat'Kt TABLE KNt.LIMH WOA1AN wanU ?siu- I Pliou ai cool Hat no objrction to atrial iu the wash- . in*. (Jan gne good city relereuce. I'leaie call at 18 Kldridgr , atrecr. o3fl t> * r I 11^aNTKU?ACI< attend a Drug Btore. One who TT ia acquainted with the entire rontine of practice, aud i | fully competent to take charge .if t'.ore, ran meet with em plovrneut by applying at ateain H?w Mill, \M Kront itreet. I o'Jfl 3t*f ( WANTED?A young Scotchman wanta a aituuiou iu n I wholesale or retail dry goods atore. He ia thoroughly ' ' acqu ainted with kecuiug books by double entry, and the graeI ral duties of a wholesale ?tore. Would intke himtelf geue- | 1 , rally utel'ul, accept of a suiall salary, ani lodge capital as te- M | curity Addren J. M., hm Jill nott office. nJ9 It'r w ANTtl>-A geiulemtii wlio pr>!e?*?r? to teach (iret*k, | j . ? ? ? ni.ur, n >iiunuu'i u resl'ienr tr vcner iu * private fsidily. Address 11. O. R.,to Kiuauce Howl, No. : 1 Wfit street. o2' It* rye ?Bi a d, by .1 single licutlemtu^ a leai'taer of v Music, iua private I irnily or genteel boardiug house, where he could give lustiuctiaus ou the piano, dir. He would , add liiat lie is familiar with the Kreuuh lauguage, and c ui refer to m.iuy of our ai^st respectable gentleman as to character and ' cotnpeteucy. Address "Music," Herald office. o27 3t W Kfc.Hat?rc ' AVOl/NO .VtA n who tin arr.ved withiu a lew mouths Irom Kurope, and who hu b-eu employed several year* i I at I'aus, wiaiies a situitiouaa waiter in a private ftunly, hotel, ] ! coffee home or stiurant. Heh<s koou recummeudatious ? I Address X, Herald ullice. o29 3'*r Al.\L)V who has hadconsiderable eiperieuee in Teaching, . and who ia qualified to iuatruct in Music and Drawing, aa i well u the uaual Knglish kr inches, wishes to uUtaiu a aituatiou ' j in a private family at the south. The best of references giveu. ! Address '"reacher,"care 8. L. H. Ward, Esq., 9J i,edar st'eet, i I New York. o? rtaTuTh lft*rc APAHTNIlR IN A H'?TKL WANTf.D ? Any gentle mau who c tu command ftlOou, and Is desirous to hare an i terest iua hotel situated in a reutral part of Broadway, may henrof au opiwrtumiy. by addressing, with real uame, J. L., boa i:iSJ, Post Ollice. The establishment, properly managed, is well clculated to make for the proprietora a lortuue, and offers a chance rarely to be met with. oil 3l*rc I I | HKWAKD.?The carman who took a bile of car- I | IU pernor, marked " Hastings lit Phillips, Philadelphia" I fi.'in2il Broadway. opposite the Park, oil Friday, aferdark. ; ! is requested to call and give information where he delivered I it, ! d shall receive the uhove irward. <>30 It'rrc Ss l'KIKKK S WO nDEKKIJL DI8COVKHY.-MnkerTs solution for the hair, which will chauge (rev hair to its I original color iu a lew moments. This Dye is different from i any yet offered to the public. Uentlerneu ? ho have been hum- | i bugiicd hy different hair dyes, will please to call on Mr. StriI ker. and he will ahow you it is no humbug and no way injurious to the hair or skin Those who douht its virtues are requested to have their hair change before paying their money. '1 he beauty of th>s solution is, the mo e yi u wish it the darker it get*. Tu avoid people being humbugged iu getting this dye. it cannot be had at any other place tliau of Mr. HTRIKKH, No. 4 Coenties Slip, where it it sold wholesale and retail, and applied. o30 7i*r HK RHiUMATICJ 8UA8ON.? The following la th? copy of a letter, just received hy Dr. CilKISTlK'd Agent in this'city. It speaks lor itself:? Nt? Voiik, Oct.28, 1847. A. H. Chuistik, M D. : I My Dear Sir:?Kor the |wat year I have been ? recipient of ilie heutlits of >oui a'ticles, aud I trust I uever ape ik of thern without gratitude. Kor a period longer than I can recollect I ' hail been a victim to Iihematisia iu all its agonizing forms. 1 i tried every thing that was suggested or recommended by the J regular iiroaeisiou of D?ctors, the irregular professieu of ! quacks, rhompaoniaiis, H>dropatlnats, aud the like: have ! drank gallons of aarsaparilla, bathed with all so'U of lu'ious j aud liiiamenti: speut quite a fortune to accomplish all tint,and | wheu I left off I was worse than when 1 commenced! Every | change of the weatheraud every damp aud chilly day w as only I the (igual for reu* wed attack* of in v miaery.and yon may well 1 auppuae my condition ?u iniaerable indeed, when I lira: heard of your Galvanic articles Tin* wu m September, ISIti. 1 ! auppoaed tliey were a " humbug," of courae,u every thing 1 elae bad proved, but . s I had tried every thing elae I determined to try iheae I applied them da-inn a aevere attack, and you ton/jud^e of iny aurpriai-. when I n l rm > ou that in half au hour tlic ptiu decreaaed, and in twelve houra it avaa entirely gone! I have not had a return of pam mice thu day! l should mentiou that the article* I wore were the Galvanic Bauda fir the wtiat* and lnnba. with the Maguetic Fluid, and i that 1 wore them for *<>me moiitha after tbe cure ?iu e lice led j I had no iutention of detailing my caae when 1 aat down to i addreaa you; it was merely with the object of reminding yon that the Hhemnntic Seaaon iaat hand, and you will permit me to mggeat that it ia your duty to appriie uie luffcnug public of the value ami benefit* of your article*. I suppose your bn iueis i* ample enough ?ithont pushiug it further, but anil I I | think it lour duty to keeptlie truth ' bef >re the people." I \ ilitll i .mi nil- t j iDUiid vour praise* MM lav personal , friends, Imi aa I luve an averaiou to notoriety, I omit request I you to refrain Irom publishing my name Very truly your*, . r,'- In compliance with the above request, the name and addreia of the writer ia withheld, and infurther compliance with hi* suggestion the public art respectfully iufnrined that the ' " Rheumatic aeaanu i* at hand," and that they may learn the fart without (ear of it^dreaded effect*, if they but uae the pro- < ; |?r means to avert chela And to lulfil the duty of keewug < ilMtrurli bufore the people, a selection from the many lian- j dreda of cert licatea that have been r eceived, together with the I na'tiea and addreaa of the author*, will be regularly publi^ed 1 <<iiring the ensuing season. 1 Sole Agency in New V'ork for Dr. LHKISTIE'J (ial- j vauic Article*, 181 I) -oad way, uetweeu John at. and Maidan lane. No driiKgi*! or drug stole ha* the genuine articles oJO PalcM?t?r ' ??lll8T AIMEMBLY DIHTRll'T ?We take pIhim iu r recommending to oar frieud*, for their support at the comi iug elerliou. UKN. WILLI AM HALL, lor Seuutor. .1. I'HII.Lirs I'HOKN Ifor Asuernb y. Mechanic*, Hulors, Laborers, one and nil, give men like I theie, your friend* aud advocate*, your united and undivided snppow. cmsns'je TU Le.T? A furiiii ed room lor n lugle geiiTieman by a JL Fre ch family. Enquire at N Hralil, 2il floor. o29 I2t?r _ (1 ONBl LATK OK THh INIl'KU ?TaTKM oV AMKJ RICA?Pouce, Porto K'co, October 3d. 1847.?William llaney, a uanve of Irelsuil. formerly a resident of the United Suits, kj aUu of the Danish Island of 8t Cioix.aud lastly *f i romt, died in i'ouce, iu July of the |>reaent year, iuteitate leaving a small amount of money, which ii iu the control of lli* tribunal of the country. Tbi' undersigned has beeu informed lately, that the deceuaed has left rela'ivea iu the United States, the place of whose resideuce is unkunwu; he, therefore, arails nnnself of the i<u bti press, to inform ihein that their claims, if accompanied with ih* proper vouchers, and tranamitted to him within a reatonable prnod, will be laid before the Judge who lias cogunaiice of the matter. J. C. OALLAHKK. IT. 8. Consul. ) o?!? Itr _____ I LXuHS: KIMS! KUHS :-KNO.Y. ll? Fulton atreet haV. ins in plied the geutlemen of thu city with coverings for I their fur-heads, n now ready lo fur-nlah every description of I comfortable a< d elegant fur-niture for the beads, hauda, feet, I and nncluof Ili<* ladies His atoch of muffs, tippets, Mtl, and boas, manufactured Irom the Anest qualities of skins from the I fur writ, ia unrivalled lor elegance aud che-pness All a tempts on the part of his competitors to distance him in the IBM for popular btor. Will pfOV* fur-live. Last winter there ' whs .1 perfect luror among the ladies fur|Knoi's muds, anil tnanv a damsel, in the coldest weather, was kept warm its a furnace by Ins (ruffs. Au officer of the army obtained a fur lough, un pnrpose to come to New York to purcli se a mull f Knox, for hit wile at the West Ilia beautiful fur moceasina are now generally known as Knot's fur belows. I o'S/tis'ri Pl'HK MALT WH1MKKV,equal in strength ami flavor to 1 the best Uiiblm^listilled. tor sale by j ojo 3t?rc CHAMjl Ml1 It It < Y.7? Hooaeve't at. | L>| ill tALte-A foau wheeled Tilbury, ?i the I..test fish I I " ion, and entirely new. To be aetn at duiker's, Yoikville. i j oSI9Ji ' re NKW YOftK,OctoberVTth IH47 ? At* jarge and influcn- | tinl tn?e lug (it the .Vlilkmeu. of New Yo< a. Island, ni.d New Jersey, it was un?iiim 'us',y res lived, that pure mila i could uot be sold at reta I for leas than ;ii pence per quart. for the winter season, and wholesale pricts could not be h ss than { f inr pence per quirt. By order of the committee, JOSp.Pll WHALKY, 111 thn chair, I lines ()..! ofle, appointed "te< ret I rv. The meeting adjourned, to meet again on .Saturday eve unif, the JO Ii lost , at 6 o'clock, at the aatne place, (North ; American Hotel,) corner Bowery and Bayard streets New \mk i?W Kt' r | OKKIoK OF THK NKW-YOKK, fKOVI OtNCK AND | BOH I ON HAIL ItO A U CO , New York, October tn, 1817.?A dividend of Two Dollars aud Mfty cents |>er share ou ! the c iiiit 11 Mock of t!r? roiupauy, hna tins d ly beeii declared I payable lat November. The trniuler book* will be closed from lOtli October to Ni Noieuiber, both inclusive. By order. ,, 17 rr J. mWTOUL. Cl?Hr. ' DOK tALK?1'wu Billiard Tablen, iu compirte order: I ni'.y he tevu at Mr. John Ketguion a, 637 Broadway. Ap l>l\ || 94 W.ill atreet, Bp?uin. o2* Jii-nJ"in CV\KK DK"i M1LLK COLONNKS SALOON. KIT Broady wav?Oyttera ofeverv kiud.?J. Piutwtu hat the honor to 1 a:inou< ce to In* trieIIrls and the public iu general, that Tor the MIMnttioa of Ml MraMIMI WitqBWflI can be had at hi> mIoous, freth oyatera. ro"ked in everyfcatyle, and of the beat qualities Ortndrs Hoireen Muaicalet every night. o2< 3teodia"rc rpo T1IK LAMKH KK8IDKNT ANU VISItErb fSl Jl NEW YORK ? Wm. bentt fc Co, No. 377 Broadway, respectfully invite attention to their nock of Lace Capet, Veil*, real and rnilation trimming Lacet, Motlm Trimmiuga, B.iiidt. Infanta' Waistt, Robe* and Krocks, Needlework Col* lata, ( liemiMlta. ll.indkercli eft, Cuffs Sir Tarlatan, Hwm aad Orxauiiie Minima, Kmbroiilered Mnalin Dreawa, Lace Drtai?, Berthes, Sir. kc., which are offered at very low prices,aiol will be fou'id ninal in Client and vanety to any in I the city. A large atock of Ureas Capa at one dollar each. N B ?Nit deviation in prices nil I it* in j -JV__ TUB TAfttklALli HK/vVK fOWDi' t.> accompluliifcf daily what baa for a Ion/ time ' ' ' ? k. ... ..n|.....;i,i- performance. Thei are curing the liearea iu hwn, nud iu men a mild, gentle and aafe manner, ih.t the nuimal m not at all inconvenienced by the tieatweut They cure the worst cough in from two daya in a weaki and the hone w (euerally fuliv restored to soundness by the n?e of one package, iu two weeka. Ample direction! on the rack- ice. Price $1. A. H. GfHJOIl fc ( o., 149 Kulton it 3f)#ti?*rc If I'ropnelnri for the U. 8. <t _ THK CEI.KBHATKD TROTTING MARK iaU^LADr .*UOUSTA, U hands high, hu trot'ed n ' ' ?. mil, ill 1:40. and ran do it lagain. 8 year* old laat spring, kind and gentle in tingle or double harneaa, or under the (addle: iound in every reaped; ii now offered for artle a bargain?$27S. Apply to J. IIAHHISON, Northern Motel. o'i')2li?*rr corner Conrtlandt and We?t ill. I M TEN* DOLLAKH RKWARD.-Lo.i oq Kridiy n rmiiir. f.'li inat., > white Englnh Terrier Hlut?an- I ??er? to ilia name t l Vfnui Any par?on >oiurnn g her to lb lie ter itrrft, I ip tttira) can rieiitl llie aln?? t? ??d _ dip H?r HTK/lMBOAT WANTED, to ptiflibue. ^ ?nihll Hreainlioat auitable for towing on a " ^ ^^ Hoiitheilj river. Term* nut be low. aDiIifu j A. 0.Tribani office. pj(i3i*r < IRI7 ?R A1LHOAD l.hli BETWEEN ! r "" VOKK AND ALBANY, for ( \ " " "i"! paa?rng?ri in connection Kilhihe A Hi nv i ami Wratem Kailroada, to IliafT^lo arid intermediate place* on , the lina of the ltonda. The tramboati NEW JKR8EY, 'apiam Hitchcock, ?nd ' ROf HE* ICR. Captain Knrey, will leave Near Yorfc aid Alhaiiv daily, 8unday? eteepied, and will rim through from j nty I * dry 111 n'toulfen hour*. 10 that good* ihipped ar New ! | Votk in the evri io|f ran be delivered hi Albiny or on the lail- J ro*d the ne*t morning /* No Line pretentt the facilities or dripa'ch offered by ihe Railroad L'i.e 10 merchant* and otheri drtiriiig llinrgooda I the e.rlimt ponible moment P;ice? of freight moderate Apply to . 1 I N E WTON. *aeiif, IIH ireenw irli ?i . N Y, ? M OLMHTED. Agent,117 Pier.or?l W??y J. W H ARCUlJRT. Agent on the Pier at "99 IJiia're Urate ?rreet. Alhanv NOIIt E-Parket barb OKNESKf., from V? ' r lr in*, ia ilix hartinr "I font nl Kntgera ttreei r.n?t MHpt River I oniiRneri will pleue attend to the receipt 1 of their |ood? immediately. oJ? I I PARK THEATRE?Saturday Ereiiiaf. Octob?r TO. will be prracutrd tii?Jirnid Open of LtKHK/l \ BOKOIA -Lucrczi* Borgia, Mac Auu* Biskop: Don Alfoi??.? 8uloc ^mltellini; Ueauaro, Mr R*c*#?, Orsiui. Mat (i A iAC(*rrm?: Aacaaeo 1 rtmcci, 8ig li*?p?riuo; Jeppo Liverttj Muie loultrd. To exclude witliTHE LOST LKTTEK-Mi Bean, Mr laa?; Virginia. Mn Abbott. Monday, *th ?rau J Opera Night Doora cip?u al ?X o'clock, Performance will oinwaace at I o'clock. [jOVVEttY THEATRE?W. Junius, Vlaaaicer on.,i LJ Manager. M? ? Benefit ol Mr. Burke ? lilirtlay Ktcuinx. Oct 30. will ba performed Ml KHKl.t, I'he Lauil Pirate?Richard, \lr Marshall: Mnrrell. Mr Tiltou, cliabod (.rant, Mr Burke; Florence, Mra Phillips. Alter winch, CRIMSON < Rl ME8? Funk, Mr C Bnrke, I'ninor, Joidui, Mra (milk, Mrs .Sutherland. After wUicli, OLE Bl LL?EbeneierCnlf.Mr Bmke; Mary, klr? HutherUiid Tocouclude with the GOLl)EN FARMER?The OolJen 1 f armer, Mr Hall; Jemmy Twitcher, Mr Burke. Doori opeu at b>? o'clock and the coitaia will riae at T. | Boies 26 C'enta; l*u and Waller?. 13)4 Cenla. D~ HATHAM THEATKE.?Cinder the Maa~agam?al ol Mr FLETCHER ?Stage Mauager, Vlr. Addia.?Satitr'.vinmr. Oct. JO?Brurtii ofMiss II Valler?On which occaiiod will be pre eiited the IDIOT WITNESH?Uilbert, Mr. De Bar; Waller Arliugtun, Miaa Hildreth To be followed by iTie ballet of U1SELLE?Cinelle, .Miill Vallee; Prince, Mr. Vatei. To conclude with drama of THE FEMALK HORME HIIEF?Mnfl'iu Pegs. Mr De Bar; Jonathau < ^atclvole. Mr. U.Taylor; .Margirrr Catrlipole, Mn McLean. Buses 2-x i-iit??Pit I2>. centa. MlTCHELC'a OLYMPIC THEATRE?Thia ~E?eu luit. Oct. .10, the performance will couim'uce with the I'ROWN I'KINCE?Albert Augustus, Mr. Arnold; Katharine. Mlia K'beits After ? hicb. N EW PLANET?The New l'laurt, Mary Taylor; Juno, Miti Hoherts; Veuui, Miss Plullipa. M Alter which,the laughable fa'ce, ruttlled OUT ON THE SLY?Pi nil Ci> Pippiut. Mr. Hollaud; Mr Kill *<aprr, Mr Cunningham; Mn Kit/Caper, v)m? Mary Taylor To conclude with tl.e farce of WHO DO THKV TAKE ME KOK?Terence o'Heily, Mr. Cunningham; Mn. Dormgton.Mr* H Uherwood. T)oor?n|>eii at 6 >4 o'c'ork, ami the rurtaiu will rite at 7. PALMO'H OPfcKA HOLME.? Monday, October Mlh. 1W7.?Kourth week ol the celebrated ETHIOPIAN MERENADERM, Mciid OERMON. Messrs. PELL. bTANByOOD. WHITE, aud HARHNOTON, HOWAjil), wboae Inimitable EntertaimnruU hare been the umitual theme anil admiration of the world. Among tile it list of patron*, they have the honor of including the President of the United States and family, Secretaries of State, Wax, aud Navy, Her Majesty Uueon Victoria, H. K. II. Prince A1 bert, and Royal Family, the Nobility aud Oeutry of Kl I rope, and elite and laahion ol s tnerica Under the direction of Mr. J. A. UUMBOLTON Admiiaiou 26 acuta Doora open at 7 o'clock, Concert at I o'olocK. N. Seat* can be secured daily at the Boi Ortice, from lu A.J M. till 4 P.M., audi gentlemen] are requeated not to occupy seata to which ticket* are affiled. o2S 6Uc MECHANICS' HALL, 472 Broadway, between Urand and Broome atreet*, OPEN EVERY NIGHT UNPtt KCEDE NTK U SUCCESS. Fourth Week of the Original CHKIDTY'8 MINSTRELS The Oldett Kitabliahed Band iu the United 8tal?a. hi. r CHRISTY, K. PEIRCJC. O. N. CHRISTY, C.ABBOTT, W. PORTER, T. VAUOHN, whose original and inimitable coi cert* are nightly houoroJ with crowded and highly respectable audiruces, aud universally admitted toeicel every amusement ol a similar character olfered in this city. Admission 25 cents. Children nuder 10 years, hall pric*. voors open ai7; concert will commences at ( o'clock. Head may be secured uo applicanou al the Hall, from 11 A. M. to 3 P. M. Kor the accommodation of families, a concert will be giveu on SATURDAY AFTERNOON, ('oinmeuciug af|3 o'clock, P. M. o2l7t"rr Htlt/ SlVOKI. AND KNOOF- Performing together LAST CONCERT BUT ONE OFHtNRI HE?/ AM) CAMILLO SIVORI. Ou TUESDAY, November 2d at the Tabernacle. Tlity are happy to inform ihe publi , that the eviaent artist, UEOKOE KNOOH, tun arriveU iu New York, aud will lend them the aid of hit powerful talent on this occasion. MADAME ANTOINETTE OTTO will make her first sppeaxaiice aiuce her retnrn from Italy, i THE ORCHESTRA. ComiHised of the bett Proleaaora in the city, will be led by Siguor Ranetti. In the course ol the eveaiuK will be performed, Mayaedei'a I Grand Trio, by Heuri Herz, Camillo Hivori, and Oeorge j Kuoop. j, j" Particulars lu smill bills. Impohtant Notick ?The great (treasure at the door on the evemugs of their tormer Concerts, having given riae to complaints ou tlir part of gentlemen who came accompanied by ladies, II. and S. have determined to make, for the luture, ihe follow lug arrange ineut. Trice of a ticket, liken at the music stores, before tf o'clock. P. M..7J cents; price of a ticket takeu at the door, (I. Concert to commence at 8. oW r rpABKHNAC LE.-MR. DEMPSTER'S Third Original A ballad Soiree will be given at the Tabernncle, on Mou(Uy Evenicg, Nov. 1st, ou wnich occisiou lie will sing Ins favorite songs?"The Spot wheie 1 we* bora;""The Loved One was not there "John Anderson, my Jo;" "The Rainy Day;" " Saw ye my wen thing;" " I'm wi<h you once agaiu, my friends. "A man's a man, lor a' that;" "Lament of ihe Irish emigrant," "Let u? lovelone another;" "My Nannie O;" 'I'm alone, all *loue;" "Jennie Morrison;" " Duncan Urny." To conclude wiili his popular cantata, "The May Queen," iu three parts. Tickets 30 cents?To be had al the Music Stores, of Mr. Draipster, New York Hotel, anil al the Door on the evening. Doors open at half past 6?to commence at half past 7 o'clock ot9 4t re AMERICAN MUSEUM.?I'. T- Baam m, Proprietor; K. HlTCHcocn, Manager. ONE DAY ON^Y, SATURDAY, OCT. Mth. SPLENDID PERFORMANCES In the afternoon at i )'clock Also in the evening at half THE MUSEUM llfoPEN EVERY DAY, From7 o'clock A.M. till 10 P.M., for visiters to ntiniue the various curiosities, was figures ^lic.^ r uiuiuiii* Miuti.ji.i-iiuc'i n> nit- iiicruuim I'criuiiiiiutn 'I he manager ha? 'ha sat la''action of announcing an engagement with the celebrated Yankee Comrilun, G H EAT WESTERN, Who?e celebrity in hia profeauou it uan railed. He will appear in i\ grand comic MEL an ok at each ixrforiiiaiice. iu ctuiuaiiy with MliH bernard, A relebrated acreaa ami vuealitt. Alio euzaged, llie faniona comic Voealiat, pete morris, who will apixar in hia celebrated Polka Song aud Dance, w itli ' ' MAGIC TRAN8OGRMATION8. 8IO. VIIO'S ITALIAN FANTOCCINI, or beautiful dancing mechiin-al ligurei. MISS JULIEN, Beautiful Danaeuae. Wai Figure Likeneiaen nud P?rtraita of the AMISTAD CAPTIVE SLAVES. MADAM ROCKWELL, the fanioua Fortune Teller. Admiaaiou to the whole. 36 ceut?; children under Ma y?ari of age and old enough to walk alone, ceuta. ON E~WEEK H.NOER AND POSITIVELY tl.e LAST. AT THE SOCIETY LIBRARY. 81 ON OR BLITZ Begs to itate that at the aolicitationa ol hia uumeroua friends lie will continue his performances of MAGIC AND VENTRILOQUISM, EVERY EVENING DURING THE WEEK, Commencing on Monday, Oct. 3i. Change of programme nightly. Admiaaiou 3A cU, children under 10 yeara of age, half price. Doora open at 7 o'clock?commence at 1%. (T7" Afternoon performance on Saturday, at J o'clock. oiH 7t re Apollo rooms.?venus de medTci, by the MODEL ARTISTES?One week louver ?Dr. Collyer's personifications < f painting ?ud sculpluxe, by the MODEL ARTISTES, nt the Apollo Rooms, 410 Broadway, will continue for one week longer ceimneueing on Monday evening, Oct. 26, when will lie preienied an entire new aeriei of colored groups, in - { dulling the I'aradiae scenes. Jeptha'a Daughter. The Lute Player, the May Pole Dauce be. lie , fce, And on Tneaday, j Thursday, and Saturday, a faithful representstion of the cele tira'eii statue of theVenna de Medici, with other groups. I ( huge of programme e teijr evening, For particulars ?ee descriptive programme eviry eyeiing. Tickets of admission 30 cents. I ickets ndmittiug a lady and gentlem.ui 1'.> he obtained at the door Doora open at 7, and personifications commence at I o'clock oX 7t?re A *1 ERIC%N INBTIIUfE EAIK, 52 October, 1 IblT. awarded a premium tO Mis* A Jacobs. CI to Broad way, live door Irom Hi.ii.ton street, 1->r ihe following alegant specimens ol InUiU'niid Childrens' Clothing, ol Amencan Manufacture, which aie now for aale, tiz : One .Vliaaea hrnded silk Kroek, price (20 CI) Two silk velvet h auled Sacks... . . ._ 30 00 each lite pink inriino br mini (. Ii.nk ami Hat So on Two plaid hoj iMvki 7 Meacli One embn-iilered I'm Cntluon . 10 ow Our bra (led ilioit ''Irak Ill liu Silk and wonted llood and Hati 3GUearh. Aim, a lull Kill a?aortment ol rvery variety nl Veitel*. l'!iid?. Meriuoi made into Hai-kn, t'loaka, Krocka, kr. N. U ?Ladiee'owu material! made and ant to order.and patIf rns rut. 2rt eppcentltei wanted immediately. ojl 121 -1 r Yl I<8 II.LBV'8 ? KLKHKATED COLl.M TION Ul ' IcnpWll lUiiry, UNmttmg m the mwhim mipij jirt'irulim important Hod interrttioc tuhjecla, the ane ul 'I'ht Trial of our Saviour. The La?l Supper. 'I lie Birth of Chritt. The moral a'rne of the Intemperate Kanuly. It now open at III Broadway, late Walker'a Mum: Itoomv oppoute the Apollo, every day, from II A. M to III I'. Si. Admitiance 25 eenta?Children half price. Teacher* of achooli admitted l>ee. Mil WhHat m WALNUT THtKTl'HKATHK, rKILADIXPHlALeiaee, tl. A. Marahall ; Manager. \V R. Blake ? Ln*t night of Mr. aud Mr?. J W ALL AC K, inn.?Siturday. Oct. 311, will lie perfonned THE WlKt?St Pierre, Mr J Watlack; Marianne, Mr? J Wallack; Leonardo, Mr Wheatley; Autoiiio, Mr korreater. fo conclude with the grand military ipectacle of the RH&NCH 8I Y?Heiri St Alme, Harriet < aiarnuily, Mathilda. Mix O < h .pniHii. On Mouday, Mr. korre?t will make hia lirit apiwaranee at tli theatre I Hi * aeaauii in the character of KINO LK \H |>h.N< I N O, BROAD nWUHl),audi AVALMI * I r?K, tail*lit by M. Ur Lull) ; No 421 Ilroadway. near I anal atreet. .Iriny and \a?y offirera Uuithl th* art of the V'.nl III leaann* * I ImuM til *111r tl.r ir CMn?eni*iir* n21 I7t u Lvj l<h /. IA BOKOI A?I hi* day iiiiblahed prirr 2J Mil. I.ucr?ria Borgia," aa produced tbia evening at the I'ark i heat re, by Madame Anna B ahopa ompaajr lialniii aarl r.nglieh, bfliiK No. 4 of the Operatic Library, If c'u be h?<l lu the lolihic of til* theatre, oi nt the atore nI Berlonl It C.i , 2 A?t..f llmue. oJO Iff 'I'HK /iSlMHIIXA ?A'l"VVILl. hta now in preaa thit * beautiful nrw dance froM tha billet o( I.'Aimer |i?rforming nt the Broadway Theatre nightly, with * beautiful nd appropriate vignette ol Mad'leaud Moaa.Moaplaiiir.aa they appear iu that f'atorita ballet, deaigued by ?-oe of the Aral nrtian, and prime J in color* | the mime of thia ballet baa been aarnred by ropy right, and will be laauad m the cmirae of a I few dayaiwitli muiy tioiellid iu tbe new tnuaic, mi Iml ing tbe annua and i.ierea from Lo'ter'i uew opera oftbe "Nitht Dancer*. ' Jenny l?ind'* HongaPu I k a rtr A l?o to be pnbliahed on tbe lat i rotiino, the fifth number of the Be-iutiea of tbe Opera. ATVVILL, 201 Broadway, ..>7 1lii' r< B?e Fa It OB afrret N IBlJl> ? SALOON, M? h.o.dway ?Thl? eatabliahmeiTt lilt tfig iiiderrone an entire alteration for the winter aen oil. h ?iiik I rrn thoroughly re d'forajrd and paioted, la now truly for rrii'iTdhlr riaiia, rmirr n?, rininitiona, mm, Hr hi Ti e Conceit Saloon 11 allowed by ronainana and competent ii>lgC? to b<- I'll* o( the heat rooma in the city u regarda light md aouml. Fur location anil respectability it la alto nnanrina icd. I he bill room haa been newly fnrmahed. with a fine > I it t iik floor. a ail rirlily d?rorated The room* are admirably iiiiieu fur m"?icnl or olbrr rraiierttble light and agreeable rtlibit mm. The leMrirg ulcI ilreaaing rooma are Urge, light, mil comfortable. ludividtiiila nf eorainirreea may aacertaip he terina by a|i|ilyinK im the premiaea. or hy letter. i it paid, ditreaaed to JOHN MIlM). oj* r?r#?c NiMo'a Wnlnon. ViT Broadway. N'OVg.LT V.?The farlon at No ill llrilfritrfW, third bli rk ea-t ?f lit* Bowery ait daily thronged bv l?di?? ml gentlemen to tool tilt the celebrated ml trialv wonde.lul rlailame ADOLPH, wIio haling recovered from her late ill rliom *he irformt of lii* mual aer i?t;affaira in Ion . rniiri ge, ealib, wealth, joarneti, law aalta. lr ud. ililheulty lobu i ea?, :iad wlieq or wliat huahand or wife they an- to ret. >? ednred to 'i0ceiita. t niiinltation hour any tin e iluriinr tbe ay nnd evenii * cJtll'r I Mi tll'IIHTHWKN To be aoM, n Oouble liui; al'o a large l)m k (inn, both by K firat rate London maker ? Jenlleinen reqniring genuine London jrimi, theae me worth heir attention. To b? aee u at N?J. T( K niton atrett. Brook 11 u. 4 I I H r IJNTELLJ.GJENCE rro thk LATBST MOMSNT. VKLBUHAPUIC, Counterfeiter ArrenUxl I'Hii.AUEi rHi t, Out ail? It) I' M. offlcer < unmj of Spring <>ardeu arrested ? tutu t>?<lay, young aa<l genteal in appearance in whoa* puaaeaalon waa found fWe thou?aud dollars counterfeit money in Una, on the Mechanic* b>nk of Ne* i orh city 11% bailti iron tba weatern part oi New \ ork BV THK BlAlbs ~ W??HIM.TON, Oct. lW, 1*4,' [nttructien* in ( >?. Scvlt ?Futurr I'oLry oj rh< Oat rrtimml ? Thr Pfnjlle ami Iht A great deal in *ald about instruction* said to bate be. u Rant to tieueral hcott. an J >oma even preteud to ?p*olly the nature of certain instructions said to hate gan? from hera bj a npecial messenger last Monday. I liave no he*i tatlon in pronouncing tbe>M)*p?toitieatione almost wholly arronaou*. A messenger baa gone down to Vera C rut with despatches, and General Soott ha* receired a ?ug gestion that be i* at UbertT to law larger oontributlun. on theoapltal and other principal cities of .Mexico; but no uew system ot operation* ha? been sketched out for hiiu nor will ha receive any definite Inatructiona aa to bie lu tore course until after he ahull hara put^the government In poaaeasinn of a report of hla operation* allien June and of hla viawi> with regard to tha futura. There la scarcely any doubt that despatches from him ara now on their way, and they were even expected last eveniog Thay may arrive to-night. Tha adoption of a defensive line ia not, and never has been, seriously contemplated by tha admluiatratlon, al though, since the rapture of the capital, the eyes ?f the cabinet have Ueacended from 32 degrees down to tha Sierra Madre. tha constitution of which ax a permanent boundary between tha two republic*, Hods no small favor Indeed, there U a strong probability that if Mexico would now content to make peace, thia boundary would : be Uaiated upon by the l ulled Stat**, but it ia only in th? event that she will aue for peace within a reasonable t:iu? I that the demand* of our government will be confined ! to the Slerro Madre. Should the enemy consent to peace without a further effusion of blood, there are those in tha ? abinet who are in favor of demanding the Merra | Madre as a boundary, and of glvlug Mexico an e^aiva lent in money, aa, it ia argued that any government that would make a treaty with tha I'nited Statea, would require meuey to sustain it; and that,therefore,It would be politic to make our demands ao large aa to Involve the necessity of paying Mexleo a bonua for her compliance. This argument is certainly plaualble; but there la little i reaaon to hope that Mexico will consent to such a bouni d?ry. having ao atrenuoualy refuaed a muah more moderate offer. I have aald the defensive policy ttnda ao favor with the administration. On thla queation there la no direraity of opinion in the cabinet 1'he members of that body regard it aa liable to inaurmountable objeotion*. We are in thia war, withou t, at present. a possibility of extricating ouraelvei with honor. We muatgo on with it In aome way. It la Impossible to retire from the conn try altogether,and leave things in statu yuo ante helium Thia step would be dlagraceful to our government and unjuat to our oititena. But Mexloo will not make peaoe on terms admissible by u*. We muat, then, only make the beat of It. If we muat oontlnue the war, It la better that Mexico should bear the burthen Tha adoption of a defensive line willl throw the burthen ou us, mud at the iam? time will give the enemy abundant leisure to reouperate hi* energies lor our turther annoyance On the other hand, by orushtng the State governments and i subjugating the whole country, we prevent the organ! I nation of any more armies, and at the same time possess ourselves of every souroe of revenue that baa hitherto supplied the federal and State governments with re1 aouroea for carrying on the war. The people, of both parties, have been alwaya in favor I of the war. The oppealtlon la oompoaed of politician! merely. The great mass of the electors throughout the country, have not regarded the war aa a party question. They have seen whlga and democrats spilling their blood on tha battle-fields of Mi xloo with equaJ seal and patriotIsm, and on every oocaalon (hat the war has been introduced at the polls us a party question, they have signal 1 ly rebutted thoae by whom it was made an issue. From various oauses, the whigs have triumphed in most of the l States where elections have taken plaoe since last aeaalou of Congress. The influence of a great name and the ab| horrence of the people for the abolition principle, disi pulsed under the name of the Wilmot proviso, have sustained the cause of the democratic party in I'enns; 1 vaii la; but in Maryland, Ohio, (ieorgia, and Florida, the whigs have gained solid triumphs?solid, because thay give that party a gain of three members in the Senate of 1 the I'nlted States in 1B49. To the edUor of the Union should the whigs attribute most of the glory of these | triumph*. uALVIKN'sis WtiHisoTos, Oct !", 1*47 Th* Dttjialchti (o the Stat of H'tir, 4 c , 4'i A letter In the Daltimore Sun of this morning, prr tends to give five ipeclaltiea of the despatches sent out lately to Oeneral Scott. They are Incorrect, with one I exception, and that is not altogether correct. It saya that < ienrral Scott has received orders to lesy ccntribu| Hons on the principal States and cities, ile has had in istructlons to this effect from his flrst landing at Vera Crux, but he lately got a large discretion, or rather a suggestion, to make larger levies thau he has done lie 1 levied $l.'iU,MtH) on the city of Mexico; lie ebould have levied a million, and will probably soon do so. Uolh he ! and Oeneral Taylor have always been unwilling to levy contributions. This mode of supporting the army will probably ba abandoned aa ronn aa a deSnlta plan is arranged for collecting Internal taxes and levying a uniform tar.ii od imports in thi ports ol Mexico By uniform. I mean the extension of the American tariff, now in existence, to tha Mexican ports All tha deapatches of any importance I hut Mr L. F Taeistro carrltd to Vera ( rur.. were, 1 learn, dupllcatra of despatches hitherto sent by Mr Buchanan to Mr Trlst, and which were intercepted on the road The ii.ttruo. ions carried out by Mr Trl*t. 114 you ate J?ubtli'v fmbr?ri- thr cuslon to th* lulled State* of hII California north of the rlver<iila (proLoUi ced lieelai \'ew Mexico, and a right of w.y across the isthmus of Tehuantepec, It all this could be got. Rut if peace de pmdnl 011 a withdrawal ol our d?aiand on Lower tnrnia *nd the right of way acrOM the isthmus, then h?? wax to abate the demur.N ol hiP govi-rijiueut in regard to these two point*. !n that car" t.he boundary wis lu be thu Rio (>rande up to the intersection with the thirty-second degree,and along the Hoe of that degree to thn I'aciQc The common maps represent the Paao drl Norte hh north of the thirty second degree; but it wax afterwarda fourfd to be teu miles south of It; and then instructioL* went to Mr. Trlst to secura thin pass The battle* of ( ontreras and Chtirubusco changed the aspeat of things. and then our government mint instructions to Mr. Tnst to press the demand for Lower California and tli? Isthmus Thane despatch** were intercepted, and now duplicates have been sent. It appears Mr. Trlst waa too anxious and instead ol keeping In reserve the withdrawal of the demand on Lower California and the Isthmus he gave np these point* at once, and did not leave himself any margin lie also entertained-what he should never ha?e enter tained?a proposition to refer lo his government the question as to the neutrality of tha territory betw?? u Hie Kio Urande and tbo Nuecea. | I tee It slated In the correspondence of the Union, of last night, that Mr. Walker went to New York to .e^otiate loan of twenty million* There is not a word of truth In this statement lie went on lor the purpose ol bringing home hi* family. ACC1 IIA< \ . Waihiiqion, Oct. iS, 104?. Official Dfijmtt ht%. despatches are daily looked for l'rom < .eueral Heotl Meanwhile. w? have permission to take an extract o a letter from a gentleman In Frankfort, Kentucky to the Seoretary of the NaTy, u follow* ? I omi, Ky , Oet 17,1*47 Mm,?It yuaed to be nada when a uiao t? pad? fur bia *urvui?e, ha orlar work for hi* wigrn Now. L'ukrl Sam he? oue '.apt. in thin town, boo glfa bin wajli lor the laat nine ur ten aara an a See < apten ami Haaent had nothen loo doo but go agin the iJluiokrata and Medal hlmwrlf In alekdbln* Now. lur, If Aten Maaikuneare rlta. and a man got bin hd*< n*hln pada lur outan the (iubllk Tr??barey, ha ortar tlta whan titan are n?M*a?arn fur tba kuuiry \ u lock <>u yore book. and ? el ha ?li.t a gitten of hu pay and a dolu nothen. while our boy* lr a flten fur the wor fur ate dollar* a munth ami ran bin* (llneral Mai ally nnae how It ar hear and you kin ax liiin whot I ra ar troo. I am yore obejunt *urvunt, I Oil* JOHNSON. V*IHI1<iT0^,Oet. iN, Tht Con nil at P .11 if. I. hint Ihrit.n / > l? h- u_.?, pap*ri, that a iiuiulwr ol ehao??n la our t .harg** aud i <>u?uli abroad. will tak? plae? from anil altar the marl ln? of ( ongrt-M, and thai th? Contul Kt l atin I*. murk. J iwi among tbo*a to l>? r.opcrrvjrd Wh veutui* to ny that tliU tbing will not b? dona, for If th?r? U our of our romulK aliroal wbo hm ra*d?rad mora dlntinguMiad honor to tha country, ha r*ptar<-nt?,"anil mor?- good ?ar yloa tn hi* official rapa- ity than any* oth*r. thai umn 1* Itubart VVaUh. U. M Dcnanl at I'arn Wa impact hl? ramoyal In not In r?nt-nipUtion bo; that " tba wl?h la tathar to tha though!" In ui'* ' it no ha that tha wrlt?*r of th? ?fnr<-?al(l htnt it ii?*lrou? of isoraa pout abroad, and would theref"ra iu**' a clean awaap. In ordarto multiply tk?- chauca? ?f ?" *PP'' n' VIVfc, I

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