Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 31, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 31, 1847 Page 1
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Tit i nL i Vol. un. No. 20H_ Whole No. 4865. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-west corner of Pulton and Nmmu itl, IAMC5 nnonnu rpnnptt proprietor JMIIIhV UUIIUUII Ukllllkl l| I MVI <? ! CIRCULATIOW?KOKTY ViOl'SAND. D AILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2.canti per copy? 97 75 iit nouarn?payable iu advance. WEEKLY HICK ALD?Every Saiurday?Price 6>? ceaU pfr co"V?$J UK ceut? per annum?payable ill advance. HEIlAl.D KOK EUROPE? Every Steam Packet day? I rice G*4 neat* per copy?ti per aiioam, including postage, "r S-! exclusive of postage, payable iu advance. Hub enpCluus and advertisements will be received bv Meaari O ill* uaiii, IB rue Vivienue Paria; P. L. Si moods, II Cornhill, and Jului VHIer, th? bookseller. Lnndnn. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HER ALD?Publiihed on the lstol I'uinry of each year?single copy sixpence. ADVERTISEMENTS. at the nsual p'loaa?always cash in advance Advertisements should be written in a nlain, legible in inner The proprietor will uotbe responsible for errors that uiny orcnr in them. PKir.TlNU of all kinda executed beautifully and with despatch. All letter* or com in an i cations by mail. addraaeed to the proprietor of the eiublishment. moat be pott paid, or the post age will be deducted from the snbscriptlon noniv remitted "NOTICE.?On and after SUNDAY. No{^A&PHa^^vt.,5.'>e?als^viy47, ^e^iteamers sYLPH and 81' liJLiil lOLAnU&n Wiu inaac uic iuiI owing triin: LKAVK ITATKfV ISLAND. At 8, 10,11, IS o'clock, A. M.?2, 4, o'clock, P. M. LKAVK NKW YORK. A19,11 o'clock. A. .vL?1.3X, i, t% o'clock, P. M. New York, Oct. 29 18-17. o27 PEOPLE'S 1 1NJC STEAMBOATS KOH ALBANY. Daily, Sundays Excepted ? BnMHh Through Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M-, from tlie Tier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ISAAC NKWTOf, Capt Wm H. Peek, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and H'riday eveumgi, at o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Crutten den. will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening! Kt G o'clock At rive O'clock. P. M.?Lauding at intermediate places? from the foot qr Barclay street. Steamboit SANTA CLAUS Captain B. Overbag'i,will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. T.N Hulse, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 9 o 'clock. > The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample tune lor cue viorning ours lur mc e.ui ui " > *. Freight takeu at moderate rate*, and none taken alter 3 o'clock, P. M. O- All penoni are forbid truating any of the boat* ol thii line, without a written order from the captain* or agent*. For rn???ge or freight, apiJy on board tlie boat*, or to P.C 8CHULTZ. at the oflict on tli^ wh-"* o!8 rh jm. MORNING LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK r .,1-?|teT^rOR ALBANY AND TROY, and inter medial* Landing*. The Ste imer TROY i* a third larger than any other Da^ Boat: and in point of aneed, safety, and common iou*ne*s n actually unsurpassed. No steamer ever acquired more and enduring popularity, or retained in greater perfection those substantial excellencies wMch really deserts public favor. Break fist and Dinner on board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gorham, will leave the steeinboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday*, at seven o'clock A.M. Retnrsiu ; ou the opposite day*. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to the oflice on the wharf. sH rc MORNING LINE Ai 7 O'CLOCK, r^fiCNroil ALBANY AND TROY, landing al rElMNMHMCaldwells, Westpoint, Newburg, Hampton, Milton, 1'onghkeepsie, Hyde Park, Kingston, Upper Iledhook, Barrytown, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Couackie, Kinderhoo* and Bal'imore. Landing at Hammond street. Leaves New York, Tuesday .Thundav and Saturday, at? o'clock, A. M. Breakfaat aud Dinner on board the boat. The low pressure Hteainbjat NIAGARA, Capt. H. L. Kellogg, will leave tie Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street. Tuesday*, Thursdays, tnd Saturdays, at seven o'clock, A M.. returning ou the ^ppoaite day*. For nassage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hal, at the office on the wharf. ?IS rc - _ U. 8. MAIL STEAMSHIP WASH/'V& trW INGTON?For Bremen, via Southampton The above ship will leave New York for Bremen on Thursday. 11th November, stop?jes**^^ ping at Southampton to land pusenger*. Returning. sSe will leave Bremeu on the 3d, and Southnmp ton on the 7th December, so as to arrive in time with good* intended for the holiday*. Passage from New York to Southampton or Bremen, $120. Passage f om Southampton or Bremen to New York, $130 For freight ?r passage, apply to the Ocean Steam Navigation Company. I'< st. olO Hteod fh FOft LIVERPOOL.?Kegular packet of the 6tji hSf*> November.?The well known fast tailing packet Jfetliflhship NEW WOULD, burthen 1330 ton*, Captaiu Knight will *ail as above, her regul >r day. Her accoinmodition* for ckbin, second cabin and iteertge passenger* are too well known to require comment Those luteurling to embark should make immediate application on hoard, fowl of Maiden lone, or to JOSEPH McMUHRAY, i, 'n intrc corner o) Pine and Lihertv stt FOR NEW ORLKANS? Louhiaua and New laKJMIVYork Line of Packets?Very Reduced Rates?Reg uJiikMib1 r packet for 8th November.?The new and splendid fa?t .ai.iugp-rket ship AKC'OI<?, Cant. Hoodless, is now loading, aud will positively sail as above, her regular day. For ireight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, M Month st. Positively no freight will be received on board after Sawday eveniug, Nov. t>ih. . ... Agent in New Orleans, Mr. William Creetftr, who will promptly forward all goods'o his address. . # The pacliet birk GENESEE, Capt. Dillingham, will soccer1 the Arcule. and sail November 18th, her regular day. 038 FOR NfcW OKLEANS?Ouly regiHir peeket WaCJvW"f 'h* 5th November. Tne first class fast sailing jQWEBbpacket ?h p ALFRED, burthen 1,"00 t"ns, Capt. C. B. PeuUletuii; will sail as above, her regular day The aceommodationa in this splendid *hip for cabin, sacond cabin, and .,,1 hv anr veaiel in port. mecit*! I'VlaouRbiai I. _, being momy and well ventilated. Persons intending to embark sluuld embrace this very favorable opportunity. For ternu, which will be very modeiate apply on board, pier 13 tui Hirer, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY. o'iB9trc _ 69 South street, corner of Pine "OLD OR BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKETS ujffkKUU LIVERPOOL.?The munificent fait aailiug JXGnLBlack Ball Line packet ship MONTEZUM A, burtliciikl ihiu tout, Capr. A. B. Lowber, will sail positively on Monday, the 1st of November, her regular day. Vor terms of cabin, sccoud cabin, <r steerage passage in this fine and splendid packet, eaily application shiald be made on board, fo t of B re km ail sireet, or to the subscribers. Passage can also je secure* from Liverpool for persons to come by this packet, which sails from thrre on ihe 16th DecrmSer, or by any of the Black Ball Line, sailing twice each month. Drafts nayab'e at sight on the Royal Bank of Ireland, and on Messrs. Prescutt, Urote, A men It Co., bankers. London. ApPU to ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., 35 Fulton street, neit door to the Fulton Rank. N. B ?The public are reipectfnll/ notified, so lhat they m y be guardeo against a deception which might be practised on th'in. that we are the established aud regular appointed agei,t< by the owners, to advertise to bring out passengers by the Bl tck t>all Line of packers, which sail from Liverpool on the 1st ami 16th of each month; that we have no connection with aay other passenger h<?use in his city; and that no biuint js is done for us here, except what ii done at 35 Fulton at. o2ii 6im _____ FOR LI VERPOOL?New Line? Regnlar Packrl of 26th Nnvember?The new aud inlendid fast JmUMm tailing packet ship ROSCIUS, Asa Elaridge, master i. uow loading and will sail as above, her regu ar diy. Foi freight or passage having superior furnished accommodations apply on board at Otlean* wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLIN8, 56 South st. The packet ship Siddons, Edward B Cobb, master, will succeed the Roscius, aud sail 26th December, her regular day. o27 _ frOil LI V KKPUOL?I he New Line?Regular WloijItV Packet of 21st of November?The well-known, fast jMNttwailiug packet ship HOTTINOUER, 10(K) tons, t apt. irx .ursley, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passags, having splendid large and comfortable state rooms and rabiu, rpply to the Captain on board, at West side of Burling slip, or to WOOD HULL k MINTURN, 17 South street. The f'ai-ketship LIVERPOOL, 1300 tons burthen, Captain John Eldndge, will su*ceed the Hottinguer, and sail on her regu'ar dar. 2'st December. n26m FOR M <\RSMLLP.8?The fine ship SARAH fc ARilLlA,Captaiu B. R. Butmin, will meet with jMpMCalinimpt despatch. fc'n, iri*ii/hi (,r luiuum. annlvto BOYD ll HINCKKN, No.9 Tontine Building*, or to CHAMBERLAIN fc PHELPB. oiam 101 Krone street. ' TAP8CuTT'8 EMIGRATION UKKlLir* fcl'WW South street?Person* wisjmg to lend Tor their jfilMaifner.di in the old coantry ciui secure passive on reasonable term*, by any of the inagniticei.t ships comprising the new Line of Liverpool packets, vix:? CONSTITUTION. 1750 tons, Captain John Bntwm. OUKKN OK THK WKST, MOO tone, Cunt. P. Woodhoaea. LIVERPOOL, 1250 torn, Captain John Kldridga. HO l'TINOUKR, 1150 ton?, Capt. Ira Buriley, Ailing froin Liverpool on the ?th of every month, rasaafs can also be secured by the 8t. Oeorge's Line, or the Unioa Luieol Liverpool packets, making mi all a ship every five day* from that port, for ??^er^ajt,^nl^VS(?OTT |t1n nr. South street. New Y^nrk CONMGNJ6KVFrench bark cA.?ili>Lfc, Kr 'ffW will pl?a?e ?end their permits on board, at pier 1 jjOtLMgL N. K., ur to the office of BOYI) & HINf'KEN, 8* Water street._ KOK LONDON?Hegulnr Packet of the 1st NobMBWvemher?The new and inyuificent Paeketahip JKjbBkVdltKTOWN, burthen 1450 ton*. W. 8. Cebnr, m iaiei. will sail as above her regular day. Her accommodations f>r cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengeri, are nuequ il'eil hy any vessel n port, being very spacious, and wel. ventilated. Persons intending to embark, should ava>l themselves of this very favorable opportunity, by making immediate application on board, foot of M *iden Lane, or io JOSEPH McMUHRAV, *.21 I'M rr corner of Pine and South streeti. K()K OLAHUOW ?The Mew Line sails 1st aud *?ffVl8ili of each mouth?The fine fast sailing A I British JMaNMhl>*r'itir H YN f) KKORD, 500 tons,Copt. A. B. McAlI'lii. wi'l sail 15th November. Kor freight or j>ass?ge, having excellent accomroodstioni, apply to the captain on board, foot of Rosevelt st, Kist Hirer, or t.. WOODHULL ?t MIN I URN, 87 S<mth ?tThe regular packet shin BK.OOKSBY, 60? tons, Cant. Hugh McKwen, will sn<*ceed (lie IIYNDKFORD. and sail on her jcuii'ir .1 u , lit ller'mb'r. <>26m ONI.V KMi'ULAH LINK or fACKfcTaTOR t&J-ItV NK VV O KI.E AN8.?The following well known, . MMKatas siilmg Slid lavonta packet ships have sccommod tons unsurpassed for cabin second cabin, and steerage rtass'iigers, and will positively sail as advertised, or pissage tree, vit;The >1 KMPAIB, Capt. Bunker. November lit. The WISCONSIN, (new,) Capt. Mumford, November 4 th. Persons wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do wall to secure passage by either the above packets, as they are all first clasaliips.cominanded by men experienced in the trade, and will sail punctually on their appointed daya. To secure bertha, apply on board, or to <.3 Or W.fcJ T. TAPHCOTT. (W Pnmh st. KOR GENOA.?The superior bark l>. GODmat. c,pt AbTMF?i'DfhR^vpi;r(5:.*op,plt); oJ3 I?t re BOYD * HINCKEN, Broker.. J EJ NE1 NE M NKW YORK VOLUNTEERS.?Wanted, to fill the A rank J of the New York Regiment now serving in Mexico fl under Col B urnelt. 500 able bodied meo. A bounty of 160 1 J1L acres af land located at the option of the holder, or trea- I aury scrip lor SIN, bearing interest at 6 per cent, will be giveu 1 in each iuatanre on honorable discharge. Apply at the ReudezToua, corner of Bread and Front streets. o? Tt* r ?n - OR. UfcWIjT C. KKLLIOOKH'S 1NKALIIjaoBLE LINIMENT, n now universally admitted to f' ^ >>? the beat and cheapeat for pains, sores and bruiiei of every nature; it mattera not from what cause they may have originated or of how long atanding. it ia certain to cure aa it if applied. N. I ? We moat respectfully solicit the Clergy of every denomination to aend us their addreis, and particularly tho?e who hare any among their congregations who caunot well *4ord Co pay for (he remedy. It is put np in large bottles and told at only 50 cents a tingle bottle, or S4 a dozen, at the priociiia! depot. No 230 Pearl street; also, at the Harlem Kailroad Olfice. City Hall, and at the Druggists, Saddlers, Stores and Ta>erns, throughout the city and country generally. For very special and ex'eusive references ol the most as tounding cures upon record see Ketlinger's advertisement in the "Spirit of the Times," published in New Y'<rkci>y, aud can be seen in every priucipal town and city in the United State*. No person can read ths advertisement without purchasing a boulc. to keep in the house, in case of accideuta. o27 ltt rc MKIVE DO LLA H8 HEWARD-DOO LOaT-A large whi'e Newfoundland dog, with black head, a black spot near bis tail, a black spot ou his right aide, black spots on hit lore-legs; weighing about 100 lbs, was lost on Thursday, the 21st inst , on the 6-h Avenue, near 43d street. Whoever will bring him baek to 169 Water street, will receive the above reward, with his expeuses. o2D7t?r MTOLfcT Kcm THE WlfNTKR?A suit of handsome apartments, consisting of two parlors on first floor, with three bedrooms with closets and pantries, and private tables aud attendance. The house it replete with modem improvements,with hot, cold,and shower baths, aud lighted with gas throughout The situation ia pleasant and respectable.being but the second block from Broadway, east side. Booms now ready for inspection. Euquire at 537 Houston street. 6t*rc MANSION HOU4C, CH AKLfcSTO >,?<Mrs, DAVIS bega leave to announce to her friends and visiX?|&ters to Charleston, that extensive additions and improvements having been made to her Honae, during the last summer, she is'now prepared to offer such accommodations and comforts aa she tiusts will fullv meet the wishes of those who may favbr her establishment with a visit. The improvements consiat of an elegant and spacious dining room. we.l aired and well ventilated, on Queeu street, suits ol -pa'tmeuts for large or small families, and single rooms, all withpiazas fronting the south, aud hot and cold baths iu the establishment. The Mansion House is pleasmtly situated in the corner of Meeting and Queen streets, and offers great advantage to families and gentlemen of leisure aa well as those engaged in business Mrs. U. nutters heraell that Iter arrangement* tor me supply or her table (both at home and occasionally from the north) as well astheaitention and general good attendance at the House, will lie found mirh as to give eutire satisfaction. o2l '2t*_rc_ mmONK THOUSAND HANDSOME TREF.8, suitable KWfor Parks or Streets. The subscribers offer lor sale at half price, viz., 50 cents each, 1 000 Ailanthus trees, 12 to 14 feet high,considered by good judges the handsomest lot of trees ever offered in this market. Samples at our store. Bouquets of sweet (lowers for bridal and other parties. Neapolitan violets in large quantities during the season. DUNLAP 8t THOMSON, Seedsmen and Floiists, 635 Broadway. Wanted, a young man to assist in a green house. Apply as above. o296t*rc SPLK.ndh> hOSTWOOD PIANO SUM FOR I K FOR SALE-An e'egant toned, yTflCT highly finished Piano Forte, octaves, GoI f ~ III thxstvle, just imported from Germany, warranted to be a most superior instrument in tone, touch and finish is offered for sale a bargain. The Piano Forte miy be seen at 150 Spring, between Lanreus and Thompson streets. o29 6t* r _ . 1*1 A NO FORTES FOR HI RF., at No.263 DHBagl Washington street. Brooklyn, near Myrtle AvI'f 1 | Tlrnoe?A variety of new and second hand Piano IIS I I I Fortes, for sale or hire; also a general assort inent of Music aud Musical Instiuments. o2fl I2t*rc J. WALKER. Vv A HARK lHA^U TO JEWELERS?The proprietor of an old established Jewelry store, who is Qua about retiring from the business, offer* fair sale his euure stock and fixtures, with a good run of customer, at a fair apprrasal, for cash and approved paper. Rent moderate. Possession given immediately. Apply on the premises to o2S7f r? AARON C. BURIi, to Bowery. bLOOK AT THIS.?French Boots and Shoes Oen i tletnen, in this store you will find a large assortment, best quality end cheap ; Ladies will also find here all kind< of boots aud shoes they may want; the stock is so large and the assortment so great you caunot fail ludia rubbers, all the different kinds of my own manufacture. for ladies, gents, boys, misses and children, and will sell them cheaperthau any other establishment in this city, at 367 Broadway, one door above Fraukliu street. ofi l4teod*rre M. CAHILL. Mg. UNION LINF OF PACKETS to aad from LI VkHWV-F.KPOOL ? I lie splendid new Packet Ship iVAN JHHmUUHOE, 1400 tons burthen, Capt. Edwaids (late of the Packet Sh>p Sen), will ?ai< fiom New York on Thmsday, Nov. 4th, and from Liverpool ou the 10 h of January nest. This magnificent Packet has accommodations f r cabin, secoed cabin, and steerage passengers, unsurpassed by any ship sailing from the port of New York. Persons about proceeding to Europe or those wishing to send for their friends should make early application on board foot of Dover at, or to o29 r W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. 86 8n?tf, ,t. PACKETS FOR HAVRE-Becond Line.-The dHCVSh.p BALTIMORE, R. Coun, master, will sail oe MBMkthe first of November. o3 BOYD it HINCK F.N. Agents. No. 88 Wall-si ASTLY IMPORTANT TO EVEKY MAN. AND particularly so to economical persons?JOHN P. SCOTT, 94 Nassau street, wishes to e*ll the streuion of gentlemen to his superior assortment of Shirts. Collars. Glotes, See, and especially to his assortment of Under Shirts and Drawers, (tney being the leading articles to healih.) which he warrants to stand washing without shrinking ; and at the same time they possess a still greater advantage, which is as folI iws : they will be sold at an advance of only 5 per cent above the first cost. Call and judge for yourselves, at 94 Nassau street, opposite Herald Office. Established 1835. o27 I2t?rc The national fire insurance company. No. 62 Wall street.?Insurance against Fire and Inland Navigation Risks.?This Company is prepared to make insurance against loss or damage bv fire on dwelling houses, warehouses, buildings in general, goods, wares and merchandise of every description, and personal property, and on risks of trans DIRECTOR!* ThomasW.Thorae, John J Herrick, Martin Hoffman, J. Van Boskerck, Henry D. Beach, Robert L. Case, Eugene Bogart, Wm. Van Wvck, John D. Ward, Henry H. Ward. W. C. Redfield, Stephen Holt, W. H. Jacob*. THOMAS W. THORNK, President. W. C. Kblloog, Secretary. N. B.?Tto capital of this institution it now Tall, and with a surplus. Money to loan on bond and montane. >24 rrc Ni:W FISH AND SALT STORK.?The subscriber has commenced business in the above line, at No. 219 Front street. where will be found constantly on hand, dry an<l pickled fish of every description,viz:?Mack ere l.salmon and Shad; pickled and dry codfish always on hand. Nova 8cotia mackerel. salmon, and codfish, alewivea, smoked herring, Sic All kind* of fioe and coarse salt,including Liverpool, Turk's Island, and Salina, in lots to snit purchases. T. PRANDV, 219 Front street. P. 8. Business transacted between this city and the British Provinces on reasonable terms. T. P. Nova Scotia mackerel and salmon landing from schooner Joseph Howe, Halifax. For sale by T. PRANDY, o!9 I4t?re 219 Front sr. POWELL, ON THE EVE?Just Published, a Popular Treatise on the EYE, its Diseases, and their core, with enjrravings, rules for the selection of spectacles, be., 8vo., price JO cents. To be had at the authors, and of booksellers generally. Or.Powell attends exclusively to diseases of the Eye and Ear from 9 to 4 o'clock, at his office 261 Broadway, corner of Warren street. Artificial Eyes of a superior quality recently imported. sl4 J0t?re B IL L1A It 1) 8.?The manufacturer's rooms, lor playing, and the sale of tables, are IX Ann street, entrance from 149 Fulton. Horn's 4 Ten Pin Alleys on the 1st floor, 7 Tables on the 2nd. Cloth, balls, cae, wax, and French cue points, for sale. Mb J. Horn, jan., Md Otis Field are connected with the I above establishments, and invite their friends and the public. N. B. The two gents above named are very popular in their business?their saloons are worthy^! patronage ?Ed. s24 30t*rc SLONlNHK V'S CALCULATING MACHINE.?These extraordinary and wonderful machines hiving been just complete^, and the patent in Englaud and the United States having been secured, thay are now offered to the public for sale. They are the most ingenious invention of the age, and must prove iuvaiuable to those engaged in making up large sums, sii h as astronomers, as their accuracv is bevond a doubt Fos sale by 8. J. NEUSTADT k BARNETT, ol5 Ht*'C Patenters, 12 Vlanle.. Lin*. \GU E KH EOT Y PE-V Ol <IT L A E N I) E K'S App? rsti;s at Kednced Prices.?Half size Tubes at (60?<iunrtersize Tubes at $35. Also, Plates, Cases, Chemicals, Camera and Coating Boxes, at the lowest mirket prices. Orde-s accompanied with remittances, will be promptly attended to, by addressing W. Ik F. L A N(?EN1I El M, I miauriuniii bicn^iixr. or LANOENHEIM k BECKERS. oJS I2t*rc 2HI Brcnilwny, New York (V ah hi AO iTS?J AMES BRliWSTER, having opened VV new (Jinmiic Repoaitory at 396 Broadwav. would re <pectfally invite hia old pat.ona and frienda to call and '??m mr * enmp'ete naaortment of carriagea ol4 U*re National book kxchanuk-Wb, the u?ueraigned, hereby appoint Mr. Talbot Wa'tt, of 102 Naa??? atreet. aa our agent lor the purchase of all kinda of aetond hand Bookaand Printa; all Harper'a Novela and cheap pnhlicatirna will be liberally paid for in eaah. Peraona in the cuontry may depend upon punctual remittance, and the full valne, by aeuuiug aa above. By order of Baucke, D'Avoy, and U'AIinun, agenta to tha National Book Exchange Company, 102 Viaaan atreet I^aXL AINU W1MKK CLOi'HICiU, al (Ha ciiTVloIn r mi Warehonae, No. 101 Kulton aareet. directly oppoaite the Old North Dnteh Church, where every atyle of Tall and winter Clothing caa be had to aoit the pocket and taaM of all. cloaks?Ofolack and bine broadclotha, beaver and pilota. from .. , $5 M to 2} M OVER COAT8 and OVfcR HACKS, avery ahade of I weed, broadclotha, beaver ana pilota, Iron ...... 5 00 to 20 00 Alao, a large aaaortmeat of Buaineaa Hacka, Krock f'oata, aingle and donhle breaated. The new atyle of SHAD COATS, from t 00 to II M PANTALOONS, plain and fancy Caaaimarea, French Dookina. and Engliah black Caaaimrrea. Satinets, lie., of every atyle, from... .. 1 JO to I 00 VESTS, an endleaa variety of black aatin, velvet, merinoa, and bombaxine, from 1 M to 5 00 Alan, a large aaaortment of Krench, Kngliah, Of r man and American Broadclott a, Caaaimerea and Veatinga, which will be made up to order to aoit the moat faatidioua. DANIEL T. SMITH. al.') Mt?m 102 Kill Ion at., oppoaite the Old Dutch Church. Second hand kuhniii kk and ? lothi.mj WANTED.?Ladiea or gentlemen having any-anperfluona or caat nft clothing or furniture to diapoae of, can obu n a fair eaah price for the aime, by aanding for the aubacriber, at hia' eaidence.or a line through the poat-olnce wiM be nunctnally attended to. M. S COHEN, <9 Dnane atiact. Ladies can be attended to by Mra. Cohen. N.B ?Job Oooda and O.d Stock booghtto any amonnt. o|7 Itt* rc MESSRS. CAREY fc VER VALEN, Snrgeon Dentist*, having recently returned from Sontk America, announce to their frirnda and the public that tbay are now prepared to perform all operations appertaining to their profeaaion, at then reaidence, No, IIS Champers* at. ^91 12t re 'PHK K ASH IONS Ok THE WAV- HomanTopia?Dreaa ??? MM? I _____ \ W YO :w YORK, SUNDAY MOJ CHALLENGE?Notice to gentlemen who want flUJvJv/ ih'ir old clothes to look like new. call at the Tailoring, D) in?, Cleaning, aud Repairing Establishment. N>. r 56 Uol J > r-et, where orders will be punuually ittended to at the ahortist .< tiee; and ou the moat reasonable terms, by J. 11. NOAIl.tb Ould (treet. N.|B.?The highest price gireu for genilein*b?s left off | wearing apparel. al Mt'rc TO W HOLE SALE DEALERS IN KANCV UUOUi*, BOOKS, PRINTS, kc.?The A.irertiser, hiviug re- . ceived on consignment an asso.'tmeut of Fancy Goods, lutends 1 leaving the end of this month (October) (or Pittsburgh, Cju- I ciuuati, Louisville and other Western and Southern cities, in- I clnoiug New Orlenns. Mobile, kc. lie intends to make a large circuit through all the principal cities, should sufficient inducements otter. He is, therefore, willing to take ou consignment any description ot i;oods Would lie willing to un- I dertake the sale and collection of ho?ks, novels, prints. See. < Letters addressed to N B. A. T-, Post Office, Philadelphia, , (post paid ) will In- attended to tiK I2t?rrc OGDEN k MOSBV, Wholesale Dealers iu Dry Goods, . Groceries, and Mexicau G' oda, Korwardiug aftd Collision Merchants, mouth Kio Grande. 'Consignments ol freight ' received and forwarded to all points ou the Rio Grande or in 1 Mexico. Agents iu New Orleans?Messrs.! Lii.i.ard, Mosuy !i Co., 2* and ft New l evee at MM*re rpeXAH tOMMtal IAL AGENCY AT GAi.Vf.SX VE8T0N ?The anderaigued will attend to the Collection of Notes and Aeeonnu in the hiate of Texas, effecting Sales of Real Estate, the Purchase of Produce, Iteceiring and Niw iriing of Merchandise, and of a General Commission Business. GEORGE BUTLK.R. Rrrcaancrs if Nkw Yobk. Mosei Tavlor, Esq., J, G Dudley k Co . Edward K. Collins, Esq., Tarrant Putnam, Esq., Allen It I'axson, James Lefferts k Co., Robert C. Wetmore fc Co., Wisuers k Gale, Haydock, Corliea k Co- Edward (1. Kaile k Co., Win. t". Lauirlev b Co.. J la J. K. Tiinne. F. 8 61 U. Lathrop, While k Bnutall, Hon. John VV. Kdmonds Waller B. Townsend h Co. Addre?s No. II Pine street. 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KVKHITT, Secretary, nil Htm GK.Nri.NH BK.VH'S OIL?Hard study, close confinement, au excess of care, aud dyspepsia ore the principal causes of premature baldness; and a more mortifying circumstance than to be deprived of the natural ornament for the head in youth or in the prime of life, can, indeed, hardly be imagined. That preparation, then, is best calculated to benefit the hair, which has a tendency to equalize the circulation in the scalp, to stimulate the skin and nourish the bulla that lie immediately beneath. The Genuine Bear s Oil, imported by the undersigned, from Canada and the North''/est, is superior for this purpose to any merely artificial preparation in the world. It is highly perfumed, and its use has been strongly recommended by those who have thoroughly studied the constitution and physiology of the hair. Perfumed and prepared for the toilet by HENRY JOHNSON, Chemist, 273 Broadway, corner of ('numbers street. Sold also, at 100 Fultou street, and 77 East B-oa<i way. 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Entry Book-keeping Improved," continue* to teach a* (bore. The pupil become* familiar from actual uae with all the books constituting a aet, and a peraou of good capacity will, by thia course, become a competent book-keeper in about a month, and will receive a certificate to that eifect. Prospectuses, with term*, obtained at the room*, from 9 A M. *9 JO* m A CHEMICAL RESULT.? *. WONUtU'.?VIL(iKTA BLE LIQUID HAIR DVK,to enable persons to dye in stanLiiieou ly their hair, withoutthe least inconvenience. Kor changing red rr grey H*ir, Whiskers, Kvebrow*. Itc., to a Brown, Black, or Chesnut color. The (lightest evil eonae iMiencea need not befeared from it*u?e--itualtogether hannlea* Thi* composition la the only one aanctioued by the *cienceol an indelible manner, the varioui grail i lions of color*, without danger or inconvenience, and hrsjustified the liberal patronage and unlimited confidence of the public. if Black ta required, a*k for box marked N; if Brown, box marked B. Prepared by JULES HAUEL, perfumer and cliemmt, 120 Chesnut street, Philadelphia; and sold wholesale aud retail, by A. B. Ic D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fultou, cor. of William st; H. Joh?*on, 273 Broadway; A. L. Winship, 77 Real Broadway; A. K. Artaah, H# Broadway; and J. B. Jaquemod, 41} Broadway, New York. (T7" Beware of counterfeits. Ask for "JIJLES H AUEL'S VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE," if you want the genniue article. A premium awarded it the Kranklm Institute, mi2ft Hit * m |\A?>I MllilAV: MATERIALS.? Manufactured by U JOHN ROACH, Optician, 82 Nassau street. New York, wbere every article of the best quality may be had at the lowest price. Roach'* Triple Compound ol Bromine, a superior chemical, producing quick pictures of fine white tone, now used by the beit operator*, a few of wlnne namn are attached. We have used Roach's preparation, and recommend it. believing itiuperior to any thine of the kind in uae:? S. L Walker, Albany* 8. J. Humphrey, Wilmingt?k North Carolina; P.O. Ransom. Troy; A. J. Heal*. New ^>rk; T. O. Doane, Montreal; Clarke h Brother. Syracuse? Kor sale by the manvfactnrer, It Nassau tteef.New Yorki Q. Dexter, flnia; Cool ay k Co., SpringieM, Connecticut; and Brlnimald m Brother, Bwrliaftaa, Vermont. tall Mt*rre ,1? RK ? EtNING, OCTOBER 31. 1& Rcllglwi Intelligence. \ Calchdar po* Oc r.? 84th. Twenty-flrBt Sunday after * rriniiy; J*, tit Simon anil St. Jude the Apostles; 31, < I'wenty-seeoud Suuday after Trinity. 1 The church of the Puritans. Colon Square, oorner of <"lft#enth street, will b? opened for divine service thli norning The oorner atone of at Saviour's church, Maspeth, L. I..will be laid on Monday, the 1st of November, In ;he morning, by the fit Rev. Ur. Potter, Bishop of Penn- , tylvanla. , The Klrst Presbyterian Church at Morrlitown. N. J., have recently extended a call to Rev James Richards of Pen Van, N. V., to become their paetor?the church over irhloh his venerated father, the late Rev. Dr. Richards, presided for a purlod of more than fifteen years. Rev. Baxter Dickinson, D I) .has been engaged by the trustees of Andover Theological Seminary to give Initruotlon in that institution, for the ensuing winter, In saered rhetoric. Rer. Dr. Patten, of Spring street Presbyterian Church lr. this city, has tendered his resignation of his pastoral charge, ana the congregation bu signified ita concurrence. Rev. Dr. Eddy and lvly, of Newark, N. J . arrived on Wednesday last from F.urope, in the Yorkshire, having been absent about five months. The Rev. N. C. Locke, of the Holme* Presbyterian Church, Northampton Co., Va.. has accepted the oall from the Central Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, L. 1., and is expected to be there by the '2nd Sabbath in November Three missionaries of the Americtn Board sailed from Boston on Saturday week, for the Sandwich Islandsmaking the number of laborers now under the direction ot this Board, as appears from their annual report, juat published, upwards of 420. The American Baptist Board of Missions have also recently sent out six new missionaries to various stations in Asia; and are expecting to xend out eight more, in the ship Cato, the first week In November. The following resolutions wera passed recently by the Presbytery of r'.li/.abethtown : "Retol'ed, That it be reeominended to all our churohes to observe Thursday, the 11th of November next, as a day of Fasting and Prayer; thus giving to our churoh members and all among us who leel Interested in the prosperity of /ion, an opportunity of meeting together to humble themselves before God for thuse sins which have caused the hiding of his face, for the judgments of his hand now upon us, and to unite In supplications for a blessing upon us, and upon the land In which our lot is cast. ''Resolved, That it be left to the pastor and session, and to the session themselves when the churoh is destitute of a pastor, to make such arrangement in regard to the services of this contemplated day, a* in their judgment shall be most likely to secure the ends designed by this appointment." The Rev. W. H. Woodward has resigned the reotorshipof St. Paul's and St. Peter's Churohes, Great Valley, and accepted a call from the Vestry of /ion Churoh, Pontlac, Michigan. The Rev. Seth Davis has resigned the rectorship of /ion Church, Home, and remove*, to the city of Buffalo, New Vork. The Rev. Samuel R. Gordon has accepted an invitation to the rectorship of St. Taul's parish, Kent oounty, Maryland. The Rev. W. G. H. Jones, whole resignation of Frederick parish, Clarke oounty, we announced last week, will not take charge of the church in Memphis, Tenn. The Rev. W. V. Hooker, of Winchester, Virginia, has received and accepted an invitation to become the Assistant of the Rev. Ur. Tyng, Rector of St. George'? Church, New York. 'I'hn Her. Minot M. Well* ha* become the minister of Trinity Church, Fairfield, Herkimer county. The Fev. J. W. McCullough. D. D , ha* accepted an unanimous call to the rectorship of St. John's Church, Lafayette, Indiana. The Rev. C. A. Foster hat resigned the charge of St. Jamee' Church. Munoy, Pennsylvania, and accepted that of St Paul's Church, KvaMvllle, Indiana, to which he has been invited. We call attention to the advertisement In to-day's paper, respecting the dedication of the new and beautiful churoh editioe on Uulon square, recently erected by the society. The gentlemen who are to officiate on the ?ccaslon are well known for their abilities?we are much pleased to b? able to announce that the church is to be dedicated free lrrm debt. The pewa are to be sold on Monday evening, the Bth November. The bark " Wni. H. Shailer" sailed yesterday morning with several missionaries, destined for the South African M lseion. Religious exercises were conducted r n board the vessel by the Rev. S. B Treat, one of the American lioard uf Foreign Missions A very large number of persons was present to witness the exercises. The Traveller states that Capt. Holmes ha* made three voyages to Cape Town within eighteen months, and each time has taken out missionaries ? button Allot, Mth. Lirorirri, Lake Superior, Aug. 37, 1H47. Indian Paymtntt?Made of Making ihrm?Interfiling Information. Population InoriMM hourly by the arrival of canoes from every river emptying into the head of the lake, but especially from the Montreal r.ver, southeast of us, and the streams running into the bay railed Fond du Lao west and north. By the former, there it a forty mile portage connecting it with the < hippeway river, which runs the into Mississippi at Lake Pepin, a distance of about threeor four hundred miles frcm this place. While on a visit to the "Kalis of Montreal," accident afforded opportunity to notice this trail, whloh would seem to have been well travelled. In Its length are one hundred and twenty-two encampments, or resting plaoes, where the frames of the wigwams and lodges are always found standing, and the marks of domestic operations are distinctly to be seen. At these plaoes the man stops on hi* journey to a distant home, laden with the avails of hi* annuity, to re-invigorate himself and family; and at many of them the bark covered grave gives mournful note that the fell destroyer sojourn* with the sojourner. The route by the St. Croix and St. Louis rivers connect* with the Mississippi, some fifty miles above Lake Pepin, and ha* but two and a half miles portage between the heads of the two rivers, and another hall mile around the tails on the St. Croix. The day cannut be remote when business and pleasure will make these almost unknown waters a beaten highway to the Gulf of Mexico or the PaciSc ocean. J he payment at ibih place in maue oniy to those Indiana designated as the "C.hippeways of the Mississippi acd Lake Superior.'' This includes the whole of the Chippeways In tho far west, except a portion known an 'the Pillagers," who have a separate political existence. Ot some thirty bands encamped, in greater or less sire until, a portion are from the Crow Wing and other rivers and lakes, the headwaters ot the .Mississippi, and to the westward of it, who have paddled their oanoes nearly a thousand milos, to receive the small stipend apportioned to them under treaties made with the government for tha purchase of their right of soil in certain lauds. The dlstauoe these and others are required to come in such oases, is entirely too great, and has caused much distress among them. Last year, owing to an unavoidable detention in the arrival of the disbursing igent, the scanty provisions of the remote travellers became exhausted long belore supplies oould be furnished; the stores of the neighboring bands were insufficient far the emergency; the whole body of men, women, and children, exceeding three thousand in number, suffered '/xurucialltigiy, so that several hundred perished lrom the iamlne. Much events nlmonish of the necessity of puying them at points nearer to their homes by cUvidi g the pay list. The result this year has been to reduce the number in attendance to less than eighteen hundred, and to cause the arrivals to b* tardy. The agents, with numerous attendants, have been more than a week employed in preparing pay 1 sta, and have not yet perfected ihein; nevertheless, they began to-day In the delivery of goods. The treaties of July iOth, 1837, and Out. 4th, IMM, under which these payments are made, stipulate for a portion to be paid in goods, and the balance lucash. Under tho pure patriarchal form of Indian polity, eanb living member of the tribe is entitled to a proportionate share of the avails of the publlo or joint property, at the lime the several payments are received. It, therefore, becomes necessary each year, to oonstruot a new list, by bands, families, and individuals Marriages, births, and ileaths, In the Interim, aU contributing to disarrange former ones, great oare is required in preparing them with ao curacy i'he plan of making them up, is by simply calling In the chiefs and head men of each band separately, and receiving from them th? names of the heads of all the families in their band, together with the uumber of men, women and children, severally, in each family. The goods are allotted by distributing to families such articles as are suitable tor their members, re spectively. The following exhibit* the proportion of distribution adopted on this ocumIob. Illmkou -One to tacb p?r?on, age and mi determining size and quality; but wbere the tamllj exceed* four in number, one additional to each lamily. Calico and llnaey?Two yard* lo each person. Scarlet cloth?About three-eighth* yard* to each perhod. Cotton shawls, flannel ahirts, Kettle*, gunworms, ooinhs, lira steels, acia-ior*, butchers' kniv?s, awl*, tin enpaand tin pan*?One to each family. <Gunpowder, fliot, and flint*?To famllte* hating adult male* in proportion to number. (tun*?Only to such as the chief* designate. Cloth blanket* ? On? to u family of leu* than seven members; two to larger fainiiie*. Tile other dry good*, such a* ribbon*, gaitering, sewing silk, llnun thread, needle*, leggina, breeching, &.c., are divided on similar principle*, a* well a* the provision*, oonaiatlng oi flour, oorn, and *ait meat. The total oust of theae good*, a* appear* by the several contraoton' account* In the agent'* office, I* #3i.O<)0, which la understood to include a balance due last year The cash, whtoh Is In ttlver, amount* to > Jj-100, and will divide, a* near aa may be, lour uoilar* per capita. , l be goods are excellent, and reflect credit on the department. as well a* the contractors, Messrs Orant and darton, of .New York; J. Wataon, or Uecrolt; W.J llj* slop, aud B. K. 1'ryou, also of New Vork The blankets, understood to be of American manufacture, are a superior article, and deserve special notice One ofthe large warehouseaof the Kur < ompsny 1* being uieOTor allotting the goods in, by putting every thing intended for a lamily In a paroel, and attaohlng to it a paper number corresponding with the number of the Auuly a tending agalmt it on th* agent's lift of (1m band, fki parcel* are placed In order of number ud band, in IE R A 47. til all the band* are gone through with Th? bundles ] thuii prepared present an Immense heap; and by their . order and oompletenoM, indicate a large expenditure of labor, patienoe and skill. The bands first to be served being announoed, but few otberi attend beiore their turn oouits When l band is sailed, tbe chief and other headmen take post near the agent; the heads of families are then called, beginning with the last on the list; and as eaeh appears, he. or she. is furnished with the parcel prepared for the family; the chief identifying the parties, whether receiving for them* elves, or as representatives of absentees In all cases where no party answer*, whioh frequently occurs, the duty devolves on the chief to have the goods trausparted to those entitled to them : no slight task, with nanoe navigation, and forty mile portages. The last oalled of a baud is the principal chief, who reoeives no more than the others. This is succeeded by the nest band in order, and so to the end. The prooeedlng of this simple business is interesting in the highest degree, in the opportunity it affords to observe much of the character of the aborigines, which, of Itself, would be sufficient to change tbe popular opinion of hi* taolturnity and gravity. The whole delivery Is enlivened by a series ot amusing inoldents, and the mirth of a people whom some suppose never laugh. A few of the bands reoeived their goods in a business- ! like manner; but in moat cases where the party is not present, his paroel is thrown in a heap so oonfusedly, as | apparently to defy more than Indinu sagaolty to distinguish it again; and yet we are told It will be done The Kewalwauas are an exoaption to the others, in tbe orderly manner in whloh they manage their business ? This band Is in two parts, one conneoted with a Met hodint mi AM inn?th? nthar ia nn<l*?r Haf hAliA (** ?* ? ?<?* and Influence. They are looated at L'Anse. (the little bay of Kewena) on the, south shore of the Lake. Not more than a doien are la attendance, that number being sufficient for them?a Methodist Indian act* an Secretary, and hat made a fair copy of the Agent's lint of his band. Instead of recelviag their goods in family bundles, they hare had them carefully packed away in cases to distribute by the list after they reach home.? The sample we hare of this band entitles them to a higher rank in iatelleot than any of their brethren here; and espeaially is it so with the Methodist portion, who 1 seem to bo tolerably well advanoed in civilization. David King, the acting Chief, is a fair speoimeu of the dignity and deoorum we imagiue to be an Indian characteristic He condu its himself with great propriety, and looks the father of bis people?his residence is on the Methodist side of tho bay. Ke-ne-wause, the hereditary Chief, is a child about nine yean of age, with a face beaming with intelligence. He lives among the Catholic portion, and under the tuition of the good father Baroga, who Is located there, may become a man of great usefulness.? Asyet he wears the breech cloth and blanket. The politeness of Messrs. Hays it Richmond, the gentlemanly Indian Agent and Superintendent, permitted a transcript of the various bands in attendanoe, to be taken lroni the official list, together with the number of persons reported to belong to each band, and the names of the Chiefs of each, with a translation, where a reliable oneoould be obtained No. No. Fami- perBands. lift. mm. Chiefs La Pointes, Ittl 519 Ke-che Waah-ke, 8u Croix iiiver, 33 90 Oab-uin-uh-be, one who chauqea hii aeat. Chippeway Hirer, No. I, 42 161 YVaub-iah-eah, Martin, Chippewa; Kner. No. 2, 40 110 Kiu-annch-ans, Little Tike. Cliippeway River, No. 3, 33 107 Une-wee-aaoa-uh. Bad Bov. Rice Riter, 39 HI l-au-bc-ana.LittleDnck Look Lake, iti 192 Na-iiali-aunv-a-be, one who triinahia featliera Lac Chatac, 41 136 Mad-aa tinm-me, So'd ink Linmv. Luc Courtifllr. 1"> Mil Ah-ke-wan-ze. old man Mill* Lac, No. I, 30 (7 Na-guau-uk-be, one who lift in I'.out. Mille Lac, No. 3, U 91 Be-tud-ana. Mille Lac, No. 3, JO Hi Ke-elm No--diu, Big wind. Lac du Flambeau, 96 321 Ke-che Wan uj-e-wuu. Big whirlpool. Telicau Lake, 72 261 Ke che Waub-iahaali, Bi( Martin. Ke-wai-wa-ua, 117 218 Ke-ne-wauae,Little Kagle, (alao David Kiug) Pukway-awan, 31 99 1 I Shing-goob, Balaam. Kond du Lac, No. I, i | Ke-che Mah-een-gun, Kmid du, No. 2, I .K I Big wolf. Kond da Lac, No. 1, , | Moug-o-ieed.Looua lo't Kond du Lac, No. I, I I Nah-gah -aub--be, one ) I. whoiita ahead. Mnake Hirer, il 148 No-din, Wiud. Cirasd Portage, X 78 Bin guu-aah-eena, Little F.nglinhman. Outanagou, 18 lit O-kau-de-kun, Buoy. Trout Lake, 23 99 Ke niah-de-no. I'uU-a tiuin-me No. 1 31 OT Hho-ue-yoh, Sliver, fuk-a Oum-me, No. 2, 33 77 Bah -yah-zliig, Lone Man' Yellow Lake, 48 152 Ke-che Be-ahe-ke, Big MSSa -1 Buffaloj i f Uah-na-dow-uh-win-zo Sandy Lake, No. I, M, J Berry Mauler. Suudy Lake, No. 2, I ] Ne-gan-e-gan-bo, Oee uapgM ') I who stands aheid Vieui Deaiert, 48 149 Ka-ahe- auah. Driven M by the wind. Red Cedar Lake, 49 129 I-auah-.ow~e--ke-?hif, Croaaiug aky. Gull Lake, 82 272 Waub--o-j?eg, White fisher. Crow Wing liiver, 64 212 Qoe-wea-iana, The Boy. Wiakonsin, 7? 279 Oah-kaw bah-wia,Mea enger. The total number ef families is eighteen hundred and seven ; anil of individual* untitled to this annuity, five thousand and four hundred, which may b? inoreaaed one hundred In correcting the list. During a council held for another purpose on Monday last, the agent stated, that from causes unknown to him, there had been an increase in these bands of at least one thousand persons within two inra nut. mil hrnulla lnllm>i>il th. I perpetration of a fraud upon themnelTea To what extent the Intimation may be ju*t oaunot be readily ascertain^ ; but that tht*re ha* been a v>ry considerable natural increase in beyond doubt. Tne inorease of domestic comfort, even among the wildest, is well calculated to foster natural propagation ; and may properly be considered as the true cause of the pay list extending its dimensions. In conversation, one of the St. < roix Hirer band stated, that of fifteen brothers and sisters by the same parents, nine are now living. This ratio would readily acoouot for the augmentation which so much alarms the kind-hearted agent; and speaks volumes in favor of the improving oondltion of at least one branch of the Indian family. K-NA-BE. Boktok, Oct. 28, 1847. Afatiochuietti Politin. Our native American party, or the remnants thereof have nominated Frank Baylies, of Taunton, m a candidate for Governor. Mr. Baylls was originally a federalist, then a Jackson-man, then a whig, and now he is a 1 native and whig. Kvery man in nomination for onr chief maglstraoy is awhlg?Briggs. Bay lies, Cushing, and Sewell?whig, n >tive. democratlo, and liberty; so that, be the result as it may, we shall have a whig Governor. On the war question, however, Mr. Cnshlng is a democrat, and it will not be long before he will be forced into th? same party on all other points. A half-way party allegiance is one of the impossibilities of the world. No one here expects that the natives will get many votes for their candidate. Some few they may subtract from the whig ranks, thanks to the encouragement occasionally afforded te that ridiculous party by our indiscreet whig orators and presses. The liberty candi 1?W win uu DBivcr?uw migub uu toij wmi, 11 mo pviitioal abolitionists had ball u much tact a* they hav? zeal. Around their candidate might b? rallied all the disaffected whigs and democrat* in the State, if the said disaffected had any faith In the good management of the libertyites, which faith they have not, and for valid reasons. The letter of < iovernor Briggs, accepting the nomination of himself for the governorship, by the Springfield (invention, la quite as noncommittal aa anything that ever cam? from the pen of Mr Van Buren. It does not contain the remotest allusion to any of the diaputed questions of the day, though many ft them, and thoae uiost productive of bltterneu of feeling, were discussed by the Springfield Convention. The UoTernor la becoming cautious, having Just out hla (polltioal) wisdom teeth. Lieut Oov. Ileed, on the other hand, goes Map daah into every thing, with a vigor scarcely to have been ei pec ted from a gentleman so deep in the vale of yearn He talks of the ' unnatural war" we are waging with Mexico, and which, he declares, waa "commenced with oat good and aufflclant oauae " There la much more i f the " aamH aort," which, while It will aid ita author In aome quarters, will aid hi* rival in others. There I*. I can assure yon, a difference of opinion, of more consequenoe among oar whlgs, on the war question,which will not be without ita influence, net mrrcly thin year, but on the matter of re-electing a whig candidate for the Presidency. There will be no respon*e from this quarter to the attempt which, it ia underaood, the barnburner* of your State are making, or are about to make, to resuscitate the foaail r-niains of Van Bureniam. That lam 1a dead aa a claim aganinat any one of the gentlemen who were made white and whole iiy the operation! of that greatest of levelling machines, the whig bankrupt law. It never had any adherent* among decent people, and even it* indeoent disciples have all disappeared, excepting half a donna ofllcers of government, who have a ?ort of vague Idea that Mr. Van Bnren If at this moment I'raaldent having been eleoted both In 1*40 and 1841 There U something *o ridiculous In the attampt to restore" a dynasty far more "obsolete" than ever the Bourbon* were in Krance, that we wonder at tha extant of human credulity a* exhibited la tha attempt to plana Mr Van Buren again at the head of the democracy. He will not, I prexume. allow bimnelf to be "put up" to be ' put down" tjamore significant manner than ha wan in 1?40, when he received the moat pointed hint to leave ever conveyed to an American ('resident Our whig* are highly pleased with tha quarrel of your democracy, a* they well may be I understand that the paragraph in one of my letters, in which I alludrd to Mr. Collector Morton * attempt to make HeoreUry Walker responsible lor a reduction of the wages of some of the laborer* In the '.uitom House here, attracted attention In Washington, which led to a correspondence between the august parties Morton excuses hlmMelf now, by saying mat the laborer* were mere temporary workmen a*| if that Vara a valid reason for stopping thetr wages As to the faot Itself, one of tha said temporary labor ri has been la the place far twenty-five year*, certain, and does avow that he waa there when Morton waa first nominated Governor of MaMaohuaetta, which I* a truly awful length of time ago 1 should hardly have thought of tha matter again, ware It not that 1 sea, by yeur report af the lata harmonl oui" proceedlega at old Tammany, that laborers g?t badly treated In year Custom Hoom.'m wall aa la ou*. LD. ? ?. r n_ 5 P t i Jlllli Army Intelligence. We perceive in the list of wounded. In the r?o?nt battle* lnM?xieo. th? name of Heat. T. Mayne Reld. of Nut > <>rH If wo mistake not, the grntlemen named la lavuru ily known throughout the oountry a* a writer, and h contributor to our leading magesinM. and for several yarn he resided in Philadelphia. While In this city be won for himself many frlxnda. a* well at a high literary reputation HI* first essays appeared as the oomposltions of the " Poor Scholar Several of hit talee created quite a sensation. aad are deservedly popular among the reader* of light literature Lieut H lit ripe scholar, as well as a ready writer, and Is, we believe, the son of a clergyman of Dublin He is somewhat of an adventurous, a romantic and chivalrous nature, and probably Joined the army under the Impulses excited by the ardor of his disposition The reoord state* that he was " severely wounded."?Phil. Inquirer, SO tk inil. G?n Gee M. Brooke, the eemmander of the Western division of the army of the United States, left the city yesterday for Kortrsss Monroe, Virginia He has been selected as the President of the court martial which has been ordered to investigate the charge* against Col. Fremont. The general is held in high eateem by the officer* who have been on thl* station, and bv all our cttiiens. He will preside over the court with ability, dignity, and Impartiality. May "journevlng mercies" attend the good and brave general to hi* place of destination? S. O. National, list init. An anecdote, fay* th* Arkanaa* Inlelligtneer, is told of the gallant Col. Riley. He was heard to say. on being ordered to Vlexioo, (by the way he lisps very muoh.) that he would " have thix feet of Mexican ground, or a yellow tliaah'" We congratulate htm on naving nobly won the latter. The government will oertainly brevet him. Second Day ok iiik I'ka Patch Iki.and Rifkrknce-?Yesterday the court room was crowded, and much interest manifested In the proceeding! by the spectator* Messrs. Clayton and Bayard pat in evidence the paper book?technically so called?a large volume In fact, which was used In the trial of the oase of Penn vs Lord Baltimore, in the year 17i0, in England. It was cited to show that the deed from King Charles 11., to the Duke of York, was exhibited on that oocasion,and to show the whole title of Penn, as exhibited before Lord u .i-~ j ?j ?*? ? vuai, uiftiij urnuI WVTO girvn UJ the Duke and Pi'nn, for lands In Pennsylvania and Delaware; that the country wax early Battled by a civilised people, and that Penn and the Duke exerclaed sovereignty 01 er the territory. The book contained a map of New Caatle and the oountry In diapute between the parties to that suit?the Tea Patch Island la not laid down, for ttie reasou that It la a modern formation and waa at that time covered by water. Mr. Clayton next olted Chalmera' Pleading to ahow the opinion of the Knglish Attorney General. Robert Raymond, and the Solicitor General, Phillip Vorke. given In 1741, aa to the title of the then provincea of Pennsylvania and Jeraey to the laianda In the Delaware. There waa a diapute in relation to this matter between the provlnoea; toe matter had been laid before the King's Privy Council, who had required the opinion of these law offlcera of the Crown upon the queatlon. After lnveatigatlon they deolded that the title to the river and Its Islanda waa veated in neither provinoe, but remained In the king. The matter remained unset tied and in dispute until after the Revolution, when It was compromised oetween them?each State retaining oiril andorimlnal juriadirtion to lowwater mark upon the oppoaite shore, and the islands being disposed or alao by the same agreement. Mr. Clayton also presented, from the records of Delaware, a certified copy of the deeda of feoffment from the Duke to I'enn. at Jlth Augu.'t, 106?. It contained evidence of delivery of posaeaslon to Pans.? This, by the common law, la neoeaaary upon deeda of feoffment. The deed from the Duke to Penn conatituted John Maul and Kphraitn Herman, of New Castle, his attorneys, to deliver poaseaalon to Penn. The oartlficates attached to the deed show that upon Penn's arriving In the Delaware, be aent for Maul upon baard the ahlp. and showed him the two deeda of feoffment for the twelve mile circle and aouthern part of the province; ' but the aaid F.phraim Herman happened to be gone from home, whereupon Maul aaked I'eun for twenty -four houra time, to communicate with him, which waa granted. The next d?y the oommiaaionere did conclude te do aa hia royal highness the Duke had commanded them.? Whereupon they did give to the said William Penn the key of the aald fort, and all persons being gone out of the same, he did enter therein quietly, with the key, ao that he might look himself therein, and they did alao give the said William Penu livery of seisin of the aaid land, by delivery of a turf with a twig thereon, and by delivery of fowl, and by delivery of water and aoll of the river Delaware In a porringer. Atterwarda the said Penn weut to the southern part of the said tract of land, at the bouse of Kdward Hill aside the Appoquinimlnk, where the tame ceremonies were performed," and the parties who certify thereto do promise obedlenoe to the said Penn and to his government in the aame manner as they obeyed Sir Kdmund Androe and others, Lieutenant Governors under the Duke of York. The tiflth UU>., i.uoiwuou >U US un uajr upuu woicn uw ceremony took place. and it ia aigned by Arnoldu* l)e la Orange and other*. The t ailed States here runted. (Jen. Katon, for Mr. Humphreys, the claimant, said tbat tile deed presented by tbe oouniel for tbe United State* had but little to do with the qaeetlen?the question waa, who ha* the right of sovereignty of tbe soil? Tbey would *bow tbe proceeding* In the trial ia New Jersey before Judge Baldwin. He then offered Document 140, from the Senate file* of 1837-11, to show tbe testimony in tbe New Jersey trial. Mr. Bayard opposed tbe lntroduetion of the document,upon tbe ground tbat it waa not evldenoe The agreement by which Mr. .Sergeant waa chosen arbitrator, stipulate* that the evidence shall be aueh a* i* allowed by the rule* of law and equity. This waa not evidence that would be admitted in a proceeding in law or equity. Meaars. Katon and Bibb contended that it waa admissible by the tarma of a former agreement of reference, made in 1842, whereby It waa agreed tbat tbe document No 140 should be oonsidered aa evidence of the facts therein contained ?and that this agreement waa referred to by tha act of Congraaa authorising tbe present reference - further, that It waa evidence extrinsic of the agreement and act of Congraaa. Mr. Clayton replied. Mr. Sergeant decided that tha document could not be admitted, he was to reoelve the same evidanoe necessary in a case of law or equity. This Senate doeumeut being a report mad* to the Senate, waa not suoh evidence, and the agreement mentioned in the aot ot Congress, waa an agreement to settle the value of the l'aa Patch by arbitration, if the title of the U. State* should be decided to be defective by the arbitrator. Meaara. Bibb and Katon then proceeded to *how the title of New Jeraey to the ialand in diapnt*. They produced no patents, deeda or oharters, but read the exemplifications of thoee offered a* printed In Leaning and Spicer's collection of tbe law* of New Jeraey The flr*t waa tbe Hoyal Patent. March 12, 1004, by Chart** 'id, to the Duke of York It embraced tbe country from the Kennebec river, along the aaa coast, including Long l?l?nd and the Inland of Manhattan, and ' bath upon tbe west tbe Delaware bay and river, and so up the *aid river to tbe bead water* tbereoff, and *o over to Um Hudson," together with the islands, watera, royalties, tniues, he , In the said tract contained. Thl* deed ia nearly twenty year* older than tbe oldeat patent cltad by the United States Mr. Clayton aakad if tha oounael had the original patent, and suggested the word Ay might have been accidentally left out in the oopy.? Meaara. Bibb and Katon replied that they bad It not ? neither had they the power to produce it. Their client being but a private citizen, had not the means ot enforcing its presence upon thls.occaaion. The next documents were a lease and releaae from the Dnk* of York to Lord Berkley and Sir George ( artaret, for tha tract part of the grant from the King to him. Tbey next read ''The Concession*,'' being term* upon wbioh tbe province was (ettled aa to government, and then offered the territorial charter of November, IH7 1 I'rnrn the Rlnff to the I) Like In nnndrnutlnn ???i? recognition of the grant of 1 GO I, reciting the treaties between Great Britain and the Netherlands The next dooument wan a deed of partition of the province, between Sir Kdward (arteret Lord Berkley, I'enn, Lotden, and Billing*, who were then proprietors of New JotHey, malting a uivlsion of the territory. Next the graat to riir Kd? nrd uartaret, by the Duke of York, in oonsequence of thin partition, and In confirmation of the mud, for the country from the Hudson down to Barne gat, aud from thence across to the Hanooca*, confirming oartoret in the royalties. The case was then adjourned until to-day, at eleven o'clock The precise difference between the grants to Delaware and New Jersey appears to ue to be this The State of Delaware olaiius, under the grant of 16HI, for the " twelve miles about the river Delaware, the rlrer. the Islands therein, aud the soil covered by the river " The trrant to New Jersey, in I6?4, describing the tract, says, It hath upon the Wast the Bay and llie Hirer Delaware." Ite. The ijuestlou ap pours to be as to the noustruo'lon of the words ' it hath upon the West,'1 whether those words mean, it Includ** upon the West the Delaware, or it hath as a boundary tue river Delaware If the words mean It Include* the Delaware, then the grant would inelnde the Tea Tatoh. with other Islands ?1'hilud. Ltdger, JOlA (net. FrnritKR Particulars of the Railroah AcciriRMr ai Sot rh KoyALTON.?It ih now well ascertaine i that there were but five persons killed outright, vii .?Mr. Woodbury, of Charlestown, the eagl n?er, Mr B K King and Mr Francis iiuntoon, of West Acton; Mi. Wiley, of Baldwinsville, arid Mr Thomp. son, of Oraltou; all but the last named being employed upon the road Of the wouuded, Mr. Whitney, the freight master, belonging to Hhlrley. was In a dytn< conditlon last night [sluce dead | lie was feand near the steain valve, and is supposed to have been scalded inter uslly. When the bridge began to give way, u* was nitting upon the lender, aud jumped toward* the abutment of the bridge, but missed it and fell with the fragment*. Mr. Joshua Lincoln,of CharUslown, had both l-gs bro ken They have been *et, and h? is doing well Mr Reynolds. attached to the road, Is badly but not latally injured Mr Whltmore. (he ticket master at Baldwinsville, is but slightly Injured, and ia able to be about A Mr v.wton aud a Mr. Baldwin, both ol Baldwins*!!!* wore alao Injured, but not aeverely The reinaina of Mr. H Woodbury ??re brought to< barleetown by the train laat evening He la ? member of an Odd Kellowa Lodge at H Waltham. and will be burled under their direction ftom H Charlehtown, to-morrow atUrnoon. The other dead bodied were convcyad to tbelr reapeotive raaldenoea tbte ujorolug Trrsona who left the neene of the dlaaater lart ventuR. ?U'e that the whole of the bridge la In the rirer It waa 16A Iret long, and the abutment# ware J* fret apart The dlatauee irotu the bridge tu tb? water lar'teet The whole weight upon the bridge at the time of the accident waa batween 60 and mi ton*, of which but about X> ton* waa railroad Iron. A lighter engine with Iron, paaeed OTer the bridge a few daya pretloua to the <llaaater. It U itated that a young man who had jumped upon the train Juat pratloua to lU croealng the bridge, heard the bridge ora?lt and leaped Into the water from whence he swam aahore. and waa not In the leaat injured. He aUtea that the bridge iwayed aldewaya before It wholly gave way. ? ilet/en HlA ( *'

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