Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 1, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 1, 1847 Page 1
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TH1 Vol. XILI. No. ?VU-Whol? No. 4N6. THE) NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-well corner of Kulton and Numh Itl. ]AMFS GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION?KORTY 'UIOUHAND. DAILY HWRALD?Every day, Price 2 eioti percopy? |7 ' 5 jirr ati'min?r>a\ab'e i>< advance. WKKKl.Y M Kit ALU?Every Suurday?Price 6M cent? p?r CD v?$ 1 \2\i cents oeraintim?payable in advance. HKRA U KOR EU HOPE?Every Sream Packet day? I if 6l? cents per copy?$5 per annum, including postage, $1 t-xJusive ol t> ?{?*', i-ayable inadvatice. bub criptluni ami adv-rtiser*ient? v. ill be received bvMeav* Gali< u\m, IS rue V.vienne Paris; P L. Simonda, 11 Corahill. and John M'ller, lh? bookseller, Loud >n. V-JNUA.L PICTOKIAL HERALD?Publi.hed on the l?t ?l I nu irv of each year?single copy aupence. ADVERTHEME NTS. at the usual p-ices?always cash in ailviace Advertise oents sh'in'd be written in a olaiu, legible in mner Th? proprietor wili not be responaible for errors thai uny occur in them. HUNTING of all kinds executed beautifully and with despatch. All letters or couimanications by mail, addressed to the proprietor of the ejt blishment. must he poit paid, or the poat^ r;" w i: I Kr- lU'lsftMl from rha subscription inonrv remitted NOTICE.?On and after SUNDAY, Nor, m -v"t?i??r?vetnber 1st. 1817, the steamers 8YLPH and h rV.vSS?Li 8TVTEN INLANDER will make the following trips: I.EAVK STATE!* lit.AND. At 8, 10,11,12 o'clock, A. M.-2, 4,6 o'clock, P. M. LtlVK 1KW VOKK. !), 11 o'clock. \. it.?1.SK. 5, ?X o'clock, P.M. New Yrirli, Oct. J!) 1817. ' oil WV PEOPl.fc'S I INfc STfcAMBOATb iTOK ALBANY, Daily, Sundiys Excepted ? tnEHu Tlirongh Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between Courtlaudt aud Liberty street*. Steamboat ISAAC NK WTOW, Capt Wm H. Peck, will Ifnve on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRTK HUDSON, Capt. R. Q. Crnttenden, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenmga at 6 u'clock At Five O'clock, P. M.?Landing at intermedial* place*? front the foot of Barclay atreet. Hteamboat SANTA CLAUS Captain B. OverbagS, will lf .i'c on Monday, Wednesday, Friday aud Sunday afternoons. " Hteunboat SOUTH AMERICA, Caft T.N Hulae, will Iravf 011 Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday afternoooa, at ? o 'clock. 1 TIi-* above boata will at all time* arriv* ill Albany in ample I ' lime for the Morning Cars for the East or West. 1 Kn ight fkca at moderate rates, and none taken altar 3 o'clock, P. M. i 3T7"" Ail persona are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, witlx-nt a written order from the captains or agents. For uasa-'ge or freight, at.iJy on board the boats, or to P. C. SCHULTZ,mtl;e olfict on the wh**f. olBrh rf?ee., " .MORN I NO LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK r ,..ji^__>KOK ALBANY AND TROY, and inter < fcV(.laiiMnMiiMimedial* Landings. The Sis uner THOY is a third larger thin any other Day Boat: aud in point of speed, safety, and commodiouaueaa la actually uiunrpassed. No steamer ever acquired more universal and enduring popularity, or retained in greater perfection those substantial excellencies which really deserve public favor. Breakfiet and Dinner on board the Boat. .he low pressure ateamboat TROY, Captain A. Oorham, will leave the ateamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Kndaya, at seven o'clock A.M. ReturcUir on the opposite days. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F.B.Hull, at the office ou the wharf. a IS rc MORNING LINE AT 1_ O'CLOCK, CWC^^FOR ALBANY AND TROY, landing at ?rfniViMrsi"nl l rrIII, Westpoint, Newburg, Hampton, Milton, loughkee i>sie, Hyde Park, Kingston, Upper Redhook, Barrytown, Bristol, Caukill. Hudson, Coisaekie, Kinderhooa ami Bal'imore. Lauding at Hammond street. Leaves New York, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, U7 o'clock, A. M. U.eakfdst and Dinner on board the boat. The low pressure Steamboat NIAGARA, Capt. H. L. Kellogg, mil leave t ie Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street. Tnesday?, Thuridiys, tnd Sitnrdaya, at (even o'clock, A M.. returning on tlie opposite days. Kf.r passage or (reiglit, apply on board, or to K. B. Hal), al tl? i)(nw oatbewharf. alcre Aflg- IJNIONLINKOKPACKETHtoand IromLIV5* v !! POOL.? I lie splendid new Packet Ship iVAN ^C#Jbi'IDE, I40U toils bnrthe i, Capt. Edwards (late of the P-ckel nli p Sc ), will sai I' oin New York on Tliuraday, Nov. 4ih. and from Liverpool on the 10th of January next. Thi? mngmlicvnt I'n-.ket ha? accommodations f r cabin, sreo d cabin. and steeraga pass tubers, unsurpassed by any ship sailing from the p >rt of New Vork. Petsoua about proceeding to Europe or those wishing to send for their friends, ?h iii'd make earlv application >>n board, foot of Dover St., or te Q?f W.& J.T.TAP8COTT. ?8 So?tli St. jtwAT KOR LIVERPOOL.?Regular packet ?>f the Ctb November.?The well known fast sailing packet .'tllbiliip NEW WO'iLO, burthen 1350 tons, (Japtaui Kiii?nF will sail as above, her regulir day. Her accommod itioos for ctbin, secocd csbin and steerage pasaenjera are too well known to require comment. Those intending to einbirk should in ike immediate application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMUKRAY, OlM lOrre enrner of Pine and Liberty sts i.t KOR NEW OHLKAN.S?Louisiana and New h&jP^VYork Line of Packets?Very Reduced Rates?ReguMSmiI r packet for Slh November ?The new and splendid fa.I .a. oigp>cket ship ARO'Ol-E, Cant Hoodlrss, is now loading, and will poaitively sail as above, her regular day. Kor Ireiglit ur passage, haying accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, appl y on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of WtlI street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 56 South st. Positively no freight will be received onboard after 8atuiday evening, Nov.tithAge?t in New Orleans, Mr. William Creeur, who will promptly forward all goodi to his address The packet birk (i&NlfidKK, Capt. Dillingham, iwill sacceed the Arcole, and sail November 18ih, her regular day. o2i _ afaS? KOR NEW ORLEANS?Only regular i>aeket of the 5th November. Tne first diss fast sailing *3*.?MUpacket ill p ALHRED, burthen t,"00 t?ns, Capt. C. U run ileum; will mil as abovr, her regular day The accominodati > m in this splendid ship for cabin, sscond cabin, and alert .g* passengers, are uiuurpassed by any vessel in port, being roomy nud well ventilated. Persons intending to embark ?h ii'd embrace this very favorable opportunity. Kor termi, *luch will be very modeiate apply on board) pier i:i East River, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, o?8 9rrc _ 69 Sou'li street, corner of riue OLD OH BLACK BALL LINE OK PACKETS KOR LIVERPOOL.?The mwnificaut fast sailing '^fhtmrnBlack Ball Line packet ship MOVl'EZUM burthen I nun tons, Cti?. A. B. Lowber, will sail positively on Monday, the 1st of November, her regular day. Kor terms of caliin. si'coud cabin, i r steerage passage in this fine and spleni'id packet,ea ly application all >uld be made on buard, fo t of Beeliman street, or to the subscribers. Passage can alao >e securea from Live'pool for persons to come by this packet, which sails from there on the 16th Deor hm Miiv of ih* ItUrli ball Line, sailing twice each mouth. Dialts niynh e at tight on the Royal Bank of Ireland, and on Meuj. Prescott, lirote, Awes St Co., hankers. London. ApPii to ROCHE, BROTHERS St CO., 35 E 'lton street, neit door to the Kulton Rank. N. II?The public are respectful!/ notified, so that they in >y be gu irded mams' a deception which mmht be practised ou th in. that we are the established and regular appointed lueuti by the owners, to advertise to bring out passengers by the Bl'ck tiall Line of packet*, which sail from Liverpool on the Ut sn.1 16th of each month; that we have no connection with iay* other pass?nger Inline in h's city; and that no business is done for us here, except what is done at 35 Kulton st. nt< 6'm FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line? Regnlar Packet of 16th Noveinner?The new and splendid fast JdMwIb sailing packet ship ROSCIUS, Asa Eidridge, master i. now loading and will sail as above, her regu ar d?y. ( 'or freight or psssage having superior furnished accommodations upply ou board at Oi leans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E.K.COLLINS, 56 South st. The packet ship Siddons, Edward B. Cobh, master, wilt succeed the Uoscius, and sail 26th December, her regnlar day. o27 FOR LIVERPOOL?Hie New Line?Regular A.t5*V Picket of 21st of November?The well-kuowu, fast ^MMH^aili'ig packet ship HOTTINOUER, 1000 tons, Capt. Ira >nrsley, will sail as above, her regular day. for freight or passags, having splendid large and comfortable state rooms and cabin, apply to the Captain ou board, at West aide of Builiug slip, or to WOOUHULL & MINTURN, 87 South street. The Packet shin LIVERPOOL, 1300 t.ins burthen, Captain John Eidridge, will succeed the Hottinguer, and sail on her reyn1*''day, list December. ?2Sm ifci. KOK M /lRSEILLKS-Tlie fine ship SARAH k { Sany AIHILI A, Captain B. R. Buttniu, will meet with .VMuMtaprompt despatch. Eoi freight or pusage,apply to BOVD It HINCKEN, No.9 Tou'ine Buildings, or to CHAMBERLAIN ?t PHELPS, o 18i n 103 Front street. ~m&*- TAPSCilTl'8 EMIGRATION OKKICfc, 8t South street-l'ersoas willing to send for their iflMBfaalriendt in the old conntry can secure passage on returnable terms, by any of the magnificent ships Comprising the new Line of Liverpool packets, vie? CONSTITUTION, 1740 tuna, (Captain John Brittoa. QUEEN OK THE WEST, 1400 tout, Capt. P. Wood house LIVERPOOL, 1230 tons, Captain John Eidridge. HOTTINOUER, 1130 tons, Capt. Ira Buraley, fmm I.iT#ri,onl nn rhe Arh of everv month. Prssajrs I can nli'i lift secured by the Ht. George's f.ine, or the Union Liue of Liverpool packets, making in all a ship every Cvs d-.ys from that port, b'ar farther particulars apply to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. I rM 8* Month iirut, Nfw York. 1 UiNSK i.NKfr.8 per Kreneh bark < amILLE, ToT'TV "ill pl?a?e send iheir permits on board, at pier 7 N. it , or to the office of o?t in HO VI) St HI Nt'KKN, Hit Water street. KOH I.OVDON?Regular Packet of the lit NoV0 jrTV'ember?Th? new aud magnificent Packetship jLMfaVORKTOVVN. burthen IIM torn, W H, mtati- , will sail as above her regular day. Her accommodations fir cabin, second cabin, and steerage passeuger*. are nne.jiulted liv nuy vessel n port, being ?ery iii^ioni, and wel ventilatea. Persons intending to embark, should aya I themselves i f tt>u very favorable opportunity, by makinz imme'hate epplication on board, foot of M iilen Lane, or to i JOSEPH McMUBKAY, 031 lit re corner of Pine ann South streets. KOK UHSUOW.-The New Tine sails I atand' fcjrff*Vliih of each month?The finefast tailing A I Britiah Jfc&luir.r.iur H VNI) KKORD, JOO ton., Opt. A. B McAIpm \v111 aall lith November. K ir freight or jia?f>ge, having excellent accommodation*, apply to the captain on board, fo it of Roaevelt at , K\st liner, or to WOODHULL & MINTURN, H7 S^nth ?t. I'lieregnltr packetahin BROOKSBV, 800 ton*, Copt. Hugh MrKwen, will succeed the HYNDKKORD, and sail on her regular nay, tit December. i>2Sm ONLY KK.iiri.AH LINK okTacKk I S (Oft ,xJr#WNKW OKLF,AN8.-Ttit following well known, | atUkttlWi' a iling and favorite packet ahipa have aceommodulioua unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin, and steerage pjM'iigera, and will pontirely aail aa advertised, or puaage free, vi*;? The M KM PA IS, Capt Bunker. November lit The WISUONHIM, (new,) Capt. Mumford, November J Persona wiahing to proceed to New Orleana, will do well to Ki-cnre pannage by eilher the above packets, na they are all first . ela ?ships, commanded by men ei|>erienced in trw trade, and . will aiil pnuciually on iheir appointed days. To secure { berths, apply o.i board, or to . ,,t Or W It J T. TAPHCOTT. M Month at. j F"olT~GKNOA.?The neperior bark l>. (J?>Di S NE NT 4NKW YORK VOLUNTEERS.?Wanted, to (ill th< riuUs of the New York Hrgiment now serving iu Mfiin u'idrr Col Burnett. SOU able bodied men A bounty of 161 acre# of hind located at the o|>tiou of the holder, or trea dry scrip lorS100, bearing interest at 6 per cent, will be kitci in each instance on houorable ?tiacliarge. Apply at the Ken d< trout corner of Broad and K rout streets. o20 7f r ?n _ UK DfcWLT C. KELLl.NOilK'a IN KALI /ia?r^BLK LINIMENT, it now uuive tally admitted ti the best and cheapest for pains, sores and braise of every nature; it matcers uot from wliat cause they may havi originated or of how long standing it it certain to cure at it) applied. NB?We most respectfully solicit the Clergy n erery denomination to send us their addrets, aud particularly thn-ewho have any amorg tlieir confregatious who cauno well afford to pay for the remedy. It it put up in large bottlei and told at only 30 cents a tingle bottle, or < a doieu, at tin principal depot, No 230 Pearl street: also, at the Harlem Kail roadOrtice, City Hn 11, aud at the Druggists. Saddlers Stuiei an'l Ta ems, throughout the city and couutry generally. For very special and eceusive le'e-encts ol the inottai founding cures upon tecord tee Keliinger'a advertitemcnt ii the "Spirit of the Timet," puhliahrd in New Y-.rkciy, am can be teen iu every principal town and city in the Unitei Staiet. No perton can read th I advctitement without pur clnsing a bottle, to keep iu the home, in cue of accideuta. oJ7 lit rc M FIVE DOLLaiTsREWAKD-DOU LOST -J large white Newfoundland dug, with hla< k head, i black spot near hia tail, a black tpot on hit right side I black spots oo hit fore-legs; weighing about 10 lbs, was lost on Thursday, the 2lst iiut, on the C -h Avenue near 12J street. Whoever will bring him back to 169 Wate street, will receive the above reward, with hit expenses. "29 7t?r MANSION HOU ??.. C H \ U L K.STO ,S i ? vln IJTjW DAVIS begs leave to announce to her friends and visi toi.narteaiou, cnnt e*ren*ive aumuous auo improve Bieuu having been made Co her II<>a>?, during 'ho laattumtnei he is now prepared n offer such accommodation* end cum fort* a* ahe truata will fullv inert the withe* ol those who m.i favor her eatabliahmeut with a viiit. The improvement* consist of an elegant and spacious diiiin room, we^ I aired ar d well ventilated. 011 Queen >treet, suits c pi'tment* for large or unall families, and single room*, a! wirhpiaza* fronting the south, and hot aud cold bath* iu th e*tabli*hm?nt. The Mansion House is pleasmi'ly litnated in the eomer 0 Meetiig and Queen streets, and offers great advantage to faini lies aud geutlemen of leisure a* well as those engaged iu bus MM. Mr*. D. flatters herself that her arrangement* for (lie anppl' of her table (both at hume and occasionally from the north) a well a* theatteutioii and general (food attendance at the Hou*e will be found ?uch a* to gi entire satisfaction, oil t2t* rc M TO LET KOH THE WIN TEH.?A suit of hand *oine apartment*, consisting of two parl>r* on first floor with three bedroom* with closet* and pantrie*, and pri rate table* aud attendance. The houie 1* replete with mo Hern improvement*,with hot, cold,and shower bath*,and light ed with ga* throughout The tituatiou is pleasant aud reipect ible,being but the *ecoud block from Broadway, east side itooms now ready for inipeetion. Enquire at 537 Houstoi street. o27 Gt?rc ?|ONE THOUSANDHANDBOV1K TItKKS. saitabli JpT^for Parks or Streets. The *uhscribers offer for sale a mSm half price, viz . 50 cents each, 1.000 Ailauthus trees, 12 ti 14 feet high.c inaidered by good judge* the liand*ome*t lor o tree* ever offered in this market. Samples at our ?toie. Bou luetsof sweet flower* for bridal and other parties. Neepoli tan violet* in large quantities during the *ea*nn. DUNLAP 81 THOMSON, Seedsmen and Florist*. 636 Broadway. Wanted, a young man to tuaist in a green houie. Apply a above. o2!)6t*rc SI'L-.NDIO KOHfcWOOU I'lANI |fl?|il FORTE FOR HALE?A11 e'exaut toned fa *1 III highly finish'd Piano Forte, 6J? octave*. (Jo I T 5c I II thicstvle, just imported from Germany, war r-nted to he a most tuperior instrument in tone, loach am finish ia offered for sale a bargain. The Piano Forte m iy b< *een at 150 Spring, between Lauren* and Thompson itreet*. o29 fit* r 1 VTH1m-B l''ANO FORTES FOR HIRE, at No.2fi Waihington itreet. Brooklyn, near Myrtle Av a 8 A '^lenoe?A variety of new and *ecoiid hand Pian IIS? 1 I Forte*, for sale or hire; also a general assort inent of Music and Muiical Instruments. o28 llt*rc J.WALKER. A RARE LHA>0 TO JEWtLEKti?I'll p/aj proprietor of an old eitabliihed Jewelry store, who i CttS about retiring from the buiiuess, offers for sale hi euii'e ?tock and fixture*, with a good run of cu*tome *, at fair apprraaal, for ca*h and approved WH, Rent moderate Poa*e**ion given immediately Apply on the premise* to o2S7t*rc AARON < ?. BURK. 811 Bowerv bLOOK AT THIS.?Freuch Boots aud Shoe* Oen . tlemen, iu this store you will find a large assortment ? besr quality end cheap ; Ladies wiU alio find here al kind-of boots ami shoe* they m iy w int; the *tock 1 ol-irgeaiid the ataortment so great you canuot fail InJi rubber*, all the different kinds of my owu ininufucture. lio ladiea, gents, boys, misses and children, and will aell ther cheaper than any other eatahliihmeut in thi* city, at 367 Broac wav, one door above Frauklin street. 06 Mteod'rrc M. (>AH1LL. ~jjj? NOTICE?Packet bark GENESEE, from Net Orleans, is discharging at fo<it of Rutgers street, E.11 JBHK?liiver Consignees will please attend to the receii I'aCKc.TS kok h avtie?Hecouil Line.?Th HwWShip baltimore, R. Conn, master, will .sail u CBMBbthe first ot November. <>:i buy!) 8t H1N< k KN, Acent?, No 88 Wn'l-i SLONlNSK Y'S CALCULATING MACHINE?fhe? extraordinary and wonderful machines having been ju completed, and the patent in England anil the United Stall having been secured, they are uow offered to the public fi sale. They are the moit ingenious invention of the age, an most prove invaluable to those engaged in making up larm sums, su"h ai astronomers, as their accuracy is bevond doubt Kos sale by 8. J. NEU8TADT IkBARNETT, oli Mt*-c Patentees, 42 Maiden Lnue. DXoIJEKKKOTYPE-VOIOTLAENDEii'S Apparat. at Reduced Prices.?Half size Tubes at $64)?<inartersii Tubes at $35. Also, Plates, Cues, Chemicals, Camera an Coating Boxes, at the lowest market prices. Ordeis accon pauied with remittances, will be promptly attended to, by a< dressing W. & K LANGENHEIM, Philadelphia Exchange, or LANOENHEIM & BECKER8. o?S 12t?rc 2fli Broadway, New York. 4m ARRIAUES-JAMES BRkWSTER,"having opened new Carriage Repository at 396 Broadway, would ri spectfully iuvile his old pat ons and friends to call and ci.ur ine a comp'ete assortment of carriages. oM U?rc NA llONAL BOOK EA< :HAN(JK?We, the u, tier signed, hereby appoiut Mr. Talbot Watts, of 102 Nai sp.u street, as our agent lor the purchase of all kinds of secoui hand Books and Prints; all Harper's Novels and cheap publi cations will be liberally paid rot in cash. Persons ui the cuut try may depend upon punctual remittance, and the full vr.tue by sending as above. By order ofHaucke, D'Avoy, aud L?'A mini, agent* to the National Dook Exchange Company, 10 N IMM street. 10' rr l> a1.1. ai\u wirit r.ti ol.ui nii\u,aiui* oiii oiou " nig Warehouse, No. 102 Kulton ssreet. directly oppoelt the Old North Dutch Clnirch, where every style of fall an' winter Clothing caa be had to suit the pocket aud taste of all. CLOAKS?Of black and blue broadcloths, braver nud pilots, from 15 00 to 2} 0 OVER COATS and OVER SA^KS. every shade of tweed, broadcloths, beaver and pilots, Irom.. . ., 5 00 to *00 Also, a large assortment of Business Sacks, Frock Coats, single and double breasted. The new style of SHAD COATS, from...... I 00 to 10 6 PANTALOONS, plain and fancy Cauimeres, Krench Doetkuis. mid Knglish black Cassimeres. Satinets, Sic., of every style, from 1 00 to 0 VESTS, an endless variety of black satin, velvet, merinos, and bombazine, from . 1 50 to 5 0 rtino, a large assortment 01 rreucn, r niiiun, wernuiu an< American Bioadciot (, ( 'assimeres and Vesting!, winch wil be made up to order to suit the moat fastidious. DANIEL P. SMITH, IS 30t*m 101 Fulton it., oppoiite the Old Dutch Church. fcCOND HAND KURN1 fUHE AND CLOTHIN< W ANTKD.?Ladies or gentlemen h wing any -juperllu ous or cast nil clothing or fu'niturc to dispose of. caunfiM o fair caih price for the mme, bv lending (or the subscriber, a Ills 'esidence, or a line through the post-office wiH be punc tually attended to. M-8 COHEN, 89 Duane mart. Ladiei can be attended to by Mrs. Cohen N.B ?Job Ooodi and Old Stock bought to any amount. 080 12t*rc MKSHKS. (JaKKY *c VKK V ALKN, Surgeon Dentut having recently returned from Soutk America, annouur to their friends and the public that they are now prepared I perform all operation! appertaining to their profession. at the renulence, No. 11") Chambers' st. n27 I2t*rc THE FASHIONS OK THE D A Y?Homan Togas?Drei aud Krock Coats, elegant (food fits, can be had at remark) bly low pricei from our lishiouahle neighbors, SANFoHI Brothers, Tailors, 1J7 Fultoulitreet, neit door to fce Ileral ?|Im olt Ut'Hi OGDEN He MOSI1Y, Wholesale Dealers iu Dry Ooodi Groceries, and Mexican Oeods, Forwarding nfld Coil ioa Merchants, month Rio Grande. {Consignments ol freigh received and forwarded to ell points on the Kio Grande or i Mexico. AgeiUs in New Orleans?Messrs.! Lii-larp, MosnvfcC.o St and n New Levee 4M*n NEW FISH AND. SALT STORK.-The suhscr.ber hi commenced business in the above line, at No. 219 Fron street, where will be found coiistamly on hmid, dry and pick led fish of every description,vix:?Mackerel salmon and Shad pickled and dry codfith always on hand Nova Scotia msci erel, salmon, and codfish, alewives, smoked herring. Ite All kinds of fine and coarse salt,including Liverpool, Turk1 Island, and Salina, iu lots to suit purchases. T. PRANDY. 219 Front street. P. 8. Business transacted between this city and the Britis Provinces on reasonable terms. T. P. Nova Scotia mackerel and salmon lauding from schooue Joseph Howe, Halifax. For sale by T. PRANDY, ?I9 Hi*re tit Front st. POWELL ON THK EYE.?Just Published, a I'opuln Treatise on the EYE, it* Diseases, and their cure, wit enfrraviugs, rules for the selecuou of spectacles, Ike., Ivo price JO centa. To be had at the author s, and ol'booksellei generally. Dr.Powell attends exclusively to diseases o( the Kye an Kar from 9 to 4 o'clock, at his office 261 BroadwdT, corner c Warren street. Artificial Eyes of a tnperior quality recently imported. 14 Mt^r' A CHEMICAL RK8ULT.?A WONDER ?Vt. fJk.TA n. BLR LIQUID HAIH DVK,to eo?bie pertonito dye it Untaneo ii Iv ln?ir hair.without the least inconvenience. K<i changingied T grey Htir, Whukera, Kyebrowi, lie., to i Brown, Black, or Cheinut color. The lighten evil conn rraenCM need not befeared froin itiuie-it iialtogethei harmleu This jompoaition la the only one sanctioned by the scienceo chemistry, to dye. in ail indelible manner, the rariou* grndi tiona of colors, without danger or inconvenience, and li?a juati lied the liberal patronage and unlimited confidence of the put lie. II Black ii required, uk for boi marked N; if Brown box marked B. Prepared by JULK8 HAUKL, perfumer and chemist, 12 f 'lieiinnt street, Philadelphia;and sold wholesale and retail, b A B k P. HANDS, Druggists, l?0 Kultou. cor. of Williar it, II. Johnson, Z73 Broadway; A. L. Winship, 77 Kast Broad way?*A. K. Artault, 149 Broadway; and J. B. Jaquemod, 41 Broadway, New York. (T>- Beware of couoterfeita. Ask for ".MILKS HAUKL1 VKOKTABLE LIQUID HAIH DYK," ii you want th lenuine article. A premium awarded al the kranklin Insiiinte au26 Ifli m DAUUKHRIAN MATKRIaLH.?.Vlanulactmeil h] JOHN ROACH, Opdcuii, ?2 Naasau street, Nev York, where erery article of the beat quality may be had a ihe lowest price. Roach'a Triple Com|>ounJol Bromine, t inperior chemical, producing quick pictnrea of fine whiti tone, now used by the beat operator!, a few of whoae nam* tre attached. We have used Roach'a preparation, and reeom mend it, believing it inperior to any thing of the kind in use:H. L Walker. Albany; 8. J. Humphrey, Wilmingtrm, Nortl Carolina; P C. Ransom. Troy; A. J. Beala, New York; T [:. Doane, Montreal; Clarke k Brother, Syracuse? For aal< by the manufacturer, M Nauau street. New Yorkt O Dexter Albany i William Brtitol, L'tleat Clarke k Brother, Syracuse W YO :w YORK, MONDAY MOB C XlWt CHALLENGE? Notice to gentlemen who want i their old clothe* to look like new, call at the Tai) lurn>(, D) int;, CleauiuK, .'iad Kti'mrim Katablishinent. N i. 66 (iol I (irrrt, where orderi will be punctually attended to I at llicshortcit u tice; and on the most reaaoiiahle ierm>, by _ J. B. NOAH.66 Oold ?treet. _ ? ?.? I he highest price giveu for gentleineu j l?ft oil ) wearing apparel. ?4 Mt'rc TO WHiiLcSALK DEALKhH IN VANCY UOOD8, BOOKS, ntlNT8, lie.?The Advertiser, hiving rei Ceived <>u consignment au anso.tment of Fancy 0"nds. intends leaving the end of thia month (October) for Pittsburgh, Cini ciunati, UuuviHr and other Western aud Southern cities, inI i ciuiii.g New Orleans. Mobile, kc. He intends to make a r | laige circuit through all the principal citiea, should sufficient t j inducements offer He it, therefore, willing to take ou conI iigumeut any description ol good* Would be willing to un dertake the sale >nd collection cf books, novels, print*, fce. - | Letters addressed to N B A. T., Post Office, Philadelphia, (post paid.) will be attended l i <.26 I2t' rrc BILLIARDS.?The manufacturer'!rooms, lor plavn-g, aud the sale of tables, ?re IX Ann stTeet, entrance 149 j Kalt'in. Horn's 4 Ten Pin Alleys on the 1st floor, 7 Tables ou ] the 2nd. Cloth, balls, cae, wax, and French cue pciuts, for 1 sale. " Mr. J. Horn, ju., and Olis Field are connected witn the above establishments, and invite their friends aud the public. N. B. The two gents above named are very popular in their L business?their saloons are worthy of patrouage ? to. n s24 30t?tc i rp.-XAH COMMEMCIAL AGENCY AT GAL^ES0 j 1. VK.STON ?The undersigned will attend to the Collee> tinn of Notes aud Accounts in the State of Texas, effecting r Sales of Heal Estate. the Purchase of Produce, Receiving nuJ Forwir.iug of Merchandize, and of a General ' ninwissioo Bnsiuess. OEORGE BUTLkrt. IlKFKHKnCKS II* NkW YllRI. . Moses Taylor, Esq., J, G Dudley U (Jo., Edward K. Collius, Esq., Tarrant Pufiinm, Esq., Allen <k Paxson, James Lefferts K Co., i.' Robert C. Wetmore k Co., Wisuers k G"le, , II tydock, Corlies k Co., Edward G. Paile St Co., Wiu.C Langley h Co., J It J. K. Trippe, a K. 3. Ci I). Lathrop, White (k Bi iutal 1, ,1 Hon. John W. K.Jmonds Walter li. Townsend k Co. || Addrr?s No. 11 Pine street. New Yoik. k24 3flt*m ? I UREBUUflt) VENTILATING WIGS, SeAln, aa4 J v> Ladies'Head Dresses, stand pre-eminent above all others ' 1 in the world. An examination will prove this uo egotistical boast. Their peculiar light, veutilating nud gossamer charnc' ter; their being shaped and fitted to the head exactly as the natur. I hair grows, every hair having the ap|<ear.ince of issuY iug froin the skin; their elasticity, superiority of material aud workmanship their style of finish and mode of arrange! j ment. form such a combination of improvements, that all the competent judges hsve pronounced them perfect heads ofhnir. . I Stringers arc invited to impect them, whether from curiosity or with intention to purchase. Prices moderate. 118Brondwav, directly op, osite the City Hotel. Entrance by the store of 8'. John natter. s 16 30t * in Choice winj-?, teas, <m.-n. bloodgood, No.4 Pine street,offers for sale on reasonable terms? 10'WI baskets(N. B.) Vind lay Champagne, piuts aud quarts. 1 2$ do. Ay Crema t, do quarts. 50 quarter can lis Mauzamilla k Amontillado., pale Sherries, . 25 demijohns superior table Madeira. ( 25 do Pule Otard Brnndy, , 50 do Old Pale Heunessv do. f 2 dozeu very old Jamaica Rum. 4 do do Antigua do. 75 half chests fine Ooloong Tea, very low. Also, other fiue Black and Green Teas, in chests, half chests and small boxes. sll30r?m OK KICK. OK THE NEW YOKK OAS LIGHT COMPANY, Oct. II. 1847.?The President and Directors have this day dei lared a dividend of four aud one-half per cent on ) the capi'al stock of this Company, for the six mouths endiug 1st August last, payaDle to the stockholders ou and after Mon, dav, the 1st November next The transfer book will be closed from the 25th iust to that j date. By order. C. L. EVERITT, Secretary. , oil Mtm " iM ENUINE BEAR'S OIL.?Hard study, close couhne u ment, au excess of earn, mid dyspepsi i are the principal 3 causes of premature baldness; and a more mortifying circumstance than to be deprived of the natural ornament for the g head in vouth or in the prime of life, can, indeed, hardly be imagined. Thrit preparation, then, ia beat calculated to benefit the hair, which haa a tendency to equalize the circulation in the aealp, to atimnlate the akin and nourish the bo lbs that lie immediately beneath. The Genuine Bear a Oil, imported e by the undersigned, from Canada and the North-,est, ia supe nor for thia purpose to any merely artificial preparation iu the * world. It ia highly perfumed, and ita uae his been strongly rea commended by those who have thoroughly studied the conati tution and phvsiolory of the hair. Perfumed and prepared for the toilet by HENRY JOHNSON, Chemist, 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers atreet. Bold also, at 100 Fulton atreet, and i 77 East B'oad way. Large bottlea 50 centa; amall, 25 ceuta. [T~/~ Purchasers to be assured of getting the genniue Bear's ij Oil, inuat purchase only aach M bear ttu; seal auJ name of s Henry Johnson, 273 Broadway, New York. n anJI JOt*rn r fUST RECEIVED?A rich assortment of t?OCy and black " J silk Cravata and Scarfs, Ike at J. AGATE'S, Gentlemen's Outfitter. 237 Broadway, cor. of I'arkplace. UNLJEK GARMENTS? A lnrge naaortment of Silk Merino Lnmhswool Cotton, (kc. of every deairable atyle, at J N AGATE'S. Gentlemen's Outfitter, 237 Broadway, cor. of it Park place. ,l GLOVES?A ajtperiorArticle of Kid Gloves, with welted seams, not liable to rip; also Chossou, Bajou, and silk thre?d - and woollen Gloves, in great variety, at J. AGATE'S, < Oentlemen'a Outfitter, 237 Broadway, cor. of I'ark place. SHIRTS?The subscriber woul^l call the attention of the public to hia atyle of Shirts, which are marie in a auperiomanner. Hhirta made-'to order,anil warranted to fit. J. AdATfc, , Gentlemen'* Furnifling Strre, 237 Broadway,'cor. Park place. ,t *4 30t*rc LVA\111. V BOAHUING SCHOOL IN 'I'll!!: COUN>t F THY.?An eiperienced teacher ha* taken for aome year* u pnat, a number ef children, not exceeding ten, into her family :c a* boarder* and tcholar*. Her time ia devoted to the pupila. a and no pain* spared to advance them in their atndies, and render them comfortable and happy while under her care. Great attention ia paid to their health and morali. The location ia ? very healthy and retired. There are at present a few vacan r cies. For referencea and terini enquire of J. K. Betts, K*q., ,1 No 37 Wall street; or H. Hunt, E*q., No. 9 Chambers street jaMMt?m 1- DERFUMERY, TOILET SOAPS, Patent Medicine* r Kaney article*, very low, tuitable for the country tiade, choice Colognes, ExtractavVid other Perfnmery, for retail ? Room Si Fowler'* celebrated walnut oil military ahaving _ aoap, the only true article. Dr. Foord's Pectoral Syrup, for the a 'unga, Tonar Cordial for dyaenierv and derangement of the . bowels, and his universal pills for cleansing the stein. For , stle at No- 1 Courtlandt street, first store from Broadway. OEO B GHOSER, sH 30t*rc lute Vromn St Fowler, of No 3. " \/| ETN HA HUT'S GILDEU BIlAS.i LE I IKK* FOR I * I SKINS?These letter* are remarkable for durability, aud a brilliancy of the gilding unequalled by any other article in .. the city?which brilliancy is warranted to stand exposure to the weather. T' ey are also japanned to any color that may 1 be desired. Orders led at Jonee, Beebce Si Co.'*, 120 Fulton 2 street, will be attended to. The partnership heretofore *ubaisting between Meiohardt St Stott, was dissolved on the Ut July. *isgm*fh H. P MEINHARPT: 4 1 < W I BARRELS PURE SPIRITS? 1UU loo do 8ui>erior ALCOHOL, WHITE BRANDY. ^ An excellent article of Native Grape* for Preserve*, Cor dials, Sic., at a much lower price than the imported. For *ale by JOHN D'HOMEROUE, ? 208 Front itreet, between Brekman and Kukou at*. *12 30t*rc UNIVERSALLY APPROV h' D?TARRANT'S COM POUND EXTRACT CUBEBS AND COPAIBA.? Sanctioned by p 'puUr opinion and the high authority of the most distinguished of the medical faculty, it offer* to the afflict0 ed a remedy whose auccess ha* in every instance supported it* deaerved reputation Being convenient and agreeable in ita ? m .e. experience has proved that it retains in every rlimate it* u desirable and truly valuable qualities. It t? in the lurm ol n I paste?it tasteless, aud does not impair the ilii{eatii)ii. To jxrioni lollowinv the sea, or going Ionic voyages, this preparation possesses l|tuiO?| far surpassing any Othir ?*< and portable in ita (<>rin, speed* and ruicacious iu itn operation, rj successful both in the earliest and worat stages of the severest . diabases, whilst the niually nauseous taate and unpleasant odor ? natural to copaiba, la wholly avoided iu thia preparation. Kor , tale wholesale and retail, by ' JAMES TARRANT, Druggist, lie. corner ot Oieenwich and warren sta. Alao for aale at I Park Row; 110 Broadway: 10 Aamr House; 8?i William at.; 181 Broadway. *21 3IJt*m MONKY LENT?The highest pricea advaneep in large and small auma on gold and silver watches, diamonds, 7 plate, jewelry, furniture, clothiiiit dry goods, Sic. be ' JOHN M. DAVIKST Licensed Pawnbroker, 232 William street, near Dunn*. ,, Persons received in private office by ringing the hell. ,r o2l lli*re UIIIIANNU WARE M A N i:V\< T< > R Y .-(NUandrr . JJ Si Norris, (successors to Henry Hop|*r,) No. 231 Second [j street, betweeu Avenue B and C, Jiave constantly on hand and j for sale a large assonment of Britannia Lamps for oil aud spirits. Candlesticks, Castor', Pitchers, Tumblers, Teapots, Sonp and (i'avy Ladles, Spoons, Spittoons, .Syringes, Decanter i. Corks, Itc. ' N. B. Britannia Ware neatly repaired. sl2J0t*rr n \KW YORK DENTAL DEPOT?Dentists aud druggists are respectfully informed they can lind it the subscriber s a complete assortment of Teeth, Dental '^strumous, Gold fi oil, Plate, Wire, Solder, Spiral Springs, t latina, <Jold, Htaniel Koil, Precipitated Silver, Silver Plate, Wire, Solder, a ate., oic.. at very low prices. t Dealers in the above articles will find it greatly to their in terest to call, examine,and learn prices, as I am determined to I; (Jive 0T.-K^IQ?. T, MURFHKV, 4 SOt * re 961 Browlwif, Pf. V. . rpo SPOKTSMKN-KKKL> IIKNNKI.L. Merchant Tm X lor, 318 Pearl atreet, bega to call the attention of Sportainen and othera eipoaed to the weather, to hia atock of Amen can Sheep'a Oray Pilot Clotha, rendered j erfectlv waterproof u by tlie American Patent Waterproof Company. Theae clotha are admirably adapted for Shooting and Mailing Jacketa, re. pelliiur the heavieat raina, ard yet not obatructing the perapiration, keeping the wearer warm and dry. Seafaring Meuand Kiremen will find an anortment of Clotha thua prepared well aiiited to their vocation. r Shooting Jacketa, Knemen'a Coati, Monkey and Pea Jackh eta made ap in the Mat manner. oli lit* re a PRACTICAL BOOK KKKPINO. No 88 (><Ur Street I Mr. C. C. Marah. Accountant, Author of the "Hicence of d Double Kntry Book-keeping Simplified," and the "Art of Siiiif gle Kntry Book-keeping Improved," continuea to teach aa bore. 'I lie pnpil become! familiar from actual uae with all the bonka conatituting a aet, and a peraon of good capacity will, hy cilia courae, become a competent book-keeper in about a month, and will receive a certificate to that effect. Proapectoaea, with terma, obtained at the rooim, from # A T M. at 10 m } \TASTLV IMPORTANT TO KVKftV MAN AND V particularly ao to economical peranna JOHN P. I SCOTT, 91 Naaaau atreet, wishea to c?ll the atleu.ion "f genf iletiien to hia auperior aaaortinent of Slnrta, Collar*. Olorea, Vo , and eaiecially to hia amortroent of I'nder Shirts and , urn win, vinry nnn? ill'" ir-ium* ... ,.i. , >, ,,,t ? ,,, . warrant* to rtand w/v?hini< without liruikinir , and f tlic mint ' lime they pontes* a still <reafer advantage. which if n* fo|. 0 I ii? : they will he *nld tt an advanca of only 5 per cent above ? the first co*t. ( 'all ami jndge for yottriclve*, at 91 Nnuan , street, opposite Herald Oince. K?t iblished 1835. I. "27 12t * ir. "> 'pHK NATIONAL KIRK INHUHANCK COMPANY. A No.62 Wall ?tre?t.?Inmrmie? against Kire nud lnlind * Navigation link*.?Thn Company i? prepared to make iiiaur # ance against In** or dsm ice by fire on dwelling home*, warehome*, building* in general, Rood*, ware* and merchandise of every de?rrmtioii, and peraonal property, and on risKaof trap* j Conation and inland navigation, r _ mnecTOH*. t 1 nomaiW.Thorne, John J Herrick, Ma?fin Hoffman, , J- Van Boikerek. Itenry D. Beach, linhcrt I,. (:*? , r Kufene Boaart. Wm Van Wvck, John 1). Ward, 1 Hanry H. Vvara, \V. C. Redfield, Stephen Holt, W. H. Jacob*. ? THOMAS W THORNK, Pre.ident. I y-C. KitLLonra, Secretary. N. B ?Ths capital (Wthil in*tihition it now foil, and with B a aurplna. Monty to loan on bond and mortgage. *24 rrr . PTMMtfR PAPKH?lflna Haams No I W hite'J'n*o?. } * m ii. Onrn to. 1 RK I INING, NOVEMBER 1, 1) B1LL.I AKH8 ?The Three Uoldeu Kagles, opuosite the Custom lloiue, 20 Pine street, ire etnMeins of ilie style of Batsford's Patent Iron or Golden Kagle Billiard Tables. A. BA>8FORD respectfully iiiforius those who wish to play, or learn BiHiyds, or purchase Tables, that he has opened a Saloon for their accommodation as above, and will alwaya ' have a suitable [>erion in attendance to teach the rudiment* , and take ordeis for Mahogany or Iron Billiard Tabl's, and Iron I Cmtiugs ofeverv description. Very tine Billiard (Moth, Ball*, F reach Cue Poiuts, Cue Wu, he. he., for sale ai above, oil '<l*rre Obt.'N I'ATK.NT t'KKMir.M K XT K.N HI ON UINTN'6 TABL.KS, witli metal plated slides, for private parlors and dining, lintels, steamboats. he., unsurpassed for elegance, durability and convenience, warranted never to get out of Older. A lar|ce assortment, the largest m the city.and unequalled for variety; together with a general assortment of elegant and faahiouuble Cabinet Furniture, constantly to be found at the warerooms. No. 443 Broadway, where the public are respectfully invited to call and examine an34 lot re C. F. HOBE. 443 Broadwuv. HA4TINU8' CUvil'OUND MYKI>U (> rsAri'HA? Not ouly a positive butt warranted cure forconsumption and all diseases of the lungs. This has decided die diimte al?int the curability of consumption. and satisfied the meoiral fn ulty,and all who have uied it, that consumption, and all affection! of the lungs. eaunnt only be cured, bat they are at easily and simply cured as almost any of the disorder* to which the human frame i* liable The operation of a single bottle, which eorts but one dollar, is sufficient to satisfy auy patieut? if not altogether too fir gone with the disease?of this fact; and even a single do*e gives evidence of its extraordinary influence in arresting aud eradicating the malad/. by the immediate relief which It affords. This is no quack or secret remrdv. Dr. Hastii g* its discoverer, is one of the most eminent physician of the age, aud has made a full disclosure of lis history, and all lU component warts, to the world : not withiug to incur t'ie responsibility of confining to himsell. for the take of profit, a secret which was calculated ro do such uuiversal good And aurh has been the woud-rful results of its operations, that the London Lancet, Medicil Times, aud the inost eminent physicians ofb ith hemispheres, are auiiously calling upon luffcers to have immediate recourse to it, aud proclaiming that of all known medicines, it uloue has positively estab lulled its efficacy, by uudeniable proofs of curing cousuraptiau aud all o'ber diseases of the lungs. Price One Dollar a bottle ; six bottles for live dollar*. As this is a very expensive preparation, it is not lelt around on commission, a* i* the mode witn quack medicine*, but must be purchased out and out by those who sell again. This arrangement will. intfeneral, limit it* sale to the larger cities and towns ; and, therefore, persons residing where Hasting* Naptha Syrup cannot he obumed, and who can be reached by stage. expres*. steamboat, or a?v other public conveyance, should write direct to M. A. K'. Harrison, No. H7 Greenwich street, New York, enclosing a remittance for the number of bottles required which will be immediately packed aud forwarded to them, in a manner to secure their safe and ipeedy delivery. Notice?Moore h Co., the former agent* for thi* medicine, have with the content of Dr. Haitiugs, of Loudon, sold and iran?feried the agency ol the American continent to M A. F Harrison, who is now the sole agent of Hastings' Compound Syrup of Naptha iu the United states and Canada. s9 Uflt* m Roman kyk kalsam." Waes me ! a chiel looks unco grim When the windows o' his sool grow dim." Tannahill. There are few bodily ailmeuu more diatressing iu their nature than iuflammatiou of the eyes, accompanied or succeeds d by defective vis-mi. Anything which can remove these evils must therefore be regwded as a boon, of which the value isuot to be estimated iu dollars and cents. The KOMAN KYK BALAAM prepared br HKNRY JOHNSON much a boon. It* merit* have been tested by loiut experience, as thouiand* have derived unspeakable benefit from its application. Many patients, alter suffering from intlammatiou for years, have been completely cured by uaing thii delightful talve. The redne** and watery humoi have gradually disappeared torn their eye ?ure the smallest prim by caudle light. Price 25 ceuts a jar, with ample direction! for u>e. Prepared and sold by HENHY JOHNSON, Chemist, I au3l30t*m 173 Broadway, cor Chamber! st. SMOKKHS' HKAD QUA11KKS.106 Broadway-It is olten ih? cue, thst ?lien ?person his established a reputation, he become! careless of subsequent opinion, and turn! his attention eiclmively to mousy-making. Such is not the case of the nbscriber, who assure! the smokers in general, that he will still use his most strenuous efforts to supplv them with the best <iu ility of imported segsrs. Hu agent in Havana will constaitly forward u?w invoices of the must superior indigenous to the island, and his long ex whence qualifies for Ihe task. H. HKNKIijlJES, 100 Broadway cor. Pine. The trade, country customers and steamboat La|>tains supplied on the most liberal terms; au<l exporters cau be furniined from the I 'nirril States Bonded W*relinn?e. ol9 Ht*m G~ UNTKK'ri 1)1 NI NO 8ALOON. No. U7 Hulton sfeei.? The astonishing success which has attended the efforts of the proprietor of thi? celebrated establishment the last year, u a sine guaranty of its su|>eriority over similar establisnments, and stripping all competition, eucourages him to make increased exertions to merit (he routiuuance of the patrouxge the public h?? so kmdlv IWINN him. Keeling grateful for this sapport, he offers for their palate a choice of 120 dishes4ft prices too long established by lum to need repetition. ol9Ut?re II W.OPWTEK rfUJE RHEUMATIC SEASON ?The following is the JL copy of a letter, juit received by Dr. CHKIsTIE'd Agent iu tins' city. It speaks foritsell:? Nkw Vohk , Oct. 28, 11(7. A. H. Chmstik, M D.: My Dear bir:?Kor the past year I have been a retipieut of the benefits of your articles, aud I truit 1 uever speak of them without gratitude. Kor a period longer than 1 cau recollect 1 i had been a victim to Hlieiu.ilisiu iu all its agonizing forms. 1 tried every thinjc that was suggested or recommended by the regular proseision of L>< ctors, the irregular .profession of uuacks, 1'homiisouians, Mj dropathists. aud the like j have drank gallons of sarsaparill*. bathed with all sorts of lotions and liuxmeuts: spent quite a fortune to accomplish all this,aud when 1 left off I was worse tliau when I commenced! Every rhmigeol'tbe weather and every dump nnd chilly diy was only the signal for renewed attacks of lily misery, and you maywell suppose my couditiou was miserable indeed, when I first beard of your Oalvamc articles Tins was iu September, 18tt>. 1 supposed they were i " humbug," of course, as every thing els- bad proved, tat I s I had tried everything else I determined to try these 1 applied them du'ing a severe attack, aud you may judge of my surprise, when I uf rm you that in half an hour the pun decreased, and iu twelve hoars it was entirely gone! I have not had a return of paiu since that day! i should mention that the articles I wore were thetJalvsnic Bands fur the wrists and limbs, with the Magnetic Kluid, and that I wore them for some mouths after the cure wa? effected. I tiad no intention of detailing my case when I sat down to address you: it was merely with the object of reminding you that the Khenmstic Season is at hand, and you will permit me to suggest that it is your duty lo apprise the suffering public of the value aud benefits of your a'ticles I suppose your business is ample enough withont pushing it further, but still 1 think it Tour duty to keepthe tiuth " bef ire the people." 1 hill confirm* t> sound >nur praises among my personal friends, hat as I have au aversion to notoriety, I mint request you to refrain from publishing my name Very truly your*, ?? ??. K7* I" compliance with the ubove request, the unme ami address of the writer is withheld, and infurtlier com|iliaure with hi? suggestion the public are respectfully iuforiiied that the " Rheumatic season ia at hand." >ind that they m?y leurn the fact without fear of it* dreaded effects. if they but uae the proper menus to IVRl|Mk And to fulfil the duty of keening ihe truth before the people, a selection from the many liuudreda of cert ficates that have been received, together with the names and addreaa of (he author*, will be regularly published during the ensoing seaenn. Bole Agency in New York for Dr. CHRISTIE'S Galvanic Article*, I HI B oad way, uet ween John at. mil Mudsn lane. No druggist or drug atoie has the genuine article*. o30 PefcMSt* r PVKIHIAN DKCORATIVK UPHOLSTERY, Curtain Materials, kc?The Subscribers have now iu store their fall stock of Upholstery Good*, Kurn ture Covering* and Trimmings, consisting of every article in their line, and which they offer at wholesale and re.ail prices, lower than can be purchased at any other establishment in the city. Krom their stock, which embraces the largest assortvent ol Ue L tines, Urocatels,Dashes Lmnpas. Gimps,TasseU.teo. (He merchants can supply tliemsalves with a better selection than have ever before been offered. We are also now receiving in atore, our aaeortraent of French I'nper Hangings and borders, also, the neweat patterns of Passs Painted Window Shades, which having been purchased this season and imported under the present rate of dutiea, embnre the belt assorted and cheapest variety ever brought into the country. SOLOMON k. HART, Importers aud Manufacturer* of Upholstery Goods, Paper Hanging* an(l Window Shade*, 24] Broadwav, opposite the Park. Hn 30t*rrc SNUrr AND TOBACCO AT BKDUCBD PRIChs.Roae arented Maccahov Himff, aixteen cent* |>er lb bottles; 4o SI iU per dozen; Philadelphia Scotch Snuff in bottles $1 V) per doz : Bladders, assorted, 14 cent* per lb ; American Gentleman Snuff, 20 cts per lb.; Kreucli Rappee, 12^ cia per lb : Nupenor mnoKing loDacco, 7 r? i <r id., actum weight; ?m,ui paperi Chewing, $3 per grin. All warranted to be equal to auy manufactured in tne city. HKNHY H1KLL.77 Front itreet, cor. Old Slip. FOR BALK?A Tobacco F'.ngme, in complete order. ol? llt*re ______________________ \MBROfllAL TOOTH PAHTK.-For cleanung the Teeth and Oumi.and communicating an agreeable odor to ihe Breath, tlii? Ambroiial Piute, compoied ol orri? and other fragrant ingredient!. hai been acknowledged Tar luperiot to any other dentifrice. Being compounded of utriufent material!, it hardena the gnmi and make! them ?dUere mnrt frmly to the teeth, thereby amiting materially in preserving the latter from premature decay. Tina Paite alw> combineianti-putreici-nt mid detrrgent propertiei in an eininent degree, and it! frequent uie ua lure mean! of keeping the breath and mouth in a nweet and healthy condition. Preiwred and aold by HKNHY JOHNSON. Chemut and Dniggiit, 273 Broadway, in the Oranite Building, corner of Chamber! itreet. Sold alio at 100 Fulton itreet; and at Codilington'i, 303 Hudion, corner ol Hprinu. Pn?e Micenli. anil 30t*m A L < 1IRK OF COIt *8, without cutting, or tin leui rem.? Or. 8. Mhimeoff, from Hi. Petersburg, of Km ia. hai (lie honor to announce to the ladiea and gentlemen of New Vork, and the public in general, (hat he undertake! to completely eitiriiate 10ft or hard Corni, Bunioni, Naili. and rvery other liaru suhitanre on or between the roe?, without cutting, by menni of an Klixir of hii own inreiition. Dr. 8. Chiropedur, will give hii attendance at hn office, S3 Chamber! ilr'et. opp'imle the Park. ol9 I2t?rc NKW yOKK. HAVKK AND PARIS F.XPRK88 AUKNO V.?Package!, letteri, lainplei, ordrri, kc , tc , to be forwarded by the French iteamihip Mmoori, to Mil fur Havre, direct, on the Jith initant, will be received at No. 10 Wall itree:. Chargei moderate and the utmoat deipatclf eniiired. LIVINGSTON. WKLLH It CO nil tftrrr TMKK8(;lIOKK. TAILOR, NO k ANNHTRF.KT. (previous to the late fire, it No. UK Ann street) wonld respectfully inform his customers and the pablic generally, that having disposed of his old stock, he is now openiDK an entirely new and fresh assortment of plain and Taney Cloths, Cassimeres and Vesting* of the latest, richest and most fash ionable styles, all of which hiving just been pnrchased for cash, he is enabled (and will) furnish garments rat. made aud urimined in the most fashionable styles, at the lowest prices. A rail is solicited from those about m.tking their selections, s* 3?i?rc jQpfci I \ I. NOTK E To < iKNTLK.jflCN -Now is the ?5 time to net vour I rock, dress, and over coats either cleaned, dyed, altered, or repaired, w ith n-w velvet lacings, cans, collars, linings, buttons, and everything that may he required to mnkr your clothing look like new, at small cost. No !M Murray street, corner Vvishingtoa, is the only plice 11 the city where >011 can get all you want done at short nonce, ami no ditaiipointmem or exorbitant charges. A 'rial will prov* that I clean and dye clothing superior to anyllnng vet done in ihe city, without coloring or aid ol steam. A 'all or a line mended 10 immediately, by A. CORTISHOH, oU I2t*re 11 Murray si Jcrftiuiun INBUKANck i/OMFAM V?Office !>o 10 Wall street, opposite the Merchants' Kichange This company continues to insure arainst lu or damage by fire, oa dwelling honses, >?r. rehouses, bufclingi in geaeral, ?ood?, wares, merchmdtre, asd svs'y deeeriptioa of fsr aoaftl property. Lossescorrectly gad promptly adjusted sad tsis PiaKCTCkl. _ ? _ Thot.T. Woodraff, B.R. Robsoa.M D . > raatis P.Bnga. Moses l acker, Joha P. Moore, 4M04 u 7'bomi son l'nc?? Caleb C. Tunis, Jas. K.Holmes, ohn H Lea, Klisha Riigl, Thos. Morrell, Joha C. Merrill, Joseph AJ1 en. . i?\V Josath Drake, Wis K Thorn. Ro5en Bmith ThosW. Thoiae, Joki Ra&slB"tVC**m. Mitel On. T. Hon, Saaratarr *!? IE R A 347. Albany, Oot. 'J9, 1847. jlnothtr Rally of the Iladicah ? H^ilmot al the Capitol? ( Some New Jlrtittt. t The ratification meatlog o*U?J at th? capitol la?t r oveniDg, wai well attended Th? Teatibuln of the capi- " loi-a oouossai apartment ?wait completely gorged wnu f human beings ; about a thousand mug vtri preaent? t Thin meeting, it wss Raid. waJ convened to ratify and . endorse the proceedinga of the miu meeting at Herki- b mer; but I suspect that it waa called simply ?h a coun- t teraction of the great conservative meeting which waa | h <ld in the capltol on Tuesday evanlng laat. It waa 0 announoed that Wilmot, of Pa , would addreaa the meet- a lng to-night, and that announcement threw about it an 1 uncommon interest. 1, A conciae and particular report of theae proeeedlnga a la not demanded, and we ouly propoae to take a sidelong c glance at the events of the evening, and to examine curaorlly the aurfaoe of affairs lt*w? did not believe that S the proximate fat* of the amendment of Mr Wilmot to j1 the three million appropriation bill waa a matter of In- 11 tenae publlo intereat, we would not even do thia. r The meeting waa organlxad by the appointment of J John Keyes Paige aa I'realdant, and by the appointment of a committee of thirty to prepare resolutions fur the J consideration of the meeting 1 Bhipfobd H. Wood, a late member of Congreaa frem a this district, preceded Mr. Wilmot; Mr. Wood made a 1 speech which was not distinguished for anything but ita 1 auti-alavrry complexion. Mr W11.mot then came in front of the audi- 1 enoe ; bis speeches are iterations j his oratorical ' genius is not bright or sublime and hla reli- ' unce Is upon his memory. The specch which he ] made last evening at the capltol being a literal repetition of bis speech at Herkimer and his apeecli 1 at I'oughkeepsle, I do not think It is necessary to : sketch it; the exordium waa confined entirely to a review of hia political hlatory, and a vindication of his career from the obloquy which he asserted the editor of the Jlrgut had attempted to cast upon it; he observed that be was honored with the close and confidential friendship of Francis R. Shunk, of Pennsylvania, and that the result of the late gubernatorial election in that State, was altogether a triumph of the principle embodied in his proviso; he asserted that there was notlucture of conservatism about Mr Shunk, and that it waa hla uniform radical policy in relation to corporations, &o., which had given him such a majority in the Keyatone State. Remarking upnn Buchanan, hu aaid that that gentleman sent up hia confidential clerk to a public meeting In Pennsylvania, to get an endorsement of the secretary's letter In favor of the extension of the Missouri compromise line to the Pacific; but (said I Mr. Wilmot) the confidential cierlT could get no endorsement of hia master's slavery circular Mr. 1 Wilmot then gave the meeting what h>< called "a private history of the proviso.'' We imagine ' that its history was perfectly understood before. In hla vindication of his proviso from the cognomen of '' abstraction," whioh has been applied to it, he declared that he only deaired to fix the same kind of abstraction 1 upon the Rio Urande which was fixed upon the line of ' thirty-all degrees and thirty minutes in I8J0, and upon t.tlrt flhlfl In I7R7 Nll? /h? ma??ur A# the South? the great fanatic of slavery, John C. Calhoun?wus anxious to propagate the curse of slavery all over tho Union; not satisfied with the acquisitions already made by the South, by purchase, he demanded a cession to slavery of the new territory; he (Calhoun) says the South will not yield?then who will yield ' Will the freemen of the Northern States? No! He (Wilmot) would say In reply that the North would not yield, oomu what may come. ["Never"?"never."] In a practical examination of the " peouliar Institutions" of the South, which Mr. Wllmot made, he observed that slavery was purely a question of interest; he held, therefore, that its ultimate extinguishment would he an inevitable re?ult?1st ? Of the Impossibility of employing slave labor at the North or any where else except In tbe cultivation of tobacco aud rice, and other staples, where the whole foroe is constantly employed from the time the seed la planted until the harvest; and 'Jd?Of the fact that slave labor invariably leaves sterility and barrenness behlud it. But (he said) if you open uew regions of country tor tho employment of slave labor, thir~v?!ue of the slave will be increased, and the existence of slavery will be indefinitely protracted; tikis philosophy, that slavery would be abolished in the old States if uew territories were opened where slaves could be employed, was (Mr. W. said) false. So far as he was personally concerned, he was aa indifferent to the consequences which the agitation of this question would bring upon his own head, its a man could be?he was satisfied that if the men of this day would not do justioe to the efforts of the patrlota in the last Congress, that It would at leaBt b* accorded by the men of other tlmus. When the angel shall appear in the heavens, and ory "woe to the Republic' '?"woe to the Keuubllc !" then justice would be done to the men who have sought to erect a pillar of Hercules against the advance of slavery. Thus whs the speech of mr. Wilinot coucludcd. Mr. Wilmot was followed by Mr. John Vau Buren.and others. The utmost enthusiasm was exhibited by the meeting. Mr. Manvera and Mia* Eliza Orient!, "from Her Majesty's ancient and Philharmonic concerts," assisted by Slgnor A. Olubllei and Mr. J. K. Duggan, gave a coneert at Bleecker llall In this city laat evening. Madame lirleutt was a pupil of Signor Masiucato, profesaor of singing at the oonaervatorto of Milan in Italy; Mignor Oiubilet appears to have been the primo basso at the I la lian Opera House In i.ondon. These artists seem to have made their <l<bu( In America, without an introduction through those channels which are Indispensable to the suocess of all artists. I feel bound to acknowledge that they have given us evidence of great talent and ability. Mr. Manvers is a most excellent tenor; Madame Itrlenti possesses a superior voice, and she sings apparently with the greatest ease. In several pieces from Donizetti and Kotslni, which are in fact extremely difficult, she sang with uncommon sweetness and without any of that strainiog effort which is so common. She wts received with marked satisfaction by our amateurs and our ililetatili. These artists will give a second concert here on Monday eveuing The drama is at present well sustained In Albany; the l-de.'atigable efforts of Mr. Meech, the proprietor of the Museum, and Mr. ( routa. the manager of the Broadway theatre, have been eminently succeaaful. Mr. Wilmot, of Pennsylvania, oocupies apartments at the Delavan House, where he will probkbly remain a few days. Oen. Dix is also at the Delavan House. Utic a, Oot. m, 1847. The Progren of our City ? The New Engine ?The Museum, tfc. 4~e. Onr beautiful Inland city Is In full tide of prosperity. We have a number of extensive factories, which give employment to a large number of persons, both male and female. There are a irrent manv mercantile hnn?i here which are doing very heavy buaineaa ; the Krie canal puwi through th?i centra of our city, and the amount of merchandiae, preduce, lumber, dco. Sic. which In ahipped by thin canal, ia lmmenao. No company having received their new engine of II. Watermau'H manufacture, Hudson, N. Y , had her trial the other day --ihe threw from auctlou through twenty-aeven feet of pipe, water to the distance of Jl;> l'cet. John Armin is the able and efficient foremun of thia elegant engine _The rauaeum In thia city haa been enlarged, which makea it a handaome theatre, theatage being very large The talented company which are playing here, are ! drawing crowded houaea, that able actor, Mr. Thompson, in the Mtar of the company The llrrald la all the rage here?It baa a larger circulation in thia part of the State than any other two dalliea VVe ahall, In a few daya, have another daily paper here, which will circulate a great deal In the interior , It haa been put in operation by Metara. Roberta Sherman & Colaton. Tho political character of it will be t) whig. Immigration to Iowa.?A gentleman juhI returned to ISutidlo troin lowu, informs the Expreii (UulTalo) that thirty or forty wagena loaded with emlgranta, are frequently ferried over at Burling ton In a alngle .day. In Marlon, one or the weatern oountlea, au Important cettlement of lloilandera haajuat been commenced; about eight hundred have already to caieu mere, ami many mora ar* expected in tne spring 1'hey left Holland on account of political and religious persecution. They have purcuased two townships, 40, OHO acre* Many of tham are wealthy, wall educated and intelligent, and are of a butter thnn mo*t of our foreign emigrant*. The President of thin assocla tion i?f settlers is a man of education and Intellect Me was a student at the I.eyden I niverslty at the time of the Belgian devolution, and took an active part in that > veut lie I* author of several work*, and edited a periodical at Utrecht, where be was persecuted and Imprisoned on account of hi* liberal views Near two hundred of these Hollander* declared their Intention* to b?come citizen* of the United State* at the late term of the Marlon I ounty t'ourt. They are generally T?ry attlie to business. and accumulate property when other* icarce gain a subsistence, but they are *ometime* too economical. The Rivai. Titi-Ki;RArii*.?Mr. Smith, <>no of the jir<>|>rit*torn of .Morii'n |>;iteiil, make-, the following propoiitlpn through the Uiitan Transcript: I will deposit fUNMi in the Merchant*' Bank of thl* city against a like sum. that i have a Durham bull who*e weight exceed* J^OO lb*, who will travel from llo*ton to New Vork city, with a message of one thousand word*, ill leu* time than the *ho|e telegraphic system patented to lloui<e can convey the *ame me**age, In consecutive word*, from Boston to New Vork ; and I will furnish the wire* of the New Vork and Bosten line of telegraph, free of charge, to the House instrument*, to carry out the undertaking The offer to be accepted and the trial to be made within all the months of Ootober and No4 J vember of the present year." i Avuiiifr l'ownr.R Mux KxrLODBn ?The Lowell Courier liu an account of a recent e?pl"Sion of a powder mill belonging to Oliver M Whipple, and menI lions the consoling circumstance, that during twentv nine years occupation In the manufacture of this artl cle, Mr Whipple ha* lo*t only some fifteen or twenty men by the blowing up ?!' hi* mill* l.ess than one man per year ha* been murdered by accident while tnanufar turiug 7ft,000 lbs of gunpowder per annum; while the calculation wouU be Interesting how many men have been killed by thlt i,l7A ooo lb* of powder. How gratifying 1* thl* to the friend* of the unlortunat* fifteen or I twenty m?n who have given them*elve* ns martyr* to the maunfacture <1 an article to Important for the tak- I Bg of hnman lift I I LD. Prtea Two UOU, Police Intelligence. The Mui dtr in j?nn irr<(._|t appears that the young nan I 'uiiUp.alim Mora, who stand* ohargel uth the murder <>f Alexander H Neill, on bin arret on Friday aft'-rnoon last. w*s searched by th* ifficers. aud in his pocket was fouud a tJ bank bill. a ilTer dollar, a half cent and a pen-knife Thia Inormatlon Is exceedingly important, aa a part of the t?sImony before tbe coroner shows tbat the accused waa seen o pass from tbe basement a few minutes after tbe murde r, . aring in his hand a bundle, which is supposed to have* fen the saok over-coat of the murdered man ; and he money found upon the person of tbe prisoner is eviently the proceeds obtained by either selling or pawnDg that coat, as tbe Moused was well known to be withut money; as,tbe day before, he borrowed i-j cents from fellow boarder to pay for the repairing a pair of boots 'hertfore, If any pawn-broker or second band shop bould have received a coat of this description on Friday ist from a young man, with a broken nose,wearing a cap nd round jaaket, he will further the ends of j ustioe by ailing upon the Chief of Police, restoring the court,and eceive the money paid thereon. Charge of (fraud Larceny ?Officers Wandell and imltb, of tne 3d district police, arrested on Saturday a ioy by the name of Wm 3t*bbins,oa suspicion of stealog >100 in bank bills, belonging to eorge H. Walker, esiding at the corner of Kllsabeth and Heater streets. ustioe Timpson locked blm up for a further heaxlof. Stealing Whitkey ? Officers Willecton and Ltngdon, if the 4th ward, arrested on Saturday night a man oallng himself Wm Humphrey, on suspicion of baying ti len three barrels of whiskey. The ' critter" waa aken to the station house for safe keeping, and the iccused detained for a further hearing Petit Larcenitt ?Officer Ourrv. of the thirl ward, ar ested yesterday a man called James Thompson, on a marge uf stealing a tub of buttf r worth (3, belonging to ' J. Vrwl'.nd, of Hudsoa county. New Jersey. Looked up for trial by Justice Drinker A young woman callsd Tlney Berry, wait arrested by Offirer Boynton, of the 9th ward, on a charge of stealing from her employer, I'hlllip I Bensteel. residing at No. A'i Bedford Itreet Detained by Justice Kuome Officer Barnes, of the first ward, arreted, on Saturday night, a men called Wm Hannah, on a charge of stealing a suit of clothe* worth $20, belonging to Koss McOulre Locked m> for trial. of Straitng a Watch ? Officer I'rosett. of the lower police, arrested yesterday a young man by the name of Alonzo (t Perkins, ou a charge of stealing a gold watch and foli chain, valued at $WU, the property of Thomas Heyer. of No M) Bowery. It appear* that a man liy tljn name of Matthew Holston. alias the Cherokee Chief, was gaming with Dutch Charley, on Friday night, aiid Charley having a "streak'' of luck won from IIolston near Jj'iO, the greater part of which sum Tom Heyer loaned Holaton to play with, and he, in erder to secure Heyer, gave him a draft on a 11 rm in Philadelphia for m'JUO dollars, which draft subsequently proved to be worthless; the same night however, being broke, and still wishing to keep up his appearanoe. Hoi ston borrowed Ueyer'sgold watch and chain,in order to pass amongst his friends as usual To this Tom ooneentsd, and handed over his "thimble," supposing all to be right. Perkins and Holston met at Florence'*, when, alter supper they prr, needed to No. *0 Leonard street, and finished the balance of the night; ind it was at this house that Perkins U alleged to have nxtracted the watch from the pocket of Holaton, from the fact of IVrkiui h-vlnjf been seen with tae watch and chiiu iu his possession This chain Mr. Heyer identified > ? his propertv, having been attached to the watch whan taken by HolftOB.? Perkins denied all knowledge ot the watoh and ohaln. but Justice Drluker thought otherwise, and held him to bail in the sum of f500 to answer the charge, In default of which he was looked up in the Tombs. Holston waa In trouble likewise, as he was taken to Albany laat night by officer Upton, on a warrant issued by Justice Com*, of that city, wherein he stands charged with having obtained some olothlng worth about 'MO, belonging to Sllaa H. Howe, of that olty. liobkrd on the Five Poinli.?Officer R Raflerty of the 6th ward, arrested yesterday morning a black man (tailed Benj. Farmer, on a charge of another " gemmen" of color,oalled John W. Madison, charging him withitealIng a silver watch worth $10, while In a " crib" on the Klve Points. Justice Drinker locked blm up for trial On the Drop Game Jtgain.?Officer dunning, of the 1st ward, arrested yesterday two men calling themaelvaa Bill Simmons and Bill Thompson, on a charge of coming the''drop" game on an Irishman by the name of Miohael Credon, No :13 Orange street, from whom they procured (7 50 en handing the greenhorn a pocket book filled with humbug money, who shortly afterwards dls covered that he had been the dupe of the two aooused parties, mid Justice Drinker locked them both up for trial. The Sanguinary Victory Ualnwl by Oentral Scott ut tlie Uates of Mexico, and the Armistice. I from the Leeds (fcng) Mercury, Oct. U l The United States general has at length fought nls way to the gates of Mexico, and gtined a bloody vletory over the army which the Mexicans had drawu together to defend their capital. According to the acconnt* brought by the ( aledonla, < General Scott arrived within four or tire miles of the olty of Mexico on th? 18th of August. Santa Anna had made immense exertions to fortify the city, and bad collected an army whioh the invaders estimate at thirty-two thousand men. On the lt?th the Americans attacked the strong works in advance of the city, and after a severe struggle of aeveral hoars were compelled to retire. But on the morning of the iuth, before U?nera) Scott was In motion, General Smith, with a division of the United State* army, attacked the works at Contn-ras, defended by the Mexioan Oeneral Valenoia, carried the fortifications, and lnllloted a very heavy loss on the Mexicans In killed, wounded, and prisoners This success was followed up by an assault witli the rest of the Americru army on the still stronger defences of San Antonio, at Churubusoo; and these, where Santa Anna cumtnamiad in uersan. wara carried at the point of tfin bayonet, aft?r a desperate coullictof two bourn. The Americans estimate their own ioas in killed au<l wounded at 1pm than a thousand, and that of the Mexicans at Ave thousand, Including many generals and distinguished civilians. According to the HVine authorities, the army of General Scott nunbered only 7,000 men, whilst that of Hanta Anna amounted to J1 001). Making reasonable deductions Irom these aouounts, it is evident that great valor, enterprise, persereranoe, and military skill must bare been displayed on the side ol the I'nited States army, who hare penetrated through a hostile territory to the oapital defeated rery superier numbers, carried most formidable batteries, and established themselves in a position to command the oity ol .Vlexioo. yVhiltt we can but deplore the badnen aj ihnr came, it mutt he admitted that the military canduct of Ike Jimcncan ojficeri and the bravery a] tktir mm may be compared with the achievement! of the veteran ti nops of any European .Statt. Jind npecialty when it it considered that the .imtrican Irvin art mwly rained, and that their General! have had vvmparutivtly little experience in war, we apprehend any mititoiy man of candor would award them the higheit ci edit J or tkill and daring courage, hoth in the Jitld and in the attai k of Jortificatiom. There cannot be a doubt that the military resources of the United States will have risen exceedingly in the opinion of the world by the events of this war, notwithstanding the unfoundad and injudicious ridicule wlilch several of our daily papers throw on them. On the other side, the Mexicans hare defended their country and their capital with valor and resolute peraevrranee. Several of the engagements have been obatiiuit*ly contented <ir?atly Interior in the quality of their mate> iel as well as iu the physical energy and pun? ol ineir troops, an<l even mart unacustomed than their invaders to war, they have given away before smaller numbers, but not till tbe field of confllot baa been covered with tlielr slain Santa Anna baa done wonders In collecting army alter army, amidst ao muob political disorganization and financial embarrassment , and lie Kxi'ini to have accomplished all that oould be accomplished with the materials ha possessed The obstinacy of the Mexioan* has prolonged the war much beyond the expectation* of the liovernment of the United States, who will pay dearly In blood and treaiure for whatever territory they may obtain by this unjust invasion Tbe result of the victory of Cieneral Scott in sight of ibe Mexican oapital was to lead to tbe conclusion of an armistice, for tbe purpose of negotiating a treaty of peace. It is remarkable that the American general agreed to remain outside the city during tbe negotlati* n an Agreement which can hardly be ascribed to fortM-arauce, and which some of our Kngllsh writers interim t as showing apprehension of tb? result of another ( truggle, in the streets of Mexico Perhaps lien Mcott was will ng to spare the capital, as one of the Induce meats to tlie Mexican t oogrcss to make peace on favor able term* The armistice, however, is one that evIn OP* courage sud dignity "" thn part of the Mexican leaders; fir it ?tip?Jl?trH not only that Hcott shall not cater tbe city, but that the Mexican Congress (ball be convened to determine "n the trttj id<1 that neither army 'hail, in the meantime, receive reinforcements It in impossible tu foretell thf decision of tbe Congrees. Inasmuch a? < I'll Valencia bu qultt*<l HtnU Ann* with it body ol troops, and declared against negotiating with tlio enemy, and the general feeling of the people it one of the strongest rwentm?Bt against their Invaders H? torn the late battle It was supposed that the Mexicans would give up their capital, and continue a desultory war against the invaders Shouldrthey do so. General Hcott, with his small army, woftld ho In considerable danger, unless vary large reinforcement' should ha Mat to hiin It would seem, however, as If both Santa Anna and llerrera. the former ( resident, were favorable to peace miliary Allaire. The steamship Ualveston, l.'apt llaviland has bc?n chartered by the government, and In a few days will proceed to Mobile, to take troops from that port to Vara Crui. The stiainer l-aehion, < apt Morgan, left last evening (or Mobile, lor the pitrpoaaof taking from that city a detachment of the (ieorgia in.iunted|troopa. to Vara Crux The steamers i ol Staaton and Beaufort District will alto be despatched to Mobile for tha same purpoM The nhip Seaman. < apt My rick sailed yesterday for Tampi eo, with a full cargo ol government stores , I'he steamer llendrU Hudson brought down from Naw port banacks, I.ieuts Hcott and Mumford with iOj man for the 7th I S Infantry, and landed tham at llaton Kouge. Tha new regiments called for trom Kentucky, may he expected hare In the course of two or three days .Ml the necessary transportation, thanks to tha attention of Major Tomkins, and his worthy deputy, < apt ilel(ar. is at lha command of the gallant sons of " Old Ksintuck," as soon as they arrive ? Srw Or/>s*? I)rlf, Oct It SCARCITY OK COAl. AT li AIWKA* ?Hall (a* |M pers state that tha reduction of the duty on foreign coal tna so Inoreaaed the Imports from Sydney and 1'ictou to tba United States, that vary little has been brousM to that plaoe, and they er? teartul i'?ai IVor*il" * out It will hava to ba brought thata from Uoato? A

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