Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1847 Page 3
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1 Practical Book-keeping, Wo. OT Cmlir it Mr. 0. C.Marah, author of th? popular work* ou Book-keeplug, continue* to track hia thorough coune of inatructiou froapectuaca, wit tarmt, tee. may be obtained ai abara. The Chaapaat amt Beat place In the City to ret vimr boota, ahoea, or ffaih'ra, ia at Joura'a. 4 Ann ftrret, uear [lie Miihoio. Y-.ou cau get there aa good boot* for 11 M ai can l?e rarcliaaed eliowtiere for $7. Qilie a awing. He alao aella a firat rale boot at S3 SO, which if aaually aold (or $S. Doable aoled water-proof boota at $i So, no, and $? 08. Jonea liaa the troe t vat cm of dome buaineai?I iirht expenae* and amall profit*. All goo'la pnrchaaed at 4 Ann itreet are war muted to give entire aatiafxctioo. Portable Shaving ('aiei -Of an entirely new and compact conairuct'oo, I'uruiahed with articlea, the ane of which do not detract from (Heir u*efuWa?, forming an elegant and complete apiwndage to ihe toilet, and alio peculiarity adapted to the wanu of the travelling public. For a*I* ai O. 8AUNDKRB It HON. 177 Broadway, oppoaite Howard'a Hotel. Pocket and Pen l?nlvee, Harare, etc?-A beautiful uaortment of the above can be aeeu at the aubicriberV together with a large variety of aciaaora, nail file* and I? )lished Step I troodl. Kaxnra irrnnnit mnA i?r f'ntlprv Hired. O. SAUNDEKS & SON, 177 Broadway, A few doors above Courtlaudt it. TUe " Jo?h Houm" or our Natar?i._Thli I'jKurnt ve expression it merely to suggestively illustrate (he " putting away"charact*iisi|cs cf our nature?we hive the little Josh. house for our lore?our affection?our religion ?and nil we hold tacred. It ii a pity the Chinese hare ?o degraded this greeu apot in our being by their ill directed, idolatrous worship of the " Josh House'' and its irfols. The pauper in the poor house has his little " Josh House" of mock oranges and cheap colored prints, and little locks of hair remembrances ?done up io brown paper and stowed sway in the broken teapot that constitutes the excretory of hi? better nature. The wealthy prince has hia " Josh House ' in the elaborately w ought casket, where lie memorials of the heart1! purest uiomeuts. 'Tis the same motive iu pauper and prince. It cannot be wondered, then, that people should pay so much reverence tn Mr* Jervia's Cold Candy, (which is the little "Josh House" of a cold, cough, hoarseness, sore-throat, . See.) when they have been cured of the man* Throat and Lung Complaints it that has become so celebrated tor healing Sold wholesale and retail by Mra. Jervii, No. 379 Broadway, corner of White street AnitNTs?10 Astor House, 110. 183, 338. 399, 461,311,609, 617 and 863 Broadway; 248, 284, 348, 383, 440, 606. 608and 62f> Grand s reet; 221. 279. 668 and 722 Houston str?et; 77 and 107 INintli uvenue; 6a* Greenwich sfeet; 10 and Eighth avenue; 49 and 142 Sixth aveuue; 140 Kulton street: 43 Chatham street; 363 Bowery, cor. of Kourih stree ; 223 Bleecker; 17 and 109 AvenueD; Nelson, corner of Catharine and Madison streets ; Union, corner of the Bowerr and Grand; Mrs. Haves, 139 ruli on street, and 1 Atlantic st, Brooklyn, and by druggists gen erally. Etcn package is invariably signed " Mrs. W. Jervii." MRS. W. JEHVIS, 379 Broadway. MONKY MARKET. Monday, Nov. 1?6 P. M. The stock market opened more buoyant this morning, and prices improved a fraction. The transactions were not very extensive, indicating a belief on the part of holilen, In a farther improvement. The steamer from Liverpool in now in her fourteenth day, and must be close at hand. Her arrival la anxiously looked for ; until her advloes have been reoeived, and the nature of them known, we cannot expect muoh change in any of our markets. At the'first board, to-day, Long Island advanced )( par oent; Canton, U ; Farmer's Loan, >t'; Harlem, }?. Treasury Notes, Reading Mortgage Bond*. and Norwich olosed at prioes currant on Saturday. Heading Railroad fell off* per cent. At the second board there was very little done, and prioes remained about the same as those ourrent in the morning. The market closed firm at our quotations. Stockholders in the Stonington Railroad Company, will reoelve the dividend of two and a hall dollars per hare, at the office of the oompany in this city. The following table will show the amount in the several depositories on the 26th ot October, subject to the draft of the United StateB Treasurer :? United States Deposits. Assistant Treasurer, Boston $-236,102 03 Assistant Treasurer, New Vork 1,893 928 a2 Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia 312.-237 13 Treasury of the U. States, Wash'ton, D. C. 94,291 05 Assistant Treasurer, Charleston 195,503 87 Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans 371,305 41 Assistant Treasurer. St. Louis 333,617 15 Depositary at Buffalo 149 22 Depositary at Baltimore 15,395 13 Depositary at Richmond 2,088 48 Depositary at Wilmington, N. C.? 610 21 Depositary at Savannah 2,692 27 Depositary at Mobile 4,263 00 Depositary at Nashville 6.381 83 Depositary lit Cincinnati 16,374 73 Depositary at Pittsburg 100 70 Depositary at Mobile, (Alab'a banknotes) 1,833 00 Depositary at Little Hook, Ark 7,943 67 Depositary at Jeffersonvllle, la 4,325 70 Depositary at Chicago 303.680 63 Depositary at Detroit 19,!)yH- 31 $4,833 363 16 Add transfers and dlfferenoe of suspense account 13,737 01 Net amount subject to draft $4,b34,3J9 16 taanfreas ordkrkd. To Treasury United States, Washington $100,000 00 To Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans, at thin time paid In, or in transitu.... 3,016,636 79 $3,115,635 79 From Assistant Treasurer, New York.. $3,000,000 00 From Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia. 100,000 00 $3,100 000 tO The aggregate amount on deposit on the 36th of Ootober, was $9 073,134, upon which drafts for $1,363,661 had been drawn but not paid. Of the aggregate amount on deposit, $4,551,841, was in the hands of the Assistant Treasurer of this oity, of which $3,667,913 had been drawn for, but not paid. Drafts have been made upon all the mints for the amount of deposits to the credit of the Government Treasurer. The above balance comprised the total amount of money In the hands of the j government d?rived from all sources. Independent of this, the only sources of income are from the customs, sales of lands, he , and Irom the balance of the loans of It) 46 and 1847. The annexed stntement exhibits the receipts and expenditures of the government for the quarter ending September, 30, 1847, and tor the corresponding quarter in 1846 : ? Finances ok the Oovernwent?Receipt* and Expenditures. Quarter tniling Srjit. 184C- 1817 From cuit'imt, abuat $6,125,000 11,070.000 i di u a uiu.uuu OJi,fUU " mucelUiieuiusnurcea 17 000 15,070 " trr.aaury tiotea iwued underact 22d July, 1816 1,953,950 111,'00 Loon of 1817 5 144,700 $0,735,950 17,174,130 Expendituret. Civil, tnitctll&ueoiii, ml lurei* i illterc. ui?e $1,(>11,271 1,120,453 Army proper 8,153.659 9,166,106 Koitilicftti'iim, o'dnance, and tinning militii..., ?">?.f>27 109 158 | Indian department 827 88) 091795 Pent out 962.757 583,334 Naval eatabliahment 1,969,980 2,384,1105 Redemption tl? treasury uotea and iuterea' 62,096 612 502 Kedrmpion of treaaury notea which were purloined, and inlereat... 5,388 11,688 $14,088 G61 14,700,139 There in yet to be paid into the treasury $.5,000,000 on the loan ol 1847, which, with the cash on hand and the revenue accruing fur the month* of October anil November, any $-1 000,000, will make the turn of $14,000,000, available before the meeting of Congress. It will be perceived, by the above statement, that the revenue from oostom* for the quarter ending September .10, 1847, wis more than eleven millions of dollars, showing an exoess over that tor the corresponding quarter in 1840, of $4 'J45.000. Leaving out of the table of receipts for the quarter in 1847, the amount reoeived on account of the loans ($6,'JA8,700), and we find the sum received from ordinary souroes was $11,916,430 ; showing an excess of expenditures over ordinary receipts, of only $2,781,70!). By deducting from the expenditures the payments on account of treasury notes, and add to the receipts the estimated revenue from the Mexican tariff, ($400,000), the excess of expenditures will only iimount to $1,857,000 Thin is a most extraordinary statement, and shows that the natural resouroes of the treasury are nearly equal to thn immense expenditures attending a war of Invasion There Is a magnificent railroad enterprise in contemplation at the West, which will receive the aid and support of Kastern on itr.llsts. It Is the proposed Mississippi and Atlantic railroad. There are so many sections of the o<>untry. ho many large cities, interested In this extensive liue, that we have no doubt it will, before the lapse of many years, be in progress and considerably advanced towards completion. The railroad mania Is rapidly Increasing in this country, and we have no doubt but that. In proportion to our capital, credit, and other resources, it wlU, in time, become as extensive as has been realised in Knrope The railroad proposed, and which is to be carried into efTeot under charters from the States of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, is to extend from a point opposite St. I.ouis. i to Wheeling on the Ohio; passing over the route ef the present national road, through Vandalia, Indi >nopolis and Columbus: tile lllaL&nnu I,.tw.n St l.nnla an.I Wheeling being rt3H inlles. It will, of course, form part of the tflreot route from Boston, New York ?nd Haitimore, to the Mississippi at St. Louis. At Columbus. Ohio, by consenting with railroad to Cleveland, and thence to Dunkirk and Buffalo, (it being about 300 mile* from Columbus to Buffalo.) we hare a connection with the chain of railroad* from Buffalo to Boston, and with the N?w York and Erie railroad, from Dunkirk to New York. At Wheeling a connection will be formed with the Baltimore and tOhlo railroad. Thus linen will Mtend from the three great commercial cities of the Kant to St Louis; the line to Baltimore being bout one thousand miles; that to New York about twelve hundred miles, and to Boston twelve hundred ?cd fifty nilles The proposed railroad will also oonnect with the Ml?tnl and Mad river roads, in Ohio, whioh extend from I I Cincinnati to Sandnsky, on Lake V.ria; and at Indianopolia, in Indiana, with tha railroad now in operation I from that place to Madlaon, on tlin Ohio, (about half 1 way between Cincinnati and Loulsvills ) The amount of capital required for the completion of tbia road cannot be much abort of twenty miUiona of ' dollaia, (an amount only equal to railway oalla in Kngland in one month,) and it will, without doubt, lead to an expenditure of Ave timer* that amount, by the con* afruotion of lateral roada, leading to the remoteat taction* of the country. The oonatruotion of railroads In the U. States, la not attended with auch an external expenditure aa those now in operation have been. The manufacture of railroad iron haa increased so rapidly in | thia country within the paat five years, that we ahail be able, In the event of the increase continuing at the aame i rate, in a few years to aupply our home demand, and | keep within our own limita the immense auma of money ! which would otherwiee be sent out of the country. Five : years ago there was not a single bar of railroad iron j manufactured in the Union, and it is estimated that UUIIU|f IUD JTMI IC1I, WO nuBll WflUUIRCLUEV UOm loan tixty thou$and totit. "The demand from the old and new I companies already la existence. Is so great tbat the extent of production is not sufficient to satisfy It, and ; the demand Is increases fatter than the domestio production. We are, therefore, compelled to Import largely from England; but the tlmo Is not far distant wben the | oourse of this trade will be reversed. The importation of iron into the United States from England, both in the rough and manufactured state, Is a very Important Item in the aggregate, and the extension j of manufactures of domestic hardware, will undermine a -valuable trade which Great Britain now almost monopolies. Thereare very few bran shes of Industry growing more rapidly In this country than this, and we trust tbat a few years will suffice to reduce the Importation of these articles. It is necessary for our manufacturers to turn out articles aa good in every partloular as those we import, before we can successfully oompata with the manufactures of Europe. Ho far as railroad iron la concerned, we can oompete with the world, and we shall be as HucseaBful, in time, in all other departments of iron manufaoturlng. The annexed report of the Auditor of Accounts of the State of Vermont, made to th? Legislature, states that the disbursements for the year ending August 31, 1847, were $09,470, and the receipt* from all sources, for the same time, including a balance of $20,480 on band at the commencement of the year, were $104,975, leaving a balance on hand, on the 1st of September, 1817, of $5,496; showing that tte disbursements for the year exceeded the receipts $14,984. The liabilities of the State, according to this report, were, on the 1st of September, 1847, oh annexed:? FlMANCKi 0I>' VkUMONT. Indebted to Safety Kund Banks. . .$30,50*2 91 Salaries due 3,117 75 Auditor's orders outstanding 1,400 18 $41,020 84 To meet which there was a balance In the Treasury $5,027 90 Taxes not collected 10 090 50 Notes for School Kund, State Bank, and Surplus Kund 6,856 49 Krom County Clerks 1,399 10 Demands In handa of State Attorneys. 1,690 75 $31,670 80 Balance against the State $9,46') 04 But for the excess of expenditures over receipts for the past year, this amount would have been provided for and a balance still left In the treasury. Stock Uxchangt. $10000 Trea Notei, 6. b3 101 $5000 Heading Mt. Bds 64 M 30000 do bi 101 MOI do COa 10000 do l)tw 101 250 ihi Headiuii RR 5?L 200# City 5s. I860. 81l>f 100 do " 5C', 81)0 Hud Riv.KH Bdf 95 SO Farmers' Trust 27>4 MOO U S 61, 1862, 103 50 do 27>?' SOOt I'enusylvaoia 5s 73% 50 Cautmi Co 30'* 8 0 do Us Hj 75Nor4iWorRR 10 ? 3000 Ohio 6s, 185#. 98^ 50 Long Islnud 2'J 5080 Illinois Funda.blO 40 50 do 29V 1000 do c 40 250 Harlem Ml b30 45X 5000 Indiana State 5s 51 150 do 45>? 2000 Reading Bonds 69V 150 do 459s SwiNid Board 120000 Tr. Notes,6s, b60 10I>* ,v25 shs Hailetn RR <5V 20000 do 101 100 do s30 45K 5000 do lOt 50 do 45V 3000 City 5s, I860. ??>? so 4,, s30 4>H 10 shsOliioLkT, '} > 50 do s30 45 V 21 Albany & Rocli R 101V 200 Reading RR 54j< 50 slis Canton Co JOV New Stock Exchange, 50shs Long IslandRreg 29 50 shs Harlem RR s3 45.',' 100 do s3 29 100 do 110 45V 1IKJ do blS 29V 100 do s3 45S 1C0 Harlem RR bCO 48V 150 do b30 45V =jsaaE3EBE=naBD!r? CITY TRADK HJCPORT.** Arrianoon, New Voss, Not. 1. Thorn was a fair amount of business doing in flour, and Ral<:n were made at the prices of Saturday, the market closing with more or less firmness. The supply of southern continued light, and prices firm. In wheat thoru was uotliii K of moment dune, while holders demanded full {.rices for all that was offering, and in soils cases asked an auvanoe. Sales of oorn were freely made' and for round yellow a cent per bushel was obtained over the closing quotations of Saturday, Rye was also firmer. Meal was firm at last week's prioes. Oats remained the same. Provisions were inactive. There was some more enquiry for sugar and molasses. In the abseuce of stocks, coffee was inaotive Ashes?The market was tlrm, with small sales of pots at $6 5bV a $>> t>2V, *nd of pearls at $H ;>o a (>(4 b'-JV Dr.iiwii?The market continued dull. B*eaostufi's?>7our? Sales of "J000 bbU Osnesee ! were made, deliverable in all this month, seller's option, at $<i 50; 600 bbls Troy sold at $6 biV, and 4000 bbls. including lots of Michigan, Oswego and Genesee, sold at $6 66V a fib 6iX; a a !?00 do Oswego, in rather bad order, sold at $0 60; 1000 a 1 KM) do. new .Vliohigan sold at $6 bi>4; 4 a600 bbls Ohio fsucy brands sold at $t> H7V; 500 do. Brooklyn sold at ^0 60, and 1000 do. '-Casoade" brands at f>7. Wheut ? V or pure whitt heavy Oenrsee, holders demanded 153 a 166c._ No sales of any kind transpired. Corn? sales t>I <uno bushel*, including mixed and yellow, were made at 7f- a 76)?c. iucludiug a portion in the flip. About 4000 do. high mixed sold at 7tic; fOOO do. do. gold at75o; 000 bushels poor mixed, a little htated, sold at 74o; 4000 do. yellow (part handsome tl?t) nold at 7dc and 2000 do. handsome quality yellow sold at 79o. Afro/? Sales 400 bbls North river, good quality, sold for export at $3 50, aud ftHO do. New Jersey nold at the same price, llye?Sales of 800 bushels were made In the slip at Otic; 1UO0 do delivered, at $1, and 1A00 do atl'7)?u Harley? Hairs of 2000 a "2500 bushels were made on private term*. Wood was held at !*5o. while WO was offered. Oats were heavy at 50c Receipt! dawn the Hudsun Hmtr, (it. 30. Flour O.loo barrel*. Corn ti'JOO Wheat (too bushels. i llye 1,300 Coffee?The maikut for Kio continued quiet, without change in quotations; we heard of no transactions of Importance in auy kind. Cotton ?The market was at a pauje to day; neither party being disposed to open negotiations; but In the lew sales effected, the turn of the market was In favor of the buyer. Liverpool Classification. Nrw Oi Irani, Uptandi. Florida. Mob. Jj- Tex Inferior. none. none. none Ordinary 8 a 8 V u ? 8'4 8', n 8', Middling... 8?: a ?>? 8?? a 8>; 8& a 8* liood Middling... Hp, a 9 8J? a 4 a (IS, Middling Fair.... 9>? a !)>,' a <M its a 9'i *??' 9>La ?s a ?? ?S 9 % Rullyhsir 9Ka 10 none o7, * 10 Uood Kair 10>a a It uoue. lo>i a 11 H'ine none none none Fish.?Hales of 400 a 500 quintals dry cod were made at (3 65; there were no sales of inaokerel, beyond 60 bbls. including No l's at $8 50 and No 2*? at $0 50; there wers 500 a 600 bbls afloat, unsold, held at $<> 35 for It's, and $7 for 2's. The arrivals consisted of about 1100 quintals dry ood, and 150 bbls. mackerel Fruit.?There were sales of about 1000 boxes bun< h ra sins made at $2 30 at 4 months; 40 bbls. dried apples were sold at 4 cents per lb. Hemp.?The market was quiet at last week's prices; the last sales were made at (140 a $K>0 for dew rotted. Lead.?The market was inactive, and no sales were reported. Molassf.b ?There was a better feeling in the market, and rather more doing. Naval Htouks. ? No sales were reported; prices remained nominally the same Dealers were looking for the steamer's news oefore moving to any extent. On.s?Linseed?The market continued the same as at the close on Saturday, and moderate sales were making at those rates. Crude sperm and whale were also in- | active, and no sales reported; 10 tuns palm was made at 1 7cents, 6 months; olive was steady at 110 eunts. Oil 1 Cake?A est* of 40 tons round was made at $24. I'hovisions were Inactive. Mess pork was offered at *14 7ft > >14 87X; prime wu dull at >10 60 * *10 75 ? L.ard?Hales of 7ft tierces were made at cent*. Beef ?t'ountry men was worth $!? 74, and prime do 6 75; city mess wa; worth flu 2ft, and prime 7 X">. Cheese -Onod dairies were worth 7Xo, with light sales. Butter ? No change. Rii-r?Th? stock continued light, and no sales were reported of any consequence The quotations ranged from >4 'iJ>-6 a 4 HI'4?the latter for prime quality. Hukar? Hales of luO lihdrt Porto Rico were mads at 7a 7cents The stock of sugars was said to consist of J'iiH) hhdn of all kinds, and of about MNM) boxes. Tii uow?Sales ol inooo lbs common werepade at 9V( cents, and 10,000 do good were reported fold at 10 cents. ? Wit*i.mionk ?Hales of Jft,000 lbs Northwest were made ; ut fill Mali U'hiukkv?The market was rather quiet at 3'J cants, without Rales of consequence being reported. Kbkioht*? To Havre, cotton wasengaged at X rent* To Liverpool about 30(H) bUHhel* of corn were taken at tid There wan no change in rate* to London. Rkai. Kstatk at Auction?-j lot* N. wide iOth ntreet, nwir rtth avenue, each 'JftiOH, $1000 each, $2000; I lot *outb side vi'ith street- near Hth avenue, 'JAa90. $1000; lease of houne MOtt Wert street, $M?/>. x. mu - i Barrlwl, On Thursday evening, Oct JS, by th<? Rev. Dr. Hotton, Oro. W t)fck?o,f, of Portsmouth. Va , to A** K., daughter of Hiram Harrison, of Naw Vork. Norfolk paper* please copy. Ulttl, On tha morning of the 1st iu*t, al ter a few hour* ill ne**, Rev. Hini> Taw*, * haplain at Bellevue. Tha friends of the family, of his son Jahn, and also 0f Jam. a and William Thompson, ar? respectfully invit ed to ftttrad the funeral, from bli late re?ld?noe,07 Hammond itreet, to-day at half-put 3 o'clock. On the morning of the lat Inat., of apoplexy, Daniel Cot i.kuo? , in the ?i3d year of hia ag? His friend* und acquaintances, and tlioee of hia family, are respectfully invited to atteud hia funeral, thla afternoo >, 3d inat., at 3 o'clock, from hia late residence, 48 Rohh street. On Monday morning, November l.miauiikt Arc hem, youngest child of Conklin L. and Jane Kliza Martin, aged two years^aeren months and three daya. THE UNDERSIGNED, whig voter* ol and rtiidoola of tlir Fifteenth Ward,deeming the uominiiion Kt the meetiugtieldat Constitution Hall in the evening of (Ue 29th of October instant, to have been procured by persous not voters of the Kilteeuth Ward, do ask meir whig fellow citizens ol said ward to rote for ERA8TU8 C. BENEDICT. A? a more suitable (ersou to represent the Fifteenth Ward iu tlie nest Legislature. Shepherd Kuapp, Aaron RThoinpion, Oerardus Clarke, Cornelius Bogart. James McCail, W.T Whilemore Jos U Varnutn.jr J U Lester, Jos. VanNostraud T. V. I'. \lercereau, E. H Herick, John C. Green, Geo. (iriswold, jr. Geo. Oriswold Henry < hauoc*y Hrury A Mott, J- U. Varuuin, James Currie, Jud<h P. Carrie, A \V Sunpsnu, J sines Brady, T'.iuiel Appleiou, J-7'. lohusuu, Jis. II. Phiuney L). L. Haight, O. Wmthrop Oray, E S Van Winkle John L< Kiree, Joseph W. Alsop, Win. J. llys<op, Henry W. Olcott, A. Van Blareoia, George 4. Butt, W. Kdicar Howland, E 8. Voorheen, Martin E. Green, Ham'l Reynolds, E.Morris, Geo. H. Williams John L>, Mason, 'I hos. Denny, Kd. C. Hollidsy, Chester Driggs, Henry A. Kerr, Lewis Phillips, Henry E. Danes, Henry M. Bostwick, Nath'l I.. Coble, Hobert D. Weeks, Win. W. Gilbert, M. 11 ?sbrtskie, Cli tries Gould, IWin. Krost. A 8anford, Gerard Bsncker, Johu Littt-ll, P. Hjlley, J. H Warren, J. P. Currie, Chat*. M. Lenpp, A uguitin Averill, Uradisli Jutiusoii, Jacob Merrick, Kdw L Beadle, Isaac M. Phyfe, J. U. Brittou, D. e hum way. Chaa. 8. Benson, Nalli'l Sawyer, Win. Doyle, P. 8. Owena, B. F. Lee, F. 8. Cot/.ens, J. W. Rogers, J. H. Matcher, J W. Maa'iu, W. 8. Jeweti, F. A. Htgeman, Jas. F. Pennimau, U.J Smith, C A. Marshall, Halsry Brower, Homer Frankliu, H. L Stone, Hich'd Mortimer, John M. Kweu, F. (Jrav. J. H. Doaglass. John I'owaev, N. Clark. J. F. Jewett, A.Chalmers, Oao W. Blunt, Thoa. H. Baruea, F A. Livmgitou, W. 8 Livinicalou, 8. B Farbuah, John Mason, Benj. L. Swan, jr. John 8. 8tagg, P. K. Knapp, John O. Neliou, K.J.Brown, Wm. 8. Ireland, B. Derainei, F. H. Delano, Thoa. Paton, C.Orinael. n2 lt*rc _ IjMFi'BKN TH WAHD.-HKUl LAK NOMINATION . ?At a large Meeting of the Democratic Whigs of the Fifteenth Warif. held at Constitution Hall, ou Friday evening, 2'Jtli iost., Shepherd Knapp, Kn| , was appointed Chairman; (irrardus Claik, Ksi| and Aaron H 'I horapaou were eleced Vice Presidenta; William T. Whittemore aud Joseph B. Varnum, Jr. were elected Secretaries. On motiou, the following resolutions were uuaninonslv adopted Resolved, That we cordially c inour iu the nomination of WILLIAM 8AMUKL JOHiNSON, as oue who will do honor tothelUtM of Seuator from the Sixth District; and we would remind (he whigs of the Fifteauth Ward that Ilia election will inainlv depenu upon their polliuga fall vore. Kesolved, That in the Wlngnnninationi lor State o Hirers werecugnix' men of tried integrity, ample <|uatificatir>ns, and sound principles, aud that we cordially coucur iu them, and will give to the whole ticket our cordial support. Kesolved, That we earneitly call upon every man who would do lua duty as a good citizen, by sustaining the beat men. to rome forward on Tneaday next, aud vote for all theae uoiniuations; and we eapeciaily urge upon every Whig the importance of testifying, by au overwhelming majority, that there ii still a strong devotion to tha principles which hive been so long and so ably represented by the great Statesman of the West, Henry Clay. ? Kesolved, That the proceedings of the meeting, as repre. ented by a majority of the persons in tha room, did not repraent the wishes of the Whig eitizeus of the Fifteenth Ward, aud that the acceptance of the name of JOHN J K. DKI'U Y as a candidate for Member of Assembly of this Ward was pro curea uy person* nut residents ol the Pilteenth Ward, and that therefore that thii meeting do recommend KRASTUS C. BENEDICT as a suitable |*nou to represent this Ward in the neit Legislature. Resolved, That the proceedings ol this meeting be signed by the officers thereof, and published.. SHEPHEKD KNAPP, Chiirman. UERARDUH CLARK, i AARON R. THOMPSON, > Vice Chairmen. Wm. T. Whittimoik, i a-.?,,,:.. Joseph B. Vahhum. Jr.. { " "re1"""- ?j n>rc rpo THK DEMOCRATIC ELECTORS OK THE 1 FIRST AND SECOND WARDS.-Shall it be a New York or tin Ohio Representative!?The Democrats of the First Assembly District are requested to consider before casting their votes. Will it not be more proper to vote for one of their own townimeu than for one not known or identified with their couli'lenee I Therefore vote for the Independent Democratic Candidate for Assembly, _ JAMES McKINLEY^_ nl 2t?r TO THE FIFTEENTH WARD VOTERS?Three candidates will be ruu in this Ward for the Assembly, namely: ERASTUS C. BENEDICT, Whig; JOHN E. ROSS, Democrat; and JOHN J. II. DEPUY. The Votersof the Fifteenth Ward are earnestly requested to examine their votes iniuately, and vote lor ERASTUS BENEDICT or JOHN E ROSS?as they value the interest and respectability oftli- ward. CITIZENS OK THK liTll WARD. nl 2tis*fh Ij^OURTH WaRD?The Democracy of the 4th Ward have I re-nominated their present abie and ellicieut representative for the Assembly, JOHN H. BOWIE. Krery member of the democratic party ol that ward will give him their united andenthusiaatic support; his election is placed beyoud a donh*. by a triumphant majority. nl 2us*r fMKHT ASSEMBLY DISTRICT?We take pleasure i'i reeommeuding to oar frieuds, for llieir support at the coming election, OEN. WILLIAM HALL, for Senator. J. PHILLIPS PHOENIX, for Asscmb.y. Mechauics, Sailors, Laborers, one and all, give men like these, your frieuds and advocates, your united and undivided support. o29 5tis*j? WANTED*"IMMEDIATELY?Several young and enter- I prisiug men to solicit subscribers and collect money far one of the most popular periodicals published in the country. Men who can crnne well recommended for houesty, intel I igeu ce aud enterprise, can make from tS to SB a day the year round. Some are mtkiug at these rates now. Apply to Israel Post, 140 Nassau st. n2 lt*r WAN 1'KD IMMEDIATELY.?A stout, good nutured girl, to take care of a ehild. Apply without delay, at 20 Couc<,r<? s:reet, BrookI>n. u2 lt*r WAITED?A situation by a respectable young womau, to do plain cooklug, washing and ironing, or general homework, in a nice family?uo objection to go in the coau try. Hood reference can be giveu. < an be <een for two days a'. JVI umiucny alien, uciwrcu riuusroil lillU Dieecaer, III tlie rear basement. u2 li*r WANTKD?By a respectable voting woman, a iiaatioo as chambermaid. anil to do washing ami ironing, or nurse, and would have u<> objection to travel with a lady. Has the best of city reference. Cau be seen for lliree days, at No 274 Molt >t., ni'ir Uleecker. >1 It*re BiJaHDINO AT A IIk'I'KL?lJue or twoKentlenien who could loan lor sli mouths 700 lo 1000 dollars, cau tnake easy ariaiiiemeiitt for board, Itc duriug tlie term of tlie loan Ample snJaatislActory security will be giveu for (be repayment of the money at tne time specified. The location is delightful and central to business. Address " Hotel," Herald office, aud state the place oi interview. i>2 11 * rc WAN I KD?A situation, by two respectable Oirla me oue to cook, wash aud iron, the other for doing house woik or chamber work, and line washing. They eta |>roduce the best of icfeteuces. Call at 41 Perry street, near j<uurth street. Can lie seeu for two days. nol2r?r WAN l'Kl>?Bya ymi woman, a sit uanon to du general housework,ler as chambermaid in a private lamily. The best of city references it>< en as to h iracter, he. I'lease apply at No 15 Monroe at. first floor, 'n the rear. nl 2r*rli BOARD WAiNTKL) until the 1st of Mav neit, foramen tlemau and his wife and two children. They will require n parlor and two bedrooms. Any persona h&viug accoinnioil.i- j tious between 26th aud '10th streets, in the vicinitv of the 9th ] or lOthaveuues. will iilea*.e leave a line at thisolfii'-e,address- i ed to K. P . which will receive atteuliou nlfct'r MA'l'K VVAN I r.U K 'K I He. UKIl. IJaUK ALBT ON. Apply to Captain Koller on board, at Pier No b | North River o3l Jt rc fpHK KIHM OK HALL k THl/M, Shipsmuhs, of 212 | J. South street, is this day dissolved by mutual consent ? All bills againat the tirin will be settled bv K Tliuui, who will continue the old stand, and altend to all lobs with promptness and despuch. N. B? ISAAC HALL will continue liii old shop'No. 10 Kront Htreet. as al. ?2 ilt*r LKM.HKM! Lt*.KCHKi!?In.uou dweedish and Oermao Leeches jus'received aud for sale by J. K. CLKIJ, im- i porter of Lee bes, No. 7 John street. I'. H. Country order* |rarticul"ilv attended ?o. ?Tt*W NO TICK.? II MUfHIA iJe.KLKV, formerly ?<ni'liia He.ves. of Birminirlsam. Kuirlanil. who ?murr>i?il i? ! Upper l/Ufdii iu 1811, and who wis iu Sew York three years i ago, will apply to Mr. Kdwird Lloyd, >9 Piatt ttreet, she imy ; he<r of something to her ndvantage. nf7t*rc | AC ADKM V ?The k" ' will. fixtarM, stationery, coal, he., of ? select m itheniMical and commercial (chool.u offered for iale, centially located, it now in successful operation. ' einbriciug both male and female dap irtineuts, and leut very ' moderate. All particular* made known oo application to t e proprietor, 18ti Hudson st. ilIt'rw UPLKNDID GOTHIC IKIOIt PLATKS.-The *nl>s. ri k7 her would respectfully uiTite the attention of gentlemen t hit new and beautiful style of Door anil Number Plate*, prorounce'1 at the late Kair the handsomett Platea ever got up, nod for which lie received the premium K. ROBKKTS, Premium Door Plate Kttabliahment, n2 I2t*rc 562 Broadway, near Prince ?f PKNNNVLVANI A RAILROAD COMPANY-NOTICK TO CONTRACTORH-Propoaal. will be received until Thursday, the 23cli day of November, at 10 o'clock A.M., at the Town Hall, ia the Boioagh of Lewistown, lor tne (Iradiug aud Mavinry upon about Jti toilet of the Peiiutyivama Railroad. encoding weat from section 20 to i ear Lewistowu Dam. Plana and arecilirationi of the work can be sfen at the above I mined place, for live daya previous to the urn* ap|>oiuted for receiving bids. Any further information can he had upon application to Wm B Foster, Jr., Ks<|., Aasocnte Kngineer, at liarnsburi. 8 V MKRKK K, President. BOWLINU M A LOON KOR HALF. ?Kor ?ile a maffoifi ceut Bowling Haloou. containing eight alleys, bar fmiiras anil furniture. The alleya liava been recently relaid in the best manner; the saloon fnrnished in modern style ind is replete with every convenience. To a cash customer the whole will be told ou reasonable terms Apply to n2?i.*r J VAN NAVIKK, M Pine ttreef, 2d fory. HOR HA Lit.?A lad) leaviag the CMlt'f will tall at pnI vate iale, Carjiete, rtofa. Chain, Window Curtains, Itc , if app'ied to immediately, ut 412 Broadway. 2ud story, n2 lt*r C^OAI.?100 tons first <|iiality Liverpool, afloat, and for sale / by JOSEPH McMUHRAY, 1,2 r corner of Pine and Month streets. BOAHD IN BltOOMK a'l'RC.KT?One Urge back room, in 2d ttory^ with rlotett and Croton wster; the sitnatiou boardert urn) the rric* 11 modrrater"Vor further pirt.rnlara pit- He in<|11r<* at 584 Broome atreet. n2(t*r 'PHK nkw LBTTHItB< UTtlfjuIii kt kihhahA TKH." Oregon Mminii and Tiaveli oierthe Kocky Miiunmini in ISti-P. By Father I'. J. UK HMt-T. ol tlie Noddy of Jnni. With an introJuciory aketch of Oregon and ita '1 lieie lettera fi rm our of I lie max leina'kable ami llitereatlag MB rf the day. They moid mil oily MM ol I lie moil WU'llMIandaurrr ?iful IWIH?ry IMMmr known, hnt thev contain an accnui.t, in many reaper.ta (he moat accurate and faithful yel paMiahed, of theOrrgon Territory, it? toil, climate, arenery, |irodiiciioua and people, Hiey commute, in fart, an imp iriant addition to (he h atory and geography of the whole ol the vaat country of (lie Rocky Mr.nntaina. and are in every way lit to form a part of the " Lett et Kdifiautea and Curitnaif," for which Jeauit miaaionanci have made themaelvei fainotu in the Ch latian world Thay are writ(eu in a plain mid aiucere <' v I e, witliiint an effort at effttt, and the deacriptioua of thejmajr?tic and lieaiitiful acenery of the North We?t. of ita ludian iriliea and their wild lite, are rqml to anything in our language for fiealmeaa and power. With all the value of troth, thfM lettera are ai viyid at a tomanre Th?y are pnhliahed complete in one limn, vol., in the beat aty e, ? ith an accural' map of the country, and 14 illuiirationa of miking pataagei in Indian life, acenery, (ce., from akelchea taken on the apot. Price in ctrHi lundintr. SI 25. Bl3tia?r Kf) W AKD 1)1 N l( i \ V, IM Knlton it. J 111 n Ki .M V e.l) Irom Hie . in ol Hotter.lam. Holland, per the Dutch bark Maria .vtngdalena ( apt Mmuh, in 28 daya paaaage. the lint new lot full DtKcli llerringi, brand 1117, K'niline Harltm oil, Icc. he. K'or aale wholeaale and retail, at e grocery atore and depot of I'earl drain. III Ureeuwich atreet, oppoaite Albany itrret. Sew York 0(1 ? 1 JOHN UAKANUt VV1KLC ?Lucretis Buricia. Mm* Anna Bishop, Don Allooao. Sijnor Vtlulliut; flnm/o, Mr Smiu. Mifu Omni, Mb* O A MichitN: Aacaneo Petrucei, Big (tepuiu; Jappo Linrat lo. Mine Boulard To conclude with NICHOLAS FLAM?Nicholas Flaa, Mr Dim; Hhrirnn, A Andrswi; Mia* Pnddicomb*, Mr* Veriion; Miss Nibble, Mn Dyott. Door* op?a u t>4 o'clock Performance will coaaaacc ai T o'clock. BOWKHY THEATRE.?W. lanaion Vlunru: Hurt Muwt.Mi. 8ri?im.-BKNKHTof Mr. CLARKE T.ue???? E??ui??, No*. 2. will be performed, the (r?ifedr uf

MACBETH?Macbeth. Mr. W. Marshall; Micduff, Mr. C. W Clarke; Btatiuo, Mr. J. H. Hill; Duncan, Mr. Bellamy; Lady Macbeth. Mrs. Jordan. To couclude with the drama of MURKELL? Kichard. Mr. Hteve^a; Muirell. Mr. Tiltoa: Ichabod Crane, Mr. C. Bark*; Horeice. Mrt. Phillips; Bally, Mrs. Sutherland, Virginia, Mn. Wdlcott. Door* open at 6X o'clock, and th* curtain will ria* at T. Boiea. tt Cents; fu and Uallerr. HH Cent*. C~/H'VTU'.'.li.'iA T R E?U ade r tha Maainiuii or Mr & LETC H ER>-Sta** Mana?(r, Mr. Addi*.?Tuesday Kvemuif, November id, will be presented, the uew ballat of action called GISELLE, or the Willies-Oi*elle. Mil* H. Vallee; Uueeu, Mrs Wrav. After which the laughable farce ofTEDD V THE TILKK --TerMv, Mr. B William*; Henry Dunderfurd, Mr. Stallord; Onel, Miss Hildreth; Julia: Mis* Herring. u7!uM?iic'o4? the admired comic opera ofthe BRONZE HORHE?Rata, Mr. De Bar; Prince /anna, Mr. Stafford; Margelia, Mis* Wheeler: Peki, Mr*. Herbert. Bines 25 cents? Pit I2>; cents. MI'i;<vHKLL'840LYMPlC THEATRE.?'1' Evem%,...?v " ^ performance will commence wtth (he drains ofTHE JACOBITE-John Duck. Mr. Holland; Tatty Pottle, Mm. Tiinm. . AVir "original burlesque, called THE CHINES!-: JUNK? I lieophilus i.'atchill Esq., Mr. CuuuiiiKhaai; Mysterious Lady. Mi? Mary Taylor. After which. NEW PLANET?Th? New Planet. Mary Taylor; Juuo, Miss Koberu: Venua, Mia* Phillip,. Toeonclnde with the MV8TKRIOUS FAMILY?Narci.iui Daffodil, Mr. Holland; Caroline, Mrs. H. Isherwood; Laura Mm Koberu. PoowOP? a o'clock, sud the cartain will rise at 7. MltGHAWICS* 11 ALL, 472 Broadway, between Or aud and Broome strrets, OPKN KVKRY NIOHT. TRIUMPHANT 8UCCICS8. of the Original ^HRc|8T.y? MIN8TRKL8 1 he Oldest kstablithed Baud in the United Htaiei. K r CHRISTY. ?. PIC1RCK. O. N. CHRI8TV, C. ABBOTt. J. RAY NOR. T. VAUGHN, whose original and inimitable concerts are nightly houored with crowded and highly resectable audiences, aud universally admitted to axcel every amusement ol a .imilar chara.ter olfered in Una city. Admission 26 cent*. Children under IS year*, half price. Door, open at 7; concert will comm.nee atl o'clock. Seats may be aecured on applicarion at the Hall, from IS M. to 3 P.M. oil 7l?rc PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE -Positively the Last Week ?Monday, Nor. lit, 1847 ?The celebrated ETHIOPIAN SERENADER8, Meur*. GERMON, PKLL, kTANWOOD. WHITE, and HARRINGTON, HOWARD, respectfully announce to the Ladie. and Gentlemeu of New York and it. riciuity, that owing to engagements mad* in Philadrli h a, Baltimore, and Washington, they are com|ielled to draw their INIMITABLE and POPULAR ENTERTAINMENTS to a cloae ou Saturday Evening next. The peiformance. of the week will be VARIED NIGHTLY, comprising; a selection from their MOST CHOICE PIECES. For particular, aee .mall bill.. Uuder the direction of Mr- J. A. DUMBOI.TON. Doors open at 7)4 o'clock. Coucert commence, at# o'clock. Seat, can be aecured at the box office from 10 to 4 u'clock, aud Keutlemeu are requested not to occupy .eat. to which ticket. are affixed. oJI 7t rc r|VA~BERNACLE.?HERZ, 81VORI, KNOOI'.?loe.dav A Kveuiug. Nov. 2.?Programme of the LAST CONCERT BUT ONE. Pabt I. Overture to " Massaniello," .Orchestra La Melancolie Catnillo Sivori Robert le Diable?frantasiolor Violoncello, by Hummer, (with Orchestra) George Knoop Aria from Marino Kalieri, by Donizetti?with Orcheatra Mad. A. Otto Norma?Variation, ill Bravura, with Orchestra? cotnpoMd and sxecutrd by request Henri Herz Souvenir di Roaaini?Grand Duitfor Violin and Violoncello?eiecutcd by Sivori aud Knoop Pakt 11. Overture to " Zampa" Orcheatra La Pastorale aud the Latt Roae of Summer?Piano Solo?Compoaed and executed ou a Piauino, by. .lleuri Herz Graud Trio Concenante, by May.eder? Executed by .Herz, Sivoii, Knoop Dio, from Taueredi. with orchestra Mad. A. Otto Le Carnival de Venice?by reque.t, nud executed by C.millo Sivori All the ai.uompauiment by the Orchestra, under the direction ofhignor Kapcttl. 'Jhe Graud Piano Forte i. Irotn Mr. Herz'. own factory, in Paris. Duriuit the Second Part. Mr. Herz will introduce to the notice of the public, a new Piano Forte, (Pianino,) likewise from his factory, which ha. bees awarded the tint prize of honor at the last National c. (position in Pari*. Important Notick ?The great preuure at the door on the eveuiueaof their former I'm,r?ri?. havm? vivan ri??tA *??,?. pUinu on tlie |*itof gentlemen who cine accompanied by ladicst'H. and 8. hive determined to nuke, Tor the future, the (olio w ids arrange ineut. Price of a ticket, tiken at the muiic stores, before 6 o'clock. P. M ,74 com, price of a ticket taken at tlie door, $1. Concert to commence atS. ulr TABERNACLE.-MR. |DfcMPSiEll>S Fifth Original Ballad Soiree, and last but one, will be given at the Tabernacle, on Friday Evening, Not. 5th, on which occasion lie will sine hii new compositions. Bong of Indian Women:" " The dark eye lias left as;" " Those we love;" " The Rainy Oay;n" What e<n an old mtii to do but dier'"y<Mf??t)Mer: "Footsteps ?f Angels;" " The Dying Child;" Songs of Bums " Poortitn Cauld, " Highland Mary;" "Duncan Oray." Tc conclude with his popular cantata, The Mar Queen," in three parts. Mr. D. will, on this occasion, sing L. V. Beethoven's reinbmted candita," Adelaide," accompanied on the piano forte, by Professor Ferdiuaud Kicker, lately arrived Irora Leipsic. Tickets it cents?To be had at the Music Stores, of Mr. Dempster, New York Hotel, aud at the Door on the evening. Doors o|*u at half put 6? to commence at half put 7 o'clock. nt 4t rc AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. I. Proprietor; F Hitchcock, Manager SPLF.NDID KXIMBITlONS AND PERFORMANCES, I This afternoon at i >'clock; and this eveuiug at hslf-put 7. CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN SERENADEKH, who appear at each performance in a variety ol NEOKO HONOS. CHORUSES. GLEES, fee. MAGNIFICENT BALLOON PANORAMIC) PAINTING OK THE OKE\T CITY OF LONDON. OmEAT WKSTERN, Whose celebrity in his profession is aarivalled. He will appear in a GRAND COMIC MELANGE at each performance, in ctmpany with muh beAnardT A celebrated act-ess auil vocalist. FETE MORHIS, who will appear in his celebrated Polka Song aad Dane*, with MAOIC TRANSFORMATIONS. CLARA KISHER'S SHAKSPEAREAN CABINET, composed of beautiful and accurate MODEL!* OK BHAKSPEAR'S HOUSE, aud all other buildings couneeted with tbe history of the immortal bard, together with ber collection of ?ngravmga, re reientmg Sliaksne ire's CHARACTERS AND THEIR COSTUMES. I of whicii were executed by and under the direction of J. U. . isher, Es<| ., late of the Park Theatre. They may be seen at nil hours, day aud evening THE LIVING ORANO OUTANG. MISS JWL1EN, the Beautiful Uuiruir. Wax Figures, Likeuesaeeaud Portraits of the AMIHTAD CAPTIVE SLAVES. MADAM ROCKWELL, the Canons Fortune Teller. Adiaissicu to the whole. 2'? cent*; children uuder tan ra in of itff and ' I enough to walk alone, UX cents. Art'l.'.O ROOMS. no BKOADWaV?For the bcueli of the Model Artistes.?Latt uigbt but four.?Dr. ColIver's Model Artistes, beg most respectfully to aunouncethat their benefit will take place at the above rooms, on Tueeday V ( >, November 2, 1147, on which occaaion they will eilulut a variety of new tableaui, together with a selection of the most popular of the prcaent programmes. Their patrons inay n-st aaaured that they will eiert themselves to the utmost to insure their patronage, already ao I.benny bestowed Tickets of aduiisiiou. V) ceuta; tickets admitting a lady aud gentleman, 75 cents; to be obtained at the rooms from It A. M. io 2 P. M., aud also at the door, on the evening ol the performance olllus'r LYCKUM HALL, Waaliiiigtou at , Br. oklyn-MIONO& III.IT/ lina the honor to announce that he will give a atria* ofhn popular performance*. c. mauling of MAGIC AND VKNTRlLoliUlSM, Kvery evening duriug the week, comineuciug Monday. Nor. lit. Change of programme nightly. Moor* open at 7, commence at 7!{ o'clock. Admidion 25 cent*?children under 10 year*, half price. Afternoon performance on Saturday at 1 o'clock. no I ttii*r Mux 1'K.LBV'tt < KLKBHATKU COLLECTION OK Scriptural Statuary, emulating of the following group*, representing important and interesting aubject*, the iize of life The Trial of our Saviour. The I.nil Supper, The Birth of < The Moral Scene of thelutemperate Family. I* now open at <11 Broailway, late Walker'* Muaic Hooin*, opponte the Apoll.i, every day, from 11 A. M. to 10 I1 M. Adin.ttance 2S cent*. On the Satiba'h, after diviue ?er?ice, from fi P. M. to 10 P. M. Childreu li ilf price. nil TuKkM Jtia* r _ f|>() l'HKTHKATnlCAL I'KOKKmmIO.N ? Mr. rl.trher m. having become the aole Proprietor ot the Chatham Theatie, i* demon* of lacreaaiiR hi* Cnmpany. Ladiaa and gentlemen of eatahliahed reputation, wh t may draire an ?ug?gementia New York for the *ea*oii,(till neit July,) will plea*e addreu Mr. K (pott paid) and will receive immediate attention i.]l lt*m THK AMKKICAN INSTirt TK KaTh. 21d October. 1(47, awarded a premium to Mim A Jacob*. 619 Broadway, one door from Houaton *treet, f >r the following elegant tpecimrn* ot Infanta'and Children*'Clothing, ol American Manufacture, which are now for tale, via: One M?ae* hruded *ilk Krock. price $30 OA Two*iIk velvet braided Hack* 20 04) each. Oue pink merino braided Cloak and Hat io N Two plaid boy* Mack*... 7 SiMacli. One embroidered Pin Cushion 10 rxi One braided *hort Cloak... 10 00 Milk and wonted liood aud Hat* 3 Ofl each. AUo, a full Kali a**orttnent of every variety of Velveta, r'.aid*. Merino* made into Mack*, < loak*. Krock*. he. N. B ? Ladiea'own material* made and <yit to order.and pat ........... ... nnuiou luiinruulf iy. ozn IXl're BaiLLIANT AND I;NPAHALLKLKl) ATIRAC 'HONS ?t PINTKU.Y'S .SALOON. No. 307 Brond way?Ktliinpeau Htinrliii, the tiorivalled aad une<|iialled lUn.l nl Negro M'lodists anil Person stors, whose performances have ever elicitcd the moat hearty apylanae from the moat discriminating and elite audiences. Menu, O H Morgan, Violin; P. Smith, Bango; J. Johnson, Tambour; Mauler Miller, Bone Castanets. They will every evening ap(ear in a variety of Honga, Refrains. Choruses, Overtures, ;c , interspersed with laughable Conn odiums, Kttravagsur.u. Sir aud make iheir entertainments perfectly chaste aud genteel. Oysters and other ref eshmenta of the choicest kind t<? be had in ilu- Saloon. h2 It* r OBNCINO, BKOAl) MWOH O, and C A V ALK V h.YKMF t,ISK., taught by M. lie Lany; No 421 Broadway, near Canal street. Army aud Nary officers taught the art of the word in leaaona at honra to anil their convenience ojl llt'rc WALNUTSI KKK'l THKATRK. rHILAUfcLPHIALessee, K A. Marshall : Stage Manager, J as. VV. Wallack, Jr.?Second night of Mr. Forrest?Tuesday Nov 1. will be informed the play of f) A MO V UND I'VTHIAS? Damon, Vtr Korrest; Pythias, Mr Wheatley; Calanilie, Mrs Wallsck. Il'imion, Mrs Blake. To conclude with A ROL4NI) KOR AN OLIVKHllighllver, Mr Wheat'ey; Kiviuie, Mr Chapman. Mr. F orrest will appear f verv night tki* week 1NTKRKHTINU LK( TURlc?A Lector# will badeliea* ed on Thorsdav Kvenmg, the 4th initaat, at the Lycenin Building, No Ml Broadway, near Prince street, on the semis , and service of the Tnan Rangers, with sn account of the ionners and customs of the M'sirans, descriptions of country, ineideuts of battle, ke., by 8. C. REID, Jr.. of New Orleans, I formerly t,f the 1 eian Rargers. _ ? I K7~ Lecture to commence at t o'clock P M. I icketa 2b cenia; to be hail at the principal Music and Bookstores, and at . the door. o31 Snl uWlkTh la fh I AO ARD?The relatives and friendsol the lata Alei'r II i Neill, moat respectfully return iheir sincere ihsnks lo | Captain James L. Wanali and the members of the 'th Natloi al Ouard, for the very handsome m innf in which they came forward to pay the last tribute of raspact to their late brother oltar. I TO THE LATEST MOMENT. BY KLBCTKIC TKLKUHAPII. The 8t?uuklp PhlUwUlphla, Bihtow, Not. 1,1847, I We l?arn from Captain liolan, of srhoonrr Kate, from i Ht. Johns, N. K.. arrived yesterday, that on the ittth i alt., thirty-flvo miles nut of Halifax, he aaw the amok* of a Hteamer. wbloh vrai, uo doubt, that of the Philadel- | | phla, before Men by the Zurich, at your port. TIM Southern Mali. Pktkxbuko. Ner. 1, 1847. Nothing ii in from New Orleans. The ? harleston and Savannah papers have been received. They contain nothing new Marked. Rautimorr, Nov. 1?P.M.?-Klour?The market continued steady, without obange In prioea We note sales r?# 'i ann ka?~.ld af iia?^i ml/ ?* ' Thu market continued flrui, and hiiIhh of 3 000 bushel* Maryland red, with some lot* of wblta, were made at 91 'H a $1 M I 'oro Sal?? of >1,000 bushels ware made, i including Maryland mixed and white, made at 64c atiHo. Meal?The market exhibited no change. Rye eontinued firm, with light sales Whisker waa rather quiet, at Saturday'* prices Provisions ? Sale* chiefly oenflued to thu retail trade. Boston, Not. 1,P. M.?Flour?The market continued steady, and sal** of 1000 barrel* ware made at $6 H7VJ a $7. Wheat- -The article waa firm, but no tale* reported. Torn?Sale* of &000 bushel* were ma le, includin sound weftern mixed at ale. aud good found yellow at MAc. (>ats -The market continued steady, and sales of :i000 bushel* were made at &4o. Kye -The market continued Arm, and 1000 bushel* sold at (I Whiskey waa without change. Provisions inactive No change in freights. HENRY H. LEEUS, Auctioneer?Chancery Bale 111 i'ar. tilion of Valuable Property in the 3d aud 10th Wards?H H Leeds 81 Co.. will sell at auctiou on'Wednesday next,Nov." 3J, at the Merchants'F.xcliange, all that certain lot of laud, with the improvements thereon; known as No 47 Veiey st.? 1 he lot is 21 feet in front aud leai, and B2 feet deep. Also, the house aud lot of grouud on the north eaat corner of Bowery and Hester stieet, 34 feel front aud rear, aud 100 leet deep. Also, the house aud lot on lite north west corner of Hester and Chryslie streeU, and also the lot adjoiniug the same, on I the northerly aide thereof. Each lot being 21 leet in front and rear, and 100 feet deep. Terms easy, and will he made known ou the day of sale. I See advertisement in the Ga/.ette and Times, signed Jimes Maurice, master, and J. W. C. Leverldge, solicitor, nl Jt*m RKAT 8ALK OK VALCABLK PAINTINGS-Bf HKNRY H. LEEDS U CO.?Now on exhibition in the Chambers st. Oallery. Broadway, a valuable collsctian of 187 valuable oil Paiutiogs, receutlv imported, which will be sold on Thursday, Nov. 4th, and Friday, Nov 1th, at 10 o'clock each morning. This is considered to be the finest collection ever offered for sale in this conutry, and from their great beauty of subject, and elaborate execution, especially suited to adorn our finest resideucas. _ o3l3tis*r BREAKFAST C A PS?Peter Roberts, 373 Broad way,has just received from auctiou, 1000 embroidered muslin and lace breakfast caps, from!2s upwards; neh trimmed liuea cambric aud ninaliu dress Ml iufuits Paris embroidered robas, very rich. Also, 10 cartous thread lace capes, berthas, collars and bridal scarfs, 30 per ceut below the usual price. n2 14t*r TO PARENTS? A well educated woinin from the North of Irelsud, an Episcopalian, is desirous of counectiug herself with a family wnere she can take care of childrsu, or any persou in feeble health; has uo objection to travel or go to the country. A note left at this office, addressed to J. L)., will be attended to; or if convenient, call at No. 1 Burton street, where an interview can be had with the advertiser, nl 2t*r /"VFFlCV V >li- THi' NllliTli ? VI L" U 11 A M L'lUl.' i?uii ^ KANCE COMPANY, New York, November 1, 1847.? At a regular meeting of the Bo?ril of Directori ot the North American Fire Insurance Company, held at their office, No. 67 Wall street. Kichard W. Bleecker was unanimously clected Secretary, in place of Johu MeBrair. resigned. nl 6tis*r J AMES W OTI8. P.esident. WASHINGTON MAHKET CHOVVUKK CLUB-Ihe abon- company will meet at F. II. Way'*, 20j Washington at, ou Wedueaday ueit, November 3d, at quarter before 9 o'clock, A. M.. for target eicuraioa, with darn dreai, tight body coat, black hat aua atnck, white glovea, while croaa and body belt. By order, THOMAS STARR, Commandant. W. H. Chask. Sec'y. u2 2t*r gm~Z lit CEStrevTUCe COUK8E TROTTINO ?The great trotting iflfnI i\ ~ m*" mi'e heats, ill harneaa, for 11 > '>. $1000 aside, will come off on Monday, Nov. the Stli, at 2 o'clock, P. M. H. Wood'uff names b. g. Ripton J. Whelpley " br. m. Lady Sutton also?Purse >30, mile heau, beat 1 in S, iu harneaa, for trotting lioraea that never won a puree oi t r $30, three or more to make a race, and two or more to atari. To cloae al Green and Bevies', on Thursday, the Uh of Nov , by 9 o'clock, I*. M. A oiatch will alao come off, mile heata. beat three in five. Particulars hereafter. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor N. B.?A aweepstakea ia open, to come off on Mouday, Nov. the ISth, two mile heata, in harneaa, free for all trottiug horse* Subscription $100each, hall forfeit, lor which the proprietor will add a purse of (200, $100 of which to be given to the second , beat; three or more to make a race, and two or more to start To cIom at Oreen 1c Bevina'.on Saturday, Nov. the 6th, by 9 ; o'clock, P. M. n2 ftje UNION COURSE, L. I.-Thura d*y, Nov. 4?A March for $100, two Jl*XS^B^3?*e*milc heata, in harneaa. W. Kmg names b. m Philadelphia Sal. H. Woodruff namea gr. .Orey Harry. ALSO, Purae $30, mile heats, best three in five, iu harness; free for horaea tliat never woo a purae Entries fur thin purae to be made at Ureeu lit Bevius'on Wednesday evening, by 9 o'clock. Three or more to make a race, aud two or more to start. ?? "i? _ THE TATTEH8ALLS HEAVE POWDF.HH _ ir~ accomplishing daily what has for a long time .LJuu^beeii considered an impossible i>erlormtiuce. 1 he* ire curing the heave* in horses, and in such a mild, senile noil aafe manner, that the animal not at allinconveuienced by the treatment They rare the word coagli in from twu days to a week, and the hone n generally fully reamed to soundness by the nse of one package. iu two weeks. Ample direutionson the package. Price St. A. H. OOUUH b Co., 149 kulton at. Proprietor* for the U H M l O LK'l KCH THK WINTKK-A saite of handIBBI l|WW??la, COHtfat ? > Parlor and I wo Bedrooms on secoud tlior, with private table and attendance. 'I he liome U replete with modern improvement!, with hot, cold and ahower batha, and lighted with (ma throughout. The ituatieu ia pleasant aud respectable, being contiguous to Broad waT, ea?t side. K.iiijuire at 5J7 Broadway. n 2 Gt r HoUiE^rO^KT-iloj^JKKN?TheT^itor* bnck houae kuown aa No 3 Union Place, within three iniuutei walk of the Kerry ; ithaviug rain and well water pumps in the kitcheu, betides an eicellent range, with boiler. Kor further particulars, emiuire at No. 17 John tt, of ti. P. Kennedy, or of Mr. Palmer, at the Hobokon Ferry. uS6t*rc JfX, KI mK UOLU AND HILVER WATCHJCS -The ? /at Subscriber is atlliug all description! ol line (Jo Id aud CSUek Silver Watches and Jewelry, at letail, lower tliau any uutrnou** in the city. All Walshes warranted to keep good time, or thelmoney returned. Watches and Jewelry tirhauged. Oold Watches aa low as $20 to $2) each. Watches Mini Jen elry repaired i? the best maimer at much less than the usual price. t>K(). C ALLKN, Importer of Watilies and Jewelry, Wholesale aud Ketuil, 1102 I Iteod'r Jl Wall street corner William, np it tin 1847.?KA iLKUA 1) LINK B K'i'WKKN r^lC^NKW YOKK AND ALBANY, for Ireigtu paaaeiwera iu connection with the Albiny anil Weatera Kailroada, to Buffaloand lutermadiate plaeea ou the line of the Koaila The atenrnboHta NKW JKH8KY, Captain Hitchcock, and ROCHK8T&R. Captain Kurev, will Imve New York and Albany daily, 8undaya excepted, and will ran through from city to city in about tru hour*, ao that cooiW ihippcd at New York in the eveniuf can be delivered in Albany or on the railroad the ueit morning. [O " No L>iue pria<*uti the facilitiM or deipatch offered by the Railroad Liue to merchauta aud otliera deairiug their gooda at the earlieat poaiible moment. Pricea of freight ui'iderate. Apply to I. NKW TON. Agent, HI Greenwich >k, N. Y , C 8 OL..\lSTKl),Ageut,ll7 Pier,or 91 vjnay at,or J. W. HARCOURT, Agent, on the Pier at nW Btate atreet. Alhtny. - FOR CHARLCSION, S. C.?The Steam.hip SOUTHKRN V.K, (Captain M. Berry, will leave tne pier foot of ( liuton f4ZfldJj?fflflHatrrct, opiioate Tobacco Inapcetion, K. H. on Saturday,|tl>e tth inat.. at 4 o'clock P. M. No berth *ecnred until paid for. All billa of lading ?igned by the clerk ou biard Specie will be received until 12 o'clock on the day of departure. For freight or paa?ai<e apply to 8POKFORD, TILK8TON k Co., No. 41 South street. Puaergeriby this venel are rei|ue>ted to a?ad their luggage ou board previouato II o'clock ou the day of departure Couaigneea are particularly relocated to attend to the recaipt of their goodi en the arrival ol ilit ateamer. u2 2tr I FOR NKW OHLKAN8?Packet of the ith Not^9^^v?mber?The apleuoid and well kuown faat-aailnig | S^Bbravnnl* .1.,.. H APPi It A M WOr II " I Win Drnmmoadi 1200 torn Vurthea?Tina ahip haa aupanor acoijimodationi for aeeood cabin and ateenge iiuMnifri, having houaea on deck, well ventilated and roomy. llmae boot to embark for the above port will find it tbeir lutereat to eiarome lliii ahip belore engaging elaewhera. Kor further particular!, apply on hoaid, f?ot of Peck aim. or to the aubteriberi. COBUKN * DOHKHTV. t>? Tt*r AflP" NOTIClL?Coaaignee cl H balaa cor loo. marked C , per bark Oeuaaer. Irom New Orlaana, will HHHbpleaae rail and tereive the unit tint day, or lliey will he itored at their riak and e?pen?e u2 B. KTCOLtlltS. M SMtll lb KOR NK.W ORLKA.NS?Louiaiaua and New iflfflVYoik Line of r?eket??Very Hedneed Rafea?Rega JHNMbl'r |>arket for Monday. November Ith?-J'he new and aplendid faat aailmg parket aliip AKCOlK. ant Hoodleaa, ia now loading, and will ixjaitively Mil a? abore, her regular day. For freight or (?u?age, having rabni aerommodMiona u|e rior lo any ve?ari in poll, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, loot of Wall atrtet, or to ^ ^ rn| , |M. Poaihvely DO freight will b? r?e?iv?d on board after Hatur day eveum*, Nov.ath I 'Agent in New Orleara, Mr William < reevy, who will promptly forward all (foodi ro hi. adilraaa The packet hirk ? apt. Dilliughain, will >ucerrd (he Areole, and ?ail November l?th, her regular day. b> re vxjk Mll< VKK\ IU'/.?The new lirat claaa packet J4WWachooter Mill MILLS. ('.apt. Bmwu, 11 uow reJBCBkaeeit iug freight at pier M K H Kor freight of V)0 bbla. or paaaage, having hoe acconmmdationa. apply to K. Met i A W. ft I oentiea Slip. A new brig will aail on the 1'ith November, a? above. ill ?*r I NION LINK of PaTKKTH to and Iroin LIViMCV^HI'Otll. ?'I he aplandid new Packet Ship I VAN flHbllOK, 1400 tona burthen, Catit. Kdwinli (late of the 1 l'?cket Mliip Sea), will aan fiom New York on Thnraday, 1 Not. 4th. and from Liverpool on the 10'h of January net!. , Thi? tnaKuilireut Packet haa accommodation* I r cahin, ecoitd cabin, and ateeraga raaaengera, unatirpaaaed by auy hip aailing Irom the port of New York I'eiaoaa about proceed iiik to Kuron* or thoav wiahing to vend for their frienda alionld make early application ou Ihmid. foot of Dover at., or to n2 r W.k J. T TAP84 OTT, m li< mth it. ONLY KKOULAK LINK. OK PACKKTS KOK ifl^NKW OKLKANH?The followiOK well known, JMNMbf**) aailiog and lavnrite packet ahipa have areniamodatioua unaurpnaaed for cabin, tacoud cabin, and ateeiage , paaaetigara, and will poaitively aail aa advarliaed, or paaaage I iree, vi?.:? The WISCONSIN, (new,) Cupt. Mninford, Novegabei 4th. The AKCOl K, Capt Wnodleaa, November Itli ? ' Peraona wiahinn to proceed to New Orleana, will do well to I aeeare paaaage by either tha above i?eketa, aa tliev are all firat data alntia, commanded by men eaperienced in the trad*, and will aail punctually on thair appointed daya. To tacure j bertha, apply on board, or to i Ur W. k J. T. TAFBCOTT.M Hoaih n. I m nmummm by thi mails. Wajhinotow, Oat. M, IM7. 7*# W?lm?( Prtvina. A atory la told in tha Arabian NighU of * carUin aiiijr fallow uuwi Alnaaobar. who, on* Jay. indulging at bin ibop in viaionnry dream* of fntura wealth and apiandur, and o*lcalstiag upon Hiring noma foreibla proofb of bi* iiuportanoa by maltreating hia wifa. kicked down a backat of glaaa wara in wbioh the whole of hia omagra for turn wiu iDTMl*it,igil thus destroyed the source wbenc all his riches were to flow. The WUmot proviso men have been enacting a similar absurdity. They hare endeavored to legislate for territory that has not aa yet be come the property of the 1'aited State*; and, about the existence of slavery In a country In which slavery, aa known la this oouutry,never can exist, they have indus trloualy made themselves miserable In fact, thry refuse to be comforted It U Mid that, at the flerkluier Convention, men wept at tha bare thought of such an outrage being put upon tha North by the South, aa piotured by Mr. Wilmot. They did not know they bad been half so Ill-used by th* Mouth, until Mr Wilmot enlightened them. Now, there happan to be *ome men who regard thla rantle sympathy for tha grievous wrongs and hardships that some possible slaves may suffer In California at some possible and altogether undetermined period, as a lamen ttble misdirection and usaiaaa expenditure of an lntriual rally praiseworthy amotion; for it la now a well eatabllsh ad fact that slavery oannot exist in <'allfornia Why then this furious war upon a bodiless Impossibility' General Kearny, who has been over the ground, daelarea the country is not adapted for slave labor; Mr. Thompaon,a late minister to Mexloo, makes a similar declaration, and their evidence is sustained by tha testimony of other officers of the government, who have lately tra veiled In the country. And yet, at the bare thought that there may, by any a slave in the country at any time, the Wilmot proviso men are Inoon sol able. But tbey uy " It in not an abolition movement, nor aru we abolitionisti. We are ready to shed oar blood for the reserved righta of the South '' The only differ eoce between thin movement and abolitionism is, that abolitionists,although fanatical enough, still work for some praotlcal end. Slavery exists at the South, and they desire to eradicate It. The Wllmot proviso men, on the contrary, assail an abstraction slavery does not eilst in California, nor Is it possible that It ever oan exist there, so far as can now be foreseen; and still they assail this phantom, which they take a melancholy pleasure in conjuring up, as fiercely as If it ware a real aad actual embodiment. But how does It appear it la not an abolition movement? The abolitionists agree with the Wllmot proviso men in their views on this question. No other party does. Thare is perfect unity of sentiment between theiu. Why then should the pro vlso men deny the fellowship ' Mr. Wllmot, in his Herkimer speech, declared the proviso was not Introduced for the purpose of embarrassing the administration. Certainly Mr. Wllmot Is the bast exponent of his own intentions and motives, and when he says he did not mean to embarrass the administration, it would be uncivil to oall his statement in question. But, if such was not the purpose, what would have been the effect of the proviso ' It cannet be denied that it would have embarrassed the administration in its efforts to secure a peace with Mexico. This being the case, Mr. Wilmot stands in the position of a man who wonld say to ills neighbor?1" Mv stood Mend, suffer me. I nr?? you, to sever your carotid artery. I may, to be sure, deprive you of life in the operation, but I proteit auoh is not my purpose. I am simply actuated by a philanthropic desire for the promotion of soieaee, and hare no homicidal views whatever." Of Mr. Wllmot's sincerity I do not entertain a doubt, although it is somewhat diffloult to reconoile sound sense (wliioh he certainly poeaesses) with the slnoare advocacy of such a measure ; but a pretention to sincerity on the part of all who have joined la the movement would be too ludicrous. That it waa embarked In by the large majority of its advooates solely with a view to the prevention of slavery in California, is too great an absurdity to gain credenoe. < <Ai. V'lt.Nsis Waihikoton, ?ot 31, 11*47 Niwt?Sewt?Mare fighting, +c., 4'C It is remarkable that Sunday baa generally been the day on which we have received the Uret intelligence of the military operations in Mexico. We have a telegraphic despatch to-day, destined for New York, of a light at Puebla and though we cannot aa yet get the partloulars, we do bear that Col. Childe in safe. Thus much is obtained from Mrs. Child*, who had a right, in calling at the telegraph know the late of her husband. But while we write we shrewdly suspect the whole despatch Is before you. An editorial In the Unton shows the condition ef the Treasury to be better than we had supposed?though it d .> ** not remove the apparent necessity for a new loan or a new Issue of Treasury notes, aa one of the first ants of Congress. in order to meet expenses accruing to the end of the current fiscal year And if we are not mixtaken,in his annual report Mr. Walker will askareplenihhment of his sub-treasuries. W Bai.timork, Nov. I, 1847. Thankigiving Day?Jirmy Offtcrri?Eictpe of Swin dltri?Firti?A mute mmlt, fc. Gov. Pratt has, by his proclamation, brought MaryI land Into line with the various states that have chosen I th? -IMh nf mh.. .. - J-?? * - - UJ UI Ifiunii inanaaglTing | New York will haTuher " tTacuatlon Day" celebrated throughout the Union. A large number ol army officer*, tome of them recalled from the aeat of war, are dally paaaing through our city to attend the trial of I.ieut. Col. Fremont, at the Washington navy yard. Col. Taylor, brother to Gen. Taylor, paaaed through on Saturday. (Jot. Pratt haa, from aome unaccountable cauae, par doned Samuel (i. Ward, who pleaded guilty during the prt'Hent term of the court, upon an Indlotment charging him with obtaining (100 from Mr. C'oale, under the pretence of hla being an army offloer He waa aentenoed to be impriaoned for two yeara, but Hot Pratt ha* reduced the term to two day*. 1 presume, howeTer, that an the jury hav? allowed a $.10,000 rogue to eaaape, they ought alno to haTe let thin paltry $100 fellow off. Between juriea and goTernor'a pardoua, our criminal law* are be coming a nullity. Several amail tlrea haTe occurred, aa oaual, between Saturday and Monday, all the work of Inoendiariea, but the police haTing been out in good force, ao fighting or curred. Our olty in full of auiuaeinenta. and moat of them are doing a poor bualneaa. The ('hineae muaeum la commencing to attraot attention. Mr. < ollina com mencea an engagement at I he llolllday atreet theatre, thiaeTenlng An Italian troupe of dancera are at the Front atreet, and Mr. Alexander, the magician, at the museum^ Sale a of Hlocka at Baltimore. 20 >ltt Weateui bunk, lfc', United Suit* 6? clone m IIU'* lakedj I02J, hid, Treunrv no ei (6i) rloaeil at 1011. a*kcd. I?u;i diu; fui? |>cr cruta cloird m *?>H nhed, K>\ bid; Cut b |*r cent* of I WO, cloted it 94^1 uked, bid; Baltimore 11j 1 Ohio Railway ahitrea, 46 aaked, i'i bid. I'HiLAUKLrHiA, NOT. 1,1K47 Within the put week a great number of (loath*, cau?ed by intemperanoe, neglect and exposure, have oom* under the notice ol the < oroner, no lees than twelve inatanoes having ooourred. The *cene where theee rases of destitution oooorred it a location similar in oharacter to the purlieu* of the Hf? Point*, of your city, where black* and white*, defraded by Intemperance and vise herd together like brute*,in cellar* and ahantlaa created H for the purpose, with room* about the niie of stall* in a table, and juit a* destitute of comforts. The fre.juenry of death* in the vicinity alluded to haa given rlM to a report that a contagious fever prevailed among the wretched inhabitants of these dens, which had originated from a cargo of Imported rag* they had been employed lu Horting anil washing. H A steamboat, to be In tha neighborhood of 300 feet long. Is shortly to be couimeneed by the Messrs. Bysrly, of Kensington, for the line of boats plying on the The lapeake Bay, and to Norfolk The Mount Vernon, a H boat built liaia for the same company, haa given so much satiafartlon that the proprietors have oonaluded to have one of much larger dimensions constructed, to run in conjunction with her The engine aud machlnu ry are to be built by Iteaney. Neaffle i Co., proprietors of_the I'enn Works, Kensington i n* corner otone <>r i*w public achool boui? ? laid on Saturday afternoon, In Moyamenalng, with ap proprtate ceremonie* A l?eautlftil addre** wi? delivered on H*tardny -*1 on the occasion of the of the I- ranklln In otltute exhibition i ,m|>*ny A. Delaware artillery. of Wilmington, comHlM by < apt KidJI*, arrived here thla morning, on H a Timt of a Taw day* Juration They are the guest* ol the National Onarda. The menagerie of Van Atnburgh v Of, entered the city to-day. with their Itoman chariot band and a long *tring of wagon* containing the animal* Though the ODUnUN doe* not contain an elephant, yet io their anxiety to *ee it, the olerka of Maoara Miller, Hon v I ninger, corner of Vina and Tnird itreata, having ruebed to the front door, aoma rogue* took advantage ol tbe clrcumitanca, and, entering by the rear, carried off |4txi from tbe counting room They are aatUli-d with their view of tbe elephant. *r Stocks at PlUUtUlphU. KiaiT B"**d? 100 th* U H B*uk J%. B**1', ID'.; l'i Northern B* k Kentucky. W; V) Sew JIM1 I Ofi>*i, j, I'iO 1' HlUnk. J1,, f (WO H. liuylkill N*vi?*tioa.?*. %S,?7. Al tl l H*i.k?-ii'?,OOo r S 1.1*11. 6?. I?l. 41' "0 yv.l muutuu H*ilro?il ?>?, 8<?\. iltlOO Ht?l? 1?. 71; 00 I M Huik Note*, 90; SO ?li? HeadisK Knilroitil, The oecond nieeUog of the board wa* adjourn* J on t he announcement of the death of William l)*i I j*.>n K?j., an old and rexpected mam bar of the Board of Broken.

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