Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 5, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 5, 1847 Page 1
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TH] Vol. xm. No, 3Gi_VVI>ol? Nik 4U0.I. Interesting War Intelligence. t?EN. SCOTT'S OPERATIONS J.< MBXK'O. [From the Washington Volon. Not 3 ] We h*v# U?eu furnlfthed with the following extract of b letter front an ofHocr of distinction of the staff of Gen tL-ott'f army. to trien-t In thia city An It aIr>-? the only methodical account which we hare unr-n r,f the operations of our army. from the day it left PueMa to the flonl oonqu*et of the city of Mexico, it l* a letter which will he read at thi? time with profound Interest Th? writer U an offl T of binh m**rlt and enlarged expetitnr*. nnd in eyary wity qualified to Judfe of th? op?ra wiicli he Ma no >:r*ph:oally and beautlfuliy de?nrilj.'d. City of Mexico, Sept 20, 1847. My la?t Iett*rn from J.ilapa Informed you of the operate ns ?.f the arui*. and the'dufha of the rflln^rs of ih? o' r(>3 of topi^r iphioal engineers, to include the buttle etC rioG<rdo Sii.cetbat time, and nft><r tho ermy left iaUoa ther* linn not been a single opportunity to crnmunicate with the co?st. except by private express, wh ut rarely reached there; and It Is only now thiou^h the influence of a friend I have met here, thxt ! am wii?)>led to send a limited package Tn? army, leaving garrisons in Jalapa and Perote. marcd on Puelila, where It remained several week*, trailing i'or the new levies Leaving thereon the 8th of August tit ro-"tn for thU city, in four days march i) reached AyOti.'i. being tb* point J'apiiui from which the General wouid saleot his attack ?whether by Tezeuco on the right, and enter the city fr^m the north by Ouadaiape, or In front by tho Tenon, or to the left by the route couth of l.%ke (Jhaloo. of which, at first, th?rs w?i -o'.nn doubt of the practicability The route to the rl.-h' wis a very long one ; th it in front wai strongly fortiB-d. and n-foir-d defended with a large body of n?i*n The tVnnn being an isolated hill, surrounded by wat?r, ooul I only be approached by th- causeway.? ft could not be turned, and necessarily only taken *>y assault, which would have cost m-iny lives On coo ttr>ulng tbe reeoouoiuauce, the route south of Chilco mn a?o-rtained to be a practicable oae, and the aruiy moved on that llue ; though. If our enemy had been a*, all enterprising, they might have checked our progress very materially, or even prevented it altogether. After rearhlog the southern shore of Lake Chslco, the road lay along the base of a high range of nioun. tains, at times crossing rocky spun of the mountains, at others along the margin of the lake, on very narIv rnw causeways, very much cut up. Tho hills on tbe left were often precipitous, and a few tharp-shooters mi .-lit have annoyed u? exo edingly by their fire, and a few enterprising men might have blocked the road completely bv roiling down rocks ; and yet they only attempted It hutonte A few shot soon dislodged them, aod two or three hours work cleared the road. The r<t i li? 11 mn illvUInn ra?ur?h_ ed S?n Augustiu on the 17th August; the other divisions foll'iviai; ut. intervals of a few hours, in ?upportln< dintanco On the lB>h the gunerai-ln chief arrived, and a picket cf u brigade. and afterwarls Worth'* whole division, w:n poshed forward iu ths direction of Sau Antonio, iuimediataly south of the city, and withlu six uiil?s Reconnoitring parties were also presnud forward, and Han Antonio was found to be strongly fortified. The only approach known at the time w.ui by the road. On the'lwfs was an immense field of lava, called pedenral; on thu right wet and m?r?by. The advance ot the party t?h? tired upon at a turn in the road, where they came in sight of the enemy's batteries, and the oomminder of the escort (Capt. Thornton.) was hilled Instantly?the ball " rionobetting" along the road, covered me with mud and foment* of stone, one making a slight bruise on the thigh. After moving in the front for some time, the periodical rain camo on in the evening. Gen Worth took possession of a hacienda within reach of the enemy's (tons, and held it for the night, lleconnoissanoe had aUo been pushed towards the west, in thu direction of 8-in Angel, and a small body of the enemy routed The next inoruwig th9 enemy were discovered in great force ou tbe west, u iout four miles dislitut, on the San A rural rAnii Ptiluw'ri mid TwItftfH* diviflioiiH IFPl-e nrilar ed in that direction. The enemy were found to be entrenched. and def-udcd by noveral guns The Approach to t.hem w as over this nimn pcdregnlor lava? almost lmpwnahlx tor re?n, let alone artilli ry; yet our boy.i managed to accomplish It?the officers dismounting: und a sharp conflict eonued, wbloti lasted tiil night get in. Our people succeeded la getting possession of a village and hacieula un th?i lUnk of the enemy, although they were tliri ivifDci in tbe rear by a large body of uavulry and lufj-utry, (l'J.OOl)) commanded by Santa, Anna in person # The <i?u*ral ordered the at tack to be renewed at three o'clock next morning; but as the nlghf. wan stormy, and our troops uiuon exposed, it did not commence until daylisht To guard Hgainst any NW1W, the (i-neral took with him, the next morning. Garland's bilxade from Worth's dl virion; baton th'lr way from HanAu?U*'.ia to Contreras he was met by a m-nsenger, sjjiag that the ba'tery had been takeniu fine stylj. Garland's brigade was n w ordered to return fo San Antonio, and General Wortn to Jhake a demonstration on it, while the general advanced by San Anpel Contrer-is havinj fallen. Han Anionlo couM be turned The affair of Contrerss was ? xtremoiy well managed, lliley V brigade wai thrown in ndvance, and reached t!ie enony's rear before daylight, without being discovered The other brigade was to attack In (link Kllfy deployed hi? n..Inc,iu and pomjesd upon ths enemy fctforo he wan Bware of It, and carrl.-d the work in twenty minutes, al thiugS outnumbered by at least four llinns. The oth?-r brigade intercepted them on their retreat towards Lhe city. 'I In! route was comp'ete, and the eneny's lor* was very Mrreat. whllfi1: oure was comparatively imall \Ve cap tor- d twenty guns. mostly Urge piece*; men r the number fotir 1 irg?' H inch bronze howlix-v". Hut the f,reat*?t Erue wis two bra-s li's taken from u- ?t Angostura We id nUo b-tween seven p.ud elglit. hundred prisoners, Ineludiog several generals; ajd tb< amount of amunitloo taken exceeded, by one-half, the iiuantlty which we hroiiaht, Irom Vera Crux The goneral imui. diatcly followed in pursuit parsing S*n Angel end Ceyoarnn Our army a'iiin encountered the eDeiny at Churubusco, the second line of defence?of which we knevr nothing tot beiu; ebl? to make my reconuoi'innces whilst la pursuit. The - aeiny had a church stro:iuly I'm lifted by eutrenchrneiits ot> two sides, the other nidis not beiug cornpl-ted; nml he had also the advantage of tis in h-avy guns Knt nothing seemed to Btop the ardor of ecr troop*, an i they went at it with a will ; and it wm t h* warmest aud the most continued lire I have witnessed. In the meantime Worthudvandid upon Han Antonio; bat tbe enemy haviai; heard. I suppose, of the fill of ( ontrerns. retired without much resUtance? W'ortii pnr?uing. cams upon another work ?a irir dp >r,r :n n1ran<*e of the obarch, which w.ii c?rri?d by ??>i?ult a ( w mliiU'w* before the work* at the church ? The I'ti'in; ?t.t? purauad along the oauaeway to the very fit- of the eity bv our civalry, and the de'ender* of tho gatn, to gat at rh-m. tired up?n their own people retreating <\pt?!n Kearney charged over the p-irnoet at the {iRf", and gallantly loat an arm In doing ao Our loan at Churnbunco waa fur gr^-utt-i than ?t (.'.untrera*; but tho ennuiy'a lo?i> waa irmatT sMH. In the works we tock ten gon^and a-*r>ril hundred priaon-'rs. including many mora n*n' rata. Tha day ended moat gloriously The enemy ackuowi <l?-d 30 (Mil) man iu I ha field, and yet we, le:<? than it ?<*? ?, bfit them in four aep*r.?te baitlef" and captured a* I'-tt'-t'J.300 pri*oaor?, with :I7 pieces of artiil>'y and auy quantity < f ammunition The next in xniti f (2let) the (Jeneral with the dragoon* marched. Worth's diflfli 'ii fjllowiaj to tt:ke pojaei'lon of Taeuhaya Kuril ui , at Coyoaoati, tie w<m uiat by oomuiiaaloner* fr^m Santa Anna proposing on nroiietioa; tiia tiuio allied ?-h? not ?oo>*(lad to hy tho (i n't il, and, on giving thu rct>l7. ha lo'd the C'?rn'oi?ai>neV,< tint h? intended sinep in./ in T#i*nS?ya that night, and they r. ry kindly otT-red. if hn would del>?y hi* mareh a f. w hour*, thai thoy wonl I *erd >.t order to tha foitro^a of Ch*pult?peo not to fire on h'lu Hilt I he General did notd'lay hiamaroh, and we enter d tha Tlll-ire with the dragom* alone, early Id th? nft' rnoon; Worth'* divinlnn not arrlvirg until lat? in tli* evening. I'pon arrivicg at the plane, a* I wan *nnt in a iTtniee. I could not but f ei thankful to the commlK'ioiiera |.>r ttiidr offer. *e?in'< tha proximity of the two plitot'R; we were nearly in point-blank range of the gun? of Cbauu'tepec ; yet we took (j'liet p>.??.'S?lon, without a shot Aft>-r our arrival, the Mexican commissioner* cttna agalu and ag.iln, tho next morning, when eoramir*lonar< w>-re appointed by the gener 1. and an at tnisdlee of hi? dictation agreed upon ; and comnt'Mlonera wire appointed on the part of tlia Mexican* to tr? at with our M?nmlnilnn<>r (Mr. Triat) on the nubj -rt' f peac. The nagotlatfona want on f >r (crcr.tld?ya verv nmicaMf, aa wa* b>-lii!V?d ; hut SadU Anna wax daily viola'in'f the armlaticw. by Incrna^iug hll daf?nnea; and i win only a ri/t? on the p irt of the em-tity to gain ti"ta The coi itnlaaion w.i? erentunlly dlaat'lved by th ; r>of the terms of our ei minis* inner, And the gHiirirHt th" s?rne (lay declared the nrmir Ion at ?n eul The ii'-xt d*y the uneniy moved n Urge fjiee out from Ch-ipiillepuo to the wnt, and occupied a 1 trtro building emit -lin'm# it pij'.lio foundry anl mi ls Tlid netiernl, ftl'.hough he h'nl been iuftnaeuv?ri:i)( with ? view to an attu itt ?n the south by tho Antonio road, dhf.f 'l Ins pinna and determined to talc I'hapult"p?i5 first, and than approach tho city by linn Cosine. To Kccrtir.pllxh thin, thii fjrcn ou the left (wind) had to be dislodged, and tho duty wit* o^sigoetl to "U'ortY* divinioo It wen Intended to him been a uight ttin?k, but. fioru rnme cmme or other, the ti/ht did i.ot e'n.iinenm ti'l daylight, whan our i l'? opened upon th? buil ling. I should nuntloned lhat the en.'iny had *lai>;? forne cf both infantry ami cavalry in advanoi? they had alio field artillery With this force our troops who ?oon engaged, nnd a tth&rp fire was kept uo several hour* Tho enemy ruduaily retreated upon the building; and now came the tug. Tho building must be carried or nothing was gsined It could only be done by assault; aud that wmh a difficult matter, an our artillery had inad<) zio impression?no breach vm Made; yet it wan ordered, and carried In gallant style in a few mlliute?; a number of prisoners^ a ton, and the enemy completely driven from the field: but not without great loss on our Bide. Our loss is in kllli d r.nd troundcl about TO I ? a tri ineudoun iosa to no fuj ill an army, with suoh ati o'j"Ct before It Among the killed are many valua l>le n (Thiers I can only mention Col W Or*ham, the brother of our Mnjor Hi died mort nobly at the head of his rnginwnt He hud received a bad wound in tha arm, when he should hare retired; but ho continued to 1 ,.-j.i l.iir. jln??t. In Ihu 1... .i i I _ tbr?'? mora bills, which oaufted bin tit-nth luntautly I >aw hi' body oarrled from th?i llelj. It wan ro*p?rctfully lti'frn d by hl? otru rrgimr.nt. II. vinfc i.ow poMfwinu of thin important point, 'oitteri ? wer* fncttid in tbe liiity of the M0I1110, and hit > on th?Ta''ub?y? road, stm'.h of i;bapultept),i. for th?i pur pon? of battfrinu it On tlif 12th, Ibo baiterl** opened at d ly.l.rfKk. and. after a fiwghoU, and the ran^n obtained, their i If ":t wait Tt-ry apparent The lire wan rtturuttd from tin* caittle with creat farnentnoiw, and oontluued from boll) oldi s throughout the day. The next morning t:.e Are wan rt-Mimed with thn oaino aplrit on our part, but not i") on the part of thn rniuuy?only oc<v.i?i'>n?lly returning the fire. One of theli largest gui>? bad ht-en removed during the night. It had been determine! previously to aiuault the work thla morning, and 0< neral E NE NE Pillow's division. supported by Worth's were ordered to tba attack ; they uiored at uu mrlj hour from Vlolino Chapulteptr is situated on a high Isolated hill, precipitous ou tba north, very steep aud rook; 011 the east and south ; to the weat tli" slop# is more easy. but notared with rock*. On this s'de, th? bill U covered with * d wood within a short distance of the top it was through thia wood, where a Urge foroa of tba enemy w*s potted, that the attack waa made. Our boys being home in the wood*, aoon drore tham from it. It was a most beautiful nnd thrilling sight, ns the ?tormina |jriy emerged fr< m the wood right in th? f*c? of the guns of the work and the ramparts lined with uiu?ketry i'hey f.iuud iooik fbelter In hind the ro<k?, and apprOHibi d gradually and cau'.iousiy, aud occasionally returning the Are. \V'h>-n within a few yard* of the work, u gallant fellow with the standard c.f his regiment la liaud. rusheil forward to the very wall*, followed by a few determined fellows, with ladders, which they placed r.guinii' the will*, und our hoys ru-hed over with h skcnt; the enemy of course fled, rustling out wherever they best could, over the walls aud down the precipices. Our men, in the huat of the moment, shot every one before them; and the scene inside, was indescribable; tbe works and buildings were a mass of ruins, covered with tbe dead and dying The effects of so short a battering speak volumes for our ordnanr* and artillery. Our own siegetrain of 24-iounder*, and a large mortar managed by Huger aud Haguer.and a portion of the siege-train taken ! from the eneiny, iuiuagud hy Capt. Drum of the artllle- I ry, (who wiut afterwards kilisd, poor fellow') performed wonder*? tv?ry shot told; every part of the building, which Is a very largo one, was eutfrely riddled. It whs occupied as a military school; and the library, which w.lil a wuil uml valiuhlu mm vm in confusion, and ih? books, drawing-tables, turniturn. 8c.o , were 11 m**s of ruins A grunt number of prisoners wer? ainon* them U?n ii.xvo (wtw commanded) and ail the pupils Whilst thvfcu operations were going on. on the West, Gen tluitmau waj ordered to attack on the South and Kant, where tho on?Biy wet* m great numb ra along the u<i>ieduct, with deleu.iM thrown across the road; these works were carried in handeouiu style, and at about the samo tiiuu The General did not halt long at Chapultepec ?jurt long enough to give some dir>oli?ns-nn 1 leaving a suiull garrison, followed in pursu t of the enemy: General Quitman's division by the Tacubuya roa'*, and Worth s (Pillow v/us wounded in the assault) by the San Cosine 'J'he enemy residted at tvery step, having defences thrown across the roads; and, as our approach oould only be by those roads or straight causeways, the ground being wet and marshy on either side, the tire from their batteries wan very destructive. but they were nut permitted to hold any ou* position long, and at nightfall thry were driven within the walls, and we had pcasesium of the two gatts of the city. When Gen. '{uitiuaa's division reached th Ta ouoaya gat-, it encountered the ciudt>l-a strongly fortified place, with heavy guos -the showers ot' grape aud canister from which were truly awtul It was here that poor Drum aud Uenjainm, of the same battery, were killed; but thy General found cover lor his men, and maintained his position. At midnight, comuiUsioneru, with a Hag, cams out to the General-in-Chief, aud utated tuat Santa Anna waa marohiiig out with his army, and that they citue to surrender the city to him: and accordingly, tiie next morning, this little but g?l lane arrnv?4i:<rc*inlv nnt nmurt IWLl .II.IIU.. ??. ? J ?u-u ?marched into thU gcmt capital, hoisted the HUtrs unl Rtri,)?s orer the constitutional pulacu. Santa Anna before leaving the city, liberated all tho criminals from the different prisons, and armed them lor the purpose ot murdering ui a* wc entered; anil as the hi-.ids c t the coiutnus approached the centre of the wity, tiify wer* tired upon from the tops of the bouses, an>t stones were also thrown Tile tirst fire, a shot struck Col. Garland in the thigh, not hurting hiiu dangerously Our ineu were soon on the houso tops also, with (be mountain bowlders, and killed a great many; but the flriog continued all day, aud was reneired the next norning, until the general forced ttao civic authorities to interfere, tl.featuning to blow up every house from which a gun was tlrtd; and towards afternoon it ceased altogether After thU, things begau to look a little more comfortable; thu people appeared in the Htreets, Hum j few sao^s wore opened, but s'.lll thing:) were not as wc wished. The oh rgy were sulky, and refused to open the churches, notwithstanding uu order of the general guaranteeing tbe protection of the army. He soon brought them to their senses, by telling tbese dignitaries that he should withdraw his protectiou, if, alter a glreu d\y. they were not. OpMwlj und in two d?..s tnereafter, it they continued cloned, he would force thu cathedral, and hare tne I'rotesianl service performed in it i'he churches were opened thu next day, and the bdlls hare been ringing ?rery hour .-inos. The shops are opening every day, and the city presents u very busy appearance. Though we hare to bo on the aleit. the geueral 4 has been informed, from a reliable sourve. mat un insurrection was on root, headed l>y soioe unholy priests, aid?a by the lifieen huudrej criminals. and Bjui.) officers in disguise. lie has lstued an order un the subject 1 think they will llnd that we can cut throats us well :if they, if limy should coiuuiencu the opera lion This occurred some days since, and every thing lias been HUitt dnion the order. dluce tho p jminwuconn-nt of tUb pntnpnign, nil the movements ot thn army have b< ?u conducted and ordered on the inost tme.. title aud mil iary principles, and exhibited cleat ssill aud generalship on the pare ol our distinguished commander. 1 do not thiuk a single error has been committed Oa the contrary, ever p un ana every movement of bin lias succeeds to admiration; aud the performances ot Jhis little aruiy, under tin direction, hare been truly wouderlul I Would not attuuipt to tell one-naif the trutu, will! jut the tear 01 Dot briu j believed. When we marched from Tunblu, our nrmy did not number over ti.OJf uieu (>ilective ) Since ih-j lath ol August it hji beeu diminished Certainly "J ilU in killed and wounded, in the kuviral baliles which it has (ought. And 1 will venture to u.-sjrt, alter ailowiug for other canu ilti i.i,?gu?idn lor hospital*, dcpotH, w?gOQ9, ?that a force, not exc?ealutf O.MIJ men, drove the enemy, aokujwledged to b? Ud,uuu, and entered this capital We have raticus (peculations of what is to be the result of our occupation of the Capital, but 1 canot enter on them ui w. Of the oUlcers of tbe topographical engineer?, I can only nay that I hare been Un p^ by the General n- ar hi* Lieutenant llarduastle was attached to Uea Worth's dirisiiin. lian been very actively engaged, aud very li auuMiiiily noticed in the Ueueral's report. We h<T.t ai; kn> in m tking a surwy of the differeat battles, aud ocnueclicg theia. A copy of the operations of the i'.iih aud 'i Hh was sent with the Ueueral's otKi'idl reports, which went bjr % uietseuger with a passport Itom Santa Auua during tha urinimlue; ami 1 doubt if it be received, as it is uust likely it never lett the city 1 should like to lieud a copy by this, but it is impossible. We are now engaged in making surreys to couuect the operations of the liih and I4?n jteplmuber, null th of the Ittlh and 3dtli ol August Lieutenant llardcasile, on the uay we entered the city, had his hor.-e killi-.d under him, and auother mil touk <'tf ti.u top of his oap Lieut. 'i'hom. who joined at I'uebla, i am sorry to say, was taken ill at Veru Crux. ?'jii has nt v*r *l?l~ t..r .? .t.. i is uaoouuiad aud I regret the latt-u i f the neivioiM Ll 10 Valuable tt youiig olU'jKf. I have b- en compelled to writ# Vjry Uurtiedtv. and, boiu^ limited to a single thr> t, I fear thai my letter may be ditllcuU to decipaci'. but 1 did riot Wisli to lose the opportunity of writing, us so ong a time had eliip?(d sii cu lay doing so. I^CIl>b.MTS OP TltS WAll* The l?tt<r of tbe ^?w Orleans D l'ci correspond -nt, ' \lustaug," which. with other Utters aud despatches, ! fell into ih? liauiig of the gUerdla*. wuo shot the courier, I h*n com1* to light, having ov. 11 puMWIi'd ia tho A''ic? >nal " ( Atll*oo, uq j from tneaoe copied Into the Jlico h it of Vtii'a ' m* Mmt of tbo latter is taken up with ao counts which wc.r? rewritten, ?a 1 have alr-.ady been published TilTe ar*on? or two lanidents, however, which h'tT<) not before bt>eu wade public. Th? 8th, 0:h and I'Uh were occupied upon our side principally in r?nnniol??i?ncusof the ditT-r?rit approaches to tho city, bringing up tin re.?r, removing the ?v<mud?d ton pin o* of safety, an 1 nuking preparation* fur tho at tank. During this lima Ciitnera's 1'iilow. ({ aud Twigji r?co?noitcred tho suburbs without b.'iug dis turbuJ by th i n'lfiny. The cavalry and arilllery bad j s>me encounter* with the Mexican*, who continued to nink" demonstration* ?n different points. On the llth i a I-irgo l>iily of cavalry attacked Cupt. Hardy, of the ] drug ions, whn wm despatched with a Miiall parly to re C'iDiioitre,* but they were P'pulWl Willi the loss of ;X killed aud some wounded, leafing i.'apt. in po*4<aKino of the tMd. It wis 11 portion of the loien which suit* A mi a lia I employed In the charge upon vj?J>?r Sumner, und fearful of twlBg nefetely reprimanded tor their conduct, they wished t" distinguish thelllolve* Individually Accordingly, a soldier cauic to the front brandishing hi* lane t ?? a chill-nge to sin trio combat A? 'juickly as it w?? nadmioiid, tUe challenge was accepted, an i a advanced to hlni ?ud dscpt'ibrd hiui in leM iimn tban is spent in r-fnrrlug 10 it An oftioer.und sillier then approached, their arras when Capt. Hardy udrauced to tbeui at lull speed, bift they, thinking discretion the belter part of valor retire 1 to the rrar of the llais, remaining apparently well ia' IsSed with their on erlenoe of the dritgoous. la makli:% the a'jault, Wen I'illow was ordered to ascend 10 tli? tr? ash at the highest part towards the west; W?u. Worth. . a the nort hweit, und U-n Uulunm was ] to approach at the aouihweit with the rofuutoer*. ?>M- I t Uu?d i.y (Jen. Sciiih'n bri ; ?(Jn, to never the worfr^jdfl the and take porPftniou of thorn Tho gun helDK tfiTen, Capt i)tuia and Lieut. Hag tuned their Hr? upon the oa*tlo from their poiiltionH, lu order to (Ji?m>>unt th? enemy'* to protect oar Infantry. Udt the Mexican* llru in that direction, and concentrated who were ftupporting lien. Worth'n the drHgoon*, apainht whom they appeare^^^^^^^^^H peculiar animoMty. A thousand hemic at rotor to I hare power to describe Ihetn. the New plant'-. till the ritleuicn placed ions the (itrJo the edifice < fortlllcuttjQf At about600 yard* uian fortified th-y > mu?keiry. by tin* aqueduct, force the enemy, Lkut. jfl the dlvIMn w*rdn the the " tjulokly *pt to bear upon mendouB Are nereasaqr to take tt.e lortlflca BMartgard adranoed W YO W YORK, FRIDAY MORI ui<iwiug hiii repjrt to tientral* Shield* Quitaun n>l ^uiltb, Bouui yi!lf < a;l oti'fia ? l*r/??hell b?r?? (.re cl-rly ?.v. r on-i I hrintlo m t!l 1 ;> Mi.- ground; Mil uo ou* rec*i*ed any Injury exiwpt l.y tile fill; miiuDg them 1* Included yi>ur liuui',1- irivtcl Id acooidaace aith the information obtained through Lieut. Reauregard'a reconnoiarance. the Sooth Carolina r-uiiu-"' adrauced to atorm the work* of the garlta, supported by tiie rest of Suilth'a brigade Oen Quitman charged in person, aud with hlf own hands placed our standard upon the walla of the fort, at half p&nt 1 o'alock. Lieut Stu<irt, of the riflep, leaping the ditch, vx the first who entered the oity of Mexico. The rifl-m?n captured two pieces of artilli ry. which ("apt. Druut turned upon the enemy. rauilni; them great In.** But thl* valiant aoldli-r and accoinpli?iird ^untlemen. who hid Hlw.iye lived an Irrrproacbabl# life, after many brilliant military actiona. fell mortally wounded Kmry eye was turn'd toward* h in with admiration in1 companion; it wan he who rec*p*ur.:d the Buenn Vist? pleoel, and U**d Ih. tu with auoh < lfect at Moleno del Rey; it wua he who commanded bttlery No 1, during the cannonade of the two Preceding days upon the Caatl? of Chapultupec; It was , In ahort, who advanced hia battery ot?t the cauieway. in tlie face of a uioet terrible Are, acquiring eternal honor and fam?, and dying lu compliance with hia tows. * Hens. Uultinau and Smith, at the head of the troop*, were the Grat two Amerlcnn officers who entered the National Palace of the ansient city of the Aztecs, and, by order of lien. Quitman, Capt. Porter, of the rltUs, at seven In the morning, unfolded the national tlv< of the dlvlalon of Cerro Ciordo on the Palace of the .Montezuma* It appear* that, on the 13th of September, nftor the fortification! at Chipultepec had b?en carried, aud Outit-rala Worth aud (Juitman had fought their way Into the city, and when our Spartan band anticipated a fiercer 8tru?:glo during the limiting day than that which th.-y had juitt oncountered, Comminnionerii wero oeppitchi-d from tli.' oity of Me*ico, ou th? part ol the mmtir-ip il auihorltliH. to Taeubaya, to agreo upon term* of oaplltiUtiou with tii? General-la-( Lief They arrived ab-'lit roi'lnlght and coutinu-d their Interview until near daylight, without an uujpliithinft anything. (Jen. bcott informed them that he would Mgn any pjper in the city that be would out of it; and that, a* they had hini all the loei aud trouble Ihty could, he idtended hi* army tfiould u<>? march into the city wkh triumph. unreutricod by any term* of eupitulatioo whatever.''?A'ationul iMtlligcnctr, Nov. 4. FROM TIIK WKSTKRN IM.ATNS. Captain llotuo'jeiler'tt company were met about 110 mil** from Kort Leavenworth Tbey were a;i In tine vpirlts; Lieut. Hchnabtl, j'-uofDr. fc. of this city, had beeu wouuded by a *hot frum tmuie Indians In auibUtth. while in cnnpauy with other offl-ers in advauco of the hattaliou. but win doing w. 11. The tires Lava destroyed much of the grass < n the plains Capt Capt lvoMoial'-'W^ki's companies were with the batUliou.? St I.ouii Oigiiii, 27fA ult. OKNKRAL TAYLOR. The Atalaota M scrltany, of the 231 ultimo, Hsys : "We onuvewed on Thursday afternoon last, with a gentleman who has been for some time attaotitd to the on trtermaater'a department In Tuvln^i. tind who left the Rio (_irande on the Cth ult. lUinforzied un that the statement contained iu I.ho paper*, tint the (ieneral would vhit this country in th* uiojth of November, Is without foundation The old hero has his hauil* full, anil has made a call ou the government for reinforcements t<> dlsperso tho large guerilla forces that are oonceutratiu-j iu the neighborhood of his camp, and who aro becoming exceedingly bold and Insolent. army intkluCrnuk. The steamship Fanny sailed last evening for tliu Brazos with the following pas.teDgurj : Mrs M. Cade, Assistant burgeon J l'elix and servant, Mm 1'agu and son, and Mr. B Cook She uldo carries 151 teamsters, aud a largo quantity of quartermaster s and coiiimtxnary stores The bark Parthian sailed list evening (or Vera Cruz, with SCO troops, detachment* of 7th and 13th Infantry, under the command of Capts. Parker and Kulton. The steamer Chtluixlle, Capt. Williams, arrived t om Cincinnati yesterday, bringing down l.ieut. W. <>. Tanehill. with ISi men tor the ifltli Hegiment United States Infantry.?New Oiliaim I'ieayunr,'M k anil 21th ult. The littles of Nashville have presented a fplendld flaic to the Third Tennessee liegiun-nt The garrison at runbla. uuder Col. Chllds, includes the following compiu.irg of the 1st Pennsylvania Hegiment? Campauy A, Captain May; oo in puny C, Captain Huiall; company D, Captain Ilill; company G, Captain Moorrhe?d? company 1, captain Dana; and company K, Capthin Herro . The other battalion is not mentioned. but it ic probtMy at fweU. The Hannibal (Mo) (iaztlte of the 21 St ult.Mjr: " Brigadier (ieneral Price, visited our city on Saturday last, and took rooms at thn City Hot-?l, acooinptuled by lady e.nd sen Hd was to leave for Santa Ke la Nuveuivht iii* hurt /> h?- -* *!...? - - - thnusKiid man will be wvito h?ld New VToxloo, una, ttf over ttueu thounund iuen u*.vn been concentrated hI that point, lie thioliH tlx- de?ii(o i< to move a Jatuohui-'Dt s??int Duraogo. II.1 hja rnjucjttfd jx riuii ion to do #0. Tlio KilUSto., (r'aimda) JtrgUM Uhh h note from ?<*r Browtl-y.<|uart?rmant?r of thj Otith Urltluli re^iment of foot, voiiUadioting the otiiteuiHut lluc Riley, tho Mexican deserter, v?i <1 nou-conimUrioutid ollinr ut that regiment I hero ia it Sur<e&nt. Itiiey ot the 60'.h ; but ho 1* at p.-wut tho quartermaster of thu ngiineot. IIK ALT!! *F VERA CRUZ. [From tlio N O. Picayune, 24th ult.] Jl weekly statement ?/ the muitalily at I'era -Cruz of Jlmetic an Soldieri and Q.uari*rmaiter'i Urparlmrnt men. in the month of Oc'oli'i, 1817. Urriird fnun the 1 r< ordi uf the Hoard 1 f Health Dates. Karnes. Cccupt- llegi Jigc. Untitrt lion. nttnl. 1 Fran-u Vellciurr, Solncr. ? 30 Hi'tropiy. I T. Bo????, " ? 31 Kbtcrili*. t lnic Nr aIjii, " ? 39 l'\ Heinit. 1 8. Deininai-r, " ? 31 'i'yphua. 2 Jamr* F.Condr". " ? 31 " 2 Jonathan M't'i Hud, Q'. M. Dep. ? 40 Bil. Fever. 2 TumiC-ld Hrey, Soldier. ? 21 l))?-nteiy. 3 lame* Miepiurd, " ? 40 Diarrhie '4 Juiaea <lu<!eraeyer, *' ? ? V Ferer. i Pal. VVymi, " ? ? DWrrhiet. i IVter StMnm; " ? 21 I11. Kever. 6 (xuv&nasli, " ? 3b Delirium. 1A fin... t/_ 1... > - ? ? ? 1)| IIUJ. 10 I'if.. Kotfei'r. Soldier. Ut Inf. 41 " 11 Kdwud Iiarly, v{r. M. Dep. ? V> Febrii. II An Nve, Volmteer. 4lli li.f 21 Dinrthmi. II II 8. OiirutlgliMl, S>idt?r lllh Inf. ? T Fever. II T. Csrdin. Ut. M. Dtp. ? 2# Fever. 11 Tiiotnaii Kiut jn, " ? 31 Ktritiire. 12 J .me? Ctuii.iu, ? ? 20 Huie. d*. 12 VV in lier.e. 8.idler. 2 III. 25 It Fever. 12 Tlwimn Sbeppard, <^r M. Uep. ? JO Diarn if i. 11 Juh:i Hod.ert, " ? 49 i)\?-iitrry. 12 Kruh II I'll, ? 4'hOV. ? Divrlin-1. 13 John Host.wtn, Voiu liter, 2d Ohio. 21 Debitors 13 Jacob H -Ward, " ' 27 Fever. 13 lieoige Q-. M. Dep. ? J) A mti.ii'.'. 13 John Urown, ? ? 1',,>11u?. 14, H 8 ii I >f 2< Dii-rimi It M vk V.nilicw?, Volunteer*. La. Hit. )5'u. I I ThniiMi \iiuder, (('. M. f**p. ? 21 I ?r. 14 Hp uwwtil, Nary < flWr. (th Inf. 2J Krrer. II h"?. Hob,', S.diier. Ut lot. ii Iliitibsit \ IVAT. INTKl.T.rOF.Nf'K. U. S. sloop Oregon, from (' ?p"? of Virglula, bound to Florida put Into! hurloetou on the. ut inst loraliurb >r Tbe d*y aft? r leaving Virginia e xpi-riena*d a sever* blo#froniN F.. to N.N K. which lasted several days, ooiupelliug li?r to lay to m ?st of the tim*. Corn (ielslnpnr airived ut Norfolk on the 1st. en route for the Kaat lodit h, via Cli it?res and the Paollii. and Ik to hoist hiit broad pennanton board the frigate Utiogrest" upon reachlrg the Kant I ndles The frigate Cnmli-rlan I, ('apt lanviasoa, at Norfolk, under orders to Join Oo.nruodoro Perry'* s<|Madrm tn the (tulf of Mexico, has rectived now (u'Jern to tak-t tho plao'i nf the rileamer Iris, arid proceed first to ( Ingres with ( om Jones and t;apt Stribliog. wr>o nhould r.aoh I'aunma as early as the J.ith, to ta<e the Itritlnti ateaiuer for Valparaiso The Ills, it U ascertained, will not answer this object. After landing the couiaiodoro and <Japt 8 at ( havrss. the Cumberland will prooeed to her original destination In the Uulf Urt oKc, Ootober 19, lb!7. The Shiji Fever in Cun.uli, 4-e. We ham htd ax you are aware, awful times of fever and d.ath around us the past summer. The quarantine tatlon at (iro.i* I?l? is about cluing for tin seaaon. A weekly lint of dentin at I but htatinn from th? Mth of Mny b?xt to r>i?-1> h oi October inctunt, Ire b.'<-n published In one of t h s city paiter*. I hare attached the mreral 1 int>toother, "nJ 'hey m> a?ure over thirty feet in length. uil thcru Ik at leait one hundred and twelve liaiiui of the dead to efery foot. Wit u to the above lint ch ill he added the ilfmha on board xhip, nod at th<i ihed- >in t bo^pitiilH in an l nbont the city, there will be exhibited a frightful record of the ilfvctn of Irtah landlordism, for lh? year 1817. Ill tilt Any of new*, we have really Dothin* The v-atlier continue* tine and MMonable, but biuinel* I in,^'"hf* in an utiutmel deari e The famine de*l?rh>iv<iliadfrt<nib!!^^^||ttfe^fetf|HMM^^^I' their RK t NTING, NOVEMBER 5, 18 i n.i tciUut Whig tttnte Convention. Nkw JUvs*, No?. 4,1947. Xuimnalioiii-Drltgitlii lo Arjf<#a.if Coiirrnlian ? He : solutions?fye'r/ir?, fc. The Contention was called to order at 10 o'clock. A. M , yesterdiy, when Hon Thomas Clark, of Coventry, *u chosen President, f ro tim. and John C. Hollliter, of New UtTtn, Secretary. The customary committees were appointed to prepare thebusiness of tbn convuution. Tlr: to nominate permanent officer* for tb? ennventlon, to rccelve credentials, Jtfl. The cfunraltto? on ''fliers soon reported to the con

vwatlon, for President. Hon Reuben Booth; Vice Prcsldent?, Solonon Cole, (ireen Kendrlck, Nathaniel B. Smith. Henry K Hurrall, Gurdon Trumbull, William H. Man n, Samuel F. \Vet?t, Henry Taintor; Secretaries, JohnC. Hollistar end Roger H. Mills. At thU ?taRe of proceeding*. a telegraphic dispatch wan received by tbn President, who aouounoed to th? couventlon the tri'iTiph nf their whin brethren In New York State, which was received with irameni* cheering. At'ter^oox S>??ion. 'I'Iio Mnn I'uilinW n."- ? ?- ' . .... ..v... ? ? ??? n'ni.i. rm?ru?ii, mai n** wim?J avery painful duty In apprising this conwn- , tIon of the death of thu lion label 'V Huntington, the ' whig U S. Senator from thin S:ute 11* died very sud- ' denly last. evening. at bit residence In Norwijb, after au lllnexa of oulv three or four day*. II* then passed a handsome euli ul-un up?n bin public and private oharaot?r Il? deemed I hi* occasion a proper time to convey to hi* family pome testimonial of the high estimation in whluh h? wad hold by hU ft-ll'V* citizens lie therefore j aaked te"iVn to Introduce the following resolutions. ? Resolved. That, intelligence of the Midden death of the Hon J?be% W lluotingrcn, n. Senator of this State Iti ] ihe CongreM of tbe I'altod States, U received by thin Convention with thu deejn-ft sorrow. Resolved, That the President of th^s ( 'invention be requested 1o conv?y to Iby facuily ?f the late Senator Huntington the unfeigned sympathy of it* members in their bereavement, and in the loss which thin State has fu'tainud of one of its most pitied men, aud tbe Senate j of the United Sta'ea of one of its brightest ornaments, fussed unanimously. Thu Couiinittt * ou Credential! reported tbe naueu of [ ih>iu" jrni delegates ?s present. Willi* st ite Central Commlttt ? chosen f.>r th? year ensuing?James K Baboock, Hour? reek, Win. Woodward, John L. Boswell, and Wra. N. Miitson Delegate* to the Whig National l' miv.-ii'Iod, cho<?n by ballot?tho two nt Inn?* In open Convention?Cha.i. W. Itookwoll IiHtl 2J2 out of Jot vote3; and I'rumun Smith 1(10 out of 108, and were elected Tbos. W. William* and Charles H.wley, wt>rn appointed substitutes. The delegatea and substitute* from Cou/reAsional dlrtriots were chosen by thu several dintriota, In Beparato meetings. John II Bronkw%y and Isaae W Stuart, 1st district. James K Uabcock and Hamuli Ruaf?ll, 2d ?!lstrlct. John V, Trumbull nni Sampson Almy, 3d district. Nelion L White and Henry H. llarrall. 1th district. The Convention then proceeded to bullot for candidates for State oilloers ; ? (;liurk BIsaell, for Governor, received 194 out of 211 \ c Charles I Mof urdy. for Untenant Governor, received 182 out of 16!) voted John li Robertson, for Secretary, rsciived the nomination by uoolam&tloi. Joseph B. Gilbert, for Treasurer, ro 'ftlvid 133 out of 163 votea. Abijah Catlin, for Comptroller, received the uowination by acclamation. 'i he comniitUe ou resolutions reported tbrojgh their chairman, llun Truman t'Eiiih, M C , the longest set of resolution), I have heard at any political convention.? I The subfrtance of them U an follows: ? 1. The couutry having realised many <;t the promised eviia which tho whlga of the I rnion prodct?d from the elevatiou of J. K I'olk, the whigs have powerful motives for adhering,' to their principles with unwavuring tirrnness. 2 Denouuoini; the once repudiated sub-treasury scheme?the repeal of the tarlfT of 1842?the exeroise of the veto power on river an 1 harbor biUs?the postponement of ptyment of the French Indemnity tor spoliations in 1800?tbe fool-hardy assertion ol our title to the while of Orag m, or uoiw,'' and the surrender, subsequently, of almost one halt to the British crown itl a loose, truckling manner?the reokle?s manner of annexInj* Texas-thus having involved tho country in a deso- I laiing war. 3 Animadverting itpos the ?ul>-trea?ury as a imohlne for flooding the country with inar.y millions of ptn. r currency, in the form of treasury notes. X Regarding all wan, (except difljnrlve nn?s) in this enlightened and Christian ajrc of the world, whioil ere not strictly ueci ssary, a< highly criminal; and refers the present w :.r with Mexico to th* r.rbltrment of public > I>|>IUIUU. H UJUI'i lllllUKIB ll.'t'll Hi DIIIKJ COnHJSlI eotly with Wie ht>nr?r r.nd tutor*-*'.* of the I'nited States a Holding thn ('resident responsible tor all the ntunendcuj> evils of this war? liven of multitudes who have fallen anil will fill by the .''word or by pestilence? fur tin* vast treasures which have be :i absorbed la the enetp<?" Prc?H?nt having ordered, nnconst'.tutioutily, oar itruiy to advance train the Nueces to the left b^cil; of the Hi > (irtnde, into Mexican territory. ?1 Denouncing the weak, vaitcil'atlng and profligate in iin r ia which this w;ir but b< en conducted by our 15 >veriun at at U'&*liinn?oc, but paying lull tribute to the superior skill o( t Jeii'rali Taylnr Hiid Sontt, their officer? ?nd their gallnut and Kuec n?fiil arroins. 7. Lamcntlug the attemptof the Presld* nt to give thin w?r a inure p ir y ch ir.fiter?that he should have falsely tin put d to 111 hi a disposition to givo "aid and comfort to tho enemy" that Ii" should have panned over in silence nnd superseded the many g illant and uccom plifelied oftloers who have distinguished themselves, 10 confer couim:Miion"> of high honor and much responsibility ou mere favorites, who posses ?d no military experience?and condemning the President's attempt to supers-de < i 'uer jl t Ta^l >r and sinott by a Lieutenant (Jeneral, with tbo avowed purpose of tilling tho nnw oftee with u < Iviliin. h Passing high encomiums upon the rigor, enterprise, skill and valor of our army ofllners. and the cons'ancy and bravery of oir men. an displayed in twenty-five battle*. lrom the day of faU Alto and lteseca de la I'aim't. down to entering the city of Mexico, as having earned never fading laurels for themselves, and crowned our dag with unprecedented glory. U. Ileferrii.g to th ! large national debt our government Is runnlwr up,tint will coine down with a withering curse aud crushing elf-ot upon ourselves and on posterity. 10 y.-ntl mlng the piyinj;to tha uttermoot firthlng of tho expenses of tlm war of '78 and 191:1 II. Denying the rig'it of any nation to carry on an aggreH?ive wnr at the expenre of posterity. 12 Declaring t'i?t i ha expense* of this war would hive been fir more glorious to this c-iuntry. If the many millions that will b>i exp udtd therein rtwuld hava been expenned ia the edu ttio i ot our onil Iron an J children's children 13 lleHeving it the war now wiged ca-inot I ing be Hupi urte.1 on credii; i.i 1 th'it at no far distant day we shall hi < ill'd upi>n by the I'oltad Sf.ates tax gatherer, by direct taxa*i'> >. an I met by him with thuduipand of - p*y mo whit I ton ovist " It Not co:,tin*. I have all the ordinary rfiiources of this cou >try abso. li l liy th < wr thui preventing the improveirents of rivers and hat born and rflso ths ind-Hn't" po*tponerhejt to our cltir.ens of their claixis, |?>r | Kreuoli sp' liatlon*. Ift. l> prei.aMng the evils which must follow this w vr, In th* establishment of an increased standing army, thus liable to be entailed upon us. IU Denouncing ?> n ltli-r sound policy nor common honesty. ho part of < iii ','overoojeut, in attempting to buy ? ; vrtion <>f *i ?hi< h tli?y now attempt to take nv''>e tenors ofth? bayonet and vorl 17. i ' ntrafting our mvn nnooeuplod fertile lands with the sterile und di ^oluto regious of new Mexico. 19. So'ting forth the repmnanc?to our free Institutions to eon strain scy pople to partalce of the bleologs of our free Institutions. And if the inhabitants of .Mexico still desire to remain as they ar? now, we siy, iu the name of justice, humanity, and true rnpubll<:aDlrm, let them ri-riiln Mexloans&till III. Hhiiwlug tlie In'.'apaol'y of the Mexicans f >r seif. government, and th rtdore tn> y arc uufit to aid in governing Uti 3'i. t.'ordially uniting with nearly all the whlgs of the South and Honth-West, in taking the ground of opposition to any hnjir'iition of territory that wilt implant in thie nation ' a root of bltternees1' -and, Indeed, against any acquisition, except on the I'aflfic, so ?s to Include the hailiorof flan FranolfcO. 31. De daring that if any territory ii) to be added, It must be free territi ry JJ Afllrmlng that they do not tako thU position In a spirit of hostility to thu Houlh ? earnestly dpprecattng the existence of any such contingency, as tliey see much In the lino of conduct pursued l<y their whig brethren of th'i Honth to Inspire them with hope and confidence. They, therefore, ns in 1840, inrcrlbe on their banner, " The union of the whlgs lor the ' ske ot the l.'nion"? In a spirit of generous confidence to rescue our government from lnoornpet nt hands 33 Showing that If tho sub-treasury law has failed to oroduce the dlsasterH predicted, it should be attributed Bj|^^ge amount ol specie imported into this connreadhtnIf/, owing to the deplorable famine ^^^^Hand to the non-compliance with Its provisions Bimi ut otllcials. forth tb? critical condition of thin MM n?'?r approach of thn I'r-Hidnntial el?otlon. JHiful 'Jicrharft" of the political (lulled of the K|ir"i?l importance Id tho coming campaign. Tnvio Smith, Member of rongrrr. , was Bin hi i.-ifftliiK In" upon a nreent publication of Marwherein lie hfflrtnft that " what*??r li? tkl propriety to Inquire thn lite Mexican Mich in'|uiii>? Could *>ny oth?r belnR on Mir.h a nentirrunt but Martin Van how bemaneged-yet h* now "?In the ha/e m frflVotuaUy ai they )j*ta donn *B to bold our put/lln *n> In powrr duty ill lb* OODfldr a war a* thn l'iw wh?*u th? la In ?xl?for th? uiath? nor the merit* ncceSMrj war, IERA 47. Lave we b?>'D Involved In it eoiiatitutlnnally' II eiiated several week* before Congreaa paaaed the act reootfni.'lng that war There I* a remote and an immediate cauae of the war. The r??mot? cauae wm the Immediate annexation of Texaa The Immediate cause wa? the order to General Taylor by the l're?id"nt, to tnsrch from the Neuenei to the Kto Grande Thia aet? ' he should apeak In the language of Senator Benton?would be, la 111* judgement, au unmitigated spoliation of Mexico " We have had a glorioua war. ao far aa our army la oouearnad ; but ao far a? the government la concerned. It la doubtful The government calculated they ahou'.d hare only a ahort or little war. yet a glorioua one. So they flrst palled out men for < nly six inoutha? tben for tw*lve m<<ntht; and i finding they 1ia<1 a aeriouB job on their haudit. aft?r fighting awhile, they nail out men for Ave year*, or during the continuance of the war. In hi<s opinion, if continued under ;>r?aent man igeroent, it MHa be prnaecuted for an indefinite period of time. He would not oonaent to any peace that will be dishonorable to our own country, or demand nothing hut what la right, and aubmlt to nothing that i* wrong Ilaa not Congreaa granted evurythlng tue government aaked T Kvery thing but a Lieutenant General Have they not granted all the troopa ? all the money they have repeated ' No lrra than W> 0<>t> were grunted at the very outaet of the war -aa many aa I.ord Wellington had when he fought the battle of Waterloo. At the commencement of the war, the rank 1 and tile of the army waa diOO. Which waa doubled to 17,000 men Then of volunteers 00,000 " ' a regiment of mounted^nien 1.000 ' " by the last t'onpreaa . .lO.Oi'O " " of Sappers. VI Int ra, Chaplains, Wagoner*. Slo bto , about euough to asrelllt to 2,000 " Total S0 8 K) " When this President ?eiit lieu. Taylor with tiir >u thousand niea to tKo Hio Grande, ho sent juet enough to aroUBe the "piritor Arista and Ula troopa, for a r.jht? I whereas, if Ue had sent taioe as many men, there would have beeu no ll;:htlO!! lillt Hun Arlstu n >ht ? t-r tar?ami it the government hid (arnlihcd him with ? 1 pontoon train, for whioh he was kept weeks w litiug U? j would at tint time have cut the MttitU army all to pieces Next the government kept him T?altli ; ?om? four months for trm>porUtion wagons. Mr Hmith fol- I lowed up tbe oondu'-t of the government iu its iu.-ultlcient supply of troop* und meant to 4>enH. Taylor anil Scott. Where are the thousand men <^ODgrefta granted to l!i<t government, when they rjitve (ien Snott only ten thousand men to enter c lie Mexican valley.' He relerreii to tne ariay having been vent to bcour tli* Mexican country, being so -hi: 11 In detachment* to carry tittle permun-nt ettioieuoy to oor arras lu the ucrtli lie referred to X.nophous expedition hh not superior to the Don l^uixotlo one of I)>uiplian tint at Snereineuto the Mexicans mustered rounge to attack Duniphtn, -who walked into tliein prelty umoh ax I hope we "tin 11 walk iuto the administration at the next election Kiora the accounts we have continually received from our ariuy, we Aid thu Mexican women more dangerous to cur troops thin the men. He then ?po!ie lou,{ upon the retusal of our government to ui?k.) peace upon the (tension by Mexico of a strip of territory U.>4) miles broad an J some two thousand in length, acd that "the organ" now ground forth some pretty utvoug hints that they will attempt to subdue the wiiolu of Mexijo. lit next g*ve a description of New Mexico, at giveu him by an army oflloer, who had trav? lied it in its length and breadth, it it* centre was a grew salt lake, troiu whiuh It 11 riter run, he supposed it would L>? ilia pine*) wLtru our opponcuts will study navigation next spriug end fill. Some gentlemen have u particular horror of the extension ot flluvery, with which ha tll'l not sympathise. But heaven knows that he abhorred slavery sincerely llu tai 1 ho not a Wilutot proviso man. although he wuut sgalntt the extension c.f slavery. lie did not rely upon Wiliuot proviso men for the salvation of the couutry, but upon tha iutcl'.i ;ence nud action of the united wing party. Let u? iunuiro who is a Wilmot proviso iu&u ' Who i? Dan l.'l Wiliuol himself.' He went thu whole figure for lh? admission of Texas ? for the extension ol Texas to thu Nueoes, 1)0 miles to tile Klo Grande?thus extending slavery over free territory 150 miles llu also goes the whole figure lor tlila war Ah for New Mexico, he said the country was bo poor that neither free nor slave lab r cm live there; and If annexed within ttve yean, it would ooinn into the Union an a state upon sixty thousand in habitant*, with only oj? rupiesenlutive, und tbo couutry i* such a misuraole one, that they never can have more tain one representative It would ba like a meteor ! thrown into our political system, dU*rruugtng it. l'hu? our Senate in to he submerged by there outlandish StateB ?completely carried under. Mr Smith relied upon the cooperation of Southern and Northern whigs, to put a stop to this war. I.oug {familiar with the sentiments of the Southern whig*, ha comd rely upoo their hearty co-operation. It is our duty, at the North not to surrender any of our right.*, but to commit their views and feelings, ttius presenting to our opponents au united front As to the next whig ('residential candidate, if his heart could be consulted, be should find II ;nry < lay (voel'Tons applause) as his candidate, and the niau wiio commands the entire confidence of the whig party, and one wUo*a merits are so houorably appreciated It Is a subjeor which must be treated calmly We muit stand for our rights, but treat with due respect the ientlmeuts anil wishes of our brethren In other portions of the country. J. K. X'rumbuii of Stonlngton, noxt addressed tha aonveutiou in a very humorous strain ; and remarked tint if Mr. l'olk d. * s not know how to get out of the w*r. It Is the duty of the whig* to help him out. lie spoke in severe terms of the management of the war; | and cloned by saying, that it appeared to him tint Mr l'olk was in the utiu itiou oi the young lrl?h laily who recently left Albany with a certificate of character, but who lost It on her journey. Whilst moaning over her loss, oua of her countrymen stepped up t> sympathise with her, and ensure wnat misfortune bad beialleu her. Me told her not t<> aive herself any uneaslue?s upon the subject, as be could give her auothur certificate. Mo with pen and ink. he wrote thus:?''This is t) certify that Margaret Klannagan left Albany last evening, but before she reacted .New Vork she it.'' If Mr. l'olk lelt home a greit i.ian, before he is through his tetiu, he turns out a very small one. II. I . lleiiniM, of .New Haven, remarked that his sympathies have been with our soldiers and our flag ? tbut he would go as far as any other mm to honor mo memory of the dead who have fallen lu Mexico. Still !i<* ' would uot any the less visit with condemnation the j authors ofthU war. His creed was- no more slave territory?a peace?Junt to .Mexico and houofahlo to ouratlver. Hoiiack H Kkbhv, of Stamford, being called upon, responded in the same strain as the preceding speaker , upon me Mexluan w ir We are about to decide nuestions involving the very existence of our constitution its If It is to be a verdict upon the acts of the present administration. It is lu thu power <>f the IVtsident it tie is upheld, to *e:id our army iu;o aoy foreign countly whatever, juit as much as In'o Mexico, and having saut tU-m there, he can levy revenue out of tha country to I carry on such a war, aud ho nccouuta'jl'i to nobody ' Wbatefer. The time has goua by for words; It is now time far action. We art to act Connecticut, und he wnhed nothing high-.- tuan to live aud an; for tier. We have now got to woilt, talk to our neighbors, roine up the whig spirit In our r 'peciive neighborhood", auu thus set th'i ball in motion next spring which, he trusted, would not stop until it hat crushed under it 'lie present feeble and corrupt administration. Tho first vote he gave was llenry <'lay, (great cheering) isud ha wished tin.', man mlgntlive ro long that he o?uld cast liii lift vote 1 ir lilts. I Connecticut aliv.iys dtllghts to honor Henry Clsy. a,id has always voted overwhelmingly for him, when he has b<!en presented for her suffrage Cn?? W Uoi kwr.Lt. maile a few stirring-up-tu-adtloii remarks, (the hour of ten having arrived), and said if we hare gut to carry on a war, wj must have whi^s to do it Votad, by the convention, that Monday, the 4th day of July ne ;t. be recommended to the Whigs of the l olou I as the most suitable tune tor holding tha whig National Convention to nominate vviilg i'ri^sidential candidst>s I ;ie convention then gave nine cheers for the whites of New York, In achieving so glorious a victory tit the bn lot ho i on Tuesday. AIM, nine cheer* tor Henry i lay the (lr-t at.d ouly choice ot ('* nnecticut whig*. Here it *hould be rvnntrked thut t'i tl"ieg*tej chosen to tho National ouTantloii hnvu been m> ohoeen beaauin Mr. clay i< their preference. Ittnll I^Allnrca. [Prom the New Orleau* Ficayune, Oct. 2rt ] Tlie mail failed yeatcrday from b~yOnd Montgomery, Ala. Sine" our last ptihlioxtio.i twn mail* h.ive iiudk in f/om the North, but three mails are due from New i ork this morning. [The mail had been irregular at New Orlean* for ten daj* at the abov* date I AiMllloiinl ItrniK l>y Hie I lillmlel|>lilii. (1-roin the Manchester (iiiardian, Oct. ' | Tnk Ktatk or thk Cou.otrt?We are exceedingly glad to be euabled to announce tbat the buidnes* of the Arm of Birlwj, Cotflt It Co. Ka*t India merchant*, of thin town which ws? last week elated to h ti? been suspended, in proceeding it* usual The house, in faot, had liever Suspended Its payments ;.t uil ; but htvui!: received some remittances (though not nearly to the amount generally stated) from India. In bill* on London houses which hare stopped payment, a suspension hi contemplated whleh. however, wi? rendered altogether uunrcciisary. by prompt anil effectual pecuniary assistance A* we find that *om < little rasconoeption ha* prevailed on the point, we think It right to *t%te that the house of lllrley, i.orrle IU, neither has nor evir bud any connection lu business with that of Messrs Birley v < o . th" well-hnowu cotton epiruiers and inanufneturtr.i of thiH town In reference to the failuos w'llch took placn here last we. k. we regret to learn that tbe results Id two meetings 'd creditors have been much | I more unfavorable than were prtviously anticipated ? I nn apparent aeaeui 01 vi.eHr* mm i n ?r? ?t?t' d to be no very trifling th*' decline to mention the amount ; auJ the lo*e?i of Mr. J. A Armstrong from thin and other cause* hnro brxn no large, that it .* iindimtrod tlm dividend In not hkelj u> cxo-ed | Jn In the pound. I ho jit mcipnl flu*pentloim at Liverpool during tliel<?t few cU>? bave b?*m thor.e of Mr. William Maury and Mei'tii T fc li Murray Of the*n the former ha? al- | rxn.'y returned. and the most onufideut eip. ctatlom are | entertained that llio latter Will be enabled fodo *0 to a ? ry short time, an their mean* are understood to be | v?-ry ample Of course, under circumstance* like thnsn which we : haT? jiut de*c,rlboJ, It cannot be expected that much j bunlneM will he done The demand, III fact, hM been on the moit trifling scale, ami price* ar? conm-'iuetitly alnumt nominal. Still, we believe tbe great majority of the manufacturer* show much firuinea*. and decline to submit, even for Immediate payment In ea*h, to toy material reduction. Tbe following return, continued from the (JuarJmn of I??M I Hk. 1 mi LD PrtM WmmVmmta. If '.U'1 toT-t*?Ur.?h?WU tJw?ut. LmSm ' ! ? .* b0r0tt?h * Mauohe*Ur. Car the ItTit ?Ifhi?r k !?i lur,turn w# p^biutMd*ho?*i iliS^lnWnlTJhL ??? * *1' *,?hl m,1U f??*r ?*N working full tins* th%u In tb? v^i pmoMlini Thou# now glran ar? equally uu?atl*feotory W D*tr. Mill*. #e. * tVtrkptapl,. Kmp.f Uiump. ^ct2"3-s!-s^ri ' ,7- AT*. < 4 Si ? 3 5 ? ?s ? ? 8epL 21. 175 IJ1 ?i 2J TX 4MW 2W1 M*7 1VMW Int 7f.".l Oct J. . PS 125 26 2 ? 7J? ilOOt 208 2 2'UOT 21117 7'>* |7M comparing theee waehly return* together. it appear* th?( Are moii* mill* hava c.'o*? d working fall time. while thi.s* working nhort tlm* harn b.?n inor?a*ad hj three, and those KtoppcJ altogether by two. It ihoald b? ob8t? red tint tho?i- f?ctorle* which are working ten boon only are included among th?' number marked a* working full tlma The proportion* of uaamDloyad and employed work-people (bow that there has b?eo a d?en?ii within the fortnight of nearly 700 among those rally oeoapUd. and an innr?a*e of more than iooj in the number* alto got her destitute of employment. Hir Nktriiu ?A usee tin( ?a? bald *t BUwuigham. on tha evening of Goto bar 4th, with ft riew to fiamine tha .ju?*tlon of tha financial criala. Aidarmaa Wfuton presided. Three or four members of Parliament were present, Resolutions wara adopted attributing Utt present depression of commerce and industry to tha flneftriai system adaptad by tha act* of 1*19 and 1844, ftftd representing that tha government will incur ft grara responsibility, If thay do not endeavor to propoM MftM temporary measure to re establish tha monetary naau and crm'it of tha country, with a view to tha rallaf of the commercial end laboring clames Tha meeting expr^scd a desire that, on tha opening ol Parliament, petitions to tha above air ict mi-rht be sent Into that body, from all tha rltie* ami town* in the I'nltad Kiftgdom. IIatrk, Ojt H?It Id aaaartad that Mf. Baring hft* coiao to I'aris lo Nollclt lrom the Hank of Itaanoe. la tho name ot tha Uankof hngland. assistaMft (imiiftr to that which wai rendered in Ittttf. We know not _ .. .u?i ib i ub t' t>vri, um nuiinoi relied on. It bceina t<> u? it will be very dlflloBlt for Um B*uk of Kratio*, in tho poeitlon which It now oceapias, to aeoede to Mr. Muring'* request Wa do not underutaud how an ntiibllabmunt which hoa don* ao llttta for i> ronch, compared wiib what It alight have done, should 11/ to the succor of Kn^land, at a moBMt when it will requite till ita r*aouro*a to aavt. *nr*Tf ourselves, tin- rebound of the financial criaia in England Mom: I'irai y ot? Tin- <"o*?T or -Oniuow, Oct. 4?The schooner F.lixabeth and Man, Hbaw, of Ayr, arrived to-day, from Limerick; nailed ftoto thma* on tin) 17 th, and Tarbeit on the :14th uit.J waa boarded on Huixisy, :J6(h, off th>? illack K> rk. at about a*r*a o'clock iu the eronioit. by the or*wa of nine boata, aaah maunH.I with from rine to ten mm, (all Iriah ) They Urought on board axes, wedge#, and other weapon*?tore up tin) hatch**, und loaded each boat witL muoh oata ts i>. culd carry. The quantity narrled off luppoaed about 3fie?n touK W? feer there will be great depredations committed thin winter on tho Irish caat, unlaw our cruisers kovp a tharp look out. Zonvcaiii TiHin ?The Uni?n Monarehii/ut MY* thai a nefrotintlou had been opened bv Prussia. in th* name of lb? Zollvereiu, with> the (IImI, Ut orudmitting AuttrU iuto the Uarnun cuotoms union, but of preparing modifications in the tariff which might ultimuu ly luad to the adhaaion of that power. Sui .i.limj in limn Lir?: ?The following story 1* given by thu Southampton rorrexpondHut of the London Standard of October 7: ? On .Saturday last, ths collector of her Majesty's ?utoius at this port, received information that a " noble" Duke, r?siding not a hundred miles from Lyudhurst, on the oouliuea oi the New korest, had so fax forgotten Um rulea to be observed in regard to epiritnou* liquors Imported Into Kngland from a neighboring country, a* to secret* a large quantity at hia ducal manaion, without l.aviuj; prevlouidy paid thu duty. The Information baviug been veribed, two trustworthy and Intelligent otiloura were despatched on a special mission to " his graoe," who, being oowfuriably mated at hia hospitable board, eniertainiog a lew of hla select,'' politely refuted to welcome hia quondam frlenda. Nothing daunted, however, they at onos proceeded to the objuol of their visit, aud in a closet, acoosslble only I heretofore) to the duke himaelf, they discovered about li) gallons uf the purest aplrlt of brandy, noatly stowed tway It wiu> immediately Reined and conveyed to m n morn secure berth?to wit, one of her Majesty's cellars at Southampton. On the following Monday the ofllosrs puid a similar complimentary visit to the yacht of hia grace, lytag In th? river, whero another diacovery waa made of n Uiye quantity of cordlali and wines, nioaly paCKed in tav locKer. An embargo was laid upon the whole, yacbt and alL and lure the matter rests for tbe prevent. the * loyal" duke no doubt consoling himself with the rsfleotfon that ho will, ere long, I to railed upon to par up handsomely for tbe attempted fraud upon her Majesty's revenue. Not long sir'*- the lady of one of our most eminent oolonial bt'hops attempted to smuggle a large quantity of foreign folk into this port, and bad it not blsen for the indefatigable activity of the custom bouse authorities, h?r ladyship would have succeeded. Aa it waa,tbewhoU ot the property was seised, but by a Strang* oversight, the delinquent escaped justice. I.a Pi.attk Miiiion.?Tbe k.nglish sloop steamer Kury, mik um pun 01 uevonpori on tne 410 ull , n>r Moutn America, where ntt? gut-* with a special mtaaion. it la reported that she bring* to the l.uglUh mlniater at I.* I'lalte, ni-w orders from Lord 1'alinurston. 1 he Dr? ft?'am?hip Kuropi', ou? of tba four Rteamer* intruded for the ban Hue from Liverpool to Naw Vork, *11 launched on tb? 4ih nit. at <?ia*cow. IVllarelluneoita. Tba corner stone of the new dtoto Houm at Baton Ki ugi; wan to be Wld on Wednesday laat. It lias b<";n decided by Ju4k Kroat, In tha Court of Sessions at Ch?rl?iton that a patron of fall IndlM descent. unmixed with m (to blood, la peTaon of <*> lor, therefore, an luoompetent witnea*. according to the laws of the titate. Account* continue to come la giving melancholy !* tails of the potato rot. Hui' bauannui are now grown in tha opao air at Naw Orleans. S$tbi k eit s htqmdishful pi?-ovjot sdIii'i iu fur the niir, which will ehiuK? Brer hair U> ita omental color in a lew mnui-uu. 1 hi> Uya la dirfaraat from mi) yelijfl'erail to ilie pulilic. (ienllemiii who hava been hanbiiKneil by different hvr ilye?, will pirate t?i call uo Mr. 8tiikei, and he will ?hu * you ( it uu humbug and no way iuju riout tu the luir ur akin Thote who d.iunl virtue* are re ijuru'eil In have thrir hmr ln-1'nre paying thair moaey. i lie be >uty of tli ajlu iou u, ilie ino.e you waah it 'Jia ?<?i ii ?? afvi'l |f?mfn u??1 iiu.iiiiiuii-.i 111 gelling ill 11 <1 > p t c moot be liuti at \ r place than of Mr. ?THp K KR, No 4 ( 'oeiilief Slip, nneie it told wliolc**le and retail, nud ?|.|>IUid. *" 7t#r / ?..i- * f >i-u ?*|>K AT r.i.i .IOTJLL'rf BOAT "J ANI> OAU llAZAAIl. 2|S'j nut uO'i Houth nrrct, ou l'ueidai . r<o?'inl?cr 21 In r?nl. tl>r ucccmJuI rectivcr o' ii-c.ilv til tlie preininiu* at tlie fairi of the Amniciu and V.eclmin 4 luiiiititi*, at well u uroduciiig boat* that wuu tl ee in?*c i i*ce?, un;l?r the direction ol the uautiral cominitfT of llie Ameriom ImlituM in the year ISM, haf revilrtd ' ' < ,i ii, i > ilir ficc ma]iecluMi ol the public, hi* Itulh Hiiiiii l fur, which wuu ti c rice prize* nc ihc Ulr Itir i t ' anile tHrilru?tb' 30 feet rac? boat. Adeline, mnrd by 'I horn i, l!ti.r'i,n, ( ,n.dv find Coody, far a ?'!. ?iii ? iNo, the rol? Untied 13 leet working boat, General VV .ir11, r ?ir?-u?lI <? > Kiimt thtre l'i leet bolt*, <tud beat the jint) b. lour iiiitd ed yi'di, rowed > "tie celebrated oar*inao. Jrlm Maniunali. II- mil lit etiubit llie two yawl bout* thai attracted io miicli altent "ti at the lute fur, limit for die |iiloU ol lb' pilot b<Mt K. K. Culluif, for the pilot* of the pilot bout Phautom MJl'ic Nh.SV Ul'l'i II IlKHKINO-Jutt re-ened. i>er Bark Mnrit .vlirf'lileue I'll kci;* Me * Helflc cd Maatja* Her riii/. pti' U|i(i|>rtiily lor the nbcribrr, in Vlanrdrugen, Hoiiauil IV irrauted I lie bet in th* innk?l. K< r anle by i i !t*Ve S. t:nHKN.'i9 Ouaue ?treet. PI ilr. ;?A l. I WHI8KK V.?'iu?l in urei !i and flavor to the be?t U'lblm diftil ei). for ?aie by nVl-re CHAKL.KH Ml-IlKAV, 72 1U?*???W ft LOhl'?Ou I'nesday moiiMug, 21 November, betwaeu I'.li mi>I I- rw uk I in ftreeu, a laly't Uold '.V -ch, with gold ell il?, neat, key, locket, nnd told hook ntlteke t. Aay wo? a ra-.ii.nm .llll.K ? , will il>lv tew<r<M iiJJi*rc OK .11 MULK lifcN IXKMaiN? I >" pnrala fcmily, liirnuiit'tl or unfuraiahad, null or without lirealif *1 and ir i. Apply at 17 Wooater stieet n3 ?>?rc OKKIO. i'lIK NORTH AMKKI' AN HKK I N?l'll\M K < dill''NV, " ?? Vnrli. Nnramber I, HIT.? A t a if^ultr D;triiHK(if ilir liiiard of Pirrclort nf thai North Aiiencm Kire In.main e < oBipany. " Id at their office, No. tT V* >.11 arrret, Kirharil W B|i-erkf r ? ? u intnmmaty ?!tCI*4 Serrenry, lu p.'ace of John MaBlair reaigne<l. I . MMfS W O I |??. l'r,.?I.Br 'I'l' I.* ) * In/niari] r. oin fur ,i amKle ifru'le iuiuj by 1 I"rr>-eh fntni; . Kb>juirc at S9 Heud at, M tlucx. III' tl' II OK llo. ANN 1I pT~! AT~ioN m lit* avaat / Far aale, H ire Pern, Noa. In n 31. in ihe eastern trana?rj?f, srlected ?s ihr ui i daai'aba pews >u the wh'.le church. u?*J the pulmt, <1 d rccily opposite the new organ ol Ml Jnrdiur, iud coiniiuui<liu|[ a full >iewof the coua legation, while ill" tlare frrun the aurreri glim windows n ayeid?d ? A|?f?lv tu O. II WIN'I KR. II Wall street, oyer the Meehaain' i. .i W "U i4 fm WI*M>OW fcH ADICS?\VM. BKKHIAN, l*? Bo wary* has now on hand ih* best Maoitmrtt of Mh idea in (ha c<ty, tn'n'ifartarrd eip esaly for the retail trade. Alao. plain li<>?a or inn?lm shadra |iat op it ahoit notrea, at rcry low |irie?a il >tm>*y PKNNRYLVANI \ RAILROAD i.O ?1PAN V-N ? TU K TO < ONTKAf/l'ORH? Proposals will b- r?Ceired ii itil i'hnraiUv, the 21?h Uiy of November. at III o'clock A.VI,, at ihe Town Hall, iu ih? Untouch of I.rwialowu, lor tnc Oradiinr and M?aoury upon a boat M miles of tha Penua viuia l<"i|ioad encoding *'H fiom section *11 to Laar L,?"?utown IJim. |'|n?s ' il ?J < ' ifle.itions of the wo k ran ha ??en at tha ahove atin-I tlarr lira day? previous to tha time appointed for rece ?i g Hida. ... . . ny further information 'an ha had upon application to Wm n I'. strr, Ir., f ?<| , Aaaociata r.nitneer, at Harnabar*. tj IJt'rc S V MKRUII^K. Prealdcnt. Bowi.iN'J ma Loon kim hall-For a'.f# 1^. rem B .wIihk iloou contaiaiuc eight all*! a. bar flmrea and ruraituia. lha alleya haT? lieen leceully relaid iu the heat in rtner; llie t .louri furniahtil In raixler i a-.yla and la rcp eie Willi ' vary ronvemaaca. To <-'iali mituiuai the wbola Mill e iwM on reasonable terma Apply to 1.26 ar J VAN NAMKK, l? fine atf?l. M ?frf. Bk K A h a \SI'? . !'! ?i'n*f M .t.eiu(37J BriMdwav.h-ajaat rernved fmin nicno.i lllO embroidered miiiliu aud Face ip? from 7a upwarilt, rich tn.nmed liuaa rata brie ami iiiaalm dreaa do; lultnla I'aiia enih oidared robM. eary ri h Mio, l<l cartout thr*\d laee eapea, Hen Sea, collart and hrnl il arar! , PI prr l rut halow [l,e uailal price. u> I?t" r ion HAKKKLM 1'URK HfIRITh? llfVF ini do 8ai?nor AX( OHOL. WHITK BRANDY. An eicclleut artjcla of Natiy* (Irapea fur Preaerraa, Co diala, &e? at a inneh lower price ihan the imported. H Jp'or aale by JOHN V'HOMKROUIC. Wl Front itmt, balwreu Baekmao and rakoa ( H U Mt*r?

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