Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1847 Page 1
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TH] Vol. xra. So. 305_Wtu>l? No. 4WM. FULL PARTICULARS OF FOREIGN NEWS, BY STEAMSHIP CALEDONIA. SPECIALCOKRBSPONDENCE OF THK Hew York Horald. Complete List of Failures. Reports of the London Money Market and the Liverpool Cotton Market. NEGOTIATIONS THE FRENCH LOAN. Faiiinir air in th? British Revenue. &Ct &G? &6i SPECIAL DESPATCHES TO THE) NEW YORK UERAI.D. France. Park, Oetober 16, 1847. Since the data of my last, the .reform agitation proKrvHBcH throughout tly> provinces. Some thirty or forty meetings, or banquets, a* they are oalled, have been announced, and lime have taken place. The numbers attending tlieae demonstrations, although considerable, are much leu* imposing than the intelligence, wraith, and profreslontl and commercial eminence of the parties In abort, it la evidnnt that the matter begins to give serious uueasines* to the government. We are assured that the oablnet intends to y eld to this spirit of progAss, at least so far as to satisfy the exigencies of the moment, and to disarm the opposition,on the opening of the Chambers, of so formidable an Instrument of attaok. There are two branches in whloh the public seek for reform -th? one organic and political, the other purely administrative. The intention at present is to yield on the latter, and It is probable that in the Interval between the preaeut time and the opening of the Chambers, a sort of programme, or manifesto, will appear in the ministerial journals, containing an ootline of the administrative rnfonns and ot>ang?s witch the cabinet lutends to prop-ie?. If this design be really carried into effect, as w? tn-lieve it to be at present intended, it will give to <1 nuhintofc m. timor of officii: for fin larirn a. portiou of the opposition will bo satisfied by it, thatlhe present ministerial majority will be augmented to a good working amount. Mtrabai Bugeaurd, the Duke d'Isly, has, It is naiil. manifested an intention of joining the opposition of the left oentre He and M. Thiers are reported to be in perfeot accordance The Poke, who. it will be remembered, was lately Governor ot Algeria, is vehement in his disapprooatlon of the appointment of the Duke d'Aumale to r.hM governorship of that colony. The opposition will join In thia sentiment; but the subject is not one sufflci-ntly molting to have any serjoui effect upon the stability of the cabinet. Pri'ioe Jerome Bonaparte, and his son. Prince Napoleon. htving obt ined the permission of the governm?nt. have returned to France and are now in Paris,where they intend to reside They have taken a hotel in the Champs at the corner of the Itue de Berry.? They were received by the King in ptlwte andienoe, a few days sinoe Although certain popular manifestations took place on their appraranoe in public, at the luneral of the Re-King of Holland, at which otieg were heard by the people, recalling the memory of the Kmperor, these relios of the imperial family appear disposed to withdraw from all such demonstrations, and to lira in the retirement of private life. It is understood that they will end their days in France. The scientific world will be conoerned to hear of the death of Broiiniart. the celebrated mineralogist He died ft tew days since at big residence at the rsyai manufactory at Sevres. of whioh be was the direotor. The Quancial world has just been excited by the ioiportaat measures of the emission for the new loan of 150 millions of francH, equal to 70 millions of dollars It is proposed to Issue this In three per cent stick. by month It issue* of 10 millions of fraucs, to i>e continued until the entire amount has been issued. It is understood that the contraot, wbioH will be concluded next month, will be tak?n by the uouse of Rothschild, and that s*veral of the Receivers Oeneral hare agreed to take shares In It. The terms, It is Mid, wid ha samswhere about 77. Italy. I to MR, Oct. 8, 1S17. The progress of regeneration in Italy goei on and prospers, a* far as the papal Statea, the (irand Duchy of Tuscany, and the Duchy of Luoca, are concerned. The National Ouard,throughout the legation and the marches, as well as in all the principal towns, is organised.? Municipalities are established, but what is more lmpor- ; tant, la that a municipality haa been instituted, within the last few days, in Rome Itself, which, before, never enj iyed sueh a privilege. In the States of thu church, i tho geueral tendoncy is to soaularixe the government, 1 and to call into aotive servioe the intelligence of tho laity. Ferrara is on the point of being evacuated, and i the differences between the papal court and that of Vi nna, which luve so long dlstnrbed.the tranquillity of ' Central Italy,are definitively arranged. The (irand Duke of Tuscany has followed in the steps of the Pope, and 1 the institutions of that principality are established on 4 the same popular and liberal principles Lucca has ex torted Its independence from Its sovereign The faolll- 1 ty with which the Duke yielded to the demands of his people is explicable on grounds which d# not leave ' muuU credit to th lloerality of that Trlnoe. The Duchy of Lucca Is held by its present sovereign and hie , heird only during ths life time of Maria Louisa, th Duchess uf 1'armu and Piesenz.t, Ihe widow of Napoleon. ' Her I aiperUl Huhuess, having no legitimate heirs, her llirfiiuees's principality Is to fall, on her deceese, to tha . f l,..;.. l>??h? ?r ' will ttten be annexed to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany Thus th? sovereign of Lucca, having no other interest In the principality than one dependent on a lite so aged as , that of the Mb Duchess Maria Louisa, he was easily | OJuteoted to waivo hit individual opinions, and to til- , low the Ducby ot Lucca to proceed m the pume course of ( leforiuas that which if* adopted in Tuscany. In the dominions of Sardinia, the progress of roform j U lrsj rapid and less certain Still, there is a disposition > ou ti.e part oi the m-vt-reiKn which, notwithstanding the known vacillation of his character, gives strong grounds for hop J. Thl? hope, however, is rendered still stronger , by t'-o acknowledged spirit of the army of Piedmont , aud the Innate energy ofthu p?opl<i. It will follow it. i the oouree of reform, though probably at a considerable ( dirt iuco bt'biud Tuscany and the Mutes of tho churoh , There remain to b? noticed the Lombardo-VenetUn i kingdom on the North, and tb*t of the Two Sloilles on the South. These are the strongholds of absolutiisui,HDd | smm disposed to resist to the duath ail attempts at pro- < greis The former, overrun by i'.n enormous military < force, poured in from Austria proper, from the Tyrol, t and from Cri eti?,is altogether overborne. Tbesensinieut of the population, although sufficiently expressed, is without ImM. They have no combined no' ion against < tin overwhelming suppressive force employed against . tliHU). UlUss, therelore, the example of surrounding bute.t iadu.-us Austria to adopt the initiative In |>>il<kuai and aumiiibirativu reforms. It is out easy at ^reseut to say bow the population of Liaibardy anu or Vunice can ?merge from the iron despotism which cr>i*ti?* tfcnia. u '1 he .Neapolitan territory, from the Homan fiontieis t to toe souuit- ruuiDst capes of Calabria aud SiOlly,aru in 1 high luxurmctiou i'im government exercises all the | d<-potisui of AustiU, without lis strength. Thu most t Savage and bai baroUS cruelties supply wuat is effruted i by Au'tria, by the eXbl iltion of real torce Tne iusano i attempt is m?de to surround the Neapolitan territory with a cordon, to prevent the trausmistlon of iut< 1.1- u geiiCrf l'oli< ical news is a prohibited i.rticlj in the taiill t in Nk|>1in. I'riviite bitter*, whether departing or arnviug ere upvm d and n<ad hi tb? p ut olllcv, and regular \j intercepted wuen tlm iu'.elligeuoe they coi **y m not agreeable to the govtruwt ot A system of te.ror mi.J treachery meanwhile i" organim-d la the interior. In surgeut* <ire inii'.autly shot, although a t rnb.e ret loutmn i0 cortaiato t??it the roy*l!.su who ore cuptun a oj the nth'-r aide by the iofur^ents; and these are not few Rew.itds sire publicly off-red by the government for all who ,il betray or Inform against purlies, either In l&aurreoilou or suspected of It. innumerable u.hiirary ar-e*'* ar- tally made, and the prison* are ev ry where gorged with captives taken f'om every rank ia liie. I'tto n.cre'.'y ulteud* the government pru( < tings, render* it iiupu*.iM* to my either tbn num b.rsof prison t? actually in oouflnement, or how many ot th-iu hare bjen executed The executions t?k? place In lh8 fortresses without public trial or notification, and tb? unfortunate f untile* of the captive* are J lefe in total Ignorance of r.helr fate A report has beun circulated recently that the King was disposed to exercise clemency, and to make *om t concenslons to the spirit of reform. If this Is * >, the intention ia obly yet born, for no manifestation i f the kind bit* been made public. P. 8.?Since the above was written, we hare received the Important news that the Dii\h of I.uoca h*a ab-JIcat?d lu furor of the Grind Duke 01 Tuscany, the Utter ngrinlng to pay him an annuity of $360,000 until the death of the Archduchess Maria I.ouisv We are also Informed that th*re is ti prospect of a favorable turn of thing* at Naples, where the King Is expected to proolaiiu an amnesty and adopt a system of r? farm. Spain. .M*nmn, Oot. 10, 1847. The events which I communicated in my last letter were so startlicg and unexpected, that It might have been supposed that the interests ef the drama of the palace wuuld hare flagged after tbem from mere want of aotiad, bat the dramntu pmuna in this oomedy are too numerous and Important, and the spirit of Intrigua too aotivfl, to allow the Interests so to subside. It will be re. oolieoted, that at tha date of my last, Uen. Narvaea, who is understood to represent, at Madrid, th? Interests and the views of the Uueen Dowager Christina, and of King ! IfOuls I'lnlippe, *? uutxpuoUdiy rectlled to tb? rum [ I 1 r "l Lll" !?!W??""WW*"! E NE' NEY mlt of power, after bavin# been as unexpectedly precipi- I htted from it. But tbl( wouldbn unintelligible anywhere except at Madrid, whera the destinies of the country are sported with, at tb? caprice of intriguing favorite#, anl lore k ladies. The truth, which had si noe coma out, la briefly this : Gen. Serrano, wlio had been, f >r mtny months, the favorite in the palaoe, and At facto King of all the Hpains, bep*n to entertain misgivings of his hold on the royal affections. and a certain Col Gandara appeared, in the sal'im of majesty, to attract attention, which alarmed the fear* of the former favorite These apprehensions became more lively when it was observed that the minister of Salamanca, and his associates, maintains! close relations with this same Col Gandara In short, it became apparent that the ministry were disposed to pUy off Col Gandara against Oen Serrano It might be a?ked why the latfer would not aa welt have served the purpoae of i he ministry; but the answer to mm II., IU>L no wu UUl UIBpUHeU 10 ({0 Klong Willi 111*111, in the njatem of policy which they desire to pursue. Be thin a* it may. it is certain that (Jen Serrano perceived what waa going forward, and, fearing a decline ef hi* influence, accepted overtures made to him by the agents of Gen. Narvaez; in consequence of which, a meeting was brought about between Gen Narvaex and Cien Serrano, and their common Mend Gen. Ron de Olano. on the morning of the 3d inat. The result of their conference was a compromise, the conditions of which were not at first known, but have since become apparent. Gen Serrano sgreed. it appears, to relinquish hia liaiton at the palaoe, in the consideration ot receiving the appointment of the Captain-Generalship of the province of Grenada and, aa it in supposed, rec eiving, also, the sum of twe hundred thuuaaud dollars, proceeding from the purse of the lJ,o?eu Dowager. On these conditions Serrano agreed to effeot immediately the diamissal of the Salamanca c-tbinet. anil tho appointment of Narvaex to the head of affairs Hue. besides this, it Is asserted that another plot was uarrled on simultaneously with the eventa we have jusi related, und that Narvaex. not content to rely solely on tb? irlluunce ol Ser-ano managvd to give to Salamanca, the viitual head of the then existing cabinet, some very weighty reasons to induoe him to advise the queen, in conjunction with Gen Serrano, to change the ministry, and to appoint him. (Narvaei) to the premiership What gave a color to this, was the remarkable fact that on the very day when the intrigue we are now describing took place, the result of which was the fall of Salamanoa, tne same Salamanca, accom pauieu oy uauuara, toon a pleasure excursion 10 Aranjue*. thin going out of the way, as it were, to g ve Nnm for the new actors on the scene On the eT od( (d the 3d. at seven o'clock, and just before her Majesty went to the opera, General Serrano introduced to her Majesty's private cabinet the General* Narvaez and Rob de Oiaao; and a short conference was there held, the termination of whiah was that Narvaez it ft with his appointment, having the sign manual affixed to It, in his pooket All the membnrs of the cabinet were th*a at the opera. Salamanca returned during the nltiht, and appeared there also. A cabinet oouncii was h?ld at one in the morning, at which General Narvaez was Introduced by General Roe de Olano, and demanded the collective resignation of the ministers Nothing could exoeed the astonishment manifested by a'l, Salamanca excepted, who listened to the communication with appa rent apathy. The resignation of the minister* was signed on the spot, and appeared in the Uuztlte of the next morning Narvaez thus became prime minister, with a cabinet or his own creatures On the following naturday, the 9th instant, a new surprise was reserved for the pubiio In Madrid. This was nothing less than the publio announcement of the fall of Oen Serrano, of hlui who had exercised the real power of the sovereign for so long a time The Qaz'tle. of that day announued that the favorite had accepted the oaptain generalship of Grenada, and weuld depart for his post on the following Monday, which he accordingly did We must now shift tbo scene. While these things Were goiug forward, Narvaez secretly communicated with the Queen Dowager Christina, in Paris, and iuvited her Majesty to return to Madrid, and resume lier position and Influence in the palace. Tbese communications, however, were kept most profound secreta, being imparted, an is asserted, to none except the husband of the Queen Dowager, (the Duke of manure*) and her uncle, King Louis Philippe. The departure was decided upon, but it was essun lal that, until the aotual arrival of Christina in Madrid, the movement should be kept secret, especially from the British embassy, and this wag accordingly managed with that adroitness for which the Queen Dowager has always been so remarkable. Queen Chrlstiua resides, in Paris, in a palace in the Rue de Courcelles, in the Faubourg du Roule. In right of her ex- Majesty, a guard of honor is posted at tbis palaoe whenever she is there, being withdruwo, of course, when sh? leaves for the oountry or elsewhere. Previously to the 9th instant, the Queen, with her *uU?, was reriileut there, which faot was manifested to the public by the presence Of the guard, besides her public receptions, and her reported visits to 8t Cloud. On the morulng of Saturday, the 9tu inst, a modest t haite de poitr, suoh as a private gentletnau might travel in, stood at the door of the palaoe. Preseutly three Individuals, habited m bourgeon, issued from the gale: a gentleman, a lady, and a person who urgbt be taken lor a confidential servant. Tbese individuals, mounting in the vulture, drove off, and took the road to Bordeaux. Meanwhile, everything at the palace remained as buforo ?the guard of honor watcontlnaed, and the internal arrangement of thu household was unaltered A rumor, however, was circulated in Paris, and ou Monday, the llth. appeared in the journals, to the effect that the Queen Dowager had left for Madrid. Galignant't Meitcvgtr, m well conducted and respeotable paper, desirous to avoid giving circulation to an untruth, nent to the Hotel de Courcelles to ascertain the fact, where the messenger was informed that the Queen was still in town and at the palace. Qalign >?i'? Meneniier accordingly published the oontradic tlon by authority This contradiction, nevertheless, was a falsehood l'he three individuals above mentionad. who left on Saturday for Bordeaux, were the Queen Dowager, her husband, and a coulideutlal servant, it was not until Thursday, the 14th, the very day on ?hich the queen would have arrlv-d at Madrid, tbat the truth was allowed to transpire at Paris, and, on that day it was announced in La Prtutr (understood to be tbe or;an of the queen dowager.) that tbe Queen, and the Duke of llianzares, had, in faot, left for Madrid on the preceding Saturday. ;*ueh are, briefly, the incidents of this curious drama, up to the date at which we now write What mat fol o* is m difllnult to f resee as It would be to guess the U.nuurmtnt of the last aot of a melo-drama, when tho plot ha* been involved In intentional complexity by the ingenuity of the author I shall reserve, therefore, the sonsummatioa of this comedy tor my next. Ireland* The New Agitation?Tenant Rioht.?Their revsrenoes the priests appear resolved to take the new ugitaLion for" tenant right" out of the bauds of the ni'i Doheuys and Connors They have issued their rnjulsltion tor tho meeting in the county of Waterford, which bears the signatures of one M. I'., one mayor. 70 priists, aud about boo larmtrs Hero is the beading, with a portion of the body of tho document: ? "Trna"t Right?Moritt'.r Mtttini; at Kilm 'cthnmm ? VVe, the undersignej, aUrined at the preheatstiie of the country, and the inevitable ruin that threatens every of the community, and believing that this state of Lhiugs arises in a great muasure from the uus*tist'aotory relations existing between Uudlord and tenant, requeit i public meeting of the ULdlordf, tenant-farmers, and the people at large, to be noldeu at Kilmuothoma*, on Sunday, the 24th of Ootolwr. at the hour of two o'clock, for the purpose Of establishing a teuant league, to se:ure the reasonable rights of the occupying tenant, with iu.? regard to tho just rl^his of the landlord; and also ;o petition the legislature on the same subjert (Signed) "XHOMAb MKAOHKR, M. P." fco. Th* Potato Disease.?Th?re are further accounts 'rom the c.uuuty of Mayo, representing the eiteoslon of ,h? potat* tiieea** It h*a a'so made lis appe??tuce lu .lie couuty ot Fermanagh, but lu neither .listrlct is it narked with the virulent i-jujptoms of last year. Further Krsnch I tcill^rnce. The Miim/'ur publish-* the lollowing returns of the train aud Q <ur imported luto Kiai.ce during the month if rti-ptembiT last :-By the Atlantic harbors, 171093 it atolltrus; by the Mediterranean, 719 4i7 ; by tue lana rontier, 1,617?In all, 903 017. The arerrge prion of he litutolltre of wheat, in Krauce, was?in May, :?7f 9j)aj n June, 33f 62c; in July, IHf 40j; in August, 13f S9a; n the first fortnight of September, llf. 63o Thn deposits in the suViii^s imnksof l arls on the I0:h nut I lib lost .amounted tob0(j,4uir,and the withdrawal* r. in *.i ir Th? Mnnitiur of IbH 10th mot . advertised a loan of IM) O'KI.OOO fr.tnrs In the Three per Ccnw, tu bt itdjuiiatid u;i the l<Kh of November ; th i o.Ii. r 100,0<H),()UU ru o i not being required, is to be employed to reduot h*' ponitlon ofthe floating debt j.r.iduo-d by the investacnt in Hit- havings banks. Tbe payment o( the two hundred and rttty millions ?h< n adjudlcited, aornrdiug to th? forms prtfunbtd. is 0 be i fl.<-ted in twenty five months. froui Nuveuiuer JJ, 847. in the followta* proportions First Instalment of i.AdO.OJOr is to bo delivered <>u the haid November 20-4, 847; a Second on* r<f i!i AUO UOOt on Uecem> er TJi, 184V; 1 third of 8 INIU.bOOf nu Jauuary 7, 1848; and all tbe r? ?t, ach amounting to lO.iiOo.tjuUf , ou tbe 7tb ot each month, lown to Novem er 7, 18*9, on which day tbe lant lo?talDent must he p<?id The pavm>nt*, however, are to lie ffected on the 8ih, Instead of tb?7<h of tbe month, in Jay. 1818, and January and October, 1849 Within ten lays after tbe adjudication, tbe p*rty obtaining tbo loan * to Inerease the deposit to twenty five millions ? ih'.uld this not be done, the former deposit of ten milions shall beooinii forfeited to tbe treasury as an iiideiuilty. The deposit of twenty-tire millions of francs hail not be obligatory, If tbe party, within a delay of en days, ehull pay by anticipation the two first instalments. Kor those sums a discount of tbreii per oeut per mnuin shall be allowed f >r the time tbat Is to ruu I'rota be day of payment to tbe period whuu each term belomes due. In c*su th* payment of an Instalment Is rearded, the debtor shall be liable to pay four per oenlper iinuui Interest to tbe treasury, datiug from the fifth day ifter the instalment has become due. M. Beauvallon, who, it will be remembered, killed M. Dujarrier, giranl of l.a Prtm newspaper, in the month >f March. 1840, and whose triui for perjury bad been proleading before tbe Cour d' Ysslie* of I'aris for two days, #as found ffuiltr, and sentenoed on the 0th instant to sight yu?r?' imprisonment. The Moniteur publishes two royal ordinances, tbe rne 'X'.i'tidintf from i he 31st of October to tha 31st of Jan'y, 1848, the prohibition to export from Krauce dry ve*etai>l~s, potatoes, meal. ohaatiiUtf, &o ; and the other declaring in vigor until tbe 31st of January of tbe same pear, the provisions of tbe royal ordinauce of the 27th of I uly last, relative to the exportation of Indian coru and buckwheat, and their meal .By tha official return of tbe lodireot taxes and revenue* 'if r ranee during the first nine months of 1847, they amounted to A98,774,00uf, showing an Increase of 10,000,0001 as oompaied with IhoM of th? oorraa ponding W TO J YORK, SUNDAY M0R1N pfiioj of 1 s?4 i. *u<l ft diminution of .',4V 1 (NtOf. conptra- i tl?fly with Irtiu. 1 Th* I'ftris Dou'hm on Shtur'Uy olT.*rt!<l tli- iuohI sur- I prtMlng HpntUol* tut witnt-Hifd iu tint wtUblUbuient? < ft ri*s of prrw* iu ?h? f*r? of a loan and of th? I touv condl'ian of tb? London money uiaiket. Thll I anomaly was hoot uuted tar by rumor* of >n understand id* uhIwupu t)in Milliliter m.J the eapitaliata who propoa bidding for the loan. Ivai'qcration of the N*w Dock "Floiim," at Havik.?Thla dock, appropriated to the French tranaatiantia ateamera of th? company of Heroult Ik de Handel. wa? opened on thi> 14th ult . and received within lta interior the Rteamer New York, the largeat ahip ever anchored at Havre since the Orande Frauuolae, one of the largest frigafea, during tho war of Napoleon The New York elicited, amid the T?at number preaent. the admiration which the d*-ii-rv<-a tor her cnnatruotion and her rlnganoe of form. Sh? waa carried with great facility f Tat the paaa of the dock, and waa aafely tied to the wharf. i The Marshal General Soult waa very aiok at hia r?ridenoe rt St. Amaim. on th? 10th ult. The doctors who attend blm fear for hia life. A terrible flood took place in the Heath of France on the 11th alt. The Rhone, at Taraacoa, ban broken ita embankment#, and oovered all the oountry between Lainbi'Rot, Orgon, St. Kemy, Arlea, and/Taraacon, oomprialng about forty milea In extent. The accident*, unavoidable under the diaaater. were not aacertained at the time of the departure of the mail. Farther Ipanlah Intelligence. We have Madrid pap?ra of the 10th and 11th. The journala attack Serrano for hia audden deaertion of hia party and joining with Narvai-z.' and the atlacka are conducted with that freedom from reaerre which characteriara th.- Ma trld preaa in pergonal ccntroveraiea. It wan aaid that General Cordova waa to bo Inapector of Infantry Ttie Oizfttr ooutaiua a Ifecree creating I l.m..I A lu i v ( 'mi ti f J.. V ........... Tl, . ,.f il.. "> ??? "" -"" "?? n u. 1..0 I Ith give a brilliant account of the rei'fptlon held on the previous >1?y, living the birth day of her >l?j> sty. A private letter nayc ? "Tbw receptleu to tUy at Court waa vi i y numerously attended. The roijii diptumnlique were present Near the throne with the youug daughters ol l)on Fraucl/co de Paula and the Dutchesa de Seaa It had been reported tbat the King would attend, but he raa not there Some persons, however, aaserted that he would L>? at the ball In tbe evening During the reception the Queen spoke aeveral ttmea to Uen Narvaez in the moat gracioua manner." A deoree appear* in the Guz'ttr, creating the ofllce of Prosecutor ft' the Press. and alleging aa a reason that the flaoals cannot sufficiently perform that duty. The new functionary ia to have a aalary of 'JO.OOO real*. Miuhid Boi'khk ? Three per cents -il*, at .'>it days ? Five per cents 17 oasb; debt without Inteteat, .V< cash, 5J,' paper. Exchange on London, 4d 80, paper. Port u(al. Th last alvlcea from I.'anon are to the Hth instant, brought by the steamer Montrose. As the packet ?k-< leuviug the Tagua, she parsed II. M H Terrible, with Count BoinOin and other Portuguese exiles,from Angola The Portugueae Government was still In very straitened circumstances. Tlic treasury was exhausted, and yet the troops were two, and the civil employe's seven montba in arrear of p>-y. Remonstrances w>>ro teeming in from all parts of the country, east. west, north, and, oompUinluR of the moat frightful disorders committed by the soldiery. ' A second representation to the Queen and to the foreign auiluumadors, from the Septembrist leaders has met with but littl" attention The only relaxation of the hasty arranges!'nts in reference to the hurrying on the elections has been a brief postponement, until the 15th of the preaent month, for closing the registrations. The Strnmboll Is anchored off Kort St Julians, for the purpose of stopping the Terrible, whenever she ci>meii In, with the object of takiug out the Count Bomfira and the rest of the politioal prisoners, and landing them in the neighborhood of the fort. Tho government wish to make It out that they fear the prisoners may ttffeet with outrage should they come ashore at any of the usual landing planes within the city. The mercantile exchanges have experienced but slight fluctuations; indeed, the qotatlona (for paper) may be esteemed aa almost nominal. The recent heavy failures In Kugland, eoupled with the frauds of the government of Poitugal, in connection with the bauk question, have caused general distrust, and. us far as English houses re concerned, transactions, either for remittances or otherwise, are for the present almost confined to metal Exchange on London, thirty days, VI to 54\?; ninety days, 64.^; sovereigns, 4.M'0; dollars, Braallian, Spanish, or Mexican, uiiij hrencn or. puce, btW; aud discount upon Lisbon bank waste water (the moeda note), U 170U. Holland. Th? H?s;up journals ?tat? the position of the credit of the Dutch, in oonaequence of their not hating been affected with the railway fever, ha* enabled the government not only to Mil, a few day* ago, by public competition, the thousand shares of the Dank of the Netherlauds, which it possessed, at the high rate, too, ol 1 (i 1 per cent, but it received offers of aubsortptiona to a far greater amount than that of the shares to be disponed of, so that It waa under the necessity of portioning out the number of sbarea in correspondence with the amonnt of subscriptions, auch la the present favorable fioaitlon of the Bank of tbH Netherlands with reapect to ta credit. There are capitalist! who are desirous of placing out their money on secure bottom, even at low rates of interest. In fact, the bank shales referred to a? purchased at 101 per cent, do not give a higher rate of interest than four per cent. The development ot tbe Dutch corn trade, during the last few years is well kuowu, but the prudence of their merchant* bus sheltered them iiRwinst tbe storm. Tbey have preserved ail their resources, and husbauded all their strengthen order to enable them to continue their busiueaa and to take advantage of the freedom of their commercial system, although none of the Dutch cities have had their congress of economists. They have had the wisdom and good sense to prefer lacla to appearance*. Senegal. i un latest. arrival! unni{ uieiancuoiy intelligence irnm Senegal, over which important. colony an epidemlo haa lately pasaed The Oovcmor, Lieutenant Governor, and the chief judge, have all fallen victima to the fever within a fe.w Uaya of each other. Couut Doudet Oramnnnt, naval captain and governor of the colony, wu Relied with the fever while making an official circuit at (Jalam, and died In three day a Lieut Col Caiile, Lieut. Governor, waa Mpecully charged with the utlaira of the interior, and hia deam la a great loan to the colony M ttertiu de Chateau, chief of the Mariuea, at the officer ofthehigheat rank, aaauiueii the government of the colony. The viait of thin fever to the colony need oauae no further apprehenaion, it having now quitted Senegal. I apt. of Uuud Hope. In a late paper which we have rec-ivd from the Cape, we dud the toilowiug:?' (Jraham's Town, July ? Krieli a*a?inl>lHd the great bjdy of hia people at hi* great place, publicly to anuouucti hia intention to join in earueat lu the war; he added that he bad received propoaala from Sandeila to lorin a general confederacy ot the whole of the K .iffir triOea, in order to make one united eflort to overcome the Kngllrh. To-day. Raid he, we all Ottht;lnt ua bui-y all our paat misunderstanding* aa a people, uod unite against the common enemy aa one Kaffir nation. An unanimous response wua 'tv^n to thla proposal by hi? peopl*, who uxpreaited themselves aa most uuxious to oouiiuencu tlia ti^Lit. They theu formed plan to Rend off atnUl parties to the frontier, while the main body remain at horns to tight the army when it comes out. .Mupaaaa, the Tamboottle chief, has joined Krieli Willi all his pe >pL-. .u.l PWO with all hU pwyU Mlacclimicoux, It is stated, distress was making turtber progress arnofcg the trad'S ot l'?ria. Alter nearly, two yeara ,of uninterrupted drain of the savings btnka, averaging at least 4.'10,1)1)0 i er week the wuh<iiawnls from the Paris aavinga ban** ex>: ed el,the lodgments on Monday lost by nearly lao.Ouuf. jL'tiooO It U ktated tkat the managers o' the Scotch railw.iya have commenced curtailing their expenditure, and 100U workmen w 're discharged last Week. f)norfn litftura I.a*. ?K.? -i-k- ?- -/ "? - r ~?mviuh vu*b biio Tiuwijjti ui iuu yenr him com wtiiiued, and tliat n in pronounced all o?er itiv oouulry to b? lb? be<t an.] Urgnat thai ha* b??n knowu for yeara. The nceounta of tlw harrent ?r?>. how ever. unfavorable. It Is tut progressing, but lint <|uaoti(y wiU ba only about on* halt the last year's prouuce. It ha* b?en utaUd that 107 ptiU of whtit, 111 of rye, 117 ol oat*. 130 of barley, I a J of ludiau corn, 177 of rive, *9i Of potato**, 1336 of turnips, tir.t equal in uutrltiva It. in announced Hint n?gotl*t on* huve been opened b n (he government* of K.anc* auii Knflaud, in or, ./ to arrive ?t an arrangi-nn-iit tor the modification of thu lr>nty id^uod by the lJUlce d? ilro^l'e, for the iiupprifbl'Hi of the hlave trade <iu the *nUtn cwt i I AfilO* The luodlll'at'.ou nnu^tit in Itie diminution of th* uuinber of the v?m*I* of the two i<|U4dron*, whose orew* are deolraaUd by etckue**; and at the same time | Mix adoption of efltaacious and direct laeitcorite ?nnn>t th? sovereigns of the oout of Africa, who are kuomu tor ] oarrviim mi the trade. - - I About run hundred anl sixty persons sat down, m | the Htb ult ,at IWuhtiui, near ! ruukfert., to a bau'juet , of horse-flesh. , The Paria Prme Announces that the Bavarian govern i m* ni in preparing to contract a loan of M 000 000 tlorins I (Jt4,iMiO,tKKi Stirling.) at .'IX or 4 p?r oent, to bu ixpuntfcj ( la the construction of railroads. I The Kmperor of Russia haR issued a decree ordering ' all tl;o Jew* In the empire either to become members of 1 one of the guild* of commerce, or burgesses nf towns, or 1 to become cultivators of the soil Those who reluse to ' comply with thin ord r are to be subjected to all the ' measures of r< prpsaiou which the gorrrnmunt ma; think ' proper to adopt. A deputation of the tiaciety of Krienda is now io Dublin. negotiating for the purchase of ?40 000 of wasteland on the coast of Donegal, for the purpose of promoting an extensive lobster fishery.} I A four-horse coach has actually been started to run 1 from Cambridge to Loudon and back, In competition with the railway. A vast crowd assembled at Cambridge to wltnesi this novelty. ( Csaincr t ouscil.?Another ^Cabinet Council lai held at ttaa Krreigu Office to-day, Got 14. The council ( waa attended by ail the Minister* in towu. The oabtuel { will, It la understood, decide upon the meeting of parliament eirly or lata. Ministers nr? said to be divided Lord I. Russt 11 and Lord Pelinerston for an Immediate 1 meeting; Lord Urey and Sir Charles Wool, contra. Ttie 1 latter are understood to calculate upon an investment of three millions sterling of bullion by iluasia. Lois or the Waa Shamir |" Cucoraraa."?For several weeks past a feeling of the deepest regret has pieTailed amongst the authorities of the Kast India house. la Leadenhall street, la ooni?qu?nM of tilt reoeljit of 0 i ! i?ii nrn-Tin-nrTTn? RK H fING, NOVEMBER 7, 18iitellin'-ncf from the company's marine depot at Bomsay. auitounclng th" probable loss of the abo*? menLioned vi Mil shi< strained from Bombay on the 14th >f April lMt. with orders for Singapore, and had on >oard n?arly U00 convicts Her crew comprised 70 per onii. There wan also a detachment of marine* on board Among the ofBneri in charge of the ihlp may be mentioned?Captain J A Young, commander; Lieut. Kdea, Llnut. Ralph. Mr K W Nott, Mr. T O. Croad, acting natter, and Mr J Soady. eon of Captain Soady, R N t'our day* aft?<r the departure from Bombay, it came on t frightful hurricane, which oontlnued with unabated violence three day*?the 17th. 19th and 19th It I* y?ry probable that the Cleopatra had. at the ttrno of encountering the storm reached th? Malabar ccait.nIT which, unfortunately, there is too much ri<a*on to belteTe *he Toundfred. with every human being on board itisadded tkat her neculitr build hxd unfitted her for the service in whiofa she was employed. op Four Si.avkb> ? Ily a French steamer arrived from f?t l ttomai'i, w? have accounts of the capture of four slave vessels three of them by the Ferret, 8, Commander Sprig#. The first captured by the Ferret iu taken Juoe .27 LU. after a long chaae by night She was a Brazilian hrigantlue of lau ton*, futly e<|ulpped, and bound to Cape Loppz The Ferret, three week* after that, captured a small H^hooner named the Bebaatiano, also fully equipped; and on the 10th of July, off Cap* Maguerlta. gave chase to a Brazilian brig, which turned out on capture to be the Fainka She beat the Ferret In tailing ; but the wind falling light, Mr. Mitchell, the master. with a boat's crew, was detached from the oruiser after her (treat credit is due to Mr Mitchell for the gallant and spirited manner in which he dashed alongside and seized the slaver,who from her appearance. was juiit the oratt to make nonie resistance, especially a<i from the time the boat shoved off to coming up with her, she had gained two miles on the Ferret She is u HpMidld craft, and quite new She wax from Hamburgh. Liverpool, and iyo. which was th - only trip -lie had maje previously to being captured. She had h picked crew of-JO men. notwithstanding they all threw their arms Into the sea when the Ferret's boat got within hailing distance The Itapid Commander Dixon, captured her pii?* off Loangn. on the 0th July, it was a Brazilian brigantine of 160 tons. Tin: Hkvkmuk ok Ohcat Britain.?By the quarterly accounts of the rcveuu-', published lu another column; it will be seen that the nut decrease on the quarter ending the 10th Instant, compared with the corresponding quarter of last year, i.? no less than ?1 ,507 130, whilst uu th t year just ended, compared with the preceding year mdiog 10th October, IHlti, he net deorease amounts to ? 1.04 j.-Jbd The absence of the China money in both abstracts will account, in some dogrew, tor the deficiency on the year; but the great deorease on the cuKtoms. and nail more ou the excise, amounting together on those arftcles alone to i,'l Old.171, Indicates but too plainly the cause of this serious de flclenny on the quarter just eoded. The re-aotlon of the late speculative excitement in railways and commerce Isuow teiilns upon the means of the pMjpitj and if, with the present aocounts before us, wn see these results, proving that, month* ago a smaller quantity of articles was consumed, bs in the m ilt dutleH and the duties on spirits. upon which fix months' credit is allowed. It. require* | uu frry iu iifruRV luai, wim mo actum paralysis iii til branches of trade?when the future accounts come forward illustrative ol' our present ponition ?tUon" statements must stitl further exhibit a most unfavorable picture of the public revenue of the oouutry in those brauohes. We ought not to ubut our understandings to there obvl'ua consequences; and wo earnestly trust that Parliament will be shortly assembled.iu' order that the oolleotive wisdom of (he country may be enabled to devise aome remedy forthu evils, whiuli otherwise must be seriously approheuded ? U\mti Tub Cholera.?The western pi?rt of Europe begins to take alarm on account of the Asiatic cholera. Two years ago, this terrible plaguu made its appearance ou tkf shore of the Indus and, at tHtt time, the English troOfa were in great suffering at Kurrackue and Hyderabad. At the same epoch the cholera was terrible iu Afghanistan Krom that country It took its course into Persia, from oast to webt; It appeared la the north of Tartary, in the southern part of Turkish Kurdistan, and ! the Pachalic cf Dagdad. At the beginning of this year it was spreading deaths over the (.'auci.ssan country, and through the ranks of the Russian army A mouth ago, the cholera oaine from Kurope, and arrived at Tangarrok, Marianopolls, and several ports of the Sea of Asof. It Is now in the centre of Russia, at Kief, and Smolensk!, where it spread everywhere ruin and desolation. Peland in now in great fear, and '.he corporation of Warsaw has made arrangements with the hospital of the city, to struggle against this terrible epidemic Suiititvte ron Potatoes?A large Importation of West India vams has lately taken place in consequence of the anticipated scarcity of potatoes, which has given a stimulus to the cultivation of this tropin* 1 substitute for that root. Homo tons have been atli for the purpose of cattle feeding, and a quantity has also been sent to Ireland, to teat their applicability to the feeding of pigs Eait [i?r>r* Uottom ?j no following in* tlie exports of cotton la each of the following yearn from lot January o 27th August. from Bombay to Great Britain 18 5, 80.370 bales; 1816, 43.779; 1817, 151,781). Railway News ?On Saturday the market showed ymptouia of improvement. Speculatively, buyer* were not wunling. but at limit* of prico not yet to be realised. The payment* of dividend*, however, have brought the public In. for saiill qiiaaiitlei of shares, iudividuaily, it l* true; but wo know, on *uill<:Unt authority, that sbarabrokera hare Holdout beien more busy in belter times in passing uibk for inve*tm>int. The *raaJl capitalist* have evidently the nouud j udgment to think and act for themselvei* in the milat of all the monetary confusion that now exists Thi settlement of aeoount* passed over without difficulty. The pkociaisi or Ln>:arooL.?At tho dinner glvej by the Mayor to 8ir H I'eel, and a distinguished party, on Friday last, our late noblit representative, Lord Sandon, gave the following interesting s'atlstlcs, exhibiting the increase of the importance and commerce of the town, since he was first returned as a member, in 1831. The data, we are authorized to state, were furnished by Mr Alexander Ntil?on, clerk to the Borough Treasurer. The population In 1831 was 'J0.V9B4; in 1840 it bad nearly doubled, being 353,80S. The revenue produced by the corporation property was ?45 968; in 1847 it is ?W,336 The town dues were, in 1831, ?49,33J; In 1847 they were nearly double the amount being ??7.!JI9. The dock revenue iu 1831 was ?183,455; and although tha rates were reduced 38X per cent, in 1836. they produced this year ?244,435 In 1831 we had 111 acres of water space to our docks, we have now 180 acres, with 14 miles of lineal quay space. The shipping of the port was. in 1831 |-J,.'>37 vessel*; It is now -J0889 vessels. The tonnage of the port was. in 1831, 1,59-J,436 tons. and. in 1847, 3.3;>l.639 The cotton imported w?s in 1831, 793,463 bales, aud in 1840,1.131081 do in 1*31, the railway system was In its Inlancy. tin Liverpool and Manchester line bavin/ li ten one of the most successful In 1814, t^e united kingjoiu had expended on "J668 mil-* a capital of '?0-7,411,698. I'erllamrnt sanctioned in 1815 and 0. *65 I miles ad ntiorml, estimated to cost ? 190 314, 000; and in 1817.1394 miles, to cost ?34.691,800. The total railway capital will thua be X287.418 398 A^otiikr Arr ua?An extraordinary fenaatiou ha? been created at OurmHtadt, by the myhterioua death of ibi; (.' jrtta s ?l<i Oot-rlitz, who wiig found plit';i)(? id her mom, ?': u<l uml dreallully burnt, but without it beiug paaaibl- to cuoonive bow tbla could have occurred by accident It ia fi.iapected that alio wan atrangled, and that ahe wan thea placed on a charcoal Ore, (*ub?r(jueutly remove 1.) to liratroy all iracea of the mean* em ploj?d to commit the murder. the Count, her huebm.l, who is a inan of wm? uote, having b.-en ainlxta.-ador to tiiti court if Niutn, ami tilled a miaaion in Hoi.and. wnn known to be on bad term* with the ' oun tega, public rumor acouaod him of the murder, and. an inveatigation bavin/ been entered u,,on. aoine sUHpiclouH circumatiuicea were rev?al> d It appeura, however, that at tbe date of thu l ist aocouut.n. the affilr was (till involved in mystery. Seniors ?Iaik. ok Brkach ok Quarantine at Malta -1'hi whole o) the UUud haa been by th? autboriea declared to he in <|iiarnntin* for lltteen d iyd, iu couaeijuence of ('apLaiu 11 Tate, of lue Kngliali merchant bri;* Navy from Alexandria having, through Unorance ir would (vein, lauded at the <|u'iruutlne birrier, and walked up into the town undetected by the military and quarantine guard. lie ha* been under examination before tbe police inagiatrato*, and may perhapa ba committed to atand hi* trial. Under the law of Malta, thin la a crime puniababie by death when aerioua eonae(juence* enaue, or wh?n the party la coming from any port where foul bill* of health are being lanuvd. Kortii ..-V-.J ..-.v..-. ... n|inri.i?.inn In to mi lound in the present ca?e, ?n I therefor* the punlnbuvnt In nn arbitrary oue renting with the court, iin I It In hoped th&t a light ore will l>e awarded. the party does not uppetir t;> I-ive wilfully committed the net Maritime Law at Hamm iw.ii ?On the?0th ult.,tha llemtHirgh merchantman. the Indep'-ndence, ( aptain, arrived at )lim'>urc!> froru Nnw York. Among ti?r crew of SO men, wm a -o named Prim, who wan the butt of the rent of tke n? They nitilii him lielieve that til* captain intended tu turow him overU')\t4 and l?ar? him Io be drowned In aplrltof revenge, I'rim K?ta hatobet, and stealing Into the cabin during the night, utruok the captain with It, but wounded him on "lightly that h? wan able to get up, overpower the black, ind have him pinioned and thrown into the pigntye,where lie remained cramped up till the ihip arrived In port.when plain Schai'cbi delivered him up U? juitlca. and pront'-utMd blm for an attempt to nwir<l?r I'rim, on the >ther ha<td. laid a complaint against the captain and ;rew for ill-treatmmt. The double trial rame to a hearng en the 7 th. the result of which was that Prim wan lentenoed tj confinement, with hard labor, for twelve month*; th- oapuln to simple Imprisonment lor lis month'*, arid the crow to the like punishment for one, two, and three month*, lor promoting the ai.luio.ilty of I'rim by their laltc represuntatinn. Theatrical*, It 1.1 reported that Mr. Frederick < > /e will h*v? the general management o( the Royal Italian Opera lloure next near,011. Mr. I'lanche In to lie the stage dlreotor at Drury l.ane Mr lame* Wallack le to siumn hie former position a* itage manager of the I'rluoeat't Theatre The Olymplo Theatre ha* been takec for a week by in amateur, who i* advertising for a company of Irregular*. Mr K. ( ooke from Dublin. h?e been engaged by Madame V'eitri* lor the Lyceum; lie hhinenai a pantooiluiiit and is Very little Inferior to Payne Mr Luuilay liaa ai ranged hie affaire In London, and baa secured the aervioee of Albonl; If such be the oaae hie company for the ensiling ieaa> n will be perfect. Thar Italian company opeaed at Berlin last month, with the opera of " Lucregta Uorgla," by Madamo Uoldrlnl aud Dagllottl, with Lobocetta for tenor, atd [ERA] A47. Sebaatian Koneonl for b?MO. The Moond opera I* to b? o " Norms,4' with Madame Kodor, tb? nleoe of the ohm- |i celebrated prima donaa of that nam*. 1 The Bedouin Arab* have been performing at Brighton 11 to poor hotum. '1 CrowqulU aud Albert Smith am very bu?y on the i( pantomime for old Drury The paotomimio company p la divided, a* only T. Matthews remain*. Payne having m M. J allien, during his lata toar, offered the celebrated r vocallat, Viardot (Jaroia, the enormous term* of 100 tulneaa per night, to appear forty nights at Drnry Lane b 'heatre. the money to be deposited at Rothschild's p b*nk Thia offer, liberal It wan. wan deelined by o: Madame Vlardot. Negotiations, however, are still pend- h ing tl Mr. Charles Keating, a very excellent performer on ri the bassoon, died lately, in the prime of lite; he was a n member of the Royal Society of Muaicians. Hignor Costa has been unanimously elected a member ?, of the Koyal Society of Musicians; the senior member of . whloh is Mr. Charles tvnyvett, who was aduitted two months before Mr. V. Cramer, In 1794. Mien Kose Soane, granddaughter to th? late Sir John t! Soane, made a successful drhvt at the \ erk Th atre, a* , f< Blanc*, in Shakspeare'a ' Taming of the Shrew.'' I g Mrs. K Yarnold, a very clever little woman, who haa I 11 performed for several seasons at the llaymarket, returns K to the Pavilion Theatre, where she originally acted. P Her husband, we believe, has a share In that property. 11 The Socio'v of British Musioiana resumed its chamber ' ooncerts on the 1st of November, and oonclude in Janu- . ?ry. t Jenny Lind hat, left London and goue to tUilla. q Tamburlnl remains in Paris in con.<e< of the " sudden and severe illness of Ms eldest sou, who is being 1 brought up to the iitagu. He leaven shortly for St. l'e- c tersburxh 1 During the month of October there wero produced at ? the Paris theatres one prologue, four drainan, aad After n vaudeviHes?ia all. twenty new pieoes, by iwenty-eigkt < authors?besides thirteen revivals. < A young German singer of a family of hi gh rank In Berlin, Mdlle. Crusvell. is at present obtaining great success in Italy. The journals compare her to LiuJ and Pasta. Mr. Lumiey la in negotiation with Signora Kleua Angri, a very clever contralto, who has appeared some seasous past at La Soala. Madame Rossi ii creating quite a furore in " Anna Boletia," at Lisbon. At tjh* last performance she waa called ten times on the stage. Mesdames Salvia! Donatelll, Kerr I, and Castellan, produced great effect in Verdi'a " I duo Foaoarl." The Mlssea Cushmaa are playing at the Princess Theatre, to large hou*-s. Mr. John 11. Scott U nlkviiiff at the Itova.1 Hrit&nnl.i. Saloon i l'lie Commercial Crisis. c Kaiu'rki Of Mnu i.iriLK Kh.mi in Km;hnh afco otmkr I Parti or Kl'hoi'k, since thi &tii o> Octohis I Andrew, E. k J , calico printer* Manchester. > Bsrtriay, Brothers f- Co.. merchants London. 1 Barnes, K. St Co., hardwaremen. .Londou. I Birmingham, St Sheflleid. Bernoulli!, E., merchant London. I Bradley & Parker, slock brokers Manchester. > Brown, Todd U. Co., provision merchuuts. Liverpool. Clagett, W T . American merchant London. Cornthwalls, P..wholesale grooer Liverpool. ( do JOMV V <0, merchant" Manchester. j Oilsler Weber 4 Co, merchants Manchester. liadlow, 8. J . Stock Exchange London Howell, James, t Co , warehousemen. .. .Loudon. Jaines, N'epbew St Co., merchants Manchester. Knapp. Henry, banker Abingdon. Legrelle St Co , bankers Brusi-elj. Mitchell. A St Co., American merchants.Liverpool. Moeuttn. V Son, merchants Liverpool. ] | Mocatta, H St J. L. Went India merchants. Liverpool. . Morley, J it W , warehousemen London. Murpliv. Thomas, provision merchant.. .Waterford . Nash,William,Manchester warehouseman London. Oakley, R. 11 , Stock Exchange London. Oldham. Joint Stock Banking Company. .Oldham. Pearc \ W . St Co , merchants Liverpool. Pehmoller St Pollens, merchants.. Hamburgh. Phillips. L. St Sons. East India merahants London Piatt. Hammlll.St Co , East India inero'ts. Liverpool. Hlckards, Little, St Co , merchants London. Itoslng St Co , merchants Bremen. Royal Bank Liverpool. Hoares, MJ, Portuguese merchant London Steele, M. St Son, soap manufacturers Liverpool. Synuot, M S, shipowner Liverpool. Houthain, Messrs. cotton spinners. . Asbton-under Lyne. Tebbutt, T R soxpboiier Vlanch-ster. Thomas J . Son, & Lefevre. merchants. ..London. Vsmeller, r. I., hMpM merchant. .. .Loudon. White St Co , timber and corn merohants. Waterford. Wlngate, A St J , oalico printers Uiasgow. Wlttenstein St Co., spinners. ..Burman, near Kiberlleld | , Th?: koli.owinu havk Ai.hkauy arrkahkd i* thi N?w | Vohk frtt 1*1*7* i Alexandt r, I, in Co., merchant* London. Allfton, Cumberlfdge, 811:o, merchant*, London mid Valparaiso Armttrong. John Alfred, cotton merchant, ManrbmUr < Athurton, W., merchant Liverpool. < Barthlingth, J. II , merchant St retersburgh. i Uenauaan .v Co , inerchanta London < Booker. T , 9oua, Ik. Co, oorn merchant*. . Londou. Boyd v Thomas merchant* London. 1 Broadhurat. K. M , corn merchant Mancboiter. 1 Burnell St Co ,coal agent* London. ( Hurt*. Watson, St Co , merchant*..Manchester v. Leeda. { < aatellain, Son*, St Co , merchant* London Cockburn it Co , army agent* St banker*. London Cookburn St Co., wine merchant*.. .London and Oporto Cockerel! St Co , mi-rohant* London Cooper, K. M .V Co ,comml*aion merchant*, Manchester Coventry St Shepherd, corn factor* London Crop St Marrhand, m-rchanta. . Hamburgh. | Coato, A V A., general merchant* (Jenoa. Dalgleiah Co., merchant*. . . .Liverpool and <Jla*gow Dennl*on It Co , proviaion dealer* Limerick. Denny, I). St A , corn and proviaion merchanta <ilaagnw. Diokaon, A St Co, corn merchants Beifant Douglaaa, C.. St ( o , earn merchants London. Kude, llourdfU, btnknr Honttaur. Kxoels (k Co., corn merchants Venloo. Kraser it Co., merchants Antwerp. Kraser, Neitson 6t Co., ranrobsnts London. Kry, Griffiths St Co , indigo and colonial broker* London. Geuimell Brothers, Kaat India merchants. Glaagow. Giles, Son St Co., com merchants London. Glover, K. 11., lore inn merchant Manchester. Unwer, A A , Nephews St Co., general merchants London. Gray it Roxburgh, merchant* Oreeuock. i Gregrf, II. it G , corn merchants Liverpool Guest, James, cotton spinner Manchester. 11 affile # llutchiusou, corn (actors London. iilggins, V , it Sons, irou merchant Liverpool. [ i King it Melvlll, corn factors London. | i Kirzpatrick, J &t C , provision brokers. , .Liverpool. Like, Cairow, ft Co, Kast India merchants Liverpool. | Langdale. S. St I o . merchants Stockton Lyail, ilrotbers, it .Co., Kast India merchants .London. Lyon i. Kynney, corn merchants Liverpool. I M'Donald, A. it < o., saltpetre manufacturers I.on don. M'Gregnr. lirownri'g & Co., merchants. .Clasgow Maury, Wiliiaui. American merchant*. . .Liverpool. Molloy t*. Murgin, oattle dealers Dublin. Murray, T. St II., West and Kast India merchants Liverpool. Oca'.e Ik Co., steaui-mill proprietors Venice O'Neal. J it K., it Co., corn merchants.. .Liverpool. I'.irry, I'. I', WDOlMaU gtOMf l.iverp >ol I'erkiii", Schlmtcr, it Mullens, merchants.London I'errlti St Co , merchants Liverpool I'erstou. Matthew, general merchant. . .. Glasgow i'oiter. K . it Co ,ngunta ami yarn dealers. Manchester. Iteid, Irving, it Co , merchants London. Keid ltobiuson, kCo . merchants Glasgow. Ke.-.der it Milner, agents and yarn dealers .VIauchestcr. Hidehalgb it < o., worstednpiuue.ra Halifax. Robinson, kdward, merchant London. Robinson, W. 11.. it Co , merchant London Rouirrmont Brothers, merchants London Koux, A., merchant t'ari* Kowett, VV , II Co., roercbair* ..Liverpool. Kamuel t I'bdllp*, Kant India ?':?nt>. ..London Handera, Wether?il. St Co . . Stockton-on-Teen. Mandernon & Co , bill broker* London. Hhuwell, J.. at boo, money denier* Loudon. VV., k Co , merchant* Llfeipo >1. Htn?k*4i 'fait, bleacher* MauanmUr. Toinllniwn, W tt T., oorn merchant*. . . Liverpool. Unborn*, T , 4i Co., corn factor* London. Watson, Brother*, U Co , morchant*.. .Liverpool Watnon, Kllur, ?t Co , iimroban',* vlanr.he*' Watson, McKuigbf., &. Co , uufoliwti. . .' nburgu. We*tlaka k Co , oorn merchant* b itbaiupton. WiUon k Kbor. xpluner* Ma?.i"he?ter. Wllnon, N?*h, & Co , uieicciaut* Liverpool. Woodley, W. Si J., corn merchant* Londou. * Hlnoa reBUmed payment. | Kroro the London Timo?.| In tlx* mid*t of *11 tin* eicitement in the *toek mar ket tbfrf hu bi'cn no freeh tul'dil^f out of door/*. Tb# cau*e* of tbe e*i*tin? ntate of thing* would, therefore. iM'ni to have had their 0'lhin to a very *Teat degree, in the circumstance* connected with the termination of tho pre*ent account The way in wbicb speculator* extended their operation* on the reduction of the Bank rate of interest in Stptember hu*?violently naceenitated, , Ht ttil? IWIlt. a Mtnultaneou* ru*b for which the public were not prepared, and which ban, coiii<"|uentiy, enabled the dealer* to make their own | term* , To look to any other clrrura*tanc.ei for a full explann- | tion would be u*ei?i?, and It l? d> *lrable to notice the , fjet, in order that the preaaut panic may not b? roIt- ( Ukeu for one having ita entire or ehiaf oiigln in com , mercltl dint met Although we are evidently only ap- , proanbioK the tinal ntaie ot pr-num by which lb* iuai la , that uow jeopardise* the whole nation I* to be nuMurd, | it 1* quite clear that the movement* of the pa*t week h?ve not cocurrtd In com-rfjuefo* ol any mure driib i t rl?w ltk>n by the public to tiiat effect while at the , name time it it to be <b<?rv*d, that. ?* tar a? the pokiiion of commercial affair* la o >ucern?d, nothing 11a* happened to create any particular ap , preh. nmona beyond nuoh an have now prevailed for a considerable period. One houte of importance. wIum capital had long bean ea'.en up or placed out of laaeb, haa fallen, bat that I* all; and a? regard* the future. | there m ao added rea*on for alarm that any of thoaa firm* who may hart prudently prepared by a contraction - - ?at- ^ | MgMB| LD. Prtce Two Casta. f their nftagomunu for the atorm which they moat mg h?T? aeen wit inevitable, will be broken down. "bat iuah contraction W b?eu etetdily going on for lonthi nay be shown by abundant ?vl<l?aca. and, ooiiaa uently. although eiDDoriie of all klnda waa In a aouod nd healthy atate when the crVau waa Ural propheaied, ; la now, beyond queation, in a (till narrower and aafcr oropaaa. Let the .tain* policy bj ateadlly purnued. and Ithough each man In huainex* will ka compelled to aua tin loaa of lnooma, ha wlU escape all danger of inaolenoy. That the want of currency alila to oommaree haa not e?n the oauae of the paat fallurea, or of tha preaent anlc. may fortunately ha demonatrated On the s?9th r Aiifuat IfcUtl. when the bullion in the bank waa at lta lnheat point, and when it wm universally proolalmel tiat the then amount of circulation waa aufllilant to under the expenditure of aome two or three hundred lilllona aterlloK on r^jlroada perfectly praoticable. tha mount of notea in the handaof the public waa 'i0.43S.000i. Ince that tlme.aa we have obaerved.tba degree of aontraalon which all oommerclal tranaactiona have undergone an been almoat unprecedented, while at tha aame time heavy fall Id pricea haa taken plaoa, both thaaa ofrumatancea being auoh aa to cauae a raat red nation In he monetary wanta of the public. < onourrently, there I?ir,w,ni HUBI imn usppvucu, VUH C1S~UU1 B11UI1 UllfUV BAT* reatly diminished. while mon*y might "till bar* retained an *(ikjr i> ever We have imd. however, m radual rise In the rate of interest from JX up to 6 or * >er oent; am!, consequently. increased economy In the u?e of notes muat have been largely practised; so that * urth?r reasou liu existed to enable the publlo to carry n their operaticus with a greatly decreased amount, i'et, In tLu face of all thin. what ha? been the astnal axen* of the reduction ? I.ess thin one million and thro* uartern had been 1U entire iuiu I' -otu a time vtwn the urrenoy of the country ?u In a "late of plethora down o thi preiont moment, when we are told thnt all onr ommerolai enurgit s are threatened with esttaatlon *o'e~ y fmm ll.e want cf due iacllitles, the varlatlMi baa abuluteiy been smaller than In former times waa often wltitiwed iu the oh?iii{?H of a few month* Nay, Wrt, the inference la aotually not ?o great a* it waa mm the 19th >fJune iaat. when Consols were H9v whea eeumeroe was much leu contracted, ami when prices of aD article* were higher. At that time ?17 '.itW.OGO suSeed for onr want*, and we have now ?18 71 -J 000 It is plain, therefore, that If the existing circulation w>Te really available for the uses of the mercantile body, there would be n surplus Instead of a deficiency, and that money would again be not much higher than 'JX per oeut When, under llifse clrnitustaacfti, we hear a i:rv for relief." and au a.-sertion that a reduction of one million and three-quarter* in th > amount of our promises to pay Ik too great in the ' ee of a reduotlon of nearly eight million* (fur that i.i th extent to whieb onr ;old baa diminished) in the meaiiH by wbloh tboee proaides are secured. let os not be deceived as to tbe parlea lor whom the clamor i.i rained and by whom all that night be conceded would b* forthwith clutched Trad a md manufactures most further decline, the preeenre we lav* already endured must be outdone bv what is yet to ;ome; but tncrei h a limit buyend which it will not be >orne. and all that we < an do ia to wait patiently uitil :hat limit la attained The least movement In an oppolite direction would constitute the first step (to be folowed by many rapid onea) on the road to national jaukruptcy. At a meeting juat held of the creditor* of De Jeraey it Co.. of Manchester, a statement wat. exhibited, showog assets to the aiuouut of ?430,000, ugaiust liabilities or ?345,000 Amongst the assetn are?koO'V .hipped to Itubflla, ? IH9.&00; consignments to llur ?, ?;>3 JOO, :Ulms on bouaea in liermaoy, ?7 000, consignments to llermany, ?7,J00; amount to be reoelved from Mr. Holcauer. (a partner of the Arm at Moaoow.l ?15.000; (took, i'lO.&oo; mills in Rochdale. ?; and varlona uuouuta due to tbe house. ?11,100. Of the liabUltlea, ?' ia upou acceptances; ?.jI,700 la tor yam, not yet nettled for; and ?l3.-i00 for machinery It waa dUUnotly understood that Messrs L)e Jeraey Si Co. are not partners in any way with Thomas, Son &c Lefevre; and the proposition made to the meeting waa tbe highly satisfactory one of payment[in 1 all by lnetalmenta of io par cent tier month lu four months, therefore, the firm. It may he expected, will be onoe more In a perfectly sound kuu luuejinuurui punitiuu. The affairs of Messrs. Sanderson k Co. are winding up satisfactorily, only ?irt,000 of bad bills having appeared aa yet amongst the assets of bllla have ran off already, oat of ill.llii.OOU. The estate of Messrs. Held, Irving U Co. is to be woand up under the inspection of Mr. Bariog. Mr lllvth, and Mr. M'Chleery; and a hope is held out that a dividend of At? shillings in the pouud will shortly be declared. A meeting of the creditors of Lyal!, brother* St Co, ha* been held; and taking into view all the probabilities of the house in India meeting their payments. It la expected tb it the London lirm will pay about 10s la the pound The ore Iitors of Messrs Unborne have consent el to receive lis in the pound, in periodioalInstalments. Tmk Commercial Cams.?BastiKi.i, Oct. 10?The sreditors of the house of Lagnette have just mat at tba Hotel de Vllie; M. Venhals' the sheriff, prealded. It a?as proposed to grant, a provisional delay to tha house: the creditors unanimously entertained tha petition ana greed to the proposal. AiTwmr, Oct lft.?'The publio journals are much occupied with the financial crisis, wbioh certain journals attribute to l.ti Societe (ienerale, and ol hers to the banks if Belgium. We shall not enter Into the details of tha accusations brought against either tba one or tha other if th? se establishments. but we cannot avoid remarking '.hat the crisis is far less intense iu Belgium than li \b In France. Kngland, and several places In Germany; for although our country has also suffered from the lata dearth, the first and principal cause of the perturbation arose in Condon by the lailure of more than twenty houses, some of which are of the first rank. If it be true that the great financial establishment, sueh as the b'ink of Belgium and the Soclete Generale, exercise a considerable influence on the public or edit, we must attribute it to the conduct of thoaa two establishments that the crisis among na la sot more senous. In order to lie just we must not forget If, as an act of prudence, the banks of Belgium and tae Societe Generate have refrained from discounting, they have only followed the examples which have been aat them by the great establishment* of K.Hglandand K ranee. It was a rigorous obligation which they were oompelled to adopt, uuder pain of compromising their own existence. in making these oim. rvutious we are no Ieaa disponed to approve of the modifications which It la proposed to annex to the conditions of the existence and the operations of these great banks of the oountry, la order te enable them to render greater serrioe to camuierce and manufactures; aud >ve shall gladly hall tha moment when it shall be possible to realise thaae Meliorations. Monetary AfTialra. [Kroin the Liverpool Albion 1 The pressure for money in Liverpool contlnuaa unabated, and though comparatively few failures have taken place, we tear our troubles are not bj- any means over. On Haturdey a memorial. which rigluated with the Atcericau < hamber of < ommerce. iay for signature In Lhe Kxchunge-room. and soon received the ilgnaturea of a wt body U merchants and ship owners. \Ve subjoin a copy ot lhe document. W e understand that a highly respectable deputation will forthwith procoed with thta memorial to London; and. in order to give due weight and Importance to the representations or the merobanta, they have lormally rmjiieeted vir W Brown, M. P for the county, snd Mr < erdv II, M P. for the borough, to attend them ou the premutation of the memorial to Lord l?.lm I! us.>4m1 1 We Mini t hat Sir T. Birrh miv po*>tbly h*?? arrived from the oontlm nt. Id which cut lha hon .rable baronet will wl>o ?cc<uipany tha deputation:? " To the It i flit linn. the l.ard Jnhn Hun ell, FHrit Lor uj her Wojttly'a Treasury. '' Tha uj. m rial of th? uude rtiigu? ! bankers, msrohftnta, tradera, ami othera lohabltan'.H of I,ivarpeol; "hhowth, That your memorial it* beg reapoctfuUy to represent i > your Lcrdahip the pr ^?nt deplorable conditio n of th> trade, ooininime, and manufacturea of tba country. aud 'he imperative m rudtj for ?ueh Immediate relief Hit it may bo in th? power <>f the government to affjrd I'roduc>?, of every dtscript, n, la only aaleablt! in small quantities. and ?t ?n er O'ui.'i* sacrifice. Bill a of axchrnn,.?, and the nin?t v..lw.til? - .-our.ties, are un convertible luto rtrli, ?f?u at n'eat d> preoption, except In the uiort iiih1|{i)it) :ant kin Jiintt Kore'gn orders for produce and good* cannot be rxeouttd, for mut of tba cu-toniary fa. Uitiea for disposal of bllbi drawn against thi in. Confidence 1s all but annihilated. and tha currency cf tba country in a grc?t measure withdrawn and hoar I'M. " It l( needles*. on this rccasion. to ir .julre by what combination of cau?r* ibis lam-n table Hutu of affair* ha> *> ! brought about; a eri?ls of unparalleled aaaerlty *xi t? and your memorialist* MImj tha It la in tha power of the government to allay xlarm and .catera eonaj. rc bj coming t.t the relief of tha commercial ii.J niauufac'ulTCg cla*?eN by ? temporary advance on tint credit of the country iw memorialist* believe it la not only thy duly but the Interest of government to Ifjrd relief, it .smucb a* they confidently believe that tha utter prostration of tha manufacturing and cotamercial Interest* caunot o'.herwl?e Im preTeiitad, whereby the laboring population will bu immediately thrown >ut of empl yin> nt, and an amount of misery and deatlLutioii will bu wiloes ii-d unexampled In the annul* of Mm sountry. " Your lordship may dep?nd upon us wb?n we aaaur* fou that if the present pressure be not rel leved, marjhatits, and other t-ader* of undoubted respectability, ? who are not only solvent. but rich, and who have mar ehandiae and bill*, which, under ordinary circumstance*. would afford eaay and kmpl" in min* of meeting tnm*Monti -will IneTitalily b? compelled to atop payment ' I*0*i>o!* Mohkt Markkt, Oetobar 18 ? Tha lwli'ikjr of the mnd" Iibh continued In daclliM to-dar, but thh bualneaa who <hlefly con lined to tha email,r clan* of speculator*. A considerable purchaa* of d'jiuoli waa Indeed reported lu the mil; part of U>? il^j. bv a broker, uaualiy . oilng for a grwat Hebrew rapItallxt iiouaa, but on aubeequent enquiry tha fuit ni not instantiated. < on*ol* opened at Hi to . money,and SIS Id ;'t for thr account. Alter Tarioua lluotuatlou* to and nam, they left off ho?? to 7, money. and HI',' to H to* ( count 'I'ha market wan comparatWely a quiet one, ?nd of what may b? termed no very decided ooior. Reilueed three* were 70% to 80. Thrueand k-quarter par sent* . hoji to 1: Ki' lieciuer b'.lla. 40a to lAa dtooount; In lla boada. 10k to 'JO* diaemnt; Long annuttla*, g>fto l id, Hank atock. 180 to Uj India atook, ili.'l to A I'lie foreign market, bayond arme forced aalee for tbo nclea of holdera, waa little dealt In Mexican wero 17 lu 18 for Money, but dona for account at I7JK to l& Uraxillan 7.1 to ft. l'ortuguene :i? to I. although 'be toad* Munmamli'd higher prlwi at Amsterdam and ftliMart. Mpanwh Avea I6>4 to I7X; tha thrrea ^<1 to 7. Uuloh two-and-a-half par oent*., ft'JX to 3)?; toore H' * The aettlement nu be. u quite an Inconaidr raw* analr Tha atoppage uf Meaar*. Krad liaruea fc Co, ?ehanta In tha hardware trade, waa announced to-day. It U underitood that the liabilities aft not of any tarioua

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