Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1847 Page 3
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f ) Interesting from the War Quarter, i.atk news from fubbla ami vexico. [Kroiu the N. O. I'l<;ayuri?, Oct.'i!> ] The ?t??in?hip Alabama, Capt. Wind!*, arrived at an early hour ye?t* rdiiv, h iving left Vera Cru* ou the :10th iiikt , Ttuipioo i.n tux 'iiti, uuJ Brtzig Smtiui/o ou the mill Sh?* lay to at BrazoH. iu a about twenty-lour jtiourn. without rommuninatin* with the fihcru. aid then bfii'K nhort <T fuel, hhe ran for UilfMhW, where i?h? uu the morning of tbe :16th. Sin* took in n Hupply of coal there and left again the earue evening lor this port. bht. encountered very heavy weather from the northeast throughout the pastiage. The U. 8 propeller Aithiand. iix ilay* from the Bra ion, put into Galvefton In 'liitreftH, with fltteen oahin paseenifer* and tjtty nick aud discharged soldiers. They were all transferred to tbo Alabatim. with a larite B??n? mall. The. U S HteannhlpNew Orleans a^terbeing detained sixteen dnyg at Tampico, got out on tho 'ilst inst., and proaeftjet! to Vt*ra Cruss. .Major Gen Patteison expected tooommeuoe bin march for the interior abrut the -J4th inst. 'i b? Otniui of Liberty haa Bleu of papers from the city of Mexino to the V li iiihC , ibut had only time to aay that LLie most prthound tranquillity reined in the capital. An hijoo u the new government of 8e:ior r?tin y fen* wan or^a>iiz?d. the fsct waa oflioinl'y announced to tho reprsontativea of friendly nations. Her liritnooln Majciiy'H Miuin;,?r at once replied t*y* a suppl 'n. nt to tb? D aria, in t<-rms most patiaf?et<>ry and honorable for in-ir exndlenoiea, the I'reaident and the Minister of Fo -imi A fTnira. l liv Or?<u> of Liberty of the 19th. publi-liea several gunwal orders of (ieu Scott, all of whtoh Wu gave in our pap*r of the lbth inet We give a brief note from our Vera Cru* ooxreopondant ? Vf.R* Cm'*, early morning of 90th Oot. Gentlemen:?'Tbe Alabama ia off thia morning, but there la nothing new to write about, the Omiui ?/ Li Irrty. having published the only item worth dulling L)?y before yesterday about a dozen of Hays' llangerx ?uoi>untered some two hundred .guerillas out towards Santa Fe. The Mexicans oliarged on them. but th<'JV.\?u? very coolly dismounted. waited till they rim? within about thirty yards, and poured a volley of ritlnn Into thi-m. unsaddling a number The rsscals being reinforced, attempted another oharge, but were this time m-t with Colt's revolvers, the I'exans never budging an Inch ! The "boys'1 all cime in safe. The llaDgers are the very men for these guerillas. And are worth four times their number of auy other mounted men I have reen here Col Hays looks quite w> II, t*zcept that the end of his nose is shedding its skin, nnd his lace Is pretty essentially sunburnt nil over Jack llxys is a remarkable man. as useful to his country as he is modest and independent The yellow fever is still taking off Its victims hern Lieut Jenkins, of the 1st Dragoon*, who had la'.-ly arrived with recruits, ditul th? day before yesterday, and was buried lust evening with the usual honors An extra of the Omiui of Librrly. pf the 10th inst. has reached us. from which we extract the following news fr> m Fuebla and the interior: * The family of Mr. Castro, a respectable citizen of this plaoe, srrived here yesturduy ovening from Jalapa On th? road to Santa Ke, at a deserted rancho about ten miles trom here, they were met by some thirty or forty guerillas, by whom they wore exceedingly maltreated The guerillas took the eutira party of travellers, and the vehicle in which they rod*.fnto an adjoining woods, and there held a consultation as to the petley of murdering them unreservedly. The guerillas made several demonstrations to upset the carriage.and bura it, but were fiually diselia/l-d trom their fiendish purpose, both murder and wanton destruction, by the expostulations aud entreating declarations of the ladies, that no one of of them present was in any way or form connected wi?h the Americans, either then or at any other time. Their request, to have their lives spnred. and their carriage saved fioni being burned, wus Anally obtained, and they sucoeeded in procuring permiseinti to proceed on their journey iintned ately. but not till the msurauders had stripped them of almost every thing in the shape of clothes and money A Mr. Castillo a gentleman of this city, was one of the number; the guerillas took from him his sword and tirearius. The constant exclamation of some of the rob b<*rn was that none but Americans ever travelled that road nowadays. L)r Galveu, a native of Havana who l? direct from th?oity of Mexico, fall in with Mr. Caitro's family at Jatapa, and accompanied them to this city; they suffered very many privations iu the encounter with the guerillas Ly the kindness of this gentleman we were put in the rroriptof very important intelligence from the city of M> xioo He lelt th1; city of MexiiHj on the 7th of this month, iind on the lltn, at > o'clock, I' M , he entered 11 uamuntla, (a town little east of the I'erote road, ami about half way between I'erote and Puebla ) Tliere he learned that the force of Gen Lane had entered shortly Mtbtf, and ho sudden and unexpected wan hid arrival, that Santa Anna had barely time to gat away by another quarter of the town The Americans captured two pieces of artillery belonging to the foroe of lien. Santa Anna, which the latter in hia hurry had not time to remove, and also took two prisoners, Colonels Vega and Iturbide. Santa Anua after leaving Huitmantla, which ha did at tbn bead of 1000 horse, was reinforced by 1600 men of the command of Hen. Ken, and both remained in the neighborhood of Huamantla till Gen. Lane's departure, after which this town wa* again taken possefgion rf by Gene. .Sent* Anna and Ilea, who, following up the r?ur guard of the Americans, killed seventy men. principally inebriated struggles. and took twenty prisoners. The Mexieans had two pieces of artillery with them, one a bra*e I J-pounder and the other a 16-pounder, of the game metal Oen. Ren *all<ed out of Tuebla at the head of a pretty considerable force, and was awaiting at K1 Final, (atonn ? few miles south of Hu;imantla. on the same road to Fuebla.) the approach oi (Jen Lane, whose flank and rear I he Mexican* are reported to have been inorssantly harra.?stng. But wn know and are confident that though the Mexican* should muster a force four fold the amount of that which it is reported they have, yet Gen Lane, the Buena Virtu, hero, will extricate himself Willi uonor ana wun gmry 1111111 iueir niiast, una win form a junction with big geueral. unse.utched by the ordeal of passitg through the soldiers of Santa A nut and Ret. Tb? decree by which It was ordained that Mr. Pena y Pena ?bould take charge of ').? supreme pow^r, la Conjunction wiih two h'f-ioiato*, he' been repealed, and hanta Am.a ha a,cdiu liean exiled upon to adenine the reinn of government. If it cuu be culled one, and tba command of tb" fffy, <J.mi I'aredes is in Tulaocingo. endeavoring, and with sotne success, it appear* to establish hip monarchical system. He has of la* recelvi-d some Tory important converts to bis polities' i-'oTipleH O^n ViU -neia is al. b's Ij.icU .da. passing away his ttape *.* agri-eably as he i;.tn t ilt.i. no r.urt in the national ?(fairs. W? suppi'Se be Is only nbldlrK hiit time. G- Bravo ill In Mexico, quiet, and on p'lrob The setublanoe of the exlcan govt-rninar,- met according to appointment Kt Queretaro; 011 the Mb but th< r' not b?-ii g anything like njii..ruiu present nothing *u? "I -ne. f' ace is ns far off a? ever; the ffelingi ot tl?e p >ple are said to be most strenuously opp s .1 to ntiy innromis with the North American*; In fact, the hosiil ;y wnleh exists sg&inst us in the interior townn, cities, and Villages. is rep .rt. d to be of the most, hitter kind The other leading men arid generals have gone for the most part to Cuemavaea In the ti-rra calirntr [' uerna~ac? Is a town seveuteen leagues south of thcrlty of M?Xico, on the road to Acspulco J It will be rt numbered that at our last accounts ?ome apprehensions were felt for a small purty of Ti. ti Kanuers. How those Hangers acquitted tb?ins*!ve ft-." above letter from our correspondent at. Vera Cm* te'.ls The Oniiai nf L'kerty of r.h? Iftth publish, a the f llowing official report furnish, d by 1 a> t Trult. of tbe T?-xas Kang?rs to 0.'D Palts'KOn, detailing the event* llllt'. Iiur illiru ID inn n^ftinpv lUr # u,; rillaa: ? Hr ipqu artkiii Ti:x*s CavAunv,) Camp rear Vera Cruz. Oat. 15, 1817 J Sir In conformity with ioAtrucilim* from \1?j ?r (J-n. Tatti-num, 1 took up the line of march at C oYi?.-k oo tb? mnrnirg ofthel3ih lnnt at the h??a<l of 119 men. including ofBc-ra coinpoot-J of detachments from compan!** K. I null K. Directing my column upon the MexIco road. to th* distance of about thirteen wile*, when I made a delbxion to th' left, taking a path tending ui th?* direction of the Ontiba road. I moved etcadily and Silently over a country covered by a luxuriant, undergrowth K|v? miles from the Mexico road the advance guard encountered a Mexican ofllo-r and two soldiers, who lied anil were fired at with effect. killing or badly wounding "ni* This occurred in the vicinity of a (until rancho. from whiih rang wrre seen rapidly retreating; one i f them was killed by John J. Ulanton. of company E. The hoim? was searched. hut no arm* were found At thin place w? had the good fortune to capture a Mexji in. ?li..m we di*arm>d. and from whom we learned that Col Senobio wan probably at tb* rancho of San Juan Willi a force of about on? hundred guerillas, and lliat perhaps Mar'in-x wa't alao there withan additional number. I p'edgfd myself for the safety of the Mexican, and ordered him to guide us to the rancho of San Join. We proceeded two mile*, and from an emineno discovered (herancho. 1 divided my command Into three detach niente, placed the right under the charge of Cap*. F?rgii'oo, the left under let l.teut Witt, and kept the centre inJer my o#n immediate control The right and l?fl wifga wre or lered to move a few minute* in advance of the centre, aud to form a junction in rear of the rancho; the advance guard, cnruiaiMided by Adjutant Kord, wns thrown forward, with initruction to fall back upon the ccntre If attaoked by a large f?rce. The front guard discovered three armed Mex'capn, who II d; they were purnued,*nd one killed, one waundedaud the other captured. The rancho waa Inverted on all aides aud eearched. A larp;e number of swords, same eseopettes. two U S muskets aud one U. 8. yager, with powder, lea l and cartridge*, were found secreted on the pre i- - * ?- -li-i 11 *l_ 4 1?.... ..... .1. ?|,l. mi* ? nUDttlllIKU lilillb. pTlUnilUT nuiriK^u um'tv, mvu ft ball hoi# in the Imanm and quite bloody. * ? taken from * trunk In an out-honee. where w-re no Una than live or six hundred hu-hels of -helied In'iian corn, (some of which whs in American sackn.; beMis, fc.0., kc. I m.uI two Mexicans whi> wern tak>*n at the rnncho, examined separate They asserted th<it this linden la wn* a r< sort of Kujr1lu?, that Mitriiu"! had beee there the day b?-for" Willi >t liundr d men. and wits expected there that d?y; thlt Col Senoblo who In constant correspondence with the guerilla**, and wan with them nt that time. With these full sod distinct evidence* i hut thin haclend* was tb.? headquarters of a b.ind <>f guerilla*. it ? ?* conoetved ur'per to destroy the whole M tiLt>lleh>> tit (except the church) and take vengeance upon th' *e rlolater* of the ru!?? of civili|e(| warfare. tor the manifold ou'rtw-s they have p?rp* rated upon our cltiz iis Accordingly the whole wae consigned to the fl?ni * Taking I lie to Vera Cruz, visiting the ranch,i of Mftt?a?rder? end dropping ? short while to graz* ?ur h ir-e? ilir?? U-Hgiies trora the city, at which polii'. vtr. L*r K'too, of company I, encountered at.J ki |.ii H Mexican I ' utenant upou whose body WHS found a pair of Untied Siati s pistols, a tlx shooter and some papers m>conipHiiylnK ktols report, we reached our encampment utter a l arch at nearly Ofty utiles, and bare the hono to report ourselw** (or further daty. I hare the houor to be, your roost obedient servant, A M 'I RUIT, CommandingT. C. J. J. AiRRcaoMait, A. A. O. Vera Crux. IMPORTANT MEXICAN DOCPMR.YI*. [From th? New Orl?ans I'laiyune. Ooi, -0 J We tlud upon Spanish side of the Utaiiii nf Ub> i /y, uf tue lWlb Inst, two Important oircnUri?the 1 1 . mmmmmrn?mmm+mmmm tint, from S*nor Puna y Pent, tht Acting President of Mexico, ami the gecotd from Seoor Rom. hi* Secretary of State. As the flret open exposition* of the views and polioy of tliH new Mexican administration, they are entitled to our consideration ; hut they will repay a perusal by their intrinsic interest, aud they give clear indications of the ability which marks most of the public documents of the Mexicans, and cannot be entirely oh(cured hy the imperfection of the translations which we make of thi'in with a baste insppr.ritble from the deMads of a daily press. 8(01 pMMAM in th?? circular o( the .Secretary of State ar? peculiarly sl;<nilicant as , to the virws of thu new administration in regard to the war, and Its desiree for peace. Both documents breathe the spirit of an intelligent civilian, which Is yery wel come, in place of the egotistical and frothy declamation of Santa Anna, dlstlngu'shed as bis declamation is by occasional force and brilliancy. I'.ven should the rumor prove true, which reached us yesterday, that Santa Anna has been recalled to power? i to wliicu we attach but little faith?the documents which we annex will pogstcs Importances* unfolding the views of two eminent citizens of Mexico, who*e views proved too moderate to ?atisly the expectations of their countrymen. But we do not yet believe that the overthrow of the government of Senor 1'eua y 1'ena has l been so speedily effected. Circular of P rtidmt Pma y Ptna. . ? I HI..IUK- I r <>? MEXICO, / I'oIuom, 8<-|)t U7.IH4J ) F.k-ei.lkmt Kir?!n the discharge of an inseparable duty iuipoffl on m by the constitu ion. for the talthful discharge of which 1 Hm responsible to (Jed and my country, I have resolved to commence from thi( moment the ex^rcis*1 of thn Supreme K.x-cutive power of the Republic. and to fr^anii!-* a government which may beoom? the cei.trt ot the Nation*! Union and may save Mexico from the anarchy and dissolution which threaten it under it* presunt ciicum?tanoe*? circumstance* by which the invader himself doubtless see* with surprise how uiuoh his designs of occupation or conquest are promoted, the Mate being without a bead, and public | affair* involved in utter confu*Io? May it never be Maid of uie by my countrymen, or by foreigner* friendly | to Mexico, that through my irresolution or cowardice J fso nation was anandoned to her sad fate, and that I | alone am rexp unible for the awful destiny which awaits I her. unlnHiHome constitutional authority gather* up aud mite* again the ties, now broken which should bind the -?tates of the llopubll'i together, nu4 which may yet mike of them a respectable and powerful nation. I am lullyot opinion that without being wanting In any of ih" qualifications prescribed by the constitution, I can. at tlm raom-nt. and alone, assume executive power; but even were theie Home constitutional requirements with whloh I could not rigorously oomply, the same beln by the force of circumstances rendered impossible, even then, I say, 1 should feel bound to plice myself at the bead of the administration of the Hepublio. as being called to power by th? constitution, and In ordor to prevent a oonWst for this power which would inevitably encue by force of arms, bringing ou civil war, by which the liepub'io would be estroyed in the very presence of ?n army of invader*. When the public power of a nation cannot be embodied in a form strictly constitutional, the way to avoid anarchy oannot be to establish an administration absolutely unconstitutional and revolutionary, but to organize a government as nearly In conformity with the constitutlen as is possible Thes** are my views, and I flatter myself that they are likewise entertained by your Excellency; but I repeat to you thkt my conscience is tranquil, when 1 assure your Exoelleucythatl have not the slightest doubt of the con-tl tutionality of the power and duty Incumbent upon me of discharging the executive functions of the nation by tnysel! alone, and without waiting for the assembling of Congre-s or the Counoil of Government, or the nomination of associates. iu.n >uj iin -lunKu ui iuni.iiui.iiiK irom mis momeni the National Government, may perhaps attract upon me the hatred of dome faction, whlohirom the bloody ruln? of the Republic may raise its head fierce to dispute for the poKiieMion of power for a f.'w days. which will he to me but a martyrdom; such a faction may perh-ip< prevail against the effort a which the nation will doublle?s uiak? for Its own salvation. Hut if thin presentiment should he realized, I shall hay discharged my duty; and fhould I survive the last convulsions of the Repuhlio. I hIihII retire to lament the fate of my country with no other solace than the tranquillity of my conscience. Your K*c-llency will acknowledge that this is perhaps the last attempt at the formation of a government which may he made in our unhappy country, and It awakens my deepest sensibilities to think that iu this great work ot political reorganization. Providence has furnished my country with so weak an instrument as I. Only one consideration sui porta me, aad it is this : that my administration will last only a few days, if. as I'hope, I oan obtain a prompt reunion of the National Congress in the city of Queretaro. Actively employing all the means in niy power to effect this reunion, and to remove as far as pos<ible theobxtaclea in the way of it, I shall.afford my countrymen the most incontestable evidence of my dia{ ibterestfdncsB and of the deeire whioh animates me to j exercise no authority not absolutely indispensable to avoid civil war or anarchy. | To give an impulse to my administration in the out| set. I have appointed the Deputy IJ Luis d? la Rosa, | minister of foreign and internal relations, authorizing him at the same time to discharge the most pressing duI ties of the other departments, until in Queretaro I can ( make the nwcessary nominations for each of them ? i When the cabinet shall thus be funned. I shall direct to I I the Republic a manifesto. which will contain a pro| gramme of my transient administration. The signature | nf Senor Rosa has been b-fore recognized, he having at j i other times filled the Departments of the Treasury and j of Justice lu communicating the above to your K?cellency, 1 have the honor of assuring you of my distinguished consideration. Ood and Liberty. To the Governors ot the Slates. Circular nf thr Secrrtnry nf State. Mimijtkr ok Fobbion *md NritstL Relations, > i September'J7, 1847 ) Kxckli.emt Sib?Ilia Kxoelleucy the Prceident of tbe | Supreme Court ?f Justice, in exercise of the Supreme Kx> cutive power, has seen lit to appoint roe minister of j foreign an<l internal relations ; also authorising me to discharge theHit urgent du'le* of the Other depart- , i meutn. as you will perceive by the note addressed to j you by the President, which is subjoined to this com- I munication. j By tbe same note your Kxcellenoy will perceive that \ ' the Provisional President proposes to issue in Querotarn, when hi? cabinet shall have been completed, a manifesto eoutainiug ? programme of his administration In the mean time his Kxaellency deems it titling to submit hrie By to thu Governors of the States, an ! through , them to h roorable Legislatures some of the princl- I plrs by which his policy will be directed iu the provi | slnnil exereise of supreme executive power. The relations of the General government of the Union I wi'hthe governments of the States will he conducted I with the utmost frankness and gcod faith Nothing will he more grateful to his Excellency, the | President, than to preserve harmony "anil ve'd un I'TSnui'Uii^ t.?? *eAn tbf Supreme National Government and til* supreme authorities ol eauh Si ate?hariuo- 1 ny wlthou' which all would be discord and confusion in the f-i|er?l system His Kxc-lletiejr. tho President, ' wltl <"Ut enerreehlnc upon the eon-titutional power" of the Stitch, wl'l enly require of tbem, in aupport ot the | nnsftiuflon th>?t si'mlssi *n a d re?p?ct, which is the bull of the fe ter-il pact, and without which the Supreme ?i verninei.t of the I nlcn would be impotent to main | tHt'i'tm National l^olon at homo, and yoi innri1 tent to mtlco the nttioutl'tT of Mexico ret-peeted abroad | The President will not content him*elf with merely respectlng an it I* hi* duty to do, the Independence con- I ceded by th? constitution to each 8'ate relative to It* int Timl nd ministration; b'lt It. will he gratifying for him to Writ the opinion of the supreme authorities of the State* upon grave political question" at the present ep'irb, and to govern bis action by such opinion', legally * .re?.?ed,ln the rlifTinult. measure* wliich his adtninis, .-atlon * ill b-* called up' n to take, (.arrylng out these > principle*. Li" Kxoellency the Provisional President cj. relies upon the ruo*t fllcient oo op?.a'io<i of vour Kxseli'nry, and all the State*, to aBstaln the lnd?, pendouun knl nationality of Mexico, to pr-nerve from I -very ?n*ault the federal institution*, whatever mny be i I the danger and the gravity of circumstance* *>nee re cit event* h*r? led to the occunati' n of the capital o! 1 *h.? reputi l t.v th? army of th* inTtdrn All the me* *ur?* of the War Department will b? directed mainly to j tt:e Htta'nment of the imrortunt endn atiove Indicate^ 1 ill* Excellency the Pre?id-nt regardfl it an one of hl? I I ohlet dutle* to fxcilitito by all ro**ibl* mean* the a**<ttn ' blirgf the National Congresn, and he trusts your Kx- | j e M-ncy will dictate every raeagure In your power to I bring ahrut *ach re inlf.n; t' at you will again invite the deputies Trom your State to repair to the city of fjueretaro; and that you will provide for their expense* on the journey thither and during their residence in that. city, j charging theae expense* to the contingent account ? Should any deputies from other State* to the General ; Oonurf ** be panning through j our State or now be residing therein, you are authorized to provide the mean* ne ca?*ary fortnelr Jonroey-thither and residence at (inereI tar<\ upon the term* already mentioned A* the irri'atest scandal whirb could hi presented to foreign nations would be the sight of our country Inva ded by a foreign foe. devastated by a foreign war. an 1 at the s?me time torn by anarchy his Excellency the I'resi- j dent, 1* determined to save the ation from this oppro 1 brium at whatever cost; to avoid al*o, by whatever inea ! sures polity and circumspection can ilictate, ven the ! Il4ht< st occasion or motive for sedition; and If thin should not be sufficient, he 1* dele- mined, with the aid o! ( State*, to repress every attempt at revolution whatever employing for that pnrpo* , In all their extent and ener- 1 gy. the constitutional and extraordinary power* with wliioh h? In InTMt.nd Th? pM?i<i?nt i that your fcxceilency, to put down sedition will employ all the powers and nil the resource* of the State or the , federation, let what may be the class or category rf per- ! boiib who may In any form undertake to disturb public order or atfucli oar in*tltutlons. As your Kxcellency is made by the Constitution roor? immediately responsible for the preservation ot public order In the Stnte under your command, the rresidant . will omit nothing which may give to your authority all i ; the energy and vigor possible with thin view he ban direct- I ed by virtue of the extraordinary powers with which he le ! invest.<| that In case any attempt whatever should be ; made in any Slate to disturb public order or to subvert j the federal syste m, the powers of the rnmmand mm gm- [ , r tlri sh?ll be employed to *u| port and sustain, by the i force* und*r their order*, the iheaaure*of the govern- | meut of such state, said commandant! I helog likewise I Irected that in all affair* within their supervision they non'lunt th-maeive* with the utmost harmony and good understanding In thrirtrausaotiou* with the overnDirnt* o( the Stat a. Hi* K* -e'lency the I'reaident deem* It proper to lay do* i in'h'a communication another of the principle* by which he proposes to regulate his administration Ills Excellency can assure Mexicans. and all the Inhabitants of 'he rsputl n. and he now assures your Kaoellepcjr, that under his government all the Icgitl| mate Interests of every class of society shall be Inviola hly respected; and If unfortunati ly Ilia Excellency I sh-uli see hluiu'lt under the sad necessity of o during some new Impost, he will never employ the odious men' mre of f.itc.<d loan*, nor the yet more odious no minr. i i of asMeseing without any equity a certain sum upon cer- \ tain named conlrlhutor'n Th-most lgorou* principles | of justice sh*ll direct His Kxcell-ncy in the assessment ' of burdens If unhappily he should be constrained to lotpore them He will endeavor to avoid it a? lar as potitlble, adorning In the public expenses the utmost economy co patlble with the grave and perllou* circumstances In which the nation Is placed, and with the inevitable necessity I in nosed upon It of resisting the foreign invasion | until a pence, advantageous and honorable for Mexico, tniy become possible. To cai ry Into eff.ct the system of K it) ny which the ! ''resident propose* to rsMblisb, ill* fcxcelleocy expect* 1 m that the governments of thou flutei. where, in eoo??- ' <iuenc? of tta? lite events of the war, it wa* Judged proper to remit the general revenue* of the republio te avoid their loss or dilapidation will at oaoe take the m>*?Hurn necessary in order that the supreme government inny be able -such remission brln? ended?to diepone of such general revenuis agreeably to Ita powers. Ille Kxeolleujy, the President. has deemed it proper to give an example of dlsiuterrdness under the preeent oircumstarcee, and relinquishing the right which the law gives him of enjoving a Itrge salary, he will aeoent only such a* Ip allowed the head* of departments. Tnls cession which his Excellency makes in favor of the treasury,may in some measure reconcile those in the employ of the nation to the eoonomy which the President may be constrained to adopt in the payment of salaries His Excellency the Provisional l'reeldent Mm ?arneatly to be made thoroaghly acquainted with the true pubiif opinion in relation to the very grave queetlons raided by the war of Invasion. As the press la the principal organ of this opinion, his Excellency desires that the liberty ot the press should have no other restrictions upou it than are demanded by morality and good order. For the present, be will only assure your Excellency that no new restriction shall bo placed upou the liberty of tlu? presa, and that thoae only shall contluue in force which were established by the fundamental laws uow actually existing?all those restrictions belli* henceforth aWolt-Oed. in every oase and undi r .. . uistai: >es, which the former government Impusetl by virtue of ita extraoruinary powers rurxuiut; the principles which I have D"w developed, trusting in that Providence whioh protects nations which H.p? th? victim* nf An at rnninii* in t iia*(??aa ?t.J ir the patriotism and loyalty of all Mexicans, h:- ti.i tlency thu Provisional President hnp?s to be able to tualm h-ail tbe tremendous difficulties of bis situation until suoh time us the national representation iuny ni mble and nomiuate .1 citiien in his plaoe t . < ; the Supreme Kxecutive power. In communicating to your Kxcelleaey tho ab v- by order of the Preiddent, 1 have the honor ul assuring you of my dtstingniiihed consideration. Uod and Liberty IIO&A To thu < invernor of the State of ???. army intelligence. il-'rom the Vera Crn? G?nius of Liberty ] In our paper of the 13tli. we gave a trau?lat.<J aoc uni from thu Jirea Ttii, of the death of Capt Duncan hut hinoo then we have been informed that thfought ho bravely, and tell so uobly. was rapt Drum, and not the gallant artillery officer. The error, though unavoidable on our part, may yet be productive of some alarm to his friends in the States, and we therefore hasten to correct It. List or Dkathi in the Utntral Hotpital at M'taruorai, M-xico, during th< month* ef Jlut,uit and Stpiembtr, 1M17 Aug.'J, John Clarke, Illinois cavalry; Auj. 7, Jatne? Fletcher, do; Aug. 7. Lawrence. Jetcur, 4th Ohio volunteers; Aug 19. Daniel Snyder, do; Aug Uti, Warren P. Nicholson, Ala cavalry; Aug. '28, Knglebert Orob, 4th Ohio volunteer; Aug 30, T S Hart, do; Sept 4, Kphralm H'Newton, do; Sept 13, Christian Schmidt, do; Sept 10, Henry Stelumits, do; Sept. 17, Gotlelb Kllwauger. do; Sept. it), John Smith, Illinois cavalry; Sept. 'J8, William Cook, do; Aug. H. Bealln, do; Sect a, John McLaughlin. 10th infantry; Sept 9, William H. McDowell, 3d dragoons; Sept. if; Reuben Brown. 10th Infantry; Sept 1.1, Sam'l Cunningham, do; Jas Wainwrlght, do; Sept. 14, Seth Saunders, do; Sept. 16, Geo W. Cass, 3d dragoons; Sept. 16, Henry KUiott, 10th Infantry; hept 13, Valentine Wents, 3d dragoons; Hugh Youngs, 10th infantry; Sept .0, Robert llwath. do; Moses Nodyne, do; hept ill, Henry Spangman, do; Sept. 24; James JohnSon, 3d dragoons; Mept 26, Absalom S Shirrel, do; Sept '27, John 1*. Landaw, do; Sept 30, J. M. D. Ducass, 8th Infantry. OKO. H. DKNSTON, Ward Master. The steamer George Washington, Capt. Irwin, which arrived yesterday from Cincinnati, brought one company of Ohio volunteers, the Montgomery Guard.*, of < lnclnnati, under the command of Capt W. Kennellay; Lieutenants W. H. Lytle, W Sullivan and It B Pope, numbering 100 men Alao the captain and crew of the steamer Sultan, previously repot ted sunk at the mouth of the Atchafalaya, on tne JMh inst. Captain James II. i ailcton, of the 1st dragoons, Purser Sawyer, of the Navy, and Lieut Col. Randall, Deputy Paymaster General if. 8 Army, arrived In town yesterday, all from the Uruzos ?Af. O. Picayune, Ort. 29. 1'itoM Texas.?The schooner Heroine, Capt. Denuis, from Galveston the 23d lnnt,, arrived yesterday. We are Indebted to rapt. I), for the Oalvriton Gazette of th? 33d During the week ending on the Ulst there ware thirty death* of all diseases In Galveston, eight less than the number of the previous week. Tweaty of the deaths reported were natives of Oermany; one was an Englishman; three were unknown; three were Infants: one was a negro; and but four were adult natives of the United States. The precise number who died of fever i not known,but the G z'tte presumes that a majority i f the deaths were from thatdisease. The Gazrtte adds:? We do not know of a death from fever among the acclimated portion of our citizens. Only a tew deaths have occurred amorg native born Americans; and those receiving prompt aud proper attention when attacked by disease, are unually wild, and yield readily to the ordinary remedies, unless agravated by some Imprudence on the part of the patient. Those slightly attached, however, should be exceedingly careful to guard sgainst reUpses, as tbey are by far more dangerous than I be tirst attack. Health. says the Gazette, appears to prevail throughout the Stale; the weather Is delightful, end tho people are engrossed In gathering the produce of their fields. This has been a seasen of health, peace uud abundance.?New Or it am Picayune, Mlh u It. Police Intelligence. Ctar?e of Burglary.?Officer J. Kafferty, of the 6th wurd police, arrested yesterday morning a youug man, called Ulll Hubbard, alias Philadelphia Bill, on su?ploion of burglariously entering the residence of Dr. Burdell, dentist corner of Franklin street and Broadway, breaking open a denk in the doctor's office and stealing therelruiu $100, in bank bllli and silver coin. On searching ' lie prison-r the officer lound on his person (7 in bank. i iliN anu j>.i in uiver, supposed to be * portirn ot the stolen money. Justice Drinker locked litm up fur further examination. Charge of Stealing a Watch.?Officer Gardner and Dowdleau, of tbn flth ward, arrested last night three women calling themselves Harriet Jewell, Maria Johnron end Kliza llolday. on a charge o( having been concerned tn stealing a gold watch va!u'd at $34, the propel ty of John Young, residing at No 304 I'earl atreet. i ?n oue ot the prisoners a pockt t handkerchief was found an t Identified by Young an his pioperty. stolen at the tim? of losing the watch Juntloe Drinker locked thein ill up lor a further hearing ~.lrr'it oj a Convict.?Officer* McMauus and Owens, of the Sixth ward, arrested last night a fellow called Thomas Conner, iin ee, jped oonvkt from Dlar.kwell's IsUnd lustlce Drinker sent blm b*'U t < Ills old quarters. In order to finish hi* term of senteucu Itellgluua Intelligence* Cai.knpak ioa Novkmiikr ?1st, All Saint:/ Day ; 7th. JSd Sunday alter Trinity; 14th, "24th Sunday after Trinity: Mist, 25th Sunday alter Trinity; 'J?th [ vent ; 30tV St. Andrew. Ths Very Iter Dr t'ower will lirture in St PeN < Church. Barclay rtreet. n?x' Sunday evening ?li 11 cut ject. One Ood- One Faith?Oo? Bap'l>;, I .IJer <4 J Admus will preach at MHit: I In n ry. opposite Spring street, this efternoo:. .1 ttie subject b. iui? the Immortality of thu SutO, ui.t the l .ternity of Matter. Kev Oeor?e H Atkinson and Udy silled Jr > ton, Oct 231, in the bsrk Samoset, for th" Shi.'u Mnrid*. on their way to Oregon. Sailed. In the ship < a'o.froin Boston for Calcutta i 1 Messrs. StodJard ?ud Dauf?rLb, with their wlve<, fjr 1 As-an ; Iter Mr Brayton. and Rev. Mr Moore and ! wife, for the Slio Karens ; llev Mr Siirond I for Uurmah j At a (nesting Of the Synod of West Tennessee (Oct. ! H IMit). tlie f/llowtng resolution waa adopted: Kesnlvel, That the Synod overture to the General Assembly, 'lie expedleare ot referring to the l'resbytertes t'ie following <{uestlon, namely .?Shall the latter part of the fourth secti' nof the twr-nty-fourth chapter of the " Confession of Kaith," which says, ' The man nay uot m*riy any ofhls wife's kinJred nearer in blood thiiti h<* muv of hUfiwn nnf wnwan U ? .1 , - > "*J1 ii n I kiU'lred neatur in Wood than of her own,"' be stricken eut In Wenbara, Mint., on Wednesday of last week, Mr. Jeremiah Taylor wax ordained pastor of lh? < ongrrgat.ional churc h Ilia three brothers assisted In the ordainiiik H?-rviC"?:?Rer. Oliver A Teylor, of Manchester, lie* It lit ue Taylor of Shrewsbury, N J ; and Rev Tl mot by Taylor, of Slatersvllle, HI. The four brother* lire now pastors. It I* calculated that the total number of Jew* spread iver the surface of the ({lobe 1* 6 000 000 of souls Of thfse, 180 000 are In the enjoyment of oiv'l and political rUhts, via., 30.0C0 In the United Slate* of America. ..01(00 In Holland, 10,000 In Belgium, and 90,000 in Vranoe. The Synod of Virgioifi, (Old Sohool.) commenced it* . nmial session at 8taunton on the 13th ln?t , and oloiied it at a late hour on Wednesday night laat. Seventynine minister.! and forty-three elder* were present. The -?vnod wan opened by a rermon from the retiring moderator. tbe Rev. Hamuel Drown, of Bath. The Iter. Feyon llirriroi). of Cumberland, wa* elected Moderator. (*nd pre. ided with gr?at dignity and ability.) and iter. M I) Ilogt*. of Richmond, and K. N. Vvatklur, Ksq. of Prince Kdwaeil, appointed temporary clerk* The following fubJnCIs were before u... Synod viz: I'he Iter, I)r. Me ailand wa* elected perman.?r oierk, t o supply a vacancy occasioned by tbe resignation of ')r I lurnmer. The Interests of the I nlon Theological Seminary (locateil in Priuce Kdward county) were proniii-en'ly befor* tb? Synod. The director* made their wni,u?l report; the Rrv A. Mart, the agent of the seminary. wis heard; resolutions passed expensive of the i?M ting Ir.tsreot tbe bynud leel in this Institution, and of tbe iegret tbat there were so few candidate* coming forward to i'ntpr on the ministry; and the Hynod further i pproved of the agency ol Mr. Hart, and commended mil and hid c< Ude to their ehurrh-H Tim lie? Mesdrs I'hon. I ryor, O \V Mol'hali, Iter. Prof. T. Calhoun, ami Chad N ( nrrlnitoo, K.?i were appointed director* of the t-niln try The anuiut d?rmouon popery wan preached hy the Rev. Ur. hptrrow, of I'rioee Kdward. and the Rev l)r Wildon, af Union deminary, waa appointed to pr?ach the dermon on popery n?^*t year, and Rev B. M ->mith hid iilt.-rnate The next meeting of the Synod ?ill be held at Frederick*!.urg on the fourth Wednesday In October. IS49 The Synod adopted, with great untnimity, a plan of c iportage?deaigned lo distribute reiiyli UK hook* HDlOng the people. Tlie Rev. Dr. McF?rlttid. Rev iledTi Mmi h Bailey, W. Brown, with Mmwrd L VVadi' ll. 11 (Juthrie and J. N'eldou compose I.ti? executivecotntn ttee on the duhjeot?and Mr. Unas. MoCleuehan wed elroted general agent. The y<ilow fevor still continued at Alexandria, in tha pail h of Rapidex Th? D'tnocrnt i>ayd, t-inoe the epidemic romiQ'-nced there, about flftytive pe.rdond. white and Maok, iiavo been attacked. But ten have died.? Siw Orleana Picayunr, Oct. 29. William Ferine, a Jemeyman and a soldier of the reTolution. died a few days dince at Pandville, in tbld State. He waa OS yeard of nge Tha CheapHt and Beat place In th? City to get Toar book, 'hoe?, or gaitert, it ;<( Jone-.'i, i Ann street, near the vl 11 ?eum. V ou can K't there *? gooJ boott fur St 60 as ciio l.e imrrhmetl elsswliere for $7 t^-nie a sagting. Ileslsoselli a lirst rn>e hoot at t) So, which is uttinll v "Old tur |.V Double ?ni. il WBtf r-proof boot* *t $1 M, $j 00, and f> ?0. Jones hsi the true system of doing bu?iuesi?light expend) and small profits. ill gpo<ti purchased at 4 Aon street are warranted to give entire satisfaction. MtONBY MARKET. Saturday, Nor. 8?6 P. H. The (tock market ?ii not affected so muoh by the foreign news received by the Caledonia, as we anticipated. Mutt of the prloee fell off a fraction, but the sales were only to a l.mlted extent. Long Ialand declined >* percent; farmers' Loan1*; Harlem )f; Norwich and Woroester Heading Ki UllnoU 'i s > ; Pennsylvania 5's, Heading Bond* \\ Mortgage Bundi* >? Morrli Canal advanced It Is impossible to tell at present, what the ultimate effeot of the new failures announoed, may have upon commercial affaire on this aide of the Atlantic. Meroantlle houses in this and other cities, may be losers to greater or Wai extent; but it will require time to determine whether any serious consequences will result from them. We do not look for any immediate effeot any way. It is possible and highly probable, that we shall mtlmately experience a revulsion in our commercia' ntfairs, but it will not develope itself, if at all, fer some moths to come; in the meantime, It would bs well to knep everything as snug as possible. The recipts of coal at Philadelphia, from the anthracite region, during the past week, and for the season, wrre as annexed :? r^fxivlvanu Coal Tmim?Ksclipti kob tiii for (At ?r the Wttk. Seal on Lehigh canal, tons 1672* Hrliurikili caual, tous 1 521 20'i 28J ItrwiiUK ruilroal. lout sn 'nr. > ?< ? Total torn 11,128 f 1,918.130 There are about nix weeks of navigation left, provided the season is an average one. within which time the Lehigh and Schuylkill canal* will bring to tide water about one hundred and fifty thousand ton* of ooal ; and the Heading railroad nearly two hundred thousand tons, making an aggregate of three hundred au*J tlfty thousand tons, which, added to the i.bove, will make a total of twenty-three hundred thousand tons. The receipts by the railroad continue throughout winter, and the supply l? from that source kept up. The following 1* a statement of the quantity ot Hour shipped east from Rochester, nn the Krio Canal, during the month of October, lor three seasons:? 1815. 1848. 1817. Barrel* 129,199 1)4,830 111,038 (Quantity shipped from the opening of navigation to Nov. 1st:? SHIPMENT* OK KlOUK ? ROM KoCHCITSR. 1841. 1148. 1147. April, barrel* 41 925 26.071 ? May 43.510 57,404 94.536 Ju 34.009 42.106 61.239 Julr 41.109 37,869 78,390 Auguat 52.218 51,437 61.901 Hepiember ,. 73 751 90,616 74,201 October 119,190 104,839 111 036 Total 415,841 410,782 481.367 In consequence of the high water in the liver, which Hooded some of the upper mills and compelled them to lie still for several days, It was feared that the amount of flour sent forward during the month of Ootober, would be deflolent,_as compared with .last'year. But such is not the case. The shipments are greater by several thousand barrels, although not up to the mark of 184S. The increase for the whole season, with two weeks less of canal navigation, Is 73.A8A barrels. The receipts, during the month, of wheat by canal, are greater, by 03,479 bushels, and for the whole season by 647,360 bushels. Amount of wheat received at Rochester by the Erie and Genesee Valley canals, from the opening of naviga uuuiu imf, iat:? Receipts ok Wheat at Rochester. 1843. IMS. 1817. April, bushels 35,594 M.781 ? May 65.598 62.912 119,837 Jnue 69 676 102.')J.I 100,820 July 41,159 37,869 480,6IS AilKatt 136 461 80 3^2 212.467 September Hi,750 22 >.%0 208 547 October 226,760 226,960 290,439 Total bushels 790 Ml 766,339 1,413,719 Should the canal remain open as late u last year, Rochester will furnish her usual supply to the seaboard. She ii now within 60.000 barrels of her largest amount. The announcement made by an English paper that the City Bank of New Orleans was seriously affected by the failure of Held, Irving k Co., is without the slightest foundation. Messrs. Reid, Irving k Co. were the agents of the City Dank, in London ; their agency consisted in keeping the transfer books of the stock of the bank held la England, and ,n paying totho stockholders there tho dividends At the time of their tailure, they had ?032, at the credit of the bank, intended to pay the 1st September dividend. This Is the extent of the implication of the City Bank in that failure. The bank has drawn no bill on that house, or on any other in Europe, during the last year, nor has it purchased any foreign exchange whatever. | The Louisiana State Bank had ?6000 running on Reid, Irving V Co. at the time of the suspension of that house, which have been protested by the Lizardis. This is the extent of the connection existing between the banks of New Orleans and any of the suspensions in Europe. a lock Hicnuigt. 116000 Treaa note*, 6'*,, lOOji 50?ha Cutou Co, 29 16000 do IOOX 100 do ?nw wv 260? U 8 t'i, *67, 1??% 50 do tow 29* 4(i00 do 4d 102 V Hi do b?0 30 ilOOO do 102JJ 50 do bow 19^ 30000 Penn 5'i, alO 73 50 do M\ liiOOO do 12m 72 50 do bCO 29S, r<000 do i6 73 50 Nor & Wore, 37V I >0(>0 Ohio 6'?, 'GO, >30 98 310 do 37Jlj 000 lllinoia fundable, 50 do b30 381DC0 do 39V 100 d? 37'i 10000 Heading Bondi, ?9V 150 Long Uland, 2U\ 500<l do >15 69 50 do 3 25(00 do ?9 X 50 do b60 29 (WO do bfit 70 ICO do 28?i HOoo Head'* Bdi, il5 64V 1C0 do b60 2?', > alu Uk lun ?C|>, (1201 9JV 150 do |I5 28 75 .\2e< Imuica Bank, 105 50 do alO 28 4 >0 f railing KK, 56 4'>0 Harlem Hit, 44,V J >0 do Win 60 150 do b!0 44'.j 2i0 do 56V <50 do b60 4} 50 do 56V 200 do 44 V 100 do 130 56 S( 50 do b5 44 C(>0 Fatmera' Truat, 2-V 50 do 44,> lliil viorris Canal, 10\ 50 do b30 44J, "10 Canton Co, 29% 150 do blO 44 V HwJOd Board 8IM0O Trea?note?, 6'?, 10f]J? :l'?0 tin lUrleui. alO 43 2H0I) Heading Bondi, 19 50 do 43.V iCOO U 8.6'a, 1867, I02& 1(0 do *10 43V 20H0 O' io 6'a, I860, 90 IPO do 43 lC'OO I'eun J'a, b6'l 73 50 ilo 43,V ',(K>0 do a30 72V 50 do 13 43Sj 5? ?li? Karmera'Loan, 26V 150 do bJ 4 il? I'jO ,ln 26 V 50 do 43 V jiiO do 26 75 Nor U Worceater, 36V 100 Long Ikl i'jd, 27V 100 do 36 a ,fl do t)\? i'j d? ?1 *?;' VI il i 27'4 M CtuiUiu Co, 2<J ) .0 iUrleii), slO 43 CITY TRADE HKIMUIT. Niw York,Satchday Akh iijoox Not. 6. This being the last day of the week. mi J many of the merahants not having had time 11, digest the news brought by the Caledonia. transactions in breadstuff were moderate in amount. Klour opened In the forenoon at yesterday'* quotation*, or (lightly under previous ratea ; but during 'change, Increased dullness berarae apparent, and sales were made towards the close showing a decline of about 40c per barrel, on new brand* of Oswego. Michigan, and Oenenee. Wheat wax also less firm,and Hales were very light. Corn opened In the forenoon at prices previously current, but during the day the article became less firm, and cloned at fully one cant per bushel lower than at quotations current before the arrival of the steamer. Meal being in moderate supply, remained unchanged by the news. A sale of rye, delivered, brought the fame price paid before the steamer's news; but there were sellers of the article in the slip the clone at 07c. Hye flour wsj scarce, and remained about the same. There were moderate sal-a making In provisions, the particulars of wbioh will be found below. Groceries remained about the sumn. Toe Improved inquiry for sugar continued, while no transactions of moment In coffee were reported. /vnim ? i hp ranrKPt remained *te?dy, *n<l sales of 74 bbla p?ari* were made at fit 79 a ?7X. Tota ??r? firm at $0 OJX. niit.?u<, rFf Flour- Sale* of 140 bbl*. Oenessee were made k. <ii AO, and 440 do O*wego at the Mmeprloe; 350 do I) lack Roc* ?pld ?t 43\; 1.100 do Oiwego were reported Hold at i?, i /vio bbl* of straight brand* Michigan ?old at >*$ 43!{, ?nd &Oo uv ?? 37X. Toward* tha close, sale* of 40') bbl* new *tra>s?.? brand* Wenesee were reported at ffl 37}^. Southern ooniiu~..i (n llnht supply, and Howard strict and Weorgptown were worth *6 MX. IFAeiil?The market waa 1*** *tlff; no aalea of Oenecee were reported A lot of 800 bushel* northern Penn*ylvania wara made at tI 3!) Co*n?In tha forenoon, a lot of vary handaoma yellow (wanted to All an order) ofU.000 bush . anld at "Ho , and 2,000 mixed Hold at 74n. The market afterward* became les* firm, and Hale* of i'>00 bushel* Wentern mixed wara made at 74c. Other sale* were ma da to tlie extent of 3 a 4000 buahela. Including good yellow, d> llvered, at 76 ft 70X, and of Wntem mixed, common ftnd good, at 73 ft 74a. The market clo*?d In a languid Rtftte. Meal -The market remained unibatig'd. Ryr? flak* of 1000 bushels, delivered, were biade at )l, but there were aellrr* of the article in th? slip at 97o. Ilye Flnur- Hale* of about 300 bbl* were mud*, including Inferior to common,ftt 94 l iM, and good lit $4 37X. Hurley ? No *alea tran*plred; BOo. *apmed to he the top of the market. Oalt?No change waa noticed. Th'y continued to *all by the oargn at 40 a 40c. Heceipt$ down Ike Hudson River, Not 4 Flour 1 A,7oO barrel*. rorn Meal,. 130 * Wheat 1,100 bushel*. ''orn 7.309 '* Rye 3.400 " Uontt ?*i> Snort.?The demand continued fery good, whilst the (tock of all daaorlptlona *U very light The boot and ihoe dealer*, a* well a* manufacturer*, hare done an excellent bu*ine** throughout the year, and mn?t now be In ft very healthy condition, an the transaction* have been confined much more to eaah than In former year*. Caroms*?No change. on * :?Supplies continued to be light, and Ilraul was moNtly confined to eecond hand*, while price* remained about the tame. Several cargo** on the way were expected to wrrlve. Cotto*?Th# tffiot of th? uenpo ftt Caledonia hu not yet bMD tltTelopad by operations lu the market ? The private account* mention sale* deolJedly lower than tbe official quotation* for OMb, 5k?J being accepted for fair Bowed*, and an article nearly fair at ad ; middling Mobile at 4^ a 4*d , all tor oaab on tbe day of eale Hu?b a state of thine* muat, of course, give a dowaWard tendency to price* here, if bolder* desire to effect 1 ale*? *o far, only about ADO bale* were disposed of. at price* varying from l4 oentto X cent decline; fair, upland* selling from to cent* Kism?There were no arrival* of dry ood, and none left afloat unsold. Mackerel were tlrm, and No Is were worth t.n 76. No sales were reported. Tbe market was barn of herring, and no sale* were reported. Hf MP?The market continued firm, and sale* af 100 bale* American dew rotted were mad* at $140 a (160 per ton. Hides?Nothing of importance to report. Some sale* of Montevideo* and Rio Grand hare been made at 1194, 6 mo*. Tbe demand is moderate, at rather declining price*, on ordinary deicriptions. Import* for tbe year, thus far 800,018 Hams time laat year 473.46'J Same time in 1846 632.677 Lkathkk?Sale* for the week have been large, (Including some to arrive.)?probably not let* ttian 40.000 sides, of *11 description*, but at rather declining rate*?say 16 n 16\ for light and middling weight* hemlock aole. Oak , tanned continued aoaroe and high?say 20c to 36c for ! good stamp* of lair quality. Upper, in rough, was also | very scaroe. and in much request, whilst hemlock *ole wsi more plenty, with rather an lncrea*ing stock, and 1 prospect* of a_ still greater increase for tbe next six i weeks from thejfactithat the tanners usually crowd in tbe I market all they can before the c1m? of navigation. The i receipts from now to.the close of navigation may p ?ibiy reach 'JOO.OOO (idea, which, with the stock now on liaa J. will give, Irum now to the opening of navigation next spring, about 300 000 sldeo, which ia considered an un- | usual! v light stock. Should the liver cIom early, the | quantity will be somewhat lets than above stated Lead was quiet at (4 60. Molasses?The market was steady. Kale* of 'JO bhd* Cuba Muscovado were made at r?.i otn 300 hhdi Cuba damaged were Mold by auction at 18 a 1!? oti, ca?h. Navai. Storki were quiet. Raw turpentine In light supply, while the stock of spirits wum large. Small itales of the latter, chiefly at retail, were making at 48 a 4'). In a large way there were "eller* at 48 cts In raw there wan no ahange. rruiulned about the same. and tar exhibited no alteration Oil*?Linseed?in the Kngltxh market it was quoted at 34s by the Cambsla, which was a decline?.! ft a 8 cts per gallon, and the market w*s heavy here in coosequenoe. BOOO gallons were sold at t>? ots, and JOoo do American, ci'y preseed, do, at 60 a tiO cts, cash. Ti.vre wiin nothing new in orude whale or sperm. | .Provisions?Hale* of joo bbls mess pork were made at $14 60, and 75 do, prime, at $10 37>{, with soui lots do 1 by retail at $10 76. Beef?100 tierces of city prime sold ' at $7 60. Lard?Sales of 130 bbls were made at 9Jie, and lift a 130 kegsat Ho. actual tarp. Cheese was heavy?sale* of bOO boxes Herkimer dairies were made at 71 o. Bntter ?Sales ofiaSOO kegs Ohio, commen. at 10o., and aboat 100 packages of this State were made at 14al7c. Kill: ?The market was quiet and bare ofsupplies, while quotations remulaed nominal Dealers were wait- i ing new arrivals, said to be on the way. Seed?Clover continued firm at 7Xo. Sumac?A sale of 10 tons damaged was made by auction at 60o. cash. Hr?rja ? KaIkh nf i/)() Knvua llnvana Kcavh ?? atfititi'4c. Hal*g of Musoovadoet continued to be made at previous quotation*. , ,Tallow?Sales ot Ha 10 000 lba. were reported at 10c. Tobacco?We annex the usual statement showing the priced, sales, receipts and stock on band for the week ending this afternoon : ? Sold Ktc'd Slock JPricei. (Aif week. tkii on hand. Kentucky, Virginia week. and N. Carolina,. 3 to 8cs 300 hhds. ? 0087 lid* 4>?? cs ? ? Mary land and Ohio. ? ? ? 46 lids Connecticut seed,.. 6 to li ? ? 19 ca Pennsylvania aeeu,. 7 to M ? ? 78 c? Florida,...,..... 5 to 60 ? lOca 20 r? Havana 26 to 87X i0 t.Is. ? 1U0 bl? 35?74 Cuba, 15 to 86 800 bla. 205 bla. 1109 bis 14?16 Vara 35 to 45 100 bla ? ? St. Domingo ? ? ? 913 bla Tbe season being too muoh advanced, there was not muoh vivacity In the market, lome sales to meet aotual demand have been effected ; 200 hhds. Kentucky soldat4)^c., and some Cuba tobacco on private terms was taken for export. Whaleio.iis-No change. Whiskey?Sales of Western were made at 30 a 30)? and of state prison ?tt 31c., including drudge. , Khkiohts were nominal, and we heard of no engagements worth reporting. Died, On the tith instant, aged 47, Wm H. Wmi The relatives and friends of the family, Manltou Division No. '200 8onB of Temperance, and Harrison Union No. '2 Daughters of Temperance, and the members of both orders generally, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at 3>? o'olock this afternoon, from his late residence, 1'2S Burrow street. On Saturday, Nov. 6th. of severe illness, Marion GalLA WAT, wife of Robert Gallaway, aged 97 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend her funeral this afternoon at ~2 o'clock, from the residence of her mother, .VlrsfJames Kenwlok, No 400 Washington st. 1'ittsburgh papers please copy The friends and relatives of CtAwroan Livinosto.v, deceased, arc requested to attend his funeral on Sunday, at half . ast 1 o'olock P. M , at Trinity church, without further invitation. rpAKIKK Or PHIJKS DURING THE SUSPENSION 1 OK NAVIGATION, 1147-41-By hi pre**. l.otHofWOlbh andujni ardt. Lots n/M Ibt. and undti 2(>0 J-'rom jitb or Per ioo Hit. tf.y. Troy. h'rom Jllb. or i'?r 100 Ibi. N Y. Troy. To Albany fi 00 ? To Albany $1 90 ? Aui?leidam...l 20 0 36 Aunt. id wn. .. 1 25 0 25 Konda 1 22 0 25 Konda 1 37 0 37 Little Kail*. ..I 40 0 40 Little Kali*... 1 50 0 5" Herkimer.... 1 46 0 45 Herkimer .... I 03 0 01 Utica 1 50 0 60 Utica 1 75 0 75 Home 1 5H 0 50 Hole IBI 0 81 < lieid.i I 03 0 03 Oneida 1 88 0 88 Syracuse .... I 80 0 80 Hyracuie .... 2 06 1 05 Auburi 1 U2 0 SJ Aiiburu 2 17 1 17 (Jeneva 2 CO 1 06 Oe?eva 2 SI 1 31 < auaudaigua. .2 18 1 18 CanauduiKua. .2 43 1 43 Hucheatrr ...2 37 I 37 Rocheater... .1 62 1 62 Batttia 2 50 I 50 Batavia 2 75 1 75 Buffalo 2 75 1 75 Buffalo 3 00 2 00 LiniiKaton k Well* do uot undertake to forward good* we*t of Buffalo, hut will forward the in to Me??r?. I.i in^it >u St Khtk'*. at Buffalo, whine line eitend* (bv *tife) to Milwaukie. Cleveland, Detroit, aud Chicago. The Kipre** proprietor* hold tlienuelve* teipomible only a* forwarding merchant*. II ink note*, ipecie. jewelry, valuable or light and bulky KOod*, taken bv ipeeil contract only. Ula*i and git** ware taken only at ilie inle ri*k of the owuer. C i ?od? deatiiiad for |>lace* off the liue of railroad or we*t of Buffalo mil be delivered to other eipre** line* or other mode* of conveyance between tlioae place* (unle** oiherwi*e ordered),and all r*?p >u*il>ility on our part cea*e* on deli,ery of the property a*above. LIVINGSTON k WELLS. ?7 lit r 10 Wall atreet, New Vnrk. inn bk??\L>w.\v.-<>!i<n s o\r usii.)h> J.""" ?The most splei. lid assortment of Metallic linhher Overshoes v rr offered in this citv in V be found. at wholesale ml retail, at the Ooodyear Itubber Warehonie, ICO Brrailway. opposite Tnnty Cbcrik, between I'n.eand wallatreeta. n7 I4i*m OAS Ill.WAKlJ ?Loat or itoltn, oil Friday evening list. fiom a carriage, while cro?siug from the f>ot of Veae> street to Catharine street. > Blark Leathern Trbol', eo'iailler. .h'y worn, marked J 11. The conteuti ,re only rain | able to the owner. The above rewaril Wl'l be paid by the aahirribera fur the rerorery of the : u?U inilconteuU. HiaKI'll IHIHK. Jr. No E0 Catharine street. n7 tt'm JAMKW WimON. IVo 24 HnllWim at MANULI.NO, UYI.NO AN l> ?COUKl >ti in all styles, at 2i? Dey atreet. New Vork?H. UUKHIMMl. piopnetor ol tliia establishment. has connected luinielf in partne'ahip with one of the moat celebrated dyers and aronrei? from Paria. Th a valuable addition to hia establishment, induces loin to hope that hia numerona custnmeia will mcreate every dm The pric?? are alwaya moderate. N.B?Hie greatest c're given to the Dying, C!eanain? and Mangling of Silks, Velvets, Crapes, C'shmcres, ' liina rraiiea. embroideries, Mold nud silver, and everything relating lo lurniture aud the toilet. EfOarments dyed hlatk for mourning in 111 hours u7 121* r HA H A .N \ TOBACCO LKA k ? A large lot of llabnM Tobacco Leaf, all wrappers, and good for any kind i I segirs Manufacturers will find it to their advantage to ?? i mine the above Tobacco, before piirchaaing elsewhere. Kor aslrby J. A.LP.DON, ii" 3t*m No. 100 Naaaan atreet. I .s KUllM ATION WANTEli?Of Bridget McOoawn, by I her brother, Hugh McOoawn, frem the town land ol Artfama, county Donegal, Ireland. All information thankfully rrreivnl at Nu. 19 rtproee atreet. Ne? York n7 11*1 WANTKD? A second-hand reclining chair. Aililir*. I B. W.. 444 Water atreet, with price. n7 7t*r WA Vl'KI).?By a respectable y< iing Woman, a aitiiation to do Chamber work, Needle work, or to take care ol children. Keapectable city reference from her laat place Apply thia day and to-morrow, at No. 176 f.aat llth strut. M lt*rrc BOAMD IN BHOOMK MI HKKT.?A f. w genteel lioar era can be accommodated at J8< Broome street, near Hudson. There ia one large back room, second story,with cloaeis, Oolon water, Icc. The sitnation ispleisant and convenient to the stnges.^Tery attention will he paidtoinske it a <|aief and comfortable home. Kor farther particulara, please enquire i as abo?e_ a*6t*f I PRIVATK TUITION ?A university mauTip?rieiiced in j tor. Teatmouiala anil rcferenrca nl' the moat ??liafactorv kind run ha produced. A<Mie<a'B Y " Herald office i ( Jt*r Spanish lanuITaok.?a m?. (upamah by birth ) who apeak nnd writea the Knglith language cur rectly. offera hia aerviceato iho?' wlio wiw loflbuio tiriTil leaaoaa in Mpaniah, on *ery mod'-a'e tiroM A hue ai'dreiaed to John B., at thia office, will receive attention n#Jt*irc |/*? MII (11 s NO IK K-KLIJfcH O J AUAWH, who haa l itely made ao grear a aiir iu Boaloa, will prrach at Military half, Jinwi'ry, i.ppoaite flprmif atreet, on Fundty afternoon, IS.,..-i,,, 7,1,. ? 3 o'clock. The anl.ject being the Imm .runty nf till ? .,|t?ud the Ktemity of Mailer. Heata ft*?j oSItit*r 1JIOR MNULK UK.VrLKMF.: Ict^n a pr.rate Um .F 11 y, Hoomi, formahed or nnftnik with or without break(??t ?nd leu Apply at IT Woltw at CI LOTHlNU?J. VANDKRBiLT. w Maiden Ms / rilr, (r-iilemen and boya, 111 waal of Clothing ready m*0". or made ro order, to faror him with a call. The anbacritier haa thouaaada of faahionable garmenta that Cannot he aurp-aaed in atyle of cat or finiali, which he will ae|| at wholaaale or r?ar111 I cheaper haa eeer been ofTered before ? thia eity, conant ins of d-eaaand frock Coat a I'elto t'olka, Hark), Overroola; Cloaka, Veata, I'an'a and BoyaM lothing 1 Alao. in re than JOfl piecea of faahioaihTe Uoodi, which will j lie made to order at f*om 2110 10 |?r cent leaa than the general pricea. N. II.?Tha cutu.ig of pai.ulrona, hitherto ao d (bruit, haa l.ern reduced lo certainty, nn'< warrnnt'd to fit in e??r rlyle of inahion J V ANDKKBILT, 36 Maiden lane n* Itt* rc B:?WLINU ALOON ImiH 8A1X-tot cent U..w ling Knloon containing e.ght alle\a. b.rfiatnraa I and furniture. '1 he altera h?ve been recently rela.d in the l.e?t manner; the anloou Mirniahed in modern atyle and 1a re. plett with erery convenience To a cnah cuatoiner the whole will lie aold 011 reaaonable terina Apply to rtl'ia'r J. TAN NAMKK, I* ru e atreet, 2d atcry. SK< O.N|) HAND H MM I 1 UK ANU CLOTtllMl WAN'nCD.-Ladiea or gentlemen having any -ani.erflnnni or caat on clothing or ftmiturr to dia|M>ae of. canobta oa lair eaih prie* lor the aTne. hv aendiug lor the aaibacr her, at hia' eaidenc?, or a line through'he poat-oflice wiN be i nnctnally attended to. M H COHKN, CO Diuue atirwt. II J.Miea can he attended 11 by Mr?. Cohen. N B?lob Uood* and Old Stock bought to any amount, or l?t*rc TO THE LATEST MOMENT. uv klkcthic tkleohaphj Latest from Smitfl Kf. CistiwM*ti, Not. 6, 1847. Mr. McSbane arrived at 8t LcuU on the 1st iustant, from Mante Ke, In corn puny with two trader*, Mesar* McMurphy and Wright. rhe*e gtutlenvn left Mnt< ke on the 7th of last September. L'p to the time of their departure no communication had been had with Chihuahua, but there *m a rumor current that the American* bad been driven from that place. A number of volunteers under Col. |Kaaton had been incarcerated iu the calaboose for <liford*riy conduct. The Mexicans in the neighborhood of K?nte Ke show no deposition to give unnecessary trouble. Col. Ka?ton'* battalion,'Haysenden * and Bills'artU lery, and six companies of mounted volunteers, bad U rived at Santa *?. Col Walker'* batraliion ha I R*>ne to Navagoen 1.3V?'? compary were at Albuguegu? on tl>e Utb They lost their route on the way to Curvolte. and went t) me mo (iriDue, towards t. ninnanua. ~\1r MeHhann met on tha way. nineteen couipauit-e,an J t#*lve on the road out from the Status He likewise reports the grass to hnTe b?nn destroyed by Are on the b<-nd between Arkansas and Coanoil Grove, In consequence of which tha cattle and other animals of burden Buffered 10 muob that they were ooin pelled to leave the wagon traini. Tl?e Suullicrn ItlaU. riTiaiino, V*., Not. ? The New Orluaos paper* failed to reach n?. Charles ton paper* contain nothing new We hear aotblug of Importance. Barktte. Dai.i imohk. Not. rt, P. M. --The foreign new* per Caledonia was recelTed here by telegraph, which had the effect of suspending operations in breadatuffii until tho receipt of private letter* due by mail There wan a general decline for Howard street. Jti was retused. Corn? SaIdu o( i.uou bush.were made.iuoiuding Maryland mixed nnd white at ?J7 cents, and yellow do, of good sound >1 utility, at 70 cents. Provisions and Groceries inactive Whiskey?no change Albany, Not. a, P. m.?The Caledonia's news came <luly to hand by telegraph, which cheoked operations in breadstuff*, and unsettled prloes. Flour?Tha market was dull, and the price* had a downward tendency. Barley?Sales of 10,000 bushels, inoludlng two rowed were mado at 87 ota, and four rowed at 89 cts. live and (>ats remained nominally tha same. No sales of Wheat or Corn, were reported. Receipts by canal during tha preceding twenty-four hours :?Flour, 10 000 barrels; Wheat. 'J,000 bushels; Barley, 14,700 bushels; no Corn. Buri Ai.o, Nov. 6, P. M ?The foreign news brought by tha Caledonia was receired by telegraph, whloh had the t ffect of depressing prloes. We note sales of only 600 bbls Western and this State Flour, at $i 37>{ a $ "> 43%. The market closed without animation. Wheat?Sales f AOOO bushel* were made, consisting chiefly of good Western ut t?0c. and good white and this State at 112c. Corn?The market was dull at 56o. Mye--Sales of 4004) bushels were made at 67c. Oats?No change. Whls -vj . v vuii niun uurmg luit DrvOVUlDg 34 hours, worn as fol>ws?Flour, 9000 bbln; Wheat, 4000 bushels Freights by canal to Albany:?Flour, 76o; Wheat, Ulc; Corn, IHo. INTELLIGENCE BT THE HAILS. Washington, Not. 4,1847. The Prettnt Tariff. The revenue under the present tariff, for the first quarter of the oarreut fiscal year, exceeds the revenue of the first quarter of the last flsoal year, under the tariff of lU4j, by four millions, nine hundred and forty-five thousand dollars. This eicess.l* on the Increase. The returns already received of the fourth month, Ootober show an txeess of betwi en eight and nine hundred thou sand dollars over the corresponding month of last year; and when all are In, It will probably be augmented to a million. This oannot .be all ascribed to the famine in fcurope. Starving men do not eat iroa or coal; and still these articles, which it wm thought would be more injuriously affroted by the new tariff than any others, br.ntf advanced prices, and an Increased diinMnil at ( h n N H Wa will I? -vi j to underbill ilussia and Sweden, iu supplying Europe with charcoal iron England, hating no wood, cannot inauufaotur<' charcoal iron, and i? dependant on Ruaaia and 8 aeden lor the artiole. It will soon be her intareat to buy of ur The export of wool and hemp baa alto increased, and these articled hare increased In prloe ? There la avury reason to believe, too, that our exports for the remainder of the year will be as great as they bate been for the last season. There are two conditions of Kurope, either of which will command a large export of breadstuff* from America?the one, great searci ty; the other, great abundanoe. In the latter contingency, the quotations will not be so inflated, but nevertheless, there must ba a large and steady demand for American food, an an abundant harvest always cause* an Increased consumption of Ave, or even ten par oeiit. Of cotton, too, there Is every reason to believe there will continue to be a (air export. The Kngilsh government Is fully aware that all efforts for the cultivation of the plant In her Kaat Indian possessions will prova unavailing Neither the soil nor the climate la adapted for its culture. Under the mrnt favural?e circumstances, tbs soil will not yield one quarter ar much t > the Acre as that of Mississippi. and what It does yield i< of Inferior quality and full of weeds. The toil, instead of being light aud sandy, is loamy, thick, nod hisvy Half the year the broiling son bakes this thlok soil hard, and the other half the rain pours down with out Intermission, beateng the cotton to the earth, and rendering it unfit for use. Moreover, in order to protect the plants from the fierce heat <4 the sun. tho?e who cul" tivate it are obliged to suffer a rank growth of weeds to spring up. side by side with the ootton. and to overtop it. Kroiu this cause the plant Is puny, and the fibre la uncleanly, and consequently of but little value. The piheme can never succeed, even with the aid of Mr. Ayiwln'a plan of reducing the duties on salt imported into In lilt, the labor of the natives Is barely sufflclant to supply tbtm with the most scanty subsistence; and, even as it is,m*ny thousands die annually of starvation,and o' diseases produced by want of salt?the rica, which la the irrMkt. utm.t?iu nf thuir fftnil hnlnn W - s r'~ ? ? B UHWUVIWBH In that country without such seasoning It would be Impossible, therefore, to divert their labor into any new 1 channel, without enormous outlay, whioh would yield no return. The United State*, then, will continue to supply the world with ootton and corn. | It evidences strongly the mlsohlevons extent to which thl? ha* been rendered a party question, that one it obliged to dlsslaim all party biaa, in saying, as one la ompelled to say, in all truth and ctndor, that it ia Tain to deny the beneficial results of tha operation of thli tarill The evils which were, doubtleaa in good faith apprehended from it. have not resulted. The unprecedented prosperity of the country furnishes Its complete vindication, it is to be hoped that, iu future, the tariff question will be regarded a* one which no party will presume to make a party question. OALVIKN8IS Court MnrtlaJ of U?ut. t'ol. Fremont. r01 ITH DAY. Waiminijion, Not. 6, 1847. < ourt met at ten o clock. A. M All present Agreed that the court adjourn to one o'clock, In order to allow n Interval i f the day to tho members of tha oonrt to vlolt the President itecord of yesterday read over by tha Judge Advooate The Judge Advocate then (ubmltted a paper, in answer to the plea of I.leut. Col. Kremont of Wedneaday and In reference to rule* of testimony, cross-examinatlon of witnesses of the prosecution. Itc , which would be admitted. Tha opinion of tha court requires tha accused in his croseexamination to regard certain limitations: and not unnecessarily to proceed Into details of the history of California An application was next proposed In behalf of Oaa Kearny, respecting a portion of his testimony cl yesterday. In answer to a question, the eomprehensiveneaa of which he had not at first apprehended. Agreed to?but postponed fur the preaent. It was agreed to hear the statement of tha accused givlog his reasons for the fallowing (uestion proposed by him yesterday to lien Kearny, in Tits cross-examination, end upon which a doubt of admissablllty had been raised . It was also Stfreed to admit the question, to wit " Did yeu lose a cannon In that action (Han I'aaqual) .yaa it recovered, and by whom read the foWi.*"M,"T hereupon, In his plaoe, ro.e and Mr I'rrv dtwl-W* ?? ^eoourt. : end objected to, is to question put by me cannon at Han I'asqual.and fiJ#t Oeneral Kearny lost a in the capitulation of t onerga, aiif recovered by me epurted by tienerai Kear. y to the goverfitffovery never I conceive .the question to ba both relevant au? terial , relevant, because it refers to a fact supposed to have occurred t' Uenerai Kearny in the military execution of his orders ; and material, bacanse if the answer to the last clause of the Interrogatory and to the succeeding question which I lutein!.d to put. should be as I UIIOT0 auppowa I,J IDS, It may d* a c.roumiaanoa to t* 11 n?<1 In tbn defence. and for tha cou.-t to jmlga ?f in m future at ate of the proceeding* The loaa of oannno i* a grief In all armi<?, the recorery in a ?utjfot of exultation The Iom I* oft#n without dlirredlt; th? reooTt-ry I* alwaya with honor They ar? trophic* which one *ld.< I* promt to take *nd the oihar to recover Tha iom and recorery of theee ttophlea in a point of honor, tnd?p?nd>nt ? I th# ralue of th* thlny, . and for which hrara man die 1 he Iom l? alaray* ncueM and l imnntfd; tha recovery li ?l?afa wpoil' d toil wit. bratod II In th > caae auppoeed l>y the qne?tioo, I recovered a caiiaoo which Oeo Kearny loat In aotlou,aiiil

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