Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 12, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 12, 1847 Page 1
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TH vol. nil. No. 310?Wliol* No. 4007. THE NEW I0RK HEBALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-wMl cornn of Vol ton and Nuhe lU| JAMES GOROOm BENNETT, PROPRIETOR CIUCCLATION? FOKTV THOUSAND. DMLY HKIIALD?tirery d?y, Price ? eent? per copy? |7 >5 p-r %tinatii?nevaHle ii- ndr&uce. WEKKLV HC.RALO? E??ry Saturday?Price 6>* cub p?TM 'V?II IJ^? ceut? n?r annum?payableia advance. HKIl.Vi.L) FOK. EUHOPE? E*ery Steam Packet day or S3 25 exclusive of p >sta?;e, payatfe iu advance. Hubierip lions and advertisements will be received l?v Mesa*. Gslig am, ID rue Vivieiuie Paris; P L. Himonds, 11 Cornhil), and John M-ller, th* bookseller, Lond >u. ANNUAL PICTOHl AL IIEKALD?Published oa the lit nl I Muirv of each year?single copy sixpence. At) VEllTIStMEN I'S. at the nana) pises?alwafs caah ia advance Advertisement! ahuuld be written ia a nlain, legible tnmner The proprietor will uotbe reaponaible for errers thai mayocctir in them. PRINTING of all kinds executed beautifully and witf. despatch. All Irrtera or comiuuniestions by nail, addnaaaad to tiw proprietor of the estibliahuiaut, most be poet paid, ortha poai a?* wl' t'? m> tmA fr??n ?*? ?nU?rrtnrina nso**r r*ns>t**.' NOTICK?Oil *at alter MUNOAV, N? r Aoein'irr 1st 1817, the steamers SYLPH m< BT \TKf* 1 SLANDICK will make the fol lowing trii<: l.rtTK tlATKIf ISLAND. At *, 10, II, 12 o'clock, A. M.?J, 4,1 o'clook. P. M. i.kavk i-kw roan. At 9. '1 o'clock, V rl.-I.Jtf, 5, 6X o'clock, P.M. New V'.rti, Oct. J9 IKf7. o97 PKOPl.E'8 I 1NE~8T ft. A.YlBOATM FOP T r-'fS iii^ ALBANY, Daily, Mondays Excepied a' ?VAujsiSiLa Through Direct?At o'clock,?. M., ftoir the I'ier between Cuurtinndt and Liberty streets. Smtnbost ISAAC NEWTOi^Capt Wm H. Peek, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at* o'clock. Steamboat HENDR1K HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Crntten den, will leave on Tuesday, Thuraday and 8&tnrday sveuingi at 6 atelock At Five O'clock, P. M ? Landing at intermediate places? Irons the foot of Barclay street. Hteamboat SANTA CLAUS. Captain B. Overbagh, wih leave on Monday. Wednesday, Friday and Sunday alteraooas at 3 o'clock Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Ca|>t. T.N Hnlaa, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at > o'clock. The above boata will at all timea arrive in Albany ia ampl< time for the Morning Can for the Mkat or Wast. Freight taken at moderate ralea, and none takes after 3 o'clock, P. M. rr'Jr- All persons are forbid trusting any of the boata of this l line, without a written order from the captains or agents. . For passage or freight, on board the boata. or to t. C BCHULT'? ai the otfics on the wh**f. oil rh MORNING LINK AT 7 O'CLOCK r>ijfliC?frFOK ALBANY AND TROY, and inter tt-^.-ieiilloSBBSfc mediate Landinga. The Ste ttner TROY is n third larger than any other Da) Boat; and in point of speed, safety, and eommodiousness is act n'ly uusrrpasaed. No steamer ever acquired more universal and enduring popularity, or retained in greater perfection tho3e substantial excellencies which really aeeerve public favor. Break fist and Dinner on board the Boat. '. lie Ion pressore steamboat TROV, Captain A. Gorham, Will !mvc the ste.'tnboat pier foot of Barclay street Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock A.M. Returns I3K on MIC fl'IWHW uflli. Forjwst.ige or freight, apply oa board, or to K.B.Hall,at the office on the wharf. >18 re MORNINU LINE A< 7 O'CLOCK Ljtl'te^fOR ALBANV AND TROY, landing at agg|TWhWJBlfcCaldwelts, Westpoint, Newburg, Hampton Miltou, I'oughkeepsie, Hyde Park, Kingston, Upper Redhook Barrytown, Bristol, Catakiil. Hudson. Coxsackie, Kindeitioos anJ Bul'imore. Landing at Hammond street. L* >ves New York, Tuotdav. Thnradar and Saturday, at' o'clock, A. M. Breakfast and Dinner on board the boat. The low pressnre Steamboat NIAGARA, Capt. H. L. Kel logg, will lew* MM Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street Tuesday*, Thursdays, tnd Saturdays, at serea o'clock, A &}.. rcumine on the opposite daya. For iiaasage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hal), at the i.fllc* ??i the whnrf alsrr ~ _ KuR uhaBLK-TjnJh. C.?The ste<Dsbip NORTHKRNEM. Captain T 8. Badd. will letre the pier foot of Cliuton street, opposite Tobacco Inspection,E. R., on Saturday the 13th instant, at four o'clock. P >i. No ber h secored until paid for. All bills of la ling aigued bv the clerk on board. Specie will be reeeirrd until 11, M.. on the day of departure. For lreiglit oi passage airily to hPOFKuRD, TILE8TON k Co., No 41 South street. tT" Passengers by this vessel are requested to send their baggage ou boaid previous to IIo'clock, on tne day of departore Consignees are particularly requested to attend to the receipt ol their goods on the arrival of the a earner. old r FOR NEW BRUNSWICK, AT 2 P M., from the foot of Robinaon street, neat above HwBMi Barclay street. The steamboat ANTELOPE t;>iuiiQ S Van Wickle, will, on end after Monday. Not tkh. Ie?.?e New York at t P. M., landing ?t Perth Amboy, Hosa Villa, W Olid bridge, Totten's aad breach's Leading, l'atsenarrs wrire in time to take the Railroad C rs for PRINCETON, TRENTOX and PHILADELPHIA direct. Stages convey passengers direct for Snmerrille, Spots won d. and Cranberry, on the arrive! of the Antelope. Returning, the Antelope leaves New Brunswick at X put 7, a m. Breakfdlt OD bou'd. Kn-e liX eenti. n6?t? rc e?Sn KOK. LONDON.?Cnbiu pimnitra only?'J he wPMfy well known la?t sailing packet ship COBMO, Capt ! * 1 Jure bridge, will aail for London, on Saturday i 13th .November, and can comfortably accommodate a In* more ratlin passengers at rednoed rate*, it early application he made to W. It J. T. T APBCOTT nil W Bon hatreet M?. H O It 3A.Lt?The ?ery fait sailing. copper faateaed pacet ship LOUISVILLE, bmlt in New JPHmL Yoik, coppered and well found Apply to n 11 E K COLLINS. X Booth afreet. A**r NO ICE? Consignees per packet abip 8lDbxls^y DONS, from Liverpool, will please send their per JSMdlt m t* on b '?rd immediately, at Orleans wharf, foot ol ??!! atreet. 411 goods not permitted iu 6re daya will positive'v he aent to tho ' iihHcatir* nil M:w LI >E OK PAt KE'1'8 K./K LIVE*. kfjfyPOOL Ouly Regulsr Packet of list Nov.?The JMHMHMweil known fast suling and favorite packet ship HUiiTNtiUER. Capt. Ira Bnrsley, 1400 tons, will sail lor Liverpool i nnctually, ai ab. ve, her rognlar day.. Having accommodations nusuipaised for cabin, second cabin a*d steer, ege pa's'niters, persons about proceeding to the old country, Cannot select a more deai axle conveyance. To secure berths early application must be made on board, at Barling Slip, or to W.kJ T. TAP8COTT. M Booth st P B ?The Hottingner will sail from Liverpool on 6ih Jan'y Pnso is wishing to send for their friends iu the Old Coantry, cuim-kethe neeessarv arrangements to have them brought on i in i'us mimmficei.t ship, or any of the New Line, on f?vora"l? term-. M ?pi?lvint as l? v? nlI l+it "black ball line ok l i vekpool packE i'4?1 he packet ship KID* LI A, Capt. S. Veaton JHSafewill sail lor Liverpool on Tuesday, the lflh tust .her tea u i*< uay. P'rtont wishing to re torn in this very favorite packet, will fkod her nccommod tioos Comfortable, and her gmtlem nly Coinaiauder all ii>ey can desire. Kor terms in cabin. Id cabin, U4 steerage, apply on board, or tt> ROCHE BROTHERS It CO.. K Fu'ton aireet. neitdaorto Fulton Bank. Thote with eg their friends to leave L.iverp >ol on the I6'h of Jtuuiry, io ttnt f.vorite thip. em secure their tvusege by applyinr ?< above, they being the only autho-iiea passenger post aao-ita for the line. nlO r Kor LO * DON? t*ular packet ol the Kth Nourar *!* fair anilin* nark*r gKin I i'lilNCR ALBERT. burthen 1300 loot, Capuui MryTi *ill tail aa aoove her regular day Htnmj very >01) rior acc.immoda iom f ir etbin. Id cabin ami I'Miaif paaiengert, pertout intending to embark. ihoald make iu mediate application on board, foot of Maiden Lano, or M JOS PH McMUKRAY. nIO re Corner of Fine and Mouth atreeta. fUff- KUK NEW ORLICANB-Louiaiana and New WHfV Vorlt Liu* if Pn'kett?Verv reduced ratea?Re(uJSmKm lar packet for (Thursday. Not. II.?The new aid ai'iruut?I tut tailuw packet hark OfcNKSEE, Capt. Dillinghim, it. ow loading, and will poaitively aail aa above, her regular da . K or freight o- passage. having handaome fnrniihed accrmm> d uion, apply on Doard, at Orleans wharf, foot of W..i| atrvet orto K. K. CoLLINS. 56 Soo'h it Positively no freight will be received ou board after Wtdnetilty evening, Nov. 17th. Agent iu New Orlevt, Mr. William Creevy, who will protnn'lv forward all goods to hia aildreta. nl 4MT KOK LIVERPOOL?New Liue?Kegnlar PackMCTaTV *l <>f 28th November?The new and splendid faal JmmlUL ?ailmg packet ahip KOSi-lUB, Saa Kldndge, mlull loading aud will aail at above, her regu a- d>y. Ko< freight or pattage havinjg superior fnruiahed accomrnodnioua, ..pply ou board at Ode.iiu wharf, foot of Wall atroot, or to E.K COLLINS. M Booth at. The picket thip Siddona, Edward B Cobb, matter, will tucceed the Hotciot, and tail 36th December, her regular day. nil " JKOK LI VKHPoOL?k he New Line?Hegular fc*.T?!V Packet nl Slat of November?The well-known, lait J#fcjltt?ailiiig packet ahip HOTTINUUER, 1000 tuna, Capl. in -juraley. will toil aa above, her regular day. r'or freight or pataaga, having tpleudid large and comfortable Mate roomi aud oabiu, apply to the Captain on board, at Weal aide of Burling ilip, or to _ WOODHULL * MINTURN, 17 South atreet. The Pn ke'thip LIVKBPOOL, 1300 tona burthen. Captain John EM ridge, will tnereed the Hottinguer. and anil on her re^u'ar d*v, 2'at llceember. oMm Adlfr- KOK OLA8QOW.?The New Line taila lat and lids of each month ?The fine faat tailing A 1 British fitflfMlf i HVNDKKORD.50# tona.Capt. A. B. McAIpiu wpI tall 14th November. For freight or jiatt .gr. having eieellent accommodatioaa, pply to the captain on board, foot of Roaavelt at , Eaat River, or to WOODHULL k MINI URN. r South at.. The rr i,! ,- packet ?hip BKOMKSBY,?nOton.,< apt. Hegb MtKwtr. will m cffd ine HYNDhFJRD. and ?ail on her reinil i' 'I v, lit l>rr-mb?r " 'mikh m.K, MthlOil l OK i H \ Tilt iHn fix tailing^ coppered an't copinr faitened brig fc. jBSiU Kk SCOTT, , maaier. IM loua. now ready to to PbRHHU k BHOOK8, tj r Nn.M **a?a?n ?t. STIMKKK'8 WONUKKKUL DI8 OVKK.Y?Striker1! Solution for the Hair, which will change t"Y hair to iti nririt'al color in a few momeuta. Thia Dye ia different from *n v vet off?re>i ?o the public. Oenflemen who have been Immbuige.l by different hair dvea, will ple<?e location Mr. Striker, *nd he will ihow von it i> no hnmVng and no w?y injnrimoto heharonkin Thoae who doubt ita virtue! nie requeued to hnv? their hiir charted before paying their money. The he?nty of th'a e"lation ia, the more yon wa?h it the daik*r itge'i. To avoid people being humbugged luget'mg line dve. it cannot be had at any otherplace than of Mr.BTRlK KH, No l Ooeitiea Slip, where it [a Mid wholesale and retail. ami applied. nll>7t*r CTlKKHUtiHtt VKNTILATINO WIOS, "Salm, and l.??liea' Head Dreaaei, itand pre-eminent aNve all ottieig in the woild. An eiamination will prove thii no egotiitieal b int Their peenliar light, ventilating and goeaainer character; 'beir being ihaped and fitted to the head exactly a* the namr-l hair growl, every hair having the appearance of ieeaing. from the ikini their elaaticity^ inperioritv of material and woikmanahlp their at^le of finiah and mode of arrangefn?.i form inch acombiaation of improvement*, that all the e.mi'fentjudgea have pronounced them perfect headi of hair. lltMnger* are Invited to intpeat them, whether from eftrioat. yi;j;iSWSi's E NE NEA DY8rtP?JA AND LIVK.R COMPLAINT?BLAKK'8 Aromntic Bitten. Kur live yean Dr. Bl&ke'a Arnfiatic Bitten and Toaic*e been effecting cares ?mong taa f riends, ncjuaibtancrs end neighbors. In a fortunate mo aent the recipe wu discovered, and hia own hentt was restored after low* contmaed aafferinc, which he had endured with >nt the sustainiug influence of even prospective care. Thus miraculously redeemed from hopeless misery, he trailed himself of every opportuuity to benefit the affl eled within thr circle ofhisacqaaiotanceand friends by furnishing tlirm with 'he invaluable panacea, to which he ow?d his own restored healthful existence. Prompted by a grateful heart, being blessed himself, he songht to extend toothers the bl> ssings which he euioyed; and priva'ely.through several vears, Blake's Aromatic Bitten have been 'edeemiug inauy from d sease and despondency a'd death, and e confidence in their vi"tu-s until those to whom he admini-ttred !>>em as a grateful ,ffering of one ao signall* relieved, uow impo'tunatelv urge li in to make them known to all the ?ffl c'ed of the of man. One of the many persona who have boeu benefitted by the use of these bitters thus writes : "1 would rei-omraeu?' you a> give . he medicine cirrulatio .so that the afflicted may be made acquainted with ita virtu's, and thereby confer* blessing on the community at large." Another, who h?d supplied distant friends with several bottles, asks : "Why do you 'iot establish -geuciea for the sale of it in all the large cties as I am sure it would give great satisfaction to all who use it " Anotherwrites thus t "lam surprised that you do not take more paius in int oducinir your A'ouatic Bitters. It is certainly (lie best medicine I ever knew, having entirely relieved ne of debility, and produced an eutire change in my whole system You would be sn-prtsed if you knew the grait change it has made in me. I am perfectly satisfied ol its good qualities, and when you know how much benefit has >een d; rived from it, i.hy do you not let it be more gekerally kaownr' 1'lius urged by many who reside in different sections of the onuntry, whence orders are I'uly received in increasing nnmlerSi for supplies from'hose who have rferiveda knowledge of tiese Bit ers from their friends alone, the P'oprie'or has been uduced to extend their use, by the establishmeni of *gencie? 'or their sale, aud public >'01100 tiou of their prepira'ion to all ?ho suffer from Indigestion Dispepeia Debility, Liver Com Uiuta, Paiua io the Breast or Side. (Jnstuenex, Low Spirits. Wmitof Appetite, Pa'pitation of OM Heart, Kever and Ague ind all disorders arising from a deraug'd condition of the Digestive Organs. Letters relating remarkable swje in caaea of Kever and %gne, Palpitation of the Heart. Bilions Cholie, Dispepsia, Liv?rComrlamta, 4tc. he . with all 'heir varied attendant uains, are in possession of the Propnetor, copies of some of which mav be had at his Agencies, and from one ofwhi h the following is an extract:? " Dear Sir?Kor nearly five year* 1 have been afflicted with biliousness and headache, and from having tried aoine hundreds of differeutprescriptions without the slightest relief, I nad bevau to c .usiderall medicines as useless uutil from frequent solicitations I was induced to try your Bi'tera. and I now reel that to exto the same too highly, is a mutter impossible, for with the use of the contents of only two bottles. 1 liud myself entirely relieved. Euclo?ed is twenty dollars, which, with my highest regards you will please accept, bat as a slight proof, however, of the estimation I pl-ce upon your sore to be celebrated medicine " Anotnertnus writei:? " 1 cousider it a doty which I not only owe to you. but to my follow beii gi, to peak in praiae of your Aromatic Bitten, a mr dicine which I think haa laved my li'e, and reitored me to full health. For ?everal year* I waa afflicted with the Liver Complaint: I had employed different phy? ciana with no good results My health became to tod, and my itreugih filled 10 much tint I waa obliged to give up mr usual daily lab >r. jviv physicians at last told me they could do no "I'ire for me, and said that 1 inuat die. Is there no hope 'hnnght I, uo ; I had eiven up all hope* of ever having my health resto'ed, when one dav, I was lameting mv pitiable condition to an acquaintance, and he mentioned your Bitter* to me: I mu?tconfe?i I had no faith in their healing qunlitie*; 1 had tried *o many remedial professing to cure, that I assure you I thought it folly to spend any more money in experiment*; but thank Ood I tried your bitter*?I purchased one bottle; I took one doae, aud it seemed to invigorate my lystem immediately; another .and my appetite togai. 10 come, and when I had consumed the content*. I found m\ i> reitored, and now you see me a healthy man; and cau I be but grateful to you7 You have aaved my life?mv health and how can 1 repay you? 1 shall recommend it wherevei I go, ami I entreat all who may read thia letter, if they are suffering from this complaint, to go immediately and get thia invaluable medicine." These invaluable Bitter* may to had, wholesale and retail, at Dr. Edward Chaiteney'i. rrincipa! Agent. 1J0 Bowery. co?uer of Broome itreet; and alio of the following ageuta in thr city, at 75 cent* per bottle. George Chilton S79 Greenwich itreet; Wm. Forbes, No M6 Pearl street: Jamei Cochrme, 160 Divnion itreet, corner of Orchard; II. Chilton, 278 Fourth itreet. corner of Wooiter; C. Achmead 226 Graud atreet, near Lewii; Alien It Meigs, corner of Eaat Broadway and Nutgeri itreet; Brigham it Mil ler, No. 17 Avenne D, corner of Third Street, and 1C9 Avei.ue 0, corner of Eighth itreet; J?. H Kayton, No. 606 Greenwich itreet. To ihe Emigrant and thoie who are proceeding to the new country, a inpply of thii article ii of indiipemable neceiiitv A change of climate to one which teudi to promote bilious disarrange mei.t. should be ever a companied with a remedy, and a restorative of the biliary organi to a healthy condition BLAKE'S \rnmatie Bitteri are of priceless worth to inch persons; nor ahould any, in a c imate 10 variable aud danger out a* our2. to without a supply to check the progresi of dis mii> nn rhi> nnMranrii nf id ?iirli?>r ivmntnm fnr thar*K. innrh human suffering miy be avoided, and health. *n intim-i ely counected with human happiness. be securely enj<n ed_ n< Hteod*rc Is*A>11LK BOARDING SCHOOL 15 Tilt UuU> * TRY ?An experienced teacher haa taken Tor some years past, a number ef children, not exceeding ten, into her lamib as boarders and scholars. Her time is devoted to the pupils aud no pains spared to advance them in their studies, and render them comfortable and happy while tinder her care Ureai mention is paid to their health and morals. The location is rery healthy and retired. There are at p.esent a few vacan eiea. Kor references and termi enquire ef J. K. Betts, Ks<j No ST Wall street; or H. Hnnt, Esq., No. Chamber* strae sliWf ? VI ONEY LENT?The highest pricee aUviucep in larg? IvJ. and small soma on gold and surer watches, diamonds 133 William street, near Duane. Persoas received ia prirate office by ringing the bell. ?VM l?t*Tf L^OR ? A R?R& CMAfxCi/?Hydro-Ox i r gea Gaa Apparatus for showing Disaolring Virwi Kaleidoscope, Diaphonic Platea, tiring animals, and opaqnr tx dies, and daguerrotypes, immensely magnified The app? r?tns is the completes! and best arranged in the conntry loi firing exhibitions ia theatres, museums. or scientific last) tutes. and will be sold at Irss than one naif the original eoet. Kor a minute deseripnon of the apparatus, apply (post paid) to "V. w. Langeabeim, Philadelphia Exchange; or Langenlieiro k lechers. Ml Broadway. New York, or John A. Whipple 'lost>n ol5 lit* re BtLL UHE88EH AND EMBMOIDhJUES?Peter Hobarts, JT3 Broadway, would r?si>ectfully invite tlie attrntion of ladies to his stock of embroidered muslin and Isrr dresses, muslin and lace capes, collars, chemisette berthes, scarfs, barbbes, and cuffs, tape border, hemstitch, rerierre ana embroidered cambric handkerchiefs, infant's robes, frock bodies and cape, black lace veils, ana ladies' trimmed and untrimmed embroidered mnslin and lace caps, having beet ought at auction, will be sold much below the coet of importation. Thread and imitation laces of every deecription; children*', ladies, aad men's hosiery i'jaerino aad silk rest and drawers in greatvanetr. olJ Wt?re pANjTALOONS.?F. AHREN8, the wall known Pants I Tailor, MX Ann street, has lately received over 100 pieces fsaey Cassimere* ,o< which he makee pants to order for only 13 to ti a pair. Also, K'ench aad English black cassimeres and doeakins from $4 to fti per pair, warraatedgood or no sale. Gents who in in want of panti will do well to call at UH Inn it rat >13 Mfrrr 1>G PAMKNT8 AND OUAHDIAN!*?Music taught on moderate tcrma by a lady who has had considerable eipr neuce m teachingthe piano; ?hr haa in ven general satisfaction iud can refer to Tamifiea whom ahe haa been id the habit of teaching Terma three dollar* per month. A line xddraaaad to Music, to the H*rald office. (hall be ai Mailtil I*. <H Vf r.'hKS UaHkY It VKH V ALKN, Surgeou Dentist* .'I having recently retnrned from ttoutk Amenea, ai>nnunr? to their friends and the public that My are now pirpared t erform all operations appertaining to their profeasion. ?t tliei esiricnce, No. 115 < hsinbe's' at "71 Ift'rc LADIEH ARE CAUTIONtP \OAlNST UMNO COMMON PREPARED CHALK-They are not aware how frightfully injurious it ia to the akin,how roirw, how rough, how ullow, yellow, and unhealthy the skin ap peara after naing prepared chalk. Besides, it is injurious, con taining a large quantity of lead. We hare prepared a beautiful vegetable article, which we call Jones's Spanish Lily Whjte. It is perfectly innocent, being purified of all deleterious qualities; and it impaita to the skin a natural, healthy, alabaster, clear, living white; at the same time acting as a cosmetic on the skin, making it soft and smooth. Sold in New York only at M Chatham street Price 33 ceuta MOORISH HAIR Di fc?a really guotf and innocent article for dying the hair a iet black color, without staining or even affecting the skin. It is absolutely the beat, the cheapest, the most simple and eiceMent urtiele made, as one Sold only in New York at tt Chatham (treat, and by the agents > t the same place is told the SOLUTION OF JET?An instantaneous Ham* a Liquid Hair Dye; for dyeing light, red or trey hair permanently a brown or jet black color. KnlI and copious directions enclosed. Sold fit the iiKD of the American Kagle. No. U Chatham street, New Y?r?. A KINK SKT OK TKBTH KOHTV^BNTY KTVE CENTS?White Teerh, Kuul Breath, Healthy GumsYellow and unhealthy teeth, after being once or twice clean ed with Jonea' Amber Tooth Paste, Imf (he appearance < ( the Ml beautiful ivory, and, at the same time it is so perfectly mm cent and eiquisitely fine, that ita comtant daily use w ti 111v advantageous even to tlmse teeth that ara in a good condition, giving them a beautiful polish. and preventing a premature decay. Those alreidy decayed it prevent! from bediming worse?it alao fasten* such'or ara becoming loose, and by perseverance it will reader the foulest teeth delicately white, and make the breath delicioviy sweet. Price U or J7K e- nts a boi. Sold in Naw York paly at M Chatham street. rpHERE ARB 900,006,000 70 POKES TO THB SKIN.? *. These have to be kept open to eause free perspiration?to effect an outlet for imparities of the body?to mace the skin clear and healthy, ana thai to prevent and often eura fourfifths of human disease. It is a singular fact that the humors which clog the pores oi the slrin cease many internal diseases, beside giving the skin a yellow, rough, dark look. mi uikuci ui in> nm, iac? ana nanus, urn u seurvy, erysiuelaa, ssltrheum, itch, torn, tor# beards, tort heads. tan, freckle*, (unburn, raorphew, yellow, dark disfigured iklu are cured. When these causes are removed. persons who use the bath freely should remember th*t more than water i? required to remove the humor from the pores. I hare seen persons who lisve bad filthy skin diseases fur years, and after trying every thing in rain, have been cured by washing the skin with Jones' Italian ' hemical Soap, and can conscientiously offer it for any of the above complaints. It is particularly adapted to persons from the sonny South. They would And their akin much whiter, clearer, and smoother by its use. But they must be sore to aak for JONES'S f'MEMICAL SOAP, as there are numerous counterfeits, and to bur nowhere else in New York but at the sign of the American Eagle, 13 Chaiham it. Prioo 50 cent*. Aurrrra? Philadelphia, Zeiber It Co., S Ledger Build ngt; Boston. Redding k Co., I State street; Baltimore, Tay or It Co.,1 Jarvia Buildings; Pittsburg, Pa; Newark by Vs i Buskirk; Brooklyn, 119 Kultnn street. MAONINCKtfT. BKAUTTFUL AND OLOKIQUB H AIR;SILKY, SOFT, CLEAN. KINK AND LOVELY. TO Bfc HAD KOK f HRKE SHILLINGS ONLY. We liavr many times given you the namea ol some of our most respectable citiiens who have pledged their word that, after trial, they have found Jooee'a Coral Hair Restorative really to possess all the qualities we claim for it. We again tell you, it farces the human hair to grow, stops and curea it falling off, remedies scarf or dandruff. And it coata you but three shillings to test its real and actualqualitiea in the above, and in showing how a?ft it dresses harsh or <*v hai'S keeping it in order three timoa longer than hair oil?and it makes light red or grey hair grow naturally dark from the roota; in fact, it is the most e*ellent. and yet economical article ever mq|* as oae trial will prove. It is sold in New York at the slg#W the America^JWle O < h^tham ?ueyt.Ml^^ w ro V YORK, FRIDAY MORIS CLOTHING?J. VANDfcRBlLT. * Maiden Isae. invites gentlemen and boys, in waet of Clothing ready mad* or made lu order, to favor him with* Call. The subscriber haa thousands of fashionable garments that cuinot be sorp'seed m style of cat or finish, which ha will sell at wholeanle er rer il cheaper than Ina aver been offered before -n th'i eity. consisting of dress and frock Coati Pelio Polka, 8?cka, Overcons; Clonks, Vein. Panis auil Boys' I lotliiuK. Alao ui >re iliau 5H0 pieees of fashionable Goods, which will be made to order at f-omtJ 10 iO per cent leu thou the general prices. N. S.?The catting of pantal:M>ns, hitherto sod fficnlt. haa he*u reduced to a cert unty. and wamnt-d tn fit hi tt-r >tyle oft-ahion. J. VANDfcRBILT. 3* Vgi.len lane. n< I t rc SKi OND HAND FUBNirUMK AND CLOTmi O W ANTLD.?Ladies or gentlemen hiving nnv-sui ertluous or cut oft clothing or furnituir to dispose of eanobttua ftir cssb price for the i<me. by ssndimt lor the au bacriber, at his rtideuce, or a line through the po.i-oflire wi4 be punctually atteuded to. M 8 COHEN, 69 Duane street. fan K# attfniUd tn Kv Mrs N. B ?Job Goods and O.d Stock bought to any amount. o>7 lit*ff LIQUID -tlK DYE.?BATCHfcXOR'8 INSTANT A NEOUS LIQUID HAIR OYE fax inpenor to any thine yet offered for colyring the liair to a beatui fnl aud permanent black or brown, without ataiuiug or injuring the *kin. The wonderfol facility with which this !? majkahle liquid effeeta the desired object, excites the admiraiou and astonishment of thousands who are load in it* prtiae. Sold wholeaale and retail at WM BATCHELOR'8, No. > Wall atreet, naar Broadway. Price?Bottle* for the hair, tl M ; for the whukera. $1 Beware of worthleaa counterfeit* iiicn'i <n Waahinerno ' itv. I H Oioha btjtNfcTHK'S BOTANICAL I'IlLb, t..r ilia ?i?rUy and radical cure o( gonorrhoea. Klerta, tincture*, all urethral di><-ha'ge* i/ritauou of the kidney a, and Lacorrhca or ?hitea. The wide celebrity of Abernethy'a pilli la the beat gnamn. ry for their quick and poaitive aucceaa in curins aM the above 'omplaiuts. In the early Mages of gonorrhoea <>ue box it ,e';er;tlly sufficient to eff-ct a cure in a few dava. APOTHEC ARIES' HALL, 36 Catharine atreet Price >1 pe' hm at Kit*m OU0EN 1( M08BY, Wholes.I? Dealer* in L>r) Oood*. Groceries, and Mexican Moods, Forwirdiug tnd Com ion Merchants, mouth Rio Grande JCon-unnients ol freight received and forwarded to all points on the Rio Grande or in Mexico. Agents in New Orleans?Mesirs.l Lilubd. MoiirkCo^ It and 99 New Levee *1 Mi*re SPLENDID GOTHIC DOOK PL.ATE8.-Tha suhtcriber would respectfully invite the attention of gentlemen tu his new and beautiful siyle of Door and Numfter Plates, pronounced at the late Fair the hanrisnmest Plates ever got up, and for which he received the premium R. ROBERTS. Premium Door Plate Esrabliahmeut, n! lit*re ViJ Rrnatlwav. near Prince at. 1 / W ft BAKREL8 PUKE 8HKI l'? ~ IvU 10? do Huperior ALCOHOL. WHITE BRANDY. An excellent article of Native Orapei for Preserve*, Cordials, Sic., at a much lower price than the imported For tale by JOHN D'HOMERGUE, 301 Front ttreat, between Beekrnan and Fulton at *11 SAt*rc LEU? K KHERES BRA ft DIES?Now landing at Pier I. N. R., from ship Mary Krancis, from Bordeaux. ?S pirkdjet ofthe above well known Brandies, direct from rfie noose I the subscriber in France, vix Cognac, "Leger Kreree,n.\r tnegnne, " Star," Bordeaui, Henry L. L. C'luttnuette and ll<>chelle Lafayette brands, pale ant colored, in half, quarter, and aighth pipe*. Also. 15 quarter casks Whit* Brandy, of superior flavor, for preserves. Also, in store, entitled to debenture, a full assortment of the above Brandies, of various vintages irom \tV to 1(46. Ham pies at the office 104 Wall street. .nlOfOr* HWNH v I vnwM VASTLY IMPORTANT TO EVKuV MAN AM) particularly so to economical pervons?JOHN P. SCOTT. 91 Nassau atreet, wishes to call the rtten ion "f genilrmeu to his superior assortment of Shirts, Collars Oloves tic , and especially to his osnortment of 1'nder Shirts and Drawers, (they being the leading articles to heMih.) which he w rrants to stand washing without shrinking ; and at the same time they possess a still greater advantage, which is as folI wa : they will be sold at au advance of only i per cent above the first cost, ('all and judge for yourselves, at'94 Nassau atreet, opposite Herald Otnee. Established 1835. nV IJterc rXAH COMMERCIAL ~AOENCY AT UALVE? VESTON ?The undersigned will attend to the Collection of Notes and Accounts in the State of Tetas, effecting Sales of Real Estate, the Purchase of Produce, Receiving and H'orwaruing of Mercnandixe, and of a General < ommisaion Businees- QKOROE BUTLUt. rgrekkncks lit New Yoke. Moses Taylor, ?sq., J, O Dudley It Co., Edward K. Cellius, Esq., Tarrant Putnam, Esq, Allen k Paxson, James Lefferts ? Co, Robert C. Wetmorek Co., Wisneis It Oale, UnyuocM. monies at i o , r.uwara raile K w, rra. C Langlcy Ik Co., J It J F. Trippe. V. 8. 8c D. Lnthrop, White It Brintall, Hon. John W. Kumonda Wilier B. Townaend It Co. *dd'e?? N? II Pine atreet. New York s?4 Vtt*m rpHK NATION AL KIKE OHUKANCK COMfAiN k X No. 62 Wall street.?luiurance against Fire and Inland Navigation Kuki.?This Company ia prepared to make imur ance agaiuat lota or damage bv fire on dwelling houaea, warehouses, buildings ia general, gooda, warea and merchandise nl every ueacription, aud peraonal property, and on riaka of traua ponation aud inland navigation. dibkctoki. ThomaaW.Thorae, John J Herrick, Martin Hoffman, I. Van Boakcrrk, Henry D. Beach, Robert L.Caae, Eugene Bogart, Wm. VanWyck, John D. Ward, Henry H7 Ward, W. C.Redfield, Stephen Holt, . W H.Jacoba. THOMAS W THORNE, Preaideat. W. C. Kellooo, Secretary. N. B ?The capital of this inatitntion ia now fall, and with a inrplna. Money to loan on bond and mortgage. e!4 ire I ?rVfcH?t>IN lINtJUKA.NCi. COMFAN IT ?Ottlce >o ' 10 Wall atreet, opposite tha Merehanu' Exchange. This company continue* to insure against Igaa or damage bi re, on dwelling houses, warehouses, bndUtn^i ia gMeral ooda, wares, aao marchaadiia, aad arery aescriptioa of per xiaal property. Loesea correctly aad promptly adjusted aad paid. dibbctobi. rhoa. T, Wood raff, B. H. Kobson, M D., Francis IVBage, tfoaea Tucker, John P. Moore, Ausoa Baler, Thompeon Trie*, Caleb C. Tuaia, Jaa. E. Holmea lohn H. Lee, Elisha Kim, Thoa. Morrell, 'ohn C. Merritt, Joseph Allen, Engene Bogart Joaaph Drake, Wm. K. Thorn, Robert Smith. Tho*. W. Tborae, Joba R. Uarisoa. MOHKS TUCKER, eeideat. Oin.T Hars aril ii^ irr.-vimiii,AinuMiii /iivaniaa " it iUdnetd Prices.?Half site Tube* ( $60?quaitersiie Tube* at $35. Also, Plate*, < aaes, Chemicals. Camera and Costing Boie*. at the lowest market price*. Order* accom panied with remittance*, will be promptly attended to, by addressing W ItK LANUENHEIM, Philadelphia Exchange. or LANUBMHKIM It BECKERS. ot51Jt*rc 2<t' Bro dw?r, N?w > nrk. National book cjlchanujc?We, me uu<i?r igued, hereby appoint \1r. Talbot Watt*. o( lOi Nas<?u itreet. a* onr agent for the purchase of all kind* of aerond hand Book* and Prints; all Harper's Novels and cheap publications will be liberally paid for in raah. Person* in (he country may depend upon pnnctnal remittance, and the full value, fty lending as above. Dy order of Uaucke, D'Avoy, and U'AI nain, agents to the National Book Eiehange Company, 10) N tuau atreet ??< SO' * re TO THE LADIES RESIDENT AND VISITERS IN NEW YOUK.-Wm. heott k Co , No 177 Broadway, ' jpec'hilly -'lvite attention to their *tock oi Lace Ciipe*. Veil* real and imitation trimming Lace*, MuaUn Trimmini*. Bands. Infants'Waist* Hobe* ana Krocka, Needlework Col ar?, Chemitetr*. Handkerchief*, Cuff*, kc. Tarlatan. H?tn <xd Orga die Vlailm*, Embroidered Yluiliu Drewe*. Lace L)res*e*, Ber'hes, lie. kc , whirh are offereu at very low t>nce*,and will be foaud eoual in eitentand variety to any in heeity. A lnrge ?tock nl brensCap* at one dollar ear h. N B ?No deviation in P'ic*a nK I1#ni PAPKK HANlif.\W? - (IHKAI BAtlHAIMt.-? PKINCE. manufacturer of Paper Hanmim*. (No. 141 Pearl street, Franklin Square) would inform Country Merrbtnli, Jobber* and those in the trade, that he it selling off hit whole dock of Paper Hnngings.aud materials for manufacturing, with a view of declining 'tin bnxness (?r another. All wholeaale dealera purahssing id amount from $Vt to (100 for caih, ahall ha e the gooda itrictly at " Manufacturers' coat prices." To thoae baying larger amounts, a hneial discount from net coat prices" will b* made I'nrchasers finding the prices named in itrict accordance with the above declaration*, express their astonishment, and "generally buy donbl* the amount they intended before calling " Inwi'm K PHINrK. MS Pearl a HASTINU8' COMPOUND HVKII" OK > APT HA? Not only a positive bnt s warranted eire for consumpVon and all diieasea ol the langi. This haa decided the di nute about the curability of consumption. and satisfied the meairsl faculty,and all who hare used it, that consumption, and all affectionaofthe longs, cannot only be cnred. but they are at ally and aimply cured aa almost any of the disorders to which tnMiuman frame ia liable. The operation of a tingle bottle, which coat* hut on* dollar, ia sufficient to aatiafv any patient? if not altogether too f!?r gone with the disease?of this fact; and eren a siugte dose gives evidence of ita es'raordiuary influence in arresting and eradicating the inalad/, by the it.imedmte relief which it affords. This is no qn*r|i or secret rem** dv. Dr. Ha^fngs its discovcrtr. is one of rhe most cminei.t physicians of th* age, and has made a full disclosure of ita history, and all its component parts, to the world : not wishing to incur the responsibility of coDliuing to himself, for the take of profit, a aecret wh ch was calculated to do such universal good And snch has been the wonderful results of its operations, that the London Lancet, Medicil Times, and th* most eminent physicians ofb"th hemispheres, are aniinusly calling uiKiuiinfferers to has* immediate recourae to it, and proclaiming that of all known medicines, M alone has positively *stab Imtieil its efficacy, by undeniable proofs ofcuring consumption and all o'her diseases of the lungs. Price One Dollar a bottle ; sn bottles for five dollars. At dm is a Tery *ipensive preparation, it not lelt aroand 00 commission, as 11 the mode witn quick medicine*, hnt mutt be purchased ottt end ont bv thoee who sell again. This arrangement will, ingeneral, limit it* sale to the larger citiee ami towns; aua, therefore, p*rsons rending where Hastings Naptha Synip eugnt be obtained. and who can be reached by 'ace eipieu. ileamboat, or any other public conveyance, hould write ilirect to M. A. V. Harrison, No. 147 Greenwich treet, New York, enclosing a remittance for the nam her of

bottle* required which will be immediately packed and forwarded to them, in a manner to Hcurt their *afe and ipeedy delivery. Notice?Moore Ic Co , the former agent* for tin* medicine, have with the content of Dr. Heatings. of London, aold and transferee! the agency ol the American conti cut 10 M A K Harrison. who i* now the ?ole agent of Hastings' Compound Mvrnp of Naptha in the United State* and Canada. 9 3flt*m u OMAN EYE BALSAM.? IV " Waea me ! a chiel loeki unco (rim When the window* 0' hi* aoul (row dim." TtKntHau There are few bodily ailment* more di*tre?*in( in their nature than inflammation of the eye*, accompanied or *ucceed*d by defective vis?on. Anything which ran remove these evil* mu*t therefore be regarded a* a boon, of which the valne ianot to be estimated in Hollar* and cent*. The ROMAN EYE BALSAM prepared b r HENRY JOHNSON i**nch a boon. It* merit* have keen tested by long eiperienee, a* thousand* have derived unspeakable benefit from it* application. Many patients, alter suffering from inflammation for years, have heeu completely cared bv usin( this delightful salve. The rednese and watery hnmoi have gradually ift?epneared from their eyelid*; and they have ultimately been enabled to read with pleainret he smallest print by candle light. Trice 26 cent* a jar, with ample direction* for u*e. Prepared and sold by HENRY JOHNSON,Cnemut, angl let m 17t Broodwav corf h?i?wn st TO THE LADIES RESIDENT AND VISITORS IN NEW YORK -Wm Scott k Co, No. J77 Broadway, respectfully invite attention to their stock of Lace Cape*, Veil*, real aad imitation trimming Lace*. Mn*lin Trimming;, Bands. Infant*' Waist*. Robe* and Frock*, Needlework Collara, Chemisette Handkerchiefs Cnffs *r Tarlatan, Swirs a?>4 Organdie Muslins, Kmbrnidered Muslin Dr??*M. I.ace Dieeees, Bertfies, he., km., whleh are nffcred st eery low UI -i - -J1- ill- ? -' W RK E riNG, NOVEMBER 12, 18 Army Intelllg?DC?< The following eitraet U from mi offloer in the army, giving an Interesting acoount of the Iom of the ahlp Empire The ship Empire, Cept. llusaell, In whioh we embarked for Vera Crui, Get llth, and called the following morning. eooountered during the flrtt twenty-four hour* ixrrre h?ad winds, whioh prevented her from Baking more than ten tniles during that time. The Ave conserWi?e days ihu wlnda were favorahl"- the vessel aver aslng fight mile* an hour. On the night of Sunday, the 17th l'J nViock 30 mlnut?s. she struck on a coral re?f tbree-?lgh' h? of a mile east of a email inland oalled Kowi Key. (having no wnter upon it, or pruduotlooa capable of sustaining life,) whioh is about eight or ten miles N. E of Abaco, near Man-of-War Key. seven miles north of where the Kalrfleld was wrecked and about seventy milea north of where the Boston went asbore. The tide httinff hiirh thu llmu ?#.a^u ' * * ' M ' a --m > u> niriKia^, ion vessel lougea i?irly upon the rttef and bc<me m total wreck It >u raining at the time, and intensely dark. It seemed at the moment of her striking as If the vnssxl would certainly, in a few momenta, part In pieces, whilat the dashing of tbe breakers against her aid* and the loud roar from ihe extended, but a* yet invisible r**f, gave us dtamal warning of our apparently Inevitable fate Vet with thia and evert olroumatanoe calculated to paralyta the oourage j of the braVMt, there waa a degree of coolneM and selfpossession exhibited by the officers and soldle's scarcely paralleled It wa? wholly Impossible to stand erect without support from the furniture or aides of the veaael. and yet at this tima and within two minutes of the time of the veasel first striking, our riurgeou, Dr Ryer, vary deliberately tied tha femoral artery of the belmaman. who waa dreadfully injured in the left slid abdomen, and thus preserved him from inatant death. With intense anxiety we awaited for daylinht to reveal our true oonditioti; by ill flrat rays we aaw the inland wbich we now inhabit but we also aaw from the character of the coral rooks that where the vessel went 'o pieces not one halt of us, even uuder tha most favorable elroumtttnoas, would b? saved You may judge with what pleaaura w? behelif, about one hour after daylight, some eighteen small vessels coming from the island of Abaeo and other smaller islands In the vicinity In tb'se wa debarked in good order, and have remained Moce on this island awaiting transports. We have suooeeded in saving all our personal property; the soldiers have all their clothing, oanteeos and haversacks We saved alao a little more than a week's provisions. But tbe arms, oamp equipage, stores, 4to , stowed away iu tbe hold, are a total loss, or have beoonin subject to salvage by being saved by the wreokers We have been supplied with water by the wreckers, but their present nearly starving condition prevea n their supplying us with provisions On Friday, Mr Bedlnger, the special juitloe for this district, sent us three barrels of bread, together with a tew chiokens. which were very acceptable. To-day. Lieutenant 11111 returned from Nassau, scoompanied by Mr. Usoon, our consul at that p1aa<-; they have chartered two aiuall schooners and a brig to 'ake ns to Charleston The schooners sail to-day. baviua on board two hundred enrt tw?ntv th? . rauinirr on to Nassau and will depart for the Status In a few days Thus, of a detachment of thro* bundled and sixty-eight recruits, together with siit'een iflioers. but one individual ha* perished, Cornelius Meh?n, a private, who died of eating a poisonous plant. Captain Van Nets. Or Ryer, Lieutenant Hill Lieutenant Morris, go to Nassau, the other offloers go to the States immediately. The Uni'ed States tttimir Uovenor Butler, failed yaterday for Tela Crui with the following passengers: Lieut Browning. U S N ; Mr Samuel Carpenter and Mr. J. W. Mot all. Quartermaster's Department; Mr R Matthewaon, Mr. L K. Taalntro and Mr. 81mon*f?ldt, Mm Clark and daughter and Mrs Pierre and two ohildren She alio take* one company of Illinois moan ted volunteer* and one compaoy of Ohio foot ?S. O. Picayunt. 3d init. Lieut. Hiogletary arrived in the car* yesterday, and oontinuM bit journey to-day for the Mat of war in Melloo? Ifilmi ngten (.V C) Commercial, 9th init Arrangement* are making to have the remains of Lieut Col. Charles Baxter, Capt Abram Van Ollnda aod Lieut Chandler, brought from Mexloo to this their native State. NAVAI. INTKI.I.IOENCE. The U. 8 steamship Iris, Commander Wilson, sailed from Nortolk on the 9th Inst, for the Oulf of Mexioo. St. Louis,Nov. 1,1847. James Medford, the oolored.stewai d, of th^ steam* r Mall, ?u barbarously murdered in this city on Saturday night. Medford bad visited tba house of a celored woman in the lower part of the town, for the purpoee of gallanting her to a ball. Wblle the woman *m getting re ?dy, William Diller. ber white paramour, nil e<l,ai*o.? The worn, u begged Diller to excuae her for tbe evening, and gave her reason Dlll?r flew in a rage, and drawing knlte, out the threat ot Mad ford from ear to ear. The wounded man rushed Into the (treat, and ran two squares, to hli own house, at tba door of which ha Ml dead. Oilier went to tba bouse of nis fkther. a tobancoaM up town, armed himself with a rifle, and deeppear' ed The watebmen saw blm depart, but made no effort to arrest him, for the reason that no warrant had yet been issued ! Our sapient mayor, Mullanphy, turned a lieutenant of the guard out of offloe the other day, for arresting a thief without a warrant. The Governor of this 8tate has pardoned Johnson D. May, recently convioted of an attempt to burn the St Croii steamer. Two years ago May procured at one of our insuranoe offleea, insurance to the amount of some Are hundred dollars, on a box of atones, whloh box he represented as containing specie. The box wss shipped on the St Croix, for Galena, and May was a passenger. During the trip the state room of May was discovered to be on fire, and olrcumstances transpired which led to the suspicion that May had flred it After the suppression of the damn May waa arrested, and the box of specie was examined, and Its real value ascertained The cul iIm Influence of wealthy friends bin trial was staved off fur two tears. Hecently a change of Ttnui was bal to St Charles county, where the family of tha criminal r? lde The evidence on trial wan direct, and tb? jury found do difflouity in bringing in a verdict of guilty, an aesaing the punishment at five yean survitude in the penitentiary Strange to lay. however, the fellow haa been pitrdoned by Oov. Kd wards. A moat unnatural oase of Incest and aeduotlon oame to light the other day, wbtoh in calculated to produce considerable excitement In this community A young girl bad eloped from ker parent a, and secretsd herself in the hous.i of a colored woman, where aba received the visits of an acquaintance of the other sex Che father of the girl la a liver man. and at the time mentioned whs abaent from town With niuvh difflouity the mother tta3?d out the daugbtar's hiding plaoe. and implored her to return. The girl, who la n t yet sixteen, refuaed, when the mother threatened ber with the anger of her father. What muat have been the feeling* of tbe distress -d parent, when the child laughed in her faoe, and replied that ehe cared nothing for her father, a* he himself had been the author of her ruin ' 1 n this atatemeiit the girl persists, and the case will, probably, become one of judicial inquiry .Markkts, k ?The produce market 1* quite buoyant, with deficient aupplies Sales of flour at $4 8<l for country brands, and >6 l'J)t a $5 J A for oitj mills. Choice wneat !>0 a 9.1c per bushel Corn dull at 39? Lead active at $4 I'JH- Hemp?(food dew rotted, In prime shipping order in demand at >115 a $118 per ton In provl lAiiN nnt hint' nf vn run frit. <li Inv AHttl'H Doss's Fcaav, Sept. 16, 1847. Allow me to put down a few notes I've been taking In brief tour I hire had to the bank* of the Hudion. I have been summering all along the shore, and, with my dog and gun, have brought down many nice bit* of game, among which ii a bird or two of the gossip order 1 tai a short time at Tarry town, where ar? at present reatdlng the Jones' family, and young Langdon The latter I* about to lead to the altar the b<auufu daughter of a family of dm in gut t The place, which Is beautifully situated, and very desirable aa a oonutry residence, !.as been much frequented this season I b?Te met at Van Taasell House (Washington Irving'*), *nd I'auidlng'i palatial villa, many of our New Y?rk tocrats; and at the house of on* of the old settlors, there wm, a lew days since, a magnificent party, verr select and very richrrcKr. and all that la desirable in a reunion of that kind In my stay at the Quaker boarding house in this place, (l)obb's Kerry.) I have been pleased with the quiet and elegant manner* of the set, which I* aristocratic in its best sense ?retiring, modest, unostentatious and quat. vlr Mark, of the Knickerbocker, 1* one of our near neighbor*, and he, pariieularly, seam* to have enj?yed thi* healthiest spot on the iao? of the globe, with infUlte relish There la a gloom thrown over the oommunlty by the great lo** suffered by the New York regiment, at Churuouioo. Among tba killed or wounded, are Schuyler Hamilton and Ward Burnett, of Ring .Sing and <> bbs' Ferry The latter gentleman, we see by the laat account*,J* severely wounded I made a pleasant Hour slon to the beautiful village of Haatlnga, certainly tba most romantln spot on the Hudson According to some aocount* there haa never been a caae of sickness In the village It eeema, indeed, aa healthy aa It I* beautiful. It ha* become the resort of Professor Bagloli, Messrs Kerreroand Foreetl, and others, sll of whom resida thare (llirlncr th? ?iimm*r OIMVI Th? li'ronoh rnnaitl I .aa Forrest, hu alto his residence there A wedding, impmmpiu baa lately taken pltee here.I A? inaccurate account* of It have been published tn al tli* papers. I will tell you the taots In th* matter. The N?w Yorkers will remomli?i th* Ferrerna who crime wltb Montresor'a Italian Opera Company la 1 ?3J. Mr. K.was director of the ohorus.and Madam* waa of the ballet Both remained In New York, and are now teaching dancing In Howard street. It waa their only daughter who ha* aided, br this andden marriage, to throw the little Tillage of Hastings tn a fever of excitement The bridegroom la M. Dubruatl, the baritone of the French Opera Company. The match waa got up In little let* than a week from the tlrat Introduction, under the especial auspioea of the Consul General of Kranoe and lady, who bare mad* the bride elegant presents It Is under stood that Mr. K who haa accumulated som- ten or twelve thousand, haa generoualy bestowed on his dau- titer in the shape of a oheck, on the morning after the ceremony, a sum amounting to nearly half of his proparty This piaoe haa been very gay this season, in sequence ol so many of the Opfja com pan* being here Renedettl haa spent the seae* her*, end ha* amueed himself In shooting, there having been an abundance ef wild plgeona In the vlelnlty , , From what I have seen of the banks of the Hudson, from 4lag Hlag f e Vonkers. I wonld edvle* the rfew Yorkers to spend their summers here. In pr?l?r*na* to g^lngto Saratoga and otN '*eo?u *f the osU***tl"vs Ma*. [ERA: 47. Bill and Uu Bank of En|lud. [From tha Loodon K.xamlner ] The currency bill of Sir K Pari aimed merely at tba regulation of tha iMua of notes by tha bank. It said to the bank,' You shall enjoy tha luoratlTe privilege of Isruing promissory Doted to the extent of 000.000; beyond that amount you 'ball not iiaua, axoept In axohtnge for gold ; and your transaction* (ball ba published weekly so that all tha world may see whether gold li coming In or going out of the counts?, and regulate thalr actions accordingly " Thla wan all that Peel's bill did Those wlio now lay to It* charge in any degree tba present crisis,mean either that thin has bean caused, or else that its severity has been Increased and continued. bv the restriction whtnh nmventa tha hunk frnm Issuing ran re than ?14.000,000 of promissory notes, unImi In exchange for sold Proposal! for nuspen'llog or sweeping away Peel's bill mean.' Let tba bank, at itsdls oretion. UaucaH ajuch more than ?14 000,000 aa It likes." To Htata the fact of what Peel's bill really In. in tba plain and simple manner that we have done, la lufflclent by Itself to show that "the incapability af tha bank during the laat three year* to Issue Ita promissory notes for more than ?14,000,000, ezoept against gold,'' cannot possibly have been the cause of the present orlsla-cannot now aggravate it?and that It would not be overoome were the bank invested to morrow with tha oapa hlllty withheld. In so far, Indeed, as vague mistrust mingles with justifiable mistrust, any thing whatever on which tha publlo imagination happens to fix mlirht dissipate the vagutt apprehensions, and produoe an interval ot unsubstantial repose. But, passing ovar this portion of tha crisis?to which the name of panio hat been very properly affixed, and which Is unamenable to rational treatment?tha suspension ot Peel's bill, that It to say. the giving power to the bank to iaaue beyond the ?14 000,000, would Immensely increase the severity of the crisis itself Now the essential causa of the crisis la, that the trading and manufacturing world hat covenanted to bring forward in a given time a greater quantity ot capital, in this sense, than do?a really exist An Issue of notes would enable the flrst receivers of them to perform contracts In which they would otherwise have failed, and IIkewlie, the second olass, of receivers, Sic This augmentation of tha circulating medium would neoessarily enable the possessors of capital to sell It for higher prioes than they would have obtained otherwise ; hut. as the total quantity of capital will not be increased by the Increase of the circulating medium, the performance ol the whole number and amount of previously existing contraots ia quit* as Impossible as before. Moreover, the temporary movement In produce and other capital whloh entned upon the Issue of the notes, n- rossarily ceasing as this unmoved and nnmovable disproportion between capital and oontraota begin again to m?ke it self felt, and aa the securities upon whloh thosa notes were issued become due and redeemable, and tha notes. In oonsrqueace, repayable, a mora dreadful orisis oe curs For the primary cause of the evil, vlx , a-' actual inferiority In the quantity of capital compared with that covenanted to be brought forward, la naw reinforced by sundry auxiliary and additional contracts Into which people have bean tempted to enter during the fallacious lull In short, as In the Tulipomaoia In HolUnd. no ?i ?ua vguoucji i iiuiu iihth enaonu coutmotors to deliver roots which did not exist. no either la the railroad mania of to (lay can It, or any other conceivable oo trivance. enable the whole body of coven&nters to find a total of oapltal greater than the existing total. But this is a branch of the suhi'ct of the last practl cat Importance, big with the fate of thousands, and. In the very grave rlrcumsUnoee under which we are nuw writing, we should lndoed be descending from the conscientious discharge of our duty if we permitted any consideration to deter ua from deolaring our lull mind regarding It We Implore those who are tempted. In the gloom and despair of the moment, to ory ont for the " suspension of Peel's Bill, and an Immediate issue of notes," to ask themselves whether a measure of this disastrous nature was not Inflloted upon them five weeks a^o? whether the derangement it was calculated to produce was not predloted at the very time (see the Timei city article, Sept 6), and whether the peculiar agonies ol the past week are not dlreotly traceable to It ? Five weeks ago, when money was selling In the market at 0 per oent, the managers of the Dank of Kngland, having a great mass of that oommodlty aonumu luting on their hands belonging to the publio, not with standing that their published weekly returns proclaimed that the value of money was steadily increasing, commenced underselling their rivals in the market, and offered their oommodlty at ft per oent The Immediate ufleet of this extra Issue was what Is oalled relief;"? money waa easier, traders obtained discounts rather more freely and at a lower rate than before property moved, and persons were tempted to aocept contracts wuivu mvj w?u.?? uburrmsn lllin rejected. In tDn meanwhile, the weekly Bank return* went on announcing that the stook of gold wm diminishing, and that the natural value of money wan enhancing, and auoh b> landers as ourselves awaited iu breathless eipectation the inevitable result of this terriflo proceeding ou the part of the manager* of the Bank. It cam*-those manager! met one morning last week, and found that they had got no more mouey than they should want for paying the public dlvideuds The* turned round In an instant upon the unfortunates whom they bad been pampering with treacherous nourishment (aa they had often done; before,) and whom they had lad and lulled iuto a fatal security, and, by a contraction and denial of loans more sudden, mora perfidious, and more remorseless than we ever before heard of (bat indispensably necessary to save themselves from the oonsequences of the criminal aet of which they had been previously guilty.) plunged thousands Into distress and hundreds Into ruin We say that thlslaatact was Indispensable, beoause they were compelled to provide notes In time to pay the October dividends; but it was optional with them whether they would make this provision by selling their own stook. Deo , at a heavy loss to themselves, or by scattering ruin among others. Htlll, the act or contraction. In whatever way performed, was an unavoidable neoeeslty, springing out of the antecedent aot of expansion We say nothing more of this aot at present than that it was oa the 'id of last September and subsequently. an aot of "expansion of the currency," an act of what Is called ' ''relief'" that It was just suoh an aot in Its own natnre j (though dlotated by the most wretched nn<i nelf-defe ,tlug hop#a of profit) a* in now earneetly demanded by a Ur({? part of the public from motive* praiseworthy. and at any rata honeat-but, aa we are cnnvlnc?d, entirely erroneou* The panlo wo that befell ua In the early part of thla week I* entirely dlatinrt from the general diatre**. and wa* auperlnduoed upon It wholly and aolely by the manager* of the Bank of Kngland tampering, In moat barefa ed breach of their duty, with the natural value of money, on the Ud of September laat, and tinea But, If the puolic Itaelf ahuuld refuse the warning thin recent occurrenoe afford*, and now Invoke a tampering with the natural price of money by caalling for the nunpension of Peel '* bill?wa apeak adviaedly. and after the observation and reflection of year*- it will draw doan on It* own head a repetition of thone agonlea under which it 1* now laboring, and whioh the bank manager* h.ive inflioted upon It. Tile Cholera To nir. F.d'itob or THr Lo?i>ot TiHiiHia?Tbe iteady advanoe of the obolera weatward appear* to hare called public attention to It* probable reappearance In Kngland before long, and a paragraph In one ot the London paper*, of Kriday, lead* ma to believe t?i*? ?Ha miinrlt* nf n?ranna will rt?n?nrt fnr nrntaotl/\? upon any preparation which 1* dvertised an a " dlsln fectant," erroneously believing that all disinfectants have the iam? power over the virus which create* disease as they hate over unpleasant amella. Allow ma to correct thla error by detailing the results of ray sxperleooe daring the visitation of thi? horrible malady In 1832. when, an a chemist, 1 laid mysalf out for a el"?? examination into the eauie, mode of propagation. and cheek for it For thin purpose I r.btalned Information of, and visited In person, all the earliest cases which showed thera-elrea In thl* olty generally, and ln^ ssch sreat public establishment In particular For some lime I ?t landed almost dally at theohoiera hospitals, and experl mented In every way I could think of, upon the dead and living suhj-ots their contents and rj"In, t he atmosphere surrounding them and their articles of clothing The conclusions I arrived at I forward for <he Informa tion of those who have not bad thssame opportunities. 1. That the cause < f cholera Is a putrid animal poison capable of being racognlaed by the smell by some,emat a. ting from and surrounding the dead or living obolera subject or articles of clothing J That It Is not sulphuretted hydrogen or hydrosul phuret of araonla, a* it does not decompose salts of lead or sine, and when passed through nitrate of sliver It only forms a red solution when exposed to ght 3 That It is only received into the living body through the lunga, and cannot be propagated by Innoculatlon 4. That infection oan be conveyed br articles of clothing, bedding, kc ; and that washerwomen are more subject to Infection than ordinary persona, from that cause. p. That all persona are not equally liable to Infection from equal exposure, and even the same Individual becomes more sensitive under certain circumstances 8 That the poison Is destroyed by chlerlne gas and heat of SAO deg Fahrenheit Aa the object of the preaent mmunioatlon Is merely to live the publlo opinion a right direction, so as to help the future hosrds of lieilfh to combat tbls Insidious and powerful enemy, I must at once state that the two mist popular disinfectants of the day-the chloride of tini and the nitrate of Ira.l known as Sir VV Burnet's and Ledey*n's will be of no avail although they will promptly remove ordinary putrid ?ffluvla The only chemical pre'entlve I depended upon In my num-rous exposures to the virus was chlorine gas, and this I believe to be a perfect one if the fumigatloo la complete I invariably passed through an atmosphere of it on my return home, aod kept it escaping in my residence during the continuance ot the disease In the city I also placed large quantities of the substance necessary for th? evolution of tbls (ias In tbe hands of a Bristol drug ({Int. who waa kind enough to dlatrlbuta I mo quantities of Itgratultoualy to applloanta dnrlng three daya with Inntructlona for th? uae, and am happy to My that durln< that time the death* fell from tan to one per day, and I have bat little doubt that ifevery ahlp arriving in Kngland from an Infected plare. ahoufd be aipoaed to t i.?rf?ot fumigation with chlorlna, we ahall b? preferred from tbu infection. If the dlaeaae should paea thla cordon. by any aocldent, then every hauae in the Infected dUtrlot ahould ba almullaneoualy fumigated with It? aay three tlrnea a day ; unlaaa dona In all hoaaea at tha fume time, It wonld ba uaoleaa, or nearly *a , and to do it effectually, a mixture of threa part* of ooiomon *alt and one of black oilde of manganeae, thould be placed Juit inalda the outer or atreet door of the dwelling houae. and a little eomtaon vitriol pourad upon It Tbe Inward ear/ant of air will convey tha chlorine gaa to every part of the Interior, and wherever It can ba melt tha effect la prodtioed -the tiiU ni la deafroved If arilftlea of clntnlng *ra Infvoted and tlie r?|.r? likely to laJttT") by tha gaf.they may bt heated in au ovan or , o* ft W, to 1*0 or ?0C dagraaa out tha beatcf bakl?f | ... d LD. Prlti^Two Cents. bread ) when thay mijht be bandied or uaed with perfect Impunity 1 am air, Vo . Bristol. Pet. U. WILLIAM HERAPATH. WiiHuuTon, NOT. 8, 1847. 'l'ht Prritdrni i CAurt/k-jJ fint Oprning. We understand that tho Fir at Presbyterian Church of this city want* e paaUr It li the church where the President and lady, onoe or twi ee every Sunday attend divine service, and from this circumstance and tbegreftt and muriatic aold sermons of the late brother Hpro'e. It has became the moot fashionable and popular churoh In the city Bitter and sour. savage and mercllets, as was brother Sprole with his saw and his scalpel-still while here he was the moet popular of our preachers L'nfor tunately one day. having bastinadoed everything else, he took hold or John Tyler and the letter writers ; but like the unlucky sawyer of Ohio, he soon found out that, he had got into a raucho "f gueriUeroes, and he dropped the suhjeot He saw that It was perfectly absurd to pit the pulpit against the press?he saw that a single latter writer bad the odds sgainst htm. Savage as ha was,the letter writers tamed him Well, after a while, the President offered bim the chaplaincy at West Point, and Droinxr sprout acoeptea it, una In now ran pirttuei aa?i*ar of the cadrts Long lift to him, for we rather like tbe man. Blnce be left thn Kirat Prebyterinn church, it hu had no regular paator, and the flock now call for a ahephard. Thn nougregation I* large. and largely coinpoead of tbe moat intelligent an<l dietingulxbed people, citizen* and atrangera The salary ia $ I .'i0(>, with prrc^uinlraei, equal to $600 more, making the plac? ei|ual to 9'2.UOO par year The widen of tbe church would lighten materially the dutlts of the paator Kor a devout, hopeful. elouuent, nealoua tniniiter.bere in a fine opening ; becauai- there are many ainnera attending thin church, and the bretl ren, we fear, are get ting lukewarm in the oauae Wh?n the ahepberd la absent tbe Dwk are ant to atraggle off into tbe barren mountain* of tin and folly, where there ia no irraaa. We hope thia call will be anawered and that a paator will appear who will wake up the lukewarm?atartle the ladifferent, and rectify th? church. TIMOTHY. Mlarellatiroila. There were at laet datea from Mobile only eight or ten caaea of yellow f?yer In ih? city, and tbnte were aaid tto be mild ?tbe p&tleuta dUug well end llk?ly to ra?o?er. some rooD^rs ati uinumon j ixiaiih a great Ado. % f?w nights since, to perpetrate a splendidly concocted rob h?ry They succeeded in getting Into nn xobange offloe and actually removed the sate from the building Tbey got for tb*ir pain* and risk about- b1u? d< 1' ! Mary Runkle was executed at Whltesboro'. Ooelda Co., on the 9th Inst., to expiate the crime of murdering bar husband. Tha ifith of November baa been designated by tb? governor* of fifteen States on the day for tha annual Thanksgiving In Arkau*** the Oth of December ha* been chosen by tha flute executive IIeavv iiy Fire.?The warehouse at Drake's Landing, witli 1077 bale* of citt?n itorad in It, wa* destroyed by Ore ou U'ednesd ?y night laat Wa are Informed that there bvl !> u U" flre at or near tha warehouse during tha day. and that no doubt ia entertained that the tire wan the ?ork of an incendiary. Tha following list of the name* of thoeo who had oofn at till* landing, with the number of bale* Inst by aaob. baa been furnished ua for publication ? Wn Jonaa, 41; J. 8 Jones's estatt, l'.'O; J M Witherapoon. "JO. C. C. Iluokabea. 10; Mr* 9 Nichols. 34, D \V Burdon, 16; A Hatch, ISA; A. P Ilatoh.t); L Maudlin, 10; J W. Moore, 12; Robert B. Walker, 70; T B Burdon, 16: 8. U Held. 33; C A Haden. 66; H W. Moore, 8; W W Ward, 38: 8. Pickens, A; J C. Driver, 10; T H Croom, 34; J O lluckabee, 10; \V. C. Klarnoy, 43; J. M. Beott, 40; 11 V Montague, 33; N G Rand. 40; C Kayo old*. 3; vv c. Reynold*. 17; R 8. Tinker, SO; 8 M. Soott. 19; H Tinker's estate, 87; C I) Vaughan. 41; G L 1'iarka. 30; Gaaton Drade. 30, It Carllle, 4 Total amount, 1077 bales?Mobile.Uv 3.< I ml Kaii.koad Accident ?Three bodies of thoM killed on Snturdey luet .-till remain in the South burying ground tomb for recognition by their friend*. Upon tha pernon of one van fuuud a bill of enter alnment at the National Thtatre for the evening of November 3d, whioh ahowa that he buj been abaeut trom this rity ku aehorttimo Also a bill for be ard due to u Mr Keeley The tng^a^e obtained from the check found on the person whose name is supposed to be Charles I) Clark, consisted of two trunks, one of which, a small on*, contained only a quantity of rbagtark* an a pair of pantaloon*. '1 he other trunk, fiom It* co< tent*, would induce the idea that the decia<ed win a pedlar.?Ho Ken I Traveller. Mull Failure. Tbo Baltimore paper* of Wednesday evening ?ay that not ft letter tor that oity, brought from Kn^and by tbo Dtramer Caledonia, haa yet made It* appearance. Thr Crop*. Neurly all tbe cunur pltuitura in tbl* vicinity. My* the Thiboiiuux MlnervH, bare commenced rolling The yield, contrary to fti-neral expectatWn, la quite large uveiagtug from 1000 to 1700 lb* per a pent LI AnHIONAttLK IJANClNU, Ma. 1 Wajtimcioa Tim?, V and 74 Leonard atreet. M'lle PAULINE DKBJARDIN8, or the Royal Aeadewr of Mnaie. ol i'arn, moat reapectfullv annnuiieea to her papila, l-tdiea and gentlemen reaiding up town,thai ilie will comaaace her chase* Tor the Taitiou of Dancing in all Ha faahiouabie braachea, at her reaideuce, 74 Leonard atreet, on Monday Haptember 20; and at N? W.iahiugton I'lnce, on Haturilay, OctoI>u2, wbea the will have the pleasure of introdaciuc levatml Ininceaentirely new, which alia haa juat received from Pari* Betide* the mual Dnncea taught in tne claaaea. M11* D will tench the Polka .Vlnzurka, the Maiurka and Polka (Juadnllea; rariotia Polkaa, new wnlti a cinv triapi, the Viennoiae or waltc a deux tempi, and the utw aud graceful wait* Hadowa. M'lle U. takea ihm method of returuniK thanka to her nomar un patron*, and bega alao to aute, that tlioee ladiei aad geatlemeu who way luaior her with their patronage, may re?t ataured that ahe will take evry meauato impart that grace iud elegance of atyle ao taaeulial to the modern hall room.? Hchoola and private familiea attended. Public claiaea and private leaaona at her reaidenre, 74 Leonard atreet, Weat aide ol Biondway, and No. I Washington Dace, where terma aad hour* ofatrendauce inav *>e known. ali J0t?re UMOKKK.V llh A|) t^( A It Kit."* 106 Broadway?it ia olten 1 ' iht caae, that when i p< ra n hi* eatub.uhrd a reputation, he hecomra careleaa of nbirijunir opinion, aud turas bil at leution eirjiiaivelv to money-making. Much >a not the caae of the aubarriher, who assures the ainokera in general, that ha will atill oae liia moat strenuons efforts to auppr. tliem wit/i (lie beat quality ol naportrd aegara. ilia ngeul in Havana will constantly forward oew Invoices of the m>'at snpei lor indigenous to the island. and Ins long ex erienoe ipialifiea for Ac u*k. H IIKNhlQUKS, IDG Uroadway, cor Pine. Hie ir.ifl?,roauiry cuiu)uicriiii<i iiraniuoii applied on the most I inert I terms; nwl exporters can be foruiftlir.l from the ITnir#rt Wnr#liotis* nlf l??*m 'piiK i HKA|>,M STomJ in I'Hfc CI TV. INM N A too ttreei,'or CutUiu Material*, Krench (Jilt ' nrnice*. Ilrmpery, Mntlint, Kreucli null American Paper HuiX'tifl, ' Viudow Hhadea, kr Alto, Yuiufactii'er of Otlvitniaed <;>riu? pure hair and other mattretact, Feather llede, Pillow*, kr., with erery article in the uplu.lMery line, wholetale ana retail, at pricct M i*r ecu! lower th ui.any other tatabliihme?t in 'In- city. N. U. I urtamt hung and room* papered at the hortcai uotic*. Shipiad iteainboai rabina and hotel* fitted n|>. K DAVIKS. Upheltlerer, oii II* *rrt l?X r niton itrwt. | m .> i f.k * m n i si. h , i.i 11; iliua ?ti?c . 1JT Th' atlouitluuB tnccett winch I a* attended the effort* of the proprietor of thi celebrated eitablithroeiit the laat year, it a m e guaranty of m tuperiunty orer aimiUr ettabliisnieaU, *<id atrippini nil con.|>etitiou, eocomaget him to make iiicreaerd emertioua to merit the continuance ol the petrouaffe the p??lic hta io kindly awarded him keeling grateful for thia anppw, he oiler* for their palate a choice of ItOdiahea^il price* uio long eatablithed by him to need repetition. -idiicrr H H OTTNTKB -rKAVKl.l.lMi I'KI'NKS. k'-JOHN i ATTN At "M, 1. 'I BinU Manufacturer. No. I Wall ureet, coiner ol Broad*ay, ln? now ou hand and coiiatamly making a good aaaortmentol Trinka, Value*, Carpet Baga and S-tehela, whole >ile and retail. Alao, a tnpenor iwrtele of Knle Leather Trunk*. itable fi.r American or Knropeaa travel, and P irtmanieeut for ih* Kreach Malle Pott. ' >rdert for the Weet Indira. Honih America, fcr , Ailed with l?ip irek Qi)l)DVE jfi HUB BILK tfojlii! 155 bfu.n av? V3f The iao*t eiten i?e aatoriroeni of lu?lia Hubn?r Oood.-, euftracioK every article now m 'unfactured. and oft qut'iiy lieretofo e uiitqmltel enmbi'lug l'ghme?a and durability, including mat* cloaaa hoot*, ahoea cape* poiichoa, tratrl I"i" bar. k<- Ike may be found whulewite and retail at th* (JOODVKAIt Hnhbrr Warchouae, IM Broedw*y,oppo?>te T iniry f har'h, n'? Ht*rr be" een 1'iueand Wall afreet*. 1>h KKI >1Ki??. I < 'II. ' I ">vrM. i", -ii .Ir.icmea I' .uio article*, rrry low. tunable for the country t<*d*. ahoice Col-giie*. Ltrrtri*. ami other I'erfumery, for retail ? [loom It Kowler'a relebra'ed walnut oil military ahavinr a..up, the only 'rue article l)t. Ko ril'a I'ecMral riyrnp, for the nuft. Tontc ordial for dvaentery and derangement of the b iwelt and hia umeeraal pilla for cleauamg the t\*t?n. F"* < le at No. I Conrtland'ftreet lirtt ttnre Irom Broaiway. Uh.O B OHOHk.N, ,'l im la'e Vr.>om 5 Fowler of No. 1 I J KAUN OK HAIR?Hejda of Hair.?'I hoae artirla* lor II inerly known aa Wiga and H<-*|pa, mor t-. the late in prorfmae'eer Kidgway.are nun kiKirni only by 'tie *<?? title, owing !0 Ihcir ttrirtlr unuril appearance an-l ariM^n1 u.nt euarinhle, earning them to he the tnoat deeirakle anicl? ant to a i.riiml head of hair. To he had only of i' (I A HL?s HIDOW.A Y, practical ll?ircutteran<l Wig maker, 17? Dr'flP' ear, cer of Maiden-lane, ni> a'eira C-.iTI and aee tn?m N . B?Private roumi tor fitting and trv ng oa Wig?. |r. ll Vit ?rr _ _ B" HlfVlNNI A WA M*. MANI'FACTOBT ?<HtraMto U. Norm, (inrcraiKii to llmrr iViml eireet, between Aremte B and ? , hare nuatau'ly on hand anil for talc a larfe -laaortment of Britannia I. 'Bipe for i>i| an-i aptrita. Ciuidleatieka, t.'*auira, Pitch*ra Tumblera, Teapota, Bonp ai.d Oiary Lfdlea. Bpoone. H;iiti,?no?. Pyrin**, Decanter C orka. he ... N B Britannia War* neatlr repaired at)1flt*rr IKMHKM! LK?< HKt!? le.OOO iweediah i??rm?i A l.eechea joa' re'eited and fo-a;i|ehy J V < LKU. importer of L*e I *?. Nn T Julia atteet P h, I miutir ?r4era p ,i'< * i I * I V 'rt ST|*V? Uti i I ' 1 r. i?? .11 KOfULA, vj ?t.ti niu 11. "m, i KIM, Puna in the Bonn auo J .n.ti, perform# I be Or. I IlKlNh, W |)nan- air*e' I, Uenrue W Oibbona,4* peeebr certify that I w ta inincol.nial r eiired by Dr. Joeeph Ham* ota moat troableaome acniulnit i ninpUmt, from which I iffered for about flta (tiiltUO (run which all the men ?oeilled akillfitl phyaiciv a c> ulil nut cave me. 1 h-d hr*e and cimcrmia a'eerv i?itn Mid a in 'II my b<?ira aed jniata. I waa |.*rl*etly dtarhle- Hereei'trilla Mympe ind other aimilar Componnda did me tin food; wheu I waj rec?inmeeded to Dr Joeeph Heine. No. 20 D iane atreet under mhoae eare t amm liegau to mend, lull are new entirely eared. Hneh ol n.y acquaintance* wliu with to eonanll Dr Heme, who eared me, mint recollect that hit ot>J< r.ffire la at Vo. W Daaae atreet. Oh OR')fc W OIBBONB. . ' lerk of Fa I too Market We, the andemcned. know the above abatement to be eor ttt. JAM*"* n FISH, l?V Month atieet V I r i, A'I I*'1' Wrrd j. v ?t.'?i{. f>MJ.-Pr. Waiaa baa hero . .ailar eertifle?i?? wkie ct? ae?a at Km oflee all ? ? ?