Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 16, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 16, 1847 Page 1
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T IT Vol. XIII. Ko. 3i4_Wltoi? So. 41)11. THE NEW YORK IIERALlt ESTABLISHMENT, Ilvirtn-ffsM rnriisr nt Vuiton sod lluua at* USlKSGMuH BENNETT, PHQPRIETOfl mai.ATK^-lXiHTV *1".klil'M-VD. U\!LV HliR iLD?tfi?er, <Uf, Price 2 ceuu per copy$7 >i r "i iain?iwv.tbU ii mlv;uic?. WEIlKLY MKKALrt?K.yery 8\tur<Jay?Price 6>4 rand prr eo v?#1 I'ncui' i'trnnnsni?payable in a" raniHh.HAl.13 l-Otl klUtlOPL? KTery Steam Paektt n iyPrm? 6 % cents per to; y?ti per annnm. iuelmliuK !>oi'j?i'e nr$3 2J exHuiire i>1 |?ynble in advance. Bub-crip tions ?.ud ndv-rtne'iient* will be received bv Messes. Ualig nam, It rue ViTirure Paris; P. L. Sunomls. IS Comhill, not John Miller, th* booksellor, LoiM^n. 4VNUAL. PICTOKUL IIEKALU?Published on ih? 1st i>l 1 uuiry of each jresr?jinglr copy sixpence. jIHTuTISL'MVVril !,. ,|.?J n i,i?-nl<nn mil. ir ad trnuM Advertisements should b* witteu in a olain, lev bl? I limine' The prop.ieior will notbe resj*>usibl? for err? i.ha rmy ore or >n them PAtta 1'Hs.a i H.fc?Tu-auuir K?eo ??i e wuinr vi h- ert'orm-.t the play uf A NEW WAY'fO I'AT Ot.'j DEBT'*? Firf'iies Or rrach. Mr.i'ltt; Vari;jr?r Mr'. Aab'Hi, Fro h Mra. Dy ?. Aft?' which. Id time in Am^.ica. 1 HE BT"Tl Richanl fo?a!?f O And ?|; tie irge Gray. ''firu. dies. W. B (Jb pmi'.; Desuose. Bjiry; .lie, Misi Five l< ..h Townley, i?lra. O Joce?; Esther Clurr, Visa Ku,? Horn; Kitty Crimp. Mra K^iuM;"^'* Wolf, Mra. D;ut'; Mra liiunip, Mra. fia'ry; E'iuu, Mrs Lawrence. U'> r? open at 6% 'al?cK. Peif i-maocea will commeneo at 7 oV' i-li 15-?e* 21; fit, Meia; Gall ry.X't cent* BOtVbHt i'Uk,AT?.fc.? W iacnaorr aumurei; !W?s? VUniger. M* ?1Tu's lav (Waning. November lo ll Will be aned THE HTIUNOKB-M Hal'e-, Mra. Slit**; Tha Htinu?cr, Mr. T. Marshall; Huron Steiafort, Mr. . C. W.CIuke. t Af er ?hieS. the grand national spectacle of THE Rp.VO' t UI'ION?Farmer Brailey. Mr. C. W. Marshall; Edward Fm. klm. Mr. 0. W. Clarke; Me.iijcttmia Jeukius, Mr. Lu ke; Mary Br?x'ey, Mra Phillips, Vo'im op-a utio'clock nud ttis curtain will rise at T. Ai\tc> IS' ents; f aud <i*ller? UX gta. CllAl'ttAAl THKAi'ttfc.?l/aderU?? Manarfauia-' or VJ> KLETC.ilF1? ?^Utge Mauagor, Mr. Addis.?Toeeday Ivt n "?r, Nor <0. will be performed the nant'eal d'.iuna of MV POt.L ANU ?IV PARTNER JOE-Harry Halyard Mr. Hieid: Watchful Wneud, Mr. C. Hunt; Mary, Mra. McLean; Abigail, Mra Herbert. Aft?? tne drama, the admired LIVING TABLEAUX fcvthe Ylodrl A>tia?a To conclude with THE J ACOB'TK?Sir RichardWronrhton. SmberUnd. /oh i Dark. Mr C.Haut: Lady Somerford, fiiin liildreth; Widow P, ttle, Mrs. Wray. Bn?'? 2i cmin?Pit I2H cents. MITCtltLL'8 'ILYMP1C l'H6.VlKh..? iuesday *.ve. n ns. Not '6 ?Theperforinuteewill commence with ROBiflSON CRUSOE THE II.?Marmaduke Huodgrnss. Mr Hol'and; C'rmentiua, Mian Mary Tay'or After which (id ti-e)THIS HOUSE TO BE SOLD.? Charter Ciiopkint, Vti.Hoiland; Oesdemonv Miss T?i lor. after which a-i original iinrleaqae, called THE (.'IllNESK JUNK?Theivni'iis ' huhill, tsq., Mr. Cnumugham; Mya terioot Laily. Miaa Wary Taylor To ein'lade with 'h- farce of WHO DO YOU TAK? .MK FOR?Ter?oce O'Seily, Mr. Cunningham. lmnr* uprn n vy% ncoei. pii?i u?? rartun win rite M i. tOHA.XlCD' H \LL, *12 Broadway, MtwMt tirand act! Broome "feats. OPEN EVERY NIOHT. CONTINVKD SUCCESS. fterenth Wfek or the Oriiiattl CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS The Oirfrst Established Baud in tha United Rtsltv X.f CHRISTY. E. PEIRCE. O. N. CHRISTY. C. ABBOTT. J. R/VVINOR, T. VAUGHN. whose original and inimitable concerts are nightly honored witherMNNandhighl v reapectablaaodieueee.aud aniversallI adiyted to excel every amusement ol a similar character offer*! to thiatity. Adrainaion 23 cents. Children under 1J rear*, half price Boon i pen at T; concert will cotumeure at o'clock. Beats nuv bo sect)red on application at the Hall, from '1 M. to 3 P.M. BARNUlfS AMERICAN MIISKU.M.-P. i'. Uaanur p.. i,p f0f; f HiTraoMit, Muiager SPLENDID EXHIBITIONS AND PERFORMANCES Every if-?ruoon at 1 o'clock, an<l errry e>en uc at hilf-past 7 Gin t very day frowT > 'lock ii 'hr morning till 10 p. m L A9T WKFK OF CAMPBELL'S KTHIOPIAN Hf.RENADERS. MAO NIHCENT BALLOON r\NORAMlC PAINTING OF TH1- OWEAT C1TV OK LONDON. GKEaT WESTERN, the Vauke* Comedian. Mlil BERNARD. Act ess and Vocalut PEI'E MORR1HL Comic aiuirr. CLARA FISHER'S SHAKSPEAREAN CABINET. THE LIVING OR\Nll OUTANO IVu Figurea, Likeneasi-s in4 P nrsiw >f ihs AMUTAD CAPTIVE 81, WES M ' 'AM n<)'K W hi,, the f-mw (for-mie TelU? AN U'OWICAL VENUS to be sera for 81 cents ett'*. ao-ow?mi rn Che wiiot* 25 ceuts; catlJreu auuar i*? tun of fc?S??il old euongh to walk alone. I?? can's. V~ il f r, v > n it ?r.iM one shilliiw rh ea'r* B~UHAf.'H Uia.D UOV'/ttkr? I li/Lt.?l'l. BUttKE teii*c,fullv aon'Minca cat tns Concert . will uk? i I iee ou TL'ESl) '. V EVENING, Nor. It, on WUiCh ..??> on h? will be assisted b > KICH IIn If'FFVt AV. (pupil of LeopoM da Meyer,) his fi'?? Hopeitriuic* la America. MAD * VIE ri :o. MIS* I. L NORTHALL. THE LIKDriKKK A Vii SOCIETY. <uudfr:!i'- di-e ti 'n rf.M K JliLKS H ECU I' ) rousulnn ol on:: hundred male voice*: Who b ,va in the kindest manner, roinntetrttd their nimble aid to' this occasion only; ?nd a OH AND ORCHESTRA. Conductor, NIK. OEGHOE I.ODER. Mil H r Tl\t il ?;il ?? lh. Pi.?? l\.. ? RI'HAIU) HI AN will perform (on one of Ch'eker- | inct'tapaihgrand pi"no fmanufactured lor ? gei.tleauii I iuthitcitv ) ibe f .Mowing piece*:? .inn irliula," by s- Th'lberg. " Hrinirnum " ... .by Leo old <ie I /nil'he of" Tell," with MH. bUHK". MR Dl'KKE will i.erf urn *.rh (lr>nd Concerto by De Berio'.. (Butt ne i i ihii country): Flint'i'ie. from " i.inHa de | Cn mini*."by Aiutii, sud by pulicular drtire, ' Th? Carnv , y*l .! V'.nire " Mm e's%. tin's Orrrtii-t to* ?Iid?nim?f Night'i D r<tn,"bT the O ?rhe tr?. n K (SI'S ' VF. tfO'.L* H?To Ke In-l 't (tie more s ore > of V T, losiej. M W'Miaro rtieet, and Mr. ilmke. FiO"nce 'iotc!. Djora opcuiit \ p<ul t?, Couceu U commence at H p <tt 7 ?'|t?it*Tr?'.r n-? rt'-r'-tinf *r*h?? rl^ V'"' 'PV'UILKAN i OMJfcrt r ?(IK H r.i > ' (re! ft in of the R*i ?n) wi I h*ee tl'e hoiior of g<nng ib > ImiM '!nurert'n AineiiiAOb Wed. e?J?y Kreinif. INnr. mVr I? h, ?i? he ToSernaile, o.i which ocouiun the/ will proeut the fallowing piogMmme : ? part i. 1. P-r W.Huhn?tT. (Vh? Alp>n? Hunter.) V. Die A prnh M i i-it. (The alpine VVrddiU ) ( ?. W?r i?t * ?"? Bi?r um^e?eha'tt. (Who hat xpilled li" b-?r ') Citch f rf..ur*ort? 4. Tjr<?te>n LueuHler, fir C.lhero, with OoitVT* tccom/aineut. 8* i>pe?nd fiiu* ll .uw. PAKT II. 1 OcrKUeplut Luf dtr Atpe. (TUe clu*er ilatt <>a lliAlp ) 2. I>.e Nnch'i^il. (l'he N i?h'jng?I: ) Bo.ii *>lo tnd elm. u I. 2 tl'Tei'a Dedth. 4 W.i? hit er I (What kid lie I) 4 P.,lo.iiu?e foi CltejM and Uuiti'ie S*pt:o *ad Ft?o/. Hauicr. PART 111. ' VYn Keugrui* eu die t?eod(iin. (Moiniug salute to the A'l'if mi.o ) Z. Oo? P inweh nscli d.-m Z.llerthll. (I. or gnu for our li-t ve v It ) 3 tint .Vlniihil tcbe Q,cich?n (Musical Marga etra.) T.?i;eu4) cewaeaah, to lie hvl ..t ite nunic atoret uil at the duo o .thntrening of the perfxrHuiuce. To eoiamene* N. ULl/a ALjAMKA M\UUO.N. .No. tfiiMdtfty. i ? 1 lie "i c u ii \V?.'teni ?n 1 H.u h?ru B n "I of SABl.t: HAHVloMSTM ?v\f?.:5 W. '< Homer. J. b. Fdrrcll I. Ticheno:, T. F. Brijfg". Wtn. Roirk, and it. Il Hooley, aud S. A, (lmc .vf ( hility'i Mioimb ) r?'| ertfutl y <tunonn< e'o the citneua of Nc w Vork tlial they will givr u ul Uicir Kaihiouaiile Kuierttmiren.f entry Tcamy ui.lii f rtliei uoiire. Oriinof ailiniuuui.UMktl. Coucert tg cootcieuee ?t rivht oYlork p-e. i-.> l \. nlir 11 ILUlA.Nf AM) I'NI'AHM.LKI.i. I AT/uA XJ l IONS, > >rr ?v'rrk More.-t Pi' trail*'. H*'r>>u, No 30' iJrm. wiy?(,'nliik'i > at.di f N'Rro Muutrela. 'Jhry wi levei. err ?>;* n|i|wi?r .n a\aii?tvof Son|{'. Refrain* < U[inr(,Ore 'im kc., iuteri|i*ned wilh hunlublt 4:otiondruu,i Sic , >\utl mtke iheir eiiteruibiucuin peifacily cl?f?te and cn'eel. ulltCt'rc S1U.1UU 01.1 . / THKF.B NIUHTS LONOKR. MONDAY , TUr 8UAV aid WKDN<0SDAV, >i>?rii>le' I'm ICth and 17th aud POSII IVKLYTHE l.isr. II1IOOKI, VN INHTITU T K . Atiaimon 2.'>cen'? ; I'hildre.i tinker 10, ha'Tpm1* Done* open M T n'tlntli, to cnmatiiM m y|g. |lj 3fi#*f< PA i. .i i?'-? 111'?. K \ MUliSii.-1 lidllEiK si. A * ? bv the M O D * L A RTlHTbH. t)r. Wlrn'i tcrtoniAcatloiia of r*ii>linc iind *cnlptnr?, by the Mo >1 Ara?:e?, fjr uotlier wfk tit P?ln?'i'? Hoa?? snm era on M"?.?! iv ?nmir NM.ItiVlimViQ be a f ithfal rcprrinrCki ul I'owei'.i re eti ated (tat'K of ihe (i'e< It, to ' whe b will he <dd-d'?? y uew and-plendid tableau* | 35T ?lJr?ik Wave with VlarMe and Colo < I, oa M mday, *Vr<tneadaT, TbOrsitay mid Hatn'da.k?veiiin(ii and entirety Colrned Ornnp* u Tamd.ty and Friday evening*. I F?? pulie iir* ?er rte?rrip-ive pMgrnmtne each irmi"!. i l>/K*t of 1 .'(Iiuiiin?flirui f'lri-U 1ml P:i r n 11 # r! # 1(1 fMll Lidv tii'i (J?-Viemin77Sr?nf?. ' Upper bo*r?, is rente. Rent* i m ?t he ?ecor"d 11 ihr H i office fr^in 10 A. M., till 4 P. M. \ limitt mien ?t li.Jf-paat 6 Parwulicitiori" commence ?t Mlf i*r 7 oVIrnik. "? Trj.?wi D"OOK^Ys.?bS THU118IMY. Not. ia, MVOMI, IJ H?.HZ. \ND K vnor, On- Nivht on'v. < AvllU.O HIVOHI. AND HKNKY HF,RZ, Will jriee en only Coacri ?t th" Fe'n*le Aenile raf. UKORUK KNOOP. . Th* eminent Violorrelliit, will lecd thun the *id if ni? P^w- i erlel rtlrr.i P.irtintil,ir* in I'.onramtBM. No |io*rpnnem 'it < on M?e > .'?' i thl wi- the*, w'l V' e WK1' \HK? o.s vV.ij'S -,?I) 4* N.v. 17, Hi V U?U, I ll I1ERZ \ND KNOOP. One Nl*ht only. i; MI LI.I ? felVOnl. AND HKNKY HF.PZ. Will if ivo au only ' nn'-eri t Wmhn,mnn Hall. OBOH?*K KVIIOI*, Tlie eminent Violoucellier, will lend tWem ihe aid of lu? piw?if il ttlent l>nienl*'? in Programme*. No PoefpiMment on err mit of t>i? we?'hwr. nil 4 < ( WAI.MJT STKKKT THF.ATHK, rillLAr>?.I.PHIAL??'? K. ? Mi-?hill; St>?e M?nniier Jan. VV. W?l 1.irk 'r ? Sr *.< d n'git ofihe rr-anc-g>ment nf Mr T, Potrr-i?Keen nf. Nov. will t>. perf .rwl i^e p:?y iif MKt AMO'lA?Vl'liiin'*, Mr. Forte* f! I^t4 Ft'lirnolil, b ie^in*'; Arilinr Vmjli . A I'eefce'ti H >'?iio, Wheifl'-j O dilin'U. K ,-n?lune. I'orrenttr; Nih uenki*. Mrs. \V I sp- s Oreinn Vim Choi mi l T.' <>'|| lui.'? ?itli tlie ?e n DP, \D "H^T?M' Tim d, 1Mr rhnpmv.j L? ?!? M " < hipm-ni tVis<-in<a, Rheily Mr. F ire?t ill npur'n m rmw ?? in N~ f.w I Ak VTM ?(*It * B.LK* ro.M -l,v<i?. mid K.? _ it. rn?ii*??? ?'l f" ope' int tlii? e>> bl'nlui ent on Mon* <1iv, Dei-rmherCfh will pl>n<? meet in 1)1 eirv pretwmt/.ry to Millnl per ? Northerner, on ^emroiie. the J7'h inst. H W. PRKHTON. ?I51'*'C Sole M'?*??r end A *,r' ONOv||i;aL KXHrti 110 v?bjrmia's Umviul iV n?netn'ium, now eili'b tine at I lie New York l.vcenm. te>~l Rroiilwny, on Moi.4*ya, VVe<ine?J?riiand Fridays, day and venin(. I Lmn'r* on Aitronomy in the eveam(?. Ml ; Admiruoo, da>md eveiiing, Jiceaw. nl?*ti?*m E NE NE\ OFFICIAL DESPATCHES. TBB BRILLIANT BATTLE) OF OONTRERAS AND CHURULUSCO. T11K RKPf)*T OF MAJ'>K OtMEKAl. JC'>rT. H iDqUi1 Tf?! OF THP AlljIV, i Hat Avav*tftt. \c?rtaco ','i<ad. > Nine mile* from Mexico, 1*47 ) Sm Leaving a competent g?rri*on In fu-hla. tbU army advanced upon t/te onpltel ai folio** Twl^ga' livition. preceded by Hurney'* brigade of cavalry. the 7'h: Quitman's itlvittion nf volunteer* with *. stna'.l de tachmeot of U S marine*. the 8th; Worth'* dlvl*lon. rbe 8th. and Pillow'* division. the 10th?all In tbt* month On tha Bth 1 overtook, and then continued with, the leading dlvition The cnrp* were, at no time, beyond five hour*, or aupporting diftanoe. apart; and on detoending Into th? baaln of the capital (75 mile* from puebla) thpy became more cloaely approximated. about 'hi- head of Lake Chalrn, with Lake Twruno a Utile In i L nnd to the right On the M h and 13th we pnabi-.i rinntt~-'itaticrt upon tha Penon an Isolated mound (?vV from Mexico) of great height, atrongly fortified to the top, (three tier* of work*) and floodei rmmj tli'1 bu*.- '>v thu Bi'Hson of raioi. and *lulc. a trci.. ib> lake* Till* mound. oIom to th? national roid. cammind* the principal approach to the oltv from the ea*t N'n doubt it might hare been carried, but at a great and disproportionate low; and I ? " ?t>xlou* to *pare the live* of thin gallant army foi ? g.o.ral battle. whloh I knew we had to win. before rapturing the citv, or obtaining the great olyeot of the oampalgn?a Juat and honorable pence. Another rrconnnifintr wua directx! (th? IStb) Uf>' '11 Mexlealolngo. to the left of tbn Penon a village at a fortided bridge arroauthe outlet or ownal '.nadlng from Lake jocmmuoo to ineoapuw-nve roue* >rom u? iiuw it might have beon easy ((narking the Pen?u> lu force tbe wantage; but on the other nidi- of the bridge, m? should hare found ourselves. four mil'* from thi* ro*d, on a narrow causeway. flanked to the right and loft by water. 0 boggy ground* Those difficult!"* irtwtf viewed, threw we bach upon the project, lonu entertained, or tuning the strong eastern defence vt lbs city, bypass ing around non:h of Lake* < halo, nmt Jochimiieoiat the foot of the hill* and mountain* rfutn reach thi* point, and henoe to man?-uvre. on hai-d ground, though much broken, to the *outh and *oulhwe*t of th<# capital, which *<a< been more or lnu under bur view, since the 10th instant. Accordingly. by a sudden Inversion?Worth'* dlvl rinn. with Harney'* cavdry brigade, leading?wf marched on the IMh lnstact. rillow's and Quitman'* 4 virion* followed closely, and then Twlfg.' division which wa? Iff' till the next day. at Ayctta, in order to threaten the Panon and Mexicalclngo, and to deoslve the enemy m long a* practlr rM?. Twiggs, on the 10th, marching from Ayotla. toward* Chalco, (*ix milas) met a corps of more than douMo his numbers?cavalry and infantry-under (ten^ral Valencia Twlngs halted deployed Into lino, and by a few rounds from Captain Taylor'* fleld battery, dispersed the enemy. killing or wouudtag many men and horses No ether molestation his been experienced except a f?w random shot* from guarlllerot, on the height* ; and (he march of twenty (even mile*, over a route deemed impracticable by the enemy, i* now accomplished by all the corps?thank* to their indomitable teal and physical prowess Arriving here, the 18th. Worth's division and Harney'* cavalry were pushed forward a league, to reconnoitre and t?i oarry or to nnsk San Antonio, on the direct road to th"carlt<il. This village whs found strongly de fended by Arid-work*, heavy gun*, and a numerous g?rrison. It could only be turned by infantry, to the left, over a fleld of volcunlo rocku and lava ; for. to our right the ground wan ton boggy. It wis soon ascertained, by the daring engineers, ('apt Mason and Lleuti Steven* and Tower, that the point could only be approaohed. by the front, over a narrow cau*eway Hanked with wet dltchei of great depth Worth was ordered not to attack but to threaten and to mask the pl<oe. The first shot tired from Han Antonio (tha 18th) killed Captain H Thornton, 3d dragoons, a gallant offloer, who whs oovetlng the operations with hi* company (The same (Uy, a reoonnolasnce was oninnien*"d to the Islt of San Auaustln. first over difficult mounds, and far th?r on. over the same field of vol<?anlo roaks and Uva. wliicb extends to the mountiiu*, some five miles from Antonio towards Ma/d-ilcnt Tills reconnoissance vii nontinued to-day, by Captain a??Uted by l.ieu tenants Beauregard and Tower. all of the i-r.kin ers who were Joined. in the afternoon. by Mojor Smith of the namo corps. Oth?r di?i?ions coming no. riUow'a wa? ad vanned to make a pra?'ieable roa<l for heavy urtiiUry and Twlartzs' thrown farther in front, to o itm that op* ration; for. by Hi a partial rooonnnt?aoce of yesterday <~"apt Lee discovered a liirpe corps cf observation in that direction, wrrh a det?ohmeut of whioh his supports of cavalry and footundi'r Captain Kearney and Meut. Col Orabaiu. respectively. had a suocesM'ul eklriuifh By three o'cl- ct 'hi? ?fr?rncon. the advanced diri *lons etna to a point wfcer? the ii?? load could be continued uudxr the direct Are cf M pieces > f the enemy's artillery (moat of thorn of large calibre) placed In a strong entrenched ramp to oppose our operations od<1 sur rounded by n?ty advantage of ground. besides immense boJleaof oavxliy and infantry, hourly reinforced from the city, over an exoeilantroad t-eyocd tbe Tt icatiic fl-ld. and consequently entirely beyond the reach rf our caval ry and artillery. ArrWlrK on tbe ground, an hour later, I found that. Pillow's and Tw!^> dt7iticn* bad alranced to dislodge the enemy, picking their why (Ml otllc mm oil foot) along bin front, and extendi- i; themeelres towards the road from the city ard the enemy's left < uptain Magruder'e held batUry. t-f 13 ard 6 pounder* and l.ieut Callander's bitt'ry of mounted how Users and rockets. bad. also,with feat difll""lty, be?-ji tavaiic-J win.In raits* of the entrench d ewinp 'I'U.m batuilts. most galltntly served suffered n in tht course of the afternoon, from th n-icjVnp ricrmc'.l The Imue, though mostly ...atiouary, oontinued to | i ?.in uri-iti Til i* urc, Ul til Ult{lil~lll Itr >>l UTIg <>en ? K. Smith's and U rivet <'ol Klley'* b-lnad-s (Twiggs' division) supported by Rrl? (Jeuernla rier?eV and Cedwalader'* brlg'.d tC (Pillow'* division) w?ri more 'hiu three hour* under n limvy fire of artillery ?n'< musketry, along the almost impassable ravine la frort HinJ to the 1 * ft of the entrenched camp Besl i>h the '2'i piece* artillery, the camp and ravin* wre defended clwly by muwa oflnfantry and tbes< *giln supported by clouds of cavalry at hand nni hovering in vim ( onssqmutly no decided imoresMon cuild Ixt made by daylight on the enemy'* moet formidable position. because, independent of the difficulty of the ravine, < ur I'lfant-y unaccompanied by car*Iry and artillery, could not ad nn'? iu column without b -iiiR mowed down by the grape 11 -.snlster of th? batteries. oor advance lu linn without ' ' >* ridden over by the enemy'* numerous cavalry til ur corps. however, Including Magruder'a and < alh-nder'* Ih-<i batterien, tiot only nmlntiiv.ed tho e* pi ik curly gained, but all attempted charges upon them, re?p"ctively-particularly on I'M"*, twier clot'iy en rawed with cavalry in greatly supeiinr numbers- weie repulsed and puni.-b-d Krom an emlnenei. soon after arriving n?ar the sssne. I observed thu church and hainlet of f ont reran (rr An said*) on tbe road leading ap from the capital, throuith the entrenched eainp, to V??dalt>na. and seeing, at the ?ame time, the stream of r? l.iforcements adranolnc by that road, from the city. I ordered (through Mtjor f?en Hilow) t ol. Morgan, with hla regim-nt. the Iflth. till Ibvn held In reserve by I'illow, to wotj fuivrard, and to occupy f'ontrera* (or An*alda)?being persuaded. If oc oupVd. It would an>*t the en>-my'( reinforcement* and ultimately decide the battle. Kiley *m already on the enemy'* left. In advance of the hainlet. A few minutes later. Drig Oen. Shield* with hla volunteer brigade (New Vork and South Carolina renlujen!*-Quitman's division) uoming up under my orders from Han Augustiu. I directed Shield* to follow and to sustain Morgan. T Ues* corp*. over the extreme difficult!'* of ground?partially covered with a low forest?before d?-?cribed, reached Crntreras, and Toiind Cadraladi-r's brigndn in position, observing the formidable movement from the oapltal.aud much needIhl' the timely reinforcement. It waa already dark, anl the cold rsin Lad b-xun to Tall in torrent* upon our unsheltered troops ; for the hamlet, tuouith a strong du'euslve position, nun hold only the wounded men, and, ui<fottunately, the new regiments have little or nothing to eat In the'.r haversacks Wet, hungry, and wlihout the possibility of sleep all our gallaut corps. I learn, are full of conl'iei ee, and only wait for the lant hour of darkness to galu the position* whence to storm and csrry the enemy'* works Uf the ?-?en ( flloera despatched since about aundown. from my position, opposite to tbe enemy'* centre, and on this Side of tbo Ul-1J of rook i and lava -tn nnmrniiolnat* i inf.tructloni to the hamlet?not one ha* *unne*ded lo 1 g?ttlntf th ough thou* ijlfflnultie*, Iticreaftrd ly tiarkne** Th?y h?ve all returned But the gallint huJ Indefati gable Captain Leo, ot the engineer*, who h?* been con ntantly with the apt-rating force*. In Just in trora Shield*. Smith, ('adwaleder tin , to report a* above, tu l to uk that a powerful diversion be made agaloat the Centre of th? entrenched camp tower 1* morning. Brigadier (.ener?l Twlgg*, out off. as above, from the part of hi* division beyond the Inipraoti-ebl* ground, and Captain Lee areg'ne under my order*. to collect the forc-a routining on thla aide, with wbloh to make tbat diversion about A o'clock la the morning And here I will end thu report, commenced at It* date, and, Id another, continue the narrative of the great pv-nt* which then Impended. I have the honor to be, ?lr, with high r**r>ect. jour mo*t obvdlet.t aervant, WINFIELD HCOlr. Hod. Wm. L. Manor, Secretary of War. No SI. ilganqtuatkr* nr tub Arnt, ) Taoubayit. at the Oaten i.f Mexico, \ Augu*i 39. IM7. > Fie?My report, No 3t. commenced In the night of the I tub Inatnut, cloied the operation* of the army with thnt day. The morning of the 30th opened with one of n serle* of linfnrpa'ee'i achievement, all in view of the oapltal, end to which J give the genera; name ? battle of Mexico. In the night of the IPth. Brigadier Oneral Shield* P F Rmttb. and ' adwalad r, and Colonel Riley, with thtlr brigade* and t'f I8*h rsiment, under Co!end Morgan, detached from Brigadmr General Herce-fount thcoix'lve* ill, and about, important p->*ltloo?the village hamlet or haclonda. sailed. Indifferently. Con tret**, An*?ld.t, San Oeroniro* half a mile nearer to the city than the enemy 'a entrenched camp, on the name load toward* the factory of jfiagdalena. Tfcat camp h?d haeo. unexpectedly oar formidable point of attack the af.e.noon before, and we had now to take It with ?ut the aid cf cavalry or Artillery, or to throw back oar advanced oot^s upon the road from Han Auguntin to the olty, aud thence force a pMiage through Hau Antonio. Accordingly, to weft contlo|?Dcl?, Major General W YO V YORK, TUESDAY MO] Worth whi ordered to leave ?*rly la the mi-ruin* of the 20th on* of bU t>:l*au?e to weak N.-u Autouln. tu>d 'i> maioh. with ih" other. lis wllra, v'i Sao Aujuetin,u:>< a Contreraa A like d-?Uaeiioii *?? g ven to Major tJeneral Quitman. au4 hi* rem^iuim; brigade lu dun Au4 j?'in?r.'I'iwlntf for tli? taauieut, the garrlaon of that depot wlt'i Haroey'# brigad* of cavalry a* eoultl not pav lit the intervening rooki, to to r. ach ur field of L*t:l . A iiveralon tor no earl 1 it LuUr (daylight) had been rrai,g?d the nii?hl before. according to the cuggeitlon nf Hri jad'er (Jtin r.l Smith received through the engl1 "?r Corta'n JL. , who conveyed toy ordera to our ironpa re malum/ on the ground oppoaite 10 the eneiny'i centre? the pd kt for the diversion cr a r?>al attaok, as oircuumtaEc* might allow. Uuiled by Catitalo Lee, It proved tlin latter, und-r the "omiDand of ('< lont I Hiiiiaom, of the ?th. hiving with him that raiment, a id awue coiup&nles of three other* ?the j i. 1 .1 h and rifles. Shield*, the aeuior officer at the huinl t, having arrived in the nluht. a<Yer H.aith hud arranged with Cadwallader and Ftiley the plan ot nt'ack for the morning, delicately waived interference; but reserved to hltuielf the doable talk of holding I tie h*inlet with hit t *0 regiment* (South Carolina ami New ITork folutMN) againrt ten times hla number 1 on the ride of thu city, iiiclulltig thealope^ to hi* U:t and. in c.uie the oaujd in ?il* rear rhould L-e carried, to face about aud cut off the aylujpenetny At 3 o'olo^k. a (U , the great mr.v 'tu>int oomtn.vio.'d on 'be rear ot the tiiemy'a caaip, UUev leading. followad ?uco.-!*ively. by Cadiviila. JerM an i Smith'* brigade*, ih? latter tewior arll^y un ler ordar* of .Major DimioU. of the l?t artillery?th? whoH f-r?e helrg iNurjaoi.d by Saith, the aealor 1-. the g'uual attttri end whote arraogviueo;*. akill aud ga It dry, f.lway* olt U.enge the blght-at admiration. i nc m.irni ??? rtnueroa ?-ui. uy wo <rnuneiiji.r ilu audmut, butnbjut viurise, llley, oondtnted by I.Wnt Tower, ciigi'r r. had itn ele/'.tlou behind the entuiy. whecco be preclp'tat.J Uih ooluma* etOHO'd tha entrenchment* planted hi? *?v>ri?l color* upon them, and carried the work?all in erVrn'eun minute* Conducted by Meut I)eaure;*vd, engineer, and I.Uut Brooke i f Twlgg?' ntuff?both of whom liu*< uUunut Tower. Ud, In lut* Dieht,t*vlourecQiinnltered the ground ?Caduubider brought up to the g*>itral iw-Mtult, two oi hi< regiment* -tbo vn!ti?eur* sud tU- lltb; an t i>? the appointed lira?, Cel. Hansom, with hi* temporary In 1 gade, conduct "d by (apt-sin ?nalnerr not only ioxdo the movement to divert and to distract the enemy, but after (ironing the deep ravine iu bin (mat, MtTMMd and poured into the work* and upou th? fugitives. winy volleys from bid deatru?tlvo musketry. la the meantime Smith!* own brigade, under '.he temporary command of Mejor Olmlck, following tli > movement* of Riley and CadwalaJer. discovered. opposite to and outeide of tbe works, h long Hue of Mexican ctvalry drawn up ar a support Dimlok, havlnt. at the heed of the brigade, the company of n?pp?r< and miners, under I.but ninith, engineer, who had conducted the m><r:h. ? ?.i ordered by Br gidier U> n Smith to forma lice'ned to the en"nry,and in a charge, against a flank, routed th" cavalry. 8bi?-Us, too. by tbe wide disposition of Ms brigade and gallaut activity, contributed much to tho general results. lie held raaddHd of cavalrv au-J Infantry, supported by artillery, in oheok below blm. and captured hundred*, with one general (Mendcza) ofthoeewho fled from above. I doubt whether a more brilliant or decisive victory? taking into view ground, artificial d?lences, batterie*. nu the extreme diepirity r,f number* -without cavalry or artillery on our hide?Into be found on reoord In oludiDg all our corps directed against tae entrenched catop. with Shields' brigade at tbe bumlut, we positively did not number over 4.J(!0 rank and file; and we know, br eight, and elnox, more certainly, by tnauy ouptuiod document* and letter*, 'hut the enemy bad aotuk ly engaged on the epot., 7,000 men, with at least 12,000 more hivertng within sight snd dtriking on th? ll'th and 20th All not killed or captured, now lied wlih precipitation. i nun waa me grmiv imiurju t juirerai acuieveu; one r ad to the capital o|>. i.?-<I, 7P<t of the enemy killvil; bla prl???tiers, Including. among 88 ofllo-ni. 4 generals; besilt* many oolors and standards; plenes of brass ordnance helf of large calibre; thousands of small arm" and accoutrements; ad Immense quantity of "hot. shells powder, an J cartridges; TOO pack inultii, many horses, ico Sen . all ia oar bands It Is highly gratifyIrjj to And, that by akllful arrangement. and rapidity .of execution, our loaa, In killed and wounded, did not exceed on the upot. sixty?among tbe former the brave Captain Charles Hanson, of the 7th infantry?not mom distinguished for gallantry than tor intd>sty, morals, and pwty l.teut J. P. Johnston*, let artillery, serving with .Maxruder's battery, a young rf the h'i?h*?t promise, wa* V'|l?<t the ev?n1n;5 before. One of tbe most pleasing lnc'uleata of tbe victory is tbe recapture,in the works, by Captain Dium, 4th artillery, under Major (Jardner, ot the two brai>s mx poundris unen from another company of the Same though without the Irs* of honor, ut the gl>rloi,s batilr of Uueoa Vista?about which guini the whole regiment had mourned for ?o many long months, Conilig up, ft little Ut-r. I he l tbehappinee* to join in the protracted cheers of the trail an' 4tli on the j'yous event ; In deed tbe whole army sympathises init? junt pride and exultation The ha'tle b?ln won before tbe adviniclng hri<ad<*? ot Worth's and Quitman's divisions were lu s.ght, both "i re ordered bac\ to their lete positions? M'f.rth. to ettai-k San Antonio, In Iront, with bis whole force, a.' soon as approached la the re*r by I'llliw's and Twiggy' divisions ?ttcving from On'reroa, through Han Angel and <"oyoa an. By carrying S?an Anftiilo, we knew that we should open another?a bborter ..nd better road to the capital, tor our atige and ?th*r tfjlna IHWimi'li;. VU' >W'< O'lTIurr l mvifoon? ana ^ni*! 1)' brigade marched fi"ni rontr>-rM uoJfr til* iuinnt)!;iU> orderc <"f Mnjor <?wo?-rHl Pillow, w^o wi* now jnar 1 i by thv rallntit Brigadier Ocnera' I'l?ro? of his divislor P' rsonully liro *o oji of activity, l*t? the owning ,,u for", by a hurt r'JCjiTt'd from th?i fall ot hli horse At:?r nlvijig n rotary ord<*ra on th-> fluid, In th? mldft of irUou r? ard t' lphlw. mil "fil ling Instruction* to i lltrui'} ? hrigul-i >t ctTnlry, li ft ?t l<u Aiijiu'.ln, to join uie, I personally followed Pillow's oomroniid ^rrUiun .it CojoBi-nn, two mill* l>j n orom road, from thi r?*ar of 3?b Antonio, I flr?t d?tac(l?d < aptnin I-"'1, -cglneiT, with laptaln Kflurney's troop. 1st dragons <upport?d by thf rill* r*;:im>'ot. u>id?r Muj r l<or!ug. to rroonnoitro i uat Mronic point. and n? xt l??ptMi-d v.-.Jor Oi>n>-rtil Pillow, wlthouurfhU brigade, (C"lval'J?-r'i) to make tht* attack upon it la conr?r'. with AInjur U?n Worth, on the oppo*r? M*. At Hip J.-irn* tiui", '>y nmtlor road to th? I'ft, M<fnt 8t??*n?. of tti? fujin?-WM nupport?-d liy Ll*nt (J. *V.'d oomptoy of fapp* and min*rn. thu nanif corps. w?? sent to reconnoitre th? >?roii|{ly lor:i<l>->l rhuri'.h orconv. nt of Sin Pablo. 1 *i the bainlot of rhurnbu c??one mils off. Twigg* w Ith orm of hi* I ruad*? (Smith's-l?!:a the rili?s) and dpt. Taylor's tjeld battory. wi-m ordered to f.'llow and to att?clc th-? oonTcnt Wfj r Mn>'h. ci-nlor in;ln>-?,r. w?i dewpalebe 1 to o^ncert with TwL' '? til M III (1(1 M fc nil lll-Mlli-i r.f i. M - ? l? A 1' -- ? ?" ? | oth?r brlg?U<t (Rll.y'a) I to.u ordered up tocupp.Tt | niin Neit, (b?*. all iu t''u miuutea.) I ii,.ut J'i?rr:? (Jut abbtokupth Mddl? ) wtth hi* bflgade, (f'illow'a division,) conduotod by C ipt. !.?? eui{iOeor. by a thin! road. a little farther to our left, to at tick It* enemy'< right an J rear. lr. ordur to the mutem-iut .ipon the convent, and cut f(I thw ratreat toward* ilm capital And, flnhlly, Shield* nenlor bngailer t-> I'ieroe. with th N?w York aid Soutu Caroliuu ?olual.??. ('{ult"4?n'? dltrl Mon.) wa? ordered to follow t'lerr noa-ly, n-td ?r? t ike the oommaod of our left wing All th?m luovcm.nte went made with th* utmost alanrlty l>y our gallant troop* and con,manrter*. finding myenlfat frotn wh>cb niiain; r,ivl< oon??nlMitly branched, without e'cort or revive, I hud to adTancw, for *afety , cIoho upou Twigg*' reur The battle now raged froui the right, to the l-ft of our whole lln? I.earning. on the return of Capt !. ?-?, th*t HhleldJ. In tha rear of < hurubuM ;o, was bard pressed. and In dangnr of bein/outranked, If not overwhelmed bv greatly snperlor numb r? I imnie lia ely sent. under Major Sumn?r 3d dragoons, the rifles, (Twlgm' refer re.) and ( apt *tbley's troop, 3d dragoon*, ihen ut hand, to support our lelt. guided by the same engineer. About an hour earlier. Worth had, by skilful ami dir in* in<.?em^nt? upou the lr< nt an 1 right, turned and forced Han Antouio-lta garrison. no doubt, mueh shaken by our iImMth victory at ' outr. ra*. HID seoond brigade ( -ol Clarke's) conducted by Tapt Macon, engineer, suited by I.leut Hardeantle, topographical etigioexr, turned the light, and by a wid ?eep.''.in* out upon the Mgh roud to the raDltal At ! thin point the ban** garrison (3 0i>u a?n) In" retreat ? < ?>y ? lark*. rut In the cei.tre; one portion. )he r*<*r, 1J1I eo upon Jioiore*. off to the rinht; and the other ujion Cuurubnici, In tha dir?at linn of our op?r*;.< nn. 'I ho ft rut brigade (Colonel OnrUnd'*) *?in" ditinlon. confuting of the 3d artillery. under Major Oalt, the A<1 nrtillery. nnder Ueut Pol Helton and :lm ll.h Infantry, coratn?Tided by Major K wl'h Lieut (;ol Imuran ? fleldbAttery Cemporarily) followed In pursuit through the town, taking one K?ur?l prisoner, the abandoned gun*, (1t? ) muab ammunition, and other p.ibllo property Tbe forolo? of San AdiidIo was tbe ??eoud brilliant event ot the <lar. Worth'* division being *oon reunited In hot pursuit, he wa? joined by Mfijor General Pillow, who. marchl'iK from <;ojonc?n, and di*coverlug that *<an Antonio had been carried, Immediately turned to tho left, according to my Initruetlon*; and, though munh Impeded by 4Hehei<and *w?mpn, hastened to the attack of ( hurufc *'0. The hamlet, or frittered hotl'cft, bearing till* nim?. pr -?ented, healdea the fortified conren'. a dtrotig ll?ldeork, (/ ('(> pint) with regular l>a*tlon* and curtail*, at the bead of a bridge, over whloh tho road p***ef from S?n \ntorloto thenapiuil. The whole remaining forne* of Mailno?pom# 37 000 m n -f ivatry. artillery, and Infantry, collect d from every quarter?wera now In, on tlie flank* or within importing di?tanc? cf tbope work*, and ?eem*d resolved to ina^e a lint and deapem-e *tan t; for it beaten here, the fcebler defmies at the gate* of the olty?four mile* off?could not, ** win well known to l>oth part'**, delay the vlotor* an hour. The capl'el of an *n*|ent erar-Icc. now of e ^r#*t repnVIo, or an i*'ly pe*c?, the a**atlant* were renoived to win Notau \uterio<n-and a were lea* than a third of tha enemy'* numbers?had a >'nnbt a* to t he re*n!t. I IThe lortUied church or convent. holly preened by Twin*, had already held out about an hour, when Worth *u1 Pillow- tbe Utter bavin* with him only Cad walader a brigade -began to ravnecavre cloaely upon tbe

lilt 4t rim/, with the convent at half gun-?bot. to t.belr left. Uariand'i brlga le. (Worth'* dlviilon ) to whjrh had been added the light battalion under I.leuteuant Colonel Smith, continued to advance In front, and under the fire of a long Una ef Infantry, off on tbn left of tha Clarke, of tha same division, directed bis ftp RK H RNINCi, NOVEMBER 16, 1 brlira 1 along the road or flow Wy It* old*. Two of I'll- tei low? r> d< adwalader's regiments. the llth and 14th, m supported ami participated In this direct movement: tha pi other (the voltlgeurs) was lax In reserve Most of theaa ra oorpi - particularly Clarke's brigade-advancing perpen- I < dlcularly, were mad< to auft-r muoh by tha tire af tha A; lit* Jr jon?, hu'1 th?y would have oulf-red greatly mora er by Bank attacks from tha consent, but for the preaaura th of T *!>;<* ?u lb- oth*rslde of that work. cfc This w*ll-ooiubintd and daring movement ?t te"gth reached the pr:.n?!pul point of attank. and the f" m'dabla hi lii* dt yont was. a', once. aasaolted and oarrled by tha tl; bayonet. Itt de?p wet (lltch wui first gallantly oronaed Ii by the nth and 6tti Infantry, oomraan-ted. respectively, by M?jor Waite <n'l Lieutenant Colonel Scott - followed p* clogely by tli? dth infm'ry (name brigade) which had r? b en so much ex;,i fed In th* road tlie llth >?gim*nt, re under Lieutenant tloloiiel Onhnm and the 14th, com- di mandfl '17 Colonel Trousdat*. both of t'adwa'ader'i al brlijsdn.I'll 1 >w?'? division About tbe mme time, the oi en-my, in ttont of Oailand att^r a hot cooilict of an ly hour and a half, gave way in a retreat towards the w capltJ. ai Tbe luiinedl.ite result* or th'? th'rd sigual triumph of p< the dsy were- 3 fl.:ld j'leoes, 1J)> prisoner*, muoh atnti- <1 uitlsu .ind tvo colors. Uken >a the tctr d- p?'X hi I.lent J K. Iron*, let urtlllcry, aM-Je-uainp 'eBrfcKd'er 0?u? r<U Cadweliader, a young ofilotr of great merit, g' and nonspiouous In battle on *?vur?l previous occasions, ft received, In front rf the w^rlr a mortal wound. (Since tl dead) It An ; lie ooncarreu: uti v>k ni*'>o the convent f*vor?d, (l physically and uiorsUy t!i- acaultupon ihe ifte d> iionf, a s) r> cipro??lly. n > doubt, the fall of th-' latter contribut- r< ed to th;capture of the f<rmsr. The two vrcrks were b ouly pome 4.'i0 yards apa-t; and as soon as we were in g possession of th? ? rfe/??ti?, a captured 4-pounder wss o turn-'I ?ad firedflr-? by <"?^t L<rkln Smith and n?xt q by l.itut. Soillini;. both of the Slh Infintry several c t'.mcs upo:i the convent In th- same brief in^'rval, li Lieut Col Duncan (ai?c i.f Worth's division) gallautly s trouirht two of his jjiuis !o b,'itr. at a short range, from I tbe San \ntOnin r<>*iJ. upon the principal face of the t work, and on the tower of f he clinrch. which, in the ob- t sllua'e coati i't, had been ofl?n refilled with ppiui of the s bu?t sh?/j>-shooter? of the eurmy. t Finally, twenty nilnutf:' el'ter 'he lite Je pont had lie?u ( mrrted oy Worth and flllow, and at the end of a deepe- L rati- conflicl of two hours itr.d ft half, the ohnreh or con- a y< ? !!)< P'laan 01 tfte fit ug line of deli-nee along tho < hurubusoo- ylelilod to Twiggs' division, mid tlit'>w out, cm all *lJcs. hi/natf of sum uder. The white flag.?. however, were uot exblMted un ll the moment *L?u th? 3il infantry, unj<-r Ctptila Alexand-ir. bad cleared tho way. ty fire and bnyone', nod had entered th* work ( apt J M. Smith aud l.ieut U I. Shepherd, both of that regiment, with their companies, litd the glory of loading the acault XP*J(ormvr received th? turr nder, aud ( apt Alexnnder ltWm'ly hung out from r a halrony. the color* of the gallant Hd. J'ejor Dlmiok. y with a part of the 1st artillery, nerving a* luftio'ry, en- r tered u?arl7 abreast with tho leading 'ro 'P". Captain Taylor'g field battery, attached to Twiggs' J" division, opened I'e effective fire, at an early m?raent. J upon tho ou'-work* of the content and il.e tower of lt? church Kxposed tn 'he severest Are of the enemy, the * captain, hi* officers and io>n. won universal aioiirat on; t ut a'length, much doubled' in men aud horses, the " battery wss, by superior order* wl'hdrawn froio tho ac. 1 tlon thirty miuuv* before the surreudt-r of the coivent. 0 Tho*e corns. excepting Taylor'* b'tttery. belonged to the brigade of Brigadier Ounural Smith, who elosoly dl- j1 rected (ho \rnde attack in trout, with his habitual cool- [' no*? aud ahill'y; whll* llil?y'n brigade?the 3d and 7th *infantry, under Capt T. Morrli and Lieut. Cel. Ilyrap- * tou, re.'peo'tvely--vigorouti'y engaged tho right of the 11 work und part of its rear. At tho moment, the ritloa | belonging to Smith'*, were detached In support of Urlg 1 Gen Bhleldti'on our extreinn left; and the lilt art'llury. j1 ant<Iig ** Infantry. under Major Gardner, belonging to 1 Riley's brigade, had been left In charg" of the oitup. t! tropii'.e*. in . at ( onlrer^s Tw'ggn' division. at Chu rut.u?ao, had thin been deprived of the eetvlci a of two ol ? Its mo*t gallant aud elfeotlve regimen'*. r .i.The iuimeilnUi resulUof this victory were: ? the o?pture of 7 fibld-pleoeg. auuie ammunition, one oolor. three 1 genaral*. aud I,-J61 primnerii-iuclmllngother officer* 1 Captaius K A Caprou and M J Burke, and Lieut *. " Hoffman, all of the 1st artillery, and Captain.f. W. An- I ' derson and Lieut Thomas Kasley, both ef the-id infan- " try-five oQloers of great merit-I'll gallantly before I this wnrl. 1 The capture of the eneiuy's oltadel wan the fourth ' groat achievement of our arms In the same day. It has been elated tha'. *om? two hour* and a half before. Fierce'', followed closely by the volunteer brlgada? both under the commauil of Brig. Gen Shield'*?had been detached to our left to turn the enemy'* work*; to prevent the escape of the garrisons, and to oppose the exteneion of the en' "iy'g s'.scier?Uil ccra*,ftoui th.'< roar, upon and around our left. Coa?ider.n^ tlv; inferior number* of the two brigade*, the object* of the movement were diffl*nlt to aooem- ] (ill/in tieno- ui* reluioroerarnt (tb? ritlee, iw:) lent forward a little UUr. In a winding maroh of m Dill" around to the rljrht. thla 1 temporary divlalon fund Itwlf on th?i edge of an open 1 wet menJow. n-ar the road from Hun to the " ?anital. itiid tn the preaenrecf pum* 4 000 of thr enemy's 1 tnfmtry. n lit.lli In reiir ' f Churuhuaco. on Out r?*d 1 EMtUlnl*! the rifhl at ttromg building ^M-ldi ex- 1 tandcd hi* li fi. p?r*ll>-l tn theroad. to outfl?nt[ the eoeiny 1 toward* the o.ipttnl lint the enemy extending hi* ri;;ht. 1 fupportcd by :l ooii oavulry, more rtipWIy (b?iDg farored 1 hy better ground) In the direction. Shield* eon- ! -entrated th?- dlvihion abo-it a hmnlrt, and determined ' to etr.a.llt tn front Tin tattle wh* long, hot. and Varied; bat, uVlmately. MjneeM crowned tin* r.?-al and gaiUntry of our tWtpi, ably dlfNM by tb?'r ron- I m iwler. Iirltf Oeneral Shield*. The 1Kb, 12th end Iftth 1 rtt'lmntl,uodnr Colonel Ka??nni. Captain Wood and Colonel Morgan, respuetlvely. of Plerer'a brigade. (Pil- 1 low'f diTl^louj nod the New V'ork and Houth Carotlua volunteer*. uiiiUr < 'olr>noln Uurnrtt and Butler, respectively, or tihleld'o owu';brl{?de. (Quitman * dlrlalon.) to- 1 geih?rwilh th.# mint.tain howitzer battery, now under 1 [ .It,lit. It on A .,/ '? ? .11 ] flory of thl* action ?our fifth Tletory on Urn ?iiin? day j IIri?r (N il. I'itroa, from tlin "hurt of the eveniug j before tin ler pahi nul ixliiiunti' n-fainted in th<* an- , inn Vdr*l other chin^ea in coalman 1 occurred on | t!ii? fi ll Tim*. < olonel Mornan hclu,{ gererely wound j ml. tb? command ot (tin Mil infantry derolTrd on I.t , Col Howard; Col llimiett reoeivloi* u like wound, the command of the New York Tolunti*?rn fnl| to l.lent Col Haver; and, no the fall of the limeo'ed Col I' M. But- I ier. eai.lcr badly wounded, b jt continuing to l*iid nobly lu the hotteKt part of the buttle?the command of the ^oii'ii i urollui volunteer* devolved. first on l.leut Col | DieHlnaon. who l>ein;< ?e?erely wounded (as before In the i leg* of Vera Crnr.), the regiment ultimately fell under ' tl.? order* of Major Gladden. . Lieut. l>*Tid .Vuuu mil \V*. H. Williamc,of th? name oorpd; < at'Uin Aii^uhIuk <iu?rleH and l.iont.l It Oood uaa, ol the I >!h and I.leu: K Chandlur, N*w York tolunt?er4. Mil g*lUnt officer*, nobly fell In the rume ao ! Hon I Shields took 3*0 prinon- r?, including officer*; and it I h. ,ii tl>?t I I... r ..... .,r II... K.I?...... I I Mm nu l tU* i?n?*n?T, j?i;?t la tin* rear of the lit* 4* p?nt ' ami the eon vent. h a J mime lofliuuee on the ?urreuder ' of thou* form ijr lilo defence*. An noil ? the '<" ? iff ; ??!' nu carried, the greater 1 pirt of Worth'* ntiii I'iIIomt ? forced j>???v.I ihat bridge ' iu rapid pursuit of the Cyln;: enemy The#* die'lti ' ' ifulih?'J K*n?*rml? e -mlnir tip with Brigadier (i?n? r?l ' ;ihMd.?, now kIho Tlol'irioun. tbs thr^u ooutlnued to pre--* upon th<> fugitives In within * aiil* ind a htlf of thee*- 1 pltal. llare, Coi?n*l Harney, with n ?inall part of hi* ' brigade of cavalry. rapidly piwd to the fr^nt. and ' utiarc- ij the rurii.y up to the n*ar>tt [fata. ' The otrtlrjr o'urn* w*< he.i I?*<1 by t'aptaln Kearney, J nfthnlnt dragoon* having In *<|Uadron. with bla own I troop, that < f < aptaln McReynnld* of the .11 ?luaUliw ' the utii'il ivcorL to K" hea.liuarfen; but tvinfcoarly I ' In tb?iU? dHtarliHii for K?ntril H'tilen, wai n>>w undir Colonel Itarney'a order*. The gallant e?ptatn not hear- ' lnv?lb? i-nrft'l, that had been aoundcd, daihed Up to the , Hiu Antonio sate, (.abrlng in hi* way, all who refuted | Of th* *e*ea ofllBar* of the ?n ladron. Kmruey lo*?, hi* ! ' left arm; Velleynold* aud Lieut l.oriiner (jraliain ware 1 both *e?erely wounded, nud l.ieut It S Kwell. who *uo- ' oneded to th^ roiummd of th t em'ott, had ' ? hi?rne* ' >UH under liint Major K I) Mill'. <d thi? 1Mb lufati- ' try. a volunteer In this charge, wan killed at the Rat." ' So terminated tlm i' rim of eveut* which I I.iivh but I foebly prpsoeti-d My thank* wi re freely poured out on 1 the dllteretit lleldii, to th < nbllitlei pud ttoiance of gen>! ralx and other oilier* ?1?> the gallantry and prowm* of | mII -the rank and file Ineluded llut a reward Infinitely hi ther?the applaiiKe of n grateful country aud govern- | ment?will. I ru mot doubt, be acoorded. In due t'me. to | o murli merit. <>f every ?nrt dl-plared by tbl* ulorloun | a my. which bit now overcom* oil difll ultle* -dlvanoe. , nliinate. ground, fm tlfio itlopa, numhei*. I It h'i? in *iugU d .y, In nvwiy Inttllel, * often di Vat- ( ?d JJ,WI mm, made about 8000 pri*o?i?-r*. InrluJInj t eiitht gen"ta'? (two ot them s-orenldent*) and 30ft other | ofttaerii, killed or wounded 4000 of all rank*, heddrl mitire rorp* di-p'reed and dlMolvad, ?captured 37 |droe* | of ordnance, more than trolilliigour ?;?i<e t a!u aodfi'dd ha teriea? with % larje iiuinh?r of *tnall annr, a full ?up- t ply nf ammnnlllon of every kind, !<n Si". Tbeee ureat result* bave ovt rwh lined the enoBT I I Inr Inaa a Tnnnli tn III. I irlllu.l no -? finer* wounded, *?<l. w tl? tiO ofheern The srreater onm- i tw ruf tb<d?ud a id ill*.tMi-d were of tha blgheit wort* , Tho?e under tra?tment. thank* to our very able medical ofllwra,are generally doing wall. , I regret nr*lnn been obliged, on the 'JOtb. to leave Mb. > jor Oen. Quitman. an nbl? command*!-, with a part of ' hl? division ?the flu* lid r>n>ie> Ivanla v?lunt??i r and ' thn v-teran d"t?-huient of United 8t?t h marine-at. nn-lrniiortanl d-pot, Hun A'lguntln It wfii thorn that I t lia I plamdour ?trk und wounded; tha jaig*. supply ami f bn^ga-io tr?lnr. Ifthere had heen lo?t, tbearuiy would '' have been driven nlmnct to denpalr; nnd considering tbe " ?>n"-ni?'- veiy great e?o-M of number*. and the many ap- k prn?rb*? to the depot. It m'?bl wall have beoome. em- _J phatlonlly. the poet of hon^r J After *o nmiv vtntorle., w < misbt, with but lltlla aldl- " tlonallit*. ha?* oneupWo'ibr capital lliit A?ine evenlu/ h Hut Mr. Trl?t. commWrloner. ko , ax well a* roy**-lr. bud been adm?Bl .'led by thah*?tfrl tndi ot peace? In'a I treiit j neutrals and wimt American remd?r. t<. again?t preelpltitlon: leet by wantnrly driving aw*v the *" Tiimant j ?l and other*. dishonored. * might #o<tti r tba la i??ti < f n ueac* n. Ite * tplrlttf uaii o?l d-niwrati in, and tbna | " ind> finitely putpouo th? hopH of aonoiamxd'itloa Daep- K ly lmpr?Ko?4 with thl* danger and remembering our mli- u Ion to oorcjner a peaaa? h* army very cheerfully ? c w rlfloed to pntrlutlim -to the gieat "lab *nd want ofour d nonntry?the ,c.lnt that would hava followed an an- ri tranea. pword In hand. Into a great capital. Willing to leava (omethlng to tVl? republic of no tmcoadlata valua n to ui). on which to reat her prl la and t? raoovar tam- " par. I halt.-d our victorious oorp* at tba gate* of the city, tl (at laant for a tlm<-.) and hate them now eantonad In tba ?l neighboring vlllHge*. where tbay ara well ibtltarad and ? rappllad with all ueceaearla* ' On tba morning of tba 21ft, being a boat to Uk? op bat ? ERA] 847. rlug or aitauitlng position*, to autbori** iu? to cum on the city to aurrander.or to sign an armlatloe with* K ed ?e to enter at onoa Into negotiation* for a peace. a 0 iaaion oama out to propoaa a true*. K*j?cting tta terms. >' laspatohed my contemplated nota to President Santa ' ona? omitting tha sum Don* Tba -2i J. commission- 01 ware appointed by tha commander* of tba armle*; '< ? armstio* waa ilgned tba Mil, and ratification! ex > landed tba 34tb t All matter* in dispute batwaan tha two government* K< ive been tbu* bappUy turned over to the'r plenlpoten- a trie*. who have dow bad s?reral conference and with think. some hope of rlcnlns ? treaty of pease There will be transmitted to tba Adjutant General re- tl >rt* frjm division*, brigade*, lie .on the forepolng oi>?- A itiona. to which I mutt refer, with my hearty nonrur n no* in the Jnat applause bestowed on corps m.d in 11?I - it Jill* by their respective commanders 1 bare be?n l)le this report being necensaril;1 a summary ? to bring 0 it, comparatively, but little of Individual merit not li ing directly In tha way of the narrative Thus I doubt tl hotber I have. In express term*, given tny approbation 0 id applause to the commander* of divUlons and iudemdent brigade*: but left their lame upon higher h ound*? the simple record of tfcalr great d?ed* and tba " rilllaat reaulta. " To tba at* IT. both general nil personal. attached to n?r*l headquarters. I wm again ua J-r high obligations t services In the field, n* alwaya in the bureaux I add lelr natue*. Jco : Lieutenant I olonel llltohcock. acting ispentor general j Major J. I. Smith, Captain K k'. L*e, u distinguished for felicitous execution a* for scleuce ud daring,) CspUiu Mason. Lieutenants Steven*, Beau pgard, and Tower-all of the engineers; Major Turn- 1 uil, Captalu Mc' leilan, and Lieut Hardnastie. tnporaphioal cntflLaur*; Captain lluger and l.laut ilwgner. f th? (.rdnaaoe; Captains Irwin and Wayue, of the [ii?rterin<uti<!''? dtp.irtiuent; I. aptalix Grayson, of tlie ouiidW*ailat; bargei.e General l.twuon, In hi* parllcu ar departm-nl; Cuvitaiu II L Scott, anting ai>al*taut idjutaut g*u?rui; Llaut. William*, aid-decamp. and Aeut Lay, uiillUi v secretary. Llaut. Schuyler llatnllon, another aid-ue-oactp, had, a week before, been hrown out of notivity by a severe wound, received in a ucot*?ful charge of oavalry against cavalry, And four imea hi* number*; but, on the iOth, I had tha valuable srvluef, as volunteer aid*, of Majors Kir by and Vau luren, of tba pay department, always eager tor activity nd distinction: and of a third, the gallant Major J. I*. aincN, of the Kentucky volunteer* 1 have the honor to be. sir, wltb high reaped, Your most obedient servant, 1 WINKIKLD SCOTT. Hon. Wh. L. Marc v. Secretary of War. llciDqtlilTia* Third Division, J' mutoic, August 21. In 47. S I C*rr.*iN : - In compliance with tha order of the Gene- i a! in-chief I moved with my divi*ion. con>i*tlng of the I th, nth, IJih. I4t.1i and lath Infantry.and the voltiguer < igiment, aud the field battery of ( apt am Magruder, nj the L'.?iU-r bittery nnder lieutenant < allender, < urly on the un.rnitig of the 10th Instant, and opened t lie road over the mountain ou the route indicated by i nptaia Lee, of the engineer corps, assisted by I.leutt n- < nts Beauregard, M' phio*. Towur. Smith. MeClellaud, i dfttlir 11:1-.i.!11t General TwiggS, with his illvl- I c ion, reported to me tor duty, under instruction* from ! < he (loneral-ln chit f, whilst wy own division was moving j I v er the mountain. t rvrciriuf the enemy was in large force ou the i pposlte side or the valley, with h:avy batteries of artil- ] ry eooiuiuuding the only road through a >ant plain of i roken Yoloanlr. stone and luva reut into deep c'larui* I nd flssuros ellectuilly preventing any advance except I luder bis direct fir*. I resolved tu give hltn battle. For i tils purpose I ordered General Twlgg* to advatce with I nu finely disciplined division, and witk one brigade to I Maul: the enemy's works in front, und with tbe otber to urn his left (link, aud assail It in rrvrrir. Captain Ma;rud>*r'a .Ine field batter/ and Lieutenant I,'allender a I eiwlUer battery (both of wbioh constitute purt- of my livinieu) were placed at the disposal of Brigadier Oeneul Twigus. i This offloer. in eiecutlug iny order of attack directed 1 revet Brigadier General Hrnith with hit brigade Ipon the enemy's front, whilst Colonel Riley, with bis, lie ordered to turu bit left, and amail him lu the roar I I'o suiuln these movements, Brigadier General Cadwalider wan ordered to advance with his brigade aud cuptort Colon'l Itilvy. aud Brigadier Oeneral I'lerce, with lis coH.nmud, to support tha column moving upon the nemy'ti front, under Brigadier Heueral Smitti. This last oiniuaud waa aoon clowly engaged with the on?uiy. as wera nit o the batteries of Ciiytaiu .Vagruuer and Llmilanaut Cullender. Colon' 1 Riley'a oommmd having uow crossed the vast broken up plain of lava, pa.'slog the viliugn ou the right, anil whilst In the act of turning the enemy's lef , was nonfronteil t>y SMf^e-il tk?aaand lirecrs, wh^ adrancrd to iho charge, when a well directed Ore from the brigade twice compelled them to fall bark In disorder, under sever of their artillery. Abont this time Brigadier den : udwalniler's <"Uini?nd bad also orosee J the plain. wU>d ioitte i,0 0 or C DOt) troops of the enemy were observed uovlng rapidly from the direction of the capital to the Jeld of action Col Morgan, with his largn aud fln-i re ' liment, which I had caused to be detached from the flir of riurr.M'H l.rl ?U iu1? nr.l..r?,l tn tl.u int^rl if ( ndwaUitr liy Jlfrtlnii of the general In-chief, who jHii now arrived upon the field. Thl? general, having illieoTtred thin Urge foren movng upou 1iIh right fltnKand to thn rear, with decided miliary tantand | rouiptttud" tlirnir back bin right wlu* ind ouufrotitrd the enemy. with the inteDtiou to glm llin battle, notwithstanding hli overwhelming force ThU porilon of thn enemy'* foron moved steadily forward uatil a conflict *?emi J inevUaliln. wh?n < ul Morgan'* regiment, having reached thin part of the field, presented a front ro foruiidablu ?m to induce the enemy to i!h<iiiiru bin piirpOl*. and draw off to thn light and rrar uf bin former position. During all thi? time, the battle raged tlernely between thn other portion* c.f the two armi**, with a constant and destructive flrn r,f artillery Magruder'i buttery, from it* prominent position, wa :t mu'li disabled by the Ucavy shot of the enemy, aa were also f allender'n br.wit??M A part of the enemy'* artillery bud b-en tui nod jpnn ltll?y'? command, whIUt actively ec^tged with argebodl'f of Unrern; but rveii ih. fi* nombin' d attack* oul l only delay the purpoac of thn gallant eld veteran ind bill noble brigade The ( eneral-luChief having arrived op in the field sl'h tieiieral Kbli'ld'n brigade of voluute'u*-con'lstlug )f the New York and South Carolina regiment*?order- | d them to morn up te the support of the l >riH* under ' Brig Wen < IIiw*!?d?r; but If I .id now grown t.0 In e , n tbe evening. that (it n hhinldadiJ not get into poll | .Hill IJU'll hin r lift! K .*!?(*(- ill* ri'IilM UU, l?Mll BO I I lotll entirely dark ) this tierce oohtlict whh fu^u.^i ,o be reni'Wt>d on the morrow. The battle nil thin day* wan conducted ?iod?r iny Itn u?*dlat* ordure mid within my a abort time b? [i>rw aunaet. hating previoualy enyaged in the Q^lit all he forceg at my dlepoMl, royKtlr Mid stuffaturt-d to irofn the plain, to join In the terrible utru^glu on the mmedlate fluid of action. On my way thither. I w?* joliW by Bri* (Jan. Twlgffi ?nd Htnff; but th? darKn*wt of tln< iiiuht, rendered still j Hurt- obscure by * heavy rain, caused us to wis* our | ?;\y through thw btot'eu up lava, and to wander tn the ;loe? neighborhood of the works of the euurny. and it , ?hi not until the k ri!l blas'.s ot his bugle* apprised us if our position, that ?v? became Pitisfled w? could not , each, dnrlug tha night., our dtfitinatlou We then re- i urneri, and reported to the (?enersl ln-(,bi?f liuring Llie nizht Brig. <>en Smith dis|>oeed the lorrn jresent. to renew the aotiou at daylight, and complete , he original order of attbfk; before dark, however. tli? 1 n iny had placed Ift placetOf artillery on a height I iaarij wrmui iy?uwimuri n wuicu unu op^nt'Cl vith "eeverul discharge* upon hi* fore**. Brig. (?en ! miitb Ju*t beforo daylight, novel a portion of the , 'orce* up the ravine to the re*-/ of th.s enemy* pus lIoii. 10 an to b? within ea*y turning distance of Mi left iltnk -leaving < :nl. Kau?om with the 9th an 1 litlil n fan try 0 maku a ftroog <ll?er?lcn in froit Tli? day being *ufifiiu-iitty advanced. tbe order wan given by Brig. Ueti <nilth for th" general aeeault; when" Oen. :*niith'* cornnm<t upon td? left. and Col lUWy with Ins brigade ipon tlm H;rht. vupported by < Jen < udwelader. with hi* lommnnd. moved up with tlie utinott gallaotry. tiulnr , ;ho furlotn flr* Irom the i-nt my'n bait-rlex, which wore mmedtat?ly carried; a large numhor of prWoti"t* w?r? ;aken. ItiuluJ ug four get?ra1?, *ith '23 out. or the ori- i (in il pt?c*ft of artillery and a large amount of ninmu 1 ultlou and public property. The retreating ?'ueiuy *j? compelled to pnsa through ? tevere lire, both troui th? a*>aultlng force* and Cad- I Wiltder'f brigade, a* well un Shield*' rum man I. who I had remained at th? popiti*ti occupied by fhu firmer I reueral th? previous night with the purpo?? r.f coveriog i the movement upon the batUry The force* of the ?nemy engaged at thia place, Including the reinforiwtnetit* of the preceding evenln/. oonatltutfd a force of I 1 boat lfi.000 men, aor>*? of whom w?rn cavalry; the al.ole were under tb.< Immediate Mmaund oi'<ienernl iaiitit A nna In per*on, aanisted by Ouneral* V ? I ti f I?. , 1 Hal*n, Blanco. Vendor*. <J?reia aid other*, the la<t 'our mentioned were ta'?en prisoner* Our forcn, coi.?l*tlnijof my divlnton. fien ral T wljge' I ind Shield.*' command*, amounted to about 4.'>^0 mm rhe loM of the enemy. %* nearly a* I Mt ascertain. w?? Detween l"> i0 and '-'(Hi" men killed and wounded. ?t>d Mio jrl*oner?, Including th? lour general* previously m. n.ione.l. four colonel*. thirty captain*, and many officer* if Inferior grade* Thu report) of the different oorp* engaged In thl* part >f the b*tlle, which were temporarily under my comnand, being properly made to their respective rhUf*, md not having come re fore me, I eru unable to give our om Though many brave and gallant *oul* have l?||en t. I* believed, however when the (.trepgth of the enemy * intitlon, hl? enormou*l)r h?a?y artillery, and hi* superior 1 rce*. are cotifid -red, our lo*? I* comparatively email It < k matter or ju*t pride and exultation that among the un* capture.I In the hatterlv* w-rc the two piece* taken ir the Veiimn army at Duena Vmta belonging to Opt. . V'a^hlngton'* battery (it that battle under the Imm. - i Ate winiDnnl -of i apt (J Urt-n) ; ami It In no Ihm r<- i iark*M? than uritlfyinx that th* #ood fortune hm<1 oi.or of MwpturiBC tn-ni belong to the 4th re?lm"nt of | rtlllory, of wlileli < ?;> . Washington's oowpauy r.rui* part i Throughout thin infiiZ'-in-iit. ?r?ry oorp* aogiigwrl < lir t'lciny wlicrMTiir h? wan nift. With thit inoat d?Ur i lined rvaolutloa. and b'h*T?d with *d?ijrr* nl K?IUntrjr , irrly r>|*d orrUluly ut-Tnr surpassed ? In any 'n ai<?m?iii known to th? Am rlr?n arm* Brly*dl?r <<? | r^t Twiggs, nolt Id ^onotuil to uy*?ir, an i charged c Ith i lit* Itnmr ila'a rx^fullon of at) (ird't of h>ttl*, wa* , t)ii|[ui*tiriJ hy th<- Ju lmn-nt pr<. >ptitud* and eouduplayed by him throughout th.j engagement , Br g?di?i General SraUb. th? nmlor ofllnvr. who ri>- i ialo*d aeroe* tb? plain, and c)l*po*rd the fore** for the , ual aaaault, d*a*rT?e, aud w:ll doubtle** reeelve, th* liank* of the arnf, and th* honor do* to the eontaney of purpoa* and daring whloh dUUngalibeJ bli oiiduot on thin great ocoaaion Brig (femoral Ct'lwa id?r d>*pi*y*d great jndgm?nt and high military thill d<1 hereto outrage la the manner la which be m?t tb* ' LD. Prk.4 'I'wdXioU. udden *11J trying ?inergeucy. wh?u *11 parti** war la rB*t anilely for the safety of hi* comparatively aiU ommand when about toLe availed by tba overwbe 1mng reinforcement* ot the ^o?*iuy. on the pr^Mdlsg tf pa> jg; and also in tlia mann-r In wti be brought op hi* ominand to the /u(/port of tba rMu.ut RIW TtaU v?ittn oflorr dt*ur? u.slieil hlmaeii no lets by tba D a* ?r In which b? ront Dd*d aln oil Mugle Vaoded with ( atly ?up?rlor U"inlier? on t):e first day. than !n hi* sllant and ?uccrnlui oharg* u^< u iha wnlt* . t >b? m>?it on tba ?ecotid Brigadier (fe.uer*! Pierce, though badK i?ijure< by tha ill of bit h .J".-. while i/v.antlv l-mlil>? hie bri^wJ- lata lii .kicked of ibe battle on th. 19:u. did u?t ijmt Id, but coot inued lu command of hi* brigade ?lw3 ralUi"M? of which?tbe 1Mb and 1 ;tb Infantry uuuer the muediate ronin<and of the caJlant Colonel Hansom and ilrut ol>D?*l H'>Dbnni on in*- 10tb. and Capt. Wood* n the 2ii(h-ac??IU I thu enemy ? work* in front, at day gbt. with great mtrepldity. and contributed iBuoh tu be glnriuu* consummation of tha work bo handeoma ly otiitnenctd on the preceding day Th* commanders of regiment* and Inferior offloer* all ehaved with gallantry no Ira* distinguished. though la ubcrdloat* position*. to thoee namad abor* aa eoalsnding divisions and brigade*; hut tha spao* propar or ihl* report will n< t adult of further detail* In justice. however, *o tba aflicar* of tbla r)aa*. I b*|T to all the attention of tba i ouiuander In chief to tba daall d tepotts of tb? <ifl\o*ri of th* several oorpa enif- ? '.I n this action It is dua to Cspt Vagrad>r and Lieut .all"'<iler who hava no other organ ntlon than * it .j f iny division. to te*tify to their great gallartr. nd arlng the proof of whirh i* found in their lose. *, * 11 ti be fact tha' both of their batUriea war* toacj cu. iji iy the terriblu fire of the enemy'* heavy giirm ' During tie cannonadu. Lieut. T. P. John*tone, whIUt gallantly ervlng the advanced section of Vagruder'* battery fall uortKlly wounded; and Lieut, t'allender, In eommaod o f he howitzer*. nearly at the fame tlm*. received *C **'era a wound a* to diaable him from oommandlag hi* litem, which ooonirquently devolved upon I.lent. MM, >f tha ordnance oorp?. who for the remainder Of th* batlie conducted tha service of hi* battery with equal gal antry and judgment I cannot In justice omit to notloa the valuable aervlOM nf l apt Lea. of the engineer corps. who** dlatiogutsbed laerit and gallantry d?rervethe hlgbe*t praiae, and who, in tha execution of hi* dutl**, we* ably a**t*ted by bl* mflntsnts prntiou-lv mentioned The? uld* la the combination of elements oroutfat 10 near wltb hiice??H. no l?s triumphant tbao glorious to our inM. upon the Emt poatrfol collection of artillery (supported l>y a force of four to one of our fornee) war sucottsfniy assailed in >dv battle upon tbla continent. Ilaviug ray-ell' rroMirJ the plain, ?ud reached tbl* >loo(Jy theatre a* tbo lul noen? of the conflict wa* sloaiag. 18 noon i? suitable di*pc?ltinn* were made to secure tba rulta of the victory. I resolved upon pursuing the dl* oiufltnd enemy, in which I found that Brig General* rwiggs and Smith bad already anticipated ma by having somuienced tha movement At tba nm tin*. I apprised he General In-chief of my advanoe, and reqtnated bla luthorltv to proceed with all the force* atill uod?r my 'ommund, and rweep around tba valley, and attack tba itroug work* at Pan Antonio In rear, and requested tba io-ojh ration of (Jeneral Worth * division. by an aaaawlt >n that work in tront; which the General-in-Chief readly granted and directed accordingly?having, as I learn, jpon being advired of the victory, previously given tba jrder. I had rn .ved rapidly forward In execution of tbla purpose, until 1 reached the towa Coyoaean. where tba command was halted to await the arrival of the GeneralIn-chief, who I was Informed was clone at hand Upon bli arrival, the Important faot waa ascertained that tba inetny'i force* at San Antonio, having perceived that the groat battery had been lo?t. aud tba total defeat and rout of their force* at Coutrera*, by which their rear an opened to anault. had abandoned the work at Ba? Antoulo, and fallen back upon their strong antra nabuient* in ruar at Cburubuaco I pou the receipt of tbia information, the General-iaCblrf immediate.y ordered Brigadier I) neral Twiggs' division to move foraurd and attack the work on tba enemy's right, aud directed me to move with Cadwalader'* brigade, and anaault tba trle du pom on It* leit. Moving rapidly In execution of thi* order, I bad great difficulty in passing ihe command over soma marshy field* and wide and deep ditcher tilled with mud and water. I wan compelled to dlamouut In order to eroa* these obstacle*, which were gallantly ovoroome by tba troop*, when the whole foroe ualned the main cutuawsy bt which place 1 met (Jen. Worth, with tba advanaeoI uin uivuiku. uiuvmg upon tux umti rom II >u UlM propraad that our united dlrlhlona flhould mora on to tb? assault of tbe ntroug Irte da pont, which, with Ita henry artdery, Mifilad'-d th? eiutcway Thia being determln?d upon, tb? troop* of thx tan dlrialooa mo red rapidly t? attack th? work on Ita left (lank Mid. not Tlthr. tending tho J.aJljr lire of Kr?P? >?a round ahot from tliH wor*, which mrept tb" roadway with furtoaa violence, ou and onward tbrae g U?ut and noble trooya moved with Impetuou* valor, ftud terrible and long waa tb? Moody conflict. Dut the ivau't could not b? doubled At length th'* loud and enthualaatie cbeorofiLa Anglo-Sasou auldier told that nil waa aell .and the **~t riran oolnra wav?>d In triumph ot?r the bloody ?oene. Tba lamer portion of (Jen Worth'a veteran divlalon w?? engaged In tblx Hitch conflict, together with tbe llth and I4l!i reglui'ntii of infantry, aouatltuting a pait of my Jivmion. undxr the comnonda.renpt-otive y. of Ll?at. Col Oraham nnd (Jol Troiudale To the I4tli infantry belong* iht* honor of capturing a II,t>j on thla fort, and taking a large numb.r uf prihtutra in th* fort, amo*g miuu* w?n m>u; " "'"'I k"'" Th? volitfjuir regiment, then under command of Lint. Col. .fotia*ton?. had bora led on bv my adjutant general , Citpt. Hooker, to the an-ovuit of th?> xtroi<K fortification on thf vi.?my> rit(ht with wltlch t. n Ttrl?iii' division ?u? hotly minute1 . l>u'tin'llo" tlu arlilhry ol t' -iamumy. na ??ll *n bin fniail urin* hor? dlreoiiy rn* advanor. whloD wn* fntiri'lr iii'd'trfj. tiio rijjttn*at placed In rear f a church, whrr<> t remained aotll It received an order *> <? myst-lf In pr.r>uu k<> mot" ?oth? uiaiilt In ( uiijiiauuon with thn lively i.|?y of Dur.uan'n hn'tejy. ThmtinM regiment wu? rup-iliy nnfu'n; ?bM order, t runder i ol Andr-on*. and led by i>u C?l'? ihiier. when thnt work urTi-ndnrcd, mu n^> tun. a po'new'oti of hy rwltTRS' dlvUlou <Jen Worth (to whoca ^r?at tfalUntty ili i-lotf th? aiv tlon it ?iir>rd i m- ;.lekr.ure 10 bear woue<?.) with hl? ,'.lrUlon, uml uyiell with tin* I lit; aud I4tb regiment* of toy coaiiiiiiiid, prewed rupi ily on in purault of lh? flying enemy. un'll ?? had arrl??d with our noannaud* nearly under th? flrn of lh? kuiih of ton xnrtuy, pUuted In tb.* itubji b# of the capital. wher,. we w*r? overtaken by au order from the t;-n?r*l In I In. f u> call off our troupe from further pursuit Purine thin movement. 1 mat T!V<| ..VII ||??'||. I ?rnuiirol, wm 1ftt,in try. uiiJ-T ( apt. Wood, aud th? howilcor battery under l.l?ut II*d<>. part* of rny division. fotmiog 0?b. PIitch's brigade. which bad hwu moved by order of ihe (ieoi-ral-innhlef. und*r command of <>en Fierce. agaln*t ? l?r?H I oily of (be 101 my to the right and rnr of tb* main work where th?y b*d been, in corjunotkon with hh.eld*' lirirf?d"J>-iit{in<" d iu a flares open 11-Id Oght with a targe force. ii readier iiotieral i'lercr, though (till AulTerluK imtp/v ly from hi* injury of the preceding day, had ueveiihe. 1 .? 1?ji'ti i n '1 ut* and til command of hia brlg*<l> dr.. j tt.< o?v. Hiid until a few momenta before *ii>n It. I tainted from pain and eihuiutiou. and been narri- ifi the Held lu tbl* laot engagement tba gallant Ctl. Mr? !|an waa wounded aeverely. * hrn tba miuuiand of the Ath nvluieut devolved ou Lieut. Col Howard During tbl? louj; coutibued battle, which iaited nearly two da>.t, every | art of the array Id ihe field participated in the iti .;fioi'Ut The coupe<{iieiice ???, that all ibu? jusuj hi m? uuuui khu hiuij ?i mu unuiani victory I canuut dlntlognlHli between the conduct of thenonmtilcru of regiment* In my dlviiloir tbey all acted a dlatin guUhed p*rt, a* did th-1r Held Mid company nlww; thnn.h tlia circumstance* of battle cauned Kanaom'a. \lor/Kn> Uriih* n't and Troiwdaln'* regtmeut*. and the Uth iofautry, uudrr command of Meat Col Donbam on 'b* !'?th. and of r*pt Wood on tb? JOtn, to ba moat actively oRaged My dlv**lon an* compoeed entirely of rtcruite whr.m th* exigencies of the service bad not allowed time to become well disciplined; but theyemulated in deeds of valor and constancy ibe vrter*ns of tb* old divisions; end I am pr:>ud to ratify to the Oi-neral-lnChief my bi^h appreciation if their good conrtuat. I oann it withhold the rxprwHiin of my sf-nse of tha drop obligations I Kin under for tbe succs* and honor dun to my onramand, to my two gallant Brigadier 0?ntrals, wh'.*e promptitude (kill, and daring erre equal to rvry emergency and who. In the absence of discipline In their command*, raft and overcsuie every otwttaole, and l< d on (heir brigade* to honor and dUtlnotlnn I trill ba pardoned, I trust, by the generalln ablef for frivolling bey.Bd the legitimate bound* of a report, to notice becomingly the pitrlotlc condnct Of the pioue chaplain of < olonel < larke'* brlgnJe Whilst th* battle raged furiously, uiy colnmn had great difficulty In ori.anIn.tadn'p ditch vitbc ut damaging their ammunition To* worthy chaplain, b- ?i<le? ei eourag'ng the paeelng oWl-rs to i hxir work, actively eat the example of fitting the ei?av*tlon*, >o a? to enable the troop* to pre** onward to the assault. My medical *iaff (particularly ftur (( on lorjon. though infirm and a^?u. and Autmoa HUde ) diet ingnlsheu themselves oy their great activity m<j energy in k-eptng with the column throughout the ictlon. a> d a'.ten ling to the wound* >1 and dying on the ipot where they fell, a* did al*o the entire medical *taff uf my division During th? arduous dutla* of niy eonimsnd on the 10th, my |?ts.>ii*I *>aff tielng all cnga^d on duty, I w?* com |i**11 * i iii uihiii" u?n m hj" p*r?ir!?n i?i pi'mi* of nj irivoai lr?.m cltll life among tbear, I am lnJ?bl?1 to Mr K?u>lall f^r his NMMM In pinuipily linrinn mil dalitrarInk nr4rr? ; nlm to Pitymaati-r Burnt I rxpr?M My to dfOtrdnrM for Ills valuable Kcrvtnrp ; to ( ap'aln O'llar.i chtff of thn r|ti?rt?rnimiter'i< department of my di*l i in. I Kin enpei-tally under obligation for bla amiatanre, ?i ?>ll hh to I.W ii'iQHDt Utvlr, ot the Uth ruftnuit, in tin/ ordnance idlHer. Vy rprtoual ftalT < antaln Hooker. ray a'Jatant g?i rai an 1 nhlefof ruy find ; Llnitenant Kulne, Uh an tilery an'I l.l-uti-naai lllpley, Jd art liter y aida de camp ; iml I'Minl M idibtpisari Hubert ( Il< K~ri, volunteer ild-de-oainp? greatly olt Ingulahi d thi-nmi-Wea by their VarleM and Kallartt runiluot. an well a? by their judgment iij'l ?Kjll In leading forward tuy different mmmandn. iod planing thruj iu p< nittori for hrougb>ut theae Img Hud desperate contl'ctv I trunt the i.e leral-ionhlM will d?uui thalr oondacl worthy bl? ?p#slal notion. I niuat alao not toe tha ritraardlnary activity and gal *tit conduct of Ltrutenant Irona, lat artillery, aid demuip to <)?ner*l Cadwalader. who reeeirid a woundpr< biahiy mortal, whlim In ihe dl?nh r** of bit dutlea L.i uiruant (aid* all, of I hi* marln". on 0?*J "7 littuioti a* >tnli>r iffleer ot ib* ooromlaaary detriment, render. d It Invaluable aerTlo* * In hla department a? w?U on the long march to thl* plaee aa daring the long eon tinned action Lieut ll?no In command of lha bowltim battery, on the 90th, reodeivd valuable aar?lc?? IMdar the ordera of flrlgadl?r Oenarai M?roa, la hla eugaga rnent with tha enemy (imiirtla r*ro? and Cadwalader apeak la the bl*ha?? term* of tba good oouduot and gallantry of UU oAoari