Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1847 Page 3
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vlMtiMoI AH?, Aid. CaioUm mn4 to atrik* Mt three year# and 1n?ett on# year ts the term of service I.oat. A motion vm than and* to strike oat thm year* ud In ?rt two. Lo?t The suction tu then r? j-cted by ayes end nays. Th? iurth?r consideration of the report was ttun laid v-pon the table. ^ yrt )ri-m th* Bocrd of Jtlitrmm ?The Board ooncarrel in appointing Henry Cole a weigher and ganger. AUo. in appropriating $100o for the building of a suitable Muifice for th? tdioiio children now oo BiaokwaU's Island?said building to b? arreted on Raadall's Island. A communication vrae received from the City Inspector, in favor of Oiling up vaoantlloU in 12th street, bet*"-n avenues"B and 0. Acoeptedin concurrence. ivtition ?f an indtvldii?l lo put up an Iron railing in 1 Walker street, upon the sidewalk Granted In ooncur- ; renee. A resolution that Liberty street, from Broadway to Maiden lane, bo lighted with gas. was oonctsrred in. Mao. that Willett street, from t J rand to Rivington,be lighted with gas It was then moved and seconded that the reoonsideratlon of th? veto of his honor the Mayor, on the vote rafolDK the salary of the clerk of the Superintendent of Buildings, from $400 to $760, he taken up. (Carried. The oilglnal -eaolution was submitted to his honor in September last, and returned with his objections. The Hoard of Aldermen passed it afterwards, his honor's obi^Atinna tn (ha AAtiltftrw n/tfMittiafandleio asiil !**? nea. dent notion was on a concurrenoa. The affair wan tbe suSjsct of muoh debate, pro ud con, and was finally disponed of. Non-soncurred in? tl ayes, 8 nays. The mesiege of bis honor the Mayor in relation to lighting tbe oity. ke , laid on tbe table in tba former part of thti uvutiiog, wa? taken up and referred to the oomraittee on lamp* end gits. Th- Board then adjourned to Monday evening next, at 6 o'clock. Law Intelligence. Si'FRiMt Ceua-r, Nor. 3J ?Special Term?Before Judge Edwards.? Merrill vs. Mirritt?Divorce, a Wncu la. Mc Ti/yre el al ut President, if". Bank of Whitthall? Motion io amend bill granted, with costs of a further ticswer, If it shall be neoetssry. IVh 11 rt Halker tl tl ? injunction dissolved; cost* to abide the event. * In the mutter of Ike \tu> York arnl Niw Haven Roilrood C<> - -The original award of the appraisers must be substituted In the pi*c? of th.1 award of the 28th Ootober. atid the direct uud cross interrogatories ami maps jaunt he annexed to the award; but neither the law under wbioh the appraisers were appointed, nor the crdtr under wblcb they acted, require tbit the title of the owner fchculd be inserted In the award. Tbe prayer of ibe pe'Irion granted, except as to that part which raUt-n to the tnp rtlon of the title. II-yr a,I.. Iltyt - This order. In respect to the exceptions to th n options to the Master's report, must b modified so ns 'o comply with the provisions of the A3d rnl?. In other renpects the orders are in aooordance with the deoislin rf the court. I* Chambshi. Nov. 23? Before Judge Edmonds.? The Jeff'* ton Co Rink vt I'rtmr. FKnrii <J- Co?Jud^e Edmonds KKve his deoision In this case this morn ng. from which the following.!* au extract, and is tbe most int'erUl rart cfit :?I have said bis Honor.oarefully ex aiuined tbu provisions oftbo act of 1831, (the Htilwell aot) with a view of gathering, as clearly as possible, its intent ion in respect of the question before me, and in spite ot my preconceived opinions on the subject,formed, it would neem, from a superficial examination of It, I have been inettibly csndutltd to the conclusion tliat th? proceedings uuder the act are never for the benefli ot creditors at lir(t-. except in the single instance of sn asHignmenc. Biter i no u?D'.or suau u? cc.nvicteu or a misdemeanor; and that, up to the execution of the assignn\?nt, they h r.t for th? benefit of the prosecuting creditor mIodh Whetb-r. afier the uei !gom'-nt. it shall come to the 1 enetit of himself aud otbeis situated like him, (that i<< who have commenced suit* or obtained judgint n's, aad uitde demendti) is a quotinn that, I d" not attempt to docide It i* xnongh for the decision of the (ju??tion before run tint 1 h&vu arrived at the conclnsiou tttat the prosecuting O'editor Jb untitled to a preference ov.-r creditors K?ner><lly, eitber for himself alone or fir hitnx-lf tin I other* of a oerUia diss, for t hen it becomes ' unjuit" uudvr the statute for the debtor to resist or defeat lils claim Tin complainants are entitled, of course, to th?j remedy which the statute gives them to u f.roe their licht, and that in the warrant to commit. Tho drfxndant'R counsel then anplied to allow them to stau i out on their own recognizances. which was op. pot.nJ by Mr Sherman on the part of the bmk. The Jud*e allowed the matter to s'uodover until to-morrow (tbis morning) to give defendant's counsel an opportunity of o'-nrijerinx the ???se and to decide upon what further step he should tehe. UwiTtD StaTks Duthict CovnT, Nor 22-B?forc Judge Eetts?Stnttncti?The fallowing persons, convicted of attempts to create revolts on board American ships, received sentence this morning:-Oeorste Huxford and Charles O'Hale-lluxford to pay a fine of $30. and H-<li to piy aflna at $16, and to be imprisoned until the fine is paid Peter De Russea, to be impr'soned one laoptb, an I to pay a fine of $20, and to be imprisoned until the fine is paid j William Smith, of New York, to p<y a fine of $10; George Freelove, John Lewis, and John Brom, each to pay a floe of $16, and to be imprisoned until paid; Antonio Fernando to pay a fine of $12 ; John Peterson to pay a fine of $20, and to be imprisoned until the fine is paid; and William Smith, of Liverpool, to bu imprisoned three months, to pay a fine of *30, aud be Imprisoned until the fine Is paid. C?uktof Over ako Terminer, Nov. 22 ? Before Judge Edmonds, and Aldermen Dodge and McElrath.?The court o:gat<iz?d tbis morniug. and so n after adjourned The Circuit Court remained in session, tried one small case of no interest, and then adjourned. Common Pleai. Nov 22 ? Before Judce Inirraham.? Jjmh Kii'ffmun v. (Jaipur Brarkmnn ?Action for wsuult aril battery. Verdlot for plaintiff, $3). The cuuse ot" \W*t vs Anderson End another, whioh was tried before and reported, wss then oalled on, and not concluded when the court adjourned. Cockt or Arrttu-NoT 1J.?The Conrt mat at the u"u*1 hour, and was occupied the entire day with the arguaen; of cause No. 12, which wan not conoluded when the Court adjourned Scrnr.ui; Lot.'rt ?Nov -Ji ? Present, Justice* Hurlbut. McCouu ao'l Mason.?The Court met at 10 o'clock, took up on? Nh J7, The Pfople vt Uruokt j, whioh wu finished. Cauru No. li w?s next taken up, and was not conoluded when the Court adjourned. Police Intelligence. Chargr of /'erju-y ? Officer A. M. C. Smith, of the lower police ofllae, arrested yesterday morning, aided by Captains Bush and Lawrence, of the Oth ward, a man by the nnme of Charles Turner, on a warrant Issued by Jutice Drinker, wherein he stands charged with committing wilful perjury, In a suit brought by Abraham Lent against Maria, his wife, for a divorce, in the Circuit Court, before Judge Kdwards. It appears from the afll iavlts before the magistrate, that Turner waj a witniss for ttie huebaud and swore on the trial that on the fir?t Monday In November, 1846, Mis. Lent ou that night came to his room, at No. 18 Twenty-flrs* civet, find asked for lodgings, when she undrisred herg<>lt and rrinMnrd wilh him during th?t rli?ht In thn i-atuo bed. This testimony being direct he for u the court, and material to the raster atIssue iu provin/ the charge of adul ry, a divorce W4B grant td in l'?vor of the husband. Mrs Lent in w proven t,y t wo resoecfable witnesses that the testimony ft'.ven by Turner in fal?e and untrue; for on that nigh', the first Monday in novttnher, lHli), she was in tie hous- No U>i 3l?t street, from 10 o'clock that day ti'i'li the next mornlrir, and at night occupied the seme bed ?nd bed-room with Mrs. tlizitbeUi Hard well and Amelia Wilson; and furthermore, that had she known, or b*eu preseut at said trial, or known of said Turner to in'.ending to testify, that sou couki nave proaunea etnple.full rebutting evidences a* cow pri een'ed Turner wn? brought before fustics Drinker, who committed hi'U to the Tombs for examination. jlrrestnf a J'ufitive?Offloar William H. Stepbans, One of our v iluable nil irhtt at the lower police, arrested i.rly v ate.-d iy, a man by the name or John A. Ru?seli on a ouirnH of obtaining quantity of dry goods, valued atfriM} 63 froia the Qrm ot AloDougall & Clark, residing ia U-ltiuiore, by false and fraudulent representation*; iiIko a bill of goods, amounting to $184 27, from Adaina k lioliueiid. or the same city, by false representations. The ao -.used was handed over toofflcer Kldgely, or Baltimore, who couveyed him btok to that city for trial Charge of Jlt?ault ?A coinplaint was mala yesterday bwf ire Justice K?toham, by Mr Henry 8 Langley, bookseller. against H-ratio Hill, auctioneer, corner or Uey street iud Broadway, who is alleged to hare struck aud k eked Mr Langley without provocation. A warrant wus issued bv the magistrate for the arrest of the aecuced aud plaited iu the hand* of uflioer Willis. Huyinf Stolen O >ad? ? Uflioer Kdwards, of the 17th ward. err. stej yesterday a man by the name of John Miller, k>ep-r of a Junk shop at Sfii Water street, on a charg < of buying a lot or laad from a boy oalled Barney Hneuy, bic'i lht> buy alleges Miller kuew to be stolen at 1 he liine if purchase, ai he tr-ld hint so, and informed fim likewiee where he had sto'en it from. Justice Ketflham hell the aioujed to bail in $600 to answer the ch rgi. C ire <<f Q^a*d Lween]/.?OiHc ir Rider, of the 3d ws'd. arr><<ted emlf yesterday morning, upon the arrival of the staamb^at Hudson, a man railing hlm??lf J tries Thompson, oi a charge of Mlealing from tbe poak?t of leco^ f atoer, of East Hudson, ( oliunbia co ?.r." of tha pais ti g-'ifl. n wt'lle". oontaiutug $109 iu bank b 'Is O.j the ?rr- ; of tbi uo.iu-'ed,n? acknowledged havi" - ??.-bu', -aidthit ba fiun l it on tbe deck , cfihabotf.; f. h id <<i ent * dollar In treiitlngbls frUu Ja ?tbe balao '? wan recovered. Justice Osborne looked h'tn up tor trial, Myicty ?We notls?d In Monday's Hrrald the di' ipp' ar> Of of a yourg man hy the nmnaoj rhus Moll ii, In ? vtry wyi"t rlous ainn?r, ?ud thesrrest of * mun by tee tia'mi of Bomard MuMin no suspicion ot { b-lng roiqernml in the inv.t-r yesterday fcunlhur link ! ?:i< added <o vhrt ? 1'pioinn of murmur having been ei.m- , lui ted Iri'mtie Net < fMoGwrD'l hat hiving h?nn f.mud In in opto I t n -ir I3;h ?rre?t, together with his handk ?:)lci i"?iura*t I .vith bl>od leaving a conciuiion that ? in? f ml means have bo?n u??d agaiat MoKwen, as bis Wi ir-rnb ii c mot, be h.ic ri n.n^d slnoe lust Tburtdav Etg>i'. noil Ui?u ii" w*? last s> en In the company ot Mul- , 1> u 11.6 p lii'?, however, are on the ('ii mvr, and no ' doubt er* long someihlrg will tarn out that will show < ro light on this <) -? I of d irltnem !.i>H ' f a Siugt brivcr.?OUlcer I.eontrd, one of j t'i? sta." inf p?rtor?, arrested yesterday, 9 D Bln/bam, ; uriT r < f oneof;.h? l'.a<t Broadway ttigea, on a charge ' of a ut'lDg Cn?st'*r f Siimgue, driver of one of H'tfl.., i* *1 m'.i, with ih'i butt wild of bU w'np. He was j ta<c->i beto e the ?I#yor, who hili him to ball m $3"iOfor ! bin 'ipi*ar*oe< at o iurt ' r ttlal. .in ? 'i i Cimui t 'i Buigiury ?OlBoer Long. 'f the 11 tti wnrd, arresto-d ' n .Sunday night.a mini call d Adaui K r, on a cherg- of attempting to br'aK into ? sl.?dgbt,r liouw ana " '> e Ttt? officer caught hi n iu j tn? not. i.ii i Jutioe K>-tobam locked turn up Tor trial. M?nu SI ;i Uwicl th' C"}i <ind thrL p.? fr'or trie last , f?? *nk< pa?t. a mm by tie name of Bartholomew ' Ward, a residt-nt id' Ur.? 'klyn. has be?n In the haoi' of Saddling hii ii ii;, und rlsitlug on* of the belles" on th? i H?e Polntsof tdils city. Upon Ills arrival at the door of ! hi< lady lair, the h irse Invariably was m?dn faet to a | wagon wheel near by. to await the pleasure of his mas- ' ti-r All tliin worked esneedlngly well until last nUht; | it is supposed that his Wily lorn mixed his liquor rather Stringer than u unl, for on si-pnratlng at a ratber late : hour. Mr. Ward felt exceedingly merry, so much sn, that h absolutely disturbed the ijulet. of the peaceful Points, pnd th- attention of officers MoManns and Owens was ' drawn to the spot; but a* Mr Ward was mounted, the j pflioeri found it dlOoult to nuke an MTMt, as h? would gallop btalmrd and fbtinri M mu hmI, 4 U John OH pin; and, when rpoken to by the polfoe, only d?r?(l their authority. The offloers Anally gave ohaflt, and off started Ward, at full speed, up Anthony atraat to Centra, whan suddenly turning into Centra, and about putting bU linger to hi* naae. In order to bid adlau to hla pursuers. hii hor?? trip pad against the railroad, which threw blai plump ouMislde lu the ttreet; this Kara time for the oCt'iprx to come up aud ia the tinkling of a lamp post. Mr. Ward tuuu'i binn-tlf In the Rrip of tbe police, and the poor horse received a brutaed leg. caused by falling. In the morning Mr. Ward waa conducted before Justice Osborne, who lined him $A for being drunk and diaturbiag the peace, and 76 centa for tbe (tableman in taking charge ef hie horse, which eum he i paid and waa liberated from custody. Thue, by Indulg- , a little two freely, the nlght'a excursion oont him f i 74, and a lodging iu the Tombs, besides. Mall Faliarts The Kaatern mall waa only partially through yesterday. Wa received no New York papers ?Mobile Herald and Tribune, Nov 14th. Arctic Expedition ?A letter has been received from Dr. John Rue, dated at York Factory, Hudson's Bay,on the 31st of September last, in which he gives an interesting description of a successful eipe ' dition, undertaken by him, In July, 1840, under tha direction of the Hudson's Bay Company, for surveying the part of tha Arotlc ocaat, at the north eastern angle of the American oontinent, which remained unexplored. He had successfully executed his mission, and returned, miw u???uj lur ou*bi mn m* way irom L,ortl Mayor's Buy to within a few miles of the Straits ot the Fury and Heola, and having proved the coirrotDfia of Sir John Kom's supposition. that Boothier Felix la a peninsula. He left Fort Churchill with a party or thirteen man, July 6, Ibid, and returned there,after a most difficult and adventurous journey, September 8. 1$47. !tlelodeon._C. White, ill* celcbraud Nc|io voctlist, and Master Juba, are drawing crowds to this saloou. Arrival I'neipertrd_Q?neral Tom Thumb -nil his fuller* d bu mother, and yruuger brother, have ai- | riveu in this city, tad have tikcn the Chinese Museum in Cioton H?ll. comer of Bowery aud Division street, anil for thr benefit of persons ofUr?r families, the Oeueral lias reduced hit juice of admission; therefore all persons wishing to ice tlx General and his Chinese museum, which contains more tU.'ii iCUO Chinese curiosities, ,can do so by callinff si .Vo. 7. corner Rowery. Admission ouly cents Ou ihis occasion, the Oeu il has made up kis iniu<i 10 be generous to nil, and says all persons smaller than himself, of any age, will tind at the door their names marked fiee. The Uenenl's inotlf r will piv particular attention to the ladies, and give the asuse ol his diraiuutiveuess if required. The General is about to be married to a young lady who in still more diminutive ihan himself, weighing only l#S The joint weight of this wouderful couple will uot exceed 63 pounds. Dnu't forget, ladies and geutlemeu, the Geuenl is a great singer, and will sine snugs at any time day, or eveumg.when ended on. Hours of exhibition from 9 in the morning till 10 in the evening. Grand Fancy Bali, 58 Prince Street, Coet line Warehouse ?John Ueo g? Taylor, the celebrated Costurner. is now employed miking up the most splendid new ostnmes for the approaching season, end Mr. William D liblee, lli'r Dreiser, 243 Broadway, is prepanug Character Wigs to suic each costume. Dresses and Wigs for Balls, sent to any pnr' of the Uniou. When a large (inutility is required, a person will be seut to superintend them. Orders left as shove will immediately be attended to. Robes, Kegalia, Cnsrumes, and every requisite prepared and on hand foi 1. U. of O. F. Racket?We are pleated to see thU manly and healthful gaine ad- pled as sn amusement by some of our tnobt renpectable citizens. No better evidence of its rapid increase can be wished than the recent erection of the splendid rou t in the upper partofour city. These rem-irks are called forth by our examination nt me two bmutiful ( '.uglish and America* ) models Mfom m be executed by Mr. B. K. Theall. of 396 Broadway, improvements hav* been made, aud we recommend all who are fun' of this tie lighif i| gnne to avail themselves of Mr. T.'s invitation to call iud examine them. a (in iiiuiana ariiw utrowutu uoun m uw Mnenm list '-iglit, and w<-r? piounuuced r>y all who ?w tlirm to * ? ttm fl int company ol intive stages ibst" nit visired ih*ritir? of the pal* Pees. 1'hey give their pei. fora&uces ibi< aftrrui 01 and eveui g. Laughing Una _A.n Exhibition and Lcctar* upon the letheon, hydric eth*r aud nitrous oiid* (or laughing gas) Will he iii?en at the Minerva llooms. 491 broadwav. thi* I I'uesday) eveni g Nov 8', 1817, by Dr. C D. Akin. Tick*'* Hi cents earh, for sale nt the door. Lecture to commeucc at 8 o'cl ck precisely. Oald Fens .The wa? to get a good one la to j try u lame numb-*', and select one to suit your Mud, for scarce any two persons hold their pens alike. Messrs J"hu W. Oraa* | ton k Co hare (or this purpose established a wholesil* and . retail depot at No. 7ICe<lar s're t. up-staiis, only one door | f oDi the post i flice, wnere you can lit down Mid try pens of u'l 'PproTed makers in competition, an I decide for you'sell their relitive merits. Mess s Grraton it Co roil me themseises altnoit txelu?irely to the Gold Pen business, and bv no dmiikthey can offer gre?t inducements in Urn quality and price of their lliamind Pointed Quid Pens. N. B. Uold Peiis lepured and repoiuted, Keep It Before the People, that Jonrk'a, 4 Ann street, is the clieipe't and best place iu the city to (et vour Boi'tsaud Shoes. He sells his best French Calf Dr<s* Moot* it. $1 bO? usually $t 00; second quality do. $3 JO? ust, ally SS 00 Large t ub sales and light expenses accoant for on' friend Jones selling so remarkably low. Hi* goods are all wariuitcd to give eatir* satisfiction. flair Cnttlng and Trimming WhUken_ Theie a'* maov things to be Couudticd previous to the execution of the above, iu order to gi\e entire satisfaction; for inttaucr, the hair, head, and whole person, in connection with his calling or piofcssioii, whether it be ministerial, l?gil. physician, or intellectual of any kind, geuileinan, gallan', lop, mechanic soap lock, i>r otherwise,the minutest pirt r.t winch is faithfully studied ami executed, b7 HII..L, the inimitable Hair Cutter, at No. 13 Nassau street. Diamond Pointed Gold Pens B. K. Watson it Co , 45 William street, one door below Wall street, and I. >. Swage, 91 Kulrou street, minufactnrers and wholesale nud retail dealers iu Uold Pens. Hold I'eu and Pencil < uses, itc Ike . have ererv variety of Oolil Pern. uhii.|.n..?nir...i iirici lower 'hau any oilier h-xisn in the city. Their " Richelieu"' Pen i? the only article of the kind rlni i? wairnuted, and which stands pre-eminent for ill great durability and superior l:ni>h. having mva>i*bly proved itself the beat and ihenpest pen in the world. P ice only $2. Oilier (Void Pens At SI, |1 25 and$l SO. Gild Pens carefully repaired KhenmatUm, Palna, anil StlfTneaa or tbe joint*. swelling of the muacular substances tear them, and >i.her ditticoiuir syuii't'inii ton well kuown to nre.J description, may be effectually removed by the uie of King1* Compound Syrup ol Hydiiodute of Totaasa, Sarsapanlla and Yellow Duck Knot It is recommended lii fall confidence as beniita epecilic, and nreds but a trial to convince the inoit credulous of its surprising properties. Prepared and for >ale bv C H. Unix. Druggist and Chemist, 192 Broadway, comer John street. At tile Goodyeur Rubber WartJuuie, 100 Broadway, iniy be found, not on'y the most exMRve va'iely of Patent India Upbber f.bries, but in particular. Ov?r Shoes, combining all the recent improvements in the manufacture of this article, with the cheapest market priee. Tliote of our Iriei.ds who huve purchased their over shoes at this establishment. will be astonished at the improvement iu them, and esu well afford to throw away their old ones and get those of the present style. Portable Shavlog Cases, of <ui entirely new and compact cousfuctiou, furnished w"h articles, the sixeol which do D"t detract from their iisefu'a 'is. forming an elegant and complete appendage to (he toi et ind also pecn iarily a irptcd to the wants of tlie traveling pun ic. For m'e at O. 8AUNDKRS U bON'S, 177 Broadway, opposite Howard's Hotel. Pocket ami Pen Knives, llazor*, etc.?A heiu'ilul assortment of the above can be seen nt the subscriber*'together wi h a large variety of scissors, mil files and polished steel goods. Razors ground and set. Cntlery repaired. II. 8AUNDK1W Ik WON, 177 B-oadway, A few iloori hove I 'nnrtlanilt ft"-"**. 910IKY MAUKKT. Monday, Nov. !iU P. M. Tbtre wag (uitn an Improvement in the stock market to-d?y: prices advanced a fraction, but the transactions were not very larg?. At tho first board, Heading Railroad went up a per cent; MorrU ' anal >?; Canton l?; I Fanners' Loun j?; Long Island )?; Harlem fell off ' *' and ' Norwich and Worcester closed firm at prices current on [ Saturday. At the second board, Harlem decllnud s : Long Island > X; Norwich and Woroester Heading Railroad advanced 3 pur cent; Heading Hinds There Is a cornering operation going on i& Heading, and twt> of the Philadelphia Banks are deeply oonoerned in the movement. They have loaned largely on the stook, and if they are not c?ref<il, m-ty get in an light a pluoe at the American Exchange Bank of this city did, in 1:? operation* lu Harlem. The Philadelphia bank* w? re fer to, have about 10,000 shares already hypothecated ?ith their, and they are fast Oiling up with 11. It would be well if the diriotors would look Into this business. Thero have been several extensive failures in different sections of the Union, involving a pretty large amount. . / HilESl'rTCIES I* THE UNITED 8tatei. Kimball. Ji-wett it Co, dry goodi merchants.. . , Boston. j H?rnce Gray ic Co , Iron merchants " ' banning, Beal & Co , flour dealers New York. Allen and Whittlesey, do " Prime, Ward Ji King, bankers Jam** MoCullough, lead merchant " Francis Hkldrfv " Ki?hor Dav, dry good* merchant Charleston, 8.C ! John Bellows, Jr., clothing merchant New Orleans, j The liabilities of these ennoernf amount to about six millions of dollars Tfyj) two flanr dealers of this city, j named above, have made a compromise and resumed business The Supreme Ceurt b*s made a decision in favor of the J?ffer*on County Bank, in the oastiof Prime Ward i v <-o , tne mtfot oi which is to place the back an* those i who brought similar suits, In the position of preferred oreditors An appeal will probably b? maJe, and the can* carried to a higher eonrt. A full report of the d? onion will be found In our oolumm, under the appro- J prists head The movements of specie In th? world are oreatlng < considerable excitement, and the attention or floanolal olrcles In directed to tbe principal sources of supply. Id th>? ?*st the supply Is derived from Itupsla, and In the weft from Mexico. These two countries hold a position In the flnnici-l world suptvlor to any others In eilst*nc? i The hlmperor of Russia Is more omnipotent In Kurope brough the Influence of his mines of gold and silver than In auy other wny, and he holds within his bands the fate of t?? commercial classes, and In fact, almost 1 tbe governments of every other Knporean nation Mis appearance In the market as a purobaser of government securities alarmed those nations that were laboring under flnanclsl embarrassments, but they were compelled to avail themselves of the relief presented, to avoid Immediate evils The large amount of French govern- j nient stocks purchased by the Kmperor of llussia of the Bank of France, created quit* a stir In the poiitioal olr. I oIm of Kuropo, and wtll It mlg bt, for it la on* of tho#e J ornament* upoa tha political obeat bo*r< ovulated * Alarm thoM goTarnmaats which trt pi bead la auch a peculiar Doaition. Tha mines ei Russia art la tha budl of an Individual who will maka at*ry use of than to advance hit private wealth and political power. It would be most unfortunate for tha world at larfa, and for tha governments ol Europe In particular, had tha ?ouro* of supply ot precious metals been confined to iluMia; but such la not the oase. We have lu thU fcamlt-phere ulna* as rich as those of any other flection of the world, and these mines hare fallep into the hands of the Anglo-Saxons. The Mexican war will ba the meana of opening theaa mine* to tha world, lacreaee tha production of precious metal*, and annul the monopoly that Kusala has for the past year or two enjoyed. Tha war has arre.ted tha mining operations of Mexico very materially, but wa ara about entering upon a naw era in this business. A few years will suffloe to quadruple tha mineral productions of Mexico. There are more than three thousand mines of preoioui metals In Mexico. Of these a very few ara gold mines. The silver mines ara mora numerous, and it Is estimated by raoent travellers In that region, that if thay ware properly worked, they would produfe five times as much per annum a# they ever bare. The average exportation of speoie from Mexloo for many years past, has been about twenty-fire millions of dollars per annum. For tha two years previous to the commencement or hostilities butweon Mexico ana the United States the produce of the mine* was larger than uhu?1, In consequenoe of the Increased facilities fcr working upon which immense sums had been expanded, but the war arretted most of the operations, and the produetion has ilnce been limited. All that is now necessary is proper management and proper protection ? We could, in a few years, raise from the mines of Mexico. already known and partially worked, one hundred militant of dollars per annum. This is an immense sum, and may appear extravagant; but it only makes one American equal to four Mexioans In mining preoitui metals, while we know that one Is equal to more tban naif a dosen Mexicans In fighting. The mines of Mexioo are Inexhaustible ; all they want is properly dlreoted labor to make them immensely productive. The importation of speole Into thi.) country for the past twelv?years from Mexico, has been as annexed Import or Specie into thk United States from Mexico. 1ST) $6,927 264 1810 $1,461,892 181 6 1.34:1,181 1841 I 938 081 1836 4.637 418 1843 1,312 817 181 7 4 660 988 1813 2 176 Ml 1818 2 689 4 26 1 846 916.407 1839 3,273,648 1816 698,633 This shows a deoline from seven millions to seven hundred thousand dollars, In twelve years. Our export trade with Mexioo has fallen off in the same way. In 18 6 the value of our exports to that country was more than nine millions of dollars, of which more than three millions were in domestio products. Vti.te or Merchandise Exported from thk United States to Mexico. Domeilic Foreign Total Produce. Produce. Export 1 1814 1.192.616 4,072.407 i,2M? 0J3 1816 3 016 612 6.012 6H9 9020 2 1 i.Tt> 1 000 639 4 640 996 6,1111,636 18)7 939 ti3 2 240.710 3.88M.323 I8J8 1.140 906 1.133 191 2.161017 IUt9 816,660 I.07O.7U2 2,7*7 36* 1310 969.9^8 1,44J.4*3 2,511,341 1811 886.513 1,150,107 2.036,620 1312 969 371 564.862 1.534,231 1813 9)17,745 564 102 1,471,937 1845 784,154 368,177 1,142,331 HI6 901,333 629,847 1,520,180 This trade ha* beoorne reduced to m trifling sum. The exhibit of the trade In 193.5, show* to what extent It oan be carried. We have never imported anything of contequeuoe from Meiloo but specie, but the production* of that country are of a nature, that will flud extensive markets in other parti of the wot Id. The Mexioan confederacy is eoupoied of thirteen State*, four territories and the federal district of Mexico. The federal district and Zucala produce lndtgo> dye-wood*, lie. Chlapa, Tabasco, Oaxaca, Vera Crux aud Puebla, raise wheat, tobacco and maize. Mexico, lueretaro, Mlohoacan, Ouaoaxuato, XalUco, Ban Lui* Potosi, Zucatecas, New Leon, Tamauilpa*, Ourango and Coahulla are confined mainly (o gold and silver mining, though they all grow maize and large herd* of cattle. Souora and Slnaloa, New Mexico and the California* hive gold and (liver tuiaes, *ooe iron and lead, and produce corn, wine, and great herd* of oattle. Tsmpico i* the principal outlet to the mining district*. The mine* of Sombresete, is /acatecaa, are celebrated for the rlohn -Bft of their veins,which in aspaoe of a few month* have produced a net profit of four million* of dollars. There ure some very wealthy mine* near the capital, which were long since abandoned, in consequence of the terrible fires which have occurred in some of them. The mineral district of Uurango, la exceedingly valuable. Id ouo real, in the vicinity of Chlbnalnia, there Are thirteen silver mines, one of gold and one of oopper; and at M&iepernle. seven silver mine* and one gold mlue. The Mexican gold la lor the moat part obtained from all uvi# grounds, by meana of waahiDg. These grounda are common in the State of Sonora In the plain of CIneguiella, grains of gold of auch a aire, were found nineteen inches below the suifeoe, that some of them weighed nice marks each, valued at more than $100<>. I n (several other places, large pieces of gold have been found ; it ia also found in the veins which lnterseot the mountaina of primatlve rook ; these veins have been found a foot and a half thick. There ia soaroe a silver mine in Mexic* that does not contain some gold. Of the interior metals, there are mines In great abundance, and of almost every description, which only need science and enterprise to bring forth their hidden treasures to the surfaoe. The position in the financial world which the possesion of there mines will give us,will be equal to that of the Kmperor of Russia, and whatever Influence the government of Russia may exert in relation to the alfaira <f Kurope, by means of his immense gold mines, the Unit, ed btates will have a very great conservative Influence in connection with any Kuropean government. In the event of Russia attempting to crush any of the more liberal governments of Kurope, we shall be In a position to aid the distressed, and relieve them froa the financial power of the autocrat. The two great specie countries In the world are Russia and North America Stnck Knthansa. $11000 Trea* Note* S'a 991* 100 *hi Karmrri' Tr Li JO 1<\ 5100 U S 6'*,'67 iOO Hll>i 300 (I.I 2i? 50(10 do 102 100 do Hill 2','i ' nil do i't, '53 #1 Kit do 060 :'(.>? lOll'IO Penn 5'a Iii>? 72)^ 100 ilo (, lot 2CS 200'0 do tlimi 72 150 do 25V 10000 do 60J* 73 100 do k60 r>\ 10000 do ' 73.'? 50 Mum* Canal >60 lojj 10000 . do lif.O 73>; 50 Canton Co 27 V 5 00 Ohio #'?, '60 *4in< 97 50 do 27*? 5000 Reading Bdi it 15 70>? 150 do *60 27>j 10000 d.) >15 71 25 Nor k Wur KR 35V 17 ?h> Kk of America !)? 100 ilo <90 35V 'I B:iili of Coin, full IV 100 di ?lma 35'* 100 Kradiii,-1111 ?#0 57 75 Utica k Schenectady 116 50 do 59Jf 575 Harltm Hit ID loo do 60 200 do >6ma 3d 6<i.i do >90 59 V oo do >60d* 33 rn do 61. ! , 250 do 38,'? 27 j do >60 6' \ 1,0 do 38 V 200 L Ial.iud RH 27\ 100 do Imw 38)i M dj 1)30 28 300 do l>6?da 10 8 ceo ml Board. JIVtf.0 Tieaa Noie> 99X It'll >h? II irleio UR >10 38 mo Heading Boml* 73 100 do c301> 39U 5.11.0 do 72J< 100 do >30 38 100 ulta L Itland 11R U0 it 200 do 38 50 do 27 JO do >31 38 100 Nor fc Wnr RH 35 160 do V10 3K^ 50 Kfadnn RR #2)4 loo do 37J< IU0 do 63 50 do ?I5 37K l*? do 62V 100 do 37U 1)0 do >90 62* 50 do >30 37 C N?W Stock Esrhai^e 25 ilia IJ 8 Bank 3 51 ah* Harlem RR c 38 'i 50 Nor fc Wor RR *30 JS 30 do c 38<C 2 i do 31V lofl do hj jj 50 Harlem RR c 37% 100 do b'< 38'iJ 50 do e 38 51 do ] 37V 2 VI '.? C 38^' 50 do *3 18 ? >00 do c >8<? 50 do a<0 *7)2 .11 do C 37 C 25} do *10 3*W 101 d 1 e 38(J CITT TK\Oal RKHOKT. Nkw Yori, Monday Af'?rnoon, Nor 22. The Ml|(bt kdvanrn noticed on Saturday waa feebly maintained. and, at the enhanced quotation*,there were mnrm aailara' than butere. Bale* of Oent'aee and Of wegowere male to a moderate extent at about 6'^ centa above tha prices paid before tb? receipt of tie u??? and the market nloaod without animation A aale of IInnrsee wheat win mad* at something under previous askinn prion*. S?lea of oorn wtra mada at 2o a 3o. bett?r than waa current before the now*, though buyer* did uot enter the Market freely; and h?ncc transactions were light Sale* of rye were made without ohange in price; meal wu steady at previous rates; oat* showed i no ohange Transactions In provisions were light, without oikterlal alteration in prices. In graceM**, ooff*e iud sugar remained without change of moment. Anita?TIih mirliet for both aorta waa dull, and prlcea | hnd a downward tendency. We quote pots nomlual at 1i, wbile SO bbla of pe?rta were sold at The l%at sales of Northern yellow, were ro?dn at 44 ct* The mark-t was dull. nar?niTcrrs? Flour Hale* ol '2000 bbla were made, including common Michigan at $0, and Oawego,straight bruud* at (A 12>tf. Salea of aoout 600 a 101)0 bbli Oene see, in small pare :1a, were made at fS 2">, hut ?t this price lota were freely offered without readily finding purchasers Small lota of extra were sold at $4 37X Southern continued in light supply, and holder! as*?d $rt AO Sales of J00 bbls were mitde on the wharf at $'i 44. IVheal?A stle of 'J400 bushela uf fair Oeneaee. ?? made at 136 ota Cam? Holdera inhibited a fair amount of samples, and aaked 7.1 eta for mixed, and 78 a HO ota for good flat and round yellow, but buyers lalletl to meet them on these terms, and sniea of 4000 bushela were made. Including high mixed with iome small parcel* of yellow, at 74 ota. and 1000 do new yillow. were sold at (i.i eta Afeal?Sales of 'J00 bbl* New Jersey afloat, were made at $3 44. and In store at f3 <>0, and 140 do, thl* State, were sold at >3 25 fly*? Sales of I MX) bushels were made at 00 ota. Hi/* Fltur hm worth f>5. Oafs w-re dull at W eta. There waa nothing done in Hurley Candles - Sperm oontinued firm at 33 and patent do I at too. Coerce?Inill *u laa*;flrn. iUiM of ? * MO tact of damaged, ?tl? sold by auotlon itA% a 4J<o. Milt. Thera wara negotiation* od foot for a oooaiderabl* lot,%t trivet* itlt, on UrBiMld to b* ea*i*r to the pur?b**er. out not eoocninmatad. A cargo wta appointed to b* told on Wednesday by auotlon. Thar* waa no change In otba* kin da. Cotton?The transaction* to-day bay* been of too limited a nature to determin* prloe*?tha tandeney of which. hewever. appeared to be doWtiWards. Fiim-h*le?of about ttoo bbls of mackerel wer* report! 1 ad, Including No. l's (reported sold) at (4 and No 2't at ">0 a iO 75. The market waa some lore l.rni. , There a ere no arrival* of dry cod. and uos&les reported. 1 in IV?Sale* of about 000 bote* liunoh raisin* were ! made at 1ft; sale* of about 4a0 boxes do. damaged ware told by auotton at 110; a lot of qr do, at 37X a 4Jr, and half do at 46 a >0c. cash, all poor quality and damaged. ItKMr ? No change. Lkad?The last Kales were made at $4 40. Lathi?Sales of 1,000,000 were mad* at 176o. Mouihi were inactive. Naval Stoiu 1 ?The market remained dull for every description, which were rendered less saleable, by tha foreign news. There were rumors of spirits of turpentine having been sold as low as 30o. Raw waa uominal, while rosin and tar remained about the sum*. Oil?Llnsaed?Sales of 800 gallons of Kngliah were made at A4c. City pressed Amerioan of superior quality sold at 58c a UOo Sales of 30n0 gallons were made today. Sale# of -JOOO bbls crude sperm were made at New Bedford, on New York aocount, at 105o a 106c In this market 1000 bbls, selected whale, sold on private terms. Olive was steady at 1 lOo per gallon. raovi?io:?8-Sales of 260 bbls mess pork, In separate lota, wtr? made at $13; prime was duUftand.sald to be offaHA.I At tti Aft V, ?. ?1.1 v.. .1..1I 5){o. Beef? Sales of 6 J tierce* were made en private terms, but city mean and prime were some lower. Cheese was dull; while good dairies (Herkimer) were reported sold at 7o; sales of O'ulo do were made at 6X0. Butter? This State sold at 17o I'ickled llnmn ? Small sales were made at 7\c Kick?The market was dull, and we only uotloed sale* of 60 tierces, to arrive, :it $1 S7>?, and CO do, In store, at $3 43* US ecu?Some small lotn flex seed wete made' at >1 Ml Si. Timothy and clover weie dull. 8uoab? Sal?B of 20a hhds Santa Jago. Cuba, were msde, (common quality.) at 4J*c, and SO do Cuba, sold by auction, at rash. Tallow ?Males of 700 a #00 lbs were made, at Ui^o Whalebone was qui>:t, and no sales were reported. Whkkev?There was a alight rally in this article, and sales of 50 a 100 bbls were made at about 47c, er at a fraction less,in some cases. Kmcjohti?Heavy freight was engaged for Liverpool at 18s 0d. To Havre, ootton was engaged, at Ko, and to Holland, at lc per lb, square bales. Sales or Real Litate.?Lot on Rlvlngton street nrnr Tompkins street, 30x70, $3,150. Brooklyn?S lot h on Tompkins' i'laoe, niar Uegraw street, each 23x113 0 inobes, $976 each?$ 1,930; 1 lot adjoining, 23 1 in xl 1!) ti Ins., $1,175; 1 gore on President, ue?r Columoia st, $700; 1 lot do adjoining last. 35x100, $700; 4 lots adjoining, same slse, $705 each?$3 830; 4 do do $700 each?$2 800; 1 lot oorner President and Hioks sts , same size, $900; a do adjoiuing Hleks st , same slxe, $700 each ? $'2,100; 1 do on Columbia, eorner Carroll st , 36x00. $1,076; 1 do do, adjoiniug, same sixe, $000 ; 3 do dodo, $900 each?$1,800; 4 do en Carroll, near Columbia St., $700 1 ach?$3,800; 4 do adjoining, same slxe, $730 each - $2,880; 3 do do, with 1 on Hicks St , $750 each-$2,360; 1 lot 011 Columbia, corner Summit, 36x90, $1 090; 1 do do. adjoining, same t lie, $900 ; 6 do do do do, $910 taoh ?$4,650; 3 lots on Summit, near Columbia st , each 31x100, $760 each?$1,600, 1 do on Woodhull. near Columbia (t , 36x100, $735; 1 do adjoiuing, same slxe, $760; 1 do do do, $060; ado do do. $700 each -$3,100; 5 lots on Hicks, near Wofldhull st , 35x100, $760 each?$3,776; 1 lot oorner Woodbull and Hicks st. ,36x100, $910 Married. On Thursday, >Jov. 18. 1847. by the Rev. Ira Stewart, William Rat nib* to Mahy ? Smith, all of this city. On Thursday evening, the 18th lust , by the Rev. R. Cox. Mr. Iiaiah McKaouew,of New York, to Miss Mast, daughter of John Opdeuk, Enq, Somerset oouuty, New Jersey. Died. On Sunday last, Nov 31?t, Hiham Oavlomo, of this oitv, (formerlT of the Arm of Uaylord It Hathaway.) In the 43't year of his age ,%JHli? friends aud Hioh? (if hit brother-ln law. Renselaer Tun Brood, are respvotfully invited to attend his tun?ral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, -31 Inst , at 3X o'clock, from 190 Blxeokar street. On Souday evening, 31st iu?t., Mrs. Elizabeth Turma, ?g"d 70 year* Her lriendu and the frUnds of her son*, Aaron and Henry Turner, and her sons-in-law. bamuel Brown and James Conner, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon. Not 33d, at 3 o'olock, from her late residence. 167 Walker street. On Sunday,No*. 31st, MIa* Cathakcve Hum, a native of Hanover, Germany, aged 33 years Tie relatives and friend* of the deceased are respect tally invited to attend her funeral, this ( Tuesday) afternooa, at 1 o'clock, from the residence of her brother-inlaw, Mr. Hmry Slefken, No. 41 Anthony stria , without further invitation. At Brooklyn, on Monday, 33d Inst , of dropsy of the brain, Joh.x E&WABD, seooud son of Thomas and Kmma Jane Tempest, aged 7 years and 33 days. The friends of (he family ara raspaotfolly invited to attend his funeral, from 114 Johnson street, onWtdnes day, tha 34th Inst, at 3 P. M. 3t lu c.onoord. Mass., Nov. 10th, Mrs. Lucy, reliot of th< late Col. Jonas Buttrick. and mother of Stedman Bat , trick, Ks<i . aged 78. Weekly Report of Ueatba lu the City aud County of New k'ork, from the 13th day ol November to the 10th dav ol Morember. 1817. Meut>2; Women 67; Boys 74; (Jirli 49. Total 262. DISBAIKI. Amipleiy, Aithrna, 2. Bronchitis 2; Bleediug, 1; Bleediiik from lungt, I; Cancer 4; Csiutlues, 1; Cholera irfautuin, 4; Cholera Morhiu I; Colic, t; CoiMumptiou, It; Convul ious, 21; Croup, 7; Congestion of luuus, 1; Conclusion, I; Cyauotis, I; Drliility, 'J ; Dcluiuin tiemeu*. 2; Diabetes, I; Diarrhaa. :i; Dropsy 3; Dropsy in the head. 12; Dropsy in the che?t I; Drowned,}; Dyirntery, 15; Kpilepsy. 1; > ever, 4; do biliour, 2; do puerperal, t ; do remittent, I ; do sea-let, 2; uo lypnuiu. j; uo cypnua rj ; ncari, uismar oi, :j ; iioo;>iik e.ongh,2: (r.tiamni.uion, 2; Itflamnmtiou of brain, 1; I nil?-?imutiou oi bowels, 5; Inflammation of lungs, 7; lull im mat ion nf stomach, I; lullxmiiwtiou of womb. I; Inflammation of li' vr, I; Malfjrmatioii, 2; Murnsmua, 12; Old age, 1; PnUy,? I'rein-tuie birth, 3; Small pot, I; Spinal disease, 1; Tumor, 1 Ulcers, I; Unknown, 1 Age?Under one year, 39; 1 to J years, 27; 2 lo 5, SI; 5 to 1# 10; 111 to 2U, 13; 20 to 30, 3i; 10 to 40,27; 48 lo 'HI, Vj: Ml to 60, 14 60 to 70, 7; 70 to 10, 7; K0 to 90, 1; uuknown 4. A W. WHITE, City Iwpector. City Inspector*! Office, Nor.20.1117. I 117" ANTED?By a respectable Oiil, with the beat of citv ft rrleiencea, n situation to cook, waih and iron, or to dc gruer I homework. C?n be icen for two days. I'leaae call M I No 117 Hammond st. n*3 lfm WANTKD?In'an importing fancy business, a young man as clerk. None need ?ppl? who have not been engaged in a biiaii.eia ufannilar description. Addrena, statiug particulars and salary e*i>erte<1, io W 0 . He-a'il olliee. u23 li*m WA.Vl A aiiuuiou, l>y a ycuug wi.iiiju, us cook oi chambermaid; ia a good w?alier and ironer. ? an be seen for two daya, at 8-1 7th arei ue, between 16th acd 17tli ata. n23 If re WANTED ?A situation by a l^roteatnnt girl ?if steady. in duatnoui habita. in a respectable family; the is s good |i|hiu cook and laundress; would do homework for a small family. l'le*?e inquire at 122 Mutt meet. Good city refe* reuce. Will receive application! for two dsys if not Milled belore. nil 't#m OECOND HVNI) H'HNITUH E AMI < LOXIIINO WANTED?Ladies or Oentlemen hiving any superlluous, or i tst i ll" l.lotliing or ! uruiture to dispose of, enn olin u a lair c tah price for the name, by sending for the nibicri l? r st hia residence. or a line addrenel through (> e post will lie Ktiendeil to Ladi's can be attended to by Mrs. Cohen. M. 8 COHEN, 6S D11 sue street. N. B. Old sock or job gnoo* bonghr to any amount. n!3 I It* rc ^TOLE.N?On w fdue.ll IV, I7|I| iiut.lmni ilir rear ol th< kJ La KaTttt? Mablea, 41)8 Bowerr, a St ige Sleigh, Willi dou bit* mi ner?and mia'e but. painted aellow, wiili an rag>rn the daihbnaid Whoever can give information retpeetihg 1 tic i ine will be notably rewarded, by applying at the i.(H< e, 401 Ho WW*. rfl Jfre RICH HOLVD VY PR K 8 K NTH.?LOUIS PKRRKT I *nportei N Watchea, 31 John ?t'e?t. up Utira, offer* lot I ??le, ?t very low pricea, a iclccted invoice o< the iiewe>t pat | tenia of Kreueh Oold Jewtlrf, aach an Biaceletv Ear Ring* . lireaat I'ma, ke Ike.: H..|d and Silver < aid l.'aaea, an?' .Memo i randuin tlooki for l<adiea; Ovid and Silver SnufTand T< hiecr . doiea. ftegar Caaea, lie. Constantly on hand a complete , in tin?ut of Gold mid Silver Waichea, fiotn the ha>t m?ker? in Geneva Lode, ''ham de l-onda and Hi Inner, (fl? it/erland I it) ltt*re WIN1LK BO AHDINO ?Kamiliea and genteel boa'den ii ay Procure eligib e n oma, lor th? winter aeaaon, at tli( National Hotel, No. J Court landt at. Application to lie inadi i to J B.? URTl?. i 21 7i m PROCRAVfl NATION H THK THIKfcK TiMKDel y ia lUngemua?neglect that eold and eonyh ?few week* and the lto|>eofieeoverv will be Ion to ton fo'trrr Let not any reeuniary ron-ideraiion detar yon from trying li [ ?ave vonr lif? and health while there ia a chance, '"onatimi' tion ia annually iweapnig off thonaanda to the tomlii no dm eaae l>aa hnflled the iktll of phyairiai.a like it; no r>hv?icia'i l<atlia;?. baa rver done more for thia large claaa n( aalTerii i hnma-ity, thin Dr. Wutar. An "ounce of preventative i ulcerated,and to di?eamd that no human mean* tun y>' 1 Iron* au rarly giaae. Ity in teatou. try at once, a ni'diCiU' wliirh hu b*?n ofanph infinite viilue lo thonaanda?nHtain linttle of Dr. Wiatai'a Balaam of Wild Cherry, take it. li t an I miter. ifuaceitary, peitevere in mini it. until v n have te moved the dit?a>* entirely. wli c'>. if neglected, will term I irite vour iile. Be not ''ereired by quacka, ?vi h ImIiiMI < tmna and eonnterfei a: Imy non? but the genuine and original i which it aigii'd I. BUTTS ?n the wrapper Kor sale, wnole i >ale a d re'ail. by A B. It D. BANDS, IM Kolton ttreet am hy d'tifiiti niMilly. nil It*m r1 LCEH ' OLBSS ' GLEK8 : ?What have we I,ere ' Tin ' Diamond <ilee Bo >k, edited by ti O. Dyer, No I. run I lainiBK Heven Oleea, >>y rtifn-nt cotnrntert. n j?>t pnbhiheil I and cat be < ht iinrd of I. Holt, jun., IW Knl'on; bnrg?ia 1 1 Stringer; Bcrford; and of the principal t'ealeri and publiaheil j M?o, at the Motieal Timet office, 114 Nats in tt'eet, when | agentt fan be unpplied nil St*m A ?- HARLEM PARK TROTTINC COLH.8L? A Puna of I2'> to comi ' 'T thia ii?y, weather pennittiuK.IM>~a*AM?Mi e h'tta, limtth'ee in Ave, in h<r | ueat. ICntriet?H. Woodruff enter* h. h. Plumb Boy; June Whelp ey ente't br. in Cambridge Oirl; 0 Bronkt entert g m. l ady k.tset; C. Bart ue enter* h in Jeanv bind. If thi weather ?hi tild a?t prove f*ir, the"hove rare wi'l b' ro?t poned until t'huradiy, Nov 2} h. IIIKAM WOODRUFF, i n221?#rc _ _ _ C-bNTKKVILLK COUKHK, L. I ? Pm?" tV-Mile he-'ta bett 3 in VKor a Mule Haoe?Will coin- < IT "i JHRIPrVa 1 hurtday. Nov. 24, at I o'clock P. M, ti r ill > ii and ch ted. t:. H..od ? m?i True Flue. J. C'0> Ul II " Back Dad. Mr. "mith " Ar?n. Milea Wood " ' omet. 1> Abbott " Fue Away. Uorn mi?aicor " i^uruio. Mr Avery " ??? ?*j- JOEL CONKMN, I'ropriftnr. I <r* C *N ARV BIRDS, LDNO BKKED, und ?RR: 7MVMAN MNOING RlltDM ?Tb? rnblic ?ir JffSt fl,"v >n?i'?d to cull mm niminr nv l>?r importation, tiSC prr thin MaylloMrrr. from ,\i.t?rr|>?comprising 30(1 Unman Sonic Bir U, iironoiiiireil tir ilir olilrst imjitu -? in Win rily, lo b? th? lw?t linger* e?er i>ni> rtrd. JO Belgian Lonii llreeil ('?uvif?? wnrr-nird I or* l.ifnl; Nifhtirg t < ? <i Id and Milver l'h???niit<, Wl itriii K lie Alto. 70 L^nt Breed Cantriea, the Hio< k of an Amateur Bleeder. which rtni *" <? be fiiri>*?ae<l In h?-nli b. rol r, or ?h?(>e < 11A li I < KH HWCHK, lm|>orler of Bong Bird". 1M Willism ilrrri, bf j utta Kolton *od Aim M*. "7 Hi'm S W?W l J II- J . .'111. I I BY ? LEOTRIO {TELEGRAPH. LATER FROM SANTA FE. INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE. < kt., fee., if. , Cincinnati, No*, li, im;, I.etlrrg have bran received in thl? city from St. Louis, dited 17 LU instant, which ntalo that lit or advioe* have Wn recalled from Hani a Ke i (The letters oontaiu complaints against Colonel New' ley, for'baviug divided the Missouri regiment. sending parts of it to Chippewa and keeping others against their , will. < j The arrival of Colonel Price, with his vateran troop? was anuounced Ur. Warner, of ("apt. Paul's oumpuuy, was wounded by the Indians, while crossing the Plains lie was sub. sequently discharged from sertloe. Mr. Koote, of Coloael Castor's battalion, died from the sting of a tarantula. Americans (probably at Chihuahua) would be confiscated, and In that case the owners would he sent south and murdered. Steamboat Accidental anil Or eat Loh of Life. Philadelphia, NOT aa?P M A Louisville letter to the Courirr states that the steamer Caroline, from Pittsburg for Pearl River, burst her boiler on Friday morning, near Shawneetown ; Mr Peaoook, passenger from Pittsburg, was killed, and four deok hands badly scalded?one sinoe dead The boiler was defective. The steamer Tempest, bound down, and the Talisman, from Clinton to Ht Louis, came In collision ou Thursday morning, 10 mileB below rape (iarardean, I'paer Miss The T. sunk immediately in deep water. The total loss is estimated at forty lives-some think mor<The ladles and passengers lost every thing, eicaplng only In their nlgtt clothes, and In that condition were taken to (iarardsan by the nteamer Tempest The Hcuthern telegraph line i> out of order Legislative Proceeding*. CNATK. Albany. Not. 21, 1847. Mr. Dkniiton, from the Committee of Conference on j the Manufacturing Bill, reported that the conferences had resulted in a Tery wide difference of opinion as to the personal liability clause. The committee agreed to make the stockholders personally liable for all debts due to the operatives, but to all other business debtors, the conference on part of the House rejected any liability whatever. A proposition by the Senate, for a liability of 75 per cent above the amount of their stook receipt in cases of debts over $ 100, where the creditors agreed in > writiog to release the stockholders from personal llablll- , ty. was rejected Communications were received from David (irahatn and Anthony L Kobertson, commissioners oa legal re- 1 farm, stating that there will not be any report to the Legislature ai mis present btsmon iruui uio ptiruue committee commissioners. A resolution was adopted to acquire into the expediency of repealing or modifying the charter of the Prison Discipline Soaiety. Bills were passed for general plank and turnpike ooinpanies aiismblt. The only matter of Interest was, the adoption of a resolution to adjourn on the 16th of Daoamber, by a vote i of 63 to 83. Aliant, Not. JJ, 1847. The Laohine Railroad, Canada, was opened to th? publlo on Friday last. Weather here very pleasant. The NarkeU. IJosro.v, not. 'j] ?Floor?The market was InaotlTe, and sales of 600 bbls were uaade. including straight brands Genesee. Oswego and Miehiitau, at $0 60 a t?> <M)? Wheat?No sales. Corn?Sales of 40UU lushels were made, including Western mixed, at 77o., and yellow do. 8lo. Rye w?s steady at prl -as current before the news Oata?Sales of 8000 bushels were made at 66n ? Tb? general aspect of buitiness. as usu?l on the first day of the wt-ek, was languid There was no oliange lu pro visions. rreigms reniameu uoiuiuany iu? huiii. Ain?rsr, No*. 9U-P. m?Flour?Th? market wm firmer, and holders demanded$6iS for (jeneaee, itraight brands.) and for good Western Wheat and corn wrr? h' ld at firmer rates. bat no sales were reported Oats? lain of 2000 bushels wwro made at 49o Barley?The market remained Heady, and sale* of 6000 bushels were made (two rowed) at Stio Whiskey oontiuued dull. Provblonsremained about the tamn. Receipts by canal duriDg the pant 44 bouri, were as follow* Hour, -Jri doo bis , wheat, 21,900 bushels; barley, IS,800. No uhange lu i freight*. Pittibusu, November 22, 1817.? flour?The market, notwithstanding the foreign news, was dull at (4 U3>i with light tales Wheat at.d corn were held firmer, but without trorsncMons worth reporting ? Kyu was firm, and the tendency of price* upward, l with sales at 4<5o a t.Oo Mover seed whs steady at 0>io a lOie. Whiskey, raw. Ho; rectified, 20o, with light rales Provisions were selling chiefly ?t retail withuut chang* in prio>* The river was nearly stationary, and we report seven feet of water in the ohaunel. I J f ivcmxATi, Nov. J'l ? FJmr Tfc" '?re!sn news has ' stiffened our market for llroadstutf* a..4 holders ?vr>i ' inclined to advance their terms NuI-k of 300 barrels of I Hour were mad* at $4 76. (train, including corn and ; wheat,was at a stand Holders were some firmer, but no sales of moment were reported. Hogs-- hales of MM) Id ? I were made at $3 a $3 I2)f, including some lots at f>3 2h, whlob was the highest figure obtained. Provisions ? Sales of 30 a 40 bbls. of mess pork were made at $12 7o I.ard? Sales of 300 packages were made at 7 a 8 cents. Whiskey was inactive at 17 a IS cents for rectified. No cUaug* in groceries. Itlver in gnod boating order JM. B. UOUbUT, Aucuouter?C Hot K Ku Y, OL ASS AND CHINA?This day, (Tuesday) No\. S3, ut Id ' o'clock, ai tlie stuie 91 John street, calalugia xle of n l ime and general aasoilDient it liett flowing blue, light b'.ue, white ; granite and common wares, of sll kinds; also, l'O iiarkatfei ' md lots til?a? Tuinhleis. tic., the whole comprising the best a<sortiaein offered this sesiion. Wsle [losifive ii'JJIt'm AS l'uK 1't.Ack Ufk.KA.?Messrs!HANQU1HICO aud PAT'l I have the houar to suiioauce the second liight of the tensou on Weuncsday, Nov. 21, with the grand Ooem, in 4 set', music by Verui, ul KHNANI?r.lvira, Hignora l'eietaTruth; i Krnaul, Hign"r Adelindu Vietti; Don Carlo, Siguor Antcmo Avign' lie; Dou It j v li tun. SiKnor ltom,, Signora ' Augiola Mora; Dun lliccaruo, SiK'ior Keiix (ien'ivrsi, Jago SiKnor Severo Htriui. Boiej. Pa i|uette, aud Balcony, Si; > | Amphitheatre, Ml cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock; to com I A' OB 8. PL \ I T, Auctioneer.?Crotkcry CIiiuk, ilui nuil earthen ware; M crates opened frrimths shelves,in ' | lots 10 suit country an well at city dealers. JAI'OH hI'liAl'T will sell Ilua day at "I o'clock, at above, iu the larjr lira room over til* Auctiua hlore, corner of Clait and (i .Id streets. by catalogue,in 600 Iota, to ?uil tha city retail and country trade, consisting nf * general assortment of flowed lnue mid dark and light blue printed wire, wmte granite, dipped tilgeaud c. e. ware, vii: dishes, btktra. plates, twitlera. muftins, soup and ssuce tureens, gravy bouts, toilet ware, dinner ?nd tea sets complete, jugs. urngs, Imli anil Lo.idon teaa and ci ffee-, bowls, twtn and basins. c c. and dipped ?nd printed liambers. etc. r tc. Also, lObO doien tumbleri. wmes, i Imuiptanea^ Icc. Also a general iu lamps aad other glassware, for account of tlie manufacturer Also, Jansiined re , trays Md Wi iters. b'ass (lit bottom csudlestn-ks, inuffri.. in I fays, &<! , i ii.uble for retailers. Also, a large assortment ol' knives au<l folks icarvers nf white bone, stag, black t.p' at If tip null ivor>, in sets, glraado'es, etc. Also, a large lot of ware f oni shelves, being the stock nl s dealer. Also, JO very rich and eostlr tat decanters, tn do/ rich cut tumbler*. wines, champagtes, nocks, he for account of the manufacturer.? N. M. hntrauce to the titles Hnom through the store, from | Tlatt sirae', or I <oiii Ilia icir in tJold stterl. Also, a few lets i Dinner and Tea war* m rets, complete n21 11 * rr ijf i^Hl || | (111 MOllf I'.M'ITM,, fin l,e gri<tur!i i.. Ip\es!?d by the adtertiser, in some promising b<isiues4, where Ins services would be properly appreciated, and command A liberal salnry. ilis acquaintance in other St ites is extensive, and he would sot object to tmvrf. If P?o? . I pcrly secured. Address "Salesman, ' at this office. u2.1 lt*m ; / l UK AT BAHOAINS IN UNDKK CLOTHINO-J. r vl SCOTT, 91 Niss hi street, has iu store and is daily receiving from the Hhakera and other celebrated muiufactuicrs, 'si ge supplies ol ihrir supenor Underskirts, Drawers ami bocks. / . . ? - ... aaioranl skrinb ass ul Knur \ u> l> e I r? I .si ii ,,t wlmieaale pncea, rig: J per cant. advance tipou fmt co?i A I' .received, a I e?h tupply of hia f I JO Mhiifa, which he ?a> i rao-ib III ?? regard* lilting *iid anperinr work mavahip fere or.* i tocnt pui'haaing will do well to full *t9lNaat>iii 'treet <p i | oaite I tie ile raid office nl3 lJl* rr *?y* AT PHIVATF. MLK-\ c untry reaidence. rum pSSprni' a live <ic f i. i fricelWut U. d. choice fruit* a large r etna and'nodn.iia house, turn mid not hnnirt; nil h'ving bceu rceenily ft'teil up mid newly pained ; alao Iwo wclla n" i eicellenl water, mid a never tailing at ream running through > part of the piennaci. The aitnation la in the central pin ' I the tillage of Hnntiogton, fluff?lk to., L I , about twenrt -fite ( mile* diatar? from the city of N?w Yoik; o> n'chea and acnoola j in t*ie immediate vicinity; daily ci.tnaiiinicatio.i with tha citv , by tt?ainSoat and rniWnad For further paiticulara ei ynre . f r S. 'V.'] , l? Nasa'ii atreet, New Vorlt, or of D??|.' ? ?' . Hrinh. a?>|.. HnntiHgton Village. i JI Hi * < ? * <\ , KKVIVK YOUK HKOK FN liOW.H HOKHF.S lor >oii can I do it UiC? > i where the iiatottnd * ? y ? neat ia iu * tha wind." Kirkkrida'a Terteraallla Here i i.wdna will cure anv caae of Hcnrea, Cough or I'olila in Hora?a. without ir jming the animal, or keeping him j from ordinary labor Trice >1 For tale by A H. tiOl/OH fc ' O.m ? ton aireai _ nW ?' ' JaA WANl'EO? For a young man and h't wife, a room . ffjW and bed areaicctahle lioute. at ahoM |V rent , l"1^ |-- mo,.ih rieaae addreta, atatmg particnlara. J < JT^rald office ?W >** | I A hTORK IV BHOADWAY. or a Man and itnre, not too ainall, waned to rent from now or from ?JK|,t ,S ,v Direct offer and tetma to t. II KM TA, b <1 I 1817. roat iifi' < Ifrc MUNFUKNI'IIKI) ROOM*TO LET.?One roomor more, in the third atmy of I h uae at 'h? uppermoat end of Broadway, to let uofuroi hed to a amgle gentle [ m-n, where b'eahfmt only will be nroeided Ad.lieaa liy noie ' 1 M H. Herald Office, and fortner information will ba alforaed. 11 sS?B r m Tf) I/KT?Io the d< utile Hi uae 71 Ur?nwirh atieei ' -.- l .1 - K.J fha ton f?.?, . "4M i!?. ?nu itu iwn buck room* it $14, monthly; or ihe I w door. with pattriei, atlie ?norn. (,mton w?ter, and ? >>i?ce f >r c,al in the ba?em?nt, at $15? yearly. Aiplylo.Mr tOMMKH. within jiMUt'ie .' | TO rONSIUNERH Plf.H SHIP Ft\N< I ft lit. 4*Jfk-Con..|neeeofth...h p. ut?t, tmtrjfn.mlh.rr, requeated tn leave at the offiee of the aiib-criher? I finch claima r?iejr m? hi*? for ettra eipcnim incurred on II t eir * odi. at the po lie itorci in con?rqnei,ce of the huiiieil dnci'?rge o< th? ?hip while leaking at i)>r haif LA W It O" AIIA.VI, loinran^a Brokara. 12 Wall treat. u$llti(am ' AtTTION ?No d?nti - te<l bv ihe crew ot JnfVihe Bntiahb ikJANK GL,A"9IN. will e by inMN?the t'ai tain or J. RKYBt'RN, Cnuiignre jjS? K?)K FKKIUHT OH i ll \uTKH - I i,. n,? ' MTfV l?b?tant>al A 1 eo|)J>er fattened anil COppered UrilUllba tub naik JANK <Jl.AM>l n Captain Heck, bar ll en 8 J a tnria regiater, ran hara irnme'linie d?MM?h For I tei mi apply to captain r.ri hoard, pier 4 N. It., or to J 4 M K.H ! RF. VBI 'HN,a? Kouth at. r,?i ?, fACKKT FOH H AVKK?Baco^ L i I ?hip ON HI) A, John Willard, inaateTTwill ?|I ,,<> Hfailit lit December. For freighr or ia?iage, api ly to BOTFl HINCKKN,?? Wallat. ujj'rc I - " 9'HI. I!i"-W iMTKLLlQMNQE BI TfiM HAILS. Waihimotow, Not. Jl, 1M7. Tht Lttfil m Hand The:* w another plan?the original plan of Mr. Mat. {am, w* b*ilar??ol getting a pea< <; with Mexico. It t > *end down to :>I?xioo a no in mission of tbr <? or tl?* o ' >ur ucit dietiugulah'd atataacuvu, iiuoh a* ( lay, Vau 11 uren, Crittenden, Bvnton, and Dii, tor inataBO*?to meet a like commission, a* far an oau be, Irom the Mailcam, and tbia commiaiion to aeltle a treaty of mdeiniUtlea. boundiitlfl*, ko. Such a plau mlghfc succeed-It would Lava a prtihjd ot dignity ?ud majefly about it that would attract the attention ol the Mexioau* , bream**,like all half oivUi*??l people, they ar? gr?at *tioklera for form* and oeramo uie?, in thair lnWrnalional, ai well ax In their domeatlo relation*. VV# ban our doubt* about the adinlniatratlon reooin mending any definitive plan. aave tbe vlgoroua proa, oution of the war; while we bellnvi*, or Incline to be Here, aa in tb?> Oregon conttoverty, the Preaident will gladly aaaant to the advice and conaent or Congra**, lu the liquidation of thia Mexican dilSculty There ia ona little excreacenca which may grow out of a oontiuuance of the war, that It will be natardoua to out o(T, and fatal to ratain ? we mean the exoreaoenoa of a standing army of 50 or 100,000 m?n The reporta of tbe Department!* accompanying the President a met>nag<'. h"wever, will go powerfully to perauade the popular judgment firmly agolnut the parma nout occupation of Mexico. The danoing ha* been mag n.fluent - the tun ha* been moat glorioua; but the bill of the piper has yet to be paid: and the Introduction of a bill for direot taxation will have a marvellous good efftot in opanlng tUe eye* of the demagogue* who expect to bitien kudfkttan upon thia war. '1 he Bee-rotary of the Treaaury will either have to re commend ? An expansion of the tariff; Or a >eisure and working of the Mexican mines: Or a contiseatlon of the Mexloau cburob property , Or a direct tax on the Mexican towns aid o I ties oaoti pled ; Or a direct tax on the American people ; Or more loan* and treasury uutcn to be panted over to posterity to redeem Now we i-uapect be love* the tariff of ?4t> too well to toucn it ; moreover be in afraid if be touobea It bta ryslem ii jrone , we suppect that all tbe Mexican uilue* will be (ound to be private property ; would iiot touch tbe church property, and darn not if he womld. Tbe tax on the Mexicnu towni will be like a collection taken at a free lecture to pay the t-xpenne* of tbe lights ?it will net pay for the caudles. Yet we tuspeot this tax will be reoou men led upon a very respectable calculation A direct lax on tie Amerioan people must be avoided, if we can avoid it, aud we predict you, therefore, that Mr Walker will ask f >r more loaim and treasury notes,without lnauriiug tbuenua of a plan for their Immediate redemptlon. W u h*ve bad a glorious war?great victories?and we have won a nuine and a latae In battle whleh will startle even the old petitioners of Napuleon's campaigns; but tbu bill lias to be presented aud paid! and then, If we present tbe quenlion, xball we ro on and with 100,000 men bold on to Mexico till it is annexed, and then settle tbe sixty mlllioDti ot Britleh debt, and then talk of the pioviror We rather euppect tbe deferslve lite will appear the better alternative. Lsnenlially yours, CHAPULTKPilC. Bai.timork, Nov. ill, 1847. Birch''$ Trial?Metnhtrt of Congren?Thanksgiving Day?Inttndiaritt?Thtatricals, fc. Tbe trial of Blroh, for a conspiracy to swindle the M*> chaulcs' hank, will be rssumedthis morning, and brought to a olose about tbe middle of the week. Tbe probablli ?y ?, vuav kur jury win do uoame io agree again, in wmoo cut tbe trial will b? removed to oat of tlia counties. A got illy uumber of mamlxn of Congras* u< dally pasting through our olty to Waablngton, lndloating that th?ra will be a full quorum on tba first day of tha m Ion. Our market* are onmmenolng to ba well filial with poultry, and all the various >( crier u* incident to a pro- , per oelebratlon, or, rather, observance. of Thankaglvlag Day. Tbe IncendlutleB are busily at work in thin city, dat-troy ing baruR uud stable* In the suburb', mainly for tha purpose (if drawing tbe fire apparatus toget her, and oraating a riot Korreat commence* an engagement here this evening, at the Holllday street Theatre. In tha eharaoter of Kli g Lear. Anderson closed a brilliant engagement of six nights on Saturday Tiers and Hivorl give a grand oonoert this evening. In the saloon of the Lyre Buildings. They will, of oourae, draw an im min audience. A tine hrl;; railed the Warsaw, is to be launohed toay ftoin the ship yard of Mr Brown She Is abuut 900 Ions burthtn, was built for Col Mister, and will ba commanded by Capt Maypole (?Our markets on Saturday were *tatiocary,on account or the announcement of the rteamer's news, the lub 'tane* of which did net itauli bere until late lu the eve ninjf. Thilaoci phia. Not 3d, H47 The Camdm Murder?Dreadful Jltcnitnl The reward of $50<i offered for the arr**t of th? auth< r of the murder of J*ry Roberts. hu net the police of our city on tb? alert; but so far DOlhlDg bw been elicited n clue to hW present whereabout*. A ureat many reports ar? In eiroulation rne of which la. that he, or a purnon rrtrmbllng him lu appearance, wa* seen jeiter? iuy la the district of Southwark. The same man wa< ?'i'n upon tha road on Saturday afternoon, aud perhaps a letter description of bin personal appearance will yat be obtained from them It la poai-ible that he may have tied to Ualtinsore by the train on Saturday night. The i i'.Ternor of New Jersey is axpected to arrlre at Camden thin afternoon, when he will issue his proclamation, offering an additional fum tor the arrest aod ooBTlotlon of the murdi r?r A small boy. namrd Samuel Smith, employed In the job printing office. In the fourth story of the Ltdgtr building. ta< killed this morning, by falling through the hatchway, from the fourth story down to the flrat floor Hit nrok was dislocated, and hi* scull dreadfully fractured, causing death in a few u>< ment* alter being picked up A messenger was dl'patched to convey the mournful tidings to hi* mother, a poor widow, but she happened to be from home, and only returned at the moment that the carriage with the mangled remain* of her child drrve up to the door Her scr-am at the sight presented was dreadful ; her agony I shall not at i tempi 10 uepicc i [ih m-oeH?ru. inongri nui lime over twelve ve?r? of age. aided by hi* industry In the support of hi* mother and her family, oonsistlog if live children ; thin prop, feeblo an It wa*. Iiu bean broken by the lamentuble ocourrance. Albany, Not. J", 1H47. Eutning U'p?rt. The democratic caucus which assembled Id the Seuate ' haraber on Thuraday, called a Slat# Conrentirn At I t lca, on tba Ititli of February next, at 13 M., to appoint delegate* to the National Convention. The convention | called by the radical democrats. at Herkimer, on the U2d of Kubru&ry. for the same purpose, will not, therefor*. b? assembled The call of thu legislative cauou* ia In acoordancu with uoage. and will, therefore, be a*netlen>d by both section* of the democratic party. (in ThurgJay nest, an extraordinary foot race of leu utile*, for a purse of > '>('<?. will come off over the Bull* Head course, which lit within one mile of thla oity; there iiowned Steeprock, and the boy Cooper, of the Tonawanda and < attarauKUfi tribe*, will run for the purte; Smoke, a < attaraugu* Indian, who wen the ten mile race at Bttf f:tio, will alao run. It la stated that a number of white men who have made extraordinary tlm* at Hoboken, trill alao contend tor the puiite. In the Senate, this morning. Mr Kolaon offered the following revolution*, which were laid on the table and ordered printed : ? Iteaolved, (if the Assembly concur) Thut In the Judgment of thla Legislature, the thank* of the people of the i nlted State* are due to Major Oeneial Wlnfleid Kcoit, ?ud the gallant oflloera and soldier* under hit command tor the effective anil brilliant service* rendered by tbeiu in tha )>ro?woution of tha wu with Mlllw-wrrfrM wbkh ri fl?ct tba hinhaat honor upon th? iirmi of th?I mi?d Htatra mil tand to rlarate our national character in tha mtltnatlot of otbar eountrfaa ItMolved, (U the Ai?. mbly concur) That tha thank* of till* l.aglalatura ba tandarail to tba offlrara IBd (oldlara ?f tha Mr?t Raijliiiaut of Naw York Voluntaara, nndar tha r'?p?otlva comuian i* ol Col Wtrd B Bur net t and tbr lata Mtut < ol. Char la* Bmt. r In ihilr bearing and j?o?d ?ondoct daring thii r?o?nt operation* >1 nar army, aud tha' we d?-p'y daplora tha loa? t hone of tbair aumbar. lata our frianda and neighbor*. who hava fallen In hat'la, or rlotlma to tba irr-Mttlbla auflxrln^a aud caaualticaof war, In tha aerrlca of con ii try llaaolved (If tba \?a?m?>ly eo-*cur) That thaaa r#foIntlonaba reapeeUvaly ?l*n?d br tha PrealrVnt of tba Scnat* and tha rtpaak?r ol tha Houaa of Aaavmbly. and that liia hxr?llenoy (ha Uovarnor b?, and la haraoy raqufntrd to tranamtt * copy of tha lama to Major (Jan beo't and ( ol. Ward B. Barnatt. itaaolvad. (If tha Anamhly conour) It balng under atood that tha Tataran commander, (>*n Zacharv Tay ' l<T, la about to rattirn for a abort parlod to tba (lalt'd I Ktataa that a reapaotful and oordial Invitation ha asicndad to him. on tba part of thl* Legislature, to rlait thlM Stata; and that hia E*oell<>ncy tha Uovarnor be and ha la hereby requested to oommnnlcata auch tnwttatlon to (Jan 1 avlor, In aueh t. rroa aa ha may 4?am nonnnnant with tne oonaaion and tba wiahaa of tha La?l Mature Nrwh riox Havana.?Thf l?rn{ Titi arrived vaaterday from Havana, baring aatlad on tha 9th Irat. we ha?e p?p< ra of th? 7th The Fori h ?ta*uier irnful fiom Vera t'rui tii the ?th Inut with fl'flOOO In tpeole, n>l tbirtytiine paanengtri. The ateamer S?-??rn arnirJ from Ktnft*toa tb<- aarue da* Among tha paaaaak'.-rn on the latUr waa Han. 0 V. A llarran, ei-PrealiImqt of New Grenada and MltilrNr to ottr Government trim that Hapnbhc, with hit wlf*. a ilanghtar of Praat>iaut Moiqueri, and hi* 'hree ioua. and Dr fin ton Secretary < f Legation Thetaland ofTtbago waa vlatted ky a hurricane tha night of tha I lth of October. by whlob a ?aat uumb?r of boive* wara daatrnytd, and a third of It* auger crop. We hare no room lor particular#.? N 0. I'icjyunr, 14'A init. Imim.ioknck fkom the Tacific.?IJatfa Irotu < hilt to the 'J7th September bare been trcelred Con*rtv<'< had adjourned. It had beeu propoeed to transfer tb? wat of (ioTarnmant to Valparaiso for ft?or month*. Tha commercial hnuaa of I'loero It <J*rrae ndlv of Valparaiso, had called a meeting of thalr creditor*, ?nd upon an examination of thalr bO"k* ki., aom? <-?'en?lou waa granted ao that their bualneM ooold W continued.? N. 0. Picayunr, 14If. iml i J

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