Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1847 Page 3
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I phlladdpfel* Agents for the Herald, Zleber ItCo . i Uifer BiiMiii. Third creel, below Cheinut. Peri'?i wuhing lii b?v? (he Hold left rtiilirlr, daily, at (hair (tore* and d - (Uinga, immediately after tin- arrival nf the can, will pleaae leave llirir umiea with Zieber Ik Co , aid I hey will be uipplied at aaveuty-tive ceuta a m >oth. Siuila enpiea for *alr at ilieir counter, price S renn. The Weekly Herald ia | race *ed every S turday morning?price 8 eentt aiogle; S3 per ^ auiuui A K?hmI tilting Boot, tli? distinguishing in irk i,l' a Cieuileiniu.?Our friend JONK8. at 4 Ana a'raet, i? ust the uiiii to ict yo'ir anderata-dihg off id the beat atyle, fur he keepi the belt aiiortmeut of Boota, tjhoea and Gaiten, in the city, and whit ia a treat ilemleratoro. at a remarkably low rale. He aella a fir it ne Dreti Boot at S3 SO; the Mine at u.ually aold for J ; and a real tip-top for ft 10. which will cut \ uii $7 eliewhere Aa to hia Water PiO' f Boota, ft 10. $'i .ii, J Vh. thev can't be beat. Tn hire, and if you are not uatouiilied, aud planted with hia (lock, we tie much miitaken, I'tieiunatUiu, Pelna, and SUfflieu of the Joiau. swelling uf the muscular anbatancea near them, and other dixuetiinir aymitunK loo well knowa to need deicriptiou, i"ty be effectually removed by the uie of Hiug'a ComPonn I Syrui) ol Hydriodata of Potaaaa, Haraapanlla and Yel' >? U?ck Hoot It ia reeommeuded In full coutidfuce aa l>eiii<iii ipecittc, aud needa but a trial to convince the inoat irilulnua ol ita turpriaing pronerliea. Prepared and for aale I'r (' II. Hiiik, Druggut >iud Cheinut, 193 Broadway, corner John tires!. At (be Uomlyear Rubber WartJuue, 100 lt oadway, uny be found, not only the moat er^Wve variety if Patent India Rubber f briei, but in jiartie.ular. Or?r Shoes. ClimhiDluK all the recent imi?o*em??>> in ih? m?nnfiietiirn of tins article, witli the cheapest market price. Tliose of our Inn ds wu? have purchased tlieir over shoes fit this establishment, will be astonished at the improvement in them, and can >v?ll afford to throw away their old one* aud vet those of the present Kyle. Portable Shaving Cnei, of an entirely new n<l compact construction furnished with articles, the size of which u<> ii'it detract Irom their useluta *ss. forming an elek Uit u.d complete appeudage to llie toiiet.aud also pecn iarilv * !-?i>"?-<1 to fhe wants of the traveling public. For sale at (J. HAUNUEKS k SON'S, 117 Bioadway, opposite Howard's Ho'el. Pocket and Pen jKnlvea, lUiori, etc.?A b? nil il l I mnortment or the above can be seen at the xubscriber?" toieilier wi h a l.vwe vanity of scissors, nail files and t'olnh'd steel iroods. Razors ground and set Cutlery repaired. O. SAUNDERS Si CON, 177 Broadway, A few duors above Courtlaudt t(r?<t Mr*. Carroll'* old Established Medicated Vupor and Sulphur Baths, 184 Kultou street,opposite Church street A ci'itiin cure for colds, sore thr ai, rhemmtism, lUndu'ar affections. Ike. The lear of catching cold deters ininyfr m using the Vapor Baili, hut the effect, if properly administered, is Wv exciting the vital action of the skin, giving r we to n to^ er ol re action and enabling it to resist cold better than before. Open from 7 o'clock in the morning till 9 o'clock at night. I'm table Baths seut to any oart of the city. Mrs. Carroll's Maths differ from any other Vapor Baths?so called? lui l have been estiblished iu this city for more than 20 years. An Original Knheiis at bant,?There la a mi >st beautiful Picture, painted unquestionably, by lint great Muter, KU B ENS, just arrived fiom Europe, in the Prince AI tort," which is on exhibition at 413 Broadway, corner of Lispentrd street; it will be here but for a short time, as it is to be tiksn hence to London. It is the celebrated ' Altar Piece of the Adoration ol' the Virgin and lufaut Jesus by St. Bona tentura," aud is admitted, uuiversilly, to be the mo?t splendid ?['*cnnrn of th it extraordinary Pointer It was painted in the It th centu y. and the owner.wilhout fearofcontradiction, nny a I'cly siv, that it uot itseiiu?l in Europe, nor in the United Ht tes. Every admirer of Rubens, and of the highest excellence in the Arts, should see this, and take with them every inemb'r of their familv. We never had anything equal, or npproachitig to it, here before; and a century may elapse before such another opportunity may occur. The price of admission s ouly 25 cents, and it can be seen from 9 A. M. till 10 P. M. Ilnlr Cutting and Trimming Whiskers.? Let. do person imagine. however fastidious he iniy be, that he KiiiK-t be sm'ed in the above, as Hill, the inimitable hair cut I V .11 ..... _l.?. Ii the peculiarities of the hair. head,or outer mm, to giveeulire ?atisfirtion?and let it bo undei stood, that he invariably considers ihe nature of the hair, proportion -jf the head, face, in i word all thing* necessary, and after which finishes up the work in the neatest manner. Extract from the New Haven Register ?Tlic " I'atert Bnbv .lumper."? Rejoice, oh young mau, who ait doomed to hold " the baby," and mothers, be ye also clad for ycur deliverance iVoin constant ard wearisome "tending the uuby." The philosopher's stone is found! perpetual motion lm come to town. 1 nlk of the cotton gin, the ate m engine ana the ttkfnpi. \Vlmt are thev They can't stop a baby's cryiiw, or tnike a cross one good natured. (Jo to Tuttle's, 3H Broa i way, or to some of his agents throughout the country, and buy u Baby Jumper; generations vet unborn will ir|nnll its praise. No one ran question our opinion on this invention, for we are "at borne." backed up by the approving smiles of a young democrat, three months old, who cau fully testify to its agreeable and healthful exercise. Three eheers for Tattle; we put him against the world; so says our wile tiud biby, and, of course, so say we. MONEY MARKET* Tuesday, Not. !13_0 P. M. There wan a Blight Improvement In quotation! for atocke to-Jay. Compared with prloea current yeaterday afternon, there was an adrunoe in Ohio 6'a of 1 per cent; Morris Caual, Canton, '4; Norwich and Worcester, >?; LonIslaod 't; Ilarlem. k. Reading Bonds fell off *?'. and Reading llailroad, l.i Farmers' closed without altera^ tion. At the second board them wan an Improvement in r> nD.'i'lvi.niii .Vi of ,'iper cent.; Harlem R R. Norvich mid Worcester, >?; Canton, X\ and Reading ,'4 The position of financial affairs throughout Europe, and the 1 r lability of our money markets being stringeutfor tometime to come, it sufficient to force the banks into a confraetion in their operations, and the utmost degree of caution in their discounts. Instead of loaning ltrgtl/ upon fun07 stocks, it would be well for them to keep clear of all speculations of that kind. We stated yesterday that two or three banks in Philadelphia were loaning largely upon Reading Railroad stocks, by which they were aiding a combination engaged in oornerlng that stock, for the purpose of inflating prices, it matters very little how much of this business the regular speculators of the street oarry on, but the banks deviate from tluir legitimate line, when they engage in anything of Ihis kind. The stockholders of these Philadelphia banks should look to this in time. The Oirard and the Farmers' and.the Merchants' banks are tte institutions we refer to. There has been but a moderate demand for Exohange for the French packet leaving to morrow, (Wednesday.) The New York will take out a large amount in French coin, five franc pieces. We quote bills on Paris at 6f 13?? a Si Amsterdam, 40 a 40'^. Hamburgh, 3J>X a 30. Htemun, a 79. We Warn that Col. Robins, of Mississippi, one of the trusters of the Vioksburg Bank, passed up the Ohio river, a fuw days sinoe, on his way to Europe, f.bthe car pose of settling the repudiated bond* ot that State. This 2* rather doubttul. Navigation on the Wabash and Erie Canal ha* been opened as far south as Lodi?the mouth of Coal oreek?on tlil* great State work. The oanal boat Planet reached Lodi from Toledo, on the U7th ult., and marka another era In tho history of the progress of this final. The lower divijion of the oanal, from Covington to Coal creek nuking fourteen miles, has been finished and brought into use, since the oanal passed into the hands and under the charge of the Board of Trustees, and brings oanal navigation to a point only thirty-six miles north of Terre lUuto. and from that point to Terre Haute the whole nt> is under contract and the work in progress. The olty treasurer of Boston has been authoriied to j igtfue notes of the city, bearing interest at the rate of six per cent per annum, payable semi-annually, and for any term of time not exceeding three years. The money tb raised is to be used towards the completion of the water works. Interest at the rate of seven per cent per annum, wilj be paid to the stockholders of the Hudson Klver Railroad Company, on the thirty per cent, of the oapltal etuok nit id III. Another Instalment of tea dollar* tier Hharc ban been called, making in the aggregate forty per cent., rquil to $1,300,000, upon wbioh an Interest of eeyen per runt will have to be paid for an indefinite period. We cannot conceive what this company can want cf 10 much money; tbe expenditures have m yet been trifling, aud tbe only reaaon we can see for calling in tbe inatnllinents so rapidly, ii to secure It, and compel tbe t.ub."orlb?rs to hold on. The Hudson Elver Company are calling In their installmenti fattsr than the Krie; there is something ?ery extraordinary about this. The stock cf this company has within the past week been klvenaway in Wall street, the original subscribers losing t hirty pir c?nt rather than keep the stook and pay up tbe balance. Tbe returns of the banks of New Orleans, showing tha condition of each institution on the SOth of Oet. latt, present the annexed statement: ? [Jamv or Nkw OsLK&ns?OtTosta, 1947. Cank 8pni? Paying. Liahtliliet. Jititlt. Cirr. Spicie. B?m* o. Louitiaiia.. .92.574.043 4,1)2,911 H<5,990 1*11565 < anal Br>uk 3 28 t.3#2 4.529.72S 931,950 I..'i82.fll0 'sly Hunk l.tHl.t'DI 2 94.9,Ml 690.710 892,>89 I, 'iii .pjin htn'f B ink I,.* I,US 2.391 464 186,7Vi 57),209 M'tli'? nid Tiadart'. 2,133 57 1 3(90 211 ?48 7lO 1.172 919 Union Bank 147,697 465 393 *S,19> 128,1*9 fforuipeeie Paying. I uaollduted Bank. .. 871,6tn 19.326 >65,776 10,326 ToUl October. .. .$12,572,781 17,191113 4,345.080 6.192.376 flrpttmber. 12,758 475 17.123,122 4,4lill 855 6 048,0f.8 Auftiut.... 13,414,670 17,629,923 4,568,435 ?,724,777 Totai. Movement ?kd Dead Wkioht. Specif Paying Liabililiti. rflirtl. Extluiire nf Capital. ?'iuk of Lionititn* 13,159,044 88 8,259.266 46 l m>d UiMikmft Co .... 3,204,776 19 7,605,494 48 4"ity B?nk , 2,176.618 28 4,247.218 98 LnuKinnn Htate Bank . ... 1 663,115 28 3 391,327 14 M*ch*ntr>'an4 Trartan' Bunk.. 2,132,672 66 4,197,414 73 Union Bulk 416 670 46 6,544,201 28 ? Wan-tpfrir Paying Couiolld iril Association 1.929 668 68 1,828,751 92 Toul October tl4 911,496 42 IV.9'5 874 99 Me|>lember 15 189 170 54 16 018,899 24 " Atl?iut 15 834,304 90 36.737,735 54 Thefift return* chow a foiling off in tbft aggravate i nvi'inent. and In tbft circulation, bat a lUady Increape in the amount o epeoie on band. It will b? perceived tliat I'.so circulation only amount* to ftbout two-thirda of the h, ii hr.nd Thl* plafcen th? currency upon a |.urn ipeclo ?'Ik, nnd iilim that unction of country* rlrculftttiiK mtdiam mperltsr to any other. The comparative . .oiiiftlion and ftraotwt of specie on bund, at two wl'My * p?r?tfd p?rlod?, >ho*8 the RctltHy of money to whiH it u?<i to h?. 8ricii and Ciaci'LATlon of the Ciw Oiiuri Baku. Cire. Sptcie. _ 1137, Dec.. f7.tta.4?l J,7?8?1 ofXire .. t,8?4*J 1847, Oct, .. 4.3IJ MO ?,IW.3T? Specif. I.r7,l99 Decrei<e 91,2(3,315 ? Increase... ? 3.441,391 The inereM* in specie hu been a little more than the deoreaae la circulation, showing that tha currency In now mora than double aa valuable ai in Deo. 1837. At that time the proportion of specie to paper waa u 1 to ?X> whereaa now it la IX to 1. Notwithstanding the decrease in tha amount of paper in circulation, and the immense inereaae in the amount of business transaotod at that point, there is no scarcity oi money, and the rate of interest rules aa low as erer. Capital is more active now than it used to be; it used to move by steam?it is now moved with lightning rapidity; and a dollar Is turned ten times where it turned once ten years ago. This activity of capital, in connection with increased confidence, growing out of short accounts and frequent balances, has compelled the banks to contraot their operations to a more limited and much safer amount. The accumula* tlon of specie and a reduotlon In the circulation, has improved the currency of the oountry at large, and placed us beyond those sudden and Immense fluctuations in 1 prioes which resulted in so much ruin. Too much confidence leads to a dangerous expansion ] ? .uu iu mr aeiKiu oi our prosperity we are apt , to run into errors, which may lead to very great (loan- 1 elal embarrastment*. We see thla in Great Britain, and the revulsion going on in that lection of the world shows to what an extent credit may lead a great commercial nation, and the revolution that revulsion will produce, in ths old commercial systems of all countries. The complete dektruutiun af confidence in this country, in K.ngllsh house* of the longest standing and greatest credit in times past, is the result of too great an expansion in the flrat place, and the rottenness of many of those houses. The shipments of speoie from this port, in the face of a large amount due us, in our regular trade, shows that an itrtifloial state of things exists, and that the whole system of commerce has beoome deranged. Our importera have got their eye* open at last?they hare for years been paying roundly for a oredit upon foreign houses, which provea to have been worthless. These houses have sold a credit they never were entitled to, at high prices, and have made millions annually out of the American trade. Two. three and four per ornt have been paid by our importer* for credits upon houses in Kogland, which have been for years rotten as punk. The commercial crisis which hu recently taken place on the other side, has developed facta which will be of inoaloulable im. portance to the commercial classes of this country. The position of those house* upon which bill* of exchange have been aold in this oountry, to an immense amount, annually, ha* been made visible, and tor the future, we shall be very suipioiou* of English credit. The prinoipal exchange brokers in this market will find it ditttcult to negotiate bill* on their house* abroad; the Rothsohilds, the Barings, the Browns, do not find purchasers for their bills here as freely as in times past, thoae making remittances preferring to send the specie, >? > av m tuna ui uucur l?V pel ceni,UJ?Il 10 l?KB D1I1S Upon any Kngliah housu. The fact is, the exohunge operation* of those bouMB in this country, are at an end; they have monopolized the bualneaa long enough, and aa they never will again enjoy the credit they hare heretofore possessed, their names will not command auffloient confidence to give them the control of the market. The foreign exchange buaineaa haa become dlstributed; our importera will hereafter be their own bill drawers, or in other worda, bills upo? them will be drawn on the other aide, negotiated in London, discounted here by banks and bankers, and paid at maturity by those upon whom they are drawn. A revolution in the commercial ayatema of the two countries has made ao much progreas, that nothing can arrest it. We have trusted Kurope, particularly Oreat Britain, too muoh. Talk about repudiation in the United States I It is nothing, oompared with the oredit and wealth the merchants of England have obtained by false pretenoes. Bankruptcies to an immense amount have taken place in Oreat Britain, not a fraotion of which will ever be liquidated. Our States may be delinquent, but they ultimately will pay every farthing, prlnoipal and interest; while the failures in Kogland will not average three shillings on the pound. A few years will aufflce to shew whiohcountry and which people are really entitled to credit la all parts of the world. Stock Uxchange. $M0 State 5's, '00 98 400 shs Farmers1 Trust 25 |7000 Peon 5's 73'? 400 do bJO 27* 1200 Ohio 6's, '60 98}? 50 Morris Canal Ilk 500 do '5ti 96 10 Cantou Co 2'\ 3500 Ohio 7's 100^ 10 do h90 28), 5(100 Illinois fundable 3S 20U do b90 2'j,', 5000 do b30 i* 100 do 2? 1500u Heading Bonds sOO 72 15 Nor It Wor BK 3 % 10000 Heading Mtg Bds bl U do 35;', 50 slis Manhattan Bk 89 200 L Island RIl 27Aa 20 Bank ol l nm lull ?aU inn -l? i-on *? 4)0 Heading HK 62 iOO ilo 27 200 da btw 62 100 do b60 2*'4 200 do 6lX 1C0 do st>0 47,'? 100 do b30 63 550 Harlrm KK Ti\ 100 Farmers' Trust 25W 350 do 31 100 do 25V 300 ilo b60 40 100 do btw 25 AO do S?f? Hscond Board. ?J00?U8 6s, '61 Mix 50 shs Nor It Wore BR 36 1)00 U 8 Bounty Lb % 100 Reading RR b3 62>i 5000 Penn 5i 73^ 150 do bl5 l'2V 50 shs Harlem RR !I9 50 do 62>? 30 do bnw 39 300 do 61 100 do 39 50 do f.2>* 150 do 39^ 100 do blS 6>\ }>i do 39 !? 25 Canton Co 28 150 do 393% C1TX TRADE REPORT. TUESDAY Aktekmoo*, NOT. 33. The flour market was lnaotlve to-day, and moderate galea made, on terms rather In favor of buyers,compared with t?Rtarda;'a prloea. The receipt* at tide water were large, which, oombloed with the continued mild weather for the kumd, bad the effect of rendering the market less active. In wheat no tales were reported. In corn transactions were made to a fair extent, bat on terms whioh indicated a Might decline on the previous advance produoed by the ateamer's new?, closing at only about one oent per bushel above prises current before the arrival of the Acadia A sale of rye was msde on prevtous terms. Meal continued in good demand, and sales were made at full prices Provisions were inactive, and moderate sale I were made on terms stated below. In groceries but little was doing, while n lot of sugar was advertised for Dublin sale to-mnrr?? ?n<i ?i?? - Uracil coffee A?ni? ?The market still had a downward tendency, and sales of pots were m%de at $0 1 !>? a $0 J5, and '2j bbU of pearls were sold at $7 87>f. Inattt-Sales of 1M9 lbs. of country yellow, were made on private terms, but said to be at lower rates BnE*i>iTt;?-ri? flour?Small sales ot (lenesee, in the forenoon,'were made at $0 25, but during change buyers failed to meet sellers at this prion, and had it been pressed, It could only have been sold at ttl*c a l'JXc less, I p00 bbis Detroit straight brands, City mills, were sold at $0 ; 250 do Milwaukle oity mills, sold at $0 18&. A vontract due tor the delivery of 1000 bbis Oswego, was settled at (0 00*4; 300 bbis of Troy, ground from <ie*?see wheat, sold at $0 NX, in store. Southern continued iu limited supply, and dull; sales of 400 bbis Howard street were made, to arrive, at (0 41, and 100 do, Southern, sold on private terms. lyheat-Several samples were exhibited, but were generally held above the views of buyers, and no saleu were reported Corn?Sales of 4000 a 5000 bushels of Western mixed were made at 73c; i'jOO do, in store, sold at 7'Jo; 1600 do sold at 7J>i, and 10,000 do High mixed, in store, were reported sold at 74c,Including some lots of yellow, and 1H00 bushels yellow sold at 7So; K>00 do new, uiixed, sold at 0?c. Meal ?There were reported sales of 3000 bbis this State, at $3 31and 1000 do, Ohio, were reported sold at $3 18\. flye?We only beard of about 10G0 bushels being sold, delivered, at 90c. Oali were dull at ftOc. In B'irley no transactions were reported, and buyers were unwilling to make offers at former prices Reeetpti down Me Hudton Iliver, Nov 2l?f and 'iid. Flour i j arm v 1. Corn 7,!>00 bushels. Wheat 9,100 " Rye ,VJOO " Corp ki ?Id the face of the parcel advertised at auction, dealer* were buying sparingly trom private hand* The lut tale ot Moeha was made to the extent of 1S00 bag*, at 10o for export to Trieste. Laguayra and Sumatra were lnaotlve at previous rate*. Cottok.?The salea were small, and at irregular prices to-day?chiefly at a decline of a quarter of a cent on the steamer's news, although, occasionally, half a oent was conoeded. Khh ? Slnoe our laet report, there had arrived 000 a 700 bbls mackerel, which were held at $8 60 a $h 0jx lor No 1; and No. a, at $tt 60 a $? 6J)f. 1000 quintals dry ood were afloat unsold, which were held at (3 70. In herring, we heard of no transactions. ? Dew rotted American oontlnuad quiet at 1140 a $140 per ton. Lkad.?Salt* of a few hundred pigs were made at 1 $4 60. Molasses, continued quiet, and nothing of momant was reported. 9rosrs?Spirits turpentine was nominal, ss well as raw, and no sales of either were made to any extent worth reporting. Sales of 300 barrels Wilmington rosin were made at 76o ; North County was worth 00c a 06o. There was very little of either kind In market. Tar was nominal at $3 16. Oils?Mnsiied?'There was no variation in Knglleh slnoe yesterday, and sales were moderate. In eity pressed' American, sales of 3600 gallons were made at 66o. There was nothing new in whale or erude sperm ; manufactured winter sperm remained steady at 116c a lJOo for unbleached and bleached. rrrris?Sales of 100 bags Sumatra were made In lots at OUe, at 6 months. Provisions?Sales of 100 barrels mess pork were reported at a fraction less than $16. frlme, we quote at $9 60 a $9 0 ;?. Beef was lnaotlve, and we quote country mess at $H 60 and prime do at $6 50 I.ard?Sales cf 100 barrels, In lots, of prime quality (actual tare In all oases) were made at 10c. Cb?> se? rrlces had a downward tendency, and only prime to ohoioe Herkimer could be quoted at 7?, while lower grades were worth eol*ffl){n. Butter was also doll. Un a- The arrivals continued free, while the market continued to droop W* not* sale* of 300 tierce* at $3 S*? n - Kl"need was held at 3.1 cents Si .iaii- I hs market was quiet, and no .tales of mo- , ment were reported The first arrival of b?w sugar from j Louisiana took pUce to-day. consisting of * null lot of 8 or 10 hhds A considerable parcel of Porto Hloo waa to be offered at public Ml* the following day Tallow?The market was rtetd; at a #Xo Mked. WiiiLKaonie?Tha market ?h dull, and buyers war* offering 49 cents for northwest Whubiv?galea of200 bbls State Prison ware reported aold at 26S centf. Ksekjhti?To Liverpool, e^rn waa engaged at fld in bulk, and 7000 bbls flour and meal for do, at la 6o. To the Contineot cotton continued to be taken at K a cent p?r lb Harried. On Monday evening, "i'id Inst., by the Rev. Mr. Bazg, Mr. HAatfcv Majoh to Mia* Julia Wilkinson, all of tnii city. IMtxI. On Monday evening, of a severe illneu. JaMli Timothy, eldest sun of Owen w. and Margaret Brannan, aged 7 vHHn The friends of the family, sod thoee of bis unoles, Timothy und Matthew T. Brennan, an invited to ittend hia fuueral, this afternoon, at half past 3, from the residenoe of bis father, hh Kim street. At Brooklyn, on Monday, 'ijd Inst , of dropsy of the brain, John Kiiwarii, seoond son of Thomas and Kmma Jane Tempest, aged 7 years and il'i days. The friends of the family are respeotfuliy invited to attend his funeral, from 114 Johnson street, on this (Wednesday.) the 34th Inst, at 3 P. M. On Monday evening, the did Inst., William Davii, aged 00 years, a native of Sootland. . His friends,and also the members of the Tbtotle Benevolent Association, are respeotfuliy requested to attend his funeral, this afternoon, at a o'clock, from bis late residence, West 16th street, near the Kighth avenue. J W~ BKOWnT Auctioneer.?FIJHNITUHE AND HOUSE k'URNI8HlNG GOODS? J. W.Brown will sr 11 this day, Weduesday, Nov. 24th, at 10K o'clock, at No. 11i Bioadwav, a Urge assortment of superior Kurmtuie, comprising Mahogany Solas and Chairs, Black Waluut, Hair, and Caue Heut do, Maple Chlira, Ottomans, and Divans, Dressing and Plain Bureaus, Marble Top Wash Stands and Center Tables. Dluiug. Tea, Sola, and Quartette Tablea, French and Cottage Mahogany and Black Walnut Bedsteada, Hair Mat tiesses; also a large iuvoiee of Housekeeping Aiticles, comprisms rich S.lrer.Hated Ware, Britannia Ware, Table Cutleiy.Tea Trays, rich Cut Glass, Lamps, Girandoles, kr. he. fnl? Ifm WAMTKD?A situation by a Protestant Girl, to uo cooking, washing and ironing. or as a chainbeimaid, or to U o general housework. I'lease apply at 08 Leonard streel. Best ol city lel'ereaces given. n24 It* in WANTED?At the Keg Factory, m I'eith Amboy, i^evv Jersey, lour active yourig men; those trim New England preferred. Constant employment uiay be had Also, our mm to drue a horse. Apply to 8 ANDREWS. ii24l>l?rc WANTED?A situatiou as cook aud to do the washing and ironing in a small family. Best of reference gireu. Apply MB Leonard st n24 lt*rc WANTKU-By a nice, respectable girl, a situation a> cli unbermai J, to assist 111 washing and ironing or doing general housework in a sin. 11 ptirste family. The best of city rel'-rences iriven. I'lease call at 232 Mnlherrv itrert in iln tear, lirst tloor oti I tie left hand. b24 lt*rc WAM'tU-A situation by a respectable young wouitn, as Cook. or to aasist al washing and ironing, or chamber maid Brit of city reference given. A tin* addressed to H. K., illia otlice, will be promptly attended to. n24 2t?rrc WAN f ED?A lew active yoau men to ko Hontli or Wet to act a> agent* for the sale of new and uoi ular pnblicat tioui; $300 over and above their expenses will be insured to them in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1000 per year. Some ineu now in oui employ will 110 doubt make over 1000 per year, clear of all expenses Each nun will have hit diitrict. It will be necessary for them to hav* at leait from S2S to HO to obttiu a good fitting not. Applvat FRENCH'S Publishing Hall, 293 Broadway, up stairs. office of the Flag of our Union All letters inuit be poit paid. nl8 1H*in WANTKU-By a respectable girl, a situation as chambermaid, or to do general housework, in a small family. Is willing to assist in plain sewing, (iootl recommendation from her Inst place. Please call at 212 Walker street, corner of Chrystta ?t. a>l >t* m INKuKM ATIUN WANTED, OK ELLEN MI-CANAN, from the Parish oi Ahauilisti, County of Sligo, lrelard. Came to Canada about sii weekt since Inform tiou in relation lo ber will be gratefully received by her ion, James Oilmartin, Brooklyn. 1. 1., New_York._ n2l lt*re ADISTlLLKHor persou who prrfectly nnderatanda the domestic liquor aud wise trade, may meet with a desirahie niiiiiirtimitv fn *?niriurp in fit** lnuin#>i? Kv through the Poat Oilier. L. II. KAMI*, Jr., duriug the remainder or the week. n24 lt*m ClHollLAK ?UfcNIN'8 HAT aNU CAP "fcsTAiT LISll.VlKNT, No.214 Broadway.?Taking advantage of a b>irf lull iu lin rapidly lncreaamg buaiueaa, the aubacriber avail* himself of this oppoitunity, at the cloae of the buaiueaa V ear, to addreaa a lew grateful wordt to the patroi a of lu? eatablialuneut, who have ao generoualy acconded hiatffoita to build up a popular buaiueaa oua principle entirely new to the trade iu which he ia encaged. Having but a moderate capital, andaeeing the impoaaib<iity of at ouce competing with the wealthy and loug eati>>l?hed Broadway houaea, by following iu the old line 01 "a.ife piecedenta," he detri mined to try a bold experiment and appeal to the good aenae of the public by otferiug the firat quality ol Hata at tventyper rent leaa thin had for year* been the practice of the largeat liouaea iu the trade. Such an experiment aa thia could only have aueceeded iu a city like New York, where the people are leaa influenced by prejudice! than in any other place in the world iNothiug but a very great iiicreaie ol sales could have pr-vented auch uu attempt from proving the ruin of a young begmuer; but thauka to the liberality ol a diaceruing public,the Duaiiieuof the aubacriber began to increase from the firat day ol his announcement, and at the cloae of each year he haa been compelled in iucieaae hia manufacturing facilities largely,aud to double hia aalea roooi. Notwithatmdiug the increaae of hia inuuufactiwiug department, and of hia importationa of Pa? gooda.he haa bceu compelled to refute many ordera from new < uuomern, aud to heatow lets time upon hia old oneathau tumid have been done, iu cooaequenr* ol hia buaiueaa growing to much beyond hia anticipation*.aud even hia liopea.? Satiafied that a buaiueaa tliua rapidly obtained could only be preserved by atrictl)* observing the aarue rules that had governed him in the outaet, to use the beat inateri la Tor the manufacture of hia Hara and Capa that could be procured either in thia country or in Paria, and to employ none but the beat workmeu, he haa giveu the aame clou- attention to all the imuutiie of hia buainea* aa though he wete but just offering himaelf aa a candidate for public patronage. Krom the experience of the paat year, he haa completed auch arrangement* thit he will be able to till the mo*- ample oidera iu the luiure, aud by inc-eaaing ihe number of hia aaaiatauta, and abaudnuiug the aale ol all articlea but tlioae 1 which belong legitimately lo hia buaineta, he will be able to I give all the attentiou lo hia cualoineia towhichthey are entitled. I In addition to hia manufactory of ailk aud be .ver hata, he haa ' added an exteusive department for the manufacture ol cloth i caoa. and another for children'* fnnr.v hnlt. Hi* facilities fnr I procuring the latest novelties from Paris, and the moat elegaut style of goods introduced into that metropolis, are unsurpassed by those of any house in New York. No sooner does aiiy new style of baU or caps, or any elegance in Ins line, make its appearance on the Boulevards, than duplicates will be touud displayed in the subscriber's store, in Broadway. He, will keep constantly on hand a large assortment of imported Opera hats, csps, chapeaus, ine'hanical hats, and children's lancv hsts in the style of the renaiiiancc. He desires to call particular attention to this department of his irade, feeling entire coulidence in hia ability to ofTer the most elegant stick < f these beautiful hats, ot any houie in the city. Ladies will liud at his store n collection of Children's Hats. mmtiUetured ol the richest goods, and of the , most bizarre, graceful and novel patterns. The principle of one uuifoim p ice will be rigidly adhered to, and customers willjindevery aiticle marked at the price at which it will be sold. The following prices ol hia standard Hats and Caps will be maintained without vanation during the neit business year; K rst quality Nutria Beaver Hats, $1 10; flnt iju-.l ty Moleskin, S4; Second do, do, do, do, $3 DO; Second do, $3; First | do Cloth Caps, $2 50; Secoud do, do. do, $1: Third do, do, do. 91. (ientlemtn living nut of Iowa, by sending the measure ol their heads, and naming the article they desire, will be attended to with the same care as though they c.imc in person. Hatican be safely lorwaided to any part of the country, at a very trilling cost hy the nuinerooa Expresses GKNI.N, 214 Bn.ail wav. opposite St Paul's Church. u!4 lt*B> TmANKBOIVINU and EVACUATION.-a Grand Military and Civic B M.L will tske place ou THURSDAY EVKNI YIU, Nov. 21th, at Mr. Parker's Kooms, at the North American Hotel, on which occaaiou he intends bringing ftrward two grand military sets of Quadrilles. ei.titled "Taylor's lnvincibles," and "Scott's Advance Guard " d tnciug to comm?uce at half past H, and continue till between 3 and 4 o'clock Tickets $1?to admit a geutleiusii and Ins ladies; may he obtained at ihe rootns. n2l 2t*rrc C'l UNNhCTlClIT ? A geutli-iiitn, furin<-rl\ student ol the J University of Cambridge. England, ? ho has had severil years experience ill teaching, is denrous of obtaining employtnent in a private family or school. lie is couversant with the course of instruction pursued in til's country. Compensation not so much nil ohjeci as a comfortable home. Good testimonials and references. Address TUTOH, Herald Ulftre, or Mr. Best, V/i Broadway, New York. nJ4 It'ic DOtBLK GUNS ANU INDIA GR A*S LINES?We have just received a few cases of India G.ass Lines, from Canton. Also, lor sile low. a good assortment ol double mius. and pistols. shot bags powder illasks, guu waddiug, nippies, mid gunsmith's articles of all kinds. Aim, line assortment of pen mid pocket knives, of beat makers. Also, 2000 muakeci, cheap. A. W. SI'iK.S k CO., VI Maiden Laue. n24 I2t'rc VOIOHTLAENDER'8 QUICK DAGUERREOTYPE Instruments, with four timet iuteuaer li|ht; lenar* of three iuehea and i i|U?rter diameter, to work on medium platea. for 140. At Cangenheira k Beeker, 201 Br'art way. < ainera llni estra, tJ 021 Hi ily 2t W in Ij^vt AND EAR?Dr I'OWKlL anemia inclusively to diseaaea of the Eye and Ear. from 9 to 4 o clock, at tna offloe, '61 Broadway, corner of Warren at. Dr Powell's 1'ieatiaa on the Aye. ita diaeaaea nod (heir cme. Willi eugraviiiri, i<ilei for the selection af spectacles kc. Prica fifty cents; can be had at hia office, and of all bookseller*. Just imported, Artificial Eyes, ot superior beauty and fioish. The (.ublic arc requested >e call and esamine Dr. Powells tielf Acting Eye h onntaiu, or Jet. or Dunchr Bath, for strengthauin> the ayes, which nas just received a diploma at the Kair of die AmeTK-tu Institute. n>4 It'rc THE BOTTLE?This day published, prire I2>f cents, tha Bottle, a drama of real lilt; as recently produced at ihe Paik Theatre, founded on thegnnhic illustrations of the same same by George CruikshanU. BURGESH, STBINOKK k CO., H LONOfc BROTHER, W. H. GRAHAM. n24 lt*rc ?QAnn TOGETHER WITH LKSS*?inoiiou, to loan on mortgage. Also for sale, the two L.uts No. 119 ?nd 191 Allen street, each 21 h? (i feet; the two story brick front House IV n 491 Greenwich street, 2J by 90 feat, with >he lot on the rear. No. II Heuwirk street, 2t> by M feet. Apply to WM. CtjRP, No. 2 Hall of Reco.ds. n2t U?rc PINTEUX SALOON, No.307 Broadwav -Thud WeekUuprecedented success of Carlisle's Band of Ethiopian Merenaders, who appear erery evening in a variety of negro s?ngs choruses, gleet, dances, fcc. every renmg this week 'I hanksging and Rracuxion?A Grand Conceit, commencing at I o'clock. P. M , im Thursday, Nov 2.'j n2l 'it*rc SECOND I f \ N U H KMTL'MK AND i l.lllHIM) WANTED.?Ladies or Gentlemen having any superfluous, or cast <>ff Clothing or I"uruiture to disiose i.f, csn oktun a f?tr cash price tor the same, by sendiog for the suhscri her at hia residence, or a line addresse-l through He post wiU be attended tn Ladiea on be attended to by Mu. Cohen, i M. S COHEN, 69 Duane atreet. N. B. Old * ock or job : good* bought to HIT amount. nl3 I2t*rc STOLEN?On Wedneady, 17th mat., from the rear of th* La Karette dtablea. ItR Bower*, n Stige Singh, with doit ble mnneraand i<)ia'e box, painted rellow, with an c-?gle on the duh board. .Vhorrer can give information reapeetmg the a*ine will be suitably rewarded, by applying at the office, 408 iofH nil It*re Rich nfii.yiiAV rio.hknth.-loims pehrk.t' Importer of Watchei, 31 John atreet, op itairi, offera lot aale, at veiy low prirea. a selected iiiToire of the neweat patternaof French Oolii Jewelry. anchaa Braceleta, Kar Hinga, Brraat Tina, he 8tc ; Oold anil Silver Card Caere, and Memo nndnm Booh for JLadie). Gold and Silver Hmiff and Tohteco tioxea, Segar <Jaafa, tic. Constantly on bird a complete aa aoitment of Gold nud Silver Watr.hea, from the beat makere in Oeneva. Locle, C'haui de Fonda nod St. Inner, (Switzerland.) nI3 IJt?re GLEKi! iil.KW ' I4LEE8 '?What have we here 1 Th? Diamond Glee Book, edited by H O. Dyer, No. 1, rontamiug Seven Gleee, by rm<n*nt comr-oaera. iajeayiubliahed, and can be ohtamad of C Holt, jun., IM Kultou; BnrgMe It 8'rtnger; Berford;and of the i>riuci|?il dealeraand piihliahere Aleo, at the Muaieal Tiinea office. 111 Naiain atreet, where agents n,n he *U|>|>lird li>J 3l'l? GBEATBAROAINR in I rNDKH CLOTHING-J. P. 8COTT, 94 N ia* m atreet. haa in atore and ia daily re* eeiring Irom the Hhakera and oilier eelebrated mvmifecfuiere, large anpplieaol their an|>erior I 'nderalnrta, Drawera and Hocka, (they are warranted not to ahrink tn wii?hing,)whieli hen retailing h( whr>!eaale prlcei, yi*: f per rent, advance Ipou Pint ciiet. Alio.reeenad, a f e<h auppl^ of hia Si So Mhirr*lwhi?>h he vi ?? run'eb tii ?a tagarda httiug and ivoikmauahlp. I'rrasua about purchetiug will do well to rail it ?l Numu itreet, oi>pMiM 0>e Herald oAmT bM IMffl DARK THEATRE?Wednesday Ktwiu. Nor M. will W* * performed the NERVOUS MAN AND THtd MAN OK NERVE?Mr. MeShaue, Mr. Colliue; Mi. Aipeo, % Placide: Lady l eech, Mra. Vernon. After which (he comedietta of TEDDY TH? TILER?Teddy Malowney, Mr. Colin*; L?ir?l Bunderford. :Mr.1 Andenoc; Huu. Miu Licralu, Mm Ktynn; Litdy Duaderfnrd. Mr*. Versos. To conclude with >he dram* of URANPKATHKli WHITEHEAD? Orandfa'her Whitehead, Mr. Placidb, (u original y played by h in;) Edward Drayton, Miu Beruard. IDora opes at o'clock, Performances will commence at 7 o'clock. Bote*, fl; Pit, 50 ct? ; Oallery. 15 eta. Bowery theatric-*. <mm<, <??* ?>. ow?. Masacer. Ma Htkteni ? Wedueadav Evening. November 14, will be acted, the tracedy or VENICE PRESERVED? Belriilera, MraSluw; Jaflier, Mr Clrke; Pierre,M?r?h*ll After which the comedy of the VOUNO WIDOW?Spl> ?h. ral,Tilton; Ichabod Crane, Burke; Vernon, J C Duun; HuMr Burke; Lucy, Mra Sutherland; Anralia. Phillip*. Tt conclude with the drama of MI'RHELL?Richard. Mr Steve as; Murrence, Mr*. Phillip*; Virciuia. Mra. Walcott; Sallr, Mr*. Sutherland. Door* open at tH o'clock aad the eanaia will naehi Bme* 15 Casta; Pu aad (taller?. 12)< Casta. IIATHAM THEATRE.?Usderthe Maaa**ni?at ot Vlt J VLETCHER ? HtMte Mauimer, Mr. Addi*.?Wcdiieaday Eveuini, No*. 21, will be performed, the BlR'I'HHlOHT ok kREEDOYl?Twanabol', Mr Hield;t)ir Euitace De Olorian, Mr Sutherland; L*av Blanche, Mr* McLean. After the drama, the Tableau! Vivast by the MODEL ARTISTES, in which aeveial mavniAcent pi'tu'e* will be >lluatrat*d To conclude with the farce of the SPECTRE BRIDEGROOM ?Nieodemiia. Mr Brandou; I.avium, Miu Hildrrtb. Bote* >5 cent*?Pit iaX cenu. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE?Wed eee day Evening. Novemher 24th?The performance* will commvute with BEE AND THE OHANOE TREE Vi.o Q|nflL M. fl-.L. * a I _ aa ? ?<*> ? * ??, mi riiucc Ainiioia, .tirs limm; rrinret* Amy, Mji? Mary Taylor. Alter which, THIS HOUSE TO BE HOLD?Chatterton Choiikiua. Mr. Holland; Deadeaona. MissTaylor. After winch. ROBINSON CRUSOE, 2d?Marmndiike Suodgrasn, Mr Holland; Clementina. Miaa Mary Taylor. To conclude with OR*CIOSA A*D PEHCINET? King Uvorious, Mr Cunningham; Perrinet, Mr? Tnnm Doors open a t?v, o'clock, and th? cartain.will n?e ?tT. BHOADWAY T H K AT RE.?The firat Benehitof Mon. Mouplauir, will take place on WEDNESDAY EVENING NEXT. NOV. 24th, On which occasion will be produced, lor the lirat time here, a uew ballet, in one Act, compoaed bv M. H Monplauir, and entitled AZKXIAi OR, l.'gSCLAtK Sf Rlt.NNfc, Withatariety ol New Dauces, which will be described 19 the Milt To which will be added the GRAND MARKED BALL. from the Ballet of LEH DfcUX KOS^S With a great variety of L)*oce?, lucluding LA NOUVELLE ANGLAISE, R? Mitlia.MK ANNA BUI AN ANI1 MR. COR St And the last grand TAB DE MASQUE. By MONH. and MAD. M0NPLAI8IR, who will also dance LA rOLKA NATIONAL K. K11II particulars will be duly auuouuced. XT" 801 Book now >p? lil lt*a NIBLO'S ALHAMBRA SALOON, No. V.3 Bmadway.L'uder the directum ol Thomas Hproule?( Third week, unptecedeuted ancceaa.)?Monday evening, Nor. 22, aud every night duriuv the week, exceptiug Thursday?Tne Original Western ?nd Southern Band ol SABLE HARMONISTS? Meiira W O. Plainer, J. B. Karrell, J Tichenor. T K Briggs, Wm. Roark, and R. M. Hooley, and 8. A. Welle, (late of Christy's Minstrels,) respectfully announce to the eituens of New York that they will jrtre a series of their fashionable Entertainments every evening until further notire. . Cards of admission, 23 cents. Concert to commence at eight o'clock precisely. >! It'fH ABTUR PLACE OPERA.?Messri. SANQUIH1CO and PAT1 I have (he houor to announce the second night of the season on We?nesday. Nov. 21, with the grand Opera,in < acts, music by Verdi, ol ERNANI?Eltira, Higiiora Teresa Truffi j Krnani, Signor Adeliudo Vietti; Don Carlo, Signor Antonio Avigiwne: Don Rny Gomez. Signor Rosi: Oiovanna, Siguora Angiola Mora; Don Riccardo, Signor Kelu Oenovesi; Jago, Signor Hevero Strini. Boies. PaiqueUe, and Balcony, (I; Aui^nimcBirr, jv ceuu. uuors open st i uciock; to comuience at h?lf-past 7. Entraiirt' Alitor Pl?ce. PALMO S OPERA HOUSE?Our Week ~Lonm^Tbe GREEK SLAVE every night this week. by Dr. Collyer's Model Artistes, to which will be added, Venus rising from (he Sea. Sappho, the Lute Player, with many new and splendid tableaui. ' hanice of programme every evening. For particulars ice descriptive programme each evening. Prieeaof adinissiou?Dresc Circle and Parquette 50 rents; lady aad gentleman 75 rents; nrper boxes 25 cruts. Seal* may be secured at the box office from 10 A. M till 4 P. M. Doors open at 6X. Personifications commence at 7^ o'clock, nil 7tis?ro B~ "AHNUM'8 AMERICAN MUSEUM.?V T. Biml * Proprietor; khirthiufk, Manager SPLENDID EXHIBITIONS AND PERFORMANCES, Every afternoon at I o'clock, and every evening at half-past 7 Open every day from 7 o'clock iu the morning (ill 10 p. m The Manager haa engaged a large company of IOWA INDIANS-CHIEFS. WARRIORS AND 8QAWS, direct from the Far Weit, more than 2,000 milea I'roip thia City This company ia made up of the NOBLEST SPECIMENS OF SAVAGlt TRIBES, of strictly moral and temperate hahita. f nd of SOCIAL INTERCOtiRSE WMH PALE FACES, and particularly pleased with the attentions of ladies and children. They will give exhibitions of iheir peculiar WAR DANCES. SINGING, YELLING. WHOOPING, fcc., every afternoon and evening, in company with other performances. In addition, the mauaver lias engaged for another week, CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN BERKN ADERS, composed of Messri. Carter, Mestayer, West, Bryant and Stnuley. who also appear every afternoon and evening, in a variety of NEGRO SONGS, GLEES, DANCES, fcc. Also engaged, the following talent aud attractions? GREAT WESTERN, the Yankee Comedian. MISS BERNARD. Actress and Vocalist PETE MORRIS, Comic Sinter. CLARA FISHER'S SHAKSPEAREAN CABINET. THE LIVING ORANO OUTANO. Wax Figures, Likenesses and Portraits of the AM I ST AD CAPTIVE SLAVKS. WAX FIGURES OF QUEEN VICTORIA, Tolly Bodine. Daniel O'Conuell, Father Matthew, lie. WAX MODEL OK THE HUMAN BODY. to,be aeen ?ri vntely at an ritra charge of 23 ecnta. Admission to the whole, 21 cents; children nnder trn years of nge and old enough to walk alone, UX ceula. Reserved fiontaeats one ahilliug each eifra. MKIJHAMI.*' H ALL, 472 Broadway, betwaaa Graad nil Brooms itreeu. | Crowded to overflowing with the BEAUTY and FASHION of Sew York. OPEN EVERY NIGHT. V N A B A T E D 8 U C C E 8 8. Eighth Week of the Original CHRI8TYH MINBTREL8 The Oldeat Eaubtiahed Band in the United StoMa. K. P CHRISTY. B. PEIRCE. O. N.CHRI8TT, C.ABBOTT. J. RAYNOR. T. VAUGHN. whoae original and inimitable concert* are nightly honored with crowded and highly reepectable andiencea,and oni veraali v nutted to excel every amoaeutnt of a similar character olfetid in thii city. Admiaaion 25 cents. Children under U year*, half price. Boon open at 7; concert will commence at I o'clock. 8eau m.iv be sccored on application at the Hall, from II M. to 1 P.M. a?l 7t*re Tabernacle.?Miss Josephine bhamson respectfully anuouncea to her frienda and the public that ahe will lira a GRAND CONCERT. at the Tabernacle, on Wedueaday Evening, Nor. 24th, oa which occaaionahe will beaaeiated by Miaa JULIA NORTHALL, Miaa HARRIET BRAMBON (her aiater), and The DERWORT FAMILY (their first appearance!. Miaa Mary Ann Derwort. aged 12 Violin Miaa Eliza Derwort, aged 1$ Violin Miaa Caroline Derwort aged I Siager Maater William Derwort, aged 5 Violoncello Mr. ERNST, the celebrated r lotiat, and a grand orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Geone Loder. Mr. Tim? w II preside at the riano'nrte. PROGRAMME. Overture?Lodoiska 'beruhtai. Concerto in G Minor?Miss Juaephine Baaauon, ' with Inll orchestra accompaniment Mendelssohn Aria?Miaa Nortnal1, fiom Fry'a Opera of "Leonora"? ' Keturn to me, oh ! brother, dear"...Fry. Solo, Flute?Mr. Ernst .Tulou. Trio, two Violinaand Violoncello?Minn Mm, Marian, a*d Maa'er William Derwort Corelli. Due', Pianoforte?Miatea Harriet and Joaephine Bnmaon ,. Hen. Soni??Miaa Caroline Derwort. accompanied by heraiatera and brother?" There nui maid." PART II. Oyertnre?Kidelio Beethoien. Hcenaed Aria, (from Anna BolenO?' Bv dial couauining/iaenchleaa flam*"?Mitt Norlhall., Doouetti. Air Tyrolien?Variatioua for flute?Mr. Krnat? compoaed by Boehia. Rmnlu de Concert?Miaa Joaephine Bramaon? conpoaed by ... Hummel. Tickeia 111 ceuta?can be had at TV Kourth the urmctpal muaic atorea, and at the door on the *7emnc of the Concert. Doora open at half-put 6. Coacert to commence at o'clock. IMtrc Ml'f. PrLBV'S CKLICBKATKI) COLLECTION OK Scriptural Statuary, emulating of tme fallowing groupa. { repreaeiitmg important and inteieatinir ubjecta. the aire ol , lile:?The Trial of onr Sa?io?r, The La?t Hnpper. The | H irth ofChriat. The Moral Scone of the Intemperate Kamily. la now open at 411 Broadway, late Walkrr'a Muaie Kooma, i oppnaite the Apollo, e .ery day,from 11 A. M. to 10 P. M. Admittance 25 cenu. On the Mabhath afler dirioe aerriee, from t P. M to 10 P. M- Children half price. i>2l JtWThfcSa ia re T(J THKATHIC ALH?Wanted aereral ladiea and gentlemrn of acknowledged talent and reapertability, v>t Tauj derilte buaineaa in the city of Waakington Apply (and if by ' letter poat paid) to Mr. KILMIHTTC, Waahington, I). C. nMSr ia * m MUSIC?A German Pi?no-tcacher, who has lately arrived in New York wants to know a city where tney har? 1 ueeil of a teacher; he is an organ-player alto, and would b< glau to get a place a* an organist, or in a 4toardiog school where he coulif teach, if required, the German language, ai he it pretty familiar wuh the Kngliah lanauage Letters fron ] abroad may be directed, Mr. KISHKR, 1)6 Greenwich atreet | biiHIlx boner. n2t It*ft CLAHKK'M HACKH.?O. K. ( LAHKK, Merchant Tailor 116 William atreet, opposite the Washington Stores, hai a rery handsome stock of Overeoafa and body aacka.the pr<cei I of which yary from f 10 to $16 Also, Cloihs, (Jaeaimeres.tand ! Veatings made upfto order, at low prices, for ca<h only. My 1 brown and black tecka are handaotnely trimmed, with yelyel collaraand cuffs, and lined and wadded entirely. Some haye r chly worked ailk fronta. Orer_ ,itia made to measure at llie yery tame prices at which Iher are ?oM ready made. nli fitia'rr f IfKHKOGL COAL. 99 40 per chaldron, a anpenor arti 7lt tor family uae, now landing at foot of FraMlm stiret, North River. Alao, a lar.-e atock of first quality Peach Orchard, Lehigh. Cumberland, Jtc , on hand and fir aale low by h HKNJAMIM, Ifi Washington and 205 Kraoklin ste. Dealer, a.ipplied n1l3l*MWfcg> IntdHT'H rilTOHIAl, I.IKK OK liKN TAYLOR 1 ANI) TilK MEXICAN WAR.?D. APPLKTON It < o , 200 Broadway, have jnat published the Life of Majoi General Xaehaw Taylur, with notices of the ?*ar in New Me i ru, I alifofla. and iu Southern Mevico, and Biographi cal sketches ofjmcers who hive distinguished themselves in the war with Mrtico. By John Kroai, L L D , anther ol " Book ol the Ariay," " Book of the Nayy." illustrated wiili 100 engravings. 1 vol. l2mo. Tnia work not Milv comprises a life of (iea. Taylor, but a particular aud faithful hiatory of the war against Meiico. both by sea aud land It contains full part'culam of General Wool'a m*rch; Doniphan's expedition, Gen. Kearny's eioe union. the rapture or ninu (f, and hi* aabaequent eipedition toCalitomia. and hit eonqieat ol thu country; Col. Kremont and < oinKtorkion'a military and naval engagement* Also, the lull aceonut ol the aiege of Vera Cruz, mid the aubaeonem engagement! with the enemy by Oeu. Scott and the officers under hi* romtnand. The naval engagements in the Utiir, Ur. Illaatrated by OS p irtraita, viewa of battles, einea and | lacn of interest It will tlnia be perceived that while this work bears the title of In* great hero of the war, it ia nor confined to the eventa nnder liia immediate direction, hut that it tain truth a complete Pictirial Hiatory of the W<r. As there are more work) purporting fo be livea ol Oen Taylor, than of any living man, nrdera ahonld be written for Kroiti'a I ile of Oen. Taylor. 0. A. It Co. ha?e alto just publiahed The n?ugh and Heady Annual, or Military nouvemr, (Unarmed with numerona portraiia and plaie. I vol.. l2mo Morocco. Agenu.?The attention of responsible sgenti ia invited to these very popular and eicellent worka A liberal discount allowed, i2V2ri?*m AN KNORAViNOPKTIIKI MTKD 8TATKS 8fcN? ATk CHAMBKK his been beautifully and appropriate ly flamed by tlie pnhliaher for prearntatien to Henry Clay, and w ill he forwarded to that illnstrionn atateam.iu on the 22nd of November It may be aeen until that time at the new <iall?rv of the American Ait Union. f'opiea foraalehv nIS (tit * re K. A NTHON V. a?7 Broad way. WK.HI'V UN VIHOlN'lA L.AM)H. hi uu ie? An/ deaired i.-iautlty, Irmn i'fl to IKO.WWi ?< ' ?, for sale low, Apply Li WAi.TKA MKAI>. No J Wall lueei, up twin, r?uM No, T hM II* jt I BY 1LE0TRIC TELEGRAPH The Southern Mall. PmiLAUM t-HIA, No* J3 The Southern paper* do not contain any thing now 1 from the utat of war. Fire In Norfolk. 1'iiiLini rMii, Not. i3?1 P. M. Nhe Norfolk Beacnn oflloe and reading room, wars entirely destroyed by Are last Saturday night. The buildings were partly ln*ured, and the books were saved. Tlte CaumIcii Muffler. PHM.AUKLrHiA,NOT. 33, 1847. Tbe reward for the murderer of Robert* baa beeu in, reaaed to H'100?the lioTernor offers tbe additional sum i of f jOO, and the Mayor of Camden $ hagUlatlvt Proceeding*. CNATK. Albanv, NOT. 33, 1847. Mr. Ha at> reported against the petitions for the appointment of commissioner* to change tbe route of the | Ogdenaburg railroad. Mr William* also reported against the petition*. I Mr. Dkekman reported In faror < f the petitions. These reporU are now under debate, and hare beac, i the whole of the day'a seaaton. A 1nn.F HoKat. -.-A J- a. ?. .V?B ww<utv<4 uu VUV rvuvrt UlAUt uu pe 11tloni to chun the route of the Ogdensburg Kailnaad The whole subject wm finally sent to the oommlttee of the whole. There wi very little disposition manifested by a majority of the Senate to Interfere with tbe route. Tbe resolution to adjourn on the 15th of Deoembvr, wm concurred In unanimously. A resolution to Investigate the condition and manng?racut (if Sing Sing prison was agreed to tlHMULlr. The bill to amend the charter of the Union Mutual Insurance Company has been ordered to a third reading; also the bill appropriating a sum of money to Sing Sing prison. A favorable report was made on tbe bill flxlag the : -salaries of certain officers in New York, which was reI ferTed to the committee of the whole, for an early day Bills passed To improve Owasa Outlet; to change the I location of the Clerk's Office of Oneida county Adjourned. The Market*. | Ai-sa^v, November j:i ?Klour The market wan rather heavy, an < sales of e)UO barrels were made,including Genesee, Oswego and alraight brands Michigan, at $fi a $0 06Wheat?The market was heavy, and thtre was plenty offering. Grain of all kinds was dull ? Whiskey?no change, lieoeipts by Canal during the preceding 24 hours, were as follows ?Klour, 23.600 barrels; wheat, 21.400 bushels; corn. 6,000 do; barley, 10 000 do; oats, 7,000 do. No change in freights. rmsst ami, Nov. 23.?Kleur?The insrket was Inactive, and we only note sales of 100 a 200 barrels at $4 n.%a? hi1,. Wheat?Sales of a few hundred bushels war* mads, including Ohio and Pennsylvania mixed and whiU at 05 a 100. .The market closed rather dull. la rnrn ... U? . ' I moment reported. Whiskey exhibited no change, and we quote raw Inactive at 18o, and reotlfled at 30o. It li ruining again, but the rWer show* no signs cf riding yet. We report six feat of water in the obannel. Cincinnati, Not. 113, P. M.?Flour?The market remained about the name, and salve of 1000 bnrrels were made at $4 75. Wheat?We note (alee of (>0<) bushels at DOc. Corn wan Inactive, and sales moderate, without material change In prioee. Hogs?Sales of ;">00 head were made at $:t I'ork?Sales of J00 barrels prime were made at (7. There was no change in bacon or lard, which were inactive at previous quotations Whiskey was rather heavy at 17'? a 17a lHc for rectified There was no material change In the rirer, which continued in good boating order. [Telegraphic Correspondence of Philadelphia Bulletin ] New OauiANi, Not. I#?Cotton wa* selling at tt to fl>4 cents for middling to good One, and the market active. titles of Laguayra coffee at A cents. Bales yellow oorn at 43 to 47. bales whiskey 10 to i 1 cents. Other articles dull and without change. Bai.timork, Not. 'i3 ? 1 P. M ? A few sales Howard street flour at $!> H7, and City Mills held at $ti, without sales Wheat selling at fi I 32 to 1 35 for good to prime white, and ?1 'iH to 1 31 for reds. .Mixed oorn 60 and oats 40 cents. Sales 000 bbls whiskey. Hales bogs at (>0 'IS to It 60 per 100 lbs. TroTisions without change. AKKHPKCTABLE WOMAN wantt * situation to cook' wauli aod iron. No oljectiun In k<> a shoit dmIBM in the conntry. Best of city refeteoce given. A|>ply at IS Chesnut street. * utt2t*m IOHLY lINTKKEa'l 1 .> ?? f.u TUKfc?A lecture wiTl be delivered on Tuesday evening, the 23d iuatant, at the Society Library, corner of Bro'dway and Leonard street, on th^Texas Ranger*, with a narraiiou of their exploits in scouting, and the taking of the heights of Mouterey; also, a description of the country, with an account of the manners aud customs of the Mexicans; bv 8. C. lleid, Jr., of Louisiana, formerly of Colonel Hays' Texaa Hange-s. This lecture is by patticular rtnnesl, and will be the last opportunity offered previous to Mr. B.'s departure for the Houtn. Lecture to commence at 7^ o'clock. Tickets 2J cents; to be had at the door and the inimc stores. n22 2ns l'h KW UYNAliOOl'K, Wooater street, between Spring - - nun unite ?brimir ?*lll ur utlltriru 111 ii1p HD<J\e Synagogue,on Thursday, Nov. 2i,at (i iu the eveuiug, by the ttev. 8.M ISAACS. Sotject, "Divine Reflection. 1><J PARENTS AND taught on moderate term* by a lady who haa had considerable experience in teaching the piano, the has given general satisfaction, and ran refer to ramifies whom sh? kas been m the habit of teaching Terms three dollars per month. A line addressed laMam to Iks HsrtM olllcs, shill bs at mHad to alt Htii'rf ClALLEUY Oh A1A H HLfclfCULt*T UKfca K~OM HALE a ?Just arrived from Italy, a superb collection of Sculptures, executed by the most distinguished Italian artists, conlining of Statues, aud groups of large anil small sizes, Busts, Lious, Tarzaa anil t^himney Places, Made expressly for the United Statri, all of exquisite workmanship and statuary marble, worthy the atteuti u of any amateur and artist. Also, Mosaic aud fraucy Marble. Centre Tables, lie., lie. Please enquire at Mr. Laughi's Marble Factory, 18th street, between td avenue and Irving PUce. nlj I2tn*rc KANl) COMPLIMENTARY AND BENEVOLENT BALL will be given at Freeman's Hall, corner of Columbia and Amity streets, Brooklyn, on Tuesday evening, November 23. 1847. Kloor malinger. Mr. George Kobertaou, who has kindly voluuteered Ins services. Granger's efficient Cotillion Band will be in attend <nce. Ticket admitting a gentleman and two ladies, $1 each, to be had of any of the committee, orat the door on the evening of the ball nl<Mtis?m WM WILLIAMSON. Sec'y. NOVELTIES Foil 1IIE HOLIDAYS? Frederick A Wood worth, IU Broadway, opposite the new Theatre, is now opening some new and beautiful goods for Holiday Presents. received per steamer New York, Irons Havre, comprising all the novelties of the season. Richly decorated Porcelain Vases. Jardinieres, aud Sceaux, for flowers; Bohemian glass ware, fin* Bronzes, Boudoir and Toilet ornaments iu Bronze, Porcelaiu, Enamel aud Gilt, rich Kans. Reticules. Purses, Card Cases. I'orle-moanaies, Work Boxes, Jewel Bnxrs, Work Tables, Dressing Casea, Papeteries, Opera Glasses, Meehsnicdl Tableaux, moving Toys, lie Itc. i>22 (teodis*ja _ CHRONOMETERS?The subscribers have constantly on haud ver* superior Chronometers, of the most eminent makers, at wholesale and retail. Also, Charts, Compasses, ' Nsntlcal Instruments and Books of every description D. KUWr.RT Ik VON, late B. It S Demilt, I] llnslaw * re 239 Pearl at. head of Burling Slip. HARLEM PARK TROTTING COURSE?A Purse of In to come off this day, weather permitting.? 4^SEZ^B^BtBMmMi'e h?at?, best three in five, iu harness. Entries?H. Woodruff enters b. h. Plumb Boy; Jaines tA/livtn'ev rnlm hr in t Iimhrilf ue ( }ir I : ( Brooks enlera u I m. Lady Kaaex; C. Bartme eutera lj. in. Jenny Lind. If the ft father should not prove fair, the above rare will ti<" puatI poned until l liuraday, Nov 25th. HIRAM WOODRUI-K. r n24 2t*rc _ C&NTKKV7L1j? COURSE, L. I . ft ? Porae $25?Mile henta, beat :i in 5? 4M|eQnn^ Kor a Mule Race?Will come off ou Thuradny, Nov. 25. *1 2 o'clock, 1'. M , ^ZaSSdBMiaiiii cloied. C. Hood, name* True i blue; I. Cnnklm, name* Back Dad; Mr. ttmilli, pamea Arali; | Mllea Wood, name* Comet; D. Abbott, name* Kire Away; i Doris Hnedicor, uamea Certain; Mr. Avery, namea Naaaao. i n24 2t j* JOKL CONK LIN, Proprietor. ~*t JAMILB K. HM,K KOK 8ALf,.?I'M* celeli?F*hn'fil pacing Uorae, the faateat in the world, at anv O s > il ni.nw r ii I. iff ml I.. r aale. Ilia preaent owner, (in officer in the American army, now in Meiico) liaa written httine to have the bone (old at a fair price. Kor particnlar*, apply to J. P. Scudder, No. i Water atreet, Brooklyn, L I. N. B. Should the horaenot be *old before the Grat of December, he will theu be put up ai Raffle, *o that hia itionaand admirer* inay have a chance of becomiuK hia owner AL8U KOK 8 ALK.?A gray Hor*e, 7 year* old, about fifteen and a hall hauda high: he cau trot a mile in 2:50 in liarueaa; ia sound ami kind;foea well in tingle and double liari>ea* and under aatldle He will b? aold low, aa hi* owner ha* no further u*e (or Mm and he mn*t be diapottil of immediately. Apply aa above. nil It je Jkinkkrknch calk andpatknt LKATHKH BOOTH, Half Boola and (iaitera. Dancing Pump* and line Patent Leather and Kancy Slipper*, water Mof Ml fork aiiled boot*, with overahoea, of all aoria and lilM i lor geru; and boy*; Oaiter Boot*, Shoe* and Bitakiun. <h nbll i aud single aole*; black anil white Morocco and Kid Nlipiiers, , *at n and embroidered, with the largeit aaaoitment nl Hnn'a and Mhoea. Boot* r.?d Shoe* *oled with rnhber and wa'ranfi-d water tight,at 4i* Broadway, roicer ?f Canal atieet N.B ? A hon*e for *ale or to let, corner of 12th and 1th avenue, a good aland for a g 'ocery, baker, or hntcher ahop Kent $IS0 I ppi annum. Ji2< I2t*rc OVJCMBHOKB?OVKRHHOKH -Jn.t receiv I edfrum laetory.a fieah lot of aaperior timah, and the only Overahoe the durability of which cau be warranted, constantly on hand ai wholeaale and retail,by the undemgned. who re*pectfolly invite their friend* and the public tocall and eiamiue them. Also. they deaire t? caution tha public that Mr. Ooodyear, of their home, ia the out* Ifoodvear in the city or New York enraged in the India fluhber bnaine**. who, with hia long eiperienfe and well rimed reputation, can *afe. ly guaranty that they are *elli?g the 1beat toodii ?tlh? Iioweet prices CiUUU i PjAK aft Mil ( ?]l itit'rrr !>> Liberty atreet. cor of Broadway. ?: T HANKBOIVINO IN rONNKCTI ?'The Steamer NIMKOD, will leave flflCSHHsfoot of Market .Street, Wedneadav, Novemr b?r 12 o'clock, affording en opportunity for peraona ' who vviah (O (.end 1 liaukaviviiii. on Thiuadav, in t'onnec-i cat. Keturniuf, leave Bnd?epoit on Kriday, at 'I o'eloak, X, M. Btt Mil _ _ THfc ROYAL MAJLtVreiieh Steamer /^SMNKW VOHK?Thu ehip will Imm the /ygKjKjLjL^K f*ier No. i Noith Hiver, on Wcdueaday aftern?"ii, 21th inatant, at 2 o'clock praeuel v, MHiriir Havre TurceU will be reeeiTed at the Agency, 14 Broadway, up to I \f o'clock of ihe same day n20M rc jgjgfc l\\< KM Mini* H(> I I I N HI ' KII, lor Liverpool . |H^ will ooiI tkia dar, H'edne?da> at 12 o'clock Pa ' flBLtenirii will i*lea?e be on board alcambont. at Win i liali Dock, at mat hour Letter baca elnae at the niual | larea at UK o'clock. WOODHl'LL It A1INT L'Kn. nil tc AMtf- N >. W LINO. OV PA( KKTH |O AND I-MOM nfWLIVKKrOOL-r.rketor the M(lijiiireitib?r-Tln JHflMfaaplend'd well known and favorite ihip HON l.ll S. lloo tona burthen, Car>t. K.ldildge, ?iTl poaitively aail I'wm New York an ! ridgy, Not 2?th, and from Liverpool on th* Dili of January. Teraoua aki ut lo embark from the old conolry. or thoaa wuhmi to Bend for their Irienda, ahonld aelect thu aplandid racket, aa her great cap'City and cob veaient accommodation! are iarpaa<e<) by no ahn> aailim out of the port. Tlioae wiahiug to aecure bertha, >lr)nld make early application onboard, foot ol Wall ilreat, or to W ,Y J. I T* P8COTT. ? Boaih atraet. t,24 >c ta ONLY HLUL'LAll L.INIL OK PAI KKT8 KOH NK.W OHLK\NH? The following well kuown, aailmg and Iwontc packet >hi|>a nave accomm* datioua iinaiippaaaed for cabin, aeconil cabin ani atcerage paaaenrera, md will poaitively aail aa advertued, or paaaaxc free, VI*: the INDIANA, I'alit Bennett, Nov XJtli; the KAH WfcBT.Capt Briard, Nov 2*th: the HI I, AH HOLM K"*, I apt Berry, Her. 2d. Peraona withing u? uroceed to New Orl?T.?, will do woi| to aecur* paaaegt bv aitner the >hove prkrt<, they ara ilia mil) tegular luir, and will aail pnnetuall > om tlirir i appointed da)i, To aacur* bettha, apply on bond, or to W, ) " * r YAWCOTT N Bomb ?tragi <14 re INTELLIGENCE BY THB HAIL8. Wt.HiMi.ion, Not. 30, 1M7. Tht Public Dtbt?Mi. IValktr?Butnu fills? Chapuileftc. K rom an official publication by th* Kefister of th< Treasury. It appear* that the public debt of thla oountry, at the present moment amount* to but MA,133,4 ^3 93, Including bounty land scrip, loam, and treasury note* outstanding The measure* recommended by tks Secretary ot the Treasury vindicate thamaelvar HU poaitions are impregnable. Ill* prognostications haft new failed of verldoation. aince he entered upon the dutle* of hi* ottce he has l-boredmore than any tan men in the United Htates III* exertion* had almost brought him to the brink of the grave, but A good eon titutlon enabled him to triumph over lisiajt, and he now labor* mora unremittingly than ever. Tha number of volume* of report* which have sprang Into exiatanoa under the labor of hi* hand*, for the l**t two jatn, i* almost incredlblt; but what formidable ma?** of dry ?.?la*laa K- oaa nKIisa?H * sa/4 m t KmmioW 1? i make up thoM volumes ! For eighteen month* the war hat been prosecuted in the enemy'a country, and, what is without example, everything neoessary for the lup: port ot our army paid for; and yet so admirably have the fund* been economised, the whole war, thus far, has not left the American people in debt to a larger amount than $.'7,333,4^4 31, there having been a public debt of f.17,788,7119 fiJ on the.4th of March, 1846. And y*t, notwithstanding these splendid results of Mr. Walker's policy, the wbigs already declare their intention of at tacking that measure which has, most of all, oontrlknt ed to keep down the debt. 8uch is party spirit. Tl a drmoorats would, in all probability, act similarly, If tl? relative positions of the parties wsre reversed. The selection of the battle ground of Buena Vista piemines to involve as laHtlng and as important aoontnmr?y ai the slaying of Teeumseh. One offlcer claims tl merit for General Wool?another for General Butler?another, C olonel Hughea, for himself. The hletory ef that bittle, and everything appertaining to It, Is yst to be written. There are many important facts connected with it that have never been published, nor has rumor with any of her hundred tongues, as yet breathed them into the public var. This controversy, commenced at a ?? nu?H %m? sir mm m vue uciu, 11 : There bu been too much of It. Nothing la to detrimental to the reputation of a soldier, as to appear in the naws , paper* content iog some trifle with which the publto have nought to do, and In which it feels no lntere*t.| ThU remark is only intended to apply to those who ooameaoed this controvert. If Colonel Hughes thought himself misrepresented by the statement mads in the first Instance, he had an undoubted right to reply. A question will probably arise, to whom the praise belong* of taking Cbapultepec General Cadwaladsr received the sword of the general who directed its defence. General Pillow, who was in command of the aaaaultiag force, waa put hort de combat by a spent shot at tlie commencement of the action, and therefore oonnot be said to have taken Chapultepao. Iadeed, tbla would appear to be his own Impression, for ha calls the storming of that place " tha most brilliant achievement of the war and of the American arms,' and from his well known modesty, it is but fair te Judge that he would not thus designate a victory which ha oomldered as achieved by himself. Many, differing i from General Pllow, regard Mollnu del Ray as tha great , eat battle of the war. Certainly it was tha severest. ??*? h"v>i?ii were noi, id any omw acuon?even a Buena Vista?under a flru so terribly destructive udio | wellsustained by the enemy; and if the attack on the mill had been a total failure, instead of resulting M tt did, in a complete victory, all concerned In It would atUl i have been entitled to high praise. The mill was oarried under a fire as Incessant and a* murderous as that undar whl<-h Napoleon crossed the bridge of Lodi. GALVIKNSIS. Wa ivtiffOTOK, Nor. 94, 1847 I Important State ?f Jiff aire?The Fremont Court Marital The Military Committee of the Senate. The Court met to-day at the Arsenal, In pursuance of adjournment on Saturday last Present all the members, except Col. ('ruin, still unable to attend, from Indlsposi | tion. Application was made by the oourt to the War Department, for the discretion of holding the sitting! of the ! court at some eligible place in town, the Arsenal being two very long mllei from the Pennsylvania Avenue. Our host, Coleman, had already designated two exoellsat . rooms for the court; and as one of the press gang, we had made large calculations upon the oonveniences o tho expected transfer, but the War Department demurred to the application, so that the 'buss? and Shacks i will oontlnue in requisition, as heretofore. | Upon receiving the demurrer of the War O&ee, and with the view of allowing one more day's grace to Cal. Craig, who, we are gratified to learn, Is getting better, the court was adjourned over to ten o'clock on Wednesday. to meet again at the Arsenal. We come now to the oream of the matter. The ; charges and specifications, of themselves, would Indicate a clear case of guilt on the (art of the accused, and the trial, pursued simply upon the programme of the lndlet; ment, would be short and conclusive. But the defenee | have instituted two collateral issues, upon whloh the j trial appears to be exolusivly conducted. These oolla| teral points are? lit. The question of jurisdiction between Com. StockJ ton and Gen. Kearny In California. fa. i m moiiTM 01 me prosecutor in lnmcucing im prosecution of Kremont. To wbloh we may add Mother point, growing out of the last named, te wit:? 3d. The real authorship of the charge* and specifications upon which Kremont If under trial. The defence have pushed the flrat queetion of juriadlctlen with a moat Inquisitorial pertinacity, and if they can establish that Com. Utockton waa sufficiently recognlied u the aupreme authority by Oen Kearny, to justify a doubt in the mind of Lieut. Col. Kremont, then his oonduot. In obeying the order* of < om. Htook; ton. In disregard of the order* of Gen. Kearny, oannot be Impeached on the principle* of oommon sense, whatever m?y be the requisition* of martial law. Theae requisitions. we should say, could not touoh him, baoauao the military, like the civil law, haa it* ba*l* In the principles of common seme. The motive* of the pro*ecutor are a matter with which we have nothing to do. The defenoe are, doubt lee*, from every precedent of every capital trial, folly justified in railing tbl* question of impeachment, and in conducting the cross-examination with a view to aua. tain it; but it can only be sustained by what a Yankee would term " the heft" of the teetlmony, and the judg1 ment of the oourt | The third consideration, the authorahip of the charge*, 1* altogether a private affair General Kearny haa *ald I that he arraigned Lieut. Colonel Kremont upon a *inI gle oharge, which (we suppose) wa* dUobedlence of or (lwrn, kOU m" < II*I grr uuun nxivu ?? ? ? trial, Tlx: mutiny. diaobedience.and Insubordination,are not hi* (General Kearny's) chargee Ad application kr 1 Colonel Benton and Mr. -/one*, to the Adjutant (Inml, hu failed of ell.itlug categorical answer aa to tha an 1 thorahlp of the Indictment aa It atanda, saving that It wn? made out from the f'uts furnished by <?en Kearny The Inference, however, ii clear, that the ohargei and specifications upeti the record art from the war ode* "And thereby hajiga a tale." Now, we imped that Colonel Hen ton apprehend* that the Secretory of War I* against him. and against hi* son-in-law. Appear&noef may very wall lead to aach an apprehenalon The <" ncluatcn than follows, that See retary Marcy In the author of tha " mutiny" charged against Meat. C olonel Fremont. In tha remodelling the accusations of <ien. Kearny. Of the suaplelon on the part of Col Banton against the War Department, wa are aatirfled , and in oonnee tlon with thla Identical olrcumatanea, wa are appreben i?e that Col. Benton will not be the chairman on Military Altai ri in the Senate, the coming (cation, a peat whleh he hat filled ao honorably. *o induatrloualy, to usefully, ao ably, and ao long The War Department Knows beat the value of the aervlces of Col Benten aa the head of the Military < ommlttee , but by what agency he |? to be superseded In that comalttaa, wa do not know We refer the matter over to tha re-organlintlo? of the Menate committees, however, aa tha only proof at 1 our oommand that Col Benton in that reorganization will omm to be at th? head of the Committee on MU1i tary Affair* What >n imporUnt ?n<l momantoui chain of elroum iitance*. plot*. oomploU, and counterplot*, looking to tba j ?ur<-.<"Mion, may ba auppoaad In bug upon this (Ingle laolated centlngency ' The change In a committee 1* an ?T?ry day crcurranoe, but her* ? hava a committor man wbo baa conducted tha war on tba part of tha ad , mlniotrallon through tha Senate with algnal ability and ucoea*, and with a teal and laduitry that nafar wa* aibauitad Vat wa *? ? thla ?rj man, tha frland of Mr Van Hur?n and Mr. Wright, and tha advocate of thalr olalm*, on tha vary eye of bring ?et aMde at a moat Im portant crlil* of tha war. Wa aball aaa alghta bafora tha drat waek In < oafran la o*ar. W. r n. ( *j* will parhapa ba tha aucoeaaor 'of Dan too on tha military committee, In wbloh eyenl wa may a*pa?t tba war to ba carried down Into Soath Amarloa. a* a I matter of choice Appointment by thk pgkaipknt.?Charlet 1\ Hangatack. of Waehlngton. to be wardau of the nanltan, tlary in tha Dlatrlet of Columbia. In the placa of Hobart I ('oilman, daerasad | ... ? A number of influential men In ? anada are taking efllfitent ate pa to preaent a formidable memorial to I arliament for a *h.p .-anal from tha rl?er St Lawrenoa ta l.ake CbarojLIn Th- dUtant* l? tut about thl.ty mile*, and the nrk I# ent'raly feanlble ? All F.vt. Jutir j liti in$l

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