Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Kasım 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Kasım 1847 Page 1
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I TH Vol. XIII, So, 3i40_WHal? No. 40X3, j INTERESTING FROM THE SOUTH. DEATHS IN THB HOSPITAL AT PBROTE. Ac Stc Ac. PROM MATAI10KAS. By to arrival this morning from tbe Bratos, we bar a the Matamorat Flag to the 6th Inst. The Flag of the 3d states that a bearar of despatches from Washington City for General Taylor, vai landed at the Brasos en tha 31st ult, from tbe steamer J. L. Day?arrived In Matamoras day, and pntbed on post haste for bis destination. One hundred and fifty teamsters arrived at tha Brasos tbe day previous, from New Orleans, and' vamoird by here on the 3d Inst., adds tbe Flog, tor same destination. This portends something. What Is It? Has it at length been date) mined upon that Oan. Taylor shall move upon Man Luis ? It looks so, really?and rumor will have It po. and that the despatches now going up, order the movement to be made Immediately. Then again some folks who wear knowing faoea and don't give ear to rumors. miy tbut the bearer of despatches Is on an unimportant mission, and that the teamsters ara sent out to supply the places of those now in sarvlee and whose term of sorvioe Is about aspiring. Qu?>n Suht There was a i report in Matamoraa on the 3d Inst, that Gen. Taylor, oa bis way to Vlatamoras, with a train, has b*#n attacked by the Mexicans Another rumor la. (bit Canules eli*U, a few days a(?o, at a rancho near Cerralvo. This muoh we gather, says the Flag, from the gosslpers about town, without lining able to traoe the rumors t# any probable souro* The aame paper states thut the warm weather h>ta produced an increase of fever at Matamoras. A paper printed at Guadalajara, dated the ftth ult., was shown us yesterday, says the Flag of the 3d Inst., whieh gives the particulars of the destruction of an entire oily, (Ocotlan.) in the State of Atlisuo, by an earthquake, on the 31 ult. We could not get the article translated, but gather from it that the olty, a very considerable one, was entirely destroyed?not a house left standing, and nearly the whole population burled in the ruins. The extent of the disaster was not known at the time the article was written, but the soene presented is detoribed ai awful. The earthquake was not confined to this one city?its effeot* were felt over considerable extent of the surrounding oountry, and caused serious injury to several monattirien and small villager. The tam? paper states that the steamer Monree, Capt. McGotvao, bound from the mouth of the Illo Grande to LMtOt Bay, Texas, in attempting to g?t out to sea, a few days since, struck on the bar at the mouth of the river, nod was afterwards driven ashore, becoming a complete wreck. The Monroe has been running for the la*t year on the Rio Orande, and was recently purchased here with a view to run her on the Trinity river In Texas. The captain was chief owner, and suffers a serious loss by the wrack of his boat. The Matamnt nt Flag, of the 6th instant, oomplains of existing regulations regarding Point Isabel (Jiving an account of the el< otion returns of Texas, the Fiag says: AVe understand that no election was held at Point Isabel, and we eannot forbear making a comment on the circumstances which have led to it. This important commercial poiut, by order of a U. 9. government officer, remain! wltn but a very small population of private citizeus. and without private improvements?all suoh improvements being prohibited within four miles of Kort Polk?whioh prohibition Includes the locations most desirub'e for commeroial purposes. What ground exists for this extensive boundary for this particular fort, we cannot imagine. It cannot be doubted that very considerable private Improvements would have been made, and many good oltixsna have settled there, but for this strange prohibition which prevented It. As we have before remarked, it Is the only plaoe on the ooast where private improvements can be made. Had It not been for this (to us Inexplicable order) we have no doubt thern would have been a very considerable vote to record. The same paper has the following : Captain Adams, one of our clticans who has just returned from n trip in the vicinity of San Fernando, where he has been for several days accompanied by a single Mexican, states that he was treated throughout with hospitality. The people, he said, expressed to htm freely their oon vioiiou iq?i mrtner resistance was totally useless, aye, vera madness. Their great desire seemed to ba, either to huye a separate union of State*;* northern confederacy?or that Tamaullpas ahould form a State of our Uni(.n. They say they now aee the value of that protection whioh was to be afforded them by their combination with the powers at the city of Msxioo. Our informant states that in his conversation with the Mexioans be discovered that this was not a momentary feeling, but appeared deep-rooted, and a feeling that had been growing even anterior to the war These views aooord with information received from Stated above this on and adjacent to the Hio Grande *'Th* truth is mighty and will prevail." 11 affords us true pleasure to hear of and record these expressions of feeling by the Mexican people. In the vista we see a bright future for the down-trodden people of Mexioo. The dawn of a brighter day is upon them.?N'W Orleani Mercury, 18rA N*v. Ma'.amoros is perfectly quiet, and Ltha oSoers of the 10th regiment of lofantry, who are quartered in town, have gained the good -will of the ottisens, by their excellent conduct and deportment. The Flag of tbe 3d states, that the weather, for some days previous, had been unusually warm for tbe season, and there had been a consequent Increase in the number of fever patients, it will require a Norther to soatter the pestilence ?New Orleani Bet, Nov. 19th. ARMY 1NTEL.LICKNCK. The following are the companies whioh have been accepted under the last requisition of the War Department for a regiment of volunteers from East Tennessee, vis: Capt. Henry B. Newman's, of Knox oounty; Capt Geo. W. Bound's, of Hawkins; Capt. Elisha Tbomason's, of Grainger; Capt John. J. Reese's, of Jefferson; Captain H. Dill's, of McMinn; Capt. John C. Vaoghn's, of Monroe; Capt. Geo. W. MoKensie's, of Meigs; Capt. John ti. Stewart's, of Rhea; Capt. J. C.Fagg's of Blount, and Capt. George R. McClellan's of Sullivan. Two more companies-Capt. Oliver's, of Anderson oeunty, and Capt. Collins',of Bradley?offsred themselvss, but as ten made up the complement, they bad to be refused. Old Teunesseo deserves the highest praise fer her prompt ness in raising soldiers whenever ealled upon. The above troops may soon be expected here on their way to Mexioo ?N. O Picayune, 18th init. The steamer Virginia started yesterday for Vera Crus. with a detachment of the 16th Infantry, and the following passengers:?Major Lorenzo Thomas, Aot'g Adj't General; Mr. Howard, sutler ; Mr Potter, clerk; Capt. Thompson, 1st U. S. Dragoons; Com'dt J. J. Boyle, U 8 N.; Lieut. Smith, Top. Eng ; Dr. E. H. Roane, U. S A.; Capt. E A. Paul, Mass Vols.; Dr. D. Hatison, Mats Vols.; J C. Coleman, Mass Vols.; Capt. W. C. MoCausiln. A. C. 8.; Geo. W. Datton, olerk; Lieut. Kelburn: Capt. Taylor, pilot, Brazos.?New Orleani Delta, Nov. 18 A detachment of the 16th Infantry, under the command of Capt. P H Harris, arrived here yesterday from Newport, Ky They numbered 90 men, and were quartered at the barracks below the city. Transportation will be ready for them the first of next week.?N. O. Dtlta, Nov. 19. 1) tat hi in General Hospital, Cattle of Perote, Mexico, J ram June 1, la Oct 30, 1817. [From the New Orleans Nelta, Nov. 18 ] June 1? Sgt Thomas Brewster, eo C, lit Pa, ohronic diarrhoea. June 3?Wm Day, oo F, 1st Pa. chronie dlarrbnev Juno 4?Wm Noble, co K, 1st Pa. intermittent fever. June 6?Wm Meredith, coK, lit ra,ohronic dysentery Jun*B?Owen L) Thomas, oo B, l?t Pa, ohronlo dlarr. June 10 ?Kfllnger, oo G, 7th lnf, ohronlo dysentery; Simon Repaid, oo G, lit Art, typhoid Caver; John Top, co K, 4th Inf. ohronlo diarrhoea. June 11?Tenth lei, co A, ad Pa, ohronlo dlarrha-a ; Isaac II Baldwin. Walker * Mtd Rifles, do. June 12?Wardey, oo O, -2d Rh chronic diarrhoea ; Martin, co H, 8 C, do ; Knox, oo A, 3d Art, do ; Robincon co C, 8 C, chronic dysentery; Kdward Clark, oo G, 4th Art, ohronio diarrbu-a June 14 ?David K (inHaulier, ce K, 3d Pa, ohronlo diarrbri'a; J Oent. oo H, 8 C, do. Jan? 1 '>?Pike, co I), 4th Art, lnt fever. June lii?Jerouie Walker, co C, 3d Pa, obronio dlarr ; Diayton Cir.ffln. oo L. H U, iln ; Win P Botts, oo K, S C, onronlo dysent-ry; J Williamson, oo D, 8 C, do; J Neeley, oo O, 3 C, do ; Ell Dowdey, oo A, 4th Art, obronio diarrhoea June 17?John Patterson, co A, 3d Pa, ohronic dlarr ; Walker, coK.SC, do June 18?Stephen I'errls,co K, 8 (J,chronic dysentery. I une 31?Farley, oo A, Mtd Rifles, chronio diarrbwa ; ' lifHt-r, co A, Mtd Rifles, do; Samuel Kphraim, co A, N V. do; Davis, oo C, 3d Inf. do; J Dobbins, oo I, 8 C, apojirxy; J Proctor, oo D, S C, obronio dysentery. June 23--Underinlre, co C, Mtd Rifles, chronio dlarr ; Kbarpe, co K. 3d Pa, lnt fever ; P Dure, co B, N Y, chronic dinrrbcua. June 33 -George Garner, co C, 3d Ta, cbronlc dlarr; John Beers, oo B, 2d I'a, do. June 36?H Inks, oo >1, 3d Pa, ohronic dlarrbrra; Stephen Brohn, oo K, 2d Pa,do; A Beaumont, co E, 7th lnf, d?; Corporal T Lyons, coC, 3d dra, do; Brown, on A. 8 C, do; J Smltbson, co F, Mtd Rifles, do. Klynn.oo C, fitb lnf, do. June 3(5? Mr Mills, a oltisen, lnt fever; Williams, oo I, 7th lnf, do; J Myers, oo A, 3d lnf, ohronlo dlarrb'ra; W Walters, oo K, 2d Pa, spinal Irritation; Peter M Space, co C. 3d I'a. lut fever ; Wm McGea, oo H, Mtd Rifles, chronic (Jymtuery ; flare, co K, 2d Art, do; Watson, co I, N Y, ohrt.nio dUrrhoea June 27?L R Hpann, oo A. 8 C, chronic diarrbori; T U <:?rr. oo K, S C, do; R Allen, CO B, 8 C, ohronio dysen lery, H Kbeflre. co K, 31 lnf, chronio diarrbu'i June 23?Chrlitson, oo C, 3d Dra. cbronie diarrba;* ; Tbotna* Owen*. oo B, 2d Pa, do; Thomas R Staples, co rs, /j i ?, uu , ? in nirriou, uo K, ^ l it, ayap?p*ia; J Warner, co K, J i Pa, chronlo tiiarrbu a ; Oharle* I-.tud*, co K, id fa. do; Heury r?tera,co K,2d Ta, Uo; Ira White, no >, Mtd Rlfl?a. chronlo dyeantery. Juno 29?Benj K .Smith, oo B, I at Pa, chronic dlarrhrra; l.dward Ororea, eo C, 3d Pa, conaumpllon; Israel Karlkor, co A, 2d Pa, chronlo rheumatiam, Hill, MO, Nl< Vork, ohronlo dlarrhu- ?; J C Duboia, co A, 8 C. do Juu? 30?T K Henderson, oo A, 7th Inf. chronic diarrhoea, ('aptain Whipple, 6th Inf, chronic dysentery; Ownnln, unknown; H Cook, co O, 4th Art, debility; Krenci* R Beat.oo C, 2d Ta, chronlo diarrhr*t;II HIUburn, 8r, co L, H C, do. July 1 - Oeor*? Wagner, co C. 2d Pa. conceatiTe fe?er; Randolph Rail. ooC, 2d Pa. chronir dlarrbfea; Robert I,yon*, co C. 'id I'a, do; Henry Kariker, oo A, 2d Pa, do, i nrlatlan Llnd-rman, co A, 2d Pa. do; J Mustard, co c! 2<1 I'a, do; Witilam Hlllburn, Jr. oo L, 8 C, do; Jama* li>riil?y. co K, 80,do; Kdward MoCne, co H, New Vork, ill't ny; Mo Slurry, co C, 3d Dragoon*, raeaalea I niy 2?Pitta, col, 'id Art, chronlo dlarrhoa; John Hinkmu, co C, 3d Inf, do; Dlnamore, co <1, 5th Inf, eplIfpity; Oeorgn hlougb, oo II, Iftth Inf, apoplexy; Newell co K, l*t Pa. chronic rhenmatiam; O C fltevuna. co 2d I'a. lntfrmlttent'feTer; Korda. co 1,2d Pa, chronic dlarrtxwa; II O'Hara, oo B, lit Art, do; A Fifl?man, co 0, I I E NE NE VIEW 6th Inf, debility; Feiohtner, oo P, 7th Inf, chronic dlarrhm. July 3?B F Cook, co H, 3d Inf, chronic diarrbo^t; W W Reveille, oo D, 1st Art. do; Lieut Jacob Brua, co O, 3d Pa, do; 8e rg?ant HM Ripley, co K, S C, chronic dyssentery; Joshua Alexander, co R, 9 C, gonorrbcra; N Robinson, oo B, 16th Inf, pulmonia; John Sligh, co K, 3d Drag, chronic dysentery; A Kims, co I, 2d Inf, ohronlo diarrhoea; Jonathan R Saunders, co C, 'id Pa, do; Wm Banghart. oo C, 3d Fa, do; Llam B Bonham, oo C, 3d Pa, opthalmia July 4 ?Wm Flanagan, co C, 3d Rrag. measles; J Siddie, oo A, 3d Inf. ehronio diarrheal: John Webster, co H, 3d Inf, do; Thomaa I Jones, oo F, 8 C, do; David W Corkle, oo F, 8C,do. July 6?M Hood, oo K, 3d Drag, ohronlo diarrbn a; George Loomis, oo I, N York, chronic dysentery; Wllbert R Ferguson, oo B, 8 C, do; Albert (J Morrow, oo K, 8 C, do; Newton Drummond, oo A, 8 C, do; P Burkey, co K, 16th Inf, ehronio diarrhoea; N W Keith, Ky, do; N Stupplck, oo C, 3d Inf, oongeative fever; Lobber, ce A, 3d Inf, ehronio diarrhoea; John Cole, co B, 1st Art, ditto. July 6?Owen Coyle, eo F, 3d Inf, ehronio dysentery; Robert Welah, oo B, 1st Pa, Int. fever July 7?K*singer, co A, 4th Inf, cbronio diarrbivt; Fillman, oo D, 8 C,do; Shepherd W Uuston, oo C,3d Pa, do. July 8?Summers, oo B, 6th Inf, ohronlo dlarrhu'a;Jo...I. uh? I.' V V ?tn- I P Umlih ?? A u \~4 -l_. Thamas Jones, eo H, 14th Inf, do; C 8wmn?jr, oo H, 3d Inf, do; William H K, Mtd Rifles, opthalmla. July 9?Slmonson, oo H, 6th Inf, chronlo diarrhoea; L MoNealy, Q M Dpt, do. July 10?Cpl Leechman, oo F, Mtd Rifles, chronic dlarrbora; B WyBaera, 00 K, 3d Dr?, do; Benjamin B Load, 90 B, 14th Inf, do; W Verdell, co H, 3d Inf, do; Samuel Alexander ,oo F, 8 C, do. July 11 ?Ilowe, oo D, N Y. ohronio diarrhoea; Jenne M Norwood, oo E, 8 C, do; R Ford, oo C, 8 C, do; Hicks, lath Inf, do; Robert Steward, oo 0, 8th Inf, do; Wm Millar, oo E, N Y, do. July 13 ?Wm Conn, oo O, Mtd Rifles, debility; John Hammond, oo I, N Y, ohronio rheumatism; Hazel Hardwloh, co B,SC,ohronlc dlarrbira; George McDonough, oo E, 1st Art, do; John (I Judd, oo C, 3d Dra, meaMes; David M Colo, oo L, 8 C, rheumatism; Islnghoff, oo B, S C, ohronio diarrhoea; O W Connor, oo D, 3d Dra, do; Sgt V A Harris, oo B, 14th Inf, obstapatis; 8gt Satterley. oo A, N Y, ohronio diarrhoea; Wolfgang Chingers, oo F, 3d Inf, debility; John Morrison, oo A,7th Inf, typhus fever; J Managan, oo H, 1st Art, int fever. July 13?8 P Short, oo G,4th Art, ohronio dlarThort; J Rldgeley, eo F, 3d Inf. do; Leonard, co K, 6th Inf, do. July 14?John Dodds, co B, 3d Dra, int fever; Allen Blane, oo K, Iflth Inf, ohronio dlarrbtea; Willey, co A, 4th Att. oontuslon; Anthony, co F, 4th Inf, chronic diarrhoea; Wm J Anderson, eo H, Uth Inf, int fever. July 16?Alexander Boyce, co K, 5th Inf, chronic diarrhoea; Haines, oo A, 16th Inf, dysentery; Augustus Lannoy, oo F, 3d Inf,ohronio diarrhoea; Wm MoBrynier, oo F, 8 C, rheumatism; Hammond, Walker's Mtd Rifles, chronic dlarrh<va; A D Clark, oo O, 1st Art, do; F I'oss, q M Dpt, diarrhoea. July 16?J Lowrey, eo B, 6th Inf, dysentery; B F Berry, oo C, 8 C, int fever; Wm E Ilowell, co B, S C, jaundice. July 17?Win Robinson, co K, 8 C, debility; Anthony Smith, oo H, 6th Inf, dlarrha'a; Rouge, co F.,3d Inf, inflaensa July 18?Jas Gnodale, eo C, 8 C, ohronio dysentery; Sweet, eo I, Mounted Rifles, ohronio rheumatism; G W Copeland. Q M Dep, chronic diarrhoea /uly 19 ?Bont, Sap and Miners, chronic diarhora ; Kinsey La Rue, co F, 1st I'a, do; Henry Crook, oo A, 3d Art, do; H MoFarland, co H, Mtd Rifles, do. July 30? Humuel Ii Baker, eoC, 3d I'a, chronic diarr; Henry Armour, eo D, 3d Ta, do; Farel, co C, 8th Inf. do; (iarretson, co D,3d Pa, do; James Rlttrnteln, co I, Uth l-r l.t l..?. ti . 11/? 1W.I4? - .. - .. ?,.i, mi|> " ut ? >iuiu, CO I'.Hin ini, aiurr, R Cooper, oo B, 3d Inf, mump*; Capt Guthrie, oo K, 16th Inf, gun-shot wound; Wm Forbes, oo G, Mtd Rifles, diarrhoea; Thomas Crawford, oo C. 3d Dra, measles July 21 ?John M Bougher, co I), 15th Inf, dysentery July 22?Baker, oo B, Hth Int, cephalagia; Radedffe, Walker'* Mtd Rifles, Int fever. July 23? C W Hargrooves, co K, 8 C, dlsrhrra; H C Young, oo A, 3d Inf, Int fever; C Armstrong, eo I." 8 C, dysentery; H Meyer, .eo H, 3d Art, mania; B Rich, oo C, 3d Dra, dlarrbo'*; N Brown, co K. 15th Inf, ?lo. July 44?P Walker,oo B, 3d Inf, diarrhura; P Coile, co F, 4th Inf, do. July 25?M M Price, eo K,3d Inf. debility; Pbilip Rake, oo C. 2d Pa, diarrhica; John Mehlhorn, ce B, 1st Pa, do; Wm Bishop, co K. 1st Pa, do. July 26?Corp wm Robertson, oo C, S C, dysentery; J Floners, co B, Mtd Rifles, rheumatism July 27?Henry Kisher, co F, 3d Inf, rheumatism; George Doolxy, oo C, 3d Inf, dlarrbo>a; Raflerty, oo K, 4th Inf, debility; Thomas Creswell, co K, 8th Inf, dlarrbd-a; Manssn, co A, 3d Art, do; Kerr, eo B, 2d Pa, do; Baldwin. Walker's Rifles, do; Wm MoCoy, co F, 4th lof, do; J H Williams. fcl M Dep. int fever, 8chmeltz, 00 I, 11th Inf, do: B W Weathers, co B. 14th Inf. catarrh July 28?Waatherley.oo B. 2d Dra, diarrhu-a; R Humphreys. eo D, 16th Inf, dyrentery; L Reed, co D, Ath Inf, do; viax'n Klinkard, 00 I, 1st Art, dlarrho-a; James Bhaeffer, 00 B, 14th Inf, measles; 11 B Schenck, M Dep, dlarrbo a; Goldman. 00 D, 2d Pa, do. July 'JO?Bli Shelley, co B. 1st Pa, remit fever; A Franklin, 00 B, Mtd Hifles, diarrbu-% July 30?James J Hays, 00 B, 14th Inf, diarrbcrt; J L Cox, 00 K, 16th Inf, do; John C Triok, oo C, 16th Inf, int lever; John Brown. 00 B, Voltlgeurs, remit lever; Jnnob Reed, 00 B, 16th Inf, dlarrbmt. July 31?August Colb, co B, 1st P>t, dysentery August 1?A J Glttings, co C, Voltlgeurs, remit fever; James Tlnney, eo K. 8th Inf, catarrh; R Stephens, 00 I), 16th Inf, dlarrbrra; Quinn. no I. nth Inf. Influenza; B Zollen, H M Dep. catarrh; H Woodward, Q M Dep, congestive fever; Wm Robinson, 00 B, 14th Inf, dlarrho a; A Smith, co B, 14th Int, do; Hartman, 00 K, 1st Art,do. Aug 2?C B Monday, 00 A, 8 C. dlarrb<e?; Harper, co A. 2d Drag, do; Jo* L Gandle, eo F, 3d Inf, do; R liibeook, 00 B, 5th Inf, ffeblllty. Aug 3 ?P Bush art. co K. 16th Int, dlarrboa; A J MoConned, eo H, 1 Jth Inf, dysentery; Jacob Hsger, 00 II, 15th Inf, Int fevar; A Walker, H M Dep, do; C Htark. co F, 1st Pa, disrrbres; Kenard Coehraue. co H. 1 t I'a, gun-shot wound; Charles B Parker, eo H. 1st I'a, disrrAug 4? Valentine R Mills, no B, 1st Pa. dlarrbwa; A J Ault, eo B, 3d Inf, debility; Hare. Q M Dep, diarrb>v?; Walters, 00 A, 3d Inf, do; H P Robinson, eo I. iMh i?e dysentery; P Hopper, co K, 4th Inf. do; Gibson, co C, 3<i Drug, measles; John A 8 Scott, Walker'* IliUne, diarrhoea; Wm Brown, oo B, tith Inf, int fever; Wm Crown, o? C, 9th Inf, dysentery Aug A?Bradley, eo K,8 C, dysentery; Kelsey, q M Dep, typhus fever; Henry Witholm, co C, 3d Inf, diajrhrra ; Berj Grant, oo G, Oth Inf. do; Gould, co K,^d Inf, do; MIchMl Smith, oo D, 1st Art, lnt fever. Aug. 9? Wm H Sparrow, oo K, Voltlgeurs,remit fever; Gilbert Ball, eo K, 3d Drag, diarrhea; Wm L> Head, co B. Hh Inf, do; Dennis, co C, flth Inf, dropsy. Aug. 7?Win H Roger*, eo H, 1st Art, dlarrknri; Wm A Thurston, co B,9th Inf. do; Garlegan, eo II, 3d Pa. do; John Hlelman. co I, Voltlgeurs. lnt fever; William Hamilton. eo C, Voltlgeurs, typhoid fever AugH-H M llorves, co K, 8th Inf, epilepsy; Daniel Bruner, co K, Ifttb Inf, morbi varii; James Church, co K, 3d Inf, morbi varll. Aug. 9?Taylor, eo A. Oth Inf,diarrhea; Cole, eo D. 'id Pa, diarrha a; George Myeis, co G, 1st Art. dlarrho'i; Isaao N Shook, oo B, Uth Inf, dlarrhn a; J H Coider. eo B, 13th Inf, rubeola. Aug. 10?W T Baldwin, oo B, Mtd Rifles, diarrhea; Thomas M Leitch, oo F, S C, dysentery; Sergt ( has Williams, oo K, Bth In', typhoid fever; Nelson Woodward, co H, 9th Inf, congestive fever * *** **" *" " '' "* :w yo 1W YORK, SUNDAY MOD OF CHAPULTEPEC FROM CAHA Aug. 11?8ergt John S Dodge, ce I), 9th Inf. bronchitis; Boyce, oo D. 4th Art, diarrbcva; Chu A Fowler, co K, 9th Inf. do; Charles Taylor (boy.) co B, 3d Inf. do; Abraham Jambs, ca K, 8th Inf, do; John MoCollum, co E, 2d Pa, do; Dan Mill*, oo A, Voltigeura. do; W I Mozler,co C, 9th lnf, do; Henry Mullen, oo I, 3d Art, do Aug. 12?J J Quick, co A, 4th Art, diarrho'i; Wm Rose, co V. 4th Art. ulcl fauces; Duvid Huddleston, co O, Mtd Rifles, phthisis; Wm Swartz, co C, 2d I'a, diarrhoea; James M Wood, co H, 2d Tenn, gunshot wound; Henry Rhudy, co K, 12th Inf, debility. Aug. 13?L C Powell, co H, 12th Inf, diarrhcci; Hiram Hooper,oo B, llth Inf, do; Calvin Ward, co K, 8th lnf, congestive fever. Aug. 14? George Schaeffer, co G, 7th Inf, dlarrhira^ Andrew Diane, oo C, 2d Inf,do; Gabriel Niece, co 1, llth Inf, dysentery. Aug 13?Charles Steward, co D, 15th Inf, diarrbiri; Wm R Miller, co D, Mtd Rifles, gunshot wound. Aug. 16?Leinlnger, co E, 6th Inf, diarrbcca; Daniel Ives, coH, loth Inf, do; Sergt John F Htaly, oo D, 15th Inf, do; Alonzo Blake, oo C, 2d Inf, do; Christopher F Luoas, oo C, Voltlgeurs, do Aug 17?M McClue, co F. 8 C. valvular of the heart; A B Cummingi, ce D, 2d Pa. dlarrln^a Aug. 18?Pierce, oo 1, 2d Art. diarrhu-a. Aug 19? G&tea B, 14th inf, diarrha-i; James Adams, co C, Voltlgeurs, do: James Eason. oo A, 2d fa, do. Aug. 20?Andrew J UriflBn, on A, 16th Inf, dysentery; Abraham Bir*, co K, 15th Inf. dlarrhn1* ; James Keeler, co F, 8th Inf, do; Donald Chishoiin, co I, 7th Inf, rubeola; Jos Thomat, co H, 12th Inf, diarrbn-a. Aug. 21?John riper, co G, 9th Inf, debilitae: John Hanault, eo F, 14th lnf, fev intermit; Mauric? Tnoker, oo K, 6th Inf. roorbl varii. Aug. 22?Otto Ilahn, co B, 16th Inf, diarrhtca; A I, Charles, oo H, 16th Inf, do. Aug. 23?A T Zellor, co A, 7th Inf, dlarrbrea ; John Russell, co (?. 9th Inf. do T'Aag. 34?James Murpby, co B, 6th Inf, do; Samuel Cooper, eo H, 7th Inf, do; J C Medlin, oo C, 4th Art. dysentery; L Scott, co A, 8 C, diarrha-a; Ross Jones, co D, 3d Inf, do; John Johnson, co I, 3d Art, oornea. Aug 25?Von Rheaden, co G, 1st Art, debilitas; H Oibbons, co C. 8 C, dlarrhrra. Aug. 26?C Rose, oo K. 14th Inf, debilitas; Andrew Hatch, co K. 6th Int, diarrb<ca; Thomas Kennedy, co F, 8 C, do; D B 8ohryver, eo K, 3d Dra, do; Joseph B Merritt, oo I, 9th Inf, debilitas; John A Viney, oo 11, 12th Inf, diarrhoea; John F White,co C, 12th Inf, do; Joseph Headley. co G, 14th Inf, do. Au(. 27?John Cloudsley.' oo K, 12th Inf, diarrhurt; N V1..K.I1 nn V OfV, I Aug. 28 ? Brandstadter, co C, 4th Inf. diarrhea; H Boerhurat, oo K, 9th Inf. do; Stephen (iarber, no K, 3d Inf, rhenmtiam. P McCaii, eo (J, 9 th I of , diarrhea. Aug. 30?McKarland, co A, 3d Inf, diarrhea. Aug at? George Sherwood, co K, 9th Inf, iltrrhtri; John A Lourey, oo C, 'JJ Pa, do; Robert Campbell, co K, N V, do Sept. 1?Abraham Pratt, Tth Inf, diarrhoea; K Wllliogbam, co C, 4th Art. typhoid fever; Boresou,co F, 7th Inf, dlarrhwa; John Donnelly, co A. 'id Pa, do; J W Davis, co 1, Voltigeurs, do; Amos Marney, co C, 4th Art, do. Sept 2?John Pierce,eo H,0th Inf.rheuinatlspi; John (J St l".lalr, oo A, 7th Inf, diarrhea; Samuel Sweet, co H, 11th Inf, do Sept. 3 ?Wm Henry, eo H, 7th Inf, diarrhu a; Samuel Fieratlne, co D. I :'i Inf, dysentery ; F Trlplett, co C, 3d Dragoons, rubeela ; John Butler, oo K, 15th luf, h er Int l}uo Sept 4?Wm Sllverthorn, oo G, 4th Inf. catarrhua; Corp'l D H Maraton, co C, 9th Inf, do; Stephen Cady, co F, 4th Inf, diarrhea. Sept ft?N Flavan, co B, U 8 M, diarrhev, John Trenner, oo (i, 14th Inf, do. Septd ?John Bradahaw. co F.lAth Inf, diarrhea ~Sept 7?Robert Kelley, co I, 7th luf. diarrhea; Samuel WilliauiH, oo I' , 4th Inf, do; Oaoar Warner, oo F, 15th ; Inf, phtblaia. Sept. 8?James Allen, co F, Uth Inf, rubeola; Wentworth. co H, 3d Inf, diarrh<*a, Summers, oo A, 3d Inf, do; Wm Hear tie, co K, 5th Inf. do. Sept 9.?Abraham StaufTer#co I. lath Inf, diarrhea. Sept. 10? Corporal (ilvlna, co D, 16th Inf, diarrhea ; Andrew Kowler, co 1, 3d Art, optb&linia. Sept. 11?John McCauley, co K, 3d Inf, diarrhea; Warren Freeman, co K, I5tb Inf do. Skpt I2-Amaia Whiton, co K, 9th Inf. diarrhea; M L Hackler, co B, lith Inf, do. Sept. 13?Preston Dobaon, co C. lith Inf, diarrhoea. Sept. 14?J tin F. Davis, oo B, 15th Inf, diarrhea; I.ewls McKadden. co C,2d Pa, do. Sept. 15?Wm I, Duff, co C, 4th Art, dysentery Sept. 1(1?Will Haley,co li, 14th Inf, diarrhea ; J Kugg. co B, Rifles, do; Roberts, co B, 14th Inf, do; Martin Kdwards. oo A, Rifles, rubeola Sept ^17 ? Wm ,V1 Beatty, oo O, 8th Inf, dyapepah; ->" niiucj, co r, uio lol, diarrbri'a. Sept 18?Alexander l)ant?le, oo I, 9th Inf, catarrhal; John Bagley, oo C, 1st I'a, diarrl*w*; 1'renura, oo A. 4th Art, hepatltli; Samuel McCartney, co H, 11 th Inf, Intermittent fever Hi-pt. 19 ? Jackeon Canada, co C, 4th Art lot fever Sept '21 ? 11 train Hulden, oo D. 15th luf. dlarrhoa, A Murrtll. oo C, !Uh luf, do; Jacob Dennett, co C, 4th Art, dysentery. Sept. 32 ? Leavenworth, ao K, 3d Dra, dlarrbrca. Sept. '23 ?Abraham Delamater. no C, N V, diarrliui; Corporal Overmire, co C, lAth Inf. dysentery, Harrison Chute, co K, !Uh Inf, diarrhoea. Sept. '24?Albert C, 9th Inf, diarrhoea; Corporal Cobbett. oo K, Volti^nur*. phthisis, William llaylock, oo D, 3d lof. epilepsia; James Biroh, co (i, let Pa, diarrbo-a; John W. Aubrey, co (.', 4th Art, lot fever. I Sept. '25?L B Smith, co K, 12th Inf, dlarrbirt Sept. 26? John Darrngh, co H, 12th Inf, dlarrhtea; Ja- i cob Strobe, oo A, 15th Inf, iot fever; Boyle, oo K, 15th Inf, diarrbte* , S?pt. '27?Ben'on llltohens, co B, l'2th inf, diarrh" *; Money, oo K, 7th Inf, do; Frederick Magnus, coli, tith 1 Inf, do; Win B Kdwatds, oo B, 5th Inf, do; Blgley. no B, ' Sth Inf. do. I Sept.'28 ?Wm (iilea co B. I'2th Inf. diarrhe a; Pritohard, I co II, Qd Pa, do; Leotard Kcjt, oo C,7th Inf, int fever I Sept '2!>? John Oai'ber, oo (J, Voltlgeura dlarrbo**. Sept 30?Geo Kattler, co G. ith Inf, diarrbu a Oct 1 ? Jataea Bolatid, M Dep, diarrfcrca. Oct. 4?Cornelius Krisby, oo A, 14th luf, lnt fever; Daniel Jaruc, oo 1,12th Inf, diarrhea. Oct. 6?Keller,co 1. 4th Inf, remit fever; Benjamin Till- < man, co D, 8 C, diarrbu a. ... _ 1 wut / irsau[i ry,co u,'^a ra, uiarrno a; UeorgnTuck- ( ?r,eo G, Mtd, Rifit-p, guu-rhot wound. , Oct 8? Warren Mrjor, 16th luf.'oon fever; Eftlf, Q X . ?>ep, dimrrbo'tj J B Campbell. co K, <.? Dra, do Oct 9?Geo Dewell, co K, 3dlnf, Int faver; Win Blair, | no K, 4 th I a, con fever; Nathaniel Smith, co G 12th Inf, ' diarrhoea. I Oct 1(1? Robert Newton, 2d Inf, int fairer. t Oct. 11?John Tolly, co C, ;td dragoona, iliarrbn a; For- a dioh, co D, 8th irf, debility; Mote* Grunt, co G, ?lh In- || dlana, remittent fever. M Oct 11 Randolph Ituby. eo O 11 th Inf, diarrhea; Mc- . Cotnba, en C, 14th Inf. debility; John Miller, co K do do; Judaon Keen, co O, 9th inf, Int fevt-r. Oct. 13 ?Adam O Heyfert, co G, volMgeura, deblllta*; '' John Hoblnaon.oo K, 11th Inf. dlarrbua; Kratiol* Mon- II day, q m department, gunnhot wound Oct 14?Theodore Conmd, oo K, Int Pa, dlarrhirt; |, Geo Dooley, oo C, 3d dragoon*, do; John May, oo I, lith v Inf. do; John Landenberg. oo K, llth inf, do , Got. IA WaidiDg eo < , 14th inf, bronchltla; Rlohd K ,j Barrow, o? I, llth inf, phthlala Got, 10? Ju Hall, co O, oltlgeur*, diarrh" *; Woi Mc- '' Mnrtrey, oo C, 12th Inf, phthlala. ? Got. it?Chaa Harnn, 16Kb in/, brcnobitli, Wa Bake- e IRK I INING, NOVEMBER 28, AND MOLI.NO DjE L* ?^k, Tg Jr9^^--~~? ? ~ v^- \\lkjj^n 8BBBfiS3H8r% tI^Hml \ilir^rPi ilB f/niffil^Bra IY^\ W *r ' ''"* ' DE MATA. Tell, co C, Atb inf, diarrh<ra; Wm Cochrane, oo E, 4th Indiana, do. Oot 19?John C Mulling, eo K, Toltlgecrs, dlarrhf^v Oct. -JO -OH Whit*, oo C, 7th inf, hepatitis; Well*, co E, 8 (', diarrhea; Samuel Kelley, oo C, 9th inf, do; Van ItHnsselanr H French, oo E. 15th inf,do; Oeo Caspar,8th inf, do; Wm Foster, oo B, 8th inf, Int ferer; MoClanighand, co I), lith inf, diarrhea Oot 21?Lee, Ga dra, typhus feyer; Tyler, q m department, dropsy. Oot. 22?MoTike, oo A, 3d art, consumption. Oct. 28 ? Krass, oo K, 4th Ohio, dlarrb<f?; Lt Doyle, eo G, 15th inf typhoid fisTer. Oot 24? llobt Gavatt, co F, 4th Indiana, typhoid fer; Hiram Smith co K, 3d dra, diarrhwa; Benj Butcher, oo E, lltli inf, do; Jos Llnthloam,co C, l:h art. intermittent fevar. Oot. 25?Wesley Soaggs, Oa dra, diarrhea. Oot 20?Turner Harper, Georgia dra, hepatitis; i G Fitzgerald, co O. 4th inf, gunshot wound Oot. 27?(?*o W Lang, oo K, 12th inf, diarrhoea; Thos Nelson, co H, mtd rifles, do; James O'Conner, oo O, 8th inf, do. Oot. 28 ? Obadlah Purnwll, oo O, 12th inf, dUrrhiea. Oot. 29 ?Adolphus Beyer. Ibth inf, int fever; J Duddleson, co 0, ad dra, remit feTer; Jas Burton, oo C, 4th art. diarrhioa. Oat. 30?B r Wright, Ohio vols, dlarrh<?a; Alex'r Butler, oo I), ftth Inf, do; Smith, oo K, 12th inf, do. STATE or THK TiirHmomktkk AT PicaoTK Castlk, Mi:xico, raoM Oct. 20 to Oct. 30. 1847. Vale. Sunrite. 12 Jtf. 3 P. At. 6 P. lit. Kemarki Oct. 20. .M (leg. 'iHitcg. SI dec- 37 d?(. Moudy. 21..II <le?. 38 dot. 614a*. 39 dec. dear. 22. .32 dec. 39 dec. til dec- 61 dec. Clear. 23. .31 dec- 36d?c- 36 dec. 34 dec. Cloudy. 24. .31 dec- 36 dec. 34 dec. 32 dec. ("loudy 23. .46 dec- 33 dec 3t d?c. 49 deg. Cloudy. A>. ,ju ur*. '1 uc| J* u?g. Ji ue|. ium< 27. .50 deg. Jl deg. Jl deg. 5" deg. Rtia. 21. .51 den. lid-it. 54 deg. .'it deg. Run. 29. .52 deg. 54 deg. M dt|. 52 ><eg. R&ia. 30. .51 deg. 56 deg. 57 deg. 55 deg. Clear. Boston, Nov. 26, 1817. Movements of the IVlugs?Who caret for the Cu?loin limine !?Movements of the Democrat*. The whigs of this city are doing their best to keep up their pirty cli ira cter tor internal quarreling. r municipal election will take place in about ten days, and thus tar the whigs have not been able to agree upon a candidate for Mayor, though the nominating body ha* had half a Hcore of ballotings. The present incumbent, Mr. Quincy, is desirous of a re-election, as he wishes to signalise his " reign " by perfecting the great work of bringing pure water into the city?a very creditable ambition. Hut there is a strong opposition to him in the whig party, growing out of his support of the temperance cause. The whigs will make a new effort to effect a nomination next Monday evening. The democrats are " biding their time." An angry correspondence has taken place between Mr. Schouler, editor of the Atlas, and Mr. G. F. Adams (son of the ex-President), editor of the which the latter gentleman has published. It commenced with Mr. Adams, who took offence at something which appeared iu the Atlai, charging certain whinjs of this region with intriguing ngainst Mr. winthrop, with th# design of preventing his elevation to the Speakership of the House of Representatives. "That means me!" is the substance of Mr. Admns's letter; "and if the cap fits you, put it on," is tin; amount of Mr. Schouler's reply. Nothing but a good sound beating will restore whig harmony. The course of the Secretary of the Treasury and Collector Morton, in reducing the WHges oi laborers employed in our custom-house, has excited considerable attention here, and been the cause of the publication of several articles in the papers. These " reform " measures have done the democracy an immense amount of injury, and " the end is not yet." At the same time, it in but the merest justice to say that no democrat here approves ol thesn. They are universHlly condemned, and generally considered as having been done under the advice of Mr. Morton, for the purpose of reducing the party to a desperate condition, and then to attribute it to the nomination of General (lushing. What given color to this view of the case, is the significant fact that the Bristol county Democrat, a paper published at Taunton, the residence of Mr. Morton, and known to be under his control, has come out since the election, against the nomination of (>en. Gushing, which it denounces in terms, attributing to it the deteat of the democracy in this .State on (be Htli of November. The thing is absurd enough in itb * * It. but it shows what influences are at work in he uarty, and measurably accounts for General Gushing not receiving a larger vote. The discussions on the subject of custom house "reform" have brought to light a curious instance of political economy. Among the officers nt the custom house i? a messenger, whose place, Jn111 recently, was filled by Mr. William Storker, i good democrat. On the pretence that the office whs a useless one, Mr. Morion dismissed Mr. Storker, and thus effected a saving (at the most) of one thous nd dollars per annum. But nark the sequel. To do the work which the hscharged messenger had performed, faithfully ind satisfactorily, tor $2 per day, and some irnsll perquisite*, the relorining ann economic*! Jollector appointed half a do/.en persons, who ctcive more than 94000 per annum, the ex>e rises oil hat department being increased more han four-fold! Such is the character of the re rencnment wincn is effected here in collecting he revenue. Meantime, Secretary Walker hati 0 the blame ot all these rogueries and absurdities. Ifc is openly curscd by those who u\<' hitherto been among hta most strenuous upporters, while every place filled up is conferred on his enemies. The member* of the preen t administration do seem to lie largely enowrd with the great faculty of alienating their riends. There lias been a report that enquiries have een ordered from head quarters, to discover .ho among the government officials opposed ?en. Cushing, with the design of " reforming" lieni out of place. I ahould have more faith in 1 hnd the administration courage sufficient to o anything At preseut, all its influence is | xerted in upholding our anti-war democrats. ^?= : m?Tm . i11"!"111 . ; ""j? IERA 1847- | R'E Y . of Ci - P* H mi H: . HSSfiHjSy^ |DM^ ^ "-"' At (; ~y ' - V~-' ?---^-- ; til J""--- ?;t -/-' -~ ? I'as w] th - m Alhany, Nov. 26, 1817. Tn 77i? Report of the Comptroller to the Senate, in an- ^ * swer to a lle?olution of the Senate relative to ha Payment* to the Hank Fund. Jo1 The following is a copy of a report made by the Comptroller to the Senate, this morning :? r? The Comptroller, in anawur to the following resolution. ri? : " Resolved, that the Comptroller report to the Senate the amount contributed by eaoh Safety Fund Bank to the safety fund, with the date* of the respeotire payment!, and speolfying what banks have contributed more . than half of one per oent per annum on their capital to toek, and what banks hare contributed only half of one ec per cent per annum, to the safety fund " pr ?lleapeotfully aubmita the annexed atatement aa a full Id anawer to the reaolutlon : t r There hu been oredited to the banka, on acoount of i. contributions : To the bank fund, the anm of $1,839,634 JO Leas the amount of rebate allow- C< ed on oontributiona in ad- tf ranee $74,196 44 l\ Refunded to Weatcbeater County Bank, for over payment, in 184 0 1,000 00 1 Do do Jefferaon County Bunk in 184 1 400 00 011 73,486 44 !" br Actual amount of oontributiona to Nor. 44, let 1847 $1,783,947 76 on The banks named below, bare contribnted the sums ed aet oppoaite the name of each bank, beyond a sum equal pr< to one half of one per oent per annum, ril:? iq Farmers' and Manufacturers' Bank 173 00 n0 lefferaon County Bank 600 00 Hooheater City Bank 3..147 93 Bank of the State of New York 7.608 63 "" Atlantic Bank 1.900 00 Oueida Bank 3,901 00 Rank of Oswego 1.916 67 Ca Tompkins County Bank 4,341 94 tin Kingston Bank 804 74 th< $44,664 38 Tte act of 1849, (chapter 94) proridea that each bank |y thereafter created, shall contribute annually a anm equal |?, to half of one per cent on its capital, until it has paid three per cent into the treaaury. The 8th Motion of the act provides that, ''whenever a the fund created by thin act shall bereduoed by the pay- * ment of the debt* of an Insolvent corporation, to be A1 made as hereinafter provided, below the ran an provld- * ed in the fourt h'section of this aot,every moneyed oorpo- **' ration then exUting, whioh ehall be subject to thl* act, ? and every luoh corporation thereafter to be created, ehall, on or before the flrit day of January in erery Jr year thereafter, pay to the Treasurer of thu state, euch aum to be designated by the oonp- (ltr troller, not exceeding "? aum equal to one-half of be one per cent on ita capital atock, aa hereinbefore pro- M. vliled; which last-mentioned annnal paymenta ehall con- ?0<1 tlnuu to be made by every corporation anbjeet to the <1 operation of thia act, until the aforeaald fund rhall be U re-lmharaed, and made to amount to the aum aa pro- f'i' vlded in the fourth aectl?n." { ' When the fund waa reduced by the failure of aeveral j' " banka, a aall waa made upon all tne aafety fund bank*,in Ala 1841, requiring them to pay into the treaaury half of r?u one per cent on the lat of January thereafter, and to ?<*> continue auch paymenta annually until the fund waa re- P?e plenlahed, aa provided by the 8th aeotion, before given m ] The baaka chartered in 1836 had not, at the time the HP* call waa made, completed the payment of the three per cent required by the 4th aectlon of the bank fund act. ,u' The banka which came in under the aafety ftind aya- '"J tem In 1830, would complete their paymenta *f three Ker cent to the bank fund in 1830. Much banka would > ave made nooontrlbutlonafbr the yeara 1837.1838,1839 iaa and 1840, and would anawer the call of half ot one per cent on the lat of January. 184i, being for the year 1841. The vv Bank of Oneida, which waa chartered in 1836, made ita ben flrat full payment In January, 1838, and would oomplete oov Ita 3 per cent In 1843. Under the oall of the ' omptrol W'1 ler, In 1441. thla bank paid one per cent, Inataad ot half n'l of one per cent,in January, 184:2, and January, 1843; and -thla bank muat continue to pay half of one per cent an- I* nually during the life of ita charter. Whilat thla bank yj paya double the prescribed rate for two yeara, a bank J.(tJ chartered in 1830 la exonerated from paying anything c|? for feur yeara, from 1837 to 1840, and paya only naif of coll one per oent for the realdue of ita chartered term. yo<j The banka enumerated In the preoedlng part of thia report, and which atand in the aaine oondltion aa the ' Oneida Dank, aak to be relieved from thia inequality; and In the opinion of the Comptroller the requeat la _ reaaonable A law authorizing a credit to be given I' to theae banka, to offaet againat future contrt- ?f( butlona, would place them on the footing they deaire, aa er, to ia preaumed they do not expect any other mode of for payment ?'c The Comptroller, after making the above report, submits a detailed statement of (he sums contributed by (he several banks to the safety fund, and the periods at which the aeveral contributions were made. mm Mkmher* of Conorkss.?The Rvenue already ? begins to give signs of the approach "1 Congress, jyj Meveral strangers begin to appear, and some of the members nave iirrived. I'lie following list is reported to us, from fhe oilier end of th<- em. avenue, of the members who have come ; jjj Senate.?Mr. Lewis Cass, of Michigan ; Mr. r,te I>. S. Dickinson and Mr. J. A. Dix, of New kiad v__l. *.t- I Mr I nfli. runn tluUl* i.f Cunt j or* ; wr. rooir aim - (. Mississippi; Mr. S. A -? ?ouglass, of Illinois : Mr. Thos. H. Benton, of Missouri} Mr. I. I). Went- disu colt, of Florida ; and Mr. Johnson, '>1 Louisiana. ?? ' Hou*r of Hr/irrnrntatirr*.?Mr. Thurston, of Rhode Island ; McMrn. Levin and Hornbeck, of 'J1 Pennsylvania ; Messrs. Chase, 11111, Jones, |?r( Stanton, and Barrow, of Tennessee- Mr. Adam*, ih? of Massachusetts; Mr Hall, of Missouri ; Mr W. R.W.Cobb, of Alabama: Mr H. Smith, of J Illinois; Mr. Marsh, of Vermont; Mr. llojley, of Wt" Xew Vork; Messrs. Ilhett and Holmes, of South ^ Carolina: Mr. II Cobb, of f?eorgin ; Mr X McDowell, of Virginia ; Mr. ( lineman, of prry North Carolina ; Mr. Thompson, of Iowa. ?'w We presume a very full quorum may be cxpeeled, on the opening of the session. on Mon- r?i<i day week ?IVmhington Union, Nov. 2H 'aij' ? ??? uce. lilts Tavi.or ? Ii is said that On Taylor has l( business engagements, which will require his i,| presence ontiia plantation on the 1st hecember IN next. This wr nave from a |iersonal friend of Upl? the < ieneral, who has an appointment with him at the time nnd place mentioned. He msy. Mw therefore, we think, be confidently expected e*?? in our city about the end of the present month. " We trust our energetic and patriotic Mayor will take HtepH to extend to the (rallsmt nud victorious ??y nld hero, a reception worthy of thin city?a re- wr eeption such ns is due i<> his eminent merits and ? glorious achievements.? JVrw Or/tan* Dtllu, 'j'? Nov. 18tk. 1 ? I LD. PiIm Two Cmii, Astronomy. Osdtavatohi, wllmi.iiitok, Not. 44, 1847. Through the politeness and attention John Cuihbert, Esq , the indefatigable United States Hamburgh. 1 hare received a planet olreuUr, iblished October 3i, by Professor Hchumaoher, M>uncing the dlaoovery of another new planet by Mr. Ind, of Bishop's observatoy. Tha weather does i ot promise to ba favorable for obrring to-night, and yon will much abliga ma by pubhing, for the Information of astronomers, tha foUowg extract from ProfaMor Schumacher's circular R Hind to H. C. Si hi mac her :? Lomdoh, Ontobar 19, 1847. 'Last night, at lib. 30m. mean time. I discovered other pUnet in tha fifth hour of H. A. It ihlaee aa a iroftbe ninth magnitude, and belongs, I presume, to a group of small planets. By mlorometrieal oompartds with Bsssel V. 48 tha following positions war* obIned . ? (Irtrnwich M. T. R. Dct. north. a. ik t* h Si. s. * m. ?. St. 18 11 40 4 A 8 40 11 M 14 3 36 4 16 4 10 a 3 41 61 14 8 M.J 16 63 Jrt 3 3 41 97 14 8 368 ''finding this object unmarked on Knorra'f admirable ip and being well acquainted with this part of th* :i?en?, I had no hesita'loti in deciding aa to its nature, id accordingly observed it aoaurately at onoe." Mora Is the nam* proposed by Sir John Haraohal tor Is new planet Od October 13. nix day? only before its icovery, and In anticipation of the next asteroid that ould be discovered, the astronomer wrote to Trofessor ihumaober ''I'allas, Juno. Ceres, and Vesta as sober and maiestlo lennaa, will abundantly provide for the respectability ? tbe group between Mar* and Jupiter, while A at r ma, Is. Hebe, and Hora, will attract all eyes and fill all imiaatlons with sweet and graceful Images " KesprcUully, fco , M K. MAURY, I.ieutenant, U 8. Nsry. Suicide.?An inqucHt whh held yesterday by kroner Wiggins, near the corner of Maine and awrence streets, on the body of a man named nviu oiimu, laif* a nurpe in me Marine rioppiil. It appeared on the inquest that he wasmared some two months ago. Th<- match was not happy one; the parties separated about ten days nee. In the interim Smith was living at Mm. oulding's uutil he could get employment- On hursday. after being absent Home lime, he reirned to her house, and drank u iiortion of the intents of an ounce phial of laudanum. Sho-tafterwarda he spoke a lew words and died.? postmortem examination was held on the >dy by Drs. Lewis and Jenkins. They could id notlnng in the hodv of a poisonous nature, id gave it as their opinion that the death was caaioned by intemperance. The jury then renred a verdict in accordance with this decision, i the table near the bed of the deceased were und three letters, two addressed to a friend, king the use of money, acd one to. his wife, hicn we copy below. From this it is supposed at the deceased committed, or intended to com* it suicide. We omit the names:? ro Mm D. Smith ?From her urr. Hi-irand,Greeic;-Wh?n I msrrled you. I wr? drunk Even when aw jou flrat after the affray with your brother* 1 waa unk. Tit true, I never loved you, nor you me. Yon d me, aa you told me the leooDd night after wa waa ned. I married to spite your relations; though 1 pity u, you are to blame, 1 oould have done better, but my r?e? follow ? and ? and all the it that brought ua together; but 1 die and forgive you ,ln hope you will forgive ma. DAVID SMITH The deceased was a native of Philadelphia, d about thirty years of age.?Mobile Herald d Tribune, 20th tnet. Cot.. Davis.?We had the pleasure of seeing -day Col. Jell'erson Davis, who has won so iviable a distinction among the heroes of the esent war. He arrived yesterday to discharge s duties a a a new Senator of the United States om the State of Mississippi. Th? Colonel mps. a little, and is not entirely cured of the ound which he received ; but he is slowly reuvering, and hopes, in a short time, to be ablo > dispense with the use of his crutches.? Vathin/fton Union, Nov. 28 Flaxseed vs. Linseed.?Mr. Walker's tariff need a duty of 20 per cent on flaxseed, and ily 10 per cent on linseed?both being the same tide. Mr. F. S. Carruth, of boston, recently ouglit a suit iu the Circuit Court against Colour Morton, for making him pay 20 |>er cent a quantity of this article, as he waa instructto do by the Treasury Department. It was jved that tbe article was known by me/chants the Calcutta trade, as Unseed, ana if it was t that, no one could tell what it was. Under itructions from the court, the jury found aver:t for Mr. Carruth.?Lowell Courier, 24M inet. Mr. John IMair, late a member of the bar ift TilBlc v-u., i ?t., wild nan ucrii iiiinoiuu sumv ne, whs found on Thursday of last week, near ' margin of the small stream of water running mi the Moiling Spring towards the Letart. He ls subject to nts of derangement, and evidentcame lo his death ill an attempt to return me, by becoming swamped in the mud and ignant water in which he was tound. He waa young man of much intellectual promise. I/"INTKR CLOTH 1NIi~AT COST -Over Coats and V Over tWicks from %i to (16; Clonks from Si to $D,aud sry other strle of winter clotiiiug it DAN ILL P. HMITH'S, Kult.m street, opposite the Dutch Church. uU Ul'B aoNl) HAND Kl'RNITUKK AM) CLOTHINO WANTK1).-Ladies or Gentlemen hiving u; suparam. or cut off Clothing or furniture to dispose of, na obI a fair caali price ior the lami, bv sending lor the suhscriat Ilia residence, or a line addreuel through the post wiM attended to. Ladies can be attended to by Mr*. Cohan. 8. COX K.N, b'j Dusue street. N- B. Old stoak or Job ids bought to any amount. nil lJt*re HKAT BAKOAINH IN KNDKK CLOTHING .-J. t. SCOTT, 91 Nasssn street, has in More and is daily roving from the Hhakers and other celebrated manufacturers, [e supplies ol thoir superior Cudershirts, Drawers and Hocks, ty are warranted not to shrink in washing,) which he it retailat wholesale prices, viz: "t per cent, adrance tipon first cost. >o,received, a Desh supply of his (1 'A obirts,which he au[s both as regard*fitting and superior workmaoahip Persona ut purchasing will do well to call at M Nassau street, opite the Xeralil office aM Bt*rt C/ in CHALLKNtiK ?Notice to gentlemen who want LP\/V/their old clothes to look like new: call at the Taing, Dying,Cleaning and Kepairing Kstahlishmrnt, M Uold at, where you can get all greaae, pitch, tar, glue and pent -acted w ithout soiling the cloth, at the shortest notice and he most reasonable terms,by J B NOAH, M Oold street, 1 doors from Beak man K. I. B ?The highoat price Mid lor gentleman's le't off wear?im ^r? i f*B I4f r# LUAK8?tvLOAKtt.?The subscriber begs leave lo call the attention of Isdies to his present stock of Cloaks, aa ig the best in tha city, and comprising all the now stylos r in use. Also, long and square hhawls, in great yarioty, h a general assortment of dry goods, suitable lor the Mason, ich will be sold at reduced prices, by II Ht?m T PATTiAON. No. 1 Bower ITKRK8TINW TO OKNTLEMKN?It is well known J>at at this seasou of the ymtr, yon all w?nt to know that 94 rrnv strset. corner ol Washington, is the ouly place in thus where von can net your Krotk, Dreaa, or Overcoat* tad aka, either Cleaned, Dyed, Altered and tepaned with are, cuffa, bnttona, linings, or anything repaired loiifi ir baying dcw clothe*. Cleaning aud diemg auptrior to thing ever done A call or a line attended to. I B?Small chargei and no disappointment at my eatabliahnt (.'all before cold weaiher ten in?prepare in lime. nl14t*rrr A COKTIHHOH. M Marry It hN.vlAN slllP?liOLD SMITH'S WlUTlNli AC AUKMI KH, 240 Broadway, corner of Rrade. and I3J Urand t, corner of Koneth, a'e now <>|>?u ilurint the day and iniug, for the reception of pupil* and riaiter* Claaa honra l.aaiea daily, II o'clock, A. M. in Broadway: and 4 lock, P. M, in (irand *tr?et. (ieutlemen, daring the day I evening. Term reduced?and n aitiafarroiy improvement iranteeil to every pupil. Private matruction given. f Krom the New fork ( ourier and Inquirer ] The Chirographic art la much more important to mankind, i it la generally couaidered, and Mr. Goldsmith nay rary I claim to be coneidered at ita head." [Krom the iloaton Morning Post 1 Mr. Ooldamith, Judging from what we have aeen, we it pronounce him unrivalled in the dm of the pen." nl*Jlt*te AM K At lOttY UK MM*. JKWM.KY AM) MIL . VKK. WAIIK, No. 13 John atieet?war* room.Jd floor. llAllLf.H HTK W ART, grat-fnl to friend* anil patron* ?at I,vora, hopea to merit a contmnanee by nnceaving earn" to etecote their order* with iieatne** and accuracy, public are reipectlully informed that this honee i* eatab d for the manufacture of auperior articl** only. *t niiK? fiied price*. Having no fal*n or imitation jewelry of aar I, and no variation la price*, porchasai* may telect widi idenoe. S in'ite* tboee who find it difficult to have fin* jewelry atrhe* pat in good order, to give him a trial Peraoua at a inc? i<a by the vanont Kipreaa linea, hare th*ir order* ided to ** promptly a* if th*y were in th* city. * ttfrc . I IK PKOPRIKTOMS of the "Howard Hotel." respectfully announce that the- a-e ready to make arrangement* he sccooinodatioa of a few families or gentlemen daring winter mon In nt7 (fte OOKHU, Importer of and wholesale and >eiall dealer in Kreneh Calf rk?a, patent Leather, Morocco aad Boot ri of all kinds No. II Thotnss street,..New York. I2t*r UK cliKAPKHT 8TOKK IN THK CITY, IMS Kultoii street, for Curtain Material*, Kreneh Wilt Cornirea, Dra . Mualina, Kreneh nod American Paiier Hanging*, Wu 9ha<le*, he. Also, Manufacturer of Walvamied ipiing, .?ir, aad other Mattre****, KVither Bed*, Pillow*, kc., every article in the apholitrey line, whole**)* and I, at price* 20 per cent lower than any othar e*taMi*htoeat e city. B ? Curtains hung and room* papered at th* *hort**t no Ship aad ateainbuat cabin* and hotal* fitted ap. R. DAVI&8. Upholaterer. I I4>?m IfclU Pillion UMSI KW ITIiOLSTKHY (JOUU8, P?.H HTn..\MtuKTh> nharrlbera h?i? jnM reraivad la aton, I rv?t of oliterv Qm4i, cuninnnn of h?a\ y Lyoni Hatin ?l4 Brorin richcolori; alai Nairn oftirn ni ?i"1 i? nrcrniry 'I rimming*, Coraicn ?nd B?ud?. |wete*?? l>?it?rni of Carta in |>iu?, rich rtntre faiirla. he ; one a|*rt> (xltariM <>l Laae Mid Kmhroidf red ( urraie?. AUo la of Turkey Had Coltoiu, *11 of whirh n ?(!*" ?I or retail, U the lowrat pritn. (OLOMON fcHAKT, ortara u<l Manufacturer* of I'pholitary (inoi'. M! Btom . oppoaile the rarli. ?** j*'"re UlUHTLAKlNUKH'M WIT!( K l) \<?l>.KK>.OT? I K ln*f rmn*nr?, with loor tiiWi inl*m#r I if lit; ' " JJV * infhe* *u<i i '|?i#rt #f ?8.J52Sl!!!?

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