Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1847 Page 4
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tbo UnlUd IMa? wbora *11 Ow.lCMnwr it tkd Ha*, and did k* uki knows to JM brfgn hi* lipWi 111 liUatlw to imM Col rrrooat. or did bo mj anything to you oa thla auhjoot T and tf to, vbtt did bo my ? [ It th Inatanoo of tho Jadn AdfOMh, th? oourt m oloarod. Oa th* ro-op?ntnf too Court bad drotdrd ik?t a* Li?at Km-ry fu oao ot tbo poraonal itiff of Gan K?aro*. tb? quoatloo abould bo put ] Q At vbtt tlmo did you loava Hod Dl*fO, ko.T A I '?ft 8?n Olofo oa th? 39th January Q. ffh?r? waa G*u Koarny at tnat tlmo? A I understood ha waa at Baa Diago but did not too him Q Old bo naka known to 701 hi* intention of uratIn | LWut Col Froiaoat. A. Ha did not a Hid >aii l?*n frnnn Han ITuhrav thht hi VAnM punish Lieut Col Fremont for his mutiny whan he got the pow?r? and If to, do you know whether he m-eot the arrival of the Mormons, a* the power for which he was waiting ? A I did not loam from G?n Kearny that he would punish Lieut Col. Fremoot for mutiny whm he got the power. Q Old you learn from htm, (Q?n K ), that ha would rednoe him, (Lieut. Col F ,) <o obedlenoe whan ha got tha power, and did ha mean by that tha arrival of the Mormont' A He informed me tba' ha should take afftirs into hi* own hand* aa aoon aa he deemed himself sufficiently ?tr">n*; he did not use the word Mormons, or make any referenoe to that battalion Juoae Adtocatc - Tb? question Is, did he say he would reduoe Lieut Col. Fremont to obedlenoe, when he got th? power? A Hi did not mention his name. Q Whit did you understand by that, especially by the word* 'when he was sufficiently strong?" A. I understood numerioalstrength, physioalstrength. 1 underntnod that aa soon as he got a sufficient number of troops, that he wou'd carry out the oid*rt of the President of the United Slates. Q. But by the words " taking affairs Into his own hands,'' did yon understand by it that he wonld use fores, end that Lieut. Colonel Fremont w?s to be one of j those upon whom the foroewasto be used T A. I did. Q Did you learn from General Kearney any thing ef the coming of the Mormon', after ihe difficulty between him and Com Sti.okton at Los Angeles? A. Not from General Kearney. I met Mr. Hull a few hours after I pirted from General Kearny. He waathe messenger trum Col. Cooke's battalion. Q Old you hear General Kearny say any thing of the oapltul?tlon of Conenga, or call it illegal, or any thing to that effect? A. I did not. Q. Did you bear Omeral Kearny speak of that convention as giving Impuolty to men who ought to be pnoished for their crimes, or words to that effeot? A I did not hear General Kearny myself say a word In reference to that convention. Q Did yon, or any pereon, of yonr knowledge and consent, write a letter from Havana to the New Orleans letter?""' 1847' " (?> ' that a copy of that [Letter read from the Picayune, dated April 23d 1847, on the subject of tbe diflloultlee in California between Com 8roekton and Gen. Kearny,. and referring to the dlaobvdienoe of Lieut. Colonel Fremont to the order* of Oen. Kearny ] Jvooe Advocate?Mr. Trealdent, will the court be cleared, elr T Llent. Embbt?No, sir I never wrote that letter, nor do I know anything about It. a, PaciiDiitT Biooit-The oourt will be cleared. Af t?r a half hour's deliberation, the court wa* reopened, and the decision announced to be, that the question fhould not be put, and that the oourt did not reoogniee the L answer given by Lieut. Emery to the quart ion. The testimony of the day was read over to the witneae, and the oourt adjourned. Baltimork, Nov. 30, 1847. The Commencement of Winter?General Herraa? Incendiaries?Mechanics' Fair, SfC. ?~c. November hus closed with genuine winterish weather, as water, at the time I write, with ten minutes exposure, would be heavily caged in ice. General Herran, late President of the republic of New Grenada, and now Minister Plenipotentiary from that republic to the United States, arrived in this city yesterday on his way to Washington. It is said General II. proposes to make Baltimore his permanent pUce of residence during his stay in tiie United States. He is accompanied by his family, with Dr. Pinon. his secret try, and Dr. Ordonaz, with their families * Every even'ng, between seven an1 ten o'clock, v, ..... . i t". - barns and hay-stacks, located withia a mile or two of the city. They are Rup.iosed to be the work of young fir* rowdies, i\?r the purpose ot drawing the fire apparatus together to give them an opportunity of joining in their favorite amusement. jJA general meeting of the mechanics of Baltimore is to be held to-morrow evening, for the purpose of forming a Alec h>< nic's Institute, as well as to establish a mechanic's journal, devoted principally to the mechanical interests of our own city and State. There is, also, a general desire to hold a mechanics' fair here next spring, at the time of the assemblage of the National Conventions. There is a good feeling abroad, and the movement will doubtless be successlul. Pdll.ASe.I.I'HIA, Nov. 30. The St. si u gut tint Church Verdict?The Pen Patch Cast?The Weather?Law Intelligence, fyc, fe. Tne award of the jury, in the St. Augustine church case, wn erroneously printed in my letter of yesterday ; it should hare been $47,543 S7|; inttead of #97,543 87$, the wrong figure making it just $59,000 more than the real amount. Judge Bibb commenced his argument this morn'ng, in the Pe^ Patch case, on the part of the New Jers-y claimant*. The weather was this morning mora intense ven thin yesterday ; in the viciuity 01 the city a thurmom ter stood at 8 degrees above zto, and ice was tormed about two inches in thickness upon several mill dtm-?, attached to the v<irio > manufactories about Mauayunk. The trial Christopher and James Hughe?, char?;?d with the robbery of a large amount of money rotn a closet, in trie Reading railroad cars, where it had been placed by the conductor, c?m<on yesterday, and was concluded this morning, when it was given to the jury. Tne evidence was not very conclusive, none of the money that could be identified having been found upon them whtn arrested, and the verdict, which has not yet been rendered, will probably be one of not gailty. The St Andrews Society, of this city, celebrated its 99 h anniversary to-day, by a dinner at the Columbia House. Three splendid swords, made to be presented to Gen. Taylor, Gen. Butler, and the widow ot the late Major Barber, at the order of the State of Kentucky, are attracting great notice nt the establishment of Messrs. Bailey & Co , Chesnu' street Mr. Dempster had quite a large and fashionable audience last evening, at his first concert at the Chinese Museum. A break has occurred in the Southern telegraph, beyond Wilmington, and up to this hour, lour io'clock, .no despatches have been received. COMMERCIAL. INTELLIGENCE, Stock fflarkets. Baltimore, No*. J9 ?1.C00 U 8 6?. 1?2)<:4J0 City 6?, 1830, 87K- 011 do SIX- 1 ah* Union Baak.81. Canted 8ut?a (i, !8o7 cluaarf at 1II2H *?keil,ltHH bid Treniary Not**, 61. cloifd nt 100 i*kad. Old. HtMr ill p?' emu, eloied * IbX attrd 93H bid Ciiy .i* rer eauta, of il?n c:o fd ?t 9? aaked.97* bio. Bnliimotr aud Ohio Hail way *htra* k<i% **krd, 3?X bid. Philadki.phi* Nov. 30 ? Firtt Jluard-f, (m U 8 Tra* nry No Jlfitr8alei?400 L. Ingh tfon. L?'i 7J^; 1314 ( h?M.e<t( ?uit Delaware C'nal 8<. 75; ;iti(i? Teno'inee Bo'iHa, 71 ; 1,7 8tare 5*, 73S; Second heard ? SmiflUtatrSi 7?*lf; 1340" in 7 .IK- SoJe?-BU0 M.teS., n'S; M Laiiigh 6? "ifil 3m U I8 Treseury No-e?, 9?7{. Boston, November 29 - Extkongc Board-l O'unite B-nk. Ms 1 Oalero Rtilroed. lOllf. >n I*H'ver do, MM; I'' Verraant and MiliMlilMttl di>. 7<H: * Old <'ol"ny 00 , 97 ; 17 Kitchba'f do. 117 It do Rt?ht?,2 75; SO Norwich sod Worcester do, M Hi 5?do;? 30 d 36%. Cotton Tnul*! The transaction* of the fortnight which bu elapsed lino* tha data of our lMt. bare been very urn*11 In the aggregate amount, a* tha extreme depression which hnng upon thia market at that data remains uamltlgatad. Th-ra Mama, la fact, to be a *et against cotton?reflactad from tha probability of a greatly raduoed consumption In England for nix months to coma, a* tha reports from tha manufacturing districts th?ra, partake largely of tha general (loom preyalllng. Tha ralationi of the United State* and England are ao closely connected, that mercantile distress in one country Is sure to prodao* it to soma extent la the other ; this is becoming evident now In a tightness in oar money rnsrket? the natural result of a want of confidence In bill* of exchange on England,'and'shipment* of specie have goo* forward to a considerable extent, and at great fxpen*e to remitter* During the week succeeding the departure rf the Caledonia, price* eontir.ued easy for the barer, without any decided change -n any oned?y, bat a< holders inet tha limited enquiry readily, purchases at the close of the wee* showed a deollne of one quarter of a cent? "fair'' UpUnds selling at eight cent* On Saturday morning, SOth Instant, we r?c Ired the telegraphic aocounta of the Liverpool market to the 4th instant, per toamsr Acadia, showing a further decline of one farthing par lb, and increased distress in the manufacturing districts Although *ur,h account* w? ra generally looked for, and our prices were measurably bsaed on Kthem. still the reality had the effect of again reducing oes another full quarter of a eent. at which the marl ha* since been steady, and rather increasing I* ftrmne*s particularly on Saturday and yesterdsy In faOt. tha sale* effected yesterday, were quite 160(1 bales, and at prloe* a quarter better than trlday'* rate*, and to which oorqnc.tatlon* conform; with this excenion the sale* hay* dally arersged about 800 bales, and hare be<-n taken ohlefly hy the home trade, who are yet liuht1 j stocked for the seaaon- but they rontinne to nurnhase sparingly, and only * their immediate necessities re qnlre. Thi fine weather that wa hare experienced for the laat two month*, etIU continues, and np to this data we b*y* bad ao Important front in th* Uulf region* "ihe nnnsaaiiy late period of the latter, uttxpeoted as It has B tw ftoit tt? boIIiIiwI dwiX?w? of tbiw on.nnd th? One opportunity that plantar* have enjoyed tor ?avlog the orop. mart xarciae tan* influence upon th? lul flield. Tbli will tot be. Iw*?i?r, to the extant that la generally Iuu^otd Public Impreaslon If very apt when it takes a particular direction to run into rxtnHim, and now, look* only to a lone sp-ll of One weather, overlooking th? dlaaatera of the paat. In making aatimataa of tba crop, howavar. both abould be taken into tba account, and at leaat a proximate value given to tba real effeota of each It ia not to ba forgotton that up to tba flr*t of October, there waa but little ootcotton, saved particularly In tba region! aaatof tba Mississippi river, and that tba month of Uotober baa been tba only period ia which picking could go on with any degree of auooaaa Tba indication*, however, would uow leom to warrant an eatimate higher than that I bare previously made, and under tba stale of things that uow exists, it Is net improbable that the crop may exaeed my previous viaws to the extent of 100.000 or a IftO 000 bales. Should suob prove to ba the result, it will have been occasioned entirely by the prevalence ol an unexpected season of fine weather, and an exemption from froat that bas bad no precedent ? The orop will now be entirely gathered, and on many plantations pioking bss entirely oeasad, and if tba injury had not been to serious daring tne moat important period of its growth tt would have proved equal to the largest that tba oountry has aver produoed ? but experience ba* demonstrated, that It has proved Impracticable to recover the damage U aastalned at the period Tbe movemvn'aof this staple In tbia country, up to the latest datas in eaoh of tba past three seasont hava beau aa annexed. wvuninii or vottoh in thi UNITED states Bain Receipt* at porta of tba U. 8 alence Sept 1,1847. .SOI 184 " u lama p?rlod last year.310,467 M w ' year before.4<>8 bt>i Export* from U. 8. ilnoa 8?pt. 1,1847 104 Mi) " " u same period laat year. 110.4 >7 - " " yearbefore.QiSaii The receipt* at thla port (too* tba lat instant bar* been 17.000 btles; export* 13,000; taken by Spinner*, id 000 Htcck In city. 86 000 Amount on sale, lo 000 The doting quotation* in this market were aa follow* LivsarooL Classification. Jftw Orltant, Uplandi. Florida. Mob. f Tern. Interior I t IV 6 a IK I Ordinary 6W a 6* <V> 6S VIiddliny IV i 7 '0? a 7 I Uuod Middling "X a 7W 7J? 7X '* a 7)5 Middling Kair 7* a 7* 7K a 7? 7* a 7* Kau ?Hl 8 7X * 1^1 8\ cully Kair ihi >K none *>4 a IK timid Kair 8 >4 a l\ none a 9K Kiue none none none It la well at thla time to refer to the fallowing table, showing the period of bloom, and the data of killing frost, taken aoourately in the southwest part of Georgia. f>r the laat twelve years By this It i* evident taat tbe weather experienced by the plant during the eason of it* growth, mast have been widely different, to have occasioned ao muoh disparity between tbe oropa of '4-2 and '43, and those ag*in of '44 and '4S. keeping in view the aasertion that additional ground la brought under cultivation each year: Bloom. Killing frott. Crop ISM June i October 14 1,49* 9W 1837 May J* Do. V I'fji lli H33,.... Jlliie 14 Do 7 1,361 J82 i*?.::::::::?::.Msy ? No?mber7 illlO Jeue 0 Oct ber 16 1,631915 1*41 June 10 Do 20 1611,311 Ji.a May 10 Do. 27 ?,379,460 I8ll June 9 November 18 2,030 409 I 1814 May 31 October 29 2 416 448 18 i May 30 Novembers J,IOO.!>37 1816 June 10 Do. 1 1,778 Oil 11(7. June 16 ? ? The quantity of ootton retained by planters in tbe interior will ot course vary in different eeasons, but it is generally concede I that in tbe two iait seasons, the quantity retained in that way was very inoonsiderable ?much less than the average oouree of years?high prices and easy navigation being the inducement to batten forward every boll, And it is supposed that the interior wan drained more effectually last year than ever before. As we are now'tendlng down to specie prlees, and planters are strong, and the present prices at the ?hippiog depots unremunerating, we shall soon look for a rapid falling off in the receipts, nntll the aspeot of things in Kurope cttangrs radically, or prloes advance by reason of a temporary scarcity at our shipping depots. Brighton CatM* Market Nav. 29? At market, 1.600 beet cattle, 400 stores, 10 yokes working oxen, 40 oows and calves, 7,500 sheep and lambs, 1,300 swlna. Pkicei? Beef Cattle?Extra, $6 2ft; 1st quality, $5 60 a $8; 24 quality, $4 76 a $6; 3d quality, $3 60 a $4. Stores? Vearllngs, $7 a $9; 2 years old, $11 a $15;.* extra. ?18 a $-20. Working Ox-n? $?0. $76, $87, $05, $116. Cows and Calves? $10, $26, $36, $42, $50. Sheep-Old, 76c. $1 25, $1 76, $2 25 Lambs? 76o., $1, $1 75. Swine?Old fat hogs, 6c. a 6,l4'o; pigs, 5c. a Co. at wholesale. 'Ihe C. op*. It is admitted that the neigti-orhood of Georgetown. 9 C products more tloe for market than any other in the wnole Southern country. There have been losses on the plantations highest up on BUck River, Pee Dee and Waccamaw. We think that the estimated loss on those rivers la exaggerated It is. however, certain that the loss at the South, particularly on Combahee, has been large, and probably without a precedent-and it is therefore, probable that the rice crop is short, but to iraMC extent we cannot, pay ?ve wign me planters goou prices, but the prion ot tbe article 1b not affeoted Dy the production until late in February or about 1st March ; *ud in tbe mean time tbe great number of steam mill* are 'orcing tbe article on tbe market, and thus forcing Bales I'boBe who oan hold tbeir crops will do better by retaining a large portion for tbe home market and tbe West Indies till Summer or Spring Tbe prioe faulters from r.iie glut A correspondent says, 1 have collected from ?o iutelilgentand practical plantar, tb? probable yield 01 ufieen plantati- n< on Waccimawaud Black River, which nave suffered by the freshet of tbe Spring und Summer, iud by comparing with tbetr average yield I find this year's crop short ninety nine tbou?aud bushels 1 baveal so collected from a gentleman conversant with tbe rice culture on Santee, toe statistics of 18 plantations ou tbai river, wbioh sbow a loss of forty tbousani bushel* leys than an average orop, making the Ioj* wu-n oompareo witb an average crop of these 33 plantations, 133 thousand buahels or about twenty per oent: bnt it oompared | with the las. year's orop the loss will be fully twentylive per cent, or one quarter. Tbe plantations of tbe wbole district have guttered by the unusual rains of tbe summer , while tbe disastrous fresbet ot the spring an 1 summer totally des'royed some of tbe upper plantation oropg and seriously damaged all.?Winy a A, H. C., 04ifvrr, 34'A iV?v Psstengeri Arrived. Losnuit?Psekct ship Wemninoer?Win Turner and lsdy, V]its We*lheistone, iVj.u Trigg, Wm Lcveland, Win Cunniushara.ol Luodon: Wm DoUsaud lady, Edinburgh; J Lettrre, A Champagne, 1'aru?2..0 iu the steeiage. Lincsrooi.?racist mnp Waterloo?Alei Wallace, Ulisgow; Win Koroua. Dublin; Win Clark, Mrs Wier, Mrs VP <lleu. vim Csrol ne Allen, Master A H Alien, New Vork; Vlrs m?, John Voa g, K Napier, Liverpool; John and Miss Mary Boylw, J Chtcdale, Cincinnati; W Sprunt, Mrs Spmut Miss Isabella, Miss E Johnson, Miss M Johnson. Miss C Johnton U Micenel. MusCathsrine Mitchel, R Anderson, Miss M ,\i.?l"?on?3t0 in the steerage. Lircarooi.?Packet ship Patrick Henry?Mr Quin, Mrs Quid, Mm WrdiM, Misi Weddel, Meors Delsno, Usduall, Urnhim Diirot, Kietniug, Osn i, Mr Thomas, Mts Thomas, Mr McMsster?}J> iu the steerage. Livchfool?Baik Alb us?Mr A A Lopes?144 iu the steerHie V'KKigii tuaiiortauima. London?ShipWentminifr?4? Tsft?II do A R Wallet?IS c-s A Le iVjayrne?f do J M Thnrubn n(k co? 2 In Poland, Jeukint 3t co?3 ci J Owen?10 do V>?e It oon??3 J tteymildi?J Kiuk St eo?2 A K Waltei?117 tj Meyer St Sons ?3 White Ik Sheffield?3 Levy Ik Biothei?3 Beuj imin U c >? W Ernest Kiedler?I J S ttocHwell It co?36 Jas Lee U co?6> Cuniin rn. Dodge St co? I IV J Knts?i Emmnm, Mason it > o ? l M Myer??1 Wiley It Patuam? I W St 8 Morrison?2>(l tns coal *4 B .Vlorewood fcco?2i pags J M Oppeulieim It Co? 2c? I K Herriek?9 R <> Overton?Jibottomi HeudrickaSt Bro.hera?4 pkgi cary k co?16 balei 9 cum liti pkgi 70 cu?k< M n.gon to order LiTcarooL?Ship Patrick Henry?361 battel J M Brace It Sou?6 cnam cable* Ha?aey It Mm am ?I ca A M Watioa?1 Siinoafeld, Bach It ca?li J Goon tt co? * W MrKer It co? I K W Grav-i V co-J Blackwrll, Whitfemoie It co?2 McCa'l It Strong?) VV .M Looima St en?5 Will m it liro?r<> ?2* Hugh Anchiueleii St (Jo??2 C W Field It en?12 fc H Arnold St c*?I Bramhall, Abbethey It Co?2 Manda, Ku Har It co?1 F Twnea It o?2 bb I J Hauler It co?I do B Pike It 8nn? 5 Brcar, Berjatnin It c>>?I do J Derailmen It co?1 do Boyd It Wilkini?2 ctki Wa il It Mxllory ?3 * trrelii ciaea A J htewait It co?5 Michardiou. Wataou It co?II Wight, Htu'gci It Miaw?IH do I bale NeTini It en?I d? D Had ien It en?6 <kira Godfrey Pallium It c ? 23 Hockley k co?1 C A k <4 K Kveraon?I J Buil nic?3 till ! ' durritt?I ck J Weitilell?2 K A It G H Wittha?i?2 J Nicliolton ? i l onktr. Mend Ik co?^ tt.rd, G>llilan St co-20 White# right Itcn?2J Gonf-ey, Pittun St c ? 5 J Keiley?I H N I iin ou V CO-* Kuiaeil Ik jvUiah?I ,V M k W N Strcng? 1 Cromwell. Haight It co? C W It J ?' Moore Ik c ?8 w right, ttnyre k Latimer?2 Kell-iwa, Wadiwnrih Ik co?Oi bira iron Kg 'aton k U ittellt?9 arter, tWUry kBaldwih-3 H Baylia?3 Kunell St Ma ?h?3 J L,- ITe.u? i rtin ih k c >?2 Weill Ik Brother*?19 Tlioimi It ci?2 op uldiut, Tiorm. It v nl?i K Coekel?I (J Ki t et ci?II Wilev It I'utimm? 1 T Hnnt It co?7 J L Piatt?I 8 J Joaei It co?I cue 10 eki 4 b sket* 40 Lagi Kill man St Hrotlici -7 cum J Bluckclt?15 ri Meiara Mimmriui It co?1938 bi'i 129 bundin iron H Cro k?3 ' ki K Wftmore? 3 o?n nw Ik Broi?3 Davtdi'm k Var?10 J Gihou St co?17 G MeyerSt Sou?3 -a Op lyke St H\ll?316 bir? I* erioo It eo? <0? bill* Direnpott It Hlipper?127 ban Wetmoiu It co?411 C 8ey uviur It co?f6l fSini h It k'ield?236 ?'o 21 bundle! MS platei K claik fc co?4 cablei Wm It co? 3IC nilli 6'7 boxti P.ielpi, Dodge It eo?17Vi bara Kenueya Ik Ham ( on?2k dozen Grinned, Mintnrn St co?I pu'el Motz fc rollitz?I package Rauell It vlari ?y, cuei3.) bdlf I ck Naylor It e i? I do J Wendell?10*) torn 1032iki Gr onell, Mi' tnrn It co?2 R Hill Itco?100 torn 3 ciblei Ucrti220 bdli iek'3 bluM order. Livgarooi.?Ship Waterloo? lOfltni salt 160 Jo coal RK? aait ? 1 cak J Kl'im \n?46 bli Falier It co?16 ca vtortimerlt Gamy ? i eak Barton h Broth-n?46 tn? iron Kfleaton It Battel?3 eika Harin^n Haya It co?3 bli Andrewa?4 du bloin?2 c<aei Marih ?l do North?I eik Macy?I eaiei Beely? I c?k Shewman? <3 caiei Wtifht. Stnrgea It Lattimir?2 do Cook?I dn Dyer?J do Prnvn Si Voabnre?lOcaka ,VI?r?h?l?4 ca?e* Mp*nld nic Tnnmaa fc VjiI?1 do Thom * fc c j?7 eaaea Hnot? > hi *teidwell?(run Po?tlie Uud ti Richmond?J do N?ti? at c ?I bl* Hidden (It Hons?14 cn?e? McCall & Stront?27 do (iehon?4t> do Nailor St e i?II* do ijtndaraoo?2 C'k> Olc>tt? 14 r id hkcnlO chain" I c?k A vn?ir It e?>?I b?le 'older, Alfod k ro?17 bu^dlr* Kll mv St B'ntheia?3 C?ka Kiur?3 b'. K A fc Q <V VV.thrr.-2 ei?ea T H1SA Maiteo J do Blu-ir lc Si m-v?C bli Thuua ?I c??e Wright. H'>irge? it -haw?l bl 1 .\1nfllt ?S ei??? Loch h ro?I do Li?y k B">the-? ? d S'uifon?J do Harudrn Jt co-41 do tu ordei?231 ton* iro-i do. Linckront.?Bark Alber??40 tnuiiion 8 f'.rook h eo?1X4 do B w mm. J ihoston It eo?MfiO hari d-< OW tthi?lil??1( b<tl? ?ire I <t>k m<l>e I'^onu k c >?10(111 a?ck? salt 9 Thompson 8t Nephews?l cuaeS} bale* Bird It (> llil n. .91 AH I TIM B HKKALUi Port of New York, Dtrcmbtr I, IS4T. inn mil 7 7 I moot Rum .. 1 4 fUK IKT> 4 SI I HIHH 1 (I CUtnd. 8hi|>a?I?aac Wrifht. (pkt) Marshall, Liverpool, C H M?f hull; l(a ?oo, Doaue * JI ?*"* Dunham b Dimnn Ma'cuei, t'ase. New O'leaus. do; Far Weit. Braiid. do. K K Collins; Klxridian. Va'ley. Ain^c'iicwla. K D Hnrlbui k o Bark?Harriet T Bait ett, I'akrr, 8axu* la (Jrnade, H U?derwood. Brifi?Got Thorp. Porter, Su-ictm, H Underwood: lnbel B>ir?^a?, Latanym, Oeo Whitakrr; < H Appleton, MuMhsll, i CienfueKoa, Clnatelaiu fc TonTert; Au(>i>ta. Brmn, l| .Tan>, 1 Taylor; Fraier, Thatcher, Norfolk. Bretf kVnte;Adi? I, Neam thk Walah, 1 I intriou NCi Pomoaa. Buku. Philadelphia; Kaahiou, Lotto*. { Bnatoni Cm well, do; Hormuo Amu, Dnu, Warehim, Mm* siooi?? Yloaea tddjr, Bltvea, Providence; Coofteee, Well*, 1 Providence. Alrtud. racket ahip Weatiainater Horay, London and Porumouth, Oct tT. to J G'iiwoid Stilrd m eo with th? Oladiator, from Porumooih. Nortt. ataoo puriatlr, hble lilud 11 lifbi, Ut 4) 41. Ion M, ipakt inwihip WaabtnKlon. hence (or Bremen I in* off rapid rate with a at tons hreeae from tWa W; 20th. off Nantucket eichafed aigua a with a ahio no win* a red fl-w m4 a black iu>-eappoeed to be th? Mansion,Tor v?* York. The W waa taleiiraphed off the Highiauda eu M"oday morning. Packet thtp Patrick Henry. Delano, Liverpool, 34 daya, to O'iuuell, Miutnra k Co. Pa'ket ahip Waterloo, Allen, Liverpool. Oct 31, to R Ker* mil. Hid in cn wit'i ah>p St Patrick for New York Bark Albera, B -ilev, Liverpool, iO daya, to Hicka It Bailey, nth, lit 48 45, Ion 4?. exp>rieucd a heavy (ale fr?m SK; uett diy aaw the half of a ahip, wiili painted porta, oat ef water; al'O a Urce qa?ntty of drift atuff, and a bowaprit Britith bng Tweed, McDuogall, Pictou, NS. 20 daya, with ooil. to VoKie 8chr Splendid Crowell. Boalon. Schr lrna, Bommers, Boat'n. Below. Ship Marmioa, Freemtn, Liverpool, with md*e, to Taylor It Merrill tthip Alliance, from Pictna. WhrJe ah'p " Ballance " of Providence. | _Bark John Strond, Brown, fioui Tarka Iiland, with ult, to 1 ucKcr U t.iglnDura bull Diuiel Wrb?ter. 'J he Or brig Oulnaie. from Pemamboco, and brig Atctuim, from Turks It.sud. atill rrmiin below. AJso, 2 ships, 1 barks, uukuoi n. faUtd. Picket ship Roacint, Liverpool; bark Mar Flower, Mobile; and others. Herald Marin* Correspondence. PHiLAOKi rui*, Not SO, 4 r ?? Arrived?Brig < baa Henry, Bishop, oatuu; t'hs Seven Sisters, Perkins, do; 8beusnd>;an. Worth, Brutol, K(; *leiauder, Neal, NHaven; John Thumptoo. Kalseuberg, do; Panama Davis; Oeo Waihington, Wm?low; and Harriet Louisa, Oiiiijuiou, Mew Yotk; Sam Webb Dtmilt, Albany. C-Ie ued? daik Jacob 3 Wain, Cole, NO'leans; brigs Fiirr, FoulBs, Damarar*; Uinma, D.csioaou, Charlestou; ( nfopee. r.m*rv, boston; (,nas llcury, Biahop, do; acba Maid of Erin. I ecf ,rd, Yarmuath, >8. Sheu 'ndoah, Worth, Dighton: Alei?uder. Neail L.yua; Pad idi D im, NewBrdlord; Oregon, Newburyport; John Thomptou, Kaikeuberg, Norwalk; Harriet Louisa, Sm< aton, Nate Vork. Miscellaneous Record. Pact it 8mn Isaac Wbioht, lor Liverpool, and OntiDa, for Havie, will tail this day. Letter baga at the Lxchinge Heading llo.m BHir Pkiacc Alimit. f >r Loud'n, ia detained. baiTiiH BNtr Umviiih. ( f Dundee) Aymes, from London I o St And ttwa. btloie reported disauledaud 7 of her crew pn> oil board ship Ki>j >h at this por', wss again fallrn ia wiih .1 h iu?t, lat 41. ion lucorrectly rrp <rted li. leaking S feet in >4 'ultra by the Mer ham, at Portland, which took off the matter, two mates and foar teaman, a?i b onght them in. Brig Aiheus fioui Croostadt for Boston, had taken oft twelve others the Mine day. _ _ Bhitish Brio MaaoaBBTT* Jane, of 8f. Johns, N. F., 41 days iiora London, lor M. John. IS. B , went aahota aboat two rnilea K of Little Hiver, ia i ntler Maiaj, I3J mst. and probably weut ro piecea. She had aa assort-d c argo, consisting of teas, indigo, diy goou?,?ic., a i'ortion of which will be saved in a damaged st.te The vessel wat thort of proviiious and water, and the crew had been on allowance. Qukbec, Nov 25?The pilot that took down the bark Hart'and, left her last Monday at 2 p in. below Green Inland, with a mhwett breeza, and iu company with tbe Torrance.? l"hr slup Lured K uudom a id brn Soothimpion win winter nt Blick Core and the bark Klizibeth iu the Kail India Floatiug Dock where >lie I* beibg repai ed. Launched?At Warren, H. I.. 24ih init, by Messrs. Chase St Uavis, ship Carringtou, of Provdeuce, aud intended for the Ca<iton trade nnder coinmind of Capt. Abbot. At Matt ip .isett, 22 I ini'ant. by Mtun J H Baratow St To., a bnrk of MO t >ua. called the ''B<othera " owned by fi?r b' lth'ra named Baiter, of B-intMble and viciuitv, all enterprising shipoiaat-rs, and to i e e?mm>inded bv the yonugest, Capt. M en Baxter She ia intended for a freighter. At Mill Hirer, Me, a brig of 2J0 tuna, led two of 200 tons each At Searsport, bark P Pendleton, 400 tout. At Sheepscot Bridge, ?hip Iconiuin. 600 ton* At R chmond. Me. 2uh iust, by Messri John W Avery It Co, a tiue bark of 2'jO toaa, called the T W Hoxie, owned by the buiUers, Messrs T W H me It Co, of Boaton, aud Capt urael Prebble, who ia to Command her. At Damariarotia. recently, by Col. John Gladden, a ship of 600 tone, called the Condor, owned by the builder, and Capt Joi n Bar tow, who i? to command her. Recently, by Mr B K Webb a bark of 404 loin, called the Uov Hinckley, owned by Capt Wm Loring and othera, aud ia n be commanded by lum. Mno. by Col Joahoa Lincoln, a baik f 220 tone, o kned by the builder Also, by Meaara Joseph HtinesauU Juaiah Winslow, n birk of 220 toua, owned by t^e bmldera. alao, on the 2ltn instant, by Mr Nathaniel Austin. a bark of 265 tona called the Peel aud owned by the builder and Captain Simon Cotter, wh>i? lo command her Same day.byMr AG Aaitiu; a bark of 440 tona. owned by the bnilder. 2'jtM, by Capt Joaiaii Stetson. a brig of 200 toua. owned a id to be comma .ded bv Capt. Stetson. A'ao. by Mesira K & 1 day, a bark of 413 tona, owned by the bmldera. Notlca to Mariner*. Important to Ship Masters ? A New Orleana paper of the 2Uth inat, (tales ihat at the laat meeting of the Council, relolutiona were adopted impoiiuit a tax ou all vessels?$25 on hips, aud $20 ou barka sud briga? whi-h maybe loaded in other pirta of the city nud atop at the wlmvea of the Third tiuuicipaliiy to itet a tow. It is also stated that resolntions will be presented at t><e next sitting of the Council, imposing i til ou veiae's stopping at the wharves of the Municipality t? I mil fieir paiaeuiieia previous to proceeding to other p^rta ol tfie city to unload. Whaleman. Bark Martha. Stewart, Indian Ocean, St. Helena, Oct 1, with 1100 bbls ap, 80!) do wh oil, and 7000 lbs bone, arr at New Bed o.d.Nov 27 Spoke on West Coast of ISew Holland. Wh 22d. ship Coug'ess Little, NBedford, 270 ap. J50 wh; 24th bark l isrer, Pope do, 100 sp. I 0 wh, (and saw her a we k a tcr w th th ?aT>e); 26th. s'lips 8usan, Manchester, do 300 sp <00 wh; April 20, William U Henry, Benjimin. Viirhaven 750 sp; viay t. Brandt, S mpiou N Bedford, (3 wh ; 16th Vouug, Phenix. ?ict>ell do 1100 sp; heard from inMch, Hibrrn<a. r-hevin<n, New Bed old, I2> sp, Si wh; bark Octavia, >11, do (in Mch at 8?au river.) 80 ap; in M>>y, Wio b..i... i>--l;?. i Ml .. . .? l?v,.?n? M,v t. Phn. emu, Worth New bedfo (I, 300 sperm, 200 whale; Mi I wo. u. Dean*. do 200 ?p; 9:h, Maria, Corfin do, 120 sperm; l3tti,P,i grim. Petti* Sometset, 120 ?p; l?ith, Monti timi. Alien, New Bedford, r.lea -. 46th, Koscoe, Tobey, do, 350 ap 130 wh. (?p lay 2 110 <11 370 wh); July 2d Lrou'dts, 'fetch, F Hareu 559 ?|i; Ith Delta, ^eeks, Greenport JO ap 1200 wh; lith. I) Te, Douglass. N Loudon, 00 ap; I th, Peri. Mayhew, N dedfoid. '25 ?p 80 wh. (rep Juue 7, 200ao80wh); IB.^United States. Mnnth Westport 2!2 ivW wh; ( h? Mirth* sold i n J ihannah July 31. and leu un *?'> ! in port ) Left at M Helena October I, 1 hirl'ston Picket. Beate N U '-'jU ap. *arali ?uow,| Mattapoiaet 131 ap; brg Auuiwan. iuu do Ajratdn 27th. ahip Flmghboy, C'ark, Ta'ific Oceau,'2.1P hblsap50do wh oil. 4i>ok* Not 25 '46 ou the line. Ion iSt K.ship David Paddock. Swain. Nant, 800 ap; heard frr>m sam me lie, John A Kcbb, Wintlow, Fai.hiven, 200 sp, for N?w Ir lam'; Anl 2. '47, aid from Strongs l-U'id, Upiu, Biddell Vant. Inr Japin 400 ap; Audley, 'fUrk; O'iswutd. ewixirt f..r di 600 ap; lmk Hamburg of Hamburg, (or NWCoaat. 100 ?p 700 wh; May 1J < ff llotaina, haik Powha'tan, Mayhew Warren 560 sp Tor ihe line; ip"U? Juue II, < ff Fe'jee Mlanda h-rk Belle Hand'-, Faiihavau 991 ap, hire Hus-rll, Sow'e Dartmouth Mo ?p 2<i0ii wh;heaid from off do. no dat', Pacific Li tlr, N bfdf.rJ, 30" ap?wh;Chaa W Morgan. Sampson N beoford. MHO ap; apoke Julv 10 off Horn Island, booth ''a-oliua Gardner, do, ?60 ?p 100 wh: heard from ?|iril 18 "ff New Zextand. Alex (fin Hathaway do. 300 ap 930 wh. Hith. bark Pleiades, BuewM, Warn am 750 tpenn 100 wh;23u, ?hip Mereator, Hianton. N Bedford, 358 an: 25th, bark Pan lienn, icnney, N B, 200 ap 700 wh.ahip Alpha, Folger, N?nt. 550 so; 27th, Grorge Ch mplatn, Swain, Newport, 2ti0 sp 2800 wli;May3 Barclar. Manu, NBrdford, 808 ip; 10th, L-nniton, Weeks, Nant, 1500 an 800 wh;no date, on the lioe. Ion 170 E, Potomac. Swain. Nant. 15 months out, 708*p; Not 23. 120 miles Ss W of Gay Head, ahip Start-in, Morseltnder, fm Nantucket f ir Pacific. Phiii Niger. (Jr?y, Pacific Oeean tu Tarpaalin Core, with I4'>0 lib!* s,> 1150 do w^ale oil, and .'.000 Ibt boue. Spoke ou Coast of <-hill, Aug 15, ahtpa Moutauo, Kauri. N?nt.jiirt aud I at) ?hthi? ?ea?on; Aug 29 Valparaiso. Lu<-e. N Bedford,31C0 bbl-(450 s|<); 18th, Freoc i ship Moi?. S months oat, clean ; no late, tat 27 ->, long 27,^j W, Alert, Urtea, of and 70 days from N Loudon, e'eau. Arr at H Itnai' Hole. Not 27, ship Kmpiie, Vctder, Pacific Ocean, 2500 bbls o I. for Nantucket A le ter fr: m Cape Jodki?a, of ship Swift, of N B. da'ed Tiiratri.Oc' IB i*.iorta nt T, Oct9 ships Formosa, Itriugs, N U ICO') wh ton sp; Frat.kliii,; 400 sp; Cong ree Ciuhinui. do 350 sp: MiuerTa, am ill. do. (lm N W (.oast) 2000 wh 350 ?p for Chili, to cruiae ; ba k ?>eorge & Marth?. Beard, do. 8'm wh sp, for do; ships Norman, Gardner, Nantucket 2350 sn. for a cmi -? ; Omega, Norton, do. 1300 sp, do; Kratiltlin, Stirhuck, do. 1150 >p. d ; Phenii, Fisher, do. I5C0 sp, do; Vtaria. Colli i, do. 300 sp. do; John *dams, Rawaon, do, 700 a 300 wh, do; baik Pmlrtns, Hithaway St niugtou, 1200 wh 250 sp Capt Sinalley. of the V|i erTa repotted oa the N VV Const ahnnt the middle of luiy. ?hip? . ancaater, ornell. New Bedford, full; and'he eu<iar. Norton; Alexi ider, Heynard: and F.nphratea, Kdwatds of New B?dfo <1. wanting ue wh'le to (ill. A letter fiom bukMars. Borden of NB. repoita her on W i'nmmt N Hnllftnfl Atiril I. w If h 2flfl hl? SO 700 do whoil. A le'ter from Captain Hm d, i f ship P rank I mi, Nfl, report* *?r at Totnbex. Oct 7th, oi< n t dated. Spoken. Ship R D Sheppard, Davia, of and fr?m New Orleans for Liverpool. Nov 23 lat M 30, l?n 71 M. Bark Lucia Maria, Tread well, from Sooyrma for Boiton, Oct 23, off Cape de Git. Brig Afvarno of and from Norfolk for Bubadoei, Not 10, lat ''0 3d, Ion 54 30. Bri* Charlei, of and 9 day* from Bath for Havana, Nov 19. lat 31 JR. Ion C8 44. Brichr fiiuoi e. 53 day* from Liverpool for Valparaiso, Oct 16, la> 18 8 Ion 32 30. Hehr Kugeue, from Ocracoke for Barbadoei, Nov 13, lat 25, Ion 60 it. Foreign Porta. Canti, Oct 21?Sid *hip Leoiles, Kobbina, B"?ton. Fcjf.b Ui.i>di, abuut May 1? Birka ZuolT Wallia. ld?: Aucklxud. Cutter, do; ?, tsnpp ard Calivit.e, P alt f'om China) do; ichr Sir John Krauklm, do. At do Kebl, brig Chaa Wirgtnm, Walden, Idl. Li;iiho?i, Oct 25 -!?hip Edward Everett, Knowtet, for IN York d* Pictov, No? 12?Cld ?hip Balanca, Johnson, NVork; brie? Chrihpeaka. Foley, B"aton; Banner, C.ard, Bridgeport (stippnard Conn); 15th, turn Fame, Smith, Pemttmke; I7ih, ship Jns Peikma Kuowlinn. Boat n; hrisa Neptune, Btafurd, do; Gleaner. Crowe, and Benj Litchfield, Bray, Wareham Qi'kiikc Nor 20?(jld ship Lord Ashbinton, Maon. London. 22,1. baik* Ann Dingwall. Br.iwu, Liverpool; Charlrs Cathay Liverpool; ship'Cnlumbus, (Owing, Lirernl; brig El Hi Hill. McRuvie, Cork; bark* Standard, Ritcnie. Belftst; Lady Seiron, HpeD'er. Hvperiou. Kieh, Hull; I'rinre Oenrge, Voum.; ship Sir Richard J?ek?o?. Dtran; 23d, bark D<>ngl > Booth, Hull; brig Watson. Binney. Bostm. TaiiiiiiD r>* Lt n?, Nov 6?Brig Henry Leedt, Kimman, Hor Philadelphia, lith; srhr Tuscarorn, Campbell, ding. Sid birk Kr.iuulm. Cook. Bn<ton. Vrm Cmi Nov t>?11 port *hir* Ohio, Clark; America Lev*y;barka Paoli, Wilan; Victor*. Ryan; Br<ul, Rof?i?; brigs Pens,cola. Hallet; Peter*on. Peterson; Eleanor, Drew; Harriet *mith, Williami; Maria Lou<s*, Moore; Uleanor. Hall; *elim, Hatson: Invincib'e; Brazos. and Mi?*i**inpi; achi Mator n*rh? 11 ,rr b Him naon . Mnrirarett*. Ber rv : Daniel Haven, Unit. Home Porta. Bawion. NoviJ? Cld b iir Marcua, Pierce, I'ardenta; J7th, arhr St Pierre. Bryaut. N York. Kith, N- t <|6?Ar> aebr Join, !t-)hina->n, NYork. CM hark UeailriTMina (new. 30.<on0 Htinaon do; briga Partridge, Baralow, Havan <: hh'mr> ck, K'i-bee do. Bnaio* Mot29 - Arr b < ki ChuIi a. Watenn. Smyrna; Turk white, Philadi friua Aihena, Jnnev. Oorata'lt; Ireorge Olia, Manxi. . HioOramte; Gu\iate, (Be'n) Ka'elann Hi" Janeiro; Hi?al. Hr r.ier fa dei>*a; lalau, Keen. Taikt liland; netn Fame. K 11 y. Philnil; Wm Wjl on, Hik'r do; Renown, L?? ell, N V oik T. legr phe1!, b.rk Kapreaa. from Mai tga; h'lg Hardy, from rurk? UUml. Minml lor ? b? k ' Id b?rka Ma?aaaoii. Pnualand,8111 inun; t.eopird, Veaper, Tiinid.d; P10n??r. (iiew) Kldridg*. Bai im^re; hriKa Kdw Henry, Dawee, Belize. U'???; "ua^n, rerkiie, Aui Lavea. JCmma, Baker. Phila. deiphia; Kverlma. L)avia, do; .en Oawaon, Norfolk and Riohmond; Spy. Fmler. Phil-td; Ueoige Ik Kmily. Nickerann Newatk. Hid ha-k? M i?aaai it, and Bohemia; bnga Edward Henry, and AU'l;teli Manomrt. BaLTiMOR*. Nor J.i?Arr brig au??o Carrier, Parker, Boikm. ( toe ill' Biemeu aliip Adl-r. Hohorai?waa released fna qaarantibe 00 8*th hiving been detained 11 daya uu account of \ a"'kue?? 'm >u( llie paatengera. Cld brig Ktalnun, Kirwan, I Wear Indie-. .. . , dhiikimt, No? 17?at hrif Bailin-at, Tatte'Son, Ne w Or learn; ihioa Cha-katon, Bro? n. f>r New Yoik. wtg; C?thanne, Heibrat, whf. for NYoik. Vf; John lU<mel for Liye'l o-.1, b'f; Medo'", fm L'?'rpiiol,l?t|; Mi tar Sheno in, Inr Hivre, |dg; f??a, Perry, fro-*! I^ew Yn'k. waiting: Meteor, i l.awr. nre. f n Hoiton w g; (iloreiana Higjina f n I'liila wtg { Higmuion. (Br) f r Liverpool. Idg; Ontario, Holmta, fm N V11 k wi?: U nmarh Bar on, fm Hoaion. wtg; Alliance, from Liverp> ol.wff; h.urrpe. Merciev, for Havre. Idg; Hanieund .la??ie,J<wn-T. for Havre, ldr; Bowditch Tike, from Havre. I. rep*; Cononemr (Bi) Kerr, f-r Liverpool, l.lg; Kcho, (Bwe) Nelaon, for North of Knrope.ldg: Martha.Rich, fin Liverpool diaclig; Albany, ImN Yprk.wtii; Othello, from Havre, diachg; [ Barka, Avol*. Kendnck. f >r Boaton, waiting Wn; Coleeaua, I from New York, waiting; Calloe, for London, loading; Cln .'rJasU'laRJ.TftJi i BaIImi, from New York, vaiuri; Maato, Lane, froai Hio Janeiro, duchiriiai; Joha h Eir, Croweil, for Mobile, retdjr; feeraiinah. from N York; Madaine. from Liverpool.dis. Brigs Tybee, l?hit?.for New Yo k. ldg; fcmilv. Kob-uwa, 4u, wti tofBiSouUnr, Mayo, for Boston. Id*; North B?a4, Colo, (tm 8iKtaU Grand?, rpf; Codta, (l)u) Bare??. Rio Janeiro, diag;U rray Taft. Duaoar, Tor Providence.Idg; Jamea Onr, Cum fm Havre, wl(; fatal T Jonea. Taylor. I'm Phi adelphia. ?i|i Venua, Mayo, fm Boatou wig; Bathu'at. Paiteraou, fm (M?w OiImiii, j a tart; Quadruple. (Br) Bermuda. wtg;8an Jacinto.Carlton, fm Ballast (M?) diag. EDuaaTowir. Nov 26?Arr achra Richmond, Packard, aud Lucy While, Jameaon. NVorh for Poruaoulh; Delaware, Holbrook, aud Cion, Thomas, do fur Portland; Seaman. Stanley, and Fulcrum. Priam do lor Boaton; Albany Packet, Hortgkinaon NYorkfo Weymouth; f7tb, brig. Haota Port (Br) ;Hebron, (B')aud Joseph Ha<u. N York f->r Wiudaor; acha F lendahip (Ur)do for Loudjnderry, N 8; Etnbetli. Kllmi, Ntoik for Thomastnn; Ann Uenman, Patten; Otiant i. Morgm, and M?>iaret, Foot. NYork for Boat n; Btateadim, do for Saco; Ziuii, Morse, NYo?kfjr Edgartown; 28th. all the vessels above reported bound E or W haveaa'led thia day. Holmks Ho lie, Nnv 27?Arr brigs Rio, Bagley, Triaidad; '"oiue'ia, Crabtree New York lor Boaton; aehra Osier, (Br) Flint, do for Yarmouth, N8: Abby Hammond * aitm. and Native America >. Goodwin, an tor Boatou; J Baker. Arey, Orribgtnii lor NYork; Harp. Wait, Po'tland for Philadelphia; Forest, B<nka. Maehiai for NYoik. 28th?Arr brigi Wi.o.w, (Hi) (Joiuia. Halifax fur NYnrk; Christiana. Brown, Machlaa for do; Toledo, Glove', and Cyrua. Candage, Philadelphia for Boatou; achra Emily Kn ght, Ulmer, do do; Somalia, Low. de for Newbnrj port; Sylvia, iielaud, do for Nintuck-i; laaIk I la, Carrier, N York for do; Albi n. Bowden. Portland for Bait. Sid brigs Kio, Venue. Cornelia, Btar; achra Don NichoI a, Otirr, Abby Hammond, Nanve *ine>-can, J Binka.and Harp 29th?Arr brig 8 penor, (B') New York for Wiodair; achra Jeremiah Lrauoug. do fo- Boatoa; W in Pope, Maehiai for NYnrk (or Philad); Bueua Viata, N?wcaaile for Vi'g ui*. Inpo't 8 AM, brig* widow, Hnpanor, Toledo, Cyrua. Christians Lanmt; achra Emily K oght. r-id: ?v Mirer, laacelln, Sylvia. Albion, Cntuelia, Wm Pop*, Heurietta, Forreat, Rnant Vitra iftafDhina and J Leamioir Ha llowkll. Not 23?Arnclir Kacle, Haikell, NYork. Mubils. Nov 2)?Arrtbip* Dubliu, Skotfield. Boaton; Moslem, Basactt. Pi York; brigs Elm Jane, Hart, ao; More*. >.ldridge, do; 3cimn, Smith, do. Cld brig Amlstad, I9p) Vega, Cardetaa. New Bcuroao. Nor J7? Arr achi Jolin Allyne, Baltimore; Peraeveience, Induairy, luid Wm Brown. N York. Schr Warriugtoo, from Wiluuniitou, NO. not arr Mth aa reported. Cld bng Maine, Dot lc. Pailadelpliia. bid aehr Helen, Nouou, New fork. Niwr?'?Tt No* 17?Arr iloopa Ann B Holmes. Br?wi>, Albniy, It Fill River: Excel Benne'.Fall River, t' N * ork: J I) Kiah, Bimmora, all RiTee. fr N York: 2S h, brigs Gnlner, Hi. Iinet, Boston fr Philad'li hia; Topi.ff. Havsros, Dighton fr N Yoik: sehs Northern Belle, Fitxgerald, Nautucket fr NY: Copy B>own,dof> Philadelphia; Koitone, fcJIwell,? ape Ann frN York; Harwell, Spear. Thorn ston Fr do: New lilobe Paraons Briatol fr Knilxdelpnia; John , Miles. New r'ed(>rd fr N York; Hough and Ready Rngeis. G'oncester fr do; Tom O'Shanty, Pool, do fr Philadelphia; aid, achr Michigan, Peachv, fr Georgetown. M C; 29th, arr brig Martha Kinsmau Bur-knam, Warehain fr Philadelphia. N*w Hixn Nov 29?A" bait New Haven. Friabie, Tnrki Islsnd: aid, schr Rose-in-Bloom, ? New York; Belloua, Crowell. do. Norfolk, Not XT? Arr aehr T II Thompson, Brown, Bor ton. la Hampton Koads. achr Lion, Baker. Irom Alex indris lor N York. Cld achr J B Lindsay, Henlon. Jamaiaa. Portland, Not 17?Arr acha Franklin, Pierce, New York; Oaxelle, Hall, Thomuton for do; 3>th, br n Olive Thompson, Pote, Cnrdenaa via Holme*' Hole. Cld 17th, bark Polka, Uwre ce. Sagua. Providk.ick. Nov 27?Arrachra 8uperitr, Ball. N York; J C Wuldr'-n, Littlrfleld, N York; Benj Rrown, Richards. N York; &lleu, Chapnell, N York. tl.h. achra Adeline anil Roxiua. Jarintu, Philadelphia; B N Fox El ingsworth, Phila; W P Corbitt. Hew tt. I'hila; aid, achra Union, Baaga, B?lt. Holder Bo den Adainsou, Philadelphia Salbm, Nov 2i?Anr bark bra Mew, Lovett. Amhriz. Sid 2Cih, schs Jo? Pailter. NYoik; Mth, Naaaau. Br^y, W Indira, Pilgrim Rich. Hichmoud. Cld 29.h, brig Hauler, Lambert, Marai.ham and a mkt. W arkhaii. Nov 27?Sid brig Lincoln, Philadelphia. 99 JOHN 8TREKT.?OVER 8HO S-A large aasort?? ment ol Ladiea'and Gentlemen's Sandal and Slipper Over Shoes, manuf ctured by the Onodyear Shoe lCompany, Nang-tnck, Connecticut These ahoea are decidedly the neatest and moat durable mnnnfaccnrad. Also, a beantifnl article of ^et Lined Over rthoea. perfectly elastic, wholeaale and retail. SAMUEL BROOKS, Agent for the Manufacturer. nil Mt*m P~~EN MAN "HIP?GOLDSMITH'S WHIT1NU ACADE.MI t-.-t. 2(9 Broadway, corner of Reade.and 252 Grand ?tre?t, corner of Foravth, a'e now i>pen during the day and evening, for the reception of pupils and visiters. Claaa honrs lor Ladiea daily, 11 o'clock, A. M , in Broadway; and 4 o'clock, P. M- in Grand street. Gentlemen, during the day and evening. Terms reduced?and a sitisfac'oiy improvement Siartnteed to every pupil Private injunction given. II Kioto 0 New York Connerand Inquirer.] "The Chirographic an i* much more important to maukmd, than it i* generally eon tdared, and Mr. Onldaraith raav very well claim to be considered at iu head." [From the Boston Morning Poat.j- " Mr. Uoldamith. judging from what we have aeen, we muat pron"onM him nartvallad in rhen** nfthe pen." nil I2t*rc ANUMACTOttY OK FIN*., JKWtLHV AMU S1LVKtt WARB, No 13Johnatieet?ware room,3d Hjoi ?CHARD'S STfc WART, grateful to Irienda and patron* forput favors, hopea to. merit a continuance by nnceaaing exertiom to execute their order* with neatneaa and accuracy. I he public are reipectluly informed that thia home ia established for the manufacture of saperior article* only, at mode rate fixed price*. Having no falae or imitation jewelry of any kind, and no ranatinn in price*, purchase* * mav aelect with confidence. C. 8. invite* tho*e who find it difficult to have tije jewelry or watcheaput in good order, to give him a tr al Peraou* at a distance oin by tlie various Expreu line*, have their order* attended to a* promptly a* if they were in the eity uB I2t*rc __ iVl KINHAR0T'S UlLOfcU BRASS LKTTKKS FOh LTX S1UNS?The** letter* are remarkable for durability, ant1 > brilliancy of tha gilding unequalled by aay other article it the city?which brilliancy i* warranted to atand exposure to the weathar. T?ey are alao japanned to any color that ma) t>? desired. Order* left at lone*. Beabee It Co 'i. 130 Fultoi treat, will be attended to. The partnership heretofore gMiii<av h?tw??? |c Scott, wai ditolved on the la' July. 8.P ME1NH ARDT. ai3 Ih 'I^HKOlltAI'LsT 81 OK It IN Tilt CITY, l?4* Fultoii 1. atreet, for Curtain Material*, French Uilt Cornicea, Drt .ery. Muslin*. Kiench aud American Paper Hanging*, Win d iw Shade*, Kc. Alao, Manufarturer of Oalvanised ipriag. pure ?ir, and other Mattreaae*. Feuher Bed*. Pillow*, kc with every article in the npholnrey line, who.eiale and retail, at price* SCO par cent lower than any other caubluhmenf id the city. N. B?Curtain* hung and room* papere<i at thr tior'e?r "o'ice. Ship and steambnar cabin* and hotel* fitted up R. DAV!* H Ui>holaterei. IS4K Fulton ?tre?t 16 l?t?m IS II' BSTbEr* a>D l-UKKUPi lONf-Or i* it the pure gu*hmg f grateful hraitt, >hat no lonily proclaim toe worth of Bowyer'a hpiken<rd Ointment? Suffering ho nani'y hi* at l*?t found * rem.dy for P ie*, Cnti, Wound*, scalds hum*. Ullinu nl the Wn^b.and ao many of the ilia 'hat flesh i* heir to. for the t ilea, (however severe) Nothing ii equal to it for cuts, acalda 'urns acald head in children. *nd kIi ktnda of wouuda, is nnivcaally acknowledged. Thr \il-Healing B leam. applied in delicate femtie i< warranted a iure cure. 1'ry it and be cnuvineed. Hundredi of leiti noniaU gratrlullv endorse the sstonMhirg aucceia ol 8<>wyer'?hpiheuard Ointment ForealestN- 3 ann*treet 102 Bro'dway, cnr Joi n at. and 81 Barclay ?t. N Y. dl6i?r? 1/1 fjL)I'>A . NOTItJK?Doctor* I'tucet tc .vioipy con' Lvl tinue 'o be consulted on all f >mi of private diieaie* de b In e*. t'icturr* chronic sleet', lie . Sic The new method of caiioc uouorr oe*. in two to four day*, and lately adopted in London. will be punned by .hem. Dr Morpy. who hai p-set iced Tor yean in London, aod n a member o. lhe college will be iu con?t\nt attendance at their office, IIS Oreeowict *(, Charges moderate dllt'm MhAWC aL Or KICfc.?DR. JOHNsO.n, IT Duanest<eet ne<r Chatham street. ?o well known ai the mom sac ce?sfu| practitioner, i New York in the treatment of venerea diae..iei. The DocMi't reputation for akill in these old lial eared cases ih .t lure elisted for yearet is pre-eminent. Uleet tincture, ulcers upon the body, or in the throat or nose, paiu; ( u the head and nones of the legs, effectually cured. Couatitu tioual weakness, btoughtun by aaecretnabit indulged in b] yuan* men, causing lascivious dream* and nighily emistiom positively prevented. Recent eases en red in fom days, withen merenrv No alteration m diet, or prevention om basmese. HI i?*m | ywl'tLI'sia amu I/O viIX AI ?T?ULaK.K'H " Aromatic Bitters. For lire years Dr. Blake's Aromatu Bitters and Tonic luvigorator.have been effecting careaamouj las friends, acquaintances and ucitfhburs. In a lortsuate mo nieut the recipe was discovered, aud his own healfti was restnr ed afler long continued suffering, which he hud endurvd with out the sustiuning influence of even prospective cure. Tliu miraculously redeemed from hopeless misery, he availed him self of every opportunity to benefit the afflicted within th< circle of his aeijnaiutaiu e and friends, by famishing them witl rhe invaluable pauiacea, to which he ovtmI his own restore* healthful existence Prompted by a grateful heart, being bless ed himself, he sought to extend to others the blrsaiugs whicl he euioyed; aud privately,through several years, Blake's Am pundeucv ard death, and et.ibli?i.nig confidence in their ri> tuea until thoie to whom he adioiaif teied t' emia a gratefu offering of on* *o ligually relieved, now impoitonatelv tiric? h in to make them known to all the affl cted of the family i"no. One of the manv peraona who lnve been benefitted b] [lm a>e or MM bitreri thui writea : "I would re.:omoteu< you '.ouive ihe medicinecirmlatio ,ao that the afflicted ma] be made acquainted with ita virto??, and thereby confer > bleia'ng on the community at large" Another, wh? had anp plied diatnnt friend* withaereral bottle*, oaka : "Why do jroi noteatabliah genciea fur the aale of it in all the large citiei aa I am aor? it would give great aatiafaction to all who nae it Another writea thaa t "lam ampriied that yon do not taki more pain* iu ini odacinir four Aromatic Bittera. It ia cei tainly ihe beat medicine I ever knew, having entirely relieve' me or debility, and produced an entire change in my whol y*tem Vou would be aa'priied if you anei the great change it ha* made in me. I *m perfectly unified <j it* good qualities, and wheu you know how much benefit ha heeu d-rived from it. .hydoyou n?t let it be more general!1 known?" Thua urged by who reaide in different lection of the country, whence order* are any received in iucreaaiu n imbrri foranppliea from 'hoae who have derived a knowle<lg of iheae Bit era iruin their friend* alone,the P oprie.or haa brei inductd to eiteud ibeir uar, by the *it'ibliihmeii( of Ageneie for their mile, ami public otific tiou of their preparation to al who differ from Indigi-ation. 1 ?i? epiia. Debility, Liver Com ilmlin, I'aina in the Breatt or CoalKenei-, Loaf Hpiriti VVai.t of Appetite, ^ali nation ol the He.irt, Fever and Agile and all disirderi aria'ni! iiom a rlrrai.g d eomlition of the l)i Krative Organ* Letter* relating remarkable curea in ca?ea o "'ever and Ague, Palpitariou ol ihe Heir , Bilii iu Cholic l)i?pepaia, Liver Coinii|a<nt*. lii. tcr , with all their variei atteudint rain*, arc in p#??raiion of tl e Proprietor, copie of aome of which ma> be had at hi* Atencie*. and fror >ne of wtii h the following i* an eitract;?" Dear hirF'or nearly five i?u* I Imve been elOicted with bilioni ne?? and headache, and from having tried tome hur dredi of different nreicr Mums without the *liihte*t relief. had beran tn consider ail medicine* ai uielea* until from Ire qaent solicitationa I wai induced to try your Bi'teri and I dm tcel tint to exto'the same loo niglily. i* a malfr impoasible lor wiih the u*e or the contents of only tw? bottle*. I lind my elf entirely relieved. Knclo ed i* twenty dollar*, whirl with uiy higheat retard*, von will plena accept, bat a* linht proof, however, ol the estimation I pl>ce ntxin yon to be celebrated medicine" Another tnu* write*:" 1 coniider it a dntv which I not only owe to yon. bnt to in fellow bei> g?, to tpeak in praiaa of your Aromatic Bitten, medicine which 1 think h?? ?aved my li'e, end restored me t fall health. For sever*! yeara I was ifflicled with the Liv* Complaint: I had employed differeut physicians with no goo re*ulu My health became >o bad, and rny -itrengili fii ed *o much th<l I was obliged to give up my n*aal rtail lab >r My physicians *t liu>t told me they conld do u m ire for me, and *aid that I must die. la there no hop* 'h.i-fht I, an; I had *iven np ?J1 hope* of evt my health re*to ed, wlieu one day, I waa li meniiiK mv pitiable condition to an Acquaintance, and he mei Honed your Bitter* to m*: I mu t eoi.le * I hid no faith in the healing qu lities: I had tried s i many remediea professing t cu'e, that I a?*nre yon I thought it foily to upend mv mm money in n eriments: bat thank I tried your bilter?? nurcha?ed one hoitle: I took one do?e, nnd it teemed to inv toraie my system <mme<lhte|y; another,and my appetite beg? to com*! sud when I htd cumimril the content*. I found m ealili restoi-d, mid now )ou see me a healthy man: au'l ran be but grateful to yon? You have aaved my lile?mv healil and how can I repay you 7 1 *h 11 recommend it wherever so, anil t entreat all who may lead this letter, if they are sa lerii'g from thi* complniut. to go immediatelv and get thia n vilnable medicii.e." These invaluable Bitter" maybe h? wholeaale and retail, at Dr. Edward Chastsney *, I rint pal Agent, ISO Bowery, corner of Broome street; and all of the following asenn in the city, at 7} cent* per bottl Oeorge Chilton 37ft Greenwich street; Win. Forbes, No > I'earl *treet; Jnme* Cochrane, 110 Division street, corner i - ' ' " V .1. ...... nf Wnn.r. VrCntra; r u?i?? -w . T1";'., ,. C. A' hmftd 226 (Jrand street. n?iir Lewie; Allen fc Meii comer of E**t Broadway *nd Hntjeri street; Bri?hiim h ,\1i ler, No. 17 Avenue D.eomer of Third Street. ?nd ICO Ayttn'nerof Kmhtti street: II. H. ("avion, No <W6 Ure.nwich i To the Kmitcnint ?1>d ?ho?? who are proeeedinf to the ue country. ? sui'ply of thin rlicle is of indisnen??ble necesiu A change of climote fo one which tends to Dromote bitioi disarrangement, shoald be ever a> consumed with a te.n.di and * re?torative of the biliary organs to a healthy conditio ULAKK'M Aromatic Bitters are of priaalMt worth to sac persona; nor shonld any, in a c imate so variable and dange oil a* oarJ, be without a .apply to check the progress of di ease on the api<earance of its earliest symptom, for there! ranch homansnfferimi m<y be avoided, and health, ?o mi mauly connecud with hnman happiness, be saenrely anjo ei) n< llteod?re Airtwl mt 01 TI'iiuat. Not. ?. akiuoan uvru. T Wier, Wnt Point K A Oi?e?. Philadelphia W Smith. dj ? Hait bane, do W H Hildrcth, IlaTerstraw BHuutley, NewLoadon Biialey, Bo.ton PD.raant, Tioga Co GeoKussell, Albany W H Imin, Baltimore E B Wy|(tt, Rhine back abtor housi. C J Yale. MiwchiiMU if1"}"- Bo#,on Miss Steve's, do t Hale,, M#no? couuty KBSteveis. NtwOInn Oe??adJBiw?, ?Couo O Eaton. NrwJcrMV F. Houghton, Boston M' Jtjkun, Bil'imoro E Smait. Maine J ? de L*ncet, Hudson ? ?.V,t0B Vet VV Wallace, O.eigo * WUvbin, A'VlS Or l ull. North Carolina C Harding. Sprmgfi.ld L Queen, U B Marion Corpe W Hubert. Alaba .? a ,v|r jrecta, Hliaoie M Russell, Connecticut W K Smith, Virginia J H Adams, Boston ? Reed, Boston J Wadsworh, New Yoik P Washburn*, Middleton JBajley. Newport K * alea, Tior r' ?.ollin?. Philadelihu E C L.tenAeld, Albiuy W Noyea, f oy J Kellogg, Troy fConaul, North Carolina VI Beyniou. do J Caldwell. Philada'nhia L Steele, Aloany Hon. S Ashman, Spews nela J Hendrickson, do CLINTON HOTEL. Mr8cr.agham, Chester Miss MA Oaks, New York 2 Misses ocroughacnT dodo 1 Miss's Oaks, dodo Ur Maria*. New York ? Aiin.tiOuu. Iroy I A J Perkins. Philadelphia ABuhoki, Wareham, N>a a. Clns fca on. Woro s'er,?naa?. J bhrfphem and lady, Troy PTKnubaA, Vermont Mik Mr?? V Hainlin. Ha>t d C W Swil't, New Yerk O C Hunting, SagHiib<r Mr h M? idonlton. Ne'baigb Col*. Je.up. New York Mrs and Mrs Acott. do W O (iooilkin, Scuthp.ri W ft Prince, Flushiug, L I oity hot*l. B Oriffithi, Fort Colnmbo* A f Smith, Baltimore Lieut tf Arruon, do kl B, South Hadley 15 Uoker?. Boston J Stone Philadelphia Miss Belcher, do DrSti'well, Lu->g la ?nd A Br gga, do Corn Warrington, US Navy Hop i i Mason, Sec of Navy < om Smltn, do J Vela, Bostou J S<vage, Albany J Haakina, Oneida AOray, Philadelphia Hon J Mnllrn, WateiM^n T Lracb, do KABTKRN PEARL. STHkKT HOCSE. K Smith, Bailiwick D Smith, Ppring&eM Miss M Smith, ao W Skinner, New H??ea H Hall Bridgeport ? B Pratt, ? ?? ?? C Botsford, uo H Clark, Cheater W B Ulof er, Newton A B Coue, Middle lladdaui Hani Curtis", do J A Oeaae, N V WW Holcomb, Bridgeport J B Latt liner, H?dl-y W H BaskCtt, Birmingham B Williamson, N * T Tweedy. Dwbu.y U L Barber, N?w Haven li Dowd. 8?vbr ok H H Ha'l, Walliiigfbrd W N Clirk, Harford H Belden, New Britain L Peuham. Naagatock D Meeaer, Btidgepoit It. Burdwell, Harford & Birdaey, do ' C B Peck, New Haven 8 Seymour. Sunderland K Iiutaell, Cheater A W Penbam, New Hutford tt F Hitchcock, New Huen 8 A Nichols, Trumbull FHANKU.N HOUSE. D Spooaer, Philadelphia ? Hulbnrt, N Bennington i r Biiae. do W Woou worth, do J n Bancroft, Bo.ton W Kutier Poughkeepiie | Mr Clarke, New York Mr ?nd Mra Meech, 8 Louis i Finney, North Caroliua W Vnnorden, Albany A Heal. do J Jantou. do U Quar.kenboss, Troy E Batchelder. do K Cla'ke. do N Davis, do | ? Whipple, Lansingbu'gh T Peck, Connecticut k- HOWARD HOTKI W Hart, Philadelphia Mra Srlsby, Montreal C D Fiisent, Pencsylvania Mrs Cheney, !>owell ! J it orccr, AiDiny a viiui'm, uu B I'obiaaon, Ponghkerpsie Mi and Mr* King, Vermont j Vedder, Maine M Brtls, Wilmington K Baity, Boston E Klood, Aibauy H Johutoa. New Orleans T H sua P Cook, do WRaitnond, do C Hale, Philadelphia Miss Jackson, Buffalo W aJonra, do W Jacluou, do ? L Beard, Indiana judson's hot eli. W Brant, Norwich E Clarke, Hariford M Blodget, Providence Hon K Oiddings, Ohio 8 Ht Jolm, N Haven H Chittenden, NVork K Tracey, Norwich M Ives, N Haveu J P HnmiiiKton. do Mr? Webiler, Washington M Dwight, N Haven Hon H and Mita Belcher K Wood*. Enfield Farmiugton A L Bisson, Hart'oid C Raaa, Haitford C Tu ner,, Waierbnry Thoa Lewis, Connecticut T Hale. Boaton N Merriam, JViendou, Ct. H labell, Connecticut M VV Baldwin, Philadelphia A Wilcox, NewYork P Hatnblin, Long I.lauu L) Kiugslry, New .Orleans L Wild, harlforo H Thomas, do D Morton, NewYork T Mersey, Portland lovejoy's hotel. TJolmton, NewYork W Wilson, New Jersey Mr Lynn, Little Falls 1) Lewis, Little Kalis W J Warner. Albany 1) Utter, Troy C Cooper, Philadelphia 8 H ttterne, do K B Mason, Bridgeport A Adams, do OJndaon, Ilnntiugton, Ct EWo>d, ao H J Shelton do J Camdin, Boston H Malla d, Staten I aland D E Bat tei hall, do i Wyman, Es ?x Co W Gone. Albany W Howell, Suffolk Cu WB Ooffe, do P Huff, Hudson Mr Thomas, Albany J Brown, Troy F M Hodge, Byracu e VI Reed, Philadelphia 8 O Anderson, Charlton ji B bowditch, N Haven W H Gibba. New Bedford T B Harriugt ?n, Nuaau Hall R N Caaen, Little Kalli VI iLldridfe, Troy J Windan, do 4 A Kiiiimiu, Bane, Ms N Noble, > West Troy H Booth and son, Beilia C Pra't, Botlou t. Birdaeye, Steobeu Co B V Wood, DuOnesborgli 8 J Patteriuu, Bridgeport J A Welch, Maiue K Ostrauder, Troy 8 jN Foote, Little Fain j A Hall, Bridgeport J Dodge, Boatou I Bellas, Hiiladelphia G W .Meal, Hampton L Phinuey, Lee, tilnai C B Norton, Boaton i Peel. Alexandria, Va ^ ra Lee. do J Oatrtnder, Troy H D Carroll, Chatham E B Taylor, Albany J MeLaugh|an, Poitland J H Smith, New York A Bloat, New Yoik UJJumes, New Yoik iris NEW ENGLAND HOUSE. W C Glynn, Bcston J Peseions, PlainAeld E C Sears, Pomfret O Bennett, 8i Louis J 8 K'y, Norwich 1? Briggt, Jr., Massachusetts vlr Kllia. do O D Day, Connecticut Mr. Bennett. do NORTHERN HOTEL. 0 H Bullions, Albany MrB'evens, Virginia it Price, Wayne connty H J Brewer, Tro> W Van Uom, Port Byreu Mr Moore, Boston Mr Hartley, Albany BBRnper. Lodi 4Thompson, Camde ,NJ Mr Tnnmpaon, Alban\ L Mtcktel and faro, Newark R Dui.lap, do P Nicholson, Troy J C Griggs and lsdy, do i: B Lane. Philadelphia G Parker and lady, do H W Baldwin. Baltimore C H Whitoeek, do ?lrs Stone and family, do GSWhitbeck, de IV P Hastings and lain, '1 roy b Webster, do PEARL STREET HOUSE. i ED^dice. New York DFa..bai.ks, NewJe?aey ? Macon, do J Towaley, Philidelpkia 1 Lent, do Casper Mann, Boston C Leat, do A Bingham, New I ark O Faber, <>e | RATHBUN S HOTEL. L L Lawrenee,Lawrence Hall D Marvin, Chatanaue eourty i C Wilder, Rcchester C *oble, ?ew York K Lock wood, Troy B Fitch. Buff .If i F Gardnr r, Rhode Island W H ngh, Csienov.a L. Gi moor, Albiuy T A Calvert, Lowel W H Cook, Conneeiicat TAYLOR'S HOTEL. I A D McLean, Bloomfield 8 Brown, Kingston, N 8 I Mies G ivi Bliss, L Meadow T Sieve. do O L Thareh, Connecticut N 8 Pe'kins, Ulster Co i 8 8 Gordon, do JO Pitkin, Marifurx TAVMANY HALL. i G Cramer. Hempstead D \ Holmes, Shrewsborj t ItlUrDSCK, J^CW JCI vy fT JltUCBU, uiailR iair.UK 1 vlr Weutworth, Pmladeiplua R B lusUara. Mssaachuiem W J Morris, do W L Kataell, C (skill I M Autt, do R Wntermsu, Jr. Albany V rfirmto, do B Aastin, New Voik ' vl JacoD, do W Boiler, New London A ( ampbell, do L 8 l.ongheim, Barliugioii ' M Keiiihin, do J C Ym, blug Sini: C Barker, Led yard WKBTEKN hotel. . H Hopkins, Jelferton Co 8 C Ball, Ltnjingbtirgli H Kellogg. Birmingliirii M H William*, Little Kails , C fiollcoit, Connec icut Mr* Weston, 8.<ugrrtie> PSfoug and lady, do J Tifft, AtUeboroagli I I King. New Voik O Morse, do Hillman, Philadelphia P Churchill, Albany J Hrrmhaimer, do J Brown, Icbinrctud 1 > Kettsn, Oaw?(o B ttlockbridge. New York P Lnplnm, Massachusetts J ?unge k ladj'.Wairen K W H L<?hm, _ do M Ting ey, Pruvideuce J Manchester, Providence MBecn, New Orleans W W Krach, do SELLING OFF PREVIOUS TO REMOVING INTO oar N'W Slot*?silk*, nhawlj, Cashmeres, Plaid,, ti,ng> lumi, Merinos, < loaka, Veila, Lace*, Lace Canes, EmbrmJerie*. Hosiery, Embroidered iVltri m Dreaaei. Linena. Hand kerch efa, Poplma, ladia fthawla, Velre'a Crape Shawl , dCMla, Cravats, Bags, kc.kcT JAMK8 BECK k CO., 339 Broadway. nUSteodic IVK \VELLI *G TRUNKS, fcc.? IOHN~CA I TN ACH Tiank Manufacturer, No. I Wall street, corner of Broadway, h*anow on hann, and eoostantly making, a go. d assortment of Troika, Valises, Carpet Bags and satchels, a hnlesale and retail. Also, a superior article of Sole Leather Crunks, seitable for American or European tTaeel, and Portal mteans f >r the French Mail* Pott Orders for the West Indies, Honth America, he filled with despatch. <76 l?t*'C DiStTauKs OF THE -KXUAL t)V? E.vl.?a foiiolai I and Professio *1 Treatise by Edward H. Dnon, M. D., ? _... k . .. Tl,? It .afm, .],1Br remark*:?Dr. [In 111 haa written inurh, and well, on varioui branches nfaurgcry ; h i b >ok (bows a thorough -cqminiii ce w th m 'dern acienc-; Mirictures (iounrrhcet, Hydroee'c <nd Variocelle, (re particularly wall treated of; indeed, thi ?ut ' r'a originality. aud thi.rougn rfarotion to the at onal principle* of Medicine, an 1 hit iugennity under aurrita circumstance*, ttamp it with uucuuimou iuterea>. Alio, omau and ber Diaeaar*, bv the aaine -uthor. fourth edition ; p|> <25. (JHAllLKrlH Itl.NO, coiuerof John atreet, ami Broad way. dl If re THC MABHItl) WOMAN'-* 1'KIVATK; <L jl COMPaNJUN, by A. M. Maonreau, Profe*?orof Dia* raiea of Wotntu. Sixth Kditmn. Priea $1. The imp -itaot eereta here contained. though of a natara atrictly intended lot the married, yet to thoae oniempl-tiiK marriage. it ia equally Iinpoilant. The variom aatgeet* treatrd of iu the "Married Wi mtii'i Private Medical Companion." are of a lature with which every female, eiiher married or contemplating in.i>nage, ihoold become ronreraant, especially the great Kieneli diacAvery here contained to ignorance ol the aitatenee ol which the life of many a wife haa ftllen a aaerifiee : aa alao reatrainiuir mmy prudent penona front the diead of poverty or proti?ct of a large- family of children, from marryinf. !' > the female afflicted with the various complainta peculiarly incident to her aei, it ia inralnahle, aa containing the aaniea, aymproma and the msat certain iernedtea for th* removal of ber complainta. This work i? deit.uad to be in the hand* of every wife aad mother whi haa ] a regard for her own health and welfare, aa well aa rtiat of her huab'nd The rcvelatioua contained in itapagea havealready l> oved a Meaaing to hiuaan^a, aa numerable lettera will attest. It ia of courae >mro**ih'e to convey more lolly, in a i nblie journal the various subject* treated of, aaihay are of a , n* ore atue'ly iutauded fur the married or thoae contem^la inn " namsge ; Ofimf r i? n nrr-nanry, s>n<-r n 14 evrry o>n > nuiy ( to h'comf possessed of knowledge, whereby the sufferings to . which * wife, n mother, or sister may ke aulject, c-n he ob1 rUtrd. ''opic* will be *eat by mail tree of poiiege. On the j receipt of one d.illar. the " Mariied Woman's Private Medical Cnmpaniou" will be sent, free cf pc'tige, to any p?ri of the United 8t*im. All Inters must be addrtssed (post-paid) t" I M Manriceau, boi 1324 New York City. Publiahmg , Offir-e, J# l.ihartv street, New York. The '' Married Wof man'a P'iv*ie Mrdieal Compmion" i? sold by booksellers in f. ererv principal city in the United Stat** Agent* in Philsdelphia, Zeiber & Co; Albany. W C. Little It Co: Boeton. ri Kedding * Co; 8t Linn, Nafi* ft Cornish; Colombo*, John T. Blain, Agent (or Central Oh>o; HIehmnnd. Va , C. F. M Fisher All letter*. however, must be addreased as above. For aale. wholes tie and retail, at 139 Liberty street. M "WHfOrh ___________ [>r I *K. SA VlAMD'lt ,INVALUAmL"k KXTHACT.Ioi the r; core of OonorrhoM, Oleet, Stricture, Sexual Impotency s, and nil other diseases of the urinary organs. This extract has I now been sufficiently long before the public to establish witb e out a shadow of doubt, ita superiority over all other medicines it. of the kind, however puffing or prepoaterou* their pretensions w Of many thousand caaes, the proprietor haa never received v. one single eomplaitt of it* Ciilnre. It require* not the least i* change in diet, nor Ae slightest variation from the rati?"'? r, ordinary habita. Ita action i* perfectly free from all those a. unpleasant feelinga attendant on a patient under any ordinary .'h coune of treatment,creating neither nausea, lo*s of appetite, it- nor that tell-tale caat of counteuanceoccaaioned ky the racking % action of *o-called*peeiAe*,bnt by it* tonie properties prevent it lugthat peculiar sickly appearance so well marked under the [i- tetion of all other remedies, for aale, accompanied with fall y direction*, at Ureeawieh| between Courtlandt and Ljberty ? ?* n? V''HAM'S VEGETABLE ELECTUARY, or l?tt* l? u ul rwiMlr hr llw r.|M. miiiiiluil1 M.m e*?a*e?red a th? put year. Thii medicine u nuruiiwl u. cma all ca*a? if J*ile?, eiuier Bleeding or Blind, Intermal 01 Eiternal.and all ull minatory Diseasesfound iu conjunction with the Pi l ea? uch aal^hroaic Dysentery, waakneet and inflammation of tha Ipi'ia, failing of in* bowels, womb, fcc , 'Iwl I?d?In pu.i* ulirljr are aobject to nnder peculiar circumstances, for which uany cartificatea could be given ?f speeay and etfecmal eure* -bat delicacy forbid* tlicir publicauon. Severe and habitual oativeueu. How of blood to ihe head dyspepsia, ulceration*, istula, iutUmau-tion of the stomach. Dud a speedy care 10 )r. Upham's Electuary It i* an internal remedy, and are* by its action on the bowel* and blood, the relaxed 'a'eof which are the call J* of the above named diaea*ea. J..i -arial cominendanon krom every city, town anu village 'here Or. Upham'* Vegetable Pile Electuary haa been introluceu, the moat gratifying intelligence ol it* eflecu have been eceived by the prop letor. In hundred* of inatance* it ha* riumphed over cue* which were deemed incurable. Letter if Capt. O. W. McLean, olthel'. H Service and MeiuW if the New Jeraey L'Cialatore. " Hihwk. June lt>, 1M7. ' I rare been afflicted lor year* with the pile*, and nave tried eitlio it anything like peimnnent benefit, almoat everything I ssumiiig trie name of* remedy. 1 had, a* a matter ot couiae, o*t all eoufideuce >n medicine. Under thia feelimi I ?a* inlaced?not wtliont reluctance, 1 coules*?to ate ' L'phaai'f ill* ctaary;' and htviug used it for abjat tli/ee weak*, accorduk to th- directions laid down, 1 And. to itfy u'ter surprise. a* vail a* satisfaction, that every symptom of tfie disea e has left na I think it d--? alike ro Or Uijham and myself to make his statement. O W. McLEAN." Sol" whaleaii 1" and retail iv Wit l and Ketcham, 1*1 Huuon street; at retail by D A. Jpham, 196 Bowery; A H. (iough it Co.. 149 Knlton street, ind by Diuggista generally throughout the United State*. rica $1 a bos. Notics?The geuuie Electuary ha* the ivritteu sigoaturs thus (OTT*-A. Upham. M.D ) The hand i? dso done with a }>*u. All other tloctuary advertised for tha :nre of Pile* an imitation* of this valuable remedy. sl3b*m I in , u ! ? v p t\ n i n v 111<, n i i s,, luitui li. rUlt IJ OKNITAL DEBILITY, IMPOTfcNCV, INCONTI NKNCE.OR NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS. Ac., fcc -Thia :elebrat?n and powerful remedy haa been used with th* moil nappy eneci ui tun rmnn^ u? ? [SOUS in the British Empire. France and Ueriiumy Indeed, so remark ble were thr cores (hut (he late "Mir At'If J'" hailed it is the ''harbinger of lire." The use of this cordial will (ally ustain this hmh encomium The highesi med'Cul authorities in the United Hcntes reconiraeud it as superior to any othei article for the care of ihe nhuve distressing conn Units. The proprietor do?s not offer this remedy to the afflicted ns n < aih>licon, but ss * si eciftc for ilie following dep owtileaffections, Jie cons'quraie of eiriy, indiscreet, secret hibits of youth, >r the exreasive indulge, ce of the passions in riper years, viz: reueral physical prostrat>ou, nervous irritaDility. torpor of the liver, palpitation of the heart, dyspepsia, coativaneu, pain in lead, uimness of vision, vertigo, lunacy, loss of muscular en sr*y, paralysis. weakness of the b rk and lower extremities, laaaitude, nocturnal emissions. gleets,imp ieucy,cr prematura ind total decay of virility. Mentally, the victim suffers aberration of uiiun, confusiou of ideas, loss of mrmory dejection >r melancholy forebodings; aversion of social intercourse, :imiditv. self-distrust, aud love of solitude 1 hese are soma of :he effects of this violation of the laws of man's physical and locial beiuf. Hundreds of cases of sudden decline 01 euusanp:ioiiM| be triced to the above baneful practices Young men in cities and paiticulsrly in the couutry, where these solitary Habits prevail to an alarming exient, and those too. whose ma:rim'inial alliancea have not been productive of those happy results which should attrnd the couuubial state, will perceive his advertisement treats of an important subject to them. Yoong man, if you wonld be relieved from these evils, and be restored to manly vigor of body aud mind, delay not to procure th-s cordial?it is the only anchor of hope for you. The mode of effecting a cat a, and the hints and full disclosure* which accompany the medicine, are highly important to the married and single. **riee S3 par bottle; S10 half dozen; or 130 per dozen. N. B.?This cordial contains no mercury, rauymmera substance. Sold, wholesale aud retail, by J. O. KAY. 136 Pultou st. Lurp Store, Hun Building, New York. *lsojhv the Doctor at hi-, residence, 11 31 Avenue, New Yoik. I"/" The "Cordial" will be forwarded to any part of thr citr or couutry by addressiug as above, post paid, amount enclosed. Mso, for sale by Dr. Wadsworth, 45 North Main street 1'rovitlence, R. I.; at 168 Washingtonstieet. Bosto><; No. i Broadway, Albany; and by t'artiu and vvhiteley, 330 Market street, Baltimore, Md.: W Williams, Buffalo; and of Dr Haisted,Rochester. N B?Mnr>ied persons, and those contemplating uwrrioge consf ions of phi sical inability from certain causes, may conlideutly consult Dr. Convert personally or by letter, post paid enclosing IS, at his residence and office,11 3d avenne, NY. All necessary advice and medicine for the speedy removal of inch disability will be carefully forwarded to the writer's address Dr. C.'s observation and extensive practice in this branch of the professing, reudtr his treatment eminently su? retsfnl ill M'?rh |t>l KULTONfcWXKfcfcT.?UK. LA MUl'l S true French Remedy is the universal specific employed by man of fashion in Earope, iu all stages or disease,and Inderal! circumstances. This elegant, safe, agreeable, aud infallable preparation it now offered to the people of tlie United States, nnder the direction of the origiual inventor. in such a manner as effectually to preclude the |<ossibility of counter (eit. and to secure Co the aaictea (lit Ian Generic vi a h'i-cu ing remedy, which kiu saved rhousunds from the hand* of mar eiless quacks. if oot from an antimely crave. Dr La Mott assares the public tfiatthia remedy it purely tad entirely vegetable in ita ingredients, ?nd perfectly safest aalutary in all iu elfecta nj>on the system. It will speedily and effectually core the moat violent and putrid caaea of thia disease, and erad cute every particle of infectious matter from the ayarea, withoot auy disagreeable t ffecta, and restore the patient to a moat perfect slate of health and parity. It ie very agreeable to the laate. createano perceptible odor and nay be need with the moat entire aecreay and anceeaa, by pa'soua of either sex, without resort to any medical a<tvis?r ot advertising qnack. Sold only by Wyatt Ik Ketcham, 111 Knlton street, and A. H. Oough k. Con 149 Knlton (tract, N. Y. Price, (2 par bottle, al 30t? m CAK'hK'S SPANISH MlJCTUKfe.?This eitmonlmary remedy ia now for the firat time presented to the public ? Ita nae. in private practice, for twenty yaara p<ut. run been signalized by marked anceeaa, and haa proved, beyond the shadow of a aouht, its wonderfnl curative now era in mat extenaive claaa of di>eases to which a tome alterative ia applicable. Scrofula, cutantous affections, syphilitic and mercurial diseases, in all their forma, primary, aecoadary and tertiary viaceral obstructions, affectiora of the kidney, liver, spleen, Stc. To all thoae afllieted with any of these diseases, we earnestly recommend a tria< of die mixture. Mild, but nowerfal and searching in its effecta, containing no araenlo or corro.ivo sublimate, it may be, with ttnth, considered a specific for tboae complaints which so < ften baffle the akill of the physician. Further information will be fnrniahad by Or. W. H. Miluor, corner of llth atreet and Third .Avenue, where the mixture may be obtained. It may also be found at Hiatal Drugstore, 192 Broadway, corner ?f John it; at Gann's, 311 Bleecker at; and of Mr L Bleecker. atCbilton'*. 379 Green wich street. Pamphlets. detailiai eases, will be famished by t"? una gvali" ol 1?'?rr P_HILAiTtLrHlA MKD1CAL HOtSt-lilt ItliMUC LIN (JklKMAN 1'HYSiCIA.N, 11 years' reaidert p'aetitioner in Philadelphia. The cure of all diaeaaae of the skin, maladies of a delicate nature, ynd des mctiva hibita of yoath, -till continues to engage Dr. Kiakeliu's utmost attention. Invalids whose complaints are >a the most deeperateeondi loo, may depend ou be ng always conduced by Ot. S. him ilf. with a prompt, raft and energetic treatment, to a perfect care. Stranger* travelling. supplied at a momenf* aotiee with ned<cine sufficient to core themaelv** in the moat convenient ind private manner. Care warranted or no chars* required. Letter*, post paid, will meet prompt attention. neaiaaove, *. W. corner of Third and Union atreet*, hull'" aqnar* from he Exchange. fall partiealara 4ib v*u? ot tba Hriru <?fll>e T<m?t Othlx KTH * 8 HO JAMtAL riLLft, lui ike >pee?y and rndicaJ core ol gouorrheia, gleets, *txictu>?e, nl aiet'lra) charges, irritation of tne kidney , aad L??nrrh? a vhitet. Th? wide celebrity of Aberuett>y'? pill* u ttia beat .Virility for their qnicl* and poiitive (access in earing all the move complaints. hi the ??rly (tiges of gonorrheas ene box s generally suffic.irn' to effect a care in lew day). APOIHICCAIilK*' HALL 1* C.athariae atreei Pt ?? ? nev .? * MM* m 0,> mt ul *f HK.'1'UM.-lt wm iuibiiii*> marks on atrictnie, much pain* waa .taken to explain it siure?the diseases which were mutaken for !!*-.<* < unselneuce* and ita core?also the fact that atrictnre ireoneaily exit* ia those who are not in the least aware of It. Those, howseer, occupying too ntnch space,the following remark* will be oufined to certain eirenmsuinces, which will eaahle one to ndge whether ha* tKi* complaint or ao. and it* proper neansof core. Among other thing* it waa remarked, that it *11 0> uu ami necessary that the stream of naae ahoald he ibitracted. or even much diminished, in a caae of itrietares 'hi*, indeed, orcar* in bad and long eatablixheil caaes.bat tnctare may exiit (or month* and even year* withoat producing nny itrikinp chani^e in thi* retpect. Neither i* it neressary there should be pain, or anything directing the attention to the teat of thi* disease. Pain, aertaiuly is now and then complained of, but it it only when inflammation happen* to be superadded; and with regvd toother effect*, especially of early ca*es, these ate observed to fall upon the mind and nervon* *y*tem, rather then the part iuell There are. however, three circumitauce* utucl most peculiarly belciiu to trictare, and, especially when they meet together, should never be loat tight of, but lead to immediate mean* of care. Many other (vmptonia might be mentioned, bat moat of the** belong to other maladies a* we'l. 01 relate to ?triernre ia ts more advanced and asttled form, whiltthe following three belusig to atricture in its early tinge, and when it is *o easily and certainly removed The fir*t of these relate* to. Tae Manner or Uiiinatiho?It ha* been taid already (hut 'he atream used not be iniuh diminished or impeded, and that it true; but observe what happen* after thi* i* finished, and Me clothe* are readjusted, and if it ahould be found that a drop or two will afteiwaid* (teal away, *o a* to wet a little, thia, trifling as it may seem, will afford a rronnd of strong anipicion. The ueitregards The Tim? a FORMia Uororrhika mat have HKHAnKL Uivcurid.?It is not so mnch bow long ago it may hare orenrred, at how long the gleety stage may hsv# continued.?Neither is it pouible in every ea*e to atat* the length of time a gleet may run withont producing stricture, for one is naturally more disposed to stricture than another As a general rule, however, if a gonorrhoea has been suffered ro continue fbr a period of from six to eight week*, thi* wonld 'trengthen any other suspicion* circumttanee. The thirO i* The Effect a Stuiutithk ha* i'pois the Mii?d ? No thing i* more certain than that the effect of itrietnre it to ds press the spirits and to lessen mental energy. INot that Hiii iscomplained of iu the same degree by everv it is o common, in one degree or other, that the writer rarely a case of stricture, in which the patient does not observe that heunotao active, or capahleof busmessasfomierljr. Tlnaia a'so a lenoui effect; though little understood, bm it is anqaar(ioaably true. Indeed, whoever considers the natural connection of mind and sexual organs, wiU easily imagine that a> there is a medium by which the mind so powerfully acts upon these organs, to, thr>ngh the same tnedutn, the sexual nrgnns re-act upon the mind. This, however, is better explained iq " The Private Treatise" iA the author, a little volume which is sent to i.-iMiiy parts of the world As the cure ?f stricture proceeds, the activity of mind invariably returns On the cure of stricture; it is repeated that this is certain? free from pain or incouveuienee. and generally accomplished in a very little time. 80 much as this, however, could not have been advanced some years ago, but such have been the late improvements iu this art, that, l>y proper means, and in the hands of careful aud experienced persons, the cure is now accomplished iu as many days .is formerly it demanded months. Many Uso, who cannot cousnlt the writer |?rsonally, on account of distance, fcr., undertake the cure themselves, and happily sno eed To ucli 1 lie " Practical Private Tren-isa" is invaluable. Dr. Ralph, author of (he Piactical Private Treatise, fcc., is consulted niiou the dise;t?es there referred to,at his residence^ 88 Greenwich ?treet, and thoae who apply in the early Mti or theae diienaee, will be turpriaed at the rapidity and little inconvenience attending their en re. He belierea, however, it i? chiefly thoae who hare sufTcard from a certain clam of (iretendint; people, aud other canara. who can pro?>erly appreciate lua aervicei; mpecially in Strictnre from iu firit or incipient, to its more adrauced and dmtreaainr xtficea, in which (from oucommon advautacea. in addition tea very eiteneire practice in thia complaint) ne can afford a rapid, eaiy ?nd radical cure, which he haa irrnitnd for atating. can he obtained from no other aource in America. Office honia 9 to It A. M., undCo 9 P. M. (8unda< a invarinbly eicepted ) Conwltation? by letter, may be addreaaed "Boi M Lower Poat Office, New York " al 30t*rc f HE NBW I0B1 HKK?LI? ESTABL ISHMfiNT, orth-WMt corner of Kmltmi ?.nd Nuum rtn I AMES GORDON BENNETT.TroPRIETOR. (JIRCUMTION-WIRT* KIIOUSAJVKI. DAILY HKWALD?krery day, Pnc? t c?nt? par copr? 17 ?3 per aunnm?payable in advance. Te European anbacriben, by the ate*m ahipa, fit per annum, te iuclade rh* pojuge, which haa to be prepaid. WKEKLY HK.RALU?Kvery Saturday? Pre* tM cent* ?er copy?centa per anuum?payable in advance. HKRAlL) hOH Kl-HOPK?fcvery hteatn Packet #*y? Price #\< cent* per copy?$1 per aanam, iorlndine poataie, ?r$I >5 eicloaive ol poatane, raiyabie in advance. Hubtcriptiona and advrrtitementa will be receivrd by Vtwi. (?al'f ami. It rue Vivienne, Puna; P. L. bimooda, Jl Corn'' 11, and lotrn Miller, the bookaellcr, Loud' n. ANNI' \L f'lCTOHIAL HKUALI)?Pnbliahed on tl>? Lit nf J'-nii'iry ofeachrcar?ainitle copy aiipen-e. ADVKKTISEMKN'l M. at the uanal |ir icea?a I way a aaali n advance Adrertiiemeuta almuid be written in a lain, lentil* manner^ The proprietor will nor be reapouaible lor errora that nay occur in them. 1'KINTINU i.l ill kiaila(scented beantifally and witn deipateh. All letter* or eoaguaieatiou by mail, addmaad to Itm proprietor of tbe eetabliihaaeat, mil be reel paid, or the P?l an will be d#Ai?ied f?ew the aabeerlrnea aeier maifte/.

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