Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1847 Page 1
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?.!' r*. .'JKB?gBMUl - ~J?L_li, .. Tfl WhoU Mo. 4030. ?H FOB 8 \LK?A dirk Bay Hone, 9 rear* old, UK /Xju^?htaJa high, warrawed aoeud ud kind and c*u trot J ' f ' > mile in 3 miuutei, two mm in a wagon; h? hit only bui'i is theciry one ram b, rame from UUter county. I "iniuer him ou? of the he*' rrten li >it?? in thii State rrite SUV He ) worth S'l?o tlii . day The owueriaapoor meu, and can jot afford r<>keep litB.i. the r'uua 'or hi* Mllirg bin; ean be trail at U. HtuJnckeou't liable. Hauiloa at-eet, near Lewn ?t. d> l'*rc n _ ANOTHItK tiriL HAVfc.D ur THt o1 isr>.r?? bottle.of KI?lL1NOKR,*INI.ALUBLE fT7\ I.INIMKVT?r-t? U tgua-Wtu, ,1 the ;e in the yieinity of New York City that ha* uot board of. or become acquainted with oar old ana Ion* tried friend Coto I who for nearly -.0 ye* * ha*, in the old homeetead triumphantly for the e ite and pleamre going porriou of ear city We wnald ?iir|l j my, iu relation to the caee, that it wa* con lurrcu py iiunseii auu meuicai uvucii, i?? iw iwntcur >w from an tutek of inflammatory rbinmtiiD. Let the afflicted go without fail. aa<l learn from the - id gentleman's own lip* the effectslof thii winder workiug mcii.ciue, and have their hearts inadr g!*d. to kuow thif there is one. among the mmv pretended rerordies. that cau be relied apou, in ceerv aeuia of (he word, to do what it i? aold for. yix To eo-if tie i mi-; ..f all aud every MM aa wall aato heal all mn'mer of wire* and braises, immediately It can always be Ind, wholesale and reUil, at the principal depot of S J. Inter toll k 'Jo., Nn zj? Pearl (treat, at 10 cents* bottle, or $t per doxen. carefully packed, tnd at ihed.nggists. (addle/*, (tore;, and taverns throughoa' the city aad country centrally. N B?Fur vrry*|ieci tlar d extensive reference* oft lie most sstomidiii* ?'u-e* on record^ in thlt and other cities, see Dr. Kelliucar'a vlvniarai-ut u> the Spirit ?f Uie Timrs, nublished in thr c'ty if New York, which cau b* *e*q in *? ry principal town vf the United State*, the Canada* and Great Britain n> It' eod *c m- >UK 9 iLr-Aireai la.iety ol mocking buds of jVlmfi arrival from Charleston, rer steamship Ronth ep'er. Also, a lot of red or rice birda, of beaatitul TStf plainage, with a g-eat aaairtment of lark*, linnet* and goldfinche*. from Kngland Also, a fond aarortaaent of ca narieii of rh? Inig and abort breeds, all in beautiful singing, to be seen at i'l Pearl (traat, between Kin and Ceatre. nSI Nf*m jjjk lUUXtH HOUrtK OR 8ALOO ^Wauted to l">B pa>clui?e. aJForter House, in soma thoroughfare down JmHL'o""1' or tha whole or *a interest in a fashionable aatiait huiI urnkinir saloon; or would engage a* barkeeper at vary low wi>(n for the winter. Address, to-day and to-morrow, ' l'i?h < uttimer,"Herald Office, dilute J|l POK MALE CHEAP, if applied for immediately, 'I the Fiitnrea and Stock of a well establishrd Pnb'ic XJI>Hou*e, situate I in a great thoroughfare. and doing a good bOfineaa. The House haa bean fitted ap at a heavy expanse; the furniture and fixtures are of tha very best kind: the ujtoer room* are fitted op lor lodgers, which will pay the rent 1 hi* i*a rate opportunity for a person going into business, tie it will be disposed of very low to a cash customer. Apply ar *3 fin 'we street 43 lt?m JMi KOK BALI!/.?A two story boas*, leasehold 20 AC* years from next March Sixe of Int. 24 by 100 feet, with T'iM Grocery Htire, <?oing a goo'l business ; a ttlanksm th'( Bhn on the rmir. with (tables. No.24S Houston street, came' of Clinton Inquire on the premises, Id floor iront. or of JOHN ATKIDGE Agent, 373 t d street, from a to 9 A. M.. 12 to I P. M . and from 8 to 9 wt night d' 6f'e To l,ft,'!'?A DRAWING ROOM AND BED ROOM with a room for a female servmt adjoining? eU gain' v and specitllv fu>n il?e'<, suitable ro a family i uld require comfortable apartmrnts. in the most cm tr* part ef Rriiadwty. Applv, either by letter or to 'he prjpriero> personally a' No <j<8 Broadway. dl 3*rre ?TO LET?In the double House 71 O enwich street on the 3d floor, unfurnished, the two front roomi, ? II, and the two buck roomi at tu, monthly; or the floor, with ptrtriri, attie room. Crotou water, and ? pine f>r cnal in t'.e basement, at $J10 yearly. Apply to Mr. within. nM ljr?r?. M uqtMtD CAN BE UBTAINICU WITH HLKATT? mr.t wrl' fnruuhed room*. >t 230 Hndaoa meet, the XSBL'a e residues of Dr. J. Dillon Would alio let the bae mom on the fir?t flo ?r as a dentist's o<E?e. it hiving been occupied as inch the last twenty years. Reference exchanged. n*> Ht*'C jHatf AT PrilVATE 8\LE?A c nntry residence, com flnMlPrm'g five aces < f excellent land, choice fruits, a large ^Jt^.Hnd commodious hoase, barn and out houses; all having bre i reremly fited up aud newly paint'd ; also two wells ol excellent water, and a never failing stream ruuning through ? pud of the premises. The situation is in the central part ol the Tillage of Huntington, Suffolk co., L I , about twenty-five miles distant from the city of New Yoik; churches and schools In the immediate vicinity; daily communication with the city by stetmhoatand rai'road For farther particulars enoni'e of 8. W. Gaines, esq., 69 Nass'u street, New York, or of David O. Brush, e<q . Huntington Village. i >1l2l*re Jgy FIVE GOLD ANDHILVEK WATCHK&.-i tie C%}Hnii*cpbei i? S'IIilk ail descriptions of fine Gold and (SIX Sever Watches and Jewelry, at letail, lowsr than any u trnouse la the ctty. All Walehes warranted to keep good time, or the'money returned. Watch's aa<^ Jewelry l<-hange<l. Gold Watches as low as $80 to $3j each. Watches and Jewelry repaired i? th? best manner at much less than the usual price |OKO. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jew elrv. Wholesale and Retail. 91 Wall street, comer William, Bpstairs. pol 14teod*r 1 ~ .... MUHICAL INHTRUCT10N.-E C.CAITLE, from Load ad. sol'Cits the attention of ? it I 11 l?dtes *nd gentlemen to bit pleasing method I I T S I of trachin r ptauolorte, iiD| ng and violin, whereby hit mipils ensare a rapid improvement in vary ihoit time. Pupils who would have the raitioo of a earcfol and persevering master, will please address C. E. Castle. Box I#, H*nld Office Terms quite moderate. References, II C. Timm. K-q., G. Loder, Esq. nil >J eod*rc ... KOR 8 A UK OR TO HIKE?An fcssortment JSiV^iQjBBflKiof valuable rosewood 7 octave Piano Forte*, on i? A TT1 very moderate terms. Also, a entuge Piano.' ill I 1 wiui A?olisn attachment. MARTIN)* k CO 304 flreetwifli, corner of Harrison street llt?re K1 MJC*HEftCH 0ALFANTD>ATBNT LS.ATHKH DOO IX Half Boots sag Uuurs, Dancing l'umiw and Cue Patent Le -theraod Kancy Slippers, water proof and Rork soled boots. with overshoes, of all sorts aud sixes, lor ge?ts> tuod beys; Oailr Beoti, Shoes aud Buskius, doable aud single soles; black and wSite Morocco and Kid Nlipoers, s'.t n and embroidered, with the larrest issortmeat ol Boots and Ahoes. Boote vjd Shoes soled with rubber and wa ranted water tight,st 4i9 Broadway, copter of Canal street. N. B ? A h axe for sale or tu let. coruer ef 12*h aud 9tb kvenne. a good stand for a grocery, baker, or batcher shop. Set t $HW pat "W '^t*?e wm. HOUR" HANOEDT09 ? YORK I* ALBANY AND ?-ROV LINE KpK AL sMSwHkBANY AND TROY DIRECT?From the f<<ot of "(.urtlaadt street.?I'i steitgert taking this Brit will arrive in Troy ia lima to tske the earliest morjiug trams west to Hnffilo, and north to Saratoga, Like Weorge aad Cn'tm plain. ')'lieI,iw-ptaasnre steamboat EMPIRE, ('apt. R. B. Macy. This Evening ati o'clock, itegnlar days, Tuesday. Thanday, end Satorday For pnsssag* or freight, apply cu botrd, cr at the nflirn -n the w barf. nil) rc iVOTlt K?Hoar changed fiomtti J o'r I*.^ dogk?The Albany Eve. iog Line ftteamert ISAAC NEWTON, and OREGON, will lntve fit Alliauy at J o'clock instead oft as heretofore, on and attar lVlouoav, mov. w, IB17. iimi PJBOPLF/8 LINK STH.AMiJO.ATb FOB ''LxttfrmaMi* ALBANY, Duly, Smidv/? Kicep ed ? wnMwb Through Direct?At J o'clock, P. M.. from t1 * Pier betwee-i Conrtlandt and Liberty atreets. Steamboat ISAAC NKWTON, Capt. Win R. I'ecg, win teay* on Mon day. W?il?*nl?y. ?n<f Fru^y eyevinga. ?' J ''clock. SteamUoatORROON. Capt. A. P. St. John, will leaye on Tuesday, Th*r*t<ay rind Rv, urdsr e??*'Dk-, \t i o'clock Fi?e OVioea, 1'. M.? Lar.dine at intern*edt*r? oinre* from the foot of Ilarclajr ttieet. ttteambgat SANTA CLAU8. CapUia II Overongh, mil leave on Monday. Wednesday. Friday om<1 >< ,<iay al'?r-o??? ?t 4 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMKIT1' A, Captain T. N Hulaa, wiH leaye on Tne?day, Thnr?d.\* mid *?atii*day afternoon* at i 1'clock. The above boaw will (a all uine* "irit* in Altrm* i? nnn.i? <ime for the Mo.-ninu Cara fur the lLaat or We?t. Freight taker ?t mndrute rate*, aad nop* iaK?? after 4 >'elock, P. M. All person* are forbid truiung any of the boat* ol too ine, witlioat n written order from the captain* or agent*. For pn*?*ie or freight, ai-iiy-on hoard the boats, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ, at the oniet on the wHatf. n29 NOTlCfc.?Oa and altar SUINDA*. Mo th* ?Uamboi>t 8YLPH or ST ?TF.N ?)?LAND?W will make the fol. lowing tripe until farther notice: Lmvi Drtrii Iti.and at * m. l? o'clock, A. M.?I, and 5 o'elo?*. r. .v. Lkatb Nkw Yo?a a.?, and 11 o'clock. A. M-?1. JH, S aadjo'cioek. I*, on fnew York, Nov. U. 1M7. nUre FOM CMAlvLMTOIX. ?- l:?The SOUTH KM NKSTMhaiii M ' ' WMlw,?l ! !!? g* foot ?auton street, o:uo*ite robecco Inspection, K. I<, on 8<tnr<fay, the 4th met., at 4 o'clock, P. M. No berth aeenreduatil p*id for. All billi of ladiogiigned b? the eierk on bond. Specie will be ieeeiyedot)til 12 M. on the day of departure. For freight or pa*eage, ipplf to SPOFFullD. Tli..l,'.bTON k CO. No. 4J Hon ill afreet ruuD|?ii by this Teasel ore rr<iaented to send their baggage on board rrerioms to si M on lite day of departure. 02 If m ?" oi-KaN ? rtf/vM SaTkmtion COMPANY-U. 8.Mail Line to SflBth -wfi'TT amptoo and Bremen ?From the brgiuuum ?' 'he year 1141 the Steimera of thisCompany will nil regul-rlv one# a mouth, aa follows |-Kni]? New York?Washington, <"apt /. J' hmtrn, Jm ?irv M ; Hermann, Opt. CraMree, February 20. From Bremen? 'A a'hmglou, Feb IJ; Herman, March 15 From H, utliarrntoii? Washington, February ?0; Herm -nn, March 20 P.waaire r om New York to Monrbimpton Bremen. $120: from Bremen or ^onthamprou to New York, f 150 For freight or pita go upolv rr the idfi-a of the Ocean 8'.eam NaYigiitinn 'i William street, New York, or ti? DAY. < TK>8KKV U ftOSS, agents at Southampton; WILLIAM I8KLIN, agei.r at H \?re; O. A. HF.INCKEN It Co., Bremen ? :7 i?r Ih ?Olt LIVkUflluL?Ualy Ketular Packet of KKSVW'krtUi December?Th? new.magaiflcent, fast sailJmbMU UK packet ship ASHBU'* TON, burthen 1*00 f- ci H w'and, wi'l positi e!y sul on tne #tn of December. Th-i 'Ocoininndatiov f ir c.bin, Id rabin anil ' erage psaaea gersare septrior to any "(her resiel in port; and naan'iaber of ra'w gees are already engaged, thoae deairt.m of securing bnm.i, shun 1 usa* ear ap >n oa board, foot of Mai?"D L .e, or to JOSEPH McMURHaY, corner of Pins aid I 8 ?.ith sheets. P.1*.?Peisons deairu-a *f aendng fur iheir f iei,d< <vn hate them brought not in this faeoiite packet, or an* f t f ine, hy *"pl-In* aa shore. dl4iere T^E?cod x'LW ukl^h-L.u ia ana suit f*ew ycjefV Yo'k Line of Patktu ? Very reduced rat#*.?The flMWfcsnew and apleedid fis.-aailinu packet ship HUDSON, i pTT" Page, is now loading ana wl'l poait reU sail on Thurada?, Oecrmher 0ih. her regular day. For frei?ht or nisiiHge hari i* si'le-did furnished accommodations, apply rn fcoa d ?t Orleans wharf foot of Wall arpe?t. or to K K CitL* I.INH 36 rtomh street. Agent ia New Orleans. Mr Win. i'tt'iy, who wll promptly forward all goods to hisaddreas. Pick?t ?hip O^WICOO, Captain Ingersoll, w 11 succeed the 11 ii leon,-nd sail D"C. 9'h, her < ctula- ''a ntfl'ic FoK theft (JKlKLon aiMM and teew "aft y York Line of Pickets?Ve.r? Reduced Ratea? Poei' wJslSfct'i ely the firat ami only regular packet, lo sail Tnteday, V_t_?? The new and splendid fast sailing pieket dip FaK WE*I\ Cap*. Briard. will positively sa I as r?o?e, her rrgnlar day. Far freight or pasaeee, having splendid furnish rn cetunmoaeiiotie, apply en b'>ard ?< Orleana whirr. Ioa? or Wallateet orio fc. fc f OLLINB, M Paath iwt. FotJ. tirely ? > freight will be ree?ired oo board, alWr th t (,yonrfef) evening Not. Ilth Altai in New Orletna. Mr ?V m Cri>rrr.who will promptly forward all goada ?o hit addreaa I laarngen will rlette be on board aa Ta?*d?v. Nor II o'clock. M *t which time tha ?hip will Mil. The riek?i?hp HLJU80N will raacaad the ruWw, and mil Drr HW?. n?r r?*nl?r der aim TSt~>UHBfcLI2lfc, HON DUX A*.?The Bark JOTtN JbWN R GARDNER, Pedeneu, naitir. will hare ilaJdMNMheM^tr h for the above part, for freight or l>??a.*e, Miring uniiarioi eerommodntlone. apply to tha Cart* in on twvi .i nrmF AI.ITX \ I1IIK. M *nntli Hi nM ?t*rr Ilii'* 8iLE ? An iatarcat in a ranxhle faiaat HTghi ior the maiinl'ae'nre nf an a't>ela of the moi' gei.eral u? and c?aanM{'t<r>n. and for which than c?u ba n anbMireta. 'J he larautioncffVia great inducernrnta to any one within* to inr'<' hi ili'? detention of prop?rty. The object of the adrrrtiter ? to iai-* ihe meant necewary to puih the ??le of tba p , mf i? ihe i??r*et price of the mauafaaiaieti article ia now a'nhiith mndftrd. AHdreat " Improvement," at thia office, at<ti"K wbfte an iwtairiew can be had. dl Ii'b A hi LK. iiOUrtt, jb"ut to dealine bntioeta. with to die poaa o( ft wall ?M?rtadiiucb, aad tha goad will ot a yahc ?bl? aaitan. ap?>7 at ? WulUra Mraa?, mm afCadjr ^ E NE NE Interesting War Intelligence. OJIETUINO NXW FROM MEXICO?T1IK COUNCILS OF war, Itc. [Correspondence of the St Lout* Republican.] Pvcila, Mexico, Auf ?, 1M7 Week* b?T? tr?n?>trej ?.do? Uit I wrote yuu, art?lcf?, /on miMt be well ewer*, from the only cauee?that nil ooiumunloetlon between the in-mt and the sea-connt be* been out Off, since tb? middle of June lect, (ere by privet* expreeee* run through at print, txpenee, end (till greater biurd. Not bariiii authority to Inour that e < pens', my pea ha* been compelled to remain dorm int. though frequently poweered of information oftbe utmnnt. importance, and not ?t?d yet made puhte through any other obannel. I write now, froni4indtoatloi>? about the headquarter* of the army, Mat at no dictant period a tr&in *rd fmfflctant woort will with hnfc littU nntlM in tbtt public, bs despatched from Vara Cru*. Presuming that til Items cf funaril interest mad* public throughout the oiBp. will from time to Man reach you through lb# eolumas of til* New Orleans Delia and Picayune, both of wblah have Indefatigable correspondents with the army, I shall conflue myself to introducing you and your reader* to a few ocourrences that have transpired behind the scenes, and whlob are Intimately connected with the present and future progress of this war While at Jalapa, I announced to yo? the fact, that an estrangement, a* well a* iomi pretty sharp correspondence, had taken plaoe between Gen. Scott and Mr Negotiator Triat.arising from a bo lea* singular than un?;eutlemanly eour?e pursued by the latter towards the ormer. That difilculty, I am happy to say, has long slnoe ceased to exist, and Mr. Trist now regards Oen Soott as the General-in-Chief of the army of the United States, and in that oapaolty from time to time consults blm In all diplomatic matters oonneoted with the object of bis mission?peace I speak advisedly when 1 assure you. that Mr. Trist's bearing towards Oen Soott wh?n he first reaohed Jalapa,was not approved at Washington either by the President or Secretary of War. And Major General Pillow, who agrived here on the 0th of last month, was invested not only with '.lie power of making peaoe between these two high functionaries, but bore directions to Mr. Trist, that In the future progress of his negotiations he most, from time to time, oonsult with Miyors Gsneral Ssott and Pillow. 1 observe, from the papers, that an idea is prevalent among the mere intelligent portions of the Unitsd States, that Gen. Scott is vested with hijh diplomatic powers Whs* ever may have been the case, previous to the ar rival of Mr Tr'at. since th?n, all such power* hare been vested In Mr. Trlst alone. He waa sent here as (be confidential political Irland of the Administration, as the dlsburser of the three million bribery fond, and with th? zprctatian that by a jadieious application of it, a peace could be speedily purchased from] a p(tuple over whom onr standard had floated victorious In every engagement we had had with tbem. I mention thia, beoause I believe that the administration, fearing the infamy that will attach to a peace procured upon such terms, have cunningly devised the plan to create, and allow the Impression to become prevalent, that Oen. fleott possessed the diplomatic power, and that upon him must rest the responsibility of any such termination of the war A short time since things were in a fair way thus to be ended. The application of this fund,waa to have been, upon oertain oontingenoes, in bringing about the appointment of commiMionera te treat with us for peaoe; and those who had secured this retuit were to have been the recipients of certain portions of the fund. To this, Mr Trlst waa oommltted in full, and so far as content went, Gen Soott In part. A council of war was decided upon, and called, it oonvenad at the headqnartes of the army, on Saturday evening, the 17th of July last past. Those who wera present at this council, were, the General-in-Chief, Msjor Generals Pillow and Quitman, Brigadier Generals Twiggs, Shields and Cadwalader. The justly distinguished Gen Worth waa not present, in consequence of a moat unfortunate disruption of the friendly relation! that bad existed for thlrty-flve years between him and Gen. Soott. But of thia, more anon. At thU council of war, two propoeitloas were presented for the aotion of Ita member?. The first was, whether the advance of the army upon the eity of Mexioo should be delayed until the arrival of General Meroe's oommand, who waa then known to have left Vara Crna for this plaoe. And the seeond was, whether the application of a portion of the three millions In the manner above specified by me, would be justifiable under the peculiar oiroomstanoes of the case The first proposition waa, without much discussion, unanimously decided in the afllrmatlve. all concurring in opinion that it was the part of both prudence and discretion to await the relnfereement of General Plerje's column The second proposition presented in its oonaideratioo an entirety uiunrxui spectacle. aii evidently WW* Mnslbly impressed with the importance of th* contemplated step. and the idea of a great and victorious nation attempting to bribe the leader* of a government over whom they had triumphed, to make a peace upon alaoat any term*, was, for the first time in a eonfliot between oiriliied nations, about to be resorted to. The Ueneral-in-Chlef, witii his usual bland, Impressive, and, I may add, eleqaent manner, first want oyer the whole ground, bringing in support of his position every argument to which tast. much refiaeilou, and a strong mind oould give birth. To thsae considerations, be added the great and pressing anxiety urgsd In all their communication* by the Administration to terminate by any mean*, if possible, thii war. Upon hi* concluding, the opinions of the different Oenerals present were called for according to rank. Oen Pillow's waa the first given, and wm favorai le to the plan proposed, li-n Quitman foUowed, but objected in i#'o to it, upon the ground that it would intllo<'. a staiu upon out national escutcheon, that atnturies could net wipe out Of the brigidier generals, Twiggs was the first to npress hi* views and by regarding it to a great extant a* ? "political question," he declined giving any opinion. Oen. Shields was next 1 squired to give his views : be at oiioe rose from hi* seat, hi* whele countenance lit up with ftnlmati?n, and in that bold, fearless. uncompromising manner that so strikingly illustrates hi* whole public earner, denounced the whole scbetoe in th? moat unqualified term*, ile Insisted that the application of this fond ftn any such purpose, was not only Immoral, but debasing That, whil? for purpose* of self- efenoe it was, according to tbe usages or modern w?rf*r?. justifiable in on* nation to employ a* (pits, tli? subjects of the other belligerent power, jet there was no etat? of clroumstances tbat ertr had,or could exlst.that would warrant our bribing or hiring the offloera or functionaries of that belligerent power, for the sake of benefitting ua, to cat the throat* of their own subject*. And he boldly declared, that rather than see the oonntry ot bin adoption thus disgraced, be would prefer by far to witnnss a continuation of tbe war for tun years, and Id every battle we fought, lose fire thousand men. The on* would admit cf a remedy ; the other was an ?ril from tbe consequence* of which, as a nation, we never could recover. Urn CadwaladerJ simply remarked, that Oen. Shields had exhausted the subject, and he fully oonourred with him ia the conclusions to which h* had come Thus terminated the council of the evening of th* 17th af July. What followed, Is soon related. The next day, Oen. shields bad a long Interview with Mr TrUt. What occurred at that interview, 1 have no means of ascertaining, but the subseqaent acta of Mr Trlstoan leave bat little doubt upon that subject. Two days afterwards Mr. Trlst withdrew all paper* connected with this manner of terminating the war. And from that hour to this, an immediate march upon tbe oapltal *o soon as Oen Piero* oam* up, was determined upon, and M hopes of an early peao* abandoned. I have been thus particular in relating the proceedings of what I regard by tar the most Important oouncll of war that baa convened sinoe th* existenoe of hostilities between th* United State* and Mexieo, because 1 believe my ceuntry has been saved from being plunged into an aby** of infamy, from which there would be ?o extrication ; and for the reason, that those who, regardless of oousrqnenoes to themselves, have averted that blew, should receive the credit of it. For myself, I sincerely hope that the hand that ever shall he extended In offering as a bribe, either directly or Indirectly, any portion of this three millions to Santa Anna or any other Mexloan, for the purpose of proouring a peace, may.befor* It accomplishes it* object, fall palsied by bis side; a id that a mark mora dirtinguisdable than that placed upon tbe brow of Cain, may be indelibly fixed upon his, that so long as hi* unworthy life Is spared, he may be th* object of execration of all hi* Indignant | countrymen Th* city cf Mexico must be taken; a government ! must be organised by th* commander-in-chief of our armies; laws based upon republican principle* will hav* tft be enaoted and anforoed; th* whole .avenues of the country oollecUd and applied for th* inalnUnano* of tbi* new government; and oar armies will hav* to r?asaln in the country and sustain and protect 'hat new government until every portion of this imbecile nation hail be mad* to ftel and acknowledge It* iiopotency. and from a aonieiotuneM of It* own waaknei*, ?vn the benefit* that are to be darlTad Tram again nctabllehlDg amioabla relation* upon a permtuint biKla. between them and na. Tbeae and* mailt ba accomplished ; and until they ar?, delude not yourMlrei, or your aaaderf, with the hope ar expeetatlon ot a ipeady peace C'onld Oaa floatt here adraneed from Perote immediately upon the elty of Mexico, with the laine despatch that he aivanoed from Carro Oordo upon Jalapa and Perote, the capital, months ago. wauld bate been In our porneMion, and wlni the ihedding of far lraa blood than ft will now ooat to take It But from hearing reau ooplea of hi* correspondence with tha War Department, I am aoablad to aaaart that tha rtqntaltlona ha made hare never bnn flil?d, nor the promfiM on tha put of the adialalitratlnn redeemed Orn Bcott required tun thnuiand men to take Vera Cnii and an additional ten thousand, with two thouaand dragoons, to advance npan tha city of Mexira. H?d them been furniahad him, with adequate transportation, aa waa eolemnly promised him by hia government, and which ha ia able to aatabliah by tha moat incontrovertible tertimonv, tha war, by thia tlma. night have b?*n in progress of termination Bat not only havs tha administration broken faith with him la tbla reipeot, but tbay bare withheld tha first word of oemaeadatlon, la all tha oommuaieattoaa to hla, far all that ha haa achieved la Mexleo. Hla battlaa hara beta tha oaly ana* bo which hava been attached results And jet. aeltbet hla grtv*rnmant ar hi* eountry hare awarded him ona-litb tha arelte to which hi* gtaeralihip and bla victories eatitlehlm. Mortifying aa theae thing* ara to him and to hla friend*, they neither abate hi* patrlotlim or lava of country, or dew hint from proceeding, conquering and to conqurr," with the limited and inadequate mean* that hi* government ha* placed at hla atepoaal, Yeiterday afternoon another aouncll of war waa bald, at wbloh the gen?ral-ln-ebl?-f, Major Oenerala Wortsj, Pillow, and Qutman, Brigadier (taneral* Twigx". Shield*, and Cadwaladar ware precant At thl* aaaem- | bling, the route and plan of operation*. In hla narob npoa the alty of Mexico, were laid dowa by the generalln-nhlef to bU commanding oflearf Tha eabarraasatat* ni amy la thl* hostile aoaatry , iw yc :w YORK, FRIDAY MOB hs* Kbored under for want o f an adequate supply of fund*. have been far greater than any of you at home can imagine; and tha means which the quartermaster's department his been driven to, to procure money, im disgraceful alike to oar fraat nation, and to tba adm'nl-trttlop. Money, In Mima of four and fiv* hundred dol laj?, h*t? btMu borrowed from place to plaoa, aa it ooold ba found; and la many instance*, Interest at tba rata of ona p?r cent a day bai been paid for lta use Kven at tbii moment. I could loan. If 1 had it, a hundred tbnuaand dollar* at theae rata* to our government officer* ? Tl mi liitiniil.ft* ablefor the quartermaster'* department ha* been compelled to borrow from the fambluT*, or it'll them draft* on New Orleana They flrat shin our ~c Alters and men by winning what looee change they have, and tben take a second jerk at the government, by loaning it* ofloer*, charged with supplying tba army, money at high rate* of Internet, or by abavlag It* draft* on the United State*. All tbl*, with the (lightest foresight, could ba obviated The merchant* of wealth and atanding in Mexloo. are all foreigners Their commercial Intercourse la confined entirely to Franoe and Eogland: If the government of the United State* had, aa it could have easily done, made arrangements by whiab the chief of the quartermaster's and coinmissarv's department! could have raised.wither on England or Franoe, they uould have iHed any amount of ranuey that might have been required to keep up tbe supplies of the army. In this way, hundreds of thousand* of dollar* would have been *aved in tbe di (Terence of purchasing in this country on credit and for oash. As it now 1*, they are entirely at tbe merey of t ioae willing to eell our government an credit; and as neoeeelty know* na law, wa are oempollsd to pay whatever prloe the seller seas fit to demand To my knowledge, one merchant in thi* city offered to let u* have fifty thousand pornds sterling at par, If w* conld glva him draft* on euner s.ngiana or unset ur?n? on tne united States he declined, at any rate, a* ha had bo commercial relation* with our government,bat entirely with England or Franae. General Pierce came np to-day with hi* command, bringing elghty-flve thoueand dollars in draft*, bnt not one oent In money. The dinaapaintment and vexation, both ct the General-in-obitf, and the Quartermaster'* and Commissary'* department*, la great in the extreme; and how they are to K?t along, I* with them an unaolved problem. The Paymaater'e department 1* no better off, and the only way oStorm can get along, to provide themselves with the neceraarie* of life. I* to llr*t prooure a draft on one of the cities of oar Union from the Paymaster, ond then have It shaved at the rate of twenty five or thirty per oent from its faoe. This 1* bat a faint and imperfect sketch of the financial operations of our army; and if It t* not enough to crimson the cheek of every Aaaeriean with shame, then have they greatly detorioratad in self respect, within the last twelve month* I intended giving you an account of the o&use of disruption between Generate Worth and Scott, but the length of this communication forbids It It grew out of the terms of capitulation entered into by General Worth with the Mexican authorities of this plane, on taking possession of the olty I have a copy of the capitulation, as well as of the finding of the Court of Inquiry, which was adverse to General Warth, both of which 1 may embody In my next oommnniaation. lam happy in being able to say, that thara i* now *ome prospect of a reconciliation beeween them. GOMEZ. tttfiltlent* of til* Whftn the remains of the gallant Walksr were tak?n to Puebla, the botob of a carpenter made the eoffln too small; whereupon Lieut. (.lintoa. of Scott'* Company, Ut I'a , off with hi* uniform, rolled op bl* sleeve*, and made him a coffin himself. He 1* a carpenter, iti* stated, and 4* from Mojamenslng or Bouthwark, In Philadelphia. Lieut Breeie, of the lame company, who U a blacksmith, entered a s slithery, and made the nail* It I* ?atd that while these officer* were at their ''Job, ' (Jen. La Vega and youDg I tor bide, both prisoners of war, looked on In perfect amazement Such versatility of acquirement* as they were witnesses of. In this instance, took them all aback. They had already Met. what proficients they were in the art of war, and they now saw them no less at home a* member* of the meohanlo art*. " Thn Cathedral, in addition to oyer two hundred thousand dollar* previously contributed, wa* compelled to give up one of It* image*, in order to enable Santa Anna to fortify the city. This wa* taken and disposed o to the Knglish bankers, Manning It Mcintosh, for 600,0C0 dollar*. The convent cf St. Domingo, one ef the moat extensive, and heretofore wealthy, institution* of the kind, has been greatly impoverished by the exorbitant eontributions extorted from them for the support and maintenanoe of the war and the government together. The principal padre or priest, in the institution. told me ? few days ago, that thin convent alone, h?d bean compelled to advanae upward* of $400,000 ; and to accomplish it, they had been forced. In addition to giving up all their ready money, to dispuae of same of the moet valuable real estate in the city. Other reltgiooa institutions have suffered In proportion to their wealth, equally as much ; and to cheek farther encroachment on their eitate*. and to guard against the rapacity of their own government, aa well as to avoid the mult that would follow the Bacons* of the Uoinez Karais party, who are violent in their opposition to the olergy, and in favor of ft confiscation of the whr.le ot the church property 10 relieve the government front ita embarrassments ?most of the intelligent and reflecting portion of the priesthood, in the event of no foreign prince reigning over them, prefer for these reasons, solely, that the United Htatea should govern them At the time that the gallf nt Walker was set upon by the Mexican reinl'orcxmvats, one of his men was despatched to watch the approach of the column of Infantry, and fcj sl?o*l? to hasten Its movementn. He ascended the aUeple of an Immense ohurclt, and at ft distance of sotne two hundred teet from the earth, got ott upon piauurui, iwut ininy menu* in Width. *tilOh rtD round the stavpie. Missing his footing, he fell upon the platform and dislocated bit thigh?narrowly escaping a full to the earth. After the buttle ?u over, the poor fallow'* crioa attracted attention, and Mmr of his comrades ?fsanded to aasist hint d?wo again. He waa, however, fonnd to be ?o banly Injured, and suffering ?ueh intent'< pain, that it wae Ira petal Me to remove him, uptil the dislooated bone should be replaced Nurfecn lleynoldii ascunled lor that purpose. In his first effort his hold apok the limb slipped, and losing his own balance, he was vary near being torown to the ground He was, however, fortunate enough to grasp a fixture of the steeple, by wblrh he recovered his position, and npon that narrow platfwrm, with the aid of one or two men, he replaced the bone in the socket?and the man was carried down, and ape. dily recovered. We doubt very meoh whether a dislocated limb waa ever set in such a plaoa, and under such clrouotetancw.?Cincinnati Knquire.r, N?v. 2ft. Among the deserters takon by Gen. Warth was a Lieutenant of the Louisiana volunteers, by the nams of IU1H Hii a.nnm.,1 lu ?h?? ....... ...II.. that oognomen, enllited in the Mexican aerrlee II* fli originally from Now Vork, and enjoyed sodh reputation aa a pu*ill*t. It la a little remarkable, that all three of the volunteer deaerter* are from the State of Loulaiana Held ia brazen faoed In the extreme in hi* infamy, and ne conaideration whatever ahould ihleld bim from the traitor'* doom ? death! The icharju of Kearny'a drajoon* upon the flying quhi of the Meilo-in* lu the battle of Churuhuiico, ia one of the moit brilliant and iHWH feat* whloh have oesurred in the war. Aa soon ai our troop* had carried ho foraidadle tite it font by whioh the avenue leading to tha city waa laid open te earalry, Captain Kearny'* dragoon* ru*h<-4 upon the yielding maf/ira of the Mexloaii* with an impeiuofity and fury wnlch mad* aaenda for the aoantineaa of their nnmberi, and bore them back In oonfuiion upon tha town. The enemy had upon the oauaewav a force in cavalrv four fold that (four own, but the nairewnees of the avenue prevented him from availing hiM*?lf of tbti superiority. and reduced the conflict to those slDgle-bandeiiissue* In which Mexican! mum ever yield to our prowess The audacity of the onset of Kearuy's troop* struck dismay to the host* which fled before theui The retreat became a eonfused rout, and tb? causeway was blocked up by the entangled masses of the enemy iiut even through this ohitftole the triumphant dragoons foreed their way, trampling down those who escaped their relentlass sabre* Scattering- their foa before thwm, the dragoons ornneatlast within reach of the formidable batteries which defended the gates of the olty, and a murderous fire was opened upon them which was even more terrible to the fugitive Mexicans than the dragoens. The latter continued their pursuit up to the gate* ef the city, and were shot down or made prisoners upon the very parapet* of ita dofenoe* This wa* the moment, if ever, that Uen. Soott might have entered the city, had the Instant poa*?**lon of it oonformed to hi* preeonoelved deilgn*. Already had the Inhabitant* of the town *et up the cry that the American* were upon them, and the whole population wa* stricken dtfenceless by panic terror* But the dragoon* were recalled from the pursuit. and the survivors of th?t<je*perate oharge withdrew, oevered with wound* and with honor*. In every narration af the event* of Churuboseo we have *e*n this oharge and pursuit by Kearny'* dragoon* commemorated and applauded, but It appears to have Impressed the Mexicans far mora than the popular mind of our own countrymen. In various letters which we have nen written by them from thai capital, tbsy spaak of tne audacity of too dragooua teirlble and almost supernatural. ? WOrleans Picayune, N?v 31. A* Col. Domlngnei, of the *py rompan j, wu pausing along one of th? str??ts of Vera f'rui lately, two of his men being near at band, a Mnlun merohant remarked to a person standing by. ' Thera is Dominguss " The two Mexioans who were itanling before hi* daor draw their swards in a rage, and told him that they did not allow any one to speak disrespectfully of their commander ; that when he spoke of him he must oali him " Col. Domlngnei, ?>f His (excellency Oen Seott'i Life Onsr4." and at the same time they told him that they bad a d?dgood mlad ta out his thraat. A geutUman wh? came with them from f'uebla says, that Cal. 0. makes his man all toa the mark Tha Mexican places dlstiagulshsd by tha recent victories of the American arms, are pronounoed Cone-trayroa, Ghoo roo-boath ko, Ban Antonla, Mo lean-yo dal Raj, Cba-pool-ta-pao. Poo-a bla. Wah-man t-la, Ai leethka Tha people hare, (It. Angel) are mare Ilka hama folk* than any I bate aeen; the ladies drees Ilka our own, save that they wear tha reboao la place of a "bonnet; they are pretty, madeet. and Intelligent in their appearance, and retiring in their manners?not disposed to smile upon the "Americans d?l Norte." I think, however, we are gaining their good will. The ladle* < f thia far ax my eiperitnee goea.are the^klndeat be<nrfs in the world frequently I have aaked a little favor of the gentlemen, aad bare often been refuted; If there waa a lady near, however, the always managed to shp In a word, which waa aver a word or kindness, and It aim refused them, I knew compliance was impossible. Let me give yon one little instance of kindaess; It is only a little thing, but it prorsa tha kind feelings which dictated It: On our arrival at thia nlaae wa wara ranch fatlgnad; 1 fought through beta tha battles, and had bean without food or rtaap tor alaaat forty-sight hours | wa found It Unpoaal ?-?> > RK ? LIMING, DECEMBER 3, 184 bl* to get wo?<l to cook; I w?at to a gentleman near oar ?" quarters and h*?rtrd a* a favor that ha would "ell us ron enough to oook a alngle meal, offering him any prloa for bae It he might cbooee to aak. Ha rafuaad. laying he bad tbr bob* I waa about turning away dlaappolrt-d, when an mil old lady, whoae vary countenance beamed wttb klndnees, in i wbiaparvd In my aar " to wait at the yard door;" 1 did Tb so. ai-d In a few momanU tha old lady xoada bar appear lar| ana* with a (arrant bearing a larga log of dry wood, la f which served ua wall until w? had an opportunity of pur- tb? ohaaidg mora. 1 offered her pay. but aha refuaed. tp- the peering to be perfectly happy that ihe had oonfarrad a pla favor. There U now a man In tha army who waa taken th? prisoner by tha Max leant at Jalapa, and treated by tbeal tbl yery roughly in tha village where he waa oonflued; ha by toe accident mnda Ihe acquaintance of on old lady and ber tbi daughter; they offared to feed him, and aa an especial poi favor ha waa p?rmltted to take hid meal* at her honaa, ooi guarded only by a rargaant. Tbe old lady soon planned oo| b<l**cip? She procured horaea on a certain evening, '* and whilat tb* prisoner waa at his meal, the daughter for retired to the parlor, and played moat beautifully on tbe la harp, and thug beguiled the sergeant from bla p?at, and io| bald him entranced till tha priaoner mad* hi* escape of Tba aitv of Mexico la to the Mexican people what Pari* y*i Is to the Krenoh; It Is " the great city." I was (truck iei with tba degrea of deep feeling manifested by all olacaea or whan It waa thought that obt vlotoriooa army waa ad- or vanclng to attack the garlta 1 aaw an old lady wring- tb her hantia, seeming to be In ftn agony of dlrtreia ; 1 Pli naturally auppoaed ahe had loat a sou or a husband on po tb* fleld of Contreraaor Chuiubusoo This waa not ao? fe< ab* did not taam to think of. or cara for th* hundreds of go ber oountrymea who had fallen, and tbe hundreds more mi wha would fall If we attacked the city. No When asked m< what waa tha matter, aha pointed to the olty with It* ha lovely steeples and dome*, and exclaimed, " My beautiful p* muiw-iiiuv it u? mg in ruia* I" on Many people In Statu atreet, Boiton, will remember a th lad, named (Jharie* M. Bugbee. who, about Mtin year* hi ago. acquired oelebrity by hi* enterprlae and aucceaa in o( boarding the English (teamen, and obtaining the lateet rc paper*, which he aoid at a handeome advance before the ai extras could be iasued He ia now In the city of Mexioo, *1 and acting as the authorised * gent of the Jlmt-rican Star ci newspaper. He doe* not belong to the army, yet ha* pi taken part In several engagement*. In the laat battle pi before the wall* of Mexioo, be attracted the notice of < (Jen Worth, who, after complimenting hi* good shots, pi aaked him what regiment ha belonged to. " None, idr," pi replied Charley, "I belong to the pre**." Oen Worth invited him to call at hi* quarter* the next day. Charley did *o. and received from th* General a preient aa a testimonial of bia approbation of hi* gallantry in the battle a] the day before. It was not a b*d idea ef Charley, to uie a| hi* "free pass,'* aa a representative of the press, for such ot a patriotio purpose. o( General Wool has bad a Mexican hanged at Saltillo Wl for mnrdcr. It appear* that some three day* since. a gs party of Ave Mexicans induced an American, a carpenter ni by trade, to join them In a ;ima of mtnl?. and when be (< exhibited hi* money, they fell upon and killed him Gen Wool hearing of it, had the five arrested and tried, and" Wl the leader wa* sentenced to be bung, which sentence waa immediately executed. The otherfour were sentenced to Bre hundred lasbea each, and to be confined with a ball p| and chain for t.he term of the war. {, A deputation of oltisens waited on the General to have ()j the sentence mitigated, which he justly refuted. Thl* ol caused some exoltement amongst the Mexican*, but had T, such Impartial itep* been adopted with all *ueh scoundrel*, ainoe the beginning of the war, we do not donbt ?< lk.? ?.? Inll? IJ U 1 M*?? ? "J > ? ? ?IVI?D 'irrua UUUIU U?T? UVVU \>TTTented by tb?i knowledge of instant and summary pa- ol nlshment. A Utter from Fl*car*a Grand*, r*o*lv*d In town by a j, friend, stats* that an Amerloan residing in that place, a Dr. George Bullard.had bean murdered by two Mexican*. ft General Taylor, accompanied by General Wool, left Moaterey on the 8th November, inspecting the poet* rc in rtuit, and had reached Mier on the 13th, and was * hourly expected at the Bracos when the Edith left. It ' ta said that a highly important law suit will require hi* 11 presence In Mississippi, on the first Monday (th* 6th) of 8] December. * A set of lawleM desperadoes, at the mouth of the river, w* learn, have banded together for the purpose of rob- 0i blag. They made an irruptien into the quiet, orderly H ?nd religious town of Bagdad, on the night of the Bth tl Instant, and obtained oonsiderable plunder. They are (| headed by a oertain cashiered Captain, by the nam* of j Smith, who, it is said, belonged to one of the Illinois re- f, gimenta, and (ought at th* battle of Buena Vista. We t< further uaderstand tbat this party of robber* murder- t ed and robbed aom* three or feur Maxioan* b*tw**n this and the mouth of the River, a few days sine*. They hould b* look*d after.?Matamura$ Flag, No*. 10. 9*nor Don Jo** Guadalup* Perdlgon Garay, m?mb*r of Congr***, colonel of the battalion of Lagoa and brigadi*r general by brevet, who has publlnh?d a document denying that t*?na y Pena is entitled to the I'reeideoey, is a p:>litioil writer of some siandiug, but o.< a military man he 1s beneath all contempt. He eomtnanded at Sau Antonio on tb* memorable 30th of August, and was captured In bis attempt to **e*n*.bv th* division of Oanaral Worth Report ha* it that hisaUde-camp, finding that . the tlda of battle ?? i'<>iug against them. stole his ;n* rtl i horse and mad* good nls own escape. * story rati- . tied to ?im? credit, inasmuoh as th? IllasUJnns commander of the valiant Lagoa battalion *al naught, run- * nlng tor dear life, and a sorry figure he out In bin flight, 11 for he i* of a Kalstafflan sixe?fat, greasy, and moat filthy withsi. a mountain of ungainly dob, unused to any such luxuries aa a bath, while hia habiliments bad long barn strangers to the wa*h tub Wheu finally naught ha feigned sickness, and for the titan aome grain* of pity were bt-atowed upon him. A f?w d.iys afwrwards. when the F.iigliab friends of paaca were mustering all the number* of Oairress they could lay their hands upon, Fnrdlgoo Osray waa releaaed. unconditionally, I believe, Although i> waa at the tlma understood that no honorable man would again take up arms The history of the armlstioe, and the futile attempt at making peaia, are old stories, but the after part taken by Oar ay. may sot be io generally understood. At the Helen gat?, while Oea. Terres was raanrnlly battling with Una. Quitman, he oouunanded the reserve, and bis prudruoe entirely overcoming hi* valor, he withdrew hi* oommand at doable quick time, himself leading the retreat, and long before the strife of the coateat had reached bim When he wa* first released, It waa shrewdly remarked by Gen. Worth, that if he oould do no good in a civil capacity he at least coald do no barm in a military? that avea la case be again took up arms he would be sure ta start the trst in the retreat and take others along with htm?and the aeiiuel proves that be wai eorreot. A latter sent to the bishep of Uuadalaxara, written by |] tbt; curate of one of the villages, says that while some h two thooeand persons had gathered about the ruins i made by the earthquake on the 3d of October, tb*r ri looked up and l>eheid the crucified Parlour in a cloud, tl his Image remaining plainly visible for full half an hour, and that during that, time the awe-stricken Ml upen hi their knees and worshipped. flueb li on* of the non- D enslcal impositions palmed off upon th* superstitious t? and benljhted inhabitant* of this unfortunate land. n Torre*, the proprietor of Rl Monitor Ilrjuklieann, tt bu received a terrible cowhiding at the band* of one of l| our officer*, and tbl*. too, In the Plateroa. the Broadway < of Mexico. He iknlked and bid for a day or (wo, but r< w?* Anally caught by Lieut. Brook*, on* or the aid* of w Uen. Twlggi, and handled a* aforesaid, for puriuing hi* di meddlesome propensities. bat more especially for pub- ni lishing a short article, In the Polyanthus *tyle, lome- no thing like the following:? a< "A certain young Mexican lady, of a frallokrome dig- l? poiition and romantic Inclination*?a good Bingtr, and tl who. alnee the arrival < f the American* at San Angel, tl bat beoome familiar with an officer of that army, will bi soon be annexed like Texaa, and paased over to Ameri- t? nan dominion. The censure of the ftilr *ex among her R own people, baa fallen heavily upon her." pi Thi* is nothing more than a sneaking and most con- tt temptlble fling at a highly respectable and mo?t talented 01 young lady, the daughter of a Mexioan officer, against ci whom there 1* not the least breath of suspicion. The ei object ot Torre* is. to prevent all intercourse between b; the first families of the city and our offloers. and for his .1* pain* he will get most severely punished H* has used tl every meana, the most insidious, to prevent the Mexl- gi can ladle* from vlaltiog the theatre* and other place* of d publio *musem*nt. I* i n? wuoie no* 01 marcn 01 m* loroe recently under n Santa Anna, hu beon on* of robber* and rapine. Th* s< soldiers have literally itolen *r*ry thing the; eoveted la 11 th* smaller town* and hacienda*, the unfortunate tn- * habitant* dreading th*lr approach far mort than they o would th* advance of a division of the very Yank*** ? they hart deorled *o much One great reason why th* r Menican army I* kept together at all, 1* the fact, that li singly the fcldler* know they must starve, whilst In a n body they can rob their own countrymen of at leatt a enough to latUfy the oravlng* of hunger Never we* a there a nation *o utterly bankrupt, la money mean* d and credit, a* 1* this miserable Mexico, and 11111 many of a her eltlieti* vapor and fume u though they were of a w country a* rich ia all resonroe* a* the fabled land* of an- t< ti'iuity; I* doubtful, at tfci* Tiry lime, whether It there I* money enough la the treaaury at ^ueretaro. te ji pay the doorkeeper fli la?t week's * alary Oen. <luit- C man bad hardly taken po***?*ion of th* National Palaoe n her* before he waa beset by orowd* of apholaterer*. fnr- *i niture dealer*, and other artisans, with reqaeat* for per- u mission to remove th* different article* with whloh the A apartment* were furnished. They proved. Incootestl- a My, that they had reoelved no pay for them. It seem* fl that flanta Anna and hi* offlner*. so r.rt*in ? ?? ? ?k>_ ?i of defending the elty and defeating the American*, art ft. to work refurnl*hlng the palare In moot gorgeou* atyle K In the early pat t of July, anticipating the plaaaure of * celebrating their new vlotorle*, and al?o, their national w Independence, all on tha iun? day?the 16th of Septem a bar, their Fourth ol July. On that day our own people Id wara In fnll poaiwnlon, a* conqueror* ot tha Hall* of the *1 Mont* tuna*, and all tha hope* of a prond, bat weak and di oowardly enemy wara daehad to tha gronnd. lt< A oorre?poodent of tha Milwauki* triicaniin, In a D' description of tha (tormlng and battering of Contrera*, tall* an luaid-nt of which we 4o not remember to hare J befora : ?" Hundred* of priaonera wara takan, among l* whom waa Geo Male*, famous aa tha author of tba c*le ? bra'ad guerilla proclamation We baited about an heur ' gathering np prl*onera, to. ?en Scott roda op to tba tort, and whan hit nana waa known to the Met loan rflkcara. their countenance* brightened np, expecting to ba inatantly part.led. I luppoaa Gen Scott addreaeed than In theee word* I ha?e reaeon to bailers " that nany of yen were paroled at Vera Crut or Carro * Gordo.; * dl'graae to humanity tbat man ehoiild ?o f*r forget their honor a* to break a parole 1 n future I eh all parole neither oflln<-r* nor men. but treat thamwilh all the attention that elrcumltanoaa will permit.' Thelt countenance* fell!" Tllk MINIS IN MKXirO. Q" [From tha Santa Ke Itepubllean, Sept 04 1 he Tha gold mlnea known aa tha riacera are In tha ehaln tb of mountain* eait of tha Rio Grande and louthweit do tnm Santa Fa, Ua *14 flaaara, dUtant ?7 mUaa, uU tk? | tk I ER A 7. r riaonre abort 40. They hare yielded large ?roou?U c i? yours, and are fully aa produetWe now u they haye i n at any time ; In feot. there la no telling tba ricbaa 1 y contain Tba gold mtna dlatriot, ia at leaat 15 I ? " long. Including the old and naw riaoara, by WTarat 1 aldth. the whole of whlrh ylelda thli preeloaa metal minoral U procured In dlfforent way*, but much tha ?t portion by waihing tba dirt. In all of wbloh gold , ound. It la aa rleb on tba rarface aa any plaea, and t iy hare no where gona mora tban 40 feet in daptb, | ' roll at tbat daptb being of tba eame kind In pome t oaait ia fi'Und In flint rock, whloh la polvarlaed, and g > mlnerai gathered with qulckRllTer, and at one place i method waa adopted with tha dirt, the dn?t being , i One for waahing. It la often found in large lumpa, , i largeat yet found, weighing aervn and three quarter , ind?; it la common to find 13, IS. 20, or 30 euneea. and iriderable Mirer ia mixed with all, and aome, >p?r. A vela, or load, aa wa aay in the 8tatee, bere oalled htlo, lome of whioh ara depoalts, mlng strata of land, ?r*T?l, dirt and fold. Thar* | J no ragnlarity In mining, the winter muod be- , [ the time prlcolpally devoted to It, on aocount J the scarcity of water at other seasons of the sr. The Dumber of hands engaged varies vwy much, dom noesdiug ft00, and aa low In the summer aa 40 i Hi. The mlnrrs receive a certain amount in money t goods for all they pracure, and usually leave when i rlr Immediate wants are supplied The town of icere la a email dirty, ill-built place. furnishing tem- ( rary habitations, principally for tha workmen; and a w merobanta who are interested In the mines, buy the \ Id procured, and trade with tha washers and work- ] jn. Besides gold, there is a rich vein or oopper In the ] juntaln, which can be traced entirely through, but It t s never been worked, though claimed as private pro- , rty. The road from this plaoa to tha town is a good is for wagons, and so is tha one to the river, from which | m mines are abont tha lima distance they are from >re. The mountain la covered with pine timber, some ' which Is large; and cedar is also abundant. A good ad passes by Placers from this to Psralto, Valencia, id Toma on tha river, to Albuquerque, where provions oan be prooured. and whloh U the rioheet and best titivated part of New Mexico In the hands of enterrising capitalists they would, no doubt, yield large roflts and amounts ; the only difficulty being the I isreity of water for washing,which it Is thought oan b* . rocured by sinki^ shafts and using small engine* to limp it up. AFFAIRS IN CALIFORNIA. [From the California Star, June 19 ] We yat have a military government, and little else ; id with a large Indian population, idle and thievish, id an equally disagreeable and dlshoneet lower order another class, we would not complain of the mere feet the bayonet's control over tha ermine, if onr rulers said enable us to protect life and property, snd te purte the peaceful paths of our own happiness in the manir guarantied by the constitution of tha Union. It has emed to us, from the beginning, that w<< have had In le administration of affairs here, either a surprising ant of knowledge in civil affairs, or au unparalleled de ee of stupidity as to what ought to be done, or a dermination to make California a mere camp, for thedlsay of military chieftalnoy?the "yw" and "no" of the w of force, to the exclusion of every tutslve Influence 'those laws and institutions which civllixation has 'cated and made necessary to human oomfort and adtncement. 'Why, we wonid ask, are not the old tribunals of exlco re-established ' Why are the rights of men trisd with in this manner ? who has the right, military : civil, to trample on justice so wantonly ? We are not i a mood to petition for any thing just now?we may 5 so hereafter. But we will write for the reading of lankind, that never a government, under the forms ef eedom, which so far departed from wisdom and justioe, ' |v??iuiyoH? v? tu? ? uacu OMIMW iu t< p|ivr Ulll* irnla. What may we expeot from our new Governor, hose proclamation appears in another column ? In ol. Maeon we are Inclined to plaoe confidence He ! a ird eoldler, and aa our Governor, be oan do, If he will, reat good to California. God ipeed him In that way ' '/? complain of what haa been done?we will hope for etter to oome. \n ateemblage of our ettiiena waa beld in San Franisco on Tueaday evening laat. and called Mr. Nathan pear to the oaair?Meaara. Sherman and Pettet, aeoreiriea Thla was for tha purpoae of petitioning the Present of the Union protecting agalnat the return cf Gol C Fremont in the capacity of Governor of the Call>rolaa, and adopting reaolutiona expreealve of the aenimenta of the oitlaena of San Kraootico, In relation to | be conduct of Ibat officer, while In thla country. TKN AND INK SKETCHES OF CALIFORNIA. [From the Detroit Advertiser ] Weare permitted to publlah the following private leter from a gentleman formerly of thia elty, who went out ? California la Col. Steveuaon'a New York regiment ? t, will be aeen that thia California EI Dorado Te subject o two opinions, to aay the leant Our wrltvr haa evl- J Untly not aeen it in Ita beat lunihlne. Tha latter will i? found interfering S?> Alt* cii.iromriiA, J una lib. 1(M7?I lira burn la < all Corn Ia since the ltfthof April, 1847 ; itm Hin bat little of the country myself: bat hare ouiwMd muoli with varloui ptriooi, (nine of whom avs viaited every part of it, and can confidently asaert, nd do aasert, tbal California, taken altogether. U a joft mleerabie, Uod-forsaken oountry, the jumplDg off laae, fit only for Alormous, Millerltea and mnnomaBiri. It haa been moat Aagrantly [glare preaented-moat illanoualy belied. The climate. If healthy, which is ueatianable, ia exceaalvely disagreeable about here, on ecnunt or the violent winda and feg? The wind blowa ere aa ateadlly aa a trade wind, and more violent. The ig la often ao heavy that water drip* from the ronft aa f it waa raining, and when coming over the hill, It looka lore Ilka a anow atorm than any thing elae. Overcoat* nd ftaoDela ar* warn the year round; summer olothua re wholly uaeltaa Krom auuriae till 10 A M. it I* oiuUr quite pleaaant; than cornea the wind and the fog, itner of which are more dlnagreeable than any weather ever saw In the Htates Mo much for what country I iav* aeen abont San Kranalaco, the "American Italy,''aa | ome fooliah llari have called It The Bay of Ran Kranlaoo. aa regarda commercial purpoaea, merits all that be moat enthnMaatio have aald of It. It ia, proably, the flneat bay in the world, and It alone may i ive CaJifofnia from utter condemnation. Other art* ef the country are mora objectionable even than Ilia; soma for tha parching heat, othera for the total ab tu'M of moiatnra. and all of It generally far tha want of iliabla land. Oh ! how tha emigraats who come hither ill be disappointed. 1 wiah they all knaw what I know. ; would save many a one from much misery sad infferig?the which will anrely follow any attempt to aeitl* era tor agricultural purpoaea. Speaking of game here, have been oat bunting twiee; the flrat time I shot a kttleanake of the largeat and most venomoua kind; and ia laat time I waa ehaaed home by a oon/ar or puma, a .aaUa r?f fl??r m. ImMa tiU) thlrtlf fnr oAlhfiPt aennn^ are. On* of them >u killed bar* last we*k, whlab ieaaur*d 7 f**t 10 laohea from tip of no** t? tip of til Th*y are found 11 f**t long About her*, and are tor* frrooioua than th* grlaly bear. Tb* native* call MB lion*. Tb* t alifornlan* ar* a dirty, lair, filthy, norant, dMpieabl* p*opl?; but of all their rioaa. that riazlneaa I* tlrat, foremoat and great?at,and from wblob >ault all their other mlaarlea?miaarlea aa a whit* nan ould take th*m, but which th*y, in bliaafal Ignorance 9 not conalder ao. A finer breed of flow* I never aaw, or larger droTee, but they are too aonfonnded laiy to illk than, ao that wa oan barely get Bilk enough for iff**, even at la per quart, tb* only prle*. Butter ia ported and aalla at 4a. a pound. But notwithstanding lelr laiincM, on horaeback I question if any peopi* in le world can exoel them. If not born, they are at leant rought up on a horae. They new go, If not more than tn paeea a foot, and thay will rid* a bora* in any ahap* idlng at full apeed they will atoop from their saddle and Ick up a aiipanoe on the ground, or ire a gun andcr le borae'a neok In the oppoait* direction from tb* aid* b wbioh they are leaning. They never rid* without uryiog a laaao, their akill in uatag which la almost In edible. doing on the full Jump, thay will laaao an ox f either horn or foot, or about the neok. As muoh akill required in managing their horae after tha laaao ii irown, aa la throwing it. Thay go ao far aa to attack rialy beara with them, and I aaw myaclf, but tha other ay, a cougar which ona of tham had taken with hia aa* Tha '' fandangoea," abaut wbioh w* hav* all eard to mueh, ar* but common affaira, and moat re- I >mbl? Iriah jlga, esaept In that they ar* not n*Mr aa alw arti! inut.lni/ I A.t L?T1 riftfl An* tna nfhar Hav am/1 I 'm ?o greatly dlaguitad, that I could not raalat (tapping ut, nnd Hiring tha poor. daludad aoula a ipoclmen of the i ray In which dancing abonld bo dona; all which I did really to my own antiifactlon, and, I ' guaaa." not ttla to thalr own odiBcation, If I conld judge from Iba tanner thay taatlflad thalr approbation, and mada tba rgtdtnta"?nff?r." Thn houaaa are oca atory. built of doMaa, (or doblaa.) which ara parallalogrami uf aunrlad mnd, ahapod In a mould 10 incbaa wide. 30 long, nd 3 thiak, tha walla ara .1 taat think; honaaa without 'indowt, or chiBnaya, or furnitura. taring a taw bldaa > flaap on. In faot. thay lira finally aa haathanlnh u adlana, and ara no bettar Negrora ara conaidarad lat aa good aa whita follu- but anongh of tiiam Tha llfornlft Kaglmaat ia ?aati?ra<l orar < allfnrnia In nail datachmrnta. from 100 t J ??<> nllra aeparata A sail band of raaoluta frilown could go about, attacking a leriati*?, and rout ui all. but tbay ara too oowardiy. t tbla poat, thare ara bat 67. yet wa aonaldar ouraatraa, nd ara, a match for oOO t.alifnrniana Thay wiah to ght an bad xnougb, If thay darad. Aa It la, none of u* link of learlng camp i > piss aerriee. or laia a llroli ir pleamre, without being armed to th* taath with nlyea, pliitol*. gun*, ete . dlcpleyed ?h?? they nan be i?n. and that I* *11 that la nnMiwr, I have bNi oat Ith 31 shot* about me, to wit: a pair of revolver*, and nlne-*boo:*r, be*ideaa huge knife?quit* a little um; i myiMiir Wa are wall mpplied with everything In tha motion lion I writ*, aeatad In th* guard-bou**-aa rgy and ?i?oky a den a* hit you read of My paper >* on a box filled with cartridge*, r*ady to be used at a oment'* warning. Cloaa by ay ri^ht elbow, and* a matoh-atlek. with port.flra and a lln*toek. be need Inatantly. If repaired Within n ?t*p* of th* door, *t%nd* a bra** piece, wall arged with eanl'Ur. Juatlo an adjoining room, are >red 600 harrvle of gunpowder, >00,000 roand* of buck d ball m oak it oartridgee, and cart load* of material r the large gone. which are pointing outward on all l*a of a*. Not *0 rod* off. Jaat now, are any quantity wotT'i, bowling Ilka devil* Save ibeia, and tha eani?l* an po*t, ercrythlng I* hn*h*d In *l*ep Om aelony, when a prlnaner, (nine of whom lie around ma.) irlng In hi* eleep, rat^lea hi* chain, I am fnroad to krt. a* If It might be the clattering *pur n( a Hpanlard IAJUI aViAin a*. mAn.ent fr.? a .. ee k ? iOW, oom? galloping down upon n? That lb?ro 1* m* of th? "olrcura?tanrV> of war about m. you may IK* fh>m th? fWot, that ??*ry man now ??! ' >[> In hf? arteri hu hi* paota on. bli nuikit *tan<llag at hi* 4 loaded. I ft raanda of e*rtri<lg?? tn hta boa. Mid ooaan<1a sort r??Jy to grab, If wan<*d Wh? (look tn at tb? aword raatlng aoroaa toy Una*. and think of i raap?**lbnitj Uut *8* t?u ?a fot 1 mi Um * LD. piIm Two c?nta? >nly responsible part on now on duty, bavin* sole oomnaad ui control ot errbody and everything about ?,r*?' mu,t ' onf??? that ! have somewhat different lings from tbOM 1 might have if I vu sitting in Whipple ?, Uit?niog to Curt E"MH. ARMY INTEL!.!U*WC*. A ftwdijiip, Lieutenant WaUon. belonging to tho Jrrgon battalion, arrived in this city from th? station of be command on tba frontier. In Atoblton county From )im we learn that a detachmant of the battalion had >oeu out in pursuit ot the Punka Indian* They purued them nearly three hundred mllea, out were not able o overtake them The detachment had not returned rhen Li?ut. W* left, but they war* expected in a few lay* Tba command, generally, were enjor'.na g??l icaith?St. LeuisRtpvilic*n.Nav ?*. Political li> toil Italic*. Tba legislature of Vermont. previous to Ita adjournnent, passed, uuanlaounly, a joint raaolutlon Instructng tbe delegation In Coaarin. from that State, to use heir Influence to procure the fepeal of tba laat act of .'ongreas relating to nawapapar postage Tbe Taylor convention at Philadelphia mat on Wedinsday night, and elected delegate* to the State eouvenion to be held at Harrlaburg on the 33d of February text A meeting designated a " Peace Meeting," was hold at Cincinnati on the evening of the 34th Nov. Resolution* deprecating tbe war and taking ground In favor of" frao territory," were passed There was, however, soma Jarring upon the subject Introduoad by the following raaolutlon :?41 Ileaolved, That In eaaa, nevertheless. territory iball be acquired by conquest, purchase, under the nam* of indemnity, or in any other way. aa tbe result of thia war, that, ao far as our influenoe extends, it shall be so i>-uiuiy uiuicftiiu tu perpei uni anu iDpuviu ireeaon ' The ohilrmu of the committee on reeolutioas prtmUd It with other resolutions. bat accompanied it with hU protest It ?u finally passed with the rest Mlaoei laneous. The Aoadla left thla afternoon for Halifax and LlverKol, with a fair chance of encountering a (now sterm fore (he reaches the former city She Baa upward* of 70 passengers, aa we learn frem the Custom house hooka, no list of whloh haa been received at th* Merchants' Reading Room. No mall from Canada waa reeelrad, but all the Southern letters have been forwarded.? Boiton Tramcript, 1 at in?{. Ex-Governor Marcus Morton, of Mas*., who was a pass eager by the Pilot line, last night, from New York, in stepping from the ous at Trenton, fell into the canal; but was rescued without material Injury, although ha was compelled to remain at that plaoe.?PMl Surth American. 2d inst. When we state the population of Zaneevllle. as returned under a late order of the council, at 0,300, we do not include the population of the surrounding villages, or asylums or House ef Refuge. Including the population of Putnam, South and West ZanesvlUe, we should stats the aggregate at about 10,000? Coluniiut State, Nov U Joseph 8 Dutton. general superintendent on Jewett k Humphrey's division of the Central Railroad, was instantly killed on Monday, by the unexpected discharge of a seam blast A laborer waa dangerously wounded, and others slightly. Mr Dntton waa from Casenovia, N. Y . and for three years was an engineer on railroad* In Michigan.?JUonlpelitr (Pi.) J^a^chman. On Friday last, Mr. Conch, overseer for Mr. Carroll,on Walnut Bayou, was shot from his horse, and almost Instantly killed, in the road from the river to the Bayou, by some assassin unknown. On Saturday, th* Rev. Mr. Preston was shot, at th* dinner table, and instantly killed, by Mr. John billot, formerly of Vlekaburgh. In mitigation of this latter dead, It is stated that the unfortunate homicide haa been for soma weeks partly daranged? I'tcktkurgh Sentinel, A'or. 9tk. A late number of the St. John Homing \tw? haa a long artlole, condemnatory of the new mail arrangement, and says that the Rngllah papers by the steamer Acadia, did not reach 8t. John until nearly a weak after hat arrival at haltfex.?Boiton Travller. A young woman in Cincinnati, (the victim of a villain who ruined her, and then left the city after robbing hla landlady, the mother of the young woman, of silver spoons, etc ,) became Insane at the departure of her seducer, and poetttvely refusing all nourishment, died of starvation on Tuesday evening ef last week. I The dam at Lawrence, Mass , la tnlsbed. The event of the work's completion furnished the occasion for quit* I a soene of jollity and rejoicing among the workmen, who m?4? a greai display as tt?ey marobod In preceealoa down Kims street, with their Iron bars, mi, pike-polea, Ice., at ' shoulder arms " For the puL month. the amount of lou Iy Ore, io Boston, is estimated at $6000, on which there iu $4000 Insurance In November, 184(1, the low *u J#60, insurauo? $ JOil. Kor the ?l?r?n month* of the present year, the tnttl loss by lire baa befii $1J? 006, on which than wan $77>37 insurance In the corresponding period of 1848, the total iosa waa 1188 930, and the iaratUN $106.418.?Bottnn Traveller, Dec. 1. m? telegripbio wirea ara bow extended arranty-flr* Una beyond Vltieennee, lad. The population of Norfolk, Va., la mid to be It 000, bel?g aa lncreaae of 4.000 within the last seven year*. The population of Toronto, C. W., la 11,0(M Loss of the Stkamk* Tai.ismas.?Yoaterday morning, I nhould think a. littlr before 5 o'clock, wnan near Gape Girardeau, the TaQaraaa and Ten peat name into collision, and our boat immediately eunk. Providentially, I had ri?en very early and waa dreaeed. At the moment of the ooliision, i waa aittlag la the cabin.the floor of whiohwaa oovered with paaeengerasleeping. I started at the sudden crash whlob waa immediately followed by a second, and ran to the door. I supposed we bad struct a snag Looking oyer the aide of tba boat, I saw the guard waa already under water, and that we ware rapidly sinking. 1 moantod, at onee. the hurricane deck, and aided. as I could. in hauling up tba females over the side of the boat. The Tempest waa at a little diatanon from us, waiting. I suppose, to see what would be her own fate. The aoene that followed, on our deok, surpasses all description. The cabin paaaengera, m?n. women and children, were numeroua. The abrieka, and lamentations, and orlea for help ara atill ringing la my eara I endeavored to direct the attention of auch aa I encountered to Ood aa their refuge. 1 supposed that, though some might be able to awia to the abere, 1 aa wall aa a great company of ethers, bad reached the end of oar course on earth. And I deelre to testify te the luaUlning powsr of graue that I found it all i needed. The thought of *o suddenly appearing in the preience of the Orut Judge for a moment troubled me?but, looking upward, my miud became calm, a pleasing lereittf took possession of my soul In the meantime the criea of our dlatraoted paiaengere reached the Tampeat, and the was already nearing us A poor isotber, whom I never new before, threw one of her children into my arm*, and I waa happy afterward In seelog her and it aafeiy on board the Tempest. A gracious Providence ordered It that our boat found bottom before the water reaohed the burrloane deck, and thua moet of the cabin passengers who bad mounted aloft, were eared The deck paeseager? were unable to get out, ho rapidly did the boat sink, and but a portion, probobly a email one, reaohed the Tempest. Theloes cannot be leaa than from 40 to 60, though other* eetimate it a* high aa 100 It waa a socea I hope nerer to forget. I would it may teach me to lire daily and hourly upon Chrlat? to make no calculation* about safety, in any aituation or olroometaseee, except aa I am In the way of duty. The evening previous, tone were amlouaabont paeaing the "(teamboat grave-yard," as it la oalled, but that we paaaed In safety, and met death where, and in a manner, we did not antioipate. In Chrlat we are alwaya aafe. The Tempest carried ?s to Cape Oiiardeau, and In a few hosra the Bertram, from New Orleans, name along,and a oonaiderable number of us took passage In her, and reaohed St. Louis this morntag about sunrise. Last evening we had a solemn meet* Ing for prayer and exhortation on board. I hope eome good was done We had. on the Talisman, several ploua persons, ministers and othere, and It waa refreshing to see how calm they were amid the awful soenes of death. Those who had no Ood, card-players and rwaarers, wara the men who had oauae to fear. I do not wonder at thete judgments of Heaven; the wonder la. that they are not more frequent Such a systematic) contempt for the inatktution of the MabUath aa one aeea on the?e waters, will bring, I am persuaded, stll heavier visitations. It I* time for the friend* of religion to bestir theaaaelvea. iu incj navar nan unui wj'tw. m tu? nrwi n??i The dixmitar* rnay not occur on tha Sabbath, (m in tbla a*aa It did not.) but I utnnot but look upon thtaa rapeatad rljitatlon* u baring ooaaaetlon with ttafcbatb rlolatlon* 1b? bleuing* of <*od will not rr?t apon n?. trniritln rlolator* of hi* oomroandmaotl.? Cor. Ctacinmi Oat'If, St. l.ouii, Moo. 50/V The .Mail Distajicid-?The New York papera Announce thnt they hnve associated for the purpo?? of ??Ubll*blDf a daily ?xpr?u batwaaa tbat city and New Orlrao*. whtoh vlU rrfularly Waat tba gorartim?nt mall on* day, *ran und*r nil* ting arrantananu. Wh?u th? traaaaakMlnn of tha grtat toall batwaaa tha Norib and tba South shall ba farther ratardad by tha attempt of tba Poatmaatar Oanaral to foroa tha Richmond and Petamaa Railroad Company to rabaalt to a reduction of It* former compaoiaiion tba prawaat vna.ll will Ka two dtva huhinrl thin nrivata ati>M?a TK? n|??Mt lot) of* Now York papor, that the Poeteeeter Oaninl (ball tnploj the Naw Vork adltors to earn tha regular nail, I* not unworthy of consideration ? Michn<yni WAif, l?< tntt The Littt.k Brsn*\n?Mr. Chan*, the United Ftates Consul at the Cape of frood Hope, ha* lately returned to visit hie relations in thin vicinity, and has brought with hun a specimen of the tribe, or, as ?ome would call it, species of Bosjeeman or Bushman. The people of thia name are and to be an intervening link between the human and the animal, and ara always d*arfa, exhibiting more of the man than of any other species, and vat something mora of tha monkey or the ape than the man. Tha specimen brought home by Mr. Chaae was exhibitad yesterday afternoon in the hall of the Mnseum, where, by invitation, a number of scientific and literary gentlemen were present. The little fellow appeared to be as inisll g'nt as most n^gro boys of his size snd age, although he ie not yet perfect in the Kngliah language He was drea?ed in blue jacket and trousers, aud no one would have taken hun for a very peculiar specimen of natural history. Several doctors who were present, on examination of his teeth, pronounaed him to be shout ten er twelve year* uf age. His hnir is peculiar, being set on te the skull in knets, and all curly, like tnet of the ne? (tofesten Ceurter JH i J

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