Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1847 Page 3
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Tht fnnch Itttmin. Mrn)riml aiirtiitd by tht Kr'.ncK M'rckantt / Stw York 4fr'irt H'rauIt and i: HDirtcitri ?f Ik* Fi*>ick Trant-Ailaiti'- S'eam Company. Gentlemen ?The magnitude, both of national and commereta interests, codded to tha llna of taMnara of vhtnh in" are tba directors, taken ?*?f from your company tba character of being an exclusive private enterprise At tba lama time. though tha diraotlon of tha oomptny 1" plaoad entirely in yonr handa. and though all the risks of profit ana lea* are assumed by the sharehold r? yet the support which you recslva from government. tbe monopoly, with wh<oh you ar? invested. pla o?a you la many respects, in the poaition of belonging to th* public service, and subjects yon. under oertalo IIm tv lors, to the moral aontrol of persons Interested We. therefor*, who reside at the port where you arrive, and who are connected with th* neoeas ties of this new method of transatlantic communication, feel ourselves authorised to address to you a few observations upon tha present arrangements of yonr company.and toruggesttoyou certaiu Improvements whloh it appears to us are required. We do not faiget, gentlemen, that a duty la attaohed to every rlgh(tnd if therefore, we assume the right of calling upon your compaay for the performance of your mu vice* in a manner harmonising with tha present advanced *tat? of sUao navigation, at the same tune we feel it to be our duty to render to yon, under all the clrcumstanoe*, our oordial support, an l to a**ii>t with our co-opemtlon the effort* which you will, doubtless. in like to accomplish your miation worthily. W? doubt not, therefore, that you will appreciate our position, aud give a serious consideration to the letter which we have the honor of sending yon. Though you possessed tbe experience of those who have preceded you yet the success of your first voyages did not anawer our expectations. But we were not discouraged, and were willing to make allowanoea for a first beginning. But at each voyage the complaint* of paaaangara and freighter* are repeated, accident* are constantly htppenicg, and the boat* are ?low. We ought, therefore. no longer to hesitate to give the weight of oar oollefttiv* complaint* to those which have nitherto bean p i?ate and isolated. Rapidity and regularity are lnrtispDnoaMii co/idiilon* for the accomplishment of tha *erv c h to be performed, and next the oomfort af tbe passer g-rs snd proper care of merchandise, are eonditions of t>lin??i i qual importance Let ua, then, extmlae in Bucciuioo, bow the** conditions have been fulfilled. 1st ?Rahoitv and Kloulabitv. The steamship* which, thus far, ha vH sailed regnlarly aarua* tbe A'lftutio, are the '-Great Western," which, for utarly eight years, successfully made her pa**aga*. atid hUo tbe nti-aujers of tbe Cuoard line, the miooes* of haa aoaaturtiH + K*a Viirrhuaf avnaAfutinna nf tK*n*A_ I motera of this speciea of navigation We annex to our loiter a table of the postage* of the Great Western, during 'he period of (even years, also of the passages of the Halifax steamers, from the first formation of the ocmp?ny. mod lastly of the four passages of the steamer Washington. The forced delay* of several of your iteamer* In ports at a distance from New York, render it impossible for us to make a serious comparison between the above parages and those of jour company. It will be suffloieni to remind you. that both a*reapeot* regularity and rapidity hitherto, tbe Inferiority of your ateamer* has be-n very marked. We give, therefore, these tables, rather to show what we have a right to expeot from you Does this inferiority of your line prooeed from some fault beloDg ng to our marine in general? Or la it owing to the fa il that steam navigation haa hitherto male but little progress in France ? That these are not the causes ; we have steamer* in tbe Mediterranean, and in the obannei whloh prove our superiority in ateam navigation, and besides, all those wl o have made comfilaiuts, concur in speaking highly of the skill and Intelig -new of y?ur officers and engiueera. What, then, ia th- c.iui>? of this bad snooesa T First, we ought to aay it la the bad quality of your coals on some voyages, and tbe Insufficient supply of theiu ; snd next, we ought to refer to the bad charaoter of the sailors These, however, are things easy to be remit iled. Tbe chief cause*, and thoae whloh appear to ua to threaten tbe future proaperlty of your line aioet seriously, are tbe following, whloh we will point out without aoy circumlocution The ateam-ablpa you have reoeived from government, in tbeir present oonditlon, re not capable of attaining the rapidity expooted from steam ships in general. The large masts overload and chak? tbe ahlp, impede it* aallTog, and exhauat the Kwera of the few aailora em ployed to navigate them The tiers, by a too alow evaporation, give an inadequate motive power, and soma serious accidents seem to ahow that these boilers aland in need of repair. W* do not pretend to deny the importance and the great expense of tbe modilloatlona required on these points, but we doubt not your company ia prepared with rearuro?s. We, therefore, do not bealtaae to give it as our opinion, that your ahipa require A chamge in the masta? A change in the boilers? iu in der to secure rapidity and regularity. Lastly, we would recommend you to bare a fifth steamer at your deposition, in oase of any accidents to those engaged in the regular voyages Comfort or Passcnokrs. The pa*seng?rs of the first olati complain of the general want of regularity and oleanlineH, of the insubordination of the servant* and their quarrel* among each other, of the helplessness of the stewards?and lastly, worst of all, want of providing enough provisions. We oall to your mind, that, on several ocoations. articles of the first necessity have] either been entirely forgotten or not provided in sufficiency. Wo will not go into details, but will only remind you that these ocmplaints are unanimous, and tbut tbe Britl.h and American steamers have aocustomed tbelr passengers to so muob comfort, abundance and good order, that you would do well to imitate them in these particular?, it you wish to obtain the patronage of the public. The interior arrangements of the berths of passengers of tlie first c ass, require some ohanges. fly taking advantage of tbe experience of the Amerloan packet s ips tbe oompany might both increase the number of berths and add considerably to the convenience and ci un neions. it may not be oat of plan* fc?re to mention that the room appropriated to the ship'* offi'v rs U much larger thaa In any American ship. ^'h? pstisengers of the second class hare m&ae rery heavy complaints against yoar management, VVe are willing to believe that there may have been some exaggeration here These complaints, however, have been nh'.tlly ci. 11't d by the agent* of the oompmy, who, instead (if employing the word* " between dec Is," in designating this cluHH of pafnent;*r?, gave them the pompous Dame of ' passengers of the seoond class." We would b-u the company, for its own lake, at wall aa that of tbii respectable class or passengers, no mora to gW? occasion tor complaint*, and even lawiulta, by the UN ef ambiguous word* and deceitful promise* Bestowal and Cahc or FaxiOHT. The establishment of packet vessels between New York and the continent was not absolutely indispensable, ucitber for passenger* nor despatches The English steamers presnntod no other disadvantage than that of* too gieat expense, to h ef time and money. It waa not so, however, with respeot to merchandise, which the Eoglieh steamers were not constructed to carry. Beeides the irregularity which we have above pointed out, we have to complain of great damage occasion* d by lh? sea w>ter. This bai been so frequently the case that American insurance companies have already refuted to insure any goods on board your steamers ; and it is to tie feared that the French insurers will make tha sainw refusal. This determination of the insurance companies, by depriving you of suoh an important item of your profits, would cause a dangerous disturbance in your business. We beg you to remark that an ImmeUiate remedy ought to be applied to this disorder, for orders have already been sent nut to Europe with the intention ot being snipped in your steamers; but if the insurance oilioes should refuse to Insure thegoods you carry, the m*r? ban is who expected to profit by the rapid oonveyaue? by steamer, would be exposed to the danger of reoelfli.g loo late, by sailing pickets, goods which were agrred to be delivered within a speiittad time. Beside* too d iuiMg? by (nit water, we mux also oall your attention to tbe breakage*, and bad state of a great number cf boxes of merchandize, a sort of accident extremely rare on board tbe common packetsblpa These observation! relating to tbe carriage or merchandise, have such an immediate relation to jour own Interests, that we ea 'not doubt but that you will rectify this business with a* little drluy as possible. Haying, gentlemen, enumerated tbe oomplaints made by the public against your sti auers, we ought, perhaps, to have left it to your officers and competent persons In your employ to point out the causes ot their inferiority. But we thought that by endeavoring t.p point out the remedy while we indicated the evil, we should more effrctually prove the r?al interest we take in the sucoeas of your enterprise On tbe otber hand, aware of the magnitude of tbe ohanges we have recommended, we should have abstained (torn suggesting them it it bad not been our own firm belief and perrutsion, that the future will amply recompense any well couducted company fur all the expenses it may ineur at i h* pr< sent. N?wVork is the metropolis of the commerce of tbe new world, and the port < f Havre presents tbe inost favorable point for tbe landing of passengers to all pitru of the continent of Europe As to merchandise, those kinds wbioh are of the highest va'u-t, though but otS'i a I bulk.for whioh the caprice of farhion demand** rap d passage, are all the products of French manufacture 80 tbat both as regards ptssengers and freight, tbe line between Havre and New York possesses high privileges Consequently your jompany has tbe best obauce of success, and our ardent desire is that you may soon be able to ray in tbe words of the Minister who signed your corftract. " We have dine a good business." Signed, Lfc'. BARBIKR, President. E Csylus, C. Bechet, T. Osiilardet, C. Morlot, C. BonatTe, H. de Courey , C. Jolv, Secretary. Three tables were annexed to the above memorial; thi first 'showing the passages made by the Oreat Western trom 1838 to 1844 The result is, tbat the average pa*s?ge from east to west baa been 16 days 13 hours; and the average from west to east, 18 days 0 hours. The second table gives the result of tbe passages m?d? by ins Canard steamers, giving ma average ofI4 d*ji and a quarter I h? imratbawR that the live made by the Wikbiuglon give* an average of 16 day*. 1 be Wnithir. WlnUr hu made lu appearanse to good ^unnt, and nlfh'. before laat It waa cold enough tar January The luow which foil, melted moitly yesterday The river hat b?en on * aiaud for the last few daya, with upward* of seven feet water in tha oanal. It waa rialng at Pittaburgh, imt unlea* tha weather mederatea, that riM will have but litUa effeat on It here. The 1 learner Admiral, whieh arrived hare laat night from 8t Jobn.N B., report* that there waa anew to the depth of a foot at Kaatpert on Monday at 11 o'clook.? B?$:oi Trantr.rift, 1*1 inn. Should tha weather prove aa favorable for a month or alx weeks to come, aa It haa alnoe the oommtnoement of the rollian season, tha quantity of augar made hare, will enusidu/ahly aurpaaa any hitherto made In any one year Two of our plantera aaeerted that their field* had yielded during the laat ten tha rata of four hojsheada to the aura Oue had planted hla oana in two contiguous row*, with two row* of maisa between the oana, and ha calculated it aa containing 16 aorea, the geld meaiurng > > narea; the product waa 60 hogsheada. Tha other pUot-il hie nana without any intervening rows of oorn, und eay* tbat 16 ecrea produced 60 hngaheada Thla la tall taulng, and If there ia no error In tha amount, It la ( erlaluly tit.I cropping ?Ihtrvilian, Nav. 13tk. I owmcdort Connor vii to itnva IhUadalohl* y?itar 1U7 moriiiag, for A?|iutlM, Klorlda, what* b? d? 1 i1?m4 Mta wbstw, 191 Mw IniMlt wfl?U hMitk. I THE THIRTIETH 0OSOR1M, TIm Itnati Whlgi la ltalioa?Independent in mmII capitals?D??oorati in toman. U*0. M. Dtllu, Pretidtnt. Torn Term Expiree. Expiree. . , _ Alabama. Miiaiiitrri. Arthur P. Bagby, l?4? JelTert^n Davit igji Democrat, 1(13 Henry 8. Foote,**i 1U3 Alluui. * _ MiiioeVi. A. H. Sevier, )(<* David S. Au-hiaon, 114} Cheater Aihley, 1(1J Thom?? H Btauw, ldi Connecticut. Niw Himnhiii. Jobn M. Nilea. 1K9 Chailct U Alhertuu, M19 Roger H Baldwin, Itll John P. Hal?.. isjj DllLtWAM. NkW Jilltl. John Af. Clayton, 1UI Wm L Dayton, ]I51 Prtiley tpruance, 1833 Jacob fV. Miller, 1(13 ?'lobida. New iorr. J. D Wncou, Jr.* HI9 Joliu A. Du. 1(49 David L>. Yulee," 1811 Daniel 8. Dickinaou, l(jl Gkoiuia. North Carolina. Walter T- Colquitt,* IW9 Grorge E. Badger, 1(49 J. M Berrien. 1(13 W. V Man gum, ' iE* Illinois Ohio. Siduey Breeae, 1(49 William Allen, 1(49 Stephen A. Douflaaa, 1(13 Thomae Co rutin, idl INUIANA. ..... _ tfWHWYLTAHIA. E. A. Hannegau, 1(49 Rimou Cameron, 1(49 Jeaaa D. Bright. 1(11 Daniel Siurgeou, 1811 rk . wti 1. RMODK IlkAND. Democrat, probably, 1(19 jjlhert C Greene, l(M Democrat, probably, l()l John H. Clarke, 1(13 KeNTUCKT. Moi'th CiMLllli John J. Crittenden, 1(49 A. f. Butler,* ' 1(49 Jaiepl? J?. Underwood, 1(13 John C. Calhoun,* 1(13 .LOUISIANA. TinxiUCI. Henry Joltmun, 1849 Hopkins L. Turuey, 1151 ?. M. Downs. 185J John Bill. 1853 Mainh. Ttu?. John Fairfield, 18'1 Thomas J. Husk,* lilt James W. Bradbury, 1153 Democrat. 1 153 maryland. vermont. Janet Jl. Ptarct, 1819 William Upham, 1(49 Keverdy Juhnton, 1151 Samuel S Phelps. 1851 ~ . a??achomtt8. Virginia. Daniel Webtltr, 1151 James M. Mason. 11)1 John Davit, 1S5I Hubert M. T. Huuter,* 1153 Michioan. Wisconsin. Lewis Cu?. 1151 Democrat, prooablr, 1151 Alpheus Celeb, 1853 Democrat, probably. 1153 RICAriTULATION. Whigs . 11 independent 1 Calhouuites ... 7 Democrats .15 Vacancies 6 Total 6? We Include WUoonaln, beoauae thvre in ?T?ry reaaon to belieye that ah* will beooma a State below the adjournment of CoDgreM. House of Representatives. Wbigi in iulics?Natives in small eapitala?Democrats in ronun. Alabama. New York. 1 Jthn Gayle, 1 Frederick W. Lord. 1 Henry W. Milliard,n 2 H. 0. Murphy, 1 8 W.Hmii, 3 Henry Nicoll, 4 Wm. M. lore, 4 William B. Mac ley, 5 George 8. Honstoa, 6 E.JI. TaUmadgt, 6 Will mm nchiiu, 6 1). 8. Jackson.f 7 F. W. Boirdttt, 7 William Nelson, Arkansas. R Cornelius tVarrtn, 1 Hubert VV. Johusen, 9 Daniel Jt. St. John, Connecticut. 10 Eliakim Skerrill, 1 James Dixon. II Peer H. Sylvester, 2 Samuel D. Hubbard, 1} Gidron Reynolds, 3 John Jl. Rockwell, Yi J I SlingerlandJ t 4 Truman Smith, 14 Orlando Kellogg, _ . Uklaware. 15 Sidney Lawrence, i John W. Houston, 1< Hugh White, ?. P lorida. 17 Georfe Petne.1T 1 Edward C. Cabell, II Joteph Mullin, Gkoroia. 19 William Collins, 1 Thomas B King, 20 Timothy Jenkins, 2 All'rej Irrrsou, fl O. A. Starkweather, 3 John fV. Jones, 32 Ausburn Bird>all,\ 4 Hugh A. Haralson, 23 trillitm liver, 5 John H. Lumpkin, 24 Daniel Oott. ? Howell Cobb, 25 llirmon S. Conger, 7 Jlltx. II. Stephem, 36 Wm. T. Lawrence, V Robert Toombt, 27 John M. Hollry, _ Illinois. 28 Elias R. Holmes, 1 Robert Smith, 2'j Robert L Rose, 2 Jamea A. McCleru&rii, 30 Daniel Rumsey, 3 Orlando B. Kicklin, 31 Dudley Marvin, 4 John Went worth. 32 Nathan K. Hall, 5 Win. A. Richardson, 33 Harvey Putnam, 6 Thomas J. Tu'iier, j4 Washington Hunt, 7 Abraham Lincoln, OHIO. . ?.. . lEPiABA. 1 James J. Farran, 1 Elisha Embree, I David Fisher, * Thomas J. Henley, 3 Robert C. tchenck, ' L. Robimqn, 4 Richard S. Canby, 4 Caleb Smith, S Wm. Sawyer, i Win. W. Wicli, 6 Rodolphua Dickinson, 6 George Q. Dunn.f 7 Jonathan U. Morris, 7 Jt IP. Thompson, 8 James L. Taylor, 8 Johu I'ettit, 9 Thomas O. Edwards. 9 Charles *V. Cathead. 10 Daniel Duncan, 1(1 William Kockkill, 11 John K. Miller, Iowa. 12 Samuel H Vinton, 1 Wm Thompson, 13 James Kichey, 2 Shepherd Leffler, 14 Nathan Euant, Kentucky. 15 William Keuuon, 1 Lynn B jyd, 16 John D.Cammini, 2 Samuel Peyton, 17 George Fries, 3 B. L Clark, 18 Samuel Lihm.?* 4 Aylett Buoxner, 19 John Crow til, i J H Thompson, 20 Joshua H. Oiddingi, 6 Green jtitams, 21 Joseph M. Hoot. 7 Garnet! Duncan. rMssruinii. 8 Charles $ Morehead, 1 L. C. Letin, 9 Kichard French, 3 Joieph R Ingerstll, ID John P Gaines. 3 Charles Brown, Lou.*}*.**. 4 Charles J. Ingerioll, 1 Emile Le Be e, 5 John Freedly. 2 B. O Thibodeaux, 6 J ii'. Ilnrilbeck, 3 J. 11. tlaruiaiuon, 7 Ji R. Mcllvaine, 4 laaac Mo'se, 8 John Strohm, Maine. 9 WilliamStroug, 1 Darid Htmmons, 10 Hichtrd Bredhead, 2 Asa W. H Clapp, 11 Cheiler Butlir, :< Hiram Belcher, It David Wilmot, 4 Franklin l-Mark, 13 Jamea Pollock, i Kphraim K. rtweet, 14 George N. Eckert, 6 Jnmes 8 Wiley, 15 tiinryAies, 7 Hrzekiah Williams. IS Jasper E. Brady, MakTLAlto- 17 John Blavchmrd, 1 John O Chapman, II An drew Stewart, 2 J. D Roman, It J b Man*. 1 1'. W. Ligun, 20 John Dickey, 4 H. M. Vic Lane, 21 Moses Hampton, 5 Alex Evans, 22 J. W. t'arrelly, 6 John IV. Critfield. 23 J >ines Thompson, Massachusetts. 24 Alexander Irvine. 1 Robert C. tVinthrop, * hhouk Island. 2 D. P. King, 1 JItnry Y. Cranston, 3 Amot-Abbott, 2 lleiij tt. Thurston. 4 JO Palfrey, South Carolina. J Charles Hudson, 1 James A. Black, * 6 GeoigeAshmun, 2 Hiehard V. Himnson,* 7 Julius Rockwell, 3 Joseph A. Woodward,* John Q..Adami, 4 A. I). Sims,* 10 J0$eph Grtnnell. 6 Istac ?. HoIiqm,1 _ Michigan. m 7 H. B* raw el i Khett.* 1 Robert Mcciellana, Tekkiiiii. 2 Charles ?,. Stuart, 1 Andrew Johiuoa, 3 Kiuftley L. Brig ham. 3 W. M. Cocke, Miiiimrri. 3 John H. Croaitr, 1 Jacob Thomi>aoo, 4 H. L. W. Hill, 2 W 8. Kaathentn, 5 lieorgn W. Jones, 3 Patrick W. Tompkini, 6 J. H. Thomaa. 4 A. U. Brown. 7 Meredith A Gentry, MiaaeuBi. I Washington Barrow, 1 Jamea B. Bowlia, 9 Lorouzo o. Chua, 3 Johu Jamieaon, 10 Fred. I*. 8t iiton, I Jamea L. Green, 11 William T. Haiktll. 4 WularJ P. Hall, Tkxak. 5 John 8. PlieUe. I David 8. Kaufman, New H ammhibk- 2 T. PiUbury. 1 Jim*i Tuck.Xt VrnMoxT. 2 I'harlea M. feaalee, 1 William Henry, 3 J timet Wilton, 2 Jacok Collamer, 4 Jamea H. Johnson. 3 George p Marsh, New jiatet. 4 Lucius B Peck. 1 JfPi' O-Hampton, Viroikia. 5 W.Ji. Newell, 1 Archibald Atkinson, S Joseph Msall, 2 Hichard K. Meade, 4 John Fan Dyke, 3 Thomat S Flaurney. 5 Dudley 3 Oregory. 4 Thoe. 8. Bocock. North Carolina. 6 William L. Gotgin, 1 T. L Clingman, John Af Bo'tt 2 AT. Boyden, 7 Thomaa H. Bayly, 3 Daniel Bi Barrmger, ? R. T L. Bealr. 4 jiuguitui H. Sheppard, g John S. Pendleton, i Abraham Vinible, 10 Hinry fieUiuger, J. H.J. Daniil, 11 James McDowell, 7 Jaraii J. McKay. 12 William P. Pt eeton, Richard S. Donnell, 13 Andrew 8 Pulton, David Outlaw. 14 Robert A. Thompion, 15 William G. Brown. Wucorm*. 1 John H. Ttoeeiy. NOT** Or RKKKKKKCB. * Cllhonnitll * InO?|>eudiutDemocrat!, t T* bi Confuted by D. tt Auti-Riut Wing. M. Dcoion. Til TavloritM. * fesf?bi.JJSrr,<- " Tmt RcoariTULATiox. Tmibtibth Twcirrr-NiffTH (iWoim tonuiiu . W\*t- Von. Whig. Dem. Alabama 1 s 1 ? Arkauin 0 1 0 i Conuicticot 4 0 4 g Delaware 1 0 1 ? Florid* 1 0 0 1 Utoifia 4 4 4 4 llliuoia 1 ? 1 C Indiana 4 6 2 Iowa 0 2 0 2 Kentucky 8 4 7 3 LfOttninna 1 3 1 J Main* I I s Ill ? '? jitiehigan A 1 0 Maryland ( I 3 4 Miatoari <1 "> 0 5 Mi.mj* ppi .. I 3 0 4 Now Haapalure 3 3 0 *3 Raw 'truiy 4 1 4 I w York 31 tl 11 31 No'ih Carolina 6 1 It Ohio 11 1" ? 13 Pennsylvania 17 7 13 13 RMl Ialand 1 1 2 I South Carolina 0 7 0 Tonaoaaoo 5 * S A To?M 0 3 0 3 Vermont X 1 J 1 Virginia 9 1 14 Total ill 110 It 143 l'? M VThirmtj i Dem mtj 57 ? Whit gain is * On* vacancy. Thb PncaiDBRTiAL AarccT or tri IIouii . Whig. Calhtun. Dtn. Vermont, 8. Ctiolina, Main*. Peaniylvtaia, Tout, 1. Illinou. Florida. Kqually Oividtd. Mictaian, Now York, Oeorjia, ^ Ttiii, >-?? iianiffpiiB, virgieia, MxHckiKtti. Rhode Iilaad, Indiana, Dilimn, Iowa, Connecticut, Triiimn. Keniaekv, Arkuaae, Worth Curoliaa, Alabama, Maryland, Lenisiana, Miiaiaalppi. Tout, I*. Total, I. Tout, II. To tbla llit Wl*con*ln will probably be added bafora tba naxt Presidential election. The preeent delegate ?o Congraaa la whig. PoMUeal Intelligence. Twenty-three of the leading oltlaana of Wtrrra oounty have publtahad a eall to thalr fellow-eitiian* to meet at Bowling Oreen on the 4th of Deoambrr, for the purpoae of oooaultlng together and eipreaafng thalr opinion* aa to what ought to b? the future action of tba Government and our public fanotionariea upon the great queatlon of peace and war. No IrM than *i* of the Mi**t?*lppl editor* ware candidate* for oflloa In the lata alactlona In that fl'ate. and no lea* than all of tham were beaten ? Journal, N<>r *7, _ Mull PallitrM i Portable duvta| Cmm, at an entirely new and compact construction, furnished with articles, the sixe of which do opt detract Iron their nsefulnesa. forming aa ?' at and complete appe-idnge to the toiletaod also pecu'iarilv adapted to the wanta of the traveling public. For tale at U. MUNDEN8 k BON'S, 1T7 Broadway, opposite Howard's Hotel. Pocket and Ma Knlrei, Bason, etc.?A beau'ifa I assort meat of the above can be seen at the subacri- 1 bar*' together wi h a lane variety oI scissors, uail Ales and polished steel foods. Raxors (round tad sat Cutlery re- ' paired O. BAUNDERM fc SON, 177 Bioadway. A faw I ^o.ira above Conrtlanrfi ims: Practical Bookkeeping...Mr. C. C. Marib, anhorof the popu ar work* ou Bookkeeping. continues to teach at hia>oomi. No 81 l>edar strert, d?y and evening Pro?psctujes, with terms, lie , may be obtained ou application. Fancy Paper and Paper Boxea. 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Tlie shea peat and beat place lit the city to get Boots andMhoea, is at Jones's, 4 Ana street, uear the American Muieum. He sells his best H reach Calf l)res? Boots at St 10, and a lirst r?te Boot he will sell at St. Vou cau also get a vt ry nice pair for SIM. and as to his witerprnof and c>rk so'e Bou's, they ctnuot be beat in unce or qualitv, and fu'ther more, all goods sold by our friend Jones, of No. 4 Ann street, are warranted to give entire satisfaction to the purchaser. Ring'* Compound Syrup of Hydrlodate of Potassi. Ma's 'parilu and Yellow Llock ?Thu medicinal remedy is publishrd for the sole benefit of those suffering from rheuinUisin, paina and stiffness ol the joints, swelling of the muscular subttaiicea uaarthem. era itiooaor the akin, and all diseases sriswg from an impu e state of the blood, he. It is prepared from the purest ?rticles. and is warranted to give satisfy tion. Prepared and for sale.whnlesale and retail, by Chas. H. Hiug, DrUkgist aud Chemist, 192 BroSdway, comer John street, N. Y. Mr, Kdttor Allow me through your favorite coluinus to re'arnlpiy sincere thanks to Capt. Rockwell, of the steamer Eureka for his gentlemanly behaviour and kino attendance towards Ins passengers and invself. while detained at Bridgeport on account ?r the severeness ol the storm ; and al?o to Mr. Rockwell, his clerk, aud Mr Mapcs. his slewa'd. who it a No I. 1 hope such officers as ihese may always be found on the passage boat of this route, for they are alwayc kind and attentive to their pissengera, aud you mav always De tare ofgood living aud pleoty of it. A TRAVELLER. To Banking Institution*. Insurance Companies, vierclnats sad Citizens generally, throaghuut the Uaited Stsei and Ctaadas. The undersigned. h iving reugned his ojTi ial appointment in the Police Department, nas taken an omce u 111 Broadway, iu the Kipreu Buildioua, where he will act ai (eueral agent in butiuen of either a criminal or civil natnra. OKU. RKLYKA. nO\ey habket] Thursday, Dee. #_? P. M. The atoek market opened heavy thia morning. Price* do not vary muoh from those current yesterday, and the tranesctioni were only to a moderate extent. Harlem tc 11 off >4; Morrla Canal, >i; Reading Railroad, Jf; Pennaylvania fi'a, >?. All othera claaed at prlcea current yeaterday. Stock apeculatora are patiently waiting the development* 0f the approaching week. It will be franght with big event*, and give a complexion to finanolal and commercial affaira for some time to ooma. Within the next week we ahall have the ateamer's newa, with fifteen daya later Intelligence from all part* of Europe; the meeting of Congreaa, the Preildent'* meaaage, the reporta of the arioua department*, the moat Important of whioh will be that from the Treasury Department The Presidents Meaaage will cover the whole ground relative to the affaira of the country?to the, war, to the proapecta and probabilltlea of a peace, Ice ; but the reporta of the secretaries will give the details. Ia the present position of publlo finances, considerable anxiety exists to see the report of the Secretary of the Treasury. We have no doubt Mr Walker will present a very able and a very comprehensive document, not only in referenoe to the past and present, but In regard to the future policy of the government relative to its flnanolal and commercial systems The estimates made by Mr. Walker, of the probable amount of revenue to be derived from customs under the new tariff, and of the probable ameunt of expenditures attending the war, have proved so correct that his estimates for the future will carry a great deal of weight with them He has exhibited so muoh foresight and shrewdness in all his calculations, that our financiers have a great deal of confidence in his administration of the finanoes of the government. Last year at this time everything was doubt i and confusion. The new tariff was about commencing | operations, and no one really knew what would be th? result W* were striking out into a new path- an ex- , periuent *u about being made in the most important { department of the government, its revenue, at a time j when the expenditure* were of a very extraordinary 1 character, and the amount to an extraordinary extent. The most gloomy forebodings existed in the minds of flnanciers and those engaged in commercial pursuit*, r?, lative to the resources of the government to oarry on the . war, and the estimates of the Secretary of the Treasury were looked upon as being chimerical, while the expend!, tures were magnified to an immense amount. The speeches in Congress, and the statements of Mr. Webster and i other leading oppoaition Senators, that the expenditures I amounted to half a million of dollars per day, tended ! very mnch to intimidate capitalists, and if possible, to mbarraM the ffo?ernm?nt in ft* inma ing theM thing*, the Secretary km able to make *11 the I ! loans required, upon the most favorable term*, and tlma ] bw established the soundness of bin positions, and shown the accuracy of hla estimates. He has not failed in a | i single position assumed, and the report about emanat- j I ing from hla department, will be issued under more fa| Torable auspices than the last There are no theories to \ advance now?no efforts necessary to convince incredu; lous capitalists?no new system to put Into operation, I and the Secretary has the satisfaction of showing the ! sueoesa of his policy, and the favorable condition of the j government finances, amidst the drain upon the Treasu! ry, consequent upon a war of invasion. We have no doubt but that the revenue system adopt i ed relative to the ouatoms of Mexloo, will occupy a very ' Important part of the Treasury report, and the develop- , j o?Dtl regarding the rircnun already received, and source* of revenue for additional inoome, will astonish . I tboM who have considered the Mezioan war an imm^DM burden npon the Treasury Department. The oondition 1 ot the treasury relative to future way* and mean* to oarrj on the war, will, we feel oonfldent, be inch ai to place > government stocks in a more favorable position than I they now enjoy in the market The moit erro. j neou* and ridicnlou* statement* have been put forth by i party organ*, showing the indebtedness of the government to be many million* beyond what it really la, and what official return* ?how It to be ; and the mo*t gross calculation* have been made by the sam* parties, shewing the probable Indebtedness of the government at stated times hencit, made for the purpose of Increasing the political capital of the party they represent. These I >Hi?mtnca nave Had an Injurious influence upon the ' market value of government stocks, by frightening holders and Inducing many to aell in anticipation of purabating again at lower prices. The state of the money mirk*', ha*, no doubt, had an influenoe to a certain extent, but for a eeeurlty like United States ?'?, the market value range* many prr eent below It* real value The Secretary of the Treasury's report will illustrate this fact, and Inortass theoonfld?noe of holders In the vslus ! of their investments Prices have fallen in anticipation | of government coming into the market, immediately after | the meetlag of Congress, for a large loan. It ! very ! doubtful about the government wanting a large sum of I money Immediately; the old loan has not yet been used 1 up; there is still a surplus in the hands ofSub-Trsasorers, ! which, with the revenue continually coming in, will meet the expenditures for some time. It Is not yet general| ly known what plan the Secretary of the Treasury has | perfected for providing ways and means to meet the eipendlture* of the government. after hia preeent r?touroea are exh&uited; there la no doubt but that ha will adopt goma method that will enable him to obtain any amount wanted, upon the moat favorable t?rm* without any derangement of the money market, and without any depreelatlon In the real or market t*lue of the government ctoekn now in existence. It appear* by official return* that the extraordinary expenditure* of the government during the paat twenty month*, have been nearly thirty mtlllona ot dollar*. That amoun t ha* been the ooat of the war thu* far, not paid out of the regular and ordinary revenue* of the Treaaury. i au mount oh nn raised oy man?, an issue of trfa ury notM, and by revenae* from customs upon Imports late Mexico. The revenue derived from Mexico ban, u yet, been limited; it Is rapidly increasing, snd under* proper system, such m wei think Mr Walker cabbie of creating, will very soon be suffloient to meet the bulk of the expenditures on aooouot of the occupation of that cmintry. The complete and entire occupation of Mexico has ever been a favorite measure of the present Secretary of the Treasury, and bis financial system will cover every source of revenue that country la capable of producing. As the two countries are, In fact, under one general government. It becomes the dnty of lb* *C0r*Ury oUbs'l'rMWj toaiUnd bli juriidlctloa ow ibs whole Urrlloiy, frotb lb* rlver.4t. Jobni to tb? ?***?< ft TtVMtfH*, Urn Mm Awwitfo t? tfe fwl do. The ntmom derived from th* two oountrie* la tb* course of another y*nr, will, without muoh doubt, exceed the aggregate amount of our preaent iudebtoda?aa. The navigation on the New York Stat* Canal* ha* been partially ((upended, but we trust the mild weather of the past4wo days, will *nabl* the boat* to get through with their freight*. It I* pomlble that th* present m Id wrather may laat MTeral day*. It would lnereaaa our receipt*, compared with thoee of la*t year, vary mueh, a* 1 th* eanats closed last year on the -J 6 th of November, and the tuppllrs now ooming In ar* so muoh surplus The quantity of flour, wheat, corn and barley, left j at tide water during th* fourth week in November, in th* years 1848 and '47, was as follows Flour, hhlt IVhcat, bu. Corn. bu. Barley, tu. HIT 274.633 407,812 4C.S71 10J.W7 1816 lit.ISO 123.179 42.614 64.871 lucre aie 130,183 2*1,663 4,207 4I.49J The aggregat* quantity of th* same article* left at uae water trom tne commencement of navigation to the 30th of November, inclusive, ?u a* follow* : Flour, bhlt. Wheat, bit. Corn. bu. Barley, bu. 1847 3'jl4.l>8 4.H8 0IO J 889.774 1,101,501 1840 3,003,636 2,921243 1119)46 1,44?.#76 Increase 911,184 1,233 767 4.310,230 60,82} By reducing the wheat to floor, the quantity of the latter left at tide water thla year, oom pared with the corresponding period of laet year, ehowt an exceea equal to 1,187,y?5 barrel* of flour, and an increase of exceM einoe our statement of laat week, of 1X7,113 barrels of flour. The reoeipts of corn thus far, exceed by 4,379,627 bushel*, the entire reoeipt* of 1846. The receipt* of barley up to the close of the fourth week in November, during the present year, compared with the o rreeponding period In 1846, show an lnoreaae of 60,83d bushels , and from the 1st of September to the 30 h of November, inclusive, compared with the same perl ad in 1846, a decrease of 70,231 bushels. The following table shows th? principal article* of produce left at tide water, from the commencement of navigation to the 30th of November inoli*ive, during the year* 184>, (two hundred and thirty day*;) 1846, (two hundred and twenty-nine day*;) and 1847, (two hundred and fourteen day* :)? Rbcbipt* or Phoduck at Tidc Watkh. 1 181} 1*46. 1847. Canal Open Jtpri. 15th. Jipril I6fA. May 1. Flour, bbli 2531.99! 3 0 '1,636 J 911.118 Wheat, bnth l,6?i.0W 2.924 113 4,111 010 Cora, buili 35 1111 1 5?9 546 5,889.776 Barley, bath 1,1 <7 9)1 1,443.676 1,503.501 Beef, bbl? 67 601 45 017 70,140 Pork, bt>U 41 103 80 080 77,137 A*het, bbN 69 525 16 473 36,748 Batter, lb* 21,709705 II,'91,030 33 6^.1*1 Lnri, lb- 3'97 067 7,347,966 5,337,460 Cheese, lb. 37,366.779 15 0417 391 40.B95.005 Wool, lb* 9 4 17 500 8 553.826 11.211.384 Becou, lb* 9:5,300 3,031 600 3,562,030 Th* aggregate receipt* of flour this aeaaon will ezoeed four million* of barrel*, being an *xoe?* of about on* mill.on over those of lwt year. In wheat there hu been a larger per cent Increase, but the receipt* of oorn have been immenae. The receipt* for the fourth week In Nn.-rnh*. H.I. ?-< ' * -* - We?t have made great efforts to get their suppUee to market before the closing of navigation, and a few days more nivlgatien wlli be made good use of by boatmen. A week's transportation on the canal, would givn us a greater amount ef produoe than the railroads along the line] would bring during the suspension of navigation. It is time that moat of the boat) have been laid up, but there are many ready for another atart, if the weather looks at all favorable. At beat we oannot calculate upon more than a week. Block Kiehann. $VOO Treasury 6i too 125 >hi Fnrini Trait 28 600 do 100*$ SO do bco 27J, 2000 OhieSi. "60, 99 10 Ohio Lite li Tr luuOO Peimi it 7 21 Morris IJuial b30 10 15000 do bflO 74 100 do Mi MOO Reading Bonds 70){ 25 C inton Co iliO 2H>? 1001)0 do 70 50 Canton Scrip 3 5000 do 69V too Mohawk KM 66'i 10000 ReadingMtg Bdi 61'* loo Heading K finV '.nod do 61 150 do 60*4 5000 do I90?fo0 65,S 100 do bSO 62 3000 do b30 65 150 do 60 1000 do 6200 Long l?l*rd 2?'% 100 ibs Farmer*' Trait 26x 250 Harlem R 42 Utoond Boartl $5000 Treaa?rr6i too 100 shi Harlim R sJO l\U( 1000 Reidmg Bonds 69'* 1V5 Reading K 59\ 10000 Indiana Bute 5i 50 100 do S9}Z KA -ha IKflam M At * . M- f 1 id do 12 M do 9)2 M) dn 42 20 Hudion River R 72 New Stock Kxehftngej 50 till <J?nt m Oo ?lm 28 150 aht Harlem R r 4I?? U0 Lnnu Island Mnu 27?* 250 do 41' 50 do bJ I7'J 50 do b3 iW 50 lUilem 11 c 41% 50 do ?) U\ 100 do e 42 CITY TRADE REPORT. |Ncw York. 'I'huriday Afternoon, Dee. 2. The weather proved vnry inolemiot, and rain fell dur| fog the greater j art of the day, which caused a suspension In nearly all kind* of out door business. Some public sales, previously advertised, were postponed from the same cause. In flour, there was* better feeling, and sales of pure Gt-nesee, Oswego, ka , were more readily efTe ted at yesterday's quotations Corn oontinued steady, with a fair urnuaud, and moderate sales were made at yesterday's rates Meal continued in fair de- 1 maud at steady prices Sales of rye were made at pre- ; vious rates. Oats were inaotlve. There was more do- | ing In barley, the particulars of which will be found below. Provisions continued Inactive. In groceries there | seemed to be but very little dolBg. Aim t*-Sales of 100 bbls pots were reported at $5 <H}?, I and small sales of pearls were said to be making i>t *7 60 Bekiwax?galea of 2000 lbs. of yellow,.were made at 22 oents. BacADiTUKrs ? Flour?Sales of 1000 bbte of Genesee, were m?uf at ?u ao; wu uo miner uxiier loan common, at $8 .'>0; J HOD a J000 do pure straight brands, UaaMW, Bold at $6 37>i; 600 do, itold at $8 31>{; 100 do Western, at $0 15. Small sales Oswego, ware madf at $ti l'J>i a $ti 1B?4, and 1000 do pure do, were reported mid at $6 25. oOO bbls straight brands, Michigan, sold for export to England at %ii 25 We have heard of no transactions of importance in Southern, while the sup plies continued light. WA rat?Hales of J600 bushels of Ohio were made at 128>i ots, and 3000 do, at 130 ots. A small sale of bOO bushels of Genesee was made at II ti cents. Corn?A sale of 1500 bushels, nearly white, at 74 cents. The salt-s in all, amounted to BOOO a 10,000 bushels. Including Western mixed, at 73c a 74c, and some small lots of yellow at 75 cents. Round yellow was held at 7ti cents. The market olosed with a better feeling, and with soms more firmness on the part of holders. Mtal?Sales of New Jersey footed up 400 a ft00 barrels at $3 AO, and 1000 do do, were sold, deliverable in January, at the same prloe; and 200 do (Jnneva mills, (this State,) good <iuallty, sold at $3 37}|. /iyc ? Sales of 3600 bushels were made at ?7>^e. In the slip, and at 88^c. delivered. The last sales of rye Hour were mad-t at $4 ti2}?. Harlty?Sales were made to the extr-nt of 9000 a HUOfl bushels, lnoioding 2000 inferior, at 72o a 73c; 1500 do fair to good quality, at HJo, and a lot of handsome do, delivered, at K3o; *700 do sold on private terms. Oalt wore Inactive bv the oargo at .)0c. Ca!?DI.K? ? No change Co?-Er.i: - Wo beard of no idler Cotton?The nale* to-day were <juite Inoonsldurable The amount on eal? *11 much reduoed, and holder* continuw to ??k 8\?c. for Upland, at which buyer* declined operating. I'i?M? Mackerel ware dull at $8 J ft for N'o. 1'*, and at V> 'iS for No.S'?. Dry cod were steady at $.1 No Kale* of either kind trannpired. KituiT--The market for bunob raislon wan inclined to droop; sale* of about 500 boxe* were made on private term*. 1 r>0 barrel* dried apple* (grafted fruit) were Bold at $1 Hide*.?A cargo of Klo Grande*, >>000, are reported at 10.V S montba, to a country dealer ; alao, a lot of Hanta Martha, 7 ti month*, rejecting damaged. The market I* opp*e.H*ed. Hit>ir?No change in prlou, while the market wan 'inlet. I i e a d?N 0 Hal rl wmb reported I.kathkr.?Th? auction talei to-Jay, want off rather Hut, owing iu part, to the stormy state of the weather ; ! a portion of one catalogue In conatqtience, van with; drawn. Oak tann?ii brought full prior* Naval 8tohr.i- Sales of 300 barrels of spirits turpentinr, were made at 88 a. W* heard of no transaction* of moment In other kind!" Oils.? Linseed? English was dull, and the recent sates i were made at a dvoiine, compared with the prioes current the latter part of Ust week and the early part of thin The article In a large way may be quoted at ft3o a o3l{o, while olty pressed remained wltnoat material obangr Shipping whale wai held at 3i)?c. while the highest offering prioe wai 32c. Selected waa held at 38c. There waa no change In crude iperm or manufactured winter sperm. '-ft t novi?io?r? - Pork was dull; men* waa held at >14fttfj while prime waa nominally the same No sale* beyond retail transactions were reported. Beef oontlnued quiet, without change In yrloas. Lard?Sale* of I JO package* Baltimore common new, were made at 9)<o- < heese i win auii m u-4?, wuiie ouiiir wh *teaay wimout change In quotation* Kick. Sales ot :00 tierces were made on prirata terinr The market was a lit is batter The stock was reduced, leaving rerr little in first band*. There were two oargoes arrived to-day from Matansj*, (the Heel* and the Ann L.oul?aO oonsigned to refiner* In this city. They were *aUl to be of the old crop. The trade In the otty was In ictive, and wa beard of no sale* of moment from first bands Tallow?Hales of 12.000 lbs. ware made at 8% ets. Whalkhokf.?The last sales were said to bate been mada at 'JH aid cts , for N. W and 8 Sea. Whiuh-There were no transactions of moment reported The last (airs made of consequence, embraced parcels in barrels of Ohio, at 2# cts , and State Prison at 26)i cent* ; while small sale* of drudtfe were mad* at J" cents. har.ioMTf?Kate* remained about the seme . while no ?ng*grmoiit? of co. M-quenue weri< reported Wit!,in a f?w dnyn put, thare has been rathnr mors off ring, nod thera ?u some batter fetllng prevalent. MwrHMt. On the l?t inatant, by the K?r Mr Lyon*, S? r??i n* (train* K?q , to Euthrb, eldcut daughter of Mr. M. My era, 481 Broadway On the 'id Isntant, at the Cfcnreh of A?c?n?lnn. by the Rut, II. T Bedell, mTiumti. cu?i(i. of thl* nliy. to Laua*, youngaet daughter of the lion Benjamin Ormabaa, of r ayattarllla, Vermont On Tuaaday evening, by tbe Her William Mf< l?II:in, Mr. J*vira Co*, prlntar, of BaitoO; to Mi?* Mab? An* ?'?t LiMra, u ilu?Wu. On Thursday tb? W*1 Initint. br Uw lUf I'ettUmUIU?*?r A Hiw.'n, Of KfU. I'taMyl* lUMi t# Up>?*ki* Xl?<?U0 .VJiKBkl/#", ?t >bU#i*T ??? 11 " 1 1 ft? ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH. The W??lh?r_Th? Cud.Rmipu, At*. Ai.stxv, Utcimutif j. 1847. Thar* la a dens* foe now overhanging the rlrtr. and utoourqutoM, the boats will be lclaiu.U her* beyond th?ir usual hour of departura. Tha weather U very warm. 'I h< eanal U open at thij place and at Buffalo. At thta point threa boat* am red from Buffalo, and on? from Syraewae, flaoe yeaterday, bringing Jooo barrel* of flour, but no grain. The Bullalo Co*mtrcial Advtrtiier say* that the weather waj favorable bo lb for the arrival and departure of boat*. Tan la'ie ptpir give* tha laka receipt* a*. th%t plaoe for the last twenty four hours, which were ?3,300 bbl* of flour, and 26 (MX) busbele ot grain. Legislative Proceedings. [S3, bnatk. .UiiiiT, Deo 3, 1847. l'ha Judiciary Committee, instruettd to report a bill fixing the salaries of tha Health offloars of the port of New York. Mr. Koliom introduced a bill giving the right of aotion for damage*, to the representative of person* killed by The Idiot Asylum bill wutu?D under consideration in committee, and oraered to a third reading The rur Redemption bill was alto ordered to a third reading, 11 to 10 The Ogdensburgb Railway bill wai further debated. AIIKMHLV. Ma. Maxwell reported, without expressing any opinion, the bill relative to the Safety Kund Banks The important amendment proposed by the bill ii that tha Safety Fund Banks deposits with tha Comptroller eight per oent on their capital, in lieu of the present payments. The Astronomical Observatory Bill wm ordered to a third reading. The Oronoko 8team Navigation Company Bill passed The House, in Committee of the Whole, took up the Clinton Prison B ill, but it was not disposed of. The Committee of the Whole, however, refused to reduce the Appropriation from $b0 (X>0 to $-JO.OOO The bill to ohange the time of mating bank reports was debated, but the House adjourned before the question was taken Tits Markets. Cincinnati, Deo 'J ? Klour?The market remained unchanued?there was rather more doing,and we note sales of 3,000 barr-ls, including country and eity mills, at $4 , 7 j a $5?with small sales rather fenoy at $5 US There | was nothing new in grain, and sales were lUht without cnange in prions. llog??The sales were large, mounting to about 3,000 bead, varying in prloes according to quality, some $1 87a >3, a $3 12>4. Including ioma few oboioe lota at $3 2 V Provisions continued dull?sales of 200 packages old l%ril were made at 0 cento. Wbiikey was steady at 17>i for rectified. The river continued in good boating ordtr. Pittjiuruh. Dec 2.?Flour?The market enntlnues dull, and only 200 bbls were sold at $4 7d a >4 &7X, with some ohoioe lota at $6. It was arriving freely, but was going into store. Kor the season, the stook is considered fair. Rye continued Arm, with an upward tendency. Oat)-Sales were made at 26c. Business of all kinds was limited. Flour?Dealers are inclined to wait for an advance, which Is expected after the olose of navigation The river keeps in good boating order, and we report 7 feet 6 or 8 inches of water in the ohanoel. J~ACOB >8. PLatT.-Auctoneer.-HOLIDAV PRK8ENT8 AND FANCY UoOOS. CUTLKRY. ?tcJ tcob M. PI*tt givea general nonce, that lie Ilia uow (having cl>eed hu Hardware title* for the icaion) commenced tin regular and tumi-weekly tale* ol ilie above kiuda of goods He belicvea that .ill the reapectahle iuipnrtera of auch good* aie preparing their fall importation for hi* a.ilea. There will, hereafter, be very little oi old atock, but the ?alea will He kept tip with freah goods, now and eipresaly suited to the aensou, anil couaiatiug coutiuuiily of varied aaaortmeuta, aua thinke inch good* will he deemed i>refe<aMr, by purchasers. to the remnant ,if a liusle J arnnk <,l nr ?!*?*?? years accumulation. N 11. The second >?le tliii season. (in continuation of Tuesday'* naif) will take place oa Saturday, Nov 29. it 10 o'clock precisely, at the Auction Kuom.23 rlatt stieet, which is now fitted up for the regular sales of the seatou. lmpo ters are solicited to send invoices by 12 o'clock on tlir d.iy previ >us u N. B. Sales and returns made promptly,as heretofore d:i it*re JUl?oL?, ?!* ( .tiiniue street, would res|>ecttully call attention to hi* stock of 8ture, Parlor, aud Hall Lamps, at reduced prices. AUo, a superior quality of Oils, trnnpliiue und Chemical Oil, pure Lard and Solar Oils, Spirits l u pentine and Alcohol, lower thau elsewhere. N- U ?Doric Lamps. O iiitrHi POH balt t;HKAl'?a HaNUSOVIK KOSKWUUD Hi Octave Piano Korte, with all the modem improvemenu, in order, and neaiy new, has been u?ed 8 months. Price, iucluding Stool, $110, cash. You cau learn where it may i e seen, by ad .resting. P1ANM-FORTK. .d3 li"rc A riltV HOltiKS KOK 8 i LE?A usir ul Hue large bay mares, about 17 hands high, S years old. perfectly gentle ami suirid. and warrant d in all respects. Also a pair of splendid black horses, about 16 hnnds high, 7 years old, Perfectly sound aud gentle, fi .e travellers, aud warranted in all repeets. Ki.quire at this < Ifice d3Gi*re LOUK AT THIS.?Kiench boots, coik, double and single oles; also, the finest calf Shoei and all kinds patent leather Uoou a?d Shoes. Ladies, we have a large munment of every style of Boots and Bhoes that is made, and every kind of a Bubber that is made, aud cheaper than you can fiutf elsewhere of the same quality. At 367 Broadway, one door above Franklin at. Also, a great variety of Boys', Misses'and Cliildreu'* B -ota and Shoe*. M.CAHIIL. d3 lilt*re I^LhKtyK WOOL?JH!l (100 lbs. now opened, comprising all qualities, from >|iitsiter blood to line Saxony, fur sale by VALv.tVriNK <i. II ALL, comer of 1'earl and Betkman sis. d3 3t*r? in ^U A l'KAi/1 ll.AL CHKMIST?Wanted to employ, a norv iu ihe Weit. He rnast h tveliad some years experience | iu the best mode of uianuficturiuti white lead, red lead ami i luhraye, > and pioduce cue bett ul' trstiinouiali for his mural 1 charac er, capacity and habitso( industry. None others need apply 'J o sucn u one, pertrauent sauition and a liberal salaiy Mill be given. Apply to JAiVlKS BUUAKDU8, 111 ItftrljllWMt <13 lit* ire rh<J FHINTCBB, UlTOU, 6ic.?Kor Jale, a l'rmtmg X Oltice, complete, material be ?g nearlv isew, for pri><(lug two latge size Newspipers weekly Will be told ou favorable terms. Address L M. 1'.," office of this paper, d t li'?rc Wt. 1 nI uMi>.?A resiieclible, young, aud healthy Mr ried German Woman, who loal her bady, wishes a child to wet uaise at * er own rexidence. Beat ol relerences given hy her physician, 117 Ueade aneet, near Hudson, dllt'rrc RUO vin W AiVI'l1.!), by a gentleman and his ?ile, w.ili Board?A furnished patlor, with a bedroom emiuerted, snd iwutries, in a private family, or where tliere are but few boaruera,situated near Broadway, not above Ninth sireet nor below Broome hel'erenre? given. Terms must be moderate. Address " C.M.C., lower Po4tOUice," stvtiug terms. Iss'iinn, fca. d3 3 * e Bo.VItU W.lNTKl) for a Lady, two C hildren aud 6ervmtliirl. Address bo? 1G5. stati >g term-. <13 3t*irc WANTKI) IMM r.IJI ATKL. V?5tevrr il y.iuug ami ruler prising men, to xolicit subscribers and collect money for uue of the uwst popular periodicals published in the country Men who can come well recomrneudrd fur bonetty, intelligence and emerprisr, can make fnim ?'i to $8 a day, (lie year rounu. onmi are inlaing at inese r?ic> now /\ppiy to IHKAKl POST, HO Neaasu atrret. d'iti'in WA.MKD-A lidy who liia re?eiveil an accompliahed education, wiahea to oh'aiu a itummn in a private (amilv or school, a? teacher of nunc?belt of reference given ? Addreas L. L. L., JM Pearl atiert. New York <13 lt*rc WAV 1 KL>?A situation byayouug man, who has served id a iiaper importing lioaie olthia city, and who ia well acquainted with the Kniihah, Krench and Unman language*. WlllfclMIt rcfereorea CM be given. I'iedae apply at 61 James street. dI :it w K4iM m WAN 1'lt.U? In the choir ol a clinrcn, a ienor biuger, |m>saesaing a hi||h and delioate teuor voice and tiuiahed atyln. It U uercsasry that lie should be a competent musician, aa he would be required a' times to perforin difficult music, in conceit with siugeri ol ability, Addreas J.H. B., No. 'juu Bowery. nil Iwoil'ia WAM H.U.-A Ijuniitiry ol ptTIII Hones lu Charleston. 8 C. Master* tf vessels, or cousiguees, on the arrival >1 same, will please apply lu KOO?K M AHSfcTT. 8. K. cot iier Market and Meeting at. Ii29 I2t*rc BO An DliNO?A geutlem <n and lady, or two single gentlemru, can be accommodated with board and a pleasant room, at No. 2) Monroe street, on reiaonable texna. ill 6t?re ftUMMmHICDAND!]MKlnMSIU.U KOO.MS loLet. X Two Parlours, with loldiiiK doors, and pautries between. A pply at il? Spring at, two block* from Bioudway, west side. Aisn?A buck and front parlour and bed room on tbe secoud floor, apply aa above. di H'rt TO HOTKL KKKl'KMMTim Kret man's Hall Association HO leadv to receive proposals lor rem nig the large aud spacious building erected on the corner ol Columbia mid Amity creels, in the city ill' Brooklyn kuown ns hieeman's Hall; the hall it M) by SO feel, three at iries high, aud iu the immediate vaciuitv of South Kerry. 'J he ball room, which ia the largest in tbe city, will he let temporarily f <t the letsnn, or by ihe uight. Amily to THOMAS L" hLlK, Secret try of the A lsocialion, '12.1 Kulton sirret, Brooklyn. <11 if .c EUTAW HOUSK, B\LTI\1011 K.-HKNKT r. J ACKSON, Proprimor.?COMMO will be in readiness at the Depota r.ud I.indingv to convey passengers and baggage, In ilia home. Terms ? (ientlernen's Ordinary, $1 SO per day.? Ladies' Ordinary $2 per day. 01 IK*W LOST? A banch of Ke>s. attached In a steel nog Tin Under wi I be suitably rewarded on leaving them at No il i>Uiqen tW. <11 'ifnj" rr X KKWAHD.-I.oit of atolen, on Hntardiy etpniiij ^ ".November 27,* Oold Patent Lever Watch. m.ide h; i*r, of London?void dial, with him k hvuda. rliarch will t'.eeplr rng nved on ihe back, slitcht dent 011 thr oar-idi ca>e. al?o t ached to it a heavy gold curb chlio. The ab m reward will be p?id for lU leroverv by hi |>ly lua to I he under ?i?n?d. al No. 163 1'aarl atreel. JMOftOi?'l\ dlji?in tig ftl | HKWAikl) will be istid, and no queitlona aaked W""for 1 he rn .very r.l a iliortiih, deep red plu?h carpel diik mil conleuM, ?<t far the p?pei?, winch are of no use tc any one except the owner, taken through minake or other wxe, from the po ter'? room, Pacific Hotel, 161 Orceumch ireer, the 9th day f October last, P. Al. I he b>ic waa ol hngliih niirufactur- , considerably worn, with a hraaa plate lock. Illlr d with gml.emiiu'a ordinary neitnug apparel. b2? l>? rc Kl i'l/Hb.N KANUItB?'I'he proprietoreoffer lor awe then Haunei, aiuMble lor private f.miliea and boarding houaei, aud 11 the will 001 anawrr the (mrp iae lor which it ia purehaaed. It will be removed ?illiont my rvpenir to the porch <>er. Pricea from twenty to thirty live dollars each Alii, .1 good assortment ofgra'ea for pirlora, '*.*. Hlovtt for store* "lid offices, Tin Ware, hiight. plain and japanned; Hmokey Chimneys cored and warranted; ilasou< at all tintea ready to let rang". grates, boilera, kmlcs, ?nd build furnace* of all description*. \1. J. UlLHoOLY It CO.. 71 Naairni atreei 1 |iet?vee? Knlton and Joho atierta. njfl lit* re I I IKK INSURANCE.?NATIONAL LOAN KUNE X*A Life Aa?urauee Society of London ?" A Baringi Bun! forihe Benefit ol the Widow unit the Orphan." (Kmpowerrt by Act of Parliament ) CAPITAL, XMO.OflO fltetliun, or t2 31)0,000; beaideaa rutrri". fund(from .nrplua premnim)of ab< u i|gj noo I'art ol ti.e Capitil u invented 10 the Uaited Statei T. LAMIK MIJRKAY, K?1 , Ihoiie at, Humm Bon ere i hairuian if the Court of Directors inLondon. JACOB HAH V h V. K*a ^Chairman ol the Unite, i State* Lorn I Hoard The Board meet at 74 Wall ?treet every Wiuarintr, I'oi the traiiaaclion of htmaent Doctor*, J .K Honor*', Ho*a< and K'.t.u, medical*. (fee-raid be the eociety; at' t^odauce Daily at three P. M ) K.rwjun T. Ki(.M**r>?<ix Kft|., Oeaeral A'couutvit Heport lor May, Itl7, immphleu j blank forma, tablea ol rate*, l et of Director*. Aiteuta, &c tic., obtained at the Chief Office, 74 Wall atreet, or from either of the A(entst!irna|hont t)i? Uaited Htafei and Hutu Norlli American t.olomei. J. LKANDF.R NTAKR, Went ral Agcui for the Wnilrd Htatea and B. M A. ' olrnien New Vu'k. No*. <, ll<7. n'j IJ? rre { /MIAHI.M KIJLI.KH. Wholr.ate n..d Hc'ail Dealer u j Jenniug'i New Pnent fremitus Uafety (iaa L-tmiia. and Tnieiit ri',>*|iene leaa, for buriing m the tame. Alio, Cain phine. Spirit Oaa, Oil and Lent Lamp*. Hall Laalerm, Oi tanpolea, etc. AI?o, Camphine, Spirit Oaa, Oil and Wickt ?7? Oreeu?ich ?t., betwecu Chnaber an<l Warren, nil Mie<>d*th HUONMMJT rMl*-The (BbMribt'i h??e aoiMUi,i|y oi J liac l ?*f? (upanor ' hr.'B'irce'.en, ?f h*motf eu:i.,?u ii,ak?;l, at wiiulaul* tud rott'l. Alwi, ClufN, ?WUt t? Wim'tW 9uftttfRUp> ?H Htf??a??r# I 'II -III " INTELLIGENCE BY THE MAILS* J Affairs in Washington. Washington. Dee. 1, 1847. C" 'J/if Hrur and Ihr Tinprr of Ctmgrttt After the organizition of the two house*, the great question will of course be the Mexican war, and its collateral questions. How is peae to be obtained? when, by what arrangement, up on what basis, and through what instrumental ties! Tnere is even yet a hope of peace from Mexico herself?the doubtful star of promise twinkles again above the subsiding smoke of bsttle.? Mexico, herself, may propose, if not the terms, at least the agency through which a settlement may be effected. There Hre several plans of proceeding to this result, to wit (? 1. The ordinary alternative of international negotiation, directly between the governments of the two countries. 2. Arbitration. :i The defensive line policy. 4. Conquest and absorption. The war may be'finally brought to an end, ? through either of these prescriptions. But the ordinary means of negotiation have failed, and even the extraordinary concessions to Mexico, in the repeated offers of peace made to her, with certain defeat attending her further resistance, have failed. We expect Mr. Trist home every dav: but whether his derrirture mav or mav not recall a saving discretion to the mind* of the Mexican anarchists has been a question from wliicli a small hope has been extracted; but about which it ia sc-irce worth while expending a solitary musculation. We fear that the Mexican rulers, even if they wished it. would be alraid to say to Mr. Trist? " Stay, your excellency, one moment; wc have ugreed to reconsider your ultimatum." Yet, with the danger of absorption staring them in the face, the Mexican Congress may propose something, on or after the departure of Mr. Trist. Indeed, one idea of the recall ot Mr. Trist was persuasion?it wuto show the Mexican rulers, that while the UflBld States government has accepted the alternative of war, it is in earnest, and that while the American agent of peace has been removed, the army of Gen. Scott has been promptly augmented for the determination of the issue Dy the sword. It lias been expected that this state of thinga, together with the utter prostration of Mexico, would induce the Mexicans themselves to aak for peice, or at least to propose formally to the United States by a commissioner, or commissioners, to Washington, a plan of arbitration, of compromise, of boundaries, of indemnities, and of peace. There appears to be an indefinite hope of tnis character 1a tlnu capital, that pometningot the sort is under consideration at Queretarot or lhaf, from information received, the assembling of Congress at that place was with a view to bring about a pence, and no longer with any thing of a fixed idea of devising ways and means for farther resistance to the American arms. Wo draw, then, this happy conclusion from all the information received from Mexico, that the authorities of that country arc sincerely desirous of peace, from the poweriul reasons of an impending extinction. Now, then, let us come to our own Congress. The orthodox democracy will sustain the administration. The whigs will be divided, at first, upon several conflicting plans. The Calhoun men will go for the defensive line. But diverse and conflicting as are the grounds of these anticipated divisions of opinion in regard to the plan of peace, upon the abstract great question of peace itself there will be an overwhelming majority in its support, of all cliques of both parties, in both branches of Congress. Here, then, we find in juxtaposition, the one country prostrated by continued disasters, and the other surfeited of repeated triumphs?the one anxious for neace. that it can no lonser continue the war?the other desirous for peace, for the nuke of peace, for the sake of quiet, for the sake of economy, for the sake of avoiding burdensome taxes upon the people, for the sake of avoiding the hazards of the absorption of a strange and revolutionary people into the boundaries of the Union, for trie sake of restoring an honest harmony between the North and the South; for, unconstitutional, impracticable, unmeaning as is the Wilinot Proviso, it means seinething, or the sagacity of the South is at fault; it mean* something, or the clamor of the North ia all moonshine. It may be a mere humbug?a mere pretext; but it means something significant of danger, if we go oil; conclusive of safety, if we stop wen, men, bom countries are disposed to peace. Mexico may send us a commission; if not, we believe there will be every disposition in Coneress, as tar as we can ascertain, to bring about a settlement by arbitration. It is for Congress to settle the question?not only to declare the object of the war, but the plan for ending it. This, we think, can be done. We Begin to think a commission as, perlisjis, more readily attainable than the adoption of the defensive line. Of this thing we are pretty well assured?there will be a general desire in Congress to close this Mexican war, and " where there is a will there is a way." The Docto*. Washington, Dec. 1, 1847. Arrival of Member* ? The Sptaktrnhip?The Clerkship?The Sei^eant-at-Arm*-ihip, and the IVilmot Prnvino. It rains this evening, as it by contract, freely and rapidly, and with no indications of abatement till the second of December. The arrival of members has increased, to-day, the aggregate in town, by the following addltions: At Coleman's?Hon. Robert C. Winthrop, of Mass., (the probabla Speaker;) Hon. Samuel F. Vinion, of Ohio, (named, also, for the Speakership, but supposed to be too ultra on the Mexican question for the South;) Hon. H. Williams, Maine; Hon. E. K. Smart, Maine; Hon. Cheater Huller, Pa.; Hon. Wm. Strong, do. At Brown'* Hotel?Hon. W. Barrow, of Tenn.; Hon. J. A. Black, S. C.; Hon. Mosea Hampton, Pa. At the IT.ii.J UI.I..II.I.I I imAa iklu.ll M ? lliicu k!?m?n 11VK.I null' rtUWIU. lUOB<9.y Hon. J Mullen, New York; Hon. E. B Holmes, New York; Hon. J. Putnam, New York. At Gadsby's?Hon. A. I). .Sims, South Carolina. We learn, also, tint Mr. Mo rue, of Louisiana, has arrived, and .Senator Crittenden, of Kentucky, and others. Altogether, we nave, perhaps, some sixty members of the House in town; so that hy Saturdav night, we may; expect & large quorum, and hy Monday morning, every member, excepting such as maybe detained by sickness or by accident, or by distance. Major (laines, of the whigs, may not not arrive in season;'while,on the other hand, it is understood ihai Messrs. l'illsbury and Kaufman, of Texas, I will not be fo.thcoming. The chances are, that the whigs will, on Monday, have a majority on hand, and it is understood that they have all In rf/> intn iiDilnnu W<t aliall flPA 11A U7 8 they will come out. Gandioatks for nm ^srrakltr^hm, ?We have - Lynn Boyd, of Kentucky, mentioned na the ' probable democratic candidate for .Speaker. iMr \ Wintbrop, it ia 'conceded, will he the whig > nominee. .VleaHra. Vinton, of Ohio: Waahing' ton Hunt, of New York; Hotta, of Virginia; Chapman, of Maryland: Holmea, of Sonth Carolina, and Levin, of Pennavlvama, have also t been named in connection with the office, and ; hihy each get pome acattering votea'on the fim , ballot. r Camuidatks kor the Ct,KiiKMiir.?The Clerkship of the Houae haa a aalary of 93000 a year. Major French, late clerk, ia the democratic can(Jidutc. It is aaid Mr. Governeur will alao be presented on the fame aide. On the aide of the whig*. we have for the pott, John C. Clark, of New York ; Nathan Sargent and Alexander Kamaey, of IVnnaylvama ; M. 8t. Clair Clarke, of this city. Thia ia the grent queation of the I day, and it ia regarded aa very uncertain w hether Major French will lie defeated or reelected. iohii (' Clark. it ia auid. will be , backed by the whole New York whig delegai lion in caucus, and with this start, it is supposed I hr will l>e the man ,but Mr. Nargent; and the ' other candidates have their friends to back them, and the question even as to the whig nominee, is , not definitively settled. Candidates k<>r ^kr^eant-at-Arms.?Demo* 'r cratic candidate, Dr. Lane, of Kentucky, of the last < oncreg*. the incumbent. Whig candidates, (ienrge C. Washington, oj Maryland (of the ; Washington family); lien. Otho H. Williams, of Maryland, a distinguished citizen; Mr. John 1 Jones, of Ohio (not the John Junes of the War | Office, nor the Juliu Jones of the defunct MaH<p Ionian, but a Mr. Jones of Ohio, who comes whIi strong recommendations; and there will be i (lerhaps, some others. Mr. Whitne\, democrat, [ a nephew of the late door keeper, is naii|ed for the office. For Door-Kkupkr.?" It i* better to be a door keeper in the House of the Lord, than to dwell in the ter.ts of the ungodly," saith the good J hook. Henee, we snj<p<>?e the niimeroiii candi* i, | dates we always Itnve for door-keeper o( the il House. The d'tfWcruM will rnn Mr. Whitney 'for ft wUnttM. On wMf ?14?, Wi

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