Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 5, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 5, 1847 Page 2
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... NEW YORK HERALD. H?w Tork, Kandar, PmnihiT B, 1MT. To Cw/ ?pmxUntt. Mu notice can *? taken / anonymout cemmunicatione fVkateoer it intended ftr intertien muit be authenticated by Ik* nou atid addreta of Ike writer ; nat naaastmiig ft pukUeiiUn, but at a guaranty if kit food faith - HTt cannot undertake f return rejected iwwitctlim The Britannia. This steamer bad nut arrived at Boston at 9 o'clock last night." She is now in her sixteenth day. Paolflaatton oTMoIm. We are inundated with articlea and plana for ? w A?nf IllC V* ?*?AIVV. J UVVWI V. day cornea forward with some special do?e. Mr. Clay, in his recent amateur maaaage, gives us his plan ; then ex-Secretary Gallatin comes with his message to Congress. We give, in another * part of this day's paper, three or four several plans upon this question. One of these, very remarkable to find, is from the col?mns of our cotemporary the Courur and Eaquirtr?the others are trom anonymous quarters. But the moat important of ail the piano, is that contained in a letter from our Washington correspondent?a plan proposed by Gen. Quitman, and which really seems the best yet devised. The pacification of Mexico, or the settlement of the Mexican question, is, indeed, a difficult matter, to be decided by the American Government. Every fresh arrival trom that unfortunate republic, only proves the impossibility of making any treaty, and the inutility of expecting any settlement with them, as an independent nation. All the elements of social and political life are in uuer confusion; the military caste is nearly demolished by the American arms; no one knows where Santa Anna is ; the attempts of Parrdes to go back to a monarchy, or of Almonte and Penato establish a republic, Will probably be equally fruitless. It is now very probable that the most important element in the settlement of the Mexican ques uon, win dc tne Mexican clergy, by whose means this object, perhaps, may be effected. In this view of the subject, the recent rreeting to address tbe Pope, held here at New York, and the purpose of Mr. Polk to create a mission to Rome, may have a very important bearing on the general queation. If, through the contemplated mission to Rome, some influence might be obuiaed with the holy father, it would be possible, perhaps, for the American government to come to some pacification through the clergy. But what this may be, no one can tell. We muat wait for events. Philosophical Intkllioinci.?When one philosopher leaves us another comes. Professor Agassis has been here for the last.few weeks, giving lectures on natural history to admiring audiences. His last lecture was the most remarkable one of the whole series, for he showed that the creative power of the Great Maker of all things, had been entirely exhausted in his last great effort to make man in the shape he is in.? This is a most curious conclusion to arrive at.? Man, in his present condition, is not very perfect. He has a great many weaknesses, and we think, without disparagement to Prof. Agassis, or to human nature, that a great many improvements could be made in man, and woman too; and yet this distinguished savan believes that the whole circle of creation is new complete, and that we have nothing higher to exj>ect than what we see. Well, if it is so, it can't be helped; but we hope there are some wonders of nature yet to be developed. A new philosopher has commenced? Professor Mitchell; who is delivering lectures 011 astronomy; and we hope, before he closes his course, that he will give us his opinion about the characteristics of creation, and whether, really, in his belief, the power of the Almighty has been exhausted in furnishing the world with the weak and erring mortals we see around us. On the whole, however, the ingenious author of the "Vestiges of Creation" produces more conclusive proof to us in the idea that we are merely in u nrnerrpttiaiafatp tfint th#? Divine Pnwpr hn* ~ ~ - ' by no means exhausted all the powers of creation, but will work great changes in the next ten millions of years. Progress or the Aok.?That very remarkable and ingenious philosopher, Orastus Bronson, hat been issuing his thoughts down East, and ap pears to be decidedly one of toe most ultra ca tholics of the day. During the last six or eigh years, Professor Bronson, from the exuberanci of his originality and the pressure of his genius has adopted almost every Christian belief that hi could lay his hands upon, believed them all, anc has made a complete circle of piety. He is now one of the greatest catholics of the day. Judging the future from the past, we would not be surprised to see him adopt Mahominedanism in lest than six months; and in order to facilitate him in this transition, for this is an age of transition, we have an excellent copy of the Koran, which we will present him with, and which will furnish him with arguments with which to create a fresh sensation in the world. Thk Rothchilds.?The history of the present house of Rothschild?its first beginning, its rise and progress, and the steps by which it attained its present power in the world, is a history of great curiosity. During our visit to Europe, we collected materials for such a history, in Paris, London, Frankfort, Vienna, and Naples. The parent of the house, and the mother of the whole race, atill lives in one of the narrowest and dirtiest ts of Frankfort, yet the branches, in all the capitols of Europe, and their descendants, live in the most splendid palaces. They are connected with all the governments of Europe?are concerned in all the great speculations of the day?in corn, cotton, stocks, and every thing; and even American stocks,that are somuch talked of in Europe, was one of their chief objects o speculation before the States failed in paying their interest. Tbeatbjcal Busiotms.?The old theatres seeir to be picking up every day, and the new onet getting into a worse position. We understand that Mr. G. Vandenhoff has resigned his post of stage manager at the Broadway theatre. We are afraid that Col. Mann, whom we highly enteem, and who is a very worthy gentleman, lias nnt vsrv urall nrar-t i-.J * t 1 ?. - ?v.7 ?V.. wi|auucu I'vupi OI UUQer IIII1nagers to carry on his buaineaa. Tha new theatrea hava a hard hill to climb before they can get to the paying paint. It would be almoat aa cany to go to the crater of Vesuviun < n the shoulders of a dosen Neapolitans, and nearly as cheap, ax to build up anew theatre in New York. Cheat Booaan.Lino.~We are on the verge ol a great ravolution in the article of literature anc cheap books. By the inventiona recently mndt in printing machinery by the ingenious Mr. Hoe, ol thia city, we look to the day when the preseul prices ol cheap literature now issued by the Harpers, the Appletons, and other booksellers, will ba reduced to at least one-third, if not one-half, what u is at thia time. Indeed, we do not despaii to see the day when literature (we don't speak ol newspapers) will be as cheap in the United State; aa it is in China. From St. Caoix ?The ship Emily, Captain Davis, arrived yesterday, in a paaaage of thirteen days, from St. Croi* No news. Timothy Childs, Esq , of Rochester, died on board th< Emily on the 36th ult. He was a brother ol Col. Childs, the gallant aommander of the Ame riaan forces at Puebla. This extraordinary system of communication is only in its infancy] Every year, nay, every month, Mtu to be only adding to its powers and augraent ing its efficiency. One of the greatest drawbacks to the general utility of the system is the expensivenep* of conveying messages or intelligence from one distant point to another. Growing out of this expensiveness, attempts have been made to arrive at economy, by improving the mode of communication, so far as relates to the characters used. When we first attempted to bring into action the powers of electricity for communicating early intelligence from distant placet*, this expensiveness was a great drawback to the enterprise, together with the tediousness of the operation, which particularly was the case when there was a great press of business at the various telegraphic offices. In order to obviate these obstaclesfa8 well as to obtain a more economical use of the telegraph for the newspaper press, an individual connected with this estab lialiment?a person of great ingenuity?invented a mode of operation which haa been in use for the last year, and which haa been found exceedingly ingenious, economical, and uaeful, both to the proprietors of the telegraph and to the public at large. As specimens of the working of the system, we submit the following market reports, dated the 13th, and published in the Sunday Htrald of the 14th of November, and copied into the Philadelphia papers next day. One peculiarity of this system is such, that where a word is incorrectly sent, or " murdered" by the telegraph, its meaning can generally be ascertained by what comes before and after it. Original cepy on (At iK?rt hand ryitem, in fourtttn writ. BorrAL* Nov It. f. M ?Abbott, None, Annex, Cabman, Aeoord. Dolphin. Directors. Allay, Appron, F?Uoon, Fosters, Actuate, Adapt. Mathew [translation ] Buffalo, Nov. , IS ?Fl< nr?The market was doll at $5 for Michigan, and other Western brands Wheat? The market was heavy. We note sales of 10.000 bushrls Inoludlng paroele of Chicago at 7So, and Raeine. with South port, at ft. Corn was brisk, and ealea of MOO bushels were mads, including Western mixed, at 4So and yellow do, at 60e. Rye and oats, no change. Whiskey lnaoMve. Receipts daring the previous twenty-four hoars, were as follows : ? Floor, 14 000 barrels; oorn, none ; wheat. M 000 bnshels. Freights by oanal to Albany?Floor, 7Vo; wheat and corn, no ohange. Total, sixty words, when written most sue. einotly, ip the ordinary mode. Original, in Ihirtttn worth. Albany, 13th Nov. F M ?Cabman, Acquit, Aoqulre. Fidlers, Agree, Yellow. D*edln?ly, Award, Flftsentbly, vyiu?Biu|ij, v raiiujt vwiuiit nuuvwi. Albany, Not H, ? M.?Floor?the market mi dull at $9 a |S for Western and Oeneaee brand* Wheat?Sales ot 9000 bubal* of Oiiinm ware made at 136c. Corn?Sale* of 9000 bushel* of yellow ware made ftt 73o. Rye remained about the aame Oata were some firmer. Whlakry dull Reoelpta by oanal daring tbe preoadlng twenty-fimr hour*?Flour, 17.600 bbl* j oorn. 6000 bushels; wheat, 7000 do; barley, 7,400 do. No alteratlon in freight*. Total, forty-eight worda or over. Original in ten wordt. Boiton, 11th Nor. P. M.?Bap tut, Cu*toin, Cartman, Adduoe, Feteriih, Allay, Allude, Jeopardise, Adjourn, Oypram. [tr an1latiow 1 Bo*ton, Not. IS, P.M.?Cotton - At the reoent decline on the Washington's new*, (rqaal to X a Xo per lb ) ale* heTe been made to a fair extent. To day 300 bale* changed hand* without change in prioes Flour?The market oontinned dull and tale* light. 600 barrel* Oeneaee and good We*tern brand*, wera sold at $8 Corn?Sale* of 4.000 buahal* were made, inelnding Western mixed, at 76o. and yellow at 7So. Oats?Sale* of 3,000 bushel* at 66){o Rye was some lea* Inn WhUkey remained quiet, without change In prioe*. Original in elevtn word*. Baltimore, Not. 13, P. M ?Cattle, Aoquaint, Depredate, Assume. Attire, Federation, Adjourn, Affect, Girt, Annen, Annul. [tbanilation ] Baltimore, Not. 13, P M.?Flour?The market was depreoaed, and sale* of 600 bbla Howard street at (6 76 Wheat?Sale* of 3000 bushels were made, consisting of Maryland red*, at 118c, and of white do at 198o. CornSale* of 9000 bushel* were made, including Maryland mixed and white, at &60. and yellow do at (7o. Rye continued firm, with moderate sales at Bio a 880. Whiskey was dull. Sale* of prorlaions ware making chiefly in a retail way. Original in ttn worth. Kin IK P M T.i-lnir Part, Not;, Hiding, Reoall, Called Waring, Abduoeat. [ 1 KAPtlJLATIOr* ] Cincinnati, Not. 16 ?Floor?The market waa steady and Bale* of 'J a 300 bbla made at 9* 76. There w*a no change In wheat or oorn. Provisions?Sales of 100 kegi of lard were made at 8o, and eome email lot* in barrels were toll at 7o. Hogi?The market oontlnned to droop, and sales of 300 head were made at $3 36 a $3 60. Pork was inactive, with small galea, without change In prtoe Whiskey?We have only to note sale* of 100 bbla of rectified at 17o. The river waa slowly falling, but waa atill lu good order for boating. The following was received in twelve words: Nkw Oilkiki, Oct 31.?Cotton?The market continued dull. The aalea amounted to about 7000 balee, within a day or two, at the decline previously noticed The market cloeed on terma In favor of buyera. Flour exhibited no cbaoge, and a mall aalea Illinois and Ohio were made at (4 76, and 8t. L ouis city mills were held at $6 a $6 36 Wheat?No aalea were reported. Corn ? Bales of 10.000 bushela were made, eonalatlng of new Western mixed, at 41o a 48o. Rye- No aalea were making Oats were doll at 34o Tobacco oontinued dull; about 60 hhda Kentucky leaf aold on terma not understood. Sugar waa dull at 6\o for common, to fljfc foi , prime Molaasea ateady at 91c Whiskey?Sales at 30c Nothing of moment in freights. Sterling bills 4)<c a i' &Xo; sight do on New York 1 a 1& disoount. Treasury notea par. The difficulty of inventing a system of shortj hand for condensing communications to be transi nutted by magnetic] telegraph, grew out of the , 'act, that no stenographic, or short-hand, characters hitherto in use, could be adopted, trom the , nature of the registering machines. Moreover, i the telegraph companies, by adopting rnles, to charge all figures and all letters in arbitrary , words, not forming common English words, each hb a wora, iorceu upon tne inventor the necessity of inventing a plan of condemnation, by the use of plain English words; fraught, however, with a comprehensive meaning unknown to the telegraph operators themselves, or other parties thun those taught its use. Before, however, the rules of the company became known, the inventor devised a system of arbitrary words, which was afterwards thrown into the fire, on account of the rule above stated- He then set about devising one calculated to come within the requirements of the companies, and at the expense of of intense and long continued mental labor, he devised no less than three different plans, each of which, in its turn, was rejected, until the last was matured, and which, by subsequent improvements, has been rendered, in the opinion of those competent to judge, more perfect than any thing of the kind can probably ever be made, and I which the inventor has in daily use be'.ween t New York and seven other different cities.? ; Various other parties have devised plans, but those who have been made acquainted with each consider this by f*r the most complete and com1 prehenqive, and especially so for commercial re' porting, which ia attended with much difficulty, and reouires much patient care. Thus, the sva lem provides for giving the quantities of articles sold, the names, kinds, or qualities of each, and the prices at which each sold, with 'such minuteness as to express all the simple fractions f a unit, as 1-10, f, and so on up to j or 7-16, or 1&-16. It also provides for all the general information about receipts, Btocka on hand, sales and quotations of stocks, freights, depth of water in rivers, hip news, clearances and arrivals, dullness, quickness, activity, falling or rising, state of I markets, icc. The economy produced in tolls I by such aHystem, when it is known that every word costs from 2| to 5 cents each, is very great, and enables newspapers to rececive communicaj tions which they could not otherwise take, on account of the expense, and gives the telegraph I lines business they would not otherwise get, and l?adsto the creation of much collateral business [ This is a wonderful invention indeed, em bracing principles of economy for the newsp.i( j per press, and allowing the companies time to devote their energies to other ameliorations. And yet this economical system, we are informi ed, has given umbrage to some companies and i managers, and they are endeavoring to find out other measures less to the advantage of the newspaper press. We think this is ill-judged, I and that they ought to encourage every method in aid of the press and its economical supply of words, for the less time which they have to de ..vete to- th* prem, the more they wltl have for t'i<* public. But the truth la, the whole te1 'graphic business ta an experiment, and Con* gress ought to take it up, and examine whether it might not be made a branch of the Poatoffice Department, thereby securing its general use and efficiency throughout the whole couatry. The proapecta growing out of this wonderful invention are unlimited. Ita application in our own country may be greatly extendedLines could be extended from the Observatory in Washington to all our principal seaports, and as the ball drops at meridian in Washington, a ball could be made to drop at the same moment in each seuport; or a cannon be fired in each, by which sea captains could set their chronometers. Thus one good observatory at Washington could be made available for all the seaports and principal cities on the continent. By similar means, clocks could be set up and mads to tick at the same moment, and keep the sams time, and show the daily longitude for very city in Ameridh. This application of electricity is but in its infancy. The day of judgment is at hand. The time will come, probably, when Cuba will be connected with the continent, and Havana and New York thrown into daily communication. If so, other West India Islands may be connected with Cuba. as civilization advances, plans may De perfected for connecting Europe and America. Russia has only to run a line through Siberia to the Straits of Karasch&tka, and we to run a line hcnce to th* Pacific, with a branch to join the Russian line across the straits aforesaid. Then, by connecting the capital* of Europe with Sr. Petersburg, all parts of the civilized world would be thrown into daily communication. The English, by running a line to Constxntinople, might cross the Bosphorus into Asia, and thence extend lin' B to Bombay, Calcutta, and even to Canton, in China. This may, and probably will, happen, in the course of years. Latch from Havana.?By the bark Childe Harold, ,Capt. Rich, we are in receipt of files of the Diario de la Marina and Diario de la Habana to the 21st ult. She brings no news. Theatrical and Musical. Pakk Theatre ?Last evening wis the iait of the engagement of the two oomedians who have been tarnishing suoh rleh entertainment at the Park, 'for a fortnight past. ' Rory O'More" and the " White Horse of the Peppers," weie again performed, and with the usual suoceis. To-morrow evening Mrs Abbott takes a bene, fit, and has secured for the oooaaion tbe services of Mr. Plaelde, who will eppear as Sir Harry Courtly, in tbe celebrated oomedy of - London Assurance " After the comedy, and before the faroe, tbe orobestra will perform Auber's " Overture to La Siren*," and Kelliwoda'i "Conoert Overture" The faree will be " Perfection " Mrs. Abbot will sustain tbe part of Graoe Harksway, In th? oomedy, and that of Kate O'Brien, In the faroe Both piftoes ara east with the foree of the Park oompany, and will, no doubt, be well performed bowkrt i heatse.?rne great popularity or the ballet pleoes that were presented last week at thla theatre, has induced Mr. Jackson to rs-engage MIm Turnbull fer a few nights longer, an 1 bring forward the beantlfnl ballet of "Qleelle, or the Willies." The fairy legend on whiah thla ballet is founded, is a wild and fanolful one. but beantlfnl in the extreme; and the manner In whleh it has been worked up in the ballet which ia presented on the Bowery stage, is highly favorable to the full development of all soenie etfeot. The scene laying on the banks of the Rhine, enables the Bowery folks to shine out in this line. In addition to the Willies, we are glad to see the Intensely Interesting drama of the "Bottle" is to be brought forward?It is truly the m"it eleotri lying domestic drama that we have ever witnessed, and one whloh is well calculated to do more geod in the way of lnouleating the sad effects of Intemperance than any leoture that has ever been delivered. The house, la?t night, was orowded, and the performanoe of the beautiful spectacle oalled the ''Naiad Queen," with Its gorgeous and magnifloent. scenery, elioited fiom the audience repeated cheers. ? Chatham Theatbe.?There was a very good attendance at this theatre last evening, to see the Model Artists. aa also to behold vhe extraordinary feats of the Holland Family. The performances of Lucian and Albert, the one propelling a barrel with his feet, while standing on it, with as muoh eaie as if he were taking an ordinary walk, plaolng his brother on his Ibouldera, and In a variety of other positions, is really wonderful The " Tableaux Vlvants." by the Model Artists of the theatre, seem to Improve on every successive exhibition, and we would advise all those won have not as yet seen them, to Tim vae loapirn uexv worn, m wo unaTKWinu IO0J Will tw withdrawn to give place to other novelties To-morrow evening. the performances commence with Coleman's beautiful play of the " Mountaineers " Mr. Hield performs the character of " Ootavian," and Mrs McLean that of" Klorantbe " The Model Artists will next follow, and the entertain man to will conclude with the pantomime of the " Golden Kay." An excellent programme for one evening. A?tor Place Off.ra.?Last evening being " extra night," M we were Informed by the bills, ''the seats of boxen, parquette and baloony of the A it or Tlace Opera house were thrown open to the pablio." Yet the pub' llo did not appear to appreciate the condessension, for a very small audience was In attendance With the exot-ption of the canoile In the upper regions, there were not over two hundred people in the house Notwithstanding this, however, 'Ernani," tha opera performed, was reoelved very well, indeed, it was remarked generally, that it was never better performed at i bis establishment Blgnora Trufll was never in better voice, ami soma of the choruses. Sen , had to be repeated. Tbit lady wss oomplimented with a number of teutons wbiob were thrown to her in the last act As a whole, "JCrnani" was well performed last evening. Cmctjs?Bowiav Amfhithsat???There are gruat games going on hare nightly ; little boys oraoklng their jackets with laughter, old men renewing their feeling* of >v\?hA< A *<th Unahinir William* And clown* ; young girU from the oeuntry all amazement at the glitter of the epaagle* and elegance of the actor* and rider* ; dimple old ladiea, who pity the poor clown when he geti a tbraohlnir; in fact, it I* a plaoe of arauaement patronized by the many The beat of order and regularity la obeerved, and every thins goea off delightfully every evening. They open with great attraotion tomorrow evening. Chkiitt'i Minitrel* ?Another week ended, and a* rouoh fun and amuaementaa ever Chrlaty ia a kind of General Taylor In hla way?he earriea all before him Ilia band, too, are aft good a aet of darky Imitators aa w? I iv? liad among u* for aome time. To-morrow evening they oommenee their tenth week. Think of that ! Allkn Dpi>wo*th'i Concert.?Thla mualoal trmt waa given l?at evening, and waa truly an entertainment worthy of the great leader Madame Otto appeared for the first tlrne tlnoe her return from Europe She aang with great good taate, and gave evidence of great Improvement having reaulted from her travela. and pro ffpaional obaervatlona in Italy. The audienoe were well pleaaed, and manlfeated their approbation in the uaual manner. Among other piece* performed, waa a graud oavatina from the opera of" Robert le DUble " Muiicai. Illuitratiow or shikireare.?We truet that It 1* remembered by the public, ih?t Mr Lynne oommenee* hla readlnga ko., of dhakap-are, on Tu*ed?j evening next, at the Hooiety Library. Mr. Lynne la u gentleman who has received great appiauae aa a delineator of Shakapeare'a oharaotera tn England, and there n no doabt that he haa atudied the immortal bard thoro^h ly and accurately The praaent plan adopted by him I* ona that will preaent the great poet1* oompoaitlon in h moat elegant manner. After eoroe introductory remarks by Mr. Lynne, on the geniua and writing* or Shakepeare. aome of hia character*, kc. a number of vooallatH among whom we may mention Mra Edward Lod?r, Ml** De Luoe, Mr L. A. Jon**. Mr J A Johmon, Mr An drew*, and Mr. 8. L. Leach, will alng aome of the *w?*teat of hit oompoaitiona.oomprlairg exiraoia from " Cymbellne," "Merchant ofVenlca," "Much Ado About Nothing," ko. The whole entertainment will be both novel and anteraating. Hen and Sivcii are in town. They intend to give one or two brilliant concert*. The Lehman family are performing at Auguita, Ga. Lea Danaeuae Viennotaea are atlll at the National theatre, Cincinnati. Mr Charlea Webb ia playing at the Cincinnati Athe nieum Mr. Hackett waa to commenoe an engagement at Louisville, en the 39th Nov. A project i* on foot for aetabllthlcK a burleenue then, tre Id New Orleaa*. Ten thousand ticket* are to be i**ued at fifty oent* eaoh; all pernon* purnhaalng a ticket are to he entitled to admlnaion for the eame One hundred share* will also be told at fifty dollar* a share, firing free admission to the holder. M'lle. Blangy- Kleury Joly, and Mr. Duffeyte. were to appear at the Ori-aos theatre on the evening of the 36th November, In "Robert le Diable." Chippendale ii In New Orleans. Mlu Wemys* le doing a good business at the American theatre in that city. _ _ The Art Union. Dki* Sim: Will you eall upon the managers of the Art Union to pot the well a* the anmberl, to the painting* now exposed in the gallery The subtcrihrr* want to know what di*po*ttlon ha* been mad* of thi-lr money. It 1* reported great prior* have been paid for Mm? painting* ot no merit whatever; therefore,do aollclt from the manager* thi* little favor, end oblige A 81B8CRIBKR The (took In the telegraphic line from New Bedford to Pall River, Taunton. Trovldenoe and Wero?*ter, to oonnect with Boston and New York, ha* all been taken np. and the e*tabli*hment of the line ha* been contracted for. It will be In operation In about a oouple of month*. Boiien Tim**, ilk mil. 1 . . " . Ottf InteMgeeee. Tmk Cast Of Jcbbmian B. Tillstt.?TUlett *u oonrloted, about twoyears sinoe, la the oourt of Oyer ad Terminer far Suffolk oounty. of the murder of John Covert. txoeptton* ?*n ttkinlt the trial to tha verdict, ob tha ground that part ? KM evidanoe on which he waaeonvleted ?< Inadmissible. Tha oaaa waa argued at tha laat Maj tarm of tha Sufrene Court; tha exceptions J(ere afterwards overruled, and tha oonvlot ?eut back to tha oourt In whloh ha waa triad, to receive aentanoa. Ha waa acoordingly aentenoed to ba hanged ou Friday, tha 10th instant, at tha oourt hooaa la Suffolk oounty ; but It eeanutllftt, througkrtha azartloaa of Mr. Clinton hia oounsel, the governor baa oommutad hi* aanteooa to imprlswmapt for llfa. Suicide.?A man uamad Christopher I ling out hi* throat with a raior on Friday night last, at tha re*idanoa of Mr*. Jane lagla,-Mo 116 Leviotraat. and died -In tUWtt minute* MTerTard. Deoaaaad had formerly bean a bar-keeper la a publlo honae, and had alio been an aotive politician ; but having of lata been In 111haalth, had become much depressed iff spirits. Oo tha day of hi* death, ha requested Mr*. Ingle, who waa In the room with him, to leave tha apartmsnt. Hhe did ao: but In a few minutea, hearing an unuaual.soiaa in tbe room aba had left, aha returned, and lawtbe deceased weltering in blood She aakad him what war tha matter, and in repjv he pointed tea rasor which was lytag on the floor Ha had made hi* death sure by outtlng deeply, severing both veins and wtqdpipe. The ooronar held an Inquest on tha body, and the jury returned a verdict in aoenrdanoe with the olrodtMt noes of the oaaa, as related above. Deceased waa a native of Pennsylvania, and B8 years of age. Pailce Intelligence* Kmb'MtltMint und Otat ? Offloer Peterson, of the lower polloe, arrested, on Friday night, a young man by tbe nam* of John Moody, on a warrant lsaued by Juatloe Drinker, wherein he stands charged with embcssling $870 from his employer, Mr. Alexander Hamil'on. junr., Uwyer, No Si Wall street It appear* that about the 30th of laat month Mr. Ella* B Holme* oalied at tha ofOoe of Mr. Hamilton, In order to pay 9870 due on a mortgage, and in tha abeence of Mr. Hamilton, Moody reI Muiwa/I frKaa oKa*u mm ?lwl?li? rn vaaaIrk* ?kaaa#A* 'PKIo money, Inatead of paying it over to Mr. Hamilton, Moody conveys, in hla pocket, to varioua gambling houses, for the purpose of speculating, and going in for the ohanoes in order to double the amount; thereby make himself '-hunk," and atiU have the principal on hand to pay over to Mr. Hamilton. In thia enterprise he wan accompanied by two well-known apnrting gentlemen, by the uamea of Jamea Halateadand Jamee F Cook, wno atuek to him like good fellows, endeavoring to make him win If poeeible , but, alas, the ' die" waa oaat, and poor Moody waa doomed to fall under a streak of bad luok After loaing some $7 or $0 at No. S Park Plaee, at the g?me of ' firo," they next visited No 8 Barolay atreet, where he loat at the tame game $200 Aftt r loaing thia amount, and thinking to recover it baok again, he waa Induoed to viait another gambling house. aituat> d at No. lfil Broadway, kept by Shlrlook Hlllman, where, in order to ohange hla luek, he gave Cook $J00 to play on hi/ behalf; but Cook aeemed to be aa unfortunate aa Moody, as it all went Into "Faro'a" bank, together with $200 more played by Moody The next day Moody tinding that he had but $900 left, out of the $870, and feeling alarmed, oalled upon Mr. Hamilton and explained the whole eiroumatanoes relative to the erabvtilement and gambling, aa above atated. Thia $J00 he paid over to Mr Hamilton, leaving a balanoe due of $070. A complaint waa made agaiaat theae gambling houses, upon the teatimony of Moody, whioh resulted in the arrest of Sblrlook Hlllmam, and the keeper of the house No 8 Barolay street, by offloer Wm. H. Stephens, on a warrant laaued by Juatioe Drinker, wherein they atand charged with keeping a disorderly house They were held to ball to answer, and Moody waa committed to prison to await a farther examination. w3rr??( of a Fugitive ?Offloer Stokely, of the 1st ward polloe, arrested, yestnrday. a black fellow by the name of David Edoarda. uliat Etaos. a fugitive from the oliv of Philadelphia, where he stands charged with a grand laroeny in (tealing a net of harness valued at >60. Is July last he forfeited his ball and took refuge la this olty, and evaded the vigilance of the polloe until je?tarday, when he was " treed" in Church street by the above ofloer. Justice Drinker looked him up to await a requisition from Philadelphia. (Jktrgi of Suiting a tVatch?Offloer Wooldridge, of the 0th ward polloe, arrested, laat nlgnt, in the Bowery Theatre, a young woman, named Luoretia Fowler, on a charge of atealing a gold watch and chain, valued at $119, b longing to L. L. Barton, residing at Brooklyn, while in a house of disrepute, located at No. 00 Mott street. The aoouied was detained for a further hearing. Charge of Grand Larceny.?Captain MoQrath, of the 0th ward policc, arrested yesterday three young men bythenames of Alexander >V<ar*ton, Charles Lniton, and Win. Van Felt, on a charge of stealing a wallet containing between $600 and $700, from the pocket of Mr. Patriok Kelly, liquor mxrohant, No. 74 Bayard street, on Thursday night last, while in an oyster saloon kept by Mr. Molntyre, in Walker street. On searching the person of Marston, Mr. Kelly's wallet, and $16o of the money was recovered, and, on Van Pelt, sear $100 w?s found, supposed to be a portion of the stolen moDey. Justice Drinker looked them all three up for a further hearing. Charge tf Larceny.?OScer Van Cott, of the 8(1 ward, arrested yesterday two men oalled John O'Brian and John Ingram, on a charge of stealing money from John W. Mimone, residing at 240 Greenwich street Detained in the station house until the recovery of the money, whloh was said to have been deposited at New Brunswick, N.J. Stw Book*. Tub Medical Chikuhoical Rkukvt?11 U G 8. Wood, 261 Pearl street.?The fourth No. of this r?publloation has oome to hand; it is decidedly a very valuable work, and well worthy the attention or the medioal profession in this oountry. Calavar, or THt Knioht or the Conquest, toy R. M. Bird, Esq ?To be bad at all the periodioal agent*. Thia in a reprint of a w.">rk which appeared In 1834, and describe!) the flrat campaign, or the ttrtt year of Cortez in Mexico. It will doublleaa have a good circulation. Durance's Terpsichore, or.Ball Room Guide?Turner & Fisher, 74 Chatham street?This little worn'id from the pen of C Rurange, professor of dancing in Philadelphia. The title explains its contents. The Annalist, a Ueoord or Practical Medicine in the citt or New York, edited by Wm C. Roberts, M. D Wood's Quarterly Retro?fect or American and Foreiun Practical Medicine and Surukry.?These are the titles ot two medical periodicals published by K 4t O. 8 Wood,'JO 1 Pearl street A planoe at their contents is sufficient to impresa ua with their utility to the profession. Proper Lesionsfor Sundays and Ho ydays throuoh out the Yrar : Stanford & Swords, 139 Broadway ? Here ia a work whlob every member cf the Protest ant Episcopal Church should ponsesa It ia beautifully got ap? the typography is plain and distinct, the paper uu exceptionable aud the binding beautiiul. We do not know of a more appropriate New Year's gift. We commend it to the attention of the publlo. Astronomy. Observatory, Washinoton, Nor 27, 1847. May 1 ask the favor of you to publish the accompanying Ephemerides of Flora and Miss Mitchell's oomet ? This oomet has passed its perihelion, and is now visi. ble just before day. It is the Brat comet, I believe, with an American name j certainly the first entitled to be calleJ alter an American lady Miss Mitchell, of Nantuoket, discovered this comet ou the 1st of Ooiober last; on the 3d. D. Vico, or R<>me, discovered it; and on the 11th, Professor Runiktr, of Hamburg, disoovered it; eaoh discovery being made without the knowledge of the other Professor Rumker. who has kindly furnished me with nil observation* and element* fur thin oomet. hud, ?Iko wltb his tuaal comity, sent the following ephemerio for Iris, which I will tiro be obliged to you to publnh EpKemerit for Iris /or 8A mean time.Berlin, computed by L'Jimit. Date. A. R. Decl. touth. df(f. m trc. den in ?tc Norembfr20 3l2 49 26 1 12 3 221 21 31J 14 33 3 11 47 40 9 " 22 313 39 31 6 51 42 3 " 23 314 4 20 6 44 46 6 " 14 314 31 0 3 13 41 1 " 24 314 56 40.3 27 27 2 " 26 314 22 40 7 21 3 I " 27 3i4 49 1 3 14 31 0 ' 21 316 14 ?l.9 7 44 0 ' 29 316 41 422 11 1 08 ' 317 ? 32 2 10 54 16 G Dtcember 1 317 3> <7 17 3 an " 3ifl 2 2* 2 40 11.0 3 318 29 >8 I 32 47.6 4 3(8 46 44 1 24 36.9 ' 5 319 21 1 1 0 18 9 2 3.9 M 45 2 10 10 34 9 Ephemtris of Flora, computed /ran Hind's Jlrst elements. t>y fro/ Cijfiu, United Stales iVavy. Epoch me an time, irushington. (Not corrected for aoerration ) 1847 Apparent R. A. Apparent dec I. hr?. in.irc. dog. inn.. November 26 4 43 22 M13 43 3 28 41 28 11 58-11 " 30 39 13 14 1.2 Decrmbrr 2 3' 19 14 4.7 4 34 17. 14 8 6 6 33 II 14 12 9 8 31 20 14 17 7 10 29 28 14 22.8 12 37 38 14 22 i 14 34 51 14 34.3 Epkemerii of Mitchell's com't. computed from Rumkrr's parabolic elemea'e hg Prof. Keith, United Statei Navy Washing- Decline- Log. HrilDal*. ton M T A. H tten. dist lianty H. m tec. tMnv >4 fi It <1 11 00 11H ?*4 II 19 11 II 19ia 9 Q " 31 13 OS 14 01 a 1 73 ?20 41 43 S 0(49 2 0 D'C. 3 13 16 1? 03 41 ! ? 18 57 17 9 0.1413 14 " 8 13 3) 14 '? Vi 111 ? 1J 21 .'>8 3 dllll 10 " 10 13 30 U 10 37 81 ? 9.VMM 0 163 < 0 ? ' II....... 13 31 li It 31 10 ?6 3!) 33.3 0.I.M3 0 7 " 18 13 33 15 18 1< 38 ? 3 24 M.3 0 1651 0.6 " 13 13 35 15 33 38 81 ? 0 07 35 8 0 155 1 0 5 " 26 1134 15 26*17# HI 08 41 I 0 1547 0 4 " 30 11 33 15 18 17.14 hi 1 M 40.1 0.1648 0 3 The tlmea are corrected for aberration. The brilliancy of the oomet In taken at unity, when the ear h and comet are at equal dlatanoea from the inn and mob other. M Y MAURY Sporting Intelligence. The atablea of the following gentlemen have all arrived, prepared to take a hand In tne raoea over ihe Blogamnn Course, commencing on Sunday next, and In thnae ovr the mher tracka that are to follow :-L?Compte. Bradley, Van Leer, Blngaman, Metealf*. Price, Morrleon, Kyndera. Bell, Imlajr and Greer; and thoee of Meaar*. Taylor, Minor. Kenner and Carnal, are daily expected.? N. O. D'lla, Nov. 38 The raoea for the fall meeting here, take place on tln> fine oourae at Carrollton, beginning on Wednesday, 11," lttth December, and oontlnulng five daya. The entrlea oomprliv *om? aplendld nag* and the aport will no doubt. be all th?t can be desired, by the moat, ardei t turfman, provided (.be weather prove favorable, of wt kh there la every promlee Tbla la our legitimate natlrn hi aport, wherein all oan Join, without the leaat pang ftcm aufhring aympathetlo humanity; wherein a Klori. ea abject la aought, even In the meana to aeoure victor) In the nonteat on the coerae. vi* : the Improvement of that no bleat of mafi'a couqueata over the brute creation, tbe generoua horne We can emtio and leave to other lan<la their bull lights, their bull bait*, and other ?till leaa ennoblieg ahowa Wetruattoflnd a numeroua aaaembly on the opening day (the 10th) on the Kclipae Courae, fir we may be ante from the name* of the contending ateed*. that a splendid aight will be offered vm.?N O Com. Timti, Nov 94 . .. . . - 1 J-. - 1 Law Intclllcwtio* Ukitcd States Distbict Cobbt, Dm. 1?Ordered, that tha follow log rule* bo adopted M a part of the landing rule* of the oourt : ? No decree shall be entered by default or oonient of parties In oonrt, ordering the condemnation and ?ale of property arretted on prooes* ?>? r<-m, or for the dlatrlbatlon of the proceede thereof In oourt, or of tba avail* of stipulation or bond,given for the value of auoh property, uul-f n puM> ;atihi. according to the oourae of the oourt, tbell have been duly made before the return day of the monition Issued with the attaohment in the eaee All reporta of oeinmlsaionera. assessors, adjusters. tc on the matter* preferred by order of the court, shall be tiled in oourt, at the opening of toe oouVt, on Tuesday | of the atated special term*. unleaa otherwiae speolally allowed by th* court, and on two "day* previous notice in writing to the parly to be affeoted thereby Exceptiona to euoh reports shall be died before or at the time confirmation thereof is moved in eourt, unless further time Is allowed by order of the oourt, and no exoeption to any report can be reoeived on tile without the party offering it has duly tiled stipulationa In the cauae, according to the oourae of the court (unless he bj excuaed by theatandlng rules f rem atipulating ) CiacoiT Coubt, Dec. 4 ? Before Judge Edinonda? John Lttlit v. Samuel Hoffman.?This was action of trover, brought to reooovr the value of property conalating of bookbinder*' tools, which were aoid under a mortgage given by the plaintiff to the defendant, on the 17th of February, 1846, to secure $*60, loaned by defendant to plaintiff Tha plaintiff alleged that the loan wa* usurioua, and that defendant only advanced $160, and gave hia note for the balance, and that before th? not* beotme due, he forecloaed the mortgage. and a<>ld *600 worth ot property for $80 For the defence It was alleged that tha tranaactlon waa nit ?. U.n hut a >ai? of guaranty ; and that the plaintiff, or some on* for him, waa the purohanur at the sale under the mortgage Verdiot for plaintiff. 9464. For plaintiff, Mr. M B. Blunt and Mr. Callaghan. For defendant, Mr. D K Wheeler. Common Plicai ? In Banoo?Decisions ?In ih' matter of tk- claim of Robert Titr vt. Eitmte ?f Rebecca De L'ffrit dtcoMti.?The suit waa commenced against the pnhlio administrator to recover a claim whioh the clai ant alleged to hare against the eitate of the deceased. It waa afurwards referred to O P Hall, Esq , as sole referee; after the testimony on both sides was closed, the referee allowed the counsel for the claimant to in troduoe further evldence.notwithstanding that a population was entered Into by the oouuael on both sides that no further evidence should be taken Th* counsel for the publlo administrator otyeoi* to the report on that ground, and that the evldenoe taken by the r?f?ree before the stipulation, was not sufficient to sustain the report Covbt?We are at a loss to And the authority by whloh a refeiee may set aside or disregard a written stipulation entered into by the attornlfs In the oause referred to him. In regard to the second ground?the promise relied on to take the case out of the statute of limitations -it was a conversation wiry a third person, lu whioh the debtor said "she had not paid the debt and did not know that she ever would, but if she could she would pay him " At any rate, it waa ueoe*?ary to prove her ability before saoh a promise Is available, and there U nothing in the evidence which would show her ability. New trial granted and report of referee set aside, ana order of refereooo discharged. All ooats to abide the event of the suit Phmbe Ann Blak~,Jldminiit*atrix,vs Mark Evirton ?New trial ordered on payment of costs. Chat C. Fowler ait. Elitka Faxon ?Verdiot confirmed, with costs. Anion Blake ait. Noah Ripley it al.?Verdict oonflrmed, with costs. Court Calendar?Monday? Circuit Court?28. 34, 43. 61. 63. 64. 66. 67. 60 66. 68, 76. 170. 64 87, 93. 94, 96. 103,106, 107, 108 109. 110, 111, 112. 114.116 8u,?rior Court?I, 9,4 to 16, Inoluslve, 430, 16, 17, 18, 19, 80. Two Courts. Triil for Parriciie.?Tha trial of Truman Phelps, charged with murdering his lather, was oommenoed in the Rensselaer County Court, Tuesday, Nov 30th Hon. Malbone Watson, presiding; A B Clark and A. Bnckman, justices ; R. A. Lottrldge, dlstriot attorney, and John Van Buren, attorney general, for the people Rnfus W. IVokbam, Job Plerson, A Bingham. Marcus L. Filley. for the prisoner In open log the oause in b?halr of tb? people, the district attorney gave a synopsis of the case he expected to make out. The testimony would be nearly ail circumstantial and would go to show, that ?" the murdered man, an aged and respected citlsen, had kept a public house and was respected by all who knew him The prisoner wm confessedly addicted to drinking, and when under the influ^noe of spirit*, his passions were always fearfully aroused. Deoeased bad not an enemy In tbe world except the prisoner. 80metlm dnoe, prisoner kept a tavern with hi* father. Some diffloulty 0 'currlng tbe father was deprived of hi* property, and driven int o 'he street by his son. The father prooured an humble plaoe, and kept a *ort of baohelor'e hall, living upon the oharity of hi* friend*. He was in tbe habit, lik? other old men, of taking a mid-day sleep On the 19th, the old man was seen around In the enjoyment of he?l h A Mr. Smith called on him on Friday, to make him a present of some green oorn He paased In at the door, put bis hand upon the old man. and finding him de >d, gave the alarm. He was found inclining on his right, side, lying on his bed A large gash was out m bts head | The oounsel here related the oiroumstanocs of the 1 wound?the instrument it was done with, an axe?and related many olrcumstanoes to show tbat the murder i was committed on Thursday When Mr Smith g?ve I the alarm, tbe prisoner was notified, and his conduct j was very singular. He was Informed tbat hie father was dead, but he said nothing. He was again in- I formed, but he said nothing At length he walked | from his room deliberately down into the bar room of the tavern where he boarded, wished his hand-, | and ooolly called for a gla** of brandy?although bis father wa* lying dead In an adjoining building He evinced no feeling on looking at the corpse of hi* tamer?aunougn mac corps* wan surreunueu oy iae ; weeping member* of the family. His Urn remark rut "the old man'* watch is gone?the via man's ooat is gone ' ? the old man's raaor is gone," &o , thereby endeavoring to Induce tbe bell"! that he had been murdered for 1 plunder Tbe prisoner ? as examined at the cnroner'e inquest, but every one was willing for humaulty sake to , charge every one but tbe prisoner with tbe crime. I:. 1 wan found that on- blow of tbe axe had killed him Tli orisoner at tbe time said he had onnversed with the old , man in the early part of Thursday evening The object of this remark was to induce the belief tha the old man ; was murdered late on Thnrsday eveiing, as tbe prison er would be able to prove that he waa somewhere 4s? at the time of tbe commission of tbe crime All the evidence would go to show that the murder was oonuni W on Thursday. Mr. L related severri stories which the prisoner had circulated, contradictory in themselves ? A bad feeling bad existed between tbe prisoner and lil< father On one occasion, when the Utter was unwell, be had remarked, ' let him die?he's oiily lit to have a b .11 hole through him !" About a week before the murder prisoner was at his father's place, intoxicated, and abused tbe old man. lie desired his father to give him bis wHtcli but the old rnau refuted, when the prisoner told him to '-go toh-U!" A nuht or two belorw the murder, the son again called upon bis father, and aitbr repeated insults said, "O - d d? n yon, I'll be the mesne of your end !" An angry fit oftbe ton's took plaoe ou Wednesday before tbe murder Home personal property ?a horse, ka? possessed by the old man, was the occasion of it. On tbe same d ij he remarked to some oa? else mat * lie >4 b< d ? J if he Uid not havo It >11 settled In a week " Several other remarksof tbl? kind Were spoken of by the oouuBel fur the people (A map ut the m-ighb, rhooU whs here exbltiitid). The prosecution would sb. w tb?t the prisoner left Marvin's store on the evening of th murder, protessedly to go to his boarding house at Ollendorff's. aoross ttie street, at about. nineo'clooa. About ten o'Uook he came to Ollendorff's?rim irked that 1' was cold?and said that he had b*en to call on rum friends This was the time the muider was J During the Coroner's examination, a Mr. Cramer wn: oolied o to the staod At the time ot the murder li had driven by the house, and had seen a man enter the building, where the old man laid The man had h slouched palm-leaf hat on, entered hurriedly and ouu tiously, and it was his Impression that he was of th.' same slae as the prisouer When testifying before fli. Coroner's jury, he was asked tf hecoaldpcilnt otit assemblage any one who looked like the man who e&t'T ed the premises where the crime was oonimltted. The j prisoner Immediately left the room, and did not retort, until Mr. Cramer had left the Couit - Tmy Budget. The arguments In the Pea Patch IsUni case were olosed ou Friday When Mr. Clayton, the la>t speaker, had concluded, Mr Sergeant, in a lew appropriate re- j marks, expressed the great satisfaction he hfti enjoyed In listening to counsel on both sides, and particularly ut the amicable and courteous manner In which the esse bad been concluded lie said that he ' had derived tli? greatest assistance from their arguments ard research"* an assistanoe of which he was lure that he would f*t i the value now that he was about to be left to his ow , judgment. The only thing in the whole matter wh> ctl was not a souroe of unmixed atisfaotion to him that In deoldlog for one party, ha would be unty(r t necessity of deciding against tue other, tbougr w|jln,. turn ovuer wouiu urn, iv w?i> u?i iui J " ?" r ,y J'hrafarenoa hu bean so steadily and laboriously ?t WOik for ?n minj days together, that there twmr j tomethiui: of In It* separation " The Supreme Court of Indiana ha* pronounned tliblaok oodeof that Slat* unooosiltntlop it mad* ii crime for * negro to enter the 3t?te fKbout glrmg bond Court Harilitl of Lieut, Col. FVemoiit, twiktt-iiith bat WA?Hiworoif, Friday, Df0 3. 1847 Cold, rainy day. Appl>o?'i<?n to hold the court up i . town refused by the War Offlo*. Court therefore, hasembled at the Areenal at ten A M., as usual. All pr> naut R?o?rd read. fci Lt Col FaitMOMT submitted a most fxtenslve tn*f of aSolal oorrespandeaco for the oousideratian of u.oourt. The Judoc Adtocatc, In reply to a qur?t|nn aeked H him, said (hat t > his knowledge he had never before Krii many of the tapers b>-re prtaentad He merely m nnanosd their cbaranter to the nourt, without m*j trig thu they were or were uot. Intei,d-d as evidence for the dr feooe They give, he presumad, accoun'e of the gencrU state of affttrs after the arrival there of Oen. K-artiy The juikik acitocatk, uria'im read the H?t-* of thi ? offloUl papers. Moat of them h.iv<> heretofore b??n puh linked by (Jongrrss - some, howt-ver liillnj up the chinkbare not They begin with the flrst instruoiious to n?> naval oommtnders in tne Paoiflo, and oouh on down embracing all the material naval and aimy oorrrspoi dence in reference to the operations in the California I sffeattng the i??ue* before the oourt Lieut Col khkmopit submitted an explanation In t> f-rence to thf-se papers in several o*ses, un ter is' quest from the Departments, extract* only from ! ' were (liven. In ro tar as the said letters wwre relets '' the otyect. of the defeuoe. Th*Juduk \DvocaTE sujrg'jsted. w'th a view t}( examination or these papers by the court, ?' ((#t )t't' closed The court was clsired according^' d>lj Iteration After the lapse of two hour! tha Jn# Advocstname Into the ante chamber, and annua* i0rl| to jj,, t Col Fremont, that as the court woul4 b 4r,||y flninrt If paper* to-day he was at liberty till to morrow Lien Col Fremont, and o>inn*el, Com Htoa' iMl)< Bfl(| nil witnesses, and a number of sp?' jtatora iiit?u evacuated tha Mtabllskmaat Wa miky po?ntbly hi- iu with Com Stockton to morrow. Lawranoa Taarnay WM?^#4, In pritate on 'rijai at Kaaton, Pa. Religious InteUI(f?nc?. 1 I Calskdas roa Dscsmse*.? 8. Second Sunday I vent 3 3d Sunday la Advent. , 7, >. Embsr I 1'. *'h Sunday ta Advent 31. 8t Thomas 34. mat Buy <0. 1st Sunday after Christmas. 37. if the ??aoittllit. 38. Inaoeents. I Ths Hot J. Smith. A. M., oatbollo pastor ol I mond, Ctnada Wsst has Juit returned from I I and his health muoh Improved. I The parish ohuroh of Uwell, Surrey, being In I ous oonditlou a pari-h meeting was held torn I ftince to take Into constd?ration the propriety of lag th<- old or rrrctlng a new one, when Sir li. LJ tbe reotor, offered to psp tbs whole expanse In Ut instance (the aupposrd oost about itOOO) if tbe ' I would agree to raise ?1000 out of tbe above sum In' I ty ) ears to whloh they agreed SirQ. L. Qlynalt' an aore of land upon which to erect It, and a sp. I and handsome tdldoe Is now rapidly In progress. An Important meeting was held at Nyaok, on I ursday, of last week, for tbe purpose or organl I Rockland county Biol* society. The Rev. Dr. L>. and Dr. Brlgliam, of Nsw York, attended as del) I from the Amerloan Bible soolety,and delivered ad I es; the former also preached on the Bible oause th I oeding evening. Attsr the organisation of the sool H blank book was furnished for eaoh oongr?gatlon i I oouoty, and meacures are to be taksn at onoe to I members in each the contribution of any sum, wit I name reoorded, constituting memberiblp for one I The Prasbyterlau church and congregation of C< I t ua, MIm , bave etT-red unanimous call to the Re< I Hoyt. of Athena, U? , to become their pastor. I Rev Aea T. Hopkins D D , of tbs Prssbyt* I ohureh, Buffalo, died on Saturday last Hs was si with paralysis absut a week previously, and aevs I covered Rev 8amuel Ripley, of tbs Unitarian ohuroh, of I oord, wsnt with his cbalss on Tueiday moroiog, ti I depot to m?et bis daughter, who was coming bom I spend Tbakiglvlng Tht-y met and starts* for b but when a little more than half wsy, the dinghtsr I served tbat ber father was not driving Very ears' and turning to inaaire th* reason found tbat dead Mr Ripley w'as aeon of tbe late Rev. D' , r'| I of Concord R?t Charles Van Loon, of the Bar'tut chore I Fougbkeepsle, died very suddenly lut'*Mk, Rev D F Page, of the Methodic. Episcopal okt I Whitehall, N Y died on the lip NoT. The Krt Henry W Lea har rvilgnad tba raatoi I of Christ Oburoh. *prlii?n?' whiob he bai hah nine years. end aocepteil lh,| ?f Ht Luke's Cht Roohtster. New T?rk; l?*a wiu ?ater npon his dull" that place ftbouf ChrW>? aHa Tba Ray D, Mo'Cny h*s keen transferred from dlooesn of M???aol\u?etta, by lefers 4Umls?ory, to H diocese of LoulMVja The Hev. Dtv'.a Greene Ilaskins has been reoel I into tbe diocese of Massaobuaetts, from tbat of Mala I The (lav. B G. Nubia baa burn appointed anoint minister in tba Chprch of " Tbe Holy Trinity," Br< I MUlt Failures. I M e hays bad two arnvalH of tba steamer Cana ainca webavo bad a mail Th's speaks well ot Un B Sam's mail arrangements ?Dt roil Jldv. Nov. 17. I No mall was received last night aonth of tba Oiatr I of Columbia Tbera ware three mall* from New Orlei I due hare laat night, via: of 38d, 34th and 39th ult.?J) I timtrt Jlmtiuan, 14 init. I Tbe Southern mall haa failed for three days In at I oestion beyond Weldeu, N. 0.?Botion Journal, id in H Tba weateiD mall from beyond Colutnbua, Geo , fall I at Charleston 8. C., on tbe 38th of Nor. The ponl I however, supplied the news. A few daya finite the brig Huteklnaon, in htrtrlp I from Buffalo to this port,heat Uncle Sam's mail 34 hofi I Tbe bark U lot arrived here on Friday laat) three d? In advance of the Buffalo pacers, anaounolng her < parturo Tbe at earner Champion arrived bare 8ua d evening on ber way to Detroir, and brought ur. an <ea I em mail, the only one we havq had in riidut.?M vraukie Stnhntl. 98d A'ao. The Eastern mall arrived at an early hour yeste?d> I morning, but failed to bring the proper date*.?St h*u JlopvWcan, 3M Nov. We understand tbat the Postoffle* De^artmnm I closed a oentraot with tbe Bay line, la connection Um? Kl?r W.t. t/.. ??- " . .. .V? -uBUB|luiHblW) VI IU?' |r?l Northern mail By thi* most wlee and bl?**ed iuioii ment, th-< Northern paper* will arrive bar* from tujj twenty hour* later tban at present. All honor to -1 UluBtriou* Cuti, who only n?eda to have oantrol 4 f the department*. to plaae the whole country bank it , t middle of th? dark age* ? Ritkmoni Rtpublnf w i ml ant. ' An aMoeiation ha* been organised by the N# # y0 paper*. in oonneotion with tha paper* of tost a 0f t Southern ettl?a. to transmit intelligence from ' pjew q l.aoi on? day in ad?anot ortle mail. The faet that tt oan be dene, and i* done, i* moat dlegraoefut t 0 tj,c p, cfflce department. If the goTt-rrment cany j't COmpe with prvate enterpriae, let it not claim ft 1 n0nopoly the bualneea ? Pravid**ee Journal, id intt The Wreck ok the Talisman?' Harrowii*Scenrb?Tho Tnli^man was sttf jur?r4r of the boiler*, and tank in ten minute*. when *be wi struck, the pa***ng*rewere nearly all The Ten ' peit return?d to the relief of tha Tall** ' , tj,# 0ft eer* and part of the crew of both t?r M ?V*rted then *el?'F to *?Te life and property 'Af?w only of tb' pnaaeognra till remain waning the onaraiiwn? 0f the d1 log bell Amnu< these is a jf 0DJ/0 ,raian. Marti1 O-rmon. who unable to apeak r *d f v?glt*h, waoH ders about the deck gating at tho ^ ^"hounh b *s peered it to glee up the 0f j,tg' w ?nd ehl" dr*n Two othur German# >nd Mr CmlJt ?,f Morga oounty. Ohin^remain on t* , WNck f#r th, ^ v S^eri! zsrjxs?g?*ip. -jt* - - nmowiBg II a list ?" drowned, as far ?"'? veined Mr* Nioht i?. Mr1 K^iiali Bennett, Mljr, '^Barlotte Cady, Miss Clean#, Cady Surah Bennetr,,ag ed t?n y?arg) j}?llod? B a?*<t fl,jtatwn moa'ttaF-^ F.llia Ston*. aged two y*ars L--w h Cady, wed fou /teeu years; Thomas Bonnet ^ age'1 eiuht jkm. t raool* Bmnett. u?# tlx years I All thei>e w?-re from V,organ county, t)hio. moTtnft c- Wt wl Soltayler count j. Ilnnoli They were travelling > Jell the protec'lon t>f Jvhn B. Story, 1 C Williams-^nl aon O'Nell. dkck band, Jon ?? . deok hand, tfom P?Wa burgh, Ha John I bona*# Br,tier, chief engine* r , tw? children of Mr Thoi**? fr?or, slxtaen G*rn?M? ?'" i grants, whose niora ? c.osjI i not prooora from tl?e Jdeoi b iok or from pa?H?uj?ri. negroes. belonging to Wlr R H Buskner, nfcall.wMy Go, Missouri Total flttj <> <> The late of Mr Bi?' ler, the engineer. was peculi.^rtV tossing H" wa^ on wat?b. aud although he *4'" R* I ouce. aud ?*? t<rfd, ihat the boat must sink, he i *"?? <*] to luaTx hi* port until the wati-r wan up to bU wal " .' l ' w<8 th"B loo I it? - unabta to Aem the ruab of wat? *> j <??? born* "t>ark among th? machinery and drow %,a' The Rtf.tiHir.un also onutalos a utatemenf from a r. | reu t (OulU m?n from M?n?fHd. Ohio, wka was on bea. | Ha fats, that having remained at the Cape until Mo. ' day morviiig. thus being enabled to converse with nearj lj all ?>f the patMiigvr* pareonally. from the tim? of out i tut<?lH>ph?, th* public, may safely rely upon the aocount here furnished, of th? lossot lieea, with e'/ery speoflestiun that, can doubtleu, r**r be glten 'goon alter ' the neent o.-oarr^J. th? olerk informed m* 'that a r*glstry of tti* or th? nuinbrr nou d no/ w- ?i??n a* i iiioa' of thoi*- |f?u trnrH on d*ok. and notice taken | of them, ft expeeilnn any uii*f>rtun? to happen to , them There i? now do douot of tbe loe# of an interring yuug 'arty uuci K<?itlemi>n r?oeatly married, having { ruttied overboard and p^rl^hed. 'fhi n w< re the only i losa from the oabin Of deek pasaen/ arR( the following ! In the rao?t probable acouuut: ? ! Ottmnn i raUraota. several hunlllee.f lnat) 3* A lard* 1'iuiil; front Mlaols, uooor/ ring to the statenriit of a iu*mb?r Vvtved lutt. ... 10 ' Two younit eoai?u olr -notb. r f*od 3 1 Two men, outi from Kittii If, Armstrong oonnty, PennsylTJ.uia, and at><<tti?r , llllnoia, with whom I foruie i a Mi?bt a<-rta?1nm/ot>, while examining : tithe toglnta tbatUy before..* 3 i hesd engineer - . 1 Two Utile g'ufla of ?*n, n?me of Prior, whose mother, a widow. 1? no* rjt the Capo, and whose bodies b?ve been found , Negro belonging to Mr. Buakner, of Callow.y oounV/, Missouri # M^1 .inn | to'al of 81 Tber*' muat be many ioa', oonoarnlag whom no know; ledge v >n MT?r be obtained, however indefinite it may be. w* b' l0w there was a rery large and unuaual number of & iok passengers aboard In conversation wltb ona of th# qi ajj intell gciii man, before th* accident took plaoe, i *>' <raid tome there were nearly one hundred and fifty I " ?that the boiler deck was *o crowded wltb good*, ttl? i stock, and paesengers, that he had found no plants lie down If tbl* calculation be wltbin fifty of tb? truth, there were, at least. seventy-five Uvea lost in f.ewreok of the steam bout Tali-man The property on board, consisted cbit-fiy of dry-gooda, oaatlnga, plr w? wagoaa, ko Tbere were seventeen boraea and mul?a, all o* which were loat?six of them belonging r 0 j^r Buckner. Capt Gould ia already there with Ilk , diving bell, to bring op the cargo from tho wr*ok ' .in-h will be saved, thnnuh If, * mtmt* ? ? ? ~ ? ??v^vP v,. ^#>i^ Republican. , Ft/RTKTIR PARTICULAR* 0? ?? p,,..A? j RIM.?It appears that Mr ? F Bplknan of Con" ! cord, on? of th* largaat rallro* / F" . . .P\v. C?n" j try U had I r?n??otlon? la * ?"nlrMU>? ,nut1?" ooun" ! Mlllur, who hu for antral y way. wlthO-orga larga opar.tot In Stat. t'rm "rV bs;D VT' ^\Za'} I th?m. Mr B who mid**|Id W a 1 notaa jayabe to htm; frr m" ?? w ' 'J**" . | Mippoaad. h. hu. man' m wh,Sh g#nui!|? ?*" " U I n-arly that amount h' Jj^tDwd oT.r >M? 000 .u r*Tj I *nat> bun (organ-. ' ?J b"?n prooounoad by Mr Bal-1.ff-r.nt in >l?<du*lD "I1"* J," b":n, U5r" ant b*i ki In Dm# by th-?i dlacounfed at dlffar?^d . h.t?/'?. "8,?Vy; ?? not*. d'?nonn'"il' ?? !"* will not. Iom m tho ourah .urn W? .??>. tlw #nd"*?aoi?oU of t.h? original aigned rt* Mr ' l*'D that *11 thanoUa which hava baan lar and mm a' w*r* W,tt'n bT tha dark of VIIIand It baa > ?"?< " P?>?b|?l mX.I*- Snff4k Bank, Boiton; TolH Bonk ""n lh" ot to Hand to the Huf'allmu d' "'vj d?y to obtain >h? no location* of not** up ilia ' J* 'hi* ina?n? ho haa baen anahlad to tana .or gad papar, and ?ub?l Unta ' a faw mora of tho ho " w" Iwn that tn, ?l?rk of Mr Mill*r U an *las at nmn ; and although ha Itaa writtan tha not*-*, ha y i na?ar a-an vlr B?l*nap glg-o oqa, it having b>an .iilvr'a bualnriw to gat th-< mgD*>tur? to tha uotna, by tiling m r>?rn.n ''h r? wem notaloatlona for nota? to tha *n> not of $10 000 filllog dua today, only ona of tlftHO h>-lng itanmna Mblor. wa hvliara. him not baao a i ti> Stat- *-r**t f r tha l?#t *a?-k. and an ha hai bad oflnaalon to ha f'aqianily in Maw York, wht-ra h? haa * ? l targa oparattooa. hlaabaenaa <?aa thought nothing f 'intil th? not|f| uatl<1n? for notaa oktnia to lilr Balituap, .atb<-r runrii nnii ron'h thin hla ac<wu*fs winild justify. I hl? t'o-<ary l?*q'i?i |n' holdnapn. If i?ot amiiiar, to any una wlthto "Ur rurnamhra^oa ; and It ouly goaa to aho# (hat p> r?nn? ?rhoara In habit of purchasing p?par, 'houll And out. >h?tlt |?g-k'nnln? hafora thay awe with I hair money Tha laot t.bD.t waa known of Mllu-r wak, 'h it b" It-fr ,Vrw y(irk noitiH <ja mnoa for rhiladatphlft, Ine- whicli nmbliirf tiM baan 6* "'I from him Ha haa I'Tt h. bind him a Tarr Intarra Ini*'*mlly. and, w ara ' rry to add, a Minted rapiuatv on ? Bf'?n Tram. /'?? II i'aul Mr ..if of Virginia, a inamk*? of th?^ fraahman ' taai (if VjJa t oliaga la mixing It tb?t ha laft S*' H:i?. n in Vtnnday Wnak, tittdar c<a"?*in?tanoe? abu b uraata amlaty

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