Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 6, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 6, 1847 Page 1
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TH VVUoU No. 4031. PARK THKATRB?BJ5NCHT OK MH8. ABBOTT. Monday kv?niii(, Dec 6, will h* |?rfomcil LONDON ASSURANCE?Sir Hirttouit (.'ourtly, Mr Placid*; DiuU, Pvoit; Lndy<>ay Spanker, Mra O Jouci; Gric* Harkaway, Mm Abbott. To coucludr with the farce ofPKKFJCCTION ?Sir Litwieuce Pui'von. Mr B*m: Chi 1m FiruM, Dyot|; tWm, A Ai'ilrewi; Kit* O'Briau, Mr* Abbott. Bot*i $1. Pit ij)? ent?; Ualltiy ? oiiti. " |5~A 11 K T H K A T H K -MR. DYOTT r?.p.cUully au<K ninouuceaio hit frirnd* that hit Benefit if appointed to t\ke fltceou ucit Wtdncaday, 8th Dec. farhculare of the fiif<pitunm?-nta will be dojv nnnouacedin the bilje. JTiclWteio on ling ot ivir pyoii. 4? w n.te st. ui BUWKRY THEATRE.?W. jacvion tMacager: Blue vlnn.-.ger, M? STavnws.?MqpdaT Ere?ing, Doc. 6th, will be pvrfo meet tii* grand ballet ot GI3KLLE, ?' the Willi#*? Giselle, Miss Turutull; Tnuc* Alvtrt, Mr O. W. Braith^ficTions to which, the u*w tirsmn stvUd THE BOTTLE; or, the Cause and Kfleet?Richard Tnornley. Mr C. W. Clarke; G.<t*rce, Mr.Til'on; l)ognos?, Mr. J. H. Hall: Codillna, Mr. C. Luriir; Ruth Thornley, Mlsa Phillips; Elian, Miss Hibburd; Esther Clara, Mis. Jordan. Doors open al ti>? o'ctoct eua ilia curtaia will rua al / Boaaa. 2i Cents; "vud CAliTi?bO WEHY THE \TUfc-MlS3 JUL1A TUHNBULL rtn?ct fully inforiflt her fnends and the public Muernlly, that her Beuefit will ukc pliei oa Wedneadiy Kvmuirg tth, upou which occtsiou will be presented tfec fraud billet of.OMFKLMC. OH THE WILLI f8; the new li'iiim < ( TH K UO I'TLE, and lur the flnt tuna LA. POLKA N ATION/tLIC will be daucad by Miss Turnbnll ai.d O W. Smith. Other rnteit tiumeots will ba expressed in lha bills of the day. Box Book now m?n>. dS3f in CHATHAM THt:ATKEj? Under Hie Manageiuesi 01 Ml. i"l.KTO HKll? Stage Uaii???r. Mir. HielcT?On Monday Evening, Dec. C, will be presented toe play of LOVE AM) MADNESS?OttaYiau, Mr. Iliald ; Sadi, y*fldis ; Virolet, W Hield ; Klois ithe Mrs McLean ; Agues, Herbert After which, the HOLLAND FAMILY. To ba followed by ihe MODEL AllTHTKH. To conelnde with the new graud i'iiit"m me of the GOLDEN KEY?Characters by the Hoihud family, &c. Doors open at halfprtst 6; performance to cominence at 7 o'clock. Bote 25 cent*?Pit. 12H cents BOWbRY AMPHITHEATRE?Monday Evetsing, Dec. 4th?Old KHANK BKO vV ER. the oulytrue Nearo Kai lesent nive, aud hit first appee'auce in this city as Clown to ttis Ho'srmauship of B. vV. Carroll, and his infiutila paiil, Waiter Levi. .Mr Madigan will ride his freat principal A't. Mr Hweet will personate theCamiactie Chief on horseback Miss Wells and Misa Mailigan in a P<s de Deux. To concln e Willi the colic opera ol OH! HUSH! Boies 25 cents; Pit, 12>f cents. Children, to boxes, half price. Doors opr'^nt r> -enterttiumeiit? to crnvmence at 7. d*? lt?rrc AST'?R PL, vCE OPERA? Positively the 'ast night <>f XERNANI?Monday Evening. Dec. Jth.will be performed Verdi's Graud Opera,entitled HftRN AN I?Elvi>a.8i*nora Teiesi Trtiffi; III rnuii, Swnor Adehudo Vietti: Don C arlo, fijnor Antonio Avignon: Dju Ruy Gomez de Hilva, Signor Het itnio Hosi; Giovmna.Sigaora Aagiola Mora;DonRiccsrdo Siguor Keltx Geni.vesi; Jago, 8igior Severo Stiioi. Doors open at 7 o'clock?to coinmence ?t ha'f past7. IiCHELL'b OLYMPIC Th?aTHE-Ou Moudajr hive tune, Dec 6. the performances will comme ica with NIGHT DANCERa?Albert. Mrs Tiram: Godfrey, Mr Cnuuinuhain; Kri lolm, Mr. Holland; Giselle. Miss MaryTaylor. After which, THE ARC ADK?Jerrmi-h Wigton, Mr. C'oiover; Matk Heiidv, Mr. Ch^nf.aa; Larry OVlaek.Mr. CauuinKhani; l.ougvufT Mr. Clarke; Mus Clemenfue, M s. Timin After which, THE BOARDING 8UHOOL?Captain Hire 'Urt, Mr. Uhanrrau; James, Mr Conover; Caroline B >the. Miry T?ylof. To enneiuie with, A DAY WELL hrEN X'?Mir.tle, Mr. Holland; Ha,net Cotton, Mn. H. laherwod; Laura, Miis Mealing. D"ors open ?t half past six, rrnJ the emtiiD trill me ac 7. Dress Dircle, 50c; Upper B.-vifi 3'c: lMtt,l?i<c. BtRNUM'S"AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P T BIRHUM, Pmpr e'or : P Hitchcock, Manager?SP'.ENDlD PERFORMANCES THIS AKTKUNOON at 3 o'clock, and Thia l.veni k "t h?ll p??t J o'clock. Enffmied. for a ?rw dayi, CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN SERENADERS AND OfERA CO vl PANY. who will appear in a GRAND ETHIOPIAN BURLESQUE OPEllA, and alao in their Popular Minarrelsy. a' each i>eif irmauce. Also a celebrated SCOTCH PIPER: Misses GABZYNSKI. Jurenile Dancers; GREAT WESTERN, Mim BERNARD, Miss JULIEN, MODELS Ok' SHAKSPEARE'S HOUSE, and other haiMinsa conuect I with his history; LIVING ORANG OUTANG, lie.? AJm tt?nce to the whole, 25 cents; children nnder ten years of tut ami old enough to walk alone, 13>4 cent*. Reserved front seats, oue shilling each extra. dSjrc fV| EC HAN ICS' ilAi.ii 473 Hroaawny. Mr??< <*rand i?l urei Sroome streets. Crowded to overflowing with the BE iUTY and FASHION of New York. OPEN EVERY WIGHT UNABATED SUCCESS Ninth Week of the Original CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS The Oldest Established Band in the United states ft..P. CHRISTY E. PEIRCE, G. N.CHRISTY C. ABBOTT, J. RAYNOR, T. VAUGHN, whast original and inimitable conceits are nightly nonori i with crowded and highly respectable audiences, and ucirersallv admitted to excel everr amusement of a simiiw character offered in this city. Admission 35 cents. Children nnder U years, hall price. Doom open at 7; concert _will commence at I o'cloek. di 7t*re S<icTEfY^LTbIiARYTEC PURE ROOM. 3d BroTiT Way.?Mr LYNNK respectfully annonncea that he will give his bat senes of Musiral Illustration* to the above Hoom. on the eveniugs of Tuesday, Thursday, and 1'utsday, December 7th, Itlli, and Jlat. The Muaical lllu?trniiuiu will consist of tiie crlcbr'ted Masic to Shakapesre'a PlaVa ana Lwlcs, sclectrdlrom th? works of Parcel), Arne, M tt'iew, Locke, Stevens, Jackaou, Beethoven, T Cooke, 8irH.K BUhnp.Hnd Mendelssohn. Tiie Plays aelected for lilustration, vri h introductory rema ka and readings will be the Tempest?Aa You Lik? It?Macbeth?Hirolrt?And Midbuinmer .Plights Dre*m. The following Vocalists ar* engag i:? Mrs. ?dward Loder. Miai De Lute, Mra. Joue?, and Mm .M L. Leach, from England! her first appearance in Am?>ici; Vr. Julimon, and Mr. 8. L. Leach. The Chorua aelected fivm Members of the American Ma <ical Institute. Condacto -, Mr. George Loder, who will preside it the Piano Forte. Adm:M ou each- Kvming. one Dollar. Ti'keta for tiie Series of 3 tveniogs, Two Dollars. Tickets to te Ind at the difTe.-eut Music 8torea, of Mr. C. 8. Francis, Bouksell-r, BroaJwar, and of M'. Lynne, 3D .Vlercer street. Do?is open at half pa?t 7. To rommeuce at t o'clo* k de< 4t*m r|>YKOLn.AN COINCKRT?The Hauaer Family,relatirea X of the itainera, will have the honor of giving their Fourth Concert in Amrrica, on Wednesday evening, Dec. I at the Hncicty Library, on which occasion tbey will pieaent au ei.ti'e chtnie of prog.-amme. Tickets ndmitti H a gertlemi.i and two la-t es, SI; single tickets, SO cms. Doors open y.t haf-rnstt; to contnrme at lialf-pati 7 o'clock. No postponement on "cc mut of weather. dS 4t?m H , 11A w A V (HlkON ?k'nftaiK-e thrnnah Plateaus' Ma JD loon under the m, abetment of Mr. E. (3 Orceley Parnuette. IS rents; Poxes, ItX cents. OnjTuesdav evening, Dec. 7,1*47 the performance* will commence with Oieriau Exercises Vocal aud lusirnmen *1 Music, Dancing, lie. The cncrlaiuioents will conclude with the Tableaux Vivsots, given I)/celebrated artiste* who hare made thia exhibition their particular study. Performance to commence Ht half past 7 dS6t?m THK GUKKK SLAVIC, corner of Broadway anLeonard stre?t*-This statue, by Powers, will remain >n New Vork a rt time longer. All season tickets issued since the 16th October will be available nutil the close of th? exhibition ? Single ?dm'?i' n 11 cents; season tickets 69 cents. Hoars of exhibition f otn 9 A. M until 10 P. M dfi 7teod*re RIOINAL 8t>,NUlD ALTAR J'IKCfc or the Adoraiokofthe Virgin and Infant Jesus, and other Saints,hy Sr. Bonavriitu'S, painted in the 16th century, by Rubens; just arrived from Europe; exhibiting at 4IS Broadway, cori-er Lisl>enard street. Admiasion. *4 cents; season ticksts. 50 cents. Seen from 9 A. M. till 10 P. M. d4 6t*m YOUNO GKNTLKMEN wishing to join a respectable Amateur Dramatic Society, may learu the terma. and all uece"*^ information, by eallicg on JOHN OEOHQE TAYLOR eo'tumer,5< Prince strret. d2 3teod*rc LfcCTUKf.H Of* ASTRONOMYProlessor O. M. MITCilLLL.of Cincinnati, will deliver a coarse of lectures on Astronomy, at the Tabernacle, commencing on Weduesuiy evening, Deceinoer I, at hall past 7 o'clock to borontiuued ou Kruliiy aud Monday evening's! until the close. The cnu>se*wil| consist of six lectures, and will embrace nn exposition of the great problem of the Universe, the mechanism of the tiolar System, and the constitution of the Ftarry Heavers, witt. au aecouut of the great modern discoveries, aud the influence of previous theories Family tickets, lor four persons for the course, ti;tieke's for lidy and geiitlemm. for the co'-rse ?3; Single ticket! for the course, S J; single tickets for ?ch lecinrOO .-ls.,m'V be obtained nfC. 8. FKANCIM, No. M BmmIw w. and at the other principal book stores in the city, snd at the Tabernacle, on the evaning of the lecture. n2' Wt*rr THt KIR8T ANNUAL EXHIBITION OK THE N V. CANARY Blltl) KANCIKR8' ASSOCIATION, at the Lycum U-ild:n?. ',03 Broadway, enannicti on Tue* tiny, Ue'-pm'?er 7ih and will comma* the Oth. *lh and Itth? Thiaeihitmu livng the Aral of the kind in the United 8t?tee, vril embrace, m addition to a beautiful duplav of tbe long lire-d Cauanea, thowu by tnrmoeia lot premium, a numercna collection of rare fancy and Singing Bird*, loaned |jr the oeMHM by priva!* individuals The room will be appropriately decorated with tin were ?i,d eTergreeo?, and no paint will b? scared to make the exhibition aa interesting aa it >a uoyl.-l Ti-kets 2i centi, admitting a gentleman and lady. Ot>en from > A. M toif M. _ _ <l?4t?rc OTTIUNONVt OVMNA8IUM.-CHAHLk.flT. OTTIONON inform the pnblic that lua eitentive and well veuillat'd eaubliahmeiit, 15, P and 19 Canal atreet. corner of 11 'P. fe i pen Trom tunrite till 10 f M. for the reception of Kyn'n'tit md pupila Hit Oymnntinm ia c mp'erely fnraiehetl Willi nil lie appa'atna f r peiforming the whnle exerciaei of a (iynuiaaiuin. SI* ARlllN (i rCHOOL? Mr O will pertou .lly iu.truet at ^ It timet, those who deaire it, in tl e art ol flelf-Defence 8' HOOl OF" A"MS?Kencing taught, by an i iperieiiced Miolettor f-om Parit. with the tmt|l or broad ?w:.n a. or (ingle atiek. 'I be Pittol Oallery i< famished With the Tery be?t uT Kngliah Unelliag Pietola and all the other apiuiten ucea for Putol Practice. N B ?Mr. O. at the re'luest of a number ol eentlerren in now liaring hnilt in ouei.f the most ?i'y, healthy end ceutr?l locations in ihtt city, KB f motive Gymnasium, ? hich will bs fnruithed with all the ?pi>?r?tu? found iu sny Gyuinssium He intends ;t ?*?ll mi: be inferior to a?y other establishment ol the lend in the United States. Subscription Book u now open it Ins i ?j iMMiimn in Ciuisl stieet, where any Jariher information cm he obtai ed. d? Ut*m \ It 1) KS I.A K \ V h.T I K "-i li?-U'.t bull ol UkS La vJT I'ayette Wmnli will t?k? place at the C liseora. No 410 Brnadwuy, on Wednesday Evening, Dec 2id. IH7. The C.mmittee of ArrMgr meats assays those ladus *ud gentlemen who may honor this their Ant Ball by their presence, ihtt no e Horn oil their p\rt will be wan'mg to render it agreeHole, and !i>tt?rth-m?elve? that th? arrangement! ihajr haee mad* are sncli an rannot fail to please the moit fastidious ? Tickot* of admission. iuc ndin*supper for a >ady and gemlem in, rail be hud of the following committee. Price $1 Cent. J J.otiaii, 451 Pearl ?tre?t; M'. H Hillet. 12 Bearer ?t eet; Mr. H Omler, ,J| lm ?tree': Mr. Wm. Sullivan, 8S ( hriatopher at' eet; Mr L Loclere. 3D? Broadway; Mr. O Landesman. ? Allen ?t>eet; Mr Win I)ibb>?. 263 Broadway; Mr. O.Merc eu 44 Canal street; Mr. Th. Rockling, 35th st. corner >f ?ih avenue dl 7 eod*m Mtt- 8 *KA'.('.<), 10 Caoal at, east oruer of H-oadway, wiuu several Italian or French youna ladiea. from >5 to 21) vents of ice.whora he will leach gratia all the dances of the saloon N B ?None need apply without good references. i*1 ?-*rc Dv n7" | NOAG ^DfcMY-M'LLtTPAUtlNIC UE8JAEDINS. of the Royal Academy of Paris.most reapectfnl ly NUiiouRcea to her pupils, hdies and gentlemen, that aha flontiuaei her claaaea for the Tnition of Daneieg, in all its fashionable branche?,at No I Washington Place. For young L'xdirs Masters. Wcdnrsdavs auil Saturdays, from 3 to 5 o'cloe*. P M.; for (Jentleinan, Thursdays and Ssinrdays.frora 7 to 9 o clock. P.M. At 71 Leonard street, for Ladies sud (Jentiemm. Monday* and Wedue?diTs,from7 to 9 o'cloek, P.M. Private L'ssont Iron llX to I o'eloek every day. M lie P. I).i will comnifiice giving Soirees Dinsau'es to hef Pnpils Schools ami Pnvnte Families attended. n30 I4'?m DANi;IN > ANuiwalizTi^^^icrirr.~?rTioVnrd street?Signora and Signor Ferraao, have re-opened 1'ieir school and are about commencing a new afternoon clasa t?r younu lidiei and masters.and an evening ciaas for aentlemeo at 7J(j. I)ays of tuition Mondays and Thursdavi, and Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3X f?T voting ltdies and masters, fn the f vening of r.lie same days,at 7X, gentlemen's elasaea. The new w?lti Carre, and all the new fanhionable dances are taught dnri g the term I'rirate dancing aoirees will begiveu as usual ill l eroderc /All" u|,km K U t, l. K K. W holatala and Hetail Dealer is lenning's New Patent Premium Safety Uaa Lamps, anil Parent ft-jagere Oas, for burning in the seme. Also, Cempliins. Spirit .Use, Oil and Laril Lamps, Hall Lanterns, OlsteMtt'M"1 It 14iae4*rB :e ne NE\ THE COSTWHATlOfl or TBS HISTORY OF THE WAR. Xts Romance and Reality. INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE FROM KBZZOO. THE RECEPTION OP THB HEROES AT HOME. Military Enthusiasm in New Orleans. AFFAIRS AT QUERETARO. Proceedings of the Mexican Congress. Incidents in the City of Mexico. THE PROGRESS OF ANNEXATION, Ac. 4k>. 4ce. In looking over our fllai of Mexloan papers, brought by the Alabama,at New Orleani, we bare found the following itemi: The complaints of the want of small change In that elty (Mexico,) are bitter II Is even (aid that many habitual beggars are dyteata confeqiience of the scarcity; aa few persons, comparatively speaking, bad less than a dollar to offer them Tile is Imputed to various csuses; among others, to the faot that speoulators had engrossed the little oolns, which they sold at six per cent profit, and fife per osnt waa charged at the Mint Itself. The Monitor Htpublirano of the 10th of October, ! states that ' a young lady of sportive temper, romantic Inclinations, a good singer, ana who, since the affair of San Angel, has cultivated an acquaintance with an officer of the present (American) army, intend* to annex herself and pass over to the American dominion, an Texas has done--notwithstanding the formidable oensure from the Mexioan fair sex." The Tribune of tht Peuple of San Miguel de AUende, of the 13th of Ootober, has the following : " Our brethren of Central Amerloa are making considerable efforts to assist Mexico in her eonfllct-thetr oause is the same, and all the Republics of Spanish, bave an Interest in not bMng absorbed by that of English origin We shall soon see the others, despite their weakness, aiding in the defonce of Mexico. Union, then, and constancy, and victory will crown our endnavors." It seems that some of our African songsters bave penetrated even to th? Mexican capital, for the Af mitnr, of the 30th Oct, contains a notice of a conoert given by them, which appears to have pleased the Mexicans as much as the American part of the audienoe. NEWS PROM tlUERETARO?THE MEXICAN VIEW OF AFFAIRS [From the Monitor Republloano, Oct 28 ] Utnerals Arista and Mlnon are under arrest Ampudia reems to be suspected of revolutionary intentions, and he has been compelled to set out for Zscateoas Almonte ha? experienced rruel rebuffs from tbe deputies and tbe soldiers. Probably he will not yet figure as a candidate, sine* the democrats, persuaded that with him they would lose the election, are divided be-* tween Don Manuel G. Cosle and Don Juan N Complido It la notorious, if the Congress moets, the modorate party will have an overwhelming majority. This, together with the result of the elections, adverse In every respeot to tbe democratic party, have caused the latter to be filled with dismay, and It considers itself ruined. Whilst Pedrasa has been nominated Senator by two States, and Depnty by another, the names of Kariaw and Rejon do not appear in the electoral lists This fact Indicates the state of publlo opinion It cannot yet be seen who will be the acting President. There is a strong sentiment in favor of Pedrata ; but It appears that his friends do not wish to commit him by placing him In front of so diflloult a situation The forces wbieh Santa Anna commanded have arrived af. Tula. Their m?rch is one of rapine in all the places through which they pass. The people, and especially tbe unfertunate farmers, dread their approach as if they were enemies. The same paper baa a letter from Qaerotaro, of the. 3>d of Ootober, which states, " Here is tbe oauldron of the aepiratioas, the petty intrigues, the warlike boastings of those who wish to be considered heroes, and who calculate for tbeir share of the spoils upon the party th-y may jein 80 far, no relorm has been made in the army. Honorable and worthy officers stroll about hungry and caat down, in oempaay with another set of vagabond and needy ruffians who Infest the coffee houses, and who come with tbeir oowardiy predecessors to claim the fair laurels of Balutraa ana iwitruue* u? tanro. On the other hand, it is imperatively necexsary to in'ii*t that the armed foroe ihould depart hence. How oan CoogTeis deliberate among bayonet#? They are a threat for the government,an arm raised over CongreM, which embarraeias everything. The deputies are much divided upon the suttfoct of the oleotion of an acting President j tacb party has two, three and eve* four candidate*; but, as 1 nave just been informed, the mode rales are to-day holding a caucus to conotntrate their ohoice. Their candidates are Mesors I'edraia, Herrera, Ptna y Pena, and Anava. The Globe of yesterday, an you will see, seems decided for the second, saying that it would be well to elect one who has hltberto bad a majority of the vote*of the States for the Constitutional Presidency. This idea doe* not appear to me to be b?<l The candidate* of the democrat* are Messrs. Almonte, and Cnmplido, the president of the coalition; but if the moderate do not combine, it seems to me that, ultimately, the others will concentrate their vote* on Almonte, who then will not fail to be elected The same paper of the 39th of October ha* the fellowing extract of a letter from Qusretaro, under date ol the 36th: ? llere th> re are various reports as to th* course which the government will pursue relative to the vital busi umi oi tun country. ouuiv iuiu> mat tne American for?m are soob to reach us; others, that a commissioner 1U forthwith arrive, but a majority la of opinion that prior to the meeting of Congress, tha negotiation will not be renewed, and there Is nothing duel Jed or certain relative to tha matter. I also believe that the govern ment will not determine aa to Its course until tha Governors shall meet, and the will or the opinions of the States upon tha question of peaoe or war may be ascertained. The same paper statei that a body of disbanded Mexican soldier*, numbering 200 private*, 300 officers, and among them, eight generals, had been ravaging the country about Caernavaca. They had also taken by foroe ail tha money and bonds in the cu?too? bouse cf that olty. The aame paper of the 30th Ootober, states: ' We have been Informed that day belore yesterday, soma thirty men stole 600 mules, and a few horses, belong ng to the Amerioan army, who were at pasture in the hacienda of the Ascensiou, which is about a quarter of a league from thia city. It appears, to favor their operations,many more men were .stationed in tbe ntlgnborhood. Three or four hundred cavalry bate gone In pursuit of tbe robbers, but the result U not yet known " Tbe Mme paper, of tbe 7th November, contains a letter from Querttaro, relative to the proceeding* of Congress, ftom which we extract tbe following : Tbe drat day. the appointment of the offloera waa tbe only bus! neaa done; tbe aecond, a reaolutton waa adopted, requiring General Santa acnountof ail the military events which happened in the defence and loaa of the capital of the republic; a motion of the deputy Benitesa was ala<-considered, the objeotof which waa to suppress tbe Coamandanoies General. Tbia waa badly reorived by thu military men, wbo, ao far, have talked of nothing else. To-day, there waa a great acene, and the devoteea of Santa Anna began their opposition to the government oa account of not making wur And who, do you suppose,whs the leader of theaitxck? 'i he most lliuatrioua minister Don Antouio. The" scene was truly oomioal Don Vicente Romero wrote a long philippic, which hie aon Don Ll>jah adopted and read. 1 be burthen waa, that all the Utatea were lor war, and that it la ii*c?saary to wage it without truoe, fir which purpoai troops, money mud generals abouud Figure to youravif tbat, according to the wlan demoorat, if Kena y Pena were to relio quuh power, Although h* may have boen recognised by ail the Htetesand by CooKrrM, we would be on the ?v? of a splendid victory. The illustrious hero of San Jaointo s.ud Cerro (Jordo is roaming about Puebla; Ilt-yes it going thither, and h*u Luis promises to order a thousand wen. But, oh misery! misery! the whole ministry has the stupidity to believe that a gene ral who Io>e* a oity garrisoned wlthtrl|le the number of the besUgers, ought to answer for bis conduct! tJue illustrious man is deprived of his command who has led our guest* to glory,.from San Jacinto to the citadol of Mexico. There Is no remedy ; tbe government Is to blame because the Americans are In Mexico, and the appointment of Mora as a minis ter, who was commissioned to mak? peace. (says the minister who granted peace) is it not a crime' Will it not b? better that peace should be made by a certain gentleman, and as some one advised. In order afterwards to conquer one by one those roguish Hate* who deny the menu of our soldiers? All tbls was em bellished with bis Greek and Latin quotations, and was read with a loud voice, to show that tbe ministry sbou d report what step it had taken lor the proseoutiou of the war, or whether it was f?r the middle oourse, between war and peace, of which Mr Pena speaks, you see the progress we have made and tha lessons of dignity sod good education which our people receive from their representations The proposition was defeated by fifty odd votes, to twenty-flve of those of the two Romeros, Paoheco, Kejon, Farias, Alcalde, ka., Sco. 1 be election of Trssident is put off to await the arrival of soma democrat*, who it is supposed will deoide tbe matter in favo* of Cnmplido; and. meanwhile, every moment threats ara heard In favor of tha dictatorship of Manta Anna and tha call of a new convention, as recommended In the N?rth Amen-an, which you will have read. In order that yeu insy know the state of things, I will tell you that tries* people view tbe fate ot Mexico with tbe greatest indifference. Tbe following is a letter from Qaeretaro, of the 30th, published in the Monitor, of tha 'Jid Wotober Don Ignaaio Mora y Villamll haa this day entered upon the disobarge of bis duties as Minister of War. The Ministers of Jnstioe and of tha Treasury are not yet appointed. Tha President pursurs an energetio policy, whiah keep* down the faetlona whleh imagined that they would have to encounter a weak government. Santa Anna had not obeys* tha order by whlak h( w?? direst :w yc V YORK. MONDAY MOR r J to relinquish (he command, and hta partizans her# are beginning te ihuqu % threatening air The troops receive regularly every day eighteen and three-quarter cent* a bead for their eubsisteooe. The i officer* have received only eight dollar* ; but whatever there may be. is shared equally among them without any partiality. There i* here a multitude of civil officers; i among other*, thoae belonging to the tobacoo department, who are o?mt In queit of their salaries ; but the government is not desirous tbat offices should b? established wblob have for *o many yeari devoured the nub- ( stance of the people, and It Ntrna determined to adminiiter th\t branoh upon a more economical footing. The civil and military master* of the public treasury are ( anxlonn for such a peace a* may lead to the restoration ( of the Commlisariat O ncral of Mexico. There are now siity-flve deputies here; ten or twelve others will soon arrive, and the s**ainns will begin. It In asserted that the responsibility of Stuta Ann* and Romero will be declared forthwith. It appear* to be 1 certain that there will not be a majority for euoh a 1 dmara AH th? \1?Yin&na .tha nrlnMna.1 lcii'lora of both the democratic and of tbe moderate party are lumd upon thin point Nothing baa yet been done with regard to an (lection of aoting President But 1 am a*lurrd tbat Almonte will luffer a third or fourth defeat an disastrous an the other*. One of the moat sealoui d?moerata replied tbat be would never lira bia vote for any < uu who bad signed the summon* [cunvocatario] of the mouarohiH P<tradee. Rejon, Mediua and Alcalde, appear to be hi* partisan*. The candidate i* very ounning with the deputies, to whom he pay* loon visit*. The name paper has the following Mr Dojle, who uoceeds the English mlniator, will certainly arrive by th? nest packet i but the arrival of the Marqul* of Dupont at Vera Crna. drawa near. It la *aid be bring* with him a eommisilon for our government. Various commentaries are made upon tbe subject. THE MEXICAN CABINET. F.l Monitor announces the following as the new cabinet of Pen* y Pena: ? Jnee Joaquim Herrera, Minister of War. MarUno Otero, Minister of Justice. Luis de la Hosa, Minister of Relations. And for tbe Hacienda, a gentleman of integrity. It Is also stated that VilUmll has been named as the Minister of War: Palaclo, Minister of Justice; Eosia, of Relations; and Pedrasa of tbe ilaoienda. THK QUESTION IN DISPUTE[From tbn New Orleans Picayune, Nov 2S ] The papers in tbe oity of Mexico are publishing a long communication by 8enor Otero, a distinguished member of Congress, upon tbe late negotiations at the bouie of Alfaro. VV? reoelved a trauatation of it in pamphlet form two or three week* ilnoe, but its great length prevented u? from using it Senor Otero maintain* tbat the ODly thing really In dispute between tbe two governments is the question of Tex**, and that all negotiation* should be contlued to a solution of that (ingle affair. He invokes the aid of public opinien to induce Congress immediately upon assembling to declare tbat tbe government ahall enter into no treaty of peace with th? United nratec under any oircumiittuces ny wninn nauonai territory other than Texas shall be alienated. lie condemns the conduot of the lata Mexican commissioners in assenting to any arrangement whatever an to California, and demand* that the hands of the government ahall be at onoe tied up absolutely, 10 as to render a legal peace -at the i xpense of any territory save Texas absolutely impossible The paper, the purport of which we can only thus hiut at, is written with considerable force and with p.n insight Into the politics and policy of the United States which is unusual with a Mexican. TIIK KARTIIQUAKK AT OCOTLAN. The Muni/ar Ilcjiutluanu of the 27th Oct contains an official report from the Alcaide of Oootlan to the Governor of tho State of Jalisco, giving an account of the destruction of that town, and of a large number of its inhabitants, by the earthquake of the 3d of that month In the course ot the report, the follow iug passage occurs : ' At 13 o'clock to day, Most Kxoelient Sir, after the nnfortunato event, ther? was seen in the sky. between the west and the north, a very perfect Image of the crucified Saviour, which lasted half an hour, during which time more thau two thousand persous, who were in the market-place, prostrated themselves, performing aots of contrition, and oailing on the Lord with shoute^for mercy!" To this report of the Aloalde is attached that of the .Governor of Jnilsoo to the Minister of the Interior and Foreign Relations of the General Government, in which be speaks of the measures he had adopted to relieve the sufferings of those of the inh?b1tants of Oootlan who h*d survived the earthquake He *t?tes that O.otian is s.tuated on the right bank of the river Santiago, at its confluence with the Zula, a short distance after it leaves Cape Chapul*. SANTA ANNA AND VALENCIA. [Krouj the New Orleans Delta, Nov. 26 ] Santa Anna aud Valencia were, for a long time prevlniu tn th? bitttl* nf (lnr\trvtem.M tha mont davnttd friends?that if, Lr it la possible for two such faithless lntTigunnts to entertain the fettling of friendnhip Valencia baa helped Sunt* Anna In many a revolutionary strait; and Santa Anna, In return, baa made Valencia great man out of very Inferior material lu tbe contest between Santa Anna and Gen. Mrjia, several year* ago, the success of tbe former was mainly attributable to tbe treachery of Valencia, who had written a letter to Mejia, containing a**nrauo?fl of bU friendship and determination t?? join him agfcinst t*anta Aunu. A gentleman of this aity, to whom Uen Mcjia unfolded his plan, warned the General against Valencia, as a drunkard, by whom no promise would be regarded, and no engagement kept. The result proved the truth and sagaoitj of the prediction. Valencia betrayed MeJIa, and thus made Santa Anna bis fast friend? a friendship which lasted down to the battle of Contreras. Here, however, Gen. Pernlfor F. Smith broke in rather roughly en thrlr friendly relations, and by whipping Valencia Into tits, stirred up the bile of tbe fugitive Mexican against bis old friend, who in turn declared his profound contempt for the inan who rode so brilliant a steeple-chase over the pedregal in the violnl'y of Sao Antenio. To show, however, how pleasant and affectionate v a i tbe former intimacy of tbesn two Generals, and to illustrate a portion of the Mexioan history of these battles, w? give the following letters, published In the American Star of 1 ith of October:? AftMV ofthii NoBTH ? oeneeal-IN-CHtKr, > San Angek August 18, 1H47. ) Te hit Excellenty Qen. Dun Jot* Maria Tarntl : My dear Friend?I have just received an order from our triend, Senor Sunta Auna.t o abandon all these points at day light, nnd march for Churubusoo. If I shonld comply withtlu* order, my fileod, without making those observations which are dictated by my conscinree, by my want ef military knowledge, and by my friendship tor Ssnor Santa Anna. I should, 1 am convinced. commit a grave fault, and prove recreant to the most holy of duties For these reasons, I could do no lens than to make to him such remark* as i believed just. and point out to him the evil of changing hi* instruction*. 1 hope that you wilt matte use of alt your Influence to gain an at tantive oonaideratlon for these remarks, with oalmness and benignity; for,otherwise, the republic, our friend.and ourselves, must be lost. It seems to me that I can already see tha enemy's columns entering Sun Atfgel?I can see blin pursuiog us to La Pied*'), while we, forced to take light for Mexico, in frightful disorder, by the only causeway that remains open tons, that of San Lasaro, ar? ripesed In flank all the way by that of the Nino I'erdido. These are the reasons that I have submitted to .the government for Its attentive oonaideratlon; and, an for my part, although I should have uo concern, with my Ove thousand men alone, agalast all the enemy's forces, if thev should choose to come, for the defetiee of the point of I'adierna; yet 1 should tremble like quicksilver, even when united to yeu to the number of twenty thousand, If we were to endeavor to maintain, what, in my hutcble opinion, I conceive to be a falsa position. In order not to detain the bearer of Iheie communications. 1 will not enter into further details; but 1 again conjure you, in the name of our country and our friendship, that you procure a listening to these reasons; anil by so doing you will render a great service, both to the nation and your affectionate friend and companion, and obedient faithful servant, OABRIKL VALENCIA. Anmy cr thi Nobth?GrxrR4i.-it?-Ciiii?r, ) S?r< Art'iKL, August. H 1W47. > T? hit Kki ellmry Gin. L)?n Jlntotiio I.opez itc Santa Jlnva :? My esteemed friend and companion?Against my wishes, contrary to the conduct which I have always observed towards you, but compelled by a conscientious sense of duty, compelled as a loyal friend, as a Mexiean, as a Commander-in-Chief?compelled to believe that tha loss of this army and my couotry would be lissarded by the abandonm-nt of the point or Padiernn, by which tha em my .if to-morrow at daylight be should tind It 1-ft open raigbt issue from his difficult position to attack us In the flank?1 was induced to write the letter which under this date I direoted to you through the Ministry of War. I U1JIQI1 ivbuuiujrnucu jvu iii^iu buv uiuvruieui which I am now directed to make f.rr the circumstance* then seemed to rrudw It necwMiiy. I had .made only a slight rtconaoissaure of the point; I have an entrnnotied oamp, and all the probabilities are in favor of succe** ? On toe other hand, I am conviLced beyond ail doubt, that tbe abandonment of thin point would b? our destruction I must, therefore, expect at your hands to allow thla recommendation which I have made, to pass Into eternal oblivion, and to be pleased to receive some remark* which have emanated solely from the purest. nil most zealous patriotism. Do not quarrel with your friend, nor deppise those view* which, to his way of thinking on military matter*, are trident, for I should be grieved to the bottom of my soul to displease you with these view*, or that you should take them in a different ense from that in which a pure heart hi* intended them I beg of you to graut me this f?vor, a* the greamst proof Of the friendship and regard with which you have ever honoied vour most alf-utiouato friend, aomuunion. and obedient bumble servant GABRIEL VALENCIA S?t Matk?,Chl'H'Buico, Aug IV. 184?. My esteemed friend and ?otnptuion ? I received yi>ur letter to-day, in wbioh you giro reason* for not complying with my orders to move early to-morrow morning wito your command to Coyoacan, and to forward yonr artillery to the Tillage and bridge ol Churubusao, and not wishing to point out to you what you already know, the necessity or a unity of action and oommand for the successful result of military operations, I confine myself to the remark that then* > rders were preoiseiy sunli ad you bad declared and reeommandad as proper, and I am surprised tbut you should et.snue your nllnd in to short time, when the movement* of the enemy to-day only tend to oonflrm your opinion of yesterday However, as I am not willing that the problem xbould be resolved to tha prejudice ol my patriotism, in wbioh I yield to no one, I would rather expose myself to all the contingencies that can possibly happen, ratbor than give ocoaeion to bare it Mid that I prevented success by a too striot adherence to orders and regularity Do ss you please, and let each of us be held to tha due responsibility Nothing rematna for me t? *ay bnt to aaeure you of tha true friendship of your aomtamon and obedient servant, ANTONIO LOttZ DE SANTA ANNA T* Hit EieaUeasy, Don Oamul Valxfcu, IRE I MING, DECEMBER 6, 18 MAIL FROM MEXICO. [From the N O Delta, Nor 26] We learn that over flfiuan thooaaod letter* wer? resaivad yeaterday at the poat-oflca by the Alabama, from Vara Cruz, nearly all of which ware distributed by noon r raa larga bagi. containing daapatabea. ware for war dad by tha regular mall. AFKAlitS I* THI CITY OF MEXICO. [From tha North Anerlcaa, to Got. 29 ] Two elega t aworda were, on Wadneadav evening, pralentad to Capt. B. B. Anderaon and Lt. J Me Allen, of B eompany, 14th Infantry, by tha non-eomiBiaaloaed ofBoer* and prlvaUa of that eorpa. Thara ware a number of oBcera of other ragimenta preaent, and bandaoma paeohta were made by MiJ Savage, Captain An4eraon, Lt. A J. laaica and cthara That favorite Opera."La Somnambuia," waaproduced V IU? HBVIVUM 1 UVHU fl UU iVIUQUKJ UlgUb. *? \Tf TtJ ngreeably surprised at the manner. It vu put oo the stage tod (till mora at the proficiency of tha company. Though a little itlff and timid on their drat appearance before an American audience, the troupe rendered that beautiful composition with remarkable thill and taste, eliciting enthusiastic applause Senorita Mosqurlro, as " Amlna." pleased ui much. Her voice ll a fine " soprano," exquisitely aweet, and ot more than ordinary oompaai, though poasessiug hardly sufficient power for the more difficult portiona of the role. She reminded ua of Calve, both in acting and singing, and with time and atndy may yet attain a rank as enviable aa that of the Queen of Song of the French atage. Earthquake* are at the preaent time of very frequent occurrence in thia beautiful oountry. A few daya ago the Tillage or Oootla waa totally deatrnyed, The Canton de la Saraa had also suffered a severe ahake, throwlng down houses becldra the tower of the prinolpal ohurcb. They hare had four of these unpleasant visiters ia this cfty alnoe our occupation of it. The members of aompany H, New York regiment of volunteer*, on Monday night, presented two beautiful aworda to Captain A. vv. Taylor, and Lieut. J Griffin, In taken of tnelr reapeot for the gallantry of these officer*. It ia gratifying in noticing theae presentations, to know that they are well deserved We are sure these swords will never be disgraced by thoae who wear them. In the village and port of UualuilM, on the 3d of August, a meeting waa held, in which resolutlona were passed in favor of the coustltutien of 18J4. OrKiCc or the Civil and Miutabv Govcanon, ) National Palace, Mexico, Oot. as, 1817. > Tho protection aa well as the proper superintendence of American citisena, now in this capital, who are not embraced within the terms of the articles of war, or of the rules and regulations for the army, rendered it neosasary that they should be kaown to the proper authorities. It is, therefore, required that all persona not connect ed with the army, claiming to be citisena of the United States, or under the protection of our flag, shall report their names and residence to this office, in order that a ...1.1... ?/,K. r~,K. b.r.f 1 5 fc mwi UI wo nuiun UI?J 1/w Hereafter this report wkU be made oa the first day of each month Signed J. A. QUITMAN, [OSqUI 1 MsJ. Odd. and Governor. George T.M. Dath, Secretary. Th? rainy season seems to have nearly passed. There have baeu but tew showers during the two last weeks, ending Oct ?6 What a strange idea one forms of the eity of Mexleo before seeing it?taking opinions irom the books and correspondence of tourists?and, withal, how erroneous We had pictured a low, dirty, sickly town, hall covered with wa*er and entively inuodatad with mud, and other tt celtrai in uulson. What was our surprise on first entering the Grand Piaia, perhaps the most magnificent in the world ! There stood the grand cathedral, a monument of art -a mine oi wealth. There, too, was the palace, indescribable in its grandeur and extent?the red-whtte-aud green fiag of the republic still floating upon it! There were the llalis of Justioe, the palace of the Governor, the long portals where fabrics of every nation are bartered for the products of the country, including its yellow and bright ' castins." And there were groves ot trees, and murmuring fbuntalns, sparkling iu the bright sun like brilliants! Such temples, such palaoes, suoh portals, suoh alamedas, such fountains! Godofhtaven! what an Kden is this ! and how little is it appreciated by the thousands who daily behold and eDjoy its beauties! Govern*! by good men and inhabited by an educated people, it would be the garden of the earth But aa it is?what oilmate is more lovely ? where, as here, do the flowers always bloom so brightly ? the birds ever sing so sweetly ? Mexloo! there are none among your wayward children who can appreciate the gifts that God has lavished upon them Health, wealth and every enjoyment that man cm covet are their inheritance; yet they are not happy. The iron foot of military tyranny has counted the land in its length and breadth. Attilla nnaated that the grass never grew upon the ground trodden by hi* war horse; Sauta Anns can repeat the boast, and no one wilt nay no. Hi* very name i* a blight upon bla native land but Mexico begins to hope for better time*. oleamlags cf peaoe and dlaentbrailmeut are already breaking the darkness of her eaatern horizjn, and dally growing brighter. <?od epeed them. Cape Joseph W. Perkins, of the Utli regiment of infantry, dle% in this oity cn the 'iUd inat, of diarrbiea, after a long Illness , B'nrieyMlrfM ha* boew augmented by a btIM and pantomlue corpa. It la a pleasant place for pasaing an evening Tbu balla at ex-eonvent BMemltas are quit* reckercht ?beauty, tine music, aweet aonga, fc.a. The bull tight on Sunday wa? the best of the season Plaaa da TorosT,crowded? animals furious matadores dittc?bulla aeouud beat. i he Spanish company produced ' La Fllle du Regiment" in brilliant at} la on Sunday night Canata was admirable. (Joiia never danced with mora graoe and tikiittdon than in the ballet. El Dtf entor of Tamaullpaa, aontalnn eommunioatlona which ahow tb* unfortunate altuation to wbioh the people are reduced by the oonduct of the guerillaa It appears that tbeae aooundrela, under the namea of guerillaa and ccmmlaaionera. go about levying black mail upon; the different haclendaa and villages, and robbing their own icountrymea under the slightest pretext. We do not wonder that this Stat* haa ahown a desire to be annexed to the United 8tatea of the North. The ordera of the military and civil governor, and those of th? Mexioan governor,With regard to tobacco, appear to be altogether contradictory, tbe fjriner ordaining that all tobacco brought to tbe gareta* of the city shall pass iron, while the latter has publiabed that only that which'tia sul jxct to, and baa paid the eatabliahed duty, shall enter tbe city The former order la the one dictated by justice and common aens>, and under the present circumstances la the most likely to take effect. We are requested to ny, by an otfloer of tbe South Carolina voluuteers, that the statement In the Star of Thursday last, in regard to the numb?r of men in that regimeut fit for duty waa Incorrect?they having but 160 At the National theatre, a few evening* slnoe, the orchestra, after having playedHall Columbia," atruck ay the ' Marseilles Hymn " As if nlruok by an electrio shock, thn American officers In the houae roae and gave three cheers. The Hymn of Liberty, no mattur what its origin, will ever Uud a response in Amerioau hearts A iplendid aword la to be presented to Lieutenant Totter, of the New York regiment, by the members of hla company, (1) to-day, (Oct. JO) at the United States Hotel. In token of the regard in which they hold that officer lor his gallantry In the battles of the valley. In San Luii Potoal the moderate party have gained the election. In the street running from tbe oentre of the plssa to theal?meda, wo notice a handsome sign with the word* "Amerionri Taylor " Thia in the flrst Intimation we have bad that General Taylor waa " revelling in the hall* of the Montnumas." Jihtr.iiem'nti Umithd States Hotkl, No. 18 Calle de Coliaeo Vlejo. John Kord respectfully informs the gentlemen of tbe army, aid citizens generally, that he has opened tbe above establishment, where tbe beat of every thing oan be obtained His table shall have every thing tbe market affords, and hla bur is stocked with a choice selection of wines and liquors. Terms for board:?Per day, (1 U6; per week >7; per month $30 Old and experieuoed waiters are attaohed to this establishment. Officers and gentlemen are requested to oall and examine tbe house. Uaolb Corrt:i House. in the Call* Collseo Vie jo. No 5.?The unuert-lgned proprietors have established the above Hotel ou the American style, for tbe aonommodation of tbe army and cltitens, and have spared no exp?B*u In pmonring wines, liquors and segara of the choicest brand* The tables also will be supplied with tbe beat the market aflords. Gentlemen wishing private repasts can also be sc-omuiodated at the sborieat notice Steaks sud chops constantly on hand, and done up iu the b*st and promptest mauner N b ?There art two Billiard tables attached to the eatabllsbment. H. B DOANK. It ? ACKLKY, JOHN OAKttEr. Thi Lows. Bias Hoi-is, corner of Keiugio and La Talma streets.?Wagner &. Co. Inform the publlo that they bave opened a Coffee House at the above place, which will be supplied with the best wines and liquors in the city of Mexico. A tine lunch will be sat out every day, and fowla, fWh, and every dellcaoy the market affords, will be set out Tbatbo PsincirsL,?Ciacus ?Mr J Bensley having taken tbe above blaae. will ODen it niuhtlv hrthnkmuu. incut of the public !In ha* a brilliant company of American " fjueitrum," and In addition hu engaged Madana? Arnmnd, whose graceful *' riding and dmolug" hare elicited unbounded applause. A eplendld bill I* out for tbi* evening Doors open atd o'clock, Performance ootnmence* at 7K o clonk R L. Gaarn. Dootor of Pby*lo and Surgery, having been engaged for a number of year* in the practice of medicine in tbe southern portion of tbe United State#, now oiler* bia profeaaional aerTlcea to tbe oitlieu* ot .Mexico, and hope*, by prompt attention to the dutle* of hi* profeaalon, to merit their patronage Refer* to MaJ Oen Quitman, military governor. 1 a Calls de la Monterilla, No. 7, (iRiRD CowcaRT Afro Ball, on Sunday, October 31*t, in tbe Kx-Conrent Belemitae, Rao Andrea* itreet, No. 9, opposite the Mineria No poatponement on account of tbe weather. Admittance f J MEXICAN VIKW or OKX. SCOTT's PROCLAMATION. The following are the comment* of 1.<t Hntun, on tbe proclamatlc u of Oen. Soott, public lied In Jalapa, May 11th, 1817 The proclamation of Citn. Heett I* an Important document : It reveal*, although obscurely, the ?eor?t motive* which actuated the Uovernmeut of the United State*, to make war on Mexico. It la not very eaey to make the on ten I* of thla document agree with that which emanated from the flenate ol the United fttatea. *ben thtlr declaration of thla defeniive war wai made Neither doe* II barmonlie wlU a IERA 47. note which paaaed from the Cabinet of Washington to tbl* reputlio, during theadminlatration of Gomaa Faria*. The document atlll preaenta aoma obscure parage*, wblcb might be aharacteriaed at anti logical; it deplore* tha oonflacatlona of property now held in mortmain; it oenaurea thoae who were oppoaed to that measure; it praiata thoae w'.o auatainrd tha maaaure, and rituperatea Mailt a Ann* beoauaa ha sustained tha party oppoaed to it* confiscation. Thia may be attributed to the darkneaa of tha polllloal horlaon at that time, which made it inditpenaably naceaairy to mo?* cautiously in feelipg the public pulae, or what ii mora probable, it waa from ooplera and tranalatora. There ia no doubt, however, that the American people and the General-in-chiaf of their armiea wlah to aea ua conatitata ouraalve* on pure republican priuciplea; that we ahould abandon our oolonial babita, and that the policy of thia continent ahould be the mutual aupport of lta Republic*, and not to permit the Kuropean monarchiea to exerniae any Influence in our affair*-an old and favorite idea of Mexleo.whioh waa attempted to be verided at tha i^ongreaa of Panama and afterwarda at Taoubaya These idea* and sentiuenta fouod an eobo in the heart of every liberal aad enlightened Mexican We glory in proreming thoae ideas and in deolaring thoae sentiments Unfortunately au act aubaequent to the occupation of the capital,make* ua doubt tho value of thoae flattering and brilliant expreaatona We allude to the appointment of a civil and military Governor, in one alngle person, a highly honorable gentleman, without deubt, who wllle- ercise his publio power with moderation and wisdom; bat In exerclalng thia power he aanctlona the idea of a real onuquest. In anolent time* a conquest meant the peraoual slavery of all tha inhabitants of the conquered aouotry, and tha conaequeut loaaof all their property, in modern timva the conqueror only asplrea to the possession of public power. If Gen. Hoott had nominated a military Governor, wa would have perfectly understood it; beoause an army haa a full right aud ought to take all Decewarv measure* to its own r>r?*ft#rvRtion doHoa and security; but to place one civil power abovn another ia to drcree the extermination of oun or th? other, and no on* doubts in the present oaee which will meet this fat* The oonquered have likewise rights to reclaim. vlx : such ai have been aooorded to them by cupituWtlons, or as, in the present case, the words and promipcn ^Iven by the chiefs of the conquerors in the name of their nations. It Is not our Intention to make any reclamations; we nevertheless deplore the insensibility of our functionaries, and assure our fellow nitiiau.t that, In good faith, our labors in behalf cf our political regeneration, rest on the well known oharaoter and word of the ohief of the army of a nation which has salu'rd m with peace, fraternity, republic, forgetful uos* ?f colonial habits, absolute independence from Kuropean dynasties, which are precisely our wishes Now that our hopes are clouded, we confide in the honor of (ii-neral Soott, that he will comply with his word, ;pledged to ui on the lltb of May, and make kuown his views to u*. and thus remove all doubt from our minds. ASPECT OF AFFAIRS IN MEXICO?OPINION OF OUR ARMY OFFICERS. [From the New Orleaos Bulletin, Not. 'j.v] In conversation with various offlours who arrived In the Alabama, wh have found, without one exception that all of thom consider the idea of peace as perfectly preposterous, and the dutails we have received from them, as to the state and prospects of affairs in Mexico, only seem to render more diffloult the solution of the problem^ as to what is, or what ought to be done with Mnieo. To attempt further active and more extended operations?to bold on to what we noi^ have, or to retrograde to a line of defenoe. all appear to oe equally surrounded with difficulties of the most formidable nature Ob all those points, we learn there is a great diversity of opinion in the army, even among the offlcersof higher ranks, and whose opinions are justly entitled to great weight. All, how v?r, agree that a large additional foroe must b? thrown into the country, particularly if further active operations are determined on. A large portion of the better part of the population th> wttVi^F>?ul Af III. t ?... that It would be followed by scene* of anarchy and lawlessness, as the country is literally without a government, and yet, whilst guoh are the sentlmenta of the sober minded and thinking portion, the great bulk of the people retain feeling! of the mort bitter rancor and hostility towards us, and would wreak their vengance upon all those of their own nation who are supposed in any way to taTor the Americans, so soon as an opportunity offered for so doing. Another dread that exist* In Mexloo, is, that this guerilla system will result in a permanent and general organisation of regular banditti throughout theeountry, which will b j kept op long after the difficulties with the United Htates may be settled, and which it will be impossible to er ad I octe. it was the sam* in Spain, where the guerilla band* were not put down for year* after the French were expelled,and only by most vigorous and energetic measures, tuch as no jrovernmeut in Mexloo will have it in thair power to employ. It waa understood that Gen Scott does not intend to attempt any new operations, until he reoelve* further heavy reinforcement*, and new instructions from Washington The probability |?, that everything will remain in nalu quo, until after the meeting of Congreis, and that body has taken aotion on the (ubject. The oolumn that has gone forward, under Mejor (Jen Patterson, and the ?ae preparioK to start, tinder Major General Butler, would furnish a force sufficient to plaoe adequate garrisons on th* road, and, at the earn* time, afford KUch reinforcement* to General Soott a*to enable him, if he thought adviaable, to puih detaohmenta out to oooupy some of the larger town* beyond and araund the olty. It wa* in contemplation, ao soon aa there waa force sufficient for the purpose, to attabllah a line of poats, so to enclose a large portion of the mining district, near theoity, and to enaourage tha working of tha mtoef, which bad b?an greatly Interfered with, by tha ftate of the oountry Both General* Quitman and Shield*, aa well u ioma of the other officers, are on their way to Waahlngton, and will be able to give full information to the President, oa every point connected with this moit perplexing itata of affair*. OKN lilJITMAN's LEAVK OF HIS DIVISION. The iVu> tU .Im't icon, published In the city of Mexico, gives the following account of tha leave taking between Gen Quitman and th? officer* of hi* division : ? Th? offloers of the division having assembled together, visited Gen. Q. In a body, when Col Burnett, of New V oik, on behalf of himself and brother officers, addreeved the general In the following pertinent speech : ? General?Having laarned that you were relieved as the commsndtr of our division, the offloer* have imposed upon me the pleasant duty of eipressing our feelings to you a* toward a general, father and friend. We have served with you In tha most interesting campaign of this long wsr of victories? a war calculated to produce results of the last importance to our country, iiberty and the world Those who at flrst dsnounced it at hnuiw u an immoral and aggressive war, even these bay* cnm? and united with us bjr tbe sentiment, " our eountry always right, but right or wrong our oountry " Tba great result* that inust flow from thl* war, In idling to tha area of fraadom and communicating tha hsblte, customs and law* of our beloved rapubllo to tha manses of Mrxieo, ara yet unseen by tbe world, but they cannot remain long hlddan in tha womb of time? thay must soon develope themselves to the delight of every Christian, republican and philanthropist Among the most prominent you hare performed your part. Vour fame was known to us before out aaseciation a* officers, and it* lustre hasjbrlghtened as the sun from morn till noon We hare seen you upon our wearisome marches, ever watchful for the oomfort of man a d offloers. and anxious to produce harmony, so essential to effective discipline We have sean you at (Jhapultepec as cool as now,when we meat you In friendship, dlreoting the storming of that formidable work, regardless of personal danger, but looking to the safety of your soldiers. Not a muscle moved in that stern and manly face, but to smile when the oolors of your division and our beloved country were thrown to tha free winds above the conquered castle : we have seen you at tha Gareta da Belen. as the hero of that long and sanguinary engagement; we havo witnessed your acts as tbe first Anglo Haxon Governor of tha olty of tha Monteiuntaa-every where Inspiring that oonAdenoa in your tnlili?ri which nrndiin#.! inch brilliant r?ault? ami pa. oeivtng from the whole army their approbation of yoor able and consistent onurw a* the governor and the civilian. We will not confine ourselvea to our own sentiments The enthusiasm so frequently manifested by the rank and file of your division- thoae whose itrooK arms and atout hearts hare obeyed your ordera thr?u?h ua?endorse our sentiments in perfect unanimity with their approbation. Tha loldlen of this successful war will reoeive, at they deserve, the grateful acknowl <lg? m?ptaof their oountry. A gallant soldier should ever be tha pride of bis oountry. and panloularly tha nitlsen soldier. Derides leaving tha comfort* and luxuries of boms, tha delights of the farallv hearth -be saorlfl rs hia Interests in the prosecution of bis business or trade ; an<l eminently so have you sacritled your every Interest at homa to serve your eauutry. We, as afficers of your division, can only repay you upon your Midden defftrtura with an expre?sion or our frelings We shall meet you again after the war as fellow-citlsens, and our present sentiments written upon our hearts as upon adamant, will lose nothing by tha band of time? suiting then with a gratified people, your present sacrillcea may be somewhat compensated by tbecnly boon of the patriot? the grateful acknowledgements of your country. We ahall then haVa deposited our standards with the authorities of our respective States, but ever]ready to rally under our victorious banners as tha prestige of success, and ever ready to be directed by our gallant general, whom we Dow part with as a father and a friend Tku *n??Ah ?u fr?<iii?nLlv inturriintiifl hv lh? nnm. pany preaent, who expretaed their approbation of the aeriUmenta by warm appiauae Wban tbla bad aubelded, (i?n Quitman replied In aubeUnoe u follow*: H? aald that whan ha looked around him ami found hlmaelf in tha preaenca of tha gallant ofllcara who bad participated ao largely in the raoant brilliant event* before tha city, and heard bimaelf addrraaad by tha aenior officer of tha divitlon, yet leaning upon hu honorable crutch, in remark* no full of tha elegant f;eHng of the hrsrt, n? fu overwhelmed with amotion, aud i?tt bim a elf wholly unable to do juatloe to tha oecaalon Clrcuinatancae bad rendered It nrcraaary, ai a matter of high duty, that be abould apply to th<- proper authority for (oma permanent aaalgnment to du'y where hr might be beat enabled to aerre hla oonntry Had he eouanlt<*d peraonai feriing merely, he would hare b?en gratiU-d to remain with the brave aaaoclatr* ?f hla carea, hla perila and fortunea In war; but he regarded it the aoldlar'a parttoaeak tha path where duty called him That path now aeparated him from the gallant offl :era and men to whoae good conduct aad aervlne* he took tbla ooeaelon to aay be felt hluatlf wholly indebted for whatever reputation or honor he might bate acfjulr. d in thla campaign. It waa thelre nothta They were entitled to hla regard, hla eateem, aad frlendehlp He would bear thee* feeling! with bim whatever hii lot ahould be oaat. la sontluaioa. h? tipreaaed hla HawtMt regret at hla tepa wmmemA LD. Frio* Two Ooata. ration from them, and hoped that they would reoalva for thrmstlvrs. and bear to the gallant rank and 111* under ihelr commands. hl? friendly farewell After Oen. Quitman bad concluded, Capt. Mutton, of the New York refluent roan and prenented Capt O. T. M Davia ,D slegant pair of (liver spur*, accompanying the gift with a brief hut extremely u pro/ioi speech, Capt. Davit made an appropriate reply. affairs in vkka cams. Vkka Cavx, Not. II 1847 -Oov. Wilson hat revived the o!d allan and |?edltlon law of the elder Adam*.? Home knotty paragraph* appeared In the column* of the Ooii'uf of Lib'rty, in relation to the Court of Correction, ae It la m 1m ailed The ooart. compoaed of a Captain of eome corp* or other, and a clerk In the Commlsaary Department, feeling the imart of theee paragraph*, ummoned the editor* to appear In court and anawar for a oontempt of ooart, and without a trial by jnrv, or allowing them counael. fined the aforeaald Otniut */ Liberty ?200 ThU rouied the dander of Dr Quinn, and In hla paper of the l'ith he pnt tome pertinent Interrogator!** to the Uoveenor, and nit collector. Whereupon the Governor tent an officer and a file of men^oloeed the offloe of tha aforetald Giniiu of Lihtrly ?and carried the editors to prlton. 80, farewell to tha Qonit?? of Lihrrly. Oov. Wileon ha* itruok It a blow?revived this sedition law, and stifled tha Ubarty of tha pros*. The army under lien. Seutt are unanimously is favor of holding the whole oountry If suoh should b* the policy of our government, it will be the brightest page In tb? hintory of the present Administration, to have added suoh an empire as Mexloo to the American Union. THl HlltMH AT HflM K. [From the New Orleans Delta, Nor UA ] The St. Chtrl'f Hotel, yeiterday, pr**Hnted an una ual so?n? of attraction and lntrrvtt Forty or fifty fleers of the army were continually pausing and repassing through the rotunda, and up and down the marble steps in front of the hotel there were hundred! of packages of different description*?the baggage of the ufBoers Here you would see a gaily oolored Meituan blanket that waa strapped upon an old trunk, that from It* looks had evidently been through tha war*. Than, again, a bundle of arma, rsoopataa, lanoea, award* nnd pistols?all of them trophies taken from tha enemy : These were all the property of eur officers who had fought during tha war In Mexico. They brought them bona for the purpose of showing them to their families and friends, in arder that they should be preserved aa tha mementoes of thoae who so worthily maintained tha nation's honor in a foreign war. In tha suloon wa saw tha gallant Gen. Shield*. Ha la touter that when we saw him, some two years slnoe, at G?n. Taylor'* aamp at Camargo; ha then, in hi* nndreaa military uniform, looked like an elegant gentleman Ha had not a wrinkle on hi* brow, and his countenance aver wore a smile Hi* b?ard wa* cloaely shaves, and hla eye* were lighted up with the brilliant fire of hope And yet, how a short term of service alter* a man ! Yestsrday he looked like the hero of many wars Hi* brow waa (teamed with the lines of fatigue and (offering, and hi* upper lip waa garnished with a thick mouataohe. HI* complexion was br< need, his arm. from a late wonnd, huog In a sling; but hi* eye wa* Mill brilliant with martial Are. There were hundred* who flocked around him and sought to grasp hla hand, and all were receivad by him with tha most oordial warmth and friendship ? Those around i looked upon the gallant hero with leellngs of reapeot and admiration, and there was not one In that broad saloon who| went out without aaylag in his heart. " that man Is a true soldier " In one of the private parlor*, Maj. Uen. (Quitman held a leree. He wa* eurrounded by many offlcera, all of whom paid him the utmost respect and attention Tha gallant and heroic 4}ultmau?the first American Governor of the proud city of Mezlce?seemed to be perfectly ''at home '* With a form that seemed to have been wrought in an iron mould, bair slightly tinged with grey, a moustaohe like that of soma old Uoman soldier, and eyas that sparkled with animation and determination, he seemed the very personifieation of a warrior. Congratulation and compliment met him on every side, and he received the applause of thoae who were present, with the air of one who oombined tha obarmoter of the obleflaln with that of tha politbad gentleman.? A uiidst the galaxy that adorna the history cf Miaalaalppl, no name shlnea brighter than that of Quitman. Our attention waa next arrested by seeing a man of towering height and gigantlo frame, with a cheat Ilka that of Hereulea and an eye like that ot Mara; ba wa*, indeed, to use the language of Hamlet, made " to threaten and oommand." With a smile upon hi* lip*, and a anavbln nf nUutiiPu In KU liahi kin* utaa Ha atnnrf (hn "observed of all obaervera." He ?m the gallant Col. Har-ney?one of the moat accomplished and heroic soldiurl to the army?to whom ku beeu so generally uaigned the ohlef glory of the great victory of Cerro (iordo. Tb?ae were the moat prominent cbiettalna among a Urge array of heroes We re<ret that the crowded utaie of our columna forbid* our describing other* who have borne a prominent pint in tb?late glorious achievement* ot our army. Mauy of them bore the marks of the hard fought battles in whioh they were engaged, In terrible mutilation* and horrible wounda, which were painfaily evident to the beholder. May the sacrifices they have made to the national honor b? long held in gratenil remembranoe by their fellow citlsrns; may they be amply I requited for their misfortunes by the prfoeless consciousness of having dons their duty moat nobly and moat gloriously. [From the N. O. Helta, Nov. 2# ] The mayor, and the members of the three municipal councils,paid a complimentary and formal viait to (Jena. Quitman and Hhirlds, at the St Charles Hotel, yeeterdar. Hia honor the mayor, In a warm and agreeable style, tendered to tbeae distinguished gentlemen th?hospitalities of onr city and the oourteaies of the mnnielpal authorities.and Introdnoed to them the different members of our counoila General Shielda made a neat, elegant and eloquent reply, in behalf of himself and General Quitman. He remarked that the many evideneea whioh the patriotic eltiaena of New Orleans had given of their kindly appreciation of the aervloea rendered by the army in Mexico, tilled the bearta of the ofloera and soldiers of that army then present with a pleasure and pride which It would be vain for him to attempt to expreaa. They might be aasured that their oourteelee would be long cherished, and remembered aa vividly aa were their patriotic exertions to sustain and further the efforta of the army in Mexloo. After friendly inter uuaugcD vi BvuiiBiruii nuu irnnu^p. ?uu ui uutui DUD|IBtulations and |0"(1 wishes, the d?i illation taok leave of these gallant offlc<-ra. That gallant soldier (General Quitman) left la*t evening for bia home In M iaaiaelppi Ha vai aocompaaied by many of bia friends and several of the ofloers of bla etaff. Mississippi, wboae soul is full of chivalry, will make the welkin ring again when the berolo Quitman rt aches her shores. Health and sucoeas to the brave and gallant (ieueral Quitman ! It was our pleasure yesterday to be called on by two worthy representatives of tbe F.mplre Htate?Vlajor Dyckman and Lieut* nant Swwny, of tbe New York regiment. They bear about them that wblob should ever t>e regard-d a mark of honorable diatinetion. Major Dyckmau still labors under the effocts of a wound ftoaa a inu?k?t ball, which passed through bla b?ek from aboulder to shoulder. Lieutenant Hweeny, leaa fortunate. at tbe oualaught of Churubusco, lost bla right arm. We were yesterday honored with visit from some more of tha heroes of the republic, just returned from tbe scenes where our army so signally triumphed. capt u. i >1. 01 inn army, courteously oalled on us Ha 1s a soldier who m? some servioe during I bis brief connection with tbe army. He was connected with (Jen a Wool's division, till It reaobad C'bibua bua: accompanied only by a guide, be there leit the camp of Oen. Wool, and ran the guantlet through In safety to General Taylor's camp at Monterey, notwithstanding the country was at the time Infested with tha enemy. Having apprised (Jan. Taylor or the position and rlews of (Jen. Wool, he passed In safety do*n to Cainargo, and on to Washington, where he delivered the despatches of Oen Wool, of which he was the bearer. He returned and joined the expedition to Vera Cms. slnoe which be has participated in all the brilliant achievements of our army at Cairo (Jordo aad in tha valley of Mexico. Hla devotion and untiring attention to lieu. Shields, when It was believed he waa mortally wounded at Cerro Coido, was the theme of universal panegyric. We had the pleasure of a visit yesterday, from the distinguished commander of tbe New York voiunteen, Col. Ward Burnett Col H was dreadfully wounded at ( hurubusco In several places, and bis recovery l? regarded as a perfect miracle in medical science 1 etanus or lockjaw was superinduced by bis w.und, and SO dcspsrsle was bis ease considered, that hi* phyniclan told him that it was necessary for him to make his will, and pr'-pare for the wor?t lie bal several spasms, which wars considered at tbe time death spasms, hut being strongly doeed with quinine, thry gradually grew weaker and anally be began to recover Ou appearing in public after bis convalesci nee. his friends almost shrunk from blm as one who had risen from the dead We are happy now to find the Colonel almost recovered from his Injuries and we trust that he will soon join his family, with bis health and strength completely res ored There wu do morn ganant emoer man i 01 uurn?tt. nor morn dUtlnguUhad ooldleni at Churubunco, than tb? brare Mw Vorkem. [Krom the New Orlean* Time*, Not. 2ft.] Of tboae who bare already attracted no muoh attention, ruch m (Quitman. Shield* and Harney, we hara littia need to do aagbt ei*e than ralae ?our voice, amid the general choir of their gra eful lellowcitliena, who tilth unlaetlcally ting thalr praiaa*. Bat wa will dwell on aoina whore merit*, equally conapicnoua on tba roll of f<mr. barn a* j"t baau bnt 'lightly alludad to. or overlooked. i.mld tha attantlon butowed upon the more promthant chief ain* On entering the hotel, yettarday, we ware much atruek with tba external appearauoe and general bearing of aereraJ officer* In tha group about the general* We find among them oainea fam liar aa houiahold worda to all who have followed the earear of our gallant army tinea it* Invatlon of Mai loo. whoee exploit* we have already chronicled in theie coin nine, and tna record of wboae marlta are brilliant points of light in tha commander In chief'* deepatobee We will enumerate a fe*r : ? i ol John Oarland commanded a brigade, waa at rale Alto. R?aaca de la Talma, Monterey, Vera Crua, Carro Oirdo, Churubuaco, Molino del Ha*, Chapaltepeo, Oarita of Man I omio; he waa foremost In tboee battle*, and the repotta of Oenarala Taylor, Scott and Worth commend blm In tha highett rain* of eulogiuin Col. (J. wa* wounded In the city of Mexloo, after lu> *urrender, daring the revolt of the rabble of leparo*; luckily, hi* hurt waaart daogarona, and he I* now, we are happy to ?ay, dolnm wall. If any man hooor nod admlra Hod it I* ha ; for thlrty-0?a Ion* yaar? b? haa aarrad la tba Unttad KtatM army, n?y>r demanding or tooking any other pott than thai of d*o(r?r, ?b?n In front of bis cuvmy. Hit motto, if w? might him ona, la ampha tlrally that of ' P*reaTara to tba and " Wa Ml all fa miliar with tha (jlowlnn nloglum pronounoad oa Oar land by Worth, at' hurnbu*?v Majrr Lorta* autUaWd by tha Iom of ?a arw. wm In J

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