Newspaper of The New York Herald, 10 Aralık 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 10 Aralık 1847 Page 1
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(r~ 3u:r-r ~ " :v * T H ] WlioU No. ftttt* PAIIK THEATBE ?Beuefif ff MR O ANDHEW8.? ?art ire HmA kTH John P?*r>biurl*. Mr. O And.ew., Mr. Tnefcle IL. Mr An^?o?; Til7y sfowkoy. Mr.. Dyo?. Boxe., $1; P t. 50 c-nt; Gallery. ?S cent.. P- vhK THEATRE -VI'. G H. And'ew. re.pectfully ?? hi. Benefit will tike .^??J"??jy ? ? rt.L.mUf lOih "ii which occmioo he will be ai?i?tr? dt tiiue^hcw. ;ffm^il'll"7'" *^(iRANb,,VANM? ..? * OR'NJ COv< KRTO (with foil Orch??tr?l accompaniment*,) k| D? KeliVM.?l..eTroh? B?tholdv. The ^ OTyfL'S 1 con.i.t of thr, favorite Ci medy of THE HYPOCRITfc Ut. Cn-well. Mr. T kTcKFT ON THR HEARTHme.n. Dnm* ol THr. ' KltR'i' ? " 111.,, Tick John Pereyb ug'?, Mr Andrew.; B*nh"' ^",nA, ^reVt. et? m? y be had of Mr O- Audrew., No. 79 Sprin* meet il^lt'rc ? Bosvick* I HfcATt.fc.-A W J*S"0"vMDMeiot'wfn VI'naue,. Mr. 8tkt*s?.?Frida* fcTeuinf. Dec 10. win he ne-fn m?.l lh? irmvA hnllel of OlSfcLLE. O' 'h? Willie. Oi?e|le, Mi?* Turn^ull; Prince Al '?rt. Mr O W. Smith ? P-criomto which. SIX I'KKN bTHINO JACK? 'ohu Rann, Mr J H Hills K>t Clayton, Mr. Burke; Major Hau-er, Mr. 'I ilton; Bean brumtnell, Mr Steven*; Mi?s CoustanC" Manhy, Mr*. W?l<">,t; Mary Wr*rr?. Mr?. Pliillipa. To conclude with li e S'KCTmK BRlDKOROOM-Vlr. Nieodeuiits. Mr Tilton; ?Mwinklf. Mi Bellamy; D'norr. Mr. llu'lie; Georgian*, Mrs Sutherland; Lirinia, Mrs. Phillip*. Doors open M o'clock tnii the curiam will ris* *i ' fioiea IS ceoU; 1" Mid 'htix? 12K Oct* ?THAM THE ATRE ? Uniter the Ma*airera*it ?' Mi J WLETfHBR-Stage Manager. Mr Hield-On Friday Evrninir. Dec 10 will lie unarmed the comedy of FAINT SIK ART N VER WON FAIR LADY?Kin* ChirlM 11, 1i? (Iililrrth; Marquis tfe Snnta Cruz Mr. Brandon; Hny Goinrz, Mr. Hielil: Duchra* dn Torrenuera, Mrs. McLean After which, the HOLLAND FAMILV. To be followed by the MODEL *HTMTEH. To conclude with the new grand iMuit?ni>me of HARLEQUIN TOM?Characters by the Hoi land Family, he. Doors open at half pest 0; performance to corn me "re at 7 o'clock. Bote 25cent*? Pit. 1JX cenu MIT?;HK.u7'H OLYMPIC THKATRE?On Friday Ktcning Den 10 the performances wilt roMimence with the NIGHT UANCERS-OiselTe Miss Mary Taflor; Albert. Mr. Tirom; Kridolin, Mx Holland; Oodfrey..Mr Henry; Alter ^ the laughable fate* of MY WIFE'S OUTMr. Srumb'e, Mr Holland: Bettv, Mis* Phillips After which. 5th tme. THE BOAKD1NG Hf HOOL-Capt. Hareomt, Vlr i hicfru; M?j >r Marsden, M'. Henry; James. Mr Conover; Carol in Blythe, M'SS Mary T*ylor. To'conclnJe with A DAY WELL &PENT?Mizzle, Mr. Holland. J)oors oi*> at half iiait 6, and the curtain will riM at 7.? Drrsi ''irrle ,'iflr, Ui>|?r Boies 26c: Pit. I2)ic AtJ'i'OH >*u A?:h; Ol'ERA?Friday I" Truing. December IB. will be p.evented Bellini's Opera of LAbONNAMBULA?Amioa i ,<m liiit spiie-vance in America) hig'iora Biseaecnnt;; L.i-i. y rno a Moira: Tcreta, Siguort Arogad o; Elvi-o, M-Kuir Victti; C ttnt Rodlpho, Signor Avignone; AM*, S <uor Momt N-**ry, Sigifor AlbertaMi. Boxes, pnnuen- ., ! btlcom amphitheatre. 50 cent*. Doors open M t 1 i nm.tnci i t half past?. AH I'Oll i?i. v. k?fX f It a. 0''ERA NIGHT?Saturday, R-c li, will performed Bellini'* opera of L A SONNAMBL'LiA?Anilui. rtunii.t Biscacciauti; on wbi h occasion no*- o'tlie si*ir?of the Parquet, Balcony and Boxes can be teoureil, on ai>. lication at the Box Office, from half-past < to I'; and Wall street, from l_?o 3_o'clock dm 2t*re BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM ?P. T BISWum, Proprietor ; F Hitchcock, Maaarer?SP'.ENDID PEHFOR VI ANrKfl THIS AFTERNOON at 3o'clock.and Thi* kvoii-c nt hall rant 7 o'clock. Erg.tged, for a few day., (JAMI'BELL'S ETHIOPIAN SERENADERS AND OPERA. COMPANY, who will appbarina GRAND ETHIOrKN BUULESqUK OPEKA, and alto Id thai* PoFhlar IMtnarrel.y. at each performance. AI?o a Celebrated SCOTCH 1 FlPKR: Miuea GABZYNSKI, Juvenile Dancer.; GREAT WESTERN. Mii. BERNARD, Mia. JULIEN, MOOEL8 OF SHAKSPEARE'S HOUSE, and other boilding. connected with hi. hiitory; LIVING ORANG OUTANG, kc.? Admittance to the whole, 15 Cent.; children under ten year* of age and old enongh to walk alode, 15)4 cent*. Reserved iront ?eatt. one .hilling each extra. ni re MECHANICS' HALL, 47t Hrnadway. <wttw?a? Itiri nd Hroome atreeta. Crowded to overflowing with the BEAUTY and FASHION of New York. OPEN EVER* NIGHT KN ABATED SUCCESn Ninth Week of the Original CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS The Oldeat E?laM.?heil Baud in the United ftatra & P. CHRISTY E. PEIRCE. G. N.CHRISTY C. ABBOTT. J. RAYNOR, T. VAUGHN, whoie original and inimitable concert, are I nightly honored with crowded and highly respectable andiencet, Oud uc i renal It admitted to excel every amwement of a timilw character offered in thi* city. Admiaaion 36 cent.. Children under It year*, half price. Door, open at 7; eoneeri will commence at i o'clock dj 7t*rc TYROLEAN 1/0.>CICKT-Th.Hdutr Family,relative* of the Maincri, will have the honor of giviug their Fifth Concert in America, on Friday evening, December It. at the Society Library, on which oecaaion they; will pre.ent an entiie ch.tuge of programme. Tickets admitti g a gentleminund two ladie., SI; .ingle ticket*, St cent*. Door* open nt half-pan 6; to commence at lialf-pau 7 o'clock. No poatponement on acconnt of weather. _ d9 2t*rc SU.OADWAV ODEON?Entrance through f'inteaut' Maloon,uniiar the mtuavement of Mr. E. G Greeley. Parqnette, 2% cent* ; Boxea, I2X cent*. On Thnridav evening, I)ec. 9, 1817 the performance, will commence with Grecian Ererci.ea, Vocal and In.rrumea'al Muuc, Dancing, fcc. The cmcrtniumeBU will codelade with tho Tableaux VivanU, given by celebrated artiate. who have madeth-. exhibition llieir particular stuuy. renormauce 10 cuuunouce ?i nui past 7. d56t*m OK1UI nAL HPL'.NUll) Al/l'AK I'IilCk. of tne Adora. iou of the Virgin and Iufaut Jesus. and other Saints,by 8r Bonavrntura, painted in the 18th century, by Rubens; just arrived from Europe; exhibiting at 413 Broadway, corner Lispeoard street. Admission, 15 centi; tenon tickets, 50 cents. Been l' qui 9 A. M- till 10 P. M. o4 6t*m COt;iKTV LiBft^RVl LECTURE ROOM. Bro.dway. ?3 ?Mrt. LY.nNE'S Musical Illustrations of hhalupsare.? Ttin-fday Evening, Dee. Uth? M ACBETH. Tickets, One I) liar To fniupienee at > o'clock. diB7t*rc THK UKEEK SLAVE, corner of Broadway anrt Leonard street?This atatne, by Powers, will rrmiin in New Vork a sh-rt tune longer. Al1 season tickets issued since the 16th October will be available until the close of the exhibition.? Single ndanssi n 25 cents; season tickets 54 cents. Hours of exhibition from 9 A. M. nntil 10 P. M <16 7teodre AIT A l. NUT ST. THEATRIC?Philadelphia.?Lessee, Mr. E. A.Marshall, Manager, Mr. J. WallacV.Jr.?Third Night of MH COLLINS?Ou Kridav treeing. December 10, will be i>erformcd THK IRISH A MB ASS iDOR-"<ir Patrick U'rlenipe, Mr. Collins, in which character he will sing "The Bold Soldier Boy;"Oraud Unke, Leman; Count Marino. a Becket; Ladr Kmily. Mrs Rogers; ady Isabella, Miss Chipman. after which, HIS LA?r LEliS?U Callaghan, .Mr tJolliui; with the snog of " The Liquor of Life. To conclude with the.farce of the KINO'S O\RDKNEH?Oalochsrd, Mr. Chspmtn; Midame Oalochard, Miss Chapman. MM. ' OLL1.N8 will appear every ii'ght tMs week. THEATRICAL? Waited, two Singers, a bass and soprano, ?also, fonr ballet dtecers. to whom the highest salaries will be given. Apply immediately at 109)4 Broadway. ^ dip It*re F AL OPEKA HOUSE TO lEI'.-Kor pirticufors, apply at the Box Office f om I0_A. M. till 4 P.M. da rc C^EnTH.VILLK < OUl<8E,irT?TROTT1 >Q?Oreat > tlan licsp Match for S1M0?SAi URD AY, Dec llth. a match, mile heits. for $500a side, half forfeit, between the celebrated horsed R1PTON and VaSHION. will uke I>lac? H. WooJmff name* br. g. Hipton. to go to a 200 J iA/ U/k.l.H nemea K m li'tahirttl. tA ITO fel lh? pleaaei JOK.L CUNKL1N, Proprietor N. B ? A match, iwoim'e heats, in harneia between LADY SUFFOLK una KIPTON, for $2000, half fuilcit, i* to come off December 2t. CulttTllif. U?c. I. 1847. <1 <t J> FI'IUMIN'4 O VM X ASIUM?CHARLfcS K () P TIG.NON luform* the public that hit extensive and weH ventilated estnbltihmeut, 15, V and 19 Caual itreet. corner of Kim, isopen from MM till 10 I' M. for the reception of gymnast* and panil* Hi* Oynm**inm i* e mpletely furniihed with all 'lie apparatus f >r performing the whole exercises of a (iymniuiam. SPARRING nCHOOL-Hr O will pereonally intruct at ell time*. tho?e who deaire it, in the art of Self-Defence. 8<HOOi. OF AKMj?Fencing taught, by an experienced Piofeaaor from Pari*, with the amall or broad tworm, or aingle atick. The Pistol Gallery if fnrniahed with the very bent of Engliah Duelling Piatola. aad all the other kppurtenancea for Piatol Practice N B.?Mr., O. at the requeat of a uumherol gentlemen in Brooklyn, i* now having ha ill iu one of the moat airy, healthy and central location* in that city, au extenaive Gymnasium, which will be furnished with all the spparatua found iu any Gymnaaium He iutenda it shall not be inferior to any other eaLibliriimeut of the kind in the United Mates. Subscription Book ia now open at hie (JiVnnasium in Canal atreet, where any larther information can be ohtai ed. M ltc*m PIANO FOilTK? For ?ale, a splendid aerea octare roaewood Piano Porte, mide in superior and elegant style; will be warrauted. and fold at $100 leaa than the mannfmtarar's price. Cau be aeen at J. Hockctt'a wareroom. 4(8 Broadway, comer ol Broome atreet. Also, two very excellent second hand Piano Fortes, lor sale cheap for caan. d9 3t*m "/J VltDKS i.A KA V KT i'K."?The lirst Ball or t?l,i vT Kayet'e (i jardi will tak* place at the C liaeum. No INUroml wry >u iVe'ln-sday livening. Dec 22d, 1847. The Committer oj AriaugeraeuU a*?ure* thoae ladu* and gentlemen who mav h mm' this. tli'ir flrat Ball, by tneir presence, thttnoi.ll ? oi their pnrt will be wannng to lender it agreeauk, and It .(ter theinaelves (hat tin arrangement* the/ have mad<t ate audi n? cannot fai! iu please the moat faatidioua ? Ticket* of *iiiiii*ai<>n. lu .m ling aupper for a lady and geutlemvi, can he had ofthe folio inii committee. Price $1. Capt. J Lonati, 4S1 P* >rl street; M' H Killet, 12 Beaver atieet; Mr. H. Oiilti, Inhuatreer; Mr. Wm. Sullivau, 86 Christopher atre?i; .Vtr I, Lcclfr- :na Broadway; Mr. O Landeaman. to A'len it-eett .Vlr IVm Uibblee. 263 Broadway; Mr. 0. Mercien II Caual atreet; Mr. ,Th. Itocaling, 36th at, corner tfSth avrnii* dl7eod*m T>nK HRVr B\LL OK THK UNITKI) I'KM;1'ICAL a TON 5 CUrTfcK*'ASSOCIATION, of the.eity of New York, Brooklyn. and Jer-?y City, will be held at Cattle ?Jar^en. ou Monday Evening. Dee. 11, 1817. The proceeds of thin bill will l>e given towaids the erection of ihe W.ishirgion M nnmriit. 'Ihe committee of arrangements flitter them?<lv a that ihe object of ihn hall will meet a heart v co-operation from a generous and patriotic public. The floor will be under ihe direction of an efficient committee, who. in conjunction w iili ihe committee of arraiitfemeiiti, will leave nothing undone to a-,tufy the m >?t fastidious CommitCee of Arrangements? VVin. Mc A lister, John IIussey, Tlioa. Hiisaev, Wm E. Jo; ce. I'di ink tluinii. Pat.ick Lynch, Richard Heiley, Thos. 1) iwey, Jtlia McAullffe. Tickets fl. can be hid of any of thr h ,ve committee, or at the door oi the night of the Dal 1. <19 4 . D\ N< I NO AC M'LLki.PAULlNK DKn j A K DINU, of the Royal Academy of Paris,most respectful ly iiiinoiincea to her pupils, ladies and gentlemen, that she continues her classes for ihe Tuition of Dancing, in_ all its farihiotiitble hranche?, at No I Washiugtoa Place. For young Ladies and M isters, Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 3 to 5 o'clock, P ,\1 ; for (Jentlemiu, Thursdays and Saturdays,from 7 to 9 o'clock. P.M. At 7? Leonard street, for Ladies and Gentlemen, Moudays and Wr'lursd ITS, from 7 to 9 o'clock, P.M. Private L'ssoiw Imm IIV? to I o'clock every dav. Neit month M'lle P. l>. will comniEUCfl giving Soirees Daotanirs lo her I n. '1 Is a I Private Families attended. ? M?*m B ALL ROOM OIJlDft.?Just publisned. Duraug's Terpsichurc or full ILom Out 'e; a work indispensable to a new beginner and containing much information fir ptoficie ti ?*00 pages, price JJ, V and M rrnts each, in various styles of bindrc. very thing is fully ciplamed in the above work, from he o'd style cut try dances to the latest and most magnificent polk?s. TURNER St FISHF.R, 7< Chstbim street. Kemein'i'r, Valei.line Head (Quarters, F?b. 14 h. d7 I2t*rc BII.ljl.aliL) 1 holt H 1 Lt1.- Pmo snlenditl Uil liiril Tables in first rate order, with all the fiitarcs belonging to them. They must be sold the present week, foi cash, to toe huhest offer. Inquire at Oothic Hall, No. 316 Broadway, wbf e'lie la--es ean nt any tim? hr seen. d9 2t*m ' P1D.-I HKill , i KLJ- UHKAT KXCITKMKMT IN TKN PlNs?The prices st Oolhie Hall, (316 Brondway ) lr mi this date, will be reduced in day time, until J o'clock, P. M., to one-half the original price, viz 6M'cuts per i ngle string ; m the evening, until the house isciosed, 10 cents |?r (trine. The subscriber will be happy to see his friends and I Mr.mi, and if strict attention to bMSicesi and firing ihern more annulment I or their money than formerly, has any weight, he is coufi'leet Uiey will lM pleased with ihtir visit ? CHA?. D. iTlLJCi. ^ 41 * ? i?l*. -J-- ' J1 .*_g J.J 1 ? -J! 1 . 1 E NE NE' ADDITIONAL INTELLIGENCE FROM ALL PARTS OF EUROPE, HECEIVED BY THE STEAMSHIP BEZTANNXA. SPECIAL DESPATCHES FROM Paris, Florence, Madrid, Athens, Berne, and Genoa, TO THE NEW TOKS BB&ALD. The General Snmmuy. * The moot recent news from the chief oentrei of movement in Europe, will be found in the deepetchee of our pec lei correspondent!. It will be geen that the Inter- aantonal war in Switierland was on the ery eve of breaking out, by an attaok of the force* of the Diet on Fribourg; indeed, that an attaok had really been made; that the progreee of reform, \m I + *1? *ri onin# rtn that th? Kbff of Sardinia had become eminently popular; that Count Brfvog, French ambassador at Naples, had oonmltt?d suinlde; that thing* remained in (fata quo at Madrid; that the oholera had reaohtd Constantinople; and that a ourlous fraeaa had taken pltoe in the Cabinet at Athena. The reform meetings still go on in France, opposed by the government, and^lndicating a most bitter spirit against the King. THE SPECIAL. DESPATCHED Vrantti Fiat*, Nor. V, 1847. The leform agitation is the great toplo of the day, so far as relates to internal affairs-the banquets go on in the provinces, and are generally attended by from four hundred to six hundred quests. It is to be remembered that these meetings oonslst exclusively of the intelligent and educated classes, sueh as the professions, merchants and traders?the operative classes taking little or no part in them. The truth is, the right of suffrage is at present so limited in France, that there is no immediate hope that at any attainable rtform can confer it on them. The present demonstrations have for their objeot to extend the constituency, so that it shall comprise the Intelligence of the oountry; which it assuredly does* not at present. The present government, and especially king Louis Thllippe, himself, is vehemently opposed to all reform whatever, and both the one and the other are in the highest degree unpopular. Theie are two things whioh forolbly strike an indifferent observer in relation to the great reform meetings whioh are now held throughout the oountry, the first is the obstinate and determined oppuaiuou giroa w iusui uj ion nuuruuirui, uu ub undignified expedients to wfcich It reiorta for that purpose; and, seoondly, the invincible repugnance evinced every where, to allow any allusion to the sovereign to be made, which could call for any expression of approbation or respect Numerous elrcumetanoes may be mentioned, Ulustiatlogtthe former of these fact*. The minister of the interior oalJs into unsparing operation, all the means at his diepocal, to throw obstructions in the way of these meetings. Thus he orders the prefeots, sub-prefects, and may ore of the departments and arrondlssements, to refuse the use of all publlo buildings, for such meetings, and all persons who attend them, beoome marked men, who are sure to be rejeoted, if ever they become candidates for any oflloe, however humble A meeting took place a few days since at Avesnes. consisting of upwards of four hundred electors. The sub-prefeot, as usual, refused the use of the public hall for the meeting, and as there was no other suitable place, the prrjeot was about to be abandoned, when a wealthy elector of the plaee offered the use of his chateau and' pleasure grounds for the purposs. lie out down the trees In hla lawn and levelled hla ornamental plantations, to make space for the ereetlon of a temporary ballding in carpentry, for the accommodation of the meeting; but this was tcareely effected, before notioe was given by the police authorities, that it would be poUeddown, upon the pretext tkat it nraatad * daagit of fire to tho neighborhood; bat to accomplish the work of deitruotioa, artillery men and engineers were obliged to be ordered from some distanee, and before their arrival, InstHnatalw Kannnat au nvsr Hnnh a?s tha avna. dlents by which the oablnet of Mom. Oaliiot opnoee Lhs progrrm of peaceful reform by legal mtaus, rMwnlatd by the oonetltutlon.and entrenohea lUelf within the majority which it obtain* in the Chamber, by mean* of thoee abuaea and corruption* which it la the object of theee meeting* to oorreet. A* to the second oirouBUtaaee above mentioned, of the nncon querable repugnancy to *Tioe?the *lighte*t tribute of personal reepeot to the King, it i* manifested at all of these meeting*, without exoeptkra, In a well organised constitutional monarchy, the institution* of whieh enjoy the confidence and respect of the people, the first name among the toasts at a political banquet of this hind, is that of the sovereign, which, as a matter of oourse, is given and received with the uaual demonstration* of respcot and approbation ; nevertheless, the reform banquets held throughout the pro vines have generally refused te admit the toast all. The few who were dieposed to propose it, abstained, from the prudent constaideratlon of the storm of disapprobation which the mention of the name of Loula Philippe would raise. In *ome oaaea the toast ha* been drunk, but with. such reserve, coupled with so many qualification* and condition*. and with *o many prevlou* managements, that It may be justly said, that Its admission was even a greater Insult than its omission. The best that can be said of Its acceptance at any of these meetings I*, that when the pill was gilded over with a number of popular oondltlon*, and expreeeiona, the a*semblL&nlped It down with a dia gust which they took no pais*To oonceal; and that they only tolerated It in order to seoure the presence of *ome leading members of the dynaatlo opposition In the Clumber. Theee are come of the evils whteh arise from that motive personal Interference In the affairs ef the government which Louis Philippe exercises, and will continue to exeroise, to the latest hour of his life. Bt the constitution, he is, as the sovereign. Irresponsible. But this very irresponsibility involves implicitly the oondttion of total abstinence from all lnterferanoe in the administrative affairs of the government. The responsibility resting solely on the Ministers, tbey alone should conoert the measures to which that responsibility attaches. The sovereign should not even be present at their councils. This Is perfectly understood In England, where the Sovereign Is really Ignorant cf the measures contemplated until she is called upon to sanotlonfchelr execution. Here, on the oontrary, Louis Philippe presides In person at the oabinet counoils, and concerts with the Ministers severally the measures projected And It is well known that he exercises In all those matters a most potential voloe. Under such circumstances, It Is apparent that the royal Irresponsibility becomes a dead letter ?it continues to exist In the eye of the law, but It has no exlscenoe in public opinion. The loan for two hundred and fifty millions of francs which 1 mentioned in my former letters, was neirotiat-' ed last weeB, and adjudloated as usual to Messrs Rothschild; the prloe at whlob It was taken was 75 aa, being three per oent interest from the present tlm?; the capital, however, only to be paid up by monthly Instalments, the first two amounting to twelve and a half millions, and the succeeding ones to ten millions Thus the oontraotor receives interest a* if the capital were paid up at present, whereas it will not have been completely paid up for twenty months. He, therefore, gains as a bonus nearly a year's Interest. The efTeot of this negotiation on the Bourse has been the reverse of what was eipected. It was thought that twelve and a half millions of stook, thrown monthly on the market, in addition to the usual supply, must necessarily have produced more or less the effect of a glut the reeult, although Meatra llothachild. the day after concluding tha contract, cam# forward and paid at once twenty-five mtlllona of francs, being the amount of the two instalments to become due on the Md November and 'Jitl Deoember; yet tha fund* rose, and are (till riaing. They were i|noted, tha three per oenta on Saturday as high aa 77V, having been, previous to the loan, very little above 7A. It It a remarkable faat that the commercial ?nj financial panlo in Kngland haa been attended with no raaotlon here; on the flontrary. while every species of security waa falling in the London market, tbinga here have been ateadily improving. Our diplomacy haa loet two of Ita Isading members, Count* Breaaon and Mortler, tha one by auiclde. and the other by inaanity. Aa many erroneous report* are In circulation respecting theoauaea which lad to the suicide of Count Breaaon, I may a* well t?ll you what the real fact* w< re in relation to his journey to Kngland. fcc Thin, it haa been raid that, on hla journey to London, M. Brttson met with an excellent reception from Lord Talmeraton, and on hla return to Paris relied on the favor which he calculated on finding in the KnglUh ministry, to demand the embaaay at London. We will confine ourselvet on thla point^to replying simply that Lord I'almeraton at that period waa not in London, and that M. Bieaaon had not tho opportunity of aeeing him during the time that he paaaed in Lngland. It baa been alao raid that M Breaaon, after having refuted the Miniatry of Marina, had not accepted, without regret, the embassy at Naples, and had only determined, with bitter mortification, to ga to occupv a poet inferior to that wbirh he had quitted. We believe that,on the cantrary, the eiabaasy ot Naples wa* given to M. Hreaaon by hla own desire If wa are well Informed, 1( waa M. Breaaon | hiuaelf who. after having refused tha Ministry of Marina. which he had first accepted, induced M. (Juliot to propoae tha Duke de Montebello to the KlDg to ocoupy that poaf, and at the *ame time expreated tha daaire to replace M da Montebello at Naplea. It la than quite erroneeua to aae in tha sending of M. Breaaon to Naplea even an Indlreot cause of the nbagrln which had auch fatal conaequence* It la further said that M. Breiaon wrote to M Oafttot from Rome to expreM tha detire to be aent to Madrid; but that in reply, he reealvad the formal order to prooaed to Naplea Thla aaaertion la aa Inexact aa the others The reply of the Mlnlater of Kortrlgn Affaire left Parla on the very day on which the frightfuli ntelllgence, which hai sauted luoh profound | aad umIikv grief, r tasked II. w ro W YORK. FRIDAY MOR Italy. Ki.os>:nck, Not. 8, 1847. Our population bore, and in the.other obief towns of the (iraixl Duchy, has been thrown into the greatest excitement and agitation by the seizure of the town of Frolziano bj the troops of the Duchy of Modena. Tho abdioation of the Duke of Luoca, in favor of the Orand Duke of Tuscany, conferred on the Duke ofModana, under the artlolrs of the treaty of Venice, a right to annex the Tuscan district ef Luniglana to his Duchy It waa hoped that a calamity so great might have been averted by a compromise, which the Orand Duke was willing to make, giving compensation both in monev and territory; but these hopes have proved delusive. On the morning ol the 6th instant, the city of Kroix:tano. situated in the province of Lunlglana, was suddenly seised by the Modenesa troops. The Tusoan local authorities protested against this aot. but in vain. When intelligence of the firooeeding reached this olty, the people assembled in mm?nse numbers, in the grand square, and loudly called tor arms, to march to the aid of their fellow subjects of Kroissano. The same fermentation took place at Leghorn, I'lsa, Luuoa, aud other towns. This excltemeut has been somewhat allayed by the publloatlon of a so i it inn protestation oy lti? urand UUKe. against tn? arnitrary net of the Duke of Modena, and it is still hoped that something may be dona to avert the misfortune of the poor paople of tha Luniglana passing from the most enlightened and liberal af Italian sovereigns, to tJie most hopeless and unmitigated despotism of Lueoa. Genoa, November 6,1817. <>enoa,*the superb, has just been the theatre of one oi the moat magnidoant ovations that has been witnessed in the Italian peninsula for the last oentury. Tha reforms effeoted in the government and the administration of Tiedmont, by King Charles Albert, have thrown the people into a delirium of joy. His majesty, a few days sinoe, left Turin for this city, to pass a month here; his journey was one continued triumph?triumphal irches were erected by every village, and the I'ledmontese people reeeived their sovereign with hymns of gratulation, and songs of triumph, chaunted by thousands of voiees; but it was on his approach to Genoa that thescene ussumed its real inagni&oenoe; almost the entire popoillation of the town poured forth to meet him a thousand banners waved, bearing various patriotlo inscriptions, characterizing the new era which has opened on Italy Military music sounded, end the national hymn, composed in celebration of Italian re-generation, was sung by a chorus of 50.800 voices. Among the banners, one of tha most aonspiouous was the celebrated standard captured from the Austrian* by the Genoese, and religiously premtrfiid. for a hundred v<*nrn. Itv our D?irnili(^iit cftv: it wu borne, on this occasion, by the Marquis (Jeorge Doris, one of the most popular of the ancient nobility, and the most zealous partlcan of reform. In the evening the city wan iplendiiiiy illuminated, and a torchlight prooetwion, composed of the same individual*, took place, esoorting the King, who made a tour of the town for three hours. Vour limited apace would not allow me to go into the details of thin rasgnifloent ovation; the imagination of your readenumay supply what I have omitted. You will doubtless have heard, besides the other great reforms, of the commencement of Italian uaity by the establishment of a custom's league, to which I'iedmont, Tuscany and Rome are already parties, and In which it is hoped that the other States will combine. Spain. Madrid, November 0, 1847. I take up my pen rather to fulfil my periodical duty, by showing you that I am vigilant and aotlve, than to send you intelligence of any general interest?nothing ot importance, in faot, has taken place here slnoe the date of my last. There is the usual weekly amount of oourt and oablnet intrigue; two ministers have been dismissed and two new ones appointed?the dismissed have threatened General Narvaea to "peach," and publish certain soaadalo?s ciroumstanoes which preceded .and led to his aooession to office. Their mouths have been stopped by money, rank and honors?one, Ros de Olano. is appointed Ambassador to Lisbon, with a large gratification in money; and the other, Ueneral Cordova, is appointed Senator, and has received the grand cross of Charles 3d, &c.,ko.; meanwhile, a thousand rumors are afloat, one of whioh is, that Queen Isabella is acting under moral coercion; that she is entangled in the net-work of her InfHvnln# motKar. OiiMftn ('hriatintt unit that iinanrunn. loua Narvaen; that ane la pernuaded that there la taourtj a danger of a military tmtult, ho , and that her only aatV tj eouaUU in allowing )wr mother uA Uaaaral Mawm to gwrem fnr bar. How long thla will last no on* oat ^ Snllurland. Itaiti, Nor. 11, 1847. Praparatlona for hoatllltiea have boon In moataotlvi progreaa sjnoe the data of my laat, and all Hwitzerland ha* the aapect of a camp. Although a week haa paaaed. however, alnee the reaolutlonjofathe Diet to execute lta deereea by armed foroe, waa paaaed, no aota of boatillty of any great Importance bare been committed on either aid*. Some troop* of Kir I, croaalng the St. Gothard have penetrated into the territory .of Teaalno, where aome ahota ware interchanged; two oflloera of the invading party and aome few men were killed, and the itfairiterminatad by the retreat ot the invadera. The ohief pointe, of attack, however, will be Kribourg and Lucerne, a glanoe at tho map will ahow that Berne Ilea about midway between the two latter cities, at about 12 league* from (Mb. Such a position Involves a divlaion of the main army, which has accordingly been made, one part being direoted against Kribourg and the other against Laoerne. At the moment I write, several districts of the oanton of Kribourg have been ocoupled without resistance, by the federal troops, about 30,000 of whioh have adopted poiitlons 'so as to encircle the eity.of Kribourg, which will be attacked simultaneously at four point*. It Is probable that before this letter in despatched, intelligence of the result of this attack will arrive Another division of the army is stationed along the frontier of the Canton of Luoerne; what may be Its movements is of course Impossible to say, but the prevailing impression is, that no active measures will be taken there until after the result of the attack on Frlbourg will be knows. As there are no really efficient means of reslatanoe in the latter place, military juduee consider the Immediate fall or submission of Kribourg ss inevitable. When this ooours, th? chief part of the troop* oolleoted there will doubtless be marched to relnforos tbe main body oollected on the frontiers of Lucerne; after which an attack will be made on the capital of that Canton. Greece. Athens, Ootober 20, 1847. .More than one oolllslon amongst the powers that be, have taken plaoe here, since the date of my latt. You will remember that thia Is, or professes to be, a constitutional State, consisting of King, Senate and Representatives; but It affords one of the most striking examples of the maxim promulged by Sir James Mackintosh, thai ' Governments grow, but cannot be made." It was tbe wish of the Ove protecting powers to sow the seeds of representative constitution in Oreece; the soil, bowevtr. was not genial, and the seed* have germinated very Imperfectly. The mcst enormous system of corruption *m established, In the first Instance; and the most flagrant abuses of governmental Influence were directed to subvert the rights of the electors. The result of thli has been, that tne ^preventative chamber Is a mure mocknry?a troop of puppets, the majority of whlok more by the strings pulled by the minister. The Senate, wnloh emanates, it is true,from the royal will?Bu the members of which are, nevertheless, irremoveablels more unmanageable and Independent, and will (li eitrem*' cases, at least) raise its voioe against the abus< of ministerial and monarchical poorer. We have jus had an instance of this. King Otho, assisted by tb< French ambassador, drew up an address to be presentee to himself in answer to the roysl speech, and oaused thii address to be adopted by his obedient servants In th< House of Representatives. The Senate, however, whet it came before them for adoption, rejected It. and adopt ed another, in which the disorder of the flnanoes and the abuse of ministerial influence In the elections, wert properly stigmatized. When this address was presented to the King by the President of the s?nate. his Majesty refused to receive it- sent a scolding message the next day to the Senate, and announced that he had nominated as many new Senators aa were nrceawry to make up a msjoritv sufficient to carry the adoption of tb? address which be and his Krenen friend had prepared This was aeoordingly done, and so the humbug wan performed, ooDHistlng of a speech from the King to the Chambers, and an answer to that speech nominally h* the Chambers, but rrallv written l>v th? Klnghimaeif. We have had, however, another and ntlll mora ourioui collision taara. At a cabinet council held within the laat law day*, tha miniater of tha Interior observed on th? publie inconvenience of lha quarrel with Tnrkey, and that It wan desirable to grant lha latlafaotlou repaired by the Ottoman government, and thua terminate tb? affair. Thia alicitad acme strong language on tha othei aidf, from tha I'reaident of tha council, which wm repllad toby a (train of abase from tha miniater of the interior, much in the atyla of tha of Biiiingagate. Not belsg able to exceed thia merely by tha exeroiaa of hia tongue, the preaidant of the oouueil flourlahed hia flat, aoaa to give it oonaiderable "momentum,'' and planted a severe punch directly between the eye* of hia excellency. The minister of the ioterior,rather astouished at thia mode of aaiute, but retaining. neTerthelaaa. hii full praaanca of mind, hia excellency of the interior seixed a small stool,on which bis foot reeled, and flung It from tl.a foot of tha table, where he aat, aiming It at the head ol the president of tbe council. Whether from agitation, or whatever other cauae, tha miaaile, not being akillally directed. came into oolliaion with tna ahull of hia excellenny the miniater or foreign affalra, who aat on the rlghrof tha President, and laid that functionary sprawllog on the floor. Matter* had oome to thia point, when tha remainder of the honorable members of the cabinet fled precipitately from tbe scene of action, and tha uaber and othar inferior official* entering the room, earrled off tha wounded, and Induced the Traaidant to withdraw. After tbi* rcene. a change in (be cabinet wai talked of, but nothing had bean daoided whoa emi oerrespoulaat oioaad hia dee patches. ' J ' ?X .'1 lit L' I I'U1 iRK 1 NING, DECEMBER 10, IS MUmII nneouii The steamship BrtUania, Captain Harrison. from Liverpool 19th December, arrived at Ka?t Boa ton on Wednesday. at about half paat five. P. M , being nineteen day* from Liverpool She arrived at Halifax on Monday night at 11 o'clock, and left again at ft A. M. on Tuesday Captain H. state* that he has experienced a succession of tremendous galea from the day of hla dsSarture, which account* for her protraoted passage. She ad sixty pawengerii. The Cambria, from Boston on the 1st alt, arrived at Liverpool on the 15th, having been detained by fog. The Hibernia was to leave for Boeton on the 4th instant, and would make her return passage from New York, where s*ae would leave January 1 The Caledonia wa* to leave Liverpool on the luth Inst for Boston. The Cambria leave* Liverpool f?r New York on the 1st of January, keeping up the semi-monthly commuuioation until the weekly steamers are put on the rout* in the spring. The commercial new* by th* Britannia varie* but little trom th* acoount* by previous (teamen; but that little was favorable. Money affair* w*re in a better train, > ><1 unnanla had flaan > naa IU* r>llMua does not appear to be diminished, and the account! oonoernlng trade generally ar? not very enoouraging. At Leeds the market* were dull, while at Manchester things were said to be slowly Improving! Several commercial clroulars speak of business as having Improved, under the greater facilities offered for discount, and state that the additional failures were not ol moment, and that the orlslsj^l passed. Cotton was without change, while tqe torn flrket had Improved, and other American produets remained steady at former prloes. r The full aeoounts ot the capture and occupation of ' the olty of Mexico by the Ameriortn troops, had reached 1 Kngland, and the London journals wire happily relieved from the despondency into which they had previously appered to b? constantly thrown, when contemplating the critical situation of the Amerioan army in Mexico. The propheeiers of evil had been disappointed, and remarks upon the events of the war were exceedingly brief and olrcumsoribed. The I.ondon Sun exhibits much indignation, however, at the execution ol the captured deserter* from the American line, wh< wure taken with arms in their hands. Mad they been Americans, the writer would not have Interposed his indignation at their treatment; bnt as they were" foreign mercenaries." aa he distinguishes them, he thinks they were entitled to mercy. The Sun declares, that "of all the atroities ever prepetratod in warfare, not one is recorded more oool, deliberate and devilish In oruelty." The Arohduke John, of Austria, has sold an estate of 600,000 acres, in Gallloia, for 760,000 florins, being at the rate of about 3s 6d per aoreAocordlng to an offlolal list published at St. Peter* burgh, the total number of foreign newspapers allowed to enter Huisia next year is 300, of which 166 are German, 103 Krench, 40 knglish, and 2 Polish. J. 8 Buckingham la delivering a oourse of liz lectures on Palestine, at Dtlkelth. The Timet hlnta at the probability of ministers proposing to raise the property and income tax to Ave per oent, and endeavoring to remedj the original imperfections of the measure. The shook of an earthquake was felt at Lucoa, on the 8th inst. Marshal Bebastlanl has returned to Peril, and inhabits the hotel whioh was the scene jf the Praslln tragedy. We are sorry to see the name of James Sheridan Knowles, the dramatic author, in the list of Soottlsh bankrupt!. 11 Is said that the Archduchess of Parma, Maria Louisa widow of Napoleon, has formally married Count de Bombelles, one of her ministers. On Monday last, Mr. Mure, of Caldwell, M. P., waa elected L rd tteotor of Glasgow University, by a majority of II teen over Lord John Ilussell; the numbers being, . Mure '240; Russell 295. The Ctmmtrce announces that the Minister of Agriculture had reoelved reports from the 1'refeoU, stating tbat the potato crop had been every where gathered throughout Kranoe, and that It had been both abundant and of good ijuallty. The malady uad only manifested Itself on a few points, and Its effects had been lnsignlflcant. The Bale Oaxttle of the 11th says; ''The attack on Kribourg will not commenoe brfore the 15th or 10th. It is stated that the Bale artillery will begin the attack on the side of Mnrtan; orders have been given to this effect. At Lucerne no oflensive movement has as yet taken rlace on this frontier. The troops all stand ready armed, t was said on the 10th, at Zurioh, tbat the l.uoernese troops, who had started from the bridge of Oillak, had attacked, and taken prisoners, a post ot the Zurich carabineers, who were at Klein Dleawyl, at the extremity ol Kreyenamt, towards Lucerne and Zn?. In Zu* an< fichwj/. the bridge of Slkl had been set on lire, am LWma nraKai datiflfid. I It la announced in a Berne journal, ?f the 1 Jth, tha General Dufour, the Commander-In chief of the Kedera army fixed hi* headquarters on the IJth, at Avarenohes ntar Kribourg, ana aummoned the city to surrender Klv^pg the Rribourgara twenty-fours In whioh to decide 1 Negotiations were entered Into, bat ware broken off on 1 the 13th, at noon, and the attack on the city was commenced A aklrmlah took plaoe on the road leading from Berne to Kribeurg, in which two officers of the ointon ol Vand, were killed, and aeveral aoldlers killed and wounded. The Federal army, however, drove in the advanced posts of the Sonderbund troope, and having eatabliehed tta artillery It a position from which to bombard the city, the authoritiea sent to General Dufour, proposing terms ofsunrender, and negotiations were going on when the last accounts left. An Ameriaan house had offered to negotiate a loan ol 3.000,000 for the Federal government on very advantageous terms. The Diario di Roma cf the 4U>, quotes a letter from Naples ol the -J8th ult, stating that tranquillity being completely restored in Calabria and Sioily, the royal troops had re-entered their cantonments, and th< extraordinary powers given by the King to General Landi and other military oommandera had been with t drawn. | The latest account* from the Mat of war are to the 13tta ult, when the Federal army waa In a favorable position to bombard the city of Frlbourg, and especially the Jesuits' lnatitution ; and It waa confidently stated 1 in Berne, on the evening of the 13th, that Undine realstance any longer useless, the Frlbourg authorities had *?nt a deputation to General Dufour with offers to suf ' render withont further reslstaace. Though thia fact waa very generally believed, it had not been offlclally announced. The magnificent ovation given to Prinoe Charlea Albert by the peopLa of Piedmont, appears to have excited i the wildest feelings of satisfaction at (Jenoa. Amongst other interesting demonstrations by the people, the following incident occurred:?The American Minister. Mr YVickliffe, had stationed himself about half way between Turin and Moncullevi, In order to salute the King. No sooner did the Immense multitude, which followed the royal carriage, perceive tha American Minister. than th?y made the air ring with cries of '* Fvvivu gh Stall Until!" " Eviita I'JItntrici!" " Evviva 11 Miniitro delta granite RepuiUeu!" " Long live th* i United Statea!" " Long live America!" ' Long live I the Minister of the great He public'" The cry thus commenced, was taken up and continued by thia vast assam Mage ol the people of Piedmont, extending frem Turin to Moscullevl, a distance of three miles. It is computed that between one and two hundred tLousand people were In the procession. The English View of the Capture of the City of Mexico. [From the London Chronicle, Nov. 12 ] The failure of any fresh advices from Mexico by the last packet from New York, is made up for by the unusually preoise and definite information which bad previously arrived by the West India mall, it Is neediest lor us to recapitulate the faots detailed In the letter ol our Mexican correspondent, wmcn appeared in our columns ofT uesdsy, and in the not less interesting one, by another eye-witness, of the occupation of the Mexican capital, whiafc we present to our readers this morning. General Hcillt is at length in <|Ulet possession ol the object of all his manfuvreI, but with a force reduced to two thirds of the numbrr with whleh he left Puebla The Mexican armiea, on the other hand, appear to b< in a state of utter disorganization; and the ruling power*?President, Congress, hxecutlve, Peace Commissioners, and all-are scattered to the four winds of heaven The YaoKee commander-in-chief may repose In thi halls of Monttzuma as long as may be agreeable to him and then take his departure in what direction h? will Uut a long time may elapse before he will meet with an; thing in the shape of a government, wife which to re' new negotiations for that peaoe which every suooeedlni victory seems at once to render more desirable to thi conquerors, and more dfgioult to obtain from the van qulshed. After all, If a cessation of this most anomalous war li now fkrther off than ever, General Hcott ought In fair ness to Isy the blame on the course which he has follow ed whether in full accordance with his sober judgment or In mere submission to Instruotions received fron Washington, It i%lmpoesible to say By capturing anc partly destroying the city of Mexioo, he has hlmsel overthrown the principal portion of the rather preearl ous louudation on whioh the central authority of th< Mexican Federation rested. If peaoe was his main ob jeet, it would rurtly have been a sounder poller, what ever else might be seised on or devastate*, to have lef the seat of the government and the legislature altogethei intact?permitting as many as possible of the wealthiei cla'ses. who were driven out of the othe? states, to tali i refuge there The peace party within the walls woulc thus have been constantly lncrtasing Its numbers, ao< might at length havn possessed itself of the supreme au thority, and have concluded a peaoe which wonld hav? had all the requisite legitimacy, and have afforded the invaders a tolerably valid title to tile territory that might have been ooncedrd to them. If something of this sort did oot enter Into the original designs of the Washington <ab i in?t,we mutt confess ourselves unable to understand irltb what object Sant* Anna was restored to power, If not , by the direct furtherance, at least bv the connivance, ol the Anglo-American authorities There are certainly considerable grounds for tha allegation that there ?a( > at the commencement of the war (one ?ort of collusion between .Santa Anna and the Government of the 1 nlted hiatus We do not profess perfectly to understand the l>rti and c?ni of this very Intricate affair The follow log view of It. by the ablest statesman In Amerloa, will be interesting at the present moment It ia from a I speeoh delivered by Mr. Webstsr during tha reoent session of the Massachusetts Htate convention; It forms In Itsalfa brief, and, In the main, w# belleve, an accurate summary or the origin, pretexts, and progress of a wai which It la an honor to tha great party of whloh Mr Webater is the leader, that they never approved of II With these l-roible statement* of Mr. Webstar. w? Uava tha snh*?ot far % pieaant. Wa au glad to mi jWMg"1'" '-J 3ERA J47. that the feelinga of the party which Mr. Webater represent*, are ?o decidedly hostile to thla moat prepoateroua and unprofitable cob teat. Thar# 1? yet time for the honitat portion of the American atateamen to com* to the reioue of the oonatitutlon of their country?a oouatitutioo wQlch a few yeara of Presidential wara, and tha preponderence of the slave-holding interests by the annexation of new alave Statea, would aerloualy imperil, if not inevitably and inourably deatroy. Opening of Parliament. House or Lords.?The new parliament waa opened by commission yesterday, at two o'clock. The commission having been read, the membera of the llouae of Commona present were directed to return to their own Houae and choose a Speaker The swearing In of the Peera waa then proceeded with. Houac or Conmom.?Shortly after two e'elock, upwar Ja of SOU membera had aaaembled Lord Seymour, after a high euloglum on hla oharacter and services, proposed that the Speaker of the late parliament, the Right Hon. Char lea Shaw Lefevre, do take the ohalr. Mr. J. A 8mith aecondad the motion, wbloh, after a few obaervatlona from Lord O Bentinck and Sir R. H. Irolk, waa oarrled unanimoualy. The Sfeaker returned thanka, and waa then led to the chair bv the mover and aeoonder, amid great cheering from all parta of the llouae Lord John Itvianx. after congratulating the Speaker upon hia eleotion, moved the adjournment of the Houae. The Houae roae a few minutea before 3 o'clock. The London Morning Ckromcl*. the organ of the Ruaaell miniatrv,had on thelHtb.a long'artiole upon the buaineea of Parliament and the duties of the ministers The precarioua situation of Kurope la alluded to, aa well aa tfc. ?k. unuulllail . ttate of affair*, and thn apparent breaking up ef the old ijiUbu, The Chronicle says To prevent the outbreak of such a war Is the main duty of Great Britain. But it is obviously not by a timid or antiquated policy, nor by abject concessions to the sggressive spirit of her competitor*, that the interest* of thia empire are best to r be served, or the chance* of a war diminished. So far > as England is responsible for the keeping of the general I peace, she noit fulfil her office, not bu lying down the txpaniivf force* ?f Europe to the tether of ISlft, but I talker by anitting to replace what ie decayed in the oncierit lyitern, and aiding in I he gradual re-'itahliihment of the balance, of power on a wider, iteadier, and more comprehensive baiit than the lanitude of Eutope, after twenty yean war, admitted of in 1815. According as crises occur in the troublous regions of the European syatem, England must bo ready to express, with a promptness and authority whiob will oompel attention, her view of the alterations in the adjustments of the old-system which she is disposed to recommend, or to acquiesce in,when reoommended by others." Ireland. The accounts which have been received from Ireland during the past fortnight, continue to create, in the minds of all peaceably disposed people, serious alarm The terrors of "Captain Rock" and the murderous mandates of "Lady ('tare" are oarried out tougreater extent than aver Among the recent aisasilnatlona we have to reoord the following: A poor, inoffensive widow, named Keros, was barbarously murdered in a field adjoining her residenoa at Boherbee, near Boiresleigh, oounty of Tlpperary. on the 'Jd instant. The ill-fated woman's bead wai frightfully fractured with stones ?a portion of her brains protruded through the wounds Inflicted A Major Mahon was shot dead on the same evening, near Strokestown, in the ooanty of Roscommon A poor man, named Michael Walsh, steward and oaretaker to Charles O'Cal lag an, Esq , of Bellynahynch, in the count f of Clare, til murdered on the nigh road near Kort Anne, by a ball, whieh carried away the roof of his skull There are several other murders reoorued, bat we forbear the farther aagmentation ofeuoh an atroolou* Hit. It appears that the resistance to the payment of rent has manifested itself in the North as well aa the South. The oounty In Ulster thu? noted for Its illegal combination against the olslms of landlord* is Fermansgh There (till continues a combined movement against the payment of rents and taxes. The Nenagh Guardian of a late data has the following Mr. James Bammon, poor-rate collector for the electoral divisions of Borrisokane, Cloughjordan, and Arderoney, was, on Friday week, assaulted at Garryard, while in the act of serving uotioes for the payment or the rate, ile was prevsnted by a large number of persons from issuing the notioes H our persons are to abide their trial at the approaohing Nenagh quarter sessions, charged with the assault." A letter from Dublin, of the 10th, states that the treasuier of Fermanaugh had been shot and killed In his own house a day or two before, and a oootlnuance of similar outrages is mentioned. The Lord Lieutenant has Issued a proclamation, oalling attention to the state . of the ooantry, and appealing to all olasses to put down assassination. j Portugal. The latest acoounts are to the 9th ult. from I.isbon. The ministerial crisis still ooatinued, though on snore 1 than one occasion it appeared to have been terminated 1 by the appointment of a liberal cabinet. Financial dlf Acuities are the main impedlmtnt, and that obetacle is on (he Increase. The yueen was delivered of a prince on the 4th Inst. Her majesty attended the Italian opera the previous night Advioes from Oporto mention that the vintage of 1840, ' the wines of which are nearly ready for shipment, realises all the expectations entertained of It. 11 ?? According to the latest Intelligence from Moaoow, the number of cholera patient* In tnat city on the morning of the 16th of November, amounted to 103. On the ' evening of the 17th of October, the number of patlenta waa 135. which i* oonaldered an Insignificant proportion t for 300 000 Inhabitant*. Oreat uneaaineaa prevailed in the meroantile olrolei at St. Petersburg, owing to the soarolty of money. , India. . The Overland mall from India arrived at London on the 4th Inatant, bringing date* from Bombay to the , 30th, Madraa to the 30th, and Calcutta to the 18th of I September. The utmost tranquillity prevailed throughout India. The newt from the Puojaub continues, aa before, to be moat aatlsfaotory. 1 Trade haa aomewhat Improved both at Calcutta and Bombay. Flnauiclatl Intelligence. [From a London letter, Nov. 18 ] The London Timet of to-day atatea that the rate of money in the atock exchange, yeaterday, waa from 4 to * percent., and in Lombard atraet. discount* of flrat class biila have been obtainable at 7 per cent. Tbia atatement, however, doea not give a correot view of the money market. With the eioeptlon of the "flrat olaaa" favorite bllla referred to, dlacounta ware from 1 to 3 per I cent higher, and every pereon In the oity knowa thia to be the caae. Vet the Timet persists in fixing the ratea rauoh lower. All the other daily journals^ contradict it* flgurra The Herald, Pott, Newt, and Chroniclt, atate the oaae fairly. The Newt aaya. bank* are charging variously from 7 to 8 per cent for flrat claaa paper. Approved bills at 4 months have been charged 9 per cent .and In some Inatanoaa 10 per cent, without commission The other joarnalamake almllar reports, and these reporta are correct. But olher paper, not denominated "flrat elans," la not negotiated on those term*, ana tne great dhik or it t? not taken at all. While such high rate? continue. It 1? perfectedly absurd to speak of returning confidence and a better state of things ; the tradesmen and bustneM men generally, are (till seriously annoyed, and will 1 Foarssly be able to sustain themselves. The Timet, in a leading article, yesterday, spoks of the declining revenue and Increased demands on the imperial exchequer, and stated that the nalitn wm now living on ill capital. This journal then auggested the necessity of augmenting taxation, by adding two or ' three per cent to the property and Inooma tai 1 his article appearing Just before the opening of parliament, and la a paper baring, as It Is supposed, the confidence \ of the ministerial party, caused no little sensation. The Poit of yesterdsy says that never did a British parliament meet to consider a more melancholy state of national affairs than will present Itself to the contemplation of ths parliament which will sit for the first time , this day. Dins or E^olahd ?An aocount, pursuant to the act 7th and 8th Vlotoria, cap. i'J, for the week ending No| vember 0. Imuk Dr.rABTMKr<T. Note* isiutd ?22,426.530 Gov't debt X11,01S, 1<M Other seenritiea... Gold coin fcbullion. 7,U7 '>'/.) I Silver bullion 1,171,171 ?22,<25,5 30 ?22. <26,531 j Bakkino Dr.r artmkrt. Proprietors'cspl.. .?14,543,000 Oov'l securities , jlest 3,5(1,247 (iuclinlinf dead J Pnblic deposit* (in- wri*litaiuiuity)..?10 59? M7 cludingMeliequer, Oilier securities... 19,910 915 Hhtiiik?' Banks, Notes... 2 0 30 0*5 t oininisaioners ol (iuldaudsilvercom 303.121 I National Dafc', and DividendAecounts)4,99l,3l3 Other deposits.,. . 8,804,37) Seven day and other | bills 911,*73 I ?32.151628 ?32.151,421 f Dated the llth day of November, 1147. The ?bo?e ccniiou, corai'uru wn.. . I hibit A decreaie of circulation of . An iaerease of pablie deposits of. 295.291 . A (tff rf*w ?lh#r ilrp-uMi of 10?.947 A decrease ol securities of 504 ,111 ' Aa mcr ui' of bullion of. *? .. ... 290 b77 r An increiie of (cut of 43,429 ? An increase of reierve of 726 1SJ 1 'I he fiitnt Commercial ltevlew. I | From the Kuropean Times, Nov ID J Hlnce tne 4tb of the month, the state of commercial 1 end monetary affair* ha?jao far improved that confidence in. Id Dome degree, restored, and the general aapect of trade Is more encouraging than It has been for some 1 time peet Hugar la almost the onlv article of our Imports which continues In demand I'he market I* mill 1 active, with rather better priced, but yet no low aa to leave a considerable Iom to Important Parliament having bean aaaerabled. the mercantile world anticipate anne further relief, eapeeially with regard to the redaction of 1 the interest on money. It la In this hope that the laborlog classes continue to bear their extreme privations 1 with patient endurance, In the hlgheat degree praiseworthy. It Is generally believe! that the commercial condition of the country will be made the subject of an immediate Investigation by Parliament, before a Meet committee; and in our nest, we trust, we shall be able to report increased confidence and a happy Issue oat of the present dlffloulti?g* 1 1 here has not been so much dullness In the cotton market uaring the last two weeks a* we have had to report on some previous occasions! still, as trade In the manafacti ring districts keeps dull and gloomy, and manufacturers are Indisposed to operate to any extent, 1 the sales are yet of a trifling character For the fort1 night ending Nor. li, they 414 not eaeeed 47,MO balea. n .?? rji ; ? '1 ? ? LD. 1 '1 . PllN TWO OMlb With reepect to prtoee, there la a alight idniMotth quotation* given in our paper of the 4th in*t , not nor than H d to Sid oa Amerloan deecriptlona The aeaouat brought by tha Cambria, which arrived hereon thelAth inat , give a more favorable account of tha naw arop throughout the ootton growing dlatrlota of the United Stalea Thl* will, no doubt, tend to make holdara mora rwilllng to vaallie, although price* ara now laid to be tulnoualy low. Hlncw tha arrival of the Cambria tha rada haa again become dull, and without any animation. The tranaactlona, alio, ara but trifling, and tha markat oloaed yaatarday evening with tameneea Tha corn markat, alec a tha Acadia left,haa sot varied to any great extant. On the 5th inatant tha advaaa* noticed in oar laat waa fully maintained, and the arrival* at Liverpool being oemparatlvely email, the country market* generally ahowad eonaiderable flrmneaa. Oa the market day or the ?th Inatant, nricae oontloued Arm, but wheat waa generally alow of Mle. On Monday laat, at Mark lane, there waa a liberal aupply of train; and although the beat parcel* of wheat were rea lly taken off. the oommon rune could not be_?old unlee* at a re ductlon of 'if to 3* per qurrter The operations In foreign are quit* upon a restricted *oale; noldei* aro unwilling to effect salea at reduction of mora than la to is per quarter The exports to Ireland continue to b# very large The price of beat Weatern Canal flour hae reached 80a, at which price holder* are not dianoMd to make sacrifice At Mark lane, on the 17th, the trade waa inactive an>l rather depreaaed; lower prioe* would have been submitted to, If buyers could hare bean Induced to make purchases The sugar market since our laat has been a feature of considerable in treat. The Terr low prioea to whloh colonial produoe haa fallen, haa dlreoted public attention to sugar especially, aa, notwithstanding the difficulty of maklDg sales of other artlclea, sugar oontlnuea of ready sale at the present low price*. During the week after the departure of the Acadia a more healthy feeling provailed In the trade, and prioes advanced from 3d. to 1*. per cwt The sales of the succeeding week were even more extensive and at better pr:oea. The Improvement waa full Is per cwt, thereby establishing from the lowest point of depreaalon an advance cf nearly 'is tid. per cwt The publlo sale* in Holland on tho lith lust went otf also with more steadiness ; good qualities about maintained previous prices, while inferior sold at rather lower ratea. The failure of the houae of Truman It Cook,t on the 16th inat, ha* not Interrupted the public sales of produoe placed In their handa, aa arrangements have been made to carry on their agenoy business under a change of namea. The prudence whloh has always marked that respectable firm nas been manifested by limiting their buaineaa lately to the smalleat possible extent. It I* doubtleea thia general eontraction of hualnees and the limitation of the ordinary facilities which have aggravated the pressure of the preaent crisis. It will be seen elsewhere that the greatest exertloD* are being made to oall the attention or the government to the state of our sugar colonies In t e coffee market more buaineaa haa been transacted, but we cannot quota any actual advance in prioea, exoept in British plantation, whloh i* a shade higher. During the last week there have bean sign* of general Improvement Heveral paroels of Jamaica were offered, but were materially checked In their sale by tho large arrivals of good and fine qnalltl a from Ceylon. A considerable quantity waa withdrawn. Foreign still oontlnuea greatly depreaaed American cured provisions are in (teady, but not active, demand At London .v>? to 00*. are readily paid Hams are also freely sold In the Mine markot at about our former quotations There haa not been much alteration In the prioea of ioo*t description* at tho Liverpool market During the psit fortnight the import consists of 9t tierces of beef, % barrels of pork, boxea of oheese, 340 cwt of bacon, 77S barrel! and 100 kegi of lard Several further quantities are believed to be on their way, wbloh will add to the atoeka on hand, and may probably influence the future range ef prices The r oe market haa been steady during the fortnight, but we oannot note any material alteration in pries* paid either in thia market or In London The arrival* from America oontinue on a very limited (oale. Should the potato rot extend, aa many auppoee It will, thia article will be brought into more extenalve and general consumption, the experience of tke past year having proved ft to be an excellent subatltate for the petato. In the artlolea of naval storea there haa been a fair extent ef business transacted. The sales of turpentine are dull, and to 9s <iJ are obtained with dlSonlty.? American spirits have reeeded in the London market; hut we are without ohange in the value of rotin. la Liverpool it brings 3a ttd to 3a 7<l. Tar Is not bought ao eagerly Prioea, therefore, are lnoilned to reeede. In saltpetre there has been an aotive demand, and large sales have been made at an advanotof la to la 0d per owt T here haa been a more extensive demand for wool of the lower qualities for shipment 3600 ballota, chiefly Peruvian, have been taken for export to New York at 6a to fi)?d per lb In the greaae and ud to lO^dfor weahed. Sincn the ooneJuslon of the aales In London, the market there has had a steady tone, and for the good qualities of Australian, some parcels have been sola at full ratea. Arrivals this week are 1327 bales eolonlai, and 1187 bales foreign. Lngllah Is held firmly, at fully pre vie ua rates. The accounts from the manufacturing dlatrieta of England are still disoouraglng. From Leeds we are Infos med that the marketa for woollen gooda centinue exceedingly dull. There are acaroely any gooda being sold for shipping purposes; and from the continued mildneea or the wealber there bu Man a put tailing of In the ilimud for haavy winter |Mdi for the boa* trad*. A considerable number of tpyeri had lately attended the Hundderafleld market, but their traaeaattoM were limited. There i* not any general Improvement at Halifax; plain good* remain aa dull of eel* a* formerly. At Hochdale tfee demand for flaonel> 1* limited. Oar advloea from Bradford atate,that the diapoeitlon to make took la almoat out of faahlon, for loom* an (topped afed gaa abandoned aa ordera fall off. From Manobeater we nave the following report of the market held there on the 16th inat. We are very slowly improving. Several foreign bonaea are now buying rather freely, bat at low figure, in both oloth and yarna. In the latUr wo hare heard of an immenae lot having been aold at only 1 d per lb. above the ooat of the ataple, of oourae bought when the artlole waa at ita height, aome throe er lour month* ago, whilat yarna generally may be aaid Juat to par with cotton at ita preeent low prloe. la oloth, printing qualities, moderate buaineaa ia doing, and prices may be called ateady: a good artlele purohaeable at Aa Our home market la in mueh the eame atate aa of late; the demand, all thinga oonaidered, moderate. The Oreek houaaeare doing conaidorabla in prlnta a ad other high fabrics Several large Werman houaea are nowoonaiderable buyers of yarna, which fact ia all that can well be aaid that ia favorable of thia braneh of omr trade. The money market ainee the 4th Inat haa materially Improved. Console were at that date about H'JJa, and ainee that period, with oooaalonal fluotuationa, have kept steadily advancing On the 6th Inat. oonaola had almost reached 94, and during the week ending the lSth, that day at about 86. Kor the opening on the Hth Jan. they reached HftX A* far a# the indications of the (took exchange can be taken aa proof* of returning confidence, nothing Is left to be wished, aJ tba advance in publio securities has been regular and steady, without those abrupt transitions which of late bare been to freuuent ? Kxchequer bill*, which a few week* ago ware at tfta discount, bate risen to about par The rata of money la the stock exchange la easy at 4 and 6 par oent par annum for short periods; but fer mercantile purposes, whilst the bank rate oontlnuaa at 8 per oant, private banker*, however abundant their funds may be, hare a pretest for keeping up a high prioe for money Within this day or two, however, discounts of first claaa paper have been obtained at 7 per cent, and a paroel falling due In all Deoember has been done atfiX per cent. The Krench loan for 10 millions. It will be seen, haa been adjudicated to the Kothschllds at 75,**; and a* the payments are to be spread over a long pertad, It 1s supposed tbat this operation will no longer affect, prejudicially, our money market. The state of the West Indies la attracting a very large share ot publio attention, and the anxiety Is very general respecting the aontequence of the Immense quantity ef paper which has gone baek dishonored It Is said that this subject weighed considerably with ministers In shaking their reaolntlons. Stocks, on Monday last, underwent a considerable reaction after the rise of the preceding we?k Consols opened at about 81. and the rumors of further failure! and fabricated newt from Paris becoming general, tbey receded full one per cent; afterwards fell to and finally left off at 83??. Hioce then they have again rallied. On Tuesday they recovered to 84'? () Wednesday they iligbtly llocruated, leaving Mt at 84H' Y estarday,the last prices of Console for money were 88J<. and for the Janoary opening "4% H'. Bank Stock, It* 70; Three per Cant Reduced Annuities. hi\ H3X; Three per Cent Conaola Annuities Ml7, 84X; Three per Cent Consols tor Ao count, H.I,V R4: Three atid-a-Quarter p?r CwU.MK Hi Kxcbeouer Bills, par i di?. The fluctuations of Foreign fttock* hare not been irn marked u llama Haeuriliea Mexican remain* at about Ifl, tha una prio* a* wa quoted at the beginning of tha month Hpaaltb Five*, to th*Thre?*. 37'? to Dutch Two-and-aHalt' par < ents, MH to 84; tha Koura, H3S to H3X Daniah are In advance,at HO to HQ Braillian 77 to It.? ( hllian. Hft to Bh lluaalan. 10# to 107. Belgian Fourand-a-Half par C'anU, HI* to Ml Grenada Deterred. 1\ I'eruviao JO Tha Kranoh Fund* have been wall maintained, owing to the exertion* of the (peculators iuterrsted In the loan The la*t price of the new Loan of Three par < 'anta, wu f 7? 90 Tha Three per CenU, f 7d 90 for money, and the Ki?e per I ent*, f lift 90. The Foreign lorn Trad*. (From the Mark-lane Kxpre**, Nor U ] Though we hare bad occasional showers during the week, tha weather haa, on the wbola, ba?n favorable for out-door work, with which further progrsa* haa been made , and the mowing of wheat la now laat drawing to a cloae Hitherto the supplies from the ^armara hare, however, oontlnued email . and the arrivals of grain from abroad havr on the wbola been leae than expected The trade haa neverthelras been very languid, and at inoat of the leading provincial market* price* hare t-nded downward*. I- rom the chief town* in Yorkahlr* tha account* are very dull, and at l.e*4a and Hull lb* turn wa* daeldedly in lavor of the buyer on Tueadar. I-rom the western and north-writern part* of th* kingdom, th* adrlce* are of a similar tone , and at the ohl*f market* In the agricultural Olatriet* the ralue of wh?nt haa alto jlvon way 1 * to ia par quarter during Mi* week. Our letter* from Scotland contain llttl* of int*r**t . busine** In wheat sppeara *uddenly to bare become dull In the *ama way a* la the southern market*, and tha article wa* eaalar to buy on Wednesday, than on that day sa'nnlght, a* w*U at Kdinburgh a* at Ulaagow h rom Ireland tha lettar* are moetl v tak*n up with th* wretched state of the country, which eeemsto a certain slant to have brought business to a tlsnd Tha market ha* bmm MtfNWMly *WftM wllk ?* \

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