Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 10, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 10, 1847 Page 2
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> i ^im fii though ?hnrt of atoelt*. ha?e ?ol shown tat anxiety to buy beyond what lh?y required for iai* di t Hat* un? ; an 1 excepting a riee of about 91 per quarts. pai 1 io partial insUnoea by uttdy ooamiintH fur One oil earn, no rUe on laat Mouiay'a ourreuoy hu beeu r^tglish b**n? have come very aparingly to h\n<l ; In<#< .1 there *r? j nut no* no few on the market that prices of > mi artiste are reUMrely higher thin those of any ?cher .lescriotlon ofT-edlng stuff* Egyptian beans have | itlio n*?a oflit*>, and for good p\roel.i ia granary 30a. j per q jirter ha* be?n ai':ed T m aUe of Ka*li*h poa* h?a boon interfered with by > tb'? n'untirT of f>rel ta on the mvrket, and Monday's i quautinna have barel? been supported la lad a a o>rn. luiei and tye tt >ur tna OD-rttions hare ; not t>?in extensive, and prioea of these articlca have undergone no change Tne advance which toak pUae In the Talua of wheat I in thli ooautry in tha early part of tha month appears I to hive had ?->me effeen ou prices at tha near oontinen- ! tal pnr?4i; and Hamburg, on Tuesday. tha article waa ! la to ia n *r quarter higher; for good paroela of red, on 1 the ?pot, w -filing Hi lha ts flll lbs per bushel, from Mi. to t>.\* (II per quarter, free on board, had been paid; I whlis? far c i-g >ea to be shipped from out port* 4<Jj to i 4S? p?r qiarter. fr?eon board, had been /isk-d, From lli-rook we learn that several purchases of wheat h*d oeen made on Baalish aoiount at that po't, aul thisatpliea from the growars having but align'!/ 1 mr?a?ed 44h oar qurtsr. fre* on board. h?l been read.fy paid 'brfi.n narceli. weighing 61 lb? to 63 Ibi per bu?h>-l K r%ight to the east coaat of Ore at Britain was fij to (ii per qr in Si.ralsond we have letters cf the 6'.h |k>atant of wheat on the apot were small; bo/- l^e J ?,**. i waa believed to ba abuodint, i' iV f!l" ' >1 ao aoon a* the farm-re ah.?"l<l yt Id 'f the 0TO|,. wheat, of til Ibi. to a' au,pUj-aw?re ex??>v.. '-d lbs. to 47*; biriV fcV-'Sk ? then"" qao?- to 3* lb, weight, weighing 41 Ibi. 3ic and oata. of?t lbe. I * 19i per qu*rt*r free on board. . . . i f , Our Uacaio adricea are of the 0th in?Unt, a ? >, I J \itire puroi.a*-a of wheat ha?>ug bsen made tW.. pride* had risen li to 3i par quarter, and an opinion Vi?* i>reT4leot that quoUtioua would go higher. Kr .m StatUa we uain that a ship had been taken up b to |0 111 ?H' t; tO lilt) Wl lu?>l VI wiva. KM... , ? iiii Liudon) at 41. per q iartur. There hid. however, . tl 1#.- >i\ but liitle doing in wheat, except for local ronsump- h tion, lor which purpose ?qual to 44s. per quarter had ^ b ?<i p?M f??r Sne Uokeriaark : and barley w*s then In fe givai d-ui init bringing a8.<. per quarter, free on btard N Vmin Marseilles our advioes are of the 3d Instant; the la wbrat trade *?< very dull at that part. It bein^ much J inlJ.iei.c-d by the markets in the interior and larg* ar- N riv U* from IneB.'aok Sea Superior qualities of 1'oliah b O i, h wheat, waighlag 02 lbs. to 63 Iba , were purchtsa- b< bJ* a 44#. p*r quarter tree on board whilst for fine Ma- tl rUubpU (which ia rather scaroe) 44a to 43s. waa paid. t! [from the Eurepean Times. Nov 19] * LrrroN-Tbe trade, since the date of our last publi- J. cation haa been very Hteady. and as the supplies, both ... of liom?and foreign-grown produce, continue limited? holders were Irn In operations, thereby causing an advunre oa all tbearticlea offer d for sale Daring the weak , end.n< Nov bch, whaat advauoed Us to 3( per qaaTter, 1 aud Ainertcan flour realised 'JBs per barrel For Indian jj corn and oornmeal there waa an active demand, and enh tnned rates wera paid. On the 8th the market rather receded and the value of the best English whit* waa , Tinted at 62< to 681 per qr for naw, and 67s to AOs tor . uid The v*lue of American flour was well supported. . but the demand was less active A slight coooeesion was ^ in*de in the prioe of wheat, and on the 13th the quotation* were Is below the rates of the ttch. Amerioan flour w*? held firmly at late prioes In Indian corn and meal , th tran*acMoiis were limited, but prioes steady At th* market b*ld on the I Mb, wheat reoeded 'is to 3s p?r quarter, und flour Is p-r barrel, the top quotation for ? .A-u.riceo being -iH shillings Indian corn sold at 1 abmt previous rates, and all other artioles of the trade I ruled dull. At the market held on Wednesday, the 17tU 11 there whs a very limited demand for all sorts of grain ana ?r .in produce. The value of all artioles was mere- ' ly nominal, the H*me as on the 15th. I * i Ln mri'ooi.?This market hu continued firm since the liit lust, , and pr can have bwg gradually advanclnK Oil the ft Mi wheat brought a further advance of Id to 3d J i>er bukhel; 30i was the established price for the very { b-'t vVestern t^anal Flour, and iDdUn corn sold at 31s tj3S' per qr. The market on the 9th was Arm, hut no fur tlier u'It was made on wheat or flour. Indian corn and o >rn in-xl were high, the formor 2s to 3j per qr, and the latter H I pur bbl. Both wheat hud Hour were steady on the 12th at the rates noted above Indian corn and Indian meal met a free sale at an kdvaoce of 6d pur 480 lb* na the ftvrm r, ami 61 per bbl on the latter At our Tuesday, Nov 16, there was a slender attend ?n'? of bayers. Uund samples of wheat and flour were scarce; the secondary description of foreign aod Irish whoat declined about 3d per bushel from the rates of this d?y se'nnight, with a moderate business. In the value of Do ir th>re was no change. Indian corn advanced fullv Is p?r quarter, and Indian meal 6d per barrel, with a fair k ite luto the country. Since our market of the 10th ineUiit. Indian cern and corn meal have continued to 1 netta fair inquiry on the full terms then stated; but I for wli-at, tl >ur and all other articles of the oorn trade, 1 tl d iloiran'i has l>een languid, and prices rather easier I O*!.to the general dullnets in London, the downward tender, -y exhibited in many of the provincial markets this w.'ek, and the ah**nr? of *ny enlivening prospects U.v are attributable. Atkuauk Tkick or Gatix i!? Lnoli.nd. HTieat. Oats. Hyt. lirans O-t. > 66 a 23 0 33 3 n 7 O t. 3 51 2 22 11 34 3 4# 2 Oct. 1G 44 3 22 7 33 0 46 3 Oct. 23 ii i 23 4 38 47 1 Oct. SO YJ 6 >3 1 33 4 46 0 > .* ,.62 4 23 0 34 1 46 6 . . ' r d. r ui mt ill \ Hi 23 0 U i 45 11 The Markets. Lo*T>ow Markets, November 18 ?Ashes?The Mies ar* only to a limited exteut. At publlo sale Id bbls Mun'-Hul nold. first sort, 1847. hard, 32s. and second sort 2Sh, which 1r rather lower than our last quotation* Cotton--Th*re has been much fluctuation In thin mar ket during the fortnight. The few galea that w?-ra made have brnin for cmh, go that prices rule In faror of the buy-r At a publio Rale en the 11 th, '244 bales Surats ? an* It belog a very low and seedy parcel? not more than 31* 1 war bid, when tlie whole was taken In at 3}?d, being above thi value; the sale* of tbe 15th were 400 b%lt>s, and HOtt on tbe 16th, at previous rates. Metals?Railway barn are not firm, and there are sellers at ?S? M to ?8 7r ?) i; Welsh ban can alio be had on easier terms. U'i'.t h in .niiactured iron eontlnnes In fair request,aud fall prices are paid Very little business Is dolog in any description of foreign Tin plates are dull of sale, but lower price* are not aocepted. British tin remains Arm, and in good request. Kali prioes are paid for copper, aod transactions to a moderate extent have been effected At the meeting of .the masters, held during the wi-ek ending Nor 13, It w s determined to maintain the old prices, Tit: tile ?07, oakes ?98 per ton, and sheets lid per lb; foreign refined, in iDgots, is offering at ?90, but there are no buyers. Naval Ktores ? During the past fortnlfth^ further arrivals to the extent of 1,437 barrel! rough tu^entlnehaveoome lu, but are consigned to the drawers. Tbe market continues dull, and we are without sales to report; the nominal value is now 9s to 9s fld. A large arrival of ISO hhds. 612 barrels American spirits having come in, has very much depressed the market, and, though there are sellers at -2s under nurlast quotations, yet no business has been dooe English and American are now nominally quoted at 40.i per 1U0 cwt; 44 casks, about 16 tons, French drawn spirits were taken in at aalo at 39s per owt, oasks included llosln remains the same. A further cargo of 1,373 barrels, 104 half barrels Stockholm tar has arrived, but are going into store. The market is rather 'inlet, 17s fid having been accepted for about 800 barrels, lately Arrived. which Is ab->ut fid lower. The dealers' price is now 15s fid to 19sfor 8weedlsh, and 19s to 30s for Archnagel. JOnglisrt coal Is selling slowly at 7s fid to 8s per cwt.? Provisions?American?Baoon Is in good request at 50s to 00s, aooording to quality and condition. Hams are rather more In request, but no ehange has taken place In prices, pickle 30s to 40s. and smoked AOs to 00s. Lard' ii;i - inn mn a lair rut, aega o*b to oos. una oois dm 10 60* percwt. Beef and pork are more sought after, and Jir.oea am Arm?India beef IIOj to 115a p-r tierce of 330 b ; m<*sa l(K)s to 105?, prime mess 80s to 90s, India pork lJ't a to 14u? per tierce of 3041b, and prima mm 70a to .HOs per boi Of ohecgt* 4814 boxes bare arrived ; the I unit v of that lately Imported la chiefly low kinds, and a good portion baa been dlapoaed of at low rates The goad and fine samples realise foil terms, low and middling'20s to 40h. f^tod and Sne 80s to 60a. Irish, Sic? The fine qualities of Irish bntter hare met with a good aale, and lull terms are paid ; but for all other klnda the market eontinuaa dull, although further reduced ratea of Is to 2a ara aooepted ; the market closes with a dull and downward tendency. The dt-mund for bacon haa slightly Improved; the trade, however . purchase only for Actual wants, but aa supplies are mall .prices keep steady; the deliver!*a are on the Incruaae ? prime Waterford slDged slz-able 04 to 60s, heavy til to 04S. prime slseable Limerick 04s to OAs, and heavy 63s to 64s On board or for future shipment nothing done, and there Is no disposition shown on the part of the trade to purchase at present rates. Irish bale and tierce middles continue In limited demand, hut a* the uppliea are small, former terms aia given Kioe Hams aru In request, bnt all Other kinds mo,a off with diffl> culty at very low prices. Prima bUddered Lard Is in limited demand, owing to tha hlffh rates, but other kinds are quiet? Watesfnrd Ma to 80s, Belfast 78f to Hit, and kegs and flrkins A0a to 74s Westphalia Hams move off steadily at 6H* to 73* for good and fine and 68s to 64s or lnfmor and middling. Thr demand for English IChvese has Improved, and a heavy weight haa been dispoe-d of. although at reduced prices, and In some case* h Kr,*B* bi';rui^Bw uftvc own awe ; iuhiu ooDuniMOMTf. H but snpplie* ?ri short Rice?The demand from both th? exporter* and the home trade continue* good. Mer chant* have shown flrmneaa. and latterly refrained from offering at public *ti?. Carolina ha* been pur 'baaed to a fair extent at 28s to 92a, according to H qua it*. 'leaned Patna U scarcer, and a? fast aa I brought to market It And* a ready sale for conI sumption at full prlcea ; low broken celling at 17a, middling and fine '29a In Kaat India, by pr! Tate contract, the bu*lnaaa concluded amount* to only about 2000 bags, owing to tba advanced rates aaked, and I wbich are now Ad to 1?, and In come case* Is lid higher I than at the date of our laat report, good and floe quailI tie* of Bengal ar? much wanted by the clean ere. and for | such Ida to Ids has been paid Cargo for export baa also I b??n much inquired after, and 10a to 1 la freely offered, but no **Uan. If holdera had been willing sellers at a I alight sdrance on our laat quotation*, a large business uonU hare been done, partly on speculation and for ex port. Tb.< quotatloDH cow range aa follow* Bengal, I V l and tii>-white lft* in 1 A*, middling and good mil ill.ii? I If to 14* bd, low 13* to 13* 6d, dusty and broken I ,i, , ,n<o lo*rtd to II*.go>.l lo?; pinky white , cargo yelltw Bengal grain 10* to 10a h t, barley gtain 11( to 11 s 3d; Ceylon, low and y?rj low, >.? i;d no ttd and yellow 10a to 11* perowt. Seed* -H?pe s-"j it mm, ?ud more enquired after Canary seed If to Si abaaper. and dull Clover and other kind*, noI thing of momeut doing. There are a few cake* offering. . the market I* flrui at AI3 to ?16 par 1000 Foreign oouMnne* acaroe, and in good request; fine Marseille* !.'!('4* to ?10* 10*, flue barrel American ?10 10* to ?|| I <, thick ?P 10* to ?10. Whalebone ?The tran*action* I | tuiu'd; a small parcel of *outbern ha* been *old at ?109. and Kinner* ?66 About 4 ton* foreign whale I JM l>ara found buyer* at ?164 to A!ISO per ton. I IfATir, Not 16.? Oottona? In the early part of liat I week our market began to assume aoraadegree < f aulma iIt i, OWlKf t<> the more eneournging t?nor of thctntrlliI , r ' trim ffnito?l| buyer* from tha interior came trrwarU rather freely, tod until Wcda?Mtay the mIm effroUd w*n to a fair uwnt. HoldeM availing tlMse tm of the amended feeling that manifested ItMf, offered sparingly, and raUed thair pretension*, whioh bad Iba effect of prodMiag an advaao* of about f I on American Cotton*, and there appeared to bo a (till further tendency to improvement. On Thursday, bowevaf, were put In piaaassion ot advice* tha United State*, by thw Musouri steamer of the 'Jdth alt , which were immadUtely followed by a reaction; the confluence that wa* litnlnolog to gain ground waa *uoCeeded by a considerable degree of depreaaion. and up to the cl >se of our circular, there is n't tha slighteit ympiom of a return to a mora wholesome *tate of thing* Prion* have aUo f<lt the Influence of the change, and tha result haa b-en not ouly the loss of the abeve advance, but an additional depreciation of f 1 on United Stata* ordinary and inferior description* Iluyera, therefore, operate at preient with reluotance, nnder the impreMlon of tha last advioe* from tb* State*; and although thoaa from Liverpool are upon tha whole rather favorable thin otherwise, it Is to be apprehended that should tha aocount* upected by tb* Cambria steamer of lit io-tuot. not b? of a different nature from tho?? previously received, the (itnation of busines* wiU remain without material amendment for tome lapse of time. Ashes-Owing to tha scarcity In American potash, the transactions nave been on a limited scale, and prioea continue to Improve. Some (mall lot* realUed SOfby retail; but our quotation* are 6tf per 30 kll. duty paid. 1'earlash remain* nominal at Mf. The only import waa I4ti otski pr;t* Iron St Petaraburgh Our (took doe* not amount to more than 'JOO hbls Rio*-At a publio s?U. held a few day* since, about 40 tleror* Carolina, in a sound atata. being only one half of the quantity offered, disponed oi at 31f i& to 3? per 30 kll, for homa u?e This show* a rather oon*id*rable daollne on our previou* quotation*, and we now writ* them at U9I to 34f, accord iu? i" wur nwi consists or aDont 1000 tei A*". r*>0*'iT?d s072 bag, from tha Kast Indies TalOwing to th? dearth of imports from 8t Petersburg, pnon# of Rumlt yellow have experienced an ad vanoe. The sale* effected were 60 casks, la looo. at 68f v ' 66 60, and 175 casks deliverable in December and nary next, at 64f to 65 80 per 60 kilogrammes, n? pai(Jn . AP a"lT?i of 100 casks took plaoe V reter|burgh We have to r?*ort sales of 0!? - * Vmerican lard at 74f 6? per 60 kil, doty paid t ?HMeg t Soarcely anvthing has been transacted In flwlebou+?. ? a small lot of north-western fishery lis artlole, ?m.. d of at 2r 90 per half kil du'y paid *7lr?t been dispoft* *isry, as before at 2f 80 to 4 32)? 'v quote southern 0?? > reoeired 266 packages from >r liorne ufle We IlK 1 120 tons, against 110 to>a ew York. Stock on baDv st year. bllo sale of 2600 be*4 No*. 7 ?Wheat and Flour?A W sut ew Orleans wheat was attempted, - <t t? now almoet idJers, it was withdrawn. Our mark* ,u. at -bont ire of foreign corn and flour, and prleas *?. >e ordinary rates, speculation baa for tha t OI" rely died away. A sale of 12.?0 bag. NaW beat h?s just taken plaoe at 60f C** "0k. A6*?WUl?g > the official returns published at the' en?. . " le average price of wueat throughout , ,7,. * ,fc.? J per hect (2\ bushels) making a rise o.* ,4?? it September. At the corresponding P?i> JigijJj He quotation was 26f 38, against 20f 40 per hn. ^. home Lt tua last Mouiivilliers market tha average o ^ ;rowth was 58f 60 per s*ck of 200 kil, being a deol. _ f 60 on the quotation or the preceding week. Last y ,t this season at stood at 69f 60 per sack November 15.?Our stock of forelgo wheat and flour >eing nearly exhausted. he transactions oontinue on a iraited tela, and the only sales to report are 2500 bags Vew Orleans wheat a' 60f down to 49f par saok of 200 :it At the last MontlviUlera market the average prise f home growth was 66t per Sack, making a decline of 2f 0 on the preceding week. The quotation at this period ast year was 70f per saok. ANTWF.Hr, Not. 14 ?There is nothing doing in cotton, ,nd prions cmtluue quite nomiaal. Tobacco is well suplorted; 130 uhds of Kentucky found buyers at 13){e to I 6){o, 65 buds Virginia at 1 lilt8, and 95 serons Havana >t a prion whioh baa not transpired. Rioa is very dull if sale. 1500 bags Madras were taken at 7X11 to dfl, and 50 casks Carolina at 15^0 to 16fl p r60 kilos, being lower >rioas 500 bbls rosin have been sold at ljgfl CqCTmi la >ut little sought after, and Hilda buyer* tor immediate wants only We have to r?port the sales of 3600 bags Uraxtl at 33c to 33>?e; 3000 bags 8t Domingo at 33o; 800 nags Java at 33X<> to 34c. About tiooo bag* damaged Braxll and St. Domingo sold by public sate at 16X to !0>4o Sugar continues very quiet, and no transactions worth noticing have taken piaoe during the last fortnight. Holders show more disposition to Mil, and would accept lower rates; 1000 boxes damaged yellow Havana hive been sold at ll??o to 14}?tt. Amsterdam, Not 14.?Cotton Is depressed, without demand. About 600 bales American, lately imported, are not offered for sale The whole stock of Cotton* consist* of about 360w bale* The sales of Tobaoco since our last report amount to 60 hhd* Maryland, 64 hhd* Virginia, 130 hhds Kentucky, 1?*0 bale* Jara, and 380 bale* Havana, *11 from first hand fries* not higher, but very firm Stock, a boat 10,000 hhds Amerloan aad 4870 bale* Java. There to little demand for Rice, L-xiept description* whloh are purchased in small let* lor consumption. The Coffee market is veiw quiet, and Tew transactions are reported. Stock in the hands of tha trading company 387.600 bag* against 608,000 bags in 1846. The demand for sugar is limited ; a few lot* of Havana were taken at 3811 to 3811, and about 00 hdda Suritam at 33fl to 36){fl The market for refined Is depressed, and prices must be considered as nominal. The i(?,500 baskets of Java Sugar, which were offered in public auction onthellth November, have been disposed of at prices ranging from S6& to 30X&. These prices establish a decline of 3H<1 to 611 eompared witb those of the September sale ; one half wa* taken for exportation, and the other hall by refiners. The market exhibit* a heavy appearanoe. HtMiutflH, Nov. 13?Our ootton market 1* quite neglected, and price* are nearly nominal; there are no rale* to report. Carolina rioe is held at firm prices, the stock beiDg very small; East India sorts are lower ? Tobaooo is in good demand, nd the sales for the fortnight comprise 1800 bales I'orto Rioo at 4s; 400 bales ilttblu at 3 to 3Ji<>; 190 hhds Kentucky at 3Jf?; 800 serous Cuba at 7 to 14s; 130 baskets Varinaa leaf 6\ to 10*; and 10j packages Brazil leaf 3jtf to tis. Hides are witnout animation, and are only finding buyer* at reduced rate* The transaction* tnooffee are limited, but the pi ices are sustained Among the sale* of the week .1 w-_ . -...oinn Rn.H nt 3 tn SI/.. IOOO flUUiUK iivr t! wcm ?IW "*p ?- ? - ? /? ! ??? bugs St. Dominxo at 3 3-18 to &%?; aud 1600 bags Laguayra at 2 V to 4>ii per lb. From the 5th to Mm ISch, Dome forced Hale* <*C Brxz.l took place. 60U bags good ordinary told at 22 ?o 23X1, and 1000 bags real ordinary . and ?00 bsgi ordinary; of the latter two parcels the prices have not tran?pl$ed. 27so bags damaged told by public auction at 18X to 20>Jo. St. Domingo baa been In better demand; lftOO bag* found buyers at 22c. Java continues neglected The better qualities of sugar are la request, whilst the Inferior sorts are offered at lower prices. BOO boxes brown and yellow Havana found buyer* at 14>i to 16)$m per 100 lb; and 400 chests Bahla were taken, the white 19}? to 20)?m, the brown 14)tf to ld.'^ai per 100 lb. State of Trade. Lancashire, Not. 18?The trade in the cotton mills In the towns round Manchester is much better this week, and taere are prospects of a revival In various trades. The woollen cloth trade at Sadiileworth has been extremely dull for soma time past; bat this week better news baa been received from America ; the hands are not fully employed. MAitcHKaTKM, Nov. 16 ?On ThursJay, Friday, and Saturday last,as well aa yesterday, there was "a decidedly more cheerful feeling here ; and some rather extenxive purobases were made for the Levant and other foreign markets, though without any very decided improvement In prices This morning, however, the announcement of the failure of the extensive and well known Arm of Messrs. Truman & Cook, of London, oast a serious gloom upon the market, and the Improved feeling which had previously been experienced, though not entirely lost, was sensibly diminished Although this failure does not dlreotly affeot Manchester to any considerable extent, It must produce results Injurious to general credit, and postpone for a ttme that restoration of oomldence whloh is so neeeasary to the commerce of the oouatry. There is no material change In the condition of the working classes in this district, except that the oontinuaaoe oi the want of employment, and the gradual auuroach of winter, bezin to press with in creased severity upon their scanty resources.? Gul tt/ian. Huddkrifield, Not. 16.?We have bad a very gloomy week, and the market to day has not improved our condition. The announcement in the Sun of last evening, of the stoppage of a Leeds house, appears to have no foundation, and oauses regret that such nnfounded revolts should appear, when oonfldenoe la already too muoh shakon. LEEDS. Nov. 18? We have had a quiet market, and very little to-day, at prioes about the same as last week. The Ikon Trade?It appesrs that business upon the whole has remained during the last fortnight in a languishing condition A few substantial erders have been given out for the fulfilment of engagements that could not be lODgt*r delayed ; but we hear that others, to quite us large an extent, have been countermanded, in many instances, upon frivolous pretexts. The disinclination to purchase still continues, from a vague apprehension that lower pricm must rule ; though the wisest head in the trade would be puxxled to point out a remote advantage from such a movement, and as stocks are mostly wearing down with uncompleted orders on hand, more business has been done than in the previous fortnight.? li nni ai; i"i in Guxeilf. Oliiudw Piu Iron Market, Nov 16.?The marktt is quiet this week, at 60s. cash,for 3-Atbs and 3-Aths. 'II' "I ? City Intelligence. Tin WriTHH ?Yeeterday was m disagteeable, half wet, half dry sort of a day, as oould well b? imagined. Tbe little busy street ?wwp?m were, as usual, on such occasions. actively engaged in their vocation in (warping the cross, walka, and we .had a light rain about six o'clock There was a spring like mildness In the utm osphere, and the stoves were felt inconvenient in some of the hotels, Kisr..?A lire occurred last evening about half-pait 4 o'clock, at tbe corner store?carpenter's shop ?No MO HufTolk i-treet, owned by Richard McNulty. A quantity of blinds, tools, ho , lie , were damaged to tbe amount of abont foon. The polioe were promptly on the spot and so were the Are companies. The Are was soon extinguished. It was supposed to be tbe work of an Inoendtary. Accior.f) r.?John Marshall Oil from tho dock yeiterday, at tbe foot of Market street, and was so much injured thereby, as to render it necessary to send him bom* to bis irieiids, raiding at No 'J Ileury street. Mr, Ki< Huo M< (iRRi.on, jr.,of tho^Tioueatonlc (nilroad, will accept our thanks for papers. (ttval Intelligence. The U. S. iron steamer Michigan arrived in Huflalo on Weduesday morning last, December 1st. hiving been crdered to winter hire, as we understand that the repairs uecesmry to be inailo upon her machinery might be completed before the opening of navigation in the sptiog. bhe will moor at the fuot of Michigan striet, where she now lies. The following isa list of tbe officers at present attached j to the Mlchlgau :? Commander, Stephen Champlln ; Liau'enantfl, P M Kinstry ; Thomas A. Hudd ; Acting Master, Hubert '1 humpHon ; burgeon, Titer Christie; Purser. Wi Ham A. Bloodgood; Passed Midshipmen, Andiev llrjson ; Pelaplalnn H. Limbert ; Aaron K. Hughes ; Jd Asa't Kngineer, Albert 8. Palmer ; -Jd, Jesse M. Itutherford , 3 J, | Msmuel Mathews. < omtnandei'j I Clerk, O.-orgo W. btsir ; I ur>ei?s '.Ink, Ilcbeit A. j B#k?r j u turner. WUUmb Cr*tg. i I ii I . xm . i 4w NEW YORK HERALD PUBLISH*? AT THE North-west Comer of Fulton and Ntuaa iti, BY James Gordon Bennett, Proprietor. DAILY HEllALD?Every day, (Sunday included.) Price i cents per copy? $7 tiper annum?in the United Statu. To European iuiicrit<ri.'|U per annum, t? include the pattage, which kat to be prepaid. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday-Price 6Si cent! per copy?ti 1!K per a****?in the United Statei. To European subscribers, by iteamship, ti per annum, to include the pottage. HEllALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet Day ?Price ?'? centt per copy?t J per annum, including pottage, or S3 Ii exclusive if pottage. Subscription! and advirtiiimenti will it received by Me tin Gutignani, U rue Vioienne, Paris; P. L otmonai. It Cornhill, and Jthn Miller, bookseller. Henrietta street, London. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD-PublUhed on the , 1 it if January of tack fear ml sixpence per copy. ADVERTISEMENTS, at Ike usual prices. Adotrtitementi thould be written in a plain, legible manner. The. proprietor will not be responsible for erroro that may occWr PRINTING of all ktndt executed beautifully and vritk derpatch. ALL LETTERS or communication* by mtil, far tubtcriptiom, or wilk aiver tin. menu, addrtited to the proprietor of tka ettablukwunt, mutt bo pott paid, or tkt pottage will be dedutteifrom tke money remitted. VOLUNTARY CORRESPONDENCE and communication!. containing important newt or uteful inlelli Ktnce, it lolicited from any quarter of tke world?Europe Alia J Africa, or Auiico- andifuted. will alwayt 6e liberally jxrid for by tke Proprietor. NO NOTICE combo taken of anonymout communicafont. Whatever it intended for intertion mutt be ai^enMcated by tke name and addrett of Oif. writer i not mitt torily for publication, but at m guaranty of kit good foitk. We cannot undertake to retmrnrefeeted communication!. ALL PA V ME NTS to be made in advance. N?w York* Friday, Dtcuahw 10, 1847. ~ * rr " I THE HERALD SUPPLEMENT. IMPORTANT STATEMOMENTS. THE AVHUAL H? PORTS or tbx Secretaries of the Treasury, Wavy and War, RECEIVED BY SPECIAL EXPRESS. &C. &C. We this day publish, in a Herald Supplevitnl, the annual repoi*ts, in lull, of the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of the Navy, and a synopsis, embracing" all the essential points, of the report of the Secretary of War, which is an extremely long docunAOit. They wilJ not probably be found in fuJl in any other New York paper this morning, ?B we procured them by special express from Washington. It is needless lor us to say that this is the most valuable and important supplement that we ever issued from this establishment. We shAll send it to all our subscribers in the countrf*, an well as in the city, by means of which they will receive these important documents 'considerably in advance of other medium. As our establishment is at present constituted, we are under the necessity of issuing a supplement whenever a great amount of matterr is on ? in thia inatnnre; hut when our new presses are done, and our other contemplated improvements carried out, we shall, in such cases, issue a double sheet, which we will be enabled to do at thrffote of twelve to thirteen thousand per hour, frideed, we can then print one hundred thousand copies in the same tune that it, now takes us to print fifty thousand. The supplement will be served gratuitously io our subscribers. The Weekly Heratd.. The IVttkly ljirald will be pi jblished ?t nime o'clock to-morrd w morning. Jt will bra very valuable sheet. The Report of the Secretary/or the Treasury, auil others. We give to-day, in our regular paper an3 a supplement, the reports of the Secre ary of the Treasury, of the Secretary of War, and also that of the Secretary of the Navy. The report of. the Secretary of War is condensed?the other reports are given at Jength. The most important of these reports is that from the pen of Mr- Walker. It is long and able, and extremely interesting in all its details and ; doctrines. These reports embrace all the regular papers coming from the departments, and accompanied with the President's message, except the report of Cave Johnson, which we expect to give in a few days. We received them yesterday by express from Washington, and will probably publish them, exclusively, to this community this morning. The report of Mr. Walker is very long, but il is a very interesting and important document. It gives a history of the tariffs of this country, from the commencement of this government to the present day, and shows most conclusively their character and effects. It is a complete txpoik of the inefficiency of high tariffs to the general prosperity and industry of a free and enterprising people. We do not apprehend, however, any disturbance of this branch of the subject by the present Congress. His views on tlip snh-trrasurv and trpmurv nntM nnH ?h*ir effects on this country, will speak for themselves. We have no time to-day to discuss or condense those remarkable passages in hi's report referring to such matters. The report of the Secretary of the Navy is also very well written, and presents an interesting view of that branch ot the public service. That of the War Department is extremely long, and we have therefore endeavored to^pondense its principal points, so as to present to the public those important documents at one view, and on i the same aay. Mr. Marcy asks for ten additional regiments of regulars, besides twenty thousand volunteers, to serve during the war?making, with those now in the field, and deducting those whose terms of service have expired, a g-neral force of ?fiy thousand men, for the prosecution of the war with Mexico, until that country shall come to her neuea, in some way oraother. Our own belief is that she will not come to her senses at all?that we will be compelled to govern her as a distant territory, lor many years to come, until she i3 educated and fitted for ultimate annexation to this Union, in fit#* KltinP 11/a 1/ Alt 9 I'Alini* ?. ?#! ?... > ' ? ???/ ?W ?* niiu UMIUI/ iil.lll in | made til and sobered down for annexation in a good match, when he cornea to years. We have now given all the reports und documents, or their material points, with which Congress is usutffty presented, except the report of the Post-master (Jeneral. The President's menage led the way?a prosy, ill-contrived, common-place, ordinary production. This was followed by the powerful documents of the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of War, the respectable production of the Secretury of the Navy, and as to the Secretary of State, hr has but little to do. The whole will be followed by the report of Cave Johnson, which will, most likely, be a counterpart to the message, equally prosy, and equally commonplace. It gives us no pleasure to speak of Mr. Polk's message in these terms, or to make predictions of a similar kind, in regard to Cave Johnson's report, but we enre nothing forgrtai men, even if they were a djousand times greater tlinii these. We mean tolpeak the truth, or hone ji cmvic ions, ?>! the highest, as well as of the lowest; and must **y, ugadl and a^mn. that WWH"HL...L.l -I../.the Presictent'u message, considering the in?terials he had at hit command, has been written in a spirit, and temper, and tone, that bareiy entitle it to admission into the columns of his organ at Washington, and that is saying as much as is possible >.o say. Now for Congress. What is that body to do 1 What is to be done with Mexico ! Wlio is to be next President 1 st Philanthropic Movement.?We understand that a project which lias for some time past, been contemplated, for erecting a church i And temporary home for the benefit of destitu'je emigrants of British origin, is in a lair way of being carried out successfnlly, through the liberality of the Vestry of Trinity church, and n number of our philanthropic citizens. A grant of a plat ot land containing twenty'.Our building, lots on the corner of Fifty-third street and Fifth street, has been obtained, and as soon as the necessary funds are obtained, the erection of a church and hospital, or temporary home, will be commenced. The design of the proposed institution is, to furnish a temporary home for the indigent emigrant on his arrival?a place of refuge for the sick and destitute; and also the comforts of religious solace, under the name of the Church and Hospital a> o- >1.. nr...? t._ i vi wu ucuigc me iuuuyr. im iicuriiis uic to be open* to emigrants of all religious beliefs, and it will likewise be in the nature of an hotel, where emigrants can leave their wives and families temporarily, until they h-*ve mntle arrangements to settle in such parts of the country as they may select. The expense of constructing the necessary buildings, is estimated at thirty thousand dollars, a portion of which, it is expected, will be contributed by the British Government and the Church of England. The conditions on which the grant of ihe ground is made, are that the plans of the buildings shall be submitted to and approved by the Mayor, and the buildings erected within three years. Such an establishment is much needed, in this city, and when erected, will, unquestionably, be the means of doing much good. Such being our opinion, we take pleasure in recommending it to the attention and favorable consideration of the public. Donations and subscriptions for the object, will be received by the Rev. Motes Marcus, Rector of the Church of St. tieorje the Martyr, and by Thomas Dixon, Esq., 51 William street. The President's Message.?Our columns have been so much crowded for a day or two past, that we have not been able to find room for mention of the very rapid manner in which the President's message was conveyed to this city iiv tile envernment ernress. The mnil ncrpnt Mr. Griswold, left Washington at half-past one, P. M., on Tuesday; arrived at Baltimore at halfpast two; at Philadelphiai at seven; and Jersey City at fifteen minutes before ten?a distance of, two hundred and twenty-live miles, in e.ght hours and a half, including stoppages. Immediately after the message was received ru copies were distributed to the pres^) tj,e n^xt morning it was published in. fi'^i m an the daily papers of New York. T'^e maii agent, Mr. Griswold, deserves the, 0fthe community lor his praisewor'.'ny efforts to arrive here bo soon. Additional Particulars of the Lou of the tephsn Whitney. The intelligence of the loss of this fine vessel, Vith her crew and passengers, created a deal of sensation through the city yesterday. From a report of the wreck, in a reteent Cork paper, received last night by mail, we see that the melancholy occurrence is attributable to the fact of a new light having been but recently erected on Rock Island, of the existence of which the person in charge at the time was evidently ignorant. The loss of property, in ship no a cargo, reacncs f i^;,uvu ; ^i,9uu or inai amount is divided as follows, viz.:?Atlantic Insurance Company, $28,000? Sun, #27,000; (rencral Mutual, $14,000; Mercantile, $900; and #20,000 scattering. The ship was owned by Robert Hermit, Captain Popham, and others. She had a cargo of 19,000 bushels of Indian corn, 709 bales of cotton, 500 barrels of rosin, 2,200 boxea cheese, 100 packages of butter, flour, beeswax, and othe> merchandise. Captain Popham was considered a man of a good deal of experience, having been in the employ of Robert Hermit for more than fifteen years, and was first officer of the Stephen Whitney under Captain Thompson. He was a son of the late Major Popham, and a native of this city. The list of her passengers and crew, given yesterday by telegraph, was not quite complete. The following comes from the books of ^je owner, and may be relied upon as correct:? P*?ir*oF.Bi?In the cabin?Mcwt. Kordyoe, McKay and Roberta, (?U lost) In tba second cabin and steerage? Patrick Fury, Patrick Clinton, Robert Beardmore, M. Cambridge, Mark Cobney, Margaret Higgins, John MoCawni, Geo Slivers, William Sherwood, jamea N?lan, John O. Downell, Edward Elklns, (eaved) James Done'ly, Miohael O'Brien, Nioholas Vaughan, Margaret Vaugban and three children. Jamea Nedley, Joseph Chlbborn, Charles Draddy, Charles Carrey, Ann Lally, Mrs. Dnnonff, Eliza Hunt, Ennia Hogan, Bridget McCoy. Mtiry Curry, James McKinley. James'Knigbt, James MoCioskry, S'?phen Kara, James Boyle, Jime* Ma iling David McGratton. Patrick Leddy, Robert Barry. James McCiuskey. John bark, Mrs. Burk, John Powers, Patrick r.tttiDBon, Pat'k P?ttinson, (childraved) William Spurr, John Koiwell, Ch. Harrison, Michael Roony, Mary Adam*, Ueo. Hallock, Mrs. MoAninny and ohiid, Catharine Crennon, Bernard Mnne, Jamee Butler, (saved.) Hugh O'Orady, Jamee Keas, William Oakler, Jack Bounoer, M. Mala. MjQuInn, Mra Quinn. Crew?Charles W Popbam, master, of New York, lost; Thomas Allen. (Bret mate) saved; Jsmes (Jill, 2d do, lost; James B. McKay, 31 do. Raved; Joseph Miller, steward, saved; Berj. Kvans, cook, lost; A. Jaokson,'id do, saved; John Cm* ford, seaman, lost; Daniel Ureen, do, raved; Thomas Bills, do, lost; Htmuel Hill, do, lost; Geo. Stevens, do. lost; John Cleary. do, lost; Charles Jackson, do, saved; Robert Griffith, do, loat; John Plerton, do, saved; I)*vld Ferguson, do, saved: John Hathaway, saved; T. Sanberg, do, saved; William Mmlth, do, saved; George Miller, do, lost; T. Williams, do, lost; J Brenn, do,lost; Henry Home, do, saved; Charles Park, do, lost; Charles Ross, do, lost; James Prinoe, do, saved; James Young, do, loot; II. Johnston, (boy.) <* , saved. The vessels of all nations, in the harbor and fit the wharves, wore their colors at half mast during the day yesterday, out of respect to the memory of Capt. Popham. The following extract is taken from the protest of the mate and one of the seamen:? ' Nothing mhtf rial occurred on the passage until Wed nesday, thn Kltb day of Norember, instant, on which d?y,ai or about two o'olnck In iheafternoon.thesblp was hovH to, and soundings were bad in fifty fsthomi The weather was particularly thick, and the wind blowing very hard. The ship was under double-reefed topsails. At 6 o'olook, P. M , the wiod Increasing, the sails were ?lo(? al. R nVlnnlr I' M ma in thn land v?r? close to the ship After clearing off from th? land, mw a fixed wbita light, whlob, on consulting with tha cap tain, 1 to >k for the ligh?. on the Old Head of Ktnssle ; hauled off to* ship on th? starboard tack, heading S E. Iiy S at 0 o'clock. Considering wh had sufficient offing, steered tbn channel course, K by 8 , and at a to 10, the laud was wade ahead, and the helm wai put a-port; and on coming round, owing to the heavy eea then run olnp. the ship wont h short- In a few uilnutef, out of one hundred and ten huinau bniogi, jii?neiinere and crew, ninety-one perished, among whom was the captain and second mate. The persons who were saved lost ail their property, and were left nearly naked. Kvsry exertion was made bat owing to the wild cliff on which the Teeeel struck, and the <l?rkness of the night, it was Impossible to make any effort to save any part of the ship or cargo " A reporter from one of tbn Cork papers visited the seene of the shipwreck, and thus desorlbes what took place preparatory to the melancholy occurrence : To the fatal error wtiioh supposed th* light on Rock Island, near Crookhaven, to be that of Old lUad, the disastrous results that ensu"d, would appear to be, in a considerable degree, attributable. The light on Rook Island, as I have been informed, has been but v?ry recently erected; and, from all that I could ascertain, the rrspouaible persons on board appeared to be ignorant?f its exlstenoe. The ship was again hauled off tb* land, and, believing she had sufficient offing, a course was steered in relation to the supposed position of the Old llead, whlob, under tha circumstances, was eonsidered to be the correct one. They kept on in this ooorse until a quarter to 10 o'olock. when the land *as signalised immediately ahead, sad orders were promptly given to bring her rouod; but th> trt-mondous surf whion beat upon tha rocks issued ? sterner commsnd, and it was evident lha ill-fated ship* whs doomed. A brief moment only ensusd, and one terrific crash followed, whioh instantly consigned number* to eternity. This single encounter stove in the entire side of the vessel; and in loss than half an hour there wen cot two pUnki togetbsr, nor a single article of any description that could afford the means of escape to ItbM pai*en(?r or sailor. Tin Law and LAwyaits.^-Under the old constitution of our State, one of the greatest evils in society was the facility afforded to unprincipled lawyers and trading judges, to involve men in litigation?'o keep them there?to plunder them in the shape of litigation; and all this, merely to get a living for themselves. The chief inducement which led to the revolution effected in this deimrtment of social life, was the hope of getting rid of such a state of things, and of such pernicious practice*, and the desire to cheapen and purify the luw in all its departments. How has this b?*rn accomplished 1 A number of curious and remarkable cases were brought to our attention yesterday, of a singula' end striking character, convincing us that uader our new constitutioa, some of the old Uwyer3 are attempting to insinuate themselves into their old courses and pursuits. A course and conduct such as this is an injury to society at large, and is calculated to defeat all the purposes of the change < ffected. We must look into this most important subject. Will the honeBt portion of the profession aid us T The Morals and Discrimination of Politicians.?The morality 0f politicians is us farcical as it is striking. Let any one only read the fjinous resolutions and speeches put forth by the politicians at the recent meeting in Philadelphia, all glorifying Mr. Clay as one of the greatest in"n of this or any fcther age! They denounce the war with Mexico in the loftiest terms, as being illegal^ unconstitutional, and everything that is ba<^?as being even national murder in the higher degree. Well, perhaps it may be so. Bm * n the next moment we find them eulogising the generals and soldiers of this war, as the greatest heroes of the universe!? Well, we li^e this, too. But how is it possible to approve a certain number of gallant men as great heroes, and to extol them as generous and noble warriors, and then in the next instant to turn round *nd denounce them as murderers, assassins, pjid as engaged in wholesale murder 1 This is the inconsistency and immorality of politicians. What a spectacle of utter and contemptible folly! Military Movemknts.?A detachment of tr.<>op8 embarked on Wednesday, the 8th inst., Irnm Pnrt n?1?imk?o ? U^-I 1 1 , -- ?? * w?i- vuiumuuo, iU IIUO liaiuur, UU UUdiU the transport ship Ocean, bound lor Vera Cruz, Mexico. It was composed of one hundred recruits for the 1st Infantry; eighty-nine recruits and two musicians for the 9th Infantry; forty recruits for the 3d Artillery, and one recruit for the 8th Infantry, under th? command of Capt. W. S. Ilenry, 3d Infantry, with Lieut W. II. Fowler, 1st Artillery, A. C. S., and Lieut. O. B. Griffiths, 16tii Infantry. Lieut. Merrihew, of the third dragoons, arrived in 'this city yesterday, direct from the bf war. We understand that Gen; Shields, Col. Harney, and other distinguished military men, may be expected here shortly, and that Col. Burnett will probably arrive here to-day. TIlfMrtcaJ and Jtliuical* Tabu Theatre.?Lut nlgbt Sheridan Knowles' play of the "Huohback" ?u presented at the Park Theatre, Mr. H. P. Orattan appearing in the oharaoter of Master Walter, while Mrs. O. Jones played the part of Julia. Mr. Orattan made some good points, but there was much in his acting that called for the generous forbearance of his audience. His quiet, even readings were well given, but where energy or any kind of transition from one tone to another was required, he failed It is by no means a small aeoompllshment for an actor to master the mild passages which, in this pftrt, oontaln so muoh meaning; the construction of the character was one of Knowles' peculiarly happy efforts?and when all the beauties of the author are diserimlnated and developed, it beoomes a stage gem. Of Mrs. Jones' performance in the eharaoter of Julia, we eannot write otherwise than in.the highest praise. Indeed, although we have seen her play the same part several times before, we think she last evening exoeeded her previous happy efforts In the same pl"oe. Her aeting was full of spirit, her reading was effective, aad, trusting to memory, we should say' pritlcaUy true to the author. Mr. Dyott as Sir Thomas Clifford, acquitted himself handsomely ; he is always vt<lI nrmuwAd In ahttAtar hi ill aanL and u ta usual with tain. he lost night knew hit part Mid ^iSyvd it wall, though " Sir Thomas, the Secretary" wm not correctly dreaaed. Thin was probtbiy owing to soine small miaohanoe or other, for Mr. O a usual good taste oould not so far have lalt him, as to indue* him to choose vuoh a costume. The part of Sir Thomas Clifford, though not lengthy, ia a otioice one. and ought to he presented with great care, and especial attention to effect, in thejlast acts. Mrs Abbott play ?d Heilen, and made the moat of that pleasant little pari ; her interviews with Maaer Modus were very well enacted, and ahe was handsomely aeoonded in her effort a by Mr. Stark, who played the part of the baahful atudmt U Andrews, as Kathoas, and A. Andrews, as Lord Tinsel, were both well up in their parta. The drama of " The Bottle" waa presented aa an afterpiece. To-night Mr. G Andrewa takes a benefit, on which occaaion, aa uay be seen by referenoe to the advertisement, an excellent bill la presented. All who know Mr. Andrewa aa an aotor, know that he deaerree a bumper. Bowery Thkatbk ? The " Giselle, or the Willies,'" waa again performed at the Bowery theatre last (evening and with tbeexoeption of an vldentatrainiDfr, or overdoing, on the part of Miss Turnbull, as well aa on the part of Mr. Smith,'It went off very well. We would suggeat to Mr. Smith that there la too muoh grimace in his pantomime. Aa a danteuie, we have no fault to find with Miaa Turnbull. The bouse was, aa usual, filled to the utmost The "Giselle" will be repeated this evening, with " Sixteen String Jaok, or the Hlgbwaym&u of iiriraslow," and the " Spectre Bridegroom,or a Ghost in Spite of Himself." The baUet of the " Giselle'' cannot be too often repeated, for it has drawn full houses eve-y night alnce It waa produoed, and Miaa Turnbull is an eatablished favorite at thia theatre. Chatham i heatm:.?The same performances as the previous night were given at tblAheatre. The house wm tolorably Well filled, and all seemed highly pleased with the entertainments. The Holland family, by their extraordinary feata and dexterity, are attracting young and old, to witness. their pleasing exhibition of agility and strength cf muscle. It is really aurnrli to see with what eneand grace theytwUtar , me human frame Into vaiTupa positions, In th> beautiful greupiugs as Roman gladiator*. In ad') iuttractien, the manager baa neatly arranged ,1- aux vii ants, illustrative ofseveral uagnlfloant picture.". namely, u The May-pole Dance," ''Invocation to Lot*,''-'May and Morning Star," " The Graoes," " The Light of ttie ilarem," " 1 he Lute Player," 'St John Preaching in the Wilderness." and a ' Grand Tableaux in honor of the United States." The amusements ooncluded with the new comic pantomime of " Harlequin i om." in which W. A. Barnes, Conover, and the Holland family appear id, and drew forth the enthusiastic cheers of iheaudience. The same programme will be presented this evening, and as the Hollaad family will leave this w??k, those who hare not as yet seen them, had better embrace the present opportunity. Ciaous?Bowrav AMrHiTHr.ATSF. ?"Big businesf in the horse line here. B. W. Carroll. Miss Madigan. Mr. Madlgan. and all the rest of Mr T yon's equ* strians a^p-ar this evening in a variety of feutr and I.athrnp ami Williams, the two clowns, do the funny par's Besides all this, there are the performatoen of the Negro Minstrels, and all Hinds of fun and froll;*. Christy's Minitaeli.?Nothing steps tho influx of visiters nightly to this troape Haln or shine, hot or cold, it is all the same ; there they are. filing Mechanic*' Hall every evening enjoying the witticisms of this very clevertroupe. Ten weeks is a long stretch, at one time, lor a band to coutlnne their, hold on the puMio ; but the truth is, they are so admirable in th?ir line,that It is no wonder. Should there be uay who have not yet bearo them, in the words of Shakspeare, we reoommend them to ' stand not on the order of their going, but to go at once." This evening they have a choice bill. Broadway Odko*.?This hous< will prove " ? hit?a palpable bit " It it just th? kind of place for light nmunemeot, which was wanted in the centre of the city, and tile great number of acquaintance* and frlenos that the proprietor has, will douotless avail thenualve* of hi* establishment. The singing, Grecian ex?roi*e?, a> tl tableau vivants, give iireat satistaotion every m.-.'.t The manager has taken great paiu* to have everything well arranged, and the stage appointments are all ezorllent. Hacker Familvi<? Thee* delightful singer* will give another ooAeert this evealng, at the Society Library. I'he pleasing manner io which their last enterUinmeat went off, was highly satisfactory to all conoerned, botb hu,Hence and performers, and we have no doubt that this eteuiug the singing will prove as gratifying as ever. Their wild mountain airs, and the happy manner in which their voice* harmonise together, and their excellent performance on the guitar and the rither, make tbfir whole entertainment a charming one. Ms. LvnNr.'* Mum it, Illuii rations or Shaispkark ? We revert with great pltaure. lto the most attractive series of eutettalnments, both ftoin their novelty aud high cborHoter. Mr Lynne Is, in ev ry rrspeoi, lUaliOed lor the t?k he has undertaken. To great dr?matlc skill, he unites p. delicate appreciation of the beautie* of the immnrtal bard, and an enthusiastic admiration of his mighty genius. His elocution Is graoefnl and effective, and his commentary evinces souud judgment, Mid a highly cultivated taste?hi* r ndings are excellent. We noticed particularly, one or two sentences, such as ' All the world'* a stage," "'HoW many thousands of my poorest subjects are, at this hour, asleep," and Kalstaff's soliloquy on honor. The musical illustrations by the most eminent ooraposer*, under the direction of Mr O. Loder, were admirably peiformt d; thu bfautlful glee "Sigh no more, Ladles," was rsptureusly encored, *s, also, "Sho never told her love," by Mrs. K. Loder. 1 he canzonet "If mn-lo be the lood of love,"' was neatly executed by Mr. 3. L Loach, the new bwltoDQ bom bcgiftud. In flat, the whole ?at?rUla tntat iff >rd>-d a rleh treat to ft molt reipectable aul tory 11U second llitutretlon will take place on ThurB day ev??ing uext, at the Society Library. The traget? of ' Maobeth" it selected for the occaaion. ||Am>hkan MuaicAL 1n?titutk.?ThU inatltute wl gire a novel entertainment next week They have iected the geini from the cratoiio ?f 11 David and OS lie ," and left out the heavy matter ; and. after thil they will giva a aelection of nnig>, arias. reolUtivee, from the operas and oratorioi of tont of the moat ami nent masters This eolecti i plan is decidedly ? K' ofl one. Tu *rday evening nex'. M the one relucted for tbl performance, at which a great number of emiMnl artists will assist. Mr. Marshall la to take a benefit thin evening in .111 bany, and on Monday evening nrxt he will re-appear *8 the Bowtrjr theatre in tut city. I Poll; e Intelligence. 1 -2ri Old "}'igron" Caught a- 1 att ? Officers Campbell and Jeffrey, of the 10 h ward police, sucoeeded, on Wed-I sday night, in arresting that noiori u I ''id burglarl David Dcvoe, whom the officers found secreted In m dwelling, located In 17th ttreet, on a obnrge of burglary! It appear* that on the 'J'Jj of October la?t, the jewelry! etore OWSfM, by N Olmfcted &. Sou, Cbapel etreet.l Vrw Him, Conn., waa broken open, and watches, jew-fl elry. Sio., to tlio nmnunt of (3000. atolen therefrom A| aiwwHio,a man wan arrested la New llinnl on suspicion, an j beoominx il?rme.l, 'xiueaied,'' thers-M by U-v>>? as V<? principal io the robbery.! < otu.ijueQ'lv, a warrant vu - au?d for bit arrest. and aH r>>(|aisit'ou ob'Hiu"i Irom the Governor of ConaeotlcutH i'?r 1j!i> removal to that sure for trial, to whieb State h?H I wui couTBy-d by ofllcer ?'hinp >-li yesterday morning. H $500 reward was offered for the arrest of the thieves andH the recovery of the property. Tim Davoe haa been ran-H ning at large for touie >ears past, mi l used, by lomi cfH the old and experienc-d pdbM olBeers. aa a "stool H plg?on." thereby doing a 'air business lor hlmaelf, at the H MM time building up the reputation of these men h?>H I fore the publlo aa aotive and v gilant officers. lila ar- H rest haa oreated ijuite a "fluttering ' amongst certain H membra of the poliee here, iuasmnoh aa several indict- H menta for burglary are now peudlug against him both H In tbia city and King's couuty, Long Island. In the lat- H ter place, however, he wan allowed to run at large, on H small amount of ball, tuint two or three months ago, H Mnce which tluiehe bna b.en actively engaged lu various H burglaries. How he will lyre at New Hav?n, wa are on- H ablete tell, but suppose,froui some of hiafarmer oompro- H mice transactions, that, upon delivering up to jtutio* H soma reoeiver or "fence," one or two" ti.ils," and m portion of tha properly, this notorious robber wili be again H thrown upon the public, to proseoute his nefarious boal- H nest with inopunity Caught on the " Lift. " - Officer Woolrldge. of the 0th ward, arrested, yesterday, a woman, calling herself Ca- |H theilne Kox, she having beeu detected in stealing a Dlece or resting*, worth $24, from th? cloth log store of Bm aod Soofltld, No. 24 llowery. Tl?o property wu found la the poeeesiiion of th# accused, and Justice Osborne lacked her up for trial. . lilt milt la pa , i bud A/onry ?Officer Hogan, of the 4th ward, arrested yesterday a man by the Dame of Klohard Kyau, on a charge of attempting to pass a counterfeit $3 bill Justice Osborne detained him tor a further hearing. llnbbtd on the Five Poin't ?Officer Corneen, of the tiih ward, arrested jesterday a bla'jk woman calle ' Harriet Williams, on a charge of stealing $10 from William Miller, while in a " orib located on the Kire Points. Justice Osborne locked her up far trial. Jl Lady'i Packet Picked ?Mrs. E. W. Tucker, of Newark. N J., while in the auction more of Mr. Kemp, :!1S liroadway, on Wednesday afternoon, had her purse, containing $67 in bills on the Newark banking and Insuranoe Co abstracted from her pocket. The 4c?e escaped with his booty. Law Intel llgciicc. H Circuit Court, Deo. 9- Before Judge (Jray.? Vowie .J- Caie,j v Moreuiood Co.? The nuinmiug up of this cause was oonoluded yesterday evening ; after which the judge charged the jury, who soon after brought In a verdiot for the plaintiffs for $-1,290. Gabriel Werner et alt, us O W. Willi.?This was an action on a promissory note, made by one John A. Wells, payable to his own order and endorsed by defendant. It was passed by t! e maker to ttie plaintiffs, in payment of a debt. The defenoe set np was, that the maker of the note was the uncle and guardian of the defendant, and that ?t the time It was endorsed, the guardian had not settled his account*?that the note in the hands of the holders was subject to all the equities to which it would be liable as between the maker and endorser, and that the laintlffs were aware ot th? relationship In which they stood towards t ach other, whioh wu sufflolent notice to pwt them on their guard. Sealed verdlot For plaintiff Mr. Bosworth. Kor defendant .Messrs Cutting and Dodge. Court or Common Pleas, Deo 9.?Before Judge lagraham.?Samuel I". Trary v. Emit Ftidl r.?This wag BB an aotion to reeover the freight of a cargo of hemp, brought to this city from New Orleans. In unloading the hemp, twenty-five bales were damaged by rain, for H whloh defendant insisted the plaintiff waa liable, and H tendered the amount of the freight, less $31, whloh ha H retained to cover the damage. The plaintiff refuted to H accept it, and brought hit action to reoover the fall H amount. The defendant instated, that the morning on H which the hemp waa delivered it threatened to rain, and H the plaintiff was oautioned by one of the oartmen not to H uolade. On tbe other aide, it waa contended that than H waa an aetual delivery to the defendant, lnaamuoh as be waa notified that tbe hemp would be put on the wharf H that morulng. and that he had actually carried away a H part of It on his carta. The Jndge chargnd the Jury, H that if a party notifies a consignee that he will deliver H bis goods to him at a particular time and plaoe, and af- H terwards leaves the goods on the wharf, so that they H eould be easily distinguished from any other goods, that H would be a good delivery. The jury found for the plain tiff, $796. For plaintiff, Wightman and Clark; for da fflndant, Mr. W Watson. The Court of Common Pleas will sit to-morrow (this H day) and Saturday, to hear arguments. November term ends on Saturday H 11-forn Judgn Daly?Daniel S liiylii, survivor, fc.t I n F.luha IWW fills was an aotion on tbe ease, to re- I oover the value of two span, alleged to be lojured by the defendant. It appeared tbe defendant was employed to raise a vessel that bad been sank at the foot of Riving- I ton street, and hired from the plaintiffs the two spars in I iiuestion, to assist in raising her. The plaintiffs allege I mat one of the spars was broken, and the other sprang. I The defence was. that the soars wer? ?? - value, being oU damaged logs, and that defendant being only employed by other parties, he was not liable The j ury found a rvrdiot for plaintiffs for 1134 For plaintiffs, Meters. Murtla, Smith, aud Long; for defendants, Mr. De N.igle Slit.uiob Court, Deo 9?Before Judge Oakley? Brow.r, n Sai oy 4- Co ? Verdiot for plaintiff, $1,643 07, Court of Gckeral Seiiiorj. Deo. 0.?Before Record-r Scott and Aldermen Smith and CroUus. John M?Kvoq, b>q district a tnrney. Jirini una Bmeh H'ui-ant.?At the opening of the court this morning, oflioer tttowell, of the 4th ward, Drought into oourt 011 a bench warrant. John Irwla, on an indlotment for keeping a dlnorderly house la Water ptreet. On being arraigned he pleaded guilty to the indictment, and was reman Jed for sentence forfeitureg.?John Brigge, Charles Bnrtlett, and Chas. Brewster, indicted for an assault and battery, with Intent to kill John Owens, and Matthew F. Freeman, lndloted for obtaining goods by false presences,wert called lor trial, but falling to appear, their recognisances were deolarei) to be f/rf> (*ed Trial Jor dtimult and lin'trry -Benjamin Foreman was then placed at the bar for trial. on an indlotment for an a?*ault and battery on his wife, Nanoy Foreman, on the lOih day of Nor last Nascv tea km am being sworn, deposed?On the day In HUfHtion, iuy husband, B njamln Foroinan, violently asRaulud mr; h? choked ue sev?r?ly, and threatened to ki 1 uie ifltu a piece ot pointed iron; 1 hare been married to lilra U2 years; he has always treated ma unkindly Julia FotiKMAn being sworn, depoeed?Nanoy Foreman is mv mother; on the night in question, I saw my lather with his hand around my mother's neok; I thought he was choking her; 1 saw him put a pointed iron to her breast, aud said be would kill her. Thom\s L Barto.i being sworn, deposed?I am an oflloer; 1 arrested the prisoner; he was very violent when 1 arretted him. The prisouer spoke at length, stating that his wife had been th-j cause of prostitntin< his daughters, and he intended no other violence than to save his ohildren from ruin The jurv found him sniltv. nd the anurt lenotd him to the penitentiary lor one year. PLadtd Guilty ?Henry L dardner, Indicted for grand lirceny, In having, on the J6th day of Haptamber hurt, stolen pooket book containing >800, from Arohibald T. Cochran, pleaded guilty He Mid that before the oonrt rhould proceed to pronounce sentence upon bio, he would like to stfcte. that, on the day in question, be waa in Uie atore of Coonran, when he aaw his pocket book about halt way out of his pocket; that be did take the pooket book but not with an iutention to steal It, and that there waa then in it but $-J13. He intended to give the mooty back tj Mr. C , u?Jtil he beard bitn aay be bad Ingt. $8 *0, ami knowing the fact that he bad nut taken *0 uiocu from him, be (Uardner) w?h afraid that if he raturned ih? pocket book, he would be taken to acoount lor the difference between >W)0 end >'JI3 He stated also that Mr. Cochran said to bim that If be would gl*a niru (Cochran) >150 he would not app?ar before tba Uraud Jury against bim. and that he subsequently sent tniinto bim staling lhat lor $M0 he would dear it all up He adhered to the confession that he did take the >JI3, but not with an intention to st>>al it. The oourt -xpresaed their extreme regret lo be compelled to pass sentence upon a young m*n of such apparent promise, tiut l?e having pleaded guilty, it only remained for the oourt to pass sentence cpon bim, which should be the lowest Ui a allowed by law. The aeeuscd waa then senfenced to the SUte prison for two years. The court than ?dj->urned uutil to morrow morning. Cocrt C*LKNU**-Tbis Day-Circuit Court ? Noa. J, 33 33, M 37 4J, 41. 5i 63, M, 44, JO, U?X, iW, 6?. 67, iti. 69S All. 61, 8J Superior iJiiurt?73. 31, 4J. 47 , 63, ^8 69, 09, 440,71,76,64. o6, u7, 64 67, 70, 77, 73, 70, BO. Sue Pi it <n StaUtlUtWa have be?n politely furulshed by J Stanton, K?q , deputy Sheriff, witfl tba foi lowing prison statistics Number ol convict* in the 8tat? prison at Sing Slog, No*, 1st, I(?m1?ikI l(un eoorti ft Killing to coaipijr with conditions or pardon....... 1 7 OA Discharged In Norembar. by expiration of time l i Kardonvd 1 Sent to State lunatic aayluni 3 Discharged by rerersal 01 judgment I Died J 39 H mun ui in prUon, Deo. lit, 1847 Male* Females 88 770 Wall Failures. It Is useless to grumble about tbn malls, becaiiM fan ItAndlng produces no Improvement. But to show how Intolerable" la cur "sunning*," we uld say that up to the time of wriilug tbls paragraph, (lire o'clock, Friday afterhoon.) tb? eastern malls have failed fire time* since Monday morning?tour times In the afternoon and once Id th? morning The failures In tbe afternoon buvc a'l b-1n caused Vy th? ears not arriving at Auburn in time 10 connect. Thlrtj -lis hours from Albanr to lloohestfr Is lh? ornimoo Um? --Mm huirrl)rn. 4f,\ inn.

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