Newspaper of The New York Herald, 10 Aralık 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 10 Aralık 1847 Page 3
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\m , . 1 1.!?L LIE-IB.?J American Art Union. mh fdito?:? Onca mora, and I hop? it will be the last time, do I ask a space io jour valuable odumns, to answer an "individual"? -t?ut ere 1 prooeei^farthtr, I will embrace tbi? occaau>n to nay. that la ttiia oase, at least, and I aey it promptly au>l with great pleasure, that I have done tbe committee of tb? Art Union great injustice j they paid promptly '.he price nhiob was s sked for tbe two painting i. noli 1 huTB every rrUOU to believe that they would b*ve paid atair price bad Mr. Geo P. Putnam demanded II; now. he pretends b-.viu; boeu ignorant of my I ' wher?ubonU Why, air, it would have been the fastest th'riirin the world to have found mo, had be fait tbe lightest. disposition to ooniult me, which I still malnt in whs hid duty and i had a perfuet right to expect it ; l?e might have saved me fifty dollars, aa I now have no doubt the ootumittee would have made tha" advacoe in the price It is true that I did borrow of n individual thirty pound* sterling, at a time that 1 was struggling for in v very exliteuoe in a foreign land; and dearly have I paid f tr ii Dut Mr. I'utnam loriteU to mention that,I deposited with him three pioturea instead of two This third pi?. U7> in worth to ine at I ast two buudred dollars. This ilatnri he atui n-tains. There, sir, is three hundred and tifiy dollars fur the loan of thirty pounds sterling 1 ba . 'ioot th? i g\^e?t recollection Hat any time was flX'fl for their iei>inption, ueitber did 1 take tha slightt-*r Fcapnf paper from Mr. I*. to show tbo world thai he bad these pictures as sccutity f.>r tbe payment of the money be loaned ine I ihould not, Mr. Kdltcr. have m ill - itiese thing* public, had uot Mr. Putnam set tne n 11 > Hwcied well satlslied to have my picture* hanging in hi* bouse, and 1 supposed be would remain content to keep them there until It wan In my power to redeem them, 1 considering blm amply secure What "circumstance*" an "individual" refers to In his cloning remarks, 1 cannot toll; It' be refer* to ft promise which be say* 1 made to redeem these picture* at the cd "f a year. I declare upon ray honor that I h??o no recl'.ectiou of having made sued a promise, because at the time iny proxpeot* were gloomy for a lull year to cooiH in I did uot wish to return to my native country abort of/hat time; and up to this pre?ent moment It has not been in my power t redeem the picture*; and he etiil retain* ine third palntitg, which is of large Mr" Alto Ms "good nature l action" inthUoasrf, 1 do not think It was entirely uus?l(lsh You will perceive, Mr Kditor, that lu this case I exonerate the committee, so far as i chxrged ibera with wishing to get my plotures at a oh"ap rate; but the principles, I maintain, remains ju?'. ihesnme. 1 have one sditary cam, and tbat is sufficient to establish my position and to convict the " Art Union " of having violated their constitution. Did they not. purchase a pioturc lant year from a gentleman who bad previously just returned front abroad? And will that individual (I beg pardon, I mean gentleman) will be say that I was uno?r the slightest pecuniary obligation to him? 1 remain, eir, your obedient servant. THOMAS DOUOHTY. Many believe not lit Wonders or Miracles, sndwi h good leusuu; I ut the truly nstoniili ug i formation winch tiie celebrated Mntlain Ado'i h (at 111 lle>ter St.) giver, relsnve to ihe I'ast, pre'ent and future utfiirs, of the most im portaut *iid Iiiterestiu-' all iirs oTInve, marl iAge.auil trauiac'ious lu ue eral, utuuish all those who cousu't herforaveu mere Curios ty. Tlte Golden Rule and Odd Fellows' Family Companion, lor the present week, coutuas important aiticlcs in relciti c to tSe Legality of 'he Mew Constitution of the 1 O O K , olMew Ifork^News from the Lodges, Ike. Also, ? ?: c i vnrirry 01 c ipiim i aies, ivjis :enan/, ate., lor itiniiv re?iiio?; I li.s is the oldest and bent Odd Fellows' periodical in th* Union, cuinmencini; its eigiith volume on the first of Jauuary, which will afford a good opportunity for tew rub? erioo'u to h'Kin It ha? already attiined a circulation of more than 12 MO copies. Terms, J? a jea", in advacce, when scut by mail: Si *.o delivered in the city, orO* cent, 4ini(la. il vtrr lunnlie ol the Order, who desires to be id formed of its condition and pro*rets, should subscribe to the Golden Ilule. Address, post-paid, (i. WINCHESTER. Publisher, 30 Aim tieet. Clark, Brother ? Vo'? Wnrrnntcd Gold Peiu an J new style Cases?The rapid increase in the demuad for i hine un ci ior Gold Pens, hus mdaced the subscribers to jet ?|> n new style of Cue expressly for their pens This caso '.H * full inch longer when open, and when closed much ahiiriui- than the ordinaiy case. It has a reserve for leids. and is so arrauiied that the mint of the pencil cannot he corroded by ink. They now offer these n lendid P?ns aod Cares, together with a full assortment of Pens of ell other makers of note, at the low-st market prica>, wholesale and retail. CLARK, BROTHER h CO.. No. S3 John street, corner of Nasiau. nnld Tll..?....a D?l..<^l> of Gol I I'eut will bear in mind that Ml makers j>ut their names oiid ctrbMtpsui, anil the names of cardinals. chieftains. or fancy s'miui>s <>u their second nr inferior qualities. Thote who wi?h to get a good warranted pea, at a low r?te, can find at ihe e.-' b'ishment of John W. G aaton k Co., No. 71 Cedar Ktreer, the pers of all the beat makers, which th?y will aell, wholesale and retail, at reduced prices. Gold peni repaired. Tlt? Richelieu Gold Pens are warranted npetior to any ia the world.and in all the important requisites of a ko? d pea, they are acknowledged to have attained the very high?st peifection They are sold for $2, only, by B. E. Watson Ik Co., 45 William street, one door below Wall ftreet.'ud J. Y Sarpga,92 Kulton street, Gold Pet,and Gold V and Pencil Case manufactnrers. Gold Pens of every atyle an- q aluy.aud cases, ol all s'soa constantly on hand. Gold Pens at $ 1, f I 25, ?> d $ I 30. Gold Pens repaired. JTancjr Paper and Paper Uoics, Cornucopias, motto tapers, (anoy notes for confectioners, jewelry boxes, round and square boxes, in nests, f >r druggists, pill boxes, Uc Gold. silver, cupper, tissue, morocco, marble. Chinese and B -air.sli paper, p iper laces, gold and silver borders, ornaments, pictures, ike Also boxes lor wedding cakrs, wholesale and retail, at 4S Maiden lane. G. J.Krait, Mai.ufacture and Importer. Tlw cheapest and best place In the city to get Boots and SImrs, ia at Jones's, 4 Ann street, near the American Muxram. He sells his best French Calf Dress Boots at $4 50, an1 a lim r?te Boot be will aell at St. Ton can also get a v> rv nice pair for $3 50, and as to hit waterproof and cork sole Boo s. ihey cannot be beat in price or quality, and furthermore a*I gooiU sold by our friend Jones, of No. 4 Ann street, are warraj.r?d trrgire entire satiafaction ro the purchaser. Hair Catting and Trimming Whiskers? K'lso. s win ciiiaeri, stranger*, and all oihei far and near, patroinie Hil'.the iuunitable H^r Cutter, at No. 13 Nassau aireet: Becansehe makes it hisatudy to adapt the style of hair an<i Ah ske.s to tun the head face, and nitre ai pearauce f the wearer; alter whi.h ihe w<irk i* ?lw*y? executed without the icvt dev at.ou from what ia due to r.iutomer , in he neate.t possible manner, always eosarins entire satisfaction. RtoeunintUm, Pains an?l StlffntM oT the .Ioiuh, > wetli. k of the Muscular snbstances near tbem.Krupti'>n< of ttir Skin, and all disease* arisii g from an impure atate of the blood , tic rnav be effectually removed by the use 01 jliig's < omi) ?uud Svrnp of Hydrioriate of F,,ttassa, Hiranpalilla and \ eiiow Dork '.'aies wh ch hire resisted all other treatment have been rapidly and entirely removed by thia powerful -ii? i iv.iSviup Prepared wholesale and retail by C. H.K1N0.19J Broadway. Dr. Kellli'qer's ialiilmeiit Is universally conaide-?dtt.e winder of the a*e, eilher for man or horae. (1000 w.'l be paid by tie p>onr?etor to any person or persona, c~>miuK 1'rom a dia e>?r to rnr>lias*, il ih?y fail to satisfy their most aauKume ct;h ctations in -elation to its wonderful en "live effect!. To tie had of 8 INHKUSOLL 8c CO., No. 2Ju Pearl, u l f the d ug^is'f, stddlers'(tores, si d tarem* generally. For further paiticnlars see tbe Spirit of the Times. Dr. Roitwlck'* New BleiUtal Book, Is Just jubltsbrd hy Bur; ass Htrlnf er It Co. 2:1 Broadway, ltmat I o he h >d of the unt'tor, 7i ' hatabe.a street. Price $1. See ad/ntieinent or outside pi**. Portnble Sbavlii); Cases _Thc most portable an I t'.? in st complete article now maiiu actnred having every reiuuitpfi) a Ken lemnn'a toilet, and a' a travelling coinpr.nio i, liivuln lie Kor aa e at <). SAUNDERS & SON, 177 Broadtvuy. a few doors above Courtlandt street. Klne Cnt try.? 1 he subscribers Invite utrentiiiU to their as or'tnent of P-11, P01 Uet and Sportsmen's Knives, warranted U-zors and polished Steel tjouds, Ike A.Ih(?. f ir the eonveiMene? of niiatAm.r, ih., ... r? ic?nrmj lor he rtpiirinfc of ?l kinda of /'niiery: having eaa-i^H >np'rior work hi* ?. t'.ey ?iM be enabled toexernte all aril n in 5 ir?iiurr thru will grreaittufactiwi. O. 8AUNDK11S k HO v, 177 Bro^wa". oppoaite Howard Hold. l^L _ ?1? 11 I.I.I I Ml Ml 1 MONEY JIARKKT. Thnratlay, Dee, 0 ?J p. n, Th'ro has been no particular change In the stock market to-day. The steamer's mails not having oome to hand, everything is very unsettled. Prices for stock were firm at quotations current yesterday ; showing that the foreign news has had rather a favorable effect, than otherwise. The arrival of the Hiburnla, the packet of December 4th, Is now more anxiously looked for than ever,ana confirmation of the Britaola's news Uof the utmost importance, and will place oredit on the other side in such a position an will give currency to m large amount of aterliag exchange held in this market. The Fr< noh steamer of the 34th of November, now nearly due, will pive us fo?r days' later intelligence from London. ft'.rt enable ns to form some opinion relative to the p*rmaneocy ot the Improvement in financial matters on th* other kidii The oontinaation of failures in Great Britain, at d in different parts of Europa, is no further source of apprehension, as those r oenily announced are rmall compared with those reported eaily in the saison, and their sucpeniilon the rtsult more of oonne<*tl"ns with h< uses which went down at the commencement of the panlo, than from present embarrass sients in the money market. The recovery must b? very gradual, but we fear It will be but temporary. There are decided Indications of an Important deficiency I11 the supply cf food in Oreat Britain, and a very greet probability of a large Importation being required before another harvest. In the face ol this, the improvement cannot be very great, or of verv ions standing An exportation of bullion isrure to follow an importation of breadstuff*, and the prospect of there movement* taking place la pretty clearly demonstrat-d by the completion of the now* received by the Brittnnla. The Liverpool packet ha* taken out about $100,000 In epeoie. The Havre pa?et will take out about $3A,'K)0 in tilver. It ia not y?t known what amount the fttraraer will take out. She nails on Thursday nixt. The first annual report of the Pennsylvania Hailrnad f:ompany ehows that the work in in a state of forwardness. It ho* been decided that the best route la the valley of the Juniata, and that part of the road hat been placed under contract an t ut as It could be prepared by the engineer*. Sixty miles are progressing rapidly, and It is supposed that the remainder of the Kastern division to the lia*n of (bp mountains, will b* put under contract early in the sprii^f. The survey and location of tha Western division can not he oom plated until next maimer. Length of road from IIsrMsburgh to Robinson'* ridge, foot of the Allegheny. I3.i inlUa, with ascending grade* of from ten to twenty-one feet per mile. From Ilobinson'* ridge, which divide* the little Juniata from the I'rankatown branch, north of Brush mountain, the KMent of the Allegheny it commence J, and overcome (with the us* of locomotive power,) by a gradient of .ibout eighty fuel per mll?, iu thirteen mile*, without jncf'unterlng any extraordinary dlfflouitle*. This work will b? loft for ? fatuit patted, and la tha Dttatlni a Junction will b? formed with the Allegheny port ago, by a branch lina, fix miles la length, front Robin sod's ndge to Hollidayab uTgh. or soma point farther west From the summit of the Allegheny to Pittsburgh, the liue will pass over an uneven country, requiring maximum gradient* of fifty feet per mile in both directions. The whole length of the road irom Robinson's ridge to Pittsburgh, will fall somewhere between one hundred and ten to one hundred and twenty miles. The board anticipate being enabled to run their curs from Harrisburgh to Lewlstown before the close of the winter of 1848-49. The reoeipts and expenliturss of the company have been as annexed: Pi?."*nirLVASiA Ckhtbal Railroad?Treasurer's Report. Amount received from stockholders In payment of First Instalment $303 721 00 Seoond " 298.940 00 Third ,k 296,966 00 Fourth " in advance 30.016 Fifth " " 640 00 Sixth " " 2u0 00 Hevunth ' " 100 00 Kighth " " so oo Ninth " " 50 00 Stock in full " t>6,360 oo $1,017,726 00 And expended in Organizilion and expanses. , . $10,618 99 Kuglueeriog 23.110 11 Graduation 10,166 0-2 Real cstkte 1 676 00 Itlffhf. nf wan futlfllnn /I.. .^ranges 5.413 16 la hauds ofageuts 13 031 87 $64,441 14 Balance in hand* of tbe company $903,303 86 The present Legislature of New Yort deserves much credit for Its sets relative to tb? regulation of the banks, and individual bankers of tbil State Toe reports vrhioh have been made heretofore, in Fet> ruary, May, August, and November, hereafter will be made some time in the quarter ending the first day of January .April. July and Ootober an designated by the Comptroller, Secretary of State and Treasurer. We annex a synopsis of the law:? Nkw Yobk State Banks?Bank Rt:roaTS and Bank Tax. It sbail be the duty of the Comptroller, Secretary of State and Treasurer, en or before the first Tuesday of January, April, July and Octobsr, in eaoh year, to fix upon rome Saturday In the quarter then ended, in reppeet to which every bank and individual baaker shall make a report. t)T Whenever in tbe opinion of the Comptroller, there shall he good cause to report that any bank, banking association, or individual banker, has made an incorrect or imperfect quarterly return, or Is in an unsound or unsafe oonditiou to do banking business, it shall be his duty to have the books, papers and affairs of suoh banks, banking associations or individual banker, examined by some competent person to be designated by%it?. who shall examine fully Into his books, papers, and affairs, forthwi'h, aud report to the Comptroller on oath the result of such examination, a copy of which report shall be torthwith published, () I All Individual bankers and all banking associations, which art) now cr shall be hereafter engaged In the busiBcfH of banking, under the provision* of the act entitled "an act to authorizn the business of banking," shall be sut j?ct to taxation on the full amount oi capital actually paid in, or secured to be paid In, as such capital by them severally, at the actual market value of such securitiss, to be estimated by the Comptroller, without any reduolion for the debts of such individual banker, or banking association; but in no case shall the capital af suoh banking association or individual bankar, be estimated at a less sum than the amount of circulating notes delivered to fiuch banking assoolutlon or lndl vidu < 1 banker, and not returned to the Comptroller; and In cane the capital of ouch banking association bag been reduced by the surrender of any securities to the stockholders thereof, and the certificates of stock held on aocount of such securities being surrendered to suoh banking association shall not be subject to taxation upon such part of its capital. There is a very important and vital defeot In thli law; bat as it is the best wajare likely to get,we must make the most and the best of it. The Comptroller, Secretary of State and Treasurer, oannot, by this law, compel the banks to make a report oftener than onoe in each quarter, and there ia under it a great probability of great irregularity in the returns. Various Infloenoos may be brought to bear, for the purpose of putting off these reports, and the whole system become deranged We shall experience more sudden contractions In the money markat than those realized under the old law, as the banks will have less time for preparation. It was the simplest thing In the world to have plased this business upon a proper basis, and to have perfected a plan by whioh the quarterly returns would have been made a proper index ?r the aotual condition of those institutions. All that wis necessary was merely the substitution of a clause to the old law, requiring quarterly reports, with monthly averages; that woald have done away entirely with the objections to the old system, and given the public reports which would have been a fair expose, of the position of every bank in the State. Under such a system, there would not have been any of those fluctuations in t.'ie bask movement, those sudden expansions and contractions, which have heretofore been so detrimental to all Interests, to remove whioh the present law has been pi'wa. We are afraid the difficulty ha* not been removed. Quarterly returns with monthly averages, would hive been much better than monthly reports, without tbe average. The average system is the only one that will prevent the banks from placing themselves in a petition to make favorable reports, and until that is adopted, we abandon all hope of any improvement in this important matter. There Is one thing left for this legislature to do relative to the banks, and that is to compel them to redeem their paper lMues in this elty or in Albany. A law of this kind, would, in oonneetion with others, give us the moat perfect system of banking in this country, and enable as to get along without any more tinkering upon the currency, for a great many years. Every legislature in this State, has had petition upon petition, for some alterations or modifications of existing laws relative to banks, and some ehinges have been made nearly every session. It will then be time I* stop. Every thing world then have been dotfe that conld be^lone, and the btnks would then only want to be let alone The fr<e banks are inoreasiog fast enough for all legitimate purposes. and if they are properly regulated, there will be Uttle danger of too groat an expansion. Stuck F.iclungt. $10000 r.-ea? Note* 6'? 94% 50 du Morru Canal 9*? 5000 Un'ted 8 6's '62 99 30 da i60 ?'? 20000 <lt Monday 99 !50 do 9 ilMiO Peon Vi 73>? 50 do Mm 10 <000 Olno 7'? 105*2 2>'0 Long Inland RR bio 27 V 5000 Million Faud 38 450 da 27S 5000 do ?6# 38 50 Anb k Roeh b60 Ml 16000 Reading Bond* 69X 7 do 'I9W 10000 do boo 71 50 Ctnton Co 28* MOO ? do ?9 30 M< hiwk HR 66W 10000 Read Mort Bd* ?:)?* 200 Nor k Wor RR 36 H 7000 do 63>4 50 do bl* 36& inn ?hi Reading RR 59 Silt>rl>mSn I I'd do led 60 100 do *30 42 ' 0 do >60 MV J'jO do 4} I0d do J?J4 1(H? do ilO 42 100 do JlIZ 0M do 4I? 2>li Farmers'Trait 26 M ino do ali n\ 50 do afw 2K'4 100 do tow 43 100 do b30 27 190 do U30 42W 210 do b45 27 400 do 42 34 Erie HE Scrip Mon 71 100 do b60 43 Htoond llotid. 10 fhi Merchants' Bk 101 100 shs Harlem RH 42 .Vi Harlem KH 42 2?0 do blO 42 1)0 do 42 JO do bi 41 J, 140 do 41 1)0 Long Island Rtt 27)4 New Stork Bxchang*. SO sh? llvlera KH b3 42*j> 100 ih< Long Is RR ?30 27W 10 do 43?? JO do blA 27V 1)0 do b3 4* JO do h3 27\* 1)0 do c 4.? JO Farmera'Trust b3 27 JO do i) (IK M do e 2*.X A do 4l', JO Reading RR b3 <49 100 do alt 4IX JO- do i3 J8?-i CITY TKADK RBPOKT. > Nnvr York, Thursday Afternoon. Deo. 9. The *t*amer'a news, received bv Ulegraih, had very little upon the market Holders of flour and of grain demauded better price*; but 111 the absence of private letter*, purchaser* showed no disposition to meet them; and| limited *al>*of flour were made at yeHerda?'a prices the market cloelng without animation Corn was held at ^llrtner prlcei, but aalea were nude on term* which indicated no decide.! Improvement. Meal continued ateady. Sale* of rye were made at previous rate* A *mall lot of barley changed hand* on term* ! plated below. Sale* of oata were made without inatarlal ohange (Jrocerlca remained about the ?aine. Molaaaea were ateady, while l'ug*r *aa Inactive. The chief tale mi mide by nuatiou Amif??Cot* were in steady demand, and aale* were mad" at f>3 ?cd amall aalea of I'earla were made at *7 26 11at.iwAx ?Balea of 3000 lb* were made at 23 etc. UaEADiiurri?Flour? Sale* of 400 bbla Rocheater, ground from Western wheat, were made at ffl 38; Genetee Hold, in am nil lot*, at $6 37 if a H 60. the latter a little better than common; and 120 bbla. extra do. were re ported (Old. forfexport, at (7 25; Ohio wan rather enure* end prices firm; 600 bbW. eoratohed Oeneaee aold at $6; Southern continued eteadjr, and imall Mlee of Howard atr??t and Alexandria were made at 60 IVhtit?So pairs of moment were reported, while holder* continued firm. Corn?Sale* of MBO buanela of North River new. mixed, were made atcenta, in the dip; 2000 do. do In rtcre, lold at 0H a 70 centa; and 4000 do. at 70 oents; and 2(100 do were reported at ih? aame price; a amall aale of 700 a H00 buahtlft prime Northern yellow wa* reported at >9 a 40 centa.* of 260 bbla. New Jeraey meal wore reported at $3 02X. Kyt Salt* of 4600 buahela were made at 86 a 8<1 cent*. In the slip and delivered ?y h'lnur?No change. 0?t?? Sale* nf 1.000 biuhela of New Jeraey wet* made at 4 to, and 2 a :i oargoeaw oanal were made at 4H a 40a. Hurley?A amall lot of 700 a H00 buahel.i of rood four rowed wan aold at 8<>c Receipt* diiwn the Hutltnn, Dee 8 Klour 700 barrela tVbcat . 4 400 buahela Rye 2,400 " Cnrrr.K.? We have only lo notice a amall aale of 40 bag* of l.aguayra at ?X a In Ulo prlcea remained about the n.une Cotto*?The marktthm rot opened ur.der Ihe advlnaa per nritatinla. a* pari If* generally Seemed tll-po*e'l to wait the reoulut of the letter mail The aale* Mlerted I were at lower prloee. u4 ?ooual?4 to about 700 U1m. 1 % Fish.?The market ?u quiet. There w?? bo trrivals of dry ood or mackerel, while prioes remained nominally the samo Kruit?Sales of about 1 000 boxes bnnoh raisins were reported at $1 60 a (1 bo for w?t dried; 84c for half boxes, and 45c fer quarter do. liood dried do, were held at (1 81 a $2 Ii>'ur.?The market remained quiet, and pricee remained about the seme. Hides.?A parcel of about 700 dry sal'ed Mobile hidee were (old at tfo, cash. Alan, at auotion, 83 Southern, at 4)fc, cath. Molassks.?S?les of 300 bbls. New Orleans were made at U8j. There was tome better inquiry, and the market cloeediirm; 17 hbds. Porto Rico. Inferior, were sold by auction at 18 a 18^0, cash. Naval Stukki ?The market was'unsettled, and nothing done since the reoeipt of the news. Oils.?Linseed?The market for Kngllsh has been pretty firm tor a few days psst at 05c, but the aoconnts by the steamer have depressed it sgaln to-day. The decline in Hull. England, was about 4o per gallon, with | fXteoaive exports City pressed. American, oontinued { in ftir demand, with sales of -J000 gallons at 67o a 09c. There was no ohauge in crude sperm or whale, and I prices remained nominally the same. ' Provisions ? Sales of 600 bbls prime pork were made on private terms Another parcel of 400 or 600 was reported sold at $3 l''X a $8 U6 Old muss was nominal, and new was worth (13 60. Lard?Sales of 90 bbls old were made at 8>4q ; small sales new Western were made at 9c lie-if? Hales of 176 bbls country mess were made on private terms. Butter and cheese were quiet,and dealer* waiting further accounts of the news. IIick?No sales transpired since the reoeipt of the news Dralers wore waiting private letters. The market was Una. Sued?Sales of 11 tierces of timothy were made at flfl. Bl'oar?Sales cf 160 lihds. New Orleans, part new orop, were mnde by auction at4Xa6*?o. on time. i allow?Males oroiKW lhs were made at j. Whalebone ?No nalip werereported. Whisklv ?Halfs of about 110 bbla. of State prison were made at 28>?o, part fur oash. Freights ?For flour to Liverpool 2s was asked. Oil Cake was taken to the tame port at afts, which was an advanee. and bread was taken at -is. per bbl We heard o! no engagements of moment to London or Havre. Married, On Wednesday evening, 8th Inst., by the Rev. Isaac Demund, Mr Edward M Voorhkks, to Miss Harriet E.. daughter of Arnot Browa, Esq., all of this city. On Tuesday evening. Deo. 7, ay the Rev. Wm. E. Eigenbrodt, rector of All Satnta Church, New York, Jamei Whvtk Davis, of New York, to Maria, youngest daughter or the late Osn. Richard Harwood, of Thomas, of Annapolis, Md. On the evening of the 8th the Rev. Joslah Matt, of (lobokua, N. J , Alfred Norton Nkarinu, to Fanny Matilda, daughter of T. Thomas, Esq At Brooklyn, on Thursday, 9th inst, by the Rev. Dr. Vinton, Charles B. Daly, of New York, to Catharine Herman, daughter of E. P. A. Sohwachhofer, of the former place. At Wiiliamsburgh, L. 1., on Tuesday, 7th Inst., by the Rev P. E. Stevenson, Mr. Hibam B. Colwkll, of Chester, Orange co., to Miss Ann Adklia Wrioht, ot Warwlch, Orange co. At Troy, 6th Inst, by Rev. Mr. Steele, C. O. Graham, of the office of the Golden Rule, to Miss Elizabeth J. Thompson. At Syracuse, N. Y , on Monday evening, 6th Inst, by the Rev. J. W. Adams, Robert squirkt, of this slty, to Maby E , eldest daughter of John G. Forbes, Esq , of the former plaoe. Died. On Thursday, Oth intt, after a short illness, Moritz Metzckr, in the 34th year of his age. His relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral from his late residence,'9 Peck slip, to-day, (Friday), at one o'clock precisely, without further invitation ; also, the members of Company B, Jefferson Ouard. and those of thn Monteflore Renevnlnnt Society. On Tuesday evening, Tth inst., William Kb van, in the 81d year of his age. Hu relatives and friends, and those of the family, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this (Friday) afternoon at 3>? o'clock, from hlH late residence, No. 604 Broadway, without further Invitation. At Brooklyn, on Thursday, 9th Inst., Danikl S Boi'bhi r r, in the 41d year of his age. ills relatives and friends and those of the family, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, on Saturday, the llih Inst, at 2 o'clock P. M., from his late residence, Fulton street, opposite T.llary street, without further lnvita'.lon. AUCTION NoTIOK? Exteusivesaleofan Entire Stock of UKY goods?By or?l?r of assignees. removed from Wrstrhester county for couTenience of sale This day, at I0>? o'clock, in the sales rooms, 39 Beekman and $9 Ann st?. Also, spleudid Shawls, ladie*' Dresses, and other beaatifni g>oils; silk, hosiery, he. I HQS BULL, Auctioneer. dIO li?m OA/1 TO LOAN on Boudand Mortgage, in ons jJivUjV/vU or more ium<. on piodnctive real estate is tmscity. JOHN F. CONK&Y, 10 Junes' Building,No. M VVMl ?t ___ dIO^teod*m CJ O (I ll? vV AUU? Horse, Wsgon and llarm.s stolon (torn line co-uer of Vesey and Oieenwich streets, oa (>V?-iueiday.) at about 11 o clock, A.M., owned by Jacob Vrrelaud, of Bergen township, N. J.; a BAY HOUSE, Hi hands high, switch tail, white stripe in the face, nigh hn.d foot white be'ow the paiternjoint, and scar 01 the back side of ifca otf leg, below the hock joint?att&chsd ton Jersey three-spring black market wagon, with one seat^-plaiu bar ness. $40, and all necessary expenses, will be paid f ir the re covery of the horse, wagon aud harness; and |I0 for the arres nut conviction of the thief; by leturaiug the same to th< .Ublesof AMOSS. CHAMBEKLAIN, No.l?l Washingtoi strtet, New Korkcity. dl0 8t*rc /^l ) HKWAIII) will be paid, and no question* asked iplr\J[r.r the rtcorery of a shortish, deep red plash carpe lmk and faros the pitpers, which are of no ase tc any one except (he owner, taktn through mutske or other \rne, from the porter's room, Taciiic Hotel. ICS Onenwich street, the 9tli day of October last, I*. M. The bag was ol Kuglish usnmt'acturr, considerably worn, with a brass plate lock. Iili'd with gentleman's ordinary weuring apparel. n<;o ! )???< LOUT?un 'l'liur?J .y, Nov. 30, it Oold Witch with gold chain attached ; aoy perion ou returning said wntch and rhaiii at 62 Wnlrr street, up ?ia.r?, shall lecesve a liberal rew ltd and nitqtoatiOM ukrd. d8 3t*ro fpoOTil AC1IK t.l'KKU WITHOUT OIVINOTIIK X LEAST Pa! N?I wish to iuform my numerous friends nod acquaintance!. throughout tli Untied States, Canada and this city, that I have tiken the well knowa sttud of Dr. John Dillon, 25.1 Hit l?un air?et where I shall be pleastd to see tliem. and ;>l?o the fner.di of Dr. Dillon, as usual Clurgei moderate. See . Dr. BOUT'S Tooth-ache and Dental Office, 250 Hudson street, llefeieiicet from families of the first s:anilttig dl# 3l*tc LIQUID HAIll DVK-WO KUUAL-The iminortnieut ot lltn. aLEXANDEII'S TklOOBAPHE, which is. ii t me ii.iy c the hair a natural hi <ck or hrowu.aud givesit the beauty and elasticity of youth, and it warranted neither to Wdsli or rub oft, or noil t'lesmu Th? p oprielor, 1'tice ita improvement, nioseuts it to the public with th* ufmeat conl'ulriice aa having to ejusl, and as a perfect D/e. K?rtn<*b/ Bu?liton St C.i , Broadway; Thomas & Maxwell, Wi-ii us street; johniou, Niooie ?. Taylor. Maiden I.aoe; and A. B it I) Himd?, "-ew York; and by the sMergeuli for the United !?t.".es, K. St 'i. A- WRIGHT, Philadelphia. alu lit*re U?FS AND FUH3 FlVK THE HOLIDAYS, OK eve.y description ? S-ipei mr, Lynx, MartiU, Foj. Fitch. Ch LChilli, Pqntrrsl, Jens t ami Isabella bear Moffs; Fur and Hwauj-duw i Tippeta; For Cml irs and lapes, with a choice assortment of frnr liltcmiius, Ike., Jtc , cheaper than any ottier state in thia cit?. WM. B\!\TA, HI Canal st , enruer O Wooster *r , rnd 130 O af'iarn street d 11 12r rc > IVH n K aTj Tai" ; vVf. 5 a.ND BKtt'J HK-v-Wil ham X Hcr.f. it. Co., No. 377 Broadway, h-ive received a lar>ie atorlt i f the above articlea, tlu cheapest, they heliere, ever offered Ber'hes commencing at $10, capes at Sit; also, a beautiful stock of imitation capes, fioni (2 '0, hertliea from (2; abi ut 50 dozen breakfast caps, froin 2 i' tilings eich. French needle woik chemisettei ..t tl; needlework d.liars, It'ir i|ii iliry, 2s.61 Fluted collars from 2s : blacii ti:l'd demi veil* from la. a large dre?* cap* (slightly tolled) Si. each, or three f?i SI; embroidered mailiri and l-ce febe*; iufiut'* rxbri. 8te . hi cheap as can be found lo'the city. N. 11. No deTiation 111 price*. da Ht?rc BVLL L)Kf.-Sf..S LACK UAPK?, KM0KOIUlkMl Sic ?PKTKH]BOBKttT8, J7J Bmadwar, hi? juat received from the recent auction wile*, 500 lace and inatlm Oie?*e*,in flounce, tnu:e tacked, and other atylea: i?0 P rn blickdemi VeiU.aj leaflid pater. ?, front 10a npwarila; fljfl Ereakfait Cap*, (rnm 2i npxaida; 375 maleine Lace Lappet* and Op - ra lull ih-n ,'inl price*: WOO Kreuch Cambric Handkerchief',at 3* rach, worth 3* 6J; 8f0 iheer lawn Tape Border, new atyie; (0 Kin?roideieil Luce Border do, entirely new style; Itevierne, b.imd-stitch and embroidered, in great variety. Alao by recent arrival* 15 cartoon* real Thre?d Lacc Cape*. Berthe*, Collara nml Cnffi, clienpeit ever offrred; 21 cartoon* M alien do., new pattern*; 25<ertoona eoibroHerfd N1u*lin Ca|>e*. ChrinartU, ollarsand I nit,: plain and figured ()r?niii!ie, Swim and TarInran Musliua, for dreues; llooery and Oi?ves of everv deic lotion. d4 lit*re BlluUt1. a 1 hri, UfclsTKULKW, Blauchiai ei Kepaieet a J a mode de Pari*?Madeinoiaelle Martin ri-cetnmeut arrvee de r?ii?. offreie* tervice* aui panned de New York pour nettover, reparer et raecunmoder a nenf, tot'te aorte d<! dentelle*. cola, bonnet*. manchetie* etbroderiea. Mlle.M. demenre No. 101 Spring itreet, pro* de Broadway. LACKS AND KM BROIDKHIKR repaired anil cleaned in the French Myle ?Mademaiaelle Martin, recently arrived from Parn.rflera her lervieea to the ladie* of Ne w Yoik, fir cleaning.repairing and arranging m new, all kind* of l?ce?, c-fl<. in.iea, capa and embroider,ee. Her reaideuce i? al No. lul Spring ?treet, near Broadw?v- dTfit'rc HOMO' \V PHK-K N rs~ m MroadVviy ?kKKDKHh K. A. WOOOWORTH would ca I the atleaum r,f |<n. chaier* to hi* exteuaive collection of tara and beautiful article* for the appn achtnc holiday*. lecejrad by the late trainer* anl picket* from Kurooe Ilia imporiaM u* have hern unninally large, and the aelectiona bv bit ?t;.erieuced and nitelnl agent in Pari*. Mottof thrra ha r been made win in the bat IIITIT daya. The cnllr ct'oii comprueaall the n<> ? tie. of the *<m>od, including an en'ire new ,'ock of decorated Porcrlain, Bohemian Ola**, fine Brouzea, Opera Ola*?e?, K*n?, w orW Bp*m, Pupefrie*. r DIViJKND?Mechanic*' Banking-, New York, Dec. 7, 1017.?The Pre: ident and Director* have I I. .,t.v,l.|.|<?J m ,.r ,u? ...J ' .If? (IK) pyrible on the IJth inn. The t-annfer hooka will be closed from the 9th t j the 14th mat. JOHN II. COItN KLL, C.n'iH 19 M" fcOHANIC*' BANKI NO~ a n*ot.tAXfijni? Vmk, Dec. 6. 1B17?At an mm ml election fir aeveu Directors in tint Association the following prnilMii^u wre Diiviimoualy re-ele? leu:?sbralnm CI. T"omp?on> 'i'hom?? Addiaon, Adoturam Chandler, Robert Smith Richard T<-'arnun, Jainea Van Norden?John J B. Ma* veil, to ti> 1 * vacancy. With the above nam*4. t'ie Board ii now romiiored of the following gentlemen: ? Nicholas Lndlain, John, Richard t.. Moui,t Peter J Bogert, Leonard Kirhy, Ruli*n Hockley, Fied>rick Peiiti James Harriot, Wm '1 urker, V. T. Luijufer, J. K. Waller, Thilo T. Htiggle* At n subae'1'ient mee iogof the Boird, Kre lerick I'eui/. K?|,i wu uimi imoualy re-el?c ed 1'ietidrnt of ihe Association. JOHN' H CORNELL.! ashler. JO 3t*ni WINDOW SHADOW?Kiftsen Thontand Pain -< mm?iidr of evr ry atyle of imported and Amerit an Bhides, lor sale, in Ma to sou purcbaneis, at prices SO per centlesa iliaa other stores Merch'bts, pedlars, liewill do well to call nt KKI.TV fc RiKKLt'S aic'asive Window Shade Store, Ui Ch .tbarn itrfft dOHt'm LOOK a1*TIIIS.?Krenrli Boots, cork, double and sintla iolea;alio, the finesi calf Shorn and all kinds patent leather Buota and Shoes Ladies, we hare a large aasjrimci.t nfevrry a vie of Booti acd Shoes that ia made. and ererykiudnf a 1. libber that is made, and cheaper than yon can find elsewhere of the aame i|iiality. At SAT Broadway, one do?r above Kranklin at. Alao, a variety of Bofs', Miiiei'aml Children's B nta and Shoes. M CAlllLL. d3 17t*ic IOH N 8 i'KKKT ?O V KK SHOKtt?OOODV K A N'd PATENT?A large asso tment of Ladies', Clenilemeu'a aud Miaaea Stndal and P|ipp<r Over Shoes. miunfactortd by tlie Or? dyear hh >e C'linpany, Nargnltirk, Cor> \ ii'cticnt. i'heae Shots are of the mast superior quality and finish, nnd are warranted not to melt with heat, or stiffen with cold A'ao, a new article of Ladies' and Uentlemen's Nett Lined liver Shoes, iierfertlv elwtic. Decidedly the neiie?c to be f^imd in the city. Wholesale ami retail. SAMUEL B HOOK*, Aiicm for tlie tnannlacturcra, 22 John street. ill I tt?m P'lJRf. AND H- AI. HIV Kt.l He .1 -i'i. I?mgf'srtTirt I < ? lien?H. lloM>iKH. Chemist and Dnu'te't, J' Whiteliall street, begs to ufler inch eg lit cut trana?t lor pq rur. batltb.and raidmasi fcnigj- d< ft*ro WANTED IMMEDIATELY ?Yo?n*, hooMt. mwtli grot, active and pcraet erin| men; um ui every eity or town, where thrre ia five thoua?nd inhabitant*, and ia ??ry eoautv, within each diaie of l)ia LVted 8'?tea to dispose ol? our of the moat popular Periodical* published in ihc United Statea. (a* the rubl.fc h*v? decided, whose judgment ia always juti) Each m?u iru t either pav tor ine amouutof uuinb-ia i>a hit gait them. or fumiah ui with undoubted bonds to the amount of oit thousand doltara for hia houesty with the i-iihlic aud i rnmpt pay >o the publisher, nr with wriuen recommend itiona of his (o d character from the nii>?rviiO'S ol the city or town where he is knowu, aa ilir publisher May dccidr uuder the nrcuu'atoucea. M*ii, wnh the above reqai|

att?a, canc eir above all r eceaiary ??, f.ointwohun* dud i> three tliotuand dolla-s ar.nually The iigo'i' I will depeuri upou the lucatiou aiid aptueas of the men f >r the busiueas tome mm arc row making at th^se rates with the w >rk '1 ha husiuesa will he peimioeut, year after year. Applv either i>?rioii-Uy, or by lett?r. |K>et-paid, 10 I8KAEL rOSl. '40 N'assm ttrert New Yoik ?1I0 If ui WAN'l'i L>?A first rate Oru iineuter .aud Caulectiouer; to such a person, 'oustaet rmplo) ment and liberal wages will be iiiveu Ane(> m R I.' Mrtu/i'a m ?~..J __ - ? - *" *"""*dlO lt?m | WANTED? t two or three st?ry huiUmg .brick or lr* ? , i about 20 feet w.Je by 100 feet long, wub u?e of Crnton wi'.er mid suitable fo' a manufacturing purpose nit hanrdom nor eff usive. Hcut must be moderate. Address Bo* Mo. S00, Pott UHice dltV.'m WA.Vl'ED?By a very reai eciable young man of color, Just fn u> the South a situation in n gentleman's family, as bntler, coachman, ur farelliiig servant; lie i> one, indeed, that auy gentleman mar repose the greatest trust in. He has lived with some of the best families in this country and in Europe and speaks good Krei-ch. Spanish, (J'ruian, Swedish and English, and in ever* respect is well qualified t > Rive perfect sitisfictiou. Address L. K. B., No. 149 Church stieet. N. Y. d91t*m WANTEu-Bym experienced Maehiuiat, a situatiou; he his a good kuowled?e ol inakiug aid reptiring tools and machinery. f>r manufacturing in irou, bras*. and other metal, and can pat hi* emuloyer iu u fair war to make money, by mannfiCluriDg a certtin article. Kutther information will be ?:iren by atttiug bmines. and where he can be seen. Address clter lo ' Machinist." Herald offire. N. Y. <19 3t* m WANTKll IMMEDIATELY AT BOSl'ON, a li-stmt# Maker, one that can do the auv I work; also, lie must be a steady woikman. Wage*, $2 a day. Address, " Williain Mouseley," oomer of Nassau and Causeway at., Bo?t"h. d> 3t*rc WANTED ?By a yuuug woinau, a situation to cook, wash, and irou. or to do gtiie.-al housework m a small private family, or houx-m.iid. Uood city reference Cnu be seen for tliree days at *81 Division itreet dl 2t*rc WAN l'EU-A situation as wet uurse, m n respectable fnmny, by a young, healthy woman, with a frrsn breast of in.Ik. Good relereuce given. Apply at U Oak street, New York dS3l*m WANTED.?A quantity of paving stones in Charleston. 8 C. Mutars of vessels, or consignees, on the arrival of same, will pleas* apply to ROOEH HA8SETT. 8. E. cot ner M?rket and Meeting St. n29 Ht*rc WAiH 1 K.U ?A purchaser for hi* ol the best Bowling 8alooi.s iu the city, contiiniug six Alley*, of the beat in hers, and 'urnished comp ete?attached to the same are a Billia'd aud Drill Konm, 110 by 25feet; a ?o a Dining Hoom nud Bar The whol* are iu complete order and -ire now doing a good busiuess, they will be sold to a desirable tenant on very ea<y teruis, and pisies'ion given immediately. For puticu lars apply to J BKAISTED. 252 Broadway, up stairs. d4 8> TuteTh ore O'nirV u. 8 MAhlNE8 WANTED?Kor gnards of U. 8. W men-of-war. now fitting out at the different N??y V ards. destined for the MfduarMSfw. Kstt IiiiIim mil ntli*r part* or the world. Young men, desirous* of seeing loreign MMIMI, have in thia service * fine opportunity of gratify iui iheir wiahea Kor farther particulars. apply at the iend<zvou<, corner of Chatham meet and Try on Row. or at 111 Rooae velt street. Any citizen bringing a reciuit to the recdexvout, who iiacrented, will receive two dollar* premium. F. U. McNElLL, lit Lt of lec'j Officers. d9(lt*m ASI.NOLK UtCNTLK.Vl aN wishes a furnished room, or aimill parlor anil brdroom. with breakfast. The locttiou must be in or vetr mar Broidway. betwren Houston and 10th urcet. Address U. \ No.2773, P. ()., stating terms, Sic. ilfllt'm MR H. 11 SCrlMlDT will please call and receive Ki?e i'dwi to his address, by the ship Severn, Ire in Havre. II IVD Hl IIINi.KKN.SII Wall street. <11 Ore IjtOtt b.-tLK AT HOBOKBN.? very desirable Brick Houses, jnst lini?hed, and built in the best manner. Terms very moderate, and the payineuti eisy Also. Ave first class brick houses now in the cou ae of er-cti n, w hich will be so!d for cost. The above houses are all situated within live minutes \Wk of the Ferry, iu healthy and pleiaant locations, Mid will be foand to be among the most desirable resid.-ncrs in the vicinity of New York. Knquiie at tr.e Kerry Landing, Hoboken. ol W. W SHH'PEN. Aireut. dl03t?rc_ MALE?Cherokee lands on the Teucesaee river, ten . miles from tbe tailroad to the Atlantic cities, unsorpasv ed for health, fertility lor all grains, especially wheat, and iu nrtnral prodo?rion of gMsa. equal to Noithern cultivated He'ds. abundantly WHttrAll hv Ktrinira mill riiniiinir tr^nini and well wooded. Those who nre interested in the proparating and tr 'ding in cntl'e, hogs,sheep aud wool growing,will fiud here iodar.emenu not equalled elsewhere. Kvery particular will be givon respecting them, and the eouutry in general, with evidencrs of the ftcts from thoie who have purchased and atttled there- NICHOLAS HAIOHT, 51 William tfet. A Northern farmer with his wife is wanted, bv a young mm desirous of settling the:e, to whom a liberal offer will be trade. d9 6t*m CMLDKfcN'S KUH HATH KOR THE HOLIDAYSA choice assortment of children's black, drab* and white Fur Hats, of entiie new strle. Also, a large assortment of children'! Velvet and Cloth (lata seat and apprcpriite articles aa Christmas and New Year's gifta. For sale at i) AN I'A'S ' Hat, Cap and For fctore, 94 Cunal, corner of Wooster street. ] . dl> lit*re r|^U (1KOCKR8.-The advertiser ia in want of a good JL atand fur carryi<g on the Grocery Business, wholesale and retail,uid w ll hny on'tVe stock aud fixtures, prn/iding the situation suits him. Addreaa Oncer, at Herald Oilier, stating location be .which will be considered aa confidential. | 4(9 ll*re i 'VHIfi OINLY UNK KXTKA LUV 5F ANCHOVlfcS JL new Dutch full llemng'a, brand 1S47, genuine Harlen Oil, Smoking Pipes, Holotua Sausages, etc .etc , juat receivet from the city ol A mate-Urn, fjr sale, wholesale aud ret ?il, a t the Grocery Store and Depot of 1'esrl Grain. No. IS] Green . wir.h street, opposite Albany street. JOHN 1). VAN l)Jt ! VVIKLtC d 10 3t*rc Twit THOUSAND DOLLAHS.?Three or more permswitli this imunut ol cn.h capital toXarm a company t to carry ou a manufacturing bua'neaa, uow latood operation, , and in a new business, which be couuect'd wi'h tne present, snd business done to the amount of one hundred , thousand dollars per annum, if r.ghtly managed The manu f factoring yielda several hind re (I per cent, and the other a , tnucli larger profit than suy other mercantile or equally reputable bu'iness. That this is perfectly safe and lucrative will be satisfactorily proven. References ex ^h inged, and all com MiiRiearioua stricjy confidential. Address box 1669 lower Office. __ d9tl*re AliUul) Ol'fOKl'UNIt V.?A gentleman breaking up honse keeping, is desirous of disposing of his Furniture, aud rei.iiug the House, which ia pleatintly situated in Brooklyn, withiu five minutes walk of Fulton terry, ou the Heigh s 1 The furuitureis new. having keen l urcnaie-i last spin g; the lioute is new UM lu good order, at a rta .rnnuie rem. Th" furniture will be sold cheap. Apply, Stc to yi'VKTKVANT fe M\KSH. Nil 6 Wall street, up ststrt. dSC'rc ATTf.Ml'l IO HUti THK n.-.VtiMH WaUD BANK, two doors from depot, 210 Pear' street, loi Koake's Iodine Liniment, which pouiively cures Kneumatiam, Tains and Aches of every nctu-e, Swellings, old Ulcers, * ifrJoiuta. Scrofula, (kc.. price So cents. See advertisement in True Hun." ?,TIJr?rr SI'KA.M K.N (JIN I '. - For Sain? One meain ename. <.l 10 to 12 li >rse power, w liich Ins breu used It jum b-en put in complex .rder, it Mxood ainew hiiiI will be told at a low price K III iK Ik CO.. 29 and 31 Q>ld street. d(l Hire '|i<? I'lllfN 1'KhS?Ktir ??le, one second hand ilyflmulic X Press with B-mch ram. Double Medium aize. 1'nce $5(10. Apply lo K. HOIt It CO 129 1111(1 31 Gold ?t dl 7trrr NOTIi.*.?Important lor pnvate families, hotels and U term ?The owuer having ou hand a large stock of the I dliming article!, aud going to quit the buunesi, will lell 25 per cent oel'jw what they can be bought iu the city : Madeira \Viues, Port, Sherry, Teueriffe and Hcotrh, Highland Whiskey, I'ale, Otird Brardy. end other diffsrent b-ands, and IIollinJIiin. All these warr.'uie I as gojdss any imported, at 543 lioiston itreet. near Uroadway. dS I2t*re IXok~5alK^BK"iS ZkVowDKK, A. O A."?J.7.t7e. ceived mid for sale at the General Depot, No. (It Fulton corner ol Gold itreet. New York, uinety-eiuht henntila qualtirssnd ihidei of bronze Powder.from 2J cenri to $4 50 an O'lnrr. or $2 50 to $Gt a pound of siiteen otipees. Alio. Patent < r?li| P.iiLt for Bionziiig, Dutch Meul. French or Florence (Composition Gold Leaf, Ultra Marine Blue, and Ultra Mari'ie Oteeii for Confectioners. <16 3t*rrc AHILK ilOUSK, about to decline buiiueis, with to di> poie of a well assorted stick, anJ the good will ol a vainable custom. Apply at fl William street, corner of Cedar. AS si * rre K1TCHKN KANUltfe?The proprietors offer lor sate their Ranges, suitable for ptirate families aud boarding homes,and il the licnge will not answer the purpose lor which it is purchased, it will lie removed without any expense to lh? parch iser. Prices from twenty to thirty live dollars each. Als), 1 good assortment of urates lor p triors, kc. Htores for s oiet ::nd offices; Tin Wnre, bright, piain and japanned; 8moUey Chimneys cured ar.d warranted; Masons at all times ready to *et. ranges, grates, b'<|lers, kettles, nnd bnild tnrnacei of all inscriptions. M. J. GILH<?OLY III CO.. 74 Natsiu street, between ami John sheets nlo l!li?re '|M> LICT.?NIBLO'S (iloMhW lio*4war. teaow miy * to let for reapectahle Concern, Knira, kihinitinna, Meetii K? ItC. N. U ? Private fWi'i forniahed at nil limea with Ice Creamr., fruit and (ancy Jcea. Jelliea Clnrlntta de Hum. B sriiit UI17. 11a, JJnr .nun (Jrenui, kc., Vc.,irnt to any pirt of tin citr. dtm*r? TO Lk | ?Offices and Hootna, for tn uulaet'irera'ptupoaea, willi all the improvement*of Crown water, Ice., in the 2.J au<l 31 atory of the line building, newly renaited 7t kult iu atrnet Apply to Meaara. B VuKR tt BODKN. in the Building, or to BROWN, BROTHERS fiCO, 19 Walla t. di Br?tc ______ HOUMIC TO LfcT.with he exception at oue roon., very auit ble for a p oler; iuml gentlem-iu, No 03,,CI?? tnbeia street, lour duurs iiona liiiMilway, factmc the Park. Heut $30 per month. d> 3t rrc EUhoFkaN COfKKt HOUlllfi. HK-TAI KAN lrand OVKTEtt SALOUN, No. 179 It road way .-The iffoprie "1 t<ira i/l'thi m'Kii'ficent Saloon, v hicli la already well known tothe Mm l'o'lt 1 ublic,ai well n< atranijata viaiting the city, take thia method of apprising '.he r friend* and the public, thai th*y have made ntenaire airarftenients fir serving up Dinners and Supr"rs n the inoit approved sryla <f cnlirary art, which Hiey affird ?t moderate charges In ori'er to g ve ill* m iat iierfert aaii^faction. they have engaged iln icrvicea f.l "* 1 0'" ', ',t ' ooka in llie ronntiy. w lw li 1* recently aruvrd from t un,p?'. Our (.aider and tftoek of Winri and Liquor* are not to be mrpa-ied by ir.y establuhmrut 111 the country, wliieh wjil be proved up,m n viait to 179 Broadway. SCOTT ?t WEVRAUCH. D?c. 1.1847. d87i?od?rrc DUE BEHIT/K.ll DBS VOII'I HEILHAKT BKK IJTW. I'KN uiid elcif int einieilchteten < u;r p*ei?hen Haffre II H*ea. Austern, .Salons cud Kaitaniation, 179 Broad > ay? tli'ilcndim publicum liei'dn-eli mitdaaaaie uroisa't ge Ana>alten genucht habeu. di? fnnstfn deu'ehen Dinct uud Hrui " 'a .1 U cartr 7.11 serviti-u, *i? a nd hieizu von (Iru beaten .elbige iii cer hnriiva Koch'-uus: himeiii* urbe.i ofl>? wcrdenkoenuen l/i .'i l...fcer \ nn ftlieiu nnd frari/.. Win,en 1.1. eirliY-ltig und u sere pri?? **lir moderate, weaahalh wir all* heiut'liPirki-f einladen, una 'nit ibrcrji Hcanrhe /n berhreu. B'JO IT k VV RY'R A ITCH, 179 Broad way. N B. ? Unaere Dm i.ln real uratinn wirj im 1 Decernhrr, IRI7, eroeffnet. ?t 7!eawt',re B" OAKDINO IN A MIK.M II I'KIVATK KWIILVh nrniahed parlors mi 4 bedroom* with or with ut board, ci? I obtained inn anitll puvatn Kretch I unity, or rootnt with bre.kfut .mil t?a only. Apply nt 1(6 Leonard strert. * few doors below the Library Buildius, opposite ihet'srlioa H<uae. Iteferencea tirhar ged. ifcji'in BOAKD < AN BK UH1AINKI) WlfjA "PLEASANT, well fiirrmbed rooma, H 2'tO lliidm n atrret, the I* e real Jence n( Dr. J. Dillon \\'?uld ?l?o l?>t Ili# b-ac*< room on the firu Ho r a? a dentiat'a offlfe, ithavitig been occupied ? uirh the laa^twenty veara Keference exchanged. ii*)l7l*ic He.eKvlAN IIOU8K. D1NINO A i" 1' > WfrKKK ?A; LOON. No.Beekirun atr?et?'i h>' Proprietor, grateful for the very liberal patronage li- hi* received ?mre his commencement, in the above business. begs le.iv? to stale that he will not be foaud wanting in his efliris to t lease, and render his catablishiueiit atill more popular with in ?*e who wish to combine comforts with ecouomv. Oysrera ol the be*t iiiMity aer?ed up at all hour* of the dar and til- Lodging*. lie ? JOSM'H VVILSON. d7Ut?.e UIITAW HOUMK, B *LTIMOHK..?HBNfcY K JA< KrJ KOX, Proprietor.? < ofchei will be i>i ie*rtirte>i at the Depotirnd Liudirg*. t? convey panenger* and Ingtijte. to the hoit?e Terms?Oentkmeu's Ordinary, H ifl per <lny.? Ladies Ordinary $2 per dai . *'1 *rr NO'I'I'.K?The ettei **?e premtaet, N<* t" and in. ( I war. will be rper.eil on Monday, December6th, m a Hotel Kn-iii?brd m?v be proeured, with wiling ; i.n<l attend v <-e, I r *J .'?? i." ttt l"r werk. A -tipe'ier Pert'nMr t will le kept in the II I'l wi'h w in?a nr>d Iiijii >r? I ?i? the Ifl! . altiy. I'ciaru. ueairoui of proenritk e I??;'? I j sod comfortible iputMrti ?re polittly HintMtd to pay tht I eotwrib'i Tint. L. rVRDY. d<>It ua INTELLIGENCE BY TELEGRAPH* ' THIKT1KTI1 t'ONUKKSS. 1'lRJiT 8KSSIOM. WamHXUTO*. l)?o. ?, 1817. SBNATI. Tl>? Vioe I'r'M'Jent pr?*ented the report <.f theHecond Auditor and the Treasury flaaiicisl t?t?in?nt? Messrs. Sturgeon. Diokinson, Br??M, Douglas* and Clark, presented petition*. Mr. PttciK submitted ? r*?olution directing the Secretary of War to furnish copy of th? military reconnniaance of Lieut Kmory of the route from Kort Leavenworth. on the frontier of the Misaouri, to Ban Diego in California, with a map of the route, the river* Arkansea, Del Norte and Oil*; and alao the report and description of Col. Cook * route to California after diverging irom the courie takeo byden Kearny. Mr announced the death of the late Senator Huntington, of Connecticut, briwly and eloquently. giving a suocioct sketch of hia political life, hia legal and judicial labor*, itud t ulogiiing, in glowing term*, hia ability, induttry acd integrity. The uiual resolutions of respect, to hia meaory were adopted,and the Senate adjourned until Monday. Horss OK ItKfUKSF.NTAT1VF.8. Mr. Fn.LSHUKr, of Texas, was sworn in. Mr. IIhoauhkad. of IVnnsylvsniii, gave notio* of a motion to repeal that portion of the law of laat session relating to postage on newspapers within thirty mile* of place of publication. Mr. Pollock, of Pa. offered a joint resolution for the election of chaplain* from different iZ?nomlnatlona. Mr. Pktit. of Indiana, moved to provide for their payment by contribution from the members. Loot. The resolution of Mr. Pollock was adopted. Mr HcNi.v.of Indiana, offered a resolution tfcot the standing committee* of the House be appointed as usual. Mr. ViKToi.of Ohio, moved to amend by excepting the committee on commerce, and providing for two committees, one on foreign and the other on international commerce He remarked that this committee was one of great importince. and tho increase of foreign commerce and of commerce amongnt the States, required a division of the labors of the committee. An interesting debate ensued b?twe-n Messrs. Collamer, of Vermont, and Rhett and Holmes. South Caro linn; Sohenk, of Ohio; Boyd of Ky ; Henry, of Vermont and McClelland, of Mioh. Mr. Hhktt was opposed to thecommlttee on International commerce as it was a propositiou of federalism at an early day in the history of the republic, and llvai intended to promote internttlonal improvements. Mr. Holmes enquired how a division of the commit tee could increase its powers Mr. MuCnixmo ooutendad that a division was unne ceisary, that the present commute* was sufflclent, pos sessirg all necessary powers Mr. Vmro* explained that the new committee wa not intended for the promotion af international com meroe only, but to devote more attention fb trade amon the States on the seaboard, as well a* the whole trade o the oountry. Mr. 8c mcncii offered a substitute in the event of th rejection of Mr. Henly's, for the appointment of th committee as now arranged, except the Committee o i ommerce, in Ueu or which the committee should b styled the Committee on Foreign Commerce and Com meroe among tbe States Mr. Vintov withdrew bit amendment In view of lb introduction of Schick's hereafter. Mr. Hesu'i resolution was adopted. A communication was recolved from the printer*, at mllar to that received in the Senate yesterday, and or dered to be printed. Also a communication from the State Deportment, tbi Treasurer's account, the Second Auditor's acoount of thi Indian Depiirtment for (he year ending September, 1847 and the u?ual Report of the Secretary of the Treasury Mr Huiiii White, of Naw York, offered a reaolutioi to appoint a committee on the Smithsoninn Institute Alter some debate it waa referred to a Select Committei under the rules, to consider Its expediency. A resolution waa adopted providing papers for mem b?ra, not to exoeed $30 eaeh. Adjourned to Monday. Legislative Proceedings. BHATC. Albany, Dec. 0, 1847. Petition waa read for amendments of the usury Ian so fir as refcra to loans for a less term than twelv< months Mr. Williams reported in favor of consolidation railways between Albany and Buffalo. Tbe report doe not recommend any plan Mr Habo doubted the policy recommended, if tb Legislature possessed tbe powet. The subjeot wa dropped. A bill in relation to jurors in New York was re lew tn frnm tti* 1 af The ?mlgr?nt'a bill was referred to the Committee 01 Medical Society, lev ^The Senate concurred In amenmenta to Clinton prlsoi AlfEMBl.Y. A petition was read to abolish the office of Chief < Toilet) Id New York. Tbe bill lit relation to the compensation of count , clerks, other than that of New York, was ( ebated unt the hour of adjournment Xl?c Canal Tolls, Weather, &c< J Alpanv, Dee 9, 1047. 1 The canal tolls for the present searon, up to the .'10th < | November, amounted to $3,634,84 And for ihe whole of last season they amounted to 3,761,40 Increase this season $880,37 Tbe weather Is very mild, with wans imiu. ?he Itlalts. PicTmnst'lin, Dec 9, 1847 " The train failed toconneot at Wilmington, N. C., wltl the great Southern I ln?, consequently we hare no news The Southwestern mall ho* also failed. 1'JncM of Secretary Walker. WA?Ht?(iTorc, Dec 9, 1847. Secretary Walker was attacked in tb? treasury de partment at three o'clock P. M. to-day, with fainting some my upoplexy. liut by extreme exhaustion Me fell and was taken home insensible, where be no* lies very ill. He had been Hi for the past ten days, with discharges of blood from th? bowels, and had slept bu ' little for the flvp lest days, being constantly In the de partment He w?s at his office all lant nlrfbt and elep none till six this morning, when he took a short nap oi u sofa He was at tbe capitul, previous to tbe attacl on thtf nr-KM'iifJLtinn of 1i;a minimi rennrt tn ('.nncrrMHi Kvery thing ?u in admirable order in htn report, wil voluminous nccompnnying document* and tablen. II bad personally superintended all. At eeren o'clock b wa* better. TIlC KlCCtrlc 'I'litrf-Cuti li?r. hXUntttlkl Dec 9?6 I'. M. A mnn by tbo name of M Leeds came to I'etersburs Va.. and < xchanged thirty-six hundred dollars in flvi dollar counterfeit bills on tbo 1) inbury Hank, or Nortl Carolina mosey, after wlilcb ha loft In the northeri car* to-day. A description of him waa communicate by telegraph, and inform lion hoa just been given of hli arrest and committal in W'arhlngton. and all the monej but ten dollars recovered. JIarkttfi CAi.TiMoar, Deo. 9, P.M.?'The *tenmer's news, re Celved by telegraph, was fully before the business com munity tills morniDg, and bad the effect of causing holders to demand better prloei for flour end grain ? Howard street was quite firm at a 0 60. Wheal ?The market was firm, and salts of 3000 bushels weri made, including Maryland red* at 133. nnd family redi do at Mioent*. Corn?Sales of about iOOO bushels wer< made, consUting of Maryland yellow at 70 cento, whicl was an advance. Th re was no change worth notice In provision*. Wbiikey remained abeut the same i|ww[ Dm. 9 ?C?>tton-The steamer's news had th< effact of imparting greater firmness to the market.? Small aaliHWvre made on terms which showed in up ward tendency In priced. Hour?The steamer'* newi hid the effect of rendering thn market more buoyant S ?les of 3000 bbls were made, including Genesee, Oswe no and .Michigan, at fn 3"S ? f?>50 'I he market closed with greater firmness Corn? Sales of .'><)00 bushels wer? madu, including Western mixed, at 79c und yellow do at Mo. The market closed ilrrnly, and with bettei lc.ding on the part of buyer* Oats?Sales of 1000 bu?h els were made at 61c J hern * in no change In provl slons. There wai some better foaling in freight*. BrrKAi.o, Deo 9?The steamer's flew*, received bj telegraph, had no effect upon the mark't Hour? Halr? of 1000 b?rrela wera mad*. including this Htati nd ClcATtltnd City Milln. at $5. Th* market olosec quit* dull. Wh'it was dull at 100 centt for food lllinot and Wiaeonaln, and 108 cents for Ohio mTied. Coti waa dull nt 60 cent* for Western Thers wan n ehanRo In in provision*. Receipt* within th? past 'J 4our?- Flour, 'JiM'O barrels; corn, none; wh<&t, noni The harbor and ean*l remained opm. Shipping littclll^ante. Nkmt Ohi.kam, Dee %? Arr ?hn>?, B ?too; lal <J i Cut-Ion*. (H|>) Barcelona; Atl.mtie Mm Vuik; O-ceoU, do birka P*i|tie e <!r Hifitea, l^|>) II,to:*; A moil, Tiinmaaton Win II I) C Writht, BildiAorc; Mary Hmiih, lint on; Brif I tint, Tlioftinnton; tchr Kreterick, Vera Cm r. Cld alii|> Mem MH1 fODINSO^,'!! ? rrei, K??liionihle Clear S;arrbrr. K'n.broi lereil v1nil'u< ??* Lacaa made to lool rqual to new. AI?o, Lace and .Vln?lin Window is/iadea. <1 1 13: - rr \1 y laCHKMpJ nitor. lianas jaai ?rm?d trvai Pina,N 1T1 now opening a thou * a??oinneiit of Clothf, Caaaimeiea auj Vrstiuga. which lie uilJanak* up to oidrr in tl.r Uirai st? le, and on the moat rem nnble trrim, at .\o. 301H Broad' way. "Wt'iri L. \ H KK'H HAI KA?t?- B.l I.aKKK. Merchant Tailor. J t (> WHln-m ilreef, oj'ima te Hie W.*al li.gtnn Store*, lu.i a ?ery band'-nm* ?tn?-k ofOrercoata ar.d borly fl*ek?,the prirn ot which vary from lll> in $1* Alto, Cloth*, Caaatmerei sni Veatir fi made ni> to ?rder, at low pricea. for c??li inly. M\ brc.vrn <iid bli'k tarkame lianJuimrl? tiimmed, wuh velrei coMara and < uff'. and lined aul wadilad entirely. emnr bnti r,, miikril >iH ft'nr? (Meieoiiifc >nnle to mesaiiie at tin terv unmr |Tirc? at u Inch rliey air told irady made dr>ftt*i< (1 KiVl l.h.VlKiVS >o1l7 K?At thu WfBI of lh? >eai T lli-re i? li'Judreda cf you v? *l> to know where >ou c 01 gr yr ur lailnring done: to ?u. h we ?ny, 01 .Vurray atreet, rornei of Waihinsrtbu. la tbe only rlare where to get yonr foek ?re?a. or oyerco?Uind rloakt r\ her cleaned, dyed, alrercc ^nd lepaired, w ilh eollnrt. euffj, huttona trimmiii*i aud al 'hit i? tr(]? red to mage them lock well?(a ?ave yon hntio| new rlolhieg ihia winter??mill elnrgfi and en dlMppoinb menta, i> the order *f the day to iliote willing to econam a* I I '.hi' rlf.ii.rd tor 7i i-fnn, without coloring or ?temn. Unu'l former, 91 n the nnrnner w nfie you run atwaya tind rhe grenl ilrvhea modifier. A. < '()HTIM?08,91 Sfarmy atreet. dlt Ut'rre 'I'llf-rti I'lVK. UUI tAil MJl I ? t'ornm ot cloth coal, X t'laaintare mma, au<l fancy vent. AJao, i limkJ and Otereoala.vriih rich Itn', ?2 |o $IOeaet>; himneaa ' oata II t?$3; Ve il a 'jC reuli to $2 UMMibl jraotfc'rUlliitjg ClMMIfi '1?e11.b. repairing aitrriug, comer <1 Na?mn and Heelimaa ti. Two bmhelmen wauled. n29 l)t*rh LKKT OK K <:LOTHHN<I ANl> KlJRfflTUUfc WANT. KD? Ladieaand Oentlfirirw hnvirg aapeilluona effecti to diipoae r.f, aueli aa Weiring ^I'parel, Kurnitnre,lie., ear j ohtiin a fair caah prire fir the tame, Xnher, t!uo<igh th* Poat Office. or otherwiae.who willalteuJ at their r*aiileaeei J I.KVKNSTVN, 4f.ll Brotdwy, n( it'ii a. I.adiea era he attended to by Mra J. Lereuityn. dt !? *?? **i "W ! '4 'I' M I' .N'tK?Miiin e to iienilenieB who wanl <3I'JV/V/ their old rl- Ihea to look like new ; e <11 at the Tai luring, IK'i.g, I'anmg and Hel'airin; r itahliahmrniM <)?!< atreet w l'f r" V 'i rpn f t r II *fitcti. tar. srlne mi I |i?iat i v'r ?te i wul oiii > i'h g ihe el< i'i ai the tvoie.i i mire anil on fl.a laobi re*r<? Mr n m?, I II NO/ll,t?i (}<?M itreft | 2 dooia l.i in Beikinan ahetl N. I). 'I lie jnghett |t'* l?an I H)i t?utletr(('? l?fl off we&nug a|iput|. Jo ltt*re . ?-f INTELLIGENCE BT THE MAILS. AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON* WiiHinuTox, Dec. N, IM7. Tht Organization of tht Hautt Complete? Th* ttr of tki OJJletri?" JtWii t'' lo their Prtdecmari? Thiril for Office?Chaplaini?Supi eme Court, jfC. Th* House is do* on tha fourth day ot the *e*fion,completely organized K. C. YVinthrop, o( MassachuMtU, 8p-?ker; in his Intercourse hi* follow men court*oui and gentlemanly; in tb? chair, dignified T. J. , (.ntnpbell, ot Tennessee, Clerk; formsrly a member ot | Con(mm, and for fifteen year* c*?k of th* Houm of Rt; presentatlves of Tenneese*. He baa a benevolent countenance, and both partiei sp?ak of bim aa an honest man. Nathan Sargent, Sergeant-at-arms, the "OUrn Oldi school" correspondent of the United Statu Gazette-, tha agent appointed by (ieneral Harrison to look ?ft?r th* interests of th* United States, anl prefent depredation* of llv* oak timber in Florida When he went to that oountry be found It impoMlble to fulfil tb* object of hi* mi?eion, owing to the want of proper facilities for travelling through everglade*, entering bayous, and driving oil the thieves Qm . ^presentation of the lacU to Mr. badgar, then th* s*?retary of th* Navv, and on bis r* commendation, th* cfflc* wai abolished, and thus h* gav* up a situation of two thousand dollars, pro bono na u- ua? iu? uauuiing OI mnntj, It IS Well l&? doum bu id boumt rnid Robert E. H or nor. from New Jersey, was a correspondent, formerly, tor newspapers, and bUKnwl little at auctioneering in Prlnoeion, and is > clever, good fellow Mr. Johnson, Poatmaater, bu a good reputation, and U re-elected. II* la a demooral, and beat hla competitor bj one vote. This la aome consolation in troublous timed. The former officer* were fully as good, and M efficient. We lone them with regret, and trust that they may tod employment in clations wLere tbe rotary wheal or poll' lice n?ay not Hereafter n(T?et tbem. The labblt* of the Houm hare been crowded with setkers alter situations. Itls estimated that there are at least three hundred alter the thirty or forty places > soon to be made vacant. From tbe preliminary artitnincuts, we judge there will be a wholesale deeaplteuaa before the clcse of tbe week. People are oflloe- crasy,? The shoemaker has left bis half finished shoe, the car1 peliter his ohlsel, the schoolmaster haa given the hoya holiday, the tailor has thrown aside hla goose, and the bricklayer his trowel Among the candidate* for Chaplain, are tha Rav. Messrs Cushmm. C> ffey. Danforth, Slieir, French, Ell Heese, A. A. Allen, (Chaplain in Uen. Taylor's army,) and a lot of others, too numerous to mention. There la no danger thu the honorable members will suffer ' fer tbe waut of preachers. K Tbe Hupreme Court is now in session. Tha membera '* present are Chief Justice Taney, and Associate Jnsttoe* .McLean, Wayne, Catron, Nelson, Woodbury, and (Jriec. * Judges McKinley and Daniel have not jet arrived. * Among the strangers In Washington are Blr John Wlo ley, of Canada. Henry A. Wise, ex-minister to Braall, * and Itobert Tyler. FELIX. , Washington, Dec. 8, 1847. The Wak Coniummated with a Nootc at the End of the Hope?The Prets-fang Completely Victorioui. The election of the House officers waa completed today, after a lottery among the membera for tha ohoie* J of seats on the floor. But although a lottery, tha reavlt leaves the two parties divided aa heretofore?tha whlca to the left and the democrat* to the right of th? Bpeah | er. The Mmo division prevalla in the Senate. Scripture , say* that "the (beep ahall bt* placed on the right hud and the goata on the left but we are not abeointely - oerUln that the two parti** in Congreea are arranged according to scripture, In all oaae*. Mr. Nathan Sargent, one of tha preaa-gang, waa elected Hergeat-at-arma, (aaa House report) by a clear majority ot eight, ami Mr. Horner, a Jersey Sloe, one of tba blue Hen'a ohlokena, and a member of the press, aa >, well aa Natban, made a dear majority of ten the flnt b trial, thua proving that in any contest where the prm ia a party, the prees-gang are Invincible. " Who la tb? f Hergeant said Sargent, to-day; and David aaid onto a Nathan, " thou art the man !" We are sorry for Dr. Lane?we are aorry for Whlte ney , but it ia some puliation for their defeat, that they a were defeated by the editorial. Jobnaon, the democratic postmaster, proved to be tba 1 nooae at the end of the rope, for, although Mr. Holmca of S voted agalnat him, the Virginia dodgers made it a all right for Jobnaon. Vlrginiana ar* fond of oorn bread, and, therefore, we auppoee that when they dodge, n they are corn-dodgers', especially eo to-day, for it waa full dinner time when the poatmaater'a election oame on, anddt ia fair to Infer the recuaant Vlrginiana bad >f no notion of letting their dodger* get cold. For postmaster, tbe vote stood:? y KorJ M Jobnaon, (incumbent) Ill .11 For McCormick, (superceded by Jobnaon two year* ago 110 .OP' Johnson's majority 1 TendietoD, of Virginia, ?an tell how the thing waa done. >f The Virginians stick to each other like buckwheat sake*. ^ Johnson ia a Virginian, and morever, (If we may be excused ) bia wife's family connections in Virginia are all S influential whig*. A wheel within a wheel, yoa see. - which Mr. McCormick "seeing could not perceive, and 1 | hearing, could not understand bat he did at one* very clearly understand all that waa neeeaaary tc be Wnderatood, tbat is to say, that the tide instead of beariag ! him on to fortune, washed him aahore. with lOenaK u<i * Lane, and Whitney. Ha was left high and dry, and 1 Johuaon, who bad been at work in the office all tha day, closed the door on the adjournment, carrying tha key nway in hia pooket. But It muit be remembered that Johr.aon'li also of tha preae-gang.* year* ago he and Jeai-e Dow published u democratic paper In this District. and Jobmon. aa van * us Jcane, ha* been aopplng hia m<rcel intba public ikillet < ever since, with a paun# now and then, juatto mate * their appetite the better on their return to tba gravy. ' Kv? ry body likea the " wheat bread and obiokan flX' logs" of Knclo Sam, and lucky la ha who la not tanil ' away with an empty diaphragm. Now, aa far Kriaat, * be retlrea aa round aa an aldeaman; In fact, ha la a* al' dciinn.ii. and with his teltgraphlc reaervatioa of $2,600 a a year, he will not suffer for want of a <;hriataiaa turkey, '< and a glasa of llockheimer to wuah It oomfbrtabty ? through the (i sephagus. h But M'Cormick'a Ih a bard oaae. 11a baa alarga faaily; e wan thrown out two yeara ago. to subsist upon ?taoa e ) herlc air; aud certain of being reinstated, he la again reduced to the extremity of oxygen gaa. Ilia Men da ! expect, however, that be will, be provided for, with OM I of the aubordlnate clerkships 1 ' The Senate had a little talk to-day oa tha aaaaaga ' i and document*, and then adjourned ; not, however, : without paaalti? the bill for the relief of the helra of Joha 1 ' >U> >??". i Iinir uiucem nuu ucuimmeea will M MMj id neit week, and the House, to allow the Hpeaker Um | for the aelectlon of Its committee*, will probably adjonrn r I over till Monday next. THE DOCTOR. WiiifiNUTOif, DM. 8, 1647. 8UU Lattr. Tho Virginia absentees were not oonoloaiva af the election of Johnaon, of themaelrea. There wan aaveral aeatterlng wlii^a who voted for him, on the gronnd that the work of retaliation had gone far enough. We Um toultfht that Mr. Ilobiaaon, of the Tribune, baa Um recommended to tha llouae olerk by the whir deiegationi of aevaral of the Northern Htate*. including New \ ork, for hla chief rlerkahlp, and that there la a cum he will get it. Mr Harriman, of the Baltimore Patrltl, will alao be provided for; ao that acme of the clerka of Mr. French must inevitably go by the board. In any event, the pr*H? muat not be neglected. We abould not be (.urprlaed If John M. Bstta war* to I make a movement in the llouae pretty aoon, in raap?ot , nf the Congreaa printing Aa proved in tha caae of ! 1;lair U Rivea, you may get the printing, and vet not : bold it. I'oaaeaaion in nina pointa ot the law; but tha I tenth ia the power to Uke away. fttlll, we can aearaeiy *i credit the deaign attributed to Mr. Botta, bat rappOM , it to be a mere rumor, gotten up to amuae tha Arm who ! are tha authorised contractor* of CotmreM, under a tow of the two bounea | TIIV" DOCTOR. TI1IRTIKTH COMOREI8. 1 1 FIRST SRHSION. I _ , i Senate. 0 I W??Ht*iiToi?, Wedneeday, Hm. B. 4 8kle? bright overhead, with cloud* gathering la the horizon. Mr John M. tlavton appeared in hi* ??at to-day. Also, .Mr I'eeree and Mr Colquitt. The Vi?? Pa*#rD*i?T laid before the Senate a report e ot th? contingent rxpenaet of the Department of State. 1 Al*o, an explanation or complaint from Mr. Wendell, ; printer to ( on?re?e, statin* that the delivery of the ' copieR of the rnrsMjje ordered by the Senate, waa neoeasarlly deltyed, from the fact that the eopjr waa not fur nlthed to the efflex in eeuaon The fact la, Father ' llitcbic had the whole brneflt of the extra* yesterday, i irorn having ha.l the oopy In advance of the reading of the in?ssavti to the two bouiie*; and wo luppoea the President had oommand over tbe document till delivered i to (.'OEgreri. ?ia. ? hit nr.v'i atn.aoad to oaaciow. ' Mr Ihi submitted the renoluiion* of the New York I eglelature. urging upon the ceuntry the advantage* of Mr Asa Whltney'8 propeeed railroad to Oregon, and instructing the senators and re(|iie?tlng the repreaenta [ lives ot New York In t'engrte*. to give their attention I to the eubject. Ordered to be printed, and referred to r the committee on public land*. t On motion cf Mr. Atm?*t??, it waa ordered, that on ' Monday next, at I o'clock, the Senate will proceed to ! the eleix Ion of It* standing committee* 1?.W von K ailtCH MI*T. ' Mr. I?iv notified the Senate that he would, on to-mor1 r w, or some subsequent day, introduca a bill for the ee ' ublirhment cf a branch mint In the city of New York; | | Mi I aino * diii wr mi> rum oi ,.<i angle im ><u?mrnDOH> (one of the rurrtlia of Hwartwout) ! 1HK PI'tl.NI t.tNDI. Mr. Bin i >i r**<* notion of a bill to reduce and grftdu lit < the price of public land*, and notice. al*o, of neTrral | oih?r bill* Mr Diliiimoi prearn'ed resolution* cf the l.egtulatur* | rt N?w >ork. of March laft, la nlatlon to an ?m? l of the pout offlee law*, a* carried out be ( ari' Johnpm I Mr Uickioeon oilled the attention of the Henatn to th? subject, and mid, that at the proper time he xbould m?va lt? reference to the comiIUm iu the *ubjeol Laid on the table t>nd ordered to be printed. "rise hoc." asn th? Miistnt. Mr Ai moved a revolution providing for ritraco pi>? of the document* accompanying the Trefldaat * iniM*|(e; and *pok? of the p<rull*r Importanoe to Ibe c- uotry of all the cabinet report* tlii* yrtr, Including the r^p'irt of the feeretar jr of War, ot the Secretary of the Navv, of the (Uoretary of the Trea*urjr, and or Ibe i'o'tnuater tiuner*! Mr. <'?m khow moTedto fill the blank with 10 OC0. Ha w*? Irdiieed to siinko thl* motion Ix-rnuee the iooreaae of I lb- i-opU* wnv I ?.M I n*. IIUI" to tbe co*t upon ? ?m*ll i umUr A r r.niuher of lb?- inr^su/o livl bt?n orr. (| thau ?> r >" ' "uij\ b?r?u>i it would be In *11 tb* j tiewapapeit; but lb" document* which were cuitbrou*, j being *e|dom puUUbed io tbe papen to aoy feaenl *4>

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