Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 10, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 10, 1847 Page 4
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tut. oi|ht to b< prlntad by tka SiuU for the Inform* . tlon of the peoplu. Mr Nan l|tou(bt thl* a Batter of to me lmportanoe. We htd ordered yesterday (one 30,0 00 ooplee of the m >? *{? without tb* dtanmsnta, and to me MOO with the U >oaai?Qt? Thl* *m beginning in p ratty liberal w?y. Mr friend from Pennaylvanl* (Mr C* meroa) y*eterday put another daily paper, making four d ally paper*, to our fro* list ; while, for my part, ilr, It in aa much aa I oan do to real'three If we had a nator from Georgia (Mr. Cutbb>rt, we auppois) who was hera iome year* ago, we ahould h?r? a aertom debate railed upon thl* subject ? lie was always oppoaed to thl* thin g aa a aarioiu abut* However, that le a *m?ll matter Tba document*, aa it waa *ald by the gentlem%a from O bio, were of mora than ordinary interest. But la re<?rd to the message, Mr. NUatsatdha did not w*nt the drudgery of sanding off bia shara to hi* ooustituenta, for they would not thank bim for it, after getting the meeeage in tba ordinary way. Ha would more to reconsider the motion to print tha mesa age. Mr. Illis aaid that if tba mot ion to reoonaider ware to diminish the number of meMag aa, without lnor*a<lng the number of document*, then he was oppoaed to it. Mr Nilcs rejoined, thattb* loaraaae from 1.000 oopie* of the massage, with the documents, to 10 000, waa going ahead pretty w?ll from tba itart. Ha was an adrooat* of proireea, but he did not Ilka to prograaa too faat He thought 6 OM) no tins of tb* Mas sage, with the document*. would be enough for praaen t purpoaaa Mr Wiitcott? How many will 6 0n0gireu*? About eighty copies apleon. He (Vlr tV .) wanted more, aa hi* (hare for distribution among h la oonatituenta He hoped the Senator from Connecticut would withdraw the motion to reduca the number to 5 ,000. wl'h the document* A* for tha Message It* -If. before tha Senate would g*t it, it would be In every newipaper In tha oountry For himself, ha did not want tha Maatage. without the dooumenta Mr Minonti-RHail the motion? [And the motion of Mr. \llen w*? rea I] Tha Vicc-rKsiiPt^T wu about putting the question, when? Mr vUmol'h rose-I would enquire what report* there are? Mr Allka?The reports of the Department*. There are none oth?r? Mr VIahqi'M?War and Nary, and? Mr Whtcott - The 9eoretary of the Treasury. Mr Manovm -And the Postmaster General's. Mr Allen?Ys?. sir Tbe qu-eiion was dually put for 10.U00 ooples of the doouments, and oarried hki>i or john paul. jonei. Mr Hannehan, pursuant to nottoe. Introduced a bill for the relief of tbe ueirs of John P*ul Jones, which was read. Mr. H hoped the bill would now be considered and passed It was the same as that pissed at the last session, by both house*, almost unanimously It was lost in the aisle of the senate on tbe la<t nluht of the session, after receiving the signature of tbe Vloe President. and was picked up alterward* and oarried to tbe President's room; but it was too late,for both houses had adjourned. The gentleman who had had care of the bill, had slnoe died. He wss tbe principal heir, and it was not amis* to say that his widow and ohlldren rested their hopes upon this bill. [The bill amounts to near $100 000 J Tbe bill wa* considered, read a third time, and passed. THE MCliiat. On motion of Mr. Nilei. tbe vote of the senate yesterday was reconsidered, and Instead of '20,000 extra copies of the President'* message, 10,000 were ordered to be printed, corresponding with the number of the accom paoylng documents ordered to-da?. Messrs Dlokinson. Greene, Bra?M, and Ashley, gave notice of bills, or withdrew oertain paper*. And the Senate adjourned. House of ilepreasntuUvea. Weuneidav, Dec. 8, 1847. the bulks. Yesterday, Mr. IIenlv moved to re-consider the resolution, by whioh the rules ot the last session were adopted until the third Monday In December, excepting the rule, whioh limits members to one hour in debate. This gentleman was anxious that so salutary a oheck cn the waste of time In dlsoussions, should be retained Mr. Cliiwman, who had moved to lay the motion of Mr. Henlyi on the table, this morning withdrew it a the force of the resolution would, by its own terms, expire on Monday week Then, he said, the House would have the whole subject before them So he modifled hia motion, to postpone the further consideration of the motion of Mr. Henly until the third week in Deoember, and to this Mr. Henly assented. DliWIKO rO* (eats?OUT or funds?THK NECKtSITV roa a saauunt-at-Aam? lotteries ? members in loco The Speaker announced the first bustbess in order to be the seleotlon of seats for the present session, (by putting pieoea of papsr In a box, with the names of the members written upon them; and as they are drawn from a box by the Clerk, the oholoe to be made ) Mr Simms, of 8. C.?I move to amend the resolution, by striking out " the present session," and Insert seats for the entire Congress [Cries of - Yes," ' that's the fcest way," and " oh no !" " no," " no "] The question was taken, and the amendment was dls greed to. Mr. Jones, of Tennessee.?Will it be in order to postpone the further consideration of the resolution, until the organization of the House ? The SrcARi* ?The Chair will suggest to th*gentleman that he may move to postpone to a day certain, or indefinitely. Mr. Jonas.?1 will then more to postpone indefinitely If we go into the business of selecting seats now, no ther business may be transacted to-day; and to-morrow we may not be able to elect Sergeant-at-arms, as it il the oustom to adjourn on Thursday until Monday, to give the Speaker an opportunity to appoint the standing committees. Unless a Sergeant at-arms is elected, no money oan be drawn! [Laughter.] And there are a good many gentlemen here who hare travelled a long way. [Increased laughter ] I know nothing of the state of their finances; but 1 tbink tne probability is that some of them are pretty well out of funds. New members are modest in making explanations, but when tbey have been here a loog time, they will discover that some are short of cash at the commencement of a'session. and others at the close [Much merriment ] This Is one reasen why, I think, it is proper to postpone the consideration of the resolution. Another reasen is, I son vsry unfortunate. I have now a good seat If I draw for a seat, 1 may get one in the Oregon or California of the House. [A member, s otto voce?" You might as wall be there as any body else."] Mr Stantow?By putting slips of paper in a box and drawing them out, there is not a fair obance. You may shake the box as muoh as you please, and the papers will retain the same poeitions they did when first put in Members are. to a greater or less extent, somewhat acquainted with the principles of gambling ; and. in order to make it fair to alt pirtiva, it is neoessary to have a | wheel, aooording to the lottery mode. I therefore propose that the word ' box," in the resolution, be stricken I out. and that the word "wheel" be substituted ? (Laughter ) The question ?u taken on the amendment, and it was rejected On motion of Mr Pettit, the election of Sergeant-atarms waa postponed until two o'clock And the resolution, providing for the selection of seat*, wat ?gre?d to J The SriAm*?The Clerk will prooeed to execute the order Member* Immediately vacated the urate which they had ocoupled, and In every direction they were seen wenalng their way to the area In front of the Clerk'* desk Soon there was In that portion of the House a ooUeetion of more th*n two hundred head*. The SraAEEK-Kvery seat m-st be vacant. The Clerk will draw and nail the names. The Clerk Joeeph M Root Mr Root-I have selected Mr. Speaker. The Clerk proceeded to the performance of his duties, and gentlemen selected seats as their names were announced There were occasional interruptions, among them the following vli : ? Mr atle ?It would prevent oonfuslon, if gentlemen who select seats would oooupy tbem, Mr. Speaker The Speaker? Gentlemen will be good enough to oceupy them Mr. J. q Adami'> name was called, and he returned to the seat which he had a few miuutee before temporarily vacated No ge tleman desired to deprive him of it The Clerr?John P. Gaines. [A voice?" He's not here." Another?" Well, selncttbr him." Andathird " No, no. every man for himself."] Mr. Houston. of Alabama ?Mr. Speaker, the rule. I believe, requires members who have not selected their seats under the resolution adopted this morning, to vaIcate those which they have been occupying since the first day of the session If they do not, wv shall not know whioh to choose. The BrRiKKR?Gentlemen who have not selected seats wui vacate u>o?e ttkej oooupy. [' Come, boyi, evacuate.'' "Ha ba ! ha !*>' Mr. Henly ? Are all the aeata Taoant nQt taken. and may a member, when hie nam* la called, take any neat, not now oooupled? [Voloes?' CeTtalnly," "of oouree," " take tbe flrat you see J" The 8feaker replied, but what he Bald waa to ue inaudible. Mr. He*lt -I only inquired whether I can take any Tenant neat The Speaker quoted the reaolutlon. A Mkmii;*?" Henly, come over thia way." Mr. Hemlt (in replv)?I don't want to take a aeat belonging to any one. 1 inquired to prevent getting into dlfloofcr. The 8r ?.**>: a?The Clerk will prooeed. The Clerk called t ie name of Thorns a B.King. By thia time the aeata were nearly all tilled, and that gentleman had but little choloe, and loue difficulty to suit hlmaelf. Mr Kino (to the clerk) ?Hold on till I get eeated, if you pleaae [A voice, " King, her*1* a good seat ] Hold on. (Laughter) Seated, air. (Ha ' ha ') The remainder of the namee wore called. " Here, take thia corner M?t," aaid one. "I* there any room over there?" anxiouely inquired a member of a friend on tbe oppoeite aide " Haa Mr. Venable got a eeat," etc. Mr. Abraham Lincoln's name waj the laat announced. election or iEaOBANT-AT-ABMI?WITHOUT * tEAT. Mr. Jamkcon aubmitted a reeolution, that the llountnow proceed to the election of a Sergeant-at- Arm* The SriAKKa, in reply to an inquiry, (aid that the I election moat be eira voce. Mr Lincol*.?Mr. Speaker, I am without* Mat j what I* to be done in relation to thn matter ' The SrcAHKR.?A neat will be provided hereafter, by the doorkeeper. Mr. H Smith.?A*my oolle*guel* a gentlemanly man. I hope he will take a seat on thin Ride [Mr. Mnooln in a whig and Mr. ftmlth a demoorat.) The Sr ,**?.?.?Nomination* tor Sergeant-at Arm* are In order. The nominee* were Meear*. Nathan Sargent, Newton Lane, and < harle* A Whitney Teller* were appointed, and the Houm having to ted, the rMult wa* annoaaoed, Til : ? Whole number of Tote*. JC4 V*ce**ary to a ohoioe 113 Of whioh, Mr. Sargent receWed 11? " Mr. Lane " Mr. Whitney la It WM announced that Mr. ttargent, haTlng reoeiTed a majority of toU*, wa* duly elected. [A Toioe " Now member* can gat their money "] ELKCT J05 or DOORRRf*. PKR, Mr. C. B Smith aubmitted a reaolution that the Houm now proceed to the election of a Doorkeeper. Mr ScMBKca.?Mr. Speaker, I more to amend by aaylng? The Sr*AR?R ? Will the gentleman ruspenl for a moment, (and the 8pMk?r turned to the right of hi* 4?k ud nt?t?Ww<l tlM required obligation to M*. wiorttd by Mr. Lut, tb< Mr. ScMMicB.?It lnfringaa no rate, 1 batter* ; and 1 move to amend the reeolution by saying, that Robert E. Honor ba appointed Doorkeeper for tha Tblrtiath ConKtm. [Voloaa?" Oh, no ! wa otjaot to that," " wa'il re an eleotion," ate.] Tha SrsAKKK.?It can only ba adoptad by general oooaent. Mr Schenck, (a* If In reply to a member)?We're got the vote* I only want to. u>f time. ["' We'll have an elaotton "j Tha raaolutlon waa adopted Mr. C. B. Smith nominated Robert E. Horner. Mr. Kicklin nominated Cornelia* 8 Whitney. Tha 8rcAKi:a.?If there are no othar nomination* for D oorkeeper, the Clerk will prooead to oall the rcll. Teller* were appointed to oonduot tbe alaotion. Whole number of vote* 2J4 Neoe?*ary to a choice US Ofwhloh, Mr Hornor received 117 Mr Whitney 107 Mr. Horner waa daolarad duly eleotad. Mr. Whitney, the late incumbent, eaoorted hi* *uooe*aor to the deak of tbe Speaker, where the o?th of office waa administered to him. POITMtrrcn OF THE HOU9C. A raaolutlon wat adopted, to go into the election of Poftmaatar. Mr ?lc DowaLl nominated the preaant Incumbent. J. M JoHnaoM and Mr. BAaainoca nominated tha former poetmaater, W. H MoCormtek. vir Mc^lsnfiand.?\lr. Speaker, will a motion to adjourn be In order? The SruAKkn ?It will. Mr McClbbnano ? Aa tha thlrit for blood ought to b? sated. for to-day? Tba SricATKa ? Debate la ont of ordar. Mr. McCiKBnAND?(Concluding the aentanoa.) I moTB that tha Huuta do now adjourn. Tha queation wat taken, and tha motion waa negated The House prooecdad to vote, and tha tellara lubaequentlv announced the reanlt, vl?:? Whole number of votaa 321 Necessary to a choloe lit Of whioh, Mr Johnaou received Ill " Mr MoCormlok " 110 Bo Mr. Johnaou waa declared re-eleoted to the oflloa; and this is the only eleotlve offloo the democrats have retained And at four o'olook the Houae adjourned. Daltimoki:, Deo. H, 1847. The Ln tannin't Newt?-Commencement of the New Mail Arrangement?Cave Johnion'i Economy?Fain Statement. The Britannia's news waa reoelved In Baltimore be. tween 1 and 3 o'clook thla morning, juat twelve hours after she was telegraphed at Boston. The news, however. ia of rather a stationary character, and will probably have but little effect on the market*. It arrived too late to be sent to the South by telegraph, and ef oourse, It ha* all started thla morning In the column* of the Baltimore Sun The new mivil arrangement commenoes to-night, which I learn cost* $800(1 more than by the old route; but Cave Johnson'* arithmetic and oonsoientiou* scruple* oonslders the new arrangement one of government economy. After this evening, the Southern mail will arrive here at 8 o'clook In the marnlng instead of 8 o'olook in the preceding evening, and re&oh New York at 11 o'clock at night, instead of 1 in the afternoon The annouueement which has been set afloat by *oine letter writer from this city, that the " Covington Iron Works" had suspended payment and operations, 1 learn irom the Measrs KUloott, Is totally unfounded. The pump* attached to the establlihment, whioh have been unvcfitiuiuK uorotuiuro, unvn duuucuij buu uubuduuuv ably given oat, and it became necessary to Buspend operation s until new wells oould be gunk, which being completed. they have again oommenoed This establishment is in the vioinity of tots city, and employs about l ,000 hands. Philadelphia, Deo. 9, 1Ho7. Death of J. McHenry Boyd?Melancholy Bereavement. Tne unfortunate gentleman from Baltimore, J. MoHenry Boyd, Esq , who was so seriously injured a few nights sinoe, by the aooidental discharge of a pistol, at the United States Hotel, died yesterday afternoon, oontrary to the expectations of his friends, who had buoyed themselves up with the hope that he was out of danger This is a most melanoholy event, showing to all the uncertainty of life, and the mutations poor human nature is subject to. Buoyant with hope, he had beeome united to the otyeot of his affeotlons in the morning, and the gay wedding party left Baltimore immediately afterwards, on their way to New York, to embark for London, intending to pass the honeymoon in a trans-atlantlo tour; and yet. that same night, be was struok down with a mortal wound, inflicted bv the ohance discharge of* pistol in hi* own hands, leaving his widowed bride, and an extensive circle ot friends, norror-struok at the awful oalamity that had transformed the merrlmei^ of a bridal into the gloom of a funeral. * The Germans in this oity have located a new town above Camden, N. J , near the Kanoocas oreek, and they design to call it WalhaUa. Some statistics of the diatriot of Kensington, just published, show that there are lorty-s#V?n factories, of various kinds, besides ship ynrds. oil mills, dying establishments, Sto. employing 'i683 men, and requiring near! ly $2,000,000 of capital to carry them on. The popula Lion of this diatriot amounted te about 20,000 in 1840, but. at this time it is believed to be at least 10,000. A young man of heretofore exoellent reputation, in the employ of Messrs 8mith & Field, of this oity, has been detected purloining sugars from his employers, and Is now in prison awaiting a final hearing. It is supposed that he has been for some time praotiaing this system of peculation to some extent, shipping it to Baltimore, and having it there sold at auotion. The exhibition of Collysr's model artUtes at I'eale's Museum, has created quite an exaitement, and the re putatlon which bad preceded it,leading some to suppose that there were Immodest features appertaining to the representations of statuary and groups from paintings, has attracted many ready to condemn, but who remained only to admire. The publio are unanimous in toeir praise of this exhibition, combining, as it doss, all the requisites of graoe and beauty. Mr. Collins is going through with a profitable engagement at the Walnut street theatre. The Dumbolton Ethiopian Serenaders are still giving entertainments at the Chestnut street theatre, but they do not suooeed as well as they anticipated Tne publio have beoome wearied out with this description of amusement. Madame Anna Bishop will draw her innumerable admirers around heron Saturday evening, at the Musical Fund Hail.'where she is to give an evening oonoert, as niBtou uj uio upvra troupe, vi wuiou pua 10 iuo prima donna. Mr. BooIim, the musical direotor, la to parArm two piece* on the harp. Albany, Deo. B, 1647. The General Bill for the government of State Piitoni? The Bill relative to the Compentaticn of (Ae New York County Clerk, Rtgintr, .}c. A general bill, entitled " An aot for the better regulation of the County and State I'riaona of this State,and consolidating end amending the exiattng law* in relation thereto," waa lately introduced into the Senate by General Grldley. It laa comprehensive enactment, and under It* liberal and eatimable proviaiona, which are the result of a wiae reflection, and a apirit of charity, I expent tha' the entire syatem of governing the State prisons will be materially improved. Abuses in all the department* have long exiated, and evry friend of mankind will greet a measure which will rid ua of those abuses with honest joy The bill waa taken up in the Senate this morning, and Mr. Joshua A. npencer moved to amend the lotith seoti>>n, r* aa to read aa follows ; ? 3?.c. 106 No keeper in any State priaon shall Inflict any blows whatever upon any conviot, unleaa in self-defence or to auppress a revolt or inaurrection If in the opinian of the warden of auob prison, it ahall be deemed necessary, in ?ny case, to inflict unusual punishment, In order to produce the entire aubmiasion or obedienoe of any convict, It ahall be the duty of auch warden to confine suoh convict Immediately In a cell, upen a ahort allowance, and to retain him therein until he shall be reduced to submission and obedience. The short allowance to eaoh oonviot ao confined, ahall be preaorlbed by the physician, whoae duty it ahall b* to viait auch oonviot, and examine daily into the state of hia health, until the oonviot be releaaed from solitary oonflnement, and returned to his labor. The motion of Mr, Spencer waa decided in the negative, aa follower? Ayk??Messrs Barlow, Braoh, Burnham, Crook, Kmraous, Holsom, Hard, Saoford, Spencer, Townaend, Van I Schoonhoven. Wheeler, VVlihame?13. Navi ?Messrs Backus, Beekman, Beera, Dennliton, Orldley, LesUr, Morris, Ruggles, Sedgwick, J. B. Smith, S Smith, Tiloott, Young?13 Mr. Vak SciiooftHovKM moved a reconsideration oftbe vote just taken, which motion waa oarrled. Ayes 14; Mm 1.1 The r*?:iiDE!<iT then Again put the question upon agreeing to the motion ot Mr. Spenoer, and it was decided in the affirmative by the following vote: Arr.??Messrs Barlow, Beach, Burnham, Crook Emmons, Kolsom, Hard. Jonel, Sanford, Spencer,Townaend, Van Schoonhoven. Wheeler, Wlllinma.?14. Niv??Meaars Backus, Beekman, Beer*, Denn|*ton, Oridley Lester, Morris. Kugglea, Sedgwick, J. B. Smith, 8. Smith, Taloott, Young?13. Thua thn above aeotlon waa adopted by the Senate, and the bill ordered to a third reading. If It ehould nana the lower houae, corporeal puniahment will be abolished In our State prisons; ' the oat" will be no longer used; thla la a noble deed, and the man who originated it will never find ocoaaion to regret It. On motion of Mr Lmtkr, the 8enatc then proceeded to the consideration of the question on agreeing with the Assembly in their amendment lo the bill entitled " *n aot in relation to the feea and compensation of certain ofllcors in the city and county of New York." This amendment, a< you are aware, authorises the Board cf Supervisors, of the oountv of New York, to Increase or diminish the salaries of the Clerk, Surrogate, Register, Vo . of that oounty five huudred dollars >ir jow*s, 01 new v ork, id in* a strong eiiort 10 defeat the amendment; but It van Impossible to do bo. This partial bill, opacifying the salaries of Conner, Osgood, &.o., and the amendment of the House. giving the supervisors permlaalon to alter their salaries fftOn, were then concurred in, by the following vote : ? Aye*?Messrs Backu*, Barlow, Beach, Beekmao, Deer*, Crook, Dennlston, Kmmons, Kolsom, QrldUv, Lester, Morris, Rnggles, Aedgwlck, J. B Smith, fi Smith, Spencer, Talcott, Van Scboonhoven, Wheeler, William*, Young?23 Nays? Menem. Burnbam, Hard, Jones, San ford, Town end?4. So the bill is passed; the whig* will probably next direct their attention to the bill which no effectually protect* the interact* of the county clerks, more than two. thirds of whom are whig* The a**ertlon that the fee* received by the local effloers of New York city and county, are " enormous," cannot palliate the iniquity of the whig*. In singling out these centlemen aa objects upon whloh to wreak their malice. No partial law should be passed under any clroumstanoes ; the county clerks, though they be whlgs, should not be th* eiolu It* recipients of legislative bounties and Immunities. The resolutions of Mr. Young, approbatory of the policy ol tba Human fontlff, passed the CUaaH this moisting, ssulBwsly Stock Hukiiii ImiMOli, Dm. ?iMI Mary ludb. (SVi 1M do. M; IM do. M; m Baltimore K IM. 97*; IIMdo, 97V; KWdo. *7)^: IM* Baltimore nud Ohio Ktiiiutd Div Bono*. 7IK United Htamta. of iM7. eln ?d at IN asked. efcp, 99V bid Trewary 6s. at 1M>V asked 99V b d. Maryland ?' closed at 85 asked. ISV bid. Baltimore ?s of IHt, at 97V asked,*7 bid. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (bares at 39* asked, M bid. Pniladelfmia, Dec. 9?Pint Board?1\ 100 Lehigh Navigatioa 6's, 61; 100 shs Heading railroad. 19V; 00 No'th American Inaur ; >0 Mechanics' Bank, 25; 1* Kewiaflon Co|>|>er, 10 Jlfltr Salet? ISMO United Btntes Treasury Notes. 100; 10000 State i's 7JV; 100* do. 71V; 1000 Teias 10*1, 20: 1000 Heading railroad ('a, OO, 69?? ; 190 Lehigh Coal Hcrip, 17; 28 Mechisiei' Bmk. 25; 100 Second Board?17000 Htale Vs, 73>a; 4000 Heading railroad 6'i, 'SO. M?V; 200 iliss do, 29>?: '00 Morris C?nal. 9V; 1 Farmers' and Mechanics'Bank. 61)4. After Salri?1470 State 6's, '4?, II; 2000 ?ta'.e 5's, 71 V; 17000 do,7SV; 100(1 Keadioc railroad '?. 'SO, 69K. luooo do 69V; *50 shas d 1. 29V: 15 Planters' Bank of Tennessee, SO; 110 U-.ted States Bank, 3}(. Boston, Dec. I?I0st>*? Northern railroad,$99% per sh; 101 Vermont Cent'al do, SI3V a tl% j>e? sh: 17 Vermont aad Masaachuset's do, $74V a 74V>*r *n; 41 htmplain aud Connecticut Mirer <*o, $90V . 90V per sh; 4 Firemen's insurance 1 omnauv. IIV ,<er ct .dr. J Merchants' B ?ik, 99V per sh; 11 Washington Bunk. $99 per sh: 7 <'itv Bank. tuVper sh; 1 Western railroad IIX p?r ct ?dr. Brokrrt' board-5 right" Fnchbnrg railroad 3, 2J shas B >ston uio vVoiccsct do. II9>? II9Vi; 12 e>sr*ra H?. 107V; 5 We?tern do sl2(n 142)4: II Old Colony do, 99V ? 99V; 2) fcat' Boston Co. 14V; 62 best Boston L)ividena>, No. 3. 6V; 100 do No 4. JV: 75 Norwich an-l Worcester railroa *. 36*; 10 do, h3'l.3ti){; >2090 Bcvdinc milroad Bonds, 1850 70: 4099 do blw;70>?. mm do, 70,^. 1*um>'||ui Arrived. Charleston?Ship Catharine?Mt?? A M Herbert. Charleston?Brig Tybee?Mturi John Dennis, H W T-wuMid. Mobile?Brig Nathan Hale?Mr Frederick Fitz. ITbielgu tui|iurl?Uuiia. Liverpool?Bark Admiral?131 ions iron Boorman, Johnston 8i co?150 ions coal 8 Thompson li Nephew?303 tons do Oelrichs It Krnge?7 bale* sks 10 cheats d-ers' ware to order. Marseilles?Bark Bearer?78 bales ajmonds Brown Brothers Ik co 30 bales cork I gnew? I box silk I hoi Hunt Ik co?I pit if Deluce Ik c<>?70 biles almonds It Buloid It co?15 casks verdigris I'Otihl k unne v?17 boxes frnk J Michel ? I caie 4 b xes es>e>icnChambei lain * Phelps?119 almonds 218 bine* lem >ns to do? w bales alinoud* 25 bales <-ork Mcbragge Kooplk co?II b xea essence 1 do mdse 86 i airs almonds Carcapuun It loue?60 cssks wiuelOu.sks veidigres 25 Cx'ks cretin tart-ir 95 bales aim mils tjars fruit Fraucia k co?200 hi.xes wu.e 150 do pickle 200 ca<es seai> 313 basket* oil Uaris li tienrique?1 barrel currants Manuit h oleet?30 \ kgs wood 10 casks ere m ititar K Heidlrr?2 boxes csaettie 3u hales almonds C H Schneider?5 |>k?s silk v'cChII It tkiong ?3 d i J C How Ic co?ic-isks wine 1 case do 2 bbls olises 30 hosts picklet 1 box mdge '/olomb It Isrlin?1 case C Merle? 20 casks madder 5 pgk? silk 3 nkits 8 bjxes straw hats 3 pkgs 17 00X^1 straw b aids 1 box silk handkerchiefs 1 case mdse 10 bales corks 101 b?xes brandy fruit 8 bales roots I box oil 7 cks mdse to order. MaLAfla-Brig Smyrna?180 qrcki7 hf do wine 8550 boxes raisins liouht do Aquirre Jk (Jlway N kuyitas?Brig Choctaw?67 logs mahogany 19 do cedar 14 tons fustic 138 hnds tuvar 73 do mousses 8 tierces 30 cases egars 86 tierces wax 449 quarter bexessegare 1 box mdse Holt Kinuiton, Jam?Brig Santiago?5700 bushels salt151 *>"** pi memo J M Smith It co?281 doubloons 1 bbl copper $700 to master. Domestic Importations. New Orleans?Ship Oswego?16 bales hemp McGregor It Morris?1953 pigs lead R * Chnppel? 20 bbls lard oil 13 hhds marrow Arne't k co?30 bbls tall"w J Ammerson?8 hhds toh. ?.. U I VI.., l.?.l ?, (I hhl. flnnr ? ? Ml H.?JVIII Kits lend to order?60 bbU A Nohlebukc?19*8 sacki rorn T >' >11?104 bbl? m<>hase? Huisey li Murra< ?41 hds .allow K H Burdelt?50 hhds sugar Ouodhue (k co?1 do W It II Gowlton? 116 bxi Corlies. Haydock b co?lb bbls Oleott, M Kenou tk co ?61 hhds 20 tci N L <k O Griswolil?JO hhds L H Haven?1 tiunk I carpel bag Molt Mothan?19 bbls I' I Farnham k ro?77 do E H Gibson?1000 sks M.utluid. Phelps (k co?G cka 170 bhis GouUlioe (kco? IIOO kegs Hemn, Lees Jk co?luOOaki 180 bbls Hopping tc Meeker?34 hhds Heran, Lees It co?400 empty bla J Harrison?394 bale* cotton 7038 hides to order. HAllITin K IlKHAIiUi Port of New York, Ueccmbtr 10, 1847. sun Knits 7 IS I Moon skts.... ........ 7 33 tun 4 311 Minn water 10 39 Cleared. Ships?Hndson, Paige, New Orleans, E K Collins; John O Coatnr, Durfee, do, Tnoi P Stanton; Arcbelani, Danielle, do, J B Gaiger. Brigs?Clara,(Dsn) Cressey, St Thomu, Datt Ic Russell; Capt Tom, Smailey, New Orleans, J Kl well It Co; Wilaon Fuller. Crawford, Sivannah, Dunham It Dtmon; BeUe, Myeri, Wilmington, NC. Sclis? Kebecca, Woglam, Petersburg, J Hunter Ik Co; Hiiam Gerard, Price. Baltimore, Maillard & Lord: Pampero, Treadwell, thiladslphia; Ann, Godfrey, do, N L McCready St Co. ?81oop?Fairfield, Allen, Providence. ArrlTod. Ship Oswego, Ingeraoll, New Orleans, 18th alt, to E K Collins. 24th ult, lat 24 11, lou 8106, aaw ship 8t Loms, standing W; tame time, brig Mississippi, standing NK. Ship Avilnnche, Whittlesey, New Orleans, 17 4*V*i with mdse, to master.__ Ship Camden,Sherwood, Charleston, 3 days, with mdse, to Dunham It Dimon. , Ship Catharine, Herbert, Gharleiton, 6 days, with mdie, to Geo Button. 1 British bark Admiral, Buchanan, Liverpool, Not I, to order. 2(0 passengers to Hoche, Brother* It C?. Bark, (.of Portland ) McClelland, Antwerp, Oct 28, with 100 caiks zinc, to master. 139steerage passengers. Bark Beaver, Kdmond, vlarseilles, 30 days, Gibraltar 37 days, with mdz to Krancia & co. Bid in co with ship Cabot, Bu>gess, for New York, Bark Narinske Berrv, St Martins, Nor 23, with salt, copper and iron, to O B Schlesenger Kreuch bark Cyclope. Airmas. St Pierre, Marq, 18 days, is ballau, to Homer k Brothers baik Elizabeth ?, Yoaim, South Berwick, Me, 4 days, with 7S ton* granite 10 0<i0 pine boards 17S bbls potatoes AO bales cot ton cloths, to E Goodwin. Baik Oesdemona, Stinson, Bath, 4 days, with lumber, to J F Snow. Brig Smyrna, Snrague, Malaga 17th Oct., with fruit to J L Darby. 2?th,alt. lat 40, Ion <3 40, spoke Br Wig Dove, hence fur Newfoundland Brig Globe, Colburn, Sisal, 19 days, with <MI bales hemp, to A 1'atrullo. >'xperienced bad weather, sprung fere ytwf and maintopsail yaMa . Brig Choc'av^'litner, Nenvitas, 14 days, with mdz to Holt It Owen Left schr J A Simpson, disrg. 37th ult, off Ginger Key, spoke bark St Patrick, fm St Jago de C?b? far New Orleans. Brig Santiago, Perkins. Kingston, Jam, Nov 5. and Ragged Island 33d, to J M Smith & Co Saw birk Macedonia, from St Jago de Cub%, goiu* into Magged Island. Brig Nathan Hair, Crowell, Mobile, 30 days, to nutur Dec 1st, ia the Uulf stream, experienced a severe gale from ?B, lost mamlail, main bo?m aud every thing attached to it ? On theGtli, Cape May bearing 150 miles W, spoke the schr Oroline, of and for Philadelphia. Brig Newcastle Switt, from St Marks. 18 d?y?, to muter S>d in co with brig Lucy,ot Camden for NYo'k; 4:h inst, off Caps Carnault, spoke ner; sld also in co with schr Com Kearny, for NYotk; 34th ult, off Oun Key Light, ?|>oke brig r lien, from NOrleans for Providence. Hriv Kmelme. M.,n wariiiir. lit Maiks. 36 dsvs. with cotton, to E D Hurlbut Ic Co. Brig Lucy, (of Camden) ?, St Marki, with cotton, to Coe, Anderson li Co. Brig Savannah. Dixon, 5 dtys from Savannah, rire anil cotton, to Clesrman & Co Hid in co with brigs (Jen Prakney^Bf Baltimore lor Sonth America: Monut Vernon, of NOrleans Tor Demuara: 7th inst, lat 36 20 N, eichanged aigna'a willi one of the thai line of 1 harlestmi pickets, bonud soutn. BrigTybee, White, Charleston, 5 daya, with mdte, to Geo Bulkl>y. Brig Christiana, Brown, Cair.den, 4 days, to master Bremen schr Heros, Moimtfe, Bremen, 61 days, with 29 eks milsn 52 piecei cotton bagging, to J C Mtiller. 53 p.usungers Oct 25, lat 49. Ion 29, was partially dismasted, lust apme spirt and sai.s Srlir Elian Perkins, Leavitr, Matagorda, 23 days, to Brower It Neilson. Left tchrs Ca<aliue, and Mary for New Orleans Schr Le Roy. Bedell, Charleslon, 7 days, with 106,000 leet lumber, to K Post. _ Below. 1 ship, 2 brigs. Ship Ocean, hence for Vera Crnz, with troops; alio 2 ships ?nd brig Wilson Fuller, foe Savannah are at auch>r at S W 8pit. Herald Marine Correspondence Kev Weit.Ni.v 27?Schr William It Edward, of Corpu Ch isti, fioiu Philadelphia fir Mobile, with coal, put inhere on the 25th instant lor a harbor, 'lhe schr 8 Beldan, Taylor, fn-m New York for Mob le, pnt In here yesterday In port brigs Napoleon, Eldridge wtg; Ann Elixa, Parker, for St Marks; schr Energy. Swift, for do, schs William it Edward, and S Belden, for Mobile, wind bound. A wrerker from the Windwaid, and one from the Tortngas lost evening, repott the coast clear. Philadelphia. Dec }, 4 r m?Arrived?Brigs Caroline Clarke, Hoffuer, Hali ai NS: Camarg i, Allen, Boston; W J Wa'son, Norgrave, New York; schrs South Carolinian, Powers Newbern, Ni;; Rough It Ready, Pitti, Hartford: Kedron, 0<den, Norwich; Brtudywine, Stephenson, do; J II Saverv, Wiiden, Port Wa'thall; (Jen Irviu, Wilson, New York; Uuited States, Grant, dj; Dacotah. Smith, do; Anu C Baker, h rinck, do: Saml Castner, Robin, do; and steamer Anthracite, Stewart, do; brig Mary E. Batch, Rice. New York Below?Brig jane, Rich, from <Ji?nluegot; schrs Thos Fen ner, Nickerson. Providence, Joseph Brown. W iiittnore New York; a'so.hark Almira. Strgent, JSe* York. Cleared?Ship North Star, Bishop, New Orleans; bark Fairmount. Smith, Barbadoes; brigs Adele, Fontaine, Mobile; Thos P Ptrk'ns, Oilkey, Boston; Albitrosi, Cochran, do;<cbVlonsoon, Silliman, Kingston, Jjm; .Marquis, Heagan, Brll ist: Richard Thatther. Boston; Diadem. French, do; Bra dy wine, Stephenson, Jersey citj; barge Philadelph a, De Hart, New York, and steamer Vulcan, Green, do. sriaratlanann* m mvtwl For particular! of the loas of ship Stephen Whitney, iec ' general uewt column. Krkiu h Bark Boiton, came in contact with sehr William, on the 7th, off Cspe Cod, suid lost jibboom and anchor. Bt Bain Bell, ok Maitland?The wreck of tkii vessel was filleu in with on 23d Oct, in lat 27 <0, Ion 6t^i, full of water ant^abaudoned. Brig Koanokc, Moore, before reported putting Into Aetigua, ou her passage from Newbern, NC, for Trinidad with a cargo of pitch pine lumber, he. loat her fnremaat top and topgallant maat, royal maat, mid all the staudiugand running rigguig,sails, Ike, maintopmaat. jibhoom, inning"/f topeail, inaiuinatt aprung 12 incbea above the deck, loat deck load, Ike Mhe had disehvged, and on the 12 h, the last accounts, was repairing, and would be ready to sail in a lew days Br Brio Micmac. Kelly, of Varmou'h, N8, put into Antsgna on the 9th Nor, with loss ol masts, deck load, ami evrj thing thereon. She encountered a violent gale on the 11th Oct, in lat 24 30, Ion At 30, and was thrown on her beam ends for a short timr; her crew got on the bottom: when the mis a were cnt she righted, and all hands again gained the deck in safety, and arrived at A. in health. Liverpool, Nov ?The John Dunlap, (of Portland) for Philadelphia, has rut back with loss ol" topinarts. Nov 10?The Henry Kwhank, of and for Boston, has put back leaky. Nov 17?The John Duulap, fjr Philadelphia, and Indcfat gable, tiom Constantinople, w ere in contactl?stnight in the river, by which the Inter lost her bawsprit. The J hn Dunlap had heis also carried away by a lighter, Amsthrdam Nov 4?The E i?abeeh Brons. fiom New York, for Amsterdam, which put into Lilleaunrl 2lat nit. wire" i* to much damaged that it will prolnbly be found incapable o( further trantlt. No* 16?Some water.and oil caika were aeen 3d in?t, let <7, Ion II, by the Ann and Klir.a, arr here. Piru?;n Ur ? A painting on camaaa, ofahip Capital, taken at the monih ofthe Miuuupri, with ' Jnty 6, 18|7 'on it, alao a head board, with "J Cooley fk. Co" upon it, w ith other fragment?, were picked up on rhe beach hack of f'ape Cod, near Truio, 2J met. (The JCk Co i? ?ow in Boatos ) Whalemen. Hailed from Matlapouett, 4th, haik Willia, Tabtr, Atlantic Ocean. Sailed from Wood'a Hole, Gut, ahlp Klijih Swift, (new,of Kalmonth) Swift, New Vork. Touched at Karal, Oct 10. Two Rrothera. Jenner, NB, and landed l*> ap; l?th, Urvade, ruber, do, and landed to ip: 2Jd, Cad mm. Smith, 8H. clean: 26th, Hoacoe, Vt'Cleave, NB. do; (Jam, Worth, 8H, do; Hercnle?, Imbert, NB, and landed 160 blilaajpetm . At wettern lalanda, Aug 31, (by letter from Capt Little) Knterprue, NB clean At Johanna, Aug 26, (by letter from Capt Bradbary) Wade, NB, lOOip . At Cape Verd lalanda. Sept 26, (by letter from Capt Woodbridge) Fortune, NB, clean. Spoken. Ship Oacaola, from New Vork for New Oilaana. Nor2i,0(f ! MlffnftCa i Siiiu Athlud, Httbb rd, of an4 for New York from Li?trpool, Hoy II, Ui M, loo I hip Haraaaa. Wahh. M dar* ftoa Bieheeei far Vaaiaa, i tub Lirerpool for New Orleans. Not 1, let 51. loo 7. Ship Arabian, Hawkins, Liverpool fur Naw Otlaaaa, Not I, lat49,loa II Ship Lyons, Francks, Havre for Naw Orloane, Nor 14, lat Not 11. Corrobedo E miles, waa passed Am ship "Crocton." ?aalaMd Bark Mason Barn?v, Scott, from New York for MoateTidao and Buenoa Ayrc*, Oct 16. lat U N, loo M. Bark Alabama. Oxaard, Bremen for New Orleans, Not i, is ?ugli>h Channel Br bark Cbniiiaa, Liverpool for New Oileana, Not , lat 41, Ion 13. Not I, lat 50, Ion 12, Brandon, from ?? for New Orleaai. Foreign Porta. Ajjikb?Passed, Aug 13, barb Brighton, Whitney, from Isle of France for Manila. Antwiki1, Not 7? Arr Louvre, Green, NVork; Itih, Talma, Colliua, tiuaulra; 11th, Moaelle, Bomeiby, New Orleaus amitkrdim, Not 13?Selh. Moberg, N York. In port, ldg, Rebec< a, for d?. Babcelona, Not 35? Arr, Ha ma. Weedeu, Charleston. Bkaumabii, Not 4?aid Juniata, Blanchard, (from Bangor) Boston. Bkboen Oct*5?Arr Lafoden, Rein, NYork. BokoKAirx, Not 1?Arr John Baring. Bailer, Richmond; 6th 8t Lawrence, Brown. Baltimoie; 9th. Orlando White, Senna: Belvidera, Cook, Fiume; ldh, Lncia Field, Rich do; VVinnegance. Melcher, Segna; lllh, Jenuy, Allard, NOrleans. Advertised?Chenango, for Baltimore; Bangor, Lnrena, Arkansas, Lion, Victoria, ?uwarrow, Apollo, and 8t Lawrence, lor NOrleane; Franc's and Louisa. Adeline and Eliza. Wab iu , ami John Baring for IN York; F mms, and Ohio, for Philadelphia Baltic*. Not S? Arr Edmond, Wehman, NYork; aid 9th, Atlantic Fnrater. do Bbkmebhavkr, Oct 30?Arr Mariane, Wieting, Baltimore; Not X. Metd, Mul-ch. and Constitnt on. Kothfos, NYork; Orleans, Barrett, Hamburg. Sid Oct 38 lutein It Walker, Bosse; Oeo Washi gtou, t'robst; Henriette, Foyle. and Epaminondaa, Lambert. N Orleans; Hdinrich, NYork; 39th, I Maud, aud; Not 1, Aicuea, NO'leaua 2d, Katallette, Philadelphia; 4lh. Johauii Dethard. OMveaiou; Sih, Schiller, Baltiinoie; 7th, Anua, N ?oik; 9ch, Herachell, NOrleana. Bhiitol, Not 6?Arr Ha'binger, Candliah, V*. Cahuike Not 4?Bid Kdwiu, Karuham Rio Janeiro. Cadiz. Oct ?7? Arr, Mai, Hereat, New York. Sid, Hterl<sg, (Jalloup, Rio Janeiro; 28th Carrier, Haile, do; 29th, P H"ne, 'oy. Palermo; Not 5, Jefferaon, Morgan. Rio Grande. Calcutta, Sept t>?Arr, Rambler, Ballard, Belfaat. Ireld, (W?y 21); I2ih Akbar. (Jerry, Boa ton, (Jane 8); 19th, Chicoia, Le*ia do (Jaue 19). Cltdk. Nov 4?Sid Ci'caaaian, Dixon. New Orleana; ,1th, Globe, Howea, Boato ; 9th. St John, Dicka, SaTannah; 12th, Triton, smith, Charleaton; Lady of the Lake, Fiitiimmona, navanuih; 17th. Abigail It Sarah, Botarnrd, NYork. In port, Portlaud, for Chirleatou Haitnonia for NVork. Coabt or Sumatra, abt July #?Arr, bark Lacille, Ropea, Salem. CaonaTADT, Oct 26?Arr Mary Plraaanta, Wotton, NYork; Suu. Menicke, NOr eana. H|d 27. Saliabnrjr, Colby, Boaton. Cuihaveiv, Oct 19?Sid Charlotte, Bnleraig, New Orleana; Not 3, Franklin, Roloff, NYork. DARTtiiiUTH, off, Not 11?Lonia Thilippe, Cutoff, Irom HaTre for N York Deal, No' 7?Arr Uhland, Btemen, (and aailed for NOrleana); Orleaca. London, (andaid9th lor N'lrleana); 8th, Coronation. Hire, do (and aid 13th for NOrleana); 9th. Charloite, Bulcraig, Bremen (and aid 11th ror NOrleana); 11th, illitabeth, Cowain, Shielda, for N ITo'k; 12th, Kockall. Koiter (and aid for NOrleana); Henriette, Bremen, (and aid lor NOrleana); Montezuma, Packer. Shielda (and aid for NY#Yk); Columbia, Cromar, London, (nndald for NOrleana); llth Henchell, BremeihaTeu, (ind aid for NOrleana); Ali'e Wilaou, McLean, Hull, (and aid I6lh for NOrleaoi); 16th, Adelaide, Stehr, Stockholm, for NYork; Abigail, Daly, London, (and aailed for NOtleana). Sailed 4th, Portland, Leayitt, ((rata liondoi) Mobile, Doveh, off. Not 10??atafette,fm Bremen for NOrleana DurtnKNitaa, off, Nov 12?John Campbell,Tobin, from Bre j- \.i. \-i i?.l it-. 1/_ n-.-i.:? t ij ? 11 U1GU lut .luncdu*, IJIII, HUCI1I t iviuiio, iavviuu||iiuui iiuii fur Charleston. Dub-lin. Not 9?Sid Commerce, Henry, Sayanaah. Kliikkuh, No? 2?Air Ade'aide, Gene, for NYork; 4th, Gustaf Wasa,Claje, do for do; Kedron, Howei, Cronstadt for boston; 6th,T??r, Lejch, do for do. Kalmouth, Nov 7?Arr Miltiaiies, Kanlett, Odessa (and sld 15ih fur Antwerp). Sid 12th, Royal Adelaide, Smith, (from Fowey) NOrle^us. Or.i?oa, Oct 10?Arr. Silenzio, N Orleans; 29ih, Oroztmbo, I'rofumo, d< ; Gen Veasie, Fairtield, James River; lit, Sophia Walker, Wiswell, Bostou. Gibraltar Oei26?Arr, Ohio,Champion, Richmond (and Id nth for Genoa); 3 it, Gtnges, Farnaworth, N Orleans. Cld 9th, California, Davis, (fai Malaga) Boston; 20th, Erato, Watford, (fm do) N York; ttth, Algoma, Spauldiug, (fm do haviug repai ed) N Orleans. Ooonwm Sand, off. about Not 15?Actiy, Kkmann, fm Got tenburg for N York; Anna, Weasels, fm Bremen for do. Oottenbubc, O-t 25?Arr Virginia, Jsnsen N fork Hamburg Not 2?Arr Sir I Newton, Weinholtz, NYork; R H Knight, Sawyer. Xlbara. Havre Not 6th?Probus, Dsvries, N York; 9th, Narragansett, Ueatebecho, do; llth, Missouri, (?) do: Iowa, Whed-n, do; 12, Tedcseo, Winslow, Mebile, Bid 6th, Lyons. Francks, NOrleans; Ith. Aurelius, Crocker, do; 10th, Middlesex, Elliot do: Louis Philippe. Castoff, NYork; llth, Sea, Norton, co; '5th, Neree. (Fr) rieuze. do. Advertised?Versailles, for Boston; X. for Charleston; Nairagansett; Chesapeake, aud Asia, for New Orleans; St Nicholas; Union, (i); Dncnessed'Orleans, and Probus, for N York Helvoer, Not 2?Sid Corardina. NYork. Lisrorr, Oct 22?Arr, Elise, Boman, New York; 23d, DaTid Henshaw, Pinkham, Hamburg, (aid Mot 5, for Rio Grande); Not 3, Columbus, Stewart, N York. Sid Oct 37th, Lenox, Howes, Rio Janeiro. Liverpool, Nov 11?Arr Sea, Baratow, NYork Oct 19, Sandy Hook 20th; Cambridge, Peabody, do I6ih, Sandy Hook 19th; 13 h, Kalamaz >o. Koulk, do; Gen Berry. Hill.NOrleans; 15th, <,?mnria, u) Juukius. Boatoii ut. Mam>x4tn; uin. mgrim, Blanchard, vlobilr; lath, Couitituiion, Hrittou. N Voik. Sailed 3th, Ld Sundon, Welch; Elizabeth, Heed, and Rialto, Hanaon, NOrleuia; Jos Porter, Keid, Charleston; France*, Southwortn. Bottoy; 6th, Hauovtir, Rogers, and Hindostan, Cushiag N Orleans: ?ard Chinman, Bilton, Savannah; P Hattrick, Hockwell. N York; Tth, Queen of the Weat. Hallet, do; Horatio. Boutellc, Boston; J?o Diuilap, Norria, Philad, (anu put back at reported by telegraph;) 12th, Viceroy, McMahon, Hod Caledani*. Tillinghast. NOrleans; Defence, Brewster, Charleston. Hampden Brings. NYoik; 13th. WvomingMie'cken, PhiUd; 14th, Ayishire, O'Nell, NOrleana; Emblem, Eller, and Sneridan. Cornish, N York; Marcia Cleaves, Wilson, Boston; Viola. Jameson; (having sailed 6th and pat back 11th) Mobile; Baltic. Saunders, Charleston; 18;h, Urgent, Rogers, Apalachicola; Lady Arabella, Simpson, nod Palo*, v oung. Boston; Oregon, 8innot, Mobils; Colonist, Heron, and Helen, Jackson, NOrleans; Prss Alice, Phillips; Oxford, O.iodm.icson; Ambassadiess. Dunn, and Greenock, Walker, NYotk: Finland, Bowne, Philad; Eleanor, Crawford, Savannah; 19th, IijrHarbeck, Merwin, NYerk; Intrinsic, McKey, NOrleans. Cleired 14th, Birmingham, Stnrdivaat, Charleston (to sail Hth); 13 th, Watninmou Irving, Caldwell, Boston:ICih. India, Tnompson. N York; Itth, Scotia, Mukelly, Baltimore; Red Koie, Supple, Savannah. Kntered for loadiag Ith, T<r, Irvine, for Phila; 10th. Naomi. NYork; 11th, Rockshire, M'Leavev and Harmony. Jameson, N Oceans; 14th Kcstril. Turner, do; 13th, Owlish, Slate,do; 16th, Lncy. Uonld. do; 18th, Countess of London, Garrick, do; Asia, Hannah, Mobile. Advertised, Hibernia, (s) for Boston, Dec 4; Caledonia, (a) do 18th; W Irvingjilo Nov 20; Abbot Lord, Nsson d'> 23d; Edmund Perkins, Tracy, do 25th; hrancia. Gregory, do do; fcicelsior, Williams, do Dec I; Callender, with despatch; Oen Ber y. Hill, do do;Cambria, (s) N York. Jan I; Jane 11 (ilidden, < hild, for do Nov 29; Naomi, Wright, do do; Henry Clay, Nye, do 21st; Emigrant, Hill, do22d; Sea Barstow do aid; Digby. Tuber, do do;Tuskar. Chapmtn, do 25'h; Millicete, Hunter, do Dec 1; Omega, Garrick, do 10th; Highland Mary, Crossley, do unr; Klinheth Hasty, for Philadelphia 24th; Kalamazio. do 26th; Susan ? Howell, Bailey, for Baltimore, 30th; Huisell, Glover, Tripe, forN Orleana, immediately; ork. Roy, do few days; Merchant, Pollard, do with deap*tr.h; Adeline, Pike, do do: Ellen, Stratford, dodo; Kllen, Braithwaite, do in all the next week; Corea, Findlay. do Nov 23. Alao hi port loading, So'dan, for Philadelphia; John Fielden, for New Yoik anl St John, N B; Lady Huntley,-for Charleston. London Nov 4?Entered inward, Victoria. Price, from N York; ith. John Corriar Knapp, NOrleani; Mediator, Stark, NYnrk; 12th, Independence, Bradiah, do, Watega, Thrane NOrleana; 17th, Grrtiude Sherman, NYork. In port Dana. Smith, and Chaa Walton. Baker, Tor Boaton; Virginia, NOrleans; and the packeta for NYork. Malta, Oct 21-Arr. Sophronio, Draw, doaton; Mth, Hallowell, Uarliiu, Baltimire. Maoku Sept IS?Sid, Jacob Perkini, Winaor, '"alcntta Mihikili.i:i Oct 30?-lid Detroit, Ward, Meaaiua; Not 2 Niagara, aim, Sm-rna. JupiUr, Allegre. and Napoleon, Bollo, NOr|eana; 3 . Beaver, Edm^ndi, NYoik; 4th, Cabot, Burse a, 'o; 10th, Laura Virginia, Felt, Boatnn. Aarertiaed?Hhoadta, Waverly, and Dephalide. for NO' leant; Sueceai, for Baltimore; Breuda, and Nymph, for N York. Opomto, off. Wov 10?An American veaael Pi bt Mahon. Oci 23?Err, Trea de Mayo, N Orleana. Portland, i.ff, XovS?Jorgeubech, Liat, fm Oo! ten burg for N Vork; 16th, Charlotte, Bremen for NOrleana I'oht>mouth, Nov 8? Arr Northnmberland. London, (and Id 9'h for NYork); 14th. wt Jimea, Chriatiaaaon, do (mould 17th fordo); 15th, rz'ei" Wrlker. Bremen for NOrleana; 16th, llruriet'.a, do du; 17tn, Toronto, Warner, London, (and aid for NYork). KoTHiAY, Nov 6?Arr Circaaaian, Dickaon, Clyde for New York. Rottk?i>am, Nov 9?In port, 8t?phen Lurman, Clark, for China, ready; Elite, for NYork, do; Amphion, and Marie Sophie, for do idg. Rauoor, S-pt IS?8ld, T B Walea, Thotnaa, Boaton., Nov 3?SI<1 lira*, Stephenton, New Haven; 9th, Montezuma, NYork; I3ih, On'dner, Aleiander, do ktocrhoi.m, nov xi?Air * ritz. mirleani . Texkl, Not 15? Mr Dogcerbank, NYork. Bid 3J, Miaaiaaippi, Steer, do; Chatham, Hyder, Boaton. Waterkord, Not 2?Sid 2d, Margaret^ Black, NOrlMM. Halifax, Not 27? Arr ?chr Voyager, Donne, Philadelphia; 4th, ateamahip Amelia. Phftanon, Boaton, 80 houra (and aid 5(h, 3 am, for Lirerpool); 5th, briga Muta. Ileverly, Alexandria; l.Hily Sale, Aylea, Philadelphia; 6th. aehr Streamlelt, trowel, Baltimore, lat.brit Canton, C??well, Baltimore; 3d, briga Kmma Adeliua, Croman, n York; Halifax, Laybold, and p.dward. Dearborn, Boaton Porto Rico. Not 17?Brig Wyandot, Crary, reporter from WiliniiiKton, N C. dug; loit deck load on the paaaage. Bid, brig K D Wolfe, of rhilnd for Turki laland. Kionin Island. Not S3?Bark Mary Parker, Patterson, for New Orleaua; brif Detroit, Oilchriat, from N York for IS Orleana. Going in?Bark Macedonian, Kobinaon, from 8( JagodeCuba. < #t Martihi, Not 22?Bark Harriet Newell, for New York 3 or 4 days; brig Koanole, More, far Newbern, 2 dava; W W Wyer, Snow,Tor New York 2 daya; ach Marcellaa, fm St Thoraaa, just arr. Sr Pirrrk, (Mart) Not 20?Bark Tiroli, Wheeler, of Hampden, Idc; brigs Orchilla, Harding, ol and fm Bangor, | I it k in 2 di; Washington, White, [of Newburyport] fo> fftim Oileam. via Turka laland. 2 dayi; aehr i M <Villiame. Washburn, from Norfolk, disehg; Mary Ann, llidgeway, fin Baltimore, ding St JoHira' N F, Not It? Brig Young Hunter, Pullerton, N York; ?ch? Hoae, J>o;man, and Clipper, Uera*, do; 15th. hrie Placid, Hamliu.Boaton; 16th, hr Nimrod, Rrtllin, Thilidelphla; 17th. AraWIIa. Price, and Loyely Mary, Stanton. N York; 19th, Billow, Field, Philadelphia; ttd.brig Juno,Prior, Itonton;25th,ship Snbina, 1'alkma, N York; 26th .briga Loyaliat. Pngh, All xnntfria ria Halifax, llth.elc briga Kaleo??r.* olera^n, hydney, C 1); Hope, Hall, Hayaaa: 24th, Barkhill, Kasip, Boaton. bt Martins. Not 19?Brig Naratiake, Beny, for NewYork 10' QMchr W W Wyer, Snow, fordo do. StT^roix, Not It?Brig tViiaahickon, Marthen, fm Wilmingto i, N C, di?g Vkra Cruz, Not7?Bark Epervier, Aobbina, New York; brigMonaco, Lewii, N Orleana ^ Home Porta. alexandria. Va, Dec 5?Sid aehr Harriet. Baker. Boaton. B?n?.oh, Dee 3?Air brig Hulli, 8teveoi, NYuik., Dec #?Arr bark Hannah Spracue, Lun', Cadiz. Bo?ror?, Dec 8?Arr ?t?am?hip Rritarni.i (Br) Harmon, Liverpool. 19lh nil; Halifax (where the arr at II PM.6th 7th in?t 1AM; ihip /on*. Phinney.New Orleana; ha Im Alexander, (RO B'l-rd, Koclielle; Union, Kendrick. Balti more; Kim. Taylor .Philadelphia; biga John B Doda, Sparki, Aui 'iayea; Reveille. Sleeper, Savannah; Rodolph, Ke?t, Baltimore; Ocean, Kldridge. do; laahelln, Matthewa, Philadelphia: Chieopee, Kmery, do; Kliot Knowlea, do; Alvarado. Hichaidaon, d >: Topat. Spates, do: Sea Flower, Sean, do; achra B A TufU, Norton, Kt Martha; Lneinda Snow, Hinbha. Gona'vea; Kxpreaa. Burden, Havana; German Oak, (ol NYork) Robinaon, Waahiogton, NC: Deborah, Robbma, do: S iphia barker, Jacoba, Rappahannock; <Carolina Baker, Baltimoie; Keuaington, Stephenaou; Kmily, Knight. Hoamer; Virginian, Nickeraon, and Edith. Crowelf, Philadelphia; David Smith, Smith, and Boatou. '"oraou, Philidelphia; Harveat Neil, and Ruby, Haakell, N York; Oleron, Pendl'ton, do; ''ornelia, Faulkner, do; Telegraphed, hriga Grande*, from Pliiladelphia; Kmblem; from New York. Sinai lor a b'ig. Cld. ahip Amity. Bray, Mobile; bark Mary, Whelden, Phi Wrielphiatb iga lit George, Long, New Orleana; Mvra, Hall, Philadelphia; Waahiagton, Griffin, do; aehrt Alexandria, Randall, Havannah; Edward Kent, ('harleafon; Renown, L>ve|i, New York. Sid, ahip* Brewfer, Havio; brigi Waahington, Almirn, and Cflaia. B?ltim??e, Dee 7?Arr Wig Porto Rico, Oilei, Bath, Me. CM bark St Joaeph, Bryan. N Orleana; briaa Sandaile Kterna, (Por) Tariacoa, Madeira and Liabon; Mary Mtantoa, Ryder, Boaton. HH bark Jnitiee Story, Ryder, Boaton; arhr Rambler. ( BO Wood, Halifax. Ith. arr ah-p Potomac, i.laxeir, fm Liverpool. bug B iaroa, Niekareoii, Boaton. On th? IJili nit, ]at 40 14. Ion M. Nicholai Whelan, aaanun, of Jobni, Mr', fall orarb*ar4 Ifom.U* auintop a*4 wm 4towm4 Wet* u Chablcitok, Dec t?kn ahio Krneat. (Kr) Barbel, OaadaInm; Sell, bark Rainbow, Lombard. Liverpool; brim Adela, McCarty. NOrleana; Waahugtou, Clo ahip Exchange, Myrick. Mobile KoanTon, NO, Dec 4?Ait achr Ball* Millar, Lee. 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PoaTLaitD, Dec (?Arr achra Petrel, Chandler, Cardenaa; Cion, Thomaa, N York. faoTiDCitcE, Dec 7?Arr acha Mexico, Adama; Charlotte, Rome>a; tfuena Viata, Rackett. and Aun Eliti Cake, Lreda, Philadelphia Bid acha Oee Waahingtou, Camp, and J RuatJing, Richmond, Dec 7?Bid acha Mancheater, Tuttle, NYork: Kichd Thompaon, Coraou, Weat Point; Maria Thereaa, 8malley, Salem Satannah, Dec 3?Arr bark Airnea k Ann, Bowie, Newry, Ireland. Cld achr Lodemia It Elm. Bomera. Philadelphia Salem, Dec 7?Arr bark Kdw Koppiach; brig Allaton; and a fleet ol coaatera bonud Eaat. Arrivau el atoMi^wM Thuriuat, Dee. 9. AMMkJO " KOT*l. R Heath. New Orleana: T Oitei. Charleaton; L Walker, Washington; T Gardner, Lone Island; Mr Conner and family, Pliiladelp in; T Maken, Weat Boston: J K Paulding, Tarrytoon; T J Crane, Boston; R Genett, Philadelphia; A II Simmons, do; Dr Briukler. do; G K Grham, do; J Gray, New bumh; W H Ells worth, Hartford; Mr and Mra Falls, Newburgh. astor house. Mr and Mra Wynans, Russia: Jos l.elaiid, Sooth Carolina; DD Warren, Springfield; Joseph Walker Jr. Leeds, Eu<;Mr Leech, New York; vlr Pond, Hartford; W Cheney. < nnu; W Latliu Masai ol Bertiue. New York; Professor Williamson, > utwhkeepsie: Paul i ulane New Jersey:A Kansom.AI"any; C W i utter. Portsmouth; J A Keaaon ft Bedford; H Greene I'rovdeuce: L Gibson Klmira: N Richards, AJKowan. A Hemmin?ayAJ N Millard, H Burde'i, Troy; J Hi>pkin?oo, South t.arolinu L Benedict. T Weed, Albany; J H Hivera, Mobile; iv Thayer. Wr and Mra Fay, Mrand Mra Parker, Mr Urowrue, Boston; W Young, Bal'imora; J Hunter, Virginia; P Bowrich, Philadelphia; W Meudall, Mail; K 8 Denny, Leict iter. city hotel. A Hall, Perth Amboy; Mra E Boyd, Savsnnan; C W Cunningham. Boston; Mr Townseadaud lady, Naw Haven; J Roy, Watervleit; K Krvnolda. Easton; B Lincoln, Boston; 0 Williams, Havre; K Van Kleck, Catskill;E Winth'ep, Houston; E Bennett, Baltimore; J Monroe, Mrs Whelan, Philadelphia clinton hotel. T H^aft, Boatou; James Siddy, New York: E 8 Hamilton, Vermont; E J Hamlin. Buffalo; Mr and Mra J D Price, Pa; Hon Edgar Atwatcr, Ct. teakl street 1i0usk. Wm Pope, G Bradford, J Weacott, Phila; C V Upshur, Phila; J Corten.Wm Uumont, N Y. franklin hotel. W 8 Canton, U 8 Navy; A Thompson.Utica; TMerriam; E Huuu.Batavia; J Crosby, Bridgeport; T Horner, Newaik; H Seymour, Pieimont; M Hamilton. Coan; H Hoadley, New Haveu; B Moore, Litchfield; G T Davia. do; G Sanford, Bridgepoit;G W Pratt, Memphis; ? Pritchard, Waterbury; GeoMorifc, New York. howard hotel. E Geiaae, Philad; B Hobart, Stoniogton; Mr and Mra Cheney, Baron M Longueil (Jrant, Montreal; J Botterfleld. Utica; Gen Merriam, Leyden; W Cox. N Haven: C Lee, Schenectidy; A Menely, West Point; Mr, Mrs and Misa Whitney, Coucord; J Horn, N Y ;T Keiter, Bridgeport: J Thomas, do; J Willis, M Arthur, W Armstrong, Bait; J Oeane, N York: H Maguin, Albany; J Van brunt, L 1; W H It J Hepburne, West Point. northern hotel. Mr Marks, T Whittles, Haverstraw; J Munsou; S W Landmark, N Y; P Cantine. Marbleton; Mr Tripp, Poughkeepaie; W Bylen, N Y; T W 8pear, N J; W J Rouse, Argyle;J A Stokes, Clvd?; Mrs Heath, Conn; C Jones and family, Rochester; J Mills, Prrv; M Reynolds, Vt. eastern i'earl. street house. Richard Sudler, Boston: A Kingston. Portsmouth: O R B Holt, Norfolk; 8 Dasset; Pennsylvania; J f Canfield, do; J M Constant, do. judson's hotel. T Whipple, Plainfield, Ct; J J Robinson. Webster; Mrs Beach, Hartford; B Marrivau, Waterbury; I M Crano, Ralston: L H Bacon, Hartford; 8 Almy, PUiafield: W White, Phila; Miss Madman, Ct; Mrs De Forest, N York; P Beach, Ct; M Gaylor, N Jersey; Mr and Mrs Barnum, Ct; Miss Stanton, do. lovejoy's hotel. E W Mend, Pittsfirld, NC; W 8 Arnold, Providence; W H| Weld, Weston; H C Bulinc', Cohoes Falls; J Carter, Ballaton Spa; Mr Davidson, Boston; F Cooper, J P Tucker, Philadelphia; H M Heischbrrg, New Yoik; L Lester. Baltimore; H Buckingham. Troy ;H Wheeler, Connecticut; JC Roach, Schenectady; Dr Vera Burr, Washington; W Warren G Lvoess. G Hepburn. Boston: G D Cole, Eden Cove; J C Cspp, Pniladelphia: E Thorp, 8 A Duteher, Canaan, Ct; 8 Downs, Leicester; C Hatch. Bo>ton; WJ Emery, Baltimore; J A Kobt> do; W L Duffie d, Philadelphia: A S Crum, Rockland Co; W Nessan, TAlfen. Philadelphia; D Rlnderhill, Manchester; C Beusan, U S A, Mexico; Mr La Coste, (Vew York: N G Hoxie, R P Gladding, Providence; A Carmichael, Weston; O P Prill, Providence; E Morse. Connecticut; B Mallony, R E Northrup, New Haven; W Winehell. Spencer; E Kingsbury, Connecticut: J Wa'dron, J Gregory, H Elliott. Buffalo; 8 Edgarton, W Edgarton, Vermont: E Grover, Boston; B Darling, Cambridge; J Faulkner, H H Jones, Troy. new england house. J Teckbam, New Haven; C E Hall, Massachasetts. rathbijn's hotel. B L Harden, Worceater; J Hog\n, Albany; W LoCkwaotl, Buffalo; A Camibell, <lo; E Welah, Albany; O Bu hue.l. New Haven; E F 1'otter, Elmira; Uco W Hathbuu, Mew Yoik. Taylor's hotel. N C Newell, Nnuga'iick: T Kmc. Maia'tta; E Brown and lady, do; A Stanley, New Britain; >. 8 Eariag, do; C Smith, Conn. TAMMANY UALL. 8 Barling, New Rochelle; W L (iruhb, Philadelphia; J W Wydike, do; J Williams, Newark; J Edaerrick, Monaon; P Cobnrn, Albany; M B Van Bntnens. New York; G 8 Koon, Troy;T A McKee, Michigan; J W Zecing, Washington; Mr Lyon, Rye; J Davis, Philadelphia; W Smith, Long Island. WKSTKRN HOTEL. FPHaikill, Albany; J 1) We.t, Trov; W Metealf, Providence; I N Stanley, Rhode Ulaad; W H Reid, North Greenwich; G; 8 8 Welch, Aahmill; W H I'heLa. Connecticut; L 8 Well?, do; G Hastings. no; J W Cutler and lady, Dntchess Co; A H Wella, Troy; F M Hale, Norwich; T McDonnell, Washington. TO A PRACTICAL CHEMIST-Waaied to employ, a practical Chemist, aj a manager in a white lead manafac* torv in the Weet. He nut hive had aome yean experience iu the beat mode of mannfactnriag white lead, red lead and liiUr.aa. ami (ha Uat ftf ?*attmnniali fnr hia moral charac er, capacity and habits of industry. None others need apply. To sacn a one, remanent situation and a liberal salary will be given. Apply to JAMES BOUARDUS, 40 JUdridge street dl lit* rre FRENCH LANUUAOE-rrofeaaer RICHARD'S Academy, 183 Broadway. Lessons in the French, Spanish, Italian, Oeimaa and English Languages, after a new and practical ayatem never before exhibited in this country. Special teacher* employed lor each language. An satoui?hing aucceaa hss been obtained by this method. Letiona at the Academy *10 per quarter Private Lessons $30 per qaarter. fr. RICH aRD, Director of the Academy. dl 12t*re 'pRWELLIxQ TRUNKS, kc.-JOHM CATTNACH 1. Trunk Manufacturer. No. 1 Wall atreet, corner of Broadway, has now on hand, and constantly making, a rood aaiortment of Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags and Satchels, wholesale and retail. Also, a superior article of Sole Leather Trunks, suitable for American or European travel, and Portm uiteaus for the^Trench Mall* Post Orders for the West Indies, South America, he. filled with despatch. n?6 lit*rc VI EINHARDT'S GILDED BRASS LETTERS KOR . J. 8ION8?These letters are remarkable for durability, aad i brilliancy of the gilding unequalled by any other article is the city?which brilliancy is warranted to stand exposure to the weather. T"ey are also japanned to any color that may be desired. Orders left at Jones. Beebee k Go 's. 12t fcultoi itreet, will be attended tn. The partnership heretofore sursisi me betweee Meiahsrdt It Scott, was disolved on the 1st July H P MKIVH AROT all fli (JfoMTLAENDEh7s QUICK DAOUERRKpTYPE Instruments, with four times intenser light; lenses of three inches and a querter diameter, to work on mediuij plates, for *140. At JLangeaheira k Beeker, 301 Broad war Hnf TlW M "" " ?' " ~ ' ? AYUH'H OKK1CE, CHAKLfcTsl'UIN, October 20 >147?At Private Sale?That hrg? and splendid estab liahment known u the CHARLESTON HOTEL, aito ited in the moat central part ol the city?fronting on Meeting treet, IM feet, by 17} feet deep on Hayne and rlnckuey ata.. immediately adjacent to tfie extensive range of wholes <le stores. The Hotel ia 4 atoriea high, coutaina 142 Parlor* and Chambers.* large Diuing Saloon aupported hy two rowa ofcolamna, Ladiea' Dining Room, with a auite of private parlora on ttieldstory. Bar Room, Heading Room, Offices, Store Rooma and Kitchen. Also,} Stores, and Barber'a Koom on basemerft (roniing Hayneatreet. A large ciatern capable ol containing 85.000 gallon*, with force pompa attached thereto, is caae ol fire: also, two wells on the uremiaes. The front of the Hotal ia auorned by a two atory Collonnde of Corinthian order, aud for architectural beauty, will vie with any iimilar building ia the country. Term* of sale moat accommodating. whicn will be mtde known, by application* atfdreased to the Mayor of Charleston, until 1st January, 1848. T. LEOEH HUTCHINSON. Marar. 26 2*wlltrc ONST1 PA'J ION?(' OHTl VENEH8)iierro.n?nil7eaTV ed without the aid of medicinea. by WAHTOM's EBVALENTA. A vegetable food, light, palatable and nutritiou* For aale. wholeaale and retail, at ihe " National Depot of Warton of Pari*"?106 Fulton at., N. Y. M.E. Petron, Agent for the United State*. The Treatia* on Constipation and it* Cure, by M Warton of Pari*, alio for tale, price 21 ceatsr "I* Ht'm 6 CURE NOTXT-Stt. CUHB11T, 1* Doane*(!? t member of the Royal Collet* of Surgeons, London, may be comulted in treatment of certain delicate disease*. A pt?ctice of fourteen Tear*, devoted to venereal disease*,enable* Dr C. to cure the worst form of thi* diieaae Itccent caiea cured in four day*. No mercury uied, nor restraint in diet or bnaineu pursuit*. Stricture* cured in one or two week* withicarce ly any pain. Conatitutional Debility?Thoae individuala who hav* indulged in a certain loathaome habit can poaitivel) be revored to health and aociety. Remember, 19 Duaue street, next door to Dr. John?on'a. dIO If rc D~ kThaLPH'S PRACTICAL rKIVATE TREATiSE on the Disrsse* of the Genual OrgMis. A dapted to the use of every individual of both sexes? Fourth Edition, 342 pp Prices!. Published by Clay fc Co., 32 Ann street, and aold by all booksellers in the United states, Canadaa. Itc. Sold alio by the author, 81 (jreeuwi' h street, or mailed free, securelv enveloped, on leceint of $>. i>o?tpaid, addreaaed u? t Pnit ClfTtr* Sliw VnrL f^nntentl?( hnt>t^r 1. On the natn'e, symptoms, progress and consequences of Oonorihoia; ch 2. On its remedies; eh. I. lu treatment and cure, iu the acute (tare, in the chronic a'age, instantaneous or preventive tieatmenti ch 4. On it* accidental or occasional symptoms. their prevention anil core; ch i. Oil Uono'?b<*a in the Eyes, and Gonorrhmt Rheiimatiiai cine; ch f>. On (ionorrhcra in Krmales, ita nttnre, peculiarities, enre. Advice, wlpeh if generally known and acted on would [ut an end to the disease altogether ch ?. On Oleet, ita natnreand core?is it infections? eh. I. On certain complaint! retemblirfg {onorrhiri in aome lespecta, and often mistaken for it, bnt totally distinct and innocent, and to which all are liable; ch. 0 Onl Lenco/rhma. Whitee, or Kemale Weikneai, lit Inie. and causes, consequences and enre^ch. 10. On Sinenature and causes. couyqneneet. r*n*dias. mole of enre; ch. II On Masturbation, or self-pollution; ch. 13 Ita consequences; ch. I). '1 he only fne cure; eh l< On Syphilid, its distinguishing marka, uamre, progress, consequences; eh. IV Ita remediea; cli 16. On the use and abuse ol Mercury; eh. 17. Oo the general principles of cure, with ci.mparisoa of the me curial and non-mercurial plana; eh. II. On the treatment and cure of Chancre, the use and abitre of caustic; ch, 1^ On the occaaional symptoms, ai bnbo, kc.. pteveniion ad enre; ch, 30. On More-'hrott. its treatment and core: ch. 3 . Oa Blotches and Eruptions on the Skin, cure; ch. 33. O'l Ryphilit in the Nose and Bonea, cure; ch 31 On Mercurial diaease; ch.34. On the effects of venerial diseaie on posterity. "If not proneilv mav lie so dormant in the constitution, as to show itself in no other way than in its miserable or fatal effects on posterity, if it do not destroy the proeraa'iva faculty altogether." The eradicat ion of the poison from the system, the treatment of Syphilis m InfsnU; rh 25 On ceitnin diseases whithreseable veitfrinl, and soma; limes ap, est to arise in the same way, hut which a'e r.ot, and P OK NEW OIU.EAN8?Louialama and Mew York Late JP of Packed Verylfeduced Rates?The uewandapleatfd fast tailing packet ship RICmAkD COBDEN it mw loading, mad will positively MM on Monday, December ttth, her regular day. Far freight or passage, tiering splendid fumiahed accommodations, apply en beard at Orleaoa wharf, foot of Wall atreet. or to E. K. COLLINS, M South meet. Agent in New Orlpnas, Mr. Wm. Creevy, wluj will promptly forward all gooda to hia address. Thia ship will positively tail punctually as advertieed. Packet ahip OfcWEOO, Captain logeraoll, will tucceed|the Richaid Cohden, and aail her regular day. dlO re 1r?OH VALPAR AlSO, INTERMaDIOS aND LIMA? The faat aailing alup ORPHEUo, 437 loua, Freeman,maat .r, will positively sail as aoove. on or about the lat ol January. Forfieigktor nasaage. having packet accommodation*, apply to SAMUEL F. 1RAC V, 27 Old Slip. dl0 6t*m PACKETS FOR HAVRE-IJeeoud Line?The ship UT1CA, D. B. Swan, master, will aail on the lit January, dj rrc OR UHAMLi 8TON, 8. C.?The tkeamihip NUltTBEHNER, Capt. Th a. 8. Budd, will leave the pier foot of Clioloa at.,opposite Tobacco Inspection, E. R., on Satutday. the 11th mat., at 3 o'clock, P. M. No berth secured until paid for. All billa of lading ugned bv the clerk no board. For freight or paaiage apply t^rtPOKFOHD, TILE8TON fc Co., No. 41 South itrett. QI7?"Pai?eugers by this vessel are lequested to send their bagg'ge ou bosrd, previous to 12 M on the day of departure Conugncri are particular1* tequu'ed to attend to the receipt of their goods on the arrival of th* iteijner. ?7 3trc FOR LIVERPOOL?ltegular Packet lltti Dec?The firat c an fait mailing newpacket thin VVK8T POINT, burthen 1100 tons, Captain Alleu. will aail aa above, aud from Liverpool on 26th January, being her regulu days. The accoainodatioua for cabin, aecoud cabiu anil steerage paaaengera are fully equal to any sh'P iu port Those about embaikiug ahould make early application on b"ard, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSE.H iV]cMUMRAY,corner Pine and South it.eet P. 8.?Periona wishing to send for their friends in the old country can have them brought out iu the abote packet, or any < f the tegular line, by applying ai above. d?4t?m (JEAN 81'E\M NAVIOATION CL?MPANV-U. 8. Mail Line to Southampton and Bretaeu.?From the be,.r . mm, imu Ik. ttt.xn.r. t\ I rhi. Cnn.ti.nlT _,ll ill rrgul<rlv once a mouth, u follow*From New York? Washington, Capt J. Jotiuttiiu, Jttii 2V; Hermann, Cant < r?litre*. Kfb. 20 From Bremen? Wathington, Feb 15; Herman, March 13 From Southampton? Washington. Feb *0; Hermann, March 20 Passage fiotn New York to Soutbamprou or Bremen. 9120; from Bremen or fouthamp?ou to New York, $151 For Ireight or pnttage npply at the office of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company '4 William afreet, ,-ew Yo k. or t'? DAY, CRQ8KEY Ji RQSS, agent* at Snuthamproni WILLIAM ISELIN, agent at Havre; C. A HE1NCKEN kCoi Bremer. n?7 )4t Ih OUR i/HAMUtl) TO i? NEW VOKK. ALBANY AND I HOY LINK FOK ALBANY ANDTKOY DIRECT?From the foot of Courtlandt street ? ' spongers taking this Boat will arrive in Troy ia time to take ilia earliest morning trains we?t to Buffalo, and north to Haiatoga, L^ka tifiorge and f.hamplain. The low-pressure ceamhoat EMPIRE, Cant. R. B. JVlacy. Thii Evening at 5 o'clock. Veguj lar days, Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday For i>ass<a?e or freight, apply on no rd, or at the nfnce ?n iHe wharf. nJO r? Not loh?Hour changed from 6 to 5 o'clock.?The Aloanr Evening Line Steamers ISAAC NEWTON,and OREGON, will leave for Albany at 5 o'clock instead of 6 aa heretofore. oj^and after Monday, Nov 29MM7. n30 PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS FOB ALB AN V. Daily, Sundays Etceped?Through Direct?At i o'clock, P. M., from .he Pier between CoHnJandt aud Liberty Itreeti. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON. Capt. Wta H? Petk. i*?ve on Monday Wednesday.and Friday evenings ?> 5 1'clocK Steamboat OREQON, Capt. A. P. St. John, will leave on Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday evsnimri at 5 o'clock. M 3 O'clock, P. M.?Lauding at intermediate plaras- from th* foot of Barclay street, steamboat SANTA CLAUS, Captain B. Overbagh, will leave on Monday, Wednesday. Friday and Sunday afternoons at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain T. N Hulse, will leave on Tuaeday. Thursday and Saturday afternoon*, at S o'clock. The above boats will at all times arrive m Albanv ia ami>U time for the Morning Cars for the East or West. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken altar 4 o'clock, P. M. AH pereoaa are forbid trusting any of the boats ol tni? une, without a written order from the captains or agents. For nassare or freight; on board the boats, or to P. li. dCHuLTX, at thb omUi on tne^wharf. nilH NOTIUK.?On and alter 8UNUAK, November Slat, 1147. the steamboat SYLPH orMTO'F.N Irtl.ANDKK will make the following tripe until farther notice: Leave Stater Island at 0, 10, IS o'clock, A. M.?2, and S o'clock. P. M Leave New Von at t, and 11 o'clock, A. M.?I, JX, and o'clock. P M new York, Nov. II. 1W>. nPrc KISTUL'tt SAK8APAH1LL*.?This celebrated Medicine ia daily extending the sphere of its usefulness, aha year afier year adding to the immense long catalogue of Itt triumphs. Thousands of Invalids, by a timely and persevering use of this healing antidote^ are now the Wring witnesses of iu efficacy ana power?it mty well be styled the Siek Man's Hope, for what is life without health? A boon scarce worth preserving?then try it.all ye who are afflicted with any of the ills arising from Impurity of Blood, and by renovating yonr system ana thus securing your health, be enabled to ada your testimonials to those who have very justly deemed it the Blessing of the Age. For sale at the Depot, 60 and iS Court landt street, and ef the Druggists generally throughout the United States. dg-4t*nc K~ IttKBttlUh,'?TATlfctU?Al,L?HKAVK rUWUfcBH. ?There is no disease to which horses are liable that injures their aggregate value as much ss Heaves and Broken Wind, and these complaints are generally the result of gross carelessness, either by driving violently after a full meal, by feeding musty provender, or most commonly br neglecting a slight cough or cold. The Tsttersalls Heave Powders are warranted to care a recentcough or cold in a lew days?will prevent founder or chill, when throwu into the food that is given to the heated animal after a hard ilriVe. and the astonilhiug res hits th?t have been effected by their use, in this citv sua vicinity alone, some of which have been published ia the certificates of Messrs Gale, Floyd k Davis, prove that they possess eitraor- ' dinary power iu tbe removal 01 Hraves. and all complaints of 'he lunge, throat and windpipe ol the Hone, any eaae of which they will cure, except where there ia actual ulceration of tbe lunga or conaumption. A merciful man it merciful to hil beast. Thoae wh > baVe suffertd with asthma, can form an idea of the agoniting diitieu which a horae, troubled with Hearer, mutt endure while exerciaing briskly: and thia conaideration tl*ne ahoqld induce horae ownerato relieve their afflicted animals, when they have ao mnch aasurance that thia valuable remedy will do it. GREAT CONDITION MEDICINE? Although the specficai,d of thia remedy is to cure complaint* of tbe lungs, and yet from their great alterativMjnd restorative oroperties, they are an excellent condition medicine; in light hide, loaa of appetite, and all diaeaseath-t denote derangement of the digeative function! or the existence or Botta and worma in the alimentary canal, a< described, in the fallowing certificate Meaara A. H. Gough It Co.?Gentlemen : That package of your Heave Powde<a that I bought of von for aay horae'a cough haaentirely cured him, but in a different way thaa 1 expected. The Expectorant Powdera brought away an im* meue number of wo ma from him, and 1 believe rhey were all tne cauae of i lie cough, rough coat, eta., which he exhibited? for that package hna entirely cured him: hia appetite i? good, and he ia now in prime condition. 1 cheerfully recommend vour Heave Powdera for worma aa well aa forheavra Youri, 'AM'L ROBERTS. East Hempstead. L. I-Oct. M, <8*7? Price f 1 Per package of sufficient to cure an ordinary caae; ait lor $3. A. H. OOUGH Ik I :o., 149 Fulton atreet. New York, ole proprietors Peraona ia any part of the Union remitting cash, post paid, can have )? doz. or more packed, free of expense. and it can be shipped per the nnmeroua expresses at t trilling coat A liberal discount to deaiera. Wholesale Agenta ?* Klctt k Co . and AnRcer fc Dickson, Philadelphia: S W. Fowle, Boston: Waters k Van 8haick, Troy; O. Dexter, A1 bany; and Ptebbinalt Reed, Chicago. 111. A. H. ti. It Co. are <lao agents for Baker &. Ce'a HOOF LINIMENT, an excel lent preparation f?r aaud cracks, contraction, inability to reiain the shoe, fce., for horse g'feet. dl I4t*rrr A" ftOTHER LIFE SAVED BY THE ~U8fc ol a Tew bottles of KfcLLINOER'd INFALLIBLE LINIMENT.? Cato is himself again?Who is the:e in the vicinity of New York City that has not It ard of or be* come acquainted with our old andllong tried friend Catol who for nearly 00 yea s haa, in the old homestead, triumphantly catered for the ite and pleasure going portion of our city. We would simply aay, in relation to the caae, that it waa contidered by lumaelf and medical adviaera, tabs perfectly insurable?from an attack of inflammatory rheumatism. Let the afflicted go without fail, aud learn from the "Id gentleman'a own lipa the effects-,of thia wonder working medicine, and have their hearta made glad, to know that there ia one, lmosr the minv nretendrd remedies, that can be relied noon. ii every aeate of the word, to do what it ii told for via : ?To eradicate pains of all and every nature, as well aatobeal all manner of soies and bruises, immediately It can always be had, wholesale and retail, at the principal depot of 8. J. lnger10II It Jo., No. 130 Pearl itreet, at St eentaa bottle, or ft4 per dozen, carefully packed, and at the druggists, laddlen, stores, and Mverns throughou the city and country generally. N. B ?For very special aud extensive references of the most astounding cures on record, in this and other cities, see Dr. Kellinger's advertisement in the 8pirit of the Times, published in the city r.fNew York, which csn be seen in ereryprincipal town of the United States, the Caaadaa and Great Britain. n9 IS' eod >C NfcW kUHK HOMiiKI'ATHIC DISTENSaHV . at 57 Bond street?Opro daily, huuda- '* excepted at 3 o'clock, !' M. Physicians iu atteainm^e?ft II. KirKy, M. DEdward Bayard, M. D , 8. u Barlow, M. D , B. F. Bowers, M. D , R. A Snow, M. I)., John Hawkes, M D., and B K. Joalm, M. D. J. A. Mr.Vickar, M. D., will attend to su ficsl ca'ea every Saturday, at 12 o'clock, M , at the Ditpenaarv Dr. Kirbv will lecture?n HemasopaOiia, on to-mhrioiv, (Sstutdiy. lltli inst.,) evening atl'% o'clock, in ihe Lecture Room, J? Bond street Students of medicine, and oth*rs interested in the ?utj?et, are invited to be present Lectureamay ho expected every Saturday evening, at the same pia>e. H. A. SNOW. Secretary d0 2fm M" ONTHL V K KrOttT KOK NO VEMMKH, Ok' T E NEW YOKK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INS'I'ITU I E. No. 71 Chambers street. This institution was founded in 1142, to suppress quackery, aud render round and ciemific medical and surgical aid to the affli-led, under the distinguished patronage, las will be remembered by many,I of the most eminent citizens, consisting of ' lergyman ana Medical men. Cases Successfully Trea'ed?i I'rinary Con?nmptiou;5 very bad Cough; 1 Tain in the Chest;5 cases of Midwif?ry;6 Acidity of Stomach; 4 cases of Cottiveness; I caies of Dvspepsit; 7 cases of Gleet; 5 Palpitation of lhe Heart; 3 h nlargeinent ol the Heart; 4 Veueieal Sore Throat; J cases ol lo>potency;6 Irritation or fcUding of the Urethra; 2cases Balanitis; 4 Liver Cc.mplaint;6 Sore or Inflamed Eyes; IS Seminal Weakness induced by improper habits; 7 cases Secondary Veneral; in Chancres, or primary de.;{ cases of Gonorrhoea; 1 cases of Diarihcea; S catea of Iiheumatism; 8 Suppression or Irregularity of the monthly periods; 4 Falling i| ihe Woinb;3 locontinence ol Urine; 2 Poison bv Landa num; 1 Delirium Tremens Surgie?l Operation!??' Abscess Opened; 3 Praetor**atteuded to;6 Hemorrh*id*l Tnmori removed; 1 Operation for Phymosia; 8 Stricture* cared ia th* Urethra; 4 Operation* for Squinting: 1 Large Tumor removed; I eperation for Kistala; several injuries attended to: 3 Ulcerated Sore Legs; 1 operation to relieve deformity. H. B08TWlf'K, M D , Attending Tliysicitu and Sutgeon. d tlfig rPHK MAHHIKU WOMAN'S PKIVATK MKD1CAL JL COMPANION, by A. M. Maurifesu, Professor of Diseases of Women. Sixth Kdition. Price |1. The important secrets here contained, though of n naiurc strictly intended for the married, yet to those contemplating marriage, it i*equally important. The various subjects treated of in tn* "Married Woman's Private Medical Companion." are of a nature with which every female, either married or contemplating marriage, should become converunt, especially the great French discovery here coutained to ignorance of the existence of which the life of many a wife has fallen a sacrifice ; as also restraining miny prudent persons from the dread of poverty or prospect of a large family of children, from marrying. To the female nfflictrd with the various complainta peculiarly incident to her sex, it is invaluable, a* containing the aauiCl, symptoms and the moat certain remediea for th* removal of her complaint*. This work i* dest.ned to he in the hands of every wife and mother who haa a regard for her own health and welfare, as well aa mat of her husband. The revelationa contained in its pages havealready proved a blessing to ihnnsan^a, a* numerable letters will attest. It t* of coarse imrossible to eonvey mote fully, in* public journal the v? rious subjects treated of. as they are of a nature strictly intended far the married or those contemplating marriage ; oeiftier i* it necessary, since it is every one*'* duty to become possessed of knowledge, wheteby the sufferings to which a wile, a mother, or a sister may be subject, e?n be obviated. Copies will be sent by mail free of postage. On the receipt of one dollar, the " Married Woman's Private Medical ComiMinion" will he sent, free of poitaee, to any part of the United Kt-ites. All letters must be addressed (pott-paid) to Dr A. M. Manricena, box 1224 New York City Publishing Office, '?0 Libeity street, New Vork. The Married Woman's Private Medical t-ftmpanion" is sold by booksellers in everv principal city in the United State*. Agents in Phila/.ii?rti l.n: Albany. W (J. Little & Co: Boston. Kediting * Co; Ht Lome. Matin & Cornish; Columbus, John T. Blain, Agent lor Central Ohio; Kichmond, V* . C. F. Fisher All Inters, however, must he addressed as aho?e. F?r sal*, wholes ile and retail, at 129 Liberty street. n?H'* rh PHILADELPHIA MKD1CAL HUUeifc-DK. KINKK tT LIN OKHMAN PHYSICIAN, 15 years' resident practitioner m Philadelphia. The care or all diaeaaei of the skin, maladies of a delicate nature, and des'ractiee habita of yontb, etill continues to engage Dr. Kinkelin's n I most attention. In valids whose complaints are in the moat desperate condi tiau, may depend on beiug always conducted by Dr. K. him self, with a prompt, safe and energetic treatment, to a perfect care. Strangers travelling, supplied at a moment's notice with medicine sufficient to ear* themselv** ia the most convenient I and private manner. Care warranted or no chart* reqmred. Letters, post paid, will meet prompt attention JUctdenee, (i. \V corner of Third and Union str**ta, halfacinar* from jtc""""" -

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