Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 14, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 14, 1847 Page 1
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m fly * 11,1 i. mm n .' THi Wliole No. 49.11. P\KK THKATRE?Tueidnv Kv#nii.?, De?. Uth.willbft performed ihe comedy ofTrlJ? llfcll n AT I?\W?1.< liiibrrlyMr. litis; Dick Da?l<i?i Mr.<Dyott; Dr Pgi gln *, Mr VV'. ii. <;h.iuiii ,n: 8tedfj?t, Mr Bwy l.ady l)ubnl\ , Mn Vernon; ( "roliue D >rirrr. Mn Frurv. T-> eoi.cludr with tli? play ol HUB K"V M AOJKKUOK-Kob Boy WO"H >rCampbell,Mr Dyort; Sir Krederick Vf ruou, Mr \ndrr?on: Helen VlcOr'g r. Mil. (i. Joce?; Muiltc, .\lr?. Kuitfht. 11 *? . Sl * H t,'i? <?nt; (i CRV THKA1U.K.? A. VV m< -sod M.. iter ; auoje VUnnaer. Ma. Turtda^ Kirenioi, Dec. 11. will be rt'fo'med tliedrami ?f VALSHA. O' tlir Rrvolt if 'he Sijaves?I're tnisUus Mr. iff, Mr \V <' I ti t- ; E.ilbec, Mr. Bu'l-e; V* ?hn Mrs Phillip*. After which i evi North. and the Florae Taiitmanv. To be followed t?v the tal let of GISELI.E, or the Williea?CJu'lla, Mis? i urn ton 11; P.tnceAl ?rf, Mr O W. Sniitb; Hllariott, Mr Meveni. ' o c include Willi the comedy of BUU'K I) AIIVE?Beiijami i Bowbel], Mr. Hunt; liituuo, Mr. Jordiu Doors < pen At o.'i o'clock, .l irt th> uarCM* </tl! r><? Jit ' tK:ss. iS c?nu, I'.i auu O'Mttr i2^t;eat? i 111 \ i'ti V VI I'lifc V I'll!*.Uitj?r m? .ii"< 1?? o 9' ET 'HKR?Stage Manager, Mr Hield.?On Tuetiar Eveniui, Dec. II, will lie presented th<i'r*ma ?>< HI.At K M ANTL11., or Wenlncll of Wedlock?Hubert Lyl?. Vlr I'. . Taylor; Wolf, Mr. Hteli; Osrick, Mr. Su:li-H?u 1: Lad/II o>remi. Mm HiHrtlh; Kva Mm. McLe?n To tie folloto'ed by the tlODEL AKTHTEH. lo occlude v>t!h t' e drair ". of TUB ROLL Oh- THE DRUM a St.,ry of th' K.-i i- War ?Ernest, Air. flu Liter'and: Oscir, Mr. SnfFord; Cnrpi.M!, Mr. Hield; hmilie. Mits Hild'Cth Doom open ut tnlf p.i*t<; p?-iformnire to coinmeuce at 7 o'clock. Boxes 2.'? caiiti?1'it, 1!'; cents CI IKUUS?rtOWKKV AVU'HITII K \ 1'HK-IOHM TMVON ' M ot'ge ?Tttett lay Ktrenina, l??c. 14?Knga em-nt i.f Hands. Leut tl Co'a Troupe ?f D.AN' INO HOH.SM M ty FlTUM Bucephalus. The FIUHl INO I'O.NI MS, i im Fairy Poniea, the i'win Ponies, and the Tom Thumb lJ,.uy. In alditi ti to all ilie sp.endid aits of Hotseinaos ip. Vaulting, Tumbling Hope volutions, Sic., Sic. Sum l.a'hro',;, Clown Mr (i'.otiit h?Mt, Mr Mndigun, Mr. t.'ole and nil the talent of fie reeclir cnmpnuy will also be introduced Boxes 21 cruts; fit, <2)i cents. MAY KLY.the celebrtited Dancing Hnr^e. Wi l?i|i"'r mi Timsday. d!4 H*rc j\/f ITCH ELL'S OLYMPIC THJCATH K ?6"n7i~ua?da? r " |i'*eniuE, Dec 14, the performances will cominencu with ROBINSON CRUSOE *ND-Martnii!ii!te Smjilg-ns-, Mr. HuHuttd; Clementina, Mist Ma y Taylor. After which, <ud tine, UPI'EK HOW HOUSE IN DISASTKR PLACEI A 11 Mode. Mr Chaafrau; Twiiclier. K><| . Mr. Conn ver; Lute<tri>.i< Al<?? Mary Thv or;8i'in, Mis' I'liill pi Alter which, THK BOAKDINO S' HOuL?Capt. H4rco?rt. Mr. t-Ihanfr u; ("aruiin* Blvthe, M'*s Md'y T'Vlor 'i'oc>>'!elgde wi'h llic UV8TKHIOU8 I1' VMI ux?Nar<;i?ses Drlliiilil, Mr. Holland. Dton open lull" pani>, >nd the curtain will ri>- -' ?D'ess 'lire.le 51c; Upper Boxes 2'io: Pit. I2*ic. ji tTfTH n ftrw frrrjt^ V?ijBMii?T. n>n nju niii -TV be presented Donizetti's Opera, in three a< u, of I,U< IA J'l LAV|KKMOUK-l,iml lleury Ashton, S'r Kerain*ndo Benevet.lino; Latent l.amernionr. Sin'ra 'lerrsi Truffi; S,r Kd.-arof Kavenwo>d S'r Benedetii; Lord Arthur Buck I aw, S'r Felix Uenovesi; Maymond. H'r ?e(timio Koii; Alice, hit'ra Auifiol" Mora; Norman, S'r ^ellipto Albertazzi.? Maestro Diretlor?. Hiyuor Bm iIIi. Leader of the Orch stra, Suuor lUpetti. B.Xv?. I'^murt, mid Balcouy $1; Amj>?>itheatie, f>0 ceur*. Box 0/Ticu open in hi'f p-?t 8 to 12 o'clock, at.d at No 2 Wall street from I to 3. Doors open at 7 u'cloe.k. To commence ?t lulf past 7 in |> AUD?VI \D AMOI?KL.LB AUGUSTA, "respectfully "J announces to the lidiea an1! gentlemen u( Nfw Yo'k, Ill it Paltno's Operd House will positively open on VVednesd iy e> eniusr. ISth i? ?t See idxert semeiif. d>4 I'rre AUVUM'S AMtTaiZWu MUSKUM ?> "Un-tm. Pruprieror: K IIitchcoc*, Mmu?-SPI,ENDID 1'KHKORMAINCE8 EVKKV AKTK.?!NOON at 3 u'ciock, uud iivery " veiiKs *r?7>i o'clock. KrgiiKed. for h lew ( AMrBELL'8 ETHIOPIAN SERENAD(-..KM AND OfKIIA COMPANY, who will appear iu a ORAM) ETHIOl'l AN BURLESQUE OPERA, and alio m thci' Popular i'viiiis'rel?y, at each performance. Alio a eueiL'ed.Jhe GREAT WESTERN. Min BERNARD, Miss JULIKN, MODELS OF SHAKSPEAHE'j HOUSE, ami other buildings ronnectta with hi* history; LIVING ORANU OUTANO, Sic.? Adnntt-if oe to the whole, 25 cent*; children u :Jir leu yr:u? <>f nue uud o'.d eaoagh to walk alone, 12X cents Reserved Irotii seats, one shilling e'ch extra.. di rc |%/1 tCHANlCB* HALL. <72 broad war. ??:-??#* Hmm I?1 ?nd Broom > streets. Crowded to overflowing with the BEAUTY U'i FA8HIOV ol New York. OPEN EVER* NIGHT. UNABATED SUCCESS Eleventh Week of the Original CHRIST V'H MINSTRELS I'm- Oldest LiT-hfi?h*rt Band in the United States P. CHRISTY K. J'EIRCE, G. N. CHRISTY C. ABBOTT. J. ltAV VOB, T. VAUGHN, wtioie ongiu&l awd iniutitibln concert* a-e mjjlitiv noDored witli crowded and highly respectt:blanndiences, audunive.sallv admitted !o enel ever* nnrneicent ol a simiU/ character offered iu this city. Admission 25 ceaU. C&ilJrex under IJ ysit.-s, price. Doors ol>eu it 7; nunHRvfllMWMm at 8 oltloik. dl2 7:?rc BROADWAY ODHON?Entrance tiiroii?'it finicun's Seloon?Under the m -.naneinent of Mr. e.o. Grrki-v.? '111 IS EVENING, will lie presented n Variety of enIxrtmui'jN performances, anions which; II us C. Blancnard mil pi iv several favorits oira on t: e Musical 0:a??s ; iVir. H O. Shermin iu<l Miss Roberta sine some favorite songs; Mis* Adele aod Miss Lamee in t?o dances, and tin Grecnn E*erei?e?iiv Misa Blanehard. After the uliove n srrirs of T4 OLE AUX Vl VA NTS, including nio mg othe" groupiu'!*, "Cupidjand Veuus " " The Amazonian Triumph,'"' Veuus coming our of the Bath?r.i! a Oraud Nanoual i'alleuu iu Jlovr of t'i? United Srntee. SOulE IVY LIBRARY LECTURE kdOm-I \ RO LEAN ( ONCI: RT ?The Mauser Family,relatives ofthe, will have tlie honor ofgivnittl.ei! E'Rhth <-onceri in Au.erici, on Wednesday evening-. Dec. 15th, at the Society L> hrnir, >! wnicn occaslou tney will prra-iu mi eutiie i Ji .1 ge 1 I proj'sratne. T ckets admittinga uentlt man and two ltdies. SI; si.iirl9 ttcteta.S# cents. Doors open ?t Mtr|illl (| Co com raence hi half past 7 o'clock. 1X0 postponement 0.1 r-ouut of weather. <IN t'.'rr. S"(JZlt,T\t 1.1UK *HV LKt/J UK*. KOOTT ? VI n. LY nNK'S Musical Iilmtrniions of"h ilr psire ? Tnuiiday ['.veiling, Dec. I6ih?M *CBKTll. Tickets, One D 'liar TO tiiUMIWt ?t t o'clock. i!'fl7t*rc rpHM AMUUCAN MUSICAL I ViTiTUTK?rt'ill, ? L tlieeiruestnolicititi >n of its subscnbers ami panous most of whom prefer ncc >?ionilly to !ufeu to inmic of a l-*s heavy nature than Oratorio, give a wit arranged luiicrllaneou* Coiiee.t. Rt the Tube.n:ic e, on Tusad<v K"cirue, luti l)e<: inher inula t. 111 idtcs of the Oratorio of 1' Paradise Mid the Peri," which has beru postponed lor a ahorttioie, for ihia pupesr, but wnich will positively be ?iieu, villi ttetiieM lout effect. during the | resent season 'i lie ' melon a e happy to -Miiiouiice to the subscribers 1U1I the public, that iliry havesucceeded iu effecting an euga^einttil wi.h the cf Minted tenor, vlr. Arthurson, who will nuke his first ap,eariiice beioreaXew Yoik audience on this oco iuion. Th? first pa. 1 will ronip the gems of the highly drainatie mi l pr.pul r oratorio of David, with a chorua, consisting entirely 01 the Member* < fthe Institute, 01 oyer 3QA si geis. 'i his woik I .11 heeu peiiorwed ia Boston. T-> lull Inn n? > : , 11 r s. 'I lie arc,.?d pait will cousist offlecular S-ngs, Qu >rtette?, <?leoa, Madrigal*. Sic. See. Tie whole wider the dlRCtli O of Mr. ( i. J, oiler Mr. H. O. Timni will preside utihe t>ri;ai' ?i d F'iup forte. Peifoimanee ro commence at 7*, o'clock T ickets 60 ceuti, fur sale at the II ill I pliers. il 4 lt*rc HINVs DM MA*lMOTH~ PAN OK V 7\ . i. H Vli^M PSlPPI HI Vr H, painted ou three miles of cmvui! exhibiting a view of country 120'l miles 'in length, e*!e idinj, from the mouth of th s Mis i..uri Kivei to tbe citv of INcw Orleans, and reaching ovcx ten uegrecs m N'.itntle, he itg the latest painting in the worl I r.t the new P.mori.m i (tuih'iair i B-oad way, n?ljoiuipg Pliblo's Wis den. Open every earning, iSuiday etce te I) Admission 51 ?? nti; cliihren half m e T"e P.u <rma ?vil( pi ving m7o''l> It precis*ly j\ itenii o.i exn bilious on Wrduejd i>'? mill HatU'd vs at 3 o'c ock s'e taiccaredfrom 10 t. vi,ti I 12 M. di2 i2t*r<I-|<Uil A ttUOliT 1U< uON 1 i Kif? -1 i;"J. 1 elebrated collection of Kcriplaral Htttuuy e r 1 tine of the following groutu tepresetitmg irnr?>it?nt and ii terestniu' subjects, the s'7.e of life:?The Trial cfonr Saviour T' e Lai t Huppcr. 1 he liiitii of Crnut. I ha M> flcet.e I the lute r pemte Family. lauowopen At .411 Broadway, late waiter'* Munc ttooou, opposite the Apollo, every dav, Truth II A. M . to 10 P. M. Admittance 25 eeuta. On the Habb-th \ftcr divine iirvlee. from 6 P M? t? HP. M Children half price BKUNEiTPS MOiCt Ol? AN< fifiSTJiEl salevT, a* m the D it a of "lie llcdecvpr?Kn.m the IS uurtfi (title y, Piccadilly Loudn.?Mr. BiilJNK'I 'i'l Ins the h??< oi to annouuee that this Model, the labor ?if many yam ? r li n life, I* i.ovv on >U wiy to New York. Visi'cd in Great Rritniu v d Ireland by nearly ha'f a million <>f people, including many of the roost 0i*t nguii^r J c>e irymeti. iravr|ie,g &c *r thf lip1?th^ *\ichhialiopa*fCntre bti ynud A'inatfh. Kiihops of London L-n?l iff. {Norwich, Chichester, Ike ; A chb ah p Murray ilev Theobald Mathew, D.imel O't.'onnHI, K.mj : l)u*e* of vvelim^ton, Leiasto', at. aIIhix &c : P?iti<"? Lou a Napoleon; K?rU of Har obv. Ty rr?nne!, Hopet >* n, U<*.. &c.. Mij* Hur ett C QtU. Lady Cnarlemoct, Murhi- ue *( l' t n tei Duchesa of 8t. Albana Ur. : J 8 Hucumgham, E> i ;ltev. S.tfiinM tiancon i/M, D- U , Brooklyn; Hev vV'in. la ton ui daughter, New York; J O. Brnnni 1><i New Vork, and ?ev- | ea other \rnerican uentlemen wli Semite iraph tmyb-rren With' te vfo?'el Mr Malo>-e Havuiond, oi Dublin ami Livert o.) , (hro her-in-Uw of vir Brandt ) wilt g ve a de.?c i| tire Lecture with the Model ?h'ee t me? <1 ulv. a* alrea^v u veil by Ji>m before the above dtatii'guuhed I eracia nnd thr u. limit (i Mf Rntmi Mini Ireland. with ?ikIi line <.imp'? I mic -'an, whi?h Uv nlieidv ahled ao ir nrh to llie po|aali<ity of the work. " Thi* beautiftil Model itoaeofthe hi >*t i.npoitint. lb* moat inatrucf ve, ai d t'ie ?noat intereanng ihe trwop Im has cver witnessed nnd ve ran bat direct the >tji o! #^r person to t, who wotiM become )>oaie?*.rd of an accurate noHon of that loc lity - here 'hegimof Hod bore tb g'<f of the world."? Morning H? raid, i? miner pa.i?ctil o* ii a aho t t<me ti 14 3 * 4 re. Ol IlilNAL HPbttNDI I* ALTAK ToTihi tion of the Virxiu aud lufant Jems and other H?iiut?, by ?r. Hotiavtntura painted in Ihe 16 h cntu'V, by Nnheus; )u t a.lived from h ar<???e; eih bitirjf nf 4 13 lir a 1 wiv,cor. nt Li* p nard atreet. Admian*o.'i, 25 ce, t?; a? nacn tickets. Mi re? ta. 8een , f-om A. v'. till 10 P. M. On Suudnya, a! er divir-e s-iv re, i 6 .11 I' M (in i" > \iNLI IIMI.IMAY I f.?l f M 1 -.lf.-V * \ I I If *" LAFaVKITK DA?, t AllMTHK \ i l(K and Meeli-mir:hl Mmeuni, corn-r of I iberty street nil llro.dwiy, will re opened ru Wednesday afternoon. ll r litli MMt., ij4 be continued rve yaftatn uimk 'I'll' prupne'or li is for the. holidays, Gilbert's celebr il?'l baud ol H * III K li It* * TU '.HS ccnsiatii g of Messrs. H Wheeler,.I Melville. H L Parker.\V. Mrrkrr>J> H. Cl?avel?ud,and J. Ii K vans who will fi|>prnr every nfiemomi and <trr mnj( in iheir faahiona'il- n I ini-nituh'e K.tliiO|r.m perfoi mane 9 ol Overlures,O'ert, tunas, iefrains Sic In ildi ion to iheaboye ? ill be presen'rUu in guiltceat Dniftin c View nfthe Bombardment of Veia Cru* vid ihe Castle of *, ii Iiiiu d'l/ the e 'mSmed n?val and militw.' fortes ol the United St-ies, under < ommo1< re Perry and Major Geoeral feott ?ui?M of the most ? uidertni .* mom ua and Mechanical Curiosities ev-r rihibitrd in the I'uited 8t?les. Admittance to the Bultftr, free ?to the Theat e *n l Mechinicnl Museum,!) rrn ?: children, half | r c . I'eiforrua ire to commence nt 1 oYlorlt **nd 7 I' M. dlt V*rc WVLN|7t ST. TMKATHK-I h.Tadelphia-I., mm . Mr. K. A. Mnrsh 11. Vtan?ger, Mr. J. W illaca, Jr.?Fifth Night of MR CIUXI VR, the wlehmted IrinS < median and Vocalist? Tuesday Kveniim December 14. will be performed, KOlt V O'MOKK?Knry O'More.Mr. Collins; Mi-in* len Mr ],emnu; 1>C *Ve|skin, Mr. N. J jhuson; HCi'Unhs, Kir a'Oeckettj Kathleen, Miss Chapman; Marv, Mrs. Ko ?*rs. P?i ile Tai? lionihy Mitt.Walters To conclude with THK. VAI.K1' UK H11 A M (>') I. l.l .N M evernici.t 'hn \terk Dio-topen at o'clock; cnrtai i rises at 7 pirn** lv Lti/l'Uftt AT CI.i MON liAL.L,ou Weuueida* ereuiag.pea, I'jtli, 1817. Hul jects?rt'eato X 'Vnat'-n; A< ol ricil tie* ol intercourse between ii lleient Xa' rts n complete description ol n l ew meih "I of propellu u >'e in 8hlp>, whlee will produce a new rra n Xnyigition. It* Pewal Snort. Doors nrieu at half past 6; Lectjm to coror.i'ir e nt 7. Admittance 12"^ cents ,;it 2i rc OTTIUNOVS (1VMNAHIUM?<"HARLKH K OT TIONON informs the public that his ritmtire nnd well ?e-,tilrtt?d establishment, IS, P aud 19 Canal street, comer r.f Kim, is ?peu from sunrise till 10 I* M. for the reception of nyinnnsts nud pu. lis llis (lyinnnsiuin is c mp'eie|y I'u i.uhed with all ihe apiia'atus fir performintr I'e whole exercise! of aflymnuiam. 8PAHHIX(4 iCIKIOI,-Mr (). wi.lper* tonally in<trnct at->11 times thine who ilesire it. iu tl e art ol fielf-Defence. Ht'hof)i. of< AHMS? lie iciiik tauitht, by an esperiencd Professor from I'-ns. with lbs small <ir hrond ?\r irns. or singlestick The Pi'tnl <J.iller> is furnished with the very best of Knvlish Duelling Pistols, and all the other appnitenancei for Pistol P'actice N 8 ? Mr. (). at tin- reque.t i f a nnmber ol gentlemen hi Brooklyn, is row ha?i.ig Imilt in one of the most airy, healthy and central locations hi tint city, an attentive Gymnasium, which will be liirmshcij with all the apparatus fooud in any Oymnasinm He intends it shall not be inferior to a?y other establishment of the kind in lh? tr?lted rtiatei. Snliscription Book it now open at lua (irmnasiiim in (^anal strett, whert any farther inform ition caa b? obtai .ad. d4 Ut*m J E JN E NE\? (1 It A ND VI t IT A U V J3\i L-TU .mini l B.ll f Com Jl" puny t>, ?'li Hr|;<incnt. c imu -uided b\ < ' : I i' livd H. I Tliamptou, will (like (>l?re it Taui.i.i.ijy Hall, on Thursday J rveaiiiK, the ifclh ?.! w lii' h ce 'inn the i-< mr '?v w ill je lioiii rnl t>7 Hi* |"e??m:r ul Col Word B Bu urtl, Maior Uykirii, nitl rilirr k-lliiilr ? f ' 111 N'rv.' Vinli I'eitil nn-nt <il Vi lui tei i?, w li i li iv un?'l v ilitrn ,u ?>ed theui' mIvM ai"l NWl"J immoiUl lici.j' on th?-tr native Mute, by 1'ieir gallau'derd* at the ineui >r b e bttilr 1 nf I'err- (lard;. Cni t rru Chuiubaac>>,< liai nlte| rc. ui d bef.ire 'lie tpi"1* of >1nifi. N. B No milit iry 111 i. will be recopmred ?i in. viic-d, uulf3> in full it. if rut nf their reapective iegimenu. d>4 3:*ic | 'IMIIbTi. I li t, L ?'! f in" m i t h i 11 i .m t, K. X BCNEVOLKNT ASSOCIATION, r*?pe?tlully anj rouiiee ftiat their Kir>t B>11 forth.a e uon. will take place nl Custle Garden,' i I HIJKsD\* t?eiurig, D<c liJth?tbe proJ ceedt to be tppiiril, as form-rly, t? cli.i liable glucoses, diiriiU th? mc'einert nav.n, v< itlu-ut di-tiortmu nt ?rc: < r cnunI tr.-. Theurdei ui iI'ilcul' Hccoriliim to KOtir'mrie. l)ir?rtor Iof the Kloor?Mr. lien. Uobrrt-on .uid imiilinii. L*ader uf tl?e Orcli??tra?Mr. William Wallace. flu-Piper?Mr. MeKerr.-cher Au arritis'ineut In* li*eti in ide th it ?t met w ill run 10 ma ?r??<? trie h :tery, until ii o ciock, at tweusuu charges. < <nrri*Keji will let d >wn the?r eoinp <ny at the G rden, euteriuft l?y the U re iwich street gn'e, r.;id ;;o rut by the fatenivsite Pearl st. takiagupii! everr.e I order. The l.i?pect r of lit*' n wil! be pre>-.c it rijri !!>' to enforce the Police rel:m(:tt?o:;s. Door* open at 7?-Dtl'ieim? will eomni0!;ce precisely ar 8 Tickets f I, t > admit a gentleman twit two Indies?to be had fit Me'jri, Htoidirt fct D'tuhun's ,\Hmic More, No. UCt idwsy; Firth, Hall fit I way: Captain McLean. M CVa'k. r afrrct; tlie In. t.'f Cirtle Garden, and of e ither of the Maioytrs. * lioek* not tr*n?fer able. A. CAMKUOiN. Secret ny. N. B.?Members ? hm have their tickets on application to the Secretary, or it the Garden on th* eremnic of the Hill. tllltl* DQ*\AHG A? Di V- M.i.f !' \t I.I N A DKHJ \1 DIN8, of th* Royal Ac nl?*?ny of Pans, most respectful j ly announces to her pnpits, ladies and icentiemeu, trat sl.e continues her classes lor the Tuition of Dancing, i<i^ all it* i t I shiouable branches,at No I Wethington Place. Kor younic Ltdie* and Masters, YWdiiesd.ivs ami Saturdays, from 3 to ft I o'clock. I'M.; for Uentlemeu, Thursdays ai d &iturdays,IV"in 7 to 9 o'clock. I*.M. At 7| Leonard street for f/o'irs sud Oer.I tleraen, Mondays and Wedne^d r- *, from 7 t?? ) o'clo'k, P.M. i Private lessons from Jlja to I o'clock every ?li\* Nextmo?.tn M'lle P. D. will comnunce /ivinrr Soirees Uiuaaufr* t< her Pnnils. RehooUa*<MVtT?r# Kami ies Mended. 11 * m BALL KOOM GUlDfc in pn lis Du i sic iore. or Ball K?otn Gui e; a work hsUii; e? * hie to i ue v beginner, and c.'ntaiui'W much infi nnttioa f?r piofic:e^t? ?200 pages, price 25, 37 ami '0 cats each, m v .riou i st> les .f biudint;. iCverv th:u^ is fully es/' in the above work, from the oid style country dnncc-s to the latest >tud tiiosc mapuiilcut polL'tv TUKN fcR KlttHKK. 74 f'hath.un street I'Mtte-nii^r v,|c< t I ( Mr 'I ' fr'" J Vl> I 1 l? 07 I!! i . B\LL DST?H IKS LACK OAPKti I OKU Src.-PETKH KOBI&R'I H, J7< Broad ?vav, has just received from the recent auctiou t??Ie. ;-0U lace m il inu*liu flounce, tnnic. tucl ed. and other styles; ii>0 1' ris bltckdeini Veils,splendid put'er. s, from H-s upv*??r Js; t;la I'jc lif.i it t . | s. trom 2? up a nrcSi. 3^6nulesne Lace L?4?j?- ? s rdOp'ra Csfs.M hall the iiiual j.?i ,e?; iCCO French .'tin hi oil indkerchiel?,at 2 s cacii, wurth :?? Gd* 8V0sheer lawn 'IVpc border, new style; t>0 Km ?roidered Lace Border de/. entirety new style; Kevierne, hand-stitch end embroidered in treat vtr ety. Also by recunt air'vnlM 15 cartoons real Thre?d Lice ('apes, Dcrt ei, Cullai4 nun cheapest ever i n -rcu; i I carruoiri 4?;a;.cu oo., new patterns; 2^rarto?>ns embroi l?*r#d Musliti .*;?rs t hemsrttf, i otlarsar.d Cu(Ta: plain aud fluted Or* idic, Swi -p. *r d TarInslim, for i. nen 1 I 11 rn tf < section. d4 12t*rc W( Ht 1M "< H \y Gil' O l |\ Lyceum Bnildn ira Ml a id 5C3 Broadway, nre now opening per 'me arrivals, a ?u* perh assortment 01 fancy and useful Mouse Furnishing U'ods, which they w.ll a.II ut rxoeediuglv lo w ibices. * uinps, Ch u deh?rs, Girandt let, L^utcrns d (its Futures oi r\ery variety, pl*t*d t)hstor*. VVai era. I>i?l? ( ;nve;j, I'asket < t .'over*d Dishe.Nuud Candlestick*, Butler Kiiivrs, Spoons. Forkv Ladles, Ti 1 Sttti ud ()< ten, 1 ed Jipsotd Tm Trays. biiiyl* and in lets; Table. Cutlery, t'?* fineai wnorevnent evrr offered to the mb!i<* new p.tte ? ; French 'locks and f sndelxbras, Porcelain Dinner, Tea. Toilet and decorated Ware 0! elegant >ty!e*. Al*o, asupnioraiticle rf p'mu white PorretiiQ DinneraodTVa Ware. Ilieae goodsh ft b < lie lected by their agents in ho rope with great care a lieu, expressly for their own * < lev W. II do not heairate to say tnai tliey have rhe fine ?r a?go*tment ?>* new Ko.duii their line, iiow in che market. Having recently rnlnru'e.i 1 heir store thej hive superior srcoinroodationi for ihowrg their goods, ;i d;v?.ould rrsrectfully inviie he public to call ;?n.I <1 tmiue. WORAM It H ITOH WOliT. d 11 14t*rc l>ioS holiday ASD wkAjUi *. K E 1.V 8i)rei Halt^ Argentine Silver, and Sheffield Silver Platad Ware. with silver tn?>uiitii/i^h Thomas Bidder, Manufacturer, Bh*flie'd ofH oiliu:' htlver Plate aid ofAryectme hilv rand Sheffield Silver Plated W*re. be#J to inform the trade that an assortment * f 'he r icheit description of Shetfirld Silver Plated Ware, warran <d t" have sterling silver m< untid.'-. Mnitnhle IV r ei.-?: 1 1 nuci c stlf I lid I \ ? Idll Presents comprising Dish Covers. Waiters Dishes Uie KI'ost aid Tea seis, Kettles and b?anJf JLtqner FjMU's Sir , &r . all the mostrechetche in st\ le and finish can h* procured of tlie sole .n?ent lor hit ware in the Uni e t Hcstes. It. v*. w> 1'f.NTON, Gsneral ( 1 lg< AA lairs; wh? also sjlicus orders foi n!l d?-?icriptM:nj* cf Solid Kilrer M* Bilrer PI ted Ware, in cts or by the pici < omrdete dav sets can be suonlird, c anpiisieg Bre-.kfdst, Dinner, Pea and Sapper aetit, all in ik ng one full te 1 *ef, each piece mulching ihe other, and got up 111 the i.ewett Lonu. n fdsniou. d^2 1?fc,c Mu;-Kd aMJ Ki;us tuli l111!. HOiJLiAY ...OF every description.?Superior, Lyi.x Martin, ^' >v Fitch. ' h.ncltrjh, ^miirrr!, jenM :112a isnnejia uei' ivt n ; i?i?r hi.u SwAuvdow-* Tippets; Knr r.ollarn ntid t epes, with i choice assortment of t?r Trircmiuks, &c.. ur . c!k1(t tlni any other ?to?e in this c tr. V.'M. *TA, 91 C I fcf... me' o Wfftoitw ft < nod ISO Chatham titcl ' ni!?.! :? D i. v ' iPlfia S i LttTIli i i< im I. Scott 6c Ho , No. 377 JUmadwr.y, li vf rrc< viJ a Jarte stock i ii ' ' ? f . ii,ihi cl ' ' offered Dertnci eiinnfuiioi at $lOt capes at I 6: alio, n bt tuti u! .nock of inw.itii'i' c<:; >-s, from S3 '0. beithcs from $?; abr>ut doz*n b:etS?f:*t c.ui, from 2 i'lm -? e ch. Kie?chm*?11e w<>ilt chemisettes * r f!; i,*e 'lewi rk r | r -, fine quality, 2s.fid. Kin ted eolluri f.ooi ; black fi'.l'd itrmi veil* from ti; ulifj^lotii rsi ca.n (si ghfly ?oi' ?j) 2j. fjicIi, or three lor $1; embroidered muslin aud !?ce robe*; infi!vi robes waists, Ace., as cheap as can be l^nnd in the city. N.#. No ee*i in its pd^'i df ii?*rc aBuk 1 om m tio.n ulrm\ kmjid , v oi'k \n POINTINGS. Aucie?U and Modern - ' be I *.'I?iic i-* rrnectfally informed iba; thtia is now >Ifrrt- ! i i>* i\ Me a'r,;.' No. 267 Broad * sy (^t?* wart's old s. ?.. ?l ) n vain ! n!v?r., choice collection ol Oil P irti. k*. received 1e ship <ia"t??jei, from iMl y. 1 his rollecti. ii com| lie* i large Ninety <>1 ientand Mcaera PainttaRii man* ol them originals astibjrthi most celebrated arriafs Pt oris in quest I cI?oice i> ii.tinus wil i d the Pre*#it collect! . te ol be best ever ii rid f n sal" in ths tit*. '1 'hey will Le re ?d v f >r ev ihiiimrinn and .tie niiTursdsy Iltli init.. wlw ? catalogues, enninrratinc ?h-* sub* j cts m i he ontai* d on the prtgijin <! :t. nc HOLIO IV H 315 1 . - mi Dtfltfi K A. WOODWORTIl would c . ! the ttenu f rn ch iif rs to his exteuiire collection of rare s-id beautiful aitides for tlir approaching holidays received by thr I ie sieainersaod i>*?rk?*t? from Rutone #Hii importati ?ns have bseo ann?ua)fy large, and the selections b" tii* r*|?eriei-crd <1 t\s'etul icfiit in Piri.*. Mo?tuf t em hav?* be .< i1; ue w?t: n the Ust sixfv days. 'I lie collect on coin; i 1 ?'! .? n v r>*s of the s? i>">:it iucludii.u an tn?i ' i ew s i?ek f ''reo-.'r.l P?rcelain, Bohemian < ss e Bronx^t, Ope i (il es. Kant, " rl fcntia, i fcc t *rr UOUllMMi I'LaID rtll \ U'l.? ? ttrceive per if:< iuer irit r.nia. a lir;*'asBortmp' t f no uri * fcjax ' W*v?l S|ir w a; t'o. srn ! "r .rf?. A1-*?. I'ar ?<am Henri it- *, tiuj;li<h <'m e, arid ?l >. Ciiinp and n.i ?v. f* #r tl* ,-.t ili> N * Y??ik KaJiily Mourom*'-tore, M M V i US. i: 1 r?? Jway dll Ra'TuTh* c ? < ? .... ?- - - ? A Minor*, li \i * p.:?, id b .-iw.iy. up???.yi' iunv-1 iV Hote'. It addition to h stder.o id .finri t of w.tli which the *' biicriher i? 1 * |;art?i I i me*f f-.i' holuj,- ilrfii u?d he'iiviina atfe:.r??>ii h'* n*w ^iy l? s of (iet:t'ru ci.,i V^i'-trr fi?r travelli-'i; .Jriidi i .ii < rvc*! I parnei t* c ') hey wi I, be found c^mpl el*. nd/.tea I > nil tb > sr p?i*poa# ?. ANo, to his .i?to;t:iift t ot 0 v.'n jr1 I '' *jn anil l iney Lie*r? rs, the !??te*t Pirisi.ui stv>* of LiWent in <l-itali, .md i very mo V?.?'r i> ire". iMIDON, 177 Bro dn dtl 41 CtHILDEi^H fUK HATH KOH THK HOLIDa* <? f A a..- t ir?f t ol < hildrei ' black, drib u ? white I'ar Hid, of ei.ti r Btw ~t' l? AUo, a llt|9 UMHtlttfftof c ildreu's Velvet ? I >th 1 i b ?ie.u nuiln. !. rs m (?hrtaima?.? ??) New v . '. gifii I if? IN HI. L'mj asd Kiir Store, 94 trof V d 10 1ft*r LOOK v i J t Hltt^Ffaneh Boots, co h < oubla ind i ileintio, the fine*' calf *hoes Mid *lf kind< p*tr nf ! *.- t'.rt ' > o . d i e i. iri re a ?yl* of P'.i.fs and >hf.r* that ih innde. Mid fV?r, kind ? f a HuWber that is in de,*nd ?-l.enj>er flnn you * n t\ d emewlie e of the an?nr quality. At %7 tin ? '* ay. one d. ( nhovo i U i st Alao. h n f r vnri'tv of lio? s\ Misses'm.d < h 1 'rn/? 15 ota and fthoas. M 1' I i I: I < _ H1 *a KTHN5i KKku I ?OV r-KSH /t b-(i jUU ? Mh^ ^** P *TKNT.- \ I? a*. tinent f L^'ies', (in fir. ciiei.'n Mill Allies H t.'l.i' h I " 111 J? r Or r Kriftfi ih'iimifirfirnl l>, tit <? ? ?1 >r * h ?e <' i. r .-y >? ;?im U <)t>i BfCt'CQt Then Ah uf t^tiMM ivpfrlor Qinlityund Da ib? ad ara lad a l i im ta h lit f. or at idea with c ?hl Also, n ??ew irti< 'r f I., tl es'im ??t*? tlrme i's \ n Lif^d ''ver Shoei |>erf^ctK el iir Drcitfi-Ty thi- ne??? t t ? be 1 nnd hi the city VVh??l- ,?.-.|e i ?l rrt .11 s \ \! t KL 11" < )OKs, N^ent for the ii miii.ic.nrer?, 22 JoKsia strert. ij t 1' t? m ? S| l) !i | O ?> I r . i .1 ii , - ti it <T llr?..>?lwrty ?!?] w li ntn ?to e m ?. ? ! <: 't'ei *ivr 'rmle. will be h t(I iininnl ??te u ?v ?-?ion miv-ii Th' ? ilr.nir us ol opeiiiiiu ii b " v \f other re* ret l?'r Kms i #*s-. will do wall to mnk* in m?diat* ?|, ii atiou lo Mil c. U s I'l 11. 72) Braadwav. (Saw V Potel d!3 it*fh ' |^'' LET-?1 in' eonii? !' ' i.?i . brtek If< a?a No H Itirffctl 1 ?ti.rl:*!.n i > . r . li.ii.f 17^4., . .. nirUrritt. for k-i m* m n : Burl". . WlBi dway, Irom i to 'ft ii'clock, A.N: , or In in 4 to 8 u'c! .ck, [ . '<1. 14 3r rc 'IMJ ? MliLUM Mrlon i, ''i< lilMtW mdy * l? let for i' ?|ii-i i ihl? I/ijijfc t?. K i' i !.*' il"' < n, Mftinifr., V ;. \.B?I' parti'i I' r > ihe l at all 'i?'" with Ice C.fciirr>?, ftuit in ' l^.ry | f r < I * * ' * 1 h - i'i1 i\-: |i n . 11. B ?eiiit liUr. n?, B.iv r'i'i ' 'mm *..<* !i<.e , lent lo an ;art of the rit" . il> lit Ore B^KM-KfTO I.!.'I I.. If ,Ur e 1. rp ? "l in the Ait Ij'ui' ii bnildnik ?!17 Ur 'nlwnr, with r without. ? lame i-llar, in tt.p re>r. Well nl .p>rd foi aienlnl l!el>r:o y, Of ii wine itore. A| ply t . U . I K t< A H K. 11 in ill' Ait : in >u i':,l'e v. .17 ! n'l'tilUtudtVc TiOARM >0? A ni'i 11 p'. >te f milv.hviiK mire r. om It Himmmmim wtaM1*1 i liiuda mn liont (banker ninl he.lrooi'i, fonn?heJ n. n.i(iir il, to ? u, ,, m , i n | hii wife. Teimtremonabr r.ixiuirrit II 11,^1. ?: l!<o. I. '*? dHli* c 1>OAKD IN BROAD \V A V (>e?ileiBto aud thai .. i r cm be ceomtn <1 ued w.ih |ilei,?arit ro><im, froutin ' i n U'Oiil*?v; nl?9, aim ! lo.jtn i lur sent ei*en. Apply at 532 Broadway, tecoi.d dun I'.na the corner of I'prinr n ret. d ii r.i?m |? - h : - . , oi i i. |i I (!H ! > LOON. N'i. 'M lierlunin ?tr-et?The Proprietor, si.nteful for the very liberal iMtronis* h> h? received ?r,c* hi* commencetneur in the nbove hniinM*. begi Icivr locate 'h t lie. will u?. ?e found jvntititiv in hi* etf.n* to plea.e, and rn iicr 'lit i '. h'nrnt (till more p'n ular wiih tH.>y ho wlr.h t> i.e r nforl* with f doom/ Ov?let? of the brut uu ility senei. t)i nf ill hour" of theda/and moht. L'li'eini**, Ike ? J|JM>;P,I W'lLBUN. ttTllt*re l^UWOPKAN CO'KEK HOI SK, KK.iTAi HANT aud \-A OYH I'KK HALOoN, No. i/9 flrn. il A'ny,?'1 lie prnpric* lor* of thi* mejiiifi ent Saloon,-which i* already well known to the New Vo-U i ubl.c, at well u ?ti niter* vmitia* the city, take thi method of aptiriaing ther friend* nnd itie i ublic, ' they hav? mad - < ifenmve arr?DKen?eiin I >r aervma up Dm. ii?ti and flupP'M lithe mini npiiroved ?ivle i f ctrliaaty art, which limy affii'd et tnorterate cliaeit'*. In ' n er to t v> ilr moat t'ei fe. t ?ati?facttoo. they have eoRnneil ill H'rv|ri ? , f i ne nl"the brtt' "ok* in the conotry. wli i lr > recently arrived from Kun pe. Our Laider and Mock of Wirei nnd Liqnori are not to be mrpvued by ar y eitabliMiment in il>e eoiintry, wh''h ? ill I e pMivcrt npon h vi ilt to 179 Biondvrav. KCOT 1 il WKVIMlf' tl Dee 1. IR17. il?7t?od?rrc Null r.?impoittnt lor priv.te fnmiliM, hoieln itrd la vt rn?.?TI.e owner hiring < n larue itock of the I iIIowidc a'ticlev, anil *oing to ej?iir the liinmem, wil' ??ll 26 p*r cent below what Ihey cun be. b iiiK'i' >u the city : Midr.ra VVmen, Port, ISherry, Tenii iffe and Scotch, HiBhl.'.nd Whi-.bey, Pule, Ourd Brandy, end other different brandi anil Hoihull (} n. All the?e \tarraiiieda* itood aa any imported, at '.4J llonitouttrtct, ucaj Broadway. dl Ut?rc HHwas-?-faa? W ? O V YORK, TUESDAY MOI I A *'AKD?DR. WIiKfclLKH. Oculist, rrceivs paneuts ' it. 11 Itii rc?'d'-?j. r,tf> (irftuvtich3f r?-t ever. fnornii.g !>oni . tf. . >1., to I ' 1"' I' I* Mm if'er vi'Hfli h.f pf rtirr 11 ex -lull vt 1> de?o e t 'o f.tiui ies at their residence* Ui*eu??s of the, uo mattei Uow lo.iK ?l ndu.-jr or how ?oever ob?hu.i< tor y uijv be iu t>ieir .iture, ciuibr effectually eradicated i d a i erm neuf ru<e effected Kefer'UCeu t. f milies of thr hijfhe?t r-fcje (ability will be given to ihme uu.icqti inteii wit!i hiui. ArtiSic* A K.yes inertec, an > for s*|e on re.wtnalile term*. <114 CtTu n.ltS t* n pTi AMD i. J* l# 1(. POW?l I. attend etel is vel. to ili e me* vt the Kye 4>iid Kar. from '> f?> I oVluek, nt hit <?flice, 231 L'ii-idw iy, corner of WH'rrii street. Dr. Powell's 'A rea'in* on ihe Kvt\ it* diseases and their cure, with euera\i i, mii. h i r the selection oi iM tie|M? ko>i pries fifty cents, c?n be h*d ut his office, and of all booksellers. Ju t imported, ArtiJlciat Kyes, ?>f sup.-iior beauty and finish Dr. Powell's "^elf Acta.# tje Koti.ifaini.or Jet, or D tiehf Bntbs, form etjiftheuiui; llieeytii which hnjunt receive d n diplo" a I a'u?e r nr t?l tne Atneriran i .*tuuie, are ivw lan-n at h i ofl'ice. d!4 1t*? LI li.LT 11> MAltt DVK?N?> TA L?The iin ?n>v meut ot ik 1;?. ALKXAM)KH'.S TliH'OBAPHK, which ia* r. ni t:>enu?iy r lors the ' .lir a natural bUck or brown, and giv rs it the beauty and elasticity of youth, v;d iu >v<ir<anted i e ther to wtih or rub oft, or aoil ticHkiu The p "prietor, * ?!?' it* i in pi' v einent. |ire?e?ji? it to tie {ub!?c wil li tb- litin it coiiti'lruc?* as haviittf no e.ptal, nn*l ai a perfect D. e Kur ta'e b/ I'ushi hi (' ? . Broadway; Thomas & V]axwep. j VV i'ji?,n street: lohrson, \n? ?re & lay lor. Maiden Line; and i *A. b. ik I). Hands, "w Vo?k: and l> the s .le aKeiitt f>r the Lulled M iles, It. a* U. A. W'jK Kill T, i hihwielphin. dpi Ht*rc STIC AM K.\<jrl N K? K?r n*4r?Om* steam toe use, of JO U) 12 h' rre power, which ha* been used h h,ts ju?t b?en rut in e.i midetr <.r<!er, i* n jrood nud will be sold M * !o^ p*-?re. It 11 K ( (>. J4 nrd 31 (j ild %trert. ill) l^trc iVJ A ,v IN -. A v I > KINK It Ml it N*iJ K.?U n I i ) N VII \li TtfAL I VM;K *\N K I OMI^NY, VMI street. (? ; i? site Hnrove*-.) iittues on the iuntunl principle?with ut e; u 11 li ilui i v ? having t cash capital of $100 UlO, paid n- and sr-.fely, aUo a I.ikc am unl ol preinimn notes Insnr int'sj tnade ->?*inst l? si mi..I damxge by fire, and .M anne Iti st and risk* of InUi il Transport ttion and Nuvi^atioo. at t'telowe.o r?r h'i itied rate*. It * The p olita ol the l.ujoura.'t willle omt'ed be vvee.i he Stockholders and the L.tnred. 'I'm h i ki s St-i iiru .Ml' Klbert J. Anderson, l)av d An*.t p Wiclia d Rel), .Inset h Bou< hard, L H. lirikhain. Uirh nd IV Back ICdwaH K Coliius. Jnm'S K Co ley, George K. DarPy, JosepU fowler, ?. I" il. Gibson. Srth Grofvenor, 11ei' r v Holr, dw n hoyt John !>. Hurt bur. j. Moorman Jjuhrst?< < John '1' '('*1113.1 <?ii, J J Kiugnlord. rihei >heid kuapp, G. L. Kn?r , H. M. Lawrence < t ar es M. Lcupp, N. W. .Vierritl, lleny il Munseli. .John I'. Mesini<h. <?e r^e Ifap^lye, f< A. Rol I I ' 8 P 11 f M I I. I >r I Su ' pi. ir. I nuiberr "uyd in .Inhu fc1. 'I'sjn ?n. ^losrsTaylor. A.G Tito r p*oti, .J<;hn H Van Uiren, John Vtil Ne*t, I\ M. in *rs. N. 11 W'oolf,/Mbc.f YVooohu!l ^beftW. Wrirht, LA \1 Bb.KT SUYD A President JNO. B.TAFP^N Vice Presideat Fer^inuid 8iaw, 8ton ? dU tt^m U'i'.CK? \ft 1 pci*out h iv ni; bifjira^e at the l*i?>i*K ? Inn. 1^1 Nr. 21 Pearl ifef t, ??re iif tifted thht if it it not r-< eeoif d witr io ope in lr? in ilos u. re it v\ 11 beHoM ai public miictin c> delr ?y the expenin mcu^rcd thereon K. A. HKATH, P "ii'irto . New Vo k Dee 11tSa. 1817 d11 3t' r V KRUI ri KOH 1 H? HO u in wli'ie h?L'?mI quarter t?oX'*? Kmpf* aud rai tins in krgn, ul.?i( i.d', curoii d??ed cunub, /i?", pruues, colored candle^ Mni spice*, ol coffio. i r vv ?rten ti'd black te s (?? . in mi at.d citi -crushed suu'.'i, !i ;lit yellow (?b -v* equal to S:u irts) at TYi cti. hy ?he l? il orli 6d. 71 b>.; wnite aim brown Havauua stilus in li.iTt t y*nha I rue stock of ?<r??eerie for s *le at wh"V n'p and lecai'.nt vary reduced prices, by J O. K)W* l.KK, (irocer aud 'Jn Deaer, I>k?s. ii.00 and 428 Ci.crnwieli mni 76 Ve?ey ?!:j. n.b?Grocers and 2J.?l?rr.H are i? vited to c ill aud rx uiiuc the above stock before purchasing,ai a liberal discount will be utadet') ihose who bu> in lirueq <nnt ties tin 1in ^joLA.K L# } MI'd. Oir?f doles. < Irndeli n, Mall Linierus, v. 6u:?Tfte sub:ciib*r offers for *al?, at reduced price*, a I r. ut iful atroi linen*. of the a-ove ? rticlo. cotisistinir of gilt, bronzed, rub ,, turqii i?e,a:i'lcut kI s& n-luinu h Kr L:iii|n. (Ivarivii* pattern*; Hilt aud broi zfd itir.tudole*, of several new st\le?. with ironioue to eleven cand So'ar aiitl t'and'e brackets, fc.r hoteU.churche?, Uc \ stained uiwl cut raved Hull Li'iips oi *neral new put cr.?; nIw??, a hanHxrine n?*orinient ofJaiiauned rIVaTrttyst( fsplendid finish. JOHN W. MOKOAN, vji Fulton strict, one door eist of firoidwa** dll 12t?re IpilK.N' II UXWoi Vmv?GentlemenwnbiiiKto jontbs Hec? n i Kveni ic 'lie* wll please c?11 i>nu !? ve ilieir n Ladies' |'las?e? duriug the ?iav. I?. M. IH'itAISJ) und i}au? liter, of the Inte J#* n Alauesra, No. 39 Walker kt .vjadauie D una a vac ?ucy in her I'aui.1 y for two pupils. <>'t LK s Oh) J;<) a . .<> KiVli K ~r< i HA.LK.?An elegant liiisUc i ulterior t>ne<l, octjve, Gothic caie, paiitW iunl * and Pian Korte. nnide to order, b.' <me of tfie iirat uu?kera in (ierm my. in oflVred for a<!? ?t a v? ry u'.r bi < i hover$tdO. TnvNno Korte can b? warranted to b?, (or tone, touch, find liaish a ve>y superior instrument, and may he seen at 16U Sprintc be i L^urem r,A Thompson ?lreots. dM lit' Pi : urnkou hiuk?j .. HESukiv SON, innuQixflii'fr of I'i tno l?'ortPs, 'j*9 j&roidwoy, | h?* constantly on hand nn n*??orfin< ut. of superior rjitvsoo I .in.! r.;nh - if a-ay pmnofortea. kept expiesaly for hire. Also, an esfenstv and well ae!ftte?l nloi k ??fl* new and i opular Music ; violin and kuiU r Strings, &c., i'?0 firoidway, hrt we en Hpri? a >c Pijpcc ?treeti dl I Ht*n< A,- E i. . T1 i'. . . V ?10 I If, u r nd * tin . i tprs Kli pioof, sufdior quality, jnle ai'd cc?*?rf?l A. | ? c*?i?'itc Briaily of ver\ hi. li ri ivo-, received di ect from the I'ldti'J i lied hom*at H?jcNe le per britf Jnn.e Victoric. Juil j i' /; eu 'Ted to debenture. For tale by JOHN CASWfcLL !' ( ( Kroni t , et. dl I a ' lit I LARKI V SI . Vv JIG ll iirn nrrrcJ opposite the iutrro: Mores, has a very* h;iu<is< iii?? Jtpck i f uvi r;o >ti n.d hod: sarks. t v pri *e* of whtci) irt vfronf'Oto$it> Vsn, t;i tws? < 3ssiin*reamd Vtstin'?'{, null* up to order. m low prices, for r un ? niy. iMy browj mi* M*' k aack* are h .n^jnu l' ti mated, w*th vehet r ?M is a;.d r u ifs. .'(.(I I i ed rtid m oldrd cu<iiely. Foinehtve tidily > ..rl.e ! a* Ik 1 t.- u < Hercoatu in ?'le t?> utrasure ?f the ?try ? i?r ce? *t * h cH fha vriiotd r#e4y m .?ie. <tI9it?jc ( JKV. i LK Vifc ? s /voTR'lv? \t tut? Maaoaof the year JT f.hpre if li'jndrcd* oi \ ?-u wi .h to kimw where ? eu c oi get y. ti r fnloriug doue: t*i >uth we an v. 94 Murray street, come ot ia iKe {)!a> e w liere to Kft your f?ock. ure-i or ovcrm>-ta ^*iil cS.'nkt ?*i ! er eleined, dyed, altrre t n.:?i re|wi!'r:!, v. .th eufV?, huft')' *, f rainiiitii^n Mid all ih tf ?f< t?iu re?l to xnair<* th.*i.i lock well?to nave \ ou bu\ i?k' new cl'jthii i? lliii wmter?attiMl) chir^ea and : ? iliiippoiutme .ta, it ihr'?ri'er nf the ilav t<? those w<vhin^ to t-^iu in f. Coat< clr ojeil lor 73 ceuta, with u: color 4 or s'emi. U in't f'?. ?et, 91 :s the Hum e* v. if re \ ti iruir.twaya Ii ?1 the urc?.t tl ? h** modifier. A ^'0K riSS08,9< Murtay street. dflftyfff ' I i-h *' oiK t_:Lui;M:? < \f) *vtivn IIKK V VM7 A hi).? Ladies *:<! \ / .rl'inea f-ivog s >periliiuii? elfert^ Ut d:s? .e r.f, Ki:ch na vv .'tnK i\|?p? *rl, Kurtiitu^e, &c., can nhr on i? *jiir <m?"' price I r the aame by ai*udii.f; lor ihe aut%c r' I) . r, ti m Ji 11?' I'. it < Dire, or otii? 1 ni^etw ho will attend I at their r??i?leucei J L^.\ l-.NS'i V N, 4C6 liio ?Jw?y, up I ktanu. Ladies ran i>e af teudii! to by Mra J. I eveuff.>n. <12 P ?c In DIl'.S' <1/ IAK ? I he ?ub* ri f i hi ien\ 4 to rati tie -J attention ol J?ea to li ft pii-jrul Murk o?'? !? aUa, a* be ng the l>< t in t'-m riiv. ?id ? < ???,? ? nii'? aM 'he new ?ryl#s n .w iti ur. lio,!o * nl > iiare ^hawU. i urr ??tv 'riety, Witb a yr.. ail f ** <rMi-riM of dry y,o d .luitib'f mtIIk ira. ' ii winch w ill be lold at reduced prices, by T i'AT'iil N, No I liow* erv il? 11: in 1^1 \ *v ??y mIvi, ) > a*A tu.ifcli . t,;\ i ?t < >\ ii a b iJKh'II \I X nave it-moved to '.'i J- hn t.ivt, befvtt-i, N.'Sft 'ii .ix.i ilw.*v Ne w \ rk. They?t;UJ/e . id fiuiah, Hi i;i- ?v n il iupericr .!?I' -ill aorta * I ?< ! ?. i'\% irj* ai'k e tid t\* ?st, eit'ier ?iuii ?ir h ,de train*, cr^ ./. nv ?:jil a; mil i ik ; z'jih/f -AO'itrd? und vvihmI-*n yam; i***tvw c<<tt?>*j tr.ohrur, i:uni U * Junked or ft ied iro' di ribbons,bi'k.iHin, n.-ee Trii^fr .?ud < shinere aliawU, |{iini??. fringe*, cord* ai d tn??sf , J oil*'and k*'Hit-men "a uarineuts Ur. t d>ed-i.d clean t '1 equil to new i/lielra Orders tucfnlly *ttei ded to and romytlveie pted 411 Mt*a |f | < .1 VLLK.N t ilv? Notice to gentUui'n *!? v*?nt ? t)\J U then old ci the? t?> h olt like ne** . c i! t at the "1 si hi*i k. Dytofr. < I '.iuiiiK it id Htj'aifinr atitb'iahment 66 Odd ill tel. v. - < ;?. vou ?:au k;ei II jjipar pitch tsr. if i.r. and pilot, ex'r f*e ' wi houc * i'-tiig cl"th?*t'he stinrt#?t none# and o?? ;h ?m . if mt,-ibl* t?. in? bv J R NOAH 66 (iol<l itre> t. 2 Mo ?m lr< tn !;? 'Mi. mi street N. B. I l.c hi^! e>t r rice j \ d f .r tfeurU,IrO otr ve.rr.^ m,.,rel d'i I? ' re kl I i > T f r.l> -? \ i i hXav! l;0?VDlbl?H ?The re it n?? ci i**aae to wii?cb hoiaea <ire liable tln.t in Ijureatbtir ttRfeKafe vilne et vntreh ft? Uravei a.<i Broken W Jti ?. fti.d tiie i t ? ire jy ?h* re lit of (frOa* c ue . i i *>. Milt* r lr. drivu^ v. <cntl\ nfitr a full ineal, bv I leedu.u lur. tv i>rn\entler. ??r ?:,iM 'oinmoi l b iifirlertn it /.light < or cold I he 'I re r% i'Ij He vePowUriirew r, ?/n?t t<- r ? 1 . ' t cntulio c?.lil n? i? v. da? ? ?. ill j rev^m foil ii\t r i r cliiil. Mr tie u th own itlo ill - food t.'iat is yi veu Jo the he ite?l animal hf "re: i kmrit i'MVf .n.d 'i?r vluuiahuiK result* tot have hern 11 ?t c?l liy I lieu u e in th.s cit an ' vie mi? v ilouc m>ine of 11irIt ive I*n : ul>l?^i>e<l i tne re 11fir,? of Meaara, M y i? k I'mh |if"V/ fli thry pti?*ie*a eatruu* iSiuHfy l o. rr iu thf rciimv l<?fi!'ive* atol *lt r: nip ^ nt* 1 hr In ? ?, and wi< r); ;j?*? m the I!o- e, } c?r 1 wnicl ftr y w ill erne, eveopt wh'* e then .*arii.| ulee?Mt> n o' tlif In ui ik^ c.. iiMimiifrm A meiiiful man la ui?*reifni to ' ? hr<?t. 1 hoae wh l'-tveatWr*r>d w ith asihnri cwn fo in a'idea of tin? i*ko .i/iuif uiat i*?i whic'i Iio ?e, f> iik?ie?l * i?h Heaves, | mils eoil??'** !? '** eteri:nii u h i kl\ : and hi* ro*?n der ii ? , il . e !. ii:n indite h.?r?r o i.eiafo reire?e ?t?f ir ntlli* fed ; i. in .'a, v hen thry Inv" v> finish rtiuirane* Unt fins v In -h|e rfI r'f .lv wi t d.? if. ttHKAT t \ifc, U|< I M-? .Ml'i it/h the pec to ?..<! of tin? reii^v ' t > cure compl.iii.ta ? I t!ie In |/?. vet from thrir if t i Iterative md irsr irativa l?foi rn r* *lu'V tr n ** ? lie ?t condition w^dieoie; in right liiiif. lo'i r.l i prior md all dUea-i**th f <len> .*e derantfftniei.t < f t.iie divert vr fun t.'ii a or the eii .fenri i f Ho ts mid w? r?i"? i i ti-e I'lirt t^r, I "I I, m ilr* r :i I h f l|o*ottf ceriifi rite ?Me*?'t \ 11 tintr.'h ^ < ?>.?^niei; : 1 hai pnr??. Hhre oi our Ite iv?? Pow< ? ? flint I ! u?l?t of y?.u for my horse ? r ii. Ii li .s eipr r I v tii him hii? in ;i i1, fV? *?.r hiv thn i | ei|"iieil. Ih- K* pec ton. at Pn^ifrn l;r? n.'ht ?y nn iminrm" uum!;er o' wo ma him, hud I believe rhey v ere ul tif r in f of' I if ri -w* lif muli f Qif, etr., m hi< h l?e r ihil?ifa?l ? forth t j-?i K:?^e haa entirely en i eil turn: hi* ameiif i? rood, urine 110* i . i-rime i-iK'im 1 <:ln eifnlly lei.oin i-m! void . r. . *' r* f r v.oriM a m ell i?fi>rhetvf% Yon*sf I ^ A * t. KOU'li/S K-i He in p.lead L I U.t M, ??7 ~ I Price $i p? r | r if*, of -.! ftcient to i me i.u ordinary t ; a i | tor $'j A li CiOl Jt Ml 4? H*) Kultoii alreef, New ?ofk, i ?* jIe prrpnetn Prrao**? in any jmrt of the L'ntin reimt'ius i Hih j it r id. em hi^e W i|< 7 ? r moie picked. Ireeol'r*re?i*e Jid it e <n l>- ?hipped prr J ?e numcron* i ip'e-aea a t.r?Iti ?cost \ liberal di'Cotii ' to Je. lr. i. W'oolra-le A tenra ? K!itti4* o . ,?! U Did . *;i, Diil i i-lphii: S W. fiowle. li ati ; Wrerili Van Sfnirl:. 'I roy; O. l')eafef,AI

r?Miv, o..l *'teb'Mi;-* k < d r'ne ^ ? III. . H il At' o. are taoapc Mf . B U,-Nc< ?'i HOOK ? I MM K ^T, an ?tn;| !*, r i if j atinn I- i ?nd erarlu rootrar ti'?n, inability !o fr in the an r, 8te., lor hone T-et. 'I he powder* arealao f' r t'.le r?t N<*w Yn U 'I afeeail'a. f?i Br?-adw y ilfl li"ire \HIIjK HOVbK, about to decline husiueaa. wish to <!ied stiu id Un n . I iMe eusfi ni. Ai ply ?' *1 William alrtei, corrar cf' r fir. dU> are r jl 1 ;t t( 11 1 11 v ll>T will I'le^ar c ill and teene Kive l? t n to bin a'lii, en, hyXhe nhip Severn, ftom JI vi* D'lVD H HIS. KKN M> V'.' ill ?rr??l . 'IT.Ur i?< u(,'vV bHAD&H?Kiiuten Thou. AMI I'mi-i ..mutnil! -if every ?', le r.fimporied !nd Am?ri> an Shml??, lor l?M to ?uil poii. Iia?"?, nt jricea '0 per r.entie th. n ot'i r Hivei V ">ri i :t, , edlev, fce , v ill do weII t>j cull it K L'l'V it U:KKK'S iclimve Window Store, III < h tfhm.I ? ?( dl ut*m DOlt i 'Li.?' ImnkH liatbci* tWTncMNi mar, tta T mil# from ti e railroad to th?t Atlantic citie*. uirorim'. e i fur lie lth, fertility for, II vr.nua. eipfrially wheat, and in imtiiriil production of ema. eiiual to Noritm ii ea 'I'sred held*, nbunriuiitly v >i?r*J by Binnga and miming ?teaiu?, hi;d well wotid'd Thr.a* wlio > re interested in the prcpv killing a>,'I ir d>i ? ia > tt e. hogr> i.beep mut wo, I growing.will find heie intlncc if ntau < ervnlled eliewlwr. Kvery paMiroI r will b* riven reM>e?li?>g iliein.mid tlie roiiufry iii, with evictrnrri of the f>eta (mm those ivli i hive Jill relinked ml lettled the r INlCHOliAi HMllHT, .'?! William ?lr e?, \ Northern lariner with hi" wife n wnted h" a y< org m m dcairmia of aeitlirg tlieie.t > whim n liberal i (Ter w ill be irade, dStt'tn C^ONITII'A'IIOPI-l'ii^TIVKNMS) i>etm nenth nr S ed wuhi ut the ni l f inediciara, by wAHT() >'fl KjiVAI.KNTA. A vegetable f ol. liglt, pnlatable and i.oiriliona Kor idle, wholea le ai d retail, at the " National Depot of Wftrton of Pn?i?"?10>> Kalion ?t? N, V. M.K IVimn Agent for thu Un led ' 'intea The Tiea'ue on Comtiratio and hi Cute, by M War tun oU'aru, *|?of,( ?*|e, pnee cetu. _ dl Ui*ia If ?l?l_ M||"'-l 'M-f 1 II k I INING, DECEMBER 14, OVERLAND EXPRESS. Spleutliri and Enthusiastic Reception OF GENERAL TAYLOR AT ItfUV/ OHLEAN3. THE PRESENTATION OF A SWORD. Specch oT Old Slough and Xloady. net OBIM TN. Sen. kc. Wo lire in rt>. eipt ol New OrleatiB papeia. of the 4th uri -Hh inst > two lays in advanceof Itie mall, tho latest dates t'roia that o'.ty. by mail, belD* to the 3d inst,Mit. W* are thus enabled lo furnish our t< uders with the iWoriptloTi of the honors extended t? the n-'illanl hero ol liueua Vista by the citizens of New Orleans. (Kroin the New Orleans Mercury, IJec. 4 | The manner in which Oen Taylor was yesterday received. niUHt have been scrtu11">i?in to the old hero. The U>-art of New Orleans wss bouuillnu with exultation at his approach ; acd enthusiastic wn the welcome she v ? hi 111 It was n recaption such an a ureal and tree pi eple alone could givo grand and imposing, without pomp or show, and respectful without lorraality. The Bonne which prraented Itielf when the Mary Kinjtsland nititr-d tiiu wharf. w?s affecting from Ith eubiiuiity Aion^ th f the Mississippi, far ?* the eye could reach, j??y streamers floated on the broere from whips of every i-ation, and the \>at?r of the river was tossed In fun in from Lafayette to the farthest extremity of the city, by the innumerable nteumiiOats which were then ru ningin every direotion The siiip America, that hid moved imroe liaU ty after tii* Mary Kingsiandin the aquatic pr^cs esion. fl. ated tlowly down the river, and the amnio which was bcrne to the ear froin the deck of every steamboat, ?u? occasionally unheard in the loud booiu of tbe cannon.aud the wild shouts from IhnnhiTe I'behtreets housetop*. and thedecksaud yards of ev?ry vessel within high!, were darkened with nutuan forme; apd high above the nia.-s < f heads rose the tiiumphul arch in the I lac? d'Artnes. with the sunbeam* nU.iiu on thu word* Welcomo'' and "Buunn VInta," which were inscribed lu letttrn of ;;o!J. IIh whoae presence had oulled tb&t mighty J1!Vil together, and created i>uoh commotio i en tho bo.-om cf the Mississippi, stood calmly but evidently affected at thirl glorious manifestation i f the feeling which Louisiana enti rtninM lor the diMlngu'ahod c'.Mzen There >vux sometMug Ann in the fuoe ?t' thu old man an ho s'ood gu*iu;< on the scouo-a (bade, baring tlie semblance cf ] lido, Mould occasionally sol tie on bi.i brow; but the fueling which gave oxpressioa to liin kiud and in inly ci.uutenujiea, au.l tcuchrd its every line with tccdernwss, wis that ot love and gratitude. Ilia toil* and strife, lh? glory and dangers of battle, and all which j he hm endured > nd auhiuved. were apparently lorj gotten ? lio stood beloro bis o iuutry with tho kindness j and tenderness of a child in bis to cot l, and bur aiur were opeu to ri ':eive liiui. When *bi) old man iRodnd, lbs cheer* which pealed from the assembled thcuMW'lH were electrifying; and tlie Committee of Arrangements, who had iUtlered theniselven that they could movo in procession ufter tbo item rsl, were sca'.tter? d in a inoin>nt aiuon;{ the crowd, wi:o evinced thu greatest anxiety to touch the old hero's clothes, or ove:i to cue him 'J'hore wim welcome beaming lu every face that looked upon him, and lie wae conducted to the triumphal arch, where bu whs iu?t by the Mayor, ninid acclamations which were actually deafening. The Mayor a,dressed liim thus: ? General?la behalf of tlie city of New Oi Irani, which I b >ve the hoiior to rei>re?eut on turn aeration, it 11 my i"lfiti>n office to welcome your trappy return to your country and your home; *ml in keh If of ti e Municipal ? 'uuncila, i tei der to you the hoipiulity ol tins city, while it n your p|e isure t> reia'iin among iij. ,vo circtinnmice eouln have filled < nr | heart) with mure juy tlmn we now feel, m liavinK the epportu] uiry to express to vou our gratitude tor ihe ilin nuiii.rd leivices you h ive rendered our country, The brilliant achitvrnrum performed in Mexico by liie fearless and darn y bind l!nl you li ve led u from v curry lo victory. I ave implied u* Willi feelntu whi' h uo langoiKe in sullicieully powerfnl to coave y. I' j. aucIi achievement*, Oeueral, every ti ue Aruericau lie irt. IV.-in oik en'iemil y in ih* oiher i f tin* republic, is li'tefi with ttratituile nud sdmiratMri. Wherever you direri your ?te|in, u am auy spot 'vlieretlie sttir-ai"U|eled burner tr umphaulty txrai.di in folds tollie hr#e/?, v n wiP linrl a it " tiou'. lo, to crcf t you ?>' >\ \\ til he-ir a whole I eop e 4 ?por'. taiienrrs ai?plan r I-! entoMhe ?jilrni!or ol your dredn.whiili your mode .1 y would in vain wmieavor to weaken in yourowu e^e*. uain, (teueiiil, I bid yoti a I r-irty wtlcoine 111 tiie u.itiie i.f II1 lis citizen* of .N < ? (>1 le.riu 'J'o this the (ieneral reeponded briefly, i hur : M'. Ala'or?Tlit welcoire winch I rnret th'id v from the people ol New Orle.-i.- s, annonncerl li/ vou, their i.o.iored re prri; ntatjve, i?ver?lieiuiv mi: ^ith freliuK* winch 110 woriU m i expieis V- j inve Wrrir", leased to <| 11 rlilv, with errrn of tue li giiert cpi>ror?*tion. the servicei of tne a run which llirv irtd the limior 10 Cuiuui^ud 111 \liiico. th.u d thrive h.-sve otticrrj and iKililie.f, who'r u ill .r ry urhieved the inccrsi to which yo.i le'er. be t'<. oi:.:a* on. and wituria ih; ItrMill Mut (.? ni>[ o( vrxtilii le wliiih t nr iltvotiim i ia ??!icitrd.the inrmiiT nftnv would ?>e Complete Pur th'm in' for inytelf, J tlian Si, I'ioui in/ ln?rt, ii.p j -< t>i if New U.U.'.ui, uid uccept,Mr. Miyor, the offer oftlieir hoipi laluy. Tills nimple but iuter>-?tiag formality over, (ioneral Ta lor proceeded towardu thi Cathedral, and opinion itema to bo un;<n!uiouo th-t th*? gf'n#* which tbi'repretirLtcd itReir viii thft Krand"*t cf tin* day. Kvery avruu-i I-a'Jitirf ti> the church was thmnged with th<i scv<-ri.l locimie* aud fir? oonipanim. who wern often puMird trom t'.n-ir position by tb? uiotion of tha mighty uiaen of | uoplp ; but them wiia no oout. ntloo, uoRtrife; all ??r uuiti d lor one ^ratid j.urp' mi, and it would have b??n difficult to utrny tho unanimity of feellc^* which prnvit'dud Tbi bcaut'I'ill woui'ti of New Oi loan* graced lh? 1'cub*, end fair bands waTtid e * clcma to the ontve. Win u tt.n doom of th? church were thrown open, it *;-h tiili d aluiodt. in?.t?utmeoutdy. and thou* indi wer? dinippointed in tlio bope.i ol adraUsiou tli?y bad entertained. iii, hop BlaDfi addri />?'d tho < ?m i?r?l bri*-!ly and appropriately, during wliWrh U? alludid to th? humanity an v.tll as glory, with which th" old hi?ro conducted the war, a!id concluded tiy expressing th? hop? of n Rpeedy and hoooiubU pe".cn; to whli'h <?eu Taylor t. ? lingly repliid, and warmly responded to the e?rne< aeplrationii id Itm bluhop. that u pi.*ca niight be speedily snoured WUeti lien. i'aylor app"arud mialn l>elor? the pf.ple lie was irounted on ill* taoioiH cl ii"'-#r, $< M1 vvnitrj ' 'l'L < ? XLiii umtt at tin st .ge of tin< proceeding was in* .in# t', iM.d I bo ob'tTii ai.uut amouu d to iihrtn/.itd en thimlami. Tiie crowd prPit d clive to " Old Whitby," up J lie rtt< iv< d sa.ti.y a Mud nii'i ?ITuotionu'<> put; but the tin ?aay twitch wuic i th ml fellow oaoaxindally '/ iv?* niuif It apparent ib,u htswish^ioK dltpoiled of a portion ol his Mowing inane i nd (nil. !t Mrrm vain in?ttt iiipt a dsocriptii.n of thnpr< r>'F flon All eye* w is turned to him whom ail honored, and balovuiM*, Uuor? and wmdnwj were thronged with lailug in ad the y\y hu t hr.llitnt drapery or fjthion. wrho ilvalied in tutLuMfcxin tin* crowd that ohiered mid rolled on bnlow Arrived at the St Charles, Oen Taylor stood on lb* cnl oii?d<' oad the wli le procession pa?g*\ b for* him I'ho < r.ier ot if:- mnk unil file wha forgotten,and citizetm Hi d S 'ldleu were rjtnitbd in the crowd, who chaired hiui u? they p?i><>eil It would ri<|uire the pencil uI'h Vandyke o port. iv the chiinjjiij;; aspect of the i.l<l mill' face, an c ip in luir.d, be witiunfed the cloning eoace la the great drama of the day. TIIK IM.tTMt NATION. The vast ext' nt of the .St rtiarlett ruddenly bcc?m? the blazwnf I {lit about *ix o'clock in the evening, aud the s ii'el* It- j il u j; to It were <len?e|y crowded by person* of every condlii' U il eociety U"tw*e n t h" pillar* of tbe l*' in fiont. < f the build ng were suspended large vaiit g ited lantern* under chaplet* of live oak. In lr?ut 11 tfi.r Indies' parlor w?* a transparHUCy cf tlx (ieiieral .ri the eld br.iwri coat, with the motto- 'A littie mote urape, I rp' iin lirai'f " In front ot the aen'leiueu"< pin lor w is henth?-r traufpari-ncy of the Oetieral, "la . j M. i iERA 1847. , timiiii'v. which all know h? never fait Id tbe preaeuce of nur fix'inivii. and replied pfcrtiuentiy and appropriately 11- Haiti It was dilllotlt for him to rxpnta hl< mdm of I the ktMH which ??t? showered upon him by the cltlzena of New Orleana ; but of all tbe trophies ha re. oilw4) th- itpproving amll*s and waving of handkerI chiefs of the fair daughter* of Louisiana affected him ' the moat, and were dearer thau a thousand victories on the battle field They wera triumph* peculiarly gratlI fjinn to hitn, for they were unalloyed br pain, and left I no atiot: behind He knew not haw others fait, but for himself how much soever ha might forgat in the hour of battle the *>td conscquanora of the atrife, they alwaya rushed unon hia mind afterwards?making hlaneart to Rink, nnd cuming him te feel like a child He had hoped to have done mora for hia sountry than he did? he thought he might huve bean enabled to accomplish a peedy and honorable peace?an event essential to tho welfare of both couotrlas, and particularly so to our own ; but though be did not accomplish as muoh as he desired, he always endeavored to perform hia duty, and he W4r> mora ibu gratified that the people of Louisiana, with whom he considered himself identified, w*ra contented wiili hi* conduct, (ieneral Taylor terminated by I oif<-ring tho fallowing ton?t. The citizen* of New Oilean*-I'Dsurpaaai d for intal- | I licence, patriotism and enterprise of every kind. Gen Taylor then left for the theatre, and as we fol- ' ; lowed suit, w>t are unable to reDOrt the toaata which i 1 wereglren during the remaining festivities of the even I I Ing tien. Taylor held n levee this morning In thsreoeptlon J ! room of the 8t. Charles Crowds thronged to nee hiui,and ' If the old nun's hands will not retain the impress of 1 those who i;rK?p th?m to-day, the Impression of the . ! scone cannot be noon effaced iroui his heart. TRIUMPHAL AIICU. [Krom the New Orluan* Times, Dec t ] The committee of arrangements, with a tuste that I | really btought, forth c ue burnt of admiration from all ; ! who couu*wi)l*l<'d their wink, had caused to be con- ' structed. in honor of the occasion. a triumphal aroh. In the middle of the 1'lnce d'Anaes, seemingly on the model of thoae far-famed arches of antiquity, the monument* of the glory, the taste, and the science of past ages; and of dimensions, an we judge, ei|U?l to the coll?.s?al structure the same kiudat Paris, at the Barritre it l1 Eloile '1'tie summit was crowned with ?n eagle richly gilt; in front and rear, just under the entablature, extending the ah le Itligtb, were the words " welcome!'' and, ou the other parts, the names of the great battl** which Uenerat Taylor) hai won, from the opeuing of the present war. Tlie American tlag, of coursu, limited from the summit; u profusimt of brush, or evergreen, gave it a bi-BUtiful verdant appearance; and somi young piues were placed erect on the top, Hanking the ever glorious Bi*innM4DUi^iii tiiivu|^ii inn uriiiiHi ?r<lU, IUH llfP1 vas couveyed to the cathedral. modestly expressing bis J.-. p seu?e of the uilaohmcutol bis fellow-citizens, thus so conspicuously evinced. VISIT TO THE THEATRES. Oja Taylor, accompanied by a oousHernb'.* numlwr ?t frierds, including bis stair, members of the committees, ke , visit- (1 suecef.sivuly the St. Charles, the American i-nj tbu Orleans 1'tieatrea, where he was y received by crowded audiences. The orchestra at eaoti pltice of amusement played the natior ul airs The W'li.M for here they are ia their appropriate places in point of <lisi>!y. for grace, and the thousand narnelesa oltaruis iucnieut to beauty lu lull costume, dis p BMtl their applause wi'hout stint. od the veteran (.hnuipitii ft tin ir cliuie nudr&ce. 1 n- DtUa, noticing the visit to th-> St. Charles Theatre. eiiy* : I'he tari - thi exuuislte, yet peculiar trench politeness. f.t M llx Dinner. as h? took hiw seat in the SI. i barb s, indeed UiwrvinR of all praise The brave old Oeiier?l paid munh utteDtion to her ''poetry of motion," and, on the execution of a favorite pirouette, tl rew to r.t t.nthe sts g* a bouquet which he held in lii-i hand. The amiable young Krouch woman determined not to be outdouaiu c> urtesy, selected one?the bi s Iroui a shower of bouquets flung on the stage, and. with a respectful courtesy, presented it to the laureled chief lie looked at the moment as If he had gained a Uu< na Vist? victory on the field of beauty. THE PRESENTATION OP THE SWORD TO CiKN. TAYTOIt IIY THE GOVERNOR. Ih'roni the New Orleans Delta, Deo 6] The preflenlatlonrfthe sword voted to Oeneral Taylor, by tiie Legislature <>f Louisiana, took place yesterday, and a most luiposing and touching ceremony it was It constituted an Appropriate and h <aiitiful finale to the muni frstation witii which New Orleans and Louisiana have greeted tli" veteran hero and patriot. About IJ o'clock, Major <<?u I.ewla, Uen* I.aeoate and Auguatin, Adjutant <ieu. Itowley, < ol. Onkey, of tin- courteous JJd, with their respective aids, mid u deputatinn from the volunt-er companies, consisting of Colonel Walton, in the gorgeous uniform of the Crescent IIU'?.ir?, Miid of nearly all the commissioned officers cf tho legion, all in full uniform, marched to the Slat" house, preceded by I.ehiuau'a Una band. Mere they were met by his Kxoeilency, Gov. Johnson, Hid his statf. consisting "f Cola. I'altrey, Wintbropand Stewart, and a civio procea<lon, composed, drat, of a uuiri rou-1 represcntal ion of that shattered baud of reiios <il tho glory of 1314,'' as the Governor eloquently referred to them ? and nuxt, of Hit ofllcsrs ol ihe Slate gommnMit,includingtlwTrammr, 'Jen. Wilkirj ilua Ctiu* (Jayarm, S*oretary of Strie; se/eralof thu Judges, and ntlier dlguitarieii. The prooefsiou was formed under the direction of ("ol. II W. t'alfruy, who cvlncad e.xuvl lent taste and judgment in all his arrangement.* Kirat oame the veterans, preceded by the band, and loUowed by the Governor. Major Geo. I,"wis, and the other ofltceis; than Ban the v?rii,m state dtm, and. laatly, many citiz-tit, who w shed to witness tho oeremouy, fell into the ranks, and extended tha lino of proccaaion to a considerable lruglh. Arrival at the St. Charles. the profession was halted for a lew moments lu the portico ; after whicU it marched into the gentleman'* parlor, to the munio of a lively air. Here Gni. Taylor and his staff, supported by his Honor the .Mayor, and by Recorder Baldwin, with a uunion UI viu jcio u? 1-ui Jiiiujr, muu nitujr U1UX4DM, w?TH dra*vu up ivi .1 UiiH iii t.t? centre of thv parior Tli? proci'fltir>a tiled ell arouud the room, and forming a ciicIh, the 4?ov^rii ?r adv*LOt*d into lb* centra, and aalutiu? (J?u. ?'wylor, H'Jdr?-??*vd hiia in a truly piorju -nt aud imprePfdro i?peeeh, which w? have taicej grwat paiun to rrport lit**rally, im follow*?a lank of aouto difficulty, a* hi* h-XCfl enoy always m.i!c# s extemp:>raueoup ApMODef, Mid it id no uMf?y matter to keep up with thn rapid aud Carvid 11 iw of feeling aud ideaa which oharacturizdd the 1 OoYeru r a puolio fcp??fch-? (Jciifr I ? V oil "life lita been faithfully ilevted to vnur ccui.trf Were i to atuyipr to icc lo ail lite anicti li vt- Ci.O'ured you In > our leilo*, aud conferred itu du v niid r?-uow >1 on >.?ur u iui? t I ari'.uld no violence to i A 11 ui dtsty aliit u is. no If than valor,a brilliant leatu'e in y ii; oh T'Ct^r. Hu Icuuuti n the disc luiye of ti?e duly inpOivd up n wc o> the Lc*iai lure, forego a lew hurl allu mom . in tiwii e of thr i.?iri our meidruu winch c utvil your Int. toi\ A an ea I/ njc?, Gtiieml, am.J t tur gloomy *oh:u.jr.? of I ? I .r *Ve?t and Mist th* wily anv gea of our foies: you icceiveU you lii?t lenuua in the p.oietaioj upuii wiucri you ir vr amce rcileeted to much lustre. Under tnese trying ?-iicumsi . ces oi Ironner wurtfire you fust began to atuai t the a, f>;?<viiig siuilei of your country uirii The < tcuiuj; tlrnna ol Koit It rriaou, revealed tt.osa iare traits ofiuihtify ch-irac* te,?tiia< cou.h r Mud fervid ;atrioti\in. which iu time, under m.i r urn in I m flueuce, aud ?u a in >ie e*tr udnl seme of aci in have unitedla loiioiiitf iu beautiful n*nnon>, tiie model of a ureal Captain Ve.ui ro led on. 1 he soldiera of onr country rci>osf d ou lic>ra;int. Tt4. rainbow of Trace euciiclrd our LJuion ? Like oil. era of our brav' soldiers, you ueurral, hsd but le \v occasion* i ? outlay the m<'iury virtues of which v? u had give J ft-.irn uriiii.iiit. rw.i Iiaii o u I on *r?ivtd at the lull niniu?ity ol years, wheu a rag*ci?ju? ^ -\ ernin nf, rrtneuibrriiig the v dor aud skillIt I' your you to I'u I dee?'a selected yon at the proper leader of our troops iu ihe i.ucrrUiu and visa lorn war -gainst the parage 4 miens of i he 111irm ? ks < I Morion. Voiir brave mid ?klllui conduct at k? ho-fce, redeemed the honor ol our anna, nod* rd the mrtOoiy < I' pifvu us rmsforiuue . The vicisntudes mid t yi U, ft ol Indian \sa.ela<e Uid&olftl dutuotly >iud r t ir!/ o in t.k i<iir chancier a military man and tu pa r ourw.iy ior ah 11 high r distinctions, on >t more SQlt?bl h-..,t<e of action. The t ' . .urea if your i?reat miht try e*f>e iieuceam v ?lor were not destined to u t in iue|eaa and inglorious inactivity. v i t* .ions fur their lu 11 terc*se aud direl ptnriit could i ot long lift tie'iyed W h?*ir l ex ia f-v and asserted her liberties, * e, the biedi'en of the peopK* i.f ihit nohlr I tlr State could no leuitin d i* r i .?lift it. \* ? I"erl\ gavr our ?> mp tilues nd prayers 10 ih? r u e nl'oiir ?tia\ countrymeu, wh thu noldly proclaim e l American i? deprudence in a foreiftir laud. And ?heiiahe ur i? ve t her freedom, and a- k? d to ;?ud her own linlli mt srar to t'.ie galaxy of < ur ui-ion. we could not ultimate!? r<'?iat the p*?.m, ting' ! nature.and rejt ci our returning reltive 'J'r u? ; ilieje.l ii 9 >* fl our io Cihei sister ic, ublic w ?. wonted '1 lie |ui;e Mr w Irrlf-t into poeition, Slid minglrd h>r bright .r,% with the hlar.c of on Icial cousteilatiou. 'J lien the sprck u( war beg so to * - b i | owim iirki mid b i-'gsr, toon ait* led wnh t lowering aspec upon the weste u >? uv of our newly scijoi eU ter .f-?ry Mnme regarded It h; re e|y a momentary ? ?a mere vapor whicfi w.?u'd soon pus k\> i> Othen view I it as a rentable sign ol appro*! It ii u, hosri:itt*s. .vnd tin. belief, growing into sppn hension, imp iiird our government with * aeuae of its duty ?o autinp i?e any inv ision ol onr territory or any indignity to our Ditim i ehsnetei , , A new *ii?l t> Ightp. - ! t w topered to the rnilit ?ry ambi ti >r| of the country. Ilcuce the organisation ol tint n .ble band I heioea, the A my ol Occupation. I'or lis command, <iei s: r. |, i Ii f ime of |our former nploits had des gu ted you. In the dunes ol that . . m uand you visited . ..' city iWo years .-Old I;a I i.go, .V.d well do I remember the lrie.<dly greetn g a jd g.iod wi hes we then evhanged in the of tin# ed|. 1 lice ii.u the i i asied thr. ugh our City, mid de|mtted lor the t rene <1 v* ur duties w th the une<|Osllfd, but tubdned esif'e/n - I v our fellow citi/ei s lor y<ur no pretend it. g modesty in nv ?ir ii-a and ao|di? rl\ <j'i ilitiea The atnking routrast of \ t?r receprion yetterday fold a t tie of glory aud great i>e is, moie elujuently il"s<? longer cau tell or peudetrnbe |q thr I. ill il Mtiliii'i iMir hi lurrviiwun oi ye?ieriiay, nil Mauri I,11 nr people p.irtieipiied l lip Ood lie-alhcin! ill cue miimlerifi, t. K-i?, ? quick to diacuvernnd ?o mijh to nwir.l ilcrii-. (if nohle ilinng, who. incarry ,\nr *i,d dim', have never (Ailed to honor tnerit nml vniiie with their npprov nr itr.ilea, atcwed vinr |<? h yeaterday W ith varlanda and a)i<vrered >1(11)11 ynnr lnr*d the ft. grant tokena of their ailmiruII.11 The iniilti i?iiiotia of heada which Kreeted your c mine .mil enciiCle 1 yi?nr |> ogreaa, wn moved and tuaaed to and fro by emotion* (go 'lcep for QttcrK'-fc. lint, rei>irmcK f m ihi? diRitaaioa, Ueueral. in the Comii, . < thr \rmy of Dccupni ou, y> ii nipped m a more rxptnded iheat e ofopcintima involving r<a.>on?ibilitiei of a morr terioiia ra:^ ?--iii*oleinii the van iaaue of war and fence. (Jeiicril I I thia dffiiult lru?t yon proved equal to th? f* (fncicaof ev?r< occtaion The?ii|iiel of your elfoita lully ju.tili'd the confidence of the |f<*vrriiinent, and tic eiti rutioiiKif y<.ur fellow cm/em Kiom the inomeut ynu ii "Il the i in:mlid of tn* nnny, the public eye waa ln?d n von your mivemruta with a daily uicreaaniK i.itarrat. Mitt f w ill ii' people il en anticipated mi open tuptura, u.d but few wc e p.r. ired for the bold cmii nairat on? by wb'c.h Mcvico h ought hi Hi? conflict. And when the alai mi> k ikwi reached ii. , !; il.t I intr inrrI jk<?rjc? ffT'*tenM I V'?ur lilt1 e anny. (Irneial, !< entirely -u rim. de I, il at the mercy tl a pr. ud . id inilictive loe, thai the line ol cuminunic^liona with v our depot of nippliea w?? broken up, and the wholr country atari io?d with wtll armed aud tlefviiiK troopa ol toe Inutile Reiiuh'ic. VVI n i In i imellifcni c rear' ed ui. it le!l upon our city and c ii'iiry likea?ic<t public calami y. humbled car national pii'le, and elevtcd our idei" of the chn acter and liroweat of i iw enemy IIin one ntimeut pervaded onr wholf c >mmnni'y : n wai, to off rim#, a fmce to aend to the relief o' cur ruiperilled armr, Vou cal'ed on ine, aa the (loverni r of llna Mate, f t four regimen ? of eolun eeia I called upon the people, end iiiimednitely there waa a grnertl null of all elaat a ol our ciUicua io anna The Lrgul&lur* of onr #tat? wiiii in* worn*- ! 'nve no reitmireeiin-iit* to you. ijut M?jor IJIiiw m.d I ?itl i>iij>pr>rt y n " In TariotM yum ofthi: bi:iUltr>i{ there whether appropriate tr*n?pnenelf" i.nil <lt vino*, aildti ,r nn^h lo the n?ti?r*l ?ffee.t. I'he (t.'ii-iitr.- hp l : n? of lh? I u I ling* .lOj jiulnji Kiiii oppoilte, were hIi?> illuminated. THK piNNTW. Ali'iit. 7 o Vic ok, the Mayor cmiliiolfd <J.-n. Taylor Into the din'nit room, followed hy tile?UIT <*ov .1 <?|i?i on an ) Huit?, oilloi r* of the muiy. aud other in ?It'J Vcui-mk, hun<ti{ Ultra h.iiim of our mo?t diiitlngiiiiibed civil dignitarlm*. 'l'h? nj)j?*iin?noe of (Jii> (lining, room wo* Mich a* would have Hindu even a liuu.'i y m.iu pirn.-.- >ro the wcrk <.| dfflruct Ii.ii r.omuietioeij Kt? rw thing which miu Id tttinfil thu tunto of the luurt. f tf tl-itou? in uhundHlio*. on the tllen, mid the ri'-h o'lor of oholoe witm wait mm,, l-d with the fragrant breath of flower* i.ehinnn'ii Liii?f^ band played lu mi Kdjoiulng room, and all wti? iirratiged in h muutier highly creditable to Meawit Mndge Ac WHmki, titider whOAe Miperintendence th? dirtier wan prepared VVIieu llie cloth wna rumored, th? fellow ing rn((iilar toistn were given hy hln Honor the Mayor, nnd wnr? drunk Mill > nthii*ia."llo oh?err, or lu Mlenoe, u* thu na tur.i of th" sentiment EUgRented : I The I risidnnt Of the United Status. [ Muni"Hail, oluuib a."] i Our (. ountry May nh? always tv< Night: hot Kight or Wrong, our Countiy. [\1ui>io 'Mtur Spangled JJaunir.'J :t. Mnjor (??neri.l Xachary Tuylor. [MUftic, "Hull to Ibn 4. The Army of the United States. [Muaio, " \V??hin*ton'n March "] V The Nayy of the United State*. [Musio, " Vankte Dnodle "] <1 Thn Governor of LoulHiann [Mu.iic, "JackBOti'a March."] 7 Mfljor Oeneriil Scott. IMuaic. "(ienerai .Scott'* March."] h. The Hero of Contrerae -Lculniana'* lavorite eon, ten. Pi-nilor K. Snn h. ['ionic, ">i? where Kiory wait* the? "] It Ton Memory of Washington. [Music. " L)t?ad March in S.iiil."] 10. The HerotH of th? Hevolullon [Music, '"Auid Lacg Myn? "] 11. '1 ha Memory of <J?n. Jacknon, [Mueic, "Mar| ftnillM Hymn "J I'i The Memory ol llie K'illunt OflWr* and Holdler* who hare fallen in thn UattUs .of Mexico [Mu?lc, " Itoelyn Ctstln.'' ] 13. The I.a Hop [Muaic, " Home, fi?Mt llAOt ") When ih? taaat to Oen J'aylor whs gir-n, the ilii.ul* with which It waa rretved were undisputed nvldancn of the feeling fur the BUi'ject of the eentiiuen' XL* old tuau row with au uppeaian' ? ol diiHd' u<;? an J ?|??I . ! , I . * ????? ?* " r?r-*'7 Ln AJ . PrlM Two C?nU< ruthfd into their tlalla, to art. aud not to apalk ; and ta a ?ho**ff tioir Ilwn I li.yeiakru Id tela.a th? laet, thar had tola* thrae Imodrtd tauua .nil dollar, out i>l ttte Slate Trea??r? lt? f qaiC and orxauix* the?e regimem, loitead < f four, wa wat? able? <*(! freil waa the ardor of tbe people?ro teud you aia regloi'nla ! Thu nccev ful appeal to t?.e people, had the alfect ol lending a nuirkeriujf impulaa totli- action of the Oeueral lioternmeot. and < f kindl uk an tuthuvtaam udook 'ha people which, io to abort a time, baa organized a great at my. At that dark and alarming period wr had uot tha epic incident of Bueua Viata to tell nathat General Taylor oarer amrreadered. '1 he only hope which mi ainad us reeled oa the opportune nrrival of the regiments aent from thia city. It waa be lured that our troopa would h ire to ngWt their way aa aoon as they landed on the ahore. But, alaa! the brave Louiaianian* did not arrive in time to win those laurela for whirh thrr so earneatly panted The painful tuapenae and anaiety wAich held our people apell bound, for aome days, waa at laat relieved aud diaaipated. The a^unda of victory cauie booming on the breeze, aud ahot an eiectric joy through the national heart. Your name tlieu, General, beenme aaaociated wi h deedaot immortal reuown?ueeus tnat elevated tne ciiararisr ol onr uMioa and a-Mr J uw aid brilliant pities to the record* of oar glory. It ?u in mrtnuiial of thcae great deeds that it "'U deemed fit and proper (hat the Legislature of the Mtate of rout adoption ahould m iuilrit ita appreciation of your virtues by tone a| propriale arkiowledgmeuta. Their congratulatory resolutions I h?> e already ti*d the honor to communicate to you. And, now that y< u have returned to the bosom of your home, ia re spite from your trying toila?uow that you are enjuyiag and ? ceiving ih?" applanae of a people bv whom you are lored and admired? I sin afforded M opportunity of carrying out m"tt fully the wiahea of the l eg mature, by presenting you with this sword, as n small token of the high arnae entertained by the representative* of the people of Lnuiaiana of your military luid civic virtue. It i? eot appropriate that I ahould attempt.ou thia occaaion. t.i eiteud and complete the history of your servicea, ai illuatrated at ihe bio dy atonn of Monterey, <ir on (he craggy heights airl rnvinea of Bneiia Vuta?aa on a future occaaion it will be my pleasing duty, in ubedieuce to the iuatiucliona of the La giilafae. to te'er more particularly to theae eiploi'i. In piearuting thia memorial of the reanect and admiration of the Legislature of Louisiana. I feel, General. an overwhelming ai'uae of the deficiency of langnage appropriate to auch an oec<aion. Vou know, too well General, how and when to naa the awo'd, and well aaaured mi I, that you will not fail ta appreciate auch a token and compliment from ihoae who claim you aa their honored fellow citizeu. I therefore iu tha pra| acuce ol that ahat'eied bind of the relics of HM.who nave houortd thii occaaion with their preaeuce?in the pteaance of thia latgr company of civil and military witueaies?I tender you tin j sword, in the name of the representatives and peapia of Louisi-na; nud may that Proviitence, which haa hither*) , watched over aud protected you from ao many perila. and aaai bird you by iu aunlvi and favor to achieve ao mncli hoaior andglorv for our common country, still continue its vigilance, aud vouchsafe to you every bltsaing esaeutial to your liappi| ue??. Thid beautiful epaech of bli Kxcllency was frequently interrupted by the loud and involuntary applause of the perilous present. It* delivery waa highly lmpreaaive It 114 effootive. The tine person. niauly and benignant countuuituo*. easy and warm address of his Excellency, together with hia splendid uniform, added greatly to the effect of this address During the delivery, the old General seentfd deeply affected, and gave expression to the lotenslty or his emotion by the heaving of his cheat and the quivering of bia lip lie replied, that he fait ao deeply thin manifestation of respect and admiration af the Legislature of the State in wbloh ha bad ao long reelded. and wan ao deeply impressed by the eloquent i compliments of tbe Governor that he felt an embarraaa' ment wbleli rendered him almost speechless. | Had be the laleut and command ?>t beautiful langaaga and eloquent thoughts of his friend. b? might be abla to < I express what lie really and profoundly felt, the ntant . gratitude to tbe representative!) and people of Loul' siana, lor this testimony of their good feeling Kortj* year< (pent aluioat exclusively in the cansp. bad dSj qualified bim for the taali of the orator; he would, there tore, oontent himself by handing a written addresa, in ( response to the speech of Uis Kxoellency He would, I however, beg to add a few words on a subject referred to j by the Governor : be ivliuded to the large and splendid corps of volunteers that had no promptly rushed to bin aid, when it was believed that he was In great peril *u the Kio lirande He had always felt deeply grateful for this timely reinforcement, end It was one of the most | painful events of the oampaign that he vu compelled. from a fe?r that they would suffer by the disease Incident i to camp lite, and irom his inability to lead them Into Immediate action, to consent to their return to their i homes and families The following is the written reply <f Gan. Taylor.: ? I .. ..roKun . ? m i>i.i.vpvii? IIIIIIU Ul IIHUr which it kiaa pleaaed the Mule of Lomaiana, through her r? 1 preaeuutivea, to confer apou me. I am aenaible lint uo fornaji I | wordacan tjive adequate eipi'uion to my feeliun. To re | ceive from any nuirter a testimonial convey in* iucii high apl liraciation of aerrirea retiderert?would be a reward enough lor the liiglieit nuibili'Ui?but their are circumataucea wh'cU give tliia peculiar value. The Tame of Louiaiana ia ideatibed | willi the sikimI rictoi y which crowned our artiu at the cioae , of the w ar of 181 J, it aitniu appeari in bright relief ia tbe Klo rida war?and among the many aaaoc lation* connected with the vietnriea m hieli ilna sword taileaigued especially to com int-moraie, none are inore grateful to my heart thaa thoee which call ii |> t lie glorious entliuiixim of the Louisiana Vol no terra If aiiyihiuK (NM add weight 10 theae eousitferaliosia, it would be. that ia I.oiuamiia I have many cherished persona/ fneu Is, mid lliHtthia tribute of re peer seems to eome.uotfroas ituugns, but ftojB lb ? whom I bate known from youth. It shall be preserved by me, aud by iny children, aa a posseasioa beyoud all pnes. AKMV INTCI.MtiKNCE. lo addition to the liat alrealy published, the following persona. till hrlouKiox to the I'biUdelphia Hangers, t.'aptain Naylnr, recently died at Puebla or the oity of Maxlco?Justice Koplin. William K<>n?rs, Francis M Becket. : lleury Korea, Daniel C hamberlain, Jumea McCrackin. ; Krancia Nlekoiette, who waa assassinated in the (tracts ' of Mexioo. .Vlajoi W. Htoe, wh<> waa wounded at tb? rtoruiioK of (Jhabultcpec, and Abraham (J. High, alao wounded, arrived at New Orleana i t the Ualveaton, anl . may be expected here in the eourae of a few daya. (m the -J9th ol October, the Itaogera mustered only IA men, whereas, when they lelt I'ittaburgh tbey numbered OA -* They are now under .the ooinuiaiij of Llent I..Hare, < apt. Naylor having nommand of the palaea. The wounded m?n were all doing well on the lit ult, particularly Mr. James T. Sample, of I'iltsburg, who loat a lac. ' Catit Jtttuea Miller, ol th? Malmh Chunk C t\mt,AH? a and Capt Porter. of the I'ittuburt M*h < ireen*. are ?oth on thtlr return home ?ffcilail. Inyuirtr, 13iA imt. The making In raining the volunteer reglmuat In Oil* Htato, lor the Mexic?n war. I* not *o rapid a* we Hhould be pleaeed to see It, but It il bo far that we can eately My. tbat the ijoota will *oon be muttered and ready lor orders?Detroit ft re Pren, H Ih intt. W* are happy to tnnounoo the arrival of Col T. P. Andrew*, nf till* city lis In of the corp* of Toltigeor*, 1 and ha* borne an eminent part in the great event* which pr> ceded the capture of the city of Mexico He ha* returned to the I'nlted State* to ppeed the reorultlng at men lor hi* regiment.? Union, 11 </< mil. * NAVAI. INTKI.UIiKNCK. | A draft of 04 leatnen lor the nary, under Lieuta Nej Till" nud ? rabb.t, came down from Baltimore yenterday, on tlie nteaioer Thomas li-IT-rs^n. and were transferred : to the t'enuej Ivauia receiving ehlp at UoRport.?Nvrjt'k | llerotit. Dec. 10. l*oll It at litlelllKtiiice. (>? > Tatloh'i rutnni n wo?* ?(apt The ma* K. Marshall made a etrong Tajlor *peechat l.aooafter, Ky , j a few day**inee. Vh McCukllamo, of Michigan, who reoelved twentyfive lrco fuco vote* for Speaker of the Houae of Repraaenutiv* *. it i* aald r? pititnU the itrrngth of hla party on the Wltniot 1'rovlao. Ki.r.i now in ?A letter from Liberia, dated Octcbrr M. *tate* tbat an election had ju*t taken plao? under the new order of thing* In that conntry. The preaent goveiner, ItoberU, hu* been elicted to that oflce with N. Drandcn a* Lieut. Oovemor. DlfiOLUTIO* or 1HK f'A^ADIAN l*ABLIAMkflT.?Th* i Canadian parliament ha* been duaolved. and a preclation liaued. dating that writ* for a general eieotlon are luutd, returnable on the -J4ib January next. Mlaretlancoua. 1'h? mflmhAM nf thn knnUi.a *? ru?4* uatl. ar? making great preparation. for celebrating tha a*...'??r*ary of the landing of the Pilgrima on the -iUd I oat. ih? noeltty number* upward* ol jOo mei&tnri An ext*t4fa Or* took place it l.oul*a, l.a?r*noe County. Keiitbckv. on the night of th* id lout f rrdor ick Mote. J M Redden, Wiu MrKaiUnd, merchant*, ware the principal ?uIT rer* The Po*t ifBee wu burned, but ihe U)o?? and p?p?i" were ea??d Mr Moor*'* loDM we* about fWOO, b.aid** which there til aome J.ISUO north of good* bi longing 10 different ptnou dautroyed The paaeengera which left I hid city for i'bllndalphin, at. o'clock on Huaday morning, were landed at tba Walnut atreet whatf at three tnlnutea paatone- making tha paaaagn in tour hour* and th^* mloutaa? tba bant time made with paaaenger* between tho two cities At Dangor. Ma . the weather 1* now mild tnd plaaaanL, and tba aleighlng In ?ry One. A letter from Oalana, 111, Nct. 77th, atate* that the I rlrer ?u cloted with ica at that place. No mora land ^ MM M > blpp<"l. therefore, until nazt apring Hallroacl Intelligent**. The liwer Honaaof the Oeorgia Legislature, ha* panned lha cliartar of tha Weat Point and Atlanta Railroad lly an amendment, tba connection of Columbu* with tb* Montgomery road waa aecured, or no charter AIM, tin* charter cf tba Washington and Sparta Railroad Ulll, for the connection of them place* with tba central Hailroad. The bill to ranew tha charter of tba MU ledgeville Railroad to any point on tha < ential Hall road and ala> a bill to lucrrporate a railroad company for a rrad from < larkeiriUe, Haberiham county, to N?h Books. Appleton Ic Co , Broadway. have pabliahed the followInv ?ork* : ? " llalleok'a P oat leal Wotki''?A beautiful book, lov?*ly eiterior, ch?rmlnn engraving*,ruparb typography But >? for tba poetry, though pretty, yet unjieu U4t ' The Kairy llowi-r, or the lllitory of ? Monih."? A little hlatory of little thing* calculated to dalight little mind* Hd to please little people. " Oeneral ilull'a Military and CW11 Life," by h!? daughter. Mr* Maria Campbell?A Tery inter??itnic and upefui work, elucidating a irty lnteraating and impoitaal period of our military history By Kdward Walker, 114 Kolton street ? ' The Odd Kellowt' Offering. for IMt" edited by J L. Hldgely and I', Ooualdson A beautiful annuel, lichly otuaiuentad, and containing choice array of InUraatn* plecei. Thk English Mait. IUo!?.?On Wednesday the bags, with the Knglish newspapers of the *h earn i tip 1 heir content* showed risible eigne of tear and I Wear, In crossing the wild" of New Brunswlok -many of them "tattered and torn" like the hero of the nursery ballad, who wai no polite to the" maidea all forlorn '? The wonder la how. at this time er the ye?r, they aver got beta at all ? Montnal Uatrtlt, 34 inil