Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1847 Page 3
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Batti* of (h? Heart t lha RMtoft story ever - ,' ?n tan bv Uwmii, published tku day- and for sale by Wb Qrahaao, Trbnue Building Pucefe casta. Fancy Papar and Paper Bom, Cornucopia*, mono pipers, l uji f ooies fur confectiouers, jewelry boxes, round and square brnu, is naati, for druggists, pill boxes, fce. Oold. ? !??. copper, lissua., inarbla. Chinese aad H auish paper, p<per l>ees, a old aad silver bonlers, ornaments, piciiues lie Alao boars for wedding cakes, wholesale nad iciail. at 41 Maiden lane. O.J Knit. Manufacture aad Importer. Mnlh and Kuri._We would 'jail th? attention of ur Indy readera to (lie stoeof K'.o*, It* Kultou ?t?eel, where "u be f unJ the in ist besutilal <ud largest assortment of vlaaisiid other Fu sin'he city, as Knot hat the repatatioa ol keeping the most fashions',|e articles, we thiue it no" nM*r|y impassible for a lady not to make a selecMore liead'a Uradn?.le<i MagiitUe Machtncs. These baautifal instruments s\e confidently recommended aa ue;n? the most perfect. ootve ^eet sud effectusl Magurtic Machiues in use. They are par ifediy simple ia coastractiou. and the efore net hab'a to sat 0f order. In all cases oi Mheu dtntism noil .Nervoss D Arn.e?, their efficaoy is of the moat I prompt mid permanent ch*rscter. Manufactured aud sold 1 wholesale and retail b / D. C Morehead, lit Broadwar, New j^jj^'ujnnessfc b' ish. It Camp st. agents for New Orleans. r AOJfKY Dl VUK.KT. Friday, Dee. 17?0 P. Jl. The stook opened firm thl* morning, at price* current at' ^e yesterday ; bat therein* Tory little disposl'io 0 to; operate, and the transactions, therefore, werelir At the first board, Heading Bonds ad- : ance 4 x per cent; Long Island, X; Norwich and WorC84' ?r, lj Farmer*' Lou, >?; Harlem and Reading Rail* r /ad cloiai at yeiterday'e price*. The market la la 1 very feverish state, and prices *uj from day to ?Uy a fraction?up to-day and down to-morrow. Operator* In the street are sbtlsflei with a profit amounting to filr commission, aa the scaroltj of outiide operator! ompels them to ?peeulat? upon their own responsibility. A quarter or a half per eent profit il luffloiint to induoe tales. The slightest thing would turn the market one way or the other; although good new* from any quarter would create A greater change than bad newr. Prloes are now ro much depressed, that it would be difficult to press them down much farther; and there is, therefore, such a margin f.>r an improvement, that any relief In the money market would Inflate price* very rapidly. Several of our large capitalists see.this. ?n1 are quietly purchasing largely some of the favorite fancies. The annexed statement, made up fron official souroee exhibits the quantity of eaoh article received at tide water on the New York State Canals, during the years 1846 and 1017 : ? (yOMMKIti'K 0?' THE CANALS? RECEIPTS AT TlDH WATEK. The Foreit. 1816. 1S?7. Kur ?ad peltry pound 817,140 116,030 ProdutU of wood. But ds ana tcaulliug, feet 260,333,371 299,07X33 Shingles. M 69,822 101 127 Timoer, cubic feet 1,796,198 1,613,913 Htaves pounds 106,112,100 9j,10M06 Wood, cords 11,832 13,331 .takes btrre's 46,812 37.1J8 JgrictUlure Product of Jlnimtilt. !\>rk. narrrU 80,093 76,179 Beef, barrels 41,606 71,266 Bacon, pounds 4,000,110 1>>2 uoo Cheese, panada 3V140 118 40.844,000 butter ipouads 21,477,617 22,724 WO JLard.ouunds 6,721,00) 4,348,0>0 W I of, pounds 8.866,376 12,014,010 HWdet, pounds. 310,800 172.000 Vegetable Food. Klotir bariels 3,063.441 3,912.972 Wheat, bushels 3,91),63G 4,143 830 Rve.tmihels .. 321,799 291,119 Cora, bushels . 1,6'0,I49 6.013,80 Baney, bushels.. 1,427,913 1,123,620 tlthersr in, bushels. 1,920,8 8 2,040,012 ftsn sad ship staffs, bushe u 1,468,232 2 093 681 ' 96 600 106,088 Potatoes, I;ushels., V30,919 101,169 Dr'.7) P/lU"' g?-,y { ? 1.3M.900 3.558,000 Jill other Agricultural Prod's. Coltou pound.. 415,109 474,tGO JTobacco, Pounds..... 2,609,1M 1,?*,OCO UoTer indrut M?d, i 0.,, 1,09?.40? 3,308,000 Mliwd, do , 5 213,704 4,1 <8,0(0 HoMSfa^ricVuVii- ' M0^ ' 9<8'M0 V01""1 . filloni 1,426,549 1,693,078 Leather, poun'^, i.160.651 5,1*8 000 Karaitor*. ?k vnnd? 2.226,114 1,972,000 Bur ind pig |ead< p0und? 489.800 482.000 Pig iron, 'joand, 10,574.740 21.608 000 Bloom s b&r iron, pound* 10,892,241 26.348.100 U?"w .?re, pounds 1,219.091 3,0l4.0?0 ]*0,r.*?Uc woollens. pounc* 1,425,34* 1,756 000 U^mettic cottons, pounds 2,324 774 2,396 0(0 *\*lt. b?rr?li 692,442 382,190 Merchandise, ponsdi 3,594,322 9,662,000 Other Jtrticlet. .'Stone, lime and clay, pounds 44,200,033 59.094,000 Ciypenm. pound*.., 12,884,100 8.518,000 Mineral Coal. |>ouuds 18,848,600 32 580,(00 Hnndne*. pound*..... 90.841,614 147.988.W0 Staltmtnt showing the aggregates, in Jon*, under the divisions , am sptcijltd in the above. The For**t, ton* 603,01* C6G.113 Agriculture, ton* 628,454 *97,717 MonuT'Cturea, ton*. 46,076 51 532 Merchandise, ton* 1,797 4,831 Other articlea, tons 82,982 121,*90 Total 1,262,319 1.744,283 Statement showintg the estimated valve attach articli which cam* (a tAt Hudson river on all the Canals during (A* yean 184 ? and 1847. lilt forest 1846. 1847. Fur and P*l'/y *1*31.38* $683.15* Proi'tCt if IVoaa. Boaids an<*. acantliof 4,481,536 9.078.564 ghmfiea 77. 244.378 405.518 Timber 251.096 169 16* Staves . * 1,513.432 1,239*77 W?K.'i 59,1** 79.9*6 A?b ? 1,076,904 1,195 2*8 JM'oiIIW Products of dniiuli. Pork MO 925 1,104.671 Beef 364 KM 718,144 Bacon 290,617 416.731 CheaM 2,844,567 2,060,154 Bucier 3,220.633 3,466,751 Laid 496,6 0 414 766 Wool 3,571415 3 599,66] Hide? 42,613 21 611 Vegetable Food. Floor 15,470.(71 >7,057,017 Wheat 1,366.141 5 833.901 J?ye 233 364 259.9 >0 Corn 1,126,654 5,170,970 B<rey 813.933 1,379 337 Oth*r grain... 710,474 977 967 Bian and ahipetiffi 230,181 393.17 feu and beani 96,600 106 088 P?tt<ea 114486 SI,755 "MaSfaiaaMaiKiK" mj" Cottou 34,495 35,498 Tobacco.. 313 093 156.735 Clov?r and graa* ae?d 76,6 8 331.118 Filiated 131,941 101.3 9 Hop;..... 185,955 188,17# muivfact'jrt*. Domestic 313,810 473,651 Leather... 938.918 965 364 I1 ornitare 333 611 197.351 ?.' rI""!. pig lead 19 593 19,388 I'll I son 183,57 4 340.496 ?' K>m and bar iron 265,223 660,896 ',ron ware <6,836 133 808 Bomeatic woollen* :... 1,933 390 3,369 187 oineatic cottoua 719,787 740 9<tl Halt 180,035 133,835 Merchandize 376,873 . 517,594 Other artielti 8t.>. e liineand clay 63,170 83,139 Grpeoin 36,933 17 56) Mineral coal 47,116 81,453 Sundries 1,633,257 3,944,914 sraremtnt snowiug the aggregate value or rut property which camt to the Huiion l irtr on all tke Canal* in 1846 and 18i7. 1848. 1817. The Forest 88.58V 891 $8 7M,ri AirieulteiS MS 818 44.624,849 M.uiuf->eiurr?........ 4,885 789 6.834,518 Mcrchniidiae 376 872 517,591 Other articlea 3,770,476 3,13',080 Total *...$51,105,356 $73,093 4 14 According to the above table, there has been an increase In the receipts of flour, compared with tke year 1848, of 880,631 bbls ; la wheat, 1,183,104 bnahel* ; and by reducing the latter to floor, It shows an excess equal to 1,198,170 barrels of flour. In the arttole of oorn, the exoess is 4,443,696 bushels; lu barley, 08,067 bushels, and in rye the decrease Is '^6,880 bushels. In the at tlcle of oheeee, the excess Is 6,983,88 J pounds in better, 1,340,843 pounds, and In wool, 8,177,M4 pounds' The aggregate quantity of property going from tide w?t?r, Is 288,987 tons, being an increase over 1848, o 74,479 tons. The aggregate quantity of property arriving at tide water. Is 1,744,983 tons, being an increase over 1848, of 881 044 tons, whloh increase is distributed as follows The forest 88,103 tons ; agriculture 980,968 tons ; manufactures, 64sc tons; merchandise, 3,034 tons, and other articles, 41,10ft tons. The tote, i value of all the articles arriving at tide water Is $78,0V0,414, being an increase over 1848 of $31,087,168 T^e annexed table exhibits the amount of tonnage transported to and from tide water on the New York Htat, canals, and the aggregate value of all articles arriving at tide water, in each of the past fourteen years ? TKUTT r?AB?F"?TIC? Tom from Tone to tiitYear. tidewater. water. Value, KM |>? 6?8 Ml,396 $I1,4'<3.(I2'! 1815 138 #10 753 191 28 525,446 KM 131,796 696 147 28 932,470 HIT 121 13# #11711 11, I*2 154 IN il 142,101 040.411 23.0I?,31? I83? 142,013 00*, 28 38,143. 99 I?40 129 5811 009,011 2I.JU 3? J 1S41 102 71J 774 334 27,22 322 18)2 123 294 1,66 02* 21,751113 1143 143.A93 (US 861 28,453.401 184 4 170,717 I.0I9.U94 14,111 167 184 5 19'',100 1,20',943 45 452.321 18)6 113 79} 1,36 2 319 31 105 i% 1817 288,267 1,141.283 73191.4 4 Th? tonnage tranaported from tide water, haa within iha past ton yeari doubled, while the tonaage transported to tlda water, bai, In ths iama lima, nearly trebled. Nearly nine-tentha of the aggregate builneaa of tba canal* cenaiata In traaiportlng produoe, (to., from the Interior to tlda water The value of merohandtoa transported to aad from tidewater la ig4?, wao more tban double that transported In 1844, only three yeari before, showing an unpreoedented Inaraaoa In the Inter, nal oommeroe of this State. From 1840 to 1047. the Incrtai* enwuoted to nearly fifty par oant, aad from 1834 to 1847. tb? Inornate amount* to nearly Ave hundred per ! e?n?. In the event of tbli lncraa?e continuing at tnla ! rate, th* oapanlty of the eanalawlll aoon ba toa limited i for the Hfnount of bualneoa offering, and the ravenna j from theiu worka will be rqual to tba extlngulahmant of . the Htate debt m?oh aooner tbaa tho oonatUotlon con- i i Stack |7#00 ReiJiun Boudi 70 1V> >k? L Ul?a<t KR 17 MM do 7?i? <0?lUi?;?te?e|feRR Hi Mtli? Ueion Bk III* 700 Retdnm HR 60 16 Ncrih Hiver Bk ICltf tSO Harlem R R 4(?< M N A Tn l 7 % JO d? ??, 3'IU h jiu??n Trust l( 100 do >3] MS 10d Nor St Woic >11 JSM ISO do 4">J 23 do J?>4 DU io b30 41 SO di 36H SO do 40;'i M d> Ml? CITY TUAUB HBPOKT. Xkw Vor?, Friday afternoon, Due. 17. I Th? floor market nil comparatively and sales were moderate. the market cloning without animation ' Th? bad *til4 of Ibe weather, with the near approach of another steamer wltn later foreign new*, together witb the lata period at whioh river navigation hm remained open, h id a t tndeucy to slacken Piles Holders, too. were generally asking prices above the views of shippers, who manifested very little disposit ion to enter the market exeept at lower prions. There was very little wheat otTartrg. In oora sales wero a/ain made at full prices, and the market closed firm Meal was steady at previous rates. Rye showed no change, while oata were selling at prices a little lower thau those previously our rent. In provisions pork wri unsettled; lard sold freely at low rates; city beef changed hands at former prices la fcrooeries, sales were moderate, without material alteration in prioea Aihks-Hales of about 40 bblo. of pots were made at fa 50, and &0 do pearls at $7. Dttiwi*?The last sales ware made at He. BaKADiTurrs?flour?Sale? of *na ?-w. ?? n-~.? w?re m?de ou private torms; 301) of Michigan at $0 18X". and700, this State Including Ulaok Rook inlTroy, at H>4 a ft> 18J^. Sales of some lot* of Oswego were reported at $0, and smell lot* of pure (Jenesee were aold at $0 '25 a $ti 37,'i, and fancy to extra at 50 a $K 75; 150 Alexandria sold at $t> 50: Howard street was h?ld at the sameprioe; 500 bbls Ulaok Rook sold during 'ohaDgn at $6 Oti1*. Toward the close, the market was dull, and the Inquiry very tritiiag for all descriptions at present prices. \YKew?There was very little offering, though holders were firm at prices above the views of miller*, and no sales were mudr Com -Sales of 10 a 15 000 bushels were made, including 1400 handsome northern white, at 8fto; 1600 do round yellow at 80o In tbe forenoon, tales of 4000 bushels were made, iacladlng tltt and northern round yellow, at 78o a 80 j, and lota ot mixed at 70s a 77c. In the afternoon, the market alosed Arm at quotations Meal?Males of 1000 bbls were made, consisting of New Jersey. 13 43\. Aye?The market was steady at 84c a 85o Ity- Fl*ur was worth $4 37>4 a $4 60 Burley?1000 boshrls was reported sold on terns not understood 0'il<?Moderate sales oontinued to be made, Including aonthern, at 40o a 42c; New Jersey at 48c a 46o, and canal at 47o a 48c Receipt! down the Hudwn River, tinet the Opening of Navigation. Klour '2,9i:? 400 barrels. Meal 108 680 " Wheat 1.004,104 bushels. Corn 3.637.254 " Rye 390,703 " Cawdlkj? Sperm continued steady at 33o ; patent do at 38c; and adamantine at UOo. Cokkek ? No sales of moment were reported. Cotton?The sales to-day were quite light?the firm position of holders having drawn aU the buyers out of market, except few manufacturers who nave taken such supplies as they required. We heard of 400 bales only. The sales yesterday did not exceed 1,300 bales. We continue to quote? Livkhfool CLASiincvrion. New Or!MM Uplands. F.oridm. Hob. 'I r?ui Inferior none none. none. Ordinary fi,'? a (V tH a 6X 6,Hi ? C'i lid tiling 7,'? a 7Vw 7'? a 7^ 7', i TU Good Middling ? 7V W 7V a 7?? Middling Kiur # a S*? 8 a I.St k . a PS Fair 8'? a l.'ji ntse. S'i ? b'nllir F... o>^' . ut ...? Uiiod Fair a 9 noue. 9 a !?M t :ne none. noue. Dune Fun?There *u another small arrival of dry cod, about 200 quintals, wbich were held at (3 60 a $3 There were no reoeipts of mackerel, and no sales reported. Fruit?There was no ohang* In raisins We continue to quote wet dried and dried and dried, at $1 .>0 a $1 7.r> There was a oargo of 3d 000 drums of Turkey flgi arrived to-day, and 6 ? 7.000 boxes of raisins. Htur-There was nothing new. Lkad ? No change Moi.aisks?Hales of New Orleans, in barrels, new crop, were again mad* for immediate delivery, at 38c Cuba remained inactive at previous rates Naval 8torks?Nothing doing, and no change in prices. Dealers seemed inclined to wait for later foreign intelligence before moving to any extent; Oils ?Linseed?There was no change In Kngliah or American, and moderate sales were making at previous prioes Sales of 300 bbls shipping whale were made at 32c; orude sperm was quiet at former rates, while m&' nufactured winter sperm remained unchanged ; winter lard oil was worth about 80c; and olive 110 a 113o per gallon. IYotisions?Prime Pork was worth about $8 IS, and mma was nominal at previous quotations. Lard? of 100 kegs new city were made at 10>?o : 300 do, M ll>s tare, sold on private terms; 1.000 kegs sold at. 7X and 300 bbls at Vi Slaughtered Ho^d' according t > quality, were worth from 6 a 7c. lie. I?Sains ol 200 bbls city were made, including mess at $8 75, and prime do at $5 76. Cheese?Tliis Slav was steady at tiX" a 7c. Butter was steady with a steady demand, fjr this State, at previous price*. Rice?Kales of 66 tierces were made, to arrive, at $3 MX and 30 do Fold on private terms Sekd?Sales of J no bbls olover were made at 7 a 7,'?<v Scuar?Sales of 60 hhds Cuba Muscovado, inferior quality, sold at 3 1.16, short price. Small.*'ales New Ori ii ans continued to be made for fair to prime at 4 a So, and cf lair to good Muscovado, at 4o. Tai.i.ow?galea oontinved lobe made at 8Xc. Whiusokk-The market we.s quiet, without ohange In quotations Wmiiiev?Small sales of State Prison were reported at 26*tfo. Drudge was worth about 27c. Wool.?There was very little demand from manufactures, and,owing to the tightness of the money market dealers do net seem disposed to increase their stocks, which are light; consequently transactions for the week have been limited. We have no change to make In quotations Krjciqhti ? To Liverpool cheese was taken at Ids, and grain in bulk at 7d, and tlour was engaged at 6d. The packets asked 2s l'o Lendon, 'or heavy goods 36s was demanded?Ss for flour, and 3s for stores. To Havre, cotton (square bales) were taken at He, and for ashes $8 waa asked, and for rice $10 per ton Ashes to Antwerp were taken at 32s Oil. and tj Rotterdam at the same price, and cotton at lo. Married. On Thursday, Dec. 16th, lmt, by the Rev. A. Bloomer Hart, Mr. Clark W. Beames to MUa Sarah M. Hart, all or this city. On Thursday evening, Deo. 16th, 1847, by Klder Thornton, Mr. John W. 8imo*> to Miss Ra< hakl W Kirkman, eldest daughter of J. Klrkman; all of this city. On the lfltb inatant, after a lingering illness, John Fkckbork, in tba 44th year of hie age. Hia relative* and frieada, and thoae of hia brothers, James F and William A., are respectfully invited to attend hia funeral,on Sunday the 10th, at 3 I' M , from h<i late reaidenoe, 3d Orehard atreet, without further invitation. Hia remaina will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interment. At Tompkinaville, Staten Inland, I)ac. 16th, DiNvtc D Dcnyik, aged 83 yeara and 7 montha. Jiia frieada and relativea are requested te attend hia funeral, on ^Sunday next, at 1 o'clock, at the houae of Uen Danyae, at the aame plaoe On the afteinoon of the 17th Inatant, Capt. Jam Haii.k. aged 43 yeara, a highly respectable ?hip matter of thia pott, formerly of Warren, R. I , to which place hia remaina will b? taken for interment. Hia frienda and thoae of Chamberlain fc Phelpa, are reapectfully luvlted to attend hia funeral, from the United Htatea Hotel, thia afternoon, at half paat two o'clook. On Friday, 17th initant, alter a lingering Illness, Maria, wife of Patrlok Phillips, aged 43 yeara. The relativea, frienda and acquaintance of the fami ly, are invited to attend her funeral, on Sunday, at 3 o'clock. (torn bar late residence, No. 14 Murray street On Friday morning, ITth instant, Mr. Simkon Vak Br sr.N, in the OOih year of hia age. Ilia relatives and frienda are respectfully invited to at tend hia funeral, on Sunday, 10th inat. at 1 o'clock, P. M., from hia lata reaidenoe. No 108 Elm atreet. AT A PKfcLlMlNAHV MKET1NU OF PHINTEK8. heldat lite house of Junes C. Htoncall, 131 Fnlton itreel, on r rinny rveuing, ucc. I/ill, it was, Jiesolveal. i hat afrnrral meeting ot tlx Printers or the city of New York, be called on Saturday evening, at 7 o'clock, at James 0. Stoueall'*, fur the parpoie of devising tone suitable method <>f testifying tbeireiteem for the services of their fellow crafum^n, Litni THOvIAh W SWtKNKV, for llie dstmgaished servirei rendered by lum while serving his country ui the battle ticldt ol Mexico. 1'ursuaut to the aboie resolution, the Printers of the city are invited to attend a meering at the above time and place, to carry out the object mentioued ia ihe resolution? WM. M. HOBINSON. Chairman. David D.>. Becretary. dlllt Auctioneer? By j. Murphy. store f?o. 15, Spruce street.?sheriff's 8?le? Provisions ?This day. s>turdiv, at 10H o'clock, A. M., at No. 59 Dey street, several hondted firkins of butter,a lame quantity of cheese, cask of honey. Also, several hundred barrels of apples, Jtc, Ike. i is lt*r JM. U. BOtJKKT, \iirti:>ucrr ?Large sale cl ti'.ah suitable <or the Holidays. Monday, Dsc. 29, 10 o'clock, at No. 91 John meet. Sou lota China Toys, Vtamel Vases rich rut and pressed Ulass Ware, Decanters, Tnmblera Wines, lie , Dixon's and other Britannia, Plated Ware. Baskets, Cmtors; cutlery, China. Ten and Dinuer Sets. fine and common locaery, vi/.: edged. Dipt, CC. psinied Blue W?ie White limine Yeilow. Iron, 8tme. Ketaile.a will nod his sale worth* of notice; the sale is peremptory, st 4 mouths credit over 100 4'.Ihvs d 18 ft r WAN i KU-.l uusi ess Man with from 4 to $? a partner in a wholesale store down town dntni a business off oia 001-> Sl< 0 not per annum "llie best city reference liven pplytoW W. OltKlf kCO..No 542 Hion) way r?.m 10 tn 4 n'clock <111 It r BUifKKKKFK ' WA TfclJ ? To take c'i age "I a if t nf ooks by double entry. Address, with reference a<d .inoiin of saury tf'iuiffd, J. H. Herald offtre. dHJi'm AHA "C&?A Kentleman who le capitalist lit working* Patent, the art cie of wnich meets with a ready s<le, nnd pays a pr '(It of <00 per cant, wishes to dispose of his internal, being unable to Eire il that attention which he exne.Med to do. Capital required wonld not tiered $2 000 Fall nartlcala > will be made known by addressing 1,bm 701 dlj ?t* ic 'pHc: CHKAI'KST STOlls. IN TUB < ITY, iTUh; I ,,l JL ton strtet, lor Curtain Material,, French mil CoiLices, ian- and embroidered cntains, trunmnKi. fcc., pa err hangings and window rhadrs The Subscriber haa now in (tore a 11rue assortment of the abo*e articles,iof the latest Parisian style. Also, m?iiultctuur ol galvanised spriug, i>ore hair and other m utrasses, faather beds, pillows, i. - . with every article iu the upholstery line, wholesale ami retail, at prtcei twenty per cent lower than any uiher establishment iu the city IX.B Curtains hang and rooms pai ered st the shortest nonce. Ship and steamboat cabins and hotels lifted up IK. L),\ VI KH Uiiholitere , ISIJ^ Fulton strrvt. dlV2t*r>c Mh.lMIAUUT'H Oil.Il* U HHAWh il*. ! IC.KH Kill! KKJNH? These letters are ramarfcatile for riarabality, sad a brilliancy of tha gilding unequalled by any otliar article i> the city?which brilliancy is warranted to steud eiposnrs to the weattier T ey are nlso japanned to any color thijt m*i be desired. Orders left at Joaee. Bee bee % Co's, IM Knltoi street, will he attended to. The partnership heretofore sansisi t oeiwee* Meieharai It Reott, was dtsoived on the lit July H. PVMMMHIIT .It fh STEAM KNUI.NK?For Hale?One steam entite, of It) to I] horsepower, nhic . lias bceu used It liu just lieen put in complre order, is aa good * new. and will be s.'ld at Un PtiM H HUE k CO.,Nui tl (hid lUMi. i* litre I AMERICAN ART UNION?CATALOGl'K FOR fa. UI7?The diatribatiou of the following pictarea will take I'l co ki the rUttrdacle, aa Vrr4*r eroamg, t In nth i?et at 7 o clock:?I, Tit* lolly Fi? liu? aui, lj. L B'Ugfcan; t, Janettt Kal'e. New Jeriey, J. V Cropaey; J, Vmn mu Keaukford, Peuaaylteula, Jimct Hamilton, 4, Peun> Inula Teaiu?t?r. Wiltinm K?qii-? ; 5. View ou the Dry Hua. ou the Mum , Ohio, J ph Kyle; 6 The ludiau'i Veipeia, A.B. Durand; 7, Hoiae la Che Wuo4>. T Cole: I, Chriat Hiring Bight to ti.e Bliud Mu, H. K. B-uwn; ? Biahop Ridley denouncing the 1 Priaceaa Miry, D. Hunuigt'm; 10, View near Prckikill >-u the I Hudaou Hirer R Giguoux; II, Laudacai*. Viae iu Ulater eoiiuty, New York, Oeorua tm>e*; 13, View oa the Honiv tonic Hirer. Connecticut. VV. J. Jewel'; II, The Youta Pedlar, J. H. Caffcrty; II, Krn-t Pieee. J W Wright; 15. View near Kiahkili. New Yo-k. 0. P Cr-neh; 16, Scene near Marb'etowu. New Yoik. George luiiea; 17, Huuiiof >-t Aothony'a Ch ipeI, near bdiubargh?towu of Leith.&nd tke Kirth ol Ko-tli I a the dut uice, J K. C'opaer ; 11, Vtew near Lac,id the Highl>uidi nl Scotland, J. F. Cropiey; IB, Ti.elCagle'i Neat, William Rinney; tu, Chriitian aod the Crow, Pilgrim'a Progrea*. J. I'albot; 21 Laudae-tpe, G lunea; 22,View oa the Delawrre, GJH. B i liold; 28. V aw on the Catanill. Au'utnn, 0 VV C. boa telle; it. Peril* of the Uoleoiite.ia 169', J. B. Steorue; 25, Dead Game, H- U. Le>aora; 26, Landacaie, D. W. C Bontille; 27,The Great Wei'eru in the Gient Gale. T Birch;2i, The Kirat dabhatii of the, T. H. Matteaou; 29, Viaw oa the Cat-kill MounUiu H- ad. D. W. C Boutelle; 30. Waihiuglou'a Miiaiou to the ludiaoa io '53. W. Rainey: II, View oa the Hudaoo, uear Weat Point, K. W Wier; 22, View uaar Went Poiul, K. W. Wier; 32, Hantera Lanchiuc, a Scene in Duuheia county, W 8. Jewett; 31, Mabie'i Mi.I. KoeklauU I county, New York, W.W Wotherapoon; Pit Kii.ii'gaua Kaint, I Rockland eouuty. VV. W Waiherapoou; K, Spriag?Burniug I'reea iu a airlded clearing?Wealern Scene. Hammer?A Road Aceiileut, Thorurille, Ohio. through m o|>enii>g of the toreet Autumn?Croaaing (he Kord, Gigantic Sycamorea. Owl Creek, Okio. Winter? impeded Trarellera, m a Pi- e Koreat, Canad.i, G. Haivey; 3\ Laudaeape, J. r. Cropaet; 31, Sen Piece, G. 11-Bonfie d; 39, Landicape. J. K. Cro. aey: 40 View on the Hudaon, W. M. Oddie; 41, Windmill aear Newport. Rhode laland, I. L Moore, 42, The Paliaade liocki, Hudaon Hirer. G. Harrey; 43, llntwn L .ndiug, G. Harvey: 44, L?*e Sceue, B. M. MeConkey; 45, View neir Cap* May, New Jeriey, l.Hitailton; 46, Outside the Park G ue of St Oermva, G. Harvey; 47, Tlie Park of St Germain, G. Harrey; 4ij Wy oiaiiuinomer j piauio, 1'. i'. f owler; ??, Coast Seme, J V* . Mooie; 50, Mi ruing, B. M MeConliey; 11, Uowi aud Tulip?. G. Harvey; 51. Landscape Compulsion, A. Audrewii; 53, Buy* BktliiuK, G Harvev; 51. Sleepy F shermau. M.J. Meade; 55, Ou the Drlawate River. I W. Moore; M. Flower piece. G. Harvey; 57.Tlie Blacksmiths. J. W. (ihu; 5S,Cromw-li exhorting his Captains beloie the battle of Neseby, J. W. OLs*; 59, lt*li?u Slieuieril Boy, J. II. Shexogue; 61), Near the Cliff copper Mine. Miehigan, I*. Harry; 61, Ave a Heverie, K White; G2, Klvenwg I'rayer, J. H Shegogue; 03,Agate Haibar, Lt^e Superior, mineral region, P. Hairy; W, Evening at Home, K. White; 65, Counting the Chickens, I. ll. Shegogue; 66 The Wei tern Wild Flower, J. H Shrgogue; 07, Landscape Composition, I L WillUms; (S, Landscape on the Hudson, J H.i.itfouy;6'J,L?iilicapr, Morning, 1. L.William*;70,View near Pateraou, M.J, Jesaa *1 albot; 71. Old Mill ou Fire, Jjire Talbot; 72, Marine view, Joahua Shaw; 73. Snnset, Jeaae Ta hot; 71 Hee^a M Hutu cor hi the Carnival. G. A Biker, Jr; 7"i'Scene in the Cempagna. near Home, 9. B Wangh;"6, Aura.t ?! rrii ou. after a ?huWer, D. W C. Boutelle; 77, Clove Hoad in the Kaat'kills N.Y, T. A- Richards: 78, Scene ou the utsxill Crsek, N.Y, F K. Church;"9 On ihe Saucon Creeg, fa., O. Grinewtld; SO, River Sreue, W M Oddie; SI, Tobit and the Angel, G. Fuller; ill, Landscape, Wm. Him; 8J, Laud*c ip" composition. A. Andrews,84, L ndscape, Indion I.'dge, Win. Hart; 85, Liudicape, Wm. H-irt; 8? i'he Lest Shot, < ha'lee Dess; 17, Catile, T. H. Hinckley; 811, Bed ftaudstone BIhII'i, Lake -upe'ior.'C. Laomauu; 84, The Mountaiu Pass, Chmles Ue<a; 90 Seders and Game, T. H. Hincklev; 91, Raftmen Playing Caida, O. C. Bingham; 95, Kruit, J II. Wright; 93, Wellington III Stum's Studio, J. Kyle; 94, Still life, ? G L.ouori; 95. Scene near Caukill, N Y , T. A Richarda; 94, A Loving Couple, W. H Beard; 97, Luidteapa with rami, J. Bnrford; 'J8, Winter Sceue, T. Birch; 99, View ia Wyoming Valley, fa , Ueoige Innea; 100, Men. Wayne rrlusing the la t B anket, O. A. Bullard; 101, Meeting of iho Departed, W. H. Beard; 102, Lnndacape, Geo, lanes; 103, Landscape, J Bnrford; int. Madge Wildfire leading Jeannie Deani to church, W. J. Hubird; 105, Mei-can New*. J G. Clonuey; 106 Castle o f San Junn de Ulua, K.H.Martin; 107, Hay Time, J. W Glass; 1GS Tr.a Meadow. T. A. Richards; 109. Scene in the < aukills, R. Gigaoux; 110, fair of Landscapes. W. H. Beard; 111 l'ortu?uese Guerilla. W. K. Von Brandes: 11*. Laudicape, G. N Frankenstein; 113, Landscape?study from Nature. J. G t hnpman; lit, Marine view, F. H. Lane; 115 Laudscap*. W. W. Wotherspoon; 116, Nydia, in the street of Ti.moa. T H Smith; 117, Die V ernon(RobRoy, vol. I,chap r.) T F. Hoppin; 111, Tha Charter Oak, at Haitfoid.lF. K. Chmch; 119 Laudaeape, J. Burlord; ISO, Stoim in the Mountains, ?. K. Church; III, The Orphans (crayon drawing), V. Colyrr; 122 Land-cue, with cottigu. I. Burfird; 123, Pheasant Shooting. W. Brown; 121, Kauterskill Clove, Catskill, F. K. Churrhi 1*5 Children with their pets, W. Browu J126, Sceue from (Jueutin Durward, ,1.. R... ikl.., !.. v .. ?... ... u ? -I. bUck water Hirer, Ireland, T. Doughiy; 128 Seenr on the Hnilaon. C.P. Craucli; 12), Morning Offering, O. Fuller; 13', 'J lie Novice, W. ?. Mount; 31, fea-ahore Scenery, Jnme? Huinilton ; 133. '-andscape, I. L. Williams; 133. .-hower clear ii g o t, scene ou the uelaware, J H<milt>u; 131. View above Oaldwella. ou i lie Hudson, J, W 11 ill; I3>. iiliiag?on 'he 3ound. J. O. Cl>.uuej; 136, l~liylock aud ersica, '.0. Blondeil; 137, Bsacli Scene W M. Oddie: 138 View ia Frauce. K. Urain; 130 riie Secret discovered, J. L>. Bloniiell; 140. Landac?pe?scene ill the Catsailla, B. M ''cO.inkey; 1 1, Boya at the Well,J. r. Peele; 142, Pleatu e Yacht, i Immaa *obertaoii; 143, Kanawha Scenery, ?. W Whitndge; 144,'Onr Kati<er who art iu Heaven," H. P. (jrav; 145, Mother aud Child. William Page; 116. V.ew on trie Genesee Kiver, Thoiaai Cole; 117, The Seamsiress, J. T. Peele; 141, Boy Fi<hing, J T. Peele; 149, 1 he first new* of the Uaitle of Lexington, W. Hanu.:y; 1>?, Landscape, W. W. Wothcrspoon; 111, Laud acape, W W. Wcthei noou; 152 Marine View, O R Uonflsld; US, View in Qif Valley of the riicrpehanna, I) W . < ocualle; 154. Fruit-piece, '1 nomas Cummiugs Jr.; 15). Bunyan pnmng with hU jlind daughter in Bedfirt Jail, ( Bunyan. a pcrtriit) * '. H May; 156, Old viill near Seekook. Mas?.. W 8 Ylaann; 157, Winter-piece Scene near Portland Me.. C. K Beckett; 148, Landscape, W 8 Mason; 159. View near ll.tvr.'raw, N. Y., J. W Ilill; 160. Nahint, I W.Mooie; 161. Fruit-piece, J W. Wright: 1*2, lloau acme Willi icmt'ge I. L Williams; 163, hock a d . Lake, J. W. Hill; 1(1. Prattpiece ft i . Millapaiigh; 165, View neai Naliait, O K. Bou? field; 166, La fagma, Ueo O Maaon; 167, Const fce^e, I. W. Moore; 168. View in Delaware < o IN. Y., C. Baker; It!) Landscape Julia Vlacfarren; 170, Kilchnrn Castle J. 11. Water ton; 171, Ditchabillee Luther ' erry; I7S Hoilin Caatle near Ivlnbur h, K. Wi tc-atou; 173, t he Ue icide Judges ?ucored by the ladies of New Haven 'f. P Ro? iticr: 17i Ben Lomond. J K. Witerstoo; 175 Huined Fort'esa, C. ' Crunch; 176, Sip ho, T. PkKossiter; 177, Villa Cenci, C. P Crancli; 178, View in the Eetkil'ire Mountaiun H Arv; 179 Landscape, with li>n>ei, J. L Morton; 1*0. Interio- with futures. 1(. C Woodville; 181, Laud cape. D. W. C. Bnutelle; 181, The Yonna Sportsmen, J G. Clonuey; 183, Foitlnlio of Wiie CoorDrawiu a. Varioot; 111, 'lie New Scholar, F WJKdmondi; 115,1 he Bticphod Boy of Cervarro."' . II llicki; 186, W*te fall (moonlight) J. Talbot; 187, truant Inlet, O H imifi-ld; lift, The Va ley oftheConnecticut from Mount Hoi\ nke, 11 llnvet; 119. La Fede, a alud ) ,T H. Hick., 190, Tilt Tuscan 8ir?w braider?F orence in the distance. W. C. Haulier#: 191, Fruit Piece, W. B. Ord; 192. The Keh? Lake, N 11 , W.W. Wortherspoon; 193 The Grand C-nal. Venice. ll^Gignoui; 194, Landscape, with Cottage. A. Andrews; 195, Kruit. (in cr-M on,) L. (Jinlie; 196, Landscape near l.oudbn, O D iu*li f ty; 197, Portfolio tl water e..lor drawings, Various; 198, Juliet I VV. t<. Jewett: 199, Lsnd*cape, T. Birch; ZOO, Wiuter Scene, ! H. (Jignous; 201, The Pn*t, A. Andrew*; 202, Street View in Lubiaco?a Charlatan exhibiting the Patron Smut, T. H Hick*; 203, View sear Loug Branch, J. '1 albot; 20t Fruit, (in crayon) L <Jrube;20.5, Hirer Seen*, T. Birch; 205, Portfolio of water color drawings, Various; 107, Sceue from Schiller'* " Rubber*," A. Woodiide; 208, The Fountaiuof Elveto. T. H. Hick*; 2ii9. fhe ,'e?ent, A. Andrews; 2 0, Landscape, G. 8.tlaylord; i 211, (r riit, J. B. Ord; 212 Landtnape?English icene, O. Dough 17; 213. .1 Prasant U>rl oi lochia, T. II Hicks; 214 Pair?lateri'T*. J Macfarreu; 213, Kruit Piece, L. Orube; 216, Coa?t scene, T. Birch; 217, Evening?Monks at tljeir Devotion*, T H. Hicks; 318, Portfolio of water Color drawuiK*, Varioin; 219, The Dell, T. A. Richards; 220, The Last of the Hace, T. H. Matteiou; 221, Sceue, U. H. Dontie'd; 222,View on the "luissippi, C. Lanmari; 223, Landac ips, W lM O ldie; 221, View on tne Kauterskill Creek, 8 M. (jifford; 211. Hwisi View, H.Uiguout; 226, Landscape with figure*, J Kyle;227, Potlfolio of Water color diawini;*, Various; 228, The Carrier figeou (miniature.) T. H. Officer; 229. Landicaie H. 41ig noux;23* The White Feather. (miniature,) T.H. Officer; 231, Laadicipe, W M. Oddie; 232, Flowers, r. Cnminriis. jr ; 213, 'l he Daughter* Appeal, O A. Ballard; 234, The Pace, D. Hunt'iigton; 235, Landscape, A. B Duraud;236 Views in Ceii iral America, (portfoli ) Catherwood; >37, The Hhine, J. F. Kenselt; 218 Landscape, C. Baker; 239, Fall of the Chandelier ? Halleck't Fann?, J. II. Beard; 240, Wtodlaudt. D Huntini:ton; 241. The Young Greek (mimstare ) H. C. Shumway; 242, Landscape?Waterfall, T. A. Richard;; 211, American 8i:eotty it. B. Dursud; 244, Boys with Apple*, vv. Cogswell; 215. L*ndscai e Composition H Ary; 246. Italian Scenery, D. Huutngtun, 247, Lindscipe. T. A. Richards; 2i8, Landscape Compoaitiou, H. Ary; 249, Boy* with biid's oest, W.Cogswell; 250 Windsor (,'a*tle. T. Doughty. In addition t? the above will be distributed 250 Brocze Medals cf Alston, 50 Silver Medal*of Alston. dll It rrc THE NEW HAT COMPANY'S ONE PRIi.ESTORE ?The very finest nutriallat tha can be made for three dol lax*?the very finest moleskin, three dollars. No eeond <iualitr?nosecoad price. The trade supplied with Hat Mirro-s No. 148 Tract Heme, corner of Nassau and Spruce sts , uud It Bowery, li\ti B AN ATI, Manager, d I? HHTha3Tu288tTh30*tn Uniuuntiii s run uaih fun inc. nuliuai?A choice assortment of children'* black, drub and white Kor Huts, ol entire new stvle. *. I so, a lurge assoitmeutol children'* Velvet and Cloth Cat neat <uid arpropriite artielei as Christmas a id New Year's gifts. 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P.," office of this paper. dmt*rre ATCHK?, WATCHES-The subscriber receives an<1 "" 'us constantly ou haud, watches ol the following highly celebrated manufacturers, vix: T. K.' ooper, London, tuples , and lever; Morris Tnbiss. London; Robert Hoikell and M I. 1 looias, Liverpool. Warranted genuine and perfect imic !*?/* ^',0 a feat variety of ether silver and go'd Knglish snd Geneva watches sud jewel y. soiuhle for Holiday pre sent. which he is enabled to sell very lorr.|J K. LlM IIUHHLK. Importerau] Dealer,T, Wall street, coraer of Pearl.? , N. B. All kinds ef watches repaired and warranted. | dllljt'rc 1!^ HE NClT CHINA.??. 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AOATE, Oeutlemeu * Outf'tter. 217 Brnadwav. coiuer of Park Place. d:> Ht?r U()1.IU\V PHKHKNTs at ATWlLL'B .\TijbIC K h POMTOKY, 201 Broadway.?The adverti*er iuvite* the attention of i>urch<uer* to the eiteuuve aloek of (Jooda, , among which i? the apletdid " Jenny Lied Annual;'' new Mu>ic, beautifully embelliahed and taatafullv ornamentedwith nbboua. ke ; Booka of popular Hong*, kc , bound iu a varetyof atyle* aud price* No preaeut can be more appropriate than the above I'r the coming holiday*, Pianoforf* aud Hatpt of even deicriptioa of wood, and liuiah. of *upenor loueaud durability: Klnte* aud Flageolette* of ivory, cocua wood aud b'11 wood, Willi one to ten key* of silver and biaii uuitara of aupennr in.innftclure, withand without the patent heada, iu case* Muucal Instrument* of everr kiad of briaa { or wood. 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Portfolio*, Hetirules Pa* ses, J auiew sua i "cart nooks; b< li'mian Ulissware. iu every variety; Portemounaies'for ladies audgeutWmen; papier mac-hc OtoamiiiU; nuiictlBoiei, amilfilj, Accordians. caril Buken. card Tables, paper Weights,fluicy 'J hermometers, toilet Cushions, jewel Caskets, watch stands, bureau writing Sua: \1en?gerea for sewing. bisruit Groups of ihe mutt beautiful descripfon; mechanical and musical Tableaux, Teiy curious, boxes of Games, card Boxes, walking Canes, riding Whips, sagar (.'ases. bronze segar I .n in pa, grotesque; liqueur Caae*, rich opera Ohsses, a great variety; mathematical asd.drawwg inatrumenta in boxea camera Optical, French Confectionary in fancy botes, sell-moving Toya, lie. sic. KKEDKRICK A. WOODWOlltH, 315 Broadway, oppoaite Broadway Theatre. dIGit'rrc RICH HOLIDAY AfiD WM/oTrTu PHfcBKNT*.Silvei flats, Argentine Silver, and Sheffield Silver Platad War*, with silver mouutiugs Thomu Badger, Maimficturer, Sheffield. of Sterling Silver Plate, and of Argentine Silver and Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, bega to inform the trade that an assortment of the ncheat description of Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, warrau ed to have sterling ailver mountings, suitable for elegant and costly Holiday and Wedding Preaeuta compriaing Dish Cover*. Waiters. Dishe<, Hrr-kfaat and T'n seta, Kettlea and 8'uud, Li<iuer Ki'mrs, he ,1k.c , all the most recherche ia style and Imish. can be procured of the aols agent for liia ware iu the Unned States. It. H. STKNTON, General Commission Ageut. 74 Maiden Lane, up taira; whi nlao solicits orders lor all descriptions of Solid Silver or Silver Plated Wa?e, in sets or by the piece. ' oinplete day sets can be supplied, comprising Breakfast, Dinner, Tea and Snpper sets, all makiug one full tea set, each piece match ng the other, and got up in the newest London fashion. dH U'?ic MUFFS and fuhs kou THK holidays, ok every description ?Superior, Lynx, Martin, Kok, Fitch. Chiuchilli, Siuirrel, Jenetnnd Isabella ben- Muffs; Fur and Swana-down Tippets; Fur Collars and (Japes, with a choice assortment of Fur Trimmings, Ike., Ike., cheaper than any other store in litis citv. W?. BANTA, 91 Canal St.. corner o Wooster ?t , and 130 Chatham street. dinilt'rc WOK AM V 11 \IJGH vVOKT, Lyceum Buildings. y,l und J61 Broadwav, are now opening per late arrivals, a superb assortment of fancy and nsefuliiouse Furnishing Onpdi, wnicn nicy will ??ll *1 exceeuiligtv low pricea. 1 amp*, l/nitii Ueli'M, Giraudolea, Lantern* nod Ga* Fixture* nf every rarely. plated Caatnrs, Waiter*, Diah Cuver*, Ba*ket?. Covered Dnheaand Candleancki, Butter Knivea, Srooni, Hotka, Ladlea. Ten Kettt and Coa*ter*. plated and (liver; JaiuineJ Tea Traya, single and in aeta: Table Cutlery, the fiueataaaortment ever offered India public, uew pattern*: Freuch Clock* an>l ''audelabra*, Porcelain Dinner, Tea. Toilet and decoratail Ware ofaleyint atyle*. Alao, a aunenor aiticle of plain white Porcelain Diuner and Tea Ware. 1 heae gooda have b?eu ae lected by their amenta in hurope with great cue and i.tteutien. expre<aly for their own *ale*. W. & II. do not he*:tat? t'l aay tnat tliey have the linen aaaortment of i ew goodain their line, n >w in the market. Having recently nlimd their atoie the) have auperior accommodation* for allowing their gnoda, and would reapectrully invite the public to call and examine. WOlt AM It IHHiillWOUT. dll I4t*rc r|VHIlKAU LAI CAPK8 \NL> IJKII 1'IIK.S-Willum M. Hcott fc Co , No. 377 Broadway, have received a largo aio'-k '-I the above artielea.the ?.hea|iest. tliey believe, ever offered Uerthea commencing at $10, ca|iea at $16; alan, a haautifal atock of imitation capes, from t2 ISO, berthei from tl; about V> dozen breakfast cips, from 2 aiiillitiga eicli. French needle work chemisettes nt tl; needlework enllaii, liue i|tiaiily, 2s.t>d. Fluted collar* from 2a ; black till'd demi veili from t>a; a large lot dreai capi (lightly toiled) 1*. each, or three fpr $1; embroidered mualin aud l>ce ruber; inftut's cobra waist*, kc . aa cheap ai can be lound iu the city. N.i5. No deviation in pricea ilO l!t*rc KVV KKUIi'b FOIt THh, IlO LIU A Vis.?H aitiua in whole halfiuid quarter box**, grapes and raiaina in kegs xliponda, citron, dried currant*. tigs, prunes, colored caudle* and apicea, old coffee* new green and black tea*. German and city-crushed sugars, light yellow (about equal to Mtuarts) ut 7% eta by he bbl. or 4*. fid. Tib*.; wnite and brown Havanna sugars in boiaa, with a large atock of groaerie*, lor aale at wnnleaale ana retail,at vary reduced price*, hy J O. (OWLV'.H. Grocer and Tea Dea'er, No* 260 and 428 Greeuwich andTSVeiey ata. N. B?Grocer* aud Baker* are invited to call and examine the above *lock before purchasing,aa a liberal ducount will be aaada to thosa who buy in large q?aiit>lie* L d 14 I2t*m L~EvroffcLothi m*an i> kijkniti rk wam'JCD.?Ladietand Geutlrmen' having eaperlluou* ?tf?cta to diapoae of, auch aa Wearing Apliarel, Furniture, ke , can ub ai.i a fair caih i r ce for the aatnc, by (ending for the *ul> criber thri ugh the I'o*t Office, or otherwise, who will alter il at the i' residence* J. LKVEN8TYIN, 4(>i Broanway, a|> ataira. ladies can be attended to by Mr*../. Levemtyu. it It, I2t*rc ___ Fy\5t off clothing ano furnitu&? want vy KU?'.adies and <>entletuen having any cum off orsu(.trllniius clothing <r fnr.iuur? to dispose of, cauobtiiu ? fair cash I'rirr for the Mm*, by fading a note, or by calling on the subscriber at his resideure, or ihronnh the post. which will be punctually attended to. H Dfc BO Kit, 71K Canal uree'. up tHira. N. B ?Lad ei can be attended to by \lr?. De Boer. OM stock and job goods bought, of uty description and amount. . dl6 1tl*m CLARKE'S BACKS?Q. B CLAKKK, MerohaaVXaiTor, 116 <'il iam street. opi>osite the Washington Stores, ha* a very handsome stock of overcoats and body aackii, tie pricei Of ? In1 li vary from t'O to (16. Alio, Mollis, (.'asaimtres and V'stiuga nude up to order, at low prices, for caah only. My brown and black tack* are handsomely trimmed, with velvet cullara aud cuffs. and lined and wadded entirely. Home h?ve lichly worked ailk frouu. Overcoats made to measure at the very s^me nricet at ?tnch they a'B sold ready tn.nie. d!3 6t* rc Gh.Vl'LK.MICN'S NOTICE.?At this season of the year there is liuudredsof yon wish to know where >ou cm get your tailoring done: to such we say, 94 Murray street, comer o( Washington, is the only place where to get your fock, dress, or overcoits and cloaks ei her cleaned, dyed, altered and repaired, with collars, cuffs, buttons, trimmings and all that is required to male them look well?to save you buying new clothing this winter??armII charges and no disappoini uruts, is the order ef the day to those wishing to ecooamise. Coat< cleaned for 71 cent*, without coloring or steam. Don't foryet, 94 is the nomoer wnere you can always find the great cloiliF* modifier. A CORTISSOS, 94 Murray street. 16 IJt*rrr LADIES' CLOAKS?The subscriber begs leave to call the attention ol ladies to his present stock of (. lonka, as be ng tbe best in the city, and eompiising all the new style* now m use. Also, loug and square Shawls, ia great variety, with a y.rn'aal assortment of dry goods, suitable for the season, which will be sold at reduced prices,by T 1'ATTlSoN, No. 1 Bow er7- _____ PARISIAN DYKiNO KSTABLISHMK.NT-tHHJRTfc dtcscmaux have removed to 2'j Johu atreet, between Ntittu mid Broad way, New York. They (till dye tad tiunh. in a new and tuperior ttvle. all toru of gondi, tewing (ilk aud twiat, either plain or ih.ided, trarai, orunoiim, and tpun aiIk ; zephyr wonted, and woolleo yam; tewing cotton, mohair, lineu fcc. Damaged or faded eovdi, ribbont, ti'k.ntin, merinoa, Thibet and cuahmete thawla, gimpt, fringet, corda and tnatelt, ladiea' and geutlemen't garment!, fcc, dyed end cleaned equal to new articles Order* carefully attended to and promptly eiecuted. _ _ _ dll Mt*m dl \ tJHALLKNtite? Notice to gentlemen who want ?t/W their old clothet to look like new; call at the Tai lori'ig. Dying, ('leaning aud Repairing h itabluhment 66 (iold itreet, where you can get nil greaae, pitch, tir, glue and paint, extracted without toiling the cloth, at thethnrteit notice and on the moat retainable terini, by J. B. NOAH. 66 Oold ttre?t. 2 donrt from Betkmnn atreet. N. B. The higneat price paid for Mmtlemru'a left off wearing apparel. <M llt'n Aftl l.KN DII) COUNTRY SKAT?A conntry Seat for inle, ol >IM aerca, tplendid new Houte. Barnt. Carriage Home, Orchardt, ke. ol all kindt of fraitl. Krerr thing detirableforthe gentleman; aituateone mile north of Elizabethtown New Je*?er. near the Railroad. Kor particular* call on A SERWKANT fc SON, IJ Wall ttreet S. B ? Who htve for tale aeveral mlendid Country Seaft on the Hndton Hirer. A'ao, tMMOA t? C?aj in itni of any amount d 17 *t?Wu*rc PUBNlSHKD HOilMS.?Two or three Kuniiihed or Unfurnitlied Room*, p'eaiaotly aituated. tuiMble for a conpie of tingle gentlemen or a gentleman ana lady. Apply ?' <!> toUwty. 4 IT WW STOHK. TO l.KT?A ?tote, loeafed in the upper put of Broadway, and well timated to enmnand an eventive trade will be letaud immediate notaettion given. Thote detir< ua of openink a booktt >re, or any other trwpecuiblc buamett, will do well to make immediate application to RICE k SMITH, 72.^Broadway. New Vork Hotel. dlJ6t*rli r|H) IjtT^-The coramuJioaa Brick Hnuae, No. I kiixtrt A atreet; a Wo, the three at->ry Brim Houae, No 17)* Dominirk atreet. Kot rermi n^ily tn A. Burke. No. 524 Broadway, from S to 10 o'clock, A.M., or ftom I to i o'clock, P. M. di< Jt?rc Daukvi ("iTlii i.kt.?To let, the Niie llaMWil in tlie ?-? the Art Union Building. ?97 Broa iway, with nr without a large relitr in lh? real. Wi ll adapted fo a genteel refector/, or a wine itore. Appl'toWM UtAZKR. In the Art Uaioii Uallery. el To Thlt Ha It* re LV)U SA I.I1 ? At a great aaeriflce, if diipnaed of immediate ? ly?The Kn oitnre, Kiitaree Leaie, he. i f the Pubhc Home No 2i Puane ft., Mt rlomg a good bnameaa?tinlodgiugt will |>a>' the rent. Apply immediately,at ike propnelor liai other btiaiueaa to attend to. nod cunuot ajtetid to it. Kor pirtirnlari emjWlre on ilte prmi?ti| de't |i*? T-7I~Ci ri/EKa' ul>Ing~kuom,~!a Beekm?? ?ue?t. one door below Nnainu, will open on Monday neit for the \erotninorfntiKn of the public. Citi/ena and stranger* will And tins a c. nvenient place to mpply the inner man. and will be perfectly mulled with the dithea and price*. The place h ia hrati filled up right, and will be found .light, airv and C.intertable (lire it a trial and te<t ita quality. d'BIt*r BKKK.VIAN IIOUMK DININO AND t;OKKKK MA LOON. No. it Beekmnn atreet?The Proprietor, fcrotefnl fur the very liberal pttronige lie haa received aiuee hi> rum uieuceinept in tiie anote bntineaa, liega leave to aiate ili.ii h* vi11 ii t fie fouud wanting in liia efforta to pleaae, and render hn i'V.?hingut (till more popular with thote who wish t> ror'i re ri.oifnrti with erimotny. Oyatera of the beat 'iu?liiy iieiveu jp t.l *11 hoar* of ti e day and night. Lodging", tor.? JOSKPH WIUJON. d7l*'tr EL'HOPKAN CJOKKK.K HOI'SK, HK^TA' HANf and OYBTKR f AUOON, No. IT? Broadwiy.-The prnprie tora of tliia migniliceot Haloon, which ia already well known to the New Voik iuklic,*? well * > atruigeri viaiting the city, take thia method of apptiaing then friend* and the pnblie. they have mode eitenaive arrangement* for aetving n|> Urn uer* and fluprera nth; moil approved alyl? ol culivary art. whtch they afford at moderate charges In on'er to g ve lha moat perU't aaiiafaetioa they lnve engaged th ^ tervicel ?l one of I he butt' looiu in tha con o fry. who Ii if rertiifly nrrtfvt <1 IVom Kur j|>e. Our Lurder and Htoch of Wm#i aiiU L?q't'?n *re uot to l?? ftUi|>a'?ed by inv eiCablt'hmfBt ?ii Clio whieh will he prov6tl ii|? ?ii n Tin', to 179 Mrondway. o|'UI A It WRTRAUCH. Dec I, IBI7 1 ; rt^rrc NOTIUJL?important lor pritata ItmihM. in*** uid ? variu.?Hie owner h*?mg on baud a lirie ,t^ck ?? following articles, hu<I foinjr to <i?rit tha business. will Mil 25 par eenthelow whif rhay ?l? ba Nought to the city ^MHe.rt VVinet. Port, Wieny, **d Ketch. HifhMtrd Who* key, r*U,OtafiJ B;nii(ir "id nrur differ ant h/aarf?.*ad llol* KUift? All thaae wairantadaa |?>od u l|f 411 UMi uraat, ?*r Irowwiy. dl mr ft INTELLIGENCE BV TELE4BAFU. ' TlllRTlKl'll COSGRUiS. flKbl' HKH8ION. Wi.Hinrox, l??c. 17, lt47. I SfMATK. Not in session. llOt'SK OK llBKKESKNTA IIVK1. The House resumed tba consideration or tha veto mtfitf* ot the President, whan, on motion of >lr C J I mi k h ?o i.l, it (U postponed until to-u>urTo? On motion of tba same, tba oommittoa to revise tba rules was authorised to have tti-m printed. Mr. J. K. Ikociooli.. from thw judiciary committee, introduoad. by unanimous conwnt, bill to amend tb? act regulating tba exerctne of tba appellate jurisdiction of tba Supreme Court in certain oases It waa read twice, and made the order of tbe day for to-morrow Mr. Botti again presented hie resolution replacing the Southern mail on the Fredericksburg and Richmond Ilailroad. Mr Pkttit made a personal explanation in reference to an incorrect report in the l/nion of his remark* yesterday. Mr. Miadk, rf Virginia, announced tbe death of bis predecessor, Mr. Dromgoli-. in a feeling addreaa. lie offered the usual resolution, which waa adopted, and the House adjcuraed. Tbe Oi?at Flood In lb* Ohio Rlver_lmm?nse Ulitrsisamoog the People. Cincinnati, Dee. 17, 1M47. The market is stagnant, and business, in measure, suspended, on account of the great flood. Tbe river Is within six Inches of the groat freshet of 18J-J, and still rising?the ^greatest Inundation ever experienced in tbe Ohio river. * Tbe distress of the people, with tbe destruction of property, Is Immense. There are lllteen inches of snow on the ground. Tbe weather is pleasant Tbe mails oannot arrive, as the roads are all impassable, steamboats are running through the public streets. Tbe town of L&? rensburgh is overflowed The market*. Pi rTiui'Roii. Dec. 17.?Floor?The market waa firm at $4 73 a $6. Wheat wan firm, without change iu price Corn was firm, with light sales Barley?Hales of 1000 bushels at 46c. Oats?Sales of J it 300 sacks were made il .)>. / ...... 1..I1 _ltl> IUIt.4 -> ..*.11 without change in price*. Sale* of New Orleans molariea were making at 38 a 30o The river continue* to tell (lowly, and we report 11 fret ot wat it in the ohannel. 1 Baltimore, Dec. 17 ?Floor?The market was firm, and moderate sale* Howard atraet were mad* at a '> .17a Whoat?Salts ot 3000 bushels were made, inclu- > ding Maryland reds at 1.1-j cts , and white do. at 140 ota Corn was firm at 52 cts. for mixed and whits, and at 60 eta for yellow. Meal?Ssle* of 500 bbls were made at $3 60 a 8 MX, TbeTe was no change in provision*. Whiskey waa inactive at previous prices. Boston, Deo. 17 th.?Flour?The market waa firm, and fales oi 1,000 bbls. were made. Including Oenesue, Oswego, and Mloklgan, at $0 37X a >U 60. Wheat?No sales reported. Corn ?Sales of 5,000 bushels were made at 75o for western mixed, aad at 83j. for yellow do llye?Hales of 300 a 400 bushels were wad* at *1. Oats ?Sale* of 5,000 bushels were made at 6Uc. Provisions were comparatively (IM. freights remained about the same. GALVANIC Silver aud Brass Platioi, in all it* branches, done io i superior style, by Joiiu (irny, No. 119 Bowery, New Voik. ill* >i*rrc D~S TOWNotNLi-? AND BKISTOL'O HAH8AI\AHlLl.A, Dr. Allen'? mid Taylor's Bnl*?m of Liverwort, Dr. Wistat'a Balaam of Wild Cherry, or Molfiu'i Phenix Bitters, are the beat purillers of the blood in use,lor any dissiueof the liver or lungs,SI, each. ( Vso.Brandreih'a, Wright's, Lee'a, Aodertou'a, aid lloopei'j fills, 23 cents, each.) For weakBets, whites or suppression, Van Unrauert's Oermau fills, $1. Bouaeloc<iue's Kieuch Pills. 73 ceuti. Ko, ? lute teeth, sweet brenth. ?pi>ogy jiuni, or.toothaclie. feme's Onis Tooth Paite is infallible^ only 23 or io ceils. For the face and ueck, preventing tint ll'iahed appearance, the Tablet of Pearl aud Alabaster ii unrivalled, only 23 ceuta. For sale at 8 M. UUION'S, Iff Bowery. dl< 11 r Till1; AINNK.X^D LKTTKH has been handed to in by a geutleman who vouches f r the real ectalulity and truthful cb> r^cter of the writer.? Boston Chrouotvpe. New Haveu, Cmiu. 14th, 1147. Daei Sir:?Per Jon uie (or the libeity whicn I uow take, iu advisiuK you of the henelit I received from the use of Dr. IVVistar'a Balaam of Wi'd Cherry. Last nmiir n kikIiI*ii mid vr'ilrnf attack umin mv lunifl. bv ri muni r to the cold, coufintd me 10 tue houso fi r sever tl days 1 tiai-d mauy remedies, uoue of whic'i seemed lo nenelit inr, so tint I lost all hopes of receiving any help from mrdic.ue. Un?, by the advice of 'riends, i purchased a bottle of Dr. WiiUi'i Uulauni of VVi d Cherrv. I uo sojner commenced uaing ic limn I found immediate relief, and before the whole bo.tie was takeu iny rough and uigVitsweat haJ?nt if I y i e it me. K?r the benefit of those similailv nlllicted, aud believing it to be a remedy of gi eat value foi coug s. colds, aud the first stages of consumption. is the ouly ino ivr I have m making the above stale, niriit. Yours duly, J Ail KS OA LL,? O ilKK, 46<h-pelst. Price one dollar a bottle, or six botil?s foi 45. Kor sale, wholesile aud r?lail, by A. B. Ik 1). SANDS, lilt Fulton atreei, corner of W ill tain, and the ill uitguta generally. oU Iff J OHN 11. Mfc m? LIQUID UUEE, for the following diseases, via: tall rheum, riuKwnnn, piles, ull inflammatory diseases, rnrs, eoiitusious, scalds. ami tudeed all disetes of the akin. The subscriber liaa been l?r the lait tliuty yeara perfecting thia truly valuable article, aud tever before sougtit to bring it into public notice. One trial will satisfy the moat 'eptieal of its superior medicinal virtues. This article, if naed in aeasou. will, it is believed, prevent that moat ualady, hydrophobia. It is also an excellent uiedlcameii turn for bronchitis, ulcerated sore tli(pai. aud all dheusrs <1 ihe limits; and the subscriber fi mly btlievrs would cure con somptton. ifun-diu its incipient st?gei. The above is loraile only at l'i7 Ktilton street, adjoining the Herald olfic&,-ind oppr site the 8uu building. I'nce ti cents per bottle. J II ftlYKK8. _____ dlt 3t*rc Ai.AKD.?l)K. WHKbLKIt, Oculist receives patients at lua residence, 29 Oreenwich afreet, every morning from f, A. M., to I o'clock, i* .VI., after which his practice is exclusively devoted lo families at their reaideneea. Diseases of the Kye, no matter how laagst'udii.g, or bowioeverobstinare they may be in ihei' nature, can be effectually eradicated and a permanent cure effected. References to families of thr higfieit feipert?bility wall b# giv?u to tlaoae uuarijutinted with In n. Artificial Kyrs inserted, and for sale on reasonaMe rerms lis fit ToTlillMnt*m i/LMt 1XKW ir it i?r..\,x ?i..l iVf? tuik Llli> JT of IVcketa?Vary Ilednced Katea of Frrijlit?rmitirely the fi "at and only regularj packet to tail Monday, Dec. 20tfi Tlir upw ami aplendid faai aailing packet ahi|> Barrell, maater, ia now .loading, and will poaitireI y ia>l aa above, her regular dny. tit freight or paaaage, baying aplendid fuiuiahed accommodatioua for cabin anil accoud miu paaarugera, aj i>Iv on bimrd. at Orleaua wharf. foot of II atreet, or to K. K . ('OLUN8, % South atreet Poaitively no freight will be received en board af er ihia (H-tuiday) Evening, Dec 1* Aiient in New Orleina, Mr -teevy, who will promptly larward all gooda to Ilia addreaa Hhippera wi'l pleaae aend in theirbillatif lading early, blnppera may rely upon thia veaael aailiug punctually iiaauvr riiard. raatengrra per ihia thip will pleaae he on board at Orleaua wharf, foot of Wall atreet, Monday, Dec. 20th, at 12 M., *t which rim* the ahlp will aail. Packet ahip OSWliOO.Cant Inieraoll, will aacceed the Kich&rd Cobden, and aail L)e ~ 30, hr rritnlard-y rflur PW. MVKNKS It (O . UNIIKI) ST,\TK.? AM) KL'HOl'KAN I'ASSAOK oKKIJfc., 36 Waterloo Itoad, Liverpool ara deiiroua of luformiog the public of (he United titatea. that they coutibua to b nig out paaaengera direct from any of iha port* ia the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Irelmid. oa more favorable tar ma than can be obtained from any other houae engaged in the huaineia. iu thia country, being iheoldertand laigtat eatabliahtnent, in the paaaenger trade, in Liverpool. The many thonaand paaaeuyera that have nailed iu the ahipa whicll have been deapatched from our office in Liverpool, and the different porta uf Ireland, for the Mat thirty veara, ia a aufticient guaranty of onr ability to fulfil with aariafaction, auy engagement for puateagera that we may be favored with. Drafta and Billa of f ichange given for any amnuut payable i?u aight, at the National Bank *f Ireland and ita liranch?a;and alao on all the principal townaof Kngland and Hc' tlnid, without diacoant. A Liat of the Packet Shipa, witii tneir daya of aailiag.and the addreaa of the aganta who act for ua, can be had <iu application at(h>a office. Apply, or addreaa by lettar, (poat paid,) to P. W. B VHNK8 k CO , II bo nth at 4IS lS*rc . FOH UALK?l'he Hteemboat OkNKM At, J At;tvSON , 114 feet lone, 2] feet beam, and measuring 177 toon; 36 inch cyinders, and4 fret stroke. U in itnral order and eondiiioa, and will be (old low, if applied for immediately. CUOOKK, KUWKS & Co.. corner of Weitai.d Liberty itreeta. _ <17 2t?rrc BKI'UpHAND SoMi'i aMKRIOAN K M. S it A VI SHIPS FOR HALIFAX AND LIVKRPOOL.-III bKll.MA, Cept. Hyrie, from New Yoik, lit January ? '/ALKDONIA. Cai>t Lott, from doston. IVh January ? Paassgeto Liver|>oof $120. Apply to K. CUNARI), Jr., SB HroiulwayJ 414 12 rre Al'h(;0 1'T'H GENERAL EMIORATluN OffH E, l> M South street?The following well known fait sailing ?id favorite packet ships, will sail punctually a* follow* he, 1110 ton?, from New York or Hit Dtrember, and (rem Liverpool (1th February. The 0iddoi,a, ll'Ot.iu from New York 26th Dec., and from Liverpool llth February. In addition to the above nplendtd packets, there are belonging to the new line the celebrated piickeU ship, Queen ol the West, Constitution, Rnsiui Sheridan. Hoi tins ner nnd O.irrick. Persona about proceeding to Liverpool, or those wishiug toaend Or their fiiemts in the old country, will itudy their intereat bvseieeting either ol the above ships. sailing regularly from New Yori on the 2I?t and 26th < f each niomh, aad from Liverpool on ihe Jth anil 11'h. To engsye imiaage, application mini be made to J.T. TAPS' OTT.fcft South street, New York, or to W. TAP8COTT It CO, !-t (Worge's Bmldima, Helmut's RoaH, L I. d It It * in 1/ Oil t llAKLKh t it N. 8. (-.?The steamer IN\/1I" TIIERNER, Captain Thomaa H. iiuiitl, will leave the ?ier, loot ol Clinton street, opposite Tobacco Inspection, ant River on SAtnnlay, the 2l:h mat.,at 1 or lot V. P M No berth leeured until paid for. All billa of lading signed hy the clerk on tHiard. For freight or pnaaiae, apply toBPOFK)RLt, TILESTON U CO No. 41 South atreri. In conse. (jnruce ol the very limned amount of trade, at thia aeaaon of ttie year, theateamehip SOUTHERNER will bewithdraHii fjom ill? lirir for a few we< W?. dl^ <"r PACK I-. I H FOH HAVME-SeroMi Line?the ibTpUTfCA, D. B. *aran. matter, will mi! on :li* lit Jantiarr. i!9 Hour chaVojcu fii j?nkw yohk. Albany ANU 'I ROY LINK F.)U ALBANY AM) TROY LMHECT?Ftom tlia loot of Cnnrtlan-tt street ? Hsaaengers takiug thia Boat will arrive in Troy in tune to take the earliest morning traiua weal to Bulf?lo, awl north to ttiraiosa, Likr Oeorge and Ctamplaiu. The low-pieasiire steamboat KMPIHE, Caiit. R. B. Macy. TinaEvening atio'clock. Iiegular days, Tnesday. Thursday. anil 8?inriUy. frorpaaswuie or f.emlii. apply oil ho-rd, or a! the emce hi ilia ?liaif. u3l) ir Ni?ll( K? Hour rhrnaed froin ? to o'rlnck ? The Allmi.v Evening Lmebtr.n'ers ISAAC NKWTON, and OBK OON, will leave lor Albany at 4 'clock instead of 6 as heretofore. on and ?firr Mnwhr, Not Igt7. nM fcOPLK'lt LINK STKA \'lt4> v'l> f?n? ALB ANY Uei Ij, Hundat* ? Throuiih Ouect? Atio'cloek, P M fiam tie l'i?r between < ourtl.-.ndt and J/iberty atreet* HteViil.o't ll*AAC NKWTON, CapU Wm H* Peck, will leave oo Monday W?<lue?day and t> rnlay avenirea at J I'cloek Steamboat OHhOON, Capt. A. IV St. Jolih, will leave or Tne?ilay. Thuradav and Snturdav eveninns it i o'clock ft I J O'clock, r M ? L.JM.ling ?i iJt?rio?nn'? piir*>- irmn m* foot n( Burthr if/act. mrMntotl HANTA CLAUH. Cap ' Urn B. Ovfrhifht will i*are on Monday. U'?d???d*r. mid Vimhr ?ltei?'>o?? at i o'clock. HOI/'I'll AMKHtf'A, Ckpinin T. N UutM, will ie*?e on Tu??Iit I'lmrxUv ?ud Nnt?rd*T itiarnooa*. * i o'clock. 1 he abort hoaawill o.tnil limn arm* .n A!lv> < ?uii>u time lo? ih? Mortltl Cm Tor llit KM or Wtit Fiiinlit Mkn ?t mode ml# r?t*i, and noo* I'keit '! ? 1 t'cloi k, I*. M. All peraort *r* foibid IruttiDH nnr (.1 Ui* twin ol U.i? uni, without * written order from the c?ptAir? oriu;??tt. Kor i?-?m*e or lrei*h?, ap|-)f>n board the Lost*. of io r, t. ICltt/LT/, U lli? offln i on the whvf. nj*l NO'I'Ii-K.?On unit atter llecrmher IS, IJI?, the Ntcamer hTA'l K.N I8L4NDKU will riiu m lollow?,? l.ea?e Hiatrn Ifland Ml IM, 10 itn<| 12 A M : t mid .IV M. Leave Now Vn>k Kt 9 ami II A.M.; I. 3'? * id 0 P. M. dlh ATTKMPt TO BOB THK He VKNTll WaKI) ji BANK, two d'M)r? I'om depot, 210 I'mr' tt'ect, lor ' Koak?'t Iodine l.iu iii'nt, wl.ich pottmely erne* llneum*. tie in, Pain? sad Achei of trery n>tn e, Hwellii *a, old Ulcera, a'lff Joiiiti. HcrofMa. fcc.. 4.1 ice60 ctcU. H?* ad?*rti?*ineul in J ' True Mini " .17 la'* rr UI'HC K "OA.I AO AMI N IN'. I UMCA.MV-I i? of ill" New V nrk ?han holdeia of ihit companr. will h( held * llie Awton Iti.uae on Va'u >1 .> even i ( , th? Itttli I I 7 o'clock, when the ihr report i f tlie < ompviv't poccei'inKt, nod ixner milter* of mteieii'will >>e tnbr-iintd liy tl.e Chief i Hui *riiireii.le?t. H. 15. WlLl.Ho.V, Heeiet-rr, Allot llfHM*. Ilr*. ||47. it|T|t?u \1 i. li !I <( H\u !j I m ill i >** ... v. .)} ? . c.. t Kii? I ' tin. to h.? sjdr??*. bytk* thip K|'. ?r? Mart*. iOID k IWSCKEN.M W?Ut??i. ditr# INTELLIGENCE UT THE MAIL*. JIKtSSUiE FKOM THE PHESIDEMT, AMIGNINCI HIS KKASONS KOE Til 5 VK10 OF THB U1VEU AND HARBOR BILL OF LAST SKHSION. T<< th' Houte of Rrpmrntalitrt: ? On (hi iMt Juy of the last session of Congrew, a bill entitled " an ant tn protide for continuing certain wcrk* in the territory of Wirconiin, and for other parpMrn." which bad punir J both house*. *u presented to mm ftr my approval I entertained losuperable objection* to lt? becoming a li?, but the short period of the resales whir It remained, afforded me no sufficient opportunity to prepare uiy objection*, and communioate 7i'b the bill, to the House of Representative*, la which it originated. Kor this reason. the bill waa ra to U 1-1 ' Je,,al'' l)t0P,r now to ?tate my objection* Although, from the title of the bill, it would *e*m that It* main object waa to make provision lor continuing certain work* already commeuoed in the territory of Wlsoonain, it appears, on examination of lta piovialoo*, tint it contain* only a single appropriation of aiz thou- ? *and dollar* to be applied within that territory, while It appropriate* more than half a million of dollar* for the improvement of numeron* harbor* and rivrra lying within the limit! and j urUdiotlon of i?v*ral of the State* of the I'nlon. At too preceding *e*sion of Congre**, it became my duty to return with my objection* to the llou*e in which it originated, a bill making almllar appropriation*, and involvi g ILke principle*, and the Tiew? then txpreaaed remain unchanged The circumstance* under which thle heavy expenditure of publio money we* propoeed, were of impoaing weight In determining upon it* expediency. Congre** had recoguiaed the exiitence of w*r with Mexloo, and to proaecute It to " a (peedy and *ncc*a*ful termination," had made appropriation* exceeding our ordinary revenues To mret the emergency and provide for tha expenses of the government. a loan of twenty-three nil lions of dollars was authorized at I lie unit session which has oiiice negotiated The practical effect of thla bill, bad It become a law ..would have been to add tka <*l>?'le amount appropriated by it to the national debt It would la ftct bare made necessary an ?ddltlenal loan to that amount aa effectually aa It In lama It bad required the Secretary of the Treasury to borrow the money therein appropriated. The main queatlon in that aspec'. <a whether it 1* wlsa, while all tha mean* and credit of the government are needed to bring tha eslatiug war to au honorable close, to impair tna ana aad endanger the other bv borrowing money to be expanded in a system of iuterual improvement, oapabla of an Mpanslon sufficient to (wallow up tha revenues not oaly of our own country, but of the civilised world? It la to be apprehended that by entering upon luch a career at this moment, confidence at home and abroad. In tha ; w.sdom and prudence of the government, would be so l far impaired a* to make it difficult, without aa Immsdl1 ate reaurt to heavy taxation, to maintain tha public crei dit, and to preser+e the houor of the nation and thagloj ry of our armi in prosecuting tha existing war to i a successful conclusion Had this bill become a law, It I Is easy to foresea that largely inereaaad demands upon toe treasury would have been made at each succeeding session of Congress, for the Improvement of numerousothur harbors, bays, inleti and rivers, of eqnal | importance with those cm braced by Its provisions.'Many j millions would probably h?v* bean added to tha aeoaasary amount of the war debt, tbe annual interest on whioh mutt also have been borrowed, aad, finally, a permanent national debt been fattened on the oouatry, and entailed upon porturity. The policy of embarking tba federal government la a ; general system of Internal improvements, liad its origin but little more than twenty years ago. In a vary fit years the applications to Congress tor appropriations la furtherance Of such objicti, exceeded two hundr?4 millions of dollars. In this alarming crisis, President Jackson refused to approve and sign the Maysvllle road bill, the Wabash river bill, and other bills of similar churactsr. His interposition put a check upon tha naw policy of throwing the coet ot local Improvements upon tbe national treasury, preserved the revenues of the nation fur their legitimate objects, by whioh he was enabled to extinguish tbe then existing public debt, aud to present to an admiring world tha unprecedented spectacle, in modern times, of a nation free from debt, aud advancing to greatness with unequalled strides, under a government which was content to act within its impropriate sphere In protecting the States and individuals, in their own chosen career of improvement aud enterprise Although the bill under consideration, proposes no appropriation for a roau or canal, It Is not eacy to perceive the difference in principle or niiachevicus tendency between appropriations lor making roads and digging canals, and appropriation* to deepen rivers and improve harbor*. All ara alike within the limits and jurisdiction of the States; and rivers and harbors alone open ao abyss of expendl, turn Huflloient to swallow up the wealth of the nation, and load it with a debt whtota may fetter lta energies and tax lta Industry for ate* to eome. The experience of several ef the States, an well as that of the United \ states, during the petiod that Congress exeroised power of appropriating the publio money for Internal laproveuients, is lull of elo<|Uent warning. It seems impossible, in tbo nature of itierubjeot as connected with local repriseutatlon, that the several objeotl presented for Improvement, shall be weighed accerdlng to their respective merits, and appropriations conferred to thoM 1 whoso Importance would justify a tax on the wbolo community to ellect their accomplishment. In some of the States systems of internal Improvements have been projected, consisting of roadl Mid eai>?l\ many of wtiich, taken separately, were not of sufficient public linp<riaDce to justify a tax on tfc* entire populatii n of the State to tlfeet their construct on ; and yet. by ocnibtuation of loaal IhUimU ! oprrai.og on a msjority ot the Legislature, the whole have been authoriied, and the State* plunged Into heavy debts To an extent *o ruinous baa this ayateiu of legislation bui'n carried in some portions of the i Union, that the people have found It neoeaaary to their own salVty and prosperity, to forbid their lerislatnrea, by constitutional t-k rlctions, to oontraot publio debt* fbr suoh purposes without their Immediate content. If the abuse of power has been ao fatal In the StntM where the syitems of taxation are direct, and the rep re ant a tivafl ?a>ar\>\?iai 1.1m at ; constituents. bow much grr Bier dauger of abuse if to fcn i apprehended In tbe general government, whoee revanu** ; at - raised by Indirect taxation, >n d whusa functionaries are responsible to tha people in larger inami, and lot longtr terms? Regarding onlj objeota of improvement, of the nn, ture of tboe* embraced in tbli bill, how inexhaustible we sballftndthsin. Let the imagination run klong our coast, from tha rlv*r Ht Croix to tbe Rio Oranda, and traee every river emptying luto tbe Atlantic and Gulf | of Mexico, to lta source, let It coast along our lakM and ascend all their tributaries; let It pass to Orafon, and i explore all its bays. Inlets, and streams, and than let it raise tbe curtain of tbe future and contemplate tbe *&I tent of this republic, and tha object* of Improvement It will embrace, a* It advances to Its high destiny, nnd Iks ' mind will be startled at the Immensity and danger of the power whieh tbe jirinclpl* of this bill Involves. Already our confederacy consists of twenty-nine | States. Other Mtates may, at no distant period, ba expected ta be formed on tbe west of our present settlements We own an extensive country In Oregon, stretching many hundreds af miles, from ea*t to we**, and seven degrees of latitude from south to north. Bt the admission of Texas into tba Union, we have reoentI ly added many hundreds of mile* to our sea ooast. la I all tbis vast oouutry, bordering on th* Ailantl* and racitlc, there are many thousnnd* of bay*, inlet* aa< rivers, equally entitled to appropriation* for their Im1 provement, with the object* embraced in this bill. We have seen in our Mtates, that the Interact* of Individuals or neighborhoods, combining against tha general interest, have Involved their government* in dab* and bankruptcy; and when the system prevailed in th* general government, and was checked by rresident Jackson, It had begun to ba considered th* higbeat merit in a member of Congress to be able to procure appropriation* ef public money to be expended within bin itlktrtflt nr Mtftta whati/i**?r ml,hf Ka til* ntilaflt Ws should b? blind to th? experience of the past, If we 414 1 not see abundant evidence that if lb la system of mmi dltur? in to be Indulged to. combination of tadiYtaual and of local interesta will bo found strong enough to control legislation. absorb tbe ntniuM of the oountry, and plunge tbo government Into a hopeless lndehtadnui What In dent minuted a harbor by this system, does ; not necessarily mean a bay, inlet, or arm of tbo in, on i tbe ocean or on our lake snore*, on tbe margin of which may exist a commercial city or town engaged In foreign or dmneitlo trade; but It la made to embrace tbe water* where these 1* not only do such olty or town, butao commerce of any kind. 11 y it a bay or (beet of aboal I water la called a harbor, and appropriation* demanded i (ton Congress to deepen It, with a view to draw commerce to it, or to enable Individual* to build up a towo or city on it? margin upon speculation, and for their own private advantage What is denominated a river, which may be Improved In tbe system, Is equally undefined in 1U meaning It may be I be Mississippi. or it may be the smallest and most obscure and unimportant Hream bearing the nana of river, wbloh Is to be found in any State in tbo I'nlon. Such a system Is subjeot, moreover, to be perverted to tbe accomplishment of the worst of polities! purpose* During tbe few years It waa in lull operation, and wbloh immediately preceded th? veto of President Jackson Of the Maystille road bill, Instaneea were numerous of pub lie men seeking to gain popular favor by holding out to the people interested In particular localities the premise 1 of large dlabursements of public money Numerous re conrolssanees and surveys were madoauring that period tor roads and canala through many parta of the Union, and tbe people in the vicinity of each were led to believe that their property would be enhanced In value. an4 they themselves be enriched, by the large ex pen <11 tare* which they were promised by tbe advocates of the system should be made from the federal treasury in their neighborhood Whole section* of the oountry were thus sought ta be Influenced, and tbe system waa fast becomIng one not only of profuse and wasteful expenditure, but a potent political nglar If the powf r to Improve a harbor be admitted H is not vi/ |'ricif|tp uvw in" |?>w? uvrjivn ttti?* let on the oocmi or the iak?*. nod inaka harbora ?hfr<* lhare ar? nonr, oan ba denied If Uie power to ' nlean out or deepen Ihe ?'h?rn?l? of river*, near their niauth* ho a lmitl?d, It I* not niij to parralva bow tbo power to Improve th?m to iU?ir fountain head and make tbam navigable to the|i aouroa* '?o b? denied. Whw? *>1*11 thaamrnljo of the power, If It b? neeumed, Stop' Km < .ingreaa tlia power when un mint is daep ant ugb to admit a aohooner. to deepen It atlll more to that It will admit thlpp ot heavy burden7 and baa It not tha I ower when an Inlet will udmit a boat, to aaka It deep enough to iwlmlt a ?ohoi>n?r' May it tmj?r?ta river* daap enough already to float ?hlpa and eteamboate, and ha* It no power to Improve th hi wblnb am navigable only for flat-boat* and barge*' May tha general government a*< .rl*e powar and JurlWliaMon over tba toll of a JUa??, e m?let .tig of rooka in 1 land-bar* In tha b*;l of Ito river*, and luay It not eseavata :? r*nal art und Ita terfalh or aerot-a Ita land* for prerieeiy th? ?am? object' ] (living to thn aubjec*. tha ui?*t * rlniu and oandld ooutld ration of whir.b my mind I* ci.piM*. I c*ntiot parevlva any Intermediate ground 'I ba powi r to Improve bar bora and riv?? fit purpo*e* of nictitation, af oeapaBlng of clt>*ting cut of damp an IVIuIa ? - ty looking or emailing Bull ba admitted wtib< ut any other limitation tba* tha dlaaraMon of Coa?rae? or ft ?nat ba tJamlad alto*

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