Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 19, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 19, 1847 Page 1
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Tfl] Wbola No. THE HOLIDAY HERALD. + ! THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF TMK 9CBZZCAV WAR. On Saturday, the asth Inst, we shall publish the Holiday Hertld, which will be the moet beautiful, w well as the raort valuable and Inter eating, pictorial aheet ever I saved from this establishment. It will be a complete illustrated History of the Mexican War, and will oontain engravings representing the appearanoe of every town, after its eapture, from the taking of Matamoras to the reduction of the City of Mexloo itself, including plan* anil fortifications. It would be useless to dilate at any length on the Talue of sheet like this It will be a perfect piotorial flew of Mexico. Agents and others who wish to purohaee to sell again, will please send in their orders as early as possible. The prioe will be cents per single espy, or $4 per hundred. It will be put in wrappers, to send to any part of the world. Our Hexlemn Affairs. AFFAIRS ON T1IK BIO UKANDE, KTC. A letter has been reoeived in Washington from a respectable officer who is stationed at Monterey, (November 10.) in which ho approves of the order said to be transmitted to Gen. Taylor,to subsist the army off the country. He says ' the oountry this tide of the mountains can subsist and pay the army here, and not feel more annoyed than they do from their own government in time of peace. I hope; this system will be oarried out on both lines I heard, to-day. that a richly laden train of mules. (170 in number,) with lead, gold-dust, &.o.,hsd been captured near Saltlllo a few days siooe. The lead being contraband, the whole will be confiscated. It is said to be worth $70,000. Its destinatiou was San Luis I'otosi, or some plaoe the other side of the mountains Three of the hombrrs are s*!d to be In confinement at S iltlllo, who were la possession of the property." TUK lJKATH OF LIEUTENANT HUKWEI.L. The following aoooant of the death of Lieutenant W T Burwell.of the 6cb infantry, is given by his Mend Adj't. II W Kirkham. in a letter of Oot 1st to A Burwell, of Vicksburg Melancholy as my duty is, I must perform It and give you the particulars of your brother William's death You are probably aware that he has been on the staff as ald-de-oamp to Colonel Clarke, oommander of the ad brigade of General Worth's division On the morniog of the 8th ult, your brother and myself reported at 3 o'clock to Colonel Mcintosh, who being seoond In rank, commanded, as Col. Clarke was wounded at Churubusco. We took our position before the enemy's Un" just at dawn of day, and reoeived orders to charge and drive the enemy from the position whloh he oooupied. The order was obeyed, and we were vlcto rloua, but M tne expense 01 oar boat, our bravest man One-third of the men, and twenty out of forty-one offl oers In our brigade, were killed or wounded. Your brother wal shot down by a musket, when within ten feet of the enemy's first line of defenoe. He wu gallantly urging on the command, when a ball struck him juat above the knee of hi* right leg, breaking it; he waa afterward * atruok down by a lanoa. whloh deprived him of life. During the aotlon, whloh, us you muat know, wa* a prolonged and a bloody one, (a* we numbering l*as than thrse thousand, were contending againat aome fourteen or fifteen thousand,) he waa robbed of hla aword and sash : also the ring on hia linger waa taken, lie wa* burled next morning within alght of the battle field, with aome hundred and twenty of the brav* who fell with him The gallant Col. Boottand Capt. Merrill, of hi* own regiment, sleep, on* on either aideof hla. Hla little dog, to whloh he waa vary much attached, and which had been with him ever since he came into the conntry, wm wounded, and where I found poor Burwell, there wa* " Rod" licking hia maater'a wounds, but he expired himself In a few mlnutea. having been ahot through the body. 8ad aa your brother's fate was, it ia a consolation that h? did not linger week*, and tuffer as j many have done; probably upwards of nine-tenths ! thoau who had their limbs amputated, hare died. Eight out of your brother'* regiment?more than half the' came into the valley of Mexloo, have fallen?their bnnea lie beneath the aod where they fought and died. Your brother baa an lakata?d, sand hox and wafer box,whloh ne cook at id* i.mim oi rerote i nu olten beard bim say?" I wish my brother at Vloksburgh had them, for they are curiosities, and he would prize them very highly.'" t will send them also. 1 enoloee herewith a letter written by Colonel Clarke to Gen Worth, upon your brother's fate. I have some of his hair, which 1 cat irom tils head. This I will *end with uis trunk; but I enolose one look, which I found lying on the ground near him, having been severed from his bead by the lanoe which killed him. The battle in which your brother foil, Is oalled the battle of "El Moll no del Roy;" it ocourred on the 8th of September, and will be remembered by all who were engaged in It, for it was the most bloody one that has ooourred sinoe the commencement of thf war Your brother and myself were tbrewn constantly together, by our duties, since the 1st of May last. We have lired, messed, tented together, and fougtit together, and 1 am loaeaome now, for 1 f*el as though I had lost a brother. MWS FHOM CALIFORNIA. The U 8. men-of-war Congress and Portsmouth, with others, left Monterey during the week ending Sept 11th, bound to Maiatlan The Malek Adhel, captured by the I,'. 8. sloop-of-war Warren, on the southern coast, was sold at auction, for the coast trade, to Captain W. D Thelps, for $4,5-16. The weather at San Franolsoo, Sept 18th. was intolerably warm, the mercnry ranging In the neighborhood of !?2 in the shade The people of San Kranclico elected a town council to administer their aff ?ir?, consisting of Wm (ilover, Wm D. M. Howard Wm. A. Leidesdorff, K. P Jones, Kobert A. Parker, and Willlsin S. Clark, who enterrd upon their oflolal duties Kept Itith. At the first meeting, Mr. Leidesdorff was appointed town treasurer, and required to give bonds in $10 000. They also passed an ordlnanoe Imposing a penalty of six months labor on the publio works, for desertion of seamen, and for enticing sailors from ships or aiding them to desert, a fine not exceeding $500 and Imprisonment not exceeding three months. Col. Ma on, (iorernor of Csllfornla, has proclaimed a like penalty lor the same offence. It is said that the emlgra lion 10 imn country tins year, will uoi exscau ninety wagons The b&ckward wagons, without brisk travel may IIml their mountain road obstructed by the snows ; fear in already entertained of their safe arrival. Tne emigration to Oregon was still "rolling on " Up to the IHth day of August, seven hundred and seventy wa?ons had parsed Fort Hall, and before the expiration of the mouth, many more were expeeted Of the "Moruion emigration," there had arrived at tha great salt like, up to August 7th, 4H0 souls. Thin body, for the most part malee. la but an advance of an extensive emigration soon to follow, and tfere waa expected In one week'* time an additional caravan, consisting of four or five hundred wagons. Here they have laid off and oomincS'-fd a town, planted large arops, which are described an forward and flourishing, and have at hand eighteen month's provisions, to be used in the event ol a failure of crops They oontemplate opening an entire new road through to this country, In connnection with the present rendezvous, which completed, they move en maitt to the valleys of California. The "Mormon battalion'1 of about 300 men had been met in the mountains of California, many of whom were returning to winter hero. Of this battalion 150. whom sickness detained at Santa Ke, had joined the emigration at the salt lake> their term of enlistment having expired ; Col Cook bad bren sent by Oen Kearny to discharge them Mr Rrannan gives the general heal'h of the emigration guuu, icw uwiuf iiuviu){ uuuuitvu lumu^uuDb lun iri*v**i linn Qi, Northern Military Dlatrlot, > 8*x Kraxcisco. California, Hept 13ih, 1847. ) Ordm, \n 3tf It has beoome tlm sad duty of thecommanding officer to announce the death of Lieut Charted C. Anderson, of the 7th regiment New York volunteers. who died suddenly thid morning at I0)? o'clock, of a fever contracted at the Sacramento. An efficient and faithful officer, an amiable companion, and an exemplary man, his loss will be long and deeply regretted Hla funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon, at 4)4 P. M By order of Major Jaa A Hardie Commanding, tie* C. Hubbard, 1st Lieut. au>l AdjaUut.? California Star, Stpt. 18/A. THK MORMON COLONY IN CALIFORNIA. The country Kelected fur the habitation of the Mormona, la about twenty inlea eaet from the Great Halt Lake, in a ralley dome elicbtv milea In length, and perbapi ten to twenty in lea In width. A Ueld ol about one hundred acred of ground had beeu plant id by the pioueera previous to th? arrival of tbeir frlenda, with corn, potatoea, turnlpa, and other ediblea, but aa the rain aeldom fell there, they had to resort to the uncertain and laborloua process of lnlgatlnn They had engaged in the erection of a atockade, to protaot the oolony from the attaoks of the Indiana, covering dome ten aoreaof ground, within which troni a hundred and alxty to two hundred dwelllnga wire to be erected How tbia la to be done, la at beat very uncertain There la very little woodland in or nnar tha valley, and thla la tlie greatest difficulty whioh the colonial* have to encounter, both aa a mean* of ereotiug their boutea and for fuel. In time, aeeda may be planted and foreata grown, but thla la a very uncertain dependence. Sjm# parta of the valley have a very fertile appearance, but others, again, are exceedingly poor, and cannot he made to produce any thing About forty milt* from the place delected for the Mormon city, la the homestead of a farmer, wlioae name we have forgotten, who haa p?ach trees growing, and a gardeu producing a good many of the vegetables common to this country, with a fine stock of goat*, horaea. and oattle ; but, save this habitation, none other la to be found iu that quarter On hla return rrute Mr. Little, who holda, we believe, aoine high nfflco In the Mormon chnroh, met the Mormon emigrants In detached parties He doea not apeak very Hatteriuglv of tbelr condition, though with aangulne hopes, tbey were atiil moving on to their deatlnailon Many of the beads of the families were, It will be remembered, taken to (111 up the California battalion; and are still in California, and the women and children were left to gat aloog as they i.est could In many oases, little boys were found driving the teams, barefoot, and the advanced parties were reduced to soma extremity for the want of food Two hundred of tha oxen used In thtir tramd had died after leaving Independence Rook, from eating tome poisonous substance and exhaustion, and | . *?? ' - rr <-? ? ) E NE NEW they were compelled to gat along by ualag oowi In their stead All vera, It la faarad, atinted for proviaiona, and Tan after their arriral, unleia Kama ooul<i ba procured hy their buntera, tbara ia room to apprehend Buffering from starvation Mr. Little repr?a?ntlng, at tha aama time, that In and Mound the Salt Lake Valley, very little gttne waa to ba found. On the whole. wa ara fearful that moat dlttreaalng aooonnta will ba received from thia people, by tba Brat arrlvala next spring Mr. Little, from whom the above ia learned, advlaee all par on* not to aat tbalr facaa in tha direction of California Tha fallowing order. Uluatratlng aome of tha dittoultiea which tba California battalion bad to encounter, haa bean planed at our diapoaal: Hkal><4uai<teiii Mormon Battalion, ) Mission ot San Diego, 30th January, 1H47 J Tha Liautanant Colonel commanding, congratulate! tba battalion on their sale arrival on tba wboroa of tba Faoiflo ocean, and the oonelnaion of Ita march of over two thousand miles Hiatory may ba aaarcbed la vain far an equal march of infantry; nine-taatba of it baa bean wuiuugu m WliurrnfBS, WU?r? DOIUIBK DOb WTigVI ?uu wild beasts are found ; or deserts, whan, for rat of waUr, there la no living creature. There, with almost hopeless labor, we .have das deep walla, whioh the future traveller will enjoy. Without a guide who had traversed them, wa have venture! Into trackleea prairies, whtra water was not found for several marohea. With orowbar and plekaxe In hand, we have worked our way over mountains, which aeemed to defy aught aave the wild goat; and hewed a paaaafe throagh a ohaam of llTlnf rook, mora narrow than our wagons To bring thaae flrat wagons to tha Pacific, wa have preeerved the atrangth of tha mulaa, by herding them over larje tracta, which you have laborloualy guarded, without loaa The garrlaena of four Prealdloa of Sonora, eoncentrated within tha walla of Tueeen, gave ua no pause; wa drove them out with their artillery; but our Intaroo jrae with theoitlama waa unmarked by a alngla act of lojustiae. Thus marching, half naked and hair fed, and living upon wild anlmala, wa have dlacovered and made a road of great value to our country. Arrived at the flrat settlement of California, after a aingle day'a mat, you cheerfully turned off from the route to thia point of promlaad repoae, to enter upon a campaign, and meat, aa we believed, the approach of the enemy; and thla. too. without even aalt to season your aola subsistence of fresh meat Lleuta. A. J. Smith and Geo. Staneman, of the lat dragoons, have shared and given valuable aid in all these lay>rs. Thua, volunteers, you have exhibited aome high and eaaentlal qualitiea of Vetera na. But muoh remains undone: soon you will turn your atriot attention to tha drill, to system and order, to focma alee, whloh are all neoeaaary to the aoldler. By ori'er, Lt. Col. P. ST. GEO. KOOKE, I Signed J P. C. Mebbill, Adjutant. St L*ui$ Republican, li{ imt. THE TKXAS FIlONTrKK. Thera is now a Una of poets established from the Red River to the Rio Grande, and are oommamded aa follows; The first company Is stationed on the Elm Fork ofTrinity river, and ranges to Rad River, commanded by Capt. Mtzbugh: the second by Capt. M. T. Johnson, stationed at the Waoo Village. 40 miles above the falls of the Brazos : tha third, by Capt. H. MoCulloch. at the mouth of the Llano, (id miles abeve Austin, on tha Colorado ; Capt. Wm. G. Crump, on the Medina, 'J4 miles northwest San Antonio ; Capt. 8. High Smith, at Frederiokabura : Cast. James P Glllett. on the Sico. UO miles north of flan Antonio, and Capt. M. B. Lamar, on the Rio Orande, at Laredo. Capt. 8. P. Ross was mustered Into the servloe for twelve months, by Capt. Hall, at Austin, on tha 18th of Nov. Company's aggregate, 95, man. There is a regular communication kept up between the posts every week. The troop* stationed on the frontier are oommanded by Meat. Col. P. Ilaasbrough Dell, and Capt. J. M. N. Hall, of Polk oounty, as Adj't Insp'r and mustering officer.?Galvetton New. AIIMY INTELLIGENCE. The Michigan regiment of volunteers (Col. Stookton's) is full. The Wisoonsln oompany, which was anxious to join It, will not be able to do so. Several disabled volunteers arrived homt>, in this city! yesterday. Among tbam ware Messrs. J 1). Mcllroy and Jsseph M. Kinkaad. We weloome them back most cordiallyPitliiurg Journal, ll/A inst The Nacogdoohes (Texas) Timet states that a company of eighty-four men left Wolf Creek, Tvler county, on tbe Ud utt., commanded by Dr. John A. Veltoh, destined for Loredo, to>upply the plaoe of Capt. Lamar's company. It was thought Capt. Lamar will be aleoted lieutenant colonel. The U. 8 steamer Fanny sailed for VeraCrui last evening, with tha following passengers:?Mrs Margaret Dlggs and child. Lieut P. Curran. Dr_P O. Jones and eerrani, r. uauion, rurser sample, t. uooke, Holand Buck, J. W. Zucharle aud servant, Mr. Hammeken, Mad Mexia, John Parrott, Mri. Macraady and Wo H Miller, Vara Cms; J. W. Brlsooe and Mr. Hltohoook. Tampioo ?AT O. Picayune, bth init. On Wednesday last a hundred and twelve volunteers from Autauga oounty, Alabama, arrived at Mobile, under command of Capt. W. L Maora.?Af. O. Picayune, 4(A inil Gen. Shields arrived at Natohtr., Miu., on the 1st Inst., and in to me^ thaeitiiena at the Mansion Mouse on the 'Id. Capt. WilJars' company of N. V. Volunteers raised at Roohester ware at Mier on the 8th of Nov. had loit only three men slnoe leavlnic home, two by sickness and una klllsd in an attaok by the guerrillas Mler Is a pleasant town, containing about 6000 inhabitants. The men are represented as vioious aud lacy; the woman. Industrious. displayed great skill in the manufact ur? of beautiful Mexican blank* K whioh they sell at to $7u apiece It takes about year to make one as the work is mostly done by hand. Col. Temple appears to be very popular In the regiment, and the Utter speaks In the warmest terms of Lt. Col. Kay, who Is at present officiating as Governor of Camargo. Lt. McUarry recently accompanied a train up to Monterey, and bad an opportunity of visiting Gen Tayler, and the bat le field of Buena Vitta As yet tha company has had no fighting to dO.-AncAcslir Democrat, Dec. 13. The Legislature of Florida has, byrasolution. ordered a sword to be presented to tha gallant Msjor VV W. Lo lug, ./ .-i. jm. Kiajui i-j. pHwiu tnruugu luia city a lew days since on hi* way to Florida A sword U alto to be prepared for Lieut. MC. Maria, U. 8 N. Major Katon, of Gen. Taylor'* staff, arrived at "Wilmington on Tuesday, and left Immediately for Newcastle, Del. A number of Voluot*nrscame In last night in the cars, from Nile*, to join Capt. Whltenmeyer's Company. Capt Van Arman, of Calhoun, also came in to join his Company.?Detroit Jitlvtrtittr, Dtc. 9. Tiik British Man. Stkamkri.? Krreneous reports having appeared respecting the future servioe of these vessels, we publish tbe lollowlog statement on authority The steam-packet wbloh sailed from Liverpool on the 4th inst. will prooeed after landing her mails at this port, to New York, whence she will sail f>r Liverpool on the lat of January next Another steamer will leave Liverpool for Boston on the lBth inst.,and will sail hence on the 15th of next month By despatching this extra pecket, (for, under the old arrangement, only ene steamer, that of the 4th, would have sailed thla month from Liverpool,) the running of the two lines of packeta?of that between Liverpool and Boaton, and that between Liverpool and New York?will oommenee simultaneously on botn aides of the Atlantlo. On the first of next month, one of these vessels, as we have stated, will sail from New York for Liverpool, and on the same day one wiU sill from Liverpool tor New Yoik. On the iftth ot the same month, a steamer will proeied from this port to Liverpool, on which day one will alio leave Liverpool for Boston. The New York and Liverpool boats will again sail from either port on tbe -J9th of January, again oa th? Jtithof Februtry, and again on the36th of March; while the Boston and Liverpool boats will sail f-om either port oa tbe 12th of February and 11th of Marsh In April four ef the paekets will leave Liverpool for tbls side?two bound to Boston, two to New York, in May. a similar weekly service will oommenoe on this aide of the Atlantio. Thus a steamer will be despatched from Liverpool for Boston, and one from the same port for New Vork, on every alternate Saturday from Aoril to Novem >?r inclusive; and vice vena from Boston and New York for Liverpool, from May to Deuember lnolulive. The winter service. during which the nteam?r? will rua twice a month oaly Iroin either (Ida, on* between li?>*ton and Liverpool, and vice vria, and one between New York and Liverpool, and oict vtr??, eommrnc-t from the K'.ngliih Ride in December and terminates in Mareh; tbe winter or fortnightly service from thU ti e, oommencMi in January and terminate* at the end of April. To mm up: durlug eii(ht month* of the year, a steamer will lor tha future nail every Saturday from both aide* of tha water; and for tha leur remaining month*, every other Saturday; being m weekly communication daring *ummer, anil a fortnightly one during winter. It must be premised, that so long a* the present postal diasgree uient shall continue, each and every of theae vesaels, as wall those between New Vork and Liverpool, as these uetwvou uuiiuu?ut l,i??rpooi, win iouoq ai nanrax botb on the homeward and the outward vovage We netloe, only to contradiot It om tha nam* aunority m that on wbiob wo publish the foregolug statement. a rumor thai New York will soon absorb tbe whole of the British mail steamers. The aimple truth la, that tha itram communication batwaan Boaton and Liverpool, will remain on preoHelw tha rame footing on whluh It haa heretofore subsisted; and. as regards New York, that that city will henceforward enjoy an equal advantage All acquainted with the sutyect, ara aware, that from the first es tiblliihment of thane steamer*, the British government contemplated itoubling tbe number of voyage* between the two countries. Tina extension of the benefit* of what I* commonly called tbe Cunard line to New York 1?, consequently. only the completion of the original plan; so that New York 1* now about to have the *am? accommodation a* that whlohhaa been enjoyed by Boiton and Will continue to be enjojed by her?and no more ? Boiton Pott, lite. 14 Bankruptcy Execution ?lJnniburj? was tke Been" of n curious proceeding on the Hth of Nov. A sca^old wu erected a* for an execution, before the principal front of the exchange, and at li o'clock a large furnaoe,filled with resinous wood,we* placed on It. The wood having been *et on fire, the bell of the town hall woe rung violently, a* was usual during tbe execution of .decree* Inflicting infamous penalties Atone o'clock,'the hour at which merchant* are assembled on tba K.xchnnge, the public executioner Mnended the rcilTild, followed by two of hi* ?a*l*tant*, and after having o/iused a drum to be beat, proclaimed In a load voice the name of a merohant who had .been declared gull'y of fraudulent bankruptcy, and who bad taken to flight. Ha then displayed to the spectator* an enorraou* placard bearing the name of the culprit In glgantlo letter* He next canned the drum to be brata*econd time, after which he tomed the placard In tbe flame* For twenty three year* no similar execution had taken pUo? at Hambor(. W YO YORK, SUNDAY MORIS alea of Public Land*. We invite the attention of the public to the tuluolned oudenied etatriuent of the land sale* juat advertiaed to be held la the month* of January and Kebruiry next, amounting. In the aggregate, aa will be ** ?, to upward! of five and three quarter million* ol aorea, distributed from Ore?n Bar. in the territory of Wiaeonala, to BUeay ne Bar, in Florida, or between the parallel* of 26 dag and 4* deg of north latitude. The** land* embrace every variety of *oil, climate, aad production found in the United State* ; and p?r*on* wishing to purchaae aad aettleon the public domain have rarely, if ever, been afforded eueh an opportunity to leleot and prooure home teads suited to their varloni taate* and inellnation* They *boald not, therefore, fall to improve it, eapeelaUy Inee the quantity now advertlaed In *ome ol the State* enumerated, we are informed, comprise* all the lud therein yet remaining to be offered at public *ale. wucoriin TaaaiToar. Acrtt. Oreen Bay dletrict.?Sale to eomnnoe 31*t January, 1848 119.746 Mineral Point?Sale to oommeno* 17th Jan. l?43 443,78:1 558,<7 8 IOWA. Da Buuum?Ha. I a in 17th I an Hid bHikl'2'1 l)u Buque. do. do. 31st Jib, iwn 536,063 Iowa CUT, do. do. 24th Jan., 1S48 *06 620 Fairfield, do. do. 17th Jan., 184* 128,6ti? 1,857,049 mitouai. Springfield?Hale to commence 17th Jan.. 1848 346,301 Flatteburg, do. do. 31tt Jan., 1848 88,41'J Jaoluon, do. do. 17th Jan., 1848 64,741 Clinton, do. do. 34th Jan., 1848 80,'29! Palmyra, do. do. :24th Jan., 1848 1#.!?0( 568,64b llliRUI. FajretteTllle?Sale to commenoe 7 th Feb., 1848 34.r>,99ri Washington, do. do. 14th Feb., 1848 206,120 BatesTlUe, do. do. diet Feb., 1848 253,68<i Helena, do. do. 7th Keb , 1848 320,072 Johnson C. H. do. do. 14th Keb , 1848 180,J1? Little Rook, do. do. Slit Feb., 1848 76,818 Champagnole, do. do. 38th Feb., 1848 45,376 1,938,189 LOVISIA.tA. Opelousas?Sale to oommenoe 14th Feb.. 1848 144,607 Natehitoehes, do do 31et Feb, 1848 60.63(1 Ouachita, do do 38th Feb., 1848 *3,rod 367,137 miisissi/m. Augusta?Sale to oommenoe 7 th Feb , 1848 12,82S FLORIDA. NewnanarUle?Sale to oom'noe31etFeb., 1848 173 812 8t. Augustine, do do 7th Feb., 1848 141.07'J Tallahasse, do do 7 th Feb., 1848 140,621 464,*01 INDIANA. Indianapolis?Sal* to commence lat May, 1849 Wlnamae, do do Ibth May, 1848 101,901 Fort Wayne, do do 8th May, 1848 241,231 731,27! Aggregate 8,788,181 The Augabnrgh Oaxttte of the ?lh, states that a tota ohaage will take plaoe la a few daya In the rope'a cabl set. The late FreahetM and t e Wentlir . The almoet oonatant rain alnoe Friday last baa raised the Susquehanna to a very high point, but not quite ai high as the October flood. The damage to the public works on the West Branoh Is said to be great, and It li auppoaed that other parts of the lines have suffem much, but the amount, cannot be known until the rivei falls.? Harriiburfh Ttlttraph, \5lh iml. The freshet atill continues, but under the lufluence o aatrong north breeze la gradually abating Much in jury and lnoonvenlenoe has resulted therefrom to th< merchants on the dock The lovers of the h bivalve' will be pained to learn that a large number of oysteri have been destroyed by being covered with water. Kreil water. It seems, is jnst so much poison to the oystercertain to kill It.? Albany Jtrfun, I6ih intt The Ohio river la now higher at this plane than at anj time since the icreat flood of 183-1 The water him rlnei for thro* or four days, and at 3 P.M. yesterday bai reached the window Mil of the Uncle 8am Coffee Home at the foot of Broadway, which In the highest poln attained by the rifle In the aping of 1840 The OliTia from the Kanawha, report* a rise of 4 or 5 feet there oi Friday night, aid that all the intermediate trwna wen poarlng oat last The Cambria, from Pittsburgh, aim reports a rise there, with a general Increase In all th streams down- As the weather Is damp and showery we fear the worst anticipations in regard to damage b flood may be realised ?Cinciuna'< Oazetle, ClrA intt. The Muskingum rlrer has risen two feet within thi last twenty four hears, and is now three feet higher thai daring the flood of 183d. Part of the town is inundated the levee having given way this morning, and at least i hundred families hare been forced to le*ve their dwell ingi KxtraorJInary exertions were made to save W?r Xanesville, together with the mills located theve.anc the bridge, and this will probably succeed, as the wateri now appear to be at a stand. The flood began to subside at Cincinnati on the eve aing of tbe 17tb At Baltimore, on the 17th, it was snowing, with th? wind north-east. At Boiton the same. Tbe weather oontlnues as mild as May. Immense quantities of rain fell during the afternoon and evening of Sunday, but the sun shines thfpugh the olouds to day. As y?t there is no indication of winter ?Newurl Jldv. 1 Si A init. The strange weather continue* it has been raining most of the time for twenty-four hours, and the rivei hat risen above the dooks, driving out the rata from th< cellars, anil oompelllng a general evacuation of premise) heretofore deemed Mcure until the happening of thi spring freshets ? .*14 Evi. Journal, 13Ik inst. At Erie, Pa., they bad a fall of mow, tie inobes deep on the 4th, but on the 7 th the tun and eonth wind clear ed It off, and the lake harbors In that aectlon are unob struoted. We have all sorts of weather this week. Monday wai blustering and oold ; Tuesday wai a genuine wloter'< day, with the thermometer four degrees below /.ero at sunrise , Wednesday waa mild and pleaaaut ; Thursday waa very warm and ralDy; Friday damp aaJ chilly, wit! snow, and to-day the ground froien, but moderate ? Owego Miv Qth inst How Is it at Kranconla now ? The Conaectieut river has risen to an extraordinary height, under the influence of the great rains of thii month. It is now nearly as high aa It is at the uprlnfi feerhrts During Monday nl^ht the supports of a lengtl of the unfinished bridge over the river nt Cabotvlll* wera carried away, and thus the timbers of that part o the bridge Itself were let down, and swept elf by tin flood A portion of the timbers has been secured, as h floated down the river, between here and Hartford Some damage waa also caused during the same night ti the forging shop of Dean, Packard V Mills' oar factory oa the bank of the river near the foot of Court street The water undermined the wharf, and let down threi chimneys of the shop. The building belongs to Mr Kliphal*t Traak. At a late hour yeaterday alternooi the water appeared to be allghtly receding, but as it bai since oommenced raining again, It will probably remair up where it is, if It doee not rise skill higher.?S/irinf-fielu ( Mais.) Rep. Dte. lb. It oontlnued to he mild at Quebec on the 10th inst I Since a snow btorm on the 3d. the temperature has beet rarely below freezing, and a hear* rain on the !?th laid bar* a portion of the ground. The St. Lawrenoe wai free from toe oppoeite Quebec-the Point Levi rteamen continued to run, and the Qut/it.c Uateltej of the 10th aaya that the narlgattcn la no doubt open to Montreal Sporting Intelligence. Naw Oai.r.ANa Jocrky iIlvi Ktcu, Bimmmii Coua<r ? Wedneaday, Deo. 1.?Sweepatakea for three year oldi ?four cubaeriptiona at $300, forfeit $100?mile baata. D. K. Kenner'a oh. f. Buena Viata, by imp. Uleneoe, dam by imp Leviathan I 3 A. L. Bingaman'e eh. o. Dandy Jim, by Altorf, dam by Mir Kiohard 3 j < Isaac Van I.eer'a eh f. quadrille, by Imp. < Jleneoe, out of Imp. Oallopade a 3 1 Time, a:OOX?i:04.. Saturday, Deo. 4.?Purae f 160?entrance $'i0, added mile heat* T. Kirkman ? b. f Tepaz, by imp. (Jlenooe,out of Emerald- 8 y. o I J I D F Kenner'a gr g ,Kolu?, by Orey Medoc, dam by imp Leviathan - 4 t. 0 A I 5 II. D. Price'* ch e. Scott Wtll, by Orey Medoe, dam by Rattier? I y. o J 3 dW R. O'Hanlan'a ch g Duke Elliott, by Paoiflo, dam by Imp Leyiatban?4 y. o 4 4 dli K. Rynder'a br. h OUderaleve, by Wagner, dam by Med.x>- A y o A dla. Time, J:04?l:66X-a:0IX.?iV. O Pica. yum, Drc A. Sunday, Dec A ?Puna $4()0?entrance ten per oent, added?two mile haata. laaao Van Leer'a ch. f. Ann Wataon, by Imp. (Jlencoe, out of an Imported mare by Humphrey Clinker- 3 y o 1 1 Wm J Minor's b. f Jenny Llnd, by imp (ilencoe. out of Betaey Malone - 4 y o 'J 1 li. O'Hanlon'ach g Billy THickmore, by Wagner, dam by Imp Leviathan?4 y. o 3 3 Time, 4:04 ~3:A?. Monday. Dec. 6?Purne $000-entrance ten percent, m,AAm.A khra. "iP S. T. Taylor's b m Fanny King, by Imp Glenaoa, dam by Hlr Richard -# y o 1 1 Icaao Van l.fM'n br. m Brown Kitty, by Blrmingham dam by Tlg?r? 6 y o 3 'J Tlroa, B:00X-8:UX. HAMrTO!* Coi Kit, Thuraday Thrta mlla haata, purte $300 -Tha following 1* tba result:? Mr. Harrison'* m , Kosalla, ft yaar* old, by Boaton, dam K.mlly 1 1 Col W. M. Myar'a f, Mary Chaworth, i year* old, by Leviathan out of a mare by Htockholder J 2 Tim*, I at boat, ft 40?'Jd heat, h ftl>f -Ctnitilutional<?', Jluguila, Die. ID. CARTHAor.itA, Nor. 7, 1947. The Bofta Ma I. Bine* writing you from " Bogota," nothing of Interest haa occurred Tha laat Bogota mall ha* been loit, *c tha latest data* are October 17th, of which I (and you a o?py A young girl In Wllllainiburg. tiann d Julia I.ynoh waa on Monday laat. seised by four ruffliana, robt/ed ol $16, and bar paraoa rloUtad. iRK J UNO, DECEMBER 19, 184 Affair* In Canada. [Rroin the Montreal Hernia, Deo 9 ] The bualnee* ?eanon being now at an mid, iivery thing In the commercial line is necesiarily dull. I'nfortunately we are alio suffering from the additional pre**ure of the time* The opening of the complete Inland navigation, hae, however, been followed by striking evidence* of the readme** with whloh the advantage will be eel ted on. by our people. Several vessel* have already been launched expressly for that trade; they are Intended to earry four thousand barrel* of flour, whleh 1* the average cargo of a vetael of 40) ton*. They will b* propelled by A very unusual circumstance ha* oorarred, owing to the mildness of the teaaos. A barge reached Montreal from Kingston onthe7th ef December l'p tothUtlm*,, Indeed, the winter ha* been nearly a* toft as It utnally lain London There 1* no ioe in the river, and only ju*t enough snow to make excellent sleighing road*. The rttr among the politicians makes up for the quletnea* in other depattmens. The late Parliament having been dissolved on the sixth, the elections are to take plaoe almost Immediately. The violence of partiea, however, eem* very much abated slnoe the last oooaalon of a *lmllar kind. There is in many quarter* a feeling of complete indifference to the tnrn thing* may take. What may b? the result i< very unoertain ; but we do not look for any great change In the ctrength of the parties In the House. However, the ministerial majority I* too amall to bear the elighteat dlmunitlon. and some of their mea 1 sores will certainly be an distasteful to their friends as their opponents In Lower Canada they may be strengthened by the aoeeHlon ot some member* of tho " K.rtlngulsher'' Interest , that is to say, men who desire to put out education by repealing the school tax, and who will ote for the ministers,thoQgh they profess to oppoee their bill. The opposition to the education law is. in fact, just the horse on which those people hope to ride to a market where they will be werth something to sell. In Upper Canada, in like manner, the administration has reoeired the aid of the Roman Ca'holio Bishop o< Kingston. The prelate has issued a manifesto in fkvot of their College Bill, or rather no-college bill, for it will divide King's College into a number of schocls. Thli bill proposes to satisfy the olaimsof all who do not bslonf to the episcopal ohurch, by sharing the endowment 01 eight or ten thousand pounds per annnm among the (sc called) oollegH* of the four or five prinoipal sects. The state of the Emigrant Hospital at Montreal,for the week ending Deo. 4, shows an average of patients four hundred and thirty-nine ; and the total of deathc was thirty-six It should be known in Kngland that a law to restrain the landing of emigrants will be, in all probability, ons cf the first measures of the new parliament ; it is called for from one end of the provlnoe to the other, and will doubtless be of a very stringent oharaoter. Nothing can be so disgusting as Ibe emigration of last season The City and District Harlsgs Bank of thli city hax published its usual statement, from the 31st July to th? 30th November. The increase of deposits was ?13,63(1 3s Sd ; the total amount being ?63,OAS Us id. mail Failure*. The government mall, due yesterday morning, arrived at the usual hour, but brought no papers south of Augusta, Georgia. The Cumberland cars last night ^brought us a portion of the Western mall due on Wednesday night?as far West as Cinolnnatl. inclusive. The mail rrgulaily due last night failed.?Bait. Jlmer. Vtc. 17. Tk-. M.ii A# 1 ? ? * ? A UC uww W* ?? ouurouaj 0VODIU|( DrOQgQC US 110 pipiri I from til? North.'?L?uinbury (AT. C.) Timet, Wth inst. The Northern mail failed yeaterday beyond Philadel phia ? Chtrlntnn Mercury, lOtA imt. Saturday oommenoed Mr. Postmaster General Cave Johnson'* d?l"otable arrangement, for the transmission of the great Northern mail to the South, The ears ol the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac railroad arrived at half-past 11, A. M , (according to their wlntei arrangement.) without a letter or newspaper, paying tribute to the national post office. Nevertheless, the usual packages of Baltimore and Washington papers and such lw< ters as were entrusted to private nanda, were received. The regular mall from the North, m cording to its schedule, left Baltimore at l i o'clock at night, and was to reach Richmond by 8, P. M. Thi Washington mall, we learn, left Washington, by stage some time on Krlday, and toiling along the worst road in the l.'nlon, now worse than ever from negleet. wai expected to reach Richmond about night-fall Saturday ?Richmond Timet, Drc. 13. The Southern mall boat arrived at her usual time yes terday morning, but brought no papers south of Nor folk, Va , no c nneotlon having taken placo at Peters burgh.?Bait. Sun, 15lA inst. Yesterday at l i o'olock we received papers by the eco nomlcul matt line, which would have reaohud ue by thi cart on Saturday evening. Who doubts Cave Johnson' " administrative capacity.?Riihmonl Whig 1 Xlh init. ,! The N?rth?rn mall failed at Wilmington, N. C., on th 12th and 13th Inst. y No hfestfrn mail at Syracuse on the evening of th l<Uh instant. Hohkidale, Pa., Dee. 1:1, 1B47. An Extraordinary Murder Define? 1 Verdirt of Guilty. j The trial of Harris Ball, for the murder of Mr*. KHxa I William*, wife of Rev. Gersham William*, commenced 1 In eur Court of Oyer and Terminer, on Tuesday more ing last. Bud slotted on Friday afternoon ****** 1'he atrocity of tbl* murder, the oiroumstanoe* un dor wliioh it was perpetrated, and the hinh respeotablii 1 ty of the deceased, bave awakened an interest in thi reaalt of the trial never before equalled in thla oounty i Tbere were about twenty witnesses examined for thi 5 commonwealth, and dome tlx or seven for the defence Tho circumstance*. a* detailed in the evidence for th c prosecution, are substantially these ? The deceased left ber home alone, on Sunday, the 1 ltl ,r > !.. ?.. < a 1 ?' u> n?!??. iw>, fcw nivalin ouuuij UUUI, aonui (>D?->DU -half miles from her residence. The mat of the famll; left In mjon some time after, to attend church at tbi name place; on arriving nt the sohool house, and find lng the deceased had not arrived, became alarmed, ?n?J turned, with a number of otber?, baok on the road to wards her reildenoe, to search for her. The body wai soon discovered in a small pleoe of woods, at the side o the road between two logs, the dress thrown up, witt evident marks of having boen ravished, after a mosi severe and unsuccessful struggle on her part. The pri goner having been seen passing the school house a shorl time be.ore, was immediately suspected, pursued an< arrested, short dixtanoe from the school house. Wh*i taken, lie was found sitting on a log by the road aid* apparently indifferent, and making no exertions t< escape, lie confessed the murder, after some little best tancy, but denied his intention to murder; stating thai his intentions were to ravish, only. It was in evidenc* that the prisoner had been about the neighborhood seve ' ml days, representing himself as a cripple and begging > his living lie had also represented himself as at I Indian doctor, and had prescribed in some instances. i The prisoner, a degraded and brutish looking vag? > bond, when brought Into court, showed not the l*?sl f sign of anxiety or agitation, as I could obseve; and ir > this state he remained during the whole trial, occasion 1 ally but sting out Into apparently unoontrollabla tits o laughter at some remarks of the witnesses. > The defence set up was not insanity, but idlotny, in duoeil by long oonrse of "vicious practices," that bj ut:u wauarv uau ucvuiuo uUl UHje inner IQID DrUU > ?bin pensions entirely controlling hi* wit* and <ie s troy lug hi* intellect to such extent a* to render bin i an unaccountable being Tlia main reliance of the <1* < fence wax. un>n the evidence of ttamuei II. Wood and William Ulemdlo. ?( Philadelphia, the former of whom 1 iitated that he had been the warden of the Kasterr I'eulten'isry, and that the prisoner had been convioted M?y the IHth, 1H3H, In Lheatar county, Pa , of "aMaull i and battery with Intent to ravish," and had been senI fenced to five year* imprisonment; that he had received J him and entered him on the record* as simple, and had i alwayi regarded blm as nucb, found him a useless priso i ner, unable to learn a trade, and hul sat him to picking wool and oakum; believed hie general mental organisation to be very defective Thin testimony wai corroborated by William Blunden, who la an faveroeer It the penitentiary. Much wan alxo made by the defence ' out of the cross examination of the witnesses far the proiecutlon, an to tha strange and inexplicable conduct of the prisoner before at I be time and after, hi* arrest I A* rebutting evidence the commonwealth produoed some nineteen witnesses, among whom were doctors 1 clergymen. f*.c.,who had examined him in prison anc elsewhere, all whom testified that though hla conduct > was strange, and his mind evidently weak, they bellnv ed from their examination he had snflicient Intelligent to distinguish right from wrong, especially where thai difference was wide and marked The cause waa most thoroughly and ably argued oi behalf the commonwealth, by (; 8 Minor, J W Myers and K Wheeler, F.?<|t, and the urlsoner defended It powerful and niantfrly argument*. by lion Wm H Ulmmick, F M. Crane. and K. Luiik. K?|? , all of whoa > volunteered their *?rvlcen In hl? behalf After the oloat of the moat powerful and alc<|uent argument bj .Mr l Crane, that I hare ever heard at thin bar, the effect wai p rceptible on (be whole audience in the oourt room and I heard it whiep?-red from one to another, that tb< prisoner could not be oonvicted. The Court charged the jury that the principle* of th< law which were to govern them. were nubatantlally a they were laid down by tba oounael for the common wealth. Himply, " hnd the prlaoner nufflclerit knowladgi when he committed the act, to know that it wan an ac contrary to the lawn of Uod and man?" No matte] what m ght be their beliaf aa to the etata ol hie rain< previous or aubaequent to the comiuinnlon of the ant. I thry believed thut at the time, he knew right troa wrong, they ware bound to convict; that though thej believed bin moral nanaibilitieg were entirely blunted by hln own vlclou* habita, Mid by * career of rrlme. no h? bad no lenie of rn'iral obligation remaining, If he had nufflcl-ut intellect left tokaow right from wrong, ha wan legally renp'uilble for bin acta , that although they believed from the evidanoe he did not intend to murder, only to ravinh. if they believed death had taken place from bin haudn they war* bound under our atatutan to convict of murder In the flrat degree [The Jury, aftar retiring a few hour*, returned with a verdict of GuiUy, wbioh wan reoelvi'd by the prlacner with total indifference. The prlnoner'a couna. I then moved lor a new trial?the rule wa? granted, to be ar* gued at the next term and nentence nunpended. Swias Mmakp Shoots if ?The war in Switzerland will be n bloody one, Hiid the officer* will fare tbewr.rat An nharp-nhootern.tbe HwIm are unrivalled In tha world and few of them will mile their man at NX) yardn; from hln childhood the Kwi?? In acsuatomed | to handle tha heavy rlH? of the country At th? nklrmlnbon the St Oothard the two flrnt men picked oil wara he officer* in oommand The Cham'da hunter Area at tha ehamota aa aoon a* he can dlatlagulnhed tb# animat e hornn. and rarely mlanen hi* aim A Swiaa f from babtt. never Or without taking deliberate aim Lvnivn Mutuing CAr #nul?. I ERA 17. bumUuimu*. Mr* J^ramy Drake, of South Boaton, committed fillaid*, by hanging hereelf, on Friday eight Int. She ?u 40 year* of ag? and probably Inaane tmj>rror Iturblde'a aldeat top, brother to Major Auguatin 1 turbid#, now a prltoner of war In thla country, waa for a tin* a atudent In Mr Partridge'* military academy in Conneetleut. Ha went to Europe *ome fifteen or aighteen yeara ago; and when laat heard of, waa aald to hold the oSoe of Colonel in the Ruaalau Cavalry. Three man hate bean arreated at Great Kalla. N H , oharged with the murder <>f Kreeman, vl* ?Luther Kernald, (eon of the tavern keeper there): Jamea Uahcr, and a peraon iwmnd Burn ham Tbeverdlot of the ooroner'* jury had not been announoed at the laat aoeount*.? B?$t Travtller, Dec. 14. The oflcial report of death* In the city of Norfolk, during the month of November, la 17?at the rate of enly 1 1-9 per oent per annum of the population. An unuaually large number of mover* paaaed through thl* village within the pa*t two or three weak* On one day of laat week upward* of thirty wagon* and other vehicle* belonging to oar emlgranU.moatly from Uaorgia and South Carolina. pa**e4 through on their way, moat of them bound to Texaa and Arkanaa*.? Ortrntburough (AU ) Beai* i. nuiiuviuu I uii|iru IHHUIUIOU ?fc ? dUICB, UUriUK IU< praaent year, and fourteen hundred and seventv-two man of science,and about two thousand lovers of solenoe, mat In the Dueal Palace, commencing on the l?th September. and oontlnued three weeks. The assembly had under Its consideration questions of physios. mathematics meohanlca, geology, mineralogy, geography, arehaeology, agriculture, technology, botany, vegetable physiology, ohemlstry, zoology. comparative anatamy, and medicine.?National InttlUgenctr, 13th nut. On Friday morning about sunrise two strangers went to the house of ll?bert Tete, (colored) in Hopewell,Cum berland oounty, N. J , and took off his wife and child ? j Who they were, where they were from, or where they i went to, we have not been able to learn. Robert wal In r town at work.?Briilgton Chronicle.J I The population of Cincinnati and Its suburbs la aet i down at 100,000. Tho brig Harbinger, whloh arrived at Boston on the 11th Inst , from Fayal, brought as passengers 7a destitute Americans?mostly disabled seamen from whalers. A company is to be formed in N'sw Haven for lighting tha olty with gas. The telegraphio posts have been alljerected from Wori oester to Uxbrldge, and it was calculated that by last Saturday night they would be erected on half the distance, If there be no delay In obtaining the wire, the telegraph will be in operation in a few days.?Prouidtnee Journal, lifA imt. i A panther was killed on Friday last in Busks county, Pennsylvania The newly elected officers of Ulrard College, Philadelphia, are Hon. Joel Jones, President Judge of the District Court of the city and oounty of Philadelphia. I i reaiunui : mrs. n. u. l ugnman, Matron ; Jane Mitchell. 1'rlnclpal Female Teacher ; Mary H. Turner, First Assistant Female Teacher; Mary Ann Lynch,' Second Assistant Femal? Teaoher j r-amuel Overn, Steward Physicians? Dr K. W. Sargent and Dr. Samuel L. Hollingsworth: Oov?rnesses?Mary A. Bateman, Kli/.a Llun, Flliabeth WlUle and Hunan Wrigley. I Capt. Stephen Carmlok, of the brig Tedrua, of thia eity, has been presented by the (jueen of Fngland, with a magnificent gold medal, for laving the Uvea or four BrltUh subjects at sea. Captain C. la a native of Thllai dalphia. ' The sales at tha land office in Milwauklefor the month f ot.November last, embraoed 13,'iSl acrei, and the re oelpts amounted to (17,671 91. As usual, the great proportion of the entries ware in 40 acre lots > The litt le steamer Champion, bound up the lake from 1 Buffalo, took fire off Dunkirk on Monday nlgh( laat, > under her boiler deck, and oame very noar abarlng the fate of the unfortunate I'henix. It was with great difficulty tha Ore was extinguished. On Hunday evening last, a young woman named Mary Riley, visited a friend's house in Chelsea, aooompaI nled by her brother-in-law, where she met a fallow nam *d Thomaa Flood, a journey man taller. The family attended a meellug, leaviug Flood and Miss Riley alone In the house, which he took advantage of for the most brutal purpose, locking hlmaelf with tha girl into the room, and then outraged her person, In a forcible manner. The next day tha girl entered a complaint agalnat Flood for rape, and ha waa arrested, and yeatarday underwent a private examination before Juslioi Cuabtng. It resulted in committing the aoouned t< * await his trial on a capital charge, in whioh his life is al stake.?Button Mail, lti'A insf The water waa to be drawn off from the YVelland oa? nal. on the Pth Inst. Charles C. tiiMVill. formerly editor of the Ohio Slat'imun, is to deliver the address before the Krankliu Typographical Society of Boston, od the loth of January next. The steamer Oaad'l<tuiver, which Railed from thin port for the West Indies, grounded while entering the port of Neuvitas. She remained on the bar two day*. She sustained but little damage. ' There Is permanent lake of sour water in Jefferson county, about sixty miles below Woodvllle. It Is said to ) be remarkable for its medicinal properties, and it beginning to be much resorted to during the summer season by invalids.?Nag?doche? (/.a.) 7\mn. " The survey of the ship canal designed to conneot the navigation of the St. Lawrence river with that of Lake Cham plain, Is progressing, and will, It is thought, result In afltrming the practicability of the noble enterprise. j&Tbe black tongue, a fatal epidemic, is said to be pren Talent lu Danburv, Connecticut. Several persons have . recent'y died with it, and othf rs are not expected to j live. ? There are at present In town over ten thouiand hogs, waiting transportation to Baltimore by the railroad 1 Every day seems to inoreaae the number, and It Is computed that they consume four thousand bushels of corn per week 80 great is the demand for corn, thai far. f mers can readily obtain a dollar per barrel, while on I some narts of the National road, the nrine la higher ? Cumberland Mountaineer, Dee. 17. On the .Wth of September I nut, the penitentiary of Virginia oontained 'J 11 convicts, of *hun 131 were white*, and HO negroes. We yesterday Raw. at the Mayor'* oOlce, a number of document*, reoeived from the Mayor* if New York and boston, in relation to the system of taxation practised in those cities, and the expenditure they are under for their city government* This mark of courtesy will, we hare no doubt, b? reciprocated at a fitting occasion These document* will furnish our worthy Mayor with a mean* ot contrasting the expenses of our own city with those named Kew cities of the same magnitude are under an little expense as Baltimore.?Baltimore .lmerican, Dec. 17. Political Intelligence. Dkmoi-rath: Statk Cornrroioi.?The Democratic State Central Committee, acting under the authority conferred upon them by the democratic State convention, have called a State convention to be held In Albany, on the tifith of January, and reoommend the appointment of delegate* In theneveral assembly districts, on the l.'>th of that month. Mk?ti!?u or Yotrwo Whh.h o? I'ittsii ro.?The Yonng Whig Association, of llttsburg. I'a , held an Initiatory oampalgn meeticg on the 10th ln?t. The addresses, which were endorsed by acciammatlon, were anti-war, anti-Polk, antl-ann?xatlon-of-more-territory and, in short, antipodal to the policy of the admini* tratlon. IUsroisr to Hrnsv Ci.av, rloii rocoHKticrsic.? There waa a large anil enthusiastic meeting at I'ongh b ...... .... Wu?,., r In u. ' I < apeecb and resolution*. Mr Ilucoin. of the House, made a apeech, which l? highly apoken of by those who heard It.?jilhuny Kvtmng Journal, Vrt 13. Thk Klobiua LtdiiLATuai la restricted to biennial wdoni. Opkicek* o? thk Indiana LkoislatuM: ?The Lieut Oo?ernor, a loco, NMMM oter the Menate, and Wm 1 A. Porter K.S'i , whig, hat been choaen speaker of tbi lioUMt, The Wenate, when full, In tied; but on the daj of aeaynbllng one locotooo waa absent, whieh ga?e tb< whig*? majority of one The locoa, with bet two exception*, although all in the city, chose to ahaent I hem eelren from their neat*, In order to preyent the usual or ganiiation in the election of neresaary ofllcera After mueh debate, and no little excitement, the Senate, on apraal from the decision of the chair, decided that a i|uorum waa unnecessary (?r mere purpose* of organitation, and went Into an election for principal and aaelataiit aecretariea, and elected two whig*.? Bait. Jlmiric ??,?>?c. 17. Tr in Ruction. It In yet uncertain who ha* b?en elected OoTeinor There I* hardly a doubt that < ol drier baa be*ncho??n I<leutenant-(i0t#mor. Mayo* or W I,. Childera (whig) waa elected major vf Mobile, on the fith instant, by h majority of 303. Lowki.l Mi'NitiriL Ki.? i tio1*;?Jeffereon Bancroft, whig, was re-eleotnd mayor, on MoBday, and tba antira whig ticket for Aldermen, Common < ouncilmen and Hobool Committee. waa ohoeen throughout Whole ote for mayor, 1 UU3. Bancroft had l,03i Si'onrankotjg Uombuntion.?A few roils north of thr Armory on the lull, nt dprin?liel(l, is a d?ep hollow < r dingle down the bank of wbicb the waste , dirt of the ahope (nonalatlng of old woolinn rage, and uubbu" www) i'hi iimmj ?iui?inu Wltn nil, |iirilo|f? <>i irou lnli'd with the M*e?plnga of the fhopt, coal dirt, kc., haa from tima totlm* for a longperiod been thrown, until a largo quantity of It haa accumulated Thla maaa of rubbiah tome alx tmln alnoa took fire apontr.neouaiy, aud baa barn coaatantly burning nine*, notwithstanding tha lata powerful and hea?y ralna Wrdncaday twin* the regular monthly meeting of tho ' Kagle Co No. I, Capt. Tower determined to try hla aklll with tba dafouling alanjant. Aftar throwing on to tbc burning pile vaat <|iiautlea of water, which aeam<-d to have the treat to concentrate tha heat rattier than to ^nanch It, tt hurat foith from tba uppermost point,ejecting lira. aUam nil nmoka, to a considerable haight. giving ua a beautiful miniature Tolcanlo eruption It atill contlnu*a to burn, bidding dettoanoa to tba eloud* of heavm and tha f.agleCo. No I On th? bank lnun?diat?ly c.rer tha burning pile ii a magnificent aim. beneath tha rhada of , which. In by gone daya, many a workman haa repaired I to rafreah hlmsrif from th" b-autiful atream rippling down the bank naar by Thla burning maaa *Mina to i ha?a embaced the roota of the tree, (robb ng old Hoi of hla power,) warming It Into aummer llfa, expanding Ha ' bud* almost to burning, and In all probabtltiy will aoon ouT?r It with a beautiful foliage - Spang fit id 0<n*i(*. Ll> PtfN Two Cent*. : ' tUll(toiu Intolllpar*. < *1.1 nun December?IB. 4th Sunday In Adeent; J I, rtt Thomu, J6, thrUtmaa Day; M. let .Sunday after ? hrintuta* j7, St John the Grange! let, M, Innoenti Tbe Synod ef Indian* recently paaeed the following revolution* 0? tbi Mtin ?i? W?a ? Whereaa our country Is now engaged In a deatructWe and bloody war with n neighboring nation, and ?hmu It la both tha patellae* nd tha duty of Cbriatleoa eeer to apeak out plainly tha word* of truth and aoberneaa, in reepaet to mettere deeply affecting tha temporal and eternal waller* ot their fellow oreature; therefore. Krsolved, I at. That wa regard aU war, except that which ia In tba atrioteat aenaa defenelee, and reeortad to only in reaiatanoe to intolerable aggreeaioa, aatha greattat of pbyaloal and moral eella, and totally repugnant to the apirit. prlnolplea. and preoapta of Cbriatianlty. Keaolrrd. 3d Tbat tbe deatructlon of life, and tba other neeeaaary accompaniment* of tha preeent unrlghteou* war with Mexico, are erlla infinitely greater than all tbe good wbioh ita moat ardent advocate* have vsr nrmnIssil to tk?masl?as np sstiA* from prosecution. Resolved. 3d. That we consider it the duty of all Christian* to be uneeaaing in prayer that thia war may be speedily and righteously brought to a oloee; that our rulers may be delivered irom the troubles which they have brought upon themselves, and that the Justly excited Indignation of Almighty Ood may be averted iron onr nation. Ok Suviki.-ltesolved. 1st, That the ministers of the Syuod be requested to preach to thelK respeotlvw oharges on the nutu?ct of slavery, during the present year. Resolved, Jd, That the next Oeneral Assembly be rail nested to advise the lower j udioatories to take suob judicious and firm measures u will free our churches fro on all participation In the sin of slaveholdlng. Resolved, :td. That It is our opinion that If something of this kind is not done at the next meeting of the Assembly. a very serious evil will result; to the prosperity of the churches In our Btats, and also generally In th* West Unsolved, 1th, That a committee b? appointed to attind each of the Synods la Ohio, Michigan and Illinois, to ate attain their feelings, mad secure concert ot action, on thii subject. In aooordanee with the fourth resolution, the following committees were appointed. ?1*:?To attend tho Synod of Western Reserve, Her. Meun, M M. Post and A. Lemon; th? Sjnod of Ohio, B K. Morris and H. Little; that of Cincinnati, John M. Dicker and H. Curtis; of Michigan, A. Johnson and A. Hawes; of Peoria, JainrH II Johnston and 8. O. Lowry; of Illinois, 8. N. Steele and N. L. Lord. Thu next meeting of the Synod is appointed to be held at Crawfardsvllle, on the seoond Thursday of Oetobor, 1848, at 12 o'clock, A. M. The conversion to the Roman communion of a Mr. Chirol, formerly a clergyman of the Churoh of England, has occasioned the following notice : ? Whereas Mr. Alexander Chirol, lata assistant curat* of thii parish, having joined certain schismatics and eotarlans, generally called Romanists, and being thereby iufoyuc7? deprived lor the present of all spiritual funotious of holy order*, (T) and excommunloated from tha Church of Lngland ; and whereas said Mr. Alaxandar Chirol bas been circulating letters, and otherwlsa tampering with the faith of certain of the parishioners, endeavoring to induce them to join him in hi* sinful act of schism and apostaoy, it is my duty as tha parish prlast, to warn the parishioners and all other faithful members or the ohurch; and they are hereby warned agaiDSt holding any intercourse l>y letter, speeob, or otherwise, la spiritual matters, with the said Mr, Alexander Chirol, until iuch time as he may be restored to the communion ofthochurch The rule of Holy Scripture and the church Is, that thn faithful sbould not hold communion with schematics and apostates, according to tha preoopts of our Lord, " If he shall neglect to hear the churoh, 1st him bo unto thee as an heathen and a publican.?(8t. Matt. XVIII, 17. The parishioners are also requested to notira that tho sohool room of St llainabas (in addition to the presant S-rvice of Sundae.) will be ODMU k'rtdav ?T*nlnira at T o'clock, for an evening service. A plain lacture wlU he delivered by tha Rot. W. Benn?t, for tha benefit of the poor, and thosa who seek religious Instruction. The subject cf the lecture will turn upon the peculiar features at tta? Church of Ragland, u oppoMd to dliMnt, and tha schismatic communion of Kome, call ad forth by 1 tha conduct (l tha lata curate. Tooommenos neit Kriday, tha 1'Jth of November W. J. E BKNNKT, M. A. I'erpetual ( urate of St. Paul's. St Piri.'i, 23d Sunday aher Trinity, 1H47. Her Bishop Hughes will administer tha *acrament of confirmation, at tha Cburcti of tbs Nativity, HeeonJ avenue, tha morning, ut half-past 1U o clock Tha liiabop will also preach at the name church Am K?*v 8. Cowlae. of Klllcottvllla, N V., ?u writing In hi* study lait weak, a rifle ball grassd hi* head, which waaflredlrom a riUa by a young man of that village, who wag shooting iome fowl* | |Tba donation* for tba American Board in Oetobar were over $110,000. Thin in fully ei|ual to suoh a monthly average a* i? uaedad to curry out tha contemplated operation* of tba Board for the year But tba two preceding montha were greatly daflclent In tha matter of reoe'pts. The Hibernian B B. Society ball coma* off on Wadnesdsy evening next, at (,'aetle Garden, It Is for th* benefit of tbe half orphan. Tha tbirty-aecoud anniversary of tha Long Island Bible Society will be held In St Ann's Cbnroh (Kev, Ur. Cutler'*), Brooklyn,, thl* evening, 19th lust., at 7 O.clOJk. wben tha annual rannrtlvlll Unul sermon preached by the Rot. Dr. Tyng, of New York. The llev Mr Stewart, who *u selected by the congregation of Kree St George's Church, successor to Dr. ( mullah, recently diet at his house at Cromarty. He had b?en suffering from fevtr for some time previous to his death; but the Immediate caase waa chronic Inflammation of the brain. The great procession of Juggernaut baa thla year been characterized by tha renewal oi voluntary aaorlfloea, which it waa believed had been put a final atop to by the Knglish. Fire devotees, unknown to tha agent* at the government, raiaed on an elevated poaition near tha Pagoda of Ball, cast themselves under the wheela of tha gigantic car carrying the idol, and were literally crnaked to piec<>?. The entbiuiaaiu of the multitude waa ao . much eielted by the fervor of the devotee*, that, but for the intervention of an ai med force, hundreds ef victim* would have ahared a similar fate. The government may suppress the procession; bnt Christianity alone can root out tbesnperstltlon. We learn tbat the lit. Ilev 4. Dr. Lengnthal haa been suspended by the trustees, upou questions of no Importance; and the Oertnan Israelites. unwilling to aubmlt to it. have reaolved to oonvene a publla meeting Of their body, of which due notice will be given. The Committee of the i'roteatant Association have determined to hold a public meeting on the subjeot of th* renewed diplomatic relations with Home. Una of tfe* resolutions passed by the committee with reference to the Intended meeting is the following:?"That It now appears from the declarations of Roman Cathollos, both la and out of Parliament, especially from tha^reseript of thn I'ope of Home and the resolutions of the Romish archbishops in Dublin, tbat the objeot now sought after by the Papacy, Is nothing leas than unlimited central over the affairs of the country. Mr liutterldge a surgeon, of Birmingham, Kngland, haa charge! the Bishop elect of Manchester, (the Rev. J Prince l ee ) In the public print*, with lying, drunkenness. and malignity, In consequence of which the Bishop elect has filed a criminal intormation for libel la th* Court of Huron's nench ugilmtMr (intterldge. The etngr d' tlire has nevertheless b?en forwarded to th* Dean ami Chapter of Mancheiter, and the election ef Mr Lee to the new See has been actually made. The llev A Kwing and the Kev Alexander Penroso Kor1hes have been coosecrated to the office of Blskop ; the former to be Bishop of Argyle and the Isles, and lb* latter of Brechin. The consecratlen took place on th* 1 Keast of Ht. Simon and 8t. Jude, at St Andrew's Church, Aberdeen It In atatad that r?(Jr? Ventura U to b? elevated to tha dignity of a Cardinal.In order to qualify him for aceapt' in# the office of Secretary of Htata on reaignation of Our dinaj Karrettl. Viator Couain, one of the Tarlnian Arch-prleat* of Infidelity, It In aaid, hue embraced ('brtatlanity, and to about to become a monk of L? Trappe. From the report of the New Vork Bible and Common Prayer Book Society, recently laaued. It appear* that It ban dlntrilioted 14 700 volume*. Ita fratuitlaa for th* year were ?* followa : Bible??'l3; Teatamenta #44 , Prayer Book* 771? Pa?lms and llymii* ft# Tbeae donation* hare extended to twanty-fbur of onr State* and TerrHorlaf, and to California ; while tha aruiy and navy bara hail a liberal nharr A large number of I'rayar Book# wara recently given to out Wentern and Southarn Dloceaea. through thai* Biahopa. whan In attandanea on tha General Convention. The oontributlona amounted to to Owing to the bn?in?-** arrangement* of tb* Hoolety, every dollar contributed to ita fund* gaaa toward* dlatrtbutlng the Bible and I'rayar Book gratultoualy. Cl? air*L Cmwfxa The Her B (i. Noble haa beta appointed a>*i*tant to the I hureh of the lloly Trinity, In Brooklyn The Iter I). Illllhouae Buel ha* aooeptad a call to the Kectornhtp of 1 tnmanuel Parlab. Alleghany county I'. O.. < uiuberland. Tha H<f. John K. 11 <>fT naa rcaigned St Mark'* Pariah. Frederick county, and tak?n letter* dtatnlaaory to th* dloceaa of Virginia The Iter Hamu'l C Kerr baa realgned th* charge of All Keith Pariah, St Mary * eounty, and taken latter* diamiaaorv to the dloceaeof Ml**te*lppl Tha Har John II chewhaa raalgnad the charge of King and Qnaan ParUh, St Mary'a count*, and accaptad a call to th* a-wlatant mlnlatcrahlp of St Paul'a Parish, Princa OaOrfn county Tha H?t. VVm Whit* Brooaon, baring raoalvad and ancaptad a unanlmoua oall to tta* Pariah of St. Jam**'*, Danbury. ronnretlnut, haa realgnad tha raetorfhlp of Cbrlat ' hurch. Trumbull, and firace Church, Long Hill liar. Chrlatopher B Wyatt. of tha dlocaa* of Vtw York, ban racairad and aeoaptad a rail to th? raetorahlp of the Church of St Jamaa tha D?a? tha Kail* of Mohvyklll. Philadelphia county, and i* ?? paotad to antar on hla duttaa at Cbrlatmaa Tha ti*V. H K. (iordon haa takan chart* of St 1'aul'a pariah, 1 K?ot county, Maryland Poat offlca, ' haatartown, | Maryland. Tha achoon?r llan Iton, of Harwich. Captain WI*r.o a*ya tha Yarmouth Rt^turr, coat laat aprlog >.1000. | Sha haa baan angagcil In tha fl?hln? bualnaaa ai< months and a half of tha pa?t aaaaon. haa bmocht Into port I 1 barrel" of mackaral. ?nd hac atoekad ?D? handwntna Iaum of $10 486. #a*an of tha oraw racatrad for thalr wagta ?.VJ7 aach. an.I thirtaan mora rtoalvad >47i aach. ? Uvton Gtvritr, Utt. 18.

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