Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 20, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 20, 1847 Page 1
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THJ Wholt No. 4IH7, THE HOLIDAY HERALD. THE ILLUSTRATED BISTORT OP THK MSZZCAN WAR. On Saturday th* 36th Init , we ahall publUh th* Holiday Hrruld, which will b? th* most beautiful, ? wtll a* the moat valuable and latereitiog, pictorial aheet ever iaswed from thla eatablUhment. It will be a complete llluatrated lllatory of the Mexican War, and will oontaln engraving* representing the appearance of every town, after He capture, from the taking of Matamoraa to th* reduction of th* City of Mo?l<iAi*ealf ln?lii(1lfi<r nUnaAnd fortlflnttlona. It WOQld he useless to dilate at any length on the raloe ot a sheet like this. It will be a perfect piotorlal view of Mexico. Agents and other* who wiih to purchase to sell again, will please send In their order* aa early as possible. The price will be fljtf cents per singls sapy, or $4 per hundred. It will be put in wrappers, to send to any part of the world. V ANCY BALL DRKSSC8 KOR GENTLEMEN.?New r dresses. futhlul remesentati ns of ilie character* desired to hire at JULIUS UKJUNUK. M Warren street. N B .? Mi Kancr Uresses and theatrical properties made to order at the ahortest notice. dH Ut?r Gil K AT bAKUAINM 10 India Shaw Is and Scarla; also Canton Crape Showls of every description, at very reduced prices, al JAMKH BECK Jl Co., US Broadway, dll end nil J?n lr _ _ _ RICH LACE Handkerchiefs, Mecklin Lice and Editing, Val Lace and Edging, Collars, Vers, Scarfi, be.; also rich Silks, Shawls, 4tc., embroidered Handkerchiels, Capes, Collars. Eveuuiff Dresses, fcc , with a great variety o 1 goods for Holidsy preseuts. at extremely low pricen at Jama* Beck It Co.'s. 3i9 Broadway. dlj8?ijil tj| r HOLTDaV PKESENTa at AT WILL'S "vlUSIC Ms7POMTOKY, 201 Broadway.?The advertiser invites the attention nf purchasers to the exteusive stock cf Goods, among which is the splendid." Jenny Lied Anna*];'* new Music, beautifully embellished and tastefully ornamented w'th nbhoui. Kc.; Boom 01 popular souks, etc , uounu m a v.?r ety of styles and prices No present cnu be more approprate than the abpve f >r the coming liolidaya. Pianofortes and Harpi of ever* description of wood, and finish, of superior tor- nuii durability: Flutes and Klageolettea of ivory, cocoa wood and boa wood, with one to ten keys of ailver and brass. (Juii iri of superior manufacture, withand without the patent heads, in case* Musical Instrument* of ever* kiud or brass or wood. No 7 of " Beauties of the Open," (or January, ia uow published, and ia a beautiful present, aa it comprises the Ute?t mus c. with highly colored lithograph titles. Purehaiers are iuvited to call at Attwill'a, sign ofthe Golden Lyre, 211 b nail way. near Fultou street. dIS ItW K Xa k M * in Rich aouttir ranicts?j. aoatIT EH received a splendid assortment of Gentlemen's Fancy Dress Go ids. comprising all the latest and faahioaable styles of plain black and figured silk and satin Cravat* aud Pcarfs, tus lenders, Gloves UressiDg Hobes Purees, Wallets, Peifu inery, lie Alto, a full assortment of Shirts, Collars, Stock*, Uuder Garmeuts, lie. of his own mMiufaerare. comprising one of the latest assortments of gentlemen's furnishing goods to be found in this count'y. J. AGATE, Gentlemen s Outfitter, SI" Brotdwav. corner of Psrk Place. dll I4t#r PUE?ENTH fOR THE HOLIDAY&?SS5~ BKOADW AY?The subscriber has now opoo his complete collection o' Holidav Presents, received by the late steamers and packet* from Europe, and invites from pa' early ex miuattou. Hia preaeut importations, wh eh are uuusu <lly 1 irve, hare been self cud with great care by kis tasteful and experienced agent in Paris, and iuclude all the novelties of the se*sou, g-it up for the approaching festivals Among the extensive aid varied collection, may be enumerated an entire new stock of rich'y deccat d porcelain, from the n<at ce'ebrated labricants such sa V -ses. Jardinieres, toilet Fiacors. Ink.finds Tetr-a-tetea, cigar Lamp* kc he , fiue Bronzes Groups, Statuttea and Vases; rich dress Kaus, in every conceivable variety; ebony and battled writing Beaks, dreaaing Cases, travelling Boxes, Papetenea; glove, shiwl Jncnktrrhicf, cigar tea anal mnoev Boxes; ladies' work < ablea of ebon* aud earved rose wood, styles of Louis XIV andXV; odeur Bi xrs. card Cases, Bouvemrs. Portfolios. Reticules Purses. Tablets aud Pocket Booka; koh*miaii Gltsaware, in every j variety; Portrwouuaies'for ladies andgentl>meu, papier maehe Uiu"ineri:?; rauiini DOin, nil an, nrcoramni, caru onke?a Mrd Tiblti. paper Weiihu, Duicr Thermomrtfn, toilet ("uslii us, jewel Caskets, watch atands, bureau writing Here Mruiprrea for tewing, bii-uit Groups of the moat beautiful detention; mechanical and musical Tableaux, very curings; boxea of (James. card Boxes, walhicjr Canea, riding Whips, s?g<r Cases bronze segar Lin pa, grotesque; liqueur Caaea, rich opera (Hastes, a great variety; mathematics! and drawing Instruments in boxea camera Opticas, Kreneh Confectionary lu fuiry b.nes, sell-moving Toy*, lie. he. FttEDKKICK A. WOODWOKlH, 321 Broadway, opposite Broadway Theatre. dl6 5r*rTC |13h HQi.lDAY AND WjLDDiNU ? J Hilve. tlate. argentine Silver, and rthe fli-Id Silver Plat- ! rd Ware, with ?flvoe ninun'int* Thorn vt Badger, Mm- ] lacturer, Sheffield orSterliug Silver Plate and of Argentine Silver and Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, begs to inform the trade, that an ataortmeut of the riehett description of Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, warranted to have st'rliug ailver mountings, suitable far elegint and eoitly Holiday and Wedding Presents comprising wish Covers. Wai'era. Dishes, Hre kfast and Tea aeta. Kectlea and Sfand. Liqner Frames. kc . kc. all the mult recherche in atvle and finish. can be procured of the nole a^snt lor hit ware in the Uni>ed States. H. S. S'lV.N TCIV, (ieneml Commission Agent. 74 Maiden Lnne. up st.tirs: wh alto -olieits ordere lor all descriptions of Solid fcilvei or filver Plated Ware, iu aeta or by the piece. ' omplete dav ten can be annulled, comprising Breakfast, Dinner. Tea tnd Supper acta, all malting one fu'-l tea aet, each niece matching the other, and got up in the newett Loudon fashion rtl? I2 *ic MUhhS AND KlfKi KOH TMfc HULlDAVo. Of every description?Superior, Lynx, Martiu, Kox. Hitch, f'hinchilli, Sqairrel, Jeuat and leabella bear Muffs; Fur aud Swiut-down Tippets; For Cellars and Capes, with a choice iiaaorrtnent of Fur Trlmmiuss, kc , kc , cheaper than any other ttore in thia city. W M. BANT A, 91 Canal at., corner o Woost?r at , and 130 Chatham atreet. dlM|r*re _ W'UK.vM k H aUOh WuUT, Lycenin Buildings. Ml and 663 Broadway. are now opening per late arrivals, a so perb assortment ol fancy and useful House Furnishing U"bda, which they w.ll s?U at exceedingly low pricee. 1 ampa, Chin deli?rs, Oirandolet, Lanterns and Uas Fixtures of every varetv. pi.ited Castors, Waiters, DithCovers. Brsfrett Covertd D.ahetanil Candlesticks, Better Knives, Spoons. Forks. Ladles. Tci Setts and Coasters,plated and silver; Japaned Tea Trays, siugle and in sets: Table Cutlery, the finest assortment ever offered to the public, new patterns; French Clocks aud ( andelahraa Porcelain Dinner. Te*. Toilet and decorated Ware oOIrunt ?tyle?. Al*o, a*aperioraiticleof plain white Porcelain Pinner aud T?a War*, J'heie good* hare b?en ?e lecfed by their agrnt* i? h.nrope with great cire and attenlieu, e?p'c?*ly for their nwi *ale*. W. & H. do not heaitate i<> (ay tftit iliey have the fine*t a*aortment of new goods in their line, n .w hi die market. Having recently enlarged their atoie they Ime mpeiior accommodation* for ihowiig their good*, a ' nnlil retpertfollr invilethe public to call and eiamine wn \\1 * haihjhwout d,Il?Mrc '1 Ml H K ' U LAO, CAI*l?4 A.NU JJEKTHtH ? Wi'liani JL Jieott U. Co., No. J77 Broadway, hare received a lar<*e lock rf the above article*, the cheapen. they believe, ever offered Berthe* commencing at $10, capei at Sib; alao, a beautiful atoek of imitation capea. iron >2 60, berthe* from S2; ab"Ut 5" dozen breakfait cap*. from 2 shilling* ?'<all. Kiencli needle work chemi*ette* at 11; needlework collar*, fii.e quality, 2a.6d. Muted c.illnra from 2< ; bUcii lill'd demi veil* fipm 6a; a large lot dre** cap* (*l>ghtly roiled) 3*. each, or thr^e lor $1; embroidered mo*lin and l?ee robe*; infant'* robf*. waiaia, (lie., a* cheapaa can be found, in'the city. N. B. No deviation in price*. (19 I4t*rc . ?a> C Ml.11 I B KUK TMfc HUCIUAVtt.?Hapiua il whole halfand quarter boiei, grape* and raiiin* in keg* alinondi. ciirnn. dried run mi* fig* p'nuei, colored candle* aud apicea, old coffee*. new greeu and black tea* Germ to and Mfy-cruahed *ugnn, light yellow (about equal to Htuart*) at 7H cli Ijv he bbl or 4*. 6d. Tib* ; wnite and brown Havanua lug iri hi bove*. with a large it/ick of groceriea, (or aale at wholesale and retail, at very reduced price*, by J O. KO WLk'R. .Grocer nnd Tea Dealer, No* 240 aud 428 Greenwich 76 Veiey ata. N. B ?Grocer* aud Biker* are iavited to call ?ud examine the above stock before purchaiing,a* a liberal ducount will be made to ihoee who bay iu large q'>ant tiea dl4 IJt*m_ pruDEKI SACKS?a. B CLAUKK, Merchant Tailor, V J lie il iarn treat opposite the W*ihiujrton Store*, ha* a very hmdiome stock of Overcoat* and body Sack*, the priee* of whi.-h vaty from SMI to 16. A'so, Cloth*, Cassimrre* and tr .. - i- i? .. i? r... ...v i? vt? brow i .in * Mack Hacka are handaomely trimmed, with frliit c iliari and cu(Ti and lined and wadded entirely. Some lnve richly worked ailk fiouca. Ovarcoaia made to measure at ihe verv a m? nricei at ? h C- they a e aold r?ndr m .de rtM at" r U.ION MASEE? C.LO THING BlUMK ??VMr L. MATHER, Pit Second street, ael'a first-irte Kro?k, I)r-s?anrt Oveicnata for S 2 ; Vest, Pants fcc. cqu'lly cheap K?r|>? a lart* and fiahiouabl* atock of all kimlf f.>rcu?tnni tiidp, ami with the help of Mr. Nourse, ao famed hoth in I'.iiirUn ' and America*! teacher of cntiiug.Xeeli conlidert ol givi g fall HtlltetHW tB tWty WIWWi d2*3t#r 1?i'r? 'n lANI', I|f THtJt?vrt: J KN in ISUS at I O , Dni>ers ?nd Taih.ra, VI1 Broadway, American Ho fl witliHViewtn cloamg np the a(T?ira of the preaent coput arahipi which expires on the Aral of Kebruaiy ncit, and to ihe eularg-nieat of thfir itore to inret the wants of au egteiis re i at nn -gc will, on and sftpr thia date, ffera large na sortir.ent rl'Rra >y Made Ga'oneuts aud Fancy Dresa Articles, comprisiuf <iverco?(a, cl.aks, dress ?nd frnck c?its, pantaloom, reita. dieaaing kohus. youtha' and boya' overcoats Be rfs. crinata, hdkfa. gloves. suspenders, lie., at a rednctiun ?fi'? p'T ceut. which will be au inducement to those wan'ing i >i <rii'fit fir the winter, the trntli of w hich will be evinced hy an irapectinn of ihe stock. every article of which will be marked and ihrtmwt n4? il'tH'Kid'r 'pur. vi n v k. Dollar hi [iii D^iit o? < i.uih Jl < > at. eastimere rants. and fancy re?t- Also cloaka and o??renat?, wnh rich limnga. ti to $10 each; bnainess coirs $1 t.> $.t; veata Ml cents to S3. Cash paid for gent'a clothing CVam g dveiug, repainug, and altering corner of Naiaau ti*1 Itmlinun st. Two hualieltnen wanted. d '.I M.rt LEFT OFF CLOT HI NO AND FURNITt'RE WANTKO ? Ladies iid Gentlemen hiving mrrflmi mM lo dispose of, tucll aa We?riug Apparel, Fmuiltire, Sic cau ob ai-. a fair caih r ce for the s.ime, hy sending for the anhmt-r K?r !.? iia'? D ? a ? UK.a ?.? <\tKar mltfi UTtll ?ft?i A ntrher resilience*. J. LKVI-'NSTYN, ?< flroa.iway, 1141 it'tirs. I ad>es can bt attended tn by Mn.J. Leventtyn. illh I2'?ir C1AKT Off < I.OTHIVO AND rUKMlTUKR Want* J KU ?1 adie* a?d Oeutlemeu having my ?a?t off or anperlluoui clothing or fnr ntr. re ta dispute of, ciui obtain n lair c n>h p icr f r the ume, by aeading 11 note, or by calling on the tub acrilier at liii residence, cr ihrciiih the pott, which will be piincru-illy amended ro. II Dfc BOKU, 7IK ('"n,l"P aturs. N B ?Lnd ei can be attended toby. Mrs. De Boer. Old a'ock mid job gooda bunght, of any description and am nnt * dlSUi'm LT)I d.H* CL* ?aK!j?The tnbarriber begs leire 10 cell the aiten'i'in of ladies toh>a present stock of" loaks.aa be ng the be?t in the city, and compriainw all the new atylea n w ,0 me. lau. In-g aud annare Shawl*, in great Tiriety W'tli a g?n?*al a'airtnieut ol dry go da, snitable inr the aeaton which will be sold at reduced prices,by T 1*ATTI6(.)N, No I Bowfry im*> PARISIAN PYKlNU K8TABI.I8HMENT?C'OURl Si UKSKHAUX hare removed to 25 John afreet, between Naaaiu nnd Broadway, New York. They atill dye arid ftniah, in a uew and superior style. all sort) of goods, sewing ail k and t * at, either plaio or all tde-l, trams,, and a,iun aiIk i xrphvr wetted, and woollen yarn: sewing cotton mohair, liurn kc. Uamaged or faded soods ribbont, silk,latin meiinns, Thibet and cnahmere ahawla, gimpa, fringes. corda and taasels, la.: lea' and gentlemen 'a garment*, lie., dyed ' ad cleaned equal to new artielM. Ordera carefally attended to and promptly ti?c?Md- <11 Ut*a L K JN 14 NEV ElfUVKRYTUKATVE-A W /?rno* Mi????r; Blase 'IMaamcer. Mi. BE - KKIT OF MK Mlvl NORTH.? Monday eveniu<T, Ore .< tfh tfca performance to ci.mtnetire * ilh the BATTLE if R U v K E R HILL-Ma jor Lmeiln, Mr Clarke; Beth Sua C. Bii'ke; f'rur Nub. Vim Jordan; Cefl. Mr? Phillip* To be followed by 18 HE JEALOIJ!?-Mr. l:?lmoor Mr H*M Mr Len Noith will innridura hii calibrated aier-J Timmnuy. After *hirh LA uHI9(i UI.e ?4'hiielle Mr. Bu he To conclude wi>h the I HILDHEN IN THE WOOD?Waiter. Mr. Clarke; J. se^bme, Mr* Butherliud. Door* open at )<; curtain will n?e?t7 B ? ? 26 i-en'i: Fit and Oallery. I?j t^HA'i'HAM J HE.Vi RE?L'?derih? M?awuaa?i ol Mi. V KLETCHER ? 8ta?e ManAger, Mr HiaId.--Ou Mou dav Eaaning, Dec 20, will be presented,th? pUy ol the WREN BOVS-Eua eue Hammond. Mr Brandon; Edwaid Kitiroy W. Hield; Emily Burr, M'>. McClean To be followed by rhe MODEL Aliri^TES. To conclude with the drama of BEAMAN'S LO(J?VirMalcolui Mr Varry; Cactiin Oak am, Stafford; Frederick, W Hirld; Madge, Miu Herring; Jeuny. Fraukliu. Doora open at (iX; performance to commence it 7 oVIock. Boies 21 f.u?Pit. 12Jic'a. PVLVIO'S OPERA HOUSE?Monday Eaeniu*. Dec W, will he freivutrd LOVE IN LIVERY?Characters by Mmti D>vtt, Chapman, Povey, Mra Kuignr. Mrs Abbott, lie. After which, the first act of LA HONNaMBULa? Theresa. M'lle AugukU; Oertrude. Miaa Wells: Edmund, M. Kraderick I o be followed hy SIMPSON He CO?Mr. 8impson, Mr. W. B. Chapman: Mrs. F tZ'llen, Mrs Knight 'I# conclude with LES P \GES DU DU<: DE VE N DOM K? Victor M'lle Augusta; Due de Vendome. M F'ederck ? Irieei?First Tier and Parqaette, 10 cenu; Second Tier. 15 ceuta. dH r I YflTCHKLJ. N OLYMPIC THEATRE?On.Mondav, i" Erasing. Drr 20, the p?r(0'?uincea ?i|i couiiue c? with PRIDE ?'F THE MAHKET-U.dore Faiine.Mr. Holland; Mainuiade Volauge, Mr. Arno'd; Market, Mary TaylorAtfer which f?r|tlie 7tli time, UPPERROW HOUSE IN DISASTER PLACE?A la Mode, Mr. I haufrau; Jnn e Twitcher, Esq., Mr.Conorer; Luteat'i'-g. M"?a vlnrvTay'or; Satin. Miaa Phillips Alter whirh the hrce of MODEL A WIFE?Mr. Stump M'. Cunningham; Clara, Miaa Roberta To conclude with THIMBLE RIO? John Giuger, Mr. Hollaud; Worrycow, Mr. Hemy; Mra. Oinger, Mia. henry. Doora open at half paat t>, and tlia curtain will riaa at 7 ? Drea? Circle. V) era: Upper Ron-aiV'. Pit. I2^c. AS I'OU PLACE OPERA.? v'ouday, December Jutli. will be preaented Donizetti's Opera, iu three acta, of LUCIA Dl LAMERMOOR?Lord Henry Ashton, S'r Ferdinindo O BeiieTeulauo; Lacy of Lamertnoor. Sig'ra Teresa Tiufli; Sir Edgar of Kavenawood, S'r Benedet'i; Lord Arthur Bocklaw, S'r Felix Uenovesi; haymond. S'r Pettimio Roai; Alice, Sig'ra Angiolo Mora; Norman, S'r ellipno Albertaizi.? Maestro Dirrttore. Siguor Barilli. Leader of the Orehrstra, Signor Rapetti. Boxrs, Parquet, and Balcony, $1; Amphitheatre, M centa. Box Office niieu daily, fr m half p*st H to 12 o'clock, ai.d at No. 2 Wall atreet oaaeme'it from 1 (o 3. Doora open at 7 o'clork. Tocommence at half past7 ROWKKV AMPHITHKATKI'-JHKMYM \8 WEEK li u ammu r l'vt k. r/t <a td< utpi' .. ? taiument The Poney Races, in which twelve pomes will run. May Fly, the pyagun or horses. in hit inimitable rtances; Muter Walter Avraar, in Im mperier act* of horsemanship; Mr. Sands and his Boys, in their bemuful acta of P'ntu inti: the Fightiug Pouiei; btsidrs inuumtrable other urrforminces. See bill*. On < h'irtmaa Day SANTA CL AUS will aiirenr in the ring and distribute prrarms to his children; on which occasion there wi I be thtee peifo'inances ?morning, atrernoon and evening. fioiea, 25 cents; Pit, 1?>? cents; Childien to boxes, half price. Doors open at 6%-, entertainments ^o commence at 7. itt tt'r AMERICAN MUSEUM ?-SPI.KN DID PERFORMANCES this AFTEHNOON and EV NINu, at 3 aud 7X o'clock. The ETHIOPIAN SERENADER8 appear in * variety of songs, choruses, gleet, &c.? UREAT WESTERN, in an eutire New Comic Melange, wiitt'n expressly for him. Other performers of talent in their respective parti are enraged, including Miss BERNAJtD. Mrs. Mowell. Misses AfLIEN, and WH1TLOCK. Mr. WHITLOCK, Mr. KLAVlN. Comic anil Sentimental Singer, Ike.lie. A beantifnl IVORY CRUCIFIX, which has just arrived from Italy, from one of the hrst masters in Sculpture, is to be seen for a few days, in conjunction with all the other attiactions of the Museum. Admittance to the whole, 36 cents; children under ten years of atte aud old enough to walk alone, 1?X cents. Reserved front scats, one shilling esch extra. d 9 r MECHANICS' HALL, 473 Broadway. oetweea Uraed and Broome streets. Crowded to overtlowiug with the BEAUTY and FASHION ot Nevr York. OPEN EVERV NIUHT. UNABATED SUCCESS Twelfth Week of the Original CHRISTY'S MINSTRELb. The Oldest Es tablished Band in the United hutes E. P. CHRISTY. E PEIRCE, O. N.CHRISTY C. ABBOTT. J. RAYNOR, T. VAUGHN, whose original and inimitable concert] are aightly honored with cw wiled and highly respectable audiences, and uciversallv admitted to excel evarr amusement of a similar character offered in this city. Admission 25 cent*. Children nnder II years, half pric* Doors open ?t 2; concert will commence at 3 o'clock. On Christmas DayanAf teruoon Cencert Doors open at 2 o'clock, Coucert will commence at 3 o'clock. d!9 7t*r^ T'ABr.K.NAi I.K.?Miss Josephine Brains <n resptctlully informs her friruds aud the public, that she will live u grand vocal aud iustrumentil Concert at Uie Tabernacle, Broadway, on Tuesday evening, December 21st, 1KI7, on which occasion she will be assisted bv Madame Otto. Mi?s H Bramiou, (her sister.) Mr. Etnst, Mr. Tirntn, oud the Derwort Family, their second appearance; Mia* Mary Ann Der wort, aged 12, violin; Mi** Klin Derwort, aged 10, violin; Miss Caroline Derwort. aged 8 (infer; Matter William Derwort, aced 3, Tioloncello. Programme?Part I?I, Overture. (La Noxze di Figaro.) arranged as a Qaa'nor and executed by the Derwort Family, Mosul;!, Fantasia, (Preaux Clercs,) pianoforte Mm Joaaphine Braraa'ii, lie.7; 3, Recitative and Aria (Stradtlla) Mad. 'Jtto; 4, Elegie, Krite, Mr. Philip H' nat; 5. Duett piano (La Violette d? CaraOt) esecutcd bv Muwi Harriet and Joaephi-.e Bramaon. Hers; S, little Maid'a Song, Caroline Derwort, acompmied bv.her brother and aia tcra, Ken too. Put 11?7, C^eu, Two Uraud I'ianos. (O dole* r.i'nceittti) Mr. H. C. Timm and Mm* Joiephint hramson. Hera; 8 Barcarole, (Vogao <in) Mad. Illto, Campaua; 9, Hondo (Three siste. son onepiano) Derwort Family Cxerny; 10. Variation!, brilliant, (German air) Kljte, Kriiat; II. Grand Fantaaia, (Prayer in "Mem in ILpitto,'') Piano Mi?a Joarph Bramaon, Thai* erg; 11, Pntpoarrt lor thiee violins find violoncello. D'rwort Faniy. The two Grind Ptanoa weic ki d y furnished by Mr. Penrann. Tickets, 30 cen'a; to be hfd at 79 fronrtti strict, at the princ iixtl Musics ores. and at the door ou the even in* of the Concert. D?o-a open at 6 o'clock; c. uc.ertto commence at 8 o'clock. Mtas Jmeptune Brairuoj Kivea Lesson* on the Pianoforte. Miaa B would call attention to the following from A'derman F.ngs .?New Yoik, December 9. 1846 ?Mtaa Joarphine Brainson haabeen, fjr vime time, a teacher of mutic in mv family. on the piano; and I ain ou 'horized by my two daughte s (both <.1 competent years to ju Jye,) to sav, that among the teachers they have had, (all ol them in good standing at professors) (he ia moat competent to tcac'i They tell me alao, that one quarter of her teaching haabeen worth t? Diem three of (otnc oilic r. Her mode?ly aid musical tal'nt, in mv poor lodgment, with the fact of her p ecnc-ity of (Kill, dive liar a rank tha* oldei members of lie profession might envy, rrcomiaend* her to those ?li:i wou'd have t^eir daughtera pruficieuu ou the piano. p. w enus. New V'irt. September. I8t7, dl84rrc Mil L " nmk's"mi ;?ic \l Ii.losi uiiiu.ns of hllAKSPKAKE. at the Society Library Lecture Hoo'n B'oadway.?Tuesday evening, Dec, 81," Tne Tetnpaat." The following vocaiis's will appear. Mri. Kd Lodcr, Mua De Luce, Mra. L. A. Jones. Mr<. John VcFaren, Mr. 8. L Leach, Mr. J. A Johuriu, Mr. Greatirex. nud Mr Ariharson, his second appearance in New York. Conductor, Mr. (leo ltunrr i ickcij, ju ccnu. i o commoner at a o cioci. JlUfr _ 'I^Hfc KRAl/J?ft-VKKl*.N, tor.the relict <! llM|(m,wil) i give a Concrrt under the duec'inn o(c Kriuaskopf Mimic Doit, ?t (he tierin m Kefurmed hu'Ch, Forsyth strreet, oetwecu B .ysrd and Walker str, eti, on Moudoy next, 8 o'c ock *. M. A uumberof tha li at* in tbe city, >]atla'ne "'to. Kraueleio, Baner, Herren. Ph. ttrnst, ! li Mayer, ^hrent./iller. Mid C Beam-a K?|t hive in the ki-'le?t manner t lun eer?d their va uiblerervices. Tickett. Vutyi entt. to be hail at the door of tl.e above Ctiuich " 11* that giveth to tt?e>i our, leiide'h rn the l.oyrl." BIIOA L> W.i Y U hKO.V- Kiurnnce t:irnu?i, I'lnieui't loou?Urder ih? in inageineut of Mr. K..O Urkklv.? >1 ondav 1 vcninc, December 20, 1M7. will be |>re?ei,ted a variety of entertaining performance*, among which, Mm C lilanchaid will |>Uy several favorite air* on the MuaichI Glasses; Mi>* Robert* will slug a favorite tong ; Mil* Allele nod Mia* l-amee in two dances, and the Grecian hiercisea by Miaa Rlauchard. After the above a series of Lew TABLKAUX VIVANTH, iuclu'iing among other groupiu's, " Maniacle of St. Bartholomew." " Mi ruing star," " Neptnne Hiaing from the Hea " ' The Maypole Dince," a Gr.uid National tableau in Honor of the United Hutea. dj#' CL^VMiLaL IsHuLp'i - us by MoDfX AMTIft 1'ks A few young ladies of line p'opoitions are wauted to complete a company of Model Artistes. Those who a>e de airoua of makiog an advantageous and permanent e gagrmrni, and wou'd liketo receive inatmctinn in tbe fit, may address "Manager, through the noat offlre. All, communications mini be post paid.aud will be eonsidt red strictly confidential. <119 2t.r BRUNKlTiti MO?KL Of' ANCIk.nT A.RUSALRM, as in the Dtyaof the Medeemer ?From the Biuuetti GalI. > P. M, _W, H H IT M L"l ri U-- . ..... ,,lr to announce th it lira Model, the labor ol many yean i f hn life, ii now on ita way to New York. V Hired in Orent Br. taiuand Ireland by nearly half a milli?o i f people, including many of the moil diat'iigtiianed c.eigymea. travelleia. Icc of the age?the Archbiahopa ef ("an'e bu yauil Armagh, Biahopa of Loudon. Lunliff. Norwich, Chicheater. Icc ; Aichbaliop Murray he* Theobald M.-vthen, Daniel O'Connrtl, h?<|.: Dukea of Wellington, Leinatcr, Mt. Album tec ; Prince Lou a Napoleon; Karlaof Har.oby. Tyrronnrl, II iptti* n, Sc<\ he.: Mih Bnr'lett C- uita l.ady ('harlemont, Marchirneta of Kitter Ducheaa of St. Albana. lie ; J H Buckingham, K?i ;Rer. Hflmarl Hanaon Co*. I). I) , Brooklyn; liev Win. f'atton aud daughter, Mew Vork; J O. Uenneil. Ka<|. Net* York, and inoil other American gentlemen whoaeanUgraph' inay be leen Willi rue Voi'el Mr Malone llaymond, ol Dublin and Liveri OO', (bro lier-in-hw of Mr. Brunetti) will f 're a deacriptive Lecture with the Model iliree tunea duly, aa alreadv given by lnm before (lie above dntmgiii?lied NtlOH,and lliroiiiiliout Ureal Britain and Ireland, with aurh tineiamp'ed aucceaa, vtliirli lli'* already a<ided ao much to llie popularity of the work. " Thia benutifnl Model ta oar of the inoat important, the moat iuatriictive, and the >nnat intereaung the roetrop In haa ever witneaaed anil we ean but direct the alep* of every peiaou to .t, who wou'd heroine poaaeaaeil of an accurate notion of that lor -lity v here ihe Hon of (Jod hore tlie griefi of ilie world."? Morning Herald. Further pait'tulara in aahort lune. H 14 2 iw |r rc Bvnvako's mammoth panorama ?ih*; M|"8i8SIPP| HI Vii K, painted on three milea of caavaaa! eihibitiug a view of coontry 1200 mile* 'in length, exlendini from the mouth of tlia Mnaouri Kiver to the citv of New Orl?am, aid reaching over ten degree* ot latitude, being the larpea* painting in the world at the sew Panorama Buildinq ta R oadway, adjoining Niblo'i Ua>dru Open every evening, (Uuuday rirei ted ) Admiaaion 5? # nti; hil'lren half pro e 1r>e Pmoraraa will commence moving at7o'clo k nreciaaly Afternoon evhibitiona on Wed ieadvya and HMnxuya, at 3 oTinrU. Heata (retired from 10 A. >1 , (ill 1} M. dll iv'rr. \\T .M.N IT 8T THEATRE,, Mr. tv K. A Mnr?, Minater, Mr J. Wnlliirk, Jr.?Mil COLLINS KLEYKNTH NIOHT?MONuAY EVrNIMi l>?e Jfl will he performed ihe rirunaof the WHI i JO HOUSE OK THE PEPPEHH?(Jerold Pepper. Mr. Collinai wilh t ' one of "I am a rai lioir, roviua blade;" Major Htua Mautffldt Mr. Chapman; Magdalire. Mr*. Roger*; Abulia, Mi el Chapman Alier which, MOW TO PA V THE KENT ?M?'?an H Mler, Mr. Cnlliu". withaocK*. To eonclnde with MISCHIEF MAKING?Nieholaa Dovetail, Mr. Chapman; Mad Marietta. Mm <'.hiipm.ui T -morrow Mr. Collin* in two favorite character*, uod lot nuht but ihiee of lua enimiwrn. EK.IITH ANM'AL BALL. OF THE HIBKHNIAN Benevolent Banal Hoeiety, will be he'd at Ca*tle (h den. nu Wednesday evening December ild, 1147. The procead* at i Int. ai on lormer or cation*. will be devoted to charitable pnrpoaea The Committee of Arrangement*. ihereiorr, rely upon the libernl anppnrt of a grnernua public, to carry ont their charitable inteutirn. No pame will be ?|>aredto render the ball frpia', if not aoperior, in every teapeet, to any of ihe *oeieti 'a ferine' halli The North Carolina Band it ru|<|>d for the oca* ion. JOHN MclSlCOL, Chairman ; P. Oaaan a. Her?erarv. "19<t*W ^t"i AH LAMPS. Hir.ii'dolet, Chandeli. r*. Hall Lantern*. J3 lie.?The anhicribfr offer* for "ale at rednced prim, a Lrautifnl a?aortmenl of the above article*. cmiaiatiag of gilt, brour.rd. rnhy, turijii'iae, and cut *l<tt column Solar Lamp* oltariona pattern*; gilt and broi xrd Oiraodolet, of aeveral new *ttle*. witli frora one toeleveo cand'et; Solar and Candle Bracken. for hotel*,clinrcha*. lie; itamed and engraved Hall LainDa. of teveral new patter**; alto, a handanme aoortmert of Japanned Tea Trayi, of aplendid ftniali. JOHN W. MOKUANTiM r*Hos mini, om door mm of Broadway w y o V YORK, MONDAY MOB The Extraordinary Forgery Cauc In Boitai. [Krom the Bostou Tran?cript, Pec 18 ] Thi* affair continue* to be the nuhje-t of eoeruUtiou tnd inquiry among nil cl??se? of the community We mmtlourd the other day the return of .Miliar, r.nd the grt-at excitement which bin mppt arucc- orrated Id State street <emlug ? be did at m time wheu Mr Helknap had irft tbe dry. the current. m might be expected. D>trri?lly changed Id hi* fkvor It was known that he (Miller) waa to return on a certain d?y ; end we here heard of* letter, which he wrote to a friend, which fell into tbe hand* of a gentleman of the same name, though not* the person for whom It wu intended, which, letter. it in Mid. will account for tbe great supper given to Miller by hie friends, and Inform u* who it waa that probably paid for the eame T Last evening Mr. Belknap,' for whom an express wai sent, Immediately on Miller's return, arrived in this city,and we learn haa taken tbe neoeaaary steps thU morning to bring the matter before tbe Grand Jury ? We are glad that the affair ia to be legally Investigated It ho* beeome a public matter, and the public demand the whole truth A very large sum of uioney haa been obtained by somebody on certain notee, which lomebo dy mult huve Issued. 1 ha credit or a portion < r our mercantile community 1* involved in th-transaction ; and we hope there will be no attempt to cherk the most thorough and searching inquiry into all the particular* Both partly* bare string personal friend*, who assert their Innooenceof any fraudulent transaction, but there hould be no effort to t?rn public sentiment in favor of either, until the facti have been fairly made known, and Justioe ha* decided which I* culpable. ' There l* none whom the truth would Impede, But they whom the truth would Indite " [From the Boston Mall, Deo 18 ] We have already attempted to describe the tremendous sensation created in State street, by the advent of Gen Ueorge Miller, after Ills brief mid rather " mysterious'' absence?a return ao uulooked for, so boldly, not to say audaciously, made, into the very den r t the "bull*" and - boars" of the financial world, that all were M rock with astonishment, and Millerlsiu, before at a sad discount, at once ' went up" to th* highest mark. In tbia matter the distinguished financier figured to the very best advantage Hut a still greater triumph awaited him where he 1* best known, in his own home-among Ula own townsmen. The ciligenacf Walt ham. among whom the general la viewed, not only as the Napoleon of financiers, bat as a good citizen, resolved at onoe to testify their admiration for his genius,and their confidence in his honesty, by tendering him a public entertainment, in which they were joined by many gentlemen of this city. The enter iiiuiuvut wui ( mc mawwuib iiuuoc. IU ?* aitham. on Thursday evening, and was got up upon a ?tyle of luxurious plenty and magnificence, iu perfect harmony with th? extraordinary event it was designed to celebrate. The table groaned beneath good things, and the guests, who numbered some two hundred, appropriated tb?" supplies" with wonderful self possession andcomplacenoy. Geo. Miller, the hero of the evening and the occasion, delivered a speoch, in the course of which he said, that the imputations against his character, and the causes which had led to tbem, would probably undergo legal investigation, when the whole public, and his friends in Sartioular, would be satisfied ih>.t gr?at injustice bad eeu done him. A popular landlord of one of our fashionable houses in this city, followed the general, in some well-timed remarks, delivered In a happy manner, ills allusion to the enormity ot the charges preferred against his friend. General Miller, and his own belief that that distinguished financier would come out of the ordeal " like pure gold tried in the furnaoe," started the ' salt-water'' from any a money ohanger's visuals. The next gentleman who "aohinved a speech,'' gave it as his decided opinion, that their honored guest (lien M ) wan entitled to be considered " the Rothschild of Amerioa!" [immense cheering ] The next, a ''gentleman of the press," complimented the citizens of VV alt ham upon their well kuown public spirit and love of virtue, whioh had led tbem to make this publio demonstration ot their belief in the probity, Integrity, and worth of a cherished citizen. The speaker then gave for a toast " The health of the citizens of Waltham " [Tbisseutimeut was drunk standing, and with all the honors ] Mr. M. a citizen of WaUhaiu, and a wit, mads a brief speech, and cloned with the facetious remark, alluding to Gen. Miller's oorporosity, " that the most valuable packages were frequently enclosed In the smallest parcels." The happy comparison drew down u thunders of applause." Our limits will allow us to go no farther in this highly interesting and import not ufTair. The entertainment was worthy the occasion, the subject, and the friends ot the distinguished financier, lien. Miller. i n* party separated about 11 o'clock in oxeeltent nntnor, and breasted the violent now storm which was then raging, on their way home, with tba o&lm philosophy which supports a man, who has " done his duty, his whole duty, ucd nothing but his duty.'' Tbv ww at the tejuvlty, the MiwsiuaK U<<um. is an legant and commodious hotel, treeted some eight or nine years siuce. by Gen Miller, who is its present proprietor. It is !;ept by Col. Bird, a genlieman of the old schocl, and universally respected for his urbanity and attention to the eoinf.iit of bis guests During the entertainment, the hotel snd some of the neighborly dwellings were brilliantly illuminated^ while a still more saugulue portion of thn dwellers in Waltbitin lit up i, bu^e bon-fire about half a mile in un easterly direction from the Tillage. Gilvkstcv, Texas, D.?c 3, 1847. Arrival of the R?mnim of C'p'. , Ac U'Ot Kill*!, f-r. <Jv. Knowing ss I do that the saying* and doings In Galveston would excite little interest in the great number of the readers of the Ihr^lJ, I h'ive seldom thought it worth while to give you notice of them. This day, however, I set down to notify you of the arrival at this place of the remains of Capt. S. H Walker. When the fao. was announoed to tbe court, which is In session at present, It adjourned for the day, in token of its respect for the memory of the deceased. A meeting of the cltiwna was then called at tbe Court House, which was addressed by the Hon Jsmes Love, who. after pasting a broomiog eulogiuin on the fallen he.-o. closed with the remark that it was his C)>itilon that tbe State should erect a monument to his (Walker's) me mory?an opinion with whtoh every Texiau will ooncur Tne meeting now adjourned to esoort (he remains of tbe deceased to t.he i,it,y Hall, where they will remain until withdrawn by the comini tee, which Mas the charge of conveying to Bau Antonio, where it was tie recjur t of the deceased to be buried by the side of t'le lameuted Gillespie Walker was on* of the heroes of tne war, and of the old precept ? "Act well your part, 'Ml there the honor lies," Into be used In adjusting his merit or meeting out his fame I kuow of not one, who will reoeivn a more liberal portion of the latter than Capt. S H Walker. There has been several reports of the manner in which the Captain whs killed, but none of them being oorrect. I seud you the f>llowing account which I received from an officer who has just re'urued front the army, and who was an iotlmat j friend ?f the deceased, and at the scene of action When the action commenced at Huamantla, Capt Walker, at the head of O.'iO cavalry charged the enemy, driving them from their guns and putting them to flight. Being now far in advance Of the infantry and artillery,and threatened with an attack of 1600 lancers in (runt, be deemed it prudent to bait, in the main plan, until the Infantry came up to sustain him While awaiting the arrival of the lntantry, lie hail dismounted n*ar one oorner of the pla ?, when he wns killed by a rifle shot, fired from a house on the opposite side, having the white flag on It The ball entered his right shoulder and came out under the left nipple?he expired in about ten minutes His Isst words were. -My race is run?maintain your position, and the infantry will be up In a few ra iments to support XCi 11 " \ . .... Totai* Loss ok thb U. s Cutter .'kawcurd. ?The U. S. cutter Crawford, Capt. Gay Moore, which has been on this station, thin season, went aehore on the Hast side or Gardner's Point, on Wednesday ni^ht last, about 10*-^ o'clock P. M The night before (Tuesday evening) they lay at anchor under Kort Pond Bay; went Id there for a harbor, it being tblek. foggy weather! wind from south aoub-i-ast to sou'.h-eouth west, daring th?- night. The next morning the wind was about soul towest, with a fchlok log?at about sundown it broke away at the northward and westward, with every appearance of a strong nor'-wester. They got under way. stood over, and anchored under Gardner's Island, off Tobacco Lot Tolnt, for a lee. In fifteen minutes afterwards the wisd sprung up at east-south east, blowing heavy with a thick fog?got under way and stood cut north-east?followed the shore round on the east side, keeping oil to the northward aud westward to keep on soundings, and steering north-west, having six and seven fathom, deepening off into nine fathom, no bottom Kept off westaorth-west. run half an hefar judging then by the soundings to be past the Point, then hauUd up west-southwest to go iato the bay, and continued running; no bottom with nine fathom of line, until land was cried on her lee bow; at the same tune the man hearing the lead cried three fathom, and she struck, tier wheel was put down m soon as laud was discovered, but altogether too late to bring her about, boats werelowerei immediately, after taking iu sail, and kedge amlhaws>r runout and hauled t#ut, with a heavy sea running. finding that writilri nnt hi.Ill her. the larboard anchor wan let so The kedge wsh then weighed and run out In an opposite direction, to the windward, to as to cant her off shore After netting her head off abort- and afloat, the larboard chain whh slipped, mainsail hoisted, and all hand* clapped on to the hawser to haul her off. An soon as thn chain was slipped the kedge "came home," and with a heavy sea on her starboard bow, paid her head on shore, wind being Northeast, blowing hard, with a heavy urg* Kiuding there was no chance of relieving the vessel from her situation, (hey wars obliged, on account of thesea hn-aking over her to heavy, to leave her. No lives were Inst, though two men were drawn through tha surf, by ropes, their only chance of eacsplng death Tha vessel haa bilged, and will probably prove a total loss, or If got off lie of little value. Hince that, time, she na* been stripped of her sails and rigging, which have been Saved, t< gnth?r with all her armament, except thn magazine - thr offloers and crew staying by her and suffering all manner of hardships to rescue what property they could, from destruction. If there are no more victims of the unprecedented weather of tiie last few days, we shall be glad ?though ve, are particularly sorry for this disaster, as Capt Moore baa been very active and energetic sine* placed upon this station, in aiding vessels In their dUiress. and may be fatally missed belore another cutler oau b? supplied.?Stw London StarDtt. ia Rk 1 LNING, DECEMBER 20, Cou; Mac , Ohio, l)?o. 11,1447. Tnlrrtitiiig PracttJ.ngt in thr J.'gitlaturt?Tun nnJ 7V?atun?Workfor B mi omtie, fc. The tint we*It of the i?uion hm cioaed A* j?t do great amount of boa'neM bag been introduced. and of course nothing of any Importance haa receive! tinal action, unlr.-s we regardlhe proportion to secure a "homestead" of the Taiue of five hundred dollar* exempt from xecution, as among matter* of Importance. A hill Introduced in the House, embracing such a provision. reoeived in quietus on a motion to strike out all after the enacting claus',which motion prevailed. The yea* and navs were not taken on the motion, but trom a view of the members rising In tbe affirmative. it ?u evidenced that the whin aide of the bouse w&a opposed lo the "homestead" bill, and th? democratic aid* In favor of It. Pending the motion, and on discovering that the protection of tbe debtor niaaa extended In the Hhape of this bill would be lost, Judge I'otter (democrat) moved to aubstitute tbe following for the original sectlona : 1. That all law now iu force fur (he collectiou of debts be and the cimf *re heieby repealed 3 N' Ihia act thai be ?o coustrue,l as to affect liens aire dv acquired by judntncui witli.n this State, inorupge, s Je or othaiwi- e Not, ai?ld Judge Totter, that be expected nucha bill could pass thia preaent General Aaaemhlj, but he believed the principle It contained would eventually be embraced within tbe measures demanded by tbe spirit of prngresa among the people , and be waa anxioua to teat the faot whether it waj not already so embraced, and If ao, to what extent. But hia motion waa loat without a count. A bill partaking of a similar charaoter? lenity to the poor man. and aid iu securing himself and family a hrmefte ul?was in traduced in the Senate, which meeta with much favor, and may become a Isw. It will oertalnly pa>a the Senate. It is to reduce th? prion of the unsold lan is from the prf*?Dt rate of V- 60, to that of $195, with a liberel extension of payment, to persons of family, ou condition of oooupying and improving the same, uot to exoeed ItiO acres. Several propositions Introduced and dlaouraad during the week, involve ijueationa of great interest to the peol>lo throughout Iho I nion Indeed, one of them oalied in i|uestion the existence of tb? Union, even at thia present moment '(Mr Lewis, (not the old " Liberty:' candidate for Oovet nor, who resides in Hamilton countv.) of I'ertage county, prea^ntud a petition, which being printed rata ad the presumption that there are " a few more left of the same sort," asking of the Legislature to declare the L'nlon dissolved by the act of annexation of i'exaa! Dr. Olds (democrat) denounced the document as treasonable, and all who had any thing to do with it aa traitors : and therefore moved that the Senate do not receive it An animated discussion &ro?e. In the onurse of which Mr Backus, of Cuyahoga. (Olddlngs' district.) made the startling declaration, and with much feeling and apparent sincerity, that " the time might come when asking for a dissolution rl the I'nion might be a laudable objeot; the I'nion wax made different by the acnesslon of LtiHHlaua. then by hlorlda, and again b. the annexation of Texas, which lart waa done by tb? President, who now announced that California and New Mexico are wanted." To grant the prayer of the petitioners'' said Mr. B., " might be treason to the government as It now slats, but not treason against the (constitution as originally formed " These doetrines w-re replied to with sarcastic severity by Or. Ulds and others. The question was then taken on the reoeptlon of the petition, and It was carried? yeas IP, nayi 17, as follows : YK/VS?\1eaara. Backua, Baaver. Briiuet, Clavpoole. Corwin, Katou, Hainea, Hamilton, llaatiiica. 11 opium. llorton. loliuaoa, Judy, Kfiidal, Lewis, Kandull, Etittson, Wilson, aut] Speaker?19. N.\YH?Messrs. Ankouv, Archbold, BlocUsom, Bteri, Burns, Cronne Kmne, Ki?i a. Kwmg, Uraliain, Kinir, Qlda. lteemeliu, Scotl, Hpindl. r, W heeler, aud YViuexarnei ?17. So the petition was received. and it was then referred to tha Committee on Federal delations. Veas all whlgs ! Nays all democrats ! On t ne name day that this "dissolving scene'' was exhibited in tho senate, the following demonstration was made by the majority In the House The chair laid before the Uojse a communication from the Governor,transmitting resolution* from the legislature of Connecticut on the subject of the annexation of Texas and the Mexican war, which were laid upon the table end ordered to be printed. Mr Blake offered the followed resolutions : ? Ktsolved, by the (Jeneral Aaiembly of tli? Suite of Oliio. That the exiatence of sla-very, within the limits of the United Htatea, ii a nr*et calamity, nu unparalleled moral aud political evil, which oiicht to be abolished aa anon aa that eud c <n be ctnatilutioualiV aecotupliahed, and that ita eiteuaion ilienld be earneatly ?ud peraeverimiH orpoaed by ull the fiieuda ul republican principle* throui(li<>"t the Uiiiob. Resolved, That (he people ot'ihia H ate w.ll itrfuuoiuly orpoae the ?*<iniaition of a?y new territory to thia Union, in which the institution of sUverv is to be toleraLej or e?tablianed ; and tliia Geueral Aaaembly, in behalf of the |.eo|>le ol thia 8?ote. do hereby aolemoo' protest against the annexation of an)' mo'e teiritorv. without uu rapreaa proviaion. by ConK'eaa. ikat there al, <11 he neither s'averynor in/olanury tei' viindc in aut'h territory, ottierwlir thia for the pumalimeat of crime. Iteiolved. That the Governor lis requested to furniah copies of the foregoing reaolntioua o the uenatora and representatives in Congrt * froui ikn> State Referred io the committee on fejerrl relations, by a strict party vote Another mi'jeflt of gom interest ha? been brought, up. whicb it uiey be ? 11 to bring to the vmw of the readers of tii<? tin aid Itnoit h* born* in mind that in a former correspondence 1 stated the fact, that the democrats of Obio are no longer divided in their opponitinn to a p?piT curri ncy. but have, with great unanimity of aoiina, unfurled tne "grid and silver currency" Hag to the breer,*, hh a party measure. Aud they propone, If thu people w.ll elect them to power in thn Stat* legislature, to abolish the paper currency system by a repeal of the present bulking lawn Ou the other hand thu whig* have, an a party, fallen ground in fa or of that Uw, which. In truth, is of their own creation. Not oouteut, however, to let the people judge for themselves us to the benefit resulting from thei.e banking institution*, they resort to the expedient of deolaring the f.ict by legislative authority , and. tn doing this, they committed the gross blunder of conceding tin " light ot repeal." by resting their con tlouance, exclusively on expediency, as may be seen from the following resolutions, introduced by Mr Russell. whig, and by a pirty vote referred to the Committee on Banks and Currency : ? Wnertiii, the of lite put three years In* fullv teiteil au'l cle ri) dcmnuaii tied the ability ol ilir hanking lintttltioiil ol till* >IuM'to provide llie people witllllAlr. uuil irni and c inreuient all nmej convertible inlj gul.l aud aiittr i therefor*, H< a il vol bv itie Umer il Aaiembly of the State of Olno. Tl. i .i ?. .. .I K. .IIIV. i iiiiiH.lini- ...ill in, ii^r tn n<li,i,r n n v U?ill IIire provision repenting tlie duller i.l their matiui tioim, compelling tlx* [txeo ol the pruple to be collected *m'I i <hI iu k" <1 uii'l silver < ill,? lie t?n?111 e?* of llie rtl&te to b-trauurt-U wall ?u e?clunve uietalir cuirency? imposing aililii.on I liiir.tieiiii upon tie firmer ?nl liboring innn, mid ?t the ?;,ine tune gieatiy the wealth til the pui>c 11 iud c pitaUi t. Another nuPject is worthy of notine, a* evidencing the proi;ret?n of reforming principles. Numerou* petitions have been presented, pray In# f >r a convention to form a new constitution, and Rlready two separate proposition* re on the tapi* in the Senate. aiming for that purpose In poliiicul parly movement 1 there hu not much transpired duting the week. A I were on the 7ut vivt to receive, see, ami read the 1'reni Jeut'n message. It wai. an I informed ?uu rf the arrangements, telegraphed to Clnoinnati, by VVeduesday noon, and brought to this oity, and issued by the pies* here the name 'evening?a feat which stands second in the giand teat cf telegraphic operation, being exceeded only In the unparalled //ere/'I .operation in the matter of Clsy'a I.exington speech * but, not (he message alone was looked to. In anxious ' manteily inactivity" by the party leaders of all parties, but the election rf Speaker, ike , for the lit use of Representative*, also entered ioto the feeling All is n iw at hand, and i* recelvlDK their most mature deliberation. New moves will, no doubt, loon be apparent; old position* will be reconsidered by some and abandoned There will he rich, ' decidedly rich doings in this capital, In the elTort to organic* the two old and somewhat tottering parties cf former days, for the citnvas* of '4ft. l.ook out lor the report* of the Herald'1* faithful correspondent. \Vfc>T? a* Si si*k., Md , December IS, 1?17. Jtffiin in Maryland ? Th* Annual School?Th* l'oliiict of th'. Slatf I'hr D'bt?Otd Hough and Htadj, fc. The time-honored city of Annapolis derive* it* present importance to Marylnnders, from Its being the capital of their Statu, and p'.ac* of session of th* Court of Appeals, an4 Orphans' Court Person* beyond the precinct* of the Commonwealth view it with tome interest, for having at one time been the seat of the Continental Congr?M. particularly on the memorable occasion when tha quiet puraulta of agriculture, after having an compliahod the deliverance of bin country from the yoke of foreign bondage 1" that ilay the proud oity of Annapolia bore to the humble town of Baltimore the game relation of auperiority, which th<< flourishing alty of Baltimore ntw doea to the decayed town ot \nnapolla B-ing the residence of tha f'arrola, < haaea. and other wealthy familiea, the beauty, haul ion and talent of the country were attracted hither during the aeaaiona of Congraaa But thing* have now greatly changed One alter anoth er of the old ftuilllea have deaarUd the homea of their father*, and their tnanaiona have now fallen to decay, or are filled with atr*ngera. The recent alteration of the aeaaion c.f l.egialaturo from annual to binnnial (witli the pro-pcotlve removal of thecouitato Haiti more) would have given the (Inlahing atroke to Ha decline, but that Mr. Bancroft, the late Secretary of th? Navy, thought proper to locate h'r? the Naval School Thin ha* proved more than an offaet to the draw-baoka I have referred to, and aatoniabing to relate, two new brick bouaes have been ereoted In 1U47. The Naval Sc.hoe) at Annapolta haa how entered upon the third year of Ita organization Cl mmander franklin Buchanan waa Ita flrat superintended, under whoae charge the conduct of the achool waa characterised by atflut military diacipllne, and admirable ?fllcienay. Kavorabie mention of it* preaent condition I* made In the Secretary ol the Nary'a reoent report The tlrat aeaalon of t he State Legislature under tbe biennial airangemeut, oomwanoea the Monday after < lirlatmaa. The newly elected (Jovernor, Thillp Krancli Thomaa. will be inaugurated on the Drat proximo. Mr. Thomaabae for a number of >eara been au member of the demomocratlc party in tha State, and reprenented hla dlatrlct In tha Jtlth Congrasa He had then not attained hia thirtieth jeer, and ia now the youngeat man eter elected governor of Maryland ilia popularity waa evinced in being elected in n State decidedly whig, overa aompetltor or great peraonal worth, l'be reanlt, however, waa to a meaaure, perhapa entirely due to tbe vote of Baltimore city, where John r Kennedy contended for a Mat ia Coo<r?M, with Kobert M. 1 Jtt tt A 1847. ' Mcl.ane, the present member Mr Kennedy mistook I 1 the feelings of his would be constisuaney. on tn? subject 1 of tba Mexican war, an<l published a tew day* prior to , tb* election. a series of article* agnltct Its policy, which so aron?ed the Indignation of the patriotic voters, that a I whig district waa In a day metamorphizsd into a damn| oratlo one The war issue wai distinctly presented by both candidatM, and the result baa demonstrated clearly the popularity of the war measure* of the administration. Th? approaching Miaion of the legislature la of lute raat, la a financial view, aa the laat fixed upon tha firat of January. 184*. aa tha day of resumption of the payment of Interest upon the State bonds The report of tha treasurer will praaeat tha money mattara < i the State in a Nourishing condition. The revenues derived from the works of Internal Improvement, as well as those from stsmps and other tates on personal property, exceed thos? of former years. In a future letter, I will furnish the statutes. Although Maryland is, beyond <iu*stinn, a whig State, and has been for uiany years, it Is evident that the ultra measures of that party lind little favor here except with thec(?i/u'i From pratty extensive obversation, 1 am satliflad that the main body of both the greut parties would prefer to unit* upon ()enaral Taylor, rather than vote for any hackneyed politician. They say truly that the old Issues are no longer before the public; that the tariff act of li46 has proved satisfactory, snl should not bt disturbed; that a national bank Is an '-nbj-letaldea": that tha constltutloual treasury needs only such partial modification*, to make it a proper measure, as all oan agree upon. In fine, that the war with Mexico and its cuuneiiuenurs, imiumniie inn prospective. arc. par r * reUtnrr, the great questions of thu dny; aod the management of these nutters. they are perlei-tly willing to confide 10 the practical good si-nse and sturdy hon aty of purpose of old Rough and Ready, He. aod h? ?nly, lay they, has the moral oourageand popular confidence in a sufltcient degree to bring the war to a satisfactory close All RPIL. lloitKiUALK, Dec 11, 1917 Tkt Canal Ttadt of I'onnnjlvanii. A few days since I sent you an account of the coal trade of this place Since that i have compiled the following account, taken from paper* published at the dlflerent places alluded to, which probably is not far from a correct statement of the whole ouai trad" of the Hut? Tom. Del. and Hudson canal, Honeedale. . 348,90:1 Heading railroad and canal? Tort Carbon, PottsTille 8(i-l,js| South Haven 63# :i I ti l'orl Clinton 99,ft!M> 1,002,181 North Branch CanalWllkesbarre I >0,HO(l LehighSummit 'JOS .366 Rhume Run 137,0911 Beaver Meadow 113,91:1 Summit 83 69j Haileton 109 81J Buck Mountain 6'4,'J 17 6.'>3,7t>;> Union ( anal and Railroad ? l'ine'tirave .->1-14 4 Swatara railroad 44.456 Mill Creek rallri ad Jti7,Ort7 Noliujlklll Valley railroad :W7,U'J6 Mt. Carbon and Tort Carbon RK. 473.IP8 M Hill and 8. Haven railroad . . 5HB.OIO Mt. Carbon railroad j:i7,4ti:i 4,69.i,73i Tbi* amount ot ooal. at an average of $3 per ton, would amount to $j:i,4js,86ii, Notwithstanding the wealth of the State In thin one article alone, there is scarcely a State in the I'nlon whoso finances havu been in a more deplorable situation, and where the taxes are more,burdensome on the people. Nkmo. Montreal, December 10, 1817. Jljjuiri in Ccnaila?TKe Revenue Laioi ? Tkc Election, kfc. 4"c. The revenue laws of this province, which have been in foroa since the Uth April, 184ft, having been repealed by the provincial statut e of the 10th and 11th Viotoria, chap. 31st, enacted ou the Ubth July last, and the Oth day of January, 1H4H, bring the period fixed by the statute for the ait to come Into force, (provided the royal assent be proclaimed to that effect) it may be highly interest ids to your readers, having commercial dealings with this provlnoe, to ascertain what alterations have been made in the existing laws, aud what duties have been augmented or reduced. Having tins day communicated with one of the chief officers of the custom's department, 1 am informed that the royal absent to the bill is confidently expected by the mall steamer Britannia which h*? arrival In Hnston I send you a correct table of the custom* duties under the old and new acta, from which you can easily com 5lie a short tabular statement ef the alteration in the uties for tb? information of your commercial readers I may add that by another provincial law of the same date, wheat, imported into the province, or taken out of the warehouse, is subject to a specitlc duty of .Is per quarter, and Is not eubjeot to any a J valorem duty mentioned in the table You will observe that the < anadlan legislature has increased the dutlea on several articles, instead ot reiluclog theut.particularly with respect to l|? rioultural produce?whenever they are urged to reduce t Itase duties, they meet the arguments of our free tralers, by remarking that the Amerlcau governmeut perseveres in upholding a high tarllT on similar articles, and that unless a system ot reciprocity be established, no positive good would arise Jrom the reduction of duties However, the world Is growing wiser every day, and, possibly, at. no distant period, both governments may had it for their Interest respectively to bring aboat a treaty of comineroe to regulate this aud other subjects The provincial parliament was dissolved on the 0th Instant, and we are la the midst of a general election ? The result will, no doubt, fully prove the utter imf flolency of the unlo i ot the provinces to consolidate the two races, and make them work harmoniously for the gineial good. 1 bo habitant* of Lower t auada will again ru' urn the same repreaentatlve* of French origin, and the Breton* of the upper province, m?n cf Kngllah origin. 'I'bH present inin istry may command thelt amall majority of lest *e*aion. In the ensuing parliament, hut tney will Qnd it inHiiOirifnt now, an It waa then, W> carry any ot'th-ir uiorn Important measure* Our habitants are certainly not Improving; they seeni rather to be retrograding They factious) v oppose ibe operation of every measure calculated for tfielr welfare, aud ant now busily engaged In rt slating the execution of a law, passed last eemioii. luslituted " An act to make belter provision tor Kieuientary Instruction in Lower < anada " What can you do witn such men Tbey are an Ignorant,intractable *et of peo pie; the aooner they lire mergnd in, anil swallowed up, by the great Auglo-Sa^on f'tniily on thm continent the better for their own intereHts and the cause of clviliza tlon The British Government will next try the federal union of the British North American Province* ' ' What next ! and what next .' A.i Asioi.o-CaNaouw. Canaua and Nova Scotia.?The Commission ru appointed by Novh Scotia mid New Hruunwlck to examine Into and report upou t'.ia exlating order of our pontul arrangements, with a view to the adaption 01 a ayaUm and rate* of pontage, more ia ac. or iani-e with the times in whiob we live, tlian r.ow prevail*, have, with the Hon. Mr. Cayla*?the oumiEis/lunT appointed for Canada-unanimously adopted a report, which, if acted upon, will gtvajthe inhabltanta of the BrlliihiNorth American Colonies the advantage of a uniform rate of Inland pontage; and that each rate will not. at all events, be higher than that now in force In the neighboring repubUn I'olltlo'.ana are busy in thl* district. The following gentleman have issued their addressee Mr Chauveau for the county of l^uebeo. The lion T C. Aylwln and Mr Ityland Tot the ciiy of Huelcc. 'I be lloa I) Daly and Mr. Laylleld for the oounty of Megaiitle. Mr A < Taiohereau for the aounty of Port Nsnf The latter gentleman will beoppoaed by Mr N ( ileileau. and Mr Caucbon at Vlontmoiencl by Col I.emolne The elector* of both oountiea will tAa addressed to-morrow from the respeetive church door* Mr Cauohou'a election ia considered as extremely doubtful In Cape Breton and the Magdaltn Islands, especially in the ba'-k laada of the county of Inverness, the prospects of tha unhappy people are of the most gloom r uMoripilon, In consequence of tb? potato crop having failed, but more especially owing to their grain oropn having been in a great measure destroyed by th? sue oetaive rain*, high wind* and exceedingly variable ami uncommonly stormy Weather, throughout the last three or four months. in such circumstance*, many of the remote mttlar* appear in the utmost hazard of atarva tlon, if prompt relief be not aent to thein Huoh a aeason aa tha present punilea the memory of that great authority the " oldest inhabitant ' It began to rain on Thursday evening, and since then rain ha* oontinuad to fall in torrent*, to-day especially The *now ha* almost disappeared from the roada, which are in a shocking *tate The ferry steamer* are running lo I'olntu Levi with a* little difficulty a* at midsummer A barge reached Montreal from Kingston on the Tth Of December, i'p to thl* time, Indeed, the winter l as been nearly a**ofl In Montreal a* It uauall) I* In London There I* no Ice in the river, and only just enough enow to make excellent sleighing roala In Nova flcotla the season I* equally open At Hallfax there I* :*ttaiuly one of the mildeat autumns we hava ever wltnejaed After Ave or six week* of very Ijrauillill ?uu "i'nu; w?i?iut-r, Willi i'uij migiib mult* Hon* of the approach of winter, tti?*y barn had for II. laat four or five day* strong warm breeaee, eometlmea approaching to gain* from the VWet ami Siu'b, accompanied with h?avy ahowera aod not unfrequently torrent! of rain, covering our itreeta with mud, and r?nd>-rlng the roada In th* coiibtry aim oat impaaaable. (lurhtc Mtrcwy, Dec. II. miMwllan?oti?. There are now about. 0 mm hog* booked at the railroad oflloe tor a paaaage to Baltimore Bnaldea tbeee. a large number bare taken the turnpike on their way to the it;. W? learn that 10.000 more are on the National roftd. within thirty mile* of thin plaoe Theae porker* afford ? market here lor about (.1,600 worth of eorn weekly?C'vnfoflanJ Civilian, P'r 17 During the laat year, ending the lit November, fll ateamboeta were built In ftttaburgh, their aggregate tonnage being 0.JM4 Tlila ahowa incraaee orer the new tonnage ot th? preeloua y?ar of I ooj Tbe total tonnage owned in rittahurgh on the I at of HepUmbar la t amouuUd to i7,0l? and of tbia H i ii wtaatiau tonnage Thk Wkatiikr ?Hiiow to tlte depth of about I inebr* fell laat night, but the weather ia ao mild that wa have llttie proiniae of aleigblng,?HartJord T,in<L, Dtitmbtr 16. 1^ M. friM I'wu (Vuta. Political inUllltMr*. Bfiiiio II4 noh ?The Buffalo I'omman Council hri.t ? ?prri?' n.? tlu; on the 14th lost , to take Into eonaidrratlon the iDh'ter of the enlargement of tha harbor at that pl??,. The nommlttee to whom tba aubjent wa* rtf-rred. recommended the adoption of tba following resolution. Iteaolvad, That It la tba lotantion of tba Council to take and approprtata tba land DMMaarj for aolargtng Buffalo freak. and for a abip oanal a* particularly described by tba City Surreyarm follows: "Co?insnciox at a point whara tha easterly Una of tba aaa waU extended. would Intersect tba nortbaily lino of tba Lighthouse pii?r dook ; said Una of dock bears N 33 dag W Running from thenca tha lollowlng couraaa and distances 8 7i (! < K *00 faat?8 (13 deg fc. 300-8 51 dag E. 300 K 45 d-l K 300 feet- 9 38 dag K 300 font, and H Id ilex K 313 fast, to a point In th? uortliarly Una, or outer lot No 39? mid point to be 7f> fa?t from tha water in Uuffalo rreek at low water mark, aontlnuiux on th? IhM meatloned course (8 -JO da? K ) to tba lon'herly Una of said lot No .3#. and to the northerly line of outer lot No 40 - thrnr.aS J^.le^K feat ta th<s noi t herly llna of tha marine railway lot eztandad, and !00 feet dlatant In a westerly direction therefrom? than 8 63^ de? K 'J'JT.'i feat to tba northerly Una of tba south channel, at a point 30 feet diatant ?on tba Una of said channel from tha water In Buffalo < reek?thanoa northerly along aid south channel to a voint whera a Una drawn nt right anglea from the laat datcribed Una shall ba 300 faat dis taut therefrom - thence northerly parallel with the a bora deaarlbnti lines, and dlatant therefrom at right aaglea '200 feet ? to the northerly line of outer lot No !? thenoe eaetejly along the line of said lot 65 feat to tha wn?rin Buffalo i reek, thence along said creek at low wattr mark, down stream, to the place of beginning " Previously to submitting to the < ounctl the circular of the Hon J C. ^p?nc?r an on* of tbe Kxccutlve Committoo for thin Stat#, appointed at th? < bicago < onven tlon, the Mayor recapitulated an account of the bill now resting' with (iovernor Young, and providing lor our Harbor Improvement* aod atatad?Tint for the la?t three yearn all appropriation* bare boon denied to un by the ('resident'* veto Tba leading object now is. by a united effort of all the friend* of harbor aod river appropriation*, to pre*?nt oar claim* baaed upon facta and figure* In *o ctrong a light to the president and the national legislature, aa to induce favorable action ; aad (bould the president (till perMit in withholding bla anient to appropriation* *o necessaay, and no Important to the commerce of the nation, then to obtain. If possible, Ibe pannage of *uch appropriation* by a two third*' vote of both Houses of ( ongre**. notwithstanding hi* veto, which, comidering the mate of the national treasury, my Un regarded aa an undertaking of conaiderate magnitude, lie referred to tha largo amount of money required for the purpoae* of th* Mexican war, and expressed a conviction that luch a ?um should be borrowed, as would be large enough to cover the whole of the extraordinary expense* of the war, * aa to leave in tbe tr?a?ury, of the ordinary revenue* of the government, a sum sufficient to improve o> r harbor and rivers, to uphold, alao, the oomm*rce of tba nation. He said, unless the friend* of these improvement* era prepared to take this position, and atrongly maintain it, I sea no way but to abandon, for the present, th* idea of obtaining appropriation* from the national government; for the obvioua reason that there ia now no surplus money arising from ordinary source* lathe treasury,and if the war continues, will not be for years to come ? But a* the money collected from custom* I* the legitimate fund for the Improvement of harbor* and river*, I respectfully recommend that the Common lounoil petition Congress aa usual for an appropriation from the ordlnury revenue* of the government for the Improvement ot our harbors, presuming that all the fund* necessary. will be provided for carrying on the war after other legitimate appropriation* are made.? Bujfmlo C?m. Jl&vtrlit'r, Vtc. 16(A. Thk KtcLisn.?VVe learu from Rich monu mm iii? whig memDers 01 the legislature are almost unanimously iu favor of General Taylor for tin- Presidency Many if them urn reluctant to |1t? Hp Mr Clk/, whose high <iusiiti*^?t as a statesman fairly entitled him long slncetothe highest honors, bat the bitterness of opposition to this gentlemen might stain defeat him. they do not desire to see him again subject to the severe ordeal, Besides. the character and qualities of General Taylor Indicate that he has a stronghold on the popular afTeotiou-, without regard to party, having never been engaged in the hot political contests ot the times. Aud the western portion of the State especially seems disposed to honor him with the Presiden cy. Measures will acoordlngly soon be taken to have a Taylor meeting In Hichmond to prepare the way for a convention to arrange an electoral ticket. The same feeling, we understand, prevails at Washington.? Winchulrr (l'a ) Jl'pukUcon, l)tc. 17. Affair* In Belgium, in n Moiianlilral Point of View. On Tuesday, Nov ?, the ordinary session of the lielgiau < lutmbitrs was opeued by King Leopold In p?rron Ills -Majesty, who wore the uniform ot a general of the civic guard, proceeded en horseback from the Palace to the Chamber of Representatives, pasting In review, as he Mowly rode down the Kue itoyale, the four legions of the rifle <:uard On lits arrival at the Palace de la Nation be wes conducted with tbe usual Ceremony to the above Chamber, when he took his seat on the ' throne, the Uiieeu and the ether members of the royal family having previously taken thslr places. His Majesty then delivered Hie following speech: ? Ucnlleuieu? I ain able to nn myseil ou the mark* of confidence ano of I', ie?il,hip which I couliuue to recti's from luieigh power* n luctdent lias occoircd in our relauoua w ith the see d Koine hipl .nations respecting that event. which h?s eicitrd publ c opiniin, will belaid heloie you. A treaty ol l uuitnerce aud unt ututiou has beencosc.ud?J wi li the kingdom of the Two Hie l>e?. It w ill be submitted (o your appiobatiou. Negoti itious are briur earned on m order to eitend ?ur commerciil relatioiia. '1 he efforts of my goveruin?rt are dnectr J towards the p oruriug of eiternsl outlets for our commerce Mui h in that resprct may l? expected float the spirit of enterprise judiciously aided A society of comU'er. e, combined w th the rsldilislinieul oi lactones tceiw/'toiri). is uuo ot ihe measures to lis taken in order to attain that oiJcCt A postal Convention, which liie just been t>mciudeu with Kiuuce on a Ijr.e buis, reduces ths postage ot lu eiuatioual le'teis, aud affords great facilities for the tmcsmisuou (I foieixn coritspou'ieace. The trausiioit of initill udi7.e aii't the re eip's of the nilw?y conlinuc to increase in a rtiasikalile pmpoitiou. IVieamres I ir lucres* ng them still further, anil lor introdiicii . in-lio..,tiot . iuto the iriauaat nieut of that important mtvii e, u,e in course ol preparation Cecuma'y adtaaces will be reqm ed f.oiii you, inorderto flni-b tbe railivay at (Hons aud the double liuea ot rail, as wrll as to Complete the mul* 11?/ of transport, and to finall y close tiie account ol the expenses uI the liist establishment. 1'rivate industry lias ir.c.el I ? II. 11> Si... in l.,.(,.? ... ...... ... . uon fhr ronn'ry. Tnnf indfi.fry will alwava 6?id my g ter^inem disposed to facilitate the execution of in engagements. I our co-operation w II he r< quired lor public work ul high utility, The m>piovein?i*t aud formation ol byroad! (?o lutnii itely connected with the pr spent? of agricul* tme) air eiuitled to a lar^e auare of cioiidi -Hti^n, with re* fereutT to iliiiiu wo ki wliicliilnJlulfi'r u?elu| icsoiirce* for the ijerd, mid I thorioits cU??f % Among,t the dutricu which in yjuat y excite ihe so'icitude ol thr government *uU the thimhe/s w* inu41 give the lirstpl&ce toxtvcral inuir Flemish iiuviiii <*f. ( m.stunt ftfiirii htr fKj*ei red frcm us, uud the ni'ioii Hi I wot lio.dI'ieli aloof Irom too**- saciilice* which tin* imuiul tiiuMio.i nny mpote on it. Aft*r two , ram ol inde irial, frovide <ce haa ' t ine 10 the nil of the poor ela*ac* by nu abundant liiri at Thr imm< uae iriftueL< c witch agriculture exercise* ou the dratimca ol the coiiuti y ?? ui.der?tood by inv government; aud agriculture ou if t aide hat prove J t hat it can appreciateour u.leuMous. I he u|ernfii witii which, oti a rrceut octavion. it ie*. "nrfcd to the appeal wfi ch was m?de to u, hi? te?tilie?l to ii* r uilideuce in tne view* and ac * of the government iiy a ln|py coincidence, the exhibition of the agricultural produce played a hrilluut pur; aiouiuide the production* ol' that inoustry which h i? repealed notible improvemenu Agriculture aud industry. far from being hostile one to the other should lend reciprocal aid equally useful aud h?> iouiable, toe y aie (i|ti illy *orthv ol nil our solicitnde.? Very toon a common solemnity will icunite those who h ive dmtiuguished themselves by their 'abor in thoae two noble career* I ahull he happy ou that occasion to have ir in u>r power to bestow, hefo e Uieeyeaol the country. due recorn I ense u|K), thr laborers ol ail raftk*- 'ihe forthcoming ex* fiibitiou of the fine arts will afford thn Belgian school the ??pp ntu niiy ol proving that it cuminuee woithy of it* past career, an*) that it in ty bear comparison with foreign schools Public mat union, to which it in ?y he said thr i mutation ol he ci iinti y is attached shi.u d he one of our li si piesentatious I lie Irgisla ure wilt hive to vote the measure* net aaary for perfecting and completing ita organization The army that great natioual institution, rnntinu's to deceive well of the country, It* good organisation, us patriotism, its discipline, aw i its uevotedae**, reu er t worthy ol all my si ixip?ih?, aud ol the ;; cat interest whien >*uU take tn it,ami of which you n>mttt.ue to alio d it so many proofs. I am hai>prtos?e my two sous enrolled in its tank* I our solicitude I rthe indigent 0 a*br* wiii induce yon t'? discusi.iu th cou se of this seiaioa, thepriject* ol law relating r> i awnbroaing rttabliahmeu a (monti de-pii'ff), ihe rne jdicitv^ ue|H>ta. aud (he management W tne inau e. ihe peinfruiMry %yateui rails for rtfoiAi, which I recoinmriid tu your attention. As roe ordinary re souices of the Treasury are not sufficient to in ret completely tiie demands Irrad y act focth, aud t?> pro Tide for thoae whicu are f #reaeen, extra* ramary p oviiiona are reqniied Belmnui mu (lit moiefs 11y lace tm? situation ol allatrs, nm*n urh aa she hai phased through the flunnciil critia more iuceea?iully than other r< uuima It i. deairahle. gnutleinen, that rhe lm.grt? winch will he l-tid before yon I ?r Mil. he voted he lo r rhe opening of thai yrar. W? ahall thereby ?void the (rare inci ineuienee of proviaional rrritiu J tun atrp la (ha mure nernaanr/, iuaamnch aayou will liaf? (<i ia t frw iihrtillii, (lie bujgru lur '*49 ['rnpoaliMualor modifying, in carMiu |Niibl?.llir romniuiKl and electoral la?a hare beeu aniiouncrn, nnd billato that rflect ? II be preaented to yon. In a II) ter al ami financial, ?? u - |! ,,, ,u * i oral aod political point of tcw tlna aeation will I rruvt. marked by i.iimeroua and u.rltil lalmra. I gladly took lor an ?e?iir*n<-e ol It nd lit the actiyr aid and imcci, airport which vuii will gne t'> my imrrnniMt. ilia Alajiwty *u (jretitoii ou the uoorluaion of tho pa. ch wuli loud crle? of" Vitrei* Ilol," and ahortly afterward* left the ( hambera. returning to tha pal*c? by tha llua Ducal*. Tht> troop* tlicn drilled before the K111kC In front of tha palace Although tha weather *u unfavorable. an li/mienm- number of perain* wiinereed Ilia M.jaitya ?irl7?l ami d partlira. ROOI-1 NO-OLD TIN KOOKM made tight for IK ceata pefool. >?? roolaol rough plauk covered lor 4>, Cut.; roofaol faetorie* or large biiildinga, over 20 ninarai, for $1 ?.> per aqnare, and warranted, (aomlwm'a |Vitei.t frennua Hviro Cucunitific ' cmerl .Ihei.iJunn makea a Imuileome, cheap, I ?ht and dnrahle r-of. Keferemea and ?pec unena nt OOOUW IN'S Miimncy I'ot Kactnry, 1* Weil Uroidway, hetaeea * hamWera anil Ifanaa ata ?aj tMwlJta?e Nl III HlffA > lierirdin. agent, No Ti Broad wa\, I (formerly No. 314.) hat mat returned from Prance with ?n r-utire new ato'k of plain white and deeoratrl ( laiicy ar'.iclea. k- , for < hriatrnaa preaenta, which he offera wholcaale or tel ill, at veiy reaaonable pricea. N B French ti.d Kngli.h luua, decorated and gilt, to order, with name, ioitiala, or to match w) patiera aid llt'rtc WIN III 1t% 11H \ Kill*?-u 1 houiaud ..nai>' UK <>f every atvla of imported and American Mudea, fur ale, in Iota to ami pnrchaaera, at rricea Ml per r.em laaa ilnu other atorea M*icli*i.u, pediara, kc , will do ?e|l to call at KkLTV k RlKKIfH aielnaiva Window Hind. Ht ire, 111 'hall.a?n ?iT?*r *a 1) (Via *1 I I \TIu7s? C'"(?VT|\'~ l wiiu'i uily enr > ed m iih <at the aid of medi i-inea. by wAH'I ON'a KHVALKNTA. A vegetable f od. Iigt.t, i?alatable and an riti'ioa Koi aale wholeaale and retail, at tlie " National Depot .f VVariou of ramn?1IH Knlion at., W Y M I., ratroa \gent Inr the llui.ed Rtataa Tha Tre?'iae cn CoaatipMn n and Iia .vt Wart.ia of I'aria, al?. fm aale, r?ea ? r?a?a * " IIH It H IHliMlDI will pleaaa call nd raceire Kia? IU ( aaai, to hia addreaa, u> tha tlii| Havaia, fti.m Hie*. HOVI) k rtlNl Kfc.N.M Wall fi/aal 41li?

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