Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 23, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 23, 1847 Page 1
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THJ Whol* No. 403'J. BOWERY THEATRE?A. W. Iicimn, Mumr; Hurt ^ aajrer. Me. StBENEFIT OF MR. 8TEV ENS ?Tbur*d*y Ereninr, Dee 23, will be acted (he drains of the SPy OF ST M ARC? initio Matin-em. Mr Til tee; Ktx-lino da Homance. C. W Clarke; H>m?d<i, Stevem; Prfrchecc , <5 bnrke: Biauea, Mr? P- illioa- To he followed by the celebrated bullet of N \THAL1E?Nathalie. MiaaJ Tarnnull; The Duke Aruaud. O. W. Smith; Alfred Mr C. Bmk'. To 'onelud* with the national drama ol PUTNAM? t Jcrj. Waahiuetou, Be'lamy; Oeu. Putnam. Sieveci; Capt 8npliu? Mr Burke; K'te Pntnum. Mr?. Sutherland. Doors open ?t 0?i-<;uit%lnn?eaat7. Boxes U cent*; Pit and Gallery l>)^ cents. (Ml Vl'HAM THEATRIC?Under the viuncei-ieki o tti > KLRTCHEu?ISttjW Manager, Mr Hield.?On Thursday eveuinr, De?. 23, will be pei formed the admired e inedy oi 'h- H'iNEY MOON?Duke Arnnzv Mr. Hield; Rolando, Mr. Sutherland; Jnliana, Mrs McLean. After wh-ch the MODEL \RTI-TES in their admired Tableau! Viventa. Af er which, will be sun* AN ODE. To conclude with the MOLL OF THE D*UM? Erueat, Mi. Sutherland; Capt Charles ytubri. Mr Varry; Kmilie, Min Hildceth; Mutha. Mrs. wray. Doors opeu atG>?; performance to eommenceat 7 o'elTk. Bn?ea 25 ou?Pit. 12^ c'?. P? LMO't OPERA HOU*K.?Thursday Eveum*. Dec 23. will be presented the favoiitft Vaudeville of a NAHOB FO!l AN HOUR After which will be preaented the popular Grand Ballet of GISELLE. or THE WILLIES ?Or.elle. Madame Augusta. The performances to con elude with, (hy request) the elcnit''omedyol SIMPSON k CO, or. 136 BARLEY STREET?Mr. Simpion. Mr. W. B Chap; man Pur ITirat IT.** and P*tnm>rr?. VI r*IItit SCCOUQ Tier, ?i cei>>?. B*i?AU'VAV THEATRE?Lut night of the engageinout ?f Madame ANNA BISHOP?Thursda* evening, l)rc. i], will be presented the opera of LINDA OF CH AM OLiNI?Lada, Madame 'nun Biabop; Vicotnte de Sural. Mr W H llrevea: Antonio, Broiuh; Pieroito. Madame O Mirfarren. To conclude with the LAUDKh OF LOVE? Tie ?eneichtl, Mr. Fi edericks; Francoia, H'dtway: fcuzinne, Mill Hi-lea Mattnewi; M rcliione?i dc Vermont Hme 'i'elbin. Dren I'.irele and Parqiette, $1; Fanrly* Circle, (2d tier,) JO cent? Upper B iei, 3) centi; Gallery, I2)f centi. Doori open at " 'clock?performance to commence at 7 'C| m H k lX'a OLVMI'lir I'HEATttE?Tnuridev vl I' v?3 it D'e 23, the performance* will commence with rttlDK. 'IK THE MAHK6T?U-dore Faiine, Mr. Holland; .Virqande Volauge, Mr. Arnold; Market, Maiy Tavlor.? Arfe. whch f..r'the 9tH time, UPPERROW HOUSE IN DIS \S TEll PL ACE?A la Mod*. Mr. Chaofraa; Jamie Twitcher, Kiq . Mr.(;ono?er; Lateitring. Mna MarvTay'or; Sitin, Mia* Philiipi. After which the farce, SEETHES IN I ? 01 i?Tom Tape. Mr. Holland; ttoll v Mil* Mary Tiyli'. To conclude with farce, BARNEY BOURSE? Hir Toby Titwouie, Mr. Henry; Lacy. MU* Phillip*. Drew Ci"*le V> hi; Upper Boiei 2*10: Pit. I2^?c AS run PLACE| IPURA.? Friday BUectinber 24th, will be preiented Douizclti's Opera, iu three ucti, of LUUIA Dl L l^'ERMOOR?Lord Henry Ailiton, M'r Ferdinmdo O t'enevn ;; Lacy of Lamermoor. Sig'ra Tereit Trufti; Sir Kd.iarof Kavemwood 8'r Benedetii; Lord Arthnr Bucklaw, S'r Felix (; Raymoad. 8'r Hettimio Roii; Alice, Mg'r* Anfiolo Mora; Gorman, S'r Cellipoo Albertazzi.? M.ieitro Dirrttore. Signor Baulli. Leader of the Orcli stra, Signor Rapetti. Bnxr* Parquet, and Balcony, SI; Amphitheatre! 50 cema Boi 0(Bee open daily, fr m Inlf put I to Ii o'clock, ar.d at No 2 Wall itreet baieme it from 1 to 3. )oors open at 7 o'clock. To commence at Inlf pait7 M?c5aS1C8' HALL, 172 tSroadwar. ?nw??? Uiai>' viil Broome itreeti. Crowded to overflowing with th* BEAUTY and FASHION of New York. OPEN EVERY NltJMT KVABATc.D SUCCESS Twelfth Week of the Original CHRISTY'S MINSTREL& The Oldest Ej lahlicSed B ind in the United Ptste* JC. P. CHRISTY. E PEIRCK. 'J. N CHRISTY C. ABBOTT. J. RAYNOR. T. VAUGHN. S. A. WELLS, whoie original and inimi trfcle concert* are nightly noaored with crowded and highly respectable andicncei, and anivenally admitted to excel ererv Hinmenieutof a timilar character offered in thia city. Admiuion 26 ceata Children under It year*, half price Ooon Pen ?i 2; c?necrt will commence at 2 o'clock On Chriitmi* D?y an Afternoon Concert. Doori open at 2 o'clock, Concert will commence at 3 o'clock _ dlS 7t?rc BWOADWAY Oi'EON?Euirince tnrnngh Pintenx'i 8v loon?Under the minagement ofMr. E O. On*?Lr.? thu ' veniug, December 2J, 1847?The GREEK SLAVE win oe ineienraa this evening. r-?rt i-inn mniurian HARMON ISTd.wha will anoear in a variety of Soiiga.<*lees, Refrlinn, Silos, and Dances. Part I?New I ABLEaUX VIVA NTS, or Livng Male and Female FigU'es, by the Mo el AitUti, Inelnd'ng, among other groapinas, " Massacre of St. Bartholomew." ' Vnrniug Star?'" Neptune Riling from the Sta " 4 Tlie Mavpole Dance," and a Grand National Tableau in Honor of the United S'atea. Orcheitra Box, 60 cruti. Parqsett. 85 cenU; Box?s UK cent*. <ll9r '.IK -4I> - AN MUSEUM ?MM.KNDID PErtKOK^vT ANCE9 thii AFTE?NOON and EV NIN,*. at J nd TX o'clock. The ETHIOPIAN 8ERENADER8 appear in a vnrirtr of songs, chorn?e?, glee*. St;.? GREAT WESTERN, in an entire New C.imic Melange, w itt'n expressly for him. Other performers of talent iu their rta.iective part* are engaged, including VIit< BERNARD Mr>.Mowell. Miatea JULIEN. and WH1TLOBK, jMr VVHlTLOCK. Mr. FLAVIN. Com<e and Hentimeotal Sin/er, &? . \ beautiful IVORV CRUCIFIX, which has ju-o arrived from Italy, from one of the first masters in ficm. tu e, is to be seen fora few days, in conjunction with all' he oth*r attractions of the Mnseaa. Admittance to the whol*. cents; children under ten yean of age and old enautn to walk alone, 12X cent*. Reserved (root seat*, one shi'linv e^eh extra. d 9 r Cti ilal'.VlAb EVE? Society Library Lectu'e Boom, comer of Brmdway and Leonard street?TYKOLEAN CONC-KKT-THK HAU9ER Family, relatives of the celebrated " Rniaers," will have the honor of givmg positively then ia<t 'oncert, (previous to their departure for Bost' it ) on Fri'Uy evening, December 24th, at the Sue etv Library, on which occ<si?n they will pretentan entire Chanxe of programme. Tickets, admitting a Gentleman and two Ladies, o in D> lar; Single Tirk'U. Fifty Cents; to be had at the JWuiic Siorei and at he Door on the evening of performance Joi-ph and Praes Hauser will perform several Tyrolean "Wal * ?, on the Cithern and Oui'ar. Doors open at 6>{, to commencn at T*? o'olock. No postponement on a'count of we-?'hc. __ d? 3t?r GHR.AT A i' TRACTfO X -The Sable Minstrels, under ibe direction of W. MAINE8, would moat respectfully mi i in muir irienas auu rne puouc inn naving joii rciuraea f (he ntir, they giving an entertainment u Miierrn 2toorns. <06 Btuadwsv, CWris mMOJgkt, when will he produrtn ?nmc nftheir beet nolo*, duecti. and chornte-, whicn hate been eceived by tlie moit respectable audiences with unbounded ?ppl*"?e d22 It'rc Banvai'u>4 iummothpanor/i ?A <?k ihj, \1i*S H8IPP1 KIVkH, painted ou three miles of canvass! exhibiting a view of country 1M0 milei 'in length, extending frnra the uiuulh of lh? Missouri Hirer to the citv of New OrItmi, a..d reiehiiuover ten degrees 01 latitude, being the Urges pointing in the world, at the new Panorama Building la B-o.nlway, adjoining Niblo's Oa'den Open every evening, (Cuuday exM.ted ) Admission in ??nti; < hildren half price. *!" e Punorama will oominenc* moving at 7 o'clock precisely Afternoon exhibitions ou Wedueadtys and Satrndaya, at 3 o'rlxelc Sean ?ecured from 10 A. M. till U M. dH '2t*r<? BtiUNKlTl'8 MODKL OK ANCIKNT Jt.KU8AI.EM, ai id the D<ys of the Redeemer?From the Brunetti Oalle.v, Piccadilly, London.?Mr. BRUNETTI lias the honor tu announce thtt lh;s Model, the labor of many years of hi* life, is now on ita way to New York. Visited iu Great Br., tain and Ireland by nearly half a million of |?opl*. including many of the most distinguished clergymen, travellers, (tc. of the age?the Archbishops efCnnterbn-yand Armagh, Bishops of London. L<ndaff. Norwich, Chichester, 8lc ; Atchbishop Murray Kev Theobald Mathew, Daniel O'Connell, Esq.; Dukes of Wellington, Leinster, Ht. Albans 8tc : Prince Louis Nauoleou; Earls of Harmbv, Tyconnel, Hopeto*n, kc. 8?c.; M m RnriiettC utts. Lady Charlemont, Marchioness of Kxeter Duchess of St. Albans hc.:J 8 Buckingham, E?i;Hev. tfamurl Haoaon Cox, D. D., Brooklyn; Rev ffm. I'a ton and (laughter. New York: J G. Bennett Eiq. New York, and seven! other \merican gentlemen whose autograph- miy be seen with r e Vo^el Mr Malone Uaymond, o'Dnblin and Liver ;o.) , ioro ner-in-mw 01 mr oruncii>) win give * aetcriptive Lectd'e wiib the Modal ihrectime* duly, na alreadvgiven by him hr'nrr the above diaringuiahed peraona, and thrnnghmt O Ml I -'i-ii and Ireland, with iuch nnexamp'ed aucceaa, v.hirh hia al'eady a^ded an raueh to ihr pnpulari'y of the work. " ThllMMltM Model ia o?e of the mni nnpoiiint. tli* moat inatrnctive, and the .no?t intereanng the metrop>li? hiti tver wliaeaaed >uiil *e em bu< direct the ateps ol every peiiooto't, wh? would become poaieaaed of au accurate not">n of thfif toe 'ity ? he'e 'he Son of (Jod bore the grief? of the world."? Morning Herald. Further paiticulara in aahort tune d<4 2iw4'jc WONi'RHUt EXHIBITION OK LhARNhD ?:V NAIIY HlHDl?lO. ANTONIO HP1NETTO, who hai recently arrived from Genoa, with hia wonderfully le <rned Bird* will eihihit them to morrow, at 10 and 12 A.M. bud 3 4 6 and ? u', P. M., at No. 321 Br vtdwty, op alaira, opooa'te the Broadwx; Theatre, and trn y day aa abo?e, until tn'iner notice. Ticket*, ti cenu; children, 13% centa. d:(J lt"m aLNUT Sl\ THEATRE, Philadelphia ? Leaaee, Mr. E. *.Marehall. Man'ger, Mr. J.^wallacV, Jr.?MR COLLINS' I a?t Night hut One?On Thoraday Evening, P*p 23d. wi'l be periormed THE SOLDIER OK KORTU*K?Capt O'Wouke. M'. Collina After whiMi, the 1HISH POST?Terrence O'OmiIv. Mr. Collina. To condud vich MY WIKE'3 DENTIST?Dick Ilatztrd, M'. 'ichirg*: Lady B'auville, Mr?. Hnck'rt Friday. Mr Collin'a benefit and l.-at upcetrance. Ou Monday, Madumr Biahop'a operartc troupe. riiHE AN?(ML OB AND EXCLUBIV. FAN* Y 1 J)RE-*S BALL of the Original Minerva Society, will fine i> i e at the Vlinervi Rocmt, Broadway, on Chriatmai Eve Drr. 2i. '8(7 'J'irke'a can be ob ained at the Hooma.? NAM'I. T?i'i. UDELL, Preaident; F D Baatii.Hec'y A Cortnmer will be iu attendance with Drnasea of eve'y deacription. dI3 2t*m H'HlC FOIT*''H ANNUAL B\LL OK THE IRIMH 1 KMIORANT SOCIETY, will take place at the ColifeamRo iie< Vn an Broadway, on Tuesday eveuin *. Jin 11th, I UR Ticket* e ich) can be prorared a the ifltce of the 8"C etv No. 22 **i ruce ?tr?et, or ol the following committee Orenniy Dillon. 17 Chimboa atreet; Joseph Htnait, in William afreet: liugh Kellv, 131 Bowery; Jamfa Mat thawa,#} Wall'treet; Jamea Reybuin, 31 South William atreet; William Redmond. 44 Exchmge Pltce; Fell* Ingil''aby I'9 Maiden lane; John Manning. KM Pearl (feet; Ch r:a< "weat y. ll? Centre rfeet; John Nicholanu, SO Pine a'r'et: William Wat?on, 41 Exchange HI ice; Jamei Olwcll, 17!) Weat atreet: Tlmiina Swmwlclt. JS Pine aireet: T DonKell\'. 7 South William atreet; Charlea E. HKea. 31 Liheity atieet: C. M Ntiiry, It Pine atreet; K. B. Daly. 94 Broad at ee'; Franeia Ma n. ti? Pearl ftieet. r'JJ Th MltTh aftjyl litre THK HKCO'ND annual Ball of the All'n Street R cket Glnb will take place at th? Coliseum, Tnuradny Eveiig '(innury 1th. 1048. Tickets e?n be >ad at th? f'onit, >11 *I'f? etw't* All 3'*r THKiem -iuonat exxm nation aa<l exhibifon o1 ih* i-upls <<( tt>? New York In?t tiil>rn f >r th? Blind, will tnkn place ?" (he Institution nn Thursday. the 33d inst ,thrunih thediy hjiiI fv> nin* The exercises in the evening will ne chiefly m * ral, aud will commence at7W o'clock- The pnb ie ate T"(>?etf "llv invited to attend. K-pp h Hrown'i and the Kn1 k rh^cker ?tng?s, p?as the insti'nnon lt*rre Ml I< !!<>\,.s VIKi.OIJKO "M. AM) A -OKDK" ONS?Trm ttthaciber, minafaetarer aud imp'irier ol Mitiiea' l<i?frnrnnnt?. h?a f >t ?\'e a large assortment of Aecordeotti Mclodeoni. nnd Mu'ieal Boxet. and ?ll kind* of inurnment*. EDWARD BA ACK, Jl Kulton street, corof Onld Miwct 4M MI'B S~L"^T)^"R^E_WO() P n \lfO rotTI FOR S.UjK-Ah elegmt finished superior toned, ocuve, Gothie rue. nannel and a and Piano Fort*. made to order, b/ nuc of the firat makers in Germany, ia offered far aale at a very kre?: b>'?ait?J0, beinu nehl* worth orer 358. The Piano Fort# en he warr uted to be, (or tone, touch, and finish a ve y inferior in?truinent, and mar be teen at 150 Hpring. between Linreus a-d Thompson streets. <114 ltt*re P" \^Xi> toli'rfc-rPoK hihr.-J V* HKrITTOu maontir turtr o! Pi%no Fortes, 5?9 Broadway. b*i covfcuutl* nn hand an aaaortment of interior r mewood Ar.d rwh >franv P *no fortes, kept evpre?ily for hire. Alio, an eitenm* and wfll acted stock of uew and popular Music ; violin and guitar Htrings. ?e., M) Broadway, Detwern Hpr<DR a?^ -lr>en Hit Ht?m0~KI< f. "I THK Nh.w VOHK HAS LIGHT <O.Me inberll Ki7.?Th* annual electi-<u for thir I'en Directors r finis Company will be held at this office, No 171 1 e tre atr'et on Mmday the 10th day of Jann try next, he'wre 1 'h- hours o( II and 12 o'clock, A. M. The tramfer hw w<ll h? clo<ed from the 34th iest. autil after the election. "vnilrr C. L. BVKRIT f". Secretary. dI2 Mt r IL.L1CNQIH OANAhT<;HIPTii eertifloateajlve* rot I*, toast or Canal bonds wasted Apply to II flatt^rMtj up E NE NEW OLD ALES FOR HOLIDAYS?At A'.bert'a SHADES, No. l&l Cherry itrect. between Catherine and Market afreet, New York Win- Albert hna tome hotaheada ol tbia delicioui Malt Liqaor in hia Cellara upwardanf fouryeara, of which lie will lap one on Chriatmaa, and another on New Vear'a Kve. Amatenraare reapectfuMy invited to call. Knur tapi, with tpaikliug alee. al way a on draught; celebrated Button ale drawn out ol the oaak from the t'ellar Rarebita, Poached Eggi, Steaka, Chopa, die .acieutifically aertrd np. d?S?t*r_ HOLIDAY"PHEHKN'IV?CAN <KV BIKD??One hundred of the fiurat loug breed together with fancy and oihar f>gea, for aale by <!. WILLIAMS, Basement Store of Nil. 4U Fulton atrret. N. Y d>3Tt?m SUITABLE UHHISTmaS OIF* I'?A v.aitmg card plate elegantly engraved, ?"d a pack of carda ueatlyprintud, being a very amiable and app opriate Cli'istnua meaeut. Pleaae call and examine the apeciinen book), couiaining yver 3010 iiaraea. executed in varioua tylea of wedding. viaiting and compliment try carda I or wedding part ea. t'ards prmr eil Imm engraved platea at nhort nonce, at VALENTINE'S Engraving and Pr nting Office, 98 Naaaiu itrer'. upatana, over Btioi'g. wood engraver. d23 lt*rc FLOWKR.i hOtt The, llULl L) A V S.?Tlie tuii<ciheri have added a large onantitv of choice and de'icale Flowera to their eitenaive collection, which wi'l eu?ble them to execute all orderathey miv be favored with during the gay aeaaou Oar f'ienda and patron* miv real aaanred th*y will be aerved equal if uot auperio' to any previous year Kperg' ea Fancy and Mou Baaaeta, htndioinely filled; Bcoouet* taatefully arranged io vaiioua atylea Tlioaa intended lor New Yrari morning will be delivered id rotal'ou aa the orde-aaie received. DUNLAP fc THOMSON, Seedameu and Florida, 0S5 Broadway-near Bleecker afeet _ d lot* re HHItf l MAS?At ilua aeaaon ol the year, "Alerry Clirut ^ ui??, ii is wen unueniooa irwu mi t:orri ate *rn rrficu shed. t? meet the wanM of 'he mui! f utidiun*. At ihe name fine, it ought to be liken into consideration. tint merchant* rake stock nttheeudnf the >-e.<r; muniaentlv the gn>'* remaining on hand?paiticnlarly fancy gonds? mint be disposed of <t m. v and every sacrifice; thnitljre, PETkR KObK?iT<J, 373 Broadway, moit re>p*ctlully invit-athe attention la1 diet to the following caalrg je of gooda,great portion of which, specially impor'td f rChristmaipreaenis: Maalia embioiderad collar*, from #,<< euaid upward*; cbaaaiaattai, in great variety, from fl nnd upward ; do; very rich with cuffi to malcn; capes, pico edge, from tl M and upward*; do, very rich, trimmed with laeea, fn<m $7 to tU. gereially aold fiomSlS to Sit; malien* laoe capes, fmm S3 aud upwards; do banliea, from ft and upward*; do collar*, from la 6d. and upwards; 60 eil thread lace c*pe?, very rhe*p; 130 dodo do henhes, from and upward*; 76 do do d? cofara. from 5*. 6<l to 1?*.: ISO embroidered linen cambric lundkerelii?fa, from $1 20 aud op ward*; 160 do. trimmed with lace, very rieh; r?vierre do, from SI and unwarda; hr mined am li do, from 3a. (id. aud upwarda; 500 tape border, from J.Vfc and upwaids; 740 iheer lav n, from la. and upwards;#5 lace borders'! do, new atyle. Ball drene* in every variety, at a great aacrifice. da3 '?*? CllKISiiVMS AND ^j.W-VEaH8 PRESENTS ? A'chey'*, No. 5 Jol.n meet, iiai inual, crowded with f?titers, brothers aud lovers, selection fmm his unrivnllrd stock >f fancy and siuging Bird*, presents for (lie lint of the year, .1* a remembrance of the put, acd happy pro?pect* of the fu ture. Ilemember, No 5 John st. near Broadwa". d22 <2t>* PuESknTS For the holidayb?326 bko.aDWAV?The aubscriber ha* now open hi* complete collection oi Holiday Presetus, received by the late steamers and packet* from Europe, and invite* from early eximinatton. Hi* present importations, which are unusually Urge, have been aelected with great care by hi* tasteful aud experienced agent in Pari*, and include all ihe novel tiea of the season, got up for the approaching festival* Among the exteniive and viried collection, may be enumerated an entire new stock of richly decoratd porcelain, from the in'st celebrated labricant*. such as V?ses. Jardinieres, toilet F.acors, inkitands. Tete-a-tete*, scgar Lamp*. Sc.c Sic , fiae Bronzes, Group*. Statuette* and Vases; rich dre*< Fans, in every conceivable variety; sbony and bnhled writing Desks, dressing Onset, travelling Boxes. Papetenea; glove, sh^wf. handkerchief, segar teaand monev Boxea; ladies' work i able* of ebonv and carved rosewood, styles of Louis XIV and XV ; odeur Boxes, card Cases, 8ouvenirs, Portfolio*, Reticules. Purses. Tablet* and Pocket Books; Bth'mian GWaswara.iu every variety; Portemonnaies lor ladiesandgentlemen; papier mache Ornaments; musiral Boxes, snnffdu, Aceordians, card Basket*, card Table*, paper Weights, fkacy 1'hermometer*. toilet Cushions, jewel Caskets, watch stands, bureau writing Dels; Menngeres for sewing, bis'nit Groups of ihe most beautiful description; mechanical and musical Tableaux, very curi"as; boxes of Game*, otrd Boxes, walking Canes, riding Whip*, agar Ca*e* bronze segar Lamps, grotesque; liqueur Cases, rir.ii opera uintri, a great variety; mninematicM ana orawiug instruments in boxes camera Optica*. French Confectionary in finny boxes, sell-moving Toyi, Uc. fcc. KKRD fclKICK A. WOODWOHiH, 313 Broadway, opposite Broadway Theatre. d!3 8tex Su rrc PRC. INCH KMBKUIDEKIE8 01ov?s and Fancy Articles. ?Mad DRIOU, having ju?t ariived from Paris > ffers f>r tie on elegant astortment of the neweit embroideies and also Fieuch Kid Oloves of superior mannfactare, with a nice choice off ncy articles Her >o m * on the second lino" of 115 (Jreru wicfi street?will be open from 10 to 4 o'clock The articles will be dispoaed of nt manufacturer's prices. Ladies can ne attended at th?ir own li"u?es. ui2 8t*rc Fancy uooJS fok. thk holid-iTs. at rhe FT. inium Coinb Store. 303>4 Broadway?J M. QU1V1BY, linpoiterand Dealer in rich Fancy Goods, French Jewelry, nc respectfully minounces to the public, (hit lie lias mtde special preparations for the holidays, and increased his ilock '.f useful and ornamental goods, consisting of Droning Cases, Work Boxes, Desks, Fans. Shell Combs, fc-xtricti, Soaps, Perfumery, Cutlery, fcc . which will be sold at reduced prices to suit the times Mr- Q directs particulcr attention to his ri'h Carved Combs, which obtained th* premium st the late Fair; alio his Combs, < Inidrens' Neck t.oinbs, Stc ;a new and beautiful article of jet soot's. N. B ?All combs purchased at thii store warranted. Plain combi altered to carved, Sign of the Golden Comb, 301){ Broadway. dMtjvlT ' ' Holiday prp.sen r?? l,ad"d~and bioklow hare just been adding to rbeir large and well selected stock of go >ds,aa assortment of F renehBr*rel?ta and Broaches, Oilirr Crumb, Ice Cream. Fruit snd Fish Knives; Silver ard Hereivers and Ca>d Cases, al o several very richly based Silver Pitchers, together with an assortment nf l)ia rnoud Jewelry, consisting in part of Hincs, Ear M ings, Brscalets, Brooches. Stc. These, with the great variety of othar Koods in their line, tbey feel satisfied cannot fail to please sll who may favor them with a oall. both in respect to quality (.nd |?'ie?< M we intend to keep our reputation already obtained, ol selling good articlea cheap. No 20' Broadway, corner of Fulton street, first corner below St. Paul's Church d2l lit* re RIt,H HOLIDAY phksk TS?J. V*A~llC has >ust received a splendid a*?ortm -nt of Gentlemen'* Kauey Dress Oo >ds, comprising all the latest and fashionable styles of plain black and figured silk tud latin Cravat* and Scarfs, Suspenders, Gloves, Diessing Robes, Purees, Wallers. Peifu mery, be Also, a (all assortment of Shirts, Coll-r?, Stocks, Under (Jarmeuts, 4c. of hi* own mauafactvre, comprising one of the largest assortments of geutlemen's furnnhing goods to be found in this count, y. J. AGATE, Gentlemen's Outfitter. 2J7 Broadway, corner of **ark Place. dlt Ht* r ich Holiday' and wedding pr'kssntsi? Hilve, flute, Argentine Silver, and HheffiMd Silver Plated Waro, with silver mountings. Thomis Badger, Manufacturer, Sheffield, of Sterling Silver Plate, and of Argentine Silver and Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, begs to inform the trade, that an assortment of the richeat description of Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, warran'ed to have sterling silver mountings, suitable for elegant and costly Holiday and Wedding Presents comprising Dish Covers. Waiters Dishes Breakfast and Tea seta, Kettles and Stand, Liquer Frames, itc . fcc , all the most recherche in style aud finish can be procured of the sole agent lor his ware in the Jni ed States. K. H. 8TKNTON, General Commission Agent, 74 Maiden Lane, up stairs; who also solicits order* lor all descriptions of Solid Silver or Silver Plated Ww, in sets or by the piece. ' omrlete day set! can be supplied, comprising Breakfast. 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M., to celebrate the 347th rttarn ol the year and day whan a few wandering Pilgrim*, under the prophetic guldanee of their pastor, Mr. Robinson, landed on the shores of Nsw England, a waits, uncultivated and unknown land The proosedings of ths day were opened with the performance of a flue piece of musio by ths Nsw Tork Snored Musis Society; after which, a solemn Introductory prayer was delivered by J. P. Thompson. Mr J P Bknikl then sang, in line style, ths following beautiful solo, by Mrs. Hemaoi:? THE PILOKIM FATHERS. mr. j r hlnsk'l. The breaking waves dashed high, On a stern and rock-bound coast. And the woods, against a stormy sky, Their giant branohes tosa'd, And the heavy night hung dark The woods and waters o'sr, When a band of exile* moor'd their bark On a wild Nsw England shore. After which, J. PtiKtcorT Hall, Esq , ths orator of the day. was introdnoed and delivered the annual [oration. The orator, after soma happy allusions to the origin of the day, remarked, how oontrary to the usual case with ma?iA?u IstWo twlaist e\t Nuv ! ' nalarnl Mur rtr?t hiat/irv li not left tojtradilionary uncertainty and fable. Ilka that of otb?r nations This day celebrates the well known origin of the New England people. This day. is even more worthy of b?iug held in remembranoe than the 4th of July. To oriebrate this great day, we are now aeaanbled We show that the children have not forgotten the dead* and suffering! of their father* Tht-lr names will not be forgotten or lost among men. The chief object of t is sooifty Is to connect tbq history of the present with that of the past ; to lead t? kindly acts and benevolent association ; to keep in memory thu deeds and sufferings of our forefathers We ?lalm no superiority In our origin over other States, as to their orgin ; tb?y have an origin as respectable a? ours ; but we bare a right to oelebrate the acts Of our fathers, and to bear lu remembranoe the high motives which led them to the shores of New Kng land. What annals are thera like those of the Pilgrims, who lelt every oomfortfor the sake of enjoying the liberty of thinking and of serving their Clod, free from eouesUstioal control? Look on them assembled previous to their departure, on the hearths of their h*ppy home. Why should they leave it T No motives drive, them; no force compels them; but it is the still small voice of conscience which leads them into the wllderasas to worship the Ood In whom they hoped and trusted. . The orator then went into a very pleasing narrative of kem of the particulars In the lives of th? individuals who w?re distinguished among the Pilgrims, such as Cotton, Brewster, Higginnon, Kion, Hopkins Davenport, Kdward Winslow the brave, who offered himself as a hostage to save the lives of his people, Wlnthrop, a name prolific of grwt men, and predoessor of the distinguished man who now presides over the House tf Repreeontitives at Washington. [Loud olteers.J The orator then went into a beautiful description of the servioes and actions of the Pilgrims; of the opposition,wars and difficulties they went through The great praise. however, which they most merit, U for their submission to necessary control and restraint*, and to moral government; for eorrupt human oaMire. let loose to do iU will, and to have its own way, otuses misery, andi not happ ness. This it not liberty The orator ben quoted noma excellent remarks of the former governor, Winthrop. on this most just and Important Rubjeot. They l?it their homes for the sake ?f liberty of coojoletice Holland was the only country in th? world, where there was, at that time, perfect freedom cf religious worship, whether for Jew, or for Oentile, or mr Churchman, or for Komanlst, or for Nonconnrmist Ueaumontand Kktoher, and the authors of that day, ridicule the Dutch for this, their great freedom and liberality. They did not, therefore, leave Holland for a liberty which they already enjoyed there; but they were strangeTs lu Holland-thry were English people among Dutch; and thev wauted to have a home for themstlvrs. They lived in Holland, in pain and discontent, for ten or twelve years before they left for anew world. It was a strange and bard and foreign country; f*w would 0"me to them from England, and few would stay with tbem there. Prisons in England, were thought i>referabl? to banishment in Holland, (for, at this time, the Nonconformist in England was sore of a prison and persecution.) All the different motives and reasons which led the I'iIgrims to leave Holland, and to found a new nation, w<-re then beautifully gona into and ably discussed by the orator. After some further animated and highly poetioal remarks, relating to their title to the oountry. education, both of the past and present age, to the sons of New Kngland, to tneir rights to seise upon the Indians' country, to the war* with the Indians, also to living orators and statesmen of tha day?whloh remarks and references were beautifully worded and rapturously applauded?the orator at length conoluded a disootirse far superior in its general style, sentiment and construction, to such annual orations In general. Tha following matoh and chorus was than sung by the able musicians who attended, and lit a style of me most rich and b?uMfci harmony, Worthy the occasion MARCH AND CJIOKUa. THE LANtlllfO OF COLUMBUS. MOZAftT, Awake the sounds of glory ; Over the ocean rolling ; The Heavens our way controlling. We strike the western shore New rivers, new mountains, new forests, new fountains? We strike the western shore. All Kurope rejoicing, the tidings shall bear, And Empire arising, find reaidenae here. Solo ?Thy name, Isabella, through earth shall be SOUDded, Columbus has triumph'd, his foe* are confounded. After a concluding prayer and benediotion by K A. Farley. the Society then adjourned, huvinif passed an agreeable afternoon, to meet ngaln at still more agreeable dinner, at aii o'clock. THK PINNER. The spiniou* dining saloon of the Ant or House presented, last evening, a brilliant scene. The room Itself was fl'ttd up in the usual style of Messrs Coleman and 8 etson ; three long tables stretched through nearly the whole length, while a fourth, slightly elevated above the others, reaahed across the upper end of the hall The happiest possible effect was produced by the ornament* which decked the boards?one, peculiarly splendid?of ornamental confectionery,occupied the upper end of the middle table it was a representation of the landing of the Pilgrims from the May Flower In front of the President's s?at was a block of granit? from the veritable Plymouth Rook. A splendid bind <vu* In attendance, ami at half past six o'clock, struck up an air. during the petformanoe of which the members of the Society and their gaesf, marched In and took their plaoeH, to the number of about 300. The asaemblage us a whole was most respectable. The officers were Moses H. Orlnnel, President; Thomas Feuenden and Simeon Draper, Vice Presidents; John A Underwood, John Thorns*, Paul Babcock and Kdmond Cofflo, Counsellors; and 11 W Bonnev, C. II 8tetson, Geo Curtis, Chan. A. Peabidy, L B. Wyman, II P Peat, Klchard Warren, and Peter*, Assistant Counsellor*. At the right and left of the Pre*idont sat quite a number of distinguished guests, among whom we observed the Presidents of the St Davids, St Nicholas, St Andrews, St. Patricks, the German and the French Benevolent Societies; Mr. Spoonar, the representative of the Old Colony Society of Boston ; Col. Burnett, of tho N Y. Volunteer* ; Commodore Stoat, Commodore M*Keever, llev Bishop Hughes, Rev II W Bellow*. J. Pres. nott IU1', t' e oraUr of the day, and other*. The Tress, and otk-r learued professions and calllogs, were handsomely represented, Unite a nurab'r of ladles wtre looking on from behind the platform at the head of the rcom, though there was no placi< assigned th?m at the tables Two hundred and flf y wax candles and bridiant lamps threw a brilliant light upon the whole scene At '.luiuiuitiuu di idi nail ?u displaced ttto II ig or tinoriginal New England Colonies, a d??'p blue ground with % whit# ijuirtT divided by a cross ; in on* of the angles la a globe divided Into hemisphere* by a white b?lt. All things being ready, the President announ-ed the Rev Mr Bellow* ss being ?bout to urk a blemtug. which being concluded, the game of knife, fork and spoon commenced. Thu bill of fare waa unexceptionable, np. nirg with a variety of aonps and chowder; next came boiled and roast meats, fowl. &o , followed by 'cold ornamental illshee," with a profusion of nidi dishes, with vegetables and relishes to mstah; then' roists" and "gatne" followed with pastry, onfeotloa?ry, frnlte, and all the accompaniments ( a splendid repeat No want of appetite wus pereep'lble. and after fall ju?tloe had been done to thu viands, tbanka were returned nnd the cloth r?moved The president then ordered the reading of lettera received from sundry persons in answer to Invitations to attend the dinner. Vine President Draper read letters from Hrnry Clay, John C. < ulhoun, Albert Uallatln, Mayor Drady, Mayor John P Kennedy of Baltimore, lien Gaines, Joseph R chandler, Robert Wlnthrop, Speaker of the House of Representative a. Henry B Anthony, of Providence, and others All tbeae gentlemen excused themselves In handsom* terms, and a?nt each a 'Oast to be read In his name When Henry Clay'a letter was read, it brought out oheera loud and long continued. Next In order came the KEUULAK TIMS. IS.

"Tha D*y-Olorioua, not only In the annals of New F.atland, but ia the history of the werld." -'The Pilgrim Kathera? Choughtful, hon-st, self-denying men) and therefore, and thereby, republicans " "Ihe Knickerbockers cf New York?DarcendaLts of the hospitable Hollanders? L?-t our only contest with them be, not whose anoostars have been loremost In acquiring civil and religious liberty, but who shall now be mnat *Atel?nt. In nwinrilinf It " "Tt>? Clergy of New Engltnd?The ran nuuJ of modern reformers,? ho draw their Christianity from the Uvlog fountain head " ' The ( amnion Kobnola of New England? As destruc tire to Jaoobinism M they are favorable to liberty.'1 To thla tuast Mr. IIkauly replied In a very handsome manner , Air?" Hail Colombia '' " The Htatea of the Amerioan I'nlon? Bound to- I gether In one political whole, no luitra bet ma from the annate ef one, whloh doea not reflect glory on all " " The Army of the United fltatee?Their deed* are their beat eulogy ." Air? "8tar-8pangled Banner." Col. Bvr^ett rone In reiponae to thla toaat. and aaid that the call on him was entirely uaexpeotM. He In4m4, hoped thai on thla ooomIm, there woald be aome fnitlMBM #f theimy proper pewit, to rapraaeat It. RK I INING, DECEMBER 23, Aj cne who bu aaaoclated with It for a i>hort time, m a oltlieu soldier, ho would take great pleasure In reaponding in their mmr to the sentiment* Juat received with eo much eothuaiaam The company preaent might be aaaured, that the aoldiera in Meiloo when serving their country, oauiiot be better reecompensed than b; *ueh sentiment* drank in auoh a manner. They are not on'.y reward* for past aervicea, but they are inoentivea for the future He returned thank* for tha honor dona tba army on thia oooaoiou. ' Th? Navy of the United 8Ut?a?Honor to lia untarniahfd flag " Com 8Lo?r reapondad ?He aald, that aa tha aenior o( the nary preaent, he waa nailed upon to raapoud to th? toast juat given Ha never made a apeech in hbi Ufa, and neither did be he expaot to make one on tha preanot ccanlon ; and be would, therefore, only briefly return thank* for the honor oonferred on hla corpa oa the preaent occasion. Tha next regular toaat was? " The Stale of New York?In natural advantage*, in popnlatlon. in wealth, and in talent unrivalled " l' The City of New York?God haa made her a quean among oitlea '> ''Our alater charitable aocietiaa?We cordially weloome them to our festive hoard." " Tha orator of the day." IMr. ori*mr 1.1. in nUwrlni^thl* toast, Mid, It ?u due to the orator of the day. J. Presoott Hall. Esq , to express tha eitreme gratification whioh all who listened to the address at th? Tabernacle enjoyed Ha fait himself unable to do full justice to tha oration, and ha thought It only aeoessary to any, that tha oompany fait grateful for tha hooor whloh the gentleman conferred on tham'ln delivering the oration. He than propoaed tha health of thaorutor or the day, J. I'resoott Hall, Ksq., whloh waa drenk with all (he honor*. 'JNlr. Hall replied, la a very entcrtaining manner, to this toast, and delighted the oompany with a unique and graphlo speech, of about half an hour'* length. When he oonclueed, he waa enthuslstlcally applauded "The daughters of the i'ilgrima'' N o longer practicing ancient wl(oheraft, but alwayi Irresistibly bewitching The Chairman propoaed the health of Pope Piua the Ninth, whloh waa received with great applause Bishop Hi uhii responded to It; he said?Mr. President and nnttemen?Unaccustomed aa 1 am to take part in festivities of this kind, 1 am not acquainted with the customs with whloh gentlemen here are familiar on suoh occasions. 1 rise in the midst of embarrassment; and were 1 to give way to my feelings, 1 should almost doubt the reality of things around me, or.' question my own personal Identity. I have, however, to return you and ttiia distinguished society, my eincere thanks, as far as I may be worthy to offer them in the name of Plus the Niath. It is a gratification to me to know,that although the promise of his elevation to the pontiSeal chair. Ipfi'iill of hope;thatalthough heoommenoed his administration under clrouinstanees of great embarrassments; ye:, from all 1 have been able to hear, and tint lrom pe sons acquainted with him. I be neve uou nan proviueu aim lor inn lasn, wun a dinar head acd a strong hcurC, (applause, whioh lasted lor nmi moments.) Indeed it appears to ma, no high is tbe oomph limit paid by this Society, that nothing could repay it 1 have not th? honor lo be a son of New KugUnd?yet I can oialm the right of being a Down taster. In order to recover from the embarrarsment which I feel, allow me to tell you something ot a story whioh is reoounted in old English legend, whioh indeed will not b? inapplicable to ray own position. I must remember how you have appeared to me in past times and how 1 no doubt, must have appeared to you; for no doubt sums of you have seen my name in the newspapers Well, there was a man, as the story goes, named UUes Scroggins; and going home from town one night, after transacting his busluess, he felt happy; and something came over him, and he fell asleep. Some neighbors took the horse from bis oart. On awaking from his slumbers be said, " Am I Uiles Ssroggins, or am I not? If I am, I have lost a horse; if not, 1 nave gained a oart " Barring all the antecedents and some of the clrouosstanoes, I f<-el in the same condition as Giles ncroJK'n* did. I tbink that I, who am used to be called Bishop Hughe*, uheuld find rnystlf in the midst of the New England Society, and the health of Pius IX proposed. Is an honor so flattering, and tbe toast being received with so much enthusiasm, is Indeed enough to make me doubt my reality as lo things as they are presented here to-night, for I never expected to be distinguished with no much honor?for an honer I truly regard it In conoluslou, tbe Bishop proposed as a sentiment: "The Uad wbloh grows schoolmasters," whioh wasreo-lved with applause and drank with all the honors Besides the regular toast* quite a number of volunteers were offered lh? gentleman representing the French Hoolety, gave? " Beauty aud loveliness?The synonymes for New Kncland Udles:" which was drank with all the honors Mr. Kino, the President of th? St. Nicholas (Society, nftrr some very happy remarks gave? ' The rise, the progress. and the power of New Kngland?The proud result of the trials, the energy, and the v. in Jon of the Pilgrims and their descendants." Mr 8rooi?ER, President of the Old Colony Club, " Our Pilgrim mothers, wltheat which our Pilgrim fathers would bar* been of no use to ua." Reoeived with loud obeers. Mr DaircR gavo? " Wrloome. woloome. thrice weloome to our Vankee friend from Mexico?Good at reading, (w) riting and (a) ritbmetin " This called out Oku. W. K>:.>dall, of the Arte OrItan t Picayunr, who made some happy remarks, and g?ye ss a toast ? " The Ninth Rt'giment?Chips of the old New Kngland block." A ooinmittee which bad been despatched to Brooklyn at au early bour of the evening, to convey a preteJt from this Society to the sister eoolety over the river, haviog returned, reported through their chairman, Mr Bonuy, who stated that they had visited the Brooklyn society, *nd found about four hundred persons present, including ladies as well as gentlemen. They, the committee, had been handsomely received, and a delegation trom the other society had accompanied them back. Me here introduced Mr Hpooner.the chairman of the Broek of bin society for the oourtesy extended to them by tbe New England Society of this city In ref?renc? to the ladies who attended their dinner, he Mid that in order to get them to Attend, they were obliged to leave wine off th? table, so they concluded to t?ke tbe ladles and lone the wine. Some pleasant oratorical sparring on tbe wine and water i|uestfon paused betweeu the delegates of the two societies, and at length, when the Drooklyn delegation took their leave, they were permitted to part la peace, after three cheers had been given for them and tbeir society. Tbe sentiment sent by the New Kngland Society of New York to their sister society in Brooklyn was? " IVati r alone divides us " After the departure ?f these guests Mr O (Jimu proProposed. as a toayt, ' The name of lohabod Crane, the Schoolmaster of Sleepy Hollow " The sentiment was iicoompuuied with some happy remarks by Mr. U., and was received with rheers. The festivities were kept up till a late hour, and when the time nrrlved at which we were obliged to leave, had not begun to flag, though some of the members and guest* had deemed It advisable to retire. Firit Atinlverxnry of the New England foci ety, of Brooklyn. Tbe first anniversary of the New Kngland Society, of Drooklyn, took place yesterday, in that olty. At half past two o'clook, tbe sooiety was oalled to order in the''Church of the Pilgrims." The services were commenced by tbe reading of a part of the 107th i'mim, Dy iou j\ev. ur. uox; irayrr dj n?v. air. Lewlf. Dr. Cheever was then Introduced to the meeting by the President ot the Society, Chandler Starr, Eai| , when the air of the "rilRtim Fathers," was sung by the obolr. Dr. Ciicivicn laid : Men seeking God earnestly for themselves.always Hod him for others; and juat ao with na'.lons Almost the wholu aim of our ,1'urltan fathers was to find Hod. and nuking Miration for themselves they found liberty for others: and It la thua that (>od bait msde the record of their history mora full than any other history. The divine and the humane come out in Huoh u history. The greater part of history resta upon faith f"r Its foundation and Iim the earth for It* object -the oilier had <iod for it* object. There I* yat to be such a history ef the Puritans, and one which will bo | one of the greatest, series in the providence of <Jod, iiuoh as D'Aubign?'a history of the Information The time baa not yet fully come; they have passed and are uansirg through the different grades of p raecution ? bo.h in tlia hands of fts frlenda and Its enemies ? It will come up; the preparations of this work are gradual ana slow If the fixed lights of our universe were once but uilsta, they bars beooma important. Few things nan ha more Instruotlve than two auah works Tha denial of tha English Parliament to give to Oliver Cromwell a station among their pasted rulers was nothing. Me was a hero. Carlyle has taken the great Puritan from the pages of history, and act him before the vision of the whole world The true character of Cromwell no longer liea hidden In tha pages of history. Without him, liberty would hare been io>t, not only in England, hut In all Europe, and Ita Influence would have been felt in this country. The biegraphlea too, of our New England fathers, which long stood aa an unhewn atone, should have long alnoe come out, and their namos ahonld be dearer to us every year. Their example may vet be an exam. pie to us, If tbe conflict ehould In to go through again rhe departure ot our fathers from Kngland, and that of the Israelites from tba oppressors of Kgypt, are allka they were both tha oommnnoement of a nut dlspen**tion. The great reformer* would have remained 10 tha I'apal church, but Ood would not allow It. Thar were Intended for blgnar purposes Thsy war* driven from Kogland to Holland, and on tha 15th November, 147J. John Knot went to Scotland. After thapersecution bad omewhat abated, tbey returned to England Tbe stronger tbe p?reecutloa, tha ttrongar the Puritan faith, like an Iron beat upon an anvil. All true liberty wae then atrloken dowu.aud it wasneoeeeery that they might sen they were not wrong In leaving toe Papal ohuroh, but that It was a duty. The persecution waa n?c*ssery to beat tho furnaoe, to tmelt the preoloui ore. It waa bea'un Into tuem, and wrought into strength on tha Iron anvil of ecoleMastlcal tyranny. It waa thought that they oould be beaten into thosuperstltlensof the ohuroh of F?.ngl?Dd, but they ware beaten our of it. Jehn Rob Inron of Norfolk, wae another of tha pious Puritans He went oret to Holland In the persecution He never eaw tbla country. though hid heart wa* let upon It He kneeled on the deck of tbe May Klower. and eommendrd hla brethren to the merer of Oud A vine waa sent to build up tbe cburob In New Kogland, whoa* dependence wa* alone In Christ, and entirely upon <;hri*t; a church thank (iod, too, without a blahop. It waa a revival of the original ohurah of Chriat. It* foundations ware laid la Hla alone, aad eat off fro* all worldly dim tea**, Ood oaued to grow up la IMt haarta a teal for IE R A 1847. ths performance of so grrat a work u crossing the ooean | to plant the church or Cbrisv They did not seem to have had a couoeptioo of what they had to do. In Kng-' land. At the time of their departure, in 1620, they were addressed by their pastor. who told them he waa giving | th?m the last instruction he would ever give them thin aide of the grave. He told them that Ood had somethiog to revtal to them This discourse of tha good Robinson, seemed something supernatural On (he arrival of the Pilgrims on our then unsurveyed and frocen shores, they tell ui of their flndio< the preoioua corn und?r the (now, and of ilttlng down by the iprlnga and drinking the sparkling water or freedom Tney tell at of tbelr rest the first n'gbt they spent at Plymouth. William Bradford was with them; and when tboa* who bad gone to survey the ooaat returned, they found that Bradford's wife had fallen from the ship, and was drowned They suffered every privation; beset by the hostility of the Indians, they had every dlflloulty to oontend against. They were willing to be the mere stepping stone for us to tread upon They ware the prealous seed of oorn, like leaven, which has filled this oountry, and is fast filling the world. The Purltaus were looked upon as the enemies of Christianity, and rewards were offered for their extermination. But those Dilutions lived in naisa: th?v ?r> wiillnir tn pay for the com they found under th? ?uow, It there had b??n any one to whom tt belonged. But oar country b*? iirc m? degenerated War baa been resorted to by our laud of liberty?a war too of oonqueet. the first war of conqueat ever bad in tbli hemi-pbere. Oar ooantry ban fallen. Uod have mercy on u* ! Dr. Cheever having concluded,a Bible waa then shown to the aaeemoly, a Bible which was brought over in the May Flower, two hundred and twenty-??T><n. years ago The benediction waa then pronouuoed by the Hey Mr Storr. alter wiilcb tbe Society retired to tbe leoture room of tbe Church, and proceeded to the oleollon of officer* of tbe Society for the enautog year. The following gentlemen were then nominated, and declared elected : Phkiidk^t?Chaudl r Starr. Vice Pbihideits? John Greenwood, Jamei Humphrey Ta?.A?i kt.K -Cyras P. Smith. CounacLLuRt ? Alden Spooaer. Hamblin Blake, William Spencer, (ieorge Marvin, 0. T. Atwater, Kdward Corning. 8iccBicT\aY ?Charles K. Bulkley. On motion, the thanks of the Society were then tendered to Dr Cheever. The Society then adjourned to tiotblo Hall, where a most sumptuous dinner was prepared, with more than an hundred of New England's fairest daughters awaiting the coming of tbe pilgrim sons, bappinuu and pleasure beaming in^heir every countenance. A band of music waa in attendance, and several aira were played before tbe company went to tbe table to partake ot the sumptuous repast. A blessing waa invoked by the Rev. Mr. D wight, and mtialn was tVuAlo rllaAmira*'! dnrlni* tK? Hinnor * the oloth was removed, C. Starr, Esq ,rose and add rosed the lunetinK Ha ezpreased taia gratitude for the renewal of the honor oonterred upon him in hi* re eleotiou as presiding offloer of the society It was generally the case that wit and wine went together; but In thli instance, the wine had been dispensed with and the ladies taken in Its place. Their presenoe gave a cheering effect wherever tht*7 were. He thought no blood would mingle better than Dutch and Yankee. (Applause.) The following regular toasts were then read by the President:? 1st ?"The day we oelebrats?Memorable in the anaals of gave birth to liberty." Ud ?" New England." " Breathes there a man with soul so dead, Who never to himself hath said, This is my own, my native land ?" Muslo?" Yankee Doodle." 3d ?" The President of the United 8tate?." 4th ?"The Governor of the Slate of New Y?rk." Music?" Hail Columbia " 6th.?" The schools and colleges of New England." 6th.?" The clergy of New Kogland." 7th.?"The Km pi re State? Great in all that constitutes a noble commonwealth, she reflects honor upon her Dutoh founder* " At this time a delegation from the New England Soolety, of New York oTty, appeared, oomposed of Messrs. Hozie, Underwood and Hancock. Mr. IIoit ik made a short, but interesting and affecting speech Ha spoke of the glorious principles ol New England, which were spreading over the whole oountry, from Tlymouth Kook to the Paolflo ocean. So great was the effect of his remarks, that tear* were drawn from the eyes of almost all present. Music ?Auld Lang Syne. Mr Undkrwood offered the following sentiment :? " The New England Societies of New York and Brooklyn?Associated together tor the same benevolent purposes, may nothing but water ever divide ua." The New York delegation then retired, reoetvlng three cheers, the ladies joining In the strain. 8th-" The orator of um day." Dr.CHKr.vF.n responded In a very few remarks, aDd expressed his gratitude for the honor conferred upon him. nth-"The I'lln-im n? n? mouth they reared an altar to civil and rellgloua liberty?gencratioua yet unborn, will do homage to the principle* there proclaimed. IOth?'-The seed Imported in the May Flower?Adapted to every aoll and olime " Uth-"The Fair Daughter* of Puritan Mother*"? The setting may vary with the age. bat the gem li (till tbe came. Hjveral aonga, appropriate to the oocaalon, were lung, and a number of volunteer toaat* were offered. The meeting dUperaed at a lata hoar, every one having enjoyed a rioh treat, and ail delighted with the pleasures ef tbe day. War Matter*. OMl ROt'OII AND KKAHY ON TEMPERANCE Hkau (^l'artcri, Armyof Oooupatlon, > Urazoa inland, Texan, Nov. J4, 1847. { Dear Sir:?I have reoeived your letter asking my view* ooncernlog the oanae of total abatlnenoe, to whioh I deaire to reply ai tollows:?That 1 am myaelf virtually an observer of tbe rule of total abetinenee, and And my health and ability to endure hardahipa greatly luoreaaedthereby; but though in my own person I obaerve this habit, yet when ill il In moderation 1 am not an opponent to tbe nae of ardent aplrita. With much reapeet. I remain, Your moat obedient aervant, Z. TAYLOK. Major Oanl LT. 8. Army. Jacob Carter, Doaton, Maaa. A Dl EI. AT NEW ORLEANS. A number of heroea. on their way to New York, via New Orleans, a few uaya xtnoe, dlaputedon military bravery, wben Lieut Charles 8 Cooper, and Lieut *berwood. made an appeal to Mara. Lieut. Wm Henry Drowne being ohoeen in auooeaaion aa the aecond, and friend of both the brave young men, ao arranged wltb the other seoond, whoae name we do not remember, and Instead of flgbtiug at Ave paoea dlatanoe, over-ruled tbe onmbat to be at tbe dlatanoe of fifteen paoea; and after an exobang* of two sbota. one having bla looka partly ?hnt ftvav And th? nthair'a nantu a lltila hurnml persuaded that they might be better engaged In shooi log down the Mexicans, and abook hands?all parties being satisfied with each other's bravery. Ma hi. navat* intku.mjbnce The following Is the list of officers attached to U 8 brig Vesuvius at Laguna, and stationed at that port : ? Lieut. Commanding 8. VV Uodon, (Governor of the town) Lieut., 11 F. Robertson ; Acting Master, K K Murray, (commanding U. 8. prize soh. Wasp): Assistant Surge in, S II Steele,', Passed Midshipmen, James Wllooxjon,John Madlgan, Jr., Charles Dyer, Jr j John 8. Isaacs, Commander'* Clerk, (detaehed lor duty on shore as oolleotor) Officers attached to the U 8. schr. Faloon, at Laguna, Not. 23.?Lieut. Commanding, John J (Jlssson ; Anting Master, Robert Towneund , Midshipmen, WlUlam Johnson, Charles t McOary. Crews and offioers of both vessels all well, and average range of thermometer 88 deg. Mall Fall ares. The Southern mall of this morning, brings us New Orleans dates to the Oth, and corresponding dates from Mobile, Savannah and Charleston. By sper.lal overland express, we have New Orleans dates to the 11 th ? Phil*ilalphia liuUt'in, I)tc. 'iOili The northern mall Is getting to be a complete nuisance It failed on Saturday from beyond Charleston, and yesterday from beyond Mobile We believe that within the lant eight days the m*ll has oome through regularly but twioe.?N. O. B't, /Jet. 13th. We bad no New Orleans papers yesterday. No northern mall when our paper went to prers ?Wilmington [If C ) Cumm'fcial, Dec Iflfh. We have received but one mail from the North and South this week, up to|the time af putting our paper to press?that of Wednesday Mr. Cave Johnson's new arrangement at the North for sinking a little more of the dear people's money, and hlncierlng their facilities, was against us the fore tart of the week?bad weather the latter part?Lnuiihint (N C) Timet, Dec 19M. The Northern uiail failed yesterday bejond Wilmington ? CA'irItilun Mercury, IBM Dec. The mall again failed yenerday, from beyond Stockton. Threa malls are due to-<ay This " Is too bad.1'? AT. 0. Commercial Bulletin, Dec. Ill >Ile?cllsui?aiM. A fatal aooident occurred on the llousatonio railroad, j on the 13th A negro under the Influence of llouor, erawled Into one of the cattle guards." and placed hlm ir rite.ntiv under the traok. and while there undertook I to look out'to *m If the or* woreeomlng. When rliilng up to p?ep out. th? ' eow-oatehers'' 01 tbe engine caught htm directly In the neck and In * Instant revered hi* head from hi* body ? Qf'at Harrington Courier. A deetructlva tornado paesrd over the counties of Barry, J'u?caloo*a, and Greene. In Alabama, on the 10th initant, destroying a largo amount of property The town ol Newborn, In Greene oounty. was entirely demolished, the tornado In It* r.ourm doetroylng houses, tree*, ho , and killing the sheriff (Mr Stoke*,) of Perry oounty ? Charleilon, (3. C) N'wi, Dtc. 18. It 1* offloWUy reported that In Baltimore nineteen hundred and flftynlne now houae* bare been erected thl* ear, the hm'wiI value of whleb la upwards of two mil* lion*, six hundred thousand dollar* Mr Ollddon, the ctlebratad aroheologlgt, I* lecturing In August*, Ga. On Saturday afternoon, an old man, a native of Natlek, who was walking upon the track of the Worcester railroad, and watching a down freight train, was struck by the J** o'clock up passenger train, run over, and killed instantly. The Hon Timothy Pitkin died in New Haven on fta- I turday last ttareral merchants of New York have been In thl* eity the pa*t few days, to nqulre about a Mr. Philippe Brandlse. a flwlss merchant, tormerlv In business hero I Wo learn that Mr. B took passage ft>r Liverpool in the last steamer frem thl* port The aesat* left by him In hi* itsrt. It Is said, will nay but a vary small dividend M tfca IMHt of his dshts.?Je?fe* Put, Dtc M LD. Prtoo Two Cents. More of the Urtat FiooJ at tho West. The Ciitrimiuti Comm-fc at, of i)-?i 14, says : The Ohio river at this noiat now stindt nattly to tbe mark Of 183i. the er* of tb? great H >o 1. whloa oarrled rula end distress lo its oouree. All th* loo ?r >uada of the city nm Inundated, and bunts pass easily Into many of the streets Numerous families have beea driven out, an J In the n?ta of th? 81*tb ward there la muoh suffering amooii the poor, whose habitations hare ha n Offtaken by the delude The water laac night was within 4X le?tof the m?rk of 'M, and rlalng. At one house, which ?t visited in a skiff yes'erday morning, the oecttpauts of which had heen driven to the second story. saw tha body of a small boy. who had been drowned la tha room below, an l his mother lying dangerously aiok by bla tide At another place, we taw a poor widow, with h-r eon, in a skiff wailing plteoualy -all aha bad of furniture and other goods having bean swept away by the flood, and being unahle to prooure assist&noe to remove her property on Monday nUbt. waa compelled to leave It, and s-?k her own tnd child's safety lu higher grounds There were oth?r soenes equally at painful, to be met almost on every band. and. In many oases, we taw large and helpless families that had been rendered almost entirely destitute. All the factories on the river Wank have turpeaded business. together with the water worka and gas worka, and operation* at the ship yards have buen stopped. In several places oo the pikes in Fulton, the water stands at a great depth, preventing all travel, <UU nrfoin iiBuif in'uira IJBTC WfU wwucu iniiu nw?? foundation* Huainritson the railroad ha' been n?oe**arily suspended. and it 1m feared iUh' the truck has stutilned d?m?*e In many places. Ou l)wr Creek bridge, the water stood last evening at th* d-pth of about tiro feet, and skiffs passed e tally til :<g Kant Front stre?t. Thru- houses paused the oily amnn^t the drift, during the day At 13 o'ulcck ve?t.-rd?y. iim i Oo the exer Irna of the Mayor and Marshal, a lue'tlng t>i> in Id at the Touneil Chamber at which meisu't w re adopted for tbe relief tf the sufferers Committer* w ra appoluUd, which wont forthwith to work. raising funds and providing pUeee for those wlo ware flood- d out. The City Marshal was every where, ministering to the Wftnta of thn sufferers, and to him many a bouoeieas family i? indebted for shelter By dark, laat evening.several of ibeohnrebM were Ailed with families, and the engine houMS wars thrown open for the reception of others Iron, stone, and other heavy material, wss being hauled to the skip yards last evening, to anchor down the boats upon the stocks, to prevent their being flooded away, and it ?aa feared that several of the new steamers would be destroyed, or. at least, reoelve serious Injury. We hear heart-rending accounts from the villages above and below? families being driven to the bills for safety and heller ?wblch. In sparsely populated regions, where relief, aa In Cincinnati, Is at hand, presents a sad picture. The indications last nl ht. telegraphic and other*, were that the water would ilWely attain to a height i^ual to that of I83i, but we hop* fur better report*. The City Council appropriated for Immedlat* use la the relief of tbe distressed. Id,000 The Louisville Journal of the 13th Dee *ay?:?" Th* water yesterday had got into most of the building* on Water street, between Hlith and Klghtb It Is up to th* curb stones nearly all the way from Fourth to Fifth streets, and the bridge over Beargr***, at th* foot of Third street, a* well as part of ^trader's wharf, are covered with water. The river was rising f?*t last eventug. It has b*en raining almost oonftautly for the lMt rising fast at Cincinnati at noon yesterday. anil all Its tributaries are runnlug out. A telegraphic despatch from Pittsburgh, dated ut eight o'olock on Haturday morning, says there were then 19 feet of water in tb? channel, and rising This Is a rite of 13 feet, wbich baa not reaohed here yet, and, taken in connection with th? rains of the last f'w days that have extended to the headwater*, it will cause a flood, suoh a* we have not had for ma y years " Lolhtilm., Dec. IS? The river yesterday and iMt night waa risi < g at the rate of about two inebaa par hour Last evening it waa withlu 10 or 1'i fact of being an high aa in 'Si. It Is up in the oroaa straeta from 9a to 60 yarda. and the (trip of land between Beargraaa and the river, aa far up aa Clay street. ia all under watar. The bridge at the foot of Treaton (treat baa been awept off, and lodged in the flat* between the creek and the oily. The bridge at the foot of Clay straet la broken in two. In aome of the bulldlnga Wow Hl*th treat, the watar ia In the second story. (Grainger's foundry la aeveral feet In watar. and it la up to Curry'a. Steamboats find great dlffloulty In landing The Cincinnati mallboat arrived yeatacday morning about 1 o'olock, but the effected no landtag until 8 o'clock. It ia impossible to estimate the Iom attained by this flood, Kvary one who lives on the river, whether merchant, farmer, or mechanic, mas' suffer severely. The interruption to business, and the damage to property and mercband!i!e by water alone, not mentioning what waa totally destroyed, roust causa an immense loss. We are happy to state that this calamity has thus far not been attended with any losa of life The weathe.'is cold and cloudy, and it Is snowing almoat continually At Pittsburg. on Sunday evening, the river was falling, with 30 feet water in the channel, and It ww raining By last ntgbt s stage we learn that the Kentucky river had overflowed South Kiankfort, and the water on the turnpike wan about two feet deep. The liver waa rising slowly yesterday morning The extorsive suit d> pot of Mr Lewis llulfner is completely flooded; and from one to two thousand b?rrels of salt are lost A large Dumber of coal boats laying at tha amt landing nrs Tn great peril The drift, consisting of immense trees and large timbers, is piled up against the sidewalks and stores ou Water street, tbo entire front of the oity All the storsi and hon<es on Water street are olosed, and the doors barricaded Tne driver of the Lexington stage reports the rain heavier and the snow deeper in the Interior than here. The Keotnoky has risen six feet In a few hours It is still rising faat here The weather has become oold, and it wa* freestng here >af,t night ; a fortunate circumstance, as had tne snow melted suddenly as it fell, there is no predicting the oonsrquences ; as it is, we are prepared to hear of Immense damage throughout the country bordering upon the rivers The bridge at Third strsst began to be lifted in the centre, by the water, at about 11 o'oloek yesterday. The water was then abeut two feet deep on the floor. The side rails went sharply ourved In the middle ol the bridge An immense rjuaatity of heavy drift wood was thrown by the current In the river against the upper edge of the bridge Home idea of the extent of the rise may be inf rred when we state that at noon yesterday the Cincinnati mail-boat wharl-boat was plumb against the Iron slderails of the bridge, on the river side. People began, yesterday morning, to remove thetr goods from the first doors all along Water street. The following Items from Cincinnati, bear date 14th Dec : A small dwelling house and two saw mills, floated, probably, from some m tbe smaller streams above, pas* -J the city yesterday. All the low land* are IduodtUd. tl." waters bickad, and iba destruction of property 1*, doubtless, considerable. The plank flooring of the bridge at the mouth of Mill Creek, has been taken up, to prevent the structure from floating off A steamer til washed off the stocks froin a ship yard abov*. and ilsstroytil At the slaughter house of Mr. John Batea, in Mill '. reek Bottom, the back water came up so suddsnly, that between two and three hundred hogs were drowned before they could be removed A mau came near losing his life, by drowning, in Mill Crack, near the bridge, bis horse having lost his footing, aud was praelpltatad, with the rider, Into the stream With much difficulty they were rescued A team oomlrg iu'o the city, on th? Otlphl road, the driver having mistaken 'he path, drove Into the canal, drowning on* horse, ai d narrowly escaping with hta life The water has oovsr?d the road and ?11 communication is now suspended. As several men, in a small acow, yeserdsy morning, below tba mouth of Mill Creek, were eatobltig drift wood, tba boat came in oomaot with heavy logs, and was arushed, drowning three of the men. We eould not learn their names. Lumhcr Tradk at Mains.?We learn there is no ?nnw in the lumber regionH in thin State, and that on the upper waters of the I'enobacoi at leaat seventy teams with their complements of man, are antlrely idle, and unable even to reach their camping Krounds It Is now paat the middle of December, about a month later than tne teams usually commence their operations. This delay, together with the leas number of teams engsged, will cause a diminution of the <|uantity of lumber in the market neat seaaou, and must resalt la an inoresae In the ptioe ot such lumber as due* come into tba market. ?Ban/r or fVh if. ........ ... . _ I ? al A n K.WARD?Lost. <>? Heedsy afternoon, 1Mb last., ? 1U * large blsck Dag?* sma'l utresk t.( white under Ins b.asst ?"?? ' ' > lb* ''i AHL'?. Any I>?i?i.ii leturniiic him to the owner ?t Mo. 3 Whit*h*l| street, will I -rei?e n librrul tewsid and thanks. dm>*rt T ?__ ja Ml.nk li!...a^ I .?? Villi tf. KaM JLJ dropped Hi Mercer at near Wrauti 'f Ik finder will t>e liDrrally ieward?d by returning the aame to JSu 3) Mercer at. d?1f*re AN.M'aU IM rtltUI ATl-.LV? tftVlCKAL y iak njj(i ecteri'ruii.g men. to aolicit aabtciibe r* ?ed collect tmmev for one of the moat popular periodicals published la t'ie ccaotry. Mm who can cum wall recommended for honesty. intelligence and enterprise, ciu make fioro $Jio SI a lay, the year r >uml Some are m king at ihese ntn now Ap ly t? (KHAfX rOSIV MO Na??no ?treat. Htl lt*r WA> By a uic<lii:al u>nu i.f couaiderable f iperience. a sitnatiou at aasisiant to respectable phjunai, apothecary or general practitioner, or he woold become a partner 01 Vurchme the niiereat of an eaiabllshment in Brooklvn or New ork. Address Mk.DICUS, poat paid, at iha office of th e psper. dll It*t WANTKD?A aitaation by a young worn in, aa seamatreaa in a private I a wily. A nole sddressod to M., at thia of. lie. Will N atrenrled t > <H> >' WAVl'f.D-Uy a reapectable young girl, a aitaatioa aa ch ruber maid and to do fine washing and ironing, or take care of children aud do pi <lu tewing? haa no oljcc ion to uo ge> eral homework u a am tit family, la a gi.od plain Cook and a lirat rat* wasner and ironer The beat of city relereace from lt?r laat place, aa to honesty and cap city. Hesse to e. qui'e between aveunc B and C, id f.tghth stieet, id the gr. eery atore, for Mr. Wallia. _ da I it'm WANTfcD?A fieaa I jr making Vermicelli, < n . ?mnll scale, either new or secoi.a hand. Apply to .Mrs. MONUON, S7 llniadwar __ d?l It ec SITUATION AS H< >U?"kK fc.KPk.R-Wautad, la <earecl fann< V. by a I .dy who h?a hid tome year* ftp*tienca, . id canaive anu ep> onabla referareta A note addreaacd to M, Boa lf.0# t oaf. Office, will meet with attention. <W ti?r COA< H PAlNTfc* WANTED?A Toun? umu ot k o.l addieaa. who cunld act aa ae Iceman, and who i? moiei cf lie c aeh pain<in? '.uiineaa, can hear of a coaatant lituitioa. Ilr man writ* a |<l?in d -cent hand; and aa.lie will be entraated with trinity and eo lec'iona. hia character will h? armoured Une wh .could jure nfcurity wnnld be preferred He wnnld (>ecaainn?lly hare to tabs Jonrneya. Applicatioua aildifaaed Coach f inter, at the office of tlua paper (wuhm t?<>or'hrea wwh) "ill ha a tun dad to ill) 3' fo*?>e DAUUtBUh.(?TVPC-rOR HALK. THK WKLL kn..wn Dacncirean galleriy of J VV. Th^mpaon, anaated lu the (Jrinitr llniMina, JRI Hr Midway Thia la a rat* oppor tnnitT for any peraon to locate ih'iB'elvea in a good bnaineae, a* tha prewantornprietir haef-tlly determined to fo aonth i? mediately. Far rartha particilara apply u abo?a dtl * ?? J h I

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