Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 17, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 17, 1848 Page 1
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I np it 1 II. "*1 ?? W?io!? No. ?'J93. ADVERTISEMENTS NEW EVERY MORNING. I PARK THEATRE?GRAND CHANGE OK rERFOKMANCE ? Mruri HANDS. LE>"T k CU.'S Amtricin < ircus. The fullest and mo?t t'lent?d eumi?nv ia the woild, it now performing rightly at the above establishment lie Irouta is composed ofsful eircn nnd ladies who a'l surd first in their respective business, and the fame of the dancing hors s and traioed uooies is as widespread ae it is deceived. Hecmd week of Hernandez. First week of a new Pantomime. tvery i,tract,. u in one grnud bill. Clowns. Pearhud, Lathrop and Gardner Dress Circle and Pemurfte, W ceu a. 8. x*s, 2j cents' Gallery, '2)s cents; Private boxer, ti e-ich. I lililrcn node; ItMrors of age, when accompanied by their pirerts or fniarditns, to i lie dress circle, half priceDoors ,it? n at 6performance to enmmenre at 7. N. B.?A pnud f.liotioo nerforinanee every Weduesdey and Saturday, eommennelt t ">% o'elneji m BOWfiaV THE A THE.? First right of the tw w grand a Hnee cle ,n the 0 \ i TLK Op M KXIC11, 0T the i iptare 'I lis of M I Usam is, w r tten and produced tiadrr ine dir:c'iou of Mr. Thrvinu barry, stage manager ot the 11 Thrs-r., r irfd bv Vr. Sievent. During wh rh will be la'tVifnllv depicted tlie Storming of Chapul'epec by th* No v V.i * Volume*'*. To give a vivid representatinu ol this teirih'e though gl nous achieiemeot by the above named corps, the <n'i;e of this vast s'vr* hia been so disposed of as to t> rs-iit me of the mort h illi'nt linttie Hceueaever beheld. MOM V VFN| -G hi) 17,1818. will be perfo'ined a new A m .nal H.wtael*. entitled the IJattle of Mexico, or the Can tar'o i ho Ihils of ihe Vloi t'Zuiu is. Americans?General Scott ('ntrmoider-iu chief of the army) W Marsh* 11; Capt. Wsuvoii i. : urlis: t Viptsin Winth.op, I. H. Ila'l: Captgth AVilson,Piumcr; I'helim O' Bellamy; Neb an indo, , dent member of the colored population. Jordan; lulautr . . At'.-,'cry, Dr.tgnous, Stc ; Biddy Klannaghan, Mrs. Broad* let. Mrs,can ? Genet 1 Santa Anna, (Comniaadrriu-cliief i>( the.Mi xena forces) Mr Davis; Don Jo e Maria, Tiltou; ornles, GoVi-morof Vein Cruz Stevens; Don Francisgu. ni?h gentleman residing iu Mexico, Keene; Tio lgnnno, a dr ier in flour, Milot; Father Paul. J. Rose; Desper o, '".in i-V; Velasquez Gouldaon; Mexican Soldiers and ft erill?a l'< v.?nu, tee : Signorila Isidore. daughter of Don Krvicirru in love wi h Winthron, Mrs. Phillips; Leonora, her ni'rcr, -t ckney: Inez. Tin'* Wife, Sufheiland; Agnes, Miss Bell; Dion, Walcot Act let?Sr-ene?The Camr before the colli of Ven Cruz, with view of the Castle of San Juau lie Ulloa anil the American ?qnadr-'n. Scene?The Chaparral near the city?The Mexicans driven within the wills - liove nor'a Hall in the Police of Vera C"uz?BvmpttMofnmodta Scene?Interior of General Seott's Tent ?Geueral Morales ?nd his garrison nirreiidering thei'arms and colors to General Worth. Scene?Plain near Vera Crnz?the Review of the Americ-n army prior to their ma'ch into the interior Scene?View near Csrro (fordo? the heiehts defended by the Mexicans, stormed by the American troops and eanind at the point of ilie bayonet Aet id?Scene?A Bivouae ill American troops?General Seott's Order of Battle Scene?Dwelling of Tio Ignacio, duller in flour?Mexjcan girls daocug the fandango Scene?Mexican Kntrenehmrnta on the tieigh's of Cerro Oo'do?the American National Air? its tft'eth on Sinta Anna. Scene?the Bine* Tower?the Lean for Liie. Scene?the heights of Cerro Gordo?Capture o( Santa anna and Ins cork leg?the Rattle aud Victory. Aet 3d ?scene?View of the F eM of Battle b? moonlight? the derd aud wounded lying on the around?death of Weetwood Scene?General Scott's Tent?Preparation! for Battle?Stomai"g of t e c-?t!e of (. hapultepec?the bravery of the New V 'k bovs?desperate auu bloody conflict amidst the blazon ru in and rashiug walla - victory or death?the forrreaa carried ?det imiiie l attack on the city of Mexico?Sanguinary Fight batwnanihe Americaus and M*xica-a?stones hurled from the hon topi < mbus ade firing, dealh and destruction, in the midst < f which victory erowus our arms, and ihc Americau Msg fl mis mi the Halls of M >utezam s. Capitulation of the citv of lii i co?The sous of Freedom triumph?grand and ex Citing 11 |r:\ x. ITeviaus III wnicn Luc iciiic lu^cuv hi n K ?' i i ih - Darlr ? Mr. Stlim Petribone, Mr. Burke; Freak Fatho n. Mr. Jor Ian; Mrs. Helim rettihone, Mr?. Mediion: M-s Fathom. Mr? Biriiett; Betty, M't. Broadley. Bogfs 25 cents; Pit and (Jil'ery 11^ cents. Doors open at half past 6, cat sin will rite 117 o'clock. H \TH vvt Tn r, e l Km ?First night of the celebrated J Mr KEMP eng iged for sis nights only :and first appear nee of Mrs. WILKINSON?On Moudey Evening, Jan. 17. the eerformince will con mence w th the admired tragedy of F tZ'O. or the Italian Wife ? Bianca, Mrs.Wilkinson ? sf'er which. W, H Ke-. > will aire his entertainment of (JVMN ?<?TFC FBvrS?TobeTollowedby the MODEL ARTISTS, ia the-r admired Table?n* Vivants.?The whole to eo'icinde w oh the r?w larr e cf HIS FIR8T CHAMPAGNE. ?On Tuesday craning. Mr O'Brien's Benefit. MliVHrU/S OLYM:Tc~THKATKE"?On Monday evening January 17th. will be performed the PAPHI AM BOWER O-. VENUS AND ADONI8-Adot>is. Mrs Ximm; Var<. Mr Cunningham; Venus, Miss Mary Taylor. Afier which, the farce o7 the PARSON'3 NOS*?Mr Bubo, Mr Mf'chefl; Madeline virs T'mm. Tohefollowed by anew Ire entitled WHO'S MY HUSBAND?Dr Mull. Mr Cunninahiin; Dan e1 Toot es, Mr Holland; Mrs "m:th Tnnmt?oo. Mrs Isherwood. To conclude with 'I AMINO A TARTAR?Mtnuiki, Mr Holland; Vaiourkia his wife, M ss via y T vlur. Doors open at 8. cnrtain rises at 7 o'clock. Dress r ?r'e. 5H reef*; Hoyes. 25; Pit, I shilling I VMPU: THEATRIC?A CARD?Mrs TIMM rc >pe:trully inferms her friends and the public that her Bene fir W| I t kepi ce on Tuesday Keening, J.-n 18th, on which occa-ion a variety of popular entertainments will be produced, In which Mr Mitchell. Mr H Hunt. its Kate Horn, Mr. Ho'l<ud. Mr. T B lately, Mr T. Hae, lie. Full particulars W'M he Hn'y nnn uneed Boi hook now op?n. BAuauWAV TH K A PRE?Monday Evening, Jen 17, will be perlorinrd the Tragedy of the GbMESI'ER? MrBtverlv dr Flen-rag; St'.kely. Mr Fredericks; Mrs Be very ,\iri Farren: Chvrlutle. Mr* Sergeaui. Psi Seal. M'l'e. flair; Comic Dance, Vr Thompson. To conclude with YOUNG AMEHICA?Colonel Martinet, Vr Yacbe; Capt D'ttialoig, Mr Dawson; Mr Pooley. Mr H<daway;Mrs Daanuloug, Mrs Sergeant; Mrs Pooley, Mn Wau: Mis Seider, Mrs vt i'.Utijley To tnorrow, the comedy of theLADY Or LYONS Uouricpenat hall-past d; performance to cemmrs' i n> T. A"- I'Oll Tlai* K OI'sKA?Monday, Jnn. 17, will he I'rr road. - rrnrfLUCKEZIA BOROI A-Lueresia, 8.?'ia !"< Yru: j; Duc.i Alfonso, 87 Settiimo Ilosi; Geuro, N'; S fo .ejrtti; tlrsiai, Sig'ra Lietti *nsi;(h*r first appearance in America:) Goibetto, 87 Serero Strini; Garella, 8 r liiondi; Vrelloagj, 87 G. Piemontesi; Hustiehello S'r N. Perissi; Livriotto, 8ig7a belina Boulard; Petiueci, 87 Francesco Oaihernau. Boies, parquet and balt'nv. >1: amehiDteat'e 5l>cet* MS' II ?N'ir.?' HALL. <72 Brondway. between Grand and Broomert-nets?Crowded to over flowing with the b- .u., no i.. in ,. of New York Open every night during fte wcea exce.'t Monday. Unabated success?Sixteenth week of the original CHBISTY'8 MINSTRELS. die olde?t rsr.ib whed Band hi the United States. E. P.Christy, O N. Chrittv. K. Pierce. J. Kvynor, C Abbott, T. Vaughn. wlio<e original aud mim (able Concerts are nightly honored m h crowded and h glily reapect?ble andiebcei. and universill, admitted to excel every amusement of a similar character i ft':red in this city Admission 2) cents; children under 10 yea's hall' p ics. Doors open at 7 o'clock?Concert wi.l commence at 2 On Saturday, Jan. 22. au Afternoon Concert Doors open at 2. emmner at 3 o71ock. J>T;u Vll iV A Y UDEON?K/utrance through Pinteux's Sa1) loon?Under the management of Mr. K. G. Gueki.V.? This rveniug, Jan. 17?To c> mmeneewith Veutrilcqunm. by big G. Vsieutini After which. Grecian Exercises, by Miss C Bltnchard. To conclude with a splendid series of TABLEAUX VIVANTS.or living Mae and Female Figures by ttie nODF.L A KTiSYES?Amnloinan'a Oath, Amaxiuian TiintuPh, it libra's Virgin, the Bote Girl, Telemachut in Calypso* M?rd, the Thiee Graces, the Quoit Thrower, the Q sen of h lowers the Femtle Thorn Extractor, i alypso's Dream. Scent from the Deluge. 1 he Evening Stars. Scene of Jeglausy, the spy. Tableau in honor of Geu. Jacksna.i*?dol Qir glorious Battle uf New Orleans. Orchestra B..1 it' cents, l'a queue So Min. H.nes 12>u cents. Performance to ci at half past 7 o'clock. A MS till. V.a MUSEUM?P. T- ilsRncvs, Proprietor ? F. Hitchcock, Manager?Every Day and evening this wrt k. c inimen icg on Moeaiy, Jam 17, 1841?Splendid exhibi an-l i>e>'o',e?nees, iu the afternoon at S o'clock, and alio in iV-rramni; nt halfpaat7. The manager haitheaubonndrd aatis'vction ol aniinuremg an fnunfminl, lor a very ahi r. i m- wrh l?u very exrr*oidit>a,y hiniieal Prodigiei, MAS'l Kit AND MfS?8 W Y tETY.ifid 8 and 12 years, who reform the namt difficult ?oli>s on the Violin acd Harp, each air, ni?d br tba other, making a rery talented and interesting inn i -al en'ertainmeit. Tney appear exery afternoon and remitm ihia week. Last week or the Irory Crucifix? CAN I'Bfc.'v.'S tTliIOrlANSEKENADERS; Great Wesin the " Village Lawyer"; Clara Kither'a Shaksperiaa C'biuat: M?a. ivlou-il, Mm Bernard, ,Miu>i Julien and AV|,itlo f D'itcrra; Mr. Whitlock, Mr. rrotser; living Oruig O in.* : Via* figures; Likeueaaea and Portiaita of the Am 'I'd apt re -lavex ; wai fizarea of Queen Victoria. Pniiv Boiiiue, Daniel ti't.onnell, father Maihew. Madame Rockwell, the fain' n? Fortune Teller. Wa* Model of the H' Body, to be aeeo privately at ?n extra charge of 3S cents. Admission In the whole, 2i cent*; ehsMren nnderten year* of aire, and old enough to walk alone, 12X cents. Reserved fr ri aefa. one shilling each extra. A CARD.?THE 8T E Y E tvM \ K K18C H K MUS11: A t. i U r iM 11eg to return their moat grateful ackaowleogmrnu to ihr pnbli of New York, for their rery flattering re eptioa and the liberal patronage with which the eight Concerts they here given have Lean honored To the press of the euv avprcirlly trey would also express their htirty gratitnde fot the rulv kind and geurrona appreciation with which their tverfmminers have constantly been noticed They alio beg leave to nimunee that ther will have the honor to give another rnri ofCmetrU, fur in number, namely, on Tuesday, Thursday and 8a'utility evenings of the firescLt week, and ou'loesdiv (ihe i'nh mst) orneit week This will be positively their last apt eaisnce >u this ritv , us on the Jfiih they are engaged to perf i m at the Concert of the Philharmonic society in Philade |ihi* Tnere will he in entire chargeof the pro* airme en e .ch evening's performance O J iiesdsy eteaiug.Jan 18, the Pillowing ptecei among others w II be |ierlorinetl Deertnre t" ihe <i| eru La 8irene by Anber. Overtu e to the Oper.t Die h'ehe mnble. by Re ssiser Variations fu> Fagotto ? s-eutcd bv P. Kits?composed ky Jacobi La Bonqnet ? O'Sinl Piilpoitrri, hv Strut-s, On Wednesday t 9ta) evening the '-teyermarkisrlie Vns c?l Company will giro their only' oucrrl in OrookU n. at f e F'tnale Academ ? Hil li OF NOVFl.TY, corner of Centre aud Pearl sts. ?T \ BLL VIV A1STS, or the Living Model Artists, M leant! Fems'e, under the direction of an eminent Artist, w ho will inlr d"Cs new aid splendid pictures every even ng Alio, the * able Sisters' Baud, anil the Virginia Minsrre'a; Miss LaO'ta e, tie Dsusvais; Mtisss West and Cordelia, with Sines, ft W. H. Coleman's Baujo Soles, Ma'tunc r.-etrv, and HsrJ Times. Admission one Bhilliug. Doors open 11 f to cm t.ence nt7 precisely. ANv vwu'8 MAMMOI n I'anokama OFTMS Mississippi River, painted on three miles of canvass,being rJ-e largest pmn'mg in the world, at the Panorama Building, in B'oadway. adjoining Niblo'a Harden. Open every avening, f'.uuday egcepte i I Admission, 50 cents; children naif price. The P.iuoMinn will oonrnence moving at 7 o'clock precisely ARern.yon eihibttions on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 1 i w e Ik AT hWAIIK ? IHi I S \T ( "N" h11 T HALI.-BOW- I T1 KKY AMPHITHEATRE TROUTK?BUKTI8 k NIXON, Kir?l Ni?ht tins (Mondsr) Jsnujry 17, II .0 ??. mnnw the immenie company en?a?ed are Messrs. Nuonand CoriliiMiidimw Williams and Johnson: William* find Weflt, Clown*; Mm Wells. Dsn.eoie; Messrs. Carr II, Madivan, J. BweeS, Bacon,Cole, the India Knbber M ini W. Niton, Mom. Thorne, the modern Hercules; the New Vork Ethiopian Serenadera. with the entire and splendid unit o| Horses. Kor particulars s?e hills of ihe dsy. P;ii N rioitt;OMI'Li *i- c \'ni HAi,i. IN HO.NO'K OK LIEUT. THOS W. HWKWNfcV.-The committee appointed at a public meeting ol the piiutersof New Yprk, h aema'e arrangements for a OKANI> UAI.L, to be liten to hoe rof LIEUT. THOS. W 8WKBNKY, ntCASTLE O iKDE n.on MON 1) A Y EY EN I NO, Jan. IT. 1141-the Hid I Annireisatvof t'ie Birih-day of KnannLtie. Tickets !. to be obtained by application to anv of the following < Committee <T Arrnneemriitei?Hainnel R Ulen, Herald Officii David DRe id. Ill Niwitt it crt; Wm Bennett, Herald Office: John Finch. ST Henry it: Wm. Ellnen.107 Third itreet; John L. Brown, True Hun Office; Wm M. Robunon; Joh? MeEne?ny,Tribune Office; Daniel J. O'Hnllivau. cor Frank'ort and Jtmriii; Kredenck K Kranth, 201 Walker at; K H. Roirere, Tribune Office; Wm Kello. it, Tribune Office; John Weteeli. )ll ,N?a?nu II; Edwiril Cole, 31 Ann It: Hugh < lurry. 112 Broome nt; Henrr B. Penr? n, Conner mid Enquirer office; Roderick T. KntwMetle 1C9 Rldririge el; A. J. Willtaminn. Hun.'nv Pupatch Office; John >1. Clerk, cor. Ore-nwieli ana Himinoud ?t?; W Mnu'ton; Ueo> W. Point, S 2 Monroe ?r; i I. irlet V' HI Concord ?t , Brooklyn; leaac N Rice, 20 Can nruia efreit; Samuel Udell, True Hen Office; Jameall. Clark, cor. Monteomery end Maditnn He. (?y~Mijitery genlleinen are I equer'ed to - ppcer in uniform, Si' " it>'x v \^nrs r-A Letter lot tka above Beetle man wea lelt at my raiideaoe by miitahB..Tm ewaag ua E' NE NE Arrival of the Steamer Washington. We published in part of our edition yesterday, the announcement of the arrival of the steamship Washington. We now give in full the particulars of the voyage : Account of the Voyage of the Washington. Steamer Wajhsotow. J Sandy Hook, January 16tb, 1847. ) The undersigned, passengers by the eteauer Washinsrf.rm nn ha? Info neisaoa feom flnnthrantnn to Naw York, deem it their duty to make known the oauses of [ their detention, and at the same time, to pay no unmerited oompllment to the officers of the ateamer. In oooeequenoe of a norm, whioh prevented the taking in of eoais, the Washington did not leave Southampton on the afternoon ef the lath of December, aa appointed, bnt sailed at an early hour the following morning. We encountered a oonstant suoeeaalon of aevere western gales, the wind Mowing almost a hurricane from the time of leaving the Needles, until onr arrival in Halifax. Many of us who have often oroased the Atlantic, have never experienced such a continuance of bad weather. The Captain thought it prudent on the eighteenth day out, although we had snflloient ooals for live or six days steaming, to ahape his oourae for Halifax. We were at the entrance of the harbor on the morning of the 9 th inst.; but it being foggy, we ooul I not enter it until the next morning. The machinery of the Washington having been kept In constant and hard service since the vessel commenced running, was not in perfeot order, and we were obliged to stop a number of times during the passage to repair it, losing at least fifty hours steaming. We oannot bestow too muoh praise on the able ebief engineer, Mr. Mars, for his indefatigable energy and active ingenuity in overcoming almost Insurmountable difficulties. We remained fifty-six hours at Halifax,to take in coals and repair the machinery. From thence to Sandy Hook we have had fine weather and a qulok passage. It 1* now our pleasing doty to render, in thli public manner, our graUTul acknowledgment* to Captain Johutton, for hi* kindness and courtesy, and to exprea* our admiration of hi* skill and judgment as a commander. No ene oonld hare disoharged those duties more asssduously and untiringly. Notwithstanding the adverse winds and wares, the accommodations of the Washington are so good and ample, that we hare been exoeedingly oomfortable. The strong ship behared so well and bore herself so brarely in the storm, that we oannot oloee without expressing our opinion, that when her maohinery is put in thorough order, (whloh may be easily done,for the main parts are not defeetlre,) this noble steamer will make as safe and speedy passages as any that now orosses the Atlantio. Jonathan Hunt, Henry E. Clark, riornvd H P. flat a r Oanrra T. Trwlrl C. M. CbeTM, N. Sullivan, Henry H Allen, E. A. Thonron, C. L. Moti, E. Kirsoh, M. A. Orlopp, Riohard Kipling, Thos. J. Whitman, Kranoia Ouaiseei, J. 8ugden, W. Banendahl, J. MoMurtrie, Jr. Samuel 8. Tiffeny, John C. Rust, Stephen Baker, Charles Caspari, T. R. I-owry, Selah Hiler. On soard BriAMtnir Wuhiichs,/ Jan 14, 184-t. i Dear Sis :-In separating with you, after a long and hasardous passage, the undersign' d take great pleasure 1b coDgratulatiug yon upon tneir safe arrival, which they attribute as much to your ability as a seaman as to your unwearied attention; and through yourself, are happy to present their sincere acknowledgements to your skilful engineer, Sir Mars, who, by his untired exertions, under the most trying circumstances, has proven *? -U al- i? tha uaaaalaa rtf kit bmfuiinn To John Johnston, Esq., Commandrr Steamship Washington. Geo. E. St Felix, Thomas Nye, Jr., Walter Fuller, Chaa Mint urn, W. K no wits, J. Kerie. Waa Day, J. 11 CoirUle, V. Rnaeb. C. Thomson, Geo. Wetherell, W. Rioharilion. Abstract from tlie Lor of the Steamship Washington. from Southampton for New York. Sunday, Dec. IfltA. -Lett Southampton this afternoon and ran down channel? set in rein and gale from South. Jfendey.-JOiA ? Henry pairs from South. At 10 P. M. the start point bore North at Unities distance. Tuetday. 21rf.? blowing a heavy gale, and head sea from N W Wednesday 'Jid ? Do. TAur?day,33d ?Light winds anil pleasant. Friday, ill A? Set in with heavy gale from N. W., and h eavy head sea Saturday. Ckriilmmi Day.?Freth breese from W. 8. W., and ryin Sunday, atl'A.?Freeh breese and haavy weather?very heavy head sea. Monday, 27th ?Blowing very fresh from S W ; heavy head sea. ... .... .,a.L rin-j i i. . nllln. I UBS JIIUU i;jncaovo .u _ e_.? larger. bliip laboring heavily, stopped to repair engine. Wtdnttday. 39/A.? Gale oontinues, with heavy seaship laboring very much?heavy hall squalls from N. W TAurtrf:u. 30I.V?Continued gale from N. W., with heavy head gea. Stopped to repair the blowing engine. Friday,Continued heavy gale from \V. Very heavy head sea? slip heaviag heavily. At 8 P. M , (topped '20 houri to repair engine. Guard of larboard wheel ' bouse stove and washed away. Nto Ytar'i Day ?Blowing fresh, with heavy gen from North. Cnt the misen topmast t > trace the oyUnder*, Sunday, Jan 2nd.?Wind increases to a gale from N W., with heavy hall squalls. From 8 I' M to midnight, wind light, and heavy sea railing from N. W Monday, 3rd.?Commences light airs and rain. At half an hour past noon stopped engine?the blower engine pipe having burst. Started engine again at 3 46 P. M.?and the day ends with a heavy gale from W. S j IT . Tattday Ith ? Heavy gale continues from W.8 W.with tog. At i SO. p. M., stopped to repair breaks in pipes ] and afiar 10X hour*, started at 1, A M. JVedntiday bih ? Kre?b breezes and thick fog. At middie watoh blowing heavy gale from the 8. w.; esrrled awaj larboard wheel and house. At P. M , out off half speed, on aooount of sea. Ship laboring hard. Thunday, bih ? Heavy gale from W 8 W , and very heavy head sea; at 1 P. M , passed an Eoglish brig.bouud eastward. Friday, 7iA?Continue fresh breeies from 8. 8. E. from 4 to 6 P. M , when wind lnereesed tea heavy ga.e?tremendous sea. Stopped at 10 30, P M , to secure braoes of engine?started again at 1 A M. Saturday, 8th?Stiff brei le W. by N j Sunday, 9ih ?C ommences calm and clear. Pound our coal short, and shaped our eourse for Halifax At J, A. M , made Sambro light, bearing N. W by W. by compass. Laid ship off and on. Wind hauled to 8. L. with rain and thiok weather. At day light steered in for harbor?fog increasing?hauled off?Sambro bearing W. 8. W 0 miles. Day ends blowing very heavy gale from 8. E. with rain, ship heading off land with full steam. Between 8 and 8, P. M. began to moderate. At 10 T M. steered north Monday. 10A ?At 1, P. M. made Sambro boarinr North 13 mil*-* distant. At 7 SO, got pilot on board, and at half past 9 a'olook made faat to Cunaid's wharf, Halifax. [From the Halifax Courier, Jan. 11 ] Our commercial circles were startled yesterday morning by the report of a large steamer, bearii g Amerloan colors, being off the harbor. She came to Cunard'a wharf at half-past nine o'clock, an* proved to be the United States steamer Washington. This steamship Is one of the " American Ooean Mail Line," built to use both steam and sails, and to run regularly between New York and Southampton. She was finished last summer, and made her first trip from New York In September last So that she is a new ship, and in a trial with the French steamship New York before she left for Kurope. she sailed two miles to the Frenchman's one. She is a ast mass, of over 3000 tons burthen, and is one ot the finest American ships that ever floated on the ocean On her present trip the Washington left Southampton the day after the Caledonia, (which vessel arrived here on Monday morning week, In 1,'>X days, and sailed at eight o'olook the same morning for Boston.) The Washington encountered a series of very heavy gales, which dlslocated seme of her machinery, store her wheel house, and thus nrotiacted her passage even to this port to >\% day*. She pat in to refit and take in a treeti supply of coals, and atart this evening or to-morros In making this port, the Washington name inaide of the Isle id liable, and tha* eared oonalderabla distance, by eaa and ourrent, and haa the advantage of putting herself in condition 700 milea thia aide of her port of declination, which It la peaaible, taking the dangers of the aea into aooount, aha might nerar hare reached In her disabled condition. Onr readers will understand that we do not say aueh a disaster wonld be likely to happen. Tha Waehington might hare sailed the reet of the distance to New York; but in oaae of herd winds, there is no knowing how long she might hare knocked about en the wild waters. UCKAN MAIL PmjIIIW.?bOVTHAMfTON.DeC. 17. The Ocean Steam Navigation Company's ship Washington arrived here thismorning at 1 A. M. after a hne passage of 62 hours from Bremen, against n strong head wind ; she was detained in Bremen haven hours by a dense fog The Washington entered the docks to load (or New York, and will take on board 800 ions of coal. Her day of departure being fixed for to-morrow, extraordinary activity is discernible in getting her large cargo and coals on board. The Calpa steamer hse come In from Havre, laden with Freash merchandise far shipment per washing* W YO W YORK. MONDAY MO ton. The Itoyal Mail Steam Packet Company's ship Med way, Captain May, sailed this afternoon for the West Indies, via Madeira, taking the usual mails, in charge of Lieutenant South, It. X., H8 passengers, (amongst whom is Lord Northland,) and a larae general cargo. The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Company's steamer Jupiter, Captain Meehan, left the docks at 3 P M. with the Spanish and Portuguese mails, in charge of Lieutenant Wilkinson, R N., 30 passengers, and a full cargo, for Lisbon, Gibraltar, Jtc. The following steamships are now in Southampton docks, viz: Royal Mail Steam Company's ship Dee, Captain Allen, preparing for the West India and Gulf of Mexico voyage. January 2. The Forth, Captain Chapman, refitting. The Great Western, undergoing repairs. The Peninsular tind Oriental Company's ship Indus, Captain Soy, taking in cargo for Malta nnd^Alexandria, is intended to leave on the 20th, with East India and | China mails. The Erin, Captain Russell, having had her damages repaired, will shortly sail for Constantinople, See. The Achilles, taking new boilers, &c.; the Tagus, Captain Evans; the Montr?>se, Captain Burney; and the Madrid, Captain Joy. The Hindostan is expected from Alexandria on the 26th, with the East Indian mails; and the Iberia will be due on the 25th with the Peninsular mails. The Trent, Captain Sturdee, is lqoked for on the 22d. The repairs and lengthening of the Oriental being nearly uuiujii'Jit'U, Biir will biioruy arrive ni ouuiiiaiupton, from Cowes, to take her station on the Alexandrian line- The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company's new iron steam ship Euxine is expected in a few days from Glasgow. She is of 1000 tons burden, and is intended for the Constantinople trade. Wind S. W., strong breeze.?London Times, Dec. 18. France. We have received the Paris journals of Thursday, the 19th ult. The Presse publishes a long leading article, in which it professes to give the secret history of the proposed intervention in Switzerland. It attributes the idea exclusively to M. Guizot, and says that he conceived it immediately after the rupture of the cordial understanding with England. M. Guizot considered that, by adopting a hostile bearing towards the radicals of Switzerland, he might conciliate the despotic powers in Europe, and relieve himself from the state of isolation in which he was placed by the Spanish marriages. The Presse, moreover, taunts M. Guizot with having borrowed from the government ol Louis XVIII. a precedent for interfering in the domestic quarrels of other nations. Louis XVIII. interfered in Spain, under the pretence of preserving it from anarchy. M. Guizot has influenced the northern powers to commence a crusade ugainst the revolutionary spirit which is said to exist in Switzerland, as they countenanced in 1822 the idea of an expedition ugainst the revolutionary spirit in Spain. The Presse prophecies that M. Guizot will, in the end, liud himself without any alliance, and exposed to the iU-will ol Lord Palmerston and the displeasure of Prince Metternich. The Commerce has calculated, that during the last seventeen years no less than 1,120 prosecutions had been directed against the journals in the name of King Louis Philippe, who had inaugurated his accession to the throne by u formal promise that no prosecu tion snouia oe in iiuure lnsiiiuiea ugainsT nie press. During tlmt period 57 journals were obliged to suspend their publication in consequence of the severity of the penalties. The writers were sentenced to 3,141 years and eight months imprisonment, and the journals to 7,110,6001. fine. The Thres per Cents closed on tlie Paris Bourse on Thursday at 75t. 25c; New Loan 76f. 40c ; the Five per Cents, 1161 70c.; the Orleans Railroad Shares, l,196f, 25c.; Rouen,898f. 76c.; Havre,4701'.; Great Northern, 456f. 25c.; Avignon, 557t. 50c ; Vierzon, 641 f. 25c ; Bordeaux, 4831. 75c.; Troyes and Monterau, 2ti0f.; Basle, 1621". 50c.; Paris and Strasburg, 4071. 50c.; Tours and Nantes, 390f; Paris and Lyons, 385f.; Spanish Three per Cent-, 30^. Spain. Our accounts from Madrid arc of the 10th and 11th inst. The general discussion on the address was closed in the Senate on the 0th. and the first three paragraphs were adopted without any opposition. Uu the 10ih, the discussion opened ou the fourth parugraph, relative to the proximate termination oi the negotiation with Rome, to which M. Cabello moved an amendment expressive of the Senate's desire that the arrangement with Rome might be effected without any derogation to the rights and prerogatives of the crown. M. Arrazola, the Minister ol Justice, and M. Santaell i,as a member of the committee, combated the amendment, which was not taken into consideration. The Archbishop of Burgos aext proposed to insert in the address a clause to the effect that n project of law providing a becoming, secure, and independent dotation for the clergy, be submitted to tiie Chambers. M. Arrazola invited the prelate to withdraw his motion, and M Santaella declared, in the name of the committee, that he could not accept it. The debate on the amendment recommenced, and was still proceeding on the 11th. The discussion in the Chamber of Deputies possessed but little interest. Our correspondent mentions that the French government had obtained trom the Emperor of Morocco the cession of the Zefartna Islands,on the coast of Airicu, adjoining Mdilla. Fhnsc Islands belonging to Spain, the Queen's government had ordered two steamers, with two battalions and two batteries ot artillery, to pro* ceedthither lorthwith, to prevent tne French troin taking possession of tne islands. The Duke de Glucksberg was to give a grand dinner 011 tne 11th, to the Ministers, the Duke de Rtanzares, M. M. Mon, Gonzales Bravo, &c. The Three per Cents were done on the 11th it 27f, at 50 days ; the Four per Cents ai 15, lor cash; the Five per Cents at 154 ; and the Debt without interest at 4$, for paper. Switzerland. Our private Utters from Berne, of the 13th instant, state that M. Guizot is very much enraged at Lord I'almerston, on account of his declaration that the occasion for intervention is uow at an end in Switzerland ; and it is even added that ihe Erench minister ia prepared to act in concert with Austria 111 the matter, without regard to Eugland. This intelligence, however, lias produced very little or no anxiety. The elections for the Grand Council of Lucerne were over ; the seventy-live members returned were all liberals. Dr. dteiger was returned in four districts. In Upper Unterwald, M. Michel had been elected as deputy to the Diet. He is a liberal, but said to be a moderate man. Tliia half canton has also sent its quota of 14.0001". towards the instalment demanded by the Diet (payable on or beforethe2t).h inst.) towards the expenses ui uic war. London Money Market. Fmuir Evc.nsa. Dec. I? ?The Kngltsb funds opened at yesterday's price*; but from the ciroumataoee of a considerable aupplj of etock having been brought upon the market, th-y nave oloaed at a decline of a quarter per cent. Conaola. for January, ex dir., were first quoted 8*Vtto ??', and they left off US to Bank Stock closed 18o>4 to lb8>{; Reduced Three per Cents., 84K to X; Tbree-and a Quarter per Cents , 80,'? to X; India Bond*. JOs to 16* die.; and Exoheqner-bill*, 7a t<> 10*. pm The foreign aeourities have been leva buoyant to-jay, aad pricea generally show a alight decline oompared with yesterday. The news from America relative to the progress of the war caused some flatness in Mexican. The latest bargains In thi* market were Brazilian small at 80; Chilian at AO; Dutch Two-and-a-Half per Cent* at ">4J{; Mexican, for the account, at 1"V, Peruvian at JOJt; Spanish Five per Cents at 17>tf for money and the aooount; Belgian Four-end-a-Half per Cent* at 08; Dutch Two and-a-Half per Cents at AS; and the Four per Cant Certificates at OA. In the foreign exobangee bills upon Holland were In great request, with but a very small supply, whloh occasloned a fall In the rates Hamburgh also was rather lower, but no other material alteration occurred from the priors of |a*t post. Iu the corn market, to-day. there was a good demand, and prices were maintained with much firmness at Monday's rates. We understand that the Portuguese financial agency in London, whloh was compelled to suspend payment on the 7th Inst, owing to the absence of xemlttauces from the government at Lisbon. Is now In a position to meet its obligations, and that all overdue bills will be paid with Interest. It appears that the government had made arrangements to put the agency in funds before notice of Its suspension had reached Lisbon?a circumstance whloh may be considered to mitigate in some dearea the discreditable nature of the affair. The private letter* from N? w York received to-day by the Aeidia indicate a coniinuenoe of the anxiety which was repnrted to bare been prevalent at the departure of the prevloue eteamer. The total amount of apecle shipped to England ainee the middle of October, Including the eum now biought by the Acadia, ban been rather more than $0,000 000, and the rate* of discount, at present quoted la consequence of the preeeure lor money are la to 1A per cent tor flret olaaa paper. Several failure* are announoed, bnt none of auy Importance, except the Arm of Horace dray It Co, the largest Iron houae In Boston, whoa* liabilities are about $1.000,010, and of whom the report la made, which we presume Is aa common on auoh occasions In Americaaa on thla side that the/" will pay all and have a surplus " it is said that thef? eredli waa uadwwhtad up te the day of thelt failure. Mat* It PolleU, a smell Qenuaa eemmiaaiaa MUM. Iruia mUy fell are In New Yerh 0 than, haw \ RK ? RNING, JANUARY 17, li: ?;? ' ever, are aptlnioattd In tba tprtag, line* the low prloa ci oonon i* nseiy to Dreaa down some or metr customer* in the south. Ik appears that for thi* picket, bill* on England ware told at ill prices from 9 to lflX, but that tbe difficulty of getting rid of private paper was unusually great, and that epeclflo order* for remittanoa* in gold were extremely numerous That tbil state of things will rapidly stimulate shipments of ootton and other produoa seems to be generally exDeoted ' Our preduoe." It la observed by one writer, " must go forward at some rate or other, and shipments of specie be stopped, or we shall have a severe panic here " The Wilberforee steamer, which srrlved to-day from Hamburgh, has brought about ?14 000 In specie. The ao*en steamer, whloh arrived yesterday from Rotterdam, ba* brought only j?1,000. The account* from tbe Amsterdam Bourse notloe a decline in the value of moet public securities, produced by tbe pressure of silss coupled with the increasing demand for money. The reports from the Frankfort Bourse also *psak of the little business transacted,and the downward tendency of quotation*. The same dullness ha* nervaded the onion I at market* during the week as we have bad occasion to describe for week* pset. Imp rt?rs have taken advantage of every opportunity of realising, and thui an average amount of business he* been transacted, but at extremely low rate*. Sugar con tin ilea very heavy of silu. and, although fnr One qualities full prloeahava been paid, the artlolegsnerallv abowa even a greater degree of depreaalon than previously. The publio sales both of Mauritius and Bengal have been moderate, but have passed off heavily. Soma transactions have taken place publicly in I'euang sugar at Tary reduce 1 rates, ordinary quality or low damp having changed hands at 8s p-r owt in bond; a rate whloh. Independently of total loss to the Importer, will entail a further outlay of capital to defray the charges here. With regard to coffee, the very large paroels of Oyloo ?- biah have been brought forward, oensisting ohiefly of the plantation kinds, have tended considerably to depress the market, and although about two-thirds of the amount pot up haa met with purchasers, it has been at a decline of 1s per owt. The native kinds have also slightly reoeded in yalue. The prices of saltpetre are barely equal to the extreme rates reoently paid, and the rt?" mark?t is not only as usury as previously, but nas dvellned about Is per owt. Of tea there hare not been any publio sales held this week, but privately the transactions have been on a more extended soale. The railway share-market Is still exoee llogly dull, and moat of the sales effeoted have been at lower quotations. Within the last few days a great change has ocourred In the aspeot of business In this department. Manufaotukks in Virginia.?From all quarters, we hear of the erection ol manufacturing establishments,of one sort or other, upon the most extensive scale, and in States where manufactories have been heretofore unknown. Old establishments have been greatly improved and enlarged, to enable their proprietors to meet the increased demand for their productions. These results have followed under the tarifT of IS 1(5, and furnish abundant evidence of the wisdom and judgment of Secretary Walker, the distinguished author and originator of that leading measure. fn the counties of Botetourt, Alleghany, Rockbridge, and Augusta, in Western Virginia, iron ore is very abuudant, and new iron establishments are springing up with unparalleled rapidity. Old establishments, that had been permitted to go down, have recently been revived, and are uow in successful operation. In the county of Botetourt, we have five furnaces now in operation, and others are expected to be shortly commenced. The old Etna furnace has, within the last three years, been purchased by an enterprising cpmpany of Pcnusylvanians, who have improved it upon an extensive scale, and the whole establishment has been placed upon a permanent footing. This establishment is under the management of Mr. Allbright, and is making from fifty to seventy tons per week. In Alleghany county, the Lucy Salina furnace, the property of Col. John Jordan and Sons, has been 111 successful operation for several years past, and has been doing a very profitable business. In the year just closed, they have made, as I have bean credibly inforihed, 1,432 ions of metal. A new furnace has bean lately erected in this county, by Wm. L. Alexander, ?sq\, which has been blowing for some nme past, with entire success. Two new furnaces ure about to be erected near Covington, in the same county?the one by Hazekiah T. Jordan & Co., the other by James G. Hamilton?both of which will be in blast during the next year. In Itockbridge county, the Bath Iron Works establishment has been purchased by. Samuel Shorrerd, an enterprising Pennsylyanian, and has been successfully operated by him for eight or nine months past. The furnace belonging to Matthew Bryan has also been in successful operation under his management for several years past, and will continue under tlie manage- I inent and control ot mat experienced and enterprising gentlem tn,and doubtless as successfully in future as hereto.ore. A new furnace is now in progress of erection on the South river, in Rockbridge, under the direction of the industrious and enterprising owners, Samuel' F. and Benjamin J. Jordan.? This will doubtless be one of the most extensive and valuable improvements of the kind in this portion of the State. The furnace will be in bhst by the first of May next, as I atn informed, and, under the management of these experienced and judicious gentlemen, must do well. It is more than probable a new furnace will he erected near the Alum springs, in Rockbridge, during the next year. The ore is abundant, and in all respects the location is very desirable. The old furnace of Montgomery & Erwin, in the county of Augusta, bus recently been purchased by Isaac Bryan & Co., of Rockbridge, and will be refitted immediately and put in opermon l ties- tacts snow tnat me tarni 01 181li lias operated beneficially upon the manufacturing business and interests of the nation. All things seem to have worked together for gc ;d. Incidents at tenpins the Explosion op the A.N. Johnson.?We continue to receive heartrendlng accounts of the somes witnessed oa board this doomed vessel, and on shore, after the surviving passengers bad landed. The Cincinnati Commercial says : ? Tha explosion blew away the boilers, leaving the furnaces and Bra partly exposed, and uiuob of the eabln fell iu. losseugere, when tbey opened their state room door, rushed to wh-re the cabin had been sunk, amidst the Barnes, which bad seised on the fallen timbers of the cabin. Mr. 8 S. Sanders, of thia| city, who was, on account of the crowded state of the cabin, lying on the B"'.r of the scolal hall at the time of the eiploslon. fell with the oabln on the deck; in the fbll the timbers of the oabln fell on bis legs, wbloh prevented him from rising or doing anything. The boat took Are, which was momentarily approaoblng him; and while lying In this nonunion ne iiw several pensn in ia?Dftu?p, mmr nsaas extended for aid. and (bricking with agony and despair; bat thare were none to help them. As the lire approached. the horses, tied on the ioreoasile, became wild with nffright, and commenced kicking, rearing, and plunging. In tnls wild excitement the timbers which held Mr. Sanders were so removed as to liberate him, when he rose, and approached the tide of the boat next to the itream, and seeing the river foil of ice, caught up a wet blanket, threw It around himself, and rushed through ihe flames to the opposite side, and made his escape to the shore, wbioh was overlooked by a high and perpendicular bank After walking some distanoe along shore, he reaehed a place where he gained the summit, and seeing a bouse, he proceeded to it. When he got In, he was tfoiog to throw himself upon the bed. but was prevented, by the woman of the house. Immedla'ely Dr. OiUespin came in, and attempted to throw himself on the bed. bat was prevented also. He sunk on the floor almost lifeless, end expired soon after being taken to Maysville. The frightful appearance of Mr. Senders and Dr. Gilllsple so ..termed the woman that she hardly knew what she was doing, and there were two ohilrden in the bed. As soon i?s her senses rallied, she removed the children, made up ;t good fire, and contributed to the extent of her power to the relief of the sufferers brought there. The seene of heart-rending agony oo board the boat wee Indescribable There were the dead and dying?the shrieks of oien aa they sank into the flames to rlee no more?the wild fright of thn horses?all conspired to render the scene beyond the power of language to depict; bat the agony ot those who perished Instantly by the explosion, sunk Into thn flames and were thrown Into the water to rise no more, were short, and their fate we oonld almost say preferable to some who surrlTed?their flesh burat to a coal and pealing from tbelr bonne In the miest of suffering the most acute that the human frame ean coders, men In the depth of their agony were begging to be shot, calling for axes and other Instruments by whioh ihey might end their sufferin s. On the shore and In the adjacent corn field, were to be seen the most frightful spectacles Heads, trunks, limbs and every part of the human frame, torn from the other parte, and In fragments. soattered around. Thk Extest or the late Floods.?The season In the northern portion of this oontinent has been extraordinary. Frost and light snow In November, suoceeded by heavy rains, extending frrm the Mississippi to the shores of Nova Hootla. early In Derember, flooding the river and causing great damage, fcUnwed by severe frosts and | light snows, the thermometer down to 9 deg. or 10 deg | Saee ?-- * eaea/f .. A he kaaww val n ml ft na # H - -i-ah ultimo to the second Inst. In ibis neighborhood, the ground ta again bare ot enow, and the froaen itate of the earth, trere, and vegetable productions, by freezing the rain aa it fell, has coated the whole with lee about en Inch In thickness The meadows and pasture* i must have suffered, and the ground In the forests Is strewed with branches broken off by the weight nf Ice. The country has been before bar* ot snow about Christmas, and even at out the flth of January, but suab <|uan> title* of rain formed into loe at this season, has seldom | or never occurred What may be the effeat on next year's orop Is uncertain One good may result, the destrwetlon of the eggs of Ineeste. fee , whleh for the laet slateen year* have bean so 4?strustlva to tha emus. To-day the weather Is beautifulj thermometer la lu shade 10 4eff ? Qnstss OtsiM. ' L i,- JJg [ERA 448. Police Inelltgenc*. ?? Yrifwt on a Mii'y Veiling ?The Qr?t cu? called up before Justice Drinker ?u Grace Atkins, a women of rather genteel appearance for that olaaa, who ahoweii evident signs of too muoh liquor and not enough aleep, a* the 11 >la of her <yea aeemed to rlae with muoh difficulty. M*oiitr?t?? Offloer, whet'a the charge egainat thla woman ! Orricca ?Well, Judge, ahe'a alwaya been a pretty ateady woman?I nave known her for aotne time on my poat?but laat night. It aeema, aba got a little too muoh liquor on board, and raiaed a dleturbance and tight with her hunband and neighbor*, I waa compelled to brieg her In The nelghbora aay they don't want to make a complaint egainat her; she haa two amall children, and one la werry email, too. Maoistrat*?Why. Grace, i am aorry to aee yon here, particularly aa you don't look like a drinking woman ; now just aee the trouble and dtagrace you bring upon yonraeir and family, by giving way to liquor. But aa the complainants don't wlab to continue tne oharge, I feel dlapoard to let you go. upon the promlaa that you will reiorm from drink hereafter Grace ?Than* you,fudge, and I don't tblnk you will have me here again, nor will I drink any mora liquer. MiuutiiTB ?Well, upon thia promlae you otu go Aud off ehe atarted, with her huaband. for home, after her hlght'al odglng in the Htntlon House The next view was Thomas Tute, one of tbo leutonlo race, an Iriabm*n,of comical build, end of raw material, hit faoe spattered with blood, ahowing evident algna of a xslliflnatinn with hii fpiwmia t hu nluht nrnfinm IIm IVBU brought io by Timothy Collin*, very worthy policeman of the Klrit ward MinuriuTt-Whit's the com plat d i agalnat Thoraaa Tute T Ot ricin?(The officer commenoed with a atrong Irisli dialect) Well, plaan your honor, he kapeii a little bit of a "groagery,'' and aure and ha'a a troubleaome mau. He glrea me morn trouble, your honor, than any other body In two bloekn. He kapee hi* place In a little bit of a cellar on the earner of 8tone and Broad ate . and auoh a lighting and rioting all the time, yonr honor, that the paceable portion of the community are dlaturbed; indeed they are. MaoiaTHaTa?At what time of the night waa thia dlaturbance? Office*?It waa juat two o'clock in the morning, your honor. ManMTaaTE?Very pretty hour, Indeed, to be fighting and drinking. What have you to aay to thia, Tute? Trmo*eb?Oh, muaher, muaher, merciful Judge, I am not two month* in the place ylt, and nlver did a watchman trouble me before; thia ia my flrat time before your honor; nlver waa there a acrap of a pen on your honor'a book againat me. No, your honor; I can bring a good karaoter; none of the family of Tutea have ever been before jour honor before. Officer?Yes. your houir, that's not true sure, and I brought itf his brother the other night, for being drunk and disorderly. Prisoner?Ves, and sure,and did'nt I pay for him,and aff thank a to the watchman ? moiiTisTi?How long have you been In this country, Tute f Prisoner?Oh! your honor, 1 am seven years here.and always lived In the First ward, and a lagal voter and no mistake. Ministrate?Yes, I have no doubt but what you are a legal voter ! Prisoner? Judge, will you plase to let me go this time, and I'll never trouble you again? Maoistrate?No, I shall keep you until the liquor is all out of you Prisoner?And, faith, the liquor's out now. Oh, dear fudge, let me go, and you shall never see the sight of my face again. Maoistrate?No, Tute. I intend to put a stop to all such drinkiog and disturbing the publlo peaoe. Offlcer, make your affidavit; which was done, and Mr. Tute was held to bail in 9100 for his future good oonduot, in default of which he was oonsigned to the Tombs. Hebeooa Rose was the next prisoner called, who was in full blossom; her faoe being of the rosy hue, pulTed up and spotted, from the effects of high culture Her clothing was in a dirty, tattered oondltion, and the fragrance arising from this living Rose, was of anything but the ' rosy-posey" order, although " a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." She asked the J uatlee to send her to the hospital for two months, whioh request was granted by the mugistrate, and the poor old woman was sent to Blackwell's Island for sixty days, in order to recruit her strength. Charge *f Fraud?Offloer Hulse, of the Third ward, arrested, on Saturday night, John Oallagber on a charge of obtaining $103 from Rose Kelly, of No. 43 Warren street, by false representations. The aooused was detained in the station house until further proof. Why not take the prisoner before the magistrate ? Chartt of Faltt Pretencee.?Officer Welch, of the lower polloe efflce. arrived in town yesterday, from the town of Carlisle. Sohoharte county, this State, having in custody a man by ihe name of William Safford. whom be arrested on a warrant issued by Jnstloe Drinker, wherein he stands charged with obtaining a bill of irrooeries, amounting to over $600. from the firm of Beach, Oreenwood St Co, wholesale grocers, No ttJ Day street, by false and fraudulent representations It appears that in September last, the Recused applied to the complainants for aoredit, at the same time making certain representations respecting his solvency ; but. before selling the goods, the oomplainants r? quested Mr Safford to piece the statements thus made of his I responsibilities on paper?which was d< ne, and the goods delivered. However, shortly after the delivery of the goods, Mr. Safford made an assignment of alibis effects, including tke bill of goods purchased on a credit I of six month*, from Beech, Greenwood A. Co. Soon after this assignment, S afford left Carlisle, and hu been absent until within the last tan day*; and aa tbla faot ol his return wae known to the complainant*, meana wore taken beiore Juatloe Drinker, In order to procure hla arrest, upon discovering that, tha representations made were false and fraudulent. Justice Osborne locked him up for examination. Tlie Present Police Law. In some of our previous ertielrs on polioe, we have alluded to tha character and objections at present existing In the management-and first as to tha office of ohief of police By the intendment of the law. the ohtef of polios, subordinate to the Mayor, was to be the executive officer of the department, or to illustrate. toocenpy tha earns position as the first lisutanant on board of a man of war -the executive officer He was to have his office in the Mayor's offioe, not to have one exclusively bis own, and to make it neoauary to the corporation to pass an ordinance, calling a dtsLinct and asperate office. In violation of the law of tha Legislature, a part of the Mayor's office His ohief employment wea to watoh over and keep a constant supervision over the whole department, and hy constant and daily visits to the station houses, and throughout the elty, to see that the duties of the respective officers and policemen were perf rmi'd, and that the whola department worked together for the ocmmon objects contemplated by the law, to oorr ct and prevent abuses This is the true iutendmentof the law, as an Incident to his office, as will be seen by art 3d see. 'id of the law. A portion of tha power of a special justloa was given him via to issue n precept for arresting a person aeousedof crime.and to commit such person for examination; but suoh examination to be tken by offioers now authorised by law to take inch examination? and that he should proeasd In the same manner, (i. e In the issuing of a precept for the arrest.) and be governed by all laws relating to Polle* Justices In like eases The law thera referred to will be found In J R. 8 Part IV., title 3, chapter 3d. entitled, "The arrest and examination of offenders," which designates certain officer* having this power, vis : .he Chancellor. Justices of the Supreme and Clreult Courts, of the Superior and County Courts, Mayor. Aldermen, Special Justloes and Assistant Justices. Justices of the Peace for any town, he , and no other magistrate* than thee* shall have power and authority In this oily this power was spsotally delegated to the " Special Justioes," henoe the polio* act of 1844 arrest and commitment tor examination by a Special .1 uatioe to the Chief of Polio*, epeeially restricting hie power to the arreat alone, for, and the examination to be taken by.the Special Justices. The officer* designated by law all the preliminary provision* of the law relating to the arreet and examination of offender*, a* contained in '1 R ft are to be obeerred a* to the almple arre*t and oommltoient, bnt the examination of the prieoner, hi* wltne****. and th* witnesses for the aeoueation, and the oommitment for trial, or hi* discharge after a fnll examination of the whole matter, I* oonnded alone to the offloer* named, who can also admit th* aeoneed to bail Th* Chief ha* no power to do either. Political Intelligence. TitLOa Mm Mkktiwo.?The political frlmdi of dsn Taylor?thoes in favor of hi* election to the Presidency ?In Kast Feliciana, held a men meeting tn Clinton on the 271h ult. A committee, appointed to draft an add reel and resolution*, declaratory of th* object of th* meeting, reported a long and eloquent addreee and reso lotion*, and appointed on* hundred delegate* to attend the State Taylor Convention, to be held in New Orleans, on the lid of February next, for the purpoee of nominating an electoral ticket. pledged to support General Zaobary Taylor, a* the people's candidate fo>- President IUU.4 Ulelea Henkt Clay asp Zachasv Tatloe.? William R. Johnson, otherwise styled the " Nspoleon of the Turf," says advisedly. by snthorlty end understanding^. thst " ere the lspee of twenty days. Henry Clsy will himself announce to his country, thet he will not be e candidate for the Presidency, and that he will advocate and support the flection of Osneral Taylor." Sol. Johnson is not a man to talk lightly of these matters, and his word on all sntyeots mar be religiously brlleved. Let the friends of General Taylor then persevere In the good work before them, and let their watchword henceforth be, "onward."?mu> Orleani Bel, Jan. 8 Ohio loislati'aa, ih? Wae, aidThomiiCoiwh ?The Judiciary Committee of the Ohio State Senate, in a late report, proposed resolutions for cdoDtlon, setting forth that the slisting war between the United States and the Republic of Mexioo, did not originate from any act of the former, whioh could have been avoided consistently with the honor and best interests of the government and people of the United States, that the annexation of Texas to the United States was an act of sovereignty on the part of the two powers; that the war with \1exl<-o extet* by t n? an or tnat rot*' nm?ni; i i that the war with Mexico It protracted by reason of the , treasonable ootiree of the lion Thoraaa Corwin, end , ottaere who co-operate with hint ; that Thome* Corwin, Senator, be requested to retign. Sic. Tain Amiai.?In the Ttxae Senate, on the J .'J 0 o , a resolution wet offered that the Hon. Antonio Na ?*rro. punter ttoui p?im r r , arttor fcr th? i??a|on, ?v?oh taUrpr?Ut ? allow* d, og? of th* ooaUaMt f"' f*' ?* ?? Of U? j tailt. tlm Mlm p? ft; ?b?t uiloiii w nit | LD. Frtca Two Cemia, !T* .niaoellu hooui. A? PontlM Mich on the Jdi Dun, * So t ohman by the name 11 FinUy went to a bonus la search of h's wife. who had abandoned hi? protection. an i wis rsfased ? I mission. The aries of the women ?lthln.?n l hU"?'*1' at the door. attracted the nsxt door a?l>{Hbor, a Mr. Bnek, who went to liim to p.**yv.l on hiin toabaud to Hieffirts; whereupon, Flnley drew ? Imlfe and stabbed Hunk in the abdomen causing his d?-ath in a few hour1 buok formerly resided in Det.n r more recently at Kochatter in this Stata. Fiulry was imaisdUtoljr ?? cured. <j?n?ral Taylor ylsttad Bayou .Sara on c Uriel tni* day. an l was warmly welcomed by the oltiasns. Tne Chronicle say* :? Among tnose wno were most n?ppy in in * -ting the General, were four returned volunteer* who hvl ehar?d in his recent catupagnn Oi? of th*e? after gre tiog the General In morn tha i fr'endlv t?rm?. r-miad?d him of hi* service In th? nrmy, when the following obaruter Istic scene took place : ? ' General Taylor" sail thn affeoted so!liar, "my nimn Is D . I b-longsd to tho 1st iiistlvdppi Kill's I whs in the battles of Monterey ar. I U'lena Vista. The last ttma I saw you was in too nhuroii at Sal'.ltl > " The General * ?ye? sparkled as au g-axped with both his own th# proffered hand of the brave fellow -and "How are you? (Jod bias* you," cams out. from bis bone?t heart D racrived two bullet wounds in the battle of Uuena Vista and was lying In the aforesal i oburoh snf fering from his wounds at the time alluded to, whsn General Taylor visited the ohuroh on a mixsto of humanity. That olrcumstanoe caused the mutual reoognl tion. The rrmalns of Cols. Butter and Dickinson, arrlvtd here on Saturday afternoon, at 3 o'olook. In a special train, whloh hail been promptly furnished by Col Gadsden, the patriotic President of the Railroad Company Thi y were Immediately conveyed to the State armory, wherw they are to remain until the wishes of thslr fatal lies and friends are known in rsferenoe to their dual resting planes; the Governor bavlrgin the mean time despatched expresses to Edgefield and Camden to asotr tain this. The Funeral Elerolses, whloh have been or dered and arranged on a scale becoming the charaoler and dignity <f the State, and of the distinguished individuals themselves,hsve been postponed, until the families of the deceased shall be heard from ?Columbia 7>f< graph, Jan. 10(A. Got. Voung is said to have refused another requisl prolnhly hoar more hereafter. Scrupulous as he Id, however, about complying with requisition*, he doe* not oruple to make them; and did not deem it iinconstitiltional to call upon the Louisiana Governor to surrender u fugitive from the Umpire urate, U. Feller, Jr., charged with swindling, or buying good* in New York under false pretence* Though every possible quirk and quibble wan resorted lo in New Orleana, by able counsel, to prevent it. Gov Johnson, in the manly exerolae of an incumbent courtesy, ha* surrendered him. and he is ' now on his way back, to abide the coarse of justicefife vii't jfrfurrfiscr. The Aldermen of Albany arc about to adopt an Aldrrmanlc costume, to be worn by them when In the discharge of official duty. Some propose gowns, while Other* auyocate white scarfs The Ex/ireti of that oity ays. " Perhaps the city coat of arms, printed in red, on a white ground, and pasted upon the baoks of the august members of the Board, or hung majestically over the broad expanses of their turtle fed " corporations," would be very eiguitlcant, aa well as appropriate." Law Intelligence. Court Calk50ar for this dav.?Circuit Court? 11,40, 17, 69.02, 01, M HO. ?7, 7, 68, 10, 50. 8. 49 16.44.? Common Pleat- let Part 1, 3, 6, 7. ?, 1 i, JOS), 13, 17, 18. M Part. 2, 4, 6, 302 8, 10, 12. 14. 16, 20. ADVKHTISKMKNTS NKW KTUI MORNING. WAI.D-N PF.LL, AUCTION F.KK.?CLOTHING AT NAVY YAKii, BHOOKLYN -D. C. It W Pell It Co will sell to-mnrrowK Tuesday! at 12 o'clock num. et the Navy Yard Brooklyu, by order of tlie Navy Agent, a (.irge quannty of I loihiug man a facta red for the Nary, and conaeaineJ. This lot or clothing compriars different articles of woollen clothing of diflT-rent tires, well adspied for eouutry fade, or the pit rioies of charitable societies. Litt of qnantities aid description will hereafter be exhibited to parties withing to purchase, b? the anctionrers Ltiel?BLACk SILK BAG,?Dropped,yesteidsy, aboat 9o'clock, b't .een Dr. Brsdish's ?nd Mauhatteuvil e, a Blick Silk Lady's Big, coiilauong ihrer ban k books. two on the Chambers snd one on the Bowery Barings Basks. Aay person finding 'hem will be rcwar lrd, by leaving them at Dr. Hrsdish's, or Mr. Moor't btage "fliee LOST?An Opera Glass was left in one of the Hsrirrn cars on Friday evening, between the hours of li and 7 o'clock I ne tinder will be suitably rewarded on leaving it et the Clinton Hotel Fl' VVOIIK8 LIK ! MAGIC?1 hem Five Dollar suite? ft.... ...... ..... ... I...l,,.,n .1.'. ...,l fir .? ?.il il.a i,i?b#r mid the body, thu it 11 difficult to (apply the demand. I hay cooiitt of cloih cost, emumere pauta. uad fmcy Teat; ?lio. oyerco?ts (ad cloa'ts reduced one half, owing to the advanced stn'e of the kkoq. Bviiikii I oik gttngjeaeh Cleaning and repairing Cdh ptid for genu' clothing S3 anil (tor*, corner of Back m?n and vasaee streets _____ CUnJtKh'd ?*' Kd, VKK* LuW?at tliu advanced / season I And I h(v? a few more o-ercoala ready made, th .11 I ought. | (ha 1, therefore, icli them at lower prees ihnn ever, in 'set. lor con!!! My usual naeortmen. of clotha, flic., ia oi the bed; my pricea ara well kniwn?aleo my talent, Mtraogera are therefore requeued to try me. prore ma and aee mv work, li B. CL atiKK. 116 William (treat, oppoaite the IVashingron new atorea LKKf UFf CLOI HI .UAMJ k L/ttMTU e. WAN TIlD ?l.adiea and Oentleman baring superfluous e (fasts to diapoae of. anch aa Wearing Apparel, Furn.tore, ho . eaa obtains fair cash price fur 'he aawe, by (ending f>r the aabarriber. through the post Hi -e or otherwise who will atiead at their residences J LhVKSS 1 VN. 160 Broadway, eg ataira Ladiea ran he attei d'd to hv Mfa Le?enatvn ROOKING ? Old Tin Hoofs inane tight lor <s ceula par foot ? New roo'a of rough plank eoyered f i 4K ten's ; roofs of factories or large bordiuga. oecr 20 iqaaiea. for |3 Ik per square, and warrnited. Giodwiu'a Talent Premium Htlrn-Piienmatir|<"enient.f,heathiug makes a handsome, cheap, I'glit at d durable roof. Keferenrea and ipecimens at OOODW I.S'M t' hi mna v.Pnt Factory lit Weal Broadway. Helween hambere and vVarren etreeta BRUKKN BANK B1LLV ?Ailae, Jamee, i\oithrrn K.Ichmge, he . leken <n evchklice fir eeery deetripti?n of Ury (Joadi?geulle men'a ail* neck Imidlirrchiefe, hoaieiy. nloree, Jkc : Iidiea' drea<, kid and a>lk do: mualin for hall diearee; ehawla, caahmerea, delaiuea, aloacie; Iriah linen, warranted pure: cambric pocket haudkeicniela: ailkdo; anapen lera; elaetic, merin > and co'ron ahi tj, panta. printed callore, white end brown mmliri, Ac OYOHGfc Sl'l^VAllT II t'O, l?l Walker atreet. mrper of Irlnlbcr r rf*HK PicKPi/rUAL oLOBd OVtHSHOk.?K?.r I *ht-I nraa, durability, end elaganee of ahape, la ackuowleuged to ba aupenor to ell the ??riuua kinda in nae To be had only at the (iondyear Rubber K.mporiiim, No. '.V? Broadway, Hathhnn'a Hotel, where may Mao be obtained firemen'* an I Gantletnen'a Metalic Rubber ( lothing, ancn aa co la, eloake, copra, b ml*, inittana. u tntalouna, oreialla, legginge, an'wea'era, kr lie at wbnleaale end retail, a' moiiarere pneea . I.N ft. tiai: A iN< b ill aa uidai al tlx suinei<i< ?i dia Uuaaty of New York. Notice ia hereby giren to all peraona harnig claima against Johu M. Winaut, litre of (he city of New York, derraaed, to preaent the aame with the rone here thereof, to the anbaeribera,at the reaidence of Albert W. No. 110 Varick etrrei, in the city ol New York, on or before the Thirteenth Day of May ueif. Dated New York, ihe tenth day ol Norember, 1147. AliBbRT VV. H.MI'l H, BKNJAM1N P. FAIR] Hli.l). Kiecetore IN I'UK.-l A.N< *. ol an order ol tna narrogaie 01 uie Ceunty of NfW York, Notice i? hereby giveti to all persons having claims again" Frederick Taarhe.late of the City of New York, grocer deceased, to present the ismt with the i oiirhers thereof to the subscriber, at the office of James Uird ley, No.f.S Nassan street, in the city of New York, on or before the Sth day of February neat. Hated New York, the Id day of August. l?47 Vh'.TTA D TASI H h. \dmini?rrarrii. tacmrnttAtlUN Nil 1M K III Bale ul I'mieu* fi.r L n * paid Assessments.?f'ohlic Notice is hereby given that a sale of property for nnpaid assessments will take place at public auction, at (he City Hall of the City of New York, on Wednesday , the first day of March nest, at twelve o'elool at noon, aud be condoned from day to day until the whole of said property shall be sold, and that the detailed statement of the property to robe sold for unpaid assessments is published in the New York Daily Tribnue, a newspaper printed ?ud pnbliahed in the city of New Yoik. By order of the Mayor. Aldermen and Commonalty of the city of New York. MARTIN K THOMPSON, turret Commissioner. Street Comroissioner'e offire. November it iBi7 *i? Mii*wi4w?m v'ihl'.N H AHDFtf OlLoCI>*i? A-? LKTlhHa kOK lsl SlliNti?There Irtteis sre remarkable lor durabi'iry, -nil a brillieucy ol the gilding unequalled ty any other article in the city?which brilliancy it war an ed to ('ai d ssuoaure to the weather. 'They are alio japenned to any color that may le desired. Orders left at Jones, Beebee It Co i.lll Knltcn rtreet, will be ttteuded to J he partnership heretofore st net ng hetwe-r Vemh rdt H Scott, was dirsolved oe lha 1st i.u n p MV1NII ARIVT f.^OH SALK?ThT aery laat-uilmif coppered Picket ehip LulJI a VI LLK. 5IJ toi'a haili in line city, nf lire '"k. loroit. anil cedar Can be lilted lor a limu rnyage iruh bat lute ei peine ?Apply nu board, loot of Grand aired, i.*?l H re-, or r<> K K ' Of.1.1 lit *rmtb ?'r*?t IpOlt Nt,<? I'MLK b'lret regular packet, with oca T pau-h?The well known, fait tailing packet ship WI-CASSK.T, W,||i?m John Logan. meater, burthen 70? tnn?. will Mil aa abure her regular d<y. A lew cabin and iccor.H c 'hiu paaaei geraean be comfortably accommodate , ou raaeor'iblr|'-rm , b> makirgfapplicaiion on bond, foot of Konaerelt itieet qi 1,1 JAMmi LaNNV, luS Moatk mt t iAOR.'NKW OKLE \.\M?l.o ' itiami and New York In." C *f Paeketa?Vary redncad raiea of (freight ?The naw andeplaudid fait tailing packet berk SHEKWwOD, J flartley, meater, ie now londiug and will poaifirelr aail Thnrrdey. January ISth, her regnlar day. Kor Iraight or peaaage, hating aptendid furnuhed accommodationi. apply on b ar<l t Or learte wharf, foot of Wall afreet, or to ?. K COLLI N8. M Month atreat Agente in New Orlerua Mr. Wm. '"teary, who will promptly forward all goodi to hit addreaa. Poeiurele no freight will be recaired on board after Wedjeeda^ erepiug. January 17th. Bucket ahip L lifton, J. B l?*ereou, win anceeed the Sherwood, and aail on her renula rday. NOTICic.?The Ticket Ship Samuel Hieka la diacharftni at the foot of Dover atreet. Counfoee* will pleaar atteail to the receipt of their gooda immediately, without far ther notice. CI ON Si ON ICES of the Snip KuWAHU EVkHmT S from Lrthorn, will ptru# ?nd their permit* on hoird, it Jidd'a Wharf, or to the olfice of BOYD k HINCKE.N.M Wall "f eet CaONHUN hES Of the ah p Nene, from Hint ?il, pleaae / a-nd their perrnita oe board at Pier ??. or to the orlice of BOVO fc Hfx KKN. ?? Wall ateet Kt nH V \ l< " I I, I,1\ a- l'i r. | , ered u, J copper I uteaed r bark LEPAN I K, fieorne H?rv muter, will b* prompt di ah bed BOVDkHliNCKy.N BrojmrrJM Wall at. FluR LIV fc HI'OOL? N K W LI X i -Kenular r.cMflel ihe Jd'h Jtnua y?The new and aplendi i Miliar l acact ihip SiiKKI U AN. Or.. ae U >> mieh, raaeter. te now loading, and will poaitively ami >*? ibmr?her regular da? ror freinht or pnaa>ire, having apleudid aceomiiixdaiioui, . t .. ... i|j(>'V on tiouru, at urirana m n-ri. ... ...... E. K. t ollmt. ' ? South atrror The racket Ship ft a KIMi.'K. ."loin IItiut. in later, will nicerftl tlx Sheridan, and uil Iter Hwhuky. ( \PfO?n ION K?\: M. ' ? NY?Orai fartne ic. will " " r*riw.t~The calrbrata' ire learner. Jnoirr M'dii-.u '?pt. L. Sneoi, Will f l?i Ilir | in r lO'r? Mrrnf Mir?lri*'> Mnaday *ft?re?on, 17th, ?f ? oVwok K" pm-*- ('* apply an board or it thn offlee, foot of Mobii " n ot v' T Stasia* Fral?h? taken at ""eiUma re?.

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