Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 27, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 27, 1848 Page 1
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Til W*i*? ftMrj. BY OVERLAND EXPRESS. LATER FROM TRK WAR QUARTER. IV Peace Ruin Rot Continued. Talk of t Three Months' Armistice. LEVYIJU ruVTKIBIno\S l i?()\ THE E\'SMY. Threatening Position of Father Jarauta and his Guerillas. Thr Rrporletl vtiark on the Train Confirmed, ir. Ire. he. 'Kr-vm th# Now Orlr.n* l'iro\u?ie. Jtn 19 ] I ?The N.? OtlM<M < optoin tdward Auld, ? w*<l M oranto* fr?>o? Vo.o''rn? harm* M|M the 14th ln?tant *h* br.>u<ht over th> foiinoin* pMMtitri: Mout. B K Mo?doa?ld. Mout Kairfar Li-ot J B. MMtw L'out o. liinooroort. font I tt H'lfflotftM Major A. () Joha. o. I.lrat J M. l)fo, Mout C C K#kb? ? Mout )> w Wolkor, Capt Ilio* Moat Kidor, ' op . W Norfloot Ll.?t l.faita Aadrowo, I.loat C H D.'rVona. l)r J W Kithard* n. < opt John Briotow. * apt D.C Boi rr. Mro. B%rgd?tt. Ll*i<t T U Aadrowo, A? t Harpoon N. Hill. Lioat J M Klohardoon, J H tiroy, A. I or rot. J H Mt, Martin Uoorwo. Mr. Nallol oni ooii A ) t> kiabor ranci* Martin Vichola* Brare li V Ko-lnoy \V V iMa.tloh Tho* Marobo'l J H hnorrara, Mro < ogoa. Mr K.aher Mr Da.rN. John B I mmw Vloeoat Mt'kor, John Rood, Ira Biaboo, o?o Ruhr.' apt J B B Kta?obary 'k he n?wo wo pabtiabod too Lord oy of an attack upon tho tfoiu under < at. Mi>oo t* eonlrmed la ooat* roapocta 'A L* ltkM Sua* hjkV t>*d?n Bikdftratiti an I it fill mn~m orer. fi.i prin-lpally upon fnraiaa m-rohtiU to wh >m thr p*t t ID I !<? MultaJ () hOUN ll liilt to bara l.?tt p r> part j w< nh $? li??i It tM an haclieh j Era I h- > r#a'-h > <! *poa<ah merchants NkM w?r? nt>.* t" obtain tbe restoration of tbatr (node by patio* amaril j. but mo compromise oooH be mail* by K.a*lieh ou AomMu m arches te Tkdr nIUrm m* is uprni IbMnl Tf/p who is expects I to mth upon lb* lis trtct of Omaha ?U?e? tha brigands com*, the amount tost la the ktrraith it ? a pposed that three or f >ur m?a of the UuuU'l HI0?e ??r? tilled. red ulyat or to* of tta? M'tlotn The portion of the train eat c IT hid iuroutinualy togged behind r.iooel Vtiloa | coo1 J aot wot it-t th-ni to coat op but left a iwr l of i tweutv-hre m*n behloa. obich was totally loo<l"|nele 1 tfuiiit tba euddea caret of foor hundred gu?r Ha* The ship (Iceea amred at Vara < rai oa the ath last. ' tinm New Vert, with 'oormtt aa lor tbe command et < aptalo Henry of tba Ji I itaotry Trior# baa been aa antral at \ ara ? rai from tha elty of Met 30. wi'b del-a to tb? let lost Tba Bail caaa down ria Orilaba lien. Hcott bar laeaad aa order auoaiaf ?po? the ' Stater of Mexico occupied or to h? oecapled. by oor troop# ao anauai tai amounting to about tb a> mil- I i a. I b# order la ao lmp?r<ant that we aire It at ' I nyth baluw There la nothing la It looking like paaca I From tha f ra# .fat icew of the I Ito laat.. wa ropy tba following itema drrirad froai <ba pepera reeeieea from I Ih* capital: ? Tb#.l?'ri'iii Stir of tha 31 at Daoaatbor soya that It | be# been knoao that a le-?e fires of gurrrlilaroa wei in tbe rlclnliy of tba elty of Mexico; that tba II. H Dragr ip? nod fe'led to coma ap with thru* Oa tba i?th i't rai*'* iereuti slept at Sea Jaaa g.eot'hnyean ae- : noiapenied by eight hundred men Oa tba ^ war at ?u?d<lapc. wltb an ra.'ort )of m?u. and pro- j c-rded aa far oi tba gartte From thenee he proceeded v to ilauepintla. aom* tilna rai1-a from tba eity of vlaitoo. co tba Wu?r-tero road III# ery at tiaoJalupe wa> ' L-ng lire the re'igiou ' We hope, add* tha Srer, tbet , knui ?f our irag.-oi.a, or other*, arlli abortly gat this pr*clou* raaoal In their bands, lis is bold la rentiirt' g ?o n-ar th" city aud ra"oot expect to aanapa anprebea > nion and th- pun ?hm-ut which h* d*o<rr*? 2 A rail'ood meeting a* to t> I > i on tbo 1 ?t. A com nruee. of wbi-b < 01. H*V#rt vw tbtuaig wa* to , rusk* its repoit in regard to lb* feaMbility of th* route* sad ntb-r matter* appetlo'umg lb*r*lo A lopott ? mod- aoin* ti t#-n year* ago. by authority of lb? M?xt- 1 can >! V'Tom ct. th* aub'ttho* of which wo* U> h? pi* en'cil to Ui* meeting A rumor *u afloat? n th* JI at ult . that Col Withet'* aomnan l. which le't th* city of Mul o, M th* *tmiiu( ot th" 'itidt. for lt*ol del Mouto. bod b?*o cut to pt. -os wbenob.ut twenty n?('?* <]l*f it l b* dor* not b Hm? o * rd of It, and Mf* tl *t It would rt'iuir* four , or Cv* >bru*?nd Mexican*, ot l*a*l. to rout* in* " .h Id fiinlry. thr drt^or.w? and th* r'?n?ri/, under < A a coram tod. and thot it 1* f >rtua?t* for I'o I** Jarou'a ?nd UlMMM thot th-y dI i n. t r. K.'h ' .utdklup* uWtll two Joy* ?tc?r < ol HV.h-ta* command l?i: ikot pi*- j A tr ilii w >< probably o-nr* bur* la lb* *our** of B*at I w'eg from th* cite of Mexico By thia oirly>l the d?t*? from (gurrotoro or* to th'lig.h of U-c-jibcr Hop** w?r? ih-u *ol*rtotu?d tb*t loo appro-rlrtig Cowgr-a* would bow* o quorum *r>d tli> r* van much !* * t* k 01 picouciomrato** <d r?*o atlno* A l*tt*r of th* dbtha*}*. that all partln* at* aurr* I t ot to ?*?J romm'olnU'ii to Wo-hiiig. r.aibi tra'loi 1 riri; pr-f*rable to tbat iim* 'f <l>fr*ia io.i We and lit tl- -old about o fr*oty of peace but th*r* w*r* wliliprra a*. lfu?r*taro ot an ornii*tlc* of thr-a months hemgon th* tnpit Weaun-x *-**ral l?tt*r* from ou- iutelg.nt eorr-apui'lonl at V*ro Crux [Correspond nc* of tb? Picayune ) \ fk i Cm - Jon U lsiH.?Tb- n*?t expedition tbat lcates V-ra <'rux J. r tb* Interior. w'U, wl'hout deui be to Oiizaba, to occupy tbat place; an t if o *ufttc.-at uumb -r rf troops 1* ot baud possession w<<1 aire b* tak-o of vlordoyo, an important sti j?, which w'H b- bad d joy by (!< 'whole commercial community ?bo bar* riot* toil r ir m th.i brigand* who malt* tb-a* eifi-s th?>r Ui'Hd ((u*ri-ti!, than from otl th* Mexican armi-a in th* x-r-pu' !ic of M-xico Aa I trl*d to rhow you in a f >rmer iet "r. the road ofl-rs adrintsg-.' to tbiar** nod Cow-rJs. wbi- h a b.ave band would acorn to u*?. and r.o | matter hoar sum" may t>* a b ind of 1 hie*** ?nd ro^h?-?, t' ih y tin d*'ertrtn*d and well mouc'* th*y ro-y-ui I teed in a aalie.g nod r<" bmg froia nearly *r*ry tuin that .>* * up, hi ough topey th-m well for th* small ri?* they run But a "these citt'* arc their h*aJ (ii.rie , 1 * -c n-arly vrry tiiug is uisposecl of, 1' la to o- h u 1 t.: : h* adranr .c? to t<* d-nred from th-- no. up* 1. ot the?c.tins will b* grei.t. But to I 1 *ouial e-ri 1 , wdl b* necessary t >av- a moo d torna ol anfttclant Bir-ngth to p*n*t with sif-ty th ? Hostile pjr^iooa ..f | the** district* >?di nold itsell in raadin-*' o' *11 | t'm-k to Inter , r captu e l prop-rty 'bat the ro^- 1 b idixioyhar. n To .in ibis eflfentuall*, no d"ut t but t'l- 'Oiutcoi. i liicei 0' thos p's:* idlwolrl Bed of'h*''apartU'? I ail c u*i ys fr ou Vera < rnx tha' they mm always two tha look at Cavalry in ib? mor. un.oriant una 10 all convots from t?ii? oily to ti<s interior, and wiiimui it tb*r? is o pafaiy In cider ttat many *hu ara not familiar wtiti tha lno.nui-r in "bleb train* am troteoied an* In which they rul always have fo be pioleaied csuaipt an army is bant to juaid a train. I will giva you aom* idaa Of thr last one that lalf h?ra I a-l?r I <>l Milan The ei mm od cn-ma w of ab.ut. lao ' troop*, ol which th-m were abiut HHI ea?alry 1 be train. e<n anting of ab'-ut 300 waaona au t 1 iOo pack mules, CvVrmd a space of l.i a-ly s??en imb 8 I'hara I* a tbickat on an bar aid* pf trig road. eHeriog *o?ll#ni opporiuul laa a??ry > o|' the way lor''. and *o impenetrable ihat only at in'crvaln it i? potriPl- to throw out lUnkers Tit# guell'laa hire acnes* by paths which no our aim know* *ad I hoy ara fatolliar with, and taka oar* to aalaol thrwrak ant puiu' of the train* Tbay aeoompllah tbrlr object without dalay and it ir impossible to follow or oTartaka thain with inlautry Thr cavalry loroa*. although tbay may ba a ivan*ageously posted. air *o faw and a" I ?r aw that by tba tiiu- lha n?w? reaches than and ' h y rraab tha po lit attack -d. It is too lata unlets the (i>rce is large and n<>< d fort una f ivora thain tnlhapursut If tlieae ptac-a which they m?ke tbair homes ant th*tl*|o<ita for th? ir spoils, ara secured and v lacod undar tba oom in'ii J of efti-l-nt and energetic ottlcara, wa will ?"on rt petlruce tha b-ndts It la tha duty of our Government to afford p-otaction to trade, and thr loams aualaioad by morrbants who pltce thair goods undar our promotion should ba made good. '1 hay pay ibadutiaa oa all good* aa vqu i*d by tna Amvnosn < rjvertiuieot. and by paying a small duty to thr robhars tliry cau gat thair goods through n 'aftv to M?iticoi but tbia would ta assisting tha enemy and persons doing so would havs to suffer tba eonari(uenoesof tha laws of all nations, which prnvlda eev?i? punish'.naul in a'l found ui;i!ty of such offences Hut it wa ta* then goods to support tb* war, thair goods should be protected to the interior. prrttoulnrly aa thrrr la ua market lor them in Vera Cru* If goods could not ba sent beyond this piaoe into thr Interior ? aboul i da rira but a pitiful sum in th* way of dutias on bnpor tatlous which would hardly pay tharsp'nsa* ror is.'i.ri log it. Mors mrunted men for this lino ara in ! *;. nink?i*, if it i? Ilia intention to tiy to kerp opru romuiuolcat.rns with .viexico. and I trust that they will b< f I throwing soon Only a small portion of tha rilla rsgimant have bet.I mounted since lueir arrirai tu iu.. uu.-, lw the went of borree. but I suppose not ?o much from the difficulty of ihrni in N-w Orleans, at from ihe w. lit of tranrport.tlou to Vera < rux at the time th<y were here This puta me In mind of a great oversight cone where wbichehou'd be remedied If half the mo hey that haa been expended In I u'ldiog pr<>p*llari. ( hinh are a dead welpbt tipon the Ooveiumenl aod > ah anoe* with only oue or two exception*.) had been expeudeJ i i boat* like the New Orlean*. we ehou d hate tiiree or four that would at all timee hare been flt for aertloe. and there would never hare been any neo-aeiiy for chartering rail vessel* lor transports trom the port! on the Uulf, except for the transportation of auppllr* ll the t. uth ws? known I think that It would apoear that the steamer New Orleana alnce ahe haa been In serelce, ha* done more work than all the propel'er* In the (lulled state* *eivloe Tbia Is saying a great dee', but I have Kite . it du* oonaidaratton and think If I have mlsee l the mark I hare ?hot too low The government would save money by burning tbem all up i he Mexioan resident* and property holdera of Vara Crux are go-wing *t that bone that (ten H ott gave them to ptok In hit late order discontinuing the payment of n t* lor quarter* occupied by our troopa, and I am rather ino'ln.d to think they are about right ?a far ** this city la concerned, in claiming payment aa hereto fore. In the articlea of capitulation of the city of Vera Cms it was specially agreed that "no bn'ldinga or prirata property should be occupied by the Amerioan army, except by consent of tho ownara and paying ? lair prloe for the E NE Tnev rent of such bu'ldinf* m may be requ'rsd for the i>u cf the Amtticu f my " By the order of Gen. 8oo't it li specially ordered that do rente should be peM ?fter the Irt of Nfiyemher. 1847, ora* (inn m contrasts wit! permit Shou'd the article* ot'c tpltuiat on be enmpl-ed with or no* ! 1 oyer hem J a Mexican arguing the port yeetrrday, and ae one of his expressions i? qolve sensible. if not just, I must glee It lo yon He says?''We oapUuleted to the Americans and are obliged tooomply with the articles of capitulation or 'hey will hang us and they, if they are men of honor, mu-t fulfil their part They shot two of our men at Ja'apa for haying violated the articles of capitulation, and they served them right, and I hope that when the question is brought up before the American government they will see th?t no arti :t? of tha* capitulation shall violated and that full justice eh 11 be done to the oitlcens of Vera <~rax " For my part. I know but little about the rights of in eiders, tut I cannot really see how we c in vio!a> a I treaty entered intolu good faith on the part of both belI ligerente, and it is my belief that upon dne considers tlon. not only the commander-in-chief, but the D-par*ment at home, will decide that tbetermsof capitulation shall be fulfilled T.t steamer New Orleans arrived this morning from your city, having made the passage in five days but she nrings no news from the English steamer, for wtiich much anx'ety is felt, as she was due here oo the 6 h lost. I believe there are about ten In the line as flue sea *te? Caere ae th?ru are afloat, and until the new arrsngem-nt to i touch at New Orleans was made, I have not for n'n* I --soughs knows be-gMdue to be behiud her tim - until the nut due the laet iliiiuihi wil hsr dslsy wee satisfac r rority accounted for. Ltatcs from M exloo were received thU evt the lit in*t, nod they bring rumors that the expedufc* air 1-r < oi Wither* to K<mU del Mente bed been cut to piece.* by large foroe of the enemy ; but the writer of the letter which I saw expresses bin opinion that it it ell a hu"jbu< Ashe is a Mexican, I have a great dexlof faith lu hie opinion on th's subject, as the whole race are always ready to *raap at and believe any rumors, if they h .re the least foundation, that may be unfavorable to the Americans. An order has been issued by General Scott levying contributions on each Htate, but as I have not yet been able t-> eee or get hold of it, I cannot give you partiou Uu now, hut hope to be able to do eo before the boat leaves I presume as we have bad no further news fr*m < clonal Miles'* fain, that no further accident has happ toad. The thr itr# ?s doing a very e'im business, and 1 feer that Mr Mart will not realise as much ae he anticipated, and as much ae he deserves for his enterprirs Herr Alexander it in town, and sr'li commence a series of entertamsasmis this evening at the PtiUoe. lie has been playing off a few of his extraordinary and amusing tricks unon the ci.i/.-ns. and has created quite an anxiety with the innocent to see htu> perform, and 1 have no doubt that ha wMI have a orewded house, as it is something quite new ta them. Kuoueh for tc-day. V? *? Cat /, Jaa 13, id-id ?The Alabama Battalion baa i. ft for Han Juan, to relieve the detachment of tbe 13th Infantry at that post, which will proceed to the N?t! n* Bridge, to join the other part of the regiment. I'll* oth Tennessee Regiment is eooamped outside of the city I bear no rumors of their departing for the interior. but presume that thsy will form a portion of the An'sala expedition, whieb I hope will get off soou. A apecial courier leu lest nigat for the oity of Mexico, to take no the mar-hants htters. wblob were to have b?.-u soot by the Kagllsh courier, who awaits the errlvrl of the packet If the packet ehoul i arrive, although we have given up all hope of her doing so, she will pro bably b ) detained here uutil the Kcgll?h Legation coui e make the trip to Mexico and back, whicn will tcke 3w days, ail ehe will, of oourse, be behind her li'se on her return llerr Alexander la drawing lu" hou-es every night at the l e'ace. The majority of the eudiencoare Mexicans, and the elite of the city. The Mexican lad'es, who have alwaya heretofore kept themselves in obscurity. fo'm a large portion of the audience. and appear to erj >y the petf >r>natioe more than auy one alee I l?a.n hat (Jena al Twiggs is abont to ratabliah a p. mi-monlby meil bvtweeu this city and Jalapa.cud that tb* d-?t w"l leave hero in atnbulaacet under an v ori of dr <o>>ns, tc morrow eveniug Colonel Hugins a - i moat likviy aee that it is sent on in the same uiai ier to Tu-bla witnout delay. and so on until it reaches M? xloo rne general think* that by taking light load* they a.I'. h? ab'e to rsaeb Mexico in twelve days and it is to ha hoped that the enterprise will succeed, end for my I* t I do not think that it can do othaiwiee Vena Cm r, Jen. 14,194$.? A sni.P putty of told'srs arrived lest night worn Jalapa, but they biing no n? ws xoept the ai<.vel of ' oionel M)l?s'train at that place. it',, nt. tuither loes or attack than what was repM ted to yi.a a few days elect and that on the 11th it proceeded -n res e to Mexico I refer you to the Vera i us papers ft>r several interesting items, particularly to lie ?* leetrftea of ttie morning for ttie last order of rnsral Daott Lveijihitg remains fjutet on the road to the int*ri< r. and will contioue to do so until thers Is ? ebaawe far huufty r The fo'lowlng rre the orders ta which our correspondent refers ? iisao Qi ttrisi or tHi: Ahmv, j Mexico. Dec 31, 1617. J <.*eta*L oaosai -wo. 3PS i To support, la pert, the mMttery occupation of the Kepi >'.!? ol Mexico by the Army of the I'nlUd tftates. the several ntetee of 'hie llepublia. already occupied, end others ai taey ehe I bee me occupied, a e, or w 'I be ee-?seej. by the year la d< I a.?, ?' fo I. we : ? nr uehne 4*? i *- Otxaca f-4 l?fi ahuua on.9 (gueiettro HMltt > I lapse 41 fW Ma Lata Ill 1 .MtnattD ......H i w7?I Honor* ... 4,i*t0 J.oltn laba-ro O'.liKiO Ml .10 Hi at# Mil 'i'amaolipan r I .1 : Federal Dtetricl. .?*) < Ml Vera*mi 77ldl't Micii aouji....... 187.7 I I /i.'ttrcninil A(iiil Nu?fi Lo'D Ml >7 Callentav 7ti > u-tr ? ........ . i. Thfv %?? ' a. 1 * If the quad: ttpleof tb ulirrst tiTt?? l>*id by the aev-rrl ntaieo 1 > .l>i- 1 re' * wiwit > tbo year 1HIt or Inil. But, on :h? ?. bar hand. *11 't.nfit duties ( Went .let y d"r<ierd? iHltrr.a mu) heretofore payabt *t the tc*u* of eitle*. id r.o pa*.-ioi( t e Im-e i.?i ?r -n Ht tie# h*r* been *ho vbai, t<><eth-r altb tiattrcel lotterl#*. i be tobaoco 111 n -pf ly will r?i b t'to'ubed Iro jj ?vl a't-r th* prea-n. year The cul'ivo t on *od the ftlr of thai pi*..t fti'l ihcreaf rr b? I >? r ire ii,t duly ' hat 1 be I ulUl Htalcv may hit.' I'r |> v i or fisii itnpove on tu* imp- rta.i n of too ictj tbtnu/h t eu? om imia* ?t t'exiran part* otiupied oy iblaa-try And th-rvovipt* of the p rt-olll ;v ? to({.-t h r wilt'b- playing c ird *111 il?u>p*d pipe- im.i.| It a. ir-r>liO'|Ut*b*d to lb* * tale gcverruietit- 1/ 3 I'n* *u?* nor* *n 1 meinb-r* of it.- Iecli>.?u-.- in 'he ulUeren' Hta'-f. *0 I collvoltoft I'Mcn. ooar tu c >'JQiMio.i an I i..r-t*for* charged with the colleen.. ' i lie fed' r*' du< a of any Kind will bw li.iMv.dua'ly held rea-rnoxbl- in tbe'r p-r#> n* an t properly for the r "e. linn eud lull pa) ID. u: of thl? ..-e-.-m i;- 900-1W I monthly at the u?u?! at <t? capital* reepaellvrly or o: b r pU e or p a. e. eiita n tlie m- aa may he aip Hot*. by tue I uile.i "?ta?. a" e'.iunjai <l?r Wiliilu each H la 4 I h* ****** m at ou .acli aiale that may here* toe tK*ouple.i aa bom. aba I lie ooualdered ae due fr in I 1 am fliai day of lite m ulh wi blu which the oocupatl u may lake piaoe I 1 order to evuid all calculation* nun leu On day* inae Ibah ir.on'b tlenca wo areuit w li be I 'IIowe.- a Mate for any p?y la-nt pr-vb ualy made to the < t-deral givei i.iurui. r It* oUee.g. f r any part ul a .iouID a uh 1 u which tha Plate eb* I have beu occupied by the Am*nc*a foroa* In it.e HtatO* already -.>o u pied. I he aaee-alur will be conaidered a* bavin* m-m urnced with the prwenl mouth, and ha demanded ac rdi. 11 y 1. Iu p-yin-at ut tu * mosey aaaaaeaeot. any Mate m .y subaUmie, > eb le or > part at a fair vvluetl' n wi'n the < ! at ol the told * at-? oomniandiat; odl I*C lher. th, Ni'k rtftalea of aubelatence and for-** a* may be found eoaraateat la the two parUe*. Oa ibe failure of aay Hlale to pay It* awmn-nl It* foot I aarl-a aa above, will h aelaedaa.l Imprianaed. aad tbolr prnporty eon d.raglatered report..I and own var ed. to the wae <4 tbo ao upailna. la atrlet ae wirdanre loth- ueaerai r-cwlaft .a* wt thi? army \o reei(aailwn or at> ilaatlua ol otbae by aay af the eaid Men. au fun tloaai lo* *h?U e?r ?-e owe tf ftiem from aay of the above | ubiljatiABa or pewalttea r**ul*r pavmaut it ahoaa fr. m My Mat- (lit r.n Hlwr M IM I ait-J klo'a* forr? wl<h a tk* ua> will int -diataly |>r..i-?-ad U> eoWaoi la inooay of in kind irom tk* o-an biet laMbttonU. ntkar tliao n-ntral frtand# ankle hi* nark. th* ami ualof lb* ihwm act Iruia tk* Mai* takiuc eara aloay* to in k* tka * -ll rlloa at r.juitably nil naalnaly a* prarttrahi* I Mil to ?-port tk* Mnnant forcibly l??t*d to ib? n? iteupartor oktoar al lb* army V?.> ait ? ? ' n cammittad la ib*aa nparatiuna at aall at all fraud and aorruptto tbaii l?* *U,>ron*ly proaaowtad brf r? a 'rlba al al ihaiikf With a *i*e to a rlyoooaa aacaonlnbllly latelyli | In pnyBMt of aaa-<am*nt# *h*tb-r ta aaoa-y ? la k'ad (tk* I*'t*f tiprtail la MM*y t*rnrll?| livalMfint 1 *111 h* nig nod ba e>HB* faartar aiaai ar o*mml**nry or pa>i?aai*r tkla arm j uaa?J by tk* niuaaadlnc mi Ormt wltkia a Mala and be d?'y att*?>d ky tk* lni!?r who WM ?la? k*ay a H|toa| o| aM rank paymant* < >> amount nf lk*? til of braa! I*ai*a. alll be 1 r*po?I*d Bioatblf to (anatal bead joatt?f* aa o?'l Hit Waahiugtoo (*ao faaa*ol ardaa* Ma M. of tk# * k Mat J both ky tka raoadaara tad tk# altaatna tad a >m aaadiac ofiaava wiibin fkaaaaaral Mat-a . Tka utut'. data bar*u?t r# I* a tod aa tka y*?*not aiatala ta tka latarlor, ky tk* ladaral (laaafaaaaat of Makleo will ka aoi. tinned and *?'" ted On tka ? ita [ ry ekaato of tkn amy I i?Malli| #*?# wtr tka mine*. aaaay otto#* tad gtiatt raapoattwly otll la juin* j and report to f?noarl k**d ,aart*rt on tk* #o?j*rt; but until fartbor areata tk* Mlloolag rata wi" ka * orUil 10 On pro,lu. t,. a of both (old Md dlaar tbraa par " HOi * k*Ui?|. tl M kr ?aary It- mark* Ik* 1 mark of afebt oone* on oaoo>ia? tl IS* kar for knti of I #"t?r or 01 Manrk for kara of |?td or of fo*d and a41 I i*rn'i*d and on a?inn?a tk# p*r a*atnf ' mm betk m* talk h#r?t"for# paid ky tka mint* ra#p*rtl?aly aaar*d toy to contract with tka M*tlraa li*ttrna*it Tkoaa eontraeta In aaary eaae nil ka part^tvitrly aaaiulaad Th# on* raa' por mark on both (old and ??i?ar bar* > for* paid to th* i oll*(* *4 Ml*** in tkla *My I* r*un quUhad to that leltnUflo InatltaUaa Md may aalleat a* una1. 11. It t? unl*rato*4 thnt tka aallaatlon of tka dn*a on production. m?lttn( and aaaay In*. may ka mnd# at tba nanny otto#*. and tbay will ba <1* weeded and ra netted accordingly Th* tbraa par oentaf* an aofnaf* will ba collar tad for thU army at tk* miat Al koto plaoaa offldkrt of latalltganr# Md aoeurat* kaklta of In apnotton w"l ba nppnlutod irom Urn* to Una ta (la* tk* naeaaaary attendance 19. Tka Ilka flit?, laoalpu, kMaf tin?, mflo W YO r YORK. THURSDAY MC ten tod report' ere prescribed n -raped to dJ?s oa the precio'M m*t'<s as ere prescribed above f)r?tk*r contribution* in money or in hind, end the former commence also at the same period'end under like clroumstano-a -thet is, in the Mexican ftatea already or cupled by the American foroee from th" Bret ipeten' end In other States from the beginning of the month* within which the States ahaH b- reepectirely entered end oecnpled. 13. The American troops In spreading the-jiselre* over this Republic will take care to observe the etrtoteet Jiscip'ioe and morals in respect to the .persons end proptity of the ronn'ry?purchasing and pavirs for necra'nrtes and comforts they may require and treating i r he unoffending inhabitants with forbear..nee ?nd hind| ness. The higher honor of our couotrv. as wel' as'he partlouler honor of this army, must and shall l?e male | tailed among the tew mlscreanta in our ranks T < ? I- * cannot be permitted to dishonor the whole m ? ?s of our I oitiiens and soldiers at home and* abroad. The ml - i uirsuw inuoii, buvraiurC) ue w liducu, hdu mr rrmy . offence denounced and cent b ?fnre the prop*' tribune's for exemplary punishment. Phis Is required of eveiy | good ofSoer and soldier. Men, free at home muntmil-i fiin the honor of freomen w en abroad If the* forg?t I that, they wlU degrade thems-lves to rhe level of Mir* I end slaves. and m iy be rigbtiu'ly condemned and treated : re such; for felons, aocordiug to the laws of God and men, are slaves. 14 The laws of war will ?'?o b* str'etly observed towards all Mexicans In arms, who re?p? -t those laws For the treatment of those atrocious bends of g jerl'leros and armed ranoheros, see Gener 1 Orders, Mo 37i, dated the l-jeh instant. By command of M?j, On. Soott: H. L. SCOTT, A A A O. Office of Civit. and Mii.itary Go* bp.xob, ) National Pslaoe, Dee, :)0,1947. ) On and after the first day of January, ls-li. th"-e gaming houses w'll be licensed snd reoogirzed as iavful fa the city of Mexico. Kach one of these w'U pay in ! advsnee, a monthly tax of $500, and a" other g>rul*jg houses are positively prohibited. After the speolfled date, all personal property found in auy house or place in which publio gaming, without boerse, is detected, and sH money and property employed iu suoh unlicensed public gaining hoes*, wdl be ccjj fiscated. and the persons so detected will be subject to i impiisonmeut for thirty days, and to ba fined, according to circumstances, irom fifty to two hundred uollars. By the Governor, R. P. HAMMOND, Seoretaiy,Sic, We have not room to make much use of our letters or files to-day, but copy a few items from the Free Jlmeriican. The following is from that paper of the 14'.h lust A few soldiers [five] arrived last night from the National Bridge. They discovered some greasers in the chapDaral on the road, but they seemed very peaceable.? Tbey met the train at Plan del Rio. The following arefrom the same paper of the 13th.? I.IEU TENANT UONERNOR S COURT. I Tbis court wi'l take cognizanceof s'l debtsnot exceeding fifteen buuored dollars, contraoted previous to tha occupation of this city by tha American army, by order of Brig. Gen. I). K Twiggs, Goyeinor of Veia Om THE GOVERNMENT DEPOT AT VERA CRUZ. Probably our readera ure not aware of the immerse busin-ss done at the Government depot at this plaoe, I under the management of Capi. F. H Alaaten, Asoietaut <4uai?eiinaat*r. Through the kindness of one *f readers we have been lurc's'ied with a rough statement of the out-door business done during the mouth of Deoember last fherehad arrived during the above month, and consigned exclusively to the qun termatte-, the following c'ass vessels via : Twelve ships, seven barks, seen brigs, eighteen schooners and seveu steamers, laden with the ljilowing Government property, vz : 30,(WO bbls. Pittsburgh coal, it 344 beles bay, 73 00) bushels gr. :n. 5f2 bean horses. 1137 head mules and 1701 Government I tro os. bfside large quantities of commissary stores and crmo and gvrriron equipage. Most of these were ohartered vesseli and entitled to I demurrage after stated lay days. But through the v>;iI Isnce or the quartermaster but one vessel haj claims of demurrage uu-ing the whole month ot December, and that but for one day. We also learn thai the quartermaster is erecting a wha.f on one of the water batteries of the rsstle, where the largest class vessels on discharge their cargoes of ooal during the must violent nortners. This, of use f. will be a saving to government of large saras of con-y which otherwise would be p?ld for deiiu rage to vessels having coal nn board Or'y one vessel can discharge at a time at Saorificlos, and that only in cj tn weather. MOVEMENTS or S.S NTA ANNA, i [From tho Philadelphia North American. Jan. 2(5 ] What is Santa Anna doing, ail this while, at Tehuach u f Tnia is a question which, at the present ttOM, would seem to be of some coDfequencs,?particularly as ' we have every reason to apprehend that the suspension of G-neral Scott from the command in Mexico, for the X purpose of tutu acting him t> the degradation of a ocu-oteuqu'ry at Perote, oannot hut have son" nnfavrah'.) fret upont ie Mexican people, credulous and sanguine (o the point of puerility. What we have repeat- diy stated is now pretty genera'-'y seen to be true, that Santa Anna, with all his ,'aults, viors, and humiliation*, is a areat man. In his way,?by far the ablest. m>st influential. and even most popnlar, in Vlexioo His present die grace 14 or himii aooounc : ue nax niten oenn clisgraoea otfore, #ii .l yet always rose to be as fernns sud as nm 'h th* tttii mnito of his country as ever. if afftirs go "I with the American army from any cause, or any atte.- ,?t a' a nationh1 insurrection be male in Mexico, we ah ' >e pietty sure to hear of him again at the head ot a r< rpeotable force. Who knows, in fac,that he is not at the head of a resp-ctable force already? The lastndvbvs fr 'W >l?-xico brought a rumer that he w ,s on his way to V'xpulco, irtending, as a Mexioan onp.r neeui 1 t'> i' read, to rati or march to Jalisco, f r the purees- < f ex oiling a.i insnrrectiou in that great is tut * of the westi ern t'ierra ' alien e. This does not stum to ui a pro' ible j surmise lie is probably in a better p Mtion to 'etri?v! bis f r: ucs at IVhutcHn, or to rank" rhe ntlerjct t..? '? | iii- re tb"i3. wi;.h t ie advantage ot having a li i? o,' : | Ireei behind him, In oasu of failure, than he w >>> 1 b? n a' Hi" nortb, in danger cf be!o { hemmed 'a b *twe?n ..wo Amer'ean armies. t 'onsiderina this, Tehuaea i as some utaiion, and is worthy ot a word, bein.r an i > ,f rh? r ?j place terra inmgnii as yet to Ameriohn readers i e u (or, properly, Tehu man da las limn >d <) 's attuned in the extreme south eastern corner of he s a ,f luebia. seventy or eighty tniles the ctty it hat name and :ib ur half the distance iroia Ori/. As I on the ejg ol the strong raoun'sin country of Oaxaci, j ItnOWa vh rbe MtoMM Although nor. ? luj, e ty it I | a plane of reuown. an 1 one of 'he holy place of Mrt'C'ii ! hist ry, both ancieut and modern. It was n 'anctuary | t ?en ot the old Astecs ; and it was 'lie chosen r<- rent ot .h patriot chief I erau. ('Iter y Term,) the b'y-g-ne. i r*l. wh>hu;'t hts strong mountain fori, with cn ucu ' foundry and powd?T-wi r'<s, on the C.r rp t o'or 1i li' <! I coi, ec.ted eroimd him, in 191 ft on the d?ath of y n rei a, the patriot Coagrrss. s ttheUrsf. example ot u-ur si ion ' y deposing md dispersing it, and en le,! by h I >ag. ? f w ?nri after, b-sieged and captured in the ci y i ns the Vic-roy Ap >d*o* i'he ctty of lVhuscau. li\r It ihiufoo, ( U hi ir. a/ 'feu- ri R-t tlw-on.) w.c . vislled retail in hias'ro gbold iu Iblo IS situated '"in I ihe heart of a beautiful wheat oou.trywhere, "if >ur??, T*r?n had abundance of provisions The dis! iriei is ihiokly popu'ated and IVrao cou'd at any tim nave easily embodied teu thousand men could he have procure l arms lor theus ' These fee facts wit show I ihe importance and cuvenienca of such a retreat t" ' ttota tuns provisions and cm iu ail i i uu i mtu, auu u< mutj. tne auong raounthiua aim ter til- vr.'leya ol Uax?c?. atili morn popu'?un It he can pr ure Html ha ran eaatly raiee an army : a d be citi | light or fly. aa he pieaaer Njthinj hut tu? oocupatiou |<il the letniuu* of Tebutoteprc can prevent hia fitllinir a -k. at tb- ia< ui-ut of dmI, Into Chiapt an.I Yuoatan or flying to tJUatemala Grant him auflloi-iit time, und j aruia an h- found , b- may have co'leou-d tln-m already it u highly pr. bible that tba expedition, wliioh the la-t Mexican newt Informed ua waa a..on to be innt, under < ol Kankbead, agetnat Oriiaba, haa Santa Anna for tta object an l it the Ueuetnerlto baa had any auocexa in reorudi ( it i? not unlikely thu we may h -ar of hia I irylnr a laat throw for fortune by Cioaaing lances with t'ol Haokhead NAVAI. IXTKM.IOBNCK. I.lrut A G Stall , liter haa arrived b? re to take command of the t; s brl, Halo bridge now fitting out. at the (import Navy Yard.?JVo./ei* Htr?ld,Jnn 2 b Intrrcailiig from Irene. Ik'rotn the N. U. Ploayuua, ,/tn l!> J l b# ateainer Palmetto, ' aptdin Smith, arrived laat er-i in* from Walr-aton, having railed thence on the Inth laat I he f i thmn ai d (Juirttt of Gelvaaton, of the lith | mat . routalr a the following paragraph : We |e?ro that eerloua apnreheoaion* are entertained lathe *e?t tor a portion ol i aptein Sutton'a company. tnelu.Ui.., lu commander On tba flm night of the arrival ol aptalu sutloa with hia oompany on the |ti-> ande thej had aevepteen horae* atolen - It ia auppcrej by Indiana The next morning. Captain Sutton (darted ' In p.ueui'., wiili twenty-flva of hti men. and at the las:, ? unta had h en out forty-four daya I be l.egialatnrv wax *11" In aeaaion at Aurtin, but no i up- a A revolution wa* pending '? thx lloa** to proi i> f t auditing tDl a"owing tha account* of Crnarac4*rt Moor*. tout* amount of upward* of f ll.iMHt, f >r aJma ?# for the ue* ol the I'-xa* ni?ey, AM >. a raaalalieu to provide far th* **>urupM >n. on ; lb* fait of t ** Mat*. or*um* due individual* lor *uppli-? <1 tb* i.avy and tor which th? Individual . ub:lga?lo*e i f < cm mo tors M.ora am nntatandicg, to lb* 1 aa?*'il of fit? a. 1 h? rep >rt of the committee on the accoun's of ('cm ' Monr* allowing a'urge amou it ?f claim* pu'. in br him tor ami en iiturea an the accuuu of the late nary of TeXa* and abeeiog a large baUn * :u hi* favor with the I (?rer?ant wa* a loptaU by tba Honaa on tba 4:h last. Mraraltaiirum. By th* oei'vo* ol N?>atbi>>:i appear* the j ! preeeo popu'atioa ol that vi'lagt Is MM. It .* said that aaa' appaar* in tha north east comer of U- ? it* souatr, "a'wna. an I that It might hue* rental -J aonoeaied until bow, but, by *>nn< mean*. p*r. bapa tr?bi ???baation In the w | la t'i* ba 1 at soil ha* beea art a* tis, and has baan burning for nearly ihrte ??ar I I muat be large, and of eoura* of yery *r*at rain* ay already aoma three acre* in extant of the ear * # of tba earth baa **i*a In front tha extent of th* eaabuatioa It rune nearly or qnlta eeroae Alabama, and ac-m* aitty m la* Into Mtaaiaatppi. at leaat 350 m?e* in Mlhgth and twelve fifteen or p*rh*|* twenty In breadth and mutt pioduoe an inexhaueltb!* aapply Han Jamaa Held. Ml I b'af loatleeof tba < ourt of | a tag 'a Beach Montreal, died In thnt etty on tba 19th J mat-, M tba <vtb yens of Ms #* iRK h >RNINU. JANUARY 27, 1 Amianv, J in. 2ft, 18IS. i'uitigr of tk* Hernial .Muunfaet tring lii'l to a 'I fit id Hridmg?Mre'ing of the Dnnocratit State CiwvinfiM, 4*'' The ge-ter-.I m?iiuf*"turirg bill passed to a third r- nJm^ in the H.? ? ** to-day, after u straggle ol u< usual i.. ?r? -t and eev-rity. The opposition of the Majority to a'l attempt* of the miiior-ty to introduce ev?n a mod die a: on of the md vid- il li bil.iy clause, wes moil implacs've and unHirchisg a I know that several able whin Senators are favorably disposed towards the personal I abi:i,y clause. In the mailer of the incorporation of a company styled ilie Hull do i>u Light Cortr>any, which came ii|> in the 8en*'e to-day, a motion to male- the siockhn|d?T* m this company personally reanoiaible lor their debts, waa cenerously sustain-d hv ail aide . nd iionest whig Senator. I h.lV" hope of tho Senate. An episode, of nil ' xc?dingly lnughehle rhnracier, occurred in th?* House to-day. The de- | legates to the Conservative State Convention, j which wi'l M-e? bin *t tin capitol to-morrow, . rgur*d yrjv conspfM?ou?dy i.t thin episode. Tvse d*Ar?rl??a werjtn tack allude! to ta -r ohJPfct.s oi public c.i ifnhpt Ki.if rirlicuU).,? ii to -m.s wut iMf i >-mooriue J*mo i rMivii ,in[ mittee of the Cuss. or anti-abolition section, ; wrote a note to'Mr. J v. , i'niya ( nemhor ! of the J Ions-,) requesting him to procjre the . us." of tli Assmbly chamber for tli democratic convention of to morrow. Mr I'ruyn.acI cordingly, addressed a note to the Sinker, askI ng that this request might be grained ; and litis I note was reau to the House, in form, to day. Immediately utter it was re .d, Mr. I Walsh, of New York, said that before the Ilouse Compiled with the request of the democratic committee, he wished to make an enquiry respecting a gentleman formerly extensively engaged 1,1 the pill business, for the purpose ot purging the public body,and who, if the convention was allowed to meet in this chamber, might purge it of the public documents which were lying upon the desks of members. The enquiry which he wished to make was, whether L)r. Imuidreth's name was attacked to the communication just read. The Speaker replied that the paper was signed by Mr. J. V._L. Ihuyn alone. Mr. Walsh moved that the request of the Democratic State Central Committee of the Cuss section be dented. Mr. Coe, of Livingston,who, as a speaker, approaches John Randolph more nearly than any other living man, moved that the favor asked be granted. This mution was of course debateable, and Mr. Walsh was not slow to avail himself of the permission of the ilonse to discuss the motion. He indulged in some harsh strictures upon the conservative wing of the democratic party, which he asserted was composed of a j tug of mock custom house patriots? of men overlluwing with patriotism, not to the country, but to the men who have the power to keep them in office, lie opposed the motion to grr.nt the use of the chamber to this convention, on the ground that if they wen allowed to neei here, all the portable property in the chamber wouid be carried away; and he especially and publicly enjoined the sergeant at arms, if the request was grant d, to lock up his (Mr. Walsh's) documents. The remarks of Mr. W. were received with bursts of laughter, in all parts of tli? House. The poor fellows comprising the con servative wing were treated in a moat merciless way ; their organization was hooted at as irregular, and their claims to the title of a distinct party were denied i>y Mr. W. They were simply the outlin; or the skeleton of an o'd party, without any of the substantial internal combinations called entrails; they were shadows groping .liter shadows; they were entitled to no mercy nor pity; though tneir power to do evil was gore, yet, ii they were admitted into this chamber, they would steal the public documents; be nop d, therefore, that the desire ol the deiuocr. t'c State Central Committee ot the ("ass section v,. uld ,ut be granted. But the request ot the committee was granted, and the convention will meet in the Assembly chamber to-morrow afternoon. Mr. Dempster gave another of his pleasant ballad entertaiiiireuis at the Female Academy this evening His audience w.m v^ry intelligent and nuuii rous, and he was receivtd with sincere cuidi lity. a'he concerts of Dempster are partic '.iirly captivating, on account ol their entire ori- j 2 utility. rue commissioners appointed to simplify an 1 I abridge tile rules of practice and proceedings of >he courts, are devoting iheir whole time to the report, which will probably be presented to the Legislature next week. L.erincei ot Or. U.ilnt on blur ape. D\Baird's lecurj on Switzerland took place ine Fem-le Academy, Brooklyn, on S iturd. y ;?t. aud ence was more numerous than o a>" foi.ner oecaaio.i, and the lecture was isteuM ui wita grea. attention. Dr. B tird said, that | rland contained about 2JO,0J0 tqu reiukes, . id possessed ft population ol about 2,000,1)00 ? U is a very mountainous country, corsrq ie .tly ine number of tquare miles under or suscept ble of cultivation, is not great, aud the land is u t ible to support a very numerous popul .tion. Tue C i iion ot lti'Isoiim, which is ihe largest iu the Uuion, coataius very few iuh.btt?itis. It is impossible.for you to travel through Switzerl u?d vv Iiur-Mii II vr nit; IIIUSI Ucdulli 111 at't'Uf iy iui gutuble. Yuu will be sirm:k with the upp ur uce <T the iq3UuUins. Those which uie I'Oi ingli i t.ougli to he covered witii snow pr sent a very picturesque and wild appearance. Trees mid forests are to bt found 111 the lower parts ol the lUountatiis, every spot that is susceptable oet.ig cultivated or planted with trees. As you advance higher up the mountain, lour or live t nous and led, the trees disappear, and you find nothing but brush wood; go higher, six or seven thousand feet, and you find struggling bushes; Higher, and you find nothing but snow. There are many countries where you find snow lower on the mountains than h> re. Jn Norway it is only uboui three thousjud feet, but you must rent'ruber Switzerland is in 10 latitude. There ire some, where snow is not found, on account cl the mountaia being so steep that it will not lay. Tlte glaziers are veiy interesting. Four hundred is generally said to be the numtier of them; but it appears to me that is oelnw the number. It is said on Mount Blanc alone there ure fid glaziers. Tliey have a very curious appearance, somewhat like tne ruffled water of a lake suddenly frozen, *u(i in summer present s b-autilul contrast to the surrounding scenery. They are white, like snow, nod yet remain stationary. It is d tHcuit to Say how they are formed ?one theory is, that they are caused by a pressure on the top of the mountains, and the water runuiog beneath iheui is trozen as it descends the sides of the mountains There ure other theories, but it is difficult to say which is the correct one. They descend to the valley in the winter season, and in the summer they disappear till you reach a cert tin height on the mountains Ifyouaacekd to about 6,ii00 feet on the mountain you arrive at what Is called the Alain (flszier. Tnere is a continual crashlug going on in the mountains. The glisters continually obanging, Assures opening and closing, which are very dangerous, as, if the unwary traveller unfortunately is overtaken by one, it is certain destruction. In all the countries I have ever visited, Switzerland is the most remarkable tor variety of scenery. In some parts the land is cultivated like a garden, and Hie oountry around these MOW capped mountains is very p'sasant. Dr. Baird tbeu ipohe of the productions of Switzerland, its manufactures and oommercs; and said that there are taw countries where one can more pleasantly reside, as the climate ninny <1 w?r fit, idiot* an J other monstrosities It took the toman* a considerable pnitod to conquer Switzerland. They retained it about three hundred year*, afterward* It we* eonquered by the Ooths, and shortly afterward* they beoame independent. You hare all read or heard of the exploit* of Win. Tell for hie country* freedom They have built a chapel on the spot where he maintained hi* country 'a rights; the inhabitant* make pi'grimages to it eveiy year, and consider it their Plymouth rook The struggle was maintained for a hundred year*, and they succeeded iu achieving their independence. At the present time there are d'2 aanton* in the Union The various cstitcns tend representatives to a Diat ho|den like that of Khode Islan-i, in various paete of the oountry It hi* the power of making peace and war, but doea not interf-re with the internal affair* of tae severe! Mate* The dcotor hare gave an aooount of tlie several .Sate*, the amount of their population, and tne proportion of Catholic* to Protestant*, and *aid thai the present commotion in Switserland had been caused by tue Jesuits priest*, -vid Koman Catholic* Inou.ot the revolution* iu Heitzerland the people eaid they wanted universal suffrage I amid to them, ' You have that, or nearly so." V e?," said they, but we want asocial as well a* a political equality '' This. *ay* the reverend gentleman, l* to be attributed to th* spread of Socialism and KourlerUm, and pointed to a *pot on a map opposite Geneva where Voltaire for some time resided. lie oraoked his j ok-* on the Sw!m, and said that the olty of Geneva was so email that if he ascended the battlements of hi* house and ebook hi* cap the powder would go over the whole olty. The Swiss bar* no language of their I tERA 848. own Their writer* generally wrote in Latin. The neopl* speak tin (ierman language, hue very coarse, somenhat like that of tae teertnaus in Pennsylvania, who aay tb*y speak hora* German I woul'l advise any on* veiling Swil iarlauJ to travel on loot , anil ladi"f and gentlemen, lot o? say, if you war* Koglisli you wou'd think nothing of this They travel very considerably on foot, and by that means hare a better opportunity of seeing the aountry. The Iter doctor th n described the customs, maimers and dresses of the inhabitants of Swltseriand. U.tnnl *a# Robert Kelly, Eaq , In the chair. The miuut?s of the preceding meeting werr fill and approved. Mr li??woi< i h sail that before the regular business *?? called up, be wished to make a few obeerrations in relation to acme remarks of the nommieaioner of the 5th ward At the last moating of the Board, he, the comirt'fioner of the ftth, stated. " he had been to examine the foundation of the free academy, and he foiiu I upon examination that it had sunk two inches, and in some places more;" at least it was so atated in l he public pr?ee. Mr. iiosworth barged to assure the Board end rhe , lmiuiMl.iner of tile oth, ttui'. lie was in error, for he gone there to-day and examined the foundation in c >mpany with Mr Brady, the contractor, and so far e? bis own judgment went, be could,observe not the slightest alteration in the walls Mr. Brady also assured him that the foundation had not sunk, nor was it likely to do so, unless the ground gave way, wnloh be did not anticipate M-. Blbkcker said that when he examined the foundation he was very particular in doing so. On the first day be went there he found it had aonk two inches at i least; the s-oond day he went he form! th?r all tr ?defers he sxw the first day were set to rights It was v?ry easy to do these things; and when a person goes tber" who Is cot a practical map, and does not t'nd r tand the subject, it Is uot to In expected that be can see all lis defects. lie, Mr. Illeeck?r, conversed this moraing with a practical gentleman, who told him that th- aindation would surely settle, and that Mr. Ilrady had said that when a structure wrs raised upon id ieet of It, that portion would certainly go down; but ell r<spoLsibility was taken from him by Mr. Kenwiek, ti e architect. He, Mr Bleecker. wished to have a good substantia building, and he thought a surveyor ought to be called to have it burveyed before it was further proceeded with. This he, Mr. B , thought would be a prudent step, and he thought no objection ought tu be made to it. Mr. Bosworth, in replv, said that Mr Brady had told him thia morning that tne foundation had not settled, nor did he think it would. He. Mr. BoBworth, admitted that Mr. Brady had told him that all respocibllitv was taken from bis shoulders by the architect. There being no question before the Beard, the conversation then dropped. duplications ?An application was made by the trustees of the Hch ward for $IO,OiiO,for th# purchase of tb<-ee lots of laud lor the ereotion of school house in that ward. Referred. ixeyuimivns.?i nut tue |/Uuiuiud <<ouaou do requesteu to deposit with the City Chamberlain, to the credit of the board, one-quarter of the apportionment for the the support of the oommon schools Also, that It be referred to a special committee to inquire if a more suitable room could not be obtained for the clerk to transit ot the business ot this Board, and to confer with the Corporation thereon. Adopted. The report of the Conference Committee in reference to a communication from the board of trustees of the Til Olio School Society was next called up, and read. The report stated thai the committee had several friendly interviews with the committee on the part of the Publij School Society, and had learned that sinco the establishment, in 184-2, of pub'ic school No 17, crmpleted in 1843, situated in 13th street, the i'ublio School Society had not purchased nor leased any ground, nor erected any house for the establishment ot any new school?had tented but two r >otns tor the establishment of MW schools, and that the Public School Society has no desire to extend their operations, nor increase their responsibilities ; they wished, however, to be sustained in maintaining and improving all thescnools they now hare in charge The report recommended that the construction given to theact ot 1841 by the last Board of Kdurition, by whioh certain schools were excluded by t'i? last apportionment, is atvariance with the construction givi u l?7 all pr 'tioue boards; and inasmuch as the publio school society established these schools in good faith, an 1 under th > fu", ronviorion that they were fully aiith .riz -d to do so bv the act of 1844, and inasmuch us is an honest difference of opi-jion among the membeuof this boar J, as to the right construction of the sot, the committee were of opi ilou that the schools exclude 1 should be a'lowed to participate in the apportionment of the school moneys. Professor Dawes next offered the fo.'iowinaiug preamble and resolutions : Whereas certaiu schools established by the public i school society of the city of New York, have been opened s>nce the authority to establish new sofco >ls was, iu the opinion of tnis board, vested by law exclusively u the Board of Education? Therefore resolved, That this board adhere to its resolution passed on the 24th day of .Maroh, 1847, in the following wotds. vis: lteeolved, 'i hat in the opinion of the Board of Education. the publio school society has BO rigtit since th* passage ot the act entitled " An act more effectually lo provide for common school education, to.," to establish new s d.cols; and if any such schools shell or tuay bs established, they are not entitled to participate iu the apportionment of the sobool moneys But whereas cer'aia sohools opened by the public school society previous to th action of this board in .March, 1847, vis : prim iry sohools Nos S2, 63, 64, and dO, and elso No 2 for colored b Idreti, were excluded from the apportionmcut of the Honool moneys; aud whereas it is understood that the i-ut ile school society has no disposition to increase the number of its rohools unless it be done upou coneultatou with, and by the approbation of, the Board of Education ; and whereas it is the opinion of the raid bnerd that the interests ot education Iu the city of New Yotk will be promoted by adm.ttiog sucn sonools to such pur IITiptA 1 u A iririuin re-ulTeu. lUAk IUIA U Mr'l rrcutj- I mt itl to i.h' honorable the Legislature o( this sta.e the . >1 own ,; <i* : acc 1 In addition lo the schools of the public school sociny. which now participate in the of be school mom ys the hoard of Kduc ui ,u oi ih city ot N' w York sh .1 r. cognize as equally entitled to sjen a', ;>orliou-ieiit*,liv,i pi unary schools of the public g.*b ol OCiety woich ti.?? b-;?n op. tied ?>uce the pa'sage of the l.woi i he 7th May 1544 viz: primary scuoois Nog 6'i, 64, 54, 66, and No 2 for colored children, and that the public school society shall not establish auy new scluol or souorl-, Sic. Air. Skoowii k was opposed to going before the L"g'sl i'ure i'hey nad no piaeUoal evil to meet and th- re wen i o knowing what aineudinents the Legislature might make in the school laws; but he was sure wbatn r alterations th*y might make, would ocoasiuu just su ib a trrme^t an agitated this comuiuriity iswt l ur yrau i go on this subject Kuucalion in this city was now p'o perous. As he said before, they bad uo prac tical evil to nine1, and he would vote against auy proposition to gi before the Legists ure ir Blkkckkb said be had the highestresprot f >r the bUblic school sooitty, both collectively aud individually; that body was composed of some of tbe oi lest and most respectable of our oitis.-ns. and th*y had couf-rred great advanteges on this city, by tbe part they took in educating our people. There w<sgre,t merit due to them, fir ih. ir, exertions. Out of the W i bead which they received for school purports, they ooutrivrd to purcHase sites for the erection of school houses, and to establish new schools lle| wished the trustees, snd ofHcers of toe common schools, instead of coming t<> tills hoard to eak for additional grants, would take example y the | public school society He would vote lor the resolutions, . upon tbe understanding that they would not eetsblisn , auy more new schools, without the concurrence of th'i ' Bosfd Mr. 8k oiiwn k concurred with Mr. Bleecker, in the I h gh opinion he express, d of the merits sf the put He school society. No member of this b,.?r I bad greater respect than he, (Mr. Sedgwick,) had lor llietu; but sf'l, | lie wou'd not consent lo have t ie public mind throw . into a ferment again by appeals coming from tliia II <ard ! to thn Legislature After considerable discussion, the preamble andrs'i- I lutions were lost and no further action was taken on the subject Frnident Herri*.?A communication from Town rend liarrta. K?q., tendering hi* rraigoallou a* I r?ldent ot the Board, waa read and me a* pled Th* Board then proceeded to elect a Preeident and Mr. K. Kelly waa elected on tha (irat ballot Altar making hi* aoknowledgementi for tha honor ooai??red on him, the Board adjourned, to meat on Wednesday neit. Uoard of Super vlaore. Tbi* board mat laat evening, ludg# I i ?no?n > a In tha chair The immediate abject of tha meeting waa to appoint under the new law, a Commiaaioner of Jurora U a give one or two aeotloca of thia new law, which paa**d both branchaa of the Legialature In December I art It propoaaa tha appointment of a ommlaatonar of Ju rora. who ahall be authorized to appoint one or ta?ra ? a a anta The aaid t'ommlaatoner ahall #x?out* a bond to tha Mayor, Alderman and (loniiuonalty of paid city In the penalty of fire thouaand dollar*, wan two auroii** 11 ba approved by tha aaid Mayor, conditi o?d forth* faithful dlacharge of hia dutlea under tbia act Tbe aai I t ommiaaioner ahall proceed to th? aelaction of aneh Jnrora immediately attar the flrat day of May la eerh year, and the nainea ahull be eutared In a book p'phabetioaMy, designating the ward, occupation and realdenca of each. After tha flrat day of June in each year, aa aoon aa the liet shall be eompi*t*0 the aaid < onimlsaioner ahall publDh a notice of at least t*n daya, In th* newapapera In which the no ticea of the corporation of lha elty of New \ork art printed, that the petit jury llat la ready for eiamlna tion i-.nd correction at hla office, and he ahall receive ?\ i denee of exemptlcna in 'he same manner aa authoru- 1 in court* of record The nanieaof all persons found to . ba exempt from serving as jurora ahall th' at ruck Ir >uilhe llat. and the ground of exemption recorded tVh-nthe 1 *t la ocmpleted, a certified copy ahall he delivered to posit thein in lh? box in the manner nu* r? quired > y low The sold commissioner may, at any lltn* iu like maimer, return the name* of or.y person* omitted on tiie liet if no sufficient cause be shewn to excuse such pertou* and their name* ehall be deposited in the box 11* Jnror* fothe renidue of the yeer tnxt the other jurors ere to eerre The juror* hereafter to be *umaiooed for th- ?rrr*l courti authorised to try i**ur* of flirt la eaid oity. i ehall, on requisition being made by each court* re*pec. I tlrely, directed to the county cler*. i>e ilnwn from th# petit jury box in bis office, a minute ef which drawing i ehall be oertlfled and filed with * id clerk, a* uow requi~ed, who shall dellrer a copy thereof to the officer* authorised to summon suoh jurors, who shall proceed to ' summon eueh Jurors in the manner now required by law. But no fine shall be imposed by suoh courts on any juror falling to attend, unless he shall have boon duly , LD. k.\ Wi Tw? vmu, JH lummowil The dark* of the Mid nourte ahall. within tan Jay* after th? Mid jurara ere dlaohargad, make a return to th? county dark, a* provided in aeotlon thirty I ieven, article two. title four, cart three, chapter ear en I or the Revised H'atutes, and the county dark shell proceed thereupon in th? ?am- manner now provided for in the thirty eighth eection of aaid article. The board having duly convened, the Judges of tba Superior I ourt. Common I'l-nx the Itecordar, and h> Honor the Mayor, were present, when, on motion, a b?Jlot was ordered to appoint a suitable person to AM tha situation under the new act Mr Mmkrolk moved that immediate action should bo had on the subject. Mr VTavisaro moved an adjournment to Wednesday evening next,at 4 o'clock. Lost -ayes 11, noes It. Mr wished to know If the Iudgs* had nothing to do but vote for this apnolntment The Mavoh moved to adjourn until the third Tuesday In March. Lost AI tor some remarks from Aldermen Pi mr?, and Mavnaho. Judge Oaklki rose and contended that the meeting had a right to proceed to Immediate action, and stated he saw no reason for delay There was no ne orssity for personal allusion to the Judges nresent Aid Miierole moved that Mr W. A. We'ker bieppointed A<d. KnAifKUv moved to strike out the name of Me. Walker aud insert . Carried. The following names were then be'lotted for ? W. A Walker, 13; A. Waiaer, 0; R. Benson, H; W. t al'endcr, I; C . Bogart, 0. On motion, a second ba'lot wss ordered, when Mr Wtiker received thirteen be'iots, and was declared elected. Mr. WrlkerjR a fo" blooded lorofoco, and h's appointment is to be attributed to ?he votes of the judges, who we,0 present and voted " under due authority of law " Aldermen MoK'rath was absent, andthewbigs appea-ed to b? In bad humor wlti themselves end -everyone else." In ronsei|uenoe of being socomp'.etely out-man-ruvred by their opponents. It was moved that MiJ Wslker should rscelve official intimation ot b's election, when the Board eJ. corned Law In elilgrnrs. Pi rrkms Coi'rt, Jen. Jti ? lienerc' Term?Tiesent, .ju*>. ("flbirojg. Moron, tid Kdir*r<H The ( or-.; adjourned to-day unii't^e Id.h Keb uary rej.,., when the judge* w 'I i;t<a me-t, to d-"?ir their dto''iors '1 tie fol'oeinn causes were heard ?No. !, H?nd'ord ad"-r . P.toe; No 3, Stevers end o'bere re Uclelgh, es'r.; No 4, Melon eg. Joue* end others No />, S ew. it md Holgate, ex'rs . r*. AnJrewa, No ; H i .'n don ve. Mather, No. 10, OJorer re Wi'-on, No. I I, A'nsi'ere. Bovnton. A verdict w"| not beaitfslde, although a judge ahnn'.J ro-'-stiuct a jury, in the abaence of the patties ? id of the'1- cor-sel Gale re. ll'ells.?Tb'e wee an action brought on a promlrsoiy note. The defence wae. undue Influence end went c> coc-^deration. T he cause wee tried <>n the tfhof Decimbir lent, before Judge liray A'ter the chi -ge, the jivy reared to thete room and all p? tl< s. inc'.ud'og the judge, lelt the court-room In none time rC. sr, the jivy r ?nt a mi'.'pecg*.- tor the jud jeto I's lodgings Me relt-'ned, end tbsy were cr"ed Into cooit. They ask?<l h' n vetiors quea'-.or s upon points on wb'ch tht 7 entaiir'ned doob's. His Honor inaaruo ed them fuHy on those po'n; j; bum which they retired, rnd found a verdict l.r the pla'ntiff. Defendant's attorney bn'n'5 '? oimed of the fait, applied to the Supreme C'orit to tet 'he ri .'dirt, on the ground that the judge re-cb"-ged the jr / 'n'he ab? ?uc s ol the pai.iee ?ud the'r oov-iel. "d ne Cor: c gave Its decision tr-dey, dr.ylr? the app"catloo, l? .?'.ng the defendant to b(s remedy on Hs D"l of eijepilors. Court Calesiiar?It's day?Circuit Coirt?Seme oe'.jdrr as \r .. rt'i". Comnn.n Pleat, hi part?Noe Oft, I!), 0'J, 71, 73. 7:), 01, ?7. 6h, Oft, 101. 111,105, 107, 103 -2,1 part-Net. 0J, 17, 00, id 00, 0?, 04 9H. SuritHi Court ok the United States, Jan. 2 < 18iS ?No las. Matt Ann Vb-i Npsj, plaintiff tn error' va Cornelius P. Van Nee*. ad'jlnletrato.-, Sio.,?In error to the Circuit ''ou<r, of the United Statfs for Wa'b'nyton Mr chief Juitice Taney delivered the opinion of the con i, disui's "oir th's esse for the want of jurisdiction. No 'JOl. R I lei n. J. '.< no, et el , apDell*nta, va S R. Crranh-il et r'. On the motion of Mr. Tnomae, th's app'iii i.-om .he Circuit Cenri, of the l,'Dit?d States for Temegpea wpi docketed end d'sm'rscd with costs. No. I I. M. Lut'.er, plaintiff intrror, ra. L M. Borden c. > 1 un I 1*1 infill ui ini c?"ti was WJnruuiu dj Mr. Hpi'ett for lie plaintiff ;o error. U. 3. Sepubme Court.? Our readers tre hsrd'y, perhaps, aware that a cause is perilling 'n the Supreme Coo t, and now under argument, in wb'ch the whole d'spute in Rhode Island, in 1811 and 18 J J. respecting what is nailed "the People's Constitution" end " Ooveioor Dole's Uoveiuraent," is brought inio discussion, 'afar as ws understand the mutter, a citixin by the n "ue of Martin Luther brought his suit ia tha t Ircu't JJ'Ult of the United States against Luther Harden, for forcibly rntming his bouse. The defendant a justification is, that at the time ?say Jjna, 1841 ?the State of Rhode Island wss under martial law, and that he acted 'n th's n spect under m"it*ry authority. The i newer to this is, that that nnrlir' law was declared by the old goveument of Rhode l?Und, but flat before that time the old goverrment had !> en displaced by " the People's Constitution" and the election of Thomas W Uoir es <?oirr ruor So that the qo 'stion is, which gnvei e-uent was the true govetament of ithodo lei ?od in the ai"nnier of 1811 ' On the eid? of what is c Med" the People's Constitution'' is Mr. B. F. Hi Met, of Uostr.n. who much at ! igth. addressed t 'je Coir t on Frit'ay, Moodiy, and yesterday,with whom i i e-eocia'ed the Attorney Oeneral of the United Stwtes; on the other side a -e Mr. Webster and Mr Mr nipple, of Rhode Island It is probable that the argument ?f this cavse wi'l ton through the g eater part of thliwsek.? ATaftonai Intelligentr, Jan. '16 Till*!. ok Dll coolidue, charged with the MlIHDEK ok Euw??d Mathews ?The tiial of Dr V P. Ccolidge, who it w>ll be ran,einh. ro i was arrested some months Minis, oiisrg d with having murdered Mr hdwaid Mathews, ht Wat?rvi!le, Me . was to hav? commenced at Augusta, (Vie ) on Tu sday, Jan. 1> The cotrrspondent ot Che M.I Won Tmre ssys: The accused is now about 16 yeMrs ot age. lie originated from the town of Canton, in this State, and war educated at Bowdoin College, tB ucswsck, Me..) for the medical profession Dr. C. o >me to reside * Watervil'e about four years since, and the position of his fimily, and bis own talents at once gnv*bim the entree Into the best society But a little time elapsed before be had acquired a good practice, and at the period of Vir Mathews' death his business is said to have been by far the most extended of any physician iu the vicioitv He was a competent praotioner in medicine and was reputed to be one of the most promtsii g and ski'ful surgeons, for his years ever known here. His flattering success end his natural inollaatipn had caused him to become extravagant beyond bis means, and the sale oi pig effects at public vendue, after tb? alleged murder showed that he had omitted nothing in the ar.-eogeiomt of his priva e establishment which Hi* *parua>-ut* were found to basumptuoualy turniahed; ha owned aeveral expenaive horse* and vehicle*, and hia wardrobi wax moat coatly in all its appointments. Dr. Coo'idge liored in th? tirat circle ot aoclety bare, and despite hia extravagance, ha wai thought veiy highly of iu Watervilla and vicinity; bla prospect* were of that promising character by no mean* common to profeaatonal gentlemen in the aariy yaara of tbair carear; hia family oonuaiionr ara highly leaped able and are said to be generally wealthy 1'nlltlrnl Intelligence. Moa* Tavior Kkkumi in Virginia.?At a whig meeting. hald *n Portaon uth. Va., on the dOth inat. for the purpose ol fotmirg au alactoral ticket for President and We l'r?aidant, It waa raaolvad to be the deliberate ex reaeion of the meatirg. that lien Zach-ry Taylor la tltilled to tha warmest thank* and gratituda of hia eountiymen, lor Ma bt'"i?nt achievement* in tha battle field, hia uniform deration to bla country * h nor and welfare; end confld'og in bla patriotfam, judgment and ab'l'ly, end bellerlng that he will adoiio'ater the governmen' on principle* of purity, Impartiality and justice and biing to hia aid the prtoclplea nd esauiplea of our primitive ruler*, wa do therefore leciare our preference for htm ? a tba whig candidate for I'realdeut of fhr*a I nited State*. Mr Wok tao tha l.o< orncoa ok Vihoinu ?It hp* not been announced In tha city organa. that tha I c ifoeo* of the legislature - bare Invited tha Hon Henry A. Wiee to addre?a tha convention'' of that p?riy. ?l.h'h la to * saenihle In tbia place on the tilth of n<xt month Thie. wa to conatilnta the moat attractive taaljr* to the * bi"s of tha day Riihmonit Wti|. Jan. J.i <i?e Twkx.a' at tat Con. Man Din*** Vra? Cai > ?Honor to tha cltiaen soldier. who atepa for arevj to battla lor hia country Shame to tha koavea at home who give aid and comfort to our enemies NltW TglRIVRAPHIC KNTKRI'HiaE. ?In^p' nee ot the importance ol the line from St. M1" ?rwnn iIV111 iff co.U|>ifui'u, ? uu leant ilata. of tha Mtcli'itan and Illinois canal It ia da t't.n'if'l lo n ?n.l lh? telegraph im-sediat?iv to ( hiCV"' ( St Lou's A tniail pa.t of th* rout* from St. I.iuli to A'ton, I* a'rax.1* flnisn*d. an 1 it aetir* opera tton Ir in VIid It w'l b* oonttou 1 by t .at rout* upon ?Meh th? citlsars of th* serious towns sba'l iu most ?" f to foi aard th? work by thslr aaal and (dona. ? SI l ami llrrttllr, Jan II Is riKvisw Bnw en Mi mv Ci-.w and ( te.nkra t. Cask ?The W mhingtou correspondent of the Xiw /.. >n/<m MinninK AVir? otys, of the interview which lately pi c* between Messrs. CI ty and ('a--*. ?t the capital:? > r < a> an J ?>*D' r*' < j/? i the customary eiTi'; las an''.* ro -Jla'ly A iter torn* preliminary cou?? itxliou. <lr < l?y remarked," I was ia the Sana's yest-rday. sud th' t* I heard y<>u pressing your m inures up tnat body most earnestly'' (probably rtfarrlng to t .a p' | to locrtaca tb? atluyin Malic" ' My Jeer sir said *'r ''ley, tn> ?t ta*nr*tij; * b# carafu' what yon do , for tlod's saka do t. thing to dcsroy tbis Iflorisuscanntrr I'akaB>tt<pto t rmj .Mexico upon tbis ut try sir. tba uanmvnt the Mnioan Itapubllo is an n?a?d to this ;o(?roai.n that ra.m nl our t'nion.our r< um-nt. Is d*stroy?d for s?*r We want p>aoa * a want an and to th<? war" Mr < lay spoka mcst earlastly. ncd with much Vsllng ?i?naral t'aa* (armed to lws aaui*what disturbed f r a moment, but rsmarkad . Mr Isy, wa both w n* peace . we only dilfar. parbaps, a* to tba best iu d- of attaining it I might not agree with you ia your fiaw as to the effect th- acquisition of Maaloo might bass upon our country , but Inasmuch as a not itv/aror of annexing Masleo, wa naad aot Jiffar in our risws on thia point" Th# c< aeeraation tutnsd to former acquaintance associations. KO. Oensrel Casp and hie fr lands than took their isars. a 1 u

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