Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1848 Page 3
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% juim"' i .11 At.liui. 2S, If 4" | i t? At titi Hf t uftiha fillIt'M. tn the Senate this morning, .Mr. F ino, from the Committe on the Judiciary, to which was refer- 1 redn certainbill providing tlial no sheriff orconatohle in this State ahull detain or arrest a fugi- . tire slave, made the following important report against the passage ot the bill. The Judiciary Committee to whom was referred a bill entitled an act for the protection ot personal liberty,1' beg leave to report that they hare read and oonsldered the bill. It enaots that no judge nor magistrate shall take ootmiianoe of any case under the sot ef Congress of February 12,1793, entitled, "an act respecting perrons rsoaplng from the service of their masters that no sheriff nor constable shall arrest or detain a fugitive nUve; and a violation of this aotahall subject the person offending to a tine of not lass than live hundred nor more then one thousand dollars, or to Imprisonment In the oounty jell tor a term of not lass than six nor mors tbsn twelve months. The United States Supreme Court has determined, In the OHse of Prlgg ve the Commonwealth of Psnnsylva Bin. January lirm, )8<3, 16 Paters, 689, mat uoaar toe oonstitut ioa, the o*D?r of a alava ia clothed with auttao- | rity In every State of the Union to seiss and reoaptnre I trim. The olauae in the oooatltution ezeoutaa itaelf, and i rrquirea no aid from legislation, State or national. The national government, in the abseooe of all poeltive pro- I virion* to the contrary, ia bound, through ita awn proper i department*, legiaiative, executive, or judiciary, to oarry into effect all the rights and dutlea imvoaed upon it by . the conrtitution. The legislation of Congress on tbia i anbject supersedes all State legfsation. and, by implication, prohibita it. The power of legislation in relation , to fugitives from labor ia exoluslve in the national legls- , lalure. It ia vary clear to the committee, from the above decl elon, wbloh being upon a clause of the constitution, ia the >upreme law of the land, that any and all of the atatutes of this State, upon the subjeot of fugitive slaves, are unconstitutional and void, and are no more than blank paper. The question remains to be considered, whether Congress ean vest in the State magistrates, and sheriffs, and constables, p war to execute the act of 1793, as is at- I tempted to be done by that act. This question has been deliberately oonsidered and deaided by tbe New York ] Supreme Court, in the ease of tbe United States va. Lathrop, 17 Johnson's Ileporta 4. Congress oannot veat any portion of thejudiolal power of the United States, exoept in courts eatebl-sbed by itself; no part of the criminal jurisdiction of the United Slates csn, consistently with the constitution, be delegated to State tribunals; only in those easea where, previous to the constitution. State tribunals pnsaeeaed jurisdiction Independent of national suthority. can they now exercise a concurrent jurisdiction ? As regards orlmes and offenses, made by legislative enactment, the government of the United States stands j In the sasue relation to the State governments as any j foreign government; the act of Congress may reaob the I nut iu? mutt cuuru oungut uiuou uui ?" jurisdiction of the Scat* courts is exoluded Incases of erlin?a and ofT-noea cognisable under tbe authority of the United State*, and It la not competent for Congress to onnfer jurisdiction on State officer* j*,The committee are unanimously of opinion, that aa tbe State of New York had no jurisdiction on the suhjeotof fugitive slaves from other States, previous to the formation of the United States constitution, and as the State L?girlatnre is prohibited from acting on this subject, *n l as judges, sheriffs, aad other State officers cannot legally act under the art of Congress, it is unnsoessary to prohibit them from doing so by statute. Tne common law is sufficient iu it* civil and criminal remedies to punish all State offloers who interiere with ugitlve slaves. The power of retakiug fugitive slaves 1 with 'he oan?r,assisted by the United States jadg? mar hals. THE WS11ELT BERALD. MAILS FO JROPE. naemuch as the mi r?which we intended to put in the Htrald for JEu vill be iu ell respects the same as that whleh wll in the Wtrkly Herald, we shall not Issue any ret of the Htrald for .Europe for the Cambria, bo natrons with the TVtekly Htrald, in lieu of it, there being no difference exoept In the title. It will be ready at nine o'clock to-morrow morning, | and will oontain the intelligence of the week past, np to j the bonrof publication, from all parts of ths conntry, rscslved at this offloe, by mall and telegraph, of every description?financial, political, congressional, &o. he. It will also oontain a very valuable map, showing the sversl lines of telegraph in operation, In prooeaa of oonstruotlon, and In contemplation throughout tbe United SUtes. The malls of the Cambria will cloje at ten o'clock BGrafd Fwnry Bali Coatume Wauhouii', 38 ' Prime street.?Jotiu G-oige laylor, the celebrated Cot- I turner, is bow employed in making up ihe most sp'eudid i ew > coitnmea for the approaching season, and Mr. William Dib- I blee, Hair Diesier, 263 Broad war, is preparing character Wigs to suit each costume Dresses and VVigt for Balls, sent to auy part of iheUmou, lor sale or hire. When a la'<e quantity it required, a leri in will he sent to snperintend theai Ordeis let. as i bore will immediately be attended to. Hohea, Kegslia. Costumes, and every requisite, prepared and on hand lor I. O. ol U. F. 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We ndvne nnr reader* to giee him a call at hielaige a.01*1, Noa 2 .0 and 422 Hreenwirh and 7A Veaey atreeta. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MONKV 01AHKKT. Ihuraalnjr, .Inn. '47_n. P IK, The etook market waa a littla uuaattlad to-day. I'eaoe I rttmora are *o plenty that atook speculators hardly kuow what to do. Tho oty la peace, peace;'and atll' tbora la no pate*. At the flret board to-day Harlem went up I percent; i anton, X; Reading Railroad fell of IX. and Reading Honda, IX. All other* cloaed at prloea current yfateruay. At the eecond board there war a farther improremen % I " I Perm#!*' I can adfauseH ^ |?*f ?4?>i| I eatnb l owpftaf, \l (Urlrta, V tHtfc wd4?tf?U ?t#? ff ?*ib. The toUl .amount of specie] exported from ibis ^rt, from the let ot September, 1847, to the 'JTtb of January 1848, wsw *6,840,019. The Leather Manufacturers' Dm It bee dsolareda semiannual dividend of three end a half per cent. Prime btUe on London eell Ht 0r>,' a 10 p?r cent premium. There le a lull/u; [ly .-t tb ue rates, and the demand has t>e<-u to a fair extent Tne Cambria will take out but a email amount of epecie. It would appear by tble that the outward ourrent of preoioue Detail had ceaeed. Ithae been aeeerted that the Secretary of the Treaeury wae in favor of an iasue of treasury notes of small denominations, such as fives and tens, bearing bat a nominal rata of interest. Such is not the faot. The Secretary is in faver of no snob thing ; he is not in favor of treasury notes of any kind, or in any shape; but he is in favor of raising another loan by a direot issue of government stoek. bearing six per oentinterest; or in other words, he is desldtdly in favor of the plan proposed by (ho nhalrman nf (ho r./tminlflua of ft nil MtsAnfl : and no one on that committee a an be more anxious for tbe n<gotlation of a loan in that manner, which ie, in fact, the only legitimate way, than the Secretary of the Treasury. The issue of treasury note*, in any ehape, ie In dlreot opposition to theflnanolal policy of the government; and the issue of these notes has only been resorted to on account of the peouliar nature of the expenditures of the government, and the depressed state of tbe money market. We see the evil effects of the system, in the present depreciation and the large amounts daily paid Into the custom house for duties. The revenue of the government is prlncipallv paid In these notes, and the public indebtedness is becoming rapidly liquidated. The government is, In faot, paying off it* old debts, while it is about entering the market to negotiate a new out We see in this the evils of the treasury not* system, and there Is no way to avoid thsm, but by nsgotiatlog a loan in Iht realty legitimate way. 80 far as tbs movements of the Committee of Ways and Means are ooneerned, we give them credit for nothing else than a disposition to embarrass the financial operations of the government, and to foroe it, if possible, into a repeal of the moet important measure* of the oeuntry. This oommltte* has, perhaps, unwittingly fallen upon tbe very method tbe Secretary of the Treasury prefers to all others; and if a loan oannot be negotiated upon the terms proposed, the oomralttee have assumed the reaponslbill ty. In times like the present, when the money markets are in a very embarrassed condition, when a drain of bullion exists for shipment to Europe, it becomes neces sary to adopt such measures as the exigencies of the moment require, and if a loan cannot he negotiated in one way, it must be in another; if a loan cannot be made by a direct issue of stock, it must be made by an issue of Treasury notes of large or small denominations, whloheyer maybe necessary to raise the amount required to meet the wants of the government, it does not follow that if a loan oanbe mad'- by u direct issue of stook, that the specie clause of th Independent Treasury should be repealed. There are more ways than one to raise money; and the banks have lees control over the flnanoes or wants of the government than they or their organs Imagine. As muoh opposed as we are to an issue of Treasury notes ot small denominations, we would rather see them In circulation than have the Independent Treasury act altered or modified in the slightest degree. It would be bstter for the oountry to have It deluged with Treasury notes than to repeal the Sub-Treasury, and have It deluged with bank notes. If there is no other alternative, it may become neoestary to ehoose between the two Fortunately, the government have the oontrol of this matter; fortunate for the oommerelal classes, the manufacturers, the agriculturists, and even for the banks themselves, thsre is not the slightest probability of the Independent Treasury being modified or altered in the most trifling points. It would be preferable to negotiate a stock loan at a discount, than to disturb the operation of this Important conservative system. It would not be thirty days after the repeal of the Independent Treasury aot before the banks would be on the high road of expansion, and they would Inflate oredite,prloea, speculation, and, for a time, produce a very fine state of things; but where would they stop ? where would be the check upon them t Prices for manufactures, and for merchandise of every description, would become so muoh inflated that the manufacturers of Europe would deluge our markets with goods of every description; prices for breadstuffs would advanoe beyond (hipping point*, and no shipments would be mad a. A. universal Inflation would be experienced in everything connected with commercial affaire, and the result would be an explosion, and the long list of evils such an event wonld produce. There ia no measure the government ever perfected whleh has protected the manufacturer and the agriculturist so muoh as the Independent Treasury. It has been better for the manufacturer than the highest protective tariff they ever had, and to the agriculturist it has been invaluable, in preserving a uniformity in the value of the ourrency, whioh they have heretofore seldom realised. The demand for a repeal of the Independent Treasury act is loudly called for by the banks, through their organs, and they believe that it is not only for their interest but for the interest of the oountry at large. Now we know that it is nrt for the interest of the people or the oountry, or for the interest of the banks themselves. These institutions would find it more for their interest if they wonld oonflne themselves solely to a legitimate line of business, which the Independent Treasury favors more than opposes They oan keep a moderate circulation, receive deposits, and make discounts, as well with the Sub Treasury as without it The only influence that act has upon them, Is the check it has upon every speculative movement, and the effect it has upon the ourrenoy. Oae of the strongest arguments, therefore, in favor of preserving this act, is the opposition to it from the banks. We have, in years past, had enough of an unrestricted banking power; the operation of the old United States Bank was a praotioal Illustration ofthe operation ft enormous banking capital, governed by cliquti of speculators. The operation of the Bank of England is a more recent illustration ofthe effect of immense b inking privileges In t^e hands desperate speculators Every thing conneoted with oommeroial affairs becomes subservient to their interest; pHoes of every speoies of property are regulated entirely by their operations; credits are expanded or contracted at their pleasure, and the commercial existence of nearly the whole community Is at the meroy of this money power. The revulsion through which Great Britain has just passed is the result of the speculative operations ofthe Bank of England, and those capitalists immediately connected with that institution; and if it was not for the Indepen dent Treasury, we should soon have in this oountry a el] milar power, governed by a similar class of speculators This Is what the banks in Wall street want; it is what the banks of the whole country want. They want the management and control of the financial affairs of the country; and every attempt of the government to regu'ate its own finance*, is opposed by these institutions. If. Iff flnv mnra than fmlwa mnntha alnaa *Ka ment separated itself from all banks, and th? banka fee that thalr powar la rapidly Waving tham; that they ar? not of 10 muohImportanea aa In tlmea past, and that the Independent Treaaury will aoon deprive tham of the little remaining influence they hare upon the currency. In view of all three faotr, it becomes a matter Of much importance In what manner the new loan of the government Is negotiated?whether the money Is raised by an Issne of stock.or an lasne of Treasury notes of latg, or cf small denominations A stock l>an would oiamp the money market more, and be neg >ciated at a greater sacrifice than any other ; bnt It would, perhaps, be pit, for the interest of the government than an issue of Treasury notes, as It would enable it to carry strictly Into operation the Independent Treasury act, aa it was originally intended The long eonteat in which the Comm sroial and Railroad Bank of Vloksburg has been so long engaged.* has Anally been brought to a olnee, and the creditors of the bank have some prospect ot getting something for their Claims The assignment under which the tmeteea haw* sctad, hM been declared m l void Vit'iiirin Hsax ? Final Dicdioi In February, 1840. the directory of the b?nk, which ?? Incorporated with a capital of $4,000,000, mad* two deada of assignment. conveying all Ita property and effects. of every di>*oriptlon,to three trustee# or assignees, for tha alleged pnrpoaaa of enabling It to avoid a forfeiture of ita charter, by completing tha railroad within th# t itno prescribed In the charter. and of placing all Its cradltors 011 an equal footing Tha profits to arise from tha road aftrr Its completion wars also assigned, and this, as expressed In tha daads. wss contemplated as the principal source for the payment of tha debts of the hank; all which was Intended to he affected by preventing the eieoutlon of judgments that might ba recovered against tha bank till Ita affairs should ba wound up In 1841, Alex H Arthur, being tha bcldrr of a considers bla amount of notes of the bank, submitted the deeds of assignment to the examination of his counsel, William (J. Thompson. K.?q , of thla olty, and upon his counsel nd sdrlee that tho assignment could be broken and set aal.le, he had a suit Instituted to reonvar his claim Judgment was obtained In Warren Circuit court, levied on the property of the llsnk. the execution of which was enjoined, end thecause went Into tha Hnperlor Court of Chancery, where It was argued, on damnrier, by Oeorge 8 Yergir, F.eq.. and 8 8. .Prentiss, F.sq . on tha part of tha assignee#, and by Win Thompspn, tr , and W. U Thompson, Esq for th# other side ths demnrrcr rals II w I Pi 11 nai?om tn| tl)l single 'tiiefulfff of Use Utfil nlHItf of ik? it- ! I oljrt'nnHt, f')$hi8i[ [o (bef*6* tf l}'? 4c*4f ?ln?e Tin 'Ii*aC?!"n iii* hln Ifi If44. iv'iUlutug the asolgnmsnt, from whloh decision no apnea! ?u taken to the High Court, by which the chancellor s decree la reversed, aud It U decided tbat the assignment is Illegal i and void, upon the face of the deeds themselves We < learn that tills decision is based npon one of the points presented and argued fully before the ohanoellor in 1843. i by W. G. Thompson, Ksq , who argued the cause as leading counsel in jeply tor Mr. Arthur, in the High Court?Tit: that the aaeignment wan an attempt to ap- I proprlatethe property and effects to the ultimate benefit 1 of the bank, postponing oreditors without limit. The effeot of this decision is to displace the assignees, and throw the whole business of the bank back into the I hands of the President, Directors k Company, as it stood before the assignment. Ntotk Kichangw. (15300 Tress Notes 6 f 9BH 50 shs I'nnteu Co 3ilt ' 22000 do 90k 50 Nork Wor UK >J0 J* 500 do 99S 50 do V\ 4500 U 8 0'i, '67 09 50 do 17 k I 20C0 do '50 90 ICO Louk Island K K 1.70 *7* 7500 U 8 5's,'53 07^ 3no do *7* ??V? U" ?l ? IUU UO D' Z' 4 400(1 Ohio 6'i, '50 95 200 do ?7ft 500 PennS'l opo 71ft (50 do blO 27ft 4000 do 71ft 200 do b?5 27ft 5000 Heading Ud? bl5 63ft 100 do b30 27ft 1000 S??teS'e, '58 94ft 100 do 27ft 66 shz North Am i?z Oft 200 Hailem Hll 41ft 25 do 9 7 50 do 4'ft 10 NVliN Havfn HK 92 200 do * 10 41ft 150 Fanners' Trust 27ft 150 do >60 4 ft 200 do blO :7ft 450 d> 41ft 100 do b31 78 250 do b'O 41ft 100 do b20 27ft 50 do b30 41ft S50 do 27ft 50 do 42ft 57 Vtck>bnrg 6 2i0 do 42 50 do 5ft 25 do 42 225 Morris Caiul 9 100 Head'*, lat Fab 40ft 100 do b30 9 50 do b60 5IK 200 do 8ft H O do t90 49ft 50 Canton Co b45 32 100 do i3) 49ft 35 do 31ft 1061 do 50 # Second Board. 25000 U 8 5'*. '53 87ft 300 aha Heading HA b30 50 5000 do 87 150 do b30 51'ft 6000 do 87 200 do 160 49ft 1000 U Suiei 6'a. '56 96 50 Farmera' Loan 28 20)0 KentnckyGa 14 d 4 96 50 do b45 28ft 5oCO Handing Bdt b3 62ft SO Morrii Canal >3 8ft 5000 111 fuu'ble bda b60 4t 25 Harlrin HA 42ft 3000 Hearting Bda >60 62 100 do b3 4irft 1000 Traas Notes 99ft 200 do s 10 4'ft IS aha Canton Co 31 100 do >60 42ft 50 do 32ft New Stock Exchange. 50 aha L. Maud AA b 3 27ft 106 aha Hariam AH b3 41ft 250 do c 27ft 309 do c 41ft 25 Canton Co a3 31ft 200 do b 10 42 26 do b 4 Sift 100 do b 30 42 100 Hariam A A b3 4lft CITY Tit.A DC IIICPOllT. New Yore. Thursday Afternoon, Jan. 37. The flour market waa again languid to-day, and sales of all kinds moderate, without material change in prioes. The transaction* were confined chiefly to lot* of Genesee, Ohio, Western, and New Orleans brands. Hales of Genesee wheat were again made, at yesterday's prices, and the market closed rather heavy Corn sold to a moderate ext-nt, without ohange in prices. Meal was rather heavy, with sales to a fair extent on terms slated below Sales of rye and oats were made at prices which varied but little from previous rates. In groceries, transactions were moderate at steady rates, for sugar and molasses. Ashes?Small sales were making at $5 87)tf a $6, and pearls stood as before at $7. 11 reads tuffs - Flour?The sales footed up 3000 a 4000 bbls , embracing various sized lots, among which were 800 bbls. Ohio flat hoop, at (6; 400 do Genesee straight brands, at $0 18X ; 350 bbls. Livingston Mills. Brooklyn, at $0; 300 do New Orleans, afloat, round hoop, at $5 76 a $5 93J*, and 1000 do, this State, or oommon Genesee, deliverable in Maroh, at $5 50 Wheat? Sales of 3000 * 4000 bushels of Gsursee were made In two lots, at $1 35 ; small lots Long Island were making at 91 35 a $1 30. Corn? Hales were light, and we have only to notloe sales of some 6000 or 7000 bushels, including parcels of green New Jersey mixed, at. 65c, and new mixed and high mixed do, at 68o. The market oiosed without animation Aye?Sales of 100(1 bushels were made at 90o, delivered. Aye Flour? Sales of 100 barrels were made at 94 13>?. Meal?The sales veiterday and to-day have reached about 1400 bbls New Jersey, at $3 12,', Oafs? Canal was steady at about 60c. Coai.?The market was very inaotlve, and holders were yarding their supplies, with a view of holding it for better prioes in the spring. Ws quote Fictou at about 97- Liverpool Orrel continued dull. were steady at 33c, Coffee?The demand for Rio oontinued steady, with sales this week, of 1800 a 3000 bags, at 6k?o a 6?,o, four months. Cottor?The market oontinued dull, and prioes of the few lots disposed of were ratbrr in favor of the bayer. Fish ?Nothing doing. Frcit?Small sales of wet-dried raisins were making at $1 66 per box Some holders demanded 91 6n Seles of 3000 lbs of dried apples were made at 4t?c. Hemp?Nothing doing. Lead ?The market remained quiet. Molasses? Salesof 50 hhds. of Cardenas were reported at 34o ; New Orleans, in barrels, oontinued steady at previous rates. Natal Stores?There was a fair inquiry, with some better feeling in the market. No sales of moment trans plred. Oils?Llnseei?The sales of city preened noticed yesterday, were made at t>4o. and not at *43, as printed yesterday. To-day. sales of 3000 gallons Koglish, were in&de at 84o, and INK) do American oity pressed, at 63c; and 100 barrels Obie, to go out of then oity. were sol at 60o. There was a fair inquiry for both selected and shipping whale, and sales ot about 600 barrels of the latter were made at 83o. There was no material change in crule sperm or manufactured oils. Provisions ? Small sales of old mess pork were made at $10 87)4; prime do, no ohange; 33 hhds of hams were,reported sold at $0 37>4; shoulders were worth about 4o per pound Beef?Seles of 300 barrels oity mess were made at $8 87X- and 300 do were reported sold at $8 78. Lard?Sales of 70 barrels were.made at 8)4o, and 80 do at 8 6-18. Cheese was steady, at prioee ranging from 8)4 a 7o. Butter?Sales of 40 packages of Ohio were made at 13)4o, small sales of this State,at 16\o. Prime dairies were worth from 17 a 18)4?). Rica?There was yery little doing, but the market was some firmer. Seed?Sales Of 1(00 bushels of Amerioan flex seed ' were made at $1 37)4; 400 do at $1 40, and $1 46 Is now ' asked for North Carolina seed Sugar?The inquiry oontinueil fair, and prioes steady; < but we heard of no sales ot importance Tallow.?The market exhibited no ohange. Whalebonc.?No ohange i Wine?Sales of 60 half pipes Sicily red were made . on private teims. Whiseet.?Sales of about 100 bbls western ware made i at 36 oents. Krkiohts.?The 100 tons of oil noticed yesterday as being engaged lor London, were taken at 30*, and not at ! 30s, as inadvertently stated, and the statement of oorn engaged to Lleerpool, referred to, 6d per bushel The raies to-day, continued nominally the same, ytsi?H a 3-l6d fir cotton; Is 6d a la OdaSsOd, asked for flour, and corn at fid. To London, naval, stores were taken to ' some extent, at 3*. To Havre and the oontinent, rates were very quiet. Sales or Real Estate Yesterday?House and lot 861 Washington street, 36 by 103, $3,800; house and lot 4dS Broome street, 38 by 98. $7,080, house andlot34 11 en wick street. 30 by 80, (8.760. The property, corner of Water and Moore street, 60 by 81, $16 000; lot oorner ' 9th avenue and 37th street, 34 8 by 100, $4,780. DARKBT8 ELSEWHERE. STOCK BALIS. Baltimore, Jan. 26 ?$1174 Maryland Cs, 35)4?, 403 do do, 85)4; 110')do do. 31)4; 5000 Baltimore6? 1390 3 nays. 35)4: I00? ! do do, ou time, 95)4. Ifl,,0 do do, r w, 95)4; 1300 do do oil time, 95)4; 10(0 o? Ilo, 01). 91 ,'4; 100(1 do do do, 9 )4; 10 shares Bslli inoir Water Cnmiiaiiy, 78)4; 10 do Uoiou M-nnf.cturiuK Company, 27)4; 10 do iir, 37)4: 17 do do, 37)4. United Stales 6* ol 1867 rioted St 100 atkrd. 09)4 Old; '1 restore 6i at 100 asked, 99)4 bid; M-ryhnd 6i close i at9>)4 saktd, 5)4 bid; Ba timore8s .f 1890 -t 96)4 aaked 95)4 bid; Baltimore and Ohio | Railroad ahatts 38)4 oskcd, 37)4 b.d. i Philadelphia, January 87?first Board?16 Manui<c* tniers'and Mecti Bk 23; 150 Re*dine M, 35)4; $10,?K) 5's 71; 6>OUO U 8 Lonn6 *. t>2 97)4: 6300 do. 67. 09)4: ?i.000 do. 'd2, 97 M; liirsrd Bank, 9,M, 9 Beav Mead ft, 2i\, $3 OVO C 8 rreas notes ,MM: >.> ? do, MM; 8)00 U 8 L??n ? . '67. MM; 1 P'nn Bk. at>9M; 50 Morris i. mil, 9M cecond JHoard -IIMtUBI'i 99V taroo Mate 6's. II; lioUSnk, SM. ">? Morris Canal, 9. After H/osd-gl.tflO IT * 6's, 97M; >a oou U 9 Trees notes. ?' . MM: $15l00Htste 5'j.7i; $1000 8chn\lI k II Nav 6's, $ ,.V0 do, 4<M: ???# Lehirh N * 6's. 57; $1 000 Reding U t>?, ?1M 175 Uirard Bk. 9Mt >91 <*o, 9M; 17 Kentucky Be, 75M: 50 U 8 Bk, 3M . 50 Reining R. 35 Boston, Jan. 95?Exchange Board?\ Boston aa Lowell Rill road HIM; I Jo 545;13 Boston and Providena : Railr ml 95: * L oitoa aud Maine Railroad 115; 3 Kitehhitr ,i Railroad II5K. I Western Railroad I03M; 5 d > do 101M: 5 Western Railroad Richts tie; at do 19c: 29 do ttc; 15 lie ' mgltailrnid 25M: 15 do, bio, t5M;t Boston and Worreiter Railroad. b5, 116:15 Norwich au? Worcester Riilroad, bl 1' M: 1 Cheshire Railroad 7IM-'03 fcast Boston Company 11M; <(0do do, h 10. I1M; 59 East Boston Dividends, No. 6. 4 95; ) do do 5; $1(00 U States 5s. 1153,1IM: ttbOA Boston Citr 6a,- 'M; 8'iMO Readinn Railroad Bondi, 1150. 63M Jit Jtwtio ?6 shares Portlaud, Barn and Portsmouth Kmlroid. 96Mp< cent; 10 Did Colony 'o MsMM percent; 50 Western do JM Per PPnl l'r; 15 Eastern do 3a3M per centadr;25 Bostn,, and Worcester do 1'3a ;ier cent arte; 15 Boston and Provide i e do 95M per ctn'; 3 < Boston and Maine do MM915 per rent ad e: 16 Kitchhnr* do 15M per cent ade; 16 Vermont ( antral do 79M per rent: 50 Ordeusbnrp do I7M Per cent; 10 Cheshire do 7 per cent; 5 B?s tou Exchange l.o $t36i417M Per shsre; 1 MaitiiPac'nrers Insni reore Co, 9M Per rent adv,12 American do lOMiH per cent I ndr:6 Nashua Manufactnrirg Co $137*439 ptr snare; 10 MattsI tnek Cotrnn Co (par 15) 35a27 pe.- share; j Walcottville do 1 (par IM) $106 per share; 16 tfhawmnt Bank 19 per cent; 3 ; , I'uio-i do 97 per cent; ?5000 M-ssachusetta Sterling5 per cent I BondiII76<69 percent. PORKION MAKKKTR. Havana, Jan 8, 1648.?The little sugar left for sale at i the date of oar last report, hue been dispoeed of at | lower pricre, and oar quotations now range as fo'lows:? | Cnonrroohos 6 rs; ordinary yallowa AMa AM 7*1 middling . do &M n Are; fine do 6Vt a C>\ rs; Florete do, 7 n 7M rs; . ordinary whl'es, 7M ?M; middling do, 8 rs; fine and I florete do, 8M rs; these rafs, however, must be look'd upon as eluost nominal, m the quantity for sale ; Is very trifling, end prices for new sugars have not ye' been e*tabll?h*d for want of transaction*?the arrival "f I tha naw crap, ?o far, la amall, bat owing to tbe fhrorabl* | atata of tha waathar, tha worka on tha aatataa arc in to- j tire operation, and our markat wlU aoon ha well supplied. j i f iT^a eontlnuaa aoaroa at fd a tT Thaarrlrala of me- | la taa at tba eutporta ara now baoomiog brtak ConI tracia to noma extant for dallvarlaa in all tbla month, > bare ran made at Matanita and Cardenaa ttSriala par k*g <qu*l to 13Xc per gallon, on board. Flurrnl** I at $17 a ; 17 AO Iter Naw Orlaana brand* Lard $ 1 AO a i $19 for ke-f, and $13 for barrel*; atoek 0000 k a* | Cheee* 10 a 4; pork 17 a 19; me*# pork 17 a 19; i rime do, Id a 17; clear do, 90 a 93. and In demand; do In box** 19 a 14. Freight* exceedingly dull. Tha Iran* rtlona in Kxobangea hare been very moderate, on L? don at 3 a 4 per o*nt premium, and on Naw York an Doeton A per oent. Br?xot Aran, Naramber 90.?Doubloon*, Span- ; lah, 304 X a 39A each; do. ratrlot.SOJX a 303 ; Plata,m?i enquire, 93 do for one; Dollar*, Hpanlrb. 94J* each; do Patriot end ratacone*. 94 a 94X each; Mix per oent. atoek. at par; F.xohang* on Kngland, 0A? (Id per doubloon; d". ; France. 93 Dane* per doubloon; do Hlo Janeiro. 9X :l percent prem ; do. Montevideo, IX *9 prem ; do United State*. 99)* a 93; Hide*, matadero or asladero deeoarnudo 97 a 99 lb* oa. Ad a 00 per peaada; do inatadero, country 9A a 99 Ibe , AO a A6 do; do. Hpaln, 44 a AO do; do. North Amerioa, 43 a 44 do.; do of all ataka, 43 a 47 do.; do. salted .ox, A9 a Ad do.; do. do. oow, 43 g 44 do.; Htm hM?ft ?*IM, Mill 4* Ao <i<s dry. 4? ?9 ! ?!<i | ( fllf ?>hi? tt? w 3 to 13 Ifcj , AS to .VIyrt pmads; | Pkstj: WUtifcl. "US &iiJ "r !to*f *. 3d a 99 par 3oi?fl i (teat eklnl. Without price; Nutria skins, do ; Horn hair, mixed, 70 a 7A per arroba; do. Abort, "0 a SO do ; do. I long, 18 to U0 lu , 130 a 1*0 dol p?r arroba; Wool, ordl- i nary, washed, 10 a '11 do ; do do. dirty, 9 a 10 do.; do. ! mestfsa, washed, '10 a 3) do ; do do ulrty, 11a IS do ; I do. floe washed, 40 a SA do.; do do. dirty, '13 a 31 do ; I Tallow, matadero, raw, 13 a 14 do.; do do uielted, 1st ! class, 30 a 38 do ; do. pure, second class, 31 a 35 do J Grease, pure 43 a SO do , Jerked beef, 43 a 61 per quintal; Horns, ox, 600 a 650 per thousand; do. oow, ISO a ion do; Ostrich feathers, long black. 11 a 13 per lb ; Salted tongues. 10 a 11 per dct?n; Hide cuttings. 10 par quintal; Shin bones,without price; .Salt.on board, none, per fanega; Discount, 1 a )\ per cent, month The nlgbcst price for doubloons during the ereek, 399 dollars; the lowest prioe, 301 dollars The blghert rate of achange upon Kngland during the week, 0Sa (id per doubloon; the lowest do , 6Ss 3 J per do. Although the prices quoted do not present any great difference fram those of last week, It may be nerertheless stated that a very considerable fall in the prloes of product has taken place, owing chiefly to the large quantities brought Into town, and to the near approach of the period at whioh the shipping thereof Is to cease. Great quantities of produce are offered for sale, aud the sellers manifest an eager desire to realise As yet, little or none of the wool of tbls year's shearlog has been brought Into town. married* In (Ilia ttlfv YTr K / 4' Ii'ninw (thm oiifliAr \uil li outline ) to Aliss Annt A. Bennett. Died. On Wednesday evening, 'J3:h inst,JosxrH Dicksun, in the 34th year of hi* age. Hii relatival and friends, and those of hla brother inlaw, John Owena. are respectfully Invited to attend hia funeral, thia afternoon, at 4_o'o\ock, from No. 14 Fifth street in the village of Poughkr epsie, Dutcheaa Co , en the UJd iuat, Bemrt Kiivshimrr, in the 6Uth year of hla age. a long and respectable r< aidant of the place. Country papers pleaae copy. In Williamsburgb, January'47, Efaraim Cooik, aged 10 months. The friends cf the family are reapectfully invited to attend bis funeral, from the residence of his faihar, Or C L. Cooke, on Saturday afternoon, at too o'clock. KOa Tuesday. Jan. 'Jith, la the twentj-alxih year ol his age, of small pox. Jaues H. Qrkex. Albany Evening Journal please oopy On Thursday, of a short, but severe illness, Margaret, wife of Owen W. Brrnnan, in her 'J8th year. Thefii-ndsof the family, and those of his brothers, Timothy and Matthew T. Mrennan, are respsotfully Invited te attend the funeral, on Saturday ufternoon, at 3 o'clock, from her late residence, 88 Kim street, without further luvitatlon. ADVERTISEMENTS NEW EVERT MORNING. ANTHONV J. BLEECKKIl, AUCTIONEER?REAL Etlnf, Madnou Square ?Positive sale of forty-iix very valuable Lots ill the most improving I'nit ol lh< city, in the imnituia e vicinity ol Madison.Bquare?On Tuesdiy, February lft, at It o'i lo a. will be sold by Anthony J. Bleecker, at the rrchants'Esehaoge, a mimbir of very ileii able lots, well situated on Madison Aveiue, 29 h. 30tn, and 3lll st'eets, and west side of Fouith avenue, as follows : 13 lots on Macison avenue; 7 do 29th strict; 17 do 30ih st eet; 9 do 31st slifrt 'Firms liberal, and made known at the sale. W. P. Hallett. 61 Wall st. Terms?Misty per cent, of the purchase money can vainntli All Hint! nntl inurf tr ura fur flirtm veura n f fi use eai.l from the 1st of July last, (1847.) The sale will be without reserve. Lithographic Maps of the above lots can be obtained of ihe auctioneer. No. 7 Bovd s'rett. POST OFFICE, NEW YOKK, JANUARY 27Tri, 1848, the tteamer Cainbris will lea'e New York on Saturday, Ihe 29 h instant Her mails will close at this Office on Hatnrdny the 29th instant, at 10 A. M Postage on letters and pa- i jiers ous cent each and pre-paid.?ROBERT H. MORRIS, P. j Found.-a Newfoundland dog in bhooklyu, white rouud the neck. The owner may obtain it by | applying to J AS. A. KK.AL), No. 1 Hammond street, New York. tttlK REWARD.-LOST, ON THURSDAY. IHE ID 20th instant, a Diamond Breast Pin, set in a cluster, lorming a circle, wi'h a larger one in the centre, and hiv ug n god stem to hold the point of the pin. The above reward will he paid to any oue returning the same to the office of Sainnel Campbell, No. II Walt street. WANTED-1N A CLOTH HOUSE, AN ACTIVE, intelligent, stoat boy, 14 or >8 years of age, of unquestionable moral character. He will be required to open the store at an early hour, carry bu idles, and devote his entire time to the interest of his employers. The knowledge obtained to be considered as partial compensation tne first year One who resides with his parents preferred. Apply to-morrow, Saturday. between the hours of 9 nd ID A. .VI. at 97 Wiiliara street, 2d floor. W. H. KNOEPFKl. _ __ WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG Woman, to do the work of a small private family?can give the best of city reference. Dense call III Varick street, in the rear. Can he seen for two days. Room wanted-a small or medium sized Sitting booin. ueat'y furnisued; not higher op than Broome street, and for which the rent will be paid monthly in advance. Address T. M., Herald office, stating price, location. lie. The friends of general taylur in new York, are requested to meet at Jefferson Hall, corner of Charles and Hudson streets, on Friday evening, 28ih of January, nt 7 o'clock, for the rurpose of form-nx a Rough and Beady Association. The hou. George Folsom, and several other gentlemen, will address the meeting. PRIME OLD IRISH WHISKEY?THE SUBSCRIBER will be landing this day f,oin the ship Jane H. Gliddeu. n fresh lot ol Wise's old Cork Whokey, whirh he will sell on reasonable teuns, as he has only a few puncheons unsold. An early application is necessary. Apply to DANIEL NOONAN. >t G eenwieh street. OF ALL THE VARIOUS PURPOSES TO WHICH India Robber, uuder Mr. Goodyear's improvements, hai been applied, no one lias resulted in a greater benefit to man kind than the production ol overshoes; and of all the v inous kinds of overshoes that have been made, no oue hat been found equal, in auy desirable respect, to the Perpetual Gloss Overshoe, which is to be obtained only at the Goodyear Rubber Emporium. 159 Broadway. JAMES, ATLAS, CAYUGA LAKE AND OTHER Broken B-uk Bills, taken at the $5 Suit Store, in eichaoge for clolhinq. Dress and k'rock Costs of unexcrp.iouar..n .;.n ...i.. .... i.. soiled Overcoats end Cloaks from St to $6; v? ts, 30 outs to >2; peats. >1 to $3 e pair. Corner of Nassau and Beektnan. Removal.-john jay and maun8ell b Field have remored to tt.e Law Offices No. 2u Nassau street, opposite the Post Oifitr, and receutly occupied by Meisrs. Slosson and Bchell. Proclamation of peace?orders. no. U4*Head-Quartera. 74 Chatham street. Whereas, the recall ol Oeuertl Scott, from the seat of war, having turned ell hersh thoughts to peace and love, and changed the tela about Santa Anua, to that of Sauta Valentine, I, Cupid, Commander iu-Chief of Lore's Army of Occupation, not the army commanded by the brave General Taylor, have, by the authority of President Valsntine, appoiuted the Nth ol February. 1841. as a day of thanks Valentine giving, b-fore or after which time, l command all Volunteers, ?ho go in for Love's Annotation, and wish to revel in the Halls of "Bliss" and "Worth, or tipo.i Love's General Pi'low. to call at my original Head Quarters, kep. by TURNER k FISHER, and receive their certificates of tensions nl peipetual happiness Cast-off clothing and furniture want- ! ED.?Ladies and Gentlemen having any cast-off or sti. | r-erfluons Clothing or Furniture to dispose f, can obtiiu a fait cash price for the same by sendiug a note, or by calling on the subscriber, at his resideuce, or through Ce post, which I will be puiietuully atteuded to VI Da, bof.ll. II1, Cauai street, upstairs. N. B ? Ladies can be attended tone Mrs. De Boer. Old stock and job goods bought, of any description and amount. j Brunswick'^ statuary. large as life. i representing the Veuns de Medicis and Apollo de Medicis? The artist presents these fi.ures to the intelligent and discriminating public of fra York?they being the result of over two yean close study .iud applient.ou. Many of ; hit works already have bern favorably noticed, and several ] adorn the mansions of Kurure and America. Open (for a short time) from 9 A. M to 10 P. VI , at 396 Broadway, neit to Stonpim'a Baths Adminanee, 2} rents Leip8ic. in saxony?the undersigned. ! Merchant and Agent, respectfully oflera his services to all persons having any business ?t other affairs requiring atten tion in Central Germany. JOHN ERNEST WEIGEL. office for the l.-anaacttou of general commission business, thief sgency for Central Germany of the General Trans- ' Atlantic Packet Shin Company between Havre and New York; | agency for F. J Wickelhauten ana Company, merchants, (kc in Bremen; office for emigation aid other casinos Ike. Ac, No. 33 Orimma street, Leipsic, in Saxony. JOHN ERNEST WEIGEL k CO. Broken banks-atlas, james. northern Eachange, Delaware Bridge. State Bank of Saugertirs, Bank of Cayuga Lake, taken in exchange for cheap foreign aad domestic dry goods, consisting of black alpacas, broche and woollen shawls, cassimeres . ud satinets, flannr s, woollen shirts and drawera, kid aud silk gloves, kc. GEO BTEWAHT It Co.. 143 Walker street Wh ARF PROPERTY FOR SALE-a PLOT OF ground. 7.Vt feet iqure, fronting on the East river, adjoining the Grand and Houston street Ferries Willisrrsburgh, is offered for sale. The plot will be divided to snitan applicant. a most desirable situation for a ship yard or manufacturing establishment?lis a new bnlkhead, with 19 feet water. For tema apply toWM. SCOTT. HO Wall St. Eye and ear?dr. powell attends kxclusively to diseases of the Eye and Ear, Irum 9 ro4 o'clock, at his office, 961 Broadway, corner of Warren at. Dr. Powell's Treatise on the Eye, its Diseases, and their cure, with engravings, rules for the selection of spectacles, ke., price Kilty Lents, can be had at his office and of all booksellers. Just imported Artificial Fves of a superior qu ility and finish. Dr Powell s Sell-Acting Eye Fonutains or Jet. or Douche Baths, fur strengthening the eyes, which has just received s diploma at t c Fair of the American Institute, now for sale at Ins office. Damaokd goods restored in the best : invisible imnner, by H mioeo.N k co., Cloth Hefl ip hers, 341 West itteet. References? Vlcsars. Woleot k | Blade, 13 Btoad street; w. c. Langley St Co , 93 Broad street; i D. Brigham It Co., go Pp-e street. ood baini a i N.H? H a I4HW tkk'. A Nil TOOI.W? A-* Ti e entire atuck of Stole No. H Chatham atreer, ? il! be 1 nlti At price* mnch be<ow eoet wholeaale or retail, the propri-tor being deaironr nfelnaing hit bn*in?aa. L^ANCY BALI- DRF-88ES- HARACTKK AND A? raoer Drtuei for Ltdir* aud (Jentleinen, ol every deirrlpiioa. made lo'ordrr or hire, by WALKER & aMEK MAN, 161 and 111 Walker afreet, near (lie Howe. y. New mumc-okoroe f. kinnev, m broad way, lia* j a it pnhlithed the beautiful ?>ug, "Oh ! tell ma , not I ahall forget;" nlao the "Valentine Polka," "l.omaa , Polka,"and "Jenny Lind Walt*." aa al ao all the caw and pop- , nlarmoaic of the day. OEO K. KINNEY, 737 Broadway, I onii'ielte Aator place. PH1VATE TUITION MORE UF.PI it ABLE THAN Pnhlic?Familiea attended br the advertiaar, who n mmeteut to (ire inatiuction lu th Fieuch. I-aliti ncd liieek language*, mrthematiea. lie and the iiiu.i ronin e of a aonnd rdoratioii Kelerenrea moat nuance plionabl.'. Addreu h 1M < ATION Herald offi e NKtV FANCY HOODS?KAN8, OPERA OLA88F.S Ac?Frede-ick A. Woodworih, Jli Broadway, opnoaite Hie Broadway Theatre, ie now opening new good*, received liy the Havre, among which ia a large aid comp'e'e ** -r ino tof Opera Ol iaaea eompriaing erery variety, from the loweat to the htgheat priced, including oiiieoran nop ore,I c, gatinetirn. jnai introdnred AUj, n new aaaortment of hrp and evening Fant, Work Bnaca Toilet Uuaea. I*. rte moui nice. Ladiea'lleticule* an<l Pnraea, f-ney Wetting Cane* i igar Ci'aee, Patent t nffre Machine*. Bohemian O aaa Wa e, irronr.a Mitnrtteaand Ornameuta, Table Bella, kllverDejenn - Bgt lu lie. Roof ino?ol d tin roofs maobtiuiit for 'H ' en'* per foot? New root* of rongh p ank covered for 4X eeniaj root* ol feeroriea or larre I uildinga, over 3(la<iu*rea, Tor f I 7 . per aqnare a id warrau'ed Goodwin'* Pa'en' Prem to in ft t dro-Pnenmatic Cement r heatiiog make* a hand ome, cheap, light a, d duiable roof Keferenrea and aptei- j mens at UOODw IN'8 Chimney-Pot Factory, II Weal Broad- j war, between Chronbeta and Warren atraeia. a. . MmTnmwi new freer wmim. W\K !-N". ' Mir-lllll : < ( > and (hull be attatarned - The Democratic Ke|>ttbiicau Electoral! the (;tl) and t . junty i I" . w York, tu lavor 'f all. laming the National Aduiiuiairatinu m iiroteruMug the AfteiicanvVur to &u honorable flint nuccrt.lul trrmiuafiou, ni <1 1 o;|>weil to the introduction at thu inerting of auy i lauea not hiving immediate reference .o the above ot jeer, ?'e iei|u?aloi to meet at Tammany Hall, on Mrturday Kveoirg, l.mnsr, Mlh, 184 3. at aeveu oel?ck. l.etthe Democracy of the Empire City leiembln tu ita in.iieaty nud rtreugth, and ahow the cur ua it a of our (loveriiment, I ireigu tub douiealie, lb u upou n 1 queationa involving lie intereaU and iiitegritvol country, nr the honor an '1 glory of the American Hag, they are united aa one man and with but oue motive and oDe (eelir g come to the rercue. The following iliitirguiihed gentlemen have Oe-u invited, and the public may real esauicd that a number of them have accepted the mvitatiou, and will addeaa ti c meeting. Severnl eminent ipeakera trom lit I ity and Mate have alao been tuviird Hoi. John A itia, Denial V*. Dirkiuioii, Lewia Cut, Jaffiraou Divia, Heury S. Konm Duou H. Lewia, William Allen. Edward A. Hauneg m. ( h i I Albeit III. Thoe H. Benton, Hteprieu A. Dougtia, ( haitc , Brown, Hichard Brondhead, Chaa J. Ing*ranll, lie v C Murphy, Win B Maelty, Henry Nicoll. David S. J ck ii'U. i not j. tieuiey. vaeo. 9 ri.uitou Lnriau U < lm?, I m Boyd, Wm Cmliu. J. A. M(ClMlil4>Ntkwlll D S Kiuluiui, Kmgsley 8. Bingham. Commute of Arr..uge lufutn appointed from the Deiuocr-.tic Uepabiicau Ueueml Cotnmitlee : Wardi ?1st, William K Lawieure; Id lumh K j udera; 3d, P. (J Moloney ; 4th. (i II. Pnraer; iili, K. K Tillnu; (th M. K Bieiinan; 7th, Geo. G Glazier; nth, Jnliu U. Havkiu; 9tli, I). (J. Hrr.denrk; tilth, Wm. S Cone.y; lltli, Aiuoa K liatlield: I2lli, G. M Morrilo; lath. Stephen II. Keekt; 14th, T. J. Du If) ; l.ltli, lohu J Oiaco: 16th, James I*. Dunn; 17th, Julia Cochran; 18th, Tbeo. Sedgwick. MOBKKT H MAUL \ V. Chairman of ihe Dem erotic IIrpule lion General Coinmittee. Mai.achi Fallow, Thomh K. Ilowann. Secretnnri At a meeting ok the demobatic klpub can Klectora of ihe Seventh Assembly District. in ihe Ninth Ward of the City and Couuty of New Yoik, held in I urauauce ol'the call of ilia General Coinmit ee, at the home ol Bernard ,Vlc olluin, 633 Washingtuu street, on M'edcf stay eveniut*. M'h loat.. at seven o'clock: on motion, Mr Wni.iam .i.cKiiata wm called to act aa Piea'drut, Hud Thon av Kelly, Jatnea L Van Wart, John 1'helati, juu , Wil'iain Jae Harriet, <4 W Green, and J L. Ki ih'y, were appointed Vice-Prriideuts; and laaac (j. Senna r.uil Lewia Baiter. Secre tones. The call having been read He ineettrg, by an majority, rraolved. NhT TO COMPLY with the iei|ueat ol Ihe Geueral Coinmittee to aei d a Delegate to the Utica Conveiitiou}; thereupon the fol'owiug preamble aud ' eeolutiona were offered by Mr. David U Broileffck, which were unanimously adopted Whereas, the de in c alic elector! nf the Seventh Assembly Dintpet, in the Ninth Waid ol the city and county nf New Yotk, hav |||, in accordance will Ihe us>ges of the |urty. nut >t the direction of the State Central Coirm uee, held an eleetiou on ihe lith inalanr, fin common with the Aaaeinhly Diat icti of the Slate) lor delegates to a Stale C< nvruli 'ii, to meet at Albauy ihis day, to uiake arrangements for n ecue*al election by districts, of il< legates to thegreal i.atpinnl enlivent on of uoy ne ?:, and hsviug at such election, on the day aforesaid, duly leinrncd I harlea .Mr Venn, Kit], as Ultjr dill' gate to aaid Alhauy Convention. HMrllwi, lateolrtd, That we the democratic elector* of Ihe Seventh Assembly |p? trir meeiiug aatemhlrd, do heieby utterly retudiatethe act < I ihe General Committee, in calli' g au electiou in this d>atnct th'i eveniug, for the appointment of a delegate to a counterfeit couTegtion to he held at Utica; ami we alio d:n uncr a>l tlir other conapirato a in this rrcklrat mmemeit, aa d.aorg mixing aiil factions, rnslig?ted only by wnumh-il 0 B ceit, anu sordid aims. UesolTrd, that hi democrats, we ailhere rnrtrtrbly to the diatrict system of electmu aid repreteclotion aa well in r ational as in county itud Slate conventions, and we ut:erly reject tlie irle.r, tint a n.rre uotiou of Siait pride, evinced by an imposing unit, is of more iinpori'iuce than immrdiatejnstice and direct responsihiltv to th>- consiitueut. Wo believe it would he more conducive to the g'ne. ral welfare, es we know it to be most just iu principle, that r very district should repie<eiit its iiidiriilual preferences inn N ii- "i .1 (Jonveiitiou, than that ts v leheeMilirs independence ill 'Old be swallowed VPIIUSlltSllVutS, to be wielded b) rotten caucus delegates at the dictation of a few desiguicg men. Resolved. That our country bsiiijt still enraged n a war, originally forced upon ns by the rgg'cs,ions < f Mexico, w e re. ard all other questions of national policy as of secondary i in no 11 tuce to lis vigorous direction; mid, therefore, deprecate the distracting issues got up hy the muvers ol tins spurious Utica Convention; and alio depreratc t' ? present agitation of any measure calculated to create division iu tl.e great democratic party of the Union, and to enr,partitas the goterntneitin its pioecution of the war R< solved, "I vt oe entirely approve of the manner in which the rational administration has, Iroin the commeucemer t of the war until the present time, conducted the Mexican campair;-.-, and we earnestly hope, that mconnrction with measures to pro'ccuteit with increased vigor, Cergrt as will at an early day, act allirmativelv uponthe wise teeonitnei duiou of rhe Preside lit, a:.d establish territorial governments in New Mexico and California, anil also iu the oilier enrq'tered provinces, the soil r.f w hirh must luruish the iudrn oity lor the expenses * e have been put to to ?viiidten''Dg our rights, lV,u. McKIUIilN, President; Thonias Kel'y. Jain** C. Van Wart, W. Jar Hasketr, Jacob L. Foshsy, John Phclen.jun. George W. Green, Vice Presidents; ISMC G. 8eis s Lewis Baker, Secretaries.? Albany Atgnsacd Washington Union, pleaae copy. AT ALAROK AM) KNT'li SIASTIi: MKF.T1NU of the Sixth Assembly District, lield at Churchill's Democratic Head Quarters, No. 168 Spring street, ?u Wednesdty eveuiug, Jan. JSltt, Ml*, Jastr.s C*?trn?Lt., Kiq , was called I to the chair. O.i motion, Messrs. Duiicl Wilson, lames Tiebout, and tonas B Phillips, Ktq , were chosen Vice Presi druta; an 1 Messra. Theodore Krnst end D in'el Witter, Secretaries A motion was then made to adopt the resolution pissed hy the General Committer, Jan 2l*t. 1(18, luumncrd h, Mr. Kowier, denouncing the Albany Convention, aud asset ting that committee to be " the accrcditsd organ of the opiuion. and l the aulhorixed agent of the mt'.sttrei. within the city and eounty of New Vork," of the Democratic parte ; when, by the uuiuimous vote of the meeting, this too tun w-s laid on the table, after a full discussion i f sai l resolutions by several gentlemen preaeut?Mr. Fin,ell Mr. Thillips and Mr. Sickle opposing, aad Mr. Docavou, and others, advocaliug their passage. On motou. a retiring committee of one from each dirt'iet appointed by th? nikitO nomma e a suitab.'e person for the support nf this meeting, as a delegate to represent, this Assembly District in the Convention, to be held in Utica, on the 16th da; of keb. u.iry u?xt ; whereuiion, the chairman drsinnt t'd as su h cmmittee the following named geut ecne. -1st st atic!, Uerirdns Boyce ; Jed. John D. Btti* ; 3rd, John Mouss ; llli, Peter rawfoid ; ill. D. D. T. Marsh-ill; 6th, A. B. I'urdv ; 7th, W. H. Dulty; 8th, A D. Hnisell. 1 Hereupon Jonas n. I'll 1111 pa. Hi) , sumnittril (tin tallowing resolutions, which were unanimously adopted by a large uiajoritv of the mcetiur. After the reiofnti- n> h-d been adopted, a motiou to reconsider was made, which was support-d by Sir. Boyce, Mr. DoLavan and Mr, Crawford; but upon a division of the meeting, the motion to re-consider was rejected by uu overwhelmintr majority. Heeolred, Tint the democratic pnrtr f the Siath Assembly Unmet, freely admit* the right of the General Committee at Tammany Hall, to call "meeting* lor political action." within the *uJ Assembly I>,atiict. but deni'a that the aai'l General Committee i* "the accredited organ of Hi opiniona," or that it h.~>* "the power to aci in an authoritative capacity in the promulgation of principle! winch involve new gueati'-ut of a merely collateral importance in the great democratic creed,and which questions aie clearly open lor houeat difference* of opinion amour honest Democrat*, without impairing tie fundamental dtctriuea ol tint creed. Heiolved Tint we, aa he radical democracy of the Siith Assembly District, are opposed to conservatism in any and every shape; that we hold nnraelvea aloof from the quarrels which divide ilir wire pullers, aa mettera too pneule to effect the manes; that , wi hunt atopping to inquire whom it may please ordispleiae, we nre lu favor of the district system of selecting delegates to { the approaching nawMal conseuti"n. because we believe it to be the radicallv Cemociatir. mode, nud that our delej gate to the Utica Convention be, and it hareby, instructed ro anpport these declaration*. That notwithitaudiug onr pieferenee for this mode, and desiring aa we do a harmonious action of the democracy of this State, we freely authorise onr i delegate tomakeauy honor ble concession with who ; areopposod to it, provided 1 hey evince a willingness to meat ! him half way, and provided also that they are willing to r-uI rede that a democrat may entertain an hon'st preference lor this meihod without incurring the risk of being stigmatized as | a traitor, a dirorganizer, or a conrervative. Hrsolvril. Tint l we have undiminished confidence, in the wisdom, patriotism and integrity of ihe Geueial Administration, and cordially approve of the energetic cou-se pursued in the piineciiiiou of t,he war with Meneo aa the ouly and most efficient nidus of obtaining ludemnitv for past aggre, nous nud security ol the fuure Kesnlveu, That in a case of, he inability of the ''derate e'eeted thia evening to attend the Consent! u at Utica the Ward Committee be and ith-iehv snihorired to appoint a substitute. The Committee appointed to nnminatp a delegare. reported the in me of Hobatt P. < letty who WMthcntorC selected, as the rrp-esenptive of this district in that body. On motion. Krintred 1 hat th? proceeding i of tli s meeting be pnblished in the itv democrrtic p?peis. Globe and Pose pie**# copy. J s M1 H CAMPBELL. hairmni. Daniel Wilson. Jamea Tiebou', Jonas B. Phillips, Vice Preai (l-iits Theodore Kr st liaill'l W i't?.-. 8-r if t irus Notice-packet ship oARRICK, KROM 1-1Verpool, is discharging n 'd*r retrial order at Orleans wharf foot c f Wall street. All goods not permitted will l nsitively be sent to the puhlie store. FOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND NEW V.r's l.ine of Packets?Very rrduced rates of I' eight? Positively the first and nn'y regular racket to sa-T on iMotid?v. Jiuiuary 3l*r. The new and fast ssiling racket "-lup CI IKTON, Cipta u lng*rao||, is now loading,and will t o aiMvelv sail as above her regular day. Kurl eight i.ri assnge, having soperior furnished accommodaiions, apply ou hoard, at Orleans whaif. foot r.f Wall street, or to ED W AK D K COLLINS, 36 S?uto stieet Agent in New Orleans. Willi im Creerr, who will promptly forward all goods to his addrrs* ? Tot tively no freight will he received on tr ard a'trr 8'turday ereuicg, Jan 29th. Ihe packet balk GENKPEh, will succeed the Clifton and sail on her regn'ar day. FOB LIVERPOOL.?NEW LI>E-REOULAR TACK et, r f 26lh February The new and spleudid last sadnig tnrket ship GAHHI1 K, Mnsrs Hunt, master, it now In,ding, and will positively sail at above, her regular day. Kor Irieght or naiaage, having splendid accemmoditions, apply on boar', at Orleans whaif, foot of Wall street or to E. K ( OLlI^S. No 36 Mouth street. The packet thin Kosctu*. Cap,. Wm M. P. Moore, willauccced the Gsmck, and a.ail aa above, her I tegnlar day MEINHARDT'B OILDED BKASB LETTERS EOF Signs ? J'heie letter* ere rem*ik.<l>le lor durability Mill a brilliancy o( the gilding iinrunallet' bv any other article in the city?which brilli.iucy i* warranted to t'a d rx.iotnrr to the weather. They are id'O japanned to any cola' that n. ,.y hrdeiirid Order* left at Jonea. Beebee It Co 'a, Wt Kjlti * treat, will b* attended to. The p.irtntrahir hirih lint *i listing baiwevn Mviuh.Wt St S-ott, ?** uitajlved o* lit / ?;* n r mmnhakmt AiPdEBENT RKLIEK IN THE TIME OK TROUBLE will be fottnd i* Dr Upturn'* Vet;*tab> Hpe Eire uaiy The whole arcana of niedie.ue d ie? uot > (fed in at'client a lernedy for the cure of Tile*, ai ittia r Inrble prepar tiou. Dr. Uiham by riperininit* upon himself. h a completely inv eat'gated the enure and nature of file, and the Military r ft to of the Electuary are acknowledged by the gratifut tha ika | of banefitted individual* in all le* li jdi of the country It n a potittre en?e, rperdy and p'ruc-.?nt. It ta alao be I.tic tnediciue eirr t et offered to the j uhiic for lnfl enm u and Cnngemna of the Liter and Spleen, Sorenra* and Ulcrr 1 ion of the ft'muh Bowel?( Kidneraand Bladder, hot all Impurities of ihe Blood, eriiin* f tm the tmrrubent uae of Mrrcury or other cattaea; for Metcuri'l R'icnraatiam t irpor, and inecrieity of the Liter, aaeere ..nd habitnal Ooativrncaa ad fcr the relief ol married women. Th# Klecitt.trr maperfeei v af* mea cine fur females, aud the ra at uieful cathartic that ma poaaibly be iti'd, aa it will u>,t only remove the r ilea rod all iiifl unmnt ry diteeie o ith ul pain or irritation, hnt -ill en 1 an:e as: en?v ti'he iw con fine to ent. Bold w holeaale ..?d r?tai!, by ff'V'1 *' St KETOHUM, II* Fulton tirrtt. it retail, b'. l'?. A. UPH VM. 1M Bowery, New Vorkauiny tlrnyt ?l* gene. ll> u? ngliont the United Stiteaaud the Canadas. ?I i I I ___ % A\ >1' E FHOM VF.RMUNT.?TU.NBHIDUE, OR inne ( nni.ty. Vaimour, November 15, IHV Mr Both W Kowlo?Dear fir: I hereby tertily that one v etr tyo Utt Inne, I w as violently attacked with a c-ld and cough, with a 1 one tide and atomtch, and w?a not tree Irom a c-ngh during thi' anmmer. In Dacember f blowing m .'couth inoiented to au i alarming eirent. ?o ihit during th it win'er llott shunt thirty- ' fire pottndv of tleah, and phvaiciana with whom I advised could > give in* no reliif It w.u th night hy a'l that I ahonld never recover. Wa m' a ml fonnne would have it. in March h.llnw Itik. afieraullering eaeerdniilv through the winter. I heaid (if lli<> bene fi"i il f eca .if Wittar'i B i '? mi of Wilj ChcrfV.ti way of a friend, who had receired he r-e-tett b?nefr by (he n?e of the aitiele, end waa induced byniin to mike trill of ' I myaelf, *11(1 11 I wnnli cm eyprei' iny cb'igiti in* to th?t "tiend f >r th"? reeomme> ding tloa article n me it tfe critical moment t e did. for I h*d not token op one bottle, before I ?*a comrle elv cured, and fr. m that ?!?y m tint I hair rt ber , troubled Willi * cough. I can cheertullr'ercmmcud it to .11. aa be.ii g a remedy of g.ea; valne, hnpiug othera m iv te mdu eed to try it. mail 'hoi become Co -Tiured of it! ine'Hi and I'e In pi tired from the fat" I gratp of con tump ion h'!( REM A N NOYK8. fkoje genuine, uu'et* toned I BUT f 8, on th? w tipper. Hon! wholeta'e ?ed retail by Meat re. A. II fc. L> HA Nf)8, ltd) hulton ttreet. career William aui u> ha Druggi?t? reteralle. ____________ AM'Hk IORCOLDS-MIIH ('AH HULL'S MEDI eared Vapor a:.d Sulphur Bt lit IM Knltou trr-rt. oppi . ane Cbntch atreet A erit u.i e?re lor eoldt. emig'ia, iheutn* 1 turn. ao*e ihroar. *ud all infl mmator* dneneea iucnVnt to , the haagrahra itna of'Ira weatiier The Hulpbur V ;|>or llalli ta particularly retcmineudcd bv on tl at pliyaiciana a a , care for all eruplioui and diteatet of the ikiu No danger ol taking cold after the om of thai* hatha. ?m i ar.fai w 'TWHf' tu nV ?'Tir ?-> n jr iw*i I wwanrHT* n? ww : FAi.K rMlCATttlL?Mt8?RS. /? ... . u.d Anitncxu Cireua?Bull Auothai G.suh < Sa'.ne of Per. I forinanref?Kir*t appearance of Mr m hi* m gmhcenl Act . l ll raeinaothip, entitled the Cl tL IUKK Oh wI PkTFIl-UI MO h i'?t appei rim e of Mr. M i. sen K.ut productli a i f t beautiful and lu?hly plena.tnun man kntiee. Kvery eltrattmu ui one gritnd bill. Clown*. f? aiiJ, Lathrop and Gardner Drei* < ircle and Farqu-tte, at c-niij Unset, 2i cent*. Gallery, I2>? cents; Prist-tr Bole-, ti wen. : Children under 10 yeaia of nr, when ace.mpaj.ed b, 'heir I patent* or guardians, to the dreu circle, hart price Dm.'* i oi>en at lK ?perlormaoca to conirneure at 7. M. B ? Y traud afternoon iwdTorinance eyery Saturday. coiuniei.cmg at j o'clock. _____ BOWKHY TIHtATBF?TH'B I.VKMM1 JANUAry 2Hth. I?i8, w ill be |>?rfr>ifried the traifrdy . f I) AMtM I AN L> I'V I'll I AH?Damon, .Mr. W. Marshall. Pytma* ?r. B irry; I'bilimu*. Mr. Stephens; Calaothe, Mrs Phillies, HeiIIII. n, Mrs I idan To be inlluwed by the thi'd act of the H i l I'LK Oh biKXICO,or'he Capture of th: Halt* ul tlie .M ieteiiiinaa?Uenei il Soutt, Mi. Siepheua; Capt VVettwood, Mr. Uurlie; Capiain Winthrop. J. II. Hall; SiKuoriu laidora, Mr*. Phillip*; [net. Ml* Walert. To conclude wih I HAHLOTTK TKMPLK?Mr. T*?pl*, Mr. Ball'Uir; Cant Montrnville, Mr. Hall: Chatlntte T? mpla Mr*, Phillips Boxes 11 ceutt; Pit and (i.illery UK cent*. CI MATH AM THF.ATttK-Hk.Nr.HT OF BMP DMJ loraine?This evening J ?n 28. ihr perforaianea s?i 1 I continence with the YOUTHFUL QUe.K.Steiub rf, Mr. ; llirld; Christine, Mri. Wilkinson A Scotch pal "Dl. by Mi** Dalorame Alier which hUDllh. N THuLOHTS? HnptiUe, Mr. Ilield; Sophia. Mil* llih rrili. Afier whirls, | i lie MODKJ, ARTISTS. To coiiclud w,i h the vili LhK AND HH MEN?Loilior, Mr Miihni .ml. tj.indolf. Mr. | Brandou: llariua, Mr*. Wilkinson. Buses. 2j*uts: , it. L1X cents.? Dour* open at hall past 6, to ci.n raence at 7 'ecuely. B' ROADWAY THRATJKE-1 iii-i EVENING. JAN\ ilnh, will he a'teil ihe MERCHANT OK VESICEI Shylnck, .Mr. James Wnllack, .If ; Batianio, e'leming; Ai.toui?. Frederick*: Uiaiiauo, Lifer. Poit.a. v.ts. James W*(! lack. /r ; Neri.i <, Mm 'I elhin: Jei*,c>, Mrs ScrgcsM 'l'u j cnui.lnile with the drama <iI DON t.'KdAK D- JbVZAN ? Kiug Hhnrlea of Spain. Mr Kivdiriikt; Don Jose Do Sav?. rain. Fleming; Dou C arinr 0# Bnim, Letter; Matitana Mm : Fiuny W attack Press Circle and Putouette JO emit (Mci.',, I i nclra 25 eiuli: Gallery l*H cenla. l)ouri open Mhalfpe,. | 0 o'clock?I'ei fnrinancc to commence at 7. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THKATMfc.-MIHS PHI lip* il'ii'li'.?Friday rvuiiiK. January (gth. 1848. will be i performed JOtiN OF PARIW?l'edriga Potts, MriYlitehill. j Jnhii nl Carta, Mr. ( hanlr ,n , Rosa,Mia* Phillips Aler which, 11IIC) I'll E rt AN It blS'l'LH ?I) on Hylv io da llatri, Mr. Arnold; Dounn Isadora. Mitt Mary Tmlcr After which, the line of WHO'S .IV 11U HI) A.N U ?Daniel To ties, Mr. Holland; Captain Jetiei Mr. I.k aifrau, Hophomaba Mull, Miss Phillip Toe i.elude witli Mill). H \RUIH? Mia. Hurra. Mr. Holland; .'or. Samuel Stickev, Mr. I uiiiitughasi; Fanny Ptntt. \lie? t'hillipi. Dt ait upeu at lilt; curtain ttaea at o'clock. Dr"sa c re.'e, 5U reiin: Hnava.J.'i; Pi', I *l>illirg PAL MOM OPERA HOUSE?FRIDAY EVEMNO, Jauusry 28tli. Professor THEISM giuups of Ml Ub L ARTI8IM, twenty in Lumber, vr ll have the houoi o ait-tat. n.g in a series nl their celebrated Grand I ?hlrsu? Vivauia an I Poses Plnttique*. Programme? I, The Dieam nl Washington helotethe Revolution. Theirs; 8 Mara and Veunt, O r'udat; 3, i4?msoii and Dallileh. U" positions, Kulens; 4, Valrau tinUiiic Cupid's Arrow*, Unbent; 3, Venut aid Cupid, Krir>eii?|. b ifteeu .uumtet intrrmitaion. Putt If?I Triumph of the Amazonian Queen, Habrrtgict; 3. l'ha Hupil.cs,it, I lit: litel; 3. Jrptha, Thai intn; 4, The Liateceri, Ituhe: it !>j Diana and Endvmi. n, Girrndet luleimiatiou of lilteeu minntes. Partlll?Saint Inhii 1'ieachiiig iu the Wildtri est, I'a lisei; 3. A cam aul ? ve't Expulsion fi-.m i'ardHit#, IVIseHowi?i 3, Romulus ?ud Remut. David; 4, Davit playing the Harp for King Hani, Raphael; J, Fsiry Hrere of the Oitelle, I '1'hiera, 6, Tahleau Fin lie. in H mor of the United Hutes. I Thiers, i)oo>topen nt hall past rt. to commence at 7)f o'doek. | Price of Admission?Dress Circle and Pa q 'fite, I?dy sod i gfiitlem ii, 50 ceuta; get;tit man slope. 3u osnts; npprr boxea, 35 crnti. Boa o/fice open from la A .V to 4 P M Conductor I i I the Orchestra, Mr. < hubb. from the Turk Theatre. Police Depart?at giaw John Paris. ______ ] VI hi HAM'S' HALL. 172 BROAD WAV, '<a.VWEEN lvj. Giar.d "ud Uioomoi*?'.'-rowurd to oveiflowing with | the beauty anil fashion ofNew York Open every night during the week excel t Monday. Unabated success?Seventeenth | week of the nriatnal CUHIb'l'Y'H MlMIUrbH, tht , oldeat established Baud iu the United States. HI, I*. Christy, (j. N. Christy. K. Pierce, J . Hay nor C Abbott. T. Vaiuhu. j whose original anil lunnoable Cnncritaare uightlr houored I well crowdeu and h ghly respectable audiences. and uuivar I sally admitted to escel every amusement of a aimdar character i ffered in this citv Admission 25 ceuta; ehildieo under I 10 years half price. Doors open nt 7 o'c! ek ?Concert wi.l 1 commence at 8 On Saturday, Jan. i9, ?n Afteruoon Coucert. | Doors open nl 2. commence at 3 o'clock. On Mouday eveninc. Jan. II. st the Rmoklyn Institute. p ROADWAY ODEON? EiNTHANCE I HltOUOH O IV.frux a Saloon? Under the tnninaenieut of Y (J (iaxn1 ' LK*? Increased Attraction?Fourthaipebrance of Peie Morris, I the comic Melodist. First appear sure oi Mr.Turuer, on :M | Ancient Dulcimer Alto, eugactd for n short period, taecal1 ehrnted Odron .vlinttrels?together with the celebrated Mailer | juu* me cnampieu uancer u! tlie wuiid. Mao . Miaa Jeiuoie Hc\n lldani, the celebrated Scofh Ballad Fi.ger?Thia Evening. Jan 28th?Parti?Melodies or the AColiau (J:assra, I by Miaa E anchard: Vtutn'oquiim, by Sitf. Vaientini: *oteh Rdlad by Miaa Keynahlaon; Song Pete Morris Perl 2? ! Uierian exercises, Miaa Illa'fh?rd. Imitition. ?ig VdeLtini; Song, ,V1is? Ueyiialdsou; Vankre Polka. Pete Mollis Parti? Song, Vims lieynaldsou; Veiitriioquivm, 8ig. Vaientini; romie Dirty, Pete M uris; Boug. Miaa Ueynir'.d.aon. P&rt 4?Odeoc Miuitrels in a variety of!Sooga Hef.ains, Dmrea, Its. Orahr# tra Box JO centa, Pa'qnette 25 centa, Boxes UX cruu Perform, ; ?-ire t<> ooaww eeai half putt o'clock, B A RNUM'3 AMERICAN MUHEUM-P.T. BABNUM, Proprietor? f. Hitchcoci. Manager? E*ery Day aud ' Evening True Week c unineucing on Mindiy, Ja-. 34, tk4*? j Splendid |>erforrnan< e?, eerry afternoon at S o'clock, and 'verj' i evening ath If past 7. The manager Ins engi ped MASTER I JOHNSTON, a wry talented andaccomplislitd Tight Hope ' Dancer, tvho gives mine of the most aat 'matting frila l ever vritneiaed, a* Lancing, Somerirttiug, Balauciug, ko. ! Mnaier Johnvf u is aiao one of the hear Negro Dancers cow b?; fore the American public, in both of vrhich chtracera be will appear at each pertormuure. Al?o engaged, thv following eij tr-ordinary attractions : ?llreat Wevtern.the L w Cn:r<eJi'n, who npf.eara at earh performance in Two Laugh able Kircet. | Muter and Miai Wyeete, aged 8 ui>d 12 yeari, who perroiiu tinoa'difficult aoloa on the Violin and H up, cocn iceomied hy the other, inaanig a rsry tVrurec! auJ inierealitu musical enterlaiument. t lata Kutaai'a Hhikaperegn Oatintlt Mr a. Mo .ell, Miai Bernard; 7|i??ea Julirii and Wh it lock, Dtucert; Mr Whuh ck, Mr I'roner; l,,?iug Gang Oat-no: Whi Figures, Likenessrr and Portrait*of ih~ Annua ICaptive Slaves; Wai Figures of Queen Victoria, Polly B idine, D.uicl O Council, Father Mathew, fee.; Madauie ltnckwell, the famous Fortuue Teller; Waa Moi'el of the flume i Body, to be seen privately at an extra charge of 25 centa Admiuton to the whole, 25 centa: children under leu year* of age. and old enough to walk alone, !?X centa. Reserved front aeita, one shilling each eitra. _ Hall of novelty. corner ok centre aed Pearl atreeta?Tableaux Vixen's, or the LI'.Nvi MODEL ARTISTS, male and female, prodered, rrgaxdleae f exprn>e, by Prufeaanr Calyeo who will inirodncav, w.i.'i tome splendid Piclurra, the GHKFK SlAVK. rrodnced aft r Power's Stuue which will be exhibited This Evening ? I Alao the Pa'inetlo Band, with a-iuga, gleea. fee.; Mil* La | Uriuhe, the Danaruse; Mi ia Simon, and ordelia with aonga Admiaaion one abilling Doora open at 6, coitain to riaeat7 preciaelv. VIUHICAL ILLUSTRATIONS OF HHAKSPKAKE ixl Mr Lyutie respectfully aur>nniicvs, that he will girt a second series uf Iheae popu ar Liter.ttv and Musical Enter taininenla at the Stny xesant Imtirnte; Broadway, on the eve nines id Tneaday and Friday, Feb. 1 aid 4, Monday and '1 huraday, heh 7 1 10, ;.ud Monday, Feb. M. Forth** particulars will he dn|y anuoii need Adm.tsion each evening :# centa To cnuimeuce nt (o'clock BANVAKD'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF the Missiaai, pi river, pou'.eil mi tfr'e milea of canyns being I t> r largcat painting in ttie wi>i|d, t the Panorama buildmc. ir ! Broadway, adjoining Niblo't Oitd'ii Open every even.i.g, ' (HniiH iya excepted ) AOimtvuD 50 cents; rhildieu half price. 'I he Panorama will commence mm r.g at 1% o'clock I recise ly. AHeriiiMS exhibitions uu Weduesdaya ami Haiuid.ya, at 3 o'clock Uf ALNUT STREET THEATRE FHILAUKL'HIA?Mr, Lover's Benefit?Fmlay Even ng, Jan 34, till, will be tr I''lined the UU viB HKLLE? Vivian, Mr. W h'l.tley; O'Aviirk, Joliuaon; Mr M?i.?er?, Mr "'Beckett: E ixj. Miss Chapman. alter w hich, Mr I over wi'l give h a III I Vi KVKMNUH. To be f'.llowed by THE HaPPV MAN? I'adrly Murphy, Mr. Lover. To occlude with the FAIR ONE OK I HMiOl.liKN I O l< " A FAST PONY FO - SALE, AT THK " S I'ATK ' t'nfT'e en I Spice Mill*. He i* a beautiful saddle horse. obiid and cect e, without a blcmiih or vice of any k'urf. at.d p cej iua i<le i l 3 minute*. 1'iicr S *(. I'd Wrshicgton it. B\RTINK'd LOTION |tr 't)| 36 CANAL STUI1 ET All peraoi.1 suffering from it he urn itum, Ifuuc, Ul'ntluI |nr Tuition, Luinb.iiroa ud other imi ftn effrctions of the b ic'i, ai.J ceir in fihiea generally, will find mined ate relief ! and a apeeiiv enre bv using Bailiue's Lotion. Price 75 ceiiu per bottle. Propnetora' Jtepot, 76 Canal a reet, and Tor tale by all the rerpectahle dincifi.ti in the L'ured Statea KELLINOIR'jJ LINIMENT H PUT UI'IMLARGF. bottlea at onlT 50 cent/a liot'le $1 i et Juxen. $1 ititti will be |'M J io any p?reon, coming a diattuce, if ..e fail to e all fy their must Mnguine expcctati >nain relation to ita wondei fill curative cff'CU in extracting pains of every r attire, and liralint all in.t.iuer of sores and bru'?ei. N. B ? No eote prisiiiic pmon f oni a dunnce rhall leave onr city without, il they will not givecur price tit. y shall have it at their own. For paniculare of name and nun,her nf the mu.t art enrea upon recerd. aee Spirit of the Titcea. which must and will sat.eiy the m<?f obdurate serpt r, yee s'mid alone in point of merit. Tob'hadat he principal depot. No J Jb Peai I ?!., af ftice of the Il.-r'ein railroid et noiauy, at the Htnh'oua, and the druggists generally, also of the saddle,s' s otea throughout' he ? ou ntry. J KIRKBRIDF.'S TATTEHSALL's HEAVE POW Dr.lis ? 11 g.e it remedy for the cure of Heavea U'k-nWird he. is now " kc wledged hy h-Mie-owners to be iu icftllibl* ipeeific tor the c mpmats. uud alto the bert univrrsa1 Huise Mul ciuc llr-i iiu be mril It is wvrr<utrvl :u cure a recent couch or cold iu a lew days and w.ll pei. loanentlv eradicate Heaves, ?iih nr drbilitaf s th" an'oal lor it stiecgthcu*. paiifl's, and exhilirstea. So atab'e >h>"M he w"ho"t it A H. liOUOH K CO., 143 Fulton street, ro'e p onri-fors OU J At K SON'S PILE AND TETTER KMBKOC4. t on ha? gained a /rpu'it .u never b:fre equtl led bv any ilieilirine?it la wrarrautcd to cure Hc?rp>'i An"us'ic Oil w II cure De fursa, fein. the L'echarreof Matter fi< no theC.ira, lie '1 heye medicine* hare <u.ed mnre (irricna t. n all oi .e I ecu.toned. For s i' bv/.. tt, St D Suids, ,00 AVl.liaui it- > V ; D.. 0 Philadelphia; I .-iter. W.lion It > o Bostor: h K nllrr. Wfahtuittnu City; AVi .Ir.ynr Pi f'borg; I' & J A J-mi, Sr. Louis, and M JattiikCo. N. Or|r*p?. On. < OO.'MC it DUANK STRKfcT, t'hfthem it11 Wiiltni ?m , h.ia for toe !<i?* 'onrtreo ?>'> ?i joyed the most eiteii?i?a prai:i' t :u |>rteale Jit i?e? any mrdi ?( nun in New Yn k. (If eu con- the :no?t mj|rn?rt?d r wi of thu diwic, and miiil cares cured iu two to ties daye Mrietnre?Dr. Cooper Insdticnvtred a n* 7 cnethoJ by nhieij I fill core t..e w rat form r.f ttnctiirt in from our to two wei kv witii 'Carrely any pain to l1-* pali'ut. Cota'iiulirml debility, bronchi on bp R nrytt habit indulged in by voting oito. This, whan too freeiy indtDael in. beire>) <y?pe?lie, "Hliitu ot ihe 1 <hiba ami mill of tn? back, eonfnaion of the intellect and aversion to oeietr. A cure werrtuted in eeerp ran or a > rhrr^r Nil mart mr ntad PKlVATK DISK,ASK S IN ?J.L SfCU.KS. AND UNdrr a.<y rircnmstnncf*, cured hi from three to fire days by l)r Lautott'a Kreufh !f?in*dy. It it tl>?r only rutdiona of the U od ili it ran hr r. ken with ?*(+:y. and a hop? of iti laavir a the person ?n hea thr eonditi r ft is e-tirele eecauble, . ?! noi mt| it.y?*ut rotha tsat^*<>1J oaly at 121 Kulton *t % VfwVok. Pn?-e l etters, pest n*id, will he promprl'/ "(tended to, and the medico e i"t nnrded, iud secure a.Jii: b CA^rtRfi. 1.NTE VPKii \TK H t BITS ARfc K,*SILY, S WEDILY end r (Trenail? efDcuMiy <u,ed bv ihe u?e of Or A fl. ( ooli'i riinedr A'ew diy?'u*a of lha medictue prodnoe* op niter nou i tl e c edition ol the emmac . ao that liqn >r become) i rtrmire to ihs right, i mrll or faite 'I be remedy it plraaiut aud eaiy to take, nor doea it fat- fern with d ft 0' cct'pction rire $1; lor ta'e hy the D ef r. at Wyatt ii Krtehim'?. II! FSIt n atrert. pHILADKuPHI \ MUI>I< H. HOLSa-D KiNbYI I'u, <Tfia?n Phyai i ji, fiftec >?,ri toidfut ;,r c i l oner *n Philadelphia. Ihtcu.c i.i >i 1 disease? of'Ik ) a 'in I id ir a of a delicate nature, ay >1 'eelr-ci ve I ,.oiu of l uoui, till continue) to engage Di fCinkelin'r nti.toit attnuiimi In r 'id), whoae eompl lir.u ire in the mi it dopertte conditioii, an? depend on b'n.K alwayi condn'.ted by Ur K. himeell witna p nmpt.e*fe and enetdetb tTei.tuieat to 11erfect ci.rn Strautcra (larelling. iuoi lieu at a uiom'jt'i LOtire * ifh meiii aine mfliewut tocure tnrineelvei it, the uio?t eoatrnieutand prin'rioi: t.. < u.c v .named or uo e'ureo require J t,rr. tart, po?t i *"t, 1 ili ymet prompt ittrntioo llocde.ire ' A ?ornar .>l"l1 , d?-Jllniot atrrets. half i eqrare f* ? ? r'tHi*. ftj^bo'ii1 rtieaiere, aontth Maoof t ia i . .a> aa, pkta ?/ jm T'*OaJ

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