Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1848 Page 3
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ffc I - City IntoUlgtnM. Th? Wkathi*.?Yesterday ?u moat beautiful (toy, after so stormy night. The nun row beautifully?aot ? cloud visible to cbetruct the beauty uf the aky. Tbe ground wMeoTM'il with snowtotbe lipth of two iuobes. which shone prettily In tlie sunlight. Towards night tha air became quite cold, and the anow and water on the side-walks commenced frer a'ag, in m>iny places rendering it dangerous to pedestrians. The snow in tha streets bad nearly dlrappeared before sunset. Falsk Alarm.?Tbe alarm of firs at 3 o'clock ysatsrdty morning was caused by tba burning of some itraw thrown nut or the house at tha oorusr of Troy and Washington streets. PaoviMa N'icoll on A?tronomy.?Professor Nlooll delivered hie third lecture on astronomy last evening in *'linton Hall, to a highly ftshienable and large audience Hie subj^ot embraced the consideration of the olar system and all the matters connected therewith inrlulinn the discovery of Uranus and othar planeta, the law of gravitation, fee lie was attentively listened to throughout, and was warmly applauded when ha concluded Sratons Accident. - A woman named Ellen Ri?rgs, b?d h. r arms broken, and tu otherwise seriously injured, on Sunday evening. by attempting to land from one of tbe Grand street ferry bouts before it was made fast to the dock juoh aofideuts are of freijaeut ooourrenoe. notwltbeiandi".'? the warning is aver held up before their sysa, not to Inave the boat bafors it is made fast. Another.? A woman aimed Sally Lawrence was very seriously injured oa Monday night, by being run down by a horse and wagon, in \H('?ney street. She was taken" to her residence', No. 80 Ridga street. Common licuiicll. Hoard cr Aldfhmkn?Tuesday evening, Feb. 1st.? Morris Franklin, Pr-sldent In the chair. Tfnth Petition in favor of ext?nding tenth ?venue, from it* present termination to the high bridge. Referred. R?port from the Board of Assistants, in taror of erection a crane at the foot of North-Moore street Concurred in. Report lu favor of paying to Dr O'Donnel. the sun of $100 for medical services rendered in the fourth ward station. from May. 1816, to Aprii. 1846. Adopted. It?port in favor of granting to William H Brown, permission to build two pier*, one at the foot of Uth street, ur.rt one ut the foot of 12 th street, East river. Adopted K?p^rt in favor of paying to ?. K. Tremain, the sum of $ 100. fer damages sustained to hi* premises, in Ferry street, by an oveiSow c ustd by the improper oondition et the s?wer. Adoptvd Rwport in favor of paying to Nioholaa Rogers, the sum $76, for damages sustained to himself, horses and *? goo, from falling in the sewer, in 25th street. Adopted Report in fivor of pnylog to 8. Thompson $'299, du* for o a!; and $43 to John Locke, for carpenters work dono at the lower policu court, in 1840, Adopted R"port in favor ot building a pier 3611 feet long and 40 feet wido at the foot of 6tb street Adopted Report in favor of building u new style of pier, combining both pier and sewer. at the foot of Clarkson st. Adnpied Report in favor of concurring with the Board of Assistants, to compel the owner of lot 302 Water st, to be Jtitoed i|, Adopted. In f >vor of concurring with the Board of Assistants, to hivu Attorney str et lighted with gas. C oncurred In. Report in favor of compelling the New York cod Uarl-m Rai'road Company to bridgeaud fence their traok. Concurred in Report in favor of building an additional wing to the Cits H?ll, and viking tb? Legisliture for permission to effect a l''nu of $90,000 for building the ?ira? Referred At tielf-pasteigbt o'clock, a quorum not being present, the board udjourned until Monday week next. Boa rd or Assistant Aloicrsicn, Feb. 1?Special Meeting?Linus W. Stevens. E?q., President, In the cbair. Jip/trnprioii >n for Public Sehoult ?Coniinuoication from the Board of Education, and resolution in favor of making further appropriations for school purposes. Carried. Rtrrpii^n ?f Grwral Quitman? Resolution adopted by tbv Board of Alderman in favor of extendicg to (General Quitman the hospitalities of the city, on his arrival here, nnd appointing a committee to carry the same Into eff?ct Concurred in. Giand Muncal Fettival ? Invitation to attend the grand musical festival to be given on Saturday evening, in m> mery t f the oelebrated composer Mendelssohn.? Accepted. Eigh'y-Sisih Street- Report in 1 a?or of Improving the arain or eewer In Eigbty-Mxth street. Adopted F-n- ivg f,ic?n' L?ti?Resolution in favor of oausing a v?cant lot No. 302 Water street, to be fenced In.a h intuit II,pairing Side tra'k? Resolution in favor of causing the sidewalk opposite the engine house in William street, to be repaired. Adopted. f Jn* ndm* nt t>f Ci'y Charter?Assistant Alderman r u mm in tb?u moved the taking up of dooument No. 8, being the report of the Sp'cfal Committee on Retrenchment, Sti , Appendix O., and having particular refereree to a proposed amendment rf the oity charter, Changing the time of holding the charter election, bo that it rhall In future ba held on the name day at the State election; also, in favor of holdlug offlce lor two years, tbe aldermen tbre* years, and assistant aldermen each one year; each ward to elect on* alderman, and an Basin'ant aid*, man, for every five thousand inhabitant?; each wtrd,'Awever, entitled to one alderman and one assistant ja motion, the dooument was set dowu for tba special ordsr of business on Monday evening next. The Buard then adjourned. Law Intelligence. V. S. DttTaicT Cot ni. Feb 1 ?Before Judge Betts? This being tbe first day of the February term, after the oonrt wait opened, tha panel of Grand Jurors was oalled over; a quorum not having answered to their names, tha gentlemen present were discharged until to-morrow (thto morning, when tha Grand Jury will be sworn. A Petit Jury was tbeu called atd sworn, after which It was discharged until to-morrow. Admiralty oases were thsn taken up Oroondatri Afisuran and Corntliui p'anderbilt, lih'llant\tt Tht schooner H. B. falter, her cargo, tarkl', +e. and oumri?The libel In this case was filed for salvage, It appeared that on the 36th of Maroh last, the cbooner arrived, on her homeward voyage from the West Indies, Inside Sandy Hook; alter which it commenced to blow a gale, and she dragged her anchors and got on tbe West Uank.where she lay with the sea breaking over her. The oaptain and orew, after having cut away the masts, left her in one of the boats, and got on shore rn seme part of Long Island. The libelants alleged that information had been conveyed to the city of the situation of the vessel, upon which they despatched their iteamb'st Samson down to the buy to her assistance The liStl further alieged that it blew so hard, and tbe sea w?.a so rou^h, that the people on board tha ream boat ccu"l only aee tho schooner at Intervals, and tbut It wis at treat peril nnd risk thsy got near her. They howeTer succeeded In cutting her cables, taking her in tuw aud bring her. with her cargo, whioh consisted of sugar, rum and molasses, up to the ci'y, without any further d-.mage than the loss cf her anchors, Scs The respondents tiled their answer to the libel, and admitted that a storm had commenced Immediatelv after the schooner had got Inside the Hook; that she bad dragged her anchors and got on the Kset Bank; that tr# masts were eut away and that tba captain and crew had left her that evening , but th?y J*ni?d that they bad abandoned her, or that she was deserted They insisted that the captulo and orew had left her to procure assistance, and with no o her view. The answer went on to eta a, tbat the libellaatndid not go down uutll next, day, when tbe we.vher moderated, an<l that they approached her without difficulty or beztrd, and that instead of hauling up her anchors whioh they m'ght have done, they out her oablrs, by which her anohors and chains were lost to her owners. The answer went on further to state, tbat lithe llbellanta were entitled to any thtng, they were onlv entitled to he paid for towage, which wa? usually $ 10 to $13 an hour ; tb-tt the claimants had offered to pay them at that rate, but they refused. The answer onncluded by Insisting that it **s not a case of salvage, ii asmur.h as tho vesse. w?s not abandoned; that tbe otplain aud crow ouly went for hel.i.ami tbat tho weather was perfectly calm at the time the libellants took her in tow. Adjourned to to-morrow, (this) mornleg. For libellants, Messrs. Martin li Thorn; for claimants. Messrs Cutting k Paloe f d. .... D .i?? u.Im TTiihnuffdr ?r^nrntl vi D'i' krrand r.licri.-Ia ihii case the jury found a Verdun, against Vill-ro, for $134 damages. Before Judg- D?iy ? L'uiii Jititt K i ?. Thai. T.ynch.? This wan an action to recoyer $407 SO for j'Welry, consisting of a f{ul>i watch, chain, cido brvastpln. ml other articled. The defendant set up a' a defenoe, that thu breastpin was oharged at $300, and that it wax only woitn $09, be offered to retnrn it, and tendered to difrodnDt the price of the olhi r articl<>? The jury fouud a verdict tor the plain)ifT for the full amount ri. iin> d, with inti-ie?t Kor plaintiff. Mr. H. Morrison ; f r defendant. Mr Kussell. ^OPBkmr Court. Veb I ?Tht Planttrt' Rank of Nmiitipfii vt. rhorwi$ L Sharpf, ?f el , and tfuldirin, failanH Hufly, et. Jnm*.t Puy?is, and two other oun, were tnfc> n up to day, in this court Fri<m what we und'rsto d. they are appnals from the Supreme Court of Mississippi; and to tome extent ioTclve the question wheihern Lei<is!at.iire has toe p' Wer to change or abolish ttie charter K'^uted to a b%nlt or other corporation. Messrs John Sergeant, H. D Otlpin, and Senator Webster. are enr?it"d in the esses Mr. Clay was present in the ocort this tucralng. Court Caus^iuR?TMs Day?C*mmnn?Pltat?A'mt Pn,f-b6. 71.78 79 SI, 87. 89. MS. 101, 107, 111, I IS. 117, 110 77. &'cond Put I.?30, JB, SD4. 8 4, 38, 13, 84, 4a 44, 6J. SurnuMi Court or tukUsithi Statu, Jar.nsry SI, 1148 ? Frederick W. Sawyer. Kiq., of Massachusetts, Thom?" Cuny, K'ij i o! Loui'lana, and Amos Holt op, Eiq.ot tbe District of t'olumbla. were admitted attorneys suit counsellors of this court Nos. 10 10 W?ft llivtr Bridget cmpanj T? the townof Brattleboro'et al. In error to lbs MnpT*in* Court of Vermont. Mr Justice Daniel delivered the opinion i f this court, affirming the ' idgran.t* of satil Hiipreuie Court in thee- cases, with cos's. No 81 William T Pease ts William Dwl^ht. 'I his cause wus submitted to the ocurt, on the record a>.u printed argumei Mr. Pates f>r the plaintiff in erro.% h: d by \1r Ashiniin for the detenuant. No fft C and M. De Armas's heirs, appellants, vs 1 niteil H'a'ei The cau'ewis submitted tc the onurt.on 'he record and p: iuted argumeuts, bv Mr Trentl's, for the appellants, and Vir Attorney Oenersl lor the appellee No. U'f Joon T\ler,as President of the Unitsd Sta'es v? lohu H Hand et ul This cause was submitted to the oourt on the record and printed arguments, by Mr. Attorney timer*! for ths plaintiff iu error, and by Messrs Adams and Latou for the defendants in error No. 173. Win C Brastiear p'.aiuiiiT in error, ts John V Mason, Bteietary ot the N ?Ty of tho Uoiied St*t?s, This cause was submit ?d to ihe court on the i?corJ and prlnteil brgointnt by Mr A tnrney Oenerai for th detcn lant lu error No IPfi. Peter ll'<|ig et nl , r? John 11. 1-mers*n Tbis eanso w.,a ku' in tted to the emit t on the rccotd and pr luted arguments, by Messrs Upton sod Sergeant for the idnliitiffs In error, and by Messrs Morton uud Cutting for def-ndaut in rrror No 31 Pi niters' Batjk (if Miss sslppi. plaintiff in error ' l'h.< , ? I. Sharp et si Th? ar<(uniaut of this < ineiioi d l?y Mr Whartun forth? phklntill 34 Baldwin, V?U und lluf y, plaintltl* in tr.u \s J.?, rKyn* et al 'l int srnmniBt of this ration w'ois coinmmced by Mr \V1iarti n for the plaittiff in error. A bill has bst n reported to ths MasaaohnsstU!sl4 tare to ir.aorporsts a oompany, with a oaeital of f;uu,< >*<*. )0 b*4'4?Ut? aad yMWott rolnm Police Intelligence. Charge of Fait? Prittncti -OHMTI A. M. C. Smith end Patterson. of tha lover polloe. arrested yesterday,on e warrant is?ued bv J ustioe Osborne, a nan by the name of Charles Straiton. wherein be stands charged with obtaining, on the 97th of November last, a lot of furniture on er-dit of four months, from Huntington and Limey, cabinet maker*. 3m J Hudsou street, by fal*e and fraudulent representations. as alleged by the com- j plainants. It appeeta that in order to procure this ore i dit, the aooused represented that he kept the Kngle Hotel, at No 171 ('anal street, and was worth $s?OU. clear of all debts and incumbrance, in property situated in Massachusetts, and did not owe a shilling iu the world. On these statements, with other iepresentations, Huntington and L'nsey parted with their property; but shortly after the delivery, they discovered that a mortgage had been given on the 11th of November to one Asa it Stratton,on all the property said to belong to Charles Stratton, at No 1*1 Canal street Another mortgage w?s likewise effected, In order to oover the bill of furniture obtained from the complainants. Consequently, upon this state af faots, Justice Osborne Issued bis warrant for th? arrest of the aooused on the above ohiirg*. We also understand that several more charges of the same nature, from different merchants in the city, will be made, from whom Stratton has obtained goods by false representations Justice Osborne committed him to prison for a further hearing Watch Return? he fare Janice Oahnine ? Officer files of the A h ward police,'brought before the magistrate yesterday morning, a Dutchman by the name of John Stra.liuan. on a charge made by his wife and daughter, whom be, the night previous, had threatened to kill On the otlioer searching his person, a large sized pistol was found in his pocket, heavily loaded with powder and two bullets; one he intended for his daughter and the other for his wife-but how the Dutchman would sepaI rate the bullets at one discharge, wus to us a mystery However, the magistrate considered it better to separate this dangerous man from his family. Therefore, the complaint was taken, and Stradinau was committed to prison fer trial. Several other cases, of no importance, were disposed of in a summary manner-some to the penitentiary, and others turned out to sin agaiu. Stealing a Di mo ml fin ?A genteel looking young man entered the jewelry store ot Rudd k Scudder, No 7 Maiden lane, on Monday last, and while prioiug some jewelry, managed to steal a diamond pin, Talued at $t>0 which he carried off without detection. Several graves have recently been robbed in Newburgh, Ohio, whieh has oaused great exoitement. A public meeting resolved to put the law in foree if the perpetrators can be discovered. Senor Vlngut's Spanish Class for Ladles and Gautlrmeu togertier, commences this ?fternoon fiom 4 to ^ o'clock, sod th't for Gentleman slone, on Friday evening from 7>i lo 8)4 (,'chck, at No.# Dry s reet. The Plumbs National Oaguerrean Gallery, on the upper comer of Bmsdwnv ami Murray street, is b) fur (lie mo*'attractive plareoflhe kind in the city. We can assure oar friends that uo where can be better thtn at this establishment. Take Notice.?Boots are an article (Hat can he fn'iuit at miny places ai a low price ; hut when y nu want s tiae Fteneh Boot,'the only pla^e where thev can be found a' a tow price i? at our I'rieud YOUNO'H. option i e our h?^m ihe first man that introduced the cneip boot business in this eitv. And if you w?nt t > ft a enod pair of ''all' Boots, he has got* good article for S3 5n?-old in other stores fovfS H s best French Boot' are only SI 50?equsi to the SS anil fc7 boota ii other atorei. Small profits is his in tto. Call and see uitn?The Doctor. Save Your 9Ioney._Tn those of our Friends who wish to ieduce th<-ir b jot bills we cheerfully recorr mend thein to c<ll ou our frieud JONKS, 4 Ann street. a? he sells the first qtality of F'ench ca f dresi boots, st f t '0; aecond do, S4 00 He a<so sells a veay nice pair at S3 50 His besi Freuch p?t?nt leaf er hoots onlr S7 00. and ai for hi* French ??'er proof and cork sole boon, they are not to be beat in quality or price. Diamond Pointed Gold Pens, of every quality, and at all prees. both wholesale and retail, hv B. fc. Watson S< Co., 45 William street, one door below Wall street, and J. y 8avai{e, 92 Fulton street, makers, and oolv deales in the celebrated " Richelieu" Oold t'ens. Our prices are known to he the cheapest in the citv, while our Pens are war'aute* | superior to auy it the world. Gold Pens. at SI, SI 25. end >< 50, the lime Pens sold el ewhere at SI 60 tmd %t. Uold 1 Pens repaired or exchanged. Mo jr head's Graduated Mwgiietlc Machines. ? We call attention t? theae new and beantilul instrumenti, whicti are coutiden'ly asserted to be the most con vement and eff-ctual for the relief o? di<ease which have ever neen introduced. In all nervous bft'*ctinns they are in valnable Their construction ia perfectiv simple, and ilieir operation is ex'remelv ?g*eenl>1e. Ka1 h m<cntne is accompanied by a manual, with tult di ections for use Manui < !re<t and sold, wholesale and retail, b' D C. MO"KHF,AlJ 182 Broadway, New York Fach instrument is warranted. Portable Shaving Cases Tils undersigned have devoted their unceasing attention to improving and perlectins these useful and neossary articles, and have on hand a larpe'ariety of contraction most suit'ble to the wauts of the travelling community. G. HAUNDhRS 8c SON, 177 Broadway, a few doors above Courtlandt street. Fine Cutlery.?i itc nunacnocra nave paiu radicular attention t-> th'S branch of their buiineia, and have on hand at present the mw benatifnl and well-selected astort ment of pen, pn' ket, desk, and sporting knives. in the city ; wi h a lance variety of polished tieel g od?. Razor* ground aid ?et Cntler. repiired. O "AUNDER8 St SON. ... ILL-* COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. HON K V MARKET, Tuesday, February 1?ti P. M. The stock market continues in a very unsettled state Some of the fancies are Improving Id prioes, while others are falling off At the first board to-day, Harlem advanced >4 ; Long Island, ki; Norwich end Worcester, %, Morris Canal, Canton, >{; Farmers' Loan, Reading Railroad deolined 1 per cent; Indiana 6'a, 1; and Reading Bonds, ,*<. Treasury Nates remain without change in prioes, with limited sales. A bill was introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives on the 27th nit., to provide for the extinguish- J ment ef the State debt. It proposes that the auditor of the State shall levy annually a tax for the purpose of creating a sinking fund, as follows,Tlx: In 1848. $100,000; in 1940, $106,000; in 1850, $112 000 ; and so continuing annually to levy the sum of the preoediug year with 6 per cent added thereto, until the amount so raiaed shall, with the annual interest compounded thereon, be sufficient to dlsoharg* the whole amount of the reimbursable debt of the state. The seoond seotion provides that the sums so levied shall be paid to the fund commissioners. to be by them invested and applied as they are now required by law to Invest the sinking fund; anl th*y are required t? make such investment, if prao ticable, in the stock of Ohio or of tha United State*. The receipts of the Lor g Island Railroad Company for the month of January, in each of the past two years, were as annexed Lono Island Railroad. i 1848 -January. Receipts from passengers. . .$8 232 66 ' " freight. . . 2 978 78 Total $9,211 3d I 1847? January. From passenger*. .$4,983 43 freight. . . 1,649 31?$6632 74 Gain In January, 1848 $2,678 Hi This increase In the receipts Is equal to S9 per oei. '< It will be peroelved that the lnorease hts been great r in the income from freights than from passengers, a very favorable feature in the trafflo of the ro^d. The February interest on the debt of Fennaylrani was paid to-day at the Bank of Pennsylvania, In Philadelphia. If tha recent decision made by the Court of Appeals of Mississippi, deoUrlDg void the assignment trade by the Commercial and Railroad Uank, in 181<>, h?d been madi five or six y are ago, It would, indeed, have been a most disastrous blow to the interest of tho stockholders But, In tho present state of aff*irs, It cannot hare any very injurious effect, as the objects for which the assigr . ment waa made have been acquired, via: To preserve the franchises, property,and effects of the bank; to hinder and delay creditors indefinitely, and allow time to \ collect and secure debts due to the back and to make | advantageous arrangements as to the debts due by It. Having substantially consummated all this last sum ukt the principal *tockholder*?the large indirlduk' ] creditor*, and the " Olrard " " United Statee," and Thue nix Dinki, (the** three bank* being creditor* for nearly { four-fifth* of the eutira indebtednei*) ? subscribed a j written agreement, ander *eal, by the tarm* of wblch I th?lr reepectiva debt* are to be cancelled, and the **t*. i rul creditor* are to receive stock in lieu of their cla'ro*. ' from the *tockholder*. After tbl* arrangement, we think the i?i*Mtulion wruld ! have been ready, even If the d?cl*ion ajlnd?d to had i nerer been made, to be yielded by tha assignee*, " bark Into tha band* of the Freildent, Director*, and Company, a* it *tood belore the alignment." We ga?e, yesterday, the Talus of foreign and donatio , merchandise exported frrm thl* port to the different | oountriei with which wo trade, and we now annex a I statement showing the quantity of certain article* ex i experled to different countries, for the month of January : ? Co.MMr.n t or 1 Hr. roiiT oi' .Vr.w V'oTa ? (JfAntiTT Dc* riKATio* or Ktroart To (irtitl Hrilain. Klonr, bbl* rtl 354 Whalebone, lbs... .1 3?0 I Meal. ' IM'J Cheete, lb* 1,7**010 Tork. " 3.VJ Oil Cake, Ibe 393 110 Beef, " 3.7W1 Bread, bbl* P13 1 RHe, tierce* 19(1 Wheat, buahel*. .. 81,151 j Lard, lb*. *38*113 Corn, " ... 164 l?fl i Bncon lbs ?e>;i S14 < otton, bale*. . .. I 043 Sperm Oil, gall. . . a.aoo Butter, lha 1413 Whale Oil, "... 40440 lleiip, ' 150 770 i Tallow, lb* 344,31 J Flaxseed, lb* . . .. 10,119 Fram e. I Pi rk, bbl* fO rotton, bales,.. 3 8*9 Beef. " 7# T*llew, lb* 270 313 | I H*ra?, fco, lb? 013 Whalebone, lb*... HtA|3 \?hf?, bbl* liiitith tFfit r ' V? 4 (MS Rerf, bbt* TOO I , i bbl* 79 H?n>*, lb* 16 310 , ri>, uuihell. Butter," 31 III Out*. " (ifi0 Cheese," 01 318 Pork, bfcl* aLard, 3?.719 ' I'o.rn Me?l hhl*.. , , 170 Pperm Oil, gall. ,,, 140 i Spirit* Turp'tto*.ml* !*?? HhalaOH, " , ],.143 > Uread, bb!i 1.9<? U'?*. ;o*? i Tobaaoo, leaf, hbtJr. 0 Wheat, bnaiiaH,. , , ?oo ' Tok*eie,maii?fe. lb?. Ml* Brititk CtUni't. Flour, bbla aaot Rye Flour, bbla 109 Corn, busbela MO Pork, " 368 Cheeae lb* 2000 Beef, " 41 Tar, bbl* 146 Corn Meal, bbl* 2374 Oat*, buahelt. . . . | 60 Bread, 30 Rioe, tleroea....... 31 Spttnilh Wttl Tnditt. Beef, bbl* 38 Wool 3197 Bread. bbla 4 Rice. tlaroea 33 Butter, lbs 383# Lard, lb* . 8712 Cork, bbl* 33 Chee?e. Iba ...3,841 Hum*, lbs 37,621 Tar, bbla 26 H, til,. Flour, bbis 4430 Corn, hush 98 Lard, lba 14,011 I'ork, bbla 67 Damth H'til Indie*. Flour, bbla 924 Meal, bbls 1449 llama, lba 4615 Lard, lba 2801 Butter, lba 20u Wool, lba 114 B?ef, bbla 417 I'ork, bhlj 113 Ky* Flour, bbla 180 Rloe, tiercea 1 Tobscoo, hhda 16 St. Doming?. Flour, barrela 768 Hums, lbs 7101 Lard, lba 4712 Butter -2803 Beef, barrela 303 Cork, barrela 631 Cheese, lbs, 1410 Rioe, tierces 36 Bt 'glut* Spts turpentine, gls. .13.391 Rosin, barrels 1450 Rioe, tleroea. . .. . .. 1.061 Cotton, balea HM6 Hamburg. Asbea, barrela 190 Cotton, bales 30 tUNjWNI 406 Hop*, balea 30 Lard, lb* 17.313 Spta. turpentine,gla. 12,057 Holland, Ashe*, barrel* 176 Cotton, bale* 481 The aggregate quantity of the leading articles ex ported for the month, was a* follow* :?Flour, 74 437 barrel*; wheat 86,901 bushel* ; oorn, IrttJ.Ortj bushels ; oorn meal, 3726 bbl*.; cotton, 913d bale* ; beef,4il >bbl? ; and pork, 3806 bbls. Every thing depends upon the nature of our next advloe* from Great Britain, as regards shipments of breadstuffs to the Unitid Kingdom In the event of there having been a decline, there will belittle probability of any extensive exportation until late In the spring, or early In the summer. In oonsequenos ot the stringency in the money markets of (Jreat Britain, and the ruinous influenoe of an extensive Importation of foreign grain into the Kington, we have no doubt tbe consumption of the domestic supply will be more rapid than usual. Should the oase, the demand tor a foreign supply will not oome until late In the seano n. Tbe advantages of this to the consumers of Ureat Britain must be very great. In the first plaee, It prevents *n early importation, and an exportation of specie, while It prevents any depreciation of prices. By putting off the importation of breadstuffs until late in the season, until the internal navigation of this oountry open*, tb?y have tbe benefit of the low prices which will at that timei without doubt,rule in onr markets, without Interfering with the value of their own , a* that will then be principally oonsumed. It Is, oertainly, their best policy to oonsume their own first, particularly when thsre is uo doubt but that they oan get all they want from the United States or other oountries. Should there be a great influx of foreign grain In the porta of Oreat Britain, within the next sixty ?r ninety days, the exportation of specie would oertainly commence with renewed vigor, and the revulsion would return upon them, and prove Tery disastrous , and we have no doubt every effort will be made by tbe corn dealers oi England to prevent such a remit They can keep the markets so well supplied with corn that prices cannot advanoe sufficient to make shipments from this side profitable,so long as prices here rule as high as they now do; and while they eheok ship, monts, they oan be oonsuming their own supplies. There is very little probability of prloes In our Atlantlo markets filling much below rales now ruling; our home consumption is so lar<e, and our oommunloation with the interior to such a limited extent, that we see no prospeotof any reduotlon until after the opening of navigation,'and the immense stocks stored in the Western States, are poured into our market; then, and we fear net till then, will the shipments to foreign ports be to nw *r?ut tivtunf It ia astonishing with what rapidity our domestic consumption inoreases. The consumption of the seotlon of country bordering on the Atlantio, is fully equal to our facilities for supplying it, with the existing means Of oommunioation with the interior. During the opening of navigation, we have not only the demand f t con sumption and exportation to supply, but we havejto accumulate a stock sufficient to meet these demands for six months, when navigation ia eloped; and it ia owing to onr limited facilities, compared with the wants, that prices now rule so high in this and other seaboard marketa. while there ia auoh an abundance in the interior. Stock Kichange. ?IOCOT:eaa ft, 9 0)i 25 *ha rate moo, IDS 3(100 C 8 6'a, *62 H 100 Canton Co, >10 33 V 2,00 do 97 V 53 do 90d* 34 1100 dd '?7, 99 V 100 do 33 V 5000 do '56, 96V 00 do *10 ii\ 700 Ohio 6'a, *60, 96 ^ 50 Morri*. l> U 10(0 do '58, 95s 2,0 do H>V 2000 Kentucky 6'?. !t 50 do It7: lOCO do 95*4 25NorwfcWore, 39S 5000 Mute S'a '55, 95 125 do 39M 9000 Indiana Bda, 85 71 do b!5 4Yi? 22000 Heading Bda, '60. 623* 50 do >30 39% lOUOO do >10 fc2V 25 Harlem, Ui, 6000 do MU 59,!* 350 do 42 V 25 *h* North Am Truit, 9 100 do inn Kurmeri' Tnut, alO 2< 300 do *10 43 100 do blO 2?l? 2?0 do >43 50 do 28V? 150 do " 43V 100 do 130 18V 500 dt> 41'? 130 do b<5 29 50 do blO 43'., 50 do b30 29 100 do blO 41M, 150 do 28V 50 Reading RR, 47?t 50 do 2k1, 100 do 47V 100 do *10 28 >? 2t?2 do 47V 50 Long lalud, 28 250 d l 47 50 do *10 28 SO do 47 V 50 do atn 28 150 do alt 47 V 27 Utica, 11S Mew Stock Exchange. $l00t Treaa Notea.6* c 99*? IJO aha Hanem R R c 42V 10 0 do c M', lnu do c MJf 3ti0O do MV 39 do 42V 50 aha Morris Can* 1 bio ir,^ 150 do c 4 V 51 do blO 1 V S3 do b3 42V 50 do e I0S 50 do bl5 43 | 51 Canton Co c 33,V loo do b3 43V i 25 do S3 33V 59 'I" alO 4?'? 2) do bl5 33S* 1011 do bio 43*4 5<l Long Island R R c >7V 50 do bl5 43V 50 do 27V CITY THADE UEPOltT, . , New York. Tuesday afternoon. Feb. 1. The market for breadstuff* continued Inactive, and 1 ales of flour were moderate, without otimge lo price-' I h wheat the transactions were confined to a parcel of western, via New Orleans, on terms stateo below. The market for all descriptions remained rather heavy, salea of corn were made to a fair extent. at. prlrea which 1 showed continued depression for common mixed, while 1 good white was in fair demand at previous rates. Further sales of meal were made, without change in prices. Rye was inactive at previous rates. Hales of oats were made at former rates. Provisions remained about the same, with moderate sales of n-w and old pork to the trade, on term* stated below. Then wai a *te?dy business doing in Naw Orleans sugars, without change in prices. CardenM molasses was held at 330. without buyers A?Hti?The market was quiet at $6 for pots, and at $7 To for pearls. BccawAT?Sales of 1600 lbs Cab* white were made at 36>to, c**0. ? BhCAosTUFFs ?Flnur?The sales footed up about 3000 bbls.. in separate lute, among which were IU00 iibla New Oi leans at * i 81V ; 4A0 do Micnig?u at $6 00 ; 600 do round hoop Ohio ?t $6 00 ; iou do fancy do were reported soldat 16 All, and o00 do Petersburg were sold at Jifi 2J W/ieot?Sales of J000 bushels Western, via New Orleans, were made at line In O nw?? the last sale* were made at 133c. Corn? SaUs of 3?00 bushels North Carolina white w?re made at t>,5 1; ftoott do New )er?ey whlt? mixed at 07c and 4.500 do,NortM arollua wblte|delivered, at tiSc. Same lots common Jersey mixed, too erem for shipment, soid at 63c; 1100 buah. do at tite, and 21)110 New Orleans old at 61K The market ciosed at price* for new oorn ranging from 03 h (Ho to 07 a tHc, *ecordlog to quality an i oonditlon. Meal ? Sale* ot J a 300 bbl* were inad?i of New Jer*ey at $3 uyt a 3 lffto llye-Small eales were making at Wo, delivered Hyr rte >r ?|i held at $4 M). Oar??A cargo of oanal wa* fold a< Alio. H'. nt?Sales of 460 bbl*. prime quality were uitd* at I37ftc. i iitii.n.-Sperm remained steady at 33o. Corrcr. Sale* of 3 a .'>00 bag* of Itio were reported at <>ft * 7o Olher description* were comparatively quiet Coithi-The sale* to-day were quite small, the bujingjior export being intended uu'il the AoadU's aoeounle art received. We quote the market a* ioaetive at our quotation!, holder* appearing Indifferent about offering their autplW*. LtvaarooL Claisificatioit. N-w U limn Uvltmit. F.oridt. Mt'j. -na> lafenc.r aoae. once. ?? Ori.ii.ur f>* ? 7 ??, a 7 7 a 7>? uddliog 7* a 7* 7?J a 7V 7ft a 7ft O>od Middling 7ft a lift 7ft a ?'? 7ft a tltddling Kau ? % * I'a kv? * Ift '? ? Kair fl a ?s none. Ift n 9 H'ully Kair a Hsi ren?. a ?X Wood Kair i t ? 8ft *?n* IH> I I" me none aoae. none Kc.trnr.Re were dull. The ln?t *?lc* of Western were made at about 32o. Kim -Small *?lr* of No. 1 mackerel were mad* at ft' per barrel, and half barrel* do at $A; 300 quintal* dry coil at $3 HJft Kri-it?Small Hale* of wet dried ralaln* were making i to the trad* at $1 A3. We note eale* of 7.t bbl* dried ap; lea at 4>%o. caeh; and 6<'0n boiee Meneina and Palermo orange* at > I T.i a tl 87ft. Hemp-Sale* of 100 bale* of Amerioan dew rotted were made at il'J'l AO per ton, and 100 do at f 180 do Ho.ikt?Sale* ol 4 tieroea Cuba (trained were mad* I at A#o 1 Lkad?Male* of 4C00 pig* ware reported at f4 a 4 34. | .Voi.a ??k? ? A lot of ('ardena* waa offered at '.13o. There wat no change In New Oclein*. which continued about (he *ame. Marbi.r?We notice *alm by auction of 13 block* Mack at J>i JA to 1>3 7A* 19 I look* Itatuary at $3 60 to >7, and H i block* ordinary Tetned at ft lift to 7."> ? aliRum* o?er >100, e month* M*ho?a*v S?l?* nf ij'Jlog* M*n*ln?llo were mad* | by auction at Oft to 30 ot* , 4 month*. Natal Sroen*? The market remained quiet,* i price* contiuued about the came. Oil* - Un?erd?The market presented no chanx*, *nd ] sale* were moderate at prevlou* rate*. There *n no , iRmMn wor'hy of n^te In fi*h oil*. r*ovi*io-.* SalM of 7.S bbl* new prime pork were < made at. to fH }.V Both tld and m-w urn do re- ! aelried #?l>? of 90 ti*roe? We?t?rn h?m? w?r* I made *t 7'??. <">'1 III do Wioeheilerd", at th* ram* j price Hale* of v) bbl* iour m*** port war* mad* at i | it. Lard wm it*ady, and aale* war* making at prerlo.i* I rat**. with tome b*t**r f*?ling la th* market. There fii no Iteration la eh*mm or butter worthy of aotloe Ricc--Th? market oonMnu*d quiet, Md no n1mo( moment were reported. Dealers seemed to be waiting for later news by the Acadia. Hckd Salea of 400 bbls Unseed ware mad* at $1 42^, including sqioh bag* on prlv?t* terms. Sales of 00 bbU i free clover Mad w?r? mad* at 7 ota. HritK?Sale* of 100 b*g* Jamaica pimento were made for export on piiTHt* term* !sid*r - Sal'* of about 40 hhda New Orleane, were made at lX*4s?e. and 100 do prime ([uality 6,,?, with mall aales do at AX0' 4 months Tallow -The marlnt wan quiet and no aales of oonMquence transpired Tobacco?W* have only to liotio* sales of 16 hhdf gord to prim* Virginia and Kentucky leal at 6c. Winstar?Moderate ealee Mtate prison continued to be made at 20o Freight! ? Parties termed Inclined to await tbo result of the steamer's news 5000 bushels of corn, in baas. were engaged ir the Britirh ahlp Belial*, at id ; la 6d waa offered for flour, and d?elln*d Oil was eu gaged In a email way for London at 80s per ton. Rates to (be continent continuHd inactive or Real Ear at k, Viiiikui>.-I lot, north aide '2(Uh atreet. between 4th and Madi'on Avenues, vti M by 95, $1434; 1 lot adjolniDg. $1433; 1 lot, nortn aide 80th street, between 4th *nd Madison avenue. $1400; 1 . lot adjoining, $1400; 1 do do, $1,173; I dodo, $ 13 M?; J ; lota, south aide iOtb street, Noe 71.74 each. $1,100; 1 lot 38th stre?t. and 3th a?enue. $1673; south sid? Slat, ! Noi 37,38 39 40 and 41, each, $i325; between 30'h and Slat streets, No 7, $1950; No 17. $1976; Noa IS,19 and j 'JO, each. $1800; Brooklyn -1 lot on Harrison atreet. op- ; posit* Tiffany palace, 21 |4 by 94 $flflo; I lot adjoining, | $000; 1 lot lu Van Bruut street, near Vandyke, $300; 1 lot adjoining, $700, 1 lot adjrining and a gore, together, j $330; house an'i lot on Va djk? street, near Van Brunt, j $010; house aud lot on Harrison street, near Hoyt street. $1483; 1 lot on Sackett street, 33 by 100, $005; 1 do do, $070. MAKKH t'S LliSHiWHKKKi STOCK HAL.KS. Baltimore, Nn. 24?10 tin Baltimore snd Ohio Railroad

Co,37>4; 4 Urn'* 1 8t?t- 6'? of H87 cloned at 91* hid Martian'' ?'? C'oacdatt a<ked hid. Baltimore 6'a of I8H0 a' s?ked. J5 bid. Uahiuiore and Ohio Railroad aha 37)4 taken, bid tHiLADELPnlA. Feb. 1?Firtt Roartt?II sh> Bank of N Am?r>e>?, l> *;*4 Morris Canal $fS?iJ t He 4's, 7iJ<; $ino do. 1\\\ 140 Itratliug K . 24; A no. i3V'. 100 Oiranl Hs'ifr, c?h lu; $llil!0 U 8 TrefSI'V N< t-a, 9?J? ; ?W0 do. 100: $2(l> Lehigh Vottguue Lean "!lH $:11 0 ? aie 4'?,7l4tf- Srcond tfoani?villi* Mfl J ? 7Hj; JKO H-td,ni{ KH < Vfi Jitter ,S..c?30"?U-?6'? 87, 9S)4; 5< 00 d ? do. fli.rK; Ki.uO Bl.te V? 7 150 lo,7l)4; 8<v? Heading KR, 6'?,62X; IQUdotht.ii 5',V1o'ri. Cam! 50 do. DO.MuS I1C M AKK . I S NKvrOai.RAna.Jita 21.?Cotton?The expectation of later news from Europe has rendered the market leas animated, and only 3000 bates hare changed hand*, without, however, aoy change in prioes. Tobacoo?Not ttsale of importance transpired. Sugar?There was a heavy eton the levea, and although there is a good deal of d'H-rence of opinion as to the extent of the sales, we Rhould think that some MOO hhde. must have changed hands at about 3^0 a 4o for fair Molaeses ? Although the etook was large there was ?n kctiv- demand, and some 3000 bbls. were sold prinoioally for the North, ?t 1H a l8Xo. Inferior lots 17 a 17>?c. Flour? The market continues quiet. an 4 we only hear of the sale of 16U0 bbls., ot which 000 bbls Illinois at $5. 420 bbls. choice Illinois at $6 38. 100 St. Louis at $5 35 Corn.?There has been a fair demand, although not In proportion to the arrivals Hales ab jut 12 00'i sacks, of which 400 sacks white at 60c; 4000 at 53c; 3000 white and yellow at 66o; 700 white and yellow at 64o. and 3300 at 62o. Oats ?5000 bushels sold at 41 o In bulk Cork?Market dull. Sales of 105 bbls in two 9 50.?Bacon?Tnere Is a better demand. Sales of 100 casks sides at 4 and 40 at 4}g and 4>?o. 30 casks shoulders at 3>f. L;rd?The demand is active and the prices are flrmer. Sales of 1350 keirs choice at tf>?o, and 721 bbls at 6^ a 0^ Salt?14.000 bushels Curaooa were sold at 18u Freights?Cotton shipping to Liver* pool at 16-32d. and corn 11o. Exchange?Dull. Married. On the 1st inst.. in St Perm's Church, by the Rey. J. W Brown, of Astoria, William Bohden to Anna S., eldest daughter Of the late James H. Voorhles. both of this city. Died. On Tuesday, 1st inst. Tho?. Place, Erq , in the 55th year of hi* age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, at his late residsnoe, 306 Houston street, on Thursday, at 3 P. M. On the morning of the 1st instant, Sarah, youngest daughter of William and barah Lynoh, in the second year of her age. The friends of the family, are invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at half-past 3 o'oloek, from 618 Peail street. On Monday, Jan. 3lst, Ci.aiia, daughter of Charles and Emily Kdler, In the fourth year of her age, of disease | of the heart On Tuesday morning, Feb. 1st, of dropsy, Joihua Hur.sns, aged 63 years, 6 months and 12 days. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend his funsral. this dny, (Wednesday) at 2 o'clock, P. M , from his late residence, Bergen, N J. Of consumption, at New Orleans. January 30th, where she hud gone for the benefitof her health, Miss Martha (J. Hali., youngest daughter of Robert Hall, of New York. Oa th? 31 it ult, William Frakch Bill, printer, ag^d U years 3 mouths and 22 days Iils friends, and those of his brother, Stevenson Bell, ar* respeettmly invit'd toat:?nd his funeral, this afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from No 112 Pearl street. I'oughkeepsle papers will please copy. Reduced price*.?11 joiin street -oveh Shnet! Over Shoei!?The be t quality of Ooodyear'a Patent Metallic Over Shoes, warranted n?t to melt with heat, orsutf n wilb cnld, sold at the Agency of the Manufaetnrer'a, cheaper ill ill at any other atoie in tile city. Also, every other de*erwt ou of India Itutiher Uooda, whoieaale and ret al. HA- i MUM. BROOKS. 22 John Hfeet. Dissolution.?the c< > partnership of benj uniu Tvler < ook, aud Oeorge W. Clark, carried i n in the nine of Cook k''lark, at No. W Aaiaan afreet, it thia day liiaanlved (ieorge W. Clark, by the aiticlea of the co-partnerahip, hat the whole power of settling the affairs of tie firm. . and receiving p lymeut of tiiedeutadue to them. The tauie 1 busmen will be earned on by the snb?cribcr, at the lame I place, G W CLANK Febrnarv I tg<8 i i NOI'ICE-I'HECOPARTNERSHIP HERETO-ORE ! eaiatniK between ihe aubaeiibert, JOHN CORRAO and i tiUIDO M ANCIM, nider the na<ne of Crir-ao k Mancini, lira been tint dav ditto v?d by mutual content. All debn i due to the fi in will b? received by Oaido Mancini. And nil i derna.ida "giinttthe firm. will be presente i to him al No. 155 ' ami 157 Broadwav. 1 Broken banks?atlas, james. northern i t xchanfe, kc.. taken for Cheap Dry Uooda, bnnht at | Anet'on, consisting of Befcines. Alpaccai. Merinoa. Shmlt, | h lannelt, K d and Silk Gl >ve*, Woollen Shirta and Drawer*. ] Hotieiy, Switt. Ho-k m'd faconet Mutliiit, Calicnet, Tick-, kc. OKORUE STEWART k CO . 113 Walker street, corner of Mulb?r'y. Broken bank bills, bhoken bank billsBi ' on the Atlas, James, Northern ?* hum* aid . other Brok'n Bant Uil Is t.ken in eicha lefii Shirt Bo i lomi. St ck i, Cotl?ra. O'oves, Hosiery. I'lide- St.ins. Draw I srt. Pocket handkerchiefs and Vcrf*. at Scott' c*e?pFnri.- ; I iahingatrre 91 Nmuii .tract opi o?ite the Herald otTite. I TBUOWN SIONK SEAL KNOHAVEK AND herald pa nter tJJ Broadway, opposite the Paik?Com 1 ul arint cica i, cypher*. lie . engraved ou atone or bran; dia mouda. anict'iysts. ?te.. bougnt iu the rough or cut ta but ! I'jfr; ladie*-se-,1*. peuCil c<ue* and uguet rings engraved with ' I mi, or any device; coat* ol arms lound aud pi ted iu any ityle from $2 upwa d.and fo'warued to any part of ttie Uuittii ~titesor i.aiMda. Book* nf heraldry kept with upwarja of ' ?0fl (hiO nim*? An* nif ?'nmmu giveu in liiri Idry 1 CHEAP FRENCH EMB?OIDEK".D OUOD*-COLlara, Sleeves, UuiMi, Si i ti'tailers suited on the brst tei uis, at MviE. KOULlIp.H'^, Krn.cli Oieataud Corset Miker 10 I'a k Place i AWOHD TO (JEM 1'LEvlEN KMOV1 OK NEK L Taylor?In the?e rimes ol war, famine and speculation, . wriicli canse henry ux.tiou.uu in uvea ua to icdnce ou e<peine*. you aak, how shall we do it, aud appeir respec -a I 1 ? We *?? taaa your Co?ts and Pints t j ?4 Mnrrav st.eet, corner of Weahmgt m street, whire you nil get thein cleaned nod preated by a near proce.s, kuown only to himir-lf, suierior tj am niug you evr r had done, ai 1 me no steam or color n g that deirro* a y our lotlnuK All I th\ig? is 61. for coats. Is. for p^ntt. One tial will prove the lact. A hue or a call attended lo by the Ueueml himself. Reputing doue. A. COR PI*?Q-,9I Murray street. ("* AHT-' ?FF CLOTH INO AND FUHNl 1 IRK WANT- | J l) ? Ladies aud Oeuileinen hsvitg cast-i ff cl thin* will ?o well by calling ou the su'ncriber, who will p y the > | highest price fcr ttie simr A line aiidrcsied ihrouirh the Pn t , uHi te or otherwise, will be attei.drd to. H DE BO Ml. 7IX | , Canal street up stain N. 11.?badies cad li- attended to by Alra. De Boer. O d st"ck and job gooda hnmrli' to a y auv u i| LEFT OFF CLOIHINO AND FURNITURE WANT- | ed?Ladies and Uentlemeu having sup IWMM < dec * to dispose o\ such a? Wearing Apparel, Fuiiiume, Itc., can obtaiu a lair cash price f r the tsine, by seudr g lor the *nbicnher, throngh the p.'St ?.irioc or otherwise ? ho will alteud at their residences J. L*.VEN8TVN, 406 Broadwsy, up sMlra L->ilie? eau be attended to h\ Mrs L?v n?'v" IjlOR SAL-?A h I Its I MATh Di IBLK OlIN, W ginge, 2 feet g ioc *i. tMO , a sirgle Rifle. 20 gauge, til, anJ a pair < f Duelling Pistol*, by Waiduu. in h hi iliogauy i esse $ j To Le seen at Mei<is. Couroy, St Fulton "t.ert. New York New IH'TI ii HKIllllMii-,1 Vr.KV KI\M-l)lNew full i utcb herncg* per Ainpluo from Kitterilnu, low laudi< g.and for sale at A. J. O HODENPY I,,12 Maidenlane patairt. I^O PRINTERS-FOK salf.. ONE adami IM- j proted Printing Machine?piutn Cli2a tuchei?hai been in ii^e but a short time. Apply lo K. HOE k CO., 2!) aud 31 uo a iHfei Papku-papkii-cheap cap and letter pa- I per. Alio, tiue and mi>e'fme blue and white, ruled hi d I'lu'ii c?*p an t IcitPi P*rcn Alto, nil and itraw wrapping, I lur-?n-f, dnugiitt, mid intcti In,? I'.u f>i fur aale by jAs. i NO >v AL. m John ?' ? ? LK.IPSK . IN S \\()\v ? TI1K IMi.-.HMIiNKI), Merchant and Ageu>, reip>ctfiiliy efferi hia aervicei lo ! ill per ton i haiingauy buuneti ? other atfmri reqairi?a atim lion in Central Uernuuy. JOHN f.HNKSI' WtlUKL. liflice f?r the traimcimn ol" geueral coin million bn?uiei?, chief ?|ncv for Ceutnl U"maiiy of the Ue'ieral Trtov Atlantic Packet Ship Company between Haere aaii .New Voik; geney for K. J Wiekelhan>en an* Company. raercliaita. toe in Bremen; olTirr for em u ar> 'ii and other bnfiue*?. &c. kc , N". }J Umnmi street, ueipaic, in fianony. JUllIN EKSK^T Wr ICJKI, J* i I) 1^0 HARDWARE KUKNMHINO A.M> LAMP Dealeri.?A. Vincent, of Pniadalphu. ?iimiyii'?i ibit lie haa nir:i*eil in New Vnrk for a few d?yi. to eihibit hia iiuiplei of entire uewle eona'rueted Lamni. of ?Tfrr demrnf'on, for biiruuiK po-tahle gal or fluid. Tlieie Linii a give a i light riae>i>bli"K and equal to that of coal aai and at te'lnr-d , nut A lio ew ami ategmi iH lei of Te <. ' oift-e. tndWier i 1'i-Ha, r,f virion* pvter ii H'lfio >n? d , do. ito *i<\ Ilf *i I I be I'oub < at the Hotel ''< ' - - < ' ' . WE COMMEND rH KOLLOWuNU I .? l ie/ cata to the attention of our readeri, mid recoiunrud Ihote wh > are afflicted t > try th? remedy H'li'idale, Pa , Ian. 19, 1817.?Mr Snli \V K wle?DearrMr: Yon are at '! Iierty to it<e the lollimin* itatemei t lor the benefit f'l the ?f- i Hieted In the year Mil, I >v*i attacked <?itli the li?er eoin- | idaijt, wh'cli apparently brought me to the b'ink of the grave. i Uuriuif III, lickirtM, I ?u ittendcd by three phyiiciani hi our ( /ace, bui iecet*ed no help I alio tried the tartoui remedni rec,unmri,tied fur inch cnmplainti, b it ihey affitded ml i o i relief. Ah a laat reiort. I waa per' aadtd ?o 'ry lVut?r'? Dal- t nam of Wild Cht'ry, and by mint fonr b ?ttlee. I wn renor'd to better healih thin I bn?? enjoyed b?f< >" I r ten ye?ri ? | rbi? Male men m?y be relied uiou ?i ilnellr true, llETSE Y J PiCRUI -V The ibo'r -rrTilr .1 .* ngiien in the preiencr of Ur A StiO'ji. li .. ??<l*le, wli?i? nellk nn i iu 'n nciuii)' ? liktuCCCaiHl niiQtitiiiiitr, Kurule wholesale a d r*t*?J, toy Menu A. B k 1> SAND* IH'I fulun, .tree i ? William, by tha Dmifiiuganerilly I ADVERTISE KNTS NEW EVEK7 M0RFHH6. JACOB S. PI. ATT AU< TI < > N K K K ? H A P DWAHK. * CutUrr.Md fraucy VioixU ? Jacob 8. Piatt w ill sell 'his day. at III o cluck at the au< thm too in. corner of Platl and (in d streets I.v cauloiue, jno |..u ib x, >m iu( which arc 13 baga Urnii ? Hone .Ninli, > 11?11 |y damaged. Also, for ?cet. of underwriters, for cash, the nine liatiug I'ecu damaged on I)I .aru of vessel, 1 caw. Screw Plates. A??a. ao t laiiea. Also, iu |>mn-order, an lutoice of I'aeit (Jorusheller? mid Straw tu ters; 1 c te Aas llfUei, I erne 1'olnled Scissors, and hue Pock'l <"utl?ry Pe <rl Handles, &r. Alio, 1' 0 lota Table Cutlery, eud fin. Sh'llteld Korhs, ami Peukmvta. on cards. Alio,a lot uf Nannie Ca'ds, ceimsinig ol Kiles, Stocks and 1J|??, I line Irons Clocks lints. ttp?c tides, Thimbles fowwtniita,Ipiow.>i?iiC?ilwTiu ck?. irnhn. and a grueral ass< rmentot Hardware and Cutlery. < auUgnes are uow re?dv ANTHONV JULKK' KBR. AUCTIONKKH-I. ? I rable residence on (lie aoutli cut corner of Muliaon A\? uue and 281 la atrret ?Anlliouv J Bleei ker will ?el! it mict!< i, ou Wednesdiy. Keb 2d. at W o'clock, at the Mercharts ! ? change, the three atory attic und basetneut hcu'e ou the u t, corue> of Vlailiaoo avtuue and ilgth at eel, hii<I the lot in lee, house 21 feet 8.'? inches, hy iS feet deep, including tea room ol 12 teet deep, built iu the b> at manner, ?ud flushed lu the niotlu'u stvle, wiih all th" late imororemenfs IO. O. K-A llEUULAR QU^RIEULYS 8-lON of the R. W. Grand Lodge I the .?t?te of " >? lork, will he held oi: VVedcead ty (t>'ia da>) at 10 o'clock, A M ,-t N'a I iinl Hall, Canal atree . Kepreserratieei will i lea?e be I uuctual. JOSEPH H. TAYluH, Onnd f O. OK O. F ?THE It. W. UK AN D LODU" UK J HE 1. Mtate of New York, will ho'd a " Special Degree ^esat u" til > evetrnv at 8 o'clock, nt Wnahicgtoo Hall con er Ol lletMr ftra*t and the Uowery, for the pu-|ioae of conferring the tir.Vid Lodge Degree rn such P <st Ur mils a* a'e eutrl <1 to the aame. pursuant to artic le 3d, a. ctiou 7th, of the constitution iteii eseut tie's will ' l.'as' be iiuiic ual. ISy eider. J i H ^ U ri? K * U vV ! ' LIj. G nd Secretary ijinci lvn La iut rtui'j-. i\wp iv p . ni^n/in v * 11. f irw a thr public that he will begin Ml ndiy. I lie 71It Keb uarjr, a new courae ol the Kreneii Language, at aevrn o'ulo k. K. VI., and tn b< cot tinned every Monday. Wtduuday, and Kndav. at h > aradrniv. J8J dioadway, In Older to give t<i every nue the chauce lo xtiend thr lemma. M. Hichaid haa irdnoed the pricea $'2 a mouth pa\ale in advance. * o acholara will nc rrc-i edateri7ih of Kebruary. K. RICHA K U, Dirrc or of (he AoHetnv A FRENCHMAN. M\SI'?H O* L 1NUUAOE8. who ap-aka (ietn>n, Engluh and Itilian, iulimi ihe public that he g vti private leaaona. in ihia city, in th-?e langnaara ? vary day; aud aaaurea the publ'C that he can tive the greteat >a-i?fa.ti n. Apply ?t >?. 131 t?r?enwieh a reet. ' o ue of cedar atrret, from 7 to V o'clock, in the morning, and from I to 1 in the fie noor. WA.vTfcU IMMEDI ATEl.Y?VOUNO HO * K T intelligent active a id p?raev?ring men nine for everv C'ty or town,where there a e Ave th m?nd inh 'hitaii'a and in every coumv wit''iu earh 8t>. e of the L'nit'd Stitei,to <'iap<> e ot one ofthe moir popular Patioiica'a pabliahed in the Untt'd Si CI, lie the | u In c iivt drcided. whoie judgment la a I way a nut ) E* cn niau tnu>t?:ther pay fir the amount of i urabiri a* hr (-ta them, or furniah ua with undoubted bonda to r> anoui t ofoii* thonaand dollnra lor hi. hone tv with the public 4iiti prom't pav lo tne publta' er, or with written recomtneudationt of hia eood ihirae erfrftn the anpeiviaori of the city or town where he ia known. a> tie pnb'nheia may decide iiti ter the circuma aucea Men with the above rrrjU'aitea. can clear above all neceitnry eiprmea. from i wo t ui.d e l to thrre thou<aud do' lara annually The nmouut will depend upon tl e location aud aptne?a of the men f r the b*amen Home now are mnkiug at theae ratet with the work. lh*l>uaueaa will be pernnuent, venr alter ye <r. Apply peraoujlly, or hy letter, Pjint t'aid lo l*<K_A K.I> POil t', MO Nt?san at.. New Vn'k, WANTED-AN AMERICAN YOl/NO LADV, AS Ii luaekeeper, where ahe cruld ei joy peculiar priviietea and a good hon e. A line addrcaard to F t". W., New York I'oat Office, will receive nfeution. All commuuicatioua f 11 irtlv Ctwodwtlll WANTED?A HIT! "ATI ON BY A UEiI'r C I'AIJI.E young woman aa ae lntea'reai, to takecire of children, or aa hauibennaid, in a tinull turn Iy. The beat of city teferetire r <n he Kiveu Apply to 5fi lrvi"c Plare WANTKD-BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION aa waiteror coarhnini Intro ot-jectiona to goto the country, or t availing. L'uexv:ej>tionable referencea given. Apply at 37 Hudann at-ee' WA - TED?A RESPECTABLE YOUNOWOvlAN wialtea t > otit.iiu a aituition at Laundrna iu a private fannl?. 'Ihe beat ol city relerencea can be giveu ?Can be Leen at 146 .Macdougal atreecWANTED. INFORMATION OF MAhGARH.T MC(iiiii who came to New Yo.k three yeara ago. from Iiy her brother Dmitl, at 448 Washington atreet, New Yoik Boston p?pers please cope. WANTED?BY A YOUNG AMERICAN UIRL. II yeari ol age, ? situation to do light work, or to wiiitoi children. Wages not ?o much nil objrct at a coinf'oi t'b'e home. ANo wanted. by a young girl, a situation aa chamb'imaid and nlain sewing. Please cull at 61 Robinson meet, on the third lloor, in rhe back room. SI'OK K IVAM'KD.-WAM'Kt) TO IIv. M I- KHOSt tlie lit ol May uext a (to e in Broadway, between Liber tv street and the P-rlt. poly to b * l:|H. " ?t Olfi~*. N.Y. 'IV) LET?FRONT AND B \CK PARLORS ON JL second tloor, with board, furnished or unluruish d.atil Orftnwich atreet. A PART.V1ENTS AND FURNISHED ROOMS TO -.'V let withor without board, in a private French family, where th-re areonlya few b >ardera Apply at 106 Leonard itreet. References given and required. 'PO PORTfi.Il HOUSE KEEPERS-a RaRE CH ANTE I. seldom to be met with; the Bowling Hiloon, No. 2St Kigluh avenue, thud home aoove 24th itieit The barroom it tiurd up in rate atyle and two of the but ten piu alleys in ihe upper part of the etty; alio two large MMMS up Main for |inlil c meetings. v tli the sttir entrance from the atnre. A leiae will be given for 4 yeari. and will be aold reiumnb'e to ? person nndemunrfiu/ the buiiueii. Aplyonthe premises, I to JiTI >< LI - a Ik WaLThV. I 9 Warrei arre?t GJ.ENKKAL EUROPEAN AND EMIGRANT PAS f sage Office?New Arrangements fur I8|8?The subscribers beg leave to iuform their friends and the public that their arrangemrnis nie complete for bringicg out l'asseigeis from <uy part of the Olo Country, on ihe most mode'ate terms, in lint clan Packet Ships, sailing tr in Liverpool every five day*. And lo'the accoinmoda:ion of persons wishing to re unt money lo their f-imlies or lneuds, ihey cm btIknitM with limits at sight, from XI to auy ainouut upwards?collectable through nil the Banks of Ireland Passengers can be brought tram Liverpool lo Biston, Philadelphia. B.iltimoie aud New Oilcans, by first class Shu s sailing weekly, ai.d the greutest cate will be taken that no uetentiou will occur in Liverp > >1. Apply, if by letter, post pud, to M. P. O'HfcRN k CO.. No t?0 Month ffeet, corner ol Dover L"<OR NEW OH LEANS?LOUISI \NA AND NEW X Ycrk Line of Packets?Regular Packet of Thursday, February loth?Very reduced ?ates of ('tight?The new uid splendid packet bark Til t,Tl8, Captain Cro by, n now oadlug, ?nd will positively sail as above, her regular day. f-'orf-eight or passage, having splendidly furnished accommo latioui, apply on hoard, at Or'c.ins ? hail foot of Wall street irtolCDWARD K.COLLINS, 16 S?utt> street Agent in Mew Orleans, Willisin Creevy.whn w.|l promptly forward ill coods to his address?The packet bark OE^KStE,'"apt Dillingham, will succeed the THETIS, and sail her regular lay; DR J\( K SON'S PILE AND TK f lh,t t.\il>lU) . lion has gained a reputation never bsf ice equal I'd hv anv medicine?it is warianted to tore, feirpi's >e?ti-nc Oil wll cure De ifneas, '"nin, tiie Discharge of Matter liuin tlie r'nti ke Theie medicines have ?u.ed more peisuns fun all others combined. For sale bvA. B. Si D Bands, Ins William it. N Y ; Dr. D Jayne. Phila<le|phia; Caiter, Wilton & Co. boston; F W H tiller, Washington city; Al?i Jayue, Pn'tburg; R. It J. Ad?m<. Si Lou s and N. Jarris U Co. N. IMfli.i STR1KC KM WI.NDERIP-UL DI8COVERY-H19 SO lution H nr Dye for changing grit > h?>r r.o its i r final color in a levy Th.s Solution is dilceut from any jet offered to the public ; those who d uiit rs virtues. a>? reqaetLe<l to hate their hair and wh.?k?rs charged before laying [heir money. Those who have been hauibu?gfd by different liair dv??, will | lease to call un Mr. Sti her, ?nd he will show ycu it is no hooiong. The heaot es in this dye *ie, the more yo-i w??h if, the darker it geti. This solution can be I ad n'v it Mr Striker's. No 4 Coentiea .'lip N B Ladies eta be waited upon at their residences. Wnulesale and letail, > ew York. KlHKUHIut'S TAl'l'tHS iLLS HEiVK PoWders ?Horse owneri are beginning to learn that e?' ly te"tiou to the numerous ailmtms of iheir anim ls to ih'ir colJi, kn , besides hsingthfirdnty to * uselul ?nim lis p oti' ib'e.a?it prevents their felapiiug lutj hettes aud ot^er riiseasei which Wed to p'emMure decay, 'i h i itmeily will core i icce-t c?'ld or cough lu a few <1ay(. will eraniae tieav- , md is also the belt condition medi IL?* ihntcin ' used N i ahl ?*!( a M be without it 1'ieefi A. H. UOUOH k f' , l'9 Ku ton-treet sole pruprieti.ri. Kor sal* also ?t N. Y. Taire.a lis ud Built Head siahles THK WUKLU.-IHS WOKLU I i A %. ' ,i^T) lue and death are it* ebb iur ami fl iwing Wa s are i* I'mma which agitate and ton it irtofnr/. 1 he tongnesi.f 1 s 'i.hiluteuts nre then a" tn? iraif of MMT wates Pence , 1 h9 calm which sncceeds the tempest, >m hath the billows < f iu'ereat and passion to reat. Prosi erity i? th- snn whn e beams produce plenty and comf.rt Tne piles is a dnea r which ininelet wiih ine world and i's curauta I s en-jnncrive disputes agitate and torture <t< inhabitant" But Dr. Upham'* Vegetable Kleeoaiy is likenel nn'o peace, for itis th* !? ly medicine that permanently currs 'he d fa?e,ard lesrorei the virtim to health and reat??ftrihut-a which are requisite with industry to produce plenty aui e< m<b't Let trie au'le til t ien Tri m pilea ei'h'r bleeding or bin d aiternat r 111 terual, eo"slipttton, liver complniut, dyspepsia, fistu'n chrome dysentery, ch1 lie. n.fl?minaticn n( the 1 omaeh crhnaaels, weikneas of the nine, flow rf blood to the head d z/iocis end uervou< wcaknest, rna e use of th's inval liable re inedr. I a both pleasant and convenient to take and frjoi its peen'iar r ff ct?, the heat pnrifier> f the blood ever used. Hold wli' leaale and retail hv Wya'tta Ketcham 12< li'nltom at'eet: at reiail by Dr. A Uphmu. 196 B wery. New York, and by druggiits gene-ally throughout the United Hutes aud ( anadaa. Price SLu >? r. WILL DO. AND THA I SPKKDI! Y ?Til KKK MX) deception or ch.nce fir in it ke about it. Will do whet / ariaea Jie the 11'estion to ihe above. Why, that Dr Li Mott's h'reneli remedy will cure all el/naea of venerator prustc diseeaet. more speedilv and elWinally than auy other emedc e'er iffered to tlie pub ic. It is partly anden'irtly veii?t?t>l* iu it* ingredients,and perfeetl" s stluta'V in 1 all its effects upon the system: and wi I eradicate the due1" fr m ei her ae? n a lew davs. ?i in nt a?v ditifMMM* eft-crs r injury. Mold only at l?l Kulton stieet, N. k .?Price >2 a In I le. STHIC. t UKK-DK. H 4 LPH ti PHAC'TICAL PKIVATK Treatise. The nature, symrroms denormg its eii.ceuce consequences,the remedies vail recipes, nV'dei.f de'ecing and ouly 1 rrinaupnf cure. Noon* poaiflin if ih work n^c-l Irnif be troubled with stricture I'll edition, 142 p. Price $1 81.Id by all book'ellers in the United States, &e Hold also by the rithor. No 8* Oree^wich streer, or ma led free, in secure en teli p* on receipt of tl, post p ud. Address Boi 169, lower Post OMicr New York. Dn. COOrEK.ll Dl/ANK 8TRKKT, BLTWXCH C'Iitth m und William sts , has for the list fourteen 1 earl rnjiv. e<l the most eitensive practice in priva'e di?e?aea of an) medi al man iu New Vork. He euemt the must avgruvater aaesol thii diaease; and mild cases cuied 111 two to five days tincture?Dr. Cooper has discovered a new method by whicl ne can cure the worst lorm of stricture in from one to tw< weeks, avith scarcely auy pnio to tt-e pAtient. Constitutional lebility. brought on by a secret habit iodnlged in by toani men. This, when too freely indulged in, berets rfrapepiia waakuess of the linibe and small of the hack, confusion of 1 he tutellec.t and aversion to socieir. A cure warianted in every Case or no eharve No inereurr naail MKUICAL I AKD-DR. MOKKhON. 104^ KL'LTON .r. devotes his entire time to the tremment ot private dis t?e? Hecent caaes.paitn.'iilarly (ianoriotix, he cures in a few lays Constitutional debility Irom a secet hahit, itducing locturnul etn asii 11a, and nniioieqcy, is radically cnr?d by lotn. Mttictnrei he cures wittirnt pi'it H?e llr Diploma, wirh ihe aienatnrea of Sir Astlev (>oo(ter, 8ir A. < 'rhsle kc , in his Office, 20l!l Kultoa street. A peitrct cure gnar mreeii nl! LAMKHT N STILL TO OK KOI M> AT Hl? old otlice. S3 < >o|d street, near Kulton, where he can !e 'nuft lent tall y consnlted by *11 those Unhappy vicuna nt m I ictite, in every disease of a private 1 rnrtt. The Doc or*s reatmeut i? upon the nun-mercurial syatera, already sncce suliy practised by hiia on the continent of ho rope. Sircnres, . Nervuu* Debility, noctnrual emiisi a* lofie.llier with ret em I ases, siieertily ( id effectually cored. A', letr>r?, poat p J, tielostt k ? fee promptlv a'feederl ?? fcl 4fnlrl at I I '.'i KMFER ATI". H\HIT8 AUK K.A8ILV, 9PKKDILV lard rffei'inally corel hv the uteol Dr VI! 4' k>4? * 1 iifdy \ few d?\ t'oseof the tedii in* proi.'acet au ?llerj"t>n u the 1 mdili 11 i ( e (.a-(11 ic!i, 10 (hat 1 .'n i'c ,Mei 1 ffrn. vc :o i.e sight -wvl1 or ra?|e Ti e ;riuedy i? plearat:! slid easy U> lie, i.or tines it iuL?if*re with diet or occupation rrice $l; I 'or s*l* by lit* Dacior, *i W >a? * ket' tmrn a, IJ1 K?lw? II ' ABIERTISKMRNTRJEW RV8RT I9KRII9 PAHK THKATKfc? .MKMtfHM 4A.NUH UnkCO.'f American l.ireea?L?i! Week bat nue?Still Auotb*' (J rati I I h?i>K? or Hrrfiirini'.c ? cvlty np?in Noveln-? knganriiiem ol Sir. (inmim, tl e c- eb'ated K lueatrian Jug Iflct. f'liat wrek "f fl' IONV It ALt.H, aa performed on* I uu^red ?I"I twenty uuh ai A alley '? K< yal Ann hi hfMr*. London. Fir?t w?ek of >loua I *ne. ai the KO'l'lLk. IMP Kvfry attracti"U in nue gr-o.l bill. Clowna, Peutlaud, La throp aud (Jardner Dtfii aoil i'aiqu'Ur, it tenia. II tea. Heeuta- ?tall fry, i!-4 cmti. Private Hoiea, $i caer, Cnildreu under 10 yeera oI g?, when arerinpaaied by their pctienta or gtt&rdiaiia, t" the dieaa eirele, half price. Duort oi"nnrf>X?performance t? Pomme i-e a' 7. N B?A ?raod al'ernoo*, perfoi malice every Hatun'ay. commencing at IK o'r lock It \Lh T Ilk VI'HE?A CARD?8AM LATHRO*. 1 H ordinal and uqequallea ' Ka utuck ' lown," to ihe citi ienvnl New V. ik green, c >Whiri<l, iu Cofifxriuit* with the pr >xaiona of a cer'.aiu c n tract midr by aud betweey the iiirt Sim and S?udi i rut u n it haa become oeaeia rv Inr << dri'iiito tike A Uh.Nt FIT, the afore, the a?<d Benefit will take pl/i. a at the I'nrk Theatre, ou ^edoetday Kveuiui, Ffb 2d. when vl the ninrni of New Voik end rlaewlieie, | beinu oari e> i i thr ,i ,r>t pi.f ?r? n,,f f)?,t to a"en<l BOvvKmV THK \ I'nr ? ? kL) fcsl) ? V k^bM^O, Id, will be acted ihe HIUifc u t MONTEHfc Y?Ue? ral Taylot, Mi. IV M??. hull, Ueocal Wo th, JVIr Oaeis; t ap tun Allen,Mr Clarkr. itemnl Ami u-lia vir. i ; ton; Benorr Ajela.^lia Philipa; Un'a, > r? )nnl*n Pi> v-ona to which. 1 I' E VIILlEK-'jI *JD?G.le? M'. B?rr, ; Matty Mjjtel l?Ua, Vir iiuikr-. Ph 8)h< Mr.. '.adaou To nc ode wilh < nAHLOTTK '1 h. MPLK? Vr i e m 413, Mr beilamy; >i't Mourrat ille, Mr. J II. Ha j; . h artotce l'ebip e Mil Ph l ipi, Madrmomelle L\ Hue, . rv Mad sou; \>ra B?sochauip. ,Mr?. Ji rJ.n. Boiei 2-j centa; l it ai.d Oilieiy 1>H C?*nt? ___ CHATHAM THE?TRK-THIS tVICMNO l-KBBUiry2d wi I le preaeuieu the i 01 J IIFUL QUr.r.ts ? Count O'UlCbi ein. Mr (, Stei'beig Hif.d; Clma III H \1.? ?fn. HI. II II.-.. ! HIS MEN?('< uut Kr bur* Mr 8t*ffo:d; Lothair, f utl a Uud. Uriiidcff. Bra dun; Hot nn I* ri v> i k tun To eon clad* with, in two acts, (lit dr?in? < I TKhtLI?'oui.r Te ' k-li, Mr. rtiibcilinr; W oil Brandon; l?a<rt, W Hieid, i h-utme. M"t IMJ e li D mi opeu at &? ;<eifumtncn COihiti?' re ?' 7 B ? ?,:? cenr?: I' r UK retut BRO\DWW THKATWIL-VV* UM-HKAV EVF., M\|J, Feb 7a. will b? pietrnffd SCHOOLtOR ! SCANDAL? irPetarTemle Mr . Willntiu Choi m .1.; litblie*. Mr. iindaway. Lady T?--*l?, vira J 111 < To roac'ude wuh VOU >U AMKRI'A?Col Mariinet, 5 r. I v a ha; ( apt D-uhilorr, .vr Dawion; Mr to 'ley. Mr. , Hida>?av; Mr* Uiatnlouc Mra. >er*ra t. Uraat Circle and ' Prqueite Mi ota Kam ly ('ire r* v6 cnta Uoll-ry l'Ji | centa U'vut optu ai half |UI 6 o'clock? Paiformauca to con.* tnence ?t 7. MIT( HELL'S OLYMPIC THEA'i KF.??W?- DNESd?7 Erbium Kabrunrv 9. 'I4?, v i'I ! pl?? ed lha rnmio d -m-oi thtPRIDk. UK JHE v Ahtv>: ? li il..r? Kama. Mr H0I1 nd; Cliavalier d? b-lie iv? Vr Chauir.a; Muituu, MU?iV.arv 1 ?' lor Arifr whel> the RkVOLV "KlHt P () HOUSi? Mo I' hubb, Mr. Mit?h?H; * ammt Mm M ry Tt)lo . Altar winch. >ha ft RET?T" ma?. Mr. ri d. T?' conclude wirh the fir of lie ,?i * oTr-ttlOUH KAV11LY?iNnrcum 1 Dnff. dil, Mr Holland; <nr*ory. Mr. Co.iover; L"ma, >11?? Robe t?. Uco ? open ?t curiam run it 1 o'clock. Dre? eirc'r, 30 ceuia; Bote*. iiciutt; fir. I .hillinp Ol'KHA HuU8 , A' TOR PLACE.-Wi.DN* SUA Y fc.veuin*, unite pretentrd, fa ultra i.f LL'CRf/IA HiiRtil \?Luciezia, -Ig'na Terrta Truth, Ouca Alfouto, biguor Meitinn Hon; G-unaro, Si g"or Sea.u Brucdetti; U111ui, S'K'ra LieUi Kuio; Uubrtta. 1* or Severn Strini;Hrit.elU, Siicuur Lorri'zo tt 1 ndi; Vitell x7.i, 8ik"or Ooiieppe Piemonten; Hum clieiln, 8ij(iiur Napulaou* I'uroiii; Lixt| o'.Ui. Mr? Heliut Lijuhrd; I'rt ucci, Hi?nor Francesco Oui* heruno. Miieitro Duatiore, Higuor Haiili; Leadrr cf the OrclietiiB, bikiior R'ipctti. Boxra. parque'te aud balcony, (I; atnphith?*t>e, in rrnta ? Lloort open at 7? Performince to comDlrnceat 7^ o'c'ock. PALMO'a OPKRA HOl/8fc.?THIS KVCMMI Fab ruary I.?Profe.tor THfclRfi'groupt { Al(>l)wL ARTIST^, twenty 10 number, w.II have the honor o appaaring in a terlea 01 their celclirated Oraud I ableaut Vi?iuit? ana I'uari riattiquet, which hat been < outideied the mott elatti i cii nun imiinc ir? riti uitu u trvit >** eve appeared in *ny country, mid hi been h-ocred bv the patronage nf 'he rro?r Hiigu*' per?otirgea. Fi'at a> pcrauce of tha feABLE BRO'IHi RS Programme? Part 1?Oriviual walu ?ud quick ttep. lull bind; Hire, a dnrkie* lile it alway* |a>, cumi any ; Hour. Lnuaianii Bell, S L Parker; >olnand Ch< ma, we aie happy and tree. J G Evan* *i,d Cotnoany. Pa" II ? I, The Deam of Washington lefore the hevoluti"u, Their* ; I, ('am and Abet, four poai'iou*. Thter* ; 3, Davi t playing the Hnrp for King tS.iul, UnpliHch 4, The Liitener*, II u lien*: 5 Son-mbula, Belliui. Fifteen minutea irtermiaaion Part III?Qautette, Meiax Meeker, Patkrr, Cleve and and Evan*; (irami *o|o on the bii'jo, A. Foreat; Original ion^ and ch r?a, don't you hear the bellaa ringing,M L. Parker. Part IV?I Hmut Poaching iu the WiTderieat II ai h?l; J. Jeptha Charm*'; 2 Moiei tumid in the bul'nalic* b<.' I haraoh'* annghter, M?pheal; 4, Doriihyie, riainir, Girroilet; 5. h?m*nn nnu Dellilah. t?o poaitinns, Hulena lutcimitaion of lirteen iiiiuute* Part V?Lthiopian medley overture. Full baud; Hong, a life by the (allay fi'?, J. II Icvela d; Hnig, Mary I! I> lie, r.ew veriioii J Q Evan-: Hong. Old Pre Dee, A F?are*t; Finale, larewe I ladiea, B. L Parker and company. P ut VI?I. Fenat of Bachut. Haliena; it. Tune discovering Truth, Girrodet; 3 [Viar* and Veun?, Girrodet; 1, Fany Hceue ol ihe Uiaelle. Thiera; S Aoam acd Kve'a Kipulsion from I'arndUe. MncUowau; S, Tableau Finale, iu Httnor of the United S-ntea Thiera. Door* open ai hall'paat 6 to commence at 7>i o'clock. Price of Admiuion ? Drea* Circle ond Pa n'Mtte, lady and gentleman, ttceuta; geutletnau alone, SO eeut?; upper hoiea, 2.1 cent,. Hoi office open Irotn 10 A. Ai to 4 P M Conductor nf the Orcheitra, Mr. Chubb, from the Park Theatre. Police Department under John nww MECHANICS' HALL.472 BKOADWAY, between Grand and Broome tit?Crowded to ovetdowing with ihe beamy and fashion of New Vork Open every oiiht duiing tSe week eicepl Monday. L*i hated luccexa?Eighteenth week of the origiuil tMIHIS'l'Y'8 MINfTBELS the oldeat eatabliahed Bind in the United State*. E. P Chritty, O. N. Chriatr, E. Pierce, J. Rayni r, C Abbott. T. Vaughn, whnie origin*! anil inimitable Concert! ure nightly honored wi'h crowded aLd highly teiiiectab'e auiliencea. and univer* ally admitted to eicel every amuaemeit of a aimilar character ilfered in tin* city Admiaaiou 2'j ceuta; children under 10 year* half p'ice. Do^re open at 7 o'cl< ck?Concert wul coinn.enre at 8 On Saturday, Feb. S. ?n Afternoon ConcertDoora open at 2, ciirnnieuce at 3 o'clock. On Monday even injt, Feb 7 at the H-n U1 v Institute BMOADWAY ODEON?PART1CULAK NOTICE? In cinaei|tience of eitenmve alterannn* n"W making, the aO 've popular plice of Mnutement will be clored for a few mailt*. It wilt reopen with < new aeries el' tableaux r'raitl, and other noveltiea, the puriicular* of which will be m n .unced In the uew*pa| e a aud lulls of the day. Kpl'ndid and ni fel O'ltenaiiime i!* will be given in the front *<loon every eve< uiug, free of c'larse Wut erior relreahmenn oi ail k" d? to be h'd ?t a'l r m*? ii the ?.|oon. * (). (JHK> l,Y M" rer. d AM ! Kit 'AN MUnEUM-p.t- BaRNUM Proprietor?K Hitchcock, Manager?Splendid perfor mance*. every al'ternoon at 3 o'clock, and every evemug at 7)f. The manxger he* eug grd Mailer Johuton.a vrr, fleuted tod iccouipliah'd Tight Rope Dancer nbo give* *ome of th? oiuat -etoniahing lean ever witnened Alto engaged .the following ei'raorJicair attr irttonGreat Weneoi the low itm-dian; Matter and .Vfis* Wi et e a?rd 8 and II te*r<; Clare FiaSei't Miikaperean C btnet; Mrt. Mooell. Mit? Bernard; Vlitira Julieu and Whitlick d.incera; Mr. Hhiih'ck: Mr. Protter; M'dame Kockwell, for^oue teller, lie. Admittioaui 'he whole, 25 cetu. Keic/ved front teita, one thilling ettl eetta This evening, at the ham. "f novelty, con er ol Centre nnd Pearl atreert T-bleaU! V> vanre. of ihe living Model Aititra, mite and female Tie G>eek 4 ave, iieraona'td bv a ynuug lad/ of f?uUlea* to m. whoee atyle ol reiTeaeu alion being < ncl v alter Pi.wer'i > tatue Th? IMm*tto B'nii, with Song*. G ee* ike. W H.Colenau'* Banji olot, Machi e Poetrv. Admitilnn one ahiil ng. Locnopen a' K?friT'ain ri?et ?t 7 precisely 'PHE "MACOMBEH. TROUPE" CONSISTING OF I Mi?t Cli't vi?comb'r, ' t t-prai.o, with violin; .Vile Emma Marnm'er. 2d aopr'no. wi h viotobrello; fi ( overt, btllxd tingeraud tenore . O E Dudge primi but . J R. Hector, Corm?rly I the Kaine' ^ m-lv.) arrundo b*t?o. wcnld reapectfully inform 'he piblie Ii t they will giv* a Grand Voeal and lost umei t?l ? oncer . at the Society Library, B>eed? way, corner of l.eon?r l atree", N Y, no Wedueadejf even ing Frb'tiary 2d. Mt?*e* Macon'b?r t ? i*in tiatrrt ?il| perform a liU'nbei of the moat i oualT ?ir? "B the ?i lin nd viol meel'o Ttck?t? 5' cen'a. to be ha<i at the nrin ip' I oiatie t'-rea, ard at the door Doort open at 6J<, C?'iierrt7)( e'cloeh . For n rt'cii'^r* ?ee prrgr-mrre* Lecture on jtal ?by phofk?-?hk g. r. Pg.-rhi De Caiali, Ant or ef i)? Hi toty of th* 1' man Sta'ea Italy ??<! Piu* IX, etc. etc? Italy gad Pin, IX. delai ded a^,i .*r reel, ri n am lf,iv hrlaia ml ; lt?r the great Ffcnea R-vMu to The Congreaa r Vienna in 181V On piraey of the O e*t (Vie* ates, aga-nar rh* fra*d mof Kn on? Tie Stftret P.ltiCil Sn i-? > n f' 1 ?Fre?mC*rhonar and Vn g it Iv 1 ia P?riial Iaiifrec"on a-d Cnuajurmjea of Inly Ih-Martjl.t f ttali-?> freedom Itil? it ii *7 he ?, c'B'e will b* ?>ra i> ere I at the Brooklyn In? unte on , Feb *. U4w> it ev-n o'clock Tick-i 25 cents?to be had v nil the Bool, c d Music StorM in Brooklyn aid at the Brooh'vn 're'iftell Ellhll A. POE WILL LECTURE AT THIS BOeie'v Li'ra-y <n Thnr day ?venia</ the H iut'*rt. at h. if-past 7. Hulj-ct " Tne Uuiverae " Ticaeta 30 rent*?to ne id V i he H< <>r INDIAN PORTRAIT (iALLERY-MK J. O LEWIS teipeerfullv in'ornis ihe ?i< t!i) of N?w Vo'k that he *ill penforeih b'tioaon VVedneadav Eve.uog c. No. 4' 1 1' .ndw.y, tin Oallery of T'aua .vent Portrai's tf l-d an ('h\'R' tera. comprisitg some of the prnc[tl Chief of tha 'a a KY>v?, ' h ppewnys, WinuebaKO's, Pnt'omattrmi-a, Menomotuca, S^awneea, "iont, art Mi>mi Tribia Theaa "ainMigs h ?v? heen a'l'aken fi m Life b? Mr Lewis, while in tn? rmpliiy of ihe United "*tatea government, copita of which are preserved in its arrhivea nt Wa l.inoo'. and may l>e impliedly relied upon for liielity } xhihition fam 7 t? 10 P VI ?d" iaainn r?nf?. BHU\KW|?,K'S ?T? I IHKY-HROE A* I. PC. rriir?*ennngtli? VENUS L)E MKI)I ! * and APQLL'I l>K MEDICIH Open fio'o 9 A M to III P. M . at 198 Broad Wir, rffi to S opn?ni'? ha'ha * dmittacce I' cants. Season I i'W?ra ' n Mondav eirlii?ive'v' >? li'iea. JERUSALEM ? BHUNtTTI'i CELEBRATED MOdel nf A n> lent eruaalrm Imm the Bmle and Jose has? the I >bor ?f yeara?h 'ving ?rrived in * ew Y k firm V ur i e, - ill he presented t?th* pubic on V ON D A Y. the 7ih of Fsbroary.etthe Bin erti Oalleiy. MB Broadway same bmld ?g's the P? oiaim <1 ih? Mim?*ippi Mr. M?l<>ne Ha\?ond will Imre llie honor to deliver a d'aerii ti?e l.eeinre on the ahove, und >" ceedin* ilaTa for a aliort tune, at the hours of t o'olf ck, n at lij >n Pi" evenii it ilmmmn cei ta; hild en, halfi rice. Patpp'il'la and inipa. IJH centa nt< grille r f a??er il ? ?itors, the moaid itineu ahtd ni'n of f''e ?*? may be ae?n wrli the tnodel. end min? rehra from th* Holy Land BANVARD'H MAMVIOTII PANORAMA OF THE Miaaiaaii pi rirer. painted ou tbr?e n>il?a of c?nr aa, being 'he largest pnii ting m ihe wmH, at the Pv oram i bmldiog, in B' .ailw>y, adjoining N ihlo'a Garden Otrn e'et? ceenit g. (Snndtya eieep'ed ) Ai'miaaion M eenta; r hi'd en h> if priee Trie Panorama will coir.menee mn? ng at 7X o'eliek preeiaely Afternoon <ihihi:ion* on VVedneadaya and Sitnrdnya, at o'rlork. WAI.MUT SThKKT THEATRE PHILADELPHIA Weilneaday Kvfniii* ^'eb 2, wi|'he perfoimed, ? fiiry lule of enf haetmrnt, called OB * Kt?N, or ihe I h rme ' Horn; null ertire new a-"euery, costumes, mi' hine r Sac ?0??'0? Miaa rh?pmnn: fpaikle, Miaa Waldegrave; 1 hiatl'down ,V 'II 'eleate; Amand1, Mia Rogers; Sir Hnnn, Vlr WheatUyi "<li?rasmin, v r Richmga. Cadak. Mr.f'hspman; Bfh?k< n, r. Korraater; Fatini*. Mra Thayer Prevu us to whch. tl>? oo|inl>r I'arce .f MISCHIKK via KINO-Nicboiaa Dovetail, Mr. rhanwan; M?d,tme Mane'ta. > iaa Chapman < ^ (1 RAND FAV CT DKEIS A""D 'TVIC "ALL-THE * veinbera of Shdksreare Dramatic Association, annoonca rn (hair frienda and tha puhli-. ihit ih i ?a oud Aana 1 ! ?? cy Dresaa .ai itic H .| mil take place at lie Apoll . Hnrma, n R.iday Evening Kab.?lh. im? Tieka's tj cau be obtained at the Kooro a the Association O.vbic Hal. I O Tavlor. e.natniner, 'S Prince siren. Bu'g-si, t ti g?r k Ca , tit aroadwav \twili's VJnaic M.lnon: Irankl'n 'ma-e. Uui'ed Sfa'ea Hof'l: orany f ?he Meirha'S ? ihe AgaO?i?tioa| or attha Apollo Hpiins on ihe evening of the Ba'l. UALT" DHK5?ES KOH OENTLk-MEN.New Drf'aea. f'i'hl'rtl rept?eemaiions <f the chara?.ttis ilcsi'ad. t i hi'a at JL'LIt 3 D J OE'8, US Wat'en atreet V B All i! ea 'a and tlie.itileal properties made to order, at ihe -ii ie'ea' u< t ce 1>HIL*L>;LPH1A MEDICAL HOUSE?DR IClNKE liu, tlerman Pliyai .an, ftlteen ye rs reaident practi ner in PhiU 'elphia. The cure ol all iliaeases ofthe axis. 1 tiliea of ^ lei irate natn re and destructive hapits ol yoath, !l contn nes t<> engage Dr Kmkelm's utir.isi m saitii u._ in \ .ids. whoee eonplelnta art IJ the most desperate couaition in t* dei>end on being alvava coiidu'teJ by Ur K. nitniell. with a p'Ompt. safe and enrraetia ueatanent, to a perfert cura Sitai gera travel'in*. snpplied at a moment a notice with medi me tuffieieut to cure .fietnaelyea tu the moat cmvemai' ?n 1. T.u? man' er. rlars warranted or no aharwa r-<;.iire,? I.ta-s, tosi naul. will mret p-empt *rtent?i>? Kesi *cc* ? t?ar of Third aad limon snaaw. half * H??W WlMli + X\mi 4 A