Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1848 Page 3
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City IntaJlUpne*. The WitTNti.?The weather yesterday mornlng.was quits odd. but moderated considerably toward* noon, luring the afternoon rh mild hi April, beautiful and elear. The ground, which was hard frostu, heoame thawed, end left the streets in a muddy and Floppy oon. dition. The thermometer, at fcix o'clock iu the inoruing, stood at 3J degrees and at nix o'olaok in the evening at 44 deitrsvt, showing u difference of 11 degree* in twelve hour*. OaavLKiiNKif.?Notwithstanding the reeent law passed by th-) Common Council, compelling the driven oi st'ge.i to k?ft> to the rljht under all circumstances, they, or some of them, act in the same maunnr an tbev did bsfore the law was pasted, as frequently keeping to the loft as to th? right One of them, coming down the B.iwt-ry yest-rda* morning, undertook to oro?i to the other aide, wlierj thfl pole of the stage oame in contact with oae of the railroad card with violent force, and as by tnlrncl* csoipad striking a gentleman who was standing on the platform of the oar, whioh If it b?d struck hliu. would htvo kilied hiat ou thevpot. This was the r>snlt of eon?ummate carelessness, and laws seem to be of no uie which tend to the preservation of life and propurty. Thk Park Fountain.?This beautiful specimen of art is now ueirly completed, and the addition it gives the P.\rk is ulroost inconceivable. The representations of the litly of th:i Nile. Immediately iirmnJ the fountain,is exotlUnt, while the stone encircled iiasin, also gives it a v#ry handsome appearance. The work will be completed in a few dsys and when the south end is properly finished will certainly be one of the most pleasant places in the city. Hi * k ?Afire broke oat about h o'olonk yesterday morniny, in the tobacco and sugar factory of II AcC.Siigehorn. No -2J9 Wusbington street, whioh was extinguished with trifllrg damage. A w -rt. > r,Lt. ?A fii-u hrokA Auk. oUn nhoni ft nV.lnnb y<*eterd?y morning. In the m<-rch*ut tailor's store cf Mio)iaal Fisher, No 309jf Broadway The fir# occurred in the hack room, wh.?r? <*ere t? quantity of s Ike ?rd fiB? (food*, all of which were destroyed. The good* in th<> front rohpi wirt> kI?o w<t?rially damaged bv smoke and water The low in estimated al $200, which wan fully ipsurud by the Hartford Protection Fir* Iuauranoe Company. 91'bdei* Dtath ?Coroner Welters w*a callel yesterday ti hold :in inquest at Mo 8s5 Bowery, on the body of ti 'Orgp r, a native of Ireland, aged 34 yearn, who for anciv time past has been troubled with paitdtation of the heart. Rfd while by th? Are fide an Tuesday afternoon. Ml from hi* ohair and died instantly. Verdict, death by disease of the heart. Kirk* awu Kalsk Alarm* in January.?We are indefct-d to the Chl?f K-jgineer of the Fire Department, for th? f llown g lint of lire* and f?lce alarms, whioh occurred during he month of lunnary : ? Jan.?6th -iil dUttict, Jd section, P M.. 63 Ludlow etr??t; bud and bedding burnt S.h. 0 i district, id seotlou, 7 P. M , Bowery, oorner Hester; slight duuirtg^, caused by lamp falling in shayiutr* h 1st district, 3d neoMoa. 7 P M. alarm from bonfire in tub ?tre?t, near 8th Avenue. tth. 3d district,-id section, li)tf P. M, Montgomery near Monro*; flight damage. 7lh 2d dUtrlot. 31 section, 0X P. M , foot of 9th st , Last. Rivr, ste*m*hip United States; slight damage. 7th. ad 4f??rlot. 3d section, 9 P. M., 2tJ Attorney st , 3 story b: i>-k ph?p; sllnht damige. StU lut district, 3ds?ution, 3)$ A. M , 600 Broadway, four story hrlek bath house and refeotory; much damage to basement Su. 3d district, 1st section. 11 >? P. M.,29 Ann street, rear. 8 story brick shop; considerable damage to stook 1 and Wuildlf'g 9th 3d d strict, 1st section. 10)4 A. M , 33 Liberty at., four story W.iok drug store; considerable damage. 9tli S t district, 1st seotlon, 2>{ P. M , alarm from ; Chlaoey in Vesey afraet 10th 31 district, 1st section, 3>? A. M., Exchange st, four story brick store; muoh dana^e to atock. 10th 31 distriot,3d section, 11>? P. M.; alarm cause unknown. 11th. 3d district. 3d section, 10>i P M , 6 Lewis street, two story trick store; much damxge to stook. l?tb 2 i district, 3d sect-un, 9 A. >1 , corner Orand and . Clinton auetts. two story flvtne store and dwelling; much damaged, building and stock. 13th. 1st district, 2d section, 11>* P. M.. alarm from Priaoe street watch huuse bell. 14th. 24 i lit riot, 1st section, 9X A.M., 180 Mulberry street, basement of three story brick shop; slight damage. lfrih. 31 district, 1st section. 11 A. M., 3?o Pearl street, three story biiok dwellin. ; bed and bedding barnt. ltf.h. 1st district, 1st section, 6 A. M , 664 Greenwioh BWC*1, two IbUi; WLIVIW UHtniUg, P?|U. m Kii 1st diatriot, 2d sectiou, 9>? A. M , alarm from Prinoe street watoh house b*U. 18th. 3d district, 2d section, 12){ night, Olirer street, fire story briok dwelling; slight. damage. 19th lit distrlat, lit section, 12X, night, cornel Charles an J Hudson, two story wooden shop and dwelling: kltght damage. 19.U 2d district,2d section, 12 M., alarm from 4ilmney In Prince street. 21st. 34 distriet, 2d seotlon, 2 A. M., 108 Reade street, two story wooden store and dwelling; muoh damaged. 21st. 1st district, 1st section, OH P.M., 39 lUnwick street, two story wooden dwelling; slight damage. 91st 3 J district, 1st seotlon, "V P. M., alarm from Post ! Offloe bfcll. 3ist. lr*t distriet, 2d seetIon, 8 P. M., alarm from 18tb ward station house bell. 221. 2d district, 3d section, 123W, night, 13 Mulberry str-nt. a story wooden dwelling; slight damage. Hi. 2Jdlniict, 2d Motion, !))? P.M., Elisabeth, near Wclt.T strw?t; Jesaits' ohurob destroyed, and several dweihrgs isjured. 33d. 3.1 distriot, 1st seotion, 13 night, alarm from post ollae bell. 2S<1 2d district, 3J seotion, 3.Vi A.M., corner Clinton and Stanton streets; two-story wooden store; partially destroyed. 34th. 1st distriet, 1st section, 3K A.M., 148 Barrow street, two-story briok dwelling; bed and bedding burnt. 34th. 1st distriet, 1st section, 6>? A.M , 289 Bleeeker Street, tkr-estorT briok dwelling; slight damage 34tb 1st district, 1st section, 10 A.M.J1S0 Perry street, one cwtry woojen stable; nearly destroyed. 24th 31 district, 3d soetion, 3 P.M , 397 Front street, two-story brisk laboratory; slight damage. 37th 3d ititriet. 3J section, 7* P.M., 3 Lewis street, two-stery brisk shop; slight damage. 38th. 3d district, 3d seotion, 1IX P.M.. M Catherine street, dry goods store In three-story building; stock m?eh damaged. 3?ih. 1st district, 1st seetion, 4 P.M , corner Bank and Bleeeker streets, three-story brick dwelling;.slight damage. 29th. 3d distriot, 3d seotion, 9K P.M , alarm; cause unkuown. 3?ih. 3d distriet, 1st jeotion, P.M. 228 Water street, rear, oae story wooden boildiog; sli?ht damage. 31st. tst distriet. 1st section, IX A M.. 012 Greenwich street, two story brick dwelling; slight damage. 1st 2d distriot. 3d ssatlon 3% AM., alarm from bonfire In Attorney street, near Rtrington. 8t*m r Bkgsabs.?It la astonishing with ?hat pertinacity this el??s ef our community hold on to their daily business. We yesterday saw a number of hslj fre-a-n woeavti. sitting on the stnops of some of the principal stor.s in Broadway, holding a sickly, half starvedlowking ohild in their arms, while one or two more, apprrently innre healthy, were seated beside the mother, who --1 ----- - *? Wsa katra slsns Hnnittl ff>T Ilinix'riai-Mi r...; p-.r-.-uj. ? thoa* wbn are unable. through poverty, toiupport themselves aad hneplta!* for those whoAreilek; end It would oertalnly laek bnttur, and bo better, that they should be thai provided for, than be allowed to lie In the utreeta, and di'i??nd upon the charity of those whoso hearts ar? Steele,i against tba<u. About seven o'clock la?t night, a lStl? boy nh ui c?n yearn ot i|?. wai crying most plttoutly in Broadway, without shoes or stockings, and very thinly oUd On aaaing him what wan tho matter, he replied he had nothing to **t; and upon further questionlug htm. we learn-d that he was sent out nightly by his parents, who daily spent what ha obtained for rum, and he waa obliged to cry that he might obtain something te s?eore him from the brntal treatment of hit father. There are oertalnly policemen who aee this bay very frequently; and jroald it not be of infinitely more advantage to him to arreat him in the street, and by the proper authority have him put out to some one, who would make him a mi. Instead of growing up in tha trade of bagging, ai he I* ? The Villao* of Sinkca Falls.?Among the articlva manufactured extensively in thin vill.ige, are fine woollen eastlmeres, (the beet In the Union.) team engines, stovns, Kaoe'i patent stove regulators and almost eviry description of oaetlnga and maehinery, wooden pimp*. m> talir pumps, axe*, and edge lot-ls generally, hoee, forks, &.O. We hare already one larg? woolen mill, five fnrneues, three pump shops, one papei mill, two m?nbine eheps. and many minor establishments, In addi'ion to the sevoral large flouring mills Tho ?to?k I* nearly subscribed for a large new cotton mill, and an old one that has been idle for a few years ii likely to be put in operation In the spring. Our oitll*n? are beginning to understand the importance ol enmblnieg their efforts, and the Immenao natural resources el the place now stand a ohanoe cf being developed.?Ceur. We learn from Fall River that an effort la making to extend their agnatic telegraph from that plaae to Newbaryport. ^ General <laltnaan ?It la understood that the brive and ga lant t^nitmsn will attend the ball to be given thu evenui! at the Apollo S*|oon, in md ol the "fund oT the widowa aad rrphaia of theUrmd Lodge 01 (lie Stale of New York," a* U.and Muster of M ui >nf for uie State of Mississippi. He will be received with full hono s by lbs fraternity of thii aAcuat oider. __ __ Thin Plumbe National OMun rejii Onllery, on the npper corner of way anil Mnrrar atieet, shmll lie viaited br all who wiah to okisin the ftneat specimens of the art that is possible f> be chinned tu the world, it being an Hibliahed fact, that Plumbe'i pictures iirs anp'rioi to any othera ande. Cheap Reflned and other Sugera.?.1- O. Fowler, Wholaale Urocrr mid Ten Dealir, Noa. 230 and 4IS slreeiitrich, and 7ft Vraey at ert, has Jmt receive I from the imp1 rtera son mannfaclurere, n ln:ge aloe k of whit? and Mown i Ha; ma New Orle.iM, Porto Rico, sod refined white, end yelluw, ^ad brown 9uRaia, ell o( which will br sc Id ?t a am ill advance >n wholeaale putts. (Jood new cio^ New Orlenna, ai 4'? a 6 rente per lb.; Htnart's -efined, 7H cents; (Jerwar crushed, >< eeate per lb, he. Orotere, baaera, and coontiy desists, would do well to csli before purchasing. The Creueli and German* In Trouble, II trouble yon may call it, f ir they enn't stand how on lri|?ii J ? "'Et",1 l'" cfimer of Fnlt 'n street, opposite oni < {fir?, mi: ffnnl to ?ei| French Boi ta for t> 50, that they sel &r T.? T1 d?'. |n?<e by the aame workmen and aame atock Wrll ili? w* wil' inform tbem how it ia done, lie eel's twen tv pair ol booia a dsy.wheie th*y aell only two ?,r three They aeli o.i t if e, nuil tie sella for cs?h ?t a small pr' fi' His >3 M Boo:s rei ei hie that are ao'd in othera', m I rj.1 V> S . Hi ?P enilidMssorttnoor oll'atent Lesil> . iilda t ri are eqmlly Ir.w The Doctor. IXnmoiKl I*Dlntort Ould I'ens, of ever) quants', and stall pr . es. both \>holeaale and retail, by It, K. VV.itaoii ?<'0.,?S v\ i l'im >treet. one door below Wall atreet, and .? Y N.V.. r M ! ,1 ion Street, makere, and onlydeale a in thl ? ', ?? '' OS. Our prices are knowr t l III rhr ip -t in the citv, while onr Pens are wirranteil i i l'.e .rM Ui.ll Prns, 1.1 )l, 11 u and 'U chewhew at |1 no aad U. Uuh I ! enrieiaufU or cichugtd, j Pint DlvMon, It. Y . WUIUa? Division Orders.?New Yerk, Feb. I, l?4?.-Tbe M^jw UweraLhaf. in* icceived Information that Major General QUITMAN. 01 the United States Army, will arriee in tin* eity una day, t" rb ruary 3d, the officers ot the Division will unite with the civil authorities in reseiv nu him with auitable honora. The officers of ihe several bri*mlea will naseuibl* >n full uniform, (Gfueril. Field, and bt'ff olfice-s, dismounted) in froutoftbe City Hall, at half-pail U o'clock. I'. M , today. February 3d. (General Storma will drtml ? troop oI horse aa an racort A M*jor (>enrrdl'? a tlute will he lired by a de' ich **ur lro u the aaiue b.-icade. By order of C. W. SANDfORD, Major General c'"DimauHing. C. H Hiodfo-d, /t. D FIRST BKIOADK N. Y. 8. MILITIA ? Brigade Order*? .New York, Feb. 3, 1841.?The ah ve ^rdera ire promuUt'e I. The ofli e-? of this brigade w II aasembls to-day, aa therein directed. Ry order of Urig. Urn 8TOR.V18. Hngert, llr.gade Major SECOND BRIGADE. MVS MlLlTlA.-Bn | ga?*e Orders ? rw Ifnrk, Feb J ?The officers of thi brigade will comply wnh the ?bov? d vision o-J?rs md aasein'.ils Ibis day, as therein directed. Br order of 3i <, Geo. MO'lKIS Phaien, Brigade Major THIRD BRIGADE N. V. 8 MILITIA.?Brigade Orderi?Nrw York Feb 3 1818? In compliance with the forevoiug division oidc a, the o eeisof this b-iirade will assemble aa directed t > day. Ryordr ol Ce'oae! HRfiMNKA, Aci'ne Brigadier General^ t*rnl*. ilrieade Major. FOURlH BRIGADE N. Y S MILITI VBrigade Orders?^'iw Vork. Feb. 3, 1818.?In cotform.ty with division orders. the officers of this hrigule will assemble this day, aa therein directed. By order of l>rig. Ueu. EWKN. Taylor, Brigade Major. Save Your Money._To IIiomo of our FrUntla I who wiali to reduce th*ir blot bills we cheerfully reeo'imend them to cill <>a our fiietid JONKS, 4 Aun street, as he sella the tirat quality of F-euch calf draaa boots, at $l aecond do, S4 00 He also aella a veay nice pair at SI i'J His beat French p tent lerit1 e; boota onl? $7 00, aud as for Ilia French water proof and cork sole boots, they are nut to he bent iu <iuaIitt or price. ?.* COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. DION ICY MAIlttKT, Wednesday, February J_6 P, 91. The stock market Is steadily improving, and there if evidently a disposition to purolMSo for a further advancu. At the first board to-day, Harlem advanced 1 percent; Long Island 3?; Canton)-^; Farmers' Loan '4; Morris Canal *4; North American Trust X; Treasury Notts X; Illinois 0's, Stonlngton 1. Reading road declined 1 per cent; and Narwick and Worcester % Reading bonds an 1 Pennsylvania o's closed at prioes current yesterday. The sains were quite large, and there is every i'.dication of a period of considerable activity for a length of tlmo in th? stock market. The bails have a wide margin to caver before they will make up their Iomm. and it is full time they should reallsa | aome of the differences they liquidated some time sinoe the sseond board there were very few transactions, but prices improved. Harlem advanced \ per cent, Morris Canal, >i ; Reading Railroad, ; Canton, V Long island, Norwich and Worcester, and Farmers Loan olosed at price/- current in the morning. The New York Life Insurance and Trust Company have declared a semi-annual dividend of three and a half per cent. T e City Fire Insurance Ccmpany have deolared a dividend of ten per cent., payable on the 9th instant. The European advioes, although consider; d rather favorable than otherwise, have bad no material influence upon our markets. The financial accounts are more favorable than those of a commercial character, and our capitalists feel more encouraged than the merchants. Trices for stooka are likely;to b? more favorably affected than prices of our most important staples. Holders of ootton and corn are at a stand-still. They 1 have not yet determined what to do, in view of the state of the markets on the other side; but it is very probable 1 that shipments of bread stuffs will, for the present, be 1 more limited than anticipated. Fears are entertained i .h. ??,. .?.! ?, I. ... ,1.1 ; vu iuo vvuwii niv* J bUi?v DUi^lUCUtJ U1 r^DUIV bU tUlB UUUU.ijr | will noon commence, and the most alarming results are ' apprehended, even from a moderate drain of bullion. It j is now almost universally conceded that the exportation ! cf manufactures from Great Britain to the United State* this year, or at least in the early part of it, will be very limited. The annexed statement exhibits the amount at the credit of the Secretary of the Treasury with the assistant treasurers and depositaries, on the 24th of January, 1848 i United States Treacher') Monthly Statement, January, 1843. In what plac*. %/lmiunt on d'ptiit. Aifistant Treasurer, Boston, Mass $.170,708 54 Assistant Treasurer, New York, N. Y 627.247 6a Assistant Treasurer, rhiUdelpHia, Penn. . . 33.681 93 Treasury of the U. S , Washington, D. C.. 167,655 32 Assistant Treasurer, Charleston, S. C 61.057 50 : | Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans, La 1,254 753 36 Assistant Treasurer, St. Louis, Mo 615 9^9 89 Depositary at Buffalo, N. Y. . 984 20 Depositary at Baltimore, Md 10,928 19 i Depositary at Rioh*aoi.d, Va 811 37 Depositary at Wilmington, N. C 1.169 85 Depositary at Savannah, (Ja 6,102 69 Depositary at Mobile, Ala 73,293 04 Depositary at Nashville, Tennessee 6 734 48 i Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio 99,670 13 Depositary at I'ittsburg, Pennsylvania 201 77 Depository at Norfolk, Virginia 4,800 00 Depositary at Little Rock, Arkansas 20,234 63 Depositary at Jeffersonville, Indiana 68,334 20 Depositary at Chicago, Illinois 13 764 82 Depositary at Detroit, Michigan 45,763 03 Mint of tn? United States. Philadelphia,Penn 761.728 05 Braneh Mint of the U. H , Charlotte, N C .. 82,000 00 Branch Mint of the U. S., D*l.lon?ga, Ga. .. 26 850 00 BraaobMlnt of the U. S , N. O., Louisiana. 79,4>1 V6 $4 162.782 07 Amount of drafts drawn 1,906,518 39 $2,256,263 68 Of this amount there is subjeot to draft $2,331,263 68, there being a difference between transfers erlered-and surplus acoount of $72,035 40. The amount la this city I on the 28th cf January, subject to draft, was only $162,75# 68. The amount of transfers ordered, but not credited, was $76,000?to this city >25,000, and to New Orleans $50,010. The returns of the Bank ef England for several periods, present the annexed comparative statement Bank of Enoland. Stj?f II. Nav. 25. Pee 24 Jan 8 '48. Notes issued ?22 307.140 23 )2) 845 2) t>09 075 25,1-6,77 > ! Go'Ucoin It bull'u 7,281.M0 8,315 63 4 lJ.2i4.73l lx.47o.ti2 I Silver bill'n 1.023,030 1.2.0,212 1,316.344 1,4)0,147 Hanking Uep't. Rest 4.000 004 3 #*3 323 3.815,579 3.684,619 ' Peb. deposits... . 8,16)782 7,2 9 8:i2 9 245.978 54140118 Other do 6.98J.993 7,8(0,482 8,213.203 10,?',8,2tJ8 : tevenday It other I bills 814,452 ff63,487 807,198 846.3AI I Oi>vernmttsecu's. 11,636 340 I0.Gri3.G07 11,065 267 10.993 3.1 I Other da 17,813 381 18 791.117 IS 979 fx,0 16.J4V.I 1 Notes 4,466 575 4,228,095 7.786.180 7,315 "> ! Oold&silTercoin. 607 912 491 H2 617,451 701.' : Circulation or the Bank or England Xrpt. H. Nov. 2). Dfc. 21 Jan I IS Notes isturd 22.3 7.140 23525,815 25,61.9 07) 25 870' If'tson hind 4,166,575 4,*J8f9) 7.784,180 7 31, , Act'l.circul?tiou.ic:7,870 565 19 297,750 17.822.89) 18,381,38} The returns for January 8th, 1848, compared with those for December 24th, 1847, two weeks prevloii<, j show the following variations in the movement:? I Increase in the amount of notes issued ?207.695 i Increase in the amount of bullion on hand. . . 341,8.3.) ! Increase in the Rest ?... 09 050 Increase in Deposits 2,616 083 , j Increase in Sev-<n day and other bill* 39 168 , Inorease in actual circulation ".'18.490 ' Decrease In publio deposits 3,821970 Decrease in Government securities 71.014 Decrease in other securities 8tt 102 Decrease in Reserved netes 170,795 The inorease la the actual circulation of the bank was, within tbs lortnight previous to 8th of Jauu ary, ?470,796 more than the additional supply of bul1 lion would warrant. This has been brought about by the reduction In the amount of reserved notes. It ap> pears by this that the Bank of England Is increasing the volume of ourrency more rapidly than it is Increasing its supply of bullion. The returns for November 26th' 1S47, show an actual circulation of ?736,365 greater ' thau in January 8, 1847, although the amount ?f bulr lion in hand in November was ?3.087,29 0 less than In I January. Th? currency was actually more than ssveu j hundred thousand pounds less, with an inorease of more j than three millions sterling in r.peole. The improvement i in the money market* of Great Britain his not been produced by aur Increase in the supply of currcncy, as will be seen by the above returns, but by the of i confidence. trowing out cf the accumulation of specie in [ the vault* of the bauk. The rate of Interest, out of the b?nk,ruled at four per ceut, and the bank would have re; duoed it* rato had tt not been for the fear* entertained that peculations would again commence with renewed vigor. This caution is oertainly commendable, as it guirantees, if striotly adhered to, a more prosperous period, without those dangers of a relapse which are generally experienced when the commercial world is merging from a revulsion. While this policy is cal, oulated to check any attempt to expand oommeroial credits, or to arreit any movement tending to an | Inflation of prices lor staple artioles of trade, it !? by no means ealoulat?d to prevent speculation in | stocks ; but on the oontrary, the oapltal, which by this stringent system la withdrawn from trade, will be employed in inflating price* for securities. The stock speI oulator will therefore be benefitted, but It by no means ^ follows that the commercial classes will be injured to a r ; corresponding extent. They will be, on the contrary. 1 ! benefitted by any oourse the bank may pursue tending - ' to keep thing* under restraint. I It requires a long time to recover from such a revulsion i . e? Orvnt Hrltaln has just passed through. Many yearnare , to obliterate the vff 'cts of a orlsls suoh as that roc -:iti/ . ealiie 1, even in a country young and vlgorou'; ' but when roeta things take place in aocuntry likeK.ngland. ! In this age of its existeno*, it is very doubtful if It ever | | reoover* from the *hook. We are apt to anticipate too l | speedy a recovery from oomniercUl disasters. As soon as | ih# preuure upjn th? mouny uurkst tad upon prises Is | rtUxod, M ImmedlaU Improvement U looked tot, tad j t h? most extravagant expectations formed (or the future. The i esult of thl? la serious disappointment; and alarming forebodings relative to th* eontlaaanoe of the revulsion, muudlately follow. There are ao many ready, at any moment, to engage in thetaost desperate speculations, fiat It is diffioult to keep thing* quiet until times get healthy and strong. There la as mueh danger of a relapse, which la more to be appehended, if possible, than the original attack, that monied institutlona caunot be too careful how they extend facilities to the commercial classes, immediately after a crisis. The mercantile and manufacturing lntereats of Great Britain have been ao muoh weakened by the failures which have t?ken place, and by the imraeose sacrifices they have been obliged to aubmit to, that they require loag and careful nursing before they will gain strength enough to auatain themselves We have no doubt but that the financial diflcultles which have betn experienced In Great Britain, during the past year, will lead to some changes in the Qnanoial system of the United Kingdom. We have no doubt but that the light which we have shed upon the power and position of a lew prominent capitalists in connaotion with 'he Bank of Kngland, will have a favorable influence apon the fluanolal circles of London, and regulate their operations hereafter, in snob a way as to prevt-nt the enjoyment of those monopolies which have been the osuse of so muoh distress and ruin. It will be diffloult to devise any plan to prevent auoh movements and such results; but we anticipate something calculated to mo unj 11 uuk WJ reiuuve LIUIWVII. Tii* following U the amount of breadatuffa, Sic , ex. iiorted from Philadelphia to foreign porta, from the 31 at t) tha isth Inst , with the value ol eaoh : ? Exports or BnEADiTurri. Ico., r*#M Philadelphia to Korkicin Torts. quantity. V.ilui. Flour bbls. 715 $4,47i Corn Meal " 150 46' Skip-bread, " 700 2,201) t'rackwe,. . kega. 17-2 ISO Oata, bushels, 2,620 1,40-2 l\a?. " SO 76 !1 oaf and Pork, barrela, SU 1,033 Hama and Lard, pounda, 38,190 3,119 Bnctar and Cheeae, " 31.903 l.iarf iperm Oil, .gallon a, 1,300 1,600 Naval Stores, . . barrela, 40 8W Tobaeco, hhds, 34 1.415 Other artlolea, 103438 Total-value, $131,631 The whole of the above went to the Weat Indiea and South America, exoept the oata; and that deaignated " other artlolea," wbloh went to Mexioe. The annexedatatementexhlblta the aaoendlng trade on the Erie Extension Canal, during the pant aeaaon:? Kuu: Extension Canal?Ascending Trade, 1847. Railroad Iron lbs. 5.314,145 B ir iron 10,356,738 Nails, 4,934.733 Glass, 3,337 385 ?<Mgar and molasses, 3,106,407 Flour, (18,787 bbls ) 3,9*2,844 Miscellaneous articles, 34,873,037 Total lbs. 01.700,348 Miles of passengers travelled,. . 936.573 Amount of tolls collected, $33,047 35 The above ahowa an inoreaie in iron and naila over laat year of about five millions of pounda, with a corresponding inorease in glaas, groceries, flour, Stc. The travel has increaaed in tbe same period nearly one hundred per oent?the miles travelled exhibiting an average daily number of through paaaengera northward for, aay eight and a half months, of twenty-alx. The tolls, bow erer, exhibit the true Increase in the northern shipping trade. Last year these amounted to $12,553 39?now, to $33,017 35? an inoreaae of nearly one hundred per cent". Stock Kxehani*. $5COO Treasury Notts 99% J5 >hi Canton Co 33 V 10000 do >90 99)J 50 do 33H 24000 do 99?i 300 Morris Canal li 5010 do 99'. 20 Mohawk HR 67? 10 .01 do 99)1 200 Nor ic Wor HR bl5 39V 11000 State C'a blO] 102 50 do b30 40 8000 U States 6's '56 97 50 do 39K 5000 no 97 50 do b60 39>% 1200 do 97)1 375 do 39 U 3000 U States 5's '53 89 100 do b45 39V 5000 Ohio 6's "?0 95V 50 do 130 39 5(00 Illinois Fandable 4il* 100 do 39 6000 do 41)4 50 N Haven It Hartford 10 % .'.ooa Reading Bonds C2V 200 Long Island 28X 10000 do S3 62 V 50 do s30 28 593 Reading Bonds 46>i 100 do blO a?V 200 do 4t 400 do 28S 50 do st5 46 200 do 28)4 200 do b30 47 330 do blO 29 60 shs N Am Trust 9V 100 do b60 29V 4mi do b50 9Sj 50 Harlem RR s30 43?-, 300 Farmers'Trust 2ttl2 loo do sio 43^ 100 do 20;!? 100 do blS 44 700 do b30 29 513 do 43V 50 do S60 28^ 200 do 43 V 450 do 28*1 400 do 44 50 do b69 39V 400 do saw 44 11 Ohio Life & Trust 8>W 1.0 r22da slO 44 50 CaLton Co 31V 100 do nit 41W 50 do >30 33 * 50 StcningtOB RR 55 60 do blO S3)? Sccoml Boordi 100 shs Harlem RR 44?o lOOthi Reading RR" 49l? 600 do 44 V 150 Morris Canal II? iso do b3 44V 100 Canton Co b3 34 too do b30 45 100 do b30 3<W 100 Reading RR s69 48# 200 Long Island RR 28*4 1)0 d 1 48* 1*0 do blO 29 loo do s60 49 50 Nor Si Worcester 39V 200 do blO 4* 250 Farmers' Loan 4d? 28J, New Stock Eichnn^s. $2000 Trea Notes, 6's( b4 99V 150 shs Harlem 43J, |*5 shs Canton Co bl 34 50 do 44St 150 L Island RR >3 28V 50 do slO 43V 50 do hi 28V 100 do SlO 43V SO do b7 28V 50 do blO 4tV 3-i0 Harlem RR c 41A 50 do sl5 43)? 150 do C 43V 50 do b3 44 100 do C 44li 50 do S3 44V CITY TRADE REPORT. Nkw York, Wednesday At term oa, Feb. 2. The Acadia's news, published this morning, wbloh wss some two week's later, hai the effect of unsettling the market for breadstuffs. and sales of (tour were mads in a small way, but hardly sufficient to indicate prioes The f?w sale's made indicated a decline of about 12*9 per bbl. on priors current before the arrival of the steamer. There was no movuient in wheat. In corn, moderute sales wero made bat on tsrms whioh exhibited h decline in prioes. Buyers were not offering as muoh by 4c or 5c per bu>h>l as was current before the news Rye was quiet, while oats remained about the 1 law. Tnere whs a steady demand for New Orleans J 11 . >r with a moderate amount of sales. There were further s*le* of Cardenas, or Cuba, molaises, on terms ; stat d below. Aanics?Pearii continued firm, and (ales of 50 bbls. were reported at $8, while pot* remained steady at Bbout $ti 3BitAD?TTurfs?F''aur?For fair to good Oenesse, $ > was freely off?red. Tne sal?s of Western, with Genesee, ho., were made chiefly in a retail way, to meet domestic wants, and afforded no correct crlt-rion of the state of the market. Sales of 30'i barrels round boop, city ground, were made at $5 87>?; 600 do Petersburg City Mill*, were solil at $6 -44, small sales of Ohio wer>< umle a'. $j 87*; an.l small lots of New Orleans, at f5 87X, The market closed without animation fphtut?No nales 'ranspired. Com - flalei of 109 bushels new yellow, atloat, were made at 62*o. and atleg of 3000 bush- : efal old yellow a little mixed, with while, in store uari of : which was suitable for distilling, bnt not for export, were made at 63*o There were some other sales, but not sufficient to show a settled stnte of the market. Mtal? Sales of i'm) bb'.s New Jersey were reported at $3 12*, mi' was nominal, ai cs a woe van?'unai remained steady at 40c. Bean? Sale* of 100 bbls white were made at $1 0?Vai and 34 do, extra prime, at $1 60. Cotton ? The operation* to-day were quit* small in extent, and were not mada under circumstance* toihow the effsnt of the Acadia'* news on tha market on the parcel* disposed of. Price* appeared but feeblv sustainad Yesterday afternoon a sale of 700 bale* Texas o otton *u effected:? Copffr ?The markat remained about the name. Fruit?We natioe a steady demand tor raisin*. for the retail trade, with sale* of S0Q0 boxes wet dried, at f> 1 64, ; ?a?h. and 6000 lbs dried apples at 4o'a 4Xo; pea nuts were in fair demand, with sales of AOO bush' Is Wilmington at $1 34 a*l :ilSt. Kish ?8?ies of 190 bbls. No. 3 aiackurel war* mad* on private terms. 1( casks hake sold on terms not oa4*rSteed Hump?No sale* were reported. The market eon- j tlnu?d ete.viy. l.rtu?The market remained abovt the same. Lnra -A sale of a rmr^'i was mad* at tOo. Licoaics Past* ?We notlos sale* of <10 cases Calabria, prime quality, at about 33o. Moi links Bales of near about 100 hdds. Cardenas were mad? at US and 3?o. New Orleans remained about the name. Naval Storm?The news par steamer Acadia was considered favorable: but as yet n? change was perceptible in quotations We have only to report sales of 100 barrel* of tar, at Brooklyn, at $3 par barrel. On.)?Sales were moderate, at Arm prices; we could hear of only riOO gallons Knglleh at <i4c, and 400 do city pressed, in barrels, at litis. There was no ohange in whale er.other descriptions of fish oil. Provisions ?The markat was quiet, while sales were moderate Pork Inclined to droop, especially old mess and prime. New mess was also dull, while new prime was snnrne The latter was worth 99 a $ 34; old prime, (*> 03W a $ti74; new mass was offered at about $10 &j% anion's. There were no buyer* above $10 60 Shoulders Males of 30 hhds. w*r* msds at SJ^c. No sales of lard were reported. No tale* of cheese were made since the news which indioated priest. Butter remained about the ssme. Un r.-The sale* were not snfBolent to Indicate price*, aU'i no rales transpired after the receipt of the new*. Spicks ?Small sal** of Jamalo* pimento continued to be mad* at ft,'* a 10c. Swuah ? Tnere was a steady demand, with sales of 40 hhds. New Orleans, at 4Ko; 40 do. fair quality, at #>< ; and *0 do, inferior at ?Xa, at four months. Small sale* of extra prime were making at Q^o. Tesuco ?Sales of 100 bale* Cuba war* reported, od terms not understood Wi*r.s.?Sale* or 40 quarter casks Sicily were made at 4*o; and 100 do Sweet Malaga at 43e, at whloh the mn k?t wa* Arm. Whhrkv?Stale prison was nominally ths same, rls 3(o per gallon, while no sales cf moment were reported. K*? niHTi ? Kates were unsettled by the new*, and no enga^mehts of importance were reported. A lot of Kbony woo l wastnken for Liverpool at 30s per ton Salki op Kkal Estate -4 lot* on 30th street, near Alb ar.eaoU 3A*Prt !>, $1,000 eaoh, $4,000; 1 do Dear above, earnest**. $990; ti do on3l*t*t, near 8th av, same elan, $H40 each. $6J00; I do adj>in ng, same else, $840; I do on ?th ?v*oue, n>ar 31st St. 34tliM), $1,640; 1 do oori er 31. t 9th avenue, do, $1,U>6; house and leae* of 1 lot. sutyout to ground ten', of $176, iDA Hudson street, I $3,6oo. J MARK.UTS BLUBWHBOE. STOCK SALES. Baltimork. Krb. I ? Id ah >r?i Marine Bank. 23%; 10 do Jo 23%; 5do il) 23%, UuilrJ Sulci Si, 1867, cloaeil IWV* hid; Trrmurv 6? #9 \ u<ke I. 991* bid; Maryland 61, 83% aaked. 85 bid; b ltimoie. b? III9J, 9>% luked, 1 > bid; Baltimore aud Ohio Hal' load aharri, 37% a>ked, 37bid. PhilaorlpK'4 Kcb. 2 ? fimt Haunt?$V01 Heading Ril Bonds, 1>/Si. S2jB7 Slate 5'?, 7i%, i iOJl) Scliavlaill Narigl- 1 lion 6'a. 4 1%; $100 Letrgh Vlnrig.ure Loin, 8<i; iO Reading K ' R.2i%; tiUUOS.iie V?. 71%; RU Reirtmg KH, 23%; S1300 If 8 Loaj S'j, '67, 99%; 1'0 .vto rii < tut', 11%; 16UU Lehigh M'>rrg<?ge Loan, 8j. Srcnnd bom if?Xo laiei. Jtfter Sm ri ?830 U art, '67.9'?*i; 3>J. 1) do, '62 93; 7705 State i'a, 71%; 1010 Leh'gh Vavmitioii ?'? .',6%; 1000 Reading at- 6'i, 62%, 20<J0 doihi,23%; 2 b'.irine>?' St. .vleclianiei' Bauk 19%. Bostom, Feb. 1? Broktr'i BiarJ?i0 slu Kut Buton Com pany 12%; J Lacnu a M luu'acturing Company. (00 : 29 Concord Raiinad, 61; 70 Kut Boiton Cumpun* Dividend*. No J. 1 6%; 5 American lumraace l'oui|<iaf, lll>i; to Heading Kail I road, 24; 7i do 23%; SO Nor icn and Worceiter Railroad 39; 3 Wenteru Railrntd, 102; 4 Kitchhurgh Uailmad, 114%; 28] riicliU Weat'ru Railroad, I2%c: $2000 City 6'?, 11)1,97%. Sec /ml Board? I ill) ahs Norwich and Worce?ter R<il'oaU b 0 60 d, 40; SJ do. b o 30 da. 38%; 2) do, b o 10 <l?, 3B%; 4 Old Col- uy Kai'r >ad 89V?; 21 Weitern Railroad 101% ; 50 Reading Railroad, iTj%; 100 rights Weiteru Rail o.\d, 12%c. DOMESTIC MAKKKTS. New Bkdfokd On. Market, Jan. 31 ?Sperm ?Since our lwit tlierv hae been an active deinnn'l, andea^e have been uiade of some 1 tui) barrels, in paroela, nn follow* ;? 395 bbls at 105 oente; till at lotf oenti, and 981 bbl* at priceR not made publio. A eale of 7000 lb? unrefined kinurmni'rtti wil in i<1m ut Ofi iianfa r\u? lit Whal* nnnti. nues in fair request, anil prices are fully sustains J. W? notice sales sinoe our last of 300 barrels northwest co*st at 3d nents; 300 do do at 36)^ cents; au I a lot of MOO bbl* N. W const,and anether of 1000 bbls N YV coast and South Shi, for the New York m*rket, at prices which am not made public hero. WbaUbons?Sales since our last of 16,000 lbs. N.W. ooast, on private term*. kokhion mae kits. Havana. Iau 19 ?The riee market, we learn. wn? very dull. Two cargoes arrived from Charleston, and had not changad hauiN, when the II M. left. Sugar was quoted as follows:?Inferior to Kood, r>^a6^; prime, 7 a !>; Inferior to good. A a tSK; prime-, 6'4 a 7,^; while inferior ta good, a do prime, 9 a 9'4. .No prime coffee in market; rviw was quoted at tt)? a 7; old, 6H a ti. Exchange on New York, 00 day*. J a premium; Boston, ?0 days, 2 a 2 L? premium'; Philadelphia, 00 days, 1)1 a 2 premium; New Orleans, short sight, 4>4 a 9 premium. Bombay, Not. 30?The account* brought by the overland mall have realized the worst apprehensions Bombay has asoaped in a wonderful maunwr the ooiiaequences of the orisis at home, for, with the exoeptlon of one firm, we do not hear that our mercantile community have suffered losses to any serious extent. Cotton?Dull. with deoliaing prices, and stock fast accumulating. Kxohange on London, 6 ma. Is 104 a la lid, 3 ma la PXd per rupee. Calcutta, Not. 19.?The mail of the 7th Oct. arrived on the 17th inst, bringing intelligence of a fresh series of failures, whleh haa thrown the deepeat gloom over the eomoaerolal community, and caused a suspension'of business. Mauritihi, Oct. 21.?'IS bbls. American lard sold at 922 10. Tobaoco-10 cases Cavendish at $22 51, 0 do. at $21 16 per 100 lbs Sugar?6000 begs, at pablio sale, found buyers at from 30c to 40o below quotatlona of the 7th; very flae yellow at $6 76. American pork sold at $ 1-2?an improvement. Exchange?Six mi. bills par to 2 per oent. Freights?Owiug to the soarcity of shipping immediately available, higher rates paid; one vessel chartered at Jt'6 6?, another at ?5 7a Od for London; latter rate also paid on other veaiels loading. Dlarrled. On Tuesday evening, 1st instant, by Dr. Tyng, Pktkr Wyckokf, to Miss Julia Anna Hazkn. In thisolty, Feb. 2, by Ilev. E. J. Todd, Mr. Henrt C. Orkknleap, of Brookport, New York, to Miss Mart E. Smith, daughter of Mr. Wm Smith, of this city. Died, On Wednesday morning, the 2d inst., after a severe illness, Mr. William Knifflu.ln the 69th year of hla age. The friends and acquaintance of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, on Friday morning, the 4th Inst. at 9 o'olock preclaely, from hla late reaidence, Seventy-first atreet, between 3d and 4th Avenues, without further invitation. His remain* will be taken to Yonkers for interment. On Wednesday morning, 2d instant, Edmund, infant son of E. O. Simpson. Burial at Greenwood Cemetery, from the reaidence, Boerum street, Brooklyn, this day at 2 P. M. Carriages will be in readintss to convey the friend* of the family. On Wednesday, February 'id, Augustus Hekjiv, aged IS months, son of William and Jan* Forbes. Tbe relatives and friends ef the family, alio the memberaof National Lodge I o. of o. k , and the members of Natlenai Lodge U. A. O. of D., are respectfully invited to attend bis funeral, at tbe tcsidenoe of bis parents, No. '247 Spring street, without further invitation. On Wednesday evening, the 2d inst. Mary Pknwimai*, eldest child of Thos J. and Jane L. Johnston, aged two yoMrs and tbree months. The relatives and friends of the family, also the members of Hermitage Lodge, No. 165 I O. of O. K., are respectfully requested to attend bur funeral,from tne resi< ence of her father. 139 Orchard street, ou Friday, tbe 4th inst., at three o'clock, p. M., without further notice. ADVERTISEMENTS NEW EVERY MORNING. Astounding developementj.?the natioual Police Gazette of tins week will contain an astounding developemeut of attempted Rape and Seduction in Philadelphia, by a Brandy wine iftf merchant #i the' upper leu,"of W.liningtuu, Delaware. Also.a thrilling chapter of Monroe Edward*, with a splendid eauraruiR. The N?w Police, all Whigs. Ureal Expose ol False Pretence operations by Police Magistrates and Creditors. Euormoaj Frauds aud Robberies in Sin* Sing Stale Prison, and complete list of pardoned murderer", burglars and thieves. Alio, weekly record df crime, murders, &c. Price S2per annum?foar cents per number. Ninth ward awake?a'public meetino o' the citiiens of the 9tli Ward, favorable to tlie election of gen. ZACHARV TAYLOR to th? Presidency, will be held at Jeli'ers on Hall, corner of Charles and Hudson streets, . on Thursday Evening, Feb 3d, 1818, at lialf'-p ist 7 o'clock. | The Hon. George Folsom, J. Prescott Hill. Es^., and other einineut speakers, will be in attendance to address the meeting. IjlOR SALE?A MORTGAGE FOR ON 1M- | proved property, worth $20,000, paying au interest of 7 percent peracnuai. Address E. H, box 1210 Post Office, iNew York. Farm for sale, or exchange for city ! Property, situated in one of the most beautiful towns in i Massachusetts, containing liOacres, buildings in perfect order, and near three railroads Everything connected to m lie it a desirable residence. Apply to H. A. WATTON, Fultou : H' tel. 89 South street. Fmr s\le. a farm ofjtwftnry acres. sit- i uated iuside of a mile froui the Court House, in Elizi- , brthtown, ou the Rahway road. The stage passes, connected i with the steamb at Waterwitch. Passage from tne dwellicg to New I oik, 25 cents. The house has ten rooms and kitchen, ! thrre hundred fruit trees of different kinds, also suitable ou;- I buildings. ! or particulars euquire of C. HAT' H,7'? Ctdsr street, or llie subscriber, on the premises. VVill etehmge lor j good citv propeity. ELlSHA IIKITTO.N, Elizabeihtowo, j xNew Je sey. If OR 8 ALE-A. BEAUTIFUL LITTLE PROPERTY, I r situ-.ted near Morrisville, Bucks County* Pa., witlim ' on* m.le of Trenton. I*?. J , on the opposite si<ie of the iver , Del\ware, and t'enly-iii milesfroin Philadelphia, compii mg | thi-teen or fourteen acres of good Land, ft very neatnudconvenieut House, comm >di u< Barn, Si". Th? Lin I has been l?ui a le r jears under cultivation, and is supplied with young and thrifty Pouch, Apple, l'ear, Cheiry, Quince, aud other fruit trees. gripe vines, snmbbery, fcc., miecteJ [ with great care from Pri .. e'? celebrated Nursery on Long It'.md. The front Uaide.i is tnsLelully divided inti walks, and furnished with a great variety of standard Shrubs and Bush's, ornamental Treet, Strawberry Vines, fcc. The walks iu the Yard ate paved entirely with brick; a puinp supplying excellent water is at the kitchen door, with other conveniences render ng it a very desirable property Kailroad t'ains, to and from Phil idelphia nnd New York, have a ilepot within a mile of the premises, and pass four times a d*y, by means of which Philadelphia can be reached in two hours, and New York in ihree hours. Price, $l,.M>0, a portion of whinn can r-m.iin on mortgage, il desired Apply on the premises, or to Clozaril Moou, Morrisville; or t> S K. GLEN, at the Herald office, New York. Oil SALE.-THE STOCK, TOOLS AND Fi>j , tuies, ot a Stove Establishment; also, the Patent 11 ?. . ' for making the ties Parlor Store now in use For lurth ir par- I titulars appl? at 51 Bowery, New York. '1 he above w.ll be sold low to a Ca^h customer. NELSON'S FAMILY AND COMMEKCI ?L HOTEL. La Belle Snvaje, Ludgita Hill. The patronage of gentlemen aud families vuiting the metropolis, is respectfully solicited for the above hotel. It is situated in the most central i pi tof London, i.ew to tne Baak of bngland, Doctors' Com- 1 mous. the luns of Coart, theatres, kc. Having recently pasted mto the hands uf the present proprietor, it has, to a large ex- i tent, been re-lnrnished ; .and in the arrangements which have i been made, the principal objects in view have been the com- ( tart anl convenience of those who may honor it with a passing visitor as a m ire permir.ent residence, combined with in nitration in r.harges. A spacious and well filled coffee room is attached to the hotel, and the wines are ol the finest 1 quality. Omnibuses to nnd from all the Louden railway sta- | tions possjhe d-or. _ mn PiiRTit' u limine- u l- i pi. h u _ i uiui.'/'uivi'r X aeldnin to be met with : the bowling Saloon, No. 2)1 ' Eighth Avimie, third houae above 24th ?treet. '1 he bar room i is fitted np in firat rut* style, and two of the best tin pill illeys I in the npper part oft :e cty; alao two large parlnra npataira for pablie meeunga, with tne <tair entrance from ih? store. A 'nif Will he giren for (Mr veara. and will be fold re aonable j to a person understanding the huaineai. Apply on the premi- ' aea, or to HTIKLINtJ It WALTON, 119 Warren atreet. PU'-'.lt?PAHKK-1 'IIKAP I \P \NI> LKTTKR PA per. Also, fine and superfine blue and white] ruled and | plain cap and letter Papers Alao, rag and a'raw wrapping, hardware, drnggista, and match box Paperi, for aate by JA8. .N 11 WAL, 1 Oil John utrect Dissolution -thb co parnk.khhip ok bk.v jamin Tyler Cook, and Otorge W. Clark, carried on in the name ?f Cook & Clark, at No. 29 Naasau atreet. la this day diaa-lved Ueoige W. Clark, by the articles of the co-partnerahip, h ta the whole power of nettliog'the atfa rs of the firm, and receiving pivment of the debta due to them. The same bnaineaa will be carried on by the anbaeribrr, at the same place. O.W.CLARK February 1, 1818. NOTICK-THC COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing between ihe subscribers, JOHN COHHAO andOUIDO MANClNl under the name of Corrao It Maneini. his been thia day diaaolred by mntnal consent All debta due to the firm will be received by Guido Maucini. And ell drinipda a<ainat the firm, will be pretented to him at No. IS} and 157 Broadway. L^HIt SALK-A BROWN IK>!'?r. a. HOI risllVNDS a high, ft years old. kind in single and double harneaa, and can trot a mile in three rainutea in htneaa Kor perticilari, apply to TOWN8END It SCUDDKR'S Livery Stable, Brooklyn. NKW DUlril H -.KM I MIS? A VKRY KINK I.OTNew full Dutch Herrings per Am ph mm from Kf.tferdam, now landing, and for aale at A. J. U. HODKNPY L, 12 Maiden la^e. up atam. Kilt K II RID K.'4 TATI'KRSALL* IIKAVK POW de.a?llorae ownera are beginning to learn that early ?tleii11on to the uumeroua ailmenta of their lmmala, to their eolda, kc.i betide* being their duty to a naefti! anim v',in?proti able, a* it prevent* their rehpaing into heavea aud other Hiteasra which lead to premature decay. Th a iem?'dy will cnr? a recent c -Id cr cotigi i.i a lewdiya. will era ii omb heave*, and ?a a'a > the beat e ?? ditiou ine'icme that ohii he uaed o aMi * aheuld bewi.hiot it f"iioe II A H G .ugh At < o., H9 K?l .^u street aolc p.opr-c.oit. fvt sal* *!?0 *1 i*- ?. T?l" i?r?aU? ?u(l Ball* Head (Ublci. % imiTiUKCTYi XKV ami mum. Jw, MOWN, AUCTluNKk.R-.Ntvr AND SK cnuu 11\ut! H uruiture, llrutse hurniilumf Artie'**, Mtc ? J. W. Browu will I tini day, Thuuday, K-lwutrv Jd, at ( I0>t o'clock, at No. H] Biondway, a quantity r l fe-c <1 liumt Kurnimre. cmsistiutf ofCarret', High I'm Beds tails, < rn'.<r I Tablet, < hura.kc. Alto, to puy adv ncei, a lame atoea ol* 1 auperior New Kuruiture com,.ruuu Hulas, Sut'n Be<.steads, I liurenn, Wash Stmits. Centre Tables. BcJsteids, M it run, St". Alao. Silver Piled Ware, Tea Trayi Ivo'V ami other I Table ? utlery, with a I irge variety ol < thcr ii> me Kun.iili- , iim *rti?'le?. I JW. MOWN, AUCTloNKK.H.?STK.ltLINO 8IL- ' v?r Hpo'iin and Koik?, I iidl's. tic?I W. ill wn will sell thia day, Thursday. Kcb.3, at II o'clock, al '<>. I anil 2 Urodway. to aa'ialy a claim, seveu d lien sieiljun alive t lile aud deiaart Spooua and Kork?, aUo, i 1, iJlfc. Tli'l silver i been turd i in a short tin>?. TilK NOTKS OK Till". li\' K (1K Nl W BOclielle. 6's, aud above. ? t par, others at tedeetred by | O. Will )'&, Age lit, 71 Wall ?tr??i. T*HK KNUitvViNus or WABHI Hi" v. - IRIT ol *76, Capture of Audio, Sir l'<'iilt*r Halsigh Tflkirg . Leave of hit Wi.i, Mar .Majesty the tju'eu, ilia Uoyal > 1 kh ii-.i I'riuce V11"-' t, Sir Whiter Scott in his Sillily, U"lt n Alibey in ilia Uldi n Tunc. Croaa Purposes Kirsl Apir.ilr.nil Latt Aopeal (i gem), nil of which me colored in a new n il haatttiful stylr, by WM. il. iJUTLKtt, 2/1 broadw.'.y (Piumlie'a bin !i l I A VOL'NU MA.s, WHOM-. PHKSI'^iT KNOAOK l\ mem will toon e*t>itc, wants a tuiMtioS >n ?on r mercantile or imu"laciuring concern, la a ill- rough boil -kieier, h good c rreapondei t, *inl la well ncqnamte i with mercantile liners, and business generally. The most antisl ctory icl'cr- j eucea for character and capaci.y \i,y c. uimuuicatiou ad ! ilrfssen to n * 1*57. pr""'I'HV atteiiuro (m. tjl BENCH TEACHER WANTED, TO GIVE PHI v Itt iMBjMim 111 the Kifuuh lugMg*. Address S. W , Htnldoft?,bumaf bum, residence, t ms, u-WANT. D-A MTtlil'iON, l,i A KE-il'E'T .III. young girl, as curie and plui i sewii if. The.b?et of ci y reference he,- Inn employer. Apply co.uer of Eighteenth street mid 71 li WMM W anted?a SITUATION,SOY^A PROTESTANT girl, l'? yean old, as chambeririiid ai d waiter, or curse and plain sewing, who lias lived over twn yea* iu Iter last 1 place.and will be well recommended. Inquire No. 5 Uurtou street, twodoors from B.eecker. WANTED, A BOY TO A IT) Nl> TO V N OFFH E, to whom SI a week will he given tor his services Ap- ! ply between II and 13 oVoe.k u tlie \r'itrmy. 11)1 '-roadway. , Wanted?inform vnoN of margaret mcOiun, who came to New York three years ago, froin I Montreal. Any iulbroiation would be thaukfully received by her nrotlier Dan el, at 444 Washington ?trf?t, New Yurk. Bos | ton papets pjWM copy. Waited?a situation by a respectable Worn-n, as Cook. Washer, or Ironer, or todoih* general Housework of a small family. 1 he t est of city rrfe < 'II he givn. Apply Mt 75 Hrnrv street. 'st ll n>r, for two '*? s. rf,(> CAPITAL'STS?HAVING *5,n#0 Oil fm.roo TO A invest, either as an aetii e or silrnt pinner, in < business e tiiblishei',aud which will yield a net profit of from 15 O^'O to $50 C0U l J ear, may now have an opportunity by addres lug, wuh -eal name, box G7'J, Post Olfice. N. Y., staling where an I iter view may be had. TO HEI'iS-ATLAW ANI) NEXT 0F KPJ-TI1E subicrib'r having recently procured from London, an index to ueatly 10,000 advertireiuen'a, h ive le?n published in Engi h lush, and Sco'ch newspupers, dming the last 50 years, a :d:r .;d to " lleirs-.i:-Law :iinl Next Of Kin," is prepared to procure crpiesof any such us may be rtoaired, at a moderate charge The advertisements are nlih.helically arranged eich l aving a separate number, and the applicant can at once be informed whether his or her claims are atn'tGi: those advertised. An additional index, extending to nn nmonnt neatly equal 10 the above, will shortly be received by the sub scriber, rendering the whole the most complete collection ex taut. To those intereitrd in pr' perty be'onging to the hairs ot deceased persons in Great Britain, such a compendium mast ho>d out.peculiar advantages. Apply to ALEXANDER WATSON, Attorney and Couusell'jr-at Law, 77 Nassau st. New York. LE1PSIC, IN SAXONY.-THE UNDtBSIONKD, Merchant and Agent, respectfully offers his services to all persons haviugany business or other aff irs requiring atreu tion m Central Oennauy. JOHN ERNEST WElGEL. Office for the transaction of general commission business, chief agency for Central Germauy ol the General TransA'.lantic Packet Ship Company between Havre aid New York; agency for F. J. Wtckelhausen an-1 Company, merchants, &c. iu Bremen; office lor eimg'ation acd other business. Sic. 8ie , ixo. j.j urimma street, L,eipsic, m Baiony. JUlliN tilWEST weiof.L It co. _ TO HARDWARE FURNISHING AND LAMP Dealers.?A. Vincent, ol Philadelphia. aniioun'ci that he ha* arrived m New Yotk fur n few days, to exh'bit hii samples of entire newly constructed Lamps, of every description, for burning; portable bis or tin id. These Lamps give a light resembling and equal to that of coal gas. and at reductd cost. Also new aud elegant styles of Ten, Coffee, and Water Urns, of various patterns, Ppittoons do do, &c. die. He wi'l be found at the Hotel ile Paris, No. 290 Broad w>y. (JOOD BARGAINS?HARDWARE ANDTOOLS* T- e entire stock of ?tore No. 54 Chatham street, will be sold at prices much below cost, wholesale or retail, the ptoperietor being detiious nf closing hn business. A STOCK OF STAPLE SILK t'OODS FOR SALE, at 63 William street, corner of C?da?. The store is alto to let, Mid possession given immediately. To any cne desirous ol engaging in the jobbing business, this is averyde' suable oppnrt"nity. General european and emigrant pas. sage Office?New Arrangements for 1818?The subscribers beg leave to inform their friends aud the public tint their arrangements are complete for bringirg ont Passergera Irom any part of the Old Ccnutry, on the most mnderat- terms, in first clats Packet Ships, sailing from Liverrool every live days. And lo' the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their families or friends, ihey can be furnished with drafts at sight, from XI to any amount upwards?collectable through Ml the Hanks of bllud. Passe.(rers m be brought Irom Liverpool to Boston, Philadelphia. Baltimore and New Oilcans, by first class Ships s iting .verkly.aud the greatest care will be taken that no detention will occur in Live'PO"l. Apply, if by letter, post paid, to M. P. O'llEUN 8t CO., No ISO South street, corner of Dover British and nohth amepican royal Mail Steam Ships between Boston aud Liverpool, mid be twsen New * ork and Liverpool, calling a; IlaU'.i to land a.,J receive msi's aud Passengers?aMERICA, i aptain C- H. K Judkina; fcUHOPE, Capt. E.G.; H1BERM Cart N. Shannon; Bit ITA N NI A. Capt. W. J. C. Lang; Nl MiAII \, Cant. A. Myiia; CANADA. Capr. W. Douglas; CALEDONIA. Capt J. Laitch; CAMBRIA, Capt. W. Ilarr son; ACADIA, Cant Sione. Those vessels carry a clear white light at mast head;green on starboard bow. nud red on port bow. Acadia, Copt. Stsne, Bostou, Saturday, 12th February. Hiberma, Opt. iMiaanon, from New York, Saturday, 2t;th February. A St?am Ship from Boston, Saturday, llth 1 March. A Mtsain Ship from New York, Saturday, 23th March. Passage inane * ?i2d Ships sail front Liverpool on ' the same daysI'ar the tatoe ports, ra'sengers will tie eha ged j freight on prrsonal lugtage when it exceeds hall' a tin mra- ' surejiect, aud on specie (except for'l esiienses ) An 1 experienced Surgenn on b?anl All Letters and Newspapers must pass through the Post Office. For freight or passage apply l" E. CUNARI'.Jr.ja K'oarlwav. I? OK NEW ORLEANS?LOI IS1 INA AND ^ KW JT York Line of Packets?Regular Packet of Thursday, February 10th?Very reduced rates of freight?The ne v and splendid packet birk Til ET1S, Captain Croiby, is now | Inadiug, and will positively sail as nbjve. her regular day. . For freight or passage, having splendidly furnished accommodation, apply on board, at Orleans wharf foot of Wall street, j ortoEDWARD K.COLLINS, ,'?6 S?utn street. Agent ia ; New Orients, William Creevy, who w ll promptly forward all goods to his address?The packet litrk GENE8KE, Cast, i Dillingham, will succeed the THETIS, aud sail her regular j day. No hi:mbu<;-dr. el wood irhii no. r third Avenue, though living very liumoly, and inakmr no pretrusioni to distinction among the aristocracy of medical men, I being desir-us to visld his medical skill "like the -lews if \ heaven, tin the rich as well as the poor,'' whilst he disclaims 1 and abhors quackery, adheres to the b-liel that the simples of : nature, such as roots, heibs and barks, when properly applied, \ I can be made as much a panacea aa the choicest of mineral poi- \ ' sous. Whilst Dr. Irish never refuses !?inmi?ter t.) the wants : Af rh? rh:l.iii*ii of wealth, tudolenrr. ar.d rise alwiivi h is a c luloiiable hud Ke iimg draft for every poor mid lince'tt I man. Ifa'iy one he told oy a member nt ths self-eou^ti'u.ed 1 society ot physicians, that a fi per. an nrtn, era !e* .-i. n * f (> i amputated to save his life, let linn try the wonderful skill of I Dr. Irish or ai'I'ly to Henry O'Neil, .No tti 1 lamiIron street, I whose Ii.m>1 ami arm were saved Irrm amputation, after ni rt SeHtion hi*d comiue iced. When the faculty hive given over lersi us .ill! rteil with (ought, colds, consumption, liver rim- i plaints, rheumatism, atMceia nf the In .a?, h |i e mplnnts, ' sprains, bites ofvrneinous reptiiei, ship ferer hydrophobia, ike, let ihein nil for Or Irish, aud th?y will find com'ort. skill, ami safety in hit practice, which is always pleasant ami j cheap, as the I.din wing geii'lewen will tertify, if consulted Thjusniids in this city, Brooalyu, WiilixBisbitrtth, Weit- j 11 chaster, Albany, ami other places, can testify that tliey have 1 received the greatest benefit, e itlier for them?elves or friends, ' by the treatment of lir. Irish, and many, nfier hiving been 1 giveu over for death, hsee been completely cute'I of their va- ' rions diseases, and are now hri'i^ of these facts. In his va?t practice .imoug hose afflicted with snip fever, he las never lost a patient. This certificate is not given to increase itie pratice or reputation of Dr. Irish, for at a practical phy sieian he stan'ls uurivaPed; but it is given voluntarily, a. <1 without his knowledge or so1 icit'tiou. as a duty due to the 1 c.uninauity. Let no one despair, for the astonishing, and nlr.iojt miraculous cures he lias made, lead us to repeat the ad- ' vice tJ try the wonderlul skill of Dr. Irish before you c?nsiiler yonr rase hopeleis:?Jacob Bessnn, 144 Heade St.; Lcn>s ' i attin, 32 Harrison st; John Valeutice. Spring at. m >rket; John tiesson, 1(4 West st ; Kbeneier Cook, cor of Fal'on and wadiiugrou st*.; 8. L. Chamberlain, 237 Kulton st ; Da vd Austin, 91 It'aile st ; J ho M. Taylor, 16 West 21st ?t : Sewa1 O eason, Tear! at : Willi m Cndlingtoii 111 Souih st ; 1 J aim Bergen, cor. William aud Duane stsjCyrns < haffer and Kdwin It. ttiooks. cor Caih. r ne jn I Division sta , H Douglass. 334 Bowery; Richard Conk, 13D Bowery; C. Stevens, fl Mercer st.; Howell Hopnock 2u University place; i Samuel L?'igitatfs, 99 West 16t)i st ; Ueorge Wei's, 323 Third st; K .? "Sacgster, 119 Konitli a:.; Edarird\n, H) First avenue; Henry O'.Neil, Id Hamilton ?t ; Jsm?s M. , French, f>8 (Sreenwich St.; Thomas Livingston 29) Kutirth St.; George W Bull. 292 Hreenwieh st ; Jimes Wa?son, 3.'> | K.ighth nventie; lleury Merchant 213 Wooater st.; Uilhert J Cromwell, 208 Allen st ; Isaiah Psk*r, IS8 Greenwich st ; / Joseph Thompson. 600 fourth at ; John Hulme Green c St.: Thorn's Tate.3'8 West at ; Moses Kyrns. 105 Meveuth t st ; John 11. Weed, 28 UWeckrr at. Mew Yjrk, fr'ebru.ry 2 , 1818. . i f|io JHB PROPRIETORS OK PATKNT VEDIX cinea, (wishing .'an agenr f in the city of New York, the undesigned 1 flrr thr most eiteusive .ltd i erfeet facilities for , the commission or ?ale of sach articles .presented bv any rsta , blisliment in the c tintry; aud particularly desire (.s theirbu- j a it ess is eiclusively in pat'ut medicines, perfumety, Stc., re- , cened In rn the proprietors) to I resent their rddiess, eo?t paid, with the mine of lh? article, commission, Sic,, to VvV- I ATT V KKI'CHAM, 121 HjiUiin s'rect NY j 1.>| D L A MOTTM FRENCH KKMCOY KOK JLA>X. private diseases. This elegt 't, sr.fa, nud agreeable celebrated in Tar's, as en infallible i reperntion, is uow oirered to the Americim public, which ui iy b-nffl.cted, thst they may obtain a perfect aud speedr care, without tt- 1 poiure by uumerous applications for the d fferent remediea that prove unsuccessful. It is in t unpleasant to the taste. ' a da certain cure in a few days, without danger of debilitatlug or otherwise injuring the patient. Hold only at 111 Kol- ' ton street. New Vork. Price, $2 a bottle. NO CUKE NO PAV-DK. COHBri'T. 1<* DI 'ANE *T. ! meisber of the Royal College of Surgeon*. London, ra-aj be consnlted in treatment of certain delicate diseases. \ practice of fourteen yarn, devoted to venereal diseases,enables Dr C. to cure th? worst form of this disease. Recent cases cured infourdays. No mercury used, nor restraint in diet or bmi ' ness pnrsniu.Strictures cured in aie or two weeks with scarce ly any pnin. Constitutional Debility?Those individuals who hav* indulged in a certain loathsome hshit can positively he re- , stored to health aud society Remember, 19 Duane street* ue*t , tMrtit Dr. Johnson's. Every motii; r-* book-tiik appkk.ii".nsion oTpoveity, and the prospect of a large family of children, prevent many considerate people from entering lie married | . st'te, but here is a booh rhat will tell v u wnv important se I J cretswhich may overcome these obj-rt m.s Pri ?5nc*nt? h-r sale by Burgess St Stringer, 222 Bror-i'ivay: /Ceiber ?c ( o. I'liiladelphia, W R D.ivia, 16 Slat* . * o ,, l the I u li*1 If, No. t Awn > ? * DR. RALPH, M THOR OK THE ' PRACTICAL i " Private Trea'ise." ?t~., is con nlteil npji any <1 the | n diseases there referred to. st his r'siJ*l'S*' 4ireenwich , street, from 9 to 12 A.M.. Mid 6 t . 9 P.M (^"nda tx . Thorf pply n i -e .twesof lh'*e cnipla lit* w.,1 , >' be m i.'U li'il st tie ta'idi'y and litil' : ;i * ti < e 'i g he rnr* It is ch eflv how ver, th ve who h ye soffriad * lor.* lrom a ceru.ui i U?s "f peoj le, ot o he?Wi?e, who can pro- . ' parly appraciata hi* Hry ? * ? - - ^ 1 4 ADVRRTISEHEST8 HEW EURY MM MB pAKK THKATMK?V rfxi." * ' 1 >" I VT t< <J '<i a American < 'ircim? Lau U'rek but me?Still Aanther I) .o'l < h?";.r i?l < c?v? *'lty uj .i Nnrelty ? Kr gugffinrnt offlilf. (inm ?, the r.r ?b"ied ?(|uratri*a Juglit . Knat ??ek jl ll.r tONV It At K.S, ?? pff'firmxl ore unbred an'* tv?enty nigh ? ^ Ami hi: haat/ff. I.oudou. Ki'tt W nk ol Hoi 1 aue, aa the BOT1 l.K IMP. r vr.rynf ait.- i in cuff gr.ini bi'l. CI vri.i, I'euiUnd, Latin ip aud lisrilu'r l'lria Circle aud I'Tqnatte, M cmia; *?a T> C'HiJ- Ciallery, Vtyi er '?; I'm.tie Uum, IJeach. > hildrcu under 1A years of riife, wlieu accompanied by tleir pnei.ti gaar.lima, la the ?Jrff?e cirrle, li f |nce. Doora i 6)i~i f rmrnce to ccinjoe. < t at T. N.B?A cr?n<l . 4 ri: |.< r ' n. t vny iroiday, cor -.unciBg it i% o'l >ik * BOWXi.V I! V, THL'l^ D*V r VKNINUi Ffhiuer, Id. will b? icted ihff ItKVULI/TIOi'C cr The I' tn? ol 7i>? banner Ijrulty, Mr. J. H. Hal'i Kdward I* r:i k i ,i, tt'.MW K . 1 r . t. ivi11 eul'iu'. C ui kff' i^fac n Doolitt'e, W iUnu ; Hqu, w iln.n, 1'iltoo ; L" ' C'.rij wall i?, Ml. Iff-11 .i in y ; -ttut t Williams, I H ?e ; Mimtn. Ml'ot; iiarv Br ulry, VI-j Unllivi, V r a ). > kins. St'fkliev Afet winch, Ka I II KIN f. k I't'.TUUt lllo?fViiaciiio, W. Mhi-IuII: K -ill tii.f. Via. rhr.lira To conclude with BIX' TKf.S STuINU J Vi K.?John Ranu, it 11, j 16 r tnuff Jack, Mi J II lltll; Mill ou-'na Mauby.Mrs. Waleot. Bu*es 2i c'a ; Til nml H .'It'T 12H CM. ' 1 1 i HI \ I UK ? I* l-.? 1 Ills \ . I * it ( K BHU r< 111 w I 1 iff I'fuei.inl li e mn ' ill < t' h>li 'VHK I'LOtli 11 ? ir P iliii 'li milfiird. I, ,i Bob Handy, Mr IlieldiHir *bei II miiIv , \li C. '"jylur; Hcmv Mr Mutn- I rilaml; Vlmi I'. 1?i:.11. r<?, Mlia ! mi; -u?"i /?lifi-ld, Mra. Will ill. All?r whic', iIhm ff bv VI r IJ I. Hrot' Tt? conulu nli tli- driuii of AMBKO K (iVVIN TTK? '.el t.r yli *. 13: nil u, C'ulliiia Ml. I '1 nylcr; Amli.jsff Uwii.fflie, Mr 8uili?r'an 1; Lucv. Mr? Wilkii.aun, Jn nr, Mn Wiay; Mary Mi??Kl.nn. Dnoraepena! 6?i>ir fi rmincff iff it af 7 [! i a,Ucrut>; P i I2H centa UITI 1|(M ' I; TIIK'-.'I IM 1 iHt>A V ?I Uvraii febraai I Mia will Iw (IwmiiIi I ilrnna e1 tit'f'I Ihe J \1 BITK?Juliu DurU, Yr. UolUnO; I ><ir llicha: d Winu*liton !\ii I :hai Iran; Luil) t'nnn' id Mr;. II. Ishfffwood. A/ft which li' W t>Ili.t'lSU .\1INH I' UK --J. rr. Pajti, Mr Mitchell; Mm ' lincuei, Mia. I:*uiy. .... .. I. -i. i i.' i i il mil- ii 'I'- i. Il~l- ! land ; ts* ce ()nn <1, V<i?? f hi11 j. After which, the j KKVOLT OK 1 HK POOU HOl^K-Moll Cl.ubb, Mr. Mitchell; .'lamiut Miss Mhf>* Ta)I<>>. <J#o?s < -t 6X; curtaio ruc?? * o'clock. L?reis circ'c, SO ceiu*; Boxes,lj i Q?ots Pii ii illinfl m QIOADWA H . :' i Rfl DA V KV11 ' ING . 1' 1' t> 3(1, will be j Shatsprarc'j MKlif II \NT V KN h' K ?Shvlrck. Mr Jnoifs YVaJl?H%k. jr.; JL'nkc of Vrui?e, Vr Kv urd; fl'^ianio .\Jr. wk; Antonio, Mr. Kreili /icks: P rtin,.?lr? I men Wall-ck, jr ; Ner is#*, Mill Telbio; Jrtts ca, rs t To oouc'udf wilH the (nv(?nfi dr.linn ?f DON ? .ttHAU DK H < Z \ N - Kiuic < hnrlns of S(miu, ?>lr. Kietiancks; D-ji J?wc d? .Sna'arsm, Vlr. McDwU i|; Don < rstrdc 13*/. tu, V.r. Leater Maritaiia. Miia Ki'.imy VVftHack: C? unlessde Kstondo. Mrs rhain au. Dress ircle and l' i'i?ptt? 03 c(au Hum>ly Circles 26 cents; (Jal- !] Itv l'J)i cents Doors optu ai huif-|>asl f o rtork?Teifor* nunce to cotpwencc at 7. l, OP4 11A HOUSE, AriTOK PLACE. K> JUAV Eveninc, will I. e prrsr it red tlooif* ?<f LUCBKZIA BORUI A?l.ucrezia, "ik'iih Teresa Truffi, Puc* Alfonso, Signor J-eitunio lloii; 0?. naro, Signer fcievo Bfnedetti; Otiim.Hig'ra l.ietti Iti 111; Uubttli, ? ifiior Heveru Striin ; (id7.rlli, giguor Loreuxo Biondi; Vitell. I?i, Hignor (Jniieppn 1'iemonteii; Kbit cliello, Kignnr Napoleon# Purussi; Livrrotto, Mr? Selim Boulard; Petmcci, Signor Finnceico Unihernao. Maemm Uirettore, Signor Banli; l.eadercf the Orchemn, feiguor Kapetti. Boxri. pa ijue tc and balcouy, SI; amphitneatie, 50 cent*.?Doois open nt 7?rerloim >nce to comm*uc?at7J^ o'clock. IJALMO'i OPUKA HOUSE.-THIS KVK'- ING Feb I ru.iry 3 ? Profeuor THEIHV group* of MOUI'L AK TISTS. twenty in number, w.II hove tlio honor f> ?pi'aring in a irii*i oI dieir crlrbraird Grand i ablcaui Vivanti ana I'o.iri PI KtitjtiM, ?Inrli lint hem <Mi?nleifd the mott clanicil and iimtruc ive rib biticn that bna rvr niiiwar'd iu any Country. Fourth aip?iranre of the HABLK.tlH OTHKR8, who will i>erto>in u <*tioire ?n ect 011 ol Ovrrtuien, UleM, B"i:g?. itrfr&iui, liic. Uoori open ar 6ji, to commence at 7)4 o'clock Wren Circlr hu<1 tn <i'>clte, lady and iMutlemen.liO; alone, Ml cent*: upper boxe*, 25 cent'. Box office open fr^m 11 A. M to 4 P M MEGH \NICB' HAUL.m DROADWAV, BETWEEN' tlraud ?iid Uroouicin ?( rowded toove>tlowii>R with the beauty and fanhioti of New York. Open every night dnrina the week ei'-ept Monday. Ui ibatcd nuccci?Eighieentn week of the oriainnl CHKISTY'S MI.NhTHp.lS, tho oldot cslah'nilied B ind in the Uuaed State!. E. P. Chriity, (i. N. Chriity. E. fierce, J. Knvnor, C. Abbott, T. Vaughn, whose originil and inimitable Concert! are nightly honored wuh crowded And highly respectable audience*, and imperially admitted to en;el every amusement of a imnlar character offered iu thu city. Admission 25 cents; children under 10 yean half price. Door? open at 7 o'ci< ck?Concert wi.l commence at tl. On Haturday. Feb. fi, m Afternoon Coucert. Door* open at 2, commence at 'J o'clock. Ou Monday evtn jug, Feb. 7, at the Brooklyn Institute BUOADWAY odeon-pauticolab notice? III coniei|iieuce of extrusive nlteraiion* i ?w making, the above porinlarpl~c? of amusement will b? cloied ior a few uiKii'g. ii will reopen wirn < new scrira c i la >i-:us vivanis, ar.d other novelties, the particular* i f which will lie Kcnounced Iti the newspnpera and bill*OI iheihv. ( i>!-:.did MM uovel entertainments will lie given iu the front ailoon every evening, free of charge Hiii erior refreshments o' all kinds to be lint rt nil rim's in the a.iloon i (J. UHKKLV M>in*ger. BAH.NUM 8 AMERICAN MUSEUM?P.T- BARNUM Proprietor? K. Hitchcock. M.maet?Splendid per lor nuccei, ever* afternoon 613 o'clock, and every evening nt T)(. The manager haseng Red Mnater Johnson,a v<r; t'llei ted and accomplished Tight Rope Dnocer. who give* anme of the most a?touishing feaM ever witre??ed. eugfged .the following extraordinary attrition:?Urent Western, the low cc media::: M-ister and Miaa Wyere, nsfd 8 and I3 yean; Clara Fiaher'* h'lnksperean Cabinet; Mrs. iVIoi.rll; Mm Bernard; Misses Julien and Whitl"ck, dmcera: Mr. Uh.rloek; Mr. Prnaser; M H ine Rockwell, fortune teller, fce. Admir ion to the whole, 25 cent*. Reserved frost *ejla, one milling each extra. fflHIB I'VKM ii. 41 THE HALL ?>F NOVELTY, JL cornur ol'Ontre and Pe irl streets, T ibWan* Vivauta, Of the living Model Artists, male and female The Oreek 8 ave, perjocaied by young lady of fiallles* loim. whoaa st . le oi rrf>re?en!?l H.n lieiug rxacily alter Power's K tatne The P.iltattto Band, with 8 ogs, Glee*,ke. W H' :olemsu's Banjo solos, Machine Poetry, tdmiuiou one shilling. Ijoors open n1 ti?'"nrtnin utrt i.t 7 precissly _____ CTITYVKSANT INSTITUTE, BROAI)WA> ?MR. ?3 Lyuue's Musical lMmtiatiom i f Shakipeare. The seventh wiil take plice at the above room, on Krid'.y rveuiiiR, Feb. 4th. Tickets iO cent*; to cr<tmueLce at 8 'clork IjlD?*.R A. POE WILL LECTURE AT THE 80J eieiy Lilrary, i n Thursday evening, the 3d, at h ilfpast 7. Subject " The Umverae." i ickets 40 ceuu?to I t- h- ;l ;il llie door. JERUSALEM.?BRUNETTI'8 CELKUH A TED MOdel of Anciert Jerusalem, from llie Bihte ard Joiephu*? he l ibor of yean?hiving arrived iu New Y' 'k fc m Europe, i. ill he presented to the pub ic on VON DAY, the 7th of Feb niii y, at the tint etti < J tilery, 598 Broadway, same build ng ? he Pa main* of the Mi**i**ippi. Mr. Malnue hovwnnd will lave the honor to deliver a dts.-ru live Lecture, ou the ahore, tnd succeeding dava I r aahort time, at the hours of ! o'clock, ?n I at7<? in the eveuing. Admission M cer.ts; ?h Mren, halfpriee. Pamphlets and m ipa, cents. > u:i graph* rf Severn I visitors, the inosidisimemshcd men of the sge. nay be teen wi h the model, ?ud mu? relics from the Holy Laud. INDIAN PORTRAIT GALLERY?vilt. j.o. LEWIS r> "(leetl'iillv inforuis rhecitiiens of New York that he unow ^sii biting'very Evening a- No.4'! Brondwiy, his Uallery of '1'rans a c it Portraili < f I'idian Characters, compiisirg tome of tlie pruicijai Chief* uf the dan. Koxes, Cli ppewayi, WinMbagoei, Petto Eaattmaiei, Me'iomnmes, Siawnee*, *ionv, * ni Mi imi Tri'ies. Tliese fair.tiugs h?ve been all takeu from Lif?, by Mr. Lewis, while iu 'n? employ of the United Stufes governmea', copir* of which are |.res?rved in itf archives at v'-"n lougtoo. and may \ ? nnplif illy relied upon for fidelit" vhibiti'm hum 7 to to P.M. Adu i??it n 75 cent*. |) VWVHD'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OF THE I) M.-mssiip: river, pmiittd on three miles of canvass, being the largest painting in the world, f t ihe Paoorann* fitsildii g in B-i'adw iy, a 'joiuin/ Nil>lo'? (harden. Open every evcuiuu (.-niidiv * except-d.) Admission Ji cents: children price. The P'ow am* will commence moving at 7o'clock, ( ecisely. Atternoon exhibition ou Wednesdays and Hatnri?y?, at 3 o'clock. %?' ALNUT 8TKEET 'I HEATHE. PHILADELPHIA. vv Thursday Evetiii.if, Keh. 3, will be performed, a fiiry laic of er.chantmeni, cal'ed <) B ( HON, or the Ch-rmed flora; wi ll enure new scenery, costumes, m ichmerv, lie.?Oheron Miss ' h. i man: Hpa'kle. 4m Wali'egrave; Thistledowa.M'll I'lle'.te; Amauds, Mrs. R.igers; Sir Huon, Mr Wheatley, ^h'rasmiii. \1r. Richiugs; Sidak, Mr.' h-ifm 'n: Biliekon,Mr. Forrester: F tp .. Ur* 'i haver Prevo h* to * hieh, LOVE, i. VVV i\ll |'HV' l<Doet r Camphor, a'Heeket: Eegi(%!e, Wheatlev; Lnhiu Log, Chipm.n, Andrew, Andrew*; Mrs. Hilary, M?*. Thaver. EINHARDT'S OII.DED BR \S8 f.ETTERH FOR IvL 3i,.i,i.? I line let ers ere rcio .rbable for dnrabilitv and i brilliancy cf the gliding unequalled by sny other arti If in he city?which br.lli*ucv is warran'ed to stand exp snre to h? w eirhf r. I hey are also j ii ann?-d to iny color that may be l'? red Older* left a' loues, P.eehe SiTo a, 120 Kulton srjeet, VIII be attcuned t<>. The pi:toer*hl" heretofore eintnif heai-.i, \lei. haul V Scdtt, was unsolved on the 1st of July. i. MEIMIARUT. New kan< y oouda-kans, opera olassks, kc.?Frede-ick A. Woodworih, 325 Broadway, oppoaite he Br.ndway Iheatre. is uuw openiug new gcode, received lir the Havie. among which i* a Urire aid eomplete aaanrtinent of Opeia (Jh**es, comprising every variety, from th* lowest to the lugh< at priced, including some of an improved e? latmciii u. ju*< mtro-'ueed. AI*o, a new aaeortmeut ol bn* il l and evening Fan*, Work Bose*. Toilet Boses, >*ort*-i?on l ie*, I.adtes' Ket cul?s aod Parse*, faaey W Jviur Caoe*. i iinr Cases, P?tent Toffee V*chin?s, Moheirisn <? ?** Ware, ijronx- !rt 'net.?*and Ornaments, Taole Bell*. Silver DejeuaS*ti, Itc lie. Belleville white i,k\d-the bei lf.vii le White Lead f-omimoy, o(T*r lor sale their Pure White I e<d gronnd in Oil," hich theylw irrsnt to he snrerior in qatuy in any otkrr White Lead made.'in the Uni'?d 8tr.t*e. Deale * and Coosainers c m be si|>plied in any ouaitity by pplyiri* to th* ( ompanv'a Ware-House, No 145 Front aireet, m fcnf below Ma iota Laa*. I N1V M PER ATE H \BIT8 ARE EASILY. 8PHED1I.V, I n.d eff*ctu<lly cured by the use of Dr. A. 8. Cook'* rf m.-dy. \ lew d,t V * nieoi me meafinvpr iQucr* nu aurmMaa iu in* n.ditionnf th*itomeh, ?? rh*t liauor b?c iro*? ofTtuttve to nifht, nineII or I??rt. The reined? i? pleasant and air to nke.tior doe? it interfere with diet or oceupiitoi ?'r?ce 1; ?' ,r'*' <ttli K?wi mi, n ( ii'Miit. \R- JACJUON'8 PILE UNIT TETTER t.MBHOC AI " linn hui unmed n repntatirn never befure eq-ialled by any edicine?-it 11 warranted 'o core. hearp?'? Aeomttr Oil will :ur< llcpfnej* Pun, the t>nch?rrfe of M*tter from the Eur*. *r. 'I I rie medicine* have < ur?tl more pe;*nn* than r.ll ollierg :i>tnbiurd. Kor *a'e hy A.B.kD.8 >nda, DO -V ilium if., Jf. V Dr. I) Jiyne, fhilrdelplii i; C.uter, Willou k ( o , B>*ton; p\ W. Knller, W ihinxion citnAlei. Jayr e, Pifubnrg; K. k J. Ad nn?. 8t. Lout*,and N. Jam* & Co., New Orient*. VVKUICINAL U?K8 OK THE WILD ( HKKKYL'X Kver utiei the uttlemeat oi AntriPt, WiU Chenj r u >cen known to pc*?e*?very important medicml *irine? Kverjr >ody knew thu fact, b'tt nobody knew hot* ro eitract it* eainitial properue*. hvery mother give* Wi'd f'lierry tea to irr children f r w ?m* tor c ?ul*. acd lor ?l mutt e.rrv diseaae; mil ftdu t? thronghou' onr country a'e in fh?- h -bit of makiag I cotnp und of wild ohcrry bark aliI other ii'^rrniaaU, to bo i'fd in jprmg a* an an'd >te to coairlatnt* incident to that hat uf ip.tion. It is I* un*l by eip'riu er.t toat the wild :l erry poweiie* even I. r ntoie impor/Mit qui! tie* tlim waa KO'ibaa to it. KoMhe Br*c ?t-eei ;.f < oMumptloo Aatrmi, 10 matter how Ion* ?t.; di c. Concha, Liver Cor.^lainta it it roved to be the b??t medietite tuoirn to man. Dr. Wittar'i Baliam of Wil l < heriv t* a r|:rm oal eitrart combined with lainulrr eitract fiom T*r. win. h enhance* it* value. Iraaae e*? in enrng pnlmon*rv d.?e.i*e*, in alm??t eyeiy iMga, after nr beat phyiicnuti cottlddo 110 more, itaa a<touitkted ilie faintly, and led them to enaf'i* th t Wnitr'i R?l*am of Wild hrrry p<?*?e*ie? a p tifiple heretof r# nnknown among ma,J i al men. N<ne icnnine un'i'ia lisne I I. BUTTS, on tha erappcr l?o? ule wholetale and r?t*il by Mruri A ? * D. IAMH. 10O KttlMa, corner of William,aud br the D a(gi*fa eiter-Hy. ______________ PHILADELPHIA MEDICAL HOUSE?DK KINKE* I'll, * iernwn Phyeuiitn, Gfteen ?a,.r? reaidetit praetioner in Philadelphia. The cure of all drea?ea of the *?i?, ?i'i?die? ?if a delicate ne.tnre, and <,e?r*i'?'t:ve heU of youth, ^1 continne* to en?T'Kr Dr Kinkeli.i'* ntmo*t ni'Mtu n. !a alidi. wlto*e eooiplaiat* are iu the uti'it dejpareie ecm'itioj in nepend on beiuK alway* conilui-'ed by Dr. K muneif rith a i>rompt, *af? and ene je. tie. tmeiit, to*p?rte?!t cura tran?era trayalltng, *npplien at a moment'* notice ^ith medi me fidieieut to cure them*e.lve? in ilia inoat raueiyeat und ttrata Maeriat. Cur* warrautcd orMinun re<)airrn l-e >tl, ViM Mid, fill '<>> PWRW tit' tl?J I aiidenN. V ?r>w?fThi'<l? -i -!'?? >? s-t xrVi-?' ;!t4?l r?. !??< * tt t*? fttiU'4*, u wifil el lk? Vumu q - ?- ^

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