Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1848 Page 3
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- Hollo# Intelligent-#. Th# amcnnt of police matters were of very little kaportanoe yes'srday. at either of the police ofleva. Notblug occurred except the committal of eomo petit thieves, drunkards, disorderlies end vagrants. I'lie Sunday Timta._llu viug announced my intention to publish i da ly paper in this city, id connection with an enterprising publislncg house, I liud thai the labor and superintendence will uot perint roe at thr r ams-time te pas that attention to the Sunday Times wfetch it is my desire and determination to da, so that I am nndrr the necessity of reliniinishiuK the uew project. M. M. NtlAH. The Plumbe National Uagues-rean Onllery, on the upper corner of Broadway and Murray street, continue a? usual, to be visited by tiiose who cau appreciate what is leautilul iu the way of D.gucrieotysie. The ntiraciiouat this Oillery, is much greater than any other establishment in this country. The Old Patrons of Gosling's Bating House willfind the ('edir Teet Hestaurant. cornerof Cedar s reel and ( roadway, conducted ou piectsely the same plan, with the sama prices, he . as the late Nassau eatab.i?nrnmut, had nndrr the superintendence til HH.NV GOSLING, lormetlyof CI Nass it street It is hoiod it will become as ] oputa' as its predecewor. New Music at Atw 111*1.?Puwhaaera of Music, l'tauo Fortes, musical instruments of every description, rod musical merchandize of all kinds, ere invited to eiarotne the new assortment recen'ly added to the alresdv extensive ruck nil hand. New Music published, or received from other t nblishers every morning. Pianos tuned and repaired Pianos loaned for the evening, week r mouth. Catalogues giveu and inns.c sent to all parts ol the city, gratis Music neatly bound v\ ith spang hacks Orders, par Dispatch Post, attended to puuctnally, by uddressirc AT WILL'S Music galoot, 201 Uioidwuy. Warranted Gold Hans. He noons for Purchasing of JOHN W GR.KATON li <60. No. 71 Cedar st. ?Tt ey have Pens ol their own, and al1 other makers also; which are selected by a competent pe'soo. The poor or rejected pets returned to the makers. If the points come rff of warranted pens, new'ones are gtveu in their place, without charge. If you bur a pen of them, and it does uot suit, they will eschange it Their prices are lower than auy other hru e in the trade. I hev hive Gold Pens with silver rases, (uot Oc man silver.) at 76 cents, tl, $1 26. $1 60, $1 76, $2, and upward. Gold Peus repaired. Gold Pen?_U.enioval_irrom Adrsrllsemtnts that have appeared in some of the daily pa|>ers. end from tlie fact that my i etr.ore.l sign has b'en removed and defaced, the public roigid be led to believe that 1 am now, as fo meily, a marcher if the firm of J. W Wronton It (Jo , 71 Oedar street ? .. u .... .u_ -- - an.. ..:a n. i-nn. rucn, nnvcvrr, '? mil liic 1-1 r. a Kintcl of .1 W. Qr?Hton and myelf, wns dissolved on ihe 1st instant A125 John it reft, any of oar old cngtomers cnn find m? with all oar old and many new and snperior styles of peus. n<>t however, at our old prices, but tnnch less. ??n!d pens repaired, exchanged. or re-poiuled. J. 1). BF.ER8, firm if BEERS It CLaKK, 25 John street, (up stairs.) Tit* " Richelieu " Gold Pen, made and aold exclusively by B K. WATSON It Co . 45 William stree one door below Wall (treat, and J. Y 8* V V.JE. 91 Fnltoo s'reet. aie invariably warranted m every respect, and has never been known to fail in giviujr perfect a tiifoction. Their superiority to all other pens, is universally ackuo" ledged. and tlieir great dn-ahilitv, together wah the low price at which th?y are aold (12), renders the " Richelieu" the most economical pen in the world. Oold pens repaired or exchanged. Winter Bleached Lamp Oil, warranted to barn alt n*ehc at 75 rents a gallon. 8nperior Sperm Candles, 2s 6d per lb ; commr-u Ho , Is 6d : best quality new Shoulders, fid.; prime new Hams, llld ; Beef. 8d prr lb. Extra q 'ality old Jam Coffee. I2)i cents per lb, Finest tlavored Oolong Tea. 50 centa : bes' Young Hys m. 75 centa. Stuart's bright vellow Sngar. 8 rents, or 4s fid for 7 lbs., for sale in quantities tosna purchasers, at the wholesale and ret >1 stores of 1. O, FOWLEK. Nos.2;0and 428 Greenwich, and 76 Vesev streets. Grocers, hotel and boarding house keepers ate invited to call and examine the above stock. Instruction In the 8punish Language on Ol'endorf's Oral System ?Sen o- F J ViNUUT. Profeator of the above Lai gunge, ard the author of a new Spanish Otammar, on the Ollendorf plan, hiving been requested to I to. in a Saturday class, by several professors of other anguagea. an other individuals desirous uf learning the Spauiah Can gu're, who. from peculiar citcnm-tsnces. are not able to attend on other davs, having comi lird with their reqaest, he will form a class to meet at his residence, No 9 Dey street, every Saturday afternoon, from 4 to 5?to commence on Saturday. 12th instant?at the rate cf ten dollais lor aach course of twenty-four leasona Gentlemen who wish to Reduce their Boot Bills, will do well before t urrliasiiig to call on Jones, 4 Ann street, and examine his fine at ck of Boots and Shoes, as he h is the best assortment of anv store in the citv, and his prices are the mo-t reasonable. He hat als on hand a Urge assortment ol Wster Proof Boots, which be is selling off at cost. 4 Am street, near the Museum. Liquid Hair Dye?the best preparation yet disc vered for coloring too h-ir or whiskers to a permanent I black in brown, wahotit tijnry to the hair or skin, is Batches k. I ir's. No article of tlic kind has ever received such ample eviU dence r f approval, and is pronourced by ladiesand gentlemen who have had oprortuxities of to he the best in the world. Sold wholesale and retiil at Wm. natehelor's. No 2 Wa I street, near Broadway, where also can be fonnd Batclielor't new invented wtijs and scalps, and Butcheloi'a moldav a cteam for strengthening ard beautifying the hair, the best article yet discovered for that Copy the address. ~ C O M M E R CIALAFFAI EST HONEY MARKET. Thursday, Feb. 10?6 P. M. The stock market ?u very buoyant to-day, and prioei for several of the fancies advanced, (^notations are etca'Hly improving, and there is every appearanoe of an inflation to some extent At the first board Treasury notes reached par, being an advance of X per cent; United States 6's. 1866, Xi Canton X; Canton scrip X; Harlem IX; Long Island X; Reading Mortgage Bonds tell ofl X; Reading Bonds X; Reading Railroad X; North Ame' rlnan vTu.? X; Morris Canal Xi f'rl? Railroad sorip X There were large sales of ths fancies. At the second board Long Island advanosd Xi Harlem X; Norwich and Worcester fell off X Some excitement was created in Wall street to dayby the announcement that the house of De Launay U Co., of Paris had failed, and the stoppage of the branch of the house located in this city. It is stated that soma of the Wall street banks will be heavy losers by this suspension. The New York Firs and Marine Insurance Company have declared a dividend of tea per oent, payable on demand. The Mechanics' Insurance Company, of Newark, N. J., have declared a semi-annual dividend of five percent, payable on tmd after the 1st of March. The New Brunswick Fire Insuranoe Company have declared a dividend ef four per oent. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity of certain articles exported from this port for the first ten days in February, distinguishing ths extent of the shipments to each country: ? commerce ok the PoRT ok NtW YoS*?KnfORTS llT to 10th Fkb't., Inclusive. (frrjii Britain. Flour, bbls. 761 Beef, tierces 313 Corn meal " 4 071 Lard, lbs 143 611 Bread " 250 Hams " 868,704 Wheat, bushels.. . , 2,400 Cheese " 678 old Corn " 22,454 Cotton, bales. ..... L126 Rice, tierces 371 Whale oil. gallons.. 43,640 Pork, bbls 76 Oil oake, lbs 73.111 Wax, lbs 13,101 Ashes, barrels.... 126 Tobacco, Mil's.... 6 Turpentine " ... 1.263 Manufactured, lbs.. 7,404 Rosin " ... 50f Franrr. Rice, tierces 10 Tobacco, man. lbs. . . 6507 Pork,bbls... 176 Cotton, bales 21st1 Beef ? . 126 Rosin, bbls 1002 Wax, lbs 22,103 Whslebons, lbs 10,214 Aahea, bbls 8 j]tl tthtr Porh. Wbaleboi a, lbs.... 46 038 Sperm oil. galls. ... 80 Fl< ur. bbls 6078 Tar. bbls 166 Rye flour" 305 Pork, " 1077 Meal " 2087 Tobacoo, hbds 14(1 Hams, lbs 29,107 " manu'edlbe. 22.601 Spirits turpentine gls 1131 " " cases. 238 Bread, bbls 616 Rosin, bbls 102n Beef, ' 819 Cotton bales T. 386 Lard, lbs 74 710 Ashes, bbls 238 'hesse" 31.3 >1 Wax, lbs 1801 Rtee, tierces 697 B-ans, bushels 860 Buter, lb >711 Corn " 1064 Whale Oil, gals.. . . 66 595 Value of exports to Oreat Britain $236 841 France 102 036 Other ports 129 985 *1 Tho hlpmrnts of flour have been very small during I lii* k u ? * / ? v* uuiu huu uurumni, tuffj qati d??*d Imjm tti?n usual. Tbe decline In piineson the other ride, will prevent farther exports to any extant at present. By the arrival of the steamship Sarah Sea ls, f .cm Liverpool, we have seven days' later intelligence from all parts ef Europe than that received by the Acadia at Burton. The commercial news does not amount to much. The markets, at the latest dates, exhibit no mate! lRl alteration, although there had been In the lueantiui) rivi*"u', fluctuations la prices. Cotton and oorn htd advanced ani fell off in prices, first cotton was up snd corn down, then corn up and cotton down, closing at prices the same as those current previous to the changes There was very little doing in either of these staples, and the money market was more depressed than at the departure of the steamer of the 16th of January, and quotations lor stocks generally lower than previously reported. Notwithstanding this unfavorable aspect Of things, the bullion in the Bank of KngWnd was steadily Increasing, supplies coming In from all directions. Ths rates of interest hnd not been changed, and there was every indication of quiet times In the commercial alreles of (treat Britain for some time to eorao. This, however, was to have been expiated. After such a tremendous revulsion, it will r'qulre a long period of repose to give tcne and stres gth to the sinews of commerce, and it will without doubt, he a long time before we shall again be in !h" full tide of operation. Iteaotiona in credits, fluctuations in prices, relapses In confidence, will, from if me to lime, lie realised before we reach a heallhy state Of ibiii/;*, before we ran branch out again into new enterprise The effect of these ups and down* will he favnrable, at they rheek a too rapid expansion, and pm. duee a steady,substantial improvement, i- rteid of bring|rg about a temporary advancement, threatenlr ; at ail tim*s a collapse. The Intelligence by this arrival Is thrrsfvie, na the wbola, mora far.--rabU than though ? had received C? counts of an unnatural or an ektrovCfMi td sense In prince (?t the principal (topics, redaction In the rate of internet, or an Indication of n return of peculation. We look upon the news u preoisely what might hare been expeoted, after 10 much prostration ia every thing connected with commercial matter*, and we antloipate advice* somewhat similar by the steam packets for sometime to oeme. It will be a long time before the manufacturing interests of Great Britain recover their wonted energy and activity, and until they do we oannot look for muoh Improvement in prices for our great staple, ootton. We annex the quotations in this market for the principal government and State stocks for three periods : ? Tkicei ok Stocks it the New Yosk Maiieet. Hrdrtm- 1817. 1848 1*48 Jiale. ahlt. l)tc. 14. Jan. 13. Feb 10. United Slate. 6 18-7 102 t1S%2 99%a 99% 140 alol " 6 1862 98 f98%? 98 a 98V 99 alOO 6 1816 1C2 at02% 97%a 97 '% 98 a 98Hi " 5 18J3 93 a 94 91 a 91% 91 a 91% TreaV Notes 6 99%* 9*% 99%a 99% 99%al00 New York, 7 1819 101 alU2 l()U%al00% >00 al00% 6 18)11-74-60 - a ? 100 a 00% 100 alOl " 6 1861-72-67 102%al08% 101 al0l% 101 al02 " 4% 1861-11-67 ? a? 98 a 99 ? a ? " 4 184C-7-8-D ? a? 94 a 06 97 a 98 " 5 18047-1-3 96 a 97 93 a 93% 9i a 94% 5 1874-8 ? a 97 ? a ? 94%a 97 " 1 1849-61-1 96 a 97 93%a 94 93 a 94 " 4% 1819-78 j 94 a 96 ? a? ? a ? Ohio, 6 1840 9?%al<0 ? a ? 94 a 96 a" 6 1846 60 99%al00 94%a 95 96%a 97 " 4 1840-46 88 a 90 ? a? 87 a 88 7 1846 ? a ? 10!%*101 101 al01% Kentucky, 6 98 a 96 98%n 99 96 a 96% " 4 74 a 77 80 a 83 76 a 82 Illinois, 6 1870 37%r 38 41 a 41 42 a 43 Indiana, 4 24 yeait 34 a 30 36 a 37 31 a 38 Arkansas, 6 ? ? a ? 31 a 33 31 a 32 A1 bama, 4 48%a 49 60 a 61 60 a 60% Pennsylvania, 4 7l%a 71% 70%;i 71 73 a 73* Tei nessee, 6 ?? loo a ? ? a ? ? at? N.York City .7 1047 103 a!04 ? a? ? a ? 7 1072 ? a? ? a? ? a ? " 5 1040 ? a? ? a? ? a ? " 5 1848-70 81 a 84 90 a ? 90%a 91 Bk Cn'm N. Y. fnll 89 a 90 88%* 89 88%a 88% " scrip ? a 92 91 a ? 90 a 91 N. Y. Life Ins k T'ust Co. ? a? ? a? ? a ? Farmers Loau &. Trust Co. 24 a 24% 27%* 26 29 a 29% 171,in I.if* In. S, Trn.f I'.n ? ? 1 II 118 n (III Bank ofU.Tin PeuasyTiu 3>? t 3j? *3 i ~3X ~3~X? ~4 N Jersey RR k Traiu. Co. 102 aim 102 a 103 103 *104 Mnhgwk Ic Had'o Kmlrond. (j7 a 61 GO a 67 66 n 67 UticsbScherectsdy R*il'd. HS^allG 117 a? 118 nll8X Syracuse & Utica Railroad.? a ? ? a? ? a ? Auhum Sl Syracuse Hsilr'J 104 al07 1 IS a 11S 116 aH6% Auburn k Rochester BR. 93Kal00 103 a 104 104 al05 Headiug R-ilr. ad. 57*158 ?9 a 59* 46 a 46* Delaware &Hudsou Canal. 8' aI90 187 a ? 170al70H* Heading Rail road Bond., 68 *? 69 6,*a G'>* lliia6^ Heading Railroad Mrg Bdi, 63 a ? 60 a 61 59*a 60 lv* Dividaud oft' Within tha pa?t few days, there haa been a more soil re demand for government end State aeouritiea, and priors have slightly Improved. It will be psroeived that Treasury notes have reached par As regards the position of delinquent States, nothing new has reoently transpired, but the market prioe of these stoeks will Improve with others. It is stated In the finanoial oiroles of this olty, that orders have reoently been received for the purchase of United States stocks, from Germany, and that they have been filled, which Is the oanse of the advance in quotations. The annual report of the Syracuse and Utloa Railroad Company for the past year, made to the state department, presents the annexed statement of the oost expenditures and receipts : ? Svracubk and Utica Railroad. Length cf road in operation, 63 miles. Cost of construction to Jan 1,1848 $1,183,589 18 Less amount charged to depreciate property for reduced value of engines, oar., See.... 30,000 00 Total $1,109,683 1 8 .Received from 110,290* through passenger 581 00 Received from 94.709 through emigrants... 19,767 90 " " 63,512* way passengers.. . , 45 693 41 Total $966 941 61 Received for transportation of freight $69 494 46 " " U. 8. mall 7,950 CO " " other sources 3 793 84 " " loan contracted on bonds 80,000 00 " " 1st and 91 instalment on new stock 77 000 00 Total $607,179 91 Expended for repairing, operating and running the road, inoludlng Interact paid.. . ,$134,631 96 Amount paid for new track 348.115 66 " " " permanent flxturea 6 115 66 '' " " new care 30 383 68 " " " engines 6 910 03 ' Total $491,489 01 Expended on account of construction for land (lnoluded in the above) $3,64194 Dividends paid Feb. 15 40 000 06 M " Ang. 15 40,000 06 Number of locomotives, 19 ; an undivldsd interest In i 53 eight-wheel passenger oars, 90 eight-wheel emigrant > cars owned by the railroads between Albany and RoChester, and an nndivided interest In 33 eight-wheel baggage oars and 6 eight-wheel baggage and mall oars owned by the railroads between Albany and Buffalo; number ol freight ears, bo., 143; do. passenger, 9; maohine shops, 3; t average number of men employed, 350. Number of mllei ran by passenger trains, 106,000 ; freight and others 65.000! total IRQ OOO Daring the past hmoi the company hu been engaged i in laying down nn iron rail of 61 pounds to the yard, in the plaee of the flat bar heretofore need. This work has progressed as fast as the iron could be obtained. There are now laid down and in use abont 33 miles of new track The iron necessary to complete a single track, with saltable turnouts, has been constructed, snd most ot tbe last half of it is now rolled. This Is made In the Stats of Pennsylvania, and the whole will be reoeired as soon as it can be transported in the spring. Under the law which requires an iron rail to belaid upon this line of road, this oompany has prooeeded, with the Intention of completing the same as early as practicable the ensuing season. It requires 6 0<H> tons for a single track. One half of this Is contracted for and > made at Trenton, in New Jersey, at a oost, delivered in Utioa, of something over (74 per ton. The last half oontraoted for a year later, will oost at Utioa about (69 per ton. These contracts were made at the most favorable prioes at the time Tbe exigenoy of the law referred to, and the earnest wish to meet the publio expectation in reepeot to a new track, required the prompt purchase of the iron, ali though the prospeot of a great reduotion in the price was very clear. That reduotion has now taken | place, and English rails delivered In New York, , have been recently contracted for at (69 60-100, i whereas the oempanypald (70 36-100 at Trenton, in New Jersey, for 3,600 tons, and are now paying (66 | 75 100 per ton in New York for a like quantity, tbus i making a difference in the oost bf the whole iron, over the present prioe of English, not less than (76.000,which this oompany has paid and assumed to pay. That part of this line that shall hereafter provide the Iron rails, I will have at least this difference in their favor upon an equal quantity of iron, i It Is the intention of the company to proceed 1mme i diately to lay another track as soon as tbe first shall have been brought into use, for experience has shewn that a double track is neoessary to oonduet a large bui slness safely. 1 In preparing for the transportation of property, it was deemed neoessary to %dd a laige inoreaae to the stock of freight oara and engines. This addition will i cost about (100,090, and it remains to be seen whether i muoh property can be oarried, and whether there is not I an ample outfit for that objsot. Thus far, the present j winter, there has been no aoouaulation of property of; ferlng to be oarried beyond the means of transportation. Stork Kxchange. I (1366 Tress N, ISO each 100 Ml ?h? Canton Co 60 da 36 I 1000 City Vs St, 92 10.1 do b45 da 35 | 30 do #0^4 25 do 34K IT Bank of Com., lull Ml? 5" do 3i{H I M10 II H fi'? vr lot 25 Canton Serio 3ii 3000 U 8 ?'a '56 9?% M Hnda >n Hirer H 60 inoo I'euinylvama 5'? 73% 25 Nor k Wor K "K 12U00 <U> b3# 73% do 38% J North AmTrntt 10% 25 do b68 39 500 Ohio 6V50 90 SOLodrIiIRR MS 10000 Road BonJa 63W 100 do 28% 15000 do 63% 410 do b?0 MS 1000 Read Mort Bonda 59V 23? do t>15 19 100 Read RH blO 47% 175 Harlem HR 44% 250 do 47 100 do 41% 50 do blO 47 50 do a30 45 5J do M5 47 200 do ?I0 4S 50 do b39 47 100 do 45 50 do 46% 400 do 4'S 75 aha Firmer'a TrnatJ 29 200 do alO 4'S 100 do 29% 7>0 do 45% 200 do 29% 050 do 45V 54 Vickabnrg Bank 5% 550 do b!0 45% loo Morria Canal 110% '00 do b3fl 4* I 50 do 10% 100 do alO 45% .50 Manhitten (}?? 110 50 do s30 43% I loo Canton Co b!5 34S' SO Erie RR ?er4p 70 25 do 35% Second Bo?nl> 5o Readini RR a30 40 100 Harlrm RR 45% "5' do a30 40 100 do 44% 50 Lodr Itland Tneada? 20% 50 do blO 4 H 100 do 29 50 do anw 45% 250 do 28V 100 do 4551 i J''0 do bj? jjC mo do 45% 50 do blO 29 200 do 45% 100 Farm-ra' Loan Mo 29% 50 do 45% , 25(1 do 20% 100 do ?10 45% 200 do b00 30 50 do 45% ISO Nor fc Wor 30 loo do UN 54 do S*% 35# do 45% :1C0 Harlem Rn sio 45% few Stock Exfilumge. 50 iha Canton Co bl 31% 150 aha Harlem RR a3 45% 25 do a70 ?t% 100 do al 43% i 50 do 34% 100 do 45 I o5 do ?3 31 Jt 10(1 do 45% ' 59 Lorf lalind HU 13 28% 250 do 43% ! 100 do bnw 29 50 do 45% 1*0 Morria Can*I ?S II 159 do 45% 100 Harlem Railroad il 44% 50 do 45% CUTV TKAI?K IHCPilKT. New Yona, Thuraday Afternoon, Feb. 10. The nana brought by lb* Harnh Handa, whloh wne puMielml In an extrooftkti morning, prod need eery tlflo (T ot upon th# market* Prirnto nnoounto, It ?m paid ?* ' more faeornble atatemanU of the prloeo of hreadaiutli than thorn or>Dtlined lo th? F.nalUh poperr VVfcile tho lotto? left tha tA'oraaco ot 0 d'OUfio, Wt fop. mt ropfMoattl no odrwoe I* iodic* opto ooH mool, i vbUo lour obi Wi?> o retoatotd obout tbpsnio. 1 Wro I (mnUoat* to b? gnptf WmooW WSMMTHWt* |?W I western brand* ot floor, and hIii were mwl? ohlefiy for Pi supplying eastern ord*rs, In separata tot*, at prior* about dl the .*ame a* thoie currant before the new*. Hair* of g Genesee wheat wer* made befor* the new*, on terms stated b*low Bale* of ooru ware moderate, and on terms which indicated so material chaage in prioei. Sale* of rye ware made on termi somewhat In favor of buyer*. '' Oats remained about the same. Hales of meal were made M pretty freely, without change of moment in priee*. Ashes?Hale* of some HO bb!s pearls were made at '' $b 36, and 36 do. Pots, at $.> 87J{ a $6. " Be*i?? - We notioeeale* of 75 bbl* white, fair quality f at $1 06prime do were held at about Si 36, and extra do at $1 60 UaKspsTorr*?F our? Ccmrnon Oeneseewa* pretty | 01 freely offered at $6 Before the new*. 100 hbl* eold at ^ that prtoe Hale* of about 1000 b'ol* were also made, | , chiefly for filling Kaatern order*, inclnding strait brand* |* of Miohigan, Genesee, ko , at (6. Horns small lot* of pur* Uenesee, ware made at $6 35 a $<i 37X. Hmall lot* ? of Ohio, ia all about 300 bbl*, were intd?. Including fair brand*, at SO; and fanoy do, at $ti 60. Wheat? Sales of ., 3000 bushel* of Genesee were made, before tbe news, at : $1 33. Corn?Hales of 3000 bushel* of yellow were , made on private term*; 3000 do, handsome yellow, at " 63)fe; and 3000 Northern mixed, a little out of order, . at 69c. Mtul?Hales of #00 bbls of Brandywlne, were made at t'J 07}*, and 300 do, New Jersey, were reported ' old at $3 76. ftyc?Hale* were reported at 88o; and , some 3090 bushels Canal Oafi at 60c. (, Can?lc??Sperm continued in steady demand at 33 Jcents. 1 Cor fee.?Hales were made by anotion of 650 bag* Kio, " slightly damaged, at 6}? to ti>? ots, for oaah. The market for other disoription* was rather quiet, without change in priors. * CoTTorr.?The market exhibited a dull and deolining { aspect. The few sales made to day were to manufaotu- , the effect of the news bv the Surah Sands, being withal inconsiderable in amount. Kish?No sales reported, the market continuing firm at our last quotations Kruit?The demand for raisin* oontiuues Retire.with sules of 600 boxes wet dried at $1 66, whioh is a correct quotation tor the market. Dried Apples?We report sales of 7000 lbs at 4% and 4%, Dates?Sales or 100 trails Arabian, prime quality, were made at 6 cents, cash Almonds - Small sales of Languedoo were making to the trade, at 13% cuts. 4 months. Lemons?We notice sales of 600 boxes Palermo at $1 87>?. Oranges?We have but lew transactions to notloe, they being held considerable above the views of buyers Pea Nuts?A fair demand, with sales of 400 bushels Wilmingtou. at $1 18% cash. lit Mr?There were no sales reported, aud quotations remained a'jout the same. Lead continued unchanged. Molames?Two lota ot 1800 barrels New Orlears arrived here to day, part of wnioh were disposed of previous to arrival at 87 cents; the balance was held at 87% a 28c. Naval Storks.?No transactions of Importance were reported. I Oils.?Linssed?Since the news no ealsa transpired. Holders, however, continued firm at previous ratrs Sales ot 000 bbls selscted whale were made at 87 ota, and 1 100 do snipping do, at 33 ots. Sales of sperm were said to have been made at New Bedford at 100 cts. Peas? -"alee were made of 85 barrels field at $1 60 par bushel; 100 do marrowfats at the same prioe, and 400 bags black eyed do, at $2, cash. Provisions ? Sales cf 300 bbls nsw mess pork were made an private terms,and 76 bols do were reported sold (It was said on rather forced terms,) at $9 60. Dealers generally demanded $10, while there appeared no buyers above $9 5; $0 76 was offered for new prime. Lard was quiet at previous rates. There was no change in beef, cheese?Sales of 40,000 lbs common western were made at 6 to 0 ots. There,was no change in butter. Kicx?The market was quiet, and uo sales of moment were reported. Salt?A smell sale by auotion of 60 sacks Liverpool, at $1 46, cash. SriaiTs?We notice sales by auction of 15 bbls. brandy (J. J. Dupuy) at $1 17; 16 qr casks do at $1 12%; and 30 half pipes do at $110 per gallon, 8 months. Sugar ? Sales of 100 hbds. New Orleans, were made at So aba, 4 months. By auoiion?sale of 30 hhds, Cuba musoovado, sold at 4%e, cssh. Tallow?Nothing of muinent reported. Whalebone?North West was worth about 27o, and ! South Sea 28. Kreioiiti ?Small engagements were made for Liverpool at Is 6J; for grain 0 t continued to be asked; and 3 16d for cotton Rates to the Continent continued inactive. The ship Thomas Wright was chartered by the government, for Vera Cruz, to carry out 400 soldiers and 10 officers. Cotton Trade. The advioesfrom England up to the 15th ultimo, received by the Aoad,a on Wednesday morning 24 inst., I are by no means encouraging for our staple The deI cline of one-eighth on th.? better grades, quoted in the I Liverpool circulars, is perhaps not quite so tangible and I well defined, yet, on the otber hand, there are a variety ot circumstances in oonneoiion, which render the accounts in question decidedly unfavorable, aud as Ibey were different from the expectation ot operators here, , a dull and declining market has been the result. It con \ tlnues to bs evident, that holders there have to depeud i pxolimivfklv r.n th* dnmtriH frnm fvaHa Ksva v>n inclination, and little means, of pure hating beyond their actual wants; and impressed with the conviction of an ample supply, importers have offered their receipts of the new orop freely, and rather pressed tbem upon the market, bringing the range of prices within a narrow compass. The small advance which had been realised ' at Liverpool in the operations of the preceding two ' weeks, had at onoe the effect of oLecklng sales at Manooestrr, and general trade there,which had showed such ' bright symptoms ot revival, had again relapsed into inactivity. The stook of bullion, and the reserve of ua, employed notes in the Bank ,of England continued to , increase, and public securities were advancing daily in . calue, thus showing abundance ot money; h-if maacantde credit has received such a shock, that a oompara> tively small portion is allowed to How into commercial i channels. Eaoh successive arrival from India also brings accounts of improving markets for British manufnc- I tures. but the length of time required in operations with I such distant customers, puts it out of the power of mer- < 1 chants and manufacturers, in the present state of ere- I 1 dit, to avail themselves of the favorable opening. ' 1 in the prosent posture of affairs in England, the orop I > question must necessarily excite le?? than its usual attention A erep or 100.000 or 300,0U0 bales, more or less, will make bat lttele difference, for it is a fixed faot, ! that it is not only an abundant one, but far more than ] adequate to the consumption, and the later accounts j i from the various South-western ports advise thai|plant i ers are commencing to exhibit less reiuotanoe to meet ! the Tiews of buyers, being pretty well satisfied that the < lange ot prices this season will be oa a low scale. Fao- , tors, however, do not appear to be pressing thr ir stocks on the market, but go on steadily selling at fully current rates. The probability is, that the crop will soon come into market freely, and that but little will be held over for another season. The discrepancy between the receipts ot the last two seasons is gradually disappearing; the difference now stands at 70,090 bales. The stock at numerous new depots in South Carolina and Gecigta, is larger then usual, and only waits satisfactory prices to be thrown rapidly into the ports. At the following old dapote. with whtoh the trade abroad is familiar, the comparison stands thus: Augusta and Ham burg, 04000 agaiust 37,000 last year. Macon 41000 against 22,000 last year. Columbus, 28,000 against 19, 000 last year. Montgomery, Ala. 23,000 agaiust 10,000 last year. On Monday and Tuesday, the two business days following the depaiture of the Cambria, the market remained dull and inanimate, with sales of about 4U0 bales for tbe home trade, with the exception that late ouTursday afternoon, a list ef 700 bales Texas cotton was nego- j tiatsd for the Liverpool market, in expectation of an , advance by the Acadia. A general feeling of disap- i pointment was apparent the next day on the receipt of i her intelligence, sinoe which, up to Tuesday 0th lost., the transaction* have been of the most limited description, expotters having withdrawn entirely from ma.ket, and tbe few parcels daily disposed of exhlbit-d a drooping market; on that day, a few buyers appeared and took about 3300 bales, about 20.10 of which were for Liverpool, supposed to be on American account, aud the residue for Krance, nearly all of which was Charleston cotton, and at prices a full quarter cent lower on good raiddlings, and one eighth lower on fair, than rates ruling previous to the arrival of the Acadia. Tbe next day, | the market exhibited the same flat appearance, the sales not exceeding 800 bales. Tne Sarah Sands arrived | yesterday, with the Liverpool market todlstult. Tbe i additional decline ef one eighth by bar, has added to the dullness of our market, which closed heavily, with small rales to tbe borne trade The movements of the staples in this country, this j season, oompared with the previous two, have beeu as annexed:? Movements or Cotto.v in the Unites Statks I Bit's Receipts at ports Of ths U. 8. sinoe Sept. 1,1847 047.812 , " " '* same period last year. 1.017 994 " " " " year before. 082 837 " nam* period iMt year 438,101 , . " year before. . . 419,168 I Tha reoeipte at this port elnoe the 1st lost , him hecn v 0,060 balca. hxporta 6,000. Taken by apinnera, 4 000. v Htookin oily.34.O00 balsa. Amouutou salt, 10,000 bale*. 1 We annex the oloaing quotation.: ? ' LiTKaroOL CLAiairirxTiorcl. t New Orleans Cp anile. Florida. Mebf-Texas. I Inform aour u.xir. J Oiuiauif 6X a 67< IV a 7 a V* <1 Middling.. 7>? a 7* 71, a 7* 7 V ? 1\ " Good Middling 7J3 a 8 7Ja a 8 774 a * ? >1 Middling Our h a l>,' t', a IJg 8^ a ?H 1 hair.... a 8M none. I)ii I d Kullr Knir 8& a 8* Bate ??, a STa ' <>oo(l Fair 8>, 8Ji aona. ?;? a !>H hiaa o lie. u.ue. Due. ! j HARKKT4 KL.SHWI1RHK. STOCK IAMS. PiiiLADnrHM. Krh 8? First Hoard?g1000 Raay Nar fit I 1 '?!>. 16; (.260 do W, 43',; MM Sum Canal B..ndi, 65 | 3 0 4 it* ' ! ?'?-77, 98. 10 K)em Cop Co. t 'a'i 7 do. ?; 1M Culinty 4'a,77*. ?' Jifler .Sn/r? ?lOUimid Bank, 10,',; 26000 State 6'a.7lX; 6000 ' do 66 73 W; 8060 do l>6 1 "% : 60<v Stale 6'i 6di, 73V; (.Ml V <}? l>'., I2> ; 2(0 Moiria CabkI b5, II; 126 IN J Cop ?6, 2*3. ? Sreomt Hoard?SO .Met hr.uici' U.-nlt, 26; 20 Kle-a Copper, 6. b DOMESTIC MARKETS. J Nik Oatriae, Fab 3.?Cotton?In aplte of the gloo- [. my, rainy weather, the aaloe reach fully 6 000 balea at ? full piloea statement of eotton stock on band Sep- n Umber 1,1847 balea. 3.1.493 ; arrived elnee te date. 60.1, h 221; arrived to-day. 870 : total, 487 698 balea. Kxport- h ed to data. 346 918 balea ; exported to-day. 7 '233 : total, . 383 149. Stock on hand and on ehlp-boeril no: cleared, J -224,447 Tobacoo?Noeale of any Importance has trane- ,| rlred Statement of tobacoo?Stoc* on hand September A , 1847-hbda. 2'2,'2'29 ; arrived alno? t? date. 13 881 : to- n tal, 36,110 hhda. Kxported to date, 36 690 hhda: exported to dev. 741 ; total, 38,341 hhda. Stook on baud I and on eblp board not Cleared, 8,763 hhda Sugar-No , rale of moment on acoount of the rain. Vlolaeeaa -Sal. a c. of 400 bbla at lOo. for prime. Flour? Not a aale of any \ importance haa tranaplred. Covn?Sale* of 7on eacka rmlxad at 48o , and 800 white at 40c. Pork?300 bbla ml I at $9 60. Lard?Fair demand Salra of 340 bbla atr.'id, 160 bbla at . '?o. 108 bbla and tlercea at fi)3o ; I 983 kega prima at 6)36 I 180 Inferior at 6S,'o ; and 138 J fair at On Whlekey? Small natal at 30o Kralghta? ?' i ?faro Amertoan sbipa tnJten for Mv#pool at ft* for f eotton fgobaagM -There are tiiiyari 1# tha four ; . nat, and rateaare deelinla? l.oa4n?, prlrate bliia,7H | M<r*?NattNorfkaatoi* hUtTtl p? wal pro*! f arts, 6 80 a 6 40; Nsw York, 60 <Um, 2X a X par cent la ; do. sight. X i par osnt pram ; Treasury notaa, par J IX Ml. On Wednssday. 9th in-t , of croup, William Iswiw, oungest aon of John and Isabella Stuart, aged 1 year ad 6 inontha, Tha friends and acquaintances of tbo family ara ra- i >?otfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Friday after- < oon. Uth inet., at 1 o'clock, from the residence of hla L'her, in 'JSth atreat. icoend house east of the Second .venue. J On Wednesday, the Oth instant of a short but danger- , us Illness, Ann Kkani., wife ol Michael Keane, aged BO ears. J H>r friends and those of tha family, are resp?ctfully ivited to attend bar funeral, thla day. at 3 o'clock, frcin ; er lata restdeooe, Harsimu*. Jersey City. I Thursday morning, the 10th Instant, after a lingering lneas. Fkedkrkik Kimhkk, Id the 31st year of his sge. I His relatives and friends, and those of his brotHera, 1 licbard and H >nry, are respactfally requested to at- 1 end his funeral this (Friday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock. j rnm bis late residence, 1 ->0 Mott st. On Wednesday, 9th lust, of erysipelas, Mr. Patbick IcCahtin, a native.of county Down, Ireland, aged 46 ears. i His Mends and acquaintances, also the members of libsrnian Universal Benevolent Society, are reepeotrnly invited to attend his funeral, at 4 o'clock, on Friday t'ternoon, from his late residence, No. 3'J4 Mulberry treet, without further invitation. JACOB 8. PL ATT. AUOTIONKEtt?HEAVY PUBK Silver Tea t Set. cousiitinir of four pieces, viz; Coffee 'or, Tea Pot, Sugar Disli and Slop Bowl; aud a fine 18 carat void Snuff Box, 38>? tlwt; elegint dress gold Jewelry, richly el; Diamonds, Ike. Alio, a viluable invoice of gold,silver .ud German silver Watches, kc. JACOB S. PLATT will ell this day, us above, at 13 o'clock, withost reserve, 1 the lO^ds me; tioned. Also, from 10 to 13 o'clock, a gen ml uortmrut of Fancy Goods; 108# dozen Knives aud Forks rocket anil Pen Knives. Scissors, kc, JACOB 8. PL ATT, AUCTIONEER ? FANCY HAltDware and Cutlery, Watches, Silver Tea Sew, Dresden ich tl ic gold Jewelry, kc ? lacob S Piatt will sell THIS | j v i , .iniic uucuuu, >ii 111 o c'oc*, hi *a riau Buevi, uy c-unojjue, a general ussoitment ol Fancy Goods, consisting of ail ered guard chains, plated and Kilt rpecticles, whist|counters, ,000 fancy looking glasses, steel bead puises, reticules, S 000 lunches cut ateel beada, I'all count, No. 7, aoup ludlea, suuff

>oxes needlea, ink. Tiolina, rrzor hours, tea frayr, plated ana tilt silver table and tea spoons, tnpe measures, leiu pe>cila, letcusnun capa, aoap, cologne, see. Ala .?1,000 cards and duz. <ockrt and prnknives. and knives and forks. Also?an invoict jfWin. Butcher's pocket kmvea, in dnzena Also?one standltd silver tea art, consisting of coffee pot. lea pot. sugar dish .vith cover, and slop bisvl. Also?one French ID car it gold muff box Also?an iuvoice of real Dresden rich jewelry, viz: I crosses, tet with garneta and pearls, i f fine gold, Spina and 'r < elegant bracelets, 2 dot. ant wnh diamonds, and 2 niga. Also?at lko'clock. watchts. being a consignment to be lold without any re>e:ve whatever, lor cash on delivery,and hose terms imnt in all cases be eonfo'med to, they being uu ler a cash a Ivauce, consisting of 23 go1 d patent lever*, of different uiai?r<: also 12 b< x-s O rmau a<lvei watches. 12 boxes si'ver da, and 24 anchor gold ? .tches full jewelled, k*. IN. B Porch sera will iaae notice tli t the 23 patent lever watches will not be withdrawn, but sold aa above to the highrat bidder. Auction notice?benjamin moonky will sell this day at 10 o'clock, nt the store 233 Pearl at, Hardware. Cntlery, kc., viz:? i able knives and forks, carvers pocket rntl-ry of various ki'ds; also, horse, shoe, cloth.and liair hiushea; also four iron book safes. For particulars see eatnlogiies now ready ?t the store. at RA KEW VRD-LOST AT THE soiree OF THE Fifth Corapay of the Nationnl Quards. n the Ith inn., a Cluster D imond King. It is much valued hy the owner. The finder will receive the above reward, by returniug it to No 3tt Walker <treet. Important noth e-moorheadm graduated Mtgnetie Machines ?The great Celebrity and incrcaa ingsuccesa of Moorhend'. Graduated Msgnetic Machines,lias lodnced a Hes re to p ace them wi hin the reach of all tvlio may need them. 1 he propriet >r lies, therefoic, the pleasure to announce Ih It lu co:se<|uen eofhi?l?te improvement and increased facility, he has been enabled to place the price of these beautiful niachiuer complete iu everv respect end warranted, at $.0 and (12 each. Arming I lie COU"tlCSS curatives for diseases which h ive ever bceu offered to the world, none stand so justly pre eminent as Monihe id'e Magnetic Machines Manufictit-ed and sold wholesaleand retail, bv 13 U. MOOUHEA13, 183 Broadway, New York, luall nervous affections itich as paralysis, dyspepsia, fits.tic doloreux. deafness, deftriency of uervous energy, kc., the effects of these articles are truly wonderful. Full directions for use accompany them.? Beware of i "itaio"? Bank department, albany. may i?. utyDr. Towusend : -8.r?I have been afflicted for several years with the Dvspepsia in its worst forms, attended with sourness of s'omich, loss of appetite, extreme heartburn, aud a grea' aversion to all kinds ol food, and for weeks (what I could rat) i h ire been unable to ieta n but a small portion on my stomach. I tried the usual remedies, but they had but little or no effect in removing the complaint. i was induced about two mo ths since, to try ycisr h timet of Ssrispaaills, and I mint say with hut little cnfidence; but after using nearly twobottlsa, I found my appetite restored, and the hearta...... ...?m.? ?,i ....a i ...i.. i the use ol It to those who have been afflicted ai I have brrn. Yours, Sic. W. \V. VAN ZVNUT. office, 126 Fulton ttreet. UNION BANK OK DOVER. N. J.-B1LLS OK THIS Biuk redeemed nv us as he rtofore. 8. VAN DUZEH, Exchange Office, 170 Greeuwie .street PAfEK! PAPER !!?CHEAP CAP AND LETTER Piper; alio fiue and >ui>erfnie bine and and white ruled and plain Cap and Letter Papers; clso rait and straw wrapping, had -are, diuggisls' and match box Paper*. For *ale by J AO. NORVAL. 100 John ?treet. Good baroiins-hahdware and tools? The entire stock of Store No. M Cba'ham streer, will be told at price* murh below coit, wholesale or retail, the proprietor beirg deiiron* of closing hi* bn?ine??. T B1PS1C. IN SAXONV.?THE UNDERSIGNED, Li Merchant and Agent, respectfully offer* hi* service* to all persons having any business or other affair* requiring attention in Central Germany. JOHN ERNEST WEIUEL. Office for the transaction of general commission buainesi, chirf agency for Central Germany of th* Ge ieral TransAtlantic PneartShiD Company between Havre and New Fork; agency for K. J Wickelhansen and Company, merchant*, be. in Bremen; office for cinigratnm and other bnsiaeis.lcc.bc., Nr. 33 Grimms street, Lcipsic, in Saxony. JOHN ERNEST WEIUEL fc CO. Bloodle9a murder at the broadway .IThestre ?The account of it is published in the Ariato cratic Monitor. $5 reward, f"r the name of the person who tore down the bills, as above. BKRFORD b CO., No. 2 Astor House. NOTICE-JOHN LAUCH. BARBER, (FORMERLY with J. M. Bores, 157 Pearl street,) lakei pleasure in informing Lis friends and the public gruerally that he hss ntvned a Shop, at No. 3 Whitehall itrcet, opposite the Bowling Green, v/li -re all who favor him with a call, will be attended to with care and dispatch Garden plants, garden plants?horticnllure and Floriculture.?Mr. Kamrl, importer ol a large collection of Exotic Plsntsof th* finest description, calculated I'orhct houses and gardeus. has the honor to inform the amateun. and particularly the ladies, that he will open at 147 Broadway, coruerof Liberty ttreet, at which place he will offer to the public a general display of the choicest Plants, inch as camelia, Daphne, arrarcaria, sfnf i'na poenia, arborea, rhododfudion, metrocideros. itosporum gardenia ntulouniaitnaerial, oran.e trees, rote bushes of all qualities, bulbous roots, flower seeds, fruit trees and vices < f every yuality; the whole f.irsa'e el eap, at ? hilestla or retail. Notice-to those wishing grape vines pruned.?As this ta the season for pruning, and if pruned ifter this srason they ?re apt to bleed, ana make the grape imall: nndjikewise trees set out in the most fashionable style: utd likewise takes the concurs on' of all kind* of trees and ihruhbery. Pie'*e call at Mr. H. STEWART'S, Gardiner. 47 Christy street, (wheie all orders will be attended to.) or at his esidence 306 Water street. rO FARMERS AND PLANTERS?POUDRETTE? The Lodi Co. offer for sale their new and inproved Poudretre at the following prices : 1 bbl. #2:3 >j s. $i ; 7 hhls $.0 511 ; and at (ha rate of 91 50 per hbl. for my 1-rger nnssiti y, delivered free of car age or other ehirgrs in board nf any vessel or at anyplace in the city of New Pork This concentrated manure, which is a perfectly dry md inoffensive powder, is the cheapest in the world for raising :oru. Two bairel* (three d-llnr* worth) will manure nu sere if com in the hill aud cause the corn to come up quicker, grow n ne vigorously, mature earlier, and yield a he?Tier crop of :oin than auy other manure. The first cost of the Pondrette nut ill thachtrges of transport tiou ad ed to it, with the cost if applying it, will not amount to the est of carting end the ahor of applying nam yard manure. The company poiut to a eutition of ten years standing aud the large capital at risk in heir business, as a guarantee for their making a good article. V fair trial is all that is asked. Apply ( f hv mail, post Paid) otheLsdi Manufacturing Company No 51 Li erty it. New Ir'ork. ( .poonte the nost-nffice ) ITT" At the factory, on the dackeiisxcu river, 3 miles Irom New York, where rrtwli { hawing I feet water can come it will tie delivered mi hoard of i 'rut U or wag in in hoik at the rate of 36 cent* per bmhel. 1*0 MANUFACTUHKH3?FOB SALE OR TO-LET The Ilolmesburg Factory, eligibly lituateil on tide water if the PeiinrpAck i reck,at Holme.bu g, about} miles north- i last Irom Philadelphia. Ithia been used ita a cotton factory <>r inauy years, and la well adapted for that, or any other I mnnfacturing purpose?having communication with tne city ty water, railroad and turnpike. There ia a wharf at the Fseory on which coal, lie . can be landed ; together with 14 tenenenta for the hernia employed The factory ia about 40 hy 46 eet. and 5 stories h-gh ; water wheel and geari g iu good orler, and capable of d iving about 3,600 spindles with looms ? rhe sitnst on is vrv healthy, and labor abnndant in the imn-diate neignboih od. Their about <*00 spindles with some n preparation now in the bui d na,which will be told with tne actorv, if desired. Application tnay he mule personally, or iy letter to JOH R WUEHEK.A, 63 Walnut street, Philsle'phi*. i f|44BHVK THAT GENTLEMAN IN BLACK. HE ! " hasl b*en at the $6 sou st re Now look at him?his > li le i nifit only cost $7 60. Kconom<*t*, this way for bar h is. Overcoats and ( l -ahs, $3 to $10; huainei* cos's. $1 to 13; panta, St to S3; vest*, 60 eents to S3; elegant drras corns 13 l<? SI each. Cash paid for a'clothing. Cleaning ard ep-inng. Cor. Nasaiu aud Beekmaii. Broken Bink bills ken ill exchange. Left oftlo thing wo furniture w wr ed?l.adtesand Ueutlemen having supertlunus effrcta to itposeo', inch aa wearing appa'tl, Furniture, See., can obtain law cash price far theiime, hv sending for the snbs-riher hrongli the post office n- ..'herwise, who w ll attend at their esideuce. J. LEVENSTYN. 480 B to id way, op stairs. Lairs ran he trtended to i?v- Mrs Levens'wi. r() CAPITALISTS?HAVI.NO fMO OR $10 000 TO invest, either as an active or silent partner, in a business siablitked, and which will yield a net profit of from $6(0n to 60 0'in a year, may now have an opportnuity by addressing, nth real name, Bog 671, Post Office, N. Y , stating where an nt-ivi?w may be had. rT * MAIL LINK Fi> < SOUTHAMPTON ??B U Bremen ?'The steamer W.aSll'NOTUN. Capt. Johnton. will leare pier No. 4. N, R ou SuVay. 38th Febrtiiry. or Southampton a-;d Bremen, carrying the U. 8 Mail. For assage. apply at the office of the Ocean Sieam Navigttan ompaiy. 45 William street. An eiperienced snigeon on >ird All mail matter* mnst no through the P. st Office. DOR ( 11 a KLEM'o.N, j C.-THE STE AMSHIP r NORTHERNER, t art Thomas 8 Bndd. will leave ! ier 4, North Kiver, on 8atuiday, the 13th inst., at 3 o'clock, I M. No berth secured until paid for. A I bil's of lading I igoed by the clerk on board. Specie will he received until j lo'clocg on the day of departure. Price of passage, S?3 ? I 'or freight or nasaage, apply to 8POFFOKD, TILESTON . ;Co..4? Sonth street. Ct ANCY BALL DRESSES FOH - ->TTtMEN - j C New Dresses, futhfnI representation* ? ! 'ho - h'ira' tere ' esired. to hire at Julius Drjonge's, 65 Warren street N R.? ill dreiset and theatrical properties made ou shortest . ol ice. | 1 Oftfl PAOUEHHEOTTPK PLATES, FULL rja/UV sir.*,star brand?Roach's QaickstufT. a snpe'ior r.icl?,and all materisti uied in the art. of the best quality; )i era G aasee, Teleser pes, Engravers' (iluwi, Ppertacles, 1 ieroscopes. Drawing Instruments, and Thermometers, Vc i si < le.lvnie Mae.hi ?i, nad Galvanic Battrries for silver latiug sud gilding .* II irupoit-d direct, or msnufactnred by ohu Itoa*h, Dp-irian, *3 Naissn street, New York |\U h()LT'i CHLOKOFO M AND DENTAL OFL? fire is uow open at 339 Broadw >y, over Beck fc Co. s ore, bftaesn Franklin and Leonard streets Persons can ow has alt upptktmui pe,-forms! m Uepusujr \yithnnt airif 'h* 1***1 i>vn. Toothtiihs cursd wdhout giyikg i<*i?; ?tii Mtrastai ?t pot m. end ul wlthcut gi . lug.tluisgstjuiu i ^f/brenwi, *hoi**ad*,<Tuin tMJrpt faailiei hi No* ?0I?, ] ittiBRlk, Ri wtklk M flIB ttMMi V (UTAPL* SILK GOODS KOR BALK BELOW COST 1 kJ being the stools of a jobbing home declining baiiueee. ] lie steel: Consist* wholly of it pie articles iu which uo depreciation gccom throughout ina yeir. The eiiorlment ie ) roinplete, n"d it'w ill be mid Mti'f!?? in Ic.ti to suit pu che- t leri K A IN K I N ti l5lttf,H.llJ Vt 111 i em street 1 Lost?on Tuesday morning, near the J corner of Irving place end lira merry p*rk, a black l..ce 1 1 seil.richly embroidered The findti will be sembly reward- a r?l hv"If ?? " i' " No ' ' \\ ill Tirfff, tip ?rnr? * LnBT-OV TUESDAY, THE KiOHTIl INSTANT '' in Broadway, between James llecx'e spire mid ihe coiner >f < lanil street a omr of Gold Spectacles The finde. will be iu i t?i?lv rewarded by leaving them il n:> H mh eteeet Olnov? TflK UNDERSIGN15*3vf I tJeO A ed. .in the'<nth ol January, lilt, put into he ol' one Isaac Oevoe, for negotiation, three nntei of i , nud, Willi the explicit uudrrstandti g end agreement, that I ;hey c-.uld, aid should, be immediately discounted at the ' i North Kirn bank, at which bang ?aul Urvne reprei-nteil | li inself to have an ac.-ount and interest, to wir: A uote drawn by Win. Areher, dated Dee. 20th, 18a7, at 9o dayi, payable j [o I lie orde i of. and endorsed by. Henry Hockwell. lor$A?7. Aim. a note drawn by Win. Ainoe Benedict, payable to. ami i rndoraed as before, of iame date, at a moutlu, for SI2B7 il. Alio a note ol iame dale, order and endoriment, for 4 montlia, lor $1 >19. drawn by Charles R. Banks. Said notes m.t having | been negoiiared according to agreement, but have beeu. aa I , am informed, offered in barter for goods aud otherwise. 'J'hii j ii to caution all peraons agaiuat receiving or negotiating and ' unlet. Hji'.NHV HOCnWELI, WANTED-TWO BOYB TO LEARN THE DKY goods business. Apply at JAMES BECK UCO.'A iu the evening. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A WOMAN AS good, ulaincook, who ienn excellent waaheraud iran*r, aud good general home servant: has hired with bnt oue family since her arrival in this country, wheie her uater hua been living for three year*, aud where the cnu be aeeu; and who will strongly recommend herrji strictly honest, sober aud obliging. Please apply at 10 ltutgeri street, second house from East Broadway. WANTED TO. PURCHASE. A BASH STICKING Machine, a Circular Saw (about 12 inch) and table, and a Tenon machine?all adapted to horse power. Auy person having any or all the above tnaohi iei, either second hand or new. to dispose of, may hear of a purchaser by applying to F D.. ::u'.l bivi inn street WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE I young woman as Conk. washing, anil irotmi, aud b k in*, or uenrrni nousewnrg iora?tna:i private lati nv. uest ol reference given inn toMMUH eugaged Apply rur. 1 er Baltic and Hoyt streets, in tlie grocery store Souili Br oklrn. W ANTED ? AN INTELLIGENT, ACTIVE, MAN. with a small amount of ca-h capital toco to Liverpool, to take an interval or act as agent forn h utse lierr. Good reiT'uce required. Address MlHIWll "ll ilie enter .I Po?r . Office, tf itli real name, and where an interview can be hud, immediately. _ _ WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESECTABLE young woman, as nurse or tot Ice ctre of child'en. as chambe-m nd, cook wn?h?r or ir 'ner house wetk of a small f unity; Ins no objection to so a short distance id the country. Thebes of city refeteuce can be giVsn. Applv to 367 Pearl st'fet. back com. second siory. Wanted?ny a respectable single oentleo-an, n famished sma'l psr'or ?nd b'dronm adjoininq, at the first floor, or as basement rfficu with or without board, in a clesu house, and rrtpec'able neighborhood Tlie side streets of Broadway from Bt'clay street upwa d< to' anil street, viefcired. Address statute terms, which, in rrear.1 to permanency, if convenient, Otu.t be moderate, post-paid X X, at the r flier of thii paper WANTED IMMEDIATELY?YOUNG, HONEST, intelligent, active end perseveriuK men; one tor every city or town, where there are live thousand inhabitants, and lu every c-mi y within each Spite of the Unitsd '-c-fci to ilia pose of one ofsthe ntifl nodular periodicals published in the United Sta'es. (as the public hnve decided, whose judgment is ol wars just). IVIt m<tt mint either pay f r the amontit ol Hit cambers as lie gets them, or furnish us with anrtoubt'd bonds to the rtitimi t of i u? thousand dollars for his hones'y with th? pnbltc ai d prompt p<v to the publisher, or with written recommendations of his good charseter from the supervisors of the cttv ortowu wh-re he is known, as the publishers mav deride under the circnmstautes. Men with the i.Iiot* reqti sites Cull cl'ar. ah ve all necessary xeiis-s, front two hundred to three thousand dollars annually. The amon.'twill depend upon the location and the aptness of the men for the business Some are now inakitiK at these rates with the work. Tlir business wi'l be permanent, year alter year Applr personally, or bv le' paid, to IdKAEL POST, Mil Nas- ,u street. New York. __ HAT PHAPER WANTED?ONE WHO ISA HKFT rate wo-kman?tn g t to Cincinnati Steady eo ployniei.t and h?st w>e?a. Irqnire of WV1 D^DD, at '6# Water st-eet. UNBURNISHk D ROOMS WANTED ON THE 1st May in the neighborhood of Chambers strret.?'I wo Rooms o t the second story adjoining, with grates, and a Ba-e mettt and Att'C. for a gentleman wife, and servant. A house without other lodgers or boarders will be prelerrred As t e engagement will he permanent, if agree ble. terms must be moderate. References exchanged. Addicts W. J. C, at the Office of ihis psper. TO LET, AT EAST B iOOKi YN, ON STAGE Route. rert$tOO, arma'l neat MtMS, with i rooms kitchen and cellar, eonrt yard. be., on Sktlman -feet, near Park ave-ne. Also, r 2 story an' attic house on Bedford a?erue, neif Park, with folding doors, brsetnrut. under cellar and wood house?rent $160 Also, a large two story and attic house with folding doors, marble mantels, bed rooms attac ed. large garden and stable en Franx'iu avenue, near M'rtle; all well .locked with grape y>nes. Inquire st the cottage, or st the Drug store, coiuer of Myrtle avenue and Gold street, Brooklyn. _ __ _ _ Broad street stores to lkt-the large, substantial, fire proof stores, Nos. til and IS Broad street. Thev will be rente* separately or together. Apply to JOHN W RITCH. 8 Wall street. TO LET?A LARGE KIVE STORY HOUSE IN BARclsy ?treet, tear Broadway, (No II.) with rear building attached fitted up with every convenience and modern improvement, and well suited fur a ho Tiling In use. Apply on ihe premise", (in the basement.) from 12 to 2 P M ' "U iiE.r.-runyi'ibun viuivr, itMtB-j\ Lnnuf. J. convenient comfortable Farm Home. Barn and other out Buildinga. with a good garden and abont forty acrea of land in good slate of cultivation; a young apple o-chard af about eighty treen of the belt kind of frnit in good bearing order. Alio, a number of rherry tries, Knglifh, Ac , situate* in tha town ofYonketa, about one mile Irnm the New Yorlt and Harlem Railroad Depot, at Williams Bridge. Terma moderate Possession given o? the first of April neit. For terms, apply to A G. VAL.FNTINE, 165 Front street. New York, or to ABRAHAM VALENTINE, near the p-emiiei. Yonkere, Feh'uarr Id. 1818 TO ?KM', AND IMSSK-'SION IMMEDIATELY, and for a term of yeari?The large and rery conreaient and pleasantly situated house. No. 171 Canal sfeet, between V>ticU and Hudson streets. It has thirteen p'essant lodging 1 rooms.two large pallors, large kitchen and several rooms ad- , joining, kitchen ringe and large boiler, with rofon water fix- | tures. Also, the two ttorv end attic honse No. 17), adjoining. i For rent, kc ,applv at 17 Morton street. Also, lo tent, a bnrk t c.i ach heme, and stablea for four horses, in Vestry street, ud | th? new home No. 30 LaU'ens afreet, from 1st Mav. I MAKSAPEQUA HOUSE?THIS WELL KNOWN ' resort ofettixens daring thesnmmer mcnths.and of Trout Fishermen in the Spring, ia offered to lease, from the first of Ma'ch next, for one or a number of years. The splendid lake adjoining, filled with trout, makes this house one of the must deairsble locations on tne islnnd. The property may be teen, and terms agreed upon, by applying to tne snbseriher near the premises. THOS FLOYD JONES. South Oyster Bav, Feb. 7fh, 1118 N.B.?The above vitnhlishment would be rented very low for a private reaidenee. TO STRAW GOODS DEALKRS.?THE SUBSCRIB? ers, manufacturers of the original Pamela Brail, also Pa fur la Bonnets, offer to supply the trade with either Cranio' Bonnets, on the best terms, for cash or approved notes. They else continue to mannfaclnre the Excelsior Silk Bonnets, at their old place of buainess, 86 Delancy atreet. JOHN SAMMIS fc cp. 2*00 CASES OF DYSPEPSIA-NO FLUID OR jOUU medicine has ever been discovered which so tie rly resemb'es the gastric juice or saliva, in decomposing food, and strengthening the organs ol digestion, at this prera ritinu ofSarsaiNtrilla. It poaitively cures every rate of Dyspepsia, luwever aevere or chronic. If any doubt this assertion we can Punish the testimony of some of the most resprrtable gentlemen in the Uuited States, who have been perfectly cured. Principil oirice, 116 Fulron atreet. , DU. A. H. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC BELT AND J Magnetic Fir id.?Theaa articlea, sojnstlvcelebrited for their wonderful efficacy in the cure of ue-rons complains, invr been before the American public for npwards of three years, during which time they hire steadily increased in favor. and are now recommended by many of our most distinguished physi'ians. They appeal to the iutellipent clisaes. to , those who think and reflect; an J to such wr woaldsay.use neither drugs nor medicines when you are .afflicted with dys pepsin, paralysis, tic dolorranx. broncli'tis, rhrnnic rbenma- ! tram, nervous headache, or any other dertngemenr of ike net- ' v as system: for they but weaken the bodv and debilitate the J frame. In all thrae disorders. Dr. Christie's Galvauie Belt Necklaces. Bracelets, kc.. from their atrengrhauing powerr, r are of immediate and certain benrfn. Pamphlets, witn fis11 J details, can be had at the only dep it In New York, 182 Broad- . way. A liberal discount to wholesale puicln?cra I Medical ofkiue-dh. johnson, 17 duane ' street, near Chatham stree'. so well known as the n.ost . ccessfal practitioner iu New York, in the tre.iment of vene 1 real diseases. The Do-tor's repu atiou for skill in these old i half-cnred esses that have existed for year*, is pre-' Gleet, stricture, nleers upon the body, or in the throat or note, paina in the head, and bones rf the legs, effectually cured Constitutions I weakness bronght on by s secret habit indulged ( in by young men. causing lascivious dreamt and nightly emis- , sioni. positively p-evei ted Recent cares cured io f ur day s, . without mercury. No alteration in diet, or prevention from b'?ine?a. DR. JACKSON'S PILE AND TETTER EM BHD' A- ? lion has gained a reputation never before equalled by any . medicine? it is warr, nted to eure. Scarpa's Ac. nrlie Oil will rure D-afness, Pain, the Discharge of Matter from the E i-s, ^ Stc. These m-dicinei have ru-ed mere persons ih?n all othera combined For sale hv A. B k I), "anils, 101 William it , n. , V ; f)r. I) Jayre Philadelphia; C?rt?r. Willi n 4'' . Boston: " F W Kall'f, WMh'mtoo city: Alei Jav?e, Pittibirf; K. It J. Adams, St Louis; and N Jarrii k Co , New Orleans. ^ TO THEM IZENBOFNEW YORK, MERCHANTS ?i r.n I the pnh'ic generalIy?We present onr thaiks for ihc a rapid increase of our bu*in*at; and which bv our continued rlforta to aet sfr yon, and th,t nnr estihlnhraent lies, with I rn"rrnoo? ripcnies ba?n made known, anil for vonrroive a niaree to merit y nr cnfmtivd fntr-n ge. And, t>i other* p nnarqna nted with us. we are p taitiu in saying if yon want h ny arfnl* of me nejne, prrfninery, eoimetic. 4c , that, ion p cannot fi id an ex'eceive and chtap an aaaortment aa at '21 I- nl- .1 ton itreet Noar'ii le bn-th i?e ef ea ab'ithedgo'd rannfe and r |enuin?, will erer be mido-recnmme dee. iVyar'fc Ketch- a im who'eaale and retail agents for the fnl'owine: ? Or Upborn ' Pile Elecuary, wartauted in all eaaet- Or Worm's' ar- I lanarilla a< d Wil l Cherry Bittera; Dr. van Hindi's 1'iUa; I Wutar'a Balstm W>|d Cherry; Avei' Chertr rector I. d linll a Sa'ar.parilla: Tnmpaon'- S- nip T.i and Wood Saptlia; a Swayme'a Svrnp Wild I herry; D'*ia'? Syrnp Wild ' berry I nid Tar: HrrtieV's Medicines: J-o*a'a American h tosge.and Or W,ll-m'a Pill, for Erv?r and Ai-ne; Hurt's M [.iniraeit; Whitweil'i Cat.;rrhSnuff and Opodeldoc; t>l?ru'i li feifoinrry. Hair Oi'a 'n '' o*inenca. Foster's Mount >'u ( out . p aonnd for ihe Ma-r; Dver'a Medicinea: 'Vs'ia rt.'a Wild ry Bossm Denirifi-e s?d Worm Killer.^ together e ith 1 rsery artic e ol psteni Medicine, I'erlnin-ry, Coimet C. kc . * it the Proprietor's In west price. If yon are at a hnrnknnw tl where to (Ind aoch artielea, yon haae only to call at Wya't k u Kccham's. 121 Fulton attret. three do ra eaat of Nissan, and ai poo are rare to Bod thaw. m mDH. LA MOTT'd FRENCH REMEDY FOR , private diaeaaei. Thia elegant, safe, and agreeable I ?eilieine,*o celebrated in Pana, aa an infallible preperation, ie h low offered to the Anwrir m pehlic. which may be adhered, hit they may obtain a perfect and apeedr rare, without e?- 1 Soanre hv tnimerona applications for the d ffercnt temediea I hat prove unsuccessful. It it ur-t unp'easant to the taate d i*ida ee'tun enre in a few daya, without danger ef debilitat- I ? ng or otherwiae injuring the patient Mold only nt 121 Fnl d on street. New York Price. II a bottle. h DR. LAMBERT IS 8IILL TO BE FOUND AT HIS " old office, 61 Uold street. near En ton, where he can he U :onlidential>y Consulted by all those unh ppy victims of trjl- , iraetire, in every dtae.iae of a private rr.ture. The Doctor* | reaitneut ia n-iin the non-mercntiel ystrm, already snceest tiIIy practise-! by him on the continent ol Europe, Strirtnres, tervoua Debility.noefn ml em aaiona, together wito terent , aaea speedily ami effectually eared. All lettera. post raid, j r.eloairg a fee, p.omp'lv attended to Offiee f 1 t |.,'d street. Every mother'sbook-the apprehension * of poverty, and the ptoapectofa large fimily of children R irerent many considerate people front entering the inartiei 'tt|, but here it it book thet will tell yon tn*n? important ie> P reta which 'Pay "veto >me theee obitetim,a, Price id ten(|. M for ale kv Banteaa* Striager, Ul Broadway \ Keibtr ROe., * 'ioDd^piiia^W. R. DivuTllBfM *. liia, a?4 tfcdJ 1 PARKTILKATH K?M K"PI!3 BAJSDB.LENTII AmMitmi C'ren*~F.?ot Willei the aeao- r?BnJI Aao! 11 iirau'i ( har.ira ?f Keiferm i e?? Eagaarjnert of Mr. T. V. MOSRLY, the felebrot-d Eryliih Hen.ic nder (,'oeInu-rt succae of tii*. UKKMANI Kirat app.ara'nea of rOM THUMB, the ?rmll-u tony in the w iId hrer* ariety ol attr.'rti"U in **i.e grand hill. < lownf, Jne Peutlaam, I. Lathrop eatl D ." liirdnr. Ureaa < ircle and Par;n?rta, 0 carta; Boira, 2i en.ta- (jallery, 12)4 cent*. Dnmoieii t ?H?pertormnnea to rootaaanea at T. For pntiealara ee hills N. 0 ?A mod urfommiri erery Saturday afterona. MmiaeMtu ?f ?!a o'clock, no WERT THEATRE?Fit ID AT KVEMNQ. FEBIs iutr? II. taIM ?'1 he iirrloimancea will csanmrnee wi h Slna?:i.ii?i'? tragedy ol THE FATAL DOWUV? Ho'-opt, Mr. MarahaH Y.> <>e f illoned by the drama of ABMODEUB, ir the Li'tlr Levil'aHli.ire?Carlo Miss C. Clarke, Kaphaei. Mr. Wale t; Cmsilda, Mrs. IValco? To conelnde with the rand liniletqae oi e.a < I OTELLU?Otello, Mr T D Hiee. it ieo.yiSeet.ia; fit ?ud (lallety, 12X cruta. Doors open at SX o'clock. Perfo)more to ct ipmcnre at 7 pHATHAM THEATUK.?FIUDAY EVENINO. Feb. Av llth, e rerloiu'.anee will cotninrnre wiih MfcTAMORA?? c aiopi, Mr Brrtiiham; Paddy V?oer*ii, Mr. Herbert; Tap-okce, Mra Bron^him Previous to mhieh LIV1NU JKeJuBj'R?Bib Plastic, Mr. Broughtm;AugeJiaat, Miss Hildrett*. Dsnce, Vtr fccott. To conclude with AOHEB VKlthe-Altrfd de Veie. Mr. Hu herlai.d; Oliver Dobba, Mr. Herbert; Lydu, Mm Hitdreth; Agues de Vere. Mra. Wilkinson. Droit oren ar 6^ o'clock?performance to commence at 7 Hoira.25 centa: PirHU D ROADWAY IHKATHK?KR IDAY KV'MNO, W *?biu uy llth. will he p.esruied the play of the BRIDAL ?Melantim. Mr J.Wallaek; Arcaiea, Mr. f,ed neka Locan, Mr 11. Hunt; Kvadue, Mrx J Wallack' Amiphi' i Mil Sergeant. To conclude with 3 OUNG A Vi? R1C A?( ol Martinet, Mr. Varht; Captain Daahalong, Mr Dawion; Mr. Pooler, Mr. Hndaway; M:i D'vhalni g. ,Yr>. Sereraut; Mra. Pooley, Mri. Watia: Mia Sr.ider, .Mr?. VViualanlev. Dieia Circle and Parqnette i(l eta- Family Circle 15 eta; Gallery 1JH cenla. Doon opau at half-paar 6 o'clock?Performance to commence at 7. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THKATHK ? BENEFIT i-'A of Miaa Partington?(>n which oeeaaion Mr audMra. Brougham have, in th? Irmdeat manner, voluulaeied their valuable acrrlcea FRIDAY EVENING. F'eb. II, IMI? Will bepraarnird the PRIDE OF THE MAKKKT? laidore Harine, Mr Holland; M?rrca, Mm Mary Taylor. Afier which, TURN k I) HFSAOS?Dick. Mr. Mitchell; La. ra. Mi'a Phillips Cl?g Pa? de Den*, Mitv Partinvtin ?nd Miaa H Partington. ,? Iter which. CIlfNP St JUN K?Theoplnlua Cn'r hall K?q . Mr Cunningham. Myv'erir ua Lady M<aa Marvin lor i'oconclude vnith IKIpH LION?'I om Moore, Mr ^Brougham; Mr*. Fitzgig. Mra Dr ugh-jm, Miia Echo, V'aa ' hillipa. limns oi>?n r,t curtain riaea at 7 o'clock ? rire-? eire'e 5n rents: (tmr> 25 cuts: Pit. 1 ah|]|ing OP-RA HOU8I, A?TOR PL AC IS.?Fit IDA Y EVEi trie, Feb II. will he pieaemed. the opera of LU* CHKZI \ HOKOI A ? Lucrrxin.Sig'ra Tereaa Trulli: Oenaro, Signal 3 Rei ederti; (rubella, S gin r Meveio Striui; Vlteeoa*1. Siguor O. Pitmnniesi; Liyerr tto, Mra S. Bouhrd; Duea Alfnuvo. Signor S Horsi; Onini, Sig'ra uietti Rosn ; Ueiella, Sitnor Lorenzo Biondi; tlnsiichellu. SicuorN. I'arraai; Petri! r c i. laignor F. (jiiih rueo No lady, unaccompanied by i gentleman, e.dmiped. Boxra, pa1 que:re. una Balcony, $1; inmhiflieirre, 50 centa. Doora open at 7?To ebtntnenee at 7* o'clock. Falmo'a OPERA HOUHE?FHID' Y BVKMNO, Feb II?Profe-aot THEIRS'grnapx of Mn|)kL ARTlH'fS. twenty id number, w.II have rlie honor o* appearing in aaerreaol their relebiated Orrnrd I ablenux Vivanta and Poaca I'lHitiguea, which hai been onaidered the moat ciaiaieal and ivslrnc iye eahihitirn that haa ever appeared in any eoontrv, and hai heen honorrd by the pi'roiiage of Ihe moat angmt pera< uagra Uoora orru at i>X to commence at 7>f o'clock Dreaa Circle and Pa'q'lette. lady nrd geutlemao, 5 centa; gentl-man alone. 50 eeuta: upper borer, 25 ecnta. Bog Qifice oi en fr m K 5 V w ' P M iVf E( HANK'S'HALL.(72 BRQADWAY. BETWEEN Ivl (ilrand an d Broome -fa ?Crowded to overflow lug with the be 'nt v and faahiou uf New York I ipen every night during 'he wcrk exi ept Monday Unabated ancceaa?Nineteenth week of the oriuiu-l CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, the oldrat earabhahed Baud in the Uuited Htatea. E. P. Chriaty. 0. N. Chriaty. E. Pierce, J- Raynor, C Abbott, T. Vaughn, wboae original and innn>table Concerta are uiglitl* honored wi h crowded and highly teapeetahle andiercei. and nmver* a-llv admitted to excel every arnuaemact ol a timilar charge* ret offered in t hi * city ,admi?aion 25 cents; children urder lOycarahe.lf price. Dcrt open nt 7 o'clr'ek?Cmrert will notrnienrc at 8 On Saturday, Frb. 12. ?n Afternoon Concert. Door* open at 2, commenee at 3 o'eloek On Monday evening. Keh '4th. Fourth l a cert rt the Brooklyn Inathute. BIiOADWAY ODF.ON?ENTRANCE THROUGH Piuieux'a ' dea Mille Colonner ?Manager. F. O. < ley.?Great attraction*. The mat ag?r rrapectfully annonqrea to the citizena of ihm great metropolia. and to arrangem y-xting it, that The t'deou ia npeu with ?n entire new ompnny of Male and Female Ar'i*te?, of the moat beautifnl ayininrtry, in order to produce ;t aeriea of aplendid new Tableaux Vivanx Friday Feb. II?I <r>t night of the magnificent P beaux of C 3 IN AND AB* L.?Progrctnme ?Pan 1?Orerturca. Hoi gr, Ski Pan 2?TABLE aUX VIV*NH?nd Poaea I' at'iquca by the Model Artntea Part J?Favorite of the Ser giio, gtc. Pricea?Oicheatra Box, 50 centa; Parqnette, 25 centa; Bnxea 12V centa. AMEKIC 3N MUSEUM ?SPLENDID PERFORMancea every afternoon and craoing?vira Pelhy'a auperb 3'ripttirnl Statnary, repieaentirg the ' Birth ol Chriat," Hia 1.a.- t Supper," " Hia Trial b fo e "ontiua Pi'ate," and a'ao rrpreaeuoition ofan " Inteinnrnno Fein ly," all in max. the x zeof tile may hi aeeii nt all h nr. every day nnd evening, wnhortr ex'racharge. Bemle the-* nre engaged?Maat. John mr, Tight-ltope Dancer; Great We-te-n. ihe low ccmediaa; Maatc and Miaa Wyette, aged 8 and 12 yeara; Clara Fill et'a shakaperran Cabinet; Mra. Monell; Miaa Bernard; MixaeaJnlien and Whithck, dancrra; Mr. Whirlockj Mr. Proaarr; M Rockwell, forlnue teller, kc. Admiaaionto the whole, 25 centa. Keaerved front aeata, one ahtlling each extra. Broadway casino, corner of grand bt, >ud Broadway.?a card.?Mesara. L* nch and Kara mgh have (he p.'eaiuir of informing their frienda and the public that they hue nrruineil the ni'iongement of the above highly fmpnlt' place of amunemcut, and tiuat bv pnncmvlitr and trict attention to ihe geneial I uaineai of the eatabliahment, to a continuance ol the patmnrgeao liberally citendea to iri late proprietor. n. B. I he Conceria will in futnte aommeuec at half paat 7 o'clock precisely. Hall of novelty, corner of centre end.Paail atrreta ?The GREEK SLAVE, which ia per aonvted by a young lady of fnuitleaa lo m. The Tablean Virania.or ihe Livinp Model Artiita. male and fcmrle, under the direction of Professor (.'aleo, wlo will intnulnce many new end Periling illustrations,in winch he defies competition, as regards the form* of ihe lemules engaged, or the paraphernaIia employed. The Virgin a Minstrels, W . H. Coleraau'e Banjo ?, "nil a Dancing, and Singing Tri.npe,composed of male and female perfermeka Admission oue shilling. Doom open ."II o'clock : cu'lain rues -1 7 Srr i r.'rriinme _ COLUMBIAN HALL. No 363 ORAND STREeT, lieiweeu Forsyth .and Eldridge.?The manager would respectfully to the eitizena of Thin great metropolis, an well aa to rtrai.grrr, that ilia above Hall will again open on A1 >m<IKteni g.lhe lAih instant. when the band of NABLIl BHOl HK.iS. hav ng completed their engagement at f'almo'a, will preaer.t hatore the public their unique Ethiopian Performances, which have by thrm been received witn ?o i nch applause. The manager trust* by aitention to business ind punctuality, to merit a continuance of the i-alrouege to liaerally extended to their t revtone performances. Evenings of lierfor ance, Mondays, Wednesdays. Thursdays and Hat or lava. For fall imuiculars see bills of lha day. _____ JERUSALEM.?B RUN NET 11'S MODEL OF TDK Holy fit', aa in thedayi oflhe Redeemer, it now open at hia Gallery 598 Broadway. Viaitedin Europe by half a million of people. Mr. Mnlnne Kaymnnd of Dublin, will give hia deacriptive lecture daily at 3 and 7 ft iu the evenings for n sho t time only. Admiaaiou 10 ceuta; children half puce. Pamphlet iu:d map lift cents. Opens half an honr before the lecture BRUNSWICK'S STATU A UY?LARGE AS LIFE? representing the VENUS DE MEDIC IS and APOLLO DE MEDICI8 Open ftom 9 A M Ui 10 P. M . at 196 Broadway, uext to Stoppaui's batha. Admittance 31 ceuta. Seaaou tickets 10 rents BANVAKD'8 MAMMOTH PANORAMA OK THE Mississippi river, painted on three miles uf canvass,ibn ing the largest painting in the world, at the Panorama building, in B-ondway, adjoining Niblo'a Harden. Open every evening. (Knudays excepted ) Admission 10 cents; children piice. The Pano'ama will enmmenee moving at 7f( o'clock, pieciaelv Afternoon exhibition on Wediieidaye and Satur. days, at 3_o'eloek. LEARNED CANARY BIRDS?SIONOR8PINETTO rcapeciln'ly Informs ihe iadiea and gentlemen of ihis city and vicinity, that hia exhibition of thaae m^at wonderful hirdi, that have so chatinad the people of the old world aro now on exhibition at the Lei tore Hoom in the SoeirtyL'brary, 118 Broadway, Afternoon exhibition every dar. at 3 o'cloca iJnen every evening (Monday evening excepted,) at 7 o'eloek Tne per'ormmg birds will commence at half-past 7 precisely. Admission 31 cinls?Children htlf price. Theatrical performers.?wanteb, four Ladies, of in.doubled talent, to fill reiponsible situation* nthe Nam na! Theatre, at Cinciuuati. None but those of .ilent 'to! respeatabilitv i eed apply. Applications to be mad* r ihe B< * Office of ihe Bowery Theatre, t" A. W.JACKJON. V' r tteu commnmcati"us dir-etcd as abaye. MEW CORK PACHT O I UB.-THE Fib ST OENFI Ln ral m?e?ii.gof the New York Yacht Club f r 1448 will ike place 'U VVaduesday.the nth install*,at the Astor House. I he tneetin* for business at 4 o'clo It: diuver to be served at 1 ' M. Members wishing to dine will please >o I ave their lines at the v ator House on or before Tuesday. the llth nut. ly order of the I'r?mmod?re, ' I. SliYDlM, Secreary. 1A H K FOURTH ANNUAL BALL OF CONCORD. IN aid of ihe Widowtand Orphans will take place on Mo*Lv Evrning, February 14'h at the Shakspeare Hotel. Tick is $1?can be hsd ot l'?A. Roeselet, 170 William ttrett; F. Inmres.-e, 44 Centre street: K. Louis, I9t West Broadwev; T. U Diifin, 18 Atone street; K. t.'onlon, 1J Frankfort street, H ?* Mai re, 18 N-ss-u street. MEINHARDT'B OILDE'.I BRASS LETTERS) FOR Higus ? These let-eis ere remarkable for durability and i brilliancy of the gild uir unequalled hy any other article in he city?which hnilnncv is warra-ted to stand exp>aure to he weather Thev are also jan-nned 'o any color that may be leaned. Orders left at Jones, Heche It o's, 130 Fulton street, rill hearten, ed to Tie pa-tiwrshin heretofore existing bewe?n Meinhad It Scott, was a is olved ou the 1st of July > -im 'n nun, STRIKER'S wnM) t, RH'I, DIICUTUlT ?STRI J kei'i Solution fo? the hair will chaig? gtay hair to ita rigo al c-lor ir, a few munen's Th-a dye different f'cm ?Vi?t cffjre d to the public. Gentlemen lhat here beeu hum urged Itv different hait daee will p'eme to cell on Vlr. Srnk-r. I' will elmr yon it it no hum oig tnd u w?v injurious to the kin r hair. Thoae whoilonbt it* tiuiri am requested to or their hair changed brfore paying their money ; if nom nil' wimH take *hi method. th?re would ne no reaion to com I in. The beantv in thli dye i*. the more n me it the aiker it ?"' To avoid the pub le being humbugged iu pro limit fi? dee, jt cannot he had at ?ny other plaea than II HIK*1 R'S. No 4 <' cmih Slip who! aaleand retail Dr. halph. author or thk * practical Plicate Trea'ne," k', ia eomtiltrd upon any of the tscaaes there referred to, at hia residence, M Greenwich ^teet, t'roni 9 to Ik A.M., and 8 to 9 P M (Snodarea-eptedJ. hole who ?uply in the early itaeei of loeae comply nt?. w II e astourheaat the rapidity and ! !? ioconver lence aqe. dsg the cure It is chiefly liowrver, tlioie who li eetuffeied vig from a certain cleta of people, or otherwiie e bo can proerly ipp rweiaie Ma aaraieai [NTEMPERANCE ' UHEP BY MfcDK INK ? TIP I fling habiti ate eaeilv.iited y ?uJ effecta illy cured by is uie of Dr. CooV'i ren-edv for intcini ?r?nce. a it* ilari le oi the medien e produce! an alteration in the eo'ti ?f the l orach which eradieite* the hackrring deiire fir itimalanti. a that liquor beeomei off??ii?e toihei'ght, taste or imell ?, 'lie reined," ia pleasant and eaiy to tike, n-r dnea it interfere I the |e -at with diet m occupation. " < Por tale hy the toctorat W Y ATT It KETCHAM'S, Ul Knltou etreet, and V Dr W hite. To Houston street. Lf KDICAL CAR D-DK. MORRISON NIK KULTON *1. atrret, devotes hii eutire time to the treatment of rrivate teases. Recent esses, particularly Oo? orrhdi i. h? cerei in few day* Csustituii >nal debility from a iccret habtr, in uc ng nocittrusl cniiiiions aud impotenc", Is radically eared him Strictairs he cu e* without pain, bee Dr. 'I 'a Dh loma.witli rhc ticnarniei of Sir Aitlcy Cooper, Sir A Car ile, fce , in he office, 2W< Fulton itrert A perfect cure u*r?nt?ed HHILADttLPHIA MEDICAL. HOLTS,:?DP. KlNKK1 ia. German rhyiirian, fifteen ? * < resid'j^ pructv oner in Philadelphia. The enre of all diieeiei ofThe saia, mla Ilea oft delicate natu'e avd dettreettee Kshirj o'yonih. \ll contiunea to engage Dr Kiokclm'a nrmoet atrentioo. In tlids, whoae complaint* are in the most desperate condition ivr depend on being always conducted by Dr K. himaelf. ttha prompt, sale and energetic treatment, to a perfect cure, t rangers tn.vel'ing, mppliea at a moment' notice with medi tug sufficient to cure themselees in the inois coerenieat and r-.rat* mea 'er Cureyvarnjited or uncharge required^ Let. itl.yoi; vti selliaadet jr<vrr>??n#esmt ieatdaeet N Rf ,n*' J ru -dtad Un-m at as v. kplf teftm^amjh; *? rw*1

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