Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1848 Page 1
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THJ Whola Mo. 501S, OA UK THEATRE?-SANDS, LENT fc CO.* AMK* ricao Cirena for three night* longer.?The Proprietor* respectfully announce that they thai I keen their ea'ablunment open for three uigliti looser, yi*: Monday, Tncaday M4 Wedlieidav. February 2lit, 221, ai,d 23d. after which the Cncm will positively close, a? the Oomptuy l?ave for Bnaton on Thursday Mondiy t.veniUK Benefit of M rt HASDS, wneB ' will tie offered the moat attr.eriye bill of llieM'ton. Tuesday eyeuiri. ihe joint ANNIVEHS \HY "h ^H KRIRTHD X V OK W A8H^ OTON and rf THE BATTLE OF Bl/ENiV VI8VA, on whieh nccnaion a splendid National entertainment will beuiveu. Wednesdty errniuu. poaitively last ii n'i' of tlie season. Dress Circle ana l'ariiuelte, W cenu; Boxes 25 cents; Gallery. UX cents; Piivate b)X?. ti each. Children under ten years of n?e. w>ou acompinied by their parents or guardinnt, to the<nres< Circle half price Doors (ir>eu nt half-nut 6 o'clock Performance to commi'U at 7 o'clock. N. B A grand afternoon perfjrrouice on VVedneidiy. and noiitive'y the last^ PAUK THE ATBE.-THE PUBLIC IS RKSi'KCTNULly informed that thii establishment will be reopened for the leaiion on Wednesday . March 1st The ladies and gentlemen of the Corps Drnmati<|iie. i re rtqueitcd to a:t?nd a relirarsil, on Monday the 28th instant,at II o'clock in the foreuoon. BOWERY THEATRE?TUESDAY EVENING. Feb rnary 2?d?Will he presented Shakspeaie's great historical play of HRNRY THE EIGHTH-Cetharine, Queen of England, Mra Shaw; (Cardinal Wolsey, Mr Barrv; Henrr, King ol Enzland, Mr. W. Marshall; \nne Bolem, Mra Phillira. with THE FLYING DUTCHMAN, or the Phantom Ship?V-inderdecken, Captain of the Flying Dutchman, Mr. Stevens; Capt. Ptppeicoal, Bellamy; Peter Yon Btuinme), (' Enrke; Lestalle, Mra Walcot. Boies, 25 roots; Pit aad Gillery, 12, ? eentt. Door* open at 6% o'clock. Performance to commence at 7. f^HATHAM THEATRE. TUESDAY EVENING. February ?2<l?The performance will commence with the Comedy of THE HElK AT L\W?Dick Dowlas, Mr. Hield ; Doctor P'lnglisa, Herbert ; Z-kiel Homespun, W iiiiir Dph imli T)nwlas. Mrs Wrav: f'ecilv HomeaDtin. Mr* Wilkinvm After which, the MODEL ARTISTS. To conclude with, first night of the WHISTLER : or, the Lilly, of St. Leou rds?Sir 'Sen'ce Ht-iU 'ton. Mr. Varry ; Sandie, S*nde-son, Hield; Dicky Duticn, Wjnans; Derid Butler, Mis* K. Deu'n;The Whistter. Mis* 8. Driun; Lady Staunton, Mr* Wilkmon. Dour* or>?n at o'clock?performance to com ?mM* nn*e?. V cents: Pit ItK cent* MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC TH E ATRK"?TUESDAY Eren'ng, Keb. 22? Benefit of MM. LEVEKE?will be Kcrfonred, the f-.try extiMT-gauza entitled KA B'll?Kabri, 1r. Holland; Nico. Mr Cono??r; The Fairr Blanch. Miu Phillips Afier which a comic drama, USED Uf?SirChar'ea Goldsiream, Mr W.ilcoi; Lid * Clntterbnck, Miu Phillip* After which, ORISV TO '1HE MILL?Marquis de Richeville, Mr. Walcott; Francina, Miu Clarke. To canclnie with PEGGY GREEN?Nicholas Snoxxle, Mr Holland; Mr. Edw Rorerly, Mr. Chaufran; Jane Turner, Miu Phillips; r?ggy Green Miu Mary Taylcr. Doort open at <SX. curtain rue ?t 7 o'clock Broadway theatre?Tuesday evening. Feb. 11?Will be performed 'he c< medr .1 OLD HEADS AND YOUNG HEARTS-Jesse Rural. Mr. W. R. Blake; Tom C?ke, Mr. Fleming; B"b, Mr. Hadaway; Lady Alice Hawthorn, Miu Pain* Wallack; Miu "o kett, Mr*, ?errea-it. After which, Pa* de Deux bv M'lle* Celeste and St. ('.lair. To conclude with the MY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE? Mr. Somerton. Mr. Daw?o?; Mr. Brown, Mr. Hadaway; Mr*. Brown, Mr*. Strgeaot. Door* open at 6X; performance to commence at 7. Opera HOU8E, ASTOR PLACE?WEDNESDAY Evening. Keb, 23. will be performed th* opera of GIUR.V MENTO?Manfred, Count of Taormina, Siirnor F. G. Beneventauo; Bianca, Signora Li'tti in Roui Cor*i; Elaisa, Sicm ra Teresa Truffii; ViscarJo of Benevento.Signor SestoBentdetti; Brnaoro, Signor Gniieppe Piemonteii; Iiau e, SignoraT. AraKadto. Maestro Direttore, Sigaor Barili; Leader of the Or?heitra, Signor Rapetti; Chora* Matter, Signor C. Lietta. Boxes, parqnrtte and balcony, $1; amphitheatre, 50 cent*.? Poor* open at 7; performance to commence at 1% o'clock. PA LMO'S OPERA HOUSE.?TUESDAY EVENING Feb 21?Reduction of price*.?To all r?'t* of the^House 'i> trim ? rtoir**or llllMw unuuro 01 inuutij nnTISTS. twenty in number, will have the honor appearing in a srrit* ol their celebrated Grand Tableaux Viranu and I'm-! i'liutiinea, which ha* beeu considered the moit clauical xml initrueuve exhibition (hat has ?trr appeared in any conn try, and hiu been honored by tlie patronage or the moit *ncu?t personage*. Doors open at 6}i, to commence at 7X o'clock Hex office orxw from II A. Nl to 4 P. M. MECHANICS' HALL,472 BROADWAY. BETWEEN Grand an<l Broome us.?Crowded to overflowing with the beauty and fashion of New York. Open every night daring the week exccpt Moaday. Unabated success ?Twenty-first week of the original CHRISTY'S MIN8TRELS. the oldest eitablished Ruid in the United State*. E. P. Chriaty, O N. ChriitT, E. Pierce, J. Raynor, C. Abbott, T. Vang ha. whose original i>cd inimitable Concerts are nightly honored with crowded and highly respectable audience*, and universally admitted to excel every amusement of a similar character offered in thu city. Admission Vt cents; children under 10 year* half price. Doara open at 7 o'clock?Concert will commence at I. On Saturday, Feb. 26, ?n Afternoon Concert Doors open at 1. commence at 1 o'clock. On Monday *t*b int. Feb. a lit. Fifth Concert at the Brooklyn ln?titute. U ROADWAY ODEON?ENTRANCE THROUGH a_? 1'inteux s < are ilei /ulle i'?lnnan.?Manager, K. u Oreelr.?Musical Director, Mr Oltlfield.?Anniversary nfthe Birhdaf of Washington, and ol the Bat'le of Bnena Vista. ? Slanting and effective.?The mtniigtr respectfully announce* to the citizera of rhu great metropolis, and tn stranger* vis'ting it, that ha lias eog'ged the celebrated Band of OJEON MINSTREL*, who will appear in their popalar Overtures, Songs. Sic ?Tuesday. Feb. 22?rrojrramrae? Part 1?Grand Overture Hooks variety o< Dancing, be?Fait 2?TABLEAUX VIV ANS end Poses Plastiqnea by the Model Artists. Part I?Favorite of the 8ernglio, fcc. Price*? Orejmtn Rni. SO rants: Parquette. IS Cents; Boies, UK cents American museum?splendid performances every afteruoon and evening? Mr?. Pelby'a superb Scriptural Statuary, representing the " Birth ol Christ," ''His Last Sapper," " Hie Trial before Pontine Pilate." and also a representation of an " Intemperate Family," all in wax. the eiie of life, may be seen at all hoora every day and evening, without eitra charge. Beside there are encaged?Mast. Johnstun, Tight-Rope Dancer; Great Western, the low comediaa; Lioghing Gas; Pete Morris, comic singer; Clan Fisher's Shaksperean Cabinet; Mrs. Monell; Misa Bernard; Misses Juliea and Whitlock, dancers; Mr. whitloek; Mr. Proeeer; Mtdame Rockwell, fortune teller, fcc. Admission to Ibe whole. IS caste. Reeerred front seats, one shilling each sitra TABERNACLE.-THE PUBLIC ARE RESPECTfnllv informed that a Qrand Concert o! Vocal and Instiuraeetal Mrsic will be given at the Tabernacle, on Thursday evening, February 24th. lilt, in aid of the Charity Fund of the HoIIhiH Protective Soicety. Pridcipal performers?K'gnora Itosina Pico. Misa > liza Brienti. Mrs. Jamiesnn and Miss Kitkham. (Pnpil of the Conservatoire of Paria.and of the celebrated Costa and Doras Gru?her first appenratice in America.) Mr. Manvera and Sigeor de Begins. the Amrrican Musical les'itute, (who have volunteered their setvices) and a Grand Orchestra. Musical Diretor. Mr. Genre* Loder. Tickets, tl, to be obtained at the usual places, or of the Members of the Committee. THE M08T VALUABLE COLLECTION OF PICtares ever in Aiis country?comprising some of the best works of Titian, Murillo. Rubena, and many other of the old Masters, is now open to the public at the Gallery of the National Academy of Design, coruer of Broadway and Leonard street, from 9. A. M. to in. P. M. Admission. 15 cents. The valuable collection of the works of the Old Masters, is open to the public, from 9 A. M. to 10 P M. Admission 31 cents, at the Kxhibiti n Room of the National Acqdemv of Desirn. 31# Broadway Laht week of the greek slave, at the Hall of Noveltv. (corner of Centre and Pearl streets.^ Tableau Vivants, or the living Model many new and exciting pictures, under the direction of Prof Caleo; alio, the Apolla Brothers, with their ng|a, glees and datces. Negro refrains, W. H Coleman'a banjo solos; singing and dancing by ihe nnle and female perlorirers. See programme. Admission one (hilling. D >ora open at curtainprises ?t7. BRUNSWICK'S STATUARY?LARGE AS LIFE? ( n Mexican composit'on.) representing the VENUS DE MEUICI8and APOLLO DE MEDIC1S. Open from* A M to 10 P. M, at 396 Broadway, next to Stoppaai's balha. Admit tance ? cent* BANVARD'S MAMMOT.J PANORAMA OF THK Mississippi river, painted on three milea of canvass. be lug the largest painting in the <*orld. at the Panorama hnild ing, in Broadway, adjoining Niblo's Garden. Open every evening. (Sundays excepted.) Admission 10 cents; children price. The 1'anomma will commence moving at7>f o'clock, precisely Afternoon exhibition oa Wednesdays and Satur days, at 3 o'clock. _ Mechanic*' institute lectures at socie ty Library, 348 Broadway, on Monday Evening, on ihe Hiatorr ol the Kieam Engine. C W. Copeland, United States Engineer. Third Lectare. Subject? Railway Enginet? Ocenu Ste.imera, he. considered." Tickett 2) cents, to he hid ?t the door; free to members. Terms of membership, $2 yearly dues, and $1 initiation fee. Merchants and professional gentlemeu nan j. in the Institute and have all the privileges, which are free admission to all the lectnres, debate*, rtading-room, an.l library, *nd di<ccunti o( 23 to SO pe- cert on all charges in ihr ?cho l? and ..'laises. By order Lecture Committee,C. L. R ARtil TT, Ai tnary. P. 8.?United States Patent Agency at Ihe Institute, 18 Cit>- Hall. C. L Barritt. Agent, he. Grand masonic ball in aid of the washing oil Mouuinent Fond, will he given nnder the direc turn of a Cumin tteeol St John's Grant! Lodge, on the Anni versaiy of ihe Bir.It-Day of onr illustrious brother, 22d F?b rnary, at Tammany Hall. Tickets can be obtained of ihe C immittee of Airangementa?Hon. J. II An lerson, White Plains; flenrr c. Atwond, 4* Rivinitnn street; Charles F. Linebe^kJJnrreycr's^office; Wm. F. rial,, 234 Canal street; rf f"n' Harris, Jin ireinncy ft reel; Tho? J.Wayne. 19 Cha'hatn street; Wm H Cornell 4 !8 Houston street; Aid. Reynolds. Hicks Hotel. Wiltiarrsburgh: Wm. B. Barber, inj Centra street: Jno. W. Timpion, li? JJelancr street; Jaa (ireig, jr.. Ornud, corner Cl'Bton sf W. N. Buckley. G3 Catharine itrest; Thilip Meikle, 393 Grand fret; Malachi Kallon Elm street; Charles N. Baldwin. 235 Fioutstreet; W. C. Bruited, 59 Bowery; or of auyof tha members The officer* and members of the Fraternity are requested to appear in full regalia. Floor under the direction of John W. Simons. Wm N. Buckley, and Thomaa J. Wayne. Ticket! and not transferable rpHISTLE BALL?THE M ANAOER8 OF THE THIBI. tie Benevolent Association respectfully announce that the Second and Last Mall for this season will take place it Castle Ocrden, on'J hnrsdav Evening, Feb 14th. The proceeds, at formerly, to be distributed among wortlyr objects of distress, without distinction of sect or couatry. The^irder of dmcing according to progr*niire Mnuagrr of the Floor, Mr. George Hobcitsouand Assistants. Leader ofthe Orchestra.Mr Willam Wallace. Bagpiper,Mr.McKerracher. An arrangement has been made that stages will run to and from the Garden until II o'clock, at tha usual charges. Carriages will enter the Bntteiy t.y ths Greenwich street gale, and go out of the gate opposite I'earl street ; retorting, will take up in reverse order. The inspector of hacks will be present rigidly to enforce the police rrgulMi"sis. Tickets $1. 11 admit a gentleman and two Mies, m be had at Metsta. Htodart h Dunham's music store. No. 361 Broadway; Firth, Hall fc Pond's music store. No. S39 Broadwar ; Captain McLean, 54 Walker street ; and of either af the managers, Checks not transferable. A. CAMERON, 8ecWWiy. STrtIK KR',-4 WONDERFUL DISCOVERV-BTRIK er's ?<>l?tie? lor change giav hair to its original color in a <?r* iuiuMh<-? mi iiyr II nui-rr?i iriiin ?ny yri iMirnu, line who have hern liurrtbtiifi"! h/ HifTcrant hair dfe?, would do well to rill on Mr. fctiiker, nud he will aliow yen hm dye i? uo humbug, and request to h.ive their htir hinged before p<vinc ihe mon*y. Tlie beauty in thit dye ii the more \nn v>a?h it lli* <lirk*r it get?. To avoid the people being hii'uhnKurd prncnrniB thia dye, it ii only for aale at Striker'*, No. 4 Coeatia a'ip. whew it (i applied. NOTICE-ON AN n AKTER SATURDAY. FEBrnary 19th, the ft mboat 8TATEN INLANDER will make tn e fallowing irira, nntil Inr.her notice. I tuvt Qnarnttineat IWJ, ifl A. M.. tl M.,1 P. M. 3 I*. M. Lear* New Vork atM M.1IA M > ' V1 . Ik ? M ? P. M CHIP ROHCII M.KROM I.1VKRPOOI. -CONSIGNEES by thia ahip, will iiletae aend their per mm on board, at OrIe/in? wlia.l, foi<i ol Wall atreet- All Rooda not permitted ia Hv> iiny? will ??nt tn ?h* rnbnc More. NOIlCK-CONBIONMS PC* PACKET ?Hir HUD on. will pl?aaa attend to th* receipt cf taair |m? m < lately, wit host (aether notice. % ENE" NEW HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. Treaty of Peace with that Republic* GENERAL SCOTT TAKEN THE RESPONSIBILITY. Boundary of the Rio Ctrande. New Mexico and California Ceded to the United States* ARRIVAL OF THE IPS CI A ? ME XI S SB If OB R IN WASHINGTON. kt. &r. ke. Pcaee Intelligence. We have received what we believe to be authentic intelligence of a treaty of peace with Mexico having been negotiated and accepted by the Mexican government, at Queretaro, by General Scott, on the basis of the instructions sent out by the government last year. This intelligence arrived at New Orleans on the 13th, by the steamer New Orleans, bringing Vera Cruz dates to the 8th inst. Mr. Freauer, the bearer of despatches from General Scott, has also been landed at Mobile by the. steamer Iris. The government messenger has arrived in Washington. v These despatches contain the treaty of peace proposed by the Mexican Congress at Queretaro. General Scott took the responsibility of accepting this treaty, under certain conditions, and of forwarding it to the American government at Washington. One the conditions is, that 12,00!) American troops are to remain in the city of Mexico till certain obligations are complied with. The balance to be withdrawn. The boundary line is to ba the Itio Grande up to the trila, giving New Mexico and California to the United States. The United States is to give a pecuniary consideration to Mexico, of a small amount compared with that in the rejected treaty of Tacubaya* Gen. Scott, as Commander-in-chiei of the American Army, has taken the whole of the re* sponsibility of accepting this treaty, and forwarding it to our government. Mr. Trist's agency in it is probably subsidiary to that of Gen. Scott. Great excitement prevailed at New Orleans, and greater at Washington. Annexed are the details of the news :? [From the National Intelligencer, Feb. 31.] From several souroes. each confirming the other, we learnt, last evening, under olrcumstanoes to oommand our entire oonfldence, that aprojrot of a treaty of peace with Mexico, signed by Mr. Trist, and, as we believe, bv the Mexican authorities, has been received in this city, and 1s now ondonbtedly in the hands of the Executive. The terms of the treaty, aa we dimly understand them, are, the establishment of the Rio tirande as the boundary between the United States and Mtxloo, and the cession by Mexico oI the provinces of New Mexioo and Upper California to the United States, and the payment by the United Stater to Mexico of a compensation therefor, say fifteen millions of dollars However the fact may vary from these particulars, there is no doubt that the treaty substantially to this offset is now in this city. [From the Mobile Herald. Feb. 13] The Iris arrived at Mobile on the 12tb, from Vera Crns, whence she sailed on the 7th inst She brooght over an officer named Fraener (we are not oer+ain that the name is spelled properly) as bearer of despitohes from Oen. Scott. He was in great haste, and seemed to be full of Important matter. Attempts were made to " pump " him, but they failed. He left the city of Mexico oa the 84 last., and started last evening for Montgomery on board the steamboat Montgomery. It is supposed that he carries imp art ant despatches with him. [From the New Orleant Pioayune, Feb. 13 ] Mr. Freaner arrived at Vera Cruz on Sunday last, the | Sth Inst, bearing despatches from General Scott for the government at W ashing ton He was only four days from the city of Mexico. He sailed on Monday, the 7tn inst, on board the U. 8 steamer Iris, for Mobile The New Orleans was detained for two days to give the Iris time to get In ahead?why, is soaroely known. The New Orleans. however, overtook the Iris and passed her before she reached the Balize. Tbe despatches brought by Mr. FrMner are of the utmost importance. The nature of them wh not generally known at Vera Crui, but from a source in which we have abiding confidence, we learn that the Mexican Congress haa sent in terms cf peace, wbioh General Soott haa takrn the responsibility ot aooeptisg On* of the artioles of this arrangement is that twelve thousand United States troops shall remain in Mexico until certain obligations are fulfilled?the remainder of the troops to be withdrawn. We learn further, that tbe preliminaries of the treaty of peaoe were signed on the first day of F ebruary by the Mexican government, and that no doubt was entertained that tbe Mexioan Congress, which was to meet In a few days, would ratify the same by a large majority By tbe terms of this treaty, we understand that the United States obtain the boundary of the Rio Grande, New Mexico and Upper California. The pecuniary consideration for these concessions, Is a mere trifle compared with that proposed in the conferences at Tacubaya Our dates by this arrival are to tbe evening of the 3d imt. from the city of Mextoo, and the information given above comes to us through so many ohannels, and in uoh authentic form, that we aee no reason to question the fact. The Project of a Treaty Presented by Mr* Irlat en the 97th of Aug., 1847. The following was the projet of a treaty offered to the Mexicans by Mr. Trist, after the battles of Co itreras and Churubusco. It is not the oflicial copy; but we give it because it is said that the projrt just received in Washington is nearly like that presented after these battles : Project of a Treaty pretenled hy the .4m-iicnn Commissioner on the Q7tk, at itzr.onnzileo Art 1 Th?re ahall be a firm end universal peace between the United States of Am*rloa aad the United Mexican Statea, and between their respective countries, territories, citiea, towns and village*, without eic-ption of plaies or persons. All hostill'lea by sea and land shall definitively ceaae as roon aa the ratifluatlona of this treaty shall be made and exiharged by both partiea Art. 2 All the prisoners of war mad* by bath partira, aa well byaea aa land, ahall be returned as aoon ha prncLIcable ?r er the exohange of the ratifications of this treaty. (And further, if there bs at present any Mexioan citizens held captive by the Camanehia or any other aatage tribe of Indians, within the ilmtta of the United Statra, as the same are defined by thla treaty, the Government of the United 9tates will require the restoration of auch oaptivs, and their liberty to return to their homes in Mexico.] Art -J Ho aoon aa thla treaty abail have been duly ratified by the United Meiioan Statea, It shall be made known with the least delay to th? con mender* of the forces by tea and land, of both parties ; and in consequence there ahall be a suspension of hostilities, as well by sea as by laid, as well on the part of the military and naval foroes of the United Statea, as on those of the United Mexican States; atd the said suspension of hostilities ahall be Inviolably observed by both parties. Immediately after the exohange of ratlflsatlona of the present treaty, all the forts, territories, places and possessions, whatsoever they may be, which have been taken by the United States from the United Mexioan States during the war, exoept such aa are comprehended within the limits or the United States, as the same remain defined by Art. 4 of this treaty, shall be returned without delay, and without causing any destruction or extraotlon of artillery, or of any other publio property whatever, originally captured In said forts or plaoes. and which re main in them when the ratifications of this treaty shall be exohanged j and in the same manner all the forts, i territories, lie. Art. 4 The dividing line between the two republlca ahall commence in the Oulf of Mextc?, three leagues from land. In front of the mouth of the Rio Grande; I thence alone the nilddu nf >. << >k. -~i-> ? It touches the southern line of New Mexico; thence westward along the southern limit of New Mexico to the south-west angle of the same ; thence northward along the western Una of New Mexloo to where the same l? out by the first branch of the rlrer Gila; if it be not cut by any branch of aaid river, then to a point in raid line nearest the said branch : and thence In a direct line to the same, and downward by the middle of aaid branch, and ot the said river Gila, until it empties into the Rio Colorado; thenoe downward by the middle of the Colorado, and by tha middle of tha Gulf of California, to the raoitlo Ocean. Art A In oonslderatlnn of the exteneion of the limits of the United States, as they are defined by the preoeding article, and by tbe stipulations whloh ara further contained In Art. tbe United States abandon lor ever against tha United Mexican State! all reclamation on aooount of the ooets of the war, and besides aaree to pay to tha United M ex loan States, In tha oity Of A?t\ laftS ooasidaratloo eft ha itlMlattoM taia?4 la artielaa i and of thia treaty, tit* Ualtot n rM lUl 'Hi i ( UTT'i fil"'! f W YO YORK, TUESDAY MORT State* agree to wome and pay all rami at present due to olalmaot*, and thoee which may be ber??ft*r i>eUbllahed, according to the oenrention concluded between tbo two republics In the oity of Mexico, on the 3Qth of January, 1843, to provide for the payment of what ehsll be decided in furor of the oUlmanta, according to aeon ventlon between the Unltsd Slates andth? Mexican lie- 1 public,on the lUh of April. 1830 And the United States equally agree to assume and pay all reclamation of oitlzons of the United States against the government of the Unit^l Mexican States, not previously decided, to an amount not exoeedlng three million* of dollars which have arisen prior to the 13th of May, 1846, and which shall be adjudged to be due by a commission established by the government of the United States, whose decisions shall b? definitive, and conclusive. Provided always, thut in decilingon the validity of'he said demands, the oommisslou shall be guldsd and governed by the principles and rules prescribed by the first and fifth artloles of the unratified convention concluded in the city of Mexico on the 20th of November, 1843, and in no case shall they give judgment in favor of anv claim not embraced by those principles and rules. And the United States, for the present and the future, eionorate ths United Mexican States from any oi the said demands whatsoever, which may be admitted or rejected by said board of commissioners Art. 7. If in the opinion of the said Board of Commissioners, or of the claimants, it shall be ooni>ider?d neoessary for the decision of any of the said claims that any books, registers, or documents, which may be in the possession or power of the United Mexloan States, should be ex*m commissioners or cluimants shall make, within *a period to be fixed by Congress, a petition to 1 that (tret, to the Mexioau Secretary of Foreign \ (Tiii h j wkiell shall b* forwarded to biin by the Secratary of | 8tate of the United States; and the Mexican government agree to remit, witti ns little delay as possibl- utter the J receipt of said petition, whatever of the a*id book*, registers or documents, m?y be in its possession or power, j which miy have been asked for from said Secretary of ; State, who rhnll immediately lay them bef>r? said Board ] of Commissioners. Provided always.that when said pe- ! titlon rhall be made bv anv of the clalmauts, the ftnts which they expect to prove by such boohs, registers, or documents, (ball have be?ii ttrac stated under o?th or' affirm tton Art. 8. Tho government of the Uuited Mexican 9trtt.?s iNwhy hWWI MBWill and nuanutees to the governmeet and citizios of the United States, the right t-> transport across the isthmus of Tehuantepec, fr< in s?a to sea, by whatever means of communication mar at tin time exist, whether by land or b7 water, free from all tolls or charges, all articles whatsoever, the natural products of the United States, or the proJucts of its manufactures, or the produots and manufactures of ary country whatever belonging to the government or citizens ot the United States, as well as the free right of passage to all citizens of theUnited States. The government of the United Mexican States equally concedes sud guaranties to the government and citizens of the United States the same light of passage for their merchandize and the articles aloresaid,as it grunts to its own citizens, by any railroad cr canal which may her^aftT be oon strnoted across said isthmus, whether by the government ot the United Mexican States, or by its authorization, pay ingonly Fuoh tolls as may be established ; and no other or more onerous shall be imposed or collented upon the articles or merchandise mentioned belonging to tho government and oitlism of the United States, or on the persons of said eitizsns, for passage over raid railroad or canal than shall be oharged or collected for thesamo articles and merchandise belonging to the government or citizens of Mexico, being the natural products, or tin prodacis of the manufactures of Mexico or whatsoever foreign oountry, or the persons of its citizens. Nor c of the said articles, bo they what they may, which may pars over n*ia lBiumus irom Bra iu bp?. in euuer uirectlen, whether by the present communications, or by an; railroad or canal which may hereafter be made, with the objeot of ! ? inn transported to any port of the I nr-.l States or of any foreign country, sti*ll be subject to the payment of any duty whatever, whether cf importation or exportation. The two governments by this article promise, with as little d*lay as possible, mutually to agree upon and establish such regulations as may be deemed necessary to avoid fraud and smuggling, in conSf queuce of the rightof wny ht-r.'by granted aud perpetually guaranteed to the government and citizens of the United States Art. 0. All the effects, commodities, or ir?erchandl*3, which have been introduced during the war, by whatsoever port or place of either party, by the citizens rf either party, or by the citizens or subjects of any neutral power, while the same has been in the milit ry rocupation cf the other, shall be permitted to remain free from confiscation or any charge or duty which there may be on the sale or exchange of them, or on the exportation of the said property from the country ; and the proprietors are hereby permitted to sell or dispose of said property in the same manner in every respect as if the importation of the same had been made iu time of peace, and had paid the duties according to the laws of each oountry respectively. Art 10. The treaty cf friendship, commerce, aud navigation concluded >n the city of Mexloo on the oth r>t April, in the year of our Lord, 1831, belweiuthe United States of America aud thn United Mexican States, and eaeh ?f its articles, with the exception ot the additional article, are hereby renewed for ths term of eight years from the day cf the exohange of the ratifications of this treaty, with the same effect and vlr u? as if they formed part thereof; it being understood that each of the contracting parties reserves to itself the right, at any time after the said term of eight years, to terminate the same, giving one year's previous notice to the other party. Art 11 The treaty shall be approved and ratified by the President of the United Statss of America, with the approbation and consent of the Senate, and by tha President of tha United Mexioan States, with the previous approbation of the general Congreen; and the ratifies tlons shall be exchanged in the city of Wa'hlngten, within the period of months from tho date of Mguing the same, or sooner, if practicable. War Intelligence^ [From the New Orleans Picayune, Feb. 13.] The steamship New Orleans. Capt. Kdnrard Auld, to whom we are indebted for the prompt delivery rf our correspondence, arrived yesterday afternoon from Vera Cruz, having sailed the atteraooa of Tuesday last, the 8th iast. She brought over sixty officers of the army, whose names will bi found btlow. Moat of them are ordered on the recruiting service. The New Orleans hid some thirty other cabin passengers, and about 1U9 dincharged soldiers and quartermaster's men. The ship has made an extraordinary run. Orizaba was captured on the ?23U> ult. On^of the purposes of the expedition wu to capture General Santa Anna at Tehuaoan. The wily Mexican, borerer. effect ed his escape through the treachery of on-; of his csuatrymen. Commodore Perry returned on the 9th lust, to V*ra Crui, from an expedition to Tlasatnlpam an J oih) towns south. Two large trains left Vera Cruz on the 7th ist ?one for Orisaba, under Colonel Bankhead, consisting of ovrr * 1.500 men. and the other for the city of Mexico, under the oomraand of Majsr Caldwell, of iho Voltigeurs The expedition which l-fc Vera Cruz on th* 'Jl:h uit against the guerillas, does not appear to have effected much. Tb?y had two or three bruebes witl the eitemy, but bo great barm was done on either side. In the Free American of the 4 h inst., we find an explanatory statement in regard to It, but we have not roo.-n for it Patiev gtrs hy V. S steamship New Orlenni.?Mejir Vau Buren, U 5 A; Capt 11. Smith, 21 lofautry; W. D Lee: Captains W. I Huldee and C. 1* il?rT*y, Georgia Battalion; Lieu'enant Colonel J Howard, 19th infantry; Lieu'enant H. N Owen, 4,.h Ktntu-Ky Volunteers; Lieut 8 Lock wood, U. 8 N ; LltutenautH. D. Orafton. 1st Artillery; B E Wheat, Surgeon. U. 8 A ; Lieutenant W. T. Waik?r, 3d Kentucky Volunteers; Joseph G Ktstland; Lieutenants L G. Arnold. A Kl* y. and H. K Clark, 'Jd Artillery; W. I!. Ttler,7th Infantry; H B Cllti, 3d Infantry; lieorge W. Chlney, 14th Infantry; Calhoun Bsnhain, 4th Ohio Volunteers; < apt Oeorge B. Hiill New Voik Volunteers; Lieutonant It. II. Thompson, 4th Ohio Volunteer*; K x KsUupkou, id P.-nnsylrauia Volunteers; C J Kmery, 1st Massachusetts Volunteers; C. >1. Wilcox, 7lh Infantry; U?w"rge Womught. 8;h Infantry; Assistant 8urg?ons A K Hij[hway and J H Baraea, U. 8. A ; Lieutenants J M Hawea. 34 Dragoon*; It M Floyd and W Henry. New York Volunteers; Mi>j r V. F. Prollett, Paymaster: I>ra J B Tortcr, Hur^on, U. 8 A,and D I, 8oott; V i-tor Perra; Lieut J. E. si?ughter, Volti^eurs; Mr Ducsnbury, Uuartermastrr'i Department; .Mr. John Staples; Mr J II. Cio^ke*; Capt A I'htlps, aid to Urn. Lane; Messrs. K Oayon, paymnsttr's clerk; P Prindergart, quartermaster's tClerk; Hart, and Keller; ('apt. Dury: HNRl.C. Bradly, Cumraisky, and Corson; Lieut L K. Robinson. Palmetto regiment; (.'apt. J 8 Slocuin. Olh inf; Llant. J O. Kitxjerald. I4'?h Inf.; Henry I) Oiler. Prussian Consu', Vera Crus; Lieut II II llolhernan. ilth iuf ; Mr. Catipidam; W. P Mllhy. J B Hawson. Subsistence Department, It B Cheettian; Lieut Fa nelly, 6th Inf ; W H. Robinson, (leo W. Hopkins, Ueo Waibrilgo, Joseph II Ilodge & aon, Charles Hern&ndss, Prosper Mclrudge; Capt C. M. Hale, 14th lof; Meuts. J. J. Whipple, Oth inf ; W. C. Wairley 3J drag , W W. lllch, Oa. car ; W. W Bleeker. U. 8. N ; 8urg. John Ir win, U S A.; Lieut. Daniel Nichols: Lieut. Andrews, jd Ohio vol; (adit McKlblin, N. W Chittenden, B I 1'incksor, H Hall, Thomas, Ccoke, John Olirer, Uiorgo Hubbard, Mr. Menken. City or Mkmco, Jan IS, 1843.?From what I hate heard I am satisfied of the correc'nes* of the information imparted to ma at Jalapa, by an intelligent mrr chant who haa resided there suTeral yeara, that an attempt would be made to raise a national insurrection, but. a? it atruck me at the time, and, aa haa aiuc* been reiifled, the conspirators had no; sultlclent c iuisg? or enerfy to attempt the execution rt their plans. The do- i sign appears to have been to rlau simultaneously in this I city. In ruebla and Jalapa, and attack the garrisons par- | tieularly the offlaers. Circumstances bav? como to li^ht : which servetocontince that uo portion of the reapecut.le 1 Inhabitants here were Implicate.! iu tt.e affair ; on the contrary, they were desirous of the plot beiug discorof- i ed, and it wae from thsin information of th? design was obtained 'i'he I'adra Jarauta, it was confidently said, was in the olty a day or two before the attack was to | r.nre D0*n mnue, Ana wan nciiT? m uis cuurm iv pa ivc j the people and to perfect the plan it I* probable that be i will give no trouble to u?for tome time, n ever, ail there I* but little doubt ha wan *ev*reiy wounded In tlie bui'b he had a few night* ilooe with the pari* of Hanger* under Col. Hay*. Hi* hor*? and hi* saddle, stained with blood, eisd a cloak with hit name on It, al*n stained, were c?ptured, end a Mexican ciflser, who**- skull wa* fractured by being thrown Wy hi* horse agetnrt a*tone wall, In the flight, before dying,*aid Jareuta w <* wound- i ?d. I would look upon the capture of Jareuta a* tbn m< ?t raluehle that can be made, and an expedition will be tarted from here In few day*, which there ere (tacBI bopee will rmlt In hie eeptnre, end per. MM Mm of a ante asm Maeelr The oepture 9< JwMto WOV14 be nlwHe, bMWM be U MWfe, ?Mt|*tle m? Uleated, ui to peeeeeeed of more Mgz fj . jlj ING, FEBRUARY 22, 18 -r. - - - ? - | couragc t^inn any of his brother robber*. Thers In bat little d' ubt, tor>, that Kahzir wiiin the city upon an crrai'd simil.r to Mint of Jarauta; but be. like his oo-;ab"rir, found it prudent to shorten his visit. The expedition to whloh I refer will consist of about four hundred mounted won. half Texan ranger*, anil half dragoons, under the command of Gen. Laue. whoso sctirlty iu the neighborhood of Pu*bla, In routing tho <li(]>reut bodi?s of the ?n?my. w'.tli severe loaees, from their rendezvous, givi's promise that he will not return without aohlev'rg sonn-thing important, if there I* a possibility of d;ing go The expedition will be ah n ut soma tin ><r twelve days, and after thoroughly scourln ; this valley, in whloh it is known there are several su?rilU baiiils, will strike fjt high game <n the direction of Oriziba. Mexico. Jan. 21, 1840. The ?xpsditlon under the oommand of Oen. Lane, which lef this oity on TuesJay last, consisted of a portion of Col. Hays' Texas Regiment, with the gallant oolonal himself, and t>vo companies of the 3d Dragoons,under the commund of Major Polk. The Star a! Wednesday published an extract from a letter of the Secretary of War, whloh oontains an eloquent t?nd well mmitsd tribute to the high military skill and bravery of Gin. Hcott and the army under his oomiuand. This is ss it should be. Suoh testimonials, coming from so distiugulihed a source, are gratifying to the gallant army whoso achievements have so rlohly deserved them, and are not without their effect on the day of battle. I inolose you a lettor from U*n. Bravo to the editor of Los Dtbatrs, a mw journal published in Qu?retaro,some copies of which 1 r.eut you by the courier who loft on the 13th. It was drawn forth by a late publication *f S*uta Anna's, in whloh the "Napoleon of the West" t*\\ a rrvaa I! f j wa laitll MAivnrilirt* In Klu ilafiinnA rtf f'hunnl. topee. The gallant veteran, whose humanity to our prisoners here will not noon be forgolts -t, writes in an indignant tone, au-l nil who wore present at the storming of Chapultepeo know tho falsity of Iheobarite brought ii(r*inst him by the "hero of a hundred def'Ats." The Monitor eiys that Padre Jarauta i? neither dead n"r eevrrely wouuAed-that he escaped with a alight wound iu t x) Im .iJ It adds that he bad only twenty ra-n in hii late skirmish with tho Texans. and thatnlnoe bis success in that Llftir his !ow< baa rapidly lnoraaaed. Tills la about at n^ar the (ruth as the monitor generally Ki'tn His s*;l.lie, whioh was reeking with blood, tolls a different tule as to his wound, and the precipitate flight of his band, dooa not look much like suoceaa. He has two (.owerl'ul enemies to contend with? the Texana and the native spy command nf Col. Daoiingues; should he fall into th't hands of either his race is run. I wrote you some tiaie ago that the Governor had licenced several gaining housre, wlarly concluding that as he ooul I not repress the evil, he would turn llTnto a source of profU. The result has been favorable Nearly all of the petty tumbling establishments which infested nvery qtuttt of the city hav? been represaed. and the ra<jk and tile of the army, who w>re fast becoming dem > ral 7,ad. already 'how the benelloial effeota of the mea sure Some ol the licensed houses present queer acenns In one, ih ; Gru'i Sociedjd, there are no leas than eleven tablet, v,-here all s >ita of gaming may be had at tho shortest notice?monte, however, being decidedly the favorite. Ait uninitiated spectator would be astonished at tin piles of g 'Id and silver displayed on the tablea, and the nan# Iroid with which aome of the betters stake r.nd lose small fortunes. The Mexican exceeda all othera in the coolness with which he seea his laat dollar m*lt from before his eyei. and when ''broke" be turns from the tnble, lights his segar, and walks off without moving n intitfM 4 of } fmv^utif.tni&nrtA Thu fnllnwincr *(1 v?irtima lueut ti.hea l'com the Star, will give an idea of the cpreid of civilization in the land of the Mexltli: ' Notick.?Tbo proprietor hereby informs the ofiloers and citizens < t the United States and Mexico, tbat the ( rand Stcledad Del rrogresso is licensed for gaining ? are invited to call, as all kinds of gaming and the best the market affords, will always be found oa his tables and at tbc bar. One halt hour without port." Show me an establishment in the United States where 11 all kinds of gaming and the best the market affords," can bo found on the tables " and at the bar." Our superiority is m^nif at. Upon the disoovery of tho intended iasurrectlon. some days r go. many persons supposed to be implioated were arrested. aod among them the celebrated Dr. Mariano Otero Yesterday he waslHerated, the Governor bsirg lul'y ratified of h's innocence Tho doctor was formula thii loader of the Modeiado party hero, and for a lumber of years edited the " Sii-loXlX " The advance of General Marshal's train came in this tnoraing, a'td Colonel Miles with the rear, will ba in tomorrow Thi mail is in the rear, of oourse. Mexico, Jan 23, 1848 ?The bojs in the streets Are sailing no c ddr?ss to the M xlcan people, signed by the notorious JaruutR lie calls upon the people to awake fr?m their letbar/y and rally around his sUndard In defence ( f his jut liabta He conoludes that the God of battles has !"r so re u?aocount*Me purpose of bis own, favored the Van lees heretofore, but that ' luok must turn somo tim*," and as the tide of suooesa i? nnv at the Hood, ho coojurts the greasers not to neglect the favornlle opportunity. The Slur of this morning publishes the following com uiuuiuibiiua lurv^wu iu ms ciu ijum prvuuiioiniurniu. furnished to th?m by a foreign resident, who says be has . orresprndonts at Guadalajara and San Luis Potoel. He Is a strong l'ritnd of praoe, and hi* wishes may, in this instance, j;ire color to hli views: " The biais of the plau proves to have been nothing more than part of a proposition made by the Vioe liovi'ii r to the Confers of the State, and as it was not admitted, both tbe Govereor and Vloe Governor endeavored to coerce the Curgress by threatening to bring up the National Guaid and turn out the members, bu wtrioh threat w?a rot carried iuto the Commatdnnti General, Aaiadcr, opposed to tho proposition. and also the regular troops under his command Tbis conduct of tbe Governor Is the more atrocious lo etid- ".voting to employ the cu^pmary military tyrnuny, as only a vi-rv short time btfore, in hit opening sessional addri ca to the Congresa of the State, he had argued that tho system of I omuaudantes General and Government troops should be abolished, aa having had tba practice of controlling th? legislative ?nd civil power. These propcsitlocs were prin ed in on utu flioial papT, and sent to this city, where the prefsae to them, announcing tho tour States being a^roed. is reported to have betn added by the partisans here " The following note fr-cn our Vera Oru* correspondent r?liuv:s us Irora all anxiety in regard to Mr. Peoples : ? VHU CBVT, Jan. M. 1848. The non-arr'vil of Mr. Peoples is aoounted for, as he lnft with the escrt that took the mail a week after Col. Miles left, and ho wan mat on the road by several who came down We find la the p?p?rs from M*xic> the following ord?is of General Scott, cne of which Is strikingly illustrative of his humani'y aud soldierly feelings : ? HKADltUAnTKRS ok tmk Armv,) -? Mnxioo, January 30, 1848. $ Geikral Oruer? ? No 28. For tho Information nod convenience of merchants in th* interior, who are importers of foreign goods through the custom house at V^raCruz. it is ordered that, in futuie, payments in?y be nisde in adv.ince, on acorunt of duties on suih goods, to ths (* i?l?l Paymaster, Major Klrby. at this i>lane. and to the Paymasters at l'uebia and Ial4p i, respectively, for the benefit of the military chest in this army Receipt*, In ttiplij.ite, will be (jiven in the ease of each piy.oent, end be attested and registered by the command!) g officers at ruebln and Jalapa, respectively, and at this place by the Superintend*nt (Mijor Gardner) of Assessments Two of those receipts will be delivered to the payer, or bis eg*nt, to entitle him to a credit at the custom house for the amount expressed therein, and the othtr receipt, be transmitted by the atteeter, to the prop-r accounting offlser at Washington, to be charged against the receiver. When it happens I bat the money may be more needed, on acsount of the nubile service by one of the other disbursing officers, (tha Chief Quirt'Tinftster or Commissary) at the p nnu i.f such payments, the commanding ollljsr will direct tho transfer of ths m^ney from th? receiving paymaster acc.irdkgiy. By command of Mijor General Saott : H. L SCO IT, A A. A o. i1f.ap41 alltkhb ot tmk ( Mexico. Jan J0,1?4H ) Qkikrai. Orpkm ? No -J7 It Is reprc?fnt?d 'hit aomn of our gallant men who have recently died In gwril hospital, have not been liuriod with Uue solemnity The (J*neraltn-Cblef is eertaln that no bUme cto bs attached either to the chaplains of the army, or to the ?' Uholie priest, i of tb<i city. On due notioe, they, no doubt, would promptly hare performed the dutlea of their holy office* at th? graves ol the deceased. It in ordered that the b>dy of no soldi-r, no matter what hid rank If rot executed a* a be burled la future, without tbn customary military honore, unless the presence of the enemy may render the oerrtnooy impracticable, and also without g ving notloB to prune, at han I, according to the religion of the deceased. 1'atVcta. wbo die la general hospital will b< promptly reported by the senior surg>on of the hospiul, to Brig. (Jenrral Smith, if the deceased belong* to the regular army, or to the senior offloer of the volunteers present, if the deoeared be volunteer, who, respectively, will ! take care to tuake all proper arrangeiu?nts tot the funerals. By order of Majir Oracrtl Scott H. L SCOTT, A. A A. C?. Niivi riou Qukrktaro ? Krom the Jlnrrican Star of Jannuary JO, w? hare nothing of Importance from the feat of gCTernment. The prtnuncn.mentj of the state of 8*n Luis h%d cff?t*d roioe excitement, and the Ministers w*ie about ranking a reply to what is term*d so "rebellious" it dooim'-nt It 1* In contemplation to send Hi* re<pon?? to all the rftatef. There was no qMM of members present, although ?fr?nl meetings of those la alt?. daiice lud bi?en held When Khali we barn mmftbln. of internal from ?}uoceturo' IVna y IVnainlnOie I'resldt ucul chair ; but notwUbrtnndiug On appeal In his recent addrcs.i, Ibe members do not ooina together. The bold stand tuken by the inp?rtant S.ata of Han [.ills appears to have taken the Supreme (?o?emnient by i surprise. A* Its polio/ and coarse In relation to the war 1 are tho main ground* of the rebellion, we have some on- 1 rio.M.y to si-e ihu document which is promised In reply . to thu Sau Luis manifesto. NKWS FROM TICK RIO HRANDK. ikrom the N. O Pletyune, Feb. lith ] The i: rt steamer Kashtna and steamship karmy *rrlfcd last evening from the Draaof, which joint they left on the !>th lost. The Kicny brings orer a large m*ll '1 he following pa?'enacts arrived In thekanny -Cap* J. I'. O Brian, IT. 8 A j Lieut W P. Morrison, Ohio Vols.; Lieut. K. F. Coleman, Virginia Vols ; Lieut. W. MoCormtrk, Mrs. Brown, Mr* Burke and two blldren, Maaan. W Sibley, H. Mas ton, Ld II. Biera*. Thomas Burks. 0. A. Baidla.L. C. f/raa, Cantata MoCartaa, and 99 on daek. Tha .1 m?r <ea? FUg, of tli Itk iaat, My* tfea aaUaa r e ii a 48. tlon of Intamtl t?je* lit th|* pl*o? jum on *?lTimlTinly We uad^rHtaml th*t nearly tun tboui?nd doU%Ml h?ve been rt>o?lv<tl by Pippin (hipinao within the U?t mon'h. without Iniludu? *he t*x formerly oollfot?d by the central government 0 Me*iao. AMcimml rolls i are befa{ made out for the Utt?r, which, wh?-n <1 lod to the State, olty.und other Uxm collected here, will swell the recelote to a htndeome sum It Is reported by Mtxlnans reoently arrived from the interior, th?t Vital Karnandei. Governor of thla Htate, General Canales and Colonel Carraseo have oonoocted a mhetns bavin* for its ohj.iot the Independence of the Northern Static of Mexloo, and that they are now en-' deuvorion to obtain convert* to their views. Canalrs, we believe, has been outlawed by hla government, and fhs colonel Ik in rather bad odor with all parties. Tho Governor has pronounced against the authority of General Urrea, and we hardly kuow how he la looked upou by the Mexican government. The Illinois mounted company rtill remain oncamprd at Santa Teresa, and >:ave as yet been unmolested. A trills of wagons, wlt'a supplies, will leave lure (Mataraoras) for their camp in a few d?ys There Is said to a floe olear stream In the neighborhood. abounding with fi*h. and ?%me of yarlous kinds Is plentiful. Th.' ! filace la merely n ranch. occupied by a few Mexican famIlea,of eoarcely sufficientlinportince to be deuomiuate.l a town, and la nearly e<iul-<iist<*iit from Mitaraoras and San Fernando f , [Cor. N. O. Delta, Keb 14th 1 Mouth ok Rio Graphic. Keb. H, 18 is ? we ire all safe yet?that Mvxi'-an force is still upproachlng, and so is Christmas, and both are expected about the same time I reckon there was no great shades of truth nhout that report, yet it did couie t.1 us from good authority ; but aociilente will hippen to the best of families They (the Mexinans) aro supposed to be sitting d?wu nuieriy by thi road si<le, waiting frr Santa Anna :md as lie i< a little on tb? Jot-and-go lt order, heotn't be hurried HI* whereabouts are somewhat unoertaiu- supposed to b?? Polking about. somewhere. I said it would give m<i groat, pleasure to oontradict tlw report. and so it do?a-whe th? deuoo want* hi* throat cut .'-its decidedly unbea?ming. an f<r a* appearance is onnoerned, and v?t?MUtes too freely of <t oool dav No n??* just now lliver low?pltfuty ofraia We chaps down this way are very healthy, very fat. very saniy, and very tagged- take it easy?wouldn't object to a julip then warm m,">riilogs. A new Spanish paper his been started in Matamuras, culled " E! Jtmigu it* / Pueblo " The late difficulty between Captains WilWn.i and Collet has been ainioably nettled A mail was received at Mafamoras from Monterey, bringing dates to the i.ith ult All was quiet above ? The stenmer Troy left Camargo the 1st iust., but brings no n?ws. The river was rising slowly A large auction sale of dry goods groceries, So., is advertised in the Matamoras Jin'riean Flag. /R.1IY IXTBCMUKPiClC. The United States schooner iielle, Capt Morgan, lor the mouth of the Rio Orande, and I'nitod States schooner Sophia. Capt. Kolger, for Tamtloo, with go verument stores, left last evening.?N. O.D-.lta, Feb. li. A very fine (l*g for the regiment of Mounted Riflemen has been presented by a number of the ladles of this oity, with the following complimentary sentiments: The u .dursigned, ladies ot ths oity of New Orleans, 'n order to testify to Brevet Brig Oen. Peroifer K Smith, and to ths noble Reglmeut of Mounted Riflemen of which he is colonel, the high appreciation they have, in common with all his feilow-oitiz*ns of Louisiana, of the distinguished services rendered by them In the battles in wkloh they have been engaged, subscribe ths suns affixed to their respeotive nsui'-s, tor the purpose of procuring a stand of colors, to be presented in the name of thn iaJies of New Orleans, through ?J?n Smith, to his Regiment of Mounted Riflemen. The flag thus presetted to the gallant Rifles, was made in tha city of Jalapa, and has been far some time in thrir possession It is an npp-opri\te present from our fair citizens, a-m! w < v.<nt?ir? t >.?h/ it will bs duly prized end proteoted ? .V. O Picoij .tie, rth. 12. The 8eore:nry of W*r having officially signified to the Rxsontive of this State, tin vaoxnoles in the Albany company in service in Mexico, Governor Young lias commissioned Lieutenant Karns?orth ns captain, in place ot the bravo and lamented Van Olinda, and has promoted Jacob (irifT'U. jr , to 1st lieutenant, and William Burgees, as 2 1 lieutenant ?Jllbuny Jirgut, Frb. 21. Decisions by the Court Martini, and by the President of the United Hlnteo, I i the (Jmic of Lduut. Col. Fremont, [Krora the Natioaal Intelligencer, Keb. 21.] . We hive now h?fore lis a copy of the General Order, i?umi irooi lue war Department, uoa*r aaro 01 reoruary 17, 1843, including the judgment of the Court \l.irtlai, and the decision of til* President of the United St?te?, in tin owe of IjUuc. Col Kremont. The nharj?i upon which Colonel Fremont was tried having been heretofore published at lirgs In this paper, wi'h all the particulars which weri- taaown to us to hsye transpired during tbe trial, wo pa?s by so much of the record on contains the charts and applications, ki. to come directly to what will be of uo*t interest to our readers, bidng f> much an concerns the - Kiuuin^s and Sentence of the Court," and ,lthe resident's decision find order 1 in tbo case.'1 Finding! an I Stn'.enct of the Cour'. After full and mature consideration of all the testimony, the oourt finds the aocused, Lieutenant Colonel John C. Kremoot, of the Ileglment of Mounted Iliflsinen, United States Array, as follows: CNilnit I 1st ?p?clQcation, "Guilty7th spacifloatlon, "Guilty " I 'id specification, "Guilty " Kth specification, "Guilty." 31 specification, "Guilty." Othspecification, "Guilty." 4th specification, "Guilty." loth specification, "Uuilfy " ">th specification,' Gudty." 11th specification,"Guilty " O.h speclUoatiou,' Guilty." ?nd guilty of th? charge. Charck 11. 1st specification, "Guilty " 6th specification, "Guilty." Jd specification,' Guilty " rt'.h specification, "Guilty " 3d specification, "Guilty." 7th ap cifloation, "Guilty,"> 4th speolflcatloa, "Guilty." nnd guilty cf tha charge. Cius<;k III. lat specification, ' Guilty.'' 4.h specification, "Guilty." id sreniflcafl.jn, "Guilty " ,Vb sp-cidcation,' Guilty " 3d specification, "Guilty " ?al guilty of the oharga. (IVTIIKK. "Anl the Court doe* thHr?fjr.i seiitsno the aaid Lieut. Col John C Fremont, of thu H-giia'-nt of Mouated Riflemen, United States Army, 'to be dismissed th* servloe.' " Tha Court d^mi It proper, in view of tha mass of evidence on tha record. to remark that the Court has b??n unwilling to confine tha acMiaed to a (strict legal defence, which appeared to lie within narrow limita 4 Considering the gravity "f tha chargra, the Court haa allowed the defenoe the fulieet acope in lt? power to develops the instruction* ol the Government, and all ' circumatancei relating to the alleged alaoonduct, im ! Wrll as to Impeach the leading wi'neaa l'or the prns"cutlon. Tha Court ha* even iuduUed tha accuaed In courge^uuusual, and without i'.a approbation. in tha linal defence, of using indiscriminately matter which had been rejected or admitted in evidsaca. "With all thialatltude of evldrnce, and the broader latitude of defenoe, the court baa found nothing conflicting In the ordera and Inetructiona of tha governiaeut; nothing impaaohlrg the testimony on the part of the prosecution; nothing. In flue, to <|iialify. la a legal a-ns , the resistance to autboilty of whioh tha accused la convicted. "The attempt to assail tha leading witness for th# prosecn'ion haa Involved poinfa not in l?sue, and to which the prosecution hM brought no evidence. In the judgment of the court his honor unl character are nnImpeached " The whole proceeding* of tha ( Ju?rnl Court Martial I In the foregoing ca huve been Uli bsfore the President j nt the United Stltes The. Prriiilrnl'i D'ciiitn cnH Ord'rtin IK* Cue. YVashinhto*, Kebruiry 18, lpia. I have carefully conMd?red th? reco.-d of prooeeling* of the (??nerai ' ourt M ir'Wi In the case of Lieut. c.rl. John C. Fremont, of the lt'g!m?nt of Mounted Ilifl-Jmrn, which convened at VV'a*hin(?tnu AfH?l, in the District of Columbia, mi the J I day of November, IH17 and of which Brevet Brgadier t.-ueral 'ieorjje M.Brooke wm President The Court And Lieut.''ol. Kr?mr>ut guilty of the foi- i lowing charges, ? Int. "Mutiny; 'id disobedience of th* Kwfnl oom- ' mands of hi* mperlot ofllc?r; conduit tn the preju lice of good order and military discipHne"?and ?entence him ' to be dismissed the servii-e." Four m?mb?r? of the Courtappend to the record of | their proceedings the follow ng, vi* : ' Under theolroumstancee In which Lieut t'ol Fremont wag placed between two cHic^rs of superior rank, each claiming to cotnmand-ln-ohief in < 'altfortil?, circumstances in their nature calculated to embarrass the mind and excite the donbts of otllo >n of geater experience than the acoused, nud in consideration of the important professional service* rendered by him previous to the occurrence of thoee act* for which lie ha* bsen tried, tha undersigned, member* of the Court, respectfully r?oommend L'ent Col. Fremont to the lenient, consideration of the President of the United State* " OKOUUE M. BROOK K, Brevet Brigadier General United States Army > 1HOMAS F. HUNT, Lieut. Col. and Dep. tiuarterraaster General. J. P. TAYLOR, Lieut. Col and Aseistant Com. Oea of Hub. II. L BAKKR. Major Ordnaooe Department. Three other members of the Ccurt append to there i oord cf their proceedings the following. vl?: ? ' Under all the circumstanses of tht-< case, and in con- j sijeratlon of the distinguished professional services of i the accused previous to the tr*iiH.iotioD< for wtiloh he ha* do?t been tried, the uo't- -fin"*' * i'?*e 10 recom- | men J him to the ol?m*?ory of the rr?mdent of th? fulled | StaUi " S. H. LONG, Lieut. Col Topo?rapbic*l Ktiglnrer*. HICHAHD DKLAH'IKMV Major of Kngiueer*. T.. W. MOHtiAN, Lleutmnut Colonel IJlh lufuntry l.'pon ?n ineprctlm of the r< cot J. I atn not ??tlefl#d ibftt tlio fcoM proved la this ove cooettluUi th? lolli:*. y crime of " mutiny.'' I km of opln'.oa ihut the srcnl i hdcI third chargee tre eu.<t?ined by the proof*, ?ad tkl conviction upon tlieee ohnr^te w*rr?ut the euntenc* , of the rourt The sentence < f the ?'ourt ie, thorefore, | pproved; hut, In consideration i f the peculiar oiroum t'inoM of the cut; of the previous ui-rllorloui aud valuable eervlce* of I.leut <^oI Kreuiont, and of the foregoing recoarn ?nd?tlons of ? is?jorlly of the mem- | here of the ronrr., the p>nalty of ? from the aervlco l? remitted Lieut. Col. Kremont will aeoordlngly be rtleaaed from arreet, and willre??.<ae hl? ?wcrd, an l report for doty. n JAMkS K. TOLK Lieut col. VreBoat, jf the Mounted lUllu r.-alumot, U aaaoNtafl* rolaaaad (torn aiioat, ud will jota hi* ; regtawt la Maslao. The gaaaral eouit martial, of | A >????* ?>v -? * - -t? - ;"m T Tfc Mud ~P j*i1? ?wo ciaci which Rr?vrt Brtfc ()*n ^!.?org<? M. Brooke to prealtent In hereby dlMol*?d By ord?r. R JONK*. AJj'tO Mr tl. To the KhoTo luformaUon of an offlalat onara. tow? hnv* to add, that It I* /en?rallv and?r?tooi th?. Mr. Kremont, at tbn instant of reoeirinit th* notiflcitlon conreyed by th? Oeimral Ord?r, of which the for?<.>lo< in tbe m.itarWi p*'t, rceltfnol UH pl*c? in the army, apon t!i? RrouuJ that hi wm not ann^nlou* of having done nny thlnn to m?rlt the (Indlug of th* court against him, nnd ooutd not a/??m to admit Its justice by aooeptiog Executive clenieucy. Common Council. Do van ok Ai.diimu, I'rtb il ? Morris Franklin, President?-The mlnut** of tho proceedings of tbo lust meeting w?rc read and upprored. Jl'Mant'rtnce? Of a number of Insuranoe companies, against the abolition of the prercnt police xjrsttm 11*ferrnd Ful:nn Sirf t? Petition of (iirJoa 0?nn*tt and nnd Mosrs Y Bescb, to have Kulton street, In front of their I'atabltshmpnf", pavod with th? I' iss pavement. Referred. Ofn ({Hitman?Commuulcition from Oia. Unit man, In Philadelphia, Acknowledging hi* gratitule for th* oourtesy tendered him by the Common Council ,,n ll-iignatton of l)r. Karl* as resident pliysloianof tho luiiatl'* anvlim at Blackwdi'* Maud Accepted Jlppro]>ria'ion?Petition of the Hoard of Ivlucati&n, for an appropriitlou ol $10,001) for the building a new sohnol hou*r> In the sth w.ird Adopted U'lt Tayl'ir? \ 1?t(,or from thli distinguished soldier, In answ-r to an inyitttlon from tho ? ooiiaoa Council ti vi?lt this city Ordered on file. The following is the i*tt*r:? Biros Kooi'k, La, Jan. i>), lfl-tfi Okiti.kmki: -Your v?r? poll' * l?'t.?r of the 7th ln?t., I kindly Inviting m*. in III" nam < of th? Common Coun < 11 of tljn city of New Yurk. to extend to your city it visit wiiioli you wffo inform**^! tha'. I wn about to make to the s<*at of gnvern'nsut, !-*n bena 'inly reosived. I r?g ?t to anpr'ze ynn th?t tlm iuformation uniUr whiob thin unreserve I honor has be?u oonferrud upon run, wim entirely correct. ami tim1: I have not. at this moment. any intentlo > of making such visit Toe circumstances of my present leave of absenoe requiring. In mv opinion, my prMsnnn iu, or ne,-x this p:aoe I must be allowed, however, to ncknowHdge the debt of gratitude I o?a you. for the readmem and cordiality with which. und r th? circumstances. this di*tni<ui?h-'t civility baa been extend-d to Die, and to assure you that, my sens* of mv obligations tj your honorable body, is as full, nnd will bo as gratefully ch?riabed, as if I bad already received in persou, your kind congratulation and attentions. To have b?an thus noticed by the authorities of the Kieat emporium of our country, is a distinction of which I feel I cannot he too proud; ?nd though constrained by the reasons above mentioned, to decline tbe invitation bafore me, I shall ever recur to the fact ol having received it, as oue of tbe highest <>f the many hrnore which I - has been mv fortuue to receive at the haudt of my countryman I have the houor to be, with high respect, gentlemen, jour obedient servant. Z. TAYLOR. To J K>'lly, and others, Htnry Cl.iy ? Kesolutlon by AM Laurence, tendering to Hon Henry Cliy an lavitat on to visit thll city. Adopted, and a committee of invitation appointed Hoik Carriage.? Resolution Iu favor of purchasing a new hose carriage for Hose Company No 3!). Adopted. Rnolulinn in favor of directing the Mayor to offtr a reward of f-.'AO for the apprehension of the innrd?rers of Lewis Johnson, which "murder was committed on tbe uiglit of the l-ith inst, in the 8th avenue Adopted. The lioard then took a recess of forty-five minutes. AKTKR HKceas Pali e i'urser presented a minority report from the committee appointed to prepare and report a bill for the more effectual police government of the city. Accepted, ordered to be printed, and made the special order of nest Monday evening. Eleventh street.?A motion was then made to take up | the subject ol opening Utb street, which, after considerable discussion, van laid over, and m?'ls the special order of Friday evening next. A few other papers <>f trilling importance were disposed of, * hen the Board adjourned. Rinninir Assistant Aldkrmkn,February 21 ?Stated Meeting-Linus W. Steven", Kiq., President, in the ub?ir The minutes of the list meeting having been read and approved; the following mattura were conlid'red : Ltruy ani'. Hurton streets.?Ileport fror.i the Board of Alderman in favor of changing ihe name of Burton street to Leroy street. Conaurr>-d InVilli for Stationary.?Report and resolutions from the Hoard of Aldermen In favor of paying Mr. Nesbit a hill for stationary furnished the counsel of the corporation. I'-onourred ie. Frankfort and William streets. ? Resolution from th? Board of Aldermen in favor of aocepting the profile of the iropoa?d grade of Frankfort and William streets. Concurred in. Ileli'f from Costs, 4-c ?Report in favor of relieving Jim eg Valeutine from coats of a suit. Adopted Grade of 53rd stmt ? Petition of Henry Brevoort and others, to h&Te the grade of 33d street, between 1st Avenue and Ka?t River, amended. Referred Srtoer in 3.'>rA street.?I'etition of Andrew McLean and others to have a sewer in 35th street, between 8th Avenue and Broadway. Referred. yitrcinming Children.?Report in favor of empower[ iag the Alderraant and Assistant of the 1'Jth ward, to ap point a pnysiotan to vaccinate tne ennuren in nmi warn, at an up?nN not exceeding >100. Adopted. M'at iy<ttoni, .J- ? A communication wan received from the Counselef the Corporation, enclosing biaopinion in the matter of infllolinit ? penalty on persona exposing far sale meats fr< m wej; ins In tin public streets. Referred. Af.o/i'jon Squarr.? R?uort from the Board of Aldermen, in favor of completing the fence around Madison Square, it an expsiisa of f 1 J00. Concurred In. Sluyviant Squari-.?Report and resolution from the Board of Aldermen, in favor of laying out the ground In Htuyvesant Squ*r? and planting trees, shrubbery, Sic. Concurred In. Kxltminn of Reports and resolutions from thn Board of Aldermen, In ftvorof extending piers Nos. i, 3, 4, 5, li and 7 Kast river, and repairing tbe old portion* of the sum*. Referred. Hurt hy a Ma I Ox ?Report In favor of allowing Robt. M. KtTee fi.'ts ou account of injuries inflicted by a mad ox Referred. Pof Kiltrrs*? Report from the Board of Aldermen in favcr of allowing John Cole $16, on account of being injured by a d<<};-)itller in July last Referred G -s in iBf/i (free/.?Petition to have 18th street, between 4th avenue and Irving place, lighted with gas. Referred. Rum I'arrmmt.?A communication was reoeived from Samuel 8. Naudell, setting forth that a pavement of r'|uare block* on dry round stone, while It possesses advantages over the |-lan of Mr. Rtiss, could be put down at about onr-hilf the expense of the latter llef rred. Public H'lv.ri, fr ?Resolution In favor of directing file Struct Commies'oner to r<use no more oonfraots to be ruad" on the p'irt of the I orporation, such as building seifnrs. drains. f?nolD<< lots, fco , until the ant now before tbe legislature, amendatory of the aut of April 181S, Sh?Il have beoom* u law Adopted. Rett fnation ? Of Town^-nd Harris, as Commissioner of Schools for tbe !'tb ward. Aocepfd I lout' t.nw Buiineii.?Reioution in favor of direotint the Corporation Attorney t? attend to all civil suits in which the Alms House Department or Cor y I.'HOH UII>7 ill -IIJ ?*y UI ?rOTKV iV'uj Engine Horn* ?ll?a du'ioti in t&yor of appropri ating H7H to defray txpenjea cf flsiehin# engine hona? Na I ft A lopted. H'.wnril forth* Murderer.?Resolution in favor of re(|'i?HtiQK ttie Mayor to offar a rnmr.1 of &i.v> ror the apprehension <>f the murderer or raurl<?r?rs 01 Lewis John con. in the avenue,on th? nij'it of tha Mtb iusUnt. Adapted. Mayiir'i Mttttgf.?A comraunloation wan received froin the Mayor. reoomniendinK an application to be made to the L.?t;iMatiire for an amendment relative to t>e Sinking Kuod Inferred Thr late Captain I'rrry ? Heaolutian in favor of pay. iitR tf? the widow of tbe lata Captain Parry, of the .ith ward polio" au amount equ.?i to what Would bxome due 'ora?rvlces nptotl.s expiration of hla term of ofloa. Adopted. Exlm.ion of Tim*.? It-solution In favor of allowing nix moniba furtb-r tim? to the Kx"?utor of Gabriel Kutmnn. deceased. to complete tha flillrg in tha water lota at the font of Coilears (treat, extending frciu Water to Front streets. R?f?rr-d. (? ? in Grand ttrerl ? Resolution In favor of naming <?r.?nl street, between Broadway and Variok at, to b'j lighted with K*a Adopted Tnvxtntinn to Ifenrij CI ;y llesolntion from tbe Doard of Alder n>?u In faror of appointing a special oonamittr* of ttr<? f'oia each B^>ard. I> invite Henry Clay to visit New York, and extend to bitu tbe boapitality of ih? city. Adopted, and Messrs. Coler, *ohui?s, Mcknight. Kohler, -tnd llatliaid were appointed the committee from ibis Biard. Invt'igntinn ?Resolution in faror of appointing a apeoial com mi'.tee ot three to inquire into tbe health, condition and m ral wmth cf Mrs Kliiabatb <?ood?peed Adopted, and Messrs Allan. Ursy and./ainisi,n appoint' 1 such oomiuitteo. The Hoard then adjourned. Most SfNr?t;i,A* <>a< t,*iirk*<s ? Capt. Mir tin Lund,* Drinr tiy birth, who wax well known in thin city, lilt h*ri? nbont eighteen uiontha ago in tho arhr. Independence, loaded with merchandise for a Mexican port, upon a ap-cula'ion. lie went t? the R;? ... i -ftmr fiUh'^nn hoard tha (imnup, iOi 1 r:?* c.i K'-'- " ? - receipt*, which to three or lout thounan 1 dollar* In f>peoi?, be *g*in put to ee<?. A norther coming on he ?h?i obllKf lt-) p<n into a hoetlln Mexican porr, wlnu his propiwtv <*" ooofl*oated and hi* per on put ln'.o eloi1* oon.iut inniit. Hit frlen I* hearing no nrw* direct fr< m hiro, arid ? rumor being In circulation thai bll T?M?1was lo*t wit* all ?.n boar J. they tuppoaed, ci o ?urse, that toe w*? deal. A *uoc?*'lon wt? opaoed In th* proper court, hii property Bold, the ?u eeefion < f^od, aud the proceed* pil l oyer to the suppcred widow Tnf wife about ?Ik months ago, in*rried a young lawyer of t .i? city. t'hrne or four uuy* nine, to the wonder of every one, the I.,; ^ lost, but vrritahle C*pt Lund, arrir ed iu tiil? otty propria ptrton<r He lin ' ?n altei. ation in hi* all.tire, bjtu pecuniary aud domestic This m it give ri*? to Man Irtereetlog di?ou?'on? of the law. ?A'no Orlrant Hir. Feh 11. Fire in Moiifi.r.?The two ?tore? on Si. M ioha 1 *tre?t, owned by iijtr aud J. Ktnannel, and o;?tSled by \Vhittaiir>-r aud Sarap*">n. Wanroy, D Conner, lockli T and Puryl*. and H?yi?*n. took (Ire on the night of the 14th ln*t. Los* of prop#rtj (mail, all of whioh wa* und?r Ineurancs. Two plantar* recently ?>?le*d New OrWao#, and whil* than had their pookata rlflad, om of II ,000, la Mil# aad tha other of draft for M,?K>.

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