Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1848 Page 3
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to 99 73, at which *onu 700 head were unld. r ows and calves? All n Id ktfrrci *20 fo .V) n f43 Sbseti ai il lambs?Priaes rtwo (ro;u $1 7> to $3 ? $0 Ail ?o'.d Cornet:? Prices re. *ined abou; the tame, aud market quiet Cotiov-The tr nsioHom to-d ly o ily amount to S:*0 bal??, at prioes * ill in fivor of tho buyer. Holders of upland ooton off >r it frudy Fkuit S-1<i of 400 box?s wet dried raisins w?re made at SI 15; 'JO bales paper almonds were sold at 'JOo, cash, old >Top; 6ii bbls. lul?rior Southern dried peaches wt-re Hold at $: 75 Hav Silas of U00 bal-js Htaten Island wora made at 75c Hk Mr?Nothing nr.w Molaiiki? Sali d uf 'J00 hhds Cardenas were made at 30o, and 30 tivro. a at 10%c. Tb?re were further re ceipls of New Oilman* to-day, part of which had been a,>ld, fo anive,at J7o Naval Stoiu t S?les of about 600 bbls spirits tnrpeiitiu wr* biade at 4io; same prico refused for more. 300 bbls. AVilmin^ton ro?la Wtre sold at 80o, whioh exfcihittd somo decline Oils Liuseed?baK's moderate, at 65 in cask* and 08 i'j barrels Pkovisioms?S iles of about 600 bbls old mesa pork were | ti'ftde tit f'.l lJ8, ir.cluJiiiK a portion on private terms I N'w m* en continued st?ady tt H0 1'2X There wae no j change m now prim-', ue?T Mies or aw nero-s pr itue m' fftw.ri! made ou prlratu turn's; 100 bbls city prime nt $ ) 1U(I bb's beef ham* were sold *t $10 /if) a $10 75. Lard- Saiall mWt in bbls were made at 8 a 8'?o, and ISO kegs wcid sold. t? arrive, at 8*40. There was r.o change !u cheeee or butter. Ka<i? - Sake of ubout 200 biles Florence were made on irivatu terms Skku 8Ue? 00 bb'.s. prime new IVnLsyWania clover w-r* itad'1i.t 7'4o tor ?xpo*t. Si-oar- Sales of 75 hoses whito Huvpna were made at 7)40,4 months. tnd 116 hhds. new were sold by auolion at flc h S.44n, 90 days auil 4 months. Tauuow--Nothing doing. Toiiacco Sties cf I11O bales ofCienluegos were made at 240, 4 months. Whukkv?Small sales of Stato prison and drudge were made at -'ft-:. Freights?A vessel was odgft.'red for a direct pert in Ireland lo loud w i t h. 22 000 bushels of corn at. bulk {.'ottor wss eng iged tor Glasgjw at^d. We heard of no engagetaeuid wcrch reporting, to Liverpool or to tfce lobtinect MARKETS ELSEWHERE. STOCK PAt.KS. Baltimore ( >(>. 19 ?5shi Bnltimore Water Co.77x 16 1J0 Ba^'more Life Irmrauce- 50 10 <tn 50. 10 do 50. 10 do 50 to d > 50. United S-.ite?6*a of 1867 rioted ?t 101 asked, 100?;; bi; Tre->?ur. G'-s ' 100 nuked. 9!)T? bid: Marv'and 6's i?t s6 atkeri S5X hid; 'tn'timrre 6'? of 189!) *t 9\j? ??k#d 9ih bid; Cnltimnrr uud Ohio It R tlnres nt 38>? asked, 3C bid. rOMESTIC MARKETS Nkw Ori.kanj, Fo^i 13 ?Cotton?This morning's tnai brought tbo Acadia's letters, and anoordlng to a'l aocourvs affnirs in Europi are far from beir.g settled Yesterday's activity is in consequence succeeded by ? very moderate inquiry, buyers generally demanding a reduction from yesterday's rates, and the sales are limited to 3.'>00 biles. mthintr the totnl of tho week 30 000 ba'oe. The week closes ouietlv at the following rates : ? inferior 5 a 6 ord'nsrv to good orrtlrary 6V a 6sj{. mid il'.Ing a pt; good middling 7 a 7' {, middling f.iir, 7% r. 7>{, fulr ")i a 8. rood fair nominal, good and fine do of cotton-Stock on hind on Sept,. 1, 1R47. 23 493 b?l?? : rfrrived giro? to date. 629 190 do; arrived to day. 6 216 do ; total. 658 899. Exported to date. 407.ft92; exported to-day, 10 246; total, 417 838 balea Stock on hand and on ahip bo.vd not cleared, 241 061 bal?a. Tobacco I'ricea arc a* vet unsettled, and quotationa nearly nominal; lur? 2.V ? 2.V common Ipif 3'* ? 4 f<lr j 4\i a 5V- One f>)% a fi choice 6)^ a 7. aepar le#t 2^ a 12c. N B Bv the Acadia information has b*en received that jV'r Peacatore lug taken the Krenoh contract for Kentucky tobacco at 90f for aecond tvro. and 60f fot third tvtie Suvar We quote inferior 2!* a 3. cromon 3*4 a fair 3JZ a 4^. prime 41,' a 4Ji, choice 4?? a IHf. Arrived durinir ths werk 7738 hhda Exported 4318 hbda Molaaaea?The week openel with an active demand at 20H a 21 K v and price* hare Dot fluctuated eince. We quote ordinary 19 a 20c. prime 21 a 2D?". Flour?'The market haa been languid, and the aalea of the week (to not need 8000 bbla including 4000 Ohio and Illicoia. in four lot?. at $4 87>? Small lote are pelllng at $4 fr7>? for Ohio and UlinoK and $5 25 a $5 50 for choice IIHnoia and St Louie The account* from Europe being unfavorably shipper* are not willing to enter the market at the i-rt aent ratea. and hoMera are aleo Arm on account. of the amall atock on a?le. Arrived during the week 9316 bbls. Exported 18 399 bbla Corn?The demaud hue been active and the ealea reach 75.600 aacka Prerioua to the Aodia'a arrival, the prioea ranged from 46 a 50?. but have eince aettird at 42a45c for prime ahipI ping l^ta r f mixed to prime yellow Arrived dnring the i week 53 969 easka. Exported 34.743 aacka Wheat?A i amall pale waa made at $1 C6 but the market la too bare I ot atook to 'g'abltah a market price. Arrived during tbe week 1634 aaoka. Pork -There haa been a fair demand. and torn* 4500 btls have charged ban^a at Irre polar prieca. meaa having ranged from $9 25 a $9 45. and to-day 200 bbla were aold ut $9 20. Meaa ordinary $8 81 a SB S7H- Prime $7 a S7 12K, and mmpe $6 AO Bulk pnrk - 3^0 000 lbs hog round aold at 3 a 3^3 BaconThere baa bren a fjir d? *nd. and pricea have ruled at 1 4ki a 4^c for aid**. and 3'.J a SJ?o for ahcnlders. Hama | - are aellirg at 5 a 6e for plain, 7 a. 9i f >r canvaared, and - 10 a 1 lc for mttt cured. Lard?Tho arrivals have been largo, but the d?ri-tud ha* h?en active, and large ealea ' have been made at 5 a 6Ho for Inferior to prime, aomo 1 oboice lota having brought 6Beef?There ig very j little demand, bu? the arrivals nn nlgo Hmlt?d Mem eflla at $9 75 a $10. Mid prime at 9<6 75 a *7 Not a aale 1 nf nrirne mr*? bag trananlred. Lead?We are again i without any nl? to report. .Arrived during the week j 2I3B ptg?. "Kxported &4A2 pi?s Hica ?There has hero a bett?r demand, and some 400 tieroe* prime have been I sold at V\ n 4c. Freight#- Numerous etgsg?raen?s 1 have been ratrtn without nsusing any rhangn in the rates. i otton to Liverpool IS 32 a Xd. do Havre lo, do Bo?ton $i per bale, flour to Liverpool 4u4s ti l, do north i 40 a SOo, crn to the north 11 a 12c bush, oorn to Liver( pool 12 p. 14d bush ' FOREIGN MARKETS. 1 CtKiiin). J'huary 5. 1843?Produce arriving from . the Interior in considerable quantities. Several cargo** of moUssea h?vn been shipped to tbe United States, worth 13 4 reals per keg ; prises on the decline.Freights rtull ?t i2 a $-2 23. Many vessels, not engaged, i are holding out for belter freights Shippers not disposed to iLCroS'o the rates. No sugar freights of ary kind in the market. ' Havana. KeV. 3.?Tha supplies of sugar are beenmin* mora abundant, the movemeuta of the coasters being fa | cl'.lt-'.'d by tbo moderate weather we have recently ex perlencrd Th? etqulry In v?ry restricted. and cliietiy conf.ned to Sp?in; ro thut while tb* better descriptions find buy I'm at a': cut the e?iu? rates aw iaft quoted, the fi more ordinr.ry qualities are lower. We may cali thn jj i>r??prTit. vrlces 8 a 9 rials for whites; yellows, 7 a 7% ' rials; browns. 6>? a 6'? rials; and Cuourucbos, 4% a 6 1 rials Ucdrr these circumstances tbo stock is gradually accumulating; and by tbo middle of tbia month, we are likely to have a fair supply at market, and priors roRy became easier. Ot Muscovados*, there are still yery few (ifferiug We continue to hear complaints from several districts, that the cane yleHs a very indifferent remit. *s maty estates hire been suffering iron drought. We 1 learn, also, from the scut hern parts of the island, that i the crop does not promise as well as the past season For ?nolas?i-s. I?* rials have been paid on the spot, and at some cf the outporls J rials bare been asked As there is n pretty fair demand for the articlo. prices are not I likely to vary at thn moment. The reoeipts of coffee are still very scanty. and we quote $tt&Oa$7. Floor has improved. 400 bbls American having been sold at $2l 75, and 104 bbis at fri2; of Spanish, there have been no arrivals Freights? As scarcely any sugar is going forward to the United States, the rates are nominal at 76 cents to $1 per box for northern ports. Kor molasses to the north. f-J and id have been paid. BIirIWII On the 11th in*t. by the R*t B Creagh, Mr. Oarrkt 1)tckman, to MIm Martha E. Tpckkr, all of thia city. Uu Saturday, nth Instant, by th? Rer. Henry chaae, Mr RonKRt D. McCHitesitT. of thia city, to Ml?a Y. Gum r, of Fir* Plan*. (South Haven Pariah.) L. I. Cleveland, Ohio, pipera plena* oopy. At Brooklyn, L I , ota Monday afternoon. the Slat in?t., bj the R>-v. Mr. Lathrop, Mr. Charlei A HimckLtr, of Wnxhingto a, D. C., to Miiss Elvira M. Buri.rigii,of Atbnoy. Albany paper* pleaae copy. Died. Yeatorday morning. Catharine Cohnortt, wlto of John Connorty. of oonanmption, iy>' J 31 year* The friends of the family are requ ated to attend her funeral. thia afterun.iu, at half paai 3 o'clock, from htr 1U* residence. 331 Madinn atreer.. On Monday morning the 31 at luat , ai 11>? o'clock, of conaurapticn, Mlrs Jan*'Rri, in the 36;hyearof her afc? 'J lie frienrfr and acquaintance of the family are resp iti'uily invited loauemt the lun?r*l. on Wedneaday, trie 23 I at 3H o'olook wlthous lurther notice, at the oori.t-r of Hoyt and Dean street* O.i Suud.?y evialng? tho 30lh Inatant, Maroarkt, daughter oi D K. and Ann Oiekerton, aged 3 yeaia and 11 moutt-s. Tfce funeral will t?k* plar* at 11 o'clock on Tu*ed ij inorum , the 32i iaat., from the reailnoeof her grandfather, Elit* .Mill*, 34 Ridge atr?-*t. The frieiida of the family ttfo iei]aes;ed to a'.ttnd,without further invitation. In thia city, on the 31 at lost. Eliia*?th Bi.oom, wife cf Koater, of West Troy, N Y , and daughter of the late Samuel R Boom, of Wutoheti county, N?w York. Dutches and Oaetd* county paper* will pleaae oopy On the 3l*t, Vast Jamk. only daughter of John and S?rah Margaret Bell, akvd 3 years. It'eiun/I* n?.?1 . ulntinni at <* rmni'fl v invlttd o attend i |tli? fuurral, thin d?y. ft 3 o'clock, from th? runidenoo <f lu r jitireutu, No 1H Crjav iitreeS. On Aloud*}, tn? 31st Inst., at HarUm, Bkuami.i Oahno, iu the 41tli year ol km Ago. Tl?? trim da awl aiquaintanorii of th? family ar? re* ?j.i?cUul'y luTlte 1 to ait^nii iui funeral, from his lit* rrMilri.orti.ii Third nvrnuo *ud 109th street, on W?dt"?dny ihe 53d Insl, at lwo o'clock P.>1, without further Imitation. W<e?ly liajiuit of Utallii Id I'ic < it? and Ccautynl Ne.v VorU.lrom tlir 11 1) ?!.?y o Keliriarrto the 19ili da/ ol eebrnarv. 18111 flrnM; \Vu:iieii?3; doya 7J; (Juli 71 l'otal 3 S lllllllll Al>'tr'< 1; Apoploty. 4; Aipi>?iii, I: Atrophia. > Hired- | u<< 3; ttonir.l or Sc.Mrrt i; Uronchit t,7: i iittr, ij ( a?ahlit en, J; ' ou?nint>tiuu, 4a; i/onvnlaiona (Jr"ni>, if; I ? lullti, 3; Deliiiu .i I icuie. 3; DiaiincR i 7. Drop>y, 3; Drnpiy la l e II.-. il, U; ur.ip>y in ths Cheat, I; L> aauterv, U. L>\p? i e> i. 1; K. y>i|iel13; hever.i; Hever Uiliui.l: Kirrrlutr )<r?s 4. l'Vve. eminent, I; l-Veur t,e\r et.J; l-evr '1 yplio d, 14; Kteer Typtioa 41; Hr*r , tn-a.vr ol I; Mo?piuv ' outfit, I; |. t) .r xi. 3; I limunition <f Brain, ), lull unmilinn it iJ-wrt*. i>. I. ll innntiou ul (.heat, I; inll tnim~uio i ol KidI f v*,l; Il tl in in ii I 11 f t?t> "K" Ii (I iminnti io ofHlnm r h 3; Ihllin.uul " ul I lif ?t. I; I "tl iikuit tun of Wnmti l;l 11 in in t;ou i'l 1. ItiUwpe 3 ?>.a f.uin i on, i. *i m i? H; Miutillmtion. i; Uld Aae, 7; a; rutin n.r I 1.111b. 3. I'l uiuy, I. liupmta, l;Minill I'd*. 7; !-pm I LMati-aa 1; Bond lleail, I; Taethmg, I: i'umor. 1; in e. Ira il i!r tin, I: UImiiHm of J hiuai, 1; Unknown, 3, V iihiloid. I. An - I >.iler oi.f your, 111 I to 3 yean, 31; 3 to 5. S9, J to lit, ]< Hit' u 17. 3 to 41; J& lo 40 <|; (0 <> j4. K; 40 tout!, > <* ' 15; TO I'! H. it; 19 10.10, ii OidluuWU, 4 A. W. Willi' ( ity i?.ipe?inri CHI (itapeotor'a Ottiee, Kebtuan ) < 1*4* Nui Meeting to Nominate, tor President, GK.NK.RAL JSA.CHA.RV TWLOR?The Whiff Rlrrtnrs i f ti>e Uitv a tl Connryof Nfw Vo.-k, ard *11 who ?e n |'<v.>r of General Z>ch?ry Taylor for ttie next President of the Uaited rtt'ites, a<e reqaest'1 t1 meet iu Ktueral Mam nt Niblo's Harden, at T o'clork th'S eve-iii t >lis 22J olKebruary ?the atmiveriarv of the brth of Waahinitou, ami tilt jre i Ur.ttls of Bnen< Viltn?i? or er t^ pi ice tne name of Zacha'y Tnylor formally ana prominently before the r e n>le: o( this City and ferate, f'?r tHe t h e( Ms(istr> cy nf the N ti^n. A sps<'ious and well lighted teit wil1 b? ereeted forth* accoinm ?latr.n of th-inert n* General [V, lor, in hi* letter to the Hon Joseph H. li)(<r*nl|, fivowi tliit lieu a W'liitf, but m.t an ultra one andJie Ins also declared, tliot il el-cted. lis will be the President o( the People, not of n party." All his fellow-citizens, there f re, who are in favor < f eierti> g to the Presidency one who has so eminent y served his country, ::nd who desire ihst the Chief VJaiiia'raey shall br lillr I bv ? mwi who, though decided iu his politics, is ' not ultra"?one wha prefers country t > party tud who, ifelecred will adniini ter the Goveri inent upon oroad and literal priucipJes?arc puiticnlarly invited to attend. Geo Griffen 8 Baldwin Vln LeGal Georgn Grlbwcld Job J.ickfo l J Wstion Avwril Daniel Lord Wm PocIh S De Witt Blood- . J PrfBcott Hall J^g jj Van Allen good 17,,..-11 TJ V-_1 ,,, i, /. . I n r,__i rocH u iicnui ?.'iiw r * o?jwish y\ o deunvr John L \srinw?ll C A Hinckley Ed J Warren Samuel T Tisd&le Win G Hackstaff Robt Shame Brown D C Hjde Benjamin Weeks Jon'tbn Goodhue Jor ViinlUcmeUer Wui N Fisher J Watwon Webb John Dean Jog W .Al?op Moses H Grinnell FMoher Westrey Gilbert Allen J:iicrg G King Goo A Hsleey ? iinl L Mitohill DenuiuR Duer Chan K Osboin Henry Rubles Simeon Draper, jr Beuj W Rlabards Wra Ailamn J C Tlllotson S'l .a M Stilwell U'ui 8<ldJy las W H-ilo Kiti/erald Tlsdall B -nj W Richards Geo H Prloe J G Dudley Bobt Uavard Geo F N'enbHt E Kimball A Richard# Kd II Pendleton T W Konyon G*o E Uook D*vi 1 Cotheal E Peet Sunl G Ogden D<wi'l D Voorhies C'has P Leverlch Wm O Mumtord Morris A Phelps Geo Curtis Saml Wheelwright J 8 Orktord Petrr H Dcyer Daniel Utiderhill Rerj Lord C B Miller Geo W Uetts J W Hugh Maxwell E D Morgan <'has H Marshall David B Ogden Win H Maxwell S H Aokerman Wra 8 W?-tmore P Sturt.evMit Hobert Elder Drake Mills Geo Folgi.m Francis Godlne Andrew Foster, Jr A J Cipriant Thomas Ecoleston John C Green Thos Saowdea Joel Palmer Ogden Hoffman E H Howell Archibild B if hop Kidney Bruuka Juinh Hammond Uaao H Valentine Wm H Webb 1' V Hoffman Henry Zell Henry J Raymond Thurstu Champiin Weodhull & Min- R' M BU'ohford John 8 Bow run turn Elijah Taine F Trumbull Van Zebedee Cook Franois March Alen John Cruger Geo W Bluut Ralph Lookvrood John Cryder Alfred 8. aton Robs 8 Webb R' bt L Taylor JoLn C Delprat WSevlll Wm Barnwell Ariel Patterson Wm Curtis Noyes Francis Sklddy Hy R Duuhaiu II Van Winkle George Schuyler Gabriel .Wad John Saxton Charles Deui'on Chss T MoGow&n Theo Prrry James M Dunbar Geo A Ward Wm H Appleton Geo W Morell Ch?s H Russell Geo 8 Eieton Chas 8 0*H->y John A King Joseph Worster T P Richards Jiitnei Bown John II Abeel Jno A Underwood Wm H Merry Gao Jaokson G^o H Andrews Th?s Tile*ton Benj Nathan Wm Maxwell W E Crury Benj W Hart R-uhmt Voss Juo Van Vetohen Sauii 8 Voorhela L S Palmer W E Miller h dwin C Derby L K Smith E J Hyde Thos liviu J M Flint Alfred Cooper Chas E Hunt T R Sitti'rlen Win L?wers Edwin l.everty Francis 1'Sage Francis Ptrkins Oliver II Jon-s Wm C Dougherty E P>-et G<?org' B Parker J&iuta VV Eiwell Jxm>-s Mount John Gilbrrt Ttuois Van Brunt Wm A Woodruff C A Gardner CltBS L Noutse Oulin Asbotoft Geo J N< ale David Down Win All**' n J P Van Z%ut ChisE T'.wusend Cb?n Ilidabook John 8 .Maxwell J*8 B Bidleman A W Welden Thin Handuock Robert Reed Geo Bi'lletnau 8 K Goodridge RVaugban Jas 11 Piuuimer R Mailimon David Albertsou '1 lion 11 N~wbold J Anderson lr? Payne Joseph Nnylor William Webb John C luwiug W R Ronalds O Bulkky Will ir 1) l ?liBrili 1)<il.r N I'h.. 1-1 I ..-no Thome* L Wells A O Buufon John I'urrar Kr?dk ileantU L)L Cowan Thos Underbill W Tau ergon W 8 Alton A T Woodford Jug McKenna ('bus L Vosa N Coles I'hil'nd'r Haniord David O^dt n I' S lirinkuhoff H W Lewis W R Wadsworth Ilobart Ford Valentine Lewis Ja* H Freftr John Hannerty H t^uanti-a J H lielcn John KrlnK J O Lowber 8 LtvingstonG Babooclc Joseph Wooster Win Mojre Juo W Morton J K Brucklemaan Thos Dough*rty Jaajej llart David Biggins N T F.dwards W 8 Church 8 Brewster Saml i* Lyman Thomas D IMmer '1' J 8-<txas D B iH'.rooJ Hnury II MorMgt W Aug. Knapp S*mi 8t John. Jr Robert Cochrane J P Donalds n J V trny Riobird W Daria D Davenport D .id Murray J K Kendall ii j i mppeny* tiriumer i s uraiier K W Brown Philip Carroll J H Foster Francis GriCla J A Ptck C B L->we C V Uhlborn Junci Harknees John Lettlnberger Thomas L Paul Itlch Russell Tboe M Tallmau NB Carney Join A Rillly Alex K Hosack.MD John J Conway F.zia Bu-hman Edarin M Cory Thos MoCord Capt WsVan K?y-A M ?.'.t'zz?ns Heory Siniih negc in Aug* T Conoyer Thomas M?:beir JnbnCHoyt Thomas E Bishop Timi.ti y Ccnolly WakfiMU Wm B Cozz-dr l'r S G Bi-eiow Wm W Russell W H Tilloteon C Follen Wm H Wilson Wm Sehw.rtz Natal Hajman Thomas G Parker J H J-nk-t Joseph Murray John Mourn J Van ltlfcr John Quin B P Sherman J B GoiUer Hugh King Darinl lloicon John L Hyckmm CLarlea Hoag Dadol C'i aylor J Dunlnp Joua W Ward Baral IMtz N C Baliard 'iho as Clark David F Miller Jt>bn Mollard John C Smith A A t*tevens W W Place Saml Darling John Ttiompson Peter Clark A Sidory Dr>*ne Geo H Durborow A llraton Alex M Steteoa G B W'eTens J B Bonn' y Gio H Hill John Thompson John W Hull F W Coleman J P Leayitt C N 8h?rwood Jrhn A Robinson Jno G Brown John I Muaniford Wm A Banitter Cta* A TownsendC P Kosa Wm J Hndson F W Knapp A N Kingsbury I John King A 8 Marrlu Nathan Corning ' T K Fitzgerald E T Pi?*e Mich P Buck Joseph (.ernsh James L^es Henry Morgan | DhvUI N Welden Daniel P Parkar G?o M Pike J F Hagadorn Geo Farnhnm Geo 1 Dane G.-o W Mount Wm G Lord John D Morrison 1 Jonathan DWilsonHiram Gal<> Gro W Miller Cspt R Adams Francs IV Barron S Crcebin Mallon Ausob L Story Peter GU??y John sh?als Wm Dsvoa Tli?'0 Parker Jsmia T Wright J J Diokinson David Matlock G-.o IVhittker L I) Buriing F B Bcckersinann Rich I Taller Rich's Root A Ui'.imU John 11 Little J Gurnee J L Buckler Anthy L Ble cker Wm Meyers John B Wright John s Bl.iom Samuel flail H K Jewall Teunis W Quick Klias Combs Geo A >1 Brown Steph K nlo?er Moses Swett Geo W French Jobn H Hurtin llobert Ktng B 9 Per.niman John K Hackett i't?j Dw'? Cbas sOuklt-y ChMEUett Kdwiu Bowlin John Smith, Jr Gerard C Lester Reuben Munnon J Grenn Pi-arson L K Hice W W Wetmore Augustus Kmbury K'.ohd M Fernald M Cronkhite Francis Dean John B ICarle Norman H frost D / Taylor L*ri Willard F F Hassans S H Kae Lewis A Thome lr* Tucker J Thomas Geo Scarff T Moleney J TjlerBrigham Gao L Meiggs A A Torter C L Mather Alfred 11 Iiadden John Morrison R B Coleman A M Crane John Schuyler O W Sturtsvant B W Rogers, Jr Tbeo Parsons Geo Watrisa I B Gager Joreph Colgate Chss T Gilbert F Laurence T Newton ? 'has A St?tson John Ojden P Douglass James Wiles G H Woodruff C H LoTfjoy Ctias Mt-rriam J Brown John P Bell John L Rogers J Kranklin John Merohant Paul Allen H L Bnals John Grlswold II Pike ASCros!>y Bn-j Dow Jaraas Lambert J McLaughlin H Burkhalter FDFlemmiig DauI H Raokett Saml Kyckmau S M Buckingham S Vail B H Martin Joa I Comstock Ko'it Anderson J Teriy Bates W P B?eohrr John Wilsou Hrnry Climes C G Chamberlain RobtCrann John L Colby D?yid K Torry * J Bayard Morgan W T Lawri>no?, Jr J Jameson JW I'owosend Jas C Hackett W Cunningham J II Dreyard C C Bausrman J C Willard Cyrus < h?<nrey Louis C Callott F Cartwright James Denn-oum V ...lnr> Pi.*.. I I I ..... n a I I. m .. m n .. I Jumca R Km-ler Jnmea Bolton Klin* B Hmry Thou Dunham K H (banning liobirt IS Martin Jacob lloawell W Kll.O'.t Ai>m U I'hompBO Alex Bull Saral New II K tl Kniiiiju Berj (?urm\n WnOnocr Kliai l'. omts t ban linhohon G?o Ort??*old J \V Korbei M M Moor Abm Brrwn kr.-mcin I ryon H K rtnowden Wrn H Kerguaon Henry A Oakley, 'i'hot Whitepido J"bn L Arpeuwall C C \Voodhull Oeo W J?rTi? Ed:ar llow.ud J D Youug Hetiry ? I'mnnn 'i'boniHHUMin urn Jno M Aikin Stephen ?i Holrojd I VV O is Hoc -In ISatea John H I'olte Kdwln B?rtlett \V A L < UUuo P Byron 3ark?r Reuben B Robin-Jntin V HolUrd Jobn M Manner ?on J A Sherman Arthur Roger* T 11 Maraball 1 ho* I, Catgill Rufua U L'ouorl Jam** A Strain t) W Holly Robt Tap pan. 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M K>Ihj Chun Jackiton John Lloyd John FtiiHtpj W K VVooUwortU I M Uslilnt'T J** Craft (' H llxnai.n W H Brown J Wilajr ( lark H Dcwnlrg Albrrt E?tf.n licit N M Mo< ormlck Robert Robbing O.t <? \V?t*r? BatJ \V Davla Luk? Dumon i-'aml N> ix*? Joto-ph I, J Sn\aa (. o W .summer F.'ler W l.uJlam II M(?i J (; i huroh .1*0 >b Harm K Hugh** I hi>* W LjB.'h Ed?i?r'i K?mp Char) ? CoUmia VVw I)?t's f^aml I) paw MlabuM Rrady I' jm?n l< 9 lixai S \ Thomson Wm Sohur?ra?n ( l!?t h Joho D?ai?cn Wm Browning Jplj'i I I) vl 11? ??rv D* **' Hrattli Cram \l x N ft>I -?k. r John HorUn Hiram Woolnay 1 ai ll T.iiol?m>Q VVai B K-jnoM* s"i/l Kigla A Olby Chaa VV?lK?r U li Atumtia Wm A Moor# Wm Walk-r CAM J *? DoanlMffilllM'rt 0 Htll I,**?on riiiay AU/n A if x Am Ml'W Ht*l?-jr Joo V Puabw II l.foa Marat Un^n^tt i*Mr l Uf4?D a ffttlM IWiM My4 Douglaaa ilatteroe A L D?Comp Isaan Westerrelt Anthony t.*mb Conn J Sprague A Boyd PUrl fc K>ir?oa 8LTru?low Tho* Dnwdlcan Thomas K ?rr J D Spark man Kr-?nol? Conway F. W Townseml E H Crowley John Morgan Peter Lamb Edw Miller Jam** Murphy W.a Wall Osciir Moore Jninea Wilson Jam*** lUrnefl John C Brandt John Krwin II 0'N?I1 A P Sutton John MoCutoheon Koti?rt Smith L Towner Chaa O'Neill Robirt French K R Jenka S B Dou;h*rty Tliouias Brown Peter J 9as Then Browning M JBraUy W V Noe Joseph Belknap ' Krancin Smith Thos W Moody (J^o llycktnan John PJoy John MoKimmin Divid S Batter Pnt'k Mffk 'onil 1 II??nrv It Klntharlvltnvn lUmiltnn John Barton Aroh r Kin A bin K Dat*r The# O'UuDOfll J U Harriott Wm S-.hrymser G F Kottman Bradford Day Fred W King W H Cotten Geo C Morgan John Haven <; Collins Henry Stokes Abm H Beatty B Carroll H L ltaynor Patriok Burk J >hu O'Nfill Wm A Parker C S Knight Pitrlok Diont C has D Webb F H Hoyt Jon I)r?w A D Koiinttn 8 H Merldlth Robert Creer Josa Dusenbury Henry Dexter 'f'honiss Glet>.iou G Jowes J V Spader J Walker W Freeman Saml B Knapp Jlob^rt.HigbRm 8 N Boghton Chan H Joyce l.uwls Grnnt John Gallery Hobt S rolling Minrod We.r Au/ugt Shegh Mlohael Hopper Patriok Cox William Tobias Pardon Lapbam Martin Olio Peter Clark SB Draper J -fan Lav Owen O'Neill Fill C Blake .Mattb*<v Crigan Jobn Sturgtsa John G Adams D ivid Fordyoo Andw Mutesides Chas Blevin William J Webb Wm Humphries John D Clark P ttrick Mchou Thou Anderson Michael Sberidan F Christ Miohl MoOinley Lewis B Griffen Henry Dnudelim Henry Tice Warren Colwsll Mich Brothers James Farley Is*ao H Brown Arthur Doris Patrick MoAlasr J Addison Thomas J ha Kiunam John Sturgeon Edward Simpson John Bowlan Patriok Conron Moses FrUbin John Tsjloi James Miller John Hewitt, jr Win Biyd James Mulrer Isaac Amey Jumeg llamney James O'Neill Clinton Oilhert lilchJ LiyJen J*m?? McGusk Bernard G Stokes J >hn Doxhlem Matthew Mullsn Ja:aes Harrison Juhn Mooney Morris Welsh Ephralm Miller J*in?g Cttiupuell Jas McLaughlin Theodore Barl?w G lUmllton Edward Anderson Wm A Dunotn 1) J Bunker Patriok FlammingDavid B Taylor E II Bunker D Monson Oliver C Jonts Grace Irving Jas O'Neill T A Morrison lleurv LioDenett Charles Uuine L Austin, jr George Nobln Jamoi" Millar H P Kennedy Jam?? 8token W A Gamble Geo B*id#u O R Muraf >rd Junes Robinson James Adams A O Underbill Peter Jo linn ton Benj T Horn O Wnrthing'on John A Clark James Hanoe J I. Dickinson James Andrews John Alexander Jam's Douulnss J Anthony Jas Baldwin Thos P DeVoo M 'Piebald Chas H Handford Chas Roberts Abm Rogers WW Degraw John Montague I,owl? Allen Oeo Arnold Klephalet Pioison D H Pin b*U W H Mo Donald Alb rt GalUfea,Jr Jacob Van De Wa-Wm Atkins UeWitt Clinton ter James Rouebeilet Judnh J Johneton Wm B Rons Joseph Piercy Jus Armstrong Anth Baker Wm M De Vera A Sarnmii Andw Allen w Li urayton John Uiniier .10 in Smith, Jr | Win Brotver Levi Banker Danl Kroeroan (J House Jas Front Anth Baldwin Austin Tho* Jacobs Gordon M Newton T S Waring Wm Archer Geo Anderson Wm Lyon Stephen Stevens F G Luckey Wm E Cox A ui os Wainor Benj T Bnoshies John J Bloomfleld Martin Dougherty Abm E Dater WmJPiuekney Maml <"brlstie Geo Baldwin A Dun?r?" Just Thos B Wayne Thomas Cooper S *mu?l Gifford Jas VI Dawson <>arret Smith E J P?rry S Arhutbnot Stephen Johnston \Vm Kelly Alex H?nry Wm Aroher Wm Barker W J VcKee John Burke Jxmea Barker Tho* Houseworth Geo Uvdyke Gideon Rion John Wilson, Jr Kami Gaynor Philip Jodon Henry B C Harris Edw Arcb?r Corns Aokcrm&n A Leondon Robt Armstrong Pete* Ball Hi jhd 8 Ely Jain>s Hadley J W Fisher Il-nry C King Jo? Andiews Sainl Rice W A De Bawn J Emhree Win Ada?n*on CUas Forri?t?r Thos Brown ' IV m 1) B-tldwiu Patrick O'Brlrn.JrJames Ayres I <?eo W White G l'su ding HyslopJaoob Dangers I"huc Anderson H J Seaman John Davis , John Baldwin J II Duyckink Geo W Davis Kdw G Williamson Win Hibbard J M "eh an E Q Tuckeruan Js?ac T Wester- Ja? Bogardus IJohtf Austin velt D G Urghart I S Myers Wm L Sweet Thos Rooney S Weinheim H Alexander, Jr Abm Tompkins I'.hn W Baboock David Abbott . W D Lex J.ira?8 Bailey . James Aoker Thos Woodruff J ?aes T stagg John Johnston John Ester Wm Andre ws H H Tall man Peter Van Slack 1 Autli Baker Wm Banks John F Horn Jim-s Alien J Goodwin John Miller Joseph H WogstaffJames Horn, Jr Chas Freeman Thos E Barolay Jas Ackermtn W H stawart S*ml A11 -?1 B?nj W Rogers B P Demerest II?nry M Bull S R Nesbet Wm Hopkins (? W Roberts Erastos B Blaek Peter Bestlna I-' KrederlokB V V Conant John Johnston Lf'onkl'n Ketli Boardman Sural Morse Wm Mead Jerh Fordham Thos H?nry S P Srhenck Saml Boyd J?hn Donihoe S Punotn Lewis Dougherty George Dunn Norton Jones Lyman Gould David Freem E w 8ml: h L Dmulo Hngh Bolton ^iomoi K'aiie E H D.imlniok Jas N f'rolius (Jeo Mills Jos Geo Ekluson Cha* Kelly, Jr i?k? nn??.a n a Untu.i. I., v r ..1V Sim! Forbes Oiio W Clou W V rtweot H MriV lily Geo W Kellogg Boyd Liston '"has B Wilson L.?w D? eio? JasKent F.'ljinr Wilson J urn en Watson Arment ForbfS J ob Wll?o* Alvab ilnyco Thos Fislier l imy './"ilurd Geo Tisl*le S?ml Cairns WmNCrai't Wm Hays Encch Griffin V. Burnham Satnl Co-van l*aa<*. l.uoois, Jr J Rogers Louis Bakor' 8 P Booth J.iha Jus 8 Htmmond Jonas (. Ifrrt* Wnj Boardman Kami Smith Kill* Van Colt I Satnl Marsh Joan Newton _ T T Parson li.i Fle?t Aug lUjw^rd C M?lTille Danl Moore Thos Srymour Johns Bloom I h'-to?s Billings B W I'.otnpton John Webb E Williams W E Rf?de Hlxam Cor win M"riin Lmgley Jamt-s Dlogham Jacob Cropsey K Uioiom C We'teryeit, Jr Wm Laytin L?Dd*rs Clnyton Peter T Warner Saml Hneden Jr John W Martin J?hn PAroularius Willis Mount Henry E Bramson John Barbiere D Howfll J Bogart John Wetharbee J 'sVan Nets Win Bennett V Holman A ugs Storks W H Oylnton EWVanVoThea A thy Snedecker John Draonn W White L licodr cksori John 11**, jr D A S-rymsr II i.e.ike linroson Miller RC Nodine JL I trio JSBralnard JnoWest Wm Duryea J U Bradlie Ira P Kvans Win Philpltt Edward Connolly Saml J Kerris Charles (iola Peter Shate chas W Beyan Thos English Piiter Whitaker, jr J C Vertn Geo 8 Corwin Dafid Moore A Arangrew Rich<J S Smith P?ter Sweeney C A Ten Eyck Jumes Newham Edwin Robinson F. D Classen Daniel Lyman J McCabe D B Van Xandt B I Trans ST Dapivu J Holmes, jr JM?m G Wiley B S Cotert-ll I, yton & Sneedoa Fredk Auf'nangerJtbez WillNmi E D Iluribut Chas Fitoh Martin Feeney John D Iluribut M S Brown Wm Hawes F S Hasbrouck A (J Beck ^ H Worcester Warren Delano, jr Geo Hmnaas Saml Tewdde Wm C Cox Chas Wilson John Ries llobt B Bird A H Christie, MD Richard Offtn Tbos AV Seeley David Van Alst Cor C Marsh R M Grlunell Chas Place Tho? Baker Kdward Saul E Jndon Hawley Joseph G Hender- ! Julian Botts Saml B West son C Oriswjld Wm Thomas G Van Slake Thus Mulligan E WBIackwell P Mullen Jaeob Wilson H W Livingston Chas G Lake O Bell Rlohd Morris O W Newoomb | li'o PC Tufts Jerem'h Paogbura John Martin John Wlllett Henry Wariug Washington Smith ! Wm L Frost JasT Barker Wm Van Northrop 1 Jo'in Landers John Carty Charles H Moore j George {Ji?ty Wm Buokley Charles Karl Albert Ruland Lyman Brown T P Whitney Michael MoCssker WlllUm Mullin J B Allen Ueuj'imln Spray Riohnrd ChadwIokCharles Lyman J no Pickenger, Jr John R Eyres Lawrence Ashby F.lward Orlsslm Jrseph Ford James O'Donnell Wm II Smith JkB'sW Marris Robert Black Jimes Colens James Rustln Patrick Cooney Wra F Gates 11 ?nry Hula's Liwr?noe Cooney A S Oateg Wm Bokee HC Kibbea A J Burr Andrew J Foster Thos H Johnston | Jacob Cook P-ter Breen Jan MoCormaok Dinl.<lMoan Jae MeCormlck Thns J?<T''rane ' i.'h rles Ho*?ll Benjamin Bell George W'TuppIn Thos Cummlngfl R Moore fJ?orge K Graves 1 ' Mlrtl.n. I Inilsaw Rare lamM klftl*k?nntl ! \t illiara l*ow?ll John Wertbrook M S Weston Klchard Holland JohnOiodrow H R ?lead Frederick L?ar Fredk (Jnll*s;her A ConekllDg Wm 8 Na'iion Mtcbeel Sweeney Henry Wrtaht Charles Kltiott James MoCloud Albert Bant* (> 9 Hubbs John Kli^er C L Sutherland fc W l'*ll?u Chas K Btaoh Willlari Wrigbt 1 Ati-xundnr Hubbs Hobart Smith ratrick Colle . S.-nith VV Arthur Soo'.t Buy lis A Daremiort B?pj ;V1 Hubbs John H Jones John lirldley Diniel T Otlbart J J (Iraater John Mead Uriah Ilubba C Latnrge Ileakman Mead C L liigmsoll Jamas Phillips Henry Laforga Joaeph ChrUtle Chaa Downing T Bell lit sekUhBHadley John lloyliii Peter Voorhiea C II Ooaaon John Baker 3 Jackaon U Klaaaui James M lUjden Chas K Kictnar David 8 Uldney A ulllea Samuel Llenthal Daniel Colan Jo?epli C Hawaa Ph Nettrw ! '. iraond Burke John 1. Desaay John I.yon J < e?l>h Cul.eii l< Ladd Kmanuel Joseph I li 1'opvisg W Brou'rn J Biardman II Majcra J B Moore J Carroll O'Dii i Uobbi Krwdk A < hapln Saml f Burnham Ja'Kd Itcat<og Daniel Moore John Imly <L'>|ih"rdlng John R< fe John J Rites V Deforest II Weeks Abm Vantlne j John Hhrooder () Weeks (ieo M Pike ! K Barb, r tt'? Burnha i John D Morrlaon 1 Holt We. k'.a Da*l 0 Blauvalt <?eo W Bruen W)M II Held (ieo Burnham Sajal H Teal J h i Smith Dennis O'Connor staats Millar i h?tl?s Bnulon C T Riley John D Clark 8 \V Ow.. i Mlohaal OUbeTt Win A Sodiard \ -x Hutu* Benjamin Hopper Granots Fowler J \;j a sharp John Marshall N orris 8 Lynn A D Weste.Telt D ivld S Mills Johu Van Beuren D ivd Kerr Luke P.ekhum Joa?ph Gambling R Z ?iiliuaa Wn F. smith L D Lelgtaton W N Odee I?aai Botert R H Rysdyck 1 hog R Williams James E Ward M L Tuckar | I ti I'itrthoook Hirri'lfl IVftid John StOkT Wm Jonoftton < W Hojgl*o4 H R Turdjr J s?m'l H Campbell WnUnr A Ak?n Philip Kurtngton ; K iwmd Il%y lro? IKnnun llnnry Br?m?on | H?nry ilurrxd N'ri JxufH C VV?it?rTeH, Jr. ! Nleh f| |)?ri* Kodni nd hVets I. H#y?? Win Font htm John H.vvtiit s?ml i;ow*n ! W j Charllok Sidney MIUm Wm V?n W??? i loUti fu?^h ( ;>** O Jahoitoi w?rr#U Collier ! >iuin fiup*tri*k Jmn siiwwt K r hai<ui? [ foita T?rU?? U?rt>M A IMM i'Jtu Mwi* Joseph Meyer* W Irving Adam* 8 Corbett Jemee Smith ThecdoreMarpby StephenHeUey Hnbt MoAf*e H Ostr*nder R <:h?eeebrough \Vm H Moors Robert AugustusWra Bill John II Fowler Murray Calvin Kuimom J*m?? BUnoli C.hae I) t?l*on J Campbell Daniel Clark IloV. W Robinson T Outwater Jno P Htideu tl DiGroot J??v* Broea A Terhuue P?t?r Kuox II 1 Crosby J?romc King Jura** Knife Timothy Clotigh Robert Finlay f R N-vius Danl E Shunk Patrick K?rr J H Hoff KugwtieTownsend Georgi I'belpi JurnmUh Moore Itobr. T Martin Ale**nJrr Runge Robert. Nation J S Piereon Henry Allen Jnmrg Brown Jrs?e W Moirer John Dickson Jacob R:on? (i YV Lockwood I I TCoU Robert Smith Aujustua T<-iTer J Wm I'entloost K H Coaat*no< II A 8>irw J Leon Cronln W 11 Nilrs J*raeaOray S Widd tifiald Stephen l.ibbnu Wm Spenou Jos Hawkins J M Dikemau Thoa Copping < Wm Mlnturn C A Uirrr 8 H Pettit Hilary Rosa Nl<-h! V Pinion Jonathan S Odtll 1 ('has White Peter Hawley Wm Hngqina ha'W Hays James Lester Robt H Randall 1 Thoa Haley Henry A Labsgh John St?arna J A Blackledge A E Siperly H O Ourney I Thoa Olbbona A B Stout Thoa Cud birth Joa Keef'er Wm Mitchell Ludwig Krugtr Alex Smith Thoa Benaon J M Hampton W T Putnam Richard Suydam Henry J oopar Thomaa Pike O R Win slow Stephen H i lie lis LhtI Ki.owler II A Talluan C A Brown Ju C Hance Chaa Oilman John L Abbott Benj Lafarge J P Swift Owen Lafferty P L Vandenhooff Jnines Coon Wm H Pigott Edwin R Lafever David Feifer John Foote Michael D Sweney 'I'hoa Sweeny Jaa R Campbell Wm Barron 8 Mettam 1)arid J Rigg* ' Oeo R Thorn Robert Long Chas Oarretaon Wm H Brooki James Stout E K Walters Stephen Ounn O O Hicks Isano W Brown Thos R Pentland John Maher F W Weatlake J itues Haalon Wm Knapp Peter Hoffman T E Skaats H W Hunt I'atrlok McFee Abm Wakeman Patrick Darue J K Leonird S Shirlay Henry Duncan John McKensle Inim I. lUntar r.h. Millar 11 ? > > (Inrman Wm H Reimer K R Williams K W Sickle* Isaac Prloe S Cochrane James Begirt A K Pntchard Jao H Ilyerson D W Hawkins Juo Van NostrandC YVillett Ilobt Coman 8 Sohoonmaker Adam Chalmers Hichard Murray J irnes Phalan J as H Austen 8 A Drummond K W Sturges Patrick Blrming-Chas W Mott Wm Hamilton ham Andrew Oaken Augun R Smith J M Primson Thus H Ryer Wm A Harner James Carman Nathl Thorp John Crockway Geo vv Marsh Stephen Clark J Marshall Thoa Edgerly 8 K Huber Samuel Sigler 8 W Johnston Jon Mosson A M Siblaln Riohd Helm Robt W Monlgal John 11 (Campbell Wm J C AndersonJaines Johnston Samuel Miller Krastus Brown R T Harrison W P llughea Thai Bright John Riley k R Lang James Adair Henry W Weed Wm Bodlne Geo J Dame Edw Iiuse Chaa SomerinkykeJ H Beard 8 J Hutchinson R Ridgelry J Le Cou&t Jno L WesteryeR C D K Hyler J A Jaakson Danl Hoppen I?*ao D Brass J Haight K Adams Bi*mer)y Byrne S Raymond Jno J Williamson R H Hartshorne Isaac B*tes John Baker Walter Mead Jamws Wado John Adams Roh?rt Cond Albert U Evres Arohd Sprints <* K Bainby Robert Underbill Gro Deaore B 8 Whitney John Boyd Kranols Oiimand H O Fret-man K Hunter L Boney Jarara Chambers Samel King Wm Rister Michael Hamilton Stml D inlap ('has L Chlsholm j inn MODuay jom-pn urnwurr juqu i euro Xivler viuifr P K Jno Conner James Smith Corns 8 ihinqk Thos Bra'ly I'ttriok Haninan Henry Burrltt Wm K Clark J trues Dope Gwo Rtohinond John K?lly Joseph Gray D Lunw^tn Wm H Richards Jr>*?yh Winder Cha* Fisher lsrawl Foote John A Wolfer AH Carman J J Dickinson Wt Hani Potv?r Jas H Puroell Thos Van Wyek John Henoen ()?m Welly Stmuel Taylor Wm H Merritt Georg? King Wm W Young David Chrystie Is*ao Dawson David J Gray John R Cooper Jas H Taft A G Hamilton C Cappleman Jao Lanry Wm H O^den H IHoppenburg David H Davis J R Hitchcock Wui Clifford M M Barker John Landy Jon B Haning L S Lite J K B-rard L-d?vif( BntteymanR (J Cutching H P Hoyt Win McNally Iieury Trim Waldru Pell Cixorgn K Gerding John Hcnnlou Henry Benson John Teaken J D Fetter P B Van Houtten Chas Rutdlumn John Anderson J Chilti Morrison D H Clarttson Wm E Barnes, Jr Fras Burnett D GrifHi W K Page Acies C Page Edw Thompson Hugh M Clark Robt Hasnou Corns R Tre fiord Edward Allen John Thompson EJw l>er?pper John H Grant H Clark D?nl H Bardftt James Hope W R Taylor W?n S Ellis John Goethe Wm Ives, Jr Henry Brersoit Jos Aug Gardner C W Dannals W B Bend Wm H D Brown-T W Jones Samuel Marsh son R B Morton Geo Starr JDS Matthews Wm R?ld Henry M Smith Jos Hyiba John W Hervey F Heotor W M Lynch John Low W F Dawson S*ml Aulick M A VlUon T R MoHoaine Jabez Spraker Henry Knller W H Forman S/irol Johne* John Henry Lit- 1? * --V, vi /' G^o A Biker H H Clark Kdw FitzSimmons J N Gtffoid McKnight Smith John Davis Burr Osborne B H Dillon Frs Johnston J'is B B?ll Dluos Thompson Kami M Patrick Pierre C Kanl J*o C Luce Peter Jefferson J H Hally A H Sanders John Dlvyer D L Tilton O B Janniogs : uinl M Kittrick ('bailee Van WykeJ D Perkins T Cheeebrongh John *mith K Fitzgerald Jos D Baun O G Douilf-'s Wm M Howard Wm Ca-ter Hob rtSilvey W A Butler John Katon M^ses Hunt Wm J Bryan Jos H Wallaoe B F Arrow smith V. Morris tin sign Nathi Daniels Daol G Thatcher D C Robertson M MoGhlanlin JohuP Smith Wm Bennett Robert King Henry Johnson L Baitlvtt Wm M Lynch, Jr James Colburn Jos lUrgraves ("has Spear Math Whyta L A Dickenson K C Browne Corn* Holland A G Jennings, Jr John Solomons John MoNamarft John A Kingsland liaac O Dennis John T War del W R Le^r Chas K Benedict Wm T V Carter Georgn Wood Janes Dougherty John Patterson J N Victloaine Archd K Kearney H*nry D Larue Jas U Harvey lle-iry G Kvans John Co wen A Msril Wm 11 Mian Issao J Clark Bppj S Karl* Wm M Malloy Voungs Cutter Wm Smith Wm W Baker S Jaudnn Archd Turpio John Lee Henry J San ford Joseph Bill J Fliutton VVm G Ward Thomas Brown G Williams Bradish Johnson James Peterson J Robbins William H Brown Samuel'TuHy J Simpson E H Blatchford Wm MoCabe J Phitpott Philip Dater Wm Wolf G H Buck David Mohar Ixaao Wilkinson Ctrss T Rellly RobtMcElrath Robert Hall Thomas Hyatt N G Larrabee John Wendell Sellick Nionols Geo Jefferd Hyternas Fletoher HenryS Lyon Thos Bodley Jnmes E Churchill James Thompson Solomon 8 Dane Charles Hunt A Herder Wm Whitney William Kerr John Jeans Samuel V French Ja? M Marsh T W Kelly J C Hanson B Kinrich Htnry M Sohofleld Chas Hazard Caas R June James J Pierce A L Cottrell James Foster James Maher F W Bokee H B Reld W Smith Geo Olney Will am A White W Blackwell Joseph T Masters Thomits Shipley Geo Lewis Cook riniaru m noDonmatm nm iv Aaiuon/ C B Woodworth S E Hubbard Eliaa Striker Christopher Wors-H-nry Graff Chaa J Reybury ter V. ft. S Sandham Thca W Kdwards Joseph Gaakett Ki?bd Williams John Harrison, Jr A K Bird J Miller Jasson Mill* John Gillard J Brig cm Sural Gurigan Geo W Bennett John O Constable Lawr'e D Uelany Wn Geo Keeok Levi Ives Thomas H Gilford John Hallldfty Simuel Smith John Robartaon John (iuerlpel Wm Donivan John Wymtn James Welsh H V Mason Jos Woodwtrd Jr Thomas L Ogden Maroellus Telham T B Kelt Wm Hart Nathan S Saely Jos Woodward R N II ad Jen Thos V'ergu*on John Graham Edward McGlnnls T A Hathrop Tatrick Weian Abraham Bloom Michael Mohan Klohd Conoly Wm Farquhnrson Cornrlius Murphy Owen Gray Joseph Harper J W Brenan Samuel Drake Joseph SlinoDSon James O'Hea ('has Dasey Burlls I.toey John Finn Wm Mutersnn Jov.n K Potter Thos Spelltnan Walter Higgins Arthur FiiigeraldKdwd Doughaity Wm I'etereou John Crawford James Mahon Owen #?lft Kdward O'Keefe Riflhil M''ary Loul? Farrell Brian Shaehan Wm Dowd Jamas Waaslle ' harlrs MoCarty Joba Mattery Wm Nowlan Tatrlok Teafue Tfmothy Ward Nathan W Hall Brian Egan Thos MoCorwack Dml Miohaclfen I ha Mungavln Mirhl York Henry Bvaemsnn P tlkCobetc Wm Jones James Stewart I'atrlckShea Barney G*rvry John Ward Wml.ocit Barney Conner 'I'hoa II Higglna Petur Long brands butler L?wrenoe Kowie John Regan B W Bonaey John Lowden John D Smith Geo Warren SO'Willia W'mJCohurn John Thomaa John K?nn HiwJ Wilkinson F*ul Babcock J?s Farley G B Gnjry J S Brewer Kobt L*ggttt John F H-nnlng hpbm Holbrork Jaoob VVUsoh Stephen Williams Danl S .Miller Jonas Wade Mward Weas John Mason G R Woods i hu Robinarm Robt I Brown Owen MoColloir H'li.ry Scrogce Geo Murray Edward Wood i Jumrs Harding Peter Cogle Jumes Kaercay Martin CanAeld J ia Burk J. bn Ward Timothy Coleman Wm Ward Mloliael Smith Michael Lynch Jus Watth G W Murray , Jmurs Farley ( has L) *n? Jas MoCormiok I II lit L Lana Teter Magulre Patrick Shire Ira Lcs?e Robt Gresham Wm O'Callihan Mlchiel Murphy J J See held Joshua Smith 1 John Connor Phtlo Dobbs Wm Mnlock WniMsgutra Francis Klfim?r M Bar y >ri?iin i mop l'lio* 11 Ktc&aru 1 uun | I J H Pataraou Win Parry Gto Raid JohnMvebau JtiufiCuriy Anib Tbnupion i >an?ud H Murray (<h?t W MiIm Patk MaCorinlck 1 Oan Htndaraon Nlo Cunningham D O Donovan 1 Martin bbaw D Lock woe d P't.-r Magratb L) M Johuaon Win Barnes Wm McCraekan ' I' Maauy John R Rfnraon Jainaa Clantiey I l'boi O'llfrn N Oakry Win McCartn y Wm Mabonay P?tk MeMaban J hn Vaoon Michael Smith (li>n J Roirra Thr? vteN?ucy ' .Yllflhaal Murpby Hlcgreoll Mich O'Conoor j Wm McU nnia Hami Millar Hi<ary J?ml?ou Geo William* Wm M Brown Richer I r?rk I rho?Wnlt?,Jr Jobn Me Murray Michael Dell John Kngllah Jamas O'Daa Mm Mnraca i Chaa L Mltohtll Wm Lrgm Mloha-I Dunn L. f Knapp Peter Cnatellor Jotati VUlona II. nry K Hamlin (i?rr? tt KuUn Pater Kox I J'.hn Carpenter K< Hill D MoNtmar* Joaeph II Kyi* 'i'ho* MelntOah I hoa McNamara |' Own Caoavan < <ao Wright I'atk lleenan , T II Htanlan Wm Kvana Tnci Kartell Thoa Maxnlr* Wm Nnllivan Mloh O'Longhlin i Ja* W Mclntyr* E<Iw?rd Hcgan P'tar Hurk HfiUy IV Kowt John O'Ornly John *'?>! John H lattit r*t?r Ha/oat John T ?n l?r Q * AkktM r?ur farrow Junta Ma< art?ey j] -vfrMHm mmm >)? *I?-"'?Q i . ... loMph I* Heyt Krancin K?!ly Unvin Drown \ H*nk?r John McCoy Mich Finn)'?in f->hn Humphrey Wm Kglntcn John H'irrWri tVin R"im?r S?ml Umharu T?r O' 'oonor Kphra A T?p>en Athlon Myron Jilim WiM Ihonim Prill Mms A Tope H .V A<-k*rnntn ft H KV*noiiCuJimlnjn John VI Dlll<m \?? M FirUs <i:\rr?*: Tbonjpain ChM K? g'r vimani Alien s\ i. >iiu-nau ?v -miuuir lohn J Pefers (j IV If Win J T P M 'iin'i u I'-seph Y Ki?her Thomas Kelly S Muonon Kddy rhouiui il?Aly J i!jm Cummings ? h?a Ilnl?t<-?<1 lohn Ostrar.dcr k. 1' Kjoto H?nry A Uulllug^r )tephen P*ck N ckol*i''uihman Va II Mill?r Ueib I. Hngers Win H Foster J?ho V?nhau'?n lobt H Van DmenKr?d'k Kroner Henry li Wariog j larae? N Youdall H O Saymour I. VI Ariuld Inhn Frost Steph?n Worrell Mlchvl Daly lo<hua P DeMIlt Wm J Burke Wm Huywi 'I it CudlllT Heury li Shafer J< bn W Fowler nrletop'r JenitiniJobn Ryerson Owen Swanton V L Haviland Stephen Foster Kpb'in A I'rovo^t I K.dward Foster David C n*rues Wmf,?? l ihn W(M?|? Jarars Orabam M H Dick P W Herring C H Powers K'llx McQiade W F Cor.okl n Hi n y A Tallman John U> 1 ! iiuu-4 Vanduier Oeo vV Pratt David VunofM Wm II Hilton Patrick Hanivan Samuel B-rtraml 1 lSeorgeJohnson Mloha?l Cannon Jatuee Roger* Peter N Hall Wm Waruer D A Thompson J Kramer Kdw'd P lloblnson O W Out water Klias Benson James K?ut Saiul Tipper Dwen McOiil Thorn is Flanagan (i to Hohrnok Wm F Smith U .-b-rt 11 Smith Wm B Murray Joseph Alexander Wm Powell John li Smith Ueo W Waiters U II Roger K L Mary William Purdy Henry Abbott Andw Morrell Harris Ingersoll J Corwiu Juo C Williamson 1 Ueo II Giles J in K Kraner J A Knr><u?ou Daniel L Carr Alex Dunlapp H iml Smith I Mapes Horace Theall IIyH Blonmfleid 'iimes Thatcher Benj V Barker Stephen Banker Mns*s Blntohloy Jon (I Smith J A Swi.rts A N Camming Jas Hlllikor Conrad Streib j Eoos W Waring Steoh N.Adara* John Mann Jaoob Woodford ll^bt Harrington Jacob Brown S ep II Monneii D Weioott A Cromwell Wm Brown A Praam Seth Cromwell Jjntts Rogers John O Downs James Gillespie H A B&llwla 1'atk Kearney W H Weakton John Dalrjmple Hy Cunningham B D Welters Kphraim Newell Ueo W Nile* John Moriii Patriok Qninn James B*ers Jno Montgomery Alexander Can Jonathan Wilson R H 8?rrls Jos T Robinson Cbas R Tierney Wm'; Daniel* D Pratt Wm B Thetil Jos Wallace Abu Van Peli Edward Koadiok Thos F Andrew* Kred'k Magee L P Small George W Seileok ON Hepburn Anos French John Galitgher S F Hunt John Peiriail K A Brlgsrn D Calogan James J Cain Mlehael Wolf M Merle LeriAJooes Win E P?ne U Merle G?o W Peabody Wm E Thompson Thos Hancock Franois K?gleston James D Gipson 0 Shelby. M D Jaoob F Stroib Robert Carroll Oso Olell B W Cosgrove J H Rogers Harris Odell Alfred Sntnlin Barney Mills Thos Brown Geo ,W Porter Jacob Smith W C Reynolds Marion Timooton James F Traoy John S Handland Chas Otten F C Skinner J Miller Foote J M Vincent M R Webb 1 II MnO.Kilv I) mi,I WiU.ia Inhn Haul ' nil I C A ds J-arencorut Hf?pij'n Elton Joseph R Morgan Henry A Hume John VV Laugford L Hedges J lUyton E R IMinur C Cunningham Itobert Jolinsou ? has Fitx^erald Geo Bantu Daul Evgan W J Patera Alex Sickles R M Nichols Alcnn Smith L Woodruff Ch?s xv Morgan Johu C Davids II Blair Marin* Catin A .>1 Bu.ll J Van Houghton Geo U Smith J unes Kin*?y H Duffle H Bird Wra E Br Men J*m?s Er.\ns / im?K T Ed<rardi Jiinee Linn W Hni len l"?ao Hotly Eraat'a MHawklns Stiul Ilodney Dar.lel T Mason J 'tan A Marshall P Hilly John Tupper D.inl Marshall A Heard M P Randall A G Allieou I) Mint r Thru Manning T Phelan Aaron Minor, jr 8 R Roan Rlcbird A Howe (Joifr?y Wheeler Peter McAulley Theodore Graves Win Hall Peter Guoiiiag John Peterson 8?ml Hav'land Sh Fiurey John H Dixon Victor Rieux Thcmaa Jones Constantino DonlyKugene Taylor Silas P Tomes O M Aurrmao F'>deriok Marks J J Jackson Thomas H Red OF Willscin Peter Upson Geo W Frederick (^ulncy Bouton I?aao Wofe P Cooper John Lee Ball F Doty k Son W Howard J Fulton Geo Haller John Lloyd Win P H?slon H Wright J B Arober PatrickFl?gherly H Tate 8*ml Rodgers Ephr'm G Tooker M Storms Wm Audi r.<on C L Peck F Okiil Jno Van Antwerp James Freeman II Gallagher S T Pmk John D<*nni?on p D .nohoe Sllenun Bxrstow Benjamin Moody Melvl 1 Martina W Walcott Chas Watson J H Newoombe Alex Ailken Simeon Metealf M Sweet l*sacbar C<liens Wm Fraelor* E Battemore John E Green John Smith M S<tr3ni John E I'ioe L Adamon John Lewera baml Kergnson S a Fields L R Watts Jos B tiulirio'ge Thomas Beach W Jones Nell S Bright Terrance Qu.iifl Nelson Brewer B Coles Jos P Mathews Samuel Green J West Saml Parson Janes Need ham T Walker B W Madden D H Rankett Saml Wright Jaa Water lury Geo Birnh Moses Miller John Mfciison liavld All?n M Van de Water F. Worvall B R Clinch Micfca?l Mann Johu While 11 McDineey 8 Gunthfr Jitm*." Harper Ilitrj Moore E St'attou SiniUtl Winant Almeron W TIce J Odell Josiai. Sullew John W Chapman Francis l!arues J ?hn Brourtt J Broirn R Langley Wm A Bennett I j m?a IP S.i?r,n,.r I KM ran. I .mco H ill < hatlrs Jarvis ChMCoi J W Uiroalt John MoKiminln Geo Ilea J Boyd M Van G-lderon Hsml Dsmareat John Mablman r/iilo D Gilbert A Norton l\itrick ('aaaidy J >hn \!arnn?>r L Davis WilifauiD./ugberty Cbas Van BiareomJ Bare-lies J W Bop1'hover Jim-sLee J S jam an Henry Devoe Stephen 8 Dubois W Mill* Andrew Clement William S Mtiler Jacob ViilU Frederick Clement He <'.la r Lltbgow T Gillespie JiiinH S'tinloy Peter K.iahgeua J Ttiompra Jan Wright WcjBHfcys V Brower O Vincent J de la MontanyetJobn Nary John Black l*aao Dipolatt Thoman W Henry I'eter Wright James Willsnn B?njn 8 Whitney H W Ketchum J Jin I. Moore VlitthU Harper M Osborne S Kierson K Saundera J Jenkins Berj Montrosa I'eter B Meal A Steele John Pierson Peter McD >na!d N Buliiuger (ieo Pieraon John Medole H Radford S?rol Miohel A 3 Taylor T Greenwood Hob Ward John Davlss C Mailer < laa SiT?ge Win il Graham J Ackerman 1) inl Jenkinson Jeremiah B Kills D Sullivan Jos lluff George Van Kiper A Mottn Jas Clement, Jr Kobd J Yeraganoe S Gatfltld <1 K Myers John S Pollard J 811 va J B Bliven Q Myers W Gordon Thos Bird Chan McCarthy P A Madden A Richards Wm W Wyclioff Jos L Dennis P Kleim J Mitohell Thoa (jolt S nUi?AWiill H Hnr.'ftn H '/. l!rrmhv J H tiger C Willett A PrentUs II Warner II Wheeler J Y Harrison I' Kerity F O Vantierkoop F Brooks Benj Loomls Ju F.umons F Hlnies I'uab Whitfield M Murray Geo Barber Cliaa Dlaker John Cutter Thompson Brown J R Speights Oeo Cutter B F Dunton Warren Duaen- Jaa L:st*r N 11 Barclay bury W Maguirs W ' Jackson V Scblosson (r-o Ctwlelt Anaon Sprague Cbaa Anglers Dan B Smith W Seoor, jr B Farren H Young J? Whltlock Thos Hard C Bartlett W lUmitt L Booth D Kyeraon U Van Oelder C W Hays J Porapklcs H J Hall R Vanderburgh F Sharp* Ilobt Coles U Dayton J Downing David H*rrls Joi Smith WHuBter <> Bunks WH Brooks D Hunter R>bt Martin John L (iautler E F Ulaley A Lyons U O Hickox W Van Arden Thomas W Lyons S Sohoonmaeker JaaTlllotaon John Hvren A B Taylor Danl MoMann Lnuis Vennit* Arch Ilays John Van Court / Vreeland Thos Moon A Sinclair J A Ferris John Webb Michael Kelly A Conklin It Shepherd John Schaft Morris Allan D Brlg^s S Weyf r Edward Wallace (i W Miller J Kuts John Downing J Knapp Nathi King A McFarlan* J Moore O Bryaon Joseph Dayton S Banta W F Fielding M Piatt Lvin*n FMroblld Joah Taylor Thnmaa L Pfcul N S Osdfrty J.ina Merrtt I)4Ul C Taylor M Pnilllp* M Penfleld Hamnel Dietx C H Ruasell J. hn Brockway Dari 1 W Miller K<lw Stalley Jaa J Brown \ O Star*ra Jacob Kart A J C.u'hbert J< hn Ttnmpaon I inn Vat thews W Dawson <l?orp:e H Durbrow ! II Oreen Kdwd Fields O B Stevens O Msyher L R Brlggi Ws?L?ngton R John Lea T Rted V<rnil!ye? Edgar Frost Danl Bogart Daniel Whitney | F Keppell A Hanson H?nry Mil* J Hart J Clark H L Bulkl?y J Johnaton Jas (if 1 lamidt Thomas O'Brien John Lowther l>eor<e F (ierdiug O'Doonell Martin Conuer Jjs Maguiro Jaa Ma'cno 'I'BNAN'IB.ATTKND- , M \St.MKKI INO OK ' I'K X feunutry ol the city ol' New V',rk. will be held on W?d read y errning, Febmury 23d, at the fcuildinn kiio u n? the Alhmnbra. near Piinca afreet, in B' tik? connael the beat m< de of rtieck ng (he irendy minnal , iucieate of oor ft I r e? <1 v enormoua rema T t e committee if two perioiis appointed e?ch ward rt the |i.eiimiu?ry neeting .->1 Mili ary Hall, will report to addreaa and resolutions f r lie eona>der tion ol ti e ruectug Alile abaters ?ill be present to enforce them. N<w, tentuta, all toi?e her, Rite u? yi ur ioirea at the AI ha rubra, on >ioud?y i.eit. ty rP0 LET?COS-iKSSIO \ GIVEN IMMEDI \TKLY1. A am* I three ator* home i lenautlv ?ituaied,De?r t ham- , l>er a'reet. furnished or ni.furniihed The owu't, togethe , with hit faroiiy, is small, *ii!i to remain. The', have t l> irate p-trlor, furniah their owu ti'eand light, give not ,iM iheir washing, and only wi?h t? '?ke iheir me Is wi'h the :riMut, for w mch he it aliowed rent ftec, I geiher with the use :>f ihe liiruitme. To beseeufiom II to 3. Apply at 21 HtuJii>u street LET. IN WILLIAMSBUHOH?THE IdODEKN J. two story attic b'uk house, with counter cell*', pleh- miyloc.ted 180 Homh Third street, within ten rin.itites wal1" j1'either Peck s.ip, tlr tiid or Houston st'??t femes. 'I lie remises ate SO by l>0 to t, eoi.stitut ng a latge yard, w th <ra, ardor. it . Iiei.: t 5(1, at which, tuan *i'loosed applicaut aliaieof th<ee ye na *onld be Hraulei I: | me 0.1 the rem tea. or it M Kerry street, N. Y thud ttiry. rO tRENT, TO |A HMAI.I. KA?H.Y W THOUT children, the lower pntt ol home 171 Fraiklm st>Mt COUNTRY BEAT AND * IB 1 FOR SAL*?TH attbicnber olTe-t f r sale l it Sett ami fratu", sinnte >t Houih Uyater Bty, Qneens Comity. Lont 111 ad, adjoining Uatapequa Lake, and Cor.tan.ieg ab'iut 3ut? aoes i.f !.i';d It mill be sold together rr in parcels, to ?Oti pu ?liasert IIHJ . MAS JONES. South Oyser Bay, t b 14. I?l? fsB-K lot told before the S4th ln?t?t, ir will bicll tefl at public iieuon at I P ?M. on that d.xy. on ihe freinuts. m?<s the we*. | her ihonl-J pr >'t ttormy. ib nhioh cms !if ule will Uk? ' in't lh? i.etc fair day ?(lh? ttnie i?->uf anJ Eiaee. Vjf ,'orlhcr a/iirnlait trtadvertMement in tti# New York Conner aud j .e*iiiter, ( TttMirt, ThntnUra *?4 Satardayt | 1 1 ' Iim LLIGKATE IY THE MLR HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. mtrn tbti a a v np ptiaflfl. Meeting of the Cabinet* ie. &c. ie. Wahhinoton, Feb. 20?II) P. M. The cabinet h in ju>t broken up, after a very excitingsessi <u. The tcrriiHoflered by the Mexican government liave Item under consideration, und the cabinet is divided on the <juestion ol'?>ubmutinijiheii) to the Senate. What lias come to hand ia a mere linked projtt ?not u treaty. No determination lias been arrived at, although I have little doubt tin* President will insist on MubmLltiug lite projrt to the Senate. He is vigorously opposed by some members of the cibine " "" ?? N ' VWMV? ?" MV,IU * " nUU " 1 " t as lhey do, tliat such n step is tantamount to h ratification. Such a consummation they wiij resist, a* th<j terms ofi'ered are neither satisfactory in their chnracter, nor in the circumstances under which they have been proposed. Nineteen members cun defeat its ratification in the Senate; but strong doubts are entertained if there be nineteen men in that body possessing nerve to undertake such a responsibility. The terms are essentially tho*e of Mr. Triit's ultimatum, with a slight modification of the pecuniary consideration; but not even so favorable to this country as was that ultimatum, as they Hi'ek lo impose conditions on this government which, considering Mexico'* illiberality, will scarcely be complied with, even in the event of a treaty, as they would entail upon us great trouble and expense. It seems the negotiation was a joint affair between General Scott, Mr. Trist and Mr. Mcintosh. The cabinet meets again to-morrow. Galviknsis Washington, Feb. 20ih, 1848. The Treaty of Peace with Mexico. ine treaty directing me Dounuary as tne ttio Grande id n 11 we could desire, when N ;w Mexico and California are given us as indemnity. That this is not half what the President, and would be President, would have been glad to have taken, is certain ; but Mr. Folk taw that p?ace must be hud :it nny t^rms, and will probably accept it. Major Van Burt n, who brought the intelligence from Mobile, is now in Washington, and Col. Frnener, who brought the dis* pilches, is still there. Who will be appointed the commissioners, it is very easy to see, for Mr. Polk himself will now choose them, and not leave it to Mr. Buchnnan, as before. As the terms of peace have doubtless, before this, been ratified hy the Mexican Congress, we have no doubt thai it will put en i micable end to all negotiations. General Scott very wisely stipulated that a standing army of twelve thousand Americuns remain 111 Mexico, lor he could not los'- the advantages of a lonser r> sidence there. What will Mr Polk now d?> 1 There are democrat:-) in Washington who have advised and will advise him to cashier Scott and appoint Taylor in his stead, which he has the power to do, and imprison Trist; but no, Mr. Polk will not do this now; fi?r whyl peace is useful to his scheme. The boundary is the Rio Grande to the Gila. Washington, Feb. 19, 1848. The Eleventh Week of the Session?Watchman! II hat of the night ! Eleven weeks of Ci.n^regs have gone, and the first important measure of the session has at length passed the House, the bill to borrow sixt-en millions of money at six per cent. The ten regiment bill still holds the Senate to the same old story of the history of the war, and the results of annexation, till three o'clock in the afternoon, occasionally till four, when some other member rises and announces that he will go over tiie same ground to-morrow ; and, thereupon, "the grave and reverend Seignors" of the Senate adjourn with a dignity and self-cornplnceney most gratifying to contemplate. We expect, however, that Mr. Cass will finish fin first labor, the ten regiments, and iret if h? th,. Nonolo A. .I... L. It puo.-r U uy V-'V ...*y uuniig Iir*i wrc*, when Mr. Athorton will come in, in beb&lt of Mr. Secretary Walker, and the Treasury deficiencies. Never, in the history of this government, have the politics and politicians ot the day, the presidency, war, pence, annexation, slavery, abo- * lition, and everything else, been so inexplicably mixed up ns at this present writing ; yet we had purposed to-day an effort in illustration, to some extant, of thesu political entanglements; lor every day some new point is evolving itself, affording a key to an explanation of other points, until all the shapeless mass of incongruous elements mfty even now be fairly analyzed, and classified, and labelled accordingly. Our associates have saved us half the task, and half has been anticipated by the divining rod with which the political world is sounded at the Herald office. - The great starting point is a pence with Mexico. It is still txpected. If President Polk gets a satisfactory treaty pretty soon, he will probably agree to stand aside; if he does not, then he will ! prefer to tight out the war, though he is not a warrior? Meantime, the news from Mexico is as unsatisfactory upoti its tace, as the political intelligence ot the last week from the great State of New York. The Doctqk. fUi.TiMoRE, F<rb. 21, 1848. Incendiari$m in Baitimore?Attempt to Deitroy uur Public Building*?Ship J.uunrhei, j-c, fucendiarism ij taking a bold front in Baltimore. Within the last two days, no less than four of the public buildings of the city have been tired and considerably damaged, making but narrow cscapes from complete destruction. The Museum building was the first on which an attempt was made, the fire having been communicai d to the roof. On Saturday, at dinner time, Franklin building was net on fire, and all the furniture of t!.e liall was destroyed, and two other fires occurred at the same time, all within a short distance of each other. On Saturday night a fire was built by the incendariea in the upper st<>ry of Lee & Johnson's magnificent building, on the corner of Calvert and Baltimore streets, the saloon being at .he time crowd> d to overflow with ttie fashion of the city, listening to the Steyermurkische Company's conc rt And yesterday afternoon the upper story ot the larvis building wiis fired, but in each case the fldiifs were extinguished without much damage. The rascals are a* yet undiscovered, but we expect a heavy fire before they have finished operations. Toe magnificent steamship Edith, will be launched from the ship yard of Mr. Duncan, tomorrow morning. A fine slnp of 450 tons burthen, called th? Huntington, is to be launched to-day or to-morrow, from the ship ysrd of Capt. Robb Har length is 117 feet, breadth 28J leet, and depth of hold 18 ieet. A beautiful schooner of 150 tons burthen, was launched on Sa'urday, from the yiird ot Messrs. Hunt & Wagner. She waa built for Thomas R. Mathews & Co , and is to be employed in th*i West India trade. KlMMMirltY. ,\ iL.. Feb. 14.1848. Death of a Member of the Legislature?'l'he Hon. l\Ir. Ililliar/l?State Affaire, fyc fyc 4-eJ Philip S. Glover, fcJsq , u r< prrsentative from the county ol burn er in the Legislature now in session, died very u ifx;>ecte<ily, iu this city, on night last. He was buried on Saturday, in 'h grounds belonging to the Odd-Fellows of this c ty. His remains were attended to their restins; l'luc by the Senate and Hoiue of Ke^res-Mitaiives, the (??vernor, Secretary nf j'tite. Comptroller, and Treasurer ; the Judgeof the Supreme Court, the Mtyor an?i Council of the city, and the members of the Order ol OJd-Fellows, of which the deceased was i minUr. Inconsequence of this event, ?he l>gislaturc did not trunsact any business <>n Saturday. The Hon. Henry W. Hilliard, representative from this congressional district, has been her.* fbout a month, attending upon the Supreme Court. He was counsel in r ca?t* of some m.innilude?a verdict havinghe?n rendered for 910,000, winch was brought to the Supreme Court, upon

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