Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1848 Page 3
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c ? .i.i -i. City Intelligence. Thi WiatmcbThe wem?ber ysterday *u very, wil'i a gealle northerly breeie, and a clear rk i la the fore part of the d?y lb* homn ?? dark, and a lowering nloud seemed about to rise from the weet, which ??*d'f??U?d befor* noon. leaving the afternoon delightful aud plea?*n' At nlgbt the air became keen aad old, and at a lata hour th* groun 1 was frossn con idtrsbly Wl.itfr to be ecm^ni; bach and tha odd winds apain b*;'in to blow; bnt with tha approaoh? ing itpring In view, thf cold will soon U .re taken its lunre uutil auotlier winter shall roll tround. DariaTT'rm or the Mihkhnia ?Agreeably to ?nuonofltfma*)t, thu Hib< rata left for Liverpool at twelve o'el'ieii ye?'er4ev. A large puacbr of fiarsons were astern Died *t the Butt??v to wl a.m her d?paiture, and, at the appointed hour sheflrvd a unliite of two guns, cut f,oui bar dock at City, and moved mo*t beaiittfully towards th? nhantael, whfah, having reached, her bow wa? nniited towards the ocean, and flriug another s?l<ite of tiro (runt g;M*d towards the Atlantic? *he lo >k?d? most beautifal upon the we-er, and with ibis trtard stripes waving gracefully in the bretae, from the foret:>Drasst, to k up her journey for the iritith ! ! ? The day waa prcpiu"us, and every thing favorable for tha romraencemant of the voyage Ur-Tow* litraovKMiNT* ?The spirit ?f improvement still r?g?* in the urner pirt of the oity, though principally for speculation. There are now m?rethaaan hundred and fifty buildirgs in course of ereotioa, iu the 18'.h nod ltt.'h ward*, and tome ot tU?ui ara really magnlfic?ut: th< ae, however. are built for tha gentlemen who wiil occnpy them. More than five hundred thousand dollar* h?.ve be?n expended during the past year in that immediate section, and the work i* (till progressing. Thu property 1* more valuable, too, in that section than nny other up town, und theroutsare considerably higher than those iu the mora private streets down to*n IJpii.dinus, fc.o , in ?Our el"f< r city is by no means behind in the bnilding spirit o-aaifested by the people of N>-w York A great cumber of elegant, convenient hr usi s a*-o !>' eg erected ia different pr.rt? of th? city?in Columbia, Pulton, Henry, and other streets ?kesi les which, we understand, a number of beautiful mansions are to be erected on the n?w streets opened on beflford Avenue, Uitough the ensuing summer. When are ttuUh" 1. Mi l tha various new ohurohe* which are already begun - the large and spacious City Hall, wb>'eh is fart appjoaebing toward* completion?the landing p'aee or tbe asw ferry oampany, and the street proc iin:; from it ned -as well as the much talked or orf>rv:?rery urvc!?u Inid iDittrin t>? no uouo;, irriu tli<? amount ilroa-ly tibiT>bad. that It will bit erected) ?wa ray. vben H'.lttoe?t? are completed, Brooklyn will be On* of the tuo?t vlcturet-quA. beautiful oiHes either in the old or new world* and its irliuenre will be considerably iocr*??ed, whether Lotji; Island be an iudepet d< nt ?tato fit not- They have had lecture* and ccocrts to ?*n enoraioi;* oxtent this winter in Brooklyn Thry have bad lectures on Kurope, cbemi* . ?. ?.*t 1 cnorry. s*ad * numb?r of otber subjects, the u;uj^rify cf which were w*U attended. If they don't advance in knowledge, !t frill not be for want of leoturea Falsi Alarm.?Tte fiilsc alarm of Are at fire o'clook yesterday afternoon, wm caused by a bonfire in First ftT^uue. Killed er a Fall.?Coroner Walters was oalled yesterday to held an lnqii'm^at the l?t ward station hou?a, on the body oW^liB .-.looft, n:*livo of Ireland, aged 40 y irs, who w ^ai o i hjn private wr.tcbnau on the cel1/ir sU>ps of vfensi#?* Ko. 108 Water street, about 11 o'olr.ek ( a Friit ^ ?i(,Htfcv,'heu life appeared nearly, if net q'-.ito, extidlA Tbif deceased ocoaeiisally drank s newbut frMy o^iqilfcr, and then b caw very ii?-lpWe?and lud. Jou'>Vss, fallen when uojer the in- i flueueeof liquor. Virdiet, death by injures received by f? liiug dovn tho stops of No. lOd Water street. Dkath ht AroPLKXjLr The ouroner was called to hold an itiijaest aleo. 5jTT>'o. 245 Tbird street, on the body of Daniel M. Browl^S native of Connecticut, aged 30 ye?rs. end for sftqh*'$^* past employed as a larapligl.ter, who frll down o$ the sidewalk in Fifreeth street, and almost instantly *U|wed. Verdict, dtath by apo Frauds oh EmioraJM.?A poor Irish woman has plac-i in our haodi jnSof dratt or bill of ezoh&nge, as exhibited below, w*'1n, after receiving u yv.risly of eudo-prlacut*, wan n tiM'ft'd to her i.b worthless by her relative, to wtom flw h?4 i*ent It, a* a prop r form of reaiittuncw. On hi nn for the drawer, to have him oxt.lain tllu matter. Tie t* i>ot to bs f''ODd, and she finds hem If swindl?d out ef her inooey, without possibility of rr<hv?e, ur.a h*n t? bjRr.Jt'ti calamity to generous disposition of a."e-r?nl(jt.%ftfr a Iodbt Interval, the failure of tr'e timely r? 11^ "li^deelted to ftlforl to biui Here, ( s in - very iarii-j^fcv.eiiSfts a class ot unprincipled m-u, who live cy d" the lgu< rant i ii'l uiiwury. The poorer otMsofcftRffellta fhould be wmuec not to tragi, too much to ou wM?d ?i???>R of re'yentability; and ia?Uad of creilnuiiirly, to tbn representation ot lat?ie?ted parti<a^ tli*mselv<s on their wonlljhe much mere prudent for th?m to ?8k advice frou? ?A*b re'p-ctable prsoa of intelllg-ufl", who wouA neluom rctuiu to get them upon tha ri-ht track of waa^thtf wanted done. The poor Irish w< man in qu?e'ion stMts tbrtt sbe b?.a sent several rem'tuuoesln ih? wM?h h?rfri''niJs hav? never realized. The faLic'tafti* a tar simile of the writing ou the >ac? t-f tlia di?(ff3ailUiBg the rul uun? of the drswir, &.o:? * V ?ooooooo oi.oooooocooooo?oooooosooeeoooooooooo?ooooo? X ?; -New Yobk, August 31, 1847. S No. 285. < Vignette, ) o {Qni- n's A rini.) o j 5^ Kxokauge for ? I 0. g g ? Oa dem?d pu or order, ? t S-jjj ooo pound ^ sterling, g cCM.v. !ae i:?cei7?l. which charts to account o | fc of * ? ? ? * id Your obedient Servant, 2 o ? M ? V The drawer. ? 8 w Dublin. g *0j000000#u0uj000000?0 90000i00300000?000000000000* Pol e* Intelligence. *r?ni; ?(lAe Tumk* ?At tre return of tha prisoner* bron.-nt b<t?o?e Ju?i'o>? Drinker y?f?terday morning, offlO'T 0??r ?, cf the 6i.b #crj, bronyht tn a woman called Fanny Hunter, on a oh?!-a[? of walking tha striata, gettins ilru It. ; nd oiaau'.in^ h:vs-tf la a disorderly Blauotr Maoistbatk?'Wall, Fanny. what linye you to say to thi* oharga ? Wbit do yon do for a liying f Fas.i* -Oh, Judgs Diinker, l're got a man that keepi rat. *1 AftllTRATK?Who is ha ? Fanmt?W*U, lt'a Jack Hmntar. Ha kaeps in Washington Market. JIow long since jou caw?cff tha Island? - I t?U yun what it is, Jud*a DrinkW,its no use to sand me on; y u don't piye any (jn* a chance I have enly b oa off tha lrl*nd four weess, und those M P a are all tfce tirn : rhoyiig roe op and it's no use; it. don't make n^tid?d bit b-tt'rjjlt only makes ma wore? (She then burst ir.o tear*) and suid, this mhkus seven years jou tare b?er> sending me to this d d oli prison, and all n>y HtUe elot&cs r nd things are lot. and gone to hell, joit because thaaa M. P s Ijato a spite against oa. Do, for Ood'a sake. judora, glye ua a oUunce? Miniimu Well. Faanv, if I thought you would ke?p o-t or 'he street,I wou!4 certainly giyeyoa another ohantso to do W) il. ua 1 if you promise so to do i will let J B" F?nit IeVeJ, judge, I will; and if you catch me la L?rp kgain, yon <**0 <te just -what you lis.* with uio. .VtniiTBiri?Well, then. upon this promise you can go. Ai i 1 If started poor Katmy, zuuoh pleased with onee v ire o'otalciog bar liberty Caught in tk* let ?An old Firs Foint thief, celled JiBM Oaao, wn dstectad yesterdey afternoon, In th? uwelilo^ k !is? No 4Ui) Washington street, in one of the up|??r rnr??, wheru th* rascal hal forced open two truuke writ a eiiisel. and ?> la the ?ot of carrying the. content* ( IT wh?n he Wut discovered, and conveyed before Justice Drinker, and conmittrd for trial W^ttch Wt'umt hif trr Juitier Drmktr.?At the return of the "i-tek pr sionere, on Friday morning, before t'le m ;i? r*te, ofBeer Ntllis of the 8',h ward police, broaghi '? a r?g*ed looking loafer, celled Jack W'tjloh on a barge of l.uri<l*ry, io forcing en ?ntra?ce into a rm 11 t'^fg" V icc ted at No of Cross-street. on the 1 te k j*. i)y a mau by th name of Kdward Burke After some trivial cases were ditposed of, Jastice I>r.< k?r died rj> the complainant, Bnrke, to sub.ilantiatetke cb?rgn egiirat \Vel;h. Mr Burke mad* his c.rp??r*nce lafor? the juuioe, from amongst a crowd or blank ani white loafers. p<Uifoggitig lawyers, H-d ?kl?nur?, wiio buddls every morning around tbe hot store. MiaiiTMTt: -Well, Mr. Burke, what charge do y?u miVe attaint this nun ' li'ini Jo gv T''"r bnnor, this m?n, her? broke into m? place ,'a>( nifht nnl rto'e a decanter nud bottle full of f}ie, end a scsall k*g breidrj; lndvcd?nd he did. Judge, au he is r.iy krrp* r. who ki' ;'jed Mus wi1 it. Th - b ir-k??psr himself then epok- up, ftod aaid :?Y??, yonr honr, I eawed him in the ? r e? treaties the Lig g< 1 nn j ki.oheu ibe botties in hi* ;>ncket\ .vlteiireeTR -Wer. the bot'las empty ? iia itirra Yee.yeor honor,there w.-i nothirg Into them. ' lenrmrr-No, I rappope not. What kind Of a 1 i.oa u' ?ou k??p Burk?? (Clerk.) "Oh, Jadg?, be b 11 !;caue? to evil liquor." At thie renn'k Barke t emj pnlf; tumbling all ovi-r with indignation, > : ' \ ??, lodei ?, I have a license, I brt yr.11 $ie !'? ? a lioensn, (Uurhter) sud Captain Molfi'ath ] s the li tingii; row for what do you thii k of th t. ! ma not so gr?" i ?? you ta.<e me t > b-^, no how, (.Hid 11 his uo. - ehook. o- ? ?ting mucta let' liti-r ) \iadl?Tn?TK Here rfiloer. wake up Welch; I eco he 1,1 k i h mf? f wi U a rio.ia on the eirergth of v . i. !. k?\i l.ij'i' r. W?? tliu up, at.d lat u? baar whV ba ha? to ?iy. T>i? ciH - r c?>' 'tck ft f'mka on ' Hn ?hruld*r MTeral ti-na?. when at 1??1 lii *<i arouaad "Wh?t ara you kboo'!" ' H?r .Urk," *a!d the cffljar ogata, ''the juiJga tut* to ?t'i jou " "Oh. t?ll the to go to h?II." MAuiiTitT) - Wm'i teat ji'u a?y, you ?:oundrf|' IVaku hint up cfll - r '! i Ul?'-r th-.1 ? jt? l ira *n ax* r? pull by tlit#?r, andJ-.ek <>pr.~ Hin't-yf. nn1y??n?i1, hin inoiwh !<?'oge* ot* <>f ' Ua larg n kind, with >? ?tr??ui < t tobacco juiio Tii .*? * fr . lie rt?PT =, pl'Mnul hi* hand through bia t?t'?r?i: *lir' n on* ?v"iul ar n.n>1 af ?r a ( .od <t ?l uf f . i ui .:. ml) ' if. ,.nj itr. chiu.,. dutioj; i.?i fo.low'? _ hi unt v,I, oh to th* mvlftr*te Tart .o . . i"'W t turn I" ' * dm* Idvu bia P**r Ji<-k opan'd b.Mh ayit ?? wall na ha could icde ut ncod ? i 'a tiio iup Jud<? (hiccup) I d>iiaT't r 1 r.o rum?I' I J *t tell joo how it w<?, (hiccup) I I 'l.^ry .'.I'DnimO ' tuti'.g on atrop, and b* vina ? i . * with i Md (h:i ?ui>), end he and wiat Into i ?'ito ? tin curMte*, ? "l Perrr (hiccup) grtop i'. tt.j ! j tint tb? oiarr (allow n. *t t? 1 ' (bi'; ap) , Jack, cnjpa, let'* jo to Mn Hred'a, > .if ^ <:u [>) drixk I h*?n't n> znonty. (aid 1 ( . i.'1' D rt o.!.'< p%Il' hi (hlceap). and away v- l: an<! ru"plnir Biuku'a "crib.-' teeing tba door o. r? (!i cup) l [>y fv.U to ?, Tii?r?, J?ok, thtre'i ? mi vu(bl>'<un) ^ n your f?ul,Uon'tyr.u 1 ' f\ ).? j< n ?<> la n..'i t v.* o.'i.i* ( 11 )? " I v a 1 1 ?rd tho bcitilrn of iubi (' ? >) ht? b* harty and ?xfrt ior*t?b. r .1 Op I h .*- u!<l'l r?. 4 *?; t it w*n 4*1 >v.kU g btd i | * * 3 1- .p l.Mf ptsit. -11 that b? could nwt wn< n ? r (Uu hicr) Wei), >*id ati old r?|ro t * r, M?1 irK r.u ?K>ldi> Drf <li I v. u f it I . 1 , > \J, In tifii. ?*td J11 k, 1 4 ; ; h. . vt th? b^li.lB, Mir? *nil ihtn ih?rtd lU? r. * . muorg>t Mi,: tt. Jr. w<* l'*-l (Ir'Ughttr). A( : i i haTF I r ool4, ^uppoic, JftOk, 70a took II pMtj full k;lJn lh t w?t? I, ? , f Si ur n?H, i gif&? J did (?&U4hii?|, Uk. ta< ?t th# Min? ?Un? ? with both but 41 m th? ooart-room becam* a littl* warmer, ?K!ob oaused I J?3k> boarders to truyel for their breakfast, k"?p'ng I poor Jack eug m*ii ah the time wal'iag upon them -at , the same time, drawing his faca Into sach comical con- ! tortloni, o oattag much laughter by all present In court) Mauiithatk ? Jack, I see p'.iinly. from your own statement that you took tae liquor ; but a< regardi burglary In tUat neighborhood. together with the reputation of , the store, I shall not bold yon on that charge, but shall commit you on the petit litrccny only ; a-id eo you I drank moat part of the poison oallelliqnor??thatuught to be a soiJioi. nt punithrovnt. Mr Burke, go to the clerk and m >ke your all! KtU -(which was aooordingly donv and Jaek w?i l cka I up for trlsl nt the next oial S?ssion*. Hi l??'t the Conr'.wi'h the offlo?r. in a lively condition, b-Mh !iandu b* iu lull plav, aiding his bodily oomfurtf, aiaii ths roars cf Uujhtrr from the spectators) < > Law lutclil??Mce. 8?re*ioit Coi it ?In banc Dtcitioni.?In the Matin of thf Mlta$hmtnt Amoine ji' imnia.? In this matter an attachment was issned against tht goods of Mr Aoieanla, under which they wers seised. He filed an affidavit stating that he was. at the time of Issuing the attachui'St, and still in. Consul IJeneral of the State of Guatmuala, m l that no proceedings could b?taken him itfa State court-.. An objection war taken to the torn* of th? affidavit, but lh? court held the objection was not tenable The only questien wai,whether under the judiciary act of the United Utatea the proceeding oould b? maintained T The oourt were of opinion that it could not, and ordered the attachment to be diech&rgt i without costs, it not aipeuriug that th* attaching creditor, at the time ?f issuing the attachment, wa< Hwi?re?f bin b?iog Consul. Philip Ckate vt. tht UtchMnici' Hanking Jisociotio*? In ibis cash the plaintiffs conmtnoed a suit against the detnnuanU, by summons, which was according to tt:e?ld I furni'of proceeding against corporation*. Defendants applied to set aside trie proceedings, insisting that thr propel form wan to proceed against tUe President of the ocuipmy, aitf a motion, at cruiubrrs, to quash thtaproo?j-du:g"_ Toe ui^ion was denied, from wiiich the defendant* appealed The oonrt said that upon review of a similar,'settUd by the Suoreme Court, the plaintiff may proceed either way. Order made in chambers oonfiriMd P' noil', vi Tht M*fcty tfutual Imiuranct Comr?'<yThis oauae was tried In the Superior Court. Th? defendants, as a d-f'rtce, offered to prove a terUln usage in this city, which was admitted. iCxceptioos "in tf k?n. and a writ of error ! now b*!ng brought The defendants seek to auienl the exosptious inrea* li on to the ptoor of usugu. Order for liberty to am^ad granted. In Uir mitttr of 'filing TKaihington Park, Brooklyn. ?The Court vid tiiat this ma t?r bad Mm under consideration for twoor three Saturdays ; aud that they were jvVly to dispose of It. It appeared that,.hy an aet of tl?e Legislature, oer'ain commissioners were appoin'.ad to niiiice an usiessm nt; and the act al*? provides ih<*t notion of the lime aud plaoe of nroaeedisia 1 should b? given by the commissioners ; and th*y **r? alse bnnn 1 10 tils tkeir report with the clerk Of th? . county o; Kin**, and to lay It before the Corporation Of Brooklyn. The report was accordingly made, nnllaid ' be'orl the Corporation; and t'_o latter did notcbioea to. tot lu-Mte m.atter, and, in consequunoij, it was brought before the Court, either to oonflrm it or send it back. Tue Court said they were never betore called upon to oor.eiii?r a matter i f t!:w hind ; bat the have ob~>-i?n to call upon them to tatoi notion u u ^t 4 aui? in ti.lug ?0, lh-y 'vjrc o'ji'v. : > i . ) c? lalf j h*' an tuaei loan cu o.mna ia this city, by wbiub they awete ?t.? be Raided. Upon looking over rtlb ait whtofrfsi^llfttes tno Corporation of NfW York, thefr found ft was ui-ariy similar in its provisions, t? tk*t under whkji the coiniui?sioreri in Kin?* county actfi* ; both gie* an opportunity to all persons interested to apj ptarfcefnre th- m, on"! to uake Koowa their ot jrctioiMi t un</ Nie rcpert having c m-s before tue Court, uildef <be sanction of the cosuuissionera, it waa found that no eft poMtton was made by the persons to b* affected ; ptf; did tfcey appear before the ootn'ulnnioners ; the ?yf*> sitiofc 10 the report was ruired it wai made j *W tie (jfcfstion now ie, c m iho Court review the deals} on of th*. tfnrpcjr <tiou f The .-Supreme Court tuve* decided tnaUnyobjections can ti > entertained but enchiae lyrve beauvgde before the commissioners ; aud as bv^ir^w.Jjt'tore them, the report must be continued. TmrmkU^vs Phillips a<id another?Judgment for plaj4tif #0 demurrer, with liberty to attendant to am?#A. Ogd'.n vt the General Mutual Inturanet Cttmpany.? Th)*.dauM bad once before boon before the Court on & denoMcjkrfupon that oooasion it underwent a Jon* die. u#lu?a !d th-' 1 V-uri gave jn.Jg?iv f r ibo ai-faudnnt. unMitl.u r. iison since to change their oyfailot, JudgmMMMif i.d> nt, wish liberij for plaintiff to i ntaJ. B**m al uHsin Moody.? in this Oiie an action v;as bry^jl by one joint owuer agaisrt another jomjt< jrjrtr ( a steamboat. to recover dwanges for his chare of. ?ie prdbirtr.h.- al 15 Uu: tbi b . it w.s loirtato?.^h tbeceg-igence of the defendant. The dt-ti nuu&t J?j: marrrd to '.be a* deration The Court held that the j piaihtiff eouid not maintain his actien ia tail) e?.u?e-, th|t eaoji j' iat owutr must look to bimselfjVlhd tnU' ! cit(.-of bi? property. Tbaro ia no avermxnt in tb* declaration *41iat the versrl wn.s taken by the fofendant wlth?at the permission of tho plaintiff, it is probable if the plaintiff had applied to a curt of Equity tr to s Cdurc ef Admiralty at the time the vesr.-l w?# taKcn. that either or those oourts would then compel dafobdist to glva security. Judgment for dclendsnt J&pyl-git*. I'lumiijf in Eirur, 111 V.indmbtrge and another, H ferian't Error?in this ewes a iwtianiii was brounht to r-'raivs ttia proceedings from the Mtfvit Coert. The p.iUtill In error brought au aotiol ftjains <J*l?uda&ta io.- priuting bills for a eoncert glvvii'by ih? SaoreJ MiJti* S< ciety, and r?ceive.l the or:t?* ?toui dsf<Td?nts. i>tti) did t.: -t?orl? ra .'<? tljri" d rec .Jiias; ?>id t'le quvetlon was whethT the work va* -Jo in tie otediv, f f tfc-j dt-Undants. or on that of the society, bpi 1 the evidenco off* red, the Judgrf iu th ? court ft. low del idad thut (ialendants were liable Tae CourtC^ld that the coucium.b comi? to b; iho JuJgo was ri?ht,a.i(i affirmed the judgment. It rlanA os. -?Judgment tor jlaiufiff, with le.'iT*. f?r <W id nt to amuod upon the u?ual te-ms. Htort adsm. Crook ?Motion to set aside r?part .denied. ffichih vs Tracy ? Judgment, 8fllrm?d ? . . Cti'iror Of.mul Smioxf, Fob 'J 6.?lief oft the Recorder and Aldercen Adorns and Crolius Case tf Mcnnii Dvfy ? At the opening of the court this morniag. the case of Dennis Dafjr, iuilieUd for obtaining bounty money Ton the United governrtent on eulisttng, by faUaly representing himself to be oiago, waa aubmitted t<> th?-jury, who, absence of ?bont four haurs,found the pcounfl guilty,butetronglft, jecommetided him to mercy; wheraupuu the court ti?aanoed him to six months' imprisonment in the pcnit Cutlery. ? Q-oig' Killtr, convicted a few days agoof a grand laroeiy, in having stolen a quantity ot rop?and ohain cable, fcc , valued at $70A was placed a: the bar,-and sentenced to bs imprisoned in the Since priaqp, far "the term of two years and one month. Awtandtr Martian also oonvioted of a grand larceny, ia stealing a packet book containing $60o in bank bills, (rem Patrick Kelly, at a porter house in Walker street, was sentenced to two years' imprisonment in the State prison Cha< In Wilmot, eonvieted of having violently assaulted and beaten three individuals, was sentenced to be oouflnud in th* city prison for the term of three months, u.ij pay a fine ot $160, b-lng a month's imprisonment, and a tine of $60, in each case Chtnl't H. Carpmtrr.? Ia the ease of this individual, who standi indioted for forgery, In hr.ving been conearned with Wm. N. Acdrots in passing counterfeit money, aa application was made by hie counsel, for a commission to procure the testimony of a person by the same of WhiWbowe. au offlcer in Col. Stevenson's regis* nt. now in California The enrnmtssion wac granted. and 10 month* allowed tor the obtainment of bite evi fence. on condition of the defence consenting to adait the testimony of Audioes, sow in prison, it brut rttf The court then adjourned for the terra Hiohts or Landlords aid T**a*i's ? uring a recent visit of one of oar reporters to om of >he wr.rd courts, he wi| much atnnsed by the nature of the csftes that wee br ogkt b?fere tfte worthy Justice Ttic principal portion or thorn appeared to have retore'iee tc difficulties exiting b?twne? landlords and teeant?,or tenants and th<-ir uuaer-tenents. i he reporker's attention w-j first dt. acted to a Udy of highly rt.<; e?tsb'e appe*raac?. who ente-ed, and desired tc consult Justiee relative to bar grievances; the natn * of wbiob may be bes* gathered Irom the folii wing sketch: ? Visum?Jud*e, I wish to have a tenant or rat'scr, 1 sb'-ula say, u*idei-tenant, pat outoi my house. JcsTiee?Whit ii ths matter tn?'Ura, thU you shoul I d'etre the ?Jectue"?t of the family ? i5it?k?The truth of tho ia (tier is this: a few months a?;o, I tAok a hou?e at a rent of $600 a year, and let a portioa of it to a family who were represented tc be vtrv orderly an I peace-'uviag folk*, but instead of th?t iD*y ?* ? oau a* may w?u aan i>? Ji itick? Do thay pay their r?ot r gularly and promptly, according tn afiraammi? Vi'ith?Ob, ye ; but, Julfca. th^f are pa^la? la and out of the home at r'.l b>ur? nf t V night, an 1 do a great uj.'uy thiiia* that iu?k it Y?ry uaplaasant to lite la th? h(iU*? vrith tbem. JtfuricK If they k. p a dimrdarly liom*. ma Jam, ] youcanitut lh?m"ltidi tad; but. itui*?T?r cia^raeaMa they icali tli?ru)!r'Tf? b.V quarrelling. its I (it f uJuit, < ; by p< . inn iu 'nil oat of ti* hauie *t u,nfn?cr?bl? bouva, I cm tuK i wo eoet>U>tuo<> of the matter; nor ni jou toru t.'iriu out UD"il the flrat of May uulaas fail to i.ay liiair > >t promptly a* it baeanie* 4o? Ta? lair ri?lt?r rtood i>??eh)aii for a inca-nt. ?? ? bough cnnviorrd that b?r oaia was * h.>p-l?M oae. than I poute.4, mil at liit n?t)ia>m?J?"Ju ioa! I aa i? <or Ja?ilc-; but I flud tbara 1* aoua " Having thu? gn.u vent to h?r feaiiuga of chadnunJ di?apt>oiu ui<? .fbaaui<1> lily left the room. Natl nuna a gautlaoiau ou a Mlut! ' errand; ?ti<the/?.lc mnr diai^ue took plaac Vi?it*r Jiiitic?, I h?re called for t'a purpoaeofa? cirtoicing if peatible, >n what iaat n?r I cati get rid of a (rt ublapoiTiariib .ai anl. hating already aiaioiatd Ui* Ili WMd Staluta*. fcid 00??ulted half a f1< it a lawyer* aud owcera of bon?*a on tba au>j?ct, wi'hout oblala nr any *? (iaotcry information, Inasmuch n* they ail d>lT r in t f ir opitut>? of ib? lair on ILli p. li.t. Thaciruurartauceact the came ar* thr*?; 1 hired a h> u?? It May :a*t. and let a culte of ap%rr?oilta to a third party, who, in thtIoiu traya, raako tti?ins?lTei *? obnoxioiu -i t th >y ciij tn in* fatniir . No agrf<tim?nt hating ?aan e:it<irfd u>to lor tli? cocnpati ) of tl>? nparliu?ut( in quaUlon for hi y rpscldnj time, bat in-raiy (cm im>n'h to montii, and til" rent pud at the expiration of e?rh, I would ?nqatl* whether ih< r* ?re any aaeani of effecting a reuoyal traui the pramiaei? jL?Tien? ?o they pay their rant regularly and piouptly ? Vim i r.H.?1 hay do; but ax they ara constantly I jurlrg th? premie** (for which I am hrld responsible) ?nit In various ways liitealioa?ily annoy my itimi'y. ii. i< very durable to gat ri t of tbem. C?n I n>t tlifcii pot ilum out nf.or giri.ig th-m a month's I., .1 .a to vrr ?t?s the ap?rrm?uts (hay occupy T Ji stick ? You < at,net ?j*ct tbam usifa- they full to j t Ik* rent wDrj dun If. on a*k*ngiior lha amount of I iii. wh>iiit b'oom'* due, yrur unjer tan nt should . s h v It. tlitir rem Vul r?a randily be effected ; yru . i ? \ for .t I ut ouoo ; p omisrs to pay ut a sabaeqii u<yorbo?ir am. uul to ni.tliirg With regard to h- y dnm?ga wlnab they h?v? don# to the preiniaes, your rut / i. dr? s* i? by instituting a oitil (ult (and raojt probabtv reii'y lha old adago, Sue" beggar, fca"). I Vi?ii*r- but, Judga, Or did <wl 1>1?? tb? ??wti fciautslor ?e?r ' , | )mtm a-TIWi i??*m M >llf)tnN wlalmr (or tin | law thatuotea* ft wri'Un airreera'nt. be entered Into between landlord and tenant, o* tenant and raht?nant,, an the oa?a may he, partlonlarly specifying th* duration of the o*oa?ation of th* land, tenement. or ep?rtmeote In question, th* occupation of such land, Unemert, or anar'ments shall be 'l*?med yalld until the ltt of May n? t. aft?r the po?a**sloa shall Moni'sc*. Vniria-Well. know th?-re are mora way* of killing a oat than by drownlnsr: th?T?for?. suppose that I should flail to p?y my own rent what would be tha cooa'quenoea? Ji'? ncic?The landlord eonld than turn both yon and yonr ?ub t?na'nt out of the hous*. ur>l?s? tha sub-*?nant hnnld Mn??lf P?y wb-U?T?r amount yon may be Indebted to your landlord. toireth'r with oost*. ke. Vhitkr? That l? exactly wh'U I supposed to V>e the o**?, and all I oouH dealre; I hay* no f-'ar a* to tha result, and. therefor*, wiah you adieu for tha present. Tha ourl>*lty of tha raportar b?lng somewhat exult ed to learn the r?s*lt of tha contemplated noyal moda of (rutting rid of an obnoxious tenant, he rMolred to wateh the proceeding* In tha owe At th* commanoetaent of the ensuing month, th* owner of the hou>* In question.appeared before Justice . and read* oath that hi* tenant, Mr C . had failed to p?y hi* rent and thxrafor* direoted that th* usual legal measures should b* taken to require hlra and hit under "n?nv, mr u , 10 var?i? me premises ronnwirn, or pay the amount due. On attending court at the hour eripointed for a hiring, on the following day, we found Constable B and Mr D , the under-tenant. tba only persons on hand JrnTici?Mr. A , (the landlord ) CortiTABLK B.?I appear In behsjf of Mr. A. Ji'iTicr, -Mr. C (the tenant) Constable B -He is not here, star. Jt'iTicit - Mr D , (the un'ler-tevnt ) Mr D.?Here, air Ji'stk k?According to the notification sent you. Mr. A . i he landlord has nsad* oath before me that there are Mxty dollar* dne blm for rent, and requires Immediate n-ivasent. or possession of hl? house. What have yrn to say on the subject. Mr. D ? Mr. L) ?I rueee It la all far aa I am concerned Vcu will nee by these. f banding the Justice a number of receipt*.] tbit I have paid my rent JriTicr?1Those receipt* are of ao account. inasmuch M the landlord hai vet been paid. And ai Mr C does not appear, the only question Is. are yon prepared to liquidate the amount Oue for rent ? Mr D ? Ne, I aint agoing te pay ayowa rent and B.*a ioo CnMTiiu I -Yon hear what h* lays, Judge; you will bave to grant m? a warrant JusTiea?Unless yon agree to iny tie rent. Mr. D., 1 shell have to is?ue <\ warrant ef ejectment Mr D -I'M p?id my rent enoe. I aint. ?olag to pay it sqain, nor pay rent for other folks,neither. Ji'stick?I have no alternative,-then,"but to grant a Constable B ?I shall allow you until tomorrow noon, Mr D . to leave the house Mr O.?Why, you a'nt going to tarn tne out so goon, ore you t Constable B ?Certainly I ftm. Mr D ?Well, I don't believe yen oan de It, and I'll go and see ? lawyer about it. Constable B ?Van oan (to and Ma an many lawyers, and ray an m?ny fees, as yon like; bnt the jnduee hare will t?ll yon tvat I oonld put you ont In an hour'a time, Wfrft 1 illapoat.d to do so. Mr D ?Is it ao. Judge T Ji-sticb ?Snch is the case I can assure you. Mr. D ?Well, it in a queer law, if that's it; but I alnt o sart?n about It yet Mr D. then replaced the renetptj in hi* pocket baok, and slowly retired from the Court room, with a fl?ee considerably elongated by tha visit From constable B?, onr reporter subsequently ascerSMned, that, on the following day, he proceeded to tha Muse in question, and hurried out them tables, ohalrs. %n . ta the ereat mortification of Mr. D?, who found th*t he had been outrene'alled for ojoe by these he had set at deflanoe. * in the mean time, the fatnll* (if m P?. after maklnir considerable stir in the house. fodlcative of an anl'clpa'ed removal, paid a brief visit to a friend In the neighborhood, nnd. on returning borne, reeeived the k?ys of the premises from the UM^ovd. to whom they bad been formally delivered *oy 40* eoaetabl-*. piirmimp Court of tmic States. Feb 25, 1843. ? Samuel K. Butterworth, E?<i. of New York, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this Court. No. 30, John D. Bowling. vs. Jil?on P. Harrisoe?ln errorto tbe Circuit Court of the United State* for the southern di?trlot of Mississippi Mr Justice drier delivered the opinion of this Conrt. affirming the Jijpgtnent of the said Circuit Conrt in this cause, with cos*s No 8S, The heirs of C. and M. De Armas. vs tlieUnited States? Appeal from the District Court of the United St? for Louisiana. Mr. Chief Justioe Taney dellvfted the oplHon of this Court. dluni?slog this apnenl for the* ant of jurisdiction. No 39, Theodore Lewn et ?1. appellants, vs John Buird et ?l The argunvm of this pause was continued by Mr. Ewinar tot the appellants, and by Mr. Stanbery for the appellees. S .Y. and Philadelphia R?)lro?d Pare [Correspondence of the Newark Daily Advertlipr 1 Trinto1*. Feb 3o, 1848. An important recnlntton, one highly Interesting to the "hole travelling and business community. Is that adopted Ky the Hou^e this afternoon, instructing the State Directors of th* Camden and Amboy It R Co , to insist noon the establiehment of a daily line between New York and Philadelphia, running at convenient hours, by way of Camden, New Brunswick. Icq., at $3 fare. As much comolaint lias b??n nnjustly made sgainst our State fnT thp present rate of f 4 oharged by this eompa?>y. it may be pro,.er to st.ito that the law now pre-e;'.bes that thernmuny shall net. charge over $3 ; but it ifl evaded by the ro-il crowing the Delaware at Treni fcna.'d cort'nuicg <b> remainder of the way on the P"infvlvinla flid v unati a road bh?. Ur*d bv thet State The ?-xress ov?t th? $3 is ohnr,?e>l upon tha*, road ? New gets ouly eighteen cent* duty for each pue.ierigar, which assuredly la too small to constitute i.a apology for a bleb rate of fare. It Is but a s'naM ter? ilon for tbe c.-lrileges tjie oomp-?oy erjoyi. The way price charged to dtsou# stopping at different points along the road If, Itoellevt, as follows : Kr-m New York to New Bruuswlok $0 SO New Brunswick to Trenton 1 25 Trenton to ThiladelphU ? 0 60 $2 as Thru, It appears that a person starting from New York, and stopping at these points, can be oonveyed. ?ad profitably to the company, for twenty-Are cents oyer half the price of going directly throftgh. The buslnestt community is deeply interested in this eubjec', and It is not strange that they cry against the fare oharged. for evry reduction In the fare of this toad, is an additional inducement for southern andwesterji trade sad travel t* visit our towns and cities, Instead of stopping at Philadelphia. Yesterday afternoon, as tbe way train to Trenton was going up, an engineer. named ('ox, struck his head figmnst a beard whioh projected from a shanty near the Neshamony ercek. and was killed almost instantly. He left a wife and lira children ' Dlalli for Jti/Uropc. The auxiliary steamship Sirah Hands will leave this port for Liverpool to-morrow, and will take with her two d lys later intelligence thaft that whloh went by the Hibfrnia cn Saturday. As she made a remarkably good j j aitage hllher, she will, no donbt make a good return trip. Tha Daily Heruld, which-we shall publish to-morrow morning, will oontaia tha whole of tha intelligence of two days, and will ba ready at our counter at two cents pv* iu winpyeri, rwuj i?r mailing. tv9 puoiuueu n limited extra number of Uie Wrrte y Herald yeeterday, which will llkewias be ready for the maila of that fewel to-morrow morning, at the uiual price-6*% cento Pino Arfa._The PalntlaM by Ike old maan?, ? ? ou exhibition at the \cademy of Drug'], corner of J.eoaard meat. ilnnilil be viewed bv everr oue ; and we confidently recoamend oar readera Co do so, at it n aatlotil.iedly ibr beat aid noit coatly collectioa ever introduced latothli catiulry. They are m ianbrr aome lixcy pictarti, and amongat thaai many ol' great beanty, aad by Che iaoit celebrated old rnutera. We would cull the attention of our frlcnila to th* new on* telendid (VflTae and llefreahmen' Kal- on oppoa te oar office coracr of Knlton and Naaaau ?tr??-f?. Tt.n i? ?o> only tha ncatcf, hat it ia one of the inott private aalonca iu the city, and w* fcl confident that thnaeof onr frianda that Kivt tlna eatiblinhanfat a call will be welt pl?a?ed. heeause it i c u.'nctei on a new pla?; nd no donbe the whole public will lie aarrriaeil at th* anceeaa that oar friend fr'pre* will eet wuh from the poej le. Eulrancci 125 e'ultoo aud 91 Niutaa itreec. II. B. Jones n S*tIpj;i' Bank, 1ft Ann street, formerly? lied No. 4 No man can do a nrniperon* huainr?a n' both Lay'r and aelkr ?ra benrlVed.eud 100H 11 .WO ih-t ih-re ne no better hoot* sold at the following pricei thin 1 iell?590 to 40 tha' I sell more fiae biota at re ail, forcaah, which e a'.lca mc to aell n mich reanrkahly I wpricea:?I *>11 lira rjIi.lli V Pirnch calf d'en boo a f 4 40 to 94 75; aeennd d >. (1 It) to SI; l?"re. cli patent lea'her boota, 17. My (tore i> mall, mv etie seVlight, and eompctit'cu is challenged. COMMERCIAL A P P A I M. MONKY MARK Pi r. Staturtlny, Feb. 2S_8 P. Jtl. There wag a moderate decline in prices to lay, with larg* ealra of moat of thi fancies At the brat board Canton tall Off 1 per oint; Farmer*' Loan, X; Harlem, t i, m-iwiuii IIU<4 ?? mtrniwr. :g, iriurns i 71, nwu* i?(? Ufti!ro?d, Hi leading Bor.da, >?'; renaaylvania A'a, 5%; Treuury notw, 1V llllnof* A'* and Leng ^ Island olvel flr?i at prlofa current yesterday Tbe IlibiTul# cutrltd out a large amount of sterling < xohaige and billa on Pari* Th?re tu a good aupply of Mill nn London in the market, and the rate-; closed without alteration, The shipments of specie, during the paet week, aiuountad to $354 * ?, of which $3 430 want , to Southampton; $5.1(10 to Havana; $ 1M)14? to Havre; | $104,746to Liverpool, and I97A to Cuba The accounts from Washington relative to tha treaty, | are not con<id'red by many satisfactory, while others ' have tbe utmost oonfldenco In it* ratifioa'lon by the ' Senate. Thara ii not tha slightest doubt but that in tbe ; aventof tbia treaty not being ratified, on account of some conditions connected with it,It will ba tha baeii of , one wliich will establish peace between the two ccub- ! tries, (t is our opinion that tha treaty now in the poeeea- j lion of the government will be ratified, or aueh measures adopted a* will guaranty Its rat ideation, upon conditions that it ia accepted by the Meiloan ('osgreat. It may be, , as we have before stated, that the Senate will wait until it I i? ofltoUUy known whether the <;<>ngr?u will r? , tli> It ? not, tad then Ml upon it. m$t? d? j fiKiU till N kM?l fetlr la UM w#fk| N1UM <IWMWI J st ton* will no doubt give rlae to eaneidarable dab*to, ad it may ba some tima before the matter ta flmally dlapcaaJ or. The Troy Cltj Bask haa declared a dividend of four par oant, payable aa the lit of Mareh. The diraetrra of tha Bank of Cheater County, Penn., burned lest werk $4U0 000 of the old iseae ot notes of that bank, a terse portion of which haa bean redeemed alnee the recent robbery, and supplied by tha new emission The Comptroller of this Stat* hu issued the following notion relative to the redemption of bills o( suspended banks It ill important to those holding bills of these banks, as It (Was tba necessary information to secure their payment in part or in full, out of tha trust fundi in tha hands of tha Comptroller. Ridbmttio* nr Bili.s orSvsranPKD Biiii. CaMPTRai.Lk.n'i Orrioc?Faai: Bark Diubtmist, Albany. Fab.'23, lb<?? 11 fa important that tha bill hold ra desiring to have their bills protested for non-payment, ao aa to aatborlse this department to pay them out of the aecurities held for that purpose, should notioa carefully tha different proceedings for that purpose required by the several acts If the bills are presented for payment to the Agent Trailing la tba city of Albany or NewYork, the subsequent proceedings are <iuita different from what thev are when presented ta the bank itself. This will be obvious on an examination of the statutes authorising the proceeding* in each case. By tbe O'aeral Banking Law, (laws of 1(38,p. 340, <}4 ) if the bank fails or retnses to redeem its notes on demand daring banking hours, at the plaoe where its notes ar? payable, then the holder may oause such notes to be protested, and on filing the notice of protest in this efflcetbu Comptroller is required forthwith to give botloe to the bank to pay cuch protested notes; and if it falls to do so for ten days, then the Comptroller is forthwith to give notice that all the circulating notes of the bank will be redeemed out of the trnst funds in his bands. Thus it will be perceived, that when the demand Is made at the bank, the bank must pay thsn, or wlthiu ten days after receiving the notice seek the bill holder, or go to the Comptroller's offlce, where the Vlls are deposited under protest, and pay the same, or the Comptroller gives notice that he will redeem But by the act for the redemption of bank notes (laws of 18-10, p 164) each bank is to appoint an agent In Al1> iht er New Vork to redeem its circulating notes, and tLe holder Is authorised to present them at such agency for redemption, and if tbe agent fails to redeem them at one half of one per cent discount, then tha bank is to pay interest at the rate of 30 per eent. and if such redemption und payment of interest ii net made at such egency within twenty days from the time whan the tirnt Man I wan ma'.e, then\he comptroller is to give the ten d?y*' notioe to the bank to re'teeu*, and If it fails to do no th-n. he i? to dv? notioe that be w.ll redeem out of the securities in ljls hands. Thus requiring, when the (Jnmaiid is made'at-tbe agency, an 1 not at the bank, that the demand fljdMd be repeated at the agency oo the 20th day afterwards, to authorise the comptroller to act. No proceedings, therefore, can be had at this office, until after the MMp>nd demand is made. The only p?n?lty for non-payment on the first demand at the ageuny, is the liability to pay interest at 'JO per cent. Rut when the eeooad demand is made on the 10th day, then the b<uk is dearly at fault, the comptroller gives bis notion to it to redaem.aodif it do not within the ten (m, lie kItss his notice he will redeem out of the recurlties in iiis hundn. Kvery demand should be made during usual bank'ng hours. When the demand is at the auenoy, the notice of protest should state each day on which it was mads!, and the hour, and be nooom pauied by an aftl levit. aud the notes demanded, stating the days on which they were demanded, bo. ho., and that the note* sent to the Comptroller ar? th? identical notns which were demanded. Tne bank will th?n have ten days after notice from the Comptroller to pay th?m at hi* office. MILLARD FILLMORE, Comptroller. Stock K.xetimige. ?15000 Tr N* 6'* Mil hlO 101% 50 alia Canton Co 34% tMH do . 1.3(1 101% 50 do 31* 10000 do b40 101*5 $50 do 34 4030 City 5'* '58 'J2'4 200 do blO 34 'CI 0 I'eiiu* Iv tilia 5's 71,"4 50 do row 34 10(10 Ohio 6'*'60 1(10.', 35 do b60 34% 2D00 Illinois fundable 4^% 200 do ?10 34 5000 Reading liond* 63 25Nor&Wor 38% ?"50't0 do 63 V 50 do *10 33 % 2000 Read Mort Bd* 6i% 50 do b60 39 ^[5100 do 1)15 6) 25 do law 383* c G mis Bank Com iciip 95% 15 New Jeriev J!R 106 in heading lilt 44 150 Long Island KH 30% 325 do 43V 300 do 30% 10U do *69 43? 50 do inw 3'K 500 Farmer*'Trait 30 50 do blO 30% 100 do ?!>% 50 do 30% 250 <1 i 29% 50 Harlem RR *60 43 100 do *10 3' 600 do 43% ? Ohio Life fc Trust 85% 150 do 43% loo Morri* Canal li% ICO do 43% 650 do 11 50 do HO 44% 50 do b4m 2 0 do b6i) 44% 59 do . biod 11% 425 do 43% 50 111 in oil BaiiA 13% "'0 do inw 43% ? L.rie RailroaJ 65'a 100 do bL'O 4? 20 ilolcrip 7G% 1(0 do b30 44% Hew Stock Exchange. 50 *h* Farmf r*' Tr b30 30% 50 iha Harlem RR c 43% 59 Morri* l a'.al bow II 150 do c 45% 100 Long Islmd RR bl5- 3u% 150 d,> b! 43% 150 do ' c 30% 100 do 13 43% 7i Nor & WorilR bS^a'* 200 do *15 43% .'0 do _ c 36% 50 do *3 43% 50 Harlem RiC c 43% CtTV TKADG REPORT. HI* Yoh*. Saturday Afternoon, Feb 20. The flonr a?rket continued (lrm,aud good brands Genes*e Michigan, &e., were in good demand for home use No *al? of wheat trannpired, while bolder* continued firm >4 pr*vi us prices Corn remained about tne Kam", wltfr fair isles of white and yellow. Holders <>. meal w.?re di*po*?d to withdraw fcom the market, the offors oft>u??is beiog under their views. Rye remained qu et at prevlow prioes Provisions oontinned steady : ta? ohief operation being lu hams, on terms stated belu?. Qroc-ries stood about the tame. Sales of New Orleans, with scne boxes old brown Havana, on terms stated below. Amies - Sales of *0 barrels pots were mad* at $6; while pearls were nominal at $8 36. Beeswax?Suits of 2000 lbs yellow were mad* at 32 a 2 So. Br*aostuff??Flnur? Sales of 600 bbls Black Rock were made at $ti 35; and It was ?aid that the same price w.s refund for loo bb'.s more. Hales of straight brands Michigan were made in various lots, for heme use. at 25; and 100 pure Qenesee sold at $6 31%. New Orleans, according fo Quality, was worth $5 93% a 6; 300 i.9 in wrro puiyi iur M^urc; ivu uu muct vjou? see sold At >8 90 Howard street wan steady at $ti 13){ It 'If at--The )a#? ealas of 0?nesee were mado at $137, woile good Ohio *u worth $1 3d a 1 30. Corn?Sal** of 1500 bushela N. w Orleans, damaged, were mad* for distilling Ht 48o; '26t)0 do bandsome Southern wbi'e sold on private terms. supposed to bo at nbnit 67o; and 1700 do old yello# told at 67c, and 1T00 do old Ohio mixed at the cam* prlcrt. ilrnl-The sales mad* yesterday at 3 SO caused holii r.i to withdraw ("applied from the m?r krt, and tLey were unwilling to offer it, except on mora favorable terms /lye?Was worth 90o; aid Canal, with North River oats, 46 a 48. B'tihy Sales of 1300 bushels wore made at 8*a. /leant?Sales of 100 bbla were mad* a* $1 37. Coffkk?Sale* were mad > by auction of 170 bags damn^ed Ria at 3^o a 4^,n, oasli. * Cotton?The operations to day only amount to 700 bales, whioh were taken for export, ohlsflyat prices ranging along our inside quotations, at whict. rate holders supply the market very freely. liteareol Classifications, , i?fV 1/T-WIIII Cp'andt Florida. Moh f Tcxai. lafe.iir noae mice. ?? Uruinary... a 6J? ' \ a 6ji 7 n 7<? viid.ilnis * 7K 73? a i)2 iK x 7fc In,.Ml Middling 7* a 7?J 7h* 7'4 7\ a 8 Mr'dlme ka?r.... 7X a 7J4 ? a 8'4 a r'air , ^ 7% n 8 none 8!^ a t'? fullr Kbit .J Bit. g? a e'i none. 8\ a 8;? <iooa Ktjr !??., ? 8)? none * a 9M Kir.*.... luminal none. nominal. Kihh ?Salea or 400 libit No. 2 Matt, mackerel were made at V'7., to ?4; ' > do No 3 Halifax do. at $:> 25; dry ood wan firm at t't 76; 100# box** scaled herring grid at OJJJo. KicaTHcat?Tb* marktt was quick, and talet of 3000 lb* good We*tern live ge?te wtre reported at 3Ho, and 20im lb*, do. at 4f?c Kmuit Hal't of 3000 boxen wet-dried Tallin* were mad* at $1 4* a SI 60; .1<>0 buehel* dried peaobee, with eklnt on. were made a* f 1 a $1 75; 0080lbe dried apple* at 4)fc, and 68 balea l.rnKuedoo ulmondt on private terms' Mtaip ? Salt* af 100 baltt rr Amerloan dtw rotted, were made at S127 30 ptr ton ; and 120 bale* do $13* per ton, 6 months Lead - Sales ct 1360 pigt wtre Bade at S\3&, 00 days, interest a^d?d. Moi.attr.t ?SslM of 1 AO lihdt Cardeaaa were made at 18% a 18c; IS tierca* New Orleaa* at 23 to 24, and 400 b'.li do at 28 a 27o. Several oargots of Cuba hare b: en aold at 18^ a 103. Naval Stork* -The market wat firm; apirlti ftar* pnine wa? held at 4So. and rough turpentine at >3 26. Ro.iiu reaiainel about tb? earn? On. MtAL?dalta of 28 toon wart icade at SI 41\' per lWi ib.i OiLt? LintBRp -Voder At* tale* were making at old prin?a There was no vhnnge in flsh ollt. I'k:>T|?ioph? New mete pork oortinued steady at $10 12>t ; and old at f9 37)^ ; old prim* wm worth about 26 Sales of 160 bt>lt vVinoheater'a prime n?w tneea, were m.ide at MO Ihm<-ltlvi of I40tler0<e w.-re mod* at 6%*; 1.50 do. Dana's aoll at fiX'i; and U80 do. plainer quality at<'?o. I.ard?S'ies ot ISO bbl* cere made at a So. (.beet*? No change Duti?r? hale* 28 paoki.n i thia State war* made at lSXo. Kgge - Salea 30 bbla wtre mad* at 15i. ptr dotto. Rn-r? Nc aaiea were reported. PI !> Ot|f| ui 4 49 UHUI. iliw wwir uiaur ?. $4 a $5 19; 77 b*xe? eld crop brown Havana at $6% Small patc*l* n?w crop brown Havana were rellii?g ai.6*9. brn'ii -Hal** of too his;I pepper were mad* at b'4o, o month*, and to* nat* caj'is at if*. f month* Tobacco?-VTa aubmtt tit* uaual weekly ?taUm?nt, *howiof( tun price*, ?Alt *. receipts and atook oa band for the week ending tbia ?.ft*r?ooa: ? Hold t\if) Ree'd Ikit Stock 011 Price*\? wri-K. week. kand. Kfuruoity, Virginia) 33* lot He 300 lull 17# hdi 5,<H3hd* and N. C arolina.. > i to lie* Maryland and Ohio? ? ? ? 1 hd* I ioancrtieet . f to 1? 11 CI 10c ? 139 e a FVnmylvauia do... 7 to 15 ? "" 3'Oca HoriJ* 4 to 60 ? ? 101 c* I 4!>:.a 2, t..I7^ ? 103 Ilia 2M hi. Cnba ItXtoai 25* kU 471 bla <57# bla Var* 32 to 37 ^ ? 4#S bl* 79* bit *t. D immit > ? _ _ ? 197 bl* ?1Th? butlnaea In general wm dull, and there w*a a good d*aiand for tobaeco of a>l de'crlpl!'nf; but with the exception of Kentucky and Cuba tobacco, tha etook wa? low. and tlia parcel* broken up. Holder* of Kentucky and Virginia tobacco, ?? ? tbtag, demand higher rn'i a thin tba trad* wn? willing to pa;; In Cuba tobacco there waa l**a doing thin *oma tim* ego. Tallow-Sal** ot #000 lb* wrra reported at 8\o Oreaae Sale* of lOO.ftoO lb* coarw qaality, ware made t ftX?W tiiLRaoNK?(Tor N. Want, was offered and 27o. inktd VVmkbct?Waa quiet at 94 aafle Khri'imt*?A Te*eei war tak*n up for Ireland, to load with 1A 000 buikela or roin ?.> 0J wm t*k? n for K?tt#rd*ia ftt tfn, and ooUcn ut 11 11" r, r lb Ottou wm t>k?a for Him by tna >,?om i>t tt>? mat at H? p? lb Hdd atom wm t?fcrs for l.cuuon at i* 44 Tfcff* wm aoMMtg b?w 10 other port* MARKETS RL.BBWHERK. STOCK .UAUiiliT Bm-tiwom, Feb. JY-??o Maryland St'* V?.T3; t<90 M?tvUud Lurrjiev V?.TI;ti"0 Baltimore fi1IM0, 97K, 11 *hf 10 Rn'timur*, W; 10 IS 411ino' and Ohlb fUilroid < '<? , 31^; 10 do. 3*^> ?*>.ti.~riTtt Hoard-] ihin Philad BV, $?U0 1/ * Tr 6 p?' c? nt 102W; 555* T* ? * ? c. 103; HiK'A 5Nrw,T& tit'40 do 7t?i After Salts?'tio Neahviic, two L*h.?h? ? ?>?: *i?!) Lehigh H, r i>. H'?; 19 (I 'O * tat* V?, % > ?W, 71',, $7(10 7 ?GiMr4TlBat.ll; 70 liirnrd. 0%; 2i Kf\f fit. Moch. lUnk V; I S'.OO I r?*? ?p-rce?t U>2?; 10.0 1 |l? K ind*. t>5 61: ?iTlO 8fst? !>'?, ?5,7JV?. terand Board-!.01 S li Vit 6'. "itf 40 .Va/e??Mi'lit' wu ? IJ^; IVK) Sir.te V?. T)V[ I KM" do 6 a, 81; 2000 noli IS.iv 8'a, i 6i). 41'4; 60 Itcudiiirf lift. 21XBntTCit Ob. JS ? Mrtkrr'i Board?4 ?hMr? Kiatarn Hvlroul, 104Hf * 104S<; 5 d 1 Old Oolonv Railroad, 02; 1 d>> Varni >nt aud Vfaseaehaaetta Railroad,7); 25 do Vermont Central Kail road, 04; It 4o C I i re Railroad, i>r .v, J J14; iO do Ktrt llotlon I ompauf, N1*, 2't do Norwich and W'.rce.ter Kailroad, 31 lido Weateru K'lilrond, IS'j; 117 rigk a Weilern Railroad, 15c; $41.00 Heading Railroad Bouda, 18C0 aldtiJ^'; 201)0 du 1810, 6). Sictmi Bomrd?i ilixrai Kic!iai>ue B.iV. 9i, i do Kaftaru Kailrnad, 101V Wast Boaton Company, 14','a HV: JO do do, a6? It1,', 60 do do, >31 14?tf; 300 right* WraternItailrotd, 30 a 40c, DOMKSTIC MARKETS. Philadelphia, Fob afl.? Beeowai?The demand was rather moderate; we quote WMtiro '24o Cotton?Transactions w*ra quite limited; small sales of Upland* were making at 7>{a H^e, and New Orleans at i>?* 9o. Hour? We no'loe sates of 600 bblo, including ootamoo brands, at $6 75; and extra do ut (8 l'i1^ a $tl 37Whrnt The stock on band io rather Unlit. It In generally held a) $1 'in a $1 80. Corn?Wehavennly to notice salesof ft(H> bushels yellow at tlo. Rye? Ovrinj to ll?ht stocks, there is not much doing; prices range from *4o a 86a. Oato? A moderate Inquiry, with soiall aulas of aoutharn at 46e a 4t5o. Molass?s-N?w Orfeaus is in fair itomand, with salsa of (19 bbla at,8ui<ar?Sales of New Orleans were making to he trade at 4)?o a b%a. Tallow The'market is quite bare: small sales of good rendered were making at ?**c Hj^o. Whiskey oontinued inactive at 14o a 2.'?o. FOlvEiaN MARKETS. BAananoKs, Jan. IS, 1848.?Our market lo abundantly supplied with raort kinds of American Import*. The only exceptions are red oak staves, which ure much wanted. Of flNUT and meal the s'ock Is not large, but plenty for present wants. Trade is In a very dealers*.I state, and salea can omly be effected in small lota for im mediatr consumption. The crop of yams and t,w?t potatoes la good, wnlah has a tendency to lessen the demand Cpr Araeriaan previsions. The crop of Utilnua torn to oonn in la larger than for years past, and the ennes are Woking extramely well. The crop of sugar will be an average one, but somewhat later than usuel. .. l ^ U_ \1 X . Jg 01 tarried. On the nth Inst., by the Ilnv. Mr. Prloe, Jo|?uias Dillon, te Imiuu Martin. At Brooklyn, New York, October 11th, 1847, fcy the ll"t thortiis U. Thayer, Mr. Chahi.k? K. Hkk?i*?, to Mils bi.i^n.1 M. A Stonic, both of Boston. % Died. An the -26th Instant, Mrs Manv F. Dmmii, wife tff William Danman, alitor of the New York Truth Telle*, aged 01 years. The frtnnds of the farn'ly, and those of har son-ln law, John Cotgan, are invited to attend her fuaeBat. ftdra aftrrnoeu, lh-j J7th !nst , at 3% o'clock At JJro'ikiyu, on Saturday morning in the 30J yuar of her Jane U, wife of Samuel D. Abbot The friend* and acquaintances of the family, and thoi?e of her father. Peter Coffee, ?q . are ruspeotfullt inviteA to attend ber funeral, tble(3unday)af<ernoon. a? 3 o'chne^, from ber late resldenoa, No. Hti Lawreuce au, Brooklyn. OnMNir, 25th Inst., Joh v Wanmakkh, son of Johft and Lucy Waninakir, ai<ed ft montba and 29 days. The relatives and friends of the family, also ttwf members of Hermitage Lodge, No 105,1. O. oftji'., aTe ri:?;i?otfally Invited to attend the funeral, frora^tbe^r residence. on Sunday afternoon at '2 o'oldVlLCffUh in?t* at No. 178 Wallier street. It"* t)n Friday, 25th Instant, Marv Ann MoD*pf, ?f^?d 21 years,# mouths and 15 days, daughter of Francis and CvlcCan. .. The friends of the family, and the members of tne Hibernian D 13 Society, are respectfully invited to attend h?r Aineral, this(Snnday) afternoon at 3X o'oloflBjlrnw the residence of ber father, No 110 Twelfth strfft, %lthofit furth?r notios, Ob Friday evening, the 25th last, MortTocitaar F. MiMNKt80D of John M. and Mary Mimne, ag?!4 yevs and 4months. . Tha friends of the family are respeotfully fitted- to attondthe iuneral, on thii day(Sumlay) afternoon tfth inst . at 3 o'olock. from hi? father's residence No. 210 UreflNhh street, without furthnr las. . ???????? 1%. ?t G. F.?The members of Knickerbocker Wdjr, Wo resnecrlnlly luviied to aticird the Inner?*!? .Mrs l'ltpii, ?K?il 38 years. from the residence of bro'lltf* Dimiu, coiqar ?f Tr?y street and Girenwich avenue. Tj?Mrder in aftner.U are alio invited, at 3 o'clock this day. Jumta Xreiglittfu.Q.'P. Geo B Anderson, Secretary. UTW.MEP OH STOLEN, WKD>KSDAlT3Pli?IH<>, > J^bout 7 . 'olu I., Cram HMMtOR ?t , a lorrel^wra^ boh before a wagon, one seat, with leather toJT tiflitible conflMfiiioii will be paid by leturuiug the si?ne ind.I iJark, 138 Greenwich St. a' l Board wanted-a oentlem aw wishes board, about the middle of April, inn privutflMaofMy, or *h^e there are not. more than four or five boa'da?i w thin minutes walk of the City Hall,(rear Broadway rrelerrrd.) t'i breakfast and tr.a, dinner on bua'iay. Audress h I), Her?'d Office. 1I#)VNTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUN.J?WyiVE vf mau, perfectly acquainted with commerrvil nyi>neii and 44c i mm, French aui Italian language . Good mS?v <-r? and Caatiori given. Letters a d resit-J A. B , No. 7a J^udlow strffat. will b? promptly attended. WANTED-BY A PRACTICAL GARDENIA, A Mairiid man, p. rituatiou fs a gmtlemao's i.-rdoBer. l.'c nnderstands every btanch of his bn?iues? perfectly*una has many years experience of this climate. He can gife tike best of references. His recciomendatiwis can be seen at Mestra. Punlap k Thompson's seed store. Broadway coru(r lleecker street, or a few lines directrd to J. W. ore of Messrfc^Dun.'ap it ThPiypson, will meet with immediate attention. GUTTA PERCHA BOOT AND SilO^IOLE*i ue trade supplied with the genuine article. AU whn t .Uiv d'y feet should wear them, ( all at the depot of the American Ontta l'ercha Company, 139 Willi..hi street. Also b'.iutilul soles O r ladies' wear. ^ Look at this.?ladies, wk invvtf. your attention (to cur latgc ml splecdid sti-ck of Bouts and fhoes, ?Inch we shall aril, u til Apr-Mat, at lirst cost, as Wt iiii'ud making some chauge in our tiuiness; these gocdi are hll fresh an'1 latest at\le Gents, we have ou band n large qui'itit; of fi'tt rate Boots end Shoes, which we shall ?l?4> s? II at Ant c <st, at the *M place, 367 Broadway, cofier Franklin street. M CAH1LL. Also, a larje lot o( Ladies' uice Rubber?, with l?ather sole?. s t the low price of six siblings. ' Broken banks-atlas, jamxs, northern ??change, fcc ?Taken in eschauge for cheap dry g ;od?, consisting ( Alpacas, Delaines, Prints. Ticks* Gioanaais, Black Itiliau Cravats, Wool Shirts aud Drawers Silk Pocket Handkerchiefs, Suspeuders, Glovej, Swiss and Bank MhsIiiis. TabIe Linens, Colored Table I 'overs, Irish Line**, < hil.lien's Hhswls, Mo?e, fcc, Red and White F annels, Drills. ?fc? BI'INK te THIJH8, l<3 WaUer street. corner of Mulberry. JAMES BECK U CO.. WILL OPEN. ON WEDNE8day ruoruiLg, .vlarch l?t , th New Store No 3<S, with au ei tire New Stuck r.f goods. 35S Broadway PAIR OW MAMMOTH NKWKOUNDLAND PUI'S.? For Sale?Two .Newfoundland d<.g Pups, of the Mrgest breed ever imported Applyat2?i Water street, ap srnirs. Great improvement in hatswthe ^ubsciber has the pleasare rf informing his friauils sad the j uMu; in general, that on tt e lit of March, he miends opening bis New Hat Store, No. 107 Na ssu sirear, usrftdoorto the cornel oi /inn street, inu wm oiior mr ^.ib a nai uiauuinctureil vpuU au cum re new invention, au iinpiot^ment -of his Pvvnor. the water pr -nf (till', hr winch it uot ouly rcUim Hi fhip?, bmt perretuil gloss His prices will be* first quality bearer Hat?. >( ; do do Nutrii. f3: finest and best quality Moleskin, 14 : fi'?t quality lillt, 81 ; secoad, S3 St. The whole unsurpassed for materials, elegance mid >)nrmbility. The subscriber informs (he public, that Having served his lime to the hUiiLg trade, and luvitg inuiy year* practice and eiperience in the liuiiuess, hi* ajsmmsiu will be warranted, and evtrjr effort made to turn ont an acceptable article at reduced prices, and of th? rmy beat materials (Jcun ard judge (or yourselves, the sdvant-ges eff.irded hv tliii estsbluhmeet over any others. N. E1PEN8CHEJD, 147 Nassiu street, uext ION to ihe corner of /no. IK Mil. THOM AS Ut)R?. WHO AI'.UIVKI) AT MW York in the prcket shin Lvsrpool in August last, would end his address to CA.M1CK.UN Si BR\N1), i'l rine street, h'S letter* may he fjrwar-ed I PANTALOONS-F. AHRKNS, THE WELL KNOWN ptinta tailor, Ami street, has lately ree.eiv?d oyer 110 pieces fauey eassimeres, of which he makes psnts ;? order fi r only tJ tn 15 a pair. Also, Krench and Ecgluh black easiimeres and doeskin* from S4 to $8 per |>air, w iriann J good or uo sale Cleats who ?ro iu want cf pauls v ill do writ to call I M ttfi Ao? iirwt LADIES'AND OKNTLKMMffa LEFT Ori" WAKDrrbe ard Kurnifnre wanted.?Ladies or geatlenen having superfluous effects to dispose of. sueli as wearing apperel, furniture. Im.i Mo obt uu a4air e.ish price for the nine, by send iii? for tha inDicuner, iiuaugn taa p?,?; iihtp. or ouierwin-, who will attei-d at tneir rt? dencea. J. LKVENSI YN, 4#6 Rroadwiy, up'atair*. Ladies cm bp attended to by Mm. J Lrvr.xBTYit. aa \i HI I HALLENOE.- NOTICE TO OUVTUEiS fceU" men wlia wait t :ie i r o d 1 loihei to Jaok Ik- new ?< h'I at the Tailo mg, Dying Cleaning nod Repairing fatah'i?i merit, at 6? Odd ?tr?et, wheie reu ?an ret all ihe greia?, P'tch, tar, glne, piint, extracted witli"nf joiiirg tout c oth?? at tha abnreat notice, and on ih- m 'emeDabte fernia by J. P. SO\H,(>6??oldttrae', two iloif I "Bi Beekmnn. N. ? i ha lutheit price paid for Kentleuien'a left-off wearing a^,- j r?-?l- j NOTICE-PACKET SHIP R09C1U8. FROM UTKI. j i 15 diieHarg nf, under reueral order*, at Orle?o? Wharf, foot cf Call atr< et A I g>>odl not permitted. will p ? t.rely be ?rnt to the ; u jlic (tore, Atlantic Dock, ISrookTr*. j tfOH NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND NEW F York Line'?f I'acketa?Very reduced rate* of Freight? Positively the fi nt *nd onlrreg'l tr packet, to aul Thataday, M ircli led?'The new abd apleudid fait tailing packet bark Hi.DiMirgham, msiter, t? now loadi-g. and will ro?i- ! riiely sail an a ova, her regular day. Kor freight or |>a??a.a, h?> in,- eple did tiirmaheil ai'Comaiodatioua. apply on bo d, atOnecui Whirf, fool i f Wall meet, or to K K. COL1.1 >8. 'ti ot>#? atreet Positively no Irei. lit will be received ilier Wednesday evening. March I <K*rU in New (Me>in?. Mr. Win Oee?y, who will mptlv forward all goods to hia address Packet ship ML'-SON will sacceed the uaca ee, and sail her regular da. FU>U M A K8EILL CM?T H k. BlilP MINERVA, CAfl' Brown, to be promptly deapa'ched. For Freight, or for Pn.sage, apply to Ctamlierlim St Phelps, or tJ Boyd Si ll.uckhrotheri. Notice.?on and after baturpvy, kkrniary 19th,'he te-mbont 8TATRN ISLANDER will make th e following trip*, natil tar her notice. cktc Q-iarnnt.naatfl'*. ID A.M., ItM.l P M. 5 P. M l.titt New V??rH at* t.M.ll A.M..IP M.tHf- M..> P VI JAMESLAWBENCE ENGLISH, ATTORNEY \T, Montgomery, Alabama, will men J lo ("ollecriop* in tha con.ilie* of Montgomery, Lowndes, Pi!<a, Macon, Tallapocaa. < ^onea and Ant.?uga lie will also attend to Collse I.".?I. !.? I , T .Jit . f H h AUhnmii. ABTRNKTHY'8 D'?TANI" \L PIL.LH. FOB THR p??4y iihiI radicil cur* ot Tmarttl ' imum, Ur?thr?l l>i??hnr|r), MlffU, Whi'M. Mnctirn, lie. Tb?te PilU uri from th? prc?criptio? of tn? HM c IfbrMnl Dr Abcrnetby. who, for n grMJ m?ny v?*r?, ?nc ilnl'y (rricubnl them ia nil ?m??ofllw< * >* t <>t on I v n hi? iTnte i>rnctic?, but io ' li- wide c?'<*b ity of ^b?ri rthy'? p<l'a i* 'b? '|,,i l?f tlir it <i ji ii niirf p. titir* aurf r*a ii ntriiii ill til iko?l rwi la ti.# ?wly ?knn ?>l (to?orrb?w ou? bo* it (tuaiilly ttAi?i?nt |t> ? rtf ?i * rnif iu ? To kjWl wbul?n?t? (ltd r?Wil .inlT ii! ,AroriiK< VHih.H H.\LI,,<? , < ufeoria# iumi. *nd I IT Mtiu?n Urn ? P.VK THKATT'B?RK-OPKNl.NM OK THE SKA* i'in-Mr. liuo'h, Mr. ftroit(li'n), aud Mr* Brougham ? Oi VVrdnndijr, March lit the in?erfy HIi'H 4KI) THK THIRD?Hirbard, Dnitauf <Sir. Booth. Hichanad, M*. Dv?tt; Uie?u, Mrs. !<> * ; Lady Aunt, Mr*. tkb*lt, To ennelude wl'h lha IHI^H LlIlN?lo? Minn, Mi. Br ii^li 'a; Mr* Fjt(i|, Mr*. Brougham. Baiea tl, Pit 1) ceuta; tiailery 23 The ladief and (cutlcmea of it.e Corpe Ijramatique. are requaaled In ?> f?r d a rehear**), on Monday |lw }ltth inifanr ' il ek in rh? forenoon. . s SHAW I.X ANOTHKR li !u>lli*nt *hik*pe.?rii i ehar.i-'ar, and hat week ol har en femaut. M"iHv .?ru< *. I eh ??. llig, will be acted H >ak?i>e?re'? trade.y . U V <1 lie.LI NB-I? Kea.Mri. #iuw; f*<n(huiau* vlr Ha v; J lehun 1. Mr W. Marahall ; Pi1 iuio C. W. ClarVa ; <;iote>, Mr. Ta ke; Cunb-lme, T'U'ia , Belnriiu, M* Jtferaji ;, J. II Hall ; Avi'?*u?, l.)id4Q ; Tha Qeeia Mr? Jardaii To c include w.tHiha r mi .,1 OILlJKUOY?Qilderoy, iMr VV Mar -riiirr ij-n-.v, v\r r?r?vc?:i; isiuaieui, ?ir. ?>?[? i Lug in. Mr# l*ii i * 11 ?*s Box*i, M Pit *u<i fJjultry 13^ ?#ut? Doort open al 6)4 o clock PerftTmvace to cona** 7. rilinilj! Til K VTR e. MON DAY EVENING. * > K-brm'* 2?;1 ? Will be tha caaady of LONDON AM l/HAN'JE-Hir Hareonrt < rtlr. Mr. Walaot; Mm llatkaway, Mr. t Taylor; ilark MaJdla, Mr. WioM*; I ?(lr G*v Kpiuker. Mm Clarke; tjraca Harkawar, Mia H'lJreth; f?ri, Mr? W, laherwood Due* liy Mi?a Dalorima. Toei acliid* with ths draait ofTUf-KRHE?farwia, Mr. (Inufraa; ficarl, Mr. C. Taylat; Ma'iettc, Mra. Wilkiuaon; C?unte?? tie Morrill*, Mm Htld'eth Doore open at K o clock? prdormmca to comne i .a a.t 7. Uoxca. 25 ceata; Pit, I2H cauta nWOAUW*Y I THEATRE?MOND AY KVENINO. H'rb?*?Will he performail hec-inrdt i Out) HEADS AND YOUNU tltAHTS-JriirKml.Mr. W. H. Blake; I'm C ke, Mt. h''rim<in'. Uoh, Mi tUduway; L^dr Alica Hawthorn. Mia? Funn Wallack: Miu o ketr, Mra. *erceaiit Aliar vhirh, the Nutmn'l Tolk , hy M'llea. *t. Clair iu:d < a'.eile. To cnnelnda with ilia new I'ute of BOJI AND oX?Mr. Bet Mr Ha 'away: Mr. I nt, Mr. i liapmau; Mra. Bouncer, Mra VV'tu. Doo.a open at 7 o'clock; parformaiice to r .mwieura It VI ITCHCLLV OLY.VJNG THICATUK ? MONDAY "* Evening h'abruaryji. t'i commence wi h the drama (led (h? J \l l)HITK? Jnha Dank, Mr. Holland; Hir Hirhard Wroagton, Mr. ? h nfrao, Anally,Miaa Roberta. Atler which , K \ Mil,! JARS? Deleh Mr llutT?n<l; Kinil . VI ia> Hubert* ro be followed b>-A GLANCE A? N W VOUKIN 184B SI >?r, 0; H>rrv" G-irdoe. A/<i old ; Mm. Mori >n, Mr*. Heury; Miry, Vtna Ph. Hi pa I'n anuria tie with K A*K1, or the Wootai Hh iem>ik?r? KiWri, >J . Holland; Nico, Vlr.Conover; Mndaute Knbri, Mr* Henrv; Afcuette, Miaa Roberta. Kai1/ ulatic'ie, Vliat Ptn 11 ipa Duora epeu at bill' patt 7, curtain i nea M 7)^ MALMO"- OPV.u* <>(T*E.?MONDAY EVENING, I |IVH 20?>0 new Tableau*?'.laitively the laat time.? GROUPS of MODEL. A&l'lSTM, twenty i? number will ?.?va the huair o< ajt??*riag m a aeriea of their celebrated Grand Tab eeai Vivauu and Poaaa Plaitiqaee, winch hia beeu eoon tared the aoat elaaaieal and inatnietiv* exhibition thai baa ere* appeared iu nay cenatry, and haa been honored by tne patronage of tha uaoat angnat peraonagea. Doom or>?? n to uoinraence at 7X o'clock Boi olljee opea from iC A M to 4 V M. iVI ECHANICH' HALL.m BROAUWAV, BETWEEN ' a Oraud and Kronu*?ta ?Crowded tooverflowing with the beauty and fnihioit of New York. Open every night daring the tviej except Monday Unabated aueceaa.?Twenty-Brat ween of the original CHRISTY'S MINWTRe.L8. tiie uldaot aauibliahed Band in the United Hutea. E. P. Chriety, G. N. Chriaty. K Pierce J. Raynor, C. Abbott. T. Vaaghn. ihnie original nad inimitable Concert* ate mgntly honored with crowded aad higlaly reapecMbie audience*. and nniveraally admitted to excel every am?a?meat of a aimilar character offered in thia city AdMiaaiAC H lew; childrea nader 10 yeari half price. Donri openjy 7 ircjnclr?Concert will commence at *. On Manila* erlafng, Feb. 21th, Sixth Comcarl t tha Hrook'ri In-t tnre. +x RHOAUWAV ODKON?I?J?*IIA?CE THROUGH ' ' 1'io.eui'a efe (tea Mill* CqIMM*.?Manager, K. G. <J'ak'er-? Musical Director, Mr wunwd.?New and effective Tableau*?The manager IMMetf?lly annooncea to tha citizeui of thia great n.etrnpoflfc, aa>t to atria (era yiaitnr it. tint he haa engaged the lOMPi Band ofODEON >.;iN8TRKL3, who will appear la their popelar Overfirra, Honga, fc?.?MondayHWjljf Jfch?Programme? Part 1? (irand Overture ''onga vuaaar ot.Dancing, ke?Part 2-TABl.K'LUX ViVANH tiMTnei tfaaltuuae by the Mo <J*I Artists. Part I? Kavorita oMn??ru(iio, fcfl. PtlHl l>r? lastre Box. 50 cents: Pvonette, Jfc?nti; Boxes, 1 >K entl. American museum?splendid pkrkormaoces every rifte-nrum and evemHK?Irs. Pelby's superb h i pur! Stntofv, rr|>'?s*ncinc the " Birth ot Christ," Hi* l.iui per,"" Hit TripI before fontius Pilate." and also >'esenf tion of an " lutaroperata Kainily," all in wai, the ai/.c of life mar se?n at nil hours (Terr day and aveninf, w r\:r* rh?ri:?. Betide there arc eugajred The Babann iu F imily, n tnlei.ted eompiny of vocalists; Matter Johnston, Tight lliii e Dancer; (irrat Western. the low comedian; Pet* Morn- com c smRer; Clara Fishei's ?haksper?aa Cabinet; Mt Mo.'eil; Mist Bernard;Mis?as Juliea and Whitloek, dancwrs; Mr. Wfhitlock; Mr. rr<.??et; Mid ime Rockwell, fortune teller, he. Admission to tl'?4tnole, Ji? ceeta. Reaerved fr' ?t??-L? <-?* thilloiir e?sh eioe. A COMPLIMENTARY CONCJ&T Ok SA< RED aoil miscellaneous music will llniven at the Tabernac! . on Thursday evening, MareH 2d, to jke Her. Moses M?rr j?, (Hector el tue church of Ht^Gaifge th# Martyr, and ?1is?iuniry to driiinh Kini?rar.ts,V <#rncipaP performers? \lri L'-tler. Miss *l/.? huenti, !?is?~K. vVataon. Miss De Luce, mi Mm Ki>kliaoi.( PiipildTlh? Conservatoire of Paris, and of tha celebr ,fed .oiu auifttf)dniv Ores?her aeeood eprearascs in America,) Mr. Manve-s, Mr. Aitberson, Ml. f terpen Leach; Mr. Joe. Bark*, the eminent violinist tad the " Ai>ol'oueons,"ihe celebrated rauslanl family, whose performance have every wliei* elici'oJ wnbnnnded enthusiasm. (Tha a' ove artistes have voluntarily tendered their services ) Mr. George Lrder, Conductor Tiek?Ul)ne Duller, to be had at the r ineipal inunc and book stoaad of tlie members ot 'h- comm.(Lee ol mm emtHv^ Vf R. MALOMK HAYMUnS MIMICAL IRISH i'l r.veinii?a, au<l the Indies or*?Tnm'lv, every Monday, Wednesday, aril Friday, 5''c. 60tbMak>re Raymond's leetare, wiih the model of aneeut Xmuplrin. Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, nn I Saturday, 24 canW Jjoth hrgin at 7)f. Iriretti's (Hilary, over the Pmijra'tfcBsIL 5H? Broadway. A BIBIE? O" OIlANl) K^TER^MN VENT8 WILL ItL h? given by P'rry's .Ylin*tiela, use youneesc Dunn mine I itrj Snlfn 01 >'< ml > / r . rninfJWA. 28tli, at St Luke's nitilinx, cor.-erol Orove and IIumMI Streets. On Tuesday Kvenintt. th- 21 h. nt I rfin:ti"i uifc W illinntsbarr h Oa Wfdur?4iy ?m<!'Hi ml' K> enl?jj'?LTie lit and 2d of Mareb, at tli5 Tliiuclied Unit i^'r, Jr .r> Oltyt?Ki .ut seats reserved fr>' La ie.? '.ilrnun hi 2) cents. Tl? strictest order and decorum enforced. 4 OAiSVAIlO'3 MAM*fOT?J MMOUAU4 OUT TUB ' rtiiiiiii1 pi river, p ;,,. .! < n three mi1-1 m ? iufihe larireit painting iu the world. at 1 lie Panorama baild ing, in I' odwiy, atjniuiirr Nibln'i Oirdea. Open ererr evening, (Hnudavi excepted ) Admisaioa 'A teats; childrea |>nce. The Pino-ama will e mmenee moving ai7X o'clock precisely. AAnrnoon eihibitioa oa Weduesdaye and SaflU daya, a; $ o'clock. BRUNSWICK'S !?T YTUARF-LAROK A8 LIFE? ( n Mexican en -ip ait ou.) rrr-rxriidnK Lbe VtNUS OK I >;?UlClgaa<i ArOl.LO UK MfcOlCIS. Open I torn 9 A M. ! to 14 f M.. at !*i JSrondwny, next to Stoppiui ? bathe. Admit lv~c* "?f k BRUNSWICK' ! STATUARY?LARGE A8 LIFE? rejrejsui: k tne VENU8 P* Mr DIC1S ?nd APOLLO 1 > KMKDli'lS loraahortttrn4?nly. Oien from 9 A.M.ti 1 10 P.M ,kt3% Broadway, uevt to Stoppani's baths. AdmitI uuee 25 rents. I^IIE MOST VALUABLE COLLECTION OF PIC. turn e> pr ia thu C'juntry?coftprifi,'* tome of the beet wi r'*? of i'ltian, Mttnllo, Raueas, Ad in-vny otiier of the old Matters, is now o,eu t > the imMB at tne U*llery of the Natioail Academy < : Design, coraer B roadway aud Leonard r' i' 'I \ M 1 '. i" Admission. 3$ cent*. i i : 1 " 1> JUVENILE <iALA, P B E K ? LA FA Y KTT K 'I Bsrvir Mechanic I 11*J Hpramic Tiestre, 149 aad 1)1 1 Broadway, up atairi, for tins \P?ek oaiy. free. ceasistinc of I Uioiainic Views, repje-rating the Narrows belew fort I Hamiltoa. Bombardmrat nlTVwfa Ctax View of Lisbon, ' liijiwrsclt st f'i The in'ftrstiair aud h jhlv entertaining I p?rr .'NiMicee of the Italian ma eeciai, er hie like tigores. by I the celebrated Sigaor W. A Elliot la add t.on to tne abort, there Will be I he retlot ma-er-.f the Merhaaical Rope Dancer, and he justly aeie rated Hin fii* Bird taking lessens frum ita mistress, This Will be fou^dihe raist interesting exhibition nf tkediy. Perfurrmrce at % o'clock afternoon, aad 7 o'clock iu the eveainf.sud IVirrbn w?ek - ii" - f'ee. LEARNKO CAN A11V BIK S-8IONOR BPINKTTO respertfally informs the la liesaad ?entl-men of this city a in vicinity, that his exhibition of these most wonderful buds, tli- hive so cha'ined the people of the old world, are now on 1 ? i ' - - ?? K ./.wm im th? hr.rmfv I.ihrarV. 9lfl r&njir v.nii ni mr ?imv ??ww ?. ? - ? , , | Broadway Will be open ?ver. day. Sunday mid Monday eic'i'leu, jt A. M., uud J and 7 1*. M. Admittaaca Ji cent*; children 12% WALNUT KTREET THE \TRE. PHILA?*LPHIA? Hccotid Night nfM'll? H'tagv?Ylaada* Cvenug, Feb. 28 1??, will be per^rmed the VJAN AM) THE TIGER? flpl&aher, Mr. Wheatler; fltArfle, Mr. a'f ackaiti Bub. .Y!r. Cnapmaa]; Hoaerhill, Mr Naglej; Puaan. Mil lloirri; ? rape Mra. Thayer Prerima to which, ill* billet of ASMOD F. US, er Le Diablo Boiteiai?Dun Inifo, Mr. Jehnara; U iu Vl.nutl, Mr. Kormter: Kigaro, Mr. Baawell; Directer, Mr. Ki c-le; Horinde, M'lle B.?:i*y: Aamodeaa, Mr N Waif haff; Cleophaa, Mooi. Bon* .ny; Marialte, Mix Vallee. 44'lle Blan^v will appear efary enri ?c tliia weak. GKJIlKltT'iON'.l iSSiL IULV ffll.l, T*aK pine# at the Shiktpaare (Jotal. corner of Uuane and Wil iain atrteti, on 'Ve.laeadny Evening reMr. ((. will be tanat happy n mart hi a friend* up?n thit ofumi, aa tha rropriatoraare piei-r d ta offer aaplaadid l tertain giant PA*< Y BALL.?THE MANtOKHSOKTHE AS I OK H'lUje Opera I ore appointed a Cornmi t?e to make *rr innen>eni* for a Kancy Ball, to b - ki vcn fir the benefit of tha i nine, on Monday, ilie tith .1 March. The Committee made ' lae -oMown s avrargemeata : Airreed -That the price of ft J ticket for a amgle gentleman he <ia dollar* ; that the price of i icket for a gaatlain m and three ladie* be tan dillara ; that no peraon be admi'ted out *?f cuatume. except the heada of lamilica having children pr*<ent m ccatnme ; that par* na be admitted to the amphitheatre withnot fancy draaa at tha tame prta? aa the ?ar-r?? in coatnme. Ti^keta to be had at the Opera Hnuac. orat No. 2 Wall aireat, on Monday, the 2feh o' Kehmarr ASTC'R PLACE OPERA HOU8K-THE SIJBSCRI. he I 111 I'. I run .mic -va ot ih- O.ier 1.1;- it he haa jmt e-eiv ci u new atria nf Open lilaaae-. on a i entirely improved pi >n. are ?'i:>erior ta any kind ever imported. before, and lieir.c pro-iilad Tilh ert a nccroautic Ulaaaea, adapted l.i periinr of all agca?oe -uglitrd an I fai-aigh'cd. M. WISE* < liiMcinn. 4V7 Br' a>' w v. NOTICK.-TO THOSE WISHING GRAPE VINKS pruned ? Aa thia ta tha aeaaon for prumag. aud if p-oned tar thia aaaaoa ther rae apt to bleed, aae make tbe jr*pe aeiall; and likawiaa t eea ?at out in the moat faahionable atyle: anl likewije uVea the caneira on' "f all kinda of treea and luahbery Ple-'ae call rt Mr IChTE >V AHT'S, U.rdi ft. 4T i hriaty atreet, (where a'l order* will be nieaJed to ) or at hi* reaidauca JN Wanr atraat. rpHE AMEU1CA9 FLORA -THIS VALUABLE * and aciantific work hi? c< min-naed iti third ? >>nme Tha March nninhar hia f I'lr beaut fill ci<ibellnhin'n'?, tha Portrait of Linnana in l it h fhland c atirae, a ap eiid d titla paga, a:id t<*o bruit ful d awiriga of fl .wcra. a brief tinf ce of the life of the celabratad hotwat. to< h r ? ith de"ription < f tha pianta form ita le dma atfr. No pailoar labia ahoald . he w thout thia w k. 1 mcc !.'ic a unaib'r, a ?a? 1 ubliahad by ?> c a.E - k K"EV' Hit Nn'ii atwet Ul'm.' IS! i'? P " I M>H SAI.H OR TO 0 Let?Hetreraihona-?4Ea -mu *< ? ka Vm'lr? 'te Tl1" la?ca of Tompkniirilie ?nd Sr.pI'Mn, I wo of the houaca hf mi-able for pnvita b^rdiax r.i .bliahmeuta. e^imra^idiay ? fii.e i?w and acarthe fctry. Apply t > f. WOLFE, Wol'a a Hotal. TompkiniTille U,( RALPH AUTHOR OK THE " PRACTICAL Private Trea'nc ^ ., ii couattlted np<au oty of tha 1iae;\i?j there referred to, ?? Uia rvaideuce. 61 (>re*nwich ' reet, fr m <> to 13 \ M.. pad 6 ft 9 Y M (flnnday e*eepted). Tlioae who srr'y '? !tl* e.-.rly itaaea of theia aij;nt>l'imt.a, will he .aa'iu ?hcj at tu? rapid'H auiP litt'.e lar^.i ,c* att' !1 i? iha cive. It i* chiedy how?rar, ti w^io h ?? in T*/.d !< ?? f't m a '-arta i ' 'raoula, or o'J n i?> wIm? caa eioaroraaiaaa h a ?K?i?aa _ _ M\|i\-i. TALMOtf L'ARMEC?rRRNI'H AND Oar midwife? havma attldied at Pari*, ha* eatab! Inhsd h-r-ell at HI Er'nhl-n atreel. whe-a .lie ?tul coutiuoea to lake ladiaa at har retidence, ?'nti'*'he: crlloemaBt aha ha* had a beadjaerd cona'nicted on le ha. niinadiate attend ance. winch lacilitnlat, inaiteat meaauie, tna connuement ol ladiea Dt. it \- !"r? ru acrii priv \ e the m ise oath* riaaaaea <>r the Oetttal Oman*, rheir narnre. aym-torn*, aroeraaa, eaaaeqnaacaa, aad eare. adapted ta Ik* fae or every n dividoal of iioth aTaea, 4'h editian. 34* it with il luitrative PUtea Price ?i. Sold hy *11 boakaaller* l? ? United -ita'ra, t' a k( .?<'!d al?o hy tbe anthor, M ii mat ed. frea, n- aemie eaeclopaa. un | N#w Y<.r* A J ..

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