Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 2, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 2, 1848 Page 1
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'? 9 THJ wuai? No soar. __ ~ r CODE OF PROCEDURE. A* ACT To Wmplifr wd AbrlrUje ?>?? Piar.llie, Pleuf* lit.*, mid PrticoediuK* of (bt Courts of (Ull Stale. Whkfteas It In expfdlant tbat tb? prevent form* of aet>on? ?nd pi.tdine* la cxo#t at ooicmon law abould be abollfh?d. tb?t tho distinction b?twMo l'gal and #qultaMti remedies abonld no ioagar oontinua, and tbac an anif Tin cour?<? cf proceeding, in ?ll otaes, should br ?*taMl?hed; Th?r*for?. The People nf the State of New York, repretented in Senate and Anttmhty, do enact, at follows : OKNIRAL D*FINITION? A*D DIVISION*. Pec. I Kemtdiea in the oouitl Of justice aro divided into, 1 Actions, and 2 Speoia proceedings. Sro 2 A>i notion la a jn licial proceeding. between pHTty and pnr'y. far the entoroement or protaoMon of a right, the redrtta of ft wrong, or the puniabment of a jitihllo off?nce S?n ? ( "??*? nth or wmrrli ia a annalal orooeedlnff. rjec 4. Actions are of two kinds : 1. Civil, and 3 Criminal. S-c 5. A criminal sotionls rroMcufed by the State, an ? ini'y a(f"l!'?t a period charged with* public offence, l?r the runithmeut thereof Sen 0 l>ery other Is a clell action. S c 7 Wh-re the violation of a right admlta of both a civil and criminal remedy, the right to prosecute the on<4 Is not merged In the other. Sec H TH? act i? divided into tiro puts. Th? first relates to the courts of justice, and their jurl'dictiou 1 be ffcpnd relates to civil action* hereafter oomlueticd In the courts of t bis State, and Is distributed into twelve titlee. The first fonr relate to actions in r U tfce courts ( f tbe Stale, sud the oibers, to actions Ic the nusreme oou t. in lb* ooancy courts, in the superior court of tbe city of New York, in the court of common pteae for the city and county of New York, in the Mayas' c uria or' tUn cltifg of Albar>y, Hudson, Tioy and Rochester. and in the recorders' eourli in the oilier of OuiTalii and Utioa; and to appeals to the oonrt of apical*. to the fupreme court, to tne county court*, ant to the tuperior court of the oity of New York. PA11T I. OF THE COURTS OS JUSTICE AND THEIR JURISDICTION. TITLE I. OF THE CfURTS IN GIXISiL. S?o 9. The fallowing are the oouruof justice of this State: I The court for the trial of im;eaohraentfl. 'J The oourt "f appeals. B Toe ruprrme court. 4. '1'he circuit courts. U I il*J V- Uf*3 Ui ujr?? BUU IV Wt-k. . A 'I he county courts 7. Toe court* of geoeral teutons of til* peace. ti Tin- courts of pp?oi?l sessions. 0 Tbe rurrogates' courts. 10. Ttt? courts of juitio*s of tbe peaoe 11 The. suprrior oourt of tbe city ol New York. 1 j. rh'i court of oommon pleas for tbe oity and oounty ti INew York. 13 Tbe majors' courts of tbe cities of Albany, Hads n, Troy and Rjobester. 14 The recorders' courts of tbe cliies of Buffalo and Utlca. IS. 1'tie marine court of (bs city of New York. 16 The assistant justices' courts la tbe city cf New York 17. Thi municipal oourt of the city of Brooklyn id Tbe justice' courts of tbe cities of Albany, Troy ?nd Hudson. 19. Tti? police oourt*. B-c. 10. Th?*e oour s shall continue to exeroise the j <ri.<diniton now vested in them respectively, except ar otherwise prescribed byth s act. TITLE II. OF THE COURT OP APPEALS* Sfo 11. The couit of appeals shail bar* exclusive juriaJ lotion to rtvi?w, upon appeal, every actual determination hereattvr made, at a general term, by the supreme oourt. by the superior court of the city of New York, or by *be oourt of common pleas for tbe city and coao'y if New York, in tbe following oss-s, aud no oibrr: 1 In a judgment in an action oommanoed therein, or b.oujht ib*TH from another court ; and upon the appeal fr*ri aueh judgment, to mtIi* any intermediate order inrolving inn merits, and necessarily affecting the judgment. .2 In a Dial order, affecting a rubftsntial right, made Io a speolal pr. ceding, or upon a luminary application In nn aetiun. afrer judgment : But su?h appeal shall not be allowed in an action originally oommeno-d ia a oeart of a justtoe of the peace, or ia he marine court of the city of etr York, or la an auin'ant justice's court of that olty, or ia the municipal oobit of ?ne city or Brooklyn, or in a justice's oonri of tn? oiti-s of Albany, Troy, and Hudson, respectively. Sec. 12. The court of appeals may reverse, aflraa. or modiiy the judgment or order appealed from ; and Us judgment shell be remitted to the oourt below, to ba enflirerd couidlDg to law. Sro. II Th?r? shall be six general terms in eaoh year, to rommt-uce on the firtt Tuesday of January, Marc , Ma?. Julj, Heptember and November, and to eontinue ur.tll the lourtn Uatoruay thereafter, Uolosive, unless ell tbe oviises ready for hearing b - sooner h^ard They may, however, he continued as muitJ longer as iha rourt shall deem urceseary Additiouhl t>rma may also be held by order of the oourt. Sro 14. The eooeurreroe of five judges shall be ne es^nry, to prononaee a j'idgissnt. if five do not concur, tee appeal shall be rti*e&rd. TITTK III. or the term*!* court ciaci it coutTi,a?? cou&ts or ovka and TsaMii*ca. (l*o 15 All statutes now io torce. prorldirg for tbe designation of the tiinee and pUoes of holding the gent* ral and rpeelal terms of tbe supreme oouri, sad the oii? - ? A I . 9 CU' UPQr 1 ?"a CUUTtB Ul UJ?K BUM .n uiiun, ?uu 1 jnd<?? who shall hold the sumo, are repealed, from anil I'trr th? flrat day of July n?xt; and the order of the supreme court, adopted Ju y 14, 1847, prescribing th? um?a and siaoes of holding the gtn*ral and.speolat tarns of tba court, and tha circuit court* and courts of ov*r and term<ner, during tbe residue of tha yt*r 1817, aod for tba yam Itw# ?nd 1849, aod assigning tha business and duties thereofto the several JuJgrsot th" court, are. irom aod aft-r tha first day of Juiy next, abrogated; aod the ptoriiions of this title are substituted In place tbereef 3. o 18 Six gsoeral terms of tha ?uorerne eourt shall be held annually **oh judicial district, and be oonlloued at Iraat Oftaen days, unlets sooner adjourned for want af business They may, howeva., be Oontinusd as mneh Inngnr as tba court shall dram necessary. Skc 17 Th* concurrence of a majority of the jtidgee holding n getersl term, shall be necessary to pronounce ajad<aiei>i. It a majority do not ooncur, tha case shall j br rehe*rd. Seo 10. Tbe number of tprelal terms, circuit oourts and courts ot over and terminer, annually, in the several counties, shall be as follows : ? JC'-vtn - l.i tbe oity and county of New York. *? -In th* counties of Albany, trie, Kings, Monroe and Oaeida l'.tr?lu the counties of Jefferson, Onondaga, Rens elarraodSt Lawrencs. F.inr - in the counties of Allegany, Cayuga, ChtuHuqua.Chmanito.Columbia, Delaware, Dn chess, Herki ner, Madison, Majara, Ontario. Orange, Oswego, Otseg>, Sarotrj,, Steuben. Suffolk, Tompkins, Ulster, Wa-h lngton, Wnjne and Weetcbester. rhrte?In the counties of Brooms, Cattaraugus, Chsmunc. Clinton, Cortland, Essex, Franklin, Pulton with Hamilton, 0-nt>s?>?, Greene. Lewis. Livingston. Montgtnery. O Lane. fotnaa. Qui-ens, Richmond, Ilicklaud. Mchen?ciady. Sonoharie, h?naoa, 8 a 111 van, Tioga. Warren, Wyoinirg aad Yates 8j*. ID. Spt-oml term*, clrouit courts, and oourts of OT'r and t rminer, stiaii be held at tbe same pianos, and ootnuiepoed on tbe snmo day. Sao 2) Tbe speolal lerin shtll continue until tbe n-Jourmnent of the circuit court; ami tbe judge at; no tlDU? it longer, or aujouru it to any other time or plnn?, ?ithtn t he oonuty. tea. 21 l'he circuit court shell continue at l?Mt twelTn ije. 011'-s Miinut B'ljiurn-a lor want of business. It in y horever. be cootiuued as maoh longer u ibe omirt sh*ll d-em neo^ssary. aa I m c iurt of oyer and terminer may ocntlnn?, ?i> |no? a? tUe court ehi-ll deem neoessary 8?c 21 The enrernor sh-ll. oa or before the first day of M?) nnt. by appointment la writing, designate the timse enit pieces of holding the. general and speoiai terms, circuit courts, aud courts of oyer atid terminer. rm 11ho judges by whom they shall be held; which appelates ot eba'l take effuct en the flrtt day of July, tfc?r-after. and fhaii continue nntll the tbirty-fliet day of D-o mber. 184 ) li t "hall, in like manner, at least on" rnnntti before tho expiration of that time, appoint the tlmm aod p'ao*s (.f holding those courts, for two yrarr ootnmetialng on the first d?y of January, 1890, ant so on, tor every two sueceedlrg years. S?e. 24. The governor may alsoappolnt extraordinary general let nn, circuit courts, and onurts Of oyer and vrmioi r, whfricfi-r, in bis judgment, the pubilo good lb?ll require it $< 0 23 The pieces appointed wltblnthe several oonntire, ior b?Ulug the geneial and special terms, circuit oonrts, and ronrts oi oyer and terminer, shall be those disi/natad hv st?tn?e lor boliiing county or olrcuit I enure* If a'room lor holding the court In such place rbail uot bi ptovlled by the auperTlsors, It may be held in iDf romi prc.v d-d far that purpose, bj the saerlff, M p vict I '-a l>y sretion 91. 9 o 'J# Er rj appointment. 10 uud*. (hall bs loim*dUtrly trea-mlUnj to the decretory of ftate. who shall o?u?e it to be published In the newnp*pi>r printed at Albuoy. In whlcn ltjal notlcee are rsquired to be inserted, nt it-ant r>nce In etoh *eek, for three week*, before the bo rtlnjt oi any cum t in pursuance thereof The expanse of the publication eh?U ba paid out ?f the treasury of the state. Sec 97 The designation of jodfaa to bold tha courts, rh.ili b such. ss tfi?t not more than oae half, nor leas thxn on' 'ou'th of tlie courts to whloh saeh shall ba aa- 1 rlKV'l sball bi htld out cl the dlaulxt within whloh be v a* d otiJ, and so that, of the judges who aball bold a nenr'al term, otic, at laaet, shall sit at tha nait sncc?.iin. K-nrral ts. ra and shall deliver tha jadimeau of the juj,c?s who held the preoedlng term, la mihi thi-rx ?r? <v <1 eml held auder edtlsrniant. *i"v 'J'J. In c :>? r f t.ii-? Inability, fi r eny cause, of * j v: t * I * :hnf. pmpese, to hold a apeolal t*rm, , r oirault c nrt, tfr sit at a grnsrU term, or preaide at a court of oyer ami t?i miner. any otbsr judge may do to I I E NE' NE Seo. 39 Within <en (fays after tb? ejrplrntlnn nt every < term ?rj circuit cou't. the eletk ?h?H eertlfr to the ' OoTurnor the number of aotiou* on the calender. the i number tried or b*ard. the number dt>olde<l. tb? number remaining undtspesed of, and the duration of the term or circuit. < H'C 80 The Judge* ihall. at all reasonable time* wnen no: rognit-a in DOiaing cnnri. iriKuwi rum r>1 her business is ra ij be arue outofcrurt Oaeofth? judges elected In tbe flr?t julicial din riet. to he drsig nated from time lo time, among themselves. shell ? 'end 'or that purpose, lit the t-i'y H?ll in the olty of Naw York, on every judicial day. from tan o'clock In the forenoon uutil three o'clock In the afternoon, end longer. If the business require It; and every proceeding comireroed before one of thos* jut'g'S may be eontlnu ed U? f re nother, wi h the effect as if commenced before klm Sen. 81 The superviaora of the several orunties shall provide the courts appointed to beheld therein, wllb room*, attendants, fuel, !i?hts and atttlonery. suitable axd sufficient. Nr the trantaotion of their hueinese. I' the supervisors neglect the court may order the sheriff to do so ; and the expense incurred by him in carrylnv the erder into effect, when oertlfltd by the court, shall be a county charge. TITLE IV. OP Tut OOUWT* CJl'STS. Seo. 81. All statute* now in lorce, conferring or defining the jurisdiction < f the oounty courts, are repealed ; and tboee courts shall have no other juried ction than that provided in tha next, seo'ion. But the repeal contained in this section shall not affect any prooetd ings now pending in those courts Seo 83 The county courts shall havajarlsdietlon, in the following actions and proceedings: ? 1. The exclusive poaer to review a judgment rendered in a civil aoticn wltbia their respective counties, b? a court of a justice of the peace, or by ?be justice*' courts of the cities of Albany, Troy, and Hudson, re peotively ; 3. For the foreclosure or satiifsotlon of a mortgage, and the sale of mortgaged premises within the county; *3 | or ths partition of real property, within the county ; 4 For the admeasurement of dower in real property, within the county ; 5. For the sale of the real property of an infant, when the property ii situated, and the Infant resides, within tbe county ; 0 f\>r the oar* and oustody of the person and estate of a person of unsound mind, or an habitual drunkard, res'ding within the county ; 7 For the mortgage or sale, on tbe application of a religious corporation, of its real property within the county, and the appropriation rf the prooeeds thereof; 8 In cases In whtoh jurisdiction was veared by the Revised Statutes, in the late courts of common pleas under the provisions relating to attachments sgaloat abeoondlng, cooo??led,or son resident debtors to voluntary assignments, made pursuant to the application ot an insolvent and bis creditors, and to voluntary assignments by persons Imprisoned on execution in civil canes; 9 In proceeding] for the remission of fines sad f <r feited recognisances. 8?o. 34 A general term of each eonnty oourt, for the flosl hearing of actions or proceeding* pending therein, shall be held nt tbe plaoes In tbe counties respective y designated by statute for holding oounty or circuit courts, on tbe first Tuesday of January^ March, May July. September and November. >u each ye.r, and may oontioue as lon< as the court deem n?ceseary. The oourt Khali hn deemed alwava ooen. for the transaction of any other business 8*0 S3. An Is*a* of fact ia a county court, shall b? tried by the court, unless, on motion of either | arty, ll shall order a jot y trial. 8eo 30 If a jury trial be ordered, the court ihtll direct the sheriff to summon eluhteen residents of tbe couatv. competent as juror*, to appear before the court, at a time and place to b* speolled Sec 97 A jury shall be 4r?*n from the p?rson* so snminoned, or if there be a drffrot of jurors, it (h til be supplied as in other cases. Tbe practice appertaining to jury trials, and to the verdict of the jury, and the proceedings thereon. as in this act provided, snail in all respee'e apply to snch trial. fee 38 No jury shall hereafter be snmmonned for a coauty court, except as provided in the last section, nor shall a grand or petit jury be summoned for a court Of general senesous of the peace, (except in the oi'y and oounty of N?w York.) uol-ss so directed by thn carU of eupervitors of the county. TITLK V. or the irrcniOR court and court or common pleas. in THE CITT or NEW YORK, AND THE MATORi' AKD RtCOR Dills' COURT I IN OTHKH CITIES. Sea 39 Tnejurisdiction of the superior nonrt of the tty of New York, of the onijrt of common pleas for tbe city and county cf New York, of the majors' courts o' the titles of Albany. Hudson. Troy and Rochester, and of the recorders' oours of the oitivs of Buffalo mud Utiea. shall extend to the following aotloos : 1 To tha aoiions enumerated lu section 103. when th< cause of action shall have arisen, or tbe subject of tbe action shall be situated, within those cities respiatively ; a To all other aet one, where all the defendants shall reside or be personally served with the summons, within those el tie#, respectively : 3. To actions against corporations, created under the laws of this State, and transacting their general business. or keeping an office for the transaction of business, within those cities, respectively, or established by la* therein. Bee 40 The superior court of tbe city of New York hall also have power to review tbe judgments of th? marine comtof tha city ol New Yoik, and of tne aari?t ant justices' courts in ttiat clry 8?o 41 The superior conrt of th" city of New York. aa<l the onart of common pleas, for the city and oountj of New York, shall, within twenty days, appoint genera! and special terms or those oourts re*peotiv?-ly, atd pre scHba the duration th?r*of; ?nd they mar, fron tiaeto time respect!rr|y, alter such aproiotmente H'O. 4i. A general term shall be held by at least two of the judges or those oourts respectively, and a special term by a single judge. Seo.4S Judgments upon appeal shall be given at thi general term ; all oth?i*. at the <p?ci?l term See 44 The concurrence of two jadges shall be ntees sary to pro.tonnce a Judgment at the eant-ral term. !i two do not oonour, the nppe?l shall be rehtaid. TITLf VI or tmk cotraTS or justices or thi hack 8'o 46 The provwlois contai ied in <.eouoa< 'J S and 4,cfthe article of the Revised SUtutts, wMM " Of the juri?diotton of just'oes' courts," aa amended by section* I and 2. of the aot cnoernlog ja?ttoes' oourts, passed viayli 1MU. and the provUiOMS contai ?d in section." 39 to 60, of the same article, hot InoluMve. are repealed. 1 Hnd the provisions of this title substituted in pUs* thereof. But this repeal (hall not affrot any aoilor. heretofore commenced in a ocurt or a justloeotthe peaoe. Sso 49 Justices of the peace saa'.l haveolvll jurisdlo tlon in the folio viog a tl->ns. and no other : ? 1. An actiou ariniu; on coutraot for the recovery of money oolv, if the turn oialmrd do not exceed cue bun dred dollars; 3 An aotion f >r dsmag'S for an Injury to the person or to real or personal propertv, if the damng's clalmtd do not exeeed one hnnired dollars; S An action for a penalty, not exceeding one hundred dollars, g'ven by statute; 4 An acti >n cmaiencd by attachment of property aa now provided by slatute; If the debt or damages claim ed do not exoaed or.e hundred dollars ; A An action upon a bond, conditioned for tha payment of money, not exoeeding on* hundred dollais, though the panally exceed thai sum; the judgment to b? given tor tne sum aetutliy uue. wntre me ureto be made by Instalments, an notion maybe brought for each instalment, m It sball become due; 0. An action upon a sur<ty bond taken by thrm though the penalty or amount claimed exceed one hundred dr liars See 47 But no justloe of the peaoe ihall haro cognl canoe of an action, 1 In which the people ef this state ere a party, ex csptlog for penalties not exceeding fifty dollars; 3 Nor where the title to real property Khali ?om? In provided by s-cUous 43 to 6J hot a Inclusive 3. Nor of an action tor an assault, battery, f If 1mpriRonmeut, libel slandir, malicious prosnoution, crlmlual conversation, or sedaotlon; 4 Narol a matter of aooount, wh?re the mm total cf the accounts cf bo'h parti'a. profe l to the sails'actlon of the justice, shall exoeed four hundred dollnrs; 3. Nor of an aeUon ngalast an executor or administrator, as suoh. Seo. W. In eysry action brought In a court efa jnstlo" ot the peace, where the title to real property chall cm* lo question, the defendant may, either with or without oth-r matter of dtfpnoe. art forth in bis aaawvr. nny mat ter showing that snob title will octet* In question 8uoL answer shall b? in writing, signed by the defendant or his attorney, and delivered to the justice Thejustioe hall thereupon countersign the save, and deliver it U' the plaintiff Sen. 40. At the time of answering, the defendant shall deliver to tb? justice a written undertaking, exsonted by at leaat ?ne sufficient sur.ty, an I approved by the justloe, to tlie effeot that If the plaintiff shall, witnlo thirty days thereafter, deposit with the justice a summons and complaint In an aotlon In the supreme court, for the same canee, the defendant will, within ten days after such drposlt, give an af1ml>M<in, In writing, of tn?s*r ?ice merenr. inm tn? a?Teno*r.i wns arresi?a ta tne nation before tbe Justice, th? undertaking rh?ll further provide, that be will, at til tlmrs. render himself ?in?THMe to tbe process ofthe oourt, duiia? the pendency of the action, and to gnab as m*y be ma?1 to ?niorc? the judgment therein |n case of failure to comply with tbe undertaking, the be liable, not exceeding one burdred dollars. Hoc 60. Upon tbe delivery of the undertaking to the justice, the action before hltn ahall b discontinued. and each pari J shall pay hie own ooste. Tbe uoafa bo paid by either party ahall be allowed ?o him, If he recover ow>ta In the action to be brought for th? same cause Id the the supreme oonrt. If no aueh aotlon be brought with in thirty day* alter the delivery of the undertaking, the defendant'* ooats before the juatto* may be recovered ot tbe plaintiff 8eo *1. If the nndar'aking be not delivered to tha jnitloe, ha ahall hare Jutlsdlction of tha cauae, and thai! proceed therein ; and the defendant ahall be preoluded, In his defence, liom drawing the title In question 8eo A3 If. however, It appear, on the trial, from the plaintiff's own showing, that the title t.> real property Is in question, and suoh title shall be disputed by tna defendant, the juatice shall dismiss the aotlon, and the plaintiff shall pay the coats. Heo 63 When a snit before a justice shall he discontinued, by the delivery of an answer, and undertaking, I as provided in section] 48, 4!) an I *0, t! e plaintiff m >y proaeoute aa action for the same cause. In tbe supreme court, and shall complain for tha suae cause of aotlon i W YO W YORK, THURSDAY IV jdIjt, oa which he it'ied before the jostioe ; and the i rrgwerof tbe defendant fhull be the same which he I mstlfl before the juftlre Nee. 64 |f the judgment In th? iupr?me court be for 'he pUiutlfT. h* recover oopta If it be tor the defendant, bn pbn'l reoorer ccate ; except that upon rer dior. be Pliiill p?y cep?? to the plaintiff unite the julire certify that the title to real property eara? Id question "n th- trial 8?o S"> If, In uri action before a Jua'lee. Ihe plaintiff ha?? several e?u??? of act Jon. to ooh of wtiloh 'h? d*? fennt* of title to real prnp*r'y ?h*ll be loterponed a?d tP to fucti canae the defendant shall anawer and deliver in undertHkiehp provided In eeoilma 48and 49. the justice eh?|i dipenoMrun the proewedlrj? ap to that naupe. and the pUintltf m?y nomm?-noe another aotion in the papr?-ir>e oourt therefor. A? to the other causae of ?c'lon. th" Jus lie kit continue his prooeedlnnB; Seo 6rt A Juat'ae of the p.-ane on th? demand of e jartv in <rh"s? f?vo r he ehall have rendered a In In men t ba'l give a tr-.n*fiript thereof, which may he filed and dock?t*-d in the office or the clerk of th? canty wh^re 'be jud^m^nt w?s rendered Th-time of the receipt of the transorlot by the clerk shall b? noted ther?on and cured in the douket; *r><4 from that time, the jud* ment *h*ll have the Mine eff'Ot as a lien, and be enforced In 'he time manner ?s a ju4irm?nt of m county court. A certified transcript of suob judgment may b? filed and dooketed in the clerk's efflee of ary other county, and 1th the like eff ot, In every resr>?ot, aa in 'he county wh?re the judgment was rendered; except that It ah ill b? a lit-n only from the liine vf filing and docketing thetfansc-ipt. See 67 The provisions of this act. rrspeetlnj forms of action and pleading, abatl apply to t*ie courts of jtistises of the peace; except that the pleadings nay b<* oral. TITLW VII. or justices' and orwea mrs.aioa cockts ii? citiis. CHAFThR l th* MtRirre corht of thk citt cr mw YORK Sec 49 Th? marine court of th? city of N?w York shall have jarisdiotlon in the following oases, and no other: 1 In actions siitfiar to those in which courts of justices of the pe?ee have jurisdiction, as provided by stations 46 and 47. 3. in < n action upon the charter or a by-law of the corporation of the oity of N w Yi-rk, where the penalty or forfeiture shall exceed twenty-five dollars,and not exe? 1 one hundred dollars. 3 In an action between a person belonging to a vessel in the merchant servlee, and the owoer, master or commander thereof demanding compensation for the performance, c r damvges for the violation, of a contract for services on board such vessel, du'lng a voyage performed. in whole or in part, or int*ndcd to be performed, by such ve?s?l, though the sum demanded exceed one hundred dollars 4 In an action by or against any person belonging to or on board ot a vessel in tbe merchant strvlos. for an assault and battery or falsi imprisonment committed on board such vessel, upon the high seas,or In a plan* with out the United States, of which the ordinary courts of law ol tbij State h?v* jurisdiction though the damng's demanded exceed one nundred dollars. But nothing in thisorthn last preceding subdivision of this section, "hull give tbs court power to proofed in any of the cases th?r i j referred to, as a oourt of admiralty or maritime jurisdiction. i'uiptpu it. THE JSII5TANT JUSTICES* COURTS, lit THE CITV CT NEW yell* K Seo 49. The assistant Justices' onurt* in the city of New York, phallhav* jurisdiction in the following onti and do otb*i: 1. Ia aotioos simitar to those In which justices of the peace have Jurisdiction. as provided by sectiors 46 and 47; such jurisdiction, however, to be limited to oases where the sum due or claimed, or the judgment confessed. eball not exceed fifty dollara 'J In an eetioirupon the charter or a by-law of the corDoratlon of the city of New York, where the penalty or forfeiture shall not exceed fifty dollars CHAP Mi R nr. THE MUNICIPAL COURT Or THU CITY f F HHOOK1.TN. AND THK JUSTICKl' COURT OF THK CITIES OF ALBANY TROT AND HUDSON. Seo flo Tt>e municipal court of the nlty of Brock'yn and the justics' oourts of the cities of Albauy, Troy ?nd Hud.'oa, respectively. shall bare jurisdiction in the 1 followicg cafes, and no other. 1 In actions similar toihnsaln wbioh courts of jus tiors of the p??os have Jurisdiction, as provided by sso tiops 40 and 47 J In an action upon the charter or by-laws of th* cor- j poratinns of ?be?r oiMes reer>?ctiv?ly, wh?re the pensltj or forfeiture shall not exoeed one hundred dollars. CHAPTER IV. SfO. 01. Hi provisions of eectlons 49 to 87. both inohm tp. relating to form* of acton and pleading to fill op and docketing transcript* of judgments, to tb?lr effect aud the mode of enforcing tb?m, and to proceeding wbera title to r?al property shall oome In <ju?ation, shall apply to tba courts embraoad la tbi*tltl?; <xcept tbst i after th? disoontinurnre of tba action In tba iof-rlor court, upon an answer of title, the near action may be brought el'her In >be supreme court, or la soy other oourt, baring jurisdiction thereof p A~irf~i I. CF CIVIL ACTIO.IS. TITLE 1. or the ro?M or ctru. actio**. See 81 The distinction b<tw.>ei aotlang at 1 \?r and suits in equity, and the forms of all snob actions and suits, heretofore existing are abo'ishid; and. there sha'l be in this State, heresf'er. but one form of aoiion. for th* enforcement, or protection of prlrata rights and the redress of pr' wrongs, wbiob snail bs deaomlaated a cinl aotlon. 8-c 63 In su"b action, tba party complaining shall be known as the plnlnttlT, and tba adrerte party as tbe defendant. 8so 64 Ajulgwent recovered in any oonrt of this 8tate shall not be subject of an action between the stms parties tn tbe cou*ts of thin State; but the remedy for its enforcement shall ba limited to prooaedlnga In the action in which it was recovered, or supplementary thereto, as h?<-plri?fter pro.I:i?<l. 8-0. (V Feigned l?su?s are abolished; ard instead therei I. in to* ca?-s where tbe power now ?*l<ts to order a feigned Issn >. or w:?en a qositioo of fact. not p it In Isaae by tbe pl^ad'ags. it to t>e tri*d by a jury, an order for the trial iuav be made, atatlng. dUtiaatly and plainly, the q'l istlon of f<ct t~> be tried, and such ordtr shall be tbe unly authority n?o?s?ary for the trial. TITLE II or 1HI T MB or COMMKICl.tO CtrtL ACTIONS. CHAPTRK I. THf TIMS or C">M?IK!?CI*0 ACTIO"* IN OKXKSAI,. 8>o 63 Tbn provisions con'a'nnd la tbe t*cinl. third, fourth, fltth, atri sixth article of t'<o eh?p>r of the revised statute \ entitled of actions and the times . ?<f commencing tb*m " ate vp-sled. and the provisions of this title era snbatl'U'e4 In 'heir stead. This title shall not extend to actions already commenced, or to ?ases where the right of action has already accrned ; but the statutes noai in force shall be applicable to snch oa-es. according to the subjcot of tbe acttoo, and wltb out regard to th? form 8?o. 67. Tbe civil actions embraced within sectloo 66 can only bs comm<nced within the psrlodi preserib rd lo this title, afcer tbe can'eof ac'lon shall hare sc crurd. exc?pt where in sprold eases, a different limitation I* prescribed by statute CHAPTER II THE TIME OF COMMENCING ACTIONS FOR THE RECOVERY OF REAL raoPF.HTT. Sec <58 The provl*loo* of the Revised Statute*. contained la the article entitled ' Of the time of eomraenolog action* relatlog to real property," ehall, until otberwlw provided by *'atn>e, continue lo firoe, and be nppHcaMe to action* for the recovery of real property. CHAWTRR III. THE TIME or COMMENCING ACTIONS, OTHER THAI* FOB 8ei 69 Tne period* presorlOed In section 87, for th* ?omuieno?ment of notion* other than for the recovery ot real property. (bail be ae follows : Beo 70 Within twenty yesrl. t An n'.tr.D upon judiimnnt or deore* of any conrt of the United State*, cr ofaoy State or territory with ti the I'nlted .State* 2 An vjt'ou upon a Railed instrnaisnt for the payra?nt of money S o 71. Within *'x year* : I. An action upon a contract, ob'lgation or Nihility j ipre's or Imrlled; exoeptlng a sealed lnairoment f.r the p'ym?nt of money 3. An action npon a liability created by *t*tnte, other than a p-nalty or forfeiture. 3 An aollou for tre*p**e np >n real property. 4 An action for taking, detaining or Injuring any good* or chattel", Including action* for the epeciflo re cover* of personal property ft. An aotlon for orlmtcal conversation, or for my otner Irjury to the person or right* of another, not here Inafter enumerated fl An action for relief, on the ground of frand; the cause ot aotion in each case not to b? deemed to have aeorued. nntil the discovery by the aggrieved party, ol the f?o'? constituting the fraud. Sec 7 J Within thre* year* : 1 An aotlon a;?lo*t a sherilT or coroner, upmi a llv billty inourred by the doing of no ant In his official capasltv,and in virtue < f hi* office, or by the nml'sion of an official daty; including tiie non payment of money collected upon do execution. Hot this section shall not apply to an action for an ercap* 9 An aotinn upon a Rt irute, for a penalty or forfeiture, where t.he notion i* given to the party agtri?v?d,or to euoh party and the psopla of thi* state, except where lhi)?t?*'ite impoilog it prescribe* a d flTerent limitation. S?o 7.1. Within two year* ; 1 An actlou for libel, alander, **?anlt, battery, or U1m lmnrlaoiiment. 'J Aii aotioa iipoa a sutute, for forfeiture or penalty to the people of this State. Sto 74 Within out" year 1. An aotion anaintt a eharlff or other offljar. for the ??oip? o! a prisoner arrested or imprisoned on olril proof* 8*0. 73 In sa motion brought to recover a balance due upon ? mutual, op?n and cnrrtnt account. where there ha?o bean reoiprootl demands between the parties, the nee of action shall be ileam?d to have accrued from the time of the last Ilea iu the account, on the adverse aid*. He* 78 An action upon a statute fit a penalty or forMtare. given in whole or in pari to any person who will prosecute for the iunt, mo?t be commenced within one Tear after the nonmtaalnn of the off-rce; and if fieai 1 i Ion be not commenced wllhia the year, by a pri?atap*r- , ty, ll may be oomioenced within iwo years thereafter, in behalf of the paople of this 8tala,by the attorney gaoa- j ... , ?. RK B IORNING, MARCH 2, 18 m1, or the district attorney of the county where the of- < feroe waa romuilttf <1 ( See.77. An action for n llrf. not hereinbefore provld>J i for, nuit be commfnred within ten year* alter the cause of action shHl have acoru-J. i 8-0 78 The limttattnaa prercrlVd In thl* title ehall apply to aotl^a brouuht In the unrae of tbe people of th<e State or lor their benefit, la the same,nunc*? aa to actions b7 private parties C H * PTJCII IV. OCMKIllL mOTIJIONI Al TO THE TIME OF C0MME5CIf*fl ACTIOS! S?o *0 An act'on ahull not be deemed commenced, within tne nieifiloir of thla r It In. -lneaait appear : 1. That the summon* 'herein wn duly letved upon ih? defendant*. or ohm of ihem; or 'J That the etimmcn* wan d-lir*r#d. with tbe Intent it iboul.l be an nally ??r?*d, to tb* *h*rifT of the eonnty In *hieh the defendant*, or on* of them usually or l??t reMded; or if a oorporaiion he defendant, to tb* berff of the county 'n which *uoh onrpor?t'on w** *? Ubitched bv law. or wh re it* ventral bu?toe*< wan traoctoteii, it where it kept to iffloe fur the trnn?ao.tlon of bu?iD'?? Seo 40 If. when th? oiu?e of action *h*U a<nrue?g?lo?t a per" !) ?e be out of the State, the action may he comin-n.od within tbe term herein limited, alter hi? retu n to tb' State; and If, >f>er the name of action Khali have accrued. h? deoart from an 1 reel ie oat of th-< State, th time of ht* otnerce rh >11 not be part of the time limited 'or the Bomm -ncement of the action Seo 81 If * pergin ntitl-.d to brinor an ?otlon ?X3?pt for a pt nally or torfei ure. a^ain?t a sheriff or other ofllowr for au eecape, beet the time the o&uae of action accrued Ither; 1 Within the ftfce of twenty one year'; or 3 losine; or 8 Impr noced on a riirotnel charge, or In execution uoder the ?-ntecoe of a criminal court, for a term 1cm than hie natural H>; or 4. A married rora??: The time of auoh disability thall not be part of the time limited for the oimmenotmcnt of the ai ion sec. 04 ii a person eniuieu "> nrmg an anuoa uie nsfore the expiration of the time limited (or the commeaoament thficof. and tbe cause ofaotloa survive, Me representatives in iy commence th? aotioa after the expiration of th?t time, and within one year from his aeath S'O 83 When a person rh-.ll ba an alien saVjsctor eltixen of a oountry at war with the United States, th? time of tbe continuance of the war ahull not be part of the period limited for the commencement of the action Seo 84. If an action shall be commenced within the time prescrib?d therefor, aad a judgment therein for the plaintiff be ravened, on appeal, the plaintiff, or if he die. and the oanse of aotion survive, his iieire or representative*, may commence a new notion within one year alter the reversal. 6eo. 6.1 When the ORmmeneement of an action shall he staved by Injunction, the of thn continuance of the ir junctionshall not be part of the time limited for ihi omn-neniemunt of the action 8rc 68 No p-rson shall avail himself of a disability, trolfit.1 it existed when his right of aot.ioa accrued. Sec 87 When tw.i or more disabilities shall exist, the limitation shall not attaoh until (bey all be lemnved Sua 88 This title shall not affeat notions to enforoe thn pr.t ment of bills, notes or other evidences of debt ig?ueu by monied corporations, or Issued or put in circulation as m"n*y 8?c 8'J This tlUe shtll not affeat aotlons against directors or stockholders of a monied corporation, to recover a penaty or forfeiture imposed, or to enforces liablii'y oreated, by the asoondtiile of the chsp'er of the Revised Statues, entitt-d "Of incorporations;" bat uoh notions must be brongbt within six years after tbe diaoovery, by the aggieved p?rty, of the facts upoo which tbe penalty or forfeitmo attaoned, or the liability was or- atert Seo 90 Where the time for commencing an aotion arising on contract shall have expired, tbe cause of aotion ahall not be deemed revive ! ?y an acknowledgment or new promise, unless the same be in writing, sub acrlbcd by the party to be charged thereby. TITLB HI. OK TUB FAKTIH.S TO CIVIL ACTIO!"*. Seo 91. Every ao'.lon must be prosecuted in the name of tbe real party in interest, exoopt as otherwise provided in section 93 Sec 94 la the case of an assigom-nt of a thing in action, tbe action by the assiga?e shall b? without prejudice to any defence exiting at tbe time of tbe astijn ment; but this section shall not apply to a promissory note or hill of exchange S'O 63 An ?x?cutor or administrator, a trustee of an express trust, or a person expressly authorised by statute, mey tue without joining with him the persons for wh?se benefit tbe suit is prosecuted rieo 94 Wbnn a ra?rri<*d woman is a party, her husband most be joined with her, except that, 1. Wnen tbe action ooncerna her separate property. ?b? m?y rue alone 9. When the actian I* between her??!f and hor hnt' b ?ud. she may sun or be sued alone ?,8ro Ho. When an infant i* a party,he nnst appear by guardian, who may be appointed by tbe court iu which tbe action Is proi uted or by Judge then of Seo. 0<V The guardian shall b < appointed as follows : 1. Wben the infant Is plaiuutf, upon tue petition of tbe iofant, if be be of tbe age of fourteen years, or if under that a?e, upon the petition of soma other pirty'to hn suit, cr of a letltlW or friend of the infaat: 3 When the infant is d?f ndant. upon th* petition of I the infuut, if hi be of th<* ?g? of fourteen years, and apply within twonty days i?f'?r the service of the suuimoi.s if be b- under the tt^nc f fourteen, cr neglect so to a poly, then, upon the if auy o h er party to the action, or ot a rnlativa or friend of the Infant. Seo. 97. All p?rrons hav ng an Interest In the snlj?ct if the action ar 1 lu obtaining thn relief demanded, tnay b- j >ined aa pUlntiOs, except m otherwise provided io tfci< tit 1*$ S*c 9 4. Any person maybe made a party defendant, who ba< aa interest in tbe oontroversy, adverse to the plaintiff Seo 99 Of the parties to the action, thnse who are united in interest, mutt be joined * plaintiffs or def*n ilaots ; bnt if the consent <-r any ooe, who ehould Dave been joined a* plaintiff. oannit be obtained, be ra*y be mad? a defendant, tbe reaa >n thereof being atated in the complaint S o 100 Peraon* ter<railv liable upon the same oMiqatlon or iQ?trum>-nt. including the parties to bill* of ?* chacga anil pruoii'aory notes, may. all or any of them be iue'uded la the aame aotion, at tba option of tba plaintiff oeo. 101 No acliou shall abate by the death, marritg* r oiher diasbility of a party,or by the transfer of ao> mteraat therein, if tbe oana* of action survive or continue. In oaae ot death, marriage, or other disability ot h party, the court, on motion, at any <itne within ooe year (hereafter, may allow tbe action to be continued by or apaiost his repre?enfktlr? or auccesaor lu internet. Id case of any otber transfer of Interest, the aolion shall t? continued in the ntvme of tbe original partv ; or t >r oours may allow tbe person to whoa the trantfijr ia wa le to be aubsti-uted ia the action See lui When a oaiap'e e determinates of tbe controver#y cannot be bad without tbe preaence of etbtr parties the oourt nay order tbarn to b? brought in, by an amendment cf the cnmplaict, or by a supplemental complaint, and a new summons. title" iv. pf the rucr or t*i*l or citil actio*#. Sec 103 A'tlons fir tbe following causes rau*t be tried In the onun-y where the cause thereof arose, cr in which tbe auhjsct of the action, or aome part thereof, ia situated, aubject to the powir of the court to obange the place of trial, in the casta provided by atatute 1 Kor the recovery of real property, or of an eitate or intersat therein, or for the determination, in any form, of sn:h right or internet, and for iijjurita to real property 3 For the partition of renl property. S Kor the foreclosure ofa mortgag* of r*il property. 4 Kor th-' reoorery of peraoual property, diatralued for any canae. u. For injuries to the person or personal property. 8. Kor the reoiV' ry or a penalty or forfeiture Imposed br a'atnte; eicept, thu whea it is Imposed fir ro orfence committed on a lake, river, or other stream of i*at?r, situated in two or more oonntiea, the action may b? brought in any county bordering on sunb lake. river ora'reaoi and opp site to tbe pUce where the off. not was committed * 7 Ag-lnut a puhlic ofll isr or porson ipeoially appointed to *tenut? hia du'.lm, for an ant dr>D? by him iu vir tue of hia rfllra or against a person, who. by his com 1 mand or la Me aid, shall do anything loushiog tie tlu- j tie* of HMu offl.-or S?n 104. In ell other o?*ee, the ee'len ah?ll be tiled j i'i the rotinty in which tht< parties, or any of them, shall j reside at the of the aotlcn; or If ni>ne ol the parties shall rende In tba State, the same may be I in a in aoj county wiileu tiie piamutT sn-u aergnate in bis eom|.|<|ot; toirrrir, t'i the pow?r or the coort to change tbe place <ftr1?l. la the cm** provided by (tatut>*. 8?n 10ft If the nonnty designated f >r that purpose in the complaint, be not the proper o junty, th? notion m?y, totwlthstanding, be tried therein, unless the defendant shall, Hetorn ? !> time for answering exrlra, deMind in writing that the trltl be hid in the proper eountjr. TITLE V. or TH* Ml*MH or Cl)4M>:nCI1'l CltlL ACTIONS S-c lutt Ctrii actio** In lb* courts of r -oord of this Stale, shall be commenced Oy i be t 'ttit* of a summons S,n K>7. The summons sh*11 be subscribed by the pltlutiff or his attorney, and directed to tha d-feiidaot and Ah-.ll rxjure hwn to answer the complaiot, >jd if rre a c >py of his actsrsr on the person whose name l( subseribsd to th* su amom. at a place within the -.tate, to be tui>r?ln specJfled within i veuty dlys after th< sarvlos of tbe summons, exolusive of'he day of servloi. tino. 108. The plaintiff shall also lrserl In the summons a no tine. In suhetaura as follows. ? 1. Inanaotton arising on oootrait, for the recovery of monej only, that be will take Judgment for a sum speolfle 1 therein, if the defendant Ull to auiwer the complaint. J lo oth-r aoiloas, that if the d f n.iant f?li to answer the complaint, tb? plaintiff will apply to the conrt. i at speciled rimear.1 place, (ti er tut expiration of the j time for answering) for the relief demanded In the com- I plaint Heo H9 A copy of the eomplalnt shall be served with 1 tbe suni'Dons, exo?pt that In tbe osse of a d*tend*nt 1 against whom no personal nlaim Is made, In in action ! f,.r (he partitlan of real properly, or for the f.veolosnra of a mortgage, the plaintiff may. instead < f a o?py of the . complaint, deliver to snnh d-tenrtaot. with the suuimoos, a t.Ot e? Auhsorilie j by the plaintiff, or his attorney, set* ting faith the gtea?tal orjeot or the ao'lon a b t-t de. fcilption of tfc property sffeoted by It. and that do j personal el aim ii made against snob defendant: Is whiob J ? , ' I " 11 [ERA. 48. ttiu> no oopf of the oompltlat n>el b? *#r?ad on ?ueh j lefrndant, unlaw, witbin the time for answering, he t ?h?!l, in writing, demnml the aam* V H#o 110 If* d?N*nd-nt on whom aach notice U t erred unreaann?bly def?nd the motion, he *h*ll pa; t coata m tn# plaintiff < S o lit In an aotlon afTantlntr the title *o real proi>er'T the pUI.iti(I Ht any tim? a(t?r the oommenoement j th?r<*i.f. Uiiiy hie with tl.e cl>-rX of tha county |i which i the properly ia altn?t<d. a notice of the p?ndjl?of of the ( Hfiti n containing the namea of tha oariie*, the ohj-ot of th* notion, anrl ? (Inscription of tbi propn*ty affaofa'l 1 thereby; and if the notion be for the fore<ilo?uraof a I mortgage, the date of the n)or'gi?e ' h * pirtlea ther to, nd tbe time and pUce of recording the nm? iaaueh ca*e only rhall tbe p-ndency of tbe a-itlon he noMtruo tlT? qo'Ioo to a purchas'r or innumbranoar if the propel ty alTea'ed tbrrrby 8-0 Hi The "U amin? cn*y ho served b? the aherlff of the county whvre ibe d? fondant may bo found, or by any other p-r on, not a party to the aetlon The eervie* dball im? made, and tbe sunimen* returned. with proof of th? ??rvlee, to- the person artao?e uam? * sub ' nribrd thereto. with all reasonable rtlHn-tio? Ta? per- j ronsub cr'bliig the *0011110011 may, tt hie option, by an noorsi w?"t on the uujmons. fix a time for th? a r?ii? | thereof, and the a?rvin? shell tnea b? made aooordi-igiy S-o 114 fne eumaiooa ab*U be aerved by itvltyrriog a t copy thereof. as tailows : i. If the adit be enalnst a corporation, to the prasl- | drnt or other betd of the corporation, Mcretary, oMhier. or menacing "Kent thereof: 'J If against a minor under the *g? of fo<irl?*n yearn, to his f*'h?r, mi 1 her, or uuardian, or if tH<*ra be oon? ?i bn tbe !j'.a'.e th?a to any person haying tbe o.ire and oontrol of snob minor: 3 If agtlnst a p*rsnn Judicially deolared to be of unaound mind, or inc?pahln of conducting bla n?? affairs In connvqueno? of habitual druokenn*?a, and f*r #b ?m a n mmnt?e has b>>eo appointed. t? auoh ooranaittee: 4. In all other caw, to tDe d*f-nd?nt p?r?onally Heo. 1U When the p?raon o 1 whom th? set vine l( to be made, cannot after Jue dil'?ence, bo found within th* State, tbe plaintiff.upon ai atddaylt of th? feet, in ly obtain from a jidge ot the 0"U?t. or ? eouoiy Judge, aa order that the service be in?de by the publication < f tbe snuioinna iu two necsp*p?rs, which ths Judge ma* d?sign'te, us most likniy to gire notice to ttie defendant en J for suck length uf time, not less than thirty days, aa the judge shall derm reasonable. In aaaa of publication. the judge shull direct a iopy of the summons t> ?* forthwith d'poalied In the poat office, direoud to th? d?r'endant, at hia pltue of realdenos, uol?M It appear to the jadi<ethat suoh rrsldenoe ti neither known to the party making tb? application, nor can with cMonabln dill ' genoe be aaoerialand by him. Personal servio* of the summons on tbe defendant. out of the -State, ahull b? equivalent to publication, and depoaite in tbe poa ofilje. ring 114. Wbere the aotion la against aireral dnfen- ^ danta, any one ot whom ia aocually a?rv?sd with the aummoDn, the plaintiff instead of arrvioe of the arnsmons. actually or by publication, oa the others, us proTided by eectlouB 113 add 114, may prooecd as follows : 1 If lbs action be Against aeveral persona, join tly Indebted upon a ooniraot, be may proaeed a^uloau tUe defendant served. In the same uiann?r, as at preient. and with the like affect, uuloea the ooutt ahul otherwise I direct: 3. In an action agtlnst defendants aeveraHy liable, be may amend hla complaint, ofoourae, by atriking out the uame i t' tbe other defendants, and may proceed against the defendants served. 8?o. 116 Inthuotse* mentioned in the two last sentloaa, the aervice of tbe aummona ahall be dnemed o >mpiete, at the expiration of the time prescribed by the order fjr publication Sec 117 Proof of tb-? aervlofl of the aummona, and of the oomplalnt or notice, it aay, aooompanylng the dame, shall he as foil' ?? . 1 If served by the sh' riff Ma oerMSsate thereof; or 2. Ifbyary ovh t pt-r.?od. u'.s alii !avit thereof; or 3 in esse nt publicatior t h *ifld tvit of the printer, or bis foreman, or principal clerk, showing the same ; and an affidavit cf a deposit* of a copy ot the summons in the poat office, if the same shall have baen deposited ; or 4 The written admission of the defendant: In oaae of actual service, tbe eerliQoate or affidavit 6hr.ll state the time and plaoe of the servioe. TITLK VI. or the riKiDinos 1i civil actions. CHAPI'KR I. THK COMPL.AMT. Sec 118 Y!l thf? form* of pl-acliu< heretofore ez'.sttng sr? abolished; and b teafter, the f.irnn of pl*?dtni< id civil aotlone and thw rule* by whioh tho safflifenoy ot' the pl?adintfs is to be de'eruiia*il, shall be lUon waiob are prescribed by thin act. M'o i 19. Th'i tirer, plevting on the put of the plaintiff, la th? CKQiiilrlnt S;o. 1 JO Tb? complaint shall contain : 1 The title of the on use, specifying the oarn of tho . oourt in wtiich the aotion 1* brought, the name of the county in whieb the plaintiff deeires (ho icUl tab< hvl, and ti>e name* of the parlies to the action, plaintiff and drf- uiUut : 2 A statement of the ficts constituting the cvujeof notion, ia ordinary aid concise ituifuege. without reps- ' titloD, and iD eutii a maaonr as to en*b!e a *p-rson of : common undeistandlog to know what in lotendad : 3 A demand of the relief, to which the pleliilfl sao- ' | poses himself entitled. If the reoorery of mooey be I demnDded, the amount (hereof shall be stated. CHsPTKR II. THK DCMDIIII. Sic. 131. The only plea i teg on the part of the dafcndant, is either a demurrer or an m.a?r.jr It must be | : served wl'bin ttventy days after styIoo of t'ae copy oi ihe complaint. S=o I JJ Tho defendant m*y demur to the comprint, ' when it shall eppear upon the face thereof, either : 1. That the oourt has no jurisdiction of the person Of the dft'endant, or th- subject of i he action ; or 'J That the plaintiff has not legal capacity to sue; or 3 That ther? is another action pending but we.-n the : same parties, for the earn* cause ; or 4 That there ia a defect of parties, plaintiff or tie- ! fendsnf; or 6 Ti nt several causes of aotloc hare been improperly , united; or 0 That the oomplaint doea not state fact; sufficient ! to constitute a oause of action rttta I ;.l The deraur?r shall dlstlnotly specify the : grounds of ohj-otion to the<complaint Unless It d* so, it may h* disregarded H.-o U4. Altera demurrer, the plaintiff m*f amend of course. and without oiets. within twenty days Up n I the decision ot the uemurrer. the eourt m ty, if Jastioe r- quirn it. allow th* pi tiotiff to amend, or ihe d<-I?ndant to withdraw his demunrr and to answer. Sro US If the compWiat be amended a oopy thereof 1 mmt ha mrvniitii tim iIiInh inuL vKo mil?C anitrsiP it mthia tw-o'y <J?v? or tba pWlut>ff upon flilog with the ! cl?r\ kn ktH 1?*U of tha aer?io?, and of to* u fiad?nt'a oQiaslon, mny proc?"d to obtain ju Ura-ot #* prond-d by paction 3"1, but wheia >a application to the coari. for 1 jut/gmpDt is nucaunry. flgut dsjs' i.olIjo thereof melt ' On n'ren to tbe (lt-f?o lar.t. Mro I3tf Woen Kny of tha matter* enumerated in Bio tlon 131 do not appnar ut oj ttjd face of the complain!, tbe otj-ofion may bn ufc-n f>y answer 8ac I-'7 If no aueh ohjaotion ba tak*n. el'h r by damarrar or answer tha defendants!]*!! b? d?em<j to hare <?>iiv exr ptiDg ?oly the otyiouoa to tne jurisdiottno of ihe court ovrr th?*uhjas of lb- action ; 4> U tba bjaotion tbut the complaint ?o<a not 8t?:?faou suillclent to aoustltute a ciusa of action. CIIAPTBR III. THR AIBWrH H?o. lie. Tha answer of tha defendant ahull oontaln: | I )o rn>p'Ot to each atlagatlon of f h? omplaint eon I troTfrtad by tha defendant. a specific denial rbaraof, or I r,f any If nowiad^e thereof auffl lant o form a belM ; 3 A statement < f ai.y new matter ocnstituiing a defence, tn ordinary and concise laogu*it?, wltbont rapetltlon. and in inch a manner c* to enable a person of oemmon uodarstsnding to know what ia Intended. Sa? |39 Tne defendant nay gat forth in hi' answer aa many grounds of def-noe aa na shall ha?e They shill ba s.prretaly stated, and may rsfar to tba causes of action which thay a a Intend d to acawar, In any manner by which thay may ba lntalligib'y distinguished Sao iS'l If the asswarsetup new matter, which l? not rapliad to as proeidad In tha next S'Ct'on, and tba action bs triad on eoopUir.t and ansarr nlcn-. an1 j'lditmtuf. ba *l*en tbfraon for tha pl?in(l(f, tha cour."m^y paralt tha defendant to withdraw or amand tna ausaer, upon snob terms as shall be jast chaptur iv. Tin: H> PLY i i Per I3l When tha answer snail contain ne* mUter, , tha plaintiff in ty, within twanty days, rep'y tt it. d-ny tag p?rii 'Ul?riy eaea mi fc-?'ion ooniror-rtea oy iiirn or i iny liaowU'!;}* thfr?of #"fll feat to ti run a belief; Hud he ro*y alleg" la ordinary and conHae language, without repel! tan, and in sash inanaer m to e jabie .t nriKfii of ojctmon uaderetaa Jlng to kno* what |? Intended. ?ry r?w m?tt?r not Incontinent with the complaint, in avoidance of the answer. CGAPTKR V. rityrnm. bulk* nr PLKaDino. s?3 131. N i oiii?r pleading tntll Sealiowed than tbe complaint, demurrer, anewer naU reply. S^o 13.1 Kvery pleading laoes In mbecrlbed by the par'y, cr h'e attorney, nod thx flompl unt, answer and r?ply. iuu?t b* Terlded hy tb? pitiy. h i ag^ut or attorney. to the ?lT-?ot th?t he b ?'iev"? it to be trie. But the verification may b? oaiitie J, when the pfir y would be prlvi!- <-il irons te^cifylaj: ? ? wltue*a,to th* same matter And no pl?a lin{. ?erirt?d as h?r-in re'rnred l ull be m??d In inl pros*eutlon .\gala? the r>\rty, a* i proof of a fact a iml'tnd ?r alleged In sunh pi-adin? 8?o 134 N-ltlmr presumptions of law nor matters of which Jodioitl notice i? t?k?u. nerd be stated in a pleading Hco 13d. It ehsll not b? n'.imity for a party (oust forth In a pleadlag, th-? iUras of an uor.oant tb-relual- I : le^' J, where they exceed twanty in nnmber; bat kit shall ! deliver to the adverse party, within ten days, aft?r a ; d?<r?ind thereof In wririnr, a copy cf the ?co. u t r? rl i (led by hi* own oatb. or that of hit agent. or attorney. ' to tha rffdot that he believe it to b? 'rue, or be precluded from givlog e.vldeuoa theteof Sec. 13(1 la the construction rf a n'etJiot, for the purpose of <i?(eraiiuiui( Its eff<ot, lit ailene i, oe (ball be libeiallr oooetrued, wlih a vie# to substantial JuKics between th? parttea Seo 137. If irrelevant or redundant matter be in r;el 11 a pleading, it m-y be culck' n out on motion of any person aggrieved tner~by I weo 13d la pleading a judgment or rther let?im<oa- , fIon of a r.ourt, or oflliier ot ?p?olai jUTledleilsn, it ahsll i nit beneneaaary to acatethefactaoonteiring jurHJI^'ion, i bat eueb judgment or determinaiiuu may be utatod to bar* b oj duly glf'n rr SMde. If ainb ail?g*.l >M h? | i u rur?rt?d, fh< J^rty p\ -adin ? *h?ll heb>u??4(o ? : | i t :>il?h on the trial, tbafai-tft?on'*Trlng jarl?dtutl> n ' Heo l*P In pfeadlng the yarfomaaee of oonditlrsa I f n L JLI. 9*l?m fw? Ultft =^r~rr ? 1 1 ? z=s ir?c?d'tt, In ?', It sha'l not b* n?0M??i7 t t it* tic f* :t?, *ho<,lor *u a p?rfjcniano?; h it it m >? *t?t" l R?n*rally. th?t ti* ptr'v duly p*rf >ria <i i I h? ooo'l t on* on hi* part; ?'i<l If imb al ?<\tlm b 8 .nro?*rt?'l. th? p*rty pWadinz ahull b* brnud 'o in tba trUI. tb* ft'if* *ho?ln.j ?uo'? p*rfora i?o* 3*o MO In nlMniln" \ or * rl^t rt*. theffr >ro, It shall b? "udloloa' to rif*- ti *ai*i ? lt*tUt? b* it* tttlw iiO'1 thH d?y of I'd * ? 1 '.it | ??.urt ?h?l| tb?r*upoa ta*?JuH<-WI notlu* t*HMif. 1 ??o 141 In >ia a^'loa lor ItrMl or *Uil*r. it th<ll not 1 n?a*Mftry to ?ut? (m tb? oi nol?laf.. nx'rto'la V '*ct*. for ih? i>uri>-><? of ?ho fltiir ch? ?ull . i io i tl th* \ >1*1 o11rr. of th* defmn'.ory m* ,t*r mi of * lis1! th? ^ !?u?? of ao'lo i ; > it t' s'\* I m * I H ilsit fl ata'.a \ j*n?rally tha'th-* ??ra ' was pi-)'!*1!*! or <D>t?n #ii? ^ i?rni"d t^* plftlnHff; ad I If ?'llh ?? be V rert?d th" pfalat'ff ?hft<l b< b'tual toestablish 01 ?hs .rial, thar it was ?o published or ?a->*en 8?o 14) lo the notions mtn'iiiw ' la th> In* Motion, hed?f?ada?* may io his anssrer atl'^i b>th 'be truth >f the matter. oha"x*d as d?f*TJ I'nry ?n l o; a n? olroums annes ?uflM >n". (a i?w to -*dunsths * muit f >U(nw* ; *01 wheth?r b* proyich* j i?tl1 or >ot h? may K'*' 'n arldsnce ths midit'.tnc olraaatniiiM S ? 143 The plaintiff m ?t nalte several W'H of to Ion In th* eani* oompUi >t. wh?re tiey all ar.s? out Of, 1 Contract e*nr??* or Imnllel ; or, J [ j iriet by foro? t > p?rs >a or pripert* ; or, 3 I juri?s witn,,u(. f if*- r.a pxrion or property ; OT, 4 lnjii'l?s t . ohirnot'r; or 8 Claims to r-o <?-r with or witiouS J*m?8?*tnr the withholding thereof; or, 8 Ci?lme to rreor*rpereon?l p'oo*rty. with Or without d?ra? i'? firth* w thho dlo^ thereof; or. 7 Clslme n/?.>n*t ft trustee by vlrtae of a contract or by operation of law But th? cause* of aetlon. no tmlt?d, m>nt all beloni to on* only of tb?*e ol mw, ?ud must ?q i illy aff o". all th* parties to the action, and uot r?qulr? different p' ises of trial 8eo 144 K.rery material a'lejation of th# oimplaint, not,up rlflaaliy oontro?ert"d by the answer. ai pretcrlhaa in seaMon 144; and e*?ry m?t?rUl al!-<?ation o| new m?tt?r In the >n?*?r nor, ?p?oiSi!ally controverted by t reply, m preantibed iu eeotiou 131 ebtll for th ^ parpases of the ii.lrni, bo taken a? '.ru < Bat the allegation of n?'? m\tter in a reply, shall not ia aoy resoeot on o'uda thed-fwnd?at. who iniy on tin trial avail htmielf of any ralld objection t ) llf aufflalnnoy, or may oounter all It. by pr.iof>. nlcber la direct d-alsl or by way of avoldacoj. CHAPTFR IV. Mil TA It ES 11* F|.I?DI*0, *"?D AMEXOMICWTt. Sao 14 i N't r*tlan le the a legation in a dealing and the proof. Khali b? d'orael m?f.t>rl*l. nnlaaa It biva notually mlaled the ?(lr?rm party, to bti prejadlo?, In jn-iltitalning hi* action or it*f*ice, upon the merits W.i?ni'??r lr. aliall b > alleged that a party his b'ca ao rniMed. that fact shall ha proT-d to the *?tiaf?otlon of Ijtbe conrt. ty aflldavit. showing io what rrepect ha baa barn n laied ; uud thereupon. ihi court may order t.ho ni?a linjt to be amended, upon such tarsia as naall b? just. SeO. 14(1 Where the variance la not material, as proTlied In tha laat seotljn, tha oourt taay tb" fact to b< found aooordtuK to th? evidence, or may order an immediate amendment. without cr&ta Sao. 147. WUtre, kMNfW, the nidation ct tlin o iu'? of action or defence to which tbe pro it' la directed ( uatrua. ntUmome parti' ular or particulars only, bat In Its entire aoore and meaning, it ahail not ba d-emed % cas* of ?ar|anoa, withlu tbe last two saotioas, but a failure of proot ^Seo 148 Any pleading may bo amended by tba party of course, without oats, and without pr. jndloe to the proccedlugs aiready had. at any Mine btf.jie tba period fjr answering it siall tuirj. la aajh uase a 0007 of the amended podding shall be setred oa iLs udversj pariy. S to. 149 Tha court may. at *07 time, in furthtrano* cfju.'tion aod on auoh t?rma aa may b" proper, amend any p'oidin; or proceeding, by &dd:n; rr striking out the nam- ot any pa -ty, or by correcting a mistake ia tbe name of a party, or a mistake in any otder reaped, or by inaertina other alle^atljca material to ti e oa e, or by conforming Hit pleiJioit or proceeding to thr i*ot? proT* ad. whenever the ftoi*a<Jcneti( ah U nut change nubs antially ttt? onu'e of action or defence Heo lot) When tha plaintiff ahsll be i5UOT/iot of th* airnt of a delta i.iut, b j :h defendant in?y be deaigaatad ic any pleading or proseedtbg, by aay oaina; and when bid trua n-nn nh\U hi dt*on?ereii, the pleading or proOtftllng may bi taim J'd accordingly H?a lil Th? court (hall, in erery ati^e of an action diarritv d amy error, or <i? ftMt Id the pleading* or prootedljga, tfliioh ulit'.l aot ?'T-ot the au'muutiat rightaof the a'lT?'?? pariy; ami no judgment ah?U be reTtraed otr atf eoted hy re .am ?fm?"t> error or d- feot. Sec IJi S.'ti i p'atnt'.lT aid defendant re-pactiraly, may ha allowed, cn mutton, 11 in*ke a auppiamentnl complaint, ?ni?r?r or r. p y. alining facta material to thamea, occurring after the fjrmer complaint, an?w?r or reply. [To ba continued.] Police Intelligence. _ Dn.'ngi at the Trn'tt.- A raggeJ looking black fallow, with a ?ioio'is looking countenance, callad Ban Moor*, w? h'cugnt bnfoc* Justice Drinser, yesterday morning, ly ( fftr*T Corneen, of the 8 th ward p >lloa, on a abarga or breaking tha windows of an Irieh woman, by the naioa < f Mr? Lindaey, r-tidlog in a littl j cellaraltuatad In Leonard atreet ne?r Ora?g-? M*oi?r??T* ?Well, Mm Liadaay, what charge do y<m make jgtiuat this b'.iik in in ? M:a Li*diky?Tni* in?u, p'eaa* your honor, met ma laat night, a* I w-n'. to the puuiv and called ma cut of my uem*; and followed me to my lit le (Uc?, and broka m y window*, and nbuaed me rbnniefully MaotsrnATB - What bare y >u to aaf to thla, Ban? Nec.ho I atop* wid dia woman, Jn lite; and hare beaa icq<i tinted wid her for da laatdreoraii years I gtvra her prltiy ranch all I raakea, and l?at night I want oat to get half a pound of augar, and when! enma bank, I found aba had a Dutchmen wid h?r. and dla D u to lien tn thought to kill dia ohild, and flra at htm wid piatol. nnd ahot me In da naek (tha n?gro than h".w <1 MM> wouid, whioh wn atili b'eeding); aod da m' oh d? ahota went right through the glaaa, and o?t w<* da way tha window waa broka. I lira wid da w>int:;I MMNH if I hid no th*>ri(y, in eoura* 1 abouli'iit g i tb?r I aaapaut aba hu another man, and now rbedoea'nt want ma; I alwaya doaa tor bar alii * c?i i givea her ail the m"n?? I earna, and I aarna my money Doo-at; 1 ht?? got (de ingar in my pockat, what 1 booth: for her laat n gat. .VUoiaTRATt - D ) > ou m*an to aay. you blaak animal, ..ra ..i'. " ' ? ? - J ? Ncoao-Wor, w.t, yes Jud<s, dat's a last, and bo mi?t?ke vi?c,ura*Ta -Well Ben, how can you disgrao* yo*rse'f r>y imo* with this whl'e woin?n' Nsoao V'??dlr. I kio?j I hu m-rry ranrth dl*graa*d ra?**u, bat sbe coaxed aio to da so; ( hare known her lor 0'- or nix V]*oiiTB4Tr -Tat* complaint lion* of tbnst that 1 flj im cau e? rum fi it' a white won ?n l? so lost to des-<Do>, is to cobub t with a dirty blact animal like this, aud so far deha'vd In u>r>r?l? a? lo associate with su ?r??turor sued o >rnpl*lots will m??t wl'b bat very little synipa'hy; usrtfnrr, I shall <Jlsm?s the obarga upua tn i prom >? oi tbe negro keeping sway irom the puioises lo iu urn. I'bla (m HM^ro &grs*d to dt n~oa b?lng allowed bia fryioit pen and two btskeu. which Mrs Llodsey still h Id a* a kiud cf collateral for tone littU washing Kb* nad ton-i (>c n-r cAf nmi, Bea M n>r? T?e ptrtlsa i'ft the court room. Mrs Llndsry looking down to a bashful mano r having got oonsid-rabl/ tbe worst of the Investigation. Law Intelligence. Court culrwdaa ? Tnii i>*t. - Cvmirmn I'ltat?First Part ?79, 77, 8l 87.99.01,03,94,07.90 fleoond Part? 104. 109, 110 11? I JO, 119, 194, 196. ISO. 139. fiurmtur Cover or thi INitsd 8r?tis, Fsb 99.? No Stf 1 hfuuore LaWiS, et al , appelant*, TS Jobs Balrd, et al lbs argument, of Ibis oauie wn?sonolud?4 by Mr. String for theappellant! Miscellaneous, A tornado p*?ssd over tn ih< beigbborhood of MotV> gani'ry. Alabama, on the afternoon of the 31d of February, dolo* mu:D ilanmt. Burllr gton Ray Is now nesrly elesr of foe, and vesssla can arrive and d<pm la sifny ? Hamilton (?/ C) tfprctaior, t'<b 29 S Thougn In ths utdst of tbs months of winter, tbe wealhrr his ueeu s > niil<l that tbe elm tries bars b-jun to bud. and wo'ilJ ac?in to iriJice'e ih*t spring Is near at h:iiii.--CA?rjk" Jan :i|?< Samitory Surysy of thk or Massachwpkis.? V petition tor a Mtinorjr stirtry <?l tit" 9tate has bc?n presented to the .Macsaahetstts i ?isis tar* l'Hn ru*m<u\*i contain* ? ui* curiam A"\ti?itoat faetfl: ? la &orob?*t?r, duriar ?jora than a qna/tor of a o-Mitu.-f, tlia av?ia?* looffllr 01 ail ll?? of tha poor familief, 'u 'IT years an t tir? ianu:J]s, iu J of lha l>roap?rou* 1 crofin. 45 yrar* and ( m ."in !ar remits w?ra ol ta neu froia tlie eiarutnation cf Ui bills of mottality In ( oacord lor 63 ye?r* ut?l of Brooktin* for 4il yeat* In the ar-im** m of rhn?? wh<> were burled In the < *:LoIiJ ormncry, w?s IJ year*. A month* and W day*, b%'. of mi who <ii?4 In tha city was M yeai* M nionthe ^cJ ll> daj? 1 ha average duration of III* ?arl?n in diifersnt conu'l . In ttia y?? a Ii4t and U41. tba r?rag? ig'' of tics* who d in Franklin, was 3U y>ar? ?r"l ''' month* and 91 ?'ay? ; :r* Norfcla and Plymouth, a I'ttle ott J4 year* ; ia Httaynbtr* and U?rkf?hlre, o?i*r 33 ; In ever it ; In Etlftol, Hampden, Worcester a"! BurDStaMe, o?< r 31 ; in L)uk*s an'l N^ntucke*. fcfer 3'); In Mid<l>e?x, iS year*, J month* aid DJ days, sod m ISojton, Ojiy i 1 < iroutto* and If In raiatloa to tu* tifrot of taanaractar*?, t^air aff-et pon heiith auU life, a t?t>!?s I* givfu (bowing, that >u twanty-four sltl** and tnanufaoturlag towns la tt>: Statu. ih? population lncr*aMd lt> J par cat. t b-iw?en tba jt*-i I3i0 an 1 1340 wait* iu th? rant of tba 8tato tba nnrraaa wag only iO per c?nt. In -J) eltl^e of ffca United Ktatee tb? inoreasi wag 10# p?r eaut, w)>il? la tt? r?it of :ba eountr* U was only 7 J par sent Wo 11? tha coat >f lire and r?alih whether ' h tti u"in,?* who tears tlx* io"ntry to IW-in th i denear tilW* tr o?m|'*ot cittsa mjoy a* uurh haalth ami ?tr?a,jtn, *nd a?lngltfe. a* hay oouli If they t ad r, rnainsd a", bome-wbat i* tb* ntlaanoa ot eh-mloal laboratories, paint works, lead toi M, tanneries, bal<i'i-erl<?. worn*. It] - ua qu??.loniot liBt>ortan?<i. Kact* ?rictr that dinpl'y of p- pnatton la unfavorable to Tna aot? in r# 1 avion to tha iong? r-y la SiiUkIK a:><1 In tha wr*t*m o.intl ? po t? #h.?w t m In <* oonntry 'i x'ilata of Kn^i^nd vtu tho ytarii Itt'H an 1 tHStf) wti?ra ih- opnl*. ilt?n w?i 1.1 to tha 'yara ipili, thi i Htnhtr of d?**hi intiu?i:y ?? ".aii, 6l, * ii in t > city ill?tii>- r with > j o^u ?t<?r .f . ? f j ) .!? j .llf, tt? i?ambat

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