Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1848 Page 3
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iitnr^ cl tfac Cayug* and *u* ,;wh?Dn? Kali road Company for th# p*et year :? Caruoa amd f?uf^c*h4.-?.ta at income f)< u> DaremKerii during 1S47 $84-1 Oft ' treigbt, ki 17 844 #3 Tola! Incom* in 1*47 li I pib 98 Expenditures lor runuiug in 1 repairing road lr-m Jan 1 1847, to Feb 1,1848 31,0S6 OS Net income $137 as Whole number of passuagers, 3458 ; number of loeouoMr;f, (not in use) 1 ; number of passenger cars, t; do freight, 6S ; horses employed, 40 ; men do , S3 Miles run by puienger train, a I 600 ; by freight, 11,180 The length of road In operation Is US miles. This road was Constructed by the Ithaca and Oswego Railroad Camparty, and was purchased by Archibald Molntyre and his a'eoclatea. at a r>ublisb?d sale of the Comptroller in Albuuy, on the iOth of May, 1842,for the inn of four thou?t?ad Are hundred dollar*. which, together with the earn of thirteen thoueaad Are hundred dollar* paid lor locomotive engines, burden and paasesger tin, together with ethi r property requisite to put the road lo operation for btt?ioee?, amounted to the sum of *18 000. Th? receipts of the New York and Erie K tiiroad Ccmpvy for the month of February, 1B48. were $10 748 69 ag'.iaft f 17 03d for the oorrrepon.1*ng n nth In 1*47, h.) ?io|{ an increue thU year of 9*1 811? equal to *bnut fi.'teon per o*nt. This it smull eompared with other lailroade lu tbl? State, when we take into oooniili-ration the faot that the earning* of tbia year have been derived for a much greater length of road. The annexed table exhibits the eggregate value of merchandize exported from tbia port during the put month, diatioguUhing the extent of the ahlpmenta to ach country Commerce or the Post or New Yobs. Fkbhi'ary, ld4? Value of Value of For Niti For Mdt. Value of not et-t'<i entitled to t..? u/. .. #i_j. t\,?? j ASUiri UMU9. IVX/CVC. * ??? ijreat Britain S ?4 878 4.0S i 3)824 8J4 723 .France t'S 970 4.458 125 585 *4? OIS i*i)nui?K <A'e$t Indm... 108 #91 S 698 11,135 125 8>fl T>ai,uh Well I.dire ... S?.352 <87 3,834 81 V7T fc-t LomiimO 39 200 200 145 39 545 Africa 37 8 8 ? ? 27 816 Mexico 49 SIS 3 985 44 906 93 20S To: u* 1 10 9*1 735 ? H7;6 J rituh Weal Iudua 9* 446 5l3 1 989 98 988 Belgium 26 91 3 > ! 3.113 31 *44 Poru iu Mediterranean.. 13 77T 13 158 4,179 30.114 Ppmr 1<> 4^3 ? ? 10 4R3 fcp.t ludiei 181 771 ? ? 184 773 Chili 13 94# ? 36 287 49 3*7 Au?tria 18 039 5,?65 6 723 3 >3*7 IJu'Hiu Ayr-# 13 li35 ? 5.395 18 910 > emcn ?* 306 3,151 9 #78 74,535 IHoibnrc 56C7J 1951 13 826 71,453 Hollauil !9US3 S.I30 5 789 7 0 All $1,788,819 S3,436 291.731 3 136 006 Specie... 433 746 Total $2 569 753 Tbii is a very small amount for the season. The value ot ezporte for the same month laat year, was $3,10], 6J6, independent of apeoie, showing an exoess in the shipments of merchandise over those for the same month this year, of $l 058 6i0. A corresponding falling off in the export trade cf all the porta, will make a very great difference in the aggregate for tbe year. The Committee of Ways tod Means of the Legislators of Alabama, to whom was referred so muoh of the message of the Oevernor of that State as referred to the publio debt and financial oondition of the treasury, have reported the result of their investigation. The indebtedness of the State constats of bonds issued for banking purposes, and the several trust funds held by her Tbe annexed table exhibits the items and amounts, rate of interest, tlma<of payment, plaoes payable, and annual Interest Alabama Bond Pebt Halt Paya- Fay n't in In New In New Annual Sr.ttrtit. lie London. York. Orleans. Interest C per cent 1??0 ? loo,too ? $C.elO,OU " 1.013,000 00 ? ? 60.780 00 6 per cent 1853 ? 295,000 ? 14 7r,S 00 JK.8 1,943,555 55 ? ? .52 177 10 " 1863 ? 3,4(3 000 ? 172 150 00 " 1865 ? 459,#(0 ? 21950 00 " ? ? 530,000 25<00 tO " I8C6 1,435,000 00 ? ? 71 750 CO ? 383 000 ? 119.1*0 ? " " ? ? 508 0C0 85 000 00 $3,4(1,S5S SS 4 679 080 1.000,880 469 6/7 8il Recapitulation. Total amount payable la London $3 491/65 65 " 14 " New York 4 879 000 00 44 " " New Orleans.. . 1 000,000 00 Total amount of foreign debt $9,170,656 55 interest on am* 1469 667 80 Surplus revenue of United States paying do interest 069,086 8l) To whioh add the following trust funds ? University debt funded, paying 6 per oent iuurr?t 300,000 00 Sixteenth Section Sohool fund, paying 8 per cent interest 1,016 866 35 Sua total of debts $ 11,154 498 71 From tkis it will be seen that the entire public debt of tbe State, exclusive of the six hundred thousand dollars of bonds isiued to take the State's two-flftbs of the cspital stock of tbe Bank of Mobile, the interest on which is provided for by that bank, amounts to eleven millions one hundred and fifty-five thousand four hun. flred and nlaety-eight dollars and seventy-one cents; and an annutl Interest thereon, of five hundred and sixtyeight thousand nine hundrad and twenty-six dollar( and thirty cents?'o meet which debt and interest, the report of tbe Commissioners to settle the affairs of the State Bank and brannhes, shows assets, present and prospective, as follows, to wit Cash balanoe on hand at date of report... .$1,177,150 64 Estimated amount likely to be realiisdfrom r'mhialDg debts and property of the B?nk* $2,300,000 00 From which dedvet the outstanding circulation of the Banks. 'Stiin*t?d by tha Commissioners at 447 177 00 Wh'th fbows a taUcoe of the prospt-ctlve hsstts cf the Bjnks of ouly 1 742 *93 00 Total > ssets $3.019 973 64 Deduct 1,015 866 86 Jtnnlla>ht? tn UMinxit nf d.hf ?l OOl I 17 IB The one million fifteen thousand eight hundred aud fifty-fix dollars and thirt>-*ix cenia, deducted from the total amount of asssts, Is due the s?veral township for money collect id from the aalo of their reep?ctive ?ixteenth sections by the Stito B*nk and branchea, aui is payable irsm tbe cish balauce in hand at tbe date of th? report. This leave* nothing to be applied to the extinguishment of tha State deb!, exoept what may hereafter be realised from the remaining asset* of tbe State Tbe committee st*te tha*. the outstaading circulation of the bank has been underrated, and that the estimates of tha probable balance, after payiDg the debt* of ih? institution and branches, have invariably been too large ; they have, therefore, recommended CO application or appropriation of the lime until some future period. A new tax bill bag been presented to the Legislature of Alabama, ia which the ad valorem principles of taxing property has been adopted. No great incr*a?e in the HTfnuK from this source is anticipated, otherwise than in the annual enhaucei value of property taied Whatever deficiency may at first exist to pay the ourreat expenses of the government and lh? interest on the publio debt, will be supplied * heretofore from tbe a'seta of the bank. Tbe small and decreasing deficlenoy each year -will string along the arsets of the bank for a lonj time, end peiheps suffice to enable the State to meet all lis payments promptly, until the value of taxable property increase* to sueh an extent aa will give a rovobue from that soutoe large enough for all purposes Wltliin the n><st vearthe bond hnlilaraln I vj addrf?i ta tb? General Assembly of Alabama, In oonMqutnce of statements which have appeared, wherein it wis uMerted that prevision had not been made for the continuance of the payment of interest upsn the bond* of the Sta'e. The bondholder* further state that the depression In the market value of the bonds in chletl 7 cwlrg to ih? doubt entertained a* t? the continuance of the regular payment of Interest a* It aoorne*. la consequence of ih * constantly dlmlnlshirg fundi of the lark eta. and the omission on :ln pari (1 the Legislature o'the State to establish n. sinkit'g fund for the redemption of the principal of the ill bt; hnd iniimate that tbey will not be unwl'li jg to c^ntinu* to hold the bond* beyond the period* tow fixed for their redemption, while tft'V rttaii ootjfidmoe In tLo regular payment of the interest. The boods of the State of Alabuna ?re renewable at the pl< asura of the State, so long a* the interest Is rogalarly p-at.l h* it accrues Tlil* l( nil the St?te ever eontr-iot'd to do, and If it do?a th it the cred tor* lure no causa f.?r oomplalnt Whether th# State can pay the principal of hvr d?bt, I* a question of policy and convenience, to b? h?r*after determined The aommlttre, at the conclusion of their report, 1 ake the opportunity to jive tho foreign bondholders a word or two They say that It if to b* fg.-etted ifcarth* bondholdHrs have 10 far lor|rnt tli?f. courtesy due frooi creditor to debtor, ?* to have v?n ured to preeotihe to the 1,-glslatura what provi?lou? should he tm,d? for tha payment of either th* j rlnolpal or th* Intirsat, of the Hta'.e bond*. Klix k Krr.henur. J r?M Tret* Notci ?' 10"'*' ' * I^T.rk Wor Kit MOC0 rto blO Kl'% 1C? L Itlnml lilt (SO guV io n da l"'?k ?0 do iGO > >}? 1(000 do 160 101H 3i0 do S??. SOOOfl U 8 G'i '67 16" 1*W ?00 do bli 2??, 10 nil do 66J I02)J 101 do SO >0*0 do 101 SCO do l.|0 30 1000 dn '.W 101 200 do Ml JOS 5*00 tat* 4'?. "5? 99 100 do M? Mft UCO lad Hut* J't SIX i? do M Cky h, H> ''!M 3 '<*?-*? oo Co *3J? ?'i': Menilin* Bond* vO 109 do ill 20 <hi Commerce full M 55; do *?/ 41 15L?f.v?>tc? Bk. Ct.m W 1M ii? *10 43 ttO iht F rtneiV Tr ?G0 WV 150 do lit 41 J'.o d> ?'* ? ? da 43 160 do S#>4 50 do ?M 43* 50 Morrit Ciuill I" 50 do bSu 44 100 OentJn Co S I"? d ? L-iJ 44 ISO ?'o 3< 51 do 4 ! ? 250 do ?<J,' 400 do ?30 41X J ) .'o *00 33 21 UmdiiiR KK I CO 40 75 No; Ik Wor KR >30 :*t> 200 do 33 t?oniid Bo art I fl'iiico Treu Not?? biO 101 iOsbi Hirlam KK tl) 4:<K 16100 do 101 100 do no 4 <K . 6000 do MO 101% 50 do 4SM 1C0 sh* Loug Ulamd 3D 51 do <15 ?4 '0 do 30 59 do 100 dc ?0u K linfn L<?. K.V 20) do 30)4 ' ?>" do b? 305* ?? II ? cm TUAilki UKHiRT. Nkw Tobb, Friday nfturnonn, Maroh 8 1848 Owing to ttio continued ataMioeof the BrHtnola thrre wm soma pioit lo the market for breadstuff^, and 0a< of bo til Sour and grain were rather I'ght. though pric?< oontlnusd firm. Sale* of U'dhm, O&io, New Orlains Sci., were made at the full quotations of yesterday. Wheat wig firm, tbo jtfh no sales wire tepurted. Cora continued !u iOid d inand-for samples of good vellow and white, which w*r? in light supply, moderate sales "f the did r-iit kinds were made at s'.eady prioee. M?ai was a siiad* firnnr. S <les of rye were mad* to arrive, on terms stated below. Pr.. visions continued firm, and sale* efm-ss po-k sr?ie mid* ouitirma <>hich iud cated ?n upwarl tendency in prices. In groo-ries moderate transactions w?re ni?k>ng to the trade, at previous rates. Sala? of brown Havanasu/ar were on ferine stated below. AiHiii?Tae mtrknt was dull at $6 for potl, and at >8 for p?arls at whioh email sales were reported. BHEADiTurrr?Flour?Sale* of 40(> hbs city ground, were made at $6 *26, since held at $U 37 Mi: sales rf 300 a 5i)0 bbls Giuesen, were made at 43V an! 900 do, fair quality, ware reported at $6 40; Nt* Orleans irai held at $6 93, and Ohio at $0 IPX a $6 9S, at whioh small sales were made; sales of 3000 btrreU common Genesee were made. deliverable between the 1st of May and 10th of.lune, at $4 75 fVhrai- Sales of 900 bushels Lorg Island ware made at $1 83 a $1 33 in separata lots. Cem?Bales of 8300 New Jersey yellow were mada on private terms, 10 '0 do yellow, old, were sold at 0Oe; U.U00 do mixed. Southern, brought 683; 600 do white do, fair quality, only brousht 61c; 600 do Georgia white, Cio Meal?3*1?* 900 a U00 bbl* New Jersey, were made at $9 &8>a a (9 C2VJ Ry*?Sales of 8O0O bushels were made, to arrive on the opening of the oanal, at 80o. Hy Fit Sales of 100 bbls were made at $4 O.its remained steady at 43a n 4*>o for river Beam?S ites of 30 bbls were wade a f 1 OtiXa. Cot-tow?The sales to-day are reported at 1000 bales, taken by manufacturers chiefly, and at the full inside quotations Holders appear indifferent about tff;ring tbeir supplies until alter the arrival of the steamer now fully due. B- k.bwax? Sales ?f 3000 lba Western yello w were made Fiih?We hare only to note aalea of 60 bbl?. No. 2 HkIUnz mackerel, kt Sti. Fruits?balea of 60 caaes Bordeaux prunes, in glasa jars ware made at 1 do, four mouth* Some small lota Wei tern dried probes war* aold at $4, tad 2 600 boxes wet dried ruioiua were sold on private terms Hkmp?s?lfs cf 100 balea Amerioan dew rotted, were made at $127 60; 60 do do do do at $131 60, six montasj 400 do do do do. were aold oa private terma. Molassks?No aalea. Natal Si ohks?The market was quiet, and we have no "bang; to notioe in quotations. Oils?Small sales were made ut 65o, for Eoglish linaeed, and66a6(jo for American do, city preaaed. Lkad- balea of 3,u00 pig* were made on terma not underetood. auppoaed to be 4%. interact added. Kick.?Ne aalea. Oil Mial?Sale* of SO tona war* made at $1 43 per 100 lba Provisions? Sales of 100 bbla meai pork, were mde at $10 76, alnoe held at $11. and prim* do ?t $9 balea of hama and ahnnldera were made to arrive, at 3X to 6o Beef?Sales of 600 bbla country were made, oonaiating of country meaa at $8 87)? aud eicy do at $0 Lard?Sa'.ea 100 bbla steam rendered. No 2 were made at 7o; 60 bbla prime quality aold atn^o, and 100 bbls No. 2, at 7^,'r There waa no change in e??eee or t utter. tgga- -balea of 30 to 40 bbln wure mad* a'. I ><%a per doaen Tobacco? balea cf Virgibtii aad Kentucky leaf, were reported including 30 hdda at 7o, 20 do at So; and 30 do at 4X*. he.?.D?Sa'es of 180 bbla old clover were made at b%e to 6c, and 1300 bushels flaxseed at 146 Sucua?balea of 180 boxea brown Havana were made 16 a \ 4 moiitba Tallow -Th* market continued steady. Oreatt L trd?galea 235 tiere.>-e wi?r*madaat 53^o. M 8 of 40 half pipes and 190 quarter casks adeira ? r* made ou ,.iiv*te terma. u.r.BONK continued dull i?Ktv?Salea of 80 bbla were made at 23){c ujht? continued dull, and we heard of nothing ne io European porta MARKE1S KLSEWH KllE. STOCK MAKKKTH. riMoRK. Ma-ch 2?$30U Baltimrrs fa, 18}0 97l(; $200 dodo c'?h. 9~%- t V0 Ho d >. do, V>}? ti< U d> di, do, 97H t oho do d > ou urns 97>?; li an m ielia ta' Bauks,4 <uy? StSi.10 B.ilt and Ohio it'ilrodd Ca, 3oX, 5 do do,38>ii;10 Uuion Maouf.iCtarijg Co, rhh.adki phia, March 3?Firtt hoard? 50 Girerd t 060 Sell Na? Bierceiit'O. 5" Oi'?'d s5wu I0*?; 1000 Tear 4 per c?tt M, "3; 7Vi Hch Nav ( per cent *0. 5000 St?n 5 per ' k t i5wn 73J%; 10(0 State 5 per -ent 51s73)%: 5'00 d>?'>wn 73??: *>0(0 do ?5wu 73}*; 20(10 do 5>?n 73V. 3 '10 di bi ~i%.? Jiflrr Salrj?I0? (Ji ard ilvn V%\ 25 do 10^; $^>0 Htat- 5 pa- cent73>4: :0 VJechanica 28: 4<lnu Bute 5 per cent li)% . 400 Lch'gh Scrip 81; 200 <1 > Merest SOK; 100 N J Cooper bs !j< 2d fl?ard-t?rooU ** 6'*'56 10l)<: 7j0 City 6's 7G 99: 250 Lehigh !Si-v Interest 6')? . 10 Northern Bunk, Kentucky 9">. .Hftrr B >ardt~%3oro U 8 6'? *7 soon State i's 7?><: 3?. 0 8rh Nkt 6's 68 4V 20(0 dn do '65 4.%\ 13,500 do do'68 40; 708 Lehigh Nav lift N J Copper 2j? Eosy.v. March ! ?Brokert' Board?9 ?h? OH Colony Railri nd 91i?; 29 Western Kailro*d IHK a 105; 3 Boston and l'ro?idcnce Railroad I On; 5 City Bank 95V: 5 M-'nnfsetoren lusannce Comptoy 185: 3 Eastern Kailioad 104Ji 4 Boston ami Worcemer ??ilrnadli7; 8 Vermont a*d Mas-a-hus r?* Railroad 7SJu>': 55 Norwich aod Worcester Railr< aH 37 a 37*<: i? do hi w 37)? : 250 Reading Rail oad 20.U; 50 do b?0d 2<)i' *1000 Vermont and Mass?chu?etts Rail'oaa Bonds 94: $6000 Reading Railroad Bonds. 1850 6'^< a 6lji Second Board? 50 ?h? Heading Railroad 29; 3^ rights Western Railroad 35c; 50 ahi Ka?t Bnitjn Coiupuir 13S ; 2 Boiton aod Providence Railroad 100**. DOMESTIC MARKETS. PHii.4DKi.rHiA Cattle Marift, March 9 ?At market 1080 be?re?. including 450 for New York; 190 cows and c slves. 490 bog*. an<t 1160 sbeep Price*? Beeves ail sold at $6 75 a 8 per 100 lb* Cow* and oalves brought $18 a 32 for fresh, $14 a 28 for springer*, and $8 a 15 for drj cow*. Hog* *old at $6 35 a 6 75 the 100 lbs Sheep? Sal** are within the range of $1 60 a 4 60 eaob, aa to condition Hey move* off freely at POo a 105 the owt. for timothy and ?trawat $7 a 8 the 1C0 bundles Mnrrled. At Trin?'y Church, on Friday morning. 3i inst., by the Rav. Dr Wamwrlght Mr. Samuel H DouoHrr,to MIssCkcelia Awdrews both of thi* e>ty. Died, Co Thursday, the 3 1 lost, Joht Duncan, age! 83 years, a native of Rothesay, Scotland. His relatives and frlmd?. and those ofhis >oos Kr?n cia and Rjbert. are reapectfuliy requested to attend his funeral oa Hund iv a'ternoon at 1^ o'oioek. from hla late residence, 11 Levis street, without farther invita DM. At Brooklyn, on 3d lost., HitiomH. wife of Franoia Lanpley In the 33th year of her age Her fMenda and relations are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral, on Sunday afternoon. at half paat 3 o'clock. from h?r Utn reaidsnoe, corner of York street end O'een lane, Brook'yo On the 2 .id Inst, Ionn.sou of John and Mary Saunders ajrfd twn years end twenty four daya At Hadson. on t >e 3J Inst , ofastiort illness, Deborah W? In the 70th year of h?r age. On Friday eveniny. March 3, at <J o'clock, P M. after a lingering illneea. of coDgeation of the lung*. John Dmr?mor? Kklloou jun . in the Ah ye*r of his ?g? only son of John D. ?nd Betsey Ann Kellogg, and grandaom of isiac Warren. Tt? funeral will take place from the residence of h<i pirenta. 41 Columbia street, on Sunday, at h?lfpast 1 o'clock, P. VI , at whloh hour the friends cf th- family ?r? reeoectfully Invited to attend On Friday evening, of croup. Brwjami*, only son cf B M jjmin and Kllenor Bell, aged 3 years and 'i weeks The friends of the family, also those cf his uncles Oiluiour, are respectfully Invited to attend the fuueral. fr">m the residence of hie father, to-morrow (Sabbath) aft*rnoon, at i o'olock. On Thursday, March 2, froci injuries receive 1 by falling from a ladder. while paintio* Centre market. William McOowajt, aged 'J7 years His friends and the niemb?rs of Franklin Assembly No 1. of trie Independent and Benevolent Order of B*. r-tens and the m?sil?re or the B O. of B?reans In ge n-rnl and the Brooklyn Protestant Association. are Tripxoti'ully Invited to attend bis funeral, on Sunday, the Sth Inst .nt half past one o'clock, from his late residence. No 1 IS 15 g;ree: between.ftth and #th avenu?s At Havana, on the 2nd February, of consumption Sahvil J Wmitk. late of this city I Hn ftinvral will taX? pUc? thia day at 3 o elook. from >hfi dwelling of hi* brother-ln law, Wm Burner, SH i Beach ?tre?t. His Mends Jan 1 tb? fri -nils of th? famllj a e reapfCfully inTit?:l to attend T" -"Hi, JOINT SWHI, iTKK OK 111^ l'n?m>ui <'< imeil of the City of New York, ai'paia'eil I t" make t * neee'aa'y arrangement* in rel tinn to ihe re> emirn I of tlie iemmi.1 of the reii?r hie t * I*r-<nlent, JOf? N (JUI V I Y Al> .Vll), hue iidnpted the I ill murf!.: ? He aolerd. That hi mrano i nm,c I i f ihe ny i.t St w York wi I nolemnize ihe death ol the ate John Quincy Adam ? Hv n 1'iei ml Viliwry Po??ii"'. and tb aneh pr ft inn lake place on We iiiem ay, the8:hi'?f i.eioli *d, Ti-at our frllow-ci'iirna i ri t.iIIv, and llie <! iff -rem ">u. if lira, I r dr? *??ociationa and hire Oept tinect, are ifiiueated to nail* in thu e^timn yof it pent t i tli* il natrioua dead: and nil | Hciepet >u d \*5nci linn* in .ending to co-opt nte. are rrqiieatad to eomtnit-ncata to ihe ' oinm eee on or before Mob I iiyieit at 1? o'clock, A. M , at the chamber of the Boa'd ol i Aldermen Keao vt-d That ihe .>iray mil N??y of?t e baited Ht tea on tlna itation nre rtipn eJ to co-operate witfc ua in makinh the aereaaaiv xrrai xenientf lteaolvfd 1 hat no haonerbearina roiitcal uecii-ei "i nrciirriona a'allbexd! iri"ed in 'he procration ( uy (lull. New Voik, Much 3, 'BII MtJSKS AlAY NAHL), Jr., Chairman. Ihomu I'. T?er*t? peeyatarv I\: <? . CALK Of D VMAUKD UUOVS** IA Ni Kw J I'rli kC'l will off f ir ail* on M ?nday mor i.n? Vterch I 6th. at their old alore 3i9 Bro dw\y the a'i ?-k of t'ry iUm u e.l nt ihe late lire. 'lhectick c n a if rich I r ch? i eainela ha.r mu-.r'. * d loot ?ht? ? rich emb'Oiileied ?h if n*i i cow ru , mini c b|i- v a 1 it n a srm i"*, m*nim i I vm't. kiiiI a variety I otli?r f ney nml atnple dry go ?!?. At | J B At * o. Iffl dfiir inio cliiicont thete ttoi d* p? H on epoi-iib e. 'b^ I rire* u i 1 ba mcb A* to offer eitraoediiiAty i Hnr* m *n'? to t** ri I* e I 1HIK v kMBfcKH OK OCEANA HOW CO. NO 36 ten 'tr ill' I - ill -ilka to Vr. A d'ew biowu No. 167 He a ei aireat.'or the i be al anpply '>f rt fie?hmert? 'o niahrd thei h: the li r in Hi-uer e 'rulnv mor u g By order, tt L LOINKH, Wee.. v?w York, Ma ch ?th. IM*. Oi t ? i) ii'9! I AN All O \ H OI- \ -1 f? hioi <l>inl ty, fine aad g oiind feed. tbortt.iale ha\, lie., in u untriai in iii't ru ii ? s itlhr li wen inaiket price t. Koi ?*lelivl " V) K 1,1 HH 13 Wwthmi'K'ii -t PAPKR? PAI'EH?WHIT1NO P A P*. 118 ? A MKNKml n?nriuiei:t ol che r lap "id letter Capers alio li e nnil tn.ierflne blue i?nl white ruled, ai d 11 tin Conn ereml and j P .rket Pint; ?l?o b| e luHwIute fl it< a;>?, hatd ware and drug, j guta', and match hoi Papen; alto rrijj mid ttrnw WMppirg I pee ia great variety. Kor tale by JA.MK8 NOHVAL, No. 100 Ji h i (treat. 1 " 1 I rnttmmmmmmmmrnm JACOB 8 PL ATT *t)CTIONS*R- WATCHF.f, Jewelry, fane* ko?A?, giraaColet, ?ular iampa, mry M>!e to Wry,rich i>l?ed wax,Britannia Ma Mti.wu doll* gvld jew Iry, lbtfO (old peni aud p-ucil Mara lie. to ba anld thia da? , at lu o cluck, by Jacob 3 the Auction Room, >3 rlatt Creel, aud a g*u?ral auonoientof ctrded iiocaet cutieiy. iru?jr?, 1HC >r?, he. N B-i?l? if 100 go d uud ulrer ?adna tnJ golit jrwrl y, lie., will comiuem'e n( It o'clock. Catflo.'inaa taw ready. All will be aold iu lota to ?uit me th ''? < BY KCaKMAN, AUCTIOnKM-VosJay March 4th, at No. ? Bailer atreet, between Smith il Ho>t aticeu, ttrroalyn, at oae o'clock preci ely, agrneial mi It-Mcut ol geutaji, climber, ai.d WiK'hrn furniture ; m nic which H an elegant Chiueie i?qa<-red la< iea' wrrk tible, and a ?et of t*.i pov?. lie Ike. Cctalngnea may be had a> in- ' ile? ho mi. 'o 81 Fulton ?t'C?t Brooklyn. CT JLEN?AT7 O'CLOCK LAST EVKNlvQ. FROM J >1 ra. Htera' houte, lit 1 ChimDera atreet.a bhea French U> Mr t i irercoit. ne.rly new. liuad completely through with bl i ailk. warded and quil'ad, velrrt collar aud cufft?value SHI. PaW' brokera aud t?ihers, are cautioned agtinc receiving the maoe Five dollara reward will be paid by toe owner to any pe .n who reatorea and coat at th: abore addraaa, aid will poa cute the thief to couvir'.ioB. yOUND-A SETTER DOO. THE OWNER GUN V have h.ui bv p/ovitg property and paying chargea. If not c ill?" 1 r in a lew days,wili be told. Apply between 12and I o. 1 ick. it A pore gc Baker's. 2(4 Broadway. LO.T-ON MOND\y NIOiiT I.AST. A LEPINK iol?l W?ich. aud khiiu. A* it is a keep ike, tue liuder I lie paid'he f II value of it, in"! no q > lions asked. bv re ui??({ ii t > il.e Herald office, ci luercf Ful ou acd Nuuu ?tIC?t'. Losr- v C-OTH CLOAK WITH PLAID LIN1NUBy leavug it at Tammmy Hill, t ie person will be I. I.' re" >nl *<t WvN 1'CO-A tOl)K ril .NDKH, FOH PR IN ED AND b auk w irk, wiu u d>rui..ds r> ling alio, at Hnnesdile, P.'., Iie dul'the Delaware a- J Hudson Cannl Uuod wafei wi'l given Apply atr> ? Croton Hotel. WANTED l.vlMEDIAI'ELY?\ OLA8H PAINTER; one tint is expert iu painting deiigus and Q;or?a for pan irnmu, etc . will be well reMonerattd. Address O. S., No. 3 apruce st'eH. Vv ANXID-A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE " young womm, as tnrie, or ?eamstre???ucd-mauds cuttiug and fitting dresaes'aud shirt making-has no objection II go a short distance ua the country The best of city ref?r -nie can be given. Apply at 21 Willet street, ui the basemiuf^ Stwam engine wanted?about fifty Horse rower. Addrcis E VIORKId, Burlington, N. J., steting price sii?. condition. and fti'l particulars APAttT.VlENTS WANTED-BY A SMALL FAMIIv.couststiLg of foaradnlts j the lower part of agauteel wo-stor* house, with attic mom. below Canal st Kant nit to 'Ki'eed ttiQ. Ad'reiaVI.A H Hetald Office. TO SILVERSMITHS?WANTED, JOURNEYMEN Pine wonrrj; two or three good workmen can ob.siu ?iea 'V rim l.H me.1t Apply No. 24' Bri g sfeel. A YOUNG MAN. WELL HECOMMENPED FOR ttriat inirgrity aud sobriety, who I* fally competent to akechirge ?,f hooka Mud accounts, *.ud is w lliag to him .elfgrneietly useful, inav hear of a permanent situation iu an old established business in thisriy, by addressing E. H , (|ip't m?irt 1 ra t of M. \iirholl 88*1 Br"ad way AN HONESf UNMARRIED OEtiMAN, OF EXI'E" rience, at well in general busmass materially, its iu BookK-eptugby duuble eurr. and a prac'ical corresponds t iu Liii I nguage. wishes to tiud a situation in any kind of a re?pe. table business, where he would make liimsclf u.efnl, and it1 liereianrv dani,?ir n rmilinn of mi to 19 11(111 in r?.h or w.,nid gj mto a partneiship with au honest m to, whoie business is already profitably established,oiiu managed in au hunri way No ol jtciiou tj go iuto the country. Address, posi-ptid, N n. IN., at the office of thu paper. AU communication* promptly "Mended to and strictly confidentialLook at thh.~ladies,we invite your attcntiou to car large and tpleudid assortment of boou and shoes, wli ch wc shall tell until April 1st, at Ant cut, as we m'end making lomr change in our bu- iness 1 brie goods are a 1 fresh and la est style. Gents.we have on hand a laigs quiatily of first me JBo us and Shoes, wbieh we ?hall also tall at cost, at the o'd place, 367 Broadway, corner of Franklin at. N. B ?Also, a large lot of Kubber Over r hoes and Water Prool Bo >ts. Also, a large assor.ment of Gentleman's Congress (inters, at reduced price M. CAhlLL. pOMPTBOLLEB'S OFFICE, STATE OF NEW York?'1 he Hank of Gsyug* Lake, at Ithaca, has this day tiled iu th a cflU-e a notice ol he appointment of Messrs. v- ashburn Ik Co., of the city of Albany, as the agents for the eiemptton of its emulating aotis, together with advocation of the appointment of William Warner. No. 70 Wall street, N?? Yoik a? such agent, agreeable to the act emitted ' n act relating to the redemption of bank notes" pessed May 4th,1S48 March 1st 18i> M > ILCMOH ?. Comptroller COLUMBIAN hose co. no. 9-1T IS WITH PLKAsure the :V]rtubers of the above Com piny return their ar-atefjl arkm)* ledgireuts to IVlr. EDWiN cok, Hatter, No BO Boweiy, and tun lj, f ir the bou tecus repast furnish ed the Company, while on uutv a: the fire on Morning of 3d ?t*ut. eorucr L iiaoe,h ana llenirr streets. By H. S. MA^'SFl ELI), Foreman John Lynes, heeretary. ENGLISH MADK &TEK.L PENS.?FOR SALE, 200 xr.iss of Bteel "ess, of he very best kind; to be told in cans quenceof ihe importer having other engagements. Ad'ress A. A , Herald office. Also a lew gross ui patent marking ink. A CARD TO THE PUBL1C.-AN AHT1CLE HAVing appeared in yesterda> 's True Sun, Herald, and other pipers, in relation to the puicuase of some hogs, and connecting Mr. St. S. Caruian in the attempt to defraud the countryman out of his hogs or money, the following is a itatemaut of ficta About It o'clock on Thurslay morning, a country wagon loaded with potk( was driven up to i eutre Maiket. ..eatly opposite to Mr Carman's stall, jost before which, a inau c ime into the m <rket, and says to Vir. Carman, 1 have got someofthem hogs I spoke to yon about last week, ( hia same mau hid previously spokeu to Mr. Carman about purchasing <ome hogs lie expected from the country.) Mr. Carman weut out to the wageu >nl looked at the hogs, the man haviug told him in tlie m i ket tie could have them for6K cents a pound, t bought them The countrt man, the mau and Mr. Carman, not the hogs out of the wagon into Mr Carman's cellar, where <11 three ats steal in weighius them. After they were weighed, Mr. Carman went up stairs in the market to attend his s ail, (customers being in waiting for him to attend them ;) he was fol owed up by the uian he had bought the h"gs from, who, in ? lew minute.,asked him if he wns readyto pay for he was ib a hurry. >'r carm m added ud the weigh', ef the hogs, calculated what they ratne to at ti^cent?a pou'.d, the price ue bought them fur; he paid the miu >59 fi); the countryman mthe iiie'in time, hid been invited by the strange he avs, to walk over the way to a public houte and warm him' elf, and lie would be there iu a few minutes and settle with bim. While Mr. Caruian was counting the money, the tntn >sked him to give current mo. ey, wMch he did mostly ; he got the moner and went away, immediately after which, Mr Carina i recollected he had lent the couutryman his pencil wheuihet were in the cellar, and was about to go over the w .y to get it from him. when he saw him coming towards him, toe othrr man being near at the time;the other man passed Mr. Carman, who then asked the countryman for his pencil?lie give it to hna, saying he did not mean to keep it. They (Mr. Ca m in and the countryman,) stepped inside the maiket together, when the rouutrymnn tsle l Mr. Carmin where tbr >omg man was ; Mr. Chiman replied, i guess he is not far off; h. ,l... ..k.H ul,.t .I..I , . r... >1,. vir a.:. i., au?wered,6>? cents a pound, and showed him die book win. ' - weights nnd reckoning on. \:r Cattnan thea asked him whit he told the rork f >r, ?nd he answered 7^ cents ; it then Hashed on Mr Carmau's mind that the man h id deceived the C uurr>mau and he t?ld him so. Mr. Catmji then enquired til different persons around, if they had seen which way the tnau had gene, but it wn too late;ih? bird had flown. The ouutivmaii maie his >mpl<int at the Thraba; th?' lerli of "olice, M'. MeWnrt ordeied Mr. < arroau to give up the hogt to thee untryman. who came bavk to the market and l>"t the "egs in his wagon ; iliev were lfer? arris leplevmed by Mr Carman a?d Tf now i? po<s*?j in rf the *h>nff 'PO LET?A I*AHT OF HOUSE No. lto MADISON 1- street, tol a rnia 1 Family ; consisting of Ftont Parlor, ttaieineut, and two BeJiocmi. Inquire as above, or #5 Cliff Street. TO LET-THE KOKT WASHINGTON HOTEL, with about fifty acres < f ground aituated on the Kings iinilge roal,' abont nine miles from the city and near the high 1 irtge? possession 1st <f April seit. Also, two cottsge o??es, ouc mile from Qrmd it. ferry, Williamshnrg Elqairj ol CH AltLES PAOET, Attoiney at Law, 75 and 77 < * iMflU lit CTOUfc: TO LET, ON BHOADWAY-THK LAHGK. ^ m ?<lrrn bunt ilor# No C93 Bmadwav, between Amity nd Fourth us, no ? occupied tiy Mr. E. I.udecun as a wont eii ml general f?n-y eMail shment. Ifrequied, he basement will be unit rd with the itorf. Water closets. Croton wate , x , oil toe premines Apply to A.J. Cipriant, 6.? Broadway, netween 10 and '2 o'clock pO LET-A FURNISHED PAHLOK AND BEDI room, with board, if r?quired. 'i he rooms are very pie isant, furnished with Croton water and grate and a large aiitry. Any gentleman wishing the couilorti ol a home, will |i><i> <wi'v ? No. 12 Dover ?'r?etGEMLEvlENN HaT8. 8PK1NO FASHION-AMIdon. 177 Broadway, is uow prepared to offer the 8prii g tint The great improvements in manufacturing receuth erlecred by hivi.and the faultleas mo^el now presented, u ly wa nut him in saying that the Hats he uow offers are in vm- point nuiurpnssable. A lull snpply of Oei ts* and Bova' ?- ' *" ' -id N,,v (%p,. AV1IDOV. 177 Broadway. LADIES' AND tsENTLEMENh' LEFT OFF WAHD ohe and Farnitnre wanted ?Lidiea or gentlemen having <upetflnous effects to dispose of, such ps wearing apparel, furllMIt fee., ran obtain a'air caah Mice for the Ivy sending lor the aubtcriber. th'engh the post office, or otherwise. wfio will attend at their rrrdracei. J LEVENS ! YN, tM Brradway. up luin. Ladiea cu be attended to by Mri. J bEVr.NSTVN. TO TMUIKS-THE LONDON, PARIS AND I'HI latlelpbia Kaabiona for the Spring and Summer iSlfl, by K. .Vahnn, nre now out hb<1 foriitl" by A ft WILLIAMS, 111 iNdini at , New Ymk N B.?Thu ? o-ia ol lie Moat beautiful and earteet pla'ea erer published It contain! a ?[ irit?d an<i e rrtct liken?it of Maior Ul < U. S. A., end other ehi' rt-M well tyiwn in ihe world of laalnon 'P(l TAILORS?THK LWDKRHIONKI) TAKf 8 I. le?ve t? aanoaaae to the trade that he h>? now in pteta an elegant edition ol hn celebrated work on c utlug garmrnta ol very deaenptioa ThU ed 'iob i< ia every reject al(er*<1 fr.?m tlioae ol hit lamer pablicntione, the diagrams being all iew aud arrange! to conform to the peatnt IWUm,Mflda vh cli anaoe of the meat eateatial p ?inla have been couaideia61/ ale'ed, and the whole plan rendered ao plain th?t fenopi ?lio hay hrrrto'ore uer?r pr e'iaed rattiag.eaa 111 a I'w h mn apt lieation be enabled to eut aay kird of garmtnt w iih teate ana in the mist fohionable style wiikout the aid of a 'eecher. The werk will be ready for delivery by the |jrli of he preaeat month. Tlioae who wunh to obtain a proof impression, will please ten < ia their oraera immediately. aa ih edition ia limited. Pure ot (he tame, elegantly boaud. ft per r. ipv; to tlioae who have purchased hia former wotk t^e p'ice rill be *5 per copy. '!' be hed ot ilie author. W H Mine- | n?r?. No. H3 Rrondway, and of A.Wbrrier, No t ConrtUiiilt feet, New Y-rk P HUH I MroR r ATI ON ?A LAROC COLL fiCTION I of I are Etotica, to be had wholesale nixl rrtnl. at H? iroadway The collection consists ol the rarest Cameliie. ' ho lodeiiilr na, Koaea, Peonies. Bnll'S r,l everv description, Kruil treas Flower i>nd other seeds. nil warranted. PK N Vi A N S HIK-OO L \MTH'"> WIWilMi A' A demies. 28) Breadwiy, corner if Kexde atreet. and 2-> : Oraad at net, corner of K'-raytli. The acknowledged superniritv of Mr (J '? ay tern of mercantile and epietolny writins. nTrf i>ir riiBiHi my i'ukiii icnnoi mii iwao," rf m r.enm it to ?ll ?h> w itli to eicel in the mliirtph r art M l>< <meri-I can Institute hia awarded Mr H, the ' first pemioin I've . ve> r?,'' I" r the be?i a|.ecin>en? of Off-Mid . enm <u?h.p, ri!nb trn nc the great imra of that institution 1 h? tt une ce"?nt? I t ' ten en*y and lnteieitir * eierei-e< of an hi nr eaili," an' j VIr. U vunruueea to ?ll (old or ?nan# ) a ntuficto'r in?- j pr M menl ft thf coi clnau n ?.f the leaMma Hon'a lor latfin . -.11 yatHA M , ib Broad w \r and tt JH I* M , in CJrai.d it ' Term* only $1 '.0, inel'i Inn a'aiinnarr payable at tli? comnrrineu Prune chiaet f ir In nee and icn leinen. te-m> i?e dul are, and n i ?itr? chart" Kali p\ timla-? m it h? hot 1 V |I e f m? r Ki'iae of a lelt'r fmn? frH n J hn Q'iin< \ \ iam? Your (Jem* ?f I'ei mamh p Me ri cu'efl wiin ' irHtlleimM a id ar* among the ch iceit apeciinrnaof p.'u* n i,ahi|> t i I I ! are ere. tern " VGaHD?dh. WHCKLKR. OCULIST. IU.i KlVrreliant* at hie residence, 2t Oreenwich ?i"-el rre-\ j m rim* from I V M. to la'c oek P. M., after ?Inch ha prae ie ia r ir.ln?i*ely deto'ed to faoniliea it t't'ir iende..ce? ? | ^ "aea i>f the ( ye, no mit'er how lnii||st,inilin?. or howrrri j o latinate they may be in t <eir nili re. ran be f ffectnilly eraiii I c iieii, and permanent cntee effected. Heferencea to Inmiliea f the iiheat r? apecti'iility, will be giyen to thoee timequautfd with him Artificial Eyea ioaerted and for a*U <m r MaaiKl tinia. P IR SALE-A YOUNG HOKSK. SIX VCARS OI > warraated aonud and kind iu all harueaa; would make a (ood ladiily horae, or euitaMe for a doctor Can be aeen for a week, if n t a. |.l, at.Mr Muaaer'alirtry atable. in IJth itraat two doort weat of Uaireraitjr flara. , -J 11 I PARK THEATRE?REDUCTION Uf P?lCK?-iN I I compliance with the w ishes of (he pablie, the Mui|ii le?#ectfally *nro?nces lhat the sdm ssion to the Boies will be iedne*d to M ceute. Botes. 50 cents ; Pit,50 ceoti ; (Hilery,?5 cents. Doore op?n at 7 o'clock ; p?rformaucr at hilf put 7. Hatarday Evening. March 4, will ha performed Che Hiitiriaal Tragedy uf hi H*KD III?Duae of Oloster, Mr BrH.Ui; King Henry VI, Mr Bury; Edward Miss Deam; Richard, K Demu; Henry, Mr Dyott: kMtabeth, Mrs. Inm; Lady Ai dc Vbot To roncluee with the Irish Karce of the mMMBUS?Pat Ho nev, Mr. BiouKinm- vir.'i'oui D<bb?, W B i.napinoi;. lu111 Dolbs, Mim Julia Miles. OOWtltY THEATRE.?vlM8 HHAYV'i BENKUT u ?Saturday ??uiok. Much 4. will be perfurined tlia trn (tedy of CVM lELINE?Pmhuinus, Mr. Bar y; Jachtwo, W. Matahall; Pisamo C. W Clarke; Beluia*, Mr Utevea*; Imogen, Mrs. Shaw: Queen, Mil Jordan; Helen Mrs Wal coi. To cone'ud# waa the YOUTHKUL (i'lk EN?Christine ol Sweden, M:?. hhaw; D'Oxenttern, Mr. Bellamy; Kiederick.C. W Clarke; Member*. J. H. Hn'l. Cmmi. Mra I'hillipa Boies, 25cents: Pit and Gallery, 11K cents. Doors open at<K "'clock; i-erlofaqc* to commence at 7 CHATHAM THEATRE. SATURDAY EVENING. March 4th-benefit OF Mlt. WaLCOT and MISS clarke?The uerfottuance will commence with the comedy of the PST OK THE PETTICOATS-Zephyr, Mr Wnlcot; St Pierre, Hield: Paul. M.aa ' larke All?r which, the first net of Nil HoLAS NK KLEBY?Pqueers, Mr. Walcot; Stnike, Mm Cla ke; M's Squeer*. Mis. Isher wood. To conrlude with mutual drains of THE LOST bO\'?cquire t liase, Mr Suffjrd: Chirles Maydew, Sutherland; Dauie, Mr. Wr.iv: Ciui, Mr* Wilkiusou: Jeuny Mm Hildrrth Doom open at 6 o'clock?lertormarce to com men^e at T Hoxe? . Vi rent*-. Pit ernrs Broadway theatkk.-sa'I" rday evening. Ma ch 4, will be performed he c> uiedr i.f LON DON AS^Utt ANCE?9ir Hircvurt 'ounly Mr. bl^ke; wa>k Hnrkaway, Mr Vach?; ( harle? Courtly. Mr.G. Vaudrulioff. Ladv Gey 8pai ker, M il Funuy Wallack; Gt?ce Haikawav. Miss Rose Telbin; P?rt. Mrs. Watts 'Pn con elude with the farce of MY WIFE'S SECOND FLOOR ?CaptToplieavy, Mr. Andeison; Jacob Close, Mr. Hadaway; Mn- Topheavy, Mrs. Winstanley. Doors open at 7 o'clock; p?i fnrrrmur* to commence at 1% PALMO'8 OPERA HOUHK-THE CELEBRATED groups of Model Artists, Twsnty iu number, will have the honor of appearing in a series of Tableaux Viv uts.? Mr. BUBKE'S Benefit will take place this Saturday evening, March 4?Fmt 1. The Hiiiug of Aurora: Modesty Had Li'>?rality; Dance of Ulysses' daughters; Diana Bi'hing Port 3 The Seven Stars, or Pleiades; Neptuae and Aoiphifitr: Last Days of Pompeii; Susan aud the Eldera. rarr ? The Three Graces: V*nas rismp from the Sea; the Penitent Magda'en; harho; Ra, e ofthe Snbiues. Part 4. Tbe ( irek Slave: Venus Pikioalion; Hebe; Apollo and (he Mnses; Co'illon by 'he lad'ti of the company. Diets (irele nnu Parq'lefte. >1: Upper B'xes. M cenis. A CARD?PALMO'S OPr RA HOUSE.?AT THE requrst of several highly resp*. table and influential citixrus. that Mr. Burke should take a beneft:, prior to tl a departure of the Model Artirts fjr another country, he has con>e:iiedto appoint to-uuht as it is the la<t the company can p.ias'biy peifoim iu New York He br*s to state that the 'l a b eaux shaJ be most attractive acd tha the performance will c include with ihe grand Olympian Cotilioa by the ladies of the awm y. MECH AN ICS' HALL. ?7J BROAD WA * , BETWEEN Grand sad Broome ?ts?Crowded to overflowing with the baauiy and fashion of N?w York. Open every night dunns liie week except Monday Unabated success -Twenty-second week of the original CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS;, the oldeet established Band in the United .States E. P. Christy. G. N. Christy, E. Pierce, J. Raynor, C Abbott. T. Vaunhn whose original ajid inimitable Concerts are rightly honored with crowded and highly respectable audiences, and uaiver ally admitted to excel every amusement of a similar cliaracter offered in this citT- Admission it cents: children under Iti years half price Dmi open at 7 o'clock?Concert will commence at I. An Afl?rnoon Concert o? Haturday, March 4 commence at 3 o'cloctt, P M. Ou Monday evening, March 6th, they wi I give their Farewell Concert at the Brooklyn Institute Ajmnsios 35 cents. BROADWAY ODEON?ENTRANCE THROUGH Putsax's <"afs det Mille Colonnes.?Manager, E. G. Greeley.?Musical Director, Mr Oldfielri.?Triuuiphart sue cess?New Tableaux The MODEL ARTISTS in several new and chaste Tableaux Vivants, taken from the renowned Masters. The inblic may rest assured that at ihe Odeon UiOrals are iespected, and that no Tableaux are pro uucea Dal tnose tnat in* moat lastiaious can loot npo? ? Saturday, March 4.?Programme?Part 1?Tableaux Virants and Posee Plastiques, by the Model Artiita. Part J?Time discovering Truth, fcc. Parts?Venus attaluig Cupia's Bow, fcc. 0~cr>ect-? Boi. M cents: Marquette, ? reals: Boies, 1I.H ceits. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MU8EUV1.-P. T. BARngm, proprietor; F. Hi'cricrk, mauager?Splendid performances. This afternoon at S o'clock, and Uiis evening at 7K. Saturday, March 4th, 1848. Benefit of Pete Morria, the celebrated comic singer. Last day of Matt. Johnston, the very talented tight rope dancer The last day of the <Jehanun Family. Oreat Western. Miss Bernard; last day of Mrs, Mouell, >ast day of Mr. Pirsser, laat day of Miss Whitlock Mrs. Pelby's Scriptural Statuary. representing in figure* site of life, the Birth of Christ, his Last Bupper, and his trial before Pontius Pilate; betides a groups representing an Intemperate Family, tin* to Life, hiadsme Hock well, famous Fortune Teller.?Admission to the whole, 25 cents; children under 1# years of age sud old enough to walk alone, 12>4 cents. Krs^ved front seat*, on' fhillire each extra. NIBLO'8 ALHAMHA, 45# BROAD WAY.-THE first of the Pii'tureeque Concerts with the Virgiuia Harmonists will take place this evening, (Wednesday), and will continue through the week. The public may rest assured thet this exhibition n chaste, beautiful and inte* resting, and the music of the very firtt order, and nothing will be left Undone to satisfy the refined taste of a desetving public. Doors open at #)? o'clock ; Performance to commence at 7K o'clock. Piicaof admission?Ureas Circle, 50 cents ; Parquette, 85 cents. SEVEN BEAUTIFUL FEMALES, AT THE IIALL of Novelty, corner of Centre and Pearl streets, in the Tableaux Viv&ots.or the Living Model Artists, males and females. v ho ar* the adm ration of all ; and by the exprrsa desne of a gieat number if the p'trons of the establirhinent, the maa'cer has induced them to exhibit the Oll?.EK SLaVe for six nights longer, together with 17 ether new and splendid Tableaux. Also Coleman's Band of Sareuaders, with songs, ?Iee?, fcc. Smiting ami dancing by males and females. See programme. Admission one shilling. Doors opeu at Curtain risMit7 ; Tahl??nx *(8 CONVENTION HALL.-,THIRD WKtK-THE ORIginsl sable Brothers, e couiaged by the very liberal | ?tron ice of the public, will continue their select Ethinpean rn tertamments at the above Hall, ITS Wooster, near Bleerker street, every eveniug during the we?k; their original burlesques, sougs, glees, dances. fee., ch-llenge competition. Admittance 25 centi; doois open at 7 o'clock, performance commences at 8 o'clo. k An afternoon performance on Saturday at 3 o'clock, wheu the price of admission will be one shilling for?bool?, nnr?nr? i'nrl child ten. C~^JNVaIrrru>N !iTnL l.\ WOObTf.It Ml'MEET. J between Houston and Bleecker Mr. H DONNELLY, accordionist, respecfnlly informs his friends and the public in gener?l. that his benefit will tske place at the above hall, on Monday eveniug, March 6, on which occasion will be introduced new songs, glres. choruses, fcc., by the original Sable Brothers. Price of admission 35c. Last week.-mr. malone Raymonds musical ir1mi !>'.veuiud?, and the ladies of Lis lauiily, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Sue. Mrs. Ma]on* Raymond's lector*, wiih the uiodel of ancient Jerusalem. Snn diy, to?sday. Thursday, anil Saturday, 25 cents. Botli begin at 7>?. Brsnetti's Gallery, over th* Panorama Hall, 598 Broadway. BANVAKD^S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OK THE Mississippi river, painted on three miles of canvass, b* ing th* largest painting in the world, at he Panorama build nig, in Broadway, adjommy Niblo's U<rden. Opeu ever; evening, (Sundays excepted.) Admission 50 cents; children price. The Per.O'amn will commence moving at 7>i o'clock precisely. Afternoon exhibition on Wednesdays sad Satttr days, at 3 o'clock. 'I'll!. MUS'l' VALUABLE COLLECTION OK PIC J. turea eyer io thia country?coinprmug tome of the b?* workt of Titian, Mnrillo, Kunena, and many other of the oid Madera. ia now open to the public at the Utllery of the National Academy ?l Deiifu, corner i Broadway and Leonard ?l eet. from 8. A. M. to 10. t* M Admiiiino. 25 certi. BttUNSWICK'-i STATUARY?LARGE AS LIKE? repreaautiog the VENUS OK M..DICIS and APOLLO L>EMH.DI< IS for a ahort tuna only. Open Irom 9 A M to 10 P.M .at 39b Broadway, neit to bioppuu'a b&tha Admittance as came. WALNUTSTREET THEATRIC, PHILADELPHIA ? Laat nixht of .sdmie Blaiigy ? Saturday Eveuir*, M"ch 4, 1818. will be peifo med the Grand Ballet of ASVICDEUS, or Le DiaMe tloiteaui? \amoiJeua. Mr. M Writ?-h?.ff: Cleophaa, Mona. Bounrv: D m lingo Mr. Johnaon; Dm Manael. Mr. Korr??ter; I1 mm, Mr. Botwell; Director, Mr. Eherle; t lorinde, M'l'e Blangy; Marielte, Miaa Va llee Preyioua to which, YOUNG AMERICA, To conp'aile with the farorite Burleit i of the FAIR ONtC WITH THKIiOLUKx LOChS The celebrated Heion Family ar<- *fg'4 ?!?? will ahorf'v ?rp?ar PRESENTATION.?AT THE AVMVERSAHY ENtertaininent of the Union HiHemen, h?ld at Tammany H 'II onThuraday evening I ui, Opt John P. Kllia, of that com any mi | rcaented with "-n eleiiant Sword and a pairol beautiful Unld Epaulette* The aworj and epaolettea were presented by Cel. Hobt. C Murrii. in behalf of tne company, iu a neat and peitioeat apeech, to which ' apt. Kllia ieapunded in a few brief bnt happy rema'ka. The following inicnpiom are ri!graT?d on the acabbard of the aword: ?1 Preaentea to ("m t. John P Kllia, by the officera and memt-e-a of the Union Rillrneu N. Y. n. M." Lieui. John Uillhooly, Robt. Brown, Wm. A Gamb'e, Committee. L"?ANCY BALL-ALL MILITARY AND N^VAL r iimfo-mi ta? he allowed aa coatmnta Spectator* to br admi'ted to ihe Amphitheatre at $] furaaiugl* gentleman, and at (10 for a Rentleman and three ladiea Refreahmenta to r-e paid for by thoae deairtng them Carriagea to aet down their company with the horaea' heada tow arda the Bowery, and lake op t he reversedirertio?. Fancy ball noticr.-at a meeting ok ha Committee appointed to make arraigementa for a finey Bill, to be gieen on Mond.iy. the 6th of Match, it waa Iinanimnualv decided til ?t it it he itricily a Kuncy Dreaa Ball and no peraona except the heada ol familiea havirg fluld au preaent in eo tame, be dinittril without faccy dreaa 1 h- 1 ,e>ta and boxea in the Ht and 2<1 tier will be governed by the i, mici nuu ciBnoi 05 rrirrvtu tar inai CTfCiug. A G rl AN I) BALL AND KK8TIVAL WILL UK. - b1 v*u by th? C?tado.'iiin Pmtirn No. 1, IpiVieideot U dar Hon* of 'I enptranec, at ihe Colnmm No Broadway , on Tuetdiy avani.ft, Ma ch Mib, 11(1 The Lad) < aladooian T B Society, will ??penuirnd the F.' 10 their mini ityl* of eictllente. TicketJ 40 e?uU each?to hr haJ at the fo|lnwn< pliric-Viiin Ira (ireen Ml Writ [Iroadway; John Bmck. 17 Li>penic<l it; John Camnbeil'a I) gnerraotypa Hooini 135 BrO'dway; A. Oaldwrll, Baker, 01 Barard ?t; John Srhutte, 109 ftnllinn !.; A. Home. 91 *tli Areuua; Jamaa E. Aieken. K?k*r, 111 Broadway, and at h' door on the Kreiiiog of the Fe? iral. BUKOltM. STKlNOttU k CO 'H LI8T OF NEW Book*, corrected daily Sumoedi'a Literatiiie of Month arn Etrope, 2 vola. ,tl; Hcott'f Lntheraud the Keformuion, TSeenta; Kc'ertie, hemncnt c. and Huii''? M?rchantj' Mi-*a /ine? for March: com ug oat. "The Yi'm'r T? L> .nyht'r," oy \lr? Martli, 2) ceau; w?a. or the Nlea ol L'fe and Doth by dwnrd Matn iu, E?q.. 60 rei ti; Jack '1 icr or the Klorirfi Heef 2 Tola , SO centi, eicellcnt Itcid,rg durui t lli'ie dnll winter erenioK*. Juat pab iah?d ihe rttriwglea and *dTeatut?? i f Miin'o?ber Tadpole, by the antlior of the "KejeciedAd I dreagea," (louiof <at?) 1J ce,t?; Bi ia jt 0'l.innt( or Lnck i? | rj >? nr 1'ir miiiinr >>i nvr'ir v lienor ' \ii..r u ,u?) Mi c?rti: Lancelot Wfl tr, by Hontnn, ti <:eur? ? I nr c-?tl laetche*. (em ire I v ne ? ) V rent* BUMOKtH, hTHI NG*'K 8c OO.t 922 Broadway* c^rrer of Ann it. Vf K?\1KHIHM!-K< KI'Tir.i i II * I LKNOKI) TO ? H I?1 Kiitnflut.? At the Coldinh ?n Hull. No. 263 Grand ifreet, thi* evcninir. Satnrday, Much 4th. Dr 'I hien will lecture i > ? > wpithetir Lawn Mr Shaw will okiw ?n tl>? whole and'ence, and produce a ysnety of riperiratiit* tu *vir>palh\ . ha Inrinatioo, ad catalepay. To ro^tnence at u'clork. AH i 11 fn M ~e, r? |^AN< Y PAftK-MOTIC PAPBtta ? AHD9. ENIT vlope*, jo itrit Tiniif p, L'ltffi Tiiix Morocco a i o her |>>P?-; wed inf ?tati"rerv, Aeron t ilot k*, Our t ir| H?B?f FirHitarr; Harriaon'* Columbian lik* hark Mne ?nd indelible, a ?upe' i r artirle; aim oih-r nin. "iu r'fd C >"iene*ni Mirheomtical tnititmr n ? <>r?*?u g I*>i er I>'a*' i t a'.ii a 11 ?t?' ina'eriaW: .Viama .'i *ei aiae Water Color* O to e'? Ike. A I.*g? import ition r'* Pencil*, m> al< K nera1 "ock of imported and Am? rrun itiiinery?U K It K 11 < I rt K D K Y 4 a I nhn *Treet rV\T BKKK?TWO VKRV SUI'KHIOIl K|\K AND r f t rpft'e * ill he cut up ai.d npoi-ed for aa'e, at the old tf Mulied meat *h"p e< r?er of CI nr' h and 1 uproar d *"e?ta on rt?tn,d>r ?*, Marrh ?. AI>o (l-e tmI and milton, fcc PRACTICAL HOOK KKtHNO-Mr I < MaKSH Accountant. No (t < utreet, author of 'he " Science of Ooub'e Kntry Book-keeping HimpMled," and the " Art of S utile Kntry Book keeping Improved." rontiniir* to teach n* abore. 'he pnblie i* re?p?rtfi;l!y mformrd tint the plan pnrined by Mr. Marth in teachiiK tht* important branch, i* truly a eonrte of practice iu kerpini book*, ittlier than c.nrja of lecture* ou the iheorj. f*ro*p?etn?e? wilh t*rm* can be obtained at the room*, from I A M. to 9 P. M ITTKLLISFNCK BT THE MAIL?. Affair* in W&shiuirton. Washington, March 2, 1848. 'Hit Tiraty. As you were duly advised by telegraph, the whiga of the Senate hud a caucus ill is morning upon the treaty The .Senate, as usual, h id prayers at twelve ; but it wan near one o'clock before thare was a quorum present, owing to the perfect blank on the whig side oi the chamber The resolution of the whiga wsa, other objections being removed, to decline a concurrence in the treaty, on the ground of its informality, and t ? send the treaty back in the hands of commissioners, with ample powers to conclude n peace, upon the basis of til boundary indicated in the articW s sent up by Mr. Trist. This, it ia believed to day, will be the plan recommended by the Senate; and the President having cast himself upon their advice, will be in duty bound to accept it. Mr. Mangum, we understand, led off in the discussion to-day, the Senate b'-iny closed up for tou. hours on this |>eace quet-tion lie defined his objections to the udoption of the present treaiy on the ground of its inlormalitv, and argued that it was by 110 means the only alternai i ve between peace and war. The war wjs ended? there was no dispos tion manifested on the part of Mexico to renew hostilities, should the stipulations submitted be rejected bh nttaco ptable?if they be rejected on account of the illegitimacy of the negotiations, and the style of the amplified recapitulations ol the docuiin nt, and because ot the verbiage with which it is encumbered. We may do this, and at the same time provide for a legitimate, immediate und satisfactory treaty, by senuing with the document relumed, a commissioner with full discretion to compromise our relatione with the enemy upon the line suggested as the basis of negotiations. Ill the MOONHM to-day. MMk we learn were the views expressed by Mr Mangum, and we suppose some fifteen or eighteen wings are with him. Mr Benton, Mr. Allen, Mr. Hannegsu, and pernapsMr. Bugby, will be u^uiust the treaty, even with the modifications which would make a S mon Pure contract acceptable. Mr. Calhoun aud Mr. Butler are lor it, as a measure of peace, and they hold that the hazard ot its rejection will justify its confirmation Mr. Cass, Strang" as it may appear, is for the treaty?the r.dministration is for it?Mr. Cass is for and of the administration?that is enough. Mr. Sevier is tor it, and if, as it is said is the fact, the Senate have rejected the tenth (tmpre$urio grants in Texas) article, the Texas Senators may be softened down. But they desire the Sierra Madre, because there their southern borders would be protected by a sovereign State or two resting upon their exposed flanks, aud rendering them perfectly secure from all incursions whatever. Briefly, we expect the decision upon the case on Saturday, the 4th inst. We are prepared for a modification ot the treaty, as an exptlMioB ot i the opinion of the Senate; but even with a modifinuti An wa anaw/talti ?.wr?4./?? ?! ? ....II - ?? ' Iivuwvu, nv DV^KiLVijr CAfCCl IUC O' IHllC IT 111 Bijf, " There, Mr Preeident, send that to the dignitaries at Quereturo, as our ultimatum;" but that a com'.HSioH will be recommended, with discretionary powers. W. Washington, March, 2, 1848. The Levee at the White Home. The President had open house to-night, notwithstanding an old-fashioned snow storm, a gay and distinguished company went up, and quite a proportion of members of Congress among them. Doubtless th** treaty has had its influence, and not a few of the President's visiters will have learned something in regard to their line of duty in this emergency. Tlie President expects the friends of the administration to stand by the treaty, and not to follow the lead of Col. Benton. THIKT1KXH CONUHKS4. FIRST SKSSION. Vallate. W*ihihwtoi*. March 9, 1843 IMPORTANT PaoCEtDiXOS * Professor ?>py in the o?piiol. .Suit beast ?now starm raging T ) e professor Is of the opiaion that there will re a heavy fall ot idow to the North, and that the storm w.U attend ovsi a broad loope of country. Few stran g?rs In the galleries to-day. Twelve o'olook Prayer by Rev. Mr. Sllosr A dos?n detaocrals present in the feenate. Not one whig member in the chamber. Caucus going on-whigH wish to understand each other in r> ii rfiicr to the treaty. Mr. Calhoun, Mr Cass, Mr Bagby, Mr HaUMgftB, Mr Dlokinson, Mr Dix, and Mr Lewie, reading over their letters and papers Mr. Benton tr king bis cloak off " Yes, sir, something of winter, sir, this morning.'' Mr. Sevier looking over a pamphlet which looks like a treaty?he marks a passage with a pencil. Half-past twelve. Senate still open. (Joe whig Senator, vis., Mr. Phelps, makes bis appeal ance, goes to the secretary's desk and takes a plnoh of snuff. Homething in the wind. Quarter to one o'clock, whig Senators coming In a body, Mr. Westeoti among th<>m somehow. Gen. Cast (aside). Vou going over Mr. Sevier to ??e what they have done in caucus, hry ? Mr. Slvibr, bows, as he proceeds across to the whia side of the chamber. in a bee line for Mr Jehnson, of ' Maryland. Mr. Cam.?Will let me know what they have dons. | won't you ? Mr.Si.TiES bows, and sits down with Mr. Keverdy Johnson in conversation. Mr. Sevier draws Mr. Mangun also into ihe talk. The Yick-Pkkiioent calls th* Senate to order. While the Secretary Is reading the journal of yes | terday. Mr. Bknton comes round from his seat on the extreme liMuocratio side of th* Chamber, and takes a position i alongside of Mr. Badger, ou the extreme whig side. Mr. Bknton speaks and lifts up his tluger in expects- 1 tlon as be looks v.i.v knowingly at the Senator from North Carolina. Mr. Badger replies, in a tone insudibls to the rs- : porter. Mr Benton nods his head, ''Yes. sir," smiles, boHs j uf ana uru w 11u hu enwr);ru r?iii>i*ciion, auu WUK' ] round outside the bar to his seat again [The meeting or these two distinguished Senator*, and thf pantomimic revelations between them were signiflcan' etough of the decision* of tlia whig caucus; which was, that, thu whigi aforesaid bad resolved to vote againrt tbe treaty ] THK rt'BI IC I'ltlMKR* 1HU THE ri'DLIC DOClIMKNTi Mr Liim.hvki moved a resolution, inquiring into the reasons oi the delay in the publio printers, in l?ymg the I'r* sitient's Message and public documents" ou the tables of tbe Senate; and submitted some remarks in support cf the resolution Mr Dn would tin', tppose tbe resolution ; but one of , the public printers had Informed him that the rea* n 111*" Tub DM " wer* no' forth coming, was that the ! engr?vers bad not finish' d their work upon theru. Mr BRADifat thought then that the Committee on i l'rinting, ought to state the iaot to tbe public. Mr Was Tcarr said it was tbe maps which haj delay ed the pr nters The resolution was adopted MR TATTKMiRE On motion of Mr On. the l.tbta>y ? <im:niUee were j instructed to inquire into the propriety of furnishing ' >lr Alexander Yalternate, for (he government of the Kranrh, the standard Weights and measures of the L'nl- , ted States, ao4 eartaln hooka, Jtc , in the way of inter- ! national exchanges TNI rilHKRMItT Mr. Wkriter, Irom certain fishermen of M issaeii , setts, presented a petition They complain th?t uud"i the present tariff, tbe Hrit'sh flrhermen of N t i Scotia New Brunswick and New FoundWrd. have Ifca advantage over the New Kagland ttsherm*n, In tbe trade. 'I'h petitioners, therefore ask. that the rate of duty un fl?h be changed from an ad valorem to a speciflo duty. Haferrad to tbe Committee on Finance With some other incidental morning business, W I1IUI.IUII 01 *111. onmii. inn DPI.MB w?nc into ??e 'I tlve ("laion; unqueatlonably upon the treaty P S ? Underatand tliat the Tote waa poHponed on tV i treaty jto Na'nrday Whig* paid te be agum*' It ou ar o uut of ita informality. Mill, there are hope* time It will bs adopted in ?om? modifled ?bap*. Houn of Iteprc??ntatlve?. W?<hii?o row, March "i, 101H Tiir rustic rai*Tt*? Mr. Co."inaR, from the Committee on Pilntln repoit- ' 1 ed a riwilui Jon to print flf? thousand ooplea of thi r-- I port of Mr K'Otf. chairman at tne Com>nHtee on N<?il j 1 Affaire. In favor of granting land* in Florida to a rail rond company Mr. \iHMrw?Krery body know* that th* pfiutbi* I* ' much beblcd We ?r* entitled. aacli, to stxty'ir | ty copif* m the I'realdent'a navai^e and th*aco< mpany- ' hi* document*; l>ut we bar* received only twelve or ' thirteen! Complaint* are oonilr.g from all part a of rb- j' country, fr< m our conatltuenta. becauaa they have n?. t received thi* document It *eain* to me therefore, that j I tome menaure* ought to be taken by the Houae,either to ; t)i*'-harge the prli.tera, or to do a< inelhlDg to i;ite im 1 iul*e to their action I do not desire to Diaki Huy uio- 1 tlon, but I want to know the occaalon of the delay Mr. Wkjtwokth ?I waa about to a!lud? to tne *ant< 1 'iibject I bate received leit-i ? compiaii lug that u< au ui i.ta are no'rent I hop* the C< remittee on Priiititg will Inform the |{ru*e In relation to tbe cu j-rt I, f, , one i( the work I* not ilnna fmt.r ?I1I K. ,. i. or any rnruurt which will brie* the documents in . r toblw. ?. j r CoinuR-The printer* promised Uat ?*e* I thallhn whole number of the dcounxatK will ir , r un Ishrd tbts w?a* Whrtbn they will be or tor. I r onot gtj 1 hi* is U.m only Intelligence th? nommii C*e have irceifed. CnnpUlktl ha?? b??n mad*, It is J 7 tub, but whether they are morn numerous n> w th?.u during the laaL sepgioo, I tin not preptial to say. Tin printer* have assured us that, in a few d<ys. tba print- 1 to* oruered heretofore will b? executed, and that theie will be no causa of complaint h-rsafter Mr. Wkitwoht>i - Suppose this wan a ?hor. Wion *' of ( oiiKtriw; what a predlcsmenc w.-'d tie In! V'h?t '? avail would all th?se assurances be.' I Introduoul a I' f mall b.ll, and it ten days before It was print* I tl: Mr. Cones*? The ermmlttec are aware there h?s " been delay. They ha*? frequently brought the subjrot ** lo the attention of the primers, and the printers have 0 repeatedly assured theui that they would employ an <" v , additional aiu< unl 01 lalx/ilto to.Iff tb'imlv fr? . the oomplalaft ltd tb- aonfualou of the Muuae, uioie ui laaa. id oonaacjua.ioe of tb* 4* ay Mr Wcntwumth I would a- k If tha coinmlttae have \ exaroltiad th? oa?t?rli?l? with whleti the wtk hunb-en V exeouUd, ml cuniptrtii it alth tha terms oi I be aoatr aotf Mr. Canon?1 atn happy to hay-j an t i portunity to itiiKfr ttin question An to he ma'arial. n baa etiiMi?ed the aerlom attention of the commit1 e? They .'r> fully aware thtt the paper haa not tl>u? f?r Wn r.f thi ?|unilty epacllel iu t!i>* contract They are uleo aw?t? < W the pi luted ja^i ti too phirt to ? v?r 1ja reijnlalte Blount of nutter Tile committee have, ho?t'V-.f ,dtreetad a deduction o! equivalent to ihe a.If :r : o? betwrac gi-od aiid h?'J quality ot paper Ml' WknTiroiiHtfeo nl'.t.n? 'jI thejoarn'al of tha Hour* xeoutad only to thi 7th ot Janu?r* ' Mr Conokx Not po far bao* Mr. W**t worth-How far, then' Mr ConatR ? TlM l ).h rf January J looked la-.. area* Mr WkNTwoRTM-If the contract haj >>een *:oiatad, it la th? duty of the roiuTiiiU 11 report to the Heu'e ai finco, that we may take nummary action. Mr. CuiariELu?! would aak wh?ti,?v th*delay had ariten tli? fact that the wagea of vockumu ?r? too bfRh, and ih>' thu prluter's canut execute tha a oik at leas than Cent ' Mr. Commit Nrt telag ;t praotlnal priuter, 1 can't Rn.wer intn ? luuni rranuc'd p'in.rr on tt>" cimnjitutt. and It Is uot Imptopcr to r*? that bo has expre#sed tf e opinion that tfc? price* peli an too low. Tim rimruittre have uot yet iJeterioiued on i?ny cou.?e of act ion. M'. Vknahlk?Are we to wnit until (ho committee coaip to a conclusion ' The printing is so badly done that w? can't lead it, ??id ?;u w? to b> k?pt out ot' our dcoumruM ano'liT uioutii. I i. would bo better to let the printer'? rlcau ' If. We bib IrsifUtlin; in tho dark every day, because wn can't g*t the bill* ,.ri.u?il If Iks contract is too low, let ifcjci oil, a..d 1st uit pay tor the printing like men Air. Hum - It will be remembered that, at the last session similar complaints were made m to the delay lu the public printing. The documents hud been furn1 bed at ?h early a day as In the 'J'wentjr-iJnth Congress. la waking new itrraDg?inent?. and arranging a large establishment, it could not b? cxpeoted thnt they conld move with smoothness. U.ilti*, the utii une cf jiriutiog has b- !ri unusually large 'l'ho pri n>r's are the responsible parties. Hoiee dniav i.if b?eu oausnj by ttj- erigraver. Wnir# th?ro W causo I will go as fai a* auy on" As to tho p.per. the Mauul'.ic uvers, instead of couiplylug with thulr erntraot. nave tarnished an Inferior ariiolv ; iiml 'his was the only paper td which the printers oould avail thvkis?We? Mr Clingmi* iiusirsil to olfor % rejolntlon, instruct^ tho CommiUse on Printing to lu%atr* whether the contract has been viola ed Air Aihmus 1 think it is tima that we should tako seme measure by whioh we runy ho r?ltove l from *.h? luccnvnieiiov caused I y ' he delay of the public printers. Mr Hi'nt-1 wish to inquire whether mere was cot, at be first session of the twenty.ninth Congrsas, a similar complaint abou' the printing of the President's message ? Mr. Ashmuk?I don't reeolleol any suah thing. Alter some further remarks by Messrs. VVeiitworth .. ... I th- , I ? ? . t . k, .... A ?t,? iht* committee va< ordered to be printed. The bill authorizir# the etoplnym-nt of an additional number of examinem iu the t'Mtrut Oflloe wm passed. a hkw mai hit The Spicaekh lai i before the House til# following memorial, v;?: Hoit. R. (I. Wii?TH?op, speaker of the House of Representatives. The undoreUunl ban devised a plan ofttkiug the yeas and nay*, by which much valuable time and consequent expense may be saved to the Koveinment. A small cabinet, called the register la attaehed to the clerks desk, within which the present printed lilt ia placed, having opposite to each name the words yeanay. From this wires le d under the floor to eaoh desk and thereconneot with two keys Insorlbed yea. nay. On toucLing the one, it oausea a pi*ton to rise la the register and ont out the word not Toted. The vote of the whole House is given simultaneously, without the possibility of mistake or failure Ten or more impressions may be taken at the same Instant, eaoh of whioh may be duplioated by ttiM copying press, thus enabling the olerk to accommodate all the reporters. Lens than a minute is sufficient, but on Important i|Ue?tions, ftve or ten minutes, aooordlng to the pleaaare ui the House, may be allowed to let all the ia?mbtn reach their seats. The apparatus may he pat up In the hall In the course of a tew week* without iuterferlug with the session at a cost of >3W)0. An opsratlve model Is now hi're, which h?> would be hftppy to present before a oommill**. Vory rispeot fully, FRANCIS H SMITH, of Baltimore. Waiiiinuto*. Feb '2U, 1B4H Mr. J. U. Incjkrsoll. Mr. Speaker, as this is a subject worthy of investigation, and calculated to save the time of the House. I move that a select committee of live members be appointed on it. Mr. Wkntwokth ? I will vote for the motion if the gentleman will accept a modification, to Inquire whether there is a machine to have all the speeohee delivered in one day. Mr. InnrRioLL. -l will not put two suoh Important subjects t? gelher. as outi might swallow up the other. Air. W** i worn n. I withdraw my proposition. [ It will operete like oiilotoluriu.'' Ilu 1 ha !j On motion ot Mr. HutiTDj, of Delaware, the memorial was referred to the Committee on Public iiulldings. UH.ALKXAMDha VATTKMAEK. The SriAKKR laid betore tUe llou?e the memerial of Mr. Vattemare, on the subject of National fcxohanges, ana said, that Mr. Adams, ou the a?j be was stricken down, had intended to present It. It wai referred to the Committee on the Library. termination of d b a 1 f . O i motion of Mr. Vinton, ii w*s resolved that all debate on the bill to supply the detMeaoles io tile appropriation of last > ear, riiail ue.ico at two o'clock to-uerrow. Tilt MKXK.'AN qUtfll ION ? STATIC SKCRKTS. The Housv rest ived ite?lt into a committee of the wiioie i<u luti ataie ui tut i hi 'j -Jir iiijur. m tn? tnmr. The deficiency bill was aziuounoei as tna bujiueaa in order. Mr. Thompson, cf Indiana, replied to tb? 1 -murks ol Mr. MoLaae. dwllTered yeaieroay, with regard to li?ue rul Taylor's movement tu the Ku? Orande. aad inflated upon the poMcion formerly tuk-iibyhim He llkewia.' said that the inspector at 1'oljt Isabel whs a military, sad not a iirll appointment Da alluded tc the I'res.J?iicy, and remarked ttiKt Mr l'olk ha J ml up lor himself, mt the poople would not lane him, fu'?l, herniate he tint Santa Anna t ' Mtxico; and, s> co? dly. becau .e Ua oircurtiTented the 'Jabiue'., ? ud Rent aenrvt inauuctlona to Mr Trial. lie ur.fleraiooit that some ooutd i?ot tuk* Mr Uuoh&aaa, because to* had been on boin ?1(1j6 oi u otatun question; auJ tuat another g*ntl m.t i {Mr Cara) baa vot?d tor the charter ot Ui old bank. <<eu tieuien on tbe other aide should nettle th?s-? 'MHauUlffl among thoma^fe*, betore they triumph at the imaglaar; troubles in tli>i whig ra.iks Mr. Sr?ito.v?L>id I understand the g?ntleueu to charge tbat the fretidont c ire um rent u the Cabinet, and aunt accrrt instruct,one to Mr Tilet! I w?U to know whether the g-mlemau h.m"elf know.* tbu.' Mr 'j hompiun Not at all 1 ku >w not the aecret* of the other euils ot' the arenue I not avert ? pet(Ouil ucqnaiutanos with him; I therefore/ c ull not know the secret ebjee a kua purposes <>i the adniiuiatration I on.) kuow that it in aUu l?d to in tbu leading article ol the hrenoh paper it, Nt w Voik. Mr station?1 have it within tny knowledge to tuy that lh>- ?i?t- uicni ia ?l r. lutelj mho Mr Thompson ? I am happy to hoar it D'va the ??r.tloiiian know what lias taken place ia tbu cabinet ' (Lkugbt'r ) Mr. Stanton?I don't profefs tT kuow luipier tbu:. that Mr Thomi-kok? i don'tsee any bfcna in it. [AfUr pome furihoi n ia?t *s b< look bis sea ] THK TBI ATT?Till. Vil.l K OK Ol'R ACQUISITIONS. Ml Smith, uf Conueoii ut, Uent^oii it ught and pro per that the.e ahoulu a " k ? expression here, with r> g?rd to tbe tr ?ty. Il-a.'k'd what wt-re tbt objet an i purpi -es wtnco lb aJtaiiiiMraiijn de.sjred tj ?c<oui>S'i bv the w?c a>ni w...f u- - by tii? tr?R y Tha . j tit ?r(.w d first, w?n tu ' fonqukt u j.e?ce, o. u in y t iud-mut j for tho j net *uU fenunty ior tb? future " Th? o untry b?mtcn ib? Nu'cai aud th? Kto licttidt dm not wotth two uttcwa Kor the whol? Mtaui ?i New Mexico, im i ri??r y a:i of lJpp:-r California, embnoicg t?n degt*** of utiude am in \ ?y ov !r utteen lniuiis In rouw i aotn. Wh 'tbur tb? tine* mt-h ti? which went ont *f tnt ?ecret m-rvicc money in to be inclu led, he oouli n>t ?ny, and w# ?re to take p >geei?eioa ot ling ocU'iiry. Il'i w nil n'tgivetb.i county of Dutonea*. iu tftj SUta of n-w Yora, for th? m .jl? of it IV* ar* to pay iu ire tb m we did for I. ui?laoa unl Oregon tbroan I ito thn h*rvkin We nr? to pay twenty-on? millions u .d r tbt? iu? gi)lfl :?ut administration. la ?dd!tL.n to tie lititdf 4 ujiiiiuiit, which ibe war tits mr. * .* cost U? V*?,tfiO hare sai-tiM d twenty Hfe buudied life* fjr a ? <* (xptnte of nn un aina, ro^kn, and d e r ?,to bru ? t/b 'Ufiad? ot w:id I ullaan undT lh? coutiol Of nr gov 'luieut. tad imposing (h > necessity ot ke-pitig d:i ?iit of ten tbo?? .n d iiifr. *r an anm l i x ?nsa if h?a o:. revt-u nnlll t.n ot <;i#II?ts, in addl.icn to tba oro<ii??'y einbli?fcm-nt. ibe Prr?id?n: iatolTad the com try In a w*r. and af ar piofvou'iDg it f r ..wo years. II *ai seal to II.a Srave a treaty to eoaf luda It. Beta it r a ba 1 wai niij a W*d treaty, ? iu ?y t'iKe th? lc ?st. "?11. Ha did n?t ca? wK-tbir it bou4 b? mill dor i'if, bnt tf It fhauld b", b? aonlt insist taat its in iluenca woaid b? in fh* highest decree irjurioua All 'he territory o bu ?>'q ured is no;, worth million* It 1* not nor i b an vh ux Mr Aimmcw- fer.av iu/ fr.end doe* not undars' the foil rttlua ?f tbe r.arcb?.'? 1 understand the treaty Dot merely piT.'s its \ -w iVIaTi.'o an I Upper ( allfornla, but .?tltii|ii;shv? tba r;gUt of Itxico to'l?*../|; and w < ?rs ptymi fo - '>>x*g .Mr. 9mrM 1 will <iot jay unytMn;; nb.-.ut th>' re.I % ralua of ihat ^tata |la igbt*rj be :hu*- ?b? hs? niU'.atl*#! no tins tl ,.ir, tor *Don I havs abi^U rrspeot. Vlr. L .vi!? ?la Upfur C;?llfo.-ni? ine *uJj are c?.1ei, !T?rjr ' ?a o'eu pr '?iou?iy graovd away; ?? '-hat, i pomi of !*oi the government Jo s not rro<lr? on? nnti Mr Smith?We obt.ln th? ?r'?t d'??rt.?. All th? {>oil<ii. nil we Ket k i " o?er ? ii(M, momictiun t?tt d*Mrtp wbm no naa o?n tra* r?l ?ttl? any iafety aud wli re u :r'?h *?ter Ban be K .ino i?i a d.y'? Mr Smith mad trow teu*. Kni"ry f re;ort to pro?" 'hm i-Mtlon, Ther<? ?<' tfn * '"Suit rn?t thw.'' (Ha1 haf] Mr. Vic cm* the floor Mr *miih J ?n extraot frcm a ptper to fo? rsait. Objection w " ma < Mi pmti n mid to*t ih< otjcct wa* to pier*, by a r??irt from to* *jrg- >n Oa i?r?t a ?mce, that New Mn o del lift furui?h ?iveuh ?* o: fre*h meat enough t ?rer<-ot tbf n urry amon* our troop* there In on* tiineu', a fcuuitrfd ?.<4ta?lv? ra?u were attacked with eur?y wiihiu three m.Tuthe Mr Km m i.t then di-fcad-I tue admin atratlon toek ? ic? of tin ??r the moijl",t anl mibfeiu nt mom i' ol', 'to ?bi) aiknl tli4 wh y* to com out ai>d dea i tbem-elvr* wh?.h r lh-y ?t?r? fur or agUcst lb* < ,if.y, HiiU tta?ir true [ >?ltinn thk mm Mr. L?ti* shaded tli? ttibun* at the U.-rk'i V?k. i t, to aet' hiu.gell ffoui ih<* nl>rip*i;(iiU' of t ?r wntors, read a rp >roh abca; Home, an i th? pro* j-i'viou to Mad ?(iipom?iic ag?ui tli?r>. Me .Uni^ i ro,?i* I' U' w ? rr:oi iu?r He i u t > r tublienai l? trinl by jury, nor *'< <Ua ed th iiionaetori##, nor tahliafccd oemmon teliooU, eto. Every wb-r? in that uutry the papa kjt>m ?*? psroep iol?. The Pof>' n was not bound to k??p fajtx? *iw U* be.-ctw;. \V g \ \ ....

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