Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1848 Page 3
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|r^= ie to represent the district in the national uventioa, and two |>erHous on the electoral ket; and that a committee of twenty-tour be pointed, who shall select one each of two perns respectively named, which persons chosen committee, shall be the delegates of.the conntion and electoral ticket; and that the perns fleeted shall give a written'pledge to sup II)rl Mr. Buchanan throughout. This proposition brought out the entire voice | 'lie convention, and gave rise to an exciting | kd stormy debate, that never was equalled in >y political body. The Dallas m"n, and some the Buchananites, opposed Mr. Kerr's substite most strenuously. They said it was an atmpt to place an entire dictation over the course the delegates to the national convention, in e hands of a committee of twenty-four, a ing unknown to the usages ol the democratic irty. It was denounced as an imputation on e competency of the people to select proper deputes ; and Wiia a system of check balance ver before devised ; and as one opponent, Mr. allowav, of Crawford, said, was a double clinch, and an insult to a respectable minority which ilt-d t# pledge themselves to give their support the nominee of the convention without previts preparat ion, and as a direct censure cast upon em. He also asserted it to be an attempt deprive the people of congressional districts of e right to select their own representatives, y a proper amendment those in favor of it would event Pennsylvania from being betrayed, as le was in 1844, when a man unknown?Polk? )t the choice of the party, received the vote of e State, without the knowledge or consent ol ie par'y. He, also, that that amendment ould not interfere with the ancient landmarks the party; and everything now proposed was irfectly proper, and had been done by previous inventions. In this debate, many gentlemen participated, id many more were unable to get the floor, ftera fierce contest, the original resolution aud nendment were withdrawn. Mr'Long offered a modification, in order to ease hotli nartip*. whinh \v:in linHnimnnslv lopted. It provided that delegates from confessional districts should each select one, who lould give a written pledge to vote for Mr. Bulanan, so long as there was a chance in his ivor. A motion was then made to go into a nominaon for Vice President, which was lost. The convention held an evening session, and ent into the nomination of Canal Commission rs. Israel Painter was elected on the third b 1>t; Wilson McCandlesa on the second. William Firney was elected as the Senatoria] plegafe, After which, the convention adjourned until louday morning. Arrival of the V. S. Ship Columbus. Baltimore, March 4, 1848. The United StntPs ship-of-the-line Columbus, saringthe broad pennant of Commodore Biddle, ichored in Lynn Haven Bay on Thursday afrnooa. She has been about thirty-two months n a cruise in (he East Indies and Pacific ocean, nd last from Rio de Janeiro. Fire In Philadelphia. Philadelphia, March 4, 1848. John Donnelly's lucifer match factory, in iank street, above Chestnut, caught fire about ine o'clock this evening, and the interior was ntirely destroyed. TIIMTIRTH CONGRESS. FIRST SESSION. WiiHiNOTOif, Maroh 4, 1848. Senate. Tt? Vl>. /..II.>4 .ha in ?ual hour for organization. Thi chaplain, Mr. Slicer lad"* a prayer, and the business of the day began. immigration statistics. Tha Vice President laid before the Senate a oommuioatlon from the Secretary of State, exhibiting a stateicnt of the nuniber and designation of passengers hlch hare arrived in *aoh of the collection dietriota of ia United States during the post year, which was laid n the table. rv-rOBT OF THK COMMISSIONERS OF PATENTS. The Vioe President also laid before the S?rate the recrt of the Commissioners of Patents, showing the ope .tions of that department during the last year, which 'as very voluminous. It was referred to the Commit e on Patents. Mr. WciTcoTT more 0 that the report be referred to tie Committee on Patents, previous to Its being printed, ihloh motion prevailed. correspondence or mr wise with the Brazilian government. Mr. Setier moved that the correspondence of Mr. Vita with the Brazilian government be printed. This rss agreed to. tate papers or the late republic op texas. Mr Ruik, of Texas, introduced a bill to provide for be transcribing of certain State papers of the late ReiuWUo of Texas. It was referred to the Committee on foreign Relations. PETITION! AND MEMORIALS. A large number of petitions and memorials were then ireeented, but nose of great importance. A message KftS rrCM?*a irtm lDf? iicuse OI ut-preiruiiiviTcn cuvrrng a large number of piivate bills which had been pars ?d by that body. REOHilTS of THE SMI T MIORI Alt IHITITOTE. Mr Jkffeiiios Dim, of Mississippi, on leavs, Introlueed a joint resolution proposing to appoint regents or the Smithsonian Institute, which was read twice. duty 0v books and mapi for the connreislonal library. ; Mr. Tkarcr , of Maryland, introduced a bill to exempt from duty all becks, maps and charts, Imported for the hongresslonal li riry He said that this aot would be n txaot transcript of a former law, omitted acoidentaly In the framing of the new tariff of 1846; and he hoped 10 objection would be raised against Its passage. The >111 was read three times and passed. executive icmon?the treaty. On motion of Mr Sevier, the Senate went into Exesutive session, on the consideration of the treaty The Senate adjourned after being in Executive session to a quarter past five o'clock P.M , without dlspcslDj >f the treaty. ibuN of Representative*. The House organised at the urual hour. THE DEFICIENCY BILL. Mr. VirtTON, the Chairman of Ways and Means, aoved that the House resolve Itself into a Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union, and take up the till to supply the deficiencies in the Treasury for the fiscal year. ' Mr Htrond rose and proceeded In a powerful argument to defend ti e administration and Its course, In re. iatlon to the Mexican war. He said he was either in ravor of an honorable pence, or the vigorous prosecution of hostilities. After be had concluded, Mr. Cabsll, of Florida, obtained the floor, and proceeded to address t!ie committee In opposition to the course of the administration He eorceiMy denounced . .. At 1 U it* whole cnurflfl In re^ara to in???r, ? w ?? ??? with having unnecessarily and unconstitutionally commenced it. He went on, at considerable lccgih, to animadvert on the eots ol the government, and to criticise ill positions prd ttie gereral tendency of ltd measures He opposed the acquisition or annexation of Mexloo ,in toto. He paid he would be *l?'l if there was a lake of burning fire between thin country and Y.exieo. Several amendment* which were proposed prsvloutly on the bill,were tak?u up end rejected Mr. Vinton moved to strike out Ave thousand dollars foi paying for the expenses ot negotiating ?he loan, and : to substitute treasury note*, which was adopted Mr Tin Rr.i>RArx, of Louisiana, sieved to strike out the appropriation for an embassy to Rome. Much excitement and debate ensued, during which. nativlsm wan ugaln discussed by Mr. Levin, of Pennsylvania. Mr.HiLLiAan, and othera, participated In the debate. The committee rose without disposing of the question fd the House adjourned. NBW TOAK LKUISLAll UK, Alnait Maro^j 4 1MH Srnatei map or aaOOLTit. Mr reported a bill to alter the commissioners I r?D of U>e?tky of Brooklyn ' INSC*AHCt AND aAtlKlItn SILLS, Tho g'-ntral insurance LiU aad general banking bill wore made the specitl order for Taeaday next. liltlOdi AND WAIHlNUTO.t RAI1.H0AD. A bill to amend the charter of the Saratoga and Wash, ingtcn Railroad waa passed. g( HOOI. ELKCTIOKS. A bill to change the time of holding school eleotiont in New York was ordered to a third reading. HCOHrOHATIOM OF SOCIKTIKS. A bill for the incorporation of religions, charitable benevolent and other tocieties, was referred to a select oommlttee to report complete. LONO ISLAND NATIH ATION COMfAKf, The bill to lucorporale the Long WUnJ Navigation Company pasfnd to u third reading UKOOKLTN ORPHAN A?YLl'M. The House amendments relative to the bill for appro- : priatlons for the Orphan Asylum of Hrosklyn, were agreed to. commissioners of deed). The Senate, in Committee of the Whole, took up the bill to appoint Cummipsioners of Deeds in oitirs. Mr. Johnson moved an amendment, that the Commissioners be appointed by the Common Counoll, en nomin ttloH of the Mayor. This motion was rejected. Adjourned. Assembly. a loan for the city ok hew york. The bill to authorize the Mayor, Jto , of the city of New York to raise $25,000 by loan, was laid o?er for ono week. orphan asylum or brooklyn. The bill relative to the Orphans'Asylum of Brooklyn, was passed. imprisonment for fine*. The bill to limit imprisonment for fines was rejeoted? 41 to U8 r.MMETT BENEVOLENT society. Mr. E. C. Benedict gave notice of ? bill to incorporate the Kmmet Mutual Benevolent Soolety of New York . charter elections. Also, a bill to chango the time of holding charter elections in this State. relaying a railroad traok. Mr. Toll Introduced a bill to compel the Saratoga and Sohenectady lUilroad Company to relay thalr track. political movements. Mr. Mekch gave notice of a bill for organizing a board of permanent assessors in the city of New York; also, one relative to ward assessors in New York. amendment of the state prison act. The House, in committee, took up the bill to amend the State prison aot of last session, which authorises cutting stone at Sing Slrg. Messrs. Bowie and Walsh resorted the bill. Mr. Bowie proposed as a substitute that all the convicts of Slog Sing be employed in cutting (tone. The substitute was lost, and the bill was ordered to a third reading. public school society of nkw york. A bill iu relation to the Publio School Society of New York was read and passed. * Adjourned. Market!. BiLTiMORE, March 4?The news has depressed the market, and prices of Breadstuff] wcro all unsettlad.? Provisions, no change. Whiskey was dull. Corn was less firm. Weather cl?ar and pleasant. Fasiuonaulk lntblliobncr.--The great pugilistic gentleman, Yankee Sullivan, now generally known as B iron Swedlehart, or.Saddlebags, or Sourcrout, or any thing else tlicy please, since his appearance at the Opera, gave a famous champaig sortie, which was occasioned by the presentation to him of a silver pitcher by his friends. The pitcher, it is said, is a very sublime ffl'ort of mechanical skill, and contains the following inscription :?" Presented to James Yankee Sullivan, as a testimony of regard tor his manly bearing and gentlemanly demeanor at the Italian Opera." Speeches, toasts and songs filled up the vacancies of the evening. Yankee Sullivan will probably be at the fancy ball. We do not know whether he will muke his appearance in any peculiar fancy costume or not, but the ball promises to be the greatee atl'dir of the season?so great, that we should not be surprised to see the Opera burst up afterwards. Law Intelligence. United States District Court, in Admiralty, March 4.?Decisions ? Before Judge Belts.?Hill Manning vs Iforwin C Hovtr ?Suit is brought, in ptr$onam, against the defendant, as owner of the sloop Cornet, to recover the value of ninety bushels and thirtytwo lbs corn The oas? the libellant claimed to hare proved was, that be was owoer of 1,867 bushels corn and 76 bushels wheat, stored at Brooklyn, whioh the defendant contracted to oarry iu his sloop to ths city of New York, at a particular freight; that he received the grain on board his vessel, and full freight for the whole quantity; bat the actual delivery at New York was only 1.769 bushels and 24 lbs , by weight, leaving a deficiency of ninety-seven bushels, lor which compensation is demanded. 'l'be evidence shows the defendant had no agency in rneasuriog or weighii g the grain, when put on board or at its delivery; the litwllaat employed his own agents to transact that business. The owners of the store where the grain was on storage would not allow the measurer employed by the libelant to make the weight er measure; their clerk measured it and kept bis own tally, and by his bill it app?ared there was put on board the vessel the quantity claimed by thelibsllant. The libelant's mesisurer looked over tn# tally for (our or five hundred bushels, and had it carefully kept; tbe rest of the tallies wsre euterad by ths clerk alone The mothod of ascertaining the quantity of grain, both by woignt ana measure. is to wngu un u?u uurun m i each fifty measured, bu. by weight alone, bd lb. is ' allowed to the bushel atd the aggregate weight determines the number of bushels The proof is, that when graio is taken on board by weight. .4ad delivered by measure, there will almost inva.iabiy be a considerable difference The mode of shovelling will vary the weight, end consequently the conat depending on It, from one-fourth of a pound to oue pound per bushel. 1 think, upon all ths proofs, the reference is just as di reot and strong, that less than the named amouat of citrn was laden oa board, as that the deiendant delivered less than he aotualiy received ; and in order to charge him with any deflcirocy, the evidence mast be clearly preponderating ngainst him. The amount of deficiency, only about 6 per cent, would hardly justify an inference of misconduct or negligence, against the party sought t* I bo charged, when accountable upon presumptions equal- I ly justifiable, that the difference arose in mistakes of I computation of weight or measure, in the cotubined ! operation of loa'iinn and uncharging, and loss to that j amount muit certainly follow in a slight degree of hard \ shovelling. I shall dispose of the case upon this view of the facts without reserving it further to await the decision of the Huprems Couri, on the point of jurisdiction 1 involved in it Admitting the jurisdiction of the oourt, in my opinion there is aot sufficient evidence to i charge the defendant with any loss of corn whilst ou its carriage from Brooklyn to its delivery iu New York, | and the hill is accordingly dismissed. The Prttidtnty fc uf the Delaware Bridge and Hudson Canal Co. rt the Steamboat Jtlida.?Taia was a suit i in rem for coal furnished the Alida during the last summer. It was contended by ths claimants that the boat j having left the city, and more than l'J days having , elapsed, the libelants had lost th?ir lien on the boat The court held that the contrast b-ing for the delivery I of coal duriug the season, the boat bavin# continued lu-r I trips, and received the coal on reaching ths city, the ' libelants had not lost their lien. Decree for iibeilants, | (600, with costs to be taxed. Jtmei O. Hatght r?. th' Sltamhan jilila.?This wis ' ~ .nit in r,m The libelant was a blaoksmlih resi- I ding in Albany, between wbioh and this olty the boat ran daily during lant summer. He was employed b?- | tween the 4th Auk??' and 24th September, t? make repairs un the boat The claimants contended that more than twelve days hivirg elapsed after the boat left the city, the libtfUatit lost hie ien. The court took the same view, and dismi?sed the libel. Superior Court ?Before Judge Sandford.?Tryon n Burt it and nihrrs ? In this cause the jury found ?Terdict for the plaintiff, Rgainst ail the defendants rxcyt Wairen Dr prr Supreme ('oust - Special Term?Ordered that all rpeolal motions nrticrd lor hearing at the present February term, end not disposed of, stand aver w thout further notice, for baring at the nnt rp< cial term of the oonrt, to be keld at the city of New York on the tith day of March instant. Court CinnBAii?Cirtvit Court,? 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 0. 7, fl, 9, 10, II, 12, 14, 16, 16 Common I'lrat, l?f part?93,95, 9?, 9, 11, 13,16, 17, 33,35 -2d 1 42, 164, 158,10, 36, 3d. 40, 42. 44. 4H Pupremic Court or thi United States, March 3,? Carty Weiig, K>q , of Missouri, and W'ui Thompson, l'.sq . of Iowa, were admitted ?'toruey? and counsellors of tire court No. 81. Win T. Pease, plaintilf in error, vs William Dwigiit. In etror to the Circuit Court ol the I'nitrd States for .Yli.lilgan. Mr. Justice \V?yne deliTtrrd Ihe opinion of this court, ailirmiog the judgment of the Sitld ( Ircult Court, with costs and six per ' crnt damages. No. 160 The United Stat's appeUants, I t? Thoinan Curry and H. Osrland Appeal trum the I District Court ot the United States for Liuisiena. Mr. elder Jailine Taney delivered the opinion ot this court | dismissing this appeal, because It had not been prosecufed In the manner directed and within the time limited i by'he nets of ConccrMe. No 41 The United Stale*, i plaintiff*. tc th? city of Portland. The argument of (hit ChUM wa? concluded by the Attorney General for the ; pla'ctlffa. Acoordln'K to the r?port of the Adjutant flenerai of MtMaohU'etU. there are In thm, Sute 4.908 actual ml- I litln m>-n, there are enrolled HO,083 men It If said that th-nt militia "Jitam U a complete failure There are In the uiftenai s nil muskeia, of whioh i>,183 ire In peiVot otdsr. The military expaoee* of the Slate during the j n.'t ;inf ar * eitimated at !24. Wii.f r came hack upon u* y?sterday with one of blr finroei't onelaughta, und from ten In the morning till 1 rvpning. "now fell with a ?tf?iSin??? #nd pertinacity that i moo gi.TH tn th* ?arth a w!)i?e of ?ev?al 1 In death. and renewed tbe iiou#* of thwa wbo ?ra fbnd ! of tk* mutlo of tke llngUng Heigh Mill B? Uim*r* 1 tvean, Jf?r?A I. ? r % Thutrlcal ill Hulul. 1'akk Thiiiii ? Theentertainment* at this theatre, list evening, commenced with tbe tragedy of "Rlobard lit.," in which Mr. Booth, m the Oak* of Uloeter. gave ample evidenoe of hi* high attainment In the histrionic art. His reading and gesticulation were admirable; and in the scene with Lady Anne, where he aaeerta that all the crimes he had committed were for her take, wan very f tfective in fact, for years, we have never seen Booth in better spirits, or more alive to the Intention of the author than in hiscorrrot t< ading. and emphitio exj pression, in the character ot Kicbard, last night. As usual, Dyott, in the part of llichmi nil, wm deservedly applnuded; and the character of Bu 'k!ug',?u by Stark, was very ably sustained. Elisabeth, by Mrs. Junes, was fully in keeping with tbe high character she ha<i acquired in her profession. The soece where she is separ-it?d trout her children. ??( a truthful representation of parental affection The Misses IJ?nin, in toe characters of the Prinue of Walrs, and Duke of York, were also well sustained; and the oaste ?<f the eutire piece retleots ci't.dlt on the. talented st*ge manager, Mr Barry, who is every nay well suited to cater for tbe tasle and refinement of tne age Tbe concluding piece was the Irllh farce of "The Omnibus," in which Brougham, as Pat Kooney, was very happy The boxes were weli filled, and I the audience seemed highly pleased with the perf rmj anC'S. On Monday evening. Mr Booth wilt appear in the ! nart. nf in nf ?? i ?"?? Mr. Brougham Id the burlesque entitled ' Metamora, or the Lwiiof the Pollywogii " The Turk is now ia the way ol prosperity, if tuey continue to introduce a successiou of glerliug talent. We perceive M'Ue Blangy will uppear there in a few days, with au excellent corps de kalltt. UowtKv Theatrk.?As was anticipated, Mrs. Shaw's benefit here Inst evening was well attended, the house bsirg crowded nearly from pit to dome l'ha tragedy of "Cyrabeline" was the leading piece seleoted for the occasion, in which Mrs. S. playnd the part of Imogen. Her no tiny throughout was sustained with extreme ability, lu the forest cave scene, she was particularly effective, dreBied in disguise; and the interview with Belarius (Stevens) and attendants, was a most suceessfuU effort. Her entire round nf characters at tbe Bowery during her engagement for the let fortnight, bad the effect to draw Jam house* almost nightly. At the end of the piece nhn was called o?t, aud presented herself, led fortu by Mr. Clarke, when the house rang with the most eutbusiastio cheering She hereupon bowed and retired Mr Barry's Posthumous was a fine piece ?f aoting. Mr. Mar sbal's Jachimo. and Mr Clarke's Pisanio, weieable performances. The piece altogether went off meat successfully. Mr. Stevens annouuoed a ahange of performances in tbe next pleoe, the " Love Chase'' being substituted lor the ' Vouthful Queen." in eousequen'-e of circumstances over which they had no oontrol. On Monday rvenicg will be performed the great national patriotic urama of "The Battle of Mexioo aino " Katharine and Petruchto," aud the comedietta of " Bamboozling " The bill will be found highly attractive. Chatham Thicatrb.?Last evening, a large and enthusiastic audienoe greeted MUs Clarke and Mr. Waloot on the occasion of their benefit, the house being well filled in all parts. In the amastng and laughable comedy, the uPet of the Petticoats," Miss Clarke, as Paul,was lull of spirit and drollery. Mr. Waloot as Zepbyr, u dancing master, was highly humorous, and in character | Mr W inane' Job was a laughable and s'rilting feature I in this piece. He is an excellent low comedian. Messrs. I Hiftld and SnthArtnn.i MIm HlMrath anil Mm Wilkin. on. nl?o took prominent parts, with their usual ability and spirit; and with the efllaient support of the rest of this talented corps, this perforir-ancewentoffriohly. The first aot of "Nicholas Nlcklcbj" succeeded, and was ably performed. Miss Clarke's natural and touihicg personation of Smike is too well known to need eocomiuta. Mr. Walcot, as Squeers, t?ie Yorkshire schoolmaster, entered fully into the spirit and just conception of this part, and Mr. Sutherland, as Muntiiinl, was excellent Tiie school-room scene kept the audience in a roar, and when the curtain fell, fcluiiUe was loudly called for, who parsed before it in ths cu>tody of Squcers, both cf whom were heartily cheered. Miss Deloruiue appeared in two lUn-es and was encored. Tbi whole wound up with the w^U known popul \r drama of "Luke the Laborer, or the Lest Soil " We takrt pleasure in announcing the re-engageiuent of Mr. Walcot and Miss Clarke at this theatre, who will perform on MonJay ?venlng, together with Mr. Ad ms the trn.-ji'd'an A splendid bill is preteiittfd, tor which w? uiuu refer to the advertisement. Circus? J3owkhv Am phithk&trb.?The vtgaries of lt*nip, the olowa. an 4 the feat.iof the numerous elegant t questriacs attaohed to the amphitheatre.form quite an ainusiDg evening's entertainment. The house last night waa well filled, and everything went off with the usual eclat. The interest whioh the circus going folks take in this gpecie* of amusement would seem to be unbounded, as every evening the house is well tilled, if not crowded; but where things are so well managed as they are at the amphitheatre, it is leally a pleasure to go, not only once, but frequently. The &ttractions during the coming week will be great, as many new acts of horsemanship, &c , will be brought forward. Chrhtv's Mimstrels?Th? success ef this Ethiopian hand is truly astonishing For five months they have been playing to crowded houses, and still the people are as anxious as ever to hear them There Is such variety la their entertainment?lively wit and humor, excellent banjo, violin, tamborin", trumpet, accordian aud bone performers, every oue of whom is a perfeot mast t of tie instrument Aud as for dancing, we believe if (>. N. Christy established a seminary for instruction, (if we may judge from th? execution of the beau'.iful i'olha.) he would be patronised by the most fashionable classes. This popular troupe give their farewell concert in Brooklyn. to-mcrrow evening, when, no doubt, th*y will have, as u*ual. it crovrded house Broadway Odeow?The model artists at this hou e are conduoted in the most orderly style, and none nave modest and propsr tableaux are exhibited. The Odeon is a pleasant place to drop in at in the course of the evening. The music, refreshments, Sec. are all of the best kind. Ai.hamhra.?The Virginia Harmonists and the living pictures, negrosmelody and the impersonation of the beautiful, are well arranged here. The good folks in the upper part of the city have a delightful place sf amusement afforded them now. Order and decorum are striotly ob served at this house Brunswick's Htatuary?These beautiful specimens of modelling In what is known as " Mexican composition," are attracting much attention from the oonnolssrurs of tbe oity. Brunswick, who in already favorably known in artistic ciroles, a* the modeller or the beautiful Mexican croups whioh are to be seen in all the fancy stores of Broadway, has added much to his reputation by tbe copies of Apollo and Venus de Medici, whioh he is now exhibiting Tbe AroLLONKONi wil give a concert at Masonio Temple, New Hayen, oa Tuesday evening next Dumbletoh's Skrefiaderi are performing at tho are crowded every night We are not surprised at tbi <, as they are beautiful musicians and excellent vocalist", and are under the m-\iiBX?iu?nt of a gentleman who is esteemed by every can, for hie straightforward conduct in bis private and public relatione. Dan Marble is still playing at Albany. The Avon Theatre. Norfolk, was to open on the 21 inst. Mr. and Mrs E $ Connor are doing the leading J business The Bishop ir0'ipe are getting along admirably in ; N.?w Orleans. Madame B. it highly eulogiied. and the 1 other membera of the company are handsomely noticed 1 General Tom Thumb has returned from Cuba, and is ' now holding ievete in New Orleans It is said that the ! receipts of the little one in <?uba were $40 00? Police. Juvenile Thievet.?Two boye, by tbe names of Thomas IMtobardand John Starkey, were arrested yesterday by oflcer Nealis, of the 6th ward, on a oharge of stealing a box containing $37, from the store No. J94 Broadway, belonging to Mr Benjamin Pike, jun. Justice Osborne locked them both np for trial. SeTeral other oases of petit larceny, drunkards, loafers, and vagrants, were disposed of according to their merits, w'ii' h finished up the business done yesterday by the sitting magistrate* Instructive Fike in HrFFAi.o.?At about lisli j past 8 o'clock on thcvpnintr of the 1st, a tirr | broke ont in the brick block. No 7(5 Main street, which, i top-tber wi'h its oontents. was mostly consumed. The S'lff^rere are Mr. [teardsley. nabiaet maker, loss about i $ 1000 j Insured for $600 Mr HIMerman, clot filer, loss j fiiOOO ; insured for Mr. Clay, shoe store, loss ji ViO ; no insurance?H-iJfilu Exprfst, Marchld. KHlglmi* Intelligence Cai.kndah for Much ?4th Saturday, Ht. Casimlr, C; I Sth, Sunday <tnli.quap,eeima Sunday; 6th, Monday, RVria; 7lh, Tuesday, St Thomas Aquinas CD; 8tri, Wednesday. A<?h-Wednesday, flrst d*y of Lent; 9th, Thursday, St. Francis. Widow; 10th, Krlday, Most Sacred Taeslon cf our l.ord; 11th, Saturday, 8t John of God. 1 he following is a summary of Bishop D*l.?ncy's Visitation in the diocese of vVestern New York, in February, from the let to the 10th inst:?Ordained one pnesi KUU one urnwn, cuwgi utru kwu uuutvu rumun, instituted threo rectors; confirmed about 14U In aeven churhes; nirriel on* couple; administered tu? holy communion throe time* And preached 17 titmn. On Suuday, Miiroh l!?th, Bishop D'Lanov proposss to hold en ordln.ttlou at St. rotor'* Cburoh, Auburn, wh?re s?verivl oandidatra will be admitted to the Holr Order of Dencons. The Rev Robert Adair has been elected Seoretary of tbr Philadelphia Homo Missionary Sooiaty, in the place, ot tbe Rot. Dr. Falrohlld, resigned. The Right Ror. Bishop Hughes has appointed tho Rev Mr. Murphy, of St. Mary's Churoh, lu thin oity, to bo punter ot the Catholie Churoh, Now Brighton, Staton M?nJ; and the Hev Kdw O'Neill, of the t hureh of the Nativity, ha* boon appointed to ofAolato in St Mary's t.huroh, Orand street. ci.Knirii. Chaiuks.?The Rev. Alexander Sbiras h?i resigned, in consequence of enfeeble! health, tho rectorship of St. John ?, Georgetown, I) and the lie*. ! R. I) f luxion, of West Chester, IVnusylvenn,has boon Invited to oucc?od him The Rev. Bread Batch?llor has , rooolved Into tho dlooes# of Western New York, j from tho diocese of Pennsylvania. and has tak*u charge of the ueedomy at Lewiaton. The Rev Thom?s il Skinner, I) U , will be inaugurated as Profosaur of Snored Klietorlo and Tastorai Theology lu the Union Theological Seminary of this city, on Wednesday evening, 8th of Ma f-h The exeroises will taka place in the Meroer street rresbyterian churoh. at half past 7 o'oiock. Yoimg'a Raw York Spending Baitk_Wlicre f;outlom*ii flriirons of funking find luveaimcnta, can k*\e Ik yearly dividenddeclated in their fivor <>f Iroiu 25 to 30 per rent. Thi? lliev ciu do bv uetiing iheir Boot*, flhoea. aud I (tni er? at our I'riend Yonng'a, opposite onroflice. Thiaatvrc, t i our certain It 'owlfdif, ia the ch?apaat atore in the eity Ho I ?ell? hi* b;at Krench calf boola for $1 J#; sold in other storea for $?() and 17 M; nn?t fine calf ikin, nnr mike, for $J '>0; jold in other aiorea lor $4 ">0 and fl (10 Votm*'* booti are, <l? ci4?ijly, tna r.IiMpf't fcoota m tU? r i:-y i ml fer aty ! and tin rahijitv ii>*jr cannot b* eieellad >s 'his or aur ?ih?r eiiy ? i>\< vroild W? wo a Id reaommawd all ?ui friend* lu *st thaw ; h0#Wr #4WW' **mt ' * *nd m" I I I II) 11| II TN Learntd Canarlaa arc Mill at the Society Library, where they will be rrsdy tu receire their friendi ?nd all tnoae who have not ^en them in their truly wonderful little I'eatJ They in.miw a ^icli treiit every day thia week, Monday aieeptrd. All who have not can them will anrelv go thia week. Thay may be aaen at 10K A. M., and 1 and TH P. M. COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. HOMY MAKKKT. Saturday, March *_B P. M* Stocks generally Improved to-day,the remit, partially, of the favorable news from Kurope. At the first board Treasury notes advanced percent; Long Island,?! ; Canton, X ; Farmers' Loan, S? ; Harlem, 1 ; Morris Ca. nitl, \ ; Reading Railroad, 4>?. Pennsylvania ?'s closed at yesteriay'a prices. At the second board, there were only a few sales, and prioes closed abeut the same es these current in the morning. Tn? arrival oi the steamship Britannia at Boston, with fourteen days' later intelllg|noe, dispelled the anxiety which existed, and the advices being of a favorable character in a commercial point of view, had a sensible effect upon the stock market. The advanoe in cotton is oonsldered the best news we could pesslbly K.? at tViU mnmant *rwl ?Via ^.nlln. In stuffs appeira to be a matter of no particular importance, it having been anticipated. Money continues etmy. and the failures bad about ceased. Tbe annexed statement exhibits the receip'.i of the Western Hallroad Company from the 1st of Deo , the diite of its annual report, to the 20th of February, In e?ch of the put two years MlllACHUSKTTt WK9TEKK Kill.ROAD. 1846 '47. 1847-M8. Inrrtatt. Freight and Mail... .$103,0f>& $160,608 $7,453 l'aaaengera 68,100 ttl,316 13,120 $421,251 $241,824 $20,673 Thia ia a mall increase in the aggregate, being less than ten per o*nt. A gain in the reoeipta of the OM Colony Railroad Company sine* the 1st of Deoember last, of thirty per oent, has been re*lii?d. The bill to incorporate the Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company hai passed both branches of the legislature of Mississippi, and only awaita the signature of the Governor to become a law. The bill as passed is tbe same as that passed by the legislature of Alabama, with thia exception : the aeotion whioh relates to taxing the railroad ia stricken out, and a substitute incorporated, exempting the road from taxation until it pays 8 per oent per annum, and ttien to be (axed the same per centage as lands are taxed in the State of Missisaippi. The Pennsylvania Canal Commissioners have pub lished their offloial notification that the publio works ol the State wiH be opened (or navigation as follows The Delaware division on the 1st of Mai oh. The main line (ftom Philadelphia to Pittsburgh) on tho 10th of March. The Su-qu-hui.Tia and North and West branches on the l?th of Maroh. Tho SecreUry of the Treasury has Issued a ciroular tc the oolleotors of the various ports, relative to the collection

of duties in oertain doubtful oases, and advising o oertain regulations for the more prompt discharge cl duty In some particulars. The principal points in the order are as follow, viz : ? In every case where there is a doubt of the amount ol duty according to the Urlff of 1846, the government orders the collection of the highest duty?notwithstanding the theory of the honorable secretary, that the lower the duiy the larger the revenue. The article ohiefly atfeoted by the present instructions is that wbioh comes under the denoiii'naliou of velveteen. See. This class of artloles has heretofore been introduced under the head of cotton velvet, which pays a duty of 20 per oent only. The Secretaiy now instructs that they shall be classed under Ihe head of ootton goods, and pay a duty of 25 per cent Percussion caps will pay duty of 30 per oent., Instead ol being plioed uuder the bead of fulminates, which arc t*x?d viO per cent. Iodine to pay a duty of 30 per cent, The colleotor is ordered to send on previous to the ooramencraeut of a quarter, an estimate of the expenses for that quarter. Appraisers arw ordered to moke their return kb to damaged goods within twenty days. This latter regulation is made in order to insure a more speedy quarterly return of the revenue receipts. The annual report of the Buffalo and Black Rock Railroad company for the year 1847, gives the following statement of the earnings of the road, &o , for that year ?Length of road, three miles. Cost of construction tc Jan. 1, $20,000. Receipts from passengers, $2,364 47 Current expenses, $1,826. Number of passengers 20,492 Number of passenger oars. flv? ; number of men employed, three; number of horses, six ; miles run by cats 21,900. Stock Kxcluinge. S35000 Trea Notes Gi lot 50?lu Moirit Canal I0)i l(ifl?0 do bl5 101 ^ 3ft Canton Co 33'i f.00 State <1. '60 104 160 do U*. 501(0 IJ States ti J, '02 102 50 do 33 * 5'nJO ?lo coupoui 10'i>? 60 Rending K R 411 1100 lud Bute it 55 50 do 41 1000 do UK 100 do 4I> lfcu do y<K 100 do 41* 1000 do 55 ? 50 do h30 42 1''00 do 55 160 do b30 lib 36000 i'enn 5i 73% 109 do 42 3 no do 73S 10 Erie It R scrip 75 7000 Ohio 64. to 9?s 2id L lalsnd K R 30W 3000 do '50 99 600 do .'In J, 3000 do *70 99'4 100 do 30k 24 >h> Bk America 96*4 600 Harlem R R 44 10 Del b Huilion 186 50 do b20 44 700 Kann?rs' Trnit 30 5"0 do 4J>< 360 do 29% 50 do 190 4344 100 do b30 30 L.t 100 do >60 45 50 Morris Canal 10*4 Second Board* 50 th? Meehtniet' Bk 104*< 50 ihi Harlem RR 43V 59 Kris Rmldroad (.old) 6J 50 do .130 43)2 lil do 6334 50 do 43JZ 40 do 63\ 100 Reading RR i60 41* loo llnrleui Railroad \V/% 60 Canton Co 31 % 110 do b30 -1 CITY TUA.UK UKPOUT. Nkw York, Sati'iiiuv Aftkrnoon, March 4, 184S. The Britannia's news, which was received to-day, by telegraph, and published in an Extra Herald, had no effect upon the four market. Prioes remained about the fame, with very limited sale*. The market for Indian corn waa depressed by the newt, and sale* were made at a decline. Aleal was also leu firm Wheat waa alao dull, while rye sold at previous rates. Transactions In all kinds of breadstuffs were light, and the market unsettled. Merchants, as usual, preferred waiting the receipt of letters by mail, before operating to any considerable extent. Cotton fas said to be tirmer; f >r particulars of which see statement below. Provisions continued steady; small sales of mess pork were made at full prioes. Lard sold at about previous rates. lu#roeeries there was a steady business doin/, without material change in prioes. Ashe*-The market was quiet at $6 for pots and $4 for p>-arls. rrradituffi ?Flour?Sales of 800 a 400 bbls of Genesee were made in several email lots, for home use, at *t> 60 Small sales straight brands Michigan were mud- >it $t> and 100 bbls round hoop ( $0 31 '* H'h'.at?Sales of pure white Genesee were reported at f. 1 -10 Cam?Sales of MOO bushels Jersey white were made at 57c and 4000 Seuthern white, slightly mixed, on private terms, said to be a little over 63o Heal was dull, and there were aaid to be sellers at $2 60. Ilye?Sales of 1000 bushels were made at 91c, delivered. Unit were steady, at 44e fir New Jersey, and at 4ftc a 60o for Northern. Brant ? Sales of M bbls were made at >1. Cotton?Tha telegraphic accounts appear to have taken both buyers and s-tiers by surprise. At yet, all is ennfu'ion, the exact etate of the market there, and the true cause of the advance being mere gueas work The sales that have transpired amount to about b*'es, at oae quarter to three-eighths advance. Coffk.e ? We understood sales of -J 000 bags Klo were mide at 6Jio Sales by aitotion of 20tf do do. slightly da unged were made at 4 to 6l,c. Kiih ?Bales of 40 barrels No. 2 Halifax Mackerel wi-remade at $? In dry cod tb?re was no change Kai'ir?Sales of 600 boxes wet dried raisios were made at $1 46 to 1 60; 6" hhds dried apples at 4>? cents; 26 barrels western dried paaches at >4, and sale* by anotion of 24 casks dried currants were made at 8 o^nts -No sales. Honkt? Salus of 28 barrel* were m?de on private VloLAiias?3ale? to arrive of 60 barr. Is New Orleans were ma le at 27 o?nts, 4 rnentbs, and 26 do do, inferior, sold by auction at I7>??1D.i. NtvAi. STonKs?1'he market was Arm, and we have no rh*nue to notice in quotations Mi-oak?Saleaof iU to 30 hhds rub* were mane Man; 100 boxes brown IInTana at 6 to 6*^c, Mid ?>!) huJs Porto Kino were Hold by auotlon at 4X to 8Xa. Srici.J?Sales of 1000 ra?U Cassia werw made at lJoj 75 bugs p?pp<T at 8j; atid some small lots of uutmegi at ?I 35. Tall*w--W> not* sale* of SOOO?<JOOO lbs. prime rendered at to 9 cents. f.iMK?A oarico w*s sold at 77c. Oii.s-Linseed ? There was no chnotp in Kngllsh or ci'y pressed, while sale* were moderate. 100 bbls aelected whale, of good quality. wer? iold at 37o. There wn? no chituge In other fish oils. PsnrntoNi Sales of iSO bbls new mess were made at J10 i.i, ai d HO do Winchester's prime mess at $10 00.? There *?s uo clfonge iu haius or shoulders. Beef remained the same, with moderate sales to the trade ? Lard Sties of 300 ft 400 bbls wtre made in lota,In olu iing No -2 at 7)?' a 7V?, and No 1 at *o. There was noihing n?w in cli?ese or bntter. Hick-The market i\as unsettled by the news, and wo heard of (to transactions worth reporting Sf ki? -3alea of 70 bbln of olover were inaue m. i -40. Tobacco?aubrolt the ujuhI statement, eshlbitlng th<> prior#, BftlM, rece'.pta and atook oa hand for lli? week ending thla afternoon : Sold thii IOc'4 (Mi Slock on Prir.m. wrrK. hand. Kentnck/, Virginia) 3K tul^e 7u hdi ? 5,2> 3 bda aud N. Carolina.. f IK 10 ?}< Marylaud*nd Ohio ? ? ? ? S hdi Couueeticnt Seed.. S to IS ? ? 229 ca Penrtrlyania do,.. 7 to U lOOca ? 2l0ea Klonrta 5 to 611 ? ? 101 ea Haraaa 35 to #7 H ? 258 bla 724 bia Cuba 12)4 to 25 401 bla 316 bla 47M bla w* to 15 Vara 12 to J?X 16>; bl? - ?2i bla ?!X ca ?t. Dimiago ? ? _ ? 197 bla Buatneaa continued pretty near In the eame state aa in rh? week previoua. Wiminoi* continued dull. Wh 11?r.* *m Inactive, wbt!" remained nr raluuly tb<> oKtUR. v k*im? 1 -CotKn w?i ittken for Uwpool #t VI *a4 Kbaeeo wM taken to at l'? Wt h*an pi ao an??CMIH)U t* WtfWf ptfti MARKET* Kt/MCWIIKUK. 1"". ITOCI *4I.Kt tl Baltimork, March 3? HOflil Mirvlid'l 6* aT!i;$IOnil BalI tunora lit. 1890, ?7>t; $.1)0 <1 . d?,'17 V. i WO dn.l>. Ill TO. V; tl?l Baltm >reand Ohm Haiir >-\<l Diride?4 boeda, 78 V; $701! do dr>, 711 *4; $100 do d ?, 78X. U ?hr*r?* Uu.oti Wauuf. Co , 15. , PhiLadki i*hii. Mirch I, ISM? Fir,t Haitrd-V9) l.eliitfh Canal Scrip, (1 $ll? -In do. 81^; ',o V J r .miter. 1\ I vtmc hill Uailroad CI. Jlflrr Commercial Hi;k, Cintit li1*! $4,060 PeuiHVivaiua i'i,71 ?I(IW |J ,S Treiaurf C'l 101; *# Connn9" Uiii'i, Clint, :i :M U H B?nk. 1 '4 conil BaarJ?(T S l.ovi h'i, 07. I' J'f; 510 U H Troaanrv "?te?6'i, lOl'f Jl/ter fait*?J '.'otnmcciil Dank, 57; :IOOO U 8 Treaaury No r? t>'?, 101'a. DOMESTIC MARKET*! '"" Bhiohton C*ltti.k M?hik[?March 3 184*.? At market 31)# hoof nattle. 35 y*ko? working o*?n. 1 "> nnwi anl oalroi?, 150# ph?ep. anJ 435 awlno Prl,">a Boot Cattle?Kitra $6 50; l?t quality $t> a $ti 35; "J-l quality $5 00 a $5 75; 3'1 do $4 75 a $5 Working Oi?n -frt i 870. *79. $H0, $?0. $110 COW* and CalvcA $33. *'15 $38, $33. $35. $37 50. ShofiO -$i 33. $3 75, $3 50, $4 00 $4 tO, $,">. Swine? At wholesale, 4*4 if^l Married. At Brooklyn^ en the 31 lo?t, hy th? Rey. William WlUon. D D . of rinclnna'i. Mr. John Rkid of 1'tlo* Ohio, to Urn Mahoarkt Dtrn, of the oity of Brooklyn Saturday morning, 4th inst., Mr. W. Brahell, in the Slit year of hi* a^e His friends and thosn of his brother. Samuel Burrell are invited to attend his fnneril. from his lite rwideno? No. 7J Hullivi.n street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at I o'olook. On Saturday, March 4th, Jamks Routon Simfsow, aged '20 years. 1 month and 'JO day*. ill* friends, and the friends of the family. are repentfully inTltad to attend his funeral, on Sunday, the ftth Inst.. at 4 o'olook, P. M , from his late rr?ijenee, 14 Vandrwater street On (lie 4th instant, Homkiit Stkwart, aged 34 yearn. The friends and acquaintance of the family, also the m?mbers of Phoenix Assembly, No. l.B O of Berpans. and the order in general. are respectfully invited to attend h's funeral, from bis late residence. 123 Mulberry street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at 2>i o'clock, without further invitation. PO'T ?i K r!'' H-., NK.W Villi K , MIIU'II I. mm i <N snd efter Monii ?v nex'. the flth m?fthe mill* f>r (tnstnii , v?a Sloningto.i and Provide-iee, wi'l close at thi? olTicc at 1% o'clock, P. M. K. N. .VORIIH P M RKV. THOM AS 8TAHR KINU, O* <11 AK I.KSTON, Mim , will preach in tbe Apollo Saloon. Broadway, this m-i-mng. at I0)< o'clock ; afternoon, at 3 o'clock ; sud eve' ninr, at 7)? o'clock. \tT ANTKD?A, fc'OR PRIN~KD AND t ? n'anv with, woo iiuticraianii* roiiiix>. .ti Pa., held of the Delaware n?d Hudson ('auul. Oood wagei will ho given. Apply nt the Crofon Hotel Rooms wanted?the mkat ok second Floor, Unfurnished, of a moderu built House, in or near the upper nart of B'oadwav, with private table for* (ien'lemsn and Wife, with one Servant. Addrets A. Z., at the office of thi* p?ner. TO LF.T-THE THIRD STOHY OK THK B1III DING 598 Broadway and a large Itoom in the fourth ?torv, rait* r able for a lailge room. The tliird stoiy room it 27 feet 6 i iches wide by 200 feet loag. siwabl?> for miv public purpose. Ironire on the preranen. 9P1CER St McMANN TO LET-THE KORT WASHINGTON HOTEL, willi about fifty acrei nf ground situated on the Kings b-idge road, about nine milei from th* city and near the high bi.lge?possession lit ?f April rut. Also. tw? cottars 1 houses, one mile from Grind ?t. ferry, Williamsburg Enquire of CHARLES PAGET, Attorney at Law, 75 and 77 , N "Man at; IF MR THOM AS DOIG, WHO ARTUVKI) \TN*W York in the packet ship Liverpool, in August I "it, would ' s*nd his addrets to Cainerou Jit Br\ud, 4.'. Pine St., his letter* mil'he forwarded. ST. CHARLES HOTEL, NO. 317 BROADWAY, (corner of Leonard street 1 A fine Oreen Turtle will be ^ rved n? at the ' St.1 bsrles Hote'." on Tnesdav. March 7, at 11 o'l'l >"k. A 11 GEOIIGK E. WVI'lim, Prtp'ietir. HH.JONKS'S fl \ V1N O > BANK. 11 AVN STREET. formerly called No 4. No man can do a prospernts business nn'ess both bu\ ?r and seller are bene fi*'.ed. and I .OHO to 500 thnf there ate no better Boon sold at the following pr'ccs th>u I spll?'jM to 50 that I reII ui'ire (iae (104taIt Tttltl forMlk, which enables m"'o sell at such rem'rkably low prices?I ell fir?t qaality of French Csll Dre*s Boots at 8? 50: second do at SI 50 to SI; E'ech P.ife-t Leith'r Bo its. S7. .M'.'store it small, m" xptutef light.and CO uiieritinn * challenged. I TELL YOU WHAT IT is, THERE i* NO HUMbug about " rh*in live dollar suitt " I h ive been to see i iliem, and. on my linn f was snrp' sed. Dress ai>d Frock Cn?t?, really el?gant, from S1? to SO; Overcoats and Cloaks, S3 toS8; Pacts of Cloth. 8atinet or ''assimere SltoSI; Vests, 50 cents to $1. Cleaning and repairing?cash paid for cents clothing I orner Nassau and Bcekman itreets. TO TAILORS ?THE LONDON, PARIS AND PHIlade'phia Fashions for the 8pring and Simner 1818, 1 by F. Mahan, are now out an-1 for sale by A. 8. WILLI A MS, '43 Nassau st, New Y?tk. N. B.?This is one of the most beautiful and correct rla'cs ever published It contnos n spi, rit?d and correct likeness of Mil or Bl'ss. U. S. A., and other ' t h'.ract'rs well kuown in the world of fashion. Broken bills-we still take atlas, lames. Northern V'xchang*. 4tc f >r very cheip Dry Goods, consisting of Alpacas B-oche Shawls, I)e Lames. Merinos, Swnsand Book Vinilins, Satinet'. VV >ol Shirts and Drawers. Black Italian Hnriti and 8c*'f?, l{id and Silk 'Moves, Red and White Flannels. Ticks. Table l,i"ens Irish L'nens, Ba.'goreens. Hosiery, Sic. SPINK Sc TRUSS, It3 Wilker st. corner of V'n'berrv. Presentation ?at the anmvehsahy entert:iiam;nt of the Union Hiftenen. held at Tammany H 11 on'fhursday evening Iist, (^ipt. lohn P. V'llis, ofthv com rany was presented with an elrgant 8 word and a pairol beau tiI fal Gold Epaulettes. The sworil and epiulett's were pre1 seated by Cel. liobt. C. Morns. ia beh ilf of ttic c 'mpvtv. in a ' neat and nertinent speech, to *nich Oapt. Ellis-esponde 1 in a Irw brief but happy remvks. The following inscriptions are < engraved on the scabbard of the sword:?1' Presented to Cmt ' John P Ellis. b/the officer ami memhe-s of rhe Uoiou ltillc1 man N. Y. H. M " Lieut. John Uillhonly, llobt. Browa j Win. A Oamb'e. Committee. C^OMPTHOLLEH'S OFFICE, HT4TE OK NEW S York?The Dank ofCayuga Lake, at Ithaca, ha* this day ! fi>d in this MM a notice of IM appointment of MMM* I Washburn k. Co., of the city of Albany, as the .'gents for tin redemption of its circulating notes, together with n revocation of the appointment of William Warner. No. 70 Wall street, New York, as sneh agent, agreeable to th? act entitled " ?n actrelatiig to the redemption of bank notes" p-<ss?d May 4th. 1?4II March lat. 111(8. M FILLMORE, C omptroller. ARRIVAL OK THE BRITANNIA ?HER!C THEY are, all the English, Irith and Pictorial Pap?rs?111 n af rated News, Panch. Bell'* Lil'e, Despatch,Sunday Times, Duly News, London Times Nation, Freeman. ami Wilmer Si Smith's, at J. A. GILBERT'S, 22 Ann street. Open until! II o'clock this day, Sunday. March 4. POIl LIVK.HPOOI, ?THE NEW AND SPLENDID s e*mship UNITED ST ATES, burthen 2 fion tons, Win, ti. liarksufT. commander, will anil from thia port for Liverpool on Saturday, the 1st of April. Thia ship hns been eboit fifteen months in baildiug; and iu her construction it has been tlie sole desire of the owneis to'nnite safety, strea^ih. speed, and sprcious accotmnodntions for pas3encer3 mid freight; anil ill her recent trial trip to Samlv Hook mid back, they r?.ilir?d in her performance all, and more than was anticipated She will proceed out to sea on a second trial trip in n few days.? Hersfte rooms are spicions, and cembine every thing ih-it can be desired for the comfort and eonveniecee of passengers. The price of passage outwsrd is fixed at ftl2o Kor or passage, apply to I.. H M AUSH ALL, 38 On-ling slip JJORLIVERPOOL?N iW L NE-RKOUHR PACK etof2ti:h March?The uew and splendid fist sailing picket ship H08CIU3| Asa kldridge. master, is now loading, and will positively sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or pvsage haviug splendid furnished accommodations, applv on hoard at Orleans whaif, foot ??l Wall street, or to E. K COLLINS 56 Sou h street. The packet ship Siddons will succeed the Hnscins ard sail her regular day. LI Oil NKW OH LEANS?LOUISIANA AND NEW " Vork Liu* of Packets?Very reduced rates of Freight? To sail Monday. March 13.?Tha new aud splendid fust sailing packet ship HUDSON, P I'tige, nnster, is now loadi-g. nnd w:!l positively sail as SbOTS, her regular d ly. rl r freight or passage, having furnished ncconimod tions, aptly on board, at Orleans Whaxf, foot of Wall street, or to h Ir rm t i^iv: m u...llt>, .rr**r Positively ?.o f.-ci^ht rs ceived on loaid after Sam-day evening, March II. /\>jent in Nsw Orleans, Mr. Wm Creevy, who will p-o'nply forward all yoods 10 hi* address Packet ihip RICH lKf>? OB EH will succeed Lhe Hudson, and ? -.1 on her re, ' ? y NOTJCE.-ON A.ND AKTER SATURDAY. febrniry 19th, the steamboat 8TATKN 181. A.N Dill will mnke th e following trips, until fori her notice i rare Q'tor antinaatftV, 10 A.M., 12 M., 3 P. M. 5 P. M. L?*v* New Y'irk ?c<? A. M . II A. M.. IP.M.WP M. ? P. i fpHK MOST Hl/CdCSSKUL H.MR DYE ITCI IN I. Tented is Alexander's Tricobaphe?improvement of ISIS It chinges I lie color of the Uvr to a beautiful and natural br>wn or Mark, instantmeously, without nnv of thoie cty?ctions usu?lly fc-und in all imitations of thu celebrated l.iquid l)j e.? Korsoleby A. B k D Sands, Kultou hud William meets; Rnshton it Co. Broadway; Thomas fcMrxwell M William s reef; Wm Brewer. Johnson, .Vlo'ire U. Taylor. Maiden lane. N. V. R tk <i \ WRItlHT. sole Rg*nts tor United ^tiTes, 21 South 4fli street. I'luUdelpha. Look at thh.-ladiks.we invito your attention to our largs and splendid assort?ei>r ol Hoots .ind Shoes, nh ch we shall sell nut I April 1st, at first ei st, as we intend making some clisnge i:i our business. 'I hear ii.o1* are all fresh and li est stTl". Oe..t*,w# have <n hand ? K ( 'j tity of fi-st rate llo-ta >>rd (-hoes, wliiMi werhall a'sis-llat cost.attheo d i lace, Broadway. corner of Franklin st. N. H?Also a large lot of KuLher Over ^hoes and Water Po-ts Also, n large ast"r men of Gentlemen's Congress O t ters, at rednead price tvt. CAhlLL. DK COOPER. 'I 1)1'ANK STHEBT. BKTWKK.N Chatham and William sts , has for the last fourteen years enjured the most extensive practice in private diseases,of any medical man in New York. He can cnre the most sagrtv.ited < is'sof this disease; nn i iniid rtacs cu.ed in two to live dns. Stricture?lir Cooper has discovered a i;ew method b < which he mi cure the worst f>im ok stricture in from one ro two weeks. with scarcely any pun to the | itien'. Constitutional dehility liron^ht ou by a. secret habit uidul/ed in by yottnn men. This, when too freely indulged in, begets dyspepsia weakness of the liinbs and sin til ol the back, confusion of ibe intellect, auti nversion to ?ci?iy. A en e warranted in evtry ea??, or no chaw No mtwwiT osed I .. ....... .?>?unu r\v fUV ' PRACTICAL Ull. HANI II, (lUlli -u Privite Trenti?e." lie., it conaulted upon any of the I there referred to, At hit residence, Ct Greenwich I freer,from 9 to 13 A.M., r.odfito9 KM (Sunday excepted). Th-iic who m (ho eirly atnttta of then,will I be etionalied at the Mpidily ,in<l little inconvenience vterd ill* th# cute. It it chiefly, howe-er, th^M who h ye ?uffereil lou t from a c?rt*i? eltttof people, o* oih?' wne, who e?a pre A BKRNETHY'8 BOTANICAL PILI.S, FOR THK I J*- speedy mul r:>dical cure ot Veueresl 'iieaiei. Urethral I Discharge*, <lleeu, V litre*, Mriutnrei, Kemile We ku*i\ Sic. Tlieae Fill* are mide from the prescription of the late I celebrated Dr Abemethy, who, for a trrea' inviy ye ire, ?acCCStlttlly |re?cnbed them u .ill .'.ngea i.f the above di?ea>e?, not only iu nil pnvate practice, lint in several public hoapiult j The wide celebrity of Aberce'.hy'? pilla is the f> t guaranty f r their ^ai-k and poutive suece s <n curing all the above crmi plain's. Iu tiie e irly Stages ol Uouorrhim fie hoi ii generally | < ufficient to effect a cure in a fewdays To he hid genuine, w hilesa'e and retail, orly at APOTHECARIES' hALL, M | rath.'rire afeet. and 137 Maiden lane. NO 2, Ull?MAN CANNOT HAVE HIS DIVUA?E8 cored by removing the cause, ehich i> generally livern&J. No effect can take Dlace without a canae Therefore, no Klienimtiaia can affect tne head, the foot or any part of the body, ssve from the actual pretence of those hninurs w lose acrid or peccant qualities pridnce the paiu No Rrenckial Oi?eiiec?u be present, nor other aff-ctiom if the Thruat or Windpipe, or Cuntomptioa, but Iron. theie malign\:>i humors having lieconie seated upon or near the ur vemel> if the In It i< iu troth these acrid huinMa wh oh a*e the ocnsioti rl n'l I the aches and pains. all Eruptions and Ulcers: all Sinn l)ise ?scs ani ^weMi-gs of the Feet, an l all Inttinmatiorai all Cane* a and fnmors; all Pilea and ( on iveneai; all Fever and , A -ie.i; all Dyspeptic AtT-ctions; all Head ac es ?nd Rili ?? : AfTscliont w'Mtcve'. And are all, without igreption. surely removihle, and tl nronghly curable by purgation with llie I'liu Of U? Btt V.N DRCTH Brendrfth's ftllieie i mid, wuh lull uireetiem^at M eeuts per hoi. at Ml nj"'* I street; J7? Bowery, and *1 Dr Brendreth's Principal Office, 141 IroMWgy ? ?.?T? ?II- ? PARK THKATHE H EDUCTION OF PRIM^L Bnm. yi rant* : Pit, ill rni'i U?ll'rr,15 fmt< floor* open *t 7 o'-lock1 |>?rform?iir? will roinmrnea at h*l< paat 7? Moariay Kre'iioB, Mi'ch *. will b* parfo'tned the AP081 TATE?"Mf?rv v'r Booth" H-Mfri Mr. Dy-tt; Vulae, Mr. Birry; Floriuda, Mr? (I I" >* To eiaeiuda with, tr?l tim* it thi* t( ?itr? ? n?w *'iml train:*! comical barlone. rntitle'l, MF.T\MOKA?Mctinio. j, Mr. Brongham; T?j piokee. Vr?. B(M|kW< _________ Bowk u v tmi?ath f ?vondav evening, M*rch Kth, will h? p*rf rmeil th* National Drain* of rh? II ATTLK Off M K Xl'/O. Or *rnl Scott. Mr. W Warahall; 1 Oeneral Worth lotnuon; Siri"ri?> |??H. m, Mr* Phillip* ? flrr--''iiiitto wfiicH w I! Ii# nrte<l K \TlI *HlNv. AN'l PET'OK'HIO P't >iohi > Mr. 'irihill: Ortimin, Barks; Ho'tentio, W'irwi**1^, IC?tli*r?n< , Mr* 1'liiMip* Alto tha niine.lirti" of II * '' BO'l/MNU wi' M*rm*dak? *-*??ilow?, # Bvllawv; C ipt. F B-mho. /.' I. II Hill; Frank Ti?'rton. 1 W?rwirk' i-'inilv. M-* I liiitipi B"ir? J5 ?*nta: Pit ?nd Oalierv, US Dnori op-i -t o'clock. pefforaiaaco 1 to commence nt 7 fi HATH AM THF.ATKK MONDAY EVENING. 1/ Murch f.h? frf .r -mce will rommei)''* with tn# 1 r-*;re<l of H AMI.F.T?H.imlet, Mr Adam* lihoit. Mrll rl'l; Orrtrude. Mr* Wi'kr.iMu; Ophel" vli?< Hildreth. To mneluda with rt rotneil\ of VAV4L ME NTH?Admiral Kinaatan. Mr Taylor; Lieut. Kmaalon, Mr Wn'cott;Mr* Pooiifn, Vr? l>h*rwond; Mi** Mortimer, Mia* Clara*. Dow open *1 ft o'climk?wtfanmtlt 10 cm* I tnence it 7 C.nn. :"i rcrm: Pit. r*iu?. Broadway theatre.?mo day byknm4 V?*fh t*ill he performed lie r mrdr >if lonDON \SSUKAN<yE?H'r H rcourt <'nm ly Mr. BNkr; Miuk H*rkaway. Mr Vnrhr; Cli*'le? (,'nnrtlv Mr.O VandenhoflT; Lid-' Oay Spttrli^r, \1'?* Fnrmy Wnllnck; Orace . Haiknwav, Mia* Kmc T? b n: P-it, Mra Wntt*. To ron, clad* with the fnrre , f SK K i I H K.H IV I^DIA-SirMat I thew Mr. Vache; Torn T ip#, M' Hudaway; Dorrington, Mr. Kingdev; L dy VJcmcr*. Mrt Wimtanley; H ||r Hcra?>, MiaiTelbin; Popliu. Mra W.itti. Door* open ?t 7 o'clock: p?*rf??rmwnr.* tn eommfnpf nf Mit. iiku. h oi.vur;< Tftk vnu: -vondav evening, Mar?h fith, to crimrn?nr? wiih >lie MYSTFH'OlT* F * MILV : Narc ?"? Daffodil Mr ItnPard : Fid get. Mi?? I'hillipe To he followed with the NRHT PLANfcT ! New I'lnner. Mm Vfarv Te-r|or: Mercnrr Mr. Coooyer. To be followed by A OI,ANi;!? AT VKW Vorli IN IRIil Mima, r'ha'ifr.m ; <ie"-ge Pmif'li, Clark; Mra Morton Mr? H'liry : 'are, Mitt Roberti. To conclude witliPKOO'i (IR^E^ Peggy 'freeii. Mil* Marr Tavlor : Nichn'ai Hungile. Mr Holland Drees circle. Ml cents: upper boxes 25 cents : Pit, I8K centt. Ir fntore the doors will open *' 7 o'clock end the nurtain will ri?e ar 7^ o'clock . Ac mii).-i?ai,v(?m * j'kr * moi'hk.-owi mo TO th? crowded li >nnet m il rap'nrout npplnuis together with the nume out app'icntio-? >r ilie farther continuance of the Model Irtiits at tliit theatre the m innger hvi been induced tn allow li em to exhibit for one wsek more The meneger doe* tins ; ? a raver of gratitude to the |iob|ie in general. aa a return for the unprecedented pafroni>g? these a'tnrts hare receiyed at tlie.r hands. 'ik* tahleenx fur the next week ihall be varied nightly, and wll be most etti .ctive. Kor farther inforBUti'in. H>e mull bjl|?. !V? ltf' H A NIC.S' HAM. fJ HH(I< I) W '. V, itKTWKKN 1 '*? Opnd and Broome fit?''rowded t.'overflowing with the heauty end faehioa ofNaw York Open every night duriap 1 *'ie wee? exctpt Moaday ITsaKeted mreen ?1Twenty-third wuek of the oririB-l CHRISTY'S MINSTRVt,*, the . !dest established Bead in th? United Rtatat. K. P. Christy. O.N.Chriit* R. Pierce, J. Uaynor, C Ahbott. T. Vangha, wbote arigiaal aad iaimitable Cnnrertt a?e nightly honored with cowded ud highly reipectab'e audiences. md nniveitally admitted to excel every nmmnnMi of a similar character offcad ia thi? city Admission 25 rent*: children nader 10 year* half price D?ore open at 7 o'clock?I 'oac.ert will commence at I An Afte<nr>"n jert oa fatti'day, March 11 h,ro commence at 3 o'clock. p M. On Monday eyeniag, March litli. they wi I give their Farewell Concert at the Brooklyn Ttititu'e. Admtttioa 25 rente. DBOADWAV OOKON?KNTRANCK through i VJ Pintenx't ''afe det Mi ' ? Colwaes ? Maae^rer K. O. < >reele?.-.\tnticsl Director. Mr <>''fell ?Trintrphai*t ??e! c-tt?V*w Tableaux . The MODKL ARTISTS in tereral new and chaste Tnblenux Vivants, taken from the mnit renowned Matters. The I uhlir nnr re?t e??ured that at lh? 'Ideon moraN are rct|>ected. and that io T'hleau* are proil'ieed bnt thote th it the tnoit fn'idiont can look nnoe.? Saturday, Marrh 4 ? Programme? Part I?T' Virantt und I'otet riaatiqnet. by the Model Artittt. Pnrt 2?Time diecnr?ring Trnth. (kc. Pari 1?Venue atanling Cnpm't Row, lie. OTh?"t t-x, M "eetr- P?rnn#r?? ?? < -?'?; Rntet l?W enett. BAKNirvrA AMKHI an MIISKI'M.?p. t. barnnm, iiropiieror; F. Hitc' cock, manoirer?Kver? day end I ev?niri{ this week, commencing on Monday, vlatch 6. 184S Splendid perfo'tnaiiee*. every afternoon ?t 3 o'clock, and every evening at.71<. The m nnger haa the unbounded plea ! sire of announcing to his numerous patrons 'hit after long e utiniicd exertions. lie his been enabled <n efT?ct an entitlement for n short time with the m< st Ml -uted Musical Family t'nt h?? ever visited thif' onutry from the old world, Mr. ana Mrs Milone ]lav<ioi)d. late from Knghud Ireland. lie ,nod ih*ir three beiutiful daughters; ill of whom 'ire musician* of the highestorder,while Mr. Mulone Raymond, who is endowed bv nature with a rich m llow voire, with just enough of lie Iri'h h'otnie to make it meloiliouj. to which il added the blithest cultivation, rela'es a orev variety of the most pleasing. entertaining and instructive Anecdrtrs and incident* of the fe'.merald Is'e in k stvl? which cannot fill to enchant the mostrefined ear?thus nfl' ri'ing an entertainment embracing the highest order of the Intellectual, Musical and Mirthful, ever wi'nessed in N?w York: anil the manager challenge* contradiction, an 1 w ill not hesitate to refund the admission foe to any reasonable renon who can ir uniav it. '1 hey make their imnd debut 011 Monday, the 6t>,and will appear at each performance, both Afternoon and K.veo>"g AI?o engaged for a few days, Britnetti'j enrve ' Model of Ancient Jerumlem, a* it appeared in the lime of on' Savionr.wrth the various hilla and valleys surrounding it, and every place meutioned or alluded to in ihe .Acript'irei and the works of Joienhns. presenting an exsrt represent ition of the maguifirent buildings ol the gorgeous Temple, with all the various courti. porches, cloisters, chambers, gates, flic fkc . which is to he seen at all hours, from R o'clock, AM till 10 P. M ; and immediately afier eich perlormaace in ihe I.eeture Room at 4>? P. M.. a id 9 o'c'ock in ihe evening, eith ir Mr. or Mrs. Malose Raymond will lecture unon the Model, explaining and des, ribiug it. Alsj engiged fot a few days longer. MrsPelhy's Scriptural Mutuary. represeiting in fiynrss sixe of life, the liirth of (Christ, in the uruiger, his Last Hupi er with his disciples, and Ins tfi il before Pontmi Pill!# : besides a group* r-presenting en Internperi'e Family, tru? to Life which is to l>e seen at all hours, day and eveuinr. In addition a e eng 'ged, Ure it Western, Vinkee comedian, Pete Moms, comic singer. Mi*? Barnard, voc list and actress, Shakaperian Models. Madame Rockwell, famous K irtuc*Teller ?/Vdmissi .u t ? the whole. 24 cents; children nnd?r 10 1 "am of ije and old enough to walk alone, rents Keserved fruit s?ats. on* shi' each extra. NIBLO'H ALHAM'tA. 'S>9 BROADWAY-MONdav evening, March li Pi'turesiue Coscerts by Mobs. iWmi-d. in connection wi'li the justly celebrated Virginia 11 srin nists. in their unrivalled oerformsnces of Sougs. (ilees, , Choruses, and Caricatures. The renowned Spinin Fskirof Av.i!?young Krancisco?whose mnrroi^ceut and wondsrful Hindoo miracles have delimited all Kuroi>e aud America, ia also engaged, and will appear. Pictnres representing the Muses, Dermics. Diana, itc. Hindoo Muacles?Kuchanted Lave Letter, the Living Target, Fortune Telliug, the Animared Figure, Ire. Admission. 35 cents; doors open at 7? commence at 8. Chang* o,' perfo manee eich evening. Banvahd'8 mammoth panorama of thc Mississippi river, painted on three miles of canvass, be* iuk the largest painting in the world, at he Panorama build' leg, in Broadway, adjoining Niblo's (}<rden. Optn every eveniag. (Sunday* escepteit.) Admisaipu 60 cent*; children price. Tne Panorama will commence moving at 7X o'clock precisely AfWuooa exliib tion m Wed.eedays **d Hatar days, .a* 3 o'clock. rjOTHIC HALL WILL Ril-OPKN ON MONDAY. March t>, I8IU, with enure uaw s-ts Pins and Balls.? | Ji virir changed Pmpriero's, and be?u thoroughly renovated, I their friends .mil the imblic are rivited to give them a call.? ' IIOMI'SON Sc UROUOHl'ON rietora DtlUNSWICK'a STATUARY-LABQE AH LIFE? 1 " representing the VK.\'Ud OK M. .1) I'.'J.-i and APOLLO I'K.MKDI* IS. tor a short tiiiit ouly. Oi>eu Iroin <> A.M. to i 10 I' M . at .1% Broadway, next to Btoppani'e baths Admit! tauce 1j cent*. '|in . MOST V VLUABLK COLLECTION OK TIC- ' X lures ever in this country?comprising >nmt of the best works of i ifian. Mnrilla, Ku"*ni, .on! inviy other of the old Mailer*, is uow open to the public st the <*-^llery of the N?[ tioual AeaLfin/(if Dejitrn, cor >?r i.f IJroailvav and Leonard | ?l-eet, !> .id 9. A M M 10. P M fdmiiMi a 2J cecte. OS V 1 NI'ION 111!.I.. IN WO I,.ST II STREET, i Vv between Houston mid Kleecker Mr. II DONNELLY, aceordu nut, re?>ec'fally informs his friendi and the public in uener*I that Ins benefit will t ike plane nt the above hali. ou ''load iv evening, Mnreh S, oi which occasion will be introduced new songs, gl?es. choruses, sic , by the original 9 ible Brothers. Price of admission 8ic. rpHK \Me 1U< 1 N (IE.SER \LTIIt \T(IICAL FUND X Notice ?#tch m-inberi nf 'he prafeiilou as are desiroaa of fotwardiuu the above object, ar* enrueitly requested to at" ; tend a ifsueral meeting, <o be held at the Si Ch.ules Hotel, Breadwav. on ud.ty, M/ircli 1'h.a' I o'clock I', vs.. for the purpose of adoi ting a seres of iul*i and regulations for tha i< -veiLiaert of ilie atsiieiati >u. By order of the Committee. U.\HRY, Es?i , Chan nun ; John Uroi'ohsm, Secretary i rn rem. A' i AKD-PKor MOR THIcRS BEOS LEAVE ra peclfully ton iu uuee to the public, and strauKCrs vi' n'iuathe city, that he will ?peu. on Tuesday evcuing. March ' 7th iusi.,at the Coacert Mo.iui No 312 Broadway, next door above the Broadway Theatre, with bis entire company of [ American and foreign artists, (20 in number) which will ap: j csra^d five a seriesof new and splendid Tableaux "Yivanta ; a,id (iiisei plastiqa -i. The ub:>ve named establishment has reI I ?# k..., ,n a .in,l e,,itiffirrnht? manner. f*Tn t- aorThiara would nlan atate that tiei her piiw or expenae v*.ll b- spaird to render hit exhibition w utoy a liberal ahare ill the partlic patronage. The roiiii'nn and propertiea hare bee i wide up in ? mm roaRaiA tent Kyle. T^ie police of thi? e?tab i<hr/n- it will be uurter tiie direction of i vrell known a id effi lien1 < fliceis to i dec jiuni ,md rood J order. WALNUT STRICT THS \ NtS PH1L4DK&I III l. Kim Night of the Heroa Kmi'l* ? \1ui,di/ .ven-iff, March li, will be p?ifjrined ths DAY AKI'KK Ttlii WKDUlStl-i o iurl KreeinT?,; L.ird K vera, Naitl'; J., ea. 3'ckett; I. i<ty Kliaibeth in Chapman. Aher vfhicli THK WA r&.lM \ N?Tue clmecrer? by the Heron Kami v. I'm Z.iatfA bv Miaa Valteri Af'er which. PJ* H! KKUTION?L/t??le? P?r.-iqj:i, Mr ley-; '<'<e O'Brien, ' lnaCh inn r.i Koii'leji btr \lna W It '? To be f illowcl bv rh? I HISH Til ( Jit?1 i ira -fera br the Hrun famil" jiHR AP08TATK.-?THIS DAY ' UB1.ISHRD, PRICK I cert.*, tii- .Apoet te, beiry No 57 of the modern ! atand'.ri) ilrtma >li>. Kobei Mica ire, ben:* No 31 of the I Mirror Driina Jtll'N DOUOL Vb, II hprtice at ; BU'iOkh?. mT INOEH, * Co , .. Y , BKKKoKD, k Co . a Aator Home, N \ . tTEBKBW 3SNtVOL.KNT SOCIETY, OF NEW 11. York ? Th- Nik'h Ai.nual B >11 in aid of tliiethirity will i ike pi c n Taeadav next, the 7th of Mnrch attheAp llo f a i in, Brisilmv Ticket*. Kite Doll <ra each, niv be h d nf ihe following gentlemen .>1 ,Vi. Noah, Kaq., 109 Bank at ; D bunion r". <i , SB1* Wnalnngton at ; L. A. .Meyers, Kearfe ?t ; H Goldsmith, 7S Grand ?t; Lyou laiaca. 3 Diriaiou at ; i Heuaet King.9J Canal at ; Louis Anrich, CUathtin at ; K I! I II irt. t.?r|, Whit* at; John l.ery, Kaij, 131 William at : J. vk. Oeilar it . II K liait. I'e.irl at ; vi. Moriu 171 Bowery; | Yi. Kinu Wa eraf ;Hcv A. ' eo, Elm a .; Mtrk Lery, t7 | Maiden Lane Committee o( Vr.ingemenU? H. Aro'iio', i I hairman.79 -ilium at; H Oonilmiu, J7 William ?t ; H Mi n, l edar at.;' lias. S. Lyon, < enar at ; 8. Broth, W.iWrat LVUUY BAI.L NOTICE.?AT A MKKTI>>? Of V thr I mrnittee appointed to make lurar.gemental I mty B be mveii nu Mf ud.ty. the #th ol if" , 'injnimoutlv decided th?t r it be ?tric;ly a Finer iJren Bill, mdno pera.ia incept the head* of fainiliet harm children prc?ent irif.o turn*, be admitted withou fancy d?M J he lent tud btnei hi the lataid 2d tier wili be ni.?er.ied by the abo?e rule, end ca^iot be leatrved for thai errninir. KjtlKS'l in .If >1. ball Of VH .? \ NBT * Ooarda, will be held *t lainmii- Hall. ??i luiiiair Evening ne* , ilie 7th in?t. Hie eeryicea of Dw.:'e e ?)ebnl?d (Jotilliou Ba d, hiving been en???ad t< *!< > an efficient Kloor .VI limner the comnittee of iirauiiemeiita pledge them elvei that o paim will be ?pa red oj i li?r ir putt.) ta.k* thi* one <if the rn J?t UKreeableof the imi n I'i'keu Can be |i id of any of the comp.iny, or at the d >or ou the cveiiimi ?f the all. ___ 'PO CONFRUTIONKUS ? FOR a VI,k-THK GOOD X will of a desirable le-vxe of one of the br t tran.le for bnsine>< in Broadway, where a roBtect..i< er haa be-n faTor-.oly eat'iblithed t' rten >e?r?, aniw'iere the chu.ce business n profit l>!e . f i'lell. teit'tbe'with the c u iter? futures, sto< k, it.-. Ike tp.ilv at t'9 Bro'dwiy f.V PUJUUANCU Of AN iiKO .K OF THE 8LRHOI kite ol the t.onntyof New Y. rH, "Notice 11 hereby* sen, hi .ill persons ImTluiIclaims if ii<t I hti VT. VVin.iot, late ol t i? 0itr of New Vo>k, dlteueil, t > preie^t the tame wi'h the ranchers thereel", to the sub enbcrt. at the residence of Albert W. Smith, Nil III Vtuck street iu theCny ol'Newr V .rk, >o or the thuieeutn .->1 Mar ??t Hated '- 'v- Vor* the tenth day of Voreinbet. I*I' Mlifrt " I !*inith. B?oi*mm P. Faircbilit, h<-cn