Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1848 Page 3
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~ innumi???ii?i m > i i <i nwii i i prohibit! etery gams. davioa, or cbanos, In th? nature of a lottery, iuiI deoiare* it to be a common and public nuisance; or for writing or printing an account of any lottery or ticket, when tbe itni> is to be drawn, or where the ticket* may be purchased, or for offering for rale any property depeudent upon the drawing of suoh lottery It prohibit* the keeping of registering office*, or selling any chances of any ticket, or insuring tickets In any lottery -1 Vol. H. a ,p 664. 3 Vou will iaqulr* into violation* of tbe ' Act to prevent Usury," paused M*y 16th, IH47, whioh prohibits any person, directly or indirectly, from receiving any grea'.rr in'ereet than is prescribed in til* said title 4 Vou will inquire iuto all iolations of the act ent'tird " An act for tbe mow effectual prevention of fire' in the city and county of New Vork," paased April llt'> 1815, aul '.be act* amending the same??very store,housi or oth jr building erected contrary to the aot is deeine t a public nuinance. 0 You will inquire into any violation* of the eleotiou laws; whether there has b?en auy false and oorrupt e<eariutr, oramnnlng. or procuring others to swear or aitirm t.ilae!y, ai prescribed by rtaluie - bribery, menace, or oth?r corrupt uieaos,or device whatever, either direct or indirect attempt to influence any elector iu giving hin vote or ballot, or deter him froa giving Hi* nine, or dieturb, or hinder him in the free exercise of the right ot r uffra^e \ ou will inquire if any candidate for any elective offlce, with the intent to promote the election of any euch candidate -whether he hai provided or furnished entertainment at hie expense to any meeting of electors previous to, or during the election at which be shall be a candidate?whether any money or other property h o been furnished for the purpose of being expended in procuring the attendance of voters at the polls, or any engagement to effect the ah"ve object. or contribution of money for any other purpose, intended to promote an flection, or any other particular person or ticket, exoept. for defraying the expeuses of printing, and the circulation of votes, hand bills, and other papers previous to an election ?1 Vol R S. p. 149, and act passed May ft, 1829 6 There was also an other subject, on wnlch the Court was bound to elve in charge Lo the Grand Jury, to inquire into all offence* against " the aot to prevent duelling;" this duty is now dispensed with, but the law remains in force - making it murder in the principal and senond where death shall follow from such act If the object of duelling is punishment, it i? absurd; because it may fall upon the fnnooent as well as the guilty, it is hard to perceive in what the satisfaction consists, or how it repair* the injury, it i?i a false estimate of honor, ae well as of courage. This relict of a barbarous a,;?, and a reproaeh of civilization, It is hoped, has passed- public opinion uo longer sustain* the practiae of duelling The legist <tur?, in imposing the duties specially enumerated, have indicated strongly their opinion of the mischievous tendency of these offences The violation of the law against lotteries is of frequent oocurence; numerions offices for the sale of lottery tiokets, and thousand of agents exist, iu this city?it is gamblinu in its worst foriti, conducted with secrecy, pervading all classes of society?generally con Lined to the lowest, producing Idleness, drunkenness, debauchery and thett, and often attended with sudd?n ruin. The usury laws should be repealed Nothing ean be more absurd for the legislature to presorlbe a rule of action for the people, which they utterly disregard We should not permit the law to remain upon the statute book which is constantly violated with impunity. Vubllo opinion is not easily controlled by civil institutions. If no one will prosecute, if grand juries will not lndiot, courts cannot punish. The oonstent example of a violated law. is more mischievous to the community than all the evils it was intended to remedy?bsoause it produces a' habit of Insubordination that weakens the foundation of a republican government. The next imnnrtanf anhi?i?f nf (nnnirv a# lava. It ia essential to the existenoe of the Republic that the election* should be fret. All undue influence upon eleotiona ia prohibited. Violationa of thia sot strike at the foundation of our government, the will of the people, and poison the fountain of sovereignty Your jurisdiction extends to all orimes committed within the county, hgainst the peraon, againat property; against the administration of justice. againat public peace, and againat public morals, and any attempt to commit offences prohibited by law. Whatever amount* to a public wrong ia indiotable, and If it is not felony, may be punished as a misdemeanor, at oommon law, unless otherwise provided by statute Thus, misprison, and all contempts, all disturbances of the peace, oppressions, I misbehaviours of public officers, and all other misdemeanors of public and evil example, against the common law, mav be indicted. Murderand robbery, besides the injury done to individuals, strike at the very being ot society, which cannot possibly exist when actions of this sort are suffered to esoape with impunity; by th<?s> gross and atrocious injuries, the private wrong is swallowed up in the public The right of punishing these Crimea exists in individuals in h state of nature; but iu civil society, it ia transferred from individuals to the sovereign power, whereby men are prevented from being judges in their own causes. Whatever power individuals had of punishing offences against the law of nature is now < vested in the magistrates alone, who bear the sword of justioe by the consent of the whole community. The lawfulness of punishing criminals ia founded upon the principle that the law by which they suffir is founded upon their owu consent; it was a contract of their own miking, and has long contributed to their ..f.,. Tk. .knU .1 1J ??.. tider an cffenoe of an Individual as directed against the country; every individual baa a dlreot interest in briDgin*the offender to juatloe. Every citizen should notice the violation of the law. He should not rest xatitfled because be has appointed sgents to observe and punish its infractions; this does not dlsobarge the obligation lie o wee to society, as a component part of the sovereignty : bis duty is to look after bis representatives, to see whether they perform their duty faithfully and honestly; it personally concerns himself The law protects all, and all should contribute to its support; if be will not support its ministers in the faithful diicharge of their duty, he cannot expeot long to enjoy its protection. When a great crime is committed we seem fully impressed with the importance attached to its detection and punishment But the public mind is not sufficiently alive to the great amount of petty orimes that prevail in the metropolis-great offences are generall preceded by small ones, the suppression of which is more easily effected; the causes of which, in part, may ba eradicated by a proper moral action, combining the two principles of education and employment. Krcni the pauper population most of the criminals come?the reason is obvious: the children of the poor ere brought up in ignorance, are exposed to vicious example, which induces them to join with thoe' already engaged in crime; they are surrounded by circumstance* over whicb they have no control; their evil propensities have been taught and nuitured from the cradle; it is not in the power of human nature to throw it off, more than threw off the di.*< u??g of the body in an infected atmosphere. unlets they are remove ! to clear air aBd a salubrious location. But if the parents are not vicious, hew many, from nec?ssity, are led from their humble dwellings by their daily avocations, leaving their children unprotected or in thd streets ! The hoyi very soon throw oil a" control; they form combinations, assemble iu small bands, steal from carts and wagons, from the wharves an l yards, cotton, wool and iron, and every article that they can make a ready sale at junk shops and second-hand dealers, or dispose of at pawnbrokers; they then sit down and divide the profits of their plunder These juvenile offenders, like their seniors, believe a heKirdou' employ, and a life of danger, should be re paid by ainueement 1 h?y arc the constant attendanta at low exhibitions; minor theatres are penerally the flrst cause of thtir entering into orient-. and they often Sieal to stratify the'r dramatic propetMtiee The influence of the.stage upon a large body of the people, iloi-ft much in forming their character. It ia important, therefore, that theatrical representations should be of that character to convev just and virtuous sentiments to the people through their amusements; that honesty ia man, and chastity in woman, are the only paths to h*ppin?c?. " to show virtue In her own form;" but not (ho<e exhibitions that show the brigand and pirate under circumstance* of the moat favorable view, Impressing on the mind of youth the fame notions of heroism in I he desperate adventures of the robber, as the gallant soldier who she is his blood in the cause of hit country You will find hundreds of boys constantly resorting to thrae exhibitions It. I* a question of great importance how we nh'll deal with thfse juvenile offenders. They Increase r>i| idij The small boys are otten iustrun. 'iil* i the hands of the larger; th'ir arrest, trial, and con* iotion is an ordeal which instead of purifying, often destroys 'f h? boy tried at the Special Sessions for stealing some small artlc'e. is convicted in the General Sfss'.ocs sometime after f r burglary: and one admitted that reading "Jack Shrppard" first induced him 10 rob - and others who combined to ot>en a locksmith s shop, first lormed an acqutintanoe on leaving the theatre together, under an excited imagination, proceeding perhaps from tales of eminent heroes Means should be taken to prevent Improper rxhlbltjn-s and low six penny publications, moh an "Black-eyed Susan," " Diok Turpin." " Jack Shcppard," "Jonathan Wild," and hundreds of others The infatuation of boys for these ia unbounded, and (ho perversion of mind in many instances fatal. The laws nave done much for the punishment of crime A bouse of refuge has been established lor juT.'mie iicimquBU'is- lucy are wen leu, eaucaieu ana suppoited, alter the commission of crime, nod alter the prison doo:s have been closed npon them. Bat would It i otbe wiser, befrre the commission of crime, to natch t lira If cm lb immoral and pestilential influences which rurrotmd tlion in th?ir childhood, until tbeir minority in passed ? 1 he whole of society is interested to nee that children ar-> eduoated ?I mean in nonlt. religion, and industry. When we mc parents *unk in vice and depravity, keeping their chili ten in Ignorance, tducating tbein iu crime, and conducting them to certain destruction. it is the right of government to arrest tbeir course. It is their duty to look to the moral condition of the people. Our national character aod political stability depend upon It. It is unju't to nuff-r ubil r?n to be educated in the school ol vice. and then to punish them for offences they hare learned to commit, or which have bsen caused by govi'rmental abandonment. It is estimated that the iiiiecbiei'e of contamination are as three to one from the ages o* five to rwt lve. as compared to the nges of Iwi'lTo to twenty. This shows th? necessity of going to the root of the evil, and comnuitioiog to eradicate otim>< in l?s infancy, ami nm*h rhor , to remove the cause Anew incentive to crime his lately been introduced hmoBgus called the " Model Arti'ls," from a country *her? utihridled s<xu 1 propensities constitute the hief c?u?? of demoralisation, not in the ff im of ehaet? statuary. font the iivln* foims and onscene attuuurs 01 males and females, under the dlg/wlsed representation of hrathru mjthoioRy, with scarcely ?a apology for their nakedness. productive of cxter.siv?- mischief, an ontrage upon decency, and ir jurlous to public tuorals The oath which you Wave just taken ts a brief exposition of y<.ur duty, and constitutes a nulde for tlso dischar*e ot your honorable r.fll e ; It Inculcate# diligent. ini|u(iy, a tru?* presentment, an eutire freedom Irotn hatr?d, ?-nvy, love, f?ar, favor, or expectation of reward; and the utmost ex?rilou of your unbiased Judgment nnd ilridi-t atandlpn In all matter* that coine he lure you or wltbi". your knowledge ; neither a lir.sty. careless. r.or timid dl'diarge of your duty, will crrresp; nd with the Strong obligation laid on your consoi' noi> You are e'atli'nod ?s watchmen. to guard the constitution and tl a laws, to Imjuire when and where public authority hai I " n violated within the county. On heir n? the witnesses in support of theaccusation, if it app?sr* n foti'idad, or Ifthe witnesses are Inoompe* It ..or n.ovji ^1: the bill ought to be rejected. In an Investigation one aide only. If you have not direct evl dfuoe, the presumptive evidence should be strong What third persons paid In not evidence to support a bill; but an aecr mpllce may give evidence before you against the partaker of his guilt; but not one convloted I of eoaaplr??y or otlur tortmoui erim# tf tta? J?ft hm any 'J.iubf Witb reap?ot to tbe proptiity W ftjiuittiu^ any part of the evidence, they may aak the advioe of tbe District Attorney, or the advice of the court. The grand jury should be thoroughly convinced of the truth ol the indiotment. so far hi It goes and not rest upou remote probabilities Adapt tbe rule of justice and humanity; such a role ai 5011 would be willing to be juJged by; and d> to o'lier? wh.t you would have others to do uuto you A? lou^ as tl.e integrity of the institution of the grand jury reniuins, so long will tbe integrity nud character of our citizens, the virtue mil freedom of the governinmt, remain The seleotion of the grand and pettit juries by lot from the peopla, reserving the office of accusation and trial to themselves, and bringing the deoialon of criminal questions to the tribunal of peers, who, in judging of their fellow oitlzens, prescribed a condition of life tor themselves, is tbe gieat principle of self-gov?rnm ut. and constitutes the boast and glory of our country The court can&ot doubt, as guardians of the laws and the rights of your fellow citizens, you will fftithluily perform the trust reposed in you Cot it-r .Cai.kdpab?Th:s Day.? Circuit Court ?16, 1, r?i l' 37, an' ii*,' 4a, 47', tts, 7lXnd":" r?rt- , 1>4 30, 33, 41, 4(S. 64, 08, 78, 82, 84 Kjikm h Transatlantic 8i iami.iii ?The Journal du Ha vie, of the 4th ult, ?ayn :?" A committee having received an order from the Minister of Marine to proceed with the examination of the transatlantic steamer* which are now in the port of Havre, have arrived In our city. The member* of this committee are M M. Boucher, general inspector of the maritime ; Lawrence, captaiu of the royal pavy ; l.emaetre, engineer and member of the council ou naval work* ; and Allys, lieutenant of the royal navy. This eommlttee have Already begun their operations by visiting the Philadelphia and the New York, which are in the navy yard They will go next to Cherbourg to ootitinue their examinations, the object of whioh Is to make a statement uf the state of these steamers, in order to establish the bails of the new organization which will be given to that line. We hope soon to hear that a oomplete ohange has been decided upon by the'new managers, in their steamers, eto , etc. This is the only way to obtain for the future a favorable tnterprise ' (lulled State) Ofllr?r_Capt. U. W. NcLtaii, member of (lie Legislature, and lair of the llutled Statu Na Vy, lia? kiadljr sent us the fcilowilt CfftlDCate* It tells Its owustory. Kalitvav, Jau. 2.'i. Mil?Or Townseud: Dear S r: A year since I was taken with the iutiuenr.1, nud uiy whole system left in a debilitated stale. I was induced to try I)'. T>>wnseiid't Sarsuparilla, aud alter taking two or three Imtlles, I was very iuuch| relieved, aud attribute it entirely to the saiu Harsaparilla. I hare continued taking it, aud liud that I iin rrove every day. I believe it saved my life, nud woul I n t e without it uu?ler any consideration, (i. VV. MuLKAN. Piincipal office 126 Kaltoii stie?t $1000 Forfeit? 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Scott, 94 Naiaau street, Dealer ia Shits, Bosoms, Collara, Merino and Cotton UnderShirt', Olovea aud Hoaiery of" all kinds in great variety, together with a large assor menr of Oentlonen'i Cravats, Pocket Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, kc , all of #hich he is selling at 5 per cent advance from lirst cost. Call and tee hissrockof goods before purchasing eltewhere. Remember, No 91 Nessan street. N. B.?His stock comprise* a tint rate aaiorimentof entirely new and fresh goods. John P. Scott, 91 Nassau street. . r n M M R R f! I A I. A J? H 4 IBS VVWMJWWVAUU U 1 Jk U 1 n M I MONKY HARKBT. Monday, March 6?ti P. M. There iu a little more bnoyanoy to day in the itock market, to far as prices were conoerned; bat every thing In Wall street ?u unusually quiet. Speculator* are doubtleu waiting the reiuit of the debatee in the Senate upon the treaty. At the first board, to day, Penn. 6'* went up >i per oent^ Farmer*' Loan, % ; Morris Canel' X; Norwlohand Worcester, %\ Harlem, X. Krie Kailroad aorip, Heading Railroad, and Treasury notea eloaed at prioea current on Saturday. Long Island fell off X per cent.' The acting Secretary of the Treasury haa given notice that bidders, under the propesals for a loan as advertised, may make their depoaita, aa required, with the collector of the cuatoms at Baltimore, aa well as with the other deposttarlea. The Canal Doard have resoiaded their advance in tolls for this yeir, and announce that they will make no advance next year, without ttrst calling for Information. The .Ktna Insurance Company, of Hartford, have declared a semi-annual dividend of five dollars per share The value of merchandise and amount of specie imported into this district, exclusive of that sent to warehouse, and the amount of duties received during the | month ot Kebruarv in each of the oast three vears. were 1 aa annexed : ? COMMERCE or THE PoRT OE New YORR ? MONTHLY Imports February. 1846 1847. 1(48. Free goods $1,092 4*G 786.917 480.829 Dutiable ?oods 8.657,793 6,160,740 9,104,104 j Total merclumdite $9,750,269 >,847,683 9,i8l,9Jl Sperie 61225 1.319,453 48,032 Duties received 2.6(8.731 1,652,092 2,305.017 Average rates ot dotf 31/% 2T4 i!)'t There haa been an increase of about fifty per cent in the value of dutiable merchandise imported, and a cor responding increase In the amount of dutiea received. There has been a very great decrease in the receipts ot specie this year. It appears by the annual report of the Superintendent of the Onondaga Salt Springs tor 1847, that tha total amount of salt inspected at Sallna, la 1,979,928 '31 bushels; at Syracuse, 1,148.368 Jti ; i.iverpool, 407,988 38 ; at Gsddes, 334,676 M Total in the town of Salina, 3,961,351 if,. The receipts for the year are set down as follows Duty on aalt, $39 .513 At; rents, $:254 ; fines or penalties $13!); o'.d buildings and aqueduot logs, $49 81; reaording leases, $2 60. Total from all sources, $39,949 83 Total expenditures for the year, $58,491 89)?,and paid for bounty, $1,740 30; leaving a net revenue of $9,717 63*. The unrex edtab'e exhibits the length, coat, and dividends at the close of the past year, and tha gross receipts, expenses and net earnings of each railroad in the New Knglani States, in each of the past three i years : ? New Km; LA in Railroads. Ltnfth in Namtl. mi Us. Coil 1147. Western 156 $8,769,473 8 per cent. Boston and Worcester..... 58 4,113 <?l-9 10 Hasten! 58 2,937,207 8 " Norwich And Worcester... 66 1,187,249 ? " Boston and Lowell 26 1,954.700 8 " Huston nud Providence.,.. 47 f,541.715 7)^ " Boston sud Maine.. 81 3,1121,174 9 " New Bedford 20 183 882 8 " Nashua and Lowell 75 500.009 10 " Tanuton II 3?3 742 8 " KltcllbU'g 49 2.406 723 10 " Old I olony 44 1,636 632 " < oui.eeticut River 37 l,lf7,156 7 " Fall River 41 1,0'#.98D 3 " I'itMield and North Adams 18 446.353 ? ? Berkshire 21 ft 9,000 ? ? Providence and Worcester.. 43 175*5,754 ? ? 851 $35,902,355 ? ? Gross linti/m. 1845. 1846 1847. Western $811,480 87 ,417 1,315,336 Uonton and Worreder 487,411 554,712 721,1711 h ntleru 31# 150 371338 42)840 Nniwieh and Worthier... 2#4 JM 241,909 23),K9'. Motion nnil l.owi'll 316,067 381102 4)8 516 uottouand 1'tovideiice 310.629 360.87.1 36 3 3 28 notion ami Maine 287,063 319,136 111,501 NfW Bf/foid 78 21) 133 968 138 881 IN minis and Lowell II?,6H(| 127,4% 157,33. 116.140 121 C67 113 9;!) r,'1tr i l,r" 204 99., 286.64,1 190,736 >U Colouy. - in 711 171,151 l.-iinentiont Kiver - :,8,246 123 9.11 ! nil Niter _ iii) HI ? j l'itt?lielil and Ni.itli Adaini ? _ 25 971 lie r*?liire ? ? _ ' Providence aid Worcester, i ? _ _ 3 360,579 4 019 741 .1 263 922 MLBptntrt jM ! ??. 1817 We Item ... .. $37-',621 412 679 67(1.689 I Hoatoii ami Worceaier 249 7^9 28 1 876 38III81 Knatern... ... 116,810 162 804 160 083 Norwich nnil WoiceMer... 89.621 169,2)6 14143 flmlonand Lowell 179 042 212 211 251*408 Bnatnnaud Providence 152 812 169 679 175 346 Rntton ami Maine 154.ICO 17",73l 220 vvi New Bedford 29 381 81996 94 7410 .Naalina and Lowell 44 010 70,279 96 9<7 Titinton I On. 81)0 97,678 (1.691 Kitehbnrff 7133] 117,447 161,43.) Old Colony,. ? 57,210 >17 f2 1 onnerticnt Kirer ? 21,752 68 9iu> Full Kiver ? 53,783 77,086 PiUnlteld aud Noitli Ail ami ? ? 17,T9tt Berkshire ? ? ? I rovitlence and Wt-rceater. ? ? ? $1,169,371 2,(98,4 u 2,699,73'.' ; 1 .. 1 mil in. win ii Nit Earningi l?S. i<(4?. ^ )U1. ! im.Hiiy Ui.Vii 6^8.647 i Boiton Hiiii Worce?ter 137,726 270,134 340,183 I K at tern 233.310 208,534 264 757 Norwich ami WorcMin.,. 114,687 7 2 663 93,462 Boiton and Lowell 177 025 171.819 195 148 Boston aud Prondeuce 197,827 191.196 187,982 Boiton and Maiue 132 963 169.402 291.245 New Itedford 48 828 43.972 44,121 I N..shu.i and Lowell 61,070 57.217 6* 398 T.iUlltoO li,#50 25,389 28,214 KitchlMirg 125 661 169 198 229.303 I Old Colony ? 68 481 81,133 Cotiuecticul Hirer ? 36.491 55.051 Pall Hirer ? 10.336 33,368 I IVttlield and North Adanu. ? ? B.176 i Berkshire ? ? ? Providence and Worcester.. ? ? ? tl.70l.lM 1,961,323 2,564,>90 The aYersRe cost of all these road* per mile, up to the clone of 1847, ww f>4J,18S, while the arerage cost per mile of the railroad* in this state, up to the close of 1H47, was only $27,370. The annexed table give* a comparative exnimi or me lengm. oosi, earnings, sco ,01 the roads in each State (luring the put year : ? Railroads ok New Yolia tno Niw Kniiland, 1847. New Yark. Ntw England Length of road, miles t>71 ,l? 851 Aggregate colt. . $30,058,069 $35,903,365 UroKd earning' 3,166 340 5,363,933 Average oost per utile 47 370 43,188 Average earning* per mile.. 4,713 0,186 Thin comparative atateuient ia deoldedly in favor of the railroads of thia State. We have included in the ' Jgth and coat of roada in the State of New York, the Alb my and West Stockbridge line, and have not included it in the aggregate earning* ; had it been, the reauit wjuld have been still more favorable to the roada of this 8 .ate. The dividends of the railroad companies of New England, show that the dividend-paying linea are profitable investmenta, and the aggregate percent exceeds that of the roada in thia .State. The report el' the Norwich and Worcester Railroad Company for the past year la not inoluded in the above atatement We give It annexed Norwich and Wohi kbtkb Railroad, 1847. tiroaa receipts $334,895 .Mi Kxpenseaand interest 196,858 35 Harplus $38,107 34 Length of road,6W miles Amount of fuudad and floating debt $r>iS,347 37 Bonda given for aubaoription to the atook of the Naahuaand Woreeater road 3041,000 00 Bonda for ateauiboata bought of the Long Island Railroad Company 140,000 00 Bonds for pore has* of the Knlokerbooker. . . 80,000 00 Tolal debt on account of the road proper, ftt boais and W. and N.stsok $1,303,347 37 Thia ia by no means a very flattering exhibit, the surplus being but about one and a half per cent on the capital. The company have petitioned for the liberty to isaue ten thousand share* of new stock; and in the event of thia privilege being granted, it will not be a difficult matter to tell to what point It will recede. The income of thia road appears to have reached ita maximum. In If 43 the groan receipts were $150,433 ; in 1844, $313 837 ; 1845, $331,596; 1846, $343,387; 1847, $334,896. There is a possibility that when the Worcester and Nashua Rail road is opened, the business ot the Norwloh line m?y be inoreased. The business of the railroad* of New England, now in exiatenoe, haa nearly reaohed the maximum ; the rapid increase of roads must very soon tend to a reduction in the reoelpta of the old lines, and the aggregate income be more divided. There are several roads partly oompleted, and there are more than a doien projects before the legislatures of the Eastern States for lines that will oems into competition, more or lesa, with those already in existence. In this way, the lnoome of each road will be reduoed, while the aggregate may how a moderate increase. The railroads of this State ire more favorably looatod, and their business is almost unlimited; the geographical position of the State of New York, standing between the New England States and the great West, gives its works of internal Improvement an advantage superior to those of any other State in tbe Union. The local business of the Eastern roads t >rms their prinoipal souroe of income, and as that b soomes distributed their reoeipts must fall off. The through travel, or that drawn from the Westand South is oonflned to two or three companies; but there is a probability or even that being more divided very soon. The increase In the gross reoeipts of the roads of New England, in 1S47, compared with 1840, was $1,204,181 equal to about thirty per oent; while the increase in the gross reoeipts of the roads of this State in 1847, compared with 1846, was $3Sl,jS2, equal to thirty-six per oent. It appears by this, that our receipts have been a brger per oent, notwithstanding the apparent productiveness of the Eastern roads, oompared with those of this State. The various tax ordinances for the olty of Baltimore for 1848, having reoelved the sanotion of both branohes of the City Counoil, the amounts ef the different levies am as follow:? State and City Tax in Baltimore, 1847. Kor Public Soboolf 6 cents For oourts, ooronerr jail, Sto 3l? ' Kor Baltimore city and oounty poor 3X " For Internal Improvements 69 " Direct tax 30 " Total of city taxes 100 " For highway* and bridges (on property without the limits of direct taxation) 10 " State tax M " Total for all purposes 136 " The levy estimated by the Committee on Ways and Means, was 13? oenta. The internal improvement tax was reduced from 0ti to 58 cents, and the direct tax Increased one cent, thus bringing the levy to the present amount. This exceeds the t ix of thisoity a very Urge per cent; and if we have ground* for complaint, the citixene of Baltimore have a much greater oause for crying out against the buidens of taxation. Stock tCxrhaiigc. SiiOOO Treat Note*, ti'a 101>{ 21 ahaNor St Wor bll 36}? 1000 IVontylv.uiia 5's Tift 1K> L lalind KH :i(i'4 IMI00 do ?90 73'4 100 do *30 30'4' 10 ihi Del & Hudaou I87)< 310 Harlr in K It 44 309 Knruieri'Trnst >30 30 110 do blO 44 J'.rt do 10) do blO 44l? M Morris Canal b30 l6'? 100 do i'JO 4* M Canton Co 33,f I mi do ?!? 43T? 1110 do btw 33H 10 do >10 43,'j 10 Heading KH b90 43 110 do btw 44 2i0 do 42 100 do >uw 44 21 Nor Ik Wor KH 361< 400 do 43% I Oil do ?9# 36X C Krie H R, new, full 71 8*uind Uoirda SlfiOO Treaa Noki. G'i 1013k 100 aha Ilarlein KK ?30 44|f MM <! > kW MIX ion do b30 4l>* 1000 U Si',, 1803 b'l 92^ '<0 lieadlt-K KK a) 43,% 100 aha Li M Bxnk 3l, 300 Farmers' Lo in 3flk 100 Harlem KH 40, 100 du a3 30l4 I no do b60 41K 100 Cantou Co blO :n? 400 (In 44X 21 do 33)K 10 do blO 41 100 L lalaud KH bll J"'4 <1)0 do b3 4tV lo do 1.3 30 \ 110 do 44^ 10 do Ut 31H CITY THADR HKPOUTNkw York, Monday Afternoon March 6, 1848. There was do ohange in Hour Sales were extremely limited, at ratei oiArent before the news The demand lor the better qualities continued good for home use, while there was very little if any demand showed itself for export. Since the sale of Genesee on Saturday, we have heard ot no transaction* in wheat. Corn wan extremely dull, and sales light. Holders generally demanded prlocs above the views of buyers. Meal was also dull llyo and oats remained about the same. Provisions oontinued steady, with moderate rales of pork at full prices. Coniidarable rale* of lard were made at prioes stated below. TUere w*s a fair business doing in | rugar and molasses, while coffee was quiet. The amount i ; of sales, and the charaoter of the ootton market, will be found stated under the proper head. Ashks?The market was quiet for pearls at $8. Sma" snl?a of pots were made at Flour? We have enly to notice sales In lots of oominon Genesee at $? 37)1, and ot the better qualities at frt 62X; J00 do straight brand Mlobigan at >? 37X; and 100 do. prime Petersburg at 37X- New Orleans and Ohio brands were held at the same prices as thoae current before the news. WKtnt?There was 1 very little offering. The sale I of Genesee noticed on 1 Saturday, amounted to 'J60O bushels, at a price said to ! b* something over (1 41. Corn?Sales of 1000 bushels New Orleans, yellow, slightly heated, were made at 6#c , and lovo do southern, miied, sold on private terms. Handsome southern white was held at ttOc . while buy- | ers for no description seemed to be Inclined to offer within 6 to So. as muoh for sound oorn as was paid before the ne?s. Meal?The artiole was dnll at t'l AD Kyr was quiet; no sales being reported. Oa(t?Sales ot I 3009 bushels t>f Virgiula were made at 46o. Brant? Sales of 40 bbls. were made at V3\o , and SO do. at f 1 06 Catti.k Maiiih.-At market, 10S0 beef cattle, (660 j . southern, the remainder eastern and New York State,) : SO cows and calves, and 700 sheep and lambs Beef j < attic The market was rather dull to-day. but prioes, nevertheless, are well maintained, a* they nay* been du 1 ring the *f?k, ho much ao ua in justify a repetition ol l?*t week's figures, that la, 7 a $0 per cwt, an in quality A few sales are reported a* below 97, but the quality i* 1 Hash as to furnish no jaat criterion of the market A < lot of 4(1 head were taken for the Bermuda market. We j oould cot aacertaln preolaely the number of cattle left J OTir, but presume MO la near the mitrk i nwi and t Calvea The supplies were about equal In number le < those offered the week previous We notice no material alteration in prlcea, which we quote at Irom 9 J J to $3.> a j.'iit sheep and l.amba are aoarcer juit now than they ( imve been lor nearly a twelvemonth paat Trioeaconae- , quently are very high Sale* at from 3 36 to $4 a t hit lots brought as high aa 911 All cold Hay ?The i roantry wagon* are numerous at the sal# a to day Good I timothy and cloverseed are selling at 61X a 7Ac per owt, W >eat, oat and rye atraw la worth i i~>% a $2 60 the It bundles. (or ion--The Britannia's letter* being considered i flattering for thl? staple, holders hare demanded a lull j halt per cent advance to-day, which we* p*id freely by ] buyers for about fttou bales ; the market opening at Ires rate, but oloalng stiff at tnia advanoe Kswit ? The demand for wet dried raisins continued a< tlve, and the sales to-day reached 1600 boxes at 91 4.% a 91 ftO. Small salts of dried peaohes were making at 94 ao, and IS hhda. dried apple* sold at 4'?i Kirk t aararsi?We notlee sales of 4-4A0 boxes ('anton, (40 pack a per bo*) ?t 91 30, 8 months. r,.*-Th. Birkit oontinred itudy. with malt lal'i it our tut quoUttcn* moi amm -W? huyt oniy to teport sulfa of l(x* btidtf. Garden m at 18Xo, 4 moi. Natal Storks ? TranaACtlonn to-day were quite limited and confined chiefly to the retail trade Haw turpentine ni held at $3 J5 and spirits do, at 46c There was no ohange in other descriptione On.s?Linseed continued Arm at 06 a tftic; oil cake had receded about I to i per ton, irbloh had a tendency to stiffen the market for oil Suuari -There wu* a good business doing in Musoovado.and sales of iOO hhds were made from the wharf, at to c, as in quality Tallow?'The market, since th? reoeipt of the news, _W 1 !.1 .. 11 . 1 I sales of 10,(XK) lbs were effected to-day at D a 9o, lor prime rendered, which was an advance over previous rates. Phoviiions ? Salrs of 100 barrels ol pork were made, buyers option, this week, at Jil0 87>i The same price was offered tor more, and refused; 7> barrels do were made at $11. There was no change iu nams or shoulders Lard Sales of 10*0 kegs, of prima quality, were made at H)fo. actual tare; 100 do do weJ'e made at 9c; and M00 do do reported sold at 8,^0 In beef, we heard ot no transactions Cheese -There was very little doing, but prices were firm Butter I'rices continued steady with nalei to the trade at last week's prioes ; some lots ef 1'ennaylvainia were sold at 14alftc. Kggs- Sales Of l.^a'JO bbls. were made at 15){o. per dozen. Kick?We heard of no sales worth reporting. Hi khcitron Bar a ?There wait some movement and some sales making in this article, but on terms whieh aid not transpire WHAi.rbONK - We heard of no sales. Wbhkky?Sales Of 'J0U barrels N.-w Orleans wer<? uiade, at 23><c Freights?There was more offering Cotton ?a.' engaged for Liverpool at '> :?d a 3-l6d. Lard was engaged at 16s a 17s. and son* heavy Roods were saii to have been taken at about 40*. IHAHKK1K KI.SKWIIKHK. STOCK SALES I'M11 aoKi nut, March fi, It IU ?Firnl H?ard?tt54 17 Slale J'l, 73%: 250 Treasury Nuiei, 101, I On 11 S Bourn y Sunp, #1S; 100 liu, '?I '4 10t>0 Cll*l?|>ealie and Urlauiirr (i'? '67, 78; ltO INrw J?riev ( i)|>5d*, }7,; 10>l I) S Bank c, >'?, 100 l.ehigli 1.1 Scrip, 81; 200 do Ml Lo<u, H2)^; I Plaucirs' Bank. Tu, lO.; 1500 Chesapeake and Delaware K's, 78 Hum </?$ lull ( 'irard Bank, IU\: 1000 U S o'? 'M, 101%; Ml Moiria au*l, H)>i; 10,000 State i'? r, 73?,; 1000 Sclin yiki 'I N:iv ujiln.ti (i'? "ill. 4 IK; 530 State V?, 73s,, 200 <Jirard 1.4. lllV; 200 do?5, ! )?; 50 11 iiioii Cnnal id and intcisit, 38 Srcund Board?$.'>00 U S ti'i l?7, I02H. C-(< State S's, TV-,, 20 l^wiiinv11le Batik, 81: I Union Canal, 35)<. Jifln Heard?2000 U H Treaiury 6's, 101'i; 64# State .Vi, 73>4; 5000 do, 73*?; 1000 Sclmylkil Navi Ktilioii i> t 'tiH. -II V. 5# Northern Bnuk of Keutucky, %; J7 I'lanteri' UuiU leuo, 45; 39 Mechanics IJanli, 2ii'4; 1000 Hchujlkill Nuv G's, 41^. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Nkw Orleans, Keb. 4t>?Cotton. ?The week opened languidly, uuder the general impression that the news by the Hiburnia would be an unfavorable if not more sothan that reoeivwd by the Sarah Sands, and in consequence only 3000 bales were sold on Monday and Tuesday, at a decline of On Wednesday the Hibernia's accounts came to band, and although t!*> iiuotations of cotton were the same, there was a better feeling in tbe market Money was more abundant, and no Uilures of any magnitude nad takeu place in England. These ao counts being so much better than had been anticipated, led to an active demand, whloh has continued slnoe ? On Wednesday, ti&OO bales were sold, on Thursday, 1 4,000, on Friday 7600, and to-day ttiiOO, making a total for the week of 30 000 bales. The English buyers have been the principal operators, and the balance has been taken for the continent, the North and Spain. These large sales have naturally strengthened prioes, and the deoline in the beginning of the week has been regained The market olosed firmly at the following rates Inferior, 5a6>*; ordinary to good ordinary, iiati)i; middling, good middling, 7*7 V; middling fair, 73<a7^'; fair, 7\?3; good fair and good and fine, nominal. Tobaooo?The transactions still continue on a limited soale, and the sales of the week donot exoeed 300 hhds. In prioes there is no ohange, and we repeat our last week's quotations : ? Lugs, 4a3; common leaf, 3V?*4; fair, 4){*4X; fine, 6a6Mi choice, 6a7>?; segar leaf, 3*14o. Sugar?The demand has been good, and although there have been three days of rainy unfavorable weather, the sales amount to 3400 hds. As tne reoeipts have been light, and as the demand for the north has been good, prices have acquired more firmness, and an advance of >tfo. has been paid yesterday. We quote Ordinary, 4){a3 ; oommon, 3^ 3; fair, 37^*4,H! ; prime, 4,V?4>{ ; ohoioe, 4%a6 Molasses? Prices .have undergone little fluctuation; choice lots, which have been scaroe, were in good demand, and readily command 40>? a 41o. Inferior fermenting parcels are selling at 15 a 17c, and fair to prime at 18 a 20o. Kiour?Tbe market has been without animation, there being no demand for export to the North or to Europe, and only occasional shipments being made to the West Indies and Mexioo. Owing to the light stock and the limited arrivals, holders have succeeded in establishing an advanoe. Ohio is selling at $6 a 6 l'JX; St. Louis $6 46 a 5 60, and choloe bakers' brands at $6 75 a 6 Corn?The dema< d was active during tbe early part of the week, and tbe prioe advanced to 45 a 46o for prime white and yellow. Sinoe the reoeipt of the Hibernla's accounts, the demand has fallen eff, and prioes have a downward tendency. Today a lot of 900 saoks cboioe yellow, was sold at 46c. Corn Meal?Not a sale of importance has transpired Wheat?The market continues bare of stock. There has been neither an arrival nor a clearance. Oats?The market is not aotivs, and Ohio sells slowly at 43 a 45o, and St. Loais at 40c. Whiskv?The demand has been limited, and prioes have ranged 40 a ilo for reotitied, and 41c for raw. Pork?There has been more Inquiry, and iuily sOl'O bbls have changed hands during the week, in coasequenoe of whiob, prioes have rallied, and mess is now selling at $9 a 9 46; prime at $7. 669 bbls prime mess wero s)so sold at $8 46. Bulk Pork?Some 400,000 Iks bog round were sold at $3 a 3 05, and 60,000 lbs sides at 3?^o. Bacon?The demand is steady, without beiog animated, at the following rates: Sides, 4,14' a 5o; shoulders, 3A? a 3\o; hams, plsin, 6 a be; canvasted and extra oured sugar hams, 8 a 10)?o ? Lard?The arrrivals have been large, and although the d-mand has been active, prioes have given way, and the outside figure for prime in bbls and tierces is 6J* a 6,3,o, and in ksga 6?, a 6Xc. Beef - The transactions continue very small, the most important tale of the week having been 473 bbls prim* at $t> 31V Of prime mess in tierces not a sale has transpired Bagging and Bale Hope?The demand is limited as ever, and the sales are confined to small lots, at 13>f a l4o for bagging, and 7)t Ho for rope Gunny Bagii -The sale* are alow at IS a ltic for new 'J1,' bushel bags in baled. Lead-The only pules which have eomo to our ears were one of !)00 p<gs soft Lower Mince at $3 70, and 200 pig* I'pper Mines at $3 H7>i. Tallow? 200 bble prime oountry rendered were sold at 7>|V. Hay -The price ot Western has advanced, and some lint-boat loads have been sold at $20 per ton. Coffee?The demaud for Klo has been fair, and the sal's bare been effected,at >??' a ?i??c though some small lot# of priinn have brought 7o Rice The S'oek is heavy,and the sal?s small at 3V, a 4c. Freights?In spite of the large transactions in cotton, the rates to Kurope have suffered a further decline: ? Cotton to Liverpool, 7-16 a 16-32d; do Havre, IS-ltic; do New York. $2; do Boston. $1 75 a f l per bale; Klour to Liverpool, 4s tid; do North, SO a 00c; Corn to th? North, 12 a 12}{o ptr buah; ( orn to Liverpool, lid do; Corn to Ireland, 14d do; Kiuur and Molasses from the coast, $4 a $4 60; do do from the city, $3 a $3 SO. Exchanges-A fair tusines* has been done iu foreign exchange, without any change in tbe rate#: London, 7 a tf.l4 per cent prem; Paris, ft 32X a ft 40; New York, <10 days, i'4 a 2>4 dif. do sight, !'*<" a 'i prem; Treasury Noted, X dis a par. Married. On the 4th instant, by the Itev. Mr. Stratton. Mr. Thomas Lomh to Miss Hii.lia;h, both of this city On Sunday, the Mh Inst., by the Kev Kzra Withey. Mr. .Ias M. Fi.?inm ac to Miss Ani? Maria, only daugnt*r of Thos It Garland, Ks<) , all of this oity On the 1st of Mareh, by the very Itev John Power, Susan Mast O'Dorvomr, to Mioki.k Katsri* Cisni, own, On .Sunday eveniug, the Sth lust., after a short but severe illness, Hk/kkiah T. Wi mh, aged 3s years Hie funeral will take place this afternoon, at .* o'clock, from No 2S Forsyth street. His relatives and friends, i together with the members of tbe Wood Samaritan Temple of Honor, No. 3, 8. ot T., the Caledonia Division, N?.J 31,8. of T, and the Tradesmen's Lodge I O O.K., are I respectfully Invited to attacd. On the tith Instant, after a painful illness, Mr*. Ki unor Si.tTirt, aged 73 years, a native of the parish of Dromora, county i'yrone, Ireland Her friends, and those of tha family, are respectfully requested to attend har funeral, from the residence of her Ren, Michael Slavln. No. -26 Wast street, thia afternoon at 8X o'olock. without further inTitatlon At Belize, Honduras, on the 31st ult , Kdwii* Kokiiit youngest son of Christopher Hempstead. Ksq., Consul of tha United States for that settlement. Watltly 1 (.sport of Uaitlti In tha < itr .iml County of New York, from the 26tli day of Kebraary to the 4th day of Merch, 1848 Man 77; Women 90; Boyi 90; (Jirla 61 Total 331. DliBASKI. Abscess, 3; Apoplexy. 13; Aathin i, I; Dleeding from (.uuga, I, Burned or Scalded, 3; Urouclut i, I; ( encer, 2; 4 :i?uilt,e', t; Colic, I; Consumption, 39; Convulaioua, 23; Cruu|>, 7; Congestion of Conga. 2; Cysuipis, I: Pehility, 6; Delirium Treinets, I; Diarrhoea. 13; Dropsy,*; Dropsy in the Head, ij; Dropsy in the Cheat, 1; Dvnentery, 7; Diapepais,!; Kryiipelas.l; Fracture of Tlugh, 1; Fracture,I; Kerer.2; l>'ever I'uerl>er?l, 12; Kever Kemittent, 2. Kever Scarlet,4; Kever Typhoid, I; Kever Typhus, 32; Heart.L)ise*>e of, 4; Influenza, 2. luJunnation, 2; Inflammation of Brain, 7; Infl lmnntion of Bowel*. 10; Inflammation of Heart.I; Inflammation of Lnuga.21; luthu : nation of 8tom .r.h. 2 Infl limitation of Throat, 2; InllamuM ion of Womb, t; Inflammation of Liver, 1; Intemperance. I; ! Luti Venerea, 3; Malformation, 1; Marasmus 12; Mea<lei, i; Olil Age, 6; l'aliy,6; Poiioii, I: Prematura Hirili, 7; I'lanri?y, I; Scrofula, 3; Small Pox, 7; .Suicide, 2; Teething, I; LJI. era, 1: Ulceration of Lnrysx. I: Worini, I; Unknown, 1. Age?Under one year, R2; I to 2 years, 23; 2 to 5. 38; 5 to 10, j 16; 10 to 50.21; 20 to 30. S3; 30 to 10. 41; 40 to 40.19; Mto#0, u; DU 10 tg. b; 7V to 80,13; HO In 90, i. *jo to inu i; onanowo, (. A W.WHIT City luipector. City Inspector'* Office, March 4, 1811. Association ok exempt kihemen.-the members of thin Annotation aud Kienpt Kitemen in ift icral. are inrited to meet at the time aud place designated in hf order of the Chief Engineer, for forming the Kire Department line, on Wedaesday, the I li nut , to unite with their cHow cittxena iu testifying their resect to the memory of lie late John (^niney Adams. Uadgea will he fnrni-hed on he ground, by order of SAMUEL B WARNER, l'resiI'ut. I N, I*hii<. Secretary. Se<- Wednesday's rape'. LV\OLE KIRK ENMINK CO. NO 13 ?THE "MEMber?, I O iorarr and ei-mimhers, nf tliejgboye Company, tre re<iiieited to meet at the Engine Home on Wednesday he 8,h intt .at 11 o'clock, A. M.. for the purpose of joining in lie procession, to pay tt.e last tribute of tespr< t to the "inau.s >(the late John Quiucy Adama. ei I'rendrnt of the U lied States By order ol the comptny. D 8 WEEKS hWemiu 1 Wm Oimitt, Bec'y Empire knoink company. no. 41?the mem- ' bars, ex-members, and honorary members of th's Comp.v it. are inrited to meet at the Engine Home, on Wednesday. he*thin??. (one hour prior to tint designated for the line to orm) to join the Inner <1 nroceaamu f th- late Hon. John liuiecv Adama WARHEN BLIVEN, Ko eman; R. ( on1 kl 1. Whitk, Secretary. UN1V K.HSITV OK NEW YORK?THE ( OMMENCKi meat of the Medical Dcparim'nt i f the University : will be held on Wednesday. tie dth of March, *i ij, o'clock, I' M , in the Chapel of the I'mveinty The <ddresl to 'lie Graduates will be delivered by Dr. Mott. The profession and public are respectfully invted to attend By order of the Kacnlty. JOHN W. DltAI'ER, Secrttwy. tiuiie with n?f fcliuw niiitm, u. |?yif>g r?*pe--i a> ;he meni" ry ol the illm'.riout Ailnmi the member* of thu chapter are directed tu meat al their roomi, No Tj Allen ?tree'. oil Wednesday la-.toiun, m'Io'clock precuely, in ,.giln It ? hoped (tutevery member will be punctual .n iiii attendnice on >u? occmioii By oider, W.I!. KINiJ, H.; T. M Hemptie ill, r of the I' PWTINAM i H A I' T i>. II No. u. O u \.-IMK\lk.M J ber* of this < Inpier are te<|ue*teil to meet at 300 Knit Broadway, oil Weduoilay mormuK u'J o't luek. in lull ick ili I, to Day respect to tlie memory ol' tl.e illumt a Adams By order of H. S SMITH. H. lion it at ( uhk, Iof the I C' OLUMBIA CHAPTKK, NO. 7, O. OK IJ A.-TIIK. ' brother* of (hi* Chanter are requeued to meet at the < litiiter Koutn, ?t# o'clock mi* mornmir. March 8 iu lull regalia U . Wheelen, B. Wheeler. V W. Newton, K. J Weller, K. Prince. Thomn Chisne?, P. S. Btubbs, It A. Miles, II. Teiti, N Skiff 8- in B Dawson. \ MKIIU AWCHAPTKR NO. 6. O. OKU \-AT \ >1 ?|>ecial meeting ol I hapter, it wua reilved, l it the Brother* of thi? ( liapter me?t at their (looms, on Wednesday monnig, at 9 o'clock. ^ M , and join in the pro i eftiionlon the reception ?l the remaina'of our late en 1'reaideni, i.,h') Quiney Adams, a* ter iei|ue?t of Chancery. A I (11 IIH ANfc' Hj.rli?ui ( Hour I (' Ou. a.-thk chancery andseveral chat tcri of ihe O. of U. A.,aie directed to assemble in full legalia, to attend the funeral crrtmonies of the la'e John Q Aiuin*. ou Weduesday uest, Dili inst. The line will lie bun r<l in (irand street, right on Broadway, aIII o'clock, precisely. Special dnectimis to Chapters will be given to Sncliems. I>y a circular from the Grand .Marshal. DANIKL TALMaUE, lilted Sachem. 1 OUT?ON MONDAY, A SMAI.I, (JOLD UENEVA A Watch. with H gold chain one foot in length. also a cold key and a red cornelian seal ring lettered K. M I' in Herman test. Il wis lost or itnlen in mi omnibus between ilie Niew \ ark Hotel mil Walker ?t Any per-on will be handsomely rewarded by leaving :lie s?m? at I2J 2d, comer of Wth street. und no questions ashed WANTED?BY kPllu J KS ; A NT QIRL. \ si ; I \ ( on as chambermaid or waiter in a respectable family ? No obiectinns against assisting in washing and ironing In,1111 r in .N ,, T.t Mnnun iireel. No. (>. in lb' re?W A NTKD?B\ A I'HOKKMHIR OK Ml -I . LAI P from Oermatly, but conversant with ihr English l.'iigirige, Hoard and lodging. in a |<rivale family, where be could rrinuiieme die same bv giving insiruriion in snging or on the imuio?also, if required, on the violin. Addn vi bos Ml, New > nrk I'ost Office. WANTED?BY TWO HESPEI TAUI.K Y'?t'N<) Oirls. situations. one to do chamber work aud attend rli'ld'eu. the oilier to do general house work in n respectable private family; best of city references can be given from llieir last places I'lease call at 19 Koiirth ureal; can be seen for Iwo day* WANTKD-\ SMART ACTIVE LAD, BKTWKEN 13 aad li years of age, to atteud in'a Kaucy btoie. '1 hose competent, cm nrp'y to Fl. Lawrence, II John si. \LT ANTED?BY A JHEXPECTABLE PROTESTANT ?? girl, a s'tuatiou ai chambermaid, or to do house work in a small private family. Would have no objections t-> go | to the country. Kuquire 22 Oali street, in the tear, up stairs. WANTED-BV A NEAT. T1DV GlHL, \ SITl/Alion os Chambermaid and Waiter in a nice family, or as l.'bildren'a Nurse aud Seamstress. Can give good city reference.Call at 71 lleekuiau st. WANTKD?A SITUATION IN A HAT. CAP, OR Eur store, by au experienced aalesmau, lur caller, kc. Satisfactory reference given on application at Iti2 Water it. New York. WirUATION WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE yonng woman; a litnatiou to do general housewoik. wasliin. Mid ironing, or cocking, iu a private (amity. Enquire at till'.) Broadwav, upstairs room No. IS Rooms wanted-the * ihbt or second Eloor, Uufurniihed, of a modern built House, in or near the upper part of Broadway, with private table. foraOentleuiin ami Wife, with one Servant. Address A. Z., at the office of thi? paper. HARM WANTKD, FOR C ^SH?CONTAINING A' from 50 to 100 acres of good Intnl. in a healthy situation, convenient to the city of New York The improvements mutt be good, with a sufficient quantity of timber, and ttood vv ter. To make it an objtct to any person wishing to dispose of such a place, cash will be paid. Address box No. 3.703, i Post Office, stating location, price, and where an interview cm be had. TO LKT-THE BARBER'S SHOP AND BATHING Rooms of Juilson's Hotel, from the l?t May next They have been occupied for the last two years by Ed. Phalon. Ap ply to CURTIS JUD8QN. TO LET.?HOUSE NO. 10 HICKS STREET, BROOKlyn, near the Fulton Ferry. It is in every respect a desirable and pleasantly situated house, and will be rented low to a gnod tenant. Inquire at 310 Brondwav. TO LET?THE THIRD STORY OF THE BUILDING vi? Broadway, and a large Room in the fourth story, smtiible lor a lodge room. The tnird story room is 27 feet 6 inches wide by 200 feet long, suitable for any public purpose. Iuquire on the premises. SPICER Si McMANN. ST. CHARLES HOTEL, NO. 347 BROADWAY, (corner of Leonard street ) A line Green Turtle will be served up at the "St. ' harles Hotelou Tuesday, March 7, at 11 o'clock, A M. GEOKGK E. WATRISS, Prjprietor. ASSIGNEE'S SALE?FOR SALE, ALL THE MKdiciues, drugs, and fixtures in store No. 121 Fulton strett, (lately occupied by Wvatt St K' together with the leise-o! said store, good will, Sic A lirst rate chance for miking money Will be sold cheap to clo?e the concern. Ii quireat the store, or of JOHN H. WHITE, assignee of Wyati St Ketchain No. 4!i William street. New York. OHEET1NGS BY THE POUND-10,000 YARDS OF v? supe lor English Long Cloths are uow offered for aale by the pound. AUo, Jaconet and CambiiciMusiins, Prints. Furnitures, Sic , Sic , together with a full and well selected stock dI spring and dry go ds, bought recently, and offeree! at extrtoidmary low rrices N. B ?A complete aisortment of house-keeping, sheeting aud trimming linens. All goods of I this description, bought at this establishment, can he depended ' upon as being pare linen. JAMES A. DUVfY k CO., 486 l?r*nd street, corner of Cnlnmhia. HAV *NA SEOARS.?The subscriber, one of the owners ol ihe manufactory of " El Jadio Errante (the War.derI iue Jew)," " Araazoua" and "'"arlota" Segars, iu Hav in, I h ill keep a constant supply of these favorite brands in store, hri1 cautious purchasera against the counterfeit of the same by several of the segar dealer* of the city. F. MANCHO, 61 Front st PRACTICAL BOOK KEEPING?Mr. C. C. MARSH, Accountant No. 88 i-edar street, author of the " Science of Double Entry Book-keeping Simplified,'' and the " Art ol Single Entry Book-keeping Improved." continues to teach at above. 'Ihe public it respectfully informed that the plan I ursued by Mr. Marsh in teaching this important branch, is truly n course of practice in keeping books, rather than a course of lectures on the theory. Prospectuses, with term *, enn be obtained at the rooms, fr<im 9 A M.t?9P M New paper hangings-fkaSi? is pares k Co., No 379 Pearl stieet. New Yo'k, have just received from Fiance a large and elegant assortment < I all ihe new , ... i.. n,?.. ti... k, .i... ?i. \ eat patterm of Panel, Fresco, Decorative sud others, in Kold, velvet. and satin. selected ei prasilv ajd suitable fur halls, par lor?, chambers, itr Alt j, ol their owa muiofactnre, the uioit extensive (lock, aud the largest assortment of every description ol raoer Haauinus. Borders, Window ' urtaiu Papers, he bo. Mi-rcli iit?, dealers, landlords, and (.thera, are re' ;iectfullv invited to call and riatnine. The moat competent workineu (0 liaim the PHHW ran lir f?ruiahed It ihe shortrst BOtiee. WHAT THK DKV1L AHK THr'. PKOPLK \I.L stiriuitat ' Don't you know that that ta the Kire Dollar 1 Suit Nto e, where you km n dress or frock < oat, euaitnere l<auti. and faney vest for ti. or elegant cloak* and overcoats. 1 S't.i $itt each; business roata. t> to ft; dtapde Kle Tweed, uhmeratte tad e otb mcIu, made ia the Utut iCtIi. Ulo|l l ash paid for gentlemen's clothiu r. Cleaning and repairirn 1 ( orner Ni'.<vi and Uerktn.iu street I. LBFTOFK CLOTHING AND FUKNITUKK?I^ediet and Gentlemen haviuit superfluous effects to dispose ol, such a* wearing apparel, Furniture, See , cm obtain a fan i cash price fur the same, by sendiuK for the subj-riber. tlir'.unli the post office or otherwise. who will atteud at thrir residences. J. LK.VKNSTYN. 4t>ti Broadway, up stairs l.v , dies can be attended to by Mra. Leveuatvu. (1 AHT OKK ' LOTHINU WANTKD?UKNTLKMKN ' or finnlies having weiring appirel, or superfluous jew eliy, winch they wish to ditpoie lor ca h. may do so to their own adv-.nt i e, hf sending fur the subscriber, w ho will .attend at their resid'nee by appointment. II. LKVKTT, 2 SV'a.l street corner of B road way. A line through the putt office nr ot'ietw ?e, will receive prompt attention f|iHk BHITIHH AND NOKTH AMKHICAN HOVAI, 1. Mail iteamshipe, between Boston and i Liverpool, ami be tweeu New Vork a id Liverpool, calling at II ?lila* to lainl mil | receivs mailt aud pnsseugert ?Thete vessels carry a clear white light at the mast head, green on starboard bow, red < u port bow. ' ritmnnis, I apt B LMfi IfoM Soetoa, tktpi lay, llth March. I'amb'ia, Capt. W. Harrison, from New V.,rk, Saturday. 21th March. The Caledonia,|Capt. J. Leiieh, from Boston, Wednesday, 5th April. The Atner ca. Ctpl. ; Indkins from New York. Wedne day, 19th April Passagr money, 1120. Kr?m April to November inclusive, the dr> ,r tares will be weekly, (every Saturlar.) from Liverpool to wntrica. The weekly departures from America, after 25th March, will he Wednesday. I'asseuKers will be chnrgsd ireignion personal ingijagr wnen it evceeus nan a ton mri sureirent, and on specie (eieept f ?f personal eipensei.) An experienced snrgeon on board All letters and newspaper* i n-u?t pass through the post office. Kor freight or passive, I apply to E. CUNAKD, Jr., 38 Broadway. FOR LIVERPOOL?THE NEW AND SPLENDID steamship UNITED 8TATK8, burthen 2 000 ton*, Wm O. Hackstaff, commander, will sail from this port for Live;- j pool nn Satu day. the 8th of April. Thii ship has been about fifteen months in building; and in her construction il ha* been the sole desire of the owners tn unite *afety, atreagth. tpeed, mid spacious accommodations for passengers and weight: and hi her recent Uial trip to Handy Hook ana back, tlier realized mi her performance all, and more than wm anticipated.? J Her state rooms are spacious, and combine every thing tint can be desired for the comlort and convenience of patseigets The price of passage outwsrd n fued at S120 Kor freight oi I pusage, apply to ( I!. MARSHALL, 38 Burling dip. L''OR LIVERPOOL?NEW LiNE-RMJULAll PA' K m. etofttth March?The new and splendid f ?t sailing | packet ship ROBCIUS, Asa KldmUe, m ister, is u iw I',ailing and will positively sail as above, her regular day. Kor fie'glit or passage having splendid furnished aceomrnodetiobs. | apply on hoard, at Orleans whatf, foot of WMI street, or to K KCOLLINS. M Sol li street. The packet ship Hiddous Will tncceed the itoseins, and sail Iter regular day OR NEW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA AM) NEW ! Vork Lin* of Packet*?Very teduced rates of frreigtit? To sail Monday. March 13.?The new and splendid fast sulinu packet ship HUDSON, P. Pnge, inasler, is no w load i. g. and j will positively sail as above, her regular day Kor freight or passage, havng handsome furnished accommodations. -i idy on ho <rd. nt Orlean* Wharf, foot of VVnll street, or to r. K. COLLINS, 56 South street Positively ro freight r? "inn on imju-u auer twnraiiy cvenisK. <>iar<:n 11. nitetil in j Nsw Orleans, Mr. Wra Oreevy, who will promply forward i ill iiooili to hi* address. Packet ship Hl< II \ 14i) COB K.N will NUM4 ' 1 e HwIMihlJnil "ii ?>er 'egular dny Notice.?on and after Saturday, febrimry I9tli, the ite-mbont STATEN will in ike th e IoIIowiuk trips, onlil [anlMI notice. i nvf Qm* *' tin#at8W, 10 A.M.. UM..J I* M. 5 I'. M. l.ea.e New i Vi?rk mt A.M.. tl A. M.. I P. M . IS* P M. ? IV M Kikksteb'8 <;ELKBK,WKD OINTMENT-UENerally linuwn m Kirrittil'i B-e.nt Ointment ? Piepu??l from an original recii e of Dr Hun Kiersted, who tiumrninl l"r in Hnllsud about the year 1640?one of the 1 loneers of the Medical profession in thi? Hute. This Ointment his been in I general me for a grest number of years in this city It has il'O been prescribed by several of our eminent Physiei?ns fur iiiinv vears It is unsurpassed by any other application fortlic cure t>( Axe iu the breast. or Tumors Irnm any other cause, f r old Fever, or other old sores, or Ulcers, fresh won'ds b les, burns, dr?tsing of blisters, rorns, chilbls'us, Sic j wholesale ami retail by H. T. K ersted, ap?thfcaiy,5J9 Pr< adway i corn* r Spring street. For the convenience it purchaser* it it alto for rile at the followiug places ?No JiJHo ?on striet, correr Spring; 110 Broadway; 1ST Bowerv. coruei (irand street: 421 I'rart street, corner Hose and 15# ?r ? way. corner Fourteenth itreet New Voek Vl1"' "i Court street a- il Montague Place, Biooklyn. Price -5 cents a bo*. i 1 KK VI lIO|ts< MK DP INK -KlKnBHM' ? * ; i* tersMI's He?rr l'?w<Trs ,rcc..m|-.?c.' 'f* . dient. torn, of whir har?'he cue of l.cvrs, remedy l*'mw !"p'p',JJ'_Br.,0,fs ?f a universal condition 8tc as wel as for all the r>njr #o ?Urk snedicme Ii is wamntedj^c^, | f<||(,D? Mn(, W1,J vpr * m IheTorsV his no disease A II OOUOHIt CO. m4ksI'onstreet, ?ole rr.T"*??" Also for sale at New Yotk J'attersells. V... _ .. AMI TH*AT*!~KJCI>UCTJON Ok PEICE?I 0o?M. 5fl rmtt ; rif Ml eaa't <#atVr?. W r#nt? T; ol'ID it 7<j'i>!ueki parlortWf* >*ill unmriicr athall t>\>i 7? 1 urrlay K??om*. MircH 7. will ii? t? fmrar I A NK.W WAV TO PAV OI.D DKBT*?Mir <1 Ira Overreach. VI Booth; Wellborn, Mr. Dynlt: Allworth, Mr Milr?w?; M . rail, Mr B?t?: M?rg?r?t 0?eirr <eii, Mr?. Abbott, Lad? ,M worth, Mra flurry. To eooelude with, arcoud tm* unhii thritrf, h urw ^run<1 tragical comical nnrlraqiie cti'itlril. KTAMOMA?Metamom, .Mr. i?r ogham; lord Kililv1 tllr, \l\nil/rwa Titpiokrr Vri Br.. BOWKKV THKATBK.? I UK8DAV K.V March 71>?. will l>e performed tlir I mini nf tin BATTLK OKMfcXM'O. General Hcott, .Mr. VV M uahu vieneial Worth, Johnaou; SiguouM larlor.i, Mra Plnllif* Pre*ious to which will be acted KATIIAuI?. AN" t'k TKITCHIO. Petruchio. Mr. W. Marahall; irniniu, Btirkr. Ilortriuio, Warwick; Katharine, Mia f'ti >1 lii>a AI - < the I . . Hiruirun III u a m Ml M >/.M NI i. Hir Mario.idu!*? d?-w? II > 11 h m v - I <l?t. K Bamboozle. J H Hull; Krauk Tivrrtuii Warwick; Kmily. Mr?. I'hillipi Bnict. Ji ?eula: I't '.nil O.tilery, HX hud. Doori n|>eu at 6)4 o'clock, |ierfaiauti<.e to coraiueuee nt 7 | ^ 11ATH AM TIIKATKK II K8DAV KVKMMi. ' M.-trcli 7lli?The T>?rform?iiiris will coronieur# with the I'KT OK I II K. CKI' I H uATH?Paul, the IVt. Mi?? Urke; Zephyr, Mr W ?'c.u \fic, whirl.. TOMPKINS ? T'nnpkina, Mr Wilcol; l.iulr <> </.Mr.* W lilierwoudTo lie followed l>y ?n OliJK' TOt I VJ'KHfc AT? H- ?' O'Owyer. Mr Witlcot. Kanuy Hilbhlr, Mn.f'urkc 1 lir w 11 le t'i conclude ? itli the dr?m t . f MATT IT O K AlXON K ? Kortuuato Kaleone, Mm }j. Deuin; Ca| tun Alezsio Mr. Varrv. Uoora open at 7 o'clock?itriotminre io <n>in ca nr 7f^ Uoirt, 2'i centa; Pit. !2K certi MITOIKU-'S OLYMPIC THEATUK -BKNKMT OK \) K8. H K.N RY?Tucatlay rveuiuv. Vinr'li 7il? 'I he performance will commence with (lie W A NIJk'.K I NO IS (I Y H -11 ubort, Mr Heury: P?ul, s m n Ileum: In si in Mm Kiir Dciiid. Alter whirh, t?te taroe entitled I.ADIKli KW \ K?I ill. Vavaxmr, \ t r I I ?iU . Sirl l.ii'et, t'nolil i Miililil', Miaa Mary T?ylor; Lady Roiiehanr,. Mi> Henr, I.. I.e follower-l l.y A Ol. \ \l I- M'NKW I O H K |\ IPU ?Mo-ea, I haufriiu: Jake, <,'ono?er: >'r< Mirroo.Mr, Heiit Delude with the I. uric tin eulilled R ! 1 I- Ml 8PA? H" tor i'emiileVou. \ir. ^VlnKuui I'mii leti.u I <.n<?v?-r: i .irolin* < i nn 11 v. Mi?a Mary Taylo Dieia < irele trr, u[>|>er >. xn. 25 cent* ; I'i', I2H ceu>>. Io Intnie the iloora wili ?| en at 7 o'clock, and the curiam will rite at 7X o'clock UO AP w -\ V TH EATIIII.?T11K8DA Y K V KNI * - nn'i.i #, win nn fwnormeti rue r,.nt#<lf - i I.ON |M>\ AHMlJIt\NiK~Mir lljrr.iurt < ..only. Mr IU?kr M >k II >rk iwur. Mr Vache; I lnrle? Courtly. Mr <i Van deiihoft. I.adv 4ia\ l*p?tnker, M ?n Kintiy Wallnek; Orm** II irkaway, Miss l<os>- T'lbin; IVrt, Mil. Watts To con elude Willi lite fnrre ?l hhf. T< HK8 IN IN 1)1 A?Hir Mar ill' w, Mr. \ iir I if, Tom Yape, Mr II idaway , Dorriui'ton, M1 Kingsley; Lidy Su.i.n, vli; WiMi.inl' f; Stall7 8er Kg? Miss Ye thin; I'oplm, IVlr* \V it, floor* open si 7 o'clock; purl otnenCe to emnnieuce Ml P.\LMO'8 OPKKA HOtTHE?T1JK.SDAY, MARCH. 7 The manager, ntllio rriiiifii ?<i thousands who h?ve visited the Splendid l'(vl? . >ux during the lam week ii >% induced him to delay hii departure lor one .itekonlv (tnla VVok!-The Tableaux to lie exhibited thia weeli ire ilie choicest of 11 >?e produced at " La I'orte Hi. Martin," Pans, v Inch have realized two million ol' ituncs to the proprietor nl that tre. The celebrated Oronp* of Model \r.i Is, twenty ill nuin ber, will have the hoaor of appearing inn series of their eel' hrated (fraud Tableaux VivaLU nud I'oies Plast|i|ties, under the management of Nig. Monto Lille. Dr?s> circle snd pat luette $1, upper boxes SO i ts. i L)o.>rs open at6)?, to coaiuience n: 7 L, lie member, tl> i.? is the Mil week. ACARD.-I'ALMON OPERA llor-' -IIH'IMI Til the cro?ded houses and rapturous applanse, together with the numerous applications for the further continuance of the Model Artuts at Ibis the<tre, the manager has been induced to allow thsin tu exhibit lor oue week mure. The maeager does thia as a m tter of gratitude to the publi'' ill general as a re turn for the unprecedented patrouxge theie artms hive re ceived at their hand* The tableaux for the nut week ihall be varied nightly, ?nd will be most attractive, fot lurlber in foWBUiOB, ice inn 11 bills ,\f EOHANIC8' H ALL.<7! 'HOADWAY, HKTWKh^ >vl Grand and Broom* ?ts ? Crowded to overflowing with lbs beauty anil fashicia of Nest Vorh Open evert night dti'ist '.he week except Mnadsy Uaabatad success?Tweuty-third week of the origiaM CnRIHTY'B MINSTKK.LS tha oldest aatnhlisheri Baad ia the i 'ailed 8utai. E. I'. Christy <1. N. Christy. E. I'ierce, J. Ilataor. (2. Abbott. T. Vaughe. wliosa origiaa! aad iaimitabla Concerts ate nightly honoraJ with crowded aad highly respectable*, and oaiver willy admitted to excel every aintetme it of a similar eharsc er offered id this city. Adtnutioa 25 centa; chilire? oader 10 year* half price. Dr-or? open at 7 o'clock?(.'nacert w ill commence at I. An Afternoon C'iseert oa Hatardsy, March I l .li. to commence at 1 o'clock, P M. On Monday evening, March 6th, they will give their Karawell Concert at the Brooklyn Imtitnte. Anmiiaioa 25 cents. BHOADWAY ODKON?ENTRANCE THROUGH Piateux'i < afe dee Milla Oolonaas ? Manager. K. <>. <)-?.lty.?Mosicsl Director. Mr. Oldfiald.?Hich aid racy? The iranager respectfully announces that he has secured the services of the celebrated Professor Young, to form the groutings. Beantiful Ladies have beea engaged, and their beauty will add to Prof. Yoang's display of the fine arts. All new Ta bleaux. Tuesday, March 7.?Programme?Part 1?'Tabletui Vivanuand Pnsai Plsstiquas, by the Model Arfits Part 2? Pniuter and Mode!, Stc Part 3?Sleeping Venus, &c ? OrcWtrs Kf.x, Mi ??:? ? jaette < * ?; Untes. I'X cea BAllNUM'S AMKKIi AN MUHEUM.-sP. T. BAHnnm, proprietor; K Hitclicock, manager? Everv day snd evening this week, commencing on Monday, March 6,1243 Splendid performances, every afternoon at 3 o'clock, and every evening at 1%. The muiagtr h?s the unbounded pleasure of announcing to his uamerons pumas, that after long continued exertions, he h.\s been enabled to effect an'eagsyeinant for a short time with the most talented Musical Kamily that has ever vnited this country from the n|d world,'Mr. and Mrs. Malone Haymoud, lata from ICnglsad. Ireland, tic., and their three beautiful daughters: all of wh?m are musicians of the highestorder.while Mr Malone Kayinoud who is endoweil bv natnre with a rich rn-llow voicc, witb juit enough ol the Irish brorne to tnake it meloi^oui, to which if added the highest cultivation, relates a great variety of the most pleasing, entertaining fid instinctive Anecdotes and Incidents of (he Emerald Iste, in a style which cannot fill to enchant the most refined ear?thus affording an entertainment embracing the highest order of the Intellectual. Musical and Mirthfal, .... niiunnu ! ?<.-?? inn, nun me ininnn'r cnaiieimes oiutradictioo aui will tio< hesitate to refund the admission Iee Co any reasonable person who can gainsay it. 'I bey make iheir crand debut on Mocdiy, the 6t >, end trill appear a. each performance, both Afternoou and Kvemaii Alio engaged for a few days, Bruoetti's carved Model of Ancient Jerusalem, at it appeared in the time of onr Saviour, with the vanoui hilli and valleys surrounding it, and every Place mentioned or alliHed to iu the Scripture* ind the work* of Jotaphus. presenting ail exact representation of the raaguificeut nnildings of the gorgeous Temple, with all the various c urti, porches, cloiiters, chambers, gates, iir Sir., which it 1 to be seen at all hours, from 8 o'clock. A M. till 10 P M ; and i-nmediately after v.ich perforiTiiuce iu ihn Lecture Koom at j P. M , and 9o'c'ock in the even'ug, eitlisr Mr. or Mrs Ma looe Hivmond will lecture upon the Model, eiplaiuiuii and describing it. Als< engaged for a few diys longer, Mrs. I Pelhy'i rtcrintiirnl Statuary, rep'ese itinc in figures ?i*e of life, the Birth of Christ, iu the manger, Ins Last Sup per with his disciples, and his trial before Pilate : besides a rroupe representing an Intemperate Family, true to Life which is to he seen it all hours, day and even hit . In ndditiou aie engaged. tlrent Wesre'tv Vsukee comedi'iu, Pete Morris, comic sinner. Miss Bernard, vocalist and actress. Shaksperian Models, vladarne lioekwelt. fnmons Fortune Teller ? Admissi n to the whole, Vi renM , children uud?r 10 rears of ue end old er>ugh to wnlk alone, 12V< rents Keserved front seats, one shilling each eitra N l B LO 'S ALUAM'. V,'l BIIOAUW\V ?I \ KS dav eveuiiur, \lprch7 Picturesque ''oeceru by Mmi . Bernard, in connection with the justly cele'i'ainl Vi'Kiina 11 trinouists, in their unrivalled performances of Huugs <?lee (' lionises, and Orica'tires The renowned SpainsTi F?kir' I Av.i!?yoniiR Krsncisci)?wlms* in will rent nud wonH?rIn1 Hindoo miracles have delichted all F.urnpe and Ainenee. i? -iIsci eng'i'ied, and will anpear. Pictures renresei.nug ibe Mnies, Hercules, Diana, Sic. Hindoo Miracles? Knrhanted I,<>ve Letter, the Living Target, Fortune Telling the Aoi mated Figure, Sir. Admission 2"i cents; doors open at 7? r unmence t 3. ('liange of perfo)mance e irh rvning K 'T UOOMi NO. 3:i2 BROADWAY.-PRtt lessor Thier* beg* leuye to announce to the public that hr will open 011 Tn?*d*>- cterinfr, Much 7. with In* r< nipai: v "t American unit foreign artists. at the thn?e ir irnl eat ?*1 ? toent. The Tableau* Vivant* ami Poae* Pla*tii|iie*, will :be entirely new, uliii the costumes and properties. hnvf b?en made np io a mo*t m noiflceot siylc Programme?Part I. Dre?m ' t ' <n; The Bather*; Cupid presenting the helmet to \ enus; The Liitnert; Maiannil V-nus Pur; 2. Polka Dance, liV .Vllle Urenor*. Pa-t Sig N?ich wtllappe?r n d nhv ."i 10 different initrn incuts I>re?? Cirle, Ml cri t*; Upper ^eats 2'i rent* l>not* p?n at 6%. t erformance rnirmfr rr? 17 k /^OMl KKT ROOM. No. 313 BROADWAY, NK.W VV door above the tfr??di?ay Theatre.?Tuesday, Wedrer1I1V. ar?l Thursday Kveniuga, March 7th. fith. .uilrtli l>re- a circle'if) els.?' Iperaeata eta. PROKKSHOR TIIIKKS entire company of Amerieau and Eoreiga 4r'i*'a (JOiunnmlier,) will , ?, | ear mi the nh.n ? unwed ever ipg: I ur "ln<< ? acrica of i:? w .nn I alpeudnl Tableau* Viv* ri an i Por.? P. ti>|'iei?also, in my n her novelties. for pirticqlit see mu bit s N. IJ The Police Deiiartinent of this Ksta'/lii . h?i t nader the direction of well known And efficient oiReeti, i.? preserve decorum and good order. Hail ok y, cohnkk oc* < knthh \nd Pearl *U ? lireat ntti iciioii ?Two band*. The Sable Misters, aril the V thiopern Melodiata, ?i.h new Snna* tiler a. P'rod i a. Itefrains and Daucea. and' the laughable Borle?<|Ue Colored K.uiey Bill ; also Mm Mary Wen, Mia* l.aa Oranhe. with Book* ami Dances Admission, on* shilling *'or particnUra, *ee Programme. Doors open at 65* ; curtain rise* at 7. precisely. /IOTHIC HALL RE-OPENED ON MONDAY. * Match C, 1818, withen'.ire nsw ?*ta Piua and Balls ? Having changeJ Proprietor*, and bean thoroughly mova'ed, their friends mid the public are inrited togiv them a cr.1I ? THOMPSON in BROUOHTON P-npriero-a p ANVARD'S MAMVOT* V ' NO RAM A OK THK 'J M i*ai**ippi river, painted on three miles of canto**, b?' ir.g the l.arg?*t painting in t'ie 'orld. at 'he Panorama build ing iu Broadway, adjoining Nib'a's tl:td*n. Op?n ?arr e??-liui;. (Sunday* eiceptad ) Vdinis* - ; V) erit*; chi'dr*.* puce. 'I'M Paao-ara.i will 011.>rn?n? ? moving at 7^ o'clock p v. Afternoon einibtti ? oa Waaaenlays ??d Hetnt din, *i 1 nWlllt. BKUN WICK'S ST ATI I V?LAROE \S LIKEreptcsentn g the VENUS DH. V KDICIS anj VPOLLO |.K. MKDl'MS. fijr a abort time only. Open ftoin 1 AM t' 10 I'M .at 396 Broadway, nest to StoppanT* bntti* Admittance 2i cent* THE MOST VALUABLE COLLECTION OK Pt< tares eyer in tin* c mntry?compn*ir.g some of the ben works ol Titian Mnrillo, Rohtus and many other of the old II now oren r. til* public at the (i?llery of the ISttional Academy of Deiitcn< coretr ( Bread way *u<l L?<iard atTCCt.fTotn 9. A. 10, P.M Adrmasiou. 25 cent*. f< IflTLE OAKDEN THE RECEPTION Or THE v > Hon Henry Cltr will t.ikr place to-day Price nl *<! Dilution, 12K ceuta. Ticket* ca . be obtained at the officei a thr innining M?BMEH18M ?IT8 VALVE IN TK ATLSU DI9 eaie ? At the Vetliodnt < hareh, No T8 '< !*u 'j-retl. near, tins (Tumday) ??ru.i?, M nh Dt Thiers will lecture on Meitnerium *? a tli is etitK ueut M> "haw v. ill operate on the eotirr audience, and produce emit* ir C.ialepiy. mesial lialluciiitliou. kc. To coinmeucr at 7X o'clock VI nittance >2>a c?nt? WALNUT MTRKKT TH" I THK. PHILADELPHIAHec>nd Night of tlir Her or children, n c udiun the infant Paver ?Tueidav Krenin* ^ J J*?. , Ill* n/i#, rf*r~ f rmfd the hnglublt f ret <>i the HOI K DO(i? Dust Vlr. Chapman. To he folio-"! by the mu?.e?l farce ol THK W \TKIIM \ ^ ?TJie rh.?r*<:teri bv the Heron f,t""e'of PUT. a" ANT N kl'ofl HO K?Strap, Mr."'i'?,VinVu" Mir (Jenrire. Mr N.*le: >7?- I h?vf r T<, ??0. lur'r wi ll the luce ufthrlll'Il LION?1 in* Moor*. Mu? Mary llrrou d 1 K*\0 II-' EPTION KMX. ' V THK ? ITIZKvH ll o( ?w J rk, m bco^r nl Hr-nry ' l?v, to l,e het<l at thr Brnadw?> Ihf .re > i I Itnraday eveun.a, March 9th, Ticket* ti admitting a lady and centlemm ; ritri I idie* krt? II. ? omipi'tee of deception : Henry Oriwll. -Mn br<?? KiufUnd. John W I nttuu, Jt.ieph L. White, Biideii -j, V Vlorruou, Kd?ar>l Mmcurn, N B Blunt. H rvey Hurt, Jueph M ?'"ce Acke.mvi. Ticketi to he hida' the boi "rtiret i f the theatre, a d at the principal mu?ic ores. Ticket* limited UKOVVV STO"*" yBAL KNUKAVr'.lt AND X HemKI Ptinter, 233 Brondwiif, uppoiite tli* P?rfc? I o.iu \rift> ('rests. * \ pherf, Kt . eutrrnTed on itonf or Bria* Diamond*, Amethvtu. See., homtht in the rmiith, or *at n iny lor in. Ladies' Stall Pencil < >?? , Siguet Hmm. he. i nr ?e*l -with Arm* or ui? do ice ''rvttof Vrintf mi l iud Minted in any aivle, Irom $2 *ud upward*, tint f 'rwariJeJ to mv part of the United Mttei or Ca. ida. Book* of Heraldry trpt with upward* of *mi <H?) neinev Any infoi rn?tiou given in lieraldrv poaatTH IT. I'\ H V-.W I - u ..) LAST a ' li*liion ad.m "d .1 r*,iv lining ' e iriiMt f?<liiousble lailie* Mn*i ( uil'ortablr nigra ?In f. r li e form, at welf w> the liberty it lenvet n the in.iyemr i ?.f the i erton wh i make* n*e of them To l>e had only uf Vdtn* Pr<,?|>eir, iqi . nam, No. SJ VMMIWNi 4 i ma ?

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