Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1848 Page 1
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T O 1 % I-OJT Re, 50as! / g : THE GRAND RECEPTION OF THK mOSt. HHNRTT OX.AIT DC THK OITY OF NFW YORK, An., At., <S?> Many an ?DZ'?ua gaas wti turned h??venw?n d at an aily hour yesterday morning, to see whether the ap praiance of the sky portended fait or fou! weather; and a* niai y a* gaard wsrf satisfied that the element* at any rata wt-re, and that an far si wind aid weather were eono?rned. tba rso?ptlon of Hfnry Clay by tbe Common Council and oitii*ns ef New York might ba nlj that bii friends desired At a little past eight o'clook Broadway, toward* It* lower extremity, began to prieent a more thin usually active appearance; tba omnibuses wer? filled, and the fide-walks were crowded with pedestrian?, milt leg towards tha iteamboat C. Vand?rbil*, at pier No. 1, North Hirer, this boat having been selected by tba aomoiltteea of the Common Council to brlcg Mr. Clay from Perth Amboy to the oity. fiat a limited number of Invitation* had bees given oat, and it is (aid that a* high a* $ti) ware bid for ticket* on Monday evening. Here 1* a copy of the invitation and tioket fofcwhteh thi* turn waa repa tadly offered t*o >onooo<>ooooao?oooao?ooooooaoooooooooooooooooooV ? Thk CoaroaaTian or thk Citv or Naw York i i[Arir * of tbet Ity J ' f Respectfully *ollolt tbe pleasure of your company on o Taeiday. tb 7lh lout, to aanompany them upon o an excutaion to Ambny, for the purpose of ? rea*ivlrg g THE HON HENRY CLAY. g upon bis onatrmplated visit to this eity. g g Tba boat will leave tbe wbaif, pier No. 1, N R , at 0 r* 0 o'clock. A M. ? c riease present tba enclosed tiokat at tbe entrance toS 5 * be boat. S | N?.w Yoaa, March 7, 1849 | 1 tLDOMlN y ^ Arftwreuov, auiit.ii, luim, g o Mii'Lftrd, Mtserole, Morris Franklin. ? = Pres't B'd of Aid. I o Committee of the Board of Aldermen. *' 3 UIKTiKT ALCaaifEK 9 Cogar. Sobulii, McK night, | Kohler, Halfield, L W Stevns, $ Pres't B'd As'ta I o Committee of the Bsard of A**ist?nt*. ? C.oojooooojooovoooooooouoououooojooojojjooooooooo,? 0;o<x>ooooooooooooooooooor>ooFior>oooooooooooooooocK>. 5 ?ne?'Tinn'? S ? THE HON HENRY CLAY I Admit the Beater on Board the Steamboat. g If OT TIIKIFIRHLIC "! A. R LAWRENCE. ? M. MiTNlID, Jr. c *<)00ix>0001>au00u00?0000*000000000?0?0000000001)00030* At half pant 6, a large number of persona had assembled on board the magnificent boat named above. Mid a muoh larger concourse were assumbled on the wharf at which she la;. Nine o'elook aaw about 600 on board, as It had b?en given oat that the departure would be promptly at nine. All war* anxious to b 11 IT, but for tan minute* wa lingered, and ware finally Obliged to leave abruptly, hs one or two attempts were mad4 by the orowj on shore to rush on board in spite of the polio*. Just before the lines wera esst off. Horaoe Oreeley, of the Trik unr.osm?alurg and was about t5 pats oa board when a policeman hailed him with?'Got a tick* p|V " Na," says O.-eeley; at the same tlma refirrlog the Captain of Police to Alderman McElrath. " That won't do " replied the policeman. ' My order* are to Allow no one to pais without * tloket, and yon can'l go on bjard. nolessycu aan produce one " To getoutol this diffiulty, It wa> n<"-ee?ary for Qre?ley to prooare the aid of Alderman McElrath, who looked about for a ticket, which he j resented to the applicant at the gangway, and hy which the sturdy policeman wai at Icrgth overcome. Duty first, anl oourtesy alterwards, wan his motto. Bat mountalES of difficulty are overcame by periavuranoe, aod the excursion to AmVoy wai, of course. more prlaed by those who had to pay well frr th 3 whistle thin b/ those who merely wcut thtough the usu?l formalities of rooeiring and presenting their invitations at the proper times ard places Th? crowd having been repulsed, a?d tUs lice* cant oU. tbr V&nderbitt left her berth; and darting out into the iVotth Ri?er, msd" a graceful sweep, aiid, flnal'y printing her ncse towards Bitten Island, m*de fur hsi po nt of deetluation. And now there was an opportu nity to ote?rve who were on board. Prominent amorg th* too }iH?e*?gcre, wne some twenty-five or thiTty policemen. eaefi ?<irr>log a heavy oak stick, about four feet lb l??gth. with an Mcru turned on each end, a decidcd improvement, by the way. on the old gilt topped staves The officers were iffljlmt, and mnintallied, as lar as possible, good order. Tha Chlel was there in person, with several of the eaptalns, nod detachments irom teveral wards. Next after iVe poltarmen. the persons easily distinguished w?.-e the members of tha Common Council ; they wcr* s .nail ro??tt*s of ribbon, la piece of the mst.U stars which aacroe ; trte oreaft* 01 mo n*erni nnjers 01 me ohj. The fiilrrnieu w?re attended t>y their frgciTiU at-srii)*, end otlv r c 1H jer* of the two board* Th' remainder o, the company *a* ipdwcilminately made up, there b'Jufr but f?w eminent in?n on bonrd. I'he piper*, generally, wev* represented by their reporters ; the b n?!i hid out ore or two repre*entatires; and, iu thort. he moat of those cu board wet* politician*, thoroughly used to the harne s On the way do?n. iom> little family d'ffii'ulty occurred among the mtmbars of the committees High word* pa?*ed, and mmi member* (not of the cotr.mittee) pot a flng-rinthspie. Wh?t the nVjeot rf discussion was, tamer ooly inform* that it 1 r?'ai< d to tbe manner of reoeirin/ Mr. Clay from the hendsof tbe Philadelphia ormmittee at Arnboy A'?i.'taac Aldermau J n. after long and augry d?b?te. left the litiM irel* of d?batants, and goicg av.iy mi distance. declared they wero "no geutleaen." Alter re).??! ? him*?lf of this expression of indignation, he relucted to the still ucunanlmou* circle, and the dieciiftu d ?a) renewed. How thing* were aettied. or what tbe di'Oord * ** absat, may aupe*r in some future meeting of the board ; ?s yet it is known only to thoM enpaged in it One hour iud fifty-fire minute* after learI' g pier No 1, North River, we threw a line &*hnre at P/>rth Amoy. Her a little confusion aro<* Many of the pe-'eniirrs wanted to ?o a>hore, aud ru?h*d towards tho g .t>;?ay. wt)eu Aid. FranHin gained an eminence, and e?iu ? " Genlk?me?, we ?l*h It to be Jiillnotly underatood, that no p'r*?? i* to leaTe the boet on the arrirai ot tli" t-?i'<; and tbo committee hope that every one on b. a J w !l aid in oarrying oat this, their resolution.'' furies ?rd cheer* A tolce far b-cfc in the crowd? ' 1 " "? < ?") < C1IIJ 0'U?.|/ tl'i-'K Ob. I waut to hettr It. ' Another Tolos?' You're inn late old b >y ; in on'y Kr*nkliu mile ng a apeeait, ?rd b?> dme uow ' O. wa* that all V 'J F.i-.v?nt??yln?i. and fri quest itp[ lictilnu* at tbe barb?r'j (hep I*. ' get shaded.' con?uu>-d tbrr?. qu?,t*r? of an hour Mt whicti time the whmtle i f (h? enitlne nun< Uorrl ilia r.pptoiiob of the 'rain Ah no one i"a* allowed t" (o 011 nb t-. itaii iitsc flr? uiloute* rere pna-ed in b-?u hies* eialety by th* paaterger* on board tlie t;eam? ?oor| wliom tnl?bt bi *? *? a'andln^ t u the uapvr dec ar.d o.erl.oslan th? rtogway, Hurti? Q i? ;, u U 'if prominent among thu mosv prominent. eo?j.l??iutijr lot kit j uron the p??a<^ beioir, a&d ewaltin 'b* a^r-HOi' or Mr 'lay r*r???i-< iv. ci lee ot 'Hi- he i) iui-b ' ^Vhtira ? ' Which w?y Which 1? h ' O, yea Lira " "(ilea three oh era ' till w? ?? * him " ' 1'here h? !?,?' >'Coa? cn;'' it d > *i. ? thu ?x,ir ??ihi*, war* panned ?a tbe crowd t.n f>i i. - *a<i a 'ii'c t?* id motion. At laat he appeared, a mil figure, hut Id on* hand, n cine and bouquet la lhe other Wtin he was seen and fully rer ,iti!?'d, three dalVnlrg obeera rent the air of A.ib'/; three more followed ; three more; and then radon crie? and cheer* "ba-oi,'' and ' hurrah'*," were ku llo'i for ? nunih-r of mliiUtM All thi* time, Horace i ir etey he J inamtiiiueu hi* pr*ltlnn on the upptr dok whi ne* he I eked down calmly upou the people h?;>- w uulil th? n'ear. man, the vei it* Me H"nry Clay, up p -are'J, at which (irteiey, wlih a qiiick motion turned to til* le t nr>i*ped ?-*t?iic.'|iy the hand of the iaan beitde him. au.i ih-j linwediatrly w*de hi* way to the regions b-low w.'jiie, Mr Clay, who, ** al! obeereed. w*a Iflchlo/ ri'tt-tlS^Sly well, wan led by the committee tht oj#h iwo liui a, loruied by the police, to the eaioon, where ihe oratorical ceremonies wr-rn performed, during nearly all ( i wi.ieb tune Oreeley wa*quietly rep> air ^ upon a *of.? In iid' 'her quarter of trie ho?r,, readiu^ a volume of K lUrler, or the BiDle?we don't know whtoh. 'I'iionieiubrrn of thenomuiittee of theC">mmoii Coub oil moo<by tb?-tr Mr. CUy, with ' tifllouUy mad" tbmr w*y. ftoitd loud and r- pa- ted ohn-r's to tun r?lonn, wh? i> i unb #a* mada, both '"ora aud tod tonta on? buudrt-l and titty putflonn, tnMadtofc r?v?r?i mKub?n of th? i uiniann Cou?i?U ?ho w*rain ?t* 1 udaraa, eompUtftlY j?r<w>'t tip tba placa whtrs Mr ( Uy ! u<l t*k. n ht.i ft-nil. The oontu.'ton nud buatlx tint, p ?VMii?d arocnapt qihuv ?nu wf>ra mulltcg h<mi11 -n? (o pruour* ^<<mt apot within h?aiing *?? )i*l^bt? .?d a go.-rt da>l by th? vff.jrt* ra vl? by t'm <*, to piooc aomluion fur -h? t'hU*d<-lplna deja a<ter ^>m illUlad?ilay, th^y Kuo???d?d Id Ei?kiui< <h?lr w,?y thr<m?li iha crowd; when Ki uti'-nff .VI j ilicHu l of fhiiadriptia, hi chairman ol tti<> dtl*t|tt't'i> from tUatoitjr, wlio aocompunt'd *1r. < lay on ho?id tha boat, bum c?ma forward aol ??td, that on babail < f tin paopla or fhiladHphla. both blmtoll aud a*?ool? > w?ra deputed to traoalar to tbair oara, Mia lUuat.iioua oltliMi, i hair honored gurat, who c?u.a iinnnf i itwu lu tu> putilto uapaoity, but In a piivala oap?ctty at ?D?wb(i to mova, during bla aojonrn a>u< u.?m to qulat, aoolal aojoymant. Ha cam* aJO'.ugM to* (rlanda la PulUdalpfcia M prlraU frtand, i * ^ B NE1 NEA and in aoxlou* f b?t all oeramouj and parade should b* l*)t aside. ?o tbst h? would be able to f-njny an lnt?r?iew with bia friend* tb-re, In a quirt way In tbte wish, If U were possible, they felt anxious that be should ba gr?t10"d; but ihrlr baartu r?b?llrd; and whan ba ar rived, both men. woai?n and children ru?he1 forward Uto thantreeti, In wbioh moving id*lorn of human be , i*g? w?r* ti> be reen In aU diraclona-ao that ooe would bt re thought tbat the Terr wiudowa epokw?(int-rrup tlr?) -thai the v?ry wall* were illfn with thl m***?* of tiUuian beings ( \ppl<U'? ) All said "Je?u preserve looaif, Henry Cl?y " (Anpiau?e) d-un ja ( '.ration* wero th < same the vi-ry next day, and again the do; following. ( \pplause > He n?wd uot say that suo'i drtaas lh?se ware spontaneous anhrersal ana rapturous on the part of all cla??e*. and were to'alty uncounrctrd with p?rty motive*. ^Applause ) rhey?pren* from wbat hemUbt b? allowed 1.0 call tbe spliltutl instinot of their nature, which on all oooasioos prompted them to revere and honor whatever war groat or uoble in tha human ohar*eter. (Applause) liw?? for these reasons, and the ujar.y high qualities that distinguished their Illustrious guoet, that tLey had extruded to liim th-lr warm and oordlti hospitality All his lllo w.i* a 111* Of aolf saorlflce?one whosetongue was never uttined with falsehood, (applauie,) and while the mra of hla own party couM houor blni, and spe:ik of him as one of a never wavering faith?the mau of ?U partus-end (till tboee who differed from him on questions of public polioy, may all look to him and aay to the world, " Thla is a man " (VcItein-nk applause ) They felt great ptin to separate from tbf-lr honored gues'; but at the eanie tims it afforded them great heppinem In aeparatiug from him, to rnaign into such hands as theirs in New York, that always extended a oordial weloome to their friends; and from such hand* none would receive a mora warm or oordial welcome than Mr Clay. (Vehrment applause ) Mr MeMiebael Hereupon bowed, and presented Mr Clay to the New Yo?k Committee of thu Bonidsol Con>mon Council, ?tukl the most deat'enlbg applause; upon whicb, on sli*tin? being rettored, riMii Fbamkli* delivered the following addrees : ? Oa behalf of the Common Counoll of oar city, and of the assembled thousands wbo are now awaiting your arrival in anxloas expeotaiioo, I am the honored instrument of tendering to you a sincere and oordial welcome to their hospitality, and to assure you of a warm and j heart-felt reception in tbu commercial metropolis of our | coun'ry; for ?u the anticipation o! this your visit, every actional prejudice and party feeling baa been forgottoo and wa are united an with tbe heart of one man in ex ' tending the right band of fellowship to no dittiuguishrd and illustrious a sirane?r; for you have eome amongst as. sir, not with the glided trapmngs of ra litary splendor. or the bugls notesof a victorious oM./tala?with no public patronage with wbloh to reward your followers ? but mutely as a private cltia n; yet wearing upon your brow aa prrul civio wreath as could bs entwined by tl?' aff-otlons of the Amrrioan people fur ona ol their noblest and most honored sous It is therefore in the ainoerity o'car heart'sthit w,< anticipate with pleasure th* opportune? whiob you have afforded ns of presenting to our o >BPtltnenU one whom all will delight to honor, no I who, in the enthuslaa n of their feelings, will ball with pleasure that hour wh?n you ?hall have become the.r welcomed and their honored gO'St, and th?y shall bayo en tbe person and heard tbe voice of Mm who, for so many years has bean associated iu their reoo'.leotlocs with tbe darkest and brightest day* of our country's h'rtory; f>r whether at foreign oourtj, in the uoui'Mic ctbinev or in the halls of le^isUti'n, your aervio?a will ever be appreciated by a grateful and eonbdlng peop.e; aud when this a^e, wtib all Us partialities and p-tjadi0*8 shall have passed away, nod the future historian ball sketch a faithful ploture of tbe past, your name will appear In bold relief among Its noblest and its purest aons. ( Applause, with some confusion ) W? the more fully appreciate your virit, sir, because we know that you have yielded to our Invitation cot to gratify any i-mbitlon ot your own, or to build up orestablisli prefer, t or posthumous fains, but to gratify tbe p*ople of our oity and to respond to th? wiab uuxuluiousiy exprosseJ, that once a<*in they might be permitted to welcome, ?? their gu*st. tbe statesman whom taey honor, and the oitiien whom they love; for had you consulted only your own feeliigs,'aud the diat*t?s ot your own julgm?nt. you woull have avoided the multitude whleu you are ubout toenoounter; fcr, sir, we are an enthusiastic people, and while we shall er.deavor to conrult your wishes, so ? to rend r your visit ple?a*nt aud ?g< ? ? .til<yet it would be too much for us to vromi?e, and you to rxpent, that quiet and repose wbir.h we knowtnat^ou d?rire. and which three score years and ten d?mand; as well might we undertake to lull the raging tempest, aud say to the winds, !>e still, as to ooutrol lue excitemeut ot our people when the sage cf Ashland treals upon their soil, and walks nubia their mH*'; but we cau and do commend you to Him who controls the destiuirs of nauoop, to protect you at in tile h illow of" Lis lis.nd, wbil abarnt from y<>ur home. and again rtst. re jou to tbrai domestic afsoeat ions. where, iu tbe family circle, nl->r so recently r.duced. in r? tiuspeotin^ upon the pt?f , bi looking fir ward to tiie fu ure, you my realise the faut, tOa' however titusied, wlisltaer in pubiio o.- private, upon tbe claasio sho , a of Oreete. or among the republics of Sontio America; wh*tb?r plaadiag tae onus* of d/i>iui rubnP. lend, or oppressed ?ui uou.ppjr Ireland, the nu?.e <1 Her.iy ( l.y M)rutx'ii i ficjin. _>t (f deVfteJ pa tioui'o, from wliioh we and our emldre > uiay derive Utsoos of instiuotica wor thy of the philantbiopisr una tbe echo nr. tbe slateeina.i and iha mau Again we weloome yon ou board this noble steam r. tLe Mayor win re 'pouu :o it upo-i cur a rival aim a.i tbe people will join In oae harmou;oui about 01 ??*looa>r | lojuj-, to our homn ? .1 odil? Mr : 1 >-y ) Mr. Cut hereupon replied: Mr President and gentlemen of th-< Couucils of New Yock-l thank you mw citauUy ou tiii.< ouea'toii, aud I you mo*t tinnersI Ay. 1 ataure you, f r the to-niimuuts toweidf! ni", whirli you r dun? vuv the honor to expre?* (Applnu'o ) I wieh, iutUeJ. ti at I could find Ui'cung-f in.fllcitnth capable of e 'QTt-yinK to you the n^e o( gra.ituda ex- j nited by wbit you al< are ?ru?^o to- but lb' truth l? . and loira it. that if 1 ert; b*d any pre;?c(ions to elo | nu?n<??, it can't he excited on thia occasion, d for twi- I reatonft; the od? i?. that my heart i< to? full, and the j other in, I am iuy*rlf th? eu'ject upon which i ehuu'.d | nildreM ?M iVoof.rtui applause) If I lia?e anj I poear* of el.-quetice In publ.e spe&Jtiiig, they 1 ea> i exerted, not tor invaelf. but lor ray country (Renewed applauaa ) Volt barn iUt'd my pr sent vLit ur.t according to my own wieh?s. I left my reaidene? or priiate and professional b'teine**, whioii w ? to oooupy a pon.ou of my time at Wwshiri!?oti and Philadelphia; it waa my Intention to have coiibaed cyelf o these plaeea; but wh?a I reo< llec'.rd the many ooli^ati >na I ha?a been unorr to the oitia'*n< of New York - ?h<a I recollected their ninn* actior imllv reirarJ. th-ir il<ue roua filing* ? and party fueling bl?n<l?d with only one in common - (ttprn uJ?u< applause) -whin, tlnrefor#. I hid been tu?lted b / your Coin moo Couo nl I gire to my head th? natural impulse ot my heart iVehaia?nt ip[liD'? ) I hojie, ger.tUa)?Q. I shall h?re frequent op perionii!c.* of meia; yon Juilov my s J larn amotijrat >ou ; itu J yru will ?xoui? m? for rafe-mg for a mo raent, t,o PhiUd< IphU, for the m inner in which I kad been reoeive'.l there o? the occasion of entvricig th-.: olty, and up to tbe present Theora'or. th? organ of rht lu'fttlng whloh iecjlveJ me at fhiUd-lphU. iiar> only briefly dfp'et-d the oirouen?Une?.i attending it (Applau?e) Aid I hare hid, at several time*. oe.?H*i-n to fj?l yrateful tor the fidelity and ; attachment ot ray frien m al Phil'delpb'a; but never uj.ou any occasion* had I fclt If to intensity an oo the | reeent rcea?ion ot my rifit to that city (Applause.) iv | seemed to me mm if iba whole city, bouses und every ha t) I table spot, had discharged thfir population, and tbat th'y had all assembled into tba (treats; : r. 1 the cordial hospitality extended to ma front all cl.isi * of cltla-na. and of all partita, whs a toaohinp testimony to me frees all (Applausa) Niit ruly 'rom ail parMea, and all sexea, end ag??, I ahouli ! My, but Iroin all oolor* too. (Iwuieng* laughter, and vehement applauita.) I tru-t the gtntlejitn of th<i hidmiltea nili oarry buck to Phl>ad?-ipbU ttieae expi*?iona I of my deep gratitude (Hare there wni a flight ul ' crash of the flocriug of the d?ik i.ncuadii.t-ly uod-r alb whore the crowd b i1 oolleottd One of iha pillars h?\icg broker under the pressure cf the grrac weight that was ou it at the time. Tbts oiu*?d some lulle alaira. amideriea of "siltuoe " "<o o?i" when) Mr. Cur eonwoued he patient, gemlamt n -be patient I always like to kno# tbe ground on whion I lard (Ir.ino israte laugh-er ) I would, I a.y, Wll tnj . friend# ill f Is- city ot fli!lad> IphU. that wbiltl a eiDg.iLtiri D rt-uikina in hit henrf. I will r cull?ct tinge uroufii ' ol'lhiir rrfc >r<l tin tha>r devotioa, am! I fael lh?t ike . few lav* I rciu*in?d them oon?Mt.ut* ? ? ep-jcii. ' a RlorliU* e, oob, In iuv lifj. au i urter ahull I oenae to rel K~at>fu. lor th>-ir hoiplta Ity, eXta.'ded torn On th??t oer.aeion (Vehjm^nt appt?u<t ) -Mlo# m-? uo? j \ir Prmi(l?>nt, l.i evolution, t-> anafce you wa-mly by tl>? hand [Mr. C. her* oonoln Jed araid Yoolfaroui np- ! plan**, ?h>c a rufh *i< ra?ili> from nil qimnerj by hit friends, wbo w ru anxl<<Bi to aliakt> fctti;d.? rithhiB<] | Mr Cut continued- I have one wnr1 morn te ? .y ; I m<iat !??>(# m eompmrniM with I <rofoodn< oi mprnroinn You will permit me to do the fh?h<nc I h?mt* pirt ni^'Kif (Lout lnuub er.) J?1r Clay at.d fri"?Ua h-re retired Irnm tbaa.'ilcon The ?p??ch?^ <n the main piioon belaR concluded, Mr r)?y w?* c ndneted to th<* Wdlee" Pfttoon, ffbere tbo?>< who dtplrad to be pmvcted to him w, re gratified in thia reapeot By tlil* tiini all handa had beoome tolerably aherpaet. and us a Iodi< table but bene a?t out on either alda if the ainm diek, loaded down with njnd*lche?, cr.'Ckera. rh?ea?, sad rther little dalio iciea, with liquor* to w??U all d .wo, the** ??n." ruble* and their a nirnti< proved to be the chief otjecta of attraction, atu thecrowd*around ti'ein iron became dactdrdlv paat oomiort. Knger looNa, Icnaiu^ eyea. luij atl-nt rUqcm. ware o?-t to?rnrd* the T li'l n?|p : n./| tthk i at lurti h the wr.nt VkH alt pn In ' lull fo"?o?, tt oatinot b? (lBKOi'ibml Hungry ma i *??? from noma ar.< vnrjr nitioh lt.ia hut gry l>oy?, net Noah VVabater any* In hi* apaiila* book, ih-?t " tling-y boy* *ra apt t.? oat fast; Ilka tha pi**," but tho apt lllog book don't aay any thhig about f.uunry boya g ttiog id chair* by climbing o??.r th?lr naigUbora b^-ada and ah' tildara nor about tnalr alboalng aul abouliiaring each other about in oruar to g?t tb? ?*#c bit* on the tabla nor about lhair mailing bida<i>a n<>ia? ?i,J ouiflil?a .?oila th?y art* at thair irpaat, n.d btttc* tha aprlllrg fc<* k. in It* n-?aon lo fcoya do?? not fiirmah a parilUI o*aa to the ooo w? hara to do with rt,w W#ll br?4 men Biay ao tar forget tbauiaalfwa aa lo b*h?vaa uld thoaa who attacked lhon? tablra an 1 I h<-ti o intau! a yi at" da* . Thaj may, tnaacd; bat it admits of argnmnttt ?h iharthay will; bui n??er mlri'l tliay aat. and proh ,b1y ware A Ud " fura and fall back,'' wai tha ory, and thn cry waa continually repeated Whila tl.ia w?? Ifoing on Hround lha labia.-, Mr. CI ?y ?ai -tiiaavoriBit to gal a llttla r?at In tha ladlaa' nRloon, wbara h<? wai aaitad upon by a col mi'ui trom Nf? Ha?an. inatruated to IhfiUt In in to Tlan that city | bin tutlUllon Hr Clay politely but porlitoaljr .Irollnr J Aft?r ma?M'g 10 thn Udt*a' oabiu a abort timr ha walkfd out and t- itda tha rntlra circuit of tna J.ok bowing ?nJ iacairiug tha oongratulatlona and ohaara ( tha thrvng. Ml. tlaj had ft buaotou* n W YO V YORK, WEDNESDAY .... . . . i m*r? or reply ror aimnat every one whom n? addr A<ed, or to whom h> replied, during tbla ptregrlnatlon ; In fact, he **Rtablshe:l a right to tbe title of ponater.? ' what do you w*nt of me Old HayaT" aald he, ? ha mat tha hlgh-oooa'kblp on tha atalra. A gentleman harded him a letter?" What 1a it?" laid the aa<re of Aabland j '-la It c blll-ycu due T" Thrae littln biri of bum"t were wHl r?o*iv?d. and did Uf.t fall to oraate a hearty laugh. Oj the paasaga up the afe?m-r J E Coff?r, which ba<l com* out tor the purpote. met the Vundrrbilt, and ch?-rra and aalutea were exchanged ? June a-" thj i>t?amer paaaed Fort Hamilton, a latge bird?aoma said it waa au eag!?, while othera thought it a gull? wm ???n hovering overhead, and actually accompanied the floating palaoe nearly up to the city. Ai the boat neared the wharvaa aalutea wfre flr?d from Jeraey City, and from piiot boat No. 4, ljiDgotf the Battery The Battery and wharves ae?med to be completely onvered with people aa the steamer approached ; flaga w?re displayed iind chevra nroae from aeveial polnta. Wfc'u flntlly 'ha Vanderbilt earn# along aide the wharf, a paa?e?jgi?r orled out from on board. " We're got him," whlou aunounoement waa received with uncounted clivers from tha uncounted multitudes on abore. It waa with aoma diflliul'y that Mr Clay made hta way through the dense orowd to the carriage which waa in waiting to oauvey him to Caatle Gardeu. He finally sucoeeded, however, in thl*. and loon reaohbd hia (I?Martina THK RECEPTION IN CASTLK GARDEN?THE SPEECH OF MR CLAY. The time annoanoed for the arrival ot Mr. Clay at Caatle Garden, waa two o'olock; but aa early u hatf-paat twelve, there were a goodly number of people congregated inaida, and the oholce placea all occupied by ladles and gentlemen, while at the same tine a oontlnued traam of people waa pouring la from Broadwvy On looking around at ill* preparation* which had been made for the oceaslon, wa found them moat admirable and convenient. Immediately In front of the stage waa an lovated platform, mada for tha purpoae, wbioh waa neatly carpeted, and on which waa placed a sufficient number of chalra to aoeominodate the members of the Common Counoil, the Committee of Arrangement, and toe guard of honor, consisting of a hundred of Mr. Clay'a friend- from Philadelphia. Behind thla plaUbrm, there was suspended from the dome a large aheet of ojnvars, on which thara was painted a tranquil country scene. with a rivulet meandeiiug through the oeutie. at either *1 Jo of whiah was graofcfuily displayed the national fltg The arrangements were Judicious, tasteful and beautiful, particularly to In respeot to those made for the press Messrs Frenoh It Heiser are not behind any proprietora ot publio plae-s. ia tU? admirable manner in whioh they aeooram dute the press The whole of the interior ot this beautiful plaoe 1< oied really apleudid ? The arrangements on tbe outer pmuianarie w*r<! just aa aood as those inside Tbe melting snow from the root tiled in oevltie* and hollows; bat lest Mr. Clay, or any person in attendance on him, should wet bis feet these were all oovered with plauk The landing pUce waa tastefully deoorated arith tbe natioual tttac. t>d presented an interesting and imposing appear-,dot. In fin", nothing appeared to have been left uudone by the proprietora, and tbe arranuements for the occasion were warmly praised by all who saw them. Oa looking over the beautiful bay, the scene was interesting The hllla r.f 8tatcn Irlaod, and tbe fields of Jersey, were man led with inow, which waa last fading before i he rays of the sun A g?ntle breeas blew Irom the south west,imparting aspilng like feeling to all who lelt its influence. Craft of various sir. is and tounsge were studding, some up and some down the rivers an J htrbor, and all trimming their rails, and t-eking and veering to eatoh the bretiss of heaven, and reanh tbelr points of rieitinatl."n?just for all the world as the politician* of N?w York tack and veer t" of popular opinion, to reach the offlits for whioh they are oanttuu -lly struggling. Shortly before one a'cleck, a detachment of the rauni o pal poiioe arrived at tbe Garden and stxtloned them e-Ive*. under tbe diraotion of Captain Wyly, in different pUoes arouud. fur the purpose of proservirg order, and ot assisting the oomuittej of arrangements in carrying out their p ograuimAs soon as the chimes of Trinity Church had struck one o'clock, tbe a?s?'3blad thousands looked at th^ii t'me-pieoes, and various intimations we") given out th*i the steamboats ought to be nearly iu sight. Every eye ? ?? di.-ected towards thi Lower Bay; but no smoke pipe oou.d bs seen. The multl ud? assembled at this time was very larre, and amon* them we observed many b-ou'-ifui ladiu, under tbe piateotion of their hu-baudi.nd fatb'-'s T-n Minutrt Pmt Oft?Tww steamboats in tight, presumed to be tbe Vauderbilt and f'tff-e. Tn-tniy Mi.iuiat Pasi Oi?e ? A. guu A;ed from one? no <icu?>t now. Tw my-Fiw* Winutn Pait One?Another gun, and the otea.'ifre eotne up tbe Bay. A*, t^en'y !?*!? ** to *wo u'eloak, 'hr?e loud eheera were given by those on the outer ; riui<nades, wbiab were responded to by these within tbe Garden, and immediately thereafter, Vleyor Br.dy. aojomranfed b> Hon Prilliip Hone, amended tbe platform, to Hi in readiness to receir* Mr. Clay, when the boat, whioh was now very neir, arrived at tlie landing Duicg tills time t ie booming of opinion came over tbe water trom.le.sey city, the inhabitants o( wtiiih Urtd a national salute la honor of the illustrious statesman. Quarter f? Tw - The boat very close?the people or the promenades aud balconies rush into tbe Interior of tue Garden to get places The rhlli4"lpbla eommittee. with Mr. Clay iu their ml let, dismDarfced immediately, and prooeede l to th* garden. A* soon rs Mr Clay was visible to theth<>usauds in the Garden, three voolfrveui cheer* were given him. aud with a firm step he ascenda I the platform, amid the moat raptureui applause With a bouquet in one hand, bis cane arid hat iu tbe other, ha stood on th* platform for a minute or two. bowm< acknowledgments frr tbe eutbu.'Usra Of the assemblage; and ja<" a< he s?t down, three more vehement otivere wer- guaa to uim. Alu?rm*n tlun stepped up. anil introduced Mr Clay 'ii .vlayor Brady After thw lurm of iatrotlu-tloo Mr. Clay a?i down, aad Philip Hons, Kh 7 . walked up 10 and conversed with him While hs and Mr. Hone ?-?rt ohMtting, a gentleman preferred Mr. Cl?y his snuff box ?h cli ta? nr<.?.t s'.aUura .u of Keutunky uccepted. ami took thm fi'i ui a hnerty pinch of snuff Thin a-if onus"!!! iciioh ioui>mrnt, and (v? neon as Mr. Clay liad disposed of the I'iuch, three he?rty cheers were Riven lilra. Kx-Sheriff Mc vIichahl, of Philadelphia, Ihm intro duzed Mr. CUy to Major Brady. and paid? 1 have th* pleasure of committing to your otlltcdy and s*te keep, iug the body of our distinguished fellow cltis-n, lleury Clay, of Kentucky. (Tremendous applauM ) Mr. Hum thru (hook haLds with Mr. Ciay, aud add leased him aa lotlowf: -Mr. Clay, the pl'a*ing duty la? b'?n assigned to mi. aa the representative of the aonstttuted author tl?s of the ettyof New Vork, to tender to you i(a heapitalit>??to extend to you a oordlal welcome. It ia not necessary for we?indeed. sir, il would not b'OOinr me. ou an occasion like the present?to advert to yonr many and valued public setvices. The while country gratefully acknowledges lha *<*1, tha devotion. with which a whcl? lite has been passed in upholding her inter?sts, in defending bar honor, in augmenting her prosperity; and we. air. cltlaeiis of the great comineraial metropolis of this western world, reJ jinn that we are permitted to testify to you personally tiur eppreelation of tha worth, the taiePts, the stateiin>Rsbip. and the pure patriotism whioh bare cnmhin?d to surr^uud wuh a halo of imperishable glory tha name of ilenry Ciay Our welcome, sir, is not mere lip servioe; but fioni the abundance of our hearts the ra"uth paaxs We receive you, sir, as the honored, the cherished guest or Ibis gie.t ctty. Ita Inhabitants, wlthuut laference to oreeils, or sects, or parties, have oome forth to great you, and in their naui . sir, with ell tht warmth whioh wurds, fresh from tha heart, can convey, 1 bid yen weiootne. Mr. Clat repliedMr. Mayor?I with 1 could find ?d>quatt? uaguaga to axpreta 10 you tha fatliug* of my <ral-ful hf?rt?fralUigi axci.?d by th? rtilendid reoep tinn with wblch I atn tbl* isy honoial. You, Mr. May Jr. Mry wail know, from ?jrrr?pond*c3j, hiid from your information from other*, thit ir?y vlait to thU giaaL ?lty M an <*xe?ption 'rooi tha ml* whiah I *loptad?n ijj d partu** iron my oro ratldanea. Called from lhanea 17 bu*ioe?t. to lh* clriaa of Waihingto.i end 'Mladalpblv I bad prarnrlbad to my?-lf a* a rut* wiileh [ tbon^ht IntlaxlH*, that I would not darUta from my l.rnit Una of bnainaan, on any corn! Jaration , that 1 rould particularly utom ttirooln^ uiy*?lf iutj tha aurrant of publio, and of th? hfT?rtion? which I lad p -iu?h of ra.\*4u to avppoaa exirtad in t>j? boaoma >f my conntiym'n. Bjt, air. thara wm in the eutarprl/?, and growth, and growing greatnaaa of this r*a: aetropnlln. and in it* Intelligence,and lutba luvlUtlon emanating from all partus*, a* you My. another son>iJ?rttion, *hieh triuiid lo in? to danand that I ihoul I maka an axnept'on 'o tl.a rula, and praaant mylalf brforayou. (Raptnroua appiansn ) Mr, whon I r<tairad the command, at 1 wm in aorna degree obliged to ragfcrd It, fri in t'ja fcovarnuiant of New York, although I haaltatwd loins tni I fall uyialf obi 6 <d to aooi p. it, md I now a'ani in th mlJat of tha giTernfuant and people of Ni'W Y -rk But, Mr. Mayor, tha president o. h ('ouuo.M told yoa that ha Hud committed uy body io your ouatody aud aafa keeping. (Applauia and aujhtaT ) Sir, tha axpreiaion oould not fall toex-ite k aouraeof refleoUou in my mind, thaaipraasloa o( wblch I feel myself bou .d to endeavor to make. Tltit d\v hut n ?na<? ullied h? tha nar of o^tiiinn. tha dim ay 01 flag!. tn? round of iiuult, tb? ahinti ?rd ebe?r? of la nfWtiodste inultlunle, dlraotcd to??rJ? m* ? I ?ra gr*t?ful *nd tb?akful for tbl* i??t!roony e0 r?1 to ih? but, ?lr, th?y oould net r*u to remind m :h?t when to-morrow's tun e?m?*. otbxr *nd mor* .n? ?-ioholj dutUi ?w?it tb? i>?o|>U of N?w York. (Int<>ni? itU b?i ) And wb?n to-morrow oomvi, tb* Ttntrabl* of th? iUn*trlou? ?s p<-??ld#nt of th* I'ni'ad will b? ?ij?og joa ; And tb?rj, ln*t?*d of eb??r?, 07. ud glftdii***, oth-r and r?ry altbrtut filing* nuit * *MlU4. Sir, tb* owttvapUUoa of mat mm??Ut? %< imai i?n R "Ipf JrL Jlj MORNING, MARCH 8, 1 anticipation of arrival of tboM vanatftbla remaina? tho reoollecilcn of hi* wrTlcea to hla oountry, at hem* and abroad?Ma long aud glorloua oaraar. and tlia poaltion to whloh b flnaily oaraa. and to whlcb wa moat all go, harw tended to rapraa* tha faallnga rf Joy I oth?rariae would have felt on an occaaion ao biaUl* honorab'.a to myself. And, sir, ought not tbe oo a trait bstwe en this day utd to-uiorrcw? the contrast between jay ad gUdnecs which hat this day b*?n pres-nted on acoount nt the arrival af an humble Individual, wboaH services and merits are mooh too greatly appreciated-ought not tha oontrait bstwaen the cents of to day, and those whlnh are to ooois to-taer row, Inspire us with feel'.ngj of moderation and for j>?ar anee, taach us bow wmull if tha strife into which we arc thrown. veprrsn tfc > ardor ?,f parly contention, and teaob | us that tha lunnent it near whi*n w? mint all be laid in the low and narrow ipaoe wli oh 1? our <le?tiny(Intense stillness ] I hope, Mr. Mayar and fellow-citiaens here assembled. that wa thall profit by tha oontraat. and that we shall hereafter entertain towards aaah otbar less embittered feelings, restrain our ardor, and learn to bow to Hitn who governs all, and who, aooner or later, will bring ua all to the dust. Sir, I beg pardon tor tbeaa allusions, called for, aa I thought, by tha words of tha Pre idant of tha Councils. If I had limited myself to the occasion. 1 should bava lhaakad you and the Common Council tor the splendor of my reception, for tha kindness of your ?Aoome, and tha hospitality whloh 1 am authorised to anticipate from what 1 have witnessed on this occasion. A' soon as Mr. Clay had concluded, a uumber of gentl-rneu rushed on the platform tosbuka hands with him; and l?*t that structure m'ght fall with the weight, it was toougbt necessary for the committee to prevent their example being followed by others. The bund then playad, " Bee the conquering hero oomea," and the assemblage. which numbered aboutfoui thousand, preceded by the committed of arrangements. aaJe for the doors. T11K PKOCKf jION. After the ceremony of the reception, Mr. Clay, aeoomptniad by his honor the Mayor, tha members of the Commou Council, and one hundred gentleman from Piiiialtlphln. lf-f the ball of Castle Qarden. amid the deafening eli'iuts of the people, and proceeded to the gate of the U<rden; a barouobti ?4i id waiting lor bio, i"U by Diu^le's brass baud, plajlrg " Hall to the Lhief." 1'ha cowil was imineneo, and a general rn?h vmnia'Ja for Mr Clay; over and anou. sow* odd crying out, ugiv? me bold of hla hand" Having r<i-obed tha gate Mr. Cl<y ?ai ulaoed In tba owia/e, the Mayor and Franklin taking s-*ats with him. Tbe barouche res dr-iWD lij an whit* bor?es beautifully capurisuoed witu a grooin at tha bridle of each of them 1'be word was given, aud the way h?lug cleared,as best it could tba line of procession -b far aa formed, both) on * ard. irhfH auotber general about bunt upou thn air Tha carriage was stopped In trout of tba itattary gate, wh< n lb? whole Una of proaession wis formed. An rsonrt of about oua hundred, on horseback, followed immediately .if rr the baud; and tha oarnage iu which Mr Cl?y was seated, followed next. The commit'."* ot lecption, composed ot five rainb-r* from each board of tba common Council, then followed In oar rlagaa. The raimbers of the council ?rra toen brougt.t into tha line, and were followed by the jamlltee of one hundred t;enU?men from Philadelphia. A handsome chariot, drawn by twelrj spirited bay hoises, brought up the rear of the lino - and everything ready, tba march wae taken up From every window coij'd be s*en ladies, who waved to the venerable statesman, with handkerchiefs, a heaity welcome, while buss is rung from stoop arid housetop At Judson's Hotel and Cage's Ulobe Hotel, opposite to eaoh other, ware more tliau two hundred of tha fair <tau^brers of tha city, wbo wuved their welcome, and a beautiful bouquet ot rare and cholan flowers was hurled trvm one oi the windows, and alighted in the Up of Mr. Clay, wbo rust upon bis fee', and bowed to tb-m. Proceeding up Broadway, the houses wen crowded from buS'mnnt to top, with anxious spectators, who, as he passed, expressed thair enthusiasm in the loudest cheering An iocid<-ut occurred opposite the City Hotel, whioh.iora while, held in jeopardy the Uta ot a little boy, who, iu tbe rush, was ttuiwn into a pool of mud about six iooh's deep, and it was with uifflouiiy tbe little feuow could b? relieved from his perilous situatlou Me was reonvered h wsver, end was Indeed, to every apptaiaoca, a clay bay, btiug literally covered, from head to foot, wufc mud Opposite tbe City Hotel, the carriage stopped, and anoih' r buiet of upplmae went Bp from tbo e who were in mn on (he builmng, aud ?< ho d by the thousands ol voices ot those who thronged the sidewalk At Rtibburi/s, the A?ior Housu, Kremlin H uss, the 3t . Cberite. and j'l^iniioe's, tbe windows #r.e Ml d with ludter, who last their aid iu sboutiug tba WeiCOrae ct Henry > ity The fiioaoway House wit handsomely decorated. orid i w-ioouu-.'' <o lar ? uiJ'i-a ioiteis palutau on Its fn??i? I'ha lice of porS3??ior>v>t4)|>p?kj loVtiai iim? >>? the totu, and vlr. (.'lay waa several time presented wi a beautiful Oouijietr. m?de t>j tu-. ia?r hands of thn ladjrs ol tha oity, eXpi c**ly lor hlu; some of tbioa barf ftii?oriptlonff; bui I so gr? ?t w?i th? crowd timt it w*a lisporMbl* ?o tin* nut wbitk ttioat* inioripiiubs w?r?. Tli? wliol* l*-nrih i,f Broitnwiiv irrni l int Li *1 L?-< v t<> r h*> I.d.mI nf hist 1 Inn lion. w?s una b >ilv c< in i*il^ b in;* ulostly packed, who kM't dp u Ci UULU, I snout. Having itaohva the New York Hotel, Mr. Clay wai baatei:eti iii belor'i th-i cruwd bad a cbauos to ruab upon Mm an j in iuj\c proper order tu? committees lolloaed. when ? guard |u.tO- l at t.'ia door to prevent. Ui? further lucres* of 'ti- crowd la a fe* minut-s Mr. CI iy sippearei on the bn;e-juy, in trout of the houae, when cuetrs rung trow tbs air, m u bow una retired ' C)?y," " Cia?," then uttered by a thousand voices, when J rtoxie, Esq appeared, and said that Mr Clay had been goiuucU lutigurd that he bad to retue to bis r. oiu for rest But did not satisfy, and a thousand roiote again burst forth culling for Clay; and lull an hour eiipsna, curing ait of which tim? th-) oaIi fur Clay want lorih Mr. Clay agitiu uppearsd, and after a general ahout. the almost sullneti ot dea?h prevailed, to hear what he oad to cay He took oU bis hat, bowed, aiid a .id : "(JeD'l-uien- You hare brought nao bara, and after a rcuteat ih? Battery, and up tbrouga thin long street, t.e graot hi .tut of the immortU WashingtoB, ir, | the dsjs of tba r-.o utiou, I aiu hare, at the Near York j H >tal I know tbat joulove ma, and morn than appreciate all that I have joua; but I aoi tired, huiuiy,anil | have had no dinner, aad so muat bid jnu good-bye." i Mr. Clay than 1-fi the balcony, while mna oh?-r? wera j given, and tun to his rooiu, exolaiming as he went, "My iilendsmake ma run?a thing my enemias never did." Tlie vanersble I e<.b Hays, high oomlable, was in the crowd kuooked down at the corner ot Lisp nurd street, bat sustained no ltjury. i'ba several band* ot tnusie played mvstal airs but tt was almost impHMblo to h-ar. in the nots? and bustle * aiogle strain, but alter lbs proceedings bad auded. ' litre's to Henry Clry," was pla^ad in floe styla, uud raerned to give a new to the desire for cbaatiog Tbe tligsof the pub.ic buildings and hotels were disp'ayad at an early hour lu toe iaormoi(. and continued to-Hoat in the bietls until th,' going down of the sua. THft BOM aft. At half past fiva o'clock, Mr. Clay, with the cominitteo of the Common Council and invited gnests repaired to the( dining rrotn, where ?ai prepared a most ruwp'iir'us r-naat, reflecting credit upon the caterer of tba New York Hotel, and to whioa ample justice was done, the Mayor taking toe he?dot tbe ta:>le, and immediately to bis right sat Mr. Clay. Tbe cloth bntnir r^mnfffi ilm ?n?rklin? win** want rotmrl ftiid th* following a*iitkm?Dta were off-red : B; Aiuermin kuu-" Oood health pnd lon? lift to j Hfurj Clay.allTiag speoimep r.f repurlhtn nobility " By Alderman Jicmo.t?"The lady of Hratjr Clay? ; l*oa biets her " By Alderman Pca?KR?" Tb? health of H*nry C .lay, h? dis'.ioguisheA ih J wdocnia guest ot Philadelphia und | N?* York ? By Aid?rmiin Koiiliu?" Hanry City? hl? locks ar* gray, bit bia l.iur- la are aTergraeu " By Alderroan Doooit?" O r invited guest* ?may tbe tha mdi apiril ?r*r *ziat tuat lutnifas,* iteelf hare ioatght. One of M Cora's baat p(ec??." Farewell,but wbeatver,'' a? tbeu tung by J J>eph H >xle. Etq By A'd?rma.i K?i...r? '1 lie memory of Sil.w Wright '' by H P Ren E*(j 1 mi eigle, tne emMam 01 nor trained iitvrtj -may it* featm r? never be rulilad wiiila it build* iff tm in the tuma.a of America " AljHruiaa \liM?seLi roan and ?*ld-Mr Clay?I : hop? you wi.'l mt oooslder ia? burdentoine, for 1 am , open to convioiion, and at tliia tlm? I may say I am al- i most open to ooijveretrn. ard in il.e language of thy gio<j 1 ' book, -render unt*> C??ar ibe thii.m which are Lis,' we will render nito you all honora which are youri. Vlr, Cm replied? \ldermnu ?I thank you f>r the Madly irrliOK which you entertain for me, and in tinIxDrfuaga cf the eamu good b?o:t, I woul 1 say, ' would that you were not only almost, bn'. entirely converted " Aldennan Axtai *?ld that (addressing vlr Clay) a? a mechanic. be bad a U w words to say. When the bill was about to pass through the Congress of the United Htatee takii g off the major pnrt of the duty on jewelry and gold ?nd silver plate, be, ns n m?int>?r ot that prof-i ion of ariiniis, callt 4 up n several laenibers of Congrem to se? if something oould not ha done to sustain brunch in tbia country, and tlureby mv< that hrinch of ir'inin?, hn wm told It was too late He In ibe i*-t hour called upon Mr Clay, end ha raid be v?u il a'.'end to It, and did atte .d toi1, aod fiotu his efforts tbe work w*a accomplished, for wuleh he had ibe gratitude cf the trail" of tbiaolty Mr Clat id he rt*.>lle.)t? I parf <? 1/ *ha circuit) s'aoia hue ir waa oaly a n trt of h'S duty, aud w ? glad ?o s-e ihit b.s buiub.e efforts bad bwtn productive oi good. VISIT OV THE WHIO UKVKRAL COMMUTES TO M*. CLAYThewh'jr general commute assembled at theiroouneil obamb.-r ahoat i^bt o'clock in ibe ?vrnlnff au<l < ilnrtlj alttrward* pri>c?*a?(l in a bidy to >h? ,N?? York i II lol. t<> p%y tb*lr MjpMM to Mr C lay. and wtloom- 1 him to the eity. I 1' Hon, F.?q.. in addr?>??ln<{ Mr. Clay In b?tulf < of m? (t?m r?l coii, nil 11"? toade a l*w nrat ?i.d appropriate r*m?rM PK|>re'Civ? of tb? tutirlaMlon tuffordrd th?m to fl -.d Urn < i mr.on < ounoll had in-used him to i Tialt th? rt'.y, and gir-11 t > hiai ?o cordial a raoepuoi), hil? it al?o afford# l th?m * faroraM* opportunity of pTDonaUy uinuiuating th?lr ?r lrrt, y*a, un?bv.?d attachment. Mwall aft to a??ur? bimof th'lr dararr.inaiion to rand by Imd^r?tha mm ' o!d 'coin." Mi. Clat toltlly Uuuik?4 Uw coaunUtt* lor iuoh Mfwurii iMir?>tn ERA! 848. 7? 1 pioof of th??tr .jrfViU' U to him and approval i o' blc C' ur??: ihat ha wan perf?oM? with >b* T<ntd that hatra pwMd whll? b? fait r.o ambition ?h?I- i r?r with r^jrard to tlia fature; that bl* ur???nt v*?lt to i th? oitjr wm by no manna of * politiaii character movfmkmts of to-day *nd to mor?ow Vr CI*y will. to-day, attend tha fuaaial ob'rcjulm of i tha l<ta Cz f*raald?Bt Adan.a, I" company with U>? T,. m~_?_ k. _lll lh? rltl?m of lil* cli , In tli* (io??rD?r'? room, at tb* < It* Hall, ind %i j nigl.t attend the " Ora?t Clay Bill.'' at the bmadway 1 Theatre, given Id hroor of Mr.Cliy. fct wolcb Oratorio of katnpaon" will b? nerformed by t-ia Naw Yoik iViU'le 8>oiaty INVITATION VROM THE FRMA1 K ACAD1M1M OF KROOKLYNA letter of invitation waa received from a lady of Brcok yv, prniiloi Mr Clay to visit that oitjr ? Hera It l?? it came Croat the Win*I* Academy of that city : Um? to our olituMo hall*. *e pr?y, Cum* to our cUaalo bull* Wh tain would greet our country'* irieuJ Within its p?aceful w iu homage loth* good and Unvc, We fain would yield part, And pay ohm tribute to th* oaran Sunn'J iu onr oountry'a heart No radiacee J.* it ours to aaftd Upon thy brilliant way ; Bur one approving omll. (rem thed Will In our menw.ry atay Then ere tby footet.eps homeward turn, Come ?anil tby bleaelng gtv?\ And trnaaur?d de?p within our heart*, Forever it will live. Co'nmbta> sobs are preeairg oil, Toy coming it?ra to meet, Atid thronging round tby honoi J form A father now they greet. lUr daughter*. not Ira* eager, watt. Slight uot our humble call We fain would greet a father, too, Within our eUaeiu bill. Brooklyn Com. la Aoadtmy, March 7th. 18W. Hla Houor the Mayor then anoounoed I bat a uommittae from Klebkill were waiting to see Mr. Clay. an<l it would now ba neoeaaary tor him ti retire to hit private parlor. Having reacbad bia parlor, ba waa waited no by the committee, who invited him, moat preaelngly to vlalt their village, which Mr Clay very reapeottuily declined, In ounaequenoe of hla atty being limited, from preraing buaineaa At ten o'clock, Mr Clay retired to bia lodging room No 1U1, to aeek renoae, after a day of t'aiigue and toll hla arm b?lng eore from ih > repeated ahaiie which wax given tl by those who aoagot to look upnu and ahuke the hand of lha venerable alateaman POLICE ARRAN0RMENT!*. The police arraugementrt, under the direction of Mr Vlatae!|. the chief of police were etoeedlngly effective yaatrrilay in keeping good order at the reception of Henry CUy. Polio?m -u were atatloned on the corner of vrrv .trsot on Hriii.lvnv nn to the N?w York Hotel turning the omnibuses and other conveyances Into the si t? strreta. tnns making ? alxa' ro?d foe the prooesaion All went off remarkably orderly?not mm pick,iock?t arrested; nor did wahear of any person b'ir.g rohbed; and wt hope the aarangcraents will be as good to day at the funeral procession Grand' Fancy Dicn Bali at the Astor Opera Mouse. One o: the nio*t brilliant und superb fancy b ills evi r :>i>l up in New York, or perhaps in thr United States, ea>. e ofi on Monday evening at the Astor Opera House, under th? auspices ot the following managers :? OPKBA HOUSK FANCY BALL, Modday E?kki?U, MiIKCH 6TH, 18-18 Dancing at 9 o'olook. HmaiM. Mr. Waahiogton Irving Mr. Robert IUy " Bacba McEvers " Tboai** E Daris " Da L? Foraat Capt I' Kearan/ " Carol I Llviogfton " McComb ' Ferdinand Suydam jr " Da Trobfland " Futon Cutting " David Austin, Jr. " John A " E Post ' Ot-orga A. Jones " 1' Calhoun " Albert Uallatin, jr. " John Soharmerbor-i u Woodbury Langdoo T. TlWtton This grand* fjif it w.v d?3id?lly the most brilliant rant which baa coourrad In New York since tlie ball given tome eight jaars ago, by Mr*. Urevoort. Thtre ware abonc a thousand or twelve hundred peraons, of bolh sexes, present, inclndiu? about five hundrad ape jtators wbo were percbed high lu the amphitheatre above looking down on tb? liv-iy er. wd below Anidw. *00^ company we remarked itfajer Osneral Opines, fall tad erect, like a Rnroau Cotnul, acrom;>aui?d by hie axedlent and remark<bl? lady, who b?s Juit returned from W*ahlnfjton, where sbe has gsiowd a o?u?* tbat will b? worth millions of money. Several other distinguished persons were also present. Tb? Inside of the Opera Hsuse hid beun entirely eb&nged for this oscaeion The parquet* waa covered with a floor, joluit,g ihwsta^e by two stairs and perfectly adapted for lunb a grand patty. In addition to the large ohindt-ller of the theatre, ths commltt's of ar I, a I A.,I anln* lam*.a Int.^ I 1 >_m >v>" ' "r round tho reeor d tier of bt \?r, nnd there auxilimy 1 lumps oast a splemJid light on the sswmbiy around ? Tab other chandelier* were also placed on tb? *tage, at the bottom of which thn brothers De'monioo war* pre pared with so excellent covered with all the deli naoies of the *eaeeo?choloj vian Is, fruit*, i?j creams jelliee, etc Tha orchestra. eonaMlpg of thirty musician*. were placed <n a stand at ths left of thn proscenium, nod tb> music performed by these artis' a was really excellent The d'*>r* of the theatre were op enad at about eight o'clock, and th? crowd outride *?? very ({test, desiring to bare a look, if possible, at the d ff?r?m perties who coitinut-d to enter from that time till half-past eleven VV'? never saw. with the eso?ptlon of tbx balls given in Tatis at the Tuillerias. at M. (iuiz it's or at tb? Opera Home a prettl?r sight, a mote hrilli* it array of h?kuty, pom bined with alienee and fishion The dre?ej of the ladle* ittiJ g?ntlem?n were, generally, worthy of the greatest pre is? THE LADIKH Mr*. Cottenet Soh?rm 'h"rn was attired It a splendid dree* of ttJe time of Louis XIII, mnda of blue and yellow satin, with Ion.; waist, hair In ria^leta, and adorned i with > itb n?. Her mauD'rs were v>-ry graceful at.d'fi<tingvt; h?r drass aooorded exactly wi'h that of the epoch r?pr*s?nted. .Mr*. P Soberuierborn w*? dr?ssed as a Marchioness of the rr'gn of I,oul* the XV: dress of blue and yellow satin, with rad ribbons and adorned with flower*; bnir p"wd?r?d, aud around her fread a wreath of ros?t Tbt i eleganc* of her demeanor was duly appreciated Woodbury I.angdon (lou?* ) adopted the court dree* of l|ueen Victoria; dress of white satin, embroidered with lane, and a long train; it was g?n<-ral!y remarked that the service* of a page were mnuh wanted A m,)?r ?itmr,r(1iniirv nutntltf nf rliftinnnla nnil nlhar aparktad ovrr her draaa; b?r hmj wta ti?t> tull> tdorn'c with wbita plnm*s Miaa Wright. * shaming ycung lady. worn a iriagi.ifl aant dri-a-* of blua ao4 pi' k ?.>ttn. trloiinad with iter * h*ir tiad "Kb e garitnd ot tt and lirr paraon datoiatrd wiih ouiu?roui diamond*. Mr? L'ttU waa att'rad aa * lanrohlor? * of tba lliaa of Louie XV ; drr-a of pink afttio. with a blua p>irdt?lou< th* wh la ooTarad wlih rmbrciJir^d Ui< and g irliind* of Bo??ri Hi-r elegant p-raon and fj'iMi' appearane*. waa 1& p.rfrt unitou witU tba cb?r*ot. r abf aua talo?d Mr*. J. O Baiinatt was draaaad a? t? turkiah lady or rn'caau. Rfd rialte. trlmtrad with gold ; white akirt arahrotdeiad with on bar l.rad a G.-?*k o.<f> ado'nad with diainooJa, with a f?aa?l h?ngic,< ? r b?-r ; ahnnldara : olaii<< r.'in aparkMnjt h?r? mi l ih?r? iroai h?r i br?mc. Tba e >?tuoia was ramarkabl* for it* exactness, the cap and jtok*t having b'ia iuiportei ttom ( on- i ai*ntiaopla Miaa Fowlar uiade bar app?aranoaa* a Sp-miah ranert ?lih u hli?k apecoi-r oaer a yliow aktri, adornad w| h , hue* lac* and h-r h<Mdd?ck.'d with i-d f-ath?'f. Thlr young lady'a noa um* aeoord'd HduliaWly with b?r com piaxiouj aud the cbaranter w<a auaulnai witu beo irninfr . (ran* I >1 *? V Klandlo wore lb* al uine of a mirchiofiaas made r>t p'n* aatiu, and akltt wv?i d tr guificwnf ana The laDgulahlog axpr'anion nt her eyn aid < he -Rbaatar wbltrnaa* of h?r ?hould?ra wer? p?rf?otly lt> icn-riUnra with tha rrptcf har coatuni* and air. Mra Viald (Utauton) was dr*" ad a? a P.>IUh li'ly, ?jth a crlmann Trivet apanoer and a whit* mualiu akin >n har haa<l waa a cap of valvet, amn > aa her apeneer. Miia J Bayard, a **iy hauoacm- yonog lady, charnn*rla-d tba moonlight, which alia r'pr>*a< ntcd in .? wi.itnoriin if ia aud a long Tail roTartrg bar f?o?, i ha wh. 1ipoilad wuh gold at^ra Tila w?a rvally tha moat nehantlrg moonlight ?? ever witnessed I Ml** Be| j?n wnt? a inniil ?nt drem. whtob was vory >?c<?inlr>n a-iU handsome. Di n't Know th? Ontrtcv i ntend-i Mis* t**rard.tbed?u*hterof * wpII known ani rnpff- i abl* lawyer. *a? ditwid a* a lady ?f 'he time (t <~bsrl?? < II. of Kogltnd ; her oslum* was ina<l? ?f a ttiok Hj- j nit.ot a reddish color, which h?'l b??u mao* I" tbr?" j Irue* und kupt In to* 11tuHy m h pr-oirn? spfO* ui*" ?t I h ?t epoch. ThU aettntn* was g?n*ral'y alnrred for lt< j* fiaotknje, as utuoh as to* lady was for net w?i ?o 1 ele- f i (mo*. i o .Mis* ftrifll*. a Trry li-??'y youog la iw. a'.ti d in fan*t ^ ,r 50?tnme; r*?s of wbtt* niuslin, tU<? ?iln wit', to it bioh w>t* atia*b?-d a nnrob r of Ian*" ba-i tt her skirt; rav?n black bair, adorn-d w.'li ? f-a'-'i ot b>'?< tl )?*r?, <ir>utr*s(ln? beautifully with th? whit?u?M i u if her reioarkabl* romplexion MIsaL Bsyard, f.oc Phli?d*lphl?, wa.? dr*?v1*? h si boat woman: tn* eostn in, though simpl*. wa? Tt_ry o*- ? aonilrc. and tb* jwddl.' In her b*'H ** ?"??ed w?lh much Kf*e" The brlili?noy ot h-t ey*r. and (jra-s of j 0 her movajieutf, w?r? admirable i , b< Mim i**orC'aita (mh?? drrssed In ?wj Mnnl- | tI *t?i?, but ?t-ry beoominn b?r h?i*bt and eon>pc si a. f Db? append h. the eottuiu* of r?blo a young moiik , Ui Um o*l*t*?ted ?r*n?h iruum of Uou Jmb of Am- ^ 0, 1 L D. Tr1?i fwi UMt Ha " H?r dr?w wm of whit" > .ihiii?r?. trlDiia- t wtttk b?rry oolorvd ostiTi Mi.u < hHiourtiD vor* tto? ooittume of ? m?ruM')0?>.M Jr< < ot ptnr. ittjo v*rv h*ti i?oin?ly trlT.mul, wbioh cittiloW b?~> iu?h?r r?>oU coinpl?xion, aad tha m?rh%il' i' M ti>p h?-Vcht/i? le >k? Ml" D.\t? nc of tso or?t<l??t UJ'hi of V<rw Tork, a* a M.rfrWi r; black ?at.ip trimmed with rJoh Up*; b?r n v n h ir w?? tr-i )a Spanish fa?'olon. and b?r "tioui'i t* o ?r?i with it bl.ok la~? r?>ll fMttnad o* b?r h<*? i hy h -plendid ooiuh MIm Ij ikiQi'Mi a j(,ui g l?''y of appaaran^a, If r#?tl ?n?n<!Mr a hlM mn'.ilo klrt Mill w?? attired a* a <irl of the tlraa of Lou s XV ; * rny pr?t'y r *tuai*, and worn by * lady wh<*? f?or coutiuui lljr b?;.m 1 with Itnlin. MiM Kmui't. wboxn lrliv.e co aui?ii m na? no ri?al In ttie city, wii? dm^ed *? i< enuy tiMter ta the character of the "Cr?oaTl?nn?blue cio and epenoer; white ?kirt and red b"Ct" MUh Hubbard wm aU'0 drefe#J a* a fniry.ani wm Hilly vbf prettieet willy" that erev ilaacud "n the lawn by eiWery raoonilxht. MM* Jouen wni dressed a? a tioau'i Vestal white i!r?n?. with gold !aon and numerous I'tiniowu on her belt. arms and bo?oui ; a iistdeci encircled h<>r brow Hrr id?c?r appeared in Sjottlih co?tum? Mini K JonfR anpea-edeju the eo^uoin ofBi'jrg?...Mi of tb? time of Loaf* XVI ; her Mi'er In that t.f tr.e IVIhuo' , mad* of black and pink eatin. Mrs jewnit. a newly married lady from St Louie. wa? decidedly one of the prettifft women present; bar eor tui?'< ??< T-ry elm pie. It wa.i a ferulae drt-ai ot a Mexican Benor*, of white mmllu emt>r> Idored a' the aim", h n m. arid rklrt with siili flowers Beautiful! Nii?s Lawrrnce had a lanoy drtss, coonittlDg of tilii< k pnenoer n.-d ? pink robi> Mi?.i L v nguon d*u*ht?r of our ?x-mlnieter to f*ri?, wan die*Fed In while, nuoh ai in generally worn at a bri'ta' p rty Mi'a Mmt, dang'iter to the oelebtated pbyiioiaa, adopted -he ms'uini of n ehepherdesi of the tine of Louie XV. of r*d, black, and y-Unw ?lik, which waa vary becoming to the exenodiuj delicacy of thin oharna mwr your g lady Mies K Mtyer wore the costume of the Polaooa, red and wMte Mire ylck.rer* was Jreiued aa Dutch peasant girl?a Tery becoming coetuine Mia* \ 1**11 wore a whi'e drerit. spotted with it-tr*. lira A Swtfl. a "pt'-ndld lady, h?d a costume of a mar onion.'**. wmcn very w?ii asjorifu wiui ner neignt and the rlfpance of hi-r appeatanr*. Madame d? Trcibriand (fonesl was pr*Mot as ft Sjtaniah tenora. and u mutt ppUndid oostniae It ?n. Mr* Van Burcu ( HoU) wore the nostume of a Turkish lady, red spenotr with gold trimming, and a blue ?kirt Ura E Wi wrJinn rTi >f? the nh^rietfir jf Risiaa, In the ' llarber o 1 devilie,'' a very preliy drtu, and a vary flu* perron Tbe gentlemen wbo who attended. wem. In fa*t, laea numerous than the ladies Thu castuin? ahligntu w\a una of the greatest muses of th? abs?une of the frrqaenters of the opera. However, we noticed a great many youDi; men. whniis vrry handsome and quite becoming tresses had be?n inado by llin timed uostumer, J. D?jong?, the be*t lu the fancy linj of our city. thk okntlembm. Mr. (' Suvdam w?i d.oe'nd h? an And&lusian auraHer splendid oosiumn oC blue vulvet, trluuied with silver fringe Mr F Sttyd^i adapted the eostuiaa of Hafaallo, a a Krenoh oirnlier Mr. J Pell, aa young Mirabel? a vary handsome ooetume Mr. W. E vvtlmerding jr , aa a Bptnlah hidalgo. Mr. V. H Welle, aa a oavalier of the lima of Louis XIII. Mr. ? Post wore the costume ol B*nediok. Mr W. T. Hohermerhorn wae dramd aa a Piquer? a eplur.dtd oostume of grey cloth, trimmed with gold laoe. Hit brother. 'jr t u s like h queen's musketeer?soother magnifloent dress, and ouo of the most acoLr ite la the ro< iu Mr. E VV Snail represented Dun f'wiar Je Basan. Mr Tuo etmau wore the armor and belntt of Washoe Mr T C Johnsfou psruoniflsd Oakley Mr. Griffin , w*di?>rcd ae a I'ebardeor; so wa? Mr. L*on De Boya et, on# ot the most elegant dancer* on tha ocoaiiW n. Mr Oreeuwiy r?pr?ssnt?d a Ss<gntnr, tima of Loals XV. Mr A Spain* Brown, was dressed aaChariea II Capr<tin R. Parker wore a court dress, of the tin* of Louis XIV. Mr J. 11 Ore^nway was dressed aa a real brleand. Mr Argent! wore th coftume of a Greek H'l'tnnt. Ar Eiuilio De /. Ive?r woro a very elegtnt 8oaal?h cr-stumr; tusd his brother thi uuiform of a K recall Chevalier <ir Bu g^yn" w*?dr?sf ?d a* Usialat ; so was Mr Via Zaudt Mr Kleld, as a Spanixh M?j"> , >lr t-'ry, oi'Stuuie ot Louis the XIII. Mr Franklin. *a Arluro in the op?ra of Puritan! " Mr. <J. K. BuokUy ?? a Chiaseur d'Atriqas. Mr. F?Ho worr nrplendi I court dress. Mr J. Vtrpiink was drefej la u very fuany Qaftkvr o.i*tuir>? Air. ?V H Ho,4#r? wor-i a 1'arKiSb drew. Mr. K Vont-g p'rsou? eJ a sal Iter of Cr<) a?eU. Mr (i M Fox wa* dre^s^d ts a Kigblaudtr. Mr W. Pell w?s "n?elop>d ia the oo?l of a blauk monk, as al?o v?s Mr Kavoll, who maJe errry effort to o: llert onari'y for the opera, but ^?tUered no unr? tbsn fi.itr p<-nnies .Mr (J.T?ril .'or.< a Milosiriin ooa'utne Mr K Qir?ouh*ndopt?d a v>ry origin*! oe?tuni?. b?ioi;drik?mil k? it "pt?r 'J bann?*r," whi n panta itrtucd with r<-d ribbon, blu? ?blrt au >tti>d with n)lv?r tKri" ; tbf whole haviuR tti- appearance of an \nmijau ?all<r Mr K?wl?r appe^r-d In vbita military contusi" Mr Humilt n had n hi? ?bm! t?r u very ouriou" aud antique . ' Ti i>? , alt *>dv oofored " 1th a< uiir rf* v.i. i Holland ?o a a apleudli k<-uu in Armenian oo'tucux ; bin t nia^a.i. p ?tj|s uud Ot'lor .I' M) w?fi tna in ctrl in iMtM '?? Mr. HuJun. U''! a drew of tb? Urn* ol Louis XIV, the moet lipUn^idln thi' 100m Mr. J?wtt vote the elegunt cottuma of a Mexican Kaucbero. Mr t? A Jrr">? wl? Jr??(*d ivi a French officer of the line of t.oni* XV. Mr. W LaoKdoi: had a banJ^tn* cjurt drfM coat jf blu?? clfith nubrolJiT'd with g 'Id ?lr Kirg had a drr*? of the tlm< of Lou'? XIII Mr. P. C K'ice characurnsAd Alonco 1'inij, the pilot of Christopher f'oliijjbu* TfceHnn I:.L l.ivit.^ton app d ?s Sir Johu PalMa ff and u caplt m h w.s Mr. viwtnn w n < :n>ti~ent of a Pali' art. Mr H*n?y N ih or-M of oa? of hit (nauJ ftth?r?. a Tiuy >i'l ruriom ,>i*cicn>;'i of old tim n Mr. Mora*; j >? a epaomrJ; go w*? Mr Meletta. Mr. Morrel personiti-d a 1'oritunof 1617. Mr MoH. jr.. w*? dr !"?d a* a Cbiue<e Man l?rlri Dr Mc ff.t mi p'Ki-fd. hiring oa hi< iloul- :? a cloaX BoTer?d with h>ti*i and a skull lli?h?r i\n ominous loltuin'' for a d^ntor It w??s quit* a hit. Vr ilhin?la'id< r w^a dresssd aaa ooui t ?r of Louis Xli M"\ ttcuoulton r*j?r> srnted < tie of the brigands of ^ohill?r. Mr Suydam w?t U -t*sr d an ? SUra . Mr Mrong *np?(ir?d us a p*g? of th?tim? of VII A mnmntjcrnt drois, bu1, of ?. v?ry rough app*ar?D<1? Mr. Harry ? on** pt?r?oui(l*d a Quaker Mr P $i-,i?rn*nho;a won a vary 10 t costum* of u*rd? Frirciluc. Mr SUa? t. Burrou^U ?u in ths coituneofan Am?rlr n Uiininur In Kur p* Mr Borg, Tiec-eoiiful of V'raoce. wu pr??tnt, lu co?tom? ?mt d to lii? c.8 m T?ry*ooJ. The Baron TrobrianJ wori> h court iltiK C??i -il l Vioomt cam* in inliaiy uniform Mr. Ward had tti? funny oo* unia of " Crumu?l?? " Mr. Jnbrnon di?f!aytd hi" wit uaitt th? e.ltum* Of * wblt* Krfrob Pierrot .v r Pod appva.r*il i>? a fr'rtnob offl er. Mr Kiplar wjre ? ?eiy ri ih dr*r* *ll:h t>?lou ;.-d to tb? warurob* of Marrb'il \1urat VV? rami not for<it at tii* termination of tbU Uf bl<naV.?oataiogu*. tom?atl o''ol Dr.iji r, wh > ** t?i. ? pr?*?nt as funih, and icfiooiov l?d Ur bl? ui?rry wile, Judy. p'MOuifi *d by Mr k.mra?t rbMr ap.carauM cr*at*<l ouusilornbli m*rriiuKCit. Mr. < unuJ, th? a(t?r-L ff th? British Bt?am?r? ? i >rm'nt, In a rrm?T katily btutia a* ftjolti;ll dftao, rrtii t-y nae ? f tba proud oUdi ot the Hlgulaud". Mr w<n drr??ed a? \ Fr*a?h hu?? ?r U about f?ur <> e oct wh?u t- ? I aft lady I ft "b-* I ior .i'jd ih? IBM Irlans of iti? orcbotr* thair puip't \ ^ood many yrmn, m< rt wont down to th? i'il*u ont to ln<i*h ?< j lyruliy ?? ponmbi* tb? n gbt. and tbfl r*in?lt<t>r nam of ik a r*:y areoitabl* mumrfor th*?y ia ?ud >n i're<)u*ntort \V? aad?Mt?n I that aa-nbar party of ih<> *am? ?o;-t wil' bs ^lf?n at tb? 1li.earem' lo:??il .it * r'ra?r*l call Ct r aooUtw Dlgbt Nothing mliltm pine* in y -urs ilk? It In the :a? anmla < f V??y York. Could it ait hi ra?tJ a nKe^ucta.!* by ^ayiDj tli?? fln?> ? Thk NKW j^:K^Ky FiMAXcrw- ? TIIP anntsv- d 'fruinhl.' Mod r<"R?iluti"ns, v? r> aoi'ptru by lilt*. v*Tiat? f N?w li r??y, on nd?y la?t ? WhBtMHi, lh? c-n.?t? K-n'ral^ ^eiiiily h*^# wer ftumui- ntly till' . niftl 1 *nu neoiy LJ B^no . hcr?tofor? in fti ? ?tat?, duly i,nii i.tsl,y hsrg-4 with erim" h?va d?d or withdrawn th*m'?iv> s from j notion su ! tr? no t ro'iJ'Ut in tta? itat* of Nrw y.,i ?. a t . i r *.tf? pro*im?.a 't tb<* joun'ltution of th? I ''"1 I i Miota of** io?.l? md pi'CTidtd 'fnj?nd li . til f) '.1 tx? .In by th^ rt -rutin" *u :hoii y of ililt i;? ? for th? d?llvtry of *?id p#r?o ? *> *b*-<'d, to tti" * il??t all md sixfdy juatlfo ho don* u the and thut, o final ?n?wr h?th b<t<*n r?i?|t? J r.< ?nch euatntu . v d<t'.c*Q<l; therefore B#lt Rt?ol*? l lit- by the 8?.mt?, (th<* A? iuh. once irriug ) ;h?? mvmnet m it ra?y oe hoped '-? tb? noiloa of U? e^culivs au'boMrv < t ^fe? #t?t? s V ?lii l>* in oempiinoce fi i - requirement ? .<! >?"d*> of th? f)nM liutinn s unuTnioo l and itci rated, the fln*l consideration of tb? fubj?ot ba f r prwen: ;i' ?' poll' d I- fh*t ib* rTe^cta I m ariwbi'e, 'a n or aiu'd ?il fft mad, ihktih jut ix . > * i f the e-nt uilnaal >w?r rBtirrvd to. or tnd i, end? ImporUae* 'o both titeo In lha <1mini<tr*<iOD "f u.ual l*w andjuaila?, III not b* t-n Wi. < r> d in i.i i i : SI 'I tint ih? Uifornor i t il* St te he m bnriw'l rerlh, t<> iaaua liu rrocl*.i - ioi. w th ?urh rew*rj a* ih tll tblufc proper I r . h.? ?ppr? li. rding and terurinf ? pera< ua ch*r*rd, aa aforeaMd aotoruiu,; to ib<''1'at ?t c <i| tl:? net ' 'ltl?<l An not t<> amp'wer 'he (*ori.or to oif-T ? r- v?. d for tb? Bpprrb<>i.*lon of ecrt^ui T?od?if, ?pptov?U April 14, IMS " 1

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