Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1848 Page 1
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' t m i ?Uu!? J o 9031 THE MELANCHOLY PAGEANT. I THE RECEPTION IIP TOE REMAINS or JOHN QUIWCY ADAMS. Two Hundred Thousand People in the Streets to witness the Ceremony. Xhe Q-reat Ftmeral Procession, dec <bc ?fcc. Yesterday having be?n fixed upon for the reoeptton in New York cf tha remains of ex-President Adams, oar eitLaws were all prepared to do honor to the memory of the men who once filled the nation's Chair of State. There were upwards of two hundred thousand human MIEgs la tne streets, 10 pay me ihi mu ?w mains of the great man. No word waa whispered about the party to whioh he b longed; ne allusion wa? mad* to tali political lift. It wss enough that he waa onoe the people's etoloe; and all delighted to honor whan tha nattoa not only, but the world, acknowledged sage. We hare often been called an enthusiastic people; perhaps we are so. We know how to receive a living here, and we certainly know how to ihow respect to tha renowned dead Washington, Lafayette, Jackaon, Harri?on_Adawis, and others, who have been honored when alive, and mourned whan dead, are proefii of this. We do everything with a will, a* the aailora Bay, be it to fbi* a hero or to bury a statesman. At about noon yesterday, the military and oitissns were aeen In thonaanda moving from the upper part of the city, towards the lattery and Whitehall; regiment after regiment of horsemen and footmen, passed down, with measured tread, and took up their appointed petitions. Beautiful muaio was diseoursed by competent bands ; the rleh sounding horn, ths shrill life, the rattling drum, were all oaltad Into nse. There were gay sights to be seen; yet over all there was oast, as it were, a shadowy pall; the soldiery had as martial a bearicg as ever, but their colors were shrouded in black orape; the sword kilts of the ofloeri were bright as ever, but th?y were knotted with black orape; the high mettled chargers obamped their bits as Impatiently aa ever, but their bridles were bedecked with crape. Marshals with Ibaautiinl ohapeaus wrre hastening along the lines, but | they won long searf.i or black satin and crape, and their golden beaded batona were all veiled with the same ; eqnlpt ges were out, bat they, too, were In orape; in faot, the whole olty might be said to have put on mourning weeds. A most remarkable appropriateness, with all this, w*s obssrvable In the atmosphsre. The sun shone down ooa the bay and harbor In great beauty, but withal through a kind of mellowing mist, not damp enough to be disagreeable, but more like that of a morning or evening daring the Indian summer. Sadness aeemed to pervade the vary atmosphere. The numcroua vessels at anchor and at the wharves, had their oolors at half mast. Many of the ordinary avooations of the industrious about the wharves, oeaied for the time; and it was as though the great metropolis of the western world had, for the time, partially suspended action, to mourn for the loss ef the great statesman of the East?all felt that It waa a funeral day. . As the hours passed on, troop after troop flled along the pathways in the Battery, and took positions as dl r*at?d by thalr oonmaadHU. Baads of policemen war* seen mtrohing down la orderly ompmies, and taking up their stand wkneTn their iwvioes wire required ? barniahed etare. which the day before glittered in all their bru>aiae;s, vere now (hrou-led in the lame sombre erape that oloaded everything. AM moved in ocm- | parativ* silence; milita:y, police, member* of *ivio *ocieties, all performed their respeotiv* part* noiselessly ?;id silently. They were not aware of It themselves. bat the oeeaeion reamed to make it appropriate that it I ahonl<i be so; and therefor*, whatever w?? mid, was spoken la uader ton**. a* if the very words spoken came mi.ffl -d fr.'ai the tongue, and asii the s<Idler* had been pertormlrg the faaeral rites for some departed companion Such wte tbe effect of surrounding oiroamstauoes While ta-y awaited the arrival of tha boat, the military leanefl upun their gaos in a Buiiog mood, and it tb-y merch.d to ohang* position, it ?aa in many inataoaes without mu*i<) Kaneral wu written upon everything Sadners was epr?-sd over tae whole scene At hvif past on* o'elock, tbe Orand Marshal and s*v*rtl oi his aics, mounted, cane dawn to the wbarf of the Uuiteil barge office, to saparintend tbe landing of ti e body from the ferry boat Tbis small oavaloade partook of and added t* tbe monrmul appearance of thiogsalready observed The Marshall w?r? drested In black, and wore loni; black scarfs, while their horse* wore saddle cloths and trappings of tba same oolor Their orders were given in uaJer toaee; and the arrargeBieati having b??n completed, tae gaard of honor, "Vinoeat's L'gbt tiaerd," accompanied by Bloontfleld's escelleat United Stats* Band, frsm Uovarnor's leland, took their place on the platform wbera It was intended the landing should take plaoe To prevent all disturbance aad luconventance from the preasura of tbe crowd, the Chief ef Police, aided by Capt. Witey, of tbe lft ward, had stationed detachments of police offioers In ?11 tbe avenue* leading to the whert And nothing oonid V* more complete than were the preliminary arraa**meats to secure an orderly landing Th* hear**, I drawn by eight white horses <ir*saea in duci, ?md im bj ? bu?* groom. drxmoU in Turkish eo.tume, was placed just outoid* tha R*te. and it waainteadad to boar th? tofbn to it frc m the boat with proper decorum. Cut all thm<i xrrar.f em??ts were brokeu up by the refusal of the Captain of the fen y oov. 10 land ?lee where than iu a itrrj flip; and ?ccordiL(jly the b jut wai starred into the berth 01 the Brooklyn ieiry boat, and thua was oont-.irlou and disorder caused Tea crowd of spectator* was denee io the street opposite the ferry house, and Urge po'la of water and piiea of enow w?re rtanding in froat of the Kates, whtle at the Unltnd States wharf tl.epWnkaand pavement w?r? dry and clean. It wjh necessaiy to reinova the hearse The polios ware odI g?d to form new avenues, und the guard of honor and !>? <*, in haMe, and without pretioua notice, had to take op their o.arch and g in ajuew position This was all decidedly wrong. All knew that the boat could not ao ecnveaiautiy land at iha United States dook; but Since that waa tha ermrgeinent, it would have been mora beoomng to bare submitted to an inoonvanienoe, than to mar the beanty of na orderly aud praeonaartad arrangement. Bat the changes were at length made, and tha hearse placed in the raoal convenient poaLion; when tha Light Gourd fur mod an avenue trow the boat, throagn w! ioh the cwfllc was borne, and properly deposited in the vehicle of the dead while tha baad played soma beantiful and appropriately malnncboly strains Cartlagee tnen came up in turn, and lock in the friends of the decayed, the members af Congress aocompauying tha body, and the numbers of the Jersey City Common Council, who accompanied them 'root the other side of tbe river. Minute guns, announcing tna arrival of the body, commenced flring tr m Of.veraor's island and Jersey Ciiy at twenty minutes pacta o'clock, aud at tw?niy minutes part a the farry b >at which hoielt, arrived at Wtoiteliail While the maralialn an J guard w re wi.-.Mng ?t the barge ufloe, Mr. CUy, accompanied by U?evial tialnee, orove d'iwn; alights I with t.De intension. a' was supposed, of awaiting the arrival of the bo*t; but h piaxa having been assigaed to the carriage In the pioC'taion, it left with thoie two distiugitlKhea grntli raen to*>* nine l.eiore the bout arrived While WMiinic at the < l&oe, Mr Clay rvcelvi.u tbe warm aatutatlOP an his fri-eds who wara present; but he tame not to r?e*t?e lionorahl" gr<eiin>,s, bat i? pay the reep et flus from the living to the dfad The profusion p up Whitehall street to Btoad??: he IJ S 1 aiw >>s aeampanyiag Lhe guard of Ihoriir, and playlo# tk? "Dead March to ^aufj" "The furaral of Napoleon;" a "Dt *d Maieh from aanairamida,'' auot other tqually graud aad moaioaily eloquent yli'OM. Oa rear.hlni; tha Bowling Green. the proceMiom began to regularly f*rm, when the atreet wu lined on either aide with cavalry km f?r a* I'rlnify Churob, with a view to ke*-p btr.k the Ttttt mul'it.uiie of -'ilium who Jammed tip tk olrto walk* The D?ad M*rub la Maul" whn hare a-tmirnhly executed upon the oblme*, In the belfry of Trli.Hy okuroh, whloh ?u ooutinued nearly all the time the proceeaion (M p-niug lU?w PltOClsSION hereupon moved up Broadway, oa the line of rout*, In tinn following order: ? TilK UKBSK OP THK PKOCRS8ION. Troop uf oaralry New York Light, florae Guard*. Gen O Hopiiik, Grand Maiihal. intintipi. Gen. Nathan B Graham, t-aleb S Woodhull, Kaq Ool Kkrenee P Mahoney, Joho Midlejr, E*q Cut Henry P Roberl*on, O W F. Randolph, Eiq Col 8amurl 0 Jaoknon. The following military oorpii formed the e *oort, under toi oomn.anl ol General SauUi'erd. conaletiag in part of tha tinn iitviMon of uniformed mllltla, under tha Immtdial* command nt General Handford : tha fourth brl gad', commanded by Brig Gen. Kwan ; tha third brigade, romniaudrd by Aoting Brig, tin Bremner , tbn eecoi.d brlgada, eornra nded by Brig Gau. Morri*, aadtho&iat brigade, oomitmidad by Brig Gen. Btoro.* oeneral Saodfnrd auu Alda. Italian (.< mpeny. Baxter Blue* -Tompkina Bias* Gi'iman Company. (Trenail Gr?< adler*. Tha PrMidaat'a Guard*?(Company D.) Emmet t Guard*. 1 ha Waaklngton Cadet*- (Company G ) National Gray* % T*ia ?lh Raiment-(Co G- uuaerCnpt' Thompaon ) Watilbrfion Grey*-(9th Regiment-unaer Col Mtyia*.) i tttata Fualller* ~(nnd*r Captain Ljoua ) \ junwl o?>nl?wl) - ! T E NE" N. Tha Washington Bluaa?(Company I.) Linnm. Qovaraor'a Guards - (Company I>) City Quarda?(Brooklyn [A remarkably due loaklng body of man. and with aplandid uniform ] Waablnoton B<9*men. The Jefferson Rlsmen. Jefferson Cuirdi. Wright Guards. Oa?rda Laftvette. Putnam Guar da Sootob Guards. (Moan tad) Garman Hunters- G*rman Hon* Guards. The O isolating Clergy followed in a carriage; and next fallowed tha oafflo.on a baaraa. surmounted with a rloh blaok velvet pall, and drawn by ei bt wbita horses with mourning trapping*, lad by eight oolored grooma, in Turkish ooatuma. Guard of Honor. The Light Gnard, under oommand of Capt. Vinaent, Tha Pail Bearers in oarriages next followed, oonalsting of Messrs Stephen Whitney, Gideon Oitrander, Musual Guilford, John M. Bradhurst, Egbert Benson. Geo Tappen, R 8. Williams, T Frellnahujsen, Edward Laight, Clement C. Moore, G C VerpWnck, Anthony Lamb, W B Crosby. David 8 Jonas, Abm R. Tan Neat, Saml. B Warner, Stephen Allen, Philip Hone The relatives of the deoeased, in oarriages. next followed, and were suoceeded by The eomtnittee in obari<e of the remains, consisting of-K.A Talluaciffe. N Y., Chairman; Williams. Me; Wilson. N. H ; Hudson, Mas* ; Marsh, Vt ; Thurston, R I ; Smith, Conn ; White, N Y : Kdsall, N. J ; Diok?y. Penn; Houston. D?l ; Romaine, Md ; MoDowall, Va ; Barriuger. N. C ; Holmes, 9 C ; Cobb, Ga ; Gayle, Ala; Brown, Miss ; Morse, La ; Vinton, Oblo; Dnnoan, Ky ; Cooke, Tern ; Wiok, lad.; Ltaooln, III; Bowlin, Mo ; Johnsan. Ark.; MaClalland. Mich ; Cabell, Fia ; Kaufman, Texas; Laffler, Iowa; Tweedy. W. T. A train of carriages, with private eitiians, next fol lowed, and also In oarriages, tha Mayor ex-Miyor Harper, and Bishop Hughes The navy oBosrs, In full uniform, In oarrisg?s. Tha army offlmrs of the army, in carriages Private Citlstns in oarriages; c.lso. la.a remarkably aaat and wall finished carriage. Mr Clav. aooomnanied by the venerable General Gaines Common Council, on foot, attended by their Sergeant*-at-Arms. ViremnB?The Society of Exempt Firemen next followed, and were succeeded by Eagle Hoae Company, No 1; Mutual tloee Company. No. 1; Niagara Hoee Company No 3; New York iloai Company, No. 6; Eagle Engine Company. No. I#; Jaokaon Hoae Company, No 13; Pearl Hoee Company, No. 38; Howard Engine Company. No. 84. Military?The Guliok Guard* followed; also the Continental*. Societies ?The Baited Ord*r of American* made a Tory stroug saunter, and a moat respectable turn oat, consisting of Alpha Chapter, No. 1; Washington Chapter, No. 3; Warren Chapter, Manhattan Chapter, No. 4; Amerioan Chapter. No 8; Columbia chapter, No 7; Pu'nitm Chapter, Franklin Chapter, No. 9; Independent Order of United American Mechanics These, with some few other citizen*, mounted and In carriage*, formed the prooeselon. The line of route was up Broadway, through Gr*nd. as far as Bowery, theii?e through Chatham, and to i.ity Hall, an* the urm-is were completely jasatn'd-up with otariagt* aad vhicls* of all sort* and me*, while the side-walks, windows, and every spot frons when** a glimpse cf the procession could be liad, were occupied by the anxious crowd* of spectator* that flicked forward from all p*rts of the city to see ihe procession. Several of the hotels an l stores were huuir in mourning, with the fUgs from the houje tops ut half mast, aud all seemed to warmly sympathise iu the national loss sustained by the death of the illustiiou> departed On moving through with the solemn pmoee*ion, we observed many la ties in the window* ehed teir* ok witnessing the mournful pageant that panted before them; and the rush of spectators at some of the corners of the strest* was so great, tbat muny who stood in front of the sidewalks hud a serious "soap*. The fallowing hotel* and publio places hud their Airs hung ar half mast, all through the line of route:?The ' Atlantic Gurden. Delmonioo's, Judson's Hotel, United Sutes Bonded Warehouse, City Hotel, which was also bung with crape; Cook's warehouse, 93 Broadwar, hung with crspe; the Trunont Temp-ranee House, fUjt half mast; Cl?pp It Kent's establishment; Croton Ha)l,hu>)g with erape in front; also, the NUrohants' House, L?f?yette Bssaar, Goodyear's, Hindrtch's archery establishment; B?aumont. merchant tailor; Lawrence d?gurrreI otjpe gillery; Beobe & Co, hatters; Clarke k W?*t, cloth uierabnnt*: Ma&aiKg, >.o?vlt'. ic Co., a! Hb merotia'.t*; T?usev Ic Dickson, merchant tailor* ; Howard ! Hotel, flap in front half maftt high; J C. Watson, tailor, houee tinrg In black in front, also Bugiey's, gold peu manufacturer; Franklin Hotel, Coliuan's exhibillon gallery ; the Museum, Begs halt maat; Park Taeatre. Qig half mut; Lovejoy's, the Aator House, in front o! wbiob thire waauwell executed Inscription on caur&s, a* follow* : ? JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, Born. July 11 1767 ; Died. February 33. 184* " The aotlon* of the just email *weet and blossom In the dust " The Americas Hotel, also with ling h*lf mast high ; Stewart'*, huag in bla?k fram the upper window* down to atremt. in front Piipin with fltir half mint: tbe American tt>atr?, also. Carlton Hoim The Apollo Howard Houm, Oiymplo, Bowtry. Chatham, and several other house', both publio and private, displayed som? suit cf mourning banner iron the bUoonlee or window* The procession reached the C!>acham theatre at 6preoiaeiy, and It took aue hour and some mlnutea before the lest portion had passed. When the Bret part arrived at the City Hall, tike military halted. and drew up and opened In linn at either side the street, until they reached the ooffln and pall-bearnrs. then axactly opposite Croton Hall. The hearse here proceed* i In front to' ward* the City Hall, foliowed In the order as d-sorlbed above, and on arrlvlDg at tha City Hull, the rush to see the coilln was Immense?several feeling anxious to view it previous to its being laid in the Governor's room.? The coffin was hereupon removed Itom tha hi>*ree. and immediately after the body being deposited In the Governor's room, the National Uuard lired three vollits. when tbe procession and Immense crowds present, soon dispersed, the whole proceedings leaving a deep and solemn impression upon the minds of oar oitissns. TIIS CEREMONY AT TUB C1TT HALL?TH* RECEPTION Of THE B >DY. From ths roof of the City Hull, the speotaele was truly affecting and imposing. Takiog a survey around, tbe eya at oace peroelved emblems of mourning fur the departed statesman, near, and all around. The nearest ohi'ots were Tammany Hell, the Astor House, tbe American Hotel, Peale's Museum, Lovejjy'a Hotel, and other buildings, all of whloh were surmount d with tha national flag at half mast, *nl trimmed with black roe eumeroua masts af tha shipping on the feast and North rlvera, were deoorated in th* same melanoholy way. as were also the various fUcataffi ?nd liberty poles in tha aity, as far as the eye could reach. Looking down, the spectator beheld theerowisin tha Fark, and tbe hearse drawn by eight white horses, robed In black , which was aonvejing to their last resting place tne re mains af tha illustrious statesman, sane and patriot, whaaa voice, time and again, has reverberated in tha eonnella of the nation, and whose elcqnenoe has so often and so recently entranced oil who heard It. The scene from this elevatien was truly grand, when it Is known that the proeeasion was tha spontaneous offering cf tribute to departed greatness, by the fellow citlaens of the great deceased, who, living, was respected, and dead, is venerated. The benuMful weather added to the soleaa uiiy of th* seen* k.mergeJ, as we junt uti, from the toll aud droari _.<-** of winter, the beautiful sunshin*, th genial atmosphere, aud the ol*ar Italian s*y, teamed typical of th* great and glotious oYiug* whloh earn* ow th* lamented statesman whoa* funeral cvrltgt *u paasiug btf>r* us, follow* ed by all the eivie, military aai navel oignitaries la tai* region, a'well ?* by tboustnJs of our fellow-cltlztnain every d"parttn?at of life, i'altenfroai h'scourtry at an advanced age, to a place, " where the wicked e?a?? from troubling, 8iid ibe weary are at r?it." Mr Adams has, ihiough ti>* wisdom if Divine Providence, been called to receive th* reward of Lie iong life, in lb* <rtvlo? of his ooantry, unstained by a siogl* aot, that If llviu., he would olush to bear Tne few who galu'd to tliii f.vorahle pl*M ti?1 abundant opportdilty ol rfflenting on, and ube-rvmg thr ?ol< mn (et-ne wMeh wit* trabsplrii:g baneatU their tent. i'oe solemn in autu gun. tne doleful tolling of th* vaiIotm ohuroh bell*, the uiufll-d arum, tbe craped mod, the oovrert swovd belt*. tbe mufllad flag, and the oiourbinx depieudcn escn oouioa ly of tb? military, us It marched in solemn steps up Broadway, all comuln"i 'o form a aaene, the lUe i f whloh la never teen, eave when a great mm baa departed, and one whoso Iom la deplored by a country. Suoh <ai tbe spectaole prtsertted from the roof of the City Hill, whloh building Itfelf presented emblems of mourning in ouramon with nil tbe other publlo building* in the olty?tfie Slate and uatieual flag waving lletleaely In the brtese at half mut. Immediately beneath, and on th* step* of this beauil f?l building, there were hundred* of ail age*, sexi-s and aolora eongregatad *11 of whom wished to pay their tribute of reapeel to th* jraat man whoae mortal remain* w?r* paeeiog lu *ad procession before them They eagerly watobed the paaaing of th* heave which oon talned thoae remains, and recounted th* various puLlio services of the do.eased; hi* great and pure character as a man and a statesman, ?ad condoled with each othfr ou th* Iocs whloh they, and th* oauutry aa large, have suctalaed in his deaea** Th* h*ad of tbe precession arrived at ths Tsrk, by Chatham street, at a little after five o'eli>ok, and the ttoop* divided and formed a passage, through whloh the remain* were to b* paaaed to be deposited la the Governor** Room of tb* City Hall A o 'usldtrable time elapsed between th* arrival of tue head of tne prooesalon >nj that of tb* heart*; aad whll* th* troop* were resting with their arm* grounded, the mo*t perfe*t. atillueas ani quiet prevailed Noon* ***m<>d inclined to break In mi the nolamntty of the so-ae Th* (-Boars selened to preserve th* order of tbe I>roo?miun nsu nmv 10 uu, ?uv fmj uuidiom ariT*m baited-in * perlaet atiUa*ai iu tppwrat. At thin ttma, thouiauda ?f paopK who, p*rhap?. had uoi had ?n opportunity of ttalag <h? oongragttad in tha Park, In front of tha City Hall. Tha rooft of tha varloua building* wara caeuplad by M mauy M thay noiild iftfaly Moonnodit*, and tha aya* of ail wara dlraatad towarda Chatham atraat. tha avanua by whloh tha r?B?!ua would raaah tha Park. Tha arraogamanta m*d* by tha pollea wara ?xeallant, and tha praaanoa of a graat numbar of ''Start," plaoid hara and tnara In tha ori.wd. datarrad piekpookta and othar thiavaa from praatlatng thair avooaUotu, and lnapirad tha good nitlian i with mMww Uiat ha oould wiiaaaa Mm prmiillip | vv To EW YORK. THURSDAY ] with ar.fety, u far u hl? poo tat* war* concerned At Uu minute h to Bix o'clook, the b?arse, preoaded by a braea band, pitying a i. Umn air, entered tbe Park. followed by the oarrUgea containing the member* of the j municipal guv?rum?u?, ngn ntntj (.lif.kiia uxtr distinguished man. An soon aa tha haarse reached the I front entrance of tliat building, It etcppad, and the troop* shouldered *rm?, th? baud meantime continuing to pKy ita doletuL tuna. Soon the mnato was dona ?again it plajed-a passage way vu olearad to tbi> City Hall?all baaila were uncovered lnatl.etlvely. wh?n It w ita anuouno* d tbat tba eoffl a waa about to ba takan In f he ah of mourners then, with head* uncovered, to tba number of thirty. tooE out tba coffin, and prooeedad with It into tha City Hall. Arrlvlug at tba foot of tba marbla steps, thay baited tor * few minutes, while in tha meantime tha band outnida continued to play, and all baada wera unooverrA Tba ooffio waa than temporarily plaoed on a table, wbar? it remained for a few minutaa, surrounded by tha chief mournera Aa aoon M all wan ready, the xlgnal waa given, and tha oorpaa waa oarried into the Governor's room, where, aa we were Informed by tha programme, a prayer waa delivered by tha Rev. Dr. Karris, and a benediotion by tha RfY Mr Cone Oar reporter exerted himself to the utmoat to get admittanoa into this room, for the purpoae of giving tha conclusion of the melaucholy oarcmooy. bnt tha officer In oharg<t, politely but aternly refused him admit'auoe. and gave us a reason for exoludlng bim, that he waa aoting under Aldarman Maynard'a directions, and those directions war* not to allow any peraon in e*o? pt tha eommlttee, Sea., and none others not even tha members of tha praa*. After the oeramoule* wera oonolndad, three voiliea of musketry were flred by. the national KUard. and the immense oavaloade dispersed. Caplaiu Sbumway's company, the U7th Regiment, were detailed to txke cbulge of the remains until their removal, this morning, to the boat. THE CLOSE OF THE CKKRMONY. During the eveniDg the bells of Trinity, in the same solemn manner in whioh tbay ware rung during the d?y, obimed the last rtquium The night waa aa solemn as iba day. AU fait that tha ramains of tha illustrious statesman were in the city. DEPARTURE OF THE REMAINS OF MR. ADAMS. Ttia remains if Mr. Adams will be oonveyed this morning, at 8 o'clock, to the New Haven boat, accompanied by Bioomflrld's U. S band, from Guveruor's Island, and several oltisena* with a view to their removal to their flual reating place. l'bu Funeral of tlx* Rev. 1 homai Lyell, D. D. The funeral of the venerable Dr Lyelt.the late Reotor of Chriat'a Church, In Anthony street, whose death is n r>ni?or.uU> UmunLad throughout tha communltv. took place yesterday, between the houra of two and four o'clock, P. M , from his lata reuid-nce, in Anthony sireet, l'h? private houses adjoining the residence of the deceased, were thrown open for th? reception of the gentlemen who were to coapo*>tt the procession. The coffin enclosing the remains, was placed In the* hall of his house before the funeral oomictinced The lid wss left open, to aiiow his numerous fxlonds to gasj on his features for the last time. His countenance seemed as natural as Id life, but muoh emaoiatcd, anil expressly* of profound tranquillity. The procetsioa was formed in the order advertised, and was compost! of the young gentlrin^nof the Sunday school of Christ Church, the reotor, teachers and scholars of Trinity school, the cletgy, (^bcut sixty of whioh body were present) tho corpse, which was carried on a birr, the trustees and studsna of the Ouneral l' Seminary, aud a number ut the various relatives *ud friunOs of th* dncoiwied In this order they proceeded up Author, y street,vo Broadway; but b-lug much impeded by tho crowds assembled to witness tun great funeral profession of J. Q Adam*. it took a circuit t,;>rough Chambers street and college Place. to St Paul's cuuroh. entering the Vesey street gut<-, and passing up the centra lisle cf the church to the piatfwriu tr iiUud beneath the pulpit, where tu* bearers lnld down the c< lfio. and the o:?rgym<iu, and the others present, seated theu.selves iu the various pews'. The unitary was full ot ladies An unthem was played on the organ, aooowpaul'd by a hue female voioe, aud the* the order for the burial of the drad was recited by Drl. MflVioar and Schro?d?r; after .vhi -ii, Dr Berrien rose in toe pulpit and pronounced an ekquent and Impressive eulogium ou the d oeased. lu the course of his remaras, he stated, th it notwithstanding the extreme age ot the deceased (seventy-four years> his death took many ot his frieuds by surprise, a* up to tho last moment, be txhltnted but f?w mart s of uecllne He uescri bed him as having possessed every men 1 aJornuMnt?"playiul col.', {satiuu, rtuJy wit, t.n<J t'v viv?aity und ohfi:nui>.esM of foum iiel?ll-d to iuiud the nuinbots, in the course of his long and vtlusble hfs. admitted by his ag<u?y iuto the Christian church? the b 11 ty he had joined iu matrimony, and the atill greater numbers who uai been suiiained aud oominrted by him in sickness aud at the huui- rf death He spoke ot j the thousands who whi misa him lu their aaily walks, tad the numbers who will bswall hU loss, to mauy no common g'i?f, and said that hi i deaih would have a ohasui which none of his generation remain to fill, l'ht, rev. gantlemau, after expatiating ou tne many virtu.-a andnaoeileuuesof the deoeased, aud toucniug ligUiiy oil his foibles, concluded with uu interesting biographical review of the d^caaand'a life.ln which he mentioned ih?t nla early eduoation was neglected; but by his owa toilteaching, he had beaotna so proflci?at as to have D?ea an instruotor at lb* aga of fourteuu; that be first eom manotd the mlnlstiy in the Methodist aoclct?; la lsui ho was elected chaplain to the Hours of Representatives, v?d lu 1b04 tbe title of Dootor of D:?inl>y wan upon him in Coluatl* College, by Dr. D*gg?tt, baving previously obtMined toe title of Master of Attn, in Brown Uo't?(iu; i shortly afc-r which. bit wai appointed to tbe reotorege uf < brist's Church, which ho held to tne tin* ol bU death. * period of about 44 yeert After Dr Berrien had concluded bis sdirrss, dariaj the delivery of which the luoeral of J. Q. Adams was passing ouiside the church, the procession was attaiu formed, and the body was borne to lis final reatlng ptaoe, in the graveyard attached to Sc. Paul's Churoh, and oel>osited in the family vault of Mr. Barrows, linmedialely alter tbe ceremony, the large bjJy of clergyman present formed ihsiasclres into a inseting iu tbe churoh, l)t. Barry of Jersey oity, having been moved to toe chair, and speecues were made, aud r-soluilons pa?std, nwuuiendatory of the deceased, and oj&doling with his relatives and numerous friends. Meeting relative to ffrlnlty Ctiurcli. A meeting of tbe heiri of Anneke Jants Bogardaa waa held In Military Hall, last evening, whloh was numerous and highly respectable, between 300 and 4(H) being present, ? con?i Jei able portion of whom were ladies, aod the utmost enthusiasm w?s manifested throughout the proo<?disgs. The ehairman of the oommlttes appointed at a former meetlrg, stated that the object of tbe meeting was to Uear the report of that committee as to the proo*eding? of their agent. Mr. Brown, of Philadelphia, and thereafter to detrain* on their future oourse of proceeding He stated that they had written to Mr Brown, espressi;ig their disappointment at the delay whieo had taken p ace, and desired bim to write them what he was doing iu the matter, otherwise they would eonsider their connexion with Mid, as tbelr sg?nt, at tn end. An answer was read from the gentleman in Philadelphia, to whom was entrustei the doliverv of the letter to Mr B , Fiylng he had received no reply, and anlmadvertiug very suverly on the agent's oondMot. Two resolutions were then moved, seconded and oJop!ed,ths substeuce of which was, that Mr Brown having nejlestod or re;u??d to answer the r communication, by its terms their oonneotlon with hi.a was dissolved; and that bis resiguation b?aooepted. Mr Klertted said, you have parted with Mr. Brown, and it heoomte you to adopt some other determined oturse, that ibis oause may bs h.-aught ton spue ly. and, be hid no dou'jt a successful termination. Yonr committee think I will he necessary for you to appoint a sttnding committee, composed ot tbn present or other gentlemen, Wd do not mibd which, to whom yon ruay iclvo authority to not for you as oeoa.'ion may require; wait on the vos rymen of Trinity Church ; nonsuit able o >unsel ; and lfu?e<lful. Institute prooeedingsiu the Suptetue < urt of tbe L'ui t?d States, that tile matter may bi fairly tested; aod be u 'U uo i??r? .or inn inui mj uiuj ir^ri-l in, turn, hw'Inn luihi*** w?? not actively conim-need lu that sou: L long tiii'.s huo From the dilitorintM of the la'.? intatfn* | mu well ***r? much dlMMlafM'.lou hit* t?*?n r la ray miu.l the cun U m ote >r * u?< ndtj. Separate the mi*: ?n-l oonfuiton wLioh the church nm ?o Induurlouily thrown over it. aad you will ?t once nee there la cot the ahadow of a douht cut with ?u<'<-(jcMo aotlon we w,U I* aaceeantul. Mr K.then went ln<o a detail of toe verloaa dend?, to ?how that I rlnlty church hal uo right to the property, neither iu law uor juatlce. Jadg* Ma?<, ol New Jer*?y. said that the atory oouiil be tela in 4 t?w worle. In l#.lti tie property w ? granted to thn tlrat hu?bmj of A. J. Bo^arrtui, whlob, after hi? decease, waa eo firmed to bin widow ami children by (iOTtricr Stayveaani U 10 >4, In 16(5.1 ah.' died, having previously ma .e her will, which la recorded in Albany, anil which wu o inlr nej by IMtMNltMl, the Ku*liah governor, in The oliurch tbemexlTe* oa*.not deny these t ?o>a. Tbey pretend ibat V J. Dngardue conveyed it to Oovernor Lnvelaae; but they oa:i produce no doaumeuta to prove that nasertl n, th*y aay that it p***ed from Govern.>r (."VvUce to the Duaeoi York; irora hint to the orown, and finm Que?n A an to Trinity church I nek I* there a gentleman lu tut* rooia ie there* ebiij ten yean of age. who wonli n'it b* convinced rf the necewliy of p.M>iuciHi( the#e docura-nta In c ur ' Much m document, wlihout eitcnaturaa > ili.ii.i inn?lim> ul). I will lint ??v lL*t it I <r*s unto i?J In Trinity church. (Cheer* ?nrt laughter.) I I do sot think Governor Lovelioe ?v?r ??w iuo.i a ilooura?o?. I balleta it fM prrpared t>y eoute one to b* < ? !h|t d in ttiUj bui U li v<ln Thah Ira in ?v?ry t>ari ol the oouotry ttr? determined to littn I hi cane fairly tried, ttud Iim'k cnn> forward and atfarrd peountary aaaiatanee Ag utumau from the Ht*ta of Maine e>M no q9 tha ?Ui?r d?j and Mkl4, that If we u u'' d h?< would forward hi* can ut tha eipen*" Thoae in Naw J r??y and Ptill?d-iph.a aiao willing Horn -are afra dof feaiatue of limlmtiona allow ma to eay thera i? no au<-h iitalua I of the United StaUa Tba gentleman hare related a nana In point, ahowlng that, though tha law ot Naw York, it waa not o* the United 8?at*a At a anbaeq i*ut I part of tha prnaeadiage, the earn a gentleman aalu-no ona ean go to battla without powdar and abot If wa are to flgbt the oburob wemuat harxnaaci (Laughter and ahaara ) Whan tha anit la terminated, wa will be repaid for oat outlay. Tha debt of tha Stata of New | York ia a boat twanty million* of dollar* Tba < property in qaaatlon would mora than pay that | ' debt It waa too bad that wa ahnuld be ao b?arUy taxed, I I wfelto Mm iKfjaw of Trinity Charth win (risking < ir inwuniiY r~- ?T itk u MORNING, MARCH 9, li wtna it our axpeme. Their luxary an J. wealth are notorious. There In no dcuht of auooaea Your claim ta a joat one, and Uod will auatala hia ova oauae. (Graat ItpplftllM). Dr. C. C. Kiarated waa appointed traaaorar. The draft of a do war ot attorn* t waa read. aDDOlntlna tha pr<*eeot Committee and another gentleman their " trot aud lawful attorney*to tot for th?u? u they should 4um proper. A general rush ?u than mad* U tea tab'f, by both in i to aflli thair names to the dooument, and liberal turn was subscribed to give them a ' tart" In tha suit The maatlng tbarsaftar adjourned. Uninmenoemiul of ih? Heilaal Department of the New York UnlveriUf, Tha annual commencement of thla department of our University took plxoa last evening, at the Unlversltyi Chapel,In tha University building*,In Washington square and was attendad by a vary large audience, who were ga. thered together to see their young friend* reoeive their insignia of admission into the medloai profession There quite a large proportion of ladies present; and what wi'.h the grave, sedate and Imposing appearanoe of the Professors and Chtneellor of the University, seated on the elevated platform, the happy and pleaxed looks of the graduates, who oooupied the pews on the floor of the chspel, the rustling of the silks and satins of the ladiest and the dellghtlul inusio, whtoh was glveu by the band in attendance, the whole affir presented a very handsome appearanoe. The exeroli>HS of the evening were commenced by a prayer by th< Reverand Cyras Maeou;aft*r which ?omj floe mu?io from the band. This concluded, th* Chancellor of the University, tbe Honorable Theodore Freliogbuysm, proceeded to Invest (he fcgi^wing named gentlemen, with their title of Doctor of Medlulae, at the same time, handing eash one hie diploma They went up in classes of twelve at a time, >*nd we mast s?7 tba<", th- y were all a fine, gtntlautanlv im ot vnunff men. (if loo tie are anv criterion 1 and we doubt not will nil do honor to their profession: ? U C Ayr??. ludlina; J A Agnew, Virginia; B. B Aycrigg, New Jersey: W. P. Aylntt, Alabama; B. J. Baldwin, Georgia; ? W H. D?tk, Inwa; R P Bailey. New York; J H H Burge, Kbod* laland; H. Burgees, CoBoeotlout; W. W. Blackman. New York; J B Black, Pennsylvania; R T. Bryan, Kentucky; D R Bardln, New York; C. L. Barn-*, Georgia; H. N Buehnell, New York; A Bethuna, North Carolina: H W Brown, Georgia; W Bullions, N?w York; J Bishop. New Vork; A T Bull, New York; W". A Bernard, Noith Carolina; G G Bird, Georgia; Jamus Buobanau, Ohio; M B Cargda, Georgia; Silas 8. Clark. New York; L W Curtly, New York; H Cbappell, South Carolina; A S Clark, New Jurs>y; 8. W Mark, Uouneotlcut; J. W Crawford, Pennsylvania; K L Crawford, South Carolina; C.N. Campbell. New York; J H Co*. AWbaaia; W F. Dernmlug, New York; .). Dloksoq, Pennsylvania; VV 11 Dial, Ttntj T J Dusier,South Giiollu; H. Dillard, Vlr ginla;K I. Jm'unison, Tennessee; J T Kdwarda, New York; D. C Edmnnstou, New York; U F. Foote, New York; E Flint. Rhode Island; 1 homus Frye, Arkansas; W. W ki<foe:l?tt. Of:rjia; D. Farrar. Canada; E Ford, New York; T. T. Fitslingh, Ylrginia; T. W. Kroui t, New York, C. R Galiaglier, Dela-vare; J M. Union, Indiana; J L. Gr'sham, Gsorgia; R A Greer, North Carol inn; L L Grave*, Georgia; 1) H&ebrouok, New York; H ?. G Harris, Virgiuia; W. A Hammond; PonnyslanBj?Hutohingf,Virginia; W W. Harper,Loulfinna; 8 i#vHiggins, Now York; J. V. HobMJp, l*?w York; G Ci, Hu>chin*?n, Alabama; M. Ilinnan, New York: J WHawkins. Georgia; J B llerrou, Penneylvauie; C. K tWnmdhd, Connecticut; ? Holbrook, Ma?**ohuie'ts; J^ A Hudnall, Virginia; Charles Henry, Mouth Carolina; J' J Hawmlll, P-nnsylvaula; L. L H< lines, North CarollL*; A. Hallet,New Srumwisk; J C Hightower, Georg'a; W. G. Hatch, Wisconsin; J J C Hell, North Carolina;^. 1". Henry, North Carolina; G S. Little, New YorK; 8 Lass?<t?-r. South Carolina: W J Lytle, New J"rsey; C. G. .McKulgbt, Rhode Island; K V Martin. SiMi'h Carolina; G. D Moore. North Caroline; C W MoMioiiaei, Georgia; J. VV. McCabe, Penn*ylvania; R G. W MatTef, Georgia; U Mathlson, N?w York; N H Aloragnl. Bout1* Carolina; W. P. M*s-:ey, New York; A D Alooro, North Carolina; F A. Milner, Georgia; G. T. Mmwell. Florida; H. MoNeil, North Carolina; vl \)att*on, 4\las.iachus >tt?; 1). A Nel.'son, Tennessee; J H Olmsleact. Pennsylvania; J G O^den, N. York; M. N B Outlaw Georgia; C Perkins. Tennessee; K H. PeBti, Peumyivani"; G. W. I'eer, Michigan, H C. Rowan, Indianx; I D Ray, Kentucky; D Reed, Pennsylvania; M. II"uscm. T??ueet?e; u J Ransom, do; J C Robert*. Alabim?; F A Stanford. Georgia; S Sahoonma -t t, 'ft, H - H. O' I ^.1 rv" 3 nHh, W H Sol?|io.k, New J?r?#y; J C. Si 1 New York; Jof?ph Sill, do: T. B Mtaell, New Jursey: J R Slaughter, Alabama; F. Si ell, Now York; P Trn Kyck, New .l?r?ey; J Piure.uii, New Yot k; J C. Tappan, do; C. J Ta?br TeunedMe; T S Tug^le. Georgia; W. Wallen. Florida; A Wotmore, Naw York; A. vV WiUtams, Georgia; T. C. White, Tcunraiea; 11 8 Wright, New York; P A I White, Georgia?-137 lu all. It will ba observed that the numbrr of graduates this year is quite large, and it i* sn evident i root of the great popularity wbioh the medical department of tne University of New York erjoya among students and the piofe'<*ion ihrongUout thn Union, a* many of these graduates come tcom the a>ost dUtaat cf tha States an d Tarritorlep At the olos* of the bastowal of tlii diploma*, a vary pretty 'ft?ot wan created by thn baud playing the beautiful air of -Home. Sweet lljine," which doubtless edited tbefe-liugs 6* many of these young gentlemen, who, after a lengthened s'ny in this el y, while pursuing their studies. ur? now about to return <o their homes to settle down in the practioe of their profession. The valedictory was delivered by Dr. Mott, who spoke non leelinirlv to them reirirdinir the hich and aaored (luti?t they were about to nit?r on, and pointed out the trua path of tfae hiuch mindad and ronaoientioue phyMoi?n in hi* p*a<ag? ttitoudu life. Mualo eonoiudad tha evening'^ exetciiie*, and thus kaa concluded the aeaiioa of lU47-'48, with nt1 its c?roa acd MlMiMj to both profeaeora ana tadots. Th< Ayiett Jieillcal Inatllufe. The o-)mui?DCHoi?ut of thli l::ailtuiion t-ok place Tuea ay inoroi?f, and wiwererery much gratified to wltn?a the proficiency of tha aludenta lu the Uiff-rcnt branches of medicine. The 4tud'?nW who ccmpoae thli achool hre all mam btr/i of the UiiWe.sity Medical Collrgv and it Addition to the r'cuinr lectin** ?t tint institution, have attend ?d two leaturas a day at Dr Aylett'a rootn?. Many ef Dr. A.'a etudeuta have pisaed the rigid aorutlny of tbo ?rmy and navy botrd. >?ad w doubt if any of the present elera would be fouud wanting In a perfect kaowleriga of the art of healing when oaiied to the bed-old* of the aiok ; and believiui;, n< wa do, that tha untiring effort* cf Dr A. to ad'anoe the iBterest of the student, will result In good to the suffering aiok, we dntm It our duty to rrtnommond btm to medical a'ulents preparing for graduation, a* rvtry way qual'ded to Inatruot them and prepare them for future usefulness. A Hat nf forty young .'?n' lem?n received the decree of merit, for ptoflciency in the Uifftrcnt branches of medicine HuUna lnUlllgtnci. A Fold Rohbtrf/.?Mr Charles \Tebb, the porter belonging to the Mechanic*' and Tradara' Bank, in Qnnd itr?et. waa robbed yrat*rday moroicg.of aireral paokagea of money, amounting to near $i-i Ouo, by a man oalilng himself H-nry McCaba, whil- passing the oorner of Mott ?nd <; oat bam streets und?r the following oircumstancM !taop?aia that Mr. Webb had been down town, and mada the exohaage with the other banka, and tba nb ti Hiaount of bank bill* in various packages were tied up . a a handkerchief which be curried un iev hia arm, and Wi? cn hia way to rat He tha lait exchange at tha Dutoher*' and, Drovere' Bank, when oa turning the corner of Molt and Chatham aireet*, MeCabe wma endd?'-ly up behind ulm. aetf*d the bundle of money. J rk, ed if. away, and r?n off at full >p?ed Mr Webb immediately gave un alarm of (top thief, but iheraeoal erad?d niit pur> u-t?. by miming up Mott (treat, through rell Info Divialot etreet, whir* the progress of the kocurttl waa arretted by tome si'lsms and oflle<T Caailn. of tba 7?.h ward, bein* near at baud, took him into custody tlowevr, in the li ght of t'.ia acu-el, ha threw aw?y the vaokaga of money, which wm pirk'd up by Mr O?orge B. Alvord, and reetored to Mr Wabb Tba thief wm then oonveyed before Juatiee 1'impeon, and committed for n fcrlhur neoring MeCabe la a nitive of Ireland, and by trad* a carpenter; ha b'.a t.rcu a about four year* In thin country, and ooiy two weeke iu thla city, hitting arrived from Albany in parch of work; be i? a man about SO jaara of age. with ll^ht brown h?lr,browu wiiiekerii.aod hli faoa nun freckl.'d c iruildf rahly; hie clothing,is Very miserable flinoe l?ie arrival In this oUy, ha hag be -n unable to procure work, ind t^e two ebiria he had at 'be washerwoman's, sue detelrilrg for the washing thereof, and not having any tui.da to par her, in order to procure a cl'im shirt, ha e!2'd tha bundle Iroin nndet the arm of Mr Webb, mpposit'g (a* he ??ys) it contained ehirta, *h?n in fact It contained printed rag.-, or wnat la generally called, money At the watoh return* yesterday morning. several wrll dr-a*ed, and some poorly dressed lullvldti I. were brocght in by tha polioon a charge of being Drunk end disorderly In tha iiraet; and their only exouee waa, that having drank* tha hea>th of Mr. ( lay so oftan, they b?carne nuuouecioua cf what tbey were dol<>(, until they tout>d themselves located In ;b? watch hou?? Just.loe Drinker remarked, that in ell probability Mr Clay would not vli>it tha city again trr s m time to eouii, and *s il waa their first appearance, be would let them go, on the ptoiuifc of not being found in tha aame sttuatiou again. A?-?ointmk\ts by thk Govkhhou Ai*r> Sknatk, Marcn 7, 1848? Sew Yur ?John Field nud I ?.:nh port warden* Riohncnd?D*v.d Hlfglu*. nf CMttaUn, t.o'ary pnbllo, r?-*ppolntm?tit l?ra?l Oifci?y, " WfrS'ld, not.ry public ?lo? Rlnhard D Litdn DidIhI, CI?w?oo, of KoutMM'l, an! Niiholaa Croeheron. of NorthfMd, oomraiMlnnar* tor loantag ix)tt?lo mon. yi of tae Uaitod tutei, tlce Kphralxa ( inr? *o J Jam's H oo?l AnoTHIR DlATM TKO.M CHL0R<ir0BM W? latin from the Chart- *to<*n ~1urota (hut Audraw W OII??r. who had hi* (high nrn*hrd at m ttona q'larry In Maofjrd, lock chlornlorin for tha purpo?? of ha?tug th.? Itiab arrputat-d. and rtia<i to about an hour, Without r?iivarlug tiia irua** altar Inhalluglt ?Bintn Trmnicrtpt, Muck 7. 9'ikidbs of tuk Weht.-In Jnuary, 1844, the population of Wentob araonnt-d to Ogi; It now ainoun'g lo 1,110, an ia :m<? of ei par oriit tu four year*. The population or riatta City in 1S4?, ?ai S94 and I* pro. i.ably about the nu? at preaant. - WV?i<m (Me) Htr+ld, rtk 90. w.? <un* v-vt-. . ~v r -v v--"? V " *? [ERA; 348. History of Evinta In California. itrtcial DtirtTCH to thb New Yon* Herald.J La Pas, Lowit California. / D?o*mb*r ioih. i*47 $ To the Seventh Regiment of New York Itate Voluotiiri can no long*r be applied the reproachful t?rm of " th* bloodless " A csrUlu portion of a* bar* beau permitted to *lpe off tba itain wh'.ab rested upou Ue whola, and we otn now proud)jr take oar stand among our brethren, and rat. 'we too h*T* tou^i.t in gor country's service " In tba words of Ihakspear*, "Wa hare had a battle!'" ? a genuine, ^unj fid - battla !? on* j of thoaa ineidanta that no to make up the great st^ry of war, and roattar around destruction, death and nl< ry. But to partioolariso. I wrote to you aome time sinoe, stating that the two oompaniea, ' A" and ' B," under the oommaud <t Lieut. Col. H. 8. Burton, had been orderetTb?re to tah* military poaaeuion of the oountry. So Arm waa th* be llsf that no oppoaltton would be tdfcde to ua here, that but a hundred man, with two imall piee?* of artliery, were lent to gsrrison a oountry confining about 8000 inhabitant*, and lecated wi'hiu a day's sail of the M*al. I can ooait. We landed In the latter part of July hoisted oar fltg, and remained for nearly three months in a state of torper, witb nothing of the exciting nature which a soldier love*. About the latter part of .September, however, the Lexington, which bad brought us here, and had lain hern with us. was relieved by the Moop-of-war Dale, nnd sent to Upper California. Two '* *?? af??w^.aw/l? iVtm Hala Uff ff\T MllU^B A falifAfTlU port near tha head of th? Gulf, to which. it bad previously been stated, party of Mexicans from Ou-tyama, bad orosaed with arms and ammunition, for the purpose of raising a revolution in tha country. Upon h?r entertog the pnrt. aha hoisted her colore, and eent a flag of truna on ahore requesting a surrender of the to* n In which American 01 lota had never beeu raiiel. The answer was,that the place wo* Mexican authority ?that ic would never be delivered to the Americans and, moreover, that if the Dale oema wlih>n a little sohooner auohored la the hurbor, they would fir* on her She hauled inside, but was not flr.-d upon Ths next day. eighty men were sent on sbore, who were fired upen as they were landing, and afterwards ohased a party of about a hundred Californians for two or three tulles .Night coming on, tht men were wiihdrawn a drcen 'bells thrown Into the town, and a sohooner burut. The Dale left and returned hrr?, bringiog ui the news that we might expect to be attacked s on. ns the commandant at Mulege had declared that two huudred m-a had left tt.era for Lu Pun who wm to be there I 1 six days. Although it had b?en positively stated by General Kearny, lu his instructions to Colonel Durton. that a vjesd of war should always be lying with aim. upon the arrival of Commodore SUubilok at San Jose, in the latter part of October, the Dale was rrdered to (Juayamas, to relieve iho fortrmoutu, which had already tak?u possession of the town. She left here, leaving us with no vessel of war. and entirely eut off from retreat in oasa of avoessity. The Colonel w?nt to San Jose and endeavored to prevail upon the Commodnra to let him have two hundred men to maroti tnrough so 1 quiet the country Tli'.s was r-fu?'d, and ths Commodore siiled for Msiula^ leaving m ham with a littlx garrison of a hundred riMM Had this assistance b?en granted, the country wiffld now have b??u paacaable. and the men who have compromised th:-m lr.s In our f?vor. would n?t as now be tiyang for th it lives 4*'it toprooe?d. Day, pastil on. and we continued hearing cf the arrival of the enemy, who were g-ttherlng strentb IDroughout the ?hole country. Our spi?'i wire out, and brought us daily information They left Muleg?, mid pnssiug through the country, r?bbin;{ runch?s, and c( mtuittlnn depredations of all hinds, finally centere t at San AuUuia, whsra a territorial jarU wis formed, and proclamations itmued to the iunabiUnls On the moriilrn of the 16th of November, about l>? o'olork wn were awoke by a sharp volley of mu?k*try, whioh turned us out in a I urry. Ws repaired to our posts, aud amid u shower of balls. It was d?tk as pltnh,ibe moon having sunk only a iew minutes before. Three or tour volleys were hre'd, whan tha enemy retired, under a few discharges of grape from our cannon. Tha morning dawned upon oar watching camp, and wa found that tha enemy, to the number ot about thr*? hundred, had entered the town, and posted themselves on a hill, about a quarter of a miU fiom our barracks, from where tbey had tired on us?tha only damage tbey did, bfing severely ,' uniifig a tin c>".p Dei" to ojie of ssi m?,r l'h had said that they ocdy oaum iu to alarm the women. ?. t bey might leave the towu, and that tii-v wer* 10 r1v? us a lor mat attack on thai d y. ihe 18 h of November Our ioroe, coukiiting of 1 OtJ in our two 00m t? .in tea, and twenty volunteers, a * disposed in the foiU-wiug uianuer : On* company o.'CO in and on tb> roof of the n,am bu ldiug, uad>r command ot Captai.i 8. G. S.scl?, and Lieut. O F Penrose, and the other in and on lb" reol of the men's barracks, on tha opposite aid* cf the squ re, under oommand of Out Lieut H C. Matsell, and Ll.ut E. Gould Buffum. an I the voiunt era on the roof of another hnnaa und. r Lioiit C B Votintr shlla Ihn rm. muinder were at the guns und >r ohsrje ol Liaut. ii F. Lemon. About 9 o'clook, on the morning of the Itib, the rmokit began to carl from the cactus bashes In the rear ot our bar-ranks Oiw bundr>(l men were scattered uround in tbem, and ?o hidden that the only sign of their presence wait ttie rrarke an J report. We had fortified our roots with bal*s ot oottoa yarn, and laid low. in hopes of their ouinii'g nearer, they being then neatly a quarter of a mil* from us From tbo qaartel. an old building soma distance from us, and from the oorner oi a grave yard, perfectly protected, they wer<) tiring at v. We taw we oould not touch them, aud laid low behind tux bales, anxiously waiting thsir approach But th'-y came not About lour o c'.'. ok in tb? afternoon, V . entered ths town, set Are to a number of houses, *innug which was that of the ex-governor, (a Mexio ,n) and othsis, who had joined ns As ttiey oatne abreiuit cf our barracks, below a high hill, we opened ou them with grap" and nnnister, which drov? th?m from the towB, leaving some eigut or ten of thein dead in kaa streets. Th- tiring ceased and the suu wan' down, leaving ?s the only remains of tbe tight, tb > burning builiicgt, lighting the hravns with aluriii glare la this day's fitht, our loss was one man, Spata. a Uermin, in B oompany. who was on tbe roof of tb? man's barracks with me. and was killed about 11 o'jlock A. M.. bv a riMt? ball That of the enemy we ooull not poai'iveiy ascertain; but from all accounts jad,;e ittohs tighUtn or twenty and maiiy more r?vnrMy wouudrd Ths next morning we saw the enemy'i Sag buisted oa a bill about two miles distant, nnl ihay in large nuuihers gathered around it. Their force, ?? n?*.r as we c uid ascirta'n, was four hundred, all mounted men; ttjoog whom wera sixty Yakea, a trite of Indites belt D-;ing in Sonors; they are nomman Jed by Manuel Hi ueda, a lleut-nant in the Mexican army. ?itn whom are sisootaced a number of b-oken down d*magogu?s frum the other coast, and two or three California's Tbey ne armed with inusketa and rifles, bruug b< fit in Uuy ? mas, and hnve plenty ol ammunition tVe unproved the opportunity of a short oe?setiou to barn a namh. r ef small honaes, which obstructed the rangr of our can non, dug an er.trenofem*nt around tbe sjnare, and were ready for another attack, 1 bey flrad a tew shots at us en the 17th, which wa did not return. For several days we saw nothing mora ot them than the lockout, constantly kept on the hill, and large partial oooaalot ally going up Mid down On the 30th.a pio'laraatloo, sign* i by Pineda, was. found posted iu the town, promising to treat all Americans with consideration, and stating bis determination to conquer ns Watbrawup a breast work around onr main building, a barricade round til t c-Minon. fort n? J ail the root* uoa tiro constantly ?t car pouts In thv me^-itime, we underused tbr tunuj w?r? waitjng for rMurorcatneots, wiilah baying received they g?ye u? anol Ufr attack on th* J7th About noon, ou this iiay, a party o'fnotai?n wartrenn running tnrough t.he ouotuaes. ?n tbedlrro'ion of the old ({aarte I, whiuu is lb* moat protniuerit poiiltoa In the town but which from its dilapidated ooD'lltlon we did not ocou- j ?p, drawing alter lb?in a cannon. They comueoc daflre ol mujaetry, from all aide* of ua at the sen* lamu-nt I Th? bllswer? whliaicg ever otir heads luUmit * mo in to which we wrre a>>t at all aocustotned VV rstgi ned their shots, and bringing the cannon out comuianoad scattering trap* luto lb* old <4 u*rter. This was answered by tbe discharge^ tnair otnnng which proved t* l>? a tour pounder,l< adad with round ah t and siuga, ?ua of taa lormer of wbicb struck In tba walla of our barracks. Th?y gave us but lour t> unda of their ear.m n, whan thay w?r? driven from thalr pneltlnn by one of our rhrlla, which exploded among them 'i hay atill kept up thalr iKUSkatry. however, and wa ? ^n found them all arouud u?. A monotonous tapping of* drum wee kept up, nppar?ntly toantma'a thaia. and tbe reports or tba muskete war? minifl'd with their loud unearthly yelle We k?pt np tba firing, and night coming r>n they came #loa?r in ua, under tba cover of the tanks whiuti aurn und ua At tune*, they ware within fifty yarda of ua. and wa playe I into tha n beautifully with our musketry and a small car noo loaded with luuaket baila, on the ro< f with ma Mhoecm cf long arrowa from tba Indians Ml all aboat u?. and cm of them wounded lu the etieek a m?n named Carnes. la ' K" comoaiy, who w?? on tha root with me About H f> olock.they withdrew.haylcg loat soma aiior eight man. Tbe n?xt morning, a paryt of them an arad (he q'laital, where th*y rai*sd a M'tman fl.g * d which they oommecioid firing After all wing them to waa># an mar Itlon for an hour or two tba <; lonel aent a I arty of *> men under Captain 9. (i Stall cf A" a. ttipauy. who surprised the party, nonaisilng of about tan ui?u, killed a x ol toem, and taktcg thetr (I g. !>r<.u?bt It b??k lu tnumpb to our camp where It was h?ls??d, with union d iwn. urd?r the stripes an I star* of our country Thia rcopprd tha firing from tna tnrmy, ant all wa ba?a since ??an of th?ui, waa Ujtir gathering ?n th? biU tha rexf day. from *hlo*i tha <'<olon*l dislodged th-m. by p?udiD4 soma shall# among them, when thay rtmovnJ no lha other tlda < f our b*rra<-k?, to a plana o*ll?l th? tUoataM. alx>nt. thr?e miles from iia, wnara thay ara now engagnd In tha attempt to cot off anr supplier, and wa ' at* hourly axpceting aootimr attack fr< m rh-ni Id lha maau time a party of a>>ouc ona bund ad mil Afty. uiid*r o >mtnand of Antnuio MeJ-tr??, w?m to s.. I Jcs*l, wnma Lieui. HeywooU, of tba u 8. Marin**. w** ' bsrrack** with twenty man ?u I a . loa pouu l?r On tha IWth of Novamber they laut in a fUgnf iroaa, flaring a aurrrn In whl h ?>< of a?ura? refused 1 b*y raited tliair flag naar by, and awnt o'clock. * M., lonmrneait an attaok wblob w?s anawerei by th? mnrinaa. A tiring was k*pt up durtog fbe .'d the next night a fraud attaok was made lha J?y haeng t>aan epant by lha enemy In firlua a four pound gau At Might about alavan o'ol. ok. a party of forty, un i?r M'Jaraa. eharged In fiont, while a bundr.d, with sealing la,Mar-. ?m plao*d In tba rear A* th,j came upt>. Um froai, Hay wood'? nan opaMd on ih-m, kUUng few ^ i . * fVf t"* r.nVt.V' ."p L J J. ??? v?v? v*m*. of th?m, .iQidog whom wu ia?Jr l?*d?r. and th* br*???l o 111 or ?ng*g?d In th?ir ?xp?d!>loa Th?y?h.iu iitnj lit th? aurtat In tb< n??r. *ud JfO?? tbnrj ort, huta trln< waa knit up during 111* nlrfbt Th? next (Jay two wbaiara ar.rarad tho harbor, aal sent fifty tn?t? on abore Tbe tuaisr taking the reaeala for matt <>f war relraated, and retu.n d to La Paa, arriving bera ? >?y yfe?n uJ t"> th* laat ?tlA<->t upon Ut The Cyan* arrlv<d her? tbe Jay b?f>r? yeterday from M??HI?b, and th? tin. a tti.u *oueh'im;)ton yesterday from Mt Joeaf wt-rra ?'n< b*< tiksn a retiil ueaiuaul ?f tan merit.*-#. Having thi.i ad'lltloa to uur 'ore* wa 'h?li pri bably ?oon o ojin*"ci? ?n i<i(r-wi?? iuoT?m*.,t, and qalat lb- ojun'ry In wnl-h it la atid there ug sow n?*rly c.n?i thuuaiiid in?n uudar aruia Tbia ia m plain and hurrlod atateuientof affair' 11 they have OiieurTad and as tbey aro. U would b* u"J>nt ?c I improper for id* to partiouUrii- ?U b iu>;e, botb md man. ha?e bahu*"d wi'b arreiA o >oli?*a aud bravery, and our gallant oominandtr t>a* galua 1 hln?< If gr?<t credit In the e/e? of th^at who d.d u>t d ail bin worth b' fore. Tha Qi ar? here at praxnt, and who I am (lad bo b? I ablx to rep >rt u$ all well, ar? aa follosra: ? Lt. Col. il. 3. Burton,commaadln^; Capt b G 8leele, 4 Co ; Dr Alexander Perry, Burgeon; Firat Lieut Geo. F Peum?e; U*?onl Meat. C H Yju.i<; F.ret Li?uV t! C , B Co.; 8??oad Lieut Geo. F Lemon; Seoond Lieut E Gould Buffjm B Co i I will writ* y<>u amy opportunity, auj Ut you kuo# I how thiogii go oa. naval istklliqkncrf. The U 4. ibtp Colurabua, fa Hampton Itoada, watta a fevorablu tlJe to oi'roa up The W'ude have prevailed frim the westward ritoa her antral, an* cauaed unu* " itinlly low tide* Tin; lion J W. eomnfiuioner to China. vlelted thelJ 8. rhlp P?ns*yWanU. (Ban ahlp to torn SlOP.t,) Cupt Pace, yesterday noon, when a aalute waa flred, and tbn oth?r hoaors nan il ou such ojoaa)ooa,w*rep?id him. Gen. Handereon, eommandant of Marlaaa, and staff, paa??d through Philadelphia on Tuaaday, on their way to New York. Philadklpuia, March 8, 1843 Brutai Murder?The Concluding Ctremonitt to the Manet of Mr. Adamt. A dreadlul murder took place, last evening, in Gohockaink, in the upper part of the county. A, youiiK man, by the name of Abraham Reed, of quiet, iuoii'oatiive habits, win the victim, and the guilty author n-ua Joseph Dowr, a butcher. Tho parties vvero at a prayer meeting, held in Nip Cohockuiult Methodiat church,and Keed vvaa seated upoa a bench immediately bofore Dover. The Utter, during the services, slretciied out his feet beneath the bench ou whioh the former was sittint;, and he, it is believed unintentionally spit upon Dover's boot. Dover iinmfdlately commenced uttering threata ?t? to what he would do when church w.m over. After leaving the building, Dover made an assault upon Reed, knocking liini down, and inflicting severe injury. Not content with this, Dover followed Reed, aud at last intlic'ed an injury upon the check, it is supposed wuh his kuife, severing the jugular vein, and causing death in a very short time Dovar fled, and is still at large He is re resented as being ol the rowdy class, while the deceased w:ia a gentle and estimable L..I i i... -ii i,.. u? ytiuiJj; iiid.ii, uriu vou i?y an *? ru mu-w mm vraa in the employ of >t stove manufacturer. t The Washington Gray a, Captain JYIcAdaio, pert'irmed the concluding portion of their duly us ilu: guard of honor to trie reimins of Mr. Adama tins morning, y ?acornthe hearse containing th-ni to tlia ile|>ot oi ih^ Trentou railroad, in Kensington, accompanied by a tin* baud of music. On the Lite anil Uhanieu-r ?f tlie late Idtnt Aiiauia. Aa imiaanaft mullltud.' iMa'iuMaJ la tbx ipnllo an Sunday vanicgit wvrk n?o. to hrar tba Rav Mr Ckapia, of Boaton, di*liT?r t?n addrvaa nn tha alyva aut jva*. Tb>? ronm *?< emwdct in *f?ry corner?orohj?tr?. piuuagaa, arid doora?maoy b?iutc un?M? to obtain aduiUtinoa. Mr C. l^ok aa hi? t?at: ' It iow ye not that there la ? i rlaor nwl a ?* 'i?: muti fv!l-n '.nH day In lar??tlA ~ ?r Muring apc'at a of Ul? >? >lrgreea of (rreatotaa tbat. iny otro ou?y r;:la?tYeiy great, aeecrdiDt; to iM* > tenet.) Y of th? zri I., which ta*j appaartd; and that .'v?rj oity, town a d tillage hr.d tbeir grant, iiut* dido, 1 ihat ~\*tj one aad hi? own ld>-a of tha teria greatt..?a?atroe conmdetiug Napoltcn. and raeij of Bin -t* unentitled 'o tli'Hon-raoler; otL'T. that Shaka^ace, ? wtio pottrays t-hsractvr lu.ougli th? out (biding gosaa ru?r, onaine thj uiiud, nnd draws It from u? o?u tboaghts alone e:>'itlwd to the appellation-gr**t mwa And others, that Lumber was to the cbntcte? of * great aiin. i shall no* oonsiier wont is mo-.-ury to *i.natitut* great unu I wsuM remark, lirit, t<uy rnuat have a strong anl indomitable will; tbcv must bu firm and stable as rock* before the *nTe.i cf the aea, they b* men wbo, having conceived a prr j??t, bring ?11 tbe power* of their mind*, and every circumstance, to aid lu iM execution; they shield their design* from othara. No man nan be truly if, *t without these He mast bare n great, a raJghty lBtell?-',t. A strong will might pre i iplt us him lcto ^reat <1 fflsulties if be had i ot a greit mind to govern thst will And not only must he have a iilrntg clear, comprehensive miud. but it uiuttbeweli cultlrated?without this, he n?ver can bo a great nan In the last plaae, a great man muit have high motal prlnolples. Alas, hew few of th"*a whom 'be world term treat, h?T* b-eu really good men ' (low f w, throwing aeide party trammels an J mercenary i motive* act only fur the \ ubllo good! Simple and few are thi dements iu th* oharanter of a grear. man ; we do act often tied ih?m together. Sometime* we find tae s.rot,* will wi'.hoot tb? S"Ua1 judgment ; sometime* re have ins splendid intellect, but tbavant of the Indomitable will, ai d *o ou. But wiitre we find all uniting in *ne, tben Ia* right r- chumpion and t>od a faithful servant When such ? one tall*, well may tlin people mi uru nod a whole country cry?* Know ye not that there in a prince and a great man fallen thin day ia Israel?" All these constituents of greatness were exI' blted, to a r> markabl? extent, in John Quinsy Adams. Ills wis che indomitable wiil?the great, well cultivated iitelleot?end the high moral principle. His strong nill uinae him aot so that to seme it might appear ecoen1 trlcitv Hi* m irvelloua iutalL ot aL 1 Lis great experience produced fruit worthy of a great man One oi tbe tie* wbtob bjaiid this a^e with tba iran?aciions of the revoI ) ho has bean severed A beautiful promontory strelehiegout into the sea of p**; tirai*. hue bean destroyed. . be sou ot one of the patriarch* of tb* revolution, ihn i-lend ?f Washington, is mm; re. fies*w hisfathsr iin the treaty which mad* ua a nation, aud h* lirad to see aether to r**tor* peaoo coinmenc-d " Tbank CJod, t ie seal 1* broken,''were amon^ his last word* Whan impartial poatarny Foau ppvaa 01 sin, winy win award Mm the paint of a great man. He wa? a tried and enduricg fttiuii llu po*?es*?d that coroprt<h?n?ive lot* U couu rl ?hioh thought more of U? good than it* i ggraudjcemnnt Mi *-c ll?noe* remaHnd with Mm lilt <i atb, and at hi* auuuclomed peat d'd that tyrant tind hiin Wall may we exolfclm: " Know ye not ibat a I ptiuce and a gnat man bM fallen this day in lira*)?" V gmtuin must bar* ? grant theatre on whlob ha ia?y aot, and no on? h?? had a k>tt? than Mr Aunma i.i? iif? 1? inUma'fly noaueoUd with all tha | gr??t event* in eur hlatory. H tw great bin experience | unglng oT?r three quarter* of n. ceutury! What , change* did Le witneM' lie bad seen many I cuntriea and many great m?n. Ha wa* ac^uaint> i with Krauklin Jetferacn and Wa?hingtoii. In LI* d*y lived Put, Kox. aid t number of tha moat mia?nt of Ore*' Britain. What thing'* ia hi* own Inn*! Krom the gerin which was just sprontiog lms sprui>g a great and ?n Intelligent peopleHa ?ia truly a rnnn of peace and *<1ti oat-d th>* with all h a might How striHicg'ha crcumaUn j-a ol hi* death ! ?.ii parttea sinkiug ihi-ir j|(l>rencaa and mingling tbalr . <ar* at hi* dissolution.' What ? sCriklug i -iob to tha ' q lfti?ii' Tber* ia no comfort like Ujmg In the Christian faith. taoU may imitate Mr A'Uma la hi* una re. jud. tuough we may never e*p*?t to be what. he wit, yet we are asru'ed of thl**uh iaie truth, that H la uot iiii fpnere, but th? m'.ouar in wUloti we * ? on; ^art, for whish w? are to baoalied to n*couat. BcAirrirui. i'nksknt to m* Clay.?We werx liown, on Monday, .< truly b?*auti:ul and appropriate (1ft, dpnt^ti'ii t? be yr?a?ot?d. by tha C'lty i ftunivla. torb* Hun riaury < lay, npou hi* return !ro-i New York I: it a bell e?*t fiotn .bi flln <? of th? lr>4* P udaiinn li>- II. and rery t*ai< Ially Mid highly i I [m>n tb? handle la ?iilftr plate, iimho; tfca imiarlp tion? " Cut from the flllcg* of lodfpfndaMe 8?11 " whilo upou oua aide rf tha b? 1 Itnal., a a the worn " PUKIKIf TkD By tha City Coa>icila of tb? City ?( PHILADELPHIA." \nd on the raterae. th? word" " HON HKNRV CLAV, March 4 1849" The b?ll i? about three taohea io dl%met*r at tha mouth, and from the mouth to tba *od oi tli i anlie. > Men In. h<? The bandla la cf r? ? W00.?, <ud 'hi t?*C?ti7liy flnicb-i It is * b??otiful ?n.l >p.nprlaU prf??nt n1 will b? bigMjr by Mr. Ciij. A K>ttt*>r ?m w(ldr*x >J hun jmuti%y r*qu?*rtn him to fli ? tlm# for lt? pr#??nl?ti"0. whirh will ba ioi di*t?lj upon hi* rfturu from Now York. ? ho will chon rrjnvin In th? city bu t?abort k.inj ?fhtl tUtlpKiu fn q<nrtr, jmurca a _____________ F *sr Fi.4*h krom T?fxr(fci?HKK?Thul or a Ntw Systmm ?Th- O'Reilly ttlr-gniph liu* t trough Santa ky and r*Ln.-?ia? ii now *h<>. uc^ ihI n'litiiiDg oo tb? Ni* Od'Ui III* tbta f?r ina'h Thi? ity I n )-la full o?o. aciloo wilhlho Mi^r ihloworld Mr O'Roiby ?ud hli amoaiatr* In Ilia N?? Orltaoo lino nr,i lnoorp>;r?t*<i uud*r iu* iMoiltKriU I tw , f K-utucHv l bs is prri(r<min2 ritjf'ly "? vi?mpblf t J S*w Urlmti I bo KiMucky Uw stylaa It th< Ck pli'i i icgr?pb Uno onl *xyr?a? y firbi'a ?ujr <?i up ty orjt;c( '^anr raloi lb?n ia oh*rt(?d by ?.? O R-'Uj (olograph i ut woritlu^ of the lino fr m L nio?ill? to N??b>n'o la uudoronoof th* u?w ryat?oi>, ?:ilcb Mr O'IibIII; b>? "curt l tfe* right to us?, r.nj it ?o ka adaittoiy It ?ji iuvanta.1 by Met*r? Zc"\und b i na, obirt (?! grapbtra at Clncinuatt Mr Zjck ??? formerly tbo auj.lnt?u'lont of th?i New Yw k ia . \V ? hln*'in!io? t ?n?y be added thai thr charge fur ti 1- ?r.i^tii*n r i tVn O K iliy l|o?*. mil not afarage mow th ?n <-? h-lf the r?t"? i h?rg?<1 *n the Buetoe .Vow Vrrk.i ul WmIitaftpa lUw?. - A r*U. Al?rcA I, i _ a

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