Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 11, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 11, 1848 Page 1
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t V rm "i i' I 1 11 .? .*?/?! ?Q &0J0, MoTemeiiti of Mr. tiHy_?'l'l?c K?c?plton at the City Hall, dw. tk- ..* m. pi.. idv mmmpi nf a mm? *U1 lUTBUirUlf VI Ml V/HJ jroiv.1 U?J W.w ? ? laborious ehs'sc'er a knowledge of what he had 'o perform, be did Q( i leara bis conch until nearly eight o'clock At nine o'clook he :?ni.ounced himself | leedy for breakfast, which btir>g or?r; he retired to hi* p .T* e parlor for the purpose of reo>i?ing those who mifht tall u-en bias prior to tb* reception at the City Hall. A' h-if pust uin* o'clock, % aemmittee of one hundred gaotli mm from Newark ealled upou him. and tendered to him ihe Uo?plt*li'y of their ci'y, which Mr Clay partially acoepted, being on the inmei'.at* rout* bomewird. He ?ai alto waited upon by committee from Brooklyn, ttTODgly preying him to f'slt th?ir city; but Mr. CUy said ic imyo-sibie for him to do so, In cqb*<* fuaM of hi* bu?in?w arrangements at home, from wh.oh he had been abnat about two months THIt RCCXPriON AT CITY HA.LT.. At half pi?t ton o'clock, Hi* Honor the Mayor annnunoed to Mr. CUy that the tia*? wa* fully corte whet they should prooeM to the City Hell; ta which Mr. C. replied, ' I am ready." Mr. Clay, with the Mayor, and Alderman Lawrenoe, thantoek taa'eln a oarrlsge which w."3 waiting at the door, and started for the reception room. At u quarter before eleven o'clock, Mr. Clay aoeompaailed by the ermralttee of the Common Council, appeared In th* veitibale of the hall, when a deafening about rent th* air, and three chi;?rs were given for arry Clay. Haying with great rtlflnulty reached the Governor's room, through a crowd of some twenty thousand p*r soof, Mr. Clay said he was r*ady to see bis friends The door w*s thrown op>,n. and though guarded by serial membi-rs of the polise. the orowd rushed for th<roniBj, and tbr?<- mare hi-arry cheers were given. ?jMr. Clay tben drew him*<-lr up to his full height, an<1 I a*M 4 C?nMain*v, vnn miiar. allnw m? to nVlulfat TOUT hacda. aud D(>t yoa mine, for my irm in very aore. aod II absken too mueb, I sti~ll b? obliged to withdraw The crowd continued to from without. when i? of confuskn nod diaorder appeared at the door A man bent wi h age, *?? so prn?s*d iu tbn crowd, tbat be fainted. while the cry was constantly ricglng " don't scroug?. you'll break nj arin," - O Lord, I'm dead.' at d what the drTil are you about?''- the button! fly it g Off of a goodly lot of whieh were foon i aft?r th? crowd bad diaperfed A hulfh >ur i'.fcvieg e|ap??d, Mr > Icy s*M he xbould like to atop u f?w noBrDtt and take a pinch of snuff; and a* soon ?s pn*?lbl? tbe doer was closed. Hi* a?rvan'. tuns John.ibnn handed, vir < lay u paper of genuina Ash1-uJ svuff, gro<rn r.ud iu -nufaetured on hi* owu faim uf .LT taking which, he said. " now Mr. Mayor, let then, oorai on?oorao on Micduff " The d>cr ?*.a teiln thrown open,and again tbe maa<< of hemps pr?M?d onward A eturdy raau caught bold *f Mr CUy's baud, ?cd gave ita kard'i|aes4, when b? cr?it out with pain Aldermen Smith and Croiius then }l*oad themselves betide Mr. Clay, and called aloud for those who were coming Up. to let Mr. C abake their baud*, wbieh lor a tune had the desired effect; but soou anotb-r earns along, who :n hia enthuaiasm, entirely f>r uot the r? quest, but a dement before umde. atd grasping hi* baud, gave It a rin! -nt shake, which garo Mr so muoa paiu that lie had to atop until hia arm was a gait oasy. Ki-Maror Talmadge, of Brooklyn, fjreed Ms way throughth* crewd nud congratulated Mr Clav upon bin be tltbacd One spirit*. He was followed by the Hon John Hod and daiigtlt r. Tiieyoung lady aaavary handsome, and seetred considerably to atiraot tbe attmtioa cf Mr. C . though there w*a no kiasiug carriej on, except by iom little children. who were presented to him ? Christopher Morgau. E?q . Secretary of State, appeared ana congratulated him ; immediately after which, n knight or the aheara took hold of hia hand und gave it k or- sb -ke. S4r Ciay exclaimed "Gentlemen, [ shall b^T" in atop, If jeu persist in thus shaking my hand; it ia juat like I was in Ml ouoo,' aud you were toe dogs" (CJrtal laH.thlae anH ? h ?*aaa fkasirM \ long Mid cngtinued cheering was th?n gir?n Id the TnMMM ??4 hulls of the buiidlni>s. which were *to orrmii-rt rim i>. t suffocation with thop? who w?r<pruaioc oa to shake hat d? with Mr Clay. A m?D, i(itl tn bj -n ?ollT( politician, of the oppofite f"j i? nr. t nk Ma bf to* tuuui. end Mid. iVlr Cl?y, 1 am huppy to it* tun man wli> r*lit>v*d the din inn ?f ih- hungry." The crowd coraicued to preson until tee room was so oompleteiv filled, th*t It weialmoei impofsiole to aott, and the chief of police direct ed thn d*i-r to be (hat, that he mUhc olcur the room After a long uo?, the roa>a war cleared, and Mr Clay oalled f.r a p ncta or snuff b f >re (bed or shouli b? opentd At ibis i M- a litllt bey stepped an, and IntrotiUJ'd htmsetf to . if ' us Henry Clay K?nny Mr. Cl?jr Uii fcii aaad upon his h>-nd, and bi-fSr-J him; wbrn th-< 'iU1* fellow locked up m bis lace, and a 10 " Wriuon?e w?Ioeaie, Mr Clsy, friend of pe*ee." Th> old taan umiud inpoa tLo bo/, and a thrill or pHesure seemd to animate him a? the little lellow coaoiu leu his s>ntcbce i'he djr.T was egtln opened, and the erowd b?gan to 4BOTe A lar?? m <a wan tlrst to step up. who txoUim?d. "Mr City, here's an Irishman who has com* to ehake the haod 01 the man who ii toe hment to forsake hi? prino'plen for the Presidency." Mr Clay bowed, and thanked him for the compliment, aud ths sun tf Krin passed on. r.'A b-aotiful bouquet ef rare a*d choice flowers w?,? pre-ented to Mr Ulaj, to which wan attaohed a nr-te wit* the reipects ef the giver. The bouquet wm from the garden of Mr. T J Weyne, at Rock'ill*. and wan pr?;rar?d for Mr Cley by the hands of Mis Wsyne It w?? one of the moat beautiful and fragrant ever put up, and oo reoeiribg it Mr Clay bowed low, and "thank you. tbatk 70a for thta beenufal pre**nt " El-Sheriff Acker approached Mr. Clay, ?n<l on being Introduce), .Mr. ( In drew back. laying "what! lathband* of the aberill I" to whioh Mr A replied, ' out ot oflM Dow " wben Mr. C. good huuiurtJly took hi* 1m ad. The M?for announced that the time appointed for him to rem tin had already peucd a qaarter ot an hour, and there w?re jet 10 usan j that he would have to iliow hlmielf upon tbe Mplaoadp, in front of the Hail which would da J??t an well ae a ubiieof the band. Alter considerable consultation. notice was giv?u to thoae who v>re waiting for adralMlon, that Mr tluy wou'd appear in tbaaourtenf a few m on tha plan* above men tioaed A gemral ru.?h wan then mala to In time t" m nim. 'I thioi* being ready. Mr. Clay walkod oat. and a* oon a* be waa Tielble to thc*a itand'.ng btlow. three to aileron* nhrttre bnr?t ?pon tbe air 'iiUnoa! eilenet!" then, rolled I'rom ever; tongue, to bear what waa to be taivl by Mr. Clay Silence being restored, Mr. Clay took off his bat, wb?* a thousand toIc-* ruDg ont. " put 011 your bat pat on your hat. you'd take orld ." Mr C th?n pat on bis bat. ai>d **id : " I name bete to-day to abak* banda with ail of yea, and for three hour* bare barn ebaaing and am not yet half dona; indeed. I may aay. I have b??n at It ever *moe I arrived amoagxt yon luteal rf working twelve hourp in a day, I have work ad almoit twent j-tonr I have come out to make a bow to yon, to throw myself upon job and to nay to you, If I hare given to all in tha houe* my band. I give to yon my heart " Kits ihaunanl vole** than rent tha air, whioh tu long onnttna*d. From an a*tira?t* there were upward! i>f tbiriuen thousand who eaook hinds Mr Ciay, besidae aoma flee or six theusand to whom he poie from the Eiplanade Mr Clay *ai oondueted dowu a mere prlTata atalrway, and nsbarad into tha tea-room of 'be Common Couuoil, wh-n a lunch waa provided; after partaking of *htab, be was o..umct. d p irately to the carriage, that tbe crowd wight not press upon htoi. at I prnoee,l td an. mopanied by tbe Mayor and Alderman 1-awrenoe, to the hoa?e nf f x Alleruiaa B-tmon, No 5fi VV.rrer Street, wber? be spent an ht.ur Leaving the house cf A i'eriaen B>> .sou. he so'i^tn hi* bofcrl. and threw bim>'lf upon hi* eonah to give rrposa to hla w-nrifd limb* At tlx o;"lo?k Mr C'?r started for the home of Henry Otinnwii, E<q , No *7 U >ud street, where he had anr?ptrd aa iavitatio-l to dine lie a^atn sough' hi* lodg iDgi at half-past teu o'oiaok, anil rrfasin>< to ?ee mure oimpauy. r-1 r< d mnvfmevr* (if to-?at a l> tomorrow I At aluvau o clo-k to-d?y Mr Clay wi:l l>? at ilia OoTaraor'" room lor lh? putp"M of ran*,*!** a*lla from tha l?dia*; af?ar which na will *i*lt H-rl.ui and he H'gh Brlrt*a To morrow morning ha will attend diviaa <-rvlaa ?l'ti hi* honor 'h? Mayor, at St. lUuholomtw'a Church, iu Lafayetta PUea. iSillct lnl?lliif*iiM. Okarf Oi? ?!!**' A. Wa notlo?d. the other day, Mia arr??t t l S?mnal i Carman, on a nbar^a of dffraudiof; ft aoun rvintu. by the ntmaof S-nn'i*l Lee, in coonco tlon with i?n uoknoiru mm. out ot a lot of dead bona t.f >66. 'l'ha oa*?. wa* h?ard yeetarday, hafore Jnniicia Oiborna ; and the charge agalnat Mr (barman <ii??harffrd, ha harin^ cl?nriy ?li"*n, to tha aatlfHaotlou nf tha ina*l*:raie, that ha paid tbl* uuknown nan for tha boga ; and tba fr*ud reate again*'. thi* unknown Individual alone, ha having purohaaed lha hog* froai Mr. L*e, and a?ld them again to Mr Carman, receiving tba mon?y Ibrrafor, tbtia chanting Mr Lea out of hi* property ? trit ftk-,4 ? At tl>a watoh return*. y?*terday raormlog, one oftha pollcera?n of th? 6 h wtrd brou^ijt before | Ju*M?a Drinker a remarkable fine aliad, wi-lghiug about 1M pound* At tha inauMnn of tlii* dullotou* tt'h, tha ?>gl?tfKia pn*h?>d up bin ?DeMaola* in ordar to behold tba tM'y comir, whan, to bia aaton'ahinent, a tall yellow # >w ?n ?n* >h i*i up who oillad h?rialt Sally rthad. Mrtiirun. ? \v all, officer, whora did you ?pread yonr na' to o>.toh ?o large a ehaii ? Orric** ?I found har, lodged >atlng arouad In Cow? bay: ?ha waa p. ?t'y w?ll In lor It, *o I brcugh bar In. MaSitT'ATB Yea, I tuppota nhawa) half *aaa over, or ?ha woull not hare *w.?in In your nat. Xally fthad, whara do yoo ll?a? l* I livi-a up town, ludga, and only eon* down to aaa afriand. ?ba<i tha VI P Maud main. All I took waa ?.kr?>a hot toldlaa, whlan mada my head aaltn all aronud I doaaat'i ??nerally dilak >Uainmri WVII I'll lat yau go thin tlraa, if yen pi-omia* to kaap up town and roc I .at about Cow Bay, for If you ara caught again la theaa watari, you will c?itatoly ba aaltad down for lit motilha on Blaakwell'a laland. Tbara, you ean go , h* Thank yonr banor, and never ahall yon oatoh Bia down oara again. And off aba atartad out of tha wflaa, oMiab flmit wttb bat looky aaaapa. I 1A UJJl .'J!I llLJJ J LL. LJJJ 'iili'iUUiUL U . 1 1. JSUgBW a iSE " NJE Theatrical and BlualeaJ. Paik Thkatbb -Th? box?a of tbii thMtx* w?re quite fall, last erenin/, to witness ths performance of the csle brated dantutse Mile Blangy The Brat place tH the 'Whit# Horse of tbs Pipptri " th* obaraoters of which were ably sustained by ths stock company Mr Brougham M G-rald Pepper. perf< rmed tbe part very reapeotably. Rod Bun, as Hans Mnns'eidt, the Girnu, *H a capital personation. Nut earn* tha beautiful ballot of 'Olaelle, or tha Willlai." It Is a wild, romantlo piece, and la founded on en old German Wand, whioh daaerlbai tba acaonoD the banka of tba Rhine. Tba soenery ao<l rtb*?r stage property were nieirnifiesot,?lvlng 'o tba bsllat a beautiful and imposing tlf ot. Mile Blangy, aa Giselle, a peasan' eirl transformed Into a fairy, gave to the character all that graceful carriage, elegance of sty la, and oimbleness of font eould do. in representing the beautiful. sltnoie, artless paaaant girl, and tha fasoiaatlng, eharrulng Willi*. In tba first act, where aha discover* hat mistake, In supposing that ber lover. Priuoa Albracbt, was a peasant, tba agooy of disappointment war ho naturally and truthfully portrayed, in aotlon and gesture that tba aadienoe eonld not resist the burst of applause whiob followed In the second act, where she assumes the guise of a fairy, nothing oould equal her agility. <rao* and faseiiiatlng aspect She seemed,as It ware t<> flout upon the air, and there waa a llgbtnaas in each bound whiob seewd superhuman. Mr Bouxary rave evlders* of great refinement lu the beautiful aesouipt'.shroeiit of daiolog. and Vilss Vi.llee, as Queen of tba Fairies, wns excellent. In flue, the ballet was full and eff?? ttve, tbe roenery and oosrumes beautiful, and all passed (IT with the greatest fstat. At the Ml of the ourtain. tbe bouse rang with vehement obeera, tor tbe anoouiI-lbh I <iit>i.tu??e. who ontne forward and received stneg testimony of her undoubted ability Tbeoonoluiing piece was tha burlesque called 'Metatuom," in which Brougham gave the most striking imitation of tbe great tragedian, Forrest. It is a very amusing piece. From the impression left, last night, ws argue favorably tor the Park management. Bon car Thcatbb.? Last evening, the great ant soulstirring tragedy of " Macbeth," splendidly got upln alt its stage appointments, ??i periormea in use moe? auic manner at ttili theatre, before a largo and fashlonablo audience. The part of Macbeth wa? personated by Mr, W. Marshall, who. In bis aotiug last night in this character. not only cutdid hini'elf, but fell llttla short of the bast tragedians living. Throughout the wbole p eon ha was great In this charaoterj and wi can now only point out the scene previous to his murdering the king, whsu he fanoies he sees a dagger iu the air, and stru< gWs with his conscience against the deed, as being >\ most thrilling performance Mr C. W Clarke also did ampin juitice to the part of Macduff, and his exprassiotof grl?f and despair on learning the murder of his wife and children, was ? nrb'e and most moving pleas of ao:iug Mrs ./ord-.n was excellent a* Lady Macbeth. and Mr J. H liaH, a* Barque, wa- very fine At the fall of the ourtain. Mr Marhafl was enthusiastically called out; and when be appeared, he handsomely expressed his aekno*ledgment?, and retired amidst loud appiauas Macduff. Mr. W. Clarke, was afterwards loudly oalled f'<r, but did not appear " Macbeth" was succeeded bj the popular drama of ' Robert Macaire," and th* comedy of the " Lady and the Devil," in whtrh the flue company now engaged at thii theatre, did ample justice to ih>-ir respective parts This evening, h splendid Satur day night's entertainment is offered consisting of m tragedy, a comedy, and a drtmt. each of the first order; Mr. Marshall appearing as Rolla in '^Piaerro," and Mr Clarke as Dou Csas&r de Bazin in the popular drama of that name Chatham Thkatrt.?We have seldom seen the Chat ham so crowded to exeei*, In every available place of accommodation, as on last evening. The great attrac tlons advertised in the bills ot the day, oeuld not hav<> resulted otherwise, as the naues of Messrs A. A A-Idams and Booth, both "stall" upon the boards, ludo pendent of the excellent stock compar y. were suftislen; In themselves to draw a jam house The tragedy of ' P ?*rro" w?s the first piece performed in whioh Mr Addams plajrd the part of Holla with his wonted aMlity and sncce?s In the closing seene, his acting *H particularly effectlv* and powerful. The resoue of th? boy. (Miss K D?nin) Ir m Pizirro. ( Mr HielrJ) was per formed with much cleverness, and the d?ath scene wan extremely natural, and was sustained with infinite en ergy and success The part of Elvlr?, by Mrs. Wilkinson. was admirably psiionated; she was frequently applauded by the in the conrss of the perforMM P ??rro. by Mr. Ilield, m-.y be coasidited h-1 forte, as w* hare u?vrr s*en him to better effsot than on \;\it reenli.,;, it this character **Im H.Ki feth as Corn, also acquiit-d herself most creditably Hbd the piece went elf with entire ruccsss. At th'< fall of the curtain Mr Addsrns w?s called fur. but after a long and unsuccessful effort, Mr Hirid c*ms (orw?rd and spiHgis 1 fjr hli In-bility to* appear, in consequence of exhaustion occtsioned by h> exertions during vhe performance. Th- " Iron Chest" sui'ceuded. iu which Mr Bo >tb appeared in his oelebru- . ted character of S r Edward Mortimer. We have frequently rren Mr B in this part, and were gratified to ysicelve that iu his able personation last evening, it lo<-? u neoitbat fire and energy which be is so capable of investing it with His style of perf rmaoce wss eminently worthy of some of his brighter hours uoon the board*, au'l his appaarauoe here w?s hailed with a d'gree i f enlhuriarm. by his numerous friends, that was wtll df- I served and in good ta*ta Mrs Wilkinson took the pai t of H-len. and Adam Wlnterton by Mr. Cunningham (.hi- j first appearaoo*) was an excell"nt peritOuati'<n. i'fce j bill for thin evening will be fonnd highly attractive. Ciact's. Bowrar Amthitiibathe ?Tha amusements < her* are vary pleasing, and duiiog the wsek the hou?? has baen wall attended Tha oompany attached 'o th* i hou'e ara well qualified performers, and tha whole circus Is srell organiii-d itud mausged. The Holland family, in , the.r acrobatic exercises, ara very popular, and raally ! are w?U worth seeing To-day tbe utual afternoon exhibition it given at J P. M , and also the reguUr evening I o^a at 7 T M We know cf no more amusing way ot j treating th? little folk* thau to t?k? th?m on Saturday | afternoon to the clreua to eee the horses and th?lrrldere Matter Merrlawu. the ciowu, and al' the bright an l i brilliant thing* whleh the aye of obtldhoo-i aees In tbe 1 performances at tba airoua This day. by the bye, lath laitoneof the engagement of W. H Kemp, the grea* down. CweiiTT's MitiTKKi.i ?TUeaa philosophers hare oer tainly f?nod tV atone which the wise "en of old u*>ri to neek f?r, a< they ar? making a* much cold as they wl?h, or at leaet, atnuob ax they oan, every evening. a * thulr room In Oiled nightly Tb?y are a raoul genta>l and nnexw?ptlonabl* set of negroea ; that la to say, for while men, though they do carry oat tha negro obarac tar so admirably that we hav? oft heard doubt* expressed aa to w.ether they were white; bat we can as ure all oeptias, that they *r. geunlae white folk*; they thetiaeirea, In fact, prove this ftct In "bl?ck and white,' every day of thalr Uvea They give an extra perform auce this afteraooo*ncing at 3 P.M. and the usual evening one at 8 P M They rommenoa their twenty fourth week at Mechanics' Hall, oo Mondxy evening and hereafter will sing thore every avening of tha week SiBi.r. BaoTHia*. ? Tha attendant* on the oonoerts ot theje very latetratlog singers ii quite numerous ever) avanir.g They aia a lively family, and remind u* a' S im Weller's aoeonntof how ha became a wag : He said that bl* brother waa one, and aa ha slept with him hv caught. the oomplalnt from him. If thi? la an authentic wav fnr 1 eooming wsggtsh, we should (ay there must have beea a large bad full in tblsfamlly, aa th?y are certaitriy all thorough wage and not only that, but thorough vooallsta and mumolans ta boot. They give tw < performances to-day, via.? at 3 and 8 P. M. Banvaan's fiao*?ai or tki Mistisstrrt. ?The mighty river will b?oom? aa familiar to our oltiaena aa tha bay of New York; and banoeforth people oan acquire an ucquattionabla reputation aa travatlers, without xolng iff the pavements ot old Uo'ham, aa a visit to Banvard'a Klgantlo panorama will a labia them to talk as learnedly and advisedly r.f fontb'weeUrn a-euery as the great??t traveller la the world. The exhibition room we are glad to learn, la orowded every eyeni. g i'o-day It la open a'. 3, and alao at "X P. M. Palma'i Opmha Hoi?a?.?T? n <bt la the l??t n'ght o' the xMtiitioua -thii tioufe. We dart say it wtil ba orowdad. Broadway Outni.-(ireely It Joaaa ara exhiblHns mhem.nx ihere tbli evepinr. Thu kind of ?xbl but.>n eerm* to be well pttroo i d CoiarKT Raov.?TbUrii had qaite a onmaroui #o? pan* Mig"*'1. b?ra id K*riog emlbitlona cf itataary l 'c ir>-p Sci Mod?l Artiata, it are yary prevalent to thia coin inanity FORRtON THKA'ritICAt,S. Mm Mowatt and Mr. DaTrapnri ara meeting with grrat ?uoie*? Tha 7,<ert;>?e/ jilb ion, la epeakirg of th w. iaya:?"Mr* Mawart uud Mr D?v*Dport> en Kacment at the PrlnceM'ii theatre hai pro*, d a judicious one for the management, and hat enhflrmed th" faror*tole linpreaMon made by ibaaa treoaatl iuUe artlita n thalr ii'*iU On Wednesday 'Tba S;rang?r.' and 'Paint Heart rarer won Keir Lady.' war* performed to a crowded houee, for the bw.eflt or Mr*. Mowatt At the eortcluaitn of each play tb' y were railed before thr ourtaiu. and greeted with a obower of bjuquata. ami.; the loud chaeraof the andlinoo /sftrr Mra Mowatt had retired, Mr Davenport addraaaad the audieno* la a hrlet and pertinent ?paa< h wbioh *u ree> i?ed with tumu'.tu ous applauaa W? art iutl'btad to a friend for tha following sh^rt no con at uih? aubatanoa ot Mr. D.'? -'[..adiea and Oentlemen - Mr* Mowatt d*aira? ma to *ay. that aha ahom.i feel amenable to tb* cbarga of Ingrai Itaila did alie eu(T*-r till*. your i^onnd kind and nearly rummnna tfii* pf-ninn to ba responded to lu thu Unit acknowledgment of a mere eurt??y In bar diidii, Ihttrfori. I ha* to return aluoera and graraful thank* for tha many takana of yonr approbation dart <f h-r engagern*ot, and eapeaiaily thuaa of to-nlgbt. Mb* teeI* that aba h*d no right to look for heart* aa warm and baada aa Uvlrb of xppiauao a* tho?e ah* left behind her In bar own land; but phe a?ar?? you tbat It ahull ba h-r deavorio win tnat right by mlng her beat effort* to daaer?e It (appl ?u?a); and If a atronj daalra to toehold thf drama fulfilling tha aaered use* for which It waa deeded oan gl?a har a claim to vour regard *ha tru?t/ iha linearity of the ?i*b iihi atona for oibar Inparfeetlona ( ^piiiaiiati ) For uija-lf alao I beg to raturu my grat< fui aokunwlvd^M -til* for tha favorable manner la wbioh you have b-au |>iea?ed to raa.-lre my bumbla esarttona Vour klndooaa embolden* ma to hop* that, at aoaia futura tima, wa may marlt a wnllouillot of your ?oo<litaea 1 (Loud and continued apvUoaa and sbaar* ) > Tha *ea*on of tha Royal Italian Opara, Cotant Oar dan, I* to eommanca on tha 7th of thU month, and will ona'at of forty-ats night*. terminating on Saturday, tlie lith of Anguat. Tha principal tooai parformara an Mi? mprant, Mw4in Urtal, r?nUa?, Quote or?' "i:t VV \ O :w YORK, SATURDAY I VUrdot, Koncont, *od CmUH?d. MaflcmotaeUaa nonl, Coib*ri, ?nd ?.>U ; contralto. Mil* Alboni; tmors SlgoorM M?rlo, 8*1*1. Ri*?r, and Luigi Mel; bariron. i ioa koitu, T?mburloi Ronconl Mtrlni. Corr?di 8?>:tl, and Rover*. heaider aeTeral oihfr unron of Iomat note SIsBor Coat* ia dtraotor of tb? mu?io and conductor of the orchestra The i*uon will commence With RoeeiniV Taacreiil " A letter from fttookboira oonveya intelligence froir Jenny Llnd. whoa* health and ?plrlt.a appear to be rendered uior* buoyant than <*v?r br the headlong enthutl turn of hei countrymen. but who appe.ra to look forward to her approaching meeting with her Engliah admlrara with undlmlnlahed pleasure Voilwellar not* of th? moat eat-?med mut>icaloa io Germany. baa Juat died. at the a?? of 77. Ll?l? who la at present at Vi^nni*. ia expected la Pane bj the end 'f the month. Madlle. C?thlnka Hein potter it la London Mia* Helen Faucit ia at Edinburgh, performing to mccllent bouaea. There ia a report In simulation that Mr Sploarlaln treaty with Mr. Middox for tba Prlocea* theatre, for the purpnae of bringing out Mr Brooke at the expira* tiOJJ of hia preaent eDgag?u?"Ht at the Olympic "The Wreoker'a Daughter," by 8b?.idau Kaowtea, will abortly be rerived at the Marylebon* Mr Maoroady haa been performing at Manchester Tbalb'irg ia at preaeut in Madrid Jolio UeeTn baa aoo?pteJ a abort engeffnmer.t at the Plyn-.outU theatre, where b* haa api?>ir?4 'u aeYersl of tla ftrourite character* Mr S*guin haa been appointed scoretary to the Royal Italian Opera. Mr. Krank Matthewa. during the reading of? new piece, was taken auddenly ill, and obliged to be sent home Ha baa alnoa reowered. The Miaaea Cuabman bave barn erg wed atthe Surrey theatre Mr. Junes W*llaok waa anaut, to appear M the same piaoe. Mr. Tampleton haa bean giving oonoertaat Worowtar. M. Soribe, tba draaaa'iet, has been nominated a commander of the Legion of Honor. Franklin Hons*. ) Friday mormnp, March 10. J Tht Italian Opera in Philadelphia. Now flouriaheth the Opera in the ancient and shad-bellied home of the Quakers?now moustaches are in the dominant, and greetings coine off in the street with a cadenza di bravura. Now Biscaccianti,like the pensive nightingale in lov<\ eingeth her " wood-notes wild" to crowds of sentimental listeners ; and Truffi, like an antique statue stepped down from its pedestal and set <>n fire with passion, Kw>>ps the chords of the heart with rapt inusic Now Benedetti enchains us with his silver ape I, and Avignone compels our admiration of his classic style and purity. Thus far, the spiritual and poetical Bisenccianu is the decided favorite. H r voice is bo clear and fresh, so cool and sparkling in tne u 11fathomab!e depths of ile liquid melody, that she is as grateful as a draught of water from a deep well in summer. Her eyes are so large, and dark, and languishing, gleaming like t via stars over the heaven ol tier song?in short, to dip into the. common pUoe Mrur oi, nf iikitiM, she is almost a perfect artist, with an intense, rather than Ivaulilul face, and a voice that lias never been rivalled in this country for parity nod sweetness. She has nijde an immense hit; and, on Wednesday evening, when Trutfi w.ts "doing lier possible" in * Lucrezia," the eyes of half the audience were directed, behind their ojiera glasses, to the box of the fashiousble Mrs. Ru-h, where sat the pretty Biscacciitnti, sandwiched between the venerable medico and the dashing Miss W j. Truffi is, ?f couraf*, a gre?it crenture, &ud appears lute.itly absorbed 11 her art; but the lacks the vivacity and congeniality of Biscaccianti?although heaven mi >ws one could scarcely expect anything hut turbidity and hardness m the horrible Lucr? zia. She is a magnificent nctress, and her bus', and Bhoulders?as far as I can see?are a splendid copy lrorn Titiau She v*as vociferously applauded. To-morrow night we are to have a grand concert by the company ; und m xi week we shill street Beiteventsno, frufii ai;d Btnedn'i ip -Kr naiii." Tiie compiny is doing a very fair business' indeed, aud tne old Chesnui stteei lias latrly put on its youth once more. In a word, 1 h ive written you this?jnd it comes from one yon know?simply to sssure the publics ol New York und Boston, through the Herald, (which is tne only reliable or^an ol public op.iiion, respecting the progress of the fine arts in ihis country,) tuat the Opera in Philadelphia hns be?-n 'entirely successful, and that wi have noue of the ridiculous ciiqueism and coutisti aristocracy that has broken up tbe Opera 11. New York, und made Boston a laughing-stock We know how to be iu love wuu Biscaccianti without hating Truffi, and to appreciate the grand and sublime Truffi without trampliug upon biscaccianti. Wc* wesr while, or yellow, oi black, or no, kids, and use alt sorts of color d ! opeia-glasses, just as humor or convenience takes us; we go in the second tier when tin lirst is lull, and find ui each ihe s*me class o. elegauce, beauty and appreciation We love a I ; tne itaiiuns, aiiu we especially numiro i:ie atI raid So, toviva Philadelphia. Tan Quaker. ' Murderer* at large?An ests on Suipiciom, Sec. Philadelphia, March 10, 1348. There is, a* yet, no trace ot the murderer of youug Reed, and it is now very doubtful whether he will ever lie detected. The old nd*ge, that " murder will ouf," set *is to be contradicted by the ftilure of the efforts made 111 ihis vicinity to bring to justice the authors ol a majority of the homicides that h tve occurred daring the oast year in this vicinity. Two awful muiJera have in th?it time taken place in C imden county, and the guilty perpetrators have escaped to far, though large rewards have been oflVred for tneii cipture. A youn;,' man by the nime ol Lewi?. Holm?8 has been brought down from L?nca*t> r within thepiBt week, the suspicion ot a police officer having been excited that he wis the murderer of Izry Roberts, whose dinth, in November Hit, ou tiis road hom e from our market, createj such an iatesse excitt nietU 11 has been thrown into jail :n Camden, but there is not the filthiest proof of his participation in th>' murder, or of his having nny knowledge 01 it Tin i: seems to he a strong probability that he will hdetained in prison until the next term of th<. court, iii May. Richer a severe punishment, if, as I presume, he will finally be proved innocent Political Intelligent-*. Obn Ta?lo? ifi Ai.iiuu.-Tb? whtc m-mh?rs of thAUbatna Legislature hava unantmoaMf nominats.-l < J*n*ral Tajlor for th? rregld'noy, and tenolv^d that it in Inexpedient to lend dtlefstes to tbo whig national convention. T?tlo* Mitnxoi in Muii?ipri.?A minting of tb? frisnan of O <n Taylor waa h<-ld atJaoksou, V|Im , an th? 3i I Fab , at wbiob resolutions w>rip ??d renora mending that eaeh con >re*atonal dlatriat appoint del.-gatea to ? Taylor ooaTADtlon. to b? held on thn fimt. vlon iny tn June next, for the par no*# ot ?ouiinatti u for the Prealleticy, the hero of Buena wk >, th* niaetiug re*ol?ed, ' will aiimifil*ter the gu>?raia-nt for the gond of the people, and won ha* aver 1.ell liimaelf above party mi l party lufliiencea " Wmo D?i.r<J4T? from Hon J?in?a Ir?ln lathe delegate to the whig natliuel uod v-i.tlco trom i ha C nitre Coiuirenaional Dietricc, Pa with inetruatifini to aupport Qan. ?octt tor tbn PrreHeucy ? Fhtta S. Jlm'rtrnn. Th? Kk|?TI*C*T UaLROATEa TO thi Wmiq N*Tie**t Con?rrtTior? hot l*ar ru-itku ? A letter from L,?eiliComb*, to a eorri-epond-nMn Philadelphia. aUtf* that to Inrtruotiobs of any kind were clven to the lately attested whig u?l-^?t?* from Keoiuoty. to 'h* national onnyentloci; l.ut that the whig deie^aira btflrg b?*u nhoaen the Taylor nonvantion laierabled the bext ??enIng. and adopted the raaa men for their dtlrgale* and (lestota nrwspapfr Entkkprisk.?Tlif important n?ws I bnuslit Iroin Mcxiro bv the nrw Orle ans, nl the I eaclualon of a treaty of p?ao?, w?* ^ la th? firnyune ft Sunday, tha 1.1th ulc It will be recollected that the Irl* *u despatched from V*r? I'm* with Mr. Kreener. h-arer of daapatohea, ou board. aud ient to Yto hlle.In ordfr th*r the roe>eenf(t r abould r?ach Waanlnpton In ?d*?oee with t.hla news To further thin t>u> poee the New Orleans waa detained (wo daya at Vrra Out Each bout rrachtd itn deat liiat ion the emie d*j. Mr left Mob l? the nirna eTenlng i?*tur , day) for Waahliigton. while we p.uVlrhed the newt on Sunday morning ?nd our p*p?r did not Je??e tow.i lilt | i o'clock In the ?ft?rnoon Of tha* day 8 > there ?. r? n>ar'y tortr elflbt hour" to be gained to or?rt?ilt* the b?a er of deepetehee The ponKe were pot In rtq !?i I t'on. and tba hi<ai/.n, of the 13th ife/ip?'eh a to thVort.lurn preM Tb* p- nle? overtook the aueeial neaaeng*r on the route, and tha u*wa reaohai W? leg on by our oolotnoe Mmult<io?oualy with Mr Kre??oer. on Saturday. the 19..h 1<> at. Ku'.l d?tail? were laid l>ef< re the publlft from the fi<?ywne by the Riltimcre pepera r f tha morning of th" Slat. W? ?re gra'ifled at tbU triumph of ne??p?p? r ?nt?rprt?e How u ? ful a le*a,,0 .he Hon f'av* Jobnaon mi^ht derive from It ' ? Nr\o Oritant PiLayunt, Mirth It/. OtJ-Th# remains of the lute Capt. Erniitua A I Caprna, lat Artillery, who fell In the nettle of Churu- | bueco, Mexico were received by the Bremen ehlp Mluia- I Ippl. at Baltimore Thay were brought to the railroad depot, In thla oily, on tha uu h tilt , from wbanea they 1 ware eonyayad to tha Cnofreaatonal Baryta* Oroun J. and Interred?the Mineral aer?loe btlai performed by th* Hit. B. IrUtiligmttr. | ?mij mi'?'" "if ?? ? RI ii VtORNING, MARCH 11, 1} l^mw intalllgrnce. Ht'fhkhk Coubt? M?r"h 10 Spt-clal Term Bttfnrf l Jud(f? Hurlbut ? Jotrph De Brgn>? r? .tfnnu Riikitji and S. Chat Boctua.? IhU ??i cm* he for" hia Hou?r on a certiorari lrom th? Court of Comuiou rtra?. It appeared that on the 34th of December l? -1 tha plaintiff pnm-ntnd a patltion toJulue iograhaui. letting forth 1 mat oeianaama reaiaf a id e.urope. out 01 tue jurHiiiction of the State of New York; that they were Indebted j to him m it written oontiactin th? turn of $300, and i praying that an at'acbment might be granted againat | t; oir real and p-iscnal eetate. The *tta -hui- nt wa* ; granted, a~d the drfeodant'e attorney alteiward* ob- , t?lg*d a orrtinrari to hriog tba o?k? before tlie Supreme ! Court, on the ground that th? Judgecf tba?'ourt I of Common Plea* had no' juri'dioMon. Powar Tu' motion upon this certiorari niuat be denied. The 'iif-n-Jart in the attachment an rated tb* prccaedinga before JuJg" Ingraham, aud obtained oi?obnrjre of the attachment? In pursuance of part 3, oh. 6 t' 1m 1 ?rt. 1, *.<a 54 to 67 R. 8.? I tblnk tbia wan a oom ol?te T'cipnUi^n ot the Tilidi'y of be attachment; huf ( not, K leleaeed thi property ;ittanli?d. end give a new proceeding to th" 'tttaohlnq creditor for tha enforcement of hi* dnbt, avd ouated the tffljer of bla Joriadiotlor. under tha attachment, ao that no floul determination waa had before him which can b? the euhj?ot of rcTiew . Jt?d"w Rots. imjilrad-d with Jofpli C Jiihl-y, ait Jnhn Hagifr y and aihtu ?Court. In appear* fiom the affl i -.vita read en thia motion that the defendant R<>?a tih-itime be applied for a discharge In bankruptcy. w?i not, a r?*iJent of tha Nortliera Oinuict ot N * | Vork. and tha plaintiff* urge thii fe.ot againrtth* Ju- adioUon of the court of tb*t dixtrlot to grant b'a d'" chai-A If permitted by tha praotloa oi the oour; I ahould hold thia t'> Uo fatal to the dlaenargeoa th ' motion ; but the validity of a bankrupt'? die harg-h i"< not nitharto been tried ao auoitnary manner, aud tii rightt of bo lb parti'* in thin ow will be beet a-cured by iidopting Iba order of tha court iu Bung- !t Oldoott ve J U S. Strong, lat Denlo R 019 Let it rule be en t-red. granting th# motion, uoleea the ; i-nnfll* within alxty dajft, brln ; an action on thf judgment? tha axecuti ) and levy to remain aa eecuttt? to await, the rcenlt of tbat, suit - tha def ndanta to be prohibited from erlting up in (heir defence the iaauing an I levy of the execution ;aod in tba while lat all proceeding* on the execution b? staved fVy'iyi e.l al. ylointtffi in trror, r$ Wailt and otAer*, dff-ndmtili in rrmr ? rhis wua an application on thpar' of the plaint.(I<. for ta order tbat defendants might be obliged to pay taxes - costs Incurred on tbreversal cf the judgment of the Court of Common I'leaS. Court - Upon ? writ of error the Sunrnn* Court reverted the judgment of the New Yoik Comniou Pie**, ! arid awarded u.?. /???. </? nuiio, without aw.rdin^ ooitr; I the; might be given in iavor of tbn pUtntilT In error. 1?? ihe discretion oi tfoeoourt. '2 K. 8.. i E 1 . p. 613. e?eo 3J ! but the order of reversal is silent ks tooosis it was fur ! the court alone, which gave the ju lament of reversal, to e*?ro:so 1U dlscr*tinu as to oasts con tarred by the I statute. The plaiatilT In ?rror iu this chb? cannot fcavo coetawithout the order of tte court, whioh his never been undo. 'x'hls motion must bj denied, but without I costs Court or Oknkbai. ^EMioni, Mtroh 10 ?Before i ReojrJer <cott aud AHt-raitn I'urivr aa.( (Jiltnartin. ! John McK?on. Esq . Di?i.iioc \ttori,ey. Obtaining (J hi Js h y Fi'ie Pre'rncm ?At th* optnln j of court this morn'nt, Edward Waruer. Jr. wa? oa'.lel . to trial npoD aa indictment ^hstrgin^ hm with having ' cn l.Ha 24cli of fMp'embec. 1846, obtained from the firm | ot B-nidiot and Rockwell, hardware merchants of this ! city, u bill of ><oods amounting to sbout $701), by f\lsel; 1 a u fraudentlj representing to the sileamsiu of th-> ,ib've D'imi'd llro, that he nrai the oauer of real rtlate iu Wisconsin, which would bri-jtt ut auction not l?as than from $3000 to 3>C0. and tbat h? had $.000 iu ci?sh while his liabilities did not exceed $1000. llnRACi C Uu"R. oa being t x?iuiaeJ for the prrsruutiou, uepoaed as follows:?I w?a employed aa saletmvi in the store ot Messrs. Uen^diot & Kuckv II, in tb> aonthct 8eptniuher, I94B, wiiaa Uia ujcutsd, scoom panied hy h Mr Arnold, iroiu Wieoonsln, whom I h?d known for lomi lim-,app\i \ to ba turui had with a bi l vf goods; antiiuK lorm that b? *as ih-i owner of improved leal 'a.ale in Miiwaukia, worth . jout $3 6<>0 .h*t ha had cash of his owu to thr ioou t < f $1 000 mere; tbat $1000 would cufrr all hi* 1 i-bilitira, and tha $6J of it was the ouly encnmt>rai<04 th?rr was upon the r?at estate. In couseqn^noe ot these rrprrasutationr aii l tha cocfldecctf b? mapin d hy bis maunara, a bill ot go<<da aaiouutlng to $7l7 was sold ii<iu vta oradlt; tha* on the notes foe.: miuit da-, Ci ? w.-ra protested, an.1 upon Lub;-quant rtqulry it vhh s ceitained tba: what ^r. par y tha anrused aid own was of a vary different ot:aractai an 1 value from tiin r.'prrs.-ntAtions nu.U or it Htkwart C Marsh xtiulued? I am a dry goods ni*r. A'haot, of th'< firm of Marsh (k Co.; iu th* mouth of H p ' .a.iiforr. 1840, liur store w*s at No. UJ l'r.?ri atraut. mi | area ? l call d :vt oar R'.ora nuii ?fpli ?i foi ?"o la on et>: alt j thai a-.- eras aScut 01 u>u.moiu< bmluoM ia MHwau kif, wlo-re. hi a.1,1.1 that be owue 1 r-al wU'n wortu up i w?rJa of >3 500. and wbiuli wouU bring $3 000 if aoi i uudat the uatnifl! r; th?t ho had $3,<'00 in caah cl hi" on u. an i thhl he owed nothing exot-pt ab.'iit f I 000 of which $02 ? ?? Mlmu upua th j real eilate; thai upon U?> *h- grn ol ibe?? reprramtalioua, groja io the -.mfuot of (3 ?JI were eold bim; th.-..c.>u? d pul l $75i> djwu m. iLc LI.I.B, a U K'tve hid noe to- t Ou*; when th< aoti l>ec?m? ut? It wai protMituJ, auJ bin alar?. bit?n pv'. JuTHtuC Muui rxainloel? I am a b lot and ahco dealer; Ikowih* ucouaei); he oOled at my atom It. Srpt'uibrr, 19-lfl. and by nuktrif Tiprranutafimia "'oitlm tc tooav m-d* l<> lleoeaios Si Hock*ell. a'ao Mr Marah I aula him a i>ill of good* amounting to (603, of whicn D< paid $2.-0 in oa?b and irate uia uo'.a ljr tfce b dance, which. however, wae never ptld At ihi* ?iag? of the tiial, the court adjourned until tomorrow moro'Dg Court ?Tm? D*r ? Circuit Court?Satin -.? Friday. Suprrme CouaT or thc U.tiTro Statm. M :rch 7.Tha Auprrina Court of the L uiteid state* at Waabinglon. delivered tha opiolou at tn? Court upon the merit* oi ib? e?M of" tb? .Mrrrhanta' B?'<k <.f doaton. in p ace ot I llarodeu k Co , V* tha New Jeraey Sum Navigation j Company." 1 b? judgment of the <'ironic Court w*e : nffl'iu-d The opluion W?a vary labor*'.# Tha deolI ?i.>n of tha Court brio* *?', that tbe c ?rri?r? ahould pav | lor the gp?nie, frr the *afe o?rr:a?(>-o: whinh Harndeu 4. : Co. bad reoeipttd It. The ap?ci&i oontiao; of llainjtii St Co waa with tha a etob tt company They ajjraeit to p iy a tnwnth for the oatriagc of a era'* ot epruifl"! u iuen&ioua, upon iha o^nduion that they ehouli not b* rcputiMble for tba rate, carnage ordWivery ct any arliel arri?d on board of th? ate*uibnate b'tween Ne? York | and Providence. They wero r^q'ilr'd .o?d?eril?e. an i t< a'l?ch to their btln of lading a notice to thla ff^ot ; NvtwUbatac. Jinn th;a, the Court aeoid. a ibat the oaotia i ?.f tb* at?atcer ware reaponaibi*. aud tbey give thij dtel '* - Tv" ?,vl*n * I""00 v?ni- n on b?*rd Iba Lraii'Rton Tti*y my that sba ?m on fi.? I en tha roynga b*for? tbs ill fated accident that tbe "si t bo* of goo in p*r Ully concm d tatn?that on ' h* la*; Tiijm. bale* of cotton wrr? piacad in close proximity to the boilvra--that, til* aegin* t?a* ill oua plau*below, tha hoB? la aaotbar? that the fir* bucket* *? ? f?w and gvxl for nothing?that tha *r*ole boxra w?n> u*ed for water buck?t? -in*t Iron tillrr rope* were not usad, MC'-ordlDff to lb* requisitions .>f the law i>f I ongr?f* -;h?' no he?d ?aa paid to m*ny prorlslrns < f this law? e;id l hat. th>rrfjr?, the r*rpon'i*i.ta are Kifr*?fi Suit.?A li* suit hits ja?t bean t*rmini'*ii iu Wyoralo^ oouuty. which liu b*?n iu progrei* nbmt thra- .yearp. The mit. eaya the W?r?aw4V?u> Vaik-r. hM b? >u three l>af<>ra tbe court prui u? to tbland at eaah tim? tbe jury have disagreed. At thU hear log t Ju.y agreed oj a Teidtnt lor the lull amount claimed t>> tha appall*)*, >JS 08 -the pi inoipsl and internet of lb* balance of a not* giren for tha pur:h?a* money of m ho:s*. Tilt* suit bur bean to Inn* pending, and baa b?bi triad do maoy times, thai ihn ootls haae arsuciutated to a Tery larg* amount. W'a h*T L *rd tbara estimated at or $WUt>. Tha payment of paltty mmof (4) 07 would liaTe s*t> d all Ibis luxation ard i a atteadaut eons. - JitAuxy Joumul. ailMSflUntoui. Daring the month <1 February, tt>a gardeners In Alabama sowed Ui?ir uttuce.radiiihe*. carrot*, aud p*r?oipa aud transptaut.-d thslr cautiages ; and tb* fai mors put :q tbair oorn and sowed tbair turuip*. | The New Orleans p?pnr* of tha tf'Jth, auniuno* tha probable op-otng r.f iheui'gnetio teUgnph liaa betwctD { that ci y and Moolle on tha following weak. plantar of fits parish send* us half a dri*n aunoin*>ers ant remark* : " I ?*nd you Ualf a dotan cu*nmb?r* | io sb'iw how advanced the s?a?ou la S'rwwbarrl'B aia turning their uo.onr, and am ?h?t ih- ladies ocnsHer quite rip*, okra plant* ara n*arly afoot Ingn. and n?naa uiocth a h?sd of tha last *a*?ou."- f ant>r't Jitn'nr, (l.i ), Fth it. 'I'M aot to Lneorporata til* oi'.v of Auburn ha* rs-?fd tha Sanata and Hou?a, and lha " Vlllajja of tba I I'lain," i* now among tba things th it w*ra i it-* i I | pointed Tburaday, April 0, pn tlio n*it annual fait day > tu thai commonwealth. : A corraapondent of tha WkttU"g (Va.) T n't, ?!* * | t'>*t papar n< m?rt < t a famaia to tbv. tIoIdI't. who. I hI lh? ?i<? of rlghtrvn. marHad a widower, ttia fa'bar of I iih)*M?Q oblldrao; at hi* Jaatb. ha latt bar tba raoihar nt lira mors. Mhn afterwards married Wf'Ih-r widow r, laving elaraa obtldr?n; at bl/> deatn left tier the 1 tiotb'T of tiro more; auU the day . li? bename forty-nine ji..i?ol.l, aha married anoib*r wldow-r having ?Ubt ?H;drrn; no that. at forty-nine, we flud bar the rao bar and etep mother of fortf-flra children. aiinaof whom are grim jta.h#r(! and grauDmother* SfcKIOUS R ill.KOAn Accidkh?At rihout 4 o'clock thin in->ruin^ th< truiii ot cnr? from thr inthii itnhaoaota iy ami UtiOt road. ran olf t'm ir?ek about IX mil' eaat of Ponda. Tba train win ruining at a rapid rata whan tha aoci lent K-iiuirnl It ia Mip.ii aed that on? of tba whaela of tb? h -^gaga oar, n?*t 10 t 'a locomotive broke, ttir<i?iog it otf and learlrg[ up thii traeR f r a oo'.aiderabid di'tanae 1 ha*? rri. two paaa-ngar eh'* attached, wh'oh wera ooaupi'd hf at) ut Maty pernor, a. and wmeh wi r< i-re'lpitat*d luto tba dtlob and daar * t iato a bea# Of ruina Tan or t*>'iv? peiaona wnr* m're or ie>* iojiirail; am'tig hanum bn Hon. B Railey ot l'ntn? m ?dj Mr La*r|? Doane: bur. no one very aerioualy Fr ru all aoroun.a it w m a ruoa' ! foriaafttafilapl ill* abncft *n aaddan ?oil *e?ere I and aur nfonii.nt fount himai lr, in an InaUnt, throwo | totlm bottom of tha oar, wblle piaoaaot broHau paoneta and eeala. au4 p la* of mm, women and elitldraa ?-rn he.'pad upon ami about hltn ??4Many Mat ch 9 Turn Out ?The lriali laborer* on tli" rxtrnaiou of i b? Connecticut Rtvar Railroad. from Qrt?aft*ld to tha Vermont line, bar* quit work, and demand an nd ?ai ?a Of pay to 94 oenta par day. 1 nay bav? heretofore bad bat 70 mbU. ? r~ - ? ? ST* , "*r A J, I ? . si A. 548. War Intelligent*. THK tkkaty with Mexico [Krom the IVo'.'ylTniilnn, Vareli 10 ] W? hardly know whetb* wn?r? right In printing 'b*> following copy of a l?ti?r reoelT^d from * highly intelligent friend, now fn \1r?lfto,wbo*a Trraolty ami in't^riy are wholly a' oTi) r?pro?ch Hilt 1. I. ? th.MKu troln .III not he awallowe 1 without material amendment*. it mav h? juat togiv? tha mMin'r In which it ?h pa'ohed up * y a p-ra-n withmt power from our government. hnd the ageuta of fortlgn o*rit 'l'lt? We truat our Informant mav be nsiatak-n in hi* statement, fortb?faka of our country, hi wait as for iha take < f peaoa itael! : ? CiTr or Mmc<\ Feb. 12 1849 Tha eourlar will I'ave !n the moruli g early?I can ?i?y onn word, nod on 1 y one hy blui. A paaoa treaty has been signed It la founded upon a atupendous ayatam of pri?at? jobblna It haa been arranged by tha agent* of (ha Rotbsohilda >nd of Barl>g k Brothers, tha EmIMi mtlMaciraa. and by l'rlat. A tow daja before tha treaty wai algn?d, thaae age***, knowing of tha treuty. aent eff conrlara tf.r Europe. with the information of tha fnot to boy up the Mexican V>nda for R*>PUt f IS In th?< 100. As soon a? tha new* of the treaty reachea Kifrope. tba horda will We forced np to thirty or for y d >ll?re ot mora, In tba Uuni'rad, an i tu.aa theaa millionaire banker* will a-ll out liiivlrg refilled many nilllirna by tbi> op*T?iion. It la a .id that the British Minister, and tha agents of tha European ?<?nk?r;i Vw\ *? well ?aaooth*r, nr. Hnp* authorlsad to art for oar country, ar? ah ln?ol**d 1o tb'? nefarious scheme >>ome time rino". General Lara 1* ft hara, .i* you will l?arn. wirh ail'taebm nttoautaVi 8'nt i Anna At the name tlm?. B"tilanirei. one cf the Kpglle'i agent*, laft h?r? alao on a niira'on lo s*ut* Anna Ui? j appr> acht d with iba sword Boulaiig-r with thn pu"*. lie, Santa Anna ee0elT*'i hia price, and ?o Is t'> letre tha country In conaidaraticn ' 1' I' Thua tucae jii.bers have rilaroaed ofSacta Anna Tha party in posaexalon of what )a oslladtha >Wlcco gorem m?nt ia a llttla faoHon; uon?7 bna alio b-1 n furnlxhad thaw on tha faith of tha treaty. Thin money ia to he divided among th? governmental rmploje'aaa ao much apoila Tha memh?r* of tha Mexican f.'onnreaa are a!r> to be bought up, and ara, lu consideration of a, to raM?? th? treaty. About what I bavawrl tan thera la nr.- doubt. Our country ia to ba fortver disgracd by an extvusiva gambling prcjae.t, such ?a w?a >.?rer b? ore known Heia In tbeaa few line*. you have th? baai* of the tr'aty, und tba means by which It ia to ha made available It ia thought bera alro, that tha Mexican faction *eek, In prosecution of thla work, to introluoe E' gl'ah powar to auataiu thvm It la certain that Doyle, tha Briiiah charge. ia largely pngaged In f bin s -heme. Thia is the annsru'iMooa to fol low nil the blond. and suffering an'l berointu < f th? American Hr.nR Will our country mei\ at boron, p'riult i'. or sanction it? Uod Almighty forbid it! i writ# 't? haute, ?n l know not w!t*th?r I can ijet tula off C IMPORT TN THE HAM,* <ip MONTEZtTMAS. An American vfflc?r w."i(?n to Washington: ' I su deiiirhttully quartered. with (lie otiie a iu the h< use <f delightfully quartered, with flee others, in the h?'us? of Mr. L,i very Intimate friend of Hunt* Anr.n Mt owu chamber is * p-rfeot hijnu 01 * rut in An ei-gio* Um> is suspended from the csIIIdk; mirror* 1 Psyche gUises surround uie; my bedstead la w?de of hi/'ilv pcI lished metal, such a? you do nut see in thn Uuued statu; our dr>swirB; room has ?ix large mirroi*, nich as would Rive their eves for evt ti for a j|t({!e one Ws hare grand piano, which T. plavs on. lie la n rt >-> ui>nio.ia:i to I mikes my hoiom b'ave wl h reoolleotlocJ of home, with those old familiar airs "?Uit.nn. ARMY INTBfcMOBINCK. The steam?r N? Pln? Ultra. from Cincinnati. arrived yesterday. bror it ! >k.i Lieut ('oi A. J Williams, ap'alns D'un. Vhp \rman and VV'iiliaj a. with three companies ot tht If regiiu n'. Miablgiu Volunteer,, and lauded Uleui ?t the barr*c<u. belcw tho city ? JV. O. Piciynnr, Fth. 39. Ok!? TavLOR?We saw a private letter from ane cf Ofii. I'aylor's etaff. the other day, in which the opiuion was expressad tb it the return oft!"? o'd warrior t Mexico wk? not very probable -Koiton Ettening Tra utile*, 11 in h 9. Capt Joaiah Tettnall. of the U S Navy arrived st the U. 8 Hotel yesterday, on hi* w?y to Washington City Capt Tat'n?ll 1* 'he distinguished offloer wh > commanded ibe tt < f email vessels at the bnmoa'd m'nt ot Vera Crui.? P/nladelphis \oith jtMericau, lUlU March. NAVAL INTPLLIOENCK. The V. * jlor-p of war Plymnuih Commander G?d ney, bound to China, with Hon. J W D?vis U S i timmiffiotier, got under w*y yesterday afternoon tr im the unchorsg" iff tha Naval Hospital, and went down uudet (tail lu fins ttyl* Norfolk B ucoa, Mai r.h b. PR'iM TH? P*C' P IC SQUADRON. [From the Waahicgton Union. >1arnli 9 ] Lieutenant J B. Handolpn inoo hie w<y to ' Varhington, b'iu^ini? despatches from Cotntuodir* ^huhriok and bat returned via Panama and Havana Lett L' *r California on th?' Sth of Dfo-n'.'oer, and toou ibe EnpHah ateamer at (luaynquil. t iwJ K Bexle Esq . U S , beerer of decpatcbee to the Paoiflo pq'K'lrun. waa a' Kintre^on. Jacaica. on the 13.b of Kebruary. to sail on tiie 18th for-* hagrea rhe Indepeodeooe, with Commo'lore Shubrirk's flap and frl.rate Cont;resa, Capt Lavalette, were at Malt'Ian; a large portion of their crews on aboro. gmlaontr" the town The Porfemo'ith was at Man Jose, assisting to utrenirthan tbepoaiMoa of Lleu'enant H>ywoo>i, who i in coinuiRn-l of that inwn, with thirty unrinea, thrr pI>-oe? cf artlllarv iti d four offlonra Tha I* vu to nl: l'1! Boston vm Va!purai<o and Martinique, by the 5'it'\ nf Drfnrb r Sba will arrira early in Ylay. 1'ha Cyannt L? P??. to r?>nforc<i Colonel Button, wh'i bold* that town with 100 N?w York volunteera Tb er,?m> at? i> I around him but ).? in prepared ,o roe-t th'in The D?l* at <iuaytna*. block*dtog i iimmt'id-r S?ltridu? in badly wound-d In the toot, having bad a flgbt with the enemy In Noverab<r 1 lie Pr?bie Jall"(i from Motterey on tb? 10th of October, for l' t convey Commodore Jon>a to th* rqutdron The War ran w<a Inid up at Monterey. % <1 ar. tba Jl?poiu! >f i < Ione! Mfnu. to eo??ay trojpn, it required 1 ha Lazing tou tfhtt dally exp>>oted from Mont-rey. at Mal?tlan Th? Southampton aailed from San Joa? ontbeAth cl December. to protialoo the L) la, at (JuaynikK Tl.? Commodore, on tba 4th Dec?mber, ee * (! tin* Ann-rioan brlgCayug* of New York, fir trading on tha eneir.y'a oo4<t, armed her. and aent an ofBeir on >?rd, with ?rdi r* to blockade th? port of gnu lilai Tha Krie aailed from > azailau on th"? 15tu of November f r i ailao. Kio da J? .eiro and New York. I'om uaud?r R u M and Puriier < hrlatlan bar? not yet joln> d tha fqii*Ur< n Char a among th' O/fic, ri / th' mar n -L'eut Ltnfnan, from t'\a Preble, to ccmimi-I tha W?:r-n temporarily; Acting L'?ut Oueet. end l'a??fd Mld-bipm?n ttullo^k nod V.cCawley, to the Warrea; Lieut. Rowan, irom tha Wairtn tii tbeCyanr; Lteut Tilgfcman troro tha Cyan* to tha lnd?p?od"U?-; P???*d Mid eblpinan Downen. tromihe I'orlamt ulh to tha Cointreau Commodore Jon?* ?a* expected at \l?i?tl*n by the IAW. ofJanoary Nothing M yt known ot th* d'flrtltr aalllog of tb' Ohio from tb< I ulted *tat ea for lb- IVo'flc Lift </ Orficnv vf th- I ulrf-end- nc- -Comuiodor*Shubrlrk (ll??); Li- utenar>t Coromam'ir g, R I. Pa** Lleutauenta. < batard. lifywoo l, Moot. L?w ? Hi-nry Lcwia, (tl? ) Wife. Carter and TilKhaiftu; Kl>at S<it gano, Miaaly; Paaiiad Aioi'tunt Snrnaon. Jnckroo; M*a t?r, Ma?oy; i'urj'r, Orr?na; Chaplain, Nrwall; Liautcc ant of >Jai in-a. Ri:^a?ll; < omino ior'.'a Sfor?t?ry, Hi-nry La Ralntraa, Pao?fd Mid*hi|im?i>,)Auitlii, Kngl'ah. Waylay. S'f??n?, HarrM and D?nt*i n; Mid?hipman, South >ud Chandiar; Uoatawa'u. Job i MI i I a; tiun^ar. Bee Bunker; Carpantar, Uavld M ?rpl?; 8?tltaakar, N. Jl Bunk Lilt rf Offirtrt of ikf Po> tun uth.?Commander Voutgfniary, Llautananta, V.taroon. H^?era, an'l B?rt latt; Acting lieutenant. Hunter; burgeon, Oilehriat; Attestant .Hurg?oo. lianderaoo; Lieutenant ot Matin** 11 B Wataon; Pur?r, W'a'tn-UKh; iMIdahipcaao, Orafton, D?T'?l?on. and S'mai' Boatawalo. Whlttakerj Uultier, Ritulall; S-ilrn ker Brur?; . irontM, Winner The prn*?hlp Adml't*n"e (prin to th? Portamontb) *11, at laat account* at Monter?y. r.nd un f r aal* Sh i? unuer oonumml of N 11 HarrUon, pun*.! al'l'bii m?rt Afaiaiant Ku'K*on SVm A lia la. t-auafeii< .1 fr m th# Independence to the \V*trtn pit* Ha leon, wh return* in the trie to th? United State* Tbe Pnrletnculli took a prln in the O ilf oi tl fc ri-U lilol> wa? r4D*or.i?jrn ' he 30tb N iV?mb?r at VaiaMau. lor 910,(HiO S ,? waa an Ecuador bilaitulli a ant riadii g Iil-g-ily L'eut O orijn I. H?id?n r?jci"ed th' ' Tan~, fttiu lh? urin achcc'iier Julia, aril nt S*n Krtnoitoo; and M*ut J. K Scht-Dok rej. in?d the CoEtiref*. from tt.* pr > i rt>- i ,V!?l*lc Adhel, aold at Moiit?r?y i'ommodore jonea an. LUita ware aC Valptralao oo lb" i!>th December. assistant BUHOBONS The following candidates for adrair'lcn Into the n??y, | ?a ??i?tanWurjteon*. were **ffini'd ai.J paa.*ed by ih.lata Natal Medical Hoard,wb'oh wa? convened In Phiia j d-lphU : ?1. Sautufl II Sr.out; 2 A. A. K. HtIt ; 3 Ow^n ./one* Wi*t?r ; 4. . p, tlarilaun ; 6. Albir*, P ?r?on : 8 John \V?nl; 7. Wra, K. < arrlnrflo : R Cbnrlea Martin. The flrat three h.??a been conflfDeu by the 090att. ? fViiMhii'gton Union, Mirch 9 The UimUi Arnund daw Vnrh. Nm Vnm March a, 1MB j Dear Sir :?I would oall the attention of the nutiti'through the medium of your independent jour*?, to ' the uttary inefficient manner in wiiich the road* lo tP? j Tli lnity rt thl* nr at oitv are k?pt in repOr Thatfrat- ! at thorouihfaie ot all, the I hirl avenue and ihat upon I which are daily to b? *f?n the tnoi"t Taluabl " borar* aad mint el *?nt carriage* In th* world, la iu the worat c n dltion of any. The whole rye'a u In r>\<ilo?lty wrou* ; | there la pome work done upon them lath* apr'.ti^, aort ; th?y are th-n left to take eare of thetn-eleeg ; the aamfibir uut of labor, properly diricte,]. ? >nld atuwer the \ purpoae There ehould be a *u|?erintend?nt to each, I wboea ilut? It ebonld t>e to *** Ihtt II n^ftrue'looa were < r-inoTert tc> aee thai th" repn.r* w?re ,na1? wi>> r? ?h?y ! w-re naedaj, and uot perlo it 3?*l ly. for el-oilmeerlnf put- I p ee? But u?y ohj?et la not to ai j<?et a remedy, but tr. | 8<ll the a'tention of tho*e whoae nu'i It. i< to !? . k after thou# matter* W* pay anormoua t ?xa*. and gat little j for tlna. I'hTOUjth voar paper tb" ? unfl. n rf . ur ' iutglah fn?her? baft b*eti routed tr> thedlit;r*t:ffill sot - ; liitinn of BrukJxt. tinl th-y hay* *t leu?ui dttrrmln- . ?d upin ih? only klu 1 11 p4V*tn?ot which the j ment* of <>*ntune? In the i?fy? rapttalg ot h'.u t p-< n'#h'. h?.? th?*u tlion would antver th? pnrpo-e. If >o? 1 ean hare, by your ?ui,t(r?iiGua ih a reform rl i.'Jed to tb" roada uoou thli you wl.l be in >r<"i oonf-rrti'fc a ben'flt upou tna pablla at Ur<- a* an bnn?i? ra?mb' r O ' whiflh, anil aoouiiime - tm p?v?r, I h?n to pub- | ?crlb? m;??lf, A CONSTANT RKADER. J O Baitnarr, E?q Death or Midshitman S*v*o<?Inform uoa h?? h?? o ra??lr?d at the N*?r D-paitment iha% pa?*-il uiidaLlpman uobert UbU.-U u??y, ?ll?r m protracted tllueM of ?e*eral month*. dtedou he Mb alt., il SI. Joka'a, Tort? Kioo ? Watktngton Union. I # iL ii. r >rnr WW* b ?, nrmaii writ India lole llg?Dr?. By i h? y of I) rbt'lo'* ar?* lu r?e?lpt of tntalll ^fiio f'i in y of th? l>im<K In lauialc-i th- o. rami t appoint*! by tb? Ho'i?? of Aaetiubly to lr.4iiir? lutothe d?pr??ed utat* ot agTl?*li tarn lu ibli l?l.iol, tba rau?e of -ubd di-pr?Mion ;tha M| t<*at o' ahinrior,meat of eu'tlTi'lon. an 1 bri-akic* ui of | augur ?rd faotorloa, which ha* *ak?,n plana ?tne? I th? pa*iicg of tb? U.ntnh emannipuMo.i -ot la H'8, h?*a reported to th? H <um iifo'low*:? J That they b*v,< tak -n th* e?ld?nc? of naranm in'vr' at- 1 ed a* propi i*t< r* and manager* of pr ipe't.t frmrn It very pt'i?h in th? Itland. from which a?l(Knea and from th p"ro^hlal anil b I m.1 rteorla th" folic wl-g t? aulta ar<* f?t?h!l?h?'J. ri? w li mir? ful> aip??r by r?'?rence to the eiai-ilnutionj tbviauoto o ev.'d lat Th?t ilnce the | aiding of tr*"Brltlali noariO'patlon a<rt, of th* ?l? hundred ami flf y tbn * ?ngjr eatataa then In cultivation in tMa inland, one hu ' ?d ?nd fort y have bran ab rdoneil, a d th"worka brrk?n up, c-ntaiiiiiig Oi e litiudr<'d anil iiit*-ei(bt tbcuaand in 1 tbi'ty two iter** of lud. and h?v i .n/ rtnpioyad la th?lr rtildf^tlru twe&ty-'.wo Uouiand lira hundred *nd filty-thrm Ubor'ra i Jj 'I L t tbo i' pr"perl|?a now exl'ocf. prodo?" ' Ja ; ! I tha yi ar ""8J f< urn fa IhoMttt oiif kwdnii and ' I vrutyelght brg?hriids f I ru. r. and fivo tli* u;?ud Lit* liun'lr* ' *u lt.r?? * uttheoru ct rum | 3d I hut during th-1 taiua period, fmr hundred and ?l*ty-U?e uolf?? piar K;ii>nn hm* h.-eti ahani'onxl, and their wt.rUa broUmi up, c^tita'.nlrg or,? hundred nod eighty-'Igllt ibi urand inttr hviidr-d acres ol lard, and h .Tit g ?Diployad Inlh'lr cul Wat ion In the je*r 188S, iw?n'y-fiKth maud right hundred "d ' hlr'y I. b? trr$. 4 1 'i rial of oii? ui.dr'd>.d tlill. y> l(ilitr'jyar ? lBi>-a jivm In ?\lda>ic?. the otooa > hdi In lfr3J v??-r# 35 93^bhd? ofMgir, atnl 10 008 pucii ruin In 1#47, 17 M.'iO Mid a M'liav, ar.d 833 purr rum. rbowl' u a il>craiieff 8 S6'' bbda fUta,r, and 1 |.un< runt Sib. That it pv ti car tain ratatfa ahowu lb bu?? bad ?tIncl.f 1 to thrut, and nga,?'l lu th?lr cultivation In tba year 183J, forty too ' i d ci^bt liuc'ri d ai.d twenty labotera. I hero now rrn.aiu i??ld'n'. on tb? lr (roper I J I'liiy lull II ru 1I1UIIPIIIHJ ni[J<> uunurru tDU D-T'UIJthree. 'lie others, amour tlrg to twenty-seven thousand e ght huudr- <1 snd fotty seven, having generally bicoae iu<l'pei-Jent settleis oth I hat the sum of 4.1 4l)o AH7 14a lid w?< expanded in cultivation tua untr.uf dure of fifty seven thousand and sii bt'iisheads it suuar, ??ud twenty ?l* thonsund fever bur died and alev?u puncheons of ram, giving the re?u!t after dedcctlcg needs of the rum, averaaed ht ?14 per puncheon, >b-> actual coat or sugar aversged Xl 7 '4 J. per cwt ; consequently, t hai, as it* value is t>cw, by rluvn competition, reduced iu <b? British merket to abiut lis t xcIimi* of charges. I*. is s< !fevident fu*ar cul'ivult.n cannot. be < >ntinued . that there is an auLual loss on every cwt. of 7s 7Xd without fakir g mio account Interest od capital, ami mwrj expended, equal at tt ? least, to 3*. ftd more p?r owt ; while, ns regards coffee, the evid?nc is c 'tx.lusivs that it is, it potrible, even in a *on? oondltlon 7th. That it it istown by the evidence, th'it up to the ptesen' year, fu'.'ls h?v 1 t>c?u regularly at c? nniut.d to pay 'ab?T 8th That ihe plough and othrr implement* of husbandry havt) been used In all ohS'i *h r? practicable nth That except It mlgiit fan .bnui ib? fvitories machinery ranuot be made available as a substitute for labor l?Mh Tout lu refpect to innn!grttinn. the Asia'io laborers have not been fcuud to ?i'?wur th? purposes of the rountry ; whi!n. on tb.t otb'ir hand. the Africans have proved eminently useful. *a shown especially in St. Thongs in ti.* ?<st, wb. re, tr<ui their numbers the. estatca on which th<y are located have boin able to keep their factories at work curing Saturday#, and to bar* their general labor better performed ll'h Tb?.t from the now Ind-p-nd'nt condition cf the m*s? of the people, the command of labor has beer,no? exceedingly pte<mious. often nut to be had at all wbeu woet wanted ; tb?t btiroly in ativ esse will th? people work on urate* f\,r mor than Av? days in the *rei ; that in s-veral dftrc 9 they j*fu??- to wo:k mre Shun four d*ys in the wee't ; that tb? aver-ie time of fi?ld l?bnr is iron fir > to six hours a d y ; that lh* labor uiveji for his ?iv 1 is not only in*u'<]'iate in 1 quantity, but i<en<-rail hi p 1 f >rm-d ; tb.kt it.e anuieeisaiy of freedom, > nil at Christin> a in t nlii ? 4gilcullursl pi pulati n sp< ntls from one to two wits iu Idleness; Unit in lotus ?slntes this Is nlso th? oa?? at Kaster ; tbatatall tfrse periods, even il the c.-^ne-j via rotting on The gr'nnd, and tb? cidee falling tr <a th.i ti e> s, uo 'at,s of wsgea wi;l induce the people to work, and t'jat labor coctio'i. * to bic, in*) more enarce every year, by the p?opl? wi'hdra*ln? tr' tn the pianlaiions Vour couimntee subuiit tl at tt:e question now left tot the British KOvrrnm*nt to d^cid > is, whether, {.utiing i a roto of the f ' Winis a a't'o^a lior out ?>t vl-w in* oaiionai inuresta win t>? prom >ied by eniiibiiatiog t'isar nd otT-e oultlvatit n in l a own col olea, the loavitabl* i fleet < f wh1o^ mu*t b-, r?u>1 tl ?t speedily, ta '.rataferto t^reluners a hloh-pr ced monnftly of thoae ar'.lcl'S in 1 he British m >rk. t* A' umit g that auoh causot be the wi>h of tho governme., crpiopleof F.ogUnd, ii is matter of <l?ep jdI6ie?t bow lli? impending calamity is to be averttd It tu'S been shown ttinl. e\er witn pro'eetlun, tr:any of the proprietors have b -n ruined by tta emancipation icei'ii'e. and that all have been tarsi seriously iijuietf; ibat suitar cannot be prepared in Jain- ic? undar Jit per rat , to g.?e entnJiOll lute-eat 00 oapl'al. wtills iu Cuba your o intuit tee ara well informad ttiat Jls p r o..t ll rriuunrmuvv fr cr. Inth<aatat? of ihluRi It Is sa'f-evidant that whaUTtr piliiatireg may be applied. nothli g but prot> ctinn in U? noire market ohu a*?-rt th> ini^dia'n ?biudm> ?nt of eu it and coffee euliiTntion in British o'donie* la a ratio as tii? ui?am of laocr ?r? provided, theamonnt of (irrfeti n iiay h? ta'ely withdrawn, ut.111, at no diftj taut peilod. il"'?e thIukIiIm possessions shall centTibut* * tbay foim il* old tn the national we?i:h and pr< spai rity. "in the m-an'lma, lb* alternauvea ate proi tfct on or destruction As r> .la-ds the in?r<-antila transactions of 1947. notwithstanding tli* Lien/ di*?drai tages un<2T wriirb lb* roTraiitilw o< Qimu il'y lsl>or*J in tbe yesr which baa just cipirnj. w- art (i opinion that the business trarannted d irioK tint period who of a mere sound and herltby nature Hun it had been lor some lima preTioua>r Oa th? Island of Tiinidad, number cf Portuguese from Madeira. ?fco had b-en expatriated on account of tbeir rellgl' us Ti-<?s and bad emigrated tn Trinidad, bad the r spiritual l-ader solemnly s-t apart to tha wark of ibe mii.istiy according to the Presbyterian form, and lormed a cnnpfgat-on idiok themselves At 8t. Luoia. toth Lrad ?c4 agrlculi ure are reprtaeotI ed to b? at a d*?d stand till. At At Cbristopher'a, Uka1 wise, tha snne stwte cf ?If uru prevails Hie Transatlantic 91 a I la. | Sillier It lb' Public u lnnru< lioni it F'litmaitiri. Pout Orricc, March 1, IMS I Letters!' aoy t>o.<t ufll a in Br?wn, HaraLo/gh, Old?T?nrnh. Hanover, btunswlck, Prusila, or Ha*i ay, 1 in <J*ru)itiiy. nmy be rent by tt? United States mall steam ?>acfcets Washing o > ?nd .Hermann. postage unpaid, or prepaid ta destination, or prepaid to Brtmsn ' i If. at the option ol tbe s> n<ler. Vn.itJ S tin fot'iifr II in ulod at. New Vork Jl ota single If in*.led within 3|:0 miies of N Ymk... J0 " u II n.?':?u OTIT aw mu?? ir n? N Iork..34 " J No additional pcto lirnmrD I Pottage to be added, if !o bt pre-p .id ? I To Hamburg. # ,4 ,4 Olrt?nbutgh ft 14 " llar.ovar 6 " " Brtinawlok 8 14 44 t'rtupla 1J 4* ' 44 Single letter limited to half an ouao?. , * 3 Wr-'.er* !U?T prepw to th? lollowing Mid oountrte*. or nnpuld, ir t" y iu?y pay th? L'oltM fttati'i pt-ttagi only wulchlM'. io advised. | JliiI to Uit ted Stntet pot age (tte above) if prepaid? To l.ubffl V til. tlegln. U-tha 13 " AimuU. 1> " ' r: *??! iu 44 * Crbu'ffb 1? " B.earla !iJ 14 14 Frankfort-cu tba-Maiua. ' 4 I)*-ruatadt 16 " 44 B.d.n is *4 4> Wurt?mbnrg 21 44 14 3lo?l? letter Hmi'.al to ^ nurjce, ex"?pt to l.ubM and Oolba. which Is limited to Xout,e?, (foreign) 3 la the following c? r, k Ik b?ai to ^?y tb* United Stat'f po*t?i<? only N?T?rth?iiM. the wriUr m*y p*y to declination or ui*y ??nd tn paid: Pat g- tl iiJriittin to United rait, (tee / ore.) To Altud* n oti. tingle. K*?l II ' 44 ( f>p?nii*g"Q anil D?i,ro .rk k hr? Hy. .tJ 44 4* Stockholm and th? futtbrit pan of (*W?d*n W 44 '4 lle:g??v ChrUtiima, and furthmt put 0' Norway 1S 41 ' St P?ter?burgh, or Crrnatadt 24 14 * AWxmdrta, Cairo, or Hr?404 37 " " Kaijtecu town* of Italy I" " fon*t?Dtin?iple " / Ba?l?and KwitwUnd g?n-rally 11 " Tua *ii'Kl'< l?U*r in 0'i mitk M?mi*n, ?ni Ru.<ii?, I'ml *d 'o tb? X oanet>; Inttu othar eountriei on Hat No. 3 hm't'd to iba .% ?une?. 4 On piper* nod p*in lata, tf.a United Siatra pontage, and tbat only i? to he prep?id ; ,1 cni par n*w?pap*r or p .mpblot, wltii Inland pf^tngf au ted If mailed .;?owtif tmm at N?w Vcr.i Men tauduut->New? p ipnr? will b* rated abroad with fnregti letter p.jat?g? li piloted in any otb.r language than ih* Cn|li?h, aid if erveii ped > tb- rwin th?n w:tu narrow bai.da !>. K.arb I-u*r t? t' to M ht- d-d or ntamp*d on th* r?o? wl ri IDC n?in? u u ?r,a on tr>? hm-li sntMh* rmuie <f tb? Now YtuSt pout offliw If Uul'ml Stair* pr?'?K? ' n y Ik pr? pud, U n to t# unrH?U or ' l'*ld ' in bl?o? If po..?. ? hrouifb to d??tin*tioi? i* v-a p?t?l It it to b? ?,ur. ?i\ rr Ql?r*?(i IU r* I. r.ta ttll," Hi it Xtx-I mgogot Of tfl? ? f.,lju tratiitd I* to kw ?< t? I r ;, t - lotti-r In r,d. It t i? tiop*i<Vvb<? Unit 1 ' ? hi* k I. to b* rt?L d c lOHNSi Vn?roi?jtct <> ' ?r?l Th" PhHpt Miinutariurm ' ("win, a y, . t Brook, in tbi: town oI Edi<t Windsor, Imvr Uil l'n?y **r?i in ti.? n.?tuf*i.tur 01 <:? .nc?ieg, ?..u o???. ? um'?itt<tnU fcwu'ly ?n ?'rt 1 Ihrir w r*d ?** !??!v?ly. W? b???" b?*i >1 thMr tint* bt?Uu??.i ?t? 'd ?t $i'8 Olio -th'lr Mrrts ?t t)?rr K 0,( (*> I u f .ct. ry contiDu* to loll prrttion io tn? bikudaof A l?rn? eotfn *n?fa?tory In Lltboa, ?tnMi? li*hil tm mount to $MK>,0iK>, ?Uw f?llfd U?t wt * H* J r4 VUTJ>.t. -*

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