Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1848 Page 3
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ij", ijilu i- ilui wwluii. in bf ?U the {ufpof?toi?, atpr<>Mtug thalr lq tewtj?:*u of a oompatif tor ti? purpcs? of tran? ! aotlng tL? baainau of Insurance, which deoiaratlon afcal1 contain a copy of the charter proposed to bo aJcpted, > and a noiica of bu h Intention to be published In th? | O maty in which t ach ooupaDy la proposed to be looat 1. It iilio rtquirra that the cipltal of companiea loca" 1 ted in the oities of New York and Brooklyn sh,.ll not be 1ms than two bundrel thousand dollar*, aud in all other oountlea not leaa than fifty thousand dollars, and no company located in the oity of New Yerk to oommenoe I mutual inauranoe until notaa at twelve months, In ad- i vanoa of pr?m<ums to the amount of three hundred 1 thousand dollar*, have b?en raoeivrd ; and lor fire and inland navigation rlika, until like premium notes to at i ltffeJtt A?i?ltnn<lM/a Va??J v _*a u * ~ ?~ buuurauU UUII?ni DliUli UAT0 U?fl rVDWT j 4?all such cote* to be consider# J ft park of the capital 1 stookofsuehooinpany,to be negotiable and oolleotable for I tbe purpose of paying losses. In other countries business shell notbn commenced until similar notes, to tbe value of fifty thousand dollars, shall be obtained; and if for Sre In'uranoj, until applications for at least fifty thousand doiUrs shall have been received. It further pro- < vides that no oompaoy shall commenoe mutual Insu- [ rtncu business in the city of New York until it shall receive at Itast 100 applications for risks of at least $3000 eaoh; and if located In the oily of Brooklyn, Al- : any and iiaffilo, until 100 applications for rlekf, of $1000 1 each; and If In any other part of the State, until at j least 50 applications for risks, of each, are obtalaed No fire insurance to be made upon any building to be greater than seventy-five per eent of its value. The '< funds of these companies may ba invested in bends or | first mortgages on real estata, at fifty per cent of its j value, alio in New York and United States stooks and i stick* of ineorpjrated cities in tbe State; marine Insurance companies to have the privilege of loaning on j bottomry and respondentia bonds. The companies I nro to hold such real estate as their business acoommo- ; i datlons demand, or suoh a* may be mortgagod for loans prevleusly oontrteted, or which may be oonveyed in satlsftetion for debU, or suoh as may be purchased at Biles upon Judgment, deoroes or mortgages for debts due. All real estate not necessary for the business accommodations of the oompany, to be sold within six years after acquiring title. Am annaal tn ttia rnn.nti.nl1.* ia r.nnlrari nf the amount of premiums received. lotses paid and ascertained, expsns?s, securities representing tha oapita1 stock, the Talua of tka tame, and a lUt of the stockholders. If ths 1om?i aad expenses have exo?eded tha premiums, ao that tha capital Is impaired to tha amount of twenty par cent, tha Comptroller I* to require the stockholders to make the doficienoy good, under penalty of forfeiture by tha oompany of the stock held bv tbeni Until tba deficiency la made good, no new ?it>ks to be taken, a violation of which involves forfeiture of oharter and personal responsibility of the directors, they b'icg respoasibla tor all losses asoruing upon such insurance. Any company already organized nay at any time, with the wrltte* oonsent of three fourths of its stockholders, extend the duration of Its charter twenty yetrs from the time of Its expiration, by altering it in accordance with the provisions of the general law. It also provides that dividends shall not be greater than eight psr cent per annum, un'il the net earned pro' fits are equal to on* half of the capital s'.ook; nor above 1 ten per osnt until the net earned profits are equal to twice the oupital stock ; no dividend to be declared when the capital stook is impaired, and no dividend to be m de that will lasnair tha caDltal stock. These are the urinci pal poiats In the new sat, to ba establifhed upon teneral principles, aceordicg to the requirements of the naw constitution; and with the exception of the restrictions upoa capital, there appears to ba nothing objection- | abla. There are no ahaoks upon any inorease of capital, as it | may ba mad* as large a< any company wish, but there are ' prohibitions against companies being formed -witU a cs pitai less than $3M,0t0 In this oity tnd Brooklyn, and loss than $60 00? in other counties. This looks too much like monopoly, and will prey a ruinous to thone companies already in exist*ac?, having mailer oapita.s ; it looks m though the larger and mora powerful companies were to be pretseted at the expense and to the extino" tion of those of smaller means. AVe cannot oonoeive what objection there is to a oompany of $50,000 or $100,. j C?0, looated in this city or in Urcokljn, provide 1 they | are regulated by the same rules, and established upon the same pricoiple. One of the principal argument* in favor of a general law upon this an J nil other thirg* of tbe kind, is that it ecabl a men of limited means to combine for the pmposo of forming oompam^s. A Urger amount of cap;til would, in the aggregate, be invested in ttis l?-einfS?,)f the minimum oapital for each oomphny ! waslersthan that stated tin 1 the competition between ccmpnnies muoh augmented. This is what tbe public re- i quire?a larger aggregate capital and reduced premiums ! As a general thing, the small companies are more cardul ' tn til rllliriKnllAn riaVii anil n,n?^ mntfl i in the payment of loiaea whon incurred ; they are much mors Judiolouelj mananeJ, ml pay better divUendi, tban the coxpaciea of large capital*, lnr^a expeneer, large rink*, 1: rge loeeoa and large preteniioua We are decide illy in favor cftmall companies; that ia. companita of oae hundred thousand dellire capital; end this framera of the new oonstitution intended no auch oonatiuution to it in rolst'ou to thia anhject aa given in the bill, a ay- i nopaia of whi;t? in given above. It la argued by sooaa that the atoekholdera of loan- | rnnoe oompft?i?e ahculd be exempted fioui the perecnal ' liability elauao.on aaoonntof the riak attending the tu- I rixjsae; that while the euecflM of backlog and other oorpcratleaa dependa a'.aaoet entirely upon the skill pru- j dunce and fl-lrl'.ty of Ita of! iera, the vuceeea of insur- j anew eoaspanlta la dependent mere upoa chance than j the axereiiiiof itounii judgment or prudence. 'j hie ia | a great cilstake. If a company liwtrd the whole, or half' ( or even oae-third of lta oapital upon ose riak, one, or two, i or three casualties may ru'n it. But the rnin in thia 1 ca^o rouUl nr!co not from ths tact that the hu'in*s? is one ef rifk. but from wxnt of pruuen^e ou the j.?rt or the offletrs of the comoiny. Thii is too c.fteji tie case for the aaftty of the injured. There are now mora than two aowpnabs in the eity of N?w York, which in &e- ! ti??d *,ai/i n??p cr.ti i?f>ii at. r\n? one ship and her carjri. This danger, the only one of 1 oocptqr.once, wcn!d bi averted if, either by ths pru- 1 urnce and fidelity of o31o nr, or by not of Ls/isUture, the amount to be taken on any one ria'i bo to limited en not to fioer-d r> or 6 p?r eoct .on the amrunt of the oapi'til mployod by uay arfooiiLion in the business of imstuef. It ia true that ths cnpitil should be, and no deubt generally is, invested in safe securities, Bush ai United States, or Stat* stocks, or bond* and mortgage*. But it anil al<o be borne la uind that nearly all, (My 7?.) of the marine premiums, are payabU by note*, either at 4, 7 or 13 mouths, and the oustom bra been established within the last few yeats, to take tin notes of oustcmers without other endorsement ttan that of the msbrr, or one of the firm, no that in the course of a few months' business. mote than half of the acsets of the oompany oon. | fiats of notes of customers, with tbeir own cndorsiuientr. Any Iojs from this system of doing business, is the result of bad management, aud oan be guar ded against The section In the new bill requiring annual reports of ioir?s. expsnrei, So, will not snlt the officers ocmpanlss formed under tfco neT law It is iK'tori. us that Insurance orrapptlts generally ara unwilling to have tbs aiunuut nf thMr several losses > \ made known, and the public reuuln id iftnorauos of the j nuui'rcui smaller Iobmii, whioh malic up n ruinoux ?i^rc" i I gate, a* may be leen in the annua! publiaLed etutrmrnta. | huch w:.n tli* oann with the PoIIibd, a crrap?ny which i pu?p-rdf J & few w*?ks ago, In this cl'y. A Ubotgh up- j ward* of 100,U00 dollara additional capital van mM to have bct>n ri>U ?n bT not** witlwn tlii l#?t y;'?r, jet it i* now n^TT-talned that they ero 7i> OrtO dollar* minus j Yet the public h'ard of but few, If any, extraordinary jonafi lu the courre of Ibeir bnainep*. The** fnote, and many other*, which thrae cowrcuai.t with the builne** I of imur*noe will readily o?ll to mind, clrtrly show that the public are, to nay the leait, no better informed in re- | Hard to the eondiMon of Ic'uratoe companies than In j regarlto that of banking and wanufaotuiiLg incorporationa It if only Ntcnefary to romaric,tt>at insurance coro] anl.'.i wliioh ant prudently conducted, and have the covifl dense of the public, ehould receive aJtqoat* prumiuin* , for the ri/<k* taken by Ihem ; and th"*t If they do n?t, it 1* thefanlt of the < ttlsera, who either from want of pru deno *, or a deelre to do a la- ft* b'lfla'f*. fo reduo* tin ir rate* ae to deprive thslr coransnv of n iui?t consideration I for tho IUbilUi?i Incurred. Stock rc* hnnpe t ?- (.(> TV.i<iNotw RV 1C2?< i# b Sclifn 111 ,V(0 . ? I/O 101 ID (Jftr.lon Co 3IM icron Co b'l ira^ '.oofl .to i io li'V 71 do i)0 ml 1 J.'. ?? Hi ir.'f 23> rt(, 3-j?iMfl K?C'?,?MIOVl !>" 1(1) ,|? 1,10 > . i',00 1 l-i'* S(*tf i'? !V li .'.0 i!o iir. ' JOT' IV iti'i 7J ', 51 (In 101 3 , fS(t-?Ohi<? '?,*? ?1U Nor k"Wor IlK 1.6? ':? ? r>0l t'o ?'i rf. 31U I y n t'n ?S(t OS S1 ilii ,-)! | M(" 0*?i* VJ0 ! ? '<(* 1. ItU'.il Kit jiC 1 f fVi'1 *70 W'{ SCO il., 3 11 | . (.'0 llm ] 1..; f or, l? M H,> hlj } ?, SifO J;miI A!, ii '.lord* KDt no no bio jj i 70 iht Htutt Bsiik ?'> to J do is j 1 J 11.- .' . " "I I M JW| a-,nk M I SI Hvl?M RK VI# JIM I to Jortti Amf'rMt in '6 do ? ^ 4m KtodlOg Rtt 4?l frfl Jo bW <?,> 100 do 16) J9W *00 do ?'0 49.V 50 do 4?M 400 do 6' d? 40 676 Kdrmer*'Trmt 31 ICO do b60 50 100 do (QW ji j(0 do b30 i'-tK 100 do bfiO 31 50 d? blO 4!!?,' 20 NOf'omBuk 31 50 do 49 50 Morri< Caiul *30 afr 10 JO" ?'o 50 do 11U 50 to 43% HO do bJO II* 50 do b60 49Ai Second Hoard* $25' CO 'ho 5'?, f 31 74 100 ?hi Harlem RR b<0 49V I2i00 K<?d Mort Bond* ?'* loo do bl5 494 5fl i Ohio 6'?. '40 91 ?Z 100 do mw 4VK 400 du H firm RK 4'<i2 169 Long Island RR 32.H 50 do 49'* 50 do blO 32* 50 do mw 49'* 200 do b30 32V 50 do b34 <' '* 100 F?rmer>' Loan SIM 10) do >33 49* 100 Reading RR 40H CII'Y TKADB IlKPORT. Nkw York, Widneidav ArTEaitoon, March 15. In the flour market, prices maintained the firmness noticed yesterday, with further sales of Qsnesee, Now Orl'jaus, and Petersburg The demand for the East continued steady, with a Rood loaal trade The better brand* were nnst sought for, and for whioh holders were asking some bett?r pries, lteoeipts were retarded from sea by strong gales from the north-west ; while the sevore cold, it wis be'.leved, would interrupt navigation oa the rivers and canals to the southward. There was again more J:in.? in wheat, and the sales of Oenesee, * It Jin a few <".ays, have been large, at yesterday's quotations. Further sales of Ohio were made on terms etated biliw. There was very little good sound yellow, and white corn cll-iricg. ?' d holder.) were standing out for betttr bl Is. The chief transactions, as on yesterday, were made in New Orleans, either Injured by heat, or cuf t f order, at previous rates. Sales of meal were made withrut rhatige In prioos. Hyo w?j Inclined to droop, aud sales w< r<? ina!? at a decline. Hye flour sold at about pi-e^iou! price?. Th?re was no change in oats Provision* ehowod very little change. Tork was heavy, and small s?l"? new mess were made und-or previous rates; there wus little or ao p ino offering. Reef remained about the rtmo There wm conjiderable doing in lurd including both krja and barrels. Urooerirs were rather inactive, tho weather net being favorable to out door business, on ncsount of the high wind and intense cold. A*hk? ?Ssles of 30 a 40 barrels pots were reported at $5 87M. and 3C do pearls nt $8 Btiiom-Sules of 8000 lbs Western yellow, were made on private terms; Southern was worth J to. B iBansTurrs? flour? Sale* of S#0 n 1000 bbls of good to punt U'liMJee w?re made in lots at $tt OtfS,' % $G old V/e.Uern ? *1 was worth $6 60; 5U0 a *.00 do Rochester, sold at $0 400 a 500 do old Ohio brought fto H.iutbern oontinued steady, aod salei of 400bbls Petersburg oounirr, were miduat $ > ift; and 150 do at $<i H il'S of !200 a 300 bbls New Orleans fair to good brands w ere reported at $6 37,Sa $<> 50. There was us change in Howard street or Br?a4ywire. IV/ieat ?Within a low days past, sales of some -JO,000 bushels of (ii'tieseo have been mado at $1 50; sales of J000 bushels of w.iite Ohio wero made to-day at $1 42, and 201# do., at $1 40; and 2000 do. tianesee ?t$l 50 Corn?The salts amounted to about 15 a 20,000 bushels New Orleans, heated, or otherwise out of or aer, at ? a OIIO nil SOI ? >' ? uuauru Buubiicru ui]A**u w?r<* made al b'io. Tb?re \*ss \ery little found white* and yellow < flaring, and holderg were Htm. Bales of about flOO bavr?l? N? w Jer?ey w*r? made ut f-i 43 a $i so /?i/c?Ttie m <rket was dull, and prices drooped Siles of lt'UO bueh'l* In the ?lsp w-re icu.ii9 at fc3o , aod )00(l di. 30c. 6000 d > were sold to arrife, on private tertif. Ryt Flour? S?les cl'200 barrels were rende at f.4 ? $4 06l4. Oits exhibited no ohan<e; Northern were nteoiiy at 40o H tins 1C0 barrels of inferior sold at C2>$<j , cad 526 <lo prime at f t 2fi. CcrrEK?The market waj quiet, and no ohange in pr:?rs. ('otto!*?The firm position of holders bug rather had tho effect of stopping business. The sales to-day are reported at 700 bales MoVEMKRTS OP COTTO" IN THkUkITF.D STATU. Total Kxpons tt >hipmtn's I< * Rec'd J-'orrinn Pis. Northern f'ts. Ports. since ist Sept. since u( .-*;>J. since IstS i>t I#|T 1846. 11)17. I8l<> 1(147. 186 N Oria, Mar 4 716,<91 517.4(5 388.806 227 881 122 if5 70,524 Mobile ' 4 SIOtTti 271 501 115 U.:G ?0 S;? 4(1, '55 32 128 Klor us " 3 76 008 13 1VJ 14,731 6 618 32 11# 23.816 Trxis, Feb 26 17 9 3 5 004 773 ? 12 165 4,129 O'gia, Mar 3 U2H70 190015 31.906 77,332 41 3JI 5i i 0 Star " 4 148 Mil 26'i,165 81, #77 118,151 5J.4G0 116,'53 v Car "11 4)8 3 848 ? ? 418 3,810 Virginia " 1 3,425 8,183 258 150 ? ? N ?i.ik " 14 ? ? 103,173 83,398 ? ? Other IVa" 11 ? ? 4.078 1,439 ? ? Total Bale*. 1,427,1,32 1,350,243 737,436 564,548 3C2.3I4 302,900 Totol las*. a;r.ou 1,350,243 ? 564 548 ? 302,930 ? Increase 76,889 ? 172.888 ? ? ? Decrease.... ? ? ? ? 556 ? Stools cn hand lat?ftdit*s, 1847 030.037 bales " * " " 1843 <21,068 bales Deareage in 1849......... 9 679 bales. Fruit?We note ft continued good demand for theretail trade, with sales of the followinc descriptions: -2600 box^sissf dried raising, at 1 40 a $1 60; 14090 lbg eld dritd applrg, al ; CO bblg do, at 4s,; 200 bushels Wilmington pea iiute. at $1 37>j. and GO bbls dried plums, at 1>.{ 37H jjer bushel, cud. Kmh Tuure w-\s a better fooling In the market toduy.aud ealeaof 160 bbic No. -J (M?M ) mackernl, w?re irniin at (0 37?i; a email let of No I'd do, at Ji 75; 429 quintals of dry cod, Fiuall ria.-, at $3 25, and loOO bcxtn herring, to arrive, at 65c for scaled, 35s lor No. l'?, and 80c lor No -i's Kkai U..KS - SvJes 3i>00 lbs prima western lire geese, were m*de at .lis. Stock light and demand good Glasj? 'Ihe culn of Windsor giaes by auction to-day Went (t[ Y*ry blitk. Hkmp? 260 bales of Sisal were reported at 7}{o, 0 montht. lae> ShWs were ma.'e by auction of 300bandies English sbeet (Lairg) at 3!?o. cash. Moi.AisKs?Tb* market was quite InaotiTe, and we oould hnnrci no trnnfastlon* worth reporting Naval. Stokki - It was reported that spirits turpentine h?d declined to about 40o; but of this we have t* poeiiive pri < f, nnd are, therefore, led to think it Incor lect; pries, however, are entirely nominal. Oui-W-j notice rales of 500 cases Florence, in (b?ttyO by Ilunia, ou private terms. f'RcriiinMs? Sin&ll pales (In all 160 bbls) new mess pork were made at $10 35, though soin? holders asked more. Prime was scarce an'I v?r> little doing Sales of 4 J tierces Hams were made at a 7o Beef?Small sales of country mess were raad-i ai $ 25, and of prime do at $5 90. ij ?iu - "-?airr ui hhuub uuv i?ir|?? ici? ujiut *uu 5*0 btla. -with 795 tlcreti, at "% a 80. There km do ctanagB in butter and cheese. Saiscf IS bbla e^ga were made at 16t> per drz Hick.?The market was steady. Sales of 100 to ISO tierces were made on private term?. Skf.d- Sale; of 25 bale ciom* weru made at 7c, and 30 tierces at 7,'?o hvdim?i'he deraaud ooctinued sotive, and we nots r?;-. 5 ot JO iilu's New Orleans at 4'.to. in Havana we cc uld h*kr of notuii.u worth reporting. Tin lYmi -;inlta oy auctiou cf 4> bxts, at $7 SO a *8 T?a? ? The Cfir<o of the ship Uorsburg, was disposed of to-diy ly uu Hloa,according to previous notioe. Toe fblfs wtre quite animated. us fallows :?Terms. notes at fix mon li. iljsoc?13 ca>es at 82o per lb; 62 Lslt chest* 4ii>g; -IS do 4li*. Young Hysons 5 cas?e 8U; 9 do >.*>}?; 15 hr.lf'o^es'0 78)f; IS do 73; b7 ca 1* 67; 61 half chests SI; 21) do 49WJ; 271 do 49; 322 do 48!^: 94 do 48; SO cares 4S; MS li lt 1 ?fPt; 41; Si do S3; 338 do 40X; 45 do 39}<; t>0 do 37>tf; 40 do 37; 127 do 38; 185 do 3 >>?; 60 do 34SG do 31; I'i7 do 31; 18:, d:> 30*; 117 do 30; H3do28>i'; 40 do 2^; 7u do 27; 30 do2d. Hjs n 8kln?71 half oh'sts 2!>X; 129 do and 31 nhf.'M 28.H; 32 do 25}?; 100 half chests 24; l7Sdo23>j; 21 diind 123 cheats 23; CS do 31)%'; 20 do 19X; 6S2 do 19; 37 iio 18^; 140 <5? 18; 2">4 do 17tf; 72>? Uo withdrawn. Ounpf. wder?h cases 9^X; S do 70; 28 h i'I ch.'fts &<); 50 8 lb boxrS 25; 2li0 do SOI) 13 lb do and 20 cast's withdrawn, lropeiial ? 14 eases 71}?; 10 litlf ohm s 03; 13 do SI; 100 13 lb b ~>x?s 20; 4i 0 do aud 350 G lb do vtth ,ra.wn Oolong 10 hull cb?st? 39X; 110 do 30; 689 do 24; 240 do 33*; 620 d> 23. Kokea Souohong ? 922 half chests 28; 110 do 22tf. Nineyong Souohong ?SO lulf cheers 39; CO do 28; 40 do 37; lG0d0 2A>i; 645 do 26; 20 do 24*: 10O do24; 1*8 do 21; G0\lo wiUUrawu. Whalibonk- No mles were reported Whukc*? Hales of 600 bbls Ohio at 33 a 22*c. Stat* frl?o:j was held at 21 e. Kukii.Hn- Cottoii v?s tsksn for Antwerp at *<0. rice at 37 ?'d. and bone at ?,'c. For ootton to Liverpool 3-H d v?i iku)?r:d<Ml To Harm ootton was worth Jio. There was notliirg new to London Rr*i. Em ate at Auotiow?1 lot on 44th rtreet, near J 1th $210; I do on 431 street, do do, 36x100. j>2- 5; 1 d ??i.jtiiuiiii;, emne siz\ $300; house and lot in 44 h MUcet n*ur 8 b Avenue, 13x100, $1,426. RIAIUCKTS EL9KWI1KRE. Sl'OCK SAMS Hai ti*!.mr. M*rrti H.? fOOO Msrvlsnil 6?. S8W: 10C0 do. nsj,V?loTo."fis3;- do, ?a?i; 5000 do. UK: looif .Inyland ! nerred Of, 7S,S 3:hi Kr.rine';(k Pub't flank, J?s United t1 ir? Ci, of '67.rloaed at N'SJ* Vid, 10i??a?ked. rre*?tir? f>a a1 l>irt._IM)? atkerf Maryland fit it 87>? ! d 88"< *k?'U I'.iltiin if <> , r' 'in, h' 91 hiil 8\ aakfd; iJaitimoir 4i O II Railroad MmrsJS't bid. :9.;?k*i'. Pnii.tin i rm?, Virch IS?First Rnorrf-8 (riri d Tint', 2 V 10 V i Uthur r 10; 10 I.e.. h Nav < o . 31 *l I0<| State S'? 74?,; i'.llr ? r dow.S4>i;5 ii'lii Kerna 2:??<i; 100 N-w ?r fy. 5'i t .? . n H* te5'?, 7lKs 2'> New-hrae* :< SifloflHaa <1 x li. i '.'hllKi *3 M l: .' '? '67 104; $<50 U 8 '? ? *31,111; ylnnuTr >i fr?, . ;>: V'*; !0 rx'i'thrr.i Bink Ki', H J!frr%al-t ?*3 ro Ptav- sM 7s>s tiooo Su-<i ?>'< Sim ? '? Nf? lea-v, 3 Si I'M 11 Si?t?5'i 74V- I North A mer can B?uk. I IS; $20t 0 J-ch Nn? 6Y "CO, 13 100 Morr a b'j US: SO do c, II'* : ISO 0 Si 'te s5 71', f;0 000 do 5da, 74M? 85000 Kaadiiff Mt Bond', f> li H. Srter.d Woarit?1<0a Rradu g 11 R b? 'SO. tOj 100# 8ch. ^' v b?, '08, 42?,|. 75 Lrliigh Nut C""l acrip, II 61 (1 nid Uk, 110 \-v? lc ,? > iip'r.5. Jijlrr Maori-3(1 0 U H S'?, 'Si, 3"'*; TO.) Treta JSi te.?. C?, IC2?*; .''Olifl litalf S'a, *4*j; 10.fill ?l.?, Ti'4: Ki)0Citv6a 'if. ! !): lOOGiratd Bank. 11,1*; SO do, ll?f j 10 IViin Hnilron,!, 1, 50 Kleminfjtou e<>|>|>?t, I'Vlion on, VTurrh 14? Hrokert Honrd?K aha Peidinj RH, 2'%': 25 do do blO JO.'-*; 2'i do do 2' %?, SO do do 2(*g;38dodo 30. 2r ?ii' so I . i! i Hit; 2uV; I <1o B< itnn and Woreeater KR Ml: 7. i o Wrat^rn ,< II, n?> ,v. 102^; 7 do i'o old, lOOV: I" do do. ?3\ no i,.t It.,'; in dodo ?30. '<' 10, I0?><; 5 do k II l?i?er I' R. SIX; lO* <1 > h at f mi ton t o. ll??;7S do do. IS; 0 do Fitch bur* hi! 117?,'; 25 d i N'otwieh 8c V/oic<"?ter RII, ?8'g Jit Hnn4 Hnarit ? SO tin Kaat B.'a'on ("o, lt'?'' 10 do Norther* ll.f'#1^: 2'id>'>nn Hivrr RH, 97*^'. 10,i do Kradirg HR, , '.|: do '(> Ji", ; SO do do, b3rt, 20)4; 2 do Vt and Maaa RR, 77. 27 <! > Wf<teui Rli, I06li; SO do rr\r atock, do, 101; IS da Nor & Worcv trr>l4R, >3, 38; 25 do do, blO, 38. nn-frsnc MARKRTS. NiwOimvf March 7. 1918. ?Cutlon?Th? market h?a linen ry qtliel, urd tho aalrabaraJr rrtoh 3000 baled III atnnll lota, - i R r thn mar^e r< n'lnuea r?ry qnlet, r.nd tn>* ra < n to t ot ?*efrd 3'>0 >tbd?. Prleea feeble. OoWpfp S-. of HO" %t 19 a aio Flour?No srtl?a rf la t>o- ' nr? 1 ? trarat lr?d ; Ohio l? retallloK at ' * . i/vi l.l.ta 111 inot a.-l ! at *J5 flftrn .Tho nor.H?r<l fiicliM IH 000 mpbn, ol which-.'Ml at f ; 4170 a' a*Hi '*00 at89e, nnil P7J4 at 4'r O?t? Tine nr(M? danlin*'!. o( 1*00 f, i'lf" s L<-n(' i ( 40a; 'J.'Mi Ohio, In 4 lot*, at .Tin; ssf " ft.l.v an I 180 nt 3jn \V 1 1 k?F ? Small aila* ?t IO^o ! _ Int.* nff?v ! ire?lf ? Ifln. i'OShl* IU<* poMa* i|i?n IVrfc >?tkrt. hravy. Pair" rf ICO hbl*. Ma?? at $!>; 1(10 lib'-i ( $'.) l J.o.vid 70 bM?. Trim* nt $7. B?:on? >' ]r*of 9(1 paf<k? rM'? rt 4\c; 40 at 4,i?; 23 caakaahonlil'Vuiita him* at 6ff; 80 oaiiV*o*nv.ta?*d Or; so > ltr<v?Mi(;*rour?d at 10?. Lar<l-Th? damand oontlnxm aetlm t.)? nl?a raaoh I7A0 bb'a. an 1 to? an J isuo kfga, aj followi: 18 tl?ro>>i at 31 a'A^; 70 - 1 I .... " bblf ?t?H, |7| at ??! It ?W| m at dty Ml at f I* T*j lUMMwafWi *?d W *?? Wo ?. ? *X* ' Deef-tiO tier cm ptlra* nfM were sold ?t $13 r>0. au4 Ivd tleroet at 1U3 'is. t'reights?No transaction of inter?*t bus tranrplred. Exchaogf-s?Demand limited London. 7 a 8 per oent premium; Pttrl(. ft 3iM? it ft 10; New York (0 days, l>i a 'iX per oent dUoount; do *l,:ht, par a % per oent premium; Treasury Notes, 1 percent premium. Chiiuitoh, (Htrcury Oflirt) March 13?Sale* of eotton yesterday, iJOO bale*; prior* some what easier, a* holder* met buyer* mor* freely, than for the (wo d?y* previous; no actual decline,howler. I'rioes ranging from &X a principal sale* 6?i a 7*4; middling fair te folly fair 73? a 7Jj. Rioe?Market very Arm and fuller prioe* fer kjout 0UO ti?rce* sold, frem (3 1-10 a %Vt Kreights to Liverpool 7-Id i, and Havre Jia. FOItEION MARKKTd. Kingston, (Jam ) Fib. 10, 184V ?Kiour, until 1st lust , ruled at 44* for retail parcel* of Baltimore?the market having been left with a supply barely reaching 800 bbls On the 1st and 3d Inst two vessels from New Orleans 4~ !*!? KKIa (Ha A'har v{?li fiJUl hhla* prices, consequently, have become depressed, and small parcels, to tba extent of 200 bbls, have moved off with difficulty, at 30 a 39a The coru meal market 1? light, and 21 a 33s in obtained for retail lots Illoe doll at din per ti*rce. An assorted paroel of pilot bread, navy bread and crackers. from New Orleans, arrived to an almost bare market, but no sale* therein have aa jet been made The whole of this paroel consists ef some heavy bread, which is unsuit)d to the market. The demand tor butter is v fry dull. owing to the heavy stock in market ? Lard is worth a ft ^d per lb. Turk?American prime is dull: AO bbls have moved off at ?N.i, cash. Haras meet with v?ry little Inquiry; Amerioau go off slowly at 6 a 7>?. Cheese is exoe?dicgly t>osroe Three c.rtzo?s of pitch pine lumber have roo.-ntly urrived, but could not tin J buyers at 100s, or even a less rate; one of these has sinoe gone out of the market. Mart led, In Brooklyn, Tuesday evening, March 14th, by the Rev J.C. Ureen, Mr lute V H. Johnson to Miss Huth E. 8at<:hkll, all of the above plaoe Died, At Fort Lee, on tho 14?U lait of scarlet f 'ver. Aittk Catherine, daughter of Abner and Hannah Cath<wlae Benedict, of this city, aged three years and seven months Her remains will be taken to Trinity oburoh oemetery for interment. On Monday, the 13th Inst , Tiiomis anmstronn, a native of Tyrone County, Ireland, ig'id 31 years and 3 months Oa the morning Gf the 14th lnstaut, at the residence of bis father, in Lowell, Massachusetts, Charlks Ptuner., in the Slst year or his age, of the firm of F? sgrrald P.inoc k Co. of this city. Oa Wednesday, the lftth instant, An* Carolink, wife of Oeor^e Bonner,In the 35th year of her age. The friends and relatives of the family are rfspeotfully invited to attend her funeral, on Friday, the 17th Inst., at:2 o'olock P. M. from her late residence, No. 604 P<arl atrcet. Her remains will be taken to ureeuwooa ume tery for interment. 3 On Wednesday, lflth Inst , after a short illn?si, William dom.ur, son ot the late William B. Jenkins, in tl)e 3d year of his age. The relatives and frlands of the family are invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon, from No. 34 Grand street, Jersey City, at 3 o'olook, without further notice. On Wednesday. Maroh 16, after a short illnops, David M. Thall' a;ed 47 years. H'l frteixli ana acquaintances, and these of the family, are rcsprotfully invited to attend his funeral, without further invitation, on Kriday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from hip late residence, GJO Broadway. On Wednesday evening, March 15th, Mary Louisa, th* only child of Kdward Q. and Mary Ann Majerey; "god 19 mtntUs and 16 daye. Tha relatives and friends of the family, are invited to attand the funeral ou Friday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from 78 Henter struct. The funeral ef Julia Maria Bkrrv, the wife of Cspt M Berry, of the rteamshlp southerner (whose death we have heretofore notioed). will take place this (Thursday) afternoon, at 3 o'clonk, from her late residenoe, No. 66 Bvekmun street. Tho relatives and friends of the family are particularly invited to attend her funeral, without futther notice; alfo the members of the N*w York Marion Hoci"ty. tud the members of Knickerbocker Lodge, I. O of O K. Carriages will be in readiness to aeommodate thoso who wish for them. POST OFFICE, NEW iOKK, MARCH 15. 1849 ? The U. S. Mail Steamer Hermanu will tail on Mucdav morning, 2nth int.. fit 5>i o'clock, A. M., for Southampton and Bremen. The mailt tur this stermer will be closed at this olIi3e at ha'fpust I o'clock on Furday, the 19th iuit. As pr^at . a ticulanty is itrailed iu making u,> the m <ill tor the differ rit i aits i f Europe, the public are requested to deposit ttieir letters in thii office at their eailiest cunvenience There will lie r.o apnit on board the ship to receive letters, be. News pap. rj for fcniope must be secured with narrow bauds, or they win oeciurrfea wi.inciter postage on tne continent.?n.. h morhi8 p m. To the electors of the sixteenth ward. ?Having seen my came in ihe Ilertld at a candidete lor Aldrrmin of the Sixteenth Ward. 1 begleave tns*y, tlntl nm not a rnndidate for anr office whatever. ABRAHAM B KOVVN, 9th Avenue, 2Gth street. Every variety ok job printing, at burtotighs'nffice. 113 Fulton stteet (\ few doors below the Hrr&ld Office) whe'e will be found tearly all kinds of American t>|ie,Miii i-.sny varitUea imported by him lion Europe, not tot up ia this country; particularly Urge scripts, and a splendid court h\nd" for circulars. Kour ltuicirle? engines ia oprritiou Cards at almost auy price. All wo k done at th? time promised. W.I, BURROUGHS. 113 Fulton street BURGESS,STRINGER Jc Co.'sLISTOi'NEW BOOKS corrected daily.?Wvggaritsand Vagaries, 50 cents. Two O.d Meu'sTale.i. byMrsAiarih 25 cents: Flower's Ptmonifi'd, No-17.25 cents; Virtue's Bib'e, IW66,23 cents; ETa.or the Isles ofLifei nd Death, a story of the Norman Invasion of Irel.ind, by Marurin, 50 cents; 'I ne splendid work called ' The Pictorial History of Eavland." just completed in 4 rols . price $14; Tne American Rifle, SI 25; Lanucelot Wedge, 25 ceats. A Lrolusi'in of literature in preparation, to be dnly anuouuced ? BUBOES*. HTKI NGKrt St f'O.. 223 BmsJwav. Books, books, books 1 -w. igowans has removed his extensive stock of miirellaneous Books,(T5. 0C0 vols ) fmm G3 Liberty (treat to tha spacious stora 178 K?l:ou street (Trmple of the MIHIU few doors west of Br.??idw?',opposite St Paul's t'hurch Yard Just received. the Democrats Review, from the commencement ia llll, to July 1815. 16 vols , $25; American Anna il Register, t v >l? . $10 ; Per ny M iganae. 14 vols , $21; London Museum of Foreign Literature and Science, 42 vols., $42; Monthly Mirror, 30 vols , $30. Paper, paper-* riti no paper? a general n>s>rtmectof cheap c?p and letter) also, fiae and superfine, bine and white, ruled, plain, commercial and packet post; also, fist caps, hardwire, druggists. match box paper, and stmw ?nd rig wrapping, in great yaristy, for sale by JAMES norval. No 1*0 John street ICE. ICE, ICE-THF. SUBSCRIBER IS OFFERING lor sale three cargoes firit quality Ulster County Ice. frcm II to 14 inches thick, now alio it. l<or particulars erqnire nf .1. L H'tSronck, 1(4 Murray (treat, or of the subscriber, on board sliop Lawrence, foot of Warren stree:.?A. 11. HATHAWAY. A BEAUTIFUL SILK UMB?ELLA, WITH A HT MHly carved htudle: a plain substantial Umbrella, in ids of the best miteri-Is. and in the belt manuer; a pateut ?etf nprniug Umbrella, Paris made, in great variety; an Umbrella fit to pse, and not too costly to loose Either of the above desrribed i-ticles may be parchaaed lower, and better than at any other p!ac> in the City, st 214 Broadway. GENIN'?, oppo i?St Panl'a Chnren. CHANGBMENT DE DOMICILE, (22 WARREN 8T.) 4 <?a'd?MaJme J. Houdbert Boucher, (formerly 252 Broadway,) respectfully informs her costumers and the ladies Kereraily. that she continues to carry on the business at her new rrsirfenee, 22 Warren street, "he is cons'anily furnished with a hmdsome assortment of French Lingerie. ( '.ips and Chemisettes, Infant Pardeasut, Hats and Stiaw Hats, of the latest style ; alio Krench Corsets, and (Worse's mule to order On the patttrnaofthe very best houses in Paris. Look at tiiis.-ladies, we invite your atientios to our law '.nd splendid assortment of Boots aid Sloes, which we oh ill sell until April 1st, nt first cost, as we intend makinu some chancre in our business. These goods are all fresh and latest strle. Genu, we haveon liasd n large quintity ef first rate Boots and bh les, whi :li we shall alto s?ll at .-ost, at the old place, SC7 Broadway, corner of Franklin it. N. B ?Also, a large lot of Rubber Oyer t-hoas and Water | ProrfBonts, Also, a large assortment of Gentlemen's Congrass Gaitar?, at radncad prl??. M. CAHILL Unredeemed peedges at the five dol lar Rait Store?Great Baiguni?500 boys' sniai, bine cloih jacket and pants, t) to t5 a suit; gents' saperfine c oth oats, $2 to $t each; pints, SI to $3 a piir; vests, eloth, plaid silk, sitin. Ice, SO rests to $3; business coats, tweed, cloth, ?a?hmeretie, $2 to $5; overcoats and cloaks, V to $8 each. Cash pud I lor gents' clothing. Cleaning and repairing, comer Nassau and Beekinnn Left off clothing and furniture-laJim an 1 I **nr l? niitn hnvinff sli nrrfl if .'ins cfl*-clB to dispose of, >uch as waaiieg appa el, furniture, tie, can obtain a fair i c'tsh price fur the same 1>v at nding for the aubrrrihtr. (breach j tbe pr>at office or otherwise. who will etteud at their resi- : denres. J. LK.VEN8TYN, 4M Broadway, up sHira. Lidi?? con be stteaded to by Mra. Lerenstyn. LAIlKF.'d 8ACK8?MYO.U8TOMF.R8 AND 8 F RANJ ir'i are respeetfullv appriafd tint my ready made garments are If possible, of better finiah than eyer and the prices at uaiial. low. Mr black and brown Sacks t > tit the body, are particularly admired, the price ia $10. The beat rjitalr.y of French cloth Dress Coata, made to inea are, ii $20; a m t ex celleut one lor f IS. Gentlemen who are in doabt aa to what i tailor t'i pattomse, end not competent judges of gooia, nre e?peei lly invited to c*ll at 116 William street, opposite the WMnil tff.n ?Mre?. Ilrmeatr it the hem rolirv WF.AHIVO APPAUF.L, JKWF.LRY ?OKNTLEmen, or families h'.vi:.g ca?t off Clothing, Jewelry, or superfluous effects gene rail v, which they desire to cosveit into | cash, inav fijd it to their advantage to send for the subscriber, ; ?li< will titrenil them nt their residences by appointment. A line ?ent through the put-office, or oilierwis*, "ill receive | prr.Bipt attention. H. LKVK.T1', office No. 2 Wall atreet, comer ofpTotjyiy. IMPORTATION AND F.XTORTATION ? M. KA- j nel, K lo-ist, Seedsman and Hardener, hna the honor of i->- 1 f >rinib| the rnblie, end the ledies amateurs of plant* and ftowen ia p rticular, that he haajuat received by the packet aliip l.igo, a large assortment of flowers, planu, roots, kc.,er>mpris im Auiuneulaa, Camelias., Ormge treea. Hltorfodendion*. Mrguo'iaa, Azaleas, fcc , lie He has also af??h supply of garden seeds llowfr seeds, bullions rooti, fruit trees of the choicest kinda, lie he . ob sale .wholerale. reuil, ar.d for ei Donation, at his establishment. No 147 Bread way. (COLLECTIONS IN OHIO-BENJAMIN F. nt'.NNI> s VI, Attorney and Counsellor at law, Cleveland, Ohio, will atte H to the collertion and settlement of foreign claims in any part of northern Ohio. Buameas entrusted to him will reeriye immediate attention. Richard B Kimhall, F.sq. 51 W.-ll ?tr?et, New York, will receive and transmit business to n-e f ee rf rinwe, ai.d will also give sarsfaet ?rv re er-i re. CtT4Tli'. RANK AT * AITf IFnTI Vq--TH nil I.M t)V ^ th>? lUuk are redeemed by M??r? Waihburn It Co., of A llmiy, ibe leial Airc.ti, niirf nt tlio lin k, in areeie. nrd bnnRlit by ail the Brokera at the (nrrent rates on New Voik Hu-f mnniv The** billt are xrucfd entirely bv atork? of the Hut* of New Vork H>urert.ea, March 14, 1144. tll'9h?i.i, n js \ \rw. fmideiit. NOT1CK-THE COPARTNERSHIP IIERETOKORK lifting het?-eea tb? tnbierihrr*, utider the iim? of UUNLAP k THOMPSON, ii tliia day ditrolved, bv nintuil r ufent. Thenffiirt of the firm will ne cloaed byTH ^ [II NUT w'rxi ndnly amh. ri*ed to settle tho ?*me TDl'NLAP, J. M. THOM*<?N. March 14, 18ift The ?"h r ibrr will runtime the hn?inrti in nil it hr?nehe?, a? hfret' fore, nd tru?t?. by nmidnity and atriet atteM'ou. f > n-.e-it a |ih?r?l?hire nl patronage from hi? fneiidt *nd tb* pab'<e T. DtTNl, M", Seediius:! and Kloriat, <S1> Hro.idwiy, near B'.etcker atrtet. Billiard table for vile, recently imported from (JarmanT?It i* the beat and moit brntifiil to be f >uud in Now Voili, and would be particularly eonrenlent fur a club, rieh habitation, or a country doom ? Apply at S3 N uaau afreet, iu the haiameat. Alio a Lath* for aale, 11 W??t Broadway, op ataua. IACOB 8. PLAIT. At'OTIONKB/L^HUCHieBtr, J Chin*, 01???, *??(Mnhfnw?>r Olr*n0ale?, L*i?h>. *e.~ J?enO MTrlttl will Mil wh m !?%' 'sToel, fa < ?* !*rg? loon oV*r the aactioB *torf, corner Piatt find 0?.;J at tttl. by catalogue. 604 lou. A geaernl Miorttn^nt of (lowed. blur, printed, white granite, d'p't ?td C C w?re he . coasiilirg of limner ?nd Tea ware. Toilet do., Jugs, Platea. Dialie?. Bowl*. Tea seta, he. Alio, }0 China Tea sets, au invoire of Kim I i ah aii'l American Glassware, Knives, Korka, Tea Travi, Hreail rtaaketa, Oir'cdote*. Lamp*, Castor*, Tomhlen, lie. The a:tentiou ?.f country, ai well n> City dealers ii directed to the tame. Terms at tile, when catalogues cau be had. C< untrir mefhan^a e*n hive rh?ir ware well packed. Benjamin mooney, AUcTiONBtu.-EUWAKD Parson will Mil. this day, at 10 o'clock, at the auction room. 283 Pearl street. Hardware, Cutlery, he. well wolhy the attention of the trade, At 12 o'clock, 240 (roc* superior Sieel Pens, well worthy rheattrution of dealers; 4 I'ou Safe?; 2.'0 cuds Knives. Kor farmer particulars see catalogue, now ready. BKWAKD-A HOK8E AND BUUGV WA8 stolen from the stable nf the subscribers on Monday, the tih lost. The horse was a dark brown, with a white stripe iu the forehead, white hind feet,one of them white to the ancle joint, tl>e ethe white half wjy to (he gambril joint. The bugCV has n tew leather top, iu the near aide ot which are two

small holes, also two holes cnt in the body behind for the rack, and two hole* in the spring bar. Ilarneis silver plated; underneath the eMIar is n new pad or sweat_collnr, covered with cloth; abuHrtlo robe msrwed liridley oc rreat; bn[ir round at ends, square body, pauueLed a?nt. Twentf-five dollars of the above reward will be |>ai<l to auv person who will restore said horse ami buggy to the owners. and the MMM Will be paul for the thief; or a liberal reward ~ill be given for information where either inav he I'ouud. UHIDLKV fc THE AT. Bridgeport, March I" ltd Lost ok stolen from thk subscriber's pocket ub"nt 6 o'clock P. M thia day (Wednesday) while laiairjc from Nn 178 Pearl st-eet tnroonh Piue, f> the corner nf Water, a Pocket Bo k, cutaining al'out seven'y live dollars in money. and a large ninonut of uotfs. all made payable to the order of Wade Morrison St Co. A liberal retivril will be p.tid 10 auy person returning the sauie to meat No 173 Pea l street. up inurs. S. 8. MAY. Wanted-by TWO RK8PECTABLK YOUNG wiun-u. one to r mli, w?h an4 iron, an'! h ii no objection to do hnnte work in a tin ill family ; the othsr to do chainher work a-id assist in llir washing >iuil innum;, and h is no objection to go u a innM iri 1 do Mwliaf. The best of city rele ence. rltase call at 14 '.'.mil street, second floor, back room. WANTED-1<V A RESPECTABLE VOUNO WOman, a situation to do general house work in a mall fa. mily. Btal ol r,lV llflTttMl Ki>eu. Apply at 127 Hester st WANTED?A SITUATION DY a RESPECTABLE \ oui g w nn as cook nrd W'<uld aaaiat in w?ahir g i<n<l ironing,or act aa chambermaid ami do plaiu sewing Qood city reference. A. it , 69K Warreu afreet. _ WM. R. FR1NCK fc Co. PROPRIETORS OF THE L'unean Uardeu and Nuraeiiej. K'nshing, New York, will transmit their new Catalogues ('tith editiou) of Tiers and Flauts to all paid applicmra ; a to their om Wholesale i.alalegiie to nil Nurseriea and V'uders. Th's (treat Collection ii unequalled by any other iu Europe or America. and the prices mnch reduced, fruit frees of many kiudi am] ra penally Pears can be supplied. at bearing use. Catalogues, 'to lit Clark Ic Auat u'a, Agents, 2C5 Broadway, ftiaicli 14, It 13. Agency for lo atino military bounty Laud Warranta?Davenport Iowa?Ehenrxer Cook, A'.toruev at Law. aud George B. Sargent, U. 8. Deputy Surveyor ?Cook It Sargeut, General Land Agenta, will give peraonit'attention to the location of land warrants upon choice lands in the fl.iuriahiug State of Iowa Persons wishing information iu relation to the opportunity for loC"tiug land wnrranI ? through this agency, cm obtain it at the office of JOH N Q. 8\RO?.NT. Esq.. 11 Wall street, New YoiU. Desirable country residences to let, furniihed in the beat at rle, on Htaren Maud, l apo ill Monte.?The well kuown sincious manaion belonging to Madame Grimes, 20 minu'es drive from the lauding, surrounded bv lofty f neat fees, with vistaa commanding the moat eirenaive protpf ct of the oceau, and of ihe haibor of New York ? The atable. carriage house, a id ice house nre in peifect order. The grounds including h g lly cultivated garden*, ere well laid out, aud cover 28 ocrea, end'sed. At.undauce of aprii g warrr Alao, unfurnished, rhe amrfll cottage on the hill aide, Cunt lining I'irlor, diniii,* room, and f.jiir bed roi rns, b'aidea kilehe* aeivmts' rooms. Lihewiae commanding a beautiful view, a,.(I bu ll in nil enclosed pa'k of (8 acres of woodland. For terms. apply to Mr. George Roll ins, A uctitneer.or Mrs (irymM, o? the premises. TV' LET?HOUSES NO. 131. 186, BR1DG* 8TKEET, Brooklyn, ten mi'utes' walk from Kultou Ferry. Tli?y are in every r?sprct desirable for a residence. 11.nt moderate') Inquire at Itl ww nmt _____________ TO LET-ON TUB FIRST OK MAY N* XT?A IS excellent three story house in Hammond ?t, (itie'l with tnarble man tali. Iiot and cold baths, Sic.?rent $500. AI?o. one in link street, the nine site. with like conveniences?reut $175 ; both si'uated hetwean Kactorv ond Kounh streets Applv to ALEX. M. GUEHi, No. 1 Hanover atiett, corner of WallL TO LET?TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN ONLY?Two handsome rooms (fnrnislied) the from *nd back parlors of No. 91 White street, with hr'akfast, if desired; no objection to two persons o curving the same apartment. The family is im?M and quiet. Apply ?a above. FOR SALE?BROOKLYN PROPKRTY?THREE handsome moderate siied three story brick houses in South Brooklyn Also, nrow of cleRant collagea on Duffield st'eef. also, a very neat three story brick house in Gold street, a desirab'e residence for a family wishirg a moderate dwellinr in a reaper.table locality. Apply to PETER PARK?, 11 Avail sfesit. basement. TO BO * RUING HOUSE KEEPERS AND OTHERS ?A family of three persona giviac up hontekcepii)?, would wish tn mike an arrangement for board with a fimily who would tnke the use of some good furniture as part parment. None but persons of respectability need answer this A letter stating where ai interview can be had, adureased to Mri. Williams, at this r.flice. will be attend-il to TO HATTERS-RAN AWAV, JOHN HALLIHAN alias Peek, on the 27th of February. UI8: had oa when he left, dress coat,"plaid vest, and ran?indented apprentice 'o h """ irf11 persons nrn cautioned against harboring or etnployinT him, a? they will be dealt with according to law. A. COAKLKY. No II tlataria street. IjlOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN THE splendid steamer TIF.HM ANN, ('apt Crahtrce. will leave pierNo 4. N.R .et? o'clock, on Mondry. ?0th March, carryiug the U?i'ed States mail. This ship is bn'lt of nnnMial strength under the i-sportioa of the agent of the United Statea government. with a view to b?ini( converted into a ship of war: is fitted with two powerful engines, thoroughly braced throughout, and his ample and beautiful accommodations for passengers. Price of passage. "120. Apt>'v at the office of t^e uccin .-irran * h v iirn 11)" i rmpanv. 11 vvinitm street FORLIVSRPOOL-N>W LiNE-HbuULAK PACK etor26>h Much?The new iu<i splendid fait sailing packet ship RO8CIU8, An Kldridge. m uter, ii now loading, an<l will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage.havirg splendid furnished accommodations, auplv on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K COLLINS. 56'h street. The packet ship Biddons will succeed the Roscius, and sail her regular day. 1,1 OR CHARLESTON, 8. C.?THE STEAMSHIP ' SOUTHERNER, Opt . M. Berry, will leave Pier 4. N. R., oj 8 iturdiy, ihe 13:ta instant, at 4 o'clock, P M. All hills of ladiug siguei by the clerk on board. Price ofpwge tli Kor freight or passage, apply to SPOFFORD, TILESTON h CO . 48 South street. FOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND NEW York Liu* of Packets?Very reduced rate* of Freight? Positively to sail Thursdav, March J??The fast sailing packet ship 0SWEOU, Ingersoll, master, is now loadikg, uud will sail as above, her regular day. For fieight or passage, having splendid furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans Wharf, foot of Wall street, or to is.. K. COLLINS, 16 Houth street Positively no freight wil be received on loa'd ifter Wednesday evcnirg, March 22 ? Agent in New Orleans, Mr Wru. Creevy, who will promptly forward all goods to hi* address. Packet ship RICHAK D COBDKN, will succeed the Oiwego.aml sail her dar NOIICE.-ON AND AFTER SATURDAY, FEBrnary 19th, rhe steamboat 8TATEN INLANDER will make th e tollowiug trips, antil far;h*r notice, leave Quarantine at 8K, 10 A. M., 12M..J P. M. 5 P. M. Leave New V, ru ,r? 4. M.. II M . I IV M .1* i*. M..6 IV M. RK. AD-JUST RECEIVKD, A LETTER FROM THE 1 Hoe. Henry Clay in favor of Mrs Jervis's Cold Candy.? [New tfork, March 13th, 1818. My Dear M dam : I beg your , aecrnrance of many anil cordial tliai.ks for Tour obliging rre sent nl Cold Candy. froin which I am persuaded thnt I inve derii- d benefit. Yours, truly nod faithfully, MENKY i CLAY. To.\1ri W Jerv:s,379 Broadwy, New Ymk The , original letter can be seen iiy any person curious of seeing the ' har.dwritiug ol the great man. at Mra. Jervia'stote. The Kitract from the New York Herat. uf March I2ih, I8i8, will add testimony, if it were essentially needed : " ,\;r. looned remaikabiy well, having almost entirely re'overed frcrn the e(recti of the severe cold which lie took when he lira* or- i rived, nnd tin essed hirnaelf as feeling inurh better inm he had felt for several days past." Hold wholesale Mid retail, by Mrs. W. Jeivit, 378 Broadway, corner of White street.? Ajcuts?100 kultonst;183 278 399. 461, 511, 6ii9, 657. and *56 Broadway; 248 . 284. 248, 38"}.. 3S3. 5(6, 501, and 526 Gr*ud St.; 221. 249 658, and 522 Houston at; 77 aud 102 Ninth avsnue; 256 Greenwich it; Id and 77X Eighth avenue; 223 Wrecker st; Winship.77 Cast Broadway; 355 J hirdiavenne; I.econnt. c? r narof Grand find Division sta; Brignam, 17 and 109 Av. O; Ne'sou,corner of Catherine nnd Madisou its; Lyon, 440 Grand at; Gu'On, corner of Bowery aud Grand st; .Vis. Hayea, 139 Kalton it. and I Atl ttie it, Brooklyn OT^Eaeh package is invariably signed Mrs. W. Jems. Be sore to ask for Mrs. Jervii's Cold Candy. Tut up iu packages of Is, 2s, 4s, and tl each. _ DR. COOPER, 14 HIIANK STREET. BETWEEN Chatham and Willirni sts , Ml for the lift fourteen years enjoyed the most estensive practice in pnvite dneitses.of any medical man in New York. He eon cure the moit airgr.'vaied . easrsof this disease; am) mild cases cured id two to live diva. Stricture?Or Cooper has discovered a new method by which he can cure the worst form of stricture iu from one to two weeks, with scarcely any pain to the patient. Constitutional debility br..u?ht on by n secret liabit indulged in by young tuen. This, when too freely indulged in, begets dyspepsia weakneis of the lunbs and s'uall ol the back, eoofosinn of the intellect, amt aversion to society. A run warranted in every : ca??. or no rh.irir* No marcurv n?ed. A TREATISE ON DISK ASK* OK THE SEXUAL I Hysttin, by Edward H. Duou, M. D., author of sundry i hutgical r.siays and lictuies on tha <per<uve surgery of tlie i Eye?PP 27J. edition 8th This work contains a complete re- 1 vi?w of the causes of early decay from te'.f abuse and eictss, , and alio of every known disease of the sriual svateoi, in 'augu.ige adapted 10 every reader Opm oni ot the Press :?New York Journal of Medieine and Collateral Sciences?" It is j wi teen i/ a clear, nervous style, and is calmlatcd to do much | fond. The descriptions nrr a< curnte and the tie.i men! judicium. The practitioner will find it abounding iuvalur,be i bi?ts, nnd t'ir general reader will come acro'i nuny n??ful caution' and wI'mngs." Boston We.Iicil and S>ui|{ic?l Journal?" Dr I)iion has written much ell on various branch- | es of sorcery his book shows a thorough acquaintance with mid?rri practice. Suicttiie, gonoril ?i. vaiioc?le, hydrocele, I and fi<tula. are particularly well tre ttdof The anther's ori- ! duality ?nd thorough devotion to the rational pri ciplea of | medicine, and his ingenuity under trying iiirgical circumstances, stamp it with uncommon in'errst " Evening I'osl?" Dr. Onon is a puril of Dr. Mott: the inventor uf a grest number of valuable instrument', and a ptactiti?n?r of fifteen years | standing; his book is written with great delicacy aud care, yet [ 1,1 decided la-guage; it will di.nbtleas do gmt guod." "Wo. | man enl her Due ses. from the cradle to the grave," adapted i ei' lnsivsly to liar infraction in the natural laws of her system, and all the diseases of her cr ticrl periodi. By Kdward H. Dixon. M. D?pii 325; price tl 2^; 4th edition, horssle by I II AKLH^ II RING, corner of Rr.ndwsv ami John meet. l/' I. t???unnpuilMU ol ILUOAnnmrn i 1" reliable, eapeeially adip;ed (or the cnr? of billiona aud l.iyer (omplainta, drapepait, sideline" and p?in in the head, heirthburn. aid that doll, weirlaotne feel n* af er inuli, particularly after dinner, flunleu e, i[viim iu the atomich and boweli; and i i all c?e? of recent or ihromral eoati?en??a, their worth la hayond ettinmte Purely Tenetnble 111 their comrotitros, they do not i.cea?ion *ny confinement to ti e hnuif, or altemion from the nunil diet. Tiiair operation ia mild and plevaqt, aare whmi ihe impuritie* of the ayttem hare hf c?itn# hithly vitiated, and even then the ?lulit :nc<>nre>ienc? ia immediately forfnticn in the amtKing lireliueaa and rigor whieh follnwa. The Bmndreih Pills d?atroy wnrnn. i nrily the blood, remove all mmei of irregularity in the , fauctimi ofeyery orftan, and are thua a treasure of health to i b'-t i aeic?. '1 heir vutnra aurr.aa nil en o. y, and mint be ! rue I t<< be (ally nppreciMed Bold artt cent* per bit, with . full dir*etiona,at *41 Hii'non ?tieet,2TI B .weiy,*''d at Dr. B. | I'rineip-l Off;*#. 2i| Rrnadwav. Net* VorV. 1QO-DI <- H.RIK8' ANTIOOTB rOR (JON 11**' orrl ie?. (Jleet .Mtrcture, nn I airniNr duordrra. Thia it a remedy whieh rrqnirei no Maia< i.ce?1? peifoitna i'a duty nmrkly 'iid tlv'ouglily, leirirg a.i injurious rff;ct, either to the r Mittitnrlon or to the part afYerted In nting the antidote, noi'? of the incinrement and uielcn* roatrirti in on dot, ccenpation, lie., Ike., are required Oie bottle ia generally auf f'i ie .i i" care ordinary eaae, w hich not (infrequently diei pieara aft*.- in cr eight doaea. Price |l per bor le. Kotaaile by C. H. UlNtii 1W Broadway, comer John itraet. 'I ' ' ' - 1 ." pABK TMlfiATHJt^fiKDUCTIO.V Of MUOJtl*. I I BPt#? M Pit (Stent*; (J*!'?ry UVietfi'i ? Uo.-rt I JMHI' : ? <) r f :'!*!( K*?t ' TiiflMdw March. Ill, r ill us Kiairuidl, 'htkMnd ballet of AH!\i Ol'lf.Ufl?Honudr. M'l!? fll.iujrv; Mililltt, Mill Vail**: Atmodtiu, Mods WtillmfT: < leii>lia?, Mom. Binisrv. Previoualo winch, i tin N" HVOUM MAN AN'U THK MAN OH NICRVK?MeShmie, >lr. Brougham; Mr. A?|ien.Mr. B?n: Mn. Gl?ckeit, )li< Knikh,; Lady Leech. Mm Vernrn. To conclude with tbe DUl BI.K H -.))L)KI> ROOM?Mr. Dulcimer Pipra, Mr. Bn??; M-jor Miuun (J Audiewi; Mr?. Deputy Loro.ii, Mr?. Vermin; Nancy, Mia Droit Bowehy THKATHIC?thuhhday kvk.mno, , March 10th, will be tevived ihe powerful dmina itvleii ! THK BOTTLK?Hicbard 'I b irulev. Mr ( Urb^. (>,? u<! 1 i Oray. Ti'toii; D'Jifnoae. Hall; I nddlea, Batke; S,iilie. Jor- , duo; Ruth Thornier, Mr*. Piiilliis; Katlier Cl?re, Jordan; Knty Cruinn. Hutherlaml. With whrh, will ba repented 111' K j\ . ? u isitl? bill, nil. nnruic; .ti r. \iz i-a n, ,?lr. Kfiip- j Tabithy, Mn. Xutherlaud. T<> conrlutle with the (JAMU COCK Ol- THE WILDEBNK8*?8ainp.on Hardhead. Mr I Marble; Col. Vereville. Bellamy; Nance Butler. Nlr?. Su'h- 1 erliiud; Clara, Mr*. Walcott. Boies 2 j aeuii: Pit and Gallery, 12 X csuts. Door* open at tX o'clock, Performance to I conttnei'ce at 7. _ (CHATHAM THEATRE. ? THURSDAY EVENING J inc. March It, ilie perfortnnnrn will ooininenre with tlia trngedy of BHUTUS ; or. the Fill of 'J'arc|tiin?Brutus, Mr. Addains; Titan. Mr. Sutherland; Seituv Mr Brandon; Arnns, Mr. VV Hielil. Till a, Mm Hildieili; To-i|uinie, M>s. VViiki ison; Luereeia. Mr? W. Itherwuod Highland Hing by Miis Delorniue. To be followed by tlie fnrce uf SET A BtOOA'< ON HORSEBAt K AND Hf.'LL RIDE TO H?di, Mr. Winans; Uulnare, Mm Hildretli. Favorite Uance by Mm Delorniue. The who)* to conclude uith the dr um ol the ID'OT WITNESS?Gilbert. Mr. Wiuans ; Dine, Mn. Wray. Doois open at 7 o cli ck?commeucs at 7>?. Bcirs, 2S c??ts; I'it 12* Broadway theatiik-thukhday evening, Vlarch If?, will be performed tl.e cumedv m tilled LONDON ASSURANCE?Sir llarcuuit Comtly, Mr B'alie; Ma* HarUaway, Mr. Vache; < h.irles Courtly, M' >i. Vanileiih.i S"; Lady Oay fcpHiiker; Alias Fanny W a I hub; Orace luk> away, Miss Rcse 'l elbin After < he rotrrriy, Dunces l>r the Misses St. CJair a> d < leleite? Ovnture," Torvaldo e D< rliika," by the Orchestra To conclude with MY WIFE'S 8EOOVD FLOOR?Capt. Topheavy. Mr. Anderson; Mr Felii Toddi*. Mr. Dxwson; Mrs 'JVpheavr Mrs Wh Stanley; Kiuny Mayluve.Mua T'lbiu. Doora op?j at 7 o'clock; performance to eommenc* i>t haT-psst 7 uYlm-k MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC TDK \THK. Till KS ilny evening, March IGth, will be presented K Mi II, Or, The Woodra rhoennakrr?Ksliri, Mr Holland; M?dune Kaon. Mrs Henry. After which, HUNTING A TURTLE?Timothy Dandelion, Mr iloll/uid; .Mr Tartte, Mr. t; Mrs Tmtle, Mils Huberts To he followed hy A OLANCE AT NEW VOHK IN 1848?Mow, Mr. Chanfrau; Jake, Mr. C'onover: Mrs. Morton, Mrs. Henry, To couclude with CITY WIVES?Mr Lovewtll, Mr. Hoi aud; Mr Crabtree, Mr. Oonrver; Mr Easy, Mr Arnold; Hiis n, Miss Phillips. Dress.ctrcle, 58 ceult; upper bo*?s Jieis;Pit. 12X cents. Id future the doois will open at 7 o'cl< ck, ntid the curtain will use at 7X o'clock. ITALIAN OPERA HOUSE?SECOND PERIOD OF the Season?On Monday evening, 27th March instant, the Opera will he resumed, and continue to he presented, iu iu most attractive f"rm, every Monday, Wedaest'av and Friday evening;, during the lemv.ning Thirty Nights of the Season Applications will now be received for the hire of the remainnm Boies ard Heats, either for the whole number of Rights or for t^eir occupancy on any particular evening of the week. The Second row of Boies, in the second tier, have been altered, and will be brilliantly lighted,so as to inalre these teals among the most desirable in the House. A variety of popular Operas, including the New Orand Opera i f Nabucco of Verdi, now in rehearsal, will be BTOnipt ont. No expense will be spared to make the second part of the seican family an brilliant, if cot mure so, thin the lint. Astor Place, March 13th,2848. _ pTTX<Trtff?.TTHIiiA'sk-M>>fth" x./.i tVat r ri ..? 'i'L. * - ? I ami" a v|i?-n miliar.? M. lie Iilil';n^ir rr?pt!C till 11 y 011nonnces to ll>e public that, owiuvf to the immense labor nnd HptMNqihwlfur th* fitting oat of his nvnd noyal attract ?ns. he tiuds he caunot complete tin arrarceineuts sons to bring them with Ml their oovrlty and beauty, before (he community until Monday inm>i uem. Tki jduim i? aware he has promised much?much, therefore, it r?i|uired; and lie will fulfil hii prnm'ae t the very letter, w icu is, to produce these Tableau* Vivants with such grand eM>ct as not "t,lv to pu7i;le, but, nt die s?me time. to gratify tl.e b?holder. In ihe meantime, so us not to keep thelionte closed lor n whole week, and to gratify the many hundred npplicatisut for the re appearance of the Model Artists, and wishitiK to pleate all,C n house will be opened this evening, ai d the remainder of the week, wi'h entire new and eplendid Tableaux and Classical Grouping*, so that 'he most fastidious cannot fail of btiug pleated uud nmuied For further particulars,see small bills PAI-MO'S OPEHA HOUSE ?THE CELKBn.VTED groups ol Model Artists, twenty iti number, will have the In nor orappearing in a series of their celelrated Grind Tableaux Viyants and Poses Plsstiqnei, under the management of tujj Monte L'lle. Thursday, March Hth.?The Tableaux to heeihiUited this week, are the choicest of those produced at "La P?.rte Martin " Paris, which have re*liz*d iwo millions of franci to the prop ietor of that theatre. Third nitht of the Kieatest novelty ever nrodueed before the American public?The Lsncer's Quadrille, danced hy eight ladies cf the troupe, and a Hornpipe, by a Model. Dress circle and pirouette, SI: upper boxes, SO cents, Doors open at ti>i?to commence at 7)?. MK( HANIC8'HALL, 472 BJlOA "WAV. I5KTVVKKN Grand and lirooine stieets.?<>I*KN EVERY NIGHT DURING THK VVKKK. Unparalleled nucrcti. Twenty fourth week of the OriRinr.l CHRISTY'S MIN81KKLH, the oldest ctnblisheri himl in tins United Stales, under the direction of E. P. CHRISTY, whose inimitable and . n-! Dignity nonuriu wnn crown!" aim iiign- | It respectable aadieuccs, nail ere favored with a inurin.i.e unprecedented by tiny amusement in this city. Adumuon 25 cents. door* open at 7. Concert commences at 8 o'eiwck Knr the accointno<)ation of families no 4Fl'?ttMOON CONCERT 1CVERY SATURDAY. Doors open at 2; commence at I o'clock. DUO AC WAY ODE ON?ENTRANCE THROUUH A' Piateei's Oafa dti Milla Coloaa** ?Ma**g?r, K U ' ireely.?Maiieal Director. Mr. OlUlia!H.?boincihug New. Professor Young will produee a ?cw lerirs of magnificent Tabl?>ni?The Scnlptor's Dream a:d Vemunnd Adonu, will be produced ia style of richness and effect li.tlnrto unknown in America. Thurtiley, IVUvrh 16 ? i*ron"*;:irte? i*?rl 1? TabtMai Vivaatased Potai l''ou?s bv (he ,\1> <>1 Artists, 'art J?Virginia and Virginias. Ike. Part S? Invocation te Lor;,&c. Performance to commence nt ? <> ^.. neitr> Bot. H eeau; tVq??*'? .??<? '"*/-? r?*t?. AMERICAN MUSEUM.?Splendid rerformuioei, every afternoon at 3 o'clock, and every evening at 7- The m?linger has the pleasure of auaouccing an engagement with Mr and Mr*. Malone Itarmoud, and their tlirre benntifnl daughters, who (tire their inimitable Irish Mui.-nl Entertainments ever? afternoon and evenicg litem Western, !he Yankee, Mm (Jernard. the Model of leru?alem,tlie iJcriptue StaiDftjjr, tic.icc. Admission to tha whole 25 ceats Children aBSlft IB.h.til price i reserve.) f-ont t.M ? on Ml'.rnr ri> ri BAN YARD'S MAMMOT* PANORAMA OK TJfl? Mississippi river, painted on three inile* of canvass, be inn the largest painting in tha world, at ihsel'aaornma build ing, in Jircadnay, adjoining Niblo's Garden. Opca every evening. (Sundays excepted.) Admission 50 ceats: childrea price. The Panorama will coinmeace moving at 7X o'cloik precisely. Afternoon exhibition oa Wedneidayi and Sam do vs. at I o'clock. Last concert ok the hutchinbon Kumily in New York and Brooklyn, prior to their visit South.?The Hutchimon Family return their very kind ac Enowienumeau 10 meir I lenoi in rNew lo t and vicinity, fur die liberal parounge testowed io previous eQiertiicneuu. nntl w .uld resieclfulty announce that th?v will give it Vocnl Kuttrtnument at Kutgers Institute. oo Kriday eveniug, Maich 17. A lio at t lie Library Uall. in Brooklyn, <u Monday evening, March 20. Also their Farewell Kntertaicment at the Tabernacle, March 2t. Tickets 50 cents ench. May hi hid at the principal music stores, and at (he door on t1 e of entertainment. Doois open at n quarter to 7. Concert to rommenee ?t a q carter to 8 o'c'onlr. DHOLL DOING* AND DIVERSIONS AT i He. >uciet? Library, corner of i.roadway and Leoaa-d at>ret, Tuesday, Mairh Hth, i>nd erery evening throughout the week. Dr. V ALENTINE, the celebrated deiinea;?.r of ec centric characters in conjunction with Signor Spinelto and bii lOfl learned Canary Bir's Tickets 25 ctnts. 'I o c.nnniscce at 7X o'eloc* Signor Spiuetto will give an exhibition for (he accommodation of children evety inurning lOX.ied 3>? in Hie afiermivi. ClONOERT ROOM?No. 332 BROADWAY, ONE J donrabove the Broadway Theatre. Kverv event iff 4uring the week, c tume ring Monday eveiriig, March 13th .list? rr.>fe?sor TillKRS' company of American nnd ^ureiga Ar lists, (twenty in nurnbir) will appear and produce a variety ol new tnd splendid T*bte>.ut Vivr>nts and Poses -'la*t <inc* ? 'The costumes and prrperties cannot tie surpassed by any others in the Ubion.. 1". T ? llavitg made arrangements with a cflehrate ! 'mini > f Kthi piau mmatrtla, the y will appear and enterriin tl.e an dleucewith tlirir hnraTs. n'res, sues and dances. bnr!e*ques, Sic. 8tc.. e '.cli evtuicg. '1 he popular Ethiopian c?nc-unre dance of Ho?a Belle, will be personated by one of die band. Fir particulars see small hills. Dress circie, 50 ctirs ; upper setts, 21 cents N It?Strict order will b* kept by Uic p .lice ofii.ier in attendance. Doora opeuat6X o'clock. ?.ommriicei t7X o'clock. CCONVENTION HALL, 175 WOOHTEK STREET J near Blreker street?The oniric*! Hable llrrtli.n e?n> tinue their attractive and pleaimg e ntertaiumei ts every niuht ' tin* week, escept Wedneadny, March liih, when they are rutted to appear it Washington Hall, Jersey city, and expect to meet there a hoat of friends; their highly failitoothle and rmpulir entertainments are making for them grind gala liuiea. New Yorkers have all got to hear them and are now beg.nnicg 1 to crowd upon the in We advise all to com* enly. Uooia op'a 6H o'clock. Concert commence at 8o'clock. Admission ItH cenia. fflHM OAMTBELLB HAVE :QMB~-THIJ CELE J. brated company of Kthtope>n Minstrels, whose popular and inimitable deliueatriis of the Nagro chuactrr.hnve everjwhere drawn ilia moat f ishicnable homn, will have the plev nra of giving one ol their highly popular entertiintnenU every evening this week, at li? Mllllll Blllfe. Wt lllWI way. The manager of thi* company feela no hesitation in r?aurmg the I.nliea and Oentl<-Ken of New York, t ?t the perforrn uteri of this bind of singers will alwav* be such as the molt fastidious will approve. Admission. ce -is. to colliBianco at 1 rpWKNTY THIKI) ANNUM. EXHIBITION OB A the National Academy of Design.? l'he rooms of the \rndeiny are now ready lor the reception i works for the Twenty-third Annual Kihibition, which will be ope..ed on the hit of April. JOHN O. CHAPM A V. Secretary. N A D JI'AKKKK'8 ANNUAL EXHIBITION BALL Wll L talte place at Tamuianv Hill on Monday, the 27th ol March, i n which oceaeion will be brr nnht forward i gr* ter variety of New Dance* ami more n?w Pupils than he has introduced at any previous exhibition. A full description will Mftvcnia future advert semeats. ______ f 1 Kf. T KXr.ITEMKNT?FOX CHASfc AT ;v,UH"T risi in Depot, Htrlem Mnilrond, <n Tuesday, the 21?t msr.,at II o'clo'k. r iituuce I'.-e $1. The giouud for hunt intr C-iinr.t br beat. I BEWAHfc oi Ml k HI 'D DK n chanoks 7)k the I Weather?M a cahholl'8 Mrdicstrd, Vapor, Nnlphut,Mid Iodine fljihs, Ut Fulton street, nre a certain cure fcr c< Ids, rheumatism, chills an.l lever, infl immni?u of the respuatory organs, diseases of the skiu, Sic. Delay not in obt lining relief, which, by nether, may prove fatal. OISKASKS OK TIIk'. KYK-DR. WHKK.LKM, O I list, 29 Oreenwi jh stteet, with confidence assures the public, tint there is scarcly any durise to which that if n'1?r and beautiful ormn is subject, that does not yi-ld to his suecesiful mode of tr??.tm?nt. Kefere.ces given to the tirst families in the city. Office hours from 8 A M to 1 o'clock P. M., after which he d'votes his time to out door patterns. A pamphlet, containing reinaiks on diteases of the eye, with nn- I merona instances of great cures effected by Dr Wheeler's or the ?ama will be forwarded to any one nuking application I | to him by letter, poupnid. 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The President's organ, with ludicrously bad grace, attempts luintly, to laud the treaty, and, in doing so, is compelled to use those arguments lUat, tiller the example of Mr. Polk himself, it denounced us treason two phort months ago. It would not he at all surprising, though such ell'rontory is scarcely to be imagined,if an attempt would now be made by this facile instrument of Mr Polk, to prove that ho has been wholly consistent throughout, and that the treaty is fully up to all his positions and declarations. That he has influenced many votes in the Senate by such or some oilier siiniUr representations, is demonstrable. Such ttn attempt to practise upon public credulity is scarcely conceivable; yet it was not to be expected that Mr. Polk would have avowed his weakness; inconsistency, when detected, never gives up, but boldly adds impudence to imposture. The treaty will be productive of pome good result. When every thing connected with it shall be made known?the mode of its negotiation?the manner in which iho negotiator was tricked into it by interested parties?the correspondence which led to it?the expedients resorted to by the President to ensure its ratification? the spells by which some men wtre spirited away, and others gained over to its support, there win do a universal uemuua Hint torcver hereat* ter, pending the deliberations on u treaty, th? Senate's doors b1i. 11 remain open. I say, with entire confidence, that during the deliberations on the trealy, there wns nothing brought forward of which the people had not a right to be. informed, or the revelation of which would have affected the issue of peace or war in the slightest manner. flow could there he 1 Mexico is prostrate. An unomslous government, like tbe fciast ImiiH juggler, suspended in the nir without uny visible support?without popular sull'rages, or party str< ngtli?sell constituted for uught iliat appears to ilie contrary?by the aid of an Englishman of Hie uame ct Thornton, (Heaven only knows by what authority acting,) tricks Mr. Trist into the concoction of an intuiiiou9 treaty?for infamous it was, as it came front Ins hands, providing, as it did, for the plunder of half the people of Texas of their property ?this same Mr. Trist at the same time violating a law of ;he United States^ in holding any intercourse whatever with this queer Mexican government. 80 bald is the imposture attempted to be compassed in the treaty, that even the President is bbhamed to send it to the Senate without bearing witness against some of its provisions. This is the tiling w hich is so sacred that it must be kept from the view of the people. This is the document, bearing the deep impress of wicgaiiiy auu iruuu, uncut wnien mr. rouienjoins his cabinet not to breathe a word, and which lie communicates in solemn secrecy to the Senate, ut the same time that members of his own household are permitted to convey, in mysterious whisptrs, to those of their especial acquaintances, so much ot the truth as will barely serve to delude. Liut it is said, if the Senate's deliberations were public, the treaty would be defeated. This argument is us<?d in bliud ignorance of its tendency. If it have any meaning at all, it is that the people would not tolerate the ratification of this treaty, il all its concomitants wers known. Then it it be not such au the people would approve of, let it be defeated. The Senate, respectable as it is, as a body, does not monopolise all the wisdom, and patriotism, and integrity of the country. Its powers, as some Senators would do well to reflect, are but delegated, and it has no right to say yea when the people say ?o. If, tli<jn, the Senate thought an exposure would defeat the treaty, thry ought, from respect to the source whence the power is derived, have thrown open their doors, and listened with deference to the voice of the people. It is not perhaps generally known that fora year alt< r the lirst constitution of the Senate, it sat with closed doors, until at length the waves of popular opinion dashed down the frail barriers erected i>y prerogative, to hedge in from prolans contact with the people, it* most vain and empty dignity. Side by side, with the young virtues of republicanism still gre.v the old vices ot monarchy. A ponion of them w is torn up by the indignant people; a portion of them, it is to be regretted, still remains; but will not remain" long alttrihe tr,inunctions ol tins negotiation shall have been brought to light. Prerogative in a monarchy may be tolerated ; it is the breath of its nostrils, w ithout which it cannot exist; in n republic it is either the offspring of stolid vanity, or a ully and ill-concealed uping ot despotism. . 1 have always found that those Senators who most strenuously advocate the system ot closed doors, are always the least economical of the Senate's secrets. But another argument ia used in support of the* enforcement of the system in the case of this treaty. It is said that it the provisions of the treaty were known in Mexico by the people generally, it would never be consummated. It this treaty be such, that upon a lull understanding ot it by the people of Mexico and the people of this couutry, it would be scouted by both, or by either. then it should never have been negotiated, still less should it have been sent in to the Senate with the recommendation ol the President,and least of all should it ever have been ratified by the American Senate. I do not mean to pronounce judgment 011 the acts of the Senate, though at lull liberty to call in quertion the wisdom of their decision, but merely to expose the wealmcsj ol thin argument for closed doors. Galviensis. Wasiii.nuton, March 13, 184S. Mr. Polk,? Ambition for *o Second Term?A Litter J'rum Tennessee?Col. Zadock Pratt?The Pi ttidtney. Mr. Polk has become ularmed for fear that, before the meeting of the Baltimore convention, his secret designs aud schemes tor a second tertu will be generally known by those not in his secret confidence. The leading friends of Mr. Buchanan have, within a few days past, been lulled into a false security. One of thein, a few days a?o, said to me, "Oh, Mr. Polk will not be in the way? that'* all arranged." Yes, it is arranged, an was the cat in the meal tub. We now have openly 111 the fieid, on the democratic side i?1, Mr. Cass ; 2, Mr. Buchanan ; 3, Mr. Woodbury. A letter ha? recentlv been received in this city by a government ofiicer, from a very distinguished Teniies8ean,jwliich has opened the eyeB of, at least, or'- candidate for th? Presidency. In this letter, the true design is exposed. Mr. i'olk is to be prised, in the contingency that ueitherCass, Buchanan, nor Woodbury, can get the nomination. Ttic writer says: "Mr. Polk's Iricnds cannot tak<> part in any content between :he prevent riv?l? lor the Presidency, especially when tK?-y ur<* all wrong on one cardinal point n the democratic creed, viz: opposition to int-rnal improve ments by the general government. We, ?t our own accord, shull not present hia lame for a nomination. But who doe9 not see hat, under tne two-third rule, end amid tho tresent quarrels, he is the man to eventually iucceedl Ho asks nothing, yet it the party come o him, us the only man to serve the party, ho :anot refuse the srctifice." Mr I'olk, however, should not too fondly ex* >ect such a stute of things. There may be some jne who nobody knows, that may, (as he htinielf was,) be brought forward as an available, l'here are hundreds who would make " the sacrifice!" t or our part, we go for Col./^adock Pratt, of New York, a man of more ludustry, enerprise, honesty, aud common sense, than all lu Presidential aspirants combined. The bone kn<] l .-I. ... . tMAri tli*> iiit'i'hanioki Mid the agriculturists, wouia come up to Ins nupiort; and why shall w?> not have a '* practical " nan lor our executive ? More than nine-tenths )l our countryman ?arn their bread honestly, by :oil, nnd it would lie to them a* creditable to ake Mr. Pratt as it was in the llomaivs to call yiacinnatus Irom his plough. Fkux. Washi-noton, March 14,1818 Tht Hi raid and the Treaty?Great Enlhutiaim? Confirmation of Mr. Sevier?The Loan Bill, 4'C ?S<*. The V'ftn York Iltrald of this morning's arrial, was all the go, and numerous and curious r?re the guesses as to the myst >ry of t'iat treaty; ut perhaps the very beat guess as to the means trough which the said treaty was obtained b/ ie Herald aforesaid, was that of a youn<4 lady, 'ho could account for it in no other way than y u, compact of " peace, friendship, and limits" \ t