Newspaper of The New York Herald, 16 Mart 1848, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 16 Mart 1848 Page 5
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9" II 11 IL1 IL IHLI1 ...I . . ill IJUJIIIW. HI II tit!), #tga?i by ill tb? suvpofatot*. eipivitlug their (o tt'tdou offottaln! s eotepmf f? tl< purpcs? of tr?n? ! aoUng tL. busiutu of insurance, which deoiaratlon shai' : oon tain a copy of the charter proposed to be a J opt? J, and a notice of suah intention to be published in tha . 6 maty in which f dch conpauy is proposed to b? iocat j 1. It *l?o r?quirr? that the capital of companies loca" I te l in the oitiee of New York and Brooklyn shuU not be lesa than two hundred thousand dollars, aud in all other oouctlea not lass than fifty thousand dollars, and no j company located in the oity of New Yerk to commence I mutual iniuracoe until notes at twelve months, in advance of premiums to the amouut of three hundred thousand dollar*, have been reoeived ; and for fire and mmna navigation riiks, until like premium notes to at least one hundred thousand dollars shall have been receiv' d? all such note* to ba considered part of tbe capital took af aueh company,to be negotiable and collectable for the purpose of paying Ions*. In other countries business shall not bn commenced until similar notes, to the value cf fifty thousand dollars, shall be obtained; and if for fire in?urano<?, until applications for at least fifty thourar.d dollars shall have been received. It further pro- i Tides that no oompany aball commence mutual lnsu- | rtnoo businesi in the city of New York until it shall i receive at ltast 100 applications for risks of at least (2000 each; nud If loc?ted In tbe oily of Brooklyn, Al- ' any and BafTilo, ufctU 100 applications for rieks, of >1000 1 each; and If In any other part of the State, until at j least 61) applications for risks, of $.190 aaob, areobtaioed No ftre insuraace to be mailo upon any building to ba greater than seventy-five per eent of its value. The funds of thtse companies may b? invested in bauds or first mortgages on real estats, at fifty par cent of its value, also lu New York and United Slates stocks and st?ck? of incorporated cities In the State; marine insuranje companies to have the privilege of loaning on bottomry and respondentia bonds. Tbe oompanlrs | are to hold such real estate as thoir business accommo! datlons demtnd, or suoh as may ba mortgagod for loans praviensly oontrseted, or whlob may ba oonveyed in eatlef/etlun for debts, or suoh as may ba purchased at Bales upon judgment, decrees or mortgages for debts I due. All real estate not necessary for the burlness accommodations of the oompany, to ba sold within six years after acquiring title. Aft annual tatmuent to tna Comptroller ia required of the amount of premium reoeived, losaas paid and uoartainad, expinaea, securities representing the oapita1 stosk, the value of the tame, and a lUt of the stockholder*. If the losaaa and expenaea have exceeded the premium*, ao that the capital Is impaired to the amount of twenty per cent, the Comptroller ia to require the stockholders to make the doficlenoy pood, under penalty of forfeiture by the company of the atook held by them Until tbe deficiency ia ma<!e good, no new inks to be taken, a violation of which involves forfeiture of charter and peraonal responsibility of the directors, they being responsible tor all losses aeoruing upou such insuranoe. Any company already organized may at any time, with the written oonaent of three-fourths of ita etockholdera, { extend the duration of its charter twenty yetrs frnm the time of its expiration, by altering it in accordance with the provisions of the general law. It also provides that dividends shull not be greater than eight psr cent per annum, un'il the net earned profits are equal to on* half of the capital stock; nor above ten per o?nt until the net earned profit* are equal to twice the onpital stock ; no dividend to be declared when the capital atook ia impaired,and no dividend to be m de that will impair the capital stock. These are the principal poiftta In the new aat, to be establlched upon general principles, according to the r<quiiYW?ints or the new constitution; and with the exception of the restrictions upoa capital, t'-aere appears to be notbicg objectionable. There are no eheoks upon any inorease of capital, oiit may be made as large a< any oompany wish, but there are prohibition against companies being formed with a capital leu than $900,000 in this oity and Brooklyn, and less than $S0 000 la other eouatits. This looks too much like monopoly, and will prove ruinous to those companies already in existence, having tmaller capita.? ; it looks ae though the larger and more powerful companies were to bs preteeted at the expense and to the extino* tion of those of smaller means. We cannot oonoeive what objection there is to a oompany of $iO,UOO or $ 100,. j COO, located in this city or in iSreoklju. provide 1 they ! are regulated by the same rules, and established upon the same pricoiple. One of the principal arguments in favor of a general law upon this an3 nil othef thirg* of j the kind, Is that it eeabl-s men of limited means tooom- ] bine for the pcipose of forming companies. A larger | amount of o*p.t?l would, in the aggregate, be invested in tlis b.sines*, if the minimum o*pital for each company j was l?rsthan that stated ?nd the con;petition between ccmpnnies much augmented. This iswhat. the publiore- ; quire?a large"-aggregate capital and reduced premiums j As a general thing, the small companies are more carriul in ihi distribution of their risXs, and mueh moie prompt in the payment of losses when inonrred ; they are muoh more judioi"usly managed, and pay better dividends, than the companies of iarge capitals, Inn;* expense', large rinks, 1: rge losses and large pretensions We are decidedly in favor of small companies; that is. companies of onehundred thousand dollirs capital; end the framers of the new eonstitution intended no such construction to it la rotation to this subject as given in the bill, a sy- i nopsie of whi:h is given above. ic li arguc.1 ny soma imi me aiooinsiaere 01 iueu- i ranoe oompnaies ihcnld be exempted from the personal 1 liability ascountof the risk attending the fcu- | riueae; that while the suceess of backlog and other oorporatieaa depends almost entirely upon the skill prnd?noe and fl-ielity of Its ?M iara, the nuceees of insur auce eompanlsa ia dependent Mere upoa chance than . the exereiauof sound judgment or prudence. 1 his ia & great c:istaks. If a company liwrd the whole, or half' or urm cae-third of ita capital upon ose risk, on o, or two, or three casualties may ru'n it. But the rnin i"? this ra^o rouM s.rlsa not from thn tae* thnt the t>utin*aa is one vf risk, but fr^ta w*nt of prudence ou the ^art o." the officers of the company. Thia Is too often tie one for the safety of the injured. There are now mora thnn two enmpaahs in the aity of N*w Vork, which late- j ri'.l iastunaes hate "..a.l over >fii1 000 at one time, on one ship and her caryo. Thia dn.tiger, tho only ore of ! oODMqnuBce, wcn'.d bi averted if, either by ths pru- ; Utnce and fidelity of oS<t:r/>, or by not of L?,.-i*Uture, the ainoukt to be taken on aay one riak bo so limited so not to cieeed <> or G per e?Lt .on the amsont of the I oapUftl r;ip!oyfd by aay acsooiation in the buslueu of insurance. It ia true that the oapitil abould be, and no deubt generally Is, Investod in aafe ascnrlties, sush ni United States, or State stocks, or bonds and mortgages. But it mast alfo be borne lausind that nearly all, (say ) of the marine premiums, are payable by notes, eitb?r at 4, 7 or 13 moutha, and the oustom hes been established within the last few yeaia, to take ths notes of oustcmers with out other endorsement tfc an that of the taskcr, or on* of the Dim, ao that in the course of a few months' fcueltifsa. mote than half of the afftets of the oompuny oen. ?i*ta of notM of customer*. with their own cndorainientr. An? Iojr from thia system of doing busiresi, is the rxanlt of bad management, oud can ba guar (led again**. The Motion In the new bill requiring annual report* j Of lotr?s. expenses, k3 , will not suit the ofilcers crrcpanN* formed under (to naf la# It la notorious that Insurance ormpacica generally ara unwilling to bar* tho amouut nfth'lr *et?ral 1p*i?* made Kcown, and the rublio reuuin id iftnorauoe of the ' nuiuTcui smaller losses, whloh inakn up n ruinous sgqre" i gate. may be scan iu the annual publ!*hed statement*. I rtuch wh* tii* c?*.? with the PuIIihd, a compuny which *u?p->rded a f<w w??ki ?g.>, in (hi* el'y. Although up- i ward* of 100,000 dollar* additional capitsl was aiid to haT* been r?ld in by notes within the la?t yt?ar, jet It !n now wrrtalnrd that theyaro 70 000 dollar* mines , Yet the public h*ard of but few, If any, extraordinary j josses iu the courre of Ihalr business. These r?ots, and many others, whioh thf*? co?Tcr?#i.t with the business | of Imursnoe will readily oall to mind, cW- irly show that the pn'ilio are, to nay the least, no belter informed in re- . gard to the condition of Inruracoe companies, than in [ regar 1 to that of banking and manufootiuiLg incorpontloia It is only necAseary to romark,tbat insurance a- i ni. a which aro prud-utly conducted, and lift the coufl | <l?Doa of th? public, nhotild rcoclro aJtqaste premiums for th? rUk* t*k?n by thi>m ; tin J tMt If tliwy do not, It ti th? fault of th? (Uliifm, who olth-r tr im mint of pru dono *, or a d< c(r? to do n In- b?ifia???, fo r?duo? Mu ir r?tf? to (1?prlT? th?lr company of n jui?t connldtritlon for th* M*bilitt?i incurred. Stflek fC* Imni'r f ?f(.nTrM? Not??*'? 1* ih?~Uri<M fc Sclten lt? jV<o <tj MP 101 IHCADIOIICO 3IM jnrM Co b'J KaY Ti <1 *<'4 '.r?0 do ?I0 1i dn bjo 31? Hi 10'?? ti\ rto 34?jJ ]fio K' 6V -Itt losn I*7 in) 1I1 bit V i , ;'#n| )'? n 8t?(e i'l m .'.0 i!o ji% in n IV 11 s'? *>'. .:,i 101 :: - Y.9 9V, I'? ?for k "Wor HIl 1.6) ' r'09 ?* ? !*' t no <11 31 n !, ' (I fn ??(> M !> I il'i ?"(! S?u | 11 O'li" M I. IiUmUUI )iv * r, Hdhi<' (-'? in ' ' { v 1 ii.i 3 :( '() Jim.I i..{ Por.'li tiiii .''1 di> MS jii,r,iio I'.miI Mi ;( '.lonilj MJ4 'M ?o bid J? 70 (Hi Htutt Monk 10) do S3 m ??k M IS# HtfU/R RH uia UK I * S?rih Am Tftrt 11 '& (o . . <?* ' Md flowing HIS 4.? |r9 do blfl ?% 100 (lo 16) j<)W *1)0 00 110 49,** 50 do 4l>M <1)0 do SO <1* 30 676 Kirmrr*' Trust 31 loo do boo 50 IWl do ?nw 31 1(0 do blO 4'J$i 100 do b60 31 50 d? blO 49?, 20 N o Com Bilk 30 SO do 49 SO Morris Cniial s30 afr 10 IIU 301 ?'.? 48V 50 do IIV SO do 4.if? U0 do b30 li?J 50 do MO 49*4 tlwonil Hoard$35' 00 >>?n 5't. r3) 74 100 ths Hnrlrm RR t>60 49V 12i 0(1 K??diVort Bends filK 100 do b!5 4!?S 50'OhinG's. *5" !l? U 100 do MW <1? 400 gin H rlem RR 4'?*2 150 Long Island RR 32.^ 50 do 49* .'>0 do blO 32* 50 do iim 49'. 2dO do b30 33* 50 do b30 4 ' '!< 100 Ktrmers' Lo&u 31* 100 do >30 49* 100 Raiding RR 40* CUT TUADK UK PORT. inn, it luntsuiT ArTKH^oox, mnou la. Ia the Hour market, prices maintained the firmness noticed yesterday, with further kales of Genesee, Now Orl jaus, and Petersburg The demand for the Kilt continued steady, with a good looal trade. The better brands were mist sought for, and for whioh holders were asking noma bott*r pries, lleceipts were retarded from sea by strong galea from the north-west ; while the sevore cold, it wis believed, would interrupt navigation on the rivers and canals to the southward. There was again mors doinj in wheat, and the sales of Genesee, alt Jin i\ few doys, have been large, at yesterday's quotations. Further sales of Ohio were made on terms ctated b<itw. There was very little good sound yellow, and white corn cllnring. R' d holders were standing out for better bids. Ths chief transactions, as on yesterday, were made in New Orleans, either injured by heat, or ou*' f f order, at previous rates. Sales of meal were made withrut rhatige in priors. Kye w?s inclined to droop, aud sales w< re ina lw at a decline. Ilye flour sold at about previous prices. Th?r? was no cbungs in oats Provirions shoiflsd verv liitle change. rork was heavy, and small s?!-s new ruess were made previous rates; there wus Uttie or no prime cfferlng. Beef remained about the p toin There was considerable doing in lard including both kegs and burr* Is. Groceries were rather inactive, tho weather not being favorable to out door business, on acoountof the high wind and intense cold. A?hk s ?Siles of 30 a 40 barrels pots were reported at $5 87X. and 3C do pearls at $S Bkkbwax ?Mslef offloooibs Western yellow, were made oil private terms; Southern was worth 24o. B .? .adstukks? Flour? Sales of b#0 a 1000 bbls of good to pure G-'beJse *-re maue in lots at SH ? $0 old \Ve.?tern cat>al was worth $6 60; 600 a <>00 do K<>ohester, sold at $8 #2>?; 400 a 600 do old Ohio brought $tf 60 Southern oontinued steady,and sales of 400bbls Petersburg ooumrct were m*doat $8 2ft; and 160 do at n~i%. S.ihs of U00 a 300 bbls New Orlean* fair to good brands. were reported at $6 37\a $d 60. There was xie ch-tog* in Howard street or Braa4ywlr>e. Wheat ?Within a low days past, sales of some 20,000 bushels of G'-neaeo have been mado at $1 60; sales of 2000 bushols of w.iite Ohio were made to-day at $1 42, and 20M do., at $1 40; and 2000 do. Genesee ;.t$l 60 Corn?The salts amounted to about 16 a 20,000 buihrls New Orleans, heated, or otherwise out of order, at 41 a 60o Hal- s of 3600 bushels southern mix?d ware made at 62a. 'i nto \y?s very little sound white and yellow < Ifariog, and holders were tlrai. M- at Sales of about 600 barrels New Jersey were made at $2 43 a $ .* !H) fly*?The nwket was dull, and price* drooped Siles of IKK) baeii.-!? In th* slip w?r? ar.^j? at fc3j , and )000 d5. at 800. 6000 d) w.?r? sold to arrive, on private terms. Ry Flour? bales cl' 200 barrel* wer? rendu at JS4 ?, ^4 OB1*. O 'ft rshlbit.;d no change : Northern wre sternly at 49o Hans 1 CO barrels of inferior sold at (ii^o , tod 'id do prim* at $t 2ft. CcrrcK?The market was quiet, and no change in pri?p?. Cotton?The firm petition of holders has rather had the effect of stopping business. The sales to-day are reported at 700 bates MovlmilNts or Cotton in thr Unitkd Statu. Total Expons f >hipmen's l? ' Reed J-'orrinn fit. Northern I'ts. Ports. since 1st Sept. since lit itpt. since 1st8 pt 111:7 i bit;. I HIT- llilo Ilt47. 1?>6 N Oris, Mar 4 716,*91 517.115 388.806 327 881 122 US 7u,524 Mobile ' 4 310 6" 6 271 501 115 ?.!6 <9 5.9 411,'55 33 US Klor tia " 2 76 008 13 15U 10,73? 6 618 32 119 23,816 Tmi, KcbU6 17 9 3 1 104 77-1 ~ 12,565 4,129 G'tfia, Mar 3 123 t7l) 195 015 3t,9Mi 77,333 41 331 55 5 0 Star " 4 Ull Hit 26),165 81,877 118.161 5J.4U0 116,'53 V Car "11 4ift 3 840 ? ? 418 3.810 Vireiuil " 1 3,425 8,183 258 150 ? ? N ?i.ik " 14 ? ? 103,173 83,398 ? ? Other Ft'*" 11 ? ? 4,078 1,439 ? ? Total Bales. 1.427,1,32 1,350,243 737,436 564,548 302,314 302,900 Totol test season 1.I9M43 ? 561 543 ? 302,930 ? Increase 76.889 ? 172,888 ? ? ? l)<cre_ae.... ? ? ? ? 556 ? Stock cn hand latert dit?s, 1847 630.637 bales " " " * 1H4S ?il,06S bales Decrease in 1843 9 679 bales. Fkuit?We note a continued *ood demand for thereta<! trade, with sales of the following descriptions: -2600 tox?rf wet dried raisins, at 1 40 a $1 60; 14090 lbs old ilri)rf nn. 1**_ aUW' fill bbls d(>. at 45.: 200 bushels Wil mingtrn i ca nuts, at $1 37>?, and 60 bbla dried plums, at $3 373* per bushel, c??h. Ki>h Taure wis a better foaling to the market toduy.aad aatesnf 150 bbls No. 2 (M?m ) mackt-r*l, wre iuaJn at ()! 37}?; a iciAil let of No I'd do, at M 75; 429 <1 uiDt?]? of liiy cod, i mill ria-, at $3 25, and 1000 boxes haniUit, to arrive, at 65c for scaled, 35s for No. l'a, and SO* for No $' Kkai iikki? S*J?g 31-00 lbs prime western lira geese, were m*tie at 38o. Stock light tud demand good Glass?The rulr of Windsor giass by auction to-day went cK very britk. Hemp? 260 bales of Sisal were reported at 7>?o, 6 mouths. iaex -Sales were madeby auction ofSOObandles English sbeet (Lairg) at2)?o, cash. Moi.ajsks?The market was quite Inactive, and we ooutd hear ol no tmnrastiona worth reporting Naval Htihki ? It was reported that spirits turpentine h?d Jeolild to On ut 4(io,- but of this we have c* porlLivti pri of, nnd are, iherrfore, led to think it inoor leot; prices,however. are entirely nominal. Oils-Wi uctioe rales of 500 cases Florence, in (be^tyr) by II uma, ou private terms. rales (in alllSO bbls) new mess pork were made at $10 25, though some holders asked more. Prime was scarce and T?ry little doing. Sales of 41 tlercea Mains were made at 6,\ iTl Beef -Small aalre of eountry mess were mad* ai $ 25, and of prime do at $5 25. L?rd- Sales of about 550 tit-fa -vera luad* at 8>?o, and 2*0 bHa. with 795 ticrcca,at a 8o. There was no chaage in butter a::d cheess. S?i a cf 15 bbls eggs were made at 15<* per drz Ricr.?The market was steady. Saleaof 100 to 160 tierces wrro made on private terms. SnD- Shier of 25 bole clover weru made at 7c, and 30 tierces at 73?o Sugars? i'jie demand oor tlnued sotive, and we note rHivj o: 20 liht's New Orleans at 4'tO. la Havana we cc uld hehr of worth reporting. Tin I'latls-Salra by auctiou cf 4> b:x?s, at $7 50 a *8 Teas -The ci;r<o of the ship lIors:>urg. was disposed of to-d?y by iiU 'lion, according to previous notio*. Toe Fhlts wtro quite r>niuiLtrd. us follows 'Terms, notrs ut rix m< n Li. IIjsoc?13 ea?ea at 82c per lk; 62 halt charts 46>f; -IS do 4134. Young Hysons ? a cas** 86; 0 do 15 hultcVes'a 78J<; Id do 73; b7 c? os 67; 6.1 half charts 51; 20 do 49W; 271 Co 49; 322 do 48!*: 04 do 48; 50 cares 45; 145 < ;eMr II; 6>doW; 338 do 40*; 45 do 39!<; 60 do 37tf; 40 do 37; 127 40 88; 185 do 3 i}<; 50 do 33)i; 458 do 31; 127 do 31; 18$ do 30*; 117 do 30; 113do28fc'; 40 Jo 2s; 7udo27; 30 do 2d. Hjs< n S<iin?71 half ch?sts 29X; 129 do &nd 31 nhest* 28tf; 32 do 25>f; 100 half e.hesta 24; 17-. ,I? .111 . .11 HI !J?li?i>i }.!! Aft H.I 3IW: '20 ilo iaei'do 10;~37~do 1; UOdo 18; 3A4 do 1734; 72* uo wi'.hilru u. Uunp . wior?b caoa? 9JX; 6 'J* )''!1 charts 60; AO fi lb boxes Jo; 2<0 do 60D 13 lb do and .'il CK?rn withdrawn. Impeiial ?14 caacs 71 >*; 10 li?lf chrg'n63; |.i io.M; 100 Id lb b">xeil 30; 4i 0 do aud 350 ti lb df? with .r:i.wn Oolonjt 10 bit It cb??t? ; 110 do 30; 6B9 do 24; 240 do 23^1 520 do 23. Kokeft SouoUong ?923 half cb*i?ta28; 110 do 22Jtf. Nlneyong Souohong ?.<0 !iillrh??f?2!?; 60 do 28; 40 do 37; 100 do 26>?; 645 Uo 25; 20 do 24^: ICO do24; l?t? do 21; COilo wlthdraWB. Whalihgnk- No ulaa wore reported Willi*!*? Half n of 000 bbls Ohio At 33 ft 22>?o. State Pri?oa wsc held at 2Jf. FnKinMTi- ('ottontaken for Antwerp at \o, rice at 37 ?'d. and bono at J,'o. For ootton to Liverpool 3-H d w .3 demanded To Havre ootton wan worth ,'fo. Thera win not'il.-g a?w to London ItrAi. CiuTt at Aroriox?1 lot on 44th ftreot, near llth \v~mh-*. ItlH} f210; I da on 431 street, do do, 25x100. $2- A; 1 d> ?ujoiolng, p?in?? aiz?, $3<W; houee and lot in 44 h Btri-et, n*ur < l> Avenue, 15x100, $1,425. ni AUILKTS GLSBWIIBRE. STOCK RAMS HaltiMoKF March H.?fCOt Maryland Ga. S8X; lOf 0 do. 8f.?,; flto IIa !! %'; 911.0 do, M?, ; MOO d.i, n i>?: 1(100 Ua'Vlaud i inmiltliWt; 3-hi Farirer i fc IVau er*' Bank, I?; Uiiited 1 t ir? 6a, of'67.c!o?ed at 1<3?i til. 101?* aikrd; l'rpmnr? fis a1 lfl'3-t l.irt I''** asked Maryland 6a <"'>*ed at 87X bid PSV " k"1; I'altim if ? , ? ' "90, ?r 94 bill 8^ naked; Baitinioie (t O 'n lix Irond shares 38'4 bid. : 9 a?kei'. r ii 11 ,t i" i run, i .> rch !' ?First Bonrd?8 <?irid Trn*', 2 V. 1? Vi kiburt. 10; io l.e?- h Na* < o . 31 RMOtt Stair 5'? 7<??; S > Bo v p dow, J4>4; S flm i lei ua 2'Wl '00 >*w ?r py. J!, |f ?H' fp S'i. 7lK; M Npw Jf rae> 3: SiflOOHua <1 n il. i i. 7,S'; <3 PO I tii i '67 101: $'10 U 8 'i *5', 10; ?ln0?Tr Ni to*, ili.',4: :0 No-tli-r.i Biok Kv\?? Jlf.trtalt* ?*3'f0 Pta-vi'.! T :1J' $ 1000 Ku <| b'a ,'j7 X; 1:0 Npw Ipra-v, 3 Si 13141 8i?t" y> 74; 8 N'inh Bank. 1 >6: $8010 >'ch > I v 6'?. Til. 13 100 Motr a b"> HH; t? doc, ll>4.$50# Si?te6'is5 71 , t 0 000 do iila, 74^ $.W0 He?dit? Mt Bond*, fifiX. Sfcar.d Hoard?HM H-adii-ir It n ba ".0.10: 1000 Si-h. V?V b?, '6.1, 4H,7,'. 75 Lf li ;*h Nht C"'?i teria. ?? smmci lit loo r?-v? .)< <n' I), up'f, J. Jtfl'r ttoard? 3(1 0 17 S S'?, 'Si, 9?V; 'foil Tr?M itl* l fi?, 102*^: Mtlil) ?ituf S'?. ~Ci\ lO.COil il.>,7!'4; SG0('ity6< "?C !IJ: HO Oirotd Ranli 11'?; So do, 1 l't; I# Oun Railroad, I, SO Kieiningtou eopi>*r, \%. Bouiw, Mtith l(-Wf(lt>r? Ho<ri{-2) ibi Peidinj RR, J' T<: J5 <1) do blO 5f>'v. 2> (tt> do 2 *? SO do ?l? " H ' 3B do do *30 2rSO I.) do b 16 2u?{; I do Binton aud Woreener HR MS: 2.) o Wf item IlK, ne w, l"2V5 T do do old, ICO'.i': 10 do lift. <1', mi I. r | ,,*o sJii, >{< to, ins1*'; 5 do K II Hirer HR, 91k; 10* <1 > h> it Ronton ' o. Il??j75 do do, 15; C do Fitshhurt hi! 117??; 25 d i Noiwicli & worccfer RR, .' ?? Jit unni K?it B'i'on <'o, ll??' 10 do Norther* l< II. ' S'-i: 2odof>ni Hirer RR, 97^'. lflj do Reading HR, ?' : tifl do'in JO1,; 50 do do, blfl, 28H: 2 do Vt nml Mom HR, 77. !7 d Western RR, 10S'*; 50 do i:e\T stick, do, 102; 25 da Nor Si Worct .ter.HR, ?J, 38; 25 do do, blft, 18. nrPTPRTIC MARKET*. Nr w Ooi ** ?* Mnroh 7. 1818. ?Cotlon?Tha market ho* been tj *ml thn oale*bar?JT reaoh 3000 bale* fu email 1 '*. " i-K r tbi? mar** n n'lnu** r*tj r.nd the em n 'to rot e*proil 2*0 hbd?. Trlreo feeble. OolnM-r Si ffflO'i hl.l* at 19 n -J 1 c Fljur? No *il?s f f In )ior rio? 1 x Iraret Ired ; Ohio la totalling at ?s 12K,' ; I ('I hbl* Illinois foil at fA 35 Corn -The Jem ?i;il r.or.M-':'* *'?r<I* r*apb*? Iri 000 nark*, oj whloh '.'.Ml at ; 4170 a' 37Hi 170n at SSo, and P714at 4'IV n4fi T.K r>r<|M? has ilaflllned. Mai** of 1*00 i ij? !- I.r :i* it. J0a; '11 hi) Ohio, In 4 lot*, at Mo; Suf "1 S.T.iin ' InO I t .til'. \VI i k?r-Hroall ailen lot r(f?vi : ireely at. Iflo. frthbla Raw eold at'if'o IVrh ".Virket Kovjr. Pair* rf llto hbl*. Mai* at $P; H O ),!.: ! f!) M.and 70 bM*. Trimo at $7. n* on ? .'. I ? of Oil* f!'l'* 't 4,1*e; 40 at 4fJ?; 33 oa?ka*honlil vRt.l ; il o..i>ko tiifcln hum* at 6nj 80 ea>k? ooriTJ??ed r.> Or; 5u , ieriv *fni|:?rcur"d at 10i?. [.aril- Tha damand contlnnf* aetlre m,<l t.t? ?>1?* raaoh 17A0 hb'?. and too aui lsiio keg?, aa follow* : 18 tUrOM at Hi, 91 ?t?Xi 70 . .J 1 I ' M J febl* rtfttt; 171 at 0?j ?? at IU| 4N at d*; I?1 at f 1* 7(1 i 11M Hen at "Hi *?J *?> *?? Wo ?, at Mi- I ? Ewf?fcO tlcroes pflra* raeM w?r? sold at $13 M. ami I jG : ? tiero<>? &t 9i3 ti. Freight*?No transaction of iatMoit ' ha* traurpired. Exchange*?Deatand limited Lon- t, don, 7 a 8 per cant premium; Pari*. 5 3JX a 0 10; New i York 00 day*, 'J>? a '2\ per cent discount; do *i,;ht, par I a >? p?r oent premium; Trea*ury Note*, X a 1 percent J prnalum. ,j Chableitoiv, (Mrrcury OJJict) March 13? Sales of tl eotton yeaterday, iJOO balf?; prior* somewhat easier, os ( holders met buyera mors freely, than lor the two . d*ya previous; no aotual decline, howrver. I'rioes rang- I I ing from tiif a tl1*; prinoipal sales 6Ji a middling 1 r, fair te fully fair 7J? a 77?. lUce?Market very Arm and il fuller prioea far ajout tiUO tierces sold, frem (3 1-18 a * $i't Freight* to Llysrpocl 7-ldi, and Havre V,a. 2 _ __ r FOREIGN MARKETS. c Kingston, (Jam.) K^b. 10, 1S4H ? KiOur, until lat Inat, V ruled at 44i lnr retail parcel* of Baltimore?the market {' having been left with a supply barely reachiug 900 bbls. On the lit and 2 J Inst two vessels from New Orleans oaine in, on* with 820 bbln, the other with K60 bbls; prices. consequently, have become depressed, and small parcels, to the extent of 200 bbl*, have moved off wilh difficulty, at 30 a 33a The oorn meal market Is light, and 22 a '23a is obtained for retail lots IUoe dull at 21s pi*r tl?rce An assorted parcel of pilot brtai, navy bread and crackers, from New Orleans, arrived to an almost bare market, but no salss therein have as jet been made The whole of this parcel consists ?f some heavy bread, which Is unsultrd to the uiitrket. The demand for butter is very dull, owing to the heavy stock ill market. ? Lard is worth 6X a a^d per lb. Pork?American prime is lull; 60 bbl* have move d off at Sis, cash Hams meet with v?ry little inquiry; Amerioau go olf slowly at 6 a IVi. Cheese is exoeedtogly eosroe Three o.rgoes of pitch pine lumber have roo<-ntly arrived, but could not flni buyers at 100s,or even a less rate; one of these has sinoe gone out of the market. Married, In Brooklyn, Tuesday evening, March 14th, bv the Rev J. C. Green, Mr Isaac V H. Johnson to MIm Ruth E. Satchkll, all ofthe above place Died, At Fort Lee, on tlio 14?li lest, of scarlet fsrer, Ant a CATiiKai.tE, daughter of Abner and Hannah Catherine Benedict, of this city, aged three years and s?ren months Her ramalns will be taken to Trinity obureh oemetery for interment. Ga Monday, the 13th inst, Tiiomis Aims-mono, a native or Tyrone County, Ireland, tg'id 31 years aud 2 months Oa the mnruinj; cf the 14th Instant, at the residence ] of bis father. In Lowell, Massachusetts, I 'hulu PmncK, t in the Slat year of his age, of ths firm of Fi igerald I Piinov k Co. of thia olty. Oa Wednesday, the 16th instant, An* Carolitik, wlf? of Ueor^e Bonner, in the 35th year of her age. The frienda and relatives of the family are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral, on Friday, the 17th inst., t at 2 o'clock P. M.. tram her late residence, No. 604 P^arl 1 street. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Ceme J tary for interment. J , On Wednesday, 15th inat, after a short Illness, Wil- , liam, aon ot the late William B. Jenkins, in tt^e i 3d year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend hla funeral, thia afternoon, from No 34 Grand j street, Jersey City, at 'i o'olook, without further notice. , On Wednesday Maroh 16, after a short illnosa, R avio ] VI. Pn all' ajed 47 years. ; H's friendi ana acquaintances, and these of the family, ' are rcspeotfully invited to attend his funeral, vithout furth-r invitation, on Kriday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, ] from his late residence, GjO Bro*dwny , On Wednesday ever.iBK, March 15fh, Mary Louisa, | th* only child of Kdward Q. and Mary Ann Ma^ereyj I ?g?d 18 mrntiis and 10 days. Th<) relatives and friends of the family, are Invited to 1 attend the funeral on Friday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, i froia 78 Hector street. 'I he funeral of Julia Maria Bkrut, the wife of Cspt i M. Berry, of the rteaoibip somheruer (whose death we I nay* umeioiore notioed). will UR? place this ( rBtirgaavj ( afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from her lata residence, No. 55 Burkmun street. The relative* and friend* of the t?mi- , Iy are particularly invited to att<nd her funeral, without i futther notice; alro the members of the N*w York Ma- 1 ricn Society.knd the members of Knickerbocker Lodge, I I. O. of O. F. Carriagen will be in readiness to acommodate thoso who with for them. i Post office. new vork, march 15. 1849? ! The U. S. Mail Steamer Hermann will tail on Monday I morning, 20th int.. it ii'clock, A. M., for Southampton and Biemea. The mail* lor this ste-iner will be closed at this ofliie at hs'fpait 1 o'clock oil Fucday, the 19th iust. As^reat , a ticularity is leqmred iu making u,> the mxils lor the differeat | arts < f Europe, the public are requested to deposit tteir i let ers in this office at their esiliest convenience There will lie r.o apnit ou bosrd the shin to receive letters, fcc. News pap. ri for Entope must be secured with narrow bauds, or itiey will be charged wiili letter postage on the continent.?R. H MOHI113 e M _ To the electors of the sixteenth ward. ?Having seen my name in the Ilertld as a candidete tor Aldrrmui of the Siiteenlh Ward, 1 beg I eave to say, that I ?m i;ot a candidate for any office whatever. ABRAHAM SHOWN, 3ili Avenue. 26th street. Every variety of job printing, at buhlottgln'office. 113 Fulton stieet (a few doois below ihe Herald Office) whe'e will be found nearly *11 kinds of Ante- < rican t?pe, md mny vanities imported by him i'OW Europe. ' not got tip in this country; particularly Urge scripts, aid a splendid court hind" for circulars. Four I'tuggles engines iuop'rstion Cards at almost any pries. A1' wo k done at th? time promised. W.J^ BUKHOUdHH. 113 Knlton street BURWKSS,STRINGER li Co.'?LI8T OF NEW BOOK3' co'rected dsiiv.?Wsggaritsand Vagaries, 50 cuts. Two 0.d Men Yl'ales. byMr?.\lar?h 2) nects: Flower's Ptmouifi'd, No-17,25 cents; Virtue's Bib'e, INo.66,23ceuts; Kr?,or thelsles I of Life ind Death, > story of the Norman Invasion of Ireland, i by Maturin, S<1 cents; The *plen<Jid work called ' The Pietn- I rial llittary of Kairland." just completed in 4 roll. price $14; I The American Rifle, *l 2i; Lanucelot Wedge, 25 ce it? A I prolusion ol litera'ure in preparation, to be dnlr sn-iouuced ? BURflK.SH. hTRINtfKK &>'.Q..222 Brna iwav. Books, books, books \ !-w. igowans has i removed his eiiemive stock of miscellaneous Books,(Ti, CIO vols ) lr in C3 I.ibertf s'reet to the spacious not# 17S F?l- 1 ton street (T?mple of t he V.mei) -i few doors west of Br.>*d- 1 wa",opposite St Paul's ? 'hurch Yard Just received, the Democrats Review, from the commencement is 11)1, toJnlv 18*1. 16 vols , $15; American Aunuil Register, t v >I* , $10 ; Persy Migtxiue. 14 vols., $21; London Musenm of Foreign Literature aud Science, 42 vol*., $42; Monthly Mirror, 30 vols , $30. PAPER. PAPER?** KITING PAPER?A GENERAL ! aisjrtoiert of cheap csp and letter) also, fine and superfine, bine and white, ruled, plain, commercial and parktt post; also, flit caps, hardwire, druggists, match box paper, and stmw ?nd rsg .wrapping, in great varitty, lor sale by JAMES frQHVAL.No l>0 John sTeet I ICE, ICE, ICE-THE SUBSCRIBER IS OFFERING I lorsaleihree cargoes firit quality Ulster County lee. frcm i II to 14 inches'hick, now afloit. For particulars erquire of I 1. L H'sSrnnck, 1(4 Murray street, or of the subscriber, on I board >1 >op Lawrence, foot of Warren stree:.?A. R. HATH- i away. i A beautiful silk umbrella, with a ri;h- ' ly carved hiudle: a plain substantial Umbrella, mid: of the bait miteri-ls and in the best manner; a patent setf .ipfuiug Umbrella, Paris made, in great variety; an Umbrella fit to " * "* *" ? .? ?!re tr\ U siliar r?l fha Kn*A drai-rih' V ert crficles may be purchase,! lower, and better thin M any ? other plac* in the City, at 214 Broadway. GENIN'?, oppo- 1 jeSt Paul's Church. " CHANGEMENT DE DOMICILE, (2J WAHHEN IT.) , J I '"? <! ?VaJroe J. Hoadbert Bouoher, (formerly 252 Broi.Iw'ty.) respectfillp informs her costumers anil the lailiei gereraily. that ?he continues to carry on the business nt her new residence, 'J2 Warren atreet. Mia is cona'amly In >ui<h*d j witn a himUome assortment of French Lingerie . < \ips and j Chemisettes, Infant fardeimit, Hata and Stiaw Hit*, of the 1 lateststvle;also. French Coraets, and Corse's nude to order I o'i the t -.'ternaof the very beat houses in Paris. Look at this.-ladies, we invite your itlentios to our law '.ml splendid assortment of Boots a jd Stioes. which we fthill aell until April 1st, at first cost, as we intend making some chance in oar business. Theae ri ?ds are all fresh and latest atrle. Gems, we hare on ha?il n large ; qu ictity rf fi'it rate Boot* tuid bh.iea, whi :li we ahall Msn sell at soit, at the old place, 3S7 Broadway, corner of Franklin it. N. B.?Alto,a large lot of Robber Oyer ?-hoat and Water | Proof Boots Alao. a large assortment of Ofutlemeu's Congress Oaitara. at rednced priee. M. CAHILL UNREDEEMED PEEDOES at the FIVE DOL lar Sait Store?Great Bargur.i?500 boys' suits, blue cloth jacket and pants. tS to S3 a sun; genta' taperfine c oth coata, ft to ft each; pints, SI to S3 a piir: vests, cloth, plaid silk, s itin. Ice, 50 recta to $3; bmmeaa coats, tweed, cloth, ?a?bme- j retie, 82 to $3; overcoats jsnd cloaks, V to tl each. Cash pud f l->r gents'clothing. Cleaning and repauing, coiner Nassau and Beekroim 1 Left off clothing and furniture.-la- e diet an 1 Gentlemen haying sunerllnotis efTecta to dispose ? of, >nch as wtatieg a[.pa el, fumitnre, he, can obtain a fair c cash price for the same by asnding for the subscriber, through j. the poat office or otherwise, who will ettend at their resi- h denrcs. J. leven8tyn, 466 Broadway, up stiirs. Lidies j v con be atteided to by VIra. Lerenityn. j l AUK E'3 SAC K8--MY CUSTOMERS AND SI ran- | J \y ar# r^in?ai(nllv annMaaii that mv r?irlv m.iii* Kfir* I mentnare if possible, of better finiih thiin ever and the prices r at utual, loir Mv black nud brown Sacks t > fit the body. are particularly admired, the price is $10. The belt qnality of French cloth Ureal COM*, made to inea nre, it $20; a most ex i cetleiit one for >lfi. Gentlemen who are in doaht a? to whst tailor t'? patronise, end not competent judges of gools, ). lire enpecMly invited to c?ll at 116 William street, opposite T lhs itnrsi. Howtr It t)w h#?t ttoHcy n WEARING JtfPABEL, JJEWKLlMr lie?GENTLE- j ^ men, or families li ivir.g cast ofT Clothing, Jewelry,or v stiperflious effects general'?, which they desire toeoirfrt into | t cath, inav it. to their advantage to send for the subscriber, R wlii will nt'end them at their residences by >; A line tent through ihe p, or otherwise, will receive r prompt attention. H. LKVETT, office No. 2 Wall street, ; n corner r,f Broadway. I t IMPORTATION AND EXPORTATION.?M. RA- j ,n inel, Klo-ist. Seedsman and Gardener, hit* the h'-nor of i->- 1 ' f itimuR tlie rnhlie, and the ladies amateurs of plants and flowers in p rticular, that he has just received by the packet f ship I.igo, a large assortment of flowers, plants, roots, kc , comprisng Auiunculas. Camelias, Jess\rrn:ei, Orange trees. 11 hododenilions, Mrgno.ias, Aialeas, lie , be He has also a f ??h supply of garden seeds flower seeds, bnlhoiM roots, fruit trees of the choicest kinds, 4cc he . on sale .wholerale. retail, ' ar,d his establishment. No 147 Brt.adway. f (COLLECTIONS IN OHIO?BENJAMIN F DENNIJ s >u, Attorney and ('onusellor at law, Cleveland, Ohio, L will atte d to the collertion and settlement of foreign claims in any part of rortheru Ohio. Business entrusted to him will reerive immediate atteafion. Hichard B Kimball, Esq.. 51 J[ W.-ll ? reet, New York, will receive and transmit l>utir.c?s to . n?* f ee nf rlnwe, and will also give sat'ifsct >rv ie ernre. I STATE BANK AT tAUGERTIK*?THE Btl.LS OK " this t'Mik are redeemed by Messrs Waihbarn lc<"o.,of *' Mbany, the legal Agentt, nud at the Bank, in sree'e. nrd ti honght by all th* Brokers at the < nrrent rates on New Voik Sraemonev These bills are secured entirely by stucks of the Hntc of New York M', March 14, 1144. UUS- " Hyl.L N IS \ \f"B. President. ? NOTIl K-l'Hr. < <>"AH TNKRSHIP IIK.KKTOKOIIK a Hitting Setwees tha subscribers, under the t un- of P1 UUNLAP Ik THO MPHON, is this day disrolved, by mntual ft r ment. The a(fiir? of the firm will he clued byTH,,H o BUNHf, who i? (Inly ?mh. filed to aettle th? Hme T- " Dt/NLIT, J. M. THOMSON Mareh U, 18IB The ?nb- 0 ciber will runtime the baftaei* in nil it-bnnchei, at here- B f-ifore. nil trnnti. by nxidnity and atrict attent<ou. ?> merit * . Iih?r<lih*r? of patronajr'front hit ftienda ?nd tha pnb'm T. 1 DITNI, M', Neediman mid Kl<>ri*t, 6X1 Broadway, nenr ti etck Tatfet. " Billiard table for bile, recently ivi o ported from (JarnunT ? 1t it lh? heat and moat kaafltiful n> to be f Mind in New Voik, and would he purtienUrly eonre- ei ritent fir * club, a rieh habitation. Of a eonntrv hona?? " Anpl r it 80 Ntaiau atreet, in the hiunaent. Alio a Latlia for M ale, li Wlit Broadway, up itatra. b I At OB 8. fLVi'T. Al'OT?ONSlCEr.t HOCkKMtf, I Cnioi. Ulna, aa<fE?nk??w?n, GtanQ?!?i, ??. kCr? 0. rlii't Will l(<i MM <3?^. |*lf tiVJOfJ, h th?l*r|(l oorri ot?r the auction ?tort, corner ruttmia of ataio/fue. 50? lots A iieaenl assortment of flawed, blue, rtuteil, while granite, d'p'' mil CC w?re tic . cosaiatirg o/ fmner ?ud 1>? ware. Toilet do.. lugs, Plates. Disiiet. Inwls, Tea ?ets, tic. Alio, 50 China Tea sets, au invoi. a of '.nrflish and Amcr ctn (Jlasaware, Knives, Porks, Ten Traya, Iread Baskets, Omndoles. Lamps, Castors. Tomhlers, lie. !"he attention of country, at well ai city d?nler? ia directed to tie same. Terms nt sale, w^eu catalogues cau be had. :< untrv mer'han's cau hive ih?ir ware well iweked^ f)KNJAMIN MOONtY. AUCTIONKKU.-ED WAKD 13 favaon will sell, this diy, at 10 o'clock, at the auction ?om. 2(3 Pearl street. Hardware, Cutlery, fcc. well wnfhy tie attention of the trade, At 12 o'clock, 2)0 groce superior keel Pen*, well VWlkl the atlrutioii of dealers; 1 I'on 8,ife?; i'U cuda Knives. Kor fuitner particulars see catalogue, now sady. J fczlO HKWARD-A HOR8H AND BUOOY WAS 1 p^tyJ atolen from the stable of the subscribers on Monday, lie 6th mat. The horse was a dark brown, with a white stripe i ii the forehead, white hind feet, one ofthem white to the ancle I uint, tV>e othe white half wjy to the gambril joist. The bug- i y has a cew leather top, m tbe near aid* of which are two in ill holea, also two holes cnt in the body behicd for the rack, | ud two holea in the spiing bar. Iiarneis ailver plaied; uuderieath the collar is n new pad or sweat collar, covered with I loth; a buffalo robe marled Gridley St Treat; bnguy round at uds, aijuare body, pauuel/d s?at. Twei t?-live dollars of the ibove reward will be paid to auy petaon who will restore smd { lorse and buggy to the owners, and the btlnGce will be paid or the thiel; or a liberal reward will be given for information 1 rheift either may be louud. OKll)LK\ fc 1 HEAT. ttndgeinrt, Marrh 1" 1811 Lost oh. stolen from the subschibeu's pocket c.b"tit 6 o'clock P. M this day (Wednesday) while utsing from No 178 Pearl st'eet tnroush Piue, t'> the eori.rr if Water, a Pocket Bo: k, c utaining ahout seven'y live c!o!arsin money. anualnrgc amount of no!f?, all made p.iyabie otheorderof Wade Morrison Co. A liberal reword will te paid to auy person returning the same to me at No 173 Pea'1 treet, up ataire. 8 8. MAY. IIT ANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOl'Nd T? women, one to cook, w ish and iron, and hii no objee- I ieu to do hense work iu h im ill family; the otlisr to do chainler work arid assist ill flit washing nud ironing, and h u no obection to gu i:a a unite an I do sewing. The best of ciiv re- ! e euce. Please cull at 14 Canal alreet, second tloor, back I own. 117" ANTED?i*Y A llExPECTA BLE YOUMJ WOTT man, a situation to do general housework in a 'mill fa. nily. Heat of riiy ief?-e!ic?a ki> en. Apply at 127 Hotter at WANTED?A hl'IUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* couk and would assist in washirg and roiling,or act aa chambermaid and do plain sewing Oood city eference A.H.60K Warreu street. HTM. H. PRINCE h Co. PROPRIETORS OF THE TT L'unean Hardenand Nurseries. Flushing, New York, trill irai sinit their new Catalogues {'6th editiou) of Trees ind Plants to all post paid applicmta ; a so their mw Wholelale ( anlegiie to nil Nurseries and V'nders. Th;s great Colection is uiiequalled by any other iu Europe or America, and he prices much reduced, fruit Trees of many kinds and ra iccially Pears cau be supplied, at bearing uge. Catalogues, i'so lit Clark He Aust u's, Agauts, SC5 Broadway. Match 11, < 813. A OENCY FOR LO ATI NO MILITARY BOUNTY ! il Land Warrants?Davenport Iowa?EbMeMV Cook, AV uruev at Law. aud George U. Sargent. U. 8. Deputy fcu - i reyor ?Conk (t Sargent, General Laud Agents, will give per- i J.l.lfnhnnlnll,* Innhnn of land ?rr?.il. nnon rhoire auda in the fl :uriahing State of Iowa Persons wishing information m relation to the opportunity for loctiug Uud wnrauM through this agency, cm obtain it at the office of JOHN H. 8 \U??.NT. Esq.. 11 Wall street, New Yoik. Desirable country residences to let, furnished in the best strle, on 8t?ten Mind, t apo ill VIonte.?The well known ipanMU mansion belonging to Mv laine <?r' men, 20 miun'ps ilrive from the lauding, surrouuded l)v lofty f >ie?t fees. with vistas commanding die inoit exten* live prospect of the oceau, and of ihs haibor of New York ? The stable. carnage house, ire houif nre in petfect order, rne grounds, iocltid'nq: h g ily cnltivatrd gardens, are well laid out, mid cover ?8 acres, encl aed. Abundance of spring water Also,rafluaUhad, anil cottage on t he bill lidi, Containing tarlor, dining room. ai;d four bed ror hi*, besides kitrhsv a-.d aei vims'rooma. Lihewiae commanding a beuniriil view, ni.fl bu ll in i u enclosed p.vk of 18 ucres of woodland Kor terms. ni?j.| y to Mr. George Itollius, /itictkneer.or Mrs Grym??, oa the prem'sea. XV? let?TIOU8E8 NO. 131. 136, BHIDO" HTKEKT, Brooklyn, ten mimtea' walk from Kulton ferry. They; ire in every respect desirable for a resilience. ll.ut moderate. Itquirent IftMOMaii'rt. TO LET?ON TI1K FIRST Oh' MAY NKXT? AN eicellent three atory house in Hammond at, fitted with :narblr mantela. hot and cold batiia, he ?rent tMO. Alio, one n (I n k street, the anine ai/.n, witli like conveniences?rent >176 ; both si'ustrd between Kactory oud Kourili streets Apjlv to ALEX. M. GMEIt*. No. 1 Hauover stieet, corner of WML TO LET-TO 8INOLE GENTLEMEN ONLY?Two handsome rooms (fnrniahed) the front > nd back parlors jfNo. 9!) White street, with lir<*aklast, if desired; uoobj?ci"ti to two peraon* o copying the aame apartment. The family is small and quiet. Apply as above FOR SALE?BROOKLYN PROPERTY?THllttE handsome moderate sized three atory brick linusea in boutli Brooklyn Alao, a mw of elegant eo;tagea on Du!l>U it'eet; also, a very ueat three story brick honae in Gold street, a desirnb'e reaidence for a family wishiig a moderate dwelling in a reaper.tahle locality. Apply to PETER PARK*. 11 Willi sfeet huimfSt. TO BOARDING HOUSE KEEPERS AND OTHERS ?A family of thtee periona giving up honaekeeping, would wi*h to make an arrangement foT board with a fimily who would take the nae of some good furniture as part payment. None but persona cf respectability need anawerthis A letter stating where an interview can be had, addressed to Mrs. Williams, at thia nflice. will be attend *il to ' I ' U riA I l r, no?n n ^ ? ? a ? , jwu ? ii-\uuinnn JL alias Peek, on the 27th of February llll: had oa when he left, drei? coat,"plaid vest, end run?indented apprentice 'o h .ru. < '.ft'i persons are cautioned against harboring or employ itTriTim.a?th?y will he dealt with accoidiEg tolnw. A COAKLKV.No 11 Hatavia street IjlOR SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN THE splendid steamer I1RUMANN, ('opt Crahtree. will leave pierNo 4. N. R . et ? o'clock, "n Monilcy. ?0th .Mnrcli. carrying the U?i'eil Stntes mail. This ship is hu'lt of nnnnnl strength. under the i-iptctioa of the agent of the United State* government. with a view to being converted into* ship of war: n fitted with two powerful ermines, thornuzhly braced throughout, and ha* ample and beautiful accommodation* for jaiaenjfera. Price of pas?nge. ?120. Ann'v *t the office of the Deeau Steam Navigation I't mpany. 41 William street IjlORLIVERI'OOL-N -W LiNK?KM.ULAK J'A< K etoTZUih Mtrch?The new aad splendid faat aailion jacket ship ROHCIUS, As* Kldridge. master, is now loading, ind will pcaitively aail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage.hav leg splendid furnished accommodations, <ppl?* on hoard, nt Orleaus wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K COLLINS. f<0 H.ia'li street. The packet ship rjiddons will succeed the lloacias, and aail har regular day. noH CHARLESTON, 8. O.?THE 3TKAM8HIP l1 SOUTHc-RNF.R, Opt. M. Betry, will leave Pier 4. N. K., oa 8 iturdty, ihe Iffth instaut, nt 4 o'clock, P \1. All hills of lading signel by the clerk oa board. Piice of jiwga 1)1. Kor freight or passage, apply to SPOFFORD, TILK8TONUt CO .48 8outh street. ________ FOR NEW ORLEANS?LOU18IANA AND NEW York Lin* of Packets?Very reduced rate* of Freight? t ositivoly to*nl Thursday, March})?The fust sailing packet ahip OSWKOU, Ingersoll, master, is now loadikf, and will aail as above, her regular day. For freight or pa*nee. having ?plendid furnished accommodations, apply on >oard, at Orleans Wharf, foot of Wall street, or to ?. K. JOLLINH, 16 South street Positively so Height wil be tceived on Loa'd uAer Wednesday evening, March 22 ? Agent in New Orleans, Mr. Wru. Creevy, who will prompty forward all goods to hii addreis. Packet shipRICHAMD JOHDKN, will succeed the Oiwego.ami sail her rtaf. I VOIICK.-ON AND AFTER SATURDAY, FEB- i I.* ruary 19th, rhe steamboat 8TATEN INLANDER will i nake th efollowing trips, nnttl far:her notice. J.eaveQuarintinaatfM, 10 A. iV!., 12 M., J P. M 5 P. M. Leave New lfor*t at 9 A. M.. II A.M.. I P. M.. P. M.. 6 P. iVL UBAD-JUVT RECEIVED, A LETTER FROM THE 1 Hoe. He?ry Clay in favor of Mrs Jervis's Cold Candy.? | New York, March 13th, 1IIU. My Dear M dam : I beg your 1 frf iifmir# n f niinv nml rnnliil fur vmir aliliirtiii/ rr? 1 . enl oi Cold Candy. from which I am persuaded that i pave , lert - d benefit. Yours. ttuly and faithfully, HENttY jHY. To.Mn W Jervis.370 Broadwy, New V'aik The j ( irigitial letter can be seen by any person curious of seeing i he 1 ,, iar,dwritiug ol the great man, at Mr?. Jervis'stoie. Th? K?- , net from the New York Herat. of March )2(h. 18)8, will | ( du tc?ti"-ony, if it were essentially GM<e< : " Mr. <,U? loo*- ; , d remaikabiy well, having almost ectirely recovered frrra ' , he elfectt of the severe cold winch he took whan he first ar- ' lved, and txrv eseed liiin.ieif as feeling tnurh better tn^u he | iad felt for several days pasf." Sold w holeeale Mid retail, by c drs. W. Jems, 379 Broadway, corner of White street.? Igcofs?10? Kulton it; 111 278 399. 4CI, 511, CC9, 667, and H6 < .roadway; 248, 284. 3J8. 381>;. 393. 506, 301, aDd 12$ Gr?ud it.; ' tl, 289. 651, and 122 Houston it; 77 aud 102 Ninth avenue; 256 t Jreenwich st: IU and V% Eigltih avenue; 223 Bleeckerit; t Vinship, 77 Cast Broadway; 355 1 hirdiavenae; I.econut. c> r j erof Grand and Diriaion iti; Brigham, 17 nnd 109 At. 0; t <e'iou.corner of Catherine ncd Mailisou ?ts; Lyon, 440 Grand r t; Uu'on, comer of Bowery aud Grand it; Mr?. Hayea, 139 1 'niton ?t. and I All atie st, Brooklyn [T?"Eaeh package ii t avarifkly signed Mra. W. Jervis. Be acre to a?k for Mrs. < ervu'a Cold Candy. Put np in packages of la, 2a, 4s, and $1 I ach. ___ j |\R. COOPER. 14 DUANE STREET, BETWEEN Chatham aud Willirm ata , has for the list fourteen years ? njored the MNHMUm practice in priftM dueasrs.of any \ medical man in New Yolk. He ran cure the most sirgr..vned i nan of this disease; ami mild caaea cured in two to five diva, i itnctnre?Mr Cooper has discovered a new method by which \ fan Oin the worst formol at/ictnre iu lroin one to two i reeks, with scarcely auy pain to the patient. Constitutional I ebilitv br<.urht on Dy n secret habit indulged iu by young i ieu. fhis, when too freely indulged in, begets dyspepsia i IWknets of the limbs and s'nill ol the back, conlnaion of (he ulel'rct, anrt aversion to society. A cure warranted in every ' '!? . or nn rh irir? No merrnrv n>ed V TREATISE ON DISEASES OK THE SKJCUAL ' Hystiin, by Edward H. Uiiou, M.I)., author of sundry I t urgical Esiays aud lactates on the operative surgery of the I ye?)>/) 27J. edition Jih 'I his work contains a complete rei?w nf the causes of early decay from se'.f abuse and eictss, < nd alio ol every known disease of the snual svstem, in 'anujge adapted 10 every reader. Opto ous ol the Press New \ rork Journal ol Mediaine and Collateral Sciences?" It ii 1 t ttten i' 8 cVar, nervountyle, and is rait nlatrj to do much | ood. The detenptioaa are accurate and the trea menf judi- . ions. The practitioner will lind it abounding iuvalur.he I ins, and t >r ge-i?"al reader will come across miny useful autioin and w uninga." Boston Medical and Surgical Jour- j : al?" Dr Dnon has writtesi much aLil ? ell on various branch- | sol S'irierv his book shows a thorough acqnniotance with I i >d?rit practice. Suicttire, gonorrl er <. vaiioc'le, hydrocele, J nd fi'iula. a-e particularly well fe 'ttd of The anther's on- J inality ?nd thorough devotion to ibe rational prkciples of i f ledicme, in4l his ingenuity under tryi"g inrgiraf eircumstan- r ? . e'.amp it with uncommon in'ercat" fcrening Poit?" Dr. t lnon ia * rTil of Dr. Molt: th? inventoruf * irreit number f valuable inatrument<. and a practitioner of fifteen ye.ira 1 landing; hu book it wriBfn with great delicacyaud care, ret J i decufrd language; it will il-nliMru do great Rood.'' "Wo- r i\n ard her Due iei, Ircm (he cradle to the gfaee,"'adapted * ilniir?ly to tier instruction >u the natural Nwaof heraritem, ? ii H all (he dneaata of her cr tier I perindt. By Kdward H. " liion. V. D?pp Nil price t1 81; 4th edition, froraale by * ilAULKM II HINti, enrnar of Br.ndway mil John -feet. lJ SO I. 1(41?BRANDRKTU'S ril.l.H ARK H A KK AND reliable, eapectally athp.ed lor the cur? of billiom and o iter Complainta, dyipepaii, iiddineti and ptin in the head, t< earthburu.aid that dull, wetruome ferl ng nf'er meala, per- ? cuiarly after dinner, flatnlen e, apaam in the utomich nud J nweli; and i i all c\?e? of teceat or chronical coativer.eja, f leir worth la htyond eatimnie Purrly Tegetnble in their ^ cmroaitios, they do not i.ccation any confinement to tl e ,, nuae,or alteration from the inn il diet. Their operation ia r nld and plenum. eare wh?n ihe impariliea of the ayitetn (1 Lite hrcoine highly vitiated, end even then the alight nconr ience ia irrmediately furgittm in the amiting liyeliuraa i nd rigor wlneh tollnwa. The^reih Pilla d?nr >r worn't, J nrily the blood, remove nil canaea of irregularity in the n luctmna of every organ, end are thua a treaiure of health to j, lit i aeiea. "I heir future aarjn .aa nil eu o.y, end muat be ti ?e I In be folly appreciated Hold at 89 centa per hot, with m ill direetiona^nt 241 Hucaon Mreet, 871 Bowety.ard at Dr. B. 0 iir.Uft|,s tMneiffl Offi***. n rinilw n'- iVfUf VorV I gj IQO-DR. Jr.KFRIKS' ANTIOOTB KOR any 9 1*7 orrl O A. < ileet ,><trtcture. an I unilar d Mordcra Thie j a reuiedy whiclireqnirei no aaaia'' itadufy ) nifkly and tltftrooghly, leanr* a.i injurious rff-cr, either to \e c-n?titnrion or to the pa't affected In namg the antidote, (> ore of tiie incnnrenieiit and tuclca* teifrirti'n? on d el. re- -j apHlion, kc., kc , are rrquired (>i e bottle ia generally taf. ? oieut to rare an ordiuerr eaae, which not onfreiiuenilv die- ,j [iieara after lit ?.r e.ght doaea. Price tl per bot le. Koi tale i, y C. H HI MO, 1W B toad way, corner John (treat. f PAOK THidATHMl^ftKDUCTIp.V Of Mt!(J! 1 B"tM ft Pit it cmta. (MUrr Iftfee??? ? Llo.-n ! e?;e**> * .asc? ?'lj * w.ti *% t- ' ?!! w?t f~? i i.nittl; ? ??jb!uj, V-ircl, 19. v t.i U t?L>r'jir!, the ut : ballet of AHAiOI'K.US? I'lonudr, M'!!? ulaupy: Mannu, Mm Vallee: Aimodtut, Mom WeilhnlT: ? leiiiKm, Mom. Binitrv. Previuua t'i winch, ill* N' RVOUB MAN AN'U THE MAN UP NERVE?McShane, Mr. Brougham; Mr. Am'M' Mr. Ba*?; Mil. Oackett. Mi* Kmuh ; Lady Lcwli, Mi* Vernon. ro conclude with the I)Ul7BI,E Hn.UDKI) ROOM?Mr. Dulcimer Pipea, Mr. Ba??; M-jor Miua* U. Audtewx; Mr*. 0?|>air Lom.ii, Mr*. Veru.iu; Nancy, Mia Dyott Bowery thkatre-thuhhday kvemnu, March 16th, will be revived ihe j>o?erfal dram* mini i THE BOTTLE? Hicbard 'I h.rulev, Mr I Urlie; Oeo-Ke Oray. Ti'tou; DiKuoae. Wall; < mldle*, lltul e Sinle, I ,r rtnu; Ruth Thoruley, Mr*, Piullii*: Either Clire, Jordan; Kitty Cru inn. Sutherland AVith w hi 'h, will ha rei'e ted III' E AND (;HV-Lot, Mr. Marble; Mr. Oxs'itnd, Mr. Ke?n<v i Tahithy, Mr*. *utherlnud To cot.clude with the (4AMK I'OCK OK THE WILDERNEB8?Sainpaon Hardhead \ir ( Marble; Col. VereviMe. Bellamy; Nance Butler. Mr*. Hu'htrland; Clara, Mr*. Waleott. Boxea 2j aeuts: Pit and liallery, Mb* ceuta. Door* open at ?X o'clock. Performance to | at 7. _____ (CHATHAM THEATRE, ? THURSDAY EVENING I J inf. March Iji, ihe performance will eoininein-e with the i trsgedy of BRUTUS . or. the Fill nf Tarijnin?Urutus, Mr. Addaras; Titn?. Mr. Sutherland; Met tat. Mr Brandon; A rum, Mr. W Hield.Tul a, Mm Hildreih; Toijninie, M>?. Wiki mm; Lucrfn. Mi? W . l-berwnod Highland |> Im* hv Vi n Deloraine. To be followed Ijy lh( ftrce vfSET A IKOUAx i)N HORSKBAi K AND H* 'LL RIDE TO Hn<ii. Mr. Winans; <iulnare, Mm llildreth. Favorite Dance by .Mm DelorMue. The \vh?l? to continue with the drama of llie ID'OT WITNEHS-Ollbert. Sir. Wiuans ; D-ine, Mrs. Wray. Doois open at 7 o'clock?commence at 7>?. Bcifs, >6 ce?tt; I'it I2H BtOADWAY THKATIt: -Till !{SI?AV H'K.MMt. March IB, will be performed tl.e comedy ei titled I.ONDON A8SUKAINCbir llatc.uit Coutly, Mr D'alie; M?< ilarl> a way. Mr. Vache; C lurlrs Courtly, M' ii. Vandeutiiiff; Lady (Jay ?panker;Mi>s Fanny Wallauk; Orace Harkaway, Miss Kcse'i elbin Alter >lie cotrrdy, Drnces l>r tli? Missel St. l!|air a* <1 < -eltite? Overture," T. rv?ldo e I)- rluka." hv (he Orcheitr* To conclude wilUMV WIFh'tJ HfcCONl) FLOOR?Cnpt. Topheary. Mr. Antenna; Mr Felii Toddi*. Mr. Dawson; Mrs T?pheayy Mr? Wn.stanley; Finny Mayli>ve, Mils T> Ibiu. Doors op*,i at 7 o'clock; l>erlorms?ce t<> eoinmenr* M ha:f-p?sr 7 ?.'i-liit MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE TUCKS day evening, March 10:l?, will he prescnte-t K Ml '.I. Or, The Wooden ehoeiriakrr?Kjtiri, Mr IlnlMii'l; M?d<ine K\bn. Mrs Henry. Afier which, HUNTINO A TURTLr'.?Timothy Dandelion, Mr Holland; .Mr Turtle, Mr. Clark; Mrs Tmtle, Mii? Roberts To he followed by A GLANCE AT NEW YORK IN 1848?Mo?e. Vir. Cha?Trail; Jake, Mr. Conover: Mra. Morion, Mra. Henry. 'J'o couclude with CITY WIVES?Mr Lovewell, Mr. Hoi aud; Mr Crahtree, Mr. ilonrver; Mr Ea?y, Mr Arnold; Hn? n, Mm I'hillipa., flfl cents; upper ho*?> 7'j cu; Pit. 12)4 cents. In fntaie the doors will open at 7 o'ckck.iuid the enrtain will nae at 1% o'clock ITALIAN OPKRA HOUSE?SECOND PERIOD OF the Season ?On Monday erecting, 87lli March instant, the Opera will he reaumed, and continue to be preaenteil. iii ita mo?t attractive f'rm, every Monday, Wed.iesc'av and Friday evrninn:. during the remaining Thirty Nighu of the Season Application* will now be received for the hire of the remaininu Bines and Heats, either for the whole number of rights or Tor t^eir occupancy on nny particular evening of the week. The Second row of Boies, in the second tier, hare been altered, and will be brilliantly lighted, so as to umke these leiis among ihe most desirable in the House. A variety of popular Operas, includiuz the New Grand Opera i f Nalucco of Verdi, now in rehearsal, will be brought oat. No expense will be spared to make the second part of the season r jntlly as lirilliunt, if cot more so, thin the first. Astor Place, March 13th, ]U8. f>TT?To'.t (M-f.t't" IIWTsk-MiiBf'.L AiifKrfl"AT Pnlino's Opera Home.?The manager respectfully announce* to tlie pal'lir that, owing to the immense labor ami sxpeuse required fir (he fitting out of his new and novel attract or.*. lie liud* lie cnunot complete hu arrangements m 1:9 to bring thetn with Ml their novelty and beamy, before the community ur.til Mumlay uext. 1 lie mniager is aware he his promised much?much, there/ore, is r?<|ttired: and he will fulfil his pronvse t llie very letter, w .icii is, to produee these Tableaux Vivauts with such grmid effect a* not only to punle, but, nt the s?me time, to gratify the b< holder. In the meantime, so us not to keep the lioniie closed lor a whole week.aud to gratify the mauy hutdred Replications for the re appearance of the Model Artist*, and wishing to plea?e all,I e house will lie opened tin* evening, and the remainder of the week, wi'h entire new and rpl'ndid Tableaux and Classical Groupings, so that the most fastidious cannot fail of b* iug pleated and nmuied. For lurther particulars, ice small hill* P ALMO S OPERA HOUSE-THE CELEBRATED group* ol Model Attibis, twenty in uuinler, will hnve the li. nor of appearing in a *etie* of their celebrated Ornnd Tableaux Vivnnt'ami Poses Plmtiqu**, under the management of hkg Monte L lie. Thursday, March Ibtli.?'The Tableaux to heexhibited this week, are the choicest of those produced at "La Pcrte St. Vaitin "I'nris, which hare re?liz*d iwo millions ol francs M the prop ietor of that theatre. Third uuht of the greatest novelty ever produced before the Americmi public?The Lmcer's Quadrille, danced hy eight ladies of the troupe, and a Hornpipe, by a Model. Dress circle and pirquette, SI: upper boxes, 50 cents, Doors open at 6>??to commence at 1%. MM HANICS'HALL.,472 BROAHWAY. HKTWKK.N Grand and Broome streets.?<?PKN KVEIIY NIGHT DURING THE \VEKK. Unparalleled sucrcts. Twentyfourth week of the Original CHRIST Y'8 MlNB'l KKLrt, the oldest e<tnhli*hed hind in the United Stale*, under the directiou of E. P. CHlllSTY, whose inimitable and oricinil entertainments are nightly honored with crowd*''and highly respectable audiences, aad are favored with a paircn.i;e unprecedented by noy amujemtut in this city. Adumiion 25 cents, doors open at 7. Concert commence* at 8 o'clock Kor the accommodation of fannlie* on AKi'ERNOON CONCERT EVERY SATURDAY. Doors opea at 2; commence at S o'clock. DHOADWAV ODKON? ItNTKAM.K THKOIHfH X> riiliii'i l!afe d?i Mill* CoIom??? Msa?.g?r, K ti ireely.?Vosieal Director, Mr. ? bowethieg New. Professor Young trill produce a tew series of munificent Tableaux?The Scnlptor's Dream aud Venus ntid Adomi, will be produced is (trie o( richness and effrct hitherto unknown in America. Thursday, Rf?r?h 16?frofcrnnt-l'art 1? Tablaaai Vivasu and Poses I'lust'nues 1>? the .Modal Artists, ''art J? Virginia aud Virgiuins. Ikc. Part S?Invocation ts Lore, 8ie. Performance to commence nt 8 o'clock, tj.snsitrt Box.H ea?U; Pa q?<r?? ??.??>? AMERICAN MUSEUM.?Splendid performance!, every afternoon at S o'clock, and evary evening at 7H- Tin mmager has tin pleasure ol aueoucTing an emmreroent with Mr- and Mr?. Maloue harmond, ami their three benutil'nl daughters, who gire their inimitable 1-ish Mus. Mil I'. Urtiiiinients every afternoon and evesicfr 'ireat Western, Ihe V ankee, Mni Bernard. the Modal of fenisalein.the Ucriptue 8taUttUT. Ike kc. Admiifion to the whole 2i cents Childien tfflfff lO.hail price i reserved f-nnt seats. om shilling extra BANVAIID'8 MAMMOT:.' PANORAMA OF Tilii Mississippi river, painted on three miles of eanriua, be ing th? largest painting in the world, at ihaal'iaorama build ir.g, in Broadway, adjoining Niblo's (Jnrdec. Open every evening. (Sundays excepted.) Admission M ceats: childrea price. The Panorama will comiueace moving at IX o'clock precisely. Afternooa xhibitioa oa Wednesdays aad Ha tar dare, at 1 o'clock. Last concert ok the hutchinbon Kumily in New York and Brooklyn, prior to their tisit South.?The Hutchiuaon t'imily retnrn their very kind ackuowledvmenu to their f iends in Nrw Vo k and vicinity, for the liberal pa ronitge fceslowed in previous entertMcmeuts. and w..uld reaiectfully announce that thav will Kive a Vocal Kutertaiumtnt at Rutgers Institute, on Kriday evening, Maich 17. A lio at the Library Hall, in Brooklyn, nn Monday errning, March 20. Als'i their Farewell Kntertainmrnt at the Tabernacle, March 21. Tickets 50 cents ench. May ha hid at the principal inuaic itorra, aud at the door on t' r erei.iug ofentertainttipi.t. Duois open at a quarter to 7. Conceit :o (Ointneni e ?t a <| i*rter to t o'clock. DliOLL DOINGS AND DIVERSIONS ,\T l hr. Mtciet^ Library,corner of liroadwarand I *ona>d street, Tuesday, Man-h Hth. end every rvrnu* througlion' the week. Dr. V ALeNTINE, the celebrated delineator of ec centric characters in conjunction with friignor 9pmrtt? and his 100 learned Canary Bir is . Tickets 2i cents. To commence at i,-t o cio"-" raixnor c*piuruo win Hire Rn rxntD>[ <> > 'or ma ancomoioJatioaof children every morning lOji.sEd 3X m the ftftenooo. CIONUKKT ROOM-No. 332 BROAD WAV, ON K J dnorabove the Broadway Theatre. Kverv evrnt / during the week, c rome ring Monday eve. icg, March 13'li list? [*r.>fe?sor Till KKS' ermpany of American aid '-^reiKi Arista, (twenty in uumlur) will v pear ami produce a variety n( lew tmlipleudid Tableaux Vivnnts and Poses I'lastiqnts ? I he costumes and pre par tit cani'.*'t :e stnpa'sed by any tthers in (he UbioH. P. T?Hayirg made arrangements with i Cflebrate I band f Ktbi ;>lau minstrels, the y will appear and ntertain the andieure with their hum-rs. glees, and laticta, b?r!e?quea, kc. See.. e\ch eveuitg. 'I he popular Ethi>pi\n caricature dance of Hn?a Uelle, will be personated by >ne of the band. Ki r particulars tee small hills. Dress circie, 0 eenti ; upper seats, 3! cents N 11.? Strict order will ba iept by the p lice oflWr in attendance. Doors open at 6X ('clncli. < ommrocei t7X o'clock. MONVENTION HALf., 175 WOOKTEH KrjREKT yy near Blerker street ?The original Hakle Brother* rruinue their attractive and pleasing entertainments cvrry ninht his week, eieept Wednesday, March liih, when the'- are rugged to appear at Washington Hall, Jersey citv, and expect o meet there a host of friends; t'.ei' highly 1'aslnocable ?nd mpnl-.r entertainments are m.ikinu for them grand gala times. Mew V orkers have all got to hear them and are cow bet lining o crowd upon them We advise all to coin" eatly. Dooia >pea 6X o'clock. Concert commence at 8o'clock. Admission IX cents. _________________ rUK CAMPBELLS HAVE COMK.-THI i t.F.LK brated C'>mranv <<( Ethionein Minstreli. whose nontilnr mil inimitable deliueatrns of the Negro eharacter.have ever)where drawn (he moat f uhicnahle honses, will hare the pleainre or giving one ol their highly popular entettaiumenU svery eveuiug tins week, at the Miretva IIoouh, 4(6 ttr ;ad way. Tiie manager of this company feels no hesitation in rslunog the Ladies and Giiitlenen of New Yotk, thnt the perorinii.era of thit biml of singers will always !> inch ni the nost fsstidions will approve. Admission, 2j cents; to comn"neeat R 1WENTV TH1KD ANNUAL EXHIBITION OK the National Academy of Design.?TM roomi 0/ the \cidemy are now ready (or the reception 1 woiks for the rwenty-third Annial Exhibition, which will be opeued on he 1st of April. ItlHN (M:H AP VI A V. Seeretnr?. N A D J PA UK Hill'8 ANNUAL EXHIBITION BALL Wll L talte place at T;iiuuianv Hill on Monday, t!ie 87th of larch, 1 11 which occasion will he brought forward a gre ter Uriel? of New Dancea ami mure ii*iy Pupils than he has inrodaced at any preTiona exhibition. A full deicription will ie given in future mlvert senients. t j Hi'. T I Xl 'ITEMENT?KO\"~f IH>.K AT MOBL? rin lit Depot, Httlem Hailroad, in Tuesday. the 21st | inf.,at II o'clork. Kntrouce fee SI. The giouuii for hnnt 11 iintut be best. l> EW AKE OK THE 8UDDKX CHANGES (Tf THE I LJ Weather ?M a CAH ROLL'S Mfdicstrd, Vat or, ?nlhur. Hid Iodine fl.nhs, III Kultou street, are a certain cure ?r cr I1I1, rheumatism, chills an t lever, inthmmatiou of ttie eapiratory organs, dneases of the >kiu, \c. Delay not in obiiuiiiu iclief, w! ich by reg'ecr, inav p-ovefatd. DISEA8K8 OK THk: E YE?DK. WHEELEH, O I'list, 29 Greenwich street, with confidence assures the ublic, thit there is ?carc?ly any durii; to which flint irn'1?r nd beautiful orgia is sneject, thit does not yield to Ins ?nc Iiful moiie of t'e?t-n?111. Kefere..ces given to the iir?t faulies in the city. Oflice hours front I A M to 1 o'clock P. 1. after w:,ich he d-vuin Ins lime to onr door patients. A amphlet. Containing remarks on di eases of the eye, with nnlerous instances of great enres effected by Dr Wheeler's lode of treatment, can be ha l gratuitously,at his roiden^e: r the same will be forwarded to any one making application > him by letfr. postpaid. _______________ I VI' atreet, mil be conMentitlly ronaolted oa printt ilia- j *aea, S(ficinr*? Qleett, Mercorial Ulcer*, ( onatitutiinal |)e , IIin im:roied method of curing U norrhcar in 2 j i 3 J it ?, will he foiled infallible. Or. M. ii n regul tr ph??inu, ;ir.d hi* berti engnged fur IS yeeri in treating iheie sfTicnt.j I'hirgea moH-M'ft Office M (Inlrt ?tr f f. I QO-*HK'IM ITI8M.P <iss \Nn?TW K.\K?s (is I ?"? ' e Joint*. Swel ing of tlie ixaciaI \ranhitmioea ne~r .em, t ni| ticn? i:f the 8l<in, nudall d<ea*ea miiing from in npure itAie of the blond, fce. miy b- elTectii illy removed by ie ose of King'* ''ompeiiBdl Syiup cf HvdriodateofPoiiair , areainril'a ind yellow Dock Ciara which hat# runted all ihtr t'r itment. bit' heeu rapidly and er.ti-ely rem ?ed by lii powerful altermre ymp Pfpired who!e??e aud .eii> In ' II Ml Ml, Hr,.v. [AR. RALPH, A 1 fHOR OK Til? "PRACTICAL < ' Private Trent'ie," tt> ii :<ii,cil or n 'iy <f im ieraaea there referred to, at hit reiidenee, 8# Greenwich reet, from 9 to II A.M., undo to# P.M. (Sunday e*eej>ted>. 'I.oaa wS> apply intlit nrly mgea or thai* complain** w.ll a a?tosi?he ' nt t'la rep 'U> ainl lml* 'neoaraMauea Mian.I the cur*. It ia chiefly, howsrer, in >?e who huva au'tared >r a fro-* eimm rU?W peorle, or oi'ierwiaa, who wi pr? eily ayeraalatt ku miM. 1 imiMFME BY THE XML0-- I Affelrs In I VilBMlMi March 13, 181b I The Treaty? The President-- The System of t losed I Horns I While this treaty will he received with passive I ac?iuiesrnce by most people, it will product* I nn enthusiasm in the country. This is not a peo- 1 l>lt* who love retreating, and the tergiversations I of a timid ['resident, though they may be toler- j ated for the sake of peace, will never he endorsed. The President's organ, with ludicrously bad grace, attempts fuuitly, to laud the treaty, and, in doing so, is compelled to use those arguments iuhi, aner tne example ol Mr. Polk himself, it denounced us treason two short months ago. It would not l>e at all surprising, though such ell'rontory is scarcely to be imagined, if an uttr nipt would now be made by thia facile instrument of Mr Polk, to prove ho has been wholly consistent throughout, and that the treaty is fully up to all Ins positions and declarations. That he has influenced many votes in the Senate by such or some oilier similar representations, is demonstrable. Such an attempt to practise upon public credulity is scarcely conceivable; yet it was not to be expected that Mr. Polk would have avowed his weakness; inconsistency, wtien detected, never gives up, but boldly adds impudence to imposture. The treaty will be productive of pome good result. When every tiling connected with it shall be made known?the mode of ita negotiation?the manner in which the negotiator was tricked into it by interested parties-?the correspondence which led to :t?the expedients resorted to bv the President to ensure its ratification ? the spells by which some men wtre spirited away, and others gained over to its support, there will bo a universul demand that forever hereaf* ter, pending the deliberations on a treaty, the Senate's doors all. 11 remain open. I say, with entire confidence, that durinu the delihen tionn on the treaiy, there wnn nothyig brought for- ; ward ot which the people had not ti right to be informed, or the revelation of which would have affected the issue of peace or war in the slightest manner. How could there he 1 Mexico is prostrate. Au anomalous government, like tbe East India juggler, suspended in the air without uny visible support?without popular suli'rages, or party strength?sell constituted for uught that appears to ilie contrary?by the oid of an Englishman of the name ct Thornton, (Heu* ven only knows by what authority acting,) tricks Mr. Trist into the concoction of an inUmoua treaty?lor infamous it was, as it came from his hands, providing, as it did, for the plunder ot half the people of Texas of their property * i ?this same Mr. Trust at the same time violating a law of the United States, in holding any inter- ' course whatever with this queer Mexican go- < vernment. So bald is the imposture attempted j to be compassed in th<j treaty, that even the President is ashamed to neiul it to the Senate without bearing witness against tome of its provisions. Tins is the tliiug which is so sacred that it must be kept from the view of the people. This is the document, bearing the deep impress of illegality and Iraud, about which Mr. Polk enjoin.'* Ins cabinet not to breathe a word, and which he communicates in solemn secresy to tiie Senate, ut the same time that members ol hia own household are permitted to convey, in mysterious whisptrs, to those of their especial acquaintances, eo much ot the truth as will barely brrve to delude. JLitit it la said, it tue Senate s deliberations were public, the treaty would be defeated. This argument in uc<*d in blind ignorance of its tendency. If it litive any meaning at all, it ia that the people would not tolerate the ratification of this treaty, ii all its concomitants were known. Then it it be not such uu the people would approve of, let it be defeated. The Senate, respectable nu it is, as a body, does not monopolise all the wisdom, and patriotuin, and integrity of the country. Its powers, us some Senators would do well to reflect, are but delegated, and it has no right to say yen when the people say so. If, then, the Senate thought an exposure would defeat the treaty, they ought, jrorn renpect to the source whence the power is derived, have thrown open their doors, and listened with deference to the voice of the people. i It is not perhaps generally known that fora year ' altt r the lirat constitution ot the Senate, it eat with closed doors, until ut length the waves ot" J popular opinion dunhed down the frail barriers | erected by prerogative, to hedge in front protnne coutiict with the people, its most vain and empty dignity. Side by side, with the young virtues of republican^m still gre>v the old vice* ot monarchy. A portion of them w is torn up by the indignant people; a portion of them, it is to be regretted, still remains; but will not remain'long rtlti r the transactions of this negotiation shall have been brought to light. Prerogative in a monarchy may b? tolerated ; it is the breath of 11s nostrils, w ithout which it cannot exist; in a republic it is either the oflspring of stolid vanity, or u tilly and ill-concealed aping of despotism. * I have always found that those Senators who most strenuously advocate the system ot closed doors, are always the least economical of the Senate's secrets. < Hut another argument iB used in support of the enlorcetnent of the system in the case of this treaty. It is said that if the provisions of the treaty were known in Mexico by the people generally. it would never be consummated. It this treaty be such, that upon a lull understanding ot it by the people of Mexico and the people ot this country, it would be scouted by both, or by either, then it should never have been negotiated, still less should it have been sent iu to the Senate with the recommendation ol the President,and least of nil should tt ever hive been ratified by the American Senute. 1 do not mean to pronounce judgment on the acts of the Senate, though at full liberty to call in question the wisdom of their decision, but merely to expose the weakness of this argument for closed doors. Gat^viensis. Washington, March 13,1848. Mr. Polk?* Ambition fur a Second Term?A Letter from Tenncuste?Col. Xadock Pratt?The Pretidtnry. Mr. Polk has become alarmed for fear that, before the meeting of the Baltimore convention, his secret designs and schemes for a second term will be generally known by those not in hia secret confidence. The leading friends of Mr. Buchanan have, within a few days past, been lulled into a false security. One of them, a tew days ago, said to me, Oh, Mr. Polk will not be in the way? that's all arranged." Yes, it is arranged, as was the cat in the meal tub. We now have openly iu the field, on the de iiiuciuiiu siuc : ? i, ivir. uass ; -, ;ur. ixiciutumi ; 3, Mr. Woodbury. A letter lias recently been received in this city by a government oflicer, Irom a very distinguished Tenuessean,-which has opened the eyes of, at least, ore candidate for the Presidency. 1? tliis letter, the true design is exposed. Mr. i'olk is to be pressed, in tlie contingency that neither Cass, Buchanan, nor Woodbury, can get the nomination. The writer says : "Mr. Polk's friends cannot fak ? j?art 111 any contest between the present rivals lor the Presidency, especially when tl.ey are all wrung on one cardinal point in the democratic creed, viz: opposition to internal improvements by tlie general government. We, oi our own accord, shall not present hia name tor a nomination. But who does not sen that, under the two-third rule, and amid th? present <iunrrels, he is the man to eventually succeed! Ho asks nothing, yet it the party come to him, as the only man to serve the party, ha canot refuse the srcritice." Mr Polk, however, should not too fondly expect such a state ol things. There may be sonic one who nobody knows, that may, (as he himself was,) be brougtit forward as an available. There are hundreds who would make " the sacrifice !" For our part, we go lor Col. Zadock Pratt, of New York, a man of more industry, enterprise, honesty, aud common sense, than all the Presidential aspirants combined. The bone aud sinew, the working men, the mech&nica and the agriculturists, would come up to his support ; and why shall we not have a " practical" man lor our executive ! More than nine-tenths ol our conntrymi n t arn their bread honestly, by toil, and it would he to them a* creditable to take Mr. Pratt as it was in the Roman* to call Giucinnatusi from his plough Fti?tx. w A"iii.N<;roN, .uarcn 14, l?l* Tin Ih raid rind the Treaty?Great Enthusiasm? Confirmation of Mr. 6'evier?l'he Loan Bill, $ c. fyc. The A'tiP Vork lltrald of this morning'# arrival, was till the go, and numerous and curious were the guesses as to the mystery of t'ut treaty; but perhaps the very best guess a1" to tue means through which the said treaty was obtained by the Ileruld aforesaid, was that of n young lady, who could account for it in no other way than by ti compact of " peace, friendship. and limits" s. ) A

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