Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1848 Page 3
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?*? .' 1 1 1 lUMUpyiMIWIIIt COIIUCIAL A r P A T 8 S. ao^Ev ?untiPa. Vnil.y, March 13?0 P. M. 'i'here vr? t slight improvement to-day in prices, and a Utile mcre'acilTity iu t;i? street. Canton adraaced X p-r cent; Furiaerb' L~>an, }(, Harlem, X ; Reading Railroad, R uiibg Bnds, >?; Mortgage Binds, X ; '* all others closed at prices current yesterday. Speculators i mtf anxlouply waiting tha arrival of the steamer, and no charg? in the market, of any importance, either way, will take plaoo until later adflces from Europe oome to bund. At the seoond board there was an advanoe In Harlem ot ),l4 per cent; Heading Railroad, X ; farmers' Loan, .W ; Locr Inland, }i. sterling exchange Is in moderate request, and we quota prime bil'.a at 9,^ a 9% par oent premium The Mutual Insurance Company of Roohestsr bare decl&red a dividend cf fifty-two per oent, on the prerelume on polloie* in fcroe on the first of February The annexed statement exhibits the Hems of expenditure by the oity governm ent lu each ot the p&stiwo years, aocording to the repcrt of the Comptroller. EiriNDiruHict or thk N?.w York City OovilH.vmkmr in 1840 and 1847. U46. ^817. ... Mmp'turet. Exp'tuu*. w iter Commissioners $1990:48 03 til.i.C? 9"> Temporary n ater Loan 771,4:i3 0(1 284 304 00 Aliui House buildups, Ulackwell'i lilitnd ... 71 .IB4 52 36 759 15 Common Schools from lerv tf '45 53 171 36 83 656 79 i Floating Debt Redemption 53,000 0U 50,(0ii GO Sure ToX oj no 727 64 Revenue Boiuls 1,170,250 00 1,893,173 98 IC'nung DocSj and Slips... . 2,505 83 ? 4 hara?? on Arrears of Taxes,,. . 1,975(0 134 75 { Vaciat Lot* 4)0 91 1 J 0 87 [1 I'liereitou Ancsimmti 4(91 15 2 545 95 i icns on Lots 8 621 24 7.1(9 49 f ftreeti, I'avirg, Sewers, 8(c 214.931 61 983 262 .2 L fetfeeis, Opening 44,563 45 li6 421 38 V wells and l amps 1,433 20 312 76 I re ce amnnd Btuyresaut Njuite 3il 6G 18 065 36 * * loiiiinou *chic>!j. 179.504 50 2:7 821 74 Wnter Loan 1 uterest SOO.tiuO 00 >80.000 00 Aqueduct Repairs 4,675 7* 4,2(2 07 Alius H^nse 29J.3IS 74 3:6,466 60 Hoard of (lealih 1 623 91 1,315 64 Coroner's Pees 6.488 93 5.221 3> Clckiug Corporation Docks auil Slips 6.0c6 00 39 9 51 County Contingencies 61,134 21 70,924 93 Contingent Ki;.eases of Camtton Council 8 870 18 I8.J91 88 Cjaaoiug Stieets 158,439 7# 180 0-9 68 Donations 8,ll>li 00 8 400 Oil l)0'tlii aud Blip! 47,983 81 19 950 02 Klections 10.884 70 8 66155 Krrorsend Deliuquencies 3,014 91 1.535 13 t ire Depirtmeut 37,164 8t 42 046 91 luteiestOB ReTei:u? Bonds 64,150 49 78 6*.8 49 lulcstve K?t?tr 2,195 25 1 'H2 89 Lsndj i-n-4 Places 3,500 CO 4 515 00 Mayoralty Fees too oo ioo oo Officers f<es 89 318 5K 27.714 U0 I*clice 4*5.143 99 469752 68 rrmtiuc nad Stationery 26 615 "2 V2995 9I Repairs anJ fcuppli:* 42,79158 41.210 73 Rents l,2('0 (10 975 00 Koa'fs aud Aviiurs 15 miO 00 17.519 93 Ke-.l Kstate i.xpenacs 5,7;0 ?6 6 26105 Siren s.xpenses 46 0 0 00 to 318 50 Ba'arie* 191,503 40 202 977 46 Sewers. Hepairiuiiai.d Cleaning. 4.904 17 4,753 01 Wtier Pipes 44 8' G 03 53,489 43 Lai n S nlid (ins lf.2 Mil 81 162 815 19 I.midi furcba*ed for nxeuinenta. a 7:55 JS 1.121 3D Kereiuie Bondi of i6;? 625,i5U 00 537CI3 0U $6,542,974 48 $5,557,31} 98 18H?Bectipt< from all sources. .$5,618 819 02 Expcu's for all purposes... 5.542.974 48 $75,764 54 1817?Receipt! from all sources. .$5 393 671 70 Exj eu's for all purposes... 5 557,213 93 161,539 28 Deficienoy in the past two year* $88 674 71 There was rsoeived on aooount of Uses of 1848, and previous years, the sum of $1,397,843 59; interest on the same, $35,824 18; for collecting the State tax, $6,281 69; making together, $1,439,448 46 There was also received on aocount of taxes of 1847 the sum of $908,976 34; making the total receipts from taxes during the year, $2,338,418 70. The total of sums borrowed on the oredlt of the citj, In anticipation of theooUeotlon of the taxes and revenues of 1847, amounted to $3,045,706 CO; of whioh $813 540 00 were negotiated at o per cent, and $1,332,165 00 at 6 per cent per annum; $637,613 90 of the amount were paid within the year; leaving outstanding on the 1st day of January, 1348, in anticipation of the unoolleoted tax of 1847, revenue bonds to the amount of $1,503 093 00; of ' which $473 527 00 bear interest at 5 par cent, and $1,036,545 00 at$ per cent per annum. There was paid off duriag the year, the revenue bonds of 1846, outstanding on the 1st day of January, 1847' amounting to $1 393 173 9?; making the total payments on account of rsvenue bonds of 1845 aud 1S47, during the year, $1 930,78$ 93. I, The t-Bjpnrary debt incurred in anticipation of th? I taxes and revenues cf 1846, on the bouds of the city) amounting. ?a the l?t day of January, 18 >7, to $1,739,744 34 w paid eB during the year, with the exception of $10,703 S3. Th's smcuut of indebtedness will be realiisd from the uncollected tax of 1646 by a sale of the property of delta qnents, and need not, therefore, be provided for in the tux levy of tbe present ytar. The total arcoiut levied, for theyear 1847, amounted to $2 631,770 30 L?sr divount allowedj^n tax paid within the year.-. 11354 0a Net tax to be collected for 1347 $1 567,411 3S Ths total expenditures in tha Alms House Depart* mtnt, txclnxive of salaries, amounted tt $356 46o GO; thereoeipU, to $33,299 19; of which $S37 7b were received for the Fi le of articles in inufaotured in the departeiemt; $217 79 for the sale of broken atone got out by prisoner'; $3 717 27, for tbe sale of casks, barrels, lire slo?k. k i ; $1010 55, for the board of illegitimates its ; $8,1 $3 12, for tbe support of bonded passengers; $1# 030. teem ths State toward1! the support of foreign poor, and $?716 70, from commissioners of emigration, for board of ali^n passengers. There was also received from tbe major's clerk, duiing the year, for commutation of alien pasaengeis, credited by ordinance to another account, but v-hien forms a pioper offjet to Alms I House expenditures, the sum of $5,141) AO, making tbe total receipts $37 749 69; and leaving the net expenditure, exclusive of salaries, $318,717 91 The salaries of this depurtrnen'; amounted to $00 963 46; makirg a total net < xp^ndirure en account of alms bouse department, of $379 6-JI 37. The cxpendl'ures for cleaning streets exceeded those of the pracftdlog jesr la tbe sum of $21 619 79, while th<! roatlpU firm the sale of manure decreased in the pum r.t $11 554 90; making a net increase of e?pen<Htnre of $31,174 59. Th* total expenditures were $180 059 43, of which $56,207 43 were for sweeping; $51 337 67 for catting majiure from streets; $5 614 for ma jure inspeo tor* Ail. 1 n^rn mowers; buu tojvu 11 lur ouneuiuigi dli,po?log o", ixd fr?jg*i^it?s ooal m'jm, ft.irbags and rub bisli, a.ur.ur?, and f >r beapiog manure at the various depot*. Th* residue of expenditure, amniinLlug to $1978 78, was tor Tarinu* contingent oharKo* There jr.19 recetr?d from the superintendent for street*, for mature *o.d the mm of *3-4 491 HI; for the deposit of aehei a?d rubbl*h. $1,385 H9; m-iking the total reoeipt* $19 fi87 09, And the net e xpetiditure* of this department. $150 371 80 The annexed statement exhibits the ralue of real and personal estate In each w-ird In tho city, In enoh of the p**t two years : ? Valuatioh or R*ai. ani> Fkrmkai. Kit at k?City ok Nt.w Yona?1840 a>o 1917. 1816. 18l7. l'a<ur of Valutof I'nliit of Vol offerH'ariti. Kctl r ?tnt'. ion I Kit Real K lote nonrnl Kit. 1st 2ii*16 350 21 887 (<-6 23 121.7(0 21 881.692 2 1 13 78'* 200 I 487 SB6 14 3116,150 1,961,371 Sd 11 97 4 P i 9 4 508 295 12.112 310 4 ,:i 11 5110 <t'i 7 884.If# I ?l'? 317 7.'.10,55.1 1,41,137 5 h 9 1713 0 8 34(1 3*7 <1,10' 051 1 (Mil,Hi I 4?h... 7,,'T4"V> 9"<(.3i 7 299 750 893,2'.0 7 li IP 8 I 15 3,036(135 10 869 918 1,635,700 8-ti I I.V9?,I 0 3 1)7 3.5 It,30* 2',0 2,702,1135 9rh 9 (lis :i00 1,660,181 1",156 4.10 ] ,628 605 to h r, .21 7imi 7iio 14 6,3c.5'o sh?as? (It'll, 4 61! !> o 225 77| 4 9.5 690 16K 700 12th 5 673 214 6HS 3 0 .',914 4U fit* 8? 13ih 4.117 8 0 32 9 2 4,19^,(110 403,389 tlih 6M? I"0 I >?! ? |Tr> 7 011 100 9,029 J25 JSlli t:, 10 ?i*HtS 16 563.919 9,61114(1 < TO h 8 148 195 815 111 0 66 . f'>0 3 6 514 !7r'? 10 765 3'>0 1,754 HO4 l?789 9?0 2,171919 13-.h 10.66.1 .15 1 272 .130 11 5J7 6 (0 1 277 18'l $61471 471 $1*7 315.381 $.9,917,917 rer*'J Fef. 6:.471,472 5963(917 To '1 t .lue$2i4 952.1 r? S.>?7.l 3 303 Total l'I.. 2 570,170 2 511,17k The above levy of t?X'*. in eaoh year, wat coiapo?ed of the followmg iieus: ? i?>6. 1817. For Stite t"X HO 971 21 123 576 15 Weit?n llmue ol Kef ge (it R><-hnter) 9 33.5 21 ? Floitu sdfbt redemption 59,1.00 00 50 000 03 D.ff>r?r.ce t>?tweeu water loan intern: a-xl w-nte t rent 49 >,914 41 471 669 61 Wver pipe* "id laying 44 80(1 03 52 459 43 f 'otn rion ar.hiol* 83),100 20 231,079 53, being liet c lit fur the jet 411 997 f7 419 659 98 Aim* home, " ? 3,12 015 40 379 bfll 37 A\ 1 ot'.er nceonrt* for city verntrent *02,935 91 7:8 931 f-7 Deficiency of tax of 1815 |9| 191 ?2 31737 15 $2,529,179 34 2 581.776 I? The e?tl n%ted (ax fir 1848 shows an increase, ootntlAe/i I fi.Hl 1 417 For trn t..1 ri'.v ?xr>"?'Uur?* within the control 01 tt.e oily nuthi-itUi, other than fir lv Hd", un.l l.i . p" fc'iil M,220 IAO 00 For pnl'o? 470 <100 00 K.r lumps *nl gae. 171, WW) oo Tntol fnr c"? ntxl flrnntj fxpfndltutM, ?nbjp>o' to Mm c>'tr l rf ih- olty mthoritws, U'.'d fir whlnh #n\l'c inu?f h? mmtf to tl?? L'glfUture for ?uthority to Istj. .^1.879,160 00 k debt pifonffcUKiO Cast-won ?obo?lJ..... t <.< >>< > i'W* MO of lol?e#t on alty debt. .'.290.000 $<iia,aoo oo Detioleacy of tax of 1347 ?<V 00 00 Making for all purpotes for city an 1 county >i,?(?7. ?.'><) Oi? State t^x 194 000 00 Total tat to be lev'ed fjr city, county and State f-2 "ai,4*?0 00 Amount levied for siailfir purposes in H47. J 579 0-ti 00 Increase for 184-i over levy of 1817 1142,304 liO To wbioh edd for conveying Croton water to Handel's Island, slnoe parsed by the Common Council 20,000 00 Total inorease in levy for lt)43 $1M,364 00 The rate of tax will ba $1 ll per f 100, or 6 70100, over that of 1847. The e.>! I rant i fes city government expenditures ha* been made with reference to th se received from the several departments, and the action of the Common Council. The amount! estimated for expenditures under the various htadtof account. may In some oases per haps be reduced, while in oth?re they will probib'y be exceeded by the etpenditarrs, unless some change or .'KipruvnuitiDi c:in 08 m?ij? in [III innuugrmriiv ui mciu. The public debt of the city, on the lit of January last, to bi releeiaed ->y the Slaking Fund, *M as annex: d:? ri'unc Dkdt. Citv ok Nkw York, Jajj. 1, 1849. KiTo per cent l'ublio Uulldiug stock, redeemable 1886 $518 000 00 ' Five per cent Fire Loan stook, do.. ,1*61 600 0U0 00 " City Stocko of '20 '29, I860 250.000 00 " Fire Indemnity stook, 1868 876 083 00 " Water Loan stook. . .18?8 3,000 000 00 ? " ? 18i!'i 2,600 000 00 < ?: ' 1870 3 (100 000 00 ? ? " 1880 1,418,677 00 " C rot on Water " 1H1>0 335 000 1 0 Seven per ot. Water Loan u 1862 >90 207 00 " ? " 1867 989 4il8 00 Six per c?nt Temporary Water L'-an, before 18?0 701.4 W 00 L'tt $14 651,783k 00 Amount of stock* and bonds held by the commirwioners of the Sinking Fund, for the redemption of the above $2 489,692 00 Balance in Treasury to th * credit of Water Fund .. 65.482 90 Bulanoe of oash iu Bank to credit cf commissioners of Sinking Fund 16.367 84 3 541,432 24 To'al debt already incurred, yet to b>l redeem-id by Sinking Fund 12,010,360 70 There is authority yet to iteue for the completion of the water works and piyment of damages, water ctook to the amount Of 115 000 00 Total amount of debt sutiiotized, yet to be redeemed by the S.ukir.g Fuad.. . $12 126 3)0 76 The receipts of the sinking fund withlu the year, including the balance in bank at ths commencement thereof amounted to $611,779 88, of which $100.61.1 37 were derhed frcm interest on stocks and bouds of the city .held by the commissioners of the tinkiug fund, 41<>9 00O from the sales of real estate und collections on bonds and mortgage?, and $209 013 37. lrom annual revenues impropriated to the fund. The remaining sum of #85 770 60, bnin* the balance in the Treasury on the let day of January, 1817 The payments and investments during the same period, animated to $4P5 422 54 of which $375 0 0 were luvest?d in stocks and b>od? of'he city, bearing in'erett a'5 and 6 percent; $1?0,305 were paid for the redemption cf ' Si-Ten ner c#nf. Water f.nan." imnn I In anil mtturlDg within the year; sod $117 61w?re paid for exi>0'ist'* oncnrcted with the Bales of real estate ; thb.linc in b*nk. January 1st, 184s, uninvested, amounted to f>IO 357 34. The investments Of the sinitiDg fund in the stocks and b-nds of ths city, amounted on lue 1st day rf January, 1M8, to fa 469,691 00 Unmveeted balance in batik to the oredit of the fund 10 S57 00 Amount in Treasury to the credit of the ' Water Fund," 65,481 DO Total, f3,541,432 24 In addition to th* above, the comialsMoanre hold bona* and mor; gages, and real Mllto belonging to th* " Kir. Lonn Account," amounting to $370,767 30. exclusive of the real tstate belonging to the oitj, and of the publio wharve* and pier*. Stock Eir.lianget $10000 Trias Note* 6'i 102)k 250 sh* Canton H?,' 37000 do 103 iO do 34>i M00 do stc 10J 10 <!o saw 30* 5lr0 do blO 102,'g 851 Nor St Wor 37W i00 City 5'* TO 91S 50 do iCmo* 3'ii 30jn U S.ate?6'? '6T lli3>| 125 do 3X 5ii0 ludian& State 4'* 5t>4 ltd Long Uland bJO 32S, JOO',9 feun 5'? 74 50 do blO 3:5,,' 20DU0 do blO 71 610 do MX, 27fOD do 73^ 50 do b in S wk 32>* 10000 do blO 71'? 720 do 3'V 25)0(1 do t'/O 74 l',0 Hlliem 60% 5ii'# Krie Bd'7'j int. It 0 100 do b7Ji ii'% 10'iu Kradin.' Bond* 59>? 400 do b30 51 2000 do Mice do 61 ltiO do *30 50?i 10U ?li? Keaillug H}i 100 do bC3 51)t ;?0 I'o r30 40*4 50 do bl5 SIM 100 do lila 41 5!) do 5 ?? 100 do L30 4"V 400 do blO 5<>H 50 ?io 4('?* 950 do b*X 50 do blO 4US 500 do 5?>i 75 Farmers' Trn?t i'H 1U0 do blO 5?J< 575 do 3.>4 50 do . ?30 5l)>i 100 do o30 3 a 100 do 160 51 >4 100 do bnw 3l?i 200 do . ?90 50 10 N Y Life and Tiuit 1C3>4 5 N York fc N Haven 90 5 Aub St Roch, 9'ti 10 ISi ie It 11 ?crip 74 Second Board. 812 80 Treaj No?e? C'? 102 100 (lis Harlem RR bUI 52 2u0 *h< Hailein Kit lj# do i:0 52 60 do MS 1'0 do 52 60 do ?'0 5I>? li'J Reeding RR 50 do 5l!4 50 do 41 100 do ilO 5'S I18 Farmers Loan 3I?? 151 do (10 5iJ* 250 Loug Is and b3 3*?? 100 do 6IH 60 Morru Canal Ufi ioo do CITY THADK UKfOltTi Ntw Ynnn, Friday Afternoon. March 17. Flour continued iu steady demand, and a f?ir amount: of sales wera mad*, Including Genetee. Michigan end southern brands, at full prloes.*?Scme sale* of pure Ornesee wore made at au advance. Uy our tel'gr^pb report, it will be reen that the Boston market continued firm. There wt; a war.t of activity to-day in the Baltimore macket, but holders of Howard street were .taking better prices There was very little wheat off r'rg here today, and we heard of no faiis Genesee and goad Ohio continued firm Sales of oorn w?re made to a moderate extent, without change in prloss. Meal was sola at previous rates, though holders were asking better prioes. Cottou was li-ra, but sales wcr? moderate. Provision* exhibited very little change Pork continued inaoiiffl Considerable transactions were made iu lard ; other articles rcm?)n*d about the same There was a filr aracunt. ottinMm ss.'oing In gtooeries,without material ol.acge in quotations Ashks?Tha maiket was du;l at $5 87>4 for pots, and at for pearls Bfkiwax - Sales of 3 0 lbs Sruthern yellow were maje at 3SO Bhkaih tvrrt?Flm.r?The sales of ,ood topureO'ne* see footed up about 3 to 300u bi>ls. at fti t>3>% to $(5 7.r>; 3 * 300 d.> good straight brands Michigan solii at $0 7">; And 300 do Ohio at Sales of about 4000 hb's Western Canal were made, deliverable iu April, at $6 60; Southern brands were in light supply, and held at steady prices; s?les ot 3 '0 bbls. Petersburg City Mills were tuaje hi fti 60 and 300 do ilo<vardstreet at Hi S7HJ lyhrat - Genesee was held 0rm at 160o a 1630 The last sales of raixod and white Ohio were made a'. 140 a Hie 'Jam? Sales of 1500 bushels prime Northern yeilow were made at Mo, tad M00 do do a. S.iHo- S?l?s of 1800 bushels New Orleans, out of order, were made at 48a. Af'ai -Sales tf 400 barrels ware made at (3 44 Holders, however, were firmer, and generally demanded $3 60. liy?sales of o a <>000 buMieis were made at HO a 83j. Rye /\?ur?Sales of 150 bMs were made at $.1 87jjf Ottf-SllM of about t uo bushels River were made at 47 a 4Sj. B'unt -Sales of 600 bushels prime whi e were mads at (1 35 Covkkk?Siles of 150 bigi of Java were made at 8){c; mill !t :(l fin Iti.* nr..rn nm.lj, ut 7'rt Cotton The demand touay was quite moderate, shippers bel:n busy with thoir oorrespoodenca for the steeraer lltrmunn Prices are lirra at for fair Uplands, wnich in (lie liue ot tile market. SaleSff 700 bales were repored. Kim A cirgo of herring* wss Bold, including about ls'jo boxes. Thesouled brought goo, No l'? 3">, andNo. IA drums dry cod were soli at *4 per quintal There were 600 bbls .VUss?chus?tts mackerel, nil j*i, unsold lh:Mr?TiiemarketcnntinH'd quiet, while quotatiens remained abr.ut the oh inn. Kruit?Tne deaimd onntinued active, and we note sales of '>00 boxen we* dried misins a" *1 40 a $ I nit; 400 j drums Smyrna tigs at 7o a l'i:; ?0'H) Ibi old dried appl-s, ' ut 4,'j unit si me staall parcels ot Western dried peachts on private terms II at ?Ttie last sales of Staten Ia'.and were male a'. Mo. Lim?: SUcsof four carj;0e? were ma le, luoiu ding -J600 casks, at 77a. \}ni.A?g.s Seve*?l lots of prime New Orleans were dlayossd of at 270. K'ld some parcels nf inferior do at itic: <'ardenas vie selling in a smalt way at Itto. lVlAHomtr We no'ice enl?s by auotlon of J77 logs t'-u'M at ?'t a l-j'i -. 4 uionti.9 Naval storm - In the absence of lat?r advices, the market conunii'a Very U iguid, uud the salrs are rhully done at nominal r*i s Oils ?Moderate s nes of linseed were miking at <50 a H6a, though soma sal-s were reported at a We figure. The various oihor denariptions reixiainod without materiel change. ' Provisions?There wure sellers of ruess pork at $M 1 '}i J there wsro sales making in a retail way, In all * bout laO bbls, at $10 I'riine was offered at J<!> ili Hams?S?les r f il l htids wero made at 7o. hiioulders wro worth 4'4 !. S?les of soo tbls sour mess were made nt T.8 AO There was n > change In beef. Lard?Hales of 1(100 kegs were reported at 8>*n to 8>?o; .Mio bbls at 7?, 3 to7J? and I AO do on private tenus The sales of " I' h Ip ijb'' hams, notlo?d yesterday, were made at 8)$'o, and not at 8o ; t>-day 1400 di were sold at 8)<c ; aod 600 do ' I.*land's'" large, at 10 ots Cheese Tlieie were a few prime dairies held at 8o A good deal in market was interior, aud only worth fin to #Xc; fair quslity was wortu tJX<: I to 7o Du'ter?Tills Siaie oontinued fl'in, and go<>d aas w>.rlli I',t to *J 1 e; Ohio was worth 13o to Hio; -J4 paokaK** I'eriHsylvunia inferior sold at 14^o; aud wa do do at Ioo to 10 3. Ilicr. The market continued firm for common at f 3 i >, and pi line do at f>3 0i>*, with small sales to the trade Srii'Ki-Sales wre made hy auction of 3600 mats cassia, damaged, at a 13 V. cash; sound do wasselllug at 10 SiO a 101 s ?ur- Ssles of 120 hdds Nsw Orleans were nude at 41 -> n. 4'. sales oi .10 do do were made by auotlon, at M ni ? f.> Hcir.i?--s*lre of 1000 luilieli JUxM?d w<?ro made at H 41) . #1 42. l't,?mco?^?lMof 103htid? Kentucky and VifjiuU j?*f, wm m?Ua at 4Xo. ' Wxtltittiflfc 841*1 Of lt.000 tbf ttflfti-tNt, INN | : nj?<1? *t He. Tha **!?? from tn? Brutus, it wai i*ld. ! fc&d rekchid shout inooou lb* thi* w?. K. *:l or wbiofc ! wh* *^ld oa private term*, wttfc th? exceptions ?e*t?d. Khkioht*?Cotton w** ?Dgagad to Ll?*rpool at 8-lQd. and to lUvra at h>- B?**wax w?a ?ngag?d to Antwerp at Xt. IUil K?tate at Auction ?Continuation n'?of Corporation property ? I lot on 45th *'r??t.n*ar 5th irnnup, 20.10x70, $1 725; 1 di adjoining, 'JO.10*75.S, $1,600; 1 do do. -20.10x80.6, $1814; 1 do do, 90.10x85.0, $1 700; 1 do oa r?-*r, on Or??d *tr?at.90.10x70 $1,976; 1 do corner Corla"r*'t 20.10xt9.8, $2,700; 'J lot* on i orapklus *t. 30 XlOO, $1,850 ?ach. $lfl.C0<>; 1 lot corner Nunton and Man4in *tr??t?, 2-jxeO, $1,700: 2 lots on 33 < ?tr*?t, near Madison ?wtu?. **bih ?is? $1 026 aaeh, $2 050; 2 do opponi:?, .-ach 251#7.4, $1,725 each. $3.4.n?; 1 lot adjoining, ram* tin, $1 750; 1 do do, 25x188.8. $1 8'JO; 2 lot* on 33J rtr??t, near Madison avenue, eaoh J5xe9.9, $075 *?ch, $1950; l do on 32dstre?t. near Leiington avnua, 65.1li 1S.4. ?2 760; 1 do Hcijoinlne, 25x180. $1,300; 1 do opposite, 3^x140, $1 075; I da aujiintng, 58.10x142. $2 52j; 3 lot* errnvr 27th street. an J lit avenue, with 2 on rear of 97th rtreat together with bnildlnz*. $fl 300; 1 do a?*J'-lninj. 94.8x100, $1 20(1; 1 do do. *?n? n!s<*, $1 096; 1 no do. with bul'dings. $3 .'175; 1 do corner 36th street. 24.7x100, *1,676; 2 do on 26th s!re?t. near 1st pvenne and build ings, eaoh 28*03.9 $2,636; 3 do adjoining, same ?ia?, $1 000 e<?ob, $3 074; 3 do on rer.r on 27th street a*nie s so. $090 '?'!h#$2 700; I do adjoining. Bime s!s?, $000; j do corner 1st avenue and 20th e'reet, ?ifh lot cn rear on 20 h slrest, tfy?th*r with buildings, $3 835; 1 lot on -tStH street, near Olh aveDU?. 37x100. $500; 4 do ttij inirg. 25 x 100, $300 each, $1 6H0; 8 do do, acne *ia?, $346 tuoU $2,700; 1 do do do, $300; 2 do do do, $310 each, $660; 2 f.o do do, $340 each. $0?0; 1 do dodo $375; 1 do do do, $3^0; 1 d" do do. $306; 3 Uo do do, $406 e*nb, $1 316; 1 do do do $455; 2do do do, $406 each. $!>30; 2 do dodo, $470 eaoh, $040; 1 lot corner 45th street and 5'h ?v?nu?, 26x100, $1,160; 1 do adjoining. same rue. $7H0; Id" do do, $700; 1 do do do $H!I0; 3 do do do. $076 eaorj, $2 036; 1 do corner 40'.h street, same size. $900; 1 do west side 4*itb slreet near 6th avenue, 25x100 $450; 1 lot adj-ilulog, fame ni**. $400; 8 (}o do do, $330 each, $2 040; 2 do do do. $330 each, $640; 16 do do do, $300 naoh, $ 1 ,M00; 1 do do, 2!>xl05, $465; 1 do south e:'st corner 5:h avenii" and 46th street. 25x100, $1,050 Brooklyn property, under foreclosure sale ?1 lot southwest corner DeKmn a?enu<i and Hampden street. 2f'X98, $316; 2 lots on Dm Kalb avenue, adjoining th? above $315 -ach $630; 3 do <(0 do, 25x83, $266 eaoh, $706; 1 do do do. 25x100. $310; 1 Rore lot on southeast corner Uelva'b av< cur aud Canton street, $310; 1 lot o* east rid* Canton etc set, rear of the above, $316; 1 lot on west Ride Hampden 'treat, distant 92 feet south of DaKalb avenue. $3?:o; 1 lot cn east (tide Carton at , rear of thenbove, $205; 3 lets on east ride Canton street, adjoining the above, $236 eaoh, $7(i5; 3 lots cn west side Hampden street, rear uf the above, $255 cacb, $766. M.UIKK1S KLSKWilKllH. STOCK HALKS. Halt imohe, Mnr<"h 10?$1000 U Slates Trenary 6'? 103: t6"i Mhiylai n 6'?. f8)4; JlCfO Ha timore nnd Oh o Railroad, diviJen l bi nd*. 76^ S'OJO do7?,M: $'000 do 7CW: 2!) atmrea K?nnera' nnd l'i in.era' B oik. 3I>?; 10 do Kiremensr Iraurcnc*, I <ns. in I. I- ? Hkin tin,Irn.,I lnn,???, MUT. 1/1(1 Hfiit^rtowii Ko!\(I,5^ United St*t*? C'? of 18G7 cIchpiI fit 1('5 aik'H. Ili4 bid; Treisurv #'*. 103 a?k?d. lO'/Jj bid; MaryIncil O's l.8>i united, 8<i bi I Bult moie 6'?. 1890 96 md (if the openinli ) 97V noted; Baltimore and Ohio shares, 38K asked, 38)4 bid. rHi!.iDci.FHi\, March 17? first Board- 13 Cam 8t mhov, 148 *1(9 > doS's 95; 8!)0 U 86's. '67, 103K; lOrO Tenii 5'-. My 6 Nv.74; 2 Mm St Vech Bk, 51,172 Oirurd.c. II1.,' ?Jlfter Sale*.?3.10 N JSCopper, 2%: 90 Merhs Ilk. 26X $53.1 War Kountv, 9"tVi\ 100(1 Kentucky fc's, 98; 23 (iirnd. I i*.? frO City 6'*. 99)i(; 150 N i Confer b 5 wu. 3; 150 do rw, 3; 20 Nor ristowu. 1J?Second ffout'rfi?5(0 Stite 6's'46, 81*; 1000 141! K It 6\%'50,59K; 50 ^usi| Oaml. 14; 50 N J Copper. 3: 50 Nrsh'wie, 1?Jifitr Baardt?100 Tres? Nofs (1 mill) l('l)i; 35000 SiHte 5's 74)4; 9 00 >Vil H R6's,77; 100 Lehi|(h Nav (i'n, S4; 1C0 do cod ir.ip, 82)4: 100 Glnrd Bunk, H}?; 75 Beaver Meadow K R, 21>-?: 23 Minehill It H. 61; 10 Firm Sc Media, 51; 159 Heading il K, 20; 250 Neshauic Copper, 1. Bosto?t, Murrh 10?Brokrrt' Hoard? 69 >hi feadint KIT, 21; 1(0 dn do 20)*. pavable Taesday; 50 do do 20jf b30; 25 do do2'; 50 do do 20>i; 10 do Boiton and Worcester KH, 118; 25 do do 118 b3; 20 do Boston and Provideaee It It. 1C0: 5 do Boston nnd Maine RK )IR)4: 11 do Old Colonv Ml, 93J4; 25 do d . uew. 01*. 30 do Vermont and Mamclmt'etu KK, new, 75>i; 4 do W es'ern K ?, 106)4; ?? d ? d?. new, 102; 109 do Knit Ui.stnn (Jompanr, H)4: 50 do do l'J{ b'0; 159 Ka?t Boston ' 'omnv^y U vidends No, 4 6; 30 do ^hnrn and Rorhe?ter j N 11,94)4; 10 do Merchants' Bank, lPa'4: 1 do Portlard. faro Mid Portsmouth Kit, 99)?: 2 do Northern II ft. new, 97)4, 50 j d'> H irlenj lilt, 49 s'0. $1000 Readies: ilRBmids. 1850,60 i Second Board?10 sin Western RH, 106, ?30 no intetest: 10 ' dodo 106; 10 do do 1C6. b'0; 14 d> do. new. 10IJ4- payable I Monday; 16 do do do 101% oayable Saturday; 100 do East i Boston Company Dividends, No. 4. 6. HOMKST1C MARKKTS. Philadelphia Catti.k Mshkrt, March 1(1.?At market. 1000 beeves, {Deluding 400 taken to New York; 200 cow* and oaives, 7.50 bogs and$00 sheep Prices-B?eves sell at steady rat's and the bulk of the sales vera at $6 .50a$8 per loo lbs Ccws and Calves are lower and dull of sale at $7a$14 for dry. $10?$'25 for springers and * 1 ftftfM for fresh oows. IIotrs mostly sUd at $ti AOaffi 7 j the 100 lbs S'ief>p sold within the range of *1 60 a f.4 each, according to quality. Hay steady. Saiea of (rood t'mofbv at flOalOOc the cwt. Straw brisk at $6 f>0af8 the 100 bundles. FOREIGN MARKETS. B iRnADOEg. Feb 24 ?The arrivals of the ia?tfaw days hare completely glutted tlie market for Amerinan shipments, and ra>s cannot bo effected only at much re duoed rates, and in small lost. Most of the reoent arrivals havseith?r left for the Leeward Islands, or are going into store. Native provisions are abundant, and prices generally qu'te low, which has reduced the demand for Imported previsions very much RmiMi In this city, on the 18th March, by the Rev B. GoonSELL, Mr. CHBIKTOrHKR AwMl to MliS ^.4 RAH. eldest dimp;ht)?r of tha late Thomii D Johnston. of Alhi?ny In Brooklyn. Thnrsdny *wnfr((. Mircb 16th. by th? Hey James I, Hodffe, Mr Jambs M. Wknth. of New ! York, to Mies Amklia L. daughter of James De L? Res, | Krq . of Brooklyn. At WilllamsburKh, L. I., on tha eyeing ef the 14th I Instant. byth?R?v. Mr Jane* Dr. John Wtthfukli., | of the British Province of New Brunswick. to Miss Ci.aiia \ Aw?*, second daughter cf Mr. John W. Lewis, of New : York City. Died. On Thursday evening, March 16, 1848, Htwnr B. Brown, son of Samuel and Jane Brown, aged four years and twlve dsy* The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, on Saturday, 14th lost . at 3 o'clock. from his late residence, on the eornsr of SOt " r?et ?nd 4th avenue On Wednesday, the l.Vh Initant. of consumption | Ma nt Anm, wife of Mr. James O Sullivn, In the 23d ! year of her aie. The friends of the family and of her brother. Mr. I Thomas Kav. are reapeotfolly invited to attend her fu- I neral on Saturday, the IHtb Instant at 3J? o'olock. P. M., frotn her late r'sldenc.", rrrn'T of 13th street and 6th ' avenue, without further Invitation On Thursday evening. March 16th. Mart, only child i of Henry and Clarissa Bfil, aged 1 year, 1<> months and 21 days The relatives and friends of the fumi'v r.r? invited to atton l h'r fu ?ral. this (Saturday) afternoon, at 2>i o'clock. from60)a Bowery. On Thursday, thft lUlh Instant after a protracted nines*, Mr Bknjamin Bntoos. In the 6!Uh year of hi* age The friends cf tlio family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral on Sunday afternoon, at 3 o' '>ck, 1 from bis late residence. 41 J?y street. WM. 1)1' MONT, Ai;< Tli-)> KttH.?HOI Kn nit'ire Oil rsintu.(ts, Libr rr suJ 1- njrm MON i StHOSAt K will art I at suction onTmntn . 2lat,ar 10 o'el No. St rentf ealli itrret,t>iril I. i e i weit of JtlitAvenue, (lute the|r?si''ence cf Ja"*? 'I liomj 1 n. drctuiert,) bv order i f An?onLivii)K?tnn std ('harlri K But- ! !? , e x-cu?o-s, nil the Koiniture, nearly new. nf the lateit French patterns. vir. :--Pier ulrnses !tl mc'iea bv 1 ,snd maotel c's??fs 68 by 4? inches, very taunts Bmssels todirmn Cirnets; oil Cloth; malitiRsnv ?x-er,iion aininK and other Ml Im ; in-In u^iiv *?<! rosewood ?ofu? and chain, with hsirsnd velvet seats; s suierb dinner end dessert service ol Krench chins, buff mid trolil. cost over SfiOfl: mahogany. imn, aid maple l?'reiirh bedites.ds; malinpanv wardrobes; bonk e??e? and dreasing tP.blei; marble tupi; superior piam, bv Chambers; Urge teleicope ?ud case; antique rote wood CAhiixt, inlaiil with ivnry ft no precious utoueg. and snnq le table inlaid wi'h ivorv, made in the tiir* of the Medic is fonily; also, feather betU hair matirrtsei, bedding, nipkioi, tic.; mantel clock*. hlack marble, veiy bsniiome gilt ami bronr.e chandeliers, with ti.ree tinmen I lr CIS, ?c.?te. Alio. at>oiu .wu orn," rtr; choie* old wine, brandy nnd mm. Alan, Kitcieu Funi'tnre, with which the silewi I commence. Oil Fainting' "ii Wedrcsdav. 'i'he sale of oil paintings. (ahout 71) a rlwce tol'IC* (1 on, lij- lli# old ma?ten, and a large number of fin* and rs'uab'e engrayiiigs selert?d IU Kit rope Willi care ami great eoit. will lie sold 1 n thefollow ng day, Wednesday: sale to cony rt I" o'clock. Library and Kngra*ings, Wednesday. S o clock, I* M. 'I he i'le of the Library will cowmenre at n'cWk P. M on We'nesdav t ve- ing. and every evening al'er tint'l the ?ale ia completed comincne ng't the ?ime hour This wnmil ill v Inr^r nnd rIt ice collection of r<?e nr.d V I na'nle hooks comprises ili? he?t oditiona in every department ol' Kigli'h French and Italian literature, illnstrated voyages and trevrls and scientific w rim, rare and curious books and fine ? eeim in of earl y piintii.'. m my of which s'e in the run' costly stvle of bulinf; engravings, origin >1 drawir g? end e'chin??. bv the moat celt-b*at?il maters Alan, a valuable cabinet of medi a, and a large collection of miti it sphs. t .talognesof ti.e above will be re til/ on Friday morning, and permits to v sit the lib-ary and pan timts can be bt vnrd ol the auctiocces.lli Wall street Kor fiirih?r infoim ition apply totli* Anctioneers. or to Arson Livirgstrn, No. S3 Jolm strert, or Chvlet E, Butler, No 2 Hmover street, Jw BROWN, AUCTIONEER?RKAHTIFUL Muffed Birds.?J, W. Brownlwill tell, this day. falnril y, Marcli 18. at 10 o'clock, a large collection of staffed turds, 1 repsied by W. 0;ilfcr?ith, of West HoboVei. The t >l'"tion composes the mo.t be-n ifnl birds of the United ?t?'ea Hu-ntnI . * id other binls from frnth Air.ercaar I the We,t led es 1 ,ioc from K.nrope, Birds of Paradise from 1 bins, S?c. POUT OFFICE, NEVF ?ORR, MARf H IMfc? The U. S. Mail Steamer Hermann will s*il on Monday rnomiug, 2"?h Ics'.. at fl'J i 'clock. A. M , for South mpton and H-eoiri! Tie tn Ml 1 tort is it???ncr will lie closed at I hi' . ofli c at hi f past I oVlork on ^nnday, the ,9th iost. As ir ?nt . articular tv is iei|Uired iu tnakng no the mails (or the tliH>r ent paita cf Kn*Oi.e, tli? public are reqiiesi-d to drp'sit tier laf.ersin tills oiltco M 111? r emliest convenience There * 'II be no ngsrt on botrd the ship to receive lettrrs. fcc News paprrs for Kntrpe must be seemed with narrow bards, or they will h?clinved wi h letter pottage on the continent.?K. H MOHHIH P. M. > K \ v < 11 POST OKKICK. f'H.ATH AM SQi: AllK.- ; I ' U, M Mail for Bremen and other patta of Karoo. bv the ( United States Mail Ste ;mer llerm.n, for Bremen. Lrtter and newspaper mail b gs will close at this otlice to-morrow Mnnda^>) I9t 1 inrt-nt at I o'clock. P M. A AHON 8 W ARTS, hTl ELLIOTT, OCCULItT, 1NKOHM8 HIi PA 1 tirnts that his hu?-s of attendance at the oflfre are now from'0 to S o'clock, Mondsy, Wednesday and jriday, 643 Broadway IJANd-FHEIJKRlr.K V WO(Jl) /OKTII N'O v. F Ilrimd Any, the Broadway Thenfe. h*? received hy the late nrrivil?. n fc w ca?e? hone it irk lam, I. 9 > .d 10 mch, pltiu ard rot stirkt, with wh te, colored, fiijiirr I iud iilver, paper. Alao, ?:hin?>e, ?rifti? and white fentherfa'*, of every deicripftou; together with ru e*'eii?ive naaortrrent of ncli dreM ftnn, bridtl and raonrninc pointed hid fun, and caived ivory aid pearl f^iu f the moat bemtifn! de<?m<tii n PAPKR, PAPKH? lliTINU \ OKNKH M. *MorttnrK'of i help C?p and lefer; also. (lie mtl ?nprrllne, l>lne and white, ruled pi?in, commercial and pirk?t p??t; al?o, lit' e*p?, IhiiIwt', it n.iit.-li Imh i' l"r 1 ' I'rnw r il t?i! wrtppim, in great varitiy, (or ?nle by JA.VIKB NOHVAL, Wo P n fohn street BOTTLINC) AND BODA APP A IIATIH?A t:OMrlete machine for mmnfaetnriDK Mineral Water,end for Bottling 8nda Water, Corter, Ale, Cider fce. Sic rrn'ia'mir of :i generator, faa^tr'ter pnmp on an iroi ?Mnd, two copper f.inntnini, ai.d a new It >n|ii g machine, with all the e meeting p pea. for?il* < n verv re .J'liable t?'m?. if immediate!* applet! f ir, to Ur. LOUIS KKIH IIT WANGKH, M Liberty ,tr?et. t VUTIt!fi.-A,l%'N< 1'UAL ATTENDANCE 0* THE xl members or the "nirun dustd," ii wi*e?t?d at th?if iUad'liiirtem. on Mtturdaj iveriiat, the Hth IBltaol, ItTH o'tloei. pfltiaiit to enmcwT ord?n, No It#, psmd at lot mee:itiK. Hy order o( 1) KKANKLiN JJALAMONi Coinui uidaut C. Mendo Sfir: S?loin m, Orderly Sergeant; 8 >l>.poleon?Balamon. 1st Lieutenant; Brjimtu I W. Levison, II Lieutenant- Jn iui H. Lyo i Jofl J. Keime, Ouif'es. Kit WARD.?A HORSE AN'O BUOOV W.\H yPfrl' stolen from the itable of the snbscriber* rn Monday, ilir6i'i inst The horse was a dirk brown, with * white?tnj?e in the ("retired, white hind feet, one of them white to the ancle joint, t'. e othe white h >lf wjy to the gambril jmr.t. The buggy has n new leather top, iu the near lid* of which are two small holes. nl? ) two holes cut ia the body behind for the rsclr, and two holes in the spriug bar. H irneis silver pla-ed; undertenth the c?Ilar i? a new pad or collar, covered with clotb; a buffalo robe'eil Uridlev ti Treat; bugtnr round at ends, >(]iiare body. panueled seat Twentr-Hve dollars of the above reward will be paid to any person who will restore taut horse and bu?<ry to the owners, and the balnnce will be paid for the thief; or a liberal rewird will be given tor informihou where either may be foaud. OIUDLEY fc TREAT- Bridgep irr. March 10 180i LOST-THE KINDER OK THKT DIAMOND KINO which was lost list evening, (16th isst ) between the o.r,?r.,f I' ikriwnn.1 llnml'AHV ?.,l 111 II ., ?l . .7 -.t rr -1 Tin, Broadway, will be handsomely rewarded and receive the thinks of'he owner b> retuninit it to No. 4H Barclay street. LOST-ON THURSDAY EVENING, isth INST., AT abont half pa?t 11 o'clock, 1*. M., a lur Boa: it h-?s b?ei l<?t between Hudson street end Broadway, pissing throuih Liigiit and Canal Itreeii. '1 lie finder will Ite suitably If .s riled, b-. bruiting the s.nne io No 52 Broadway. 'IMIK CKITIC.?TlliS flAV H'BU.-III- L). TIM; K 1-', A cents, The Cri tie, entbelliihed w i>h a superb steel tapvim of Michard brmsley Slierid-n being > o. ,'ifi of tue Sic i1t<i Standard Drama. Alio, The Omnibui, with* iineen>."a vioB, beiiu No. 26 of the Minor Dram' JOHN DOU<H. AS. ll Spruce street; BURGESS, STRINGER fctCO; BEU KOH P k CO., a Amor Home. N. Y rf*HE BANKER'S MAGAZINE AND STATE KI1 iiancial llegi*ter. Monthly,G1 pp. Bvo. is per aiu.uin? Thii work eomp i?e? full d'talls respecting the Bunlu, Currency. Coins, Revenue', Debts, Expenditures and Financial Condition ol the Sfitrs of Kn'oje and America. The pie ssnt volume, (luly, 1817, to Mine. IBtH ) compri?e?:?1. List of Banks in every cite MM village in (lie Uaiuii, with MBW ofPrMident and I aihiir,and Caoitalof ench a. Finateesnf the Minual State*, (ofltial,) 3. Imp- r.ant Decisions respecting B.i lis. Brokers Bills, Notts, be. 4. Essays upou < ui.eucy, and Finance Bai.knig, l*c 5. Memoi.aof GiiarU. Rothschild, Courts. Hicirdo, and o her piomiuenc liMikers and b oLer... (i Tables ?f Exchange on Loudon, for each I*.ou'li since IB22. 7. Tables ol American aid English Stocks for Ifc47. U. \ccount ol t c Bank of England, Bank of HY-uf.e. a;:d Cu .ency of France, lluisia, Hamburg, Ike 0. Chronological Hketch of the Curencv ol Great Hiiiain 10. Railroad Maps and Statistics rf Ergliml and United Statra. Terms Three Dollars per annum Single numbers not sold. S-is I'urnuhcdu / Otis, Br >adus !i Co.. B.iaton; Ca'ey & Ha't. Pbilrdelpt.'*, nnd at 37 Wall street. New York. J. SMITH HOM AN8. Editor. Baltimore. A few copies rf the Bank I is! lor sale, separately, and also ot the Railroad Map of Grtat B ritain. MA TURIN'S NEW NOVEL.?EVA, OK THE ISLES of Life and Death, n romance of Norman Invrsi'n aiid t ouijnest of lrelaud, 2 volumes, JO cents We could fill a coluiiir wiih the gratifying notices this book has already met with. In conception, keeping, and style, the leading critics prrijonnce it nnsu'pa??ed (a few instances rxfepted,) by the author's gifted parent, the author of "Melutnth," Mrs Marsh's Novel. Two id Men's Tales, price 25 cents?noted as the most vigorous and attractive of all this lady has written ? " Einil v Wyudlmm" claiming the same pa e tBge. has .ttained desened merit, but it must givr,place as inferior in most of the points fo<nuns a happy and mitaiued whle. On Tuesday next ?Inck Tier, hy Ja?. Htnnimore Cooper, price 511 cents. BCRGES*. STRINGER Co , 2"2 Broadway. THE NEW TESTAMENT IN' PHONOTYrKS FOR 1 HE BLIND ?\ plea forth" New Testament in I'honotyprs for the Blind, will lie offered by Dh Holtoi*. in l*.?.in .*1011 ic Hall, Lyceum Building. 561 Broadway, a few d?ors below Pririce-'t, thixicveninz. March 18th, at 7 o'clock, in hehail of the Tnhawian Aisociifou A gent'emia Irom Con tain uople will make s">me remarks on tin Phonetic A n alogy of Laniuaces. Frieuds of Ti?UTH and of truthful fjrms, are invited to nttrnd GOVERNEKS-AN ENGLISH LADY. WHO COMpleteil her education in France, beiug: highly competent to give instructions iu F.iglish. French, Piano, Gaitar and Diawii.g, wishes a situation as teacher in a school, or diily governess iu n private family. A line nddreised H.H., New York Post C flier, shall be punctually attended to. A GARDENER'S AND FLORIST'.* SITUATION wanted, by a reiper.table single young mm. who is a good practical Hardener in all its brarches, and can give proof of the p roper qualification!. He ii also competen t. take clirrge pi afj-inoj the;inost approved system, il iequired. Address J. C. B., c ire Jnmea M. Thorhom & Co., '5 John st'eet. Wanted-a bov. in a cotton broker's office. Anply at 91 Wall street, berween3an<4 I'. M. Board wanted inbrooklyn-a lady and datijhter w:*li toengau-- board from the 1st of May next, n a private family. Locution mutt be pleasant. Address Box 3-H3. New York Post-office. Room-wanted to kknt. by an elderly gentleman, within n mile from the Battery, a large or two sin til furnished rooms, with breakfast. A line stating location and term?. left at ihis "(lice to P.. ?hall be attended to pOUNTRY SEAT WANTED, FURNISHED Wanted from m'ddle <1 April to November. a Country Peat, furnished, for a private family, within two hours' dis tance f fte ? York aud near the water. Address Box 1926 Post Office, stating particulars. East River or Sound preferred rpo LET.?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE X No 177 Douue Park, one of the mo?t desirable locatioul ia t*ie lowei i art ef the ciiy, having a large vard, trotou wi>t?r, &c. Enquire of Alfred F. Lag' ave, eornt r of Greenwich and Barclay ?t rets, or of U. H 'ud ili 143 Maidcuilaae. TO LET-ON THK FIRST OF may NEXT?AN excellent three story ho.ue in Hammond tt, fitted with marble mantels, hot aud cold baths. Jcc.?rent $500. Also, one in Bank street, the snme size, with like conveniences?rent Sl7i ; both s:,nat?dbetwr?u Factory end Foarth streets Api lily to ALc.X. m. GKElli, No. 1 Hanover stieet, corner ol Wall. i rpo LET?1 he HOUSE NO 7g WALKER street A near Pri> i<J\viy ?|r it urrd as a Boardug House. I a q:n:e > I" i E. LKN N<> 112 Kuhnn st, at 12 o'clock. T^O LET?THE HANDSOME MODERN TWO STO ry home. 9t Fourth street, corner of Amos, 31 fret front, enclosed piar.zi in the rear. in?hogu.y doors, maible mantels tlirouglirut the house; kuchen laige: hot, cold, and shower biths; a fine yard, witii grape vines The house contains sixteen rooms, and is a very pleasant situation To na acceptable tenant a lease might be given, if desired. Irquire on tU: preiniirs. or to H. 1(. WcM I L.L A N, 3 MeidM J, ue. npo LET, AT CI! LSEA, HETWKKN Mi'll 1 2/1II husines : alto, a very desirable iliop for a barber, (heretofore oecu ledbvone:) together with three comfoitahle dv.el'iugi; I i-11 of which will he rented low to good tenants. Apply at the office ?;f the C <?<ile Manufactory, adjoining, or at FoOTfc it BU- HE'3 201 Front street. TO RENT-I HE UPPEK PART OK THE HOUSE C2 White itreet. to a small family, or single gentlemen thet will furnish their own 1001ns. front office and hark Inn M ug, suitable for an mist. A) ply to Miss C. HENUION, m Broad way _ _ HOUSES TO LKT ON FOURTH AVENUE. BEtwe?u 25rh and 26th streeti; rent $419 Confa'n baths, mil molt of the modern improvements. Alio on 2(th street, 2d htiU east of 4th avenue. These houses are adinmb'.y adapted f?r private families; tin neighborhood eicellri.t Ud easy ol arena: fan be reached in twenty minutes by the rara f om the City Hall. Also a family grocery, mme time es,?hlished (with dwelling attached), i orner ol litli itreet anil 4th avenue, doing an eilensire and profitable business Apply 10 David Kvant. 25th street, Sil house east of 4th avenue, or 10 Citv Hall Place. I^OR SALE?1 HE UOOn AND SUBSTANTIA!. eloop Rebec?* K.rl, i:i? heoner Leakmnn, aew Jling at ihe loot of Amos sneer, North Iliver. For terms apply to WVf P. '11' UNUHE, 310 >1 ntoe street, nefore BX A. M.. anil tfterS P. M . and through the i'av at 309 Water st tjioi: S Ll- ?THE STOCK AND fixtures of A M? r- ,i crockery store in < ^thar.ue street. The stock is sma'l, but wrll assoited. This being an old estaVislied stand, it i* a rare chance for any perton possessing a small cap ital t > invest it ia a safe and t>r?ntaMe busineis. Terms reas nanle and rent low. Aiply on the premises, No. ~"l Catharine sceet. li'UB SALE?THK STOCK, FIXTURES, inc., OF A A H"tting Establishment, !Vo. 147 l.hestuat street, Philailelphia, under the United States Hotel, and orposite the old United Urates Baiilt, (now Custom Home ) an one ol the very best stands lor that business in the city. 1'oisession gire* hit<fnly if 4tsifw, loijiira as ibori For bale-a mjfsrioh copper still,, jo gallons caracity.has Leeu used a short time, and weighs 51 lbs.; will be sold low. Also, two outside show rases, suitable fyr a hootm-ker, or auy other person who e business requires a show cise to set U|.on the sidewalks, will be sold veiy chesp at No. 18,^ Ccurllauilt stieet. Also a lut of empty champagne baskets in jroort order. IjlOR SALE?A MEWFOUNDLAlfD DO(i, WAK anted pure breed, very Urge, and youngt MNIU BTI feet seveu inches in leustth, I eight ia proportion, veiy segaciotis, and heantifilly m trued. A suitable dog for a g?ntiem-a's coniitrr seat, ?s he is well broke t? the water, and friendly to children Will be sold tor half his value. Tube seen *t No. 31 First street. f^OUWTRF STORE BILLS, WITH NEW AND vV te.iu'ifnl Resigns elejsntly aid correctly printed nitln tnceoi SU'l TII.n S ..i kre I'res-es, 1'J Kulton-tt corner ol ((MM. AI?o, nil kinds ?> " mr rcatitue, commerri'l, a-d Imtin*ss Prm . ug. ( r.rds ft e?,- \ description. priated ?' the low* est price*, at s!:ort notice, nt 123. THuMAB fc. SU I TON, Printer JAMES BKCK k CO KK?PK?;TKULLY INFORM III* Ladie* that their jHtore 369 Broadway, *? >11 lit eloi'd fir Imti >?si on H<'tfday mornirit, the I8 h, find thrv will o|eu their new it.ire, lid Broadway,on Moadiiy morning, the 20th, v. >t>< ari e.ilire ii??v Sink ul It. SJI'ATK BANK AT S \| , h u r| i-'.h-TII I'll. I, < OK o tins Hh'ik are nilMBMby ' eiin Waihbora St Co>,ot Al'? injr. llie legal Ageuti, and at (lie Biok, in ipecie, aid bought by nil ttie Broker* at the correct rMes on New Yoik Stair money J'ness bills are secured entirely bv ttocka of the State of N'ew Vork Maucerte*, March 14, 111*. It US" WfcLL W ISA AC8 rmident C-? \Sl'OKK4 LOIHINO, KIKK A KM WANTKI). ' ?Gentleinm or families haying Weariig Apr re), Jewelry, or snperll'innt rff'Cts generally. which they deal e to convjrt into casti, n ny IibiI it to their adv niage to serd lor ihe >ui.scr,ber. who will rail upon litem, at iheir leaidenees, by appointment. a lire, lent through the | ost nllre or otherwise will secure prom, t attention II 1 KVf.TT, Office N'o 3 \\ j I atreet. corner of Broadway CM. v HKE'f Mi Kfr-MYCUSrOMBBSANDSlBAN* / ger* arc respectfully an'"*"' tlist my rer.dy made guimenia ire it poanhle, of better finish than ever and the prices a: u?u -I. low. *1y Mara and Inown S.ielis t i lit the body, a e particularly admired, the price is $;0. The hrst quality ol French cloth ?)re*t C^ats, made to mea ore. it t? mos* et cedent one lor $16. Gentleman win are in doubta* t? what fc ilor to patronise, and n >t competent judge* ol good*, ire etprci?lly invited to Cill at IIS William street, opposite the W lulungton store t. Honesty it the bett uolic v. UN HEUKKMKl) PI.Kl>uKS-l)i!F:<fl \M) FROCK Coin, French Cloth and ttyle, $1 to ?8 each. Biuinest Cant of alpaca, drap de ete, catlimeret. tweed ami cloth, f'om $] to $5. Pante, cloth, ami c.i??imere, $1 to $4 each Vetts, cloth, silk and sitiu. made in the litut style, 5: cents to $]. A beautiful lot of boys' cmthirg, very cheap. 1 aih paid for Oents' Clolhiug ('leaning aud Uepairing, at the $i Suit Store, come' Neeeau mid Beel I I M N'.Kt*!IM Will I! TKH'IO 1 A [KIH MAY ( (! I he pr ipnetorn i.l Cue J..h 1 Donkey, xjohm.i1 oi ilie I Mfr.t nine ?u1 lor potnt.e, < rt>r MI prize for tb? fi .1 be?t mid .ecouH but connoilitim*, which tn*y be lent to th"m before'th? 5th of April, Two Splendid Sitter (Jnp? ! bohi llie?e eupi ere of the tnnie valne, mid n'e e'ch orm meuteJ with * eh,i>ed likenen oT the kreit and good (ro ??y nt'tnim of itanid) John btmkey him?r|f. r.*eh cun etiror will aend, with the connnrtrnoi winch lie plate* in competition, * ifeled entelnpe, with hit nninr enrloied ; the let er only to re opened in c*ie th- conundrum to which itunttidied thonld take * prize The cuuuudrumi on the 5th of April will he hand-d to * com nitiee, who will lelect the b-?t t vcnty-live, e*ch nf wliom will receite the p,tp?r for one veef Irre. ()l thete twenty five the b?*t nod iccond brit will br He ecteil. to whi in the ?il'er en pi wilt be ?w*rd*d. The tweutf-fite iueeetifal e, nun.I nm< will eppefir, *t so eirly date, in (lie "John Donkey." A eopiont lelec.ion ffotn the rem* niig ennnndrnmt will be p inteil in * implement t > the ' ,K hn honkey."' Ore of the cnpi i? to be veen in the window of Allcoek una Allen'* m-tnificenf nlterw*re et.nbliilnnrnt. Ml Br?<d?i\y. Competitor* will n.ldrrui (post p.iul> the ' John Donkey," rve ol OfcO MJEL'&tt 4 ltUUlHJCU, 3] Asa meet, Mew York. OOWCKV TM?ATMS.-HKNK?lf M(i. MAM? | n IIT.t-R-tiirinr Et??iu?, M??eh il:h. w*M ke ttii I ro?t??of H' r. WD Mr.MnrM?; CoM *?* > phor, XV&rimk; ,Ml?i fcieimrtgo, vlr?. M*karv: fut"'tr.f, ! i Bell. Aii?t which ih? Yankee comedy of fJi* VKKMONT vVUOL DKAl.KIl?Deu'eraix ray U"(iful, Mr. Mnrblt; Mr. Widdli, Mi. Kiene; Am.itili ftlra. Hu hrrland T'i which Will he ?ddr.l, tti* uukiciI drami nl BLACK K kD HI/8\N?Wilium, Mr. Ma'Me; Ona(bia n Mr tiorke; Black Kved Hutui. Mn ihi!:it>? -In). wip e *c(ed. the comedy nf ALL THK W KLD'B .? BTAOF.? I Ditixorr. 1 r.Ma/ble; f :i (M'.cri I'uu.j kiu, Keeut, .. itt I Urni rt rooipkm. ivu ?(rknay. CHATHAM TRXATKX?SATURDAY KVKNINU, Marc1' l? (he Pfrf"r.^nnre vtill eomineue* ?ilh (Ik ft- < B'dy of HICIIAHI) III ?Duke of <? outer, Mr. A. A. Ail- | daira; Kiclimond. Mr Hield; Loiii HlaiilejvMr. I'mlrc. I.?,h Ann, Mia* Hildrelh; D?Hie?a of York, Mrt Wruy. After ?hic?, (he fa'ce of (he KOUll MO W BRAYS ?l>ter, >jr Winnna: Mathilda, ard three other eharac;er?, \n?iS Demn. To Toutli'tle with (he comedy of THK MAID OK illJNMI'KR?"ii Lawreuce I'n.acon i*lr. Pirdev: Charlr* t'n ? ... Mr. fiield; Kate O'Brien. &iri. Wilkit'ton. Dunn open ?t 7 I o'cl ck?commence " "!% Iti.aea. iM ce?t?; I'lt 12 , BroadwayTHiiiu-uTUioi] eveni <> .March 18, will be performed the comedy e&ti'.led 1,0 N- i DON AS3UHANl>.--8ir Harecurt Courtly. .Mr U.uka; Ma* Hnrkaw.iy, Mr. Vache; ChaHn tJo?jtly, Mr. ' . Vander. huff; Lady <iay Spanker; ivli?? Kaunr Walltokt (Jiacr Hark. I away, Mu? Rvie 'Jelhui /.Iter the cotneilr, Daucei by ihe M'iim M. CUira-'d < ele?'??')wr*ure, ' I. !i * i : ki " I'V (he Orehe?tra To conclude wiflj 8HOI KIN(i K VENT-?Dr. < irift'enhafT Mr. V.'olie ; C.ijitai'1 Hpiff 'Mr. Diwton; Kitty, Mr?. Wtttt; Dorolhy, Vlr? Beijieniif l)o'-r? open it 7 o'clock; perlorrmtuce to eoianteae* ?t ha!f|'j?t 7 o'clock. MIT( HELL'S OLYMFH rHEA rRE?SATURDAY evemiii:, M ircl) Ulb, t'i cunime re with the farce endt'ed PKOOV (tUEEN?Nieholna Hu</.r. e, Vir. Holland. Alter which the lar< eentitled the NEW KOOT" AN -Bobby IWe k? iadow, Mr. Holland; I'olly Picuic, N'm< id; ' 'ri. gourrtout Mri Httnrv. To lie lolloweif liv il |>i'ce entitled ? liLAM K AT NICW yOltK IN 1848?M fin,' fnm; JnUe, Mr. Coaover; \1r? Morton. 1 r? Henry. To coi cluiie with the ferce of BOX AND (JO.V?J .i IS 1\ r. Holland ; Jatnei ( ox, Mr < (inner. D.rm < irele, b\fu cruti: upper boles. 24 eta; Pit, I2>? cents. Doors Ojis i at 7 o'cloehi, nrtain i ?ei n 7*4 o'clock. I TALIUPf.MA HOU&KpSUi.OND PEKUTS UK the ? l)n Monday eve.iinR, 27ih March iu?t nl IM Opera will he renamed, aiul couiuae t'? l.e pre?e :te<l m its m..?t attractive f im, every Monday,!av in ' Kii l.iy evening dnihik tiie fin Mi,in* Thirty Nti/h'i of t'ie Heinm Application* will now be reitived fur ihc. hirr of the rein 1 it<H Boxen ntid Beat*, either f jr il>? whol* number of 1.1 vI 1 * or for their occnpnucy on uny (tticuiar eveuiiiK of the week j The Second row of Bute*, in the second tier, have been altered, and will be brilliantly lighted, so a? to make these ?e fi among the most desirable in the Home A variety of p <i ular Operas, including the New Oram! Opera of Nahucci of Verdi, now ia HMuiali will be brought ou'.. No expense will be ipured to unUe the second part of the season <i>i-lly us brilliant, if not mora so. then the (i??t Artot Place, u h 13th. 1848. P ELMO'S OPEHA HOUSE-MODEL AKTISTS AT Palmo's Opera Honse.?The manager lespeatlully minunuces to the public that, owing to ' * immense labor and en>*use required for the flttinc tut <fhi? new ud novel mttectors. he finds he cannot complete h s arrangements en as to briiiu thein, with all their novelty mid beam ,-, before the community nntil Monday evening next, i he imnag>r is awrate he has promised much?n>iich. thf rehire, is r< Q'tired: and he will fulfil his premiss t the vt'V letter, w tell u? I? produce theee Tableaux Vivsnti with such mu effect only to puzzle, bu>, at the same time, togiatifv t. e bill .ld-r In the tnenutiine, sn as not to keep the house closed lor n whole week,and to gratify ilie manv litindieJ npplicatP ns for the re appearance of the Model Artists and wishug to | !ea-e r II,t e house **ill he orened this evening, ai d the remainder of the week, wiih eu.i.-e new nnd splendid Tableaux and Classical Gronpioge, so that the m st fastidious cair ot fail of h iiu pleated and amuieil. Kor iurther parti' ul irs, jee s,.,all bills pALMO'8 OPEKA HOUSE?THE < \T, I) l itrouiis of Model Artists, in number, wil h ive -lie honor of appearing in a series of their celebrated Grand Table-tux Vivant* and Poses l'lastiqurs, uuder the man unm nt of Sir. Monte Lille. Thursday, March 16th.?The Table..n* to be exhibited this week are the choicest of th'>se produced at "La Port* Mt. JWartin," Paris, wbi- h have re-lix-d two mil linns of fr.incs to the prop ietor of th-t theatre. Third ni .ht of the gre .'est uoveltv ever produced before the Amerirn troupe, and a Hornpipe, by a Model. Dresi cir I? aud pvqueue, f.1: upper boxes, 50 cent*, Doors open ul (iX?to comnunre at1%. M1?LHANICS'HALL,472 BKOAi WAV, DK'fWKKN'iud Broome ?tre?t?.-OPEN fcVERY NIGHT DURING THK. WKh.K Ucpiralie'.'d sur. t.i Tv?f..t?fourth week of the Original CHRISTY'S MINS'l'HKLtf, the oldest established bard in the Uuit?d, ur.der the direction of K. P. CHRISTY, w ho?e irmmlnble ?.ud original emertniumei.ts are nightly honoied wit'i crowded i-.ud highIr respectable audiences, aiiil 'ire 1'iv red with n patronage unprecedented by UTUIIUmt i* th.s city Admission 2i Cents doors open at 7. Concert cominrn'-es a: 8 o'clm'li K?ir the accommodation of families nu AKVKRNOON I'ONCERT KVEUY SATURDAY. Doors ope* <u2; commence at I o'clock. BROADWAY ODKON? ENTRANCE THROUGH l'iatecc's C.tfe das Mill* Colonies ? Muun, ' 44 treaty .?,Musie?l Director. Mr. Oldfield ?Houiething New Professor Y"Uur will produce a t.ew teriri nl magnificent Tableaux?TheSculrtor'i Dream and Venn*and Adonis, wiil be produced i* style ol richness anil efl^ri hitherto UUOWI , in America Satuidar, March 18?t-'rogrimme?Part !? Tablevni Vitus and t>? the Model AltilU Part I?Virginia and Virgiuiaa. Kc. Part S?Invocation to Lore, fcc. Performance to commence at 8 o'clock. '/rene?ir? Col. *>' eaats; I's-qaete. M c?ats; Both ir>. AMERICAN MUSEUM.?Splendid performances, every afternoon at J c'clock, and every eveaiiiir ?' T}If. The | manager has the pleasure of aaaouncing an appaM wiin ! Mr and Mrs. Raymond, end thrir three beautiful daughters, who kit* their inimitable Insli Musical Eutsrtainmenti eeery ai:e<no<>n nrnl ereniCit Great West'ru. the Vankee, Misa liern-rd. the Modal of Jerusalem,the Hcriptui* Statunr, Jsc.Ste. Aiiinidiun to the whole 2} rente Child.ea niider 10,haif price. Preserved front sevj. ons >.nil fx i.t IJaNVAIUI'S MAMMOTd I'ANOHA.MA OK TMft L> (Mississippi river, painted on three miles of canvass, ba ing the lamest painting in the world, at he Panorama build i".H, ta trcadT-.-.--, rvdjomm* iMtlr'* Onrueu U|t?t sveiy evening, (Hundays excepted.) Admission iO cents; ch,IJr?? ' price. The Panorama will eommeac* n:py ing 7,'< o'rl -ck irecuely. /feruooa exhib.tioa ca Wattiier-Says ?ad S*t?i dar?. at I o'clock. fJUUNHWHJK'd STATUARY?LA HUE AS LIFE? ! -IJ representing the VENUS DE Mi.I'ICISand APOLLO UK MKDH :1S, lorn abort time only. Open tro... !? A.M t 10 P.M ,at 39fi Broadway, next to Stoppani'a hatha. AJ.n ; tance V> centa. aiABKRNACM:.?Tfll'KSDAY EVENI\<>, M\K< H 23, 1848? Lut Vocal Kntertiiiimanl, > rinr to Tiaitinjr Witbirgtnu.?The IlUT' HIN8DN FAMILY ;etnrn (heir kind acknowledgment* to the cit ien? of iNetv York for the very cordial ?i.d euthuaiastic cieem i; givea them on pie* ions eutf rtaintnetts, and leipecflnPy announce f eir third ai d la?t vocal eutertninmeiit atihe TIMIUCll oaT liu rs d nv ITIlin, March 23, 1848. Tickets, SO cent! each, for tale at t*r pr u eipal mtsic ttores and at tne door on the eveuiug of the < oi,cert. Doors open at H to 7?to commence at >4 to 8 o'clock. Further particulars hereafter. ]\/| 1NEUVA KOOM8, 4C6 BROADWAY ? < AMPiTl beil'x Minstrels, oi.e cf *he oldest Original Bands o( ' Ethiopian Minitrels in the Umied tltnt?s will gi\e their fifth concert thi? Saturday eveinrn, March 18, when ihey will inirudur c a change of plot r.-inn-e. Doonoptmt 7 i OBC4 i : 8 AIimKoceata r.U? Ia cosftqMtce of their roono being eniiaged for n ball ou Monday evening, the 29th ii slant, there OTIH ? ptrfoTMIIBft on thttffH : /CONVENTION II A LI., 175 WlM'srEU StltKKT v.-' n?ar lllffkerstreet ? I'he ongiral Sarile Broflerx < nlino their attractive and pleasing entertainments evrrv night tlni wetk. except Wedneaday, .Varch 15th, when tin v re rn gaged to appear at Washington Halj.'Jeraer cm, a>.d e?; ect to meet there a hoxt of fncni!*: .their highly fashionable md pr.pnhr entertninmei tx ire makinc tor then i. -mI ! timea. New Vorkers have ail got to hear them ami .<re low begii.t'ing to cr< wd (Ml them We advixe all to 00 ne eaily. Dooil o)>ru o'clock. Concert commence at So'clock. Adinitsioa ]?H cei.n. Ci t; !; )(Vvi - r > i;;; . \ 11 -,s v < t door above the liroadwai 'J*he<tre. Kftnimn glaring ! the week, e mroe.,r-u,g Monday March 1J i ml? : Prule-ior 1 HIEHH' c< mpany ol Amer can u J rem- \r ! tut*, (twenty i? number) will arpear and produce n v netyol new and splendid Tableaux Vivmit* and Poses PlastiqaCX ? The coitamtx and propertie? canri t le turpmxed by any I otherx in the Union, f". T?Having made anancf menix with a celexrated band i f Kthiopian ininmreU, they will appear mid eutertuiu the audieuce with thrir burn-rx. gieex, tor.^x ant! I ilaui e?, burle'ijues itc. &.c. each evening. 1 he i, pu! r KlhiI opian Canenture dance ol Uota lielle, will be personated by I ose of the banJ. l<or particn'er* see smill hills. i>rem circle, 50 cen a ; upper seals. 2\ cents N B.?Strict order will le I ke| t by the police officer iu attendance, lioorx open at 6*-, o'clock, i i.inineoc*at 7^4 o'clock. WALNUT STREET TH1 IT ME, PHILADELPHIA*HaKi'dar eyeniug, March l8t.h, wi'l l>e i eri< rme I the ! plar rf WILLIAM '1 ELL?William Tell, A'.r Wollacb: . Albert, Y I< Iklur; Kmroa.Mrx Bale; Urs'er, Mr Alter which 1 11Ilil'llTl III: ?I' Mi 1 .... II,.,.,,,. T..,,. irii.i.r. e ,li? llr II' I , i I* V . Mil. Ann llerou. To conclude with the SOLDIER'S 1)aU'?H- ! TER? Widow Cheerly, Mrs. Wallack; Mrs. M ilfurt. Vi?. t-ogers: Governor lleariall, Ueckctt; Krank IleaiMll. W|.e*i. | ley; Timothy Quaint, Mr. f.'bai m-n; Maf.rt, Jr., > . liintl 'IMVKN'l'y TKIIiO ANM?AL I- \ !. 111 I l< < < JL the National Academy of Design.?The rooms of the Academy are now ready for the rerei lion i woiks for the Twenty-third Annnnl Ki^ibition, ? hirli wi'l lie ope&ed on tin lit of April. JOHN O.I;HaPMaS N A It GTEAM SUGAR REFINERY?HAVEMKYK.HS fc MOLLKIl ?re now ready ti rrcena nu'ers at theirof (ire, No. 8> Front street. or>t ihe rfli ieri- K7 in strert, i r >tn4ard qnalitiMor double nnidLmT CmMirowde'ed, and t-./fTee Sugars and hn^ar lionse )iuTi in ihe Uinil parka'/et. and at rhlowest niHrku p ices. l,1., K r oE TO LONDON WILL BE OI\ N I? a ?ere ot rirl. to w?it upon a Irdy ai.d cbi d.en, doriii.: the voyage Good references required. Apply at It 1'lait sireet. ni> stairs. NOTICE-PASSENGERS IT THE U ft MAIL reamer HKKMANN, fir Ninth mpton aitd llrewen, \\'ll please bp on Ivinrd at 9 A >1 . "n <onunr,the 20'h nitt The ship will leave ihe pier at !,'j The ?lTi?e, ti vVillim str?er, will be open on \l ixlav moiii'ng " "<:lIt. I^OK SOUTHAMPTON AND Kll MEN THE 1- splendid steimer HERMANN, Opt Crnbtree, will leave pier No 4, N K . et l}i o'clock, on Monday. : nth Match, car . rying llie I 'ered State i mail. This ship n hmlt of unti%unl strength under the irspertion of the n*ent of the I nite', N .es . goveramei t. with a Tiew t" heitig converted mum >l>,p ol xir: II fitted with tw.i poweiful engires, thoronghlv brai ed throughout, and li it ample and be util'il p.Totnno ''utinns I I mei iters Price ol ptisM/e f 'SO. Apply i-t the olT>e of tl e Ocean rtteam Navigation I '< mpany, 4.- Wiiium e?*eer. PA' KE18 FOR H %VRE - BE< OlSD LINE?TH Ship NKIUA, John Willlid, will snil IIP t> e 1st of April. M'nr freight or passu#, spilytu BO VI) k HI V('Kt'N. 88 Wall street. Is* OR LI VKRPOOL?N V/ LiNr'.-KE . I" < K 1 -F etof26th March?The new a d sp;eidid list mi'mi packet ship HOSCIUS, As* Kldridge, mister, is now 1 adii g, ! and will positively as above, her rruui *r day. f or freight or pM?Fi??.having splendid fun isbed arptrnmo '.^tklBs, : apply on board *t Orleans whurf, foot of Will street or to I K. K. COLLINH. M Mouth street. The racket ship Siddons | will succeed the lloscms, and sail hsr regular day. E*OR NRW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA AND " Vr.-k Line of Fnelre'.s? Ver? reduced rates of Kteigh ? I'ositirely to ssil Thursday, March 13 ?The fast stili;i^ pocket ship OSWEGO, ligersoll, mnster, is now loadirg, pnd will sail as above, her regtiiar d^y. Kor freight or passage, hivnig splendid furnished Mcumnodatiotss, pfpijr w, : bovrd. at Oileins Wharf, foot of Wall street, or to e K COLI.IiNii, '6 Sonib street Positively no frrmbt wil be received on boa:d after ne^nesilay e>eni?s. ^larch 22.-Agent in New Orlemi. Mr. Wm. Creevy, who W'll prompt* J |v forw,i-d all goods to his address Picket ship IiK'HAKD I c(l:lDKN, vrill succeed th* Oswego.aud sail her reirnl r ' py. NOTICK.-ON AND Af'TfcU flTURJJAV K B* rtiiry 19th, the steamboat ST AT K N IsLaNDKH ? II I tnalte tli e following trips, until fur. her noticj. Leave tj'i'r I uunt ?t ?, m M.,1 P. M. 5 P. M Lou .N?w I ToHl ?? ?. M.. II A. M.. 1 P. M.. IH P M dP 1' M)E THOPHIKTOUS OK sTKAMBO.Vl's WITHIN*! 1 B?lli him* w >itIit do well [ i p^y ??i?il onbo^idlh* itnmtti Voutrnuierr Onveroof, Too* P wfll, i John Po'fer, Admit*1. Buy Wtntr, fco., h'" ,?nd ?i imme H llowi'i Improved Patcut Uong Be'l, r? :e nllv rdi.pied/Vr itnmb'Mi, I nt If tient nr I icroi ic. w*,im ill liirme y?w>r A vtrtrty of th?i? Belli wi I be co?nr ly U- : on hind forth* urenniiinoUA'ioo of ?>iil proimrioTi limn? *t * 4i*t*ae?. br H. II . No. * nr No M Ana irreet, w VorK. N B ?No perion imntli >ri*?d t? contract for woik in tuy uimm I attend to it la p?iion. { i t fcl fOTFLUGEWE BY Tm M11L8 Atfauu in Wssuiii,tU>a. Washington, March 16, Summing up. In the Seiinte to-day, Mr. Henton spoku in fnvor ot hirf amendment to the deficiancy bill, ; lor 11 full minister to Koine. It in suspected that this in a movement on thn part of Old Bullion, to w;u over the Catholics and liiahop Hughe* to the barnburners. Mr liudyer opposed the provision both for the Milliliter noil the Charge to Konie. He wan evidently auspicious that it wa* a political speculation. Tile timin lrneht id not disposed of; and " tli< re will I) some further talk upon it; and it is not allc ;;etlier certain thnt iliere will b?* even n to tin1 I'ope ; but we shall sec. Bishop liu jiu j ouitlit to L" liar'*. jVir. Caliioiiii took strong ('round njpinst the ti n rrguifiit ; iuv1 in tlii: .\iixic.Ki contributions declared that tli** tJi>sident had trnuticeuded the cou*tilutio i ntid t:> laws. A bold man in the declaration of liis opinions n tbat suiwe John ('. Calhoun. It Uen <': * - - not persisted in forcing tuis bill upi u the Si iur. -, Mr. Calhoun L-aid li<' would hayesj ir> i tli? Ex cuuve. Well, wll; let us In;)!'' lor li best, a. y how. We. think that may talk pa they please, now pence ij s > nearly secured, If wr get peace, tlie people will tv gratrliil enough to forgive the President, md Tom Corwm and floury Clay, uu t <i*n. Cn s, rid .Vlr. Calhoun, ant! all of us. Tiie people ol tlie United State*, iiod blen.H tlieni, an- i "cnerous people. They lorgive and lorget. (i d ?' t>j ihe people. '1 in re will h'- u greot > iloit to-morrow to p.i3i the ten rt .(inient.-, no th.-t Mr. Sevier may carry that drop f comfoit with his treaty of peace to Mexico. We regret to hear that Mr. Sevier la nick to day, ami riou. ly wick, though it ij hoped ue will he ail r''diiy lor Die trip south by to-<norrow ev 'iiing. Mrj llolley, tli- widow rf the lite lion. John M iloll y, ot M' W York, i-< at the United Statea Hotel. Air. II I! llolley is with her. Her late husband, we are pained to learn, died recently in 1 Florida, whither he had gone in hopes of recruiting his health. Wo have learned nothing more, but suppose she is on her return to New S orK. W. TIUIUIBIU CO.MU11KS3, FIRST SKSS10N. Senate. VV4?iii.tuTo*. March I#, IMS. Coll rnorripR fcr Var h. Tbe lart tnras d ays tare btfo the baiil< at ot the f Mr. Calhoun l? to to ijuy. (to I the galirri"*. a* usual wh"n he baa tbe nowr, aro tiilfl hM'orn the of the Senate. Quito a nunilnroi UlUi b on ?? ? It or b.iovr, on the range of sofas _ outMil.i the b?r There i* u charming youuir cieatur* 1 right bsfor*yourt \ rter oa the way in the eircu'ar 1 gallery, that disttnot, smpbatle and Mtotou An?io- I Saxon fane, in the Lluo bonnet an J the auburn cutis. | Mr Webster look* very thin nut p?le He has auSered ' much of late, ia liO'iy hi. i mluil. Duiinp; lb" wmini? hour, petitions, reports, b ill, 8te., were presented, rtau una reierreu, uca sundry resolutions >v?re offered, which lie over till to-morrow. hill er uicrit.'iK.'fciK* On motion of Mr. Atmkkton, tbv Uauso bill Or supplying certain deficiencies tu the appropriations made at the Ik t sereion for tlie current year, whs taken up. Htiverul ameudiucnts, proposed by .Mr Athhiitoi*, wer? agreed to. Mr. Bhkkmc moved to amend, by inserting a clauso providing for the appointment cf eight additional clerks lo the General Laud Office ; and In rupport of tb? motiou, two intern w?r? read, one from the Commiarion*rcf the Land OiBce. and ono from the Secretary ef the Treasury. Agreed to. Tiir pcrs. The question then reonrred on the motion of Mr. Beaton, 10 change the appropriation in the blll^/rom that for the support of a Cbarge d'Affalres, to sum equivalent fir trie support a foil minister?In otherworu*, changing the appropriation for amission to Home, from fl I 000 to $31,000. Mr Bkntoh submi'l d a tew pointed remarks In support et his motion . 'l'he minister might have other and various duties oonfided to him iu the Papal Slates, bosides iC" mere duties of a minister at Home. Mr. U.?di.ich opposed the amendment. Our ocminerce with the Papal States required no minister to promote it or protect it It scarcely amounts to >100,PtiOayear We have three oonsuls In the Papal States, suflioieut to tak.j care of our commercial Interests. At for tt ? reoent political events at Rome. there was nothing to be gained, either by ourselves or by the people of Ita'y, in a minister to Itoine. The Topn of Home was the surie autocrat that he had always beeu.he had not surrendered a sli gle prerogative of nil absolute autho- j rity?not one single feature of his supreme and absolute power hail been even changed to a c<>Dc?ssion to the people. Tbe inly thing In -which he differed from Lis pre decc;srs wu* th*t he was a Kind*r master than il"y had been The ...ii.lou, Uwa, ?uun iu-jiji . religious erobwsy to'ihf head of t'ae c-huvoh of Ko:ue ?(lis authority, even us a secular jnn rnor was a church authority. II" r*soppoa?d to thl (reposition, because Men i'uj red ii 'o between tb? government of the Unite* State* and thn Sovereiija I'ontilf ui Home ; the V*?P'* would regard it a* tbe entablishment of a different policy towHtcl ?h? Catholic Cburrh from everything which hae er^ted heretofore between this govei i.ment and *11 religious societies whatsoever. The people would regard this mil ion ?? a departure from ihat provision cf the constitution which gives h g'lit-rni iibeity to all religious organizations. and a* a violation of this principle of uou-intervi'Dtirn to a great degrett He thought Ihat tb-Te wax 00 pGilti^al n-csssity for this appi lnticent, and that no n lv ntagea wrre to be derived from it. There had been do poiiilcal am?iioratioes of the secolar authority of the Tope sufllci'nt to author!*!" this mission?there was nu commerce betw> en the United states and tee Roman State*, sufficient to There whs, perhaps n domestic political object, to be ooinpasefdhy this proceeding Th'.re are gome thousand" <f< atholln voter* in tue United State*, and their influence In a general eleotlon iJ not to be disregard el Eir in every viaw of t* e subject, ha was opposed to the prcject?be w?sopprs?d to a full u,iui-ter aad to a charge; becausn if tn*I polotm'iit of either woud rot be mischievous, it promised no 00mpt" satin*; rceul's an* apoeari-d to him, with the consuls wb'ch we hud in the It. nan SUte?, to be ucnecsaiwy. The ayes end noes wre called upon Mr Beaton's uatd4iner t, to cbaagt; the officer to Home from a obarge to a fall iriois'er Mr CmTTi:*orr* did not know why n full minister should h- appointed to Home, wheu Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, < nd even Austria, that great oentral pi w-r of Kurope, had hoiking higher than a Charge d<$ Jiff,.if. j r. Ufxto.n did n't brve in vlr-w exclusively the c?mmeiesi.f the 'J *-r in propoeii his amendment lie sui j.ijred the < "aierceot tbe Tiber of Uorae was about I the same as that of our Ti -r! ^i'l'e litt ie br'ok wbi^h comrs do*n by th" riiln d d-p*>t. an<! einptit-1 into the capil under rennsylv?nia ai Dtle I The Senator from New VorK, sir. (Vr. l->ix,) who hus beeti to Uome, ?aye that tfco ceromcr' e of hrr Tiber is rather larg?r than the trade of our Ti ?r (Lau.'liter) It not in regard entirely to tbtt city, which had so b rig proudly ero. d at the head of ??.e world, and for many eg?* past tl - li-ad ci tbo Christian church- It wae not toufiaed to H m?, which had nc'jnlred trie n im? of the eterual cty?but l-.s looked to all Italy-to the whi I? boot, st' the whole ptnii.sula. incidentally, ever ...., ..h ? .. ?-or? ? v,.-? ... r.f .tlnlnm U our, r. ><.r. . tut on Why, 'ir, W" h?ve 5 Charge at Naplee, unil lrr,io there w"?^kip < ver Home to tlie Cie-Alplne tficU, at the tK if the A!; r wb re we hod ano'her. ut lunu. ll?.re in h nn-At nlr. fr< in the Ou'f of i'ltrn' um to the loot of the Alp*. The whole of Italy rnbitci about twtwry n>ilioi,a of propie Tb?y are clTlJed end tubaitld d Into re?er?l po*?re; hat w- ha?* tio Mneral ip'.nuiat'O 1 e^erescctatiTe among then By rending h m!m?t*r to Kouie, we eball in houjb d'?T?e, in fubftunr#, it not, in form, supply th,? ?fc?ial deflolenoy to lt?ly iteelf Such were the cor.?ld?ratloni whiab indued Mr it to propose a minister to ilomeef the higheel rank. Mr. t. aw moved tbat the hill be pawed by Informally, and thai, the bill of ten rfgiraents bt taken up. tOa, no! no ! no !) Mr. Mali: hoped the bill would be pitted over beforo the vote wan tihen ' n the amendment propceed by th? S*D?tcr(r> m Missouri. Mr Cass ?1 t oinly. We want to pans the ten rejtmet.*? to-dey if warn'i The till w.1,1 ja^sed by informally, ac<l the Senate took p ihe b.ll of T11-: TKit motMrnTR. Mr. <" m.hovv t n?s ind /laid given in tsi*graphic lej ort tf procrelingA ] Mr Jahmso*, cfli?eri;ia, had intended to speak upon th'a bill; but if the s?c?t ? deslmd to take tha vote t?day, ?i" vonld eheertnlly give way V r ( H not r? hop' l the biil would be pa?*?d by. Mr DrrhiI', ;**fte I tha the Senile pace ihii bill ov?r ti l t" iT.rrow, *< ' tRa: they r< the eousi !e llou of the dfttolency bill. 1 ? d*sirs<t to gratify the H-n.itor from <??fr/'?, but if we Kre only to h>?ve one ?j\ -ch a l*v oa ttifn bill, aud then ut it aside, it will takes lon:i ilme to get through with it. Mr Ukrrikn appealed fcr the coniiJerat/on of ihe d?flsimcy bill Mr '"thilrtom s#il th-.t imporfanf. a'was that bill, the bill of t?:i r -Rime* '1 h .d b ?u a loos time before thi Srnate, and It fw hUbly imt of. int that It should be a U'sti sed f f without d* b v y.t. Kip (it k?I nj'i-that the Senator rrom Ueorgta proceed cow with ln? remark*. Mr Joh*soi*. cf Oearg.a then rofe, no 1 proceeded to * expreM tb* tini>>KDed *nib?rra?ment, which he felt in 4<lre*tog tho Se?at? kmrt hoped the Senate would j?r* J ) tli?(, be had arrived m h?re l.ut ? tew .i4v? bMore the S?nate h???a? dally oo- 1 I la 4 efc bneinwa; amen whioU tin* thia I wm the nr^t opportunity lie hud bud of expr*Mlng hie *i wa He would nrooeed to eheer thfct from the time of ihe ?rgicf "?'( Napoleon iu h+w,our invariable policy ti wurj bal bee.i protective, uia^ounxnous sod f rb'SiiufC; *r'd lor which we had received nothing but l>?se iDgtKtUudf,uiiwor'hy the ixoet implacable enomy. I'.imIm from i;.uer?l review of the relatione between the I oi.ed StRtu iitid Mexico iin'eilor to the 1>km transection*, Mr Jtlir.r'Hi ecntenied thet trie alternative adopW by Mextoo iu rttereticu lo 'lex?e, against noil against the Coiled h?*?c. we* the alternative of war H? th*n recapitulated the ptrtloabtni of the fe^oli*tioti?. or ntttuip.s at negotiation*, ri'h ?iioo the tiljrte of onr government t > avoid a war, and the deterrntnat nof Mexioo to provoke a war at ft 1 hiaa'da. lie t Voire J tin" Vetico *:?* i<rp -;i?tble for tue war, an'i fov tin i suit* of the war. He ar?u?d thai the annexation of conti^uom territories had never don# I ? ^y harci. hut had ?!" J* be*n of advantage to thl I Ho rti dr.^U t. -j xulon cf M x'.^o: but whetW ltw?re nl iKIyam *-?lo; r.'Mie believed In the Uiffueiuo of f ?o p ino plr* < m thle otusintat. A

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