Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1848, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1848 Page 4
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w ad th? bey Is the ftp pi * trae, ateallnc tpplM; ul hj w.'uld ileal with Mexloo J out ? th* old did with the !?oy If neither *ood warda bt tufte of *t*? *#u" do. he would try whe virtue there fU in ?tone? Hrnoa h* would (fo for tbla billj, and lo anawer to tha Seu? or from South Caroline, he would no f-r It la order to proeecute the war with If ~>r. If paaoa thould fhil to oom? out of thi? triity, lu the matter of aoatrlbntloa*. Mr Johneon contended thai the freeldeat had acted judfelonMy aad properly; and alter ?ood aeatlhle maniy ?p?eeh. but rather 'tale from the ur und having beta travelled orer ?o often, Mr. Jobaaoa yielded the fl aor Sr>iD? eouv?r?a'io? then *ucoeed?d *? to the o Puree of baaiuee*); dorirg whirh, Mr. Buiuiini c.llei the attention of the Senate to th? bill far h< r?l??f of tb? h-ir* of John P^ul Jonee Thai b'll woulJ tak-fr <m toe rrea*uTy fome MSrt.000 and in it* K-u?r?l operation it wiuld bankiupt the troafeet iror?rum nt on the fae? of th* narlh Mr. C*?? r*i?e 1 a point of order. The hill was not before the Senate S > u? rnr h?r oonver?atloa *n*?e?dad ; and finally, on sno.loi of B-"r>o *'j )n<o*d. H ium of Ilepre??ntatlTca. H'.u>D<r M ?ri-h 16,1848 00WTIL4OT*-aar thxc m>rpt ? Mr Co?? moved a t-oi ?hl? atlou of the yot* by which th>- H u?? y-t-rday paeaed a ren'Mution orderlnic ton thou "and copiea of the aanra.jt of contract*, with tn? War t)?p?rr.3i?ni to h? printed He wUh?d ii to he diattrotly undent o- a tba' he did not obj?c to th? priut Idk or the daiumeut. That <r*? ordered somi tim* ig'> r ought to be prio>d and place 1 In the possession of ths H a.?e Hisobjection w?a 10 th* print n*ofthe?-?tranumltmr It w*s * m-re abmr?ct of contracts made by ofllo-rs o Jnnectel with th? xrmy; and gir *s but a partial aueount, calculated t.- do girts injustice to < ffl -era without jtiv ug th-m an opportunity t >r ?xi>lanatio:; ; aud lb" ciroulation of ibis extra tiuubnr will h**e the *ff*et of icdu oln* the opinion tha Coagr?ss look* on tbe contractors wl b su?o ting of fraud Doling the Florida war. the war or leli a .<4 ?v-ry war, offlaTS connected with the army h*Te in*l? contricti and these have b?en Relied upon not t? rrd nt u?oa the < ffio?r?, but to furnish a groan > <>f 'taik up *a >h* administration, upon the E*?cut1?e D ? ^rtui -'iof ih" government, and without aoy p ,ior< u.ii y wi>*tev?r fir explanation H? protested g>ics: ths govarumrnt b-iug ueld responsb.e for the % tat* of tb? o "loom, who acted upon their owu responsi baity. Hi? oljjct In rl?iug w*? to m > - * reoou?id trati?o ?f the vote by whiob th?extra number was ordered to be printed I'h.i usual number should b- print ed ; and the committee on 'he expenses ?f the War Ur. paitm-nt. should ioqu>re nd a.crtain wh?thar there h?v< beoo fr?uds. If so,let them be reported. Mr. Caozu k w^s <lad that the gentl'man from Oeorgla b? i bioui{ht this subject before thn House, because be wi? afforded a-j opportunity of making.? conecti"n of r? mirks In ons of the morning Mipers. The transp :r'.?liou of the stores of Oenrral Taylor's armj from .Motam >r*s to Monterey oogt lees tban the transportation oi el<?ht hun Jred mules and Morses from the State of Ohio to the (tin Grande. Mr Th.)*ho?, of Mississippi?Why were the hcrses. then purchased in Ohio? Mr. Cbozikh?Tbal's what 1 want to know Mr. Thomp?oi? -That it a reason why it should be referred to tbe committee. Mr. Cb'-ziic*?There ha* been gross injustice, which amounts to fraud. Mr Kkih of Ohio?If there is any charge of fraud, it must not be made against Ohio. Mr. CnozitR? Well, 1 don't care. I am willing to give tbe document to tbe ooun'ry If tbe document msleaJs. why print it at ail? But it is thr product of the Secretary of War. and why snould gentlemen who process to rely so much ou the virtue and intelligence of the people. refute to let it go to th?m to j aJ<e ? Mr. Duncan, cf <Jbt?, w*s understood to deny, in rev pH- to a rt ai.trk of Mr. Fries, of the same state, that Minor, wbo the oonlraot for the horses and mules, was a whig. He was an origiual demoorat, aad be did not know that he had aoted with tae whig party Mr. Fm???He did. Mr Duncan?He 1b my constituent, and I ought to know Mr Fhik??He is a standard whig of that State, and voted f >r trie gentleman Mr. Duncan ? I ought t* know Mr Chozikk laid, in reply to Mr Cobb, that if the subject eh uU be rtfarrrd to the committee, the report that would be made would b? regarded ai a garbled statement by tho democrats He proponed to take the abstract m ii was prepared by th? gentleman's own friends. Da not the people know (tie pric? of oats.of hay ,and straw, and of all the provisions which may have been purcba?ed by the army ? and the price of muuitions of war.eto T The abstract contains the it<-in? of tb? expenditure of tweuty or thirty millions of dollars. He could see no r?ason why the ab'tract made by the particular friend < f the gentleman eho Id not go to the country The prioe < f th? printing would be only four hundred d liars A uore interesting document never enian*t*d from Congress because it gives an acnoun! of a vrry large expenditure of money lLS>ad of icn thousand. he believed that twenty thousauj copies ou d be printed. Mr Coib?lhive but a single word of reply The gentleman has 1 will not assert intentionally n.isrepreiceM inv aif um"ot to the House He says tb*t 1 object to the printing of an extra nu~nber. because 1 am unwilling to throw tbe document b fire tii? couuiry, and that i am not willing to iru?t the people Not so No g??i?l nan who has heard me. except that g?nti*man wruld have put such a construction up?u my r: m irks The ground on which I opposed the printing is. that th? nbstrsot is uniulerx'ting. and does not give explanations aa to the circumstances under waich the contracts were made Mr Caonxa?My idea is this: here are facs, and the genrl>mtu unwilling to ,<rlut an extra number of the K?tr?. * *?-.? (he / ?r>uot understand it. Mr Coaa-A* usual, the g?ntl->u<?n is as far wrong bow as b>iore. The gentleman bu ?d anted that, froiu th- at'strsct. be cannot tall wLat contracts were made honestly or fiaa Ju'etitiy Mr Ca iir.a - 1 said that the contract were enormously high, and that nobody or old underttand whether they were wrong or right I remarked. yesterday, that one ca-e came to my Knowledge, which did not exhibit fairness. Mr Cobs ?The g*s 1'old w'll admit, then tl-aron a IHMlsmiwHn,lwlllkl has giv-n the abs'iact no one esa tell w ie h-r tie contract w?r? m%d? in hotesty or in fr?u J fWhat 1 propose is right and jus*, and will e amend iteelt to tbe farorable eousideration of almost ?very m< wber I desire the comwl'tef wdi. have charge of tbe subj?<Jt, to "tvaiae ivid as certain whether there has been corruption, anl point it out. that wr may all unite in some mw-isufes nuaeasary in the premises. nr Htf.rHfsi -1 think that ray honorable colleague misapprehends my object in voting to priut the extra copies I sh il vo e against th < in >tion to reconsider ? Tbe design wl the publication is n t to arraign th* eontractors. but to give the pei<p e light No charge of | irta'i cao a ?ma wny not give the Information iu ths abstract to the people ? Dor* n t the argument ot a; collenjra- amount to th.s: t aut tli- peop.e cannot understand it ? I want the people to know how their money noes They ere the tux-payers th?y bear the burd-ns kui they should know wuere the shillings and X"Mr. i -ob ?1 stated distinctly that the document will not convey to the publio that inf ruiiitson wucb Is designed ?ly objection is. that i; is a inert- abstract, and is uasatlsfectoi y Mr 8r lph*ni?It ahowa clearly what has gone with money ot tti* p- pie, an i this 1; what they want. Mr. C(>b?? Tne people want to know whether this mori-y has b?n righttu'ly or fraudulently expanded, and tuis the document does not show This is what the fr?nti-intn'? (Mr. Croiiai s) committee ought to investigate Mr *Tr.phiii ?Was it the object of the Secretary of War to wait* it impossible to tell what went witfc the money ? Mr Cobb ?My colleague niu*t not uod*rst'?nd m? as Haying ttiat tbe docuas -ut does not tell how the money went Tne sbatraot waa made under a law of Congress. ?ad doee show to* ;b? mo >ey weut tu. does not ahow whether (be t xpe-iditure was fraudulent or not Mr Caor.i. e i'be gentlemaa wants to st.rk to a sinpie i?sue I rep it ttiac the abetract will abow on its fao* whether he contracts are fraudulent or not Mr Cox ?1 ask t:>e gentleman to put hi* linger on a Ingle i"*m Mr CaoziiR?1 will do It. I mentioned, yesterday, that a contract war made in my district by proposals, publicly made; bat a United States ofHoer rescinded it and iu?d" a contract with a favorite. The government thus loa: three Ihoueml dollars. I have spoken ot the horses contra#' *d for in Ohio. Mr < iibb? Uoea this tact appear in the abstract' [Laughter.] Mr. ' bot.ier?That ahould go to the country. Mr. fr kiks? The gentleman b isa^? :< r-.'eriedto the ho s.-s The facts are these Mr. Minor, in Columbus a prominent whig made the oontract with Major Stanton. In the absence of the (juarurmaster General If there is any traai tbe Hons* will sea that it la altogether in the whig family circle. I feel some interest in th- oaae, becaa?e the hooar of Ohio is somewhat in volvel I thins the anbjact ahould be examined by the oommlttee. Mr bTcrHini- The gentleman from Tennessee has ramined the document and says that the charge# are extravagant. The contraots were made ia ail parts of the country It la for tbe pe pie to see whether the prioe* bave been exorbitantly high. They may furniih information In relation to the subject. i don't care who wetethe contractors wnlgs nr deraoirats. I will not Wink at or blind my eyes beoaase a wuig stole ths money. No: I want tbe truth, whoever it way condemn Mr \Jo< Lta^ann ?The metlen to print an extra iiumber at th? document was made for a parly nurnoea Mr ?It i* te furniah information' to' the ywpla. Mr McCi.r-e*A?D.?The K^utl?mun renewa the dUelalmer that it was a party otyeot I ap-*k to th? fact. Dot to appear?n"<-i or pr>'teno*B I aliude to the gentlemiD from Tenneaeee Me had no oth?r object, In moving for an extra nnint er of the abatiact than to fasten fraud upon to.* administration on th? mf.t! in to republish tbi# don?neat. th~ gentleman made a apeech. aud tula g .ea .orth a* a party mo?"?<iut r Crouch Tn? |<entl<"ratn Uika akout republication It h?# never been publmhed b??or# ?Ir. McCuiiiaa ? I apeak of the effect. Mr Caozica.?Tae greater nutnt>*r of the contract# h#v* been in*de with the utuioid fidelity Mr i. c Lt a%**n. ?I ?pe*k as to the e(J <ct, ar I not to p,>?aiau"e# I appeal to every gentleman, whether tbe ae<i^Q of th? gentleman from Tanueeaee w,.a uot to I iM?-n fraud upon the adutoialrationf That wat the effect of thr epeeob. Tii# boa. gentleman pana*d for a few m'tn'Dt* Several tn#mr>ere thinking that he hal couoluued hi? rema'ke. epraog to tb#ir feet, an J ?r:th much earnestntaa and anxiety eud?*Tor?< to obtain tbe floor. Mr Mr' i.iimmii 1 *ua nov done yet (II*. ha!) And he concluded hi# #p??ob Mr I Himrw, of Kentucky. aa % member of the Printing Commute# 4??a?oi#n) any party consideration Id tbe printing ot tbe esua nunittera of the abairact TI . It fc>. >,? >? ? .... r.?.Uirr inn c ijulry, t&?t Uie p??pir mifbt M? tb? pri i* of j. r* iuui?*. Vo Tht? oul i or.-?t.? emnpclitlou and uttr ih??? articl** ch'?p H? mOTffJ to l?y th? m it?on to r*coD*U?r on the Ubi?, bil l >l*-ui*nil*(l th* pr#Tlou? i^U'itioa Mr. ?I wi?b to mi my lritcd from Kentucky qumttoa l'U? ftrilaiik?It p?d be Job* by consent Mr Hiklit?II hu not ftlwaye been done by general ?f>an?Dt Th<> Th* obalr would like to be pointed to tin pr#e> d?nt Mr I ?tah to wk quMtion. ("OUjeot," Mr. Thokpmw?I Win withdraw ay motioa tor yum to uk a qoaetloa. if yon will renew it. Mr. Hknlct-I will not prom toe. Mr. Th?mp?ow?Then I Inaiat on ay motion Mr. MoKat?I want to eay a few word* I will ranow th? motion if yon withdraw It. Mr. THOuraon Miianted Mr. McKat theo replied to Slaaara. Thompson and Crosier. and eaid that the mount of tho ooocraeti waa aot twenty million*, w th?y war* made before June, 1847. Mr Chozikii responded; and Mr. McKay.* ha promised. ranawad tho motion to lay on tha table the motion ot Mr. Cobb. Tha question wn Ukan and decided In tha afllrmatiTe ? yeas M3 nays 78; aod so tha House laid upon (he tabla tha motion to reoon?idar tha Tola, by which tan thousand extra oopiaa of the abstract of contracts of the W*r Department wire ordered to b? printed. OQYKIlNMlCffT rUKIH The House woo* into o ununttee ou the bill requiring *11 moneys receivable from customs ?u l from alt other * urces, to be paid iuimediatly into the Treasury, without abatement or deduition and f?r other purpxes. A dull and 1<-y d-b.te took plsos on an :tra?ndrueat f'ff-rrj by vlr Hailof New York. It was dually rejeot-d Two others war.' agreed to, wbiu the committee rcee The Hnnw eoncurrert in tho amendment* ; th? bill wan passed. and is as follows, vix : ? B?It enatited tiy ib? Senate and House of Representatives of the Uuitel S atis of America. In I'ougrea* AMemblcd. Taat.frjin and a' the thirtieth day of June. eighteen hundred and forty-eight, ths gross amount of all dutie* received from cuuoms, Irom tn? ales of public lauds. from all miscellaneous souroes, for the use of the United States, shall be paid, bv the (Wf-r or ag?nt receiving the same, into the treasury of the United States, at as early a day as practioable. with rut any abitemeat or deduotion on aooount of sala>y, fees o s's oharge*. expanses, or olalm of any description whatever: Provided, That nothing herein oontained shall be oonstru-?d to alter the existing law? regulating the collection of the revenues of the Post Ofll ie Depart ment Sio. 2 And be it further enasted, That so muoh money as inny be u*cess*ry for the payment of deb<ntures or drawbacks bouuti?s and allowanoes which are. or may be. au' tt irii-d and payable after the day aforestid, j be, and th- same are hereby, appropriated tor that purpose. out of any meney in the treasury, to be expended under the dir?otion of ths secre ?ry of ?hat Jepait oieut. acct rding to the laws authorizing said debentures or draw backs, bounties and allowances : Provided, I'btt the coilectois of the customs snail be the disbursing agents to pay the aforesaid debentures or drawbacks, bounties au<J and that all debenture certifi oates issued aocordiog to law,shall be received in payment of dues at the custom house where the same hii been i sued j the laws regulating drawbacks having been complied with. Sec 3. vnd be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to subm't to I'nnsriK of tK. nf > K- ...,,1.. session, e?mutes of appropriations whioh may be required to aroTidt for the rxp^DMi of collecting the if Ti*uu? :r<*j customs and also from the public lands, for the second hulf of the next fiscal year, a ad separate estimates for the anU purpose for the year ending the thirtieth 1 uu?, eighteen hu idred and fifty ; and similar estimates from year to year thereafter. See 4. And he further enauted, That so mnoh money as may be necessary to pay the expenses ?f collections referred to in the next preceding section, including the first half of the next fiscal yeer. and until specific appropriations tor the objects shall be m:ide by ('oagresp, be, and the same are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the treasury, to be expended ttfter the thirtieth Juue, eighteen huudredand forty eight, under the direction of tlie Seoretary thereof, conformably to law and regulation : Provided, That the expenses ot collecting the revenue Irom oustoms shall n-'t ;h? exceed the sum of one million five hundred and slity thousand dollars per annum, and in proportion for a less time. jkthro wood's flocgh. Mr Cribfiicld moved to reconsider the vote by whioh the bill u> extend the patent ot Jethro Wood was laid upon the table Mr Pollock moved to lay the motion on the table ; and the motiou was agreed to. constitution of wisconsin. A message was reeived from the President, enclosing the constitution of Wisconsin, as preliminary to her ad wirniwu 1 uvu kUO l U1VU MR H OlBbO. Aud the House aJjourned Baltimore, March 17, 184S. St. Patrick's Day?Arrival of Mr. Clay?The Court House Clique?Tne IVhigs and the Lawyers, fre. Here 1a " St. Patrick's day in the morning," and not the slightest particle of snow on the ground. Indeed, there 13 but little prospect of any falling during the day. The celebration of the Hibernian society will be a grand alfair this evening, especially as Mr. Clay has accepted an invitation to be present I will give a sketch of their doings in my next. In compliance with Mr. Clay's urgent request, there was no attempt for a public demonstration yesterday; and, indeed, if there had been, it would have been a grand disappointment, as he look, a carriage at Canton, two miles from the citv, nnrl i>is?ed quietly to the residence of his mead, Mr. Hughes. Thoxudi had MMnoltd at the dep its, and along the lin* of the road, to catch a glim,>?e of him; but were disappointed will remain here, 1 understand, lor tour or five days, and will meet our citizens and citiz.-rcrsres on Saturday aud Monday, in the Rotun da of the Exchange. Ttie whig State central committe have issued a preamble and resolutions in favor of General Taylor tor the Presidency, and the bone anil sinew of the wing party are almost r^ady to t ir and featln r them. This central committee is C imposed of law vers and old noliueal schenit*r.?. scramblers after the loaves and fishes, and know nothing of the opinions ot the m iss of the people, liut the wnigs always allow theins-.lvea 10 be made tools of by the lawyers As an instance of this, a committee of ei^ht was appointed yesterday to call o'i Mr. Clay , and instead of choot-ing some hard fi-t>*d mechanics, who wgje present, and who Mr Clay would much prefer to have met,apos?ee of lawyers were select! d and marched otf. This "Court House clique," has givm to trie d -mocracy a Governor, and if tiiey are not soon dethroned, they will help to elect the nomine* of the democratic national convtntion to the Presidency. n&AUUI j UtfTELUaENU*. Port of New lark, March 18, 1848. <C? lilca 6 2 j MOOIS IET1 5 23 UB l?TI 0 18 I W17It .... 0 13 Cltarwli Sh p??Montreal, Lwen, Liverp ml. Harnden k Co; Louvre Week?, Il.tirrd-m. x. L? Hurlbat k Uo; Lliriatiann, Ham monil Vers Lrui, J K.lwellk Co. llarka?liole (B.) liictiardion. Belfut, J McMa'raj; Wart Kenaler, Biaal, \ Pa tuilo; Heform, Lcwii, Mobile *tnrgea, ( lei m?u Ac Co; Wukjh, Barilett, <1o, J B Uaiger t)rifi??v?krah.->ll, L*vetid.r .Mailer i, iic Harbeck 4i Co; Vlarnu O ure, need Houduraa. B Blanco; 8elma, Colleu. Sa tan i<ili i M L).-in.ll. Mo.ei Bulkier,' harlecoa, U Bulkier li?KibiI , . Jutimoi], B iltimore, Johcioii fc Cnwdeu; M; ry Ann, G.,e?t Ph laielphia; harp, Ureen, do; Chdriea, Pi,il npi, i'a?nton; Kluibeth, Pomroy, Boston; Croton B*; li.dei B rmpoa, >t? Bedford; U VVilnimt, Kuley, JlariI.nil, Conn. SIjop?^Champion, Bebee, Providence. ArrlT?<t. Bremta ship Chriatoph Columbna, Kredrickn, Newport, W. M d iy.,to Meyer It Biucken; 417< bara iron to order. Keb 16, atli'JOd Ion J7C1, ta*a Uatcb alnp, allowing K (? ia her aiuuai 5 iter , <ige paateugera Bn< W U-ivn. M iiion, Matanzaa, M days,to master. on? rjiHiiMuuer, neuoran, 'tw un?;?, 17 daya. with 283 itliiis 110 titter* mil 111 bbls mol-uiict, tu Brown Brother! Srhr Vtary B ' >?e, Cla-k, K istport. to Breit it Voie. y-cnr Poeaatet. Harimgtou, Luhec to Brett k Voir. Schr J<?eph Karwe'l, Amei. Thomsiton. cfir ,M?ry k*rl*v, 1- graiiMn, Thummon. Scnr Ktfi.rt. Srauldmg I'homaston. h^Ur Wuiikliu, Pe?rce, Thorn is ton. Sehr Cora, Bailey, i'hom .it >u i*ciir Vermillion, Learnan, Uightoo, Mm fi-hi Compliance, Srjr?, Bo.ton to u W Ropei. ? . ,r Vnltu-e. Sar??r. Sen hurypnrt. Mloop Providence, Brown, Providence Sluop jniei'h, liwicbw, \ew London. bloop New Loudon, Smith, New LondonLift t*r? Hickory , Jack(on an i Knger Parmalee, Se irmnn, btth Iroio ibr wreck ol the ichr A t 1 Morn, ashore neit Keck way, with r.ava! itorei, he. LighUr achs John Vw ?-n;, Bovdraan, Norm*. Sowve, and Uitpuch all I-nil tlie bark Alice Kri/ier, ashore on Kockaway bench, witli cotton, aail?, rigging, tic. Btiow. 1 brig, unknown. Mild. Ship Menrhia, New Orleans; bark New World, Ht John, NB ; b:its < hir U.iMW, Madeua, t?jv Thorp, V?ra Crui; Oiford, Jackn nvihe. Mareh 17Ui? Sinnse, WindNNW; meridian, 8W; (timet, NW. H?raM fftarln* Corraa|M>n<1ane?. BaRRaDoks. Keh 24? \rr tiark laahella McKee, New York, and aid aaiue day for bt Thorn,a; Br brig Beraiuda. Norfolk; 2'ii ha-k <>er; Uarruon, Po> tliuaa Norl lk;22d bark Cordslia. Whitney, Philadelphia,and lid for Drraarura; brig May Klowrr, Lao fire, Ertl'imore; schr J P Brent. Means, uan'ietown, and aid to la? rt i,rd; 21st. brig London Hnynea, St Johns, Ha, and a iled 24th for G teds loupe; 20th, bark Canton, Uilley, Georgetown aud aid ?2d to leeward. bid lUh?Br brig Knvorite, Masters, A'ex?ndria. I'bii ai.k rmia March IT, * r m? Arrived? Briga Chicopaa, Hurd.ri: Bo, ton; Canton, Crowell. do; K b-rt Walu, B?ker, do. J'ear!, Atkins, do; scha A W Leeda, F.ndicott, Al leu's I', i it; Barratt, MeColley. NVork. Clea r Bus Milton, < art*. Kio Otaude, HA; Kelim. fltorer, W'nt L dies. Kl zabeth, Ohl, Port Spain; Sea Bird, Curtia, Bmbsrioes; Joteph, Kellar, Portsmouth. NH; Montrose, ?, Boston aelu ^ne ,"Somen, Homers, Wilmington; A VV Leeda, hudicott, N York; barge Oueida, Haicea, do. Mlmllmitoiii llacord. Bark Alice V'raxrr. which went aahore on Ewkaway Beaen l<at week, it la ? erted will be abindoned Owing to the very h?avy ? itte-ly >viud and henvv awell n few daya iTrer ahe got athore. all aff'-ta in ,de to get her off have besn coml>letelv fruairatrd. The agent which ?aa seut to her ha* if inrii'd to the city; he saj a mm the bark'a (idea are all atove in, m. A in (i>?t ftl tK? ?? ?i - ? ? ? ?- ? -- . .. . .. ...... .mi ino urn n i ne line ri?e? aud / < It iu he lie and rnoit powerful ileum pomp rto'iot kaapher free. The cargo ol cotton between tier derkt i< Ml nnl and id charge ef thuae interetted Wh4LI!?o Ban* llt^av, of Hulem, btfn>e reported cond'niuxl and told ai Tahiti, Drought ak"Ut $1700 aud tl.e oil aa?ed afcnot SWO# The H. it now m.der the l.hilcnu flag, and ar- at Valparaiso I ?et! 12 Capt Liud .at a piateuger, and will retarn heme via Cape Horn. B* Bmii from Cadi*, with aalt, ttrnck on the bar at Rio lirn dr, prer 10 Jtia It, beat over and aarik. Bum Bi.tol Hawe, formerly of New York, before reportad tailed from Rio Urinde early m Oct with cattle for Montevideo, had a i ?rr au to J*e II A wreck antweriuR her deterip'ion wnt fallen in with on the coatt m December, aud it uaappoM* til on boetd were loei WHMIumm. *hin Mentor, reported arr ?i New London ltth, is bow r*pjr'Ol below 14th, with 2W ip 2700 wh ? lb< bone. At Zanxib&r Dec 24, Phocion. Worth. l>B,arr 20th, 17 moo ont <00 wh 45" ip. to uil in a tew days on a cruue. Reported in Nor, Si Peter, Simmoua. NB. A< Maui ab?u: Nnj l, Roht Bowne, Baker, NL, 5100 bbli, for h .roe direct; N irrison, Green, for do tall. Heard from to date, Lowsll. Beijimin. do J7ro bbl?; Isaac Hicka, Kice, do 4UH>; * ore*, Hemi Mead, do ? bbla 11 OA ihiaseison. In Sra>t OrhoUii, no date, South Boston. Hoxie. FH. 2600 bb Is (since rep at Mnni.oil not sated,) Amazon, Smith, do fa bd to Sandwich Islands. Heard from , no dote, tir., Sarah Kice, Warren, 1000 sp: 9usan. Kay. Man 450 bp: Nassau, Weeks. NB I 0 ap (rep aid fm ( B'lao Dec 3 50H ap 160 wh;) Rose, Miller. Nan V m. Heard (mm (tiy etter received iu h'auh<vet) in Sea of Oclio?? -, last of Sept, Sou h America, Snale, rrnvideuce, with 2900 bbla oil, and plenty of whales all around, with good weather. Spoken. Ship Hannah F.dde, (of ?,>at u) Pearson, from Mobile ior Liverpno', March 8 lat 33 56 Imt>9l4 s iipt alleuder, from U?ston for jhviui, March It,lat 41 12, I OBI 6* *hip Fortitude, from Portsmouth, NH. for Mobile, Feb 22, oil the Istacs Ship K'd'on, from Boaton for New Orleans, Feb2t,?ff the Berry lilamls Bark rertht'.ire, C days fro* New Orleans for Glasgow, Mar 4, lat 2S 43. In 8-i. llr btrU < he i side, nmlercood from Cevlnn J5 days out, for Cape of Good Hope Dec 24. lat V9 fJ S. Inn 43 44 E. B-ig Vinnge. H >ib d .e from Stlem (Nov 5) for 8WCoast ot Africa. Nov 16, lat 31 47 N Ion 40 41 Feb 28 ht 26 27 N, Ion C2 3t, siw a brig steering 8E, showlag a red swallow tail sigual with black cross. foreign Porta. n1.... i... o _u ?. n ? ? ? ? . ?r ., fnu n?urn* >ia>ou Daruey. rtcoit, ior r<i Ywik. Itlg?ouly Am vessel. In loirt uo dale, brig, late of N V >rk lul l t'.nrmiAOA. (about 40 miles from (he port of Bnenos Ayres, an n ' at i nenos Ayies, u reported) Jan 11?Brig Lucy Ann, Otia fur \Y..rk Mt -only Atn v ssel The Belgian schr National fir N York w-? pr>bab'y alio in part at h, untntB A. The port win bbick ided hy a French mm of war. Halifax, M r 11?Brig J"sei>h, Phelan, for Philadelphia; schr Rambler, for N York, i.lil 2a. achr Elizabeth, M'Leod, Philadelphia ln.n di: Ldi, IW 'oast Africa) about Jaa 12?Brig Allen, Williain? fmm Salem. Mataiscas, >1nr 3?Hark, Oerriah, for New York, 7 dny?; end tlier? 8t Hkl^na. Jan 24?Sid ship Francis Whitney, Fiah, (from Mauila) Boutin. Si? Jihndi loi Kfmkdkk, Mar 5? Brig Metalic, Plum mer,(or Portland IJg V?*a Cmii, no'ate? Arr ships *Pharsalia, Allen, Boston; Feb 21, America, New Orleans. Horn* Porta. Bath Mar 14?Sid b ig Knauier. Nichols, Cardenas. Bootubat, Mar l|-A?r brigs ^Inlupenre, Perd'e on. fr<im Fran fur. or Matanz s; G?p uin. Pike. I ub c for Philad. Bost?!\ M vr ;6?\rr ships Kambler, Ballard i * carta; Venice. Halter, Live-pml: bnrks Bo*ueo, Huntington, Calcutta; loHa Brouwer, Totlord, Apatach cola; H. x n? urling. Philadelphia; brig Aeai ian, Wood, Halifax; schr Henrietta. But, Lnbee fur Ba tim >re Arr l??t eveniue in tow nf ?teimer,ship < hirlotie, Phipps, Cocjiumbo, last fr.'m Tilcahuaua. ("Id hips Ninth IJeud, Spr g le, Madras and Clcutta; Rowland, Norcr ns. NO'leaut; bugs Muskiin'uin. Crockett, Portland; Kim, Taylor. Philadelphia; b"g Sulla, Bray do; schr Angeretta. Crowell. NYort 8!d birks Hanuah Thornton, Ante lope, Girard. schr Manson Baltimouk Mar 16? Arr schr Arowsic Morse, Galveston; steamer lleralJ?saw berwee i New Point and the middle ground a 1 irge number of \es?els; steamer Pocalontjs?reports off Cedar Point brig H VV Brown, from Galveston < Id ship tiu?r v, (llrein) Vol' Suuten, Bremen; brigs CHinbrian, Walter. Kingston, Jam; Sally (Ivans, (Br) Williams. Demarara; Kod,>liih. Kldridge. Boston: srhr April, Richardson, do. Sid schr Science, ( Br) H gan, M Johns NF. i Haki kston, Mar 14? \rrseh> Bosalthe, Skinner. San Juan le los Hemeili s; Excel, Kenuedy, NOrle\us. In the ofBig, a bsrk. supposed the Juniter, Ctrr?r. from Havre via "Sew York *IJ brigs Sir Charles Forbes. (Hwed) Krnie, Copenhagen; Albert lerkiiis Clarkstn, a Northern p rt; sehs Malabar, Gilchrist, d ; Thi s i Bartlett. Hopki s, < nmdea. Me Fall Rivkr Mar 9?Arr schs Vermillion. Balnmore for Dighton; Rnscius, Taunton for New Yoik; J0th, R 8 Leonard, do f<>r Vrginia Monit. k, Mar 9?Arr ships Geo Thatcher, Freeman, NYork; Aberdeen. Hubbard d,i; Jane lilassin, (B-) Fleck, do; Fortitude. Libbey, Portsmouth; Albany, Crocker Charlestrn; lcouium, Turner, Wiscat*e:; bark Ueliance, (Br) Crowell, New York; brigs Linden, Williams, do; Baltimore, Driver, Boston; schr Sarah k Mary Bates, Attakapas New Bkpfohd. Mar 15?Sid schr Sarah, Perry, New York; sloop Corinthian, do Nkwport. Mar 15? Arr sehs Homer. Higcias, Boston for N Vcrk l.orhiel Prnvideno. fnr < 'l.-.r. VI Br... PI,,!. delphia for Proridcnce. orfoi.x. Mar 15? \rr ?chs Mercy Tavlor, Nickenon, fm Boston: Wm Brawn, Huut, Newburyport lor Ba'timore; Ola ?a, Libby, Poithtid; Thai Conoor. Parker, Provideuce; Erotss. Frisbeo. Portsmouth, NH; Conrnerce, Hudgins NYork; El zab?th, Wright; Volant, Siromonds; and Herald, (i ifliu, Ne?*pu t. Pilot bait.I 0 Calhoun, from a cruise?r-ports in Hnmpton Hoads. brig Trio, n( Boston; sehs Ma y. of Berverlr; Hichard, ofTrn-o; Hichard Bowdea, of Fall River; Sarah Hyud, of Newburyport; Uuion. of l'rovincetown; and a largt number Of < tlier brigs and schs ^EWBtcRi*. Mar II?Arr sehi Wm L Dayton, and Amazon, NYork; 12 h. Sabine,; Marv, Rob?rsnn, do; Uth. Dolpiim. Sulyeir, <lo. ( Id 11th, brig Roanoke. Buttr, Weil ! Indies; 12th, schr Snath Caroliuia i, Davis, St Martin. I Nsw Orleans, ^l^r 8? Arr sh pj Robt Parker, Weiki, and Ashland Uice, NYoik Cld ships Ozirk, Davit. Boston; Plato Hearse do; S-'t Mary, B'lfTins. NYo k; J?hu Campbell ( Br) Tobin, Liverpool; \tnrlia. H?tid?r?on Trieste; lurks Georgia Oti?, Halt'm e; i'olchester (Br) Withers. Liverpool; Ardennei. Ans'iu, Boston; Elizabeth, \ nunc. NYork; Joseph Full. Sravev. d >; An:' Smith, Boners d '-.b-ij Kssrx, \d?ms. rto;?ch? Montano, Stoddard. Lacuna; H Plan'ngenet, Caro, Prnsac la; i rrole. Allrn. Vera Cruz; Americau, baloney, Tampico. T>?b'at LMuIel Wel?t-r t*>-??d to sea 4th ship Joihui Mmnn. bri>r Trmiil-d. tchs I.otusiana and Anspe. and to the bar ha k New Y k Packet I'kovibkmc*. Mar I'i?Arr sclis Waodopasso Eddy.Ch.irlestou; 't kliurv He -i, B ItiiO 'rc ('Id b ig Harriet, Brown, Chi le?r ?n. Sid sclir Octob-', Baxter Mjrns *iver, Del HICHMOM), ^iar !5?Arr H.?rk Luin.-na. Pillsberry, New Orleai ?; sr'i"-'m iowrv, BmmII,Niw York. Below srhr Lowel'.fom Bust :>n. SM schs Manchester, Tuttle, N York; Aun KliziCake Lefd*. Biston SaLKM, ^ar IG? \rrbr g ( herokee. Bates, Zanzibar. Sid 15th. schr Convert, (from Cardenas) S'runkfort. Ni:ir 12?'.rr b it' w trliut, Jones, Nevr York Cld bark Providence, Buri,* Uos<>n. Fortl^a ]mbor.Mt,V.ii, CaHIUW Wllp K"-. Wit sh?9CE6 plus tM 42 cases mdse 1750 h*v fi'e crackers 2 0 mats ca sia ?.? rolls rmtti"g 16 cs anis* o 1 5 do n uiktt'S 110 half r heitf ;e . How Ut.d Sc Aspinwall?4b6 ?Ub? tiu A Brower Si S n?3 - i auisa oil ' h i mdse R H Vear s???6 cs m. s* J S Mtp ? ?I cs silks II H I'esrsou?I hoi Caxv * co?4 cs mdse T M Abbott it co?2 do 50 pkgs tea 1 boi mds It cs si>k to order. Mstawz >s? Brik W Divis? '93 bis ?ogar D Curtis?311 do If hlids mol sses Meyer Hi ^tiickfn?179 (us sue ir J M HornSi hhds I hbl molas es 1 b * twee'metis K G Thurst >u be co. Fainsr. March 18. A.IKH1UAW HUT&Ii. Mrand Mrt Theod ..e Cotent, Wf*' Poin'; Thimai Sett to wood, Pniledelpliit; S K L?o-:?, Whit* Plainc W Izird. i.harleit.n: G Liudiay, NO; Capt H L Hewitt, US Amy, AsrOR HOUSR. J Maynard, Thilidrlphit; J Stephen?,do: H W Morrit, do; TV' U Bruut, Boiton; Hon J v eutwor.b, Wathinirtou; >'i and Mr? lloo', Alb nr; Mr end Mri Demy, Lowell; W ' o kr. P'uir ton; '; < r,.m?rr Watrifur I: Jiilitu VVadwonh, M Y; W H Warner, T.o\ : Benj Javlor \Vp. h11 gihi: < G Clarke,Canton; J .'luat, Wheeling: T Rice, do; VV lie (ten, Salt m>e; < ol Kaufman, do; l II 'Iliad, Connecticut: L Mone, Button; K Dii.ah,d ; 8Bi^hinood. Providence; J C Kin", B wtons Om Uivt, flo; Geo UpM, da< Hou J K Ho'mea Sonth Carol ill.: J J Mastrrt li 8 ."oninlat Demertra: J f. Rve Wye: T Ashley, Alemidria; W Deane, da; J O'Neil, < hette'; J IIn|;k.?iou, Philadelphia Kdwird Davit, do; C B Duncan, Columbia CIT* HOTEL. Mrand Mrt Drwtt, Albany; C Humeri, Philadelphia; Mr T'lcr. No'wi' h; W Mmer. Philadelphia; Judge Powert, ?' t? 111; A Vickery. Glenhiim; J 1 hanaliett Portland; M Hunt, Va; G Milla Richmond; P Tyler, Philadelphia; Capt Tyler, Now>eh;J Bovd Richmmi; J ttead, Philadelphia; J Levy, R'chmo.:d; .1 N'ewcomo, Rochester; Mr,Mrt and Miu Seymour, We itch* iter DtJNLAp's HOTEL. G H Barker. N Hamptni.e; C Thouipt->n. Philadelphia' H, hlUM, do: t>e? JMM do; W'm Scott, N Yo k; D LUmJ, Be**eu Point: Wm Harm, N Yi.rit, G ?1 Smi h. Bitton; H ' ami bell, L, Itiand: Wm Gibbt, New York; L B BI*eekrr, Brooklyn: G W Whitney, Hrlem. DMSti'kuey, do: H Rol I nt. do; C P Gore, do; H Gore. Button; D Hniith do: B G .viltoiijdo; H W It,in Providence; Mint Rice, do; K Curtit, do' X Curtit, do; B Lawrence, do; CLawrruce. FHANKI.IN ItOUSB A K Hay, Pbila; M Benedict, J C *l"?ith, New Milford; Geo '1 Plttt, W ' J.nhow, R N Batiett. Ga; WW i'ierc?, > C; I. Jouet, NY; P M Jenningi, Ohio; G Scveudire, New Xilfird; (' Swan, Poughkeeptie; I Lnvther Richmond; J R i fTerty. Providence; l? ^ Hale. N V; D I'rtchiw. Georgia; J Metullock, N Y; 8 Harit. A banv. HOWARD HOTEL. T C Gardner, Boiton: N Gittiell, li Hrz'ett, Ohio: J V Price, AVarrentnwn: C Daili .g?. Matt; R hrott Kei tucnv; R Keuley, Newfoundland; h I ruev L*ntinghnrfh; J Kantman, B"?ton; VV B adl'y, * lhanv; J G Koi hint, fig lentburgh: C H Arno'd, B aton; C beb k P lUdeirh't; G Davit, ' >e? Haven; K Pinlk, Baugor: H Klandeit. vlati; G tunm,w Kentucky; C B Lytl*. Athem.Ga; L Thuntjn, South Ca'oli-ia; J H 'tui I ton, Phil >delphia 8 Parker. Baltimoie; < H R u vne, J Dnnon I'h I idelpbia: C G Ra mm, ^t Louii; I K Tln maa, .'Si rth f'aroliua; J M Cobb. At)irm> R L M tt Athene; J ' '.oor-er. North '. rt.lina; Geo Gallagher. New mm, \j i *rii |)ii' t( ^duiurn'KCi \j i (.nrriuu, UlJSgOW; J Peektkill. judson's hotel. C ' >'tii.gton, Vi'ginia ; J Witter, HrMhh : K Kiilcgff ^ Har,foru ; J T Clittke Pf?tifchkeep?ie ; R K Hattilin, Prori , deuce; J Dwght, New Hampshire ; D H Tuft H Oowle - ^ Co'atubn*; K, ?Ve!eh, Connecticut ; J Witlieripoon, Tenne* 0 (.h?ii'!l?r, Mnia<:hn?ei ? ; M Our, >} .?tna; J Beach ? Sew Haven; J Pratt. W A lve?, H Weich, H B? dwiu, Con 5 Ber'irot; W H Arable, Baltimore U R William*. Wtock ? bridge; Mr? Rockwell, Pitulie'd; W ( nm u, i.hilicothe. LOVKJOY's HOTKL. a A <1 Bei eilirt, Duclif?' CD ; S K f it'??. ''ooktbti gh ; (J [1 Hon ley. N Yo k; I M 'rye, l,ewi?t'.n Kill*. \1e, l)r N H jj *imth Bull!more; R (* Pliner, Newport; A (i Vandyke, l?a- H ' in.l'a; W \ t d u. 1 K'mell, Newport;.! I) M '-oJ?. Iluil.. n H R KiaUkill; I V . 11 ,?ra ;, ' .. j it 1 f- h ferty, Cr videuf e; k. Keamu, d ?; J Hykei, Wei'i, Vt; j Ric- u hen JohoitoWB I Kobioa >n B <to?; W H fftage, NYork; | H B Haiwell, Albany; W W Wh 'e Micluu m; T K H*rn- 13 ?tead Philadelphia I M Peudee, hirhmond, Vn:JC T IVlk p a>t ?, Byytit iu, Vt;L M Walter, > /eney;< Hntehiuaon, n Washington Uity; k <) Bweet, do. j. NATIONAL HOTKL 3 A L'. iter. Couickie; M ilit< he I Hudioa ; D K Van it Valkeibngh, Vaiatia ; Mra StorrT. i ;hvle?t >n ; Mr? Hotter. ' do ; IJ Stanley, New York K. Millaid, "wrat-na ; M J Uj B ernon leraey ; K SOooks. Uttci, \ V ; k W La^iiug, k> Troy; J 1 Mirer Washington N C ; Win I'eed, 'niladel- d phia; Wm. Tucker Washington ; J uo ,v1 K*yuold<, Nott h B Carolina ; Henry lln *J-?l Mill, N <- ; < ,ol T Hngliea. Ky ; H J \I B'oon, do; I "r >"k, netiielehann, P? ; (ienl .1 Mort, B Treutno ; V IJ ' hurrbil!, I tica ; N ' Trowb'i-tge, Pongli* l> keaptie lifts Wilkiuton, do ; W K Mtii'g^i. Albrtoy ; J W U <itiitg 11>i c? ; J B t/nlhigh, Man ; C Bnrder, I'lnladelphia; johu Baud, Kmderhook *1 RATHBtTIH'8 HOTKr, B OHYI rookthai k?. \ Brnn?wirk; K ib' Farlangh Boitno; ^ C date. O?wego: J Hich Bottuii; C H mixy, II .h A: II J} Babeui k Detroit; 1 r a:id vlr? Sherwood, Rnffilo; K D h'Iy Rn;he?ter; J A Taylor; J Aldrich, Philadelphia; fc L Nor- }! f<,lk fcUlenr TATT.OK S HOTEL. 2 If Aire, N J; R V Sheiwood, Ct; T Wr?t, N J; EM S Muddeo, riouth M'ddletou g ITNITKH STATES Hr.TJJL. H J J Rdw^rdi. We?terle?i ( apfnin Barlow, Rridport; R(! U q'.nth 'I lei Maud; R Ri'We, Kairhavrn; Brown, W.,te:- II hnr\ ; \ Hoi terlord, Jt, Olaerow. KirtUiid >, i n.n, Cor.n; 11 JO Onte?, North ( urolina; W Wiuaiel do; WWiliiama. B de; J O Cobb. ?o; M L ine. Waterbnry; B B Bainri, North B < arrliiK' L E Kellv. do; 7. N <heei;e d ; A Tuft,do; C B ftfden Northhaaa; t >n; Oapt Lord, < tin; h l<'owler. North- B ford; ?' 1; Bartliolotnew, do; D Allen V.Hdletov, a; N K ? Alfnrd, Wio'laor; l)r P itchrd, New Htrni T K Swin. 15 lurk VVatmw; (i Worthei . ?jin; II C Koote, f'hila; H 0 B Melchtr U ; ^ W Hall, Piii'a; l.e^dbeiter, Aleiaadria; i! W.M Alleu, Middlttr wn, A M Allen, 1I0, A F <Jooilnr w, B Waahitg ' ii; Capt <Jie?nw"Od. Rln.d# Uland; K Scnpter. B V???- %V I'mviip f'ltlnkm u 1- W I. I.i ,.!! ? '? '- " " JohnUnn,; Dtlawarr; I ,i,.iai:i lnnkn,a. faleui '.V (toward, Bi Nj; J H Hun ,n-"ii MIehn'l; H Mcl.nngli in, Portland: li ll B Ruslmh. Nf* Haren; J Hungitiford, VVa|CoiTill?: I W Di- U mock, H ' lf ril; B K LMvfuworlli W'ntrrbury; J H Klftcher IVMtf >rd; H.I Ha'ikin, K<vh??tfr; I, S still, M???; O Bi Kal'er 11 I Toilen, Hntc> l?]*nd ; H Wilijamn, B Hhr? ?r?liury, k Al?l*wtrii. M Ni<a, Philadelphia; Bi H Thonaaa. Ha*vra, PTNoiton, Cortland, VV I'ottar, Bald- P morr , J Haidy, Boitoo. |f WKBTKRN HOTKI, Bi H Hodfea. MatfuaehnhetU: H Tifft. AnUborn; I) W Moir- B' ley. Connection; ML Tfj'ijr, Baltimore; (i h Htcveo. Khnde ' laf?nd; M VI Tober.ProThienr.f; K Beach CMakill; A L Bor- "i I.aff?, Philadelphia; CaptO H Powart, Hudaon; j A Weed, g BiufhdUipton; M Barm, NmBtiII*. si T JV PI LCTTtM (REMAINING IN THE NEW Li York roet Office. March II, IHI?Fleaea meudon the d < . of the hat ia which they *re dritued It II. Ami kail farther aaacUu. a a And all a4w .laaiueata made aad?i tha ardera of tha roetmaater Oeaeral, ia lawiptMt or aawipaaars of letter* aacaliad for ta aar Feet Office, ahall ha iaiertea ia tha pa tar or papari of tha towa or 1 Uc? where the oflee adyeniaint mnr he ntnated, uring 1 hr laaaaar cibcclavion.? Ntw Pott Office Law, pitied March 1, IMS.] LADIES' LIST. A O McGill Mra(31at it) Alice Miia Sarah A Grath Miaa Mary vlcMaou? Mary AacherofiMiaa Jaac CJrace Miaa Emily VlcKarlaad Miaa Ca> ?I ivry Aan roliue Abbot Miu Eveline Ganrge Mn Ana MeKoae Mary Atiguitine Miaa GibbaMiu Kliza- ilcNally Mra KliKruncia beth aabeth Ai'en Julia Oilea Miaa Sarah I VlcKowen Mary Andrew Miu H Oould Mra H A 'aue Am- m Mm It 11- OuinooMtiKmilv' Vic Lough'in Jane zibrth Urimham .Miaa Mar Mra CaApplc vm Louisa B caret than.e Ai mitroagMiai viar 0*rr. t Mile Elizt ' Vlcl'heraonMri Malittiet be h r7 B tiardaer Mra (Saf- vie Morrow Ann ?I - -. ? -i r? IW.. I ,1nl Mill quick ncorcct ? *vr/T~ *? Barney Mri Cathe- Q-er Mis# Mary E M?rthm nue J efa h rs Hhoda vleP.trick MissMar Barry Oath J UillerW Betsey I* ' Bramlelt Mr* tiraee liowan Mrs Mary VlcMaunaMri Mary 4 Ann Vic Oral ti \lri(Spn'g Baker Miu Mary L (iwtuna Mr* 8 Btir MrsMaigarei jlyn Miss Ann Hallow Mra Martha H Vanght n Ellen U cen Aun Harwood ivliss Han Mm Margaret lire >e Mri M nah O Br.ton Mra Mary Haulnn Mn Mary Oliver Mrs Sarah J Br?wu Mri Mtna Haudlr Mri \.n?Ii O'Horke Bridget UouKliton Mri t ni Hire Mis* Briduet Orfort Madime ma liappekons.vlistMa ) Bri?n Mri Mary Bono Mri Maria ry i'Neill Mn Mary burrall MissLuctM Mart Ann Oimiby Min Maty Brytlnce Mrs Lrni!) Htuiin Miss Iiid. rt H Burdeu Mri Mary K O'Neil Mrs Mary Bradley Jaue Halliday Mrs Ann O'NailMary Biker MisiOloriano Hey* nod Mis Wn O'Karre 1 Mils Ann Baiiley Miss Elm Hill Mrs Ann O p Bald wiu Mrs A ? Hill Mils Maria v,;.. . ua ker Mrs Jane 11 >bnrt MissSarahK m 1, Mn iu.? ? h Miwgi Mri Jans B Hoiip.r S.rah I!?ll Mlis Clara Holmes MrsEHenk 1 lit^heih Brckenbridge fcusau Holmes Mrs Klin- V'"*" 4 , u' belli (heuuey Mils H?r Billiugi Mary A Hulchimou Mrs 1 p " M;? B.dwell Mjm Maiy Hutches Miss fcll n',". M.s. Ma^ha BoughtouMissliwe- Hall Miu (Kraohlir PlJna Mr. Martha B :<>ad well Mrs Jaue Mall Mrs Mary T JJlf.Sf*Mi?bf?hihaB Hanlv Misi Kllea t,tha Uortnelt Mus Mar is Miugaret r.,|look 8<r,h B ? Hami ton Mi-ran '""rcell Miss Mary t Byrne Catherine Hami.tou Ml*. ?aa R l.arroll Mm ,\nn He.brigger Mad E- Raymond Mrs i !>','ti\fi?. mel Keil>y Mrs Mary r m Man<ret Hi ley Miss J A Ann imf ? ?- v?il? 'louse Mrs Mary Reilly Elizabeth Hlues Mary Keiily Catharine Hon Mm H?rriet.'. Rnl>rn L/Thig i*iii? mine- .. - - A - niua J? aI? rra 1#n h lk?r Mrs HarrictD ' lxrk Mrs Lydia M S0!r?1.1 MiwLottm IUe Mias Jane Dramille Yli*? Mary "Utchmaon Mm Kober<on Louina 0?le Muifclirsbeth r,:i- r '<ouM'iKdwin Comiioi ('atharmeb Hinte# Mri'.arolinr KooneyMiiiBridg't OopeiaudM.uMary "V*'1 Jamei Kodtrri Mri CathaA 1 ? J , jue Coulan Mill ?1 in- ;T'?Mr?fclinbeth.A Kustcll Viisi Jace belli Ingali M ?? Mary D Kelly Wiuuy Connor Mary * """""ig Mm (Ca ftea Miu S E olliui Khz ibith B ualit) Iteilly Mary Cobb Mn H Jonei Mri Margaret K?m?en MuSarahJ CuminiugiMii. Ma- -|aui?Mi??C?lhariur ttileyMriMary Ann ria H Jaaea Mn Z Uobiuanu Miu CaCurtiti Miu Mar- J'ukini Misi P/i- tharine K garet icilla Itogeri Huian Cullen Mri Caiha- ttobmion M.i Iia?"oe Kaiffa Mm EllanC balla urirn MmBridgft * elly Miu Mary Ro?ch Miu Mary Jarey Miu Mary A Kenrnin Martha RodtfariMuMary E Jl&ikMriM (ilad- Kelly Mri Jno C *y?nMri( Orange it r?dmg Kierwell Mri Lucy RunemerMriC barter Mri Lydia A King Caiolina M H J^ebeVHS,vimrrCa. Ma'k'' Shank. Mr. Sarah th.rine Keen Miu Iiaballs str aTMt M a"1A 5 na.V ^mIt* Kelly M in Ann 1 hideitie Miu King Al?. 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Davey Himon H.ghbee l?er JutwU MeLeUn * A Duuvtfufl Joi * MeV?y PF Davey ( ora Hnllock Dr Fre4 Mclntoih John Dew Willii W Holmi Cyrui McNimeeJ L DeanDinlM I Holmes Captain McLellin John H DevJohn I Henry A Me< afferty Patk DonyerKJ Hoevermann Oottx McBride Oeorge Denu Abraham Hombral Her M L MeAnickJohn Deahoe Daniel Hoation John McDermot Wm Dibotuhenn ,Hoyt Walter McCormtck Wm Kin If man |Hnwba;tAA McCermik John Ditenhoefer ? Hotchfciif A McCouuell Jonas Doherty Michael IHyiand Jamei Mc'lowan Anthony Dounin Felipa Huggini Charlei McOraih J hn D.mahne Philip Hont Walter Mc-tndil George Donoven Tim Huil William Mrlitire Jai 8 Du ui. g K C HnllCaptThoi MeKenna Patrick jjuffyJohn I dc J. McLain Samuel Dug iette tfoniJohn (mlay Joieph M McLean T Daitev John T Imlay Charlei O McCabe Patrick Daf D 1) luac J k Mc \ge Robert Danieli Nahum Jackaon Jamei MrBnrney laa H Day, Owen Si Co 'irTiiMnthew MeCreedyk Turner Daviion Jul K Jenkina Kdrnond IcDvnongh Dr DK De (Jiaw J Law Jerome 1'Uomai A MeCave John Dennett Mr opinion Ham Wm McNab Hugh Deeuiaton John H |John?ou tteuj M?Ma?ter B DentLewiiP | Iwhuiton Oeo McGillcudely Deu'rCH jJonei Klden TU ? Dwight Wm IJjrUuu Scott D JIcjm WmC Dine < urti*i iuwrkhtj McKe^aguey Henry Dmntford Win I?ac. Wm H McAfee J Dodge Philip JaC'b?CkatM?2 ? Douohu* Ti.Oi J ck?< n Ml** O?2 Nathan it) David Doty VV M Jaie??w Berj O N#ville M?r?lla Drought Wm Je?u|i T ii Co Nr*bitt Thomas Dooliud John L J'rouie I' Newell & Brown Duuiun Kohert , John* Wm Tho* Niminont Hainuel DaryraFll I Jolinaon i'rcicv.t P .Norton Myron Duryea Tunis H ;J ones James North < harles C Jjaun Samuel Franklin Nanee J D Davis Joseph J ; Jones V W New Abraham Davidson Taylor |lrvinJ"hn Newhall Wm jr?2 Davis N 8 (MD) [?aic?^iwrence N'olson Waterman Dteller Hearri Jack*^%eo T N.chols Peter Deloyues Geo?2 J?ck?un Ji hn Nobis Solomon B Deien Peter 1 leaks P W North J D Denua Aaron L Jenkins Dr F W Nelle Fr D snake Wm Johnson Oliver Nsal S W Drew T W Johnson i hailet Neilnid A W?2 Dedier Joseph Johmou Usorge Nicholson Patrick Dikemaii Judge Junes H W N h iver Panorama Divers c.dward Jioidou Seott D Norris Isaac tiodge Johu P I Jones David H Norton Lambert Dorksen Jacob ! K q Dougherty Geo F-2 Kaiser Kelmnth Qsb >rn William Dorrnau Amis Kearney Johu O'Brien M Durbiow Joseph IK. Its John OMaley Jehn DSdlevW?Hn Ke"Vtr fc11!*? O'Neill Charley n??viTutr An f An a lfIIDii ? i Olmttead Jamrs P Dnevault Antone Koille Joseph o.boru David W JO jKendall Cape Oliver Crth William K?'wards Edwd ??* . O'Conuer ?ohu Eggleson Cyrns !r O'Connor John EldridkeH K O'Bn.n John Kdgei Alpheus ,Kirkpatnck Moore Oram Alfred KvansUevSJ Ostrandrr Thos M Esplsu Joseph ?I kIel.|*t?' Oakley John EdeyMC 'JULr11?..!. O'Neill Michael c-i'sametger Ernest K?{ * i, ''1 Ogden Samuel F O'Doenell Charles Kastcrbrook Wm P KellarOliver H Osborn William Ewen James P Se?a.e^ Viv '.V"1" ?'born *> Kagen Andrew IE'L^IiYr P Ellis Reuben PageAW Ell/ler Louis , Parker Edward Enugton G?o ir i?rh H Pasquens Lever Esten E BW S'?**?} ? p",e, te Wm P f k, hVj i " Parraenter Kuf?s H Farley Peter Kni* ATiBinuB E*rtrldge & Goold Farnngtou Patrick Krr , h/r!.. Payne Mr Kailey James Kif.-. hnmia P?yne W H K^C1"* Keller Capt Jas 8 Ferguson W m ^ &'??""?AC Fieldies James 5 , 'h ' j ?i J*re*cott Jamts Fliun Richard *f'?.hru. ,, J Pelham Luman Fullen rer.inand [ft Sd $o*e,ff Pettis LC Fmuer'i A'th" ^'"haw PhTlliofc Fo i-sk C A Knobe Jo^'n* ^ Jhelps Pierson. Ford Patrick Knob* Johan Pierce Btajaatia H Flo jd John | " Pieroe E J Foreman E A |Lackey Abram Post James A Foot Mi in on 'Lautiug Edw'd 8 Prothro Thomas ir?l IT n l?,i... lllivir Poltxr William A Pulton WmH I Lainon Joseph J Potter Capt 1 hot For inau Win E iLearned Albert G Py A A Fiam Joseph Lehreiht Fran* Parks Hugh Falch D G Ledwith James W Parsons Henry L Fuh Wm H Lenness Joseph Packald Caot Cyrus Fee Arthur Leslie Frederick Page I)r H M Fenton Frederick Lewis Ashahel Parr James Foltsrning And J ;LionsDrJohu Piatt W H Fislier Henry Libby Capt A?#n B Pnyson J G Fitchgerald Pat Lit.ngston David Pratt Abram A Fitch Joseph B iLillel Re? Adam Pelion Michael Fisher Jacob 8cribe Rtc of Jef Pe ouie Edward Fittou Edward i ferson Divison 7 Pellott Charles Folger Joseph G Lg Secretary Na Peleter Aloris Foster M?ses 8 ! tional 3 Pendleton CaptJohn Flood John M Lg Contribution 15 Price A W Foater Horatio Lg Sincerity 17 i*jnkuey J M Frost Joseph Lg Manhattan 20 Phegenmeyer Fr Foster Charles Lockwood Ichaboc Pierson Fredk A Fust Moses Lloyd John Pi Ik in Geo E Farien G W ! Loos Chiistoph Poineroy J B Fardner Master Lord John L Powers Jerome Farn William Lynch John Polock A C . K errom A H Lydell Andrew Potter hraocisM Fleming John Lan^leyJohn Pirdy fc Whigha? Fisk John Law ten Stephen Palmer DU Fisher Friedreich* Lake Hotc.hka Paddock Robert H Fitigibboa M Lawsou Joseph J PaikerJolin Fritchier OT Lannocd Capiain varker Cant Will d Filler Henry R Leeper Chnatop'r Papin J^sLoisel Foley Hugh Lewis Enoch Pratt LL Foord Andrew Lewis liarton B Pratt Chas H Fowler William Lemox Capt Thos Peacock Robert Foieman J F Li' ffers Christine Pedau Da?id Foater t, Libby Avou B Phelpe Will una k'ulton Kdward Lippmcoti G W Perry W ill ism E Froley J Litagston H M Perkins Rush ? Lecatarv R Pettei.gall 1 homas GaretPascil Vernon MountLodge Perkins Eddy Gariand >ath ]S . Ph*"n?T Harris Garlaud Nath i<.4ab Potatoe 1 WiHippi M Granton Aionso Knickerbocker Teni Pinnsr Edward iirn.v Hrnrv 21 Piene i-eon Gnr Jane* Ku.ekerboakar Pool 8 <.?ie?n Audrew Lodge P>>on Oreeoleaf George Loenieu.tein T H Pomarox Pana R Herman K uockwnod H K Powall Th??aa i.eriij P.trick Lloyd Joiei h Proctor k Co Guriuia Mr Lowry J?me. J ' (.men Clntlri Lyi eh Kdward H Griffin John Lafkia Prentice 8 Qnin Hen.y Grflit O i Lyon Henry 1*. Gtlrhrttl William Lr.urent L Rand John > (Jn?Mo>dJ Lar.e Jo?ej>h M K???rty h tlarard Gjmei Kraucii Latbroii Leonard R.-,tclnn? B W Grotfei L L,on* Kay?d*la Lewie A Urowli<k John?3 Lottug L B Karaery Janiet <4?od!ish Charlet ? Lahnea H MD Krtndell Joas H Union L D Lew t Charley Hnymood Edw M Linn N">?rtrr k h .? t-i /i Graham Ale* ^ ; Reiuliard Autou Kraimtu James ;L.ilc>1u LeaYitt Urid David Griharn Alex Liuderheira Etun Kfid Thoaiaa P G*irickDK , *" ? ViT.' 1 j Hedging Fra klin <?ray Robert Littlefiald Daniel L?id Hcrace H Gaspar M O Tent Mohegan 5< Hte l i Wom i? i ueorge M Lodge Empire ?'! : i.ley fc Brethen Glauon Or 8 Lg Oriental ? Hi ley Philip O.ev Oicar Lg Euipira 6-?, iic|, j, hu .Mason (ioacy laptJaa Lg ltolai.d _ " tich(api (ill itin'Jauies U Mechanics 4| (t?.Iell 'm Gilligan Wan Tetf Lxcelator M Rice LkK Gill J J L?>ecret&iy ofMa ! Kichirds John 8 G ffor,l A , *?? *> Uiuteller J hn Gillchespie J E Lanei FT tice Henry H Goolr. y k C o Oliver ?ic# Wm N Golden J Lo m? Aijolph KiggsCr Goodfluh Leaoard Lntiios Deacon Riker D Phceaix Gordon Lf *i? Lyunh Henry J > Hipter ' iuica Gunt i Edwin 8 Luke* Jesse Rich art'a William (inrley George H |*il?y Edward Gaehery John B Uui Jacob HoUingi John D OMIiean Patrick Mack Josim K If"beru W Ginievoott Leonard Mager Mr I Robinson Henry (traves Simeon A Marlone Thomas Kuber's J L Girret'on John 8 Martin Frederick?Ji Hobton Koger (iref Or March Benedict I Ch ides J A Guertz S W Mark N 'Robeils Danl H Ger'tein Joseph Marshal EW , Rogers k tfa uey UilletkCnmp Mappeback Wai Kubjion Wm Gil??J?mes ilaxwell M R tiogeia William (ir'fffn Peter JlstL i itobinson Henry R O.buey Lawrence Meadows Robert It. gersTO < ileijohu vierriIt 8 'RobirsEC Gihbs Ji.acph Merrill G O XobeitsJW (iolitrirk Meeber Hsliey iRnyJohnW < limbeck Gen Jao VIitchell Mrs B 8 ! Hots Dimly Guttamitt Mickel \lillirH Ross Mr Goudhne B 8 Hiller Hobert Kothwell Mr Goodwin L B Miller Waiter J (Root Wm C GrundsfellE Vliil*id Her B F Ross M H Gurney B P Molauy Patrick Kuthei ford Alex W II Moore William Hi an Timothy?J Moore Micharl ^yan.'ohu J Morns Miles H ^nst VI ? R ?'?? ? H Hammeidt'ornelias ^;;nj^li?ra 8 E M orehooie A R l^wnndale S Hartshorne Elbridge S ISwaa t.harlee Hawieirv Hobbort Morfe afe .hV. -alisbnry Oauitl Harper /am.s WoeJiuf A L Ha't Isaac MSrnhi v,^hiel Stanford Or J A iiaitun Benjamin ylvtei T'llwnrd Shannon WmG H.mnhwoot Sick vuM?n F s,?b ? iN -th Wade v?Rd.loJk W Mi.m ^n""> H*"rT B Helmi?fef(.Mons vj^?( h Augnitme & W.n ^ Herce William ^haB'M?1"1 ' Stanley Or J M HerlJert Wm H Martin E1 Sanderson James H;",yJ(ftfhMJ KAlZm M iSriSctai'ffC M mitWis'""1 ^"on VViNmmhd We'rsoi^tephtB Hibk Peter .,Wm ,b. luioa ?homas Hogin Teience vT'h. 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W baalack Paaa Mid VireiiuioJJ pteitwry FP Volk?rJi i " Aarrinaa Rc W'?ut Slarhan O VoaaJoboD fW.ied Cos ? illiaaaoa < harlai Vau Allan CD vcrtiaj 0 Vtolii ga J " LaaiMra Lita- Thit?a?or?( kar'aa Van Tinge R?y J raira?1 i A VaaderWerkiaAW " Fam ly Cam f?aodw?r'h Jo?aTe bnlauJoaW rattoa I th?a 8 AOBXRT H i? *lll?, P. M. Ml. _ t ,1. Kt\ (Wlft fOl'.MIS KNUMSH rATCR-"' ;>m OUjUUU Priuta, r^t tolorr?J?*t a_m??d ?W# Pa irrn I ?k>. 2060 Urru t>n er*a. vv um "li nn !??l=. 1 Printed .YlulU, some T?rr ?b?ire ( ;' fmy B*!U ktafe, MO Ump?r fpi'U and White Je ud eahn Centte Pieces for qailU. li* Penieg ;!*, with tie eetire extensive stock ?f Dry Good*, which will bsaeld iff belew c??t, vt holoenle an * retail?toe proprietor betas deairnni til cloiug his business befor* the Ut of thy. 441 Peerl street. Daadee Wareb^aie _ IN PUHKIANCB Or AN OAD*R O#" T* I 3L KHO. gate ol the I oualy of Nfw Yprb, Neliee la hereby ( vee to hi I persons h.vii,, cUibi ?s ir?t John bi. VTiMai, l?t? ! the Ckr of New )e>k. aeretue.- ta p*??eat the wu?a with the voachers tbera. f. to die ?abcrib?r?, at lha r*sideaee af A'bett W. Siaith, No 11# Vs'iek street, ia iba < itv af law Verb, mi or before the tbirtvertii da? of Mar ?*xt. Dated Ne w Y?rk the teeth day of Nevsabe:, H47 Albert W. bmiih. Benj&ain P. k'auchild (xecators. IN PR'ZE?NO 0374?JOBN T. McLAUGitLIN *1D the Uait'd States v.i Uaa Jinx of Specie?Uai?J Itatea District C< U't 'or tiie District of Leainaas?Vosday. k'ebrn?ryl4,A D. 18U?Present the Roa Theodore H McOaJeb. On nsotivu of C. T Stewot, P.iae ?g >i. u4 n ssgtaMicu t? the Court that tee r ize list !ta* boee fateubed hia af tbe officer! and crew of the vitamer M eater, aad oa f?n!.er aigeet> l WM( MttlMlkM U other in i??a? ni to share as ctptora in ihe distributee of tue |>r ?.a fne?d beiein accruing, it soldered that all i.tber persoaselaiaiaa aa eeateni ! re,a, do tile ti.eircl imr, if snrli they hats ia tee n*ee of the Clerk of thin ' (99) aia*ty ria-a fre?iLe t!?te brreof Ami it .> rde ed tbu a?t oa ue pcVinheU in it e New Orlaena Pi "jeue.* Weihinitoa Uaiea aad New York Herald, *<x tinei fn in ikii dale to th?,axpnat>oa of tbe nasty d.iys. My order cf the Cuart. N. ?.. JC.NNlNGf, Clerb A(\n lUUt ?OTTLKS or BP. PKrtITT C Kb.L1V'UjV/V/V/ 1 tger'a Liamsat bare be?a aeld, witbant a sag te e. mplaitt; it artdicatee p-ia* of every uatare. aad baala ill mauDer of sores; it is re y ncgraat aad at'?*ab e; as a.< iateraal aad exteraal *eicripti?a. it ext'aeu fire saw frevt. iastutaaeonsly; a'so, maps, sad all spuaneic affaetiasi. Tbia simple prepntstina csanuili tbe atteatioa ?.l tbet-eT r.ailieein the eoaatrj? oar livings, Hsailtee*. Lorilltrdi Mnripi. ('.Mini . *ai Vi u ufi. r Jk^. f*r fail bin ticulan ofi urti of almost |t?f e'uitf i ieai?. aae Spirit of the Tiaea. Offiee, tl* Petri; it car. tt or $4 per deisa, $42 per trots; ai d of the drn*Kiit, fa, erslly. 1 Qil?DK. JKFFRlEfe' antidote FOR fconl</? orrhfca, Ulret. Stricture, aad cutilar dWcrdeia. Thia it * crredy w irh rtoui ca no aatittarre? t parfvna- its datv Tiickly, anil ihotoughly. leering n jnriil< tffec', ithf* te the conciliation er i?- |isit tfecud. lu ueiut Lie eatidot,, none of the laeoiiTenen^ and amen rttt-t^eaa eft at eei-u >at on, kr.. ke., ?' rf ijiii'd One bo: 1* it re-era'-la mficieut to cure au erdin>ry ea wli'rh not earcqaet'ly dt*appc.-.rt Vtrr tii or r ybt >('ite-. t'r ee (I rer baule. Fur rale ky '' H HI192 B.oadwav c rut; Jrhnatrae'. DR. OREOORY CONTINUE* TO ITPE AT THAT data of private diteaia to which ttr?n**te aad etkar? are a inrtunri liabit. Hit rkill la thf r lataeaifel* tka art adaa referred to iaue'l ki o*r, aad baa be?u genaioatly appreciated for the laat lifteea<ye*ra ia thia cite Ft \af?r? aad * Ktrt who mty htppea to band ikilllul and preia tralief.are lat lad to ovl at Dr 11 'a piirate rti an ( No 24) up itairt, ia th. large kuilJiuv No. 171 Br.ndwty, eoraer of Vaidav Lane. Doctors fawcett and lamert hate rb morea their office to 31 Ja.aea t'-raat, bet'veea ( keihaa x id Mad inn ttrreta. where they cm be eontn'ted eei:iOeeiiaily on ail diaeeics ol a I rirate nature. Frem B air titeaiire practice ia tint city at well at iu f u/ope, thay ara ea?t la ' ?o 'u e the worn Immif diaeaie *k?t??r of lot* n.n.l as. withoat merenry, ck*afe in or hiadrarce from butiaeai Beeant catct rured iu afew J-ra St ictatee orrd on thr nie't approred pl?n I'eraciia leboriuc unlcr debtuy, breu|li;oa by iaditer?et ir.ilulfaanea ol ynth. ?'*u apply With certai?tye( rare Letter!, p.itt |>ajd. eaclotinic? f*c, aueeilad te Ofcoe 31 '.a ? ? ?m D1seahes of th?. r.yr-dr VTHEELEB. ol ulilt. 19 (iiaanwirli afreet, with tin at tha public, thai there ia rair-ly asr .Jnt?aa to wkiab tkit itadar and btaanful orxiui itintjaer, ika' dota aar yield ia hiatacreiifnl mode of feattnaiii. Haftra cat givea to tb% tirtifaB.iliaa ia the city. Office k< art freai I A M ta I o'clock P. m., aftar wurh he day>tu hia ilaia ta oa: dorr nl'ati* a puiai lilat, con'Riaiac raaarkt oa du?a**i of tk* aya. iciik aarnaram iuiUuret of g.rti rm?-i t(T?citd bi Dr ffkaalai'a iroilaof trattment. rtn ba ha4 gratuitf utlr.*r hit raa daate; r.r th* iamt will ba f. vtardtd tu any oca aa-kiaK applicaUGU :o bin ky la'tar, po?i pi d MKDIC/iL CARD-DM. MORRISON. M4K FULT?N ttraet, darutaa hn entire time to the tratiuitat ol anrale iluaa<ei. Maaent cum. aurii'ularly Ooa?rrh?a, ha aarea in ? few dtyt. Ciitatiiatioaal dak'lity fruw a aacat kakit, iaiioeturnal amttiont and i?potaac7, it radically aura4 by him. Strictniea ba cnrei without paiu. Bea Or. M a In iloma-witli tha tufatuiat ?f ?t'r Astlay Coopar, Sir A-CarIiale. ?o , ia bu <7k?a, JfltHi Fnlfoa ttraet A perfect aura |imrsiU??ri Dr olover is consulted confidentially every day at hia offiae. The ira'?aet aad eara of liflicultand prouaetrd ctiea, that htye bafled the aknl of ihyairiana of leta euperieace, ara aiteaded to hy hia, par i nlarly alaeta,atricturet. and all da ira'e ditearar l)r. O. t a KTadnata in tie atadiral profcaaioa. Hiinflcei Vo. 2 Aan ttraet,are to arTiUKed that (Wliatita do no' tea rarh ither. PriyaM entrance (umili >ha a"try to ?he aflce daor. Evkry~motmtw'a bf>nk^vvtrrmtirlvmtov of porertv, and the troapaetof t?o lr rgc n f?iml of chilIrcn preretit aamy cootidcrate people rnm euterr f the mtni d itatr- bat here it ahcok that will tr I yon m inri tp.'?ta? t reta w Inah aany arercume theae okjautiiai (haauiharia nt allowed to itafe ?ora iu detail th* eharaaiar of the work, mt he known that it will be a iteraelly appraeed efaaei* aarneil pearl* For tala ky l?ai*ewi, finrper k ' ? , J''t Irondway; W r. Oaeii, 1* Smh? iireat Scjoa; Zaikrr k Jo., enrner nf Third and I hri.iut nre*t> Phi'aiicl bit. Dr. ralph, AOTHOlt of t-'.e "practicil l*rnaie Treatita,'" U'it c.ininoert npou "ay of the iteaart there referrrd to, nt lu* j siilenee, 8H Oreeewich rcet.froio !> to 1* A.M.. aad (i to 9 PJ" (MmiI.^v ?| im) Phoae wiio apply in th? eerly iuium of tlitk* oo iiiia.aia, w il at tii* rftpidilT fta'i lilt'r if.nvn * ac'?MHk th* < ?'* '' " ohi?<J7. hn;??ver, it i?l!? *4 Wji (f"H* a o?iUi* < !*> - if p??y..U "r 01' -?ir<> . W"j> ri.i. Cl'fcK NO P \ V ?Dli i OMBl'l' I. I* LH/'aNK L-* ?tr??f. ra*"abf r of rlia Hoy\| ' of '.n?. o?, ?*r h? coumi't*>l in trraunf at of crrr*in d lieaftdii a A praetir* nl f, nit?ni r*ii? d??t?dto ??far?al dittllpi, auanlM I)r C to rnre the wo ?t foran i t <b.a l#a#at fa??? cured In I iir <Ia .1 No r*?itury n??4, aor ratrai >t in d<rt or i ua nru paranita. Htrienirat ru,?d <a or wo waeka with actretlv any win. C' r-titnnoasl Dabriiy? 'hoaa icHiriilnVa who ha"i in?lnl|t?H in a loatiiaoma abit eaa noitivrlr hr rwtorad to health and aoriety. R?lember, it Ouaaa auaet.nait door to Dr. JokaMt'i.

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