Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1848, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1848 Page 5
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?* < I'M I. J I ? ,| NEW |i?, BO'J i, l|l iiifl New Yurh, March I8__l P. Jl HIGHLY IMPORTANT I M T C I I IfiFN^P ARRIVAL OF THE STZSAWC SHIP CAMBRIA. REVOLUTION IN FRANCE. ABDICATION OF LOUIS PHILIPPE, IN FAVOR OF THE COUNT OF PARIS. THE FLIGHT OP THE ROYAL FAMILY. THK CLOSING OF TUB CHAMBER OF PEBRS AND DEPUTIES. ORGANIZATION OF A PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT* The fiitablishineot of a Frentli Republic ON THK MODEL OF THE UNITED STATES. The Disaffection of Troops in Paris. FRIGHTFUL LOSS OF LIFE. The Resignation of the French MlnictAro. A'AiUiU IV IU| THE REVOLT OF AMIENS. SCATS or IBB K&kSBTl, \ v &C.. he.. *C. ? The eteam packet Cambria, Captain Harrison, was this morning hoarded hy our special express ate tm? r Telegraph, Captain Parks, and her news brought immediately to the city. The C. nailed from Liverpool on the 27th ulf., and consequently brings two weeks later intelligence from Europe. She arrived at Halitax on the 15th of March, alter u passage of 17 days. She had a constant succession of westerly gales. The length of passage from Halifax was sixty hours The news is of the highest importance. Intelligence of the most important character has been received from Paris Violent disturbances have broken out, in consequence of the determination of the government to prevent the Reform ll&nqutrt. I.ouii Philippe ha* abdicated the throne of ? ? " i ? a? Tl.. T)..L. ?/* J-'ranre mjavor oj Lotmi. tie runs ?nt M/unr. vj l\Vmourt as lirgrnt was rejected. The Royal Fitmily ha* left Pari*. A Provisional Government was installed. Special Ucipalch to the N?w York Herald* Liverpool, February 2fi, 1848 Al! Europe during the last few d?ys has been iu fomentation. Paris?France, pauvre France ?is again the theatre of iinsurrection and rebellion. Affiirs in. France are looked upon by many as likely to affect, more or leas, most of the European countries, Switzerland, Italy, England The success of the citizens ol Paris will, it ia thought, have the effect of screwing up the courage of the patriots of Italy to the Mick in;: plac . How will it act an tit*- Sicilian pulse 1 Will monarchy he declared at nn end there, too 1 Lola Monti s?that wondrous \voman?has affected the good peop'e of Rivnri ' with her own lil.erul opinions; and, ad* turbulent movements, by the success of seditious achievements, ere contagious, the mere symptoms mny in to an i Mermittent, and finally end in a determined fever; and it's doubtful to ine it Ireland is without iis patrie^. However, to be serious, Philippe is fallen' The throne of I7rance, nfie," being paraded in derisive ostentation by the pe? nle through th<streets of Paris, wits burnt ! nnd the tumor ol the " three gloricns days," has obo'.'cated?has turned his back upon France, and is now in England. Put, it. is said tint he goes to America, by the Cambria, tn-rnorrow. Me it ho. Duly i ike care of him when you get him. The National Guards (the grand link between the soldiers and thl- people) who have ever been neglected by the Kinir, have joined, decidedly joined, the people; -Ami the regular soldiers o) the Iii.e. of which ther? are mid to be not less tnmi 100,00(1 in Paris, . re impo tent on Wednesday evening, the 23d insf., an immense concourse o( the populace,princ pally ol ihe working claims, n is ssid, appeared at the lion levards, the Isadora bearing blazing torches; nnd with one voice this eoncoursc sang? " Mouiic pour la i>m.irJe, Out l? sort, le plu* lw?u, In plun illRne dVnTif!" A collision with the troops was looked for by the beholders ; but the leaders filed oil, aborning " vivtla ligne," and "down with Ciui/.ot " The pillars hIook the Boulevards were thrown down to form barricade", and the atone and iron benches were made similar use of. This was done to prevent the movement ?,f cavalry nnd artillery hi the event of an attack. On the hotel of Koreifju Alfairs wan placarded " Riantl appai f I mini a loutr," and elsewhere, " Alainon du IJ'tuplt." At about 11 o'clock in th* morning, an authentic proclamation wa* exhibited, as follows :? " Citizens of Paris, you are ordered to diocontinue firing M. Tluerh and O. Harrot are charged with the formation ol a new cabinet. A dis . I ' ."M l > ' 'i. " t il ,) for: NE solution ol Parliument will take place, nml an appeal be mud'1 to the country. General Lamorieiere is appointed commandant of the National Guards. Signed, THEIRS, O. B Aft ROT. DUVERGIER, D'HAURANNE, LAMORK31ERK " But this proclamation did not hatisfy the people, for immediately afterwards followed the grand display of popular feeling. At 12 o'clock, an hour after, the Palais Royal was attacked; and, in an hour and a half after, in their possession. Five hundred lives have been lost in the bloody contest, and IjMmoririere is said to have been seriously, if not fatally, wounded, in his efforts to suppress disorder The Palais Royal was sacked. Shortly alter this the Palace of the Tuilleries n !..r??il >Plu bitto I i. b... .1 the Count de Paris, aud at 1 o'clock, 1?*ft the palace, ercorted by a party of cavalry. The Durhessof Orleans, dressed indeepmouming, went towards Neuilly, to place herself and her boa under the protection of the deputies. Odillon Parrot proposed that a regency should be formed under the Duchess until the Count o' Paris should come'of age. This, however, was rtjttltnl, and a republic initiated on Gamier Prfl'Cs was made Mayor of Paris. The Tuilleries, which had been in the possession of the populace, was surrendered to the National Guard. Part of the furniture had been thrown out of the windows and burnt, and it was it this time that a procession of armed persons, in blouses, was to be seen carrying th*> t;irone from the throne-room of the Tuilleries, and singing the Marseillaise. The cellars of the Tuilleries were rifled of the wine. The troop* of the line had amalgamated themselves with the National Guard, and they with the people. A hospital for the wounded was formed of the Hotel dm Affaires Etrangkres, and the people dipping their fingers in blood, wrote on the walls, "A mort Uuizot." The movement in Paris had been seconded at Amiens. The railway stations are in possession ot the people, and the rails have been taken up to a considerable distance from Paris, to preyent troops arriving from the country. Not a soldier was to be seen. It was currently reported in Liverpool, this afternoon, that Lord John iiussel had resigned. But this seems more than doubtful. This Parisian aflkir hun nlrpmlv mn??riull? off,/ii?J the funds. Yesterday, consols declined one per cent upon the last prices of Thursday?the closing rates being 87| to 87J for money, and 8S to 884 for account. At half-past four yesterday afternoon consols went down to 85 The latest rates communicated were 84} Foreign stocks were?Brazilian, 834; Mexican, 18J to 19; Spanish fives, 20* to 21; Portuguese, 25 io 2(5. Tliese were the prices before the results ol the French revolution were known. The arrival of the Acadia this morning caused, of course, n postponement of the sailing of to-day's steamer until to-morrow, 27th instant. F*n 27?Noon.-?There are no further tidings The annexed important telegraphic despatch appeared in the London Chronicle of the 25th February " Louis Philippe Iibh abdicated, and Count de Paris is King. Due de Nemours has been rejected. The royal family have left Paris A provisional government lias been formed, and is sitting at the Holel de ViUe. The members are stid to be as follows: Arago, Dupont de Lucre, Lamartine, Ledru ltollin, Louis Blanc, MarrausU editor of the N't'tionel, and Gamier Pages. The deposition of Louis Phillippe has been pronounced. " The royal family have left Paris. A provisional government has been formed, and is siting at the Hotel de Vjlle. The members are said to be as follows:?Arago Dupont de Loerri, Limertine, L?*dru Louis Hlsnc Marust, editor ol the National, and Garni'-r P.ig> s The deposition of Louis Philippe h:is been pronounced. "It was proposed by Odillon Barrot that a re gency should be (i rmed, und^r the Duchess ol Orleans, until the Count de F>iria should attain his majority; but this had been rejected, and a republic insisted upon. "All Palis is in the hands of the National guard. The Tuilleries has been sacked, and the furniture destroyed. "The king, queen, and princess h.we been allowed to part without molestation. The troops' were all withdrawn at noon to-day Some iives have been lost, but not a great number. " Count Mole was first named, and rejected by die people. Thiers and Rarrot were next named, and were also rejected. "The Chamber met to-day, but the populace overpowered the majority. " Garnter Pages is mayor of Paris. A strop? government will be organised. A K"pnblic, on the model of the United Stales, is proposed. " The throne of Louis Philippe had been carried in procession through the streets. The particulars of the revolution are given >n brief in the following:? (From tho Second F.dltlOB of th* Morning Herald) Owing to the non ftrri?itf of 1'arls raall* of yeeterdftT, ft variety of reports, mora or less exaggerated, wers circulated throughout tho rastropollg this morning The following telegr*?phio meemge, forwarded by our correspondent at Bonlogne, contain* all tTint whs positively known respecting the deplorable scene* snpposed to have been enacted. ot to be now enacting at Paris A special steamer is waiting off the harbor ol Houlogue for the purpose of conveying any despatch which may arrive from Paris. " The people are in possession ot the railway stations and the barriers of the city, and have broken up the lines with the view of cutting oil all communication with Paris. m The disturbances have been frightful, and many lives have been sacrificed." The Provisional CJoT?rnmcnt. ([Prom the London Ohronlole, Feb !?}.] Fabis, Friday, Feb. 35. The Mtnitmr publishes tbe Inllowln.; In very large typ,' 1'ROt.l.AMATION Of TIIE PROVISIONAC. OUVHRNMKNT. to thk rnr.i?cH pkopt k A retri/<?r?de nnd oligarchical Govern man1: has been Overthrow n by the heroism of the people ot Paris The Oova rnment has fl?d, leaving after It a traoe of blood, which Drr-O.'udee for ev> r It* return. The blood o/ thep*"?c>le hue lowed us in July; but thin time the general blood *^*'1 not be deceived II lias achieved a national an l po?t? ,r Government, in accord with the rights, the progress,'an..' lh" wUl ?f thU *r,'*t and generous people A Provision*1 Government sprim* bv 4e% Wraftt.,on urgency from (he voice of the people, Ind the of the department* In the slttlcg of the i ith la mouien arl y with the earn of the organizing and eni>0> Ing the national victory. It I* composed or? .1M DUPONT (del'Kure) L A MARTINIS. CREMIBUX ARAOO (of the Instltue ) Lk'.ORU ROLIN OARNIF.K PA<iR9 MARIB The Government has for Secretaries? MM. ARVIAND MARRAST. LOUIS BLANC FERDINAND KLOCON. These clsliens have not hesitated one instant In accepting the patriotic mission Impoead upon them by urgency. When blood flows, wh n the capital of Krance Is on (Ire, the commission of the provisional Government is derived from the public peril and the publlo sa etv The whol* i f h lane* will understand it, and will afford It the K HE W YORK, SATURDAY ? concurrence of patriotism L n<Jer th? popular government proclaimed bv the Provisional (> vernment, every citizen in a mngi'trste. Fretichmen, kith the world the example that Paris given to France ; prepare yourselves. by order and by confidence in yourselves. for the powerful Institutions wbloh you are to be called upon to give to yourselves. Th* Provisional govsrnment. will* for a KuruaMc, saving tb? ratifications of the French people, which is to be immediately consulted. Neither the people of Paris nor the Provisional government, pr?ter.ds to substitute their opinion for the opinion of the citizen* nil the definitive farm of the government, which the sovereignty of the nation will procla'm. The unity of the nation formed henoeforth, of all the cl*ss?*of the nation which compose it ; The government of th? nation by itself ; Liberty, equality, and fraternity for principle* ; The people for motto and and viol d'ordrr. Such is the democratio government which Krar.ce owe* herself, and from which our efforts should be insured. These are the (lrst aots of the Provisional government M. Di'hont (dk. l'F.urr.) President of the rounotl. M kk Lamahtink, Minister of Foreign Affairs M. AnAUo, Minister of Marine M. Crkmikux. Minister of .lus'lee. General Ukdkau, Minister of War. M Mahik. Minister of Public Works M. I-iknrir Minister of the interior M Bktamont, Minister of Ommeroe. M. Carrot, Minister of Publio Instruction M OouncHAi'*, Minister of Finances. M Gahniir Paoks, Mayor of Paris M Hcccht, Adjoint M. GkUHARD, AOjoint General Covaiq*ac, Governor of Algiers General de Courtais, Commandant-General of National GuarJi. The other mayors are provisionally retained, as well as the adjoint*, under the name of mayors-adjoints of arrondlseemect The Prefecture of Police is nnder the orders of M)e Mayor Of Paris, and will be reconstituted under another bill The Munloipal Uusrd is dissolved The guard of the city of Pari* la "nt,rusted to the National (iuaH, under the order* of M. Courtai* superior commandant of the National (Juardof Paris. Half tast Nink o'clock. The following notice has just beru nubllshed: ? ' In the Name of the Sovereign People. " Citizens The Provisional Government has just been installed; it Is compos d, by the will of the puoi Ih, of the oitizens Frederick ArHgo. Louis Blanc, Marie, I,amArtim>. Klnnnn. ltnlln. Wurtiir Mai-mt a to watob over the exeoutiou of the measures which will be taken by tbe Government. the will ot the people has also ohosen for delegates in the department ot the police the citizens of Cou8si<1i??re and Sobrier. Tbe name sovereign will of the people has designated the citizens Kt. Arsgo to ^the direction-general of the peat office " As first execution of the orders given by the Pro visional Government, it is advised that the bakers, or furnishers of provisions of Tans, keep their stops opeu to all those wfco may have occasion for them. "It is expressly recommended to the people not to quit their arms, their positions, or their revoiutionaiy attitude They hav l ofcen been deceive 1 by trr'ison; it is important that they should uot give opportuuirlts to attacks as criminal as they ant terrible." The following order has also just b*en issued: ? " In the name of tbe PYenob people, ' It Is Interdicted to the members of the Kx-Chamber Of Peers to merit. 44 Paris, 24th February. " DUPONT (del 'Kure) ' L AM ARTINE. " LEDKK ROI.1N. " AD < REMIKUX. ' MARIE " AK AGO." [Ex-Cbamberof Piters Is ri ther significant ] P*ris this morning; is perfeoily quiet, but the shops are olesed, and the streets are barii'-aded as before Tbe people crowd the streets, and are preparing to go to atta< k the I :*a!l* ot Vineennes. The Throne of Louis Philippe whs yesterday carried in procession ir-on the Tuileries, and burut on the Plsoe de la Bastille.close to the column of July. On tbe Northern JUIlwav the stations ar? nil burnt as far as St. Dennis, and probably farther. Thi train* do not ran [From Uallgnani's Mssssoger, K?b 25 1 1 he information which we have to lay before our render* of the rrenta of yesteraay will b? found of great intermit, both aa regards Mime of the d' taila and their reunite. By abont nine o'clock in the tuoralng. peop'.i da Olery, tint Rue iVeure Saint Kuataobe, the Rue de Cadian. and the Rue du Petit-Carrnau A fuflltdr. took place at Bome of theae barricades, between the popnlno* aud^he municipal guards. Two young men were killeri,and ? municipal guard was diaarned Several municipal rnar<ih wore pursued to the fi icc du Ctire,by young men ame<l with aficke. The M||t| tired, and wounded several peraona. A woman the re I lativr of a trader-man, w*a, we underat?nd. killed on the spct. Aocordiug to the Pa trie, the <fticer of a platoon ! of the National Gua^d. who waa on the plHce. was a.') indignant, th?t he cried : "To arms !" whereupon thn Municipal Guard beat a retreat. Two hnur* 1'it^r. one of our r?p-Tt*ra ptaael through the Pl?.c du Caire. it *as then p*rf?ctly cilm?in fac*\ rot n aoui waa to be seen except three National Guarda in the i'aarage dn Caire. At the Porte St. Denis, the troop* chirg-id the people, and the barricade in the Rue < adrau, a. the entrance to the liuo Montuarcre, waa attacked by thn Municipal <Jn?rd, who fired on th* mob whereby a child waa kill <!, and two workmen and t^iree women were, It ia aaid. aerionaly wound'd. At 11 o'clock, the crowd waa dena-? in the vioiuity of the Porte St. Martin; and tht-re w?re criea of " I) wii wi'h Gulot!" " live Reform !" A detachment of troope fired on the mob, compelling it to retreat At 1*J. all the quirtera of the marketa wa? fully oncupi?d There we.a a battalion of Ihe 'Jlat regiment on the Marches dee Inuocena, b 'tluea de'achmenta ot the Municipal Guard, horae ar.d foot, and two detachments o. ouireaMera Two pieces of cannon were on the apot, one of which waa directed towards tue Hue Mentmartre.the othe rtowsrda the Rue de la Kerroi.neiie They wre ready to be employed at a laoment'a rotice The flfh inariiet waa occupied by a hwttalion of the lgt regiment. On the Plaoe dn ('erouael. (he horac Muiicipa1 <iuard obarged the gToupa who w?re a*aembled ther^; but the people, after diapi raiag on one apot, immediately re*aaembl'd at another. At the barricade in the Rue de Clery, which w.a half Jratroyed, the Municipal Guard fired, and aeveral persona were wounded Between on- and twn o'nlocK our or our reporter* -visited the different quarters in which disturbances prdvailed. On the Boulevard*, in the Rue St I)<nnia. the Rue St. Martin, tho Rue Montmaitm, the Rue St Hn. nore, ?Ld in fact, all th* principal streets, the crowd" were Tfry di'Dft On tb-< Boulevards, especially near the port'* St. Dennis aiid St. Martin, there w*s a large assemblage of mlli.ary, itftutry, dragoons, litcbL dragoon?, nnd winlolpal giurds, both horse as 1 toil In the Rne St. Martin frequent charges were executed An attempt to erect t-sriioades in the Rue St \n'oin? wss prfvented. as were also other attempts in the Rues St. Lauretjt aud St Laiire In the Rue del* Cite and the Rue d? Conslantiue the troops had to disperse tho mob On the Pl?c* du Chatelet, and the Font en Change a funlladr was kept up for some time In the Rue des Killes du Calvaire barricades were established, but. were dem.rojed by th troops. Barricades which were constructed in the llu? du Temple were destroyed by the troops about loui o'clock ' A ohef de battalion was tt is said, ki 'ej The Tlaoe del Vletolrrs and the Plaoe du Can usal were occupied by strong detachment*, b'.th ot dragoons nnd Infantry The P.itiir. relates that, in pqfsir g along th* former, the pickets of the National Guard cried " Down with Oui/.ot! Long live Reform!" fhey proceeded to the Piao* <le Petite Peres and irom thenc" to the Rue Mi ntmartre They were followed by .in iinm? nse crowd, who alternately chaunteil the ' Marseillaise," and cried " Vive la Garde Nationale!" At about that time charge* were luade < u the assembled people in the Place St ,\ndr? de? Ar s the Plane de I'K ole ae Vied?cine. and in all tho adjoiniig stieeUas far .is the Place Mau'>ert. Pick*'* cf troops of the lice, national and municipal guards, were stationed at nluirst all tl>? corners of the streets The I'atrie Asserts that, at the corner of Rue I,epe]|etier. M. Ueleborde, ohef de bHtalllon of the id Legion, at 'he head of a stiong detachment, refuse,l to allow a de taohment of cuirnssl?rs to enter the str e'. u proceedii'g in which he was warmly supported by Ins m?u. ?b'> uttered cries of" Long llvf Reform ' l^wn wit:> Guiiot!*' in one street, which iea'ls ti the Place des Petit* I'-'res, some National Guards also preve >'ed tb? troops from entering. On the Boulevard, between the r bateau d'Kau and th? Ambigu, a super! r xfllcer order-d the Vati^i'?l'tin-rd to cha the peopl.t; but., say* tb" /'.iirie tbey refill, d. In the course of the day M. Cr*mi<ux tbe deputy, went almg the (^ual du Louvre to the Chamber < I I>e pu'les, followed by 4tM( National Uuards, In uniform, without arms In the morning, a post of the Municipal Guard. In tbe Ru? Mauconseil, wse carried by th-people S^on a(tcr the Municipal Guard* suece ded in retaking it; but, ihc people subsequently attacked it with r tic * ed ardor and succeeded in again getting possession of it "?*? 1- 1? - '-- . ..milled In I'limiK mo w.i.'i*. t. ,. ? the vicinity of the Ministry < I Fori-iRK VfNirs Tfisj oried inccseantly, ' Down wlih Otilzot! t/ont? lire lirform !" V strong f>rco of thn National Guard neonpi?d flu Arcade* ?n?l Un do Klvoil during th? day. A itrjicrowd wai hssstnbl'd thete, and It*< d itself in hoattag,' F.nDg iir? th National Guard!" | 'n th? courtn r,f the nf(?, the nob ?'.(?ck?d ? bo'lv *'h* Municipal Outrd. whioh w ? stationed under a a ^teway in a street in Ihn \!anl? and a *mti number of t> at'00"l <>nard?, having coins up, agisted \bo*it'miurto'cIv'U' ij>t'l'i ;eno? th? uiioietrj bad given inltsregi^110"^^^*'1^ 11* It w?* received by *ver> dernorstraiI. o of ??tinfi*"t < :i k.ven a lar^e crowd of x ' , Boulevards, testl ?d their th. " )n* hJ " ">uh?i?, >'Vlv? la Reform* !" . .. At about Are o'clock, the mob K'*<?a ? * ou th< guard b< u?e on the Boulevard U n?.'' iom? prisoner* were confined It lag th? *oldter? who oorui'lfd the p?it. at.'' In re'-asmf the prisoner*. All the window* of the guar* hou?? wen Mii?ehed. The National (luard also rel*a?*tl ?ome prl eoner* who wora confined In the Maria of tha tiMrd ar rondleemont I'he Pah i* announci that a* as r <ug pT'|U?i t>f tti img m in. u n.y jm ' , w- ? : RAX,] 40KNING, MARCH 18, 1? National Hoard wan pitfixlnf? the before the Iaprlmerle Roy ale. followed by '? nuuiiMOu* crowd. ehoutiuK 'Long lit# Reform1 l.oiii} IIt? the National Guard!" a detachment of thn Municipal Chi rd lired on them, and wound *d i>?v?n Great exa?peartion wa?produoed by thin, but it wh? ?om-* c timed down when th?> mob learned of th? downfAtl of the UaUt mlnlitry. At about eeven o'clock, au immenne crowd, const^tiiu almost exclueiTely of p?reon? of tha working claw-it, uiaDy of them yery ynung deeccuded th? Bouleyardn. -They w?re headed by mm bearing blazing torches. That sang the nfw fayorite nong. beginning 'viourir pour la patrie, C'Mt 1? sort le plu* beau, le plus digne d'envie " Or it would be more correct to s.iy that they a mg only those two line*, for th?y rare y gut heyond them. repeating them over and over again At intervals, however, they changed t he refrain. by shouting with all the fore* their lain* 'Down with (iuizot! Down with Guiaot!" On reaching the Ministry of h'orsign Affair*, they found assembled vary strong forces of iuUntry and dr.. goons which occupies the whole width of the boulevards with the exception of the p&veiiietit near the Kue da Hempart Some person* expected to see the mob come into collision with the troops, but instead of that the torch bearer* fll*d off on the pavement, shouting "Tire la ligne! Vive la vigne!" and they were followed by all their large train After having passed the soldiers, the crowd raised a t?rriflc shout of -Down with Gnizot!" after which, hiving formed themselves into something like order, they struck up the etern-il "Mourlr pour la pairie!" and continued to bawl it until they reached tho church ?f th? VadeUino There is a Urge detashmeat of the national guard wns stationed. The commandant on seeing the mobwrtit to th? leaders of it, recommending them to extinguish their torches, and to be orderly. The torchbearer* immediately oompiied with the > equust. and a theusand voices shmted, "Long live the National Guard The mob then cried ''To Duchafel," and went along the Rue Rnyale with apnir?ntly i.hs intention of paying a visit to the Minister of the Int*rior In the Hue St Honoro thorn was also un Imni-nse crowd, which'also fang us one man "Mourlr pour la patrie !" varied nlterr:attly with tlio "Allous, ?nfans de N patrir !" and "Anx nrmts oitoyens!" of the "Marseillaise." On ascending the Rue St Honor# they fell iri with u detntchment of National Guards and cf a regiment of the line; whereupon a thousand voices cried ' LoTig live the National Guard! long live the line!" and to wind up eam? a fierce shout of" Dewn with Guiaot!" Wln>n the .lews of the re signation ef the miuistry had bnemne generally hn*wn in Paris, there was a burst of satisfaction which it would he diffloult to desoribe Large parties cf the national nuiird par?de1 the streets, tli? C'ftioers and men shouting "Vive la Ret'orme," and the crowd oheering loudly. Bauds of fiOO to 15110 nisi, and boys went about crying 'Vive la Reforms," and singing the '-Marseillaise." and on being met by the troops they divided to let them pass, and as soon us they had passed repeated their nri'S andth*ir si.D'T Toward* half-past six o'clock an illumination was spoken of. nnd many pers.ns lighted up spontaneously I'he Illumination, of ooarse, became more general when the popuUoe iu Itrgo numbers went through the streets, calling llahtnn ? Niimi . .1 . ? I? .l taohmunts of National Guards, went about shouting Vire le Hoi." "Vive la R'" and singing the " MarselUise." On many of the point* where barricades hwil been erected. urd the people wrrn resisting ihe troops, they ceased r-sisttince when they heard the news ot the retaliation of tlie ministers, and the troops rttired; but we hear that on other points th? people >*I'm lrr* reasonable, and between nine and ten o'clock In the evening. a large crowd from on^ >' the i tab -urcs arrived opposite the hotel of tho Ministry fur Foreign Alliirs. and some shots were tlre.l at the uotel The National Gunrd mustered rather ?trocg yesterday, and, when the news of the resignation of the mi- I nistry was known, a great number more who had refused to turn out their appearance At eleven o'clock, th>-re was no aotunl disturbance in the Rue St Denis, the Hue St. Martin, and tha* neighborhood, and the troops were all withdrawn But the people were busily engaged in constructing a formidable barricade neur the forte They had turued up a great part of the foot pavement, had sensed some cirts broken

down some ir >n railings. ami. in fact. poMi ssed themselves of nlmost evervthin-r whioii It was possible to remove The difficulty of removing bows of tile stones ' as considerable, but the m <b enlivened thrir labor with reiterated shouts of " Dnvn with Uuizot!" In the Hne Montmartre a barricade was being constructed near the hotel of Baron Delessert, a short dis;.iincj from th>' Boulevard TJie pavment was there dug up the railing 1b front of the hotel was broken down, and several baok-oabs w*reseiii?d. At the entrance into the Kaubourg Montmartre from the Boulevard. the m' b wns slso eugaged in constructing a barri<\ido. surprise was express d at all the troops being withdrawn, but it was eai I thui they "fft It i'f ? 1 srtJu^ntusiude* ivuflriaed that mofe>:.,.{- r"h'i mob sremad W'Taiily ^o" '-hu- J porter to t#V< fhs ty-FTTTwrw rr (iretsifiierTim tns-rot' | levard* StallDg rnas m> re we* u?n,ter in along the latter. M?ny peraooa were walking up and down tUe Boulevords. ?r'ii?J with muskets ??(1 olulu The only nrmed foioe we s*w wjis! of the National Guard, which we.a greeted by thu mob with erics of "Vive la Gurde NtttCuale:" A number of boy* aciusM them*.Ives with smashing th* (ti lauipa The < iard home of the Boulevard* Bnune Nouveile b is been r Viudonea by the troop*, and til mob <*?* occupied'n iiu'lini! evry thing to pi?cea in the Interior, breaking down the irou railing, ko It is wi'h be d,>epi'? regret that we announce (twelve o'clock a' uight) that the 14th regiment of the line, stationed in frojt r.f the HoM dM AiUfHKtMkllg?r?*s, Bred to-night ou a uum*rous uroop of youn/ iu*>n who w^ropassing with ?<>rae National Guards at their head.and killed a cousii<Tnbl? uuiubcr of them, balden wounding many ether* This event c ,u ed the greatest ?xcitrment, particularly at a lat?r hour of the night, when gome <>f the d-ad boi. lee (at least twerty. it w .* said) wre carried in a wagon along tie BouUvard toward* the Bastiile Soml b*rrio?d*s were imtnediaMy thrown up In the Hue du Faubourg Montmartrn, tne Hue Montmartre, aad other street* close to the Boulevards yoiu" cabriolets, trees, barrels. And other article* ware ?l?o fluns to?ether across the lloul'Tard d?s Ittliens, ro ts to form a iiin J of barricade, but the pavement had not been torn up a< in th>- other plaaos mentinned At the hour at which wi write, matters have become mora tranquil. [From the Paris Debat.*, Feb. 24.J Between thr"-* ?"d four o'clock a de putation of about one hundred rn?ml>er< of the National Guard, cupoid for th? uioat of the offl?.-ra of tUe t'.iurth l?giou, went toward* the Chamber of Deputies A baltali<>u ol the tenth legion, which was in the K>rvice of the t'hatnb?r, ?? fVi? mi.i.ilo of the la I'oua >rde. and d'dared that they had orders not to Dermlt ?ny deputation to procaed to the t'harabers. At. the moment at whlcb this wan passing V! Odlllou ll.irrot and M. (larder Pi?pn who wore fallowed by it grea*. number of deputies of the opposition, joiued the deputation. The pt tition th?n remitted to M. I remieux. The eifortfl of the crowd were coucentretad between itue 8*. Antolne and the Hue \!?ntm*rtre. aud betwe.u Uie Vicille du Temple and t).<* Kui (if Martin thebarrio*d?s of which, k* ha* b' t-n already stated. were cons'ructed with dili|ier<.iee. cabs, c-irid. fcc flll'd with paring stones. Mo*' wereabandt.nrd without r'"istuoe*, nd the crrw d nssein'l>-d In ot' er spots A barrioa-lo it; the Hue Vieille du T'inpic, near the Rues de I'Os'llle an.! de Poitou, was surmounted by -4 red fl ig An ottlcer ?h i c runaanded a detaobment which attached one of the barricaded in that quarter wan struck by aball \ b,rrio idf at the entry to the Itue de l . robe wad destroyed by artillery. In an attack o.i the Plac i lu I'.tiatelet,^t HiUire, Ch?f de M ittalionof the T tt'i regiment, was killed | H'rom the Pari* Congervat?ur. K *b i4 ] The s^rTice of t-ie trrondIs*ement p >st olH'--- was iin- I ??d<d yes^enlay and tli? lay before, by the iusnrgent* The pout offlc? forthe HalUs remained constantly close! That in the rue l'Kchiquer pkit'ally interrupted. Y'eg'erday and the day l>efore the lnsurgert* prevented he poatuien from taking the letters from the receiving boxes, and nu Tuts lay n'ght one of thesi p oat men was mounded aad detain"] for feveral hours The post office omnlbu'r e< wi<re pr-vented from running t he a hole of the day by an ass -.lbi ?g? ( 400 or 600 armed men. ^oma letters were spoiled by the Injection inlo the re ceivlng boxes of wat?r or some other uiatt?r [Kront ttae Pati* lleforme. K#b 24 | When the |orh ligloii of (lie National (Jua: 1 was assembled yeterday morning on the Piare Tare.ine, one of tbem shouted ' Vive la Itefoime!" whereupon M. I emerni?x the Colonel. gave orders that he should be eU?d. hut the National (futrdi surroundicg him, de r\,,r*d that he had only expressed their sentimen's A detachment o insisting of several ooinp.inlea of Id Legion, prevented the Munlc'ptl Oaardfrom attacking ttt* people near the Pont Notre Dame Bet ween five and six o'clock, about fifty Municipal 'Juar^s who were shut in a court yard of a house fn the llu? Uourg 1'Abbe, wore forced to lay down thi ir a-m.i The National (iuard neg >:lated brtween the people aod th? Municipal Uuard for the disarming and when it was etf-cted. ;he former took th<? latter under thetr j-rotec tion. The exarperatlnn of ths cr"wd against the Vlnnloipal tin .rd was meat inten??. owing to r.heseverity with wbi'di thst body lud aotcd in different quarters; snd wli- n I hey ic?aed from the court yard, a strong force w?s re(|iii?< d to protect thun. The peopl" then demand'd I ':at th?y should be made to take off their sh?koi, mil ikai iv.jv.*,, KiiM,ifi,<ln *rh?v nnfii tb**n led alOiiiz a Dumber of headed by a d-tarhmeut of cuiranand iirrouudfd by the National Ouard, the troops of th* I n# forming a xia*?su-e lor them to pa** On arriving at the Hace del Hoi l da Villa, a clever c#ralry movement prevented the crowd entering, and the Municipal Onatd w?re t; 'reby en ibled to e?. c?po into the plar Tb>-y then warmly < xpreseel their thank* t.o thetr drilftmtl. \f nine o'clock the quarter Tranionlan and part cf the Hue 8t Martin were flll?d with b^rrlc^df* wh'ob were guarded in military fa*b*on by the p?ot It* The inhabitant* were politely enducted to their r**l l?ro?* : Kirei were llgh'ed for the l>i?>U4fl In the llu? II im!u t-atl, the people, carrying torch**, knocked ?' the ' doom, until arm* on' anewere l They then tried, ' 'Hate you arms?" " Ve* " " Then gire them " When the arm* were given, the people wrote on tlw uoori, r On a ffrtnne rl*t nt \* the crowd wa* ?**<Mnbl*d before the Hotel of the Mii)i?try of Foreign Aff*n? and were u t-rln/ tbn u?n*l ' crii** tl??y were (lie,I en without a y previous notice 1 atid fifty two peraone fell dead rr W(>nad?d A Cry of T^ngeauC* wa* immediately altered ty the people t -a ' t tt w of an abominable unibuncade. and vral1 fili'ro ' haefaned Info the neighboring ?tre<*ti, ?hOii in# ' To arm* ! to nrin*' We are being ae?aa*tuat,d shortly ' at ar wa *?w a oart arriT' at the ofl.-eo of th? .V.iu'ie a' ' containing de-td bodl<-a The ??hlcle wa* eurronnd-d by peoplo, who were weeping, and full of Indirection :<nd who ehowed u* the bloody boliea, crying. " They ,. n?ln< who hi?? el.tln them' We will ' vuiiu' Ulra u? arm I: aruu!" Tta? lorohM, OMUiig **-*?? - -?- - >v?*.-?-^? > - E X }48. th?lr nl?r? by turn*, on th* bodi?* hi-J on th? people, added to the violent aiuotionn of t'.?? aeniie M.Warnler-ra^*, beim; at that moment in the <>nwn of the National, the paople II* promiied that he would mplny hi* elfort.i to >btain for thep?opi? thu? attacked the aatiafantion which i* re<iair*(t froai Mif*'' impinue and atro-ioun iuini?'rr?. '1'be funeral train left. our office* conducted and lighted in the ??ib? manner; they conveyed the bortifs to distant quarteiH " M dii ou't-in, deputy of the Opposition. hastened to tti<" Uoulrviii d dxi l aimoinri to MonUin tbe of thin Miani'fui butchery H<* loforuin ui that l.h<> c< 1onelof the regiraent which had oau*?d the tiring to late* Y>latv?. WHH ill cl.imrernftMi.n ul ?lul !??.; npiuiri-itd II* thus explained what ho called a .eplorabl* imprudence At the moment at which the crowd arrived * bullet from a gun, which well off by accident in the K?rclrn of th?? hotel, broke the leg of the lieutenant colonel's hori" The ofttc. r commanding the detachment believed that it w?.s an attack, and immediately with a guilty w?nt of of reflection oommanded his men to Are. Thin oflloer wan immediately placed in prison " [From the Paris Nation >1, Feb. M | M I.^meroier. Peer of France. ami Colonel of the 10th leijl' hsving stated to a battalion of the legion that the "it' was crushed, and that tlie Na ional Huard was >; . Hod on to give a testimony of ooafld"itce to the government, one of the National Ouards stepped forwai i declared that they w< uld not do it, and 'hut. they nil desire a change of ministry and reform Thane words w?re received with acclamations. General Friant having staled at the post d"S 1'etit.s Puree, that they had compelled VI Guiiot and M lluchatel to resign, there wan a cry -' That is not enough we want the overthrow of the whole ministry and its Ira penchment!" In a leUoumcnt of the National <>uard In the Rue I'inon. thsre were cries, in addition to these <jf "Down ?ith the ministry!" of "We won't have thieves in embroidery, any m< re than in rags!'' In the Palace Hr.yalc the municipal guard attempted to charge the people, but ware prevented by the national guard. The employees of the octrois at the barriers ye?t< rday reoeived orders to remove; the barriers are ocoupled by iii? uutlonal guard About two o'olock, the colouels of the twelve legions aent a deputation to the King, informing hiin that, it was Imposslbl" to preserve the tranquility ot th" city unless piompt and significative ooncesslons should be made. Just before siven o'olook an immense number of Infantry marched tip the Boulevards, towards the Porte 8t. Denis,and other strong detachments occupied the vicinity of the Minintiy of Foreign Aff.iirs Some tiring took place between the soldiers and the people at the barricade, at th" entrance of the Faubourg Montmatre From seven to ten o'clock the people coutinued to erect I ricades in different streets, aud In some places there was tiring At about ten o'clock, the troops were all under arms an hitherto, opposite the hotel of the .Ministry for Foreign Affairs. A large body of eavalry was drawn up in the middle ol the street, and a dense mass of infantry was drawn round t.he whole of the hotel. Drums were heard, ' iid a body of infantry advancing As they approached U was percel -li that they wore preceded by a boiy of the peaple. a . u.'med In different ways, and bearing the tri color flag 1'he people aud this body of soldiers ad i??im tonaius iu? nmuiers on gnai u, una Hi er Bomo eznKnation*. ucoomjanied by shaking of hands anil eroc.iing of swords in the military style of suluUtion, all thesoldiers, en matte, sheathed their bayonets, the ofllcers sheathed their swords, and quitted the hotel, leavlug the people to mot as they pleased All that the lat ter did wax to oheai- vehemently, while a young man mounted up over the gat* and took down, amid loud cheers, the flag which vie waving over it. Shortly after this, a body of Nations! Uuard came trou the Hue des ( npuolnim timid; t> loud chcuriug, and took their station opposite thn hotel, as the cavalry retired towards the .Madeline. Kverywhere, the soldiers along the boulevards took off tbelr bayonetn from the muskets, which they then revtrstd, appearing much to enjoy the scene Whilst this was going on, the neople wantonly set'fire to the hureuu ot the haokney-ouaoh station nearly opposite the hotel In the evening, n group of young men, beaded by tricolor fla^n add torches, sr I l>d by a capt '.in, a lieutenant, and a sub officer of the national guard, went to <' -serne fie Neuiliy, to demand the release of some persons who bal been arrestrd. Da bning assuiad that they 'iad heeu released, ih?y quietly dispersed An attack wu mails ou hn llolel iled"la CbanclUrie, the windows were smashed, and the c.owd insisted on the windows being illuminated. An attack has been directed anatrjsi Mont Vaier1"n ? font* fheds were turned down. t.A} '*>" Bignolles four chlldreu have been killed, and t. r bo Jim im dtposilfd at t>m uuavd Jiqi*** ..? uf Uehalt **?? th?c the collision wiiinhit "'kr rduce ?t. "tj ' 'iMhar?i -?A^i4WI??' ?i" T.THJii:.^, of the number of persons kill< d and wounded After mianight the toosin wan Bounded tu tbe ( hu nh HI Uermain ues I'res, aud the rapptd wan beaten Ir. several quarter*. The f (owing declaration was yesterday Hlgued in the 4th L'({- . f ihe National (>u?rd : " We, .e undersigned, all l>elongiog to the National (tuard, declare that, In tbe nidst of the troubles of the capital, the summons to assemble having been beaten we the protectors of order, shall proceed wherever we may be ordered ( > no to prevent or arrest the effusion of blood ; but at ; ne same time, being proteotors of liberty, w? declare that our chjeet Is not in any way to app.-wv* of the fiitnisterial policy, either a I home or e broad. or to l-nd any support to a ministry which, on the contrary, we blame with all the energy of good citizens. We 00 not deliberate under iinns we merely state cur way of thinking before we go to our post " Yesterday evening, at about eiaht o'clock, an Immense orowd proceeded to the residence of M. Odilon Barsot, and "ntered the court yard of his bouse, and many of th?m his apartment, in th t most penceable mannei A dspuirtion advanced towards M Oilllon Barrot. w'<o was at the time In company with many of his oolleagues M () Barrot nddreas^d the deputation as followi: " Vly Friends,?I think I see your fathersot July 1610; it is a display of tbe ?atnecoaragr ?the smie g. cerosity (unanimous cheers.) * ad to be like them, worthy of liberty. be calm in triumph ; that Is the character which is suitable o tbe c?use of right and liberty." Loud cries of " Long live Dillon Barrot," were tb-n raised vl. <??ruier Pages added a few energetic wo>ds to p<rsu*de the cowd to re'ire peaceably. Th.' shouts re c6n?menced with increased strength, and were taken up by the people In the llu* de la K?ruio d?s Mathurms I'urinir the v<hol? night the people were bus ly eng ged in erecting barricades In ths prlnoipal streets, as well as I-1 those of smaller ones In which it might uptear of iinp .rtance to prevent the entrance of the military. Barrioadrs e*ls?ed at an early hour this ruorntng In dlff r ?>nf parts of the boul'Tarda especially near the Porte Nr. Deuis. where there was a very formidable on *, and ne?r the Hue Kichellru, where tlv-re w?re tw>? , in th? upper end ot the It lie Montmartro two. the Kauboarg (Mont iiartre. th? Ru? (ieoifrey Mdii* he Rue de Provence, ihe Cadet, the Itue Vlunn* two. the Itue Richelieu, the Hue des Ueux Kens, trie Rue St. Honor-, the Rue de? Vseiies F.tuves, the Rue des Fo?ses St, <i.-rpiain i'A userrois, and a multitude of other places; in fact it would ocoui y a column to name all Tile barricades were constructed partially of cabs, diligences, carts boards or anything else the people could lav their hands on; *D'I llifMfl UintM'wnr. nt>J?(US, O'll'H pur'i no . U.v^v. .. aether as well as possible, were kept In their places by l aving stones torn tip from the str ets On the boulevards u great many of tree" were nut down, and the bu maux or the men who register th-? hackney cabs wrre dragged into tli" middle of the roadway Almost every :<ameade was guardtd by n small number of perrons me of whom a ere arm-d with guns, others with club*, but the gr?at majority were winiout arms at all The V?ople at the harrica ies behaved very civilly to the gasaeiigOTS.allov. )g th'in to ci o.?? mos* ot tb j barricades willi>ut difficulty ; but r.t some of those w itch op>- i-d on the boulevards permission to paps was refuse 1. ' ount Mole has denlin-d tllo task of forming ? n<v ministry. The kin?[ sent lasi olgbt f>r M Thiers and that gentleman undertook at onue to submit to bis in ?j?sty the list of a m? cabinet, mnkin ' a provi >, Ho* ver, t*at lie might be permitted to join with him ?i one of his coII-btu'S VI. Odllon Barrot. To this his t? ij*s tj was grtoiously pleased to accede This ruorn'ng, at a little before H o'clock, as a ruraber nf people were busily employed in erecting a barricade at the and of the flue Taitbont, close to the Boulevard, they s w a grouoof gentlemen approaching from the end nearest to the Hue di*s Trois Kruren Some of the crowd Immediately f cpgniie/l them, and loud cries of" p'ii't M. Th iur " "Fine M. HurrotV bnrst forth With ties" Ten lemeci were M Duvergier de Haurranne M d? Itemmat. Prince de la .'\ ?cowa, r.nd other members belonging to th- nppossitlon The whole party walked on towards the < 'hate* to, followed by cries of " Vi t>? la U'fnm' " ''Yet,yes," said M Thiers, "you shall have it " At unr th'-r point, in the Hue (..ainuiot, the cry arose of "Emj>l< h-z iiu m i nf let ctvni 4* fuiil.' ' which was also responded to affirmatively by the group of deputies. The whole way from the boulevards t the Hue St. Honore is lot*"' pf-d by Imaie- burracad-s, socio of them consider1 biy higher than >n a stature At each of these impediments, M. '11 is aud the other gentlemen were ohlig'd to pans slnply. and as the rumor s;>re?d tt.?t the honorable gentleman was yoing to the king, loud ohoers coutl liU l to gteet him. At about ten o'clock M Odl Ion Barrot pasvj up the Hue Saint* A're on foot towards the Boulevards, proclaiming (leneral Lam< riot*re < ommamUnt of ttie National Ouard 11 Peril, and a<- inpanled by a numerous escort of National Uuards Anl oitn-ns inti rmlog ed. On arriving at the corner of th? Hue Hi.-holie, d o Barri t gave orders to a tr?op of dragoons and the -,21st re^iiu'iit of the line to proceed to thMr barracks The crder wss trained! \?ely obeyed, amidct fb.iuv* of' Tivt l.amori -ler" V ?? Olilion Parrot, Vlr?lt> Vlng'-unlearn dalign*.'' th? aoldlara fraterelairg with tho p?opt? Th? oal?*on? of th ' regiment war* in an in i unt btolien open a'd th?>ir cont uto dlatributed ?nrn.,at the crowd*. By o'clock the munter of the National Ou?rl? beflome yery "troriK mid tooat of the p<aa wMc'i hn.l be?n occupied by the inMntry i t ft1 lln? w?rn t.iU Mi po?'<*s?ion of by them A r rap?r>v of the lliii) w?* seen rtinrDlna to their betr*r|i? In the Rue du K>?ubouri< I'ol?>onil*re mntiyof theni w?r* dlaarni ' I th?-ir mn?*?ta when d?m*D<ltJ by the pe pi*, or ritthnby in?'B liuld who were la th# cm -1 I'liom* wh> ni t uaarm?d had thalr riuekrta reveracd Two piecea 01 cannon and two eai?aona were a?iird on th# Bouii'Tnrt > de? Itallena. by a patty of 'he people, mixed with N-itlo. ai Oinrd* The powder wan >nk?u out of tti" 'us a^n" nd diatrlbnted to the peopie, n.I th?n th? c*niv n anil the oalnaon* ware tak' n f> the marlteof tbaae<-ond ftroc dlaeenent. The following proclamation ha* k??n poat'd *t h'1 Bouraa : ' Ord-ra hare been ctreTi ce;\aa flrlnt eyery wbi-re " W* h<v<r? juat been oh.trg?d by the King to fotm a MuilUf f ,? - ry? ; T R A . I ?rt? . *w? o?ru, Th* Chamber ? ! tn ( < i and'an ap^* ?l b? iqk Ix to th* n umry .* ipnoint ?<i "omni ill pat of tli? Nati-nal iiatrl ' (Bigueit) 'Twirm. Ooii.i.On Dumir IJi'W nfiini ii> lUi'ntMK. l.tMonicicnr " All t.h? rolmet -r< h? ijuittel!heir hot?l? Th* lliitu- i? oli.-".I [Krom <i Ulgoaai'i M?M?iiK?r >? Tbundtr afternoon. J Horn* ot our from M.<i I>liart.l?l?e of the Purifl joui i H of thi." -y w a-' r* I witn painful in tere*t Wn h-^in with i iju U?tion from th? K?f?rin*, h* being a sort rf manlf.-t pi.', forth for adoption by th" who are now iu op > opnmtlon to th* con stltu "J uuthoriti-.> Thi? journal t ' Th? mini* try ha* *unk iu bt'>oil! With it, mu*t Ik> puil?d down lh?t odl? u* infamou* *y*tem of *h>, h I la the nipivi niou. The French peopla with to b* ftM. Ttoy hav* proved it; they l av baen ?e treat i* .'t*y w r* in th* year* 17MW and 1830 It in ntill worthy of liberty Out '* it to b- l>?IUve.J that th t ohange of ?, Uuizo. for a or * nuaneMMttaiy them' Ifiayan k Ii?ve thi* they deoeiv* the'n'elve*. W*, who have ? right to *pri?k* i:: tne name of the p*opl? fir wr have never Hb< ndoaed theni. nevr deceived them W" make i ur*eli fd th? "rho of >h*ir j'J*t demand* The Ml?w In* ar.? thn d?mand* of th" citl?*n* of the prwent day. ' The liixr.^jcu of the (itizen* arreoted ye?t?r.liir and the day bifore fhu .e 11 1 ' The rigtit of m>>i tin^ consecrated d* facto M a lot: quet On Sunday, The electoral r''orm f uorted on popular ban* H ' The abolition of th< I .?* of Hon'smbar ' ' The dislnu linn cf tni dU'iicipal<l. H ' A general *mne?ty ' H ' Tbsse demand* arejast mi 1 moderate How can H they det?ln la prison men who in sli.gly, on i'u?siay. H whatthe National Guard, and th* p< iple united, 'Hi y?it*rd?y? The iinpoaohmnnt of th* minister* In bu H too well jastlfled by what ha* passed duritig th" last H t *o day*. The couflict, between the ministry ai.l th. H p*ople lias amen out cf the i|u**tiori op the right of H meeting This rijht uu?t l>? established 4- facto The H oltUens have pi? i ii'iSf? ii. but ,oo dearly EMMt H inform hi* b??ii paiiO'Hily oalled for by all krance I'ari* now d 'in?ni* I with a louder voice. It !* tine to llstea toll The liberty of tba press i* the (umty ol I nil other liberties Wi'h It Krance would never hav > I fitlian to an a tm of bluo t of blood from which It I* h reaolved Ioom :< Tn? law* of .September have mati- I lated th* iibsrty of '.he prep.* L*t trieni disappear I The M unioip il Guard has *ig" ?il*>'d itself by exresse* ; it ha* vioUtM the lawii by tinug w.thout m.ilslnt; the required sutnmi>a?e* to dl*p?'r*>; lei It give place to a I civic institution finally, a general t.nsni'h'y is in ev. ry I mouth, lu every heart. By these measures ordir will be I promptly restored " I The IVntlnnaL publ "hee. a* a le?,'?r, thi following I communication : The democratic electoral committee > I has sent u? the following cmmutilivtlons : The mini* I try I* overturned -to fir, *o well. Uut tin late events 9 which h-ivn agitated the c ipital, oall the attention of all 1 good citiz'ii* as to measures now b> i'oi.ic indie'.*usable I \ leg .1 manifestation. announced long befbrehrnd, ha* 1 fallen all at Oaca hefure a libertioide ineaanoe, hurUl I forth (vitr. the tribune An immense apparatus of war 1 ha* bi < n displayed, as if i'aris ha 1 been a foreignoapital. I not i?.t it* i^atss, but ill Us wry h' art. The people, g? 1 nerc u*Iy agitated, and without srni?, hi.* rsen Its ranks I divided by sildlers ; and heroia blood has H Wad Irt I these circumstance*, ae the oaembe.s of 'he Democratic I Kleotorial Committee of the ArToniissement of the I Seine, Impose on ourselven the duty of strongly reminding every ore that it is on the pitriotipci of all the citt?ens, or.<anWed a* National Guards, that repofle by the Tory term* of the ohart"r, th guarantee of liberty. We have sean on several point*, soldiers stopping *hort, with a noble grief, with a brotherly emotion, be fore the people without arm*. And,in fact, how inourn[ ful it i* for all men of true feeling to have set before i.muiii.KiTriHUVrtOI I-lllng 111 the lawn 01 discipline, or killing their lellow-nitifens ' The oily of science ol the arte, of hidustry, of civilization. Pari*, in fact oavmot be the tleld of lx?ttl? which French s'l diers hivo pioturod to themselves Their atti tud? has proved It. and ft condemns the part that they bav? hc?u ordered to play On the other hand, thn Na llotttl <>u ?rd has energetioi liy pronounced Itself a* It ought lo do. In f?yor of toe reform roovaient, and it In certain that f h? result which has bren obtained woulrt luv* h"-rj attained without any effusion of blood if there bad not been on the part of the ministry,? direot provo cation. resulting from a brutal dir play < f troop*. There (or* the members of thn Jeraooratiu electoral eoramittee prop re for the signature of nil the good citizen* the fol I wing petition : Considering that ihe npplio*ti*n of t'ae "iroay to h < pu ting down of civil disturbances is mi a'tanlc on the dignity of a h fti people, *nd on the morally fif the army l^--''i '"^'hflTi" ir >i ov<?->Tr_~-* 'T*-'1 'WiMSP'Ort.llMfffllfl ' ? t^ora of tlie ci li'tn; ibai the National wuard was in Kit a ted pwcijn y t> safeguard tb'i repose of Mi* city s,od so prct^et the liberties of the natiou; that to it a'nne It belong* to i.listingulah a revolution from a in. re disturb Mice; the undersigned cit'isns demand that the whole p-ople shall be incorporated in the National liHard; they demand that the Mnnloipal Guard shall l?? dissolved; they Umaud that it be decided legislatively lh?t for the future the army shall not be employed iu th-> r^pirsfion of oivil troubles " Tlie .?!??<' says . - ' The people bilieve themselves to hi ' rtraysd; they raise barrloade* in (he streets, and s?ek in every direction for arms. Kr? m time to time we bear flriug without knowing th- " iu"e No one o?n say haw this day will pass over if the most striking sa t'slaotlon be not given to the people of Paris if the most prompt an 1 decisive measure* be not taken to b ,ve jusice done and to have the liberties, the rights, and the hnnor of France confided to tlrm aod sure hands v ortby of promoting s'ioh a preoiour deposit. Let Hie whole ol the National Guard b? und?r arms to-morrow let It r mai.i united let it show itself as firm a* It has be. n moderate. Let it continue to watch over a state of a! fairs full of dan rer and uncertainty. Thanks to th> ood fueling wbicli exist* b?t,we?n the ctowd a..d tlie Ih. n.lir, rfiim t.OWnr'1* which blindness fiild ' b inaey hav Impelled ns m?y h? prevented " Tho Courriir Fram aii i ubiishes, as It* flr?t . nn address to the National (inaris, from which we ex trect tk> following: ' V"u Liv* cried. 1 I'ivr hi ft, fan,if!' aud n muiitry h*? fall?n : you have cried Nt ivchrz pus an jinipl',' mi4 every weapon Oil bt?lore you \ ou 1 htw demanded reform, and yon have had ijiye! you a ii*w ministry, wiih M. Mcl? at I's h-f?;lftbla new ministry is but a lit a for th purpose of depriving you of refnrtu, the Agitation will continu..; th? allocs Mr ill b? Hif'iiD o!( ??d. the \lunl?ip?l liunrd will re- >pp?nr la our blood-stained stre?ta, and int~r?ets ai?ain nonproutiaed will follow the Ii-?mIi1iii{ up < t our institution* which ? nifain th'HHt?n?d If tho now ministry dons not, imm<'JUt* !y on I f b* i'lif form?"J enter Into * formal i-:;ia;'?>meut to efieet an extensive and complete reform. such a.< is called by tiir wishes and wanta of the country; If th* ' Katub r, which baa ceased to cor.ioiand resprnt theopyeskioa a.i well an the majority th laM?-r by it* abort vo ait??n, < a. reaction au<J the otker by Ita unqualifUM* *- ikne:-s, at the moment wh*n reeol'ition and cour*i(B wete d i itnded from It; ii that Uhamb'r which has not for u ui'rueot fouud itrelf e<|ual to th? state Into which the country bud Uvn brought in not diasolved; if th? "''urn i:1 .111 Guard, henceforth condemned to the legltin.t* xeoration of the :*pit? 1 hy th ?*cr"irs by vhieh it b*a disgraced itself; if this u?w pte.vo'.al gu-ird is not discussed; if publiooriier >?n i liberty, diaturb'd by the ptoaenoeoi a garriaon of 75,000 men round the capital, ar? uot placd exciasivirtv uud*r the protection rf thi N? tional Guard, the agitation will oralinue. Suchnretbc conditions which yon uinat dictuteto the i^overument to s-cure y ar en< i.;Vd responsibility A pe0p!?, you are *ware I a r.ot all' w its-if to be l?dby itah?tred igaiuH oiruuia iii?a ; H is mrtleuWrly irup?!l 1 Dy its yrn '.my K>r certain priueipias ? The prir clple which i. now Invokes Is !hr.<f iform reform In th?n>?meot which jou have yourself ooiiijuer-'il nil he resistance ol the goverr inent. ft ll'tl* ma.ti rs that M. Oolao' be re |.lM?d by I Mole, If a liberal syatem be not ?n .istitBt.*d tha!. poli'-.y of e >w iresslon end eorrnption from Which you I'HTr roml"? 1 to d liver n*. H4tl rsof or U*i H'.d of lit.t rty the ivo'jrity of P.i' is. the repose of ;h' whole of H'rane?i. are henoero th In your keeping Vou know on wh*t conditions yon can answr for it We, yr si.-r : iy uisde an appeal .o you for order and wa today make it. to.' lib-rty. It will b" heard, 'Vive U Hetoruif!' 1 u have connu*red by that s'gu; do not lor?et .t " ... . r, I IV.- . JITV... I. .n nl tint ?o?< lament *?tablieh?d in M10, If it know* not ho% to raise itself to tno of lt? ! It It not bf de nying oa- origin that we bmotne great, but by ennobUt Th* new c ibinat would abuse if. If Dot less srrious 1 j if it ehnnii imagine that the fail of M (Juizot l? ettoxjgh to gift sa infaitlion to all Wgir.iinat* claims, t< appease all thi pa?sii ns which have b?"*a ovar sxaitsd, and to dispeise with th? rew ininisteis iiaviog i<leas ot their own .>1 (iulzothrn lout hitneelf by the esceee ot hif optimism; but, bst'i re sinking, bow many times hi.s he *sc.ip*d from immin?nt danger by th? h'lilia^cy oi hi* eirivuen'ie ! 'l'tii? i? what ought n v*r to be rorjf ?t t?n in otderto redeem fully i.i i|U*litv of talent by tak .i<K th? Initiative of a fsound activity; by knowing how to conditio vi?or and pru.l ?nce, *o quantise which *r? nerer lost ?i(;ht fT. but bylh ? havs n?ilher vigor not prud nc? Wha >*ver nny be th- oonsiltntioo or the ministry row f.'-mlog w* ba?>n to t?ll It thit It 1< only by a faithful perforator ofthe-*' il'ions tbat It can ?cquiru our n.,iiurrHno? '.V*? shall >t sep.ra'e Oine-lvei from tb.t failing cabinet to support a e.ibinet wlilot. shall assuniea *ra?e reepooe'.bil ty, wi hou well ni'f '111 ex. at with* ut having madoitMlf BBMter of ail tile 'iifflau -e of 1'- p ?i.i.?n, all the ritrhte and dutirs whi^h the past h<\e h-qn- i*h*u to th?* future The part of th# Jimrnttl Jr$ rirtufi hia no temp ?tlcn for u?; we shall never wyh o <i? rive it. of it It Is not. perhape, u?elf?.i for ui to make kufawu that, In order that from the fUat momint u iitiuui'i "" "? nni w<>' it I o? are dwipatiDR, nil positions ^r^ b?i,i< ilpflned. f" the flr?t piice, we shall ??y that th<* in ? m *?ure withou. which we cannot app 'hend fither th?> formation or niiteuce of a "?w ministry W? int npiat of ? diWOlu Ion ?.t lh? oMamb.-r ll may hard lw*i th *t, bef re the op- v. In * of ' he-t *2 m t'.i-r\f r? t?oopinion* on tbii <|<Matlo?; bal ?be v<>ti <>u tti* UK p*T? nph "f the addi>-/"?. m l i rrf> eMnu of h-amendment < f M Pasinvneaemx <1. It re.'but" mnnot aoy longer b< mote th%< neilnion Aft. r tlido Inrahk J?ba'.!), lo whi<*h r t wa* < yle.d l> uft?r the Imnlaetble < i tt'ct In wbirh 16A wi-r.? hi qalshed by the majority iun mlmrUy o?r> lotg r m?-f? hut to b --t tret *4l?v?ofth- r??nl nnkniMot for a dlwvlntion " The Cont'ilvHoinnl h?P a 1- rg i -t? i-ni-i. thlateK'ifert<n?-nt, hot ?*boi \ < th* vie* h?><??ltt\ \'h? Umtn Mima* cht'/uf h?? !? f'tll win : > h'> <|ii?*tli>? of the raom?nt reatii betWfeu t o exitem-r ftnlmo* uj flllllMv. VlolrBOf waa,r-r i'ttl?d by M. UuiMil, but kl ta rau'iulei.ed and di?pp?*r?d In aaebjM

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