Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1848 Page 3
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everything tight Id our money market and commercial credits very much restricted. Th?re la another au i perhaps <t mora important qunation than all others, calculated to have a moat powerful influence open our Interests; we allude to ihe revolution In France,.the abdication of Louis Philippe, and the probable effect of th*s* movements throughout Europe. It Is Imposdble to predict at present, with any degree of accuracy, the effect of these thins* upon the flaaoolal and commercial rif.iirsof thn Old World; but our 1m pretelon ie, that the flaunclal will be aa great aa the palltloal, revolution; and that the beada of the Qnancial houses of Europe will be swept aw.?y as easily as thn power of mcnarchs, before a long oppressed people In th? < vent of the republican spirit of Franoe spreading over Europe, and the people of other oountrles beooming as sucoeesful in revolutionising their governments aa ( tlione ot Fnuoe bave been, what will bacome of tne immen?e debts of thef--? nation*, and what will be the position of the holders of these claims? The house of Roth?- | childs has recently made immense loan* to the Kr?nch government, and It Is by mo mean* improbable bat tuft*: | these and all other debts will be repudiated? cancelled, by the new government. It is highly necessary that a republic should coinmenoe olear of debt, that lti system of taxation may be economically arranged and establish- , d upon a proper basis, and we are prepared to sie every j vestige of theelaim* agvnst France, f>r previous loans. I swept entirely awey. This may produce another financial and commercial revulsion in Europe, the effect of which may be of tbe most disastrous nature We may be upon ths eve of a revolution in the finances and cemmeroe of ths world that will change the whole oourse of trade. France is destined to occupy a position in the Old World similar to that oooupied lot the United States in the New World, and her progress under a form < of government similar to ours, in commerce and every thing else, will be as rapid as has been realised onthi* aide of the Atlantlo. i The anuexsd statement exhibits the quotations for stocks in this market for eaoh day of the past week, and at ths close of the week previous. It will be peroelved i that there has been a moderate deoliae, compared with those ruling early in the week: ? j Quotations for the PsincirAL Stocks i* thk Nkw i York Markkt. fat Mnn. Tuei. JVrd. Thi Fri. Sat. Treasury NotesS's... 1<2K 103 103 10?>4 102^ 102,S' 101K New York State G'?.. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Ohio fc's 9S* 9iH ? 96?i 98^ ? 93 Kentucky fl's !J9 ? ? ? ? ? ? 1 Peuutylvauia 5's 71 74X 7i% 74* 74 7* 73* 1 Illinois ? ? (IX - - - - l Indiana State 5's..... 16 ? ? 55* ? 54* ? Resdir g BR Bond*.. 59j? 61 60 59V 59* J9* 60* i J<eadui|{ M'tsje Bonds 61 ? 61* 61)5 61 61 ? i Re diu J Bailro^d ... 42 4 ^ 41 ? 4C* 41 40*4 N< rw>ch & Wor.... 37* 38)4 St* 38,(4 ? 38 37* 1 JCri* Hailioad, o d... G3^ ? ? ? ? ? ? ' Erie Railroad, new.. 75* ? ? ? ? 74 ? Harl'in Knil:oad.... 4S* ? 50* 50* 50 5IK 5G& I.ouk Island r f, 33 3J* 32 32* 3?* 30>a Mohawk 74 ? ? ? ? ? ? ( Stouiuiton 60 60)4 ? ? ? ? ? Farmers' L' an 31* 3? 3] ? 3Hi 1'* 30 4'auton Tompany... 3<* 35* 35 34* 34* 34* 33 1 Morri? Canal 11* II* 11* 11* 11)4 H* ? I Vicksbnri 4'(? ? ? ? ? ? 1 Uqi:?rt States Bank... 3* ? ? ? ? ? ? | Kut Bos too ? ? ? ? ? ? ? North Am'a Trust... 1C* 10 10 ? ? 10* ? A comparison of prices current yesterday, oompared | with those ruling at the close 01 the previous week, exhibit* a decline in treasury notes of X per cnt; Ohio 6's j * ; Pennsylvania 6's * ; Reading Railroad IX ; Long , Island 1* ; Paimers' Loan 1* ; Canton Co. 1*, and an ' . advance in Reading Bonds of * per cent, Harlem 1. So- j veral of the fancies have been very quiet, not a solitary j sale having been made during the week. The deoline ' from Filday to Saturday was greater than from Satur- J day to Saturday. , The annexed statement exhibits the aggregate ; . amount of the bonds and promlrsory notes issued by the ] State of Louisiana, to the different banking companies | and munlolpalltles of that State, and to the Consolida- j ! ted Association of the Planters of Louisiana, previous to , f 1843, showing, also,the sggregate amount redeemed from 1 January, 1843, to January, 1843: ? i Finances or Louisiana.?Total Amount Cf Liabili- j ties, 1843. 1 Debt proper?Debt provided for at the Publio Trea- 1 sury. , Bonds issued in favor cf Bank ?f Louisiana, j due 1st July, 1814, $600 000 " " " 1849 600.00# j " Mechanics' and Tradvrs' Bank, j due on the 9th May, 1853, 150,000 , " Draintrg Co. 1st Nor , 1855, 50.000 1 , " Charity Hospital 1st May, 1859, 100.000 < " do 20th March, 1874, 125.000 I { " NsohflU* K 11 Co l?tAnrlH(17. 50(1000 . " Clintofeand P. H R. U Co., 1st July, 1*4<?, 166 000 ' do 1st July, 1859, 1<J6 (100 I i do lot July, 1889, 100 000 , " Mexican R.R.Co.lSthDeo. 1PC9, S0,?00 I, do lltb Merch, 1870, 60 000 1; do 33 J May, 1870, 20 000 , " Citizens' Bank, 1st June, 1657, 250.000 " Cont'd Associa'n 4tb June,lH48, 163,000 t do 4th March, 1844, 72 0?0 ] ,l Union Bank, let May, 1844, 88 000 i do 1st May, 1867, 87 OHO do lot May, 1850 , 88 000 J do 1st May, 1662, 87,000 , Promittorj t Bank of Louisiana, 27th Feb 1844, 250 000 i Louisiana State Bunk, 3d Maroh, 1844 , 60 000 ( Canal and Banking Company, 1st Feb. 1844, 5i),000 < >3.898 000 ; Bonds and Notes redeemed since 1943 2,605 000 < Outstanding, per Auditor's Ileport, $1,203,000 Bonds issued in favor too Consolidated An" enciation of the Planters of Lou" laima dne 30th June, 1843. . .. $763 000 CO " Planter* of Lous'e. 1st June, 1848 1617.000 00 " Union Bank, lit November, 1844, 1.750 000 00 " do 1st November, 1947, 1 750 000 CO " do let November, i860, 1.760 000 00 " do 1st November, 1852, 1,7-0 OrO (0 " Cittz^.'s Bank. l?t Febr'y,lP3), 2 00.1000 0# " do 1st F*bru*ry, 185.9, 2 000 0?non " do let Ffbiuiry, 1*69, 2 060 000 00 ' do 1st February, 1889, 2 000 000 00 ' ?io 1ft February, 1877, 2 000 000 00 I ? d,i 1st February. 1886. 2 000 < no 00 ' Municipality No. 2. 1 st May, 1863. 499 680 00 ' do No. 3, 15th Deo.,1870, 30.240 00, Total, January, 1843 $19,9C99J0 00 | Coeds and internet outstanding, p'r Auditor's repert. on aocount of the Property Bunks and Municipalities, 17th Jan. 1848 12 934.370 87 Amount redeemed from January, 1843, to January, 1848 6978,640 13 Amount of bonds and notes redeemed during the wm? period, on account of the debt proper, as above shown 2 605,000 00 Total redeemed $9,580,540 13 Since 1843, there have been redeemed the bonds issued in favor cf the Bsnk of Louisiana, due July, 1844 acd 1819, (-.mounting to $1,200 000 Bonds lraued to the Mechanics' and Triders' Bank, due May 9th, 1853, for $160,009. Bonds issued to the Charity Hospital, due May 1, 1858, for $100,000. Bond* issued to Clluton and ( P H Railroad Company, due July 1, 1849, for $168 000 i Bond* issued to Consolidate Association, due Maroh 4 j 1814, for $72 000. Bond* issued to Union Bink, dated , May lit, 1844-47-50 and 52, for $350,000; and promissory ! notes to Bank of LouiMana. Louisiana State Bank, and rauftl ard U.inkici; Company, for $350,000; amounting In the segregate to $2 60A.000?leaving outstanding on I the 1st of January, 1848, $1,293 000. < Of tbn liabilities of the State lesuod for the property j banks and municipalities there havs been redeemed since J 1834 : Brnd? is?u?d in favor of the Consoiidatod Asso. j c ation of the TUnters of LouWano. due June, 1831, and i 1348, $917 000. leaving outstanding $1 503,010 Ilond^ is rued in favor of the Union Bank.due Nov., 1841 47 ftOand I 62 redeemt d J 3 766 000, lep.Tirg outstanding $3 234 000 Bnnils l'fu"d in favor of the Citizens' Bank, redeemed $3 627 103 Oft, leaving outstanding $6.472 898 05 The ' nygregate tmount outstanding on the i7tl> of January j \843, including Interest, was $12 934 379 87? The ag- i Ojregate amount redeemed from January. 1843. to January, 1843, being $0 97 5 540 13, which, added to the amount of redem ptloos en account of the deb? proper in the sane | time, raakrs an aggregate of $9 580 540 30 The annexed s otement exhibits the aggregate liabilities of the State at each period : AnnRvntrt: Luim.iTirs or thb Static Cf Lot-ista** i 18J3 -T- tal of th<< liwbilUi'i of thu State, for I's debt proper, and i bonds Issued in fnvor of tbe pfc- < party bank* nnd municip.litir-s, $23 807,920 00 1848 -Total of thellabiliMesof the State, | for its debt prop?r, and bonds in I favor of the property banks and municipalities 14'J-'7.37;? H7 , \ 1 Amount redeemed in lenn than Are yea-n , $0980940 in The estimated r?MU?cf the State, from all louroni, J for 1848, amonnt* to $1,010,780 79, which, with thi ha- 1 lance In tbe treasury on the Slut of December, 18-17. j . $994,828 SO, will miVe <m apgrecatn of $1,314,109 01 j The txpendi'uren of 1818 are intimated at $702 931 (8 which, duluoted from the Income, will 1'ftTo In the pub llo treasury on the flint of Deceinbpr, 1818, a balance of , 1 $,'.51,177 39. It In Mated that the Governor Of Loutntana hr.n taken the proper ?t?pn to biin^ before the Lrfttnlaturo of that , j Btata this nil-Important, nu'Jrot, wlih th? announce B ut that wMhonl any (u-dn bi-ir.R required from the X'tiblio treasury, *11 thet In nro-smry for th? ref lira ft ion rT payment ?f *11 the oblinntlrns rf the State, for the , property btnkn or otltrt wl?e, than nu<-h Intervention of 1 the tjtKlnUtv** Rfl m?v <>tV.n tie Clt'cnna' Hank of Louisiana, and t e Connullia'tJ A-soolaUon of the | Dante < of Loulnlana, to o Uiplete the cagotlatlona now ' pending l?ft?reen then# Inniltutloni and the holder* of! tb? bond* lmed by the State In their favor. I ; OltV TRADK HUPURT. fUTi'Muv AcfiMOo*, Mareh IK, 18-13. | The arrlfal of the ('ambrU with later foreign newt, ihich ?a* published this morning at an early hour hi I ;he Herald, bad the effeot of checking o pur*.' ions iii pro- { luce, and unsettling the prints in many articled. Ilol- i ler? demanded the same prices for breadstuXj a" t'ios? ' surrent before the n?ws. S?l?s of Hour, wh??'.. and onrn, ?ere made, to a moderate extent, at f irmer rates l'ro- j rlelons were dull, an t eato* of m?ea pork made nt a ds- I slin.r Transactions lu grooeries w?re nude to h modnr- > ite extent?ohlffl/ oonllned to surars. sold by Auction. I I'hera were no sales of cotton repotted? merchants not I laving time to d g?st the news The unexpected new* 'rora France pro lucfd considerable h uraMon ani speculation among ihe commercial community with regard to ;he character aud future rcsul's of the revolution Aihki? Hal?s cf about 100 bbls of pots and pearls were m?de at $5 b7>i for the former, and for the latter. Bmtiwix? The demand for Southern oontimud fair, md we note shies of 3000 lbs at J3o. Boot? anu Snos.i? Sales hay's been good for the last two weeks, and prices are well snstuinsd. The manufacturers have orders for all they make, and are unable to fulhl all as fast as rt quired, in some iusUroes. The Sieat pro.-pfrlty lust year (lining the worklog classes and farmers, together with the increase - rapid and oonstant lucreafe?to our population by emigration, and the arge ordets from the government, has, as wo predlated a rear ago, led to u largo increase in the consumption in Ih s article; and. from what we caa learn, tbe demand ' is liktilv to he mr irr.od this v**ar n.s last There Is one ! important fact in connection with this, vlr. : its steady increase in this city, wbioh bus been brought about by Lhw superior w-'Tkmaoship of the Oeruan and Frtnch boot nod (hoe ra kkers, who aro fettling (n thin city very rapidly,and are doing benefit to the trade. Bhkaditukfi.?F>our?Under the influence oi a st?aly demand fur home use, prices remained lirm, and the tales of Genesee, in various separate lots, footed up ib->ut 1000 a20uo bbis, Including fair to pure brands, at tti 75, and some l ets of fancy quality at $7 12>?. Siuail dies of strait brands Michigan, were made at >6 75.? Tu're was no change in Southern, which was held at previous prioes. Wheat? Saler of 2200 bushels of Genetee were made at $1 ?0. Cum?Sales of about 2000 bushels of handsome yellow were reported at 50e; and 2000 do Jersey white at 53u. Hales ot 400 sacks of N?w Orleans out of order, were made at 4So. Meal was quiet. There wus no change in llye. Sales of ab)ut ItiO a 170 bbis Rye Flour were made at $3 &7%, with i imn extra at $4 75. There was no ohnnpie in Oats Corricic?The market was quiet, and without chauue in prices. Cotton?The news from France absorbs tbe attention of dealers in this article to-day too mush to admit of entering into BiaMittai The r-tu/e of prices here before this arrival having admitted of shipments with a ra'.r margin, it 1j not probable that holders will submit to any large abatement fir some time. Fruit?Part of the car^n of oranges which arrived in the Ganges on Saturdry Inf. w; re disposed or by auction at $187>?a 2 Oti'a, and '2000 box?s do at private sain ?n terms not trauspired. We also note sil-s o: 63 000 Ibj (old) dried apples at 4,5?3.; 6000 lbs (new) do at 4J^c, xnd som? small lots of wet dried raisins at f 1 40 a 1 50, is In quality. Fish?Mackerel were in fair request. with dies of 500 tibls (Mass ) No 1, on p' ivate terms; 38 do at $9 IPJi; 50 bis Halifax No 2, at $0 00; and 25 k< gs Dutch herring $1 12X Hales of 500 bbis (Mass.) mackerel Wire made on private terms Ilorj?Sales of 200 bales were made at 6%o. Honr.r?We note a small sale of Cub& at 48o. cash. Hemf ?We report sales of 100 bales American dew rotLecl ut f 1 35 per ton, t> months. Hidks?The transactions are light, the dealers being well supplied for immediate wants. There have been mm# sales of Itio Grande at. 9^o, time. About 1000 Vera Cruz at 7>?o. merchantable, <i mouths; about 3*'00 Southern atti to 7)?r, oash and time. Also, a parcel of iquare trimmed Kio Naurx, tor upper, at )5c, time, to ;oeait. Upper leather hides are in good deiuand and 3ring good prices. LFaTiita?There were two puMic sales last week, at which over 20 000 sides Oak and Hemlock were dispos'd )f at about a >? cent advance over the previous puolio sale in February, and to t.n unusually spirited company, l'be prices and the oharacter of the sale? have inspired a touch better feeling in regard to the prospects of the priog trade, and much of the gloom that pervaded a w vitAhn nir-.f** hna r ft h? Hia hnl.l immnA* In which the buyers took hn!d. The stock is light, aud unit the tanners are enabled to obtalu a ntw stock of bark, which will not be much before June and July, the etcck >f leather mustcont'.uuu light. Laths-Salt**of oOCO weromadeat 150. 90 days. Lkad?'There was nothing new, and quotations were nominal. Molasses ? New Orleans was celling la a small way, at 26^ a U7c, and Carinas do at 19a. Natal storks?The market wis somewhat unsettled tiy the Cambria's advices, and the transactions to-di?y iv^re extrero?ly limited. quoiations t f rjirils turpentine range (rem 38 to )2a, 300 b'jls of wbicu changed hands yesterday, at the former figure S?Us rf 300 bbli spirits .urpentinn were mads yesterday at 3So. cash. Oils - Linseed continatd in fair demand, and we note lalt t, within a <Jt.r or two, or 4000 gallons, city presseJ, it 67,So; and 2000 da, Eurflish, iu casks, at 65o. The "oriner on 60 days time. Pho visions?Sales of 350 bla of mrss pork were made bt 610; prime was held at $9 25. Hales of 40 a 60 tleroas of lams were mads, (su,;ar cured) at 7c; littf? Small mles were making it previous lutes; the market wis lull. Lard was dull, aud was olfared, it wassail, Hth sent lower than it was sold before the news-we heard >f no transactions. There was nothing ne^v in butter or Blieere. Ricr - Nothing reported since ths new?. Tobacco?The maiket was actlro for Kentucky and , Virginia tobacco; for all oiher kfuds we notice only | mall sales. Sold laet week. 24tf hdds Keutucky tobacco j it ))i a Co; 1 hhd Maryland at 7>4c; 20 bis ll&vaua at r)?o; 3 20 bis Cuba at 11^ a 12. Received, bat w ek, 4 ' :ases Kloilda tobsaso, 376 bales Cuba. Si-oaks?The sales by auction to-day w^re well at- ' ended, und same 400 a 500 hiids New Orltaus changed lands at 4}? a 4??, 4 mos At private sale 100 boxes ; irown Havana were disponed of at Ca 6X, usual time. Wool?Th* market for American Kleeoe and pulled s dull.nnd we can h??r of no saltan worth reportieg In lome descriptions of foreign their is mora demand, but .be galea this week have ben cf no importance, prices 'emain without material change. The atock ou hand it pros*nt of South Americas la about 1200 bales.? Smyrna ADO, and 360.000 lbs Kleeoe und pulled. Whalkio.ik?Sales of 30.0('0 lbs. Northwest made at !7 ota. Whukf.t?Salts of 300 bbls. wore mad* at 22)4 a 33 it* Freight*- Ltrd was engaged for Liverpool, at 17a 6d <"or| co.tin, 3 161 continued to be asked. To Havre, ;he paoketa were taking cotton at ,3? There waa no ihssge to other ports. Auction in the ship r'atiasaa. rerms- Notes at 6 months. Hyson?13 M chests at 83)4 its per lb; 30 ao; 01 do 77: 304 do 44)4; Iu0do4 1; l8ci*42)4o Young llyson-33 bis 3 3') fli chta 71)4; >J do 70)?; 25 do 70; 8 do 68)4; 2jd?0d; 28 do 67)4; 121 lO 64*4; 1-i do 57; 173 do 65; 10 do 50; 45 do 4o)4; 65 do 17; ?0 do45)^; 37 do 45; 110 do 14; 40 do 4 1)4; 08 do 42; 4 do It; 100 iio 37)4; 30 do 37; 98 do 3t; l?3do33)4; >21 Co 33; 111 da 32)4; D6do32; 130 do 31*4; 365 do 31; 30 do 3tt)4; 02 do 30; 235 do 39)4; 20 do 28)4; 389 do 28 junpowdrr-24 hf cti;8 s 92*4; 31 do 99; 3d oiv.te 43)4 Id lit ch'sts91; 17 jo 7?*; 39 do ts>4; 23 oaui) 13 Hyrou Skin- 68 ohejii 34; 109 hf do 33: 30 chests !7; 20 tif do 22; 15 oheets 24>4; 94 hf do 22)4; 3U1 ch?st.l ! '; 122 do 208 do 18)4; 119 do 18; -i3i do 17)4 i I'wuukuy- 55 fit chests Ml; &o do 3'). Oolong Souchong J -n hf chfst*73; 60 do 58; 98 do 2S; 147 do 37; 100 do i 15)4; 60 do 3 1)4; fiOO do 21; 582 do 23 Nin^yung ? 140 i it chests 24. souclioiig UiO boxss 49 Cassia -5000 mils i.t 15 cts. Sales cf 1U:ai. Estate, March 18?3 lota on 118th itreut, between 31 and 4th avenues, each, 25x100, MIS eaob. $315; 1 lot on 7th street, near avenoe J, 18x90. $1100; 1 do on 13;h street, tear 3 i avrnur, !2xl06, $7215; 1 lot ou wst side 46til street, ue >r 0th ivenue, 29x100 5. $505; 12 do adjoining, eaob 35x100 5, P38U each, $4320; 4 do same sizs, $385, $1400; 1 do do, F380; 8 do adjoining, same size, $390 eaoh, $3120; 4 do lo $100 eaob, $1600; 1 do corner 47th street, and 5 h ivenue. 25x100, $930; 3 do Mdjoining.'eauie six*, $690 ach. $2070; 1 do do $690; 1 uo do $705; 1 do do $790; > do en 47 til street, near oth avenue, 25x100, $400; 1 do idjoinfog, same size, $395; 1 do do $390; 2 do do $385 i-.cq, ?//uj *4 do qo jio19 vbCii, ji^uim; i ao oornti wid street ami 6th avenue, 26x100, J<t>,>0; 1 do adjoining, j J5*89 $330; 1 do do Jdifil, J> 100; 1 gore $ii5; 1 gore on JOth street,nearflth hv<-uu?, j>J7o; 1 goreon H3d street, near 4th avenue, $3o0; houis and lot 3dd William street, 29*04.6, f9?is. MA11KKT8 ULSEVVHKOK. srocit balks Coarnrr. March 18? i Boatin and I'rovi?l?nce Railroul 108; i K ?ic:n Jlailr .J, :0j; 15 Old Colon/ ItaiIr<"t<l, (new) 9lV; 17 VVfitfrn !4eilr>aii, 10'5 do, a 30 d, 104?*, 65 Western It ilr* ml S<; i,>.loi!,; ^ U'.siou mid Mime umlrond: IK; 10 Kiclian.e Hunk, Kti.V. 10 Pitealib'K Copper Co. 59. 10 do,49)4: Kid h ist Cotton I'VininiiT, I4K; 126 do, i GO d, I4X; 5 Hea lr-g Kailroal, I0)a; 15 H >pe Insurance Co, 72; $t> Ot)*lten<linB l.. ilinad Brhda llisn M jll Jluction?lOahra Boaten and I'.ovidence 1 ; ilrn <1. 9"i% a j>?r; 8 K.tttern do. S itr c i.dr; 27 K .?rt-r 11 do id N H, 4*4 as per r. I Old Colony do, 9J>i pic; III O d Cnlonv do, Lew st'.rk, 91,4 1 er r; 4 Wf aiem <lo, 1*4 per c a<lv; 61 VVettein Haiiroaii fcuip, 1?? per c *.dv; 7 boaion and M 11 lie Kail road, I8>4 per ? iv; a ! itchbar* <10. I7?4 a i7>{ per c adv; 29 Boston ? ul Worois er do, 17a I7>4 icrcndv; II Kichauge Ba' k,9?i ere; 4 Vermont and Mia* It^ilroid. old .itoolr.78 ipjc, i 0?JenabuK tlo. 62*4 cu (or ] t'li ptr ah pi.d; 3 M^nufaetnren Ina'trruice v,o 4 L4 p*r u nur; >i Mil,urn ! <1 Itoclifitn Hailrrad, 95 per c; 4 K .ii Kivrrdo, il^l'trrs 11 Verm on', aril Mom do, re iv stock,75^ perc. ?)le<1. On tfce 1 Hh Ijst ,of oomuniption. on hi* pa'sage/rom Savannah. vrh*re he went for t'ie b-neflt cf hi.* health, Mr. Jt-'Hrt Yr uMi, of thh city, in the J7th year of his s^e On the 19".h instant, after a short and severe Hlnecs. if piraiysls, Ki.iz*iikth, wifs of John Mother, In the >7th y ar or her e?e. f The relative and friend* of the family are respecttully invited to otteud the fuueral, cn Tuesday, the Hist lint , st o'clock, frcm No. 101 Wooster street, wlthiuf further Invitation. Albany and Kinjrrton f.oprrs ple*M copy [ ;<)a H*tnrd*y, lnth Inaunt, Mrg. Cathkrink Purcell, celtot of th? late Kdward Purcell. Her fii^adu find aniuMntancea ar? respectfully Invited to attend hW funeral, i n tli 8 (Mcndny) of eiuoon,at l >'clock, from b*r latereMdnno' in Uownnnu". On Sunday morntnfc, llkh in?S , afc?r a short but Rare to lilacs.*, VV11.1.1am Kojtir, In th# Mih year of big ?E*. UU frl-?ndi r?4 relatlrei, anl tbo?e of his brother, Um?a Kostir, are respectfully loTited to attend hi* fu? i?ral, tbis (Monday) afternoon, ?f 4 o'clock, fioui hi* at* residence. No 1(>0 Kant 18th afreet On Fri lay, 17 h Inst., in J=rs*y l 'ily, Wn.i.t am C ii ax tox, second fon o! William and Mary llober eon, ag?d four months anl a half PAPI R. PAP - R1TINO PAP A GENKHAL I RMrrtinr*' ol 'heap cap and letto; ?ld> line ?hj mperline, blie umI white, ruled,, coin met aud packet post; ill", lla' esps, ti>idw\r*, dittui-u, match bo* pap>r, ni.d ?"aa ' 'I r it wr.iii inn. . > ureai vtritiy, lot tale by JAMKS MirV 'I.. N<> Pi' <'m < r rt BUKOKSS.STlUNOKKIiCo.'sUSTOFNKW HOOKS ci rteted .Inly ?To-in-:rr.>w, lick Tier, nnMi ion ntoiy nf the olo-lelhumtd mid. by .1. i> mume Cooper, 50 cenir, i urn li-Kinm ir to ri d tliia til' n of nine >?'iin uitereit; Two l/id Mru'i I'alea. bi Mm. i j4 < tut?; Oia'um's OmleyV i niombKii l'ii ?ii Nation.-il, and other Magazines, fur April, Mem >ir? of " i'hyeician, by Own ?, No*. I and 2, e oh 34 c ?; Virtue's B bl', No. M; Chahmr's Pi.sthnmons P.iperf. !; Th* Critic (play) UX eentt; t he ' >mnibns, (,.!?>)M?X ct.; K*a, by Mati ria, 50 cents; Valentine Vot, new edition, iO re it?; ftrfcui "'Linn, M rents; Ar ln.inNwhtj, No. I,i4tts BUHUa.84, TRlMiKR k CO., 934 iiroadway. f W;"B S PLATT, AUCTIONEER?HARDWARE ' ami l u:l<ry Auction H?l?-AI?o, n der W'arJm'i in ?|i;c? <>u. alightlydamaged. 22 cask* and m?i tierman aid ".njliih Hinl?&>eand r-ntlery. Alio, HI thirty hourelocks; 6 ra?e? luti iruis and piitols kdir^s and forks, ooekei and ptnkgiTi'i iriMnn, mat. spoons. 3fl doiea short handle f-v pans. ->1111 1 general asaorment of lia'dware and cutlery. JJO cadi k'ii>-es and scissors. 2000 dozen kuvrs and loika, See.? Tohesoldas above, a' "> o'clock, at the ?ation roam, on, 21 at init, iu lot* to suit country, aa well as city, dealers. FJIKTH AVENUE PROPERTY AT AUCTIOBI? March 22 ?The va'uble brick h line ind lot nf (rr.>un?*. No. 70 Kilth Avenue, w<ll he mid by Wi'liain H Kranklin Ik ?<n 't the M*'cli>m?' Kxclianire, on Wedneslav. ??d wit ,at 12 nVlxk. Tli* h use i* built in the innu t litliful manner, and h.ii ever* modeni convenience, '"niton water, bathing ro?n?s. water cli act. 4tc.. and a hot air furnace. Ten ihr.uiatd d.'ll !> niav reiimi, on inoru U e Benjamin miiim.v, ain imon-kr ?v\:;> v K ^s, gold watchea jewelry, Ike , l>v Edward Pivaon? Thia diy at 1* o'clock at the atore Vo. 211 Pearl street. amouK which will be fonud, fancy, work, shaving and toilet b^ies, screwed pin-cmliimt.ateel and gum elastic chains.?ilk and cotton puraea. arc rJions. harmnnied rnnes. Holla, mirro s. knitting pins. Also, an invoice rich plated and briltan a wire, 1000 groce pearl buttoni. Also, to pay advances, au invoice of gold watches, jewelry, 6cc. Kor particulars see catv lugncs nowrea<ly. KD. SMITH, AIM'TIONEK".? ?Y JOSEPH MI-1! ph v. store li Spruce street, Thu'sday. at 11 Nd.90 Kulton ?tre?t; Bookbinders' Stoek. The entire stock n ? oooKoimier giving up b-s ne-s, consisting of cn'tmg machines, st-mping do, stamping press. Wing presses, ruling machine. pasteboard machine. stunning press, b'ass tO"1?. rolls *ijil with about 5 dot. in?r >cco and fancy calf thins. V B The rn"ing machine is without ?ic?ptiou the bast in New York.nrd prob ibly the onlv one of the kind in the conntrv and worthy the attention of the trade. Sale positive, without any restrvuion. KD SMITH. AUCTIONEER-BY J. MIT'l'HY, Store No 15 Sp-uce street?Thn-iday, at 10 o'clock, at N i, 2 Murray strest?Livary Stable?The contents of which cmju'sof II horse- 8 carriages, 4 sleighs 2 w?gons 6 double ts of harness Buff iloikina. slei?h bells. horae M inuets, 2 single i?t? of harness, saddles. bridlea, whips, cl aff cutting m-fhiu*. hns. troughs, See. lie. BY LEWWfc MOBTIMORE, STORE 187 CHATHAM fret.?Pawnbroker'* anle thia day. Monday March flth, at 10 o'clock, a large callectisn rf unredremed pledge*, conlittirii nf men and women'* wearing apparel, blanker* quilt', sheets. booti, shoes, lie., &c. By order of A. GOODMAN, 81 Centre stree t FIRS'. DEPARTMENT. AT A MEETING OF ! the Engineers and F'remen of the Fir? Depart, met.'. h-ld at Firemen's Hall, on TUESDAY EVEN I VG. the 14th instant, the following resolutions w?re i unanimously ndoftel: Resolved Thit the F. remen of I the various Fire Companies in the Department, be rrqura ed to call theiH'wnnanies together, netweeu the twentieth and the twenty-eighth March. 1140, inclusive, and that at auch meeting the members shall designate, bv b'llot, the persons whom thsy wish to be nominated as an Engineer, to till the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Erciueer P. B White. Reaolved. That a committee of three he appointed from this body to Ret as Inspectors. ReaoWed. Tint the Insi errors shall reject the return of each and erery Company not entitled to vote, necording to'aw. or in eoolormity with 'he ru'? ?nd regulations adopted by thi? body. ReaoWed, That it shall ba ihe duty rf the Forrmm of eaeh company, to transtnit to one or either of the Inspectors ?o appointed, a certificate sigred by himaelf and the Secretary rf the Company, showicg the number of volet, and the names of the persons for whom such votej were tiven at the mertmrr held for such purpose. liemWed. Thnt the Inspectors shall r?ject the retnrns or certificates of any Company whese rreeting shall have been held af;er 12 o'clock, midnight, of the 28th March Resolved. That ihe Inspectors shall meet at Firrmrn's Hall, the I9th March, from 1 till 8 o'clock. receire the returns of the differ ent companies. C.V.ANDERSON, Chairman; George A. Buckingham, Secretary. Inspector!?A. B Pnrdy, Equina Co. 11; George W. Littell, Hote Co. 28; James IlnJson, Hoie I Co 2 PIKE DEPARTMENT.?D*. LANOEY BARCLAY hiving beeu dnly nominated a candidate to fi'l a vacancy iathe Kng^neerdrn'ttnent, Tickets can he obtained at lha folio win* pi ces:?The Chief Engineer's Office. 21 Elixabeth s'reet; W. Wells Wilsau.71 Wal I street: John P. Lacour, 270 Houstonstreet: ''onklin Tjfus.28 P?rk Row. 171 XOF.LSIOR ENGINE' O No. !. BEG LEWV. TO J tender tlieir lharks tJ MeChesney and Duncan, of Nn 91 Mulberry *i fj'the liberal supply of iefreshmeiits_ furnished oy inem at me lire on asturnav evening. 18th nut. Uv nnter ol tt>? ''ompany. A. C. HAltENS, Foreman. SAMUEL P. Tl rU3. Secretary. NOTIOe.-\N A.D/OURNED MEETING OF THR <'ordwsiu*rs. (I.i'lies' Urinchl will be h^ld This (Mod iUr) Ereninz, the ?0th iuit, i\t Central Hull, corner of Wrand nod 'eut e Market Place, at o o'clock, A. M for the pu fro*1! of it)t<> * strike for in advance of weges JAMK.8 8. NK ED HAM, President. JOHN V. 1WELDOWNY, Secret?ry pro.tern. Sons ok Switzerland. friendly to true Repub'ican pr iiciplei, are requested to men *t St Johu's Hall, *Vo. 8 Fr.nkfort it. thi? ev?nui; at 7% o'clock, to appoint a committee (to unite with similar committee* frcm tlie reprejei t ;nt? of other nations) to prepare a"IMIIM and resolutions a id to j >in in a grand demonstration of conRratnlati'iu I to the Freue.h people, lor the glorious nchievrm'ut of estv lishin*tlie French Heoubl c WILLIAM i'ELL. WANTED?A SITUATION BY TWO RESPECTAb'.n roan* woauiu. ai '.h imbcrmnid, Cook. W sher or Ir .ner, or to do the general homework of a sm ill family.? The h*st of city refcreuee can be given. Apply to 113 Chryitie ?tr?e? WANTED?A COMPETENT JOtt PKINTER. WHO is enable of doin.: w.irlt in every department of a job P'iuting offlce ; c .lie other need app'r. Also, a boy capable of rolling aad working at press. Apply at the desk. Herald rffice. WANTED-* SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE FrotMli t Girt, to do genera' honsewnrk; h?? no oljection to eo in the country, or travel with a lady. Please call i t > Third r.vrnue. mi itiiri. WvN ri-.t) ?ti\ X Uv.-U'Ki'.T,M)' KMIDUI-V. A'.VJ wi iui, a situation at cook: out vlio can <lo wnshiin r.ud irjninu. Can be seen at No.5 Uorton street, uc\r Bletcker llentof city referencrs eaa be ijiven^ 11T 1 M T n a D t *?Tvri'Ii iTit puff L<n YV r to One Thousand Pollers, for ihe pnrpnss of extending ilie bnsiness ofa Dining, Coffee, Ovsier Saloon, mid Bar? Tli' location it equal to any in the citv recently and handsomely fitted up. With the abive nirnti-.iieil mm, with thatalreadv invested. and proper attention a Urge and profitable business can be made. . ny perion having the above mentioned sun and u lio is acquainted wi'h the business. may address J A V, with rent name, Herald Office, stating where an. interview can he had. WANTED?BYT >VO YOUNO MEN OK INDUStrious hib'ts. situitinns, oue as Coachman and the other a> Waiter, in a respectable private famil*, either in the citv oreount-v. Can produce the brat of references. Please call at No 3 ' himSeis stre?t. anv time this week AVOl'Nd WOMAN WISHING TO GO TO CIVcinatti. is desirous ofcb'.atning a situation as Nurse, with in: faroilv going to that place or itt vicinity. Euquiie at Merehant'4 Hotel. Courtlandt street. AP.AKTNEK. WANTED, WITH A CASH CAPITAL of twior three thousaud dollars, in the Hardware business which is now eitablia'ied. and doing a good and safe business Th'S is a chince seldom to be found, for a man wishing 11 go into b*?iiiett- The best of references will be given aud required A liue address-d to 8. L. NK WM \N, 3J3 tlonston >rr-er wi'1 li? c Mifideniial. or personal application. as abave STEAM SUOAft REFINERY?HAVEMEYEHS 8c MOLLUK are now ready t? receive orders at their office, No. 84 Front street, or at the refinery, 87 street, fir standard qualities of doable refined Loaf Crushed, Powdered, and Coffee Sugars and SuKfat House t^yrup, in the Bsmsl imlmw ?ml nt ihe lowest market prices. HOUSE A>D CAKMAUE KOH SALE?A OENt eman having a fine Bar Hone, with single coveted ?'nrriare aud Harness, is of selling thtm. The establishment is a desi?ab'e one for a physician. Apply at Mr OIi!DL>KR'd Stibl* in Woorer stieet, near ths corner oT 4th street from I to 2 'clock. P.M. CUKK. FI'K. Sc CO., lit FULTON 8T-COO lbs. O Leelnnd's City Cured Ilims; 10,000 pound s Dnpps' do.; 20 00" pounds Wtste'n H'.ms; 10,000 pounds Mn-aiders; 70"<l lbs Citr SmakeJ Beef; Lsaf Lard in bbl?. and tnbi; I'ritne Dtiry, at.d B iking Bo ter: Mess, Prime, anil Tnin MessPuk; Mess and Prima B*ef; Cheese in o?ks end box'S N. O. Molasses, in libit aud hhds; Sugars. C< ffee, Tea. h ice, Soap i and ea, and Oils; and a fell aisorttne. t of Provisions i n 1 Or cer es for sale at tlie very lowest prices l;L<WK FI<K. fcCO.. 228 Fulton St. _ O/tn HKW\KD.-A HORSE AND BUUUV WAS stolen from the stable of the subscriber* on Word ly, ili.-Cth i:ist The hone wa* a dirk brown, with a white stripe in the forehead, white hin?l feet, one ofthrm wl.ite to the ancle joint, the othe white half w^y to the gamhril joint. Toe bnggy hni a new leather top, in the near ?id* of which are two email lio'ei, alio two hole* eut in the body behind fur Ihe ruck, mid two holes in the spiing bar. Harness silver plaieJ; underneath the collar ii a new pad or sweat collar, covered with cloth; a buffalo robe marked Uridley h Treat; buggy round at ends, square body, panneled Mat Twents-five dollars of the above reward will be paid to any rerson who will restore svd horse and baggy to the owners, and the balance will be raid for the thiel; or a liberal reward will be given for information where either mar be fonnd. QRIDLEY k TREAT. Budgeport, March in. 1 fits. ?1A REWARD WILL BE PAID TO ANY PERSON "JplV/ who will deliver to Lnrd & Taylor, 03 Catharine street, a parcel of goo Is lost on Thursday, the 16th imt,a be' tween 211 3d rvenue and 8 Bond st eet, addressed Mr. Milliard. 8 Hoad street. Window shades-window smades-mav factored >ii(I sold in ever? variety of stile or patter;), and of best material, that will not curl or adhere inani' r'r imte, bv K?lly It Hiker, eicluiive window shade manufacturers and dealers, at No. 131 Chatham street. New York ? Merchant* and others wanting shades, or m.veii.ilt for imikn.ii and hapginr thades, can find tne largest, beat and cheares'. assortment in tlie Ur ited States as above. Call and satisfy yours?!ves. N. B ? 20,000 purs now in store. Wanted, SO good landscape rainter*?npply a* above. THE BRITISH AND NOIITH AMERICAN ROYAL Mail steamships, between Boston and Liverpool, and between New York and Liverpool, calling at Halifax to land and rrceiv in iils and passenger*.?America. Capt. C. II. E. Jud kit.*; Euro a, ('apt. K (i. Loit: Niagara, ( apt. A Kyrie; ' ntiida, Capt. W. Doiiiln; Hilie-cn, ('apt. N. Shrnnon; B'iPunia, ( apt W. C. J.*; Caledou'a, J. Ltitch; CamVm, ( ,ut. II Harrison. These vessels carry a clear white light at the mist-head, green on starboard bow, rrd i n port 1 how Cambria, ('.apt Harrison, from New York, Saturday, 2V h March; Caledanit, Capt. J. Leitch, from Boston, Wednesday, ith April; Hihernia, ( apt. Muouon, from Mr w York, Wednesday, 19th April: Acadia, Capt ^tone, lioin Jloston, Wednesday, 3d May; Amer ca, Capt. Jiidkins, from New York. Wednesday, l#th May. Passage money. S120. Er> m Auril to November inclusive, the departures will be weekly, (every Haturdav.) from Liverpool to America. The weekly uepirtnres from America, will i-ommeuce on 3d May Tne sailing < ay from America af'er 2ith March, will be Wednesday. Passengers will be charged freight ou personal luggage when it eicreds half a ton measurement, mid on specie (eseert for personal eipenses) An eipenenced surgeon ou hoard All letters and newspapers mist pass through^ the I'ust office No f eight will be received on hoard the Cum bria, after II o'clock, Kridav. March 24th. Kor freight or passage apply to E. CCJNAKD, Jr., 38 Uroad sray. Ij'UK UHI.KAINH?LOUISIANA AMI KKVV C i ork Line nfPackett?Very reduced rate* of Kreight? f otilirely th? luat nod only retnlar packet to mil Thurtda*, March 2) ?The ntw a-d aplendid fait tailing picket ship OSWMIIl, Thomat Ingertoll, mutter, ii now loading, and will p titively tail at ahova, her regular day For freight or p.nii e, having ai'lendi<l farnithed accommodation!. apply ? hoird. at Wh.trf, foot of Wall ttreet, or to K. K ('OLLlNH, ft Hooth (treat Poaitiyely no freight mil he received ou hoa>d after **ei)needay ereniFtr, March 22 ? ."nt in New Orleant, Mr. Wm Oeery, who will promptly forward all good* to hit addrett Pnrket ihip Hit HAKD < .QHUKN. will tncceed the Oiwego.and ?ml her rwilur dr?. fJORUVr.RPOOl.?N W I,iNK-IIMJl!,\1( PA' K r rtof2G:h March?The new and tpleidid f.m filling picket ihip UOtKJlUS, A?a Uldridge, matter, it row loading. <nd will potitively tail 01 ahove, her regular day. For freight or puitage haytug iplendid fnrnMhed accommodation i, tpplT 00 honrd ?t Orle*n? whaif, font of Wall itreet. of to K K COLMNS. 56 f'omn freer. The packet thip Siddoip will anrccctl ihe M?i< ina a mI a il h<r regu'ar "nv rpHB 8TJB\mboat OSWICOO, mkasur1nu sflo .1 tone, built by Meatia Uuitia It Vlortan, will be lattaehtd from t eir thip ynd M Bro< klyn on ihit. Monday, 20th irtt , tt I#o'clock. A. I 8 e wit bnilt for iVIeiiit John 8 l?lc. ?od Hred Vin Baiitr ord nnd it intended to ply ou the llnd o Itivrr. Brooklyn, Mafeh 10, 1141. Noticc.-on and aftku j?\ti rhay, kki rtiory l*h, the tte mbeat NTATRN IhLANDKR wil ti !<? tti e (o|lowin? trift. until fc.-.lier notice I Qoar Vitiue nt IK, 10 A. .*1 , iaM .I T. M. ) I'. M, L*??? JNtw JTork alt A. M, tl fM. I ROWERY THEATRE?MONDAY EVENING D March 20th. ltt& ?Boiei.Ifi eert?; Pit, 12X c?rt?. Doott imii h?lf-i?a?t(i; parfonuacaitofouMHit 7 preeuely. ?Kcrtt night oi the nfw roiuantie dr'ma written e*pre??ly tor fhis Thaata, entitled TH K VVHITKBOY, or Mccarty' Fata ? Laweure Nlaearty, Mr. W. M irihall; Lorn, C. W. Clarke; Abel Kich<rda, Tilto-M Edward 8peu<-er. J.H. Hall; D<>mmic Mittli'W, Bellamy; Darby Doyle. liurkr; Andy Hulliv.iu, Mr*. Wolcot: Klleu MeUonalu, Mr?. f'liiIIipi; Ladv* Mary O'0'ien, M'?. Jordan. To cjuc'uda wuh the JACOBITK? 8ir Kicliard WruujMoii, Mr. '1'iltou; Duck, Mr. tlurke, I. id v' "'inert mi. vl ?. J jrd "o: Pmv. Mri. Sutherland C CHATHAM Til K A THE?MONDAY EVENING. J March Wth, will be nct'd Hnr.kttieare'a Tragedy of

OTMKLLO. The MoorofVe-nce?Othe'lo, Mr A A Aild?in?; laro. Mr Hield; H ideriirn, VViuant After which, the laughable Karea of YOtJNU AmKKIOA? Mrjir Martiii?t, Mr Pardey; Ca tiin Daihalnng Suff>rd; Mr.J hu lauira l\>o!ey, W'ionn? The etrniug'j enteriaiiiiDent to conclude with the YOUNG 8<:AMP?i-eii Ueauv.m, Mr Parde\ ; Mr .Mildeu, Jiribrrt: Arthur, Pu'herland; lua, Mix Hildrtth. Doon >11 > >J i ?... III11 ir-11 <-? ni ' Jfc. on*'? H fill ni MUVHKL.'.'H OLYMPIC TIIK VT1!K ?MONL)AV eveniuir, March 20th, to commence with the eitravagnnza of tlitNKW PLANKT?Mercury, Mr, Counyer; Jupiter. Clark: Th? New 1*1 met, Mi** Mary Tavlor Afier which, the farce entitled HUNTING A TURTLtf?Tiinot!iv Dandelion. Mr. Holland; Mr Turtle, Mr. Clark; Mr*. Turt o, Ml** Koliert* ']'o he followed by the pi*ce eutitled a CiLANCfc AT NKW YOKK IN IH8-M0**, Mr. Chanfrau; Jake, Mr. Conover; Mn. Morion, Mr* Heury. To ccclude wit*i the (Atce ol the MYHTKRIOUS FAMILY? Nircis.'u* Daff.dll, Mr. Holland; Fidget, Mm Phillip*; Ambeilinta, Mrs. Heury. Drrii Circle, fifty cent*; upper hox?? 25 emu; pit 12>? cent*; 0|>ea at 7 o'clock; curtain ri*e* at 7)? o'clock 11'ALIVN Cl'hllA HOUSE?SK^OND PEK10D OK the 8ea*on ? V??i Monday evening, 27th Marc!: iiutiut, the Opera will t e returned, an<1 coatiutie t > be preieuted in it* moit attractive f rm, every Monday, Wednradav au-1 Friday evening. during the lemnning Thirty Nighia of the Sei*on Application will now he received for th* hire of the r.'m lining lines and*, either for the whole number of i.ikoI* or fortheir occupancy on any partirular evening of the werk. The Second row of Il'ue*. in the *econri tier, hive been alI tered, a (J will be biil'iantly a* to make ?he*e *eat* sinoug he ilenr-hle iu the Home A variety of popular Operus. including (tie New H.-ird Opera < f Nabncco of Verdi, now in relu-irnl, w.ll be briuglit out. No expenie will he t;> < rcil to irake tlie aecond part of the seaaon rquilly a* brilliant, if not more *o th .u ih* Qrtt. A*tor I'lace, March 13th, 1H48. _ PA L vlO'3 OPERA _ HOUSE?MONDAY, MARCH 2( th?lireat Attraction?Illustrated I'ictuie*, Historical, Mvthoiiical. and Mystical, from the ftreat Italinu, Flemish. Kreuch aud Knuliih Maitei*. Tho*e il'uatrated Piciure* will be produced in a ?t? le of splendor and eff-i t hiinerto uskuown iu America, *otne ol the figure* will be >eprei?nted on HoriehtC'J. Thi* company coniiit* of twenty-five member* urder (he direction ot Signor Monte Lilla from Itily A beautiful Stud of liortcs have been engaged. for the greater eff.-ct. The Picture* will be rrpre*eu:ed ihrrunh a tniit. Ure** circle and patiiuette, $1: upper boxes, 50 cent*. Door* open at 7?to comenreatll. MK? H ANICS'II ALL, 472 BKOAUWAY, BKTWK.KN Grand and Eroouie itreet*.?OPEN KVEKY NIGHT DURING THK V\ KKK Unparalle'td inceei*. Twenty fifth w*ek of the Original CHHISTY'S MKN8J HKI.H, the oldest a'lubliahed baed in the Uuited Sftei, nuder the direction of E. I*. t.HHISTY, whose inimitable and original emertainmei:t* are mantly honored wit i crovrdsd and highly re?p*mb!e audience*. and are favored with a patronage unprecedented by any amusement m this city. Adtniuioe 25 emu door* open at 7. Concert commences at I o'clock Kor the accommodation of lamilte* an AFTERNOON CONCERT E V t.K V BATUKD.\Y. Door* opes *t 2; conimenc* at 2 o'clock. BJtOADWAY ODKON?ENTRANCE THHOUGH Plat* ax'a Oaf* det Mill* Coloeat*.?Manifrer, K. O ? Mu*!cal Mr. Oldlleld ?Soir.ethiBR New. P.o essor YnuiiK will produce a aew terit* ot in'otnificent Tableau*?^The Sculptor'* Dream and Venus and Adoni*, will be produced i* *t/lo ol nchne** und effect hitherto unknown in America. Suturdir, March 18?t'roxraiame?Part I? Tible ?t Vtvaau aad Po*** I'laatique*. by th* Model Artiit*. I'art 2?VirKiuia aud Virsiuiu*. Sic. Part J? Invocation to Love, he. Performanc* to commence at 8 o'clock. Urthittr* '<"> W ?! ? ??: tt e'liu*; tfotea 12>> ce?tr. AMERICAN MUSEUM.?splendid performance*, every afternoon at 3 o'clock, aau every evemiut at 7?4. Lilt I wtfk ol Mr and Mri. Malone Raymond, and their three bnutiiul daughters, who Kive their inimitable Irish .Muiicnl Entertainments every alte'nooa and evening Lust week nl?o ol U rune Ill's Model of Ancient Jerusil'in, n? it wa? in the time of our Saviour. Western, tlie kankee, Mm Bernard, the Scriptu.e St&tu.arr, &c. he. Admissioe to the whole 25 cents. Children under 10,half price. Keserved front seats, on* shilling extra. DANVARD'S MAMMOTH PANORAMA OK THi ' ' Mississippi river, painted on three miles of canvass, be ing the largest paiuting in the world, at ihe t'aeorama build lug. in Froadway, adjoining Nibio't Garden. Open everr ver.intf, (Sundays excepted.) Admission 50 cents; childret pries. The Panorama will commence moving at TX o'clock precisely. Afternoon exhibition oe Wednesdays axil 8a:vr d.\yg| at ? o'clock. BRUNSWICK'S STATUARY?LARGE AS LIFE? representing the VENUS DE Mc.DIClSnnd APOLLO UE MI'.DICIS. lor athort tune only. Open from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M , at 396 Broadway, next to Stoppani'e bathe. Admit tance 25 cents. rpABKRNAULfc.?THUKSDAY EVKNINO, MARCH JL 23, 1848? Last Vocal hntertaiumint. trior to vu tiug Wssbington.?The HUTCHINSON FAMILY tetnrn their kind acEmwImmmMS to the cit zens of iNew York for the very cordial and enthusiastic greeting given them on previous entcn.mnior.ii, and respectfully announce rl eir third and last v.ical entertainment p.t the Tabernncle on Thursday evening, March 23, 18:8 Tickets, SO centi each, for rale at the principal music stores and at the door ou the evening of the Conceit. Doors open at H to 7?to commence at X to S o'clock. Farther particular* hereafter. CI ltO W UED HOUSES AT THE SOCIETY LIBHAKY, f corner of Br.iadwd/ and Leonard stree.?In eonteijuence of the great *uccej* attending the criteria in me dts of Dr. Valentine's eccentric characters, an J Sgnor Mntnetto's 100 learned C;.ii?ry Birdi, tliey will he com uued every evening uutit tjneher urtic*?. 'i. ickets 2i cem*. To commence a: n quarter krfjrc V o'clock. Hiznor Spinetto will perform every morning it hrll'inst 10 o'clock, and half p;?st 3 in the afternoon. CONCERT ROOM, 3Vi BROADWAY, ONE DOOR above the Broadway Theatre.?Monday evening, March 2utli.?Prclesior Thier's uniu;i<us?ed exhibition o( Tableaux ViVcVU* and l'ojes I'lastiques, will continue cue waek louver, previous to hi* departure from this city, with his company ol Am (risen and Forsiffn .Artisti. I everal humorous (ilees. Songs, djnee*, tec , by tin Ethiopian Minstrels? \rimission !:flcei.t??Doors o; en at 7. o'clock; coin nence at 8. N. It.? The strictest attention w ill be putd tu preserve decorum, and pood orde-, by eflicient officers. CtONVKNTION HALL, 175 WOOBTER STREET, J near Bleeker street.?S'Xth week of th* original ' fable Brother!. '? i his superior h<nd of MinstieU give their inimitable and select ei.tertainmeats every uight this week. Their i musing and popular perfo-maoce is electrifying full end r.i. 111 t .in.liM.rx ?..>! tn n l? \ f i.f In . f. r Dooi* open at7 o'click?Conceit cnmmeicei a' & o'clock. A Sa m d r.- afteruoon concert, March 25"li at 3 o'clock. WALNUT STREET THEATRE-ENGAGEMENT of Mile. Blaugy.?Mondiy evenin/, March 2'J, will br pe formed the giaud ballet of the " Oazilie, orlhe Wil'ies ;' ?Uitelle, Mile. UUugy ; Myrtha. Mile. Valiee ; Helaron, .>!. VV'eitoff ; Prince Albrecht. Bonxiry. Previausto which, " Faint Heart never Woa a Kair Laly." To-morrow, Mile. Bl<"gy. nui i orp? de Ballet. CONCERT H \LL, NEWARK. N. J?CAMPBELL'S Minstrels, under I lie direction of O. A. Kemhall, have the pleasure to announce to the Citizens of Newark, tint they will give on* ?f their highly popular eutertaiumsuts THIS (UOHir)CVCNINO, the 20;h inst. The programme will consist uf the choicest ami most approved Songs. <>leei, Dancea, fcc. Admission >S cents. Doors opsj at CJi?performance to commence a' o'clock. 'p-. I.Nl'V TilUID ANMIU EXHIBITION OF JL the ' atioml Academy of Derign.?Th? rooms of the Ae\deiuy ere now irady for the reception <> i works for the Twenty-third Anunnl Exhibition, which will lie opened on the let nf April. JOIINIM H M'VIA N. SerretaM. N A D. CARD?BOYDLLM ILLUSTRATIONS OF 8HAKSPF. ABE?In consequence of ths treat rihI increasing inte-est taken bv ihe public in these plate?, an I numerous cills *t times wheu he can not a tend to them. Dr. S.'oousr, by the advice of his fiie d<, will throw open liii house to-d ty a-d tc-morrow, and invites nil wh> wish to examine llns inngmfirent work to call, am] lie will be Imppy to show th?m the original and restored plates and proofs, ICO Liberty street. 'PrtJS VIOLIN ? LASS OK i'nE AM.sKI -AM Ml/JL sic&l Instituts for beginuets, and thoie who hire Some knowledge of the nutr iment, NUMIM on \V. dnssday evening. 22 I i Unit, at the Lyceum liui ding. iS3 Ureadivav, under the direction of Mr U.G. Hill. Tie Klute Class, on 'II.u-sdiy evening, 23d instant, under th; direction of vir \V I Weoenevelt. '1 ernss, $i per quarter H. t'KIUGS, N B.?A lull vocal rehearsal of the " Paradise nil lie Peri," will be held at th a Tabernacle this ( Moidav) evening, at 8 o'clock. Holders of season tickets with ilir r friends, are invited to attend Also, the members ol all the various cl-sses of the Ir.stitut*. PIANO FORTES AND PIANINOS, OF HEVRl Herz Pianist of the King of the French, Roe de laVictoire, Paris. General Agency tor America, No. 301 Broadway, New Y<.rk. The daily increasing demand in this conntry for these instruments, and the great satisfaction they h tve given to buyers, in America aud Europe, have induced itir. ] Henri Heiz to open a Sales Boom at308 Uroadway, where wiil be found a choice selection of Piano Fortes Irom Ins factory in Paris, which, however, will be finished in Ins establishment iu New Yoik, under his own and his foreman's superintendence, fir ilia riirnAi* of m .Iriui/ ik? inalrti m?itfa n*rf?nr mifk ?n?ii>tai regard to the clim.ite, where thev are orderej. Buyers will, the ef.ire, please mention whether they me wanted for tl.e Northern or Southern Htatet The priori for tqn*re Piano Foitts. teven nc'tvet, vary from $350 to $15); lor lemi grand Piano Fortet dike thrte on which Mr. Hrrx played mail his concerts ) Iroin $500 to tSSd, according to live and richuett of ci-e. Durability acd be Jtity 11' ti ne ere not sffected by the difference of priest. He also tak't leave to call the attention ol thennlilic to hit Pi an not, which are unsurpassed for richnrss of tone nnd elegance of ?prearauce, combining great durability Willi unique brillancy and facility i.f touch. They have been awarded tn? golden inert tl of the first degree, (the luglieat rreimnm at the disposal of the French govern meat,) and ire in cet?r*l me in France, Kuglitnd and Oermauy. Mr. U. Heii begs leave t? refer to the lugli eulogiumt bestowed upon them ny Professors, iu:d the Press, ou ilie oeeanon o( his introducing the Tianino at hu Concert at th? T ihern.icl*. A i tieipatmg a large sale ol these instrumsnta, he his rut the price as low aa $375 and $W). 4jrd?rs nnd Inters please to oi'?.t : 'Ufocy nf Mr tlenriH*rz :t"8 Broadwar, Vew Vork HOUSK.a TO L"T ON FOURTH AVKNUK, Between 8$th and IStit streets; reut $400 Contain b&lh*, mid most of th? modern improvements. Alio on 2Sth street, ' 2d hot! _ eatt of 4th avenue. '1 hese h< tiset are ndrairb v a l.ipterf for private families: th? n'lghho hood eicelknt ic d 1 ejsy ol accrs; cm be reached in twenty minutes bythersrt i from the t ity Hall. AI>o ? i.- mily grocery, time t me *tmh- i lished (with dwelling attached), i prim o' 2)ih street and 4th ' avenue, doicg an eitensive and piofitab!e business Apply in David Kva'is 1'ith street, J.l hcase east of 4lh avenue, or 10 1 Citv Htll Ha^e. i LlUK MLk OH TO HKNi-TO ONi OK yOR& , I? families, a three story a d attic mod?tn built brick house, No II# First Avenue betwesu r>xth and Seventh streets He f frrerce to Jamie M. Baldwinc, office No. CO or 44 Wall street, I or No. W Uprtoi? reet. i AN KLKOAATCOUNTRY . kmiUK.M e, FOR8AUC ! or to let A minvioi containing tweuty rooms, with i nearly live acret of ground in meadow, garden, and orchard, ] with abundance of (he choicest early Imuis? grap?s, peaches, ( peart, applet, pluins sad all ihe rrqait'tes to m ike a del'ghttul country residence, situated oi Elizabethtowu creek, J ali.iut IW hour's nntsiff* from New inrU. wiih four or five * duly cninmuuieatiom w ith Hie city, br atenmbuat and railroad. 1 Kent, $2'j0. Apply to K. 11. Uoddaid, E?q , No. 70 Broad i ttreet, m the office of the American Hemp k Flu Co., N. Y., ! or T L W>tttr,<l Wlimn ttreet. ______________ i fj^OK SALS-A |r0UR TEAM' l<IAW OF K TWO I tory houte Tie arore n la-ge, 39 feet by 19;* ir.wd f cellar and liable, well fir fur a cabinet maker, eirper.ter, car- , rmse houae, or grccoy atote, or tteneral Lnaineas; aituated iri . a ko. d location; it ha* bren occnpied ri a whoteaale liquor ?t.?e, the list an Team The itandmit rent ta tl")0 per ' year; the upper pa t ofjaaid home payiug SI33 per yenr; it will * he (old cheap, a, ihe preaent occnpant ia rergtiuir ;buiiueia. <] l?qu le at 543 Houafn atteet near B r ariwav. ; LMiH ) A Lit--A it/tNDIO^K OOTTAUJ6, *ITU- I. F nted on the Itoc.kaway and Jamnica Turomke H?nd, and a within two niilra fr. m 'he Ilockaway Pavillun. There aie (, ten or twel?e rooma it. the hi,nae; there are be.ween lire and ? an acjra of choice lnud, let nut iu fiuit treea, attached to the J1 hniiie, with K iod h.irn. and otner out houaea. The houa* la J tl'fibly aitu i e.l at the intervention of the two principal roada 11 Mao, aev?r.?l o'her piecea of laud, in the aime ricimty. For p In h ir |i'ti<"u an apply to JOHN L. NOKT0N, Jr., K'f o I'ockaway, (ifby letter, poatpaiil) or to Jobu II. Power, 129 mi'. ?'r?c. V. w > ork. yo'H MA. K-1-IIK HTlM Iv, FiVI't III' fce , a > t* * JT H'ttinu KitAsliahmeat, Mo. M7 i heataat alreet, Thila- g i'elphr, nnder the Uuited 8:afe? Hotel, and orpoaite the old , Uulted fJtijt'a Dan':, (now O'uatoin Home.) au one ol the * yery beat ta'-da I <r that bnaineaa in th? city. Poa??Jiion g.- * y?a immediate.y if tfeiuvd. luqoire aa abort. X??? >1 I?l"?Willi I ? INTKIXIGENfK BY THE MIII.S | Attain in WaxMngtoia. Washington, March 18,181m. slnoiher Commi*niotu>r to Mexico. A message sent into the Senate by th>- President, yeste rday, callr d for an execulivesrtsion to-day; and when the doors were re-opened, it w ^ understood that Hon. Nathan Clifford, Attorney General flf the United States, hud been confirmed aajoint commissioner, with Mr S vi< r, to Mexico, and that a certain John Keatb y, said to b<> a vc ly oupvuui mull, niwujpi. *w ,? i IM am . of liim before, whs continued as of tin- ! Western District of Pennsy lvania. Mr. Sevier continuea seriously sick. lie may ! not be able to go for several days. Time ir j everything with this treaty. WV aoftukeid vantage of the armistice, und the existing j,'overnmcnt while it exists. Therefore, if by Monday Mr Sevier is not nbl?5 to leave, Mr Louiu Mi-Lane, who declined on the first call, may be Ubked again, in winch case we think he would not refuse, we should prefer him on tine mission to uny other man in i lie United Stat*-*, and Senator Dix, from his intimate knowledge of the language, in addition to his di.>-cr< tion and experitnc?, us the next best niun. ,Xous verrona W. SPEECH OF THE HQN. DANIEL WEBSTER. The Pussngc of the Ten Regiments Hill. VI1IKTIKTII CONURKSSf. FIRST 8RKSION. V*n>tt, Washington, March 17. 1S43. "St. Patrlok's day in the morning." A* uauil, mi inelement and lowering day Quite a gathering of white, pi'ik, and blue bounds, ov -r the border, i.nd n the ?ofas below outside of the outer oircle of the Mcnttors Mr Webster Is expected to spesk to day, and the ladles desire to bear his solemn thunder. mornino llt'llnhs During the morning hour, the tcilowing resolution, by Mr. Clahkk. came up : ? itefolved, That the 1'resldent of the United States be requested to transmit to the Senate a copy ef "a despatch to the United States Coneul at Monterey, T. O Larkin. E?q " iorwarded in November, 1S44, by CHj>t (illUeple, ot the Marine oorps, aud which was by him destroyed before entering the port of VeraCrus Mr. Hannkoan desired to know what application that resolution bad to the buelnees of the Senato. Mr. Clark*: explained tbat the paper ask<>d for wan the copy of u letter which bud been or destroyed by ( apt (Jllleaple; and that it had an important bearing upon the eubjeot of the claims whi?h bad arisen iu Call fornia, growing cut of the late civil arid military operations there, uader Com Htockton and L.t Col Fremont We had had a document printed of the evldenoe upon mose claims, dui 11 was importune to navo nil ttie inror mution that existed in relation to them. In the till recently brought before the Senxt*, these claims were pro iile<l for to the extent of $700,000. We want, sir. all the information touching the etato of aifiirs an they existed if California, and in txplauation of the events which have recontly taken place. Mr C. had no otjeotion to giving the resident a discretion In turninhlrg or declining to furnish the letter, aa the pub'.lo interest lu his opinion demand. Mr. HiN.iiain suggested an amendment,to wit :"or go muoh thereof as he may deem consistent with the public interest." The amendment was accept, d, and the resolution agreed to. POSTAL CORRKM'ONDENCIC. The following resolution, offered by Mr. Nilkj, was agreed to:? Resolved. That the President be requested to communicate to the Senate copies of tbe correspondence between the minister of the United Stutes at Loudon, and any authorities of the llritish government, in relation to a postal arrangement between tbe two couatrles. BILL or TVS RKfJIMK.NTI. The question bslog upon the recommitment of tho bill. Mr. Bkrrikn took the floor.?With a preliminiry explanation of the grounds he should arsume, he entered upoa the thread of his argument He objeoted to the hill. hertAiiHM it nnntemnlateri wrru'lnir frnin Mexlen hv iorce what we might (ail to git by treaty, or it wast" make them yield by treaty what they might not surrender by their free consent Such a proceeding was dipgraceful to a Christian;people actuated by prinoiplesof justice. I In denounce, t all wars of aggression?the seizure of territories as the result of such wars by the United States; and the contemplated prosecution of th<- war in the event of the failure of the treaty, ai a part and p iroel of the doctrine of seizure ly pnysicul force The question now is, whether we shall adopt the meagre p?onoi???J, to ?>or roe M?*loc to the ceseiou t.f brr teiritory. We protess to practict) juntloe? we profess to reverence thi rights of others ; and yet, the pros* t*em* and Toices are boil in the streets, in lMUiB| Whftt must be the iuevitabie destiny cf this Union?doctrin<* as wild os the wildest absurdities of the Wrench rev?!u lion. Kten in this finale, these opiuions cf our inimitable destiny ha i been boldly avowed. Senators couli not be i.ware of tho (Tils of such doctrines, and the danger of giving them their countenance. But this measure bad been brought in i\s necessary to preserve our nation nl honor. 1 caDLOt imagine how the national honor is to suffer by any act of f abearance, or concession, we make to so weak and dtfenoeless a power as Mexico. Tn? measure, too, h?d been urged as a questiou cf e*pt> 'i 7 cy. leaving the i|uesti^n ct riijht out of view. According to the system of ethlos in which Mr. Berrien had beeu 1'istiucted, the question (f riiihl preceded the ques Mon cfexpedieury. tie drew ?n instructive moral froin the history cf Athens and Aristldss ; and ajkrd if heathen Athens, eights'n centuries ago, should stand to posterity upon higher ground than thin nation, In Ih's enlightened ?gf tf the Christian dispensation? ? The President tells us that we are In pcs' of New M*xice and California?that we cannot relinquish th-10 ?that ws must prop up a government which will agree to surrender th?m ; and tUat if we fail In this, we shu'l take tfco territories as by right of oonquist. If we shall, than, accomplish the partial dism: wOeracnt now c utemplatcd, what then ? Mr. Kootb? The remarks r.f the Senator In relation to a matter of great secrecy, aro too distinct lo permit him to go farther without callmg bis attention 10 the fact. Mr. Bkiikik:? replied that he bad suld m thlr < but that which was warranted from the declarations of the President's mi stage, in regard to the permanent occupation, in any event, 01 the Mexican territories if New .Mexico and California. Mr. Foot k?The Senator now refers to the Prfsldcnt's mrfsago, and I underfii -ui hiu. His ?!lu*,ioai at llrst, I did not so understand. Mr. Bkhbikk sa:d If the Serator from Visfisrippl had atttnd'd to Lis opening remarks, hs wouid have disc0 vored that his views were to 0 lia'setl upon the Pre/1dent's message, end the d'claTntlons of Senatois openly made upnn tuis Uior, in tae dl?cusslon of this bi:I Mr. Bkiihif.s then resumed his diat!(.u:*e niriin?t (lie proposed Ul'.inemberment ot Mexloj by the bhrbarlen pruoms of mere physical aupariorUy. We are to I e cession ol tae proposed terrltcrios by no^otiatious it wv cau; If not, tlt'u the mask is to be, her rests late is to l>? crushed, and military fore is to aettla tbe question. This fact Mexico Is to understand at the ou'.- i set. Mr Berrien prousted that the constitiuioi of tin ocuutry contemplated do such policy of territorial expansion a* tb;a Our wnoln fraiua of governcient ana the whole character of our institutions were oppose<l to it. Mr. b. reviewed the course of G*ncr?l Tnylor prior to hid march to tiie Rio Grande, and defrndoJ it, md expressed hid rurprlse that ths President oould i.ot h?ve foreseen tbe inevitable C0CeequsBC? of marching General Tajlor to the very hanks if the river,..with a ho?ti!e army on the opposite aide of that fordablo stream W.'jat alee bu t war could have been e i pec ted from the proximity cf two armirs thus altuated, und each excited by a desire to trr the issuelu diapute by the sword? We hill the tight to ohas'.iie the aggression nnd penetrate her territories-but that doi.e, our light termicatcd. Did we not cVast'se her by the battles of i'alo Alto and Monterey? Did ws not do t .at whioh woulJ deter her from further ucgressiou! The national ho'ior w?a appeased in the blood of our enemies. The w?r ought to have keen terminated at Monteiey, when General Tajlor entered into th* armistice Wu should btv* told Mexico to go in peace. J>>r. Ilnrricn Itetei that those who were active in brlnziDg on the wur would, before lor:K. have, ou this subject, the sain" feeling tuat lie has. lie mistook. if they do not deeply deplore the errors they committed by prosecuting the w*r b?yoi i the oaptuie of Monterey The war. alter that t.lra?, w prosecuted for the purpose of cocquest; und tbo penetratlon to the Mexican capital was to coeroethat g>vornnient to yield to our demand tor territory. Money bus been expended and blood shed. Whst is to dry up the tears of those who mourn? What Is to convert th- i i-mblrms of wo into vestures of joyWe arc to have ! ruore land! If we bate no OL*ier, tell to Mexico ?? have that of resistless destiny, which assigns to ui tfce | ,i hills, and vall-ys, and mounaius; wblrh i?riu-ns to u? the dcmliilou of the contlneu' on which we dwoll, from the frtzen ocean rl the North, to the extreme Southern verge GentUmen hsd spoken if the progress to which the American people are d?-lined. They say cur course is oawarl We must not p?uee, but must rush forth with impetuosity rhe President, in his in?s*age, s?ys that the Mexican i states are as sovereign and independent of the te'leral coverriment, us Pennsylvania and Virginia are ot our government. We now propose to acquire the soil of ;wo of the aoTfrelgn States of Mexico. .v!r. Berrien de- I lied thepower; he protested against it as utterly lucou ilstent with the o. nsti .utlon tf Mexico, whkh w.vs al nost a oopy of our own. lu the case ot Maine, wii exnoised discretion at tbe tinae of the Asbburton treaty ind did not attempt to deprive herof territory without ler assent. He believed that the Mexican government r lad no power to yield a title to the territory If one be must be by force, and eo maintained It t Mexico had tbe power and the will, he would regard it is g ft pregnant with vital eon?equ?nces to tbe best nteres'.s ot the country. If the t-riitery acquired i? i.lupted to slave labor, then arises the great question, vhlch Is to produce seotioual divisions, which is to arm )rother against brother, and may result in serious con- I ri(uet)c*A to the I'd Ion. Iln ootiM not p'roeire how. if j i ny rorllon of the territory iiaiapte J to Mar* labor. oan be arold-d. The determination of thr sorthem people to rf?Ut the ?itcn?ion of the p*i-ulioi ustltution of the Mouth. learr* ni renin to mietti. ;i th* incerlty and determination of the people of the Si uh ( : -iMert thulr rijtht* to *uy territoty whlnh may be , i lUlrtd, Had it la a fact, hi fixed a->d immovable the* he people of the North will reolet It. II* repeated that e would regard the territory a* a fetal Rif;, and he rayed that ihe pericd wa* far dintaut when the people t thla Onuutry will be divided by ai'C'.lo'.al liui. a When VIr Ukhhikih Itnd orneluded, Mr Wi huticr took the floor. JIH voice f" r a rariaent rae inaudible to the r< p Tier He wm und^r?toud t? ' ay-Thouuhl hare rot a?y?t tak-'nccsaeiou to di?cu"? t', hi* bill, it I* a meaeure of fueh de> ,? 'mpnrtan le tliat I ti till feel It my duty, at the eirlleal moment that I urn | 11* to do 10, to ?44r?M the Senate cn the tUte ct Ue I ??mmrvtmw M 'hipww^ oountry and on th? further j-r jieenHon ,f thin ?*r. f hare Hetened, *'r, ellently !>ut attentively, to the dleetwploti which ha* t*Kr,i pi ice on this bill, *nl upon ctber connected eutjeol* in ibid I do not (.ropoee t" enter into the bietoty of tin w*r. or Into the hlotrloal argument* whloh h*ve ?o>;< ntpanled thesedieeuaeloni.on tbf one ?IJh or on tho other. New evenie h*re arisen, n5v?jsf new neyfcte to the nueetinn* beforeui Sir.c? <h* renucup'.lon it the Ui*eu??lnn of tbl*m?imire two or thre* daye ego. tho?* efente niiv? ln*?a . Ua I > | to. Hut by tho hrnoraMo ni'iaher who conduct* thU hiil through ih? Senate. (Mr. <'*??) and (gala by ih* s u*ror Ir m South 1 nr^linn Uy bclh th??? honor*bi" wmber*, tht ?* fTfrt* h?ve ben declared 10 bf *"!! hnowo to al the worl l; and by on?of them that tlier<* n?*d b* no alternation cI wyetery upon the euljeot Since the?? rentiuo'Cie on tba present ?(?(? of the <|U>-b tl n I he .ri tte tlay h?Tore yesterday the honorable iv?i'l?mao from North arfdlna I hare heard him on vmloui mm-iiioui rutj-'-te, and on many lnter*?tini< o oaaion*, for the Upt thirty y?ar*. a;id 1 (Jeeira to wy, s'r that 1 h?>t> n?v?r heart him with a more unquntl Crd fi-,nturrenp? In ?v?ry ?ord that he utt*rd. A Voiok -The *en"tor irf.m South < trolina Mr Wk in run ? I refer to tho g-nti?man from South I' t-rnlIn* / vl ? v * ?v .,, . xiuuud j i ii? topic* n? discuMed wsrw Wad* P'sr in theirjust . an.l 1)0 euelained tbeui wi'.h ihatcl.iarr.'ss and power < f argument wblohharea! w jn. harw-rln'.iuim I thank him I tbank him e?pe ciallvtor tf* ni tulynlund h# t' ok on on? point not eo tuucll cJincu-M.1 h<-r? if o'.h'N I th? plain. absolute, u'.ccnatUiHtonivity una illegality i f th-? ex?cutW? gr. vernuient in attempting to m !n ? by ?xenaur? authority oyer conquered territ ^ out of the United H'atfi Whether tba' yower xlitn l.i tie Pr?el,]ent or not, in ay best be ai ?w. re J by another <iu-nti. n?l)oe? he *??r norown ? Tiie king of England h>ts uMlelaw* unit laid taxoe upon n conquered peof l? Ir an the conquest otWale* fti'd Ireland, down lo the cn';<|U??t of the Weet IndU Island#, and in *11 wars Krowinn out of th^ KrowH r to lotion H- lu? done it ly roysl prer gttir*; d u i' >,* puveroor of his own rutj-U?, exlstiug or i;i ablting trrr.t. ry not under the proleolio.i of K' Jl?h law Ai the sutjecfH are not uti'i; r the protection of i>.ngl!*h Uw, they may be governed by him Mtf here w?e le! \ d>wri befo ? us. at the commencement cf th fU'dion, a syrtnra of legislation for Msxlco an for a conquered cuntry. L*t ua no' confound Ideas on euljecta frverally a;;d separately distinct. This U not the queri.on, wb'"h*r the who is In want ma/eupply hie tiecresitirs, and lay hold on the granaries and herds, and eo to conduct the star if he chooses, that la oue thing; but the question is whether a roan, sitting In the I'ri f 1 lentl i', hous?. i(y bi<i own mere authority. wlieu tha country is nibdu-d, may ?i?tiblls,j in Mexico a system of civil law. S mo of us not forgotten that in all works on the laws of nations, It Is la'd down that when a country Is o(inquire J. or its territory ceded, Us existing U'.-v.! cannot be changed until the ooinpstent suthorl^y of the conquering power changes them. That I hold to be the universal doctrine of ptiblia law. But here is a system of levying taxes, rap'-alinu old laws, and making new ones. W? read with pwiu and raortl flcalion, for I had in the communication of the iMWhill, (wbicli is sanotioued by tha FmttalJ iu which mention li repe> tedly made of our graat trropit, as thay era called ; that they are directed to lay hold <~t little municipal and acotai collections, for social pUipOi-es; what wo should call the parish concern* ; to oh ieo the jovfri;m?nt of Mexico, like partridge, froui oity to city, and to arrast nnd exterminate it; cud tht-re is another rescript for treiisuty drnfta, ard aeisurrs ot petty amounts acd sums rf public money. I fiui obliged to the Senator from South Carolina, (Mr. Calhoun.) for bavin;* brought this subject to the attention (t Win Senate. What does the ('resident do with the money ? Does he expend It for the support of tke army? Yes. But by what authority does he do no ? '1'ho constitution dot's not dir<-et expenditures, but by appropriations first made uccordinR to law. lint there la ono topio which weighs on my mind wore than all the r?st, nud whlah the Senator did not touch. Would to Ood 1 could expect his concurrence! 1 mean the tibleat. nlaln and mtuif' St. oriainal lu the Innentlnn /? the war, but not Mw*>e avowt J, bat now avowed --the crea'.ion of new States on the Southern border, to be f jrmed out of the territory of Mexico If, after aarvloe of thirty years In these counsels, lie hud found It In consonance wH li hlfl oonviotluns of public duty to take bit ntucd for the int'gri'y of the United States, even with ita large recent aocea?iona ; If he hud aern that hla duty lay in u certain dilution, and Lad taken hia atand f >r the Integrity ot tli" 1'cited Statin?ti.oae States Into whoae servles he and I entered at, au early period or life, with warm and patriotic alT'otlcns; a known oountry, o defined, 'in American country?If ha had found it oonilstect to tuke ruch n stand, and I had periaheo in aupporting hi:a in tt, I should fed that I had perished In a oauae of great moiDMnt. to tho prosperity of the oountry. All know that a treaty has come here Irom Mexico? that it hart been acted on. and sent bank; and that gentleman who took the lead in ita ratification by the .s mate, has been sent out a* a minister, with full power to make explanations; of course, not explanation of what was done ir? Mexico, but what wia done here. 'Die gentleman fioai Michigan anys that there is a treaty. I ie?y cay all the world knuwa what It. Is. (Laughter.) My political fri?ndn, in some respcota. differ. That tfnea to my heart. The war la odious; taking the voice or the whole country tcgether, this is the sentiment A treaty has bean signed. It Lias been here, and Is sent back. I ajree thpt there has b-eu manifested throughout the country a Hrorg desire for peac?, for the sake of peaoe, nnd tbtre was au anxi' ty that this or aDy other treaty b* ratified. 1 am not fortre?lin<? on any terms, though (eacee-f.ue. in niv judgment, with graft' deference to tlie opinions of oth?i?, 1 thiuk the', th e Indiscriminate d mand for ] me, antler i.ny otrcwmstano*s, and on any ttrms. is an clfnakii of ecstatic, d'light, to get rid of an abominable war, or it Is the r'sult of ft feeling tor whlob I have uot ro much respect, that we will take whatever luay bj offered, unless ur waiter* givo us harder terms. It is Xo put kc end to the wnr, cr else men's t-s luttons mnii. I take it tb?i; fie press r 4 all sides, with very few exocptk ns, unUlr g ior once, have, fi r the t! re/< wcrkl. Ol)lif< I ths Sena1;*, by their counsels and advice, to take the ti^at.y whatever It may be. All thla wouldB?em tm me to b'* 'hsflnt Impulse, and not tha aober Sfcond thought of tho people, calculated to press forward our counsels, <o take any parch mr tit or bit of pxper called a tr>'?.tt, and hold on to it. Are our eyes ? .Ml./,. ? I ,1 I' lf,? thr.m , rf o 1.1. ..I > M .. (i jr. I wish to deliver my sen time its oocB*f.>r all lam rot goiujt lack to the onsinof tt;i mr, not pauMng to ooudtjfr the progress of the campaign, and examining the documents; I neveitheless dr.'ire to rxoress wy eentintentsnu tho further prosecution of the war, and on that most Vital and important fubjoct, the revenues of this count'y and the menus to supply the demand. I * ill, therefore, with the permirsicn of the Senate expreen mv views urxt we?k oa ih;< bill which ha? be ?n reported t>y the chairman of the Coamittee on l-'inarice. This weasnra id to ruisn mm, the other is to i>?y tluw Mr Johnson, of l,oui!*na, of the opinion th?' the bill should not be passnd, as we nrw hail a prrspeov. 'f te?c?; but his object in ri?lnt- w?s to olf'rnn umeudinnit If rot fn order a' this stage of the proo?edln*a, he would move that tho bill Imi recommitted, that th>: uuieiidiarnt mvht he irpcrfp t. Th e nu'Udir- nt wrs read for infornation.and wns to the?fTect ihat nine of (he ofli"ers ner, -.ijry to be apj ointcd in the t^r rfgimerts fhall I."'d. unless i .shall be ascertained that the penjiu.; ns;otiatton for j eaco has failed Mr. < a-* desired <0 a few r ,i ins remarks, iu r^ply to the jJtrator from Dslnvare That M'nator said i ] >?', 1 had constitute' my rlf the ch i: n oi the administration poua'od the note of d< 1 >,nce, au J giv?n a challenge. which he, H tiie spirit < f ohivr.' iy '. U'n. Now, I did not afuuae to be n champion I sonndedno note of d< tlnnoe, I nave no challenge The v-^ry thln^ ..1th wnih he s roe, I had no; t'is (ju ion to lo I s.iltl.i'. I vouid t^U'-h the mlli" a -y ni -r:ts c i" t;>e war, not other part.). I remarked, rti.l f.."t!v th*t if la Mm this, the ronrse of the atmlniitrisMoa vas assailed, it rotil 1 b'm promptly d"frnu' I I c .wt i teant to say that the attacks w. uU be r-p ilel hy m*, tutbyoth'r S-na-ore. gentlemen w?ll rble to do a? mm w ho hav puffed their li? s ia the legislature of t? our.try. fctd who are nspprr i/d hy the p*r'y t> which they brl< ng. .ny o?va l.fe Iwi bica pi *e,| I . eoours diir'reat from this for e r.n pcrtiou rf ii. oil the vrge of c; >ii*?iion. an.i another beyond tti.i reits. Ci ntrary to lay n w is' ?. as tfOt'rmen ); , w, I w*s i laced at the h. ?d ot the milltaty co.rimitfee; bu; if clrouuisi'inces render: d my pervion m. : vnary, I -.fis willing to sirva It w?.s th? Senator's own pi'?* he l iokua up, net niinn ! I fe? l the tsrlt r.;i eXr;. ?.(ilni;ly heavy Onr; but as ti:o Se'iuifr It m S >u:h (J?iolia? hvs - dur.-'sed tho H'l.ate, and > snp^orted in bin vi-'v-s by the gentleman from Mrssachrtei t'e. I le?l cotnprll-d to i-'ply. 'i'ho task is the more U llloult, be^eure 1 have not rrad t'ae remarks ot the Senator frow S. uth Carolina. J bo ajminimmion r.nve pursues it.? in. uu: a o justuntionaliy and wi*rly In the first plioe, the Senator nuld tbat there w*s i.ot a iingie rmson )n fayortf the p?'s;ij i of I his bill. 'I Ills is affliitUr of opinion. The Teas jus am two. Kiirt- ltis fori in-.a* dl?ts operations In the event of ik rfjcotion of the treaty. e t e??nt wore orif'l probable; Hn event within the limit* of probability. Secondly, to relate on the Mexican people and rifioja'nt, to show them th?t we are notions; to chow them If th* treaty bo rejected, we imt* but to ov nun the country, and to taalce a trn -y in our own vy. he?e are inoar'iru oih?r rnio rl..s have resorted to. i'he 8ena!or ssy.s th?f t b !l woulj be nmcbi-vous nra and I" . iexmo. Why ' U.'cauii" it woul 1 h?ve ?n <T"ot on the uion- 'vy affairs of lbs country Bnt I i u*t any tM! t)i uptra'.iou ot a ,.? . m? sure like thu >uct net be ssf.yed tiy iho effect It. ro*y have no money nd etneics. It to-morrow we agree to raise a hunired thou'and ni'-n, It would b' the best thing fx he money inte-' s 1'. , wild Uirw thai tho w?r 'as at aa end. aud th .t Mi* adtainiitnu'irn would '* 'istlcv. Ill* Senator ?* s th vt to ra;?? this for;*!* would o to ? *-h? couo'ryi'or tb* prosoutUu oft'ie *r Th ?t pledge I arj pr'p^red lo ui*tc*. aid re ;' 1. s the Seuator i rrparad to d"> th' ** ?? ' Tha Uuv.arop tj? that at the commenoemeut of 'he ?>??ion that thf eopl? ware in favor of Ins annexation cf nil n' Mexico. I'hiH the Si.nator does not nrw fear, bjiievlo.<, ut hi lo?i, that the opinion of t:." >'>untry liss now c believe now as I b?lievrd th , an I It was my s-ttled 'piniou, that tl.s p>--pie Mf^rn tj.>; prep'v i lor the indexation of Mexioo; I believed then as now, thit l; vould b# s'linusly irjtrioas to the < .uniry. It was oke l to. not a'a d<'iiabl", lju. a'i-er* rf ve;it I bov?d then, I noir do. 'hat If i'? ? " " ' ' ou< he would compel us to talc* that uj"a?uf I didnot?ay hit we roiild *a illow * ! Me.-ioo ?t O'-ar. I h?.'sv?? ..... .i i._...... .... ...jilt,, in the ooti.tti ution of ur noT?rnm?n- which will an-i'/la us to aurrirj nil ihocli*. I<nJ r <1 id our d'ftinh's ?r* cOKnltieil to th? nople th?irisrlTf?: nen? but thrown anus o*n d-atroy tieir lil??rticM Tim g ntirnim troin Virginia hit 1 atudtd to th# word ' swallow," ?ud m i th*: It would go iown with olisrlfil gusto IIn m?i>? n d ?i>!ay wh oh Till da I oner to hira in ail ?uioe?.lrggfnor#lloM Tim <rrd ' ft/allow " i* in our Bibi's; U w.ts pU ?d tber > ?i*nty f!?-nturi?* ago " l(Ta?l is aral'.o^fd up," aud ?r??l in aii.-x-'i to tha Assyrian tmplrs " [L?U{ht?-r J (nr. ?0n?zed. N > g' v?rnrn?nt can t-stabli-h a Ilea, ?iviug the fn*my to prosaouta tha war Th- r? is no L?orotni'H''?r's *J?ol# b#joud which wu dims'. not m 'T?. Mr. C'*LHOf!i?I *10 'XJoeMug.y lnditu ?,,d to intrf upt i; i h? h <i .Uor bes tak ii mo u.> od i? olat I r.i."*n o J* Mid tin country. U is n?orssary j r?pfl tiroe with foron. >'r Cass I wou'd n t. do lnjutt;je to tba Senator. Mr Calhous ? C? tUiniy not. Mr. I'ai#?Thera is *t quail fl-Htion ? Mr <.?i,hous. (In hi? i.c*t) .no Mr. Cass A qUAli^awuDU iu what I am ' out to aajr. Mr Calhoi/i Ah! Mr <,a?s \V? k'ii to tnk? up ? !ln? (torn the mouth of i'lllo tiran l*. fevan hmi >r? i run&ii:,r to th t Mlflo. Th* Stnatix Hd ro fay a wo. d about tl.!? yas>rdiy. Ha ralJ, pml>usly, thst thw i.t:sDN would ra. >u? a fit* 1 foro-. r?Ki^*ot, * 1 a \*i arm?d ? v?ls. waa toid by a dUU. ?u 3?ui cttiv?r tlai i. w.u.d rj