Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1848 Page 3
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f" ! Rkniiklaib AND 8**ATOG* IUiiboad. fniiw i. TJ?? ocst of construction le *474,901 10 v.(70 The r.ctipteoftiia road trunk Jaiu.rt 1.1446, to Deo. ,.J 51, 1847, tnth day* included, are, ... From ptMciig?[f un through, 44.000 $28 920 00 T?* , " " way, 42,193 11 643 11 ???, " freight 9,401 66 . ""J " 242 61 "?? * " brlJge tolls 10,747 67 ^ .. u all other courses 313 96 vf>rg Total $61,i6D~90 att"lu'd Kepaira and running the road $35,291 44 from li Kijjftneen of toll bridge '2,427 OS tber in UiTldrnds 21 000 00 On 'J yuara. Total. . $58,718 29 Hial Tte iumb?r of locomotive engine*, 2; pawenger cars ^'Cjj (eight wheels,) 3; do. do , (four wheels) 12; freight dt?., be (eight whe?ls) 3; do. do., (four wheels:) 8. Number of Oa 1 miles run by engine with passenger train, 24,726. Do do horAftft. 0 ill) Th? lsnifffi Af?>! vrtbii in tw/*ntv-flv? ?- lr?i ? ? y miles. I l i't. a Stock Kxeiiange. ' IJ v?j?t % 1 OiOTrNote?fc'jb3 1MV ?S iha Canton Co in* 31 11 5 010 do uo 101 1 #j do 3I? Durr* 10,Mio Jo voyi 100 Contou Seiip 3* 1 no 15 010 do 1,39 10?.S ilia <!-> '->\ att- oil 2,COO ito 10'?.' tS Nor and Wore RR 35J4 Ittare 31 CM do 10C'.i J5 do 35* 0 , J.oro U 86?, 'to loiw ioj Long UUud RR ~ ' 2 POO <Jo >S7 10'X 140 do i9>4 J,21# III Imlmitocb 310 do 2t ?? 5,(Cl) i'eau 5> 19) 73>? 260 t!o f'5 29 fc'tfud 5,(Hi# (1v> 191 73 200 do i3J 29 hllf r* 20,1.0 do U0 73 300 do b39 ?>}? b,i \yb lO.Ol'O do 73 51 do bt>9 30 ? 4.400 Ohio7* 103 253 dj >10 29 3,000 iUadioK Ocuds 6750 do t iw 29 TTOH l.lliOtSead Vlort Hide 60 100 do L fO 29 St I I < j 100?hsBkofC Hcrip 91% 100 do b60 3l? t,..n hi IMsbaJteadiugRU 3* 250 Harlem KR 4BW m?rnin| 150 do 37J? 50 do tW 4hJ? |ihnd..< 100 do bCO 39 100 do 48?; ' " T 50 do 31 100 dj l>30 49,'? ,l|inH 310 do 37 400 do 1)30 49 100 Farm: r*'Tru?l 450 do 4S>?' * ITO 1)0 do 2i& 100 do 4Hi; J\ Oi 100 do L6J 2!)!, 201 do blO 48 i.lauia II 300 1*0 bio : 9 1C0 do 477; J)..y ((r |50 do SBj; 7'0 do 47s a i.ive c 59 Morrii Can si 1<I 200 do bfiO 49 85 Auburn auJ Koch H 1(91 T/- 1 Second Doaitl. IV. p! $30P0 Trc? Notei,6? 10('K ll'O ?hi Harlem RR 50 No. 90' 5000 do 101 *i 500 do 50^ of * boc 3>:o*hs Hirlem RR iio So* 353 t'o ?30 50 ehwea, 150 do b30 51)5 150 do 5i)? etiln?. I 100 do 50 V 2t/0 do 50?* ar.d 100 do alO Sf?4 75 Canton Co 32'i N U ? 1(0 d i ?0)3 5') do SIX New \ 41)11 <1,. 10) d,i 1,11 Tl IIV ;lni 200 do 5" j>2 till do 13 3'f-i withnu 150 do SIX lCOLltland MR 21^ ! 1:0 do 40*% to do (SO 19>? It M do 5(S 14) do 19% * lftO do b?0 43 ion do b30 30 No. 2 > 50 do SI ?; 25 Nor and Wore It U .'6 consult 50 d> Jo,'4 JOOKeadircUH 37tf ?.'U <?f 250 do ?J 5u,'4 130 <10 3d sin/le? , , , _ m.vThiu CI I V TltADifl KKHOUTi (jr,IK N*w Vchk, Yortity Aft- moon, March it Mciliol The flour market continued unchanged, as to prloe.?; ?ob>cri but sa'es were 1 >;ht,uuJ onrifiued to purchasers for dt m?-.->>!* tic u.?e The Ijis disposed of ootiM*t?il chit 11 y of Oece- April u see. Michigan, mid Onto, In email lot* In wneat, tcne " -d va' transactions weremade in Qnnea-e, with m (mall lot of Long Island, at a plight sdvancs lor ih? former; holders of UeoHgra asked belter prices There 1?as rather Co?t'fro mora doipi? ia corn, anl sales of sound yellow rcctntl were reported at better pric* b Meal was also some rive.te firmer. Rye remained about th? Taere erahrac was no change in oats The improved feeling etteutio rolled yesterday in mess pork, was maintained ana sales made at a slight advanoi on yeslcrday's quotations. Considerable sales of lard were agiin Cr. IS made at about the sauie rates. Orocerie* continued B oad* steady, with a fair amount of transactions in sugars and t>OUl, molasses. u.t li hit rates in cotton, sales were more .... freely mad", at the decline stated below. JLj Ce Aihii?Small sales of pots were made at $3 87>? a $6; i>|uto. pearls remained insotive at $8 the add Bbkad?tcffs->7i.ur?Tho sales fooled up about 1000 a 12(10 barrels, itcludin:? good brands ijenesee, Michl- \'T ' ' gan. Knd Ohio, at $6 6i>4 a f 6 75. which sold in Tarious j" , jr smull lots Southern continued tirm at $6 37>f a fU 4i^j Miii'en, good brands wero held at t6 /.6^; sales of 400 bbm j,,w VV southern hoe or unicspecttd were made at $5 87>4. ilmne F Wh'at-Sales ot 2 000 bushels Genesee were made at Fancy $1 i'J. and a suiall lot of 300 a 400 do Long Island at $1 ne we?t S9j a small lot of very handsome, grown on New York *** or Manhattan Island (?0 bushels) sold at $1 43. C> rn? IXTil Salts of about. 8 000 bushels were made on Driv*t? term?; Vt t 1 000 do J?ra?y white at 53s; 1,310 do Georgia gold at ine Sill 63o; J soil do Jerwy jujow aold at tti Jj and 3.400 aaeka 15,11,01 cf New Orieuna, out of order, sold at 4do a 48c Mial? w.nji'. Th. re was more activity la meal, and the sales amouut- Ab'rr <d to sboiU 1 200 bbls of Ne* Jersey at $3 60 Hy.? S?lf? of 4 300 bushels w?re mad* ut 80o a tuba's. ">/' 'PO Flttir ? SaUb of 300 bblJ w?re Bi?do a' (3 87>4 a $3 93?^; * . 1?nad 160 b'ols estra were fold at $4 13Xi. Oa't ? dales of }ul'' 3 600 buthrl* Hauthern were made at. 433. fjrmrr Ukkswax?We notice eales of 2 000 Iba Scuttaern yel- corj1Q, low Ht 23j. llie in ? Corrr.i?There was no change worthy of note. tli? vt li CoTTow?About 1500 bnlt-s foand buyers to-day at a ufvtrji decline varyiog trcm halt to three quarters of a cent, j!, I? The market ban not yet fairly opened, and In the opiu- ,,ie,f| Ion of some brokers U would be Impossible either to buy Jed." Pi or sell largely Ht this rate. hia fai r KauiT?Tliere was considerable activity in tta nurket ilieaut! to-day, and tile saiea Include the balance of the cargo <>f WH oranges per bark Oauges, on private terma?3000 boxes , cw drit-U laiairs at $1 40a 1 60; 600 quarters do at 46a; 00 ,nerci*l barrels ebflled ulmonds on private term'; 60 bags Ute- t ona, ( noble walnuts and filberts a< d^aSe; 300 buthris Afrioan Xh t n pea nuta at $1; 2 J trails damaged citron at 03, and 10 000 do old dvi*d apples at 4;1i*o, cash. Fish?The market continued vary firm, and ws note sales of 30 biiirels No. 3 IUlif?x mackerel at $0 26, and ^ j? . 4a600 quintals dry ood at $3 81>?a3 b7>{. :criber H*t?Sales of 300 balea of North Kiyer were made at br xtirt eaxo. ?V.tMT?The market continued quiet. Indigo-*VVe reprrt sales by auotion of 60 oeroona at /(wt]r 71 a 84?i, aa in quality. C> rouv'es ? S?Ies cf 600 hhda Cardenat were made for the tub mpmtni vo Atomy at is* .3, una iov ao nuBTiiiB, pruuo qua iiy, sold at 3la, 4 mos. wlfa v Naval Stokes ?The market continued quiet, and we ?-? aouU hr?r of no (Ales worth repcrtlog T KK Oils - Linseed exhibited no change, t>nd mcdcrat* Li Un sales continued to be made at old prices Good selected or, *nct whale was worth 3fle, and shipping do 83o, at which the J1** '''' last sales were made. There was no change in crude de'i'ej sperm or manufactured oils. Oil meal?Salts of 10 tens con |,e were made at $1 431* per bag. Peas?Sties of 100 bu<hels black eyed (Icferior) at J N1 WXo cash. ^ Photisiobs ? frales ef tbout 300 bbls rnefs pork, in lots r,_c",si were reported at $10 26. There was no change in priae. Males of ISOtieroesof hams were made at 6^c; coniiW small sales of good quality were mad? at 7o; shbuldem andrtp ware w.rtb 4 a 4.'^o. Beef remained quiet at previous rates. Lard?Mates of 1400 kegs were reported at 8,'* a Ho; 6 a P00 bbls do were (old at 7 a 7Xo; 200 do were ipeelf,, repotted nt7a7^o; 15t? tierces were sold on priTV.a his roo termi, end 160 bbls prime Stettin rendered sold at 7}* a of 7Mo. Butler and cheese remalueU tlrm. A M a Rice-The market was inactive, while prices ex- !j*,on" hlbit-d nr. change tT" . Se?ds?Tte market for flax oontinu?d steady, with 1 (aim of 45 casks at $1 46 and 150 tierces do at J>1 40, KT.AT packages extra. Sales cf 100 bbls aud us tierces of clu*tr 1 ^ W were made at 7>? a 7>?c. I1!1*- ' kt'iiAHi-The market generally presents a much f.ria er aspect, ard we note sales of 160 hhds Pr.rto Hioo at 6Xt' a 5V?, 100 do at 6% a ti>io, and a lot of New Orleans < ? do at 4% a 6c, 4 mourns. Tallow?Wa notice sales of <i000 ponr.di prime ren- SIAJ1 dered at lOo. |r V1 Tobacco?We report sales of 200 hhds Keatuoky leaf | ?,' at b\ a 6K, usual time. Jrlttu! Wines?Sales were made by auotlon of 100 quaittr aoou. casks port at from 63 io 99e, 4 and 0 months sales of 100 quarter oa?ks sweet Malaga were made at 4'2o. f Whaledo*e?Further sales of N. W. were made at ' ?- w>r ii ... - . .... . . . meat o w imai r?oaiea ci li.i ctru 01 uruage were maao *i (^ie PU 2S?, and 36 oaaka, wood bound, at Xl\ T *rk. FnKiuHTi ? Pork *M engaged for Liverpool at 3i OJ in-nte.i per tierce; Ida was offered for lard Cotioa waa tefceu diea. ^ nt ft ;Ud. To France, rates were unsettled by the lata o xK newa. Merchanta engaged in the continental trade, in J5 m' common with n?arlyalIcTare?aof buelneaa men,were look- tic*. N log forward with much anxiety for later n?/w? by the i\>r ?ta next iteamer. de>ed. BLARKBrS EL9EWil?llE. V Ol srofK SALKH. J' Baltimore, March 2H.-H300 Baltimore #' lfl(W. icfcn ) 9i onn hVri 110 B illimor fc Oluo llp.ilroad l)i?M 'loudv 76 United Staiea u hi r.f 18fi7 r|?*r<i at bid 103Ja ?ahed ; Trea-nry 6 ? at ?,n i,. 10'X bi.i, 102* a.keri M-nylnn-l 6 . clo.e.l at #7K bid. BR hiked. iia:tim..r? 6'? of 11911, at 9>)^ hid, (for tlie rpeiihg) 95X ailteil Baltia k Ohio R.ulrond ihires at Vlri bn', L'OK J?!nn?led fi Yf Phil*tiei ?hu. March il ? First Board?S# Oira'd Bank. ro?itiv Us Jtil'O -?ve i, 73; g>, w, ?,,ntP Sl> 5,? 7 J. J|500 t:?v fl< 6r, nnrrov II9H-, Jfto-tatrt-ViM ttlare 4i.7J: tlllOfluii b5 73;25\1o. aliip <?: ti? tJanui, t)5, li>?; lu> N J '2?^; 8 Commercial BauV, tierc\r Jl*- *'! 00 rteiiti v Iktll Navigation G? (j? 4 J?; *6101) >nre 'j? a?orr. . <fa 7 ', lot 11ir?i HmiIi K^; l.<0 d .. ?5, I0\' Second Wh?rf tojrd -<|J"? City 4?. 'SI. h9; Itud Krhutlkill Ma* iic\li<>?. ' ?, *"?tli Yt 4.X. Jtflrr lain -t>r< itair 6a, Uti 8?H: ,'hilj Sue f>? 7 I before .5090 ui?.7 t; WW d ., li\-, 10) Wur. b >uuty atrip. 9ji 8J M?- correrr chanio' ilauk, li?-? lar pac 22. a? Mkw Oai raMi, March 13.?Cottrn?Thli morning'* |j"fori mall brought th > lettera by tbn Britannia, oodflrniing (.OHM the advance i epOTted In cur pup' r of yesterday. mlddlir g pril <1 being nuoted' a r>*<d . and f iir .V, I Th? demand oreated by tbeae a lTiO'a lia< been principally of a apecula- f " tl?a charaot*r, the purof.aAea having b*en br no mean* packet g?ner?l and the ?ale? r-ach flOOO bales at the following .tmi ? rat. a : 1-w wi'ddlinrf to atriotly mi Idilnp, 7 a 7>4; goo i freight middling / 'i a 7>?o. Tohapoo We only near of the *ale r < of '20 hhda H?fu?rd. tf which a hhda. at 4a,and Jl ' 8,i(,?r -The market la heavy and pricea _'J_r drooping. 8omo 460 hhda were eold at 3?? a 4o, for.fe'r iyr O I to folly fair Mola?se?-Th* demand b.ia alao b?en lim- -l* nn lied, and the ai.lea are cor lined to MM) blila it 19)(?_for ' prime, noun* email lot* ot oho>ce bringing -J'lHO. rne ""1"",%"^ took on the lrve* if *eAnnnulatinK Klour?H%te* of ISO bhl* lilim.1* at 37*; UK) and IKi at *fi 3J: ? ? |?KH Ohio at 10; l<i i Ohio at $!> 1*. Corn?The *J Cr market In h?e.?y and drooping; we only hear ol cerinn the *ale of 16i't) Back* yellow out of (Wtboat at 38o, and * *? " 3100 **ok* mise 1 and white, in four lot*, at an average pr?| of 3i,i. Oat? -30:l ??ok? were ?old at 3J)f. Whi.ikfy? Kn.1i. inn hbl* reotitlrd noli at 19e. Fofk?Fair drmand; *?lei> t f 8J0 hbl* me** ia eltfht lot* at f>9 ; 00 bb'.S M . O. at ' I ) fri* ; m (So prime at $7 : 331 do piim? m'*? at &0 Bmk pork?160,0(H) lb* hog round were fold at U.!,'o anl |v on * 80 1 00 do ?* 3s. Reef ?140 bbli prime a?re acid at ft] pr ctir 87H and IftO do at >7. Bacon?10 oai>k? ?lde* *old ai -ureth 4j^'. Lard?The d*mand ha* been aX0lU*lT*ly for oiif me Srime. whieh I* eoarno, and In oonwquence tbe *a1a* tent re iva be. n limiled to IIA US, 4? end 10.1 bbl*, at fl\o Ona lot of a.'OO krg* was tela at 0^9. rllrr ?? ??????fen;?? 31 ,nm Married. |A? On the 20th of March, by the Her. Mr. K. nu?che, ? ' C Mr Ukobok Krkiikkick ?rkiwiar.itNm. natlvo of Or- ' 'j'!.'' m?"T. to Ml** Annie Kraockk, of Kranoe. I J?1?,'0' (jjP- New Olleau* pa;.*t* pleaae copy. I Htrietii ?? he ran DIM. v ee)< Oil Mon l y ?Teu' i|r, th? SOth lnrUnt, M*nr Kliia- tl'Mlit' bitii, daughter of Cfcarlva H., and fcllnbath f Douifbartt, aurrt U month*. KiiE To* relative! and frianda of tha family ara raapret- ta*a, o tvlt'd to stUnd her funeral. thte iftanoos, it I fjMRt thr?? o'olook, from No. t7# Madltou it. ? th I'ueaJav, the 31st inat, of ocnstm^tio*. la the 43d I rhisaje, Hibam EtK*iTt,of Weatmlnatsr, Mum- i tl. (In ytrj un'rai will ttka plaoa this aftarnooa at 3 o'olook, to call t ia late r?Bld?"JOt>, 311 Spriu* atr<int. ; thr t*< nchU'otta p&pera will pl*aae oopj. j mrriini Tuesday, t!i? Jljt lust.. Kui^tii Abnal'd, aged lio *'""n 1 " vacant] relative b U friends ar? ranpsjtfully inrit-d to f^il'th his funeral, r>u W?-dnerday afternoon nt 4 o'clock, tpeotnr tin lata rrtidcnoe, 10i> Haade street, without fur- entitled vitatlon. rulM ai futtidiT, Maroh 31st, Mr. Levi Rcm-iis, aged 40 it khill " ? mittoc 'uneral will tnk* place, to-day, Wednesday, at 3 "'"ana :, T. M , from tha rrsidmca of his father-in-law, ?nch vc hi Tiapson. 163 VV#st 31 at etree;. ilia remains Keaolv taktnto Trinity Cemrt-ry for Interment. | tifieaiei rueaday, 31 at inar , altera short lllueae, Uicobok after 12 ll, ?g#d 83 yiar.v f ni J relatives and friends of tha family are rmpeotiul- /at con ted to attendhiJ funeral. on Thursday next, 3Sd Baekin ,t 4 o'olook, 1'. M. from his lata residence, No 346 Co. II; on street Co 2 erday, 31at Instant, at Harelmus, Mrs. Mabt , , . , ?(ed 60 year* \f ? fii.iiilaof the '.tally are resentfully Invited to micec. bar funeral, this afteruoon, at 3 o'clock, from her rnl whe Md?no',II*reimut, ntar Jersey City. an obji Saturday, th.- litliiuat, of consumption, aged 31 ference William Hkkbv, only sou ot William M.Tltu*. VP?Ill fti-n la of iha inrnlly are rndpaotfully invited to tI7"A Lis Iuacral,on Wednesday afternoon, 33 i Inat, at V? v at four o'clock, Horn the residence of his father, private iteatreet Derwor ^, are unf LATIO HILL. AUCTIONEER 8PL.ENDID the re:, reen House Hants. Aaron Levy, will null at ttie Auc- ___ , oouu ol' ? ouley, Keese ti Hill, 191 Broadway. this \M A K ut II o'clock a mjK'iificiebt tolltc'iou ol Cauieliaa, ** s leidrom. A/.sli.n, inon h'y Koiei, Orat;jj*? and Lerees in fruit and ll jur, Heliotropes, Primerosei. kc , r jiwtei it order, ftoin the celeb'aicd nnrseri? s ol Mr. l>. Bail, "'p, J ION SALE.-PLANT3-CAMELLIAH, HOSES ~77 uj;e nets, Azilen, Hhodndrndri,o. and other beautilul \\/ 11 I loam. Weese, Ko'ey St Hill, corner Broadway and "* * eel. will ?ell tfd* . Mnrcli 2Sd in their ill* room, the mmt D< ellrctitB (r..m one of the fce?t Mur?crie? iu the city. T-'L 0. SMITH, AUCTIONEER ?BY JOSEPH MUK- W A iiv. store lj Spruce sirerr, I hu-aday. at 11 o'clock,at *" ? Kultoi ?tre?t; Bookbinders'tftoek. Tie eniiie. block than XI l-bm.l.r nfwgHP busine.s, coiiM*tinK of cn'ting ma- VrT,"1 OUMUf do, Mppiii |ire??, lmu pressM, ruin g ma- 117jl st ustabouril machine, press, bnss tods, roll* -**r > ni'*, with about 5 doz. mor icco and tuiicy calf ikioi. \\ -<? I'ne Lut.iue in.ichi, e it w thou'e\crption. the he?t in . . ork. a' d probably the oLly one of the kind in the conu- "" " d wirthy the ?tteutica of the tr.,de. Silo positive, K'.'* " t nny res?rv-tion, Riven. Cooper D. SMITH, AUCTIONEER?BY J. iMUrtCHr ?7T .tore No lft Spucn st ret? I'husdiv, at 10 o'clcck, nt \V iu rrnystwt?Livery Stable?1 he contents of whifh J lof lllij se 0 c trna.en, 4 ?!eie>m 2 wrgona. 6 double himeai Ui.(l ilmkina ?;ei :h he .Is. home bltuke!*, 2 *?'l p ?Li 01 hamem sidiilt*., whiiis, c.atf cuitirK J'Ctiou 1. bnvtr uifh?, ?t" Sin AT SALE OK MAK3LE MAN rEL3.STA'l UA- . UirJru Kount iiu? Vines, Pedestals, Ctn'.ie IVb'e*, \V i and PI strr of l'aru < 7nam-iit?, Figures, &e is.-. 'I he . " ter, grateful lor pant f.ivuis. leipeciiu'.ly informs liis i 'C ""J r.nd 1 Hi public, that In intrude iu tlie eailvjiart of U',""!4*' cit, to cffor f r s?tl", at auction, the wh le of lus large t-larfcx u ble itncl' "f the above 111 rd article*, comnriuaij a . iriety t.f klizabetii n, Liuis XIV , Gothic. Konao, \V a. and composit lat'.crus. suitabi* (or the most exnen- i.?nl.? well as thn more rcotiomicM dwelling, aud varying in ' j m tea to right hmjdieddoil?ri eich; "iutues aud gr< ujs ? J * ' V imiioried Ifim Itily and tli?-s txt'CCtcd daily to nr- "J1" fl yenl t.l uhii li ate fi-tim iba chisel if stiiieiiar Artists, ii.gchvte uu I some beiut'ful fuures w>li>iy the "ITTa to if the admirem if the fine aiu Timsly not-ce will . 11 wiicii the i tirlti in\y be examined, as well as t f 'hi uejfra' sule aud plate ?>f rxlnbili?u ; in the meanti" a aay fur- ,hort <1 urni' tioa will be communicated by Herry H. I eed* m b r?. 8 VV.tll ?tect, asctioteen, orat the Studio. No. K93 ray, between 19:U and 30th street!. O'lTAKIANO \\T A Scnlp'or. V| ? r, ON FRIDAV LAST. NEAR GREENWOOD 5?.?!?? ai'l r', a large b'ack P. g, answering to the narne of ,i 0_ . 'J lie fijdrr will be well rewarded by leaving blm at _?_ res* on l>is cnllnr. o- at 43 Beaver street. W * S H. TRArHAGEN. SUCCESSOR TO MAsine Per'riix. v ill open on Thursday next, the 231 \ :rnew styles of Spriug Bornets, with e* ery variety of ? ;r*,at No. 29J Brutdwiy, sucond lljor, three doors be \\T \ nlker street, aud womd i licit the ratrouacc of Mr- \\ *t former eustumers, us well cithe public. All kinds of cve uf iJ/\d Bouucts cleaned, pressed end altered to the eoasc style. Alto. D'eisYirete and Mantillas, made in s'tirrt. t maimer and at short notice. .LIAM SMITH, MANUFACTURER OF COT- W i n ami colored Liuin, Fringes fur Dresses Hi\t wjth p It .n.i (.'olored C.ottou Fringes for S Ik cud Uirttham ! ; Uitnps, .Mohair, an . Silk liulticu King's, tn IITA u the shortest notice. Ftore corner ol Maiden lene and T T g tn. enrrunce N<>. 8"> 'William Mrett. third floor, oyer and to i h b'U '* store, No 65 \laideu 1 'te. N. Y. releren TAILOXiS?TUB UNDERSIGNED TAKE3 f?tve to unnouiice to the trade, that hi* rifw wcrh i n the 4 l>p of cuttiiiq Kurmeiitj of every description is u:iw ready i\. of iv?ry. Tni* olitiof it in eiery reipcct alleied f.oin his iiess.w iub'ications. the diagrams beirfj d'nwn in stiict au u.,| re with the prevailing fushioa ? beside which some ot to iro ii >t essential paints hive hern considerably changed, and require lie plan rendered so pjttB, lint persons who heretofore tfti'i. racticed i uttii K cm by a few hrnrsapplicaticu be eua cut any biari ol'earme&t with taste, without the aid of A Y< er. 'I Inae who wish to obtain n pro?f imp.esiion, will X\. cii end in their orders immediately, as >he edition is limi- < me I rice of th! aim# per c ?i>y 8G; to those wh_> ptt'Chated M?rchi n?r works, the price will he $3 per copy. To be had of lor.W II. SI INKVICTS.IVO. 173 Broadway, or A. > ILI >.L?K, Repartee <f Faahiou, No. 4 (.'< ortl.indt street *-? hii'ork. The Ph hdelphia Saturday Courier. A'bany with il Montreal Herald, Pniltdeli hia Ledzer, Buflfilo Cam- Any pt i Advejt'ier will please mve the above three inter- Sun 01 r>n alien.ire dsys) aud send th:ir bill to 173 Broadway. .'v;y oth?r div for our week. l\ T OFRTLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANT- S*mue or (iruOmrn hiTiiiK nny toneilliiotii or ruinse 'Coth dk. Fornitnre. Carpets, tie . to diiposeof, c?n the pnl f.u- cash pnijw Cor thesime, by nendinK forthe sub M'. U? a* I in rtsnienre rrti lire tnrough the jio?t c(S:c, will addren i. ed to M. 8. OOH KN, 69 Duane street. the put ? j,rtor? TOkFCLOi'HING, KIRK ARMS.he. WANTED, hie. rh Uintleram or families having W raring App re J, Z9(i M y, or inpeitljout effects. Kenrrtlly. which they desre crt into cm i, c.^y ii-.d it to their ndr.tutayie to fend (or '|*1M tcriber, who will rail upon tl.ein, at their residences, * wi liniment. A lme, rent tlironfth the posr office or other- Lector ri'l*erur9 prompt attention. H LEVETT, Office nTtry street. enrre.' of Broadwiv. The cl T OFF CLOTHING WD FURNITURE?LA. By"md ? M t OMdnm hiving MMtflim effects to dispose i weniie# ?pps ?1, f.vniture, Ue , can obtain a fmr r I'O eel rihesiipr by *?udii)i? for the subscriber, throogh * br it olli'e or uthe-wise who will ettend at their resi' 12th oi J. LfcVE'VSTYN, <6ii Broadway, op tiiri. Ladies '**** I at'rtilrd to by \'is Levensfrn. O H 1E0KEMED FLKDOE8?THEM FIVK DOLLAR TO its ? Dress and frocH r<.?ta of French cloth 82 ft S3 A ve iminers coat? of C ishmeret'e, ''fab d'ete, tweed. '.liiiCa, room, ro ti ; vests, spring styles, silb, Mia and pludi f I to retire ' ts,el~lh end < aitimere <1 to S* a; cloaks and over "T" >?j thin cokt < iish paid to-item's clothing; cleaning I? PC "tinif eo-ti?r Nansaii and Ri'elim-'.n. * *' in St. Jrl VIANSHIP.?O OLD SMITH'S WRITINO AC A- room i> nr. S19 H oa '.way, coru;r of Heide street ? Vfr O. ie- nished lly n formsthecit zs*sof Nrw York ml Brooklyn that ni a?e epea di'in< the day and cv*uiug for the recei - I . ptipiN ?nd vi?>tr*s. Honrs rf mitructiun Itr Indies 11 '"vl5 ia1 I o'clock P. M., <l?ily- Oentlenea can tcke their on Tht at such hours as will btst mil their convenience? and "I moderate, nnd asalisf.ictoi v improvement warranted t> 5 reet. >upil. Private instruct! n ciren. roid a ? foil o I s, TWINE* AND HHOfi* THHKAD ?CUT AND WfiM rr<>uf lit Naitf, *rad? and Splk?t; seiue, tewing. wiapid bill WBfli 2 *1.(1 'J cord and 2 and 3 ccrd In- L" Hopewell" Cotton ; ?*.ne do assorted tizrs : Wo<?l J '*f .rut' rtarei?' Tw ue.and Cord; Jfh^e Thread rf every lion, incln 'inic Titley. Tatham and Walker'# Fur ?a> ffrCvC< UK a U < UMI\U. If*g iV^rUfrfet ?r Nn. <J CRUCIBLES AND BLACK LEAD I?0T8- POB ie oniWriignfd offers fir sale a complete assortment of *?c nve turned aiticles, the quulity of v;hirh nuotiur- ^0 ?' at very low prices. Dealers, hn ?? founders, and mm> by42f er?"of j*weirv will find it to t'ic.r a.lvituge to call ?' d 5 <' F. OROBIIK.l VI. 97 William street noitou No 9 7 iVELLINU 7HUNKS, St?-JOHN CATTvACHi I? OH ruu< Manufacturer, No. 1 W.ill st eet, cor?er of Brosd- * .I11 ?? uow on hand, \u<l conitantly a go dasaott- w.tlnn if Trnuki, Valiiea, Carpet B ti, nd S tcliela while teuort d icttil. Alio a superior article of t>ole Leather ?i*aer r, anitab'e for Americ n or Enrop'ai travl, and P?nt- hPn3*; it l'ir the Freaeh M?lle Po?te. Ordfra f >r llieYVeat laouth America. Sic., fi.led with despatch: , , 1 : luithu AM SUGAR REFINERY?HAVJEMEYF.RS & Rocka )LLRK are now re.uly t? receive order* at tlieirof Fulton ii. 80 Front street, orat the refinery, 87 meet, ndard <ia*lit;es of dunble refined Loaf Crnshed, Tow- H ?: and (,i.ffee Ungari aud Sii^nr Unas* Syrup, in the * arkaaea. ard at ihi loweit murker prices. iNO.78 <J0n. 't riCB? LANDING. AND FOB SALE BY TLAHK v'cl' ill t* Co, 228 Fulton atreet 300 hote? and casks and liai , 20 000 pounds Shoulder* a>-d Hami, 50 firltini Butter, rooms, relsle'f Lvd nnlmn in bur el". hlidt. and tieicrs, dollar* rel* dried apple*,freih tea and coff. e, per li t arrival; _ tol l to litpi-ers, dealrraail rocanmers, in lot* to ac- I , ita> rn rli,'? ? *p '11 a' S'O Fn to", sveer Of - ana on! . NEW ORLK AN *?LOUISIANA AND NEW niture. >rk L'ne of Packets.?Vf'V reduced rates of Freight? ToX 1 el / th? fi'it nnd only re ,ul?r pnrket toaail prsitivtiy to- " "" r,T'iuraJi) .a rlr fl ?'The -plrndid Put s*iliri|i pocket |v -Ar S vVKUJ, Thoinm liiKrnoll, matter, liavirt; mra? of t.1! *0 FiiK'lfed. II now lot-, litg. and will p aitively aail fta ev*',V I For f eiglit or paatace, r.pplv on board, hi Orltrot ??* tiiU , f<.ot of Wall .tre?r, or to K K. COLLIN!*, bt. forthe ?tr?e? P'lippfra wi'l it to their adraiitoK? tocr il ' iilroai liippii e rl?r wlier?. and mr.y rely nn h ?inu their goodj -n i?e ' ly ine \iured. and th.'t I he above v??iel ia the oily teen '|i:* krt for ihia week I'oaitively n-der uo circninit.incf* hmJ? be r?ceived after thii Wedi eidiy eveni?g. March "" lent Ifl >' ?? <?rlean?. Wm Creevv, who will promr'- , j*cl vnrd ?ll kooda to liia addre^i The ahip KIf^ HAH D n^" RN. Bintll, master, will mcoeed ttie Oiwtg.vinil sml '*c .'n I'h. I.ei reTo'sr d^v. A'1'1 .i Court!: LIVKltl'OOL,?Nr.VV L NK?RC.OULAll PACK J or tot! lol2ri'h M?rch?The new and splendid faat sailing Maidei l,m HO-V 'llm. Am Vl.ltnl -c niniler. ii now loadirir ill puriiively ?*'l as shove, iier regular dnv. For Tt or p <'! < Imn.'K ep'erdid fnrniilied (irrommodMior*. 7". ," in hoard ?t (IflMrr wlnif, foot ol \V?1I meet. or to y'lpn'J l)|,| INS V> "ion li I'reet The picket ihip Hiddoua 1 ::l *" erred the WllMtllli nil 11 her rwW dey. MCE.-ON AMD AKTKR SATURDAY. FKHry lltli, tit. air mboar 8TATEN ISLAND SB will f j <'< > . e l. l!owi?|r trips, until f>i?, her notice. l,er. re <}nnr- V" ?l ill's. If' A. .V.. I? M., I I'. M. 4 P. M. T.f* N?w P' , ?* *. m 11 * M.. 1 ? M , IVl P M ? ? M hotel. ,li 1 - oatwi MUDA AllUOW HOOT.? MESSRS DKLLUC & coinp.ii 1. have jn?t received n v?ry?uperi>r I'll ofBeuoiie the nm iIa Arrow It ot. wlii li cinrot f? I hnt give lat'tfectinn. ventil' fie?h'y of Cbium 'rrow K"ct Hemonle, K; ca- for f-T '.iv ilenta, inc. ko, nil ?*lt>ited with tlieir u?n?l rare? jre?r? 11 U<: k t o . Ph*rini"-fatun, inle ?ucce??or? to Time & in " '* ril Ml Broiiriwav and 2 P.irk How. p?t'Oni __ OKMS ITORSKAWCRTT and lamkrt have re ovra ihrir (Tire to 31 James ?'ieet, between rhatli 'in |\lt d 1011 streets, where they c?n be roiualted eoulltleu'iil- 1/ t< I duetsrt o| a privet* nature Krrm tlieir ei'ensive Cmm 'n e in this cm ?? well as in c 11'or*, tley tire enabled to Broidv e wor?t loim ?fdisease wl<et trot Ioiik hi .nd n?,withrrnrv, rli-nfe 1.1 d et. or hind ;u re fr. in bin .en He- | (1,1 *eaeiir?di'i iftwdiys H.-ictaiei' tired on the most ep- L>."* plan. I'ersrm leho'iine nn 'er debility, brought < 11 bv naierr ert Irdnlueneiee ol youth, emi apply w rh rrrtnmtv ol qairkll l.efei <, pi?m *.d, enclosing a fee, etiecded to. Office tie cor nnue ol COOPER. M DUANE STREET. BETWEEN hath im ntid n ill. im sts , I1.1* for the lasf fomteen ye.irs ..n#ar? || the m. ?tf* n V? p'l.'ti e in p ivnte diieues of ?ry uJr' I I man m New York. He 0*11 cure the most nugr.iv.steil - f this d'*; ep'i mild cisei rated m two to five dtvs 1"\R re-l'r Copper h siismverrd a new methoil bv whirh |) cure the wont inunol strirtnre in from one to two room* with scarcely nny pun to the 1 itient. Constitutional w?v C( r brnnilit en li^.n-cret lubit imlnlxed in by youn* ? .J.. Thi? when tn fieely induln*d in, bekeu dveyeixi* IJymn ?i,i of the Ir.i.hi fu ll ?in*'l ol the back, conluilcn of ihe ?ll(j rt, end t.v?r?i?,u to ?Kiety A cur# wvraaMd in every cWnrly r no churn*. No inarcnry u?*J. *?ih?] I DEPARTMENT- AT A MEETING OF Q( ? Enulneers and r iremtn of the Fir* De'-mrt- tJ h*U n Firemea's Hall, on TUESDAY EVEN- open the 14th instant, the followiig resolutions wsre ? Fii ou?ly adopted: Heeolved Th-t the Foremen of ihn' om Kiie Comp?ni*a in lha Department, be r?iiie*'ed ?l.n heir Conpames together, Between the twentieth and Abe luty-eighth Much. IHB, inclusive, and that at such Mat! t the members shall designate, by billot, the rersons Mrs. hey wish to be nominated n an Engineer, to fill the i O'B V occasioned by the resignation of Ergiaeer I'- H Kiel Kesolved. That n committee of three bf appointed Cud i? body to act as loipectors. Kesolved, Tint the la- t hr s iihall reject tha return of eac'i and every Company not I to vote, according to law, or n eimlurmry witli iho i I id regulations adoptid by thi* b idy. Kisolved, That I be the duty of <he Foreniiu of each company, to tmns- | will me or either of the lospectors so appointed, a certificate Mr., by himself and the Secretary of the Company, showing I dies iher of voles, and the names of the persoea for whom 1 Hiel >tes were Riven, at the meeting h*ld fir inch purpose, tone ed. That the Inspectors shall rej ret the returns or rer- Ada I of any Company whose n-ectiug shall have hrcuhel-l I'ica o'clock, midnight, of the S?th March I(e?o!ved, Thit Brid pectors sHall mtet at Kirrmen's hall, the 2<tih March, nrtti till 8 o'clock, P.M . to receive the leturns of the dill'er- Bni' ipanles. C. V. AN IJKHSON, Chairman; Geo'g* A. igham, Secretary. Inspectors?A. B. furdy, K?eiu* t\ George W. Littell, Hoi* Co. 28, Jaraes Hudson, Hose ,~l, y NTfCD?EMPLOYMENT BY A YOUNG WO- Mr?. nan of good m-inl character, in a rfspeorab'e family, to J;'"11 re ft childien, and wi'iild be williuu io assist iu R*ne- Hun sre her setvires may be rtqnired, wages not so much ""J.1 set as a comfortable an ! perm inent home Hoed re- hull s cm be giveu. Apply at No. 2 James street, in the "J* NTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG M vim-ii, n situit'on; one to do housework in a muhII '"rn f.imilv; die oiher to do general housework or ehain- ' ri" k; either are willing to make ihem>elves iireful They h good Mathers aud inners. Toe best of riiy rrlemre t'1 rein therl'.st pla'e. call at 4J King street iu J"u? r. be f NTED TO RENT?AND IMMEDIATE POS Rob tiiiou desire1'?the secor J fl inr and front ba*em?ut of Mr. ct l?le house, in 10m* gei.tcM ceigliboiliood, helow n,-ipi ruths'. Tfct UlWtiWII fum 'y r "n'y <>f mum ift. lufint and one servant. Acdress C. C. C , llerald living rent. locality. 8tc. ? ^ NTED-IN AS OFFICE. A YOUNG MAN Ope bi.ut 17 ve.vs n(' age. who rraides witli li s Mtrat*. He Mm : well acquainted With lignrea, and au expeaitii us |ru- ?'i 1 I'll V "I .1:1 ' Brnildwnv. rclllPr A i,l|.on\ 'fret App NTED?FOR THE FIRST MAY. IN THE VI- !o?t nity ?.f ilie Batte iu Greenwii h st e?f. m.t higher l he orris urert, for a mull and reauertab'e f.ituily. a Sutirig terei le t room, Servant's room, aud Kitchen. Address bnx nmo atirg rem. Ope NTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG AND wfn lealilir sill as waiter, chamhermiid, or to do ihe gcie- brill <ewo>k oi a smill private family; his no objentirn to 13th oit di?tauce ill the country Bestofritr p-f^renre ? A PI ly at No. 121 avenue, eoru' r ol lfiih street, over TJ 't stables. (,'a-i bo t eeu two davs. NTED-A SITUATION BY A VERY RESPECT- Fre! b'e young worn n as < h m' ermiid aud waiter, or be p ilo general homework l-r a small fimily She i> a iu A a>n cook, mi excellent washer and irorer ; h is no < b- Hor to go to Bioohlvu. Thevefyl.estofieferencect. be und to chaMeierand capah litv P'ease call at No 2 Ceu- be?i let PI er front room, th'rd sfvrv. f(f.( ' " 1 ' ' ' Dre NTED?.BY A RESPECTABLE \OUNO WO- ?Pe, lan, a situation to rtochember'wrk mid inist iu waih IwMM.or tado the house ??ritf n imill piiflM TJ The best of reference cau be given El-quire at 42 -l >ii street, reir house volt NTED-B* TWO BKSPE'.TABLE YOUNG [",! romen, oue to rook, wash and iron, a-d wou'.d do 0VI rork, in a imilt fimily; the other to do chamber *nrk, nuld hive no objection to go as nurte, aud do sewing, ]%/J mid wish to gt> to Ihe country. Th? best of city rtfer- i-?l Plea?e cill at No. 18 Canal street, second lloor. Dl) NTED-A SITUATION riY A RESPECTABLE tlfe 'rung woman, as Cook. Washer or Ironer, or to do the due homework of a small fpmilr; has no objection to go a ems istance in tr.e com try. The best ol *-ity ieference can |v r n *pp'r to 367 I'eirl st. N. Y.. 2<l rtoir. ps'iirs. nap NTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOI the an, to do the washing and ironing of a private Tamil? ; qJ cti"n t do the general homework. Apply at the north ,,.t i ol Hammond and Factory streets, front ro >m, siecond ivertlie grocery The best of city reference. O NTKD-A SITUATION, BY A REBPKCTABLE -i?, PntMtHI Girl, as Chambermnid and Seamstrrsi, or p,0l IM HlWIIHII City reference can be given. Apply Tab Inlherry irreet. tip stairs. j,e p NTBD-BY A MAN AND HIS WIFE, A MTU A* x?b ion in the country; he is a gcod farmer, and would tale j(C horse*, or net as coachman. bhe would be willing to aoj do general homework. Apply at 158 Cherry ,)rc between Market and Catharine stree's. cent NTED, BY A FRENCH GIRL. A PUCE AS T~ nrt? and seamitre". Andreas bo* No. 195 Post office, J\_' lace of residence. Good reference riven wee .NTED?BY A VERY RESPECT *>.BLK GIIIL, i situation to do general htu:ework, er as chambermaid j . as?i*t iu k'shmn aud ironing Can produce Rood city ' ce if required. Please call at 249 Mott street, first floor, ] 'om. Can he seen for three days * JJ LUTNEH WANTED, WITH A CASH CAPITAL ?Si twjor three thousand dollars, in the Hardware buti liich is uow established. aud doing it good and safe bun- K' This is a chance seldom to be found, for a man wishing ito business- The bstt of reference! will be giveu and ?* d A line addressed to 8. L. NEWMAN7333 Houstou will h? r nfj.lential. or person*! opplication. as ibove >UNG WOVIAN WISHING TO GO TO CIN- J|r? nam. is desirous of obtaining a situation as N?r?e, with ?2I! an>ilv going to that place or its vicinity. Etquire at , 'ill's Hotel. Courllandt street. .IARD TA?LKS WANTED-WANTED TO U* e. four second hend I'illmrd Tables, in good order, *'v ie privilege of buying them after two or three montl s P,ev ncn having one or more to tent.addiess BILLIARDS. ? m< lice. g?nl 50 ci VTOWN AND FLUSHING?ARE YOU READY? The A free soil meeting will be held at the Town House, 8?01 I Felk. on Thursday evening, 23d inst. in Newtown , to explain the National Reform measure", freed im of I) jlic lands, laid limitations, and homestead exemption Vr rr. of New Yoik.ond Mr Pint, rf Williamsburg, will 01 " the meeticg. Ail who war.t a farm or a village lot on *ctl ;rc mnai.iuio an omrn arr rr<|ucr ni iu auruw. vu> j ? will be replied to. N. B.?If trie weather be uafavorn- 'u" e meetiag will take place oa Tuesday even'nir, the arch. '?L! IANT LEAGUE ?A MEETING OF THIS BODY ill be h?ld a? half pa?t 7 o'clock tnis evening at the ? e Room of Dr. Newbury, 77 Chuliam it eet. The te- B"J' of onr city are inviud to nttend and becom? m*mberi. """ inir w ill be iakeu nt the time above specified P. S. \ C.m.u metting of the tenantry will be held early iu Apiil. '.J'" ei of the leajrne. lroc Sa'i LET. Oil FOR BALE?THE THMEE RTOKY ~ irh H me and ?tore, No. 195 cxth avenue, betweeu f ] d 13th streets, wi h marble mantels. sliding doors, and u jS aril The store is a (food stand for tn'ioess Applv to A"1 WIN1KK.SI v* ?1'street, over the Meclrnic'ii B?nk. n,D< . . COW LET-T >8IN(JLE GENTLEMEN ONLV-TWO nan nr handsome rooms. neatly furnished, parlor and bed and with; breakfast, if desired, at 119 Leonaid street. Refc- fob pxchruiged M ?? dan' )M8 TO LET ?A frort pa-lor with bed room adjoin- o'cl >nn Jd flior r ( hou?e 4<>0 Greenwich strtet, opposite m'? Park, between Beach end Hubert streets Alsa, a 'I' ntfe3Jtfoor to sing e Rrntlem?n. fun ished or unl'or * ,'in a private fumily. Apply at'he house. >?n IU) '8 EOJI SALE ON 11TH A VENUE. 4ITH. 45TH, v*n (hand 47th streets.? Wm II F>anklin Si Sou will srll enti irsday, (to-morrow) lot* on 44th, 45th 46th and 47th its. Lasi h >-vruue. embrncit? the cjiuer cf llth avecne and l7'h Kve Tkcse lots are en ihe lit e o( tie Hudson River Rail- peai nd in a "art ol the citv rani !iy building up, affording a due< pro-tnuity wi ll persons of moderate ninii tuinase a . arm id iTcfitab'e investment Title perfect?term* easy. itrs ? (he 1 SALS OH TO REN I ?TO OVE OR MORE ot!? oilirs, a three itoiy a d attie modern built brirk house, l)iv ) Kirst Avenue. I etwetu ^xth ; r.d :"everth streets He S"h>j ! to lames M. Baldwins, i flice No. 60 or C4 Wall street, Mot 91 ipijit s reet. Fail 1 SALE. TO LEASE, OR TO LET?THE TWO "p, uy with mb cellar, hasemeut. and attic. buck Houre, to 8 Arait" st eet. The lot i> 25 feet by It 9-the lioure Si eet Apply on the premises, between the hours of 3 \ ] o'clock P.M., or to BOYD & HI.N(. KEN, liruleri, /l [* nine Rjilding invi L SALE?A HANDSOME COTTAOK. MTU- JJ.S >d ou the Rockaway r.nd Jarauica Turnuike Road, and two tnilts the Rockaway Pavilliou. There are TJI waive rooms in the house; there art between fire and XJ e? of choice Und, act oat in fruit trees,attached to tt e frier with good barn.and other ont houses. The house is uint y situated at the intersection of the two principal reacts svei iev?ral other pieces of land, in the same vicinity. Kor adin partieslars apply to JOHN L. NORTON, Jr.. F-r mus way, (if by letter, post paid) or to John H. Power, 129 enn< street. N?w York. ; m AVENUE PROPEUTY AT AUCTION'arch tJ ?The valuable brick house and lot of ground, Tue Kilth Avenue, will be sold by William II. Franklin & pibl the Merchants' Exchange, on Wednesday, I2d inst ,at ~ ick. The house is basic iu the inoit f lithfal m^niier, \ i tevery modern convenience,1 r rm water, bathiun water closet, See , and a hot air fnrua :e. Ten thousand tint tnsv remain ou mortgat e. nery 'TAGE AT PORTRICHMOND,8 1 ?FOK RALE For T?-Let?Pleasantly ai mated near th? bri-lt chon h, ~~ ly a f<w roila from the lauding. Also lat ?ale, thefui- "117 new laataeaeon; will be aold low. Apply t3 NEW- vv HATESi liriwiHW'7. y? IM TO RENT. HIGHLY CULT1YATJCD. CON- 1 !* abnnt 100 arm. first qua ity l^nd, embracing moil lamlity for dauy umI market (.trdeniuv. a* well n? get e Vi|? ige; e ity acceta. Milk trains leave dep^ti twice daily WA cite, di?t"iu ab^nt milea, aid a few rar^a from ? J depot. To nti experienced and respectable tenant, the r*l| drill he rented low For lartirulaa etqmre at theif A IHOH W MYlJTH. 15 Nm?*u street. knni ??? ? rrec WALK. OR XCIIANOK. 16 FARMS OF 1?'0 ??d. re? each, in Wiar?usii) Territory, Mineral region. The Tlu ol the beat quality, and will be told a g eat bargain or | (j lied for properly in or near New York, or inerchauil / . ctpa toJAMES B. the Norihern Hotel, foot o( indt street, on W edueadava and ThundaT? till 9A.M. |\/| ie .New Vork Ut*l Kaute Co., 17# B.o.idway, comer i* I i Lane. 22 ) Mr. SALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES, kc , OF A eu t attinc E?lablishmec,t, No 147 i l.eatnnt atreet, Plula- , nn'ler the United Btatea Hotel, and orpoaita ilie old Vj Sratea llank, (now Custom Ilonte.) an one ol tie All ' ( sianda lor that businats iu the city, roiteaiion gi- >trt< meitinte'v if desired. Inqnire a nhov* li"l BE HOTEL, BROOKLYN, M>. tc.o FULTON one isrt. Thi? new ard splendid establishment. ha\ing i hai ecteil and finished in the bear manner, c? reaslv for a ' ias her n leased liv the subscribers, fumulird fnlougl | 1/ I ih new furniture, and ia now open for (he reception of A' jy. It wi'I be cnudncted in every reapect a* anoielol Aim trlnaa The apanmenta are apaciona, well lithteil and at (J fil.ntd are not tu'pasacd for cornfoit a-d convenience I r n niltea and aing'e gent'emen. An e*r*ri?nee of ten i the beat liotela in the Uuion. warraut the proprietor* III tvnig thnt their home will meet the crrroval of 11* * ' . l? K. POPE, late of the New York Hotel; M. H duel IBKE. lata of the P. rillion, New Brighton, Propnetoia ___________________ - 11101 KLLIOTT, OCULIST. INFOHM8 HIS PA j* * 'ntathath'i hoa i of attendance at the office nie no* j"? 1 1 to 3 o'clock, Mondiy, Wedncaday anil Friday, #M 'ay. ___ >-l)l< JEWRIES' ANTIDQTK FOR CON- f}1 ' orrhror Olaet. Ptrictme, and >imilar diaordera. Thia ledy wnich require a no amiatane??<t perform* il? duty ' an'I ihori.ughly, leaving t.o mjnrinn* effect either to titution or tlie part affected. In uaing the antidote, 'the meonrenient and naeleaa reatrietioua on diet, oc. m, he., he., are required One b<>t I* ia ce emlly Mil'In-nre an ordin-ry ca<e. which not nnf eqnently dn i a'trr iif oreitht doae*. Price |1 rer bottle. Komale t li|N<>. HirwJwuT c nr t hn a tree GREUORY. AUTHOR OH* A POPULAR THE A- -A, ? on "S\|h>lod diaeaaea," cafe he contnl eil at hi* | ) ( No. SO tip ttaua. in the large hmld ng tv o. 17# Ema-'- i ,r _ frner of Maiden Lane I)r (), ha? devoted hia atten Imively to thia branch of liia rrofetaion for moie thou i III thia citv. Htranger* and otheia requiring pr. inr-t Ifnl treatment, are nviied to call Lettera deaeribing y . the caae, and enticing fair compenaauoa, will nitet ' pioaapt reapooae. 1 flHfimgSrirSCTRfc 11! i Klbalr-poft6; parlorcuace* to coiuraanc*at 7 preciaely. ret night of the atw ramtutic drams, written eipreaaly for Iheane.eotifed THE WHItEBOY, or Macarty'a Fat* wence Maearty. Mr. W. Mirahall; Loun, 0. W. Clarke; ] I Richards, Tillo?; Edward Hjieneer. J.11. Halls Dominie q thew, Bellamy: Darby D.>y!e. Uurae; Andy HiilliTUi. | Wolcot; Elleu ilc Donald. Mra. I'hilliix; Ladv Mary . rien, Mra. Jordao. To coucluJa with THK BOTTLE? ia'd Tlioniley, Mr. Clark*; Ueoue <iny, Mr- Tilfon; dle?. Mr. Burke: It nth Thornley, Mra. rhillipa; E?!h*r e. Mil. Jordinj Kitty Crninp. Mra Sutherland I ATHAM THEATRE?KAHEWKLL liENKHT i T( of Mr. A. A. Addama ?Wedneidn* even ng March 22, i be preaeu'rd the tragedy i 1" VIRGIN|U;t?Virginiua. | . A A. Addamj ; Appini Claiidiua. Bnml m ; Caiua Clatp I "? Varry : Icilina, Sutherland ; Titua, Wiunua : Nervine. I *? d; Virginia. M*a Wi!*ui?oi; 8erv n. Mia> Hildreth. To | di lude with the drama i 1' THEHESK? Cerwiu, Mr. A. A- V amt; F.mUnie, Braiitlou; Count de Mnrville. Stafford; I rd, Herbert; Lnvig&e, Winana- Marietta, Mra Wilkinaou; L. g?t, Wray ; Conntena de Morville, ;vlia? Hildreth : Nan- *\ s, VVilain. Doors open at 7 o'clock?commence at 7>{. 1 ?. Mcuxtf. Pit 12K. Tl <OAOWAY THEATRE?WEDNESDAY EVE- t? mug. March *2 will be performed the LADY OI> LY- .. H?Claude Melnott*. Mr. Anderaon; Col Damaa, Mr. K, he; laili"*, M-aa Ktnny W?l!?ck; Widow Melnotte, Hielil. To conclude with the luce of USED UP?Sir Pr ilrs Coldstream, Mr. L'ater; Sir Adonia Lexch. Mr II lb t; Johi IrouhrAce, Mr. Vache; Lady l.lutterburk, Mjss p? i >n !'oor? open at 7 o'c'ock?Performance to begin at th pa>t7 o'clock. Ore>a Circle and Pnr<iueite, 59 cents? m lilyeirelea, 2i eta.?Gallery, V-ii cema 1T( HELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE.? WBIJNE?diy evrnirK, March 5:2. tl.e rntertMuinenta will coin. M ie w th KAHKl?Kahri, Mr. l!<'llar-d; Nieo, I'onover; tb ce Hodolphn. Arnold; Madime Kibri Mrs. lienrv; An- .. ?. vi? r.nhertv Afer which ROBINSON (RUSOE ,,, E 8E''0\D?.Mitxmaduke ^ui (lgrnai, Mr. IIoMu. U; \Vi- ' hby \V'ohble?. Coii'.yer; Clementina. Mia? Tavlor. To Ia iillowe' hy a OUNCE AT NEW YORK?Mote. Mr. m nfrio; Jake. C< nover; Eli/t H?bbins, Mm Taylor; Jiuie, 8t; eit? To cnnr'n^e wi'li BOX AND COX?J?hn Bo* lo Holland; James?J? x, Conover Dress Circle, fif.y cent"! o;; rr bni*?, ctn:.s; pit 12W cents; doors open at 7; curtain ?i t at 7)4 "dock ALI\."N OPERA HOUSE.?SECOND PERIOD OF M ha Sea ion?On VIi ' lav evening, 27th March initint, the Ml! ra will be r?sntned, an J continue t-? be preiented. in iu di t attractive f rm, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday wi iwis during the ;rnniuic? Thi'tv Nwhta of the Season Itcefiocs will now be received for th? hire of the rem\it- , Uc.xrs u.d Seats, either for the whole number of nights or J"1 be ir ecen|*licy qa any particular evening of the wetli. |>l Seeoud row of Bores. iu the second tier, h,we been nl- wi J. and Will be biilliaiitly lighted,so n? to make these seats go uk the most desirable >n the Houie A variety of popular ^ ra?, indading the New Grand Opera < f Nabucco of t ill, now in rehearsal, will be brought out. No expense J,: he iparedto ru-ike tut secoad part of the season tqu'lly on linnr. if not more io, than the Grst Astor Place, March tv . 1848. ni lLHO'8 OPERA HOUSE?WEDNESDAY,MARCH tl 2id ? Ureal Attraction?Illustrated Pictuiei, Historical, :hokical. and Mystical, front the preat Italian, Flemish. ,c jell ntid English Masters. Those il'us-.rated Picmres will tr induced in a stvle of solendtr aud e(T"-t hitnerto uolinown ol iintrica, ni l some ol the figures will be 'enreainted on tebaclr. This company consists of iwentv-fivc members AI er 'he direction of Signor .Monte Lilla from Italy A it itiful Stud of Horses hnve been encased for the greater . rt .The Manna ,Vi'I be npiHMtsd thrtllh a mist. '* ss circle aud parquet!*, (I: upper boxes, 50 cents. Doors P' I nr 7?to OOMMT* at 8. 81 ELMO'S OPERA KOUSd; ?A BALL WILL BE OI- L" ven in th? course ofr.cst week in honor of the French He itiou in Ptria Those French gentlemen end others who P inteiested in the above, are requested to meet iu the Pa- " i of I'almo's Opera House, on Friday eveuiiig next, at seven nek in ihe evening. gl [K.I HANICB'HALL.472 BROAHWAY. BETWEEN ?J i Grand and Broome streets?OPEN EVERY NIOHT RIN(i T:ll<; \V KKK Unp'ralle'ed ?uc< tis Twenty- * l week of the Ordinal CHRISTY'S MINS'A'HELS, U oldest eitabljshcd bird in the United States, nnder the C e.tiou of E. P. UHltlSl'Y, whose inimitable end original m rumtnevts are honored wit'i crowded and high- m expectable audiences, and are favored w ith n patronage recedented by auy atnnssinent ia this city At!inissio? 25 Li. doors open at 7. Ccncert coramencps at * o'clock For ... ?f IL'TL'UWnilW 171V. KT EVERY SATURDAY. Doom open at 2; commence il'clork. Ul HOADWAY O UK ON?ENTRANCE THROUGH C( FiiU'f'i de. Milit Coloaiwr ?Masairer, K t>. It.?Matietl Mr. Oldlield.? Bomethirir New. fenor Youur will produce a t,ew lerits of magnificent learn?The Sculptor's Dream anil Venus and Adonis, will iroducrd in atjle of richness and effect hitherto unknown America. Wedneslay, March 22?Programme?Part 1? 5* Vivants >g i Poses Plastiques, by the Mode? Artiitf, Pprt t?May ami Morning Star, fcc. Part J?Cleopatra Anthony, &e. Performance to commence at 8 o'clock Si hestra box, W cenu; Fmijuette, 23 centi; Boxes. 12X MER1CAN MUSEUM.?Splendid performances, every afternoon at 1 o'clock, and every eveaiuir at 7*<. List (li k of Mr- and Mri. Malone Jteyiaond. rn<l their three p< itif'ul daughters, who giro their inimitable Irish Muci<-nl of rtninmenu every a'tcioon and eveniusf. Lett week alio Irnnetti'n Model of Auciert Jtrunl-m, ai it was in the ; of our Saviour. < Jreat Western, the Yankee, Mid Rei- , I, the Kcriptuie Statuarr, ficc. Stc. Admnsioa to the whcle l( cnt? Children auder 10,half price. Ktierved front seaw, to shilliaz extra. M anvard's mammotv panorama ok the (1 Mississippi river, painted oa three miles of canvass, be __ the largest pointing in the world, at i he Panorama build " in Broadway, adjoining Niblo's Oardan. Opsn every ot ling. (8uud.w? eiceptsr!.) Admission 10 ceatj; eliil<Ir?? te a. Tlie P.motama will commence moving at o'clock w> :isely. Afteraoon exhibition os Wednesdays aid 8*ur m i, r.t I o'clock. 0j ONCERT ROOM, 332 BKOADWAV, ONK DOOR ?' above the Broidway Theatre.?Thi? evening. March ct ?Professor Thier'j nusurpaiJied exhibition ol P.iMrms fr ah i Poses Plnstiques, will continue one waek longer, 0t ious to hia departure from thit city, with hia company of ct rricin sod foreign Artists. heveral humorous Glees, js, dance*, <ke , by th? Ethiopian Minatiela ? Admission P :r.ts?Dnou Optra at 7 n:clock; commence nt 8. N. B.? tr strictest attention will be paid to preserve decorum, and '-f orde-. bv efficient oflie?rs IV ROWDKD HOUSES AT THE SOCIETY LIBHARY, 0 corner of Br..adway and Leonard stree ? In connccjuence if meatKMIHutterding the eutrrtaminidts of Dr. Vnlne's eccentric characters, and 9'gnor Spiuetto's 100 learned Oi ary Bi.d*. Uieywill be coutiuued every evening until L her notice, 'i Icketa 25 cents. To rommcnce at a quarter re J o'clock. StRoor S.'iretto will perform every morn<t half'p-ft lOo'clock, and half p?st 3 in the aft?rnoon. jj [INVENTION H A LL, 175 WOflSTER STREET, u?ar Bleeker street?Sixth week of the original ' Snh'? Lhers. '?'J his superior bond of Miii'tiels ent their irloii- fr p and iel?ct entertainments every night this week. Their line and popular p?rfo-mance it electrifyinit full and -i, i'liable anlicnces nod unking a host of fri'nds for them >rs open at 7 o'clock?Conceit commences at 8 o'clock. A I irdnv afternoon concert, March 25th. at 3 o'clock. j ONCERT ROOM, No. 332 BROADWAY. ONE \ th door above the Brond way Theatre?Reduction of prices i jj] nisaion 25 cruts Wednesday. Thursday, Friday evcts, March 22d, 23J, 24th and 25th. Professor THIERS' ! a ipwyof Amercm >nd Foreign Aitistea, will produce a M iberof the most clnste and splendid Tableaux Vivnnts P< Poses Plastiquea, that have e< er been eihibited to the ol lie. Also, there has been concec ed a Band of Ethiopian istrels, who will give a nnni-er of humorous dees, son?*, res, he. Doors open at Of o'clock. Cuinmtuce at 7>4 t nek- ft, M ?(Jiod nn'er will M preferred. ABKRNACLE-THUHSDAV KVKNINO, MAftCH 23. 18(8?Last Entertainment niicr to visiting a shington?THE UUTCHIN--ON FAMILYreturn th?ir 1 acknowledgment* to the cirixen* of New York for the i. r rordi?l ana cm' usmsticturning given them r n prev.cui | . rtsinmerts, i-nd rrsprctfull t cnnounca their Third ?.,d i 11 t Vocal Entertainment. at the Tabernacle, rn Tnu'tday | tuug. Maich 23,1813. On tliii o-ration of their laat hjj- ! t': a?ee in New Yoik, pr or to goinr South they will mfro- I C a their best Prrgrnnme. emb n-Mtitr. r.morg ininT new nnd ; ja icrive songs, a chn-ce selection of aotnr of theirold lavop The Snug of Life, bv L nuf. Ilriw, will be introduced for f., fint time. 7'h?generrl p'ogriinra* will inelu't* prnoug ! it. >he Vl?y Queen. v an the l.ile Boct, F" ttht Do.lira a ; " the Mountaineer, Mother'* Utile, Oood Tune Oomircr. ' J or 1" ire. We've Roam#! o'er Monntsim, liliw on! Ui von! Cot'ee'of mi' Muhtr, Nobody mid Somebody, th Jier:? Pong, K?m ly Ponir. &C. Tickets, 50 centa eneh, f .r at the pr ncipal n.nsic stores a> d it the door on the evenof the Concert. Doom open at to 7? to coinmince at )i o'clock. ?? t? MKB 10AN MU?I'-AL 1NSTITU IE.-THK LADIK9 and gentlemen of >he choral ileimrtmeut are re'pectliiliy ^ e j t int'eiid a ipecwil rilie'inl thil 1 YVeduerd n) evrni.K hurch nf Divine Unity, iu Broadway, near Prince meet. 1EKJOS, Priacipil. 5C3 Broadway. ^ JCKBYE VOCALI8Td-THE RUNYON FAMILY in from the Bocteye State, teipectfully announce to their a. ids and the lublic, that they will giv? a Musical Kiitermeut at the Minerva Rooms, 4( 6 ilroadwty, r,n Friday ling ne?t. March 21. Tickets JO centa. Two tickets to it a gentleinin and two Udie>, to be had it the principal ic stores and at the door. Pooii opeu at half pnat ( o'clock, ?u ert commences nt 8 nVinck. DC ham) i:om:krt-tiik Italian opkra com " pauy will give a grand ( or ceit ?t the Tabernacle, on sdiy ereniug, 20th March, 1848. The programme will be i WW either nn Krir'av or Saturday neit. March 20, WM8 CARD?ME^Sll^. LYNCH b K AVANAOH HAVK (11 the pleasure of inform nc their friendi aril me public, ?i. their annual lenrfit Com ert will take |>lar.e at tli* Mia Hoomt. on Monday evening, March the 27th. They j . be satiated on the < cession. by many vocal istscf ability. 10 farther perticn'ara see bills of the day. to ' ALNUT RTRKKT THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA, ?Third night ofvlle. Klai gy and Cor| a de Ballet ? dneiday Evoning. Marrh 22d 1B48 will be performed 1st ' , i, the enmedttts of \ GENTLEMA N IN DIF^ICUL- i ?>< After whirh the rew gta'id ballet ef/\8MODK.I ^?A?- I wi ens. Mona WeihofT; Clrophna, Mens Bi *vvi Florinde. m ' Bl?ngy:Manetts. Mile Vallee To onelnde with the ?< NDBRi^O MINSTm L?Jem Bsggs, Mr. Chspmm. ^ UK VIOLIN ? LAS* OF THE AMKRICAC* MO- " aicil Ina'itnts fir beginners, and thore who Ime some wled.'f of the instrument, commence on W dn?s<?ay C< lintr. 224 i??taut, at the Lyr-tnm Bui diug S(!3 Cromlway, r the direction nf Vr U.O. Hill. Toe Flute Class, on _ radny evening, 23d instniit,under th-direction of Nir W. roeuevelt. lerms. U ner ouattsr. II. ,MKlti(i3. Prin I. ! R.O. BO0KRT8OVS LAST ASSEMBLY OF THK ' of etton will tube rlace this eTeuieg. ( 'Yedoett'sV, March Itthe Phakipeare lintel, corner offiii ?ue and William in. . R. retpectfully tolicit* the company of I it friend*. Tick1 he bid nt r'.i*d > >r ?ir ir In iniilr .or, '12 < >n il ?trert. RW1OU, MARCH St, jlll.?*|lL BE BAFFLfcD K for, at the houie of Vetirt. Gretne St (le??el "1811 t'liaih ?n . it, the celebrated A'ban* Pacing Hone Harry Boyil, who { icced one mile io 2 minuter and 31 tecondt. nud can pace < ortow io 2:36. There a'e but I'if een <-hauce? left out of huudred, and he will certam'v be rallied olf to-night ? ieet f4 (IRK.K*?K & GKSSJKJU d< )H 8 4 LK? V BAY V II > '. 'fi H ANDS HIGH, 7 yean old. perfectly toui.d and kind, and a f\f. trotler.? ' i. a leather t p wagon and hart eii all in good orde.; apply " Carl'tttaMe. (formerly Oorri) in Hen-y ttrert, Broi k- " between the hnurt of 9 \ >1 mill I'. M. M I KAI.rH, AUTHOR OK T.lE PRACT1CA1 . Private Trealne," lio., i* eontnKed upon any of the *7 net there referrnl to, ?t his rttidence, 8* Greenwich t, from I to 1} A.M., and t to 9 !'>1 (Sunday excepted i ' ie Who apply in the early italic* of thr?e complaints, wip bi tomthtn at the r.-pidiiT and little mcoBYrain'ce alttad a; he care. It ii cl-.iell f, h? *#rer. thote who bare luffereV jj from a eerum cltat ofrtople. or otherwise. who era ?r? ??" "" " ?.? t" jOPKR'i NOVI" L'? HIS MOKNINO.-JArK TiVR or, Th? Florida Reel, >y J. Kenmmor* l.noper 3 vuli- JI< nt?.?kriim the Roitou Po<t:?'"Jack Tier i? really like m line*? the timet rf the Pilot and Bed Rover ooier j,, eit in'y n t -ritteu anything an good riuoe the Wir.g 'Vim. and the honk contain pattigea which are tot rr to the ( eta of the Ariel, and the C tcape of ihe Wnt'r- M" Ii Tne inte eat it fullv kept up from heginniig to eudt of e the char*et*r of Mtenhen Spike it ttcoril nrl> t<> Lea- f | tocki.ig.-BUHUKSS. STttlNOKK Jk CO, 222 Ur. ad pl, I. ULOVK.K IS CONSULTED CONFIDENTIAL lv erery day at bia ollice. The tre'tment nnd cure ol 3D, al t and protracted catei, tint have bafll'd the tkill ot t ci?nt of leu experience, ?re attended toby him, ramrly gleelt, ttncinret, and all de.ieate diteuci l>f. O. egular graduate in the tnedieal prufcuioo. Hit omeaa I Ann t reet.a'* to amnged that petieaM do not tee each "> r. Print# entrance through the tuuy to Ui? oi!ic? door w OTELUQK1WK BY TUB MAIM. ? ? Mcim|? from the Preilcftnt or tti? United M Hi ut? n, rent oinmunicatin;; it 'treaty of Pence, Friendthip, Limit*, and Settlement between the T'nited Stati* w* ' of ylmeriea and the Mexican Republic, conelud- v". ed at Guadalupe llida'go, on the 'hi of Ftbi ua- , ry, in the year 1.S48. [liead in the Senute, Feb- \ii ruary 237. 19-t-S ] , tll? , ? thk Hkpiatk cr TIIK Unitcd St* ri ? : alio I lay before the 8?nate, for their consideration aad tlon|?ice, aa to ita ratlfloatiou, a treaty if pence, frirti i- woul iip, limits, and Battlement, signed *t the city of Oua- .i.tti tlupe Hidalgo, on tbe second day of K<bru?ry, l*H by ill . P. Trlst on the pert of tha United Htatea, and by ' Orel enlpotentlarlea appoin'ud for that purpose on the 1 t- i irt of th? Mexican gore ri.mrnt. , ii)t deem it to be iny duty to st?'e, that th? reo?U of Mr. | u, ri?t, as ooinmlsaioner of tbe United Sut> a, of which not* >ngreaa was Informed in my annual rcee.'^go, wm dl<- j to f tad by a belief that hia continued preeenm with the wou my oould be produotive of no good, but inijht do much the irm, by encouraging tbe fWlae hopes urid rfelu?iT.< I in- 'lail* rations of the Mexicans. and that his recall would si- | imp ify Mcxioo that the Uoltnd Hta'en had no terms ot ?pp< nee more favorable to offer. Directions weieglvrn. i t.h? at any propositions fur peace whtoh Mrxlco rotrffit th'>i alee. ehruld be received and traneml'ted by the c ra- at I ending general of our forces, to the United States. Ren it was not expected tbat Mr Trlet woul I it-main In mtn exleo, c>r continue In the exerol** of th? lunations ot I thai le office of corawistloner, after he recifed his lettej < f | votr oall He haa. however. done so; and the plenipotont 1?- , tbls Bsorthe grTernniontof Mrx'oo. w'lh a knowledge of tbe M ct, have concluded with lilui this treaty .""I hnee exv the inedit with a full sense of the nlmti'iui oiroimi uiea nnoes attending i's conclusion aud signature, wht' li ?k Ight be objected to; but, eouforinirg i.i it doc* nu'>- Bad, ant1aliy,ou the main iiaestlo..s cf boun.lary and inditn ulsti ly. to the t-nun whlou our commi?rion?r, wh.-n he Id t nt'o i? U ill tad States, iu April U;t, we.s au'.hoiiind to > (t-r; i.a h id animated, as I am, by the spirit wh'oli bas g?7cmr(i M I my offiolal oonduct. toward Metloo, I have f"lt it r.iy par" ity to submit it to tha Senate for their oonsideraliou, ree| ,th a view to its ratitloatlon. oour To tho tenth article of the treaty there a*i s'rioui r,b- n !i otloas; atd no instructions given to Mr Triit. ooi,legated or authorised it-i ilissrtton. Tho public Ian ? ChT ithia tha limits of Texas h<l>ng to that Stite, and this M ivernment has no power to dispose of t-bnn or to charge j bi le conditionsof grants already made. All valid titles by \ i land within the other ten itories ceded to the Unitrd that lutes, will remain uru ir.'Cted by the ohirgt c.f sovh- m iignty; and 1 ther? submit that tbls mticle ehauld mcr i% he rat 18*J as a j art of th? treaty. M There may be reason to apprehend thit tho raliflja- I th?t on of the' additional and secret trtide" might ii'ire i- ?ry. inahly delay and eraMrrasa the final notion on tin proj eaty by Mexico; I therefore submit *hether that arti i otbr s should net be r? jscted by llM Senate. ea[>? If the treaty shall f-e ratified, >s proposed to be imp nended, the cessions of torrirory mad* by it to tbe stra nited S'ates. as indemnity, th* provision for the satis- M ction of the olalms of our Irjured oltizsns, and the the Ttnai.ont establishment of th? boundary of one ot the feell :ates cf the Ualuu are objects Kuin-d ef great national tor aportanoe; wlill* ?he inagonniui-us forb?arunoe exhi- agui ited towards Mexico it is hop?d may ensure a lar.tiiig pro1 >are, and good neighborhood between tha two coon- b->rr ies. :-*e II 1 oommnnlcate herewith a copy of tho instructions that Ivon to Mr. Slidell, in November, lti 15, us Envoy Ex- dors -aordinary nnd Minister Plenipotentiary to Mexico; a fc tr )py oi tho instructions givon to Mr. Trut in April U*t, oh u nd smh of the coiiosi.ond?nos of the latter with the nlwn epartmsnt of State, not heretofore communicated to men ongress, as will ejia>)le the H-snate to understand t)\^ this stion which has btteu haj with a view to the uujurt- tort iaat cf our diflloulUti* with Mexico. ju 1^ JAMES K. TOLK. thei Washington, Feb 11, 1843. Can The documents accompanying the above will e given as aoon us we can make room in our wen Dlumns lor them. "lPP luDjl TUIUi'lKXll VONUttmsa M FIRST StSSION. ! ___ whf Senate. i the Washington, March !J0, 1843 | l^''1 Cloudy, lowering weather. Thin attendance in tbe M en?te. ; men Pending the business of the morning hour, \ (or t Mr. Baogeii introduced a bill la rMaticu to tbe iu<;; FRANKING pniVli.KClK, Hop sclaratory of tbe true interest and mrnning of tbe nocti JSt effloe lawe, bo far ae respects tha flunking privilege oulv members of Congress. * C Mr. Badgkh would call the attention of th? Senate, inun ad particularly of the Chairman on roet Offices and cons >ot Koaan. (Mr. Niles) to a few remarks which be hud ou'y i meke. Mr. B. then read from the post office law of no p aroh 3d, 1840, which provides th?t members of Con- vidv e>s may send off, or rooeWe duriu< tin wntan, aud hiir. ilrty days thereafter, any letter, paper, or pttcktge not v,?r. trending two ounces in weight; and during tbe residuu tnci ' the year they may send, without ohar/?e, letters writ- and n by themselves, within two oucoes wi.iglit. The law fan is iurtber modified at the last session, so ai to allow tir n embers to receive letters during the whcls yeHr. free \.y ? ' postage, provided they do not exceed two ounces in rue! eifeht. The practise, therefore, of the r. AI. (J of taking postage upon letters and publie documents tor 1 anlied by members of Congress, but addressed in an- rrep her hand-writing, was a clear and palpabls violation but ' the laws of CoagrfKS regulation the Post Ollice Da- oorr irtment. The object of the bill was to decl.ire the aUw ue intent and meaning of tbe law, so M to arrest tbepe mil isumptions of an Ulegnl construction ot the P. M. Ge- tlrir rral The bill was referred to the Committee ou Post oft] ffloi S, &0. by ii AMKRIOA1 HKMf, V8 COAL AM) THOV. ttOll Mr Bknton's joint resolution providing lor the par- tip) htse -t American water rotted btniu tor the use of tae mr avy, wan tfknn up tor com i deration. ' ,.j: An ai?e:i(lmt'iit whppiOftNd by Mr. Yulee M Mr. Nilcs inquired >f this prrject was consistent with rtu< if dortrints ol Ire- trade c'.as Rlr. Yulkis.? Is the Senator in favor of free trade? rc> h Mr. Nilki?Not, pei'liap*, quite so far as the Senator ba-l oni Florida. M Mr. Cameron?I think the bill bad better lie over. 1 M tall have a little coal and iron to put in. M The bill was laid over the 1 PATENT OFFICE IIAMINKR9. deri The Senate bill providing for additional esainineri In com ib patent oOice, next came up An pasted by the Senate' [ \ is pay of throe additional examiners was put at $'25( 0 ' E(,? year This the llousa out Aowu to $2U00, a d belli? ' M: it'erred sg iin to tb* nommtttee of the tteuaio, they v?- ' "to Dried it back, recummeiidivg au adherence to the pay 1 and : $2.ii>o. OM Mr. Turnev moved to ont it down to $-2,000 ,\i Mr. Wiitcott, Mr Dickinson, aud Mr JoiiNeov, rf 1 w#? a., opposed the moticn competent explainers c<>uld M ot be had for let* than $ 2 000. ; r s v.' Ou motion of Mr Athkkton, the bill was set utiid ', j jug nd the henato took up the House bill of . ur^ APPKOPlllATlONt roa deficiencies, ,v| i the appiopriations ct last reseiou, for tne expend!- : M ires of the uurrer>f. year. I ([c.,t As the bill c iiiie from the House, and wis reported to 1 i() in Seuat-. it provides for a charge d'ajf'aim to the i .fohi bUrt ot Home, and laakts uu appropriation lor that tbOt fltl.M \i Mr. Uknto* last week proposed to am?ml by substitu- | w0lt rg a lull minister and an appropriation "ct $jl,000 I IIr irrefor, iu lieu of the loregoing provision. |.MR|I Mr. Half: inquired of the (.'bitirinKU ou Finance. i My lis provision was a n?cessary iti-ui in u Mil to supply ,>r| in nMntlMlf UM In: ytnr'3 ipproftl.ti"ij?; ?rr Mr. A thkrion ?The year is mt yes expired. Mr. Uai.k.- Not entirely. ; Mr Athsrto*.? The object is to send out this mints- ofr r Won the year lias txpi'ed. . . The ninu dutcnt was announced by the Chair to be ; ,\t if quectioo. ' aot Mr. Calhoun.?What is tha amendment? I " js' The Vick I'huiiiknt ? To strike out the appropri?.- ! re,nj rn (f $22,000 tor a tkargt d'ajfairrt to Home, end to , {j.,] rert a clin*e for a Minister Plenipotentiary, witti an .\| jpropruiivu of $31000 ! ROni Mr. Uaixikk?1 uiJ not hear the auisjJment, sir. i derli It was again annouboed. i,s si Mr.*, after some general remarks upon the tlist l?Jeot, and upon Home and the Roman Church, pro- this aed to amend, by providing a minis.or resident at , DJ r me at $ti 000 a year? the same sort of a minister that siat< ; have at Conatuntiuople, aad away round among the r.ouli itlpcdes of Chiriiv ,| Mr Kanneoan's amendment was rtjectej, and th? Mi iestion was about to be taken ou Mr. But rcN's, when the < (Several messages were reported Iroin the I'resideni of ?},? p e United Slates J jUc? Mr. (vLayto!* opposed tne appropriation, m propose.}, | Mi i a full minister, but would rot* for a chnr^t d'affair 11 i ,10t Home. Ho would net go higher, when this vas the ' ujut ?de of eur ministers with muuy of the luoet iuip<.r- > M nt powers of burupo. ' m Mr Nilk? thought there wan no necessity for a :a!s- ;tu^ :u abevo th? tr.eoud gr&de at Rome. II? tnou?ht that | t)jr na. far enough to begin with If u h'gh*r grade ol 1 lirj inisterwtre lour.d expedient It oould b ma In here- | iaKHI ter. He hoped theae continued experiments *t the 1 crease of our niluiatera abroad were not intended Sor j coai e benaGt tf mere ftumr> oratora and pcdlinUua j,B Mr. John Davis ?l)ld 1 uodrrs'and tho Senator from t nneoticut as making aspeerhagainstthispropositio/i. j 0 ni a full minister, and thbt Ctfire lie aa'. down, ha would , -.hut tt for It? Mr Mr. Nili:*.?Oh ! yea, I will ?oie for it. ,nk t Mr. Davu opposed the proposition lor a full jr-i.ilitar ,0mi< d dernnnled g?nerally upon tlie hcaiy appropriat ions | the bill, and desi eJ to know what w*a the ex?ot aenl nount tf deficiencies InlonUnd to be covered by this hopp II. 1 iiere Mr. Athkbtom said it was something crerthirtetn illlons. Mi Mr. Haih-I maks It oat as orer fourteen ml lione. Mr Mr. Athkkto*?The amount ol'the bill as reporUd ieiia )tn the House, is >13 237 l6i 98. |H Mr Hai.b?Twohuudred and ahal? i-oun Mr. Athestos->13!j37,lftti Oft One million rf :Mg llara haa been added hero for subsistence in ..-?pll ad, which makes the whole bill something oyer four- Mi n million* The eiUinutea ol tne secretary ol tlm [. , asuryattb* beginuiDRor the j?wion were $1(1 000 (KM k lu (1 something e?ar. Since thro, an i 1?ra haa been Wlg Jed, of $3 700,i>oo, for the pay cf tolunteers, which lt mj uld not bj estimated The whole of thene item* are _.0<r), i>vi<ied f r in tba loan bill, which bw been pawed by lU a Htuie, and which 1 ahall mora to take up within u tail c i dajs All tbe ap^ropil itiona of tto bill wre euiiced tn tha Utter of Ilia .ieoretaty of tba Trttaur v ir t tha bfgiunlng of the te?alou,lxoeptiDg the ttur snli- stat' lr alluded to. tf,ou .Vlr. Hal* replied that It wm hardly ttaoeHary for him ,ntnti fay I bat he Intended to fota agalnat the amendment, ,\jr ten ha intended to vote agaiual the bill In auy Torn-, for t i would call the attention of tha Senate to thie re- (ft*)' kiktola faut, tha'. to r.nch an extreme bam we arrivr I <hml our annual expenditure!, that a mere miatak-. a proae lie elip ol the pan, luvolTea a lamer rumofmoory ih.m hut i? whole annual exp bditure* of the Orat four r? ? 'net! I?ek?>n'a administration; tor they did not exceed (\;r J 000,000; whet en a tba entire (leflol 'nclfa ire hare to |' itid? tor, are tot much l? a than atxteeo millions 'ijt Vlr. Amikhton?There la an Item of OJtf for 10; ( thlrg for volunteer?, for the fiscal year eud:tg Jam j-opl: , 1 S 14 , , . ' Mr H41.1t aaid It w?a not worth while to diai-ute ab ut j an.'uti nillion ol doliera or ao, when th? mm of our annual .apa, penditnre* amount* to $100,000 000. '1 he approptln- tlber* ni for the laat year were $64,000 0<H), the expenditure! florae re $69,000,100, and the baianoe cf fifteen mlUiOM of j | hap* ?"f mum+4 ? bill will *!? you aw a<rtr*rit? or r>T#r ?7o.OOO.OCO. ieton? fleirl* y<?r <1 i.ur i ?t v c ~'th r?-#at RrUahl our anaml ip?n.1i' ujm ?* ?*<2 i t tj <*>0 n(Hj r. Athiii?toi>i laid tfcnt tb? (txadltarrt for th? cury*?r oouH not ?XR??d $M 00U 00# r r?t?me.l that th? appropriation* u*t y?ar i fU I.(HI WW, and hero *u ? bill to Uil up d 9ol?n r? $16,000 'tOO o?or< f. ArNi iTM-For tl ? ourr#nt y?ar ' r H*lk?For lh? y?ar ending iiotto Junx iu?t r. Atmkbton nxpUIofld, lb*t from ih!* post offlo* ?pr>ropil*tion? wei? t ? h* u i an i 0 rUiu dtfl -ieuolra i>i tbn l??t jrnr '? *p rontU < tf')jitb?p with tin iUmi for th-< n?*t y??r,*'i - i d r?<luoe th? ip*n<iitur?-s cf th? currant y*ar t? r million*, a-iil no ci<>r?t. r. H*i.r rrjninrd thut In our la*t rtruzula wltli it Uritnlu, inoiU'lioi? lh? d?fnn*?* of our Ion'* ex > 1 *?? our n<>rt.h?r*? froo'l^r*, ?rd na?il -* w* acquired in th# VMltattMMldNI to t* of iVwtu Amrrle*. oar Kiiniil < xp*nJt'ur"? rild 1 xiwd $31,000 000; wbi'it it oo?t? ui from J60 OOO.OW) "0 000 00H t"> oarry on t!il?vr>r i*itb M**ico. Hn I I to?? i?R?ir?fc tbia bill nryhoT H? bop*d thet Henator f'oui t>nnretiru> (Mr. Nil'*), wb irhol1 to piump "rut r* and , olitlMn.* n lalrUu'bff for : rtant < ui-J not iuU'D.J to r?f?r tn certain lato jlntra?n?a iu id? hy th i l'.x?<u!. tn ft.?turn|pg to %rn?niimetit for th? lud in...Utnr ?t Roioo. v?r H<Uh Ml*' >!'i* <"Xpr??,4ion o' njm. i by ror th? Popa hud k<ft th? in*rit of h?;in ot n lutirf human* ?nl >roii? otinraot?r tbau thi> Birapathi'-* of tb* a I l?'t?,i n fur M?xic<>. \lr IM? h<>w?vrr, b-ilaT#"! '. tb? n?or*f. of thin au?nlnmt wn th? CaMiollo ti It w*? but v?n<l?rl"i; to tim itholic vor?rii of oonntry. r t-'ooTK.?Will tb^ ^( nator alio* m? I would ault S^natr r Irom N-)W II ampuhitii if In (a ?<7nr?t rf i h? nion of" tllil ??!.:? * ? of pan I'-Tlr;; ' an 1 I wou'd if hp r#fi'*.l to the i-t'-ri af or It' :a N' r fi Carfllra, M' ?<ir a.? h'tvlng tuado that r.' n-,. - tuaio*!; hn kdralration In prop"*lntt thi* Dom r ki-ow tPat " p*n.l> r'1 i* luri^r I fro a I'aud itai, nolont and notorlou* cLar'0)?'r r Hue- I dnn'f. kno?, *lr, that I ?*er h'atd thif, Jcr wi?t ono of hi* chllJrrn (L%u^ht?r ) Cu; m <>ntn ihn pand'ri? )< lor tbn ''..tlio'la t t?-i of thl/t itry. If !??* S?nati>r (rum North Utrollna did not ? th? oiinr(."'?, I Jo ?(Lnun'ii>-r ) r Kootk. lupdnr'o.nd t!.? Haoaior fritu Ncitfi lit n a* h- vIuk m td i tlin < ! aru^, M Uo li Biieat. r. dalk lii" io' Mi. the eiiut IfXicO'gte1 iu?aniT,,j r1 t're t?-rin "pander;" t ut I inean by MV t i. is tiMn* for vote*. I u?pe I ucdi rjtml . terni. [Lsusrhtnr.] r. Foots Tlie se;iifor, i fliould iut '*. krrwj 0 aliout, tie (nriu "HMi" th?u ! i1o [L lighter ) r H*i.K-Hlr, I n??.i Ashing r r v .f.'s. I thm!< , onn b? undo stood without reference to * dictionMr. Hul l went on nt ?orie length wwiant the ap/rimior.s fur tli* rulMln to Horn* una thn throe r ucw mlsainns drri^nated in the bill. and the mot? daily that non? of them wre of th? c mmaroidl nrtacoe of a miction to II. yi.1, wt-doh had been ngely omitted. r Footk said that he would my a few wrrda upon subject. and h< re?. iy considered U a matter of nit Hi d>! ?- id to allu Je to a remark by th* H'tiafrom Ni?w Har>psh<M. whi^h ooatalned a fhurg<? ust this administration, whloh, however, ho did nut K.i t< bo iirldtiuvl wl!h hin but .1 he n?'d,HwRa owed. Therefore ho, Mr K would not charge the itor with plagiari-m. b?o?uia it bad been avowed , ho borrowed ir, bat the S iiiator, whether he ened till n u timer, t trora Jig inua'e principles or 1 thepreee?]ant,it r' ill lays thi senator cp n to a ge ot a itingii of teste. I lie term "v?u4er" ivs a TU'gir fi r. 1 has buut ppllo I to u:i aot reor m ielbylbi- adaiUkt ration, on 1 he said th'.t it In case wa> a rhsrg!* ?hetber made row ly the Suo?Vom New Hampshire, by tlio delates of his own TOfit or from ai y preot dent, whether thut set by lis tinguiribed authority of th'5 Senator from Nortli >liuiv, It is nlill an atUck w.-l\' Ir ^ in taste, and as Ltd us roaliguant. r Manoim ro<? and said, that before this matter t further he w*>uld iuforin the Senator from MissisI. that his colleague (Mr. Bac'ger) had sot used the |U?itn att; l'jtitel to him r Footk raid ho was gtud to h"er if; but the dignlandelrqutnt silence of the .Senator (VU. Barker) n ralsqnntod in his presenoo, seemed to arqulesoe la quotation The Senator from New Hampshire, ' 'eJor^.w^is duly convicted of groas mir<|Uotation. r Footk then resumed hisr?imtUs ut>on the amend t before tlie Senate. He ripudlat< d f>r and ,he Kd^iinlstratiun theoharnu that the object of this ion to lloni i' wis a pmdttiux to the ltoman (Jalhoop'ilation of the oouotry Ho wan governed by no nrlen fouling; he was a ia- inber of 110 church Hid li:iviie?e w?s, theit he had the fortune to be b^ru in hrietiau country; ard that rel gion he respnoted *a h as any mm. Its truth he n?Ter duubted, and he lidered it as the only safeguard for mankind, and the reliance upon which nations oouid stand He h?d arttality tor any particular roiigion; butssaniadiiil residing in t i.hrij'iau-couutry, hi would scoru elf if ho could entertain su^h f utlments as were adoed hsro in debate, ile had been f lad to witness the ea?o cf Catholics, Kpiscojalinns. and Methodiata, n?vcr entertained any fenj.- uf the inerense of ^ith?r. derioR to the Catboli j vote ! The ttatholio prpjiawou! I ncr^ro any attump' or appe. .1 to th^ir pn sions, rlifoh their vito to b> obi. i.'.e 1 or used by au/ 1 purp^H* Tile nduimetrati 11. ho too* upon h!mto never oct-rtained auy such i Jea. The e*na'rom N?w Hampshire m^de the charge upon his own oasibility and he did rot know upon what authority, f"u"l o ? " J?jr " ' """ ?IUJ tun upt.cus ot h?ri<ajiihi? for eufTroRe. Mr Koote than Jed to tbe hlnory and character ol 'hi present Popo, Bald th .t he w*e tho mail of tb'i rg*, tU* man of tha 'R, unit that th* fyuipathy r?lt ;<-r i-Ua by th? psopl* all eonntry called for tliis ni'Sflon. fie concluded llU'lioK, ia the most tlojuf.nt tenm, to the rev alula Peanut1, and considered that It wi s incumbent u ub t > taki eunk u oours* in thi* critiit us becama couuiry, uud tbs sympathy duo from ns to all nua,votar b* and p' ople, nliu,jgliii<* l>'-r liberty, r Halr r ** in r-ply. lie cool' ful that, from an \>r cf thn r-ifiucd tute, and tho rood tistc, and th?i ic,?l uttiiU.mnjtfl (if tha Senate, r Torn .Vlisgiasippi, car my dfcinr?d vuli/.?r, dovn wake ma fc?l . (L'iUKht?r ) r Kootk- Not rulftitr r Hale?The d'ularatiog, then, waa r Footk? No, yir; it waa tile croUtnriit expr.'Med, jhargc, that w^a vulvar. Dm trria vulgar. air. ia tt-d from vulfus, vlilch t'gniiira that it ia oomroon, erou iiinong I hi pacpla . Voick behind ih? reporter?He'g got hia foot la it r Half. In illustration of th? meaning of the tarm pander," ha' 1 tnat ha had called for a dictionary, aould r?f?;r to certain **i?nt illnouiwions here apoa itioni of aeiiailar character r Koote ?The s.-niur will bear In mind that that in "*erutlrn eefflion. r H?i y. w "i understood to ?av thnt. It win n*rVim ellto p?ee (hat ly, hut, in eiposltion of the roeanof the term "pandering," be h id bad oue of the e hri ught ia to his assistance. r Foot jo?V. jat ^iotlor. ?ry ? r. Mali: - If.: h n dictionary by one M*m Johns in, 1 1-uttbCer.) whi-.b Mr II oiled, und b'hi referred hakspeare, Ito^"-, Urvd n. and to the doggerel of ii ,Vj(iton. if the Senator pless s s uu.hority fur the im^cy of the trrra ' pandering." r. Kooti: I did r.ot utid*h%ke to my that you id not flod it in Shaksp?<ire ; but tuere ar* m?oy 1.1 ari l expri >iot ? in i-hakijpaare which it wo?i<t not >r.n th" dtguitv of this Senate to t/N> upon tb ? lloor. objection w s not o much to the m?r? word ' panr>?n to tb'* < niiruent UooDTeja The i is rs-d 6(9 ft term i t sjurrtlity, and it !* vulvar in ' -i . and do. s not b'?conm tUti ''.I.jjnityor th s body r. li.u.K r??.l f/ooi Sow) ;ip*are, (?s undei s'ood ) i! you pan J^riu" r s t*'s there is a conspiracy tx^niM. (Gru-ral laughter) r. Kuori:- Tb?ra ir l.?, rir \) n the t<ria rascal Is u pr#ptr term to be need In this bo?'y i\ amkiion ?WUl the Sena'or S'rosn S w Himpshiro I that again? Wo did cot hear K oa this ot the lib' r r IIai.k?" Ob, yn psn'nrlng nseale, (here Is * piracy against me !" (lnor?art-d l?ughcer ) ' Pani?g"Mr. Hale d'fine.J from tbo dictionary to ni^aa Unserving the lust or rv-fl'l'.i:.' ol' ro<n; and be ' barged ths President of the United States In recommending mifsion toltouai was piid-ring to the pr'j'ilice* pasoions ot the Ken ?u Catholic voter* in the United s It wis the v-ry term be wauted to use Hi i have found no better one to expr?ss li.a meaning be son^bt the whole dictionary through. r Foots did not eo much obj<-<: to the t-rm as M ib'irge. Yh?re was no evidence to support it ac l rooerded to argu* that as no evidence iiad b:en at' d t<> sustain thw allegation it must fall to the groan i. r Hale, nan cinilat ?It doe* not follow. Bat did tbe Senator from Mtssinfppi sny tbst Pope Pi as the b wis the man of the a^e .' r. Footb? I tblnll so r. Halt?i thought J .tries K Polk <vjj (Roars of ht?r a'?07e in tbe g,iiieri?s and on lb > flo-.r below ) iitght that no oth'r wan could take preoedeucs ot But the Senator has defined the teru* vulvar to ii something that Is com non YfS, sir common tig people j and I teiinv-, sir, that it is prstty not) Among the people that the Am riean u.?tiou Is ulericg" f r the pr>j:idic?s of the 1'atholio Church. Kootk 'Xpiaiaed tav. in deflniug lh"> term vulgar, ean that which Is eAiaEton it was intended to meau wMch wa? oar.**, and not reflaed. '. IIai.k?Well, sir, lam a oomrmn man. I don't n unolhlnif mnra \tr Itila Ih.n i^.i il nlfinti gmn-nl upon tha I'raaidmoy. ?nd wcull to iiuot wbeih'ir the senator propnaiutf thi? aoienC; ?xprc'--d to briiiR all th * Catbollo urist into Lh ' r Ifthar* ar? any o^her rrcitd^ntUl aanlld-it"? toaida" inytu.f, I woull itdvlaa th?m to look to it ? ighter ] . footk wi? here aboat to r!so i!*i.k,(lo liini< Invitingly a. ''u com ) - th? tor from Mldhirfan wia'.i to anything ? ara" thsr.t wm fiuoU an explosion of laughter all dthaSinva and over it. that tii* uiwnofOra. w<? entirely lo<t. It 1* nuppi)**d. however, that ao ed that, he hid cotluc? to iny ) Manoum nixu'd. apirt froul nil *actarl>n faalot prejudice, atfainat tb? amn?iaicut propoilnt{ 11 Mlnlatar to Romo Oar diplomatic *y?t?<u faulty In mm/ rajp'cM, aud ha thought gbt be Impr >rcid t?r K<vlc? more itnp jt'aoo* an I >ot, and d>tf:tity to jnaiaof our hi^i'ir i-.nbff.M?lort jrope, by placing fh?ui at thi ha?i, au-i not af th$ >f the dli)| oorpi II < 'lid bot. ho*M*?r, oon.. I a in),. 111*.'. rilJlTkuo H 'I ?cxt*rtof Pur onuai ircial InWrooore* <*ith thi i of Run i?ouIJ j'Mtif? a full inlabUr to thi Pope, jh he expr*M?d aiiusuif an Ui/ip )e?i to to:* for u it?f r?Md?iit . Almc* ?Hi<! hfl f^ould Tot* for tbid mlsnlort, ai l mii'ion of the tir?i t < |?, for th* plain rw^o'i r* bi ? mfasloti to Horn < ht *11, it In pr p?r that It I b* o/ th* :lr*t I5ra.t i Ha iiepr>-o?' -1 th* p .1 cj of riMag t'l* Pop* beoiuae h* wm tu* h*? 1 ? ih; at<1 ?p n thi* p">lu'. ha took an *n iri?ly difT rl -?r from t>m: of ih? S? utrr from N-r::i <.'*roiln?, ) From th* Jlreof. >|ur<ti. i, Mr Vu.-n lie'I hr a ua'.urtl nrjJi <>n, to too rs ttrMiri* r?wa fjnia Kranit. Till* w < .h* tlm>< to fit and t? wi*n tin [<'reuuh j >"?; ? t*ktn* th? ijaboli ^f ro >ijar:''f ?i I La. ilem |r* th'i holy "fir* of fiv-1 u. 1'h?** ui no nlorloa.1 tha tauj* cf y w t? u-. r j?*.-rtiiH i to ?i,y cli ir o .uso, to b .. .'rlbutt I i<> ?? 1 n-1'1 *nli<iit?c d polio/ pursued by th* P ?u>* of i la Ih? ue.i >r.. > of t n cm li' h>* ? ?. i jet, ?nlJ Mr. Aden, that bsfera wi Uuaily ?i" %

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